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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to talk NBA, including a breakout Giannis performance, the Knicks' hilarious coaching search, Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs, the 76ers-Heat series, and the Pacers' beatdown of the Cavs. Then they revisit the 'House of Carbs' NBA food cities pod with some feedback from the masses.

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Today's very special episode of the bill, summits, Pakistan, the rigour back ass- that work is brought to you by super cruder. Sadly, the South Ex can't get a career being replacement and they prefer to they're gonna, have to settle for terror regime and shame Larkin tonight for game to against the bucks, but eighty percent of employers who posted job answer protruded get aquatic candidate within a day there, the best that dribbling your job to the best boards identify the right people, the inviting them to apply my listers contrived for free at secluded outcome, slash bs! You can hear house breathing heavily into the microphone. Meanwhile seek the best out for buying and selling tickets to sporting events concerts or for twenty two hours after first seeking purchase and any game responding web for MBA Nato base bar whatever you know it, to use promo code B, s tickets available for spurs where's game. Three. I think we could see the sweep coming
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time machine and talk to you in eighteen. Eighty, eight out of your opinion on this ring merchandise I did go to the ringer dot com- slash shop big weekend for us with in this respect, curry decided to wear a blog boy, t shirt to gave one of the worst verses and was celebrating, and people wonder what the hell is going on I dont totally understand it. I think I think his teammates were abused by the blood boy search bar boys thing, but even though Ringer merchandise suggested, it easily house the biggest moment and rigour, merchandise sister. I think right. I hope you print enough I mean that that's gotta be the hottest item right. We have run out we'll put it that way. Of course, also speak. If there be a ringer NBA show, we are
sided to start taking these on Sunday, Knights and Wednesday nights right after you, whenever the games and so that when you had to work or when you wake up or when you go into the jam or whatever you do on Monday morning and Thursday morning, you have a nice ringer, MBA, podcast sittin there waiting for you and we did that on Sunday night. And our great alot of people listen to it. John guns. Ours was in his hotel room with them a freelance engine. Here. We don't know what happened, we're not going to ask questions what they did after the park ass, those like one third or their five star lotion IDA. I don't judge. I don't judge what happened in the hotel rooms after one o clock, but it was great thanks to Jack it's ours and I thank everybody for doing that. Ringer, ineffectual till we get the draft common up and we have blown it out with Clark and Maize Gm Street whole thing so few miss that check that out some
grab does get to subscribe to check s carbs house. Let's start supply us first project ass, a boss than here in this house. I am going to give to you today fully. We can get this up a few hours before gaiety of people can hear the following prediction: willing to start. Pack ass with this either Janius is going to have an all time incredible game. I should say Gina, because it's really is genus and communists, and I am just bad with once. I have a pronunciation of ahead. I stick with it by, I think she honest is going to put together what are the odds?
I'm classics tonight I dont know if that's gonna be enough for the bucks to win, but I'm feeling something in the forty four and twenty range and between him any Anthony Davis and James Harden going up just up the ladder Sunday night were seeing some under thirty stars raise their games just a wee bit. It's starting to feel it that's happened, and what do you see in house? Why will favour earth? I was please to see on doktor bills, twitter. What's that so again, doktor build nineteen. Forty seven he just take. This cardiologist advocates the number one senior citizens Frederick about thirty percent as today need anything that doctors spent Anastasia. He gave a shot up to an electoral physiology team. He had a heart
echoed malaysian that went very well. I think that that were has in preparation for what the freak has in store for the bus in France tonight. I totally agree with you about. Craig. I thought the freak had a pretty damn good game one, and you know that this is the great regret as Washington fan catching Austin at this highly vulnerable moment is about the best opportunity to to advance to the second round, and I think that the South Ex are gonna, beat the box because, as you know, there there's a maturity, problem, but there is also a kind of an institutional instability problem that begins and ends with Having Jason kid as your preferred coach, and I mean with all due respect to the bucks current coach. Diana elevator with me yeah, If you got an elevator with me five minutes from now, I wouldn't have any idea what the hell is, this
lotta weaken it Bernie jokes about him, which is now a thing. You're a movie. I feel that we need a two thousand eighteen version of the week and it burns reference. I buy it. I thought the bug said more talent, I think, in in a vacuum. If the coaches are even, I think they win the series and five I think it's ridiculous for the south to advance advanced around too that there too best players and their third string point guarded in point guard. Basically, but the box did everything I wanted them to doing game, one who is spectacular on defence, they played straight man to man, they never switched and they started switching about six minutes left in the fourth quarter. The announcers were like a great move by the by let's hear their day there now switching on everything instead is again they they should have been doing that all time and then they camp this small ball unit with yadda. Jihadist had sent her all the time, but they should be doing it
burst almost like what the warriors stumbled into with line up a death a couple years ago, when it was like, we camped why this line of forty eight minutes a game, but when we played its basically unstoppable offensively and we should be able to get by defensively. They did it They realise that that was the right line up and told the tail end of the fourth quarter. It's basically Bragton Bledsoe Middleton, who I thought was excellent again. What I think is really just in general and major barriers: thou with YA said the centre, and then you spread no doubt you put Janius at the top of the key and considering the leak that some take for steps on every drive actively had stopped banality down our day to day on, come on then giant steps here, Guys are the very lengthy stride, the freak there are three key when the obey, who are allowed to travel and weaken
justified anyway? We want- and we could talk about this continuation durable at all this weird shit that that they claim are now in the rules that were not in the rules. Thirty years ago, labelling James takes three steps only drives Jameson, it- takes between three and five steps on his dropped back three some Have you heard that some fool yeah he's on the left side of the court? He picked the ball up and by the time he finishes his drops, that is, on the right side of the court. And then janius because he's an alien. Nobody could even figure out how many tab steps he took because he's taking seven eight feet per per stride: to be serious for a second. I just think they're really high doses, really hard guys to officiate, you could call a foul and the defence gets the bran every time yadda is just a freak nobody's ever seen they like this in and then who is the third when I said oh hearted
It's like a jet. I mind track with it with the drop step in the in the moment it seems fine, but it doesn't feel totally wrong. Then you watch the replaying, it's a while back. I moved for steps witty Think that's a travel house. You play basketball, your life, what you think, I don't think pardon. What hardened does is a travel, because that to me feels like. Something the league has been permitting for as long as I've been watching, basketball would end and I'm referring to what he does to gather himself the steps he takes to gather square. Our steps that I feel like I've been watching great jump. Shooters gonna, get away with our steps. I feel, like I watch Reggie Miller, do that two thousand times and even before then of shooters are allowed to gather. That's not a travel Bron deal
impossible. I was, you know, furious about it early in his career, because I didn't think that he'd, you know, earn enough respect and credibility with the league to be getting that kind of favorite treatment from the rest mean that the crab dribble, which was essentially a technique to cover a blatant three step. Walk was maddening, now he's an og fifteen years, all the mind, I don't have any problem with what Lebron does an Well tell you with a freak. I'm surprised, so at times I have been surprised in a watching a replay, his stride or so what he doesn't work as much as it feels like I know it actually probably isn't travel I've just never seen somebody would. I don't even know if you compare the strides too like watching a a science fiction movie or something
I can't wait to see tonight about I've only seen em twice in person, and I think he is a year or two away from being whatever he's going to start end up being, I don't even think he's close yet, which is frightening. Cuz he's basically two thousand eight hundred and twenty five and every game he doesn't really know when to take over heat. It really now eat has never feel fur the flow of a game it than that since that somebody card and has at this point in his career worries like oh they're, making a run I this is. This is the time to break out this move or that this is a minimum and to go on little tear right here. I don't feel like Giannis. I don't feel like he totally gets that part yet, but he's going to and it my opinion since we have our favorite teams in the eastern conference. I really hope.
