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NBA Lottery Winners, GSW’s Next Move, Philly’s Slide, Cam Newton and Taylor Swift with Raja Bell, Kevin O’Connor, Ryen Russillo and Nora Princiotti


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Raja Bell, Ryen Russillo, and Kevin O’Connor discuss Tuesday first few days of NBA playoff basketball, and some of the top draft prospects, before reacting to the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery (4:35). Then talks with The Ringer’s Nora Princiotti about the approaching 2021 NFL season, how empty NFL stadiums could affect on field play, the “battle” for the Patriots starting QB position, the live music void in the pandemic, music documentaries and more (1:34:15).

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survivor, the ultimate hoops ringer. I thought I was gonna wind. They, a one in the myteam tailed pausing is got, kicked out still recovering from that one learn more and enter at fanduel dot com, hoops ringer! You can enter every day red for the game, start age and location restrictions do apply. We're also brought to you by the Ringer podcast work where we launched New pike ass recently, including ten and questions with car Brandt. You can check out the ringer and be a show where we are trying to react to as many these games as possible, and in that sense it come up. We take the lottery showed a day earlier today. It was me Roger Bell: Kevin O Connor. And ran reseller, and we went on about an hour before the lottery. We broke down all the play of staff, and then I went right through the lottery as it was happening and tried to safer
what a man would have been for go on stage Chicago and things like that. So that is happening. Then the rain is Nora. Princiotti comes on just to talk about the upcoming NFL season, couple of things to watch and then some out and up into The terrorists have conversation because she is a major Taylor file. So that is the package for the day. I left a little bit open here at the top is just in case the Lakers Blazers Game was gonna, be exciting, but, as you probably know by now, not that excited the Lakers showed up. They took care business. This it's a sweep, we're heading back to Portland for game theory. I know we're not heading back anywhere is just in the bubble, thinks the logic as for this weekend. We have. You know you TAT Denver. I think Utah's better Vegas,
seem to agree the Denver is favoured by one in our points in its time, game three, and I just think at gunpoint over you tat, just as better tea in the south, are only favoured by five against Philly. I think that says is over at that fully rolled over clippers thou asses the magical series, fur Friday and just every today's from this point on, because Dallas is for real. They at least have a really good strategy to go against the clippers. My opinion in a bomb threes. They're gonna keep shooters out there as much as they can and their hoping this is the best place in the serious errors that look as the best where I think they caught a lot of people's attention in game tune and, to be honest, the Coopers just don't look like the coopers yet has just come back their guards, I'd be no Beverly missed into the lambs, doesn't see my keys Lou aims yet
and they just this is the perfect round to catch them. You know if they did catch them, they'd be playing the winner you're tired Denver next year, and I was a bit mass upset if Thou Aslant, but whoever wins the series gets, you tat Denver next round. I think whoever wins is coopers. Bab series is making the western files so and then, on the other hand, you have used in who's. Gonna beat ok see, it looks like it just looks like their peeking at them time suddenly and then they're gonna have one of the most Tsar Series of our time at that place. Out, though, it gets the Lakers soon Lakers. When will you have these small ball? crazy shooting. Sixty percent of freeze of other shots rockets gone against his big, clumsy Laker team, and it's a classic weirdo secrets. I have no idea what to expect The EU seems like it's. It's we gotta know where we're heading ahead of her Boston in Toronto and in red and fairer
Miami me market, which is gonna, be a barber. I think these round two series gonna be really really great, but we got get to ran when once a stadium. For that result, be talking about other stuff and suddenly come up. Ladder is shown their nor prince. He added the NFL first, our friends from protein. Right? You, because I think that here we got it they met it S. Twenty, I think you could you see how you doing Sure it's on zoom, we're Raja Bow. Here we have ran yellow, hair and from lackeys
Kevin Connor back with them. Is yours at today. Eight thirty, ok, great! Well, where we were supposed to go on at five o clock pc. But then mortgages adage is killer Lando, so we just said: Scrooge will go up early, there's nothin, Watcher Woodstock play us, Roger biggest thing. That's jumped out to you here the first four days. How much better, I think, both to Dallas looks than I thought they were going to, let you know, I said I said on Monday that I didn't think defensively. They were going to be able to to get enough stop, but I had discounted the fact that no one's actually playing defense in the bubble, except for maybe two stood so like in an in an offense, only type of environment. There they're perfect
seller wire people paint events in the bubble. Why would run out to run or to that group? There was playing defence aka think I think what we ve seen is that in a week it tells you remind me of teams the passive done nothing thing who have talent and go to worry. We got this you're like what are we giving the benefit of the doubt for I got mine the warriors the benefit of the doubt when the defense looks a little. I don't mind giving the bulls the benefit of the doubt when it's the third season they're trying to get this done, but the clippers as a group hadn't done anything and you know what we didn't know what the roster we we didn't know what the rotation was going to look like. We just really like their two best players and that hasn't looked right. The Lakers are the worst shooting team in the bubble other than the wizards, and they told us we're about it. We're fine and I think, you're, using some changes that rotation and you can even safer Milwaukee Bud tried a bunch of different light. Ups, I think that bit him in the ass a bit in game, one not game too, but what would I liked was that there are certain teams it felt like they were taken.
Line up in rotation effort level seriously at some of the best teams were the ones that were already over before they got there. I'm wounded didn't throw the south ex into the good defence group at that way. We had some moments, they I figured, I would ache mountain and off it. I just expended that you bring it up at some point, still have carried out their anxiety, other Arthur teams that are defending, but I also feel every teams just shoot the Baltic, However, why me I'm curious Roger, playing in the NBA. How much do you feel like being in a neutral site without any travel in a without fans as actually helping all these corner? Three three point: zero percent, skyrocket, not all jokes asylum, in that it is definitely you're too. Should the ball, when you don't have all the distraction of being in a in a jam with all the details, they can be an mba gemlike, your you're, just in their grove in it all your teammates you can hear all the encouragement stuff. You know it's just a different vibe and being in a jam with all the
fractions, let alone the travel and all the other things that go into MBA Nino Game Day, but it being in a relatively. Sterile Jim. It is what you do. That's what you grow up doing, it's where you get all your practice wraps, and so your naturally going to shoot a better. You know that the fuck. Do you think these part of it? Is these guys cant? Do anything other than focus on basketball and take care of themselves and get a good night's sleep not deal with the media there not out of five in the morning like they were getting the best versions of them. I would say from mental standpoint. Potentially right are now yet waited MBA guys go to five in the morning. Allies yeah there's something to all of die like when you, you know when you have nothing to focus
on, except through an you, eliminate distraction, yeah there's a case to be made for you gettin a better product and I caught a felt like going into the bubble plus. The other thing is is are you guys have a lot of rest and we are talking about shootin abolish scoring the ball. Fatigue plays a role when you get sixty seventy games. In and yet you, I think you see some fresh legs, its beard. It's it's. It's kind of manifesting itself in and better scoring better office to play. At least the note rather about reseller, reside, feeling tat the brakes been good for you. I feel like you're at a high level, namely to I arrived in self isolation for six months. Nobody Signal series. Ok, some bad people know the deal I mean posts. Maids is this thing about this cinema clothing, but I I would I what I kind of can't wait for, though, is that we know Rodger is better than any of us, but it's also human nature thing is that if you give people excuses are gonna use,
and whoever gets eliminate is gonna blame the time off. Whoever gets eliminate earlier in his aids, because the bubble- and I mean it's impossible to be as prepared as you could be for this is well to be his rested, as you guys have all mentioned, you're not on a flight for over three plus months. All you're doing is basket with that break, and I still I know what's going to happen, I can't wait to see who the per is that right it, but whatever good team goes out earlier and then there writer, who is also the pr person which is a huge problem, and I have, as I make these little remarks by it's gonna be like now. They got real, tired, their round game six games. Seventy year like, if you got tired that time, then what's your point of even being proactively, because it's never been, as you guys have stated, that you ve never been in a better situation for this so it'll be fine. I haven't disagreed with. You said. I just know that that storyline is going to come for team. That goes in a lot earlier than they thought they would. Well, it's almost like the quarantine. We talked about their says if your relationship is in
you you know about all of us know: people in there end in our circle, sue leg they broke up. Yeah quarantine got em where you just here. Gather all day- and I think I think the six years ago would be the Abuja Exempt Basque, bugs Abler yeah being Corinth. You gotta care, see take the floor. There laugh is give us year. Super disappointed, can't believe it six or sick just socks. It just sucks. Guy Joanna be, do you now for all its faults, you're his time Deanna Games. It still feels like one playing around this guy and some of the town. They have to pay the price should be way better than it is the bias Harrison neither pan thirty million dollars putting up alone, where's that he is our hoarfrost fallen off a cliff. It's just disappointing, I remember up rounds inability to adjust game to game. Just see and after season continues just disappointing and I read about this yesterday on Twitter. I just feel bad for sensors fans.
What do you do next, after after you lose the Boston or dollars? What do you do after this who, like whose take Harris Deal about whore for deal, nobody reading a bitter Siemens, what you do it's ass, Roger, the guy who word for a team out of the four, thus other Brazil and I feel like we're we're both that we could have done. That suggest. Nobody's asked us yet rash, actually word for it, so you have a thought that you have to be five buzzed untraceable contracts, opinion Harris is in year. One of a hundred eighty million dollar deal. Orford has three years left. I think for almost
Twenty eight twenty nine million a year and just over the last two years, cuz it started last year and Boston athletically looks like he's moving into a different phase of his career, and I don't know how you dumped either of those guys unless you're taking somebody else's problems back. What would you do? Where would you start? You know I wouldn't even start with those two. I would start with like really trying to figure out if I'm sure they Benson enjoying beacon work together like I have to sort that out and if I in the sixth front office personally, the answer is no look. I don't think that's a good marriage. I don't think that's a good way to to build a team for both of those guys individually. Like you, I think that you have to pick one and an entire tie, your horse to that play or salt from there, and only from there can. I start to try to figure out like if I can package something and get off of one of those contracts which
and are you just alluded to the fact that can be almost impossible, but I think I start a step prime before that, like I have to figure out, if, indeed, and and can play together go affording the best do. I want to build my team around the dual and I really don't I would if I were to success, I think. Is there anybody on this for persons zoom right now who thinks that those guys stay together long term, because I am in the no camp- there are at least some numbers. If you track like the two men office, per one hundred possessions, it used to be atrocious and then it was bad and then it was like almost acceptable, but I still felt like whenever our track, the closing minutes of a very tight game in it? It's not. Even a criticism either one of those guys they're, just the worst pairing. We like hey, what's a perfect centre: okay, well, it's a sky and be all right. Well, what's his unbelievably modern, you know guy that could could play all five positions defensively, but probably shouldn't initiate in space off a big because he can't shoot, but maybe could drive like Giannis and kick out to other people
call this guy Ben Simmons, alright. Well, how would they fit to go that wouldn't really work? They do they kind of duplicate some of the stuff they both do. You know it's. It's not like they're, probably going to stay either because you're gonna give a new chance, a coach to try to figure this thing out in the other part of it is what do you trade that you actually like that you think makes you better. Would you always have to worry about this stuff, but no, the Brett, the breast, I don't know of chaos. Ii was tracking this. I think when Boston went zone a couple times, just a mess with Philly, which is a really good thing to do against Philly whenever you want to get him thrown off that their their terrible events in Miami too much time. I think Brett was like hey you guys we're trying to forget Some results. It was like our. They only doing this a couple minutes, but more in touch is kind of what it felt like it I don't get mad at Brett for not ripping the guy's effort, but their effort was really bad yesterday and they had to specific play.
