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NBA All-Star Arguments, Fake Embiid Trades, CP3’s Comeback, and Low Ratings Theories With Ryen Russillo and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and Joe House to make their NBA All-Star picks. They also discuss the possibility of the 76ers moving on from Joel Embiid, the NBA’s ratings decline, All-Star honorable mentions, and more.

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decided for run in the re this week or next week. State team for that there is a book, a basketball coming up Wednesday night. It's very special episode for next fans. So be ready for that one, and then you can check out all the great stuff on the record I come and the rest of the Ringer podcast network at your convenience, come up. Me ran reseller Joe Hass were breaking down the all star teams in each conference. Our picks up whole bunch arguments, Varick said, but first, some new music why we are tabling aside a Tuesday morning. I wait I'm Joe out
this year, he flew in from DC a couple days ago. His flight was delayed by five hours. Ryen Russillo is here. He just spent an hour and forty minutes in traffic. We are fired up, They are picking me, though, the asked our teams on third Leubronn and yadda, sir. The captains and they're gonna go through the whole thing, which is different for the Bronx Leubronn always want to take the honest first is a recruitment tool. So hopefully, now I'm serious is that your idea and dumb, but you can't pick em if he's the other captain, well the brightest, He trying to make wave calicoes kuzma really get MBA said who has vat trade by you're just high right now, because I mean we're not twelve hours remove from from be right by the brain was focused, Then he took a helicopter. To guess. Is son play like five hours for the game? What's it I learned about that as they go, we might wind today. I just don't think that's a big deal, Punctiliously Springfield you! Your focus is your focus.
If your focuses I gotta get to the game and then I'll come back and play the Celtics. That's great, I'm guided. It's a great, but I'm not only move and I'm just glad as the South expand that that was his attitude not to be the richest most dangerous, employ but I saw a video of banking haircut UK. We have two positive today, yet weapon or you taking your Kitticut Erika cards. Academics out We think they have everything to do with care and raising is given. I don't even know Makin dismissive disabilities gave me they looked big picture questions before we get
I'm gonna go we're gonna, make our asked our picks. There's gonna, be some people were unhappy. This podcast couple groups before we start tray on fence. I don't think I can be very happy this back ass fans of people who love fake stats that don't resolve to resolve an actual wins. There now can be very happy joy and beat fans might not like this. They might not. My first big picture question is the east better than the west? Can we officially said I looked at the top sixes and India? Is these sixteen in the east right now and I think they are better than the sixteen in the West and if you start going backwards and you go six than five- it's like oh wow this. This might actually be the first time we we have real balance between the conference's you're. Not with me. I, like the balance
idea, I think the two best teams in the West are are better than everybody else. Who do you think the two best teams in the west, the Clipperton, the Lakers, deeply this I do I do. I still want to see what Calmly, I believe that good kindly still exists is maybe it's me being hopeful that, like the jars and because I, like my colleagues game I don't believe in Denver. We ve been over this yet we don't need to go over the media, we dont otherwise the Milwaukee the best him now I think I'm leaning more towards, like I think the best version of the two Ellie teams might be the best thing that we still have died. So the ceiling the ceiling to allay teams. What I like, but I mean this, this Milwaukee things ridiculous. I mean they were there really good. Last year there far ahead of that pace. And I ve gotten even better across the board, statistically injustices even better. So I am argue against Milwaukee being the best team they could that be stupid. I think there is a reluctance to give up on what Leubronn an idea. Look like once this thing. Yeah, that's
The only thing to me that distinguishes Milwaukee from the to allay teams is reps, so Janius had his first real deep run into the conflict by us last year. And you know both clippers end. The Lakers have budget guys that have those those those jobs, their serious questions on those away teams that I think I can answer the at the trade deadline, but there still questions of cookies are too small. I think they're going to be in real trouble when they go get the bigger team and I think they're starting to realize that maybe Harold's not the answer. If they're going to be the naked, a harrowing answers, the hero things gonna like that effort offices, so good with clippers, they, I can imagine sure they are they're going like. Is there a way we get out of the Herald contract problem with also sort of reinventing herself? But do you think they would trade him cause actually think they'd? I'm starting to think they would. I just think that there is such a forward thinking group a guys that if they saw something where they go here, this is made.
Is it really changed you much of who we are right now, but in the future it you know it doesn't led us to. All these guys are Teresa Ghali's appreciative, reagent, there's just not that much tat space out there and is not carries out there with great options. It's all about options legacy, Indiana call them and said what will give you miles: Turner for Harrow and the heartless expiring. I think the coopers with do that. There really is a great idea, great, well, the better, but I mean- and I know what you're saying like a feudal talking about- do we have enough size a near deciding collectivization wish you don't even have size it they're certain teams that we we're gonna play the plan. We just stay another like who who they playing, though that has so much sizes, dollar one hears they have to either the Lakers, but then they beat him You know- and I do you trust him against Davis IDA edged. I dont know how to let all admirably our citizens as they don't. You worry about clippers, it'll, have anybody and in and then the clippers beat him. So
around the second bigger second biggest guy that game. I don't think there's any godlike size Jimmy years I've made the mistake of going all they have. Those three guys are like sixty seven thousand six hundred and eighty two kind of throw twenty minutes of Lebron. None of it ever mattered. Yeah it doesn't. I don't know that other than but they ve got quite got. Georgia can switch all these things. Helen Beverly switched on de la brawny, blocked a shy, not saying like Beverly, lock up the boy you it upgrade you one more wink is, I think, if you were sent men, you gave all the options to me. I would they rather try to get one more three d guy and hope that I can get a by our guy from one thousand, then just go with Harrow and in the tall dude is locked hands up. We got just left out of her golden states. Areas hands are up, but one Our guy- I don't do you think Thomson is a buyer guy or do you think he's somebody thou actually get traded? because the caravans accused autobiography we're, not training him and its end in sight. Guy. Ok,
a lot of four offices. They will tell you in what they told me for years. Is that you, at times you how about the agent you help out the agent you do, the Bible does it make its innocence and then the agent and by June her pregnancy agent, never replace the favour, there's other foreign office. Is that wouldn't do that? What would you say? Hey, I'm? Not I'm not in this to do a fair for the agent in that's. That's really easy thing to explain There are two sought: an old can happily Thompson, but Thompson valuable asset to somebody, and I can't believe that there's two guys this year Thompson and a lost cause season and their grows I was gonna, say Derek rose, but I would ask him to a lady I'm watching dream on Jimmy other guy. I would just with team resume the dream on his had in the group that he's playing with now and that he still pretty engaged, I know, is getting paid. I know it s a score but like that There are so many other guys would be like. I don't even want to dress like this is beneath the vacant the out of happened. I am with you now. I was talking about February, guys
that are actually cut overqualified biogas presenting roses the same way that you have to get a real asset? Ferenc loses numbers here, he's kind of unstoppable offensively again he goes by anybody. He once in every game, he's only play in twenty five minutes games and a restriction prefer contender, that's it but ass. I can, bummer as well. We never thought this was possible. He came all the way back last season. He was terrific. Last year I thought and he's look. He seven point. Six. Next year thirty, one years old. So when you start looking like some the salaries in the money, you can spend like that's a great one, but the monster- I just want to add this, though, that I dont when you start to figure out like okay, the Celtics eat a big. If they have to play the Sixers okay good that they're not beating them, I don't care how great they look against the Lakers, but I think there's a lot of teams in kind of a boy that big matchup, I think Montresor, it's pretty simple one. Do you think there's some sort of way to flip this on the fly breed have to worry
contracting, but then Montrose is in the energy part of that the way he islands I personally would keep him. I would keep him, but I just think those guys are really smart. Are they going air over every single scenario that good we like? They be daring, bold enough to change something. The fly when most teams would never message that I still would say, don't get rid of a guy. I think, with that, the heartless contract which is fairly sizeable than the Jerome rabbits and at the key, makes three they can pretty easily get select eighteen nineteen million, which puts them in play for at least and expensive when God, but I think the Celtics I'm with you. Ties and cancer on the right night. You can catch him like last time, but oh yeah, there sat you, add those stats together and insight in a play, our series with the fowls with the possible ain't. No me it's an over me on a third guy and I don't know what happened a robber lambs, but I think these, I think it's a conversation that
better in the West Xilai. I, like, I beg my like Toronto. I think the Celts. There is a step that the top seven on the salts and only played, I think, five games together last night was the six. When actually have their seven, it's ok team there stood two guys short, two guys Harry Film. I have their atomic arrest and yet Heyward I mean the Heyward thing. Whenever this Basel struggle strategy, Ok, you know is a little overblown at the second easier schedule. As of going into this week- and I was looking at some stuff- and is our Lee luxurious to the first word games or something, but therefore it's hard to come up with you anymore teams that you think. Ok, I like their top flavour oil, sixty or even though Heyward since it back. Let's see how it looks in in April before we just assume he's washed again, don't think that's the case, because he was so good at a year, so I would they did last night granted they caught the Lakers in on the right night in the right game, but they re when they
with and some intact the rim? There really interesting team, and I do think that's the one kind of style that the Lakers have trouble with, because the Lakers, though, want to play fascinating, in the run ever wants a plate. Now it's one of the few body as a game up on em, it's it's a little trouble for every time. Somebody goes out. New coach new system, more athletes, you're gonna, get out there run would be better than blonde transition, he's the one that Dick take. It doesn't matter what the roster this up and in it by the weights, working for it's working, but every year I hear it wait. We got Larry Nantes Junior Remember the bronze! You get me But my favorite thing with Luther Braun on that point is he'd. He doesn't really have to cross half court here.
They run transition and he passes the ball from half court Epping, incredible how many Assisi has and how good they look and he had a couple last night. The reinvention of in this is what made him so great in this is why he's one of the three best players ever that he can assume different forms depending on the season and this year is just like I'm letting the assist idol. And I'm gonna try to make everybody us better, but I'm still gonna be a risk to infect once again in the cities will be my goal. The sheer what's crazy to me is the minutes. Didn't this is probably the most the pace for the most that he's played. I would say since, like the second Miami season, I I don't understand it will. Even though last year was like a mess, I found myself like even more impressed, not that you like, I didn't think I could be any more impressed by Leubronn the player yet and there were moments last year were I go. He has he's taking off this quarter, but he's playing yet- and it looks like he's just out of it a little
but he Isn t he still out there. So we still have to worry about an old time and then you look at the box growing relate he had twenty nine ten and what's alive. What how did that happens like a boxer right or lesser, can go. I'm gonna take off the fifth and sixth rounds and just fight for less twenty seconds to that, but I can still these rents anyway. This is the most refreshed she's been in fifteen years Riah. He had a nearly six months. From competitive basketball, serious competitive, basque bopper them every time he needed it. So is like the very best timing and he got the very best compliment in. Davis, for you know the real mention that you're talking about in the warriors guys have been pretty adamant about this for the last year about how fuckin gruelling, those hundred game seasons are, and even as they're trying to win the title. Lasher incurred, tucked better read the book Basque whereby with them,
You just stack those seasons in a row and its five seasons, but it feels like eight and at some point you need to step back, and I think last year maybe Lebron knew that that whole time it was going to be. This is my reset season. We have all these young guys, the Davis thing or whoever gets can ticket Youtube. I've got to ask if you want to make movies that might have been it Cosette was kids gay, but let's just all the people like when they were playing well and he got her in more than can be aforesaid. Nobody would have made the playoffs, but when they are not doing well and every talking here, it's like you know they launch this game show self, How hard is it really gonna? Try and you just go like we do that, so you, Roy Mcelroy, like girlfriend nobody's gonna golf thing. Other of its is thy love is mackerel, has a great start to his career and then it's like he seen with it with some smoke, shown its IKEA and make the cut sex speak out.