Italy, dire back coaches, probably our only jobs. Can they get a good team guy, but please, please run don't walk Milwaukee he's a is available, go get em wait wait. We should talk about the Knicks coaching search really quickly, because its just to air, and it's hilarious that the Knicks just never change, no matter who's. The GM and who's in charge in the pages teaches rinse, rather Is it rents, lather, repeater, lather, rinse, repeat, leather rents? Repeat it leather. Richly repeat, franchised, you see the names that they're they're gonna talk to make Woodson there had backwards it. Did you think I d there? I just figured they there. Tax it. I was wrong with horns. Sec did hornets like do a bad job. I think they didn't like, because
China window the stretch, any room like three spots and they use it out on the wrong side of everybody. By trying to actually when games you you, me by now. I never ever ever. Do the take the pandering. Take the hey look at me: the cow woke. I am taker, though hey this will make this will put me in a better lay in nobody will be able to criticise this. Take because I hate that my really hated on Twitter. With that said, I really think Should higher Becky habit. I think I beg you ate moved by their my first about the next ever done anything that nobody will Ever say a damn thing about an ever better, be ready for right, cause, she's, clearly qualified. Everybody who interacts of their loves her she's. For a job like this and and. They'll, make history, and why not? I dont understand that could have taken a higher MIKE Woodson
the idea of all time. I think it is possibly the very best. By him and other than you are staying in succeeding pop in San Antonio, I think New York as a destination for her. It's such a mature basketball town. It's such a you know it's it's a place at that I am, for you know some kind of innovation at all to come into their basketball lives. It's always great, going to mass and square garden that those gains are smart, I always enjoy being there in listening to you, know folks make observation but what's going on and watching what what the crowd cheers for they know who saw. I think they were there embraced the hell out of Becky. I think they would embrace sir. I think it's massive story if it happens and if you're the next year
let me offer season where'd. That was just a completely last season and on top of it you didn't even get a top five lottery pack. The draft before you took this french kid who probably now where has it chanced to be more than an average? Often software think he can be really good defensive where, but there are, I says, pass on a bunch of guys, including down, were Mitchell who looks like Janeway two thousand for red ass. He had done. If a person gets who's not back until halfway through next season. You have Lebron is a free agent. This year is not even to look your way, You have all these deeds changing pieces. You don't have enough trade assets to get any them like. Why Leonard, for example, gravy you could have the assets to put together for a is you don't have any real up real awesome assets, except for pausing, is in this traffic Becky. Then you hire her and everyone's ready for that. For you from that point on and also.
She does all the media and she's the story for a year. You don't have the issue oh, she does is distract everybody from the frequent messier team spend for two decades and she by sheep by gray coach, I think she's, the best candidate of He name and that I have heard- and I can't believe stupid there. I wouldn't, I would have already. I would have hired her already and while are still time you she still coaching and the pious so that there is still time right well considered. Jamestown is the same guy who had to pay like twelve and ours, and as they Thomas's sexual harassment suit and then waited fears than hired as time is to run is debated. I doubt he's gonna see the air the forest the trees on this one and a good point, and I could, I think, would be more likely. Here too, I think going to get the job remember his name mentioned yet people anything upstart shit, I'm really not I just this is, if I had to
bet on somebody out better doc. Rivers. Ah, ah, yes, why? Why? Because I think he's gonna, I think the clippers owing to push him out at some point over next. For weeks there just what science Europeans it seems pretty inevitable and it seems like the right time, but why would die? Wanna, go right into another. Hot situation. He's not been great at rebuilding the dock. Last job, lots of money, big city, high profile- and you know yet the lottery pick this year, assuming that it actually works out pausing, says back in the year you're going to have cap space a year from now. I could see him talking himself into it if your doc rivers, where else do you go what's weird to me, is that the Knicks have, I would say, more,
the members and more fans than any franchise other than they ever more medium prison anybody there in the biggest city they I dont, know if they have the most fancied stemmer the Lakers in it's weird. How just accepting the next fans are. Their pay at this point, they should be happening for aids every day. I want that. There's gotta be some way to fix this protest that or something I saw them: MIKE what something outside own they had big weights in five years ago. You bring it back Gatt hate. What's that, what's take a quick break and then we're gonna talk about we'll talk about coming up. Omitted in Canada make reimbursed Israel. Ah, I can't wait come up. I want to tell you why collide Leonard is so unhappy in San Antonio.
That's right. After their eight with over ninety thousand state farm agents nationwide, you can get an agent that gets you as well as our horrified and Jason Tatum, get each other, which is the focus of the ringers new and be released ships, goals, video which were at which? What are you more jealous of Jason Tatum that I have on my team? Jason Tatum are our first just for the wizards, if you could put either of them on your team right now, there would be a whore for, without about without hesitation, out accept all the criticism people may want to levy, but that's heat. That kind of player is exactly what's missing here in Washington. I met a wizard he had we had. Adam you were in the running? It was called Saturday. Romania, the higher there lay whenever it was three years ago it began, very adversarial between you and I, for about twenty minutes, said the member that
I merely we were exchanging tax. We say I was we're on the twitter. There was all thing, well, I wanted this have forfeited its awesome. Did you know the ethics the actually improves when Tatum Interpreter out there that carry or that They both shoe better when the others Edward, I thought of surprise, be sure to check there. You out of the Ringer DEC on the rigours Youtube general. He did that complex, the Ringer, Thrace, Facebook or Twitter and remember like teammates on the court or relationship with this. They firm agent set you up for success off the court. Go to stay farmed. To get an agent that gets you. Ok, quite Leonard Couple, things have jumped out to me over the pass to me other than how bizarre the Sioux situation is one said he is not even go into the plan games which tells me that he's done with the team and I've I've looked
in every have tried to give the whole situation. The benefit of the doubt I cannot for the life of me understand Why he's not at these games at sea, it seems like there's been an irrevocable breach between him, the coach and the teammates. Unless he's trapped under something he might be trapped. There's something we don't know we haven't heard from him. He might be. Maybe like I was James. Franco will be twenty seven hours My leg you they made him. Hiking and in he manages just gotten an appendage trapped in Iraq and we we can't get on that's a case. I apologize. If that, I can't believe you these games? How hard is it the hop on a plane and fly to San Francisco? And if you dont rehab, you can do rehab and services, what you re just on that part, what, if he's at a crucial stage in this rehab and
he's everybody's in agreement that he is much better served going through a proper rehabilitation protocol and none. Interrupting it with you, no going the arena and sitting on a bench for three hours in those benches are, I mean the on their chairs, it's on a bench, but sitting there getting up getting down that that time is much better spent in in a consistent rehabilitation kind approach call where there is you know scheduled rest scheduled treat scheduled rehab. Want to run. That, to its logical course is. Is that possible? You really believe that it I have no idea. This whole thing is utterly unfathomable to me. I don't under Danny Injury, we had this conversation in October
I was sitting in your office in LOS Angeles, California, I didn't understand, injury back then, but we knew enough at that moment to be sceptical. His ability to return and as a result, we didn't like sand and toenails fortunes very much the seas and then in fact, they hit the under Ah, no Cecily Noddles yeah, but wait. Don't worry that now. What is the injury? I can't imagine what reason, he's doing that can only be done in New York City. What are they have some special. You have foam machine that eleven. By way, then there came a cash rates for insurers get to go to. Germany Kobe went to Germany that separate, if you told me, in Germany out understated more, but New York. Toby he was in no Miami Miami, Jake, Michael there is a letter require it was sounded like a deliberate cough autonomy.
