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NBA Draftapalooza, Part 1: Westbrook to the Lakers and Hield’s Trade Upside With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor before the start of the 2021 NBA draft to discuss the rumored Lakers-Wizards trade that would bring Russell Westbrook to Los Angeles, the prospect of trading for Buddy Hield, more fake Ben Simmons trades, and more!

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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find hot radios when download the higher up and book beyond your wildest means all bookings final bill, summons back ass, his breath you buy fender and fender sports book. You could gonna offenders sports book and made a bunch of fund draft. That's you could have tried to guess that ever Mobutu's can be the third pick all kinds of them
always check out: Fanduel Sportsbook. They have good stuff, that's about to buy the ringer dot com, as well as the Ringer podcast network. If you miss the Rewatchables Van Lathan at the bodyguard on Monday, we have a sports movie coming on next Monday, so here's the plan for today. It's me it's Ryen, Russillo, it's Kevin O'Connor. This is part one. This is going to be either a three or a four part draft Eggstravaganza. We tape this part, one at three hundred and forty five Pacific time on Thursday, reacting to the Russell Westbrook, rumor trades and a whole bunch of other stuff trying to set up what we got to drop it look like. So, if you listen to it, that is the contacts we went from. I think three hundred and forty five to almost four hundred and thirty part, two is going to be us, basically live watching the first few pics, and that might be part three as well, then part for will be a winners and losers pod. After all of this is done,
so for power pod, where we thrown him up enjoy. Am I love? The draft is my favorite day the year. I've been sick for the last two days, knack of it, but I, but I rallied you, don't get a very these gonna make me rallied seen Bay Draft, so that is all next. First, our friends from project. It is part of the Malta part Mba draft beggar pack, ass crime, associate capital kindness the tragedy is agreeable around secular difficulties, so we're just do. Mrs Pack has read out his three forty five Pacific turned Thursday draft is about an hour fifteen minutes where we ve had some some bombs already
We don't know if this official, so you can have to hang with us if you listen. This is a podcast use, my change, our reactions by change. We thought it'd be fun to capture our reactions in real time. Westbrook to the Lakers KU's is in there Kcp Carol and 22Nd pic or as I texted your house, the poo poo platter. The Roper's, I guess but Casey Lakers Russ. What was your media reaction I mean they're gonna need a play maker if they lose Schroeder, so rough, the West Brigades that he raises their ceiling with what he can be. It is best. But when I worry about is if your play eighty after four, if your continuing to do that you're spacing, is just gonna be horrific around the rod James. I eighty needs to put on his big boy pants or play more five more leubronn before and then,
link it to work. I mean it could work in that case because of what Russell S broken provide but, like the situation, needs to be perfect. Bear for this to be ideal for the latter Priscilla. You might domestic yeah little bit because I mean we're still, unlike day one of the reconstruction of all of these teams. So what will happen is there's some sort of acquisition and then we're like. Oh my god, they don't have this this, and this will. I do. We have even started for the agency were two weeks away and knowing the Lakers knowing how this- position is operated like they're gonna, be able that some other pieces there's two ways of looking at this. I think for the regular season. I know I'm not the biggest whisper guy I actually kind of like it. I think the Lakers will love having his energy. His is eleven out of ten effort throughout the entire regular season, him bringing the ball up constantly and he's gonna have big night you just let me look is incredibly by Renault. So I think, there's a part of him that can help kind of carry them emotionally throughout the regular season. In a way,
Would you like a grind for the broad having to carry the whole time? Anthony Davis havoc, hear them hope will time. So I do think that this is a team and remember like on paper coming in and the first month or so months of the season, the girl looked, the Lakers go unheard there, even better. They were last year now. Obviously, there's other roles we placed there, but I think for the regular season. There's there's a part of me that actually thinks it makes sense, but that's also based on ok, now where's the spacing where's the shooting play offs that something completely different because the last few minutes of a game- I don't know what you're gonna be doing with Westbrook, because and I want to making decisions and he doesn't space the floor and on a celebration going to take over control every single big position that matters anyway. That's what he's done assault rear and he should so they use They use them as twenty twenty rondeau bubble kind aversion, maybe in the class or age kind of lurking around doing you're right: it s rod or turn in alike staff Roger was shooting. I regret, I mean similar those them.
