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NBA Hall of Famers, KD's MVP Potential, and Messi vs. Ronaldo With Steve Nash | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 416)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons sits down with Steve Nash to talk about his induction into the NBA Hall of Fame, spending time with the Golden State Warriors, MVP criteria, how to fix American soccer, Kylian Mbappé, Ronaldo vs. Messi, and Steve's new gig broadcasting Champions League soccer.

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because someone who can hear you dropped and overpass just strapped. U, r b one for kicker thought your fantasy draft as a good first date idea. Europe wages blindsided by hunger. Luckily stickers, here. To pick your sorry, but up off the turf get back, on your game with NFL hunger bars from Snickers essence Delicious, and if a hunger bars check that out, we're all sobriety by the Ringer Pack Ass network, where not Can you find this package, but a variety of other ones including the Ringer NFL Show, which has been excellent decision, including duel. Add with ran Marcello, which is good brain around the same time. This package has gone up. He had Kevin Clark, Robert Maize, myself. I am as guess, with little panel in
question was three years from now, which quarterback would you want the most, whose can be the best quarterback in the leg in two thousand twenty one assume Hang that there's gonna be for bond two thousand tuna. There might actually be a strike who thou. Thus our answers, Wilson, I see this is really get if you like this past, I monsieur like to throw it ran research, especially this conversation. We asked to talk a little about the pats and joy, Gordon You might remember the last time you heard man this podcast. I said some that nice things about Josh Gordon Like why would anyone trade for the eyes entirely relevant and five years you can all the job is, you can rely on them and then the next The patriot straight for my favorite thing. So it's tough I'm in that position, where I want to be back, I
I won't be the guy who's, a greedy against something to work out for my favorite team, but I also not optimistic in the future of somebody who has now. Really been successful for five sowed years. Five, a long time, five years ago, Donald Trump was trying to buy the Buffalo bills. That's all I'm five years ago we did this on resource pod as deputy guy. What is the five years ago- and he said he was unheeded from school at noon. Wanna know that best whispered, it hiatus. You look awful. It is called a hiatus. I think that's when. Ah, my way for saying we got it We ain't exactly a few out here with colleagues. We gotta get him out of the east coast. We have to save him. Yes, we talked about that My answer will maybe not surprise use. Much of you. Listen pack ass the other day, but whose good conversation, that is an excellent park ass. We also have a new approach from the Dave. Chang show this
as well as against all odds House carbs. J, J, radical new on the sweet but whole bunch of good stuff come up and if chick at the ringer dot com our MBA preview started this week. Oh yeah he's coming back always feels a little bit early since they move the decision, a quite ready mentally to start thinking about Basque. By yet it turns out. I was cause. I read every single piece we had over the last couple weeks. One thing. On the Ringer NBA Show, which you should listen to cause. It's really getting. We have all kinds of different people on each week. Who work for the ringer. We have special gas, all kinds of stuff, Chris Vernon and Kevin Oconnor. Have a park ass than the ringer, ambitious on Tuesdays. They now want to name this podcast and they sent a couple suggestions which, needless to say, I vetoed
I did not like the suggestions, If you have a name for the crisper and Kevin O'Connor Podcast give an idea, send it to us, you can send it to us, send it to either. Twitter feeds, I think Chris Vernon is actress. Vernon nerds Chris Vernon show that sort of this, and then Kevin Oconnors, camera Oconnor, MBA acumen, o Connor, can come up with a good name. I just wanted a card Vernon CHAOS seabed, but apparently there was an exciting enough and then, if, if Maison Clark Ringer Ambush on Mondays and Thursdays, piquant think of it, dear, for that one tweeted, those guys by Kevin Clark and then robberies, I think, issues at robber, maize, speaking to Kevin Clark. He did the where's picks. Ever we did a video for that on the Ringer Ethical went up last, than those set. This we're goin up this Wednesday. He almost went on three, he almost an hour.
Was for him to do as bad as past, which we he takes the three worse than a foul pacts and then, Spain's why these are the three respects the lie. Since prevented him with a garbage time. Touchdown from our three, but he is he's, got some good stuff in the worse this week. For that oh, ah from a video stamp wayward were still in the shop still in the shop was something with Roger Sherman who just moved that the delay and is in the running from us. The centric ringer play car yeah it is, I don't know not have tat, they were known he's an enigma. Yeah he's an Enigma, that's a great way to put Enigma right, yeah, a delightful neighbour. Would you call me life here, is there for the number and candidate to from an outfit stem everything on the table and every day you just Dunaway how many questions Sayer it were in the lab with him as well, and we have a bunch of mba stuff,
we might remember, we did NBA Preview palooza last year were blown that out this year. It's going to be even better. It's it's super sized version of it very excited, plus I can be in some of the stuff this year, so that's fun to coming up: Steve NASH, all famer, we're Talkin basketball and sat with him and he's been on this pod before and you will enjoy it That's all I can think of her enough. That programme jam. Since the dash is commendable and second just realized. I've known him now for ten years marks that actually introduce me to him at some. Point in o seven away, and we started talking and at that point
I was on the sides of his kind of all in all a bit weird and we just start a kind of email and back and forth- and there is like this brief snip. At a time when NASH was thinking about writing a book- and I was basically finishing up book- a basketball and I you know, I just read every MBA book that ever existed in. I really felt like NASH could be, part of an awesome Burke as his brain issues, where it's definitely than just everybody, the things he sees on a basketball his thoughts on chemistry, in where Basque, was going and what makes a team succeed in the South like you just get it. We saw a lot of the same things the same way and we started email, him back and forth on what that book would like, and I think the Eba were so candid that I think he realized pretty quickly oh yeah, there's no way. I could do that some. So the best plan, the Phoenix sides- I can't I can't
psychoanalyze, like my star mired in a book? Thou be crazy, so so date and touch, and then we ended up finally collaborating on the finish line. I growlin witches load doc. You is that we did about his last season, I'm I'm! The Lakers and his body was very fond of pirates who have known for a long time. Could conversations and he's got this new gig? Where he's gonna be Turner as one of the animal S for Champions League, so that's why I came on, but always fun excuse to talk them, especially commoner. Five amp, so here, Steve NASH ran out Steve NASH, is here Hall Famer. It happened,
what a class gray class rings really really impressive Gazeta. I thought the half and they had started to this in the standards and now the sudden bird was such a Emily. Such a broad hall riots global its flag in our you got calmly recoils, who is fantastic, and so you get it it. He adds allowed to our class right Yankee and then in a young players from differently Dino Roger you know, then you got that the embryo guys so it's kind of cool in that yeah this diversity, but it is sometimes hard realise what is the criteria yak as it seems like add that see where she had been in bananas college. He was the peak of his powers and their bears a top five guy, and I thought you were gonna championship there, but then he was also this totally memorable college IKEA and seeing an who also can redefine the one in dumping and all that stuff. I mean here too, and I guess your college unbelievable unicorn. I still feel egg
its hammered Duncan for man and now a than Davis in the car research, which is most talented power for type guys. Here you know I always like to sneak in conversation. That is it just he just never really had the drivers is receive, how unwise again he's at talent man like Rashid it his peak when he was in Portland. If he wanted a little bit more, I mean that's kind of with him the array of course energy was the other end where he wanted it so bad they, let's romanian gray, and that that he was in a great effort. But I think that there is this one a chip in his brain where he didn't want to be the guy. He wanted to be like the supporting guy you eat. Roughly was I took him a while, I think he got is one of those things account becomes an echo chamber because
He would make the right playing clock crush time, but everything going turnaround jumper for the aim in they kill him for it, and then it becomes a single sank. Wait a minute now. Should I start making them. I play every time, so I think I'd sometimes that those discussions bother me. I get it. Sometimes. You have to take responsibility, step up and shoot the Babo fury, drawing a double team of your breaking the defence down, and you can make a play for your tea. May you gotta do that. I think Katy site that I feel I can
He makes the re play almost every time and when he gets in trouble as when, when people like you got take over Mary, how to do it is like he's that really why that way, the more he plays like appoint, Garner play maker. I think the more brilliant ideas yeah. I think, when he kind of get- and I hate to say this- isn't like an associate knock but the way they played in Oklahoma City. All those years really kind of, I would have to like go out and hold his men off a twenty five feet: cash. The ball face five guys and put them on the deck and try to take a tough pull up from eighteen or were yet with less of that in the more of him to getting in a pagan raw or getting off the ball and moving and getting off a pin down and putting it down breakin the difference down. That's where he's like in a elsewhere in the world. You know what he has a stand and like take on five guys defensively egg is to get you twenty five, but it's like is now when he's dominant dominant. What I would you learn from around the world is the last two years
