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NBA Chatter With Jackie MacMullan, Plus a 2021 Oscars Breakdown With Wesley Morris


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Jackie MacMullan to discuss the NBA one year removed from the "Rudy Gobert Game" that paused the NBA season, the stress and fatigue from moving up the start date of the 2020-21 season, All-Star Weekend, NBA trade buzz, and more (2:00). Then Bill talks with Wesley Morris of the New York Times about upcoming Oscar nominations, figuring out what constitutes an "Oscar movie," the disruption of streamers, and more (55:00).

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friends from Pearl jam all right. We're taking this piece that it's one hundred and thirty pacific time. Four hundred and thirty eastern time, Jackie Bonus here, the MBA comes back in full steam. Today we're going to talk, about one year anniversary of a guest. Today we call the gaubert again when everything shies Who is leading up to the week before Boston Song Conferences, five six days beforehand, there's Utah's in Boston that Utah guys get infected and it actually feels like. I could have been a lot worse, that's standpoint, but re in some ways. It feels like it's been a year another as it does a good spent five years, but one thing that is for shares the NBA is a hell of a lot differ
a year later way, what's the biggest thing that's jumped out to you in the past year other than the no offense you know, I think the dirty little secret bill is just a mental health. If we talk a little bit about the mental health of the players, I think it's that that plus the mental health of coaches, I would add the genes everybody involved like it. It it just there wasn't enough time it wasn't that time off and and they knew that and that's why they wanted to start January, but they're broadcast partners put the foot down and it just. I see you seal the ripple effects of it when you talk to guys, which is not easy to do these days. Cuz you're, not in an arena you're, not sitting down and shooting the breeze with guys before the games like we normally do. But when you get people on the phone or in a private moment, you know what she had said to me about three days ago. This is so stupid.
Do they got to do it, but they're like it's just you know what one of the one another different GM said to me. You know I went in the other day to work guys in their team is stuff when a little bit- and you said I didn't like- I wasn't- about like hey. You know you need to keep your elbow in. He said I just went to them all and said like. Are you guys? Okay, I'm going to talk about baseball like are you? Okay, yeah has cause it's been a long haul now and- and I think it's obviously, a reflection of society as a whole has been a long haul for all walks of life in every profession and not to mention the people that are that aren't working. We can because spend a whole day on that, but that to me is the overwhelming thing that I notice and there's still great basketball being played. I give the guys that are cutting through this amazing amount of credit, especially those final four teams, which I think when you look back now, they all have struggled yeah the Lakers, not until Anthony Davis, went down with the Celtic, certainly
Deborah nuggets came out of it. You know the gate. Six and seven, the Miami heat. You know there. They were planned team or out of the play us in their early start, and I don't think that's a coincidence. So I did some conference without him too. Ago, and the thing that in a baking news was his real concern for the players in the mental health and all that stuff, and that was that, The season you ended up. Writing a big piece about at least one piece. Some other people have written about it and how this was tat of a lurking. Fear with teams with the commissioner that there, a lot of it was driven by social media and just what it's like to be on display twenty four, seven guys being tied to their phones, constant kind of criticism, evaluation things like that and also the changing nature of the league where people are just move around constantly in, and you know honestly, some stuff that's gone with baby, the under thirty two generation to which is that first generation that's gonna,
by mine and then you see everything had a manifest itself. The share wet with things are you hearing when, when like when a gm goes in ass, his team are there okay What are some of the things they are worried about with their teams and like trying to keep a culture in the period that could like one of the lessons we learn through a year here. While I think that GM is doing his job by asking the question, because if you ignore it, you're gonna have a hard time and the mental health movement, I think, started about two and a half three years ago. Maybe it's started before that, but teams. Almost every team now has a vast array of mental health services available to their teams into their players and I
the destigmatize station of of willing willing to. I need the help that I'm getting the help. You know I always thought and identify for serious and I spent I spent a whole year and a half on it and the one that always to out to me was Marcus Morris. Just he's just one of the it's around he's a nasty guy that nobody wants to fool with, and he and his brother Markieff Morris acknowledged some of the things they went through his kids growing up in north Philly and how that affected them going forward and how you know you don't treat the symptoms. Treat the cause, so the doktor part was one of the people working with the union. A mental health always said it this way. So when there's a fire alarm, it goes off Usually means there's a fire, you don't you pull like pull it change the battery right. You don't go to check to see what's wrong with the firm you're supposed to look where the smoke is, what caused the fire and into often with mental health, at least in my research and what I've done is we tend to we tended
the symptoms, not the route of it, and I think teens understand that now and that's a huge thing to take on so think about courier aiming for a minute. Ok, Kyrie Irving took that time away from the Brooklyn Nets and as an fully explain it, and nor does he have to, in my opinion, its own business, and he did it reference it. It was a mental health thing beyond that, not after that is really none of our business. It's a confidential thing. It's and its serious thing, I think among human other players- and you know I'm just gonna- take a wild stab at it that with career in these other players, it isn't as simple as what's going on. In that moment, it's not as simple as George Floyd. What that does is trigger memories and experiences.
That most of these not ocean say most of our retract, that many of these players have experienced first hand as young at eyes and and that triggers it and think about that Euro and in its, if you let that happen to you, like you know, driving while black, like I've million black friends, always talk of joke about Dr Unwell Black, you know guys walking down the street things. You know getting a stop for no reason, so these are all triggers for these guys and- and I think that's why this social justice movement was so emotional for so many of them and had such ramifications for so many of them, because all of them, if they have experienced it themselves- and I would say most of them have but if they haven't someone in their family, has and ran, that's why it was important. That's why it so important and and that's why
think so many these players are just beginning to understand that you know. If I have a mental health issue, funds struggling with something it's really, the same thing has happened. Ten unnoticed in my knee. I know people have a hard time making that jump, but that's what this league is continuing and so too then go back into the season so quickly so soon and you're dealing with parameters again You know we ve got guys testing positive right, left, you're, not in a bubble anymore, but a lot of ways. Some of the players I talked to feel like this is worse, because you know you don't know which way the guy shows up. Practice whereas been what is done, who has been with and how it's going to affect you Well then, the other piece which I feel like there hasn't been not reporting on a yet only because we don't really know the totality of the side effects, but its clear and forbid a basketball. Some of these guys that have covered, have not been the same when they can be set so last year with Kendrick? None. You saw recently like just as the South
fine, I don't feel like Tatum has looked a hundred percent right since he came back and then he finally embedded like yeah, don't feel hundred percent. Yet so you have a bunch of people who have got in this Who Michael Porter Junior Michael Portraiture got it twice and you don't think that its affected the Denver Nuggets they he was out for twenty one days you re supposed to be their third guy, the poor kid, as I say, the pork it, but I you know he hasn't even added chance to really get a sea legs under him yet know. Maybe he will in the second half of the last few gains for the last hour break. You start looking really good again and I think he'll get there, but a yeah. It's affected these guys mentally ill. Physically, there's no doubt about it, and then he saw two leagues worst nightmare was Simmonds and indeed right on their way to the asked our game, and you know it open that door of what would have happened, which leads to the other question here of I am silver I think, since he took over it's been just
blue of wines for him, rather as one of them better. Commissioner jobs, I've ever seen, and would certainly I'm one of my favorite commissioners ever in the last year has been grave for him. I and now the question is: are they gave any brandy, mining cries doing well and that job I get just you know it was the person who is in use in something of it. Solvable situation in some way is right, but then right, you know, I think the pushing pushing for this he's in their real money reasons for that there are explained, but they knew was gonna, be rocky and she kind I had to be like big brother. He wasn't like an angry dad legs turn. He wasn't like you're doing this. I am tell you, he didn't. Have that dynamic, he's very careful about be the oh they're white Guy who's ordering around a mostly black league for what to do yeah, they all our game. I thought was kind of indefensible. I've is really
and I'm not one of those people who loves thirty so bent out of shape like originally whatever they played. Here it was fine. It was just to me. This was a league that needed a break. They hated wordpress everybody needed a week off, but glitches right ticket. Let's take a breath, we'll come back in a week. This is a fucking, crazy sprint. We had here right and then I will know we had we do the money from the all star game is honestly how much money was it to have it all? our game with the stupid count, as we had in the game was whatever, but I'm IDA. No as one of the lowest raided games ever. I think you know, one of the lowest rate games in many years saw him it opens the door for and it didn't happen. I was surprised it didn't happen, but one of the signature guy, in the league to really go Adam and maybe that's a credit to Adam that she has been able to build enough relationships and enough equity with the best players that none of them went out of me
Tell a bromus pissed off, he barely put out a gay gonna, be there are none of those none of those guys did, and I think I think what that comes back to his. You know: you're involved the Players Association Chris Paul's, your President Michel Robert, you working with them. Closely, and you know we talk about the money. Remember the money goes to the players to so guys like Lebron. They don't need the money, but a lot of those guys do you know, there's a lot of guys that do need that money. So I actually tip my hat to Lebron for first of all, vocal listen, I don't. I don't think we should be gone and but I'm gonna go, but I don't think we should. I liked to that, by the way I kind of like they went because I did he was saying: I'm gonna take one for the team here. You know indeed in play that much
You know once you got there it in reign over it. So I give the players some credit year, but here's the part that just doesn't I don't care how you want to slice it. You know the NBA was held up as the model of decorum, with the bubble and taking all these things, but you know an abundance of caution at cheaper in this. My parents are assisted living facility. If they tell me one more time. I kick visit my pay. Since in their apartment, because out of abundance of caution, I'm gonna screen right, miserable vaccinated and have been for a month. But this to me is the same idea out of abundance of caution. The NBA created this bubble, and they were, you know, marvel throughout the land throughout the world. They put the safety of their players first. Well, how on earth can they possibly say that now they can't the can't know so and- and I guess there ok living like a secular with that. You know and that's that's business right, that's pissed! Well, it's what's frightening with this as they learn from football,
Football is basically the show must go out but think about who they learn from believed. That has almost contempt for their preferences like excited, They have no regard for their fires, they they have contempt for them and the abyss. I call that bottle work. I don't listen again. I think unsolvable, but I think there was some smart stuff they could have done here, especially with the all star break. Now it looks like you know, a lot of people getting back sedated we're starting out in some. Aids crowds are coming back, we'll see how that goes. Nice masts are coming off in Texas, FIFA. Yea I so tonight, that's makes me nervous, but still it looks like we're. Gonna have fancied play games and in June yeah
we are, I mean sooner than that in in your own home town, there will be fans March. Twenty seventh watch insult explain, but such a fine, the seventy Sixers. I have a scare with my two best players. They end up having to leave the all start game there. Okay and as far as we know, I believe that their all set- I know they're they're, not gonna, play in the first came back, but by all accounts- and I could change, but by all accounts neither one of them are positive there that their good to go, if you're down more in dark rivers. Aren't you liked secretly glad this worked out better than anything possible through I got a real break, they got a break, your guys didn't play they didn't get. You know it beats a bit of a wise guy. You know the wrong
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You know off seasons when they look at film and they decide. Am I going to tweak the way we play? What about our personnel? You know free agency, the draft all that got crammed into one little. These guys didn't have any time off no break at all. At least the players I'm going to assume had a little bit of a break between the end of their season and when they started up again, but I can guarantee you the coaches and the GED they did not, and I just think everybody's fried and look they'll get through it and you know whoever wins the two thousand and twenty one mba champion. There's, there's! No, because everybody's everybody's operating under the same rules know unless, unless someone ends up with you know in game game, six of the NBA finals, so the question becomes: do you go back to some form of post season bubble? Is that even possible? I think everybody does. It seem like it aware that away now it will not have right right, so that means somewhere along the way. I think somebody's gonna lose a key point.
