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Movies and NBA Chatter With Wesley Morris, Sean Fennessey, and Tom Haberstroh (Ep. 282)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey and New York Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris to discuss Oscar noms (7:00), Clooney's struggles (23:00), Jennifer Lawrence's missed chances (32:00), the state of Tom Cruise (41:00), and reasons to watch 'The Deuce' (58:30). Then, recently departed ESPNer Tom Haberstroh joins to give his thoughts on the Cavs' lacking defense (112:00) and potential Boogie Cousins trades (1:24:00).

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brought to you by the Ringer NFL Sheriff you miss that I was on their this week, Talkin about the big patriots trade with TAT Frazier and make lombardy we are brought through by the ringer. Come we confine my column? Every Friday, usually about the NFL, sometimes with emails, and if you want to send emails for the male back, I threw send it send us an email. It though Thou mailbag at the ringer black ops their young. If you missed a couple, BS podcast to do this week with Cousin Sal on Monday and then Janice Man, Smart Gal Wednesday. She talked about her days of US weekly Hollywood reporter Harvey Weinstein Ian winner. It was, it was a lively when she was a great guest. I would, I would highly recommend carving a little time for that one,
coming up. We talk movies, shod, fantasy Wesley Morris. We talk about the state of the movie industry and all the weird movies that have come out this year have weak things are, and also after that time have extra melodious panty mate I talked to them actually for almost fifty minutes and we're running that on the Ringer NBA show in its entirety. But we re in the last twenty three on this podcast at the talents. That's coming up after John and wisely, but first he was shot. I see greater prizewinner hosted still processing occasional writer times
on more than one. I mean at least he's next, like the past couple weeks have been more than an occasional. Time, writer full. Oh, I just misread reading you all the time, yeah well, there's two different reedy. While the time like really you have you in my life I knew times a week. Is that a different ds does I happened to feel like? I should be a present under their Christmas tree. Every time you re used to you should be. I'm not like quite like my morning, COS it was never. That now is therefore that there is good, is the morning color, so much old stuff to go back to their too. You know you Fiona reread anything That's true, valets, arrogant, archives, that's very but very dark. That's fair. There is. There is the past, but now I'm trying to get back to lay two times a week. That is their promise. You, I mean I've I'm almost there. We need more than ever, because this is the worst movie season of all time. Isn't it would
Do I don't things dwarf the dwarf that I see the right if you got to our fibres? That's my Boston speech impediment it dwarfed every single, we then came out in October. I don't ever remember that happening before we knew. Netflix was a power by arranging things, is more important than any movie release in October. How do we know that we don't know it metrical? Rarely but culturally! Yet so we, I says the anticipation for what and last week was much higher than it as for supper, boycott the guy It was a moment where it was like you felt, like you had to see get out, not just love movies, because people are talking value left out the conversation which is normally hum of his work and work their way. Twenty twenty two times a year, maybe now it's like with September October Ober. What conversation is that happening about what movie well I mean there's a number of ways to think about what the Oscars are gonna be like
in what way the widely airlines earlier the actual broadcast is gonna, be one very strange and unknowable experience. Will preview at the golden globes put. The golden globes will have tv right Rachel there. Or have tv that is like we're Lee in conversation with? Whatever this moment is? You'll have handmaids tail? Probably you'll have big little lies, probably so the Oscars. I mean first of all like what are your body or even potential best picture nominees at this point get out of my movies member when America cared about the nominees, yet I think he's gonna be hard to get them to care about, is, I think, get out, as is from always seen not a front runner, but it's a contender. Dunkirk Dunkirk is probably the leading contender right now. The other movies are mostly things we haven't seen yet call me by your name The gay coming of age story come out right. I mean it's really good man I mean. Are you gonna get enough people to make it number one on your ballot.
I don't know I might say that about moonlight. You see, I mean I eventually I would have figured it out, your call you by your name you caught out moonlight away before I knew of genuine talk about it, but, like I need, Army hammer movie to work as I have others, army hammers and promoted. As I tell you, I mean a dog and they also is hold. I wonder, armor they might do stocks that sunk, the lowest I'd need them over to make. I think this through the movie that is probably going to be most reflective conversationally about what's been happening in the world with Donald Trump. It also Harvey once Dean and that just the notion of reporting, private Steven Spielberg movie House. The act is coming on December, which is about essentially the Watergate story unfolding at the Washington Post and Oh you can feel the linen authority care about that, but I think you can just feel the spotlight ask narrative around like the value and the necessity journalism and there will be
and you know it- Steven Spielberg Merrill stricken Tom Hanks together, which is never happened. So that's a very traditional Oscar narrative to look towards aside from that, though, there just now a lot of enthusiasm because movies earn their words. There are no words bore there in words in that there is no. Mean the thing that you guys, I've taught you guys about on a number of occasions is just like the these shrinking middle. Now it's gone yeah there's? No, the middle is all on tv literally a television show and we're all of that style of entertainment production, his actually gone added An exists in the movies anymore or like I was reading the biscuit book because the Harvey thing which won over into do down there to pick worker rights, basic about air MAX and innocent bread, and as our reading it, oh my they were made dollar note. That's on happened, nope, Shakespeare in love, no way another good were hunting that happening now. I mean an entire decade movies, I would not be banned. It does I mean just I mean you know,
You know what my bill, you know what my baseline would never get made now movie is which is to kill us late Dickie, the sunrise for me, is the perfect example of a movie that is only designed to get people to go to the movies, it doesnt want to win anything. It doesn't want to do anything more than the like trashy It intends to do like me, Gibson and Curt Russell get the lake have sex scenes with Michel Pfeiffer, get she gets to leg, beam, Hell Pfeiffer, there's a sunset: alot, there's a sunset: Eliza, guys you ve gotta, you ve got a pretty decent script by a really good screenwriter. It just is it's just perfect Hollywood movie that doesn't want anything more than to be a pretty good movie period, but it does american beauty get Meda as I hate him for aid and urge you to do, but now probably not well, for myriad reasons now
right. Well, yet any number is united in Vain yeah, no, I mean, but there there is it, is an entire. You know. In against who ever going stay and movies that that at least one- and I don't like they're- probably it may now crash it made. Now I mean how could I have learned to her feel about Rachel relation There is no way around here that you to channel for that. I wear away person who needs it and I am really slipped in black towards better crash out me. A car crash. Well and maybe there s a cop uzis, actually not that evil and try to help her in the end. Tougher. You I said before is immediately dramas. Argon, that's if nobody superb become might be the last. Very well. I know I, no! depends you know it's like who is paying for it
question: where is the money coming from for sure, but also think about this? If the post, manages to do all of the things based on it. Had agree, source material, etc, and it can probably do of the people wanting to see it in people at the academy needing something to feel good about. This is probably going to be the thing, but also to think about whose making it there's who generation filmmakers that don't exist right, There is no there no young Spielberg. There's young imitations, Gilbert, there's leg the the imitation crab each of Us Spielberg. Like those guys, the stranger this guy's right, you know, there's lots of knock off Spielberg There is no there's nothing Paul Thomas Anderson. What does he fifty you're gonna be fifty four data. I just think that I'm
There may be two or three people you can point to his being part of some. Their generation of american film makers did have interesting things to say in an and ideas rate, very Jenkins, Tray Schulz. Put the LAO law allows those long vanishes, Ellen and rare. Even she's out he's he's a real filmmaker but what I'm saying is, I think, if you, if you, if use, if you go back even ten years, there's two like classes affiliate, Vanity Fair, could take a picture of no twelve people and say this is you're. This is the next time me five years in Hollywood movies, you couldn't do that now. I was thing about that during this billboard. Dec Well, guy never realised that those deeds are hung out together, like that yeah. That's it actually
look as carpal ass. You see the Parma and then who is the fifth gather as like, while he was a narrow, copal operator, shrimp, Israel? Now there is the fifth guy I can't think of it, but How was I he's probably waxing own ass? I was I knew I was never see and all those guys they love phobias and there are competitive with each other and I dont know directors or directors competitive with each other. Now I didn't like that. Sanctions in chiselled I became buddies from this whole thing is, I want those got an idea worth it any more like what right pointed. What's the point in fighting a few, their lays their lane shall never meet, dirty mean it's not like anything. Damien she's wants to do very Jenkins, gonna be interested in and even if they are, you gotta think that they'll just figure out what can work it out but I don't see any signs it. That's really going to be an issue. There are not enough colleagues too, to have enemies; he ran it's. It's also. I think obsolete industry is,
a little bit. It's not allowed a similar from Leubronn and Carmelo and Crisp all being friends are today in order to deck director general little bed, but interesting entertained and general. There's like this notion of support, then, is clear, and you know those five guys who were friends in the seventies who Peter Biscuit wrote about an in his previous bogged down very pictures and easy riders. Unwritten rules you they were friends and they did support each other. You know they washed each other's movies. They gave each other notes, they give each other a hard time. They are competitive with each other, but they were like part of fraternity Rand that that fraternity is something that I think is a little bit been displaced. You know you feel much more its weirdly much more present in television. You have this generation of tv show runners, the sort of the SAM S males in the demon, Linda loss and only rise, who are thought to be part of this generation of people that and as we know, that their friendly, if not outright friends, and that their measuring themselves against each other- and it's just completely shifted, even in that respect within you outside the people who
when I made those guys, because they know they create a show them to be left alone for the most part versus the horror stories of means grabbed. The may may read it through a person. I mean the biggest entertainment news before all of this all sexual harassment, useless shine arrived leaving a b c to go to Netflix Year unit in white. Let's get a due to the network, and there's nothing happening in the movies. It feels that seismic. You said something interesting, though, in your time to kill sunrise, which is this was a movie. There was made just to be a movie to go, see
