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NBA Draftapalooza, Part 4: Winners + Losers With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor to discuss a long list of winners and losers from the first round of the NBA draft.

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Nobody knows what's going on, but we watch the Olympics. We just turn on our tvs and become obsessed with sports. We haven't thought about in four years. This is why we need the ringer guide to the summer games. I'm your host Roger Sherman each day during the Tokyo Olympics I'll tell you about a different sport athlete or storyline, we'll barely signal episodes everyday starting July. Nineteen follow along on Spotify or wherever you get your politics, so they know exactly how to watch the Olympics to sub. So the bill summons Pack asked is broadly by hotwire, with hotwire staying in hotels. You didn't think you could afford as the whole idea, because why, but could she puts out when you could book an expensive hotel for cheap
find hot radios when download the how I wrap in book beyond your wildest means all bookings. Final. The biggest package is presented by fair, dual Ed Federal sports book. Would it three parts of our draft the police? A two thousand swallow did one before the draft about the whispered trade cup other thinks, then we did live pods, for which we also ran on green room as well. For the first six textiles part two and then pick seven through pick fifteen, which included governed state and a couple.
strange packs, and now this is part for winners and losers coming out. Priscilla care see first project I taken this. It is a specific time. There's then I a bizarre draft. The percentage is concluded The sector has been going on as we do this. We associate cares Caesar Replay, low game of winners and losers. We talked about some stuff in the parts in part through, but we're just gonna you're gonna do it again, but before we do this, can we talk about how broken the Csp Intel Cast is where you find out all the pics. Now,
for five minutes before the telecast and there is really no reason to watch the telecast finer gets picked and on top of it, nobody in the arena seems to know a whose picking for who, if there's been a trade you, the next move back twice, are the next phase of celebrating is that they think I Jones and stuff like this, you Perkins talking about Phoenix. How sharp is gonna? Look the centre at your line on Phoenix Esteem and given them. Yet. Meanwhile, they shaded that pig eight hours ago Cassie. But how do we blow? This happened? guard over. Can we start over as justice, this antiquated format that now no longer works? What happens? Flowers tweeting fly with Bobby marks for me, a span former foreign office provocative because I said like the NBA they gotta do something here. the poor spirits, people in the arena to people watched on tv, and he said it's the teams faults because you know their leakage
before their call, an illegal, fair, so loud charms and all these guys reporting it. My thing is this: can't we get protocol for one night. Just forget the rules for one night and maybe have out of silver? also do offer what load and jobs are saying for one night for one night, so we can get a bit tv, better n arena and a better experience for the players and their families as well, so they know where they're going and there's no confusion or just now. I wish the drafting NBA draft for more joy, able the NFL draft and any tell draft they do it much better on the night of in the NBA Hassebu better these things, bad at the aesthetics and like the agreed, the view enjoyment matters in terms of but getting. But I love the league yet where'd you don't even really need a watch. The talk ass anymore! Don't kid? Don't literally watch the draft on Twitter. It clearly sets out some green room and got the picks three. Four at a time resell, I'm wondering maybe they don't announced the pigs anymore.
Maybe you have Adam come out at an outside for a time, maybe once as soon as we know, a peck like Reese Davis, just won't just breaks it on the telecast than that's how we find out, who got picked over the whole concept of guys walking up. I I don't really know how to fix this, but I say this: the experiences is broken. What do you think for five at a time is not cool cause feminine still achieves moment? realising his dream and now, with sudden your like say: what's up to the high authority stand here you're, I know you're, just I know, you're strong things out is gonna be out like what I would ask is ok. What's the most important thing is, if your words and your shows what this is your night now to go at each other and that is kind of what's felt like it's the most import,
port. That's also, why won't you no longer on the main desk because I think he is going through it. Making sure he's breaking all this stuff is. That seems to be the most important thing right now. What I would like to find cause. I dont know how to fix that part of it, but I would like to find is: isn't there a production way where words can then, like get everybody on the ask up to speed so as soon as he has it he's he's pointing to appear, and then you know it's it's a prompter for risk Davis. So there I'll go through the deal where you have per talking about sharp and how is help helping the debt for the Phoenix sunset me Perker so frustrated. He actually, I think you said Jesus Christ, like you get done doing his terror and sharp breakdown phoenix model. the whole deal and that its like Ashley's, I mean he should have remained.
