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NBA Buyout Mania, Brooklyn’s Destiny, and the State of Boston Sports With Raja Bell and Kevin Hench


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Raja Bell to discuss how they feel about trade deadline deals after the weekend, the bizarre NBA buyout rules, Andre Drummond’s fit on the Lakers, James Harden’s MVP run, Blake Griffin’s potential resurgence on the Nets, Aaron Gordon on the Nuggets, and their picks to make the NBA Finals (2:45). Then, Bill’s friend and die-hard Boston sports fan Kevin Hench joins the show to discuss the state of Boston sports (79:30).

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come on Wednesday. We will give you the heads up on that now we need the anniversary of of thief. My commands first, the edge grow movie in all time, classical James COM, it is on age, be, oh max! If you have a beer max, you can watch it before we do the pie cast yet another my command movie and they re watches, because that's our guy at me with that he twice on the real actual. That's that's! That's our guy! We have gas. My comment, sort of our gas. Coming up. Raja Bell is to talk MBA with me and then my friend Hench is going to come on, as we celebrate, I think almost almost our Th League of Dork season, but also we're both freaking out about Boston. So Rajan, NBA, Handson, Headshot, Boston, it's coming up. First, our friends,
pearl jam all right, we're taping this. It is nine hundred and thirty Pacific time, Raja Bellas. Here you can hear him on the real ones, with Logan Murdoch on Ringer NBA twice a week. I stole him today. I needed a break. I needed a break from Logan. Everyone who listens knows it's good for the podcast marriage, to make it happen. It s got a date with somebody else, where a few days away from trade deadline just just pick it up the scraps Vukovich to Chicago a big ass trade. We react to it here on the spot on Thursday, but the more What about it over the weekend, just away
Good trade, whereas, like Orlando, got awesome, picks Chicago now to make a real push and find out if they're actually good is Chicago, actually good right. I think that they can be. You know I When I look at trades bill, I don't know I mean I look at a more like. I M not created the projection of pigs right like us out of the picture, just an uncertain thing like their great picks, but you're dealing and uncertainties re so like. I always like to look at it from the team that got the actual pieces and I think the bulls or a good team. Now you're Shirley Gonna find out about this act Levine's of the world. I think that he can produce honour on a winning team and help them get to a spot. But, like those things war will kind of come into focus. Now, right, as you have the pieces to. Potentially you match up with other teams in the east, and so I'm of the belief that they've got after they ve done better and they will be able to make a push in the east. I think that it works
keep thinking about it. Last five minutes of a game of their plants, somebody good good say, thereby in Brooklyn broken as the most fire power in the world Chicago now has two guys who were pretty elite offensive way that they can go to write. That Levine, who I think has been on that level all season. He's been able to go to tow with whoever and in a way that I just think you escape above and then vouch. You know he's a problem. He could shoot threes seeking takes more guys. Thou little bed do indicative things. I do think, like I'm, just thinking, play off series if their six but they'd cedar. Let's say there in the playing games that fight that I do think they're going to be hard to play I guess the key to me. It's weird and it's out one of their best guys, but they need that Russia, Belle Guy and that in the crunch Sab five ray and I think it might have to be Patrick Williams, because
he's. Nineteen he's baby offensively he's not anywhere close to anything yet, but the way he's been able to defend some of these perimeter guys it seems like verge fad young Williams Levine. And probably Coolby waiter, some sort, a guard with that. But deep. What from what you ve seen away aims where what is he on the rash scale? yeah. No, I like him. I think you know what when you come in, the league like here. It's going to take you a while to kind of figure out who you are offensively, at least myself. You know when you're, not one of those premier guys of the ball's going to be in your hands every night and you're going to get an opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to either try to make a player or trial and error. You fail your way into figuring out what works it just takes a to you're, our kind of who you are offensively. How you help whatever franchise. It is that the euro and bite to them You made, I figured out early, then a allotted younger
I urge that wind up playing big rules on teams that have success. They they figure out the niche, did they can kind of fit into right, like that, the need that that team has ended typically is on the defensive, ignored, some sort of tough guy rebounding, nuttin, bold type of brain. Altogether, and then I hit it. I had a jumped out here and there if I need to know, and so that that's the way he's going to have to help that team and the jury. Quite frankly, I talked about, I tend to things like living. Can do it right the jury is even out on the Zach Lavines of the world and the Kobe White, whose a younger iced as to whether or not they can do that in the moment that you're describing that big moment. I know they can do it in the regular seas, and everyone knows that I tend to think he can, but like that's what we're trying to figure out what Chicago? Well, you know The south got California, here's a good example. He was, I think, in one piece: I have serious and reduced really bad. You know. There's such differences
regular season verses. I call shit man, the playoffs among national tv. The thing I'd like to buy Williams. Is he doesn't care for shoots like you It is by scores, especially who have some games replace like thirty five minutes. He has seven shots right, but I think he knows the way I'm going to make. My bones early on is defensively, athleticism stuff like that and I just look at the best guys in this draft that I really I actually really like this draft Halliburton Wiseman Lamelo. I think Patrick Williams, is there as one of the four than Edwards, who I think, could give me any scenario with Edwards is career out, probably believe it there's moments where you're like a man. This guy's, I gave a more athletic Dwayne weighed and then there's other moments. Radius, like you know, thirteen for thirty two in a game that they lose out in order to make them aware of how much have you seen him? I've seen a lot of him. I've not, admittedly, seen a lot by pepper, Patrick, probably
eyes wise, not to watch a lot of medicine. I have not seen a lot, but I do know that you know those highlights like that. Athleticism is off the charts, the ability to create shots for him seems to be at an elite level. Where, were you know in the NBA when you're looking for a guy? Who can be your number one? You have to be able to create shot like that's just what it like at a high level, get a shot up whenever you need to get it up, and so you check those boxes. Your Minnesota is one of those that we talk about all the time. It's a really hard. Place to evaluate anything because it's been so dysfunctional. It's just It's so messy that, even if there's something like there's a gem in in the middle of all of that you, you got a really refine. It knock knock off all the it's just a mess so hard to I think he's going to be a really really good player, but you know I don't know what it is yet want. I watch him Minnesota play
We certainly shade deadline. He'll do this: when you're GM some day, you kind of target the wheat teams right there like the delay, dear and the heard that is five feet behind. The word a bit of a limp, and you see the smart teams go right at them like Miami did it they would have to be laid down and the kings who I was always like. This guy is feels like a play. I've got to me, you know it is, he's not gonna start he's not gonna he's not, crunched, I'm guy, but he's a guy. Can see in a series coming off the bench on a good team who exactly who he is and how to help we ve never seen it is he's never been on a good team, but it was just funded that my aim is that you will take this guy he's somethin with in here, but I would, I would be trying to pull guys of Minnesota Sacramento and Detroit. If I was at that trade deadline for absolutely, You know what happens to bad team. Sometimes is the guy like Pneumonia, Eliza and and those type of players were really good players and have kind of defined like skill sets where
they are not able to really be greater those rolls because, like you, don't have the great top end guys they create the platform for you to be great in your role to help a winning team right. That's what kind of wheels down to leg, you're stars are probably good, not great and great stars. You know allow good role players to be successful on winning teams in Miami Soup, their smart, like you, know get to dial Pat Riley and Erik ended the brain trust there, they want guys number one they can really suitable. The has really really good. Really, I q don't have have it in their hands all the time to create shots like they're, not about dominant tape. I so team all the time. So I guess that's it! That's what happens in bad teams again. Man like I, don't mean any disrespect, but your bad for a reason. You ve been bad for a while. I mean it's hard, sometimes when stuck, it matters a player. You had it both ways as the rope I write like you
guys depending on who you with you would rise or fall with the with the cast. The best case scenario was playing with future Harlem. On the sun, and you know exactly where you fit in, but on a Eighteen, a lot the stuff you brought to the table becomes rode away. It essential right, it's it's so he asked the best. The best example of it is like of six weeks span of my career when I was in Phoenix in my customary role, they're just doing what I did and we were good team and I knew where the shots they come from. They knew what I was gonna do defensively. I didn't have to try to step out of my box too often too The thing is like MBA guys. I can step out of that box right and give you thirty points. Thirty three points you know like I can do that like knock down a threes and I've done it, but you can't count. Me to do that every night, so You can only ask me step out of the box once in a while, and then I had to go back in the box so that the first three weeks that
I'm in Phoenix doing what I do and then I get traded the next three weeks, I'm in Charlotte, not not bad team. I mean good players. Gerald Gerald Wallace was great and Raymond was really nice player and there were pieces, but they just probably need a little more for me that I was able to do consistently for that team to win, and so you know, That's the different! So now I'm cast with like Larry Brown running me off screens Lake, I'm ready what aid or Re Alan Reggie Miller and some nights. I have twenty five, looks good and we went and then I'll give you. There are three nights where I'm like two four or yelled three or four. First sixteen and it's just not good enough to get it done and yell that's that's difference of the supporting and may not being you know a a star in the a role guy. It's funny, I think a is a good example, this conversation he's weird. They consistent. You look
his last five years and he's between seventeen and twenty and he's like a thirty eight to forty percent. Three point: shooter. Orlando is asking him to be. You know the nome two creator on a team. Basically, now he goes to the Celtics and I can't believe they got him for the price they got him. You know where it's like to second round pigs. Who cares he now now they have a swing guy who's gallo size that great defensively, but at least have some so you size, so you can switch them and maybe it won't be a complete disaster, but then offensively now you have somebody when jail entertained, a mine in the game, can come in and you can actually run the offense. You could take Tatum and Jalen out at the same time, and just say to fornier, can you king, we run stuff through for four minutes and he's actually kind of over qualified to do that or lady was asking do that, then the games. Now he gets to do that at the beginning.
