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NBA in Quarantine With JJ Redick, Plus Cord Jefferson on the Impact of ‘Watchmen’


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by NBA veteran and New Orleans Pelican JJ Redick to discuss some of the challenges of staying NBA-ready during the pandemic, the benefits of regimented training and recovery, thoughts on the “Orlando bubble,” LeBron’s gravitas among NBA players, the playoffs format, and more (1:44). Then Bill talks with screenwriter and former entertainment journalist Cord Jefferson about the social significance of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ and its "second impact," his time at Gawker, the grind of late-night TV, working with television titans like Damon Lindelof (‘Watchmen’) and Mike Schur (‘The Good Place’), elevating the superhero genre, and more (42:35).

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RO is back and, and you can play fanned Oda calm, slash ringer gaff. If you want to try to playing its house, but I'm democratic and about here come up. J J Riddick is gonna talk about life there in court, ten and what Orlando might be like and then we're gonna talk to CORE Jefferson I've done for allow who wrote for the watchman the season a show that has become relevant yet again. So that is the package. Here is project. I judge erratic is you're taking this late, there's a supply castle, Tommy outer Pakistan, but they ve had a lot of good guess during quarantine, especially
I'm thinking about you, because your men of routine yap, some people who are men of routine, have not enjoyed the coroner not much you're, a man of routine who also needs to practices craft. What have you been doing. What is what is your what's racing through your brain last three and a half months, I may, I guess in the same boat as as most people. You know there's so much uncertainty both in people's personal life and in the world at large. I may just there's theirs.
General anxious and anxiety, I think hanging over everybody ever every day, and so for me was the really important is his finding GM access and being able to go play basketball for an hour every day at its core. I actually said this to the guy who's been workin me out here in Brooklyn, but I said assumed as like. I feel like I've gotten better in the three and a half months of quarantine like I've, I've worked my ass off in my ah my game, yeah and I've been conditioning. I ran a ton since we came back to Brooklyn. I haven't act. Had access to await rooms, a lot of the body stuff is just body weight stuff. But I think that there is no routine in quarantine, especially for me, who has a five year old in a three year old, so that my own, they sort of like solitude and in any sort of escape, is that is an hour on the court. Just goin super harder in a play: basketball
how many guys in the league are wired specifically like you, because I think, like re Alan before you as somebody who is similar in a lot of ways. Words. Just like you go to the gym. You have you routine. There is that famous video that time around in the dark with cheerleaders next to him, so doing like all the things he debt. Thank is there a little kid. Is there a text thread? How many of these guys are there? There's not a text thread I feel like you, you recognize similar people and then, when you become teammates with guys who are like that, you instantly form a connection for me like I'll. Give me example like Tobias and Jimmy with Philly we're like two guys that just worked, you know they love being in the gym. They love working on their craft, a love trying to get better. So that was it. That was an easy way for me to connect with those guys and then and then it's funny I get ten.
He's all the time from young guys in a league, and I get a lot of posts. Game interactions from young guys, though during the game will be like hey, making a chat with you after the game and in other I'll find a match. The game. In the last about a conditioning routine or by shooting route, in your mouth season and work out actually had a young player today text me asking me this in all these questions about what my off seasons look like. Some guys have to figure it out and in some
I think I just like short a wire that way. I cry feel a sense it. I actually feel guilty on days that I intentionally take off yeah like today bill. We had to push this part just back, because my car got toad through perhaps, and so my prior, so my car got toad. I walked downstairs to go to the gym and my car's gone now now it was a little bit like dude where's, my car, like I'm, trying in my brain to be like I'd. I drove my kids back yesterday at five p m, like where it where the heck could this car b and by priority, of course, was I've. Gotta get the gems. I've got a push bills podcast back, because I will I will beat myself. I will feel a sense of guilt if I don't get my work in today, yeah and I would have made it so go to fit into the pockets,
exactly either way. What are you expecting when the season actually comes back just from people's games like have you heard their stairs? All this allay rumour right now and I have been able to crack it of all. The Lakers are playing at some rich guys house, and it's all like you know nobody talk about them. But have you heard about like different rumours and what teams are doing and all that are you expecting people to show up? at a shape. Would it woody Woody think I saw him regards the Lakers I've heard similar things. Obviously, nothing has been posted on social media supplying us with the evidence that we need. But there is a gentleman I think, is houses and Bel air. Yet who has a voice like a staple centre? Replica in his back yard. Yet it's a full court. Locker rooms wait room steam shower whatever you want. I've I've worked out there before my assumption is those guys are workin out there now that would make a lot of sense
I about ending and he gets, and he gets great stories for his friends a card helper is like no doubt here in a year and a half for now no doubt is ef. I remember that occurred in that then if I have yet for sure I mean I think, but look I'd ever play the Lakers and, like you know, you seen videos like a couple summers ago. Chandler Parsons was that in their bunch, John walls been in there like I'd guys. If there are no lay, that's that's one of the gems that we can have access to as players frank. So I actually said this to some one about a month in the corn teen. When all these guys were saying I haven't touched a basketball
And I've I've been in two different location, so the first location I was in, I had access to two different gems. I got kicked out of two by the way I should say that I got kicked out toward I turned out, ignore we can't we can't, but then I had to like you. I came back to Brooklyn and, like I financial my way and that access to three gems, selective one Jim says you can use it to day. I've got to obtain backups. So all these guys simonov access to jim- I just I call bullshit a year want to be in the gym. Yeah. I be serious right. You can't get in at six o clock in the morning on it. I don't want to be in the Jim and get some of it is like I'm, not falling social distancing rules, but I'm going in no one's touching me. I've got access like my own personal access. I've got my basketball trainer who had been with the whole time and a lot of guys had their personal traders who they ve been without time who can rebound for them? It's it's an excuse. I don't buy it so you're basque about trainer. That's almost
You have you ve crossed the line that almost with their kids in your wife, where they he's Rony law back, you know he's not wearing my gloves has bad soon or no light. We lies here that we lysol everything before now to work out an sanitize all that stuff we were mask into and out of the gem like where it were serious with it. You know, but obviously there is that period of time were reached fussing about small, but I guess what is different between what we're doing, because, obviously, we're communicating. Every day I were you, have you how to contact? Have you had contact? Have you do any symptoms? I check my tempt you every day per the pelicans I descended
temperature every day. So we're doing all these things. But what's the difference between us doing that- and you know guys at a practice Saudi going in and seeing a trainer and then doing the same thing with the balls and disinfecting everything. It's the same thing for the difference. Was there a point where you felt like this? It might not happen yeah for sure I think most of April, and may I felt additionally and and maybe you ve talked about this on the pause at all, and I want you to repeat to your listeners, but the first two weeks. It was like what the fuck is going on and what I like is this for for them to shut down sport
from the shut down. Ninety percent of the industry industries, the USA, locked down cities- I mean it was surreal. It was scary and so you're trying to figure that out, uniting the thinking really about the NBA you're, like is my family say for my parents say: if you think about those things, then it gets into like weak. For and you know, the numbers are still not looking good and you're just doing the math about like it takes this many weeks to do the player and you like, if we don't have a decision here in the next couple weeks, you know we're not gonna season. I got scared the week before or the bride, and Chris guys, those guys finally had that phone call cause. I was again as do the math I have your member talking about. The pilot was I give this doesn't stop. Going now that this can happen, because now you're deepen going against football and then you would be able to start this.
He's in until after and all these things, it just didn't, seem realistic. So I you know it does seem like the history. The league is always the superstars get the ball rolling no matter what it is, whether it is a union or anything right and the superstars got the ball rolling and then last week eight did I mean you have really talked about your PA. Damage said the other stuff last week not all the Ceta, now there's a whole poison and call eighty people on a re wondering. Is this a good idea, I shoot that that was really healthy, that everybody was having those conversations. We? U concern at that point that that might undermine it. Yes, so Archie we released upon today with Taylor rooks from bleach report, and we talk about it with Taylor, and I just got a shared. You know I don't know. Thing I wish I was on the first call, which was Tuesday there is about fifty players, would understand that call. I got the notes from their call and then I was on the call Friday night.