That one, but it's hard when it's so many different things going on. I think from. I think. The only thing that I think it's a simple fix, at least is for the broadcast side of it. We'll jump just going to get this stuff they're going to get it before the leak and do what you can't have them announce. The pictures are still some formality to lead part of it, but I think that the production side- you just say, hey, look. We get a kind of update the rules for this thing and it's soon as well, which has it then tweet wow, He's telling the p hey guys on the desk. This is actually the deal. This actually started the two years. I did the draft in the second year I remember had my blackberry and I was looking at Twitter to see what the picture to be before stern and. we sometimes be talking about it, and I remember I tipped off a couple just cause. I saw it What do I knew you know if you're on them Then you know who's gonna get pact, but you have to pretend you dont know who's gonna get packed. I got it. That's a bad place to be into the whole thing
Why do I broke it? Maybe there's just no way to have this work, Jamaica, your Goodman, he Ski had some. Unlike in the queue apparently lay. I never talk to me about it, but it was like having somebody at the Panama. I'll tell you the order of the boats. Ladys run a walkie talkie in Goodman. Just got every one right before everybody else, because he had somebody and it wasn't it wasn't like you got it from every team. He could we had somebody who was getting a man because I've I've worked on five drafts air. We had gotten the pic minutes before it was announced right and radios a little easier to second hand, you a card, you can look at it mean they're, just certain rules, it'll have to follow for television, but I think from a product from a television product standpoint that might be the only way to fix it is the other stuff. I don't know if it can be fixed. I'd love like chaos. He said you know due east cap to keep giving guys the wrong hats when everybody in the room, no, that's not what's going to happen, but then being
tended to like the next fans are going nuts because they think Kiang Johnson fell to him and, like I might encourage state that that the car Jones too Did the jaded thou? Neither was it was pretty It is a weird expands, ed. It did in total, overshadow a really fun and entertaining trap. It is just where to watch something where you'd know pick after peck. What happened three four minutes before it actually happens. I wear play a game called winners and losers, so that was one of my losers, but winner. I made my list its we're going or Orlando in Houston for biggest winner of the night Casey You have our Lando or Houston Houston let me get you younger in it too. We talk the talk about him goes without saying, but getting Aldebaran Shan Goon in the middle of the first round. rate logos, Blair, tons of potential to extend his range to three. I think about system micro jail agreements can be fantastic in now,
anger, rhubarb in the twenties, a guy that many people projected unexpected to go. Until late lottery. I can look at their Franco rotation. Now you have genuine. An interior pose Blair, you have Christian, would who can space before three and be alive? and then you have to prove up who's. Your defensive oriented guy switch of organ. Mobile positions that are often as well. You can pass a little but he's a good interior passer shore all play making. I think the cohesion and the fit amongst all those guys, there's no overlapping skills. They just gonna compliment hands each other. So I love what used to date and I draw Christopher their last first round pick up there. And at the Uno saw several desert, and I can promise you I would at the same time go in a different direction there, but still doesn't change the fact that a winner and taken a shy, a guy who can be a good score for you. I, like the idea of its are Houston, as my big winner of the night sobs look at how injures cut of as well as reading you
draft gauge grades, Karaoke saying that Hollanders draft grades- and it was after each one- it was I who they should have picked pick that starting like oriented it was saying good for sugar. Sugar and that the third area is just like that is the guy and then he finally, it's getting sixteen Marcello couldn't help but notice. That was the slot that the subjects traded away to get rid of Campbell Walker, which is just a tiree nightmare that just keeps on pay for itself cut, covers the consolation prize after Cairo. Kicks they have to trade him two years later, that the add the sixteen picked to it, then sugar, who really seem like the best part power left, and then there is a drop
off really after him he's been trades up. They tried to pigs, ok, scenes of getting to pigs for a pick that they, basically God, just through this chamber, Orford Swap so I was burned out by that. But resolute does that roster that he is to have that may is a break. Your brain Christian would Genuine, are gag Aruba jailing, Green John Wall Christian. Would that guy like what's going on? I do you see that all colliding Zol sudden, like a decent amount, a talent there? I don't! I don't know if I go goes force. is there I mean a bit less jailing green turns into somebody. Usually, although we ve got some incredible development stores less couple years between Janius Co Y see outcome to a lesser extent, but me we ve seen some things would later picks and these guys we step forward, is not used to me. Normally the guys that run this leaguer guys that we expect to run the league coming out of the draft, but if jails guys were probably know pretty soon. I went there and
I think everybody else it's on this Rossiter was drafted tonight's, propping up part of the future for the next two years and who is and Kevin Porter Junior. I know he can score buckets with a team was a mess. Minette team was trying to lose every game to their credit. They were so I don't look at any those guys and honestly, like the Christian would stuff, I know, is really really talented. I dont know: if he's the personality, it's a long term fit with teams. I don't he's he's. I you know I think he's got about himself. It is incredible that I had so what I know Yes, you know now is this: is a dream dream shake the dream, shape blogs aggregating their second just fill. It so our thing, we're still about his christian Wet with Christian, would Can you get it I'm giving you get Aruba? Doesn't he become expendable now because he is like you know, despite the floor your detailing. Where I am now, he could become a gotta you, maybe you flip, to a contender from pigs are awaiting regard whatever it might be, but I think would if you want to keep him great. If you want to trade homies way more expendable now than he