good. I want to get back to the car tyres by E. U Tat team! Curry is now top twenty five ever I think Turann is somewhere fifteen steam, vespers error and then clay as one of the best shooters ever dream on one of the best glue I energy guys ever Jim. It would when the best stars, so men defenders what it would have we seen when you hang out with them. I agree with all that. May I just think it's like the confluence of some lock you mean, like you need some look again got all for those guy will now sooner, I wonder, is five and are you saw much? They missed Andrea, Andre Andres, a brilliant bathrobe where, by you saw Lucky he picks up pots during the year, but then, when it matters He really elevates and you play with anybody like that- a a pick, their spots guy
it is like everyone, every really good team has at least one guy legal way back to the star. You know the little bit like night. It was brilliant and was Danny Manning Relay career. Like I don't wanna say I mean this is when he was towards Universe, Kearny, dad in obviously the knee issues. But again I really am passport player like his mind, his ability past six tan, what a basketball player, but you know he provident- have than the motive or the knee to carry a motor like he browbeaten when he was twenty five right or whatever was before he got herself, but man like like Andre. No, he just new went switch to beware. World in a double teams were come rotations people down with his vision and his passing is fought work immediately like I was a player, you know it's funny, like grand hell, see web penny hard away. There's these guys are always get mention. When we talk about our unawares, guys that I had and got hurt gaining meaning there
It's all in there. He should be like one of the first three eyes. You I can't remember like is as well as I should like. I don't know if he got enough of a runway before the meeting You know it in his had heard earlier outcry. Why, as we saw with penny, we saw the grand we saw a sea weblike, you know all the things that they did. We saw them play. I coming grad. Helga at this new generation has no idea. Goody was the air he may he was. He was a point forward. He was more money than anyone, the core he could pass. He could get drunk on anyone who gets you twenty five, thirty and seven, since some remains easy. Similar opinion in a sense, but he it was a different game. Then, like the two hands on you, they can form. Yet it could knocking down of super physical and for him to be doing an air of others less possessions, and it was like rustling out there in greenhouse
and then Davidson changed the rules, so you could succeed using a he single hair lay a year the year, the empty change, my career. I think he is not me. I was like this poor kid. We have saved this guy. I note your leg over their heads, oddities cooks, now you're talking about. Let's get out of what there is totally comfortable that first time here in the past, the sun spurs O five and they were just like can ask way to score will cover, bury us some points and you, data, be they really like it. It also aware a team was built. You know like if I the score like that. All the time just mean popularized but it is limited, not only the opportunities for us to get a hundred ten points, because you know me was tat away from my team
but it also and limited kind of our mojo ran like our flag, our energy of guys feeling like that. They can make a difference in this game, so you just get a little doubt creeps and and when we just don't wanna that energy guys required on their toes and in the end, rotations or a little softer and in other trickle down effect, but a yellow. I think, looking back in our unique, you change things right, but the rackets almost did that to the workers. In June they came damp here. They really knock them out of the way there, to play and then on top adjust the grind of forestry finally stuff, but ye they came. Clauses. We ve seen sure I mean they're unlucky not to win, but having said that in awe, watching the wars closely. I mean they really didn't play to an acceptable level. My eyes till a finals I grant I'm talking from training camp and and I think it was just. It was a comedy of. I don't think how many marriage, but I was just it- was like the perfect storm for that to happen. Like you said, multiple finals, in a
There is no new narrative. I've heard you talk about that before, like they didn't have thy like story like we're, gonna win it for cousins or whoever to Katy. I wouldn't believe in them. I think, there's something that that you don't like you, especially like when you're a team. That's so good, like the warriors. It's human nature to like not always have your foot on the gas a little bit. I think so, or at least with certainty that they have now. You know they their personalities, I think, are a little bit sentiment that and so did the other. They may start training com. A few weeks early, maybe was like, week early, I think, Lasher distress. Oh yes, I switched thanked and NGO strain off to China miserable you know they barely into practice in China. You get de condition, you're doing a vents and photo ops and stuff which is natural. We gotta go and promote our game and do the things leagues done brilliantly
It was not a slight, but you gotta China, you D, conditional I'll bet, you demotivated, you come back your jet lag or out of it for two weeks, because you're not coming home late and bad you're going straight back on the road, and so I think they were funky fur just a long time ago, never broke out and honesty was extremely patient really were a pause here on a number of times, but he brought up check daily. I think you say. Sometimes you got wait on your team, like you, just can't go in the bushes earlier than yams, guys right, you gotta kind await them. Let them come around, given that respected they burn, and so in my they didn't really. I didn't feel like that. Desperation until obviously gave seven of that series, and then you can make the army about how motivated Houston was how unfortunate was for them to Chris got hurt and then likely. Also for the warriors I mean Andre such a big piece, especially in that series like the way Houston attacks you to have a defensive presence like that and another point,
on the floor. That was yourself, but somehow somehow wave there. They are the finals again and then they turn up a notch and we know what happened yet have sent. You have our all time, guys on your it's already is that extra gear? Did you see when you are said how close used in came and they make a reinforced backs. You can do I get more flashbacks room and I hope this doesn't sound like come off the wrong way, but this the themes of the year before they lost their San Antonio yeah and hard in mean ricotta, disappeared. Those last.
James, I'm not a silly. I don't remember a time when I necessarily disappeared and I'm not sing. He disappeared. I could relate to being not focal play maker and how exhausted he read. You could be right, like I think. Looking back you know, you know people talk recently about, and I shall shot more MIKE says that in all that, but really I think we will be provided on a better job of either finding or empowering a second side, Pickerell Blair Nervous, typically, if I'd and create a play for a team made or
create an advantage that lead to something I have to run. My team is called it, and I'd have to run back I'll, do, alas, wag via feed and go again only a hundred games in new in your hundred seventy eight pounds. I struggle with that. Now I struggle with eyes, not an excuse. I got to play in a system that I put my best basketball on a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility, but I allowed freedom who claim you know at a high level. By the same time you know you get deepen the players. You're gonna get some brilliant six eleven guided him dunk. Can anchor things about them. The floor that I was a big mouth for me, or that I mean you just made the case for whether one guy Chris bother NASH, exactly
That's. Why did one unnecessarily related that serious? Because I think that was a whole different? I was a team that had they are, then they had some balance and they were fit for this. For this kind of summit attempt in I'd I'd, I'd still think the warriors were better team overall, but man, my guy bite, my hat off to the players to dare to make for I mean: do you believe it? The someone gave the warriors like us remain unaware him with seven game run like that, and I do still put it down in the worst in quite get to their level by the and in time to two gonna blow that theory up, but by the house after them right there you had that near the end that last one good team you around the two thousand ten team. I think dragon was kind of heat. In and take a little bit of a load off. You have even that, like he had moments yeah, but we didn't. He wasn't. I dont think in May. He was inquire ready, but he was exactly wasn't ready. He was
powered enough or yes, lash ready. I think the two things always he turned into an unbelievable player and almost come on lucky not to be a multiple star, is thus far indiscriminate did play the shared. The austrian game, deservedly in his grey competitor, gray player it introduced if, if, if, if we may be, had him two years later in his career and would have been huge, but did you get? You feel, like you guys in the mid it was figured out the version of the way they figured it out now. Like the Armenia version of IE. I think I mean at that stage. We did, I think, partly by necessity, we didn't really have a postal player where we didn't really have multiple boys were small member. That was there is what are they can? Do they don't ever unopposed up and as I now of her own class, to pray that right and I think that MIKE's part of MIKE's, you know imprint of the game was he was varied. He gave me a lot of freedom to make plays, but he was, he told guys, like you have to run to the coroner. You can't like hover six feet from the corner: legality,
almost under the Basque like you'd, only so far in the corner than a backwards. You know your ear behind a backward and does little deed Those like bad screaming, like trying to get the gotta go over on a screen defending a screen, so I could get in the lane instead of like going under me, taking a ton of shots middle. Let me get in the pain and try to make my place for my teammates, and I think that made us really difficult to defend and I think we're single items that are or an end those other people. You know Nellie, I think, had an influence on at some online. I think in their Orlando team Stan, you know they they they play a similar start as a few others, and probably forgetting, but there's some people have done something. They living. He put it all together in the game of olives and people search they hold on their some. We can do here and I think, with a rule, change our vision and am I not gone over things we wanted got over the rules, ages, there three seconds to fancy three seconds and the hand shagging. It just promoted the evolution of this technology, which I think is mentally.