Second and fourth quarters I think he's in a great spot. He is if, if he buys in, he's at the point in his career. I have to imagine where he's good, because what you're describing is a guy who's going from you know, sitting at the buffet and it's whatever you and now you're telling him hey man, you got to for items four items there, but you can't you take take all it because we need Jason and and jailing to get theirs right so that sometimes that's a difficult thing. Player, depending on where you are in your career, asking him to take a little less. I think he'll be fine though, and it feels kind of of Gordon Hayward he's not Yes, corn Heyward, but Gordon gave you another guy who you can run off it's true, he could get himself a bucket and he could set the table. Times were Europe, you didn't have the chase entered or jail in on the floor, gave you some flexibility there offensively Yet the thing the thing they really needed was a swing who just wasn't in kind of like a guy, who could only do a couple things they needed a guy who who knew at move that the bar,
could actually like create a shot for somebody else like even Tatum in jail, and I think that's the biggest thing that we need to learn as they get better and better. Is there really good for themselves, hiding Other guys better, remember with Pierce it took Pearson. A long time to get to that point on the south. It was like an eight year odyssey and then they had a really bad two thousand and sixty s and they didn't make the playoffs but- He was great and he could have been like second team MBA that year, but the league was pretty loaded, but it was the first year a key kind. I realized others more than me just get twenty five year I have to bring some other dudes in n it it's just this then I don't feel like has even come close to happening with Tatum yet, but I think it will like three years from now yeah. That's the maturation process of like a star ray it's it's kind of the Ark that that they follow short toward a championship there eventually is one in the future. Right is understanding how to take your talents. An elevator me do not.
Elevate, somebody that's all your team in a supporting role, make them better and- and the great to figure it out over time. I gotta be honest. Don't I know you did not ask me, but I'm just gonna go off on a tangent. I worry it. I work the youth Basketball World Right- and I quote: Highschool teams and coach young too all the way down to like six great and what this basketball landscape and invented to one of my friends. Yesterday of who was one of them, trainers. You work with Jay Hernandez J Jay is now you'll, team, they were one of the first like skill, guys that I I had ever worked with as a player was was in in my career, but they a good job of marrying like the skill that you were learning or the skill. That you are working on with the situation that you'd be able to use them in a game. So when you left the work out, you knew like how that was going to translate into the game that you were playing the style that your college I should apply, but what these I do now is to give you a ball and you dance on it for an hour, and you learn how to just go. Iso
and score. That's and you weaponize these kids with, like phenomenal individual skill sets of offense. But to your point, like not a lot. A young kids now coming up through the system's, really understand how to play with the other kids, how to make the other kids better. They can get you thirty. Like just get out of their way by the game. Being taught at level grassroots level to kind of build players like talking about where their great with the ball, and then they have to figure out as they get better and older how to how to make it work with other people. I think that's I liked about Lamellicorn what was so surprising and refreshing about him before he got hurt tat. He was Ricky that came in who seem like use fund to play with, and that's the thing I was go back to as a refrain on this park. Ass like I, was dead, she's guys, but does that person locate their funding play with la mellow seem He's gonna play with didn't need the by the time. I think that's why maybe I value lawns older, but more than some other people does need the bar listen before.
Said that not only the turning to nominate greed, everything bills USA today by when you were talking about Lamelo, I was going to say it's why I loved Lonzo so much in the draft process like I loved him because but you see I lay play and he didn't sure, if you gotta assist like he would get it off glass and rifle it up the court that would ignite. Break and you get the hockey assist but they'd score, and I just put myself in those play your shoes and I was like Jesus I'd love to play with that it would be far cause. You know that if you do you, on your ways was to be that he doesn't care is just gonna. Give it to you, and your Steve NASH was light that yeah, Steve Steve was able to go to to know exactly how you like the ball lake. I did what the ball. If I had already made my cut- and I was stationary under the rim- and I'd have to go off the two feet, Steve would throw it to me now. Give it to me two steps earlier, so I could go for one foot and color. You know make whatever lay up, but was super selfish, but they knew exactly where you wanted and how you want it. I think,
Halliburton has that too. I've been so impressed with how is able to just figure out how to play with Fox You know you ve seen like the last few games. They put, how burn they just given him a bigger caught, a role since he came back and It's funny the kings didn't make a trade other than be later. And where they get we're, not sellers, actually we're not we're not going to Shade Barnes. We actually kind of like our top four and we like the way Rashan homes is playing. We kind of want to see if we can make the playing game normally I'd fond of them, but I gotta say like I'm: ok with it, like, I would I think for them like it would actually be a good thing to me. Make the playing game get those guys the experience. I think it was good for Memphis last year, but Albert is another guy, like that. I really like his vibe when he's out there you're just good, like good good players that are kind of secure, in fact, players. You know I've heard like a better way. To put it like that, you know I'm good. I know I'm good I can fit in. I can make this work with anybody end to the sac
oh, please, I'm with you and give me some direction right. Let's look! Let's get out of this, like perpetual state of no direction this and he had sold. There were right back telling hey what the hell are. We doing here like with what we're gonna shape. Are we looking to take re, so you like what you got you put a stamp on, that see what it looks like at the end of the season and then continue to build. At least there are some direction, and that's all You can ask for what rate of yours Sacramento like fan, or someone watching we'll take a break. I wanted site that leads in the Bio guys cause. I think this is a really important conversation, insisting that come up by come up over the weekend, so we'll be back in touch that one of the things I love about betting on basketball, I'm always find a new player, props or game props that I like and what's cool about, sandals sports book. You can combine these props with other bets from the same game. It's called a same game. Parlay bet you can find them only on
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thirty one million here, no big in trade forum, Kyle Larry. Nobody could shade for him he's not getting bought out and were we. Entered this weird point where these team, Kyler no posted by the good teams, the three or four times over and cares about Brooklyn, the Lakers Miami They know they're gonna get a bio guy, because they're kind of they are dogs in the league in a cycle Marcus outrages, getting bought out door. It's getting bought out, probably one three chance we're going to get one of those guys and it puts a letter little less pressure on them to think don't like about it and look the celtic thousand eight one of the reasons they won. The title was because they got Pga, Brown is Bio Guy and he ended up saving their ass and game. Seventy its Cleveland. What I dont like about it is it doesn't seem like there's enough of a penalty for the team that getting the bio guy so like the lakers-
these get german. They Adam is like eight hundred thousand for the rest of the year, of course, are going to do that. It seems like that could have a rule, that, for the buyer, I it should be one third of his salary should count towards your tax. You know like a like give Germans, twenty and one half million a year and there get for the last forty percent of the season that forty percent of his actual salary, should count against their tax and then they want to do it and they want to pay more, and it's gonna be some sort of penalty it. Maybe they pay me two hundred thousand, but I think the tax peace should be. Some sort of penalty. Instead there just kind of adding signal. Your guys in the air. I just don't like it. I think it's real. Effected the league. I don't like clay K go home for a month where and try to figure out what to do and if we can't trade you we're just gonna buy you out, like our four he's gone on for the year of August. Well listen?
I have. There are a lot of things that I think at the next collective bargaining agreements. Late when it's time to really sit down as an ownership group, there, they're gonna have to make some adjustments like there too, and there, I don't have all, but two teams in the NBA right now probably say the same thing. You're say right like we do something about. This is bullshit like this kept. This can happen, so there are that in some other things like the player empowerment, the leverage it there are able to create certain situations. Where are they owners are just going to have to really set out to try to regain some of that, not saying that I'm am on either side of just that. I think that can happen you know I was a guy, though the other that that State Humphrey. You know like my last year in Utah. It wasn't like that. Situation like because I wasn't there. I just stayed home that whole year and the way-
teams can do it, like the teams have some control over that. You know what I mean like late: they just take it just hold you until a point Michael. I guess it doesn't make sense, actually were kids. Because if they hold you that point on the hook for all your salary right, like Utah humanity, I wasn't making enough money, they just held me and the kind of speech He just help me one day pass the deadline. Amendment. Now you kids, I would anybody else, but those guys me too much. Bread I ultimately, don't really I'm a guy. Like you created this system. You couldn't foreseen like some of this stuff being a problem down the road like. I know that competitive balance, maybe swam a little bit here and there, but Ultimately, I'm going to look at things through the players lens and, like you guys, created the system bro, so I'm alright with it with it. Does that mean be fixed oak, as I do feel that there should be a couple fixes snow, no like where that the german thing He was crazy right, he's too expensive. The iron stove he's still
a relatively valuable player is the guy who can rebound, I actually think his impact on the Lakers is going to be a little overrated. We could talk about that in a a second, but being able to Adam for no penalties. The part that's weird to me and that's why I do feel like there should be at least some tax repercussions with some of this, the Brooklyn gets Griffin, who I'm still do yes he's gonna help and then ordered shoe. You know: Camp the guard anybody anymore, but he's a guy. You could throw the body in his can create a shot for second quarter for three minutes. He somethin and they get him for nothing. The other day, just get to threes owner play books Albert guided, said, get take you ate. But it's a game sit in a bigger wide to result in serious, but all jokes aside. I do think that there could be things that you do if the players value like Andre value when he goes to sign again is whatever number I don't know like it's exponentially. More than Lamarcus aldred are Blake rift.
