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NBA Overreactions, Jokic Love, Curry’s Struggles, in Search of Ben Simmons, and Throne Game With Joe House


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by his longtime pal Joe House to discuss every NBA playoff matchup, with topics including Jaylen Brown’s value vs. Jayson Tatum’s, the Rockets' struggles, Denver’s persistence, and more. They also ask what Ben Simmons is doing and what is happening to Steph Curry (3:05). Then, Bill and House recap [SPOILERS] 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4 (1:35:17).

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Threats, have so the bill. Summits back asked the ringer package that were brought to you, as always by the zone. You better watch on this weekend, Canelo Jacobs, I watched it Saturday night. I bet Ojo has twenty two one. Well, organised almost Jacobs one. Twelve round. I, when the Jura man turned away there are reliable. I loved Jacobs, put non fifteen pounds in one day reliable, through a million dollars here, that's it gives you put up fifty pounds. I love that cost benefit yeah. Well, if you get the zone, you could again that fight. You can also get access to the brand new Emma be live, were broncho change up every night of the weak everything. I have a debate at the zone. Getting set up is easy, download the app available on nearly any mere devices, including smart. These tablets, phones, gaming councils, good, a daisy and calmness, sign up D, a z and were also brought by now
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I'm running is going really well, you know I one of the recent strands through we love thrones, binge bowed. We also had talked to France last night. The fourth of six episodes I wish they had spread. Well, we'll talk will tat without were translated. They were said, cut runs into ten episodes over these eighty minute episodes. Picking at fifty five episodes working on more content spread it out. I would without whether waiter were also broadly By the ring I envy Asia, where, where we're happen, right after some of these games. When it's time I know like Monday night is probably that's an eight. We might actually help on their share of attention. To raise the matter night houses here as it fit his birthday we're so
does that here because he's at the Willy Nelson concert we're in thought, but that a little bit and that true weren t buy back a crazy basketball players week. One of the great weird Plath games have ever seen in my life frightened out. You fell safer and thought, but that we talk about a game thrones at the tail end of this. As always and and bunch more, but first I France from project I Joe ass his ear. He turns fifty what they Friday now weak from today. We fronted mother's day came out or use to pack ass. One of the reasons that you came out is we ve never play golf together. We not play eighteen holes. Never
on green grass now and I together sticking a pagan the ground. Let the little a little shaft out on the first. He has not happened before the shaft. We sailed every four own game later at the level of staff that I believe daily level. Shaft out. We had never played because I quit when I was twenty four hours fed up after eight eight roller coaster years can handle day more and then you started playing your mid twenties whenever overlaps might my choice was law, school or golf, and in that's an earth, but really the gulf is the thing she added the later- and I will talk about that later Take my basque buffers who You want a star I'll, give you a gloomy choices. Khazar takes on each of these, but I know you do we're in a car this. I will call the section hottest. Basketball takes wow that actually kind of belief. Ok, exogamy your choice. You can go with you,
can do. I have one on the warriors I have on the rackets I have won, and the Sixers who played today and loss I have one that I'm borrowing from our friend hatch, about about the Celtics or a Jamal Murray related to worry. What what are you? Borrowing from? I urge all your borrowing, admiring your bar renting, ok, whose history that's a necessary one. Star you start. I want to get rid of the Celtics now now yes, of course, I want to get rid of celtics, let's be done with when across them off ass. Well, I want to get that one get it all wrapped up, put a bow on it. So we can talk about the rest of the play off not be accused of making. This podcast is always so Boston Ok sure we mention they, you had left for glasses away. Today there were Leave me wines. My Ma Am Diego Darwin. Although we have a ninety,
then Bruno Anna, ninety seven hour Ani on my instagram at house from Deasey. We got the pictures up. Maybe it's a house of cards that our member, which one I had four glasses accurate. She made bizarre bashaws seated measurement, be posh, made big city, Caesar sowed an peppers, evaluate all the end million fishes back ass. And you're gonna eat it again had a first dinner, then thrones, podcast and then second dinner is coming right. After the second dinners- and this might be a half hour- podcasting second dinners gonna be even better in the first ten or so I'll. Just start with this text from hedge. I'm sure you won't mind me sharing. I want you, pay the context it so funny. How does
Adder fits the playground or the NBA, a guy who loves, dribbling and hates defending his terrible to play with. Are you gonna give out gases as thirty four? It's not you back here. First muddy agree to take, of course, great, take handshake, wrong well. It all could circle back. Kyrie could end up being the heir of the Celtics Series, but it is yeah. We saw this a little bit there in the Chris Paul AIR two, when your best players shorter guard its it just becomes harder when things are going wrong. And you're even seen there now little boat with the Portland Denver serious you can you can I take out a small guard, but you can make him word for shadds. You can contain a little bit and it's just harder and if you're gone through the course NBA history, how many little guys were the best prayer, an championship team? It's real as a Thomas.
Eighty nine ninety and then I guess, Currie, I dont, think of him. Alien in the traditional little guy sense in the spacing in the trees and all that stuff that he creates. My question you has: can you win if your best player a guard? Can you win the title history says? No, I agree with history. I don't think so. I dont. I don't think that the problem with the Celtics, though. Problem. That's been identified and over discussed throughout the course of this entire season, which part which of those Betty Proverbs the identity crisis. Who are they end? There was some kind of glimmer of hope of a glimpse of what the best version of these south ex could be. When Gordon Heyward started playing a little bit more competently, a little bit more fearlessly started asserting himself, and then
Your ride in this round of the play off stand then add a sort of this is in the rearview mirror. Why is that Bill Sim and he was he went for being a slashing kick. I do a kicker we was flashing, but with the intention to kick, we ve seen all that that that is a contagion in these NBA ploy, after a lot of guys, have preferred a kick them play on have our chance to talk about the Philadelphia, Alpheus enemy, and that means an idea I have. That is what we are now you do by so they did a contagion, the jumper, in the trees are great during the regular season when the stakes rise. You also need the ability to the rim and you need those two things
their ideally now the words one the title in two thousand and fifteen really as a jump shooting them, and that is the only time that's ever happened that I can think of that pistons team. It beat the Lakers. Even that team did that the great rebounding team as a great defence team there, those both those who they were again to their own advantage. Overshoot threes Minero got their attack, latin quantity for sure. I think you have to have the blend at some point, even Portland, You know, which is a team thereabouts round the garden allotted jump. Shots, though still get to the room when they have to.
A glimmer Denmark column can get to the rim? When I look at the Celtic seem when it goes south, it just becomes Joe shots and even worse when people start moving now, it's jump shots with guys standing around, and I dont know how they it's. It's like. One of those spirals like when I like in top gun, when the spiral, nay even maverick, can't break out of it. It that's what happens in south. Exceed that you can see it happening like every stops moving and it's like. Oh no, oh god we're not going to come out of this. It's why I'm calling it an identity crisis because they haven't sorted out who the alpha dog is when even to this moment widening, as we know, only offered arguing that we know who one guy thinks is the apple bag. He certainly taste and of shots to be there,
that's right, but he has to make those shots to truly earn. I mean think about the sequence of events. He begs off of a clean team. There had made nothing but consecutive files with Bron. He misses the playoffs the next year, so he doesn't play in one play off game the year after year by a team. I understand that, but- here. We are now in you know, here the moment for him to go ahead and assertive himself his contract year moment. Yet is his his. Self determination in the balance and who you know is it is up to it is up to eat. As what is asked for this is his moment. It's his team,
is he up to it? So there's two things going on here when you talk about what's wrong with the Celtics one is that we just talked about the offense of identity crisis, to jump shots all the stuff that were saying, but it's actually the defense that has really hurt them. They cannot it's weird cuz, the regular season stats. Don't totally reflect this. It says that they're, one of the better three point, shooting defence teams, but then, when you watch games when, when I get when teams know what they're doing against them, it's a lot open shots and they really miss smart, obviously, but the bucks miss brag than I thought that should cancel each other out oh Brad, dunno, smart, that's like awash! I don't. I don't know if I would call it a wash, though defensively, because no man changes like him defensive dog. I remain leads by his is, is instinct in the sense that that, like the energy he brings defensively is infectious to them,
so that team any goes even deeper than that cuz. I was texting people down game three as Janius twenty two free throws aegis. Flying down the lane unencumbered guide the bucks or feeling themselves geyser make trees a lot over the latter swear, their open charts live swagger on the on the Boston Home Court and everybody can it took it, there wasn't a lot of like it didn't feel like a playoff level of of fight, counter response from the south's and smart, with a smart with a knock somebody down, you would have fought for a loose ball. You've been on the floor, he would have started barking at somebody and he would have kind of elevated the intensity of the game and that's what they really miss the most with him. A lot of passive guys, Hayward Passive Kyrie, doesn't talk on the quarter.
Tatum and Brown Brown is probably the most style, as these Morris Morris would more is only one, but he's see now he's a nice guy in ain't, no good so I don't. I saw a lack of fight on the Friday night because there is a point when Thou is becoming a play game and they just rise. The occasion last year in the bug series six or series Smart was the one led. The way would like that, just out the testosterone staff and that's really with them ass, the most I dont it's a final steam. You are what you are higher than that. I was any into the plans while still yet that the entire series is still in the bows will see tomorrow night. They show up on their home court, put the smack down the way they are supposed to and then comes a three game series and they have to go and one more game in Milwaukee like they did and game one, and they still have my work, be common and gone in terms of the shops and the experience and the composure and having been there,
they have enough guys Orford inquiry. Have everybody on on Milwaukee, be any other guys approve prominence I mean, I know only serve as got some someplace. Jobs, and I really doubt, but I am at a guy's of prominence, there's no girl comparison, experience wise between Boston and End Milwaukee, and so that it should be the case, the Boston. Up, but I just without it we ve got ready. It goes back to their identity crisis thing. First of all, they fell behind by, and numbers came to end game. Three, which I always look at is the ultimate bedside linear vineyards, kindest grandly back from fifty in sixteen seventeen two games and aroused setting they got exactly like I'm role from a sequence. You did this in one one of the two games name to your game, to where you sixteen stray bad possession. That's right, then, back and forth. Coda Kyle the euro, we're due to Pakistan because her that their level
I'll do anything loud Zack. I hear somebody. Yes, yes, you should we get banned. A progressive phones on occasion is a mere than therefore driven them around unbelievable. My answer, I think it's a bad sign. When teams repeated far behind in this is who the ethics have been our year. I don't know what the I was that they should status should be able to look up. How many times has a team far beyond by fifteen points it again, because for the South ex it's gotta, be like thirty. Thirty, two thirty three. This year, I'm not kidding like, when there, behind their behind it's, not like they're down by two, like all the sudden at seventy two, fifty three and you wonder what those gotta get back. I dont think loan this. I just don't think they have this year. I felt I, even during the Indiana staff from people started getting excited. I just didn't feel it I'd love to be wrong. I hope they come back, but I think you
find out who you are when bad things are happening in this team tends to kind of fall apart when bad things happen. It's one of seems a late Phillies like this to feel great when their abating hullo. Better than fairly when their abating vague. I in turn over there why these guys, like amazing, they got a lotta, swagger, felicity and then they're they're down for like today. There were you know today in its like everybody's got that look, but with the south ex thing I don't. We gotta give walkie more credit because lets us Duncan game theory. He was having a classic terrible air, but so rode game, and it had that. Look like all man there to give that guy's contract extension and he still can't play good plan- came on the road. Let's get and then George Hill Incarnate in Absolute killed the Celtics Giorgio, if you put like that
a year and the fires which would better there either. They might allow for to be here for this for what he was really good, though, and- and I thought those two guys gave them so much life and they didn't miss bragged that or you know, make some real at little you it's it's the envy peer. The league has a bit of a hand and that what do you think about how he's officiated, because I was less upset about this than other south expanse of my life and where Just get me court. He does that thing, his eye, go to the basket, I'm going to take to giant ten footsteps and they might not go in the same direction and you can't really take a charge on it, because I'm somehow moving side to side, but I'm definitely bowling you I'm going over you you're my way, I'm getting through you're my way in the fast gonna be on. You seems like a word like even Brian and add is athletic at peak? Didn't do this? Well, that's a good comparison, because I think the freak is at let
you're here till abroad. He s an end. He is by the way. Can you believe? That's even thing anyone would say is ludicrous in our lifetime. It's Lewis, somebody is more of an athletic breathing Lebron, thought thought anyone would ever say that it has seven foot or who can buy angles. You know what I mean. The reason that that those these not having charge calls is because he's these changing action of his shoulder as contact gets initiate he's not it's very rarely that his shoulder hit somebody squarely in the chest and makes it easy on the arrests, and it might be the case that next year he gets referee refereed a little bit differently he's. He has the benefit of this season. You know having the entire league like adapt, what he's bringing to the table, skill and athletic Greek about that combination. You pretty ear more coherent tonight that I was expecting.