and the movies it still succeed now or movies. That are that, whether you think the red or bad debts Friday is through a rag in Iraq. The whole idea here is: you gotta see a marble move in theatres in September, the only movie really there was released. There was of no two people. Was it yet because horror movies still have that feeling it can still do that thing. We're gonna get you off your couch into a theatre to experience it with people and that's why you see more more movies made that are just like that. You get the same thing over and over any uranium more, it's gonna be an effect. That thing that is unpredictable is something I get out that's a movie that on paper should not be made and in reality, is only made for five million inhabitants, a trailer that I was confused by the first time. I saw him like what the hell is that this is a movie, but in the devastation that racist and you don't even know that day, how can we felt that way for forty years and what they re? Just like? I don't really get this. It looks interesting. I wanna goes find out more but cute curiosity
enough! Now can we can we agree there I mean we can make excuses for why these movies are bad and they are makes sense, but I asked at the same time it's incredible. The stories that are just be missed. Oh, they think about the climate. We live in right now and when you think about us think about this one miles: Terrorism Parker. Then we're talking about PTSD now movie, and then I was talking about this whole Vietnam era that I grew up with from like seventy seven through basically Rambo Ray, where it was just all these movies about the enormous guilt the country had about Vietnam and about basically pity as they would relieve. You know what that was yet ray and these guys come about and they were mistreated, or they had always anger and on stuff, that was a thing
Capturing what America's like at the time where the movies enter capture would America's like right now into that seventeen there that there exist so that they do did the races interest this Friday, richer link that there is a new movie. It's called last like flying it's about a father and to old, old old friends, going to retrieve the corral sons body yet who died. I believe me, the Iraq war, Circa, two thousand to and it's a it's an interesting movie in its original include a movie. So it's you know very well made and the receptionist gonna varied can't like that. But it's not I don't. I don't like it that way. It's it's it's at worst solid. I think yet. Slut is incredibly difficult to get people interested in a movie like that, whereas if, if this were coming home and ninety seven-
I'm everyone must formulate America and that their there's. Something to that too. Why do you think people just wait? I know I do the other way. Things sums anti wheat, though about, but I also think that there has been a real. I mean it at its you you Vietnam, and I think that the Vietnam Choices really interesting, because culture around that war is different versus how we feel about war is now in the military right. You know we dont care at all about the workers. We just care about the men and women who who fight them in serve in the in the military and so in use in this is sort of what's happened. In around the NFL in these questions are protests. I I just feel ache Nobody knows what's happening in Afghanistan or Iraq. Nobody really really cares, but the idea that you would not do any
but valorize your service. People is just anathema to people, so you get him, We like thank you for your service, which you know we need to know about it is pretty much in the title It is not. I mean not that it should be ironic, but it is. It is challenging any aspect of what it means to send people the war I'm sure the people who made it would beg to differ, but it just doesn't work. A movie that is designed to get you to do more, but spit. You really think your service person, when you see them the whites? What's that fire fighter movie, It is our right now with rage off my retailers. I mean another another will another movie that there does does as the version of the same thing. I think the thing about it pilots now or coming home or any of the allegories for the Vietnam WAR that were made during the seventies. Even a Rambo. There is a direct chow and to us
system of government and up in a sort of war, a philosophy that now you do with the men and women who serve. I mean individually like a deer on rate wake. It was about the service people, but it was also about what the service but we're being asked to do and in that I think we're much worse only one american sniper, narrow and I'm gonna bring that out. That's a good example of a movie that I never thought would make the money that I really in hours or everyone roadway. It should have told you where we were headed because it did Ray it's. A good movie it. It is sort of relying on a very simple notion of service and the end, and you know whatever we think of his heroism and not untrue, but I mean the way it presented. Is there he's buggy men out there trying to kill our soldiers. Any note here.
Is a guy who is like risking his life to stop these unseen brown forces that are like in the perimeter of the frame at all times. Any comes home, and then what it's a well then they were the very likeable star debts. Yet that doesn't have a lack of mean. Thank you for services, written and directed by the same person who we're at American Cyprus. There is some continuity of it to these stories to meet. There is even there was of movie earlier. The summer call them all the deadline and directed with aren't Taylor, Johnson and John seen, oh yeah, basically to hand are about to marry. Since I do not see thy sniper and it's the same thing you're describing it's an unseen brown person who is attacking America and America. Has the valiantly stand up to this and seeing force like there is. There is some points, the cleaner horror movie, the mark Wahlberg la dire movie known? On the other hand, the oil oil rig movie known and allow loans arrive, allots rags arrive yeah. I like that. I wouldn't we, NATO.
At present the trailer, but but I think that there is there is that's how we think of the of this era. Now it's not a bow, it really isn't about the system by which people get set did these situations is more about? Try and do find some way to make cinematic, fashionable the experience of being there. Rather than a movie like Restrepo. That documentary that Sebastian, younger co, directed with Hetherington. I think, as the other director that was, I mean it they raised. All of your questions about the experience of being at war. Also thinking about. Well in case the men serving the last Monday. The really did that, for me was jar and it came out and a real at the point at which we didn't want to have those conversations anymore about what
or was, and what did it mean to serve them who are we serving and what are we doing over there in the first place, much more misanthropic about the war again most of these are visited and released, but it's a you know the movie, the feel much more resonant, what's happening relative to America's interestin Afghanistan, Iraq right now is get out. That's part of the reason why there has been so much mean of it is because it feels like, even though is made before the dim most recent president was elected and before some of the incidents that had happened between police and an african Americans it, it still is so reflective of the conversations been happening so aggressively for the last two years that it felt like it was dropped at the perfect moment in time so that they can still happen. I wonder if YO, I think, movies
add, more of an impact we ve talked about our lot, relaunch, Grantline, two thousand Levin, and it felt like movies mattered more to people like the way. The way they were dissected was more sophisticated in the conversations that we had about. Movies were just deeper hand, like our staff, are grandly like really cared what was guiding nominated for the Oscars any really care that the artist is gonna win the asking about fighting. That's we're letting that happened like yeah we're they cared. We did the Asker Travis these weak. I wonder leg, you know nephew caused generation to they give a shit. Is the five askern ominous are because they weren't not over there. Raised that way, but I don't know movie said the same kind impact because nowadays you can go on the internet. And get just about any sort of reaction or emotional. Whatever you need Kramer versus Kramer came out in seventy nine. That was, my movie. There was one get made on. Third, you haven't. You have no way
ten episode, some ever so, but one Andy's ice have now. It's like my parents are getting divorced. I've. No, to go and there's nobody attack to there's this movie that dry man than I can either both character. Now, if antenna do I go on mine? I'm just reading out the worst nonstop. Does that movie matter to me like that? But this is the thing I could show is: I'm you wrote that read write and tomato story over the summer that really crystallized the industry pre alone, in the industries delusion about what the problem actually is right and I think there is a way in which I'm talking to Sean about the Rhine, tomato story I read the person I like The Rhine, tomatoes scapegoat is, is so fascinating. To me and a look in the day the wines to use story broke. Published story, piggy back.
Being on the blue. Damn you ran tomatoes, ruining our movies wherever monstrosity same day, pretty much about mother about yes and I mean we ve talked about mother and second, because I do think that that is an interesting. That's an interesting presentation, when all problem there, we'll never at that that movie, superb account is gonna kill. A whole what what type of sort of dandy project movie interesting, the should never should have died. A lie behind would kill George Curtis Directory career. I think it might mean put on, but I think held combined, although I think it is killed it. It is the worst movie I have seen in five years, maybe what I mean Billy predicted? You would have this. Take where are you now have had lots of George Clooney Directive covers only I mean he hears it
Skype he's always been overrated. As a filmmaker me like good name. Good luck is, is I mean it's a sleeping pill and have I don't I don't get it, but it's over seven with his mother. Yeah I mean six or seven or whenever he has. None of them is easy for seven, which the sun. What's that is made seven and that a new wouldn't want, always even if everyone gets a seventh one side of it. This man was the first one, interesting regional families. When I made my mind, was it was the whole matter realise there I mean my name's George, ok, yet love directors tell you that, and yet it doesn't really get a personally George cleaning where Billy my other point is laid a movie like super behind it, it ends a certain period of moviemaking, but I also feel like the one of them actions I have to this rotten tomatoes problem is that nobody knows how to like. It's, not just the movie
makers? Dont know how to make movies anymore. It's the marketing depart I dont know how to sell them in I don't know how to make you want to see a movie anymore. Savage argue. This is not a new problem. This is with three William Golden Books Rate as a group have never knew. They never knew what to do, and now they really don't know what to do, because people are just less like would go to the movies an answer. If we are to get anywhere, they ve been read much more desperate than it was writs, it's totally totally desperate there, like those places like when you go to her most a beach. And those bars are like one hour shots. That's my coming. The movie theater say this: nine, our. What is it the movie posing ass, a tender turnover mamma? You have many movies, you can try to get people again. That's that's where we are now just go to paper view. Do sixty dollars move. We ve talked about that for five years. Yet there are so many. I would have gotten that their mouths tower movie on paper view from thirty nine I didn't
I wanted to see it. I will go the theatre. There are so many factors involved in this, though the run tomatoes thing as an after effect. That's not it. Remarking thing: it's story about why re failed, Brett, rest, there's an excuse, rigorous, were mean they convince people to stay home and la stranger not our problem, and that is not a critical problem. It's not a journalist problem. It's not even a sophisticated consumer problem. It's a it's! A movie industry problem, its dont make Baywatch. That's you had the problem yeah. I went to bail out because my kids, when it again so mad. I was there and I mean I can't believe, and then Ben fell asleep, which may mean you're. The reason we're here, your sleep, I'm a beheading them with the popcorn bucket. You know I just feel like there's a lot of sort of Miss used talent, I mean Dwayne Johnson is a perfect example of some. He who they just haven't, figured out what to do with. Yes, they just charismatic I who they should not be playing CIA agents. He should not be playing.