Like the south each area in all this and he will look great out, be excited Have you ever been eighty orgy and h, Cartier throw even that was a lot of issues relating to make coughs, maybe era Gibbs recommendations good. It offers down their Miami doctors, great actors, very advanced, advanced medicine down there. It's really it's really great, but great game last night by the way. What now that's different he's, just a shape- Did you read I tweeted out there that surrounds in order for a speedy? Should we, we should do it showed up at my baby and he had the worst body fat in the teeth of the entire team, including like the twelve thirteen for the fifth lie about this he's leaving guy. That's all the food in Cleveland, maybe the phone equipment with a good year may- or maybe he just Didn'T- give a shit.
And really like. Maybe he they give a shit anymore and then Cleveland. I came in you, gotta go in his eye what and then to Miami in you dynasty, seems like what the fuck's avenue you fatty guy in the team. What's going on you, the fourth bus guard, while time Woody doing and with it too straightway who was washed up now, Looks that looks great. And I thought he was awesome. I stay we'll get to that. The second, the second thing with co, Then I don't understand Everyone is so afraid of Papa, which now Papa voyages. Like this Eighteen fifties: irish catholic dad with like nine kids around who just shows up home from work immediately has like a whiskey and is just like snap at everybody in the nineteen. Fifty His wife is run and get him dinner and he's yelling at her because the potatoes or to call them everybody
tiptoeing on eggshells, random, currently, basically by dad's dad, but in these Prescott which is everybody, is so scared to provoke a, whereas Rapporteur, who just says, hey pop no offense man, but this is weird. You have to admit. This is really weird that your best player won't even go to your playing games. Why give us I too, do this today. This question: I just want to hear one person to ask him this question to post a depressing post conference. Can you tell one sign from the last two months, just one any sign. Any story any sign anything that indicates a Kawhi Leonard. What's been the spurs next just tell us what is the worry co I said so well, then he went to refine that he wants to be a spur for life than he just say that.
Man. If he did, I didn't see that he said he wanted to elaborate a project with regret at the fact check those who is our most trusted new source. Now I can, I can google and talk at the same time at every turn. I've heard some weird. You know the abs. About machine which I love to dip into the future raised or says, and I on verified faction, weird stories ever fats effort. Some strange tidbits about Mr Leonard about the people around him. I think I think he has a bunch of people. Might here's my take knowing nothing other than the just sort of tidbits I've been able to gather from different sources and people who, who seemed to know thinks it seems like the people around him who have, however, many people that they are have started to convince him over the last year. That he's not big enough and famous enough for her towns, cities, and I thought
when he turned down that Jordan Brandy offered twenty million, which is really low compared to what these other guys get? That confirmed some of this stuff I was hearing which is basically like you're, not big enough man, you. Why? Why why everybody else, stuff and you are in a just all that stuff, and you start here in their per year: yeah, I'm not big enough man. I should be bigger, you right and you get that mindset and combined with daddy as a real injury and combined with you know that most underrated part of this whole thing, which is the third point, is going to bring up the ice age. I'm a situation last year, which I think was a watershed bomber for any any superstar who, as a contract, coming up in an injury IDA. I think for the few sure we're gonna see guys change how they behave. Don't blame awhile one iota for not coming back after what happened. Isaiah Isaiah custom suffer four million dollars like just fine
that site even exaggeration because of a hundred million dollars by continuing to play with. Sir last year, and I think it's gonna completely chain. How these guys quarter unquote played through pain in the port of call look out for their tb. Aids court quoth. They were aware. I just don't see that happen more, I daresay I think what do you think you'll? Let me ask I do want to run. The Isaiah Thomas theory to ground has a very interested in it, and I too have a lot of sympathy for his situation, and we talked about this on a recent podcast. I think the Celtics after him, but why if I say I didn't play and had you know undertaken there that the surgery earlier like a say in the spring it in play in the play off, wouldn't he still have been a trade chip in that carry trade. Yeah really the thing that cost him the money.
Did he raised the thing, the costs on the money, I think you would. Trade ship, but I also think he would have better more attractive trade ship than a guy who is re having a hip or were getting the surgery needed for it. It never this whatever happens, you're, never added up. It was pretty clear that he needed the surgery. They tried to bend over every possible direction do not have the surgery really because he in a contract here- and I think he got By steady, wanted to hear. When the reality is in April, we should have gotten the surgery or whenever they, I can't remember the exact day when they found out how bad it was. But you're gonna that there was a but the operation it would have been back in November. It's it's really no different than the situation carry was in recently when you know cause Reed didn't in a hundred percent have to have those staples Adam,
whatever the hour the screws in his name. He could have played through pain for the through the spring and then taken him out. But they after what happened, is say not doing that. That guy is the best. I said they have their, not out that. I think it's a shame What happened eyes, air and I think the idea I do think it there's a chance. He Andrew was badly misdiagnosed Anna and I think he got bad advice and he was trying to be an old school warrior and obviously Co. Why doesn't want to jeopardize what he has come in? I don't blame for that. I think it's in x, but that is not with the team. I just don't get it why you have to countenance the possibility that the franchise and his medical team have some kind of his personal medical team, some kind of unholy alliance, where they have agreed to disagree about the proper path. But you know they do both have the same. Mutual interest
in any outcome, which is a healthy, quite an spurs, still have the capacity to sign him to that super mega deal that nobody else has the spurs still have the upper hand and IRAN. Thing. They do. I think it's for everybody just be patient. Let him come back. Let him get healthy. All this relationship stuff can get repaired. The most important thing is for his leg to be right and for his head to be right for him to step right back in and pick up where he left off from last year's pay off. How scared ready be if your team traded for Calais, like this summer, if the wise traded just Bradley Beale straight up, go on for a year of Calais he's inside you have no guarantees gonna resign with you. Would you be upset? Happy fears load your reaction Bay Area I'd, be thrilled. He's he's unbelievable he's an outrageous talent he's worth the gamble. This is the thing that will we kind of went through different circumstances, but you know
There was, though, the wizards had an opportunity if you believe the report's take to take on James Harden and they show to keep the very young bread Beale way back when Let me call why is in that class of player? He is one of five or six or seven or eight players in the league that can dramatically change the trajectory of your franchise. Who is definitely worth the gamble? I think I agree. I guess it would from you. Better, the franchise. I feel like if the wizard stated that he would just stay hurt. Anyone couches Could I why its misery by coiling largest, it's the legacy of the white cap with bullets rate. I would add a legacy that that you know everything can change. Everything can change in one night, tonight's, the night you wouldn't come. A legacy. What would you call it? I guess
