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NBA Playoff Mailbag and Charlamagne tha God (Ep. 203)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons discusses the top NBA playoff story lines, including Rondo's injury (4:00), CP3's future plans (11:00), Steven Adams's disappearing act (14:00), the Jazz's struggles (19:30), Spurs-Grizz (23:30), Raptors-Bucks (27:00), and Round 1 playoff predictions (28:20). Then, 'The Breakfast Club' cohost Charlamagne tha God joins (35:50) to give his thoughts on Charles Barkley (40:00), the power of Black Twitter (44:00), the cultural influence of 'The Breakfast Club' (52:00), Nelly's fighting skills (56:00), confronting Kanye (1:00:00), Jay Z's dominance (1:09:00), Nas's impact (1:14:00), ways to fix ESPN (1:20:00), Serena's pregnancy (1:30:30), and who owns the belt in hip-hop (1:38:00).

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Let's have one more. We taped in an interview with Charlamagne THA God. Yesterday, one of my favorites, who was on my HBO, show at least once, but we became very friendly. He is a an outspoken New York media personality and also on MTV is a new book coming out and we ended up talking a lot about the whole rap scene and stuff like that. But I want to talk playoffs really quick, because it's nine hundred and thirty a dot M West Coast time. There's three games tonight: four on Saturday, four on Sunday, lots of subplots going somewhere to talk about that and then right after that about the
twenty five minute market, his pack ass- you can. You can hear me in Charlemagne, talk about all budget stuff right now project and they play ass. The big news that happen in Aragon and I was very concerned at the south. It swept arisen five because I did not like the complete lack of fight. They showed interior and, if I do agree with random, I thought they quit but of course they ran, does right. Thumb also quit on Rhonda as its fractured, and I can t, as I said them again today. I am wearing green labour. It's actually these state.
Though the nice Larry Legend salary? Let him he's back, I'm wearing my yellows good luck. Celtics t! That's brought me a lot of luck over the years and I somebody gave it to break renders them. I don't know what else I can do people I'm trying the best I can now. I will say this: Rondeau is a tough, am effort, the deed played with a design. Hated elbow in the two thousand, never plants literally. Who dislocated played anyway heat where his ac a game and finished against anyone who that Rondeau isn't coming back for game for game. Five has not followed his career. I would argue that of the guy that I've watched in the past forty years he's one of the ten toughest and certainly one of the toughest than the league in one of those guys I just as playing unless the doctor says you can't buy your legs hanging off, so I just think
Play he'll be back, he's taken the serious and, if you're the south takes, you went from thinking that a you know all the tragedy in the terrible stuff that I say, Thomas went through this past week, veto any vertically submarine their chances to in the series, because he's the life blood of the team he's the guy that even when they're not playing while cages just pull a fourth quarter out of his ass and change a game in the end swing. What should have been a loss and when he is not the same guy and in game on which I went to DE. The team was affected by it as they should have been, but they were effected. Unaware of you know it was such Marshall Game and they were so cognizant of all the different emotions. He was gone through minute by minute that you know
see it. They just were unable to match the intensity that the boy sat in the end. I went to that game in the bulls, really bored them and knock them around and did others have yet to do when a plan camp game to this others just sucked, and that happens with them. You know- and I was one of the basic reasons why was not told on them a once it. I was not willing to give up on them yet, though, because this is a pattern that they had had these last couple years, where every time it looks like you know, oh, my God, the seasons fallen apart. This teams in escape skid. I can get out of it. That's when they would win. You know the best examples. The West Coast trip early, I think when postal all star break this team was in the same and just stop Megan threes. Mark a smart start make stop mega chats Linux that make a Jaylen jail. Embrowned started the rikiu all and it started, look like things were sliding away, and then they wanna go and state may one so that they have a history of doing this and.
I thought there are gonna win tonight now at this random thing. I don't know what to think, because, sometimes, if you, if you're super confidently there, this is great we're gonna win, then you know, grant comes in as being in threes, who thou knows it's gonna happen ed Porthos and game one german guys, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, sir yeah zip such whose absentia, because other it's actually germ guy comes engaged to his made up ads. Sometimes it's just your series when stuff right that happens, you know I do think there is. They had some rebounding advantages. Their butler is playing great, but if in a passive, just random, guys they're playing out of their ass that usually bad. Sign the guy. Look at the block. You series walk. It might be better yet from adept for effective here, just might be more athletic, and yet this is the best put in the series and yet the best part in the series and another five that six times you're gonna win the serious yep he's?
as per the series, absolutely their superfluous. Defensively they're just figured out atta throttle the rafters and they're, making shots a guy like that, first quarter, this more! access, embed tv, thereby like twenty, First core they're, making threes and then another and the dish shut, never down. Indiana says just flying around like seven four Collide Leonard. Yet I think therefore react. The raptors I simultaneous it that they're gonna make the fine us, and I thought they could lose this book series which sums up the east and Annetta it was a bad. Is match for them. Would you get it like d rose? was over eight. It was there only guy to ever, go over the average over twenty five points for game in a play off series like that see why everyone who watches the NBA new Janius as well attend esquires yeah, but I don't think a mare
I really knew ya cuz who the hell's going to watch the bucks unless you're dorks like a stye watch league pass every night, and so I'm not surprised Giannis is doing this, but he definitely raised his game. Like he's making threes, he's even in game two and it looked like there was going to lose his like now we're not going to lose and almost brought them back there. Superstar stuff going out with him. Now that I did not really see the policies of any sort of like Talkin trash like a little bit, amateurs like a guy like a little bit of a cocky edge, always remember kind of an ass. I lay a moment they lost a game a couple years ago and he was like seeing going to lack room and behave like you can't do this. We just lost a game yeah and he was, I doesn't like you know, doesn't me. We have bigger things on the horizon. I this guy's he's got their plan on that one account the rafters out because I think that a lot of Plath plan experience happened like we ve seen this before yeah, it's one greasing Latin
come back from two, and I think that the thing that they need to do what I've noticed from watching is then they need to be alone. Asked here, need to turn your placid need to knock. Your son is ass, yet more carols not doing it he's, not stop any honest, they need. No one else is just like man. Up on him like put Pga, took her own ya, wanna, see, hope eternal around, like everyone can have a try again in a fight like they need to turn into a hack. Again there s the difference and you know I was there last night with the bug, Steve Kirwin he's the new media mama pack ass. He always had a theory that the team in the play offs? That looks it's gone where things, are going their way and then they had their game three at home. The faint, in our early yeah I'd, say earlier, and then they come out. They lay an egg because its there's so much energy intensity in its a young team there trying too hard they get away from what they are supposed to be. They don't breathe, though the bucks did the opposite bucks
that energy intensity there came out and they actually kicked around US ass, which makes me think leg fuck, like with the ceiling is for the same cause yacht ass. Yet I think, he's gonna win in every piece of day, yet I would say he's the best under twenty five bet other than Davis Davis would be the number one Pegana be number two big genesis on a much better team. Some sent me a great email. What team does actually Simon in Vancouver ass. If you were the box in the calves read after the season offered the broad strata Brianna. Would you take that? Take that shade, no way now the ten years younger than you have forty more years of young as yet what like six more years of abroad, maybe it depending on science, maybe open a city. This isn't even better email from Chris in Brooklyn. Why wouldn't Chris Paul opt out in Goby point God for the bus
They have a lineup of Paul bragged in Milton in and Monroe maker with daily, rather than shall we add and like it. Gonna go ring chasing. Is there better up a calmer to latch onto? I think that my answer. Yeah we'll see how much Chris Paul cares about winning cause. It's a great a hit crisper the books. What would you do that can then be like Oscar? We're thing going to play with like young Karim yeah on the back. It's a great idea. I love it now. Chris Paul, you know, they basically made the Chris power on the Sea Ba where he can scientific like a five year extension fur, three hundred gazillion dollars with clippers India. Pakistan will see how much he cares about money versus the rings cause if you what's wrong. I'll? Go that block it in I like it. You know who else? Who else did, though,
their primer, slightly pass their prime point guards are out there, but all them should be studying this Buxton Anthea, especially spot up shooter for basic a good version of velvet over yeah. That's that should be a team. Would like erratic cow Lowry at loggerheads, Larry pulls Durrant girls If the bucks, a cabin oconnor, wrote a piece for us about like a month, I've, got to run a guy really mad about lowering have to blow it up. If they didn't do is a running jerk on the Ringer MBA show that Kevin O Connor was a blow up every team in the heat as its great cave she covered. In the Baltic Sea Tier drama series, or we have I'm frightened. I sought to expose four o clock. Was coastal, seven o Clock EAST Coast, the biggest game in the Brad's David they're, just gonna, throw it out there. This is the first time is: take little heap back home yet to, Inter ever I've seen that everywhere we line up here
can really get started coach by Herbert yeah. Could seller start? That's what I heard that though it could start to shut down Robin Lopez. I don't think so: it's gonna shoot them Robin Lopez. If anything, I think I think they have to go smaller. I will go whore Ferdinand drab com. So horrified at the five yoga, smaller its try to space mountains base out, they did this against futile when they, when they Utah Anita they spaced out, go bear was shooters Arad and made it so go bear had nowhere to go near to come away from the rim. Yeah, that's how you get Lopez to stop rebounding, so much not arise that the offensive boards, but they're gonna have to Starbucks amount. Rackets under is the second get. These games are great and I am yours is the best knight of the year. So far, rackets thunder. I need the citizens in five, the racket surges better, and I actually, I regret my supporting cast argument now. The rockets
I was, I add throughout a week- odds that not the rackets just have better now, if whispered trusted is deeds more, maybe that four bet, but I think I was too high and all the depot playing with Westbrook his screw him up or whether we just over rated em, and you know it's allocate a ton of success in Orlando. I was really like them. I think it's weird can't guard harden yeah. I was tat he was like this to a guy and just watch him close. I thought he'd be able to shut him down Adams. I don't know what happened to he just looks. Neutered subject last islamic active. So as how much deeper and rest for this I don't know yet everyone looks dejected. It looks Everyone has one dribble than they had to pass the decorous yeah you I says about touching the bar people like it when you put it that way like detestable, looks like the whole thundered team. This looks like they. Don't you to touch the PA programme, best it's not our to figure out the everyday needs to be involved. They came out.
