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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons opens the NBA summer mailbag to cover who will be next year’s Pascal Siakam, Paul George–to-L.A. conspiracy theories, the underrated Warriors, and more (2:55). Then Bill sits down with actor Kevin Costner to discuss his early years in Hollywood, his career as a director, making ‘Dances With Wolves,’ ‘Bull Durham’ stories, playing sports in movies, and more (44:45).

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be ass. That includes Emily S M l b for past coming up. Football yeah everything, downloads, dickie gap or go right to seek tat, comrade sobriety by the ringer dot com, the world's greatest website, where we are all in on quintessence. You know this week, variety reasons we love his movies, more poorly there's nothing going on this week. So when I don T know he's got a huge movie coming out on Friday we have a real watch was pack has also coming out on Friday. Reservoir dogs shy. Fantasies. Big picture podcast is due a whole bunch of guaranteeing our staff and our old hollowing on mass feed. We have re fashion that and what call Craig Quinn, turn Tenos feature presentation, yeah, shall three episode Pakistan Tina. We interviewed him in his own words about some movies that he cares about. Go to go to the rear outcome. You'll be able to find it and chicken
the great stuff we wrote about Tarantino this week, a ladder staffers deterrent, Tina, fancier unbelief. Is careers were finishing a bit number three: I was really when you talk about reservoir dogs, to which is a movie, there came out and ninety ninety two and seems, dated and not dated at the same time, but we really delve into that mission. Fair secrets ran so yeah. Friday come up When do you little MBA, mailbag stuff at the top and then in any real I've been holding for weeks eggs? Its awesome? Kevin costs are finally come on. He came out after
got around many years as asking him, but he's here and it's better than I thought, maybe I'll give you that, but first project I am, and I had some NBA mailbag stuff just so you know I've taken this on a Monday. I think all this stuff is relatively evergreen. If anything crazy happens, though, hold against me, you figure, the NBA. It's gotta get quiet one of these weeks. That figure to be right now what Costs on a second. You said semi males its mailbag at the rear dot com. If you're going to email me, but it let's go through a couple remarried. This one is from Owen Enlargement Newark. He was wondering who I thought would be the Pascal see of the tooth
and twenty seas and not necessarily impact final square, but some making a leap so coming out of relative. Nowhere that we knew is pretty good then all the sun by the end of the year, whereas Is that a no it be a guy cuz? I got to the second best guy in a final stamp all right, so I thought This question: my There's this here, the nominees it has to be somebody. That's gonna be on a plan to him. A contender or somebody is one move away from being a content, or a team that she's relevant those women three categories for that sole go through this brain and anger. Vicky, as the talent is young, the black clad send him back, but supposedly he has a chance to be healthy. That team needs a score. I kind of like the team I, like the lines are drew holiday, combo desire thing I'll, be fine, but then
score. They need somebody to give the ball to in the last four minutes the game. I could see him making a lip. I don't think that's a contender anything, but they might be a stealth. Forty three, black team, who knows but it'll, have that happens to have, because if there one pick his jailer brown and before you say that I'm a homer I should mention you know are the best guys entity that almost made the finals a year plus ago, I thought he was really good from January last year he had just an awful first two months and then rally then became a reliable. Some, I led to a guy and I mention to see what he does with more shots at a team that doesn't want to kill each other. Every week young too, and there is I've talked about this before, but there's a statistical subject, We wish him well Paul Georgia's and unrealistic having him being able to blossom like that Rita. I say that people get mad at me, but she's got
Nepal, Georgia, stats first copyright and get back to me. I'm really should see what happens with him and take another. Then oh, this is their team marking down cares the word on Brooklyn. I guess Spain would be if carry was just ass in the share, which is very possible. He was awesome in your one in Boston. Brooklyn ends up being a little better than without there being a wee conference and their string along until Katy campaign. Eventually come back in the spring next spring. Who knows? But varied somebody. That was look like a twenty point again guy and is the root of the young, and the big question is whether you can just stand. The court but I think he has the town to the next one. I dont believe member, I'm just going to mention them Kyle Kuzma, just because he's gonna be in a really nice situation with the Lakers. Where he's. Gonna have a lotta open shots can? I have a lot of support and they actually probably need him a little bit. I'm just
I he's anything more than like a seventeen and seven out these very defensive where they're so, but dementia and whereas the leg, further damage to the bare minimum gurgles were well. I mention of the next When is my dark horse? Jeremy grant. Really liked him on. Ok, see, gets very strange to be out. Ok, see it's a weird team, the last four years of Westbrook and then Paul George comes in your basically just an ornament offensively and then defensively if the trader ass often ass, though, but I really want to see him on this December team dad. Bar movement of sophistication being at a whole, their level than ok see. I raise a really good athlete, I've always liked his game and if needed, like an elite wing and that team I dont know if he has the talent, but I have mine him. Zack a poor. You know it the place. As of now it is out until these the Astor Break, I dont believe in her son white at all. I.
The flashes of Zach Collins in the plants and his young. I think it turns twenty two during the season, so like producer, Craig solar. We, like you yeah, we'll taller. Josh Richardson, I think this is the favourite and waited the guy that I left for last year. We know fillies gonna be good we know they are going to be one of the two or three best seems in the east. We know they need him desperately. To help defend based play the best perimeter and the other team and then on top make wide open threes and I think he's good and I think he's somebody that You know the average MBA fan just hasn't watched a lot of the last and innovating was in a situation of Aimee. Were there scale too much for him. I think if you like your fourth banana fifth banana, he could they thrive and amend should see what happens with him. I thought he had Good moments last year, so by nominees a few. If there is anybody,
there then. I must tell me next week from Andrew California. This is a good one, The next are one of the few publicly traded sports teams. As per the amnesty stock and the New York Stock Exchange, Can you imagine a ringer led crowd, funded effort to purchase a controlling share by Miss G fire James down and take control of the necks current value of a mystery. Is six point. Eight billion three points for five billion which give you a fifty percent steak. And the ability of name yourself, CEO. Let's make this happen, I realize I got to be the ceo in this whole thing. This is magnificent eyesight This is obviously ludicrous. How are you going to four billion dollars in a crowd funny effort? Well last year, a black chain start up. I think a black JANUS, the abortion is a little bit a blockchain start up ray four billion dollars without alive product, it was a came in. I would start up, it equips the
the biggest initial public offerings that stock exchanges a year was tat. One is funding a black chain platform, COD Ii, o s that I owe ass through a process known as an initial corner for anger. I see here I'm just read in this forum by copy pasted it ten billion dollar fund raising ever more than doubling the next biggest offering that type. Well, I mean that's hi, pretty sketchy, we can create ringer coin ringer. Maybe could we pay for the next black chain or ringer coin or whatever into this, but I know is: if it came in start up can raise four billion dollars. We can is three point: four five billion and take the next away from Jamestown. You do you think that their probably leg. Conservative estimate. Twelve million next stance when one million of those twelve million to contribute. A hundred hours. I can add. I used to be
at six nine and M on my which is really high back then I can add three plus four but yeah I'm not going to rule out this! This next thing, Ringer led crowd, funded effort, yeah. Let's do it next question, make it Philadelphia wonders Adam, silver, doesn't catch nearly enough crap for forcing Jerry Glandular down the Sixers throat. Turn hired is Idiot sons huge collars to maidenly knocked the six off their rebuilding course. Lakers next can somehow continue to be run by late by nieces, easy, big, cakes, sale. What the hell is going on here for me, Philadelphia My answer is your right. It is a little weird that they intervene with the next. I guess the differences they intervene with the front office and not the actual ownership with the problem of the NBA, the embers like a neighborhood, where some asshole buys the house next to you,
that point. It's his house unless he's selling heroin out of their or you know Something illegal or its Jeffrey, Epstein, P D. The NBA really has no power at all. To get somebody to sell with one section we saw with down on sterling this decade We Canada would, with George Shin Way when, when he was above the he was on the Charlotte team, before Bob Johnson and Michael Jordan and even then they they made him move out of Charlotte, or maybe you wanted to move or both any move to New Orleans and even that they can guarantee that guy. It's really hard, you After it has to be like Jerry you're insane sterling type of situation, and even then the guy doesn't really necessarily have to sell a could drag in court for twenty years, so MIKE from Philadelphia I don't have an answer for you, except for you right. Why did Jerry Collage low while
add the one who got forced down the six. To start. I will say there has been some revisionist history with the same gear and fully where His idea was great then you some of the execution was pretty mean he did take Julia. Before in the top, five any did take neural, as do our sixth and he did it that was the other one Michael Carter lambs like his drafting was if his trades were good and really what he did that that, probably the most inoffensive rosy enraged at other times. They just didn't like dealing with them and they thought he was air again and wouldn't Them back and all kinds of stuff there's a theirs waited to deal with fans and other teams that we could have a modicum of you know civility, play, and he just didn't care so think from that standpoint.
The league predominated intervene, but the stuff about them just throwing seasons away to get. I lottery picks kind of indicated by a beaten summits. There was some there way to do a modified version that that I think, would have been really defensible, and the. That is what the Lakers dead for basically, this whole decade, where they they tank, but it wasn't even tension. They were just incompetent. So anyway, if you look at Phyllis, Decade versus the Lakers decade, the Lakers were actually probably worse next question. Matthew omen wants to know with Paul George fleeing O k c one year after reassigning do This adds more weight to your previous argument. The Lakers were banned by the league from signing in last year's a penalty for a legit. This was conspiracy builded way in which this year ago, it would seem now that maybe Paul George always intended on leaving for LA, but perhaps couldn't do it at last year and now he can do it for Matthioli right here.
