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NBA Fights, Migos, Atlanta Hip-Hop, and Michael Myers vs. Kawhi With Quavo and Shea Serrano | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 432)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons connects with Shea Serrano to discuss 2018's biggest slasher film, 'Halloween,' check in after the first week of NBA basketball, and examine the Rockets-Lakers fight (5:20). Then Bill sits down with hip-hop superstar Quavo to talk about the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour, Atlanta's hip-hop identity, the ideal Super Bowl LIII halftime show, the NBA, and more (56:50).

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so the poorer. More more starts. Growing amazing deals, incredible hotels, gotta, hotel tonight or download the ep right now. Don't worry. It's gotta, the ringer dot com, a tunnel world series stuff up there at our Ambien fell movies and a whole lot more. The ringer pack ass network hollow in unmask, wraps up its awesome run on Thursday final pack ass, its doing great people like it thanks for supper. The word for us and we have another Pakistan amateur knots right after the break first project. Right I did lovely last Massachusetts. Ideal. A kind of effective could have on the world stage, but I tell you: it's gonna be called today
I wonder how many really call games claimed cursors pitched in he's gonna be pigeon. Went today, looks agency be about forty degrees. The world series starts today, I'm picking the Red Sox because I'm a huge homer. I did not wager on it because I am concerned about. I think the weather is almost neutralize. The halter vantage points is called the people red jacket, scarves mittens. All that stuff I do worry TAT had the hits could be kind of that a dead crowd, but just kind of a crowd that would be the kind of typically raucous crowd. You'd have her became the one bet I did make Muky bets, plus seven fifty to win the World Series and BP. I like these adds, because I think he's do just in general to have one of those books runs, regrets half or a few games, but ass. It like the fact that he may play second base, which I strongly strongly strongly support in. These three nationally gave smoothing the second basic way there all the way through the miners and then.
Get Jd Martinez in left field, New been attended a right and you're good to go. I think. Mookie Betts is one of the best athletes. I've ever watched my life in any sport. I would really put him up against. Anybody to throw that he made in game for the Astor serious when he had when you throw tony cap when cap was riding first base. It is probably are the fastest guys in the Astros. If that the fastest and Mookie just pick the ball up and lasered him out from one hundred and eighty feet, he does that stuff. All the time is incredible. Defensive player. Dubois the best base runners in the history of the franchise, certainly the best one I can remember watching on the team in my lifetime line drives left and right. Just just incredible, I feel like you could have played any sport. The case for movies workers envy be if the Red Sox, when is just
in appreciation of just what it wouldn't unbelievable athlete in baseball. Part of this guy is the ability to just go from right field, where your gold, Glover and just play second base four three nationally games. We have played there in five years and he's probably going to do great cuz he's one of the best athletes in sports. I just like the narrative, so that's my EC murky bets hate little housecleaning before we get the shea we are launching a new park has caught the big picture, which is a movie pack ass. It's a spin off had shot fantasies movie Pakistan chain of thirty three that he had so many great filmmakers directors and stars and edges gained a lot of steam especially in the industry, and it got to the point where any type severe movie coming out it c mon wanted to God on Sean's potter. We could get them or whatever it made sense.
Off spin offs arena beef that part cast up we're going to have an basically for the net. For months kind of a? Where are we with the Oscars type thing I think on Tuesdays was shown in Amanda Dobbins? Are our culture editor and Ringer Oji extraordinary and their just break down. What's going on with the Oscars, were us? Gonna have INA different ringer staffers, Papa too about movies, they ve seen and things like that, so it's gonna Villa movies. This is gonna, be the pack ass for you, the big picture you can subscribe, subscribe to it, Itunes or Spotify, or wherever you go. Your pack a site that spring a check on the line right now, the man the myth, the legend Shea Saran. Oh, this is his kind of time, because Michael Myers is back killing people in winning the box office that inquired Leonard is killing spurs fans. And
right now, yes, I thought we could do little, compare and contrast of it if, if somebody in the NBA a star also double there's somebody who just murder lots of people and a holiday like Halloween, why would be like the perfect picky doesn't say much she's kind of inscrutable? I the same way that you wrote about in the ringer this week, Michael Myers never ran he just kind of walked calmly at a brisk pace. I feel I call. Why would do that? I know you can't stay inquire right now, so I figured this would be the perfect time to bring this up to our fantastic, compare contrast. Co, why and requires first, while who wins a fight between them? I'm gonna go that with a guy with a knife there's just like you,
Ro philosophy I have as if to people are fighting the one has a gigantic butcher knife. Yet I go him what? If what, if Myers, what? If it's just psyches where the gas station intended If it does that, does he has a mask on? That's that's the big thing right there he always has. The mass of the Basque is really only come off and hollow in one night only time we saw a space and it was the one way to rattle Myers. Is you take the mask off? when he is this can violate? He doesn't where it for like the first twenty minutes of Holloway the new one year, but we don't see him now, you can the sea is phase. You see that the edge of the edge of his face. He was the only off you see enough, but If he's wearing the mass I just gotta go with my anytime, you puts the mask on he's. Fucking reckon everything that's in front of them, there's no way. I think Myers was the most destructible serial killer, slash murder of any movie, because in Holloway too, as you pointed out,
he's got shot both eyes and rebounded eyes, and I could see- and he didn't one movie off heated hollow in three off Terry. Have his eyeballs and he came back in how we ve already the fuckin go. You got shot the eyes and then blindly stumble that of a explosion and burned to death, and there was find it they had taken. Ten years to rally, I actually watched. I watch hollow in four on Friday night with my kids I found out. I am actually supporter of following for which is a controversial opinion, because I think there's some people out there that light to pretend four five and six either didn't exist or were dark time.
That. Our faint ass, the collar we known masked by cast Amy Nicholson YE, could feel her contempt. I asked ass our giving it episode five about the about those years. I stand by hollowed for and hollow and for end with his niece adds up killing your mom, the bathtub and has the cloud Sudan and it seemed like the tortures gonna be passed, we're gonna Female, Michael Myers, and then they just went away from it, which was play a mistake, but Halloween for solid movie. It's a it's more fun than I remembered it. I rise on the edges of it when I, when I was younger, and then I re watched it when the new one was coming out, fine. If you watch hollowing three, you drag what the
is going on in my shows up in the next one, India you just automatically in the two most underrated movies from that era of the sash or horror movie, air were frighted, thirteenth par for with Korea, Feldman and then hollowing for both of those are, like legitimately sound and was also like this era, where there is always, some girl was trying to steal somebody's boyfriend, and you just knew her in the boy friend we're gonna die later in the movie like that was the price you had to pay absolute for being a bad friend in the latest hollow in which I saw actually about a month ago in its gangbusters. You know I saw their tweets about and kudos to Jamie Lee. Now these tweed she had a tweet plumber, sad tweet. This is the biggest movie ever with a female led. Fifty five and over and other things I really feel like Myers, is the lead of these movies thou art. I thought this was a weird for me to watch, causes a serial killer, his
for here I already inequalities at all, and yet I found myself kind of rooting for him. The whole Yahoo way. I don't know if that's the intent of the movie or not but its it has to be the only franchise. I'm gonna go. I think in this one that is the intent, because is the one movie in the franchise where they position. You like on his shoulder for a significant portion of the movie. They want you attached who Michael they want you to feel what he's feeling or at least be where of what he's doing inner, usually in the other ones you just sort of his pop up. In the background, all of a sudden and this when your story, just walk in with them for blocks the and it's it's a lot of fun, is very intense, is very gruesome that first shot after he beat up them. Panic. India is Jaws, ripped out like you right,
and they go ok. This is gonna, be a low, but different to what we ve seen is create drop was great too. You know. I was sick and he's older. Now can you have been hollowing is next week it will have been forty years since he returned Haddonfield. I think on his twenty first birthday, yea twenty one, so that makes him born in nineteen fifty seven, which makes them a solid sixty one made still crank and along its raids, really impressive. It's it's. I would put it up there with paragraphs are about her who had their third, the whisky, like some Tom Brady, I've kind. The great athletes of their forties Myers is sixty. He's there rip anti that is rapid, jaws out just stood out aloud, but they had a shot in the first, like twenty five minutes of the new movie, where he had left the grey hair in the receiving hairline we had was a nice touch. I was wonderful who this is, I've been thinking about several things
wash them of Yemen. Ask you maybe have the answer. Yes, number, one who cut his hair. It sure is like a nice erika that he has made it clear that you weren't there Kyle's barbershop here he got a haircut in the other. Remix he's got the long hair like in IRAN. Omby once it just round the whole time, and this he's gonna hurt. I can't imagine he let somebody cut his hair as a candidate They gave him scissors to cut it himself forest. Members. Even I knew what's going on there, also, This is less a question and more just like when I, why should I I wash away with laramie leaned over and mention the store, but the woman you eat them, woman on that's in the rush him when he dropped the teeth in their yes, she said as she is gone. Poop scares me yeah, like bus and honour this poor woman got joke to death with it with a dirty, but- and I
so really bad for her, the annulment this desert of where to go. I think of the movie really what it wanted to make us dislike her and her partner, who were foaming a package by the way, not a flattering
or to the paragraph up in this way they will be one hundred percent responsible for all of those death, oh yeah, they really were, and on top of it like. I am not sure. First of all, somebody pitched at par cast to me like we're gonna chase down Michael Myers and go to the sanitary, and my first question we will Michael Myers doesn't speak, so I'm not sure what kind of energy you're getting you just get dead silence. I think we could pretend my weary to rear Michael Myers and just have silence and have submitted going. So I just don't think that was a good idea for a park ass and the guy had an english accents so obviously, just as the debtor state american culture and it just the whole thing was, was crowded dicey. But I like the fact that, as you know, basically he shackled to some place for the last forty years, re write the movie, the moon.