Air somewhere along the way to this disease. It's gonna happen. How can it not right in the difference or distance? football, you could maybe get away with it in. You might have enough time to recover basketball, especially as one you name, a weakening of I've game. Six is two days later yeah. You know I was thinking about how this how this is going to affect the I always go back to that deadline, because it's one one of my favorite things. I love the machine trade things like that: a set sing guys this year that you might trade for ways. We have a lot of suitors there's a lot of playoff teams who either they feel like they have a chance to avoid the plan and actually be one of the top succeeds the borderline containers that feel like they're, one move away like Boston, Denver. People like that weird way. It seems like an opportunity. This somebody who's in a bad situation. That's a bad situation, not from the normal reasons, rights. I think in a weird way, it's harder for bad teams,
evaluate their own prayers more than ever at that's, usually you're, going to make a good trade to bring a steal somebody from a team, usually stealing from the dysfunctional friends re use Friday, the gangs and, and Minnesota these teams that just kick at their shit together, those are the best means to trade. With now this year, teams can't get their shit together for a reason. I don't have anything to do with front office incompetence. So from a J deadline standpoint you may be able to cherry pick somebody who's, really good or somebody who's. Just a team like Atlanta as an example right, I don't think they'll trade, John Collins- I don't think they should trade John Collins, but that team You know it. They have one more bad. We come in at the gate. Its could be pretty hard for them to. You know, get her. The a nine seed is going to be possible to steal guys like that
for that. We need to watch these next few weeks and people keep telling me John Collins, I mean Bent Minnesota's Dinah have em Minnesota wants mad. What will they offer? I don't know they really want them and I think there are other teams to, but from what I understand Minnesota, particularly and so If you're that, if you're the hawks you're looking at John concentrating together, you know, does it work, I mean trace, not going anywhere. You already offered this guy some money, he didn't take it. How much you're gonna have to pay em you, and I have talk before about Probably the cheetah their season was when the Andrea Hunter went down. Yes and he was right, really good and any I think, he'll be back soon. Send it, although gonna be like two three more weeks, which I believe by that point while may be like buried in the twelve seed abundance of caution bill the opponents of Gaza but anyway, but but so for them you're talkin about evaluating
you know, don't you want to evaluate your future with Hunter Collins Entry on all on the floor together, but you have not has that luxury. You have not had that luxuries Now it happened. So this is, you know, Harrison bars the hot name again now, because we thought- You know how long you and I we always talk about the Celtics. Its Harrison buys what you will be available, because the kings had a little bit of something going on. Maybe they had a chance for the plan? Well, that's that's changed dramatically here. So Harrison Barnes everybody's gonna want Harrison Barnes. Will they trade em if you're the kings? You got a new Gm Monti Mcnair who I happened to have great respect, for I got to know Monti a little bit when he was Houston he's an analytics. Guy he's a smart guy, I'm not going to judge him on this year and all the craziness that is surrounded him. He walked into a pretty difficult situation, so I think he's a smart guy. I think he understands how this works. Raphael stone another. You know Houston guy in place for the Rockets he's been there. I don't know five minutes and he's going to ask a couple
lately retool rostrum me it's a lot to ask for these get well, and he has. He has the top floor peck hanging over. If, yes, it ass, they lose their packs outside right. There, we have the tank, they need to be. One of the two were seems in the leg. At least sir. I I the other either that Brazil so Victrola Depot right. Where does he go yeah there and that's a hard fit result. I talked about a Miller on Sunday night. I think we I thought he played well in Indiana there were signs of like this guy starting to make sense, and they really haven't been the same since I made that trade because they, the delivered, who immediately handed out is a kidney audibly. Bad luck, the animal terrible that, but I lost a guy who was nineteen points, a game and just dinner poison right by? But you know too bring him into another team. Midseason he's no one has Miami. What have you got
but he's like a six man right he's not going to be somebody that is, I don't know a trade bill depends who you trade for him, the praise who goes out the door, the other way. You can't keep all those young guys if you're going to get a depot you got to give up one of them. Maybe two! You know you got to give up one of those guys to get them. If you're going to do that here, which I dont know. If they are, they aren't Denver seems to me. The Denver in Dallas seem to be the too low risk teams that could just use. Somebody like that pretty clearly interested in what are you guys know? Well the Dallas. You know they have trouble trade, their packs, maybe Josh Greens in the trade, the guy they took last year in the first place they have expired. Give back the member Denver has some assets. Has Denver also has the Harris contract who expires expires next year. You can talk yourself into Harris, a change change of scenery. There's there's enough like like he's such a good player. Yeah it it really is shot. Could you get his confidence back all that stuff in they
ball they have Hampton. They have some pick right in the south, obviously, and then golden aid if they wanted to get aggressive with the hubris spot if they wanted to. No devereuxs interesting to me. I'm action other piece coming out next week on with Mary had some interesting things to say: that's what we call a tease but anyway, but one of the things he was talking about was the lack of it's not in my story because it didn't fit, but a lack of a rim protector for them like he wants him to go out and get a rim protector, because he said it's too much to ask Yokich to do that for us. On top of everything else he's doing you know, we need some rim protection because you know they lost grant. They knew what Milsap grant
aunt and plumply. They wanted to keep to the three they knew they were gonna lose one and they knew it was probably gonna be grant because, again long term, if you're gonna pay you're gonna pay porter, I think that's the idea, as you know, the Devereux so to colleagues like talk about an amazing job. His biggest promise dress. All these great players and then it cannot afford to keep em like bleak bialy. You know like Tory Craig. They couldn't pay him Eulogium, Jeremy, grant they just in the end, work and be able to pay and that pay everybody else. So they never expected to lose. Two of those three and Plumply he's easy to make fun. Of course, some of them. You know the blueprints had happened to him in the policies unless you're, but he was very important to them. He was he was very good guy off the bench. Them is important defensively, so that was a loss that I think sometimes goes under the radar for them. Well, those were in protector guys, there's not a lot of them. There are only one of the things that sounds so much better on paper. I think it's why the Celtic are so intrude by robber, webs right, our guidance,
the ceiling of whatever he is. There's not many people out there like that. That's why Dwight Howard got signed by the Lakers last shared by fully the shared theirs right. Those guys are hard to find. I agree with you mom on the Yokich thing like. Ideally, it's like that. Ladies John Sally Type, could kind of run the floor. Great example: great arms can protect the rim, a little isn't going to need the ball. That much stuff like that, but to meet Denver and Boston are the two teams that can change wherever their pigeon hole right now in the top eleven right, because I think both teams are clearly a play away. That somethings are at least get in my back yard, but I just don't let their bench at all and I really think that its effects, something there they need as one in there. But see in my mind, they're getting Michael Border back. That's how I view it because air to beat you know Michael Poor, an my boy, Jim
Mary, you and I you know you were asking for bubble. Jamar look! Look at his numbers over the last thirteen games for the all star break better better than bubble Jamal, just telling you he's a candidate for the red after the last hour break somebody going nuts sky, chapping out a reality where it is a slow start or area. If you his career consistently, which is not a good thing and it something you should probably change, but he's been a tourist slower, and I think I have my own theories on that because he's a guy that, just as a hard time taken his. Off. Here is one of those tunnel vision, guys it works out all the time, and you know the bronze like that too, but Leubronn us had a tape knows how to build it up now house to pull it back and said something. Maybe tomorrow we'll learn with time. You know, what's going to be an especially fascinating much because the trait that binds the 25th Thus offering to get to the end of this month, people are gonna, be in a march mad ass. You know, there's gonna be back and pepper. Gonna, look up and there's gonna be like twenty two games
I know you, you re like a holy shit. My aim is still I said in theirs. Now we only have Rio. Thirty two, We are season there right, but I do want think the one thing that the playing games- intentionally or otherwise data. It is why you're not here and as many trades is, you normally would because plate teams that are desperate to get in the play us what even if they get trounced and for games they want to get there and the I again gives them either the illusion, or these incentive dependent, how you look at it to think that maybe they can get there and then maybe you hold onto daddy- is young in Chicago as an example where there is such a fast Eddie wrinkled. For these specific, it was Charlotte and with Charlotte and with New York, who have the moves to actually go and get another guy right, but in annex I what's the purpose that what the purpose of bee might be a barrier to succeed,
right down on them a leak month, you're gonna League Monk data. Yet there was, I got him over on, but now would you move on now I don't know now is he's as the most human Bruce Brown, or the german too, must ensure, as the whig they're gonna get a thing. If you succeed. If you're sixty in these, that means you're, avoiding your avoiding. Probably broken in who knows more acute might have around, but in the of an era where you may be in a play. A series of somebody needs to do and then I'll send its excellence husband scratched. Who knows you now and in the dutch vibes gonna be weird with with the fans, and I just think it's a lot. Last year, where it would have been inconceivable. We're gonna have a Miami Lakers Finals, even if I bet on it and still sat voting rights evil this year, I feel like there's a possible inconceivable files. You look at the West and that's all than any those.