Did. I brought both water bottles of wine, and here I am happy to keep going this ethics team one of the biggest, This is true in last year, in the share is that we have different. They are at home, they giving you the get. There were twenty eight thirteen at home, the sheer there were two now in the past. They actually lost his last one. But even that pacer Series, the places where in those games with like West Matthews playing a lot. You know, lady. An even playing that well and they especially game too, like if they had a couple shots. I probably would one game to fool you having just can't the Celts can't like not only to their not like lane the smack down his ways words. I can look at this crowd there going crazy, like that. That kind of play off home feeling is just ass, a bender all season. So let me ask you this year. This is precisely back to the area. Yes, how many times
this season there were forty one home games and then to halt plum play off games there. You know one more home play off game. How many times this season did the. Artists, no formerly known as the Boston Garden have a chance of Kai Ray I read you re or the guy Irving Amazement, some heavy peaches, ok, I are really polar as a topic right now, because It's one of those things were obviously I hope he stays. Even I've had moments a share of joked about this part about our They are part of that stuff. You never want to is an asset there, better, a few signs and then they at least had the asset naked trader. Another head. If you left, I added, I wouldn't be like devastated. I would probably be taught myself in this different. All I will carry. You now have cap space. Let's do this. It's maybe do this. Instead, I would be, mode of I what's next. What's with
fix this. Now we have a chance to carve out a different type of team. It wouldn't be like when Durant ok see is my point. I hope like, oh, my god, what do we do with this gaping hole? Now he hears my question relates to curry. Is it possible for Boston to get Anthony Davis with outcry airy? I mean naked trade with them and undo it basically be in the same. In Toronto and ran out? Why whose playing out of his man- but I suggest by the thirty million dollar, has sets to sea Diego that you can easily helicopter to Coopers Games in October. So is that leg? Do you wanna unleash of your assets to cross your fingers for a day? Is the question? It's a great question. I don't know the GM just had a heart attack is the ok, easy he's. Ok,
no it's a little scary per year, while it's interesting Tatum is less of an asset that he was six months ago by Brown is more of an asset, and I in that's one of the other topics we everyone to get through. That one must do it right now, to be done with the Celtic far away and everybody else who is a better asset, browner Tatum. I still think it's Tatum protect. We ve seen the ceiling for Tatum. It's an m bp ceiling. I got you know, I'm saying that under the info Novi sad, the seeds of envy pc right now. That's all they re actually done it. I wouldn't dare suggest that he has, but he has had enough of us. He has a comprehensiveness to his office of game that suggests that he can be unstoppable, but it's going.
Who require this season proved, it really requires some nurturing. It requires some some some building. He needs to be surrounded by the right human beings, the right institutional support. He needs to have the right kind of veterans around him. The bereavement room him sailor buried, but no you couldn't because nodded Anybody lead their team to the precipice of of the NBA finals as a rookie, meaning leading is that's, who led the south a classic maybe one of their best players and at the end of the year, through the team on his back, he had some incredible moments have been look on the same guy who, last summer I considered him to be one of my three kids, along with the two I have like that so much other data, It's been alarming. Some of the bad habit
share and then always young and you shouldn't overreact, but he is my big fear them, and this is some from somebody. Who's watched a lot of his games for two years is ball. Handling is really sub par and it's something that last year when need, he heard his hand and he just Canada, his dribbling ability, just wasn't the same and get people put the ball away would lose it. It wouldn't finnish round the room sometimes and as I go, it's his hand of his hand was healthy. You would finish it, but now its side, this whole second year he's been healthy, he doesn't have like that killer handle that. I think you need it is ever yet. I should say I make the biggest thing that he needs to work. I'm telling you I watch out something I can't believe. I'm in this position of the thirty years is Jason Taylor. You know a teams do without down your home turf, clearly watch our teams defend him. Now they poke at the bar his when he durable
It is a ironically by dotted as simply which he put his basket when he makes moves. He puts the bar in front of them in the guys you spoke at it and I think I found his head. I think that's why he settles for so many twenty footers. I don't think he wants to lose the bar on my we're Jason Data. There is a basketball youth. What the hell does he know about play, and this is the thing this is the challenge that this season presented with the return of a word and and Tiree yeah, and the minutes, though there were they're going to sacrifice a nurturing tatum. This is bought. You know, is it basically There was an opportunity the opportunity was lost because you know for the greater good of the subjects in this particular, duration of the season. The chance they have is a finals chance and the price of that came. It sit tight at Tatum's development yeah. But that's that's the super optimistic view.
I'm asking you if somebody has a pretty average by handling skill I would say at a scale when the ten outside of four read now: how old is he he's twenty one? He did turned twenty, but my question is: do you get it handle as you get older or you are, who you are with that handle you eat, can definitely get better at this. Ok cause. I think about this. A lot with a big issues is genuine college. Gibbeted. I'm telling you this. The thing that is keeping him back now. Okay, this is why he's settling for jump shots, and this is why he doesn't go to the rim because I don't think he trusts his handle. All right is my SIRI. Okay, I might not be right you. You know what I watching people watch game for a mile and why his hand. Oh, when he's got somebody directly in farm and playing good defense and watch how they poke the moment, he makes the move because they didn't get the bar, so the Heyward
I do you know he's done this year. He looks great, it's also their base firing and then he'd of sudden has no confidence side in order to make of it. I did to me: has the feeling of a five game series, wow. So I wouldn't. The question has been asked: use who wins tomorrow, night David, my name. Would they need tomorrow? Night is for the bucks to just missed a lot of shots and get the crowd into it. Get points off turnovers and you know flip the game so that the bucks start out like three four eighteen from three bosses getting turnovers off. Then that's the way to come back. I don't think they can ask or Milwaukee it Milwaukee's playing. Well, I don't think they can match the points. It's too easy for the Bucs over and over again for Giannis to get to the line. They're getting fifteen to twenty free throws a game from him. On top,
While the open chats it's the math doesn't work. This is gonna, be a problem for Boston. It's a problem. I think it's of, I think they really needed. Smartness series I cannot be overstated attain Rwandan, would have also really help the box, but I think, even though broadens probably a better basque bopper, inspire adding Boston needed spar more in this area that the defence of identity is is huge and that at the mystic ass I hear link the Boston Slam is on life, support and then you ask about. Could you do d anyway? I think they have the day of the best package to offer. If they put other stuff on the table, it would be against eighties. Will, though, that's the risk right in and the one thing is enough, a few people say this: it really there inject movements. At this moment, I didn't really seems like the Lakers are off the table with them like a lighted, the New Orleans just like when I in there
have they happen. You're gonna get it that at this stage you not getting a great birds, fine, so back that, let's put about carrying them attack break. If he's your second best prayer- With my view, in the title who Harry I agree with this, so of doing it. So Davis comes in as the best guy. I think that could win a title. I raised my best guy. I dont think I go in a title. I agree with you. I just We are in lockstep on that sucker. A thing back, Captain get a the answer, but that is but a real. By putting an ingredient slave on their packaging bird with hops, barley, water, rice, no corn, say no preservatives artificial favours. You know us is keeping a real. You know who jailhouse, who wears the Upedes Aping played Beth Haze black.
Beth page black. My sources tell me house my sources May you were you, like this tiger woods took his yacht his yards called privacy or any part that they near them guys and he's been out there Why, in the last couple we always bids are, that is what ever yeah you're sources in my sources of the same sources bill servants he's been on their backs, Of course, you know attackers think it Tiger slam action. Did you think it no artificial ingredients in Tehran. Beth page, I know that much he's keeping a real cheer. By their Romania to enjoy responsive and keep a real and sits we're here very presented by Callaway yeah, good friends, Callaway golf where you were doing a little bit of a pre preview. Have as a guest the esteem president of the Pga of America, Susie Whaley, the first female present in the history of the PDA of America this week we do.
Little bit of a preview. You're not gonna, believe this, but we talk a little bit about take her, how great a handsome ideas, foregoing the game, so very cool pike as this week super excited Frahm. Ok, let's go let's go here. They would What kind of saving the great takes fur furlough bit later, because I have a couple couple really hot so We are talking about this outrage about Mary verses, jail and brown in that two thousand- and sixteen Yes, dear Mamma, has been you Don t I had a feeling had in his play. I've said the nuggets, we're gonna go ass. He went because they really he's really there only reliable playback other than your courage. So the ferry was that basically, every other game he'd be good and now be again there when he's been better than any other game, and it feels like he started to have.
I ate a blossoming. Well, it lists can compare and somebody the key make sure your answers for this analogy. Go ahead as you and I love this more than anything. It was happening, my baby, two thousand too. Once you have his leg unterrified. Could somebody help me make babies like I got this? I just want to point out to Murray has been better than every other game by like just tell me, its enemy mean they one game. Seven and the series of Portland right now is to do so is like just so. Little bit better than every other game, better read, but he was. He he was good in the former time. Yet he was good For my part, I think he's gone up a lever. I really do. I feel it there's a confidence It was not a comment
and said he a low Frisch, three third shooting do them lower than he wanted the UN in this game they lowered is one of the better are one of the better free through their ever take out there. That has to do with Dame. I dont know what it is. I haven't figured it out yet, but he's not what's what what's missing with him in the series. So far, Gary Harris's doing a really good. The funding is he in his pants its it spends surprising he's in there Gary Harris, I remember when they gave him that contract that seem high sex, seven thousand nine hundred and seventy five. I don't know if you can guard small point guards I that he certainly better guarding spyware yards. Even the other did change the entire trajectory of the spurs serious because, after Derek White Dung, I think that poor boy was that he dumped on they just said. We have Gary here's a grey hairs on their way and then I I still haven't. They pay
we put out in a p b for their quite so here's the teeth as sixteen Jap Ben Timmins, Brandon Ingram jail in Brown. Three sets jacket, bender forth the Phoenix may hatch, Kristen Fifth buddy healed six Jamal Murray, seventh Marquise, Chris Eighth Jack a ninth fond maker tenth and it was bad when it happened. Oh my god is. It was immediately awful, but and has done a lot of good stuff, so he's these deserve some bad ones. Are Russia than Suborners was eleventh that draft. As that great though after the Torreon Prince puppet. Address the guy. The kings term. Remember that guy had dark Denzil about and one her name Gomes yeah besides in the south, Ex Wade Baldwin, who attic I waved than a year Henry Alan Syn.
