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NBA Michelin Ratings With Shea Serrano, Kathryn Hahn on the Harden Trade (?), and Million Dollar NFL Picks | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 455)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons sits down with Shea Serrano to talk about the mediocre Spurs, Western Conference playoff teams, whether NBA players got Michelin stars, and prison movies (3:05). Then Bill gives out some million dollar NFL bets (32:10) before sitting down with actress Kathryn Hahn to discuss her acting origins, 'Step Brothers,' 'Bad Moms,' raising kids, the Harden trade, and more (48:50).

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accurate up to ninety days. Why his shop is crucial. Part of rates go up here. It's the same afraid, go down radar so drops either way when it's kind of thinking to expect from America's largest mortgage lending to get started. Good, a racket, mortgage Dhaka, Slash Bill Simmons, where are sobriety by the world's greatest website, the ringer, dot com or brand kurdish, just put up Gatos one thousand words about how far Georgiana the NFL from CBS in anti nineties and not only Changeful bar but created the Fox network, and it might be a little parallel for what happens with streaming over the next and the next five supply that check that out. It was an awesome day for a website. We really had some great stuff today and we prepared this is bus you see this is bullshit. I washed away there wasn't where everything gazing out it does. Right now is incredible: he sees fit,
in the zone is like the PA, Thomas Anderson, I made up my mind. Such dramatic acting they because I've acted before, but I play I mean it a ringer people are in it. It's a good one check it out. This is bus. You find that on the Ringer Twitter he could find that on the ringing to channel, I speak now things in the ring of the Ringer pack Ass network. I won't I they ve Shanks broadcast because he wanted to talk about his favorite food trends of two thousand eight she's right. Are you ass of a pike ass? It's called do it's got villain. Somebody are therefore we are today was episode. Five five. We have three left the gander. Already Amy done ass, one of the best will in the last decade the movie freaks me outward surveillance. Others that for shared coming out all where our second Do Nfl pigs and when my favorite actresses Catherine Han was in student. A while ago, actually been holding this until the re weak. And
I think I d unbelievable happens during the past and involves basketball. It is definitely the strangest. The most are some things that have happened on this package. That's all coming up first project by chance. Surrender is here. I some things to throw you thanks. A catholic will. First of all, do you care about football now that the text reads like on fire the dealers last week are you did something to that? Nobody has them now for while more than anything right now really more than nine games in a row. That's the most. We everyone I felt like a wee situation now, so we Texans yeah for a long time,
what city was San Antonio could ever known about them? They can now that big enough numbing enough the fans of being about will be like the raiders like, and I will try to get the raiders fairer for awhile. We even had a professional game in San Antonio. I went to thou in those like at the things at Alamo. Dome was in an Gretel, environment. We would do gray with a full body. Mother, never gonna, give us one. This Antonio Raiders, if the food and from another team came in for a San Antonio Raiders Home game. What would happen to the fence? It would be like it would be like they just disappear. You never be seen again in shock collar when he starts to fight and everybody's it night. That's what it'll be every game. Every game is a prison yard fight what what is a bit like the first person in twenty years that they're just that a contender and there's no real hope for anything. It feels it still feels like working turn it around. We haven't relay he the infrastructure yeah. Well, you look on this
it lies outside the Lakers game and you, on the sidelines, and you see pop in your, like others, pop there's, the markets there is more like we're, gonna be fine. This is where just figure in and out his outta here right. Now. I mean I still we're not going to win a title or going to get to the playoffs. I think I don't know you don't know the latter get teams in the West sure, with due process as of elimination, and would you rather be better than the timber worse you ever? They might not make neither does it all that I'm going through a white one of theirs. I throw you, would it would it shock you if, like around the asked outbreak patches, quietly discos, this is his last season and he's not. There would not shock manner. That would be one of by our but not truly crazy predictions for the rest of this year. That's a good cause because it's not gonna be like a big thing. I give you, I don't even think he would do it during the also break. I think the season we already like. Oh by the way, this was what you think.
Just quietly get out of here, and I think it would be a whole thing. Liquid TIM Duncan did In what an hour had dug there was so there is nothing. I remember those outta that they're like an extension of each other. He just gettin disappeared one day, surrender the spurs or fourteen and fourteen there s really be the outgoing hid, their add two games out of the plants. Botsey, we're fine I'm gonna go through other teams. You tell me who's making the playoffs. Ok is Denver plastic, where it. Where are they re? Now, they're, eighteen and nine there they're the ones said they have of foreign and came slash, two laddie injuries, the other, make their last. I agree. I think embryo scorns day. Yes, yes, Oklahoma City, yes, yes, said through the story: the Lakers. Yes, the broad their seventy digging, on the other hand, is winning fit the aims. I actually think he's pretty locked in with that team there at their his great there's a date that first two weeks,
you can see it was, like somebody sitting down a play, some poker who didn't wanna get any hands. It sounds good, hang out here and then he is How can I make my cards that this was a? some I saw him in person when you went to this game. I'm really my life here, oh hold that because I have something I want to throw you better Lakers. I have them in this for clippers. Where are they re? Not seventeen and ten printing leave us Good LAD, Dep thinking they can survive any injury in there. Okay, I and the other is, I would say yes, because I follow Isaac. Cayley on twitter and he's got his in my head. I feel like they're there in my head there there twenty two into right now where did you rank Isaac, singing Hallo LUCA, with the gallery Don't I get my laptop, then rare moment top ten moment your lie like individual life, unbelief oddity?
and choke. Unlike us, our voice will lie river. He laughed a little bill when it did the white and thick fired, which I think that was expected. I couldn't believe that really happened like I was going through and as a wait. A second. This is at the gate. Maybe I played a video of it or something there. Holy shit is really after the internet. Isn't some funny videos of people shooting from this stands where people were both into it, getting an emotional and also like what the F is growing. How can we can learn something? That's a bay, those arrived the Obama for our yet where it's like, how do the people of it have? The people were right in the middle of their vineyards. Great, I too. We have five emphasis now, member, now now, though- and I bet you don't- they Dasso make no mistake eleven dollars, fifteen eleven Sacramento, fifteen and twelve, see here's here's my play they. Those three spots are, I think, those responsible than I think two of those teams are not going to make it
here's who's, not in the plaster it now Portland fifteen. In thirteen there are less fifteen in fifty and now even As MRS Breyer, I think he, when they trade him there get, is gonna hit a family wait till the summer there either, so why they can make the play. I've seen you hope you can make a rank as he's one of the best fire. Personally, you trade Amy, giving up a basketball neurons like for good Did you just like we're moving at some point? If we tried this guy, you outta I'm fourteen and fifteen, Utah, Minnesota Agri, guaranteed, thereby esteem, Houston, twelve and fourteen see then, as a one s, death scary. To me. I think he's too makes it. They have to maintain them. It I'm gonna say you're, going to make it an like I'm hoping that they don't, but I think that that takes up to six spot. You got two left they ve. To make their expiring contracts. They have draft pegs, they don't care about. Taking on money, it they'll be better near that that Timor and about forty five so to laugh
in Portland Neuro, San Antonio and right, sacrament o Thou Psmith S. I think This makes it, I think, other sixteen San Antonio gonna be the one to not panic like in the law a games and you need to go five and three true where the market is in plain that, whether he be all right, I understand now that it's his team we're at that point, which is all we need from the market, that's where we were last year, his best year of his career. Well he's a free agent. Next summer, so, if investigations to kick. You didn't get it in kinda MAR start talking about how is upset the Toronto traded in the hope that no more interviews it's a Burma over sports is a business. It happened right embrace your new family insane Aetolia error, my pigs, I would say
then we're gonna say: ok, see clippers Lakers in Houston, definite Stephanus dozens Fisher. I honestly, if I had to bet I would better Memphis. I can't believe I'm saying this a bit of Dallas leaked out really play. I was at a magic Anna Maria, I think Lukas like Special trot. I think they can get one other person. Ok, can I have a first round pigs, so they have no interest in taking I've. Only watch like three LUCA Games. What's the ceiling, like a long term career. When really is it here is a really that's a ceiling. Forget there Fine, I'm VP candidate in of four years I was under the impression that this was I just fund because he has a cool name. The situation of these it incredible off as a priority for how young is and I do it is doing better candidates, but I was like a rookies insect if this is the way You're gonna, be an early twenty, a game and bright winning games in the last three minutes and make it a rid us better.