The years of not winning fifty games starts to take on a kind of a legacy feel I think, there's spurs are in a massive amount of trouble, because I'm just napkin Instead, they debt, if they decide that it does make sense to trade quiet that they're gonna get marker value, for they are there. Can you possibly get market value for you you're not getting, a top six player now well or a tab six put on paper is eating play this year. The it's the same thing with with Cairo if a Craven, she'll, never traded him now, while thou is hurt, so maybe that is up in the nuclear powers were, their hat was in the ring for fur collide, which I thought was What's really seeing as the to allay teams? Are we
logical, suitors for him, and so I hesitate to mention this, but I think Philadelphia Identical why Twitter Trade, Poland, I didn't put filter fear there, and some people like this- that deliberately rise actually gonna J while cause it there, but they might have liked the sixth and seventh taken the draft and they have cap space in theirs. There's package's they could put together that could trump everybody else if they wanted to or unless Boston Bastone have the basically put Tatum on the table at that point. If they want to be an even then the sailors, dumping work out, but the Lakers have cap space and young guys. The clippers could potentially put that
by OSIRIS. Contrary to our actually like to buy Sir said, the keys an above average per day could put than twelve and twelve and thirteen fix in this year's lottery of future number one and they could give them patch Beverly and take back Betty Moses contract has Patty Moses Contract is like ten eleven billion a year for the next three years and basically give they can give the spurs some. I reboot I personally, would would rather keep quiet unless I just felt like he was leaving in the air, and there is no way around it, but I don't know will see that the dollars and that super deal are the thing that
that the leverage the spurs possess, that nobody else can match and that's what councils in favour of patients for both sides for quite get himself all away right in and come back. You know renewed refreshed and ready. All the stuff can be healed over the summer and all this interpersonal stuff- and you know those first have demonstrated an uncanny ability to reboot on the fly they ve basically held together for twenty five years now, trust that the dead, that's the rc and and an propagated together again it's a nice and other competitive team in San Antonio near ready to take your two hundred and one of the two twenty. What's the numbers crazy number like that for himself. Here's. The thing we need say the spurs Havana Kane ability to reboot on the fire. I dont represent disagree, but I want to point out that the two times that
they created and they won the lottery. There is a franchise David rabbits in his well that probably thirty to thirty five vespers ever the second time they went Duncan, who probably the six best wherever and the one the one really should move they made was the Georgiou for quite which, even in the moment it seems absurd. That call I felt a fifteen or whatever was I. I did a draft fire that Europe was outraged even as is happening. I if I bigger, be really hard to get that lucky aforetime they. If you just look around, though the landscape of the week, I don't know you know what that fourth move is Papa Vetches, doubtfully hidden,
hail and I think the came about check or abused in the sea, which one goes out first and I'd really hard. It's really harder. Bruton, asleep! When you look around you go and stay you fully loaded for the next ten years. He had the Celtics. You have some teams that have just been stockpiling lottery picks, you know even a team. Might the Lakers or a team like Phoenix, which is gonna, have Devon Booker, three top five liar picks in and then Houston and then Portland. I just think it's hard man, you can get lost too much time compassion. Sat great all that's true, you're right, I actually feel very similar to the spurs situation as they do about the patriots I gave. You know you can really. See the tale. I'm coming now of whatever this picture thing. It start that it State Brady's skipper,
yeah, ok, graphs, capability aid. They have to spend all these pigs and try to find a new quarterback and would, if they don't what if they picked the wrong quarterback get weak turner the jets pretty fast. I'm ruined for it now you can hell hate the captain will not rest until he has brought adventures, spirit and delicious room to every corner of America original. Spiced coconut pineapple way, black grapefruit, whatever you want, the captain loves anyone who learns to mix like a captain. We're gonna pick a captain for the first. I guess five days of round one what's been your favorites plan around went so far ass. I think reminder that Anthony Davis the bad as mother effort of the last you now ten years like it
but he forgot about it and he gave us because struggles that french eyes. It is still the last ten years you you ve, given up that. Well, as a number! One draft pick hit his you know his all into its, not irrelevance, but he just he just went quiet on us a little bit. He dies of his tea analyses and he's in the playoffs. I also is gonna pick any day. Says why, ironically, but I was also gonna, give an assistant captain to you. Howdy regime, Random drew holidays, somebody that I was never really enamoured with and when they gave mother money. I was alarmed, I think, he's been great. I love have faced Yes, I love how you, when it Dame lowered. I can't wait to watch tonight to see that keeps gone he's a very, very good to a player who seems to be peeking at the perfect time.
I don't think it's fair to say that Davis does not help anymore. I think holidays of Re Ito. I thought about putting him for thirty mile Ba for a couple seconds I freely did they They finally got him into the right position like here. He kept point card is not right to ask into play point guarded: that's not his role! So that's why rage on is so crucial to them. And play off razor and play off rondeau how about it plan for under my god this guy is. But for a million dollars for anybody in the league and they go get em and when they got him, everybody here as I go awry than theirs potential there, Rondeau Davis, by like Davis, like his soul, mate, it's really, It's really crazy, like the alley suggest he just no side The boss, I really like they're back and it was a big reason why I thought that I thought they're gonna win this series or come close. Its clearly headed first haven't, but they do have the best part in the series
excited at eight thirty Davis is on at least a competent team. Merited has been really good. They have a couple Chavez sneaky side I was really bummed out that the wisdom go get merited. I thought that was a really quality signing at that stage of the season for them. Well, Ernie Ernie's after trading is very strong. For a hundred straight years by the air held out for you? I anything off, maybe for the great trade only by everyone anyway, I ITALY Davis, your captain does get the check out. Captain Morgan, the captain, loves anyone who learns to mix like a captain.
Me Philly. We have our failure when the east that several one those eyes dropped to like around plus two twenty five. Yesterday it was a classic poem team. Young home team looks great Hall in game, one everybody throws a party for It is about our great they are and they gave to starts, and the wily veteran team changes three or four different thanks shows them. A couple looks that they weren't expecting controls that pay. So what's going on and really gets feisty with them. Overreact to it. I think Phil is a really good team at the things that the thing that jump, Adam yesterday was that Simmons, who I think is brilliant and really has a chance to be an old timer. I really, I really think he has a chance to be like one of the best twenty five guys ever.
Need. You know I don't say stuff like that lately. I really think he has a chance to be all time. Dac aim was a really good learning experience for him. I thought because maybe got super physical pressure, the shit out of on there moments when he had to kind of Take it himself like a you know: they were blanket in our body else and he had to learn how to just go to the rarer. Do little spin moves and things like that, all that stuff that magic was great at and Simmonds gets compared to magic? Alot and I think there there is some validity to it, but I don't wanna blasphemy magic. Who is the fourth Esquire of our time and I almost think nobody should be prepared but they're. There is like the sizes, Simmons the ability to see angles his ability to go into the Wayne and do these little spans and always get near the ram like there there's stuff that he does our minds real magic but magic. It took a couple years, violet Eighty four, eighty five he had said.
