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NBA Lottery Mock Draft With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 229)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Kevin O'Connor to discuss the Lakers' decision to cut ties with D'Angelo Russell (5:00), Brooklyn's best moves (8:00), Dwight Howard on the Hornets (11:00), Kristaps Porzingis's trade window (16:00), the Celtics' plan in free agency (21:00), Ben Simmons skipping summer league (27:00), and Josh Jackson declining workouts (30:00). Then, they go through all of the potential draft scenarios and select the best fit for each lottery team in the 2017 NBA draft (34:00).
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quick allowance, apply, simply understand fully. Mortgage calf relate to get started, good, a racket mortgaged outcome. Such bill Simmonds equalising lender licence enough it these states and Emma less consumer access dot. Org number thirty thirty were brought to you by against AL of cousin sow? I went on that Pike S this week. If you wanna hear talk about NBA draft props, his crazy friend it Harry A story about how we almost got are old executive cruiser, Dana Kellison. Fired at a red Sox gaming, it's the angels in two thousand and three and a whole bunch of stuff. So it's a rollicking rollicking podcast mean me because we ve been together and, alas, it is a fun when subscribed to that wanted over its check out the ring it outcome we have ever.
Achievable aspect of everything. That's happened. The NBA this week covered, including are awesome. Ringer NBA draft guide, we're going to have two of the people who wrote that God, Kevin O'Connor and Jonathan Sharks coming up. But first our friends were pearl jam. Are the ringers Kevin O'Connor's in the house work on Jonathan sharks in little bit on the phone we're going to do a little. My draft for the latter, the first summit to talk about a bunch NBA stuff. I did think we do for Pakistan sweep it
MBA moving so fast that you know he regards there's been multiple trades. There's rumours are more trades. I don't know what the hell is going to happen if stuff happens as retaining its ten forty five thousand Pacific, tired ex opiate tweeting Exo leader, EAST Bark, notes version everything, that's happened or might rights, crazy, the the first most interesting thing that happened was that broken Lakers trade. Which had a ladder ramifications which have been covered in detail and a lot of different places, but I really like broke I like the mindset of getting an asset and taking out a bad contract which, for whatever reason, took them a year to figure out that's how they should be handling things there. Finally doing that Russell, I think. As a great gamble at age, twenty one. I think he was an old job a word about. It stays in the worst possible situation year. One is with Toby Scooby Farewell,
Tori doesn't have the ball at all. Has the crazy Nick young thing happened here to their tanking and then they just quit on them and if you're Brooklyn, that's the kind of ass that you wanted the number to pick two years or more. MBA History- says you always want to acquire a top for Peck before their twenty five. This is the best way to get somebody it's Chris Weber, its Chauncey Belarussian Goin down the line. This has happened twenty times in the last twenty five years. Did you like to trade for them absolutely hundred percent bill? I think the Angelo Russell he's a reclamation project in the sense that he came from a poor situation. Like you mentioned with cold. Ryanair turns Ricky season the Yankee about bottom, but he still has had good production. I wrote an article last year I earn. It is basically outline like how good he was when cold was off the floor yeah when he had the opportunity to actually be appoint guard instead of corbies. Farewell tore extremely well, and obviously the sub happened when the young all that up
so this is like a reset for him and I think the nets going to feed him opportunity and that's gonna, be great for his development and, like people have given up on him alone, that people com a bust even last season doors, were he exiting Attard. It's ridiculous t totally ridiculous. Like this situation, just Gimme team, let us make our mistakes and needs a bond saying we're through it like when I wrote an article on point guards like every also point Guard says, like early opportunity, was so important for the girl through their mistakes. Again, you look at the point guards and Thrace and be a most of them, never made their first. All NBA team until you're, like an average age of like twenty five years twenty one really young, I dont know what cut off and she could build a random, but you could build an offence around his talents and his decision making conceivable and it's better than anything they had to get rid of brick Lopez last year is deal. I do think people slept on that trade for the Lakers a little bit because any broke up as it could be a centre watching in the last two years, because the Celtic said their peck and he screwed up a lot of potential losses
and he gets heidi- is three point arranged like he's an asset. How did he sent his reign dollar sign our some out of nowhere? If any can hold his hands up in front of the room? You can improve. The group do idle on that path. That is why they had to also give up the twenty seventh pick, the train.
Because that was so much more money. The price for dumping, bad contracts is up, and that's because the cap is flattening mainly to fuck em have drastic increases. I agree that the limit of the prices up. Why did the nets have to give up a pic? That's what I don't understand I mean, I think I think it's because rustles really good wrought, Rossiter, really good player, but I think for the Lakers. They had a good Russell. I think that's really big deal hears the giving of Russell to get up contracts, as the twenty seventh pick could get us all player, but the same time, I just think I think you're, the political team giving up a hell of a lot here is a Lakers gambling on giving up on Russell, but obviously it's worth it because of the the rim of potential ramifications and opening up cats ways for next summer, but just just the price for opening up caps ways. I think that is kind of an
that way you you might have to give up a top player. If the contract has three four years left on it, like a buzz I'd, I'd think they gave up too much so there's a couple things Lopez, one season expiring contract, which I haven't seen. People really make a big deal out of, but you're not just getting these pretty get. Your ass are getting somebody that in February, you need a giant expand contract to go, get an asset. That's now there. That, didn't have that before right. This is This is why the South have did the emergence and contract this entire others our non guarantee. They want the flexibility of the bigger number, and this is like the biggest ever yet twenty million conceivably they could get they put him in. Joyce ran, although all singing like forty million in contracts back, so that was good for them ass. The best the interesting part is like it just for the last couple years that hasn't been as important to have bad but
but now with its important again, we love you haven't people when you would, just like I say: worsen, went away. We got used like a big money, handling Lasher Evan Turner, noise Gough, but now I don't know, there's gonna be as much money out there for those middle tier guys even exist low middle the players. So I did some recall on this. The cap went backwards and for a couple reasons, one did that deal with the retired MBA players in the pension. Initially there exe, Give me like a hundred million this year. Now is one hundred and one, but it might actually be lower than that because of all the playoff games that didn't happen. So every time there's a playoff game, more money win the pot And because the warriors basically only played seventeen playoff games, instead of usually they made by twenty five twenty six. Thirty five finals games the I've series those ended early to just one in a flash games, and now they think in the cap might be,
or maybe like ninety nine point- five which, if you're the south excess weak or the centres of the all powerful rare, but if you'd something's this week- and you have a chance- is, let's say trade for, Jimmy Butler, an EU, China fear I will give up crowd her and the Tyler our contract that can be waived for four butler, adding ten million bogs. This puts us here, but now we don't know of that capsule back to three million. Now the Gordon Heyward offer that, with our can be a bit off from this, that's actually three or five million lower than we thought offer. Now we may not get him and it's stronger go into not just the things, but I think a lot of teams plants little cap, it it'll be arm. I shall be very interested to see where that number does land. Could I get the sense to like it might not even be one hundred one for all
Recently, state media, like ninety nine and that could wish, is massive. That's a big big difference. I mean every dollar matters for, though, the ass at a really Robin right up against the cap. In order to fit him, you know the place they want to chase so like granted know what those lower the max cap number so like, because either way that's calculated to capture the one hundred million, but still I mean that could be problematic for those teams of big plans, Some are like the subjects like the spurs or anywhere else is out there, but it also makes the expiring contracts their valuable Ghana, because everyone you have assets, the package will them yeah they weren't viable. Now they aren't. I look, I think, we're gonna look back at last summer, arguably the dumbest things we ve ever seen in the weeks since, like the nineteen eighty Siena like the Lakers, they had to give up the number to pick in the draft just to undo one of their too horrible taken from last summer, like that's a catastrophe, it's a flat catastrophe. They just This guy is twenty one years old. You do such a ban.
