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NBA Finals Overreactions, College Reunions, and Resurgent Yankees (Ep. 221)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Kevin O'Connor to discuss their initial reactions from Game 1 of the NBA Finals (5:00), Kevin Durant's comfort level (13:00), Curry's Game 7 redemption (19:00), LeBron matching Durant (22:00), and Kevin Hart's nicknames for the Cavs (27:00). Then, JackO joins to discuss his and Bill's 25th college reunion this weekend (32:00), Aaron Judge's absurd upside (46:00), and ways to rekindle the Yankees–Red Sox rivalry (55:00).
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I don't like my daddy's, he said he's in the Bay area. I was in the very last arising in Africa, one Kevin okay. From the ringer. You had a piece about your quick thoughts, the questions you had game line. We ass a Jonathan Sharks, Rodya a seven seven things breakdown, which is very good about other things. He noticed and the step that you got now this marriage, Would I noticed that the game here is the one caveat I would say by the way hello Kevin Hoary over go about so.
Here's what I think was lost me, and maybe you can feel it on tv, but I could definitely feel in person a great seats, my french Amber Bank, whose whose involve the warriors he we sat behind the basket, and I was very close and I thought the first half was so intense it really like immediately felt like a fourth quarter game. Seven, I dont know if I've been to a game, I've been to a ladder, Ask about games. I have never been aim that immediately kicked off with thy game, seven level, all the all the chips have been pushed to the bureau the table in city? It was amazing and what and was once the word pull away, you can you can kind of field, but the air go out about teams, but fur about tune, have quarters. I felt like it
was watching game. Seven and Oakley was deepens bad and there is what we talked about: the strategy: mistakes, preferment intensity standpoint. I was astonished. What did you think Heaven? It was a birth. I mean that First tat girl, like you know, it was really relate both for the whole very serious level telephone disappointing and towards the middle of that second quarter toward the whole second half really Yahoo com. I hope we get more that moving forward. I'm not sure if we will, I think, the last night from the road, my peace through them from other things looked after we watch and part of the game Cleveland level, bigger, have overcome that I've and gold fade away there. They can improve clear people. Transition off had for the great either there's a lot of problems. The backing of our problem made some strategy mistakes, first of other,
pesos ways too fast, and I don't know whether they were trying to catch go and state by surprise or whether they just had so much energy from all the hype and nine days and it's a heavyweight fight. They came out and boating I go and statements the Ladys he shots in the first half in it. A lot of it seemed to be adrenaline base. You Dino Easy lapse, three partners, at word what too far, but the pace was too fast. I don't understand why Cleveland ever in a million years, thought it was a good idea for them to do that. Like I went back and looked at the game, seven box or from last year I think the finest was ninety three to eighty nine gone static, eighty three shots and that game last night they took a hundred and six. So if you like, this is common school instead as better off and stare better shooters, and they play if the pace is faster, you don't want it. Give them more chances to score. I was really surprised
Cleveland did in China ugly it up, but I really feel like they got caught up in the the superbowl nature of that game like that, first, specially before this, with the guys came in at the view in the second quarter. It was so intense. I think all the game plans went out. The window is that possible late. They just kind of forgot what they had planned to do. You know you, you mentioned their transition. I look on synergy sports. They had twenty three pick. Transition opportune, renewed lack light and of those boys retired, for they had four turnovers. They shot one for nine from two one for diving from three to four things being total international, but they knew they were forcing a lot of those trip but bring watch both production. Yet
It was getting back. I'd, be fat bill playing good impurity, pay for the revolver Pretoria, commoner ever dream on green and the. I think I think we would need to possibly slow things down. Could they can't force both baskets of so many of those turned back into easy transition points, go the other way for gold date. It like you, said that that that was a mistake. I think the felons who I understand, pushing the pace of the power to pass up on transition opportunities, but also those what real transition it with or yeah. Well, so that so that makes me think that might have been the game plan, and if that is the game plan, that's a foolish game plant. It really is like gold state wants fast What chaos they want. Like long, bans where are the sudden they're gone off and geyser friend spots like I thought at half time, really fella go golden stated left. Like twenty five points on the table, I Dana play. Well, I think you had a year the staff near in your piece.
About an hour and a half court, there averaging like point a nine points per hundred processions, which is horrendous but allow from a fourth quarter to be fair them. Well it's. They will have a better fulfil that have a lot of missed opportunities, but birth border, I'm gonna, say in the first half they missed for five lamps. They missed how many wide open threes that it was. This thing I notice in the Boston Series and it was yeah, kicker myself. What about other? I think we will be heard from in the series, but the existing? I noticed from that Boston Series was how many wide open shouts the Celtics at and how many looks they had an even when they miss the guys were open and they had open lab state. Open postal plays clemency, She wasn't good in the series. Boston office was bad and in that serves as a man. If gone state gets the shots. Boston just got that series, it is it. This is a rap. You watch last night goes data hundred thirteen points. I've I felt like with this.
Shots that they had. If they, if they got hot in game, they could have put up one. Forty clay was awful. How lay offs of how many like around the rim baskets, they miss them play well on this score, a hundred thirteen points that not a good sign for clearer, but that prosperity part You do know upper game. One of the play off from the cap must be to pieces by one one old I went away. I wrote an article might take away com about week. What if there were no scoreboard anchors, it felt like that game. It wasn't a one point: one per Cleveland I felt like it with ten or eleven in last nice game warriors one by twenty three more like thirty three, maybe thirty I've felt like Cleveland could him could have and should have lost by more? In that? That's really scary part, I think from the back a gulf they did Miss Bolivia. I remember to read the fact that governs they'd world had missing from open variously Thompson.
Five, I just beggar, it'll Cleveland could do a lot of water areas where you know you can expect, leave him to get better. I think you can expect their they're gonna hit more pleased me all. I think that I can be as porn transverse promotion by off with a gold states, gonna be better to Yang perfected, the best of them, yet the role plays on Cleveland sucked. You know they have so few left at first have, if I say, do before the game: carrying the broader gonna go off in the first half in Clay Thompson, Gonna be horrendous. We would have said. Are I Cleveland probably up at half time, but nobody? on Cleveland steam showed up and specific? We Corver really hurt them core Brad I'm gonna say either three four, but I must say for wide open threes. That is the whole they gotta be missed on sharper missed every shot. I got the shots raw gone in the Boston Sears dearly, came in, he was an atrocity Jefferson.
