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NBA Trade Value, Foles Saves Philly, and Farewell Josh Gordon With Joe House and Bill's Dad | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 458)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with a slightly tipsy Joe House about his brand-new NBA trade values piece on TheRinger.com and NFL million-dollar bets before Bill calls up his dad to talk about the end of Josh Gordon's NFL season, Patriots problems, a Boston Celtics check-in, and more.

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Tonight's very special episode of the person, Pakistan, the red, are by gas network brought to you by the procurator, No, it's that smart fly. In December. I just flew back from New York. I heard a lot of coughing ok, this is come in my way: ladder coughing and dogs dogs on my airplane. The hell out of here with dogs, I've, three dogs, I love dogs, don't loudly dogs keep an eye on him with an uncle You know it ass. His inspired job sites that are overwhelmingly tons of Erasmus luck with it Spyware deputed account slash, be asked. They find people the right skills for your job, actually invite them to apply. Ministers can try. Zip code for free AIDS have quitted outcomes Be ass. The smartest way to hire were sobriety by state farm there, here to help trades go right and speaking of trades.
My trade value guide and the ringer dot com. It's my finger, still work symmetrical many thousand words? It was but yeah my finger stonework. It's amazing check out the trade by again presented by state farm? Some really good, tough in we're gonna talk to Joe House all about it about that list and where it is extra them as well. That is coming up a little bit if you have state farm insurance like many people, I, when she must stay firm agent for anybody, so there you thank you to stay farm. And they were brought to you by the ringer darkened the world's best website. We had an awesome weak whole bunch, a grades, our year. End Besta two thousand a stuff was really gray. We lag pieces this week really really good way for the site. If you like reading staff, I'll go. There are also check out over Pakistan. The ringer pack has network as Well if you like the we watch Abbas, we have another one come in here for next week, send it
it may sound Tuesday. Is to their Christmas Kyle. We're running, maybe Tuesday night will run the sports were Potter's, me and Curtis and Jason Gay? We didn't end of the year thing. We are to take that it happened. That is running on Tuesday, and then we have something else end of the week, but then the we watch, a buzz, is coming to an ethical committee. At that Christmas. Eve can be too Stone, oh yeah, are to flawed awesomely, watchful movie. And then midst of them were come back next year with the we watch was with a whole schedules figuring out on the air. And to New York. Some deuces come in. They share this ominous say some hitters heavy heavy hitters I live for that common ever inside the house to call my dad were attacked by the patriots and The very sad Josh Gordon stories was what the hell happened or patriotism. That is our common up. A first, our friends
a project we again some Friday role, and even though it's Thursday afternoon, waistcoats time, my dad's can epilepsy later to talk about the Josh one thing in the patriot sent and let's go out the South Exhaust friend ass on the line, the host of house of Cards- and the Shack House, Joe House. How I. I'm embracing it's Christmas miracle His there was. I am looking at the at the twitter feed last night outside all of a sudden out of like, like a small flat, a blue light. Maybe it was red and white with the route leading the way their further a linked,
column that you wrote you allegedly, you wrote a cow now I now I might add, outsource, dared to people in India who made a written it. For me. Is the trade where it was a trade barrier com. It went up on the say yesterday when I was at ESPN. I think the last like five or six years we still podcast before I did the trade Viacom, but this one Now now we're changing the format. A little bit I did put at the list wrote a big intro for Did the honourable mention by we had been emailing, alot back and forth. About who might be if you had not seen the final List Oak as we had and talked about a couple weeks and I got aggressive with some of the younger guys. What was, though, what was the biggest bank ache that jump? Daddy is that you're, you dig Gallo aggressive idea, but that the number one eye, and I met to tweet this out today, but I went to is the holiday season
Seven thirty hours- and yes, so I got caught up in one those. How are they lunches where you go and you sit down and some start to order and wine yeah and I had a body. Mary Ann is twelve noon, and then I ask for a ship the go along with my bloody Mary and the next thing. You know it's five o clock in the afternoon, so I had. I didn't get a chance to treat this, but it looked to me like there might have been attacked oh like there were. There was one that just jumped off the page. The air and Fox was was sitting at number. Will fifteen yeah That's that's begets a one in a five: that's inside the top twenty that's just five spots away from the top ten. Are you sure that's not a typo First of all, I love they you're half in the bag, for this package is great and we should do all these this way you could be like to do so.