And write like there should be some kind of application for the team. It gets to sign for eight hundred thousand dollars right because turn around and sign like for what thirty million or something like I told you. I don't know, I'm not a numbers guy like that, like he's, earth way more, so I could deal with that, but I don't have the answer for you guys they smarter me, but I'm ok with there being some kind of penalty to not. How kind of these teams that are already said in the cap or see did just get players for pennies on the ballerina. I would like to see. I think they need to twist the trade rules or a bit just in general. They have this thing. I think it ass to be within eighty percent of the salaries. I think I've been saying this for year at they. I think they can flip that adding he be fifty percent you know, and it would make it easier to trade. I also you know that this really can trade first and consecutive years, basically This is a rule that started in nineteen eighties, with this owner names, TED Stepin, who
on the Cleveland, Cavaliers an is other than down on sterling, the worst donor about time he's actually TED's deepens the most competent Ambien or river. Had he is trading his first round pigs for people like Kelly Olympic. You know, like just light of men, TAT man just giving and ends of the earth here's end up getting, I think aims worthy out of one of those trades in Dallas end up getting you know, top five Larry picks from them. The fact that so they made this rule can't do this. He can't trade first, and consecutive years and now that's why we have all these dumb protections, but I think it really makes it harder for teams to trade teams are putting these EDA two thousand twenty. Two two thousand twenty three pigs top five protected. You dont know if you're actually get the pigs now they can't trade. The pic before because it may be kept, make triggering a minor it. Just has gotten to complicated. We shouldn't need, like appeared Phd, to figure the shit out of illicit by year by year in the front office. Would Cleveland Bill was fastened
and I learned so much- and it was really yet was really opening an interesting to see it from the other side of the table, but there was so much going alone. You know what I mean like I was. I was basically with our team most of the time so job was kind and to be the kind of it to the team. I represent a grip on a lot of the road trip pride, ninety five percent of because Griff wasn't travelling that year. So I had a lot of hands on type of responsibilities with the team and then I scouted and stuff like that, but I would obviously be in all the meetings and be prepared, all the cap conversations and all the trade scenarios and there's this huge whiteboard that people are just going up to in creating beautiful. Scenarios where this despair sliding over and there's this. Graham and I'm sitting there like Jesus Christ like I can't follow that worried me no goods going over there. You know so I was young. I was like eyebrow. If you, if you're going to do this, you better get your books
start study and rigid. You figure out of it, for you are not the german thing to the Lakers. So here is what I keep coming back to cause. I do think he's an asset I was torn whether I wanted the Celtics to get him out. The thing that scares me with him is the free throw shooting. I mean waxy too, scare me one is that we ve never seen him. As an asset on a good team? Ever and you could say, that's bad luck or you could say if he's one, your top three guys. You can't be a good team so that there could be maybe HALO, that, but the free throw shooting basically to me means, he can play in the last six minutes of Uclaf game. You can't have em out there so Tat makes him a bench guy, but ass like Harold's a bench guy. I don't think Carol is somebody that can play in the last six minutes either because of his defense. So he have two guys who were basically playing the same position, but you can
either them in the last six minutes of the game. Ultimate, their destiny is going to be Davis and Lebron as the five and the four with whoever else so on the one hand, I do think German. He give them a little bit like what the White House gave them last year. On the other hand, I think people the way people real did over the weekend as Ike disguise pretty flawed. Would you think I think your point is fair. I want to go back to like the best player on what what are you talkin players. If he's one of your top three players he's your best player in the next. Two players are like Reggie Jackson and someone else, then no not going to win, but when he's number three and Lebron and Anthony Davis or number one and two, I think he could definitely exist on a team that wins a championship You know what I mean yeah. I believe that, as far as him down the stretch in a game, yeah the free throw thing scares me a bit, I would, I would argue, Oh, that two things their best lineup
Let me really is when lebruns at the four and eightys at the five. I just think that's where they go naturally, anyway. I think that gives them the most flexibility offensively, but they did have real success in the bubble last year. Didn't just getting bigger. Right and just bullying the hell out of you, and so, if you chose to do and I would say, he's not going. The ball anyway? So you know your base Going to be shooting with Lebron or eighty or someone like that, he's going to be catching lobs offensive, rebounds and then get those suckers back in the rim as quick as you can so We can mitigate how many times you got to go to the free to line. Do I mean yeah but there is a real. There is something to what you said like. If you have to pump the ball into him down the stretch, you have a problem on your hands but that I would argue that the Lakers have a bigger, but if you're putting the ball into him at the end of a game anyway, the Lakers or at a big, bigger troubled and weaving it can address right now will you also have the plane for a new contract thing words if he's plan forty, minutes again during the playoffs for them
I think you should go to the next leg if, if his job is to create value for himself for his next contract. The best placed to do as the next, especially after mature rabbits infractions foot cause. Now it's like this team. Indeed, you you'll they really play their Plath team. They might even be. To avoid the playing game because they just there's this resiliency to them that I don't know they be able to hang around and you could have had a huge impact on them, but I get it Bela Bron Lakers thing is super sexy to guys where they're, just like wow I get to play with the Brown I get to play for a title. This would be awesome. I just How much is going to play? I have to imagine they had those conversations, though like like desire, you're lookin out for me before, assuming that he's gonna be shelved like towards the end, the games and he's not gonna. Have this usual what the Lakers dynamic Total agree. It's like you, you look championships a great but your it's your turn to eat like you know what I mean like you want to make sure that you can secure the bag moving forward
I want to get relegated, though, like that eighth mankind, you know you don't wanna starts try no slippers on right now. So I think that the conversations were had like they have. The Lakers have to have for him. There's someone quaint, yeah yeah. That's that he's not going to apply. They can use an eighth man or seven banning the note, no chance I do think he's an asset, because the rebounding speaks for itself, is somebody who can average fifteen ribands game for multiple years. That's somethin! he threw a shooting. I dont think we, gloss over it. I think he might be the worst free tour shooter of all time, he's a career in sport and six point. Seven percent career. Is that those whose is who is there's nobody? No anyway, even though it how it is in that bad? So you know I just it's gonna be impossible for them to play him. I think it also opens them up to some hack, a shack stuff, which I
as much as I hate. I hate the guts of hacker check. I really despise it, but it's effective and it's a good way if somebody's your playing somebody there nine? They have momentum, their controlling the game, they're in a flow and the hack and shack, just like this combined with it's a game for twenty minutes and it works the tops of game up man there I know, would play with shack fur was whole year. I got to play with them yet its pieces of of a whole year and populated to us. You know, I think, was the players. It was my only did all experience with it, but it was compare. Was it really did derail all vibe of office that you had going on and got frustrating for you as a player that you know you know I was coming you that what you to HU, as a player. If I could take you inside, you start to lose focus right because, as you're going up and down the court
you're like acutely aware of everything. That's going on your super focused on the job where the shots going to come from the movement of players. You know what that means to to your movement, your ability to get a shot or what you need to do defensively like it. This is all happening and then, when you know that that valve is coming every time your focus starts to drift. Doktor like lose sight of. What's going on and then when he stops, you're like shit. I lost my focus. I got to get it back and it just doesn't happen that easy, sometimes yeah you lose control of just the basic I met a basketball which is you wanna get flow and its citizens take it away, it's just it becomes weird. You know it's in and I think that's a key way to beat the Lakers issues made the game where'd. It see my day, made a real kick. The tires effort at Larry, which I had been infer the couple days later and shooter, was in the trade and Maybe they didn't want to give up by telling horn
that a lot of people reported that as part of it who had been Casey Kcp Tail Horton Tucker, I personally would have done it I like gallery. I my only concern What kind it's not gonna do a cow about huge cafe. I think he's dope. Is that the guy that he is and I should really worry about it as he did it with a did it with the collide. Lies a ball domino guys so that that answers my question, but that was my surface concern. Was man like ie he's a bull dog, the plank? Aren't you know like up conductor of orphans? He is like your prototypical old school. I got this shit. Everybody gets your place. How would he coexists with labelling? But you know it was hard for me I'm a talent Horton Tucker, like I can't say that I'm a fan, but I realize he's a good player, is he is he's that good bill that you're gonna have to hit me to this like? Is that something that would cause while a deal for you a corollary now I would have done it
I did think, was shrewder. Is he still match in threes? I well! You know him. Thirty one percent this year. I do like how is playing I do thank ye. I think he has the kind of personality that fits with the Bron any more sense to me as a crunched, I'm guy for them, but I do teams are leave open the playoffs, and if it's a case of like I could have Lebron and I d be mayor, Mallette Shrewder, in kcp and like go ahead, knock knock yourselves out guys, the other. The other thing I obviously, Davis, and can they get him healthy before and of the season in the brain is Thou heard that those higher I've ever had a higher sprang. No, but I've seen you know, teammates try to deal with them their brutal there and theirs there. The timetable autumn is really it's really just a loose timetable because they just sometimes don't heal the way you think they're gonna healed. You know like in it wines up being, I know we said four weeks, but now we're six weeks out and it's still so
body telling you definitively when the bronze coming back they're lying to you so much? I had one in soccer like a year and a half ago, and they were like four weeks it was like. Might there. She doesn't have other technology laboratory, she doesn't get the lion, a hyper bear chamber and all that stuff, but it it's a really bad injury. I was shocked by how in full. It is how it that never feels rate, and it's almost like you have broken leg avails. I came close, so I play that it usually happens owners when your foot, like a traditional ankle rule is like your leg. Rolling out, right, met, foot kind of rolling under, and the high ankles brain is the opposite right, like your leg, that your leg gets kind of hit from the outside and that equal kind of rules and towards the floor. So I I I actually broke they gonna play like that Miss Phoebe, so I avoided the Hyaenas breakers, my one of those folds in that shit area fractured and Anne, but I just a freaky afraid
play kind of like la bribes, and all of that is excruciating, but I think you- and I talk like way back- I was- was posing. I came on your pod pod. What's before we had that Anthony Davis conversation, I love it. Anyways, I think he's phenomenal. I dig is phenomenal player. What's always been of concern is whether you can rely on that and I had a phenomenal like play off run last year. He was great, but at some point you know you as a Laker franchise M as Lebron James. You have to want this man to take the torch it's gotta be and you have to have concerns- I think they're valid still, you know like Kenny withstand it. Is he built to do it as the number one like hold in the franchise down? I have concerns about he does seem like he's one of the league leaders in limping off or are going down and you know it, over and over again it just seemed AIDS. I never The injuries is a bad luck. Is our certain people, just
disposed to being less durability, I've got it doesn't even matter, You know me like I'm with you, I don't know, but the point is I mean you? Could you you? Can you can call a bad luck? You call a predisposition to it whatever you want. The fact is the guy one like trust in the franchise to he can have either one of those he's gonna, be available here hardened I mean Harden was fat at the start of the year. No hard and always plays right. You'd never gets hurt, he's he's like one of those of just like a franc or take running back where he's just a year after year, his play the sixteen games, but he been while he's one of the best offensive of about them. I'm actually glad I wanted to talk about hard and for the subtle, the segment where'd you for state firm, no matter. How should I think, you're in a game of Basque by anything, can happen, upsets comebacks, buzzer, beaters, there's no such thing certainly until the final whistle blowers.