It's pretty good side. Now can so here's throw you. Did this David Chang and he went nuts for it. I think I'm gonna work it into the trade via com that I think is gonna run next week. The Michelin rating for NBA purse. Ok, the mission ready for restaurants is basically it's one star to star three stars: restaurants, I die they get a Michelin rating. Yet one starts like your on the map How can you start my size? Good one stars get ok to basically, when he gets a mission rating unless you really deserve. I gotcha one stars you made it we're recognising that this is a place to eat Fatima way that lays the EU should deafening went to eat at this place. Two stars is like She go out. He awaited the space and time again and then these stars. As I drop everything sell your possessions. You have to eat her as has been have any of change. Restaurants got this rating.
Yeah yeah I were there, others, other real chefs are obsessed with the mission rating, so I was talking about Yon S on the reseller podcast on my pack has with reserves talking about how Janius saw him at a next game. It was just like as like. Oh my god, I was just amazing to watch him in person and he had this other level, where I had reached the point in my life from like I'm just not missing this guy isn't downward right, but yadda sit down. I'm going over, which means he's a three star. Michelin guy restart Michelin. So you saw the bride and person correct. The brine is better three star guy, really since I await this. Is I care he's like tenor, but there are no seven I dunno is re, run o eight or nine was when he was like almost a forest irish on guy, but basically for tension. Years he's been an undeniable. You have to see him when his town kind of guy, but you,
and seen him until recently right. So what was the three star? The bran experience like the three? It was incredible. He were not in the first half the second half was egg, whatever they were by fifteen. The leg is run by fifteen in the third quarter by ten and the fourth, unlike with spurs just got hot hits Greece, but he was just needs a guy like when he's on the court easy only when you watch you not even watching the ball ray is why him standing at the FAO at their fashion. I just want to see him do a thing that I would not have seen. Otherwise here, that's all that long ago. Authorities at their exactly that's all you're lookin for the thinking you gotta say he was. He was a three an o seven that possess a year when he went nuts against the fort. Special can out of his area. It thing is tat, was kind break out came side enough that qualifies for o seven or not, I would say the next year coming off that game. Definitely that was also the flag for me. I was like as soon as it was in the leg. He was at least two stars, but I dont know I don't think it was like stop everything lebruns in town and so on,
this Lakers game was a lot of fine, because the boy, I think the twin Stare Levin now and there finally to the stage where they're gonna watch the whole game. But just watch all game. They can. I put a scoreboard and understand all the pieces, the pieces, getting waxed in there like kind of sad about it, and they start coming back, and I say I'm getting a little more, more more excited and in the fourth quarter, Jakob has it as I can put back and it was the first time that we ever been in a game and one of them I jumped up in my cheer like here the cutest look on his face. He was so excited he'd, never seen anything like that happened right in front of us. He, like a little tiny scream, came out of his little tiny mouth and nose, fantastic, also, our so. Please a moment right? There so you love Jago Pearl for life that they like I for lie. I will connect those those things I can defrayed reactive Jersey may be the first year of the arc of Joseph who hurry or other three star deeds arena,
the ones were going to say the ones were, and I were the ones I like this guy's, Inter Alia we're going to the six his game. That's coming up. That's a good one. To do that, indeed is like up he's it too for me, but he Maybe I haven't seen him this year. He might have turned into a three and I didn't. I didn't realize it yet yeah, I'm excited to see him in person. I do want to see you honest I saw him and seen how matters is at last and when we live in use and all those who are the spurs games aspersion town a month ago, but now we're in San Antonio. Every game is dispersed game yeah, so now check in the names of the list. Am I wanna see staff in person satellite. My top three right now that I need to see staff is banned. Three star guide out for six years. Yeah I've seen I seen Duran I've seen Russ Stephanie think. Has his warm up is like a three star thing here. You gotta get their early. He get their early and especially the home games when it when it got to the playoffs and especially the final users
three hundred people around the corner, watching the warm up. Oh yes, there's really been nothing like this ever there is one area where air HU, I wonder who the future three star guys are. I think Lucas Gonna get their sounds like it other than that can Donovan together. I don't think so you can get one star. Can you be us I was battling whether his of one star guy now I don't feel like fees and tat my leg, our shit, Dynamo Mitchell, Sarah again at least think about this- is that there for me, you know, like a forty percent shooter, I like our down a bit like that. You taught him a lot rush used to be a three bananas. It I'm still a three hundred years. Still three somehow unrest and appreciate, rossland. It has been happening in the ring about com. You ve never really like that. You, like your individuals, yeah like your individual farmers. I like Russ Gimme, roughly May guy who's, never afraid of anything ever in Russia the most polarizing topic flashpoint
slash anything that we had at the ringer? These last acts without understanding. How is the guy who got trouble comes into season in a row polarizing like? Why are we not all over them because he's mean because he's mean to the media has tripled level suck. Oh, my god, if you did, if you did, an episode of villains, about an mba prayer past or present. Who would you do laid bare. I mean if it has got to be something that applies everybody then yeah you got to go. Then beer he's the number one basketball villain of all time. If I just get to pick my own, it's going to be Kobe, I don't like Kobe That's a good idea. You and I are kind of alive, I'm still Cocoa, Cobain Tatum hung out for little. While there are the same age, as is usual, vignette he's good. I just why silver linings labelled again Cobby screwed up the junior, I know that for sure now did you not like Kobe.
Just because a spurs, Lakers or other things would you have liked him if he was on the Detroit Pistons is vulgar, I don't think so. He's just he's kind. Rating a little bit I mean I he's one of the best value operators while time and is certainly didn't help his case that he was destroying the spurs in the play asked for all those years. But he just kind of he's, like a guy that I don't wanna talk to hang out with. But I the stand like you gotta, ask a buyer. I understand why people love him sure dispersed how is fell a cat especial burn? Sarah about him because he never missed against but he shot. I'm gonna play paid really. What I just said it was better than it is, its YE may? If on building a franchise for twenty years, I went Dunkin again, he gives me a better chance to compete for a title, if he's my best guy year after year after year, and at some point something shifted and then it just came, my copy was the guy and it wasn't Duncan, and if you look at talking,
First, I think, is first aid. Here's a weak euro? Firstly, my nba yeah, we think about that. It came in ass, a rookie. He was firstly mommy. I say Here he wins the title it. Just goes on through by it. By the end of his eight year, eight stray first teams He's got three three titles he's got to envy yes, he's got to fires. BP, preacher, key preacher and the best players he ever played with. In that stretch raw sitting. Ninety dine, who is passed, his prime who wasn't like Serbia, but passed his friends on the down here for their headed, headed down in o three wins. The two oh Robinson, is back, is wrecked right. Parker Main who aren't Parker Menu, Lariviere brand new. Nobody knows: has beady Claxton involve beady clacks. It is playing closing minute, closing,
is that even Jack had been Jack purity and on five teams here and whose maniac and who next year, signs that Lana than there are getting they give away within a year term should have added quadruple doubling game six to win that title almost had at a stall two blocks from what he of the twenty one, twenty ten, nine or Somethin eight eight blocks and they stole to one problem you go. I could watch a tape, he got ten blocks, never understood this big Dave intentionally and give them to. I think so. I can use a cover up. There was a rough by big Toby was rough, It covers the way a rough files. It was aid finals I felt like. I was dreaming you prosperity. U S was. I did, that is when they realise they relate to start rigging the fires a lot of it now. Is it was the year that was one of the games like seventy six, seventy seven, I was half
the next year was when they, when Fisher somehow made the shot like zero point four seconds to now to turn round three to be issued and never have a leg was egg we're getting that tobacco numbers Liz jammed onions I think I'll write in every way possible. Back in the recent ass, powerful water yeah. I would always due date. He is have a check was eight this too in the south have a check retired after sixteen years, and there would occasioning practice with ethics for years later and they would always be like he could put right now would be like our seventh man, who, like forty one, I think Duncan, could come back to and be certain factors Jim. Although there may be a serviceable yeah, he would he would be like a tenant one guy after bench, at forty nine years old has put before us watch have just drag your add a leg, but some are jumping to these young eyes. I take advantage of a stand in the court in the bottom. He did it against against surge.