But more fun, we haven't I too, but Nelson. How great was that What a haircut I mean, but but also good I'll Netflix character. He did. First of all, I would have been probably grain and like sounds of anarchy or maybe even Ozark, yeah somewhere than I was thinking Ozark like season for it. I haven't really and vulnerable Sk about coach, the dog said, but I think one thing out of this when I took me minutes notice why he was so unrecognisable, not just the hair and beard, but first of all he must have lost forty. Fifty like hell. I would highlight the ads eighty I'm here he had the garden, you know, look totally unhealthy, Nogales great houses I'd be I mean he was plan in the mid. Seventy, so he's gotta be at least seventy two. Seventy three, seventy four from using whatever when at a delight and say to see now after all these years ass, you think he gets a fair amount of credit at this point does
I guess maybe not I mean he's he's why I'm in back I played from he'd been like four years as a player. One championship codes that extremely high level had ed. I think, affected the game. On a ways yet offensively for sure, but even some of his, I think more, no occupation, when I heard were great defensive teams yeah. He also, I think, was influential the rules at different times or the guy's, a basketball savant in a we throw those words genius of honour on lava the guy had such a big impact on our league. If you really dig under a little ban, you know and, as you said, the special today's new cycle that did he screamed with he did he had a huge impact on me because I didn't want to shoot he asked and want to be that's him and he he would mean it. You ve got your boiling point. Where is your leg? is the inner you'd. Have the game where we'd be down
Once I made plain and learn, we were down big it ass. I think I had five pointed the half and had thirty five and second having over time, and I think I'm missing the buzzer and bases came straight army out of the game is like that's bullshit. If your damn front in everyone's screaming, I made your dominant player. If mocking nominate, Indiana like shit, man left everything other on the core, but finally that's a reluctant Finally, the message got through it. It was like you're you're being selfish, You're hurting our tent by go score, put pressure on the defence, and that was it a pivotal and influential cutting thread in my career was him kind of berating me at times, but also is pushing me to scorn, should the ball, whereas I think the way I grew up, especially because I wasn't like a dominant athlete. I was taught to point our like go five rate.
From the fields. You know I mean I get you make your teammates better, make good decisions, make sure your teams on balance control the tempo all those things ripe, where's that we're in time. Not we talk about those things with kids anymore, a guy really, so does the different era, and I think I held on to those kind of gum ideas so strongly that it's probably for the worse who's. The closer to that now is there. Anybody like that. No question I mean even like saw my creditors Chris creases Anna and the tail end of Agnes. For sure I mean, I think for sure response is a year in Amazon COM Ireland, I don't either be a terrific, where I don't know, I don't understand why people are wondering whether he's gonna get him that he is he. I think that the theme it drives me a little bit crazy is that people are judging twenty year old. Yes, I am, I declare your toilet. I was twenty two European League look armoured dirt Lewinsky was out of the league twenty, like you, I got enough right now, as I like Evelyn.
Air people J there. The Like the solo re hope area about, but you know you days, Algeria One, we know the spadework donors, but here, but I was just like you know, guys so scale loves the game so much some veto he moves well like is not a great oddly, but he moves really well and the way we we throw athlete around is only exclusiveness, and it is thus that for an athlete is Sir Westbrook Turn athlete the riot Nazi, whereas some guys just move extremely well coordinated, can shoot, touch, feel hands. So you know Dirk had this other type about, but a system to go with this incredible jumps awesome feet are the mobility like I said so. I was just like: what's he gonna be a twenty five and he loves the game yeah. Talking about those. What have flares you're, the best players and our game? ninety nine percent of time mentally the best players and regain their them toughest must resilient mentally. In other, there thou sacrificed after data be their early stay late unprepared.
So, let's I'd like so dashboard arraign, our tameness on a Monday gained the brands and their final away from our trade amazingly played in five years, and all these teams are trying to get em and eye just always amazed when this happens, because at some point you are who you are and part of being a professional athlete is just a day to day responsibility of showing up on time. Putting the time at all stuff, and if somebody is now there have super underrated, I mean I know it's just because I don't know his story. I knew yes, addiction issues, I'm just saying its needs it's more than risky things. I got the cowboys, make it throw him in its like we don't know. I'm just gonna play as an observer gum this summer,
Super passion about his pleasure development, the others with the warriors or Katy national team or ownership stake in the bank Roy Captain round my archives, spanish soccer team and no one of things that in I've learned through my experiences in and at a great anecdote. As I read this book about Barcelona, there academies Coloma, CNN its produce thousands of problems over the years, not just to personally don't play everywhere in the world right and they say them number one predictor of success is resilience. Yes, David messy. They fed fabric out you, the line of all the great players. They great players. They found their academy for years and years, and they said it was. It was not feed scale, envision, athleticism, speed, strength, resilience is a number one predictor of success, and I for me I try to work on our academies of light was that we should try to teach that from twelve like throw it out there as a thing like we're. Gonna work on the resilience muscle
ok. Listen, it's not just feed and technical intact gone, and I think that a lot of at noon. I work on that they're. So I think that I got a call from the human being and that's it that's true, that's true, but what I'm saying is that much work on or throw it out. There are twelve, let's tell him what it is. The tone of the best have it in this town that we're gonna talk to him about this in an vis, Gimme recurring thing when a judgment, so in a week, I kid you know, has a spaz in a training session, you can say to put your arm around and see. How do you think you didn't the five aside today like fine? I saw you give up pointing fingers. Dog attic tracking back and you can say, that's the resilience Muslim now view of six or eight episodes of bat in half a season with the kid any doesn't respond or connect to it. I'm in a guess that by in sixteen probably in the same boat, and now you probably know like me, he should go to another gotta be right What we do is we wait till the kids, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four in, like sometimes too
seven twenty eight will to slaughter what with nobody, do the cowboys it's like he's already chemist his colors. Are you show me how many guys have turned a corner? They gotta be so few and far between two be after night twenty twenty one I mean, I guess, twenty one after twenty one to turn a corner as far as resilience, mental strength professionalism that as difficult one, that's it like with the NBA. The best guys to get are these, like high draft picks, are in the wrong situation turn this is like the history of the week does are always the best guys to trade for guys with some sort of pedigree that you can just say: yeah, I think oladipo is really good example. Od Pogosd, Orlando, they forced into play point guard, is not a point guard he's just on bad teams gets traded to play with OKC he's Westbrook Sidekick, never has the ball and five us a nanny blossom But then, when you read the stuff about, unlike the maritime he put in his body, reshape himself like he's one, except that right
Those are the guy's Fisher, so that's resumed its charge develops as he bounce around confined replace newer, like that you're you're in Phoenix with two half employing cards on your team you now and that is that its resilience and I think, all the depots, a great example right where people are starting to look at him as a guy. You know, maybe not as dominant as we thought he could be, but he went and then took a five months. And I just read: guided the house: did anybody in we came back, obviously, was not only the incur incredible condition but meant mentally think about what that does. Do you know when you work for whole summer? You see yourself, transform you go out and you feel a little bit of success. It's like always mean like. If I do that again, where am I gonna be so I think tat. I know we're gonna see like he's, prove any as that resilience and if he can persevering he's gonna occur at the matter and that with Tatum who came on my guess last month, you now adding great Ricky season. Filling a hundred games
now when Toto with the brain and the experiencing at last season was phenomena I really or Azeri Hanover. What's with the somewhere, I can see many instagram lecture behold the phone up It is a three in the morning or that everything was used by Basket I'm all summer was like he's, ETA, Jim Hairs, energy matters. I that's get his passing checkpoints here I mean who knows what he's doing the other stuff, but I love that he's not doesn't feel the need to show the other stuff right like can do that, like I don't. You know like I by problems too many beers too many times but like I was always me. First initially the classic photo circulating again which want you in there. You dare. Can the part that there's plenty We could do. We could also announced, but are in. I I, like I and I dont- I'm not saying that to condone now, I'm saying like this. In our view, has what is actually to make mistakes. I tried it out
Try to limit is thanks, be smart, pick your spots and about what I love is what I do love as when some of his mouth to broadcast that side of their life like in a dynamic. That's when you're like way. How much does that mean to the mercy of how much does the game into them and as regards their fire new era fur and for mostly is it a firm. Ba prayers were thereby to connect with fans through social and the fans. Really these guys are in their lives. You darker and doubtless fifteen years ago. I just saying
the Pass and Tina team is pan? I didn't think about you otherwise, yet they flew knows. I these guys deal with a lot. It's a different, more difficult time. I think to be a professional, healthy, being the spotlight in many respects, and we know these guys handle it more largely with incredible I dunno grace and animal what you call it, but like it's incredible to be twenty years old, have this money, this fame is access and like so many of them in our handling it with a promise. Is this an talked about this, but finally pod? So my barges solutions, but this generation really impressed by how come just had a hand of their business and bet you're. You came up in the opposite generation, there's a lot of guys who cannot enter their business and maybe this generation learn from the mistakes of the previous injured the globe right away in these guys come in and the stuff care about enough. The court has been the best thing that could happen in this house.
His hour to emulate those guys did they do some great examples, enormously leubronn to be able to manage in his career and spy life from way before he became it came in the NBA to be one of the greatest pleasures ever and not make a mistake in the social digital age. You know like it's, some valuable there is, is incredible. One more thing I mines are just not to let them go because I'm glad you see an eye breeding. How he's not gonna has improved the Brannan need. Is he needs the barn signal is actually signal. Watch this guy pellagra Casey does it by gets rid of the bar media later you, I didn't that's, what's cool about him, he sees this point, argues just trying to move bar to the rake, I immediately He doesn't need the bar for nine ten seconds. We, I guess the questions, but I had about him were: is his mechanics on a shot? Gonna hit
room. I think he's made enough shots that he can be it a good standstill, shooter catching shoe guy, which a super important. Now I wouldn't be surprised if we develop. My question is the with his mechanics Kenny, go right and pull up, and just Now go but not everyone's pull up. Men ranch commended to get a Steve NASH. Camp teach him no one legged shots were he'll, get em. They all that all these guys are due in all those things and in, but I would say who is mechanics, but I think he makes enough or will eventually make plenty of trees. I also worried about low, but about us is motors, and I think more. That is because he is a bit. He is a bit like a teach team guy. In the end, I saw you givin you take, and I have also seen plenty a games. Him were his defence of energies outstanding and also, I think he is a chance to be left. First him on the fence.