in the morning case they do. We, like Aruba, single together, sketching goon of never get yes right. Yeah! Do I we like those two as a combo like them playing on the court. At the same time I mean one of them will have to absolutely develop a reliable three point or sugar units theoretical you're talkin about he shown stepped back threes mid range, pull ups good free, throw shooter good touch inside I, I high level of confidence, he will be able to become a three point: Shooter Whithersoever, it's a little bit more if he doesn't have great taught she's a below average. Three point: shooter, rather better is basically yonder hit me he's better down your guy. You hope sugar is the versatile guy. I remember the sugar in turkish Lake stats I remember when reseller lit up the turkish league back in two thousand and three your career year there and people without the turkish sleep, but you're planning in Gaza, yeah, yeah and I'll. Tell you stay away from the turkish hash. Let's get a good idea well Houston,
Our legal notes, ITALY. There is a really good AIDS, third best one when you're that young women have BP. I like look. I like him, there's nothing that you watch their cause, the guy's a bit of a bad ass about it. You don't owe me like he was. He wasn't afraid anybody aiming to accomplish what he accomplished is incredible. I like him here so much more, has like hey, let's see what happens then say some of the times I was hearing him at the highest and it like eight, nine or ten cuz. You don't like, I always say what these bigs, if I'm already dropping a big, why can't keep on the floor to close the game? That's kind of what he looks like defensively. We can probably promised this to of angel still in charge of stuff about missing out on him cuz. He just doesn't like the foreign guys goodnight he's he's also the single biggest complaint or of any my draft prospects. So I haven't bright number one. That is just on your board and a budget if it was the biggest complainer I've ever seen, we don't have to go to a break, but I would love to go to break out. Come up
I'll tell you why the Rockets have a rookie the year candidate and it's not jail and green That's all I know is our other big winner. I just can't believe out that for a land now I dont think their fans can believe it where this situation, where there is get the wrong guy, the potential guy, Guy he's incredible, except for the fact that is missing is left hand or you can't shoot or there's always some sort of flying. They just go. Suggs, who I think we all really like. I I don't know, I feel be five time all NBA guy, but I think he could be an all star and then and then back there. I just think is really solid player, who worst case scenario can play for a good team, and he could be, I think, somewhere between the fourth seventh ranking guy on a team that succeeds. You know you could see him eight years from now on the jasmine tee. My dad is being really effective, but I had this is the first
I felt good about nor Lando Job Cassie, the you can't say the same because you you were covered Imo Biofuel Attica. Years ago by our Irish her, but what an unbelievable sort of events for later right- that's my second winner tonight, yeah Orlando's, definitely wanted. What am I a couple o understood, ideal of thugs who talked about him a time like having Clark and all the magic fans out. There have to be ecstatic about him, but Bognor an aid as well, because there is a lot of talk heading it. draft night. Then maybe Orlando moves this pick, there's a lot of uncertainty about what would do there, because there is some thought that at seven gone state could go with you getting him in eight getting two guys. I'll, be right away. We know the magic want to try to compete and be competitive out there. So at an those guys, this group- hopefully Jonathan Isaac, can get back stay healthy and contain
You are sending out board, like you did, prior to the injury every season of his career cause. If you add into this, makes with Bognor and socks, I mean the magic could have something berwin there. Finally, that the three of us are like Isaac correct. I like tat I dont know if he's ever gonna put it together. I just to aid and Jerry: wasn't he loves defence offence still have some questions here. I just love me out of Lord State you're gonna, wait a minute to work in the sky, do with the ball and like the handling and some of that stuff I mean it's gonna, be it's not the same as Scotty Barnes, but there's some similarities of like. I can't believe this guy's. This big can operate the way that he does, but I want to over it real quick as Orlando. We mention one other parts of the unlucky sliding and how it turned form tonight, but you go back the and be drafted Sweden's Parker annoyed and work out a beaten in the fourth Picks Orlando, and it's like Gordon, a bit of a drop off their from yet air. Gordon the next year, its Carl Anthony Towns Angel Russell Jewel Ochre for producing a ghost
with, and they end up with. Morocco has owner who or Lando after that ends up with some that's when they moved. Actually, I was this about a steel so there Ah, one other won T our Lando, like the idea and Fox goes right in front of him in a grand ajar shacks inflamed out, but it just every time they were drafting in the lottery De Andre, eight Bagley Dodge its Jackson, tray young mobile number. He has said: is the half year half the last decade? Basically they always seem to be the pic behind the guy. You would want maybe from the entire class. Well great shout by them. On top of that, the votes trade looks ass. It now cause you know it allowed than the bottom out a little bit more than up with the fifth peck fast to get the eighth pick from Chicago the stuff another pet coming and boots. Like you know what we want
gonna. Do they're gonna go forty three and thirty nine area are so great job by them. Ah, hey do you know how some folks are quick to doubt the rookies or even understate their excellence. Come to the league. Make no mistake. This is there tat the shine in show out with career, defining moments on that court. Who do you think I added these rookies? If yet let's do this quick, a rookie that we cannot overlook tonight, the you could see being really awesome. Who'd. You pick Cassie, probably somewhat somebody and like the ten twenty five rynch yell. Let's go to the number twenty seven but can Thomas nothing we might have overlooked them, but I think teams overlooked him. Yes, having and fall all the way to the Brooklyn nets at twenty seven starlight, they need scoring and that's what can Thomas does best. But fact is that you had another guy into that makes for the inevitable situations when hardens out with a hamstring when carries,
for whatever reason when Katie's resting now you have Camp Thomas who come in and supplement scoring and for him to earn consistent minutes in this nets. Rotation. Next, their stars he's gonna, have to be held accountable, he's gonna have to be committed on defence. I think This'Ll be grey. for his career, to view the Brooklyn Nets and for them like he can cover a lotta basis when those guys around. I love it. While I agree with you- and I think Brooklyn is a winner, because that reseller can't Thomas twelve pixel eight, ten pics to lady pics. Now those apple gave em all came in him go and later yeah. I thought I was gonna funny when it was like. You know. People talked about his attitude blackjack, as people did talk about his attitude like that can believe. Like hey, I'm too surrogate buckets, I don't want to pass on my complete defence. They get sixteen games of one zero assist, but he can lighted up in his metrics. Roth charts for guy loses the free, throw light so Camp Thomas with a bad team. Bad habits, ya get buckets. I dont know