Get real barbershop here. I warn you right light, as I think this should be the new house, you she goddamn draper on the part of every kind of tailored to rip for you. Do it so here's the funny thing about their facts. You're, you laugh. I thought it was the biggest mistake as well think use high enough happier I wish I could look. I invested in sweat. By the fox last year, I love- his number. In fact, I think I was on a podcast with you in the cousin, so we were looking at the two thousand seventeen two thousand and eight in basketball, Caesar we're looking at futures yeah. He was on their rookie year, odds I loved his rookie year ass. He was like twenty the want, or twenty five, the one you and I went ahead and put a little dabbler. Now, oh, yes, we let us in season leading You don't hit his freshmen season. They head Kentucky had to shoot
gave naturally televised games and he went out and wrecked dues. He had Friedrich forty, I can remember who we went up Jansen, I'm not look it up. Cuz again, I had the extra shot bloody Mary earlier today by lucky It was very impressive under the the brightest of light and others like this do comply with twenty one. Good odd for him, and then he can Now- is the day Sacramento kings currencies while they output There is one other reason we like them. We item Emily Mark has member that video of them sobbing in the locker room after the game ass? I like these guys guys really ass this. This is now in a situation like my times, Dinah Kentucky time to get ready for the draft. These guys were like devastated and so the biggest reason and we'll go through them less than a second, but the Bay the reason I like him and that I put him fifteen first of all,
so impressed by his run that team. This share the keys averaging like eighteen and seven, but the way now just that he's running the offence, but like the leadership in like this spirit, had. He plays with its really infectious, and you think kids. Twenty, and he's already running their team, never winning record there in the West elevator little bit of needs schedule, that's about the comrade on them, but I look like the physical, Yes, he said yesterday before the ok See game is the fastest guy in the league. I'm not positive, but he might be I love that he's a lefty he's got little shots already. He's got like a little stop and pop float, rain from the foul line he can make threes he's got a great three points you dear, but he's fine is a very good passer and place. The pace but writ for me it's the personality I just think came embody who I put the top forty two.
Those guys play really hard in with, like ITALY Infectious spirit- and I don't think this is a flute- this kings thing- I think they're gonna come down ever really tough schedule, but I really think he built around. Those guys is backward reminds me of lake the. Member that year, the Hornets SEC cagey back it took off a phoenix like thirty years ago while this is this is what's gonna? This is there Make the play essen- we, placer is just built around two guards. Like I failing that may be. But to do that at some point it. What are you this year? I agree with them. Single thing. You just said, and it's it's a love little story, I'm very happy for the good people of Sacramento waited long enough. They ve been in the doldrums long enough. They ve been through a lot of county moments? Lot? Assert moments in the franchise over the last fifteen years. I'm happy for them to realise, little bit of value with the air and fox and have agreed
guys that are our young in Hungary, is willing to play. Hard I'll. I knew you know You- and I were so. How do we love so happy for we love body. We were so Buddy Buddy Buddy all up in our fate And there's your seats, yet we wonderful. So this is a great moment, but the problem is bro. You have this mother s fifteen I'd, so there you have it occurred to me tat. You have never heard of the zipper. You have them ahead of Devon Bucker, oh yeah. They Devon, Booker, everyday and twice on Sunday. Here's the thing I tried to have of the triple. Oh darling, you're off the, so let me explain and this is why I read that big insurer I think we're the league is headed, and I talk to some people the league about this, because I want to make sure my instincts were read about this. These cheap, rookie salaries. If you can get somebody who is either in all star borderline, ah star right now, four leg somewhere between five
in seven ninety air? That's the number one thing people want and it sounds crazy to think you know o o ok see caught up the kings and offered Russell Westbrook for dear facts. The king do that a heartbeat, I'm telling you they would. It did rather have Alex you have him under team control, now fur three more years, and you think, like he's his arrows going up. Westbrook Sarah going down that's no brainer. I had a little more trouble with Fox Verses Mitchell. I just like fox more as a player, I think it's his upside, are the Mitchell. Hereby thing is becoming a price for this. You ve seen some Utah Games Adam I dont theirs. Little Kirsty, Francis the farm Marbury every a clear out. I'm just can take Bagshot single within this year that huge fan of lifting the quick tangent Andy Mitchell, N Utah, and under performance. So far is very happy to see you, our boy
divine come out today with a little glimmer. Because you know I was very bullish- I now and the Utah jazz does a land starting item is alive. I love them, they get the fifty now look. They went on a great run post Christmas last year, and now I need them to go on that same posts run at the time that we had our over under podcast you raise a couple caution: flag, cautionary note around Mitchell and the the source of your concern was like we saw a lot of the events of this summer. Brother was doing some ashen shoots and he was rubbing shoulders with some celebrities any just shut up a little bit too much yeah just was a little too available. We didn't see him in the gym enough. We didn't see any those work out, videos that we like to see. We designer shoes we saw you know some some lovely, the young Ladys, but we didn't tell. You, though, is that those work out videos we like to some Amy. He was there in that. It just felt like what I
like as it felt like a little victory. Lavish. And it's a u and everything it. Congratulations are you you're a good rocky, see a good Rikiu Ricky season and you be, ok see who the mess, and then you got killed the next round like go back. It go back. That's coming later that worried me in the end. It worries me that he's playing like the same way he's taken the same kind of shots, I, like Dame lowered, would take data twenty eight or twenty nine he's better a bunch of big games. At this point you know, I think Mitchell's guy figure out. How do I make everybody else around me a bit better and I think that's I mean it's one of the would give me the less ran out. As one of the reasons I love, hello going to see dodges snipe, but that its. Can tonight, yeah he's playing the cliffs. He can be really good and a basketball game and not really score hang a later three four about LUCA Yang, like three four nine and still affect the game.
Mitchell really kind of has to score to affect the game right now and that gone back. The facts I think Fox, can affect the game Even if he's not scoring, I think his speed is athleticism. I watched I watched you sour, make informed my watch the entire ok, see, Sacramento game and the point today and it was a report that was there was a better health. Boring, but I really I really wanted to watch. Sacramento Cosette I'd seen them Lee past it's in pieces, but adamantly studied was governor them at Fox play so hard here. This play their down twenty guys open in the corner and fox comes off the phone to come, chased the three and black three blew. It was I not only a great athlete play, but just like a cry easy crazy hustle play as a kind of way leg. If you doing you're going to be! Mr, like you're tryin that art and these random moments, this game that you're losing anyway there's another by buddy.