Pointer. Why not familiar long and he's got that fight? Something about is that this Lakers team, which everybody is somehow written Africa's then get a frigid Lazo Leubronn Brain Ingram Heart, I'm leaving out somebody kuchma coups were they want? They want more bigger guy, they signed somebody who can it be that rebounded? applicants, but they if Ingram goes up one morning, visit be lagging acid are, but if can be a little more reliable offensively with the stuff brand, as in the energy those home games are gonna. Have I think,
me pretty get there like a tap foreseen. I think they're gonna be there like. I, I look at those four young eyes like them all very competitive, yeah skilful, a loving room Minos affords a guy can do a lot of things in the basket court, but heart terrific, whose Mars got a shot to be really good. So, like you put, if the suffer get put them with La Braun James, I mean that's, a team will be tough to be knighted night out. Like you serve the energy staples. See that this enormous, like peacemakers fans, been tough, so the energy we double does because can only have ever saw him beside a get tickets exactly and whether a bigger role, what current play most jealousy to engage, has to play with who'd been the perfect fit for you. That's a good question. Anthony Davis serves, think it make unleashed as deed like two thousand and six a marked today
several Mary, he be an incredible pickin raw partner. We also got protects the ram got guard, anyone, basically yeah issued in more now the Giza he's got a dream. The capacity or centre I mean today's gave you can buy the five, which leaves you more space for a more versatile players around him eyes. He be a dream to play refresher d: they janius can go up.
Level what is happening at the other end jumps out which again expert. Yet again, I look a yacht as his juncture night see. Two things I see one is mechanics are bad at all and I see a kid they get in a gym. Religiously saw it for me, he's gonna be a very good shooter, yet also will see if that can come quickly. While he's still in Munich crazy athlete and has its lengthy, can play five position, so yes guys a limit remain, he he gave you know him Anthony Davis. You know a few other guys that have this kind of sealing the silhouette higher number one else's analysis, a matter of. Are they lucky stay healthy armed they get the opportunity with their team and a noteworthy chemistry in the way that the rosters fall where they can really
and grow Atholemen, that's important. You know you can be a great gray player, but if you don't get that continuity in chemistry, whither, teammates, you're, always kind like you know before this year. You know we started almost forget about the need to strike the S so good, and yet because the team was funky ends in transition in until they made a little plan for the share of whose, like his always like, he was an afterthought. I shall be curious to see how long he stays in that situation, because this new discourage generation is just kind of sway, bright, like my situation, so bright eyes. Sweetbread again, oh this theme. Ok- and I you know, the biggest in the changes decade plant, permit us to aid. When thing when you jump down the Phoenix, it was a big deal and it was it was kind of shocking and it was they really your choice if they are offered the right number, you know it. I wanna stay, I mean not the right place,
our men and La Braun. I- and I say this in like I respect him, for he shit he's had such an influence on the game. When he was I'd, know, I'm gonna Miami try to win a few championships in it, that's empowerment, that's him saying hold on a second. I have cards here to play the air like now I gotta stay and stick it out and you don't take my lumps, which was the kind of notion of of prior generations at but whose winning that rightly declared as when he gets pan for never winning rare. So I I understand why guys do not just the ebb and flow and take someone with that kind of foresight, and in God's, like the Braun, I mean peoples. God's not going to enjoying some Wade and Bosh and then obviously Kevin got bad for doing the same thing only with an even better situation. And but that's that's the cycle. The game in the media has a big influence on it and the fans you know partaking. The media is kind of you know narratives, and so I I totally understand why he did that. Why players are willing to do that now, as I'm not like my generation and then also like you said, the swipe right kind of
Those of being kid nowadays, radagaisus you have so many jobs. Our finger fingertips that in our time and you and I like our attention spans- are like probably what compared to they were or were you know, kids, even though my ad rages too much gonna way too much going. I think Derek is the best case scenario. Further, let's go way of having in turn out right where you just stayed, he stay, he stayed and then they had this miraculous, Raven everybody, a kind of given up on their money in Tehran than they actually one, and he still celebrating, I think, seven years later now, he is in, and there is something to be said for that. I'd like to have that continuity. Obviously, you got a little good fortune would like Thyssen, Chandler and the chemistry, and so
the guy's, a joint team at the right kind of the season to their like, ok, see, wasn't ready at my enemy was eager right at her first year near with wit, when, when way, Bosh elaborate on their first play off together, you haven't been there together, CS that look like we ve been here before we got. This were under were under serious pressure. I now, but we know how to get out of this, does not there you kind of they earned that year, yet that but Dallas when the chairmanship so but maximum respect cannot say that's a champion it'll never be taken away from their work. I can't believe you still playing last night you here. Like a year ago, we were like a camp with their still play and auditors. I disagreed all day long waits. It seems like he is happy
No in USA, as I think I think you I've divide arose because it sir, but I've I get the impression that he is this. Is it any? He wants to do a lot more time as much because of air, not because he's gonna go out there and try to win the championship or average twenty or whenever it is. I think he loves his loved having this life. Have you, the teammate, his yacht, some young eyes and his team to mentor. He can say goodbye as organization is fans and, most importantly career the right way with a nice little window of time, these kind of eight months whatever it is. You know, and I am sure it doesn't hurt dead in dodges there and he can enter another euro. We like camera, we love him. I was gone nets, I confess I can. We then go first, and second, I couldn't believe somebody traded out of the spot to taken after felt a third as a worthy seems doing. I would add, zero problem refer first, I thought he was a great first peck. No, you saw me skills, yeah he's Caesar size his.
Agree I mean to be- and I think you don't let the resilience Jean resent you just play legged ninety five game season against a long years old I mean he Euro and BP. Yes, those mba caliber, nobody hire someone that we're never gonna learn with the stuff. That's at its eight, a pen, that doesn't matter is is unbelievable, saw it on. You never know when the driver you never know about. You write, resilience, skill level, size pedigree, him he's got it off. Let's take a quick break. Talk about what my old friend stamps that come these days in practice being practically everything on demand like our package, the snow when everyone is campaigning for you so way, still taking trips to the post office. When you can get judge on the banned at stamps that come amazing services, everything you bring to get from the post office but ready your desk when it's convenient for you by imprint. Officially, U S
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don't freeze starting adjust. Eighty hours stop wearing shorts, it don't fit start. Looking your best with a custom fitted shirt, go to proper clot that calm, Slash Simmons today and give code Simmons to save twenty hours. On your first share. Back to Steve NASH, tell me about the whole family again, the biggest surprise, Can I see you there? You don't you have no idea. What to expect was very much surprised. You know that guy, first of all, in all, I had to save as a kind of dread it in a sense, because what things that I dont do well, I get anxiety like when I go somewhere and you're gonna be scheduled for forty eight hours or more straight amnesiac, wow You know, so I'm not making a speech. It's like and I've never written the speech. I was just wing it and I would like it probably need to like think about this one a little bit and of course, I actually wrote notes for a speech before I put my suit on at the hotel and went over, and so that that
do big that cause anxiety. Background pale brought up a great parties like you know they wanted, as they actually had to submit speeches like four weeks prior, so Jenny as my foundation wrote a speech that I never read submitted a just, so they went worry about it that that issues the were teleprompter winners, making my speedier junior guy with the telephone regards going up and down trying to find it was no one, not even read the words fit. So you know I got ILO anxiety about the whole thing. So guess. The way I handled it worked out had an unbelievable experience in so many I stayed out of it, they might Jenny as all the invites. I just didn't, want it had no expectations? No one had to com. I wasn't worried, but I think that so many people came gather the speech dipped out of his of many things on the schedule that it was appropriate to like still enjoy my kids and have a good time yet