The city worth worry, worried ditched, is on by texts. I don't like you affected when listening, I'm allowed, it may be, is roaming because I have a schedule of that. Work is a plus twelve point, seven point their french Laredo. I remember when I was doing my book in seven or eight or nine. When we just had less stats and there it was really hard to compare the greatest teams for different areas and the pace was all fucked up. Women have the good pace, that's, but one of the things I was really viable point differential and it's like few winning by ten points. You're having a significant season. This teams, winning by almost thirteen point, they've, they ve already had at one Longstreet. That, I think, was sixteen seventeen game winning streak. Something like that. Another in the middle of a seven game, winning streak. In just night after night, there killing teams and at some point that really has to start to matter, and when I hear people- and I include myself because I was like its can be coopers wiggers
the dominance and work is showing. I think we have to start taking it seriously. Even though you and I have had a hundred conversations about regular sees embers playoffs, these games are asking set at some point that matters and second club soccer. If one teams winning for nothing five, nothing, eight, nothing at some point. It's like a right that teams, killing everybody like events has resulted in lock, is starting to kill everybody and what's not starting has been two seasons, though not to end up with the best way he's in record for two consecutive seasons. That's pretty a finger. I don't feel like their better. The share that you talked about our Cassie with kerosene, your part, the other day about how they lose bragged in that sucks, two guys probably gonna, make the ostler team there were about to pick, but they ve been able to piece together different guys that about it up to the offence and and you know our man, Dante, has been really good for them way with. Georgia has been lights out all season,
Let's say I mean I don't know and trust, but also by February, yet whatever this version of him is right. Now it's been really good and then you go to the also stopped. He look at Milton Stats and yet feels like, as he is significant to with some of these other team. One titles, others say: dollar, twenty eight minutes again either in that's the other thing is it that bud keeps this thing just rolling, and it's almost like the quarterback another year in this system, a great quarterback who now I'm another year, and I know where all the throws are and that's kind of what Europe is doing and I've I've never looked the point differential where they fourteen thirteen point eight. So we just twelve point seven point, seven wages. I think is a record okay, the seven Three and nine warriors were under plus eleven plus ten point, eight it, and you can even hours. Teams was in the eleventh, but you said something I remember one the first times I was like wait a minute. I dont think together, thought I mean this is early bill early bill and
it's always are there's always this assumption, though, and it was kind of just accepted It has been in college and in talking about when you're took us, two years often say go well. If he hadn't taking those years off, he would just won a tat, was in a row and unite our problem because he was the best and and think now- and you pointed out you like, if it weren't for those two years off the I dont- think you just pencil in for the other three, and I totally believe that, especially when you think of that third title, the tanks on empty for everybody. Yet you heart next topic. What do we make of had the six hours look without a bid, Because the though everybody who is a believer of I, don't think I'm beaten image- should be on the same theme. I would love to see Simmons on his own team. Where he's, basically the main by under the pseudo centre, everything goes through him. He can just clog land by himself. There's not a second big guy there.
All these things, we wondered what they would look like and now they're coming to fruition because be got hurt, and it makes me wonder Is there a scenario where they would trade and bid? I don't mean to say this in the hot: take: come it at that. I'm really serious about like shit they trade Embayed. Would they they'd be better off if they got some superstar back firmer, star or two huge pieces and is built the team around, since I would like, if it's ok to pat myself on the back, a smudge. A tiny bit cats amongst the United myself, promoted by the chair, you wanna, put out and put the balinese argument that stretch the Balinese strong. I went to a wizard sectors in November. Sat watch that game intently animal, Lee and was so underwhelmed by an beads intensity, yet that I was
I was texting you guys and I had to this right was on that we have a fairly guy in the text, throws bad we being kicked out of its extra bill was like. I think we should. I think, we're coming into hot for him. Pc just didn't know he could get took like the first two hot night. We had it took him my forty eight hours to go. Well, he I don't even think responded, I think you do. I gotta get out of here this next they wanted. The exit very effective that occurs is like you're. Not ready is higher standards that I set a bit to me. Having watch this in hand with the body of evidence is in November, two thousand nineteen, if, if its irreconcilable between citizens and obeyed, and it may not be like at some point they need. Try somebody other than Brett Brown as the architect of the thing. So who knows, but if you can a b in this mode and brethren your guy, then one of those two
Eyes has the girl covered. They have had lots of time the figure- and I felt that way last I know they have read a great guy. They re always so added up embarrassed eight, a hundred eighty nine of a possible forger. Fifty four games was ill at thirty of the first two hundred and four yeah, that's right, I mean to be fair that I'm just giving them like most of the first to see his most. Well yeah, I mean he asked the rookie the year thing people were like movies, you gonna give its disguised third year in the league, ethnically thirty games Are you just read out, I feel it you're frustrated, I'm just reading you numbers and either we ve this over the years with big centre, the career ladder weight that have added had some health issues already that we young that we see the talent you see them on the red knight, nearly tech as when the three best guys.
Wig and then they're. Not there anymore. This latest handed drew his little flew gear than the usual on, but you know you think a ya mean you think of bill on you think a Smits, just anybody over certain size or hate. How risky is it like? I look at summits and my dad. That is going to be playing not worried about him sticking around for the next ten years. I even get eight thousand two hundred get thick is a phenomenal athlete. Where is being beat it's like? Would you be selling high if you exploded at this point in the cab, yet they absolutely loved him in Philly, I would say: he's probably the most popular athlete in the city and behind the false, and I think something is clearly less popular than him and he would be you'd, be risky. Betrayed him right. Ok, yeah would be because
you know I I don't know how much you guys remember about one of my all time, scorers for that Sixers team. Like put this thing together, yeah everybody was picking. The play outside, like normally seems like this aren't good young team, never played before aren't good and they're really good defensively, and that's in the eighteen playoffs when they lost the Celtics. When I thought it was a series, they should have one cuz, they have the two best players and b miss the first two years and in thirty one games in so as this was all coming together and he was coming up on an extension. I talk to mother teams, Rabelais doing you have to release explore because I coups, whose story stuff it's with hay member, that centre. Him is the first two seasons of his career and then only played thirty one games in his first season, like anyhow. He came the seventh best poor about right. Now we just gotta be healthy for the rest of his life. Yeah. That's not that I normally with thinking in one word came out of the details of the contract. Remember there were stuff in their some language about you know. If it's free Existing injury versus new injury sum this up, they could do he's do ninety plus million extra years. I love him be
so even when I suggested. I think that you'd have to explore it because of the start of his crew health, wise, like I've killed for it. But yet the same thing is like he's one of my replaced watch, because when it's right it's incredible fits so I dont think door him. I but this been Simmons, run and player the week another step this isn't. This is a new right. Like everybody's known this other than six fans. I had just get annoyed that everybody else in every other city wants to break up their team, but we want to break up your team because it's not that the six hours are better without an bead. It's just that those two guys it's one of the worst fits of two specialty, What's in the league in this, isn't new I'm upset it. We ve also arise out of your eliza like each other, screens in your face, though, when you see them without each other, because really your point, our wants is best offensive motion is either in transition or ceiling, guys on these switches, where he kills people because so much bigger. So really like I was left. About the warriors thing where I go. Imagine Simmons playing the five
dream warriors shell and maybe a deaf to move the pieces run that would just like being excited ass. Things would be open, any could actually play where he feels comfortable. Instead of this thing, or he and embittered is running into each other, all the time, their name, five feet or less near each other. On the biggest possessed The game like that we was, we did about travel freely, to two thoughts on on that. I think the way that they constructed this team this year is is a transition team like the Richardson fishermen and extending Toby at the excluded by the way we Butler discovering a bench. Your titles been incredible for a guy who couldn't shoe cork, much corpus smaller in person I, but but there actually like there's more depth on this sixth esteem and then he looked at me- I went by the five or the succeed like that's job right, Joe ballot right. I don't know if it's all on Brett Brown, and I just I think if they have a bad exit if they have a bad exit. The plants this year, which are fully capable of doing it yet load up.
I dont know why you give it a fourth year where, but I'm not sure an aggregate GM on why anybody else wouldn't see that's. My question is when the first time and I haven't I'm open minded I'd love to see the stories of their stories out there about efforts to try to work on this. Please point me to them: what are we gonna see embodied in the best shape of his life? When is that going to happen with? We seems like we have this conversation that every five minutes there was a stretcher happen, but I think it was just people writing about it, so I met, So I went through everybody's roster because I don't, I don't think you can trade and beat unless you get another top twenty top fifteen. I went into this saying no off the bat by the way trading and be just for the record. So I was thinking about Indiana because,
I really enjoy watching Indiana. I think they're good and the irony of them being good right now is Victor Oladipo has played a game yet and Victor Oladipo, before he got hurt, I would say, was one of the top one thousand two hundred and thirteen contracts, sets in the and on a prettier contract. So got me thinking if Indiana offered all the Depot mouse Turner to Philly for em, bead n, maybe Josh Richardson, maybe some contracts whatever, but though those three were in the shade together, what would fully do where you get basically replace? I'm bead with all the Depot Ella Depot could be Cartier creator with Simmons, and now you have this fast awesome. Jeanne I dont know: I'd have to have like a three hour meeting about it to tread, figured out, you're you're a little less bush on this will first, the first part of the room, the record zag of light
the wife people don't want to trade Simmons. Now you want to treat him bead, because citizens have guiding humans is harder trade. I think, from a contract standpoint in just in general, is almost like that four guys but like at Lamar Jackson. They had to create a specific type of offense, so he could be awesome and he was awesome. I feel examines, as I bet I would want Simmons. I would build a whole team around all the stuff good idea, and I think I could build a really great team, with our kind of course to that right now, by the way, with what we're watching now they're pretty close to the point, I was better like it's like NATO, friggin tray bird, but if you put somebody good. Is that your job, but her Spain, I'm sorry of shared next, I think Simmonds could be really special where on a team that just says everything, every decision we make is forbidden, summits
I think you could be great. I mean we already know the defense. Do you know the intensity brings it every night. I love how hardy place, and you know he takes heat, sometimes because in these you take KFC, just crush them a couple weeks ago about cuz he'll. He won't know what to do if somebody, but at the same time they're putting them in to fail and mature that's his father. No, this is this is again it's not designed well because it is unfortunate if, like it's bad for these two guys, basketballs lives that they ended up with each other Did you like it? It's not rightly like the worst fit of any two talented guys, ten February member, it's almost like Sampson her life. Because they lay there is ample right or mellow and Iverson on the nuggets. Iverson was at the tail and though he ever, he did know that. I think Samson alleged ones have you to do that. I think, since a large ones, a good one, because Samson then had to play power for
it- is brought out even though the live- and I wonder why I guess you could you would actually set up your office, would like guys on blocks true rounds say nobody made him think he wasn't a centre, which is what he wanted all long. Sampson was always. I can Jackie level the Bob. That's it's a year. Seven four get near the fuckin basket when you and I think it accentuated a bad habit for him. Then he had no problems in the matter, but in an opponent houses boat, at some everybody ends up on from high hold out, take a break and then come back if you're, one of the twenty six percent of U S, adults that is online constantly or almost You may want to ask yourself what you are sending in receiving online everyday, even if we only use password protected, wifi, cybercriminals, EVA but a hack. Your connection, still personal information. That's, why need Norton, secure, Vps, its
He must just install login once let it run in the back use it with your pc, MAC or mobile device where they are sending are receiving information over wifi. Eases bank grade encryption to hide what you're doing well connected Nortons cure PS, blacks companies from tracking Rahman Activity and box. Those annoying adds its in volume, on the internet help mask your Ahmad activities. Occasion. The no law bbn get I now go, do Norton that come Vps, Simmons, Vps, Simmons Protection started three thirty three month for the first year of the annual enrollment Norton Dotcom slashed, Vps Simmons a black guy I'll go over the trade again, but give me this gimme the bill Simmons from both sides. Here, Aid is like event, be it in all the depot, our centre pieces of the trade. What else needs to happen? You know
And then it's like, why would I want to beat if I have Sabonis cuz, the bonus is somebody's going to come up when we did the all star pick. This is why I don't feel like there's a v now Phoenix was like hey, we'll talk about, maybe eight, and I bet still doesn't solve this fundamental problem of how do we get an awesome art for Joel Embayed at all unless portance ever putting lowered on the table- and I am not sure that makes sense for either side mechanisms that good enough you go for everybody and sang ass. I like this. It is going to happen. I love to see being in golden state with stuff- I think I may I add this is impossible, suggest dream talk, nonsense, but I think the best version of em bead needs to be uncovered by a forward thinking franchise. May God bless the six years for minimizing shape and then a year I rose at him. So the whole point of this is me
the one thing that would have traded for him and Bradley Beal fucked it up by signing this contract that, where he literally can't get traded but and then Bead Beal Trade would have been. That's something just more shooting and the thing is, then you slide whore for his remained centre. In order is actually kind of the perfect centred will aim at him, and now it's all right. Now we hire someone basically. What we're talking about here is unlocking Simmons in a way the bonds, the box on yadda, yes, true, where you're going, I'm just putting shooting everywhere, it's always stretch five. How are you know, although their backup stretch? Five is not really we're gonna be as good playing with embed coarseness no and that isn't really than a knock on any the guy's relic. Lucian were just talking style, be in my way. All the time is right and you can't be opposed sky, where you're being fed by applying. Guard that nobody respects and then the other alarm is the leads like well how about? If I got twenty five for the basque and in the other teams going green,
please that please, please go far away the basket we can go. The other problem or depot is like my first as the environment is a big in rather etc. It's that and he's got a year left on the contracts and now you're Lego case, and it is there any chance at all of depot gets here and goes I'm not an and we traded the best part about em bead is on the best nights. He looks like the best player in a league, so if your there there's two different relations ones, the quick one where you go. You know what we know we have some issues here with how these guys stagger each other and I've. I don't have the numbers, but I've been eye tracker we now than when I watch your games, Red Brown, I believe- and I looked at from the age of game stuff- is splitting up their minutes. Then a game better than it ever has. Before I mean that's, that's what my eyes are telling me in some just basic research the Visa Diana getting better coaching year, eight, but then, when you're cool
in the game: a play off game and its those last minutes where he does. This kind of indeed, subway takes him out Laden and brings back in late the easiest part of he's just now. We're not doing this guy's too good. There's no version of the return that we feel like we're good. Even if you dont like them that if they lose in the first or second round the sharing of blouse, then I think ownership would go. Is there do we do it. Can we really role this all back for years? and I wouldn't want eliminated out of cars and says TAT forbid you fifteen minutes, I would do it unhappy fulfilling yes, you hate towns, I hear he's in an unfair, secure, what's going on, you ve killed for two years. I I agree, I'm I'm coming to the end. I guess I'm an open minded, fellow, I think the stigma with the Wiggin, the Wiggins, since the wig White Wiggins represents him and the the the noose around town neck.