If Davis's in a hundred per cent rattled I'd like a single west. He like If you did, I do your claim you're only clippers way. I tell me why tell me where I did. I resign sacks pad and we kind of late into the cook prefers further had five minutes. I was just to me. It's like one of those movies were it's it's a nice looking cast, but none of them are. Clicking in any of the saints. That's interesting remain like I don't they don't have that guy, who makes other guys better, which the subjects have a little bit of that problem too, but let it day it is just a lot of bar stoppage. I don't like the way they look in the last five minutes, a games. I don't think they're nearly ass good defensively, as I think we expected they were gonna, be no doubt this consistently, they haven't been cause. I kept waiting but recently that that's gonna, be there in the reality is quite as that two thousand and sixteen defensive guy anymore he's not every east, though
Yeah he's a very he's that brings about the guy he's that that guy anymore say it all rests at all, rests on Paul George. In my mind, it's what's Paul George gonna give I know a guy's gonna give me you know and even give you enough last year and that's why you didn't win, but I always liked Why with me, when we get down to the dirty bidding, but the thing is everybody's got two guys now. Can I fear with that team funding in a fair and care of how they do, but like the three through twelve, I don't trust anybody have, and I said to you, I'm Zack. The other day, like they're gonna have a playoff game, come down to Nick Atom in the corner, wide open, he's gonna hit the side of the backboard, I'm telling telling we, his whole career,
Airbus is good at sight of the backward. I'm telling you now, it's gonna happen you don't so funny about new patina was saying to summon the other day. He would to me has been so far one of those examples of just change the scenery for the guy, lower the expectations and hope it will be good for you, because that's what happened. You know that no one, no one in clipper land, expecting what Charlotte was expecting from Nick the two, and so now it is vital to fly under the radar, and you know he's been helpful spin out for its excellent somebody transfers. College and they leave other baggage behind from the other college. Whatever happened, the threat that got suspended and when they got kicked off campus, then, are you colleges? Fresh comes close appearance, hang onto the to signal quit last year. I don't I don't do not occur prevent, but, like you know, I mean I just keep pointing to James Hardened, like James Hardened, quit unused and obviously basically admitted as much
and you couldn't have a more model citizen in Brooklyn, then James Arden. It just astounds me every day and from what I and I keep asking and I keep hearing same thing he's shows a burly he is buying into strengthen conditioning he's doing everything they ass. So does it stay from beginning to the end? Is he really is James Harden really knock on a chair and James six of the eastern conference finals. If he gets them. Or not. If the answer is no man, I just really love Brooklyn Chances Yedo, because if serious It's been signs of Arab, it's been a referendum on the dumbest argument of the year, which was that what did Steve NASH get a chance to be a head coach in what what are his qualifications is like? I was gonna cases were cheap visit, transcended point guard who or thought into this shit than anybody. I think he's done a really good job. They share that. I like Steve, we all do ve never met anyone that doesn't like Steve, but that
It was really hard team to coach. Think of all the shit, that's happening that we lost the rant like different. I'm just takes off, doesn't even tell him where he's going to lose his his Who is really his only good centre, because the that their good brings in hard and hard and completely reinvents himself as this new version of James hardened and now that's the team, if we the better lives everyone's bearing in Brooklyn and I don't know that I just think that was a hardship. The coach you again I agree, but it was, I think he will cause. I think he's his personality is such he doesn't forced himself on anybody and- and I think that's just the exact way to handle these guys I will say this is anyone else. A little worried about there. Another mri on that history. You know, I'm concerned glad you mentioned that. I noticed that yesterday I saw on the ticker who's like Kevin. Durant is going to miss the South game tonight, like really
let this is now a longer injury than just bother him. Copper games and you think, like the fear, with this Achilles thing, go way back with you. This is a big dude. This is he's just he has long lambs long, ligaments long everything and when you have a traumatic injury like that, how does it affect the rest of your body? I had his stuff realign had what kind of rice do you put it on different pieces? So the fact that he's already been pretty banged up this year and they really haven't- played that many games that I personally think it's a little worrisome and I know he's not a big he's, a big guy he's a tall lanky guy he's never been Stout per se, you know we ve all seen the x rays of his hockey feet. You know he has a very unusually shaped body and you don't like that that foot injury, as you know there, real concern. That was gonna end his career at one point so uncertainly,
wish in any that on him, as I sent example himself. So so! Well, but I didn't like here in it- I didn't, you know: fallen nets fan, that's got Miller, worried well here's the reason why it's important, because unless they have some deadline moving, know about it, he's gonna be there stretched in writing. In the plan for forestry player, France in their best lineup is gonna, be him at Centre and Bruce Brands. Be at their hair and I'm carrying harden, and maybe there be email me, maybe you go a little bit more size at some point. You're playing philly- maybe the agenda at that, but for the most part, is gonna, be the rat, and if he's that physically a hundred percent, that's the biggest obstacle, because maybe that new guy they can't lose. Maybe that's why they're holding them out so long. So maybe you know that could be it. Maybe they're just saying: look, we don't care about any of these games because we know what our team is.
Whether we finish the number one seat or not in the east. We know where the best team in the east, as Longs Kevin Durrant, is completely healthy. So maybe that's what they're doing it. If so, I took my captain. Seeing what hard and has been able to do in Brooklyn from scratch and reinvent himself, yet again in the way you feel about him. Historically, as soon as one of the few people, along with myself, who actually cares about the giant the drawing board,
blue eyes and how they are rank against each other and all that stuff. You know, I think it. I think it does, because I saw us so many games, this incredible town, that's obvious! Just sort of melted Vienna Games just make these I'm not time just about play off games in the eye, and you know what is set out in this way. You know watching him now and he always makes replay whether sometimes it's shooting, but hardly ever it is Anna. He seems to be embracing it up. You know I've. I think I said this before what will know for sure, as when carrying an cabinet change or on the floor, and it sir, you know the Eastern Conference, Semi finals, let's say, and their down fifteen and in the series is tied to the two or something then how they all act, because that's when you really find out what people are made of how's James Hard,
act. Then I'm not doubting him at the moment, because I I appreciate what he's doing, but that's what we really find out. That's we'll find out who the adult in the room is. So I always thought of this stuff, like the last level of the video game for the greatest players. Howard. Can you fit into any situation? It's basically like the Bella check football. Coaching right, I don't have a system just here's, my team this year, I'm going to figure out the best way to coach this particular group of guys. Obviously, I'd like to bring everything back to Larry Bird in this podcast, one of the fun things with bird was watching him in the all star Games and just seeing him calculate like this is back when they all start getting mattered. How can I fit in? What do we need? Oh you know what we need and this one rebounding rebound go grab some rebounding. Oh, we should play fast, I'm gonna, speed it up and just fit in, and I think like Lebron,
magic you name any greater enterprise, grape player Sean's. Another and perfectly able is, I didn't know hearted, had that in him. I gotta be honest. I thought down with hard and for me was he could do it and ok see, ironically a million years ago, where he kind of fitted, as is right, it open I point out, but it's like a lotta. His success in Houston was based on. What's cater this situation to me, I'm the star of this moon, and let me this support him, but but it has to be call me and it's got all run through me. I don't feel like he's playing at this year. I got all he's really inclusive. Were there but ass. I didn't know he to do it no, no, I agree and that's that's the one thing when that trade was made. I don't think anyone said this is horrible, but you just were like how's it going to work hardens like here. Let me show you. Let me show you how it's going to work. I get a lot of credit. I really do well Bartley Andrew above the durable brothers jack. The jumble brother has like that's a good joke, as that's true they're gonna be Jim
that that that's that's how they are I'd. I actually did that much more basketball than that. And I'll tell you what else say what you want. Kairi is playing out of his mind No he's down. Believable he's been so good. You forget how good he is. Sometimes you know with all the other stuff he's there really good now near and the outs score teams. That's what asked every coach every gm that I talk to you know do, can they defend like does it have to be to have two score and they all say the same thing, nor are they can defend they'll defend when it matters? I said, can u turn on off defence, like that? some said, yeah sure jet of your as good as they are so I'll. Take him at their word gag that this It has brought you buy, ran up furlongs products Rana Prologues is great because it kills weeds without harming your lawn. It's got a ready, tease formula that cause the toughest swedes down to the route and a one it extends to feed to reduce bending over some. Instead of thinking about weeds
Think about whatever you want to think about whether you could poor mustache off like what are the twenty. It demonstrates the self except ever made like what kind of personal funny story late night talk show host, even though you might never get interviewed by late night. Talk show so could happen. The roundup brand think about what you you could think about when you're, not thinking about weeds always read and follow pesticide labour directions. Products products registered, registered all states and may be subject to use restrictions for we go. Let's talk, call famers really they announced the hard Amphipolis work. Ipod air- who's on their whole bunch other ants, Margaret allowance. The council was not on their there's couple interesting ones, including on Bill Russell, whose already and obviously right I then, as as a coach, when the final shape which on which makes sense because he was the first by coach, you was a player codes that went to straight titles.
I think what he did was actually really underrated in those last two years in Boston. When you think like these days, you could almost have bees or be a player coach now that it would be in nineteen? Sixty nine, like his assistant coach, was John, have check Well kind of an assistant assistant coach was like the trainer was a buddy, whereas there I re railway later remain here. Yeah I had a thing if you ever got thrown out of the game, have a check would take over like there were no coaches. Now that's we're way was impressive, but I I just assume I guess I'm still trying to figure with the whole favours, but. Sis in Belarus as any then, but they pigeonhole people in these different spying, like Lenny Lenny Wilkins is in three times so. Lenny Wilkins is in as a player as a coach and as part of the dream team, so he's a three time all fame there. So that hurts somebody like Doug Collins, because to me the totality
the dog Collins Gray, going back to the most clutch free throws anyone's ever made in the history basketball and there I it's bound out of a gold battle, had been hero, ease, has the jury load you moments yet and injuries, but was a really good players, the number and dropped back and just the totality of fifty years, combined with the announcing in the fact that he is one of the best and answers for a long time feels I call a family, but he has no chance under the way their criteria is now, I would say well see. I think I always they like for all these guys, if you're doing your job, whether you're doing it as Voter Hall of Fame, voter or our job talking about who should be an innocent. You have to look beyond like if you looked a bill. Rustles coaching record you'd be like I went to championships, but he was plain he had the best player on the team. That was me, and you know, and his seven year I think his career winning percentages. Fifty four percent, but that's it, What it's about right and sold yet Collins is a good example that, and you know the Erika, no one's talking about whose final she's Rick element
and rig annulment runs like well, you never one you never want to championship and I don't know what is clear. What percentages? I don't have in front of me, but I will tell you this. I did a story on last year on coaches place and how coaches steel place very Bonino from one mother and everybody, and I mean everybody that I talk to her. That story had stolen the play from regalement because they yo he ran that corner series, and you know his whole thing was with the three bags some. You know Lahti and all those guys with the key as a key, that's every their seventeen teams. I think I counted the play. Some form of Rick Ottomans often include and in an endeavour whose I believe his son, his assistant, coach there and David out was very good coat. But my point is this: if you look at him face value, you'd be like well, I don't know if you belong to him, but if you know the history of the game in the story behind it and the influence he had. It's like why text winners in the Hall of Fame twinners on exactly exactly zero games. An an head head coach, I believe,
I think it was ever had goat zero, but you know he we couldn't be are you people argue about whether he invented the triangle offense to me? It's semantics. He perfected it introduced it all around the world and teams everywhere play it. That's why winners in the Hall of Fame, and so in my mind, a guy like Rick Aleman, also deserves to be in the hall of Fame, even though his numbers might tell you something different and that's that's why hall fames are tricky because As you know, you we couldn't name a whole bunch of guys score. A lot of points have more points than you know. You don't Ben Wallace by the way. Five point, seven career point for game averages, finalists and I think, should get it cause. He was one of the best defence of players of a generation of his the time he played help the pistons win a championship,