to go in with Grand Jason I own re rain. I drafted together barreled Corazza Grand one of my favorite teammates and people Jason. Can I go back to college workin on the summer's plan against against each other play together feed It's not going to those guys wreck wild sooner, even warming, unbelievable class to go in with personally, not just as people and players. Yeah man and employees butter and then I know the biggest surprise was probably I we had four kids. Four kids there, my wife and I was sad down little one year old, Bautzen up and down in my lap and like I just gonna like it was weird as grants started his speech. People are still going to come in the auditorium and, like I just looked over my head and you, like here we see all the exploiters player's fairly regularity, but is this I just looked over my head, like Larry, fuckin bird. Why down, the aisle has hit me out. Just like you don't you know the egg
we now, I never really seem really never leaves, whereas in Indianapolis her Florida. Whatever be time enough- and I M just like Guy Sybil Russell Alla time at all Africans and every day we see him at super cool, are you no use? I see. Isaiah was Myra who wanted to emulate school, but I see him fairly regularly, so seem boardwalk on the hours while got a strike me Oleg is a big deal, so impressed starts to lose, is fast bother about hair is he's like this is year fifteen for him who is the next sky and that legacy who's. The next point guard Can it be lines of that the old school, as I am DNA, pointed out? I don't feel like we have a right now. You know what I have to live there are legal or everyone makes I'm missing. Some allowance has their dna. You know also, you know he's got some work to do, but he has a lot of good things. You know, I think we got
be careful because very young anyone high in the draft- and he also got traded for guy. They can be generational player, but tray younger really pass oh good. Ok, he can really pass. He has a real feel to get rid of an early to make lay passes. Make all the passes. You know that he has a natural ability to get there, thing Harmon around in the Inn and with energy and makes a good passengers, but also makes a simple passes. He throws a. And with his shooting ability you know he's got it That's really good! Now he's a little guy and he's got to figure out the week and he just whatever nineteen twenty years old. So that's going to take a minute, but but he's got a chance to be a special point guard. I love human ecology. I think team started beating the hell out of him and he faded, and I don't like the situation when it went to and this if this is a good test case, because so I didn't want him to go to just a bad thing. I high expectations were its. I programme the season away, basically its sovereign
full disclosure, the new had culture hawks my peers and a close friend college. He may I ask one is recruiting visit Santa Clara and I love and many great she gonna locks are not enough. Steve occur and the boys, but is he he's a great He will lead and men to him and Thou organization. Well, but you know either there dealing with so much the Davies Catholic. You, like you, said the situation you get in it can be. Could be like too much spotlight too much demand too much expectations and all that allows changes the perspective and then there's a narrative created that makes it like it's almost impossible for a kid to succeed, sometimes so well you're so not allowed to suck they chanced sat in his first like to some really games. We ve talked about on this package like what's wrong tree young signal soberly begun at idea is eighteen and like he p, showed some really good flashes
they write a near the idea of, for example, his first game. I think Lloyd. His new couch with wood said you know after the game is like he was five or twenty years. Time is like what I says he twenty of his shots of which is worried illegally Kenny. Get him off at this level is suddenly my leg. Is he gonna be out any like he got his? He got his looks he missed on my, but those go in. We have seen him go and is about confidence rhythm playing. New teammates payment, new rules. You know that that that just takes adaptation right, so for him again, like everyone, he's gonna, be a great point guard if he's resilient by any fights and is willing to fight people defensively he's not going to be a dominant defender, but he's willing to fight and scrap and stay glued to someone going off, pin down and stay attached to pick and rolls, if you can do that stuff, if you have a great career,
my gun. Doran has one m Vp Duncan had to Leubronn. As for bird had three in a row, I think those are therefore best forwards ever probably can't around when a SEC and they pay does it matter. Does it matter into his ultimate leg that body work? I don't think so. He duff we can win alone. I mean he's, not he's around thirty. I think he turned started in this. My here, twenty, neither think here he can. He can. He could deaf. We will not only be he means that good as it sit in their foreign, the season, a fanatic it unless you if the Lakers, when sixty plus, I think we had the bronze way, I think Janius Year away and other Davis's team is good enough. Boston everybody's can be. Get him too much. Balance is category. In his thin proud,
Mr Window last year that can come back to drag, if he's if he has a career season. When are you know on that level, whereas go sixth year? Fourteen it's in there it is I wonder if you could say the same thing for curry to you cut their both right. There primer, their career, thirty years old. I think both of them, and and and they have a great team now. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things like they add another two championships in if, if Kevin gets another one or two finals, Mvps and he's got, you know three, four finals, Mvps and Annette regular season, Mvp Scoring titles fifteen, whatever all star game you know, I don't know, I mean I talk about this stuff with him and he does the pod. But it's a recurring thing like I guess my question is what does matter like? If I guess, if you matters to be on a really good team and to do as well as you possibly can But now we talk about this whole rings. Culture. You know, Bartley, never won a ring
it has created matter that swung to fry the other way, but at the same time, It now has a chance to be one of the best hand. Guise of all time. You know- and I think that does matter- I think that's a significant there. You'd have to ask him. I mean and I'm not sure Heaven knows what matters to me. I, like you, Kevin's I'll, take it as it he's caverns. I don't have a complicated but like he he's now he's come at his deep, Maggie sensitive. He hasn't like I'm in other stuff. There with him that he's. If they know you he, he definitely feel some banks and in it- and I think sometimes he take it. I don't know, I guess I was, I think, he's still trying to figure out what it is that makes him tech. You know One thing is that he loves to play. Basketball loves it. This was the plant that he likes, carry as both of those guys. I always play basketball now not deal with other crap
no one here when he was, you know, obviously item while hundreds zone I really should become, and before I came, the warriors- and I was with the warriors and for helps- the kind of transition in there and in one of the things that I said to you Why are you ever see this you're gonna get a chance to win some championships here than he said is like that. That really does matter to me like in an old thinking meant that he doesn't want to champion of is a bad is not what's gonna move me from our case here, hammock new situations? I really I wanna be challenged the person. I want a new environment. You know I won't like those type of themes so in a while he's here winning finals. Every piece and championships in his motivation to move, I think, was to be pushed and learn from sea recur to be in that Tiber environment to live in a new part of the world and experience new things. So thou is that I think it is that I think I think he s a satellite. There is a higher level basque about their that he wasn't involved. Then I think that's what I meant by like bbn by Stephen, I think
player and person. It seem like those in I don't know I've. I've put a lot of thought into a because I definitely when the Brian left to Miami I was horrified I didn't get it. I thought it was really shitty made the way he did it to the to the city was of Craven wishes, but I didn't get it and I think, as this decades got along notches me, but I think a lot of people we can think about. What's motivation there and with him it was clearly leg I am stagnating here I want to do. I need to go somewhere else. I think Leubronn looked like this is, like you said, the rings culture who is like I'm not gonna sit back when I control this rats, so he was like. I have to go in and eat us and we really been let down by his front office in his owners and they'd spent money and then the wrong things, and he was kind of looking at a probably gone you wanna get those by prime here from the boss move, I presume you know. In the end he want of thousands
Having has been in the finals fur about seven decades. Since you know to me, this gives us a letter. He no, but I think Kevin interesting. We kind of followed suit, but for different reasons, as words now I going back regional thighs, like you'd, have to ask him what his motivation is. I you know I think, always Kevin searching for joy, not accolades like resume? I think, if you ask him about, we Billig I'd rather be top five and top ten or twelve tenant of twenty or whenever, but I really think, suck. His central motivation, like Kobe, clearly wanted six rings that drove decision he made and made him crazy, I'm that defending some of the choices made as as a player that was clearly a number and his head was like. I want when more than shack did and I wanna when as many as MJ. There is never any doubt in his motivation that there was an end.
