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NBA Playoff Chaos, Kawhi Drama, and UConn Goes Down (Ep. 347)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Chris Ryan and Kevin O’Connor to discuss the upcoming NBA playoffs (2:31), conspiracies surrounding Kawhi Leonard (5:04), and Bill’s disinterest in anything the Spurs are doing (21:03). Then, JackO comes through to discuss the Yankees, Red Sox, and more in the return of the MLB season (56:59); UConn women’s basketball losing to Notre Dame (01:11:37); and their favorite memories from this year’s NCAA men’s March Madness (01:16:10).

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for whatever you want to go see. You know today we use promo code bs, he could buy your yankee plastic. It's right now. Download the seeking gap or go right to seek dotcom, should mention to pack ass. To recap: Abbas, Mallory, Mallory Reuben, and I did I billions episode to it is up. We broke everything down, including the kind Russia, helicopter landing at the little league field Also, I was on China. Thirty three was John Fantasy him and Chris right did tub five Spielberg movies of all time. And then I went out at the end. Is that as the closer and I gave my Spielberg thoughts, I have some Spielberg thoughts, apparently I am going to Augusta this week for the masters and we are doing a whole bunch of content, including a big podcast middle, a weak on this path, cast Joe House and Agatha be against all odds, giving our masters previewed cousin, Sal, we're do a house of Cards Augusta thing.
Beyond the shack ass spot on Thursday, were blown out. It is a multi podcast extra extract, Yanza Anna just about what's happening at the masters, but what it's like to be there? What were eating and, more importantly, what were eating so you can listen to all those subscribe check them out testing out. Whatever you want to do coming up. This podcast is going a whole bunch of places. Just trust me hold my hand we'll walk through this together, but first jump comrade blob, rectangular Jakob at the start, the baseball citizens was his favour.
Sporting, that, whenever you cannons women steam loses, may brings in the most happiness passport. Now Chris ran a cabin o Connor from the ringer. You ve heard them on twenty two from Pakistan. Here now we have what nine days I've left yet with them One story: you right, Casey still the western conference, like whose image and who's gonna get out. We still have only a couple game separating the clippers nuggets, look at the other out right now, but there only a game back from New Orleans two games back from Utah that that's the story to me. I have a counter. Does it matter? I feel it there's five good too. In the West and I'm not sure any of these other teams Minnesota. I guess maybe, if Butler can combat do anything but the pelicans
doing anything than nuggets I'd do anything in the papers are doing than the plants. None of those teams are beating, Houston or go, and state DNS out is the only possible, maybe upside team, and I don't believe in them either. So my my big storyline is definitely that tat terrible low golden state that trail his spurs, thundered jazz tier and whose he'll there and who could actually challenge. Gear golden state. Three right with the need to eat ok, see in Portland. I think He's gonna give you a serious threat Minnesota, given them a hard time in the past, though even when stuffs plates of they get dollar back and their real. They really building positive momentum, maybe team that can really push Golan Saint minor staff. Names we like give them you're, writing Aung San Antonio just cause no Collado. Why? I just don't they dead the star our idea. You can't leg, do you
It started with forty five and thirty two, and I would argue, are so there thirteen game's over five hundred wherever their infrastructure slash system is probably Swann. If the intention their shared space, get five hundred team. That one getting aims it one just cause they're getting the regular season, the note the doing as economic the plan I just can't believe what a cockroach this this Leonard stories like you, cannot kill this story. I do every day it's been tried to be pretty bad. It's now is going, back to New York and part of it like his team, his team of guy, when his team decides he's ready. I just will it's amazing weave more you- and I were talking about how this never happens with disperse ever get this- This happened secretly dramatic over the over the course of the decade, but it always is managed the Tory Parker Tony Parker, bread, awareness, things that happen all decade, Duncans
I find the crazy allegations when they got market. I want you to be traded. Lamarck has demanded a trade such as this he's doing. Jackson. Eight, they waved a week before the play off, they told me to get their families on. The team is like in the rue de la toward the spurs, especial blood boys investigation disperse. I just think it's a little more to March was that we realise there just really get a keeping everything in house. The court, as it already is the best example. There's this guy stories insane and as any other team would be leaks. If this happened in Cleveland visits and essentially refusing to blight right. Can we say that is that it is, is that you had seems like he is my story this with any other team. This would lead every show every day. Having to land took was was basically cleared too met medically clear to play was awake golden state hanging out in New York, with his would separate team Without the team doctors with team,
taking shots and with the staff and dream on we're like we ve all you should be aweary. Had we have the best doctors, my uncle under his eye on entering etc? It is. Is wild. I have of obviously a tonne respect and believe spurs infrastructural you're saying- and I also cannot wait fats and oils workers. Imagine a guy, like you know. Why was the number two they pay in the number three and they pay there's two years or is the top three points in the leg. And now he's just completely wiped out, and we don't know that the history of guys losing a whole year like this and they're coming? and being exactly what they were as pretty back slightly even this year and then in the nine or so games that he played. He wasn't collide, Koane rain business Ellie himself, but I like your Memphis
Rudy Gay, I mean you know like you. Still good value is there's like six or seven guys that are just at the top level yeah He was in there and it didn't seem like he was close to that level. From always saw that obviously wasn't feel a great. But when I watch georgian ok seat, sometimes when he's really feel Anna it, and these on both ends like a maniac. That's what coercion We may not that again, I hope we do whether its assent Tony or somebody else. Would you are concerned Do you have any conspiracy theirs for this sort of the beginning of the season? My conspiracy was bad. Barony, useless excuses await arrests, Co. I want whenever he came back with the rest rules out arrest players, but that obviously was silly. Not guess at this point I do think lie perhaps might have some internal ends, it's on people in a circle that might want him elsewhere. What did I and who knows, but
It's almost like an embarrassment of riches for the Lakers with those two seller? Kettles. What I don't understand you five guys available for spots, the timing of it is their it quiet, nothing. Why can really do to not get that supermax from San Antonio? That's would you Give him that out this point, absolutely you have five player. Absolutely you haven't. How do I was scared? Do you're kidding me you I really, whereas we scared from if I'm saying and Tony on that same team. If I'm San Antonio and I wish this guy handle his business, the way did for an entire season and seem like you didn't want. Part of the team. Why, and why do I want to give it to ensure that is that by all accounts, when will Marcus went to pop and say I don't think I saw fit in here, I want to be traded. Pavlovitch was like I do. I can't there's nothing and get in return for you that would be of equal value, so we're gonna have to make it work. Some white was he would he say to lie?