Job last summer and moves that made no sense when they happened. So there Moscow, often dang, and it's like, where you going, why are you doing this right to the middle way? Why the best thing you have a calf space there I mean they're, just so poorly rambert. That's that damage only now and the next, its Evan Turner and other stuff having port on the next logical teens, who basically use there takes to get rid of this outbreak for them, as they have three first round rags this year with. If they want a package, one of those with Evan Turner, whoever it might be Alan Crab for that matter, that can do it yeah, but even then like they still have to big deals, a bear with crab and Turner, and I mean I like crab, but he has really my expectations. Firstly and now, they're gonna have to trade one of when in the gutter they got the net stride assigned crabs, so they probably habited taken by that there could be a tree. I forgive my
the three point. Five has another interesting spot for the nets are really get another pickers, my big thing with them and then why the rustle deal so good is, besides by adding rustles gimme a great player by us. But the fact is that those type of moves they make where its forward thinking move take on cap. Don't worry about that you're not only signing anybody necessarily and if you do want to sign somebody's, probably enemy restrict free Asian, so I don't think it changes anything for them. The free age landscape and suffer the nets its. I want them to take more shots measures. Rap also have this on a gallon failure than the twenty second pick. Chicago's, the sixteenth pick you flip pixel Chicago. You also get picked thirty eight. He about Portas. For your troubles you taken doing Wade taken. My fur cap will take his twenty five mill. Should ensure awaited we superhero about. Who cares? Guess why our retire? You don't like we're sending you paychecks, we! U get doing
the assassin Doin way Jerseys for climate biomass I'd take twenty four million of wages to move up experts. I ain't Portas Anna get the number thirty. Eight ok, I feel, like I've, been pretty happy at twenty two. I like that spot for somebody to fall, whether it's like Harry Giles or urgent, to know before we're talkin about taken chats how many like how much of a child's Bobby Porter I mean I like Bobby but data, but you have to spend the money anyway, is my point. So you have to spend the money about is after restricted frequency. Maybe I think you Try it out. There are striving, that's fair, see. What's out there, you know it did last year they were lost out, but maybe the shoe about. Maybe you know of contagious Caldwell, Pope or somebody else, I'm not a bit. Casey P fan, but a lot of people are. I am not Jkcp Casey prevent the other guys at her out there that, basically, you know you could go. Take the Detroit Riff Riffraff, they're, not riffraff, but you could take Germany Reggie Jackson together struggle.
Take him off with your boss, sent him our way. Vivendi any might like to have the reset button. There's one other team that needs to create casting our Cleveland. So would you take I don't know it. The promise Cleveland has no more assets to give, but like a man, jumper there's somebody that Jedi Jedi Osman, but you see us my guy draft and Fast Jedi, awesome grim Hagen. I like him. I don't like you doubt me like really really good but he'll. Be quality rules in the next budget takes jumper an asthma jester, so them out, which has ten point three million this year than an option: a player option for eleven next year there, how responsible movement up more, my just gettin Jedi Juliet, is seen as private What does Memphis have where Memphis could be like? Here's Jane them MRS contract, and if you take this,
will also give you this this this in this preventative. First round packet battle for bad any superhighway to give added every two years: Gerda National Chant, that's another. One of those deals were like that. I think they were desperate to take a swing and a guy it s, damning Chaillu Parsons had theoretical potential down all those entries I mean come on about billion. Explain a name. He has left. The cover up Althea is that much more high cap, the most emotionally scarring trade of this decade? Oh my goodness, morning we had to do was not taken seed areas, which are what has been given a dumb night Marquise Chris, I mean the ad love the Marquise Chris. I think they're gonna give him a dumb night, though, that way too much for fear
Chris S going to good? Thank you preliminary there's, no other move for Brooklyn. This is it. This is their only I'd. Retain cap very took the one guy on ass retain cavity what happens with restricted for agency. Who knows that they have some good things going on with Russia? Trade will see how the draft goes for them. I mean, I know they're they're, probably the first, as you would least want to be but at the same time like they have some good momentum. I think you're there much jumping have considering the situation. We are in fact Kevin Clark later and find out a few flip spots with he's a magic fan, whether how many teams he would fully what's with my guess, is somewhere between twenty seven and twenty, but the other big. That happened yesterday, Dwight Howard. So I looked at this. I try to figure out. Many teams of quit Underweight Howard and here's the final s, two thousand eighteen USA, they hated him. That's why I didn't get fed back the the two thousand twelve magic.
And you cannot get the throne XI magic to, even though you almost had an Mvp caliber year that you are, but he was a little icy beyond the scenes. Two thousand and thirteen Lakers two thousand and sixteen rockets, two thousand and seven acts five teams of quit Underweight Howard, said catalogue, the trade for Charlotte, that's brilliant spring, the drawing room virus to show. How do you, like efficiency, got rid of parliament's contract, which is an abomination, What is really horrible, always contractors, worse than delights, that, yes, the irony and even understood it, and then they got a better pick out of it which had in their stand. At last, I was just desperate to guarantee hey I'll, tell you why Lana is example. I have a team that probably maybe should have blown it up. I mean you look it up and when you think two years ago, or whenever year was when they were shop and our horror for not shopping, however, but they were at least listening to offers and demand was like, I think, from the success of the nets pick and I know what it was from other teams, but that that year might have in the time actually do before they dumped Corver before them.
Might lose no sight misled the summer before last horse bless Orford before they signed Dwight. I mean they made a lot of mistakes a past couple years when just think it. Just a couple years ago there were sixty win team. Sixty winds and pure time of damaging east burs analogous it sat in a way that team on outside and that nineteen winced wins it lot of fun. Couple years back could washed in dumb beyond my him, the Brooklyn gazettes another one case They need money assigned Porter yeah contractors at. Guys. It's like forty is where you look back of us. It's kind of the opposite of food for sixty five years ago and plan signing deals for four years. Thirty, two million. I guess it's too much- does not amend the cap's gonna go out. This is a bargain. Now it's the opposite. We're gonna be looking back at Saint. What were these teams thinking it s ominous? so we ve been on the NBA Slack, just coming up a fake trades left and right now, all of us poison gas.
Like you is available yesterday for another three hours in that It started a healthy pausing. S Booker says no kind of situation which I really enjoyed. I love that stuff way than venues I suggest did pausing s and the eight for Booker in the four and then everybody argued about it. It's a pretty good one. I really liked Evan book I hear my thing with poisonous and I hesitate to say this is Celtics Venus, hoping that we get em. What's the list of guys with twenty five foot ray. She can actually protect the rim and a final scan its face. They him dream hungry, I'm having their ends, not many. Those are the three guys towns three years. Maybe it is usury, defensible right, that's the key! Maybe the poorest
Yes, I know he ate and why they shoot threes. Neither any good stain, further impetus, hands and challenge plays. I would naturally posing ass. I wouldn't either. I think it's interesting movies rumours helium popped up in a way. I wonder I mean, like I said in the flat channel a k- maybe the next to do this. I am Spine devils advocate, I wouldn't trade Zanger, but the injury history in the last two years later left leg injury pre draft. Yet at an angle, Andrea Thy injury and killings. Injury. Many of us shoulder ensure that ended his work. He sees letters lobbying, as did for a guy who had pre draft injury concerns with a potential of having a fragile body with his unusual, but frankly so life. That's where I wonder. If maybe the next or like hey, we do have consumption. Some concerns our worries, gonna, listen and obviously, reportedly, but the man has been quite high, as should because he's a remarkable talent. But I just wonder if maybe that's something that they are
about internally that we are really talking about as much from the outside, but I am too speculating here. What's the most, the Celtic should give up or pausing s cause ran out. The three in the Lakers kings, pecked done. I'd send that along you could even talk Mina throttling the Memphis pay. So you would rather give up that, unlike wait for a potential bigger, fragile or would you rather have pausing is over Appall Georgie Volor? I would rather put to me It's like pausing is I'd rank this way. Yacht towns, poison gas yoke, Ich some good big for the luggage yeah, I think those for like if any, Far on the table, you just go lionesses and probably the most untouchable guy in the Lee Right ass, but more than Leubronn yeah. I don't think there's
If I did that trade vague and this summer, the janius would have to be. First, absolute one hundred percent: if, if, if New Orleans called Milwaukee and said, will give the Anthony Davis straight for Yonah, Smoky, hangs up and laughed at them and says now, I think we would rashly when you consider Davis's injury, history, yeah and its contracting Sofia and the money yadda set, think they sign in a pretty fair, was like four four hundred who prefer contract fairly plus Ike I was talking to you my friend her. She about this yesterday could yadda spear and protector and small ball out two hundred percent. Could he be basically dream on on the defensive
and then often severe run your team. I, like you, I think on us. Could I think that's what we're going to see a lot of a lot of themes go and they have those types of players I mean the bucks could do with a maker to yet another. They can do it with the on us. I mean this other guys here that I would like to see them draft, but maybe they could do with. I just think that's gonna be one thing: teams try to replicate would go and, secondly, can't play like gold, Saint necessarily, but at least you can try to model where personnel play against them. So I think the boxer wanting with a structured where they can do that so the honest, the five and that that could be exciting thing down the line if you're free agent, wouldn't you look at me like a rarity MIKE Legate, you eat, your suspicions clippers in Houston and sang. I would look at who are going to be any honesty, live worse target, strictly basketball here, yes, but China when a title or no doubt. If that's my priority is a player I would want to go to work. Chris Paul and go to use. There is a thing today about used in trying to get this guy, that guy it's like wild Chris Paul and got to play with James hard.