You look at other guys kg. Is somebody at the you just wanted to win what you wanted it so bad he couldn't even, but somebody like Dunkin, I think that guy just after you just want to be respected. As I'm an awesome teammates a boy some rings. I want to try to one another and now share, and that was it. I don't think I e care by us. Oh you mean in your office in the ringer like let alone and beauty, everybody has a different personality mindset right yeah for things that make them take an mba teams. Different and you know like pop into me or match me. Haven't I mean you know, there's just mouth of their one of the greatest workers. Should we never seen rights then copy has his own thing and then cut cagey uncanny. You every player. You know I have my own things and so a lot of that is is is always gonna, be kind of. I don't know seen through the lands of the narrative, and sometimes I think we we get. We all respect. I guess ones like all about championships like
Mama mentality thing is taken on a whole life of its own and sickness massive massive thing, but in I don't think like the counter is respected, whereas maybe it should be, this we were wired the waiver wired and you can develop and change in certain ways, but you're not everyone's gonna be like that, and so you took your foot to reach their maximum to do it in the lands, the prism of their own personality. For some time cause, I'm not gonna come now I see the sand. I think every situations differ. There's no railway to lead a team, but I thank you. No, when you see him, you know like in the fourteen spurs, when they are when they put the table on, maybe they earn the files wishes erased plan for each other lobbies, counting stats. I was, I believe, those there's no alpha dog. Was just just where they were under. I thought that happened to you in two thousand ten, nothing came really close. Irregular violence probably could have, but there
power for each other and I think that's higher level right. Yes, you don't see it greater than the sum of the parts now speak before me, nuts Percy was playing some just beautiful Basque. This the warriors the first time there when the title with K Day and their grievances I felt like day they got there in game three and game five, especially she's gone. Players by nobody cared about what was gone on other than just a sacrifice. Yeah sharing running before making a cod, even if you might not get her, you know, you're, not gonna, get it like those type, a little things that takes a lot of trust, to have to sacrifice like that. Have you trust in the motors on your teammates urinary willing to sacrifice if you like, a machine, but her mother. How, when I make this cut, so he in a mighty Sean Guy start cutting corners so wrath. Social media and the internet is built to undermine that hall. I believe that your boy,
it highlights right, you guess, ruin your phone after a game, and it's like was the conversation is not did you see how many are like sacrificial cots clay? clay, Thompson, maids- and I was beautiful known as you know, it's who and how many trees and for us, if anything, goes wrong in the court or somebody has one quote the lacquer him. You add that those bits thousand sense teams Marian was little enigmatic from time to time a was definitely a character. You put those guys. Social media era and I think some of the critical sideways. So that's now does. I think, what we are seeing between them: Innovation in this generation is how much is agenda. How much technology and then are the way of living nowadays inform the players transition right. Like so yeah Sean been slightly different. You no person behave slightly different if he knew everything he said was gonna be out there. You don't me like, for example like so I think,
you guys at a little more leeway to be themselves rather right, whereas now it's like, I buried pretty tie with what I say, So now tat we understand basketball, better, an especially have stats that kind of capture the stuff you was doing. I actually think he would have been in like with our their rights yeah how he was discussed. All the stats were favourable for here I mean he's gonna like you in on another so different, but like that dream on does and the things in it and Andrzej do your Sean in a different way. Did all those things Maybe he couldn't do it Andrea, do the ball and then does the work thing that Sean was so brilliant at so many things, but you you couldn't like give him the ball in the fourth quarter, be like play for us Ray. I wasn't his skill set his grocer wisdom. I run the floor caught hard
can a ribbon, defend and then defend a bunch of people and sinners rib. Both in I mean just for now, is the guy. That's whoever owns a you weren't, two thousand. I got it right. How do we find a guy who beyond the premier, an affinity, positions and big athlete in that care too. Much rather sad, because largely now to do not now that fives or force, basically yeah can Garren every one of the core so yet invaluable to have that guy right they can bounce around from there players and by the way that wasn't hard from the garments. Cohesion, Emily glad expense that much energy gives you so talented and so I've let I can induce have this amazing skilled tools for defence ripe. So He did so many things so well that he be does make a really interesting argument because at the same time, you couldn't let go to him where it when the guy
really may make a big play, but it wasn't like we're. Gonna go to him now that was his game read how many times per season did he starts to get a little salty about on that score in a fight now, where Buddy told me why, I think that very wondered why dollars more cars are legit or wine Mona getting them. Yeah back to deserve an end. That's fair like so. I that's a tough one for shame because, like I said a, he could do so many things at such a brilliant level, but the one thing he he didn't really do it by having the ball in his head and make plays for his team like like when it really matter. Is Conor, where everyone is what every team needs at the end of the day right, and so that was I so that specific of MBA was that Post Jordan Shiro by Gilbert arenas, Toby Azure, whose who's gonna take the last shut up in an ever right, and so I think you know in his mind, he's like why
do I have to be that I'm doing all these other things. Why do I have to do that? One thing when I'm doing fifteen oath again- and I think that probably drove him crazy and at times prime animal is sensitive to the recognition he got palm in our I'm in p conversation for for five years or whenever it as in and he's not he s like you know. I think that problems was tougher manage like we know it Solomon Omens. I do you had your twenty five, yet thirteen and thirty, whatever six blocks and knowing really mentions the game? So? How does not really family was a brilliant player, never gave game alot of love, but it wasn't quite enough, maybe this generation here, two thousand nineteen- I think you get the random man he's an interesting, often case here here instead of my air. From that you played with a thing. Both those guys will eventually get in a big soon outside cause. He s. So has this whole kind of ended the career of two thousand
mavericks out of things where they, when the Tide Overture and he's guarding the Brian the up, and I think he makes it yeah and he had some unbelievable seasons. So then limit. Let me, through my mother- and I haven't really studied this, but it made me think I had the induction or steel whether he gets in dinner, Roger guidance on what was his criteria? I didn't understand Alan. I didn't I mean I know I don't know what his whole, but I'm assyrian body were enacted. He had a decent still, MBA, but had a brilliant hearing. Europe yeah some Boris when you consider both was outstanding, contributed a championship team, although not top three guy. He was great here, two years kind of Ex factory and they have already guiding multiple piano like he was a go to guy. At times we need a pipeline forces handling the bar getting into the post, so increase valuable and he's like, I think, he's one One junior and senior european championships from France comes
like you, I mean, there's a lot alike. Ceasing you might have played would like seven off, and I think I got that, like the strangest family tree of holler famers, including like coaches, like foreign office, what you know, maybe because he was there. He won the ward fur philanthropy is thought as I, why not there's an interesting darker had came who's the best forum firewall time conversation. I still go with a came because I think for two years you is indisputably the best guy when Jordan was out here and that positive dirt, the ever indisputable the best guide any point in a week in the leg anything even when he won the bp was. There is just a lot of guys lower right where he was worth came, was after ninety four. Ninety five relate that's a basket dear. That's it! I don't know, I mean I'm a good things. We can debate until you like really dig honour and see that go back and see what was happening.
Man came was on the all florentines arise here, you're on that day, I consider you a foreigner Canadian, I dont have a passport. So at the heart of the Eu S, Beto is another man has gave his six bad manners unbelievable when a competitor The onus is their causes, an alien he's crazy. If you find yeah this was an alien. Would you be shocked the fifth fastened be like shocked. I'd, be surprised, roads to debate it can't. Maybe you re, I kind of sea like like me. Let's take one more break to talk about, our friends have fanned awful, season under way? I know you have some regrets about you: fancy teams, probably Guess who doesn't have any regrets me? I'm too both legs being aware that doesn't stop me from playing daily fantasy. I love daily fantasy, because
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Well it isn't I use who doesn't for Le Brian Eno. For me, like, I think I look at home and I think I compare him too I got here. Is he he's he's following the path of activity on re? So who is that type of players? He gonna be the best plan the world Sunday. He could be. I would necessarily put that on him. I think he's gonna be one of the most electric and best players in the world for a long time visiting me the best player in the world. I don't but I've got there yet we got a lot of water Well, this summer, I stopping Nay Mars is probably better all round player at this stage. Slowly his pride in his prime so but my point is like is embarrassing. Get there. I think so so we gotta see him. Do it right, so there's those guys ahead of him right now that he's literally gutted leap frog, I think to be
about man won an electric, but these nineteen, you figure. What is what does he? Six years from now, we stay selfish. Yeah me if he continues to play the radio's. I think that I think the other thing is unless PTSD starts winning champions. Leagues he's probably gonna godlike in Madrid are yet unwarlike garden or Barcelona might prove in at one of the biggest killer. One of the biggest spotlight in I think now league and I hated to knock it. But the truth is it's: it's not a top up league yeah. So the numbers are bid skewed, but like the site, like his growth already at the his age, one he did in the World CUP final. He also I just seeing some whose goals the season have black his talk like a long while getting a minor differences taking it out of the air in strain finish I mean if that, with that Let us examine that ability like he could score enough, so many goals in his career,
it does have a little bit of a play maker in him to you know I can be people and make it make an assassin, so he had the resilience Jane. Ah I mean I wouldn't I would bet I think, he's a quick I mean like in a sense. It keeps us had none play. It again, no he's a kid on social media and video games and all that stuff. But I don't see him as a kid. That's like I have to be with an entertainer at the club tonight. You know I seen was a kid who loves to play and so I see him as extremely lifted and resilient and think he could be the best partner. I just think is like that's it's early to be like so many good players still playing that I gotta seemed doing. I seem to have for a number of years when you Look I was making his World CUP ran, review adamant. She still your guy, yeah, I mean plated, spurs again, ask you, are you so tall unfounded? You did so the landed, and why would happen? I do you know who, as I my kids got older and I was missing, saccharine the weekends desired Stephanie sometimes is,
I actually got really in a bar zone of the last few years, just kiss my daughter's team plays the same style on mad, so actually understand what they're doing sure but When I watch him, I just I enjoy watch them. I want the beautiful I wanna buy Barcelona Hatton. I just whether there has been a minute is- and I I really do like sorcerers by direct cousin, the chipmunk she home, but the way he plays target The time is she watches like some stuff it as it tries to figure it out no eyes. He's amazing! I but again resilience I mean a guy fights for every end is a amazing ability and still literally, was a scrap you for every boat, braided blade of grass, and that's that's. Why special? Who, who do you have a messy Mrs were now that I may never answer this William s enough for me. She's the best whenever play the game. I just Gimme. Three reasons why
one. The modern era, like I don't know I hate, comparing eras is impossible. I put like you know when Maradona played as great as he was like you know he he he ups and downs. At times you he has a big highs taken his team to our common Mexico some unbelievable years now. Anybody also lot injuries of Barcelona never stops and I love Maradona poking around, but it'll geyser smoking it have to Yes, errors in the game was different. Like now d like now is messy, plays against eleven track stars era, the field more or less every week is blazing fast fit in. Like a little machine in their own right and he compete against those type of players in this. That's one reason I elevate I'm a little bit me. No other people can disagree the other day he's in comparison to Rinaldo, whose unbelievable the numbers he puts up as unbelievable but
Reynaldo, and I am MRS a little bit like Jordan, changing his game and getting so good in the MID post. Granola went from a guy that would be people off the dribble is pace, and was more of a wing urban. He became more of a number nine. In a sense, it is making a brilliant finisher and poacher like green, getting on the end of every thing, whereas when you play against, which is a huge, huge ass, an obvious in his numbers, you plague it's a messy team like he put so much pressure. Tamely, there's always gonna, be two three four guys leaning his side of the field in oak as if he ever gets it when you're stretched. It's a chance. If you don't have any better for better for worse he's, probably going to score and an assist on a couple of you are too open to like think about the space he offers up his teammates in a one example. I think that's heard him, as is the World CUP scenery hasn't done than is perhaps our affair. That is not fair and here's. My point is also like he took a pretty, I would say, average Argentina team in Brazil, two thousand fourteen to the final.