Answer. Let's just look at the evidence we have for two years that like a why Paul George wanted to come to allay when he's afraid, because he's from Southern California, he the Fresno state India and traded am partly because they were convinced. He teaching them, for they thought the Lakers and then out now I there is just a lot of talk of partridges coming every year which on the one hand, can be rumors, but on the other hand, when it's LA and Jeanie Buss is rubbing in the circles with a whole bunch of different people, and people are saying, I saw genies that Paul George is coming. You never to believe, but there definitely was of a real buzz in a real sense that he was coming in a year and every bathers coming Leubronn. The break by himself. So Paul George loses a year ago in an happy the serious against outta they lose in round one in you
Guy well that open the door now he'll just go to the Lakers war. What if he goes layers of Paul George without a brand while he re in late June, with ok, see without ever meeting anyone. Without dragging out the process or getting any intention whatsoever for creating any dramatic tension, anything even is forming a documentary series at the time which is hilarious in retrospect, it's on Youtube, but that never sat right with me if you're looking for the spotlight- and you have documented around you- why are you deciding in late June when you're signing went up milk it for another week and then do it got that. The timing was weird you're. The Lakers were fined for tampering, which you know you have April this this previous this April. That just happen Johnson mysteriously resides for reasons that remain unclear. Of the point backs. Album was the upset without look what happened there
Did we ever no magic? Do Craig a satisfactory explanation magic resigning. Now I don't know- too bad. I don't happen that guy, it's almost like you get pushed out. Spare civilisation. It then July. I don't know where all the sudden Paul George wants to trade to the clippers, not the Lakers. Now the Lakers going to trade cuz, they give up. You know seven years of stuff for Anthony Davis butt Conspiracy, bill gives this like a six out of ten and the conspiracy bill scale there's some smoke here. I'm not sure I see a ton of fire just do not understand why he signed with ok, see last June. Without playing it out at all or even meeting the Lakers. When all we heard for two years was she loves Lakers. He loves allay. He wants to play now I and then does need have a meeting with the Lakers when the coming when everybody knows Leubronn us coming, that's weird
next question. This one hurts this is from Trevor Mr Novo read this one channel. Rights just reading the tea leaves here Jason Tatum. Is that posted anything about the Celtics this off season than his instagram retorted accounts? He is that welcome the new acquisitions, nor given the south Ex organizations and plans and fans a bicycle, flax emerging to cite two signal approval on anything? what's worse. He congratulated rosier first signing Charlotte he retreated Marcus Morris tweet when Marcus Mars couldn't find a team, but was telling array was I'm gonna find one at all happen to go to the same scores, carry he went the Duke and they are actually friends last year and that's a guy that were happily driving to the airport Trevor Ash should we be worried, as
come on, there's no way: Jason Tatum as between anything well, I got through twitter feed He wasn't lying. There's no Celtics tweets! Angela Sex, Marcus Morris tweeted, either way ago. We gon make it happen. Either way we fighting, finally make it happen. That so is the mindset is used in some way towards her thinner finished. Yet. The way we finish, make it happy ass. I was myself what animals fixing to going to finish yet, like I'm unfinished eat tonight. This all this moment of now finish, that's ok! You! Ok, How does Kyle not teach me up finish this? What happens when Kyle's away so Jason Tatum retreats this. And adds trellised exclamation point always room for a bully. She had that end. And Roger signs were Charlotte,
gene therapy at Beecher Report says Tears years agreed two three or nine, with the hornets by aside Vs Anna Shade Pershing Shariah Jason. My my dog three S. Commission points couldn't be happier. There are Campbell Walker, Tweet, earn welcome to Boston and his canter tweet. Now let's go back to June twelve brow, they Beale tweets in the cup. Champs three Forest Commission points, Hashtag Saint at Saint. This blues, Hashtag Saint Louis forever, and Jason Tatum. Then tweet sat into Saint Louis forever. Three exclamation points now, I'm that against sack, as he's from their Bradley Biases Guy, a key, I keep going through in Craig there's nothing! There's that there's no indication that he's even on the celtic censuses netted. So here's my fear here from what we ve heard. His name was kind of floater ran a tiny bit with the Athena Davis stuff
how serious that was who knows, but if there and try to get Anthony the Davis he had to be. The deal so may be heard something maybe he'd. Like her last season when I'm concerned I'm concerned in general have not enjoyed the last twelve years data months ever really ever since he came on this package as they have enjoyed the last year. I also factors instagram and there's just no indication that is about anything with the South Accept the more industries is Jason Tatum just retweet, an annex cancer Campbell. Why a picture and be, I can't wait to play with these guys. Just do something don't make me to sort this out. You you're only two years into a five year deal A couple DC fancy female, be this question some variation of C p, threaded DC. For John, while in a first round pick two first round pigs. If you're wizards Van your base, good thinking this
his chance creep Bradley Bill. We outrage Anwar, I'm not going List the people on a bear, some rhythm, illustrate you're, not trading Jarman contract, and This is in you shouldn't because, as your house keeps pointing out on this package, It's in shared, I think, eighty percent, if you can't play this year so You go nowhere anyway, played had the insurance papers deal. It so attacking anyway go forward more top five peck and then re evaluate they'd. There was news that broke today on Monday that they offer Bradley be a three year centre, left milliner extension, if he too sit down. Ok, you can still take It's a February or wherever and you get negative kings ransom and by the way we just talked about Jason Tatum Domino Bradley Bill is closed. The Saint Louis thing that there could be a possible match has this. Otis Jail and Brown my. What am I break up
thanks to the air, but he's also going to be a fridge and pretty soon I think, he's restock the next summer and after watching Jamal Murray, get two hundred and seventy million in some of these other guys, has been Simmons, got hundred seventy million in jail branding, get anything so You have to wonder like: are they and the clock with him a little bit? Would he went go pay for the hawks from Atlanta. How long is it can be a Celtic, especially if they haven't committed to him so may that's part of this place out where they over paler for Bradley Libya and then put him in taken together. I don't know I'm really. My point is us: this is now trading java. Nobody wants chamois. There are enough, picks avail to take John Wall and If you're the wizard judges just wait till next summer and figured out and best case, there is an awesome shapen actually bring set the table. Joe Moscow. For years hundred seventy one million. If.
I think the only realistic cp through trade, as we mention seventy times in this package already was. I was Jeff, takes expiring in in Gorky dang to yours, three point: five million, where they adds a gorgeous correctly Georgie core Georgie, Georgie, thickets, Georgie, add my presence, she's. Getting worse area is to be found at a man enemy for this way back now, I'm turning. So I think that's the only one- and I gotta say I think. The a little digging on this who rep Thence, Carlton's sea air who represents Chris far seeing who has a really get interest in Minnesota being good next year and everybody being Happy Sea air who get shit CS I mean us here say it makes it happened. I think pause a minister for the start season of making that protection. I'll, take a break: hey Rockstar Games, a one stop destination for quality entertainment, a high and living where's. That group
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ten year intervals, herself from forty six on until we get there thousand tonnes of your name, the actual decade, from starting finish of the decade. I think it just gets tougher. You do a sound like the eighties relate the bird magic NAM J decade. The nineties. Are the too much too fast too soon decade but, like I, don't know what the two thousands or signing a deserted the way answered it here. They think it's Sarah's not decades. Forty six to fifty six This is the white guys decade, whose I guess they believe they. Look at these photos are like the at the minutes. The team the Minneapolis team George Mega, played on issues like twelve, like as they look like they're all shop teachers, Then Bill Russell comes in. Fifty six to sixty nine, that's the rustle air his degree team. Sport athlete about timing, wins eleven titles. Thirteen years uh in a completely different basketball where
are the sudden. Now, there alone black players to play. Congratulations obey thanks for thanks for letting People about cars and in so comes in. Ask Robertson, Elgin, Bela Lenny. Wilkins were Chamberlain and the leader SAM Johnson been there's an women like about halfway through rustles career. There is, though, the sun ran role that the NBA leader only allowed allowed like two black aspartame cause ever so afraid of the way funds are drafted is really some dark stuff. I cover ladder the summer book, but right so uh in this new era and the league starts to change color while his while he's there by the end of it, we started to look like what it looks like So then you go nineteen, seventeen and eighteen nineteen. Seventy six. That's Canada of Karim ERA, where Korea is the best player in the NBA by far the abs now kind of common their grab.
People who aren't down with college at their grab, people read out a high school thereof They have the three point: land there doing dogs and it's just like a much more fun version of basketball. Only its run, horrendously it's a disaster, the courts or bad. The owners are bad. There's no fans faith in theirs, barely it alibis games, but premise of. It is more fun and eventually nineteen, seventy six. They merge, but I think, those seven years as the ABA anchoring that say you remember that Seventy seven eighty three, they merge. Our seven sixty three- and this is the tape, tape, delay, cocaine, our era this is when the league really almost craters. You have. Just a bunch of disappointing superstars. You have drugs just ravaging the league, and You have networks that dont really believe in the product leading to them tape delaying play
games and then the fires in nineteen eighty one when I think one game six in Houston. Even in Boston. They didn't show that game till one thousand one hundred and thirty I went to bed and then my dad woke me up in thirty watch a game on tape. Delayed didn't listen, the radio to find out what happened in this is happened in my lifetime. It's that's That leads to eighty four thousand and ninety three, which I think is the glory days these great Times bird magic, the eighty four finals first time they show the finals every game at night and or in the afternoon or whatever, but everything's live again. If cream, magic, ray team. Finally, wins the files, the bus and south X, seven gave series just the classic, and that leads to a really really great. Ten year ran where the slammed on contest comes in David Stearns, early wilderness influence. You have an influx of awesome where's the watch Domini Charles BAR Glee
Michael Jordan, absent comes in Scotty Pippin, David Robinson Malone and start there like you'd, just how famers every year just come in ITALY and that, the great ten years. The product was really get its woods. Weird is, if you watch against from that era, the actual resemble the current mba more than the games from the next at ninety. Forty two thousand three, which I The too much too fast, who soon era that's when the wheels came off where he had rookies come into the league they're, making way too much money right away. Claire Empowerment, but in the worst possible way. Where you have young guys, you haven't done anything yet who think that they and control everything. Nobody has to earn anything. There is no mechanism in place to protect people who have gone from being broken in high school playing one year, two years in college, I set of making seven eight billion a year and everything goes wrong late into the night, Jan lock out, where they try to basically fix
the ills that had seemed then but as we did that alot of careers, that should have been great descended on that being that great Chris Weber, penny away, Kenny Anderson, Glenn Robinson Hope, VIN Baker, shock em gonna, go and going these to just should have been all timers and didn't get there and same time, the league. The Claudia play was, you know it was wait to physical way too slow, yet games at our legs. Seventy two, seventy in it, was bad and everything kind of crested in the Us Olympics when we had our asses cakes and it's all one. On one end just note: play it are, so Valleys and next year they look in the mirror era of three to eleven. Where the legal acts in the Marian says we have fix at. How do we fix us? Let's adder Ricky scale what's at some rules to make the game or fine, let's get rid of hand, checking let's go
in the pace or a bed, same time. There's a little more innovation. There's advance metrics are coming in now people now to take more three partners: and by the end of two thousand eleven basketball, starting to look like basketball, like, though the basque that we love. Now you have three point: shooters company, unlike staff and clay and the two thousand eleven where you have Leubronn in and wait, and by already happening of an old school Dallas team, really kind of out thinking them and playing a better brander, basketball and smarter banner Basque, monitor for better Basque Bonn and toppling them the leagues in good shape. Unfortunate, have a lock out that sets us back. The left we recover from the lock out and that leads to the plan impairment. Air. So, even though the decision was thousand ten in the look in the mirror. I still fight the leak adamantly figured itself out. I think the toothache twelve on
Claire Empowerment ERA, really, the Brown going back to Cleveland. Was the better version of that, and now everything that's happened now, in short, contracts, that came from the lock out. The ability to. Pre agency the concept coined by a reader. I wish I could remember which reader said that I said our Parkhurst, I gave it to jail in rose. I told him on this podcast. He was going to steal. It immediately went on seventeen that you spent shows and silhouette now seems to think all that stuff started here. So I think those are those, I would say would be the eras my favorite errors. The glory is not just because a more than you look back in when you were younger, things are better but issues when he won t burden. Again, J the style play was great. Is this really fun? I think we yet there again with the envy of faith. We lay down right now, I'd next question.