Both of them need the ball. That Ireland has asked our a really interesting dynamic to see when I did read that thinking like Howard, Paul, hard work interesting? Is it a train wreck year? Those are two ball dominate, guys who you know, throw others throughout the entire herbicides and hardened was young, but in their primes bathed in it I would shares, are two of the three most ball Dominic guys and they should be yet has ever style of play like this honour knock on us and our ball hogs. You want them to have all their hands, but yeah. That would be really I wonder I wonder how much of that is just smoke and really like do you notice? I hate Look at the shiny objects were actually targeting the sky overhead Daryl to do that. That's a demo relating to this guy, like this guy scale, but gave him a notary glass quickly to talk about our long term, but is it simply safe? Getting a good night's sleep easier
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that simply say for two eyes, simply safe bs data for ten percent of your router. What are the south extent stay at three and contain after some Tatum? That's a good idea and, I think, retain MAX gas razor close to it. I mean created and go further Blake or Gordon Hayward. I have a message for Jas Jackson. He can go straight to Hell. Go straight to Hell, judge acts in its work for us good, good luck with your terrible career, its its origin, who is the fourth pick Phoenix? So good luck in Phoenix, nor second, good luck in Sacramento, Jes Jackson. How dare you don't work out for my favorite is from California, whose from San Diego, so I also emphasised I am all in Antietam, though Grime programme grabbed me no action I guess he is they my dad's, Seventy this year, the thought of him calling
at ten, thirty Innate EAST Coast time after going to another game, will mark a smart international. Actually, my three for twenty three combined with him complaining and make jokes about how the bar boys native protective helmets and then we need to reinforce the backward, I'm just not in the mood for she gave it, give us Gimme a guy who could score, I think, there's going to be really good. I wouldn t gradually admins. Are you molly log as we have started through is malignant remain, my dream would be for them to turn three into five and ten and then take market market of products is name correctly at some point or other monk. At five.
My dream and then somebody's gonna Father ten one of these deeds somebody's come as guess, grew up in our mark. Today we are talking about a specific sum, a guard. It's probably gonna fall. I think somebody goods gonna fall about ten spot, that's life on the kings, I'm stayin and I'm saying they stay at five in and even then, if you, the king, staggering you know, I know I pray you talk about this later, but I would be thinking about not drafting Fox five, because anything yet the garden ten. You can get really keen our Dennis Psmith at ten and then get Jackson at five. Maybe someone like that or Isaac five phenomenon, but so Veto Draft Fox have five, indeed taken Zack your banking I'd Dennis Smith, monk or fax, falling down or Frankie Slovakia, yet more nearly killed. One of those guys I fully one of them is gonna, be there I'd, be surprised it sounds smart for the kings, they're gonna, take facts. I do love, I think Fox, as it
is to be one of the most magnetic personalities in the Wake Zimbabwe guys so like polished and like a ball and charismatic. Is that right pair of psychology to the who needs who needs charisma more than the king thing, I think coach cow brought up a good point of the NBA combine that Fox doesn't attack the rim. Dunk, like John Wall, does and he's like. That's one thing. Yes, he fox change. I'd like to see him turn into a guy who attacks to don't cry and that's kind of the difference between those guys are drawing all attacks anyway. Will you at the ramp fights? I can't wait till even ass. I can wait till it dunks unjust Jackson that trader work out in Boston. I gotta go, I don't wanna be out of the fort best aiming to leave. Don't don't be mad Jackson. The BP be mad at me now his agency for rightfully wanting him to be in a situation where he could get early playing time out, one of one or two, but I can understand that point of view that you weren't you.
To get heavy playing time and had the opportunity to visit his viz agents really think that, where their jackasses, because you ain't your client in the best possible situation on a very good team, getting big time wraps radio, ever as being in like sacrament out. We have you if you're in the files and you're making big place if you're like Andrea, Galileo, final steam, you're gonna get paid bigtime, yes, teams, gonna, see when they're gonna think put this guy in his this situation, he's inwards plant twenty five minutes in order to give him a thirty five minutes ago, it's going to happen anyway? It certainly were worked out as a disaster for quite Leonard, If only he hadn't ended up in such a way tat, I could have made settlement of outer edge of its situation play such a big part of its legal. I, the made in label disperse he gave only leadership a great coaching and near you get became wraps on you just want to do. Man, a shameful too bad Portugal. I we could have been just Jackson. We get those lottery wraps just Jackson, you need new agents is
charge on the line now I see. I know, though I am washroom. As my friend he's been bs, as before he owns the last ruminated sandbags out within that he hasn't. That is as an interview. This just Jackson, thing always come work out, can work out your excuse for now work it out. I mean you, your joy, becoming a professional work out for other people s day there might have been a timing issue after the trade is, I don't know if that's just you know an excuse or what, but I have objections and if I had a chance worker for the team, that was the number one pig and they have a chance. We may scoreboard smiles. I'd want one word No, what story I loved my man jail in Brown. Guess who's gonna some this year, jail gamer! Guess it hold the Celtics. I'm owing to summer league can tell me you don't want me to go, they would ever, but I'm going I wanna play. I want to speak out
do the best I want to go and what the challenge compare that to my son Ben summits. Who's that going to summer leg, he by twenty nine games in two years. He does Need Summer league does need to play some folk where competition is going out with him. I want. I want him in classic bubble rap, so I wouldn't want to buy one Benson science. Either or net somebody's gotta play basketball will play in the preceding Toby there. Where we had taken the difficulties could not get our friend chart and their bell. Ringer NBA show at some point the sweet girl do somethin. I would do something after after the draft freight will be the high upside edition of the NBA draft. Great, Even just actual work out for the park astern, I know he's not going work for us. We were to try to get em. These networks,
schedule doesn't work out. What are you doing? Miseries Disease Amelia, who tried to get about delays are able to make it out at the South Ex. Take him anyway infallible now just take em and then very elegant who were now you're? U can finally abandon lessons of our, as you does call you talkin about how they may meta search wrathful I can choose any. They need Serbian, nor every night will quickly be constructed on just axing can't be quiet. I mean like deserve point. One percent chance Shore had, but they may he's gonna need to fall into a success. A ten percent chance now now. Definitely not it's really hard to become why was the chance that Croatia was gonna be collide? Two thousand eleven, I'm a healing
As Europeans we have things. Are you be put Jackson the Spurs way, whereas Chip England, the best shooting coach in the world on a best shooting, special specialist coaches and any sport that I'd increase from point one percent, but if he lands on a team like the self except doesn't have assured in coach a shooting specialist, then I'd think those chances are very low that that's where situation play such a huge factor success. What about a draft Josh Jackson, and then you make a godfather offered a chip England? How much can you make it? How much Why did you makes like five hundred thousand year? There are millions of pretty sure, there's a report last year that I think the warriors shut again sometime tried to get chip. What does somebody offered him like ten milady arrogant? Who is it worth it? Veto? just Jackson, who I Leonard that's worth it's worth it hundred percent investment either. I think he he baby, probably the most wonderful person in sports, and we don't even know where salaries makes errand tweeted today, these sub existent gm about how stupid is that the draft as before free agents- it is so
on their being one hundred percent, so legged this way that fridge say could be Friday. We do other things and then teams have the draft. I feel better about where they would be better for the teams in terms of personnel decisionmaking army. No another's an argument against survives feel like it allows them to make more flexible decisions and allow them to really know what they're. Ah, sir, he's gonna look like before they add those young players, whereas Like a view of you, let safely no take these there and if they were to sign Heyward right, maybe it would mean S. For when they signed Heyward. I warmly for he's a traitor to you. Right now Why am I am? But but if you do that- and I think maybe that you're just what your expectations are, the draft and that goes for ever team analyze can Heyward and.