We had Molly Beazley and cares about. Nineteen and twenty so got a little bit better, but this is actually was not a good draft, not a good, and I remember the south exe, Big question was jail, unbranded Jamal Murray and they just like Ellen Brad's make up and they like the idea of interchangeable swing, guys in. I don't know, I don't know who I would rather have and I feel like I'm a little biased cause. I really love the way jail. Embrowns played the last four months and I think you have to have at least one swing. Guy, like that you're, an unbiased observer who'd. You rather have jail in brown jail about make the case. I feel a key, it's impossible to segregate his opportunity with boss and playing with the veteran said he got to play with right. You can't underestimate the
Fact about hoarfrost I'll, never ever get over the fact that Boston got effing our horror for over. You ought to hear that the entire fortune of my franchise would be different if we had corps for that's how important As these are ranch, I ve always go either you son of a bitch that that Orford effect destabilizing fact. He really more than anybody else gets all the credit for the brink of making the NBA finals last year, where they cast of young fellows. But so I can't say what, if jail, brown we have our horror furtively village has gone to the Phoenix Sir I said, or the washing wizards urgently left out having Brad Stevens at his letter. You sure sure, but I will now read Stevens this. This season come on. I'm right here he might be he's he's a good coat.
Sure about the chemistry piece of that he could figure it out all sit down. Part of his figure audible in his defence that they, you dont, know what Gordon Heyward you're gonna get really within. You know, in fifteen minute increments. Well, in his defence, carry was bizarre for the first four months of the season and then profusely apologize for Bizarrely, was now it's Jacqueline biologist word about this. Last week our Reza yeah things got weird saw. I feel like I've seen more defensive out of jail and brown that I've ever seen out of Mary, and that would be the reason that I saw that way, and I would be the case It's your mama is defensively, especially game. Three parliament just attacking him, yes, and to the point that there is one section cameras, third overtime of the fourth were they just took him out, come out of our time out because they what about their defensively. So he has not been good at that and on the other side, though, goes back to their baby. Two thousand, to analogy it's funny like you, can you could win attack
if you have a guy who's kind, your play maker little bit hit and miss and he's not the best guy in your team, but somebody you can. Have those moments like this person, two thousand and fourteen Parker's, the best version of this right. It's like Parker was the creator. Parker at no point was one of the best five players in the league. He might have been in the top twelve there for a couple years. Maybe fourteen but capable of being a and BP, of a fight us right and capable of creating his own shot big moment since the fight that so that brings me back to the merry thing. I think it's hard to find guys like that I actually think it's a little bit easier to find jail, embrowned types, then a guy who just isn't afraid in the last two minutes of a game like we sought it ain't game, for he was really impressive in that game yoke. It was, whereas fumes at one point it looked like Yokul blew out, is there to do just that? A cramp aroun further to just three again seemed ok,
Well sure the game seven shot that he took off the wrong foot after really having a sequence of leading up to that. Made shot of of you know they d, be the collective Denver, didn't have a little girl, great decision making and inside the last two minutes against disperse yeah. But you know he still was fearless he's too, and there are three points that he took at the vet with two seconds left on the cock, because they the spurs were disinclined to FAO being down disinclined is what the thunder statement that that was, as that was a game where there that that covering the of the six and a half was this begging to happen. I know Mr Denby does have a kind of fun Plath teen. That makes sense, even though it doesn't make sense like you kind of need, the guy like Will Barton who time he shoot, you got no, no, yes classic! No! No! Yes! Guy had a couple of huge efforts and again today, as tax them with a friend of mine and we'll talk
but how there's guys on certain teams are Marcus, Morris's ices for the Celtics, where it's actually the worst thing for their team? If this playing well because then they don't take the biggest shot in the game. Marcus, Boris, be it's a couple three. The first first here absolutely take the biggest out of the game is like not in your top three that you'd want an Barton is one of the guys for legged site that, but he made him tonight. They have like these. Interchangeable swing men who can just kind of get hot for five minutes yoke ages I mean he's, I would say, he's probably the What are the plans so far, why I thought it was deemed Willard, but I think yoke it might surpass. Don't you think? So? Why is the big winner these points. I knew who I was this good, that we all knew it but I knew it and now I said I anticipated he's gonna be the best player in the east and he is the
ass player in the east, but you don't know it until you know it now, but we what with Kawaii cuz, he did it the broad files. I know it by one of the better. Please raise your hand, gave last season now I get that far, but we knew he could do it here. We knew we could get a thing with yoke edge that I always kept. Look Ananas like I had. This is great for the regular season. You have your ass, I'm with you. Twelve and seven- and you know- we're gonna damper had the DNS Kiki Railway out single seems fine. You never secure of never took of Syria ever really fine, but then they lose them Lakers one hundred and forty two one hundred and twenty eight ever get the points, but you never thought they could actually win the title. I wondered if Jokic was like that for this generation, where it's like really fun player, love them. I voted for him for Third Mvp.
You can't win a title with that guy and that you watch his games are like wow. This guy is unstoppable, and maybe you could make the finals with this guy, maybe they're they're, going to if you know it it did set up in this is all credit to them, for you know, that's what they lost three or four at the very end, so they really put themselves in in in this position, but that second position in the west mattered them clinching really lead, bought, set them up and that they play in the western conference finals. Irrespective of the outcome that validates dates, the seasons far as I'm concerned the transforming about whether these plants, it's funny Westbrook, has had no impact in the playoffs for three years, but he changed the playoffs when he got hot in that one game that we better when their down. Or to Houston used. It was about to get the two said. Anne Westbrook made that crazy,
with his leg, spread than George made another one, that it goes to o t and they win, but why that's? Why I'm I'm F Houston this year by the way they are supposed TAT was a must win game for them. They had to win that game and they were up by fourteen points in the fourth for that game were talking about the second to last regular season game. They were up quite a bit in the fourth quarter. They went on a cold streak and they lost focus, and I just you know, congratulations that they got the one that they absolutely positively had to get to. You know save a couple of jobs, but I think this is going to be a four to one series and then we're going to see tomorrow
a refocus golden state. How then wayward not died out, but I mean where did and I give you Yoke adjust stats for the flask as we're not allowing. I love, I'm gonna love em, we're not eleven games, and I did this in my book way back again. When I think twelve games is the twelve games it twelve plus games is the right sample size for posts. Great cause you have like those tracing the seasons. His. I hear forty forty game and it's like care they lost in seven. Then he didn't play second round drain. Please stop comparing that selective whiskey in two thousand eleven, so here's yoke is now eleven games, basically averaging twenty five. Twelve and a half I mean damn near triple double for eleven years- is a triple double by the way, fairly
anybody out there. This is a triple double weight. It gets better. Fifty percent shooting forty percent three point. Eighty five percent free thrust. His must have fifty forty dandy guy right now. This is what I am still eleven games is a real say possesses what a winner a triple double winner, looks like one more number for you. They played a hundred and four minutes this weekend. Mean my advanced age. I can't work. What can I do for on four minutes trick that I also like watching him there in the forty game was like watching Kyle do a triumphant breathing. This guy might die you provided to give up the court of I'm hoping that that I have my own small, smaller version of that when I go back, Brazil's in abeyance. What out of it that I wanted to?
sweet, I don't wanna make funny yokel because he was so great that game, but I wanted to tweet when he was at sixty four minutes said he was at sixty four minutes, but it only burn three hundred twenty calories felt they give us a dig audio courage, but it was like you he's one of those guys that he's never sprinting. So so as I keep at his pace, so it's never. His egg is on the treadmill like three three point: fire three five miles an hour, but never it for one of my very favorite aspects of of the the yoke its revelation yeah this this play off as all that stuff. That's in his you know. It is run up to this moment. The picture of his passport is shut up on Twitter, so get the stories about the all the coconut use drink here, be this incredible yeah, it's so good! I'd! Let's make this less read out most fun guys to play within the league. If we're still plant pick up before a retired, I think yoke. It should be like
the top three. If I'm moving he's going to get me the ball, I'm going to go lay out. You know who I have on my list right now and you were reminded of this Kevin Durant know what his teammate Draymond. I want this person to Draymond. I would pipeline pick up my oh, my god, I'd vote. No in that what he said make your ways as he's gonna wanna get poncho employ pick up. You might get in a fight with somebody, then I made it through the pirates, but I make it here right away. Just give you make your approach to guide dogs in their court when their fight, you want to be part of the fight. The air at my right does urging a dream on this version, Andrea Mine is my favorite version. Dray my way- Where did what it would be, K, deer like hibernating for six months, and then they just click the sweat they know they know. This is what Oggi's do there a way to give me your top five guys, I'm talking about just pick up, I'm trying I'm trying to stay in the court and I'm trying to have fun. Jokic has to be one of the top three
you're, gonna love. You know what a minus carry no Ben Seven's that never was issued a hot potato brother right there. Because they have good looking up at the bottom so here you, though pensive it's, because you get to shoot. Yes, some go the other way. If you have been submitted, you'd be man, emphases, he's gonna, keep running in the lane and clogging the painter drive through the bad guy observer, get back to back, get back out day by impassable, get banned, stay on the other side of the lack of access it. So I have yoke edge. I think a day would be really fun to play with. He always tries to make the right choice I don't. I don't have any quibbles like I went yesterday. There is a great moment in their game last night when and he was red hot incur- was tired and take over make a play and he had the guy
It seemed like the class again be a terrible moment any job, and then he found a good down the coroner illuminated Threegs off into invented the double response. That was the re play and I don't think a lot of guys made that way- I loved the trust in egg. I have again, they worry like dream on an egg e deeds there. This is the thing. With what the warriors this version of dream on an egg that they have right now is: is another finals, Epping title for them and they re my heart stuff, currently no money in it, staff colonel- or that we have a brain taken, safeguard holiday. So who so who's, your number and traffic- for what is it? We been servants to play pick up with now I love I love joke. If I love this version of joke its put me, Any farm yoke edge gazettes. Is there not? I like joke it's because it goes Joker. Let me be me: My response is Dave back yourself. I owe you miss
mispronouncing, my corner, I get jealously numerous pronounce dancing. Names are all career of India and I call guy by the name I wanna call em and I'm not allowed yoke. It you'll be fine. I'm trying to think of us, I think, umbrella, be fun to play with, because he basically I know exactly what he is just random. I don't know he's never buddy you. If we build no five, we want the guy who's gonna guard the other teams best. Where he's gonna be he's gonna make open threes end, is that could be that if you get the bar, they that has to be cause you and I will go and that now we're going in time machine. We need to do our thing. We need to do so. The Maloney status. We do like to do so yoke a chance to be over their money has to be responsible that need to be a response, jailer rounds in the corner and whose our fast. Somebody is rebounding. My dress error now familiar the player like someone like you know easily round rabbi off somebody it at this stage.
Somebody just for the fun of it. Ok do Eddie Jail and Brad no joke. I would rather have quite well. This is the moment. There were, as is the case, the earth. Why that can oppositions applicants as we speak? Will seventh Katy are quite right now he's pay off I'd, I mean Katy, just as the resolution be disrespectful, Of course, this word co will not let his team lose the will to win
in Cuba. He let him loose game three on that at the sounds like by making this point with, quite that I'm bye, bye, contradistinction diminishing K. These will the win and I'm not doing that, but the difference between the governed state warriors and tyrannical Toronto. He all we ve learned things about the Toronto wrappers tea. They stuck me then what but after this is the Barry burn with the you know this Sunday evening, parkers we're doing right now we just watch the very best version of the trial raptors today against the sectors and they eat data. When I was at the six play. So what I had a weird and be aware, I you were saying indeed was sick. I personally can the body Doktor coming for a second ass lady was polish, you think with powering, figures pouting cause. I don't think there given the ball the first quarter, while he and I think he got.