So leading into the call Friday night in Chelsea, my wife and I we had been talking outside luck. This thing is, they might or might not actually happen, and then I was on the call Friday and that call actually gave me sort of an affirmation that decision was gonna happen. We had a lot of things to figure out both as a league and in our society, and I am hopeful that we can all we can all work together to to like create real change and, in my understanding my understanding is that the end BP analysed ownership. Obviously like we all sort of want the same thing here.
Players, everybody wants the same thing, and so it it's. It's really about keeping open lines of communication so that we can really put some policies in place and really investments, and some are some areas where we can. We can change and thinks, and it does say MIKE if he is the platform correctly, it will be the most powerful way to get a whole bunch of things done and if they can figure out all that stuff, the railways it's gonna to work. I've said this privately, I don't know if I talked about the other day like I have. I have zero problem with a guy saying he doesn't want to play for any of the reasons that are out there, whether its covered, whether its being away from their family for two months or whether it's this social justice movement. I don't have a problem with any of it. If you don't want to play if you're not comfortable playing, I get. This is not what we signed up for. Yet these circumstances are not nor
to play and be a basketball. So I get all of it. But my eye, one of my concerns with not playing in general, is if we do not play, and we were odyssey, thou be huge statement from our players, yet it would be a topic of conversation for a number of weeks, but, as you start getting in two September and October and November, the conversation is gonna, be about football in late August, still have it the Republican National Convention. I didn't they ve gone back to school, maybe people going back to school or maybe a second wave and then the election. The election is gonna, eat up. Eighty percent of media coverage in the fall. If we, if we don't play, there's there's a chance, we missed a real opportunity. Taylor rooks sets of my podcast. It's not just about wearing a t shirt, though it's not just
Bout, doing something during the national anthem are saying something in a post game interview. We really have to work with the end BP and the league on on figuring out, actionable things that we can do to help. That's what it comes down to it. We have to do something beyond just tweeting and talking and wearing tee shirts narcotic not have enough well now that they have finished a one hundred Thirty three page guidebook that was like the size of Lord of the Rings and NATO at the hotel. Congrats I've been at the acquired by the way this either I I don't want to brag. I dont have rag corner. Sweet I've been breaking news on. My part gets ok, it was like three weeks ago. I spelled it out on my part gas. The form that was gonna be. This is like a dance before they vote idea out and then edit. I think I think it was the maybe the pack connoting podcast. I gave the three hope
as we are state, I knew the three hotels which didn't come from the Pierre either that was from another source of breaking news about pack has been less. I want to say. I thought it was yet a J J bomb but now that we have other stuff settled and everybody Alright, here's what's happening is whether we have the schedule all that stuff. Now it seems I take it, spend the next couple weeks. Going out. I right how we can the platform. What are the five things we want to achieve here? Yeah, I think, what's what's unique about. Everyone being in Orlando at the same time is even when we have our and BP meetings, whether to all star break of the summer meetings. The turn out is not with great you're. Never gonna have this amount of NBA players in one place at one time.
Since to come forward with a coherent, cohesive plan to present and and gets get actual items on the table that we can actually do add to me. That's that's a huge opportunity because doing conference calls or tweeting or be aiming or texting. I get it. I dont know that it gets done if it if it texting I get it. I dont know that it gets done if it, if its face to face and in person and by the way on every conference call shams is on it. So there's there's media members on it. His is pretty small forward. Other little got off that call, and, unlike this mother, he's crazy verbatim bill re beta, I said a Chelsea like I'm. In the corner of my screen. Right now and it says, recording and like the cause getting recorded. Like you know, yes, I don't know,
shams. He figured it out if you think he's probably assuming somebody else's identity. Yeah, I think, are, I think, they'll be able to figure out a lot of stuff, but in the lead up to when you guys get there. One thing that fascinated me, though: the Patrick Beverly tweet about If King James says reopen, we hope and without were really phrased it, and I was like how many players- in the history of the league had that kind of sway that another player with would say that, like hey, if he says we're playing were plank, is obviously Jordan would have been like that. Call me hit a point. You are in the lead by then the late to thousands when I think he had esteem like that. I think magic and bird together and magic by himself. I think we're light that other than that really. But do you feel that way that ultimately brought his good inside? What appetizer yeah? I look. You have two. You have to consider the fact that there are so many
players at different stages of their career, and so, if you look at the young guys, maybe they need the money. Maybe they just want to play, maybe a sharper themselves. May they trying to get into rhythm, maybe try to set themselves up to the next contract law. These guys they wanna play that's not to take away from the fact that they are all the social justice movement, but there may be a little more motivated to play if an older player said in a play, or we want to play they're gonna. Follow that I remember you know during the lock out being on some of those calls and when cagey would talk or Kobe would talk or pol pot Pierce would talk like their words certainly carried a lot of weight to me and frame sort of my own sinking for sure yeah. That makes sense, but the guy said a point where most of the guys in the league grew up watching them.
Which I'm sure is that weird dynamic for Lebron and General write a lot of time. So yeah, that's what I was going to ask you about as it as a historian of the game. I think there's a there's like a level of respect for Lebron, like everybody want, compete against them and wants to beat him, but there's a level of respect and not just as a basque welfare mean the guy's off the court has just been a monster, a monitor, he's done it right and there's a lover, respect for him going back. Let's say two thousand is nineties eighties. Do you think that there's that level of respect, or is there a little bit of hatred and jealousy cause? I don't sense that from players towards not maybe from that
vans, but there's not that sense of jealousy or hatred towards the branded. Maybe there was for superstars back in the day, so thinking one thing he's in terms in terms of service, I think he's like one of the three o this poison, the league just for careers. Right he's been the league since O three, all the guys from that class except for Carmelo were gone, and I think so he just been around for two decades. He has more natural rivals. Then I feel like anybody who is the undisputed best guy if his era has ever had they theirs. But all these differ moments. Where you know, curry was back to back him dp the rain
when toted tat ran again around here to stray finals, India and I'll play them, and then you go back to two thousand ten eleven range like dark, I paid him in a series, so I don't, I think they respect comes from the total package more than the dac I kicks or ask as dear like. Do you really think Hawaii doesn't think it weathers sure not quite goes to sleep at night. Thinking on the best for the league might be true, but I dont think feels like LE bronze better than him. I think that's the difference with that. You grew that are not. Why not? I dont disagree. I think a lot of players go to bed saying I'm the best player in the lake, whether thrash out.