but not with the net. I mean now it's perfect now, it's perfect for me. So I ate be Jordan. Clark I really like, with the nets did here, considering house trap they are and down, depending on whatever these extension decisions will be with all three of those guys who, by the way, they're just going to keep them. It's just a matter of do we pay you now to repay you a little bit later. What are you guys? Wanna stay of ill before hurry arising to to try to work the contracts, an extension extension so of the goods but much mystery there, except in a cost, a ton. So now, when you have day RON Sharp who look, he does a lot of things for a big guy and he can. Canada is comfortable with the basque bonus hands but net. The pressure on these two players is what
was in the freedom that they'll have because no one's ever to be paying attention to him. I think Thomas is maybe a tougher fit and maybe doesn't have the right start to his career somewhere else, but for the nets, it's a total went well, they were overlooked, surrounded the trap that there can be overlooked and there in a plan series and there, like the seventh and eighth guys plastic, says state in that's wrapped. Just like these rookies one on the court, you can win with their insurance by getting the personal service from a local agent offers present. They re was state farm like a good neighbour. State farm is there. I had Brooklyn as a winner tonight. You're gall basically was what we were saying. Fifa stay come out with you guys who can play next in the playoff series I feel like they did. I think we all like sharp ukfcu talk me into him or what somebody did on that son. Pod were. I was sent out. Baby nerve
that he got in such great shape for the work adds, but on the flip side, it's ok, that's a good sign it with their guide shaped in Appendix II, though they might again two guys that can actually played a plasters, which is that there is some thought he might go, late teens. When people were talking about San Antonio Charlotte, some of those teams moving down toward the twentieth deck with land, the thought was that sharp could go there so for Brooklyn they remain after trade up to get him getting twenty nine major potential steel, for the night What I was one of my losers is just big guys. We talked about this on Sunday to like why do at that take Kai Jones at eleven, if I'm Charlotte when no big? I should ever gone the latter. Everybody just went scores and three d guys, and you know these the foot six by ten defensive guys. Move around big eyes. You can find anywhere you can get monstrous. for a year from some team is a throw it on a trade for nine May box, and we saw today goon falls, although it is sixteen and then that was Kano in the big
I started going in that you size Ajax thing had taken all that stuff, but it just seems like to be a big eyed, the days of like Jackson, Haze going eighth it in a beer draft. I just think are over unless you chanced to be a potential and be a centre you're not going in the top ten, maybe a draft. They think it's too easy to find big eyes and there's none of minutes form. Honestly Sire I liked Charlotte tonight obstacles the put no part of it and Mitya fallen him. I do wonder you know if there's the off the cord incident with good night of people were like hey, you know, if that they had anything to do with it, may look uses purse of interest in a campus correction. I guess you look at it, and maybe it misunderstanding? Who knows I don't know, I can just tell you what I read like everybody else, but Kai was in play where they got book night. I mean that's more, the high side of Kai Jones and I'd heard, and so look Kai Jones. The first time you watch him a joke that when he's drafted you'd, why these clips and go what the hell would you ask him this guiding go five, I mean
the result of ETA and shoot, so he six eleven. But this is a thing that were the numbers, the shooting numbers. Look pretty good. I watched the clutch Prodi thing. He's got this weird, almost disconnected body from the top. The way he shoots, it's a weird hitch in the scary thing for him is that Texas, he actually started more games last year than this year. If you look at the way they used a minute's wise, they started plan less as the ten at a better run that is at stake, those those or like things you go away, cock. This choice was to go lottery and they played him less is the season will on so I dont, like one big eyes, don't put out numbers in college that get these gets eight ribands again. Listen if they took up an eleven? I wouldn't like that they took about eighteen, I kind of like that in a just and general like what charlatan than a Bertha with fair trade with the next they grab nineteen, I guess they gave up some sort of future
but their bank in that, maybe they will never be have under its image. As a zero said, it was big time protected, so Bates abducted, I think, for the next. The decks are probably thinking we need assets, we'll have a trade to make at some point, it's easier to trade. A few repair that we have a major verses, this young guy who's, toiling manner bench other winners jail in rows, three jail ends at the top twenty today the jail in name successful. Just keeps guy. I gotta get outta here too, in the top five and three in the top twenty cast, I may I wrote you down as a winner tonight, but don't you hit the zoo during green room. First by you started the green room. You were doing draft grades. You were on this podcast. You were in sight back in your also on Twitter, alerting us I'm picks, I'm actually fifty percent convince you. You ve cloned yourself, some out, there's a second k C
somewhere brought in whose just in this baseman apartment with good wifi knew just managed to do it without worrying about a twin this all five. Do you have No, I'm not I'm not only child out a brother oh god or fear. We should tell him he's not an agreeable has been made with care and other whether same presty he had our fire. he just what you just say about his you're. Obviously, journeymen, outside losers, so just say it out: open labour winners part the same presty mistake. If Saint Presty was a verb, you, it is said he say impressed the hell out of the draft today take a guy six who might before our we know, might be a bus through no idea it looks great on paper is classic. They could talk about this weird international team, their building up
interchangeable guys each tree trades, the sixteen for two. First, the picking out from Campbell Orford so got more pegs. Everybody can make those jokes about that. Just for firm for just staying in the mic says this quorum coded bent out of the bag sky, I value your job were also gonna get to him in the losers later, because I didn't act like what he did another winter, the wise the wiz had fifteen and twenty two. They took kissed part fifteen, whose at least gonna plays rotation guy, Then they got Isaiah Jackson in twenty two who I just like as an energy guy. I just feel like what you get past. Pay for them, they flip action to know, I feel like perk who they put them for Erin holiday in the thirty first pick, oh the model when I love Aaron, all that good player so who they get They get for thirty. One Isaiah taught, I believe, was the picket thirty one out.