M today, makes sense together as a whole. Are you gonna Ford's Cadiz League? I think he put all those guys on the floor once you're playing small or you know even me, a few playing big really can be playing big with one of those guys who can I bought him and responsibilities to the thing. I think that could be a really good path for any team to think about having a bunch of six seven to six. Guys on the floor of the saints approved. This vertical people tell me this in the league that they feel it. This is where the abbess guy these interchangeable, guys who can handle the Bonn shoe on one end and, on the other hand, could just switch on every happening already rule or seen it happen. Agreement we mention the box earlier there, one team, it's gonna, do on it, so I may the people that's the way you gonna need to defend the warriors from annex three years, and I think that the way it's gonna look beyond two ok, we're gonna. Do MAC draft me Kevin's mock draft flattery sponsored by hotel tonight. If you like me,
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Much more. I am, and tomorrow morning here just a quick look at our promoted a high school Germany, yeah right, but for hours before the drachma. So you due diligence, Philly faults and aid instruments is what can we really good for a really long time if it be safe, healthy if duello? Besides, how? It he's really the big part of that? I think I mean I think he is the cornerstone. He's the generational talent he's the potential hollow famer he's a little above faults and bent seminars, in my opinion, as a prospect that Fulton Simmons, I would have invaded similarly summons last year. I think maybe seem it'll be one this year, but maybe not, but indeed is, is that guy he's the Cornerstone Pisa Potential Hall, Famer sloppy stays healthy, they're gonna. Do amazing things. Do you think he should change its name, knew if Joel I'm bids day, Southey I've ever people simply as our colleague Joe Joe again, my pitted against
Joe Joe. I like thousands of midnight that that still is a dictator and mood. Nobody calls them it. It's always Doyle. I think I love the process. Great make Vampa Joe Joe Joddrels, a really good Mc Manfred for Joanna, be he's by twenty seven games and three years is ever angrily. Joel thirty two games are dreaming last year. Anyone aims and three or thirty one Games Lasher for Joel Benson, despite twenty nine games, the two years zero last year, rather than in Alice You, twenty nine yeah, now he's got I'm putting sixty games combined Angela meets our play: basketball late in his life. To that that's the remarkable thing about him, and only twenty three so is good to see- is he's late. Then it don't plan to organise voluntary like sixteen or seventeen. I like a lot of the prayers unfairly and I hope all those guys stay healthy because I would enjoy watching them up my basket rascal here, because if he married, how often has there been that much elite talent put together at this young age
did you buy the whole thing that false there's some personality questions within like he's too passive outlets? Definitely an executive said to me last year that some guys come in at nineteen. They have the majority of a twenty two year old. Yes in some come in at nineteen, and they have the majority of a sixteen year old forces on the twenty inferior over. I don't think he's sixteen either in terms of majority, but he's defiling eyes far ahead and the maturity scale, at least from people. I talk of. That's. Ok, there's nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, like four, if you're certain team- and you want a certain type of player- you might prefer the mature player has everything factors and personality that dives yams, do into these guys backgrounds, health. We type the talks last last week about how the needed. Then I led s, faults medical reports, everything matters. Besides what happens on the court teams lookup literally everything, including majority, and, I think, also be fine. Do you think's attain
Kate at twenty four year old, who acts like a legged, twenty seven or twenty one word retail data. So little bit, older outgoing teach. Kids get good job. They are illiterate. Only those acetate everyday package as well- where appropriate. Eight second pick Lakers. Lots of the question for us is if they trade the angel Russell. Before the draft means they're all in Alonzo and of course they tried to dangerous for the jobs on our answer. Or should it be the answer them? Should it be loans? Oh yes, I agree. So I was driving a work yesterday. And for the first time had done, I may that those Celtics passed on lawns Obama and there's a chance. He may be this: generation offers of players is incredibly funnel at all the intangible them in theirs. I bet people are getting back all my it's gonna, be like a staff, curry thing where people go. Oh, my God added
anybody pass on him. This guy's amazing he's contagion. His passing, you can build this whole offence around armies, everything you, in the modern idea is better vase. He does is just take a be mine s and turn in it nay, minus and God? How can you believe that I'll fix, traded down and then take can't. You see what got really scared. I broken a cold, sweat jewellery bird said about Larry Bernard on Bob Ryan's Boston, podcast got ass back, who use talk him Alonso Ball and a tiny Prodi wasn't supposed to be talking about large born and he said, and of reading Kortright air. That's! What's contagious, guys moving the ball games, Bartleby hands quitting getting it back, watching him play he's not afraid to deliver it
he's a very tell the player to just a little quote. Larry bird has the legend he's. I was what he was about. Just gotten done raving about how the broad his favorite thing about the brain is how to smooth the ball cardiology. He gets Bonnie moves it quickly and that's Alonso Baldos at the highest level is an elite elite. Passer just makes guys better it's a bummer if he becomes on the Lakers guy there someplace system very fast, and it seriously so here here's the flip side of the essence of our planet. If it'll abroad, an import George and then leg, lawns, boogie, cousins and United building. This super team that specific PETE right away. That's the worst. That could happen. Eliza lads, as best case scenario, would have been a. We sure, though, a reassurance worse case, I mean why these he has the ability to find it in. I am by it when the varlet lawns or say all I care about is winning I kind of by it. We do not say that I wish like to me the most team would have been phoenix for him here and there
bugger electricity's wings that can run and jump and there's no pressure. The first two years give lands of the car keys. Booker does his dang in there just go in and they building something. I think I think lawns or would be the perfect point guard from abroad. Just a guy who perfectly compliments him and Isabel Quick Alonzo and the broad as die. That's a pretty axially any can spot up threes, I mean he's a fucking mechanics, an area where I have concerns about him off the drivel what he can hit three society. Anyone whose mechanics you're not concerned about the league are concerned about, the strong resistance mechanic fearfully strategy. Neighbours is Breslau, two guys but hey. What do you think that we can clearly see the mechanic pretty permanent oil in time or shooting occurs the heat so long as the re pick, and
I would say, there's a thirty percent chance, the south. They fancy you to be really bitter. Seventy percent chance they won't be, thirty percent Jane, always nice to have someone they loved the hate, the lads outlawed in the bar and the whole? Maybe with that said they had him, and I say I made no sense. They would leave line so that you would rather trade as f. If Isaiah wasn't weren't there, I think lawns. It would be a theoretically a perfect fit for a broad Stevens run off at hundred presented, ratifies airborne they weren't there and they had they made their bed on as air by passing on faults and who lives on each other where their visually thanks? but the trade has asked that finance radiant and we want a steep and talk about all the time. You know taxable bomb over conscripts, passing unity, ass about moving side aside, that's Alonzo does best that it wanted surprise me like every executive and the weak and every coaches different boards. It will not surprise me if Brad had lots of one or two, maybe even one by just be
stuffed the things that he talks about it he likes biggest winner. Fur lands are Lakers, spread in anger of our ball blood, then lately I've been on the lake replanted out over sensitive ones before law. Those born, but but I did could have a dramatic impact on Brandon Ingram Career, lively, upside seal. Absolutely everything I think Ingram one of the really nice things about him and the reason why had him right one last year had of Siemens is because he's not just the score either. Like he's a really good pickerell ball handler, yes, move makes good passes so now the Lakers have two guys and Ingram and ball who can handle the rock they can both spits bonnet threes, annoying grooms percentage was down, but projecting ahead. I think he'll be fine. They beg him on a really dynamic offence with multiple guided needs abroad. Teller needs La Loretta. Classrooms worry thirty. Fourth, since
sixteen years under is about air propriety Primus. Never gonna from the Rover aid is third picks out thinks we think they're keeping it at this point for seems like that the Jimmy Butler trades there at the end of July, if they want it and they need to do now. I went through enough. What do you make of the reports for Jimmy Border Surveillance data not go to cleave undue investors? Cleveland thing is best. That's love, her! That's just a clue, Cleveland thing that I wouldn't want to get a clear. But you know we may blow this thing up in a year. I think that's. That's probably the reason why I tweeted yes, we're gonna go dinner, didn't go to the logos super team, but I think it's more like that he just doesn't want to Cleveland survive. I guess we both think Jason Tatum here I'm glad you're coming around a table bill, I'm not coming around in the sense that I would still rather the number and take the number three very but I'm having I'm having a lot Alonzo regrets. I work out work through. I mean I've Tatum Overhead Alonzo.