Yeah I mean or geyser like aim on laptop five on top five more money for the year. Like top seventy five you sign, it did to check quote during the last stance I mean that's, you can't get to a certain point without some level of irrational confidence. You just can't yeah, but I didn't think with abroad is he's had so that's just take away his rookie year yet basically had a sixteen year, Prime yeah, like there's, gathers varying degrees of his prime but fur relative to most ninety nine percent of players his prime has been longer. I would argue that may be anyone in NBA history. Will you think so the nightmare, the nineteen eighty four slammed on contest they brought it back and Doktor J was in it, as the old man concede one in eighteen. Seventy six, I out the old man, Doktor J he's like two years young,
then the broad, and they don't got to add its out there. The old guy like when I was growing up I want to have it should have a check, was our guy boss in the seventies in his last game, and he had paid sixteen years. Was the most anyone ever pay a god. Sixteen years had to do it, you know in the brain, is my point. Twenty five I mean we ve talked before about just they advancements you guys have but be even there, a quarantine, the ability of somebody to diet correctly, sleep correctly train do stuff, do go on Youtube and find core exercises all these things that have in the seventies and eighties, but I do feel I keys figured out a his body in a way that other than maybe Coreham alone, I don't ever met seeing in the league? Where he's just yet the eat, the punishment he takes being able to play eight nine months a year? I think about your guys. I am like for him to ultimately reaches potential
he's gonna have to treat his body the way the branded really from about two thousand. Eight, where does he had? I know there's gotta be complete by and like an end. I said this to Joel. After last summer I went to his apartment right off the season and again we join not talk about this probably says not Zaire, but I would just partner to season and I've basely said to us like Joe, like you're, you know what you're healthy in your in shape and you're you're all that stuff. Like your your top five tucked in player you're, your prime could be three to five years. Your prime could be fit, in years it's up to you, you know, and so there's gotta be that that hope that holistic, by its a holistic by in Estonia is I'm gonna go work on my game is nominal work on my I'm gonna work on my body. I'm gonna eat right ominously bright, like I learned it. I learned
by Junior year of College, an odyssey when you're twenty at the time when I'm twenty, it's not necessarily a lifestyle, but you start developing these. Cabbage and then, by the time you're like two thousand four hundred and twenty five, you like it's just your lifestyle like you, you go to the gym and you work on your butt. Work on your game and you eat right and you're worried about your sleep and you're, worried about what you put in your body all the time. It's all the time. It's constantly I dont know how many guys really do that, but when you have someone is talented as Leubronn and he does it usually led to any does it the best? That really does it the best here you see the result of that. You see the result that any cheaply- and I talked a bunch about this- took a cp- has made it like a huge change over the last few years and has always worked hard. I no one's ever questions work ethic for just like really understand. What he's doing and his bill? I remember reading you and you
to write fur yes, Viana back in my two thousand Levin would Chris at his knee injury, and you saying like I'll Chris Chrysalis seconds being easier, as is only looks at his plan, one leg like there's no way this guy's gonna last like human eye, are basically the same age I keep. He was also the year. Thirty five is remarkable is remarkable. I thought I never thought he was in great shape when I would go look up again. I don't think he was in bad shape, but at the different thought in big it in the area of plants off into shape stuff. I tat I thought he had thought he was moving as well as I've ever seen a move. Oklahoma City. I you know any early, you know he's talked about it like plant based died. Others have, I remember, Paul Pierce, who we almost made the fires of them too. I say we like a mandatory. And then he is a little choppy had some issues, Ricky Davis, the team that was back ILO Daisy any at all
add year and they lost to the pacers in the game. Seven and it was. It was kind of a fork in the road moment. For me, I think he saw it and he came back the next year and he was awesome and now point on. He started really work and on his body and thank cagey comes in cages like this force of nature. And then it now everybody. You know, there's no other way. You Canada, you can't not work if you and your team, so Pierce was able to buy this little extra piece of his prime. That I don't think I don't know what happened otherwise. I just think he would have had the same kind of career most Gaza, You know you have you never change. You lose out. You lose out on three or four years. Absolutely I was out there is, ever since a great example: terrorism, as he has done in oh eight,
becoming a league and ninety six it was. It was done by the time you got to Detroit so yeah that so I look inside and unlike its iron and beat the two guys where, if you could just do a fantasy draft and be like what you guys do, I hope learn from the brine, because there'll be fucking awesome, no action for twenty years. I think those would be the two guys I would agree with that. I would agree with that. What's the what's been your impression and Zion by the way, I don't think we talked about on the pod, you get to spend a year of them yet so my first impression of em is I've, never met a words nineteen when I first started
open with them, but I've never met an eighteen or twenty year old who's. That famous and that famous from such a young age who was so level headed, pray like he's, not an asshole, he did knit there's nothing does have a big head so great he paid. I think that the biggest they for him- and you just gotta touched on this- is like hit him just learning to develop the right habits
but I've. No doubt that he's going to do that. I've no doubt they're going back to Joe. I have no doubt that Joe Will- and you saw this thing the other day where is like I've been in the gym six days a week. The last last four months straight, I like my hope, is that Joelle can do that for the next ten fifteen years and just be a first ballot hall of Famer and win championships. Like that's my hope for Joe, that's my hope for Zion. You know what I think a lot about my own career when I think about these guys, cuz he's like a little jealous, I feel like I've I've for the most part. I maximize my career, and I want these guys because I get these guys maximize their career
everything tat they ve got things that I could never chief. They ve got things I can ever chief and will achieve some of those things, no doubt, but if they really by in their first bout, all famers their multiple, you know and be all and be able to envy peace. Like Joe I'll shoot, em debate, I have no doubt he shut for sure I hope II as the South expand. I hope he never totally takes it seriously, bigots eighty five. They're, not a hundred if it's funny leg, so you commonly Guenaud sex. We redrafted your draft by the way you you and where did you get in the actual draft? we did what we were doing about security and of going would preclude the would like. Fourth, I took you early at the cat jumped on you early cause. I was gonna make it when he hears a J J did. Two thousand and twenty six e might still be playing, but I think one thing about your generation is the internet and the twenty four slash seven talk cycle as probably positively affected
these guys, whereas in the nineties, in the eighties you don't hearing negative feedback, that's actually true and actually hits home. But it's not wrong. I think it's the opposite for writers added the internet in social media as such, but the worst thing that ever happened orators, but in basketball. If John beat his hearing like hey part of the reason, the Celtics beat you in two thousand earmuffs, don't be sorry, I in mean to are the reason we beat. You is cuz. You are huffing and puffing and gay. You know you weren't totally in shape yet, and you have Barkley and Shaq talking about Jaws got taken more seriously like those are hall of famers,
don't believe in your work at the get that has to help him just ass do yeah. I dont disagree with that, I would say, was spinet in sort of another way, so guy with the way social media works and that every things out there and the way our league works in that everybody copies everybody else. If somebody has a as a basque trainer I need to get a basket trying. I might work with the same guy. Actually pretty good year last year he's got a personal trainer ay. I see this guy work at that, like what they're doing I'm an almond ago that people in the head there is no exchange of information amongst players. When I got drunk, I was fourteen years. I don't even I can imagine what it was like in the nineties rabies about all this stuff, so social media
put all the good stuff out. There is well and guys want to do what other guys are doing, and I think that's a big reason why I you're going to see a lot of these players and my generation included, who are gonna, play Damn good basket? We not prime basketball, but pretty damn good basketball well into their late thirties. The only thing that worries me is just others is about the air you generation and other miles that these guys have on them. By the time the league has even year you ye. I guess you a borderline, a generation right, but you are playing like five basque bug- aims at a weekend where you or did they have. By that, when you were nice, They had all that area under that when that start, man
I saw my that's good, so I know what you're gonna write through high school. I knew not where people so I started so I was I was fourteen. I just missed my freshman season. I was fourteen who Williams, who was on the other side, the state you too big a? U programme Iverson Alonzo Morning, Joe Smith, Ronald Currie. He asked me to play with the seventeen, so I did. I did three summers with blue and we would start buying tournaments in April, and we would finish in September. We also there goes that very well. Usually only play one tournament in August, but the entire month of July we were somewhere. June was always like, USA, Basketball Camp five STAR Camp, I can't write around July wanted then you go to Orlando and you go to peach jam and there's a tournament Staten Island. There was a tournament in Portland, so we would play three three by Cynthia you'd be
like a joke with Andrea who dollar last year, but like we? We played them in the national Champions my last year buying a: u buy them international championship. Seventeen and under he placed Ellen. I warriors, and I think it was like are eleventh game. Six days. It was all my yet. The national semi finals we're at eight a m. The national championship was at eleven, a m like we we just we just would play play play you go but whenever I shall I for free, teen part that was used a really good defend. Her put audio, I mean by that time of the terminology is gassed. Had nothing left, nothing lead that stupid. I mean you know we don't have a sports. Are we have nobody overseeing any of this stuff, and this is a classic?
the way I did a sport sides. Okay, this is a bad idea. Eleven Gibson sixties build this is going to happen now there will be some one who's gonna do this. I actually have a body whose pretty involved in these sorts of things. He is involved with actually over time, but this is like his big pat passion project right now. What he's doing with a cup other people they're trying to find them person to oversee this, but we need to actually look out for these kids. We actually we have to look out for these kids were we're doing them a disservice, Fisher, my daughter's soccer team date, our coaches, I pretty diligent about, because you can have these tournaments report eight games in four days. Are the ito like you right here, but you just doing double hunters and it's like ninety degrees, you're like LAS Vegas ETA, and we had a couple when she was ten or eleven and, like the second gay MIKE it's like his my kit, gonna kill over this is. How is this help? Everyone has come. Hopping around like a maniac. Are you speaking kids? Are you bring your kids what's going on with the plan Orlando?