I saw I stand by the Meda what I've as you guys about, though I've lived there and how they for a couple years, individual waiting for him to a decent funny way. They got ready, Westbrook TAT, the trader first with walls contract together that the first back got some rotation guys, and at least they can make an honest effort with Bradley Bill. I think the goal for them reseller at least make the Bradley Beale thing not self combust before like boy at least k, but keep the car on the highway for another couple months. Can we just checking the reality hotel here for a second in my lab? There's no way that bill was like fifty fifty onest future the wizards than saw tonight and went seventy thirty, I'm in Beals decision about the wizards about Beale, What's it like, if you were going to be a guy that here we don't have enough around me. This is bullshit. You would already forces trade out if you will at about matters they doing that we heard about.
I have the trade to make. I just don't think any of this stuff, which I I agree with you. I love the holiday part of it. I don't think you're doubling down and something there like. I look at that. Don't go away, I say Ajax, but now you gotta holiday, and now you have like a little more depth specially. I wasn't sure about air when he's comin out and honestly he's improve. Be more more everytime. I watched him so actually means they like that addition, but I dont think the Beale decision. I think the lessons should be in that as I've been hearing and in saying all along. Is that he's way more content with the situation in the outside world seems to think so. don't know that there's any addition or he'll look at the depth chart tomorrow going all right now I want to do the extension he may want to do the extension, just as he wants to do the extension to get the five years of year from now, anyway, I was thinking more addition by subtraction and playing a secondary has Westbrook got a pretty flood team that if they started out slow,
and you worried about his trade value kind of what what happened with heart and a little bit with the nets or the trade value couldn't quite get where they wanted us to get now. It's like don't be fine right, they'll, be somewhere between six and nine in the east for the first part of the season, and they cannot anyway I'm not gonna wait is as much as we all agree Cotter Westbrook is. He was a big part of that push towards the end of the year. You know he was, and that's like that next luxury to plan a bunch of bad team. So while I fascinated him- and you still would let it happen now- I listen if we have a whisper, a piss pissy about Westbrook off winds between us who we do we job once about doing segment on a Sunday pod were we would both select the other team, the other guys like
worst possible starting five, that he was a coat and that will actually back and forth is equal. Whoever gets them would pick but yet said almost welfare Westbrook Hassebu out the great already over Lucinda. No one could slip. Whispered, has the Buddha Southern I'd so Kazi, based on what happened tonight, give me a trade date for Bradley Beer, food shortage, Bradley Bill Office, poor and you had to pick there is big money at stake. What date? Would you pick whatever that white like mid January? A couple dates a couple weeks before the trade deadline. Yet I would urge you to get like February nightmare, sustainable along those lines that, because, like Lion, said, there's a chance. This just doesn't happen, but my understanding as bill is happy living in Washington. His family is happy living there, yet he did, he wants to be. There is just a matter of the wizards can be good enough for him to want to be there, and I think the deal's. I think it really could be
fishing by subtraction because of the flaws Russell Westbrook and has a additions that they made tonight. I like what the wizards did this entire day. I'm not sure how good they'll be I am not sure how good they were with rest with Russia Westbrook in the rough about flawed roster. I we got a flat through these winners and losers, because Nephew Kyle for some reason booked a ready to go back east tonight at midnight. So we have probably half hour left that is by banks. Have couple: is a shriek next May since poor Spike Lee? How many times can you go to the draft and get excited about a pack and then they traded, but nobody in the building knows just over and over again I it sucks it. It's happened, a Patriot Fans Casey and I can attest
over and over again rights, and I were up we're not up. We just straight back to object to the next it that's why you learned a lot trust the Patriots felt and expand zone. Have they don't have the same treasure? The spurs did have the same trust with their fans, but now I have them in the losers category. I think this is the summer of with pop team. Usa. yeah eggs heavy so far, and then this prima pick tonight resell. Did it we'll take. I wonder if we have that video you leave, you thought I was kidding you did they come on you. They did the bag yea. You did like. You, threw back your leg around for tv like that, just pretend you could not believe it. Twenty two Ben too high for him. For you, I just liked other guards. I just did men in a lot of these guys played against each other to yell like you could go through James Burger Sharif Cooper was a really weird player and in its goods
looks like it's funny how sometimes your instincts in your gut on a player like I don't know man I don't know, and then you talk to people and then the draft plays out that night. You like how you know, maybe workout reaction about a Galaxy Cooper was right, because his shot is a mess. Like me, were shot of any perimeter player that you're hoping to depend on, but so you go back to the primo thing we have games in games, we have all these ass. You see, Lee Games are watching him. Not even look like he's close to these other players and the spurs when it did you think it's a really interesting as they were. They were the standard. They were the ones that fact and everybody they were, the ones that did the stuff that nobody else would do when they were right, all the time and ill for them to have a bad rostrum. After like a twenty year road and I can get on their chase about it, but I don't think they ve been great with the drafting. They don't have a lot of assets Anybody would be excited about and I think the pop thing they could get really interesting one day, you'll Becky him and he still hasn't got the job. If pop steps down they have to give her the head coaching get right
area backers, it'll be really weird if their allied actually were not doing that. So there's theirs I did it. I felt like we fired stand being Gandhi. Sorry, where we're going were taken a faker Casey. Is it possible? They didn't take sugar and just cause every matter. Of tat, then taking sugar and their legs now will show you yet, you don't understand us fighting me and hung a draft twitter with his spurs. I wondered they have Intel, belike, ok, see or somebody like I would have taken premium. Had they moved down, there was operating me to move down and ass. We still get and I wonder what was the interlocutors with? Oh, I got it like twenty five to thirty range. I would have been very happy to draft primo. Raw player can shoot threes. Maybe he turns into something for you, but at number twelve I just come away incredibly shocked that the spurs were unable to find a trade downed.