Ups, unless it doesn't like my kid. Second favorite actor, every second favorite actor. Adam Sandler is one the racket to what's doing Johnson's best film, it's the one with a heavy heart. Central intelligence, his guests, a movie or is best performance. What is best movie pass Southland his best perform Southland tales, like that's all, that's the point. It's like paid hands is best performance. S. Performance is pain again, so we have the rock. The rock is an all time. American celebrity He is tremendous. If these are asteroids air for this decade, right all sorts and eager made the terminator and terminator too, and it may even Conan the bar and he merely movies that are kinda Tsar, YMCA, kindergarten, deeply memorable, some might say, iconic true, lies so to recall, as the sleep Of that I mean there's a commando, yet he made that nine really really entertainment aren't shorts. His movie career specifically is significantly more interesting, deeper, more fascinating than the rocks, even though,
rock is probably ten times that cortical performer gay more require more time earlier. Yes, David interact and James Cameron. There's no two thousand seventeen James Cameras, like the rocks, movies, and this is why this is the problem now where's that generation the old man was the arrogance camera there's nobody capable of taking what he can do or interested in taking what he can do and doing something with yeah what's his agency? And that, though, is the rule fault that he's choosing to make they walked out with these democratic is a hundred percent Mohammed. You might be, here's. What I would I would. I would he's too, I'm sure he's happy. I think he probably thought Baywatch was going to work and he probably blame the script Alternatively, words like like some like Jennifer Lawrence. Who has what I would say? is a very good working relationship with at least one director. The one she dating means David O Russell. He
really knows. He understands lots of things about lots, different actors, but he get her they even when he miss cast Sir in something like, I would say to you Miss Cast enjoy an American also, yes, like especially american. So that down was bad light. I would say all three of the films they may together. She's Miss Cast yeah? My guys I mean I don't wanna go. There's a child would appear to be a forty four year old actor domes and for some reason you already ria those parts. One Ellen Bark is one thing they want. They want peak Ellen Bargain, but they have to settle for Jennifer Lawrence, because that's what we have now and Ellen Barkin in general, Florence are probably just as good but the poor, who was so much bigger one thousand eight hundred and ninety one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight cargan was lake, the fifteenth move it most,
lasting actress working in the movies it with you by genocide. Something- and this is also true, fair and asking how he godmother made by the time of David or Russell, gets the joy and he's made two movies that Jennifer Lawrence the only way Great joy made is if it starts dungeon of Orleans, no matter if you try to get them will be made with own bark and it will happen in the first place. Joy is the kind of movie. That's not a successful move at all, in my opinion, but it's a joy, navvy we're talking about the very rare you're a much, and it needs people the same way that George Clooney can still gets a verb economy. There needs to be a person with power at the centre of it. Otherwise it just doesn't happen, and that's that's always been true in Hollywood, but more true now than ever and their fewer people now than ever. That can actually makes him like that happened. Somebody needs to. Talk with Jennifer Lawrence, where do we start around about just steady? Couldn't the careers that have worked
like my wife and I are telling her to study the crews. It worked yet just firm like throw some different pitches hammer. This make around. Come it's fine! Well, it's been make one which make a movie. Where you trying to escape from your piece of husband in you, change your identity and then he, but will actually veil that how it's fine! That's how next were the woman whose being up These by her husband lives is gonna to have a black family living next door being protein by a bunch of racist hoop, been informality, tat great, like you just Yeah. Do that anymore? It's grievances! You either have to have the most important statements being made about whatever or your me you re making is even king, my wife, and I we lacked sleeping with the enemy on Saturday morning. The first forty five minutes cause he is one of the most remarkable bad move is ever made, oh sure, she's great their houses, grain, Cape COD, the guys so creepy that mustache yeah, it's gotten.
Many holes in it? She teaches yourself to sway abode swim. The shore and leaves the trail and it just like it's ok to make a movie like that cocktail is totally indefensible movie. Just based make sure star, but Sandra books really good at that she, one last thing: I'm Sandra Bullock, I'm a storm and make a movie, but I think that's kind of what word think one of the things we ve shown you see those mobile it's over. I think, if you put Jennifer parents, not mother, but instead, with the enemy right now. He became came out next week. It would make a ton of money because Obviously, there is a there's, a degree of cultural catharsis to the extent that needed a movie about a woman who is being used by a man serially, who plots her escape, and it's got a great the sleeping with the enemy which are sport for anybody who hasn't seen it, but it's got. Why would say for one of these
from hell movies and set out the window- and we at the spoil response- is united- you like that I'd watch. It s got a great ending its, but you know, I think I think it's great from start to finish, I did. The whole thing is great, but like all being Giuliano slowly, the other way, because I dont think that sleeping with the enemy can be made today. For the most part, I don't you there, but I'm just saying if someone outdated, they made it with enough with J Loan. It didn't work, so maybe you're right Angelo at a moment that, where you know dealers good Jane, not a box office, shows with it, and nobody wants to watch her in the movie right, but Jennifer Lawrence, who candidly I'm not terribly fond of as an actress, passengers made so much money. She, aside from passengers, has made interesting choices right, so she has her superior for she tries and a moving like mother is really audacious and that's a really strange unusual movie kind of regardless of your opinion of it. I'm illuminate Non is cast you I agree, but the fact that she was like
it's important I make this movie is pretty bold land shy, agrees, diminish and made a, I am very, very secretly excited for now. That's a really good psychical, it's a good A good call. I mean I wonder, but I will under if. I mean I don't know how that movie. I know anything about the genesis of I Tanya, which is them which, if any As you know, it is the time a Harding. It's the I'd. It's the tiny, already movie, with Margo. With hardly Arabia like TINY Harding, which is like that made my brain, I didn't know it was until they showed her name railway train somebody put our trailer and the slack was a martyr rabbies first of all figure skater, and then she stopped Harding, but that was Robbie is somebody to the extent that, like we can make any sort of sports comparison, Margo, Robbie the wit or you we buy, about Margarethe, because I, like guess way more ass ignorant? I love my Caribbean Focus Lynn and she brought well Psmith.