are, there is ever on common where they can't come. I mean it got we make it to the conference. Semi finals, no thank you so I only I knowed it not so once there's a teams left of the twenty two covered semifinalist, that's when found they can come. So I'm the I'm leaving next week and you I'm looking at two months without my family, it SAM do you guys have a chance, you're behind right here, a few Ghana, three behind three and a half year, so we so we we have a chance. I haven't seen our schedule yet I mean they're algorithm me it right now, based on your next day, games of teams available to play, but I think we had. We didn't have a chance and I love to make the playoffs for sure. Ah yea, you have a little streak at stake. I bet get a break it up now. My eyes, I die,
Lou Gehrig, I told I told my guys on our gmail, like look as I We were talking about whether we wanted to play and all that all the stuff that went into it- and I said by playoff streak in this in my decision about whether I want to play or not play is complete
significant. I get right scheme of the world, its very insignificant. I have other motivations of why I think we should play that is so far down the line. I made a light. I told him like I could. I could do the next two months with my kids swimming in a swimming pool, the Hamptons or I could be right sequestered at the yacht Club in Orlando Florida in a hundred two degree heat one hundred percent humidity. You know basically with all dude playing basketball, like I probably rather be with my kids, but that was a big thing we said. Was you know if we and an old dame came out publicly said this too? Was look if we're gonna? If you're gonna put us in this in this bubble, we want a chance to be able to actually feasibly make the play off. If you give it a chance, they were offer plan and that our judges I come get suggesting as
This really acted up contact with back there. I am every year, there's one team that for a variety of reasons, the first fifty five games under chiefly injury, usually injuries, and then in the last twenty twenty five year, like a man, be fun. If they were in the play off and it was so, monitoring you guys clad I've member texting a couple times, look of. It would be fun to have you it because I thought at full power You were clearly one of their best imps allow, either I would agree that when were when we were all healthy, I think were, I think, we're one of the best aims now look the way this schedule shakes out and of the rule with you. Gotta be within four games of the eight seed like we have a lot of work to do, and I think the interesting thing about Memphis is everybody's
gonna underestimated them yeah throughout the season, and he just kind of like they just hovered around five hundred. They never really hit a point where they broke. You know, there's always see. Portland San Antonio Sack Phoenix the every alleys teams in the mix the member getting killed, then, is that we have that we have. Pick really really hazard. You guys get I'm a winning record. This area sitting on this picked for seven years, I forgot our heads like good immediately I forgot about who is to stimulate this year by the way, the best team. Yes, man, I would say I mean I would say It'S- it's Milwaukee Lakers clippers, those three I mean the team. I love by the way the team I love is Toronto. I love Toronto. I loved
team. I love the way they play. I judge I love it. I love it it's amazing that they were able to shrug off the choir thing and kind of patches numbers together and still do their day and then the Larry tat. They had injuries to yet at a bunch injuries they just kept winning. Now I'm excited ass. They might again I re I missed. My guys was really get. The attached hate of Brown, Marcus Bird, I of Gimme Campbell sudden that it that it's over I we can listen to your pie. Are you what's your packets schedule? Gonna be people are asking what aid they once we get towards this? he's in yet the shouted down. No, absolutely not without some zooms been good for you. It's yours, Zeus super easy. It's super easy! It super easy to get on. Somebody on zoom call So we have what we're doing a recording next week with wind Butler from Arcade fire eyes become
buddy of mine. He lives down again Orleans. We re trying to get him on the pod, so probably be the last one we do before we get down to the bubble. I may do in New Orleans during that little ten fourteen day period where were or were not practising but were practicing, I'm not sure what what's happening and then yeah the pod gas is gonna, be all behind the scenes. Stuff will have some players on from other teams and its EDA wheat. We ve actually recorded a ton of episodes and I think they ve all been really relevant n, and lately we ve a bunch of stuff like with Jamal and Malcolm and end today with Taylor rooks. Where we're talking about the issues going on right now, and it's just important to hear from them, I mean that's the biggest thing they have such good perspective on things and I've actually learned a lot just and listen to those those three guess
The other thing we forget to mention about Orlando is it's gonna, be tamper, kaluza, two thousand twenty of these deeds together are these potential free agents. Or a year from now, for I cannot imagine, what's gonna happen, it's gonna be wild umbrella ass to bring in my sticks down there, I'm I'm I'm a place him golf and some I'm wondering who else is gonna. Who else is going to bring their their clubs down and and and will? be some action on the course I will reiterate curry bring up hurry for sure and other countries not coming. Oh yeah, you're right, ITALY, allies, commoner, Ecuador, curry make Manual for the Gaza thinner, Willie's gaily rain, Willie Greenwood will bring em, although his it he always with Phoenix, is an assistant, Just don't normally do they play golf anymore. I guess not a thing: when I got only everybody by Gough, really air I'd, I'd, probably half my team in Orlando play golf.
Ass, I say I know one other due to my team. In New Orleans, it plays golfing language which as an early doppler, Gov Arroyo Pack charity I should I guess that one So they say about their not to wait. No Dwight did why not? Why can't imagine about there? I can imagine the force and behind him getting annoyed kissed weights on the other green, like that, leaving in the throughout the flag or something and then them just hitting I have a hard time, believing the Dwight could take those seriously. I have a real hard time doing. Alright, jj good, to see you good luck, good luck in Orlando good luck with
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go to know. What's going on here about everyday whoop is offering my listeners, fifteen percent off right now, code Simmons at check out gotta, whoop, Dotcom, W H, o o Peter come and her Simmons a check out to say: fifteen percent sleep better, recover, faster train, smarter optimize, your performance with whoop today without further Ado hears CORD Jefferson I called Jefferson is here: he is rocking one of the best quarantine beards. I've I don't even know how to describe it. You said if you ve had friends comparative James harden early James harden yeah. That's what a friend told me yeah, but this is you know it's getting pretty long. I was not expecting it to be this long. I think that if I keep going to do maybe Frederick Douglass, following
it's impressive. I wish I could grow in mind just like grows out of my neck. It just makes it look eventually it just swallows at my chin, we've known each other for a while through mutual friends yeah. I want to start with the watchmen but then go into your whole journey cuz. I think one of them is that such thing by you is that just know new about you and at one point, as a accords. Moving away he's gonna, take us a shot at tv, and it is your home journey is really cool, so I want to say that for later, but the grass, which is about six seven months out of this is season, finale, wasn't and other stuff. That's happening the country the last few weeks, your arm. What were what is our perspective now and that showed how ties in two to wear. Europe, two thousand and twenty as somebody who works on it and you can look at it objectively, but was also intrinsically bob than the actual Shep yeah
so have I people recently reaching out to me friends and stuff saying like that: it's crazy how prescient watchman feels like it's insane that that was seven months ago, and it feels a year's predicted. So much and I I say that I think history is prescient that that did when you're writing about like people, Eric and writing about black history. Writing about police violence in writing about white supremacist violence. You can Is that your watch? The fact that that's probably gonna happen again in America, and so I think that. Yeah. I don't think that we were pressyur, nor did we predicted the future, even if some crystal ball in the writers women's just we were talking about history, though in american history. Mystery is pressure like that. The things that you the things that you are. You know the things that we were touching on. I just things that have been complaints from, like my parents and my grandparents and my great grandpa,
Hence in the issues that people have been dealing with this law. Is there a black people in these countries? So it is, you know the mass stuff is Is it like it? I might allow admit that. That's it that's a crazy coincidence, but as far as the themes of the show, I think than alive and just just exist because we're in America The mass thing I don't even coincidence is not even a good enough word while you know we ran Victor lockers and wrote a piece for the Ringer two years ago about Tulsa, and I took a p history and I school as political science person in May in. Ouch a bit thou. My major felt, like I knew a lot of stuff. I am tired of embed a spy. How little I know about some of this stuff, and that was a perfect example that peace is a guide kind. I heard of that and then you
that peace- I am I gotta, do I know anything. It would seem like one outcome. Potentially from this year is gonna, be people really dabbling in shipping down on the history of some of this stuff in and how important it is you know, did you know that tells story like intimately before you? for that shower before, like Victor wrote about any that stuff, I didn't know about it intimately by any means, but I definitely knew about it. I'd heard about it, I remember hearing about it some time in my childhood and not that I studied a deeply aids, absurdly, probably didn't. I grew up in Tucson Arizona and dishonest and great answered like civil rights education, anything. So I would likely not have heard about it in school, but you know I'm because Tucson was pretty sure a pretty sheltered environment as far as it comes to diversity. My