You really think that Arcy Buford in great part of which are going to bend to quiet and recycle or jump man or whatever it is that which so they can look. What are they gonna? Do you just billikin? You can sit here as we all George Aldrich at the time it for years donors deal. Yet. I free Asia and twenty nine That is why the dodgers things completely different, because we always and they didn't trade arduous, because there is no market for a boy. What were they getting? I actually deal came after, so it wasn't, for Here's Latvia was one year, laugh they re up only up them, so actually that that was incorrect. What I just said So, just because we oughta related than average farm so we have thrown June. Nobody wanted and using eyes contracts for a bunch of of garbage
like I hear he ate his no thanks, I'm not getting marquise larger than these look of America's alters the serious problem of top ten to fifteen political situations, different because if they could get put this way, Bela check which China, Indeed the spurs are the most wired like the Belgic Patsy. If we look at this NGO, you won't be here. Fuck you get Brandon Ingram and are more cap space now be able to sign somebody else. I wonder if the banks allocate only the Packers and the packers aren't very narrow Rogers you like that. I don't think he's Aaron Rodgers, I already
we are worried now. Air Rogers is one of the best for quarterback small time. Hawaii Leonard has been attacked report twice. I think. While it could be Russia Westbrook on office and then he can be Paul Georgia deeper into the whole season. I know that I am not saying that there are more what's wrong with he's gotta Claude injury. These, obviously, like not show, seems like more of an injury than just a quantity. It looks like the notable asiatic not for several weeks ago. Ok thing this: this is the quad injury that two years ago, Tom Adversary, Great article on European, about how the spurs the how to solve this weird little quiet issue that he had a beginning and a twenty fourteen, fifteen seas and serious- and this is a four year delia- it's not something that just started this year. He had quite pain last year to year, ago was solved. So it's not something that just popped up its southern that's been that he's had at least for four years now. So
Will it go away? Will it heal better? We really don't know, and maybe that's why Kawhi is in a spot. Where he's like you know what I can't play cuz I risk getting hurt again now. Maybe he needs a thick, take a step back and get one or two percent healthy, not just ninety percent. Maybe you want to get rid of the problem, entirely well canny? Who knows? No, I'm part of it's. The only person taking up the phone for clients, Davis and that's that's it. So you you wouldn't trade him for it, the more and more so said sailor. You, I don't know excise edges in there. I think there are a whole reason. National markets and the whole reason Bob Ravages is there is because this is the window. The window is the collide or Marcus. I think that you know it coaching weakened match up with anybody. We can take out used and we can give gonna stay problems. I think you're gonna get that per day gets a diversion. So I didn't they the capture of Jane, a cork Kyra at that she is rooted. I waited, but the reasons were different on that, because that the Lebron James who, as though on the best her through personal egg, that chance
we're title and it was too risky to trade. Carry because all point is to win the title: I don't they display. Come when a title with what they have their just, at least even if could, if Hawaii was a thousand percent healthy? I studied there level below you, Senegal, state and if you go, I can live in a year he's this unhappy and he rejected that Georgia brand contract, which I think is another really interesting piece out as that. And whether its inner circle, whether it's him who knows but he they see feels like he's not his famous a sum is other guys in above them, and he wants to get paid top dollar. Let's get back to you and be more and it seems like he wants to be more recognizable, which is ending weird for us,
understand, because he didn't seem like a guy who ever gave a shit about any that yeah. I mean why I who did nothing in it the whole point to hang with uncle? Why don't we sort of robbed him of his was a kind of soul. It isn't just like a guy built our lab to play for the spurs, but obviously he does care about some of that stuff, and I think that's a piece of this He doesn't want to be like you're just pop up, robots robot like s in and thing right, so that report forget you reported a couple months ago, but he wants to be paid to dollar by a shoe company, but babe. It seems. I didn't want to pay him that the reason why they wouldn't want to cause he's insane Antonio, he hasn't transcend that market led Russell Westbrook does Oak and ok see light, Braun James does no matter where he is so. Maybe it Eureka are and his team you're like we need him in a big market city where he can get paid top dollar at top level. Exe Roger, whereas the same, which would be a lad, probably allay, you look at some length. Paul George, who is decided,
wiser Westbrook, given westerwelle spokesmen awesome, since he asked outbreak related from somebody that I didn't I thought potentially could not make the obviating into. I think he's second Delia not easily. But if your Pa George, you gotTa Lakers in your now the face of the Lakers year at a different level with everything you're different start I'm your different level than endorsements, your kind of become the guy and are you gonna good team, the war, but I, but I wonder what that stuff. I love you George you're thinking like I'm gonna Lakers figured out, they have in their top three market, and there are these young guys will be really get Adobe give good pretty soon, but if I'm Hawaii MIKE. I really want to title. I think that's another thing we forget about this stuff and I think tat, part of that guy wreathing already wanna title. So once you wanna title you're playing with house money. I think they think about a little different
they look as if they don't want the title than its torture and tortured by the fact that I haven't gotten the chip yet so I have to go somewhere where that's possible. I made you think it's a little liberated point to move around and I think it just engages a different party. Your brain, when you, when you put your out there and to an open market what they said things people Tom about Tiree. Is that their surprised, he was able to be a psychic further brand for that long because they are like this guy's a complete offer. His
they said he's like exactly like we're cagey was like carries toss all a blog about the member, and I also think it was last year, maybe the year before, with clear when he talked about the sacrifice, but him in the Braun had to go to you know putting their egos aside rain. I had ended with Roger you you're twenty four hour by hour, now replace them when you are on a terrible calves. Team intolerant, Emily enter career it'll be like when you start your own saying people, but I can't believe Chris and build coexistence for that cops. Often ask Barston Chris Silly Sports guided our brain where to go back to the west, the man jobs are really fun right now. I think they're probably gonna stay the way. They are Houston's awash but Houston was gonna crash. Anybody right that one's gonna be afforded him said the hope. Anyone has is that their so bored right now and they ve quenched everything in You can get a load of flimsy down this That's right! Leg lose lose your pc.
As we debate, the Moorish only talked a lot about that. That's why you like I will out or he's like I don't. Wanna have arrested team, that's out of rhythm, going into the plan. Also, you can have a rescue team that stop plan good. I think that I think you're a thousand lie final year you gotta lotta, bigger than other rational somebody's head. I think I'll go and stay ran, one with no curry. Tat was nobody should touch them they're, so going out with that aim like the rain comes back on Thursday gets thrown out of his first game, is there's this bubbling kind of, anger with their team that they can't, seen diarrhoea asylum, it scared, but I think, like the rating can really like kind that get to them and they can get dream up. Out of a gave your eye, but that was the case with the remaining seventy three times a year to the same team anymore. I completely appreciate everything you saying about them, though the exhaustion that they must be feeling mentally, I don't think they have is good of avenge. Thank just get it get us Turann but ran off with his worship. On your shoulder, I think we're speaking really again. Like me, no mental too,
this cliches or whatever, but I do think that they are like really pissed. I think the day as we heard from you, I just read everything about them: they ve arena. Houston all year, I think, ready to bring it well. I don't they Minnesota. Is you think our domestic? What followed? Yes back! Some change the equation. But sluts edges digress team enough. I don't hear. I think you tat would be a problem. I also did. It would be easier for sure, but I think you tat would be a problem lady. They would actually have to win that single states had a hard time of towns in the past. That he's one of the few guys in terms is that I have experienced an awesome yeah. I think Minnesota could give goal, say some trouble. I they wouldn't be them, but without curry I saw it in towns are below to handle? I think so. Maybe five six games put maybe now this May with Minnesota's in its utilise the same problem in some degree guys who, just ever been in the series of that area,
I don't trust. Wiggans at all has taken a lot of shit. The season rightly so than in Europe, given that serious and they know it's a recipe for disaster, our towns has been really seem he's gone up a lever since they asked again thirty or not. Greater confidence yeah covering areas senator as soon as Jimmy goes out. Town starts starts getting them set up upwards of twenty shots again and it really pay. We really starts to open up for an even. There still feels like there's more distant more than he can gave if peace is to be spent on for the opportunity, so that their plus two for the year, which I don't like the five in five in their lives how much I don't like their sixteen and twenty three on the road which I really don't like I'd. Only teams that don't want on the road that the South executive made them. And as a shared, but I think that the craziest thing about the South exchange, I so on twenty nine and ten on the road iled, which is just not sit down their accede.
In some ways. It's a disadvantage for them to be at home, they love being on the red aspersion. That's like we're ready to play right, but I think you tat the thing that thing with them. Just how much they rely on Mitchell and just relax Ricky like that in the play off say it's is rest, They fear we saw how excited we are forgotten. Nor kitchen first round, but that's the thing is stuff could change tonight I know, but if you want to say, if you say that there is an urgent nerve agent would get such a fund first round see those guys stuck with each other in the pay for five days I was someone's getting close lines, I'm reading and right now, like ok, sees a half came up. I knew tat, but dream scenarios. Portland ok, see three six, yet I would ask for his round best series of the planet. Two incredible arenas too. In terms of the out there thou garlic to soccer my solemnly like how did you guys not want gold state, Oklahoma City, though the first?