and his numbers tell you something different, but I'm telling you that guy was a hall of Famer, it's subjective right to some degree. Ben Wallace is a good one because he was I remember in my book. I did the playoff Mvps, because we don't have a playoff Mvps right right. He was the playoff Mvp in two thousand, and four, like his numbers, were great. More importantly, shack was a guy that nobody had successfully guarded in the finals in the two thousand and Ben Wallace. You know, except for game for like, was between him and Rashid, they were able to kind of keep pretty good yeah relative check. You know and their whole game plan yeah. The hall fame is weird to me because I think I think they lead into many people every year and I the bar lowered and there's some people that got in there probably should and should not have- and it's tough me to figure out what it is, but the one. I can't believe you see web and granted alot of that's his own fault and we
him earlier that if you did his career again, I guess we didn't mention him earlier. I was talking to Wesley Morris about that. Actually, okay, when you reset somebody's career, just the better version of it is probably way more likely than Chris over cut or not. But I think, when you throw in the college stuff and how important the fab five was like, I think the fat five should be in the basketball but they're there never to do that, but in that and the fact that we just had the terrible luck of when he peeked he's in the same conference and league as kg. And Duncan sure you know, and then T Mac and the forwards were loaded, so it was like. Oh, he only had one first team, all NBA, but really like he could have had three or four with the career he was putting Dirk was in there too, and it was just like a
unnaturally loaded thing to me. He was the best kind of thing that should have won the title and the best guy and on five may, memorable king steps that were in the mix every year. The same way these rackets teams resiny, whereas there be my case, I know he was disappointing- is that I think to eat the problem was it he alienated coaches and sometimes teammates yeah, while he was playing, and so that's fair. If that's fair debate, I think of it. I was doing this story. I think it was on pops. I think it was some to do with the spurs and called Nellie. May I just I make up reasons to call Nellie cause he's just some fit ass, Dick. It listen away now he's just great to talk to any such bass while historian and he's totally at the point of his life for his like he'll, just tell you how it is, you know he's not worried about our anybody's feelings or he is not worried about his place in basketball? Any of that you know, and so some hours talking about power
and he said well, you know I hired pop helium one job and I said what was that he said to keep me from killing Criswell traceability said I wanted to collect I every single day he could have been so great. Any just wouldn't listen to anybody. He thought he knew it all. So pop would be the guy that would like- and I just thought that was so funny when you can. We think of pop. Is this the grand master in this very elegant above the fray head coach, but he was actually like this. You know assistant coach finelli, like just to keep you don't Nellie from punching Chris, whether in the matters- and I just thought it was such a funny- a funny little anecdotes. Why it's? Why it so funny went that he's announcing games down being critical when he asked to be in certain things in it was a year
I was frustrated by the night is like that slot everytime, dear lady, Anne and honestly, when he says things like what you have to unjust. Like oh man, I was at that game. When you did this like, I can hear it. You know I get. What is a luxury guy, I mean it's a lovely, guided talk with it. You know, I think, he's one of those guys you're right. You know given the chance to do it over. I think he'd make different choices. Not everybody will say that not everybody will but I bet you Criswell spend way too much time thinking about the purpose of the hall of Fame over there is that lets me writing my book. When I blew up the hall of Fame and create a difference, I think the purpose of the Hall of Fame is I bring my son or my son sun, and we go in and said each I learned. Much about who mattered and basketball and what mattered and the history of the game. It's hard for me to believe Chris Webber wasn't part of that history between the fab. Five and the career he had a is certainly the most how the powerful I saw my life up until some of the recent guys more that
then TIM Duncan worthy Kevin Garnett. I can't I fancy away, I think, are yeah. I think you get the best offensive power for it. I think I've ever seen. Okay, so now you've got it at the offensive part yeah. I got that you're right yeah, so I got to call you on that. You know he's a finalist he's there, he'll probably get in so you'll be okay, you can sleep at night. Very soon piece will make it pierce will make right. I think he'll be unanimous. I think he'll be unanimous. I don't think there's a question about him. You know I really don't, and you know Chris Bosh is on this year and he'll get into. I think- and I think last year. The reason he probably didn't was very simple because it was Kobe, Garnet and Duncan. It was special and I think they wanted to keep it. That way. You know, I think they wanted to highlight those three guys and they still haven't been inducted. They're, probably gonna get inducted down in May. You know that still hasn't happened. It's weird right!
Rana, and so it all possible get in any should get it. I think I should get in and Michael Cooper was fun one just because those guys are perennially lacked the idea tat. Did you dead when he got it, fine I now man goes beyond Euro Coopers funny. I was looking at up after I saw that Coopers when the violence I looked at Michael Cooper never made an all starkey because he played with Korea. And worthy of magic, the only reason why, every year now again, I think he probably averaged nine points a game for his. Career that wasn't it right. We know what bird said about him. We know that used to lie in bed at night with his wife, Wanda, the poor woman, and make her watch film a Larry bird before they went to sleep every night. You know she was that kind of lockdown defender. I liked the story to. I think it was on ESPN com recently about Kobe's workout, Jerry Jerry called called in a retired Michael Cooper to just the the kids grill and make a
difficult as possible form, and even at forty or, however only was Cooper was kiddo given CO, Bialy could handle it. So I think you I think he belongs in there too. I do here He belongs in there for me, for a variety of reasons, but again and I'm sure you're at game for eighty seven finals net so thick sir up six but crater, because Casey Jones is played everybody just every minute again and they're all heart to get our turn over. I think there's like two minutes left and it's a little fast brake on the other end and Cooper leaks out to the right, and it's right in front of were my dad was sitting. Can magic magic goes that, of course, he knows coopers their brings people over swings. It too, and the whole crowd we just new is going it incorporated
to three and it goes from six points to three points but he's wide open. I don't know what his stats were career was, but that dude was taller. You knew I was going in and the crowd made this noise like he was you know, and then he was there dj. He was the djs. You know DJ would go one for thirteen and then was six seconds left he'd hit. You know a nine team footer with three guys. Hang it on. You read unbelievable like that you're there very similar. I think it's funny. Nowadays he would have shot two thousand three day. At a time when he was shot like thirty for peace, Are you reminded us reindeer guy yet, and we would like to remind you that article twenty million a year but about they try to get a. I Jackie, I think we covered everything me, one trade, anyone trade, we for player in a team, alright, well Scouts as Harrison Barn to the Celtics. Let's make it happen just to keep make your day.
Harrison by, but I did you lose Peyton Pritchard on the other. We are on the way back at least maybe maybe something real use, a pick two, probably somebody else there. I think I am, I think, I'm ok with that at the garrison. Barnes is I just legit good, oh yeah yeah. It is- and you know what you already know- he's good as opposed to Richard, I think, probably is going to be good, but he's how tall is he? I don't know he's not that tall and they need they need to get bigger. They need to get bigger on the wing they just do they do the craziest one I saw is someone talking about. Al Horford coming back to the Celtics can. Can you believe that just just no way that's happen, yeah, no, no, no! Wait for one thing: they're, not gonna pay them pay and they didn't want to pay money that money in the first place. Now, why would you want to pay you? two years older and less effective, so that they need they need it. Then it is going to happen.
Swing or it's not going to happen. I theorized through Rocio. I actually think it makes more sense, more sense for Sacramento on Trade buddy healed than barns. I would keep on really yeah, because that it is then packages play Halbert, more yeah. I think so. He has good you. Nobody yields got value, though, by area out put my hand for buddy. You know, and I still think, J J Ready, could help somebody, but I don't know if they'll trade him now. I guess they're not sure, now that they will, I mean from what I'm hearing from GM? It's like everybody's sort of, like maybe I'll, just hold on to my guys, because I'm still hopeful I'm still hopeful for the second half of the year. I just I think it's going to be a lot quieter than people. People think Well look forward to reading your Jamal Mary article next week, good to see you jack? All right? Thank you. Bill have a nice evening. Two.
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visit, freshpet dot com to find a store or online over option near you. Alright, my old friend Wesley Morris is here we used to work together, at a place called a long time ago, he's at the New York Times right now. Oscar nominations are Monday, An you usually come on right before the Oscars and we try to make sense of the year and there's usually a framework to it, and you have a feeling- and you can look at like Box Office, Bow Joe and see what they really wow and you can look at these different less my schedules, all off its were in MID March user, we're doing this January on the Box office motor. A bad boys for life, many urgent six million dollars a big four times as much money as any movie ranked tenth and down for two thousand twenty are lower. That says, but how do you make sense of this year
I think this is the weirdest disasters year River had, I think, that's controversial opinion, but how do you have it set in your brain as you think about it? Ah? Well, it makes me feel like one. He just throw bad boys into the mix for best picture to ethics but you know it's funny, because that was the last. It wasn't officially the latter, movie theater movie, but it was definitely. I think it was the last big it before the pandemic was officially declared dependent ah Maxie side of the hedge, I was the last big AL gave out to be fast register. Be other yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I didn't see that a movie theater though I am that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I'm just I'm just marking myself think stop with the way back comes out. Red as the pandemic sitting and the way back is screwed and the way back is so been lost in the Oscar stuff. I thought I would get at least like people kicking the tires on them no way but yeah so from March
where the year anniversary of the pandemic from the last twelve months. It just goes aside. I think that really interesting to think about is what would have like. Let's just say, nothing changes, re leg, let's just say: ok, let's, how do we tastefully respectfully speculate about this? Let's say that their there is no pandemic. You know there are definitely was a pandemic but saying that it doesn't happen from the standpoint of what you and our time by with movies, but AIR we single one of the movies there we're talking about right now is a is an Oscar is Asker Ellen or because it fell within the eligibility window the calendar year all the news tat use ten it as an example, for this would say ten at two hundred and forty million hours. Yet does that change, how we see it as an Oscar move? Probably,
I think that the way back I mean I think there is there's some line demarcation that happens in terms of the way people are thinking. This because I think what happened is thing became real until the studios began to take the Asker part of the calendar year seriously, and so every thing that the the pre dates say I mean what movie what I'm looking at my list, your, what movie would be the movie that says that everybody, ok, I guess there's are really happening. I think it was like Dennis no mad land winning prize like winning in Venice. If that's the thing It actually happened in not my imagination. I think it was that the other international festivals, began to have events and like prizes were being give raw deeper like wait. We had a movie, sees it yeah, yeah as item that is
what Natalie this happened like this is happening, and I think that it basically about Livy aided any movie they came out before September. I heard that So what you are left with is all of these things at lake. I dont use the term Oscar Bait, but this is the year that, if you ever go to that term it and don't like using it. This is the Asker babies. You meet its actual bait for Oscars weekend, but but to allow that point like I've got a lot of trouble even knowing what an Oscar movie was like in years. Yes, we have- you saw infrastructural in there is the tenet side of stuff where we be, who is in sight seven years ago or whatever was those like those big budget movies that were also really well done? Maybe those at the dark night. Are those other ones outward. They would come out September October November December, a twenty four legs more studios
and you can kind of tell this- is he regard this as an Oscars when one stuff gets here least on Amazon or networks I have no way to discern like made Miami was just like. Oh Regina, King directed something I think I getting this is I guess this is a thing, but then it's like oh this actually would have been an Oscar move, If we had an animal year, and you and I are in this for a living you're in a way whether I am but if I can't really tell the difference that tells me most people, they get tell the difference, because I made out of a normal for this. Have one. I have one thought about this and it leg it's. It's not controversial, It is basically Roma. It is the thing that you knew was going to happen actually being forced to happen because of the circumstances, but this
conversation that nobody really wanted to be having about what a movie was, the Amazon was forcing Hollywood. To really reconsider is is a real question about Amazon, sorry, Netflix rate Romas. Netflix movie is incorrect. Are you sure about that fraud efforts? You know the thing about the thing about about Roma was that people were freaked out that air, This was this was this? Was this was a a thing I mean it wasn't a growing it was it to be doing something that but he was already worried about ensue Roma happens it it it's a Netflix movie that plays in theaters only, more or less for Asker consideration and
that I mean I'm. Not even sure, for the first thing is: is is Roma, but there it just becomes this wave of things mostly from Netflix at this point, where you don't know you Dont know whether that Cohen Brothers movie about away for instance, which I like that that really good. As though, because an performance you don't know what is it the ballad of the ballad of the violent buster Scruggs yet, and didn't know what to do about that. There was playing at one theater, I believe in New York City, and I didn't know where was it? Would it be? Expand other feeders at some point, I think all of those questions about what a theatrical release was versus something that winds up on a streaming platform.