Search was possibly like the guy here and he put them put him in a torture chamber in game six in Oklahoma City, It is crazy that they came back and avenge that two thousand thirteen thing so best. The best thing it's really let's get me, can you imagine if they don't come back the tears? is hanging over for a whole, spurs forever semi, as they would have your car everything that had happened up to that point, I was I, but that's look out in that path. Taken at Dublin for the to Miami obsessions installing gotten over that yeah, I could see pop she's Kyler This would be it yeah. Then we don't see him anywhere. Night is gone. He says you ve, there's no feature seizures gone stricken wine in ITALY or something is ignore them a tenth of next year and then some basic What women where's pop yeah they got, he retired you hated lasting for us. Are you are you? Ok, you Jason Mama becoming like an alias star. I feel yes,
clear rate on this early and we both bought a lot of stock so to rape, Bartholomew oral Grantland teammate we're getting rich off of this one. We bought them start like it was like fifty Hence I missed out on a piano start: yeah I've missed out on that one. But I got in early on and the more you have like an incredible about a make up my mind. Or for those not diverging Michael Fania night, he proceeded with it. I need my boy come can going back for more your advisers, I better you have enough right now at the end of what shows significant, keep pumping Adela. Do you talk about your blood and blood out interaction. The out we should. We should do but the greatest moment your life, the greatest moment of my life, so there's a there's, a rider that I made friends with San Antonio Young, freelance writers name is Jose. We text every once in a while, and Is it like a hard working kid when I was living in Houston, he asked if you interview me they're like no bubble,
nation. I was again if you I'm sure, I'm in another city, music, no problem, he fucking caught the bus up there and then Rawdon Ober from the bus, to meet me at a restaurant. We interviewed by forty five and then he rose to go back and then another buzz back centre by this kind of work at their talk like that we like hunger at the rear. We do so he taxonomy one afternoon and he's ok. I am I am at wherever Sri Lanka, Mick Jagger Hoddan, or something on San Antonio some ice. Size, shriek and crews is here crews in the original artists from blood and blood. Who did all the paintings that here signing prince. We have to stop for a second, because I think some people might not know about it. But at a son and for those people is the greatest challenge. Action will be time. Ninety ninety three- I believe, as I twenty five years, that, according to very watchful subliminal entire, are we, doing next year, we will be doing what every week fifty up I don't buy. That is how we gonna do blow him laugh Recent arrival, but is
we came out is my favorite movie of all time. Crews my favorite movie carries of a cat was one of the reasons we initially bided yeah. That was what was cause our eight year, the first person I knew who liked them movie yet other than myself, because those are the three straight years have they have forgotten. This worry so this guy's been So crews has been living in San Antonio for years. He like pops up area in a wild insanity motives in San Antonio? You guys can be bodies. We can be friends. This is how it starts. He said when a citizen leading to you doing alive podcast in San Antonio, with the entire burden, but outcasts our beef and tat, will be that hard to get them right. Benjamin Baron rule will be tough now if everyone else was in he he'd have read anything recently in, like almost everybody else was there, except for Benjamin Rat. You know with the streaming there. So many movies. Thank you find anything the blood and blood. I think it's amazing Netflix can't run this for a month. Yeah
makes me wonder if the streaming rights are tied up somehow, if there's some sort of studio chicanery or something I think it's something to do with Disney They always lie they own it. They don't like Latinos. There are people Walt Disney who he noted latino Ojeda over another? I asked about because I wanted to do like like a screaming at a movie. Theater am I dropped or something, but they wouldn't let no one. Let us They're like they wouldn't give me the rights. Now they say you can only show, unlike outside you can't a anything like it was a bunch aware, is all tied up in a budget of ninety. I know they tell me now it's amazing? I really, I think it might be at Amazon Prime Bf do either it or rent it yeah. It's on Youtube you why did I know what's on Youtube here, the whole thing that fuck, the nineteen hours of it is on you too. Now it's like it's like two forty five rang out about three hours. It's so good, so I get a prison staff. I get that text the guy's there
He records of video with crews, saying I showed you out who says my name in the line and those like I've been semi aroused ever since some heads of lava. What were the gesture from your fan it was really great. That's a nicer! How was I very touched here? doing the rewards was next year. I don't I don't care must be for having me and you and then have to download it. I'm a dollar twice its also like technically kind of a prison movie. It is a privilege spend Thirty five, forty percent of the movie imprison, which I think makes it qualifies as a prism, have you seen the Showtime prison sure whether their escape escape to tomorrow? No serious. I have none Is it like a show of uneasy o? No, That's the guy uneasy about our up Benito. It's about the two guys older, Michael Kenya. It's about the two guys who seduce the female prison guard, and then she
help them escape, as they say, you're. Yet upstate, Newark Elsie answered ascended ourselves where its bad them. Seducing are and then point in their scape, and I think it's like foreign media to catch up as a lad of prison staff. I loved Ladderlike p Stick it out after hours, people like five five, where the radiator you know like the little Van were spending. A time like so they can take the Vienna right? the guards ever somehow noticed this by the way. But, ah yes it had nine dollars an hour or so near. Not looking at anybody for nine Now you just try that to get poop throne, I did echo that your number or goes a prison guards, don't throw pooper blood at me. Everything else is grabbing at other bodily foods. So three more episodes of dreamer
horror movie villain gangster movie, villain karate movie villain as you becoming. What book give another book coming? No, I'm done with books. Will you wrote a book? I read a pdf, I thought you had. Another above all, I didn't you spent around right now, there's no other becoming now there's no other book, You know about it, but I would say bill. I got a book but sir another package coming If you, I me, will you giving season to of valor what are we had to have a more violence were. I think I can come up a more violence, a man ha ha ha ha ha, As pressure I don't go, baby I'm really sorry the spurs anger made class they going make. The playoffs We can be a tough out. It's too bad, Enver Avenant, Could you undo a quick episode of Parent corner yeah? Let's do it any dad? Give me a parent story I'll give you a pair of story, the boy.
The twins they're doing the thing now at an hour where it happened, maybe because they sort of my flight football at school. Now they want play football outside that right so we're living in the girls play football, we're living in an apartment complex at the moment, so we go outside and like the parking lot, we can't when I get to play tackle so we're just like playing before they were terrified of football and now they're, like taking it in the air, the Andrea Hopkins going Gettin Odell, they had a little bit of six. Ass? One of them got an interception in the game in school and those who are touched out another like therefore football superstars in their head. So we lost item we play and we started playing this game called interception where one Just rose in Thy catch in the other. One tries to stop me. That's a whole day says fiscal, it's not cuz we're in the parking lot. So I'm just like pointing this direction. They throw it over there I run and catch it. The 11th president knock it down. We do that for like two days and then I guess they saw the confidence and now they want to be on the team and I'm the one who has to stop. It,
and we're running roots now, they're, like figuring out, rout, allow and we're doing where's like ok, you got for chances to get to the blue car. That's a touchdown like they understand that part. So they're doing that and they kept trying to get it off me where they get and get the whole thing and one shot by. They can't throw it. Therefore, at the door, like twenty arches a foreigner? So they figured out this thing where they gonna run ten steps. Come in and ashore pass, and now it's a foot, re snouts me verses, you daddy and the open feel yeah. They figured out there faster than me, they're faster and there hundred percent Fatima had no idea. I had no idea until I d Chase one of us and I was getting close and then turn on the big engines and poured away from me, and I was like sobering moment what fuck is going like. I was running as hard as I possibly clear, and I couldn't get on and he's laughing, but he's he's, like you say, bought looking up. Other guys laughing he's doing this. To me, give you the shares running the car. So this is
I'm walking around the house now they're calling me by my first name. Then dad anymore. Shea shake but down there and playing for denied spare me the best buy now bill. So this step is when you, kids can be in the forest step on it. They can hold their own in this fight against you and then step three. If they kick your ass, that's commoner at eighteen year, but I ve been talking shit about football game, the hot they ran like a legit like we both jumped for the bar one of em, got up and got it over here and burned off. Men at the other personal trainer agenda item where only the start, access rather than a hired you eat healthy. I need a creed work out, exercise routine at what point what age where they get, where the two of them against you in a fight handicap match. I think, we're like four years away. Maybe you could be like a ten year because it already like they're up to my chin. Now they thought they had like a low growth spurt