But he obeyed his three, thereby like fifteen and then like sprinted back to make sure he got back and defence at an know how much of its the coaching and how much of it is the dna. Those guys, but I really like what bullets. Let's go through the west. I swear top for pretty easy to predict yard one Davis to carry through LE brand for did you have any issue curry over broad mechanic with any of it did. This is just splitting hairs, We think that our observe, as are released on is- and this is where we, you know that's my interests always go this direction. The season, Having and the remarkable resurrection of allay on the NBA prominence. The ideal do do we do we do a little touch for low Bron as an MBA this year? Did we do? Is it worth? Is it worth, and we know what
I did look at that. I still like the for some reason. I thought the Katy at sixteen one jumped enemy. Here's the deal I watched. I actually watch them. Abram verses Brooklyn Game was on the flat. I watched our lives when I flew in New York on Tuesday night because you ve got all the great game you have is really classic I've brokers, pretty fine Britain's finally figured they really are. If you No, what it looks like we're a team to play hard watch broken if you want watch a team that that is composed of dawn, you wanna dog it what's Wash India that then I think they should have someone for here. There's a nice comparison for you. Why we while a bronze body language that game and that the only person who knows that did it. You seem really frustrated by some his team AIDS, and this brings me to you sure about the envy pay it fears. There's a trade come in with them. I don't think he lay play with K, C p.
In general, I think he's just a little frustrated by the Ngos. The only guy he's really talked up over and over again his land. So am I It was good in their game. I I love lines are actually wish. I had put him higher on this He was really good in that game on both ends, and I think has it. I still think he could be the third best guy and elaborate entitled team there, but they need the second guy on. Let me ask you this. I do think that there is little bit of a sneak. A fox kind of thing, nor with the moron talking Blondes Ochres Alonzo is their most eligible trade ass now, Ingram ass. I am I get it, but I mean, you know. The move. Lands of the thing is lines of fits with the bride the guy who really fair from what I've seen his anger. You know who also could fit with IRAN. Brad, Libya, No John WAR now does unprecedented saying. Why do I can't let him go up physically, try and restrain him as if they try to
They try move that man, I'm gonna drive the wherever he is low key that may use a gps and Google MAPS and Yahoo maps. Mapping Some do more permanent, pinpoint rather meal and go there with with all kinds of retention material they can have the lock me up. I want that man's that here, Washington Cash. We have ass, dreamt for every park, ass, grave, the option of counting the options. Awesome house, you wouldn't shade Bradley Bill for Ingram Grim expire in and Josh Heart. No, no, no one trade rather Bill Seekest! You could ended there. Would you try Rather, we had no one hears that they all you're, not trading chamois is nobody wants a contract to ass a body here listless through this quick aside, very quick, I'm sorry to take anybody down this Washington. Is that a rabbit?
it's a rat whole. It's it's right! Now. It's a thing, call at cyclists, incomes in Thailand and open up a smile, the cars we try to can construct. What what's the word like? What's the boy What's the battle, the worst threesome viewers group of players, you could assemble and in it inaction for job wall like what will we tried? The problem is two of a morally on Washington, Yon hit me invite Howard, would would have been more candidates bay, where there are two years trade on it ass to resume worse trade we gotta talk about their really quickly. There will take a break and we had the last year your team was involved in a three team trade where they got there too Brooks is mixed up a bit, so the three key aims or Ernie Grandfather Chris Wireless and then I, however, the Fuckers Rennie phoenix- I don't even know, but they all would have been three by of candidates. For this to happen to it feels like
does Ernie's far right than he was. Neither one is through this up birth now, so here's the thing says let let let's go home. Call it like it is. You have snake you have a dance, and you have a nobody- snake, craswellers Dance, Ernie Grand Felled- nobody, the g, the current GM of the sunset. I can't name of TAT James Jones Lebruns, Lebruns Valet, who gave him pay suggested there boy here. We biotechnology given tee for nothing, will get we'll get nothing out of it. The vigour lodge clutch zoned. So I believe that Chris Wireless put it on on Ernie. I believe this sorry that that came out that was reported that Phoenix Memphis we're having discussions in advance of involving Washington and it was on a on equivocal. Not mysterious at all, which Brooks they were talking about, and then something happened over the
worse of Friday to cause Memphis to get cold feet it was easy to point the blame for Memphis to the blame. And put the blame ride on grown felled, for whatever reason they they decided, they didn't want to be part of this arrangement any further I yet apologized for Congress, whilst the snake, I won't It gave Kobe Bryant two tiles that wasn't entitled to that's to us all, to LOS Angeles Lakers before the rest League had an opportunity to partition. That is not a bidding whatsoever and dad did David STAR. Let that shit go right or by that enables birds black mark. As far as I'm concerned me, there's a lot of black works, this was also took a shameful beat over a James, hired in staff and carry, I think, was that the draft what does indeed take more shit for that carry the snake here here the set for seven picks Blake Griffin, how shameful b
Expec James Hearted, Tariq events, Ricky Rubio Janni Flynn, Stephan Curry, whence seventh the border as went ninth, the final: links on drugs every year, god dammit. The draft out of my head. That was the draft that only grown fell, traded, the five whole gauge Hill or fanny for Jane it straight. I wouldn't you change. The five take for big bill are ready, for that was the whole trade. I gotta go hard. I gotta go sick, my hand, the torrent from let's take a break, islet secular fan door. My fantasy lake, my team, let me down I have daily fantasy, your privilege promoting when you're league either. You know, I wouldn't minor league severe and attentively the ten percent chance of anywhere twelve team Leah. Like eight percent chance, not a daily fantasy every week is a new week. How are you? same into researching in building a team, regardless of the outcome. It's never been. Or fund. Is it play like this week? You can do
I'd. Dallas is gonna, run the ball at sea, put Zeke EL it at your team. That can tell what to do. I'm gonna give. Where are my chair I've tried other dia sites before, if not a fantasy expert vandals. Clearly the place to play when ready for a fresh start refugees, rented it kill a weekend. Do little daily fantasy makes some teams five hour bonus when you make first posit pickin new fantasy team this week to next week, do in every need completed May with me. Sash bs new users only bonus not available for withdrawal state in age restrictions apply for full eligibility rules in terms and conditions Offender Dhaka, I back to back to the west, has just stuck his head. The toilets error, but that is where it was cold did agree after the top for did you go Look at five.