James Harden is an envy p candidate. I dont think anything has ever been more surprising then that this guy bulldozed his way out a Houston, I'm not voting form. I do think there's be a segment of the media. That's just like fuck that I don't care how good of your season, how good your season was. I'm not voting for you. But he's in the mix he's playing better than Anybody else is plain basque. By right now, that's been the case for five weeks is seen We began in eighty one hundred percent and use of track leubronn because of the high angle, for while you get rid of joy and beat in the conversation which play a phenomenal and ended, and the poor widow sprite like shrinks on your yeas, he's an empty p candidate. He and I didn't even might like. I don't like the way the heap operated there in Houston too. Like for a lot of reasons. You know it beyond Steve, as I was being one of them, I thought he kind of owed it to him to at least show up and be a prone, so they can figure
but that's neither here nor there. What he's done going to Brooklyn is just masterful. I mean he stepped into a situation that People, like me, said: hey man, I don't know if you can work and there are not enough balls- there is going to have to sacrifice and always done, is like fitting, seamlessly and really orchestrate what they're doing like great great Katie hasn't been there this whole time. Really? The guy, who makes all that work is James Heart. If you watching games he's the one work. He allows your Cairo does what can be done? he's gonna. Do that wherever you put him through the guy who mix that flow working and and cut up. Rations out where the ball is going to go and ration out cares opportunities make sure he gets enough to eat and then make sure everybody else is touching. It takes it over when he needs to that's all James Hard, while his down there seven, no one to win them. Pay is the second best ads on fanned the game of Basque, but no strangers spreads great outcomes. The same can be said
It comes to shopping for insurance, with state farm to get the personalized service of a local agent for a surprising great rate like a good neighbor state farm. Is there. I've talked about this on a pod. Before you're take. I think, when you are truly great Basque, about where you have different phases of yourself right, so I wrote about look, I wrote about Jordan how there is like Ford, verses, adored instability, we got to the last couple years. It's cargoes Jordan for point out where he, is like slower, but he had the mastery. He was able to play everything at his pace and unjust. What a killer he was was at a whole other level. That version which is different than the other three version standing Leubronn as another example that right Leubronn. You saw that the first first click in the brand. You saw them three years of Miami Lebron. Then you saw two thousand eighteen, the brine where he just said the physicality he added, and then you saw what he's beneath the Lakers huh
and to me seems like he's on another version of himself here, where I would say it's hard and three point out where there's inclusiveness, We talked about earlier Houston. It was like it's James hard and show you guys. I stand in your spots, euro props, on my stage, but I'm gonna be doing everything in Europe. His pardon love, it was probably in love it that much, but it was like you, go here and I'm going to do my thing. The point guard version of him has been triggered a little bit more than I think we ve ever seen, and how much of this Do you think has to do with just the supporting cast he has or what phase of a career? He said if you had to say: oh, that's a good one. Should I would I would let me put a percentage on three face. If you will, I think- and I think
are you why? I think I would give it like a basically a thirty. Three percent to quality is like advocates it's the phase where he is in his career and not only without the skill set mentality but understand it is time to win like this is I'm in a situation now I need to win this right. There's em, there's a trust level and probably a a recognition like game recognizes game like key areas. The shit man, like he's, really really good Kevin Durrant is quite possibly the best way. Planet like I don't think part has been in a situation since he was younger with with OKC. Where he's looked around and said. Okay, all these dudes do what I do like so I'm to feel more you're and trusting and giving the ball up- and I think the third part- and I think it can't be discounted- is- is the situation that was already in place in Brooklyn, like understanding that you had to make this work, because if you didn't it was gonna, be on you and
a guy like Steve NASH and mighty and Tony Prob in his ear about how this works. The best you know, let me tell you how this works. This is what we already have in place. I've dealt with these guys I know who they are no their game. Here's how I see you fitting into this. That's act, in yourself at all, but just kind of you to your point being a different version of it like see. If that can work- and I think all three of those things together and you looking, you're looking at it yeah he tat Hill Ease, perhaps than the Houston hard and a little bit she's, because the ran has played a lot. But for the most part, I think when the rain comes back like when Barkley called them. The dribble brothers after the trade I was really funny. I was jealous of its great joke, but it was also true. I did feel like the guy for bad forwards to rack
play with these two other guys who seem like they had become solo acts in a lot of ways. I don't feel that way watching them. I don't feel like theirs, dribble brothers thing. I actually do think the ball moves, add, and I did going to be really hard to play. I guess my question is we talked about durability with Davis before when do we start seriously worrying about the rain here you know they said who had a really bad broken foot. I think it was two thousand fifteen who had the Achilles injury, that is, I think, the worst injure you can have as Basque about where, and now he seems to be having more below the way stuff and this hamstring It has been like a month, and you just think, like his early thirties has played over a thousand game at this point seven feet tall. I I start to get worried their structural stuff happening with somebody blow the waste when there that size and that age, you should be worried, but I think is again that, for its fair concerned have
yeah, I'm not in that locker room. I imagine that that medical team and Sean Marks and company are saying listen. This is nothing matters right now, like none of this, anything. So we just have to make sure that when we get into like the last two weeks of the season three weeks of the season that we are all systems go and everyone is health and we all want to be haven't any nagging injury. So I'm I'm hoping that is more that then they just can't get him to feel good enough to play I still think in either case what is year after year after year, you have to have. Real concerns until you string together, two or three years of relatively clean health checks. You know, if you do that, then we d narrative can change, but if it's gonna be it every year thing where you gonna miss two months: a basketball yeah I mean you think the vessel ability is availability, it's just what it is. I their ability with stars
like to me yeah. This is their safer bet to be able to pay thirty five minutes a game for eight months than the US now he's about he's a monster vision. Freak Leubronn was, that too for his entire career even earlier eighteen, he finally the injury that he to his ankle was super fluky and kind of thing that you think it's Mason. That has an app alone. Four times in his career, re land said somebody's foot, somebody roles in his anko. He just has been able to avoid it he's durable and is an amazing athlete, but you know Do you think some people, I M a little more predisposed tat this stuff? and to be honest, is the perfect example like it would take a lot for their kittens Jays, like a toy people, sleep on how bout, how physically large he is not height, wise, but just in terms of Balkan and the body that he's the armor that he's put onto withstand
like what he takes its pretty remarkable. Now you don't Aaron Nelson and those guys here, not as a head straight. In one hour he's a head trainer. Don't know if that's the correct term anymore in New Orleans now, but those guys were like on the forefront him MIKE Elliott, who's in Utah. We were with the sun, they were were into all this corrective stuff. So they got like the Antonio mice who had who the had the at the time and no one ever thought he'd be himself again and then after he left Phoenix. He was able to be productive again right, like ran, came in there with with lingering injuries, Have a kind of derailed is art? Is a player in G was able to get back to your pretty cool version self same was shack shackled me with the major hip issue. It was a play, they Miami and they may so now she was another cause NASH head back twice in Dallas and was fine and Phoenix such right, so there there
guys that are going to be you don't have these predis dispositions to kind of being injured is whether you have the right people in place like in your building. They can help them navigate them. Sometimes you know what I mean and corrective Leah get in there proactively and correct. Whatever is wrong, so it does. At a fast itself in April or may the sons or my pig fur like them- a major basketball, PD scandal for like four years, the weather, rejuvenating everybody sets out the recluse gotta give waiting for her some attack PD ring to be tied to somebody but yeah. They did a great job there, My regret like I was young. I was dumb. I didn't get injured a lot and so they'd be like hey. Come get these correct. I was like no I'm good. How much have you talked to dash because again, We talk about this every time you're on, but you
could have been working for that same what a year that would have been. You could written a book. So I text him, ray. I couldn't I could jack Mcculloch. They re like that's a whole gang, sitting behind the scenes. Just all actors- we forgot, he was even mayor and then the book comes out. I texting the other day like today after the trade, thereby when I asked him if the job was still available is it still available. Can I can I grab a ring have you talked to him that much, I know he's busy attacks them every now and again his concern light from the text it that we shared was, and how can we defend at a high enough level take to get it done Like I told you, my guiding was like in your tongue in cheek was legality two three is a great man sitting, one for while, but that was his concern. He knows he's got the offence and he's got players with whether they can defend enough. I am, I think, Blake was going to be zero help I just thought was washed physically is apparent. Just didn't see it. The one thing
notice from the stuff I've seen within in Brooklyn he's become a really smart basketball player so funny cause. He came into the league And he was just as high flying athlete right, who is basically like just raw athleticism at its all time time example of it and then I think over the course by the mid two thousand mid, two thousand tens. He really became smart about the geometry. The floor had a pass at a double team stuff, like that, and even you saw in Detroit his last good year two years ago, really had a great season, He was really really really impressive, is like twenty five, ten and five every night and thought made other guys better. I don't is there a lot anymore, but I have noticed especially defensively strong and he knows where to go and what to do and I'm starting to wonder. If he's going to be out, there time frame, even in a limited version himself, all his heavy out there
he's right now to ok, yeah, it's not going to be. I can't say that he'll be their every night, because whereas they keep amassing like these, these players, third, someone's gonna, and then the other guy is going to have a night and then someones going to have a night and that's kind of what I was talking about when a guy takes that step into not necessarily being a star and starts coming a roll guy is that consistency, rights or you're. Looking for one of the three those guys Blake Marcus? Why can't? I call you other big name right now but you're, looking for one of them to give you a deal at Jordan, yeah Deejay Claxton Jellia to give you minutes on any given night. I see Blake stepping in there and being really good. What's the like version, like five point, five of himself at this point, he's smart and I think that you can dispel the dogs that you ve seen it
This is gonna, sell, really cheesy right, but when he left Detroit, he hadn't Duncan hello, huh yeah. I don't know it was said December two thousand and nineteen, or something like that that doesn't have shit to do with his physical ability that I chopped that up to head space like you did not like where you were you just weren't, really engaged and willing to like put forth the effort to do that, and it requires effort and the fact that you've seen them in Brooklyn do what a couple times. I think space or to where he is mentally, like in terms of being in a spot that he in and enjoying it again more than it does like how much he has in the tank. Physically. Listen, I'm not perfect. I'm wrong from time to time. I know it's hard to believe for the people out there, but I dont bad a thousand predictions in opinions. I thought Blake. No way, I didn't see I thought he was washed, from what I've seen just in three games. He might be.