In play off, runs the unexpected of a guy. You hit every big three. It felt like so good God, Jesse and I even Ryan, mentioned it at the top. There, like the Lakers, are done necessarily there. Still more moves me: may they make it hard to react like how Russell Westport fits in, because if they do get Westbrook for sometimes package close to what was reported, that doesn't necessarily stop them from also getting buddy healed or somebody else in a sign in trade involving tail and Horton Tucker or Dennis Schroeder, even Alex Crusoe, for that matter, either still more moves to be made for the Lakers on top of getting Westbrook so like, even though that, like this could be looks like an eye healed or Westbrook situation right now, it could be both when this is all said and done come August sex when there actually allowed to do a deal like that. I, like the coups, were harrow in twenty two for here,
more than this westward shed. I just I I like buddy he'll die no there. I know he takes a beating honour and some the advance metric staff in their cement, the calories stuff. With but I've also never seen him in a good situation, and I do like getting distressed assets from other themes which is solid Bogdanov, which last year or their sent to be said for a guy who has at least one elite skill set play in a play games. I just like you this Westbrook thing: here's the list of like super Duper star sees played with Kevin threat. Paul George, that's superstar, not a super duper, Sir James Hearted, twice bread bill those with the broad and I d focus now he missed him right who popish husky West the guy that another right out of my bad, but he's one
finals game ever and it just, I don't feel like anybody's had more superstar look in the history of the league, the Westbrook you just moved from super duper start a super start. A super duper star. He just bounces around fields feel and George are like the worst two stars he's played with, except for the twenty seventeen season, and we just haven't seen it produced winning basketball in the playoffs. So he puts up all these fast and then the plasters always some reason why his team didn't win I really feel risky to me on the Lakers side cause if it doesn't work. I don't know what you're outside he can even opt in next year re. What is what going to forty seven is forty: for this year is forty seven player option next year, forty seven million for him in tears. You don't think there's nefarious second deal where they pretend they want Westbrook, and then they foot them for somebody making even more money right who is left, is making more money. Libraries tension carry, Will it get regime at sub areas? Get the ECB areas get inside
we got shit, I'm reinvested I was thinking of funding would be if it was a Kyra, something where the nets would then have Russ, Hearted and Katy. What the hell What did you just turn this into even in his back and forth? Think that regulated trade for one of Worth Bellevue only players baking more than Russia Westbrook, our James hardened John Wall and step inquiry that Jesus? Well, that John Locke? It's a great now I, like the buddy he'll deal more reseller clutch clinic meeting house here? How many these guys gonna watch dinner clutched guys, We are here to do it all that you look at my present. You got a key player option, it's under ten million, but you can probably get that somewhere else is like. Why would he opt in to then now be like hey? This is where you're going. Did it having free agency decisions and a longer term deal and you're, like always clutch by rail, Why would you go all right? So a opt in so we can trade you re.
Sure he gets ten million, though I am not sure about that in a bad under the yoke ignited here's the deal, even if its eight you get to pick, were you wanna Gulf rate, and that's it. You know at this stage to your career that, especially when it was the Sacramento parts. I wonder with that whispered thing came along where you're going like hey. Will you off the any like one I getting traded for Westbrook your heels Priscilla Avenue radical important question for you, a de la brine, Russell Westbrook at this stage of the year of his career. What are the big three. Kind of abilities that we have here are we allowed to call this a big threat? I feel like this is a big three, because I don't fuck Westbrook carries that kind of big three wait anymore, but I think some people are gonna do that were designed on big three ways of monarchical purchase it its heat part too. So I
you know. It's already ordered the trade is even official hildy partial to weigh up what I mean, which Turkey proof was ready. I was like papers pace yourself, picked a magazine. I d, sixty look. If you go look this up. It is one of my favorite pieces of content. Internet and that saying something somebody on MBA dotcom years ago, raked the top forty big threes of all time. We got to Joe Johnson in Paul mill Sap in Jeff Teak at one point they were out about their towards about in the ranking, so this will be called the big three I mean when the resignation in LOS Angeles and all that, but I I you talkin about Westbrook, store luck, which is an incredible resume idea. Really that's something you should rank. If you still rope, I had I I don't I don't again. Is anybody doing that anymore? Like does anybody think there's some unlocked version of Russia we haven't seen.