I don't have any issue and also I like two things about this list. The two things I like in the in the first I like that it is a levy, a living, breathing organs. This has evolving document with enough, and we were gonna, let the course of the seas and play out I, but I love the ringer innovation. I love the bill. Seventh. Innovation here with this list is two thousand eight we can go ahead and be a little create overcome whose away around its atlas worthless. Do it LUCA was at the glucose like twenty two a month ago, now see, I sure so what we ve seen from him as a bunch of humongous balls. I gotta! Do we put it. These are safe. Sl games where he is taken over at the end of the day, is staring the jaws defeat, an end look like. Let me just see let let's just see for a minute, if I can
that's a little. We out of this device, this matter level victory out of a job that feed here and he's done. All times that it's been a hell of a revelation. Now I also the only thing I like about this list in terms of of the, in addition to the ability to kind of No moving around as the season develops the emphasis the young guys is, is clearly corrects right. That's it's very heavy with ease guys on these rookie contracts, because that's where the value is that our team now our separating themselves. If you can some value out of a guy very early. This is why Boston is in the beautiful position that its in God, damn all the assets with Gm Brown and Jason Tatum that that Terry rosier, when you have read these guys unlucky contracts highlighting the jailer Brad's it asset first time. Everyone said that a month
Why is this terrible? You haven't tat. Fifty that's a whole another deal, I'm gonna. He needs to be out of this top fifty. But the point is he all things considered fervour potential trade for somebody like Anthony Davis, yeah he's here now said the count he counts as an asset. The lie located I let her look of aliens look as Nineteen He clearly has what it takes: he has often Titus of the nets. As you discussed earlier, Elephant Titus yeah he's got it that same Cassell Balls, it's like Alfin, Titus, boss,. Whoever had there and it was there and families in allowing US balls who has the biggest balls Well, in college day, we had that one friend that we can talk about who would pose positive parties, because there are big now that deli Now you see those not now did I make their work as you weren't. You get all also those thirty years ago and this kind of stuff you didn't college. Now they have like they freely.
How did that happen? If somebody had their boss got to jail? If we look at his nuts even go to jail right now, already fairer like Yahoo? let's go into this room, we want to see or not. Now, at any rate, I show you these huge nuts that set out my dad it with somebody said did you hear ye ever say so and says that's like now. Who is. It was weird like the colonel and buggy beds- love, that's! progress in another room. The nets came out. We're like I think about this matter, he was happening to show the knots yeah repressed What are you ought to see my joy at nuts here? They are that's Luke adages, congratulations have jointly and beta put it six now. There's this good case that he actually should have been in the top group. You could have made a case. He should have been in that on untouchable group, the only here I knocked him down to see
it was just cause. I wouldn't bet life that he's gonna stay healthy. I think we're It has been very good science. You play you Southie last year, he's been real Half of this year, he's been durable, but It's really only been a hundred games, maybe not even that, and I just what more evidence that this is somebody that's gonna, be in the league for the next ten to twelve years. So that is why I share concern, I'm with you, I'm rooting with all of my My NBA might ever fiber in my NBA body for him to stay healthy cause. I just love watching him play basketball. I love watching the Sixers with him on the on the for the other thing that I think it makes it reasonable than not have him in that Tippy tippy top is key. Sometimes he says stuff. There's not great, don't ever came and he made of it was confirmed in related Jed to Jimmy Butler, but you don't have to say it. You might think it you just keep it to yourself
he's a transparent. Whatever the malaria is, if you're under twenty five this is a share? the sharing generation varieties, those like the user and integrate their here's? A picture of me I am sad. I want you to know about it. He shares the share yeah I had Simmons, I think fire, the guide him five or six. And the more I watched a team and I watched it to them how they interact and how much the Billy fans love, EM bead. I just I wouldn't be shy, if they traded, Simmons likened next year and a half just because, oh my god, I M just good feeling its is it honestly, is the same reason that I think Katy is probably gonna to gone state like at some point. The city in the team belongs to one guy. In the teeth of the sitting, the fans belong to one guy in the team Phillies and bead city. I felt it when their plan Afghan there, they fucking love and bid
frustrated by stability through its? I wouldn't put Ben sermons and Katy situation there there Bur planets apart. That's a different. That's PLUTO to Mars. The difference been in You're, more than others situated in their preparations, I'm just saying the arc of how it's gonna go. It reminds me of each other's Simmons knows that that his city, that's an beads, in this sense very high. Take airports I it is, I think the one thing we ve learned this decade is all these guys want their own team and even the red who goes to somebody else, esteem and two years in ASEAN, like he's happy so, let's We, the jury, is still out on the composition and disposition and demeanor and psychological makeup of of Ben Simmons. What if he turned out to be a person whose composition indisposition is more like Paul George.