To gain more value when in this draft we know what the trade than was. We know the next were offering nineteen and twenty one to everybody to try to get to our tat. So basically they took pre. However, having the nineteenth and Twentyth picks it, if they just had those picks, you know they could it taken out in a key and Johnson in Gruber or they could take in Camp Thomas and Gruber I guess that's a tea that value the assets nods, it's a great point by both, because If you love primo and we all into being rockers we're gonna look we're all yeah. All of us are wrong all the time we're we're trying to protect these guys and it's impossible. You cannot, you can be. could you be terrible at it, but you never get any fuckin perfect with it. I, how could you not have the tell the nowhere the primo market started. Yet I mean you unless you know look way. It does mean that we know everything but to know that the next throwing those who picture on and they did it anyway to go in a different direction? I just like where you afraid somebody in the teens was in a grab
Primo Lucchese Yang came out of it had to be there Presty private, another loser staff and drank click as they probably thinking there ad in the final piece of the puzzle and instead they have common guy who's about his project. Is it gets that Moses Moody, his nineteen years old to is probably a little closer playin. Then, commissioner, in a plan serious, but unless those picture for trade assets, I guess we're gonna were, I guess, we'll find out a winner, though, is gone. State fake traits I'll be ended. A machine like us? The commission realises that is like a bad signal. Far Getting rather they are they lowered. I'm sorry, you were right You really think I will first, the first eight picks tonight you are, I'd say that meaning Lowry arrives at night. They observed there like I go, so that's that ticket six, that's for somebody else and I'd be like.
Will you ever neurotic? Are you come out of writing it? retirement with twenty two and a half warriors trades, maybe that that could getting it so it. So. I think the question stupid question discontent is number choice. Impact your decision on him is a prospect. What did you pick? Double zero really no that I kind of like that, I got I gotta be hours. I like it. I listen I'll be fine. J my greens lead with commissioner I'll be very carefully reading. All the J, my green quotes it the heading into the preceding during the preceding the warriors have Probably more leaks all over the place than just about anybody with would decide to have good relationships. I did for importers and there will be the quotes. They'll be out there. Well, now will now pretty early and thou in another winter. Kevin CART just one much more time. An order The draft finally went well another winner,
shops Iranian seems like a kind of went right at wash tonight Toto. It was Give me an animated algae reseller who say that the huge underdog just driving punches by trading choke at some point. I'm sorry, the train of the wage gap, and we don't. We just did don't worry I'll jobs. We just don't worry about competition. Cassie was again even today, right they feel like it we're recording live. I wasn't sure who got at first but certainly seemed close. The gap between words and jobs insurance got the west portrayed before was to be aided tonight forget joint Lilla Lovejoy coming out of you to tonight. I just I like competition competitions confirming loser Sacramento as much as they like,
this is it by immediate reaction, was what the fuck and now were two hours later in its has not changed. I just don't, I think, look I don't think you should draft for need, but I think at some point, if you roster, doesn't fit a player, it's kind of irresponsible Draft, the planet's barely had the two guards to have right, and I don't. I still feel like this. This to me is a pick you up when you know you have some other move coming, and maybe it's fox annealed together who that before Kazi I mean we thought events women's idea earlier rather Bill Tyler. Here, I'm going to throw them they are damaging warrior straight idea, as you, Daddy itinerary. Listen, it's the latter type of their strength what the hell is going on Sacramento and today it is yet another night. I have no idea what they're doing
what do I care way to find out what they do Alba Fox at some point extension K. We think the new Efficiency is three by others out there. It outside speech studied the wig, and this is where we think the weeks Gulf just screwed events there. forget, Vampa Zone and we're just gonna, be everybody were spread out and she's gonna be constantly to have baggily protect the rim another winter tonight I thought of JANUS Davis are absurd and wrap restricted, free agents so possibility somebody throws a number atoms legally be through the courts. offer I that make Schmidt's. Did a good job will only saw really the second part of the draft, as we were doing greener and the first part, but they have them in that seat where his next to restate this, but the two guys or on the left and its doing that tv we on the swivel in the middle, I think, is really hard. It's uncomfortable euro is like all left right back. Fourth, I thought he seem really comfortable that he did. A good job market makes outstanding he's gray Israeli get eyes. I really like him
these really good. On the flip side per not sure about the precondition. Do we think J Williams called in sick? eight hours before what what was going on there. This was not. That is normally a J way spot comment. Yeah now get hacked. There was really no proper key deaf. He carefully. I like seeing a month tv. I just don't know today was the spot for its look. If you go into that with the guys that shine are the guys, the do the work And its cut its tat, look, I've done it on radio, with a million different people, and once you don't get a pic like seventeen or eighteen and if you haven't they give you haven't done. You know, I would probably be a morally accepts obsessive side, but you could almost have something, unlike seventy different guys too