Five years older than he was last year Hobson was invisible barely even notice them the whole game and you know a meanwhile J mine and clay were six for twenty eight. That was, I felt like last night as where does the sands was the time to catch, go and state, because and they re imply that well- and there was a moment in the third quarter, even with how bad Cleveland Plan, if it was a eighty, two sixty eight and I and my Brown had turned into my ground for about four minutes: psyche. First, vice disaster in the second half, which I don't. I just don't exactly should play in the serious but then replaced them with Mackadoo and they had weird lad about their aims: wow cleaving ill it they're down twelve plainly crap other than the brain and carriers. I well. If the boy career somebody gets had, this can become a game and they just go get a gallon its did. You agreed, like sharks, charts that that day,
if the pic between Thompson and love and that they cannot play both of them and that very with conceding that that you can only have to pick one. You gotta go smaller. Where do you stand on that? I don't think law would always the pollution by being a lot of the time it is, I think, programme. One of you want to charge with point. One of the problems is Kevin. Love was not good defensively. Last night name Kevin pretty good, pretty good to drive away the entire play off than you. Gotta. Give him credit words. He was pretty good the issue. It is that they ve. Never phase they haven't, they contain yet obviously like gold. They they can beat him off the double vote. I think I looked. I think they need common love. The effect
I'll bet, you're asking for trouble. If you're going small you're lying on a virtual Jefferson are or give their volumes playing twenty eight minutes instead of eighteen, I think you're asking for a lot for those guys playing ball. You, I think, really they mean Kevin love to be affected by way of a clash move. I dont know why can't I just thought I was gonna be good enough. The painfully against the stages palpable left but what it will be one of the matter at this point. Well, we haven't even mentioned the guy, who is the best place in the court last night in category I, you know I'm always thinking about how I always have my rankings in my head all the time I left that came last night. Thinking like wow is that the fourth best forward of all time like Leubronn unburdened Duncan. So any any other forward? Ever that's better than Durrant threat was unbelievable last night and I there one play
he's trying to do everything, and I think this is. I think he senses the moment in a lot of ways that This is his chance to really put himself on the map as an old timer, to go ahead with the brown a guy. That's no! That's always had a lot of success against the Durant's teams and he brought everything to the table. The speed, the length, the shooting the passing there. One play in the third quarter, where the I sadly curry was out and Cairo was gonna. Take the and Durrant just decided. He was gonna pick Korea, full court did you notice us and I reject everything up. It carries like really pick me up for court, defending them all the way up. The court to countries like I got a clear out. I'm gonna take Katy at the jewel and in go, buy em and threw off the backward and the only reason directed
I think. I see was trying to show off a hearth he's different layers of his game. He was incredible, I mean the brain had a twenty eight here, like a twenty eight fourteen, I would like to minutes left the third quarter. Any wasn't the best way for the ran. I thought was the best for the four last. I would you think I mean I think watering ever ever. I wondered why right at the game, every look easier for a top. Fifty all time Blair. Yet I have ever looked easier than it did. Last night I mean about open dogs, the defence than the flax I just can't recall superstar in a situation where it has ever come, Easy, but the player it was remarkable to watch, especially if the agony, like we thought from water throughout the whole field of the goals they bother. The head of added a new element to their defined, but in word because deflection when Leubronn fought by those costs,
driving Billina Portman profitability of preventing an open, poor three bright with unbelievable client is like fire lying is the word. Ours is use flying around the court. He looked one hundred and twenty percent healthy, and you know they did something that really made me mad that the South Ex didn't do more of they were ready. Those Lebron caught Cross choir passes. We put in your piece, we put one of the videos of the guys, jumping the Japan, the passer or It is peace one at one of those but will Leubronn, he loves doing that he loves driving in just immediately in a split second fire in these lud. These cross core passes that nobody sees and the words were China, jumped them and said, difficult terrain and dream on we're just ready. They were locked in on those in LA bronze. Gonna need a plan b, but you know I d ran there Car commanded, the room you know when
see that when you see really great players in person in a basketball game, especially when the stakes are, that I and some guy this kind of on the room. It say things like if you had a party at a restaurant club, whatever just some this kind of stand out and have a certain swagger them and I felt like the rain had that last night like he knew where Jazzy was sitting he know I I was sitting he knew or other celebs were. Is he you just kind of had come into the room and you really obstinacy to watch round try to match it when the brain. Though, is the guy is common in the room right, so they went back and forth back and forth back and forth and why The brown realised that he did not have the horses in this game. You can same kind of ease off the gas Para. You know he was gone. Eighty five. Five to a hundred miles an hour in the first half in the third quarter, he started downshift and by the fourth quarter, he's just kind of cruising around the neighborhood. He was saving it kind of mint. Filing away the little things he did it do, but it's it's
so rare to have two grape where's guard each other in the file us. We are saying magic and bird is aggravating guard each other. You know yet, when it went shack for three years than really have a foil Hakim in Ewing You know we were excited about that Duncan really. Never had the guy that he went against in the east and the violence. This is pretty cool. That's my big memory from be in their last days, just wow. This is desert to deserve probably the best forward about time Fort best for of time in there I'm gone had ten files, but it was called I think I am I liked by not call for Cleveland or call from abroad that allows them rang, carry a heavy load, offensively already ate it. So much tat came to offer the band, maybe the second best board of this generation and Kevin Durrant in in the question ever by giving people Braun.
Commander you put on my, we rely on Richard Richard Travers, Richard Richard. Do it with for forty years old, but all gave allows Albert. I dont know what pollution married the five dangle abroad you gotta do ball. I have an idea in this. Thank you just get his points. I dont think there's nobody in the rosters years. Gonna stop him, there's no there's no load theirs. The rat stopper, nobody stopping the Writ NEWS, flash not he's these points like there were more and when it was like I'm buying, soft on the rights. I would trust in toxic guided me, I'm scoring. I knew O Kevin Love, this is Delicious hold out and we put some catch up on you, Kevin Love Gazette scars on. They had nobody and if you can play sharper item, which I was expecting and I think there are saving that for game to Shepherd a train wreck offensively. He was terrible. So if you put, if you put jumper
and you have trust in Thompson in now you're playing three or five offensively. So is that worth it two to make sure the red doesn't get his eye to me. I would I would The broad and J mind agree with sharks output, lab Andrei mine and try to make dream she threes in these the broad as a free safety? And I would you keep their own bodies at the Red J Smith. I periodic I opposed him up. You know like just just do every gesture open by committee on it and just try to make sure he doesn't get sixty but work. The other guys. The other problem they have as date, curry is, you know, The way back me, that's bad, as did the district. Savvy now as well as he played in two years and there it. Why did you notice the one great mamma? Would love got switched Adam and there is a second quarter Annie is like a game. Seven gave seven rejects and encouraging
in love, Noah and the fans they were like. I watched the carries, zero little make up sex for courier and just towards them went by the Abrams. Seventeen moves than just went by am, and data lefty lab scooped it in, and it was like the The hidden message was: I'm healthy, now last year is an aberration, decided what happened I couldn't score idea and the biggest play of our seas, and I was hurt now now I'm going by an that's pretty illuminating cat carries gonna, have to guard him. The thing is, they can't guard carry so Foma calves Van. The to take away as I have that I love from this game, are they can't really the Brown and they can't really guard carry. I thought, Carrico get paid much whatever shall he want in that aim, would you think they're gone always get what you want, but the theme than they had a lot of interesting. That thing from last night is cocoa. Daniel on Youtube did a really interesting.