Out there in crunch time, for that mini plan? I don't think it will be against the bed, but I think like against Milwaukee teams like that, I'm just trying to figure out who is the this guy who's gonna be out there with the Red Harden Harris, carry. Who is your fifth guy? Who it's basically the guy's gonna do all the unsung stuff he has to do. With whoever the most physical guy and the other team is so Durant doesn't have to do it. The only team he can't play against in time Philly because he's not going be able to guard him bead, but let's say he's going against the text, he's going, it's Miami, whoever! I think he, I think, there's a chance. If you can stay here, the fur a couple more months that he might actually be out there crunch time for them, I think, is the best option I'm not good argue that at all events, the caviar of use healthy right if that needs not swelling up after alone. That's right! That's when you get to the play off Senor play in seven seven times in fourteen days. That's why I, the big thing I'd to fall to do
I was like he's just been hurt to many times. He said too many surgeries. I don't think he can hold up, but if they can, savage some version him fur. I think them. Are you serious he'd be really helpful for them if they evanna planners playing those and you're looking, for I mean you're lookin for white ten, ten to twelve points, a game and some solid, be a right, that's what you're looking for. I can't I disagree with you at all, and I would just say they have done a great. I shall MAR system from out of a job like the insurance Dave continued double down one for that. Those minutes that you're talking about I mean you got three. You have three bullets in the chamber. Just those minutes there really for when you throw the young Claxton it. You get four bullets that you can. You can shoot at that one target, which is those those minutes encroach time for that I didn't think they need a German. That was a team. I actually think they have with Deandre and Claxton and like even my guy Bruce Brown. They just have a lot
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First, freezer I'll grab yourself the bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share, and you flippant deserve that the Denver Think Asylum Gordon last night, the defect the part of this? I wish I had hit harder and we did like a four part. Three hour, Thursday Trade deadline podcast. I wish we had hit the defence of part harder with them, because I do think he's good defence away and he gives them the ability to switch, and he can go you're a smart little like what the nets could use From the greatest version awake, but look it's one game they won by twenty. You don't want to jump to conclusions, but I'd like how we looked. It confirmed how I thought it, might look just seeing him out there. Basically as a way more athletic Millsap you, you know, I think, that's to be be good fit for him. What did you.
Did you like that trade for them, because they didn't really give up a lot. I like to trade for Denver. I didn't see him play last night. The one thing I kind of worried about with Denver was There are style of play, is so unique. Is there a few teams? They do it, but not everyone plays like that or that balls just moving people are moving its humming around. It takes time as a player. If you don't play in that, sometimes to acclimate and be productive in it, and so it's not shaded at Gordon. I just didn't like if he's got the capability of pick him up and play him like that, it's phenomena if it's gonna take him a little while the figure out how to work around your kitchen and Murray and the peace he's already like seamlessly know how to do it. None other than the jury would still be out, but I loved it. On paper the style right. You got to really know your way around that style and if they didn't play in Orlando, which I know they didn't and you've never really been expose, it could take a minute
He needs to get over the same dunk artist it's where number fifty like he did a documentary about it. It's like dude nobody's cared about slam. Dog cut this for twenty years. That's fantastic yeah when some playoff game buddy, I remembered what I was going to complain about. If I was a Rockets fan, I would be outraged I'd be outraged that They could. I had been Simmons they could have had a real guy who's, a top twenty five guy that could be. You know, the best or second best player on a perennial contender. And the GM did the whole thing. Where he's like? No, I'm going to grab a bunch of picks, and if you go through those picks, none of those picks might ever be like even in the top fifteen, and we're talking on that
as they part I wanted to take on this about that this new wave he said in the NBA, especially of these jams, gorgeous grabbing a ton of future stuff because basically advise them too for the next three years. You can evaluate their performance, say, didn't actually They don't have any assets that you can evaluate its eye body. We have all these picks. Oh yeah excite outbreak, we'll be back in years to value. I think it's like this sneaky way to just preserve your job. If I was you Houston to I'll. Be fucking outrage that I could had Simmons and maxi, and a couple first versus like like shit sandwich that I got yeah, that's a mess and as far as the if I'm an owner would listen when when you with me you're about it a vision that gets us from here to where I want us to go in those three fucking years like I'm, not that's it. So don't talk
to me like two months from now saying hey, we had to blow it up and I won't see the fruits of this labor for four or five years like we're going to need to do this quicker with a little bit more sense of urgency, because I do have to answer to fans right like that's. A shit answer my coach? I talked about Stevens. I was earlier that we see someone on coming, come in here and having a team, and this is like a jelly team. At this point I were, I don't mean a dish: He said that, but no it is a Gle team. You usually said it, but there's so many people have to answer to that as an order, and it is a mess. I just hope this is, I don't know ownership there. I don't know the GM or anybody there. I just talked to Steven Salad. I crossed paths with him and his dad. There are great dude. I dont know. If he's a grey coach I'd always pay this too is an mba like, and I know he got an opera and I would have hoped that it could have been a little bit more stable you not for any com.
I would say that for any one. But I want you to hold that there was some stability in your first job, so it doesn't. To really be like a piece of ass. He came out because not at fault here, the time short straw goes in he's got fat hard and whose just unhappy wants out. Then they make a terrible trade, didn't even get were they decide to get our depot instead than they gave oil they both for four cents on the dollar and they. They have a bunch of he no head case might be a strong word, but there's some there's some some players who have difficult reputations baby and that their franchise n. And they also had this guillotine hanging over their head, where, if they're, not the top for ok, see, gets to switch pics with them, so So you add everything up and it's like wow. You can't have a word start to your your coaching career Houston? Yet he was walking to guys I about I'm sorry I out
he'll be an assistant somewhere four year. Just hit reset, I kid I don't want to do this, I'd love to see a coach to, like you know, just like left for three games. It was just like and the other back, I needed a break it before Stephen silences egg. Hey, I'm just I'll be back in a month. I'm just going to this set right with me. I just need some time to sort my feelings out and regroup. I can't I can't coach anymore? I can't think I'd me for the two hundred times. I just need a break. Are you ok video courage when they VP, because it seems like we're heading that way. Yeah. I I am saying. Is there his end. I mean I'm sure, I'm not the only one right like that looks at that or looked at it originally like me, I'm not so sure about that, like I said, even when he was like Destroying the league two years ago, it's like his body he'll, never last like that is body's, got to get a little bit more
We got to lose some of that like, and he just keeps going. He keeps getting better, keeps add into his game. Finally, get me a baby. I want dirt to officially bless him as is kind of like a pseudo evolutionary Dirk. I think some of this stuff is doing. Fur is often that the passing that right, some of his eye, deep postal staff and his three point in his in the flow three points shootings that fight that he weirdly reminds me Dirk exactly as the first person who pointed that out- and I was like that's sounds weird they're, not anything alike, but then, when you watch them, it's like they kind of weirdly are like there's some turkish. This through yeah through his ability outside, I think that he shoots more off balance and off platform shots than dark does or yet did you don't doktor shouts of amazing shouts of those one legs a step, but if you have it
you watched her a lot of that was off of a solid platform, even though he was like drifting or fading. Like the platform disguise. Should some shots were you're like that? No one can ignore. Make that that's insane You know, but the others have Turkish. There is therefore well Sometimes we we finish season and we just kind of have have to pick Mvp and it does does feel like one of those where, where know sometimes there's not a no brainer choice, you just got to go finals. If you had to pick right now who you say who you have in the east, it's we have them is right there and in the west, I'm going if the Lakers are healthy. For me, it's the Lakers, if they're healthy. I know you toss great Yeah, I know what the clippers clippers the clippers are doing and try to I've taken the Lakers I learned a little time ago, not to get bet against Lebron. If he's healthy.
I wish Phoenix said. Then one move what they need in your mind. We, I would have loved to have seen them get somebody that made it so that I did always have to rely on eight and in plasters. That would have been my move. It We use that jail and Smith, kid that they picked the kind of dangle and I don't even maybe that part doesn't exist but and to me is the wild card for them all. Seems fine, now they're a very good, regular season team. I think they're really good, but in a playoff series he's the one that I'm kind of looking at, especially like I think I've been teams will attack. Him they're gonna China always have him defending Smart AIDS, and I think, he's hard crushed. I am, I think, it's hard to use him. Does seem like Rosella pointed this out to me, and I've been monitoring. It does seem like Chris Paul, totally trust him and there's a little bit
Ben Simmons stuff with him on offense, where in these last six minutes, he's kind of like. Where do I go? What do I do? Yes, that's! That's not great! I mean Bank can overcome because as a major debate. Look. You know, like I know, like anyone, who's been their nose. Those play off when those teams can really dig into what you're weaknesses as team they could find the Andrea Aden say are out there. It is, sort of target that put it in every action. We have right, it's exposing those lights, get really bright. Any I had separated, separates yeah, that's it. I have. I mean. Treated by Denver, though Denver right now, they're, twenty eight and eighteen they're. Basically, two games out of the three spot and they have a guy. His plan better than anybody s neck conference. May
it has come on big time job and I don't know I I I think, they're tough. I think they like playing with each other. Their plan tested and I just think that would be tough out, so I have them kind of marked down. I want to see what happens to them the next two weeks. I think that's a team- and you know this more than anybody. I like The team just lay this back down the regular season for like three weeks I caviar nine game winning streak caviar little moment where people go. Oh ok were you just Hannah on a role and I think their candidate for that their their brother, a problem as a match of you saw their last year. They they go to get out everybody when they get hot. It's it's really tough, I made that point still and I don't know what age he gets to or the lack of stars. Our around him gets to a point where I don't trust it. I just it's hard for me to look past Lebron. I don't. I got to admit: I'm still hard still hard for me to that. Do you have any faith in Utah?