Because one thing that very very, very best Paul George right now that's a reminder of the very, very best Paul George from handful of years ago, and the thing that we have learned about him is he loves? Being a second that's, not the animals being in a position with any more pressure, off right now. I think Simmonds is the opposite. I think he wants to be. The guy is didn't Kendall, general. Here's, the thing is it: what are you so? I will do what you're saying is true that we would see his ass in the gym shootin three pointers properly, because they died that's what I'm alpha dog does. Maybe on it Not I hear donut complete, I'm taking many freezing games he's only get three when it matters. Here's the other reason and look did their trading? Among that's add, please don't do a blind headline words like Simmons thanks, fillies, gonna trade, Simmons, everywhere to the headline I've just saying, like beats a lack he's going to be an Philly Don
It is a lack he's going to be a Dallas yoke. Itches lack he's going to be a number there world than where Simmons isn't on Philly sometime in the next three four years and its Early that whole who's who city? Whose team is this thing? I must say I record, I would think I think that's a dumb world behold. I pass the best while fit of those two guys is imperfect either. In that say, other thing that is a little elephant in the room like Inferior, really have the right team around and beat you We want spacers in like pay the fact that summit, can't shoot. It does make them easier to stop if you're, a good team and but that that's precisely the point and the the way, I would finish the set you just saw authored the basketball, fit, isn't right for those two dude. I would say yet again
yet I remember how early in their basketball careers, those two guys are. They haven't, played a tonic games together. They had the great good fortune to be in the play us together. There is nothing like the play off take to find out what kind of you know. The NBA players are the real truth serum in terms What inside of of deeds like Simmons, and indeed- and I thought to hear that no, this they were awfully competitive. They gave your boys celtics everything I wanted. I love. I love the ceiling of what they have. I mean in this trade by thing. First MA. I put Simmonds eight that site, like I, don't think he's incredible. I put his ceiling as envy p, as I am being ceiling, is envy pay pretty good feeling yet, and I don't think Of thousands, I will give you dont judge First Simmons, adding Philly would do that's, why heads the judge ahead of them, or at least if they Didn'T- The data at least have a seven hour meeting about it, which is part of the point of this trade by think the tough
for me was. I saw em bead Saxon, yet Yoke, each seventh and those how big salaries- and you know that she's Megan six. Its successor some point seven next year, eight the year after its it's just significant to get him on that contract versus pain, yoke, edge, Z may make, and thirty two point five million a year and a couple years so anyway Tatum his nights. By the way, not on another, so it hit the breaks with work jail in the car. We do it keep moving ahead. The brakes softened Bosman, Not only do they have another thing had to bring culture or regional, solve mover boss move hit the brakes or keep moving. See you in the brakes army the breaks out you this is. I want to be fair about it even Collar homer. I now Mamma, I don't care
about whatever your motivations are Jason Tatum inside the top ten. He is not in the same class as an bead or damage its ye, it's ok to go ahead and and column in the same vein as as Simmons I I guess, but he he doesn't it. There's no scenario under which I think we're gonna, see Jason Tatum ever show up on a list. That's that's an mba p for National Basketball Association. I think Europe Raising on, I just think he I think he has all of what a day The scores of forward now gonna put together at an hour, but but glee the shots, the hum to get better, even it You look at I don't think you can be as good as Durrant, but a few
so I got where the rain was when he was aged twenty versus Tatum wiser and when he was aged twenty and just their ability, the shots that they could already make and the spots I can get on the foreign do stuff. That's that's! Why he's there is. He is the change of the natural his chance gonna, be here, twenty nine to thirty. Pointing aim score, I think, is really cards for him. You know! That's why I asked to be there. You can't look at me in the face and tell me the he that that there is a scenario under which any team has cooperated on it. We consider trading quite Leonard for Jason Tatum without it being a hostile situation about them is the whole point of this revised Marta rose, and but that was a hostage situation. No first, I was first by that's how localize trade by was inquired the next guys in this list are the rent Jameson why, Why has limited
advice because free agent, you trading for somebody, you you there's no way in Hell, The sad thing so give up Tatum for four of course, and then crossed her fingers and hope he doesn't know the clippers and the Lakers they're not doing that That's your irish trade bodies, but they had quite for some period of time they absolutely positively without a visa free area and a reservation which they would try to Kevin area too, if you got five years a common area but he's free right so that is the point of the trade re read the rent up for four years for Jason Tatum to sell things do than five seconds, but but look. The Celtics are the position right, the second having the the flexibility to bring in a guy of quite ilk, I paid they to a long term there Why? How do they know? Collides gonna, sign in Boston, and how do we know is healthy? Remember it wasn't.