Game too, and there are sixteen reform was prepared to points and all depots, making plays and add, ons and robbers. In a plane they looked like a team and by the fourth quarter. I knew they were done in their game when they gave up one when they rested. Westbrook they gave up a basket, they showed Westboro, screaming Donovan, put him back and back in as done yet like if, if he doesn't just as team, though the lead for two minutes now Donovan play terrible lineups you have, the old depot has to run the second theme: So my question is the worst part, the playoffs just can't. We can't see him again if he plays again at this, is that's your almost China sabotage the team Is there a worse plants where than smashed Christian isolated and how do they not have a better back of unease? At least a hundred point. Areas in the NBA is like a complex with Russia, where he doesn't want anyone to like him. Like I was my lady Reggie gets in out, you know like the guy GM and paying came impaired, yeah, there's tons of Gaza
like even get Ishmael. What can it met these back, a pointer someone just step might had Psmith yeah, there's, there's plenty of options. Tim Frazier for the pilot like there's pointer, everywhere. You there's a million point out that are better. This remark, Christian, the South Ex have Demetrius Jackson on their daily din promoter. Dame easily could pay ten minutes a game for them in this year's there's a hundred point guards and there's can be ten I commend this draft and I really had to do My second unit is built to make an entry bass like you, we get atoms, are one of those who lack of concern about or a misread yeah. I'm also. I think they I think simultaneously, they need to go small, but they also can't run away from what work for them last your last year, when they must be the warriors and Arab three one and that serious, bully ball bully by rebounds. Who is two guys just hammering and Ibaka was one of the guys, but if you, if you really look at the minutes like Gibson and
and I suppose this replace the aback minutes all the deeper places, the Durrant minutes. That's tough, thirty minutes ago for them in the past, but you can replace him with. Thirty minutes again for them in the past, but you can replace him with with doggie move buckets and he is a sure. His aid in the corner, yeah Mcdermott, Do that yeah. I don't think this is inconceivable that can replicate the worse than I was looking at their box scores from that. Where Series and Katy Westbrook shot like shit? In that series they were like two thousand four hundred and fifty five, two thousand four hundred and sixty every game what was winning aim was: keep their men was their rebounding in their defence. So I can chance opportunities tipping the buyer yeah, they gotta unleash. Adams has to bring them back there
chancellor, I just think he's in a fog his one moment, the series of the screen on Beverly and that Russia, instead of that, like set the tone for the thunder liked flipped it for the Rockets seem like Beverly love that and fired at the hollyhock is deemed to be back in a game which was so weird yeah, fret and further record a ina. At that Westbrook played in Umbria about tuna headquarters. Then is fourth quarter was one most abominable basque nothing's ever seen in my life I mean it took eighteen shots which is even in a pic. Game at the most selfish guy. You could ever play with I've. Never seen anything like that. I was jealous light up yet Cobia was why this guy selfish hid grant wide open and the court Mcdermott wide Open and what was it Think as I. Why set forth Corrigan pretty carefully like the guy's, a kind, gave out by TAT. Give someone like fire. It's like he was David rebounding you just You can't do that and I think that's a danger with him is it's like he wants it to badly yeah. That's it. You can't take a step back
I am, I would bet on them when it tonight just cause. I think he's gonna get like thirty five thirty three throughout this year, but but the records and they have the x factor of O. Plain that. Well, oh here's Lou lambs! Oh, he just got twelve points in five minutes at it. Oh here's Erica we're going just made to threes again these wildcard guys that may not show up, but sometimes they do yeah thus, as averaging eleven three attempts the most in the play off. If anyone presses in shooting twenty three percent from three Anyone who defends Russia's second half of that game with the whole What do you make ass yet like why open guy yeah any of the open guys and he showed his four for eighteen. So obviously that didn't work out and you tired and he knew it in its turn, a bare balls and tat was embarrassing.
I dont even a little bit the guy as that of a lot of it here that I felt entities superstar Yonah run. Some are blaming. Russia Avenue has like going but diamond has the real them back and some sort of fashion. I feel year, but ass, a thing. I'm sorry, thing with Kobe for many many years yet is once they got that mine say you could around back cobia, no three, no four for the Lakers. You know basically one one final game. Those two years with and of his prime shack in reaching his prime Kogi then it was Kobe was so selfish as two years and Jack was out of shape that clippers jazz I thought the jazz could have one game too. They had a bite. My dad, would always call these like get over the hump moments for it's like they just couldn't get it to three or two, and if it did that had that the clippers would have gotten tight and, like Joe Johnson, missed a couple huge threes
Mr couple, big three Heyward bricks theories and Heyward was terribly. I came in. I think that clippers feel egg MA bomb who take actually garden, cause use plain a lad and He was very happy lately and Barbuda yeah. And presently he does his play defects and do backed or laugh C4 easy life, but are not good for her words. Mega contract in the summer. Forget squirm, abominate now, I'm guessing the crowds gonna be crate they'll probably get some cause, they gotta figure out what to do, J, I would personally do hackers Jacqueline on the jail when the clips gettin grooves yet is taken screw it out just mess up their rhythm, the others. They no action. That serious is the fact that break isn't posting up D Owin Joe Johnson is insane to me. This is the third best player in the lead. Years ago, if you can't score on those guys, they're gonna garden, one on, why would the Alan Johnson than that tells me like he's not a superstar anymore yeah? That's embarrassing, but ye
You would have you on your Charlotte team if Cody Zeller was being guided by Jo Johnson. You would go to code. Is our every time or even like Frank, Kaminski Re Baker, Fouquet Card Kate is gonna, be down by judges and when I won yeah, it's like they try to get on with a quick guys who it s about the elbow unlike dry pass over that easy land, but it's like you can post people up in case you forget its work as you tat best vantage ethical additives best advantage against eclipses speed casket doesn't want to run like that. For four quarters. George has started pressing and it kind of Chris out of his rhythm, the gobert things. A big deal, though, he's out because he's not back for until when late in the series right that our yes game, six came seven. I was there for game, too
time said to me who longtime Cooper Fannys like this, the last half hour of received by Congress. It was in the air while the cliffs one, but is in the air. Everybody in my section was was the cliffs one, but is in the air, everybody in my section was was at least cognizant of lake. They blow this game they're, getting it swept teams, guinea blown up that drivers can become the Orlando Jim Place could be. Another team was sitting there So that's amazing, noting that answers I have the clippers. I told you I do believe in the clippers, for whatever reason I don't know why. I just think that continuity will way out. Nothing go bear really was favourable. Usually they have something bad happened to them in this time, seventeen seconds to lose. Baroness. Here yes, really sad for light ass. They could swing it into an advantage because they could space the the four year and tat different options, but that involves making threes and as this year's keeps going in your relying on three,
statcast, it's dangerous. I wanna Roddy Hood Game for the Jes him. Never twenty one point: I feel about him yeah I I believe in running. Do yeah, that's coming from a guy doesn't like do best well, yeah. Now that's a big concessionary sadder, Wizard talks, the the Hawks blew it day. I didn't they had to win game three, and I think this, the crowd of unbelievable fur for game foreign. There better wait do it's. Gonna do is Dwight Bowl of IRA son oxen, I'm right them. I've gone well because it gets his time, it's his hand, to at least have I guess it would play the winner. The south exports started filling washed in committee is to find yeah, I think, did they get a good draft. The net that foreseen really gotta yeah, spurs grizzlies Dalen pop felt like he threw
play game three a little bit to make a point? I don't know what point is making, but I didn't feel like they were playing for their lives in game three. It feel like the only guy he would talk to on the bench with Jonathan Simmons. Here. They will add mad at everyone up. There was that he went in the game gonna, we don't have it tonight and ominous teach appoint, get him on pissed off, but it didn't feel like tat. Game was a complete loss. Yeah Lamarck is obviously in the second quarter. I thought that they were going to like around behind, ordered, but then it we should say: oh no, just selfish, ordered for a quarter and you gotta stat. That's the thing with the spurs is like you can. Like really lead a homemaker on them every once in a while. I don't know how high their ceiling is. Is a team Kauai blink on the bench when you sit over there he there staying. Should I now he's so great
where is trailblazers is over. It ended in the fourth quarter of game, one when the trailblazers, through haymakers at at golden State and got everything you want for their two best players. I think they finished like eighty points and they still lost by fifteen. If you, if your two best players play as well as they can play and you lose by fifteen, The series is over now they're gonna get sweat, cavaliers painters. So last night the brain played one of the best ten play games is career and. I don't know it was almost too perfect inhabit behind and then he came back Actually, it was a worker, he never seem stressed by it and, as you know, I love those conspiracy headaches and is the most is the biggest come back after I have time deficit was twenty six, the the deficit before those twenty five so makes history. Well, it's great Del close it out. We again for they'll get some rest. They
play the winner of Toronto working in what is a bad match up for them, yet they they want their honour. The air, Maybe it s really went out at a rather was a team that match that really nice for their monopoly. On, like that, I want to see us now. Maybe address will pull. Another level out of Lebron that we haven't seen you in awhile Trent the coup, the last great forward that he played in the playoffs series. I guess was Kawhi in the finals. The rain. I was. I compare that Bahrain and allow the young thunder team were like labelling, can pull the senora in those guys get like a little time for their plan against, like quantum quote the greatest player, I don't know if you, She's gonna get tight. He gives zero fox. It really does that.