I mean I don't scares me is now its forty plus million forty seven million and you're like do actually make yourself better, the regular she's about worsen applause, because you're right I mean he lost, he didn't just lose in place. Always seem to lose one. Is that what you're listen at that time in the first round? Yet it like every year in red passing, I know you, don't love icebreakers, a winning bascombe upward. Go ahead unleashed it out. I mean one of the first articles. I rode here when I got hired back and twenty sixteen was the rustle Westbrook Road map about how It involves a player. You do a lot of away like this guy. Do these things he's never done before this guy. You know I love it either. I didn't westward back to point out. I think I did a rustle westward problem article. I've done someone ever versions of the same argument of five years about Russia less work and how just a couple simple tweaks he could become. Winning Player and if ever happened it will never happen, but it could happen to be desired. You with a broad James. I dont see him
when a guy, that's not gonna shoot. Eighteen, you know shots per game. I don't see him becoming a guy who focus has consistently. I defence, I dont, see Russell Whisper becoming you can rely on and those endgame situations, it is, has happened, ether, two years old right now, it's unrealistic to expect them to change. Could it happen shore? Now Not if I m not interested, but when you say focus on defence- and this is the part where it separates immense men from the boys were talker basketball. I, if you can't see his mistakes on defence in linking situations that are devastating, better wait worse than just a Miss shop, then, and then I can't talk to you about, I give you think. That's all media buys people, be it as I watch at all and if you can't see the things they help, he'll do three or four things in the last couple minutes of a close game where his instincts like he just and it's the part that you admire. That he's always thinking I can fix this. I can fix this, but in the
Here you can't just freelance all the time. I definitely do you think. I'm looking for two from an entertainment standpoint is he's. Probably gonna be one of the only other players that will tell abroad to fuck off numerous times like what they re, idling about, shot, selection and rotations at all that kind of stuff. I assigned me up his out. They extend heavy backing that boy. He brings a lot of stuff to the table that we ve seen not succeed with leubronn leg. Just defensive lapses, nay defensive in reference, really weird decisions in the last two minutes of a game right, the twenty eight foot, her out of nowhere with eighteen. Second from the shock, lack the drive in a traffic when somebody else scored. Ten stray points, honesty things like that, and then you know him that the boxcar padding Being Germany, that patterns maybe a little harsh, but you know his he ethos of these different parts of the statute. How is he going to do that?
He met the brought an idea in it. What's eighty gonna do the first time West Brooks crashing in on a free for rebound. You'll, probably give it all psychology Yang I get paid out of here, but then on top of him, that being able to shoot it feared the parallel to me. I don't need a much better place than Wade, was in two thousand seventeen eighteen, but watching how, when they tried to men they're trying to integrate weight and that last calves deem it just didn't work, and you could tell right When I wonder if that could be where this goes, I don't worry. It's really risky whispers of better player. I now that way. Was a bad one. Hundred percent no pointed out for sure I got my toys is yet to your point about the limitations there, with the shoe seventy eight percent better get at forty, forty nine percent, better, maybe with what through lie here, is an efficient spot up sugar either he's an inefficient spot of sugar, so you gonna sag off him. He needs to get here
like you mention with Rhonda, we turn into staff for a couple of weeks. Yes, what is to happen when you're talking about a year from now on to play off? We need a hot Russell westward in the play off from spot threes cause. There's gonna be a situation where that's what he's gonna hafta Duke has its inevitable at some La Braun takes control. There's no way. If the situation were, labelling gives up control on a game, six organ of having a rustle westwards. If I could, I haven't, and if it does sorry this is a big mistake. What we ve already seen whispered do this in EAST Germany was miserable as like the psychic relegated to the site. And use the needed like it, and that's This is the price we take a big step back, but that's the thing that bothers me. If you can impact winning by doing other stuff, besides shooting rank and impotent, masonry banning all that no kidding like he can. I looked. I hate always bring up the Bruce Brown thing. It's Bruce round him and that's what I like the way they used a six three guard. The can't shoot the item as a centre you,
where's, bookseller, raspberries Brown Priscilla. I like this, I like were the discard forty three million dollars brown. You, you gotta know that asked, but you can adapt some of those ways utilise a guy like that. Yeah. I got to do with Westbrook right, but I mean it's any compter Bruce Brown is like a kid. You have three the success or failure in history? The game? You did you down? Ok, well, you might might not want an ad act itself. You know I mean what Bruce Brown hits. The dew doesn't exist anywhere else. So I, like Bruce Brown. Before man. What are they thought? I ask that really every Miasmas brand Billy there were spread? Merely differences. Many lost forty, seven million that only a pretty good play. In a game, six game, seven Do I, rather than Russell westwards jack up at seventeen, forty with fifteen seconds clock? What's that lose sight, Marcello of the fact that this is going to be really find partners,
I have some things that are already excited for. I made a little less freedom, the sum in writing. The long two's or back article. I talk about the Phoenix Mukoki had that just became for when the tide all round the ribbon with two's endless baskets and get to the line and that that best was back in Westbrook, the league has shifted. Backdoor I'm excited for whoever adds up is good luck. I M excited for the rusty I'm coming home stuff with him come and backed away and that that's gonna be like a label are the rest staff in his back and grow up here will hinder the air that certain other misunderstood stuff. The misunderstood rusting is gonna, be unbelievable. This is where he is finally find himself in the place that he grew up. That's can be great. I'm excited freleigh bride to pretend he's really into this trade.