I mean I don't know what they're worried about out there. Now I don't know what the worry is that Warner Brothers is willing to just release its entire slate for the year on a streaming platform, because that's where all of the sort of that's where all the business model energy is to get people to subscribe. Do it I mean We are definitely different I'll give you the worry and then I'll give you that thing. That's probably appeal to them. The worry is that no way to actually specifically say: here's how this movie did. Though, like leaving only about our instance right. So, yes, the way that comes out of March would say the pandemic staff for another six weeks break, let's say the way: makes a hundred and twenty million dollars, the number one movie in America for three weeks in leads to this whole, better Affleck he's back again and you get others push from it in people know what that is, and then
when we get to Oscar time. I'd be like. Oh, there been a like that movie, they did pretty well, and you say that the flip side is all of these. Streamers can just lie about. First of all, they can lie how the movie did. Second, they can control how the movie did, I had a promoter their platform, so this is now one night. I am, he wondered Miami and adjust its constant and it felt like bigger thing than it would have an average has been released in a theater, so they have extraordinary control for better and worse and yet, if fur, from their standpoint, I would argue that in a weird way, that's probably more beneficial than because what is successful them. Well, what successful, as people came to our platform, they watch something or what are they watch? They basically watchword. We than the watch. That's why Guinean Georgia became so success for the last two weeks, re hath, why we have done a fire festival to Fire Festival, documentaries and to their from platforms at every watched, its because people go to networks aims at whatever
and the tiny they re say there. They what's that yeah, so that the out of control. They have over kind of telling us what to watch to me completely changes the Oscars conversation. Absolutely yes, except I still think of it. I mean okay, so I've got one major disappointment which I really thought that, once you got two September in this in the Oscars did seem like they were happening and you're pushing back the release you're, pushing back the eligibility window. So whenever last February or the end of January. I think. And then you don't thinking, ok, will the critics groups are still going to do the work they do in terms of handing out awards and beginning to refrain this conversation, but then the golden globes or not nations are gonna happen. Later than that. I thought this is a real taste making free for all and this thou anybody filling out a ballot to just go
Haug, wild and just in any old thing that you liked that you weren't told, is the best and it to the best of the year. You get to actually be honest about what your tastes are and there might be some so that in Norway your agenda is right, yeah sure yeah, but that did not okay, for instance- I saw this movie that I really love over the summer they came out in the in the early fall called the forty years. Version by this woman, IRAN a blank. It is for anybody who's wondering about what to do about their Woody Allen relationship. I would say let this when big ten, more movies and that problem will be solved for you, because our people, wondering what to do about their woody out ship they're out there, okay, I know what to do
A lot of us knew what to do, but who made answer favour movies using about yeah yeah. I mean I. I think that I thought ridable would be a shoe in for any number of these prizes, just based on people seeing it on Netflix, which is where it lived and being like this, is charming extremely well made and this woman is this woman to star she's a star and she's a star, and this view, Specific movie like movie rector movie actors where does not really exist anymore, and by the time the movies begin to go through the filter that forty year old version is not the things that wind up in anybody's cup the bird, the five bloods, the five it picks I saw a lawyer babes barely remember. It was a year ago that, but that a pre September movie rare that the five blood is suffering from a nun.
Everything's. I think in terms of not being part of this If a year or haven't you for what end of year in terms of being part of his academy awards com, thing number one is it came out. I think it was the first major movie by a great director that that the reviews views these great reviews and people we did seem to watch those first to weaken its earlier that first those first two weeks, because the weak and even now bill we a weekend and vat I think what happened was people I mean I think people saw the movie it is frustrating. It's got a good parts, it's a bad parts. You are going to talk about this, but I dont think that the I dont think the quality I need the quality of the movies really matters for this conversation, because I think
part of this weird year, isn't what I was trying to get at earlier is if nothing had changed about this you're in the pandemic, just have to bid to depict the pandemic, doesn't happen and you have the same opening, including ten including the way back. But but you know ten, it doesn't work. And the way back? As is fine, but I mean it's a movie built to left his act or give a good performance, yes Following on the rocks. Other acts is built for Burma to travel. Don't don't you I mean I don't worry deregulate, I gotta have a don't even do had been ass, somebody's trying fair. So I think you know the movies this year are not that they just aren't. I look at the things that are like the main, the major candidates for these. You know five to ten slots. It's not like shocking.
Are you kidding? I there there very, I mean actually think as a class of movies there, a greatly it'll be a great classes, movies, to just be able to say that these were year, these, what your five to Ten Academy award, as pitcher nominees? But now one of them is is, is it is agreed? movie right arm, and some of them are just embarrassing. We can talk about the second, but I think that I think the five blood's quality is somewhat separate from the thing that wound up happening to it. I mean it, I'm just going to say this. I dont think quality really matters in the scheme of what we're talking about. With these ask you know: quality a completely second, hurry or maybe tertiary, ah aspect of what we're dealing with here I mean people might like some of these movies. I
like a couple of them, but we're not really talking about any. Movies being great they're, all important for various reasons, this episode specimens pack ass his breath. You buy Mccain, Quick Cook, Fries China too, for about but New Mccain, quicker, fries cook and half the full time. A traditional became friends have guessed what else? There's no weapon. You can cook an entire foot: the bag. These delicious Chris be one hundred percent real potatoes in half the footman timers their traditional fries, making mealtime less flippin difficult, its unflinching, unbelievable. So please do yourself a favor, had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself. The bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share, and you foot deserve that
What were hidden this weird time with art movies, are being felt the most of this. What a movie tried to do, what a movie represents. Who made the movie is now being factored in as one the main ingredients of how people felt about the actual quality of the movie. Yes- and I think happened for for a couple of years, but this year, especially- and it's led to this point- Well, I I do feel like there's. Probably people out there who are a little were a little afraid to be critical boobies. The way we used to be where ya. If a movie stands for something beyond just use a two hour thing, people start tiptoed and they start Walker on eggshells and they're afraid to be critical to your credit,
then you're, fuckin asshole, when you and I had a conversation earlier? What would later Blair you know in the middle of last year about the trial is Chicago. Seven, if you have told me that that movie would be the thick of an award conversation- I living out, another our ratsey or for six, I seriously what a crap my pants It's like a it's like a front runner yeah, yeah yeah. I just can't believe it. I mean we, I dont, we don't need a religious gave them the many things that that don't work in that movie
but it streams of the thing that works best in that movie, which has marked violence in place, not at all part of any conversation that saucer bearing Cohen as like, plagued one the movies so to speak, I just have a limit of forty two year old, only I beheld off its twenty for the movie whenever it Are you the mark. Rylance to me was the only important said performance a matter other than the guy who paid for at Hampton, and oh right yeah donating. Yet he he's he's wonderful but here I mean he's barely in it is barely billions. His scenes I mean it got me alone already amply movie that I knew coming which is another one like it. When we talk about these movies that are and miss like Judas and the black Messiah unbelievable
I mean really like one of the best. I noticed you fired at sea. It really interesting story that people had been waiting to see for a long time. Think it a movie like who is going to do this greatly. Identical is really good net, but He's got a lot of problems and people are talking about at lake. Oh my god, that was amazing. Was it like a like ours are you could do this better than maybe how are we supposed to feel about the keys danfields character that movie? What was he Ultimately, this guy is one of the worst characters. We've had in a movie and the movies ambivalent, about a with trying to
It will then be how I'm supposed to feel bad omen and see ultimately were response. Deliver them men at the Inn. It's like hey. He called himself after this thing came out. Ok, so he felt bad right rightly raise it. Wasn't the whole point of your movie to teach me show me that course sacred give your thoughts. Ah, I think a really interesting thing is happening with respect to black storytelling and and black filmmaking. At the movies. I think that there is a poor I've, personal feelings about what's happening in, and I think I have you know a different set of personal feelings. I think the thing that has happened. Is great, on the one hand, because this is pent up energy that has existed, you know, among like a wide swath of storytellers, is Finally being released rate. You
now have all of these directors. Screenwriters out there. Trying make up for lost time with respect to stories that just haven't gotten told and that's the legacy this year right, the amount of diversity in the movies we have is almost unparalleled ray. The idea that we both agree that that spent ass- that's part of the that's part of the thing that's happening with these Oscars and I can this in this movie year by, I also find it really fascinating, vit, most people's views of that pent up, and g is to tell the story of a great black American A to make a bio pick, which is my least favoured genre of movie period. That's that settle part meat. I do not. I do not like these movies as a genera. There are many good ones, but for the most part you just they
A wind up doing more harm then good in terms of why you, the questions that you wind up asking about. Is this real or is this not real? Did they make this upper that didn't they didn't? fabricate this other thing I, where we did, the doors we watch about Chuck was Jochen about that, how they have yet to see us air. It's like hey man. All out their jobs right over there and they have to like condense. Whatever is going on in the world the two minutes as yet sued Vanni, I've, epic, I'm with you there very frustrating. I enjoy all of them with their pressure exasperating. So I find it interesting that a lot of their energy went into the telling of of stories of very famous Americans, great Americans in a lotta cases who
who don't appear in movies, or you know don't appear, is often in movies- is as any number of other non black people white people I mean. Who are we getting? But then there is this other current in which I shouldn't have a problem with this, because it leads. All the biotech problem that I have, which is that you you do you take the Peter Morgan Route, which, which is a great route which is you're not telling the whole life story of a great person or famous person you're telling an incident or a chapter from that person's life. That's really Peter Morgan is the guy who wrote the Queen Frost, Nixon thus, I found you man, that's a documentary strategy to turn to the cradle to the grave re, creating a grey version to concentrate on like five years right. It's me it's a very good strategy.
You know my favorite Peter Morgan Movie is is, is the damned united which I don't know if anybody seed fuckin blossom, They were the best sports by these last five years. That is one of my favorites. It's one of my it it's the best of them. Morgan when we set my plus another best. Michael Shane Movie Athos tv show anything yeah, Michael Sheen, he's great in that movie absolute you, sir anyway. These movies do a version of that, but the problem is in at least the case of of United States Forces Billie Holiday, which is a lady annual movie that Susan Lorry Parks route. I mean, if you, if you told me Susan Lorry parks was gonna write of a leader, David Lee Daniels Movie, I would have after I got picked up myself up from passing out. I would have just said is it, and can I give you all my money right now, but the way that these movies have gone about did so anyway.