where we re going. That's Oklahoma City, whether you like them or not, is like one of the more interesting teams I kind of want them to be in them for a little while longer beyond that get around. So you want round to gold stay economically with staff, maybe back mid series unless it I wasn't feeling I'm still better than him yeah. That's our three six either team guns they place around two as a great Syria has gone so poor. That would be awesome too, especially of curry doesn't come back in time and they feel a lot of trouble and there is clay without staff for the honor, with Quinn Cook, with quickly with quick cook yeah. That would be pretty fun. I'm a believer in Portland which I have been saying for a while. I don't think they could be gone state, but I do think that could be a seven game classic yet and they could definitely make make the where's Sland stuff tat. The spires are just the turn, the punch
For me, and there, sir, I'm sorry- I respect this, whereas at that within two days of fourteen was incredible hope she likes him in a play of series. I all great could pick Roadkill Anderson, just not interested market Sandridge foreign Debt- is rhetoric from you today is really drowning Douro. Actually them I'm sorry, she Zaragoza listening, we're gonna break were Rebecca. Care see. What's quickly talk about tonight's national championship game in our favour draft prospects, hey, google- said a timer for two minutes here we go all right, two minutes starting now. I dropped prospects tonight, favorite got Mikhail bridges are villain over only lottery pick and the tides games to a player three and the guy may be capable of a little bit more once you develops as ball. Hamley ability, I love
sky and I think he's gonna go for spots to lay in the draft and he's gonna come in and he's like the absolute perfect three 3d guy athletic. I could see him on fifteen James. He can actually common in the play ass right now and probably play for like none of the plans to him and then Nova have another guy too bad. He could also play immediately. And thirdly- and this is why the big favorite tonight, with jail and brunson- I know your fan a hand. Giant knows how to play the game. Really beefy point guard can chew threes composed them up he's a he's, sorry late, first round pick our maybe early second for Nova, Yeas Gower, those old school pick up games where sometimes like put the guy. This has been taken of the fountain and do like that hurt Jerky staff and they came out of the eighties, which is funny causes dad was Rick Brunson, who paid for the Celtics too my jack, the ripper like day ass Point Airplane Wooer.
We have in our mission in the Imo Bognor power for its last centre. Three points shoe needs to get better defensively, but he plays the energy. That's contagious. I think if he has a big game, shooting the ball into humanity. Mismatches download, I think, Michigan as a shop at Bogdan, needs to be at his best. Any can renders that we like the Athens second round or maybe footsore late, first round more likely a seminar on prospect if he declares, who is the biggest draft prospect stock winner of this alternative it it might be Bronson. In my opinion, I think he will, from a second round guide, on my opinion, a guy who should be in the first round conversation. So I think Brunson play. As has been said, a very laxative, barely watch any goes best while they, I just did a five minute buckled test them, like whose stood out West Virginia. The placard he's good, whose Why is a first round? I don't understand I represent here. You know the junior it doesn't do. This doesn't move, but he's done at all and in the March monster from villain Google step timer, we're done
with Chris Cassie, we're going to the east the he's right now: shit. Miami I'm lucky switched yeah today, the east was in a position where I loved every single serious and you are, and you thought maybe there would be upset every single Syria. That is not the case could be made. Yet I grew. The Indian, place fairly, really well washed in Arabic. Be clean them, but they play them really well and they're nice match up and they do some things their backwardness. So much better than months backward and they do guys at least through the brown and make them work a little bare and take it this time with them, so Miami LAW so that the cap- are still having to work to beat Mask man's teams, even though we're like weren't haven t that, though the confidence of the calves fancies really fascinating said, we have We do this area, we have the bright enough. There is every year just as somebody from washing guys really closely for the last five years as a terrible to play really
historically daddy video Roma and add that in the case, as I waters outscore ready. That's, never for forestry rather than the history. The way they get you guys could be dug mode Denver seen that before, but I feel Indiana be great terror, I know Miami which now isn't it wouldn't happen if this is ended today, cuz Miami Mammies seven, but Toronto. Miami have that really good games a share in its and its weirdly said. Flirty memes dad crazy demand that can be drawn on a serious, some intranet slipped a little bit. They haven't been the same for maybe three the three and a half. We also look I'd Celtic Toronto
series, of course, silent favorites, and all these really but energy front of, like my enemies, bring a really good coach with a lot of experience, and they have so many different combinations that they can throw it such a weird team, it so hard to plan a series in its like, oh a Linux. I will just ride him by adding prepare value, prepare for just like there's like a vivid random bam at a bio. Don't did send Ray the place under its Derek's in Gore, It's hot or James, Johnson gets out or win Ellington gets. I want to tell you when it is just keeping it in and drive doubling every day may not have one day in that's a good thing. Like you said curse they can play different style. You play big with white cider Linux side issues. They play a bigger put us. They can put a Linux, the five and space the floor or they can go super small with James Johnson and Justice Winslow their foreign five. They can take on different I'll set of town, two murders, things gonna, make them a tough out in the playoffs. Much do you like them. I like them. I think he's headed
midge subject giving them an eighty million dollar contract and three years he ask objects, ruining the Hornets bans guy some ideas. We get Bam family, he's been carving these in the mountains, the guys so Bill Shock Charlotte, I heard at the draft, but before the draft Charlotte was looking at Mitchell and Bam abandoned, going bullied. Monk who I'm trade informally great now from one of the chance tat the South x? I really wanted to then the blame even more work is somebody let's play them, because after going in person today- papers, bucks game and Saint just add disorder Morocco has, as I that's a team I wanna put into classes and other that's, where the same way like I tweeted last night about our database, God, the answer, red Stevens as their coaches. The share. I almost think that it would be worth there for them new fire there interim coach, Joe, what's his name, drowsy Joe Burundi guarantee
running bear on various? Where is that nobody here or there is when you already know the game, is you stayed in their looks like the lackeys like the caretaker but It must wonder, Mr Prodi, until we could be fine, JANUS I've heard their better arches firing. Human hurried David says they'll for like three weeks when I do happen. If Milwaukee hired patina for the playoffs the thing. The coach was on the problem of the rostovs, the way the pieces fit together, Jason the coach matters, but I think that he needs a little bit of a shake up. Care to improve their personnel and the way they offered together, but it's one of those teams that their running a play that ends up. I think, branded Jennings isolated against the outrage, and then he can't do anything so Jason terrorist or playing
started. I couldn't believe it, but what? If they paid Thursday like like a hundred fifty thousand hours a week, for as long as the bucks lasted just like. I just can't for three? Also the intention of keeping him next year, just Billig just come out of our higher years attack for three rewire. We call from further Dakotas gonna fix this roster right now. Because they, if they do things like give the body Addis play their prayers. Don't start Jason, Terry Break it would have a very simple studies. It would help, but I do think the Ross reads: changes yeah. Well, it's it's clear Jabbar is not long for that world. I'm sure he's mortified by this operate outrage. It's it's not fit with him any on us. It feels like a should work. Does investors pressing to its it costs us he was so bad? You know they told me at the at the Cooper. That, after that sixty minutes peace they had fourteen hundred tickets sold
thirty six hours after that, sixty minutes peace for the clippers gave the twenty two people say: Janius went to this whole their level of fame right now and is porch who was kind. The guy, but I guess we're a team for him that Yuba City downcast, they think I'd resent under the Utah Jazz Good NICE Mormon. It could be that could be they could sign and trade in the summer there if they were or he could just our do it, better, but anyway, I would want to play them and I think whoever gets more walking round. One is great, as he's a year away, there your way in a coach away. Seen him a couple times that person the sherry's ease, just incredible mean he had five box in the first half of the coop forget about it, but he does totally know what to do yet. I paid they put out. Foreign while isn't totally doesn't totally not oppose up. He doesn't know, really had a demand. The bar the time at all that stuff
in the end, a yearning scared Minneapolis where yet scared I'm spooked. Unlike a macro narrative level, because I think that a first round loss to Boston, Torone or Cleveland is like a dignified death the losing Indiana, would be like the entire season, especially here we ve been tabled, more attention to fully than Indiana, even though it is that this incredibly successful seizing given what people expect from them and a kind of get tee now by them, would be like you were never real this time. While they want ten straight Pekin too early they ruin my over under bet since tiredly made on. Indeed, it was like there's no way be placed fifty gain. How did you know that our dinner about yet you I'm back to our dinner by name, is under eight games for faults and we're gonna go over? I think so We didn't. Yes are taking a major Doma thanks Buddy, yet ass, they came out of nowhere he's look He also greatly at last and athletic he's really good he's, really
I don't know why teams I'm playing five feet offer We saw a little bit about dvd, leads, hasn't accommodation, summons and faults in a game not together, but just in general, just like candy rates, Events is a little bit because they're, just I gotta have similar scored, was like tat. Had twenty five, unlike ten for twelve shooting the other night, like death, Simmonds is having these box cars that Jason Katy Stab in the ninety nine days worry as, like five points. Thirteen ray, ads and fifteen is yes, but there is that a triple double, but it should there should be its own word for it at a loaded is sentenced. Is the great x factor of the entire eating offers. What seen from him over the last two months at the wreck, the Erika and talk about it. The confidence he's playing with so much you twenty nine year old,
is like a lot of australian in him, which, and I mean that in a positive way, like you, just bad ass, he's not afraid of anybody's super agro. He's always moved at speedy, wants to move and I just think he's been also be lad. She really knows he knows exactly what it can do and I cant do he never goes out of. Comfort zone, error and he's really fucked funding with legs needs. Good passer gets the ball in the red spots, right people he's constantly and control that we also lacks any. I found the ball is in his hands. It feels like the right. Is about issues like it feels like kid to wear it with kid is I did ever. See kid turn it over degeneracy. Kid me really bad passes there was always is passes, especially in that that that piece of of that nets period, where you just like he's got the boy, nothing bad is gonna happen, differences. Last three minutes. When I really slows down in the de goes up kid took him away, to figure out? Who really was until he was on the net wages egg?