When its clearly a flyer, and if it doesn't work, they will be spending that contract for whatever they can get cause. It's so much money, that'll be really fun and then just watching this try to work as it as a basketball thing, will be really compelling and, as you pointed out, you tweeted. This were so this for the regular states and makes a lot of said. There's going to be regular season. Games when, when Russ looks incredible and right wow- oh my god- and it's like yeah cuz you acrimony on a Tuesday night and nobody guarded anybody. So I any other fun silver linings to this. I actually want to stay off the Sacramento thing into healed because you are so. I think you bring up a good point here this, but let me try to make these cricketers but there's another lesson about these awful contracts and how quickly there not awful. I like whisper country to twice in a brain it get you do for the other
has the other awful contracts. Are it's funny how quick this turns into like? Well, hey. You know westward in a year you, like, ok, he's in expiring, I mean grain is probably a pick up that player option unless he thinks he can get a three years up than others right. The wizards going from wall to one year Westbrook were actually was successful, based on their standards to now adding a bunch of pieces that view A little bit more like a team for team that had no death and then you hit on that pick and then you're lucky enough that you have Beale that doesn't want to go nuclear option here, because every time I talk about the real thing it's like until he gets really mad. I think we're all speculating way too much about him wanted to get out and Elsa Petition truth. Maybe Beale sticking around long enough to opening it that five year extension so like now that the wash and parties like man. Just think about that. Like a year ago, you like, how are we gonna do with this John Wall Deal rain? That's how come things can be all right. Son cost right and then another idea about the very first round pick future, but they're getting one back, so they based shredded water for a year with grass and made the player
men, ass tat, kept bill kind of staved off the bill thing and at another three guys a barbarian where serious and have produced at various times there all real rotation Gus,
getting, so I just think there's a lesson in their work as dire as you can look financially in your capturing. Also free stuff like this is actually kind of a win for the wizard Zalm really know what else would have been out there and also the Lakers deal with aspiration adding it, but they also want to pivots you because your healed stuff, like I don't know if this means they can still get him. I don't know if this deal was there for healed. I don't have it makes more sense is its half as much but you're healed article about his shooting. I was even kind of surprise to be reminded how special it is, even though I think there's just opinions all over the place on him. Yet this so it buddy yields like Lakers, aren't out on getting him. As I said earlier, they could still work out a sign and trade in there's some complications there, the timing. This could go to the bog and Bogdanov a shroud where there's a sign in trade, very minimal, Aki and then back it shut down because everything's leaving early. That could happen, yeah both body here that he shoots. Forty four percent on three points:
moving like forty three percent on trees were standing still. The dude is an unbelievable shooter and I was up there with like Clay Thomson. South Korea Duncan Robinson, statistically he's not like loving our guys in the last few years that are even at Levin he's gonna. Since twenty sixteen seventeen body heal them, the NBA one of those four guys that a shot over forty percent from three on over seven attempts per game healed up, Robinson, Curry Thompson, so ridiculous company friend a ban in the end, has the ability just heat check when a plan can resell unity. Reminds me of this analogy is for you. Jack the shot folly. Now it's these nordic track kind, sightings member, when the nordic track was a thing too expensive and it felt this party room. It took up Much space and anyone who got an order track was events like manna provision it than that, but then it was nice to have a place to work. Everyone knows too expensive and it took too much time the buddy healed contracts,
It's like twenty four million injuries are, you can see, is the contract at him? He still really nice guy to have on your team just that for twenty four million You can squeeze a man like the Lakers are paying a hundred twenty one million just for Westbrook Lip Davis Court Bobby works, at some play. Money does even matter anymore, and if they can somehow squeeze buddy and with a tail and Horton Tuckers sign in trade or whatever it takes, and he's this twenty four million, our guy, who usually that guy's make it like seven on a really good team or nine. That's really I really want to see him on a interplay of such waste. I feel the same way about him as they do with bogged down image. I think he's a play off where potentially healed could step up. I mean like The events isn't bad Lotta Shaw creation has been bad in Sacramento and king spans under wait, don't want him there, they would love to have traded and for coups mine, Harrow and the twenty second pick.