I've and they had the better chances in Germany on the day that is teammates, miss them, but the he his just. His presence on the field afforded them a space to get these opportunities that they could have won a world cup of tea against Germany team. The bee brazil- I ate one- should a matter that much to welcome him. I agree: split up ask venomous iranian title in one guy, Miss Eyre, even even more, is more difficult for one guy home my case for messy agri. The writing is messy. I dont even know really what position he is when I watch it since that date on you, she announcers don't really another leg message can only is gonna, be here in the middle somewhere. It's like that really, amid fear there is now. I don't know what he is he's gonna like really it's zone. They he's kind of thing started is like a withdrawn striker like gonna play. Why colleague, no more yeah Bobby a little bird when they start out a little bit wine or any cuts inside and becomes a point maker? You know, I think, to find space
Think, as is getting a little bit older, now he's starting to gravity in a little bit more to like a classic number? Ten? transition between the lines between the defence of the mid field in fine spaces and pockets. In there I mean the guys, the best passer in the world and is as good a goal scores. Anyone in the world I mean, I think are you crazy when you invent your position, new something's Ngos, guy and its second in the NBA when they had chapter change rules for guys like was shack there. She had just basically officiated differently to make it work. To me I mean Leubronn puts russian opposition two hundred percent on a message for me like I just a man his he does sing your number and tries to play with a few, could apply guy down by we I mean I'd, be caught watching yeah, he's too so We see the thing with were not other than the you know. Ivy see his shots goes shabby eggs, Gaza Legit, but We were my darling. I watch him. He saw her
it is scorn like that. The latter has goals will come off like those stupid. Chaotic kind of situation, yes, where a bog deflected and Everybody will be waiting a second to see what happens, but he's already moving in heat already anticipated the weirdest inaccurate happening is there. I took bowed his leg. Not. That is not a slight Rinaldo. That's axiom major! I give him allege that accident rate his hunger, his desire, you know like I know One thing that I admire so much about him in a census, his ego so bag, and he were any backed up with work. He works either. His body is mentalities, unbelievable, but now what I do? because, when you flush a chance in his teammates scores and he's behind the goal by kicking a goal post and spazzing out, like that's just not my text, not my cup of tea, because of that you know, I, like a guy, that's going to support us history, my team puts it in ain't, gonna jump on his back and hugging right, so that's
like, where I lose a little bit in that. But that's like that's not relieve. You know it's. Like Kobe Bryant people say Ok is not, maybe not a great team, it you can have both ways urea, he did Kobe Bryant. You get some baggage, ok, as everyone We're gonna cost is an expert on leadership. Neither had a leadership to live and learn a lot about his leadership by this weighs a storyteller. Yeah Rinaldo his ability to anticipate the strangest possible within that can happen. At a united teacher, but I would say to my daughter, was caught. Roof is cause how that is, is dead, gone, retriever, you'd be in the kitchen kind of waiting for food to drop or for like you to put your burger on the counter, but then they call the phone's ringing I'll leave my burger their opportunity was just, and ever since she was little. I was like Rufus Ghost
Gaddafi is on all that making a run down the rat. You gotta run down the middle. Never now soggily go either. Poacher, predator poacher insist it's an innate thing. Suarez has some of the words as he loves it. You know that its end it takes so much hunger, you know and because like sometimes you like. Is this one's? Not gonna, go there, but it's the one time you don't go. It goes right there. You could add it, so the guys are continually pushing and get him, Furthermore, as the heart is in the teacher kid, it's it's kinda guy seven out of ten times, it's got every time you ve gotta, be in the right and if not all hunger, it's it's designed. In Hungary, but it's also those instincts. Volcano were like you know, just the bodies and angles and positioning where the defensive line is, whereas heads turned where the ball could go on thing. I will make my bet right here, and you know those guys have that instinct. That ability calculate those things you demonstrated that Abbe was she retired ABBA
I was sad, she sure she was able to use her size, its end situational military, that they had her things, just an accident. After what does she was always able to figure out how to make the perfect cut in whatever the kind the galaxies I bet, slay. The latter tissues goals, weaken the round house unbelievable. What is that? Bruce Lee, but you six five. I have I been on our games again. A share battle, bad Emma suckers bed. Bedsteads one cannot unrecoverable thing, but the league right now, because the guys I know how to do the same moves when I'm watching Barcelona respect G, but they won't actually can birthplace, it's a everything's said, the actual ability to, but that the good version of those games are de I love go now: I've cigars and their energies there
cried really want. Save the crowds emulating a sacrifice, basically alive and its role in a lot of things right. They have really well good buddy of mine, a neighbor replayed for the White CAP, Sir John Thorntons, general manager, just watching him take that position in the mere team like build. This whole thing off the supporters coming up. How do you build a fan? he's from scratch that are there had even traditions. They have like an ego is any mailed. It wasn't my family guy and holding scar like they ve been fancy airlines, not what is not within they didn't sunlike, there's all the others that this party like getting I like the way the image that these these these habitats, the thirty to fifty behind one of the guys super their stay. I have his city greater. They have done an unbelievable job. Your idea Mazarin at its best to some good football enough for sure you know, but of course like if it fish like there's this a free market. If it was better to be there,
The players be planning and a bigger leaks are. I think that ever happened, that the key is it's a baby. It's a baby like these twenty years twenty two years old whenever it is, and so is growing and think about. Where was I think, about the amount Isaak see on a daily basis now compared to ninety mid nineties, like you'd, never see a soccer, scorn the ticker and then raise now you see it s, almost every league is on ESPN Tegor, whatever take her like just in the aid and the fact that you can pretty much see every top team, Google play every game of the year. Here is something that you like. That proves how the games has grown and I think it's going to continue to grow and there's gotta be a convergence at some point of american players developing there can league attracting recruiting on developing players at the same time the level raises, and but if you the trend in it and the trajectory it's getting. There should not happen overnight, but you gotta. These use. Zachary games like I am on the weekends you'll understand. Why second happening here. That's it that's a whole body. It's it's a hundred per cent
jeez coaches trainer do what they can to win whatever. In turn, when it is an insect, kick ball. Eisner played out play to the one person and that's why we sat in the World cup. Prudence pay to play. Yeah too many like kids that are hungry. And athletic than are never exposed the games. They can't afford it or maybe exe and get out because some as an gets in the way you know those kids are gone, a by academies. In the rest of the world, think right now, the model- that's that's pretty, proving the most successful Americans are eighteen year olds, going mutually to Germany at this stage at eighteen, so they get eighteen. Nineteen, twenty in ituri above the twelve euro girlhood that thus she's gonna Biagi. I think so. Yeah she's by picker I've thy came from my pick up name. She played with us couple times because at one of our four friends former announced players or agent, the
hours, advise variations in adviser, address, ruin and butter, and so she's great ratios or on without they are still paying pick up. So the back is still solid for soccer can honestly the strangest thing is. I can't play basketball. I guess that track. You like, as you you had asked to be a lot of the time that you some scissors everywhere. I think just the miles on my spine, my minute, wherever front nerve issues, those movements, I get a heritage. Aid seems like soccer and ten isn't that things like plan, but it's just different and then the other thing is I'm not playing. Our problem was like just the speed of acceleration deceleration isn't like China Chase and embryo guys, I'm on my back bothers me every day, but once I am warm, I feel great Feel really really lucky guess I'd be miserable. I can move soccer her one position: Mitya yeah, that's gonna, look Empress station,
Basically, I just try everything I can to be like so much by I wish you wouldn't want to story what a team racketeers immoderate say: some bad luck in the first half of the finally earlier lucky, the lucky in anything about Croatia was amazing, meaning when found my family's offering my parents, her english women, whilst, but rather than it was a good run. You know I was like we're in a good position or coercion by like three extra time: games and a rope ladder gonna be fried, and it was England that wilted Croatia just kept going so in the sector, They have to have them when I heard a little never dies the king S, beard cigarette rings, and they here, commissioner. And I hear they are. The final saw em for examining people. For Five million are now Croatia, like that's insane whose it was like. I know nothing enticed are watching this stuff in early on in the term. As I like the way these guys playing
our teams that jump out and you as they are these guys are here. I see what they're doing now. There was a definite like intent to the way they point. I mean those two men filters rocketing. Who plays for Barcelona and Moderate Jarvis Use player. The turn a minute thereabouts and hurry up determined any yet he'd every day, their brilliant but I'll, grab gravitated possession and may feel their strain and keep the ball protein hygiene create opportunities think that's the way to go a and that's worrying when struggle so even really have that kind of link player between you know the whole, had fielders enough and the front cannot replace with a strange kind of mix of like for us Harry and three withdrawn strikers. We don't have that kind of guy play maker in the minutes, Croatia. Athletes, like parasitic great wing, backs here yet avi CM what's his name on x racketeers next summer. There defenders were great, so the goalkeeper,
Stan I mean I honestly is cool to see a small country like there was a great passion and soccer tradition get all over the final heartbroken for them a little bit. There wasn't like this star. Cinderella story was kind of a win for England. It was a winfried anymore of moral victory. Another thing with England is like you used to be like we're, gonna win it and they had no business saying that and now I'm ones I I'm not gonna win. It was trying to enjoy this, and it was, joy wall, and having said, they're going in the right direction, they turned about and more players. They want like the under seventeenth under twenties. They want every the World CUP, so they're, getting better You know, but it's tough, like the English league, is such a greatly by its foreign dream, In summary, every cause I have so much money they can is bringing the best players, the academy, kids, so atop Academy, we're gonna Germany in El Salvador, the less if they just ten times ten times the salary just try to compete with the lower level many times. I mean it could help in one respect, but it's also risky.