NL in the re here, but they go full core press, the start, the fourth quarter doing I guys let's go, and they gave up too often rebounds back to back possessions, Kanner, and you got cool coup. Forker oppress Union box out the big it was so bizarre to watch the pudding. Shake Bell, Kimber just keep it Madame, not where'd. You have like Josh Richardson the teams that have really succeeded against Cuba. Usually put like the tar athletic guy and they can at least challenges shot fillies like we're not doing that. They relate guy, hey Joe L Just hang out into the basket just pretend this is like a pick up game, but it's the third hour of the pick up game where you just try and try to get through the rest of the day. Don't come out, don't ya about anybody who is bizarre to watch Kayo see what would you do it if, if, if you run unfairly, I mean I'm with Georgia, I'm with Roger that that indeed Simmons Corps
probably what you need to break up either. The toughest decision is probably the right decision for filmmakers. You can also get the greatest return beat or Simmons reshuffle the deck. However, you want to my army, my understanding is they're, not gonna break those guys. Like Ryan, said they're, probably gonna get to sleep go to an opportunity and see how things work out at an end, Things can work with it being sent as they just took to the champions. Last year, game: seven seven loss of four about Shop Aiko why they ve had success with those two guys. Despite their overlapping weaknesses, they can still work together, but I'm not so sure tarantulas point the bacon reached the heights that they should with those types of talents and the Basque best ideal scenario for those guys would probably some type a tree like whether its and beat or Simmons is finding some type of ball handling weapon. Wing or guard who can actually run high pick em, all with you
when I give you trade given me the ticket about this one, I'm sure it's but on the internet, I'm saying I invented it. If there is a trade with Bill and Siemens in it, it does a lot of things for each team further the kind of point that each team is in right. The bill thing is just gonna be sure, fit within bead for a variety of reasons, but he's also somebody who can initiate these create shots for other people offer his office and then, if your washed and rebuilding anyway you're a couple years away, you're, putting somebody that I think we all think thinkers of one of the best fifteen guys in the legal situation. To kind of quote: Amazon team browser, yes or no allowance yes, I know I like it. I think if you're gonna go from from fillies post active though you're still gonna need the prime, Ball handler to tie those two guys together there, both guys web Bradley built, gets his own. I think he's in more of a
Myspace space. When you have someone they can create. A bit too and can kind of facilitate often, so I think you need to pay them God, but I like it because I think been needs. Ben Ben specifically needs to be on a team where they can explore everything that he can do like what's really get in there who he is right kind of talk about. Like this new way player. That can do a lot of things. Well, yeah! I dont think you ve seen all did he can do like. I think put it in his hands and let him go. You know build around at once. You figure out what he is. You have more chance for success, or I like it. I just I can we apply where to go with him, a film about my kindly, but on my kindly Orford, it's probably not enough for some big Carjack Rebecca you mean you mean get commonly just in four hoarfrost yeah you're. Just hey man peacemaker lot about it.
Anyway, you think slap. Maybe if you type also decided a flip go bear elsewhere and they totally reshuffled what they want. How big it brings loud, and I ask that lets spring unworthy. That is, I I would I would Utah would say we had cheaper. Younger hoarfrost was Derek favours and we finally get a move on yeah we get in regard to do their bit. I me out better Peak Orford was a hell of a lot better than than PETE Derek favours ever was but the horror Ferdy office so bad. Now I think if there's one positive from all of this, which six fans you'll have to deal with this and ensure their been really annoyed. When I think of him, bead start to his story, don't play two years he's been healthier than I thought he would be
oh is, which is a huge plus, so there's value there, even though I would imagine more, foreign offices are probably still a little worried of. Is this guy ever condition right? Am I in my starin at some sort of problem where Simmons I'm tellin? You teams were done with him about a year and a half ago, maybe it felt like teams had just totally given up on him those plans, we have four shot attempts. I'd heard some rumours about different offers that we're out there were you thought of time. My gosh Philly should just said yes to that and whatever issues are, I think his value around the league is a lot higher because of some of the stuff tat we seem from him and just the way they think teams have more of an open mind him initiating more their stuff if he ever ends up getting traded to be kind of the guy. Seventh has gotten better too. I mean this yes and I feel like he made a leap as an atom finisher unassisted around the basket. I believe he shot around sixty seven percent on unassisted shots
around the room and the half coordinates an elite number for a guy who previously Bolton all again earliness career struggled around the ram. He's so right hand dominant around the basket, you're better, they are not to Mention- has become an all. The fence of team players want the best offenders and all a basketball- and you put it lie down on a team words built around him. You know with a partner in crime, who's running the orphans, handling the ball, whether it's a broadly be or Chris Paul so early, calmly. It could be. Shall there, when you have spacing, would seconds so I like I used to be on the side of wanting,
built around a bead if it's only one of the two but I've transition to Timor, preferring to build around simmonds because of what he does free with his versatility on defence and what he can be. If you actually have space on the often surrender floor, I totally agree and out picks emits if I had the choice only because I think he's a safer pic. I don't. I don't know what the next seven eight years of indeed look like physically, I mean it great, but I know at least was Simmons, especially from what was I bloated from four hundred and thirty Mon Ba. I was so impressed with the d with him, and I was I was Stan Van Gundy. I think they're in the game yesterday was talking about just raving about what an awesome defender he was, and I do think that slip through the cracks a little bit with him publicly. I don't think people realize that he's way up there Rodger, you are defensive, groove expert,
is he? Is he top level for you? Would you put him in your five best, five best for sure yeah I mean I I heard the the broadcast to and not only with same he's, the best defender in the league. When used, I mean you're splitting hairs. They are like. I don't know that I'm ready to say he's the best in the lead by top five, certainly but versatility and linked defensively, or are just things You can't recreate re, so you get a guy that size who can move his feet and stay in front of things. Big enough to handle, you know bigs, that's that's that's valuable. Like I was a good defender. I could only Guard won through three and that small three, because I was five two hundred pounds right. There is a limit to what I could do. Sean Marian was more valuable because he was six eight and could guard one through four. So you know Benson means. Is it
great defender in that lengthen and ability to move his feet. Make him really really versatile hate Roger. Can I ask you a follow up on those two guys causes? but my complemented bill on whenever I compliment bill too much that urban logistics thinks and kissing his ass right. It's it's a great point about taking in that the writers love tanking, because the I feel like I could be a gm, so I could just take to the hanky were added. He loves it, the Hickey, our like beyond you know and something that build said years ago, if no one the dangers of it's when you just decide hey, let's be total losers here for three years and they will just turn an oddity winners. That's It's a really overlooked part of it and I'd heard me. Bottler was like get me out of here. I had heard to buy his Harris's like I'll, around four hundred million, do you know about baby the bad habits and the poor foundation, despite the talent citizens and indeed it may be led to some of their struggles because of what they were allowed to kind of get away with and base
They say we want you to play for a few years. Do whatever you want get bad habits lose him. In games- be around this. But then you're gonna turn this on yeah, that's it. The question. I can't speak disparate Philly, specifically because I am not in a building like I don't know, but I too, when they started with the whole, we're just gonna tank, and I like you, I could you all right and- and I really believe you learn to lose- and you learn how to be. You know allow in the same way you learn how to be a winner like used you put stock and things as a winner that become port in their foundations and cornerstones to like you, not the police that make you a check it should level organization and then, on the flip side, you develop terrible habits. I mean even enough eating habits, you're talking about sleeping habits, Bobby and in that bubble and people being out tall was a night. You know did having good fats in Jim's, they teach you
how to stay in gems and stayed dedicated two hundred to holding a craft. I got to play with the mic ways of the world had Terry Porters and Avery Johnson's in air. Mc and Stephen, like those guys, were we're all winners and champions who taught me. You know how the approach, and so a lack of that, your Jim and you're, losing your promoting it like out everybody's face like it's going teach people how to loosen the risky you run is when you want to win that you can do and a whole lot of really talented players be losers, and I know that this is an mba pod, but I was worried about that last year with the dolphins. They just wound up with a really good coach and Brian Flores, who who was even though they try to take. He was creating a culture where they were complete. Every night, but really didn't do that. And that's what you wind up with it, not all the time, but you certainly run the risk of ending up with that living mirage upon some F
Oh inheritance wasn't expecting. That would render. Scouting gotta Cares, and he said I mean I don't I don't totally by this, though it fairly, though, because the last Sunday, losing season sixteen seventeen young players from our team storm guarantee more and beat, and Siemens and we ve, seen means who was really bad on defence and Alice, you a guide was criticised, as somebody who may be doesn't care about winning. We have seen him turn into a of guy who impacts winning, I will be the guy who did have conditioning issues has continuously got better. As opposed flare. I mean he's tried to get better as as a jump shooter. It hasn't half He's also got better as a defence of player, I feel like and beaten Simmons the guys from those tanking teams. The end of the process have become great players, they just don't fit together. I think the mistakes were like drafting ochre, for the mistake was Calandria trading. Turning up in getting false, I feel like Philly, isn't this plan,
because of personnel ours, not process areas. I think he was on the right track with what he did there. Just a couple mistakes along the way that totally screw this whole thing up right, but you had said before they ve shown. As you said, they float live on one place serious if they don't want one day I mourn the rising crime, while the other thing is there. The thing was Siemens, and I don't know I just noticed this year I felt like he was the most competitive person and the team other than Bible like when I watch some of those were the two guys that you can count on. If you just fly Lee Pass. They are those two guys give a shit. Ok I'll see you ass. I may have to wait and see that was Simmons early on. I don't think she's this season I felt like we saw it. Yeah. I know I didn't know that there is a competitive edge and viable, and that was there and you know what we saw yesterday in the Boston game. I thought that was really kind of illuminating like to the point where his eye man, it's almost idea
What was that story? This was, I think, you're a Russia. Now is better better learn the one to three Cancun with Nick Van X, the ah here without worrying about the Lakers about to get swept any famously was one to three cocoon and they got sweats. Were there a big thing like you? Can google this story, but sometimes teams look like they checked out and me the Sixers look like a team. That's that's done and then you hear Embiid after the how could about you, know the old way we ve become a back home for game through their fans. As I get work, there is no ordway did this is your pay and who should Jim and you had to in one of those first two games and you completely ruled over the second game. So I don't know the answer at them, but I know that the the Harrison to be there
saying is actually, though, the worst thing that they did cause they gave up all their remaining assets in their trade. I dont think he was the greatest fit with last year's team, and then they compounded the They gave him a hundred eighty billion, which is just backers, was we said at the time We, when there is no money for other teams that decided when they had him for a little while and its yet Let nobody around is eighteen point a game guys, like men, eighteen hit some quarter, threes efficiencies, nice, ok, there's been fourteen zero like we're gonna pay him. They had an that building every night. You did this. I Logan Murdoch with with him on Ringer chaba dude again quickly when you're in the calves. The tears, oh yeah, that you guys had fur like are you? Are you raided the players because I think, in my opinion, when teams really getting in trouble with contracts, it's always when you're, given the nepotism contract, the Tobias Hairs contract, twenty nine million for Andrea German. That's I dont mind overpaying superstars. It's when you
repay that guy below, but other tell him about the tears the you guess at year it was you know you sat down and you took every NBA player and you were ranked bullet won through. I don't know six or seven something like that, and you were attached like an abc or a d to that end in a one a is, you know, I don't know guys in the league. They can be the market, the best player on a championship level team. Undoubtedly right and then you know it would. You would fall its logical, We saw you your number two like: let's leave Gordon Heyward, who was a really player, but I never thought he was a one, a because I've been thinking. Be your best player on a championship level team you wind up, like one b or one c, so you're still your rigour player but Tobias Harris is probably like a to a great character guy. He could be like your second or third on a good team, but he's never gonna be like a one. You know what I mean, so they they saw
and they were really Griff was really smart. I try not to a four Tobias, maybe like three a bottom: they, gonna pay you! If you were substantially out of the slot, did they had you? They just wouldn't knew it so so Haywire bids is probably a one c, but because of the market, you talk yourself in him being kind of somewhere between a one in a one b, but really is a one c I like the way do that chaos issue. We shall we start adopted that for all of our basketball woody Thank you all about it. I'm all about it. You love tears, He loved rises that during this corner I like that from the river, I wouldn't say: hey were the ones the anymore. That's for sure, he's he's fallen down cup couple tears to pull it out of three. Unfortunately, right pick a guy's yes be and has worked out. Footage of Braun Pre Game Ah, you guys method of working there somehow they are able to get access to him working out with a trainer before the games
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twenty. He had been a sponsor this package for many years. We highly appreciate how good there had the super state that come such bs negated, free, hd camera, that's for my lesters woods, get simply say for two eyes: supersaver com, slash bs back to the latter issue. Woodstock about this lottery cause it's coming up in a little bit. Its thirty five. Thirty five five right now is is the worst ladder, the twenty first century. Cassie, The worst lottery since I've been doing this, but I dont think that makes it a bad draft. I think there's a lot of good, central role, players that can be had in the middle of a lottery, late lottery and throughout the first round, and guys who impact winning like we saw with Missy style. This