That worry later date? That is, that a red flag yeah, I don't like the fence I dislike a player- makes me nervous bookings vondra, looking at it from a king spam perspective, the teams been losing but buddy, he'll than a winning contexts where he surrounded by good defenders, weathers incentive, Withers actual championship hopes, maybe he can focus in a situation like that and, if, like he wouldn't have their create shots, he would just have the bee. Wanna bet shooters a basketball which he is so I think, but healed can be a successful player in a winning situation. I am a believer in him. I will bear was obliged to use an ogre homer. I mean you that guy's got spirit and intensity. I think he just needs to be in the right situation. For all the manifest for him, with that said, taking him over GMO Mary was proud of the end of the authority Davis. I don't have that kind of an Andrea, and I didn't mind the pack but the Avonlea right in his bed. Then you know, get cousins, yeah minimum of cousins, they had some hope at least
for a little while before for three buffets forever three months here, those horrified pick, it means we have a lot of fun to watch. Can we talk about our all roads led back to how terrible Sacramento is yet I think, they're the pound four pounds ship of like the most messed up team. I glanced at the gate where bog down image for nothing. This shared the buddy he'll trade leaks before it now, who knows who looks at the Lakers might allegiance put washed pressure and they had the ninth peck. Everyone loves this draft there, the OECD that seems completely disco bobbio, aided by having the ninth pack. I just I there doesn't seem to be any plan out of his. The decisions and, if I was a kings, fan out, be losing my might in waiting idler ranked Priscilla their last rather worse, roster. But I continuously here stuff about them. Where I thought I thought of the steps over and it
it's just not like. I'm not going to get to window. One of the stories I heard about their draft prep, but I couldn't fucking believe the stories, I'm not even sure. If it's true you know, so I'm not a hundred percent on it. So I'm not going to I'm not going to share it. I know it's probably pretty true, but it was just like hey. You got the nice pic you going to do your work, you got to do your work and- and it very well could be people under people that are doing their work. To be fair, and then it still doesn't really matter, because there might be too much influence from it still? That has no reason to think they have any kind of track record whatsoever in the burden of its things, inexcusable its inexcusable and then it's the same. Shit this year is like these teams that stink that shape these, like It's like the run in the mile in their thrilled. The first place after a lap like it means anything then their chasing the play off since, like look, you could have, you could have flip Harrison Barge for something else. You could have foot
but a yield for something you guys. I could have migrated bogged down of its four coups. My last year, right of acres want to do that. They counted with be elite, suffer crews, its tasks. So you know I just I don't mind, even asking you know, you can ask me to do his prices, I mean that, were there was that one today that people were saying Maury was asking the warriors for seven hundred and fourteen Wiseman Wiggins and two more first go ahead and ask whatever you want to ask for, but was Sacramento. You can't always get them wrong and they always seem to get him wrong, and I think back to your heel point him in Sacramento having a trade off the dribble is where he he loses me a little and that's the straighten? It's great. If you have a guy that can shoot at those historic numbers it can also handle and in move around and then also get shot from other areas, but the Lakers. If it's right, he doesn't have to doing that stuff if they can still pull this off spoke, but will see that there be nothing more Sacramento that actually agreeing to a sign in trade to bring back a bit
expensive shrewder and get rid of yield or had at Elinor or Tucker. Who, right. I don't know what that it, as you could tell me, he's gonna, be the good with more money and more by its ivory could tell me, he's a precision wonder at all, because he really stand on it. I'm afraid, we'll talk or measure on ability here now, but now I would not could be a solid plurality greatness in him by bringing you be a pretty solid player. What's the buzz around the weakest Sacramento to me as a team that the other teams complain about like it's where, where it's just like, what's going on, it's a lot of what's going on over their conversations about them, and that's really been the case since we had great land and when vat bought the team into doesn't webs is ten years of people going what's going on over there and then other teams just trying to trade with them, because their like that Here, that's fond behind the pact that the that sheet is kind of like there there's one I got it and the kings are Canada, the dear that's, far beyond the pack area.