Calling for a review and that good anyway, in his eye profiteers, he doesn't get me the bar. He had five shot attempts through three clear now: what going on in Philadelphia. He had thirty three points: before here's. The thing How many omens does this ban? Have drug curses, Erika loves what's wrong with whom he had his stomach problem. Today was what another glass of wine, MR has. Yes, please I'll. Have. The Brunel, oh, it is this weird and beat does have a lot. What, then, in the play of Joe no offense, but about playing three stray games readjust healthy. What about this? They run pickin role where they did their best It is in terms of getting him. The ball is off at the top of the key and if they pass comes, doesn't come all this way. Right away. He doesn't touch the ball. You eat never gets the ball in
but when you can be effective, however, they are not the only ones in this. If neither vessel Toronto fancy draft answer matter. You cause, you said they said they suck my fault but see it. We're not getting a full feeling foresee outcome like he deafening, was heard again today, I think worker. I thought he was one of the best fitting guys in the by the end of the year. I'm not saying here tat was fur like if we're just saying here. Best fitting guys he was playing the best out of the fifteen guys were playing the best he was on that list in April. I wouldn't be fair. This is exactly why you get with a guy like him. Under these certain plans, zero, that's a great white regulars. The measures planned. This is why, in we, I make this point all the time, and I can't make it enough when we asked to vote on stuff like envy.
Vienna Ba. We are voting in the regular season, like the dumbest thing you hear all year is when like during that whole Braun stretch when the brain will play really one. The placid pupil gets upset How does he not mourn Vps? It's like us, for the regular season, like that's what we vote on, he wasn't repeat the last couple regular season? Sorry, none twenty fancied and trial. The time in. Save the reverse as like somebody like see who and Ben Simmons Share, we have chopped regular, seizing great that's right yet to the plan is just a little different dipper gave the pants our little tighter and you're nuts well, the precious little different places. Fresh morn fill out a game plan for you, you're playing the Santini straightway correct, that's right, so this is a good time to bring up incidents. I feel you ever take Herman I have a couple takes. I actually think they should a bench them in the future
Cora this game today, and I watch up I'll put this on Instagram tonight cause I taped every possession they had from like seven minutes on in the fourth quarter. He did not do what I say he didn't do anything he dribbled the bottom. The court gave it the somebody and then he basically category and sat down in the state, but the problem over I'm talking like fourteen. Possessions were he's just in the way he is like. You're playing pickup and there's that one guy, it's like, I made my buddies roommates a best friend from college can you play with us a year that sounds cool gray and then the guy's, a disaster and its? I can you just you stay that way, so we can go basque biologists go in the corner. That's been Simmons in these games, he's their best defence of option against Cuba, but the thing is
he's not as good defensive ways. People seem to think here that about as good or verses in another way he's doing a job. It gets Coca COLA scoring he's the best defence of option they have. I think his defence is overrated. I think he's lazy defensive, He tries seminar on times out of that you try. As I do not agree. I dont think he's lazy. I think he's trying. I did. He has lazy moments. I don't think he's lazy idle autumn. I can use that word. I think he's an experienced. I think he doesn't he lets up. I don't think he does. This is the here's the thing the fairly fan This is because my their like the literally parents, and this is like one of their kids and I don't feel their fully rational body. Yet I don't see how you can win it, Ben summonses one year, your three best prayers unless he figured out how to be able to do more offensively because it's like he'll do against the nets where it's like,
he'll. Have you know here two big games against the that serve as a Robin seminary comes the game. Watch today they couldn't even figure had to include him in the fourth quarter, because he can't shoot And you have indeed so What do you do? Cuz? Basically, the guy. I watch in the fourth quarter, was Andre Robeson, offensively sure you'd, go to defend my ready. They're using him in the fourth quarter. I might actually had rather have Alger Robeson will rovers and will take a three point. Earlier least hill at least tell nowhere to go here and it's like they. They try to cheat. The seven say now where they have, stand right outside the paint on the square and a lingering in case there is like an office of ribbon, he can get. That's like all you does. It isn't really movies that doing backwards here cut in the way and it's crazy because I think the guys really talented my thing is:
this somebody who's you just beyond like a bad team like Devon Booker just go, get your stats. Bosnia and all the time, no one, Stakes and you just learning how to play ball, basically what he needs to learn how to play basketball. That includes putting the basket, but he can't shoot world we won't easier than he can't play that My point iron pointed a bench in the last six men and boys. If you give he's not gonna shoot, he can't play so they have to come up with an answer for this. Because your point is run without going to lose a series of the resolute. That's right, you're, right about this. I don't know what the answer is cause I mean is this one play. It was near the but they were still in the game, probably like to three minutes left and things kind of broke down and J J was at the top, but they allow shock left you see this by. I watch the entire games I'm sure I saw the play and J J and then he added up kind of running as the kind of make sure screen and roll with a bead, very kind of created on the fly. This is a classic
as soon as it broke down the bread brass got time out, and I don't even together many left or seventy to spring up as like the play maker creator guy to back. I reset I got this, that's what I agree with you that area Jamal Mary would do that's covered the ran with do like somebody in the team ass to beg. Oh shit, I got the and nobody did it because he's thinking that way, because once it's a half court and it's a flash games and he's getting the bar he's out of the play is on the plate has basically been Wallace, the two thousand for pesticides. It's like. This a good use him. Why I don't know what what's what choice do they have? You can run you can't run screen rolls at them cuz who you going to run away with. You can't make it in the screen, has nobody's gonna Garda. No, he comes down
with a head esteem, often pickin role, would then be the all of his points. Raptors don't know. That's coming was within a final. Six may get big robots through different thing. He's gonna put you out six times game, so he gets twelve points. A game in these gay the ones we now have to do that. Little thing raise ahead esteem in addition to the body, and he did that I think once in the fourth at the start of the fourth quarter, I looked at it because I was really cool What is that certain look like, and he was eight four and four heading into the fourth- and I think he finished like ten five and four in the lab came with like Second certain again they when I say he was a zero in the fourth quarter like he was like a zero. He did nothing so I don't want to totally blame him because I think part of it is a systemic thing, just how they use them and how they have just been completely unable to figure this out. Why am I? Six fans are like process process littleness abated Simmonds, it's like invades great. I understand the court in animal at seven
is so, congratulations you just through a seven years, there was a minute there were felt like we're. Gonna start getting some fairly booze with servants. I almost tweeted like. I issued a very close to that Philly crowd turn in on Ben servants. I love and bid hope, there's a world which he stays on the core. I think he's its clearly. His city actually had to see me I want to read. This is great. This is a really good email and a hundred thousand percent growth. It says emails from neck in Brooklyn, dear conspiracy, Bill How do you feel about Jimmy Butler strategy becoming be bar best these within bead? I assume it's out as a viable trade asset and remain with the seventy Sixers sure to work, but I respect the hustle. I think about this for a second Butler joined the six years and was very like Pro Simmons was like, but that its deaf, when the last their saw him in a bit of, but it up
I do wonder if Butler sees a world where, if I stay with Philly, that's probably at the expense of Ben summits, everything you just said, I believe to be a hundred percent. I subscribe to all of this emphatically to fairly fans cake about it. S, words has two guys have thirty two other day for thirty puss years who watch basketball, and this is my opinion. We weren't, I dont, think been summoned his long fulfilled. That is by genuine opinion. I agree with you and if the choice has been seven's versus Jimmy Butler One player was having his name change by the crowd to the Jews. Bob Lars than might have been elements do what was that a ban has been seven. There were quite a chance in really. Well, then, the other thing is they D Go Alan antibiotics ass. He had too wide open threes in the corner. I really huge moments ago
got any miss both the now everybody, MRS Trees, people make thirty five to forty percent of them. The second one was in close. This is Another guy, like you, trade, for a veteran who has not been a lot of begins areas too for twelve from three at thirty, a lotta open shots and was kind of the guy has been the beneficiary of how to run a splendid is then do anything he he got a rude introduction to proper play off basketball game. One yeah think I think he had eleven a shot blocked. It may think it might be an exaggeration, but every time I looked up, somebody was Swanton his shit somewhere. So you look, I will fill it did this year, and they're all strategy, as it's been explained to me in, and I think it's as been pretty public at this point, was we don't know how long this? Indeed summits? Windows
the last we gotta go I'll in championship. Windows can cause faster. You think we think we have a chance to title this year. That feels like a miss, Cause, unless I'm bead is gonna, go thirty, five and fifteen for the rest of the plants. Basically, this team, as no chance to meet to when the files and probably not even make the files, and I think the difference between and beat and people a yawn s and Katy another suffers. Those guys are just there at a hundred said capacity every game, and indeed is it. That's a fact: it a fact. This is the problem with with Philly. Tell me what version of impede I'm getting. Is he sectors his knee heard did something bad, have gastro enteritis did he Stay out is matter. Did they were their bed? Allergies. Tell me, version of em bead, I'm going to have at whatever time the game is over
love to have known at three o clock today, but I really have hunt them down on the Philadelphia money line we bear. The Philly Mighty Land PAR with Denver plus eight and a half which was minus two. Fifty in the bed was like mine plus one forty year, and we thought we thought the Sixers we're gonna win today. Now, we watch it. No idea. What's going on than bid see outcome some ways other was naked. Nazi outcome. Stunk you eat here's the thing he was at least you at least a body that, like us, are they gonna play. Nor did they don't have a choice. They got there the best of Toronto was was today they gotta go break aimed at allowing the best kind of game they can get out of him. They got a great came out. I guess he was, as is aggressive, everybody's been begging him. Don't parachute, stop playing hot potato mark. He played very well Danny Green. Was they
They sat Fred, Fred Bandwidth ass on the on the bench where he belongs, he's dead. They found out over the course of this year that he can really be involved. Search had a good game like this was the best version of Toronto today and if it took an x x, a crow bull. That's only I had to glass is one effort by him, Are they for Lester? It took an extra curable effort by a bead for further I mean the game. Was it the balance with a minute left com the guy, the beard that I like I gave in France, who called John Guy with a beard toward it- probably turban, redhead gag, torment, lesbian tormentor torment. I like torment, he's like Fred family. You dont actually want him probably about them parts, but it's fun ever an extraordinary.