The latter volume anyhow she brings. She brings something out. A will. Smith is really interesting and there are another that we don't really have we much anymore either. Is these sort of chemical reactions that you get when you took when you put to people together, rang rate like some, including out of sight. They just click the sum, being a bow to certain p pull together really creative energy that you can feel- and you mentioned passengers that something they wanted from Chris Patten for Lawrence and they just don't get it. They work There was no! No, they were later. They passengers, sick nuts. They asked use of the solidarity that is, that is one of the creep. Your movies ever ever going to see. I would mean six sensitive opened it this week. If it came out this week it make nothing quip right to talk about on depot, in life. There are no guarantees, they say there is no sure thing, I'm here to tell you
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because I'm in the producing ethics greener this year, are you think they're not gonna Mamma, I mean Europe. You get. Six options Not what are your options? Yeah, it's These are things that we have made them. How many nominees there are four best pictures. Isn't it I am fighting low number. You you I mean know: they're gonna eat two five. Why do you think comedies have both had a resurgence and then also have got even worse, because I think girls trap She told you guys made the mistake of at you. My daughter was used. The parents condemning the sound. Like a mistake. It all me rose was funny, it's hell, it's like to be funny, so and scary. Assail are always gonna win with movies and that those are the two sake places we still also, I mean I know, but This is another place. We are the people sort of fitfully acknowledge, but
under served movie going populations really matter black women get nothing at the movies Haiti figures, girls trip. Sorry see and twenty eight in by everybody. Yet that's it. I think video, that's bizarre I mean it in Durante. Hansen is starring in a movie where she looked up and his staff in or something in January of twenty. Eighty, I think crowd Mary, Didn't you just the idea? How proud Mary is. This explained somewhat the Tyler Parrys successes that he's An understanding that you, the old success now Tyler Perry is is trapped in the closet era are Kelly. Were now he's making movies for young white people and why people are laughing at him and we black it'll, never laughed at Tyler, that's so his he is. Figured out now that leg. He is sort of we're saturated his black woman market and is now going for young college age, white people who think that title
Perry and drag. I mean he's, come full circle and in a way, back to being the minstrel figure that he had been being he used to being when he was just doing feeders asset it sad, but you know what it's still keeping him at the top of the box office or near that that's my hands, a plan b. Lack when they brought in that way? It is alarming that play that's what he named. The plain black woman may be better. The comedy questionest is interesting, though I mean there's not girl strip is by far the biggest comedy. The year Thor, the former we might be, the second place would have in this year, which says a lot about the state of conflict, or rather I to be accommodated. Nobody is its height is playing for that. It is but also features battle scenes with let the lead, zeppelins so it is still a lot of fun movie at any. Is it really fun? Isn't for anything, it's not trying to uphold a marble mantle, it
is so stress was an enjoyable. Have an aim is not everybody is how it came Blanche. It is having a good time with, whenever done to her face for this movie lake its each just fine, and I There are no movies Virtually none were I leave on a high. The way you leave that form of theirs. I mean I loved it. I just kid: there's I mean, but it shouldn't be That's it just be Saturday night. That's my fear that our just be like Saturday night in the middle of October, and I'm gonna do the same thing again. Next week we did member who did reaction are you in the point break one back to back weekends. Terminator tomb break. I mean at the back weekends, even so they like American made, which I liked- and I think Tom Is really good in the eye because it didn't. You big enough money by time
The crews movie standards is going to be some. The day, all whoever made this movie is gonna think twice about before they make the next on mission, impossible, non franchise, Oriented Tom Cruise Movie Hills, gonna text less than six weeks ago. American made is incredible. Yet does he get right? I mean come on. Nothing I'm tickets, I couldn't I haven't, got it's it's just it, but that is a movie database That is basically a comedy, and it's not going for two, ouch. He would have been nominated for an Oscar if that movie. I come out like ten years ago, where anyone just been another movie reviews would have been good enough for people, like earlier make a mental note Tom Cruise in american mayhem as it's like year. Thirty seven for the Tom Cruise as Movie star like at some point, is: I think he also has a different reputation. In the minds of many people now, especially under third yeah under their ear yeah he's, you know, there's there's a camp.
Like some of the whole dagger worry that is you know that people don't ignore its harder to celebrate him in the same way that annex sunlight three years ago and she wrote about him- and she made that point that he had this really fascinating. First, fifteen years rate where he was dissatisfied, work with great directors yeah and he didn't make like the sell out movies in his Anno and become a popcorn guy. And that's what he became lies in years. That's all he makes now he's more think. I see any lesser acquiring right. Well, I don't know if it's I wouldn't movie. What is the movie? The broken in might be, with my own eyes, wide shut that combo an iraqi lad. He just start to make unpopular movies, but I also think that you know a lot of people, don't trust their instincts anymore either. I think everybody's instincts are completely rambled here and for me, are you guys feel about this, but- and I know that it's it's crazy- to put it this way, but I think the thing that signal
a major cultural shift, it's gonna sell ridiculous, but I think it's Julia Roberts signing those two tv is she could to just stayed home? You know or like a Bearden, something once a year that wasn't, but this woman who wants to work. She know she's not going to do it at the movies. Now, there's nothing for her to do and can do anything. She was really weird movie like three years ago, with the guy from twelve years, a slave, murder movie you make us in their eyes exacted a terrible and she's, but she's warrior really hard and that yes, she's really China sap. Ah they attract and this at its of rough movie. It's not that I could watch but she works really very good. She tries, aren't you really is granted. The calves are really tries, he's really right again in the whole, came in and shoots up energy form over like that before long drawn audiences. Probably why you're a pretty informing William
Yeah yeah. I think what you said, though, in and give it even a little extra. She sees what's going on with Kidman and Re Stone Little eyes? Oh sure I mean it, I'm gonna tell you this, I believe, is where things for several weeks and she's, like all. I need one of those but bad even led to a lot of, but she signed to tv deals. This it's not quite the same thing as what would at like, even unlike the late nineties, be like a special HBO situation here. Some for some actors usually you cease something, but belittle lies. New. Do think that that is. That is obviously indicative, obviously of something changing, but I think that you this I mean it's true. The Julia Roberts. Has it mattered at the movies very much in more. In ten years, but I do think that this me signals like a kind of point of no return yeah. It's Frazier that what how long before Tom Cruises, prestige, television he's right, I mean in so this is the thing that a person like him has got to be thinking
because if, if he care, if nobody wants to see him, do the mummy and nobody should want to, because that is maybe the second worst movie of these, I am ready to see it and then the reviews came in ran. Tomatoes talked me out of here and I think I've think you doesn't have a I mean I I don't know what his honor what's coming across his desk ought know what his options argues. That major three you know it's like when you might ask from his ex part many see my funded by Netflix, how much when it is Tom Cruise needs when talking about we're not anymore, but ass? No man like was upon him. It was sixty. He was like I gotta find find another. Actually moving, whereupon they re good. I want to make sound dressing. I'm gonna make nobody travelling others. What arguments still wants to work and Tom Cruise, I think, wants to work and he's you ve got thirty five years under his belt of being looked at all day long used eve, I'm sure,
He feeds off in their minds guy yeah I've, even all o seven it doesn't she Maybe now more than ever is doesnt machine and diminished ray. I mean he's fighting. Knocker is he's fighting for a kind of culture. So what's right, it's really it's fast. They know he's. Basically, there are some really hesitates in this, but there are some Tom Brady parallels, noble, just just being determined to be ages boldness. Of a cold, very patchy operating right he's got his own tb, twelve called type thing, and but Tom Brady just one another, so that what I mean but Brady's, where Tom Cruise was what twelve thirteen years ago is crank about mission impossible. Yet, and people are gone well
how crews he's really get a third decade is of a plus lister. I guess so, but our most this is in common, like you go, go through leg, thicker, their biggest stars when I was a kid Redford, Newman, Eastwood, Steep Mcqueen, very early as it read, Retford deny Thirty five year movie career, like he was done in by the key made aim at director, who occasionally would show up in movies as a start, that would be like Lee eagles come on. He made legal eagles and sneakers early in his choices are very strange. Anna pose Havana you're, not a hit, though LEO Eagles was hit, but like dusted off and was in a plus, plus plus lister and Ass threat. Now, son, after rain man, he was in the same, but you do I mean the sports thing is really.
We can certainly there like athletes. I think you have as an ape westchester you have few can get fifteen years. That's amazing! That's Riera Break, yet twenty that like, but don't you think that the starter models are changing everywhere, where I think that there are, there are p. Or maybe younger than we are don't place. The same proof I, on on what we previously called stardom and yet as the time and I dont want. This. Is the question ray? I also think it's interesting, the delicate tennis like who had the best years and tenants. All people who were around fifteen years ago. Venus rooms had, I mean officially the best, Year of any woman tennis player, even though she didn't win anything. I was in the finals of almost everything I see lady also set the record for most times people talked about how much clash glassy lady there wasn't any that mandatory anticipate. Some reason fetter Nidal Closet
That's an of everybody on the little patrol has been around forever and had had a pretty good year. Right right I mean it's just we need this loans, thieves. The areas could uses Einstein, put slow, Stevens and we'll see what I am saying is go in there. I don't think we have the stars like we did. We It gets out its iron, the NBA add the team. Accents Carter will mean honestly you can. This can be pitched in any direction. Tiffany had issues hosting ass, an Ellen in ten days, raining. That's that I would I boatman. Why do you, though you may be a star than what are they going to do for Tiffany? Had? Is now this is the question she should pry also have a tv show. I mean, but this is this is this is what I'm saying Where's loop heat in the Congo been brainwashed. Where Stephanie Heritage, gonna girl, who is unbelievable, nonstop appeared on the agenda. So now
Nobody's ever been work overqualified to be in an action movie than the people who are hurting recedes. Nonstop were so good ahead of us. The flight attendant hurt her appearance in the force awakens was the deepest a metaphor for what happens. Yeah obedient young over. She is literally made unrecognisable. Lcd that is the only old, wrinkled nasty ass cd. I character. Thank you, Hollywood for follow up. I've got a. Can you already performance, it's it's crazy. No place for four Tiffany had to go girls trip to Basically? That's probably happen, I'm sure, of course it's gotta. Can we unfreezing data packets face before their habits looked at sea? We take a fact as the silk her face, that move
Don't don't don't do that to my girl, I just want to say why I feel that, if overseer of messing with great, she also look different. It's true, but I raised Willow Smith, who just released agreed on this week's is going to give a shot article Psmith. I just think what I think. I just think we care pretend that a person having one year is going to mean that they're gonna have a career like as it just doesn't, and I think until the grid, tv apocalypse comes, and I honestly don't know how it's going to come, but I think it's it's out there something will happen. We will lose all our channels. The funding will go dead on some of these things, but until then there is a world Tiffany heritage. To do Ever she once I think,
It's not me. I just don't think it's gonna, be it the movies. Are we sure Hollywood does the star machine thing is get his eyes to cause like here is an example of NATO. The answer says: Barbette nephew car. Doesn't you saw get our right? What's dame of a black eye, the act to put the black angered up? Who played the black? I believed I get out was his name seat. Most people, don't know that guy's name. Why wasn't that guy's need we're in your colleague yeah? Where were the three weeks? stories about hey this guy Well, where are you going to ask for seasons, Norwich where's, your right that most need your married alike as they also it's him and the girl from girls? What's her name, Brian Limbs, daughter ray, I believe the two stars eleven. What happened also with with Daniel Clear his SAM accident came along and totally basically stamped on, but I put that fire out
by asking by raising this question of of danger, police being bred british and how you know he was taken the funk and get out. And should have been, a real brother playing laying the brother and get out little, and so, when I I don't know what you can but Jordan Bureau probably tell you they D. Nuclear was greatly. The best audition, where he was also good cause. I had no real baggage with him, so is experiencing him through, like he was like a new person, to me, I'm not, I'm really remember him from another movie. Laminae Heads will remember here: yeah really get Zodiac Mirror, but I think your point with nephew Kyle is is true. Like I mean I think the way the ways DART and works now it just. It isn't nope, it's a name things away away: airwaves Sandra Bullock, who's that message about massive star yeah, whose.