In broad. Did all those young guys? The look they care they began as yours, like I was living in the streets in Greece like begging people from money. They amount to be nervous cause of plants game, I'm already playing with house money, TAT guy S had a rough life, and this does not give a shit. There is a tough dude, and so that's why I like the rapporteur, gonna come back but employ over the books. So here's my prediction stay in the morning to throw the Charlemagne go. We have sets balls. I think it goes seven and I don't know whence big o seven now I hope a go. Seven yeah that'll be fine. Calves. Paces is done for Europe. Where does Paul George go from here? The Miami he hissed get over yourself puff Teresa yeah- that's it
Miles got better get over that yeah, be you killed your team. We need. You undermine seizure, mousing game on. Toronto. I'm is I'm just not giving up on Toronto factor bet my life on it. I would say more working insects, but I would bet on it. It would have been this year's calories or on a winning aim. For yes,. Glower was pretty said on that they reflect the round around. He was I get sucks right now, but will be back need aid, cholera, be awesome and game for they needed destroy everybody in the box and gave for they need a vintage old school cholera game, but maybe that healthy near there may be. I mean that meant that risk injury that was my one. Hesitations picking them washed in Linda, was somehow go to six and then washed online and Joe Ass, a freak out, but they'll point out gone states can swim.
Centurion, when five he's demeans in five clippers, you tat is the one that I just had. No fear for outgoing go bear comes back. I don't trust the clips. I I think the cleverest gonna win five and I think that they should have swept, but it's just like the clippers, not too sweet by losing their game on, I think without go bear. They should sweet the jazz. If you up best best guy in the series for researchers. The best guy in the series, is gonna win every serious if, just assuming everyday heart rate and the best guy, and that you Tessier is crisper. Yet he is also the biggest asshole in that is I mean he now stops around. Like he's Yelena Guys, Yonah Assistant coaches area is the angriest. I've ever seen him he just wants outside. I believe he's he's like was angry We sergeant said in the eighties drama quickly couple a couple: Millbank questions of Charlemagne Joshua better.
Ass. The calves are proving to be the Robert thirst of the two thousand and seventeen plants. When are they going to get caught? My answer- I don't know, I don't know. I, like the Robert thirsted out there Brenner Land ass. If you had to in one game, Jews Leubronn at the height of his powers, are Jordan. My answer: stop it unequivocal going up it just stop. We Jake, wonders I've heard people say the south, it should send someone besides as items the lottery, Isn t the exact per we need their. My answer, Tommy heads come Anson has been involved with the south since nineteen fifty six. He is the living legend that we have in our directed to read our back and Russell those guys, I would send Time- Hansen NICE Tyler from Seattle Ass. Can we officially had Camilla beating law on this week's challenge, elimination to the list of improbable sets of the past year. It may be more problem. The cubs or calves law.
Literally the predator and aliens robot love Chad, Camellias five for three at best It is either hammered screaming at her team, China fight someone are all three at once. I was sure causes I've been bed on Laurel to win it all before the season started. My answer not sure- and I agree with you I would say it was. It was not as improbable pats coming back from twenty two but more problems than the Cubs early or the calves camellias five, three and a hundred pounds, and yes, literally drug overdose. Joshua from fair VAT will Arkansas as you call this the rondeau science? the regime sites was right there, my it's a you're right. It should be, as should be, the regard as eyes as goods better than the random sites, like Rosanna Zalm, Jannissaries, get Andrew Ass, you take may be listened to the Ringer Search Box. You get the following message quote knows: where is found in the ringer does a different bills,
in its own, the safe. My answer, unacceptable n, bargaining suspended and very upset about this. It's really it's it's nothing to say other than just I regret and apologies Jeff, Igerne Evans will Indiana ass with all due respect to you in house concerning trying to figure out MILAN signature move, doesn't have to be I am giving as AIR Thomas forty stitches my answer. Yes, he didn't like all John Stock, then made the dream team o browser eyed. The next game after was announced as a towards chanced act in the next came after that for the Java yeah, the well that delivers the most vicious thing that happened in the past twenty five years of the past. Thirty years in the NBA its intention, flying elbow and split his eye open he's telling you ve seen an then MBA Tv, as the giants garners about you, I say I loved it that secretly, he secretly Jake
Minneapolis wonders towns is the first point, History is forty thousand points clear. What does rebounds and make one hundred three pointers in a season year, the king of coming up with club aims. What would you name this club? My answer, the two thousand one thousand one hundred club Larry Fancy and three thousand minute Christianity, wonders where, when the championship Katy gets his ring residency and Mvp thanks Katy in his speech, Katy decides to resign with. Ok see you can't totally rule this out Kenya. My answer, yes yes he's not. As long as the current owners in front offices running ok, see covered the rate will not be it. Ok, I would now rule it out ten years from now two more comments. One three titles, Russen Katy, future hollow famers vin diesel in the rack, has now made for black buster movies together for the obvious best, Chaz! While time. What is your power?
looking for most successful disgruntled teammates, that's from Thailand, Patch Yoke Newark. I still have cobia Jack first yeah those guys genuinely hated each other and then when, when Kobe got, arrested, further hotel thing and he gave his deposition that the smoking had the deposition for any through shack under the budget for this year. Is they stand Jack? I still say that to me: that's enough, one day when three titles, wow, ass one of them will get the Charlemagne Tyler loudly. Why hasn't? you, an approach proposed the idea of dangling the envy picture of you from the jumbotron during the rackets thunder series like a money in the bank match my answer, brilliant. Yes, I think they're still, Yes, let's do it. Could you imagine Russ and harden just staring up at the Mvp trophy in the middle games? That's a great idea! I love it.
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I really like David. I got excited every time hit packages. It was one of my bed star, unadulterated bandwagon jumps into yet another huge thy cocky head. But when I do think of Cosmic David, I think of that Greenland, video in you, so how hidden I hear that taken We go Charlemagne, the God and at the weekend. Gus ethics taken this Thursday morning match our had gone up. So if anything crazy happens between this taping and when you actually here this, don't blame us Charlemagne, the goddess here Bill Simmons this week, my brother, eight yeah now privilege yeah. When it comes to those created came out this week in those principles that I learned in my life and I just want to share with the people. You know I'm always them too dumb to be closed, mind it's all I have you. No education was just the sum total of by experiences and some experiences with with the people- and I will be so help guy. Like I love so hopeful tat, I love Gladwell Olive Wade
dialogue, robber, green but always got away smarter than me, and they have like historical examples, the back up their principles. Yeah. I don't have that type of historical annex I historical education, my brains, wonders using you know examples from my life. What's that number one favorite example I have in this, but sensible seven kind of people to credit. They serve being stupid, including yourself, basically to know what our knows. Nothing. Good, like I just that, I'm too dumb to be closed minded, so I have to be receptive to know. Formation have to be receptive to new people. Like I talk about the Draken dj, Alexander new friends and how alike hated directed, not because of how it sounded cynically would just a message in it goes like that. No, Friends, no new friends! I know you should meet new friends, you should grow and evolve and meet new people. I can teach you new things and help you get to new levels in new places like while you called yourself off from new friends, have copies of offer new information, which I think is stupid I think this is the most interesting time for me
second music personalities since you ve been doing your two thousand seventeen different famous people at their feet? points of their career, the way their release, music has totally changed and just everything about it. China, put at the percent of who you want. People to think you are. Yes, you actually are unfastening about. Is that I am very fascinated us one reading. My name is the title of the book abbot when it comes to those who created. Could I feel that we live in an era where it's a free for all like there's no rude, augmented back in the day you had all these gatekeepers, you happy would have had to press the button to make happening all. You know you d, repressive button to make. This thing go like now can just be your own machine like there. I know there are no gatekeepers anymore, but there's no gates like if you want, a broad cathay. You could just start a package that you wanted to do tv. You just turn you your camera and if you want to do music, just go to music and put it out also glad and you make it an audience, and it's like everybody scrambling
a job you reckon labels scrambling like Yahoo. This guy's got already so far when it down the record, violent, two thousand screams or radio, like disregard any red hot, like you know, forty million blessings on site cloudlike. While we plan is like it's a free for all the perfect air to the your own opportunity, chances most fascinating one alone, because he's Basically, they issued the labels is any owns all his own stuff. Basically, this big they going on or whether or not chances independent, because his last project coloring book he actually sold. We gave it the apple to be exclusive Lego weaker today the something but again I have in mind. I will check to meet us the epitome of independent right. I mean I give you my project and for a couple days you have. It is closely I gotta have me, and I was in the neck and still give it to the people like that's up the append dependence like a mother Well, I guess, when you really control your own math as you could show, own destiny you control your product. Like I love what you do and
if design the major labelled mandate west. What makes you wanna stay with the breakfast club cassettes? I like basically on a major labour you could also have you anything if you wanted to know that a very good question, but I think I may have a seat the great thing on obviously ITALY, but they must have thought about another direction, not fuels everything else. Yeah eurocentric, always double you gotta know you could be a general Anna soldier. Simultaneously. Yeah, like you, know, got my own blog as the brewing, It's got other thing then, on the executive producer actually own on the general there, but you know what I'm going to breakfast club and I'm a soldier and I'm firewood that yeah. You know good seconds. I can use that platform. Both my other platforms re its side. That show, I guess in act then of members or somewhere The person in the middle but angel on the left. You you're on the re today Jason in the kind of facing
but to call them do you gotta you gotta go to do this, in this the whole time. So you have the gas that yet again almost on their heels, the heart when I write a triangle, that Triangle deaf triangle having to get shut out like I felt like I didn't, give Angela enough Lover. I felt like she, I think her feelings were They decide wondering adding further enough who does what I just didn't adding flavour there. I didn't gauge. I don't feel like arm around her after they are just avalanche, regret, isn't to call you massage industry could lead the way because they gonna do. Why would have felt the same with you? If, if its most encouraging, don't you you could fit? I didn't Lord. What you- and I think I see that I, like a flower turks- he's a girl, a woman, yes night. If we refuse totalling age, I think I could have done more. We live in that we live in and hopeless sensitive area. Do I got only be nor when I'm a friend in people anymore, will you don't give a fuck which have
Are you really you give zero for not a canker this disgraceful here? This is my thing. That's why they are you gonna give you credit. They deserve being stupid, including yourself, like I'm oak, they would learning don't jump down my throat because ya have New ways of doing things now that I'm just not accustomed to re am older how old are you? For example, the word female call it a young lady of female. Like just you know, you know female did enema, they say it's offensive. What chance? the not being specific. Like when they met, meaning that it there's female. Does what a young lady Tommy verbatim, there's female rock snakes. There's female kangaroos, you have to say female human. MIKE. I'm telling you I don't know. I guess I'm confused. I was at Harvard last week the boycott and canadian boycott me, but somebody kids boycotted means that I was transphobia, massage monistic homophobia