The movie has us believe that, after I think Halloween one yeah, it picks up a red like following two never happened in this movie. We skip everything that happened every following one following one he is gone, but then they don't say how they caught him so that that was an issue. Then it skips over the fact that in Holloway nature too early, came back and then she had a son in that. But in this movie his daughter or she has a daughter right, then it skips over the fact in Holloway, for she also had a different daughter and then in Hollywood, resurrection, she's, brutally murdered in the beginning the movie right and made a big deal depressed or about how she had to. Finally, put this whole movie behind him, so I guess we're out they're asking a lot from the audience. I was fine with it, because I just want to buyers back in my life, and I think you were fine with it too right I'll one hundred percent. I wanted Myers back of my life. I wanted a Meijer
to what we saw in the first Halloween, where wasn't like a hokey thing. It was. It got silly. Four five six eight got silly he's the people in these, like really goofy ways and Friday. The third Teen style ways, and this one we're back to just I'll. Just try cuz, I'm going to stab you in the neck and you're going to die, and I'm going to and I love that I like that he gained intelligence while Shack, the way for forty years a large. Yet he now has. He knows. Where are the power lines? Are he he knows not only had a driver carbon in in this movie, he drew the truck now you and I would not know how to drive a track wires. Just causes evil. He no Santa to pick it up and really get it go and he knew he knew where all the electricity for Haddonfield was the power the power plant, whose able to go there and find that pretty easily. He doesn't have an Iphone or not is there is a hub? He was able to find base
The everybody's house find the police station. Find out the fight where, where his sister lived just incredible entails. Inside him yeah there. How does it to do all of that? Without a self like those no gps, he was just walking guy where he needs to go that really dumb. Be the most impressive thing that he does in the movie is just his internal gps doesn't need to eat, doesn't its unclear if he goes to the bathroom. Just these very skilled, I think he's a skilled serial killer. With that I wouldn't let him over the over anyone I didn't. As you know, this is a tiny bit spoiler learning, but it's really not. So if you haven't seen the movie, I'm really not spoiling anything.
Because you ve seen the trailers. You know at the premises the premises, genially courtesies character, lorry she so tormented that Michael might get out that she's kind of constructing her whole life that if he gets out she's gonna, be ready. She's she's built this whole kind of trap house for law, these things in it so near the end of the movie. Of course he ends up in the house because you, of course he did right. She had no plan for what. If what, if the electricity's out, I didn't understand that shit she's at forty years to think about it, she's obsessive. This is never job and yet all the possible contingencies of Myers showing up at her house she didn't have like a general
like lights, the sooner he had no farther the forty years that you think, but what happens if he cuts the power already that will. I don't think that she needed the power there. I think this was like a bain situation where she was used to the dark at that point, but she's like a train, bat yeah. She was moving around in fine same as he was at this point. He she's gone room to room she's lower in the door. She is doing all this stuff she needs to do. Without worry that the lights are off now, because that's her worlds. I think that she's going it's Myers is evil and unjust highly. Skills. Here's a here's, my my issue that I have in this will kind of spoil it, but not really at the end, when she sneak attack him. Finally, yeah she doesn't a gun she hasn't arrived by like you. Should guns all around the house. They should be under like taped under tables and chairs and your rolling around you pick one upmanship gin, The gun out of the guns were in her low secret area, so she jumped
Adam with a knife. She said so behind them and she makes the same that, so many other movie monsters make where she is I get a line in before she attacks him in writing. Happy Halloween, Michael turns around just in time for heard of MRS Head and she gives him on the shoulder or something like that like She got no copyright there, thou wilt, thou, hast thou is my problem with her that everything else was brilliant. She got lucky, it was a heat check in science and lambs Clarice when she was about to go Buffalo bill that it be like time's up
global, get exactly issued a shop yeah. I am I so by evaluating this for forty years, I would want one of them, as you know, a million of which, in fighting the final destination movies, is out what does occur in their final destination resident evil right, you see those movies ray I have she has. I watched the last one a couple weeks ago. The one without a larger that came only two years ago was actually very entertaining, but she has those those those vests with guns in the back and then rooms for a knife. It's like this. It's like this kick ass, Bob professed outfit without these different things that you can hold. That's if I'm J, merely that's what I have on for Michael shows up yeah. She was really she was rough it out there. She didn't have any sort of technical gear that would have been She also should have had a big she should, like a fifty cow gun like a ram, gun or a smoky ices gun
She could just light like you, gotta chop, this guy and half right You gotta know that fire is not going to get there. I've done via how just regenerated skin the idea that didn't work. The first I me try the following two: I notice was ignore that happen, but it happened of the fires in Z, went up and play in again in flames. The house you like, while his he's gonna, get out of this. Obviously foreign movies love to pretend that even We saw something happen that actually now actually we're gonna pretend that that can happen, but then this others they did happen. It would be like and then whatever they didn't want to happen in retrospect is just kind of brushed aside near it would be like if next week I was just back hideous, paean ingredients, was up again and paper legs. A thirty year came back to girl and I feel like I've been here all alone. Would you talk like that? I never left eye
I really enjoyed this movie is really get. Here is really you, you know it's just she's great admires back and it's probably wrong to refer a mass murderer, but I cannot resist I really like to have it
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Before we travel. Don't we gotta stamps outcome, for you do anything else, quick on the radio make France tap the homepage, taping bs, that a stamp Stockholm enter bs I'd, so we're back. We we ve done a week of the NBA Season Co. Why has been rejuvenated in Toronto other I ever. I have a counter opinion on this score. I think I dont think he looks a hundred per cent athletics, yet I think he's does it. I think his legs aren't there in a lot of what he's doing is with his brain, but I want I watch that entire celtic game on Friday, night and athletically he's just not the same whether he gets there or not we'll see, but I thought a lot of he had kind of more of an old man game and was like crafty or but that's, not the Kawhi. He was in San Antonio right now he was. He was overpowering like his running one thousand six hundred and seventeen whatever it he was.
Doing everything you need to do and then, like the special things that you are expecting him. Do you like that, like the grizzlies Game whenever my colleague drawn fireballs at each other like he was doing. All of that, I think he will eventually get there. Clearly, smart enough to just survive on seventy five. Percent or whatever is re now yet I have to believe that he is going to get back to you, good in Toronto, edit, the team makes sense around him. He makes In that environment is like icy cold like that's who he is that's what he does. He just shows up to make shots and shut down the other people. He looks good, he looks really
He doesn't look gray yet, but he looks very, very good yet debate. One of the big winners of the season is his brain, because I just think he's so advanced, intellectually is basketball player now that he could cover up a couple of the athletic things that are totally there. I little come back, but it was really. It was weird hearing all these people acquire back here. Is it's a guys that hundred percent back yet because he eat, just as they have the same left than I thought?
then why watching Gordon Heyward, these first we gave rise early. I went to the magic game last night or day or does have closed he's that close to be back here. His ankle might be fine. He may be fine physically, but mentally he's that their his is just afraid of physicality. It is afraid to be in the air on the river. It has already part of the arab women causes Anko at nine directions: zero. But here he was such a physical player. Nootka, you know is one of those guys I would drive to the basket and be doubts and off people whose he was kind of a sneaky sneaky great alleys guy, which, ironically, Sarah got hurt, but mentally he's just that area and ate the cell turn a weird spot it. I was a little worried about this. I still think they're gonna be awesome right. They have too many guys,
and they do have too many guys and not a live too many guys they have like a guys who think they should be out there in crunch time and there's a weird vibe and this team in it. I am already word about jailing, brown and you know who's become the middle child in this situation, where Jack it's all Tatum Tatum Tedo, Tatum, civic superstar jailer Brown is like the one over. There has just get good grades after he had loved that aren't talking about em they're, just raven about the other kid an unfortunate for the South Ex jailer Brad as a frigid before Tatum its. But you have that you have market smart erosion, only put like fourteen minutes last night, who almost was the starting gardener on a final steam. I don't know it's it's. I always get scared when a team has too many good guys, because I think you need ultimately Nita you best. Five is in you need aid or
yeah? That's it! You know. I think that the best example of this was T Mac in two thousand and eight that goofy rackets winning streak. Member that when the island Dounia ye I got hurt, like I think, even before the winning streak, and then they had Mutombo, but that Mutombo went down and they basically did it would like six or seven guys, but they had like the rate structure yeah and in the southeast native figured that out. It's a very hard the coach. What have you? What have you seen for themselves? What I figure ear and direction where you need eight or nine guys too, to be the team that you want to be, but you need most Morley. Out of that, you need first, seven, eight and nine to know that seventy nine and that still like the secret issue you run into where everybody's going nuts Danny Ainge, justifying all these great players and assets, and were there excited to be there at first and then now you too, age were guys want their peace and
does look a little jilted, because Tatum is clearly going to be the guy he's the gap This is there's no way around it. We haven't seen that anybody else whimsy those moments where he just takes over. Oh fade away that he hit the other night. That's like a shot that a winner takes and makes- and you knew going into Susie, let it go other guys, though they like they want to be there they're not going to be then it and it's going to be weird most interested to see what happens with Tiree, like that's the guy. Who was supposed to be that the Tatum and now Tatum is data our own yet still feels like its prairies team, but there also feels like theirs is take a moment to building I a great seats last night. There is this moment right before the end of the first staff they got the bar with. I got to get the ball back like thirteen second cited Tatum had it and.