like we saw a burning Clark on Memphis, like Rossini, with Jordan, on ok, see who went on draft there's those types of guys, but the top of a draft, whoever wins these top for picks. You know I've had conversations with execs and genes but who have potential lottery picks and there like we're fine, in Spain where we are, we don't love the guys up top, and maybe that's just. Talking down, but I don't. I don't think so. It's pretty consistent that the top players have so much risk that maybe for a lot of teams, rather have a cordon court. Safer option elsewhere after you not paying nearly as much money for the player, either with a working Ricky, scale, contracts, reseller, good thing or bad thing that we didn't have barge badness to overreact. To some of these guys, I was a bad thing for the class cause some
would have had a great story. Somebody would have put together a nice run here we would have talked ourselves in so is probably better that we didn't have it so even trick ourselves into thinking that up to this draft is really special. Whenever I've done I've done. Like my own twenty, I can't believe some of the guys I have to put down as like the fourth or fifth best prospect. I just I can't. I can't believe it and like every draft the closer we get to it, people, people talk themselves into some guys. You know once the slots are figured out tonight in those seems. You're gonna starts in areas that have the fourth peccary go. This is purely a four person draft. We see dislike for people in hoping that we repeated over and over again, but I note in in target as some people there like it if there was ever a draft. I don't wanna have to evaluate more his this one the Cotonou. What it was in June, like we normally, would have, and now we're just doing a ton of to work on guys that were not that excited,
I just wonder if new people in charge some teams that have probably felt stale if they'll talk themselves in a trading any of the players that they still have some value around the league. We can kind of go over some of the rumors, some, the team stuff like that. Will they ask trade into this lottery? I don't know, I don't know why you would, but it's it's a hard, it's a hard group to really figure out like who were the guys in the top ten, you think can really help a franchise and care sees tat. Five. We have an awesome, Ringer Draft Guide, MBA draft that the ring outcome. Casey has Killion haze, as is number one person you can, in the De Angelo Russell and managing nobly a dynamic lefthanded shot maker from France, whose eighteen raja, knowing nothing just hearing that does attic site. You are made a dynamic Maynard's. Oh boy, are you prepared like the two best guards and possibly
in spurs. History are saying that we have it. Did he Edwards at the second spot? Ragin go like this in the in the minuses, inconsistent effort. At times he plays hard by cutting running up the floor, crashed in the board's, but then he'll disappear. I dont nodded, nor does it out is that if you knew that new, that's my trigger the not not consist in energy is a trigger for me. Ragin. I see we say this that very similar lad. Thank I am out on all inconsistent effort, guys in all skinny guess the just am blind out the motivation behind the like either those yeah is that when it comes to effort, how do you assess bat ethics knowledge level, but because of the reason why bring it up is because we just meant had been Simmons earlier, a guy who, Horrible analyses has become a great events, a player seen in the play our role now Gary TRAIN, a guy who I do with it
always ball. Watchin missed rotations. Last allowed backdoor cuts. How is a really good offender soldier with these types of you don't put an effort and college swords and consistent effort. It's really hard to assess that. For me, I just some I'd miss on them because, like you, I agree with you. One hundred percent there guys did picking that are exceptions. The rule. I just for me like when I scouted out to build this lay about on a week or so ago, like I tell it was always going to write a fair valuation so like if you're talented there, you can overcome a whole lot of stuff like, but I always have to know if your low motor and you don't play hard Just think. It means something especially when you're talking about like lottery, because that's a guy that you would hope into a one, a and b, a one a I mean have to have a whole lot. Motor. There there's your responsible for a franchise. You know so the open I just met on a guy, like does not say they can't get it figured out. There
but from the risk right, I don't know man, I mean you basically saying that we should have an open mind about everybody that doesn't have any energy or doesn't put an effort like that scrape the thing about Ben summonses now. There is a lot of not that team was a mess. The coach was bad. They had for providers all want to score any still pull down like eleven rebounds, a game in the sea. So when you pull them any boards in everybody's like knocking you, it's almost like a dead, seeing they could you want your daughter today and that while well, we should rule out. These guys are heading Is he like out airing almost might middle daughter, Mary to gather crashes carving every other week, and you know what that worked out. Fine so have an open mind of the little dodgy here's the river we're evaluating these days in their eighteen, nineteen and twenty he's a game and made twenty nine percent of them. That's the argument against Anthony Edwards. He took it takes them we in bad shots and they're all bad shot seriously reduce shots election. He thinks he's deaf Currie enemies he's I don't know Trenton have tea weapons
That is that is that he's that my cup of tea, but he knows, tat my son. The latter is today my Son plays MBA to K and they have these galaxy. Opel cards were of these guys in the latter. The guys from the latter in the in the thinks so he's a Gazelle Anthony Edwards. Could it be it? It is possible to K and my Ghek as they scooped up all the skills to ninety that out of a hundred like it relay he may be out of it may be it through better who knows. Lamellosa number three and cases list This is the one. This is the one anybody who says I know what's going to happen with the Malabar. They are lying to us into themselves because it could go and ninety different Directions- Raja JUICE, from what you ve heard, peripherally ff,
may maturity being able to handle ed what happens if he goes to a city in his dad, the saviour of an of Sacramento whatever we would. You got tired, I I I like him as a player, but I think emotionally bears there's alike there. There's a lot of stuff is that he's dead, with, like just you know, being on the periphery of the stuff Alonzo IN and his and his brother in traversing, the glow plan. Like I don't know, and again I don't on good points, yeah, but I don't know that I'm trust in a franchise to be carried by him. That's just me person, but I dont know em I don't know homework on this draft and- and quite frankly, I haven't seen play a lot. I heard he's kind of special town with the ball, his long legs a gifted guard, but there's a lot, there's a lot baggage there. I'm sure man, that's good. I bet there's a lot of going on over there in a family,
I was a shell, was a total shit show he shows up they. Let him do it. Every wanted the team sock. They went five and nine with him. He took a million three easy May twenty five percent of them and I can't believe he didn't get jumped by the adult basketball team, because it was so it was gross to watch, and I love the US basketball League and that New Zealand, these guys, like hey, let's bring over Sundays high school kids of big names and get recognition it work for New Zealand largest Anthon. It feels a little temper but the orgy Hampton thing did exactly work out either, but four le mellow each look. He six seven his hand pickin role, the awareness of some stuff he does its release like. I can see a team going, I'm into it. But when you watch the australian games, it was just ugh it was just ugly and and wherever he goes. If that's the way, he thinks he's gonna play as a rookie a year, two out of high school they're, going to laugh at him and in Australia like
he didn't, even though he just bouts after a little while anyway, and I'm sure the team was like good, because I can't imagine being. A guide has been event that legal long time have to play without, were you completely disrupt everything you're doing he lacks? He lacks discipline for sure there's, something that's cause he's been allowed to play anyway. You wants to play since he was a kid but what the mellow, if the type of thing where this is the car sales, The conversations execs are having now why they're not super high on these top three for peace. All these fine rightfully talking about, but the people who love the mellow, and I only. A sort of like em but the people who love him, look at the fact that he has done Ball handler. Who can create space? Who can make passes that so. You guys I'm awake even today can because of his height and his vision and his accuracy as a pass on their like. If that shot clicks, he's got to be hard to stop at the offensive. End of the floor is going to be a dynamic weapon for you so like it depends so much with the draft this year
philosophy or how much risk are you willing to take on board some of these guys who definitely have downside whether its Edwards or them a ball or James, wise men. Who will talk about waiter? No, it's I want to talk about him now. I thought procedure after seven on your less than this somebody heading into the season? Was the consensus number one? What happened eyes minutes the type of thing where the lack of an outside jump, shod least from what has proven so far? He obviously has the measurable they don't set over seven point: seven, six wingspan, two forty pounds super strong, but he doesn't seem to have failed for me when it comes to reading the foreign defence and only often surrender the floor of the shot thought their decision making not bear. I feel like if drafting a big man high in the draft? I need to be a guy, but I feel confident can be worth that second MAX contracts when that comes up cause. Why
would be on directory if you're taking him number one you're making a big long term investment. And for me, I'm gonna, factor in that second d, I'll, do what I rather have take a risk when these guys, or wings or why is it a risk with a centre? So it's not as much a knock on Wiseman, exactly where I have him ranked it's more. So just my own philosophy when it comes to how I would want to build a team. So if, let's say Jackson Hayes, what did he go? Tenth last year, eight hundred and eighty nine ten summer, their. If he was in this draft this year, would he be ahead of James Wiseman? Now? Ok, so so this draft, is it like as big of a catastrophe? Is people are making it seemed causes? You said it's its deep with solid guys who have a chance if Monica atrophy because, like you know guys it? Maybe we want discuss tonight that could be good role: players, our neighbour from Vanderbilt, knockdown, shooters, really, gonna defects, there's risk
but you might wanna take later to this draft isn't weak on roll players, it's us all talk guys have major major question marks. I mean fine, if you could ever got back to doing here and be a draft com actual you'd have a lot of goodies. The sheer about these top gas I know just justify hours the transcriber to keep all my sources private debt. So. What about now? I'm not done the wise man because he shouldn't Bianca. He care. He can't look. I give her you're saying what you just can't be seven in this draft- and I understand what you say about the second contract, but if he pulls possible bonbon me somebody else campaign he is to skilled as far as the minimal version him his ability to run he catches every thing. There are some moments where you can see that it's not as fluid in the catch and processing exactly what he wants to do. Where you'd like that to be a little bit more institutional, but it is an old or is that way but, like I feel like there's a a five men, rimmed rim version of him that
we should put him ahead of me when we start to an obey top in. I know Denny a alot of teams do like him, Halliburton. I just see can't see collectively having sex eyes or killing and ahead of of wise men. I actually still would have him one here, and I do think that there's there's another version of I'm not sure if it exists where I think we don't have a lot. I am sure you watch more high school than I did, but there is that there is some small forward skills that I think he wants to show you every now and then, where he has little bit of a handle a little bit touch theirs. Turn around that he has. He showed this jump hook button the three games. You played, he played no one that could guard him any any put on a pretty impressive show on just roll catch roll and finish at the rim. But I just it with the uncertainty with the other guys at the top. I think seven is low. I it might be in, and he is somebody that I want to learn more about because their sort of like a bit of a jail and brown factor here were jail in brown. Cow was also a guide and make decisions who was also slow.
Peter Tabs emails happening on the floor, yeah answer with eyes and how much of that is that you say meaning a teenager and then he still trying to get and get things the catch up. He's either thing Russia might you take on this? I think it so easy to get guards,
And we we see over never get even this year right, like Trey Burke, was bouncing around on the scrap heap and he's neither one of the key guys and gave to Dallas clips or like Cameron Payne who three teams gave up on and all the sudden he's coming off the bench for Phoenix. I do feel like you can always find the Jalen Brunson, whoever and then, if they, if they end up being better than that great. But you can't find the two things are like the six thousand seven hundred and sixty eight wing, three and d guy and then the guy, who could be the five and potentially protect the rim for you. I would much rather roll the dice with Wiseman and especially in this trap and hope he worked versus just taking a guard. Where do you stand on that? Rodger cuz there's so many good cards like Isaiah take Halliburton. Let's say he turns out he's pretty good, but they're still going to always be ten to twelve point guard, so we're just better
you know, and it's like right so now, I'm taking a guy that never has a chance to make it all. Nba team wears at least with Wiseman. There there's a real value if it pans out. What do you think on that? Russia? That's a good question! Cuz I mean. An initially I was going to say I would err on the side had taken a guard because so much you're doing is, is predicated on our play now like Dave yeah, you know it. Everything is spread out so having good guards people can make plays off. The boats are critical, but that's that's, provided I felt really good about the guard his trajectory. So if you're telling me like I'm rolling the dice one, are the other, like, I think, guys have always kind of air it on the big gray. Just because you don't have a lot of six ten run in Japan, please walking around, like you see a lot of guys, six five. I saw him at Publix when I was at this grocery earlier today. You know, but you don't see the six hundred and ten guy walking through the door so
and if you can run up and down the cordoned and do some things you try err on the side of the big just because you know to your point, guard position if you have good ones already, can be plugin play. Like your your guys. Like me, you night, I was the catch on and have a good career buddy that, like honestly, there a lot of guys out there that could do what I did. You know now, I'm six times walking around. Well, I would air if I had to rank my err on the side of caution positions. I just think you you're safe as bad as probably the six sixty six eight guy who can play multiple positions in multiple positions. Kind. You hope our. I wait there going I have one sort of law, especially in this draft. This, like is: maybe they have a great motor? Maybe they can't shoot yet maybe they're playing out a position in college and they were, but you know a college or playing his afore, but they're really three, but its it seems like over and over again teams
struck oil on those guys reseller. What what would have to happen for you to take a point guard with, like the fourth picking the lottery I'd have to love. My coach and we have to all be on the same page and I would have to say, like look like the stuff KFC says about the middle of the team's like like it is very real. It's six, seven hundred, maybe six eight at some point, seeing over the top of people running high, pick and roll with him and trying to trap him and having a passable shot. I mean, if that happens again. Great I'll. Just tell you. If you watch all the australian games, it's disgusting. I mean you it's hard to make it through the here aren't by you, but you are not a fan and you're, not a fan of his floaters from the elbow. I've got a fact of life for guys that look like all they want is a fosters in a white dark. Looking at him for life.