I said: win, I'm literally to only personal line as everything like you'll go online and when you call me gay nudity, somebody call me homophobic. Yes, he had a mighty call me a racist and see somebody calm. Your uncle Tom come yet early. Only present at every day. You set that everybody, so I'm like I'm like when they become over forward. Dreadful, because, unlike what what did he examples that job have of me saying that they were up because when I interviewed a lesbian, wrapper name, young Amy yeah the line in her song, nesses Shorty, gives me hate ass. She deep throat some like how those who came to the shore ass to how does she set the scrap all right? How is that everybody you'd like an attack to want to figure out, and they were like has driven forward like I had no idea from submit over these kids at Harvard, and it tells me terms like won't homo Iraq, Homo normal homeless
homo normal hetero, normal I'm, like I don't know, what's going on right now, dear, but I'm open learns party or Bucky that you don't know you don't know, never learn stuff, so you can't be offended abused its. I don't know, maybe I don't know so. One of the ice this when I came on your show, which I loved I had so much fun. When I came out, but a very envious of anybody who who can just get away with saying anything and there's not a lot of you know. There's fly by the seat of your pants, just go say stuff, and certain people just reached this point where it's at its acceptance by, but people got while they had that's them. They could hear the guide this marathon. I love these other on the part of this weekend and I feel I dare hidden that point. Every the breakfast clubs in that boy Howard Stern. On their point, Joel Rivers was Barkley, Was there and now people Catacomb Adam, where so is like he had it in you, but it's very hard
here too in you guys are there and about myself. I think it's because jobs more once all Barclays Black in Childbirth Buckley speaks out against the black community, elect that's what I think it is, Let us be clear, is nobody. I can get you out to paint faster than black twitter right way, nay already that gets you about today, you are dine at last seen they do. They got bill coffee. They got me pause got o Reilly when O Reilly insulted everybody talks about those sexual harassment allegations? No one will rally insulted Queen Maxine waters about our wig day. Jumped on his ass and has been all downhill from now the common built around work on bill, Oraibi, bill oraibi from the arabian factor. Why would they yesterday about yea above which was shocking. Thirteen million hours and sexual harassment suits is, alas, they let you You could get a backup power forward for four years. For thirty mind I did
lot of money, but even ass Odo bout me, I don't. Importantly, but people. I have friends that fox. They're my laboratory, those like burthen, everyone's efforts would fix it. I have friends, our thoughts and they always even Ethel. So you like I talk about that in my book. How man is Take your money won't like of Europe. Genuinely nice person. People may have your back, so they had is back up to assert why, because he was making money, but you know, when you know avatar, the start Poland from his show business therefore reason to get rid of bill already, but a bill was probably a genuinely nice guide. People light if I'd like I'd Now we can. We can support you what's the best thing about like Twitter debate thingabob like Twitter is that they can make you blow things up. They can blow things up folk for positive and negative, like bacon, either empower things like they do with like interracial insecurity you know Chonta rhymes scandal and how to get away with murder and all that stuff like that, are taken. Destroy you. What they do when they found out you know new Paca had been accused.
Seventeen years ago, member Venetian was coming to light, be at movie disappear. Jeff that even came out. That was supposed to be too big, Asker thing. Now, supposed to be removed. I made after so white disappear. Rang gonna give this black liberation story and ask computer bell at a ball, but moonlight ended up being a day day, Empowered moonlight right. You know, so I think the best thing about black to it. They can in power things in they can destroy things. What's the worst, Twitter is done to your show when I, when I am its army Lorn. Once and I don't even like talking about it, but I mean I have to I just literally just going to text it to me like I'm dating asked me about this, but that was me talking about it when I, when I admit Tommy Lorn once in my life she supposed to come on irrevocably same, we she did travel Noah Show, and I guess, after the shooting Do the one on travel, the porter from Moscow and then, when the Viacom, because in our work work MTV an empty, be too. I gotta show gonna Missus Lowder comes affrighted at eleven thirty, but I was up there
they had in the bright idea that, shall Tommy would be good to show together because I went on Herschel and in owed debated, are about the black Panthers So one of data have the meeting no intention of doing to show- or nothing really does want to have a conversation with her about how dangerous our rhetoric is to the black community? So we actually sat down and chopped up about that not all I was explaining to her. You don't think she says about to be alone, are not accurate. She compared to be eliminated KKK an arm. Her reasoning, for it was because she says she saw a video with some guys were walking in marching by one to kill, cops and ass. She was actually in Dallas. The night debt that guy went crazy, shot those police officer. Yes, she was getting text. You know to her feet saying she's, nags dinner. They put our parents address This is why she felt the way I don't agree with it, but I understood so, the narrow, you're, a trump supporter right as you go,
go on from supporters. Raises issues of course, nationals when I go to these rallies allowed anymore, but it's not some of us we're just anti government wants a mighty drain swamp plus it happen, you know, what's in the Trump supporters, would not you want to be a lamb chops supporters are These are the Elam members. Dont want to kill cap. So why can't you see that so now is the type of conversations that we were better one time in my life, but when I messed up a couple later I tweeted out- and this is a conversation I should have had on our part as a combination of Sudan or radio ass. The lesson I learned from this at weeded out it be dope. If awoke women of color. Creating the platform to control her narrative and become control our narrative and become a voice like Tommy Lauren date. Oh, my god, I was trained in our Facebook for life as we keep up. You were complementing her. Yes, they thought I was too. Black women to be like Tommy law. When all I will talk about with infrastructure right does all that
Facebook is popping we didn't in the roll out of her path. I daresay were set, black women death could do a similar version as they get by American before them per annum. The Red Army learn its modern and more intelligent, like they run circled around Tommy. I was just talking about interest but what I learned is certain come they should not be head on social media. That of the conversation ass. You have expressed I don't know if I'm totally learn, I even I've been burned many times yeah, it's tough. Sometimes you ain't like soda roasting, where the problem of social media is it's a hundred forty characters here in Europe, thought into it, and I have learned over the years like fermented, tweet, something and sometimes our screw up for the most part, it's like putting thought to the sis is going out in the world because you in your car you get caught you know in your house in your pyjamas. Did you see that president? Because you forget, like Boom and then you seen by all these people knew better make sure the words are the way you want. The will lead to socialist group you pull foreign I tweet out now
They bill, rallies and watch. What happens? What would happen? I am very happy, as I had a great series tweets once where the tweet kept cutting was nine or ten tweets in euro in the tweets kept got it getting cut off their content What have you just saw the individual tweet each one was like super offensive. Twitter they lead to the next year is a bad chain. Letter yeah, like literally of youth, literally follow My time line that night, I explained exactly what I was talking data they they don't care. They took their want. We out of context ran, would it it went from me, one women of color to have the infrastructure that Tommy has two Charlemagne hate. Black one ran like her. If that had been a couple times right, like that time, you got jumped yet when I wouldn't worry about it, I jumped on twitter by black women, but I got Johnny. You got your letter. They got physically job here when you ran for your life and then did
take shape because people like you didn't know because talk about that in the book. To that point Libya. True chapters as one of my principles, Livia Truth, so nobody can use it. To forget you the emanate mouth there at the end of eight mile be rabbit, said everything he possibly could say about himself. So I left his opponent speech within defenceless so we met Ilsa get. There were not happened that Canada to drop moment. I immediately whenever when it when I ran into the building arena. Rated a microphone and was like or do you just try to Jonathan? I thought about the story all morning I didn't try to make. It seem like out yeah re. Do you mean going ahead of her way too many stories about do, didn't, kidnapped in New York, and I thought a guy with a camera in the loop and try to hold me down and P Ami Day aeroplanes and would have play was I wasn't, language do so I took off and I would do it again right now for many frightened for guy then went out. So when I told you so
when a video came out, it softened the blow ip. We still got their jobs office located jokes after his day by day, really couldn't kill me, I couldn't use it against me cuz. I already had owned it. Does it scare you that you, the platform that you have led to four people who wanted to beat the shit out of you and actually try to do it? I've seen em I've seen it So many of you before that always think about Chris everyone he jumped on general, eliminate Georgiana, What is it you catch? You might have Carnegie Jim for Zimbabwe cotton Christians near, but he can't you know you didn't. I always think about stuff like that, like that that I think about the guy only got stab, don't cheaters, What had happened- and I still deposit- not I'm, really Gregor yet Joy freckles, I think about stuff like that. I'm like it's possible. Let you can say what you want to say and expect people to. Yet the way you want do Noriega hippy? Would I do that? Eighty? Would I say something, and it was somebody jump. The window reaction awaited or like maybe like YO
overreacting, made. No I tell you, it is present in the over reacted winded, their breakfast co get to the point when it became the go to place. Fur basically are the black pop culture. Power brokers That's a good question man. I think at five years, four years ago. I say about I'll, say: maybe two thousand foot he could. I remember our companies, stuff was the stuff. There really was due to the next level right. The way with the first kind. In Abuja that they took us to. Let go a scream level, but it was actually second com, you that took us over the top. It was that week it was a combination that weak remember like it was yesterday when Tiger first started dating Kylie right, so he was denied it somewhere tat he was denied. Issues like fifty boom is Richard, so He came to the breakfast club to defend it and in
No, no, I'm a rose, came for us and was given tag shit about it. Then Tiger came to defend it every the Congo came ended a week. Do a second interview and Cotonou base. We would like. This is why I welcome the issue. This is like the is like the accordingly. I remember now we can remember hobby Levin, call amusing, yo, Congratulation Billets team up yet How do you know me I'll be both a lot about w? Just like your congratulations are gathered, become like a package at bay, in like last year was a big the same. We people forget because, as you have got, how'd. What you give us a different Russia with, but Hillary Clinton came on a Monday. Yet Now the whole Hilary and hats off thing in, I told you did this one in town so you pandering to black people again? bird man was their Friday. Those one week so yeah we get those moments with dislike. The whole week is breakfast club harmonization that seem like you want to find. A very rare was in respect of money. That was,
great, he was made when the gas that angry in that hot- I don't even know, I wouldn't even know what to do. Not you'll do anything. You turn came alone every last of it. If watch the video area, told us about the true story. He was in the law An Eminem lose yourself was clean. Are unaware it was coming from what it was recent backing for so long ago. Why shy yeah? So if you notice with whilst the video when you when you walk away, I shot year, all the cameras around and then he starts talking. He causes us out. Indeed sits down put it in a view it did. Industry the interview and I'm like. Oh, no, no, not just gettin away from Madame like ok, this guy just cost us out let's get it. If you would like now to say what I mean to say, I will say we want, but we the commission's role in the whole time, but I knew tat. I was gonna be goal was at them closest. You came to an altercation in the studio. No, actually, I think if nobody guys that alike raw.