Harry. I think it was Kyrie markets where those guys I take J T and they all got out away, and it was eight they knew instinctively it he should have the last shot and he's gonna score right did score, and I thought it was a moment because, as has been said, I dont see, em is only twenty, but the respect that they had for his abilities. And you read, you know you hear about talking in practice about our unbelievable has another so does feel like there's a sea change now Korea's that playing well- and I thought last night I was like. Oh, my god is seizures what's happening, and then he took his head
I feel better. I think I had I not about carry so weird. He had that he is to have the mask last year in his face tat. He would take that often play better right now. The issue is trying to get. This had been big hair look, and I think it's been a disaster and finally, yet rather had been in the second quarter, but but I do think they need to figure out how to stagger the car retailer minutes so that one of them's on the floor at all times, I would start rosier or market smart, and they just I think Stevens is going to figure it out. But it's you gotta, make everybody happy. If the read about a scoring out there- and we clearly headed for like a three two one- trade threefold up- whether it's this year, whether it say like they're, just kind of waiting for a new world, to get fed up with the idea, Davis thing and show them, but the way he's playing while, if you're New Orleans, you bet as would the span the franchise over trading and re use, got a right it out. Yeah, there's no way you make that trade. Can I interest you?
and another seven footer down as Antonio policy? we're out of Athens, and I regret the fact that by its they serve into barbarism. I'm afraid. I let me ask about where I love what the murderers and is doing. This Caesar he's averaging something stupid twenty nine five five and nine, or something goofy like yeah he's a basque he's really really good hid and is doing all stuff you need for him to do like? I thought Its aim was a great example of what hoping, maybe I'm just projecting this onto him, but am I feel like he saw the game I'll apart, there were about eight or somethin seven, with just a couple minutes left yeah. Comes roaring back, then they go up seven or eight, and that's it that Toronto loses by twelve points, no question, but the other guys start a hidden shots. You know, Rudy hits The shod patty his his shot, everybody
They do their several more La Marcus's go in fucking nuts down low yet, and I feel like he's realising. Oh sure, I've got some guys here, who are not afraid of the moment. We're gonna like this is going to empower me like That's what I felt when I was watching him, because he didn't have a great fourth quarter or overtime, at some good us, some good assist some good law. Hustle plays He wasn't, they lie hidden. The shy, MR, the buzzer beater, but I did I didn't feel, to me like he was panic to just feel you Mister Shaw, and then he saw the stuff happens like this is gonna, be cool great. I love already the murderers and I like the there's, a little viewing theory field to disperse team, even though you wanna title with quite so been attacked requalify. But you know people, people That's a lie. Dismissed disperse we saw the over under after Murray, got hurt, I think, drop the forty three. We did. The winds pool an mba preview pollutes. I M getting the spurs at nineteen, so eighty of the thirty teams
were packed in our wines pool all you do is total woods. Eighteen teams were considered better Paxton than this. Then you watch him and anyhow they have our gender as it does to the best twenty five guys in the league, though, the question for me is the point that the point card is a real problem. That's an easy position: they go try to find somebody but I'll be interested to see how good they think this team is and whether they want to give up. Get your ass out to try to get somebody who's. Not a stopgap part of me was hoping that they that they were going to get Crawford before Crawford got signed Jamal, and I thought When, in doubt about manifest, Thou had been one at that they would I'd I'd seven years ago, let's get some shots, but the spurs and the thing before we were like if tony women play a well or he wasn't planet, or would they just Romano at their point out like we're fine with there the three plan point our will be ok, led to MAR Rough
Guard Misa, he is did averaging career I and assists by a law I urge my leg. He'll be fine, we'll be fine, we're guess. I think the west, You know the last couple of years and really for most of this century. We have always had its this, though the narratives always been the west is really get. Oh, my god. The west is so loaded filling the west is necessarily loaded the share, but it's much deeper the heirs really only too bad teams, and even those team Sacramento Phoenix are, you know they have talent. Therefore ski dev, guys who were top five lottery Paxton guys, who can you know not roll over, but man. You go down the line and it's like all. These teams are good at home. They have guys to go down. The line like Danvers got Jokic new neurons got Davis. Poland's got lily,
Memphis says colleague, saw jeer, Jackson, his fantastic, the coopers. They got Voluntary, back gallant areas like he's like Michael I see ivy, we thought it. We haven't. I following eight year, his twenty pounds later he's got a nice tan he's. Looking like very Galloway again, that Dodge looks Great Dallas Unita has that there are two Minnesota's loaded and then you look at the bottom forward. Now, though, there's only three games that it's used in Sacramento, the Lakers ok see what what a fuckin racist is gonna be uttered a Howard going at a path teams. Out of this. Third, as you know, you're out they're going to lead ten western convert seems join. The place is here that the vessel that they should do they should have their own special special class building. Ass you, because I did I thought about this when we were talking about Myers Earlier- and I did get to ask, and in one hour I would be mad myself if I did, but you
ask me about winds in a fight like we dropped Co. Why and Michael enter Michael's world yeah their plan, one on one to eleven. Twos and ones like a normal person who wins at that game. Myers versus Coy Myers versus CO? Why is there a rough? There's no RAF backfire on fire, and then you not allowed it to stab anyone in the neck. I think fires would lose eleven, nothing, I'm eleven, nothing yak as the problem is he doesn't run. So are you out? Have my sight of hee hee? move side aside, but he wouldn't be actually moving. I think you should be able to go via share didn't, run either and he's got himself a handful of rings. So the question is: if Myers got the bar because he's supernatural and evil and as superhuman strength, maybe he's like two thousand shack.
He just turns everybody in time a car I think, have co. I got the buffers that the union's eleven nothing the trick with MIKE is number one I think he's a very quick, a war. Ex buddies quick like he sort of shoots around the houses front, back yeah with vigour, a tricky speed. We have to consider that, whereas others There is very strong, like unreasonably strong, if he's, on the one hand on you like, or do a handshake like United, given insiders reappoint line and also he's got. A crazy vertical is yelling forty eight inch vertical. I he's. Gonna do ok and that forty eight its verdict up. We know we know physic. He is able to withstand just about anything like the far too far from the roof and hollow in one after getting shot. Six times was is really one for the
he's a nobody comes about he's getting every and the wine like you're not thrown a shot. There's no hard about Michael Myers, like though no easy lay at no easy markets. Now he's gone uneasy, but Don't worry about it. What kind of office of gave do you think he would have liked like an errand Baines like the short from the shoulder jump book, yeah Dielo Goofy yeah the Bourgeois Jyar here. That's all he's doing he's got that either about I had all day long since you haven't Duncan like little step back ten foot bank shot bill. He's got a forty, eight and vertical any six too and everybody human He might go out there and turn into Dennis Psmith. That's how he might be We have no idea what, if he The game starts and quite like right. Shakes, his anger luck and MIKE
Epps is mechanics outfit and he's got on fuckin basketball shorts. Underneath it that's what he's wearing under me there and he's been Hooper all along. I got Untruss MIKE, but he then he takes office Basque and he's got this special basketball mask. That's like fitted with goggles yeah, exactly navigate what d you settle Lakers spurs gave us. There are eight hundred I'm starting to get worried. I thought not over. I thought the Lakers For forty eight was a lack in the whole thing was like, while the brine is worth fifty wins by himself. Just put anyone honesty about who they really with some of the guys they sound like spending seventeen million, I'm contagious, Caldwell Pulp and Stephen said. The other option is just to set it on fire. They raise actually take out hundred dollar bills until you get to seventeen million and just put them outside the law.