My parents tried to make sure that I was stupid. Little black history at home, so you know there is not a movies and tv and documentaries and books about like history in America. So I came across it some time then, but I hadn't. Really it wasn't something that I paid a lot of attention to and so we're in the writers, room and Damon said he wanted it. He wanted to use it somewhere in the season. It took a few weeks. I think rest and it was gonna, be the opening of the pilots, but and came in and said he wanted to be one that to be a focal point of the season, I didn't realize how few people had known about until the next day and a friend send me a friend sending Google friends graphs and just like that. How like that, night from Sunday like ten p m when they it's not aired. Monday morning. How much that this, the Google search spite for Tulsa Massacre was insane with
weird working on the show, knowing that it may be a one and done that there's one. Or your telling, and then that that could be there is. There is cause most tv shows now they're trying to keep it going for as many citizens as they possibly can. I He probably learn from lost by sunset, exactly We like, I think that I mean So much content now they're so many tv shows is that I think that I mean you're, nothing sixty. The seasons, for me back six episode season, just like basically a three hour movie, I'm sand like people do it episode citizens dynamism in watchman, was nine number. I think that people I'm ready I may cited for a time in which people just do that. We will follow. Why, when I feel like it's time to pull the plug, I worked on the good place. Also am I came under that shown season to remember, make sure saying in season to like, I think this is a forces and shop he knew from sort of basically,
Firstly, we are working on it. You didn't want to drag it out to eight nine ten seasons. You just wanted to make four seasons of the shower What you needed to say be done with it. I think that No! I don't want name names, but I think we can all probably name as television show, that price we should have ended a couple to three seasons earlier than because it felt like, The time you get to the end by the time they actually go off barrier it's. It was straight bottom, the bottom of the barrel, and I think that its grave for people to start deciding I cannot for me when they feel they wanna take another said being cancelled or just drag around for the money. Yet funny tv shows our almost like athletes day after day, that one season where they don't have any more to realise this, have you money back of it. I know, like obviously, his favorite drivers chairs the cheers. As a show that easily could have ended after season five, when Diane left
It had a natural out it then they kind of reinvented shown it became like a real choose sicken there, but the first, especially the first three years. The reason is one of my four five favorite as ever it wasn't a second. It was a show that was funny you know, and it was really human and they would go in some stretches like to three minutes so that a laugh and so it reinvented itself- and it's almost like there's two separate cheers in my mind you around with your leg: eight, it's really rare for a tv shouted just gonna drop them that I think the other thing was, and this is why they watched the watchman railways. I'm just not a comic book Guy I'm just cut out, I'm I don't they in that whole universe. Ever I kind of a kind blame it for ruining movies in a lot of ways cuz, it just seemed like it was a cheap way to just skip. People come to the theater, and it feels like that show reinvented fissure
to some degree in a way that now I'll be interested to see. Where goes with comic book care, as in the kind of themes that they can really get into now you don't, I think, Joker did that The tide, Phelps movie was another one where it maybe that's the evolution that John my right yeah I think that you know I I think that's No I'm the same way. I didn't grow. Reading a ton comic books I collected X, men guards to my friends did, but I didn't, I didn't, have a red x, men and so You know I really like us. A small number of kindness. I read american splendor, which isn't really like a superior I've, read a black hole which is another comic books and then eyes only. Watchman after Damon, first emailed me inside he's thinking about Michel and he asked me if I would be interested in so I went on by watchman immediately and then read pretty quickly and loved it.
But it wasn't summit. I grew up with as a sort of obsessing over the weather Diamond Damon read all those Damon read out. Issues of comic when they came out with his dad I'm so he was like super super state. By the time when we got to itself, but, but I think that the thing that immediately Ivan calling about it was that it was John Raw, but it was John or them there fell really grounded so wasn't just like you know. For arose and I'm like like flying in space than battling aliens and stuff. You know what it felt like it felt like. It was hydro, political It is incredibly grounded and real world issues and real world themes, and it wasn't just you know: Superman takes on the lake Maxine Maxine. Were immense. What of like saves the day? It was felt much more greedier in an interesting and complex them. So you wrote the sixth episode who I was kind of the famous episode fur ladder reasons when it's fantastic view. It also does a tiny too
I don't want to lick. There might be some people listening. I don't know who, having seen the show, yet you can get it on the magnitude of the night and I feel like statute of limitations at this point so career. Well, what you back the decision, you, David as that you're gonna, reveal put a justice and in hidden in comic book circles. This was a big deal this was going behind the curtain in a way that you guys, especially if it doesn't work, is an all time. Backfiring P Burgess, fleetly out in the show how scared review of this might not work backlash verses, knowing that this is the right thing. Incredibly, scared. I guess I mean you know, watching the original taxes so hugely beloved by comic book people. By our more fancy. Rightly so it's it's it's amazing, but you know to take its also already. It fell
dangerous waters even tried to take it on, but then to take this sort of central figure. Of this, of the watchman story and on mascot and say not only that we unmask him but also say that his identity is that other of a black man. While, while everything in the book suggest that he is on his way- and perhaps this german bodybuilder. It's like flies phase of a lot of the lot of tradition, and so you know That episode has a lot of big swings in it that I remember the hermit the demon. I will. I say My son, my draft Damon, said to me he said I This episode doesn't work. I think we're really screwed denied it so much pressure on it from the beginning and as a goddamn I mean it's a heavy left. But I think that if we can pull it off, it will be great bite. Yeah. It was. It was a ton of big swings that I am, I think they worked out by the people do as well when they watch
Are you on twitter that night, as it was happening, watching the reactions? Are you don't? you want to do that you're. So no man, I didn't know, that's like down that path, lies madness, because I'm I was sort of the person I kind of would probably become addicted. To that. Stop that Actually I was in New York travelling for fur thanksgiving, and I am I made a friend go with me to dinner. We went Sata David Byrne Show on Broadway and that we were again her and there is no. Alas, I just the Regis didn't look at our phones, fur four legs for five hours, knowledge we just around when I finally allowed myself to you just wondering why you deep dad you just like, I wonder what they thought Yanks. I wonder, what's happening exactly what I just didn't want. If I, if I allowed myself to look at it, I will just conclude my phone freaking out: will you know for that, showed a really work and tourism in a real way, especially when you're taking comic book material that everybody feels like they do
you kind of have to take a swing like that, like you could do a conventional any, but then the series is just going to come and go right. You have to take. Couple giant- swings in hope. They work. Do you feel like game in was at his guts? Had a lot of success? Do you think he's at that? at the point of his career, where, like fun doing some fucking do in it I'm from twenty five. I'm just go for it. Yeah. Similarly, I think that you know That's the way the demon does everything to be honest and by adding that might think that this in particular just felt like she over a fact that he was incredibly terrified to do this to do is show just because he loved it so much so it's like taking this thing that you find really pure and that you love and appreciate, and on top of that, it sort of like a lot of emotion for him with his dad, because his dad is now past and is something that here. As our love with together and shared when it when they were when he was alive, setting
Damon was was incredibly nervous about going into it, but I think that your I think that if certain point he said if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna. Do it and I'm gonna take a lot of big swings and if I saw a lot of my face and then so be it, but I might as well do. And I think that some of you said earlier correct in their life. We are now so inundated with superhero stuff, like its accept, like it just feels, I really is sometimes feels like superhero is just like that the culture at this point every movies, a superior movie, every success, nanny list, every tv shows a severe tv shows and so have. I think that, distinguishing yourself from that pack important and doing things that make it feel fresh, New and original is important. Otherwise it's gonna, get caught the superior noise, nobody will remain plastic, it drives crazy. What does Lu Lu man he play or plastic man whose plastic man,
Yes, he nobody knows you could. I was a kid for two years there I thought about it. I know there's a card to come plastic man must be like reach across the city and grab something It was great. I was really I've never heard of this hot hot outraged by the way it sounds the bad, a bad super, If I had to have? If I had a superpower- and it was day I could reach far this Did you say Wretch Should obviously relates to see how it works, so you don't think there's any way sees the two happens. Don't they so yeah conversations, I've had with David he's been pretty. Pretty adamant about the fact that he doesn't want to do it anymore. I think that, like I said, I think that you know this was it we started writing I should support