when can ban, be mean a fight like six months from now. Does he have the ominous surprise the air he make it do it now is surprise. You had really tell a baseball wrestling video, my centres, hard punches in with like real anger behind them once like box. If he comes off like the the arm chair, yeah you're not expect that yeah is lighter here at guide, see black first, I gotta lotta Shea throughout pleasures. Oh thank you. Thank you think I will about picks and a second rockstar games. Creators of the critically acclaimed auto series, the back of their latest back with their latest black buster red dead redemption to an epic tale of honour and Loyalty Sidney tonight. If you do you play this favorites every man such a beautiful game, the everything about it will be our mind. Now, it's great it's really a people is run and just do a terrible things
other food. I sound like a oh yeah carefully. We have it cannot leader that may have to do this weekend, as the game of the generation by the house reporter lot it as a triumph by game of former absolute gorgeous, says Newsweek, one of these. This games Bejean now the straight, a game of all time on play station for an xbox when this sets a precedent is not does not arise in Africa explained the life of Aladdin notorious gang in red, dead redemption. To answer now. Rock stars answer How rockstar games that comic barely speak. Hey since we're here. Support for the bill. Summons package comes from Our friends, Iraq, mortgage by quick amounts, America's premier Home purchase, lender whereby it can be one of the most important purchases you ever make. Today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you hire payments during a great experience into an anxious one. That's why Quicken Loans,
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Ass. We didn't show up irresponsible sucker. You didn't show up for the gay I communicate. Are you come into this week's game play it's bad enough! That's on you re I'll, be right, maybe around maybe a role at a bed for that one. That game, not only I screwed up the patriot, seas and potentially, but it also was an incredible swing for the milliner picks. What a bummer. I would have won one million hours had they just tackled anybody and the last play. I had them parleyed with the chiefs or teased with the chief. Some sorry and then we did this. They now is kind of fun. Last week, of course, Joe Ass ruined. If you remember I wanted to take this, hawks who went on Monday night parlay the money online with five underdogs. I love the underdog last week. I wanted to do The underdog mighty lance and I wanted to throw a San francisco- and there is one of the five has taught me how to San Francisco and then talk me into just here. The points, instead of doing the actual many lines that letter
experiment. Accede was a little bit fruit, and even though I last one point one million on the freak inhale Mary play. I was only down five hundred and twenty five thousand hours for the for the year. I am up four point: four, nine five million dollars and that's going up this week. Here's what we're doing. First of all, I'm staying away from the past stewards game and here's way, I'm not convince the patriots are good. As you keep hear me talk about! this park asked and if anything, I would like the Steelers landscape, but there's this little problem or the Patriots own Pittsburgh adding is stay away. The patriots Canasta anybody's running aim, but Pittsburgh is prohibited. Their third string running back unless Connor plays nobody knows if he's playing or not. I think it's just the fudge stay. What years was not a stay away? The Cleveland Browns are heading to Denver
they are getting tuna, half points and here's the situation. And whereas last three starters and the office of why they ve lasted two best corner backs the lustre to best wide receivers they bluster to best tightened If you watch that game last week carefully in San Francisco a team that is absolutely atrocious, they fell behind twenty nothing, they gave a big place and third down, they were too for fifteen, which makes total sense, because if you are similar in the season case keener France and the tide ants you start to manual sanders. All those guys are gone and its base they just case keen him, Philip Lindsey in a bunch of Scrubbs. That's our offence, defensive. We you know thereby up on the secondary there s out the offence allowing mentioned there, there are having trouble backing off. This is bad. Meanwhile, Cleveland Gregg Lambs for two thousand nineteen contracts, curling Benihana, Gregg, here's the
easy thing and here's. Why really likely? Where living. There is a world in which They are leading the ABC North in two weeks. Right now they are five. Six I'm sorry, five, seven and one deployed at timber, the sweet they play home Cincinnati next week and then at Baltimore in weak seventeen right now. There are five seven one Baltimore, seventy six Pittsburgh, seven five in one piece Briggs Next two games home for New England. There underdogs at noon Serbia underdogs that there's a rugged chance Pittsburgh, seven, seven one heading into that last week: and then you have Baltimore seven Insects Tampa this week, their favorite, then at the chargers and then Home Cleveland. If Cleveland runs asleep, they end up Seven in one stand inconceivable. That they could be in the driver's seat
Senor, so they actually really do have something to play for UK bed a holy shit, the bronze might when they have north parlay, you could bear. Cleveland money line, tamper, many line of about tomorrow, the New England to be Pittsburgh. That is a hundred to win plus twelve seventy five. I do not recommend that what I do recommend is take brands plus two and a half in Denver ally. The way they have played the last four weeks. Bakers, tiredness, show Somethin Nick Chubbs, really good. They can make big place, they lasted that Denzil word. This wait there there star, Ricky, cornerback he's got a concussion looks like he's not point, that's the only thing that slightly worries me other than the my attitude and the fact that great waves is their coach, but again Williams, coaching for a job next year, and I think there is a chance that they might be a candidate for that spot, that you know, I loved
find the team that just gets hot for no reason the second half of the year, his it done Nell S forest straight. We ten they beat Atlanta by we week. Levin beat since he we twelve last. They used to me thirteen be Carolina weak retain. I say they win this week. They be Cincinnati, now, you're Talkin, five in one and their last six heading into that week, seventeen game, so I like Cleveland, that is one of my pics one point: one million bucks Cleveland two and one slash two in Denver. I actually think leaving should be favoured cigarette frequents points, I love the rams against Philly The rams our home, you can go online and read out the stats about Jerry Graff, add on verses on the road. You could watch the tape of debt. Prescott, shedding Thea Carcass of an eagle secondary law. So many guys they'd, Poland's off the street Prescott through forever.
One hundred yards Cooper destroy them. The ring haven't, had one of those kick ass gains in a while and I think they need it. They need to They need kind of a lay the Smackdown guitar Mojo back to remember them early in the year. They were always one of those put the pedal on the on the gas type team, so that big lead in the second half they're, still throwing the ball stuff like that, they scored week. Nine hundred and thirty five points week, ten thirty six week, one thousand one hundred and fifty four week, we thirteen at Detroit Thirty and then last week they played against defences statistically one of the best the offences of all time Chicago put up. Six, so people are little off on the rams there. It's coming back this week. The catch affiliate a nice time, no Carson whence fractured vertebrates out secondary shambles dance. But,
is playing way too much rainy back their favoured by eleven. I just want them to me The money line is minus six hundred so hold that thought. Second game, see, hawks minus one. Ninety in San Francisco, again San Francisco, looks good last week because they're playing that beating up crappy Denver teams. This is all I got all the stuff to related. Seattle only favoured by three and a half in San Francisco in San Francisco. About injuries their day. We have no above average, go position, guys other than George KEDO and actually look through their scores since we ten twenty three points against the giants. Nine points against Tampa, which is Addis is sixteen against Seattle and then for twenty last week against Amber neither plants. Yet again, I should point out there ass to Seattle. Forty three was sixteen two weeks ago
and now Seattle is favoured by three and a half, because people are looking at this as a trap game for them. Then I can't city weak from now doing Milton Borough Pawn just enough at twin Wynn: that's fine! their minus one. Ninety two in this game, In parliament, the Rams minus six hundred with this hawks minus one. Ninety on that, any though a minute three other games and I'm doing three Parlez one game, each with rams and Seahawks. Here's the first one bears are managed to seventy two be Green Bay in Chicago. I don't really understand the fearfulness Aaron Rodgers in the Packers, the fact that people seem to think there. Some man go run coming for them that that that day figured it out. Now they got rid of make Mccarthy because Joe Feldman disappear. We get is gonna write the ship- I just don't see,
I don't believe it. I think this bears defences is shortly. Great is the word historically great, but they really maybe it's starting to see me, their figuring out how to use the rainy backs. True biscuit is horrendous last week. They, though, one you see them running all over Green Bay and if they can set up the play action, Green Bay, secondary it's a disaster and I'm that by angry better I'm not I'm just not! Congratulations! You beat Atlanta! Last week Atlanta quit on their coach in their banged up and in their mouths. Not winning in Chicago, so rams. Seahawks bears all in five hundred thousand hours plus one forty four. We think that car sounds crazy enough to If I win now when I went almost seven hundred and forty thousand hours or somethin risking five hundred zero, when I almost seven hundred fifty goddamn must do it do in that