So I just think so. Tatum is best. Stairs paupers to point Granger title Player. I am not I'd Anagrams, your potter. Yes, on, like that s, go to score guy, you ve lean on Scorpio the shock lock, I think Tatum Tatum seem really good. Really good bill has feel it has feel it is. Nineteen fluidity, footwork working with a trader, drew Handlin like he has so far ahead of the curve at his stays. In that I mentioned earlier, the maturity, Tatum slaves high character. Kid everything here about people rave about him. Just how good of activity is, how hard he works. Those entail jewels matter. A hell of a lot so sets corporate envisage, is coming over. You love the legs of rare diseases. In this draft. Maybe fourteen fifteen member, it's hard to tell us somebody's big psychosomatic cluster, a bigger gimme that middle than the end of our strand and so like it would pen so much on how teens evaluate those individual players, so he be admitted, in my opinion, a little bit ahead of some of those guys. But what a surprise you have a lot of you,
Have him right right in that cluster? I had so think of it. This way, if they added Heyward and they pick Jason Tatum Heyward gets all that. A crowd or minutes signed me up, because I right now employ over trade. J Ai, that's that's easy, makes eight million bucks and he's got when you're left on his dear, such as foot reserve he's a briefing three J crawler I thought he was dying. Neither next year or the year after Jake Progress, three years left he'll be making seven point. Eight tell you really three years left now. That's a pew Jas efforts about that's what I mean by tat of I'm another team, I'm thinking, o J crowd is only giving Seven point: eight million three years from that's like a nice man makes, and he had actually started before remotely laugh There are some things I think fifty
whence laid eyes on a good team. Why can the network's ardor? How important this way like J J Defense was a hell of a lot better? I think two years ago I don't really know what happened there, but tat was the biggest value for him was his defence of his versatility. That's that's Wrestler, but maybe it situation a little bit guys by he gets flat foot. I would say he's pretty much an average defensive Werner guys he's gone by and London raise awesome, He was also many Geier. He's better. Last year they play with a chip on a shorter, but men like you, at least if you're gonna be like an elite swing. Man defender, I'm not saying you You have to stop Leubronn Durrant in and all these guys, but at least make em swept me where he may. Eighty, those guys abuse them. I think it's kind of allied with has increased. Often of role is that, as that has increased, its defences declined so bad. I so anyway. I hope so
crowded for Heyward and then give Jason Tatum caught crowd of her assets Colombia saying like on the Rostov Heyward takes craters Tatum takes the dread, co spotty, basically, who I like that person at the door Petco, like others hodgepodge guys they re James down all these guys and he's a painting five minutes of the game of the bench, and you can actually run ways for him in and he could shoot reason that the team is better definition, instead of a mere jackass who can't move anymore wreck carry bound rebounds would regard it as a tree rounds credibly, Caesar what does everybody think Josh Jackson, they re about the camp, If what a monster is what to two? Just it's been that way last five years: it's true, it's the truth, so the isn't it
Can I have the Celtics pick? It is the same time I I just think Tatum such a better overall player, better, better prospect, better score, more refined shooter. I think paid him as far ahead in a lot of different categories of spite being thirteen months younger. Where is Jackson like the problem, with his jump shot like it's really scary. I know he shot thirty eight percent from three last year's Gary, like you, were frightened, I'm frightened terrified like to let you thanks we safe level frightened ass, absolutely certain limits. That's the concern with Jackson, s shot doesn't translates the NBA it'll limits everything else for him and the often Savannah many just a defensive guy, one of my bodies for the sport psychology company Eric. Why said to me that Tatum is like a poor man. Scooby Josh Jackson is like a poor man, shine Marian and that's
the way. I look at our necessarily agree with those comparison shall Marion's again have yeah like that for him, but I think I think that kind of puts into perspective like what the player could be so like if Jackson shot of just awful. Yes, on our turn into a pretty solid shooter there there's there's some concern their long term. He needs or overhaul, is mechanics, gives great touches of porphyry, throw shooter. There's, there's a lot of red flags there with his jumper. We know how important chewing isn't these Amelia Andre Robeson Thunder, maybe on the best permanent offenders in basketball, but even he's a liability on the offensive
and I think you need to weigh player. So when titles and Thrace and be a u need to a town. So thou that said, Jackson is still a nice pay. You, the signs at four. He still really good for us back by does not deny that further sunsets a great whether I mean I have a ring. Sixth, on my poor, some personal board like Jackson, don't level because of his defence, I mean he's he's an incredible defender. So would you take him who, due to the sun's, take it for I've I've jasper grown for I'm not pulling off an amalgam, I'm really to be shocked by dear Faxa? I wanna be shocked by us anything to work out that columns and one on o work out today from centre solid site, not our full phoenix. Nothing would shocking because some of those teams it's like Jack Jackson as much as I like him, I can't get over the concern with a jump or so that I want him to go to a team that has a good shooting goats and not a lot of teams actually have should, of course, like Orlando has a shooting coach like ourselves that he's I go into the spurs.
Surely it would be nice to be dead, but not everybody has a chip. England. The mechanic is worried about Jas Jackson. I think there's an outside shad that it it feels to easy. The top for something weird is going to happen in favour via the bed on anything weird out, better Phoenix, surprising us it taking fox, I wouldn't, fire them out to Jackson, but we had fox there for the last mark in Libya dailies, which puts which the Jackson, but I think, fog, severe, really nice for next Booker. Those guys could play off each other nicely, but we have to accept our now. He makes sense so they would have Booker term bared whatsoever. Somethin jack. U S who turned out to be a nice solo benchmark for them all. These are the two guys from last year,
and her and Chris Outline were given up by Canada. I mean machine. There may be given taking a flyer but Chandler, probably a trade, maybe try to flip Hanford the Angie Journey. At this point we can t J warrant each tape. It would you trade aired by so enticing Chandler for the Andrea Jordan yeah. If you're Phoenix, would you do if you're the cookers? Now I want it. Color I found on the clippers I'm trading dj too. Assets to flip for Paul George, that's what I want to be there. I'm not trading the underdog unjust for that for an old old centre, and we all agree that the answer is not worth the fourth taken, tasted Chandler and that was the dumbest rumour the weak. Are we sure that he's? Not, though I mean I mean I I
Don't you trade, the fourth pay already here and I want it by what is his worth? What is not the fourth lie. What what pick would you give for De Andrade this year? I was the highest you ago, somewhere between ten and fifteen. Really here, I'm not convinced he can play in crunch time of an MBA final scamp. So I guess it's oppose. It depends on your goals. If your goals are put together, title team, then I then I would agree with you, but if you, if you're a team that might want again to play, often have an elite rim, runner, a tremendous defender, then maybe like something you do is you know what you get married off? The goals put together a championship tee, no matter how long it takes any, don't do that. What about Minnesota? Seven put him in the house. I still say that's too much love the fit counterfeit there I had so we both things
ass Jackson. For yes, I think Fox to the kings of five. You think that they take somebody else and try to get a point guided ten while yeah? So I have fox there in the mock draft, but it's not what I would do Now we would doubt what I would do I mean I would want Jackson there if he were to fall. I would be thinkin about Jonathan Isaac at that spot. If I find mom the kings out anything about ten or if he falls I'd be thinking about monk there, but at the same time like Dennis Psmith could be waiting there for you with a tenth pick frankly, keener could be waiting there, ten one of those guards even monk, to be there at ten. So if you take one of the forwards at five, you get the best of both worlds and an that's wrong thinking for the kings as good as foxes. I, like photos of the guards as well. If it can be there at the ten spot, let's play it out with say they take Isaac at five, which is play at the next picks quickly, we're Lando that sex.