Think where we ve seen. We like we seen the seventy five percent version of what tasks. Well, I'm watching Wigan Zeal and I was really aggressive and I was like noted aggressive wagons even the green check mark that was the night where I tweeted out that towns would be vote for me offer and be able to talk about that. That was next to my agenda. You said he was first team and be a miserable or a miserable miserable NBA, I don't know why I wouldn't worry dominates the first team is towns. Bradley Beale ends his face. His entire faced. The whole game here is in credulous like just this socks, and I, like you, did the rest, the teammate thing. It's it's an I liked him. And put it the poverty level with towns. I was, I watched a bull jewels game you tonight, as this can cause. He just got back right and I'm like this guy's face is just
I hate everything, a duchess how we lower they gonna. Do you wanna resellers favoured tracks? I'm an unnamed drop a book I just read out. They love nothing more baggers book, which I thought was very good. He has section about how the leader has to set the tone from a personality standpoint and one of the things he learned as he took over Disney. It became the guy. You read this now
reason it's goodbye decide to be automatically every five bucks a shared and talk to you about this. Now you did it my seventy four five book odyssey some reading about bagger and his personality once he realized pessimism is a bad quality for leader and stay optimistic. That unthinking like how many basketball players just do the opposite. This town's is number one to me, towns. You watch Minnesota Games and he just gives off the via like this sucks. I wish I was in here wish. I wish my agent had told me: send their contract how's that can affect the other guys, the team guess what badly badly. I agree rocket science and you, you think the difference with the South ex. What time is it? I guess it took to the thirty four mini mark for carried a come up. The difference of Cairo last year in combination cameras, just an awesome, awesome teammate in an awesome leader in between him and smart, the whole personality
team is Transfer American when the title, but it's a happier team beside him and close its active included. So much happier, and it's not it's out of action, like this basketball thing like we were really early on this and- and I liked some stuff to be done on this- where it's. I welcome the NBA ratings problems and I'm not even sure it's the right answer wishes me in a thicket of a theory, were you goes at the unlikely star? The unlikely will starve today's game, where in the West I I'm not even talking about his disastrous Monday game when they blew the lead Lakers on Saturday and his whole thing was well I've, a family, that's what comes first, and none of this matters, and I'm on this and on that and enquiries whole thing where he can't help. I mean that Guy Fox it up ever Time, usually I mean he's em, it's impossible. If you was a pr firm, they wouldn't have one client, like what are we doing likely messages like ourselves on fire? There is today about a day,
their daily news saying out, stop saying the net, better that carry that's absurd outside I've literally read this article boss than a year ago. Yet, writing outrider later. I should try to argue against in Boston a little bit. I'd really like em, maybe advocated still ridiculous, this latter their names, and you know you need somebody user creator like him and that's it it's already having an ex place and into the large point here is that you go here's. What we're we do now we're doing this. I think Therefore I am mode I like we lose a game, I'm a man sky and the fans are pest and were underperform. In a shitty leader and I bomb everybody else out, but hey like I'm a man share the same blood and you're like judges, shot two fuckin work, man like I either by anybody listening right now. You know any rare in the locker, but anybody in any industry- and we all Have somebody to answer two and just to have a baby
hey: did you not shoved work for three days? Hey look. You know this is great, but like I'm family first and Oh, I like we're all sharing the same galaxy. So just remember that next time auto shop to work well, especially of fans paying to watch you perform, and then your leg, the stuff tat matter. Yeah, that's the whole point before I wish. You told me that for us by three hundred hours on tickets and twenty five for parking- and I gave it by the way they were rather million a year. You have like this existential moment in a couple years. Were you just think? Like none of these matters, I have another theory actually and the ratings. Ok out about this, it's it's a half baked, take it's gotta hottest take. This is not forced by Arafat. How does take his where I go and complain about dogs on airplanes? a very passionate about this is like anti dogs on aeroplanes yeah, unless it psycho like
Let me get you a service dialogue, I'm convinced ninety percent of the surface dogs should, if it gets, are fake of their there had observed there's? No one here? There's no any doctor, you know be like this person needs a dog and any other traveller, they're gonna and guess what like, if everybody got notes in, and we had to three hundred dogs and applying guess what would suck. But I had a letter from you come back on eleven Levin dogs on one count it I did you know your past, I don't know. I have dogs, here's my take its half baked. Did you see that gods buried did a shot? Yeah of ten was last bars. Now verses were basque, was ten years ago, and there are these clumps lake
the debate is like each other baby, I'm shot of the shots are now gone and I'm just thinking like maybe people like the three that much maybe when they watch basketball, it's basically three point shooting contest and the casual fans, there's so much variants from game the game and that we are watching less I'd. Celtics Lakers sets are twenty seven. The third quarter and, unlike the Lakers, could come back there. Just gonna start shooting threes. This is how tray on gets. Half stats they have the clutch stats, they don't have. The I wanna see trainings garbage tribes, that's cause. He's, will easily world Chamberlain when you're down twenty with four minutes. Let that happen. Homemade lads darts halfway through the first quarters garbage time in Atlanta, but it's a maiden there's. So even in Antonios gonna take over thirty three to share and guess what maybe as a kind of getting bored of just watching three pointers icily coming from from a mega media, superstar angrily. I'm really surprised. I idle
we have not about- I dont think- maybe people like the product is much eyes that possible. No, I don't think so It has anything to do with product. I really viable one can the I oughta people. Consumers want em over. I already one reseller, but I was just waiting. I was way because you wanted alike, as I watched the end of that Warriors Trailblazers game last night, where sixteen it. If no no, not a safe, less than five percent of the peace, For that reason, we were up still watching a game. I wasn't gonna watch it and now it are aided six It is our writing aroused way, Howard Bullshit, yet again, I've been a diet, hurry back S letter. I you're right, I'm gonna watch this and it was exciting and it was horrible. It was horrible, horrible basque. Why didn't Gary Trent Junior he pulled up ten times for three he's play like less than fifty career games and Gary Trend, juniors taken? tenth reason. A game you want one for ten Lilla was incredible, he always is, but
turn it lives, like I don't have. My column by part of it was like a notice is Portland tonight is used in every night where they came. Willard, your everyday! Your every high screen decision you every single decision every single time and then its light will lower. Could do that too, and that's why they gather closely guarded. Go look he's great, but let me on that. Your staff would get fifty every single night. If you wanted to do what hardened it as you will be, but I think this is why I don't think it's fun. This is why, like watching Philly as we discussed before they're fucking weird, I like weird basketball team, that really weird basketball has gone out the window and teams that don't totally makes sense and have a little different fyodor them. I think this ethics are a kind of weird team right there built around these wings that attack and she three there at least a little bit different than just like our right. Who ever gets a barber made courts. Gonna shoot like to me. Atlanta people think tray on his fun Watchin trades data problem after me, a fucking hate watching Alina a thought: basketball, that's the pickets,
basketball they you and I would be like we don't want to play with that- fuckin guy! Well, it's not only offered in any part of the mandate of the narrative, big NED land. It would never run it back because they lose every time and when it's, when it's nine thousand five hundred and ninety five with eight minutes ago in the fourth quarter, the other teams like okay, do you want to win this now and that's what happens at the end of the worst I'll? Look it up again, but there's a Fourth quarter other their brands, the guy you're playing pick up with its again to Levin you're down nine, the two and then he makes for three years in a row and brings you back, but you still lose and then he feels great in areas like ass were set out the next twenty minutes. I don't really feels good put You shot every time an! I don't blame my golden state for being desperate. There are ten in thirty five t doubt in that game: against Portland it was the usual Ross. Ok, you got shut off. I will. Let me just one behind who I pass at you and you had a bad off to me was like it was a danger.
Russell like playing darts, where it was just just keep. Give me dart, I'm this analogy socks, but should you like nothing was none of? It was bad. People. It was just. How can we get Russell drivel into a three? What can you imagine any was like looking at twenty. So imagine why Papa cause? We saying that I think your lack of basically ran this offence. Whence Regis, basically throw down filled in either got catches. If you make it a pass interference and sometimes its effective and Mohamed quenches the Casey game neither day heaves it down field and gets an interference. Imagine, if every NFL team play that way- and there are like we ve done all the mass, it makes more sense to just throw the bog down field fifty yards every play, and here the outcomes the guy can neither catch it. There's past interference, its incomplete or maybe an interception, but we're just gonna do this play after play after play. Would people like football is much like you still in football? You have like. Oh, it's cool,
the Tennessee Titans. This is weird I haven't seen this they're just gonna run their Henry undue plashing cool or though, what the weird Patriots offence, a Tom Brady would like like to Jenga stack, goes like there's variance and in basketball, we're starting to lose variance- and I really honestly believe it's one of the reasons people feel like they don't need to watch the games as much cuz. There's just fucking tight. Like I disagree with you guys I think there is enough variants. I think the character of the best teams in the leg is super buried. I love the Miami heat. I think they're incredible, I think ban. I do I like you. I am was inactive on his right, but think about the things we like to watch Miami thinking. The Lee Pass: winners Mammy! I really like watching Indiana. That's a weird teams bonuses. Atypical where that building without have mixed up with just a bunch of tangible for six years, with seven seven really funnel ass. I did the Celtic had been fun. Watch you ta, currently without all the said, it was really fun or actions like they're running off and your job
Joe Angles, Baghdad, emission. What this is fucking working what's happening, so you clippers when they have there do not want you to team the thunder and Paul like going from Heaven. Replay all the time to have found as another ass and then Shea in this molecule guy you're down at his deny rights- and you could see I do know there- is some about the aid something about so those are seventeen we like watching on that same basque buzz dead. I'm just saying I wonder It's one of the reasons why people just feel egg its regular season areas is Jack and of three zero to watch and people who say well, why that's, how I ve always felt about the rainy season beer, but the numbers of the numbers and the numbers are now the ratings are down and eighty played oil. Thank your football suggestion. You write like that. Would suck that suck to sit at home watch every team just took a deep, every time, hoping to get a flag or I don't know, maybe people would think it's fun, because all the de passing place because you sit there is like speculate, whether what, if you already have result in baseball.