Last person who became a star, its owners, We would have any had was typically happens. You're not very recent, not very personal, knew a person who you leave a movie saying this person, yet I think it might be Jennifer Lawrence yeah I mean, and what was the movie. It was a movie. But he saw what I mean service hailing line is mobile. People walked out of civilised people like who is that, but she security is out of oil in the in the hunger games. I think it's the same person it's more. Something like it seems like we spend more time talking ourselves and the stars wall a Chris Evans. We shall know nothing better glass, Chris Evans yeah. This time and just hoping Chris Evans becomes an alias will. I think that the Chris hems worth as but only as Thor is the movies. His emanating from rush wishes with a rush christianity.
The media are always present. Russia's is a story is good. It ray we're nineteen, seventy five he would be so for awhile He'd be Jan Michael Vince, flatly eyes airy, let's beyond area he'd be Germany has like, but Reynolds of hiring on yahoo- yes ski, but he but he has been Clint Eastwood like making those weird every every which way, by loose type movies mixed what he will do all that stuff, but the thing that makes him different from the thing than me Burt Reynolds STAR is poor. Reynolds is, handsome, but he's not he's Seven, these handsome, like a bird like a bird wrath bore Reynolds, was the hottest act like these glee hardest manner that nice activity stars red thousand, says he's that e was they handsomer than they all these people, but but by the time you Yet the eighties, where really does where there were the really Scots of in the Tony Scots, the World Bank
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army is Africa BS to get ten percent off your first purchase, plus a free domain. Again that is square space. Tat come off occurred bs. Do they Julia Roberts, pretty woman? Could that happen in two thousand seventeen? I do because I think that that's pretty soon
Or to the Jennifer Lawrence thing, I think that there is, somebody might be that bolt big there I mean as big as pre woman silver linings. Playbook was not pregnant. Hunger games is pretty huge here, but you have a name. Incidentally yeah I mean I, I think, the more the more relevant part of this, but I do think that people can be cuts. There can still be comets and culture. There will be no you're, like man, this person just capture the moment that capture those like us in Indonesia, the hems Worthing, is more interesting to me, because hems worth who is so charming and so funny enough in the third for movie of all movies. His next move you, which comes on January, is called twelve strong and it's exactly the kind of what we were talking about earlier to war movie. It's a raw post, nine eleven. It essentially like hard line red state. Let's go kill people in Afghanistan we and
It's a choice, that's a specific twisted. He and his group of agents and managers made and in an effort to conflict balances persona. But I have no idea what I'm movie tells us by proposing that all he needs to be playing a lifeguard at a late hour. Retirement village were Helen Mere in all. Our bro friends went to sleep with him. That's what that's what Chris him? words make there needs to be doing because processors sleeper repellent maritime- I you know I only I think, like norm, Syria's like, let's just or making up plots, because that's all they did in the eighties and just fine people to be in the low. Oh, oh, what about a guy who finds a mermaid on the bead tries to make her be his girlfriend? You know I the cause they're doing good drugs and aid is that's where they had so many good ideas. Will they need to get off the otter, cotton and get back on the cocaine Bang River movie there? I just feel like,
One of the things is, I think people just are willing to be crazy anymore, like there's a total, crazy factor. If you go back and look at these points, from wake the Eightys and Ninetys and in an you, look like how much money some these like made tier movies. One how suitor like Let's make a movie about per like about like a pathological liar who just sort of shows where people's houses and pretend she lives there? Let's, like do Goldilocks, three bears, but in California real estate or something but those movies we're all built around the person the star raise like Grady Hahn is. We know she is a bankable hilarious, actress, red meat. Let's build something around her write that down seems like old times like that, its activities going on. We had them. What is it? She's she was married, this guy got out of jail, is kind of mine, the Lamb and she still kind of like some think that moving ever gets me. No, they will join
for Afghanistan was the last person you got to try to do that, stem every Jennifer aunt Linsey, impose until the painkiller movie, which I think we should revisit given the times we live in, but the painkiller movie was the last thing tat was. The end of that Arab Jennifer. Afghanistan was What is the Adam Sandler Nicole Kidman get Jesse, get over it or just go just go with right. General salad. Railway tat was solid that That is, that is father. I ve never seen. That's that's death that errors attempt at a golden Orange Averages movie, Edward. Immediately, wasn't it is ass? If it was, I believe it was a hit. My daughter Tommy, her favorite movie until girls trip, which is now her favorite movie, was blended. I was really interesting.
Kate, racial politics and she's toilet. That movie is is after the f either. Listen, I'm that defending it they love Sandler. She like splendid I've been kids can help it kid. And help eulogy acquainted, mule explaining to them someday wont, let me try to explain it when she decided she looked like you into she's, a disaffected college student protesting firewood stories. That's not locked up. There is another one that, like I mean that probably would be living the same life. It is currently living, but I think it would be much more part of some kind of cultural conversation. Instead of an agreed, should have a more important when you see the actors together, doesn't often dense dealer. Adam Sandler, so three billion person, commissioners, at our first in Lisbon marble who's, not a man but but like important in this movie in very good. I don't know it just it in its It is by no Bum Baku.
You know manages to make movie or to every year- and you know it's weird about him and sinking pity Anderson, two guys that had a great sense of humor, in their careers in their movies evening. Lily abandoned humor how to get the leg That was the innocent, so we have I say as unrelated. That's another movie that is coming out, that is theoretically nostril, Ruby, dangled Louis's, reportedly last movie. That movie doesn't not look very funny. Looks quite serious now, but it also looks like a movie it. Thus, journeymen, in looks like a movie and haven't seen it yet, but I mean he's Anderson. I dont mind that the humor is going out of his movie. While I don't know wisely fun inherent vices Larry's there, so many good things, and in her advice I mean, I think, there's I mean there's no, but for me within Europe, as I think that movie is great, and I think if you why it now the things that it is trying to say about an era we'll just seem like its holding up a mirror to whatever is going on right now: you're gonna shots.
Studies have that's my guy. It's it's it's better than you. I mean and tell you the shot I think in her vice at all. It is, I mean the master Watch, the master now master is one that will become there's another sign for me that leg, you know, what's the opposite of a canary coal mine that, like that birds running for the hills are flying around like that. That movie couldn't get the traction that didn't. I think some of it was this industry, like this town, sort of trying to make it go away the master, and I think people not really knowing what to do with a movie like that It is not only extremely well made its got. These We really fantastic performances in it. Amy, and still seem announcement in Working Phoenix, and it's just by the by the by the last great, a mirror in director who is an also sixty five years old and was working in the seventies with brand the Palmer. Here's feather
since Russia had ideas. Mafia Italian, some ready spend a couple years really my world? Why did you do it's all over they produce and reduce its well done. It was Michael ridden Gonna write, actually it's kind of no response. It wasn't my course. Police must be someone like a star in inner. I think he was originally. Don Draper warning on him. No way who plays the gangster character on the deuce and and John him eventually was between image he's so much sexy, whether they ask, as was I asked together, economizing geyser produce yet I'm a wait and see on the deuce really smart, but I'm waiting, I'm awake and say I will see it they get. Did they get? Did they get the wish to Twenty four episodes that show- I don't know what it is worth anything he answered, the other mobilise into I mean, I'm.