Do they then just jump a fax or they take Dennis Matter or they haven't Alfred patent nightmares Grave eyes the thing they David, you Takin, a bunch of guys who couldn't shoe like do just keep doing that. I think facts will become a good sure I have faith that have just been Jim all day. Every day is lying on my calmly comparison near him that my kindly cross with John while at the same time a meme again tat bats concern long term with his jumper didn't dental, a great and worker. I guess you can't play that. There's too many variables, hundreds value variables, thereby I also think I think of front office could get enamoured with bleak monk and just say skies the next re our let's take on and it could be I always like a staff courageous. All time you check people talk about monks like shooting ability, shooting shooting, but I often times like the weird thing is: what he's an elite athlete to yeah I can drive was impressed by his de any. I think defences is inconsistent, but but,
nobody potential, is better rap on him was that he was horrendous defensively and then he watches and ice. Fine he's got lost arms movies mentally aged. That's the keys. I put him in a situation where he's forced to defend a get minutes, and I think I ll begin. He was plain hard. I d in the in the town. Not that I didn't see like the Random Assisi Games in December when he has probably mail and if a mixed bag with monk I mean you'll, see games were he's really grind of my manassa games or aegis toils unfocused sooner, not not really pay attention as much off by that. That should be a shrubbery of the awful defensive monk and that that's awful defence is just as important ethical pollyanna amour matters like the warriors for example vote. I want to pick up on one side of the forbidden. There's a week side. Action that these defence matters there just as much as what's happening on the ball. I hope he goes to Orlando at six. I like that, for because I think, even though he is that it
God. I think you can run an offence with him and maybe you know bay with one last point guards I could handle Barbarossa plowed, the Bob you just running a lot of stuff through monk. What's tv, dagger, acts of type, a team, I would want to build on paisley reputable ball handlers, that's where a lot of teams are going, but I think monk should certainly candidate, but I've heard some things that he almost prefers Vienna to guard so that at that some that's a veritable there. That's just the role here who share the south Texarkana taken this battle. They so would you bet your life on it I thought about my life, I'm here about my life on data, but I'll bet, my life of Zambia, hates tits, dangling from a tractor
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Six peg, you have who gonna magic? I have Jonathan eyes are going for the magic again are probably not the pic I would make, but I think I think that's for the direction there giving our fifth Thermo look. Milwaukee did with all the big long players. Versatile Jonathan Isaac fits that bill to a team chart charge for hair he'd. Here be saying how Isaac is you know he isn't right. Fourth, I believe TAT three or something myself: tax havens, high tech he's really good he's like is I taller Andrea, like to point out as yet. That's that's why the council we have on the air courtesy of somebody who tweeted us back. That's a good one to really really good cop. I think about Carolina today's lake. He probably one of the best players best high under all players in today's league, and he, if I say, reaches its peak, hope you like a non traditional superstar. That's the phrase I want executive he's. The man like, I feel it makes sense if eyes a week's reaches its peak. The question is the office of ETA
floor and it's my hang up with him- keep lay a five year. He could say my fire in Britain, chalk sort of the article on that day about how Char Isaac is like the best centre in the draft. Even though, is not a centre. There is no such thing as a ceremony covered their Anthea Senator forget area. I wish like position. Labels could just be erased, but we have to use them for like kind of my contacts in defining players, but really positions dont really exist anymore. I'm in the way get your bid. Every every players fills roles so eyes are concerned. Role of rum protector and certain lineups, because here that we should just caught opposition like rim, yeah is that's that's what it should involve rim weighing yes, yet ball handler, yes while she wing ran spot ups, facer gas, I thank space eyes, Isaacs, a traffic terrific rebounded for his position. Terrific, versatile offender there's a lot, the love of him. I like him too At seven Minnesota marketing
Getting tired air seized by least favoured pick in the top I don't know where he is he's a very. Sure. I guess a great idea is really bad or defend. I don't know why I am yours very two months ago or something I was on. The pod revere around the trade deadline we're talking about marketing, and I think I was supposed to make the case when I talked about- and I ended up like making a case against him and raise that like this guy lorry market is idle in a leaked shooter at seven feet. But the thing is like seven foot is just a number I mean if you look at how he rebalancing rebounds. Like he's six foot five, you look at the way he defends. He was the friendliest seven further, so that you can say he's a seven photo who shoots.
Yes, but it doesn't play like us are a further issue whose shoetrees he plays a wing who shoots theories mats typical, so I think there's a chance. So it is that I don't know. I think. If his office reaches its peak, he could become a really really really good score. That's why we have dark as one of the costs for him, but there's also a chance, and he just ends up being. I had lasted there. It could just be a channel, he could just be training, for I don't want to draft a guy in front and play in the fight us exactly because he can't, because he thought Lowry Martyring could have the issuer. He can't defend well enough. Can't rebar low enough doesn't do do enough in the office for period besides bought up shoot. So I think Lowry needs to really really reaches peak offences, because I worry about everything. Also them there's a lot of clinic to him too. I think said it takes monk at seven? How come because he's a gamer is the shooter he's has the potential to be electric, he could space the four for them,
Thank you play him and wagons together is. Whereas that sounds worst case scenarios is six man off the bench for a couple years. He check guy. Then you figure out what have have? Does he make Levine expendable at that the thing I they played a better when living on her yeah. I am not a living guy alarm that either I don't understand, were what does he bring the tables terrible defensively right? not a light that shoot great athlete, but I don't know, there's a but a lot of guys like that over the I, if you tell me especially now when everybody you're smart right now are we Kristen? Is there any chance? He becomes guys we're ok, now Rubeus there you see, I rubio. You re enter Wiggans monk, you ve counts the nice core and then you have for who would be the arena? Lounging yogurt were whoever, but you have those four I'm gonna have a good office and I'm not gonna be able to get totally torched Andy
It's about by those three guys together, I don't know I would take mark, I think, would Levine I had every twenty six than my twenty fourteen draft guide, which is too low. Those mistake to have him that local still paternal quality player, but at the same time, like a lotta, has weaknesses. Defence passing about ages to size, factories and athlete you can shoot, does not a lot else there. So I'd I'd be looking to flip him from the walls with problem pushing at her exactly the angel. That the ministers are meeting in that light like Brooklyn, I'm back, ok, we'll take only. I wonder you I took a fly around here, will give you Cyrus Ricky deal he's only get the one year guaranteed left many becomes restricted. Gotta get good opportunity, therefore timid, Arthur shot. Am I I think I'll be there us find a data bank other than next. The mix are the autumn, most fun destination frame, just having limited Jerry Planets years from us for destination him. It s. G heads
poison gas and just like the possible double he check and all the good things about our two guys. I think I think there's some logic to discuss for everything, but the sons with Booker at four. It there's some logic to getting guys you get who are little streaky if you, both those guys get hot at the same time like you in a rack up bucket and posing ass, a marker to plants like that the inquiry is the ultimate exactly that. There's tourism, I think that's something I became in angling, for I think more. He talked about this. I think I forget what would show it was or was it with an interview but talk about how his team in the play off they ve all those guys clicking. They can get scorn of points higher variance. You might have some bad performance like usin did, but if you reach the peak, you get tough, that's when you get up sets. I taped mark this. Damn eleven. Fifty two
June twenty first, two thousand seventy and go on the record the waiting to do there. Since the day before I leave my it's going to be great I feel very similar him, maybe not, is high of a ceiling, as I felt like curry, had in two thousand and nine Regice bikers going to be graded. I just couldn't believe when things were passing on him. This draft is better and it's harder to get mad at teams for passing on him. I just think the guys going to be and the parallels here of oh nine curry going right before the next and the timber rules. If they took monk Rep for the next. I just can't stop staring at it. I think the guys going to be awesome if Anyting Fox at the ball so much. I don't think we really totally saw what would mom could do in a day
put him on a team like Minnesota and you be unleashed, I'm all and I think the guys special. I don't think that means he should be the number one pick in the draft, but I think he's a guy that way as we drift down this draft five years from now We're gonna, go out aim at seventh Raymond aid. If this was the argument for trading down right, when I wrote a tray down articles that there's nine guys really may be nine guys where you could say they want to be totally surprising if he becomes a best fire. The draft, if you tell me Denisov, it's gonna, be the best pirating, attracted tenth, I'm not gonna, be stunned. I think there's nine guys a sheer were you can make a legitimate argument and monk the monkeys, one of them. I have him right. Eight, the my personal board, which I think is fair
I agree that where would you have him rags like the Personal Board put together? Would it be like for Irish suddenly behind? Why think he's another guy who's who depends? It depends on the situation. I just think his game is just perfect for the India now she's perfect, that's exactly what you want is a guy who is a lights out? Shooter! That's not for me, any type of shot he can make off bound shots? He drives the rim. He's got that weird swoop layer, Scott Floaters can dump. To die. He can get athlete in the aim when he has space any played began last year