In real hast thou. They bother me is the cool conquered the guy. The one time I really that out, but the mass beaten studio was Nellie. Really Yegg nihilism athletic guys in shape and used, sittin in May, and I said something to him. I was like you know now. You called out here right now why Jack of a pip juice, like you know, like you cold, It is cold like you knew not. How do the odd is no more and he kind of like cracked his knuckles egos. You know me. I keep retainers for guys like you space, I gotta keep lawyers or retain a four guys like you, you know I'll give you a couple, today you saw me at this point that those get bail it. You don't owe me I really felt like Nellie would swung on me. So did you respond Getting hot near fell back. You know come that our problems be trying to push anybody
we myself in that you said that the work that said that he was called as an artist evidence that he was a very front thing to say. I'm musically he was when we know, is a legend, no doubt like Nellie walking through, whereby those who look no yet we are not playing music right now known at the mess of them. If he's got a gun, retainer very like us and in any event, noticeably baseball football, I get Nellie. I'm never scared like loud out his sheep Radford, like those gay, lot of tourism in the room, usually the softest anyway, the cool can collect the guys. Who calmly tell you like this. In that way, what right freely to ride in thick rabbit thick pour me to design one time it was like. I really appreciate entities. Should you be set minimum private then Robin Fucking thing, because here MTV officers went on
years ago I just started MTV and he was taken to shit and he like will examine the bathroom was fucked like you, have something in it. So when he walked out looking at them like this guy. We could do in all these girls are not only when they have no idea. We have debated and about, and so I was telling that story he just did not appreciate that at all new rapid Tech, Heaven is that I think, are the premier, father son. Stick man really, I mean is dead passed away last year we run away, but may I think, the two of them that they have had a lot of sex. He had arrived last all area the aromatic. I can't No, my dear little job regime Margie, maybe I think it's dark. The did that's it it's the non dark fathers steadier your age when the sheens her master, who lets get when you think clinics
clearly that is going to have gaps in the the Walker replacement and fast. Eight For this reason I live while over you watch fast, eight there's a new wake. I they don T really recognized her place. Poets guiding I've never wants to fathom issue is moving ever my life, so you had kindly twice kind. Is my dream? Pike s human number, one choice lot. I knew if I had a fantasy draft of like tat. Ten pass possibilities. Even I lay you writing. Calabash high, Nay Michelle Obama, my top to allow Michel above you admission of Allah. No, I haven't I'm actually doing somewhat Michel sooner like one of those is more bitter, but a muffled somebody will that night I've got a lousy can is via the voting. Rights of Bacchus might be doing up happy. I will keep it can't you interrupted, I think, on what was your red just as guide did dude I was,
if I hid away with her observe, fade, discover Alma disgruntled first time, you're discards or the whole time or discuss first second time second time are respected the fact back, but you went out on the first like uncomfortable, yes, because I was upset because he's Talking about all these things that we don't give a fuck about, ran, chanted the fashion industry except you I like when can was socially conscious. Conduit was saying things like George was done how about black people, I we were very tumultuous time was still at the very most with dynamic country. We need voices that will stand up and speak out against injustice have you will face and easily ran above sneakers yeah and close, I don't want to hear their brother, we don't care, then I hated the thing we can say he came out with some new slaves in you come out new flavor to hear yelling and screaming for these corporate entities to embrace you like it doesn't make any sense. I can say it's a mixed message. Like he's a you want to be of the corporate fashion industry
when you cancel your new slave within Nike. Me. I've got you love me come all make up your mind. I would also argue that he's had the biggest impact on sneakers of probably anyone this decade right we take, will just exit visas rather like just how how coup unique. There were as I'm leaving Tommy who who set the based impact this. Beckett Overrated, Thomas S, chief top three, whose number one leubronn Lebron James and sell in those third countries that Craig people waiting. Currently they need to undermine stacked chefs. I'm not noticed something. One item that I had the honour armor staggered other went down after one of them, so they support Trump with something like those whose the one it s not a word anonymously supported Trump, whereby than that sharing the shit is that now be other than the chefs who's, the Adidas one.
Data is the hardest one renown James hard and maybe the hard stuff scurries, neither our trash, but he may people where yet, which is like saying something: Neeoka lights back the kind I was, matching a machine to admit this, and I dont want to show that our judgment, but I happen, watch the show, because it was the one, the Robert Schuman keeping in keeping up with the carnations wherever those caught gadget. So what's the whole episode will go, and I watched my daughter, which is a mistake because she's like I love the show it start tafia my I got my almost twelve die now. You do nothing now, you're, not watching the show. I let you watch just about anything, I'm that lady livestock production. But in this show there's this whole French. Runway section with China when he goes cause they're gonna walk the runway economies, given them advice on, now aware that outfit know you should try this dress olympic and, like I mean more power, great friend that he loves assesses hobby, but we ve got a fucking needed.
I need last year Mademoiselle years for his music. Two thousand sixteen would have been important yes, and he's Paris like the NOME king Plato, slowly were just where have you been we get, I have colonies in the second place, that's a great weight if somebody needs to flash and what it can relate and give him a body that cod dashi in world, not knowing your life, Pablo with an amazing onto by well loved the life or Pablo, but it's almost like nobody cared. I think so like one of the three best oxy everyday yeah, just frame here enjoyment away on your love. That's all which had rubber ultra lazy ain't, my god they did, they did We called it. Thirty hours that, like IE, Yo Canada out, was amazing, now equipped you read what goes his personality in everything s Him is bigoted his music now, but That is a good boy and period like that. You know Agatha Trump administration I got ready, but with the trouble
immigration and keep up the goddamn given up the trumps yeah there more entertaining Lancashire, Kirshner say anything. I liked it s an hour. They Jimmy found played chair, castrated same thing. Is that uses mute. They kept asking questions and you just stay there, like of personnel online jobs on a logic so you'd watch it. Yes, now to see that it is seen as a network. None of the media when I want to watch an everyday card actions are like just about everything? Your against? It's about eighty five percent of all the things that bug you. If I was in everything that bug, because I think that they are in fame yeah, they started, they started. The era of people just wanted to be famous Breton They actually are making a lot of money. Yes, everybody else, that's true the net dream of fame is in making any money. Fame is not a foundation to stand on a guy. I thought about that in the book is well like everybody like we live in is,
where everybody's chasing a celebrity nea and success is almost dictated by if you're a celebrity in that but ass, the stupidest mentality in the world like success, it always be subjective. Like me, I told for an actual to be a radio personality and I led the tv and books movies another thing, but if a guy I live in a shawl inoculated right now making fifty two three thousand dollars a year, and he hates you know that if you got a car for it on a night like this day, his wife is good. Is kinda good, he's happy DAS successful right, that's really successful, the american dream is not celebrity. They I mean it happens to some people, but everybody can that chase, be pretty, I would say, chasing soberly browser, maintaining celebrity nobody knows, I'm saying that's been. The other part of this whole thing is people figuring out, stay, robbing oh yeah attain the relevance whether to do
our shores or how they do in such visionary fails or fire the ocean. We air little little little gimmicks says how to be relevant for a day, more annoy, then very annoying principle a book called fuck your dreams right in his fuck, your dreams. If they're, not your dreams, because you know you when you grow up, especially as a black man in America, He will you see that a successful look like you are usually an entertainment and athletic so everybody runs to those fields, but that's not really your dream you just doing, because you see and you see they work for somebody out every night and Unita might apply to decide to say fuck your dreams. I am I to do that to me. I gotta go when in doubt the Robert Evans, I want a rat and ass thought just started doing radio for us all Workin for ludicrous that he was a rabble end. Nor radio out audits number do and he was No you're, not you suck his arrival, but you good. I radio should focus on that. Could you can go from good too great, and that's what I did read now, in talking to build sermons- and I got a book up, do you share that speech with kind?
about his fashion. I played the first time we interviewed. It sets true. You did them like TAT. I got testy. I guess what is cool of that? If you want to change the fashion World Greer, we just don't want to hear about nobody cared. First world problems, rope What this is really audio going to relay shit, we don't care at the biggest issue in your world is that Louis Baton let you design somebody's silk onto, isn't that the biggest that's the cursor. When when musicians and comedians become super successful. Here. Is that we're part o, I made them successful as they were just like anyone else in their rapid about the stuff you know resonates with anybody out there they're doing in their act that stuff the pure, and then you hit a certain point as caught the Eddie Murphy Syndrome, where either he's is still the most how the personal my lifetime lab in it. I dont amazed and he gets to a point where,
he's just around for people living in this mansion. Will you know you have areas must be funny if you just in some mansion with with you know your cousin and new three bodies and you can't go out cause you to famous what you are you're, not coming spirits yeah, I mean in the forty alot of poverty, talk about isolation being dangerous, yet I mean you can still social observations. I guess not! so you just do it through tv. Do that interact great yeah. It also made any so great in their especially in their early eighties was his ability to be like his ears mutation. Go and here's my grandmother an end. I hears celebrity uneasiness. He was always in it and then, after a while I think, that's why he has wanted to stamp common. I'm still look of welcome media can break down this new world. We live in no support, and I did it a little bit on it on his special when he talks about social media, I'm interested to see what Chris robbed of that those guys odor. Will you have you read about Chris rockstar know that this new talks.