Andrew San Diego from the base. As can we put some respect, he does he's teases keg respect. Staff name the media Sensus and Dubbs as they missed my miss the placid dynasties over them. From their underestimated after the tooth, as fifteen championship as far as a result of injuries to other teams, what happened? Seventy three wins, while crazy to think staff, can turned to end BP form and the Dubbs can still content suffered this few times in people acting. Like nobody is considering this. Well, I soon put out their eyes toward the title or twelve to one which are pretty good There are over under four winds this forty nine, which is higher than I thought I was gonna, be and stuff. As the second best envy p adds five to one. So I think that Is on people's radar, at their team. I should go like their team, you ve unleashed this.
It's probably his last chance to have like a real monster. They pieces- and I would say, maybe a ghetto- maybe he's got it to your window, where he had dream on a contract here finally realise the hum last season that oh, if I lose twenty five pounds of new play, basketball, better, congratulations them the angel Russell is only twenty three plan on a really smart team. That knows how to use guards off born screens in take advantage of people who just thrive on the perimeter? I think he's gonna be really good for them and, if he's not taken for them, but I the camp that he's gonna be good for them. They have combine loony, unwilling, polystyrene both of those guys I am interested to see Kurdistan I didn't go, wanted to a complete disaster or way better than any one thing I'm in the way better than anyone thinks camp, but I like, two guys together. Can there be pretty defensively creators and come back until April, but they have
Alec bergson of funds, open Mckinney who can he gave them some swing staff there. They still seem like their guys shore, but I feel like they're kind of Stealth favoured the land, somebody if they need somebody I just kind of like the tea. Might I would come to the ninety four balls when they lost M J, and everyone just wrote him off and on that San They do have a chance to be successful as the board the bulls. I think one. Fifty five games people visiting VP candidate, but that one of the reasons I was so successful was the info actually have king training staff just having been there before, not being afraid big, experience other stuff can really matter sometimes and with the few look at what would happen the ninety four balls it was really the experience in the coach in the infrastructure and them kind of realizing how to revolve around a different gray player, the warriors? I would not count them out,
forty. Nine wins seems a little. I only because of curry got hurt. I think this team an avalanche of trouble offensively, but I'm with you I dont think the dynasties over by any means and if they can hold the fort being that far six, seven seed range for when clay comes back and if you can come back people. Back from manager now and there in ten months if they seem fine or ninety percent what they were. So if that can happen great, Josh from Richfield wants to know five years from now is the best point out in the NBA. Here, the nominees my answer, their facts, twenty years old. Benjamin stem Booker, tray young jammer, aunt S. J Where then Stephan Dame in their MID thirty, seven many of the be on? I just
He has a couple levels up to go. I get down of image, I guess could be an area that I really feel it is a point. I have fully Chiesa something them a traditional point out if you want to throw him in there that he's a good inclusion to. I don't really feel like that That's why they got. My colleague has done me. Mitchell, really isn't a blinkered, but acts to me is like the old school point guard that combined and a lot of different guys that I, like, I think, there's some Westbrook athleticism with them. There's some theirs. Chris Paul run. The game doesn't really care bad stats. Had us What's going on, I think he's incredibly unselfish and is just a top line, some teammate and I just like guy when you think about our Phoenix could have taken him forth and put him with Booker, and instead they take Josh Jackson, oh my God or Philip had taken a first and then they wouldn't have, but man sometimes kick and aims.
J, P and mine wants to know you guys dance around this multiple packages, but haven't zero on the perfect new nickname for quite co. Wiser so say so I guess I'm down with this. I dont know what the deal is with the usual suspects. Have we cancel the usual suspects is done Stacy like. Where are we not allowed to have fun with that move in I don't on. I knew I need a ruling from the average police I likewise or so say, but I don't know the usual suspects suggests outcasts, spaces the key character and encourages I assume we just cannot send that for them the promotion and don't think about it again. But I like wiser, says it. Speaking to movies. Hartley wants to know if you do the relaunch for the town which, by the way you do next month, he says the whole movie hinges. On John him. Extracting the Fenway robbery platform, Blake Lively, why would renders deadbeat sister no the intricate details of their next taste? She total liability in this is the not fucking around the crew
if she knew their Sunday. How did she know enough to spoil it didn't make sense? She would even have the info ruins at otherwise great movie. For me, it's a whole. I gotta think of ahead. Some work for the reaction. Was it's tough if anybody can come up with a good explanation for this? Please help the mailbox at the ringer that come? It's I also think man. They add on Cuba, is its in spite the town? Rather it's been ten years there. I just think bank teller gets arrested, Rebecca, I think, overwhelming evidence said she was colluding with these guys, even though she wasn't and then better like leaves town at the end and leaves of five million bucks or their whatever was, and then she goes, and does this ice skating rank? I can What is she just drop the money after their slatted NIT picking stuff there, but they get somewhere jams hands. You were on this bank robber alarm, where's your cut and she's. In jail and they're. Just
China get information out of her for five years? Well, we'll find out more. The room was next month. Makers ran ram, sir, asked question is from John L and Scotland, shouted to Scotland, He says sad but true, two thousand twenty Lakers are basically the pelicans for two years ago: just replace drew holiday with a thirty five year old, the bran merited with charisma Boogie, with a fragment of his former self, they even still have Rhonda pretty good. I mean As you know, I am pro Laker bashing on this path: ass, the confusing thing. For me. I was thinking about their team and The same person who genuinely believes Davis is a good and bp at eight to one, and I think he could just solve any problem. They have just by being incredible, kicking ass, Fer, a seat. With the brain is, as you know, his words One beat is one.
If those two guys are aligned, kick it ass, his cabin Oconnor pointed out on the ring it come on Monday. The the list of doesn't totally manner, but it still does matter because we see in basketball, rear. You need seven, a guy's, an you need Fred Van Fleet And you need J J Barrier in any has James Posey Guinea. AIDS, but the Us Anita, happy team, I'm lookin the Lakers. I can't shake the fact that. The broad and Davis succeeded the same position before and if they're gonna. They're gonna play together. Ideally you'd want Davis by the five, for he doesn't want to play the five you once by the four. So then you sign jovial, Maggie and buggy cousins, they're gonna split time play those guys together. Sit down and have the bride and Davis and Cousins, George Avail, the three them and together? That seems a little weird because you, basically
TAT Davis defending the other teams best forward offensive for the other together? Well, where do Cosmo, Danny Green play. Then I may by then green to guide. I can't play Kuchma there. I asked Casey P and jeered Dudley. These guys? Are you know too? Their small forwards are there too then ass of Rondeau, Bradley Quinn Cook, and screw. So I can't figure out, they have one to six eight, if twelve guys, I think At least ten of those guys are gonna, be expecting a play in their best lie. None of you. Ve just said who your best five guys probably Laval, the brand Davis book cool man, Danny Green with abroad, at point out, so whose guarding Daimler Dainty Green at their just. I can't
at my head about the around this roster and I now I feel like there's one more trade coming with cruise, but now people think who's going to sign with clutch, and people have thought that's going to happen for a while, and he just got rid of his agent and it seems whose moves in on the clutch wagon, but I can't like Bradley, was one of the worst offensive personally, the last two years Rondeau really has not been reliable for five years, Queen cook? Ok, I guess this year, eleventh man, maybe cruiser the inspection, a pretty good on Crusoe playing and meaningless games, but o K, C p fan. I just can't I can't figure the steam out, And if your plane, the brand Davis end Buggy. Then Kuzma the admin at that point and Christmas plan, for I think I contact extension, a no not a kind of a year from now contracts,
But I don't know it's a weird team. I, same feeling about it that it with fairly last year? It just seems like there's a piece missing or their one move away from being March than they are now If you want a melody, Millbank question says: do it did the mail at the Ringer this cavern cost and proud? I really wanted to go two hours of them. I made the mistake of not seeing how much time we had beforehand and turn out at the queer, like seventy five. Eighty minutes of delight that so I'm gonna have to bring him back here. Show here at the end, he's gonna have to come back, but he came to promote Yellowstone, which is, just a juggernaut. I think it is the most watch show the summer it see in two. Happening right. Now you can watch it. You can catch up on old episodes, but he's and he's obviously the biggest darn and is one of the biggest stars. Alas, five years. I've been diet, am command. You'll, hear all the stories of our background and men.
His great. Kevin Costa Rica, but waiting for as for like five years, even came to a great land anniversary Party yeah, I gotta get Yonah Pike, Ass seemed mildly relative interested not really, then I say last year and see more realistic and I What was the person was a party, so you gonna go in this way, also understand out like raised with wolves, what's a pod cash yeah. I tell the innovation cut it off with him and I drink something I don't know. What's a pot of either the inner there's a whole bunch of nomenclature, some dinner with with stuff in again- and you go I'm here than in my kids- what what is that so podcast was really I'm not sure you basically data. I cast at my house at the anniversary, partly because it was like five of us and we're just asking questions
at the end I was like this is what a possibility that move in all our well that was worth there was no at the dinner was knew we were. I knew we were headed for each other. Yeah, I was gonna- was bound to happen and you You live outside, allay, see, don't come in that often you Ben, Santa Barbara. Like forever. I went out. Why went out their fifteen years ago? I am married a second time and innocent times women. They really help you with things that I would. It was a beach pad and I bought it between revenge, fill the dreams. I had a nightmare experience up there you know had for it. And between these movies long story, but where I stayed, my kids were role bushes of all kinds, is like. This wasn't really
axing at all, and I can't I made my first movie star thing: ice, a guy called a perimeter, and I said he I get it. I need to see property on the beach. The guy goes, I wanna see houses and I said I wanted railroad. I don't wanna wrote I wanna like walk on the beach. We do want to say that, as I said, I might see it today and in the face of what we can do their bit, but but let me in some cases can you gotta wisely. I will go to Morrow. I bought that place That same day and look at five and bought it just it was, I could flex where I never could flex before me. I financially so I need and we started to grow ever since, and when I've finally met my second wife, we would go up there and she did this really simple thing. She said why. Why do we? Why we go on back? Tell aunt
They know why we do not yet know. I awoke because I I work sugar would you have worked Marcia? Nobody? I have to do many. She said what kind of meetings and I'm going to live like I've been meets. Gonna kick keep thank on chagos. She goes with. I think those same people up here- oh you, can use really powerful point well it bit, which is your powers always, and if you think, that's what you think I mean I felt like I could flex suddenly. Now I can flax, I kind of aid. Personality became right yeah. You know I don't like. I don't like that. To begin with our sort, o Connor have power just power to say no but the, but the thing which she did come into my life is, you know if you're conservative, you think you have something to do on Monday when, if you're brought up in a blue collar backer away
gotta work and she does she just kind of open. My eyes like the scales came off and she did it. Real gently and air was like why we're going back. She goes just because you think he's supposed to be back on Monday cause. I grew up in a family where he had one week vacation in my dad worked or twenty years ago, the second week yeah and you're going to go back to work on Monday. I remember that ECHO Lauer in Yosemite why we gone but which we had to, because that's what my dad didn't she looked at me. She goes one we settle Tuesday and we did and we started where she caught up a mesh been old enough to think for myself, but it took heard a kind of do that and then and then, when we got married, we we moved up there and we ve been there for fifteen years and and I wake up on the ocean everyday. I was Footpath China's two weeks ago, a night shift reside with Michael Keaton, and Henry Lennox one of my favorite eighties movies and was the movie the maid Michael Keaton, a star yes you're in this movie
you're in the morgue there's a big party in the morgue after they had how these cargoes and there's Kevin Costner Rights, one of the franc, guys help, and somebody do like a beer, chug or something like nineteen. Eighty two was it was your first break. It was worth it not so much. My foot, I am attempt. My first break was when I funny started. Listen to myself and when you got come from a conservative background, your eyes, in a kind of in a pleasing mode, you know get rock the boat. My brother was in Vietnam. Lessing, I wanna do is be a pain in the ass things, so I kind of grew up playing by the rules playing by the rules. Gonna go that particular direction.