same deal with the saints minus two. Seventy ACT Carolina on Monday night. I would be afraid of this game if it was a Sunday afternoon Monday, I believe in this sense there our prime time. All eyes, are on us for coming through an asset that they had a really key moment last week, where fell behind early plant Tampa. Let's given them that their tempers kind of their version of the Miami Dolphins for the pats, and and they got it out. They put up a whole bunch points in the second half and you sure bit a championship metal. I think this is the super the team from man, I've seen a view. This about emu loses game. On Monday night, as to seventy I'm putting five thousand on them with the Rams and Seahawks plus one forty four said: secular third ones a little wacky the bills of Buffalo cow damn Josh Alan
the greatest Rennie Kubi. We fed- as like I said that I have the greatest wait, reticule bade his, did anomaly. I think the lions are often hear their last seven weeks. Offensively fourteen points, nineteen, twenty two, twenty, sixteen, sixteen seventeen. You know that does Bianca the cat score points. Here's buffalo fur in defensive, DV, away, good defers, crazy for active, she'd been plain pretty well the last few weeks they had a tough lass against the jets last we could happens. They lost in the last couple minutes week before lost my Amy Josh out almost when the game he was a yard short on a play, made an unbelievable play and just was yard shore and almost be the Miami team that sms seventy six, the beach acts of a week earlier than then they beat the jets you wanna ten. So we look at the last weeks of work, the maximum, pretty that some bad luck with the schedule. They push cargo, they Chicago England,
at Indianapolis turn a week when they need to do in their at Houston. At red is used to Western come on. I dont think there quite is horrific, as people seem to think especially not defensively and had they done more to play, for I think the trade, the can't run the bar sacks. Centre for signs of life for me and, lastly, privilege goes etc. I don't see it, I don't see anything with the science them, so I Doing Buffalo minus two with ram? the six hundred Seahawks OX minus one. Ninety three hundred plus two forty seven when seven twenty, so here the bats again, RAM, Seahawks par lead with the bears. Two. Seventy four five hundred plus one forty four with the same Five hundred plus one forty four and with Buffalo minus two, three hundred plus two forty would do,
or putting one point: one million dollars and Baker, Mayfield banning Bounty Hunter Gregg in Cleveland Brands, plus two and a half in a band up Denver their packs ruining this is gonna, be get. I think, I'm in a sweet this making their protection aka pixels They can an easier than ever to launch your passion project, whether you're looking to start new business showcase you, where public a turn your dream into reality with square space. They are making an easier than ever to launch your passion project with they are looking to start new business showcase. You wear it published content, so products and more a square space. The tool for you, with beautiful templates created by world class designers, neighbourhood customize, just but anything with a few clicks. You can easily make a beautiful website yourself, there are powerful e commerce functionality which sell anything online analytics hubby grow the same real time. Everything aftermath mobile read out the box. Nothing to patch up great ever pay by demands is simply get thou, be able square space
twenty four seven award winning customer support square space powers, millions of people from designers to artist gamers in restaurants and genes to turn great ideas, innocent the real had to square space tat I'm slashed bs for a free trial. When you ready, alas, used the Africa BS to save percent of your first purchase of a website or domain that squares based outcome, sash, Bs Africa, Bs Wire mention Fergit, Catherine, I've been using Spotify to listen a pike lately. I like their app, noticed. I don't know if it's my phone or if I just had the worst luck in the world, but if Mr Pike Ass with the apple podcast app if some He calls me It immediately resets the package to the beginning and its super annoying
and I believe in the spot, a fire and actually like it in its Louise Year to maneuver and everything's in their they're, not paying us to talk about this. I just like the app I want people to listen. The Pakistan have good experience with it, so I recommend the spot a fire. That's it would seem. To Catherine up. While this has never happened before in the history of the BS back ass light, we did. I did Erin call for you when I heard it with the remarkable step brothers and were talking. You're saying or are one of the sands. Just say. I love her. I gotta get our impact if she's listing for some reason You have an invite when everyone there what happened, my husband, who has been a just and not an enormous five years from like Grantline days in pre grantline days, nice yeah he's a heartbroken sonic strand for forever.
Oh that's on the songs. Friends like me had defended them. That's why I now hear free Dark O day that he's like a hearing he anyway, he heard it. He heard the siren call and was like I mean. I think, that the twenty five years that we ve been together has kind of lead to this. Nice moment with that. I really do feel like after this he might have gotten all he has. Needed out of me and then I might be more like yeah too, So he even through pregnancy, blankets, langmore, advances to this man, I think after this is my kind of like fade- do he's getting at you haven't. You might have rung a dry, so he's listing any free down his like all, but I guess you there and I was like terribly excited you because I feel like mine to you has not been no fenced. Husband has not been sports just because it sets up in my life, but I have always appreciated how much you appreciate the weirdest. I really have appreciated that
excited sucks? You I'm a weirdo appreciate their guy. Now I dreamt I appreciate that say as a weirdo we ve been weird and allotted for movies and at some point, when you watch this from a fire that person's probably at least a little weird in real life, maybe tiny bit. Who isn't? I guess I'm not gonna cost is being weird would have no, and I feel, like I remember I feel like I had always been denying it, and now I feel the older. I get them more, it's a kind of a badge of a little bit of a badge of honor. I love a weirdo. What's the weirdest, Here, too, you played so far. I have some ideas, but I'd be instituted a year takers. I think maybe Chris and I love Jack. Which we shot here by the way it was interesting to duty again. The idea is awesome to draw a line billing address, but I think because she just was- there was so she just was harnessing so much feeling at this
time. I think so you like to situations where it someone who's seemingly normal, but there's a lot more going on that they did one of the dream character soon, but I think because I think it's also like there. It's so human ya. Think as I I you know I mean to do, doesn't mean. I think we all kind of put on a layer of that decision middle school to me: yeah why'd, you start so late, acting like in things, I did it it and start lay down, and then I started oh you don't, like places double what made you actually want to be in for the camera and stuff I had I mean I see I started I mean I went to school. I started when I was a kid kid in Cleveland. Give us your whole background. I grew up in a I'm in grew up in a higher I'm sorry son who gave when
I was just. Therefore I see I was hearing about it there by yeah yeah clear, and rocks, as they say, I was a curtain plus the Cleveland Playhouse we're not sure curtain polar but those in the name of the thing I moved to me ass, I was acting there's always a college northwestern do indeed or in the theater there, and then I what did why the worms hunter of ass. I went to grad school forehead, wit, Yale, which I sense I was for some reason was hard said aloud, but I've really proud of it. I got myself and therein nice paint Mina made my way in So what's your go at this point at that point it was to theater and I.
You know, I think it's like my midwest, like a work ethic like blue collar, like there was I had there, was nothing more wholly to me than being in a dark on a dark stage. With ago slight, with a bunch of scrappy barefooted, you no other weirdos leader people, Therapy Pollack, making making something together like I there was. That was the holiest place in the world. For me was that was our feeling and always he's trying to capture that, like I love that feeling of being in an non sombre, so you're like jealous of does Christopher guess movies. I bet there
unlike you, can been in any of those Christopher Guest movies like there was some danish movies. Like there's, some called the celebration which I was like really really down with. There was some there's some french movies that I Oh, yes, yes I got a loves, a David mines. While that huh, really got into my cry when I was in high school. You mean your husband met northwestern While we were like fresh men and we were, there was a guy. There was a pretty intense like flirtation, and then we got serious likes serious. I guess, and ITALY beginning of software you're. Basically, then we ve been oh yeah, I address you viewed items.
But which was imperative and our twenties and then, but you know, we basically talk the whole times ruin. Ganz is basically a c I feel like. If you end up with somebody, you met freshmen or software in college, Sir asked diet. Is you? Have there wasn't a hired, as I said, a word You die road, I mean it was like you know like. I said we talks basically through it, but it was too. Where was imperative for us. And then we loved and our ten year anniversary of two big sir, you alone, which was awesome. I instruments of yours, my parents were divorced, we're like less. I take that show the road. That's why we like each other yeah, I'm a child. The worse, you are were blinded by pain, yeah maiden, Disappoint, Hain, Andrews Chop Sky somebody's german being used against wanting to be heard near looking just looking for just love in approval, yeah, just monetary held most creative people from the worst families.