Now, I'm I'm with you. I still feel to me, though, the Lakers peace. It's me like Davis, is the one on the word. Leubronn is the Davis peace. Can I get him a hundred percent for the forestry player, France and I do think the bubble, probably where those days before we go out, how much college basketball been watching and do you like the product bits and pieces? I do like the product yeah. I like it, I or Roberts Play, who they play the other night narrowly who beat them We advocate Sark and saw you. I was honest I watch I came. I called the one last night you see allay our thousand, given our Goodwood yea. I live in its but entertaining yeah. It's funny catches it's kind of the opposite of the NBA right, where the envy is built around these signature. Guy's dead. You know you ve got. It
better. Your star is the better of a chance. You haven't in college. Doesn't there sir his the case? She seems way more random. You need like that. One guard who just can kind of get hot for two weeks to smart coach effort like it's, become a game that doesn't really resemble the invading the latter one. I once that flat a jack in threes yeah. I guess so. I tell the kids and the kids, and I work with the kids that in my programs in the next knowledgeable step for a lot of them, is college basketball. You know the NBA the NBA and entertain the problem. Now there, the best basketball players on the planet like what they can do with the ball and showmanship within that is remarkable, but in a very few people get an opportunity to play in. The NBA, therefore, can have a chance to play like that. So you know college Basque, becomes more interesting to me at times, because that's what I'm trying to prepare kids to do you. So you know watching that and digging into it, like with my sons and sending
video out to the kids on my team so that they can see what that looks like at the next level. Sometimes for me, I watch that more than pro just because I'm dealing with kids, who want to get there it's more realistic yeah I get it Before we go, you've had some players on real ones. I thought the most One for me the event, some really good runs the message from one to be was their lambs, because I had thought about him for five years in this is a guy who one of the most relevant basketball players in the world for like five years, who played out to olympic teams who is in the middle of all this stuff and then was like all right. It's almost like he died, but he wasn't dead. He was right there on a thing and I was like oh yeah, their way of member, when human, Chris Paul or like motto a motto for five years and in ages. I thought I thought it The really fun interview really interesting to hear him talk about stuff candidly, especially the Sloan Staff- and I didn't
Economy rethink how I had him in my head just historically. Yet he's an interesting guy because he's not who you think he is all the time once you get to know him, and he was so talented another. That's another injury conversation. Can you just as he started to get a little older, those older those injuries just started, and he couldn't. Never kind of re game. You know what he what he was physically. But he's a great dude man. It was good to catch up with him because I hadn't seen him in a while either certainly kind of misunderstood with what kind of place in Utah, the way the narrative was was copper trade about who you but it is a really solid. Do it may one of my favorite image It had been the last sneak attack, superstar trade, that there were no even whispers of it. It just was like out of nowhere and it was actually really smart because he even admitted in the podcast yeah I was probably going to leave. I couldn't get guys to come to Utah Utah,
If it out year and have left their like, who are words, can get to lottery, picks and start over is pretty smart. There First came in August tell a story: again. We were sitting on a couch in the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, getting taped for shoot around. Does Jerry's shoot around. You had to get taped for ass. We are presenting their getting tape. And we're on this little bs couch and Gary Briggs, Sattler in the Roman across the sports undertaker there traded, unbelievable. What I let the thing I like about his game. As the best way to get it was him Emberon. There is, Physicality to them at the point. Our position remember talking talkative NASH, bad at where he was like. Those are the two guys he hated playing and just ass. He was, he would feel at the next day. You know our debt waves as I was like six three, but he was thick thick, big, bodyguard strong Anna. It's weird you would
thought that would have lasted longer. I know you, I know you can't like predict injuries and stuff I would have thought he would have been more terrible than Chris Paul re. If you're gonna say between those two who's gonna be playing in two thousand twenty one outside their lamps yeah, that's an interest a widow. I you know I don't was a solid, solid physical do manage lot loved. Some guys play with the physicality or they have physical attributes, but they don't like embrace the wrecking ball, miss that they could be. He played like that, but he was trying to save your chest in when he was random amiss and stuff. Like that, I don't know I don't you know he started those interested amount in in in Brooklyn I or to Korea. Was it at the time I don't really know What happened? What that? For me, the guy was Carmelo. It was you know, when you had to play Carmello. First of all, he was a little too big for me, but I play them to try to save tricks and those guys like Matt Harper and try to save their legs.
Get him. It was just self physical that it were going. You were gonna feel that, after the game, the next day I was gonna wanna linger I think Lebron embrace that in this third phase of his career, that his physical overpowering stuff, to make it just more of a better to play him now. You really could see that his second cleave instead as you got bigger. He say yeah, I'm actually going to make this very enjoyable, for you he's a little more finesse, the First Cleveland Stand and even like a lot of the Miami stuff where he was just a traditional perimeter guy, but then he added the physicality I would imagine who would be the next day or feel honoured after by elaborate. Nobody Wharton, though one wants to keep taking to sixty to seventy five in the chest it's it's very literally. We come down the court, you give him the ball. He turns and keeps banging me in my chest. Like I'd, five plays each possession
I Bob's each possession like by half time you like ice, is bullshit like somebody double deal with. It It's the most shocking thing when you're sitting under the basket as a fan, the physical, is the single most shocking thing about those seats. I remember we sat at the Superbowl in India in Indianapolis and we saw Orlando to Indiana and me how house a cobra or sitting underneath the basket watching Dwight Howard, just Bang, It is with these paces guys, like re, Hibbert people that, and we will second shock leg Dwight our took almost like a football player was like there is like fifty football players in the game or he's just collide with whoever or there's an elbow or people are going flying you're like holy shit? How do they do this? who times a year, much less play ass. It really incredible, and I think I have said it before to the casual As someone who doesn't always fortunate enough to be
in a pickup game scenario where you can be up close and personal. Do that or really close to the action it doesn't come across from from deeper seats in the arena, and it doesn't come across from tv Bob. What those are those are battles those are, physical wars to convey my tumble Hello Neil before they changed the dislodging rule, it was two thousand and one if you go wash what Aquilo Neil did to the defensive player of the year. He made it his life's mission to try to cave the Cante mature chest. Every time call and incredible. Like Larry Brown sent me down on a double team on this man, and I member, going down with two hands to two two hands to everything I had on catching him down low, so he couldn't get the ball into the room and you almost dismal both my shoulders, because he took me the ball to Camby everybody up to the rim- and I just being like I just come out of the Cba and Play was like this- is-
I'm gonna to go, wait road because the biggest stronger, its that is more unbelievable, that shit Iverson is able to do back. Then you know where our service five ten didn sleep and was a vampire he when he's just bouncing off these. The like, I used to think tat. He was there. That's it in a nutshell. I just like a pinball just ironic, workin buckets doubt beef. If I've, The recent document, because five ten vampire the axe instead real ones with local Murdoch? A very very awesome. Podcast on the Ringer MBA show you're doing a great job on that. As always awesome to have you on the ringer. Don't ever go work for Steve NASH. We love you at the ringer. I love the Ringer man, thanks for having me alright,
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our patients eligible for savings, delivery restrictions, apply visit, CBS Deca for details. My body, Kevin Hedges here he's part on the part of few times over the years. This is the time that we talk to each other, the most because he had a foul draft is coming up. The celtic season has got sideways, spring training has arrived and the league of dogs at the ale. That we've been in. I think it's like two thousand and three, so we're heading on, like a twenty year anniversary of being in the sleep together, it's forty and roster we have to protect up to ten people. There's a full minor league system henchmen one early, we won, unlike our way, be first four years and since then we become like the MID two thousand Phoenix sons is a tragedy rear. We need history. This year, hedge one of our best, keep It was a lie about as on the wide sacks who everyone had had pencil, then for fifty homers, the home run title we admit five hours, we
the right to protect them for two more years for fifteen bucks. After this year we are not send in our keepers, ten hours later, his pictorial ripped off his ribcage eddies out for the year. Even for us, this made history and He has no idea that that is entirely. Our fault like that we are responsible for his freak injury. I mean it's hit. This year was unique. In that it happened out after we were crawling about being the favorites I'll. Tell you one thing about the leg of dorks doesn't get any less doorkeeper nice as well. Move in the middle age. Oh my god, I'm looking forward to that. Hours, long draft, an idea here we have. We have like us, five to seven. Our draft tonight we're on a zoom because times you think like well. Maybe we should do this draft up. We're still do in it. I think that they know
actually, I spend a lot of time texting about this, where We are starting to genuinely believe that this random collection of people who don't know each other, who don't play together, they're just fantasy players that we've and banana roster that once there on our team we have. The ability to change the destiny of their actual life and career possesses e over and over again, I can't tell you how many injuries we've had and the common same as you and me. Having these, as on our team, and now just injuries somehow our voodoo ended Andrew to the hall to the Hall of Fame. We had him Michael Michael Pineda, Zach Zack Britain we ruined his career forest wit. We had any is the top twenty prospect he has taught me. John surgery is just over.
Over again, we ve been able to just destroy these just in smoke of these dates for fish in years in the common denominators us well that the greatest probably of our lustrous league of dogs. History is, I think we got Chris Davies the year water is fifty three home runs we're like It's a bargain man, three dollars for Chris Davies. He hit the ball out of the field of his career. He ended up, wait the worst season in the history of baseball, as he was on our team, so yeah. So we have that today we have to pay then, that we're following the American League, and then we have this weird band intended situation where we kept them for two years. Thinking like, of course, we'll take him for two years or fifteen, but you can't waive them once you protect them for two years, his career went the tank. Last year year we didn't even have Lego dorks, we basically like postponed. It did a reset button and now he's on the royals and is in this.