I know but think, but think that lay Hammond Watch baseball games can have the balls never to be hit by right. Never, think about how many high screens you watching, like em, ok day yesterday, there's fourteen games, which is how many high screens in threes verses other kind of shit. I, like the other kind of shit. Sometimes I think I think we're gradually stern a loose it and you can have a team like the wizards with nobody who can just shoot forty eight threes in a game and beat a team that way better them. That's why? I think it's amazing what walk is doing, there's so much variance from game to gain doubt with these three is an anybody? Can just got twenty four forty foreign stand again, the matter what the town is an game after game walk is just eliminated that the opponents, I think, a shooting like forty one percent against the share, which is a crazy number like if they're, almost below forty. I just-
one I feel very hard to me to be doing year by year. Comparison on the numbers are down cause tv is like what's tv, I give it there's an existential side. This argument, I even made it and was corrected, live sports is not down. That's that's the confusing par this football that Damn football is the same as ask about. Basically, words been done the same way every year, with the same knights and all that stuff. While I wouldn't compare basketball, the football though I mean, but for Bosnia now, no more than anybody, the wooden football doesn't bear on this, We know more than anybody better than anybody how you can consume basketball. Through multi media and there's no way to capture that. Like I watch basketball there might. It might be on tv. My gun computer might be on my phone. How are they tracking that and has compared comparative five years ago. So I like to watch on twitter people invested and attentive as ever with the NBA, but
sure it's translating the people sitting down and watching the five hour. He be like an already plenty of arguments that convinced me that over fifty percent of the people constantly talking about the NBA, don't watch any blogging we're looking down at their fucking twitter feline, set of actually watching the go. You don't notice things like that. Tray argument to me, like good land fancy to get some out about it and might how do you watch esteem? Eighty two aims and not come the same conclusion that nobody else does that this isn't this isn't this is bad? the keys twenty nine nine their tenants thirty four, who cares EDA Michael Atoms and the Denver Nuggets or near he has the average thirty a game and saying we are It didn't matter was like what that team sucks. Of course, somebody's got to score points. He has to be more than a year for me to get too worked up about it, but the argument about all the different ways to consume it. That's that doesn't help declining rating area like not help in the NBA. At the NBA, like anybody, that's ever been in there. Sittings game, and this is always wanted.
About being hideous began, breed sea like a press release on another show, the you knew wasn't doing well and the way it would be phrased you're, like other individual, like their super invested fastest growing. Either they pick one damn all for like, but this is the homeless people can't What is going on here and now. You always kind of do. The internal thing is like a guy was on here with his own show, where you be like. Okay, like the decision makers, are super into the show, because the way they framed us, whenever it gains right whenever its gains its biggest audience. Since, if the ratings went down because more people have tvs, a population keeps going up, so you should have more total of yours. You should have more like the total number should always go up, but whenever I think about the weather streaming, there's there's all these. Highlight visa, but the NBA would be telling us saying, like the NBA would find a way to include that browser to brag about it. To add it all up to one big massive number.
Still. Having said, I advocate a freak out about the NBA ratings in a dip post, golden state and all the stuff and well I gotta see it for a couple years before I believe it's like now. A declining product, gone state Leubronn leaves a small like a team to go to a team that guy ratings anyway and Houston is on watch I heard ninety percent of the people inside their Houston's a signature teen than people dont like watching they just don't know. I'm Tellin you man, I mean I watched so many rock games are, alas, for years, is there are always? yeah. I got a good record, it's a big market, hardens star, and then you, Paul there than you had the Westbrook thing to the curiosity. I don't I watched their last two games. And I was idea like I actually think and whose sounds Nazis use can be made. I used to think. I think the rocket on Germany, nationally televise games and could lead to spot. The deep and
I would add new Orleans and sand dunes or just on all the time about desire that don't stay with no worry that this battle things are better sees them so tat. They ve three teams that are featured in a row, inordinate number of national broadcast that are kind of on watch that my argument talking about that somebody. The only reason I think there's some real smoke here is the league is fucking freaking out about it. Well, what what's the their freaking out, In this whole thing about, we decided not to vote on the calendar that whole were changing stuff. At every turn meant tat was all single Hamley generated by subverted throw people off the scent of this rating thing, though, if you talk to people that I they run MBA teams there, like we dont that storage out there like where the fact that this come from we talked about this two months ago we take that in that, and now they ve turn this into this? It's like a stern move because he just wanted people talking about stuff There then what happened MBA ratings
Why are they down? What happened? We think about NBA all star one second, to take one more brick, hey with the new year officially here and everyone bowing to restrict the resolutions. Pepsi wants to usher in the new decade, a bit differently. Curbing everyone to unapologetically do what you enjoy, even in the face of others. Judgment Pepsi encourages you to let loose be yourself in live your life like nobody's watching. This is what your house does. Jazz does neat lunch. He does need breakfast, he might have like a juice or a creamy soup, or something but nothing, no solid foods and then guess what he enjoys. Overeating at dinner and living life in the face yeah. You know, I don't judge him issues sweaty does he likes to override. I watched me three and a half dinner plates of just everything else about fridge. Yesterday including Chris Ryan's Turkey club sandwich. I was mistakenly deliver to my house instead of this office and the law
There were John of any pizza. Yes, absolutely deliciously, I didn't judge anything, did Pepsi! That's what I like! Ok ridden these Dore stars. I think there are three lacks now. It's weird is you pick the all starting points and then it they get thrown into like a blunder with this whole Yes in the branches, picking picking their outline, my favorite part of seeing the player votes, who they both for you. When is accurate, happened? I can't wait comes out soon. Doesn't it make said it east. Our stars, I think Cambaluc women him first
I'm just died, I won't guy center. I know I've dismissed twenty to forty five splits again he's had an impact on the south are winning, etc. I they goddesses Aleck symbiotic stats was thirty thirteen in five right now. Fifty five percent shooting thirty two point: nine pr, which would probably be a record. The thing that's incredible about him is the per thirty six. He is playing thirty point, eight minutes again he's probably to pay less than twenty four hundred minutes a season and he's putting up a thirty thirteen five
I've been thirty point, eight minutes a game. If you're talking about per thirty six numbers, the only guys who are better than Janius per thirty six, which is thirty five points again. Our nineteen sixty two well every thirty, seven and James hard in the last two years, and that's it history, basketball. He is basically averaging appoint a minute and its absurd. And now you could say, while part of the reason is because he can go on those thirty minutes, unjust, pointing out it's never. There's no history of this ever happened by the way be beating wilt in wields two years, sixty two sixty three sixty one sixty two We are three one, eight thirty one, seven Jordan's forth all time at thirty, one, seven lebruns fifth, the thirty one, seven and Jonas is almost thirty. Three is a must appoint higher than wilt all time p. And then you throw in the box there
thirty nine in six now or thirty, eight six, yet thirty, nine in six plus twelve point, seven points there averaging almost a hundred twenty point game which is cause for Canada, the radar that's like insane? They make fourteen threes again, and, as I said earlier, the opponents feel goes forty, one percent, which is a staggering numbered me, I think he's lack and also is a captain, so he knows Hence the outcome would be the third back, he's twenty four and eight this year, his last three seasons. He ever seven point three points again. Last year's sixteen point: nine in this, your twenty four point: two: I don't really remember an NBA player over the course of three years, basically, three and a half times in his scoring average, like without some crazy injury or something. But I want to point this out. Kauai last year was twenty seven, seven and three hundred and sixty games see outcome in Green together were twice
Seven, eleven and five debate a great record last. Why this Air power in a no bay are twenty seven and ten. They basically been able to figure out how to replace yeah I'm in green stats from Lasher pound in Nairobi and then see outcomes giving them. Ninety percent, quite stats and people, a cow- is trial. This good, it's like its math. They did. They figured out how to replace all the numbers from last year. Play also be different story. Regulars. Didn't I just map, like you see, outcome continuing to improve in in by exponents is, is also part of it. While in the fact that power has turned into Lego real guy Thou Power net, as I don't understand it there there depth of guys they can get you a bucket, is something that we can talk about Africa, plus, but it's incredible see any outcome is a lock yeah cause of the fort thing and then my other two and then you guys command? I have Simmons as the other guard. Simmonds is now sixteen
nine. He leads legal status. I went on a bad com above a super dorky stats leads the league and loose balls recovered. Second inspections. Those are too great star. It's because they confirm the I test of when you watch Philly Games like academic Benson is all over the place, and it's like oh yeah, hair substantial, actually proved that he's act the over the place on ambient air com that have the subtle stats, save him and then for the last forward spot for me, as between a bead and bonus I went with him beat I dont like lies guys were clearly the ten best guys in the league when they're healthy, because they got hurt- and I didn't think Sabonis did enough and beavers twenty three and twelve he's not going to play anyway. Sabonis will get the spot or at Abiathar briquettes it. So that was my five. Would you have Yes, I put in beaten they're just because
I've is weird thing: they can kind of contradict itself a little bit like I care about games played, but that Also I care about. Are you one of the tender? players in a league of this is kind of what its four I dont need. Somebody who's marginally better than you, statistically, whose nothin to be in this neighborhood, getting the nod when, when you're good, to go I have come back in their I've, got Jimmy Butler in Oversee outcome, ok and then carries gonna be assessed. Right carries gonna be named, ran vote is that true fell, thou rig it. So that does not happen. The cat, but just right now by the fan votes, can close we have. Can we double check, discreet idea? Adam servers talk the Russians right now about maybe We really must get it. Then it's been since then Simmonds and walkers your guards, and then I have bottlers. That is the outcome. Be house fame, I had, I had Butler in Association, Cassio missed a little bit. That's all Can I make the whole butler will end the heat I mean the heat
I'm rewarding you're gonna. My theme for like to see this heat thing balance out a little better on the road I have had this now thing with the heat is much thy love how interchangeable all their guys are, but up. I'm I'm gonna, give Jimmy Credit Indeed I was this- the outcome stats. If I really wanted to pick on the starter non starter thing it maybe it's the health thing, but these they ve dip, debate from the beginning of the year. We realise that candidate about it, yet here's my Casey its Jimmy bother and I almost had him not on my team it or what he disgrace: the austerity. In two years I think that we really did has grave diver it took somebody's out of unilaterally gaming edible. He went they gave me first I plan on not going do it. I thought that was fucked up. I now it's like out your starter, psych war. Would, if it does that again, I don't bother me Finally, like
identity as the heat identity. I mean the stories that I thought he was a dick two years ago and I didn't make a start because of it, but you know what you're steward of this game. I am so do I think, fit I think these reload asked our game with respect. You look at it through the lens of historic. Thank you Pritchett. Jimmy Butler on my bench as a no brainer pact, without Ban Jimmy Butler twenty seven insects to really weird just basic stats. Nine point four free for attempts, a game, absolutely not shootin. At great point, seven percent from friends now looked it up last night, but I love You know I love and guys go to the hall, that's how I love and the free.