but he s a shock us That's easy now Benjamin's and I don't think waiting to see it for two three years and I asked nothing matters either. I dont think for handover. Like the I got. This are created a shot. You talk in two thousand twenty two thousand twenty one before he said is that part out, and that will be the last piece farm that'll, be the difference between he's, probably somewhere between the fourteen and twentieth best personally greater yeah. These make all be able to put him in that group, but friend, to be like a top three top for type guy, that'll be the last. For sure I mean he needs to be at least a threat to shoot. I think we saw the what we talked about the support for where yet the brine even have games where he was limit. What teams forced them into being a shooter sense he's gonna have the same issue in the play off weather events any Anna or somebody in the later rounds. We're gonna see that words like peace, just not there yet, but everything else like he checks ever
single boxes, aggressive juncture, I think he's getting better defensively to the eight waited I think he can learn and he might even be able to learn it on the fire. These next couple weeks there's a couple spots. He can score from and he's gotta figure out during games like just gonna. Go to that sparked gimme. The by now, I can do that any aid theirs three things. He knows he can do and that are really happened. I was kind of cynical about the bell and early anyways, so very additions, but you can tell he found it. He's really thrives playing with veteran players, because there is a futile the Tale Sea or some of the younger guys were Simmons- was clearly thinking about the game on a level that they haven't figured out. Yet, where the passes we're coming from which a he's fine, balls into people shooting motions? This is passing on a really really very lovely. You can watch a game of time. Just like watches six this game and just watch his passing, and I think that the summit muttering guys are. Nor to compliment that
of all of passing, in a way that some of the younger kids are still learning about. Those aren't great signings that I don't love the bilateral, it's just that it's a very strange ray. I don't think it seems like its outshining causes legal adjust its really, to me that you can just cut back now in L a server they end up on apply after him, and we see it every year and there's always like four or five guys It's really help the six years and its where that they didn't have give up anything for it. I guess is my point you now. They'll directive for another learning arise or in that's part of like you, you build a good team and then you want to be able to get us. Some really bono Diana play for you guys, but it's just It's just a weird raw. No other sport really works like that. I think is rapid at their team there, they have actually been able to extend their lead, sometimes and and now they have actual depth and they have to do to identities. Ones is like veteran savvy team and the other one. Is this the big thing also
we'll is die, especially in the last couple weeks before I entered one of the things I thought The result is revolutionary about what they were doing. Was they all this stuff, with this inside out, came within beaten, Simmons, but with is playing inside deepening at the top of the key, and I just sort of horror if I buy em, beat hole in the wall, the top the key for seven seconds. That was the only part of his game that collect please. Just? U yours, was dominating inside presence in the last ten years. Can you please just go now low and it, but now it almost seems to be working to their advantage is potentially what do we do? here. How do you switch and deal with it since two at the book? The guys that work really guys, who should be in a play of rotation and Edward effort to them. We're Balin, Alhambra boy up both Terry governs was the other end of aid stipulated in China more and they didn't wave of either. But brewer. Somebody like we ve seen him do it before and for what ok see had going a dramatic improvement, the we
you talk about the how things really quickly, not because there my favorite team, but I'm just amazed that they're gonna dad still in this thing for the one seed, were there Ask again. Sixty games combined that a career, Edward, the Stevens Codes, the other thing is done? I don't see how anybody could are yearning ass. The first say things evaporating proud over here, isn't if it just take the top two pairs of any plan team in the leg and get sixty games out of them instead of one sixty light, that's that over a hundred games from their tat, two guys Tatum got up a lever, he at their ease, had the classic refugees and, like almost like, you could have done the formula for it first two great minds soon rare while now, like he's really saying at his feet and then them
What is more as trade, which was the third best trade data may last summer markets more israeli Bradley was like a highest everybody's, been heard. All years can leave and then the shame mark in and just like. They there's his greatness of this team that if they can ray, ran one and bring carry back into this they're gonna be tough out. It's your point about Tatum, it's not like days is getting more. Shots is, catch and shooting more without carry he's running more pickin roll their plan through more durable hand, ass, more stuff off screens. His part of like the fabric of their office now and he hasn't any shooting. Efficiency of their working life doesn't seem like it was this big of a factor this year for very eyes really was a wise for Tatum. He talked about a two year, I think, but it seems like the guy they did theirs. In a little bit of abounds for a couple of these guys in the last twenty their game. That seems you have me with answer. Some good work is that there is a great lies. I really really enjoyed. This clause would happen, Tatum their research,
pressure the first because they had streak so other centres that their plan a plan. Game. There is again a little like seven game. Stranger was like every game laugh game. Basically, an idea Think I wore out him in an age. Brown assumed to be but did the sophistication without these Tatum now I was really frustrated just as a fan and attain like. Why is it then get more? That's what it is. Obviously Stevens was really carefully. Easing him toward. Where was guy. I think the fur to win fifty six fifty seven fifty eight wherever they end with everything- that's happened. This year is lunacy, I don't understand it. I think I performed season. You would have been quite happy with that. Had Heyward inches healthy, the entire sees the annex, thousands and then you look at the, though you and your Bradley cracker as air which stable
the sole high at the perfect time on those three and its Ruth at the time, and it still does. But man you mention toronto- do what was that we're talking on the phone the other day. They had that one game that they blew in the raft status. Streak com is, it ok, see plead was occasion, you're mad at the rest and then its as I did last momentum. There is about a tender structure, obeys like Toronto. It's gonna happen the dinner, this indifferent team. Leave these guys, yet only last that ok see game. One thirty to want five they'll ask that and then they lost that Wednesday clean. The Cleveland, I think, was a really pivotal point there season, because it was a delay the smack down they put up, I think so thirty, nine in the first half or some crazy number blow unclear what out Leubronn came back became clear that this is we can't beat Leubronn we'd, never be able to stop him ever and now,
is it the whole balance of the conference's slimy equivalents favoured to the east again, and it was all really because their game through our when their game. We demand the conversation that now is the game. When calves transfer like you know why we cannot score teams, we have a bribe. Don't worry about we're good, has drawn on that first ass? They sodium up a lot of points to their defence France has not been here three weeks now, favorite we ve been struggling on that under the floor there offence. How do you described as heroes Urban, some injury, that there is store, or is it just been like to wear and tear look? What sort of long standing army wonders if its fatigue vicious making little little weird mistakes that the day before, and I also wonder how much Albania is teenagers exposed. Somebody or weakness is a little bit more as a season, whereas homage voluntariness is better but still not a greater and protect their they better perimeter. Defense isn't that great
You think I want a match up against Cleveland, potentially to play off. They have nobody. Easy value is gonna play that much and in saying this is serious against Cleveland ears. The fourth part I keep their offices better with happy because he's so good, just running plays screens any spring shooting a couple of three, so we can only space a little bit further team, whereas portal, better defender but he's not doesn't make the quite the same impact on offer great sea outcome, nobody worries about him on on offence. You don't need a really defend him at all and they can really play they have it have a who is our best five problem. That, during the regular sees like other aims yeah, but in a play our series it matters at some point. You have to know your best five as Europe, Europe, had to say: mine reading, you didn't have any build a garden but nobody is visiting. Nobody is anybody to guard the brain but