What is required of us who coachman coat you can't codes burial at nuclear, maybe gave relegated great that recurs You didn't NBA final review, peace and basically I'd want to combat Phoebe. I wanted a video in our dream on which you off all right, the last night in the game, we thought it was deaf inquiry by Gloucester and final, the World CUP, If we try to run screen beget, will Braun on curry. They try to find the best match up and they tried out last night, but the adjustment the warriors have made is built which off the ball before the screen happen,
Are you on Irving Right, inlets day Thomson? It's on my bill have Thompson inquiry which, as Irving setting the spring is though, instead of calling ending up on the bride, it'll be confidence which, before the oddball screen and that work effectively last night to completely hide curry, it didn't get very few, were curry, ended up in a really bad match up and, though, not always carry all the way back, ostensibly but defensively gone. They have made that tweak to heighten defensively. Heads pagoda remarkable see that last night of Cleveland didn't have an answer. For that I mean they set off in the game like he can stimulate gone state, but that's something I believe they should have probably did the unfair mischief. I try to figure out a counter attack back. To come and go big dog whenever they want to write and I'll be curious to see how they attack that moving forward. They figure out new creative ways to do it. There is a fun play when Currie went to
he ran over the coroner. They basically did the Isaiah Thomas defensive tactic with love in love, immediately, try to post up in the branch or in the Bonn dream came flying over unjust black. They like they were ready for Olive Cleveland MOVES, and you know Cleveland the three games they played in especially last round guy God bless the South x. I love that team, but man you got from did I say a time ass, the two games. They is that, even in the game anymore and justice, hodgepodge group of people who would not have been one of the best for players in the warriors to Kevin Durant and staff, grey, second, our friend this morning. I think the written, and courier to the best five poison, the league even though their seven best personally, but you could art You like the way curries play now. Would you rather have they forget this, then forget the envy pages. Would you rather have Stephan Courier James Harden, I think as I have curry, they have just like
I want not, I whiteness series out rather step and curry, I think, he's in the top five somewhere and they have to the top five- and I was rack, my branches, Think of any other time. That's happened. It's really Mikhail unburden, eighty six, and Jerry in the seventies Weston wilt in that in the end, the outer Jerry, the sixties, western will in the seventies counts and have a check Dwayne way. The bride and two thousand eleven Shack and Kogi for those three years. This does not happen very often, and here I did this is the brides. The biggest challenge is added the vine us ever you no light teeth. Ass fifty he's hurt is INA that injury. He wasn't the dead injuries and their excuses, there's no excuses. He this super team- and there are healthy, it's not enough and He's gonna have to dip into some as a that, he is not dip into before and that
us they're gonna get killed last night out sitting there. You know like them what are really fourth quarter. Whatever was enough during their thinking about what are they gonna do? If we get three more gave the best like a fish, three more blow out Cleveland get flattery, but they lose by what what efforts can they find this summer? to all these issues. I mean that the long lived by we went through a handful of women and the more the title of our roster Carlsberg standpoint. It is hard to figure out what they can possibly due to solve with long list the issue that is too early to look forward, but at the same time last and I couldn't help but think about it years, while paying their Appian do final, when the game being played on thinking yeah it's hard to figure that out. So let me put the brakes on for a second, the home teams customer game, one
only two guys uncle even paid well, they are bad strategy and you know, I think, as I say, I think I said earlier that they had a hundred and six shots less than eighty three games. Seven did the recipe for to hang with this goal in state team? In God, state is to replicate game seven and too though, the pace down exactly what darksword about today saw the pace down agreed up, walk constantly every every offensive play is basically there Lebron inquiry together with the screen or somebody s in it, which is that constant, constantly brand trying to get the right guy and a switch that he can torch and that's the only way, they're gonna win date. They they need clay to suck. They need they need a gay and dream onto mysteries and they need it. Games to be like ninety six to ninety ninety, five to eighty nine, they need Thompson, the slow it down.
And gets going and they need now think about carrying game, for I really think this are analysed. Crazy consultants were just not that good of uclaf them, but I really think they're gonna game for when the got those four Fass inquiry. When two seven their levels he'd her here, insane. So they need him too I know it's like a cliche to say they may correct carried, haven't awesome game, but they need something like that in Oakland, by either the broader carry they need. One of them to have an out of body experience. Inquiry has a dinner. I would I actually was waiting. Last night, for him to do it, I was as I wonder, if one of high risk it the scary. Carry. I wonder if he's gonna show up he never You never really shut up, but that's you know, that's what's gonna hafta cause, I think otherwise the words are to get any Durant's do good, They do not have an answer for their aunt. I that's the one where, if you leave game on any I, what are we?
stop the red average stares at each other and when he they're gonna hate can Tell you. I sat next to Kevin Heart randomly last night, who is We really have an heart. He's for the Cavaliers and the the three take I had was a cause: the broad l j. I think that, the man you now that the players have the the basque about public nickname, but like the nickname, nickname, that's the real make them sues. Cod now Jane older. He was calm. Cairo conquer Erika take this on the edge of his seat, what College Aerosmith Gabriel. Now he called J Smith Swish. Apparently that's yes, miss like underground Swish is a comma swash glass, worse still there.