to the table, because there's all these these Accra pauses, but he's got the personality and all ass. It was first you're doing it, but it's it's a different deal than seven minute segment and get up. Be out there for hours on end having to have something to say about all these players and that's why Gallic Schmidt's is gonna, because this is his death. This is all the ensuing around. So in billets does a good job of approach it just the draft show, as you know, depending on what role you wanna play, you almost every you have to have a little default, something for every single guy and it's a hard thing to do. sandy automobile. The perfect example of the thirtieth pick in a lot of people thought he make a fifty fifth. That's no! Yes, Virgil Round, you know. Yet what was that was trade it? Now I was such a weird picked up. I remember Stephen ay. There is a pic who is like seventh and he went
now. I never seen him play racket this pit. I remember that in there- and I was like we're not even yet would say rating would break, and then we have a couple more winners, losers and then Kyle's Canoe Break speed recognised. Therefore, I come back couple more winners, losers. I put subs in the loser camp, but I was, he's in the winter camp, I ways how's our cause. I think Toronto would abandon unbelievable team for him. I was actually bummed out for him didn't get to go to throttle. I also think he's a winner, because now he has the chip on his shoulder that he thought he was going to Toronto. He assumed you and its right of every MAC draft I'm going to Toronto, and then there are the action we take Scotty Barnes and He gets shoved Orlando and yesterday the centrepiece of our building programme. So I haven't as a loser and a winner courtesy. I like it in the sense that Toronto would have been great for him, but
can built be part of something new in Orlando Bilbil team up those states acts as they tax at the bonus to don't bring of taxes another winter. The passers Duarte just stay just fuck. It we'll take it to our tat. He's scared scared itself. Bringing the when we re Carlyle his proven to does Levin tied a winner has wanna play upstairs sense, but we're back baby. Here we go his tenure droughts over. I, it feels like there's some sort of trade brewing with them to that to bring up trades again, but Brockden or I choose they are safe. They brought as I bet your life Brockden Turner will be on the basis that share. Would you bet your life for that either nor Turner's been available for about a decade and right. That was one of the things when the celtic somebody get mad at him for not doing the Turner deal. Catalan
we're gonna lose Heyward, adding insult the Celtics asked everybody I'll take care. You interested and the entirely was I'd, know we know he's been available for ever since you guys it doesn't mean, just as your doubt, training, and that word and want to trade form, is good our objective with the papers, the weird thing about that painters: rosters limits right, I do kind of like it and its employees that challenging anybody, but in other carousel, were part of its kind of changes who broaden is cheap. J coming back he's gonna be remembered back. I've looked like jury western, the playoffs, therefore little structural Heston, so and then you have a bonus who you ve heard rumblings all the time, but you know look. There's a lot of rum is never really lead anything side of think. Your point is in valid by any stretch I just liked Duarte and almost any situation could be plugged it because he passed his ass seasons engaged on
repossession is any player that I watch in college this year, every possession he was like trying to figure out a way to make it work whether it was with the ball off the ball: costly, cutting all that stuff. He such an easy plugin plague eye on top of just the shooting number. She he's he's, one of those guys who could be. You know a success anywhere like you said right, it's very much. Unlike we talked about an earlier by the guy's drafted, I'm younger guys primo been, I dont know if it's gonna be a fit for him in certain situations or jail and Johnson caught thoughts. I am fall. The twenty with Atlanta. I should get a life a pic I mean he's a loser in the sense that he fell to Atlanta all the way to twenty. Instead of being a tie. And got about its own draft, but you know, but the fact is that it gives to young people partner and also at a grey cloak tonight he said ginger use asked about who he compares himself too. He says, jail and Johnson amend the league doubts about who I compare myself to, but there's a lot of guys. I looked up to enforce Leubronn Ben Simmonds, those bigger play, making guards I'm a jail and Johnson fan. Now third person quote I've, always
then allows I'm now I'm so I was how he had to leave with less. Can we did we so I was needed. General reminders repose this, but whoever the traffic was. It says he compares. Is emotions to the halt by being able control them. I thought about it. A big dick had been reworked. Yes, it does rapid retailers like he says he bottles is almost after the hall, that's pretty where a loser, the timber wolves, Where it's just like the finality of- oh, my god, somebody's using our seventh pick, because we are trying to make Carlton's happy for five minutes by taking other sea a guy
and withdrew this pact and we got rid of wagons and now the sudden CBS picking seventh data. If that happens, the South X, I would have been at a moment when I fucking serious. The stated. Could I get now manga separate have coming as this is gonna come back at us another winner, more minutes Roger over though it suits. Could this be the year another winter? My dad, because I think if the subjects were picking sixty and kissed, her was stolen the board at fifteen, and then he went. I think he would have had to have a thing. He had heard that I just read out his list: the loser I've to losers here from the Memphis area. One is the grizzlies, because I guess there rebuilding now. Can I see you seem to think, but also like our guy Chris Vernon has. He was always like chest potter,
but the greatest better watch out here. We come by now the sudden rebuilding about it or what to think. What are we, they what's Goin Jesse, building a winner me, because scattered target with Chris about an Ex Tuesday Therefore, we have your honor. We haven't texts it at all by you. I can't imagine here may be happy about Santiago Emma with the thirtieth pick or raw projects a number ten after they traded up when they could have got him at seventeen. Like I said I love what grizzlies have done the last couple of years. I think right just nailed it, they have nailed it, but the last couple of days with the deal moving up to ten thirty. I don't like what manifested said. I I just like you notice, the gay I'd like having my team. First La Fere. I think he's a really hard match up for some teams. and his gangs, that scared and important gaps, so they lose him for the Adams, but so combo, and it's like I had a friend: do that we'd better really have that pay off. They take it. Take