The temperature in the night. I think he's been awesome for them. I'm just penalizing him because of what he did two years ago so he's in there Khris Middleton twenty eight minutes a game, but still put up the 19th at six he's almost fifty forty. Ninety, I think the bonus has been a revelation. This is he certainly has an I loved him. Knowledge is minimise. Brigade really live here, he's eighteen and thirteen every day, and with this now whatever's, up with that relationship, has always been we're too, because, as I said now, I get to start began returned rather milestone thing like I'm. I am now without all the depot. I guess It argue brought you a little bit, but when I watch him, I think the bonuses bestseller now it Bogdanov, which moved on to its opponents, wasn't great plastering, like deputy, maybe he's looking like now I get to start.
Still has it on contracting. Whatever I mean players, I know it's always frustrating its insulting, but he'll, just because other guys get the maximum. Maybe they shouldn't. It doesn't mean that every team is going to pay you a year before they have to. But I asked the bonus. There is well over broaden thirty four point, one minutes a game for him. Fifty four percent, I think from the I test, is that's roundly pass he's not automatic two points. But when they need a basket like he can really get them a basket taken, roman screens appositely everywhere, the reins he gets put backs. He's is very present in these crunch times, and I really like him. I've been impress same thing for had a buyer. Sixteen eleven five. Almost six percent shooting but he's not a world stocks he's not a wrong number guy. He is a turn on the game. Watch him and see. I mean he really is yours. I rather everything's.
Simmonds can do or dream on, but I mean it really is like a more explosive dreamer. It's it's not ten. I think this matters in Ireland. It there's a couple guys like this guy's. Do you think about him when they go into the land they go, bears the best example of this right go bear. We have some states like you, have that dead, though under six feet feel go percentage of a girl. Torrents are that stuff be conceived in the when guys are going around they're kind of look around for Bam and it's funny cause he's not like saw his seven feet. He caught a don't the other day that was behind him and he likes in the middle of the air to catch it right and then ok. Now that I have it, I will now donkey everybody and it was all in the air he does another guy who was good in college, so I don't know what happened with them. He just the he wasn't draft in the top tat. No, it still. I still think it's it's one of things were you're you're, so stuck in the door.
Can I really get away with the sky like under six ten plan of five and now is learned? Anything like you still have to be kind of special. You can just go hey, let certain six nine centres in here about Am I Cunningham and dated Maya? We had a rhyme USA had to run my god. Had run through the Hassan Whiteside experiment to write a mean bands going in either headed actually make him leave yes in that opening up for yes, so there, the second esteem in the east me think about it. They probably should be because they have to the best person these I agree with them to the best eight, the oh, yes, so those are the knights who had nine guys. Ok, so we have nine. So we have Janius what whatever version of I'm just trying to make sure it's gonna. This will stop you, so he got so ah Stars Campbell, Benson, genus and beat you got
the butler I went with the up and you have butler. I want other Alabama militants, a bonus added by three spots left for the following guys: Jason Tatum, twenty two and seven- somebody that I think could actually act. If I was going hey guys who stats are gonna go up second, after the air he would be on my less cause. I think he's really starting to put it together. Like he's having some big scoring games, just in general, I've been really impressed by him as a to a guy. I think it's defense is good if it was between him and Jaylin, which I think it's going to be. I would pick up Tatum over Jalen. I think he's just a. I think he has a bigger offensive load, I think teams are more worried about him and key on him more. I think his job is harder game to game and his ability to switch. Guard anybody along with jail and makes the Celtic seem good. So I doubt be my case for him: I can't believe I'm saying this, knowing how
to retain some guy. I've been, but I feel like the peaks and valleys of him. The sheer scare me more than they have is third year in fair and he is more talented than jail and brown the ceiling that is possible. I they still beyond which alien Brown has been or be adding Jane Browns been steadier this year, so you go jail. I would go jail attitude and I can't believe: that's like me, a library Robert, I guess I've been just last month or so I agree with you and disagree. I think you're right, I disagree with anything you just said. I just think Tatum job is harder and that was wag with them. I think jail and has in general leg he doesn't have to create an he doesn't have to deal with the other teams best defender and if he comes and goes in a game, can survive. If you want to say, hey teams, Plato thinks six more games tonight. I believe a look. I can't I can't Canada,
This is then didn't make it. This is very much like my way of looking at them, where I didn't expect much from you jail, and I expect a little more steadiness from you, Tatum FAT and so I'm giving it a jail in which may seem unfair. You can't you pick. Tiebreaker has crazy I'm going to pick Tatum because of the flip side of what you just described to me from you know. As a not a guy, that's not invested watching every single Boston game, all the way through the peaks and valleys of Tatum or so demonstrable. I'm shrunk from last year when there were so many more valleys because of how this jointed they were and how what a challenge it was too acclimate to the Cairo experiment. I think, When I watch Tatum, he is to me, like a formidable. You know, he's a problem every time there. On often so that he can run they can run transit. And they can run in a half court that flexibility that we saw two years ago. The Cairo thing you know upset everybody back in Boston.
Terribly, but I mean- and I have nothing but love and respect for jailing brown. I just think just in terms of different out so yeah. Actually look. I'm not disagree with any that I might be wrong here, but I just I think, it's a special twosome n. You know it's funny to had the clipper said the finnish version of these two guys rate and when they play the clippers it Where inside out coopers had the better version of these guys, but the other two guys you like in the top a while ago, if you look at when the South Sudan toto them in its like this, is what Tatum Brow can aspire to. Maybe four years from now, they could be the version of these guys in I do think it's in now. I wasn't chose and play a year ago. The only reason those wags only you could ever say is still pretty lofty to say that that loud is that your pointing to two of the longer development stars exactly so you don't maybe I'll George for years were like Zack, I ever be able to score now. I can put up thirty
in any gamey poison and collide. Nobody ever in a million years could guess the scorn out from him ever the San Antonio. But the two way thing, I think, is very somewhere. I think the thing would Tatum that is weird to me is his office of game. He has all the tools and he's kind of Learning had a Finnish is anyway River, which anybody who has more awesome moves and then the lamp doesn't go in. Are there any longer working on cause? He was afraid he found he was. I quit shooting it, Taiwan, the rim and more beautiful ways and never finished said: Tatum TED spot I am personally given the eleven spots brockden, even though his Miss Twelve game la because I just can't go to show team guys, I'm a minute we're gonna have to add the Bradley Bill. Verses, tray young conversation by the
one of them are going have to make it as we just don't have enough. Guy Zack Levine, we'll get to him in a second after we pick the team brought in as a real impact. They tonight on a team that wins and is competing without them. Best player and he's been really really get in crunch time he's great. He knows how to make other guys and I just I would rather award a guy like that and Zack Levine sorry shoot me. I thought that was gonna. Be mileage place to distinguish between you, I thought you know. Well, you got only brought him here. Braggin was going to be my guy because I think him as I as a catalyst for the six, ass of Indiana and it was a week sitting down, and out in the end, is prospects for this season invested. So much in the amount of time when is already coming back and when is that team gonna have its identity and Malcolm
then came in and gave them an identity right away. I watch those first two months of the places like the heathen all star. He he's made them I can't believe Milwaukee. You know it and have in fact There are other better this year, so maybe maybe they knew, but yet little FUCK. I want I like bright broadens on it. For me, I was looking at this status, I found online mine. You know this one wins. So what are you in that event? We ve done right, lay wanting wins when the team lose track of this in the NBA standards in the papers. Have twenty eight wins? in sixteen losses. That's what you call when you lose. The game is called, alas, ok
Twenty eight wines in sixteen losses has it been adjusted for pace. The Atlanta has ten winds in thirty four losses, so my hot take is that this matters that we should calculate this into tax so cause I the guy anything like Irian is, I think, he's gonna end up getting cylinder put him into this now. This is our time you don't care about that unites overtake irey out. So that means I've got to slot now why had in was banned, Middleton Simmons Jail and see outcomes bonus. My last spot came down to trade or Tatum K saw still didn't have broadened in item, I believe I didn't have Lowery Emmy lowries he's Miss ten games the misguided. Ok, he was on the French and the Miss Games. I think back the back, but it been he's had some really good one see ass but
I then Dinwiddie, maybe like the LAO out I'd just like to make sure we mention it now has been mentioned now in with ease and no reason. No, I just I just felt like I wouldn't know Devonshire, Graham over Dinwiddie Avanti grow. Nineteen and eight basic needs the other than Trey. I think he has the most threes in the east. I just would love to see rose. You text Shane, with his buddies, like how you fucking kidding me. That's a good idea: Wikileaks, my dear we should mention, is eighteen and six and twenty six minutes ago. Music he's not back he's, not so I'd. So now I it's it's down. If I could just do this, I could put what made earlier. By its labs around when I went Bragton for one bright carries out we're not when I tell you this. Is everything, and I know this is going to blow your mind. I would still put rayon in the last spot. I just feel like whatever broadening their eleven spot be either. It would probably have to be broad and over Beale Uncas wildly and so were lacking and bragged unfit. Eleven spat If I am arguing Beale
Tray Young, I'm not gonna, let like a team with fifty when's billing, while Beals team winds and trade Paypal stink. I don't have a problem which re being the last guy. I just on a diet. I bet pisses me off. This is exactly my argument I also would put trade young reveal yes denied I have done so, and everybody got every reason becoming early words. You you you go through it. You look to the twelve names in Antwerp. On and ears. Why would a joy thing is that of us said Zadok Levine, bright pussy, but this is the point: is a tray young it still very early in this for him so weakened? hold out, hope that there's a reckoning of like hey you get to better town around you. Going to have to learn how to play with like your job, is a point guard isn't just to take all the shots to, like other guys, going to be a little gauged ear and his passing is so special trace. Passing has been in Laveen that, like it still could happen,
Levine's like year. Six looking around be like. Why does no one like playing with me? That's why I also I mean I. If you can't just dismissed out of hand, the John Collins was suspended for twenty five games, like in a part of that little fledgling thing that made us all a little bit bullish about the hawks. As the season began, we thought they might threaten to make play off than the easy I sat down fixed. You know at the beginning of the season for our overturns ape wizards or eleventh and often of efficiency and even a topic. I had I looked up an mba clutch clutch stats and what is that? What the clutch that pledge so within five for America, laughed it's gotta, be whatever yes usage rate exact, We had the highest clutch used to drive by far wider the worst, the worst net rating, of anyone in the whole thing is that it was just classic. I of car does Levine is that social media NBA player because he gets it
Thing with boil and what two months ago, up our month, plus an hey guess what Zachary made some it's a rotation using Jim Boil and wants to make up lies in start fight was act Levine. Now, maybe she said reporters boiling its frustrating obvious, an emotional guy and cynical. In comes out his a million threes and then every His team Levine rang, go jack. Levine is perimeter, Denmark, s cousins, if you just look at the numbers ends Levine Shootin well this year and you go man he's really good if you could ever get on a good team and when you watch cargo. You go, can market is worse when Carter who I like is invisible at times. Copyright is even passed. Anybody even those appoint guard and he was less than to assist her game one month because I was doing game logs recovery white and I just this whole team and go like Levine There are more NBA fans going this guy's, pretty nasty, any that locally like he makes Westbrook slow. That's how special Levine's movements are to its back
on a plate with a book view, go, I think. Levine's awesome minutes the bulls for I think, you're no different than all the people that argue that Denmark is cousins, was always awesome and that it was Sacramentos far side the clutch stats for him. He has the highest usage clutch. You should write his net red man is twelve point. Seven, that's in the gathering up, ok out of a Mitchell. Twenty three point: three: by contrast, Chris Paul twenty two point to our guide: the vital grab. Thirteen point to Yoke at fifteen point: four: or what Stephen bullets where it is in this world summit. My second programme and anger, MA's minus thirty one point: seven, that's more of a neuron think I saw the subject will be now. All of us have tray young in and for me it was like Bradley Bills, team sucks to surf I'm. Guys I routine drugs comparative sucks,
I'll go with a guy like look, trace, dilatory torrent and really worry Pascal P, r yeah I mean it's somebody shots. I can't believe he pulls from him, but the numbers are good in their eyes how to shoot thirty one percent from three and they're all just atrocious shots. What I don't like about it, it's the coaches, son mentality of it, where it's like the little eighteen, where the coaches, like my son's gonna, be the pitcher And when he has a pitches can quite short for the Euro that oxenford last third is gonna, get started nor or you know, in soccer MIKE going to be the high forward. I don't care like the wind. Everything remnant, create this office. Offense feeds through that. That's kind of what I landed did Richard he's the coach's son. It's like every decision were making is to try to get young stats, but it doesn't seem right there that it should and when we can talk about this without the John counts, twenty five games out, like they didn't plan on
starting with her husband, are all over the place of his injuries. Reddish is not looking like the dude Hunter has really good mom. I thought I am, but I wanna hear stuff like men, it sucks to lose. I don't I want to hear him say once I don't care about the stats. Stop tell me about these records I just want us to win games. I think the tray young thing, though, is very different because he in his summit I don t I love. They are defending tray August. The best outcome of his part. I can't stay in one unemployed. Let's just start with a headline, and there are some serious problems there and he's gonna have do justice game as he gets older. You understand how you keep everybody around you engaged his shooting is been incredible. His passing a spectacular his defence is atrocious. I think, like four hundred and sixty some players even qualify version sense of stat he's like the third worse you I mean, It sat around so back over. I taught standpoint he is the worst where defensively night after night after night, its aims, torture right, but
If you do the what if I were tray young exercise NGO Yo, you Motherfuckers had me cut from the jelly to some years ago, and I you do you really think I was gonna play and now I'm in a plan on play for a long time, and maybe I just put a big numbers- and I don't ever win but like that, if you're looking at this from tray side, that's where I think all of his animosities worries tweeting, you know. You're apology needs to be as loutish disrespect was it's ok, I get why you're tweeting that out, but you guys also whose every fuckin night what what? What? What is, where we arguing about eyesight, whether he likes it or not, Ducas is gonna, be in the first sentence of China out. I was trying to do it I'll. Look, it's just a factor. They gave up a generation or superstar for Chechnya. And they were like, and we got this extra picnics like I was that a stupid cam reddish. Now it's basically a straight up trade cuz, unless you think are better she's going to have a miraculous turnaround over there
Ten years dear, I don't I don't want to. I don't you worry about an eye. Favorite scouts was like the camp. Reddish is a no in our room, it's no and I was like well and he s cabin. It means over the course of months had conversations and he just he's moved US girls. I talk to you and he was like a basic I'm, not even things about caters. There is none like It's like his whole deal in his approach and all things happen. I have been a line on this since three men, college and nineteen. Eighty eight, if I'm watching a basketball game, a new are out there and I didn't notice. You first saw a quarter yeah you're, not making it reside. I thought we that's love bembry!