But yes, those algae cod swish did not have an Africa of love. I think it was cabin, but but he said he he was reading for the kazakh ass. He had allowed a shoe stuff, but then reality showed up with Jesse four seats apart, they seem like they did not come together, but where is he knew each other in Riyadh, a tall, lady, we're at about six one Kevin may say: maybe six it six feet the have something like that, but definite was decked out and for the calves and give Rebecca shit, that's pretty funny, but it was I mean you haven't. Was it finally game. You ve been to get out of my birth. I'll give you a little experiment. Won't you biggest. Take away from just that, the difference between a finals game in a normal game, I would say really everything or the game. Just
maybe people or their early, like ITALY and sharper Anywhere game play off regular fees in life. You arenas really empty or like a couple hours afford again, even if they do your thing by the final by our security All the care of her out. Beauty, like you know, is the final when you step out there, like that, with my first take over showing up the arena, but four hours before the game or how the lawyer was just you know, with the files respect near there, not bow to really caused variant and its also I used to love, especially when we they can't down the tears. I used to love again there as early as possible, because history and the court others Isaiah thomas- is walking around others Barkley you. These guys are in the top third our time or just like become these characters I cite in the aim, then, every relevant media person is there there's a million good conversations to stumble into an eye
and you had the celebrity factor in its. The fight is the best it's really really call on its. You know, and embryos com does as many movies where they try to capture it like these little five minute These are their cameras and other stuff, and those are pretty cool about those come fairly close. The capturing what site, but man, the energy in that place in the first quarter, because we get nine days, a hope, but then too, see, watch it and there was a moment in the game when everybody kind of got to do their thing for about four minutes where it was like her, did his thing and he d his ears. I hey by the way have one of the greatest handles in the I am probably the best shooter, and he did a couple. Those then labelling was doing his thing, just gone the basking in the line and doing the bronze staff drunkards passes, NIN Doreen, the rat in Cairo, and it was. It was just staggering, display a talent you now and
I don't, I don't think people she get discouraged by the serious, yet I think Cleveland really get and I think they just had a bad strata. You for game. When there's some holes in the warehouse teams as terrible terrible hits hasn't played what twelve it's like he's an abomination. They re in Clark was out there like that but it's only the warriors had you know. Have this one through nineteen enroll wears off the side some of these games site. I expect the calves to slow down Anna and do their thing. Do you think? What would you would you predict should be for gain too
in Cleveland governing before galloping into run that further they will who eyeglass neither out of a unified message from everybody there at all, all like restating that they might get over. You know dogma can turn of all over much. The glass gave. You can stimulate gold state that the one other thing like Richard Beverage, Jefferson CAT got the idea of going down like this is the way we played all year for this issue. We are- and I just I just think, they'd we're gonna have to go down a baby that for game too. I think they don't do everything into ever gonna lose. I think they are within the lowly, if Galileo is a badly enough, a boy some Atlanta Falcons stuff. There eight keep attacking, keep attacking. Please give us the ball. Like. Sometimes you have to adjust to what the reality of the situation is and you're not going to be gone. Plants. Mamma is not an you're, not gonna, be there. In a game, robot teams have a hundred shots.
It is not happening. You have to their advantage. I think is too. I respectfully disagree with sharks. I think they have to play Thompson, love love, because if they're gonna go small body of their lambs anymore, Iman all these guys that aren't good. He's playing into the warriors hands. They one advantage they have as they can pound the boards and they have, ray guys who can get fifteen rebounds in a game. You now shut Thompson, love love, twenty one rebounds last night, Thompson, love and the brand can completely dominate the boards in the pain, so that to me That's what they have to do and in that down the pace, so they don't put too many miles and these guys stuff right cabin staff trouble and in an open and I'll see you at game. Three about fell I gotta get Bubba Crib right to talk about hotel tonight. If you're like me and you're, not so great a planning ahead. I've got good news for you there.
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if you wanna binge watched a show for a second time do it in June then, with Mary Jason and Authority might just be a weirdo once listen to these anyway. I'm in that camp, I'm gonna! Listen to these, but not been watch. It shows get but either way. If you ever cared about the work is of game thrones in every possible. Why did this happen when that happened? Conversation in just one prepared you I'd, be impress your friends whatever I would listen to this case is a really good package, so subscribed to binge mode and apple pack, s acolytes teacher, where we get your play yes, but what we call binge, but because of the story in like September, thousand and fifteen were China to a nickname. I mean name for the site which that being the ringer. Why data two in the morning and, I might add, a few drinks. I came over them. Benchmarking, got excited and bought the euro on the internet
excited the emailed shot and Julia and Chris America got that impinge mode and their electorate. Is this a joke? It was terrible. This is why you by Europe as a two in the morning. If you got drinks, so it's better joke ever since, and then when we did this package rag which causes binge and it actually makes sense so full circle, all the way around pigment subscribed. Now we're in a coma Betty Jacko, his marine. In his this weekend I took them. I our old friend Jacko, a b S report flash BS, Pakistan Famer and, somebody who is going to our twenty fifth college rien this weekend maybe the last time ever talked him out of he's going to have a drinking act way. Jenks upset the to death at of joy, or out of agony and pain, its clear him, maybe two shots jested
the pain and the moment, but are you scared he excited? What's got? Would you would you thought process right now? A roller coaster of emotional right now are below, but excited a little bit nervous. A little bit apprehensive, but I just don't know what to expect I planted. If you know what a Follow Bhutto's advised preventable out of school start again discontinue doing that heavily? What are the odds of you getting into heeded political conversation with somebody after fifteen drinks? Tonight, I'll, probably not because I don't have any dog in this fight, I'm not a trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination, so I doubt there's very many trump supporters that are going to be coming after me to challenge him with both the dear leader is, but so I think we're pretty safe by that regard, do you wish I was going or do you think I was the only smart one here the well? I wish you
but yeah, I think you're. I think you're also smart for not, but I definitely wish you were going and I wish I could. I wish I could somehow monetize the fact that every time someone asked me, where is Bill or house bill retired, to say he's done. We don't want anyone the over. Under our words, though it is about seventy five hundred and I'm going to bed over you have do you have to create some faced like we had a falling out. We don't talk anymore you're, something I've just give us they build. You say what billows be money from fifteen years ago, and I haven't talked sets us. What do you think so deeply
people will bring their spouses to this because alleys feel they then is the reunion. Far part of our time is Brunei I'll buy you looked on. I looked yesterday. We didn't you can see who is going to this thing, for you can see the list of attendees end. The number bringing spouses is very sparse dead. Now, maybe that it now baby, there will be spouses there they just not on the official registry but somehow, but he did see if you were with like it, also install that it had like the same name right underneath it so You know it the spouse, but you know if you were the Holy Cross with their spouse. Obviously they're gonna be there like our ship cave, but other others both seem to be a sparse and attended. So dense, there's nothing worse than the two. The bundle passage is being constantly introduced, a people who I could remember her. They are ten seconds later, but that it also