And one day I thought I really needed a thing for myself now most people listening as a geek away. We all think for herself, but I didn't. Sometimes I wanted to please yeah and I knew I needed to get out of that business and chase my own thanks, so that was probably the biggest break I ever had my life was. I actually had a internal conversation with us. You catches, it please everybody the rest, your life! You have to do what you know you can do and no one and and go that direction, but did you know you wanna be an actor. You know I m guy renewal and all, but I knew I was a storyteller and if I kind of retraced the bread crumbs of my life, I see in our group doing music in the basque church. I group doing poetry a group writing, so So if I look back but the reality was I never. I thought people that were on the screen were born on the screen idea impute that you could just use of thy. Also came from the background it
you're gonna do some you'd have been taken drawn Highschool eyes, while the people they dropped, high school or nerds I didn't like the apartment I didn't want to hang out of. It wants a cow State Fullerton Day I found myself want the bread crumbs. I wandered into that theatrical apartment. Everybody was barefoot, but a smoke cigarettes. Everybody sat Cross legged on the floor v. Bohemian thing and I thought I'm not Crystal Meth either. That kind of you look the part yet, and so I kept brushing up against, had been being pulled back away from it. But finally, when I look back, I said I I can do this. I I like the storytelling thing and I'm gonna domino my ships, I'm burning my ships on civil rights to big show was then your next they bring them. Then you get cut up, you get cut out, but go back to that thing. You mention about nature nature, because there's some kind of interesting happened. There yeah Iowa
I was asked to go down and read that there is a movie. And cast in Hollywood and I was a stage manager, Raleigh Studios. I was asked if I could go- and I said well, you know I as an and they go. Look you get your son God. I was having a hard time get my sad court yeah. So they said, if you go read it was, it was fur flashed ants read every girl in town. It was up for that role. The most pitiful girls, young girls and girls- that we all know today. Yeah came through their demi, more Sean Young. All these different people say I mean you just right down the list- and I read- I read opposite- but but you have to understand- and I was glad I was doing out every day. It was assumed slapped the shit out of hand down and Michael Nursery ended up playing the part I was never intended to play the part, but the big deal was I got three and twenty five box it was, it was scale, have never made DEC.
Money, ass, Workin, Raleigh studious for three dollars produces an hour, and so I got myself heart the thing I had been wanting and it's really funny and life. You know it's just you know what you know. If you get your sad car, do you know of any good will? Do Russia is was not that easy. You yeah! You have to do it acts. It was Francis where I got it. But the reality was because I had my sad card. I could do that reading. Right after that somebody said they just saw me to go Hayward you and didactic. We need some x rays and we got to pay him sag. I did the Netflix thing I do rancher, Indonesia, nature thing: and then, a day later there were shooting Francis with just Lange and SAM Shepherd. Oh yeah, there's a big movie and I therefore they did at another sad that maybe he's gonna say something. Maybe he's not I don't even know my own biography anymore, but the reality will probably know better than within five days. I had done I should have table for five and
and address all for sag, and I just I just kept going through Sixty Box Day Assisted Box, three hundred sixty back there was like four days. Of it and was a big deal for me yeah. It was a really big deal did you think the big show you thought you were gonna, be in that movie with flashback, scenes and stuff right which you found yeah I thought I would be in at the end of the day it didn't make it. You know. I think you're right, you lived on Youtube, the actors and deleted the asked, but everything happened for me in that particular movie that needed to happen. I was around the right guy in the actors at the right time, walling Cedar, probably the most important, not the most important. That's that's a weird title, but she's a cash director, yeah she's, tough, really, tough. I didn't figure a person like her would even like me, but she was a force of well for me and in large,
ass had just come off the body and now he's doing the big chill and in a lot of times a studio has to approve it. Buddy Larry was gonna had any red Dundee rate. Raiders too, like he was. He was erode. Carbon and low wide renders law an empire yeah. So he was his trajectories gas, but he was, he was dead and he really is credible and so now he's doing body was just blew people away, oh good, yeah now is doing the big show in his case on all the young. Actors at a really out of New York, Atta Juilliard, and had run those all by the studio. But there was one part they didn't have to and by the studio it was just could be him At least that's what I was tall and while he kept saying this guy this guy- and he gave me the part and everything I iconic based a lot of what I do came out of that experience, so not being
the movie people on understand. I didn't look at my movie as a one. In done situation, I mean, I guess, if I was in some state in a movie, came in like the circus and they said: hey. You wanna, do these lines on the street corner, and now I take rebutted a theater and that near lies not in there. Maybe my career is now, but had a bigger idea about what was going to happen, and when I cash in a movie. I actually knew at that moment. Everything had happened yet, regardless what happened with that movie everything it needed to happen for me at that point. One more importantly caused the mighty soon decided put your movie. He did. He put me in a second wanted, but Man Silverado, but it was the moment I got the part. I knew my life, it change, not when I found it yet a moment. I went down the red carpet, not them when it's like. Listen people, get a game until one is lost to pay, and look in a season until when it's over. You know people go
get a moment and I kind of choose to look. You know at things really athletic, even direct with a chalkboard. Sometimes I get into a big action. Seen here, I gotta chalkboard out, and so you gonna be here when this explosions happiness where you gotta be Bela check yet yeah We have to be because my people I realise, when you're looking at him in their given your chin, buggies or heads going up and down, there really sank. What looking at me Talk to me, I don't know what you're saying they're doing that and when that bomb goes off and they don't go any thought what the heck happened here. I was really clear with him, so I thought I'm not doing this anymore, I'm getting a chalkboard. When I got half your here here and then when it had goes up and down there, visual is not frightened, other times young, actors or whatever their doing this, but there there getting there just second, don't look at me anymore, and you move off. They move off so Silverado
I remember that, along with the one made eyed the first movie, I remember seeing you in his american fires, young people think- making ways the best by bicycle movie ever that that's a whole. It's it's a consensus. I'm an american fires. Guy, interesting I just love that movie and it was on cable for like two straight years. That's eyes on each be oh and each year, then we only want attention and be you know: you're you're, like Papua, when you walk dabbler, you know ten member states that extra memory one two three four and then he went about either That was a great moment in that movement that that thing really one of those things on a rider hit. Something so perfectly that you can explain life in prison and taken out Extra step was like, you know. I love the poetry stuff like that, so you are like the the best bicyclists in the world the gimmick, but you you're dying, yeah yeah,
I would like in crazy shape and the bike scenes are like incredible now in their theirs. It was a covered, the Helena Somethin, the hell on it. No your worst Helma where's, the shooting helicopters shots in, like you do in other stuff near and like crazy shape, and that was the moon was successful. Bad things come another that they break. I guess I'm of I'm a breaking away. Fan I mean it's a great book, I'm a regular way phantom. Like you know, it's like, I thought that was great with the writer was the same writer, the same writer who wrote breaking away yeah and forces names. Steve too has such a test I attach at an end. We lost him right away about two years after that, but that I think would have been a friend for life was something about him. That was really. I really liked him. He was a real deal. Well, when people, you know you're, obviously the goat for sports movie actors, you ve been in what sex
where America firesides gets left down. There is good there is good, rather than he had ever been in, like six or seven pancake eating much drafting came around because they actually it have outlets or whether a second. No way I was when it out took off right. Nowhere was a movie right after Silverado had been called by around. They would have a meeting with me. So when talk with a guy named Eric plus go Yahoo for guys are really ran, or I and my men avoid bill, Bernstein, Arthur, Krim and and Glasgow and they seemed Silverado, which was of catchy moving I had a seem stealing kind apart. You can on paper cited We regard that person stalled told the movie or whatever that can have on Broadway lot with really cagey actors in film it's on paper already yeah can see unless you're just a dummy. I can you can. Steal this movie and Betty was to steal your working with everybody. You can tell us the flashy rollers civil rights,
was all of that. For me that was and did you think about that when you started writing stuff like that of creating roles? I therefore people now I got you think about it. You just know it, but you know you want that happened when I'm a leading man. I need people to do the dance. I've always embrace the idea. Somebody stealing she's doing things because I know where I stand. I know tat works and but that particular movie I knew had that kind of juice on it, and so I got a call from her eye, and so this come to talk to you about movies. You know in, and they pointed out some movies to me and all of em. I didn't really really care for- and I said but if you really want to do something, I did room read a movie that I like, and they said what was it nice? It was his movie over Warner. Brothers call finished with engines and they said what I said: it's it's, it's really good. I shall I do that movie with you. And so they read it and they like to finish with engines, is unable term for shutting down the engines. You know yes, you
in a titanic anagazanders full ahead. Third, those brass sayings gaff well at the very bottom of naval terms, is a lasting assessed. With engines when you turn him off. Became no way out. Oh wow, so it was a movie I had found and and said to them all make this movie, and so they did and that movie came out. Well, but they didn't, they did in an industry, in fact That movie were shot before Untouchables and so I went right from no way out to Untouchables and what happen was arraigned was not. There was called many major span of smaller movie, although they were making Oscar movies. Yes, didn't have the kind of dough that the big studios hat, and so they looked at it and they go We'll let untouchables come out first and then I came out, they held it and then mad about two months later. Oh, how I don't. I feel like I'll come back. I was sad, no came out first, but it would have shot first year, but they but they played in Ireland.