Under the Karim statutory measures needed our fire, for the fifth is neither those guys can play basketball level and then the jail thing like jewels nice to have a new team. When you, when he's like your eleventh man, but what is that their crouched? I would suggest that good there ever was say there would be bad defensively there even worse defensively. Then I imagined, and then you know, the other part is if one so doesn't go up. A notch I think it's a problem like I just don't think he's looked at it. I have more lonzo stock than than just about anybody, but really wanted to make a jump. This share, in it kind of seems like the same guy, some concern about that when it would have you seen yeah, fills the lander thing is what I thought was most troubling as soon as Randal got suspended, embracing out let us get his shot Yahoo accounts and he then he did not come. He did not ages. Was there doing the same stuff, he was doing a season. A go
I don't know what's going on inside of his inside of his head on and off. He just doesn't want to make make a mistake: a mess with the broader get shipped out. I was gonna buy, he was more travelling to me than than anybody else, Cosmo be good Ingram, we'll be fine. By loves. I just as I he's the peace. If he's good, the team will be good. You need that guy you need the guy who doesn't want to score. Who doesn't want to make everyone else happy and he's not there he's not there. Yet we are they rough, they gave a hundred and ninety seven points to the spurs with no point guard is its wrath. Tyrants and you can't panic too much because they did lose to their five esquires for an entire week as their fight right. Am I like Ingram, I, like Kuchma, I like gesture. I like Leubronn like Rondeau right. I can go to war with those five guys yeah. Unfortunately, none of those guys can protect the rumour
play center or guard anybody over six slash, eight and that's the fundamental problem with this team right now now they just need to tread water until MID December when you're allowed to trade. The contract that you signed in the sun, Ryan Naked Package, Lance Intervale and Caldwell Pope and whatever else and try to somebody else, the question is what they want to take a contract that goes pass this year, because you know people think they're trying to save their cost. This is our our friend ran reseller, whose very good pack has called dual threat on the ringer package now accuse on Skype. Impelled show Friday it sing. A theory that I have also heard in basketball circles as well, and he was the first one at her bringing a publicly he was saying people aren't sure that there's gonna be this huge rash From all stars and younger stars to go play with the and that Lebaron prep thought people
in this year where there is quite Jimmy Butler. Whoever inquired didn't why INA didn't pushed his way there, Jimmy Butler he was on the list of TEAMS Butler wanted to go to in the question is like, You do. People under thirty who are good basketball wanna go out of their way to play with the brand James Reset, said he was feeling like the the people that he's talk due in the NBA, that maybe the answers now and after a little of the same question is for you. If you were under thirty and you were good a basketball, would you want to play with the brine after you ve seen? What's how What's happened with him, the last ten years in Cleveland in Miami and then in Cleveland again, no, I think, there's been enough talk among those players of of guys who have played with them. The carry thing is the most hurtful in that respect, but Irene fled from the people have played with them in them, and I doubt cool see her like a
Why is that happening? There's gotta be something there. They found under thirty, am young guy, I'm in league? Is the jewish of that's, probably the greatest pleasure of our time. But I'm gonna in I wanna play with somebody else. Ere I swear to watch so he's got you know, ivy see I can we Greek havin love, although he did when a ring. Maybe over. I didn't love the experience of being in the bronze orbit. Therefore, for years I would guess he did love it now and it seems like he had a lot of issues with it and it's almost like he had a little Stockholm syndrome with it after awhile, but that up is you these guys all come up in the same classes and like somebody like Kevin Love, he was class two hundred and eight. She is connected to all these people from the class of seven, which was the Durant Al Horford class. You know eight and then the
class, which was you know. I think it was buggy cousins in who us in their dark rose there, grasses o eight, but all those guys around the same. There are planting each other, they all know each other and they are like having love Kevin love, I think, is one the most popular guys from that whole kind of three era- and they caught saw what went out with him the last four years and how he became the scapegoat at time, says that then you go to carry whose two thousand ten set out, he's friends with the nine two two thousand and two thousand eleven gas. So that's a five year window. Now of Cairo love everybody from those five years of people, knowing somebody directly who play with the broad. If and if neither them like the experience, I would think that I would think that carry some weight- I guess is my point yet that I and I agree with your seller. I think there is something to this year. There has to be said,
every this aim, as if we have enough people worked for you left in, they were like, don't go like that's all it takes to don't go there. I know some of those people who knows. I think that those same Michael Myers to their house, the Lakers when you're listening to you say all of the names on the like you're five guys that you would go to war with every name, you said on that I was like yeah. Definitely I want that guy. I want the guy. I want that guy right, but altogether it doesn't make sense, remember that movie Pearl Harbor yeah from what was that early two, thousands of glamour is saying the same thing like Ben Ass, like a man, Josh harden it amend, Jennifer, Garner, Alec, Baldwin, Cuba, good and junior Microsoft? Like
all names of people I want to see and movies, and then the movie happening you like what is it just doesn't fit together? That's what the leg is our right. Now, it's weird watch, so they need to survive this anger, Miranda Thing and then get two December so that their not too far out of the room which I think would you have Lebron James on your team you're. Never out of them ever going to be too far of it, and then they need to make a trade and they need to get. Somebody who can play in crunch time is the five they even if it's a power forward, it doesn't matter it's a k we'll o at the five out of that now they meter they need a Rashid Wallace. That's today They need anyone, Detroit Brazil, that they mean that they need a player to come. And then you win the championship. That's all you need the luck that I find it. You know there was a little cold, not only that, but I put it out their twitter just for fun and people get so mad like the liquor.
Let's go about. The call by the broad thing said the idea to eat the Lakers erasing one guy today in that guy's name is Kobe. Bryant have to people like fuck here right now that have for thy forego by that is. Is this. You know, I think, the longer they that he doesn't come through at the end like this, to redress is gonna, be a little groundswell of Well CALL Bureau made those two too. Easier than the one I loved you call it. I did a tweet. I love that I dated three day the poor between number number to the. Brought that will arise during his last night? Was his watch him hit that pull up thirty five foot or to tie the game with two seconds left, and there is the two regions The, unlike everything you wanna Lebron James Game, was right there. Neither side of the argument you can be like a he choked and the others. I was there Would they don't get there without the clutch shot that hit like that's just Leubronn is
referring to all people at all times he's the best part of the What you mean eliciting at the end, see let that a third piece, ok, why was it. He should have gone by road again and got the rim. He would got any call. The crowds go nuts and he's Lebron James, the second best player of all time. If you breathe on him he's going to the here's the problem, he don't worry about how you know the answer lies. Yeah. Oh, I heard hundreds theory, ie. If you accept play, he had a step on Rudy, has Lebron James those to to do, and I get the free throw line if he's got his defender on his hip, but he didn't want how do you want to go to the river? Do I get so in Europe's takes its twenty two foot here above about foul shot, and you know this has been a theme of his in his career. For better or worse. Well, who have these stretches where he just as one go the free fraeulein, then I'll have other stretches where he's make it offers free thrust. There's fares
bill, there's no way you can convince be Lebron James was afraid in the third game of a season at home. He was afraid to your readers. There's no way you're going to convince me that, a broad, maybe twelve. Years ago. You would have but not the we noted today age when no matter just saying maybe thing is afraid in general now I know that more loudly theirs, I don't think, there's a SK of our moment, you can put him in right now. Will you say he's afraid of? I have news for you. I have this year. I just put him in that. I just did it there's no way he had just missed. The two free throws You do not want to go back to the lab. Convince side, you watch I play that is a guy who did not want another faith or land again? Well, let's disagree. I like this agreeing ironic as our I hate lasting. We talk about the fact that in talk about that on Sunday, ok, I flew to Boston yesterday and I had he espionage with no headphones.