standing there, while your husband or wife is what does twenty five minutes? I remember the time we yeah thanks to stand there like looking at their shoes. You know the lad, the last remaining I went through as the ten year n n. I I'd I'd, I'd I'd decent things over again, just leave it at that have him back sits by that per year. Is. It was rough. I think the big differences time would be the though the cell phone and God and so on, but that EL fees and the pictures it's gonna, be I mean when we it's funny cause. We had this phase but page varying in and everybody has been in these photos for the last six months and take your love this. Dates, amused and horrified Raina, take one they in college. We had cameras and you just had a role of like thirty six pictures and you just snap pictures and the
was done, then he put another row and then you would bring them to the photo store right taken. Liberians wherever you get like other things, develop a new. What would we? for a batting average for good photos from each were all right. It was like thirty. Six photos may be. Five would be good. Have mombi blurry like you back. That would have been the best picture, but the guy's thumb was over the lens and we I was just like, is keep taking forward Until until you have a good wages, keep the leading them some expense. Third, as you do what you can see, what the photo looked like to read the old days we didn't even there was nothing on the back of a camera to see how it came out. Well in your roll back for Belgrade after Egypt, and offer our two hours a bag. The photos when granting remove thinking, I'm always amazed thinking back to about now that sulphur there so ubiquitous, we can't do anything without herself. I, like her, we ever beat people like we're out at an earlier it. We're going to a party are about
like how did we ever meet up with people pre cell phone? It's the biggest shrilly crazy. It's a big thing that I can't I can't wrap my head around when I think back to college, where you know you had we, we have friend we were obviously- and I we add our group, but sometimes you adrift after this other group on care, a street Go to parties be like, I really hope. Jackals there you come in and it was like the Shawshank, the inertia. That's now you just each other, you gonna, see thou be their attempts at did, but it was there is. Of excitement that just imagine, cell phones would match many problematic Your tie us today it's been we're time worrying that your cell phone was gonna run out of batteries. I guess God we said so the separate, but it does, but so the reunion yeah,
if you have a plan, is too is Friday night. Could it be the big night Saturday what we're gonna do? Just full fulfil two days well were going basically with our body, the blue boy, dumping them up in Western. Of ours. It were merely going on the pub crawl at three thirty. Three put you on a bus ad dic hot of birth. Do old was there badly. They close Jody, but they do take them requires which, with our other bar haunted, it was there at some other burst out an awareness, though it out I plan on being sober for about an hour, and then I want to get on the bus. Amidst all bets are off so that you know that he hit the road. Running at the pump crawl at at at night tonight they have like a cocktail party dj dinner thing, so you know open bar is my friend Benda documented the ground running. There's, though, can today by the book
dad you go any make a big splash demands are higher in this thing for the whole way- and I are in this thing for, like everything were granted a picnic tomorrow, which is always like upon this big field. They have like shitty beer trucks and dogs and bake in the sun, and then at night like this, like you know, fancier dinner like put on a soothing so tat, I ve really the night more casual all through the night to cut loose couple notes a banner friend, blue boy, First of all, I want to make good friends he's, never been allowed on a pike asked and ten years. So I think that's a good start there. Just not allowed. Does this not gonna happen why don't you tell the story of how he got the nickname? Blue boy- but I couldn't have divided this, but apparently blue boy, with the name of a male exclusive port
I think, beggar thy back in the day. Yes, it was said he D had a word and glue boy, had a blue car and is older brother David. The pale blue boy didn't endeavoured to the magazine and so he would call the car blue boy. Maybe we would be hang about in our house and we will see the car from it as it is by and then it didn't happen to be moved from the car to him, because he was the sole driver of the cars, though he became possible in of his car it honour a eggs with in order graphics, that's unfriendly. That's it that's yeah! He I don't know what he's gonna be capable of this weekend, but rise there. The prices for all of us and like really is the most excited person. I know about that. So that troubled me to prevent it. Expect now I wish I'd gone
hundred early poor performance and say I got a good sign checked by the finals. In this thing, this soccer thing, for my daughter and the final by another year. You're twenty four three comes but was now boat. Really, I just want to see you guys. We could do that anywhere He in just hanging out in a group, took effect I will take copious those and give you a full report. Believe me spoke page where everybody was posting photos I get sidetracked. I forgot to finish that its amazing, amazing document of how poorly addressed in the lady- is really not it's. It's it's stared at staggering. We might as well be wearing amish clothes from Africa clothes. They weren't stir bridge written that seventeen. Eighty, it's the jail. Sweaters with that. Somebody post,
The picture that I was in a couple days ago where I'm wearing, whereas function and I'm wearing a gray suit and a black shared. Black tide, it's like it looks like I'm going. And Eightys Party, where China Parity and Eightys outfit, but that was actually the outfit and I thought it was a good idea. It is incredible. I remember when you were there We were all proud like last, give if there's another were for some inexplicable reason, another picture where like an Indian Jones Headsets drew river, I got that had the Bahamas. Member was made out a like a banana tree or something and then a bribe. Word, Mr Massachusetts. Inexplicably for newcomers, there again SK areas. I you know I'm half italian for whatever reason to half a time became full time with the wedge, arrested in college for like two year leading to that black sea? I'm gonna, put you know it
you do. For for America, I'm gonna put I answer Grandmama put their picture and because I really can't describe how bad the effort was, and I want to put the whole picture and to get both. But but these pictures were, hilarious. Then us and there is little bitterness the sweet, because some people were mad, that they were in the pictures. Rhetoric which caused the pictures were people just posting pictures their friend group that I don't have a rabbit hall of like you know about in groups in our group and other major tippler port, seven years old there were collected in groups and need our business like it out of my folks, can be, but guess it should come that after they settled down. You said just now the college you show up and you become friends with whoever's, whoever is in the rooms around you and your door. That's a rapid.
Ninety seven percent. Take your best friends, Sir Galahad. What are they from their therefrom? but where they from your freshman year from the floor, You know, Jacko is in the room next to me, freshman year, an end One of the reasons we became friends was because he didn't realize I was home once and he was just opting out the lyrics to the unforgettable fire by you to that happened a lot people realize somebody is the next room and they were just like. I have really feel in themselves. Opting out science and stuff, but yeah. We were I I were literally next to each other Joe House was seven rooms down and that's that european friends with as it does not do it. Like in groups are errors, as your friends with doing right next, as a freshman year, eight right. What would you think
toilet situations gonna be like as it can be as bad as it was were in college? Did they saw that well, good, we're staying in some new president tall that didn't exist that we were there yet According to the reunion thing, every room has a private bathroom. Oh my god, I had to Thursday. Blue boy sharing our better pray for that one, but we don't have to have like a communal one would like thirty people using it. Let's get well Take whereas a private shower in private back her head air conditioning take with us you want to know from the region in pre gameshow Oh, that let's give the Red Brigades show a sponsor. Actually this Pray gave shy. We have special sponsored steps. That of our old convened, easy, reliable, flexible my favour words to describe stamps that come my not avoid Post Office: why would you buy print official? U S postage with them.