Half covered in oil. Are you serious political? What is this? Ah, I will I would have to be. I would have to have like a great relationship. My coach, you go. How can we bring him along if golden state ends up like say, there's aversion, we're golden state insipid three in and say why Ngos in the top too arrogant up. I'm just talk about my ass here because I imagine Edwards or low mellower somebody depending on how the organs but say like golden states, sitting at three and wise men in top energy, I guess I'm we're version of this and you have Edwards La Mellow Halliburton, that's probably their worst case scenario. As data get, she sat, there lay man, let's hope or not, and most ball with Amr. The guards are yet Baldoni Guard who doesn't make shot. So has authority yeah, and you would think that that situation with Myers being so good in curbing so good as a maybe
this guy along slowly, but we're talking about the second part of the window here so for certain teams, and then you worry about the bad teams. Will you go? Are we given the keys to the castle this kid, and now we get a Zack Levine situation I think Zack has come along has become. Better player, while my exact nobody views your one you. What are we doing? You know like? Don't don't print the plastic. Now we know what we know. Overdoing we're gonna be a lottery over their budgetary note. I picked by both to take one of these guards I we'd have to like I would we spend my coach would be. Give me the amount of time I would Tubby talk about like how can we get this? How can we set this kid up to succeed, instead of letting them do everything and having bad habits versus not needing at some point so careful who is that who's, the most Raja Bow Guy in this draft. Most Roger Bell: Guy, maybe Devon, for cell of you in the daily then second year, a player,
you have a reality. Raja, haven't huge free as soon as one of the sky. The parent is another five guided us over the cells, one of those guys that out of your better about taking a hand of wise men just because of what he could bring to the floor for you, it's a versatile defender who just play so Freak and hard on the floor not off ants re great spot up shooter who showed some staff drivel that he didn't show a freshman year, ya dramatically better as the shooter off the dribbling and that at least the just as a chance that he has some untapped upside off the dribble so he's I've come.
I floor and maybe a higher ceiling than some people might expect. I haven't third on my list cause just from what you said: shades of Chris Middleton, Robert Cometh anonymity, stable, amen, sign it through one of the best to finish this year's class with a developing offensive game. Okay, so like that to me, I looked at this less than like the year. We have to be focused on gold state gold state. This is the all time ridiculous situation they make.
Straight finals. They still have Currie and clay and dream, and they still have an awesome organization. A great don't forget, Wiggans! Well we're gonna get to wages in a second, because you know if, if they were able to get this kid it like three or to whatever they still have the card of Wiggans. With that Minnesota pick to try to trade for a veteran or potentially, they could package. This pick with that Minnesota pick next year, step through protected and wicked this contract, and now I'm in the Brad the bill conversation. If we think that in the off season Bradley, because I look you need to trade me, I am leaving he's, not an item, you then no waste he's market and trade. Beer and wine, and give it a chance together and and team is gonna, give it a chance as well. I be shocked if the I think the team wants to give it a chance more than those two guys want to give it a chance. I only regret that they want to give it a chance. I thought the both of them in recent months, forest
reside, reporting and, like maybe they're bs in me, but by one on one. I'm here I dont have a browser running you didn't say: let's see what we got here, one more chance with unhealthy wall and B. I don't I just they want you idiot, I'm crazy. If gods, they got the third pick. You wouldn't trade beer for Wiggans, the third Peck and that Minnesota Hole We just talked about how shitty Serbs oriented about affairs. Thought prospects are now I do that. I found the wizards we build only twenty six years old and has turned into a all envy. Cholera player. I wanna keep that guy does a guy wanna built around somewhere as they enable I, if I was the year by, would be the I'm going down in flames of this guy and if you please the author I'm getting fired anyway, but I definitely get fired if I trade him for fifty cents on the dollar. So now I've been summits is on the table. I think that's a different context.
I wish this draft were better. I wish the golden stay got the number one pick and that there was a maybe a Carl Anthony towns type at one. When you go. I contract thing. Is you can't you dream on two Philly, but having been Simmonds would message dream about? Just I wish I could never have forever and Roger remembers s every time There is some guy that we want to see. Leave the team we spent five years going I'd love to see him on Phoenix is this every time I feel like there's these big. I just want to see run with the golden state when, whatever version we see him come up, Roger Win, won't wait here. Did that trade staff start with. Team. Now is that the year you made the shack Marian Trade. That was when you guys were in the hall, the they gonna do, whose go in my body that do you remember being hyper aware, that that was a conversation with all basque about people.
No, I what I do remember is right before that domino face of I, with Leandro Barbosa Pre Game, watching a telecast of of a heat game. And they Panda Shack up in the stands in an l b said, like you know, in his brazilian sound like hoo who trays for him now men and I was leg- l b- I could not tell you who would trade. Shock at this point I dont know what they have to give our asylum and avoid and life. Two weeks later, Shack was there and then that they do not like. We ve talked about that dominant domino, but I listened. We also had this com Asian Logan I about it, goes into tampering a little bit. Everyone wanted to play in Phoenix at that time like I I was in Utah halfway through that season. I was letting people now look. I want. I want to play in phoenix if I, if I can play in Phoenix I'd like to play there so I wasn't really acutely aware of it, but I mean that the trade
rumours, but I knew every one wanted to play their cause. It was just the styled it was. I pick up. Do you think Houston has that now here I mean, I think alike, People have that now I, like a lot of people, play more of a wide open style. So I don't think it's? U need to Houston, but I do. I do think. A lot of guys could see themselves if there really gifted on the ball. Or like me, it abuse and would appeal the meal. I now because I knock adjusting the corners sit in re, so you either of that you should come back, can if you want to buy the ringer her yeah, I think part of the Phoenix thing was just as bad go training staff we always heard of when they were they fix Greenhill. It was like, though it was like the greatest achievement of the two thousands. Yes, I think I was done it did they heedlessly three years to injuries and then suddenly was you know, reinventing himself is kind of Pippen light fur.
Couple years are but yeah that was. I wonder what other teams are late, that Cassie? What are their teams are laid down that the poisoner leaguer, like oh man, I want to be an that's him. I think if I write I said a lotta teams- are playing that style now. This is a lot of the Balkans, where a lot of money to Boston I sent you have just as it was, then that I gave you They will go on me. You bring it up. Is what we have is a lovely The lottery ads cuz, this blocky games about the end, the golden states in the pole position, the lowest golden state can go, is five they've, a forty eight percent chance of being v Cleveland a second? We should probably talk about them for a second, the hell. Do you do if your Cleveland? What do you need? You need everything and nothing you have guards you have. You have the Weird Drummond love back for it, which a frontcourt, which I guess they're going to,
maybe but like what would you do if, if they ask you hey Rodger, what do I do with Cleveland man? I figure out what how you want to play like the way you're setting it up, just like your thrown it back to like ninety six, and I mean I don't know I don't know that's gonna in the end, be I just there were Phoenix was for me three years ago, were copies, my guy by look. What are you dont? What's did what the end game here? Do we have a blueprint like? Can you tell me what the vision, is in and how you gonna get me there and I dont know cause there's what is in the draft. It's gonna help them like you just now. Then we talked about a bunch, a guy's dead. I mean I think that really help Cleveland right. What would you do? Reseller.
The first. Why wouldn't make any positional mistakes in the draft? I wouldn't go? Well, I can't take a guard because I really like sex in garland. You know, I think it's too early to write off garland. HU. I did like a lot because of his and we had a very limited, I think for game sample him advancing but his forest China is now start stop drivel and then the three point: shooting numbers there's something there and I kind of go. Look at that. Take most of these backwards now you're better off with two scores, especially if one guy small cuz, I trap them. They just kicking somebody else. You could see the times when you really standing. I say: ok will now make columns, go on foreign three, so that a great situation out of the game, Worry about play off stuff like that. Have your cleveland, but you'll love is only eight point: nine million two years from now that contract was stupid. That contract was paid we're mad that Lebaron laughed
now we're gonna buy into one of our guys and look at our positive headlines, and it was it was, it was stupid. I would he was this day it's. I guess he wants this, because you're overpaying Drum India is a twenty eight point. Seven five million dollar option- you gotta be kidding me and he can't he has a heart. Another for today's gain it. So I know I did I would I would it also tell you that That's probably one of the more owner influence teams as far as some other stuff that they do most. These owners call the shots more than I think Thus even realize is always good to remind ourselves of it, but they have terrible contracts across the board. I mean Nancy Junior together, remember him: he still owed another twenty six million the next two years, as so yet, at its height, that's another type of contract. We get in trouble, you're, paying like Thee Larry Its junior type were here to gag, never forget this
improved if everyone free thought individually, as defence played some three for them with all their big. You know I like it. I like correction, I learned legacy. That's that's good and I think that Larry Dance defence- they just a lottery started. They just showed the Board of Saigon. Stay. Put the staff curry card fur, for the Roger remedies. Annex from the eighty six draft Minnesota is going to be the third team, with the with the most ping pong buzz. To me. It's a little more clear what they need right. They just need whoever the best wing is that it I mean or point guard like they kind of can't lose in this draft. There's Baltimore guys that would probably play for them out. They re Kazi yeah. I think Minnesota right here: they they whinnied either direction may go. You compare another guard with the angel Russell. If you want to, he can play off the ball or it can
the guy handle in four years or whether it say while mellower Anthony Edwards, whoever might be up top, you can good about that potential fit there, or maybe you compare a big with towns. Considering he's such a potent three point: Shooter Sulphur Minnesota: burying, regardless of what position may go here, what the philosophy is, if they nail this saga, They have a pretty appealing young, big three with rustled tat cat and whoever the pic might be there. I don't that's a tough one cause. I dont know what they do, that sexting garland thing and you get in a situation where we can take other guide. We have these two guys, but maybe the guy who's on the board is actually better than either the guys they have Atlanta is for at least as I was surprised. They were this high Cosette
I think I had the impression in my head that thinks we're gonna be better for them, maybe that that record, but you know they at least had the foundation. The LUCA trade is a generation disaster than ever recover from by Denmark was good for them nationally shorter telling him well it did. It did move the LUCA focus off, but what would you do for them Raja here at Lana? Would he need? I need some vets in there. I need They d get some good solid guys. They can help that young core like understand not unlike what we talked about in Philadelphia without losing like we need. Some people the building. I know what it's like to win that have been in the fox holes in the battles, and so I honestly idle. What in the draft is, is really gonna. Help me further. You know a land as winning percentage next year, the you're going to be like retreading, the same path you on this, here, which was were too young to wind. So I dont know what it looks like for the package and stuff.