I'm I'm latency like lets the lowest. That's a tv show that has a movie, I mean that's. The way I show is operating is that's a Hackney things they, but it's true in a way that their telling that story is not in that would be to beat watch out. Happens next, cliffhanger way, it's not really wire. I mean the wire was the same way, but I will not swear resented cleaning. Let me just give one quick shouted to a movie that I just washed, which is about this exacting that we're talking about that I thought was pre, fascinating skull. German Andy comes our Netflix on November seventeen, it's a documentary about what carried did during the making. A man on the moon in the Middle EAST is a really interesting reworked said. I told you this couple weeks ago, one of you no, I wasn't one of you and I was like I watch man in the moon again, what a fascinating really Y yeah yeah I dont. Really. I mean that movie never gets made now no chance
really becomes a, but so that the ring with the documentary. Essentially he was tracked by Denmark Police, who has any Kaufman's girlfriend for many years during the meeting in a movie and he's in character, either as Andy or ICE Tony Clifton throughout the entire making a movie and there's a camera on him for days and days and days, and it is doing all kinds of things and the movie is essentially footage from ninety. Ninety eight, when everything, the movie interspersed with a single long interview with Jim, carry talking about the nature of that performance, his stardom, his family, Annie coffins influence on him and where he is now, is it as a humanism and act as an actor, and it is a mine blowing example of what happens to people in the famous?
in this. He is speaking so's oddly and fascinating early and worryingly, we may like did that interview was done a ninety ninety five, now or known as it has done this year. It was done this year and he, though, the way that he describes the machine that he's put himself there. He keeps drawings parallel between his character in the Truman Show and his life at the time. In saying that, I made that movie specifically that and a filmmaker made them will be because that's what I was going through, but he talks about the world now in the cosmos and existing. His place in it it in a way that I dont know if I've ever seen, a famous person talk he needed is could be agreed because he's like I have all the money in the world, I'm not interested in pursuing family. More and so the way I see this now is on this continuum of existence. It is so complicated and so strange and you can just really He how fame Fox people up he clearly is damn, oh, I think they went through. I think I would love to a level will Smith of one of those this as you could you could pick anyone. I merely a Juliet and make a move
I don't know if it's a head thing with Julia Roberts, I'd think she'd be a lot more I don't think you get any of this. I think if you Tanya will Psmith, I think we'll Psmith would say I think that's a place will Psmith were probably go that Jim carry place. I would be fascinated here It was bracing the last hour that I think Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy would go to that place. Eddie Murphy a different story to turn off his sir as software and have no heat, but one who knows, but I think that it would be interesting to have people who had these major. Career shifts who are at the top of the world, will you can play Two specific career choices forget the personal stuff which carry has an Eddie Murphy, has ended look like a like a performance, I'm really into looking performances that change and actors career for either the better. But for me, mostly the worse, like a perform.
That work, that a career does never recover from Thick Patino in Senegal What no, I think, Patino Scarface you know a set of a woman is like the plead again scarface out of your system Laden he became the guy. Yes, by its so far away from anything he'd ever does car face and he was playing an old blind with its efforts and era regional. I know everybody thinks a performance is great but he put so much into it ruined his career for ten years. He didn't. I mean I've and other things by around it to go on. I just anyone from seven seven, eighty six who allergy, but only about family. I'm just talking about the work, I think you're. Obviously, they Dunaway was Mommy Dearest killed. Her career she just never ever ever recovered from her like the public, couldn't see her in a different way. Ass I drew
I think you know four Eddie. What would it be? Probably blue, I think with Eddie. Wasn't just performance and dream rules. I think losing the asker liberty. Emily was at a different phase anyway but Norbert Norbert came out and it made a ton of money. Do you get the impression in the subjects of the gym, carry movie too that he worked so hard to get recognised for the Andy Kaufman perform? Yes, that not one in the Stir and the choices he makes after the he wasn't even nominated, yet he was not. Anybody during a golden global is very strange that it's actually a kind of a travesty that now tat, he has a run of movies, their ninety seven, eighty eight, eighty nine- that are all very interesting in these really like going for performances, but you write that patina. One is most reason for me, because that was when he learned to pitch things up. He never could pick things down again read it's like. I don't know for ten years, this gap is you get it just he never it's like a lie.
Lots of actors have performance, they just lake, they just can't get past, either because it was so great or because it was so bad and then there's Meryl Streep shakes. It advocates the next three was the idea. Here is what I see I see had I mean she had a mess, twelve immediately high lecture moments. Right I mean I I mean bores products is a performance at lake could have. We could have sunk her, but she's ministry she's, I mean apparently unsinkable. That's coming up in the rue Achelous. When you come back, tell I we need in the room, I don't know come back, come back with them. Dopey person interviewed then stay for five days, and what do you like? Nine we watch was I'll. Do that Sorry to see nice to see you guys. I thank you. Wasn't my pleasure by wisely by one more break, to talk about
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office. Again I we caught my odious panty made Tom Average Joe, because we're gonna pull a basketball at the UN in this park ass. We did a guy for forty seven minutes so Randy's, something that we'd never tried before on this part cast we're going to run the last twenty three minutes of the pod, where we chapter on the weak and talked about a whole bunch of different teams on this path cast, but then we're going to run higher podcast, which is forty seven minutes on Ringer MBA, show see here the last half of it here be few, and here the whole thing go to add the Ringer MBA Show and his podcast is called the basketball friends and it's on the leverage to chat network. So if you want to subscribe to Tom, he can do that, but here's that package the last half of it right now, don't forget ringer and be a show for the entire peg Astoria. Unless
I owe the European Teammate Tom Average Joe now reach report. What's they may or New Park asked Robert, but the company and the new package with the basket boyfriend ambition at the new ones coming out pretty soon, but that what is the best boyfriend and want to be when every day every day yeah do without you one day, Thursday, Friday Amino acids and black tray was Marianna. They de LA bomb, Bundy's black opinions, matter Mondays and then the rest of the week. We are NBA, potted, basketball, friends, so credits which it up every day to give a kind of different different show every day but yeah I'm pretty much- I voted. We did. You have to like take some sort of detached shower like on people when a nuclear reactor comes off. Gaza
from the back to take the showers was that will most likely be middle Connecticut? Erna I mean we did show you know at yet can be had like a daily podcast yeah they shut down. And when Jane Hoy left this dumber a kind of left his creator and my contract without an I hadn't, been parting for like three month it pretty much all summer. I hadn't done a daily though only weird stuff was going on, and ultimately it's good to be back with jade and it's gonna be writing magazine storage. Actually, just drop drop one five minutes ago. I read it yourself. I read it right before I called you who is about Leubronn in yoga these little bubbles that I'm gonna get for my daughter, because I'm a psycho so Spain and, above all, is crazy. They're like this video, I saw David men in previous dneiper running
the grand but the NBA Grand posted it. Just look round before game now stand on these clear pillows and don't like little basketball trick bottom and a kind of its very bizarre. It's really weird and it's the most violent video that can put out his dear obviously not much good content coming out to Cleveland right now, just like it mesmerizing, and so I kind of called up a bunch people in the industry to get back story, and I get in a really go. There, going from added, is like baby giraffe in the NBA to what he is now a lot of. It is just this core work out that he does with the four Brisco Pierre in an ally, and he worked on these pillows and they just really sharpen your car. They acted Baker Central nervous system in a kind of all these pre game, one at that.
The staff curry is all in the name of like firing up you're, you're, central nervous system and in working on your balance and fill the bonds are doing it after you heard a bank or with this month and train or might not be a thin it just kind of like alien. Like an super interesting, let's go through some storylines really quickly. Do you believe the calves defences broken? Yes, added to yes, you know we leave case I got your three final: they watch it with my own heat and twenty fourteen. It's really really hard to get that motivation is not only a physically exhausted from Lebron. James has played twenty four hundred minute in the post, even in the last three years. The last believe Isn T played an additional regulars, these twenty four hundred minute. On top of his regular season, we believe. Secondly, the lesson here, if you throw it, seven Miami years. Isn't it isn't it like us?