You don't want him about them, but I'm gonna tell you what the success should have been summoned someone second, first, the sun Us Beam is the Smart Compaq Sandbar for your tv newest addition to the easiest slowness, her home, sound system. I've had shown us from. So this entire decade. You know it's really fun. When you watch tv house good, sound
I have one round sound. I wanted my ass. You can, I know a basketball game when they film shows a game thrones. They liked had the sounds culminating in all these different ways. With over a hundred streaming services, an airplane saw us, let you play everything, you love and enjoy music radio movies tv back ass and more beam is easy to set up. It connects to your tv with just one court and six with the existing remote plus the Son of SAM walks. She threw set up step by step and with built in Amazon Alexey. You can enjoy handsfree control of your music and more can Exxon speakers over wifi. Listen anywhere near ass, good ass, soon ass tat come to learn more in order being threat. That is essential. As Stockholm. I thought the Sixers I had this idea in the part before I'm, I'm resuscitating, I'm assuming they're gonna lose the series first, why they should be training men servants
now not assuming their girl is a series of, as the assuming their lose out as a guide for the purposes of this. For the purpose discussion. They lose this series of rather ok with. If that happens, I think you have to kick the tires and three days ago I had this thought a few months ago, a farm, the pelicans, that's as good a chess pieces, I'm getting back, and you could talk yourself pretty quickly into his. Only too. Two he's been it's a lot of play games already. Maybe him in a bead is just that the re fit. You want to build a team his skills. Those same way, the bucks build a team Rania skills, not that is as good as Yiannis, but could you build? A team ran his skills, the things that he's good at and become a really good team? And I think the answer might be s the bigger quest. For me, as consumers, in a bead, do they make sense together?
and from what I've seen if I'm trying to win the title, I think the answer is no. If you're trying to win the title, then you can't have the patience. That's going to be required to indulge all of the variables that are a play with those two? Well then, this is a key point right so way off away. Just said, the cell tax would like. It home in jail and brown guys. I dad if they're not play love their match up around they're, not feeling at Stevens will mention the last six seven minutes of a game, but with Simmons, because he's got a little bit our pedigrees number and over a pack is more famous he's already. It's a moment's your little it about what happens. What what if he doesn't sign is Ricky extent any just kind of leaves his frigid two years. If the cater to him Ben Moore and it's not necessarily right decisions, sometimes to play him in these games. I don't think they're not benching him, not not bunch of him. I'm a mess this up, because they're worried about hurting him
killings: oh I'd, either you're a thousand percent round in these play off gay. I think I think, is the alternative whose guarding Weena put on quite first about teaching macabre gotta be impeded out. There you more than the higher the irritating north quarter, you're trying to win the game at some point. Have Jimmy Butler them. Is that why trade for we Butler to Guard Co. I know you need Jimmy Butler The guard hopes Kyle Lowry saving his yes, yes, yes, exactly need a bioterrorist. Caviar love is behind us, butler and hair is, I need Benjamin's, that's yes, That's your eyes, blue eyes and sex. Best player in these plans for the baby? The best plan, these laughs Ben Seven's, is the right guided to go. Why? I would much rather place shame it. Oh eight is not in the same breath:
yeah determine the chair, nor is out there you anyway, could you get? Could you get Davis Independent packaging for say they gave way other other assets ages. What they owe them at the Harrison he picks they picked for that work. I don't know what they do. What the coopers came to them and said, hey will take Benson will give you shade, geologists and something else. Why would a cripple had pursued in good shape right now? They only reply because I am both criticise, you been Simmonds but ass. I still think, like he's an amazing talent, I just think he's on the wrong team. I dont disagree with you. I don't know what the right team is, though, not this time. It's a team that that's going to. U know, take. One grotesque glaring errors, unbelievable that we're this far along these career, a can't shoot the basketball. This was the biggest game of their season so far today its and he was now,
about in any possessions for the last eight minutes of the game, so something's wrong. That did to me as like. More than red fire guess he was, he would have to do- is afraid to suit the other agreements. I don't plan then take about he's. Gotta play defence, individual daddy, the next topic. Crisper, oh boy, came Mister Smith. Shut up. I knew your leg aid available to buy it now. You are you, didn't retailers save it for the pad? I like I was gonna three less state. I feel rather that we never got to see my man and Chris Paul the same plastic. A great deal of United States. Postal service feels rob too, as I can. Recent anything like this Chris Paul thing before the end of these games is just the disasters they away come alone: Africa over there time, Europe, United, each other after the corral and play games suggest laugh, you get the boat tax.
A member who knows at this stage It is, though Carmelo was PR, and the playoffs actually was twenty six large like that data, was there a problem was terrified beer. Chris Webber's terrified. The last two minutes of every plant gave the web Agora go. Watch the games as hot potato, see web potato bigtime time, and C p about when he passed up the wider, the declaration that was incredible, there was nobody within ten feet of a very rude to adapt its largest pm. They put that shit slow moving. It wasn't like that at that one of the best forty prayers ever there was nobody else on the basketball court had that's how open he was. So when you talk about cp in the plans, you have to start with two thousand fourteen. The ok see game, one of the biggest thirty second collapses in history, Basque.
Two turnovers end and a bad shot. I think I have pointed out then, the next year he was out there when they, when they lost by their up by nineteen against the rackets and game six years that happened and blue. That aim. That's true, there's not a lot. I never had a great Chris Paul laugh moments. The best one was the two thousand, ten game. Seven, yes, against disperse, which I went to which he was great incredible competitor. We ran a story in the ringer last week about what an incredible competitor is not arguing that I think he actually starts to mean too much in these games. I think he, I think he become so intense tat. I actually think it Who is on detriment? I think so that you just as weird shit or they for somebody who is one of the best point guards ever leg. He has these
Are you doing moments that you know you should be like that, like member Stockton, I think they're Asea, like guys he would actually get more locked in these moments. He gets less like that, but this is a function of who has become This stage of lawyers at a different say too, that team is an he he's. He doesn't thickets of himself as a first option, so him like at this stage of of these pious. What was at stake him re imagining himself like that three pointer, it was drunk for how wide open it was, but that's not his role on this team he's not thinking shoot. First of all that you have been very nice question: what is his role in this team, because when I watch his
aims at I've watched every minute about three games and we have a lot at stake with this rackets bet seems to me first fire, Gordon, as the second best wherein the team who who's got argue that nobody, it's an unassailable point at this point, I think the casual basque boffin this up paying attention with bigots Chris Paul, but it's our garden it stuff here come the problem with having Chris Paul there is that he still Chris Paul and he stole wired mentally, like is one of the best forty guise of our time, which he is and then you have these moments where, at the end of the game, like the inner regulation, Chris Pasok, I got this like now. You shouldn't have this: he should not have you should not be the one who has that I was. I would rather have asked rivers open the coroner. Knowing you know who should have this me However, here? If, if you had to kick it out to me I'll take it, but I know that the guy there was a funny thing with the internal saying. Well, I didn't call time our
games have the ball in his hands of James. Has the ball in the head in his hands? All going to do is run a place that has James get the ball in his hands and then James. The boy get any Russia who deal at this event, MIKE yeah and then Chris Paul drive through the basket, gets tired by quite answer job even their whole job, all cider? No, I listen Chris Paul I know he's one of their best fibres, I'm just If they want to win the series is they're. Gonna have to be bomb and swear. Maybe he's down the court they're not gonna win the theories we ve seen enough alone in the series they'll be lucky because for too. I think the reps can control out of this. I don't want to have the referee discussion, but man having that hard in charge, so you had. It's good hearted, three, forty eight seconds I've come to have time
everyone knows. Katie is going to take at three at the twenty eight foot mark right. On top of the key, I would have bet my life on it. The rockets are blindsided by this they found he makes all three free throws hard and comes down, for some reason decides not to get a two for one barrels into the lane. All time charge on harden bulls over damp, Draymond green score of five, where is come down, Draymond is mad about the car goes in sets a blindside pick on Austin Rivers, where he stops for a split second and keeps his hands and elbows way up and clips us rivers in the head, then I'll call it curry goes. Mrs. A dunk Rockets have the twenty seconds left.
Nineteen seconds after twenty second side, yes in the world, is quit. This someone's gonna have to explain that phenomenon to me by the way, what the fuck is going to be heard in doing things about ten seconds. Why? What? What is going on down to scores with twenty seconds left up? That's a game. What are we talking about we're not all credit to to Portland and Denmark? please try other. There were down to scores for the last thirty seconds of the game and they bow battle and foul and tried to get possessions yet animals? They almost got in board that what was there last night, why?
It's gonna be conceded. What is that? This is the case? I am arrogant pricks and that makes me want to root against them. Leave is already the case with them in this game. They still like a slate something off with them. That was weird that they just rolled over after that curried dunk. Louise tweet, we calculate aired we ve. We have great play off performances from dream on an egg, those two guys for life right or die. Those two and then to rent is superb of super live or the worldly clan and staff the army staff, especially. I know that that fifty thousand words were spilled onto the internet last night about staff. So there's no reason to talk about it. What's wrong with staff I had Alan Oakum Ass, I have ever taken that I'm acting you'll like it more than macros partic effect. I didn't like it There's partake I'd sought out the conversation. If, if the five guys the Rockets have out there
but things are out here- the staff take forward that, with Chris Paul Gimme, the Gimme the staff take. I just want to see rivers gourd. Capella Tucker on Hart it be that for two minutes in the last five minutes of the game. Just let me know I'm not an idiot Ben Simmons and Chris Paul can go play together on different play. Often so I wonder we saw the. The brain and weighed jail. I watched, I jailing came over last night after the basketball game and we watch the canal fight together. We were talking about this, so he said he was gonna talk about this on a show today to our give him credit, even though we still points for me all the time Members O Brien away when they were like co offers. Yes, or like buddies their reaction. Sundance, yes and then
He got heard that one year in the bronze took the ring. The best thing that happened for the EU to the air and it fell in a place, and then it was the bronze seem from that point. Ah, yes, Wade was, Never, I would say a hundred percent, ok with it that I think we'll smart enough to realise. I agree were better off this way. He likes rings. Yeah is our best chance, when I'm a little banged up physically and that the same guy was in oh nine to those ten eleven, I'm heading a different faith. My career, I'm ok with us, so Katy has now clearly the best for the warriors. That's true in two thousand seventeen there were the co guys and Katy was great in the files nets.
I want the biggest reason yet. Last year they were both grade. The final Katy was more grape curry had carried. Did all the stuff you normally does. Thank Katy goes up another level, these plants, and I think it's actually weirdly affecting curry. Why it yeah. How can I think it's weird? It's his team. We win add that game. The game to the fans are chanting Mvp every time he was at the line, if you notice they didn't do that for KD, like that's his city, his team, his franchise and even though Katie is the most talented guy in the team, it's still kind of curry's team and I feel like in the playoffs. It really feels like it's the Rance team and I think it's throwing curry off. Subtle, and I think it's weird but jail and brought this up last and I was like god damn. I wish I had thought of that. It's weird too. This is your team euro thing, but it's not your team.
Were by the way Katie could leave in July, and it's back to Christine. The whole thing is is weird because he's healthy, allegedly curry, allegedly he missed the layer, but, like he's playing like you, didn't like two thousand ten, he missed that effort converting what should have been a lay up into you know into a dunk amiss Apprehend how far away from the basket? That's a glaring an embarrassing moment, here's the thing out the fur to jail and I always defer to jail and what I have to read my head around, is how does that saying, you're describing, which is psychological, make him shoot seven for toys. Three only does it shoot beggar. I he's other thinking, shooter he's a shoe issue, but here's the airline aimed at it guarantees as you play basketball and you get it yeah conference sport and you never know it
the first somebody off just a tiny Booker, just a tiny bit are right, the little bit where they part of what made cargo was the swagger and the chest out. This is biting nobody's done it. This way before, but our teams gonna do it this way watching, like the ran he's so he's just bits, her great red that stretch he had in the game yesterday as added control when he scored like twelve straight the array of shots. You stay He's dribbling the ball up, he's the point forward, he's protected the rim defensively use atta control if he got any help whatsoever in the last three minutes or the fourth quarter from either clay or staff, they would have one last night. I think it's really hard to do your thing on this. Same team as somebody else who is playing like that. I say it's hard. Ok, they paper because you get when you have the bow it's kind of like with this is stupid Deca. The other question at the bar that every time period
while less than a pic of egg just give it to Cadiz Garriga Deborah he shot twenty three times. I know it, but I am talking about the mental aspect of play basketball. When you're playing with somebody who's in the zone, and then you get the ball in its egg, our I'll shoot this time, but this you should probably be. He again you're looking at the other guy. Something throws it off its soul weird bascombe bullshit. Either that or research we get to monitor it tomorrow. Night too, night work as a dreamer doesn't care J Man's like I don't care. If we go to the club, tonight, I'm in charge? This is true on the guy, I'm still like you, whatever you might be the basketball for that bound, the fucking out the dog in this team. I don't care, knock yourself out KD. If you play gray time, be encouraged again, if you pay great, I'm happy but deep down as a man. This is weird. Unlike sidekick, I've missed, I missed jail in talking about. It will have to look at
I bet I agree is this. This play ass. Katy has been so great that it really does feel like Lebrun two thousand rubbish Oh well and Katy was already one of the best fit impairs ever, but there's a guy half level he jumped. This plan all I will there's a whole lot to sort out tomorrow night tomorrow, night is getting very juicy. What are we going to eat tomorrow night? I also wonder when you're Currie do you have to be a little more involved? quartered a quarter to be who you, I know he shot twenty three times how checklists, but. Is there some sort of unspoken like for the flow of what you do. Do you have any more? I dont know I feel like they have that I feel like the their rotations in the touches on the guy's shooting went when one is the right time for them to shoot. Clay wished Craig at six.