You'd billion responsibility, holiday and then Judas reducing the black Messiah. And there's another only one night in Miami we're not in Miami. But okay. So that's a different problem that movies problems are different from these two plus, but another one like we're set in a specific time, with famous characters right, but the problem I have with with Billie Holiday and Jews in the blackness. I is the point: the view or all their occupied by the FBI Re or like you know that it's not the FBI and Billy holiday. It's the drug agency, the Federal bureau of. Sound investigations, narcotics, it's in narcotics, bureau the the points of view, That movie are totally scrambled and you
spend way too much time with these boring government people. These men they're not interesting. Like none of them is interesting. You be tell me Billy holidays you're gonna, give me part of Billy Holidays life. You're, going to spend all this time with. You know like which his face Garret said guerrilla. That's not the same person Garret Headland Ray. You're guy, you start out of stock. I Love Garrett Headland he's nothing to do in this movie, but there's so many scenes of him just sitting around trying to orchestrate this plot to get her arrested. Well, it's same thing with Jews in the black Messiah from Friday night lights. Yellow is like same thing. It's like Jackie began as we read it, he's gonna promise of stuff and then he's gonna backs that the guy in the end didn't get what he wants like. This could be done in three minutes site that you ve seven scenes with this. Guy knows.
You're gonna go, but the problem is. It really makes me question. Emily's movies feel to be compromised in that way, they couldn't imagine themselves and I guess it's kind of a permanent Problem is also a metaphor for what the movies are aching to make clear, which is. It you know the movie itself can't be free of this. Of these. White people, white people because Billie holiday in Fred, Hampton couldn't be free of them, but the movie isn't, really engaging with one. What it means to have Billie holiday. This black FBI is black narcotics agent go to cover and become her lover and also be betraying. At the same time, he's like the one died as beater up. But he s I'll beat her up in this other way. He basically you know it's like not its
kind of non consensual sex in a away and You know in the Fred Hampton Movie, you have this character, who has infiltrated the black Panthers circle but doesn't seem to He just as a lot opposing, and I mean physical, posing, I mean he's. Not even a spouses an ideology it all. He is just physically. There to take the movie through the genre film minute that it ultimately is determined to be this with Billy holiday? These are movies that have it they're core. These really great ideological questions about you, know black power, black serenity and what what would it mean for a guy like Fred, Hampton who was also interested in a kind of class solidarity?
standing. What the power structure in this country look like and what it would take to actually overcome it. The movies are interested so Fred after was like twenty two two. That was the thing I was like. I don't know I've always been fascinated by him. I was waiting for the Fred Hampton movie. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but this is person who actually needs to have a conventional oven biography made about him or like the Miss America treatment like the fx series, where it's seven episodes and we dive in. We really get there with the same way they did. In that thing Like a lot of clutter, though I don't like the avenger approached to any of these historical events leg. I think the Miami problem that I have is like. It is an avengers movie with with these These great Americans, trapped in one place or like a hold up together in one place for a little bit, but that movie that
movie works for me. It's the script is not good that woman can direct challenge, actors yeah that is some of the best directed acting I have I have seen in a movie in a long time and what mean by that is she understands how to block these guys, she understands how to create intimacy, among them and between them. You know, there's a great seem between Jim Brown and, I believe, Malcolm X. The bed, and they are sitting so close together, and these two actors are essentially locked into each other in this. In this one, seen, and it's just it's so electric near the movie, the movie, you also and even notice. How mediocre the surrounding material is because the people at its centre are so are so
there's just exciting a watch I like the way more fun movie than ours prepared for it was my favorite of that. The three we just talked about, I thought it was the best will always got as far as I know celebrating it just where you are and what the one thing I will say about Billie Holiday whenever sleep all free these movie. You're bleed knows his lady angels. I we are leading us is one of my you know. I'm picking my thirty favorite rector's Lee Daniels is definitely one of this is not a thing is the thing about Lee Daniels. It's great is key. Does a thing that Regina King does Regina King out? Does him in her movie, which is like people sitting around and talking I'm leading away that seems completely at the yes, yes in and in an Regina Kings case, is especially impressive, because the things they are saying
Basically, from a Wikipedia entry right like they're, just therefore competing lake, like you know, college papers, duty now doing it get out in this in this motel room the thing I love it Lee. Daniels is a thing that she does better than he does in her movie, which peoples you're doing nothing, but all the great scenes in you at its first Billie holiday or just people sitting around doing nothing. They are just shooting the shit, and it is a glorious thing to watch with that movie? Is that their economy is a plot and No, I would love to see Susan Lorry parks. Original script is, is the other thing I would say about them will be. I would love to see. What she had in mind for it may mean this could be it. But I I wonder I I mean she's somebody with a strong point of view. I don't know why I wonder what else about Billie holiday. She would have wanted us to know, but I just feel ache.
You know the other thing that I was the other movie, that sort of fiction film, the F B. I M, you know I'm ok, FBI, Ref B. I an ok that SAM Pollard documentary. That also is about the government's relationship to black people and I think that take away from from the stature movies. Is you know this country at the height of the solar resume? It was terrified of negroes and the degree to which it scared of black people, cannot get people in Regina kings. Movie. Also understood me up and spoke. Give me up at various points there is a real. There is real. I mean the scholarships been done, but I mean to try to tell us story of the ways in which the government sought to you know expose. You know in some is assassinate or to attempt
with ass, an eight humiliate you know discourage the advancement for civil rights in this country is a shocking right. It's that peace and that also the peace. They were so afraid that either somebody would emerge that would be read the letter that which is weird they that thing that ties in a bunch of these movies like Lee Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, but problem is though bill like the machinery, the mechanics of these movies, like at the end, the day there all just movies rate. There's that there's not a lot, that's interesting in them as movie stern theirs. Not a lot of great, I think shocking as a good director, I'm curious to see the next thing that he does, but there is something missing from the heart of all of them, and that is
in doing so to be sorry out that the Fred happen YO to me that movie is Fred. Hampton represents something that the government is so afraid of that they're gonna try to undermine it. In that eventually say fuck. It wishes, kill him. Instead, right, yeah yeah to me that the most important part of the movie, the Lakeith fanfare carried there is a proper to Cairo to kind of bring all that stuff in. I got really care about his journey. I care about what was what was Freddy Anthon tapping into TAT, made them so afraid, At the event, you said fuck it. Let's just riddle his apartment thoughts, and I don't I don't. I feel like that was like the secondary story of the movie. That was what frustrated me I felt like they were really more interested in but keep Stanfield's journey. But meanwhile they weren't even telling us what the journey was, because we ever had that one scene where he's just like getting a haircut and
somebody starts talking about a famous trader and you just see and look at his eyes and he was like well and he starts defending the trader. We saw him not reconciling this at all, except with the weird injury from Friday night lights. Scenes that you could have cut all those out movie would have been fine. I can't believe actually that given some of the licence, that movie takes the it just couldn't those conversations between Jesse clemency, Keith Stanfield, be between Daniel Kaluza, unlucky, substantial yeah right, I have two black men talk about. You too, have four at Hampton kind of quiz. You know this camera that the the the infiltrators name. Now I just like left my brain yet to have some scene where he's feeling about, and he says something like look, what we're trying to do right now, there's nothing more important. This
We have to make sure we don't have somebody in our circle who could betray us, because that would be here all the reasons that would be blah blah blah like we don't have anything. I don't know also a thing I mean this is the problem that I had with with the Chicago seven movie too, which is that you have all of these great american figures. Guy. But in one place it's an offenders movie problem, which is that you have These people assembled and they nobody really gets to do the thing that makes them great. They bled them. They D brought them into the quorum rate. It's all about the need that For I mean it's called the traveller Chicago seven, I mean I don't know why I'm shocked to be to be done bring the movies about a courtroom case, but I I don't the court room case is so I mean ok, any in actual the actual. The actual trial was fascinated
but as moviemaking, what you really want to know is who each one of these guys is in more like a thumbnail way. You can't, I just want to spend more time with all of them to see why would have landed each one of these people in that court. Room together. Well, it also, but are also the best casting out of there now you mentioned a few movies that, as the motor gonna bring it as casting casting thing a few seconds, I read bans fucking terrible his harvest, say: that's where you get a break out, he's terrible placed on aid and any is awful he's that believable and I almost think it's good for such bearing calling coups actually like pretty compelling in those waits world, but he's basically point some essential character playing out behind yeah yeah, but at least he's doing something. Compare daddy Redmain, whose just in a different movie it's like. We did new Jack City, we're Talkin unwatched was rejected
our shared Nelson's just in a different movie. Every green, its I'll Judd's over here he's thinks he's foaming lethal weapon, three any red in a different. We, then everybody else ended. You know it's the biggest fly There are other than some other adverse, but these movies are really scared of politics, and I think that is the thing that connects pretty every single one of them all the movies every single one of the potential best picture. Nominees is a movie that connects in some way, the some large America ideal, a sorry, some large american ideal or some actual political problem Rachel. We can just go through them. This absence about to buy beyond meat stock about beyond meat? Their food is plant based, which means all the key ingredients come from plants and it's good for the planet these days, you know what I've noticed. A lot of athletes turn into plant based diets to improve their health and pro.
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and right now beyond meat is offering listers a coupon for two hours after next purchase by heading to beyond me that dot slash bill since the five. Seemed to be no bad, then, which is kind of an old school asters movie childish I got seven benare, wouldn't good Mank, which all the other movie nerd absolutely loved and promising young woman, which we should talk about in the second and then it goes into Judas. We talked about many bottom when they Miami sound metal bore at, is kind of lurking, yeah, yeah and end. The fibers so of all those movies. I mean you don't like the only when they did doesn't really have any obligation to acknowledge any of this is the sound of metal, which is my favorite movie, you of that bunch of movies, that that is here down my favorite of those bunch of movies. If you
seeing the sound a metal, it is fantastic. It is one of the one of the most beautiful movies. A change in a person's life. I've ever seen resolve. It is really good. That's the guy who plays the guy who runs the camp where of like the Group home where resign midwives up. You know, a little bit of rehabilitation, tat guy, fantastic, any I'm not going to get his name right. I think it's Paul racy Paul race. I think I think that's right I think each one of those movies, except for the sound, a metal, is trying to say something larger about about this country, and doesn't really want to name it right. It doesn't say what the problem is bore at Bora does a wholly movie. That is willing to sort of take this shit on down to end to actually identify.
To say the names to leg get the bull that in ones to rope in in, and so it tromp error movie. That is not afraid to say Donald Trump. It's not afraid to go in to so called Trump country. It's not afraid to be ugly and rose. I mean, I think, I'd taxes, this to you at some point I like that movie and I never want to see it again. It is. It is a kind of ugliness that just a kind of makes me sick, but it also reminds me of the place where we live and it's not as good as the first movie, and yet it is still it is Oh, really, it's a really useful document of particular moment in this country's history that also larger than the moment itself and its it's so on a aid to be the thing that it is.