A situation where, if he comes back to the Red Sox, it's actually good for us, but adds areas come back to haunt you and I instead well it's funny when you protect a guy you it's like this is the most realistic. Where you sign a fantasy guy to a bad contract in this league of dorks. It's exactly like the Pablo Sand, a bulk interact here in stock to you that you have the eight that contract No I've been intending will continue to harness what are the most the trigger parts about morale at our fantasy. Locker room was going to be letting Eloy her manners. No did he was making one third. What Andrew been intended is making now not a bit, matters damage her yet I got to say this is the most realistic, Fantasy league. I've ever been it where he could be
release you can make a commitment to somebody. We were in a situation with mom to see and the royals we hadn't for one dollar he's an amazing keeper. We could have protected him for three years at sixteen cuz, it's five these five years per year, for when you protect the guy after the first two years, when I M at the Price- and we were The situation is like we can protect them for three or sixteen. With our luck? You know he blew is ACL. He would probably some mental issues, and then we would just be stuck with his contract, which is like real life. We look at our in season tax chains. We're probably logging more hours than Billy Bein in a given year of action, baseball work He knows you're like quick, find out what he's doubling stats were or adjust those for the Pacific Coast leave. Right here would have knocked down by twenty percent. We had the floor picket. Our minor league draft last year, and we were debating between Louis potato,
the guy that the the rays got four Blake's now the big draw back with him was hit the pronunciation of his name is like Rick Pitino, who is our least favorite Sulta coach of about time. There is another As Lacey the Royals number one pick who seems like a stud and then the guy we're looking at? Was this guy in the Orioles who they drafted? Second, in the twenty twenty draft, this lefty power at her and is names. I cursed add something that we research them nay, it seem like he had had some covert issues followed by the same kind of hard thing that that Edward, rigorous had the Red Sox its. Seemed like the kind of guy who belonged on our team right, somebody that might have a real medical thing, but unfortunately, for us somebody took him right before us and we didn't have to have that conundrum basically saved his career in going number four. Instead of going to
yeah, we're we're debate between Louis Patino and ass, a lazy. Meanwhile, we ve never seen either these guys it anyway. I highly recommend over the top fails to these. We try born with the football thing. I thought we had a good first started. I was little. I had a great season ended with sake one Barkley's injury, always fun Maybe maybe it's me, maybe I'm a bad luck, you over the better, our it. So let's go. Let's go pats first, we still have a quarterback yeah, so It's it's really exciting. When you see all these acquisitions, you know the defence is legit We cut a loaded now even though you overpay for Hunter Henry Henry and H Smith, obviously upgrades over the third round with at tight end even Aguilar encountered born you like well, there there and upgrade, and you get excited, oh any God
add your billing, this dream house- you got a solarium and a conservatory and achieve I'm in a screening run like yeah its next to a nuclear waste stuff before the back somewhat. Who cares good? It is beautiful, how were building yeah, you don't have a top twenty five and, if Thou quarterback, so none, It matters. You know idle in today's vote. When you try to wrap your head around eighty deep passes and ten picks like you, can't really proud scams numbers in today's about like if the forward pass is not a big part of your offense you're, not a contender, and I oh, that there's this thought that Well Jacobus Myers them are a bird in the keel Harry might have been. The worst position grew banana felt like yeah, that does it explained the balls that bounced halfway to them. I I don't. We was an open, but the what passes one half them so
in either? I really hope one of these guys falls in the draft to the path it doesn't. Look like it's gonna happen. All the parameters are moving up to take. And then you know. The hope, of course, is that maybe the Niners, even though I don't think they would nobody wants to help Bella check for fifty, but here them, though he created them. Jimmy G for the second round pick, you basically took less value for Jimmy jeez. I feel, if you can't they can all us. Did you get a call? Those in pay remember when we made a terrible trade there that terrible threat ended up netting us Mohammed Zanu the lowest raided statistical, wide receiver disaster in the league. Yeah too we can we get that back. Can we have I would actually be excited if we had Jimmy G, twenty four and eight career as a starter. And you know I think, he's good. He was up ten points in the Superbowl in the fourth quarter. Two years ago yeah you and I are seem to be of the only people that remember that he almost want
super bow: he overthrew whatever receiver. That was near the end, and if that guy catches it they might have one, among you, I I this that someone on the Ringer NFL show on Friday after the massive dolphin straight, and we should talk about them in a second, what's what's taking a flyer on gardener Minchu. Well, when you sent me your deep dive on Gardner Mintue, I think you said he has thirty seven touchdowns and eleven. Have been picked, yeah that's his career and he was hurting. Last year I was like okay, so we're coming off eight tds and ten picks. So in order for Kim to match Gardner Min shoes numbers he would have to throw twenty nine touchdowns and one pig to get through b, seven and eleven ray. I was dazzled by those numbers. You know Obviously the jags were terrible. So you you of didn't notice.
Good? He was, but you know I just don't think you can contained in the NFL. Webcam Newton is your quarterback, so I would be very old. Today, a cheap gardener means you or Jimmy G Let me make the case for Insu twenty four years old, Ricky season he was six and six as a starter on a Jaguars team that wasn't exactly like a lights out team right pretty unhappy season, he threw twenty one d, six picks. He threw for almost thirty three hundred yards in three four of a and then last year he he was hurt, he played hurt and he came back and they just never was totally right, but he still through sixteen Tds five picks. I just think he's confident- and I think you can make a case like. He was on shit teams the last two years and you give him a real, coach that the other appealing things
This is price like he was like what a fifth around six round pick. So his salary is like nothing. I would much rather see them roll the dice with him use the th pick. One more impact guy and then kind of hope. Lucky same way like the vikings got lucky with case keen in that year, like I feel you can get lucky with? I like this, I'm good teams, I'm salt. Thank you. It just makes more sense to me than trading up fer to number for MAC Jones who I dont know if back joneses can be good, the strongest part of year of your insert guy his name here. Argument is CAM Newton. No matter what you say about a player when you go. The alternative is CAM Newton. You go, oh that does sound good we can get billing. Kilmer sounds good, but the the case or can forgive him one more year, which is being made. Is that the covert screwed up
There is a track record with athletes getting screwed up, Postcode Ed, where just there just not right for a few months he was good before he got covered everything black room, likes them and then do in the whole of yam foreplay book. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with them bringing back him, I'm fine with with maybe last year, was an adoration. We get better version. That's why I like to mention. Thing of reaching like a third round pick from issue you bring Minchu and Camon. Let the best man win, verse They go all in on MAC Jones or somebody. I think it makes more sense I would love nothing more than to come on in in November in, and I e crow, as can on hand, have his head into the probable vowed tat would be delightful. Why don't you read some of the covert symptoms things, but one of the symptoms was postcode. Aid was when you're throwing the football. Sometimes it is bounces and it seems
that takes like eight months, but it's been fund. Knowledge Bela check spend all this money right, we're as pads fans. You know it was tough to complain you on the package once we did our top twenty five greatest patriots games, we like forgot games. We, doing it and it was like we didn't, could ever member of em. So is always tough complain about ballot, checked the drafting, some of the the cheap rage she staff, because you're complaining about the most successful could see him of our time, but it was fun to watch and finally, black fuck it I'm gonna go get some guys you know it's funny. I know a lot of them ever his repatriation and they are entitled, and they should, I suppose, but so a lot of treat haters were delighted by Brady winning the soup. The ball, even though the Hay Brady too, because then they got to say. Oh Bell, Jack was just lucky. How he got to ride along on the greatest team out
of all time- and I first my first point would be how many nfl coaches in history when drew Bledsoe said I'm gonna go coach, the supermarkets and save number one overall pick says I'm ready to go, and the coach goes in watching practice- and I dont know why, but this guy with inferior Physical tools gives us a better chance to win, and then somehow, during that process, Brady physical tools became better than blood cells like it, it was shocking every other coach. Would it just put high priced number one overall take back in the lineup. It's the way to keep your job and projects like no way. This. The hundred. Ninety nine pick gives us a better chance to win an end that decision at me when they, when they write the history books of coaching Nobody would have done it in the next. Twenty years are owed to that ballsy decision
well, I was having a Boston at the time and it was like sports media, civil war. The way was the Brady Bledsoe camps. It was the best sport. Radio argument? I think tat ever happen in the history of Boston Sports, where you had the Bledsoe people who, like we just disguise a superstar. We thought he was a superstar you and I didn't we were always like. I remember I Read the Ewing theory. Pc was like one of the first examples like we'd, never won anything with this guy. Why are we paying him? Billy dollars, but then there other people just say k something different about this Brady guy. You can see it, they did the team just kind of moves differently. I was in the braided camp. It's one of my proudest moment. That I was on the right side of history that and hard and was broke the envy people there. I think he puts up forty four against the corals here is second or third start near like wait. A minute is this: is this guy, the guy
I am sure that the men who Newton debate involved it will bring every bit, as I do think that you would Overwhelmed Boston because such a character to but look events and eleven picks on a shit team is nothing to sneeze at those are real stats and it's? Can you name three Jacksonville receivers? You know. And they had a running back should show for net was terrible for them. It's not like. He had like a lot of help and the team was bad, I'm in red Sox, so there's it there's a state of There's there's a thing being said now that this is very reminiscent of the two thousand and thirteen under the radar thing. This is a thing. That's out there, there's some people that are like working to sack again long, rebuild, there's other
they are like. Actually, this team is going to be sneaky good watch out. What camp are? You in? You know, them over. Eighty one, I think, is the number I got. I do think they're gonna be better than people think, as I just think, they're gonna mash. I just think there are so many barbours in that line up, but I dont think evolved the Peres E rod and is my card. I guess I don't think that there is actually a contender, but I do think Del Valle win over eighty five I was shocked when Kellison texted me how much he won betting, the two thousand and thirteen red Sox when the world Zeruana God, while wow okay. Well, it certainly worth a couple hundred bucks. I guess this
team reminds me of the teams. We grew up with, like the seventy seven and seventy nine red Sox, kid that could bash and add no pitching to speak of whatsoever. No one Hobson's hitting thirty home runs Batting ninth year like how did we win. Anything like you're. Looking at all those baseball cards, I had used looking at all those baseball cards going. How did how do we not win anything? It's like well MIKE Torres What is it aging bill. Lee was lab. The ball up to the plate. That was data by so is very reminiscent. You know, I don't I mean you looking back about. Seventy scenes of soup Campbell lesson hurt his arm. Maybe maybe If we now, if we don't ever leave pitcher who, through as a hundred forty ending citizen, maybe things I'd, turn a better banalities and closed his eyes and make that one up stop now, am I think at all.
Friends, you and I go on the kind of the work is deep, dives untaxed change and what we had a whole text chain once about how those red Sox teams, Jerry Remy and Rick Burlson, where the one two and I think one of them had an obp under three hundred. Wasn't it. One of them was like three hundred and nine and the other was like two hundred and ninety six, it's so crazy. I had a wreck Burleson poster in my room. I love the rooster so much and you know I would have sworn on a stack of bibles. Dad Remy Umbrella in word incredible one to punch like nobody to her. Calculated on base percentage in the seventies. Nobody knew that guy's with no power where should walk, occasionally it out an rabies just up their first persuading every argument. You re a hundred thirty pounds, maybe withdraw walks urine
in nineteen, seventy eight when we lost the one game plan, Remy was three twenty one on base in person was to ninety five were amazing. We had no idea, I remember when, when they started leading bogs, member, how controversial that was like it just seemed in saying that he would be a leader. Guy now is like the smartest thing. You can add two hundred, It's not a hundred walks every year. Do I do Let us do you like baseball much now the way they play at his hair, it's been hard emulated that have killed me with baseball, time to follow the teams Agnes. Three things: the murky beds, trade stop recovered from it. It's gonna take a long long time for me to come back from that. And then and then all the pitching changes. This fund, a watch, its problem little bit of a byproduct? Obviously you know if our team is in the hunt, Wilson Tart watching voraciously again, but YO life intervenes. You gotta pick your battles. I do
think that Dvr really changed. Everybody's I obviously, but, like you, can't it's hard to watch really any sport live but, like baseball is a grind like you can watch it live, so you know you just you put in the dvr and blast through it on the movie fraud. It's funny. I have this the ongoing argument with about ten different Boston vans are right, we know. Basically, you know hundred red Sox fans who live in L A it's him, hilarious, listening to Boston fans who did who made the exam? same decision in their lives almost exact same age of movie beds and women. Ever dream of moving back to New England who go. How could that guy betray us You betrayed knowing about it. We all did
yeah you're, going in a pool with your daughter. We, yet we were like only J Bug and my dad, like certain people, can be pissed about the monkey bats. Coming to southern California thing you, and I can't be that piss, it's like its awesome here and if you were given the choice a foreigner million dollars a year or foreigner million dollars there I don't like, Moke didn't grow up in Boston. Right, I mean it's not like. I don't know what he owes that but I'm pro movie out to me it's a hundred percent, the Red Sox owners that day they just go to taking care of it at various points They just didn't want to pay them, and I really think like some of the stuff they've said since, where it seems like they feel like they outsmarted the situation in some ways like yeah he is on. The record is saying we looked at. We studied the performance of these long deals in these.