if it weakens the all time example right brigands, as is my arms dealing trainer reactors and now he's been out there with Culver on that same now, it'll happen where I'm like. Oh shit, cop cover they all that's wicked leads is bag. I will take egg into the west, a banjo as the official sports but partner the ringer. Even if we can't legally say the name of a football game that might be coming up with, she said see, a large game visited big game. It's a gargantuan game. The biggest well on family. You can legally bet on such a game as long as you're in India and in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West, Virginia fatal sport but letting our new users placed their first bet risk free. That means you can any bang get up to five hundred bucks back in sight credit, if you dont, when you can users free bread on any began bet, you want spreads many lines to users even seem a game parlours and of course they have an awesome selection of
game props. You know who enjoys the daily fancy Joe House. I really do golf course thing. We should be looking at this again. What do you mean merely for tory pints? Of course work anyway. Is there give us a sleeper? Why love Gary Woodland? Who is a big hit? Oratory pines favours the big heterogeneity. Good long off the tea John Rahman, Gary Woodland. Are our my Maya to favours rain here? Will use your risk free bet, do it on that you could do it on a random football game that might be coming up, that alot of people. My watch download the phantom sports, but got from the ILO S APP, store or visit. Faint, oh, that come Slash, Andrea to be she's, promo code bs. So they know who sent you twenty one plus. You must be be present. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Western generated Vienna say credit, not Michabo expires. Fourteen days after a seat terms and restrictions apply
gently Bronco got one another gambler, Orne West Virginia visit, one eight hundred gamba net or in Indiana one aid. Nine with Ok, the West starters are so easy. We don't even need sock, James hardened Luke, advantage Lebron James, Anthony Davis and CO, why everybody's can have the same? Five harden is over two hundred three for the season. Already. He is averaging over thirteen threes and over twelve free, thorough, so his he is a chance that play the thousand thousand club, it switches and play. You know how you know much of the club's one thousand seven hundred and thirty, seven again. And I hate watching them and it seems like these team does really like with some, whereas I am here. Right now. I dont use in a day who I'm worried about who Darrell my friend how yeah this is bad. This is bad. This is I too more losses away from. I start to get scared you worried for Darrell, yet because the second guns,
but after him, since that I can think of as soon as anything goes wrong married that owners gonna chicken and what, if I told you, can you be fired for a trade you probably didn't want to do, I just don't know how anybody could know Darrell and Think Darrell sat around aware Westbrook how usage wicked inefficient Forty million plus couple firsts fuck yeah, let's Sloan this bitch, If you read that trade who frozen the first oh kidding right variously speaking of all stars in the west, I didn't everything Chris Paul had this in him and were attacked by a second. Anyone carded dodges, twenty nine, ten, nine everyday vowed. Nine. Three point: attempts nine point: two free! Third thanks. You know of that thirty point: one p, R. Thirty,
when usage rate and I'm in a bless him by saying he's the closest thing to low birds and sobered that I've seen unbelievable, I found you labored, I'm saying he has the most pieces of the legend of anyone. I watch no catch her. He doubts as also twenty seven or twenty eight fifteen twenty fifteen there always sneaky, like you, guys realise what their seed is right now in the play. Think they're, unbelievable carlyle bloom and presently at any minute ain't. So yeah thing is- is missed. Eleven gayness yea argue twenty. I dont understand how they win their first. Thing about as this is how dumb I am about basque- they always, but even before LUCA, when they had awful team joined him. What's their home record, whether yeah they always dailies, figured out the advanced metrics. If we put these guys together this way,
up to this better than by the way did anybody imams, one, the Dwight, poetry, who'd, beget da in some picks, There was Rondeau pow prouder picks, I believe their average a hundred and not everything, points a game. Almost there first and offensive rating. Here's your complete list of guys who average twenty five five in five in the second season of their careers, look advantage: Oscar Robertson, Lebron, James, Jerry, West,
We're done net sky, James, silly euros, Lebron James, twenty six, eight, eleven, forty, nine thirty, four, seventy splits still gotta twenty six point: five p m still got it. You should complete list of guys who average twenty points a game in your seventeen of their careers Lebron James COBRA Cream of though Jabbar Chrome alone, that we're done headed towards sixty thousand minutes. Forty seven is over forty seven thousand six hundred and he played ten thousand plan minutes. He will pass sixty thousand minutes assurance on the Karim and Malone of them. So there's that included Davis, twenty seven and I and he's been hurt quite twenty seven. Seventy five, only thirty two minutes a game is Miss ten games
his ceiling is still likewise. Bringing given night is, though, a top three guy in the week without theirs. I don't know anybody could look at any differently. That's it most pricing guy in the west. For you, If I thought for the seas and here's after five years, five ass, either LUCA sure like I've been all those other names you expect, if there's an absolutely nothing about those other I admit I made. I love the hardest thing, these averaging thirty, seven again, he seven more points inebriates now I dont think that we ve done, sing like when you were talking about comparing historical eras before and Hugo okay to miss your shot. Attempts during the will and Bill Russell a doll that Jerry West up like the number of field goal. Attempts you have it a game. You look at some of those rebounding numbers. As you know, how they organise gettin forty rebounds into play game, but less Conaway shit went blind.
I think that there is another like end of the day. Time line in the NBA, where I wonder instead of saying is Harden Jordan has harden this is hard or you bow. Ok, the more you're a hundred and twenty game right now. If you go back to the seven seconds or less Phoenix sons, they got a hundred and ten a game, and there are twenty. Four teams did even crack a hundred points per game in the league that's fifteen years ago. That's not fifty years ago that fifteen years ago, so when you talk about hardens, three attempts at like sixteen again taking more free throws anybody else in an office it solely design for you to get off everything. I end your durable enough to do it like it's all credit, The brambles feel like there's a twenty five percent arable for harden that people have an even corrected for you to be other the one to me that ballot himself, while it's a stupid thing to say but Anthony Davis, he could have been a question mark because you don't know the chemistry thing or
the health check that out that he's been awesome, latch he's been off new ones when you're talkin about at the rim in Bam, keeping people notion like sometimes I still think people forget about Gilbert. And here like have you guys not played them in a few months because you don't want to do. The house has aroused a dislike. Has his french Boris DE ousted in american women were easy in Minneapolis I was like maybe I'm fuck it out on that hope. I give your phone yeah. What's the effect vodka. I bet you be out. Bran I'll, be there Mary Ellen Sterile, crazy idea, just one. Talk it out, I'm not offering. I just want to talk it out, we're not trading you and be for Daniel House. Why, about and be averted. Have you started out there just what would that look like if we did a trade like that, because I have a chance to trade point compelling.
The south for Mark smart? I was thinking I may add. Maybe I should just turn James Hearted into and click Paletot Joam beat a mark a smart. Maybe my team would be better. Was going to say yes until I found out your flipping, propeller celtics were now means they have a big sign that so now I want to do. I have to think about that a little bit. Let me check a brown. There as it. I don't know if I want a tray Joel. Not sure I want to trade him he's been such an ambassador to the EU. Eyes in fill you're gettin it mad. The urine prove you rather than studying, Broad variety of inanimate matter is member. Last you're, just bumbling idiot straddle here's a difference here, here's the gate of the brethren. He talks slowly, some people aren't, I shut the fuck up whether Boston, fast Red Brown. Talks, a little like there's it's a little new Aachen, You know what it is. It isn't drags it out he's from New Hampshire from my house.
By the way. I'm convinced everyone from Massachusetts, if your from either New Hampshire Our main no one in Massachusetts ever cares by does go you're from like I'm sure remain in the it's like three states that are just merged. Do you think I was wrong Vermont for long arms? I still don't know where you're from every. Maybe it where are you from everybody like when I get the Vermont thing get your border raising a gay man. It really like that, but I was not has he says, no hardened firmby fairly fairly says, though no fucking way our they sell their if their fan based on that is that a phone call that could happen sure sure to phone call that can happen because zero g I'm supposed to do. This is exactly what this must be done. Thinkin about him, retains its, not the craziest, like it odyssey, felt and would probably say: Darrell like this is a decent offer. What is this preferring the ethnic there's this one, that a trade off before
I'm joining the Ringer the bench by weight always the all time, he'll be fine. If and when this used and doesn't work out, I've never had more confidence in anybody. I've ever known that he'll be fine. Well was quite endorsement and I don't think it'll be basque about next for him. Had fun. I think I'll just go make like them a billion dollars. I mean an egg and then by inability of an original plan, but like the sign up with further bench. Our stars for lacks Donovan Mitchell. Twenty five form for really good team. When kindly without that team found a place and now they ve been able to figure out how to bring on the back into it and it is good, sound old, but you know what we're gonna watch Mitchell. I go. Oh he's the best where other tonight I don't mind that being a bit of influencing factor in going hey, who I want in their sphere, the sea off
I must be that were much. How much are how much, how Wade issues Vienna scale went to tell us how? What is we wait. Wait I shot the evolutionary away. I think he's like a strong stamina. Have that They also get in eight years. Beacon away. I just hope the NBA does Sumner recognized his career. I feel like you just routine, and came and went. Did we get them There is any way think about his career. All you know it's in Chicago, I don't if a week long celebration is long enough, but maybe like up. Like out. You know, Amerika has something before it right. That would be kind of cool What are the real aim of the austerity ended the Dwayne Way game between wait, I'll start classic, I'm not gonna, say no. Is how many more tat how many more retirement ceremonies came. He get out of this. I liked it. Even heat fan When the announcer came out that it was a three day. Jersey retirement were tweeting, it be going. Are you may
used to be something we did at. Like half times in I wish to go back to that yeah that nowadays, three days day to read the Fontainebleau I had so loud nor a night at the Cleveland or thought of it is then, hopefully he won't retire Sunday for in sections from the course of a year, seventeen different types game, Willard ease up to twenty eight foreign ate. His team stinks their nineteen and twenty five. In this case, I can't blame Dame lowered for that they had really bad luck with America. Assign Whiteside is just like nobody? Nobody wants to play with. Reiner do right. Colleges hurt now tune now. It looks They try to get on the tax. Nineteen and twenty five is not as bad as it. It felt. Well, say it that way where they were at the beginning of the year was instituted up here like this a disaster and in and how much, how much to actually kind of needed com.