Subject blue and they just shut the fight over and over again for sixty eight hours is great. I lay at they just over and over again different angles. Do you think Rondeau spit on crisper? Yes, he definitely spit on Chris They have now like each other for a long time. Those two guys. Yet there were twelve, your beef, but he had a mouthpiece in. How do you speak with a mouthpiece in if it was kind of a half ass spit. If those spit was it like a sneaky spit, one of those young spit under my breath. You, nobody really noticed, that's exactly what it was regime Rondeau is smarter than all of everybody and Ambiorix ever me by two people, if any to figure out how to spit with a mouthpiece in. Are you resign Rondeau? If anybody would do that, it would be region I love that Chris Paul when, after him- I think that's crook clippers Chris Paul, we don't get that fight, but how
increase pot. They raise you a little bit different in Houston, like you're, going to get a fist fight. When you do that to somebody in Houston from Houston had that been Gerald Green, it has been fucking atomic war Does he had grown up their bravery? Ball has been in use for several months and is already fighting guys, I'm? In over a year now, but history can I can I offer a counter? Was he mad enough that Rondo spit in his face? If Rondo did ya pussy that he put a finger back in his face? Rondo hit him with a two piece landed, one miss the other. They separated them. I don't you get rid of the cliff revolved around the Michael Myers should have just kept coming back, should have taken like ten guys do get between. Now. Chris got his interests, got two shots on random. He got the opera being and then the on bang. It was good like that's the escalation that that should have followed we're gonna get into each
this Rondo's Randalls gonna be like ok, I'm gonna take this next step on this bit on you, Chris Paul amenity, The next step amenable my finger in your face, which is more disrespectful to put it in a bit you in the face and then Rondo is like what here we go. I got to put my hands on you and then Chris Paul came back. I got to put my hands on you not like. That was an order. It was supposed to go in. Nobody overreacted or under reacted. That was exactly the series of events that needs to take place and that moment had you score the fight draw, or you gave the slightest crisper I'm giving a slight edge to Chris Paul. He got into clean shots, Randal that in one and a half shots with oil like the shots were that I liked Randalls left jab. I thought they
really really like tag them with it. This did bring up something that is very important to me, because nobody loves MBA fights more. The May. I probably spent more time searching you tube and dark corners of the internet to find fights. Then maybe anyone ever met. The best fights are when it's two guards absolutely when it's big eyes. First of all, the big muscle guys can't throw and then up like that, like the worst fight of all time, was Larijani Universalism morning, religious, throwing bombs that are missing by seven feet. You want like So my second boxing were the best fights arose like the welter waits. The the super light waves, the junior middleweight site that can await class gotta, get speed and strength. So rather Chris pause almost three match up. That's a perfect fight. We see this in the movies all the time when the people get by
Durham, bigger and bigger, and then you got galaxies giant monsters, fighting each other yeah Pacific RIM, not any fund a watch cause you're, so big. They move so slow, whatever but if you get a movie website like the one, where was gently versus gently again, our talking and that's what Rondeau Chris Paul was two guys. Who have been smaller than everybody on the basketball court, their whole lives and they have lived, in that world, where you have to be extra aggressive inaction me they ve probably been, I would guess, between the and twenty five fights in their life basketball, really, oh, they knew to like they're, ready, who assholes through to Napoleon complex assholes who carry them. And I mean that endearingly who carry themselves like with this? Will you look at me? You got probably Diego loudly, both of those deeds will throw down or think about thrown down. I advocated actual fight if it was in a ring. I think Randall,
since these get the reaches he's gotta visa freakish athlete- I think he can Ben it always keep them while others ways is elbow, bend, that's gonna be legacy punch somehow yet I'd they. I give him the floor. Gone away. I really enjoyed it. I even like Brandon Ingram, coming in with the wild beasts like aye aye aye news. Rejects it was going away and the next day, with his appreciation for bread and a that somebody's head off, nobody got hurt a lot. When Carmelo got mad. A brain and anger, and the next day about have there's no place basketball for that. Meanwhile, he punch vertical the grand back or not, I did that our way to pretend that did that, but apparently with Kerbela, I love the bad blood, though I think this is great. This is the league. We grew up with. You be bad blood visibly got hurt. This is the best thing I could have happened. There was a the first Lakers Home game right, yeah, the number one
The first time we get big to play at home, everybody's already watchin, and then it a rubs into this tiktok fight. Like is great MS great bill. I, like Brandon Anger more than ever and I loved his a few shovel in that started the whole thing really, I'm just like you know what you not only did you did you for your body to me. Actually elbow me and somehow I got the falcon, but now your vision of the rough F, you just shoved them with great there's. So much disdain do. It could actually made me wonder of James Hearted. A bit of a head. You know in the hierarchy, because you know he's the reigning envy right now there should be lifted
respect for games heart. I know you're not like screws. You do get the f adding here. Yeah Brandon had rather was not interested in and participate in. James hardens highlight real aright wherein wrap it up shape. You are working on a pack ass. The rumours archer were wounded details much later, but I know I know people are asking for a shape. I guess we we, do you have something something brewing. Something in the lab its candidate looks at the factory is, can be really offensive and inflammatory. That's why I didn't think. Along alone, I was good talkative, Is it I before we get to quaver? This website is brought to you by an all new season of the show. Tom Ridge Series, re Donovan sparingly have Schreiber jog void. Susan, Sarandon, LS and fixers top fixtures left Hollywood and all of its dirt behind, but guess what near cities
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similar researching in building a team each week, regardless of the outcome, has never been more finer easy to play. I played the gridiron pick em contest every week. A free contest I need to do is pick winners, no spreads ten case split amongst the tap pickers of certainty heat up. I might actually tell you made my my fanned autumn this week seek in tracking yourself are made in the last five Kessler we going to do that. I've tried other day of sites of deify sites before if our fancy expert fenders, clearly the place to play plus new users, get a five hour bonus and made the first posit comply with me had Fiddle Dhaka sash
ass, I hear the we did with Quavo from Migos, I I would say one of the hardest stars, music right now and also sorta awesome, guy and also really interesting guy, who had a chance to potentially be an athlete Jos, music instead. But we do a lot of stuff, including one of the best ideas have come up with in a while. It involves the super boy we'll get to it, but a very excited about this idea, and I demand at least credit if it happens, strategist respect gimme the respect that deserve for a great idea, everyone's Rivah Godiva anyway, here yes, quaver. Well, it's really hard for minimum as my son, but last week we were back stage at the meagre stray concert we met. Quiver he successfully put hands,
we are very proud and then you admire his Jordan said. You said he was dripping and he got to go to school on Monday and Tuesday everyone is yours. If a very loud appreciate that thank is he's only ten years old, but it was. Was that it was a highly friend the sorry about this, but I do have one. That cancer is awesome. Thank you and it was like. So there were forty four nights at staples in any move to the forum and do so Is a high energy, the just us and Drake got so many records that going that's going in the club, and you know I'm saying going throughout your car There are two speakers. Issues is just crazy and and and just put us both in one billion inches plan allow his in all our catalogue. Slackened asked our party see you came
You paid for like fifty minutes some land at fifty five minutes. There's a break tree came out. He did his ordinary men, you guys came out and then Jake eventually disappear because he's got it. What does he do hydrate? Would he also vary the he's guy he's gone to her, so what happens or drakos backstage he's good? Why we said Cyrus GO fuel, real, quick, come back. I just gotta go. Escobar game. Quicks were equally Such issues are stable, so data yes M gaiters trainer back their work. That is how things are laid out. You will one day I notice it so the state is laid out, it's basically even bigger than a basketball careers as are moving around. They actually save sizeable best about yeah you guys are burdensome calories, slice or every night. She got to say he big train. Session before him. The old we play best la season just think he'd cardio of
now season of days, Dacia, cardio gavest trick cause you guys at least as the three of you and you have. You know the three of you out there and you get the awesome dj in the middle of those and in Drakos outages by himself with MIKE. You got the fourth day and he any, but a step Four doesn't make up for the floor in Army the Philip Morris, ranging greedy sky Come down, I don't want to tell too much cuz, you know you don't want the people to miss it, but it's crazy. It's all over the got a flying ferrari. I have a secret. I think people have seen it on those airlines here. Any that's like when there's a surprise gas toward ever that things on twitter, generosity and just like That's it lays the new media swimming under his feet and stuff is what how would you describe the closer you guys are wearing
they look like six million dollar manned space suits grass would like the idea. Actually right so Zephyr like the six anyway, there's some of it as it nice and late nice like who keep GSM Cos That said, I you know what we want. We want to know And got the suit spread shut up the lira? I would you believe that Did you really are and ass? Imagine what the meagre zoo even to NASA how'd, you get those cool suits. You know that take up. You know Peter Rocky, so we had to life good. I'm getting this scientific backs. What since our people at the by those in stores are just like you earlier anyone's actual, will come away like a replica. Three three three peace Day suits Holloway, so
This is important information, because my son has not decided once be following my guy he's young go crazy. We see this is going to be about the ever for tenure. Oh, yes, I got the suit right. Why I got? We just got the markets, and so hopefully we get it did sure, but if not, it will be around nature. Who's. Gonna go is John Work, but if he could go as quaver what's happening, again addressing a savvy strategy him one before Do the gorilla now harmonizing I want one. Why is this? Is the day so, ok is to say stay suit. You know we can, a different girls like re, yellow, was, and is the space with the straps on it is growing Well, that's a great halloween to cause. You did you get to friends. So it's like a threesome review, come up at the cost and let there be a nice one, so when you have these off days, how often do you had the NBA arenas up to play basketball
whenever I'm in the town like Houston, we watch James practice just watching and then after they left, we got to shoot around and kick it Philly. We went to they stayed here then I loved it offers a make their who opened it here. Everywhere. We gotta Unlighted jerkily, not there. We like to play by sir, we ve always gets, it's weird, though re with no fans in the. Because we re ready they discover times- is that their perception of the basket the glass by no less than an hour, not not inexact runic, allow stages there. So will we we can also play a practical guide this facility. Well, you know you're legacy. You ve had a very good career so far, but really your legacy for me as this elaborate game. Thank you. Thank you came. You came out of nowhere kid from this.
It's the land and nobody expected any came in were away. Would you have twenty one, nineteen nineteen? He would lay the you'd their meeting at the bar of the analysis. I would like rebounds, but this year I'm going to cover thirty peace. Can we tell story how they wouldn t you like a lady. Since the embers again Vienna and even realise that you're famous ear, actually we're just to be, was like labour aussee. They know where he is putting a boost the story like they were using one of your songs for this elaborate week area and they ask for permission near like boat. You guys said. I will convene the celebrity game in the following way and who are you- and I will be delighted about telling me to get in and it was an island for you to get it and that's the dumbest thing I ever heard even the best idea to have you any worse. Will you gotta put up a forty peace, texture, amateur,
you should be the new. Haven't I little every game. Accept your actually get a Basque about you. I got a good deal with a troubled though I could. The game in two thousand fourteen hours ago, some one side in jail and was a coach in the other, and we pick teams and I ended up with Kevin Heart and he loves me the game he had like fourteen turnovers, but might be join my team, whose actually really get a basque bomb later high school as I saw jail, and I made this big bad as I got this, I got my could be join and he just didn't get the Of whose I get bad on the sidelines on my trying to calm might be, George were really a real courage here. This everything on China column that any end up he missed for free throws. Down the stretch allies dossier when amidst to read those Bernard. Activate bet like one Miss one I could have sworn, but they were like a bet
So if I got twenty Diana one, nineteen also seek Bieber's pretty get a Basque about that. That's also unexpected yea pretty early go live here. He says with the love who I said: who are the other celebrities? You respect is Hooper's. I like great game. Great name is calm, settle kind of like what time what's his game? Like he's got a floats around at three, play light d, email saying get back to the you are like run. Every time. You don't know what her yet on the floor, it sounds like you should be in the rackets you like to highlight. The DAS ran through bilateral that so he's like a stretch for what is a it's like a shifty pays off the bar at the other night. I had a virus and around just snigger squeeze. Nor holds lookin out for soya, like oh, want to pass. The J here has leave. I get over here nodded now, so he's like a clay Thompson.