Eyes when they had thirty, five inches becomes a bad investment. We don't want to do it and my count or be leg. You print money from the Red Sox you made more money from this team, this is, be a better investment any other investment ever, except for maybe the cowboys so those are probably the one to greatest sports investments anyone's ever made. I dont really cool. That you're a little worried that you might you might take Herr there when movies aged thirty seven. I dont care that some my problem, while the other thing is also and it is where analytics get so depressing. You know when Bill James and the Sabre metricians- have kind of taken lot of, if you like, I wouldn't have had a Brill's poster in my room, these Sabre Metricians. Have had their way and even though you know you can you can that Sabre metric argument about decline, phase and what will Muky be worth when he's thirty five, but
is value as a human being a player, a person, a member of the community, like there's never been a guy like him. You know go out to feed the homeless after play off game. And the other thing that I highly doubt, even though they try to do like defensive range and run saved when you look at the defensive, plays he's made in the play off that have one game seen a whole right, one games outright because he gets to everything he thought was lasers. I mean you. When we were hanging on by a thread into doesn't eighteen with Craig Kimberly. Just u wheezing, on the mound giving up four based runners in any when he got ball at the line and throughout the airy fast tony camp at second base, It was one of these things like you care. If Tony camp had stopped the first base everyone like. What are you doing? The balls
in the corner. You're fast like it, it's just an impossible play, then you know all the all the catches raise bringing home runs back. You know an ice, don't I actually don't believe you can accurately measure all of that, even though they try to so yeah. From that perspective, I would have liked them to over pay for him. I don't I mean I don't know, maybe somebody any movie knows, but I me say properly paid, not overpaid. I just don't think paying Fgm million. Is that an over pay, his he's the best offensive I've ever seen on the Red Sox he's the best base runner. We ever had he's he's a classic three hundred through de Hydrophobia, IFOR Judo Bp Guy and is the most awesome off the field guy we probably had, last ten years in somebody who could add a dramatic impact in the city
one guy, there's one guy this out good. He is this: how good he is even the frozen splinters in the league of dogs could not slow this guy right. He was great for us. We could we couldn't. We could improve our video on have before we go with stocks. Ethics, quick, its we're, not complaining. We want a lot of titles so and when they were just it's in our dna- to complain about our teams and our ports, a roof for just cause. That's how we grew up in a semi. You can't you can't blame us. It's like somebody came the damage Hauser when you have a right, you dog, that doesn't trust certain people like it is kept. Can't blame us for no matter how many times we when we're still gonna default to being alone? beta complaining that just how we grub this cell exclaimed the swing guys they would put in for Tatum Embrowned. We we would be text
each other, adding up the minutes of great Lamb, Semi Ojo age by take grant edge about their green. All these years ability forty, five minutes, one for eight two points and we're just like how are they not in this. Why are they? zero at this position. Forty eight, who is never gonna, meet all star, but is China Toby What a massive upgrade he is from the crap that we watched, I'm just excited, I am glad that we have a competent guy who can come off the bed. She makes me raise the ceiling of this team and no or how I mean this. It's been hard, obviously, and I'm a very hard on Campbell Walker. As you know of fifty text, the night you know, He he does it want to not have that birth. He doesn't want and not be able to get by guys, any more. But clearly when you're there small, if you're, if you're eighty percent like, if that need just isn't it
close. If, then, you really, you really are a liability like you can't really guard anybody, Europe shooting percentage pretty bad, you You know you're, not, I think, there's some decent there's some decent. That's him, though ass I can games there's like some signs of Campbell Life, there are better couple finishes in traffic that will incur and then there be an airbag from three. That's that's, but but it only how down on the Celtics I am. It only takes three possessions. Did you go get? That's it. We figured it out like I can get so excited when when Tatum in Brown or do in their thing and I really know we forgot Robber Williams, ITALY love Robert Williams, Athleticism hee, hee indefinitely leads the league in black shots of shops. The shooter thought there's, no chance. This shot is getting blocked. Like you see guys going like what just happened
on the other side will lead. Where do back. I come from. The time Lord Island, ITALY, get a lot of things. Yes, it leads. The league in me hate that three point land. It's worth three points of somebody issue, from the other side of it and that person that years five feet away from for some reason, is forty percent from that spot? You just need above up, What a roller coaster read it it is. I will say this: if, if we're heading for a first round match up with the sectors or another, did that there's this little right plan lay, and I mean an eight hour- I conceivably with these these things week. I think we could climb out of that plan. I hope hopefully, but if any match up with the six hours, we'll be playing with house money, because everyone thinks we suck and we've had this massive regression. The Sixers will be terrified, they'll, be like not these guys again, no right anybody, but these guys because everyone's like
the six years in the net gain seven to go to the corporate geared to go to the championship series. That's gonna be amazing, and it's like. Oh there's, one there's kryptonite kryptonite for those six first, they do not want to play the Celtics in the boy ass, the one team- they can't beat is Brooklyn the Celtics. I think they've shown they played Milwaukee at ten at times. I think they have a lot of confidence against mark you're, not saying they'd be more outgoing and serious, but I think they would go toe to toe and they beat in Philly every time. So those two t did they'd be sight to see- and I have said this- a pod in you? You can back me up on this. I don't think so I understand what the forty eight thing, just him being competent. How many points again, that's gonna, be worth because the top of the second quarter top of the fourth quarter, so just the other thing team ago on, like a ten to run pretty much. Eighty percent of the time at the top of those two quarters even happened the other night that first night when they were kicking on Friday night and then,
like all the sudden, it was eleven point game because they couldn't they can't keep the lead side. I just think he's worth eight points them that Friday night came almost got like. Are they gonna have to put those guys back here I get got brains I get was over and that it wasn't quite over that the rapid thing you are speaking of analytics like nobody had, has ever been able to commute Kate, says semi overlay. Whatever transpires, if you find yourself dripping stop immediately and get the ball to a competent basketball player. Like he's statistics, when he puts the ball on the floor, it's never like all first, all not a great shooter, but when they close him out and like he travels baseline you're like oh god, he's gonna, either dribble out, abounds or someone's gonna take. Wafer man or he's gonna miss
Bunny, like like nothing, nothing, here's what you haven't seen like semi up faking, two dribbles and a dunk like it's like it's we ve got is zero added opposition, so I agree you can't overstate those minutes and how many minutes, those guys replaying like when we were set in those tax like we're, like they ve, come over forty two minutes in this game, like others would and you throw Jeff Tig and it's again it's like fifty five minutes of just of just below average. Tell but tell me agree this theory. I do feel like they partly traded tie into big. Just so, Stevens would stop using them. As I had seen him money bar when they trade Carla's, Pavia, she said Seymour, see more Hoffman's manager character would stop playing Carlos Pana because he wanted him to play. I think I think the front office was like.
He's playing Tice like thirty five minutes ago game like just have to we have with the states to end. He can't point take anymore. Let's just get rid of it. I tell you. I had such a soft spot for ties because of the effort, but that, as I said to you like, maybe the invisible effort it takes for him to control. You mean he's not good like when you can see how hard a guy has to work to achieve anything. You're like oh, maybe he's just bad, and you know we ve talked about it. But but they're, just certain guys. You're like like, oh, I know, cited that he made that three pointer that's going to haunt us in the fourth quarter when he thinks he can make three pointers and I mean the how many clubs three pointers to entice make he had he had so many threes and a final minute that could have changed the outcome of the eggs and not at the moment, combined with the announcer anytime. He made a three the announcer telling us how he can make those
Family man we're goin now, but do you you're missing, point Hoover. Guido. What the person though we just why robber waves to just run up and down the sands up give us at once see. I do think the Celtics team has been the year from Hell and I'm more optimal. Mystic than I was. I liked the foreign aid trade highlight what I saw from look we're net on Saturday night of always that guy was set for two he shoots threes and he's got long arms. I never understood why he didn't play for Chicago. I don't mind him. I will much rather have you no play and talk of. As you know, my theory with taco. He goes for four minutes. He completely this. The other team from or minutes. You can't play a more than four minutes, but when he throws out there, throwing a chain saw on the other tub or nobody knows what to do and guys don't like, Do I challenge him he's weird. They affair
does he really is well. Cornet definitely seems to have that that Brook Lopez thing where you're like It helps to have a weird giant that means of rights the floor so yeah I I think they did well with these acquisitions. Enough, certainly get me excited about the play ass. We can. We can publish those Jameson and coffee table book for South explain that's what I'm gonna do when you die. I'm just gonna publish our tax of university before we just give you fifteen seconds on the brewing, letting char alive and then him like putting up some of the craziest stats by any over forty athlete, probably in history sports. Well, it's funny that that
following in the Brady move. Right like there is a point where it these guys so defy human history. That you're like well at some point at some point char is not going to be a top to defence men on his day bright. Yet I guess I did a little reason deep dive to look at his stance and I was like doesn't plus thirteen, unlike wow he's a good penalty killer he's still. I guess, it'll, never change, no matter how old he gets. He can still touch both sides of the rink with his stick standing still. So I guess it doesn't matter like I wasn't really mad at the at the bees for finally calling it a day with charge and even though we desperately miss Krug, you know he
nerve to get paid and you can't pay everybody, and so you know, MAC of oil plays thirty minutes in the play ass. If grisly can stay healthy, I think he's a good crew replacement on the power play. Ah the Bruins or maddening when they get shut out by the devil's, can't figure it out by that nobody wants to play that seem the playoffs either amazing amid a Bruins talk who could have expected hedge see today we get the extra rights as he was a kid. I can't wait the team up and put our parks. About nine unsuspecting murkily victims? They don't know about that That's it for them Can I have one more come for you later this week and another we watch both as well. Thief is to be on Wednesday night, and if you miss Commando, we put that up on Sunday, don't forget you check out the awesome I cast network offerings
we'll see you next time.
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