Control over the game over what everybody, was doing and knew how to pick his spots when they go to the room, went to give it up all that stuff. And yesterday showed me that Simmons is so far away from what he's going to end up being, and I already think he's one of the best fifty players in the league, but this is going to be to excuse the pun, but it's going to be a process. I think he is For years away, from being the point guard, I think he's gonna be added and I think he has a chance to be one of the best one in twenty five pours ever. What do you see us so I am, but I've been stunned by good. He is, and I especially appreciate I dont want em bead to be heard because I really enjoy watching envied, but the stretch of seventeen, executive, wins, and you know what a slew of those with them be. It out really lead at this late stage of the season. Let us see all that seven had
now has an air in the arsenal, and it really is like the perfect time to catch him, because he has you know, He had seventy NBA games under his belt, so he knows what he's doing a little bit out there and I've just been a complete revelation, which seems like a ridiculous thing. Say about the number one over I'll pick from two years ago, and a guy You know with triple doubles put down the block over the course of the season, but like actual watching him. In this stretch, carry the team with em bead being out was just what I said. It's just a revelation emit his talent. The ceiling is, is there is no ceiling to what he's capable of I'm, not sure that it's gonna be four years in terms of what you know when we see him really kind of develop all that that that he's gonna turn into because I feel like as long as, indeed is healthy, that's good. It did and beat as an accelerant in terms of producing the very best bringing the very best out of
and summoned Ben Timmins already knows that he needs a mid range jumper, and if he had mid range jumper at that threat, and if an execution I mean you know, he took them last night and miss them but city, a threat of of making that is, is by itself, a skill that that that would make him nearly indefensible see you're gonna laugh at this. I don't even think that's one of the top three things he needs right now: magic! Couldn't you for six years They pay. Every major gave him the seventeen further. Eventually he started making it then he stretched out, but he was is a guy who is much more comfortable round the basket. If I had the rank, the thing Simmons needs to keep going up levels. The number one thing is actively: they weren't you last night, I think my Emmy got out a game to last night and said to themselves, thank God that imposed of summits, because when they steam up. I was well how much a basketball and
I see like little advantages or disadvantages, or wherever a most looking to see how teams react when somebody throws a certain whatever at them If you add she's Philly Miami Games when they post up Ben Simmons, everybody em the Miami benches going nuts all five guys Miami every they're, just terrified they don't want. They don't want that better, whether the double on there Fraid aware this he's gonna find whatever shooter would he needs hello post. He needs to go on that right on the whatever. I can't even remember what is better and it's, I think it's secretly is redhead. He needs to find his black and he needs develop that little run and jump book that magic. That could give him any shadow given that over the seventeen footer, because if he has it's all over. I don't know what you do at that point right You got a lotta, I loved you put shooters around. If I die,
on his finding a shooter by dont, thou bomb, he's careening into the lane and he's doing these little six foot, flipped shots and they're gonna? Sadly, my first one, the second one is in it. It's funny cause people always point to the jump shot, but The thing is, he doesn't really need a jump shot because when you play far off him like that, and gave one he just fines are the cutters they ve learned how to do others, cutters or them now, so he does. It actually need a juncture because veer play from he's gonna find somebody anyway would he needs is dead, magic magic was so good at careening toward into the pain, do those little three sixty moves in the hurt jerky in a jail was another one who is really good at this, but those guys that go in the they're not going a hundred percent full speed there off balance He jerky an end they end up. In those little seven, eight footers right, you know tat Brandon Roy. That's the brain Roy, my favorite brainwaves in control, on talking about like magic,
was always is before his we're appendages, we're going like forty four. Is when he went to resurrect the really big data He always figured out how to make it work in scimitar, some yesterday were, I just thought it. Two years from now gonna make these and then I know what the fuck happens when he starts making those kids. It seems like he hasn't. It doesn't seem like those which hand issue with yet which covered all quarters read about all year, but when he learns way To do in these kind of off balance when geyser bouts of our firm what is in transition, I think I think would be ridiculous than the third thing his hand on needs to go or better his fast, but Full speed here is great, but his half court when you're pressure from handle like if you pressured MAGIC Q, we like to shove, you go buyer and I think he is two three years away from in the half court, with pressure being able to make teams, pay,
way that he's going to. I know he's gonna. Do it and put the jump shout forth and then a few develops a three point shot. We should just I'll leave the country. I agree with that part, but the thing this is what so beautiful about the playoffs he's in camp. Doing things in an especially that pressure on the ball in the half court set like that's, not a regular season, think has no teams push all the way up. That way. I was one of the most repressive things about my enemies. Effort last night was how they in everybody's underwear and not one day on the Sixers enjoyed it, but but that that's that You only get that one way an end and that through these hi leverage high class? moments. When you know that, aim is in the balance in it, and it's really it's really meaningful. That's where you know that that the true development that that happens on the most accelerated pace, a curse.
And I thought that was the most exciting moment of the plants, even though it had better games when Philly started to come back and game too. I was so into how Benson is gonna, handle that and what he was gonna the chest moves you have to make an appeal game verses. Just this, sixteen in winning streak, where your beady, mostly shitty eastern lottery teams and then the broad and a couple of months on that, but smirking the the winning streak. This is the different level two different level of problem. Solving, it's a different level. Competition. Hence the everything and it was really fund a watch him experience out because aid to be honest, we ve never seen him in that situation ever as a basque while poor. I certainly have it in colleges college, was a waste hidden play last year and this year he had regular season versions of it, but the plants are different and
but we did to win the gay. Basically, that Philly has momentum. They finally get it within two. They have the ball Simmons. Who really? This is what I'm talkin about the have court dribble like he is a little too comfortable just getting rid of the bar twenty five. In the basket was being pressured, he gives it to Sarge Wade's. Is a common? Does the M J Carl below ninety? Ninety eight gave six finals. I didn't you didn't see me. He's. Gonna steal it from you from behind. Ass, a veteran savvy plaid that that was a great game. I like this, my the team. I wish I wish they had. They gave their co. Why, they gonna happen if they acquire like weeds Albert Worth They need that. What are some sweet man? You know at sight this patchwork water, while they just get James harden
They have started bigger picture, her professional opinion, but I love that day of athletes and they have a lot of gamers and I don't know what the fuck happened. A dragon should game one, but he took What of it? I don't know what they do with Whiteside. I do think it's gotta be hilarious when the wizards trade for website said you're ready for I write, You know that's going to give you that's gonna hurt you know, that's where they had it. There are much better opportunities. That in their policies in a year and a half ago, and they didn't do it- God bless, amen, there's absolutely now that zau of it it's out. No everybody knows what he is about to be the bad egg you can have and we take too many players off. You takes place, often play off. I don't want to go like that on, my team has You get a Chadian, may him they form. So I would be worth it. I'm in I think it's ok. Why reason behind me? God I want
Let me out of here I'm I'm, I mean he might be a wonderful human being and innovation monetary in and it showed great family guy. I can't stand him as a basketball player. It hurts my. I I I want to commit a violent act. Every time he gets he gets run in these play off games. He got like ten minutes because quartet add two thousand at the very beginning of of game, one out due to the dumbest thing ever any ever. He was on a four for ten minutes. I hated all ten minutes of it What's the track record with guys name yard. I think I'm gone anywhere these, but I entered J and yeah hammer who did the maybe vice theme, I loved your hammer, Yon homer! Isn't there Yes, I've got hockey some good hockey yards. Aren't there with idea, inversely that young man, the oak, that that this is your stuff. It she's, tougher bass, automatic