Clean up Katy continues to pay all the big only. I was a little faster, neither Pierre there sure sure sure that that's fine it's the waters can win. That way. I tell you I thought you'd be with me now and I want to another. U. I find it very very interesting. I want an explanation for what the Hell What is wrong with staff? Curry may end, it could be- you're, saying I'm not even arguing with you Were you knew I actually leads to just any other ran two thoughts. Are we have? We can talk about the good, your ball everytime you that wasn't one of the best games I've ever seen, because the guys were really dragging in the in the overtimes and the coaches. Just some bizarre coach's decision that game, including not using subs and then Rodney Hood, came in, of course, did the Glen Mcdonald's out of nowhere star performance out of that one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy six
but I've always wanted to see a former time play a game. It's better, my bucket list of baby. Think of some other things that, like Tiger winning the masters, obviously was like a major bucket listing. But then you have this little minor bucker. I think I've always wanted to watch a game when somebody hit an inside the park. Homer, that's happening me, maybe two three times, but I was really get one at home in Baltimore yeah. We were there. We I came in the guy, get hit by in the head by the throat as cross home plate. There have that was the gambler weekend. We can tell the story I just know it boy who gobbler that's all air this guy is this whole story about the garden. We can't avatar. Where there is little things is a little things you boys want to see like I watch coding Eighty one point game I was watching at the moment. It was second bizarre. It was really strange. I thought
ass? It was also, but it was also like Phil Jackson. Will you could tell her a fact it with its give us against everything he ever stood for? One of those things was a former time play a game of always wanted. It there's been a few doubles. Obviously, there's been a couple triples and. This one actually got there, and then I started thinking quintuple. There was no reason that they couldn't keep ended up on ties It seemed like can't. I was just going to kill over Albert. The same was true of of Jokic. If you like that, you asked me to pronounce it properly spare a couple mail back questions. Game three versus the raptors and beat at all twenty thousand fans of Philly. In the palm of his hand, where does he rank amongst other NBA players in terms of controlling the crowd? What other guys had this ability? That's from Wilson? I think a lot of the great at it
sure they young bride in Cleveland, deafening at an earlier burden magic. Obviously they Bernard King in the next fans. There's bet there's been a lot, but I do think it beads one of the few guys right now that has it like the fact that city belongs to him. That goes back to the Benson Missis show me at its invades, do its bit steam. If they realize I bid stays the best player if he plays and is healthy and who knows what do again, mysterious elements may befall him, they can play in the final stage can win the eastern conference. He's that anything good. He's incredible Jason wonders whose better cunnilingus, in your opinion, gray, where my uncle Junior College yet since as well.
You re worried us ever choice. He agree. Where am I am ass, a grey wearing because he'd, that's it. I doubted the embarrassed, but that's his corner jumper. He can't drive to the fifty. If you can't do anything else, the signals for Uncle junior other data. They could get to the room. I guess it's true. A job from New Jersey knows that I have a fascination for when athletes wind up together. I love it We have one day I haven't seen emails yak as I like when they have super kids, ok, late, the Adriatic they Steffy Graph, kids. I got really and are now, and I would add that there is every chance that the greatest sand. I coordination, I think, one from place hockey. She says An unbelievable risher rate, undoubtedly better, he points out soon. Stephen suggests.
The door engage, duchess happened right, yeah see you have tennis and soccer. That could be. That could be a great kid that could be chanced wonders if that's our two thousand forty six World CUP captain or didn't didn't Robert briefing, the third get with poor Walter, something didn't your javelin thrower out. Another bow and arrow I mean I, you know you laid on your feet, but you also power that the hand I further for the for the tennis. You really the clear your hips degenerate your power lot of a lot of things like live clearing house for power. I never told you about playing at the programme. You have saved him to divide and only inside the last two weeks there you're there. There, though L Pga was here in LOS Angeles. Yet we had it and
about playing at the programme. You have saved him to divide and only inside the last two weeks there you're there, though L Pga, was here in LOS Angeles. Yet we had it and are playing Second, they saw me in the course causes as chain. It was on my course, and I stupidly agreed the play. At my back was really bother me, which I shall just backed up a lot of people watching by twenty five people and my golf games coming back. And I felt really good about it like where I was the ability to release. I stand up and hit a shot straight and stuff like that day. The first hold Somebody's was the eleventh all under the sound about AIDS was talk about your playing with some plan. They put me in a foursome with that Carlotta Carlotta Uganda, yet from Spain, whose attacked empire
And then, a during its hours, the Dodgers Red Sox First basement yeah, whose a phenomenal guy, by the way of glove that guy, not surprised to hear it, also hit the ball really far. What what? What? Why wouldn't be so plain best bar. And there's no at the other two guys who I would say that they were, but there were people know in the music business. Ok We all realise were probably not our drive in these two one. One. We are in our five, some add a chance. So then, got it when you got there just hit the ball just hit. The crap out of the bark is were probably not using your drive anyway, So I decided to do this in the eleventh or there's a hospital
add to the lab and not too far, left the deafening left enough and the guy in front of me scoffs. It goes like fifty feet so now that's a mad they're playing. Michael Jackson, thriller or some sign their play music so that twenty people waggled Maxie they introduce me thank out. There's no spectators. Gazelle and applied Now just like headed straight it had strayed straight and I hit it. Three hundred thousand our red into hospitality. Ten in it ricocheted backwards as soon as it is that drive because it will. Let me ask this: question: was inhospitality term adjusted? I don't know. Probably some wag stop in their grab cores I welcome this first to one of the examples that there is my Gotha, so we had to give it so then we go in and takes me couple horsted heat up and then I start feeling
a little bit better like I'm off, I'm just some air, but I get it and having like three fifty were three hundred Anna and carload as just nailing everything straight and perfect in we burning in the first thought so around this wait, there's a par five at a really good I would, on the second shot, was the first time as a guy. That was a really good shout. We may actually used Ellen Carlotta had sworn in the trap on the green and normal people like us. We re use my shadows right outside the green, just chip it here in sheep he's her shot in the bunker, which is parallel to the pen and she's like let's use mine, she goes grabs. It boom you feed from the peddler like she was even thinking twice. I got it It she's like there's like oh yeah. I can make that I'm a pressure, a monolith and ass the coffers of the world. Yes,
so somewhere around like the seventh. I just completely fell apart leg and when I say far apart, you know in a golf course when you far apart yeah. You just unravel to the point that you can't even had the bar the up, and that was me for the next like five or six hours until I had an eighteen hundred with Adrian eighteen, entered and soda that list? We are both for and wait that long. I should have examined window brother, I was you, can all were walking my back as I can. May I came out it was. It was one of the world. Sports experts, my life but a kind of love. The clock, zero me enemy, meanwhile, labour when it's actually going while Gov here so go back same club. I play the back now a week later. I should a forty five. I mean in a week earlier. I literally can hit the ball two hundred yards straight, but they must
a tall which is a famous hole on the course cuz. It's it's the Howard Hughes House that he used to live in its on this hole and it's like the creek is it's a long par four in the creeks? Probably like I don't know three three hundred and forty, and then it's like a little sixty yard wedge over if you'd like right in front of the create. Yes, most people hit it. You know two hundred and fifty two hundred and sixty, and then you have like a one hundred and fifty to the Green right Adrian. Who has a couple one thousand eight hundred cinnamon this point one of the few holes he can really unleash any hits this drive. That was like the most magnificent thing. I've ever seen and almost hits in the water on this whole, which was about three hundred and fifty awesome, and we're walking, we're walking and it's and it's like that's my ball out there and I'm just like there's no way that can't be your ball. There's no way that can't be your did, there's no ain't. Nobody can hit it there.
They say we use that DR yes feta man, it was, it was dead, the baseball players, the baseball respond. I've used. Is that a play golf? I'm glad you got this one out. It was low stakes. Low stakes knows dictators lean, and I want to kill the spectator for my birthday. I know that you were here together were celebrating we're in a play. Some together, I want. I want you to stick with the game long enough to get onto the programme circuits so that there's a couple more. I wanted you to have to play nothing to get on a couple times a year. Do in this programme that the problem with me with golf, as if my back, if, if my back, isn't right,
can you use? We need you to get to the physio. Go, go, make sure went on my back as nation. This would you know you're gonna play get it's crazy. I get the stretching and though your dear tactical frog, hip, drills and all the rest of it. I just need to start using peat is that I will owe I've into that were officially at the age. While these, I am, I think, I'm gonna jades prescription there now get me went to our hey. If your movie in Pakistan, like we, are check out the ringers new show, the we watch was ninety ninety nine available, only I'm luminary we have done to these. We did Mary comply with crew intentions to movies age very strangely by were really fun to talk about and this week scenario: recording big, daddy, mighty thine eyes.