Using a what's goin on here, where they will take another thing I like no way, I think it'll work, but they play That and used the drum roll that can. With that movie and rolled into no way out, so they player, at an interesting chess game with that movie enough as one of those who it's always on cable. Still, even all these years later, there is one movies, that is always gonna work. Yes, I thank the twisted the end in its isabel. I met somebody to someone. I know they are young and that flashed Ancillae, oh yeah, I met shining and I thought this girl's. Classically beautiful girl looks like a girl from the forties. You know I mean, like you, know those black and white traditional headshot. She looked. She look like that. An Irish Remember her and I and many people thought she was gonna, be in a plus Lester. Some lashes little lackey ran always go the way. She probably want yeah, but she was perfect for us and she was perfect that movie in also, but I bet,
and then in Untouchables, urine with dinner on Conner and all the sudden you go from four years. You get cut out of Beychella and I are in a movie with Deniro and Connery. That's pretty crazy! and then then, at that point I knew I was gonna direct. An entire people were, I didn't yeah, but I was already headed that workers I worked Raleigh studios down here on a Bronson ineradicable yeah, that's what I knew I was gonna do, and sometimes people said well. You know you in over whether you're moving kind of quick and I'm thinking when you talk about I've been waiting forever to do this because, as I have already had in emerge at eighteen year old, I I didn't have that moment that risky business moment of going across and you know being it was later, but that was a function of meat assigning in my senior year in college that this is what I was going to do. You know they always say that about celebrities that them The age you become famous as the age, your trap that and if you begin,
famous when you're all there is a huge advantage. I think Clooney, Sir. I think this is like a Clooney. Thank you, Klinger's always like the best than ever happen is when everything it for me. I was like twenty nine thirty, one kind of that's kind of word had hit for man and and you wanted earlier trust him yeah you're deserving of it? You think you're better than anybody else. It's out there. You can't figure out why it's not whatever, but it's it's a bigger thing, but as I was working at I was always thinking, I'm I'm gonna Dereck. So what happened was is, is this kind of my trajectory was moving away was moving. I had It was in my mind you thinkin, like this is our leading to me getting tat right movie, but what is it France with fame. Is it like balloons I decided I you went from you just walk down the street.
I went out at a time like this guy regular staring at. I is funny I, while one of the first things I winter was asked by my men of wasted, would you I'm gonna go to this lifetime? He was busy after all these functions. I didn't even know that Arms are things back. On the night of my Oscar, I didn't notice legos are places, and I think I pissed a lot of people laugh had no idea that you were supposed to yeah. I, the people have no idea that I didn't really even know about the world, except that I just wanted to tell a story yeah I didn't know that their culture of it, I didn't know the whole thing that you make the rounds. I didn't, What's gonna happen with our movies, so I got a restaurant with a hundred people at that that worked on the movie and and guts seventy tickets for the Austrian said we will be together. So I know made the lap. I would come paper that fucking cause. You will appreciate that I had no idea. I was
sure they won't let my fifty friends fifty re and end up, but I didn't know that that was a thing that you did so you know it's really really really strange forgot where we were at work. We are basically like when, when the church, ages, flipped, well, I think, maybe what George are saying to us like. I wasn't that impressed when I was just anxious to keep working yeah. That's where I was playing out ass high played myself up it First time I was saying that I went to a function like men away ass many said to sit. Go to this lifetime achievement award, I had no, given what that was
I must have lived in a cave, I dare say it. So I go to the the Beverly, not that the Hilton or something Ryan. They do a golden closure and it was for Gregory Pack and yeah. I knew he was at the end of two. He wasn't. I remember walking in the bulbs going crazy flashing, I mean blinding and I walked in it and I think no way it out had come out yet and not a camera met, not a camera went, but I went in and watch one of the great ones, one of the greatest of all for sure. He really is, and that was impressive to me for five women who work with him during the course of his curse, stood up and talked in that part, I'm kind of love
the poetry that our business can be not at not it's not always necessarily. Is I'm love the I'm a romantic about what you know we can do and what we can be. Let's take its dogmatic eminence when my favorite part, kicking back to watch a game, or some movie I streamed is enjoying my favorite, treats indeed treats movie trades. Well, the next level with the new eminence Hazel Nut, spread Shaka candies guarantee to deliver a delicious combo, hazelnuts, bread and milk chocolate in every bite, size, peace it's going where no hazelnut spread is gone before right inside Eminem, chocolate candies, oh my god, if you love, Eminem struggle candies and you love hazelnut, spread just wait until you try these together for the first time and show them on their own or using to dress up here. Their favorite treats maginnis baked and cookies or sprinkled. On top of your go to ask in favour, or
my go to move them. It you make popcorn just dump the amateur aims in the park. Get along like multi. I love those debts, I am a huge Eminem Sven, that's how they make dear limit, the giant Eminem, sir, giant Second Eminem bar cigarette shock, a bar with like begun, and I mean they containing the lead me with other stuff they're coming but check this went out. Go Hazel Mary and try the new, eminence he's on that spread. Shaka candies today. What It was there some point where you just follow. You get any movie wanted. Everybody. Has that run when they like red hot? Did you Edward, like projects you scan thrown a year? They were there were banned. You know which one I'll do and I'll listen. I you know I I postpone dancers because I didn't. I didn't, have my ending right, yeah
Have it right night, I didn't want to shoot at him, and I saw the movies I put in front of it were fulfilled in dreams, a review and because I waited because I knew that the ending was right. I watch really really carefully a much probably more than I I was. I was always educating myself, but in a way that gun had gone off and I go on directing this time next year, yeah- and I really was watching close and so. People we Schiphol, Durham there, how we skip other in their dinner
oh they're unfilled, a dream, yeah revenge, dances yeah I was bit, but I really focused on yet of the field dreams wasn't supposed to happen. I you know it just wasn't supposed to happen. I would it was a movie that wasn't gonna go the same time as revenge and basically revenge is kept, getting postpone, postpone, and I finally you know I just said to them. Look. I read this little movie about the corn and I really like it and if you dont sort this out, I'm gonna do that and it was a restart. A legendary producer. Tough guy said also- and I said I know I know- that's that's kind of what comes out of your mouth and and and and and reminded him at some point that he was a smart guy. Aren't you smart guy yeah, and I said you need to figure this out because you stretched me too much, so I did
both of those particular movies and that's when I came to dances and again we woven a tail and I think I've forgotten the colonel. What what fostered this or that I thought the choices were really cool, though what you know just the movies you pig oh, you should get any measure that you said movies, any anyone you want yeah, Could you do runways bar movies in around? I wasn't supposed to have yet and think that was very good idea on my part, but I, but they were undeniable to me. They There were just undeniable, and I and I believe I must script guy and I dont believe then the elements I believe in the script and so, when you read the bother inscribed, you must take not now as it was it was. It wouldn't change. Word yeah. I've had about ten scripts like that. We're really injurer that which is probably maybe maybe eight more than most people with their always manipulate, am
I've read some I've been a part of some things. I just didn't change because they were written in written and rewritten. Then I guess I what written and written means to you can do. Catch me. If you can look at that, but the idea of doing anything I want and I remember so. I postponed answers and then I got now Two movies were over and now is prepping. This movie couldn't get the money, found nine million bucks overseas, both movies to America movies. I made open range and and dances of walls I couldn't get a made it first. Random, first money came from overseas. Dances did open range, was crazy. You can't get dances. Betty you'd have egg cell It's a row yeah it was they will want to make it so was like. Ok, I'm gonna make us over they just thinking they that leg now would daylight waiting. Hundreds where Europe does not have a problem was may, because I did tell them was gonna, be long. I told them ahead of time. I said it's gonna be three hours. I told
maybe because I went through the system. Twice Finally, on the last one at Warner, brothers, when they said we would really like to do this, but the when he did the subtitles, and I go you it's gonna, be long as can be three hours and can be subtitles. We really like to do this with a camera. We really, we don't think we can and two guys who are my friends to this day and were really now for my crew. They said no to me and I said, before I walked out the door and was in which animals my partners, it I probably should let you about one thing and they said so I go, I'm gonna have, I need need to have final cut and then I got up and walked out. And, as I walked out my producing partner. That was the door in this big round table and what about witches? We got on the other side of door, and I use this for inspiration and in thirteen days actually It should remain outside the door, the door shut, because what was it he had to talk like that
What was that about Michael? What was right about the final cutting I would you say finally, that I said what did you hear because one that's they They don't know that the subtitles are really important to the sense of humor. I said and they don't know that the length is really tension, which is how long the story goes. I said, how can I let my film go to this place if we don't have final cut yeah, there. We walked down the hall, I mean you had their seventeen ways that film could have gone wrong. If you deny fannicot right, they could it anyway. We took out ahead and are thus it at all could have gone wrong with me, because I was the only one who could ruin at once. I decided to make it clear: had a great script non thinking, this a great script but I dont have a lot of experience here. So you know How do I do also be delete actor, was that it would be the directive. We are always amazed when anyone can do that
Let us really hard, I don't know ember wait. You're perform bill haters, France's BO haters. Do that now at bury where he's directing law. They observe these read them, but is also performing in it, and he said it really took him a couple. Episodes just to figure had just because These different people sat where I'm I'm in charge, but now I'm acting. My problem was, I I give myself too few tags I kind of like do it. And then I start to move on and follow. My producing partner says: give yourself more takes your just you're, not rushing anybody else except yourself, that's interesting. You know, the rush yourself. You know and we need like an office of coordinator to just get you to get good. Do secondary, give yourself another. You know. Whatever do you know don't rush yourself, as I was like. Sometimes a scene was alright. Go that's great. We got that I realise the cameras on me, I'm looking at everybody else. Will you also you'd hate this point and I want it agriculture, but the debates bomb oozes. Second, but you hit this point heading into that movie, where people are like. Ah fuck, this guy
directed three our western and you could well none of those three hours, but there were saying like this guy for some reason, direct aid, and I think that directly that goes back to your core question. He said: could you do anything you want it? What happened was right after filled a dreams and and revenge I get up hunt for Red October, seriously. Yeah and I've been good and that I had to say no, because they go What makes new field who I got way out made. He was the guy, but I want movie was get made. It was in turn around. He was producer of I think I'll have for Red October. And they set up every five million dollars that was four million dollars more than I had ever been paid. It was also an austerity. Now is also in the whole yeah with having but my own money in the dances. I'm thinking to myself yeah do not forget October to react to have five million dollars. I get it, but I gave my word I'm doing this movie.