That woman, Maria Maria buckle over, is she's an actor like I mean, I think, she's an actor but she's also like this one of those things were I to know your experience with a really was the aid. I didn't know I mean I know she was, but I also wasn't sure about the nature her being in the movie and then at some point. It is clear that this woman is is doing. She's, just she's, making magic I don't know what I then I actually think she should be nominated. I love their eyes, it was one of the best female comedy performances of the last ten years. Yet I gave you they if I'm talking about them Mccarthy bridesmaids I or even their gender- it I'll period yeah, it's I'm with you
fact that she she basically walks into an MBA game with the broad such a bank or being the broad he's like than the brunt of this right nobody is better at in the moment Imre FUCK with people comedy and she's. U psycho, and she is better going into a news and a lot of ways I mean I think there are times when he is a prize that she's keeping up with his rare moments. When I watch this would be a did, watch it twice and I'll, but I don't ever want to watch it after the where he is. Like so clearly in ah but heat. You know he can. You know, he's also gotta stay in character yet but she's. So he's so willing to go so much farther than maybe he even asks heard ago that he can't believe it. It's all
and she should get nominated. I dont. I have no idea, no feel with comedies the Oscars usually ignore them, but because Borat was he pointed out a weird. They important snapshot of whatever weird year. We were in yeah, but I only when some points on that. I dont think that I still think that there is the classic Oscars respectability question and this movie is utterly disreputable. It is, it is disgusting, it is foul and it is. It is too honest for four academy right, I think I mean anything I hope begin submitted. I could be told there could be enough people in the in the membership to get together the best picture nomination. But I just think I think that there is a fundamental. I don't want to call all of the rest of the movies are that are sound metal dishonest, but there is, kind of reluctance to to.
To get in there and like a really say stuff, I think no man's land is a beautiful movie It moved me. I think Francis MC dormant is wonderful. I think the people round her agree, but what does tat movie really a power rate like it takes it so easy on us, because the thing that you find out each and every one of these people lives live in this peripatetic lifestyle. Is it they're all all lost somebody there right leg. There is an incident of of personal grief that is sent them to this place and it's a lifestyle ready, Katy upon upon loss and not loss of not losses of of status or our houses of a job, or a house or lifestyle, but a person, and maybe there was some loss of those other things with that loss of a person. But you know it's wrong. Man, take its around,
magic movie that isn't I don't get a free. To be angry. I just don't know what it I dont know what else it wants to be about in theirs now. I guess there's a way of watching it were like it's fine for the movie just to be Thing that it is not true, except in Donna Wortham M made this point to me and I've been thinking about it, but she, I didn't, think about it. The way she said which is that you know Frances Mcdormand loses her husband and we find out that he ran this plant backing. You know they're all been a when she was fixed in a place for a long time in this town and he dies in. I don't remember if we did he added with a remember how he does, but as a long time ago, but it's entirely pilots probably can't I think it's entirely possible that company that he ran or worked for is the reason he's dead,
town empties out and lake, the that you know they romanticize. This lost way of life in some ways, but it's possible that that way of life is responsible, support for what she lost and it's just oh interesting how simultaneously curious about in beings that movie is but not about the conditions that light. That change our humanity or that the deep in or or cause us to like disconnect from it. It thinks it's got that one side, When she goes, I don't want to ruin it for anybody who hasn't seen it there's a scene where she's among a different set of people who are living this. This nomadic lifestyle and I think those or are meant to explicate. They are doubly meant to explicate. Some things about France's Mcdermott's characters, life but
I don't know, there's a real voice, said, there's a real kind of spiritual void and that movie for me that I don't think it really. You know it's based on a book they get in a lot of these things is a. It was a great performance movie, not a great movie but she's, a good filmmaker thou closure, and I'm just saying what endured for me yeah. She is a good filmmaker you're right, but what endured to me and what I think will remember ten years from now is you know, Francis Norman, I think, is going to win the Oscar for it, and then the director will be we'll look at that movie and she's going to do five more, and that will be like the tipping point when it's like we could make any movie. She was yeah, but I mean again there's another movie that leg. I think that movies are safe. It doesn't, I don't feel like its compromised in terms of like the way it formerly operate: you know I mean I think it needs to it can only it all,
We can work for the number of people working for because it cuts all these corners and is about this very digestible, human Suffering is opposed to you know something more existential or something more inherently are obviously political, like the Amazon stuff isn't really in dining of Amazon. It is, but it's not not really enough. It's weird benare, that's a blue differ movie it. It reminds me a little nomad land in that I thought Steve. One great like I thought I really I came as an actor anomalies ruining firm anyway, but I just thought he was
good in that movie and that movie it's like. It's really well done. It's not trying to say too much it's laying stuff out, and we kind of we have to figure out whatever we want to figure out from it. I don't think it's a great movie, who is really good net that it was, I certainly am glad I watched it. I probably unwatched again, but I guess it brings us back to our point is like these are movies that are read them fiddle ask over its yeah. I mean yes, we are you. The manure is a really interesting one right, because you know you it's tricky, because the thing that that makes it the thing that that that you love about it the thing that the people who like it like about it is like its smallness its truth about you know an aspect of the images
experience in this country and how old scores as it moves at a pace. That is the pace of the movies that were forty years ago. Yeah. I think what am I gonna liked about it? This is this your butt, me. To my I mean it's kind of like the reason it's kind of my problem with the movie. In some ways it Sundance maintain ninety six. It feel, like a very particular old kind of american movie. Godchild childish, Gaga. Seven was Sunday at stating Andy three yeah. Those actors should abandon that age indicted added through when they did this movie. You know you Union John is the grandmother and she I mean when she shows up. You know it just treat completely changes the character of that movie.
Beat it becomes stranger and more interesting and the energy changes she's fantastic. I just feel like there is in I mean it's not that there is not enough going on with movie doesn't need to have more, but there is something there is is kind of like it's moving around a question about what it means: for this family to be, you know, Here it is, you know, starting this far. M m. You know leaving that entered similar, no man's land in the sense that, like you're talking about a romantic you're talkin like a kind of romance with work and industriousness, and- and you know these these american values that run up against you know a different set of of value.
Use personal values, or at least in this case. You know. Korean values and the movie very gently does not press the issue of their in it doesn't have to, but you know what I do it, let you off easy a little bit. I have this new thing where, after I watch the movie, I watched the trailer and there's this weird phenomenon. There's been a couple movies this year, the trailers better movie and what they're trying to say in the trailer is more interesting than how they actually pulled it off, and the movie like that. You like that you trailers, Great Bernard you great, like you and the actual movie, doesn't go much deeper than the trailer did. It's really again, as it's really meticulously done and all that stuff, but I think that usually the movie, should be a lot meatier than the trailer. From the subject standpoint, I think it's
weakness is really working for it. Re told on. I think the fact that nothing, the terrible happens. You know it's a gentle moving. Yes in it, it's gentle on us. Yeah there's a total waiver, this movie to be to be kind of angry and bitter. Or do we got it? We got to cover two quick things: cuz, you don't work when is that you still think MIKE was the best movie of the calendar year, whatever this format cycle, or do you have something else I dont think? No, I like MEG, I like, I was surprised that I like make as much as I do. I'm not a big David Fincher person I think fit for. I think again the thing about bank that works is dead. Fincher is, is like one it's one of the occasion to raise being honest about what is what he like is interested in and what is interested in is movies.
And in how they get made, and he doesn't care about people he should stop pretending to, and you know he what is interested in is is the sort of the formal aspect of film making. So, if he's going to be difficult to make a movie that I'm going to believe in some ways, it all the way the need to find a movie believable. It probably has to be about a thing that he this soap that's evident in his it so evident that he cares about, and this is definitely one of those things yet like panic room, he was most interested in how he was going to film everything This awesome, condo and all the state of the art that he wanted to do it. It's like there's going to be some characters here too right. We're not gonna we're not sure why they're here and there is some conversations you know in in in the script about you know the war, and you know why
It's gonna means of what it what it means to be fighting in it. You know that the business itself that kind of gives it a little more depth than it did it did it There have been a less well read movie would have on, but even that like, I think I just liked it, because it's such a movie right, it looks it looks great and you're in a world, and they clearly built all this stuff. You know there's just like an attention to detail that that you admire its die cup of tea, but it's definitely want to one read its idea: I've never seen a movie quite like that move so yet. I was, I think, what he wanted and that's what he got, but I dont would use, would you say, there's a favorite mad land of those movies? You know my land, I mean down at best the favor
think about the Chadwick Chadwick Bozeman Pisa Hooker, which part of it. I thought he was awesome into five, but I have no idea if his evening get nominated for it. No probably I mean anything could happen again like the five bloods could really do well, because, Academy members remember, you know, and spiky has been used Rees research, but the question is: does he get dominate over Thou re Lindo? I do think the the fact that he is not with us anymore would make people more prone for that performance resonate with them. It ray. I thought he was excellent that movie and then and then I as a lead actor. I think he has a real chance for Marine ISA by bottom. Yeah, I mean for sure Chadwick Bozeman will be nominated for something. Maybe two things fact about whom we talked about in the pot before, like it right.
It'll end up, I think, being one of the legacy of the I and I surprised, be surprised if he got nominated in both categories, because I think we kind of lately realized how important of an actor he was. I think some people knew it all along, but I think way more people know it and appreciate it and even what he did and I'm hoping like twenty one bridges which I really like that's a movie star, that is my favorite genre of hob, star performance, He's shown allowed a person as there in the different movies that he made. You know and you go back and you look and he's not Chadwick Bozeman in the movie he's playing a character each time. An idea that the two things in this the two things he did this year- I don't know- I think I think he will be one of the things that I think you should be.