Figure out how to go out and get a substantial vat like someone who can help, but I will be looking at I wish it well enough what the accumulation of really young talent, which Mr Wynn and let me get somebody in Europe- can help with that now yeah. I was wondering because it seems like buddy here, there's a guy. I know you know he's that super young, but he still in his mid twenties at this point, but buddy had seemed like a guy who is probably going to be available in the off season and ours, like a farm Atlanta. I think I want more shooting I want to be, that, where the crazy shooting team- and he seemed like somebody- I don't know like what is buddy heels by Eu Cassie compared to a top five pig in this draft, probably be lower because of the fact that he's gonna be getting paid. You know around twenty million dollars and need I don't have as much long term security. But he it that would be a really really intriguing fit next. The tray on their shooting ability there the mean, but he can do.
A bit on the ball with you too, I feel like with Atlanta the idea of rain and veterans having a smart for them because trade, has already become the level of player. Where he's ready to win, individually as a player Normally when it comes to team building, you don't want to do anything short sighted or stupid that hurts you long term by lan, our even in our Dallas, would LUCA some of these young teams. I feel like it's like Indiana, fell with a good young quarterback. You wanted to advantage of that when they're on their rookie deal and try to such challenges can before they come up with their next year. When you have as much flexibility in tray, I mean it will a player. He is even though you said it's a disastrous deal for them to get rid of Lucca. I'm that everyone may be the case. Considering look a legend in always on that track, but is a great pleasure himself too in his own right, its debts, it's a tough, its perpetually, a tough line for them, for as long as LUCA is
professional Basque far, let's take a breakdown by vandals sports book, where they have an amazing and be a class offer for our new customers, plus two thousand. That's twenty two one odds and any team in the plans to make the NBA doesn't matter if it's the bucks Lakers nets mavericks twenty one, Everyone knows that the wind download the vandals sports but got to get started, be shared a sign up with promo code BS said, now I sent you and, as I mentioned earlier, we have the ultimate hoops ringer contest with them. It is runnin people love it. There's a federal contest. Every single day there are plans, games, five, our entry fee per contest, and if you win that days, and ass you get a ticket to the leaderboard says during the NBA finals were all the winners will compete for a share of fifty k, cash ringer swag and to be deemed these survivor of the ultimate hoops ringer learn more and enter at vandal. Dot, slash hoops, ringer, age and location restrictions apply must be twenty one plus present
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, West Virginia Indiana, There's only must we drank designated boost market MAX bonused hundred hours see full terms at sports book that fondled outcome gambling problem call one hundred gambler Colorado. One hundred five, two to forty seven hundred West Virginia eighteen hundred but I met Indiana eight hundred nine with it back to ladders reseller would rather have the fourth pick. This draft buddy healed onto a body I mean you going somebody anyway and I get the point of, much can mess you measure, but I look man. I like the transactions, where it's it's not about hope, sometimes and of its playwright Like I don't care who cares about waiting on cap space, are you tell me I can t this guy? I kind of like any may not be as good as is closing Mises swing. As far as I can and in our view are different draft, I think it would be. It would be probably a different answer.
In other words, for five guys. I liked in this, and really the reason why this draft so frustrating is that you plan for years to land some where you get your chance at a star minutes the whole job. Find a way to get your hands on one of these stars and that's why you ll see people drafts times they go either. We knew this is way bigger rest, but we were due to try to do this in time when Milwaukee was like everywhere, really sure about Yon, as we go to see the best guy of of the group now that still star potential, it's what Denver did Michael, junior and it certainly workin for Maki. It may not work to the same four Denver and it doesn't. Like you have any of those options here. So, if you're giving me simulates body who can chew in space the floor, but I think the biggest thing for Lana is as good as tray has become as an often supplier he's gotta be better than the worst of it the player in a league of he's gonna play this many minutes, and Hi hide it other than hoping you have what a nice to weigh player like. Do you think bodies good enough defensively to make up for all the stuff for
maybe maybe Roger you could speak to this. Just how often you guys search out those switches to try to, use some of you. Don't do it every single play, but is there a way? to hide tray enough to start winning some more games defensively Not it not. If you have another guardian, two pair him with the different like they did with Allen, Iverson a lot like they paired him with a defensive to get Eric Snow staring. I ordered a defensive one right like they were looking Eric said so you're. Looking for you look bodies yield? I won't take anything away from him. France, I e g serviceable, but I dont know what it is good enough. I think that the right answer matter, what trays doing I like, I think, putty he'll fits with them offensively. I have concerned and I'd say, Allen Iverson, because I was feeling the way trade young, please you're gonna have to
really commit like that's the way you're playing like he's got to have the ball in his hands and it's got to be high, pick and roll like you got to play like that, so you got to build to play like that. Cuz, that's what you're! That's, what you've decided you're going to do right, and maybe you know to be fair to cam reddish and in the hunter and you know I'd be problematic. We'd all see here and agree that it still a very to be nice. Like now we gotta get more than a year to see if somebody one of these guys develops into somebody that can maybe guard some smaller players, because it certainly, you would think with the way. Hunter was a virgin and the ATLAS Ism, a reddish that there is at least something to build on their even if fino rookies it was very inconsistent, but run by second year player with with tray. I hope he is willing to sacrifice and share the ball more often, because if he does, that opens up they can do on the Office of entry on this year, only shot a hundred and three three pointers off the catch and it forty seven percent of us I mean he's a knock down- should have to catch the things you did.
With him off hand, ass and screens. It's pretty exciting if these willing to sacrifice, but that's the big question law, guys don't want it There is one area where we are gone: stay clay them, soda land at Detroit. Has the fifth most ping pong buzz. I dont think we need to even have it a tray conversation, do. I was gone over the lottery real quick and he was like worst roster in a league in bad strata having by five year. If here that GM at that same year, just look at in America, and what did I do to myself next, six new new administration for them? I don't, I guess if you are a ranking, their best assets, their assisting coach, I guess bear its first. They don't really have the moves like if they want to make a big splash and be like. Oh indeed, might be on the table. Here's a bunch of stuff. They don't even really have the bunch of stuff, so God only knows them. I just want to talk about Chicago really quickly.
There there seventh in this mix mix just had a coaching train wreck. There are some good stuff written about that this week. I dont think they were run particularly well by particularly well I mean they were run, fucking terribly and I'd like some other pieces. Like I like Carter, I like market, and I think marketing was in a worst case scenario. If I was a GM out, be trying to cherry pick him right now, because I I don't think, there's a whole different world in which that guy's, like really an asset. If you plan on the re team Roger View If you had the Chicago GM job are keeping the team you have. Are you blown up all of it? keeping the team I have for now. I need some right right. Was talking about having like real frank conversations with your coach, like we to get in a Roman, really hash. This outright, like whoop, was basically how we can play. What are you
your plans for lower market and what are your plans for Carter? How are you going to use Zack Levine, so we I just going like crazy, and shooting us. You know why scorn twenty seven again, but worst were shot out of everything like what are we gonna do there and if, if any peace doesn't fit with his vision, like, I wouldn't be afraid to move something, but I dont think I'd move off of it. The move off of it like I'd. I'd. I'd want to give that a year with some stability just to see what I actually had reseller, which each worker to cherry Pick Carter market We likewise. I love your marketing car best thing. You said in an hour thanks. Damn that it out as Albania, closer lottery? Henry you do warm up is the closer we get to the ball, but today I take away any lower pay. I I think marketed had some moments before the injuries and then how its often these young rosters, Rita, Hayworth, rebuilding, ok, everybody, young and it's ok, cool one through twelve is all first, second or third year players in the third guys pissed off at the first year, guys guys there taken their minutes and they think they're due for contracts,
that they probably observed, because we ve been this bad and we're still rebuilding like what are we actually have, but I thought marketing had momentary your war. This might be the part of the Jimmy Butler Trade were completely works out and no Toby way at moments last year, and I would just move on from Zack Levine market. It's one of those guys you get enough, unlike Dallas, say it has some good team that a we figured out other ways to use them in a long while ours ass. I say what I think are huge. The army, with marketing Carter for that team. There keepers to me for now I see. I didn't work that out. Morgan into can do more off the dribble than it was able to show under boil Carter and over the edge. Is he had always first two seasons? I don't feel like he's gone. A fair opportunity today but he can do or what here been able to show that it can be a defence either for that matter, as our own.
Her end when some versatility. I think that such a good job I was really jealous of the dude, with a lot of letters in both this dams are deter. Them are terrorists had he says, lasting decay, man they came in. I was jealous of that dude because. You have a great fan base that you know has a lot of good memories and even up until a few years ago, had teams employers that they really liked your huge market. You have money to spend, allegedly, who knows of the owners can actually spend it. But you know that This is a barrier in the third biggest city in America. Rather, compare contrast, Rans Dwarf and Robert Sorrow the per capita. Have you got no experience with rise door? If I got like if I started my Robert started almost told a robber servers story did did the other day
its interaction with my wife after she had a a d see like she was our first pregnancy like I had to leave Last weekend I come home and check on her and like a man repealing car what he said to her, but it was just one of those things where your life- you know, if you can, if you can't figure out something to say in a situation like that, it's just like hey. Yeah, sorry to hear about it, keep moving you if you
send her in dire situation like Ebay, man, pray, dont, have a great touch, it doesn't seem like it's gettin better with him yeah. I know. Despite the team, you know, I've never seen anybody celebrate eight, no in the bubble that also by to nothing, but they had reason to reason to it was the first time they felt like felt like a man. We actually might have the foundational something. Oh, the latter is about to happen as as we watch these these first, the the Celtics from the Memphis grizzlies today are the subjects of the fourteenth pick back to back years of thinking there, giving it a top five peg from Sacramento. Her face and they turned out to be what Cassie, fourteen and fourteen in great Bob before we get the rest, the lottery? No one expect me to do this in two thousand: twenty taught us anything. It set things, don't always go as planned. Mistake farm
can be ready for the unplanned moments in your life like life. The NBA draft is filled of. Surprise is an unexpected moments, Rach about not even drafted right, not even drafted. No, that was was that expect or unexpected. Ah forbears expected that there were such ass. I went to live with their last picked, a respected there's a lot. I expect a moment's too. I was doing the draft and Anthony better got take it. I must have a seizure at air with day for me, get a t made have now been advocate. The unexpected events in your life and savings with surprise a great rates when you went the real deal like a good neighbour. State farm is their right, so we went Celtics, Zol chalk. So far out shock Celtics New Orleans Sacramento spurs Phoenix Son
other so everything's chuck wait. Somebody jumped the net now YAP Charlotte jumped the next seven Nick early ass, a neck. The Knicks ended up of Yad, ended up eighth and they were so. They were safe. Two teams jump because the trade was fifth, so within and job no one's. You did this last year it has turned into a train wreck a dancer Now don't already on in this room, so I can't see it at the moment now. Charlotte's, seven Atlantis, Charlatan Chicago, jumped, allow Cleveland five wow Jamie hurts so Chicago. That's I kind of like their team. I think thick and get the top three were suggested. That's pretty good! So we have it
It looks like its golden State, Chicago and and Charlotte in Charlotte, yeah see you think this is the last payment for the last dance. You do the dock, here's a check for a ten mile and he gave the number and taken the giraffe curries rockin lie guy he's gonna Shamayah war swat. Look on you! I really like it. Yea looks also be looks like he's gonna be in action over the top for pigs revealed so bone State Cleveland. I don't know they write a soda Chicago, none and say Minnesota, Charlotte Chicago, the rang atop for that's a fun tap foreign, so that means Cleveland falsified Atlanta falls of sex, Detroit, seven New York to eight and then the rest discharge. That's a New York which still only had the six bets odds to get the number one.