When we went to that game early in the season in his own, you played like thirty minutes and house was like. I could go out there right now and probably do a reasonable impression of Arizona this game is incomplete, complete zero in every asset of Basque, but it was really hard to believe used to being an area and then the brow, And as one of my favorite Leubronn moves, that was unbelievable, please go. Does the tweet thought you said he couldn't player. Whenever was anything you can aside. Bird nitrate vice you arguably acres thought Johnson can play. Why can t? I ve never been, as the one who's been say, shit in more Lebrun centric ways than the brand. I love the brain is where the best parts, wherever watch, but how tweet that no it's only let you couldn't get bill. Iran is only like the five percent where you go. What is that like? Whereas only but like
What do you mean you take it out on everybody else, you you were picking off booking. Lessons and White Howard. You were basically cited the tooth, as for our stars, incrementally or their thought ya say can play including you anyway, Brandon Ingram, what's table him. Xxix maturities luck really go. Bear, I think, is lack fifteen in fifteen. P. Our story, why me big eyes like that he sixty Bosnia is sixty. Eight percent from Florida, Gilbert get him in the all start and has the advanced stats for him
rim protection numbers, I'm going to go ahead and see if I can't find one right now, because I've gone through them, you know every now and then I'll go. Let me check in on a gobert number and they're just stupid I'll find it is we're doing this. So if you look at the rim protection which was a big case for and beat last year- and they can track this- they can track with the opponent field. Goal percentage is within six percent within six ft and people are under fifty would go baron. That does even count for how aware they are that is out there at all times and whether they can translate to the plan will see, but for regular season. He's in there yoke is number one go, bears eight screen assist per game. She is number one the league is three hundred nineteen on the season is about forty. Or then actually this is. This is a staggering. The status forego bears a screen, assist totals
The Argo bears one three inner nineteen she's at almost Zactly close it only like forty behind him to eighty makes sense and then dams, a hundred behind it for three, that's just the amount of movement and I go bears actually one of the most underrated teammates. When you donor state in a narrow moments, Rome I it busy that raise the alley special thanks and then you start digging into you, pay more attention to it. The amount that go bear sacrifices through a game for everybody else is everything you would want in a big it. He made love em terrier dead right. I think that team, as really really a a good vibe. Chemistry only thing that you can say against him is if they play Houston and the boy he can't play, we have enough evidence now. I think he can't be on the floor. Against used in its definitely still concern. I dont know if it see off the floor
I think it's one of those. Let's see how this is going tonight with this match up and then what is shoes to do or do we try to do? We try to beat them up because PDA Tucker Plant centre is bad. I'm out. Its outcome, dismissive of a house, but I know I've said that about other bigs before relay case. Are you can't go out there, sometimes in the course of a seriously? Actually, this is gonna work tonight. He's they knew TAT, the basketball says. I want the least why they afraid Houston's gonna win not just on a watch it and I wanna hear two weeks ago: barriers it is like it can, they play their teams and then we can avoid it. Then YO package is going to make the Astor team. I have em as one of my eight seventy typical yoga twenty planet, relax now stat, wiser, doesnt hasn't I like that. I would have when you do the list and you go up the numbers of their like you put him on the asked on this and I have learned routine. Their good team has the best plan, the team offensively their nights in
in points per game. Only one, oh nine, because they pay slower cause. I have often of rating is night. Let's do it was just do what spent two minutes on this. I just don't. I don't believe I heard you with care see last week it confirmed every. Feeling I have, I dont see it. I don't think they have enough and I think that's a team. That's the first run upsetting to me. I don't see it. I just have to see another version of them, another gear of them before I'm going to start saying: hey they're, coming out of the west and that's portrayed, that's how I'm looking at Denver, I'm not looking at Denver, saying hey there, a bad basketball team is thirty, and thirteen. Therefore, behind Lakers or the ones he okay, there again dumb. I just don't see it as a play. Acting now. I dont because it's gonna be what happened last year house I can agree with you,
What's a guy Jamal Mary, this is up to you. That's right, that's problem! Today, then they get a third guiding the guy gonna, get it J meted out the porter things, the wild card and also about the Porter and Malone yanks his minutes around, and I would just be playing in thirty minutes ago, mermaid plants anyway, the lower the pool? Our well a bit? I feel like this. No one on there that we are not privy to elect health yet now than they are. Therefore, yes, mayors They had been buying. Ok, you win, but here's the deal, the other daydream armoury wasn't playing anyplace poor twenty three minutes, but it doesn't make any sense game, you're, gay and if you're sitting there Donwell well Danvers good, they have the rotation locked in. I don't know they have it locked him. I don't know that Team should be sitting there going do we have eight were so much more confident in than the way Porter impacts a game. When it's right, like that to me stubbornness, I think their coach. The girl. We still want to just be down young guys and yes, pours gonna screw up he's going to everybody score now. Man so like, if you're telling me that you
It play port or more than twenty minutes because of a defence of rotation as MR there I would argue, I think you need to figure this out and it's not because I would have you go look at my very right and it's not because you some finished products, just when I hear somebody I liked ember coming out of the west, I'm always surprised guy you know, I don't I don't. I don't see right now, I think they need to make a trade for a. I completely. One thousand percent trust this dude in the second round of a playoff series in a row game against the clippers who your five guys. In that situation, you got to run in the series, your home. The clippers are in there, they know they can cut your throat and then take it to back the clippers for game five. For my five guys- and I don't- I don't know who they are with them, I don't think you can do this, we're so deep. It doesn't work in the playoffs. You need to have your five and I don't know what they're five is, but I think Porter Potentially could be one of the five cause decades if you put him out there with Yoke edge, that's kind of a nightmare,
we want in any old any form either that's what I've liked about summer, his scoring as it yet the step backs in these little like mid range, pull. Ups, look really smooth forgot his size like his movement alone right, we ve talked about it like it looks a little bit like my Grady and that something maybe that greater we all of that God not. You know. Ganges number grace positing over again the movement out there like hey this disguised, comparable with balls resume number one player high school. I was different stuff in your will. Barton can get it go, and sometimes I don't know if that's always the best thing for team is trying to come out of the way. We will not accept that this week is Marcus. Is a guy from the south. The more involved is the worse, the worst, the Celtics to too for me as two four six seven points and boards deals and insight. We'll Barnes eaten up on my god. That's bad forever. The only thing I would say is were halfway through the season. We have forty one game, That's like totally reasonable for Denmark to let this experiment play out over the next half of the season and to be cautious with border
Yeah Harris hasn't been gray in thirty three minutes, a game, the Jeremy granting that trade peace in my which I like them, picking up Jeremy Grant once the thunder were just saying right, you know let us let us know that hasn't been great bleak bees. If I get to hear his name in another trade rumour I mean it's just that the pay em, and maybe it's because they're afraid of what might become, or maybe they just don't like him that much so there, there's a collection guys it have been getting minutes for them. That are that shouldn't collective edition always be in the way of Michael Board Juniors, my boy and maybe it will be as easy. As you pointed out house, I would like to see that make a trade so that I ate, do you guys have any other Austin. His brain and Ingram would have been the ninth but at least like to talk about one out. Right now. We have eight, we have hardened Dodge Leubronn, Davis, Hawaii and then Mitchell Villa Go Baron Yoga, Josiah, that's nice! We had three
left in the candidates, our branding them damn Booker jammer aunt. She gorgeous Alexander towns, Paul Georgia's Miss Seventeen Games and counting Chris Paul tomorrow. As much as we all love jobs, and no it isn't it. It's a now and he's everyone, my fair players to walk you're gonna. Be there the whole weekend. He's gonna be a centre piece of software, our freshmen gay men are the table was underground. It's true. I think it plays out somebody bags out within injury and he gets. Anyway, would be Maggie, doesn't need to be in the game. He's going to be in everything. There is gonna, be an all the stuff we wait, a lotta jealous, Brooks outright. Stop it
how can we just do that? Thirty seconds on job yeah, the necks in two thousand nine come within a pic of curry and it doesn't happen. Then they get your now. I think our Jay Bird is better the Jordan, but here the next again here with the third peck and their one pick away from this guy who, if, if he had been on the next doing stuff, that he's doing in Memphis that the real and fans are watching and I've been watching, lie them cause the subjects of their parents. She's getting destroyed. If he was an amnesty, people would lose their fucking minds. I really want it will be new ledgers, no courtesy rounders now imagine is one of the great man. Can you imagine that had happened, basketball almost dammit there were
the loser mad about this right, and I am, I think it would have been ass, a mighty other respect to Memphis, but I'm mad that the Celtic said this awesome pick. That is, share that, neither because you wish he was playing for. I must do you have a purpose worthy. So he's a no is actually go just now, I M is a no. I have more than those where it hurts twenty six in three, his numbers, art tight. You go wait what I like any ribands he's so cards every bad- who are that I'll go and travel over remaining open, guys, riband motor who talking with about motor that you can't the motor is incredible on him. He was a guy last year in the papers that having on a couple Cooper Games last year, it was clear it can be really gag imminent murders and that trade him in person s different, like my efforts as they had right. My first time with him in person baseline sees fuel and I'll
I remember who won the game? It was one of those things. Wasn't I cast out looking at the skin. He was always in the red spots. He never needed. He was just doing whatever the things you need to do to win the game and when he had to be in that quiet rated hurt because- and I know he had to be hundred shreds, I I owe it had a meeting or why there was the cry pouch cordial manner. I still wonder I still wonder if he had to be in the trade I'd love to like a five years later thing, if they ever do like an used, get you on that the oral history kitchen with bomber everybody black- what happened after the third title and then be like what was the tipping point on the shape so he had to have been the last piece they had to have been like. Take every If we have re, let us do what drives away. I'm Presty five years later be like how it is done about that happily highway that, like the most unpressed thing ever, Presty would never say that even five years removed, if I were him, I would as J would have been the first thing I wanted the bid, then you can
IRAN is. Maybe he was maybe words to say he wasn't today because I don't got lowered Mitchell go Bear Yoke, Ich so or at nine locks I got. I got Devon Bucker as a tenth. He missed couple games. Tat team is now couple. Is it what thirty nine gang I missed colors, but they lost the games at amidst a very keen and twenty four he's: twenty seven foreign six, fifty one thirty six! Ninety two percentages doesn't shoot, has many threes, as you think I think people think he's a day mood. I think five a game gets the line and I test wise when he has a going he's one of the best scores of all, though, to guard this kind of guys. The south could stop another night, but I we ve seen him do that multiple times were available in jail and that was that
Ben I now have jail for Booker, but I think one of things I like about me is he's not adjust Jack and of three guys. Like he's scores, this sounds like a real one. Eighty four you on Booker now you ve got stretches reviewed, unlike Booker at all, as I ve always I Booker. I've always liked him as a talent. I just like K at some point when some games you're really good. I think we are agreed that guy's fuckin awesome. I thought he caught a tonic shit because then he be key gonna get thrown in the loser category. Honestly, from that video that came out a pickup game where double them in the corner and then joking, who everybody loves screaming Booker workers like hey at I cut it, this is a real. This moon be popular. I agree with Booker like if you get in, You get a sweat only fuckin double team close out in the corners and pick up came. She said this further. Stay, but nobody made it look like Booker was soft and, like everyone kill them.