It's not like. I hear people ribbon monument near running like that on an old tales, see if you feel that way, I think it's just stay. I think it was so bad. The very early on in Lahti that they were like ok well now, yoga vex gonna hit over the reins bodies, not there anymore be a little bit better, develop better and adjust it. Isn't it isn't? any better get back the bag with thing is unrecoverable. Could it be getting better, though they drafted Halliburton? Last year, Chelsea will see what they do tonight or Sean hurried acquisition was smart yeah. I know, but you know how that is. They gave way about the out of its four zero yeah. So tat they're, ok, maybe it's a little better, but who knows quickly? Ben Timmins,.
So imagine how Phil is asking for the moon. You know there has gone to every time and just ass for their best biology, Ass Boston for Tatum. Would it would you supposed to do and you get that vodka? This is exactly like the Pall George stuff, with Pritchard, when you still with the pace which he called every single team and was like. Can I have your best Blair right, but it was like a nice over. You know. I didn't know that. Can I have your second best play? Well, maybe it's a strategy love like there's a new GM in your fantasy leg. He knows: Brad Stevens is energy industry vagabondage smart. I do the same thing and fancy, but this is related. I was taking us
means. Beheld trade is actually now more realistic. With this move that washed and just made where you can have a team would say, Simmons Beale filters in a picture to MAX is in. You could have a team of Siemens, Ruby, amnesia coups by Harold, Casey, P, Maxie, Gaffer, Burton's, fifteen and twenty two site, not but awful, like there's stuff to work with you, more bad into something. It's like a weird grocer shop. Where you got a bunch of stuff in Ireland, are let's make dinner. I would owe you bought squash cool, fit the accuracy simians going to lash thin
under some sort of whatever with that roster and they just built around Simmons and make him the guy I didn't realize he had a trade kicker by the way. Until today, I had not heard that one. So it's four more years fully guaranteed with a trade kicker. One hundred and forty six point seven million, but does that make any sense to you a deal with Bill and Simmons in it? It makes some sense for sure, but I think I'd rather give it a little bit of time, Bradley Builders, because I think that's how special global player he is and what words tweeted earlier tonight, how this is a deal that the wizards or making with the intention of building a better roster around Bradley Bail- and I think it has probably partially to protect in out wizard for us here that it is about you now Bill around Beale Sofie ever does the mandatory to fight. While we tried this isn't about Building immediately by Bradley beheld doesn't demanded trade I would hang onto him into the season, because I think you have thirty point per diem score a man, yet that's legit and would bend Simmonds D
questions about his game when it go away and Washington necessarily so if you running around Beale. Maybe I can do more play making which shone he can do. He Shoney's improve Those areas the guy in the backward gruesome play making. Maybe they do that tonight with the fifteen thirty. Twenty second pick, you know this was its roster, could look pretty compelling pretty soon with Bradley Beale as the face of the franchise I'd hold off on a bench. Seven's deal by Washington would say that trade goes through and they have fifteen and twenty two and we're picking those picks for them. Based on guys, we like, draft Priscilla, pick fifteen for them whose hours actual IP rangers he gone. Yet no, no door tat range might be gone to pick the air them. If golden state hangs on both picks and extreme earthy. I've heard his name connected washing quite a bit about Mitchell, the Mitchell as a lasting solution.
Be there with data on yeah, unless a lot of people connected into the pacer scuff spots before world talk about samplers same ranged us another. This shocking with surprise. It feels a couple years ago, wizard said, grew written all over it, but he has not yet been easy to point out a piece of the huge he's. A huge old school wizard will, as you like, but like I do. I do I wouldn't mind their pick and in twenty two they could take a butler from from Beller as appoint guard.