But it just now it's just unbelievable. Before the lottery last year, you, like our Kai redo, ran an Zion. How are they fit in annex teams she's like or or her Cassie quickly, who's, who I Chicago's the most interesting team in the tub for two May, who would be the most fungi for them to go I think it's like we talked about earlier where the Cleveland them and how you wanna play by its guy. Be la mellow if you're talking fun straight up, fun, fun out, so you put the mellow and copyright together I do not fear the wooden combination of an accident. You know I mean who exact Levine now my mit. The only way that you could break LE in where you go hey you see our stuff. You do right
As you know it is, you are when you watch Zack, do stuff how the rescue team feels about you you're rookie year. So what you are doing is I let you learn if I watch my dad if I galaxy Brain team building right hair, so those two together could be the only thing that reseller through another year. The pandemic theme being able to criticise the mellow exactly that I would say to you in an absolute frenzy, every some of the worst shots election about that labelling tray on would be fun to exaggerated fight to the death. Zack did get better than is needed is there there was it really bother me where those t wolves, polyps from thirty feet, with twenty one seconds, I found a shock like those. Those are the ones how I've been Marcus. Smart feels a guy time to get this team out of it. Mike S had some tough funds these first to get yes, yes, it reminded me again
he's been better with it. So it's funny why you wanna unable me you want to be full market smart at all times. You wanted to do in order to always embraces inner market smart, but it is like. I'm the amount of times and I'm sure Rodger can speak this. You would waste a post position on a big couldn't finish just to make him feel good about all the screens. You was going to set the rest of the night. That's what you do with mark as she. Let him take those three or four. I just don't like it when it's with less than two minutes left in the clothes game, I'm a build yeah, you know who was grey with my dear Tony it he was not going to tell you betcha he just one. Gonna do it has ever like you, you ever gets. You just have to be free to be you re.
What are your values on the defensive and a rebound in orion scoring like going to? Let you shoot by cuz? I want you to feel good about that yeah. When Stevens expresses mild upsetness at a Marcus three. You know it was like an absolute travesty. If it's- because I think he's subscribe to that theory, he wants Marcus to to cook and do his thing can see most fun team to win the lottery right now, golden state not even close gone sail for all the reasons we talked about earlier with the fact there already get me back and championship contention with all the things that they could do with trade potential there or taken a young guy and haven't turn him into something special and have him in a rookie deal with staff and clay and dream on an wakens its goal and save your picture before the same for everyone in motion. Freeing from competition standpoint the West's question for the
We surely to good where you dont want to take a rookie to upset what they could build on from us. Your head, you know, had infringed, grant. There were four big. They competed like crazy and I thought that team had a chance to win Twelve games like some of the guys that thing I do too, that they look break up at that meeting. We had about the pod Peter Washington yeah, but I mean, Graham Graham, was supposed to take a back seat rosier and in grandma thought was kind of a guy for them. You know, even though bridges probably isn't as good as baby. We thought we first time at Michigan State. I still like his attitude are at so golden state. Minnesota Chicago Charlotte, shouted out for that still nice them, so they move that force but Charlotte. Third, while holy shit,
Go to states can win the latter this assembly about. Thank God, we don't have an actual awesome. Superstar. God said second Minnesota. You know this mouse, like some minutes out, is number one. You know this smells like to me. The present little present for the new order. That's about to take over medicine, and throw in a couple hundred extra million here's the here's, your present, even double impact can spirits D'Angelo's sitting. Celebrating you're like yeah, but you're gonna be playing off. The ball. Will a mellow. Are you excited about? That cares. Eight minutes around the clock was your protection. James Wiseman go to begs silver from scale. You like that Rodger Young, with that I, like the other guy LE you like the way you like the wise men, towns twin towers,
Research can't talk of self it it now and I'm the one who has. I think I've Weizman one. I still like to do a bit more work on everybody. That's gonna, funny guy get on care sees case for having him haven't now Minnesota ones like knowing that what are you I wouldn't rule out Edwards, because I think Edwards is gonna blow people away with his body. His them, whatever yeah zoom, with a filter aspiring credible, zoom gas. So far I gave you re eating. It is a big womb anyway, zoom guy could could Russell and Edward says that a match at that makes sense to guess. Russia's aunt Rachel Rogers like both right now. Nor do does better idea is better than a mellow in and then in Russell for sure. If Edward starts, defending Annie can actually shots than there could be a grey combination. Edwards is probably ideal, talk about what he can be in the best case scenario with his body is, get already gonna, be a ready body,
but it has never and be ready in a brain on the defensive end or as a shooter went the selection either, but Edwards ideally, but I do wonder of maybe they zig whenever bodies agone and go with two bags with cat and wise, and that's really intriguing to me in Charlotte's at three and they have terrors year for twenty million a year. They have gram was, is most improved. Candidate of the year did can need everything and nothing it's one of those things, and then we can predict what they're going to do, but Chicago at four. There I mean, according to your draft guide, it would seem like you just kind of water. In the top five and then I'll have my break loose after, but even if they got vassal for Chicago that would be good one for them. I would see I wonder, of corn stages takes him. That's like exactly what they need.
It. A wing guy who's can play thirty minutes game guard people not expensive, it see did she seems I could go on state aid. It's gonna be fascinating, because now that we actually know the order, I mean you talk to people who have the cell ranks 16th or seventeen talk to people have a right fifth. So that's true the wise men, the mellow rankings everywhere all over the place. So I we were talking About like Wiseman, Edwards and Ball the likely guys for the top three. But I do wonder if maybe be one of those guys are two of em and possibly foreigner. We get some surprises in that three of the guys were really not focus on our hair, especially if he might go and state who might be more more likely to draft for need to your point. Yeah, you know enable the eyes the wise man thought the Minnesota and because you can't, I don't of coal replace into the equation here and then they think like ok is, is cover and Russell a great.
It probably not mean I am whatever manner you it's about putting his many scores out. There's you possibly can so if they feel a Edwards fits in in their sort. That's our small Ford, Small Guard point Guard and we go there. But would wise and make more sense cause. They don't have to commit to a mismatch. Offensively I mean it's gonna come down to just by hair like the scabbard neck, I'm not gonna, get you worked up about it, but of wise men were to go one. I think that really kind of impacts work on seeking to do, but I don't know what the trade marketing They like gonna, know Philadelphia. I would imagine they're gonna try to get the coach up. I don't The pace is gonna be like next year here some rumours about some wanting out. I think the Atlanta
so probably move some of the Yunkers peace around is Roger, was talking about for some doubt there may be some veteran guys, ah, but in a golden state might get stuck with with a guard if Wiseman goes one when was efficacy is right on killing haze, that's a gate consolation prize for them, but I still think I think they go for the south because of our cause of that just I know how they curse talked about my pack ass, like he's envious of the teams like the South ex that just have multiple wings, the abilities switch in like he's pretty openly you, think, that's where Basque was going, so my guess would be. They would have somebody that could play into that over. Could we see our trade down? You know we ve seen three consecutive years of trade as a top five to export for Tatum, cover tray young than the Otter Hunter for multiple first last year, I feel This is another year, especially if you're talking about one with
The sword or two go and state that I look at those teams, and maybe I'm like. Oh you know Chicago. You wanted to trade up, Cleveland. You wanna get wise and let's make a deal, I won't be anybody Williams that fell could he's the one Minnesota's get TAT three protected picked next year goes to go and state. We ve seen this as the South X or in this situation two years in a row with a team that knows there probably losing their peg. They cannot go online and they'll make a couple moves to try to get in the middle, the pack, so maybe that is something they would do. You try to trade pick up another ass. I take a salary, I think they have cap space this year. He made scooters drafts like that. The eighth pig could be better than the first back this year. That type of draft picture Rather we should, by the way, just mention of deal here, because I just don't think we ve talked about him enough. Sometimes
sometimes just like em enough to have him. In the conversation with this top group and at six nine I gotta tell you like easy: it's not LUCA issues she think he's a bit of a quicker first step, but you not like LUCA drives. You just keeps driving on everybody the whole night. You know it's alright, I guess it kind of works like I think Danny has that same kind of thing, and you might end up being, nigger the shooting numbers. Weren't great. You like those to be of a better, but I think, there's there's a physical part of his game. The drives are consistent. I've seen imposed and then kind of get shut off. Kick it out and then get deeper and repost, and I was like how my God, like this- is thirty year old shit and he's he's re posting after a kick out and getting better position. Sealing agent- I just like he's at least worth mentioning some of these other names, because I think, there's a high and for him Kayo see where we could see him going least higher than we mention at least
I'm with you one hundred percent idea it only nineteen years old, with his versatility on the offensive van. He can run a little bit off and for you he's so smart off ball on defence, he always seems to be in the passing wanes he's smart player. I mean here It's a lot of those boxes that Roger was Santa. He likes to see and prospects and young players that you want to have the question with the the fact that he shot thirty percent throughout his crevices around fifty percent from the you're line and his shot looks good. It seems that he has good talk. Round the room on lay offs and floaters, but for some in the shot two developed from the private from the line, and that's the big question for me: I'm in can he answer that question for teams ahead of the draft cause if that shots? As of developing for him, I mean there's, no doubt he can end up becoming the best where draft dear you just described like the golden state
wrath me until you went to the no shooting or they could be a teacher matter. She rash amateur, alleviate this cake. Casey. Has this guy ranked fifteenth? I'm just gonna go Some information you have to decide in her out rang. I he's from Serbia Alexey Purkis, Nevsky Casey Rates, writes a lanky. Seven photo moves are going past, like a guard needs to grow into his thin framed to thrive in the NBA shades of debt left shrimp, Lamar Odom Dragon better give it is given the status of seven feet. Tall two hundred and one pounds out a war,
long avenant thrilling span come on over dealings with Chris burden. Our text, the care I can see where you D, like skinny, guys, get your top fifty seven feet to o one. That's life. It's late. What I mean I look. I've never seen him. So I, like all jokes, I didn't MBA you're, talking like in versatility right, like dazzle, we're talking now, so, if you can, if you skilled and he can play by, if you're sevenfold, one pounds I dont know how much more weight you put nodded to sounds like you're, really, really think he is lame. Fats for New Hampshire Casio is another after member Brad Sellers and the boss, I cinema a card of bread sellers, but that's to me that was when I was just on the skinny, seven footers think of these guys are out of my life of hay. This was fine thanks to state farm thanks to Roger about thanks, given a kind of thanks to
hello, you can hear Raja on Monday as a ringer NBA a show with our logo Murdoch you can, you can see on Tuesdays and Thursday Knights and rigour, shown reseller will be doing our thing honour on Sunday night will they could be what the hell is wrong with the Lakers pack astuteness see guy said You are bringing nor Prince yadda yadda one second first or in a mention the reward. Those who put up to this. We Kadesh ACT, Fortier, inversely and then pump up the via the greatest move. You ve ever done on the reward, but that is not available for streaming. Play that podcast will change that reality check out both of those we have forty year old virgin coming on Monday. Stay tuned for that One dimension Miller during this time is so short distance connecting with friends over beer. It looks a little different. Maybe it looks like that lottery show we just had forded from people and zoom just Command each other, but hey, that's fine as they are
no light beer Miller. Lite has always been there to bring people together through Miller Time and in a world where you can always be with your people. Miller time might be a moment on a zoom call. A quick porch beer at your neighbors the mask enough for a socially disentangled outside with your toasting two friends near far great taste is always close by its been great taste in my life, since I was in college is Joe has mentioned a couple weeks ago. Probably the best golf course: beer, I haven't number one, so this house right now join a lite with friends that might look different for everyone, but we know that stand connected is just as important Will you do with your family? Your remains your partners, maybe you're doing a digitally. It's always a good excuse that maritime, from online mine, happy hours to socially distance picnics in every five hundred people. On between, were enjoy new ways to spend time with their friends Miller, light great taste with only ninety six collars and three point: two carbs you can have the original lay beer
livered, perhaps dimension is by going to Miller Light that come forward. Slash bs find the delivery options near you celebrate responsibly Miller, Bruno remark, Wisconsin, ninety six galleries and three point: two carbs per twelve ounces without further dude nor prince, He or this is nor a week. On the Ringer kids, who did the we watch was pump of divine. We talked about nor at the narrowing of the great when the great characters ever and Anon, Christianity, the ringers gonna talk and a with that's. How are you in writing, while even though apparently I've not deny movie but apparently I very big shoes to fell its itself, I was telling you the pantheon ignores what they saw nor Efron yeah. I used to tell people buyers that I was named after nor ever on which I was not. That was a lie. I liked to tell it college where they impressed her utter press, I mean, neither is like a very neat. It was a good,
for me to know if I was gonna get along with someone. Jerry Lycosa nor ever on right. What's augur well first, so I've been following the pats. If you know this, but I like the patriots theirs for some reason, their pretending The cuban battle with CAN Newton and Jerry said a membrane who air and then the report's everyday ears, like oh kinda, is way better than this the guys, why are they doing this right? Why can't they just given the job, so I think, is very firm We find this way right like make a little suspense, but no it's just ridiculous and I think the thing that I think is silly about it is that probably gonna go on for all of camp like one, we really have a couple weeks and too there's gonna. Be this thing. This is my theory. This isn't like inside and fell, but all of camp stem and air because they know the system a little bit better. They better on the block. Once they're gonna look a little bit more competent yeah
everybody is gonna, be like. Oh, I don't know, Newton doesn't know the system, he doesn't know the page. He doesn't know, is Bilbil Jack, really, gonna have a quarter back. We can change the play at the Lima Summit You can't audible, who doesn't know well enough, and then there have to have a starting quarterback and it's gonna became Newton and we're all gonna feel really silly, because only one of these people actually knows how to be a high level. And if L quarterback and its came Newton will also bow check, has warned approve anybody totally. It's like he was to mess around. He would love to go twelve and four or, however many games window playing this year would eat. What do you think the total number games will be the sure you think we'll get sixteen I got a deal I'm starting to. I don't like Stockholm Syndrome, but I'm starting to feel like I can do it it. And meanwhile, like any time, anything starts to go wrongly, not Stafford as a false positive.