basketball name, that's Jack advancement in their reality. Is there a good basque lives than theirs? Yon, mainly. Hey our friends. It Squarespace make it easy to beautiful websites where these starting business change occurs or logic. Creative object, or with every year up to what are you up to house, but do you have, and they need to turn my website back on cause. That's where I was pointing everybody from my recommendations for where to eat. In DC, we we're going to have to work on this with you, I I there's a rat house, its recommendation site that needs to happen, yeah, maybe square space of us, whether we need a lane page. A beautiful gather, professional blogger. Now my store, it's all included in your square space website. Can I get a unique domain which strengthens your brain, makes it easier for
they're. Fine, you add and arrange your content features with Cook the mass that the new Install Petra great, ever Square spaces award winning twenty four. Some customer support will help you, no matter how hard. How is your problem may be started: free tragedy, square space, Dhaka when you ready to launch use Africa be asked to get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or doorman again That is square space. Dotcom offer could be ass. Did you watch the rackets game Sunday? I dead, I really real really enjoyed the Rockets gain Sunday night. I want to save the James side in this and for another time it certainly is insulting we should be having at the fifty seven in America back a podcast overview I just want to know your feelings when Minnesota cut its three, he still had the bar and Chris BAR Chris Paul, like twelve sex,
served with the ball and the crowd to give Minnesota just walk me through the next four seconds. For you at that moment, We use deja all over again. How many times have we seen this from Chris Paul in these high leverage moments has all the pressure is on? Is the pious and there's just a little something missing? Now here's the thing that so interesting about Houston. It? I hope all the hoops heads watched that game and paid close attention that the body, is ready to replace golden state and once some fresh blood in the files- and I understand that I subscribe- who had I like the idea of there being some variety and our basketball lives than a Houston aim. It I mean
they had a wonderful regular season in all their guys. Were you no other role. Players played great through the course of the seas, and I'm sorry, I'm sorry for say this darrow, but that this this team is still missing an greedy it, and maybe it's the case that momentum mess up his name Mama moody since Luke they got. You met him. He was really the defender, maybe is a missing ingredient, but look all of those things that make Houston Vulnerable, that we see a beaver honourable in past, play off seasons all of a sudden, all their shooters go called. I'm sea and AIR Gordon Front room I'm seeing Ryan Anderson front remedy, I don't see anything Trevor, Razor and James. Has a job. Forty four to keep them in thing game, would you say
right Anderson Front room. Did you mean he front room? The soup use in St Close, the ass evacuate, I would make it a point and this naming names just pointing out hidden playing games. When I die hundreds of the inland yard, I know you're making you I know, you're make you do Nashville our friend salary yesterday, who, if I would We were in it in a really bad gaming hall, but then Russell Westboro gum needed sixteen rebounds fer to average triple double for the season, a game. Eighty two in that we were able to climb out a little bit in the abyss, thanks Russia a little Paul failure, is Iep. I love you wrestle but I about Sal yesterday and I pointed out that the warriors were plus one twenty two in the title- and I was like: let's do nothing and then a month from now forward me this email. We can talk about how stupid
we were there. We didn't do anything so now we got twenty nine days to go. The words are not plus one five, and I am with you. I think you know, like the Spirit, the spurs aside, it's not even close, spurs verses warriors, but now allow about what we are seeing now is a reengaged rant now Durrant three. It might have done the way. First, he might be a in the last six weeks of the seas. News heard for two of them and then the last forges was not engaged and bronze gonna get one of those forward spots and it's gonna be between. Gee, I said the rat for the other. One indeed This goes Janis Nuke and the black new car smell people love em Aramis approve approval rating Katy He's the guy did ok, see he's been around for a while. We picked them apart. Some people think he's a complainer.
Or a little tired of on the whole thing and he's gonna be second theme. I b I and it's probably gonna, look stupid when they go like eleven and one over these first three rats or whatever the house can happen and he's pretty six and said: It's not gonna, look stupid. He eat out the regular season awards or are for the regular season, and golden state collectively took their foot off the paddle and so that means that the individual award set their individual players might otherwise gathered arc. Our compromise their volume or any at all. You know. I will not only lead to an honest go ahead should because we have talked about this in the past. Should should there be a little legacy from the previous season under special circumstances, with certain players, like, I think, with there We had our own is one thing about Allenby. I think it's almost. I almost second boxing.
When the boxing champ as the title you actually have to beat, the boxing chair became time or the or the the champ gets to beat the keep about. Ok, I feel gifted defeat. If it's but who is the final Mvp last shared, who is clearly one of the best two or three points in the week must feel a gap. The defeat him that's kind of where I came around when I was decided between Genus and Katy fur on the aid. The other thing was at the box under achieved and whether you, the coaches, a hundred percent the blame at that. But if it's Katy, if it's hard in, if it's the eighty Davis Ray, I guess title three David said after when a couple rounds, but did the Oji you gotta cannon knock off was where my head went to begin their aid. Where a point in the eighties, bird was ripped off like first, he might be Asian every piece, the fight that at some point the EU really have to
that spot that he's gonna held four eight nine years you now. I can't you, like he was. Ninety eight percent is good. Now, let's grab this new guy and put him in that's what I think you did think about genus and that new guy is is the right way to said he's been playing competitive basketball for about three and a half years. If that's the thing he moved here, let me so I mean it. That's what makes us all remarkable to me. He had already shown us assent for the game that you know what it is, Negative of summary: that's been plan, their whole lives. Are you know to a ease whatever he is? Twenty years old, twenty two years old and ITALY, he paused. It as though he's been playing since he was four years old, even though been playing, you know, since he was sixteen and that now to me the revelation of of him this season, the under it
Teething is an institutional problem. It's not his fault until that's why I don't take issue with anybody that put him on the first team, the first team that there were eight guys that stood out this year by first team was Davis, Leubronn harden the lizard and then that the rat genus conundrum for that other forward spot and then all the depot who I actually I voted for the fifth place.
They pay could believe that I know that we have a chance to have their team and forty a games at other stay. I told you about where every time I watched India as a deck, ass, fucking, great and then Westbrook, you know they one forty a games at the average, a triple double for the season. At some point it becomes stupid to two. You can near pack bet he's one of the best day, poison the weak and then, after that, it goes into the and be due only point, sixty three games in our direction. Town, Siemens Paul George De Rossa Nearest the challenge, those that I was I was happy to be with you, thus to Georgia and when you were first sort of thinking about the. Vote, how you gonna do it because this to conclude just as we are about a little bit like eyes, had great fifty game seasons this year. Yet relic about curry
we would have been first, he might be a. He even got two legs. Sixty six games his shooting stats were just so ridiculous and innate when he played they weren't you now allow is assured, Ray Kurzweil would obviously being the conversation, if even played sixty eight games and was at the low let it was last year- and I think I raise another one that you know fee if you gotta seventy game say I think he's been him verses Westbrook for that second team on Yes, but I was surprised that I overreacted it and didn't feel bad about it would put down lowered honour on first he might be. I am, and I think that the more I think about it, a special if, if the play offs keep unfold in the way, it seems that they are going to be mad, that I did do all the depot, but I just I dame at that his team was a little bit better and I thought the clutch moments in the stuff he was doing was just at a really high level.