Ray or kicker returns on other range came Thomas. Another gotta comes to mind. If you look in a guards, not sure of the defences and Upload Beale, which is why Mitchell makes more sense, but there's gonna be options for them for sure both that wing or a guard or each one of those pics to try to dump the Burton's contact. I mean we should mention this team now has ruined the jar. Coups were Casey P S, birth. Tides are basically all the same position. You know you could buy two of them. At the same time, I feel like they have five. I would be thrilled to see Burton's bitch about list, attempts, because that was I mean that guy what he gets in its and he's playing one in five sometimes go up. Yeah we're gonna be submitted. It there's something on the bench demonstrate kicker this two things I don't know I should go to deepen the weeds and this, but there's some clause. I think that can voided. If he's maxed or whatever
You know. I remember, and you can never underestimate the clutch clients in this, but when Anthony Davis illustrated he had a pretty sizeable trade ticker. There was an impact. The cap space, the Lakers and all the other moon maneuverability and someone on his size represented like eyes, never wavered that, like that's free chunk, many waved it. So I was right in getting it wrong because I was told by somebody that would be is informed as anyone that when wave it and then it was like- oh no, no, he waved it at an. Logically, the resolve this extra space. So that's why I had to pay attention to women's Simmons, making a deal more feasible and then he made two million dollars to be in space Jim, so that I learnt that hey we should talk about other is a Rubio to cleave in trade for prints. Those weird, I don't know, equipment soon. There was the trade apparently closing at Cape Cunningham, which were gonna find out where the draft, but I will I still don't know- I didn't go backwards-
and try to get mobile three, but wherever there's reddish is involved in trade, rumours which I dont fully understand, considering thought coming out of the plants so that, while they might actually have something that guy's young is, do you no kind of Bosnia, read the guy. You need- and I think you think back to his draft class. He was one kind of the revered guys from their draft class. There is a lot of people on Twitter who played for the wig just kind of that YAP camera that one game when he was awesome yet told you he's got it? Why would they trade him carelessly what's going on there, there is the unhappy. What's it what's backstory. As far as I know, it's nothing about you. Now his happiness are playing time or maybe it's like bad. It's just about by standing could be wrong here. Is that our Lana wants to reset that rookie scale contracts his little guy,
Hilda TAT gap has there been a lot of guys come off? So it's about swapping that, for somebody has just gonna, be on the first year there were he contract then what are they move up? And the draft in o into lay lottery like a lot of themes are trying to do right now or what see now, maybe even moving down and doing a bigger trade, they have a lot of options on the table is or anything you don't you ve, heard about barrier that Becker makes that's exactly. What does it mean? I have to do. Is look at the schedule payments here he's a these club option after this, as an almost six million, I'm sure can probably wants out because trays turned it who he has and hunters still. I think somebody that's really important their future and herders shot me then he had Bogdanov it Europe. Your cameo like I need to go, somebody get numbers, so we actually get the second contracts and even though I think can show to some real nice signs of shooting and so defensive utility they are the ones that have been around. So they thought he was special. None of the ship be happening this week.
And now all you have to do as they are. It looks like him out for now something that we have forty slash five years, a control without a rookie deal that we can plug in there. That's a lot cheaper than getting into some sort of bidding war with the fifth most expensive guy, depending on what happens with Collins. So it's all about scheduling of money, probably more so that it is, you can't miss cause. I would agree that he showed some bright spots and I haven't always been. I think, there's up, I think we're all fans of his talent don't knock unseasonable players ever gonna, be he would be over and that one game. But that's I like that that river syndrome that that the buyer and Molin signed with the Coopers that time, because he had the one great game of his career against that. I have a second with the next with him, the nineteen and twenty one in it. If you can just turn Eighteen and twenty one in a camera should feel like. I would do that if you could turn nineteen and a future something in the camera at achieving better, but I think he's
counted in worth. The gamble I'll be interested to see how that one plays out. I wish the Celtics had sixteen that would have been a nice Celtic, something for it, but I'm down with that do. Do we ever hear top Christmas babe again. The that these guys that are in the mix- and it's almost like there, though, nightly downgrades anatomy thing in their famous from that, but then there are. That shown you just never think her hair from them again caused by there's so much cut coups but dissection in Lakers Land, Ed their modestly overbearing our town tat. He was at that now it just goes to an obscure team that could be a cosy will. Rob another Calchas MC conversation again, I mean, he's always going to have some ex Laker popularity. Some celebrity pop, already there, but as a player boy, he d better, keep hostile and on defence like he did. This past season he better off as a player or like a stock, has just gonna planet. I like him as as I