Yeah I mean I dont think that anybody voting in the acting categories is lake. It there's dares not gonna, be a question about whether its dowry Lindo or shower Bozeman from five less, because they you know those or do they would be different categories. I think that the question, whatever the question would be. I am I nominated to people from this movie. That fry me isn't gonna be a best, a best movies, so they don't pick up. I think between one and is it I mean again to be like to speak honestly, I think, that. That would be one of those things that brings us. Back to where we were. We started this conversation which, which is about you, know what our recognizing when were recognizing this work rate. I don't think that the five blood's works. I love spike. Lee This is one of those movies that, like he has control over, and he does
seem to mind that he has no control over it and it goes a lot of different places and he doesn't even he doesn't even seem to really even care about the gold until he cares about it again I mean it's clearly an oma to treasure the Sierra Madre, but he doesn't. Really with anything, and I think that you know doesn't I wanna edited either, which is weird. They reminds me the p Davidson movie, there are the victim of an early in their? Yes? Yes, yes, it is like a fucking. We're just gonna hate this two hours in twenty minutes over them. Whatever days were just getting, he bought the stuff. Then I'd stay. It's me at both movies are made during, but things that I really genuinely light a lot in the last forty minutes of the pit David's movie. Once we the fire station by really good sleep on his characters, fucking also
yes, and a little more to laugh India. Where was this movie because gap, movie then becomes about something right. It's about at home. It's a little bit about class in a way in this way I wanna spend my whole movie in the fire station yeah, the energy there is really good. I don't know how much of that stuff was even written you're down a lot of. It seems to be on the spot. The five blood's prob for me is. You know there are a lot of Roma near right. Well, yes, and no, think. I just didn't believe any of it. Great, like didn't believe, leave the relationships among those men- and you know those five, those four guys I love watching them. I think that, but I did not I believe that our Lindo character- I just Didn'T- I felt like again that as a movie, that was afraid to make that guy
everything I mean he had to dry. Lindo has to do all hit all the beats and do all the things that character is asked. Do you know the ugly stuff he's asked to do and say, but I think doorway Linda was playing post, traumatic stress in that Is only a little bit in the script rate he found the very found a very this thing in this guy. Much got too much going on in the on with going on with him with each other, with each other. As far as I'm concerned and supposed he supposed to be not unclear what he supposed to be, but it's just too much happening. In that performance can reconcile at all, and you know he's one of our he's. One of our very good actors- and this part is to me- got the better of him. I thought you people think I'm getting. I really thought african the way back was this one of the most affair
in the scene when he breaks down at the end, it was like one of the most affecting movie moments of the year and I just think Affleck brings so much baggage. Now people aren't even going to consider that movie, but it's been on HBO a lot. I keep getting sucked into it because I, like the basketball scenes. I thought that movie was really good and just as terms of sports movies go. Some of the tweaks, that they did the sports movie model, especially its bent out here. I don't care about spoiling but having the big game, but still having twenty five minutes ago. And all the side it good. I see that come in. I just never seen that sport movie before. Was I not where we like wait what it wait. Wait, wait! So don't stay championship, ecstasy. Last basque working to see, I thought I thought it did some stuff, but I thought had tapped into something with him and our history with him in twenty five years of better for being in our life in other fucking demons. That dude has
and they ve figured out a way to make a movie character. That became the proxy for all that sheriff. I was really interesting, but I realize I like better for more the most I am I mean, I don't know how and the record I'm about lay loving black than half like, but I really I do. I do really like him a lot and he's very visiting. This is one of those years where there are so many good. Performance, is that aren't gonna get asked for nominations zambian it out and every year, but you would think This will be. The year were like some of these people just gonna go I get in their rate Dat. Forming seems like one of those things I'm I hope there is our man in the sound a metal is one of these people who actually gets into the and the low in the last five people I feel like you know. I think that Viola Davis in Marines Black bottom, that is nobody's
talking about it is one of the grid pieces of acting that I've seen or the Dave seen in a long time, but I think that wherever she is in that movie. Clearly, she's got out of it. I saw her pictures of you know. Anking Beyonce for those clothes that Beyonce Center and her daughter so she's, back to normal, but wherever she went to tough, to find my rainy, I mean I compare You know when I was watching another. This is this. Is I know day Louis and there will be blood without without The Paul Thomas Anderson Movie to go with it and Somebody wants to let the old Davis this Conaway, while a widow so much. I think widows is an underrated movie part of it is that the old Davis we'll go any place. You need her
to go, I'm ready for another movie. I am you're gonna. Last hooker black cat, like a a great movie data, hamsters brothers in doing do in Brooklyn accent when his masterly air kinds that really loves that movie. So it's Chris Ryan and I like it, it might end up. We might be the only two but she's in it and she's playing like this brash EDA government person, news and it's just like this is cool. This is like one of our best actresses. Why she's in Pittsburgh away, but every seen she's in she's, like fuckin marrow Streep compared to everybody, said: the moving it's kind of hilarious watch, she's, so much better than anybody else. The only every she's always like that everybody wishes and she's, always the best person to say more Freeman there are some actors where well Morgan. Freeman of
Morgan Freeman, was always the most interesting person in any movie. He was in an You know, and then he became the voice of God, and you know America's President and Can't I've made you forget how rate he can be read now. We have now turned him into likelihood ornament or an elder statesmen, but Davis is not in that position at this moment. She is still you know it were it not for the army. Trinity does she probably was denied in terms of part she got Caston she. Definitely she be the person who comes to mind as readily as as people like Danny Lewis and real street. Do when we talk about what great movie acting is. It seems a rough I d b for her because she's man good for almost twenty years and she's. You know like in two thousand and seven shoes a tea in the tv series
traveler, agent, G and Marlo. I don't even know what that is. She was in the drama, the strange she paid back their Charlene Barton? and their law order she will in there on and off all the way through. She's a media goes to jail. I have another law abiding citizen here you ll get issues bouncing around and for some reason it was until what two thousand. I don't even know some guaranteed as well or two italian ray. I think that she had that really great year, where she made far from Heaven Antwerp Fisher Steven, Spielberg Solaris, where you go way back yard. Indeed it has Jew. Yet she kept showing up in things and was again like them. Those captivating them not even captivating, what she doesn't Antwerp Fisher. That is one of the
Remember that she has one scene at the end like just like she dumped in doubt she'd our recheck lake. She had his great moment at the end, Antoine Fisher and in I've, heard Denzil talk about it, but and I'll, never get tired of of people per singing the praises of that performance, where she just out, and it's like an ugly nasty. You know black mother portrait, but she puts it humanity and leg awfulness ended into it I mean villages she's, a good candidate for I for Imdb, Reset Game just get to redo your it's like with certain NBA players, hey Chris Weber, we're he's going to redo. We feel like there's a better outcome. Yeah I mean that's a great that's. A great comparison in she is the perfect person. Do
that happened for she's the only person I know a lot of people. I feel this way about, but she's the only one or the talent is just like what If anybody have been thinking except, you know what they were thinking she's a dark skinned woman they do not parts for, but they didn't have. Parts for. Her is unacceptable to me, because The parts were there, I mean the way went away yet the way they are thinking in tow basically, four years ago, they just right. That's why itself and the serum black hat. Even that was kind of wealth there is a black cat playing online, normally like Kelly Miguel S boy, but the thing about this is like a few Vila Davis Lake, if Michael Man wants you to read, you know you're doing it you're just going to do it you're just going to do it for her this year. I think think Frances Mcdormand is gonna win and sometimes we have years where the best actress, the person who wins
It would have been like the fourth or fifth best performance in another yards. If something is not good martins this year was a girl good. We gear for women, and yet this year's pretty strong, but I gotTa Frances terminal dining bill. If, if Andrew Day, If our day is, is, is one of the nominees it's over it? I mean. If she gets nominated, it means people saw the movie and if she guessed and people saw the movie. It means, though, not people I have seen the movie far away now you do you wish we had shows like the jump fur movies were present. Dorman might win her third best actress. What does that mean for her legacy against Meryl Streep? That's coming up next. We could do that right now. We got me right now, but I do think that I think are today could win. I do I think that You know she plays Billie Holiday for anybody know enough in the Lee Daniels Movie, but
think you're wrong on I one I could be wrong, but if she gets nominated look out, Viola. If its item and very soon that by Allah were not given it to France's Mcdermott, I think people gravity avail. Yeah, but I'll think in. I don't really believe you know there are people who believe momentum. Are you you're? Not momentum or you are momentum you're not here I have looked at an. I have momentum, the share when we ve had no movie season Why why we need the job for move? Is the equivalent of meant for me, is I dont believe in things cancelling. How like boaters, like like people splitting votes or whatever, but there is a possibility that if you ve got like two people who got three oscars between them that you want to give it to a person who doesn't have one. So there is that the lady red Band that year now his servant, but
No, I don't know what happens when we carry mulligan anything can happen, carry out. Otherwise I would submit that that will go down the most interesting movie. I saw the sheer sure it we can start there. I think the most interesting out their performance we had in a mainstream movie. I am surprised that its become a short list best movie. I was glad I saw it. I thought I was really really interesting button. I didn't expect the ceiling to be as high as as we had ask her Yeah I mean again, this is another movie that really does an entirely or but it's got it's got It's got some nerve, you know I don't like it. You got some nerve, I mean it's got a little bit a nerve I and its guy it's, but it's got a problem for me, which is that I don't understand to understand what she's going for great. I thought
lot about Rosamond Pike and gone girl watching carry Mulligan in promising a woman, and I felt lay Grossmann Pike, total control over every aspect of which she knew she had to do to keep the movie. Interesting and to create a character. That will not at all human was also like extra. Compelling for her lack of of of humanity right, carry. Mulligan seems to be going for the opposite effect, which is she wants to try to play a person who has become disconnected from our humanity and the thing that I he'd noticing in the movie- and this is a crazy, thing to say bill, but. The men are fascinating, in this movie to me, and I don't think that Images of the men are facing, but I think that.
The machine like nature of that character, the curry, Mulligan character, kind of the thing that makes you cringe obviously is is: is the men being caught rate and being called out for what they're about due to her, and I I really found it much more interesting when looked at from that in view of these are these shitty met and I died necessarily know that that makes the movie a success. So that was my biggest issue that I thought they went. The self parity rout with other guys and even the boat Burnham Character, the boyfriend who is like this doctors he offered all. That was I to me that seen especially I will read it in the past year. So if you haven't seen the movie, which isn't jump off it out, zombie motorists boiler she's gonna this bachelor party and the Bachelor Party is like it S. An L sketch
it's like a parody of a parody of a bachelor party, and it's that scene is so much more herring to me. If it's you know a bachelor party where it seems authentic, and it's like these seven guys get away for their wise for the weekend, her like cool. This way I showed up- and I feel like she's in danger from the gecko. You don't feel like she's in danger, because their basically making fun of the concept of a bachelor party, which leads me to my biggest question with the movie. Is this a parody movie, or am I supposed to be scared? Is this a thriller? Is this a black comedy yeah? I look at a movie like to die for, and movie knows what it is the entire time it's like this is a black comedy. We're gonna go to some places, but we know we're doing this will be at stake. Is this about? Comedy is this, ultimately a drama? Am I supposed to? Am I supposed to not laugh at this part it just trying to fuck with you in ways that I don't know if it
father time. Well, I, like the nerve of the other being messed with. I just feel like the end of that movie, though the last sequence in that movie is, is It's the ranged in so many ways and approve of army nobody's talk. About promising and women as a white movie, but it is a it is a is a an amazingly isn't. It is a movie about whiteness in in so many ways, but you know again can't quite name it because you know there's a Of his will devote your mail and alleviate the pavilion at Vienna is basically like one of the guys in training places when that day- and I cried was friends- were that the country out, but he thou it's like what is this. This is my job from forty years ago. It's the siren, the bill. Sirens that do it it's the is. The belief is that it's the belief in a particular kind of
like there's discomfort. On the one hand, but then there is a belief in injustice: in this other way that I, just after watching a movie, basically about like like injustice, re like a movie that you're supposed to believe is about justice that was never this person is willing to do the thing that she does willing to hang. All of her stuff the belief that it finally gonna get sir in this. In this very soon I like way in this annual suspects, a kind of- and yes yes, but but with the sound that you here at the very the the sound you hear at the end of the movie are supposed to signify to you the up. It's a rap. She was right. The most interesting thing to me about that movie was carry Mogan and just thinking like the arc of her career, and just
I didn't know she had that performance in her eye. So as as much as I, oh ok, you should hear in use. Paul Dando movie that I'm not going number three him of which is unfortunate, fall down directed a really good movie. That's gotta gray performance by her in it. I'm not I'm totally blank in the name of it. But a turn bill camp. And it's based on a book or a short story that just totally blanked on it but she's fantastic in that and again another good movie, directed by an actor that understand how to direct actors at so. Oscar nominations are Monday. You can hear Wesleyan still processing as well as a real I suppose that we're doing in April that I'm just dragging data about even asking you you just some just gonna tell you time and they move in I'll, see that enjoy the asked
So how to Jennifer us and I'm going to try you as always? Alright, that's it for the podcast. We will see you on Sunday day. Wanna, speak him when we sarfati don't have be with him. The side on the.
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