Stats or a little better there is a case for it, but man you watch. This will be the last thing we talk about his I wouldn't be edited Cleveland and game. One end it just how unafraid all the depot is in law- Susie. I had this ridiculous career just ridiculous and was on, I think, for teams in three years or something but He sees the broad and adjusts ego. It's it's like he's. Le brides crazy, MRS from high school partial, brought out the six aid and still hasn't haggard oversight, even though he didn't really do that. I'd like the way that editing when Equipment Cleveland still like a two to one
favorite to win this serious and I dont get it. I think I would be very concerned if I was equivalent fan that about getting out of this round. I think, indeed, as a legitimate, good competent knows what they're doing team that doesn't make a lot of mistakes and has one really good player and they you're not gonna run they're, not gonna roll over there just now. What do you see from that There's everything you have said is a hundred percent accurate. The problem within the Anna is Land Stevenson heat. He's wonderful. Until he's not I mean for a guy it, has as much under his belt in terms of NBA mileage and the coaching. The total edge and that the people that have been in his life- he still in the fourth quarter, take shots that I feel like. I was coaching and eighth. Yet it and a group of eight years
world's you I'd still be mad at them for taking the shot his his shot selection, his did basketball intuition his instincts for for the right thing to do so often are so debilitating two to the to the Euro, winning chances of Indiana that I think at at over the course of seven games, and I do think this is going seven games Because it's Indiana is, as you beaches just observe, poised competent have a grape, and all the depot their role. Players are are very effective, Her has been had a very solid season, but at some point
you live by the last you'd die by the lance. The problem Frere for equivalent is that la brine can score with they play a whence it at the Brok and put up forty in twelve assess and they could still lose causes supporting, cast that the fact that tops and is now a sunk cost and almost can't be played anymore, I think, has had a religion. Impact on the tops. I really hope that the last couple years at various points of these practices with the defence and rebounding second chance points, and they just have so many new guys- I dont trust it out- If green, of course, everybody his did. You and your team was here it was I watched. Nobody makes sense that he would be help us, because I think I would believe you So if you said he was because it just feels like he should a bed, but we ve had the Jeffrey
in tantalizing. Thirty five point game, but then gave way goes over seven. I would be very concerned about them and in what, in this situation, be truly frightening. Me is all India Ass to split the next four and they get go. Six at home to close them out and we talked about the snare and the Ringer NBA Show where preview that Idiot game six to close with that crowd, which is awesome, I think, It can be quite a test for the broad history has shown that its very tough to just knack these dudes out these great great great, all time players as Canada, hidden the tale under whatever title run their own- that at some point pride, cakes and they just Take over but we'll see daily, other thaler dimension was just how awesome James harder wasn't, send it out how much fun there was to watch. But I want to save the harder conversation for another time, but just
Shit he's doing these games is, is really really really really really really way up. There way, I hope he keeps going because he has this reputation of disappearing in the play. And you can point to stuff from just last season where it's kind of inexplicable? We still I know you, you harbour the theory that he was hurt and that he was probably can cost and it may or may not have gone undiagnosed, but they're, really you guessed, it doesn't take much to think about, gave six against disperse last year. Do any new undue amended and the wise have to John. While was who you thought he was a game when he was here the greatest says he miss ten lapse. No Miss twenty lapse. Venomous thirty at her now went like five for twenty one and then he was he was fixed for twenty. He is finally in shape
you know it is gradually siren over the course of the season he it seems like he showed up out of shape. He intended to play himself. Into shape, always when he was a limiting factor. It turned into More than a limiting factor turn into an injury he needed. Surgery added. He used that that we have time to finally get in shape, and now he's ready to begin. His season great means all of those great enough a high speed high action attempts at that at the rim lay offs are best not the blackboard again like an eight year old, like he s too Ruggedo get back into the swing of of playing all those finishes, all that guy, that kind of touch around the rim- and he saw the ball hard off the backward. Day it was a game. They couldn't one because of the way how bad the rose and allow replied in the first half was again there.
They start. Toronto is a very good bench now, the caviar theirs. They have a very good bench. Benches matter more. When your home, I think I don't think I'm breaking new ground by saying that the Toronto benches are being should see how it travels You now in some of the lawyers it ate, the crowded hide advances that adapting now that that The man, I fear, is going to be the difference in the series and it might end up being a short series for my home heroes, everybody on the twitter- and we talked about this before the will have every bit as much talent as Toronto does up front. The problem on the west side is is death and in the price that the guys up front have to pay the outsize price they have to pay because of the minutes they have to log. I mean it was very nice Marquis Morris, give a shit for the first time in about twenty five, I am regrets that play off Keefe. You know he can be a force,
can assert his well mean that it really felt like Hale, who is this guy? Did we just trade for him basically did and oh god in this guy, Brooks Doghouse very quickly. Played as well. I mean it it's because you be makes dumb mistakes on defence and edit it is it just it hurts the team that led him a lot of my Scott, well. I got. Is the one that made the file that that the committee, the fellow change the course of the game, and you can like my Scotty's unafraid, I it's fun because of fire, when you sign them. He had this whole felony drug thing going on that. I think we better made fun of on this package as and when he was doing game when I just google it to see what happened and it was like, all charges were dropped and was, like the worst case, racial profile with thirty five years, You always here, the initial story about the crime, but then, when, when it turns out it was you know,
made a mistake or are they dropped the charges? Whatever it's? It's always like. They, I didn't know the job. The charges why And great all season long, you know to the with credit their benches vastly improved, everlasting that's not really saying a whole lot. They have a credible, Seven men rode shouldn't you no seven and a half my reputation depending on your opinion of my hand, me I you know, you know my opinion on it. But that seven and a half isn't enough against a team that has a solid ten men rotation. It's a winnable series for you, but you are but I know you gotta, what were you gonna win today in it there's a chance. You were because from a talent spent tents standpoint, especially that, though, top five against top five, they dared their deeper, but I think the whiz, I think its total, though I forgot to mention what they were fairly. I just wanted to point this out, get on the record. I thought Coventry
was terrible ass. They for them- and I think every team has a guy- that just kind of goes rogue at the worst possible moments for south exceeds rosier, who has been for the most part effective, but I dont trust them. My dad doesn't trust It sees one of the many reasons by dad mistaking cardiologist. Son is twitter today, but every it s. A guy like that- and I thought I was set of alarm by how bad coveted was that game yesterday and how can it unprepared He was for a play, a game like with them. Validates lead he was Adam S like to advocate for all in in a way like when you play pick up with somebody who, just comes in where Jean shorts and is just do crazy step. Here they were. I gotta, get off this guy's team. Its currency yesterday and the six or spans love him and revere humans and swear by am, and I'm sure, they're even be pissed. Off, though, mentioned this, but
Watch, it came mister give if this teams actually get to make the final. They need to figure this piece out because you mention Land Stevenson can ruin. It ruin a team in a play, a game like Covington he was doing yesterday was as record and bad anything I've seen from led Stevenson last name for we go? We did a big podcast on House, a carbs that we saw MC ass rigour in Vienna last week. We write this sixteen cities that were possible and be a final destinations. We rightly left off then kept Minnesota and which has really proud of that came out of happening. We set a success for, but we write them from. Sixteen o one. We got a lot of feedback from allowed a different place is about this alleged Cleveland food. Seen that's great and we under aided Milwaukee. How block is actually better the Minnesota? What were what was you for a lot of belly sourcing stuff? What was some of the feedback that you got there
I share. Some of the feedback is outstanding, that the big overarching pointed mission accomplished We now have a list of like ten great restaurants and each the third everybody chimed in, but you you and I That is a great eating. I really feel like. We now need to go on and NBA eating tour that first of all the people, SALT Lake City, the I'd in Utah the very first reaction, I probably got thirty different heads from people, salt, Lake City, who were so thrilled that we gave them props and specially that italian joy, that you mention four Kerr avoutres must be the name that those two really yeah right, just incredible: feedback from the people and SALT Lake City, incredible price, I am very funny mixed reaction from people from Oklahoma City. We allow Motherwit second gonna people from SALT Lake City did this. Finally, but today, finally, forgive me for car com alone, the male fraud further
for the last twenty years, and in my own now get over. The hope of the media was kind of delivering its. By He rightly says the player going to see old, polarizing feedback while in the sense that love you're like yeah, you're, right the food here sucks, but here a few places that you should try and then some people? like a little more like go you you know you do anything in terms of legwork or trying to find it here are some places you should try, and then they sent a list of eight places and six of our more meat or steak. It's what we say: that's fun, yeah, exactly there was blood folks took issue. San Antonio, San Antonio I'm coming through? They didn't like that. We characterized the food seen there. Kind of one note with the mexican food, so we have a wonderful, the non existent places. Thank you, people saddened audio, for that great list of places for us to go. Try next time.