for twenty seven seen Norton I show for two years. I can't believe that yeah like that. That is the way we work on how many writers and writers room there was, I think, about ten of us at the time ahead: Nine to ten and so but but that was a was a huge labour of love for friendly the worker and just because it was there was a time consuming and it was you know emotional. And there is a lot of serve there's a lot of. National Energy investment by everybody. So I think that I think the demon service is happy with what he did and is happy with the story told and wants to move on. Has he moved on from the lunatics that love lost forestall mad about like seven different things, I think that's why I still have twitter. If, I'm being honest, I think I think he's I did you said openly. I hope that I'm not the train is confidence by the that operated that he gasped where, because of because of the response to lost- and so you you know, I I don't know that he is full
I can't speak speak about their, so the power that a tv show has over people for better or worse than the ownership that they feel over it after awhile like a even their shows that when I was growing up tat I loved and You know they would end badly. They Odo said that one last bad season. I would just make me so mad, yet See is like it's because tv you spend so much time with it. You know movies overrun in ninety minutes, two hours tv, you know if you have a show like shit years of your show, like loss, people spent. Hundreds of hours of their life with these characters and its there there's. Somebody said something once said. I I think may be true also, which is delay tv is concerned. What is everything is nowadays but tv for a lot for the long and was was one of the few things that you consumed in your house, like you literally brought his characters, your home with you all the time week after week after week for years on end, and so people do start
feel like real emotions and ownership already stories, and so I asked I understand if people get pissed off, I mean I don't I don't think that you should harasser creator on twitter if you're mad about, if you're mad, about the ending to his show, but I understand where those emotions come from. China think them yes, I've ever ban at the end of a show. It might have been the killing an m c. I think that might have been the single baddest Ben I haven't seen and so long it was ten years ago. Just I was really into it and the way it ended, so mad that I had spent a whole year wondering the Kelly was by the fuckers outside their budget. People The name is any theirs. The thing that interferes in top of the lake that Elizabeth Mars yeah so that Only the ending on that was bad with, but it did it made the single. I think. The single weirdest choice for for any for any tv
I've ever watched in the end the last episode, which was Elizabeth Mars when she finally finds the rapists- and the battle is going into his house to to him. She, in and and there's a there's a pill bottle on the counter, and the rape is in the pill until I was a piece of paper on an unwritten huge black or is it just says, Rufus This is hard, evil rape as a jubilee were all season, is, like you Did you does not even smaller enough to not reading room he's on his ruefully Thank you. Really what had happened, look or go look for it includes one in the craziest deserves I've ever seen, finale with Tunisia, my while, let's let's go backwards, is now you're the guy that other people point do when they're like, while court did it, I could be like corps
I know that it will happen with cord now, there's all this pressure. I do you because you're one of the few people that pressure new, but I mean just as the whole story of Lake- you go from internet, basically to terrain for tv shows, and now you are in a position where I'm sure you I don't know what you have cooking, but I'm sure at something you're going to unleash your own show, but You were in that whole Gawker world. For how many years I was over two years, but before that I was raised for the internet free like years and years and years So I will. I was a journalist altogether for about eight nine years, and so you are like early early blogosphere, yeah yeah I jumped around. I wish you a bunch of logging from, I would say, gas, two thousand and seven the two thousand and two thousand six, maybe two to two thousand fourteen. Is what I want to do it so God
What we do in there I can remember, was ass. I was a west goes, Arava touches men. I was a writer who didn't want him didn't want to move to New York, so I just work my permanent ally that was all men. What goes out just funny. I just use married. I didn't know you can't fire tat pace. DA, the Gawker writers, where I did not seem sustainable and I think they ve they ve been pretty open about it sets now. It's I mean it was. It was brutal, I mean that you started working at as soon as you woke up and you looked at the internet and you stopped working twelve hours later, one thousand two hundred and thirteen hours later, and that if you were off somewhere on a enjoying your life and something broke. You got back to your computer and try to put up a person it was you know I was just I can brutal, I don't and you know, but I think that that's. I think that that's every job. Nowadays, though, I think we're all working twenty four hour days. Now it sort of happened. When we started putting little computers,
I can still away from email, melon and text messages and slacken everything, so I think, maybe just a precaution. All of that. I feel like everybody works out hard now, maybe I'm wrong yeah. I do wonder about that. I do wish I've had I go and stretches were if I feel like I'm looking at my phone too much I'll just start either taking stuff off it. Just cutting that a person whose onto it our lab, but I do you know with the way the news has been goin. I do get my news allotted time since delay from twitter Apple NEWS places like that. Any just get this habit of. What's going on. What's happened, n N, n n it what's that in this, this kind of half ass curiosity they just dominates fur ten, five hours of the day unless you're not looking at its prey is, I got a great way to live I've. I've locked. I lock mine it at an hour. I give myself an hour a day and then, when I get to when I to an hour, I like twitter.
Or in large Zanu yeah like it a little bit. All I mean I do I didn't I good. If I want to, but after an hour just says, like you ve your hour for the day, armies you're like parenting like parenting yourself, exactly. Why did that's what I mean? I that's what that's what I've that's, what I've had to resort to? I don't I'm self control. What are you now that we're like seven, eight years of like that, ended that Gawker run? I mean not just cuz, you left, but it's really seem like it was like, oh seven, a 13th of, but that's what what's your perspective now look back, would like devotee regrets De Witt uneasy at our Gawker watches, just everything How do you do you say it now, I really, I really love being a journalist. I think that I was. I had answered of. I, and I think that you too lies all those skills and what I do now a days. I think that learning to write a lot learning to
right on deadline learning to learning to analyze? nation and analyze, news and learning to listen to people and learning to I'm trying to figure out the meaning behind what somebody might actually might be saying, like the actual meaning behind what somebody is is trying a little sad somebody's putting up, yeah. I think all of that is is is helpful in writing in writing tv now. So I think that it was a great crash course, how to be a writer. I I never go back to that face nowadays. I think I just took a lot of me emotionally, and the good idea to ours is right. I was writing a lot about race and politics than America if I was doing there right now. I just I just feel like it's. You know it's brutal managers takes lot out of you, particularly when the news is like best in his back. Do you factors I shall fight for that kind of pace a certain number of years to do that as it, it doesn't seem like it's that Sustainable
Definitely. I think that I think that a few I think than ever. There was for me. There is for other people that I that I know who did that kind of work. I think that its it becomes a thing where, where you sort of interest You you reach a breaking point. Eventually, I mean, I think, that there are still people they're doing it, who have been doing it. For you know years and years and years now. I think that there is writers. I Giovanni CALM in the pool had a Jones and these kinds of people who have been doing this will work at their entire careers and who will continue to do excellent work. So I'm not saying it's it breaks everybody bite, but it certainly was breaking point for me and I had to get out of here so so, when I got it, I got an offer. So. Another mutual friend of ours, Michael Myers, is Amali reach out to me in TWAIN. Fourteen, the calm, we're gonna do these shop and I kind of didn't know what to expect was only thirteen weeks of work, but I took the
right- and I haven't really looked back since I still do journalism them from time to time. When I am, I have some some room and to do it, but I s room and focused mostly on tv in future I remember in two thousand and one and I bowed site Boston for awhile like four years, and I was just constant every day- No, no, I like there is only one way to do it. I'm China keep up a man that attached anybody there. Then, when I got hired by is pm I remember I asked them for I knew I was burned out and I asked ass. My k before I start can have five weeks off and there like what we want. Start the contract, though that I'm like that's fine, and then they actually far better. I started early that, as I said, our agenda badgered that I remember I took that first, two weeks on,
in the habit of just feeling, like almost have been a doctor, let you down ass by I gotta, get permit and just not having there and just being like having a tumor removed and it and it was like wow. This is its nine hundred and thirty on a Monday, and I'm looking around in the skies blue, and unlike oh, my god, what did I just due to myself the west for years? I died, I get it. I do think you can hit a break why that's nearer, and even in two thousand one when you were when you were doing that twitter didn't exist Instagram didn't exist like all these other gases have information. Did not exist? And now I just feel like you know, you're just you're like you have every, bit of information in the world coming at you all at once. In a lot of it is negative and you have criticism coming it's you and you have awful horrible news stories coming from around the world, but effective emotionally, like its it