You have guys I can at down and make them work like the South South guys to throw at him yeah they threw them they have Jason, Tatum and, most importantly, jail and brown and he's throw guys animal brand still get his points ray. You know where it can be used in learning. Is there anybody level that the law, those guys useless sedate out when there are the for later Hurt you offensively see I'm an orgy and Adobe the ball pretty well over the course of forces and thirty six percent from three, but he's really poor. Lately in teams are worried about him. That mean, even though is percentages are fine about energy. Spotting CM donated offend him so I don't have a guy that at least keep to your flows. So I guess the question would be more than make as I think the death has been such a pure part about Mary seem successor, Alaska policies in the regular season, but still inevitably, there's gonna be this rotation. Shortening that happens. We're not gonna, see eleven guys on Toronto playing double digit minutes, so who's gonna find. The rotation and is the fact that
even more at the top, is only play like the reform, an average of thirty four minutes, a game where Cleveland been so top heavy all seas along playing their guys. So many extensive mid and have been, with the exception of Braun, really injury, prone I saw a creep on pre, I'm pretty high Toronto. I don't think that this is. This is fake, that decision there. Having is like an illusion, I'm concerned I enter by age, concern for them in the clever match up, because I just think it's like a big brother little brother thing in, and you know it's weird: they. They really rely advance. We he's out there big moments for no. This is somebody that name. You know it's seems like their most comfortable plan. Three guard, I'm sure they are. I don't know he's gonna work against gleaming. Well, that's a tough part is putting the right pieces, the right, the right personnel on the floor, that manages to at least contain abroad as well as we can hope to contain the Bron verses. Maintaining your
that's of prowess. So it's a type of thing were pc needs, the right balance line up that he can lean on in those moments when they just need to be at their absolute. And I don't know I mean they but let me, through this email. John, while who Johannes I talk to yesterday, whose oxide it has genuinely said is fifteen pants skinnier. Is it not a fact, John, while anymore attitude did this all refund Ringer Ba, but the wall bail, combo being able through importer, no Brad Leubronn, at least citing song, down a tiny bit and errors and Morris who has been up and down this year, but I think that's a tough serious for them. I don't, I don't think they're gonna be clever, but I think it's conceivable and I certainly don't trust Cleveland and zero percent dependent on what happened. What John, while we get in Would you like a Cleveland team? That's been more successful by moving the bar. Could you make the case?
the wizards learning how to survive without Jha was actually the only way that this team could go up a level because now it's like we learn: do we have to learn how to rely on bill a bit more and do some stuff you find out that IRAN's nuclear cod rapporteur took a little bit of a mini leap during peak anything of fit into ever in their kind of built better, worse versus like it's my shower machine. Twenty such arising at Washington has a better shotguns Cleveland in Toronto. Does are you now, but I'd rather in Cleveland and round one than rail hurry and throw them like a guy. I haven't seen at a couple months and a wall whatsoever the status of because you saving use if they were the quiver, they are due In that sense, I have never been in a big game before other than radio do disappeared. That Quimper series- and I dont know roundhead whatsoever. Carson's ever been in a big game. Learn AIDS has been a big game. I want
I want to take my swings at them and ran one round three, their comfortable. They at their feet where them they ve been in some you now pigs pilot games, I think to your point about Washington Bake. They match up better on paper with their roster by you'd still textron because of the sheer talent level. Man I e, I guess I just don't know who guards abroad for them. I don't know what they do. I my big lion version wizards have managed to pull off without wall, but I think the fact that we're talking about this is crazy. Like Toronto has been awesome this year, I'm with you, I just think biogas in trying to say, like I got this David. Nobody even guard me and beating up here, ok I know that you sure going up against Saturday. Jansky Kelly lie since I got they about rapporteur. Ok, you think what that guy for a split second,
His eye out their seattle, the arteries like there's, tomorrow's Lowery, he's fine he's booby those guys for five years. I really believe you don't have any of like this. Is the buggy team that this Toronto core asked it over with going to slay the dragon and move forward? Piecemeal talked about before about how we have kind of like a short, we have short when it comes to teams. Now I got your windows so small but terrain, following a fairly typical NBA trajectory of taking their alarms, a couple of years, and now this is that this is the time they day are, but they are because the road and under no scenarios in the top level players in the week he's on the next level I think they're seven guys that matter and then we go to next level and he's on that level right at seven or eight, whatever you want to say. The history, the final says: it's really items. The fires. Unless you have guys at the top group, so the
this they again as if it's like an o four pistons type situation, where just perfect surgeon. Answers ashore, weaker league and you catch a team and the right time ass, a new in the title and others. As a chance at Toronto could be that thing because of their defects like something about that Visa Cordelia areas and also the east was a complete, should show, and it's like out. This is the perfect set up for them, but then Pistons team was, if you combined collective personalities of the people involved that distance deem it was great we like having a top seven player. Yes, guys What are some of the most savvy competitor the grass and it turns out that, while, as was a top like six January, we just went think even that way. Rail after the thing with China would turn us defence. Is that a couple to go, and I wrote the article about the spurs they they have. This poor net ready made before they performed poorly again seems over,
five. Why there's a red thread today about how they ve got eight? Ninety six article drawn up with the many reasons why, together Toronto Authority, they perform poorly and John Hume and from immediate accomplished a great stat. The kind of highlight, as well where Toronto defence as right. Twenty ninth ass teams that, with a top ten, often of rating whereas the ages up on virtually everybody else, so against top off fences, they're nice, yet fences had thirty. Five has been outstanding, my entire there, so the second, the first Secondly, I did tv that next time, when Carmelo is a top three independent, there shouldn't Three is the carrier, Kevin Zaire and the kind of peat in March, but there is run from, like December to March, were their awesome air as well teams for real, my god, and then they abide by the time we got two April. They kind of crested and then back to Bosnia. Next seem like the third or fourth seed. Now that team
think that team was a second seed. They when they they won in the MID fifties. Air letter throttle do they. I mean I think this Toronto team is boffin safely, but on the like, just a hair of but neath the warriors and the Rockets this year. I ve not stand for sure, but were you not remembering? Is that next time was awesome? That's the way that that was one of the first teams that were shooting thirty three is a game in making a ton of treason Seed with fifty four winds, they have the the seventh the third ranked office rating eighty defence of earning today, and they were making like twelve three a game and p and Carmelo is playing great yeah, always incredible ideas and the net yeah Evanna kind of that was it. I think it's dead you're, sometimes to peek early, in my fear, as they might have PETE three four weeks ago. Anything evade beaten, Cleveland and their game
It has one game its regular season, whatever its downstream psychologically damaging gave the team that I think if they can get their shit together, that America may not be ready for a radically. I said this caprice goes is fuckin fully conscious farm, a talent standpoint. If you ever weird conference and nobody's that good at some point, so I could get on each side, and there three minutes I spend it all depends on me as the who at the athletes- and as I did Baden sentence, those guys on the quarrel between the best poison, the court. It's like reset, it all depends a job is it is coming back for Indiana when he comes back as he and it be a little bit spooked by the mask and everything else. If they haven't being healthy he's one of those guys that he'd orderly could be the best way The floor again use energy has died game where, if the gay, if the schemes do slowed down- and you do need to feed him- eat up John Clock tat. We ve seen him Mulder Times against the Lakers. It gets all these other teams just put up those kinds of lake classics