two additional seasons with those postal. Yes, it is re, oh yeah and the last three year yet like them like like this, is the workload that he's having to do. And look around your Braun right now, like a cabin love and green and J Cloudlike. I dont know where they're gonna get the motivation, because you need to have back here in front of you to go back to the wall every night by and be calibre deepened illegal to young. It's too fast not running back in transition, your post lost the NBA right now the Brooklyn their pledges. What this up the Brooklyn ever averaging, a hundred and five point nine possessions were forty, eight minutes according to baffle wrestling with a hundred and that both call it a hundred and thick with caught the two thousand five stone, the seven seconds or less done they never got to one. Oh,
in the entire season. They got over one or one and in the other eighty one game. They didn't match the Brooklyn that average paste this year and if you have an artist, a terrorist image, we were comparing the pace of how quickly it's gotten so fast like the bronze James and worth the cab. They can't lolly guy. They can't sleep, walk through gains anymore. It's just that that that much faster yeah yeah? I think I think it's a little hard for people who have been watching the NBA forever to even fully understand, but I'm looking at the stats right now he's distance Houston, shady forty five three is a game which is like I it's just. I makes my boss blade, but you talk. I will again. Yes, I was again they took twenty,
with two point: twenty eight through pointers, the entire gain in their ninety one, shooting that whether she did thirty one percent from three but then ok, but half the league issue, at least twenty nine threes, which I think, maybe so maybe five years ago, that number Madame in five or six, and when your team, Cleveland and you're taken possessions. Often you taken quarters in the other t, MRS getting wide open threes. You know that leads to the thirty eight point, quarters and stuff, like that. I look at them and I always try not to panic first month of the seas in or make some sort of go for hot, take on whenever I just why said team and in the majority guys in their rotation seem right there in the wrong situation and not an a high fix that right leg. I don't think this is the right. I was all about yeah. I don't think this is the
team or situation for Kevin love at this point of his career playing cambaluc, I guess centre, that's not good for him. He should be next to a shop Walker, this is the right thing for J crowded, who, I think was completely overrated. Anyway, I tried to tell everyone all summer. This is the right thing for wait wait. This isn't great for Jane Smith is used to starting off on his comrades, the ban she passed through the first through so the season it's terrible for than Thompson. This is Derek rose as a guy who doesn't have the bonus hands as a spot of shooter. That doesn't make sense, and then you go on that from a defensive standpoint, I have so many below average defensive prayers. I was that we were talking about the rear office. Just try to make your your best line up your best. Five cat
I'm not even sure why lineup is what is what is the line up there you brought had to. I can build up. I think you ve got after this year, yet they had been himself like I'm gonna put my body grinder for the quad, like my whole legacy, is either wings or envy plea that is quite right yet and he's got a deep into this, but the entire looking around is ensured by their job. The Mai flies truth and I'm the man he had nothing left. He was completely gas coming into the sea than he was like Adrian will rebound a lot of people say that the Kodak you I have no idea about it. I think it's just. Do the guy played eighty three games, revised treaty them and then did the fleet finals trips rent, but only so much a got an energy guy can take when you're a basically the only big man like the only son,
laughter for three final strip. It grew and you look it. Let me read you. Let me read you the last week's opponent for the cab remainder Chicago Brooklyn. New Orleans Remit in Indiana ran away to gain a hundred and seventeen point allowed on average, not even good teams, not even the team, those Ricardo broken you all in New York and India, and you know if you ve ever does down in the first five minutes of that South Ex game. I think the South Ex would have put up like one twenty eight item, and you know we were about revelations on the ringer today, we just like God, different staff members talking about the revelations of the season so far things there. The more shocked by I wrote about Ben Seminar cause he's actually better than I thought he was going to be by
if my back a choice actually would have been Cairo Irving, who I was a big believer in an even before it became a came out that the South Ex had a chance to trade farm. I was just this belief that teams were in China go after him cause I thought inside it. The nine most important players in the league and somebody who had been in the biggest possible tests and come through what I didn't fully now and when I was hoping was that away from the bran with a really good coach with different kinds of teammates with a team that challenged him in used him in a different way. In pushed him to be more of a play maker and ran like little offscreen. An action for him and all these different things that they did for as a Thomas. I was hoping that at that I really would succeed in a situation like that, but its, but I opening I I can
hey how many times like I've texted my dad and just been a holy shit like Hyper, is amazing, a he's really good. And I think over everything else. That's what really hurts the calves is sheer because they took off a spectacular player and they're on their team for this Brooklyn lottery. Pick that might not. Be top five and Fraser who might not come back to February or March. I think that trade is a disaster. Look, I'm really really bad right now and I add the idea of honest: does nothing for the issue now, like I recognisable broadcast, Gourbi Tandem Authority needs help authentically, but bear issues are one thousand put. On the eve of an idea. Tat is not going to open there, so you not the Cairo keeping its body I will. I will destroy the Damien lowered back before the summer when I stared tiring, is more day than he is called
and then, when we got really said about me, said check my bath and through the whole thing here. The basis was a carrier is poor and thirteen without the Brown James starting next to him with it, right. Thinking a lot like few years when the Brahma, thereby register. I disagreed with you at the end- at testy. When I read it has an end, you didn't call me that is just as it was in my office. I got testy now I'd. I think it's really hard to pay without Lebron James, when you're playing with them and is doing everything there's a statute that can really account for that. If it's like you know if, if like your living at home and your mom cooks. For you every night and all she does is cook Cook, and then I went She says that could be out here. You gotta fend for yourself. What are the odds? Gonna make a great dinner. I just don't think I think you have begun, thereby being able to do.
One thing you know: does it make sense, our my over think it well. I thought you overtake here in the first couple game with a feeling about this close to doing one of those victory. Laugh he checked round like carry Irving or fifteen without Leubronn. Well, you know you know what happened in this is legitimate. He was real, They really upset about the Hayward thing because for two reasons, one because I really think the Celtics team thought they had a chance to make the final so did they had a great pre season? I think the link that they had the weapons they had Kyrie and never played with a good coach before which seems funny cuz. He went to finals I think it was just I opening for just everything that was going on. He was really fight for the season he through the AL you Heyward and it was
I am one of the reasons Heyward fell accurately. The other reason is democratic and shoved them, but, but I think that affected and that first game and I think it really affected in the second game. I think it took him a couple games to play out of it. Man, if you, if you watch him these last couple, I'm waiting for him to have like a fifty five point, and it doesn't seem he might be wired. Like the rant, he might not want it like. I, I remember, ask the rent and if we did that Mailbag podcast about you know somebody asked, could you ever scored seventy points or what's the high you're. A ban is basically like. I would never score. Every day and that wired they that ammo is gonna. Try to make the right platform wanna go for seventy, and I do it did, does seem like areas kind of wired like that, this season he's always trying to make the re play They really worked hard with them on making that drive and kick past the corners which he wasn't good ad in Cleveland. Now and he's getting better and better added in Boston? They are really their dangerous, like I know
last Heyward, but I'm really starting to think they can make the finals anyway. Look. It is look at it of twenty two, seventeen, twenty one, twenty two, twenty four, twenty, four, twenty, four, twenty, two it don't you gotta governor right, Jack, he's gotta Chico that he can't go over twenty five white, which I will say that it is being like. You could go off her fifty at every any point, but I think you're right right, even system, you think he'd be preacher, ball, movement and egalitarian. That burden. You can't tell me that a guy worshiped Kobe Bryant Nickleby Monument reality. The old, like you shouldn't, go for fifty. I guess you're right. I really I watched allow the South Axis year. I really felt that way to Anna I've been so impressed by how often he makes the right play actually think he values there and there are stretches during cobia career when he played like that too he would snap out of it and take thirty five shot. So maybe that's coming, but you know, I think,
the regulations on the subjects team. Are there just so, much better defensively than they were last year, which doesn't totally makes sense because everybody They consider to be such get on the bar defender, but cracker was overrated. I think be borne. The did not agree with like no one. No one way more in disagreement about their defence and reputation than Avery Bradley inanimate like an old like the numbers on every Bradley on off board, whatever naturally want to look at every brightly like because it makes sense. Why can the eyes he will be the greatest tender but another magically back that up and now you're seeing Boston Clive independently, save me told me the charge you fender, but there was evidence to suggest that maybe it was more committees with every breath. Yes, I think I don't I
How about that? Because the I test does make me think he's a good defender, but on the other hand, that the big difference with this team is now they have length and Heyward would a played into that too, because I think What are the reasons they really wanna Tatum? Was they wanted these just multiple long deeds and the ability to switch and always have six foot, eight guys running around shooters, basically with? what they have in their they have average years. Probably the short scyther playing playing other than Kiribati plays. Like you, six seven smart who is a really good defender when he wants to be, and then these jail, Embrowned Tatum types and semi who's been kind of a revelation as a second round pick, and then they have bans Peace who, who are just?
better than Amir Johnson and Kelly Olynyk and guys like that, guys who actually get rebounds. So the team makes sense it's going to be really anxious to see when Hayward comes back. I think the team is being in for the right reasons really quiet about that, but I don't think it's inconceivable. He comes back in April or may I I think the fact that they had they haven't come out and said this guy is not coming back cross him off for the season is pretty interesting. And you know it's a long season. It's going to go through its going to the end of June, and if there is a scenario where you could come back great, if not, I still think this team is pretty good anyway, and we know these doesn't get. I mean we were talking to the office who the house when the east, you would like our Washington, any watch washed in its like them literally, no bench whatsoever. John, while is a little too I like John while, but I dont know, if he's your go to guy and a final steam Milwaukee, does that
supporting cast, or the coach too, Oh, maybe I don't know who do you think? I think it's gonna be Washington. I think I'll work out. Mister Watson, stuff, and I think they could potentially doktor like a buggy trade at the deadline. Yeah well- and I like there- I like their upside ETA, just like the Cotonou here they have where the bicycle If that were the most impressed, me is that they have the number one deepens right now bill in the NBA, where you guys were basically with you read it out get on the timber Wolfsburg for being a garbage defensive team undertake to doubt the reflected thing about the young senior along on younger, Are we now hear that about about the public right may have a new team almost entirely off their turnover, they don't have ever gravity J Crowd or so far the number one defence will be that continues, but its toll impressive, their start this season, with all the moving partly in the trauma with women.