But my nose, Silbury thirty really gas, so how long are you saying they are getting a divorce that we're like sitting in that like waiting period, was a game a chicken yet just like wait until you getting out and does they. They basically believe waiting until we got out of the house. So this is a time to do it. So my brother's got out. You mean my worse in a phase now, as ever thirteen year old daughter running out of time, but she's. That's right! yet the just starting just leave she's like I'll. Just leave she's like one day, I'm just just can be got no wonder what happened now be gone. It has a serious socio h, maybe got Wagoner idle I'll fun. Threats for the whole family might not be idle. Ok, thirteen, thirteen rough we'd have you seen eighth grade that is what I see a trade, but my daughter and I interviewed
rector gather yeah. All our guy was cool. I have not seen you, my daughter, my podcast is so much more likeable than she is in real life. Are you serious, but you know what it is. Hard Ivan eleven year old Son and it is, I mean my heart is like I don't know how to handle it mind stuff. Well, no he's not he's not checked into any of that. Like he's checked in a fortnight covered, so my son's ten super. Yeah really nature out of it yeah he keeps asking he keeps saying like a new skins coming. Oh my god this sounds were all Nazi Germany. I keep asking for new skin like what are you talking about It is our attic here. Whenever, with their friends I'm Margare, so I've got I've come. Come around. I consider SAM. I am, I sense, this video game in this but another end like he's interacting with friends like at night like when I was a kid when you are
hid and we saw our friends with go out of our way to see our friends. Yes, now he kept there in his life kind of every day in the act on a jealous of it, and especially here where, where you can just like go side and see your friend ran like run around. You kidnapped Exactly there are the neighborhoods we came from. You could just kind of bee. Add new neighbourhood. Are there ever saw many back it up? They were like in a way I, like your kids, thou, go Hamilton, leave for four hours and a yak later we It doesn't work. I now we were like my mom stay at home and she knew so much less about my life. There. But my kids and I'm a working parent of this. I was on a generation that yeah we just kind of would be able to leave from two thirty six thirty, How can I never saw yeah but like I now, and I must like I we will. I would I would just go explore like abandoned houses, because the best here so crazy, you're a fortnight,
that's fortnight now by the idea that the announcement it that's what for your abandoned, has, as I played it with him and he he videotape me playing it because he was so, delighted by how bad it was at it. Like I wouldn't look up like I could not figure it out at all and The wind I get in there with him on we're. Not mental I've tried Spent my whole summer trying to be good at psychic play with them, and I just think that twitch the two factor of younger people verse, older people, yeah where's, two up, I'm not, You don't like. I'm like an xbox mean it's the leg, Ipad. I've bomb. Crap, though, is gets me sad it I mean it's like when he's like this, I'm like, ok with it but like when they see little kids like this, like that he said, but she like when their dinner. Sometime though I now, I know it's hard, I do a lot of judging of other families.
I'd, really real area greater detail, but I know legendary hard thirteen year old girl that I have a nine year old, daughter, ah the wood, so you got that I have to get my favorite age, for my daughter was six and ten: oh TAT S great ok, Ten, more time I like the lies, Hannah's awesome is always the boys are once they once you realize that there's not something while with them and that too, but our boy just lay blowers. It's actually a great man,
large airlines and their both tremendous insist, like I e just realising its this like breaking through into this next phase, like his is like Guph, it's like the emotional life stuff. It's happening like the! U my hard to site is breaking for this, like this next chapter, because you just know it's his is getting a broken so odd. That is, you know, he's just used to starting to like be vulnerable to things that I think that is like it's time. It's like that's what it is like he's just gonna be he's, can guess heartbroken Sayer like ok, ok in always not just I'm not saying like romantic places like okay, this is what's about to happen, and I just have to like surrender to people in his school no leg.
Mom and knew the lady from this move. Here that my realises that even a thing I mean he can not really, he hasn't been able to see anything. I've done probably for the vast. Now I mean they did you They have middles e learning, how Transylvania tie our judges of EMU the beam of instruments now so they say nearer, like my daughter's out of his cue, that made it unless I can cut aged out of it like he dutifully saw it, but I'm will stop brothers, who a point that my son's tone boat. He just he had to see it like his vanity fair once it gets. Oh, my god, a cab. I should not admit this year and unwilling to yeah Bell Simmons. Were he Shouldn t? I saw it with my children I fast they don't really know that I was in the movie because, as I started watching, I realized you ve over overload, not show them one part of me in that movie and so on
really they know that I met a dinner seeing just quietly eating, but they don't really know anything else, and then I forgot about the not sack on them I'm on the drugs arms and my daughter, sorry what I was like I feel like the ironic ties her. As our they grow dimensions and I was like suddenly admitting idea the YAP anyway. So listen care I see whenever they want to see these days. It's pretty easy. It's trail gesture. I fat show them that Brian ive fast forwarded, over the first saying when you like more yes, but I forgot about the second saying which is the you put him away. I forgot that you actually start having sex with them in the next room right and then you fall through the kitchen, I'd forgotten about that
Yes, yes and latterly extended gotta think. Yes, that's what we want Therefore, yes I'll be extended as a mistake here, the move which I had done most of the time, was to take the comedy censurer TB s version yes of the colonies because they cut out. Yeah, you launch wedding crashes, anti bs, yeah yeah. It's like the sanitized version Quite as funny, but yes it's for them, they can watch, they can watch it. I won't make his eye was sense of humor I've Ananas case before leg. I don't wanna shelter them. I want them to see stuff. That's fine! Added that the much sausage party like Radio juggling somewhere. I know, but for real for real cuisine the I now surely I mean I shall we showed them Aramis showing them jaws, and I was like ok well. This is like a blue alleged, shit well made, be
therefore movie, which hinges mostly on suspense, is actually like. Not that much Gore right arm, then quit does and is getting shooting and then that's the problem is a problem. You see, I keep getting them to try to leg and I feel as if I can't see that movie without bursting into hysterical team, it is a good one. I respond now and on our kids are ghostbusters another good. When those are fantastic, the under ten generally a vacation. We just watch again recently. They had never seen vacation like original. Have you seen that with your kids? Oh yeah, it's range film? I a I was concerned, like one of the genes for me from eighty yeah, it We would all Oji stand for just like one of the one of the great comedies of that. What is it? Stand for that, what is Oji, Stamford, Tommy We are at it. Because the current gold it is terribly and awesomely I, but some other parts of age
really badly and then was still really fun. I mean there are some parts like details, like, though I think there's a couple It's like Chevy was think there's one talking about going on a vacation in Beverly De Angela was like scraping off the dish like washing the dishes in escaping off the This is to hand to him to put in the dishwasher, but he thought that it was just put away. She was giving him dishes and he was like putting them casually, which I thought was like a beautiful detail, but then something that struck me as being kind of strange was: the I remember being a boot movie like remember there being boobs in it, but I was like it so interesting the EU that we just see moms boobs. Beverly De Angela's boobs broke him out twice yeah, that was the air. The sunlight, we so who are we like? Who are we as the audience? Are we dad's like? Who is it for like? Are we the signs
Yet I don't mean is interesting. I think when we get to see Christy's, cautious, America's sweetheart, I that would have voted and too expensive and two thousand year shooting twenty million, but again she was so. I think that was there era from laid seventies through, like eighty five as a portuguese and but like mine, oddity, nudity plus comedy, was a thing and then economists, where's your brains loose. Who is watching that like who is the whose for, like, I don't know with those boobs, for they made a lot of money to yeah advantage. Everybody amazing anatomy, ass. She really comic, like I thought her performance was fantastic, agree she's, so good occur. Every take. I thought she was a solid base that those using, I thought I could get away with watch them move with my kids, but then there's the scene when the cousin asks ever bother. Baloney
And my kids, like, what's that mean how do you by your bologna, my guy humans, can agree because this can kind of go over the z, I hope yeah, so where they, both ass as ours, Z, S, drug thing and the young down so interesting to be like. Oh, it's, the young epidemic are well yeah. Him he's I submit that he's gay rusty, he's fantastic. That seems to have them or when he saw gonna Lawiya he's so get a united. Cyprus could talk rest, but the from thirty Rock Jean Valjean presents thing yeah. My daddy says I'm I'm I'm totally patch in that line, but says on the bed french kisser. They forgot to choose an eminent every day that movie, which made me sad, I've I've only filling station. I movie know we they re remake movies. If
the other movies that watchful. I talked about this kingdom, Michael cake is he resigned. We data Brennan ART thou. Will predator had really bad special effects. So you could, you could say, like thirty years later, We could do a better version of this. I had better technology now. This could be a much cooler better movie. Lucky had a reinvented it. That's. I think what we ve done into trouble is just like that. Word thirty years ago will make it again that doesn't seem right that ever really works you in sequels, you did the bad mom sequel. There can be probably a third one right now. Money I dont know phobia third, who knows how much better can those bombs get I'll? I we saw prettier recently to the original feller had never seen before