her name is. This is why I love these to share their cause. I think I'm prepared for anything. I don't know what that's gonna happen I think any of the teams can lose and ran when Ali ending all ache in those around one, and I have It is made to find Us- and you can make a case for every single thing defining it is to me, the western psych we now since gonna, be there, if curve, MRS Round two guns- vulnerable. If not now, but we're gonna go and stay in Houston, that's happening in the east and honour. I guess this is one way of everything. Exist. You I think you riding high in the sixties Sonny. I am. I found myself in your position where I'm trying to defend sanatorium Toronto and temper expectations on filling. I haven't seen this gun in your eyes, since we met in the major raising brought an x factor for all fitfully policies and stuff Darya Darya mines in the last hour break? That's it
but this is what we are saying about. Who are your five. Six, there's no, who there five hour when no one there's five minutes. I know where their five guys are going to be in employment together, yes and theirs, each, and I can't believe that they figure out. I get Sarge and beat, and Siemens to all makes sense together a basketball court, but they did Sarge helped by a previous dropper. I think it's really clicks for him. I just like overseas Diario his shot started like three percent, then it by the end, forty percent report shooter same things happening now in the NBA he's awesome same Yankee, Dat trade was his greatest by veterinary or basically would just taking out Red Knowing Orlando wanted him, just kind of riding out the next five minutes: twenty four elated, a panic which is exactly what he took their guy. And he didn't wanna meriting had Michael Carter worthy of super. What the hell is he knew about those guys any just
stared at Orlando and waited earlier sake, Next year's fires like died in any just took their dude picking, Sarge who's, the guy. You want a pinky one, every twenty, maybe he really. He was again a trader is no Danny, age, but I gotta scarcely widower tremendously Mirage area, probably some play our preview type of staff and also going to be starting to do a lot of research on awards unless a gun to your head, who comes at least Cleveland, Does he added comes out these guys fairly, yes, feeling sure you feel TAT would be bad for the first round here with a mask sure. Yes, if I had a bet, my life a carefully
but I think they stick out better Cleveland just get on the Brian. I don't let it get ready and they think are you just want. The files are gonna, be a sweep done yet. I think the fire I think the plants are gonna, be soup, fun in the files are probably to be the worst part of it. Yet you'll have it fuller, Bron versus use, dinner, the bridle and state that libretto you know. Take our business in my guess is a golden Heyward back jogging gloomier size is coming up out. My buddy! Who's gonna com, but first this What about a third to the doers, the dreamers, the explorers wherever it is, that motivates you to work harder stamp later, dedicate yourself to your passions. Guess what aser supports you, how by building a laptop Signed to exceed your expectations meeting Acer, Swift, five Acer took incredibly late and master incredibly powerful to give you reliability and go to the high definition. Ip s touch screen powerful
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a terrible went, and that is why did I vote for when what is what's been lacking Are you other, then I went well the bullpen about really lived up to its precision billing of being matches best and baseball, but maybe one of the best and history stumbled out of the gate down The Kansas every form from last year, which is not a good thing. If you'd look now maybe like he may not be what we thought he was. Maybe it's gonna get that skinnier matanzas this year, I don't know, I didn't really noticed a big difference. America in payments Do they really Maybe I don't know fast bar They mean to you, but you screwed up
pretty good the other day. I give him a homerun and he was getting knocked around and then he made an ill timed poorly, throwing balls at home when people are still home, so it goes till our dancing off third, and I would have had him about twenty feet accepted betances in his head and he threw it wildly to the screen so that I was not great and then only gave up a home run to smoke and then Robertson? a man and got into trouble. Men gave up there the grandson So the lockdown bullpen has not been locked out and even in a game that they wind, Cabmen gave up, gave up the run so really been shut down, as I would have hoped- and I would hope the Judge Judge has me little worried because it's only for damage my dear but- is not You ve got on base a little better to it the first day, and then he had a single yesterday but no eyes
wrapped around mad and so now we're supposed to have these twin measures in so far mashed hurriedly earlier, but people we're very likely basin. They were really patient safety Colfax either. Now, so had sent even like that, and I didn't like that either, because a big I like that. I just need a great athlete, but I'll give you a half, but I just think there's a lot more reason for concern it center. He can pick him up at the guys in the left and right, and They were a short pop up and you get an issues within feel. There is back to catch the ball. I do think there's a lot more injury potential and centre failed, the marathon and left or right. You know you can we have been working out. Please I loved it course. You did possibility for chaos in an air disasters, Mohammed Jesse like tenfold, in their mayor, my wife and I have been the first subsidies, the survivor, alas, they really
they had yesterday Sir Marhaus, stand by sir. I don't care what people think they had this one day. Any time they blindfold people and their fate blindfold them, but there is, they have to do so. But there's the one person shouting instructions from afar is like their voice. Coach and there's a girl go live Nano watch out in the period running into poles at full speed, these things and just like getting hurt like Cape way. They ever do that as a challenge. That's I feel, a judge and center. I think, he's gonna. Somebody out and like a really germanic Joanna and I'm here for a journey Finally, I do they were like, and a man like this embarrassment about field riches, because this is
a colleague, Gobi Old, very involved in something being your being rich is is rigid itself, but they had bad Haddan. They have judge, they have gardener, they have earned head and they have. The Ellsberg enemy had clear, Frazier waiting in the wings of the way. We must have too many I'll feel there is no sense in an instant and then Elles bury you know. That is why we all get her in spring training and port. Frazier ran it all was still in the post. Concussion protocol, clear and then aired does something that is a bleak or I think you did something oblique inside somehow to eat on the deal they bring our beyond Mckenna, you had a pretty good sprang and illegally with this kid can make some noise what given his opportunity and he then run into a wall in his first and second game and bang up his shoulder to now. It's like we This supposedly embarrassingly reach out failed, and now we have to put judge and centre
and the other. I rather think, as I was reading over the beginning, to judge played centre field in the minors are barely play there and I call on colleagues, I guess and then that when he came to the ears of the Yankee System, there like well to move from centre, be we have to call be elderberry under the worst contract minister, make lockdown about. Remember other leading called the worst paraphrasing amendatory life things. We have to call me old, varied and it would be our centre paler and an anchor at our next for the next thirty there. So you need to move to another position plant, that's how he became a regular Willoughby team at the Red Sea cause, I was not yet again for nail buyers. Against the Devil s ear. Joe Kelly blew the first and then they put up far three but the big, the big storyline Janni. I know you love yes, once upon a time we, we're making this hall of Fame Plaque our family living up those billing s. What's planet.
His heart faint black. We had we had written his first day, man and we were chiseling in the second name, and then it just so add here last year, yet heard You know our bit, he had a bad wing. Now is healthy and Zander Bow it. Nine hundred I was taken this week as China and think about him. Verses, Roger Swords, been Anderson, some of the other glare brilliant. The names are. We grew up with those middlemen. Yeah, there's just that were at a whole other level, and and that's where he is Johnny he's outfits what a swing of emotions I've had, because day on Thursday. The actual do any one victories every dollar straight that made to home run
even willing to overlook John Sterling's terrific call, which may be the worst to cause and sports started on the radio and is the red Sox have a lead and then they blow at their bullpen implodes retainers DNA Mike? oh my god, Kadijah gonna, do better for re, amend them read like squeak out three more wind Bogart. She can't get him out. Martina finally got the minutes and I think he had an army. I yesterday deprives look good and the Yankees Bob had employed and we got out failed injury. It all over the place and and generally haven't done much, Sir, my God, what it when a swing we have had over the weekend insist spiriting ruin after my Easter, like I really because I was having a fine Easter with my family, Easter Bunny brought me jellybean beans, our good and then I'm watching I guess we gotta down for dinner monitoring. It am, I thought and bade the grand flammable than I was.