They're, like all that was annoying. So, let's change the protocol and its I I get it. I was that wasn't fine if you're mad Stafford, but there's part of me that does feel like no guys. This is gonna be annoying and the fact that you had to deal with an inconvenience me That is actually kind of working, so we can't just make these little adjustments when things start to go round, Oh, I don't know what I'm saying you feel like you know their time not apply bubble, I'm I'm picturing a month somewhere in in Florida with me in Cabin Clark, just getting really sick of each other. In a month we take two days to get sick, a cable cars, the her eye. I have not let my God down yet, and here's how I know it cause. I haven't done any fantasy football homer get other than listen to our excellent fancy for Bush at other times. I have not cross that line, or am I I am asking you to do my whole thing.
I'm going to spend a week, I'm going to figure out the over unders, I'm going to figure out my bad something to figure out my fantasy football. I've been home it off like it's a term paper in college cause, I just want to make sure we'd have a sees a banal. It's like we're heading for the last ten days of August here, there's no priests and serve things at a wax. So it's like of the little mental checkpoints you have as football gets closer and closer and get the hall of Fame game and then the first couple, shitty weeks of precision and I've somebody get tired of Betty complains about whether they were missing. All these checkpoints, except for hard knocks hard knocks, is the only thing that has made this feel like this is about to be real, but how much longer can I wait the guy in the next week I have to break down and officially admit this is happening right yeah. I think so it's funny it's like hard knocks like they used to use sun dial to know a time it has now. He just like. We have a hard, not faced calendar yet totally you
to do it. I think you can wait until all hen days. Tat is fifteen days that that's kind of your age. The thing that injury, about. It, though, is that I mean I think you can get away with ever fantasy purposes. I do think one of the most interesting things about this season, for the teams is going to be who does the the team building and the planning version of that and who doesn't? Because I've been paying a lot of attention. The saints one super relevant team Super great roster drawbridge on patent no brainer. But the thing that's interesting about them and I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that Sean Peyton had covered in March. But.
He's been really aggressive about being like. I don't care that we're not allowed to force the players to stay in a hotel this year, I'm going to get a hotel and have as many of them as well. Do it do it yeah, I don't care that we haven't figured out. You know if we're even going to make it to the playoffs, I'm going to suggest that we do a playoff bubble he's very like he doesn't seem to need all these perfect answers which we're just not going to get to come up with a plan to do something that he thinks is going to help, and I think that's you know you think about the teams, like the Seahawks taking a swing and making a trade for someone that can help their secondary and Jamal Adams. I think those teams are gonna, be in a much better place this year than the teams that are kind of like. What's going on, I'm I'm, I dont have complete information. So let's wait and see because there's no, like you, you're, not gonna, know like you're, not going to know when you drafter fantasy team. If there's gonna be a full season,
you're, not gonna, know if you should pick guys that have an earlier. You know hard games, early, Scheduler late and I think, there's real value and just coming going for it, because I have two seasons like an abject disaster. Those are the teams that are going to have a plan and come out of this with a plan. Well, I was talking to your boss, the neighbour my dad and trying to figure out like will first ivy if he could ever come out here again, but if he did with their beef a fun, come out the? U S open for Gough. It culminates Sunday September seventeenth, which will also be will be in the NBA conference finals. At that point, we also have a Sunday night, Patriot, Seahawks game right and I'm thinking like no pandemic. This is the dream weekend for my dad to come out.
We'll just watch tv are weakening, go nuts for the Boston team in the whole thing, and that was the first time I was like a football in there's gotta be basque about the same time, Edward I can barely handle the basketball. Now it's for a day, I'm trying to watch as much as I possibly gain where you get the conference finals and then we're going to have this football wrinkle not to mention. Do you think that they're going to play this Saturday Football card cuz seems like that, may be a belated and playwright it's in play its harder than people think it is because the government is involved, Then there's them. We're like I've heard bad things about the government yeah the government get one When we deal with those guys there is I'm not even going to try to mail this, but there is like an anti trust element.
Yeah you when they can do the games, and so it is harder. Then, in the end of a war, is governed money grab, but it's a little bit more complicated than that. Can you talk about give us you're, empty stadium? Theory? Okay, so is gonna be really wild because it seems like they're gonna, do some form of pumping in sound, which they kind of have to do, because it's actually already really easy for defensive players to just watch the tv copying and pick up a lot of the signals because they they make the line. Man- and you know we ve all what
Papa Games. You can hear some of us up there saying and if your VON Miller, you actually understand what it means when we spoke with Tom Brady there I always felt like I was a huge disadvantage, because the pattern tv all the time and you could hear half of his cause at the line- Rita, Rita, Rita, yeah, that's tough yeah, I'm living is interesting. Is that and if our citizens actually really differ in where the speakers are around them. So if you have most of the dome stadiums, have you know it's coming from the roof? Most of the open?
your once it's all the speakers are sort of interspersed all the way around at some of them are just on one side, and that has that makes a huge difference in what it sounds like. If you pump noise, whether it's you know you're doing a lead, Zepplin concert or doing it at a fair game into those speakers, so I just think there's gonna be one. I would marking your calendar probably weeks, two and three some a plus coach griping? I would expect oh yeah, because they're gonna be all upset about their signals and then it's gonna be this. Whole new layer of which stadiums are good to plan just a wrinkle, depending on where teams are because the sound is going to travel in these really really really different ways based on the
figuration of the stadium, one of the teams that'll be really interesting for it, forty Niners there's only a couple stadiums where all of the sound comes from one side of the stadium and their one of them. So beyond. Just our here, guys Swearingin stuff. It could actually be like a real competitive advantage or disadvantages, and people so do I think, they're going to have to litigate exactly how far you can take the noise depending on the stadium and they follow question that, as this sounds like a new way for Bill Belichick to lose a draft pick. I'm just going to start preparing
If the car we lost our fourth round back he's gotta do something to screw this up, that's illegal above it. So the Good NEWS is that July is one of the stadiums where it where the speakers are really evenly spaced out. Great, that's good! That's that's! That's bad news for monkey business, which tends to be good news for the patriots. I think they're. Just gonna have to live with it yeah, but you know, that's always That's easier said than done well, there's some teams attitude and take a huge check, as we ve seen this in the NBA that the biggest thing we ve then round one is it's really changed kind of. We were used to with a structure of a series where home game one, you got the crowd, especially the highest seed. They always win game one and this time around the Bucs lost the Lakers last. They were the one seeds and it was like: oh they just lost that advantage. Then
I also see fillies down to nothing. Normally they would be coming back to fairly for game three, the crowd which I d, rather than back now, it's there and, above all, its gonna, be the same situation as the game before and I wonder with football, you would think Seattle in Kansas City Indianapolis, maybe like five teams, that the whole thing was a huge advantage for them at an hey, replicate that were just fake, sound and then on the flip side places I didn't have a great advantage with crowd noise and stuff. Like I heard the chargers now can just pumping whatever the fuck they want right before the first.
They can have fake fans that'll be better than the fence at yeah, yeah yeahs, Seattle, I feel like he's, got to have it the worst just because they already have their is had to travel disadvantage, sometimes when they would have to go west to east, but then they had such an advantage at home. So you take away the the home field, the 12th man, and then you still have you know they're still going to have to travel and and do the bad body clock situation. So I think it'll be different. I mean I always think that travel thing is, is the bigger deal into the crowd, but ancient some stuff? Here the I mean be further seahawks if they have to either I don't know I guess: teams are gonna, travel, probably the same rate or, if, if you think, by the time we get to the plants, there's a bubble, maybe then travels gone and that's easier for certain deems the great out it will re and that's the thing is: is there
just going to have to say: okay when there's some competitive imbalance, which again is just not in the dna of a lot of these people that are going to have to like take a deep breath and say ok, you know, maybe it's not fair, maybe I don't like it, but this is how we're gonna have to do it did to get it done. So it's gonna, be a great season for gripes is womb. Predictions well speak in a grapes would really get some media grapes we're gonna get some reporters upset that that are of the same access. Where to start starting to feel that this week with people are complaining about because the Packers retaliate hires, not to say who is first drink. Second strength. Are you excited further porter grapes about lack of access, all those different things, so, as I as a Ford
patriots, beer after I got aside with my brethren here. I we're tired. I thought that was always the case. I thought that was just a rule that everybody broke. Oh well, ok, if you read the back there's you know, there's a sheet that they hand down. It's got all sorts of rules and I used to get that thing every year in and with my sincere apologies to Patriots Bianca very good job. I would always look at that big and go ok. Well, thank you get that anyone other nice does access. How much is it actually matter? covering NFL team, the league, the whole thing you know. I think that that their access to people at big events is more important than every single day thing. By out you do you build up a certain kind of you now? Does it make Bell biologically answers to?
percent better to people if he sees them in the second row at a press conference as every single morning like yeah, maybe ads nowhere. I totally far not because I think sometimes you can get a lot out of it and other times it just makes people sort of susceptible to group thinking and everybody swims the same direction, but relationships are important. And sometimes it gives you a foundation of you now stuff to talk to people about when you're in India, the combine or you're seeing people superbowl weak. I mean I always found that stuff much more important. Even training camps, death. That Clark is gas encounters, can settle up the people and the whole thing, and then now that's gone yeah, so it s kind of it's been interesting because the p
people that in other people that we already know they're sitting at home too. So what I found the last few months is that some people are really accessible. Actually work as they gonna do bad. You now take my phone call or whatever, but it is if you really want to make a new contact or like oh, that person's cool. That person's got an interesting story. I can only get to know them. That's the part that I think we haven't quiet figured out yet a minute combined to your favorite passions, football and pop music with following question: if Aaron Rodgers was a pop star which pop star would it be and why it is literally a guy so
Rogers it it's not because she's, my favorite Aaron Rodgers is Taylor. Swift, I figure. That's it! That's what I'd go forward! The answer look anyway, I'm run. I hope I have some friends HU, I ran into on the street in Boston a few weeks ago. They were walking their dog and, as my friend in her boyfriend and her boyfriend says, for a few days ago I made a list of which, and I fell, players were which Taylor Swift, But then I deleted it because I didn't think you'd want to see it and I ve never been more angry person about higher alive, and I forced these people to just like stand on Corner of Commonwealth Avenue with me like half an hour going nowhere ever always is Aaron Rodgers, it's totally Aaron Rodgers. But the thing is that the more you think about it, every then one is Aaron Rodgers, because there's that combination of bravado-
invulnerability, which is just such a slam, Dunk Rogers Combo that I mean I'd always so when I was covering the patriots, it was always like my deepest desire that terrorists life would start it is a patriot, Yazzi lives, she's got a place in radio and it always felt like it was in play, never happened. Rogers would be the next best thing, although if you want to talk about just like a combination of that kind of energy that could not possibly end well leg, he would win the Superbowl. She would win a Grammy, but it would take so much messy. In the meantime that it it's best that we just avoided, but it's totally Aaron Rodgers. There are a lot of the third lotta, similar you ve been down to whenever there dating somebody how it gets dissected and how it gets introduced to the public at all that it's almost like they have the same same kind of advisor, for I had to tell people who their dating and then people
is like really you're dating that person and then how it evolves, Totally remains leg: you can't you can't totally type castor, which always makes no leg, there's libraries that happens there alone a lot of sort of flirting with drama, but that all I don't care about this? This isn't me it's totally there. It's it's like the most slammed Unc compares than ever We accepted that Taylor is one of the only winners of two thousand twenty sulphur, I'm trying not to glowed about their spell. So it's her juice world is dead, there's two biggest muse. Glitters. We have had so far. Can you talk about what website to be your mid, twenties and love music, but not able to go to sea like music, because this is kind of year want to spoil the rest of your life for you, but you're never gonna
here more than you do right now about going to see this stuff every year, two percent last year. Leave the house: do the crowd are that this is this? Is it this? Is your prime right now? Is that happening? You can't see anything wow. I feel great. I tat I was so it's funny. Speaking of you know the love, my life tellers left the whole big concert, Festival lover fast.