no, I'm not a document is feeling it can't be healthy to just plug yourself into that Finally, my jack, your brain into the internet, constantly self, but seven at how things, but she dared the pandemic as everyone is com having themselves crazy and wherever there living examine you left at a crucial point of you had he had a quarter quote break Where you had that what was the name of the show where they invited you want to do the the smaller now guardian survivors, remorse. Now how our crusades, your woman, that's the regular bigley, remember at all costs Yes, I did I, I wrote this peace forgotten this satirical peaceably. There is a I serve riot. Huntington Beach and should always white kids surfers like destroyed hundreds. Like where were released, stores and getting in this fight and lake toppling border parties and stuff is running a month, and I wrote this issue the peace forgot about the White Culture vial
some like where the white parents and those like white kids like going there's another. Almost half the people say about black people. When when's were they may do the right things and so on, and so bad did well on the side and the next day Crusades reached out and asked for come- do come, do a bed, there was basically that armor on its job, and that sort of that is what's your right is what the man he saw that caused him to reach out to me. You saw that appearance increasing that that, like truly a truly changed my life- and I almost didn't do it- it's so funny like eight. Eight people always ass for advice like whatever in it. I hate telling people like. Sometimes it's like something like that. It's just this one thing where the right person sees the right thing at the right time. I know that happened. For me, it is Pierre, like the right person saw the re com there, it they booted happen anyway. I don't know
as they used to say. Yes, that's that when you are starting out say yes to stuff, you know right is just do it, even if scares you, even if you never done it before as you have no idea who, whose eyeballs are going to reach your work and that's that sort of can be here, you're huge thing. It was for me, so you get survivors remorse where I know Leubronn rode out the scraps right. He was yet ready, yet was riding in the locker room alive. The called the note falls it. He had read it out so tat. Now he was it we ll abroad. The premier, but is, but I didn't seem. Affordable maverick was in the room a few times maverick combines, but again it was held with ideas. Stories, but that was reassures. Thirteen like I said it was aims and abbreviated season. It was six episodes and then we word at and diamond. Add that that's? Why was that's why I felt like a huge scaring me, for me, because it is only was less than four months of work. I had to quit my job to do
and so there is no guarantee for another for another season. That there is no guarantee of getting another to reach out, after that it was just gonna, descended jumpin and hope that I could swear it took that he took this big swing. Yeah debating is you and have the wife and two kids being like hey. Where are we going what's happening yet exactly the less? I don't get married What was decks? Walmart, Wilma After the Wilmore, like seven months later, I together so so, there was like seven months of just general meetings going around town, pitching myself try to sort of danced for my dinner, for, Accurate is didn't, get hired. An icy did the alliance oh yeah, I mean, did you catch the couch and water bottle tour, the famous yeah sort of go in and they offer you some water and then the data some account. You told him all about yourself. I do that for seven months without getting higher and then,
I finally got an interview with Larry you still working on black ass. She was shooting at last and the sort of blackish I met with him on the sad and which I will bear and he hired me to come, and I was October and I moved to move to a move back to New York in December. Twenty fourteen for that I happen to know there Wilmore he might have a podcast led the rear pack. I know I know I know, tells it I'll die. Where is he like as a boss? Just out of curiosity. Very, very, very arm liking really interesting and mellow and thoughtful and smart everything you want out of a box. You not I mean like yeah was, he is a dude who
he's a dude who is incredibly curious and interested in everything and willing to talk about everything. I think that's like. I think that that some of that is a background in standard, money. You know, I think, that I think that a lot of comedians it one of the one of the things that that makes a comedian good as is, but it is just interested in everything and willing to have an opinion about everything. That's what are you gonna, be able to talk and come up with ideas really quickly and generate stuff and so that he was that he was that gonna guy, but also you know, very laid back and cool, like you, never felt at that conference, A kind of job is. Incredibly nervous making, sometimes because you have to do for shows a week and then on Fridays, replanting the show for Monday, so I shall like good place. You know We work for eight months on fourteen episodes of television for
Fourteen have arms of the television for showing the Navy show. You make fourteen episodes of television in three weeks, and so it's like you just habit moreover, is crazy, you're writing all all day and all night, when you're done with this. When you re, when you're done taking a shower like eight p m the night before then you gotta, immediate suffering on the next day, show that, though, the first meeting for which his late at night- I am sometimes so it is just like a breakneck face and it can be terrifying and a little frustrated frustrating in and out feel I do not have time to come up to breathe, but Larry never marry never made. It feel that were never felt. Tensor nervous, you never will
he exerted com when you around and which I think is incredibly important for somebody's, whose atop Michel, like them yeah, I just got my experience with camera, is obviously a very familiar with the four days a week s pulling out for dear life. Yes, it's like being a baseball player where it's it's a one hundred six the two games season, yeah and it's like you- could have the game. We're like. I was for four five or two homers and then twelve hours later you're playing again in the end, the game before just it mattered, are at their eyes. What today is a new day- and you could add the shittiest day possible, and getting on my guard, the world's ending and then the next day. Yet another show, and I think we had so many people on that show who just hadn't done a show like that. All of us we were just go to the way it would move day today. We too weak the swings of it. You know, I think now at second when when I'm sure that show now is almost had a twenty years of short second machine, o n
That way we had a bad show. I felt like the world was over. He now has oh, my god. I put my LISA by car and mine. Now you have a good chance like this is get their way for ten year, exert its it's really there's that, unlike at this links, it's terrifying, but also you know thrilling I'd, but I also think that it's like a young person, work like I could never go back so late night. I can never go back. I can never go back to four shows a week. I think that you know me: in my mind, it's you know a show like Oliver is consistently. Really good, because jobs was like our. Instead of doing a daily show model of four shows a week. I'm going to do once a week and we're going to have a season and then it's not going to be fifty two weeks a year and we're just for like really dig down on issues and make something that's really really good every. I think the bad.
Whenever I go back to show I got, I would want it to be like a John Oliver type thing is opposed to doing. Every night just cause it's a crime that I think that you know. That's so surprised that a lot of young people's republic, those offices, yet again the good place, happens you're too with make sure where the autumn good guys yet another highly. They re Emma. Yes, oh god, please! does mean the the only only time. I've ever seen. My sure like actually angry was a baseball was, It was we had. I are we use them. Sound board. In the end user, sound more than that in the current phase, writers and merciless. We clicked on different videos We would like we would set up like its incredibly complicated there's a bunch of weird set up a bunch of different Youtube clips on the Bookmarks bar. So you just like, if somebody said to me, you just click on Youtube, but then I would like don't be directly fine. We wanted, and MIKE had one. I don't know. Anything about baseball, but my cat
It was late, a Boston ransacked do you like hitting a home run or something that you really love to go, go to and somebody replaced at one time when they with a Yankees like a walk off home run, but I did the Red Sox, like the play, asked anyone literally resolutely, always an act of war. He was truly, I believe, might unplug the computer and through in the trash the unlike the monitor and turned it off and put in the garbage. Can you say probably did the airborne homer thou about life? That's, it allows again been over yes area. There that's an act of war. A jar violations outside show its, though at age, our railways, those amazing. So so you get the good place and now you're like out. This is a massive now I have never resonate. Things are gonna happen there. Probably you start feeling save right before I was on a good place. I did Master of Nancy
into and know how those deeds are how so Alan and Disease were supervision to be they were good might for years. I wish and parks and wreck, and they were so they just spoke of himself if in glowingly I lonely. I was like if I ever get an opportunity to work with MIKE, I'm gonna do it. So I worked on anti like August twenty sixteen and then in in November or December of twenty. Sixteen I had an interview with MIKE and he hired me forget. Isn t I moved back to ally in January. Twenty seven seem for that forgot. You had a whole on Yang experience. Tat young man is great Jeffrey, see him that dressed up or now Now is always always in at least a blazer oh yeah. I guess it is not an area I rarely similar for super he's, always at least a razor at makes you wanna, like he's given me he's given me a little bit of shaman and I feel like I want to start wearing a blazer places not to but
I wanna zoom am at some point to save the quarantine broke. I mean he's just wearing a t. Shirt jogged, Panther helpful ahead month for probably had to have happened. I'd I'd, I wouldn't I mean I will tell you this. I saw him, I saw zooming, he did probably two months ago, as some people, he was in still in abundant shirt and drinking a glass of wine from like a beautiful crystal Bert wearing cattle, it was a very so you had your dad, they neared the good place, and then you start working on the watchman too yeah. I want to watch what I'm awake I was. I was a good, and might introduce me to Damon, because they were friends, because when MIKE they might ve been friends before this, but when MIKE was writing good place? You went to Damon to ask about how did you like Cliffhanger Showcase Damon was super.