special effects. Issues from the eighty stated we didn't have the technology boy, just dudes, blowing shit, yap, lad, testosterone, so much shit billing just baloney. Just like a lot of muscles and tucked up so soon, said being blown up in just so many read this red filters: DE. I ah does a muscle coroner. Yes, yes Ray. I'm is just like Rainbow two was just him in a tank tab, just shooting people that were shooting at him from five feet away yeah him just turning. In his side of his face, yank laying in get weird muscle, poor animals. I point one liners cobra was another level. When one minors, just like cause- that's like you all you need is like a good I often then back to it. Will you Even a good laughed is kind of like and then just like back to it
nobody's funnier. Then then, sullen muscle guys always have the best answer. Here is how interesting and then just so much oil, let oil baby were. The rack has taken the baby corner yachts covered and he searched listening and fast, seven yeah, that's ever symmetrical and so charming you homewards them every no third parties, the nicest person on the planet. What sounds like does logistics. Brothers, who did their history, that Energy Santa, like an awesome, experience, tat every eyes even ten years. I write that was so much for that written or or our his yacht was gay. I didn't hear that the bikers madness hanging about very watchful either we watch of Ozma. I read, but I did read their thing: I really sweet text exchange with Adam after it's been like. That was a really, though sweet to read that, because I was a really sweet time in my life. She said the single best, acting performances ever say, dear first, when you are
This document has gotten you morale bouquet. I did have a swede taxation that was crazy to read that I was like. I will. Hold that to my heart just that little sentence. He said that was really dear Mackay, dear you brought it. Your first big movie here was there one. Before that I mean my. Was your first break castrate point break my first break? Was I mean I don't know it's all been a little series. If I find out o three, I have an idea of what we call huddle lose a guy in ten days, and that was my first movie. I like how you act like I don't know what that movie is I don't know I'm here now, maybe that Europe should demographic. I marry as somebody who has seen everything around comrades. Everyone may provide three times an ash yeah. Ok, I'm aware have you seen her huh Lucy Guy intended as the one with Ledger re nope. That is
Prince Junior now, it's Matthew, Mokanna, Hay and Kate. Oh yeah, ok again, that was my first. I was doing a showcase crossing Jordan. We, like oh wacky friend, has one of two Jackie friends. We each had each other leads had to act friends, so I was. I was myself and anti piracy where the two wacky best friends, any Paris. I was a poor, easy Kai lovers. What were the two Aki friends of Cane Hudson and Tom Lenin and Goldberg, where the two wacky friends of Mokanna, so like big, big brunch scene, Somebody said something in a firm now we would like Actually we were both like you know. We would be on either side of her holding coffee cups filled with like nothing walking into work. Yet like giving her advice, yeah I Bigley, remember: thou yeah sure
did really great their history. They were kind adorable, yeah how's, your big break. I gave my first movie so then what happened? also on the show called Crossing Jordan, which I play. The grief, counselor morgue the. What are exactly I dont know. If it's an actual position and then, as I NBC and then I and then I did have the one with Jill Hennessy Miguel for ran order, a lecture Miguel. Europe is no longer with us. I was one of the greatest payments and can Howard is no longer with us, and also an amazing human can Howard's in my office. I'd foreign front spots on my favorite show ever was the which other, though I shall here he's an easy, was I caused him at the two thousand and twelve,
producer guild awards for air. He was very sir he's a nice guy yeah. I let me help loving dearly and his wife, Linda What is a very good care of us when we first met to allay that was like our home even- and I like was that was that show that cast anchor me in two thousand for Good and then I got a little teeny, tiny, tiny part in Ankara, man on which I should like for liason, but that was like the first, my first exposure to that world.
And you know I was in an improvised. I was never did sketch. So I was like in all of these artists, like I didn't, have any idea that one could do that. I thought, like you know, I'd come from feared or will you have like total tawny me over your path? Onstage like once the lights go up, it's yours yeah! The night is yours and that path is yours. So then I came into this world and of his own standing, your mark, you can have dutifully familiar, so I felt a real disconnect between what I wanted to do and what was being asked of me and then I saw them well in my sleep it kind of there is an opportunity to combine and then the kind of lead to you know there was then that separate their summer, which was like the best, because they also did this moving a revolutionary road. That summer, which was the seminars movie with. Kay wins leaden. Let them run Madge Movie is a rough marriage.
We have to your marriage has to be in a really sod place. Two sisters Alice easy for me is that if it's a bad place, he just kind of turn at each other, the dark- maybe they are saying wait to talk about all birds that dedicates making stylish comfortable footwear, he's in premium natural materials design for a life's everyday adventures, their wool, runners or soft shoes made from real design simply knowing that their logos to come in a bunch of classic and limited edition cars where and we're Carplay Office out of town, whatever feel good about, their New Zealand Marino, will require sixty percent less energy to president typical synthetic materials used in shoes. Seek you certified guarantee sustainable farms where they cheat the sheep nicely that merits a bunch of them have been talking about them on the park ass, a moth! I just want my shoes to become turbine, and look at that's it, so I care about Aubert's check it out nowadays, right around the corner. Consider Albert gift for someone analysed or for yourself
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very very sweet and they have very charming Hamish Ashton, culture, an appeal and really good music, and really using is outrageous in it. Yes, really related to get it really. I recommend a lot like love, and I are you drunk hunger now. It's really, I think so too. I think to. I dont know why that one didn't do better. It had to people at a good point, their career yeah real. Just almost knows, I'm glad you're, my music, a weird I don't know, there's a weird pocket of time: then, but I know Amanda pizzas finance missing performer Airbus demands now I've you're lying fortnight, How do you know that I don't I've, distrusting user, then after step brothers than it takes up. So what was the first time you? Let him off you're. Here now you ve, I am now exile. You got out, you got called out to be in the b S, but I mean is this areas they that was just like winning
I am done now, I'm! No! I'm sorry, you, my marriage. I might have dissolved after this business. Nowhere for me to go made a good run. I had agree at a great run on You should watch revolutionary road and then just break up her beautiful music and that to evaluate what was your quickest. What was the first time you got put an obsession led some after noon, delight, which is a movie diligence hallway, which is again if you ve seen it, but I'm really proud of them away. It's a tiny, tiny! independent that we shot in several Aiken. Did it my twenty one days, and I remind me with the pot- is cause I probably did see it up just old, I don't have you did but I would be higher than the who lay under the writer yeah, but it would be awesome if you did, but it is about as it's like.
Women, their lives and several ache with her husband and her care and she's kind of dissatisfied, and you know she in a couple of Franz Couples- decides to go to him club on a night in Alec Couples night. They think it be hipster. Anne shook ass becomes captured by the strip Juno Temple and I don't know if that's in anyone's really good. The is interesting. China becomes obsessed with silver and she's kind of its sitting down, and now it's just like. We did that in twenty one days, it's funny and its dark, interesting and one show the best ruptured Sundance in arms is, I don't know how it into this time is only three. It was a it's it's anybody and am but anyway, that kind of lead to transparent for her and viper. The rabbi and transparent- and I was good ass. I do see the the seat. You must have seen the seeds, for this
Bigger career, she's gonna. Yes, it will certainly knows it's. A lot of the same creators involves and transparent. I gotta this him crew, yeah form from that movie and from that from that way of working? Certainly and then that led to a lot of the sea, a lot of that same worlds and way of working in a lot of this people led to the show I did call I love deck with Kevin. Griffin Dial. If you ve ever met their matter delightful spent, my life served by life. If I may be, is a jam you would just have the greatest. I, where there is, a phenomenal human being and such an interesting person was his dad was one of my favorite rudders yeah and his aunt is Didion. Yeah he's a We have seen him his dad was when the OJ thing was guy. Yes, he was the guy to read them. Where I M, is maize, amazing yeah.
About he's using the best, your crime writers. Ever though we had The second was this whole world. I was so fast, thereby like him. These weird l, a rich cocktail party talking about Oj J like them would have The gap should hide into his like a seer, either on the whole thing guy, it's like a rich Kennedy, like I mean their whole yeah as an interesting could be heard. Your manner for sure he's documentary is really beautiful. The centre will not hold. He directed documentary on his aunt, Joan and best beautiful so then the bat and bad bombs was was that the biggest down suddenly like I e those relating to because, like I don't know, I actually don't have it, but I I felt that the biggest ethics personally in those where
I think that the those one of those I saw, the isolate the trail, The commercial areas like eyes can make money reaches the giddy. Secondly, there are great the scriptures, so rock solid, like the chemistry between the Ladys, was the site so effortless services like oh, I ate it. I want to things like it was, so we it just happened so to me, because I never had expected that to land like as hard as quite as hard. I knew it was gonna do well, but it was all I was still Marilla a real throw. I love that part. I like bad words to act. Got down. I was gonna yeah. I was really Sir Henry James Yea, ETA yeah. I was really safer, Jason. He suggests a solid director. He was on the pod but think like three or four weeks ago yeah and it was work as we run into each other bunch eyes, but we'd never actually done a package.