You know what I like the way played. I like local bodies, a gamer. I think I think he's somebody who I mean when I look at my rankings, my my biggest difficulties that four to eight range again, if I have Fox for Isaac, five Jackson, Sixth, Psmith, seven and then monk eight batter aims. I have my greatest difficulty in putting those guys in order for so much of it depends on situation like certainties monk by might be higher for others may it might be lower. What this tells us that the subsequent three four five and ten and through in like next year's thereon, pick next year player whatever you're smart, what I've been they took market five I'd be adamant. I would be delighted and then they grab somebody else at ten. But like that to me, I think it's in play that seven years from now he's as good or better than faults,
sure it's in play, I'm not saying it happened, but they can see what anybody anybody who would argue against that I think, is falling to in love with the player. A number one fault is a tremendous prospects and he's going you're, really good planning. It wasn't conceivable that marquise crests is going to be better than Ben Simmons, Schranz Arabella one very one too, in last year's draft Benjamin's, was clearly better would have been a miracle for martinis Chris to be better than him. That's why this year's draft so unique? I mean that's, why we love it when we talk about ninety ninety eight, ninety nine times draft. Yes, there is a lot of potential all stars and Gary like Russell S, brow He went forth which was high, and I love him that you're his my big sleeper and then he actually climb the top ten. He was a super any more than one slash. Four was like wow, I like them, I didn't didn't know if I like them forth now. Derrick rose, I think, went first to me at the time I would have obviously been on Derrick rose, become a where it wasn't inconceivable that Westbrook was gonna end up being better than him, because he was
Sophomore year he was like electric yeah any marks at least pay for their rights to the next? If, if on the board, then I'll take him. I actually think there may be a riot if he's off the board. Would you think see then taken Dennis Smith or market better, not be martyrdom? I'm just so Phil Jackson. I would go to the swift, but it's it's gonna be fascinating, see what they do like their workin out. Donovan Mitchell Boy Guard from Louisville Yahoo nods get some I'd spot. I feel, like they're gonna, surprise some people, if, if, if like monks off there, I'm not given Sylvie bargaining, I don't know how much of that was just noise attached to the as rumours or what. But man I mean I have a feeling I there's always a surprise. Every year that could be the spot, the mix it eight if you're feel the kings and you take
O Connor advice in Egypt, Isaac, fifth and then it goes down and Denis myth is still there and eight. Do you call the next and say will forbade ten, for you will give you, colleagues Stein, I like it something else I wouldn't want to trade colleagues time would you do colleague stand and ten four If Dennis Smith was there you just keep guy sign, unrolled it ass, it was he alternately who's the whose at ten like Milly Keener or not. I wouldn't do that now. I want ok enemies. Why wanted this because I'm surprised Donovan Mitchell from so I just one him at ten. I see you feel like you, you had best by this draft. I have a right temp. Yes, ok! So, next year: prediction is I've monk, Montgomery and of these death. It's too nix it's too good to be true. The navy is not there. They're gonna stop people Let us set were why would marketing go seventh? I don't know in that I have never seen every drafty seventh and it's like a what. Do we have this seventh? None of
think he's the seventh vesper in the draft wisely in Yosemite, I mean some people to use a set of Peru by members who could look around the edge? Never somehow I don't agree with your help him what we're worthy duck. There have been like all three of us have, alongside the top ten meet sharks and any child Andrea furthermore, as smart. That's why you're for the Ringer number nine s Dallas very, very interested to see what they do. They love to get Keith that doubts. I gotta get filthy Frank, Milly Kane I go in there I now, but the same time. I think that a Smith really really intriguing for the phenomenon. We cannot speak for charts area like his argument, is dealt with as a significantly better fit for their pick. Their professional offence to run a lotta high pick, unroll Dennis with, is about helping all player in that makes a lot of sense Dennis
there, but they ve been really attached, Emily Canine. That's why I have him there. So I think I think we believe this thou and they do. They ve been really like this ethics love for me lie there to shut down, I sense we love faults, pulses best, skier, hey, who once our package, it is hard to know what to believe in what we do not believe that this time it is very difficult, varied I don't believe anybody or anything I they they should take. Data Smith is, if he's there is there but Let's say the topic goes with the actual Bestia guys in everybody's gone, and now it's like market in dynamism, Mitchell, cornered, John Collins. All these guys then ready to self folds nothing. Monument ball of the Board Fox Isaac. Jeddah real tough aid is off the board. Ok, paragons off. So nearly keen as the best available Mitch Bobby Mitchell? I am adamant iraqi smoke, Samarkand! Ok, I would take so filthy, Frank megawatt at they frankness, Alex's. Well, I'm a big fan.
He could be the next day. He gives him where he could be thought Erikson's I dug out about Furthermore, I would give up on Firefox it there's a chance he has executed say where stack Danny Chow is allowed to stack there go over the data. Chaz stock for diabetics was pretty low right now, maybe our actual, but tonight where the job you- and I- and we might as well hang on our I hear number ten who's. The ten thick Sacramento I can't breathe. Love Sally Ann attempts, so they'll take foresee the role they get Fox at five in the main, the mark so hair the spot. I have sat Collins and the mark draft. By the same time, I am I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't do that pig I'd still be looking forward to homer and swing like agin anew
Ford from India is icon. Thy she's gonna set out the whole year re. Maybe I mean I I I don't think Sacramento would do that, but it's what I think about doing. They do have their picnics Jarrett, yes thither. He says that we have every reason to do it. I believe so what I know what that is taken other power, for Sacramento stop taking power for it's just that. I don't think anybody who has to play near the river, how about how will lose, cannot from em now now you know you know my real less less words get, and so it's like an hour at LA remark and SEC if it lets Idiot Fox at five a veto, another guard with Mitchell, no you're, not in an obi. No, no, because he's entered beetle want card so market in the EU on him. You know: what's that call on, so that its Lloyd aid in take a plank idea. Then you take data Mitchell. Yes, that's the appeal! That's why I'm thinkin Isaac it
If I'm sack think they're gonna do up about what I would want. You know my real I'm combo guards. What's it means that they can play their positions that were yeah, come on guard at me in a common EU point. Our legal changes should regard now. Really what area become Agardh Ilium, rightly Stuckey, believes teams will fill. The belief is totally the original, hopefully about that dominant Mitchell, how he is a complicated, even at least clay point out. He can. I make a plea to guard too his Vasquez combo, though its so called honour? What would you define Mitchell as then spent, rather than just why those guys are just about combo guide, is a word. We use when somebody's that decade we did they don't know how to classify the issue with positional definitions, contractual, you could say, he's a guard six foot three, but it's not disguise super long and is built Suez, comma, guided terrors year about Combo Geiger, potentially
the threats, look about way right now there is a common guidelines. Actually I think I've done that Everyone is that either position of having Mitchell's. Can we really good? He could be like mention tat, could be the sailors rhetoric he's better than a comma guard, I actually think he could be the point. Our offer his wireless guises, a basketball player. Yet in the defence of banking, defend bottle positions, offices where you can hit spot up three are hidden create for you up the durable he's, really really good and another high character. Kid. And is approved by Helio, shows a rat. Yes, yes, although that does it take much cause, he went to Louisville. Yet still, I think if, if there is any red flags? She would only male about it. Backs Hayley. Just quickly will go, The rest number eleven is here. I can read this. I couldn't pronounced, thanks. I will again draft express which saw logos are so tiny Charlie! I've. There. There retain who do you want,
kids. Hasn T gave Hope Babby early. I think we're here. We're in a locker, Michael Jordan. Tomorrow, let I agree that the funniest outcome would be market in a hundred years Fraid permits are marketed every hilarious, love, Doktor, Martineau, radio, tv and a couple years. Second, funniest outcome would be Lucan ART etc. My light colored later what's wrong, LUCA, not because I have that, besides the value of the Duke Jim dates? Is Fiji dodges where I've I vote for Lucan ART? show it that physical object out. That's all. We had loves us curve in proven
fundamentally sat college as a dude connives gonna get that guy construct threes. Twelve pic is to trade, the Detroit the up and we have in in the mining. He takes Oji here I'll, say why I because I feel like based on their personnel decisions the past couple years, their team, it's like pushing for the play off so to wait a year for a guy unless they're changing gears and are willing to wait on a high up. Player, my guess is they're changing garrison bet. It should be a guy in Adobe that that would be my choice of let's say they didn't change gears. Then it's like adjusted Jackson Pollock. What here's the thing bill in in the mark on the rare, the guy who falsely spot, is Dennis Psmith. There's gonna, be somebody who fall did we have anyone? Take him yet? No, not and not, in the room, not now. What about the draft? The pod we're doing right now mean yeah. I think we had swiveller couple different slots are essential. I don't think he gets by Dallas. It there's does things too. I would, if I would have francs there there too, I may they take data Psmith
Cuban wants a home run so that pay. It is one chancy a lottery peck shore, but if you're right Carlisle and your ass, your opinion, okay, would you like? I think, if you recall Carlyle, you look at it in a swift and looking at this guy doesn't defend, does try that offensive of floor, and I want to deal with that. I think that the worst Milly Keener can come in right away and he's just a bad ass on the defensive, and it's like home, filthy, frank that guy's filthy and then I think, Ricardo Billig at a late, the country France, take the American, maybe maybe did where was ready, boob well from bootblack from was the France thing. I think another french guy he was, he was french, don't take another french guy does take than a Smith.