Weird booby really weird here- and this is a weird man other weird one for us to talk about it. I don't wanna step by the transition year hold out stuarts in this movie here, young John D run John Stewart Handsome car, you like big, daddy, a loving air, carry pleasant. Man is in it, so where dissecting, some of the most I kind of bogus from NATO and then our time great year, found all the old we watch while categories as was couple new ones, including one that I'm adding for this week's pie cast a brand new category United States they give away now it's called the Christie swaths in a word for most predictably borrowed eighties movie, trope just hold the hold that thought through. I reiterate my Sir Christie Slots and as an award anyway you can check out the luminary on the reward was as or some other great pack has from Hannibal Burress Guy Rat Trevor Noah, they give you access to a bunch of regional shows from innovative
Democratas you can't find anywhere else free app to download music to listen to thousand podcast, including the ones you already left like this one sports movies, a whole bunch of things get your first two months of access to lumineers premium content for free when you sign up at luminary that link ten minutes. After that, seven hundred and ninety nine per month, luminary link Simmons for two months of free access, luminaire link, flash Simmons cancel anytime terms by art its time. Reseller could not be here tonight, but we're playing thrown game anyway. You won't mind when you talk about it with them. To me, and I will let him will let him do his thing. When we have adequate into the night with him yeah we're gonna play Epps for a throne game, eighty men and episode they Now at the beginning, they show the air the card at the top nudity violence, they should be for the eight c4
they'll content v for violence, Alford Language, and you were mainly have said- there is no end for new today sets out we started. I should that. We watches episode of Burma, Kyle My mama just bade us his face in Europe complaining about the no end for nudity. What's up- the show was governed out with a Bang HBO. I hid phenomenal start by you. I just want gave a throne to stay true to itself here: don't lose your identity gave occurrences like stuff curry right now. That's right! They need don't forget who you are the way they ever really killed anybody that that that matters yet, and there are there but not on a real. You know streak here lately. Well, I can say, is eighteen: he buys HBO. Another said: there's no more nudity, Emma throw aside enough. Gyro can only the good guy there waiting, Ned member as was, and you- and I said this joke about how the card at the top should. Really
allow what was happening and right at the start of a lot more information about what's gonna happen. Jp are forgetting prison. There is It is absurd to JP are. It would have been very helpful if it could have been a little more specific about what was coming to hit. Repose over there take a shower somebody's head emphasise, reg ts S we don't need. No more everything Holding out a b, I need to know more the busy warheads I just violates adult themes like it. Just did that cover out abuses behave like it I'll be Beecher today upset, evolves raping. Somebody will put your headphones and when their past tat, I see you have said about that. So new
show which Nephew Kyle, though, does that's? Why it's a big bucks? What are they add? Kyle issues like to enter the EU sees these ago all around like the map, and then it just like it was gone through kings landing. Basically, so, yes, I think it would just sort of four shattering like I were worried about kings, letting they start shown some crack some more crown stuff. It's him gear by way. Isn't it is to have been the same, opening friendly added they tweeted couple tweaks. Ok, I think, sir. So let us now this shows that there are the dead bodies piled in these perfectly symmetrical awesome, piles, dead body, pious, great great dead body, piles, great best dead party, piling really good, spacing the dead body patent, no Ben Simmons, embedded Jesus. I wonder whether there is just wandering through the way out of the three point line wandering aimlessly. I can't it seem like any ban at least a couple days with some of the day
but is new idiot. I fairly. Maybe I'm avoided hours overnight like it. It's always hard to get the time signature for these workers. They showed a cupboard dead bodies if they look pretty dead, but you gave me so right. It spells that great any. Just as the slogan is when you burn like twenty thousand of the dead bodies. At the same time it is you know that had to abandon, I would say the most I became a throne Ballard or show to begin with and not allow sherry deodorant, perfume we were really toilet paper holding our noses. A lot of suspension, disbelieve kind of stuff here yeah, but that many dead bodies the way that they died and, however long they were out there you're not given speeches just those outside then there can be everybody's convened within you. Thirty forty yards of these bodies, Iraq understand here. So it is.
Didn't instead shifts the worst thing you could ever smell were programme to that be in the presence of our dead brethren, yeah good points he had just they, China, winning Amy and meanwhile others. Twenty thousand dead bodies in the winds blowing toward everybody. One more towards their like. I can refer in the bodies so is that the worst smile and the show would have been the dragon breath. Enough, dragons, I'd they're just eating. What are they eating? What are the dragons? Eco thousand goat, Chile, that re idler amounts. Why should the jagged I'm surprised out of all the bad smells? That's not my number one in the same way that our dog eat terrible terrible things sounded drags on hot fire. Bertha feels like it could be a clumsy gauge it whatever it is, they glow some debris the fire could have the effect of producing.
I didn't think you'd think it it'll hot it burns are the journey ass, its native septic. Let's get well either way it does its boughs bad as a point as dead bodies burning so they decide to follow that up by having a feast as you do, I will make sure hungrier than the fifth birthday smell of twenty thousand burning bodies every year books have truly subject or would they did when the war yeah? It was a celebratory, we celebrate, or there is a very definitely sub Tory, feel you had the sarcastic remark and glad they turned the lights out for this episode. That felt like a dig good to see people's faces for more than the four and a half seconds
Did you like the glasses? They were drinking out of cause every time they bring those out on damage. Thrones I was, I was Philip I'd want, like twentieth us, I think Horn Glasser, while they had order those argyle you like to drink flagging, now, probably not right near something that they play problem, did a flag and say there was over a re. There is over eighty like a real marketing opportunity. Here. The gay of thrones, tricking collection, so very fast people bust and bars the bearded guy torment his on around been doing staff, give Carte blanche to those yellow. These you'd make a shimmering. Does shots didn't she That's his Spillane bear all over the place Jane again jury? Again, George Injury? They were gonna get every country, so he came leads dormouse guy. There is cast in stone Now he became the lead that the head of the storm- the some patterns,
So the game of some new title. They made him Genji brass ring gingerbread, outlining a mom dragon Stony game, something good his sight. They gave him an accolade and then it was the first sign of alpha dog issues with with Danny and John very reminiscent over curried therein. But, like I don't download later, this is my team. I have the dragons have the rings: I've won the gps and yet the teams gravitating toward the ran out like this. That was the feeling I got for, Oh you're, not wrong. It just doesn't apply to current array. As far as you know,
they paid the seeds for this. The last to emphasise- and I like it here, has been building to this. You know that the entire season that that's the whole point of the great reveal we ve been waiting for the the effects of the great reveal, and you know I haven't check the odds lately, but I think that there are they gonna go. Look when we're done with this. I want to see we're sense. A stark down. Some of this, I feel, like you know, if there's a survivor thing out here, I'm now we'll put some miles on her hook, who kills any if I can get odds on who killed daddy. Sansa would be by lead candidate for that, although it could be John, John Mite Killer, so they're playing they're playing a drinking game. Wasn't positive. What their game, like truth, are there was able to watch the truth and like the first, it was this. Thirteen hundred version. Hundreds and hundreds is there so
cause our Brianna Tars virginity, wet. Predictably terribly. I once again he's just a dick. We love about that guy. That's when it started to feel like. There was a wholly cross ladys kind of field of their party torment, walking around here at random. You have like thirty guys with college with, fell the robot unifying the Rugby viable woman, rightly ed, tear ads. You speak. Deck the everyday and was a horde sets up a horrid sort of setting out a third truth. I dare you to call their Brianna Tars virginity. She didn't like it. She of torment goes to follow her Anna and Jamie gets the upper had no pun intended He be immediately blocks and was literally la black. You is that it was a little catwalk. I almost made a joke about going to happen
you know you have a name. You know they raise covered up. We ve been friends were over thirty years, were on the same wavelength with a story from the past. Knaves mass famous cap lacks minister. He knows seen as we did in over there. Wasn't anyone in this room, so hey than we had hound in Santa yeah little reunion scene sure and he's yeah. If you'd come with me, other terrible stuff wouldn't happen. You like little fingered she's getting horribly sexually assaulted fur. Overland by rams. Aid is really bad and Anne. She comes back with war. That may be the person. I am now that's right, probably
probably would have chosen a different path at an hour. She is a little too positive about it. I think this is the thing. Is it goes to the point of of her fitness to be a potential leader. She might at the end of this thing, she's who's gonna sit on the throne not broader out. As he's got, the chops she's really took some jobs to southern boundary, goes to area whose you know hanging out. She likes to just being the dungeon shooting, bow and arrow. At this hour, she spends affrighted echoed killer, gonna, kill anyone be part of the river issues. I any good at work, a boner shooters shoot Anna he's. Ok good! Is they just maybe they made me, sir. I have this new title and you can be my lady and they get signed. The knee proposes air
pretty quick it sex once I know she has absorbed power. She can change your face. You of the king. I get you carried away when you're in love with the same ceasing quick. So does the bachelor season finale move where before saying whether she said that the pressure not re, how how great the relationship is, and it's all leading towards them. But the idea that any could feel come in and then she's. Basically like I'm the lady, you know who I am and the fucking making killer Megan rarity you understand call a bitch. You know what I do I go. I got killed a bad guy, that's what I want to be right and she's, in that regard, nobody's wife, so he loses the lady. A light is four hundred fifty euro, friends and then he loses his eighteen, your girlfriend tough times you'll be all right. Tough times he's got a big when he still packing Biggie today,
Stockholm and thirteen hundreds or now, if they did all yes do, say I got the big one. There call brothels at that point. I take it that are his. You he's at a brothel further, for they all know he's got the big one that's Patrick, I think miss another Jerry. I have a son of a bitch, so Jamie hooked up with began and now when my mom, who had a couple glass of wine and when we are talking about the kind of cut away from the sexy in any one of us made the pointed to bed did indeed the area is our little. I not have. None of us have recovered from that I'm goes that area, sexy now would be like if we're watching the show, and so he had a sex in many, my daughter and less recoil in horror, and that was when we took a wine glass. Every that I was horrible. That was the moment, though,
highlighted the show. So then the nearest girls maids chance now and she's. Basically, like don't tell anybody about this whole thing, where I'm actually right and near the rightful heir to the throne and- and he said well what, if I'd just tell my family inches, I now you're not doing that they as well. How about you can still be the case. But asked Tom. I found makers, that's my family and she said now actually afford you to make this work you're, not to tell anybody. If any answer, telling his family and the early, this is Kyle, saying those really earned his sisters and brothers now, because they have don't have the same mom or the same dead. Him are you having in the king, a cavity bread, cousins, brand, brands, King Commodore, starting in two months. He just comes reacts weird every last. So I think at that point, since she has
you dragons. At that point of the show, I think maybe you go awry, I wanted anybody by that sounds good. Let's keep this one between us now next theme he's got his brothers sisters together I got said the tell began to swear, can't leave the room here. It is his sister sites. I hates Danny yes and he commanded, the rule of women who don't like each other they're, going to take a nugget like that and immediately spent it in the worst way possible. I mean his judgment where possible said yeah. He was stabbed thirty seven times, that's true. He did come back to life, but it must. It makes me wonder if he's fit for the iron turn, if he's not smart enough to realise that cites is gonna. Tell somebody like five seconds, but you may as well. But then the newspaper then these thirteen hundred he could be a little more calculating badger by chance. Now he's such a good guy works against them, sometimes so he tells oh. I forgot
The narrow when she said when jobs like I really want to make this work, and she said we can. I just told you how that's right icy as t, if you owe in Africa that, take. We cut the Jamie and Brienne of in bed after coitus Jamie's wide awake just staring, often in the distance and Brianza asleep, and that's when I She why, on tv after two people have sex to they always go back to this to the aftermath and one person's asleep in the other person's wide awake whenever catch to people asleep or both it's always one falls asleep in the other. One is lost in thought either on her b with how it went or can't sleep. I hope that's just on television, because if it, if it happens in real life, I'm always the wanted to sleep. I was getting
If that's happened, you five other types of life. Five hundred those types of the old story, buffers chives married you Eddie, your partner reside next, you awake not because they were lasted thought because they keep could without much you snort of our as I smell basically options, o another thing: they this year, they really added more jokes about Johns height mean torment. Just getting that ass. He said you as much as to fleece fucking was one of his career as a good line yeah, but they it's almost site. They ve read all the internet, making fun of Johnstone site and they just decided a lean into it. This year, which I appreciate, meteor creature, bene Brown made a power play, not leubronn brand. Brad made a power play, decided to steer the hosting duties from ever Carter. For this week's episode of the shop and
ass, a major power play out our Tyrian and Jamie, and they made some day. I didn't really understand was gonna. At that point I was really focused on getting the wine glass with my mom Oh salmon giants outer whereon, not bread or not brand brine, Bron, efficacy paid him men, their kilo, sons of bitches. You know she's she's, smart, she knows and he gave them. He was true to his word. He had proved Tyrion Tyrian in season, whatever you gotta ask Mallory and Consepcion this that he pray Tyrian got Braun had given this. I remember they re Captain idea was that it did. I was more focused on my mom was good play. I really either. I thought there was a deep. There are two instances where I thought Tyrian might catch it this week. So then Salmon John said Farewell and goes for some reason: wherewith torment, because he needs a dog
let the dire wait, a lot as it is in the end, the while in the north- and I felt like I wanted a better farewell for ghost it was. Lately equivalent over on the video screen at the basketball game and I gave him the one read right there in the twenty second time out, but he didn't get like his own three minute. One it is clearly going to be an internet have about this. Do you really think that this is the last progressive all those peeps, including by that I mean come on so then everything seems Kay and then all of a sudden the nearest is flying with Bob and stand or to drag I didn't, realize their names Bob and stand Bob gets hit by the heiress, so she's riding stand, Bob's, excellent and Bob.