And, as I already me, I say thing bother me waymore, that's fine I'll admit you. I shared with Booker that I thought it was bullshit. He was getting drags. Member here was a very quick we now wasn't, even that it was my guys, a that was bullshit he's again and that was it and he's really get? I think that it was just a battle for him. The thing is now that aids back I am. We watched him last night he's since he came back from whatever he was doing that got him suspended twenty five games. He actually seems more athletic to my friend others. Thirty, seven, I still think that role that that was low management tat. I think he's looking
Really Ethel Attic- and I made it clear that the aim is developing ardor that has ever play aid. Has this weird things? Have the players such as suicide, where you kind of off the grid, because it was last year as I think you turn into check out you all he's gonna be able play like he's good, I get it using someone pick. The Dodgers thinks you're hot everybody. Right can be good. He's me right. I don't know how great is gonna be but like. If this were the late eighties, eight can be the biggest hors d oeuvre about this guy. So then he disappeared. Then Baines plays Well Phoenix. Gonna. Has this fake beginning of the year thing in its without eaten the eight Baines thing is harder to figure out than like eight Booker, and all that, so I would feel good.
It right now. Can I do I take her, so I can get on the Phoenix sense back because they love writing. When I ever say that says so, the sensor eighteen and twenty five there two games behind Memphis for the eight seed, Memphis, twenty twenty three centennial nineteen and twenty three in God's God. Let's hope they don't make by us, I can't watch Portland is nineteen and twenty six Phoenix is eighteen and twenty five pelicans are seventeen and twenty seven one of those five things might pass. I actually think Phoenix has the best chance of those five. And the road map for them is Devon. Booker, taken up a level. This is sitting here for him. Now his teams pretty good like they have three guys, Rubio, who is amazing, ailing twenty nine years old, wise yeah. He's too nine years, I've delight stopped white, just turn thirty very yeah, but they had pieces they. Actually the Tyler Johnson expiring contract. They can go, get one more piece and
I have a guy who can, in the fourth quarter of the game, going against whoever in the last five minutes can match baskets with you name the player. So I guess my challenge for Devin Booker Simmons Challenge is Devin Booker. You can make the playoffs. Let's see it put your team on your back start putting up twenty night and kick ass, your talented, but that they are going to see it. It may happen happened because Baden I mean, maybe you know he's were hemmings back as enough five in five or six sets a pretty for but of all Baines coming off the gamble at a pretty revisiting signs of life from bridges. Obray has been a really impact for contributor to them. Priscilla tour fuss they traded at the tenth pack into bridges over shade, go gisarms. Inner bad is false.
Now this gives an expec yet because it was shaded, Jerome, Robinson Coopers had their backs, backpacks the Jerome Rabbits, and when the telephone Cosette there is some I couldn't. I was shocked that they were, I mean, look at their own picks, but I Didn'T- I didn't see Jerome in that same group with with shame that's my challenge, the bugger, so we all have him in I haven't. I. And also had a meeting last guy, actually get a warrior last you guys I have examined. The numbers are staggering. I lingered he's at does turn around self too little bit is basically played a full season, and then it was Chris Paul or Paul George for me, for last bought and Paul George play twenty six camps, and Chris Paul stats are, if not just as stats, it's him.
I think I'll go. I'm a thunder fans like over Mercedes Thunder fans like a weird thing, happened to a mere Durrant left. You defended Westbrook, because Durrant left and was because your guy and for the rest of us that kept watching a whispered thing decline, decline decline lose in these How serious it shouldn't be losing in you didn't want to admit it. Is he still as your guy and then George bounces Westbrook, its traded, and you end up with this Chris Paul. Rather, you been arguing against for five years passionately that your guys better than Chris Paul and naive watch, half a season with Chris Paul and you go. This is what I think are exposed to suit of like this is what is supposed to look like it. It's the oddity of like Chris Pause Rep that he's the difficult one, and I'm not saying it's always a joy to be a team. It with foreign Westbrook like doesn't want chairs in a locker room in these the temperature certain way and never is gonna
asked you unless you drive is aborted. Ah they are we at. This is just an unbelievably unique experience for thunder. Fans were they're having a moment by themselves. Look in the mirror asking themselves about themselves where they go. This is actually better. Isn't it it's your buddy who is madly in love? Somebody got dumped in a really horrible way and then the next person dated with super nice time- and he is- I got mad, I'm in love. This is great and then the years pass in OZ, buddies are trying to get him to break up of earns as a bad one, and now the Chris Pause, the third, the third one words like all this is what love is like just Now I like that stands out because I joined the west breathing with so much of it came out of the pain of the break up with the rent that they kind. I had to go all in on Westbrook, that's true. They did
the long and they were like our man. It was really fine. He was an awesome representative of us. They give you threatened. What do you think about it? A tv show girlfriend wife movie girlfriend wife. Were you just watch the characters Nigger, you know what like that's gonna work, that's gonna work, but I think a Tommy boy, Farley and the blanket yet member Julie were great. She was Girlfriend like you didn't you knew that there was in his sexual tension, love story and Tommy boy between her further work galleon our efforts, but I just knew if Tommy ends up with her in Sandusky everyone's happy he's gonna be our work is gonna, be all right and that's what I feel about responded them. I will say again: and going back to October, we sat down. There are over Anders one or both of you guys were pre adamant that the thunder may not cause that at that time
where is Chris Paul Gonna Land Miami, or you know who I was adamant that he was he was you that was most Adam was also me. Are you I was trying to both you guys, credit? No, no! Don't start! I want to hear this from you no We have to remember them I just remember: we lie. Couldn't figure the trade we would text, we black where's, the island, it ain't gonna too, and I remember it was like one of those mornings run watching first take and I'm getting. My house and I'm just watching tv. It is, where is he going right? You don't get putting my pants screaming to no one. There are no part in right now they re worth my in all the way, after baby, is like we're good we're good. We don't want to, but here's the thing with that. I wanted to say good one in on cuz. I think it's an important conversation
fun and he's. Somebody has been frustrating to watch over the years and I really enjoy go into the games when he played with wakened the aunt Jane. I just enjoy those teams, I'm confused. I'm surprised how I hated gona those games, you have told you there was a time now, but there was a time when there was. I got you in writing. But we are not yet up and look I looked out, but he's a big argue that everybody is a reality and not higher than all. We remembers how tired it was blowing every other believe in the West like hated them. My hey, whose a team you hate. I was great and I learned a shoe susan. You think that out burst golden state rivalry for whilst also prepare their reason. It's sacked was a little like were tugboats simmons in a beat earlier Paul and Blake we're just a bad fit together. Wake is not a typical Basque up. Are you.
At his peak when he was the third or fourth possibility. We all was her for that. Stretching our great Blake WAR raise him. They actually kind of didn't need each other, so he ends up in that situation. It goes to Houston and he's James hardens Caddy for two years that gets select run a couple place. This is the first time we ve seen him on a normal basketball team that does normal Basque about things since he was in New Orleans, and I think that, it's been so much fun. The watch disease he's like she actually learn how to play off the ball with hard in it, which I don T get it I'm five years ago by the inner shea will take over their possessions from time to time his paws, I'm good, even me over here shrewder. Like did you this three Gar Yang were on my men: uneven, hey, shrewder anymore. Let down there. I am a dab over his love and shrewd or now. I really think that this team is like this collectively, MRS Cheesy, but it's it's this hugely exhale moment for the
sensation post, everything they ve gone Mademoiselle that fuckin picks they at right angles unaware no, I mean not having a ton of pressure on him in another thing and look: I'm appropriate poor guy, but they didn't want to play him a ton and he's like not like I'm playing. I live alone and play, and let's go. I love that you could have you think about. Has so many people in the NBA I've handled this specific situation. He's a fucking proud our time he's, given him their best. He has a chip on his shoulder. He's made everybody in their team better, and I have five guys you dont totally makes sense, but who are our gas in Europe? I basketball players. Three guard Stephen Atoms, gown airy, their Windsor, atrocious stay if they wanted actually upgrade their wings there, we'll reliable replacement. Everyone was planned when we had better. Swings in the week. Pays.
I might actually help until the extension the bill extension. I thought that's where bill was going to go right, cuz, I didn't get the pics out of them, so it's been a pleasure and a privilege to I'm sorry I have. I think we have been grim upon the last his spots, so the emissions would be cavalry chance. Jammer ET shades, shade gouges. He loses by Chris Patten. That's fair you'll, be in their share Jamal Marie Paule George down of game. Sorry, even though you are one of the best six points, We question: if Georgia ends up on the team I'll be happy there, fine, you know, but I will for our exercise. This is a big, the thing where he would get furious, would like all NBA and stuff where he would just be like. How am I not supposed to mojave hey, I'm one of the best players in the league cuz I miss x games or how is curry not like
at some point if we're making less- and we all know who the best person who leads our, what does it matter that I missed twelve games or fourteen games? So it's Paul George than you well he's one of the better quality for pleasure. Your speed, the game right, but the west is so loaded. The share out of here can't give it's ok, but if you would argued that give ear, come in here going all right: I'm Goin, Georgia were Booker for the all star light. Just that reason that go and look, I'm gonna the in the guy that we all know is always gonna flirting with top in unbelievers, Booker, I'm not necessarily against it. I wouldn't, I think, a day. It's George friend George verses Ingram for me That's what I'd say I had I had Ingram more of a locked than I had Bovary George. It's funny has the teams that their get no it's kind of We talk about four Zack, I mean in tray outside my dear. Let there be no contradictions,
for the budgets of the Amazon Basin. Somebody gets bogged but Ingram gets bump. I think so. Towns really quickly them the I believe we never did the army's about him. That's the perfect way to go out. Town ass. Captain Bradley he'll, never won only teammates Levine's teammates, everyone on the network. I replace Kevin Love and Kevin Love, but also faintly Kevin Love, Carlton's Beale Let's go a Spencer Dinwiddie. When I read now I didn't we went back to his wife. I dont understand why people like or did you watch Dinwiddie? Would he be like we're doing this, but can we just if, But can we do that Young who willingly side there is economic cad? What I do at Coolby weight,
same time to like when I look at that young you wanna, do the disappearing exercise, radio, the result would be a nice as like that he has shown in you go what like various Jones you between, many years in a league is gonna, be a trade rumour and they're gonna go it's add some nice wing depth how forefront he's just to jovial. He can't be miserable internally deep down in his bones now he's like. I can't believe what I wanna make in your three and four. This contract the way dead, men of the bench demanded trade three year deal with Sacramento instantly out loud had they prefer. My dad anytime breadwinner maker place more than twenty minutes in a game. Madam is work Priscilla We can hear you you're only to pack ass a superior come back later in the week on yours. The house you
did fair way: whirling we're hovers, ease and premier and has carbs to be thanked for, listen and I'm not sure. If we had another bs sweeper, we definitely have book basque. Welcome and Dwight. Howard is not gonna be this week. Next, fancy could be addressing. Thanks for this noble I'd thanks the Zapruder thanks to Norton, Secure Bbn, if you're one of the twenty six percent of Eu Us does, that is online, almost constantly than ever seems LE uses bank great encryption. Two by companies from tracking your online activity and worse than your pc, MAC or mobile device, get Norton, scurvy, pen, brows, privately scare connections, good inordinate com slashed BP instruments. Production starts at three thirty three, a month for the first year with annual in Rome, terms, apply thanks to Pepsi, with the near officially here and ever and to restrict resolutions. Pepsi wants
the new decade, a bit differently by encouraging everyone to unapologetic politically do which you enjoy, even in the face of others. Judgment Johannes, enjoys eating large quantities of food between six and eight p m. I don't care about any judgment, I'm not care. I'm not care. He can't even speak Pepsi. That's what I like! Don't worry. But the reward you book basque by this week season. One way.
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