OWN computer Brenner. Why won't you your packages to your own mail man right outside your own house. Our parliament sat up with them. That com. You can automatically calculate and print the correct amount of postage for the letter, a package. You said it's the postal service right at your fingertips, any later any package, any class email, your control. Of it, though even send it did just gotta automatically calculate exact postage and the help we decide the best class mail based on their needs. Right now he's my code bs for the special offers for we trial, plus postage plus a digital. Gale without long term commitments go stamps, aka, put on the market The top of the homepage had been bs that stamps that can enter BS sanitary stamps Dhaka, never go to the post office again back the jacket. Ground who do the red and pre gave shows good ever spots. Are those who say they would it be? If I get over the people get the bus driver to play this on the poor girl.
Guy settle down, visited my part cast down. We got it. We added quickly talk about the he's because guy and judges on pace fur eighty five armor something end up in Clearly headed for five years. From now talking in front of the senator is Senator Committee testify he's not here to talk about the past. I added the question any his now he's the abbot. He's been he's been fantastic, this year favour Yankee since cheater, where, where does he rank re? Now? Oh god?
I love her adjudged. I love her daddy. You ve been everything we hope for and more I mean they brought him up in September to hit like two hundred struck out left and right, nor, like he probably too big to big of a strike noted this year, he's just a work, really hardly obscene, apparently Haley's, dislike absolutely caught lightning in a bottle of like says all the right thing Super Humboldt like the toast of New York. He did us when he bit Jimmy Jimmy Fallon, where you like interview people as I did stadium, pretend to be a sports reporter talking about era, judge and they didn't related with him, and he was really good Kipling. Twenty four twenty five and like quite kid and he would like really unnatural, like acting in like this, you couldn't have asked for anything better than what he's been so far, not to mention the put up Gerardi had terraria. How to the three whole at yesterday believe like entering their allotted up the big sense, so you back. You send out great defensively to everywhere. You feel
This is a little ninety five Asher I do feel a mighty fibres. Let me make up is gonna wait, but he came up and has been for nominal togetherness, pitching they didn't expect from sever him out. Yeah. You know they got. They got a right. They got a good mix of like young guys and they got an older veterans. Matt Holliday is pretty like a great clubhouse presence. Gardner has been the best player baseball and may they got these young kids producing. It's unbelievable and others all this hope on the farm, like they weren't supposed to be this good. This early like, therefore to be like a year or two away, though, if they know, if they do anything this year, make the noise look out for the next year. Klaiber Torres come another. It may become in this year. The wager sedleys hitting it may be that their basement before long. So you got all these kids on the farm they got. The ability to make a move is because they such a deeper formed system. It's it's fantastic. Why aren't? They were in the air? The black arm patch,
on the air and the jerseys got for free. Around his Chapman shoulder, but that's the thing I mean Normally you lose your closer who'd like this, the guy, but they had potential step up to the point it is, but a phenomenal is the closer so rightly comes back is basically the barest meant of riches. When you you now, I'm any good I have a few thousand eighteen. Ok, ok, your second! partners. The elbows help me why the four two hundred and seventeen million bucks retrospective retrospect better David to give spending three hundred and twelve million dollars at David Price Pablo stand about, maybe not the best idea it was. It was positively champion.
We could it be that send about another Yankees. Take heed, rightfully sober somebody's disastrous contracts. Back then about contract I mean Jesus, that's the worst contract industry is now called Crawford, to be fair, Calcraft, Desirous Badge, ideas, rebates by Yahoo Killer, guest, who I guess that sand of all would protect They get out of shape once you get get in March, things about it. I have on my leg dogs team, which as a chance to win the title of this year. We have Chapman, but dances and cool so we had, our voice is covered in case Chapman's arm came flying off his body and then actually happened. So is the saves, but some kind, like you, even though I hate the Yankees, where I'm refreshing, Chapman's, poor profile and their leg he played catch. Are we put catch? Ok, we're back yeah, but it's either
they were talking about like the distances they will to throw like. He was going to start throwing for like ninety feeders of bank that right because it good side narrower lake, the two programmes: do you never bonica they get out. He was pitch in Peking, actually was deeply the labour through a couple of days and a blue wine against dumb, but look at the Red Sox already got lit up at near. Like anything, you like if that thrown like a hundred or a hundred and two, but I get that affected his movement, but ever so tat it can stay concerning when a guy's whole bread and butter throw one hundred to two hundred by the shoulders the shape either. A great with the bottom line is only by its youth delta. Last, for somebody is the best prospect than the entire American. They again then resigned em. Pray, unbelievable turnover. That's yet my thing with the Red Sox spin. Strangely dissatisfied season. So far from a team that has like a seven hundred million dollar Para, but they it does
they ve got going at right. The price it's like whatever it's it's the often said thaw fence in the set up guys have been that their concern things to me, just like I don't know what I knew Ortiz. I knew there are going to missus his bat and the club has presence, but it's definitely there's that I've been a ripple effect like you can you can feel it. The aim of meeting is increasingly lurking. Now, though they had a good now. I know what I mean I was open. They were like dead and buried in the awkward due to towns and open if barrel and get ready, Would a fair, older, whining about how they want feral gone? Then they caught fire unlike last night, I didn't better, but the Orioles men. They made an interesting in the opening everything I've been a rapid polish plumber, Jackie Bradley Junior hit, a three run, harbours went benevieni, the team has no, they have no part, but they ve had a little bit in the past, like we can have they started run well, that's and whatever price give them their greatest. Every the bats,
just staring comrade. I never panic about baseball until July. You think you know it's teams are so coarse and you have the wild card and whenever I just that, I thought they had hit more homers. That's it that's what I just thought that it would be this new generation of Canada, the seventy seven red Sox. Basically, in its absence they happen it in an admission. Please, let me take the good stuff with them, you should talk AIR Air George at unaware. For eight hundred forty. However, the born again christian aid that the right way clay limit They made him pay in a cup. Lastly, but the cup disintegrated sad to note that the close draw just belted escape
Oh, I was talking with somebody. Oh and I had days us in Marriage- and I was we're talking about how the Yankees he's red Sox, reverie candidate and remember the first two years- My part cast base the first three like that sex. Yankees reverie was so here we were just call each other, make fun of each other's teams all the time, and then it just died like it. It s just. It just didn't really matter anymore, and they have these four and one slash two hour games on ESPN Sunday night and it just a magic was gone and now I'm hoping if price can come back. If Chapman comes back and then we start haven't some old school starts that it Yankee Red Sox Games again Eric a funny. Spend the summer signed me up. There are definitely that yeah there Boeing perverse played. There would certainly be God, but this is in fact, being now lay for four hundred years. Ba give kick the red like that, like yeah literally hundred years and then read thanks also go to the bitter rivalry were bit arrival. You had a good ten years,
every word that robberies over. They tell dad forget about that. Like what the fuck happened at a previous hundred years. Are we kicked drab diabolical the robbery it over. If you remember in even wrote a piece about this, I was one the few who never caught a reverie, because the Red Sox never would- I was kind of life, a feud it was just bad blood that a reverie insignia, it's that both sides have exchanged dominance and we just of asking that they were right, there should be more of a rivalry now than it ever has been yeah. Oh it's it. It is, but it's just Doesn't what really needs to happen? Is there needs to be a fight in a game we need breast brace, Harpers Strickland moment where we need somebody had somebody need bad blood need paraded in outage
art somebody in the other than on needs to happen. We need someone, bird of glowed things down. The robbery will give it your Johnny David, who was a red flag. It became a yankee near the advisor friendly. All these guys are friendly after tell them. They all respect. Chatterer, the Red Thackeray expected or having the egg is respected or teeth, and the other was too much love among the players like in the seventies like Thurman month, an incredible briskly, intimately hated each other. They had now they hated Gregg Metal because her Billy yet look. There was real leadership. Bad blood, like their attack in Iraq in other, was a bad blood. Their course everybody here they re, really foster the robbery but You know it's not like the old days. Were you really had real actual dislike. You know, you're the part of it was on page our left. I think that pay Pedro rather excited drone, but thought I and also the Yankees It's really fat off Pedro when they, especially in Yankee Stadium, those those gay.