Aim is for doing that from Lawson and they started shouting so I guess you do me. A Damon David. I hit it off, and went to watch men in September, twenty six restart really that's a great this. The people to work with get ready. Now. I think you're ready for your own show a means you put in the time from your lips and from your lips the gods is will see the I mean I I do. Those those guys like truly the best teachers. Anybody could hands. You want to learn this business. I see me like two lessons oh man. He lessons I will say that, like I will David this information, I learned that that that I shall take me everywhere. It's just that make us is a normal human being and that he is he. I think that there is something that I think I think it's for everyone.
Street, but but but I am talking about how he would hear sauce I'll, be highly specific. I think that that in Hollywood there's this idea. The genius needs to go hand in hand with being a being a jerk and being intolerant and being aggressive and angry and rude and this basically like the idea that you can be that that gene, goes hand in hand with being an asshole, an idea. Think is somebody who is incredibly talented, incredibly gifted, very success. Very good at his job, but it there The day he's just a normal doodling wants to leave the office like six thirty and go coaches. Kids, baseball and, like others, to baseball games like this idea that you need to be in the office until two. I am an screaming and assistance and throwing in order to make a great show is just just absolutely not true and then and down to a failure of people's imagination, I think that that's good luck yeah. It's great, I mean it's. It's. It's only want to work with people like
I think that it is made me realize they, like you, don't have to work for four jerks tonight to make good work. And I think, for day imminent, was. Damon really put his money where his mouth was when it came to. Diversity in a room and getting it the city of voices and opinions, yet to me was. I think that some people do lips are paying lip service to this idea and say, like came in a higher like one black eye, but like not really listen to him and on his report, and you know what he say or I'm in a higher one woman and talk over her a lot but she's in the room and like that's all she needs right is just like that. But the experience but Damon Damon minutes show saying like I want to make a show about race in America. A bunch of black people to work on this show I wanted actually value their opinions and listen to what they have the same. Learn from them, and that's it. That's the thing to is that so many people in this industry.
There's a lot of videos and how you have to tell you that- and so I think that a lot of people and hard to leave their egos at the door and listen to it, listen to people who are working for them and people who are working with them. I think that inside you don't fit As your title, I think the decision just lean and then say like what this is my shell and if you don't like it, hit the brakes the demon didn't do that he would have really truly wanted to make a diverse, show and wanted to listen to people's opinions in value. What they had to say- and I think the bad to me is- is crucial and I thank them. Even if you are you have said this before, but even if you are leaving. The morally right thing to do is to hire women and his collar and where people and other minority groups, I think that that is morally, the right thing to do, because for so long those voice, have been marginalized and shut out of these conversations. Somebody even if, even if you don't believe that morally, even if you sort of
wanna ignore that I think from a business perspective, small business to hire marginalized voices. Because there's millions of people out there who have never seen their stories, told him our vision and movies, and so I think that you know when you see stuff like crazy rotations blow up, it's like people are dead for that. Manly people are thirsty. You can make a lot of money if you do that, so, even if you're not coming. Added from a moral place is the from I'm from a This directive and understand it there is money to be made there at the very least. So what do you think? Hollywood has changed their perspective on that, because there has been so much stuff that has had success. You know the last three four year I don't think so. I mean. I think, that if you look there's still, if you look at the the vast majority people working in entertainment are still white a majority of executives. I think ass suddenly, like than ninety six percent of executives, are still light
you get like, I think, sixty five percent of sixty five percent TV writers. I want to say maybe maybe lower I mean. I don't trust me. Don't call me, stuff because because I don't know examined your writing, sixty five percent of tv show another still white. I think that this is still. Use every mail so yeah, I think, getting better. I'm I'm, I'm I'm not a person who I believe that America is getting better all the time. I don't they iced. I believe that America is incredibly imperfect and as I so much work to do, but I am also sort of I don't you know I'm fine overlay. I haven't human histology for like earlier America because it's even worse bag events. I think that people are are making incremental change and things are getting better budgeting. There's a lot more work to be done actually get to a place where we need to be What kind of show do you think you wanna create like? Would it be a half hour
How many would it be a drama would be something that you can get in and out of a year like how much that may without giving way way. Your ideas are what what is appealing to you. What I mean I I wanted, I don't mind drama comedy I dont will that's I I would never want to be. I've never want to do like. I guess slapstick ie, just like straightforward sitcom. That's never I sort of never. I didn't see myself ever ever, creating something like that, I think that there is a lot of short like people's people's attention span r r- courted in many ways nowadays, and so I mean I do my Finally, I think we all have this shows what we sort of like looking twitter, wilds playing or like do laundry or or check email and stopped at the just plain the background. I think that for me, the star
Should I create in the stuff I work out, I want to feel like it's not shows like that. It's not shows that people feel they can scroll Twitter, and I'm fucked around the internet, while you're watching them. I want, and I want people deserve. I shall be thinking item. I want them to be thought for. I wanted to feel like its asking important questions and causing people to reassess things their lives in an questioner. Questionnaire existence in question question the world, and so you know I mean the bad. Is it there's like a rapid connects, they can actually shows I worked on. I am, I think it's just that it's did. The shows feel and they feel like there are doing the interesting and causing people to reflect in bed. For more than just you know, turn zone out, I'm I'm not again. Zoning out I have chosen. I turn on the watch the zone not think about after a long day, but. That's what I really want to write em see, wouldn't do a sick come that has the characters name in the title,
with an exclamation point after me call Gary now for me not for me, I'm than we are, more targeted people to do that, but it is not for me. Would you ever do a two hour movie cod lunch with as rattle men where he just friends at whoever the five people are end the giant in Cairo that seems put out, I wouldn't kill. Run through that it as random and truly by data. That is going to say my dear lingerie, my dinner with Ezra, my today's Europe. Yet you big it's here meeting with six people and is just completely unimpressed the attack. But then you make me laugh twice that you feel like it was a complete where I live. I love as yours, energy, really with every time it. I've been at those branches, it makes me the hell out, because you never know it's great. He I those are my favorite people yeah
Has the energy they have. Some people don't know had upright. But to me it's like that's. Does it the best? Because if you can make those people laugh it segment in the world, is exactly if you can get them, it's the Ets, that's that's where you gonna be. I fully agree what about a Tommy alter show with that word Yeah. Are you kidding me? I'm surprised, I'm surprised me hasn't got his own reality show. Yet Title VI about the most famous clear that people don't know anything about six six fade away, a corn kid show such a bit. Sorry flags, caviar. The amazing, are you kidding me? He said the agreed Tommy is, Nobody knows how all the is nobody. Nobody knows I feel like his. His rolodex is crazy. Everybody knows who he is. Nobody really knows anything about him, he's a man of mysteries. I mean he he definitely deserves as Archer
he has. He has a long along plan that started I would say about a year and a half ago and he started putting shitless pictures of himself and his instagram feed. Looking muscular thousand guy he's? Something now is under his profiles. Increasing Nowhere leads boat couldn't live game. Just walk around in a body can filming filming everyone. He interacts with twenty four hour Jerry. I, yes, it's acidly this past about think about him. There does right to ideas by dinner with as Russia, with an exclamation point, a half hour, sick up, good luck, accord, think you go with a beard, thank you so much I like yours to gag. Otherwise, as a donor fox, I have a number of taxing good that congrats everything. Then you bill
I think this is a peculiar thanks to whoop. Thanks to J J rhetoric, don't forget about his pie. Cast he's been killing it over the current in thanks to CORE Jefferson. If you want to catch up on the watchman, I believe it to be made the episodes free see. You can check that out over the weekend stay safe enjoy the weekend will be back on with our resolution. Two thousand and eight redraft busti did two thousand and nine on Zach Lowe Podcast by the way, if you want to hear that that one's already apple going back down a good doing, two thousand and eight sets
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