Here it well. I think it's a one hundred percent chance now that they lose to Oklahoma City tonight after other prayer showered on the subjects that any other teams that have surprised you I might like Minnesota deepen, is really really good farming to me. It's really. I wrote about activity and burn out factor of my last story, for you yeah right, but could only be better this year, depending on the journey bothered you ve been out in and out of the light up, but I really surprised that people are still picking Carl towns as the generational talent of this and the aim of the young stud immigration years running, I think, be, and the Aegean picked in at the guiding want to build a franchise round, but their dependants garbage and at some point it's gonna come back our towns where it by our then you gotta, bring the family could be seen and be utterly for two years bring it attentively and we ve seen even posing it's like, like there's, actually defensive, evident there that big
do it. I don't know, I don't know if you can't get crawled Townsend either what used to play decent Bernajoux, well what they nets. The reason I don't think anybody can say who's gonna win. The east is, I still think, there's gonna be a couple, a monster, trades and Minnesota as a team that could be involved in one of them. But I think when you look at the EAST Milwaukee Deaf I hesitate to make. I beat the subjects are position now because getting this eight point four million our injury exception from Heyward. I would expect them over the next ten days. Just sign some random dude for eight point. Four million dollars make it be like friggin tie, Lhasa does matter. Sorry state just sign somebody who's a cat figure you get back after eight point: four million you can now you can stack a couple more so it is now can go get you know. I don't often one air, but so, but somebody in that price range, I think
land as a team that could make trades. Milwaukee has a bunch of different ways that they can make moves you lie down the line its it just feels like at the years after all the trades we ve had their stolen to a couple trades that that could can shape where were gone, and I think think Antonio could be a container for that too. Would it, who do you think, is the most likely person get traded, buggy boogie, may be seen as numbers Misa VP candidate. He looks miserable and and his team at such miserable playing with him, but he's pretty of giant lubbers. Listen. Thirty point: thirteen rebounds five point. Nine of the two point three block two point: one last point: eight, We forget by any two threes are going in. That's a shocking thing it. I can't believe these big did the shaded threes. I remember it's crazy.
In the early nineties. I remember Mikhail cause. He was getting all just occasionally with throb with three, and it was always like the craziest thing that happened in the game. They go my God Mikhail dated three and now he would probably take seven either with that, I would be now. I remember watching Bobby
early in Zambia, career and he'd run like a coast because and shouting shocking to make their Kentucky at him, and then I was I will. This guy has some weird big like point Fenner skill, and now he showing it like. He like, if I told you a guy in the NBA diverting thirty point by point, nine of death and seven point: six breeze attend, but you're thinking, maybe that's likely Thomson. Maybe that's a toolbar that book because he's right now in the legal certainty that they got these giants in its top, because Europe is in a small market because we live in a small market in oh, I know I know as indeed and Billy and he the superstar, but I feel, like you know these guys are not being in small markets and other people can appreciate what kind of
was being out these big seven's voters are rigorously thoud, didn't, I think, bogey playing next, the Anthony Davis without anyone Claire's, I know no distributors drew already walked the play. The two other monoplanes like ours, ass, the gas and I'm gonna- have to make it clear that you had a contract was done. It's real their teams that have just this is bed something that's been going out for most of the twenty first century. These teams that have just done a complete this service to their superstar. I think Leubronn as the greatest example of just all the moves. The calves tried to me to try to make do a win now type situation in New Orleans the exact same thing within Davis. Just take you all. We got there guy, hey we overpaid this guy. That's a quote: you're on a treadmill you're, not you not doing anything in a building anything, and now they had these two guys and everybody around surround them is completely inferior to them. I, as the south, expand
terrified of the buggy wizard straight it just videos like ass yeah she's feels like it's gonna happen. I don't know what the trade is, that enough. It's out a porter add enough. It's Gore tie in new brain five first rounders. I know what the fuck's gonna happen, but it just feel they Boogie Wound bill are going to be on the same team, that's my fear and if you're washed, and you got to make the deal right cuz. This is like, if you like, if you're looking at a time to strike it, Now you Yoko Multiple first and the table, just you gotta get it. You gotta get ya to pay full price. You do, and unlike other things, you don't have the young players to throw in the deal and just in already point like a young auto, like a periodic border, where you have You bring me the link by attacking kind of filling the gap there. I don't get a white right arm for a trade, and it's gonna be back in a book,
an avenue David Cameron pelting, I wish we did like an analysis. The summer water, the type a team that give the warriors issues, answers, returns, Howard yeah, that's it ran across the board and just have guides Plaza new in the pink or not a great rebounding team in it big deal right and they just don't have a laughter? They don't have an mba roster, and I think that the issue when we talk about the medical issues of king, like Morland Elegans, are right at the top left, where they just the inadequacy pond Your thing is really really shady and then the fact that, like anything, did without every other guy yeah adding that matters. Not only is it a small market New Orleans, but you also have like eyes whose careers you seem to go sideways because it can't be healthy, and I think that matters were free agents, they're not going to play with bogey anything data It is true the question marks with others who would you rather have treat you with some sort,
Andrea neurons, as medical staff fulfil his medical staff. You know, I know David Martin over what the Philadelphia so many things to do, that going through who have helped you I'd, be that we have a tendency to Qatar and he's got an out a box thinker. I do think there to make cuts in the kitchen, so many medical guys in that foreign office biggest hired a new guy. This dumber oversee the whole medical staff, and I let the Julian Oglethorpe thing no in fact about, but he had torn in this case. I believe- and here was the outer six week an eternity six month. I do not have them. Pepper the bend submits foot all the indeed injuries amene at that. Were shot. Homes had something the Gatt its ring is allowed by the biggest mercury in the NBA right now mark helpful. How did that happen? Aids? It's it's actually legitimately a mystery.
That's what it is. Can burger wrote about today mystery that ensure have never heard of before it almost saturated dead arm in baseball the kitchen so many shots. His arm got tired, accused him robins, bolder, filmy, bolder or something of that we go back. I mean listen. I don't know for a fact, but I would find the bed on Morocco false condition. I would say he is
Europe's just that's it. I d can throw any though they did this. He did that I had to keep. Take the moment. Got two big firm would be my guess, but that, but isn't awoke agent boy can do in the age and come down to a drain on his shoulder and then watch had to put out another report that actually that's not true light. That's pretty conflicting, although if it gave the yet that would be the cover up right it making that site physical problem. That's my planet! That's that's! My point. Last last last question the marketing of your redraft in the draft whose you top three redressing the drop this year. Yet, though, only just at the twenty seventh came draft yeah, whose you tat through that that is taken tail number one. I think he is. I wanted you to say
I think I know you threw out the faith and data was often immediately than talk about. We got on the subjects, but anything agar, anyone it he's. Nineteen. I was there for purposes Ricky season and he was two years older than Tatum and was not his polished in Tatum can just get to twelve to fifteen points every game by in the four which is really hard as its hearted not disappear game after game is Rick any. Doesn't I go the data I go. I go Jason failing Dennis my Junior and then walked about that's how I got wow. Ok, that's interesting! I don't know what to make Alonzo. I have never seen a point. Guard
What's to have the bar for less time than months at US law that lies ahead of a guy just yeah either well. Do it out like shooting wise in the Eu Treaty under thirty percent and last night he played like a full game and didn't score. I guess I think mentally. Like you, ve overwhelmed right now being an ally, I think he's gonna get it. I think you ve got the package the skills right now. I think this is the story. There, but I just think you. I can't this prospect another eight games and it was clear in our lay with it, with love, arguing what he's doing he's got it off taskbar anyway. A hundredweight that help young people realise that either its use company. Another Stephen not healthy, so I guess I think, he's still a top, but in a league and we should write em up after eating. I I agree with you that here's, my only question are, we sure he can shoot dribble.
Are we sure, Zurich and Saint in January? That is important in the NBA? Is that really that lets? You can see that are going on that positive, eager dribble? He dribble when nobody's around but like he does, that a handle like career being or Damien lowered or people like that he just doesn't it sir, it's when he pressure that I'm amazed how quickly he just gives up the ball mean yeah I'll, let you that is he a teenager? I know we just Jason Taylor Kobza about like, but he was that you did this mileage to. That was my one fear with him. I didn't understand when Fox pressure them in those two games, while he just got rid of the ball. I really like I like marketed, which I I hate myself for making fun of that pic, but I actually like his gay I like I, like I Jonathan Isaac. I think he's gonna be something I don't know what but he's deftly something else.
My buddy. Nobody on the pod called call. His name is Marianna. He called market in that lorry bird Moreover, you dont like them. You know like the finisher to answer I'll tell you I like get ready, expanse kind of like Frank. He smokes, I think, he's devastating defender, wasn't expecting that frankly, smokes really getting face. Mason do some stuff, you wanna, do it like a beard illegally? Cares I like that out of work he in that environment, like you might think, big like New York, De Lange I wanted. I wanna impress somewhat authentically score to make a big black. Now it is gonna grind you two February. I love it. Oh, I think that if Donovan Mitchell was on the Lakers ran around playing. Under the name, lawns Obama, Laker fancied, be like ejaculating at each other. They be losing their bullets.
Diamond, which is basically a radio until you just that it sets the lira per castle said threaded in their bit, but he's been stupendous and you can make a case is the second best poor in the draft. If you just go by numbers and tape, or he certainly the most ready right now to contribute to a good MBA table anyway Haversacks. How do we subscribe to your pod levers? The chat back off on Itunes, basketball fan and wait? You a poor pr, mag drawing up on the broad and his moon shoes right now go check it out. We almost work together at some point life worth the other adversary. We're working girl. I know man, yes to me, like you know, in a more and more significant way, maybe down the road someday. I love and all the excess Pierre Pieper Duma, thanks for coming back bill. I thanks to time. Don't worry
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