Together after Easter game of the season. The ridiculous behaviour, emotion so tied up with what the stupidity in Siberia hurt me already and then out just as a matter because the asteroids are gonna, go a hundred and twenty five and thirty seven potential, it just ahead of this matters. The asteroids might have the best American. They team we ve ever seen, I confess that detention of them yet decision, but it is a guarantee call pitched yet you bet when I say that he does it over the long haul, namely data. The Yankees didn't get em I would hope before, but then one of these things and if it were a little baby now required their naked overreact, but like honey gray right, that's any grander call our confess,
they started being involved, but the ideas are there yet his rival, I wouldn't know neither one of them if they walked into this room, but everybody's like oh yeah, I get so maybe I give me Sonny granting Etiquette funny grant any great twenty sixth grade sunny gray, so we trade did we ever depth of both of you to tap the prospects. Are we trades and prospects for Sunday grace? I might go my god funny gray, we gotta young under control. Come then he was made. Ochre last year for the ideas and extremely frustrating like all now, Sonny Gray, full year with the egg easy comfortable in the Ark and petty gratefully gray for Sunday Great comes in and yesterday he couldn't have been more frustrating. No, I couldn't get out of the four they got through foreign and couldn't get out of a fifth guys on The pitching is paid out of trouble and, unlike
gray like what what was so great about this and then, if the same thing about their coal or scarecrow, goaded girl. Like you know, I've made this before and its legendary in the base report. History, when I said don't like maybe about my granted them any talk about ain't they reserve, which in retrospect I made it may well be, but I'm not really about in my kid that my made out of my girl, I'm gonna go right back into that well and thinks myself again, but where there is a difference maker Gimme a break, we should mention here he had a seven editing start and a winner ready and struck out aloud. He struck at a level of eleven, that's pretty good about. Why wasn't anybody that get, but they are still there, Lydia mechanism, the MECCA terminal. At bottom that in not they go now, and I warmly endorse I'd
your daughter, totally don't have multiple grandchildren's like about one on one day about results amounts another one: another, NATO by chemical, regaling, Hamlet story, the by catch cold, legendary awesomeness, I'm worried about the. Astros just completely blowing the season apart and us kind of losing the will to live by gene that we had. We, let me read last the Ringer MLB show a couple weeks ago. What you've been on. And he added I did it over Anders last week and Go Bouwman Adam Zack CRAM, whose what am I rising stars her there and just calmly laid out like the air West, our energies ripping our facts and they get to the actors in his like the US Yours have seven of the best ten best starters and the division sake to them cannot start because they closed five guys at a time, so they had to move that the book at its it is.
Esther Jerry, it's that guy. I want that. I will say this yesterday. They have critical. I believe later can do a verbal seed enemy. I know he was brilliant and proceed and no one knows them. Where the May. I wanna Taber Lander whatever age a moment in my alarm to purple season and regardless of whether they be you, I want to figure called. Do it over the course of a full season, they dance the amazing thing. Now. I will give a measure that you can't own George Connecticut Tone and you can't own George Springer is but turning absorbing no superstar. He has been get yet Mccune Peacock Wordpress maybe the number two starters and the Red Sox it depending on, and if this David nice thing, is real or not. I don't want to get my hopes up. He does a better. The share will see I these yeah, but I'm glad you brought up you come because I was one of the reasons you cod Ok, you every year new kind. This is in March madness. My That is why I can't believe somebody be Yukon. My second thought is, I can't wait.
What's the highlights, the sea GINO Emma? Do the young the half I did I'm still walking passive shitty and shake their. Who is that city, personal courage, a bad loser there? My third reaction is, I can't wait to tat to Jack, because I know other, then maybe the red, Sox or pay jades losing nothing brings my joy than the Yukon Women's team guy Diarrhoea thats, like us, did I ever body may and they played await game, and I really mean give it like a second thought at, unlike while it's a fait accompli, that their role by a hundred and fifty Lily put up a hundred and forty I'm somebody earlier in the tournament like an idea to have your posts felt much Nick without outraged by that of the battle between so much they contain over here by the added no vote.
I would like the IRAN, Iraq WAR, that was an exciting and everybody met emailed me on Twitter twittered be treated me again for something of January about everything. The first thing I ever did that I supported because the Anthea, as is ridiculous thing, that you can only have an anti AIDS sponsors liquid and your posts, can press conference be water, power, eight or directory of famine and take up at our ever came out, and he added this tiny wire, which must not be a sponsored edgier minion was trying to grab the water from him while he like please, please ensure that it was fantastic work by our Emma. I really think anything of them winning at together their role through to a championship too. There were thirty five in our thirty six, whatever they want every game by some videos margin so look up Saturday morning I booked blocked, looked at by phone and twitter. I couldn't believe it that they had lost. That was unbelievable too then I put the is tat
and I like, and then I saw his post game press conferences very little experience with it, but he does not handle losing thoroughly press conference about. Well, you learn lessons, but I'm smart enough alert anymore lesson that I was fantastic. I dont they deserve, They love last with him and Muff Madura. Now except the deed. Fantail walk handshake reader remain stop further for the split second, I say is my favorite: it was play one of the great basketball games of the last couple years, I had randomly Tv was, these p n n whenever I think it was any, has been So when I got home- and it already happened- and it was the thing where you have to lag- where you can rewind it and go backwards and see what was on the last hour and a half and it wouldn't like Notre Dame
almost blue their game and regulation and like a crazy way like it, was over and they just completely did the last minute and then it came back to the overtime does the same thing. They were applied with leg forty seven I could almost choked again and then that girl, who's gonna be a mean holy Wrap your kitchen and then she makes sense three which is like you, don't see a ton of like three with a hand in your face to win games and women's cauterized, while for whatever reason that up the combo, those too this is all the southern w B is gonna. Like Can you star here right now, I'll was so much more exciting, then the men's games. Hence games, were pretty off girl and there was a to me at either in watching. And secondly, highlights and his candidature. Much aim is that
after she had the shot. You can only have like a one point, something second loved. They set up a pretty good play dead, Decker liquor, the american way of life, which would have been absolutely unbelievable, like a dagger to follow a dagger it out I was amazed that they made an interesting if they did a man. I read that I guess noted aim at a big league and you can't far back in and they fought back in o t as well, so in a valiant effort for the happy but offer not- and I am always worried like restates the shut down because but because the Yukon men, God and were so pathetic now and earn a pathetic conference like all we have. Are the Yukon women terminated Kevin Alley, thinner at that? That was one of the weirdest story like three years ago. He was needed between you, potato and new is debated between reciting with the Yukon or lay taking the next. But the ok see job. He basically had all these packs and he stayed and you can two years. I gotta leave your terrible you gotta get out here and understand that
another trying to make it out from his contract for cause, but they haven't really said like what the cause is. She not like what, if he noted some shady basketball, recruiting or something. If that's the allegation, they don't want to pay them by the time they litigated. They had to just pay him and make him go on his way, but I mean
Basketball? The men came as fallen from his lofty I'd to such a spot. That, like I, almost feel bad for them and where it is really not to add an idea. Dancing I agree is the part that makes me feel bad for you cut, as they were the only one that really did the right thing when it came to the biggest where they were trying to keep the biggest alive and tried to stay loyal to the biggest and all these complex calls were basically like screw you because of a football where they were like you go with your mobile beg him to get the hell out of here and all the other two other. Not catholic schools were racing for other conferences and you, God would like. Let's try to keep the biggest together and they had been upholding the bag until they end up in this lousy conference that played their plays teams that nobody in this state cares about. After having thirty years of playing Georgetown Syracuse College, it all the same that you had robberies with Milon over
The huge deal that was their identity and you could read your own. You know they're on ESPN, every Monday night or whatever, with the with the big e's. You had CBS games with the piggies and now they're in a conference. It has to be impossible to recruit. Add because, even though you say what we've got four championships, that was a lie. Macao into different conference. There is no guarantee of being on tv. There is no guarantee of making the tournament in it and there is no guarantee that you're gonna be now. You can have an mba career when hearing this lousy conference against loudly competition, so there in the sea and the others good sense, for since II. These Carolina, Houston, Memphis, sell South Florida. I am here, the webmaster when I met you know they were moved up. They wanted to build up. Their goal was to be like Michigan that they wanted Arabic,