A lot of money that if your systems aren't tried and true and like doing best best best practices, you invest that money like it better, come true, or else is going to be a lot of people saying no more money is going to miss right in the whole thinking and float a little bit like for reasons the NFL Employer way back when the expanded for those expansion fees and try to grow. Zakharino with them, unless I think they have over expanded. Does stuff. Debatable, but my point is that it looks like we're. Gonna have attained, put his move them somewhere else, but it's too but look at what has taken them: twenty twenty two years to expand and where there are no right so that slow drip. I think it has been calculated. You can argue, maybe on a case by case. We gotta go sixteen times pick. The best possible set is now we're talkin. What twenty to twenty two requires per team? Really like three, Are there any could open it. So what do you want this anomalous and Mexico's top division joining and having recreation promotion? What should happen, families
divisions better, the Imo ass. That's I replied the other day. I must decide doublet. Why me it is Mexico develops more players are yeah and general one. It's a much older league in their blamore history. Because that's where they should go at our understand. Why that, as I have an end well, I think you gonna do a carefully when you ve got all the owners trying to figure on hugged going that Youtube. Franchising than they tell you by the way you gonna be the second division. There's gonna be I think, it's got a was going to be a sales process right where you get all these owners on board to realize that you'll become a global league right on the tv wrapping you'll be a lot higher there, for you can pay that better players than the others. Mexican teams tell your boys at Turner to just make it happen to make it rain money. Everybody I got an idea, walk him, a debate on a job early dollars. So what's your job? How often in India so on every chimpanzee day saw were
we're on a Tuesday, Wednesdays, seen antipathy like four days a month this just as the chimpanzees unbelievable that we start off. I love the gentleman Obviously I don't know when this is gonna air. About Tuesday we got Tottenham Inter was pursued by a massive spurs family. All whole family, I think we have He has Liverpool Liverpool Wednesday, let alone other great games, but those games are inherent. Shall so amazing exciting to be on a talk. That's what I do like. I love hoops, whose a big part of my life, but like what I do at home with my friends, is watch ten million. As a sovereign touchy about it all they will again. I did to do that and that's I've never will, to know you, unlike away. Stunned by how much soccer you? I guess I never thought that basque workers would have other sports they care about, like as of June, when it for me, but socket first, my first words was my dad played in the first division in South Africa Plain in the conference in England.
My brother played for Canada. Thirty five times I grew up in a soccer house, also as a basketball. Can I interrupted that in a sense and I went on, went to the eighth grade only Phronsie, most notably basketball but then, as I got older, I just never lost that phantom not so much more access leg in the UN in this century to the game that is like, I could never be swept away back in July. I may give you some talking had tips for you wanna hear. Thus you know that guy I need wraps. So if you can like gimme that maybe it's always get add one thing like just totally over the top for candidates at least defensible So when aware that there is not a hot or not. I have what were the gains at? Is the taller meter, to go over the schedule is like a Tuesdays, was mixed up and we're going through all the packages and stuff, but that you beg you gotta disqualify seek. It says that flag you could make the case. This is the biggest Champions League and Tottenham history.
You have not really saying that it is you just stirring it out there, but you're, not saying it. Why not just said that's how to be a talking had like it. You know like I'm not so sure about Bay, can't be the best poor ever you're saying that yesterday's qualify as you're saying about you're, throwing it out assume, is when all these guys are to be feared out. Yes, so that's exactly what I don't want to do him and I think what I do recognise and I think that it is not totally out of the sea. I know you're right that saying it's a good things. Noisier now and I would say, stick to stick to the state that formula, whenever that is such a figure it out, but an oblique or those been awesome in this and that they want to do a different format. I get Foxen, he has been doing a job, they kind of they kind of recreate like that BBC type. You know that that traditional soccer covered with his great their liking or want to take a risk
tried it. That's why I'm in their head through gonna, bring someone who has a passion for the game and credibility in another american sport. They want a growing and expand Intel news stories and get them out to more kids that maybe you know we're on the fence with sport, and I think that's take some god but they need telling lady. Can you take lots of shots at? U S? U s you'd soccer, as you do in this, we can take enough. Hopefully we can help the like. Really I won't we. We want to help me I mean I'm, I'm generally love a game. So much I want to see the you succeed is the game grows in this country is better for everyone. World CUP coming here, and he knows it's, it's gonna, be you know big along project. Like you see those problems with e soccer in this country, but I think it's gonna get there their system turn black. When are we going to get out of her own way by the way you know who should have the World CUP every four years? The US it should just be here, especially when they finished
like Football stadium allay alone could have the world come on every twelve years. It would be great to have it in around the world one would like, but if for getting to the point, can I give you rush hour, Hungary, like Phrase but England, France, ITALY, and that those countries should be on a habit like Germany, like an order? Cannot them? those but like those countries that have they do not have big population. Big infrastructure like telling the Olympics coming back to allege make so much sense we levels, it'll save with real. That was fantastic. You know I don't know about the infrastructure but be an unbelievable, never well covered one as Irish or Argentina one day. So I gave you said, and I agree with you in part, but I think. You know you would it would help the game a lot here and it would help the game globally, but I do think you got some of the beauty of his seeing different different cultures and my favorite doesn't seem like anybody wants to have it, though that's another issue, I mean definitely nobody
said, the leopard anywhere this will be. The aluminum has delivered, might end up being no every year around of bade happen. They certainly have no stadiums of this plant bomb. I'm site you do in their sex, don't be afraid to shoot the shit about the MBA. Everyone survivor vesture, although I guess now you're, like a sleigh conflict of interest for not deal earlier. I haven't thought about that. Much is never just below my router. I don't know what's that things I love. Obviously we talk to observe forever. Today I love the game at all. I watched the warriors and I watched bits and Bob's up to stand up I love this generation of players, but I If we are honest, never really want or like go all in on talking about the game everyday. I good luck with this day. It's a Gaza and basically, through April year, may the finals Dread anime so basing its Tuesdays wednesdays this year, they actually used to be There be one window, one game televised now, there's two back to back so so few more alike.
To be seen. How do you like the heads head, like a like George one game than the next Larsson other ones, thing rats in half and beg you arrest. You can see, I think so to zip recruiter, don't forget to check out zip recruited outcome, Slash B s thanks to Gillette the Gillette mock three handles. Whatever your fee needs with ease and precision, no cuts, no bumps a perfectly smooth finnish see for yourself get it delivered so, Teodoro Gillette on demand naw man only service that lets you subscriber order, new blades as needed Joanna and go there today subscribed get five hours after first order were special offers. Simmons five, like the number five at check out, enjoy free shipping every fourth order, free with subscription well in India,
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three one of the autumn, we watch a ball action, throw the classics. Oughta can't wait to talk about me, Sharp Venice Icarus ran. That's comrade Thursday check it out back with the b es later this week, haven't decided organ of Friday row with house, you know accuses picks suck. I don't know if he deserves to come back matches, replace house. Houses like Tyrol, Taylor is obviously can't win with house. You could survive you to Pakistan, We are getting when impacts mass uses, bad five hundred or so I don't know where I'm decided of houses invited but Friday rolling anyway, and we have some more guessing financed, so stay tuned, tug, decent
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