It's a lot about his divorce and you know relationships enough. I think it's dark eyed. I don't think it's what, when I think it's our networks when it comes out Netflix out of these were pupils I can tell felt like I liked watch both of those. I still feel like the third and fourth ones will be the ones you he's coming back. It's almost Jordan come back from play baseball forty skaguay at his back. Could it seemed like a lot of old material greener it didn't come every hour. Yeah you're, right, you're, right external, will be better. I met rather does you a crystal though, but I think we like the younger guys like navigate to this new social media or look alike, derive comically autocracy, Rocco Michael. I thought his HBO special was really get his toes. The coma and time is getting them at some point. Your odds for anti drugs because got a really unique rhythm to how he delivers the stuff too, can only compared flow of Kyoto. Like a like what he said about Gm Martin Luther King Jr, because a lot of you,
You say that out loud, it's a kids, probably do you like, and we are being more and more disconnected from my history. So we don't really, I mean not, make it understand what a lot of you don't really understand, what one can junior met right? They don't really the jury to be sitting here. Media. Sitting here doing this because compartment fifteen June, you you know me so said that Jason means way more to me than Martin Luther King Jr understood it alive. You like this is preferable. I get would he say he set it up really nicely was embarrassed about it. He was proud of the earth but yeah and he doesn't like. Aren't there may indicate any family? I can quote Demi every Jesse Lear I'd like to buy, from which we must regret it ass, pretty ass. True, I have you, of course, of interest or who contact. You know, of course, with that might know Young boast about it. Might be debated would know yet you know who's bigger economy by death, through a true statement, I can sit in quota. I have a dream beach had it did you feel post lemonade? Well, what's the move for now
I think they do everything right. Ok, any reason as they you do everything right is jazzy is a perfect example of constantly growing, can we evolving in somehow find a way to still remain grounded and it's like we ve, been take His journey with him since reasonable doubt like literally shown us ways that at he showed his. When his life, through his music for reasonable in my lifetime. How not live to you note. A blueprint like you just showed us even in a phoney puts our songs about Blue Ivy boy, you know when he'll get on all the way up Remix and give you a couple of bars about the the incident like you know you know exactly what is that at every point is, We watch them grow. We wash them evolve, he's the guide it. We constantly rueful because either for us. It s really moving the culture. Foreign is showing that it really can be done. You ve a pity me a black privilege, the epitome of it. So is this like us. You got everything right, Annie, put a lot of people alone. That's the thing I like somebody present. I like that, though Morris's then idea angle. I do
Is it a great score, but I mean come on Ryan is his odd is kindly desire is to call leg. You know I d, the his art is like he had directed labels, Beanie, Sego, Memphis, bleak lackeys put so many people on a few like that's how you Continue to empower yourself and why he looked at it at the dawn he is now when it was my fault. Five years ago in the New York sign that was played for a year Straight Implieth Data mining is first number one single. Ever it's a great site. But it's also like the all time. Irrational conference on cause is basically saying, like I own New York on the most important person, but it like We call them out people right without a scam. I, like I don't like this, but I can't lose more influential is unbelievable, an independent agency leubronn right in that about like Cleveland Year, but but Jaycees like I only and here's a song about Nigeria good, I mean you're, gonna, listen to it. For a year you landed. The airport you hear implies data. My
but I knew tat really change our air. I was, I was doing a new year's eve. Special firm tv bar drops first long. They play fret Frank Sinatra: New York, New York for France and Natural went off they play implies data my by Jean and in that time he's telling us that he is the news larger as why why, in Ukraine, the crowd, the energy never shifted, rent the energy from four the national yoga, nobody love, that's you know, hugging, kissing and plaster. Might even a bigger part like why it's in the tattoo and then I stated my Billy jaw, which I think has endured tubing. That's like forty years old. Now, that's a little more like a love letter to New York, yeah jesus- I I May I come together and we have stated that my mouse oh yeah, no, more romantic, oh yeah! That's when he does when, like that's what old gloomy
when you get slander, brought the faithful, irritably and rob for you, Polly purely on the subway that that those who live in Asia and Russia yeah we had Josiana desolate now was another one. Another one had regularly boring right. Now I was a great enough relay, may was a great innovation, economic daisy fan and it was like just historical hip. Questions. I wanted to ask Jane, get his opinion. They got people say things like arm, he and be where he is a was still alive or like underground stuff. Like people said, Jazzy took young Chris from Philadelphia You start again like that. You wasn't Nepal, Therefore, in any of my even like you know, a room about beyond, say, pregnancy, that he was over. About a man. A pillow came out that one time no, she sat down member. It did now ass, theirs this is internet photo that people clear she was my dad and like the pit, the alleged pillow Islamic bent forward and people have got six years about it here,
me you James, always agreed, and we always god like that agreed in the view of those guys that came up in the nineties early two thousands idea they got the best or skills. If you can you actually Learn from what I like interviewing God like you, but I can learn from you re. I dont want to sit in talk to somebody. I know I got more money than you, What am I gonna somebody No, I won't be around next year like why the third led into broke girls. Yes, exactly if the third programme, really broke in real life, I have Katie and NAS on when you were talking about how you want to learn from people, and I would like that the best possible thing for you is when something unexpected at. So cool. Does one of my favorite things have ever done because then you really know each other, but there there was a commonly.
That they in totally know they had thought well and also that the rain was this. Is the summer he's taken other this shit decision and not having been in the same shit he had. Some more is IQ now, and I look at this young fellow here and I see, and they started doing exactly what I can't I hoped he would I don't want to be you no overt about China parents, China, nudge in there, and at some point I saw a click with now and then he said he had some all noise, like you know, and I look at this young fell over here and I see and they started and exactly what I can't. I hoped he would see those fuckin core and others like a visa, Confucius Outflow Eve. I just feel like he. She just walk around GIS. Spouting wisdom, and you know you you a lot of you. I know it is doing at all. He landed ruprecht glow. There is not enough that we do not I do not envy you. If you go online, you not go find like over a boy of like long form, noise interview? You might get some clips here?
hear him say some things would nobody's. I can't think of a real. Deaf math interview. I was If I had him for like over an hour, it see his connection with Biggie was the most fascinating thing to me, come round it and because he brought it up a couple different arms and just almost eight there is a sense of loss yeah, just as a competitive musician. There was just good tat, big. His life. It were made him a little bit better embedded a feeling. I got, and I never thought about that before I love Now this one up in my book like privilege, talk a lot about artist whose music resonate with me, because they had a lot of socially conscious things in their music Grattan from a small town. Yet come most going to South Carolina in for me, I was able to transfer my circumstances because the literature cuz, the music and NAS one of those guys who would be saying certain things in his rhyme that will make me go research. I didn't want to research certain people going to research, certain places, certain books and things he would name drop and, like I feel, like
The song I did, I did have a black privilege playlist for title and he did a song caught. I came in I like that song is the epitome of just anybody embracing the divine privilege embracing what they are and who they are and saying. I can do anything I want to on this planet. Is God made me? Put me here and now record now I can't live like the soundtrack to this that whole book. He has the second, my second phase Most improbable instagram account route that I joy other than cages, which is the goat in ceramic harvesting gave you the cages account is incredible: Uk the cat I would pay for if it was, I cages in scream cars that ten dollars about the Baghdad, where a really follow given gonna sell, just be like I'm on the beach with Rashid Wallace and then the next, like I'm in my man, cave with Arthur Miller, I get yards anti and then the next ones, like in Greece with pop here.
I don't. I just do a bit of a short cagey, twenty we're Benita area. Tony, I give him don't you today. Recently you dead there was some word. What was the wordy heat? He was trying to announce on his shows that he was undisputed Leah, something I don't know what the fuck came out. Hidden obligation did like gibbeted. It sounded like if you muted the tv in both the Rams rapid into this mad clothes cabinet, exclamation, Mafia youth. I did not understand what he said, but if, like he'd even attempt to he just like you read the problem and you said a word, and you know something you care for enough for you to try to brush over it. Yet he did then given dog you today, for I am cages, restocking attitude. I respected Yola. He is all charisma tv, because if you ran a transcript of what he actually set aside, I almost Charlemagne. That's my dude he's ready areas, the best that's my guide, just after a minute, and then buddy nothing's actually said, but its. It feels like something importance happening when Russia is very charismatic ideas period,
ass. We went out and never fails. Every time before I can see you and eminently I end up doing sportsmen could hunger carriage ambient casual, real good. I love carriage happened made answer, I was it is not promoted my book in her colleague, David Lloyd, yeah. You know they do this tat five lists, so today was tat. Five books, yeah so carry hasn't rebels. Had like pyramids says by John Wouldn t the things what time is Muhammad Ali and David Friday my light, which was a good book with any at sea. Biscuit so soon ass, aussi biscuit I've got pissed off. I don't know why Happy birthday present me to fuck off I hate the movie I don't like to have. It was terrible. That's it! That's why I got David, listen trash. See briskly trash. Fourth reaction is trash trash. Just like you, gonna leave like well, you know it's also carry was like. I should need apologize him. Did you get this?
did you do it just because you know, but I doubt of it ass a lot. Would you say that to my colleagues whatever would have we ascertained on Twitter just now Gmail, who gave David props, while bookie posted and then he tweets ourselves as such to budge a bell. Out there with something he retreated it. Well not occur. The Charlemagne got my vote, the camp David, I don't mean that I knew you guys are going to food at some point. It is appalling that the much what am I going to do all this was dress. You don't fuck with sea, biscuit right. That is down there, I think he did you just don't mess. He learned things ass, you see biscuit. I've got to adopt place. I guess I got Then you have a whole movie about fucking horse racing one. Then it's a lead to the second movie about led to the secretariat move. We ve got a sequel, was basically sequel secretary or to say movie just different horse who would have thought nobody? What the only horse people give a fuck about Miss, Well, it's a Mister Edison only was invited to historically starkly ever cared about what other horse.