In San Antonio frankly be this NBA finals, gonna be this season. Did they dispute our characters? of the river whack now there is unanimity that everybody hates the hockins at its audio it outside of that area, the river he hit the river one, it's almost site. They spilled a nuclear reactor into that thing, I don't. I would. I wouldn't put my finger in the river walk water. If you paid me, it's a stairway. It's that way. If they way and of course we got a time of feedback from Cleveland. Now we're gonna have a great opportunity. Go try eight or ten or twelve places inclement. Potentially this off season will see how it all plays out by weren't. We are we dont do it doesn't seem like we have to venture very far. There is a great diversity of the that was brought to our attention. They have a James Beard, Ward winner, chef, Michael Simon, who
As you know, a media. Guy too, is on a b c that you were trying to get somebody from clean and on house of cards this week to come tell all the Hungry Hermes about the Cleveland food seen, so maybe maybe claimants moving up in the ranks Bonino remains be seen we had to get there in and let our bellies guide us. I think anybody S. Anybody did we did from Minnesota Way and with with just complete the late. Yet while that that's where they were all confirmatory, well done There is a lot there's a pretty diverse and ethnicity. We talked about, they eat the european food folks, one of the points out that has also somalian food, so we can do today, And innovations of african and then a big Vietnamese seen in Minneapolis also the Milwaukee people were enjoyable, you mention there were very cast off that we were, you know, give credit to Minneapolis without
No, citing the Oji Milwaukee they feel like Minneapolis is new kid on the block. Milwaukee is the real food tradition. There that MID West region yeah. I didn't really hear anything bad from Boston. I think people in Boston. They now the foods go. While I we re talking about more than I mean we talked about, we regret grimly tourism. It was helpful, some input from Boston, folk on. There was one guy who sent me a picture of this delicious cantonese style lobster. So you know chinese food visit visit, but especially the can these cuisine Tom. I'm up for that. Nor a couple the restaurants people in Boston mentioned people in Boston didn't really jump up and down about whether they are out of asian goat. The one picture that got mailed to us a couple times that I did a double take was lobster mountain into now that I mean that was in Dave Tangs, your last may
on earth and that's why again, you know Toronto. Among other reasons, I did, though, that everybody I got input from from Toronto is appreciative. One guy wanted us to be sure that we mentioned and that we try the caribbean food if we can we'll get up there to the tea dot, I'm into it. I'm on, although the diverse ethnic food in Toronto that they have the offer, the Lobster Mountain IBM Like Space Mountain one of my favorite it's a couple tokens ago a lobster, bad that look deletion of climate. Hop and try to eat our way dab. No, my lord! Ask you one: wacky protection for the rest of the plants are being fry, Randal, I I'm sorry. I don't know if it's good. We wacky or not. I think the pelicans are gonna, who are going to beat the Baisers Debt Blazers, have their work cut out, they need them. Somebody had entered their best chances. The Davis Rondeau holiday knock on wood, injury history, Ed just of the improved
ability of all those guys staying healthy for forestry boats together Agus who say ass, we can they see it as a carbs. We can listen to act. Check out the couple yeah house of Carbs this week, we're gonna talk a little bit about. The reaction to our NBA Food city rankings, daddy, cows coming on to give us some on the ground experiences in two cities at rank very highly new Orleans and Portland. I am you mentioned this at the outset of the pod cast the Sunday night. Recording of the NBA show joggins ours is gonna, be here in Washington see. I think EU arise today, we're gonna go to that. Together Sunday night and do a segment together here in chocolate city. So I will be on that NBA Ringer Show Park. If I may acquit plug fur Parity thing I'm doing this week. Golf fight cancer is coming here too.
Shouldn t see four hundred whole marathon, I'm playing one hundred golf halls bills, events on Friday in in in collaboration with golf fight cancer, or to support the children's in which is a physical place at the National Institute of Health, where families and their kids that are undergoing cancer treatment and care, research they they stay physically at the Inn and it's a beautiful place and it did it deserves our support, Medical Play, a hundred holes, I'm gonna put on the twitter my my link for the fund raising and hopefully a lot of our fans and a lot of your fans will hit us up in and support this great cause, yam amateur retreat. The share that pleasure- from bright notes is about their right doc, core authorities- man behind golf fight. Cancer has been working hand in hand to try and get this thing off the ground. Gonna be a greater than on the Friday Etsy, a guy
What is there any made? One of the cruellest girls of my class lacrosse, shot at the mouth, shut up that sounds great. I'm excited to watch you play a hundred holes were here you playing a hundred dollars line on the idea of the grand me all you do is watch Instagram story than I do it or are you gonna do over the course of the day far ye be upright at that eight o clock in the morning and the over under when I fall down. Verses were around one o clock, don't dream that may or may not be due to the beers, yet Donna Beers weight, Will they call sixty two have bears? I do I ass. I did they Scrivener buddy dogs to zip recruiter. Don't forget the chicken super cuter at superior dot com, sash Yes, don't forget to check out the ringer dot com, slash sharp! If you want to see those blood boy tee shirts from Steph curve that stuff curry was wearing and a whole
other staff who knew that covered the red with creating a blog boy Botz already, that is crazy, boy red, don't forget, it has a carbs shack ass, an mba shows gonna, be updated tonight afterwards, whence it after all, the games and will be in your little subscription backs, are real. Your pass on Thursday, warning shot out to nephew. Kyle he's afraid, I'm under due invitation read out, but I'm not I'm not gonna. Do that our pack ass? How soon that a fact. I see the right to say that our economies, our goodwill, we avail it at some point. We have to tell about Africa have bastards that we get it right away. It's it's gotta be like breaking hoping to find bottle port care has attacked. Is it a gateway back tomorrow,
One way.
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