Or events, and then, when the who's, your daddy staff started, that gave a little extra life, but that I gave in two thousand and three with what Pedro comment with them. Broke down, and that literally, like I've met. That was the most nervous I've ever been. Sporting events rolling out. They re like that crowd literally like wanted blood like they would have Blake, yet it gonna gotten their hands on a career Thea. They would have liked toward the shredder, like, like some ancient. That was really like you. This is get off to a tenth and get out there, the red, like one in two thousand for- and I think that released the pressure did out like opening about the EU, had clemency hated Polynesia, who everybody hidden in her remains one of the most loathsome players. Whoever lay step backwards, We often hear any many Ortiz Combo data was just fine and fell
These were lack hour to hour to body cops trying to topple the Yankee Reverie. Basically, so maybe you know one bench Clare judge comes in and just start. Strong people are probably turns green, like the incredible hulk, every pitched cobra. He did. He grows the two feet. It's really amazing Janni. Congratulations! This guy said afraid hundred homers that lets you in your answer by congratulating and gave him, I know, you're trying to do is maintained today trying to do. I'm really How do I get it back work? I think it's gonna get the final list will be judge one bonds to Ruth three Sammy Sosa for four edges conceal. My head Gary suitors productions is starting to what that guy. Sanchez productions who started had to carry it through yesterday,
let him get hot, given judge it like a roof cared for the twenty first century and they have the free. I am also happy that we didn't talk Trump have to go, but you have seen how can you give you one minute and sharp and NGO? Well, I've been a minor thing, but, like this really thumbs up trump this week is performing asleep and sends out this tweet. About media cafe or whatever. So obviously, He was trying to type coverage and is a moron and he spoke he lifted up. There is cafe now a normal human and a normal political party would say he was tired and he fucked it up into Ebay to type of no big deal, but with assurance by service suppressed secretary
come out and say he's like all people in the no know what it means- and I try to be out eighty about it, like some secret fuckin code from this moron like triplicate, North Korea, ship it like the cult of personalities and Republicans hated it. When Democrats were like Obama's of Asylum is called the personality, and now they are even worse with the cult of personality, because, like his minions have these quotes from tv than the paper where he's like the Sun God, like you know, all life emanates from trumpet used a wonderful everything's going perfectly in anybody with eyes cast, even if not going perfectly, and when you have to do that about something stupid like a typo in a we hope you ve ever, but not a healthy play for the country to be it. It's not kid. It's you now just come out and they all had fallen asleep when he spoke. He spoke. Thirty spoke coverage screwed up and he fell asleep like if I have to say that goes away, but they try to make it into this grand thing in lake with everybody can see through transparently it's ridiculous
it's like throw out the parties, it's our first exe, of having an insane narcissist run the country and its going as expected, It's the first time we painted the quartet is green. We thought his face now that the climate thing Sweden, the stories and it's like, what's the upside of pulling out of this aid, see. This is why, in my view, they got you out there to keep trying to do like a base play and, like you know, he's trying to appeal to his thirty eight thirty five percent on a good day of people that support him in a plague if he wants to get reelected or want the really build the party which had already been taken care of by the Republican Party. I think that this is the vehicle for him to get in, but assuming he wants to get things done, decanters the appeal to the same bathed in how I dont work. Why,
an independent. I guess you're willing to take a chance on him, good of amazing business document. They didn't like Hilary or whatever, but you can count on that theme based. He can come on that those. Voters being there two years where the maternal and four years for the election most present try to hiking banned, for they have them better prospects of getting things through. Congress were Congress is afraid, oh god ill, but come in a campaign against but nobody is afraid of them. Can you give me as a Republican, to positives from the term presidency so far it? Well? We I mean I've got courses that he put on his report is a good thing for any tat. You know you ve put them. I like this guy matters like that secretary defence or some of his cabinet officials I like, but that's about it, but I'm immunity is causing horrific damage. The republican party, because they're gonna, where him like an anchor for generations. Well. What point at what point these some people start the gravitate away and start American against them. Well, that's what I've been waiting
or but I mean so fired at every, but maybe nobody in Congress has a backbone to do anything. There all deathly afraid that a tweet against them or call them I have no idea why they're so, fearful of or theirs so fearful of his based voters. I guess that end republican district that they could get hurt, but one at another. That's really the case, because you know what are they gonna go to get out a guy of wildly unpopular, this more players to do the right thing in Spain, for conservative principles and and don't call me if you don't north korean called personality that has developed, but they happen. So far, so I dont know what will be the breaking point. You know I have no idea noon, I'm starting to think there might be. Through this Russia, stuff Johnny. You heard from area here to hear first might be something so we had on fishy about this whole thing. Look! Well I mean what worried you of course, is that Russia has a shit
so I don't know what it could possibly be. That would hurt him because there's already so many bad things that have come out, that it should have heard it regular candidate but they own him financially or they own him because of dirt that they have on him and they, obviously what did they get? Elected body could be compromised, and then you know if some of his campaign, Sir Gareth played with pussy with Wikileaks and the Russians not good, obviously, but so far there has been any evidence to definitively proven. Now. Maybe would call me stop and everything will come out and it'll be proven. Therefore the lot of without any fire. What seems like, he started a war with the intelligence community, which is not really who you want to go after relatively abandons, seems to have lain there were other bodies are very different, nowhere, every single body possible bed its but changes have been shown, all the president's meant a lot lately and I don't think it's a coincidence, but you know share. Moors is gonna come out anyway. I you have to go, Johnny have fun it three in and give
Rebecca because for me semi lots of pictures and tax, and I keep talking over the weekend, get back before we go, wanted a wish. Everyone at the ringer a happy one year anniversary and thank everybody to fur spread the word for us. We announced earlier this week that we are moving platforms for medium to lax, which is something that we ve been thinking about for a while, trying to figure out how to build a bigger website. Medium was fantastic for us in the inner boot. Rabbits basically launch our sight nine to ten months before he could, of whom we were able to in that first year, How a fine, a bunch of young talent that we light try to build a multimedia business from scratch. Tate was our first employ through at the I him in October. Two thousand and fifteen somewhere around there now or two hundred and seventy hoping to have another fifteen or so over. The next nine months
The site itself is doing really well we're up to five million uniques a month and that something that once we have, a homepage sack in that way, and show some more staff and where but to promote I see the podcast and videos and things like that and have a bigger umbrella that we have a lot of traffic of people that come to our homepage, which is a little unconventional and that's something that grantland also had wear p, which has got when they know that we were not put a ton of stories up every day, but the ones we do. We know we put some thought into why we put them out there, so I'm really excited four year to this is Ben. You know a dream to start something from scratch. Somethin I had been put in a lot of thought and time and energy into. Basically, since I don't two thousand fourteen and it started with.