That set off somewhere drum on that turn my back on that and now I'm out, they're? Doing some movie? That's gonna tank that stuff the drum roll from some, I don't know, Did it why? But it was me arrogant enough to say no to five million, but it wasn't saying no to that. I would suggest that a hundred thousand times, but I already said yes to something else, and I will as well as you put your own money in the eye, was yeah, we'll try not to do that. Well, I I know I listen, I'm I like it, I'm a big, better myself guy one more good deal and we're both vapor Rabelais. Yet I've had to do that and I did that there I mean that we require sixteen million dollars. Yeah was a lot, but I didn't put it sixteen. I built a funny that error of so, ladies Early Ninetys was this air of movie coverage. You'd premier magazine, thereby magazine, is out there yet new,
magazine was right about stuff. It was, and I remember, reading all the stuff. Benin college annually first time I was aware, like the differ, narratives, not never, knowing what was true and one of the I remember reading about Lake Constance in this way: Journey is directing and p. I remember like the kind of snark there was aimed with it, and then it became obviously, but I do need their own right out. The good news was, I didn't hear about that till I came home. I was out and sell to go to four hundred and eight days. She's most movies are like this. Sixty days. While I was, this movie was taken up? You know it was like I you know. I know I only like three percent over budget, even I we're almost at you really better allowed estates. Yeah yeah!
even I were South Dakota Colorado you, you probably have the most interesting map of were not always well. If you do a signal, you go to the same state, he could he do those injured and end up in the same places, but I wake up. Let's go backwards, second, to bother yeah crash Davis. How much crash Davis was crash, Davis, script, Crash Davis and how much of it was Kevin past taken the crash Davis DNA. Yeah well run run, run split that up, but the point I never change the dialogue cause it. Satellite. That was a kind of alter universe, cabin Costner in their moving I'll, get you just better merrily baseball, parried, thou yeah. Well, you know the one. The one thing I got from bolder my bought that car right everything else. A garage. I dream that Greece shall be serious. I seriously I
put that thing on Ebay. You can you can make on for October to make responded yourself. You make some doll, that's so funny yeah. I wonder what the thing is worth especially fits the border car he added network like seven hundred thousand dollars yeah I will make a movie, these days is ending, it will make a movie but Shelton. You know he is he's he's this Others guile ever want to meet and he's got his heart of a poet and You know he went, he played against style, he played with Gretchen Bailout Baltimore organization, you know he was always Conor right in the back of the bus and and he wrote that he wrote that thing and it was just letter perfect and it was it was you know, like fill the dreams. I knew that was great. No one was going to make that either because I'll tell you what happened
We tried to make it. We were like a couple, a hookers on Santa Monica for undermine trying to. I was going to everybody. I didn't go to arrive here at already made to movies with why when I go there well there was a copper regions. One they had to other baseball movies at danger builds a scout and they had. Denmark AIM. It always get it, but the point was I'm gonna take on a third movie, so I didn't want to kind of push my dear agenda. What I thought so. We went around and no one would do it, no one. We do finally fox or give it up a day, the dirt for four million. That's what we needed. Six million dollars to make this movie, but they had that so low that RON was just looking at me. Then I did offered everybody's, all american which I really liked and
said the wrong. I go wrong, we you know I like this movie, although it changed and an eye there was parts of it that I didn't like any more on paper. But I wanted to do everybody's all american, but I said I'll stick with you, but we can only go through this a little bit more. So we still didn't have any success. I decided I called the geyser Ryan. I said: listen. This is a baseball movie. I said it's Thursday. I said it's great. I know you. I know your foreign guy said, there's no upside in this movie. Here I said I think it's great and I said but you're gonna have to tell me tomorrow at noon on Friday, those air class gal the same, got it talk to about Sober Otto right and about five minutes to noon. Call me said, will do it and they they took bolder. I mean that's purely. We want to stay in the cabin costs for business
I would guess, yeah, maybe I'd. Maybe I should have led with that, but I kept saying movies. Greater movies, gray and they're gone movers movie will is great for Yucas. It was a great part. Its I'm an icon exports movie, but, more importantly, yet to show off your baseball's yeah. It was. I was an era where, before before that movie most times when people are in a movie, it was using actor. They were shoehorning into a sports movie who couldn't actually carried every resell impress you looked, I can catch. I had ass, yet I had had a thing happen on the inner he went out and cast all the teams and that we would plague, and so they were all like a double a triple a players yeah and they all came to the park a bolder and pork, and also there was sixty guys up there and end their inner. They were divided, they already established that they could play, but there are having hitting practice- and I was they ducking my turn, I'm just sick and cheese. I I was just kind of ducking my turn and I was a bit. Far greater Richardson, who actually coach that Lana yeah
was that minor league Chinese in and see filling a ninth greater diversity, baseball tried, citizen Wanna go up there. I hadn't really even worked out, but I I thought number. Finally, as I and I finally got to What were I didn't? Nobody ever should who was hitting fear when I went up there, I could feel everybody caught up to stop talking it fifteen eyes and rights there. We ask skies here whatever, and now I got here something something to happen that never happened to me before. Number one. I I went up there. I was really really nervous. That's not what never happened before, but I was really nervous and I'm an I remember. The first pitch came and I found it. I found it straight down, but I found it and which was at, which was the inspiration for Meda, just dribble that ball out and feel the dreams it has trebled out loud
that's funny. I guide member tell him that the director of his dreams, I said, I said, will be better that I said it's really hard to miss a ball when you throw it up in the air. Heart of things to do as miss something on purpose I can drop some legitimate, drop it, but to drop suddenly on purpose even Olivier. I can't do that. It looks like you dropped it. I said, but if I hit the ball image when, as as I playing with Sheila's Joe Jackson. You wanna hit it out. Therefore, you're really wanted, and so I say rather than MRS, what, if I'd top this ball, and it just triples at six feet where I have to go and he goes you can do- that I should be placed reap all. I can do that. So I do that that was the inspiration, but that same thing happened to me right there and Bold Durham. I take us ring and I hit it and where I should have been humiliated, I wasn't I was thinking the site
I just got a somewhat I'd. Have I just? I just took that as my first cut, I typed it so the second pitch I hit would only could be As the softest lie drive, you ever want to see a just had not nothing on it, it cannot but note, or it would even bent the ground. If it had it, but it went to the shore Stop out there there's! four shortstop cuz everybody was hanging out. He just gonna put his open. It was kind of we were fitted, it hadn't nothing on it right and I stepped out of the box, and I go what is wrong with you gonna talk, I had with myself in college that I'm gonna do this. I want to take. Control of my life I had right there. Really I showed I'm the only guy you're has a job. Are you kidding me, I'm I'm making million dollars I'm the only one here has a job and I stood back in there and something happened that never happened before and didn't really happen that day I hit it over the fence at like three sixty five,
Now I never had a home run and organise baseball for all they spy replied. I would never homeowner add a couple in side. The part Never yet, when a little league and Babe Ruth high school never had all man, I'm twenty. Eight there's all twenty nine years old at my first home, run right in front all these guys, and then you have to call well I I want. I didn't have to run run here, but I had a home run that areas in my and I've. I've had these kind of moments and sports, and that was a moment yeah, so that was at the conference after that yeah. Why have the confidence that the one I had the time it wasn't a hit that are you? Are you taking notes Kyle? This is what we need today is think. Take deep breaths, remember you are the talk like that. I'm in place more talk. Whenever self talk, ok, thing was what everybody else saw me and down the freeway. After getting part and big chill, my courage changed in the the way it has changed. I know when I talk
He about when the momentum of something changes you feel it yeah. I knew when I had that talk. I was that's where it happened. The swing was what the same but the world gets to see, but it's not always defining who you are, they would take break talk about Google FI. Doesn't it feel like most phone plans just were made with us a mind between bad cover, can too much for data, don't actually using crazy roaming charges. Google fi is, plan by Google made with features that people like you and I actually want features like free. Shall roaming say, never have to worry about, calling up your provider. Let them know be travelling three. Now. Breaks in one sentence. Connected where we are from your home to your office and everywhere in between will fireworks and your favorite smartphones you not to switch from justice which plants it's easy is just download the ep in you only have to pay The data is use with bill protection. If you ever do use a lot of data, your bill is capped at a reasonable amount. Learn more!