By the way their trade was about two games. You look pretty good to me that trade was notches Co. Why further rose and like they? They Dana Green was in there who plays crunch time for Toronto Partisan there, who actually was started by pretty well San Antonio, but and I was the best they can do it. I don't, but I like, because we know knew what was going on with his leg. Nobody knew for sure we had to see the games out of him before anybody could tell how that trade, whether that trade sense or not so you're saying, cause the Boston and says will give you co? Why for Jason, Tatum and Baines contract. Just first through some contracts together will make it work in the trade machine. Let's do right now. You really think this Celtics would do that In all my style, you kidding me they would hope because all went away the championship. Are you kidding me here? Did you quite lettered play all more creatively until that cheater from
where's, he from Georgia, the country Georgia. Tells us the cheater cried trot ruined complies career cry was single handedly gonna. Make that spurs gold they'd series interesting, this performance when game. One in that series was gonna be a little bit interesting, at least it's out. You know we have living in the in the bad history that that divide, devolved since then has on. That could argue the about this, because what it would have realised over the last three minutes. Yeah. How and when your kid, I'd like a play day with other kids and the other Kate is behaving really badly in you know, the kid you blame the parents kid was raised on its parents fought. The kid is behave in this way. That's why like ours as a trade person, because you been re lying me now, listen, listen! Now, listen you been raised.
You been weakened the tutelage of earning unfair for the last sixteen years. You don't even know what a good trade is anymore. Now she makes terrible trades year GM. We re Jason Tatum for QUIET letter. He did it in two thousand that change the fifth back. You can stop the credentials of fifty four make better Randy Foy. That's it! That's the dna, the you have as a trade expert. You you well line for me a ceiling, that's based on, Jason, totems, offensive prowess! I haven't seen it, here is the resume for this dude, whose name begins with a k and, as with a Leonard all beef, one time. Second, defensive player of the year two thousand fifteenth tat Sixty! I am well aware: have you seen he having aims the clips? The give his grey imply a defence agency signing with me? How do I know
Maybe maybe saturated Jason Data for a baby wouldn't talk about that's crazy. Why we lose Avis collide, usually weaponry entity Davis. Yes, I would say to him and Orford Fur Anthony Davis Parada. I think there's some. I think there are some rule that they're not allowed to do. That, though I had this whole thing were correct, I really was the franchise guy. Oh right, right and re- this is also franchise guy. You can't have two guys Maltese called its copyright. It's called the winner straw. Winners was the one who I think stumbled across it, but you have a name there there's a day for those types of players, yeah I would trade, I would trade, I would Tatum in Hertfordshire for Davis. I think David still, young and it but his day if I'm doing that a Davis better tell me he signing with made before even do it
Digg is blow of quiet here, yeah Davis, a two on this list, which is not really something I don't. I have no idea Inquiries are really strange guy. I think what happened last year in San Antonio is really strange. I get strange that he's just this blank slate about whether he likes to ride. Aren't I, like some pretty. Situation there, it really does it seems like he doesn't know where he's gonna play next year. I don't think any of us. This strange. I think he had a tough leg injury that was tough to diagnose. And there was a communication problem in San Antonio that caused him to lose confidence in the phone He didn't you eat came to believe that they didn't have his best interests at heart and once that happens, wants that trust is violated for for a guy. This relying on on his legs, for his livelihood is tough to get that back and then it became you know. I that couldn't be repaired and the joy We still out about what's gonna happen in Tirana. All I know is they ve been in the top three of all the teams
and we re all season long they ve serve nourish that they intend to kick all these long and I think there are legit Contender to win the ear I agree, actually put up a pretty interesting fight against the war. Is this this this June? I agree with you. I would not say Jason Tatum for a guy who might leave made formats. I think that's crazy window I just think it a little in France or more years. I think it's a little narrow how Four Davis I get. There for this year and next year, and then then all the way through hate, although we think We talk about state fire. They heard how the trades right, as we ve been talking about, you can check out my trade vague, I'd right now alive on the ringer documents can be abolished and it's it's a living breathing organism. It's gonna change next month. It's like I Swatch Predator on the airplane. Its committee, predator of central, wake up the rankings by their different in talk about.