air eleven. But that is our tent book. That is eleventh to our tastes. Thirteenth Moody's, fourteenth chessboards fifteen since June, is sixtyth. If anything it would have made the most sensitive takes it. You're right and you spend like were replacing notice with a young, really strange, eclectic foreign centre, who you know me. could turn into the same kind of weapon that Yonah was Adena. I didn't what they did. I didn't like us to move together in Zaire at Alexandria. Seventeen I'd like an attempt to take their seller. I just think rebuilding the strong word, because I also think there's a lot of seasons where we all would rather had Stephen atoms than Jonas Round Siena's and had exceeded Adams with the pelicans while the worst versions that Racine of it and have not been willing. Can I say that we have a fair, tooling retooling sphere. Rebuilding just seems now to fill it there on the cusp of something here. Yet You want a bill of that agency. They get ruin everybody's day. Why I'll? Never
walk around all day. I'm like I just had the weirdest feeling the warriors in like this. It's just going to be at like yeah you're like wait. What happened to warriors, I want to watch the warriors. I don't love everything to happen and I would Memphis I just think, rebuilding a little harsh by the way this in MILES Mcbride to the Knicks, the mellow Jake's. It is the most next pick ever by celtics or minutes away here. What are we to fit that were picked? It have forty five weeks camp has gone. Tell your dad always camps out. That was my guy. He just missed them: foreigners, doldrums, spurs or bad Jesus I was a better picture primo, any other winners or losers figures, Sharif Cooper, Sharif, Cooper fallen air. How far the diva- he still there still very, oh, my god, yet self exactly made their pick, who they take you home.
IRAN Point Guard from France right is, it could be established. Super athletic, neither work in decision making on the floor, but I mean he's doubt definite. It could be because the french Celtics I've looked so during the Olympics, Lorgnette, which you stay over the there's some Evan. Forty eight New York talk a little about tonight. My texts on that surprised by that they made a big play for Heyward last year and I think they really want to find parameters, thing man who can initiate ostensibly moved the ball, and I think they really want to find that so out of his prize a day that the eastern getting twenty possibility or from the south acts that will not be happy.
Now nor snow, nor should the notions of his give it to him. Well cap issues. They might have come up. That's the easiest way to get in trouble and basque balls. You star PAN Evan, Fournier, twenty three, twenty four millennia did we mention book they yet cause I'd feel like he's a loser just mentioned book night booked, I have other there. We met you good night. Now that's the first time about a z pack credible because you couldn't start Europe for months. He was your boozy motives about asleep. I think three showers today to try to get a steam. I'm really stayed in the end. There today, though, goes thirteen that, as do many guards, he thought he was gonna go leg, five, six seven, he thought maybe the warriors he gets pose, step and clay Andrei an unsteady dry and now he's on this weird charlatan, so I can't imagine these like pumped, but then Michael Jordan. Oh, you know wink at him for a split second before differently
Guess I just I'm waiting for the text of your dad? It was like Hauser, her Garza were all Allow me to give up the idea we ve Garza, still their home tat, another winter. Dear facts, speak trades When that happens, some of those three guys and then I'm so brain dead. At this I wrote them bar and spur winners, Scotty Birds, great out, I'm gonna go to lay down. He could about this. This focal points of this rebuilding projects where either too it's too soon as like. We need your office guiding I just gotta Toronto and among them into being a raptors type of guy. I think that was a good team from care see. I'm fired up for Scotty Barnes specially if they flip Pascal fee outcome somewhere else more minutes, opportunely form. Where would that be only five minutes.
I still like by filleted, which can allow resign and trade with oh yeah come for Harrison. Simmonds does one of my favorites, that's. That was such it like that, with such a punch in your face, taper trade, there is so much stuff goin on money, people that I was like taken back. I think that's pretty creative. Actually, I wrap it up our last losers, Kyle, who is like fifty fifty get on the plane in time tonight. We think resolved yet debate right now. Ninety six pods, probably up by ten other disease early in the car Kyle's like the guy and taken when he says I have a particular set of skill. and I think I can get it lag, hacked and genuine airport walking through that gave us up neck. It excels in dont think it to him. It's not just. Getting the airport on time. It's about being able to have enough time to have a cigarette outside the airport before he goes from the airport the check. So it's like an extra five minutes that he needs their life. Advice may be, don't don't
on a red eye and then that the NBA draft biggest spot other, where the biggest positive Casey. What I'll stay up when for us this week? my doing a video. I think tomorrow morning for the voyage reaction to the draft take away as may be winners and losers having determined to yet and that next week onto frequency there against Ultra, that can be fun last winter I forgot to mention is just that the Troika Cape Cunningham include we'll get ever Mowbray. That's pretty good, they got number on tax just about any other year. Kate was number pick mobile number three, but a good foundation pieces for two teams that desperately needed foundation, pieces research, What do you have already done this week for with bad now? Where do the kubi tiers of pseudo next week? I'm done this week. I don't get it do a little fishing soon his eyes out here. So I reach up great job guys, thanks to thank everybody for listening thanks to come
not producer, who married a minute, make his plane in time thanks to everyone, helped out and listen to us and green room, as Don't forget about the other three parts which are also up. We will see you next week on the bs, ways.
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