John and Mallory and Juliet increase from Growlin. We at, I think I've told the story before an impasse, but once they left Grantline, we rented a house that was in office Franklin in Hollywood, and just where their everyday trying to figure out what kind of sight we wanted to make we would handle how the web is change. Tat people got their content because when I without coming up with gratitude thousand ten. You know people read websites and they re content on desktops and eventually its evolved at first I pads and iphones, and then everything became too now most of the traffic from stuff is, is on Anna phoned devices. So figure out where we fit in with that in had about
its quality and media, see. That was our biggest challenge and in your word- and we struggled with that like there's, no question, it's really hard to to have a quality. The inner, when you trying to do quality pieces, but also trying to react to stuff that bouts of knowing went to have a quick, peace. Verses went, have kind of a meteor peace, that's better biggest. Unless a struggle, because I think a special, for months, we figured. I had about sat, but it's a conundrum think every site is facing. Where You chase traffic. Do you Wendy balance. Quality versus just tried to jump into a story because there's a story. What we found is At times the story has maybe a three or four hours shelf life and its really help would have good short, well written peace that can play off that because there's a three for our spammer people just want to read about. Oh Paul, George got trade. The Lakers. I want to read about this and you can
they have to be in the mixed, their grantline, we didn't have to be in the next. We are part of european. We were were able to kind of be over the side and he is and could hand allow the hardness you wanna hard news, breakin stuff right away. His pen was right there and, if you want, something that was little more detached, Lou, more meat features, bigger staff or histories columns, essays other stuff, we're doing we we fit in with their here. It's a little different. It's a question of when stuff happens How do you react to it and how does that affect the decisions you make? Maybe twelve hours later? I think if you look at what we do with the files and a game, one O Connor was on earlier in the park ass. He wrote Roquat the Red action. Peace, and we get is five minutes long and was a nice. Take on the game, and then jar charts came in this morning with a kind of a deeper dive.
Then seven things they notice and more videos to fight that and the balance of those to both of them. Read two days later, both could be read immediately and you know that's that's banner. That's been something that we ve had a lot of fun. Collectively, China figure to do it, but you know you can't do a site like this, unless everybody just commits to it and works their asses after we have so many people that you now are up. Late hours at night work and on weekends workin when there's bust out Memorial day off, and then something happened in an especially when you're starting from the ground for an ear. You're a little understaffed and that some other part of the whole ass to exceed the sum of the parts, basically or whatever that phrase as I can ever get there. What does it take the whole? Has it. The whole succeed. I can't remember us pages
people who are super committed and who believe in what they do it, and we have that and that's been for me, the biggest the biggest thrill of the of this first years is the people we have a fantastic and they were at their asses off and really believe warmer doing the care about each other, and if you spend cool and you're too, You know deftly more video. We have to figure out. How much is the internet, and especially a lot of the advertising dollars, are going into video right now and we have a whole bunch of things. We've been trying on their butt that when you want to grow this, you know you have have a bunch of things and that something we re as before we launch a site, is you can watch a site that just words anymore and even at grantline. We knew that, like we knew, Big part of our strategy shifted the first air was just about we're going to have
good writing were now pack and nothing else is on the table and then Youtube started, throw money around and we're like I'll. We could start a video channel that'll, be cool and that involves and suddenly were making documentaries and citizens for that, you can have to follow the momentum of where things are going and for so great now. Video is is the biggest thing and it's it's a constant creative challenge to figure out what's best for what's best for written peace. What's best for a video it's what's best for a podcast, and you just you know. Eventually. You hope that you have something for everybody in that you're doing everything at a really high level, which is the goal for us for year. Two, it's a really good time to create content. There's a lot A lot of are a lot of potential part. He's out there, and there is a lot of different ways to do it online and people. Everyone whose doing this is true
I figured out some people doing a better than others were just happen to be in the mix and- and it's been just a charming This tremendous your want that we ve all really making the site creating it in the ebb and flow of vat of doing it even if it wears your dad. Sometimes it's definitely worth it, especially when you had days like yesterday, where we had just so much good content and it's going to keep getting better yeah, you got any year to year. Three, you figure out what you need, though it's almost like building a football team. We need a corner, we kind of need, a backup linebacker. You know that we can get better at in the kicking game and you just keep adding until you until he can get better. So it's been awesome, but I want to thank our better that worked for fur so hard for this last year. Is it's? It's been awesome to watch. It really is bene. It's been certainly the most throwing experience micro anyway days for less than
enjoy the enjoy the weekend. Don't forget to subscribe to the binge mode podcast which launching on June faith in Dover? about the letter. Walmart cousin, South pack ask those launch. Couple weeks ago, Anna and Chicken, the ringleader come, I'm gonna try to write something about the files next week, so stay too for that. But we have a tonic. Ask about stuff up there. So you can hear that and if you missed ice cube, who identified As with on Wednesday, he was fantastic, and I actually, I should have put more thought to how all that, podcast was gonna, because I was surprised that I am surprised that ice cube is great on a pike. Ask as he was Awesome, the stories you told where it would braid, especially about LA and eight thousand, seven hundred and ninety two status, pretty cool.
I shall tell a crass enjoy the weekend and I'll be back next week on the export.
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