Who care about the new method secretary, really, green ever made that made the sport century list of greatest athletes and have no nineteenth is the best athlete. I was ahead a bill, rustled, Meadow Anatolia, and only then you should give Nor is it about the exact now just eighty seven I was, unlike a heard, everything out of this trap, see biscuit OC. Instead, I handed out you fix ESPN because there's been a lot of them. Trying to fix the Caspian Rina. Honest I would, I would have more people of the culture yes, but I love love what I love carry what are they doing, whether they are, but I think we should do more. Like I love. Ok, it's odd sometime because you have carry then you have somebody like David Lee same show right Enough Data David. To say that our way in this respect- and I would say in illicit traffic that we talk here- you gotta me microscope. It understood that yeah a microscope would have pushed back like
they travel relegate equipment when it has been like what you mean trash like garbage one thing I ve taken literal trash, like you, think about trash Dave, you thinkin about that. The garbage made other come up with a note of what you think about what you need more people of the culture like I love the sick, Michael Revenue, and I love the fact that all of them are doing things outside of sports. Could sports is like pop coaches blending with politics now with blending with music, so good that they have such diverse, that come on the show? I do think we need to do that. A little bit more with their eyes to take shit for that last decade. Rarely near Universal, not happy diverse, now like mixed in sports pop culture, is different, things were not only last decade was basically scattered reports, and then I would China mix stuff up an arrogant man. Sports isn't just is just now interesting anymore. Not overall is all the sub Platt stay calm, which borders with people are tweeting in, like you say, cagey on, there's, two grandma what people are doing like people care about more than just what
you did on this around sports. Absolutely he got a thing. I got a little upset twentieth rested there baseball's trash way better when nobody on steroids it was not until steroids era was way. Better. Baseball feels like each year becomes less relevant until, Perhaps I will come a long way off like a six months for people realise that worship last year, but like right now we if we just talk about brace harbour for ten minutes? Whoever's! Listen to the sun in their car when up work it out NBA is one of the US off left it's Vodafone, bright, terrible conversation documents. On early up. I could name you one baseball blue, like none I am always has this theory that dead I wish, thought of, and I love in a very Joseph base. It on my Pakistan.
The ambition is one of the only things left its in the Middle EAST. We have all these different. All these different things about life right now, sportsmen's pop culture, whatever it's all these little niches, it's all over here, and so there are no risk at their low things that they love, but the NBA as one of the only things that People are different types of experiences. Culture niceties class doesn't matter like everybody's, got an opinion on the NBA Placer now symbolic Westbrook, you know, which is It is forty years ago the NBA we talked about when I was on your show. The NBA the rap on it was. It was to black and the fans are two way and how could this makes sense? And now it's like, you know, I would say twenty of the twenty five most marketable american athletes are basketball players yet completely flipped and it's in the middle I think, is a good thing. I think is a great thing, but there's nobody in their right mind who should ever complete about the NBA being two black? Instead, as Africa,
twenty. Two mba was white and be baseball like nobody would give a fuck like like what whiten. And they play is amazing. It was it story line in the MID laid nineties when the guy make a lot of money and the hip hop influence. A dry had drifted into the we're love and it was alive. They put the dress code and years. If you go back, red sports illustrated some of the publications back then the rose like what is and be I do about. There is our coded here. Their problem can the new fans and say would mean collecting offence caused their geyser, making rap albums. The end where jogging since the games is stifling so hated NBA Driscoll lifted the guy's dead. The guy care about how they look. Yet they got they discord, implemented Driscoll now, they'll be lying on a one off in anybody sexuality. Like liquids where I asked, if genes are really stand, he's gonna be Russell rest Breasting yesterday, right scrape eighties, he had again
huge hole in his Jean Pierre. It's funny to me that they put so much thought into that is must win game in Houston is like where my genes, with the giant hold them wrestle with Brooks amazing, no man. So you protest. A common destiny, we're neighbors after game too, and he took eighteen shots in the fourth quarter which have never seen in my life. Why wouldn't be who you are? And I love you- I can't stand this. This is the word that's now who out now now that you're not his distress. I don't want to tell you everything. This is the game. Am I who there's an about. Please seriously Westbrook defenders I can't take Louis you is it all about about ask yourself there severe and his team in you, barely everyone issue and in the fourth quarter, he's gonna shoot every time and then the one time get passed by expected or make the shadows at a good pace up where so how the arrogant, inefficient focus is the deep
it's as are shading over him all the time, but it also has the bar the time again. Twenty assess total net game it. Thirteen shaded by ninety, five shots and gaming took forty three that's you can't win now I never work. Maybe he needs I'm going to restore teammates managers teammate, but you can't do breakfast com and despair on talk of the whole time. Every shut up or not in our eminent say something you just be ready like you can't do that as he does. What Katy live. Yes, absolutely I did that no commissary no coach reeled out, even though I want the cultural enemies they was, but you can match you some fifty thousand gave some guys are just fight. I've been there, sitting there may some great, as he really felt, every time that he was the wreck. I too take the shot, he's all much confidence. So swagger, if you wanted to turn that now you let it ride, it has the big thing with Kobe: Phil Jackson was always starting in like two thousand and three Phil Jackson's, always trying to figure out how that you know pull the steering wheel way from a little while you keep the teammates involved in Kobe, a lot of struggles of that and then you finally
settled into a selfish place that was still ok, beneficial. I rather therapy would add. I rather at the pool somebody back from it? too much can be done in this area as opposed to them. Yet I don't really have a problem. What Westbrook does decide? How do we figure out? He forgot it, just pull it back alone. Here's the thing you can't say winning is the most important thing when you, trying a style. Has never one well he's trying to do with that with the bow and how much he hasn't Emma Times he shoots and how he monopolize it We have a seventy year track record of this, not working. Never succeeded in any real level. May Mason. Why do it maybe Westbrook just realizing? I don't need to be here anymore. We see that it cannot maybe he's a steady sign at three year extension. Maybe they actually get the Bulgaria to what they have good. I mean they paid all deep alike, two hundred my back there and he's got. Worse than last year. They paid cancer leg,
Seventy five million or somethin he can barely play in the series items is gonna get paid, he's gone where Lego, but I know forgive them for language aims are, if you like beginning to relay your patient, acquire an obligation to category five million bucks. Keep those three to get out of this. Keep the team that almost one the files, therefore child. Let's see how our achievement together, the outlet hardly to point them. Allenham played a pointless, possibly the two waited there. With hardened and day here before, you is basically like derision a mania coming off the badger, completely changing games. I was only twenty two percent on say and I would invite initiative. However, let that nuclear go. You might be too. Championship than if they kept their team. Again, that's my eye tickets. It's the best! Whatever this decade, when nobody let him go, no was part money, it was the day just got cheap and I think they are It's almost inexplicably. I actually think that at the time they really thought they made a good trade. They like the tree, Now is the weirdest part of it? I've been one day
like in the lottery pig. They like heavy Martin that have a mark replaces office that lay Jeremy Lin James argues like that girl that used to date and like he was cool. When he was with you and they when she leaves you think, like oh she's, gonna fall off but as she goes and give Hata vs, and now you have far you kicking yourself like shit. I ain't. Never let her go the. I think it's way we're at even worse. In that yeah, fine, another girl, you can't find other James. I have another jail and other championship window and enable to stay together, those three. What if they begin committed? No one and ships, but almost any would be most Patman team, infrequent country, they would have to take charge of the judges addressed but day were they would have been parliament. Have you been again there no It is like a college feeling, have you been Obama setting? No doubt thousand, that's how I think. Maybe that's why Katy wanted to leave it up, not about his ilk. Lotta forgot up, you know, Google City or their noble. One thing is for sale that even in almost eighty two nice little model,
I join my time, therefore couple days. The other point I would if I weren't nomes referred, where lived there Kevin the candor ants size in the Bay area, the Swami July Rate- I mean it. I was I I was just therefore am travelling. First sport stuff, it's like as a compact. Can I just walk away Congo? The game cried like a to me as the worst case scenario, for going to write about the final there's, something for for a week, measures that land has just like him, her eggs in a different way, everything's twenty minutes from everything I flew, so that's the thing would the right of the leg given to it, but I just feel like when you do those superpower teams- The ring so mean as much. It is, does it mean likely. We always say that of the Brons one one ringing Cleveland, that's like six in my head in the bright. Not do that with clever with me. He went to Cleveland Dad Cairo Irving here, who is the number of technology, asked Tad Thompson there,
and they had another number and pick an owl draft that they fought for cabin is operating, and I really cagey formed a super team. We have the KGB. Team had already wanted championship like day. Because motivated me, Kevin Terrain, no cages, team ethics had a woman when he hears doublet advocating yeah yeah. The Celtics were a little bit different, but Braun leaving the go to my army and team it up with the way we increase, but for whatever reason, edges seem like the legion of doom at the time, but the go back the quick for as well as because nobody goes back to cleave rat. You don't go the Cleveland he actually went back to Cleveland and one a ring like there s good. That's. Why haven't you below it? a campaign that Michael join because its two different legacies total instead of There are two different air Jordan Wanna play for twenty years. If he had all the stuff that there, how much will you the game, probably more than at his peak Consider the handshake roses that, but didn't have thin
but napping than an open dialogue and that in other Hyper Barrack chambers were they rested in yeah there. I just think it would have been. He would have taken advantage of some of this stuff here, maybe some of the chemicals. Listen, there's nothing wrong with performers. As I want to see the best possible product or a goddamn cod football field on debate, Bobbio, performers, the drugs don't make? Scrope players superstars? They just make superstars even bigger superstars who would have been your dream dad for serene his baby common anybody from cut worthwhile come on communist from the culture I would take up the net Serena Williams situation, really pisses me off yesterday, why one enemy each other once again, blackmail lead white men make better choices than it Drake and I'm in data, Serena Williams, neither wanted and proposed are neither wanted him shatter club to all time catch. You don't try to get Serena Williams pregnant. You don't merits really drive