Are you, for it is not. It is not there. Where is another way? What is he like? More likely, so everybody who who works for him. With him is probably interested in getting in the bows last trip. Was Greece double squeeze like going to me? Ok, said, I've talked to a couple: differ people used to being Obama's game It is in the White House in it they say is actually good a basketball, but it was also you didn't wanna, like really totally d up Obama, disease. The president. He's only laughed you gonna. Let him go left. Knife Obama play about. I'm I gotta lotta. Now you got I'm going to these Obama play anymore, These data are we gonna arranges Thursday, there's gotta be some sort of ours, deploy always Tina Wanna play. I guess this is like his door. We are you,
you ve left. If they let me go, let it go with the left. The thing is I retired three years ago in case you wonder I knows I mind when I start bank, but on the left, who thing everybody I was for it's about. The left is that they actually go left as any remember air, and then fifty minutes passes in the guy going back and have left a near its it away At the same time, a couple moves to Sunday teacher to travel the Italian these it take for That's first they to those that is to say a gap, what kind of pressure, because you have this new Alabama. Finally, my last Friday, the equivalent to what kind of pressure do you get from the NBA stars to get name dropped in your album to them. In it? Are they curious they examining it come if you bought turning your job in and not
send all star you going to get your name call right there. I only call him, but my personal partners, you know is it: do you think it's like a rite of passage for NBA players like Jayson Tatum, my favorite player right now, it's time for him to dimension in song. I feel like this can be his break out. Here is not just a matter. What has really get it gives most them so Let's say you were that you went into your writing a song, and you know I got to work Jayson Tatum in this world, Would you do it organically? Would you actually think about how to do it he's com Right now I was being, is as the process working issues of the dome. Zog down here in our luggage. Is it just happens here? Just happen, So when you writing with the process,
I have a road is maintaining paper you now, I'm just like this. The microphone in front of and I have my computer. I here I'm just here record. Oh you're. Just relates an all time high in our core and his later wreckers innate space. Why stop just look wader jack, I assume that require is, is nothing not indifferent, soulless Abercorn MAO Coup woven but with meagre, so yet whether people sad our now get out the way led to record a worse schoolteacher were so wasn't like you guys, aren't what you do here, what you do, there's nobody knew the allows we normally will. I may make away from because we delight but to make each other say bars lie. We first came out I'll say that stated
and now we get to where we just record i7, then we would like, and it's a smash get on this, and this is magic got to get on this or this bad and boujee or shit. I had to jump on it in LA. I recorded that record in LA read it and might were fighting I'd. Take I've had, I think, One say like here like cover, bars. I came in disease, I said not a bizarre like white Knight set apart. I walked out they know yet a whole smashed wages, everybody lie, we weak feed off each other s. Arms. Are you not come in me? Let me kill so when you doing fight club? Did you realize that it was gonna? Be my right is a fair fight. I did you guys. Who's gonna be the greatest song of the decade. Now I know it's gonna be great Y know. If not, we wanted a great song. Those are one that was. I found out about you guys. You remember brown. I lay in his own. I was
I was having a party for Grantline as they need some new songs. Tommy was like those two thousand their team to devise a fourteen somewhere at one of those years and as they need some new Saxony semi like five socks, and I heard that out and I was in the cars texting him in the car is like what the fuck is this. This is amazing video we shut down the whole box theater and the street Peachtree shut down the whole like road for the videos, Epic Julio K, I know you're a car in a video, his car. They wanted to be in any video earlier what Ferrari so when did he may? When did he befriend you guys the friends of my ceo pee and we we've been friends ever since they've been locked in, but we just know him off of meet him with three peaks. So ever since Dan is just
again it so we see like for such a earlier was like when we waited they'll find our own. Only been around since he first hand, two alone. When you were on Atlanta? Did you realize that, like all the aims were crossing We might these different Atlanta. Things were just there de I made, as is a makers. We were part of a larger cause. You know get him from the North I have banana. We, u no say over there come to Atlanta. Now that the come to us all, no sound level, our family, those that run in Atlanta clause is like a family tree. You know, yeah and that's how we feel we like the Superbowl, which can be now in atlanta- and I didn't have time- and did not pick no Atlanta natives are they picked maroon that wasn't good enough. I may not be discouraged
the downside more of our daily lives and would then haven't. I learned enough. An alarmed me syllables performs is not about wearing from anyway, but is just this one. It would be, would have been again in army not even begin shed. A georgian country arrive centres, let thy just it just to be. A part of you know, send a sound and show the southern shore distant in army. If you want to do to dishing things in affair, was they always do what they shoot? You know what they say: I don't a shelter from the player. They should like let the players vote, because our asthma was are style out of live today now say. Put in the game is like all like hip is our culture So what would have been your dream? Superbowl half time, as are there,
Ass. You get outcast gucci Gucci for show. Who are we want to see tee, I dare you can have John, come crank. The crowd, Minos, Ella John see lagree, you got a lot of people, people for twenty right? Is it but everybody stay all night one minute to smell, so we is a cultural value. Papa light bulb bore, damages hidden, a time of a learner culture. You know me see it such a missed opportunity in so many ways enable shoved, and then you realize that it could it sounded out. Would ludicrous germane approve, but you will, let me go there. We could air time at work. We could went in play I've been like created a new level too
Saint Germain Eluder perform it. How can I come out? Do we see low gray, larger credit prouder? What how do you turn around? here's. What has happened in five as do the right thing in bout. They just have to live in safety. Were blocking one of the great pop culture moments of all time. Slow money. Moreover, turned down were Oil, is drawing you he's. Why didn't happen? I really know this, but the nfl zombie bunch of old, rich white guys and probably didn't understand, one of the names that you just mentioned I guarantee that an even talk about a cause, if they attach to anybody, do anything they would have been like. Why
I realize you could have the greatest Atlanta muse. I came on Madeira, let the players vote or let the players decide on the have time. Have you seen how the owners treat the players in the universe is at least give that to the place so maybe I'm not going to give this up yet. Maybe MBA or because you know the availability of always NBA is formulated, for us are weak and they have their like. We get together with no one to get everybody there'll be dealt with, are created, yeah cause do their job. You know I mean they never spectacle and they let us before us everywhere, leisure and, like any other, let me play- let me getting late. You know and I do stuff kind. You know the cultural way like straight up. They do they do I way let people have a chance to speak in a fairly the kind of open it
Barnett Door lobby led a place in our express themselves. They know not what the touchdown desperate feel like he had like, thereby allowing? I will let you guys do this one, because so much type things you played football in high school Men are known as one of the better music athletes. We have yes, who's. Your competition who's, your competition, the hip, hop slash, athlete pantheon, nobody not better than us We always win gaze on everywhere and play around one a gamble on himself. What would we step. Four bar or basque, were as best at football, but Donald. I won't play football game play pick up for a while, Did you think about planning college? The music start controlling me right at school. What is controlling you mean?
like you just lie, there was in his letter. I feel it is my life from phenomenon. So myself investing money in Sumatra, Panty Jays him, the clubs by drugs, By cities JANET the world without flyers, you know just doing like growl or how much that tradition that Atlanta had built up musically over since the early Ninetys basic Do it just just when I was growing up by to see all the rappers hang out together, and you know I mean it and it looks so cool instead of just beeping and other artists like up like not like in New York, and they had like separation before they was beef, and you had like fifty cent, vs JA rule Applebee's, be they wasn't light together, ran and allow Atlanta all together, you have shawty. May I thank tee
de I was the only one I kind of like you know. Sambo is often Yet I had they own family, like Granite House, where they all family was smoking in also Jesse highlight the togetherness like really light. Instead, my so we grew up. We want to make music. Be together will allow peers, and thus out is today we we make music, Airbus from MILAN that's, however, when we weed uplift each artist, do you feel, like the biggest stars are now smart leg. They wanted Drake reach out. Eighty s, five years ago, someone in your first signs of a sudden yeah so two thousand twelve year, thirteen, but that's like a great move by Drake Grey. He sees the young up and comers with pots what town he gets in with you guys, and then you love Drake from that point on I mean basically wants you to know,
if you a great artist, you know who's going to be great. You know you can hear you can see it. You can see how they move. You watch how they move you, even if it need to be sharpened. You know I'm saying, even if you need growth and that's how I feel you what he saying Brad. I think that's one of the biggest things that change with hip hop the last ten twelve years. Has the big dudes guess it started backward cheesy bit, but where they, when I was my generation early midnight, is everybody was kind of against each other or they were team. Open now say it seems like it's much more of a community is. This is bad because it leads to more collaboration, is leads more glaring. Their status, there was more moments like yeah, like you got more, like you say, moreover, that that have time today
The other side will also require to be so our legitimacy them bring her out. There never make us better. Make me proud and also make the boys briars browser. So let's get career move. If they do, then you could do a distraction. In fact, before the sooner were not, moreover, even the most rewarding chooses you could do it again? Did this check and then affair, the thirty two owners? That's a title, some thirty two owners now, Could you have played for bank ouch? So what was what style? Were you like? A like my homes, types thou, art g3.