Plan this summer and the two places that she was gonna do shows in the: U S were Gillette Stadium and Foxfire Massachusetts place. I know very well and in LOS angeles- and I was gonna go to both. It was gonna, be great first time that she'd plan to do kind of like a festival style thing instead of Genoa, traipse all across the country kind of tour. I am very sad that it's not happening. I think I have attempted to fill that that whole by just I spend a lot of time watching old Taylor, Swift and and others.
Concert. Videos like on Youtube yeah. So it really is, though I mean there's like so one of her first big stadium shows was agile. Add it was the speak now tor and it's it's a little bit of a famous show, because now, looking back there are all these famous Taylor Swift concerts where like a downpour opened up, which is kind of funny, because the pouring rain is such a recurring trope in her songs, bat there's like nothing more fitting than just the skies opening up on, retailers live concert and it's you so she's making this happen that she would issue there. She calls God, I think, as her own weather patterns got it that that would be my feeling there is. There is a terrible
that's an it rains in your bedroom. So apparently she can also make it rain inside their insurer did know that yeah. I know it's like a little known fact, but first time this happened was at the Shoah, Gillette and I was watching a video of this the other day and its. It really is incredible because it starts to poor and it's one of the first times that she's ever done of abortion and you know she's, like nineteen or something and is looking around, and you can sort of see her as she's doing this saga. Sancho long live, which is like a very it's like Taylor, doing Springsteen it's like em femme egg. In its you know the crowd super into it, and you can see her looking around and realizing that people aren't gonna leave. Oh- and this is totally it's like loss to history, except for like really grainy- you
you ve footage, but it is the poorest egg, because she's so young and even to see on her face My gosh there actually gonna stay and see me keep doing this and it is genuinely so cool the watch. So I think I've been there. The losing lover fast void by just like watching that over and over again any no she's done enough like stuff and that all helps. But how would it would be nice to have them show they talk about the information she had. An ethics die you out, they did a concert. Their reputation tour also had its own netflix. But I, like I m sorry, I was by the document so million there was a couple peace, is there on, like all may ever get somewhere that, as I know that there is going to close now, but that they take away. Do the stealth take away.
From that. Documentary was like this is a person who just really really wants our affection it's really important and when it got flipped out or a couple times, those were the most honest parts of the documentary. Like wins didn't get nominated for you could see her kind of processing it in her crazy Taylor, brain and then within ten. Second she's, like our I just gotta, make a better album and she was I was like Bela check was I got on the sits, daddy she, but for ten seconds she was completely devastated and then she said that of it, and I look out enough. They rehearse that or whether how authentic that was whether that was actually would happen, but I had to meet those most fascinating per free share. Yeah, and I was that I mean I have a list of questions that I would love to ask her. If I could ever like give her true serum and that's absolutely one of them is, as does she think that reputation,
it is, the album back she learned didn't get nominated, was a failure because commercially it was not at her normal level of success. Critically, it ended up doing pretty? Well, I really like that album. I think it's cool. I get that it's not for everybody, it's not some he turned on in the middle of the afternoon when you're in no training at the morgue Donner whatever but its experimental. It's really interesting she tries on a lot of styles, not all of them fit, but she just does stuff, and it's actually been interesting to me to be helped. Will have responded to the new album folk lore, because I there's a little bit of unpacking to do about like our collective relationship with genre? Just because of the seriousness that we confer on
anything that's kind of like India, vibes young people woke up this morning and they saw a grey scale, photograph on Instagram and lower case track titles and you know the national and Bonnie there and, I think, decided. Oh, this is gonna, be Taylor, Swift, doing sophisticated music, and I really like the album. I think it's really good, but I don't think that's right. I think she's made more interesting and sophisticated choices. Songs. You know like I knew you were trouble which, like in you know, is not the first big mainstream pop song to incorporate dubstep by any means, but it was in a really big place and it was still pretty early in that being what we heard on the radio and stuff like that, that you know it's, it's poppy its girly, it's silly. It can't be.
I think there is a little bit of a weird thing that happens where, where it feels like that can't be sophisticated by definition, but something like this, where it's it's derived from folk music and its singer songwriter, he has to be an that's, always been a little bit strange to me because again, I just think there are. There are some really considered an interesting choices. On those songs that are are silly or can't or just fallen, indifferent, a different. You know there for a different purpose there for a party or not for an afternoon drive, but I dont to me that doesn't match up. That doesn't mean that their less serious so that that's been an interesting journey just seeing how people reacted to folklore, because I really like it, but I just don't think it's the most sophisticated music she's ever made, but it had a grey photo. The Springsteen thing. That's it's interesting! You brought him up because.
I mean. I think he was the best at the specific thing, which was at least for the first twenty years, where you put an album now, and there is always a specific reason. He did it in you. Right away and always at a vibe, unlike when he put out Nebraska. It was like, oh my god, so depressing and in just the lyrics now that, but it was very intentional cuz. The next hour on that he put out was born the USA, which is this big huge patriotic album, and then it goes the other way with tunnel of love which is next album, which is basically about him, fall in love with somebody and getting his heart broken in the three albums are so different, but I you know I was in it does seem like she has a little bit of that we're each album she's doing, there's a specific reason she wants to do it now. I never know with her how calculated all of it is cuz. I don't think with Springsteen. I don't think he was thinking of it from a marketing perception standpoint. It was
whatever kind of mood he was in and with her, it seems like a combo of mood, plus what she's probably learn from Adam. Some some other people have constantly reinvent themselves. So she's, like China, tweak the public character and whatever point of of her career, she sat musically with the choice I think she's navigated, that as well as probably anybody in the internet era, she's always been able to stay interesting, which most people can't do it thicket of more than five years yeah I mean this is this is always what it you know what it comes down to you from you. A teller is that this is her eighth album and I think they ve all been really good and fair, not a lot of people in my lifetime that have done that, like a huge albums that all made a big impact, all did different things all have songs that people still remember and still play
like that's as some people get the eight albums. Some people get a four albums right there, impressive. I got a chance of finishing much of my daughter's relationship with her too, because my daughter obviously loves her stuff and she's been out like two different times over the last five years, but then back in which I think that's a lot of people's experience, but you mention the Youtube thing: think that something with thy gear generation and below, where with concerts and staff, really for the last fourteen years. So it's probably generation. Above you, maybe everyone, thirty, five and under where there are able to see their favorite bands of this awesome footage of them performing like when I was in college When the ban was in town. You went to see it. If you didn't see it may They played on a late night. Show me They played on a one to one hundred
minutes on MTV Air like one of those type of things, but for the most part we did really get to see them perform at all. That was such huge appeal of going to the concert as I go. While we get to see these these, these people play and now at psyche. So much for it. I can't even imagine how many terror so size are probably on Youtube right. There's, probably tens of thousands. You can hardly digest. So I think that's different. That's better or worse, yeah, there's no mystery yeah, it's all accessible and its injured, because I think there's a lot of theirs bans that were either like a little bit before my time. Like I I love the the Czechs formerly known as the Dixie checks Ma Am, and I was I was too young for them, the the prime of the first time around, but
You know, there's a great documentary about them and you can feel like you were there and that was kind of you know. I already lessons I listened to the album. But I didn't have the: where does this group fit kind of in in culture reference points with them until the documentary, even I love always this, which is totally we're like I'm, not that data will first of That's that weird at all they theyve they had really good songs like they were really good songwriters. On that surprise, you like them, there's like there are so bright and the reason that I feel that way is because there's a good oasis doc. You can see how people respond to them. You can see how wacky they are. You can see them fighting and you can see them performing, and I do think that you know
I dont think that we're gonna see really anybody who has reached a certain level not think about how do I get on video, how do I get this on some sort of platforms that people can consume it in that way, because even though young people, my age, probably most of us go to a lotta concerts, have some form of opportunity to intervene in normal times, see a banned or thing. We love when they come into town, but it's getting easier right, because, if you're in a place where Netflix wants that, then you can put it there and everybody can see. Yet you know oasis was as if a butler chanting, Antonio Brad Stare of, are known. Super talented own worst enemy
get out of their own way relationship of those two brothers. They just couldn't get past it. By day there it was so volatile yeah the eight prevented them from having this. You know twenty five year career has, ultimately they were great songwriters and they were great together And I just couldn't last, they just couldn't pull it off. Like Antonio Brown, I mean for a variety of reasons. Is that had happen, but this was a guy who is on pace to be the third best receiver about time it was Jerry Rice, it was MOSS and then It's gonna be Antonio Brown and he's not that all than here he's out? He is too many baggage too many things have happened, OASIS was and were then I don't know six years that they should have been around for twenty two bomber. Similar twitter habits to of its similar leg, just people in their lives being like. Oh, my god, what I made the Gallagher
These are all time. Bolivia was just is crazy in the nineties. Watching happened be like oh, no, these guys, there's an instinct go documentary on Showtime that you should. Check out the music music documentary, the other day. You know, obviously, where work around four HBO right now a series, but I think a general like the the bar for Music Doc Cisterna climb a little bit and there's we're heading a point where I think most people, who did anything at least have one at this point. There is mostly bad, but then there will be some good ones out there to sir relapse. That's the thing is that there is, I think there is a whole wave of jests. Let's get something out, always super in partially like that. You know, there's something about yeah, that's Mozart, history, boys or whatever in, and that happened really quickly, but I hope that people start kind of revisiting those and doing them for real.
Because there is a whole, I think, there's a whole wave of of you know the pop stuff that I grew up with, which is sort of late boy bans, Brittany era in to the average Levine Ashley Samson kind of like re male driven pop that there is a lot there and I think at the time it was justice. Just such like a sort of US weekly, era, who are they dating. What's going on? What's the drama whose having a falling out, whose dating Marvell drama this week that No one really ever ask the questions of lake. Ok, where these people being placed within pop music like who were the influences? What's what's the goal here like what
you know there were people sitting in rooms, thinking about what they wanted out of those careers for those people and those people themselves had their own goals and an thereon musical interests and on things that they wanted to accomplish and I just think it super. I mean I think it's starting to happen, but it's totally wide open to so many forces in played a part. That somebody from doing documentary, which is something we ve been dealt with less copyright. But you know you have the company, the ruins of music. Sometimes it's a different person that some of the ip, but then you have the actual artists than the people protecting them. So EDA, like the an unbelievable documentary, Britney spears Ray You could do a whole documentary built around Britney spears and just in timber lake and heard the peak, and then when it unravels,
and it would be an unbelievable two hours of somebody correctly guess what it will never happen. Nobody will ever see that document Africa's he's not going to be in it. He's that getting interviewed for it she's not getting any view period and then the people Andrew Bill. I guess we're not doing this, so it's just this idea, that's just kind of over here in in the ether that would just ever happen and meanwhile the amazing. I wonder if maybe he will do books, be that's a little easier or maybe it'll be us doing an audio pack asked about it who know someday, nor this is a pleasure book. I hope your to bs past experience. While we can hear you on Sunday, nights with Clark and then popping up a couple other times on a couple different, bring your fees regularly. And we can reduce the website, reared aka, absolutely finger, I get this
Thank you. I thank stews bought a five thanks to fan dual thanks to simply say four member. They have everything you need to get your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional obscurity. He had set it up yourself than under now. No technician required no contract, no pushes sales, guys, no hidden fees. No fine print avi starts at fifteen hours month had to simply say that calm such bs They free hd camera for my list and simply say that comes I a sympathetic to us see this week can. I will be back soon and aims.
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