that part of the problem of though acres is similar. Bran gave this up by the same position and I never understood how that can also lose always like use, play an arab spot. I mean he has talked about that inconsistent, always alarming, consistently knowing this inconsistent role, but he s and consistent way back at college, so that investors pour, visas are player by now playing with broadly be I something you can produce ass, a big nights, how some frustrating knives, but in these continue defending for people who care about the basketball aspect, popularity Ex Lakers, so popular. That is pretty funny, though, because I have run into a few times like one
and an income at a stretch before Zion took over, where lack our I've found another level from branded Ingram and then later, since we're still somehow protective anew the idea that he was always that good and you re out, can you not see the difference between a guy this way more comfortable now and the numbers back it up and running else, and that it was like? How dare you like? How do you what're you in care? I got you so I have begun a fund to seek and of this. This is a note. Its terrible forest terrible for crews was watch game. His allay vibes, the Instagram thing like No disease, a very, very modern city, but some of these young guys move out to allay this is like their worst nightmare ever. For we go shame. It said the sun's for twenty nine in Gabon Carter, reseller of sons down intimidated by shame at face it all they re not at all. Ah Javan Carter actually was part of the rotation there for a little bit. Whenever I can, I can I. I can't wait to see what kind of
a hundred times that I can we find them. I suppose Brown Card Africa. I thought he GM its GM. It's really strange deserves times year, like God, I'd love, a sham. It I'd, love one and then you're like way that this guy made shots and then you don't like the idea of shame it right the idea of shame. It seems amazing, but then, when you watch a really want, is in the sky ever make it open shut it all for who, like has great stretches of putting it in other times. You likewise missing all of his pots last season and I think that's what happens with him, but I still look Phoenix the to do list
is- is the little bigger than shimmer right now, I'd love to see a backup big. They could actually play in a plan for attention and then that Sarve or stuff with Chris Paul. I can't let me let me ask you this, you think Sarber goes hey, look great run. He turns thirty seven. What's this imaginary hundred million dollar extension than us was to give him if nobody else wants to give it to him, but all Chris needs is one of the team that could be New York, but server couldn't even not say it out loud, which is what makes him sarber. I think it's done. I think he's going asked it get us three or four years. I think it's a couple years. They can. They do a thing where they add the extension to the current Cardona to Rangoon. I think that's what it is. Yes, so he gets all the money they share than its eye two years for seventy adding on to that. But I think I think it's been worked out. I'm not sure why they haven't they get out yet, but my understanding as its on its way. To being
Without land there was armor Sarber can't UK is already he went on the record two days ago. A sentiment of pay luxury tax he knows you don't wanna, be a villain where you live everything we are divided us nobody still said other stuff, then you didn't have to say, which is so weird. Sorry, maybe he's a really weird guy, though, when his top, four weird owner, worrying to say Cassie on I mean I think there was a local funds reporter who I think has gamble. I remember to radio and he said well the you're playing this by the book. There don't bother. Rules are not. You know no tampering here, but there is a local report saying that it regards all the Chris all stuff. Will it go here? We go. There is kind of like a calm down sons, fan type of bright report. I last week I think they went out there so the question for me as bridges. I think Chris comes back, but if you
bridges to now you're talking about like a Lakers type payroll with eight Booker, Chris Paul and bridges. If bridges, I think, as his number starts with the two for a year. Right is at least twenty million year, but probably closer at twenty three twenty four somebody would overpay that did so hometown, discounted now or they're gonna, have, though they might be in a similar situation like what and as in with reddish, where yeah they loved. I gotta have electronic trade em for future stuff, yet in my hand, When you look at the Lakers who, I think, the starting payroll with the three players Westbrook in the steel happens, there are like a hundred and twenty four, which will be twelve million more the projected cap for three players. We also makes me ask this question proposal: does it get done with Phoenix? How does he fit in just a basketball, sensible Lakers for the taxpayer mid level? you say who said that outfit I'm sorry, water, tragic Johnson,
He might have been so if I had before because we're gonna go we're gonna come back for for the people. Listening part to this package will be us kind alive watching the first few picture, the Jeff, but the Lakers. If this deal does go through their team right now, as the broad Davis Russ Westbrook marked a saw a funds of Mckinney and that everyone us as a Capel's, so this could go a thousand different directions and they have some sign in trade possibilities of sugar with Caruso, with important Tucker potentially, but for the most part it's a blank slate will see what happens aright guys next time I see you, the draft will be will be happening,
splendid Reza Westbrook move again. You know cause great produce cart where this back ass, we back the party in eleven.
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