Can we find the formalities and thirteen? We have Denver their Denver Emerson funds back as they are to have everybody their identity, and I will just take go daddy. I love o D. Fear has taken a fool's. Why they don't they don't even have playing time give out right now they have so many players fold. You will be good for them: that's a smile red shirt season for oh yeah Adobe, an idea and eighty bring him back in April, but maybe not to than we think actually, if he's healthy. Where does he got this draft? His harbour sent out they answered, I don't even know if you go down much higher than the very is he does in fact tat night. I don't know, I don't know if you would, I think, there's legitimate concerns. While his off answer is the incredible, as is defensive, defensive ability is in office. Is a big question mark, so I think he'd still hover around and that night, maybe eight or nine behind like
in others, fault ball, Tatum, Jackson, gas, eyes a guy's, that's where I think you'd go so last pick fourteen fourteen Miami. We have Mitchell there in the mark with Abbe nice. I hope that doesn't happen. I dont think Mitchell should last I think this is a chance that we will somebody's going to follow my Amy Moroccan be mad about areas. That's how Laszlo JANUS Winslow here this is a year or somebody's going to the land of OZ. I, like my god, my aiming at Dennis. There could be one or two guys who fall. If can Argos higher than people. Think of that Collins goes higher. I think Collins is a guy that Lamy would target here, but at the same time we have Collins go and ten in the mock. There's gonna be guys who slip and honestly, like a found, my emmi I mean this is every pig is really at best. Players rail will table especially Miami issues about infusing talent, as it gives me some, especially when they buy Griffin happier
So let me remind you that the draft on the ford- but this is something this is gonna- be quite a draft. I think the funniest Paro be if the next take market in Thou. Be the funniest moment of the draft. Impossible my entire market and will have to deal with endless list of questions like how a comparable is your games Christine exposing us. I hope that doesn't happen and I hope they take monk, but it's terrible for care. Can we see in the rear awake here you on the ringer and based on Friday, would with sharks. Hopefully, hopefully figure out the phone, whatever happened, and and will look for your stuff all week on the rare dot com, especially if there's more stuff going on. I dont think Paul George gets traded before this draft that they could happen.
After fringe. Allow the after last EVA happened. Some of their quickly will bring a cavern Clark. Magic fan, Raina our last Saint Kavin Card MAGIC Fan. I thought of all than of other non lottery teams. Charlotte was the sad esteem being left out. This weakens crazy, NBA carousel and then they traded for Dwight Howard, your old friend. So Many of them sat right year make similar etc. But of you you, you love them MAGIC, the magic or sitting. Sixth. Is there anyone that you have you it said. I know I mean I obviously Isaac could be huge for us Kevin Oconnor thanks, that's the best fair! I love it. I mean, I think, any these guys. I keep thinking. I keep viewing the magic like I view the Cleveland Browns. They just need tower. Greece needed it's not like their building anything. They have not just one and ass, a load up
blow it up. I mean just like eating drainage, Kevin's choir. Now I haven't you: can trade routes you can trade Alfred Bath? Why are we not package? I would package all the young assets and tried to get something for because there's still, we know as thirty Jeems five to ten of them are just complete, Cluett clueless Yasser you this package. Some of these allegedly good young players huge zonia than anyone aces players, I'm some I just tried to get something for them, because they're not volume route is valuable. Maybe forty is, I think, you're Dennis Methane happy now, forty eight may have in that car can to a series of twenty eight. Fifty four teams in extent I said low in the non cardiovascular wanted. Last week. I floated Dennis method, you are very low and that I'm still am, I think, if the goal is to just continue to go twenty and fifty four, I think he's the pic.
I mean it. Maybe one of these guys. I think I think that the order seems to be set with the top five. So at six, yet his extreme give you ever run of the mill it's like being there. It's like having picked thirty three in the NFL draft right you the whole day to think about it. Basically dont the patriots always have like every eye between thirty three forty suit. You know that's, why didn't you trade for debate? Bring him back question I think, Rob Halligan if you had another year, may have done that, because I think you just Naomi we'd be in job press I need. It would have been the funniest outcome for everybody. I don't I don't ever happen where someone poisons franchise, so I quit on the city and then came back that matter. That lets a big thing. There is a legit. Versailles, Lebron, James Lebron, James Ryan. I mean, I guess, that's that's, but Leubronn came back when he was to go. You could have given a boost, severe. And when your bag contracts
who's? Your words she contract guide now knew we get rid of all air Channing FRY was tears, it was our last guess, maybe and ate them. Give you that I have a lot of good cause. You click on the thirty First Peck and Howard for Vukovich, and then how do it immediately retired because you know where to go back. Forty, eight fifty million back twenty years on a good deal, so I don't think there's any body. Does it does any real good deal which cardigan may I remind our ears- are not paying and I think the right Howard would have been a disaster land. I think it's not elaborate situation because he's so much worse and worse for years What franchise would you not trade places with the kings? I'd rather be the kings. I dont families five and ten, and they have buddy here. They have colleagues Stein, it's pretty cool trade places rate. Would we get stamina
only about me, I'm sage, literally variety, trade franchises everything yeah, probably I made it you'd rather be the pistons. I don't know we don't have anything. None of these guys are going to help us win. So we have nothing. Would you rather be the hornets? Maybe maybe I mean I do I don't know you rather be Brooklyn Are you a wise, ass, his laugh and just bit? Why? Just because they have Russell now, I'd rather be Orlando than Brooklyn I'd, rather be anyone in Brooklyn. I agree with that. I agree with that. Everybody else am, I think, you're over I've. For me, the magic just need to blow the whole thing up. There's, no, maybe maybe vouch, is like the eighth Guyana championship team at some point, but right now I don't they gave him plays in the finest loses rotation spot me. I don't think he's waving a tower.
Garden, maybe predator played for eleven minutes until everyone just left him open ranges, Gordon Rays, to make an extremely poor. In order to be I start or on a championship. See you trade places with everyone, except for Brooklyn Charlotte. I think it's a fair trade Charlotte for Charlotte. That's a fair, that's a trade as a light for like trade to treat you and that trade place. I don't think so. Now there only good asset Nora does as disturbing dandy and weirdly Sacramento. Here I don't know, I do you, wouldn't traders sacrament, I view them on the same wavelength as the matter does, just that there is a definite sort of bottom five or six of the NBA and magic round. Would Bela check have traded down from one to three and picked up the Lakers kings pick absolutely that's. Why move and the trade and anyway Bela check. We have taken to our house and what allocated he'd still be going backwards you'll soon, yet five and ten, then you flip five
eight and something else- and he would just have forty two White House or in the NBA belgic- would sign them right now and try to make reprove or maybe that's the kind of work rang project he would try to it would be the automobile object, yeah, you didn't say I'm right here: either cut him on August fifteenth or he would win the Superbowl I mean we had chat out. Your sink, owe it to tee bow. Who We had a who average it's very good work. It's true, he likes the challenge of all really Dwight Howard's poisoned. The less five teams is bent on sign a Mamma and get an interval patriot way. Yeah Superbowl championing trade area far down the pitcher way. So I am not optimistic about the matters. Rebuilding chances are now. So I do think what I see for Thursday is just getting some asset that we can put maybe alongside gourd.
And build a towards a future with yeah. Ok, thank you. Thanks to the Kevin's Oconnor and Clark thanks to car, via brows by trade in and finance your next vehicle online, from the comfort of your home choose as soon as next aid delivery or pick up your vehicle from the world's first coin, operated car, many machine way by bad buyers, remorse with their seven day, money back guarantee a car vanderdyke com shhh Bs Sierra, C r Vienna Dotcom, Slash BS, for they knew it current thanks to simply safe rest, easy. Knowing that you're home and Kevin some are protected with them. Safe. When you install your sympathy from security system, your army are home with powerful sensors that actually take a door opens a rule no brakes. Please don't spend another night. Second, guessing your homes, safety go to super safe, bs Doc. I get a ten percent discount when you order to simply say foot
wise Dover. Yet I am against all odds of cousin south. You want some NBA draft props Kevin. You, like my thing about o back by the way you like three Kentucky guys getting drafted minus four hundred. In that event, in the lottery them it, no, no in the first round. Yes, I do, I think, babble damsons. First, I'm right the ammo going first vows, my lack of Louis, cousin, says package so check that out and then we're back Friday, Post draft Mega cast me and Joe House making fun of everything that just happened, and maybe even hopefully congratulate a couple teams enjoy the rest of the day will see you on Friday.
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