Yeah I used to love him and Eightys yeah cause. He was in the show. How did you move that was like the weirdest show that everyone on television. I have never even heard of that. It was this kid, this child of a divorce whose mom, the next door, neighbor likes his mom and he just is basically sabotaging it. Every episode advertising them getting together. I swear that was the premise I got you are like. I was like this for me before you here as if this is what my life is not there lot of children in the in the eighties. They had that same slim areas, some good, the verses So what do you have? What's coming up? I haven't movie fur Netflix. It's coming up called private life that I'm real Netflix super proud of your temper Jenkins, directed at earth itself, Podgy Almaty, I myself Party Ahmadi too, does the greatest
the union will be used to know so tender, it's so opposite of what is playing, really think it berated by him. Now I buried ham, tender he's like we play a couple that I've been going Vienna Goethe rooms there trying to find a baby. Let me try to China going through infertility. Some are trying to make a family and a long, long haul and Israel purser on to its. I couldn't be broader hats, beautiful, Molly, Shannon's and Engine Carolingian, this young woman and Cayley Carter. Whose incredible on its depth couldn't be proud or timber, Jenkins S a goddess, and so that's gonna. Pretty thrilling. How are you doing the whole movie career thing when you were also had young kids cuz? I know it was like for my wife. It was tough for her, though, like remember, to buy toothpaste for like a year, cuz
and was broken, no yeah gas in the house. We it is it is it s impossible disaster happening so one foot in front of the other I mean I know it's over. I guess impossibly status: day by day. He machine Shop and they said Anthea thrown about a new puree forts. Uninterrupted hours sleep without waking up panicking about what you'd forgot to do. I need to do an exit from being thrown up. Uh yeah exact. Their past that alone, but now we want other pass, but I should like eight nine years ago Oh I know, and then we decided to bring a fucking dog at it like a puppy at a time x like an idiot like fine well. Why would we do that? I love them. I love him. Thou banjo! It gets better when they get older, that's all
I just keep trying till it's all good. It's like I just keep trying to remember how fast it's going in that we're gonna. Just it's just the house is going to be so quiet so soon and just to try to remember to enjoy the K. Ask as I love that I love that noise and a house, I don't mind it. Young feed clicking all over the place to books all over and just like, like I'll, I dont mind it. I've been thinking about it allowed this year, because my daughters and eighth grade and she's been the same school since can learn, and it's a school. A ghost grenades grade. So when she got there the creators they would take. You know they would match up a kindergarten kid with an eighth, grader and I'll, be like your buddy, and I was outside man someday. So he's going to be one matched up with a keener, that's gonna, be so weird and ashes in eighth grade, and it's happening and she's, like the others,
in the school where she was eight. The baby in its now just like armed solved, shoe myself, yeah yeah, I dream about like in season sixth grade and it's like their planning there, like it's like a secular barn what myths when their school, like they're like graduation ceremony, sickly, like they have this big ceremony, where they ve give speeches, and all this like that, I'm like I did you a slide show of like how? they ve. I remember sitting there watching you gotta go to ten bar mitzvah last year. This she's got me every time, every decisive, evasive directed by Barton Scorsese, all your little. It's no sooner lay ever so good at here totally I'm a disaster every every single time. I feel it is on the verge of hysterical tears. I I look at him, and am I I see am underneath it with where the same size, shoes now like yeah, but I see this little boy still it's the neighbour the neck. That tells me that the most vulnerable, still like you see that little area
I just wanna die- is still so young Ladys again I like, anyway, it's all so stupid fast. My my daughter way fit a point. The shoot this summer weather exactly the same height and they can where each other's closed down stuff says. Pinocchio, ass, ok, that's been good for binding. Nothing else has been good for binding at all. Now I they like it's rough, it's rough, that's right, a passage, doesn't look ices? What happened as totally? What happens? doctors are meant to aggravate their moms and vice versa issues. Rule Well, they have to learn how to do. You know my mommy Scott, the bitch calling face I'd be like, doors, lay I'm like respect, you just have to slam doors for awhile. That's all right. It's fun! I'm just gonna live with her Yeah I mean battle, was I ask these questions for my elevator asked questions this
nobody's ever tabled only like Latin to me that you can do with it What you well you guys guy he's very again a dramatic, simple Waterford. Ok, this is because island the hard and trade yeah. That's it I should now. I don't know anything about this- the heart, trade was that was terrible in it. But I can you different coms about it and I was right. I would like to say that this was agreed. Trade for the thunder, that's your husband, so the first hardening had to go. I believe this because a the night they lost to the heat in the finals. I remember seeing a video posted of him wearing a phenomenal all white outfit, that in a nightclub, showering people with money or it is not in itself notable. I think it might have slightly indicated a cultural conflict with what the thunder organization was attempting to build and maintain your husband, SAM Presty
he jungle, badger, just isn't the boys gouty person. They were looking for MRS a conjecture and be hardens first comments after being traded. The rockets were some like this is what I've always wanted. My own team indicating that this one waste four ball dominate needed player on a team with too absurd really high usage players was never going to embrace a man, knew we enroll ever he had to go. Secondly, I'd argue that the return they got return was actually sufficient. They pick that became atoms the rights to Jeremy, Lamb and more minutes for a very young and extremely talented, ready Jackson, I'm leaving the short term rental of Kevin Martin out of it. If Lamb had pan out with kind of has now just a few years too late and F Jackson embraced his manner when opportunity. I believe that this trade was actually brilliant for harden a redundancy to Westbrook and Durant with zero, interesting defence. There two rotation, guys and atoms, and the german lamb that should have been an more time for the rejection that should have been. It is terror,
what that Lamb and Jackson broke shitty, but that does not make it a bad trade. Are you prepared to agree with me on this matter? I'll? Take your answer. I fear that was amazing. I think this could be a new segment for the Ringer Lake. We you, u dramatically, read your husband's hot Basque. About takes a war, the baby. I know you decided to spend the rest of your life for this person, but he's dead wrong he's gonna go bad trade, it was poorly conceived gas. And he's in a louder than I, turned on. Now we spoke about your husband with them when they move from Seattle. It ok see I mean a clearly like that. I don't know anything, that's happening you guys. I'm like this makes me feel so they went to watch password sweated because there could be us and the girl- I don't now. I'm I'm for anxiety. You them reading something that I don't understand. It just words,
He's watching basketball, ok, see playing Oklahoma City as each hearing for them. I dont know. Ok, does you what sports? He all the time. If you don't know what he's watching now. Ok, never save. The final runs the five lebruns. Evaluating all time. Ok, please! since it sounds like these that I thought it now. I dont think these are questions is free to take his takes seriously just call them again missing the topic. How does the five the mother value drivers? I think as it is they that James Winds, five, the bronze versus five anybody else term it? But I think that five IRAN's would have a shot against any line of ever of any five players. Any line up ever even alien defends, lineup Karim Dim wary Michael and MAGIC, with very, very tough time, with five neurons as James I've been
big advantages in every match, line up that I think ultimate Our ways is disadvantages in those match. Ups is this thought that makes me as a crotchety old man, leaned James Direction in the boring and I'm sorry to bring this up go conversation yeah no other player could meet the stand or not Scotty, not her came not Michael, maybe we'll, but this range, though agree or disagree, so this is off. I had an argument about if you had five of the same person, yeah playing its five of other same people, Yahoo would win in the argument was like five, the brand. Be five measured and five shacks. Yes, I thought I'd think five Le Brands and so I think we actually agree on this. Ok, that is wrong in the hearted trade hardened train right now. This is the last one free dark, oh yeah, as assize fantasy go? Save my basketball life. I see its influence everywhere, I'm just from a geek up
effective, wonder how you view the side looking back and if you know those fellows and if you Flooded with bringing any of those writers onto the ringer did not read the same and I think one one of the people we have that works for us actually actually wrote for them. Chris Ryan, Chris Ryan, listen, I doubt literally, this was reading PIG Latin, I feel like I was led up to it and for you- and now I feel like I can just be. Let go in into the universe, is anyway It was a market with so much more exciting and, and I just went in there- that wasn't speck, I'm really I've never had somebody I want now. Have you come in red basketball takes less as part of the rare violent, but like just having someone knowing dramatic reading is like me reading a dragon Carmen.
You all the best. For I don't know what I'm talking in the first part was when you said minutiae in which was after energy globally, which by the way. I knew you ve created a new word that I think actually works. Menuhin is word. I just never heard it before. You gave it this little edge that at that, hey guys guys we're here what it was great I really appreciate- I'm sorry got hot in here, but I don't know why such increased waiting. All of you guys. This is really fun. You're, a good man. So thank you, for I really was my pleasure and my husband is gonna, be goddamned thrilled me really. Is I thank to Catherine and thanks to Shea surrender, thanks to Catherine, HANS husband, thanks to my football pick, set it sweep the sweet thanks to Cypriot it up It is clear that comes bs, thanks to read dead redemption to pass favour game from the creators of the
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