We were you like scrambled around or even ass. Our way out, like a scrambling out like a scramble and polypus like I've arms year, light scramble outside the packet in endless down first year and lefty marijuana left a key bees, which I think is the best left to you, be my wife get. It has to be right. I'm trying to how many left Incubus Ban Scott Mitchell and arguments As the best way to enable the then whether by governmental, Anna right now, because I know I felt like he let you lead Atlanta down, but now there seems like there's been a renaissance May we love, he help shape the culture in I say: change the game we could have? I wish you would had a long. It would have been a lot successful and- and
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yeah and, in his day, will give her still were probably lose. A lotta gave this season, but we'll get a first round pick you do in the press, sire here we re us as to tax trust, a process of phase right now. We we not sure that we will try to do is day how far, but we know was gone, always back, then it true or ensure you and the rest make us bodies have adapted tray on in his like the animals. A fourth member for your answer is ever rumours thy. Do we just column eyes? Trade would come eyes, trainer s eyes, tray oyster. Did you know that the onus is that a separate, nickname, the ice train you do when you leave. You should just trademark that change
thus other tee shirts. She's gonna die story was dies. Reasonings, yeah, disuse tray, that's amazing girl, so at work. We think the ceiling is for him In fact, what will I rejoice at the ceiling is roof nice. Now that these are in love with a bang on getting. He keeps going compared to staff, which I like it. I dont like, as I don't think staff is reputable. I don't think we'll ever see staff again, you might not allow you, my witchery, you might want to see a thirty five hour. Remit editor, you might say as bank. A lot of players are gonna call me. I still are ya. Do his train a date still train like a true shooter yeah, my born deletion,
it seems as though there was born Amber everybody is trying to create, must have so. As you probably find, one is close enough. I did not like the trade cause. I think dodges can be really good, but now for a culture of alone. I don't think it would have been a good fit. Explain this is a good theory. You think the best hark cannot be LUCA Dodge. It needs to be a need to be very unjust because We got a lot. We Atlanta needs to come down to the arena. You know their rights. And I think our a lot of hype for us and is like culture he's. You know young in a part of The new viral videos in the new young overtime slam has a high lies. You know an error by the sea and anybody who, like he, was high and just had it in Atlanta is like
the city like allay or a New York. You know that, while especially if you guys are going to adopt tomorrow an official fourth member on a stray erratic. On cod. I stray you getting value highly How's your you could make this happen. I I worry about how he's not like a big dude, the pounding in the season, the and you like a fish, Well, I didn't think, as in college, he which is going through the baths and offer by the moon the pros those deeds or are you know that, something I worry about that, but I think that judges can be really get, but I thought that you made a good case, though you can talk me into that. Who do you think is the best talk about that. There's hope I have my answer. Dummy gonna, be dominated by UNESCO. Jane them rose is a good friend of mine. He revered Dominic, as he said, Dominic on and off the court was one of the truly.
Yeah, but you know, opened a nightclub when he was playing here is his own. Oh yeah, oh yeah, low yeah, like a legend, our time Am I learned that in Atlanta nobody knew is going on here? Is this egg? It was just gone like mad it was out here now I, with the celebrities a renewed, dominate, resist quietly a legend I think, he's still. A theory is ever you ask him, ask him about the night: ok, cool mass think about that has Nightglow going on a year, whereas, however, that no carbon eighties! Ok, but their imagine MBA star now opening their own nightclub in naming it after themselves and then going there after close guard dummy. Will idea was caught in a simple techniques? Well, now might be urban ledge better. Why did you muslim? Yes, when You feel like Atlanta. The renaissance was officially happening because it seem like about three
four years ago, the Senate Lana was all over the place and all these different ways, maybe that sixty by could you? you at that cause you're from there you, their land and United see here. I want to say. I want to say when I came when when when they move to align its issue, are the movies oh yeah, yeah, Starlight, building studios in but they were now don't happen. They realized it was of culture thing going on right and in the music will just goin herself in their. Why you will you you had to hear the news: gone radios, Yoda, music and closure of music and cause peasant by you, and it just became a natural thing. I think he was organic. Would when Hollywood moved to do you think it's that epicenter black archer render the officer can wash
and causes of chocolate city. I don't know you should really made about the tablet. The refrain here, but it is, is hot Rona. I think that show have one of the best tv shows actually called at Lana, really helps. Most of all, the music has come out which is more fuel to the fire like yeah. It really does seem like when I was twenty one awards and got on a set. Bad and boujee is the best song in the world. I get made everybody like put the attention on the city of Atlanta. When he started making a show that Lana like when you heard about here. Then I knew I knew were done was really from where a lot of you wouldn't thank you from Atlanta. I know you you from stone, even style melanin and as like twenty minutes away from the no side as well. We from there when I say we first came out what is happening. Tameness light, we already know Mps from the whale.
Based on our die in a light. We came out with a oh yeah he's gonna get light. He gonna go like really lie no side alone, so Islam is not is now in this it is not it is not simply a landslide yes, is, is nor fell on a stone on my way through so breakdown related and North Atlanta? We are firm overland, his light twenty minutes outside the city, so scrap North Atlantic me once and I don't know sir Gawaine it but were, but what it was. The person out in North America Is it different from everybody, not black versus everybody, not black? It's like different black hispanic Asia and they often different spies and they all came into like want like my school, so diverse, but we were so trending light. We.
It's kind of candlelight. We want a new case on a blog, but we from different size in and we made up in those end again, Me goes the gas and, like Salah, came light economy like a cool Dana be around and just barely inside of it could you had tea? I cheesy in they had a Atlanta field day was the city of Atlanta. Then do the hard Boyz Avalon, you know, since we got to come out side and do our thing Is there a site that land is not have a rival Lana easy alone? who's, your who's, winning Stanley North Carolina right, one got robbed, we good can we just came into the city, but we was not getting called out for we was not getting recognition for a minute like outside. Until we came in and stated that in life
screaming NASA? What I like, all these years later, the ninety six on the banks, in other words the legacy that early enough for you, I remember I was there as nothing like a cross country run around with the torch yeah areaway, through from light added to learn. As I was a kid and just have my mom just have me out there just made me feel like. I was a part of something huge and then does my. I want to see Muhammad Ali, but I couldn't cuz. It was like at night and my mama went and she said I was just was my favorite, in a word, but just to see, come to learn how to torture is bigfoot for state stated Georgian who do you think that Mohammed Ali is now for this generation. I mean advocated. Nobody whose exactly like ambit, because a fellow
this year the brine had some or popularity that I just never expect celebre for people under thirty he's, like their guy a sailor and he did this derives cabinet calling cabinet have you doctor here can't governing. Maybe he s used earlier time right now So when he's moving in the circles, you feel like there's a respect for him for sure cuz of the stuff that has happened the last two years in the stuff he's given up and text. I saw that will definitely be sacrificed. His whole career and that's what I lie did to fight for something else right. It's funny. I watch football every Sunday and there's like eight quarterbacks of sugar, be starting in the NFL that keep waiting for summer
like screw it what's, gonna Capron anklets, try it like, because the pr of it would actually be really smart, further team. In a word, the fact leg of the giants that arena the dancer terrible every summer, Capron accurately like this. It was on this basis. We Where do the NFL? I had to tap into the cold you like yeah. We understand we life. What We understand, we love football and they and we cannot just not turn on the tv and see it, but you cannot force that. Don't you know that I think, like really like satisfy the people that comes to see it. We like seeing it cuz it's football yeah, but you can make the show way more entertaining it if it was just organic. What about I mean baseball, it seems like it's just losing the black community, not really they just we just did
of commercial. We just did the whole thing, so you think that's how their common that again back as our standards happened, as I had happened here, because I did notice that commercial, as my red Sox, are still alive. Zephyr as like all like a baseball, bringing a mega us today they made easy, urges the sound Thus I would be in an NFL if they did. You know it's just all about into the youth, and just Andrews learn how long. How long this like how long we are been, why different wars- and we know we understand tradition, but now it's time for, like a whole new tradition. To start like desert, isn't nagorno. Since we ve been separate, you know like raise daylight now, it's time to just go straight, makes you out away, knew enough ledges a whole new script, rare. What
the biggest pressure you had, that being a famous famous celebrity, who is, has a high profile and loves to do this for a living. I just try to do much as much as possible for like the kids and in my community yeah. I got you, I did Huncho Huncho. And so it must meet the football bang. On my birth, hide your dna. Oh my birthday, knows Nels football at all. The players when enough air come to my view on a per second, it was it Bergmann, ass, cool, ass, cool I came from a group they are. My friends are call myself. I didn't get. No pr now call myself as in the com, They came, show love. We like a fly football. I remember this. There was a lot of people in their game out of you yet not if you can tell by that, whenever a ringer here would try,
we tried. Lasher way was so to do just they didn't know how much I was. No brainer there, so they were as Agnes and was day I like shadows like six. Seven, eight buzz is picking up keys. The mob scoop bring them back job in a month at war to set its own JANUS Smith, bringing Where is he? I just water brought light tat caused. The Waterford out occurs, pieces blaze, Pisa, the bride is a fair out a case. I had Easter egg on a baseball, feel my school and I did honcho hoops a day to
Coban Capital laid the hardwood down, shot a video, but like a high school kids. Just to see all the top basketball high school kids have to see how professional things work. Just let him see you know, I'm saying like how great you can be, at this level until I get back better case arduous, so I keys kids and had the dance team small from like all ages had online. Their head, Honcho Mascot there had to dj out there had the pizza like I just want to lay out a big party for all the communities. Just comment have fun I'll. Try to do this. That's how every time I do an event like a project or just my birthday. I want to celebrate it with the world. You got to know Drake over these last six years. What's something great, that you know that I wouldn't know about him as well as I do I.