Anthony towns really quick on this. I had him some help because they thought farm right. We're over policy need to keep my rating high when I get the over tonight after this podcasting too to go home yeah that need them to. I need some insurance against my rating mafia. They farm insurance he disappears. I don't like his body language, but he puts up stats not in order to make a worm huge me crazy, Fuse South South expressed. Where did towns ahead at sixteen. He lay me cold. When I go to watch him in person here, It appears I don't like his body language, but he puts up stats and I don't know what to make of them. Who drive me crazy? If you spell Celtics best player, I'm too tired to low at sixty. I think, he's in the right place at sixteen- is assuming you gotta, get there there and Fox out of fifteen may thus escrow hasty in early may I am conversation as the AIR Fox. I made the point the
sitting with quiet they towns is. We are re. Writing his narrative as we speak. So I dont you and I saw him live together, That's right back in in October, in LOS Angeles, seem sand. I agree with you. He left me cold as well. I was wondering you know why it was that he might certain himself, but this was in the doldrums of the Jimmy Butler Soul, sucking era yet and they hee shown signs of life, I'm very interested and want to comply with my own two eyes live. So I had to go to a game to see he was. I want to see what he looks like. I want to see how it starting himself and we see the reaction to his teammates around him. All these kinds of things that that the body language doctor you your own self, taking due account when you're watching game with Europe. HU I live. I want to see a K. A tea now that he has been
burdened with the basketball cancer Jimmy Butler yeah. I wanna get ten if our pig so quickly, got the whole list. If you want to check it out, there's honourable man should guys in their whole bunch. It thinks just to me guys. I wanted to mention that would do the pigs. I dream Green did twenty eight too are too low. The guy can't shoot anymore. Have you seen of you watch the word games teams are treating them like, like no, like he's George Marathon from twenty five feet, a date that's impossible, We wondered when the time was gonna come with golden state. We anticipated it could be this this season, where they just officially stop giving the crap during the regular season. They should signs of it last season we both went under? the wind total forgotten state this year. They just really can't be bothered
and in a dream on, as has been observed million times for ease the straw that stirs the drink. If he's not out there. First of all, he hasn't been healthy for a good chunk of the first. Thirty. Season, but if he's not out there agitating and get technicals technical mixing up with the guys and you know, do in a kind of stuff you want. Dirty dog to do it's very to get a red on. You know how his value translates and in you know whether or not he there. What he's gonna Able to deliver to them come playoff off time is, is really still in the kitchen. You mean house, two years ago to does within sixty days in fourteen ten and seven every night. Forty, nine percent. Thirty nine percent from three nineteen point: three Pierre. Last year, goes down eleven. Eighty seven three point goes down the thirty percent
this year is six eight and seven three point now at twenty one percent. This is not at. This is not a slope, and this is not an effort thing. The funding. I can't shoot anymore. You can't shoot teams are last year. Teams are like, please shoot the three, and then he made a cup on the plan, but for the most part those party in strategy playing on state police. Jamie and now the point where their plane for five offensively, because his guys They ve been down. Seventy from the basket he's got. This year. Seventeen point five next year. Eighteen point: five had a staying with the rat. That was really bad, and you know that a if, if ran, ends up, go, and I I wouldn't be surprised, but and whether that as it did the dream, I think who knows, but a just. It's a kind of thing that well beyond our teammates. It's like a marriage tat. This is simple
dark in that, but I dont know kind of trade value he would have and who you train of oil. The other guys in this list are go. Bear is twenty five the twenty six George twenty seven Jamie, Twenty eight Cd Maccallum see Jamak twenty nine. I was there on their own group. I you kid we do. I have dream on two ten spots too high. But is he now, as a defence of specialist cause, that's kind of where he is he's gonna end up as a defence of Spain less at a guy. That is really a defensive architect, he's a defensive, quarterback wow. That now you translate comply off time. He only really needs to be a medium level threat from three offensively. That's really the only in these
Was there the breathe a line and pass the ball properly? They can't do that down like, but it won't. You add, reef breeze. If you can't do our in trouble. Well, that's it that's it there. I mean that that's really did the difference between whether not gone state when's the championship again, but the defensive part of it is the thing that that distinguishes him and that's all whether or not is healthy and that's effort and ass. It were his mom in aware, wherever his mindset is completely off time, all his He was there in that. You know that stretch from April to June. Whatever his energy level, is how his health is and his mind said to go, be that defence of dog the other guy. I want to mention Marvin Bagley at thirty five, and he was in fifties at one point: we're doing this list he's kind of winning me over. I don't nobody is I don't. The fees somebody that just is a great guy, Abner Fantasy League, if he's somebody who's gonna, be the Summer League Mvp next summer and that'll be the highlight of his career or a fee.
Somebody that might have a chance, but like our deploys, I think he's he's got really lively legs by God is ability there go up, come down and then and the he's back up for the second rebound nikes. This is really active and I think that was part of the meal make up part of description. I think k o c or one of one other guys we're in the Ringer draft guys. You know that you're you're hitting all right as one of the hype highlights of his. You know draft resume and it's what obviously made him attractive to Sacramento, they don't hang stiffest they still should take it that it had held forever live with. With that mistake, that's right I was you can say it, but but he's not about and his ease a on rarely get MBA. I think it turned out too a terrific situation for him, like you know it that he
as the the opportunity to to not have to try to operate in a spotlight with the light shining on him where the franchise is counting on. And this is why I'm impressed with Aden Aden does The spotlight on me was the number one overalls, action and you know there's a lot of of, lessening around him overdone kitchen, whether you know he was the right guy that place and and he's been his efficiencies and crime. It looks like it's only headed in one direction: Similarly, we need to tell you about this guy, How many times have you seen him? I've never sat down a watch, Phoenix sons gain from it. To the end. He played war against the south excise night and it made me regret having him twenty four cause. I've got him on a cobbler nights, the effort seems to come and go. Is he gets
he had a habit, and hopefully this is just a habit that he can break out of here, get an empty stats. You'd help with sixteen in ten budget was, I care you have evolved. Watch daily. I, as you know the drill Smarter teams are defined Sorry about age, just basically you today, you can shoot from more than sixteen seventeen feet and it just it was like what is this? Does this guy makes sense and where basketballs going there game like work. What about the subjects ass? They were here, men were shot Homesite just killed the subjects on the board and he was active set out to know what to do he's attitude. That has no point guard here. A team that the the coach might be terrible, we're not sure, but it certainly has been a rocky start and they were near EEG eager event.