in common with was wrought, Serena Williams by arguably the greatest I would to have our errant and flew blew up to the ehler, while I'm the bar was in there. You why wouldn't you so Rina Williams, you let this guy come from all over the country and shoot out shooter club up by come opera like then on a term that disgusting ate it I just think she's the greatest athlete we ever produced up there, man she's. I would love to see that they allow me out, I think, Michael, join with greater demand. Greater female low Jackson, now grace FEMA famously said now. Earthy actually pay I put up what are known as the most successful Athens. I've ever had more did Michael Jordan, oh yeah. If you look at, the first, while mega joining only one six rings, he began by Success bill rustles the most successful at the ogre but Serena you gone from what ninety nine to two thousand seventeen
Eighteen years, she's so far, love whoever next on Azure all the data subject together. If it is based on how much generational and is based on how much you care about the individuals, but could I loved it is but all right, tint tyrant, thing, Tennyson two degree of difficulty: isn't like basketball, rapid ball, even baseball, maybe you don't say it anyway. I did the difficulty for ten. Is once they climb the mountain cuz, it's so hard to get there and it's so it's so boring to play and you're by yourself for ten hours a day and they get there at they're at the top and they end None of them can stay there for that, because the disappointing needed, there aren't you when you achieve it, you're like a fact. I now it I just gotta protect this every year, you're, gonna love this with the present were taken for granted right now, who possibly may be the greatest athlete ever. If Tom Brady and the reason I thought I'd, but any attention businesses they even have nothing, but the reason I say that because of the degree of difficulty of football yet like is did not
League for real, like you're supposed to be. He sat on a dark, yes the Roma Romo is dawn. The payment is gone like they're gone, probably because of India. Lies only had one bad injury. Yeah he's been really good at not taking big heads unless the EU still. I was getting sacked or something, but he picks aspire tickets were the bar fass good system keeps himself as shape a little. Both in time, his forty years old this year. He turns forty, and I ask you might not even a Mite Tom Brady Private agreed is actually about that. Based on the degree of difficulty of football and successful he's been in that sport. I think, he's a boy. He certainly one the paint manning argument. I started to close, then, the conversation for best football player from the length of how long he played, I think, he's You don't have it in the best quarterback ever now now he's the best corbo saint of you gonna start a franchise with any football player. I think you'd probably pick him because along he played absolute now getting worse,
but now it's I now his head into this Michael Jordan, mom rally territories, Garroway, I had a lot to say how about, if I say, people just think I've been a home not either. Furthermore, I've never seen anybody beat the Inundate Tom Brady beat in it, because if you their survival game. Every slanderous mean by Michael Jordan. Face was like Seventy five ages in all Brady three quarters killing, kill it. Then, all of a sudden, it's like you just shifted type and came back and won the super bowl and everybody just delete their means are still stuck in his dick, like it literally went from the most Tom ladys land, this lining up to suck his fucking cat, so it I've. Never Lena before my life, I think Tom Brady is the greatest athletes I wasn't on the internet during that because as too busy to having a stroke, but I can only
and how will this will you gotta get out of my dad and my as my pham I had it switch seats. Had hafta for better luck never gave up quickly how much of our time radioed on twenty five and I'm still like, do the math and my head for how they can come back preachers ran fanatical out of regard for a name geese been he's from both into a thing would have saved school something, but he. Was like at the end of the game. You, like my kids and my mom, my wife, my dear, plan what you gotta go against its new, what a real and I was looking, I got personal because that hold the flank anything. You know, and it was like his legacy was being too. Urged and then it was like all he's. Gonna come back, they spent for games and come back anyway, try to win the support of a right of good ass here, and there were down twenty three. How do you think a Dell film
mom Google Del brought out a sire relief like allowed within the trophy. He was fine. They changed his battery, whose get ya take exile. The matter out of his back put another an end, as in either reprogrammed annulled, big data, better athlete on the planet and Tom Brady actually mean I gotta say seawater like pop up. Champagne right. So what is the good of the degree of difficulty of football yeah like as a member for one of the most dangerous bought out? Bear these prospered in it for years but before he went home funding as they did the rules, so that core backs took a little bit less punishment, but he still give U S Atalanta, game here, tat like twelve times that game heart, had hit the ground at one point in private jack and cost and tell anybody. Are there any quarterbacks left from Brady's era, Norway no now from two thousand he's coming on, and I think it s amazing you wanted to both less you. Any grew hair more here. Now anybody
the ground I am in the brain they do do you can regenerate you're on airline adds rewrite area of year at a whole other level, your writing performers in his right, you're right, you're right. I feel sorry for the broadening of the broad don't have airline, he does so much for the community. So much Lydia Cleveland desire that Ella monopoly has on what rapporteur, I think, has taken the most performance enhancing drugs. Fifty cent. Somebody out to dry without really big job at one morning budgetary was sober diesel. Yeah. I mean unbelievable, argued by the plane incredible. How can the next avenge his movie is something my he was Hugh like absolutely there with I'm clothes. What do you think that budget as every day but has average day like deny stuck it Joanna like dogs dragging a broadly up, everybody gets up, goes into Jim derogatory. Probably fights takes business cos, maybe, but I would just one burthen Jimmy Ivy, whereas I make music. Do you think anymore? So you know, I think drains wanted to people whose, in his own way, because of his genius
doktor drain level, you're only fighting against yourself like literally year. Only fighting against yourself who you are right. So in your mind, you constantly saying what them, if I can make something better than is actually something about that and he's probably making the most amazing shit what to his ear. It's probably just support, but if you would like, let somebody else here there, It s amazing. Put that active, laugh. I'm captain was a great album. What is it sat on their musical so long to cause a you reach, a point where Europe, Nathan, anyone under thirty evolving stay where for that, but the great point indeed like a grave like fifty plus yeah. I was driven out does give my music to other artists. Inadequacies me like. I would give me production to other Garth bricks and have a fake name, absolutely I want you to tell people. Is me I'll. Just sit back and get the reaction off in the light of our trade. Should do that and then, like five years later, when everybody thought about how great, despite it was inevitable yet raided,
under the earliest fuckin, you know billionaire beats some crazy shit like who, as the championship, Baron aka Kendrick as a good question on me, a drink. Still reigns supreme. He no drakestail got the rainy Jake drank when he's in that's how he could bring a championship bout and nobody would, yeah me again shit about it at the right now was kindred season, but is such a weary time because everything so fleeting? So it's like what's exports is like sport. I gotta give it to the guidelines. Drake kinda. J call for whatever reason they remain relevant Alla time people still care about their products when they dropped, so it owes Your kind of like going back and forth tat started about Jake you like all. Of his arguments on a logical, elevated than you stand for about two things that we raise Tom, Brady and Jake on five minutes. I am Molly. What is music is born. I like I can't I'm now. I put him on what those gas is, though, that if I just me person, I'm just saying I can
can't ride around in the jungle. Gotta, be in the mood to listen. I don't You really know who you are as an artist until you take just incredible matter, shit for something like Drake Vodrey landed. These was not that bad. Their goodies was neck. Ever wasn't. Bad now is being now it's being treated like it was the titanic, but they just wasn't methods will not bad. It goes back home you just talking about is like we're when you put yourself like the drink, that the great thing they drink of made so much incredible music, but everybody's waiting, this one incredible body of work I am and he had given it. That's a good to give young people. Don't you Jake, I like that. I think Maybe there's a certain element of people that did not in a mainstream way, yet that a court like while we are using that he's actually place. That's probably easier to do with creatively kindred go. Could they? And go they please contracts and the best place you could be. I think the new man in his famous business to family, his decision
for the most part, people those respect and know that he puts on into them, but we take for granted for grand. That's a good thing to be taken for granted. We took this desire for granted this a great album there, but it's like watching the Braun average. Thirty, eight nine right it is used to You heard me like I've got you didn't, take things to the next level. We would desire. So why don't you get score? Fifty exactly so. If I like the new kindergarten, I think it's great, but this like this kindred me And you're gonna my loud prepared as a writer debt, how he did the add the titles for the for the songs and how they looked collectively at that, I like little stuff, like that, I love this- is even all one word things. It was caps. It was like if you looked at a collective weight, almost like a poem, a lesson that was cool about entitled day and would a period I like that, like stuff, like a like, like a like simply City. I want to have, in my view, that catch a great yeah,
balls annually. Actually, with the first person I ever gave Kendrick Lama radio interview em like every first time I met kindred Lama was through. Actually you can at least duties bowl and parties in New York. In literally this is Two thousand and nine are what we talked about this autumn. I walked up to Kindred and I go. You know I wear a size, twelve bowling shoe. Can you give me a size twelve? I thought you work there, because that's how my we did not look like a star at all is look. I literally thought he was working in there. Now that I'm a bad left aid Luanda, because this critical moment of my bed, apologia by that I mean that when we talk about that, all the time lag and top dog remuant on top down saw me. You, like his kindred the thought of you now as the yea. But at the time when he's not you'd know different he's the same guy there's just that no one's yourselves mountains and you get their light on you. Now we can see it at the time you really look like he was supposed to be Mr Swoboda, you we're together, the main, the God black privilege, arbiter,
those have created as well in the air and the abbess our lives it. I'm pretty good right now, you you have something that really helps these books, which is you can drive people the awareness that its platforms platform very important forms, a good for anything else you want, but this too, man that I'll write, mangle getting on Amazon bonds, ennobles, cigar world dot com and continue to listen to the breakfast club and bill Then you have me man and you can see Charlemagne and sees Nana keeping up the carnation absolutely now now of excitement goddamn erratic, I tags to seek it. Don't forget to down the cap today or go error rate to seek their common. If yourself expand go to seek, it gets himself exposed tickets for game for thanks to blue apron, thanks to pay Frazier Let me bounce off some mailbag questions, some thoughts of the star, the packets, thanks to Charlemagne, Dover, ITALY. Nowadays in marrow and our ambition.
Guess mailbag. We have a bunch of good stuff. Coming next week, also bank deposit cast with the South Park ass. That's common man tray we ve had manner on the package before, but never man Shea together and it's a good one. So I think we're running at some point next week or by the latest like May second, but that's up good times. That's it thanks for sport. In the b S pack, ass will turkey ways.
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