You know that just like. What's the big thing you ve learned from him, just just a particular light, stay says in production and lies in Vegas Everyday right make a sound right, making sure the Faz is satisfied. Sometimes the we gotta like say cities and make sure the whole pay is just super. Pat just right energy say we may come come down from the top come down to the bottom in itself. Be revealed is like crazy, yet he was very attentive to all the people right around making sheriffs I connected with his holiday. I see the treaty right, they can see light the real but does not agree because their lives with the state. Are you really gotta? Do your attention towards the pit draped? As the same when he's out? area. Does though, he really makes it feel like it's the most special navies ever play because the crowd
You know as a united, the most pressing. This is crazy. You know allay it's always great beer, but tonight it's the gray in I just felt for her glad and sick. I know he said it the next day to, but I really felt like our crowd was the special crab. Everybody is a special crap every night to specify a result in this field of sewed up, especially cyber. You believe that when you're in Atlanta, that's probably when you're the most just outbreak, it's gotta be the best plan home, yes were so's. I know please listen we go home, they gonna to show what's the best placed to plan a ladder. What's in sizes, the arena renounced day phones stay foreign was the Philips, but that would you rather play? Eighteen thousand. Would you rather play like two thousand patent? Our the
Dream plan in the figures are enough for by their best, and we did it two thousand twelve, and ever since there is despite the place like plan in the garden, I think that's returning. I had one at all. You related to the other two members egos I didn't realize I did a quick check to make sure I was gonna, throw anything said it now, and I was like wait a second. Those guys are related. I just thought you were like buddies. Take off. My nephew is my sister. So, what's the age difference for years before at thirty four years see you guys have known each other, your whole ass. Basically, so when did you start trying to do in the Azores like one thousand four hundred and fifty user and were you lack emanate. We're gonna have a ban some day when it, as we have seen the Philips year we saw. He said it ended the
Maybe I got shut up, that's happening and you were right now. Ok, ok, I will concede the Phillips. That'll be awesome their will. Two thousand eighteen What really set down a hooker, cause? You know what I heard you do in the solo, album I was like- I of course, like bands, don't last like people that you know it's two or three or four or whatever, but then I realize you're related now. I know you'll be there, you'll be together forever, and I was so if you weren't, related to my pillow, more problematic issue one, but now we family matters is just like. I say we visited the site that has given table every year since we ve been On services tell assessor I love to see my nephew go crazy. He loves you, go crazy. The anchors giggles forgive chemistry and stage because I was really like
that's you know you guys cause. I was really impressed by how you moved around and use the stage, but you always you never the overlaps or anything you always kind. I had your own section and moved. It was almost like watching on Like I, in Basque, a bar something when the defences movie ray and revenge shifts in the shooter comes over and everybody goes to the red spots. And used it that the whole time it was against think to be a pretty organic, who got real chemistry, wouldn't even like really used to rehearse until by the week before does offer some every rehearsing colleges, knowhow ray, at least flow, and because we just do each other life. Can we talk about the dancing? He s a moves on the Eu Treaty does. I think they should be given a make here.
A daisy ran. Additives is kind of happy around. So can we give my keys? Just was the hiding alive now he was disappointed. Any brown they did a good job rose. Was these illegal, a male arousal mail grazing, you wouldn t one thing and the make nothin basketball goal. There came dont long, she had a great shout. Irrational of ice are now. We should have this or that of combating hunger. Psychic, twenty five thousand gowns. See that it is desirable to avert, relies on low brass scientists. Welcome all their time. You just saw for what, how much the biggest largest bag and allay history I gotta say I hate the Lakers every bone in my body, because I'm a expense now I like having this will be amazing
I like I was brought in a way. It just feels range insidious, celebrities and he's one of the eleven euro known alone. Witchery. That's what I was doing. I straight. I try. Do you have any animist toward the subjects with their Domini verses Larry? eighteen eighty eight spray, generation from here, not endure Larry Bird I need help I've already seven labour disease. This wasn't enough to beat the legend. Who was now that would in back- and I was at Domini Category- duck I've ever seen in my life in their game. He miss from the FAO has followed up another second. What aid is best blogging love on the floor? Dominic Missus Crawley. He If he was here now, people would lose their fucking minds because he will he added anybody? He loved ducking on people serve like somebody was the rims here in somebody's two feet away. He would jump toward the gathers two feet away and then dont get all you understand
before, and you know back then again was allowed server. So yea you, get closer, and if you did that I met at the games, after I wish, and everybody's friends On that day, I like it would for where you do for a living, but in basketball was there is more, This is a little more bad light years is more smoke I wish the Celtics and warriors there was like you know, cause. I think that's going to be it's big rivalry and I wish those guys were taken talking shop I really less. What the as war is calves guy with a bright. I really got real in tears. Flowed Russia, curry, that thirty year the dirty secrets. Ass, is the brain and carried on like each other Egg ILO Physical Year there on each other's corner you now, courier you got buggy girl come in. This is going is Start STAR, guess, Visaed issue the brand. His players playing with passion, passion
the thought he was the biggest star the week and then curry in that where's team made the job and curry became the most popular guide, the kids, I a brown Lebron liked and I think there's a little later than they bade him. Forestry fires together so little something there they malignant they'll run on, gave give a there. Now he cares, cares telling you That's why he went the Lakers he needed better team need bigger city. Any more money would as Filmore These I wanted it as the air. Maybe I'll make a move about you you ve been space anyway available space jam honcho, let's go where the huncho come from leader T just like the king did you invent that are as an actual vanity honcho isn't is an additional things? Spill h, oh, in an attempt to honcho. So you made a hunter.
Swear to me, but you knew about my own mariner. I worked hard for his own car quibble hunt. You want do nineteen bankers, a prism, Real South, on the producers about people into my world, just a great project. I feel good about it. My first olive project, doing good what made you want to do a solo album and what was your number one goal just want to give my fans a real foundation to find my music. I had like a lot of features out. You just have no claim of seeing a whole bunch of features with no home base to get
myself off from so I just wanted to like come out with an album. So now, when you type in my name, you see you can go, you can go somewhere to a home base and get my real catalog high to accomplish two things. Today we gave Trey a nickname, that's not public, that's out there we're staging accrue to tie with the Superbowl have timeshare here, we will get retain their to manage our disrupt the programme marine five. They can be. But they're just can be around the same kind of class, invariably other hacking system to hack, you didn't know this as soon as come on issues like interrupt his programme brought me the show you the real halves. I've so near lodger come to light. They never get on it s? How you may I have the idea. I think this will work so the film serene and nothing is going to be in there. Then I write.
You get another network to the real half timeshare and you have all the Atlanta people there and when the game goes to have time you flip over other China and then it's like Atlanta, world changes girlfriend half hour and grid and anger where I'm giving that Eu Kwairyo yarmulke the restlessness cut the honcho half time show here, Sir, you get everybody here whose whose turn you down for that it is of no baby, like their China. Take our city away from us through the Maroon five, as they have time show that can happen leaving the areas where it is men, who do, moreover, there, but we now matinee mediterranean people. Were you take your city back Philips, arena. What China would take better is right. Now they are still far Marina, Comiskey we're down. Thanks for coming to thank you,
I think so much the way about thanks to Shea surrounded thanks, disappeared. I get to go to a good outcome, slash the ass thanks to simply say: if they go beyond what obscures should be intuitive design influences every step of securing a home like installation sympathy ships. You are ready to go. Never staff simply saves built in backups, protect you through power, failures, wifi, outages, even baseball bat all for one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month. That's it order. Today, you get free shipping free returns, start your risk free sixty day, trial, Simplisafe, dot, com, bs that is simplisafe with two eyes and thanks to fanduel as well remember they have tons of ways the play like the grid? Olympicum contests reaches pick winners, no spreads tank. I split amongst top pickers. I've tried other d have say it s at the affair sites. If you got a fancy expert, vandal, clearly the place to play I'll have my team. I say what it is later. In the week new users get a five hour bonus, intimate first posit comply with me offended. I come such be
don't forget to subscribe to the big picture, our new ringer movies, podcast and don't forget through for the Red Sox, in the shape of the men. I can't do anything about that, but roof of the Red Sox who Dodgers come on get that team at here. They move they they stab the peak good people broken in the back to allay Boston ever moved. Boston stayed the same place route for the loyal people, Boston. The past emits acts like red sash. See the native at Fenway back later in the week, with more than
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