Face like the biggest hour I've ever seen in my life and then another one that takes a set of Ngos, ran the waters and ashes down. One dragged the tough times with the guy's name, great joy, you're on gradually you're undergo the ship's yeah you're. That's right, since these new guy he's a known dragon killer Irregular One, that's got the technology. Yeah he's out He's right that there are more. A dragon cannot write that my fingers, I told the man he's figured out high volume. Shooting errors is like threes, I think thirsty. Is there a Morey and in a year on his harden doll, I like it? Ok, that's fair! So she's out one dragon the weight that the ships and they took gray worms girlfriend Interior got knocked out again, which I think is like for concussions for him a bit for the shall right back We wasn't even than the protocol. We would like the NFL
Chris, I went on the field he's gotta tweet about this tomorrow, here right right back out, there were correct after this cursing the quarterback did. That left here has been knocked out at least three times during this year re at least three. Maybe for I say we. I can count three that I'm thinking of rain ass, no concussion protocol. That was the third synergies, the great worms lady had taken prisoner and then and then Danny. They had this big debate about what to do, and she says I'm here to free the world from tyrants, and that is my destiny actually follow. Her destiny was bidden mother dragons, but at an ashes subject, she's a little better confuses days. So then, over the last ten minutes is prettier and tents. Us dramatic Jamie,
pause pose the old audio side, Brianna Ptarth that was covered. You know come about, try to sneak out she's lifted out and then he's basically like everything. I've ever done is: firstly, you don't understand, I'm a bad person, she's hateful and so my classic bad boy, she's hateful and saw my as more than a bad boy. That's pretty tough pathological hats so brief, whereby an entire she waited all this time to give every genital one hand, man. It was the wrong when I got to make the big trip they take em track two sources island. Whenever very long he I'll send their there and they do the unconditional surrender standoff. Tyrian goes for the Emma gives the big speech try stocks Sir see out of this, and then I would say should mean great terms. You know I know I know this
great grandparents girlfriend had her head cut off and then she shut up a little building so that that to me said it on their relation your offer. I wanna never let the palate you gotta do it the Lakers the summer, I think, with Anthony Davis were hey. What about Davis? Can we rekindle sick, beheading push somebody Eiffel Tower the show, and I got to explain why Sir Percy, in that moment, ruthless killer that she is. She made a political calculation not to just wipe out that whole troop right there? Why? What? What? What's the downside of killing daily right there in that moment, Dan
Tyrian, who you don't get John, so so what you got daily, the mother of the dragon, who's gonna rather dragon it did seem like a pretty big restaurant, Danny and the gang to just be wide why'd. They exposed read out there in the open right after they just been sneak attacked and whatever drags Ghek you're supposed to negotiate. The strategy is first to believe that there's you know that that whatever that sort of honor code, where you're having ter inner discussing terms of peace, potentially you for that the peace process and so there's a protected cone there, but current certainly don't have no rules. She she she killed that wholesome she blew up at all city and all those those religious fanatics there by then went along with its. You, don't give a fuck. Why didn't you just Take him all right, there don't have an answer for you. At any rate, I mean, maybe there's something:
the book, but I mean you, wouldn't even they wanna wranglers thinks she's ever done. Iran's current, like a you know, maybe she's there that the best you come up with me as like she doesn't know, were Jamie, isn't in her heart. She wants the father of that baby to be part of the picture, and Jamie could be at risk, but that's pretty tenuous does she gave to shit about J At this point I don't they she cares about. Anybody is off the rest of the army. Will she should I several joy? Sophia does the worst heritage,
read: I'm not a fan of this one. I don't know what she's doing with this particular here too, but it is really rough they're not doing any favours the. I mean she looks like a killer. Ok, she killer killer should kill. I gotta say what they could: a throne in one scene with her and you're Lovejoy great joy, you're, a great joy. They get it through in one scene. Ledges, I'm gonna hanging out. Give me then give me an n she's, like just give me that in my could, thereby nudity the him everywhere about that's what I'm asking for. Just give me my an throws for Christ sakes. Take it up, They didn t they have all your data another taken away. You do today, you try, Let the good guys where I'm not interested in that, but they did it. They did chap somebody's head off. At the end of a bit player, I felt it was built in the first two episodes. Three was grave written reasons relating to the second best one. I like this one
I like the three most except you couldn't see it, but I lost all the elected smelly smell of dead bodies face that that was really enjoyable the dragon was yours truly breathtaking, an unexpected good, especial thanks! Great special effects of acts must be not still without bombers. Does stand I'd better, go live above alive Bob's but the only one I am still come out of the water by the way, don't be surprised if we understand reemergence, you never know he looked pretty gay with it looked and looked for, when in though it embryos that positive, we never saw like the flow, dragging by me- that's that's. I mean remaining at got some kind of powers. Maybe the king of comedy can bring it back. What's her face the witches and around to bring it back Melisandre
Oh, you can bring it back. If you could, but he's you know, I'm going the way they should have thrown him in the giant drunk She just had him at a table like with two people who didn't know about spigots just making oh Brad, where you from what they really it doesn't matter where I'm firm. I just live in the past, whatever whatever cause? He has in the end those books they really set back on the show Let us he's not like a boy. You have him coach and six years are bred bread. Is there a difference? So then, yet the lasting arrow was wanted killed an heiress right then, and there seemed Leggum adsense word on whether they wanted to keep around cause she's liability, it's almost like they wanna keep around. So the big fill up the legs to Joseph O Dell Seething Sciences, the dire
turn. I'm gonna go. I ll see what I can get on, and I know that much I just like that and habits. That's ok, which take five to one s, answer or God. Yes, I would love I'm the one three two one three two one is like we're out also play three two one and then on the street and one is liking, and why bother? But I'm going to I'm going to hit the cuz I'm going to text, because after this cuz has I access all the exotics. And in the sea, where any fiftieth birthday thoughts. You have it's it's coming soon, I'm celebrating it for the rest of the year, my birthday than May may. The first begins the rest of the year of House, I'm going to eat and carried out. If I don't put on fifteen pounds, I will have been a failure. I expect two thousand nineteen to this. Go down, go we're down in ages as an all time, drunk Gough eating I mean I just don't want to start Sanskrit Gimme your top five, your top five.
Most exciting thrilling sports moments of your first fifty years, wow incredible John Reagan's, breaking away in the nineteen eighty three Superbowl bowl against Miami Dolphins, okay, Elvin Haze, making a shot against the San Antonio spurs and nineteen seventy eight. I was physically there at the capital centre, they go in an irregular. Therefore, his own the clutch moment what I mean I was thirty five with Carl Maloney response. There was a great moment, I'm not sure which men bias moment, but I got to see them by us a lot goddammit that year, I was at an end.
Carolina game in Maryland? That's three! It's amazing! We didn't know each other during the lambasting. It was night you, it was right before there were two years away from the edge other exactly I was so. I just can't believe the subjects had him for even it lasted what thirty six hours or whatever I was an unbelievable thirty six hours, one from which you know you'd, never recover caps, weddings Daily CUP. That was five for you, okay, how many titles does the titles fly? The flags fly forever and in my life I have three superboss the reserve. Nancy Double AY championship in two thousand and year, one or two one or two. There has been too, I think Duke one thousand Graven College Basque, about that.
Is at an all time, terrible game. I right leg tat was he with a bad game, but I actually, I grew up ready for the university Maryland. So I get that That was no title still a title end. You know seniors like that. That would that really did mark a moment in time. Were you there? They were that state didn't college for through its like the guy who ended up belatedly when, in the Kentucky Derby Esther by disqualification Twenty years now beg you when the Kentucky Derby, the Gaza yeah- that's it nobody's. I was the one where the that's it. You won, the deputy chairman, more risky, remember, happens warriors so yet that was your Maryland when the Eighteen, eighty seven can Zaga College High school track and feel team inducted into the good Zaga Athletic Hall of Fame. Two weeks ago. Captain Joe House Captain will Simmons captain
for decades, Killjoy Daniels, that's right! It's only been you know too years, give in in the offing, refined, They are the first ever track of your chairmanship begins egg. Better is on the wall. Flags fly forever fly. Where were you? What was your track and field sport? I was a half miles and miles, or else around the thirty two hundred I didn't like it is liable to long for me, but I, rather than relays. I was good track. One fifty seven miles up and relays and high school a mile my best, my family, for twenty three range, it one! Fifty seven half my wants. Eighty seven have while several miles out of an amazing so help me fast but be like as fast as a horse. Anyway, that's tat was my fifth, those my fifth sports moment a day. The Washington DC ones are kind of said this eastwards
Superbowl was set as John, while jumping on the score of stable might have been like thirteen talking about any of that by the way the thing is. I want here as well. One of my birthday present asking for a lot a birthday present this week. Can we come up with an avatar to replace that John Wall are my twitter? That's what I'm asking you to help me come up with a replacement avatar for FAT John WAR, because that needs to be retired. Now you need to do is tell people to send it replies. Ok, there we go. I need suggestion at has from Dc. Has anyone ever the others were on replacing John. Why haven't you fetch somewhere like a year? Well, meaning when was that picture taken? It was when I last summer, I guess I'm only realise and fat up until this moment, our I'm ready to stretch among a stretch them in my life and effectively wave him in pay. Whatever the cause, I decided. That's my favorite open GM job with good reason. The first two years. Nobody expected that's disturber
is very low. What do you have to do to try to accede? cases no trace rather bill and don't screw up your top for pack, will you might? It might be ok to trade Bradley Bill now, my if you get a bundle young assets now, maybe not ok, I mean if you get those Lakers, kids, not ok, and then, if it depend on this further bill. Now I don't know what he's doing palm balls land in two weeks. What's gonna happen, that'll set the course for every. I couldn't believe Monti lambs took the sun's job overweight and see where we can happen. The lottery fourteen one Hiram well worth the Lakers when the latter out, rather that job right, the bar again, not very high, and he can't nobody gets an interesting team in Phoenix he bit. He willingly wanted to work for Robert Sarber. The head is, of course, a terrified as questionable decision. I have to agree with you now I he is very close to Pizzeria Bianca, so I guess all that Chris Bianco Pizza, Robert Server, watches game a throne.
It is that you know is make it some good moves. The season certainty had like the way she has taken me. I'm excited too, to sober fiftieth birthday. We can renew another pad later this week with reseller. I can't wait ditched us for really knows. I just don't want him to squeeze my head between his giant python ass, the head replay, Gough, we're gonna. Do the big daddy pie cast you do in acid carbs when your hair and fair way Rowan and we're going to have a couple good meals can't wait an improbable, regain like seven Patsy S, thanks to disown don't forget to check them out great experience with the canal fight this weekend. Don't forget about our luminary pack. Ass. We watch was nineteen and I began to come and later this week as well. As of the awesome rigour package network pack, ass in the ringer dot com,
is the place for of year in France Content back with a couple more back ass later.
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