basketball programme and a ban be original college and have a big football programme, and a big basketball programme does indeed lives. Only forty thousand see the stadium for football. It ended. The football team has been widely unsuccessful in their people, go to to go to the delegates and what have you, but when they initially built that there were invasion in a big east with my enemy Anna be playing my enemy, they play Boston, College, Syracuse, Babar. You could at least tell about a little bit, but they nobody's by it to go watch and play central Florida is good as central Florida is not like a Marquis match up here. You know in this like an old guy thing for us, so when for India, burial and tat any got a the punches, and this is the way it goes with. That said, the of the fallen big EAST is such a did. We did the thirty about thirty about the have it that, as we did when and of doing the OJ thing, and it really do
mean something in the eighties in a significant way, but right, just in general, it's really hard a boy who couldn't make this work and it's hard to believe that you, you wouldn't the biggest Big EAST, Yukon and B C Bc and Syracuse Georgia and adjust it so logical and now is nothing there's, no cohesion. It doesn't, and I know the money and I get all the reasons some schools jumped to the ACC in football. I get it, but it's just a bummer, its It's weird that we have figured out. You know it s, a bummer, that Loyola, Chicago kind of even they're much bigger than Holly grass. My head that the to the Catholic Jesuit College. That comes out of nowhere and makes the final afford places cool style with a bunch of four your prayers and their play and like the two thousand fourteen spurs and by the way they have this ninety eight year old, none
the coroner data for it would have been an idea or a priest for us, but right but it was always what I wanted for our school and brightly wake it. We did that right. Just why can't we can unwilling in a bottle and have a couple guidelines that play a better their head out now: too much to ask for an outcome that we become do person their national powerhouse. But can we have flashes a couple years or maybe we make a run on anyone asking for the final fork and we get to a swede. Sixteen in Hell, nothing like creating with that. You see where Did you see loyalist cargo and it does seem a window is open. I thought those style that they played was one of the keys for it, because you know dad those guys there and they really they really creative offensively. Indeed you that doesn't seem like that hard to replicate there. I didn't realize at school,
big though, because I was I gotta go. I wonder if they have a three thousand like we do. It's like seventeen thousand people a year that helped by Unita which centres for more resources. What have you but I'm out- after all, when we were in college and guys went for four year, and this is such an old guy ran, but guys went for four years and you would know guys like problem The turkey I swear for fifteen, like Sean Miller, was it I swear for eight years. So you got to know these guys. Chris Molin, at Saint John S, nine hundred Ewing and Patrick Ewing, Georgetown Yellows, guys had robberies. You knew these guys. You they're, like them, were disliked him depending on your rooting for your like way and do it, but you had rivals even remember now, these guys, the Kentucky they have five new guys, a rare yeah it out.
And in which such an old area to wet with this conference realise may like how much we appreciate their like West Virginia and they talked about how they did and as we see it like what weight. Why West Virginia or anyone know what everyone carbons West Virginia then, but it's not the biggest it now as seventy. Some random team is in Texas ain't, evident as we say in a like wait what they wanted, I have no idea what conference anybody that democracy, Cavan swallow conferences, let alone players. It is completely its complete. Ago, air and like the taken Data City College Basque, while Pike S for us, you know it's there, to follow it and they get it. They don't even think twice about it right for people. I guess this cause just Ben every year that the players are almost always different and at its it's made me lose I didn't go back at this year is very, what's the point, crapshoot thrown darts against awards. I gotta there's any art to this.
Murdered, Kevin Alley and thanking the idea. Now, maybe you couldn't recruit New wanted championship. Everybody says well before countenance players that you recruited countenance system until you inherited bad, even the beneficiary when they won that year. But I think there are hard. Recruiting in the NFL Uconn that they should have taken that eighty nine dollars they're paying Danny, Hurley and maybe he'll, be good. Maybe he'll recruit players. He got guys to go to Rhode Island, so maybe we can get him to go to Uconn, but they should have taken that money bribe somebody to get into a better conference, it makes sense for them is to get in the Asian say, yeah per basketball and for football. That would be their saving graves because people would be into it to go, see down North Carolina and go see my Emmi floors day in that would make all offence in the world, even if they got rolled in football which they would those are in there be compelled basketball match up savagely Carolina and get out
obviously so that that would be used for them at atropatia. But this discuss back to the hall sports are thing where you know: if there is a sports, are passports, sports outcomes in it just looks at at these conferences. And says islets fix this sorry guys, I'm step in you're goin. Here you go in there, you go in there and I've always joked about the sports are thing going back the last decade when as regular each to maybe this is the time for me to get it done if the virus a chance for the president. Maybe it's this lunatic. We have right now. Maybe I could talk him into it. It's you got to get on fox and friends. You got to get yourself on Fox and friends. Maybe would like the address of the giant thing and say, while I'm here at Fox friends, that's when you pitch sports are cited, so it would have to be a six month almost like like I'm, like I'm, a spy
I've got go a step further and playing a character, something where it's like what Simmons last as mine, he became a conservative, vague jump right and just go on. These shows that neglect ban the more I like that. I trumps down good staff and if we do we should do about guns and I just go all end, but it's with this plan I'm gonna make me the sports. I'd acts amateur do good. Do girls for sports, this year. I did. There is a roadmap for me here. Cause. There's a lot of words are you? Could ever sports are put all across the bay gazed about a lot of problems, for both of us are going to be, the sports are I'll, be failures. Morgiana sports are, do put us, never gave birth. Goodbye widow tramp. I stuck on flax in all these different things and at some point lesbian we may that Morocco
I'm just like here's. What I can do phrase I this is great, but the problem is: he might actually make me like secretary of state. He may think higher they re say, your name is too good to be. Sports Maybe the payments to be by new. Vice president, whether intelligence put building the wall or something like what happened here. What am I doing? Why isn't it you can't fire vice president has been elected care and change it, but sports. I like I was watching numb that have you a fight this week when they Anthony Joshua was terrible and he added the thing he had three bouts, but then I got a louder every moment to have. Yet it's like there's four about this or have already belts, we need for that's a problem. I they ve, may the highlight of March bad this with you. I each other Jim Nance, sixty minutes per.
None of which can be read on this package for the historic meeting it does it have any other. I like Verger is the other night which I tweet it out, and I was not the only one to notice this when he talked about when the kid form Michigan, no security advocate for mitigating jumped onto the broadcasting and there was a picture of my favorite person at our door- raftery and grant hell. I grant shocked at maritime when our grandchildren now demands is an early. They get no ambiguity created, they meet me, I mean he called a movie I pointed it out you I'd like you to tell me, and then they had a reply that he was like that the Hall of Fame Mimi for great below Fred Mimi, for me was great. He had read for a God. I wish I could remember what show, as she did a red there in the final for it I was dying,
for the last oh gee would Tracy worded cabotage friends, I did time it's the last Gee. Traceability is, you see, is total it was totally right he's that libraries going about whether they really and I have watched them good Porsche. Even I don't know who is in my conference, are known of fires? Isn't it PBS. Romania, editing PBS, where Dupe, dug a hole, the jokers why I saw that dog workers, while like big dog of Dodge a trade barrier back it, maybe maybe two and what it is evident that the better g thing and now hit the host of the jokers. While, like incredible amazing turn of events, you now talk about them. Caging, their per soda. You know, does her on Amazon and I want somewhere that my son of my daughter, I watched like three up
said, because my son love there, because he's got an accurate like fifty and am in it is trapped in a time it was originally. It was like. We asked one hundred secretaries if they had ever made out with their boss. These hundred said they did. Its literally like that, you can't believe it is to fire you. I was dying. You think it's. It s an hour parity with welfare aspects, that these are actual emissions its, I highly, recommend it Jack. We're gonna go enjoyed Disney, I'm sorry about the any better? If reason please don't do anything to get yourself killed out of Augusta, because I have never asked for anything, but I really want to go next year next year, please Abe yourselves and act accordingly and dont create any may be no mean visitor thanks Jack. I thought, but my thanks to cancel.
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against all odds will be going on, thereby RNA with our masters picks I'm coming Wednesday night after we do the par three with a big part about what to be added ass, their state him. For that and then I was Vienna's crimes as well. Look forward to it, yesterday ways.
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