Fine, I googled outcome that is EF. I dug Google dotcom to Google fi plan by Google, and since we are not forget about three watch, was reservoir dogs coming Friday here, Tarantino weak on the ringer check that out get the little special three podcasting. We did and the old Halloween on Mass feed check out the big picture, Sharp Venezuela's. The thirteen awake, let's go back to Kevin Casting, did you cook with Susan Surrender Airway pour me. Did you with a red aware the interests and had, as I work with anglers limit on times a day and are you what you want to see a heavyweight fight? There was a heavyweight fight there and I ll tell you what it was. This part was as good as crashes part yeah, that her part was as good as crash New cut up fabulous part. But but that was a that was a career changing part for some one and it came down to actors and I'm not gonna. Tell you other welcome on thirty years now. I can't because, because
The reality is that broke my heart because I knew and the person not for it was really good yeah, really good sex smart actress, and I thought these two women bow If you are beginning actress hearing, stand a chance against them because what was on the line? There was a second half of her career yeah. A second career and saran and came in and RON had to choose between two great actresses. Saran and got it and in your right. It is her next and ears are that is so weird everybody's look and who got it and for some reason I'm looking at this and I'm thinking the other actress I think, because and went on ashore. Connery run yeah like You know where's where's. Sean after bond or something she was always a great actress. She had a really make career. Theirs is like little middle ground and then vote. I'm came along
and she just showed everybody who she was for the next twenty five years- yeah. That was that bigger role, and so I can't go through this. Business, looking, sometimes not what everybody else's. Looking hat while she somebody who one I'm liking, I'm looking at local loss, what yeah. You know what I mean. I see a different narrative. Allow the times and what I say she somebody that almost like an athlete, like a lottery pick like she had been in couple really good movies a little bit earlier and then, as sometimes happens with actresses. Sometimes you a couple the rampart. Still less parts in the right way and then you can go five years and that have exactly, but that was a that was a that was a complete So I'm always cognizant of that. You know what I'm giving parts at you change lies Member Atlantic City with Bert Lancaster that she was like you would you like that, were really guy she's, a star
I'm sure you'll get the car friend, but that girl was like felt like a best friend. Can you explain the TIM Robins throw emotion to me, so he did he throw out his arm. What happened? It's the nurse, a movie, listen! He he did. You know this is hard to buy that he's doin. Ninety nine miles an hour. No, of course not. Of course not you see that perfectly. But that's that's! What's so interesting about sports about thing because understand something Olivier if he can't really pit she might be the greatest actor their Relive Hagen, make it in the address bar movie and an even the non athlete can look at somebody who is not an athlete and can tell there's somethin undeniable about that ten play the role, but you can't really always fake baseball. You just can't do at at at at at at at at at there's a reality thing
but wrong totally supported him and he was everything we needed in debate, but it but it but but you're not. All about you know, you know what use you see or what you saw you get targeted nine anyway, I'm I threw eighty four would you on four lover. The game worry eighty four that was eighty five, where you're older than thou yeah. We relate you forty at that point you must about was over for the AIR Ricky Grain was the empire he's gonna Tole me Ricky Rizzo, a national. He was of a professional baseball, ref yeah an empire, and I happen in. I I'd try to be careful with all those young guys because they were out of the farm system too. I I brought my friend Oghee Garrido, into play the manager of the Yankees yet and that he would also go pick. The other athletes that would play in the movie that weren't evident have really speaking roles soggy
and in, and he did all that- and I was real, conscious cuz a lot of these guys. You know what had an opportunity at careers, you know and I'm the last thing I needed to do was hit them, because I was getting revved up in front of a crowd and throwing and hitting them how many people at those forever. The game. Did you? Did you extra re, probably three or four thousand five thousand something maybe not that, may not a we moved them around here. A couple stories are that you can't believe me but anyway, with that with that bank, I never. I was about to three under pitches for about eighteen, it's one of the great pitching form. It says in the history of baseball and I don't hate and blow your rotate or cut out and pain and richly this came back and I was I was in a thing because, good God, what's happened to this guy, just come back from the world series. And I was in there and the blood was pumping that my hard on everything I finally just vomited. The pain was so great and surely does what he's doing, and they were doing everything wrong when
getting the manage the actual trainer for the Yankees, and I hope not- walking out of school here, but the reality was this guy came to my rescue. I started having to take a little bit of stuff yeah. I had a cycle take a lot of stuff, some recovery that well yeah there's no recovery weren't getting suspended. Where I was my point here on the last night and I'll tell you that story. I use David Cohen and so was stolen that many pictures- and I was also getting- cannot do stop too yeah, and on the last day we decided we were going to decide when you were gonna. Do we ve been assimilate the whole game day and night start the day and night six care all the same cameras at the tv at that time was covering major manually baseball, all the same angles. Was like a real real guy. I should think it. Some of the best baseball footage ever done lies our through and by that time, thanks and by that time everyone
new the game, everybody knew the pitches. Everybody knew what each batter was supposed to do, but I was gonna have to go on about five and a half hour six hours, and so the train or nice exile young in the eighteen hundred says. I said I got him and I said: hey look if you had a player who was never gonna play again. Because this is the last game needed a game. You didn't want to do certain things David says you need to do it. I to do this thing. I said I'm not gonna get through this and I said whatever we ve been doing- how this dose has been goin up. Yet we have to, we have to go higher I said I have to. I have two. You know what I have to do now. I didn't even know how movie work by now It see what I've been going through. I said I can't get through I said we have to. I said I knew
couple green ones I need the blue is, and I said I need one that you have brought out a need, what everyone brought out. Ok I'll, take it later and because this is in a day- and I looked at my serious- I said I need to do this because I can't go any further. Six cameras, we're going to the night and stay that man is like a cat, and so we took em He put a bunch on my arm rat. My arm was gonna start in the daylight and I start to go up the sky and the last thing he says to me. As I walk up that steps, he said, you're gonna grab a few people and I think this house up in my gonna be, but that was his works. Will never forget him. You're gonna grab a few people, and I remember that scene, where almost hit that guy yeah into one pitcher died. I almost blow the perfect gained by thrown out
you know what he starts complaining. I come off that man like if you ever look at that things like he said something. I don't know what some of the south and came about. Fifteen. There are ten yards tintype down the man when you're you when you're dead, serious about something you walk out the man. The guy fills me the ball here and I just can't you do first hotly and go back go back to the mound, but you're gonna growl grow. A was was at what happened with that? unbelievable. I mean the most amazing thing about that. Is that nobody in charge that movie thought Is it a good idea to have cost her and to injure pitches a day freighted straight days? Had Israel baseball work like what? Where was the he spoke psycho. I knew her baseball worked. I just kind of looked at argues. The ones like on are you think you don't mean this getting world class athletes to come to Texas Man is like it is what it is, but it just what it was
it just what it was, and I never had a time and in fact I had as well crazy moment and that game, where the cameras like you ask how many actors, where we move them around and other actors out there. They were outrageous, they had gambling going on at prostitution, go on as they were there all night long there they use cardboard cut out to make the crowd lik bigger they cut off. Down where their deal was? Never be there an ordeal be out, you know, and you know, once really knowledge saw, but the I that's what they were doing. They were out of control. There are people, their basically said. Hey you wanna make a hundred fifty bucks, on anybody in the street nigger here and they were the ones or understand, and I had been really good to them really good in these people. I was drawn balls in her constantly. I follow them up. I throw it up into productive them, while I was doing all this stuff, I was a little bit cranky too, and in others people were
Stephanie, but I for eighteen days I kept those people happy a really did now, for whatever reason in the simulated game, I think it was that night might not have. I think it was a guy hits a big pop fly down. The third base line between the dog and the line, and I start to move on it because I just you know you ve just move on a bomb, big laissez, let the third baseman get it they let the catch her get it. I cannot. When this way none guys go after it I'm kind of in this middle ground. So kind of run over a little farther number ten feet from the dugout and all the crowd happened to me. Right there they weren't over here they one over the other right there. I catch the ball. It is I can I can I get a little tennis club it touches on the ocean is can ever be in the film because
It was in this wasn't hard at that guy that better thing, so I star Walkin and ass. I walked back somebody in the crowd says you know, and There was something in me the fact they shut the other, fuck, you evaluate what yeah yeah yeah and it was like. I was almost stepping over the lonely, Bert Lancaster go back and pitch and I stopped I turn around and I walked right back to these five thousand people who come to know what's going because I heard the guy say that non right at the base of the dugout and I go. I said something like. Yeah yeah yeah I set up and everybody was I really quiet and then kind of like a bummer to the whole thing eighteen days ago. You know you never now I turn, to go back to the mound and they
I'll turned on me really bad. Now, I'm like you know this was the Colosseum, as now by daylight, chapel argue fucking village on I'm thinking, I'm walking back. I go on go over there, what the Hell the eighteen days. I like washed out about chapel You know that for them going on and I'm thinking while so I get on the mountain look over there. I thought of it same thing happened: big pop lie of major league pot. Fly it right. On that same place, I taken running again, there are not even thinking now the third based catch her. They don't move either again. Now, I'm in battleground. I really can't back out the balls come down there. What job I have asked and I'm looking us and I'm thinking- oh my god, I'm right here for these people again and I go catch her behind your back, and I think I can do that. I haven't anesthetize just catch about and if I do that, they're gonna be
I put my hand behind my back and within it, went in to the glove a kid you not ten feet from this crowd right, at the thing. I don't know why Dick is my chances of being humiliated were way. Then catching it I'm just telling you, but it was that it was ten. Second, it was that talk in college, that thing. You got a job at bolder. Get up there and is like whatever I go, just do it I want and went in the oxygen, went out. No one said a thing I catch the. I just look at them get that guy I turn around. I walk back and all the crowd turned on him. Go Jack you're calling him these vulgar vulgar. Now you just turn on this was like this, and I want Back then, it could again just is.
I believe it was a weird moment and it was more like what do you care? Stick a clever and went in then their film in the movie and sequence. Basically, in your actually dying on the mound thy Billy Chapel in there Scholars gardeners, Billy Chapel, you can barely throw it in there to you and you look like you're dying on the man? Could you actually are built, then Scully? When I went to see, do that he's amazing in that movie? Let me tell you that kind of his best performance ever other than none at all acts that had I when I saw him, come narrate and he narrated the last any because it wasn't. You didn't do it at that point and he was down there and Santa Monica, and I went with a direct and the directors like. Ok, we're gonna want you to do and it isn't gonna like they take a look at this, but you know you don't take. You know this This is how long it will. Let me see it so the kind of showed it to him and it was like, probably a seven minute sequencer when I hear and then goes
Ok, well, let's just that's just run it now, barely Chow a forty year living I'm telling you he you know, Willie live will go on his life or the life itself, and he said we'll tell anybody. Forty doesn't believe hit he's like. Going there right. He gets gets to the end, and he looks at the direction goes, you know how that in an end we're like, like how was Director, remember so rarely electronic us. If ever there was one Livable beggars. Well, you wanna do another woman and and then goes what well. Maybe you just wanna do another one. An end was a fair request, but then then, is like last Saturday like well, what would any goes by just get something different and Ngos, of course, and he did again and there was set these other things at came up
And tat you know I came here tonight, I'm doing at him two times you know I've met earlier in my career before even maybe had one credit was lakeside at the golf course. It was a bunch of men out there, like, I don't really play golf and I We want to hear what the Father in Law- and he was in that thing you knock and let me be late for Kimmel. Are you know what time they cool the time I don't know I'm care budgetary authority. I care about is so much more fun. So anyway, I'm out they're playing golf. And he's in this for some time, Maybe I made an odd, but no one saying anything right
ever mean they're all playing an unjust, struggling doing the best I can, but the third home, I'm just been really quite I've known in my whole life and way grew up with him. Yes and he looks over Emmi goes Sherpa Covey, but why, on my name, your cut cabbie? That's never happened before him. Yes, my dad, ok sure put cabbie and I went like he just made me feel so great and- and I wanted him to do this and then, He asked me to speak at his retirement. Would you just said yes to immediately he'd know, I said I said no, no, no, I don't have you ever saw it as a doctor stadium air. Did you see it? I d you weren't in it. I did vote for about ten manager. I do you turn that request down you, because you do. If you have your shit together, you don't you think, there's fifty other people should be talking here.
I mean it was gonna, be like three peoples can be Kovacs me in Gibson, and I said I said, there's gotta be it's her failure. Ask me I'm telling you I said no. I was turning down. I said no, I said a northern now and they came back with What will you be? The m c and I said no, I said if you want a greater say yet cost us. I don't do that either and they came back and had now then really want you to do it. And- and I said well and they said we look at you just get up there and you do two minutes and I said I said I'm not your guy and I make three hour movies. So I'm not looking to talk long, but if you want me to talk about VIN, Scully I'll talk till I'm done, because I'm going to talk for everybody and they wet like Steve Young Dumb, MIKE Young,
work for the Dodgers. A guy was great to me. He said you do whatever you want him to do whatever you want, and I should really and it goes down whatever you want, and so I was able to talk about him and but those are my three times of really knowing him. I, let's take a break dogma. W G, you it's an online university changing lives by changing higher education. It's an innovate, company based learns learning model can't speak was designed specifically fit in the lives of busy doubts. The Bijou is nonsense, and surprisingly affordable bachelors and masters degrees in business. I teaching and nursing moved materially already now spend the time you save learning what you don't, which means that faster, demonstrate which now the faster you finish It's also about half the cost, the most other online university, seeing graduate with far less debt or none at all the beach.
Graduates work in positions of risk. Its ability for leading companies like Microsoft, Amazon, even the government get your six five thou application be waived. W G that EU that slash, bs W G that EU slash bs with the best thing Can you do in that forum with the windy? Here's the thing was incredible. That was an interesting moment to you now that was that with I've had some interesting moments. You know that was you know. There was a was interesting. It seemed. I had no idea that you guys were closely that, where we work closely
or like that. You had a connection. We had a real can again, but we had a real connection and it was kind of started with the Baptist Church and it started with me see now our nervous. She was entire those stories about her make up and having changed it between the time ice, Sir, yes, you're gonna be ok and then she changed or make up and just and looked in the exact opposite way that she would have wanted to so I was able to come at that. From that perspective you know it's a shame movie its aged. It's a very nineties movie, it has one of the great endings of all time and
I don't know it stage is different it there. I don't even know what the two thousand nineteen and quiver would be, who the actors would be, but it feels it feels like a belongs knows that I wear orange chasms first scrubbed well, yeah heat. It was the first one. He sold a Hollywood and sat on the shell for sixteen years and sighing Agnes moving freely enroll the days of Whitney and hope she can act and she was getting arrive. I felt I felt that she wouldn't be tasked tax to I mean if she had to be good, but it wasn't all riding on her. I, like it, be like taking it late and putting them in the round spot where they can succeed. Yet you just go you you asked too much? On the other hand, in this This way that work. If we were, sure close enough. She would be great, but if we would have the scale and added some more scenes with she wouldn't have been great men:
so what you had to like. You have to look at everything and see how it fits it's like this. If you just have to make, you have to have the win with a team, you either create or have yet, and yet you have them, look at the reality of that. We can talk about filter dreams which just had its thirtieth anniversary, filled dreams. Thirty, versus was this year. We have a pike ass, the people I caught the relaunch of us where we broke down as funny the relaunch of what that's like the ultimate Rwanda that has certain parts of that move. Your leg, Oh he's, gonna get James. Our genes are made I'm going to watch twenty minutes and it has all these aspects, not a gun. It's funny two writers who sit every such a booby woods. Interesting about it is. It belongs to the Sarah when we, they'll, believe everything good with baseball? and then over the next era. With that you know,
the late. Nine is dead. The strike the lock out didn't think about and then you have they're right era. I never thought about that were, and then it's like James John says that speech about baseball part of us. At the time- and it has the whole day, minutes good and could always be good yeah and its. You watch it down their presidents, like our member, only thought this way, it's so adorable. But the movie your Hodges, this these names. Yet making man I'll never thought him is like thing other than just like. The handsomest you're, on the eggs. You know I've run shelter, none was an airport needs in he saw making mantle and they told me the story and forget who told me the story but she's making man and he goes goes wrong. Did you go up term? Because no, no, I mean that's sports guy. Now I don't do that yeah, the old.
Cool is just what it is now I dont you who could love making mantle anymore than somebody like wrong debt, but no, no, no, because He was on Letterman last night, an error that's how the story when I so worried, because what are you talking about, I guess he's on letter and an end getting us all wrong, but there. But this is what in IRAN Tommy's is, and he was going off about the movie bolder and m. Any sort of like Letterman was China will know it's funny. No, it's sad because now it's fun. Day was yeah and finally than Dave. I just didn't try to turn him, because what would you mean? Does he had a lot of deference to athletes and where it really did he immediately you can suffer force, but he answered, He also wooden try to make Mickey weird, yet and.
And it s not ass sad, and what do you mean it goes back? I could really hit, and Ngos there's a lot of players at never made it into the national labour. They just sat behind guy an organization has kept him and I seen his era and his era, and I and I- and I know part of the reason that that that that RON, modeled Crash Davis was that it was a player that sat behind, Brooks Robinson and won the triple crown and my at like five years in a row and they were going to give a mob that I now you know it's like you know there did you did you think fear of James is gonna work? Yes, I mean it was said, not vicious, but not massively yeah. It was ambitious and for a little movies, ambitious. For one reason it was like I
I had a real short and take a breath when I said that we have a catch. I had you remember that moment forever, because that's how I make decisions about how you do move and I go yeah if we can get to that moment and take that moment where the hair on the back in your next stands up and were you you, you begin to we and they are even though why that means we're gonna have to do all these scenes that are almost dopey yeah correctly there dopey, but the we didn't try to winked at that which it was real. It was that way and as an that's, what made that movie danger: hard because it all bordered on dopey to begin with there he's like a borderline lunatic, Anne and at an end, and that your big ending beginning, let's have a catch and fell Robinson, I get so much credit for this, but feel ramesses a guy who wrote that
tat I would never have done that movie based on a pitch. I did it basin scrapped and I knew the script had gold outside I didn't know, obviously that it would become part of the vocabulary. I didn't know that thirty, later it would, it would find its way into the hearts of people the way it did, but it fell. When my heart and that's I challenge re stark on revenge. Is that I'm gonna do this movie and again you know we added legged, been an argument, and when we did, the we watch was part about why they carry the choking. Little girl onto the baseball diamond, so Bert Lancaster did NAFTA become Bert. Lancaster again, why didn't you? you're, joking my Graham has to decide whether it wants to do right now, I'm a you need, I know that's where we settle down, but ass. They could. I can just character and the field than he could hear. Now. It's a good point, you just you know and listen. Rivers are filled with those moments and only the best of them you're doing it
boy when you're laughing at it, but just Bessie BC at thirty springs in no time at all. You know he struggled you. Couple scenes with him? He struggled in an iconic seem and use going that last night he says is enough magic up their free round third rapture arms around here the things he was struggling that night struggling causes, older, whatever again get the lines he was struggling and he was getting embarrassed and it was at night it was in and it didn't look like he was gonna, get it any any any when over any kind of whispered that he was kind of open.
Then I would leave the sad can I think he was an barest. I wish I said no, I said this is almost perfect. We ve got about, we ve got a perfectly. I just said no stand right here. This is fantastic and the director hung in there and Bert. Finally, did it man, the sky, really talked with his hands yeah, so wrapped in a lot actors? Is it he was very histrionic. Yeah, Nae Nae hit it and I knew it was frozen. I was going to go anywhere so now, I'm right here we're going to get through that you know so tell me what store can sell is or no Chicken, the air, more things in the researchers you had they ten minutes found the final scene with the way the light was and other cars and the guy you, dear your dad and he's got some glove from like nineteen ten Ross gotta
catch everything in this car he's kind of highlighting the TIM Rabanus yapping of the things that they never great great throwing motion, he was a catch and bring it down in writing. Incredibly and is carved out at great career over that movie heat. I read his book. He wrote a book about it, Dwyer Brown and I had no idea how the hardships, but he has, He- has travelled the country, the last twenty years, thirty years talking and Asia, and he deserves every bit of it because he's such a humble guy, but he's that career that that moment for him he has made the most of it, and not now not an aim exploitive way. It yes he's had a hard up here and I'm so glad it was him now You know I was another one of my epics after seeing the movie eight hundred times Add is re not realise sooner his dad's, the catch her, what
how does it now realize sooner than his dad's? I can show you just spent two. They have this and I know this is the whole point of the writ large life. It is the whole point of this interview. Five years later there playing or five cannot remain a guy with my ear. He can't he kept his realisation connection, then about real his thought more about this than you have given is clear. This is the point in the park ass. You know what we really think her saying: what is what is? What is what is it? What is it James outsourcing you're, seeing an army of therapist. Yeah, no cried out to you How can this down so beautifully? Look for thirty years also, I got flagged about LEO to not be hitting were left hand it. I remember that it was like I, you know who I had out there as they had out there for the consultant based Balkans on raw data,
yeah rod was out there and I hate Tiger. You probably met him. If that's, he called everybody Tiger and you know he was like all man carry me in your above gonna, get killed for this, him had right after that. I said I got it I got it, I got it, but you know they would do now. Eulogists flip the the mayor of the mare and you're. Never gonna do some see gee. I think I'm surprised you and drilling me on that one now. That's already been very well know: thou to beat me up their people. I love you. I love the we had to give I love the wine. I just carry the child out because in a real in a real movie you would do that, but in thing we needed now get music needle across the oh, my god, you said: don't do it like. Oh, my god, you can't go back on my god. We didn't talk about things up
so you go, you do dances, you dont know bunch movies, nineties, and then you get sucked back. I remember you gotta leaves, and so we had it is we got a constant just than sportswear is now at a dollars. Cup was the same thing cup was you know? I just I just come out of water role. I just come out of a divorce and I was I was pretty beat up and I should know to turn up, and even though I need a more from the divorce or from water world. With our love, there was hard. It was really is one hundred thirty day shoe fifty seven, they shoot. It was a lot and- and I I couldn't I just I loved it, but I go I gotta, I said I'm I'm just not going to go on another movie. This is one of this. Isn't one time for an agent really one, and not even my own Asia went out on a limb and call me there's a woman over at sea. She says
I feel like this- is a movie. You actually need to do. Yeah, maybe an emotionally get with your friend RON, o protect you who will be with you get with him. I don't want, I don't want to see anybody else play the sky and she was right. She there was some extenuating circumstances. She she she understood what I said she came at me like a really soft backboard, and I was able to wrap my arms around going off and do that movie I'll be forever thankful. Indeed, stand by the thirteen to end the moving. Was it a thirteen which are what it would any would arrive at last, all through a twelve. I wish that there should be a poster greatest twelve history,
the greatest wrong. It's funny. I didn't like it the first time I saw that it end with the twelve cause. I just assumed who's gonna win where condition the heroes grew in the sports movie, banal glad to put out the way that the twelve is better glad you turn around you have to go, we use to come back another time. This is fun, though, right as we so many other things we could talk about. The work first past. Have you no longer find one or I did wonder what others who my dear bullshit, no, no, its current afraid alike, this Jimmy Camel's back thirty, that they did Oh Corrales, these that's right. I was about that yeah, I'm not amount to the house, and the hours is now is that you guys like cars light there said. Were he liked cars? When I told him I the car, I don't know cars, I don't know
their car cross on either hand because any he die is special. I really a release him the funniest person ever I put him up to the house and he's like This is such a solid. Do yeah I'd say, have come back. This is great, I'm glad we finally did this. We listed the sportsmen we didn't. I were drafted, but wouldn't do that next time goes down, the brown so basically taken draft. Then they made it the real movies. It's unbelievable women got Baker Mayfield they turned round and secure the GM first. Oh God says man's hell. Without that I was the bad version in or out, but that was that what that's? What the draft a avoided right rebuilding. We obviously then watch drafted so the but now got bigger, but listen. I will. I will do us. Thank you. This is great. Thank you very much gathered faster. Thanks so much Kevin costs. There thanks disappeared, Room
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W g you that EU sash bs forget about to react balls top gun reservoir dogs, but that there be back and this pact Next, we culpably more sport stuff will happen until then.
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