And then the dodgers things got that thing too. I don't know It's going, you might be. Like all the kid at He may be way better than I that the first thirty I'll be fine, compares not but look on the internet and during the first thirty game comparison I think, he's Actually worry should be on a team that actively trying to lose games. You ever to every three games galvanise I come and go. Let's go trial when one they stiff one. They want to make a point against Russia. League last night was on and be, tv against the Celtics. I was pretty impressive. He He paid really well, I that was his best game in the year last night. So maybe here but the trade ballast yeah. I have to say the sensor, so fucking stupid, they're, just Thomas T like that they did, here now now this,
stupid, though I mean I put in the com about how they somehow it up with five small forwards over the last two years of lottery, pigs and trading in Frage thing, but even like the way they handled the Thyssen, Chandler and Austin first by adds does geyser expiring contracts that sort of the best commodities to have they kept it they eat. Nothing out of getting it had tasted Chandler other than they get the other guys more plain time, but you don't have to do that in November. Keep Harry he's make like thirteen supplied that rivers is making like twelve nay pact, just two together native twenty five million expiring things you'd actually get somebody for that year. Yet Your boy Jamal were whether they get somebody, or not, though, that that's that's the way you you work. Your way to getting additional picks out of a minimum, because you become the third team facility teams that unwanted Lou principle deals principle. The principle deals you create the earth you're. The view What that cap space with those expiring?
same thing either. It's the next designing the next by joking Noah and then their fans right. While we would have had no vainly thou, although he could waved run Baker but keep joke. No a because, especially with if you have a chance UK deed next summer, the UK, stretch to know a thing out a year from now or use it as an experiment to get somebody out. Sir. Whatever these tee, I would never buy out an mba per just don't get it. I in eleven countries, thereby the lessons Mr White Howard. I agree with you. I wait you're going to come back on. In January? Before I come up with, Whatever the January ranking is where will have right up for the fifty five guys and I'll get your help. I have her. I've heard your case on all of these different things and now american knows that you would trade Jason Tatum for four months of poetic or in a hard,
but your position, annex I appreciate you invite me back on come on in general, because the real MBA seasons about to get started starts on Christmas. All those games and boy were about to start getting interesting is my favorite time of the year in the NBA start on Christmas. I where'd. They one could break in India and if epics, let's talk about Microsoft, surface if needed, vice and help to get stuff down, but is also perfect when you want to catch up on some, unlike streaming, lab sports or checking, and your fancy team check. At the latest member of the Microsoft Surface family. The new surface pro sixty take the keyboard off easily tablet or snapper back on these legal laptop with up to thirteen as far as a better life for the new eighth Jen Intel CORE processor, its. Everything you love about the surface, prow, now even more powerful check it out the Microsoft service and speak with you check out together. Angered. I come
check out our end of the year stuff and check out armor. We have a whole bunch new merged, sweat. Hoodies sweatshirts teaching, What really A relatively new echo. Some of it brought. For my daughter fine, you ve plenty a ringer march, but American. Go to the Ringer dotcom, Slash Shap check out of our marriage. That's right. I lost three hundred k last week. I am still up four point: one nine five million dollars on the million dollar and it fell picks. Last week, a ham, I'm happy, you kicked me off last week, gonna talk you out of bunch of money lines that you gotta, yeas outer patriots took. You did a Dwight Howard on you, yeah that'd bite, but you're, still, of four million dollars congrats. Thank you, I really like two games
I'm going to seek your counts on the third, before I do, that is there any game you love this week there, the third there two games, or I feel like that, though the lions kind of crazy saints have not been good in about a month. Yeah not sure why the Steelers are getting five and a half points I note- deemed cars questionable yeah, But I thought the stairs last week served notice to us again. That is December there at a stretch, run seeding It is not. Oh, I didn't look at the the play off dialogue to see whether or not they are in scented they that date they have locked up that. As the north, for all intents purposes, whereas there is that that this day, their scenarios under which Baltimore could still sneak in there, but the Steelers locked up for all purposes right.
Now. This is a worse take than your colleague Leonard Pick. How much you may I most wanna added this out, but then but then, a few years after you distress Data Pittsburgh, Five one and Baltimores aid sex, so Baltimore Windsor Sweden, Pittsburgh loses Baltimore, takes control then on the road it it's. The echo this week with with here with I think, the Louisville kid playing quarterback near to enable that that that's the best defence, the Baltimore Worth than the six games since that dabble with him, and he got it back. Did you see that Lamar Jackson pass a garret stats, they're, pretty brutal? I had a mere words a game I still like. I wish to pass it take it out, but damn sure You like you like you, you think Pittsburgh intriguing. What was the other one you liked? This? Is this?
the kiss of death. Can you believe that the? Why should a dead skins are still in the hunt for ethnic EAST yeah? I can't I mean it's really I can't believe it. Unbelievable, then getting ten points in a game where the two teams might score twenty five points combined. I like it because Tennessee is, is terrible. In. Washington is terrible also, and I think the two of them are minor go score like twenty seven points as to. Why should getting ten points? Under that scenario, I, like I, like the dead skins, what's the money line and that game while others like me, the deadlines are getting and you'll be able to be like it to be like plus three three, eighty, maybe right now for thirty, five plus four hundred and thirty five and the older runners, thirty seven and one slash two: how much of Josh Jansen did Josh Johnson did you watch last week
is an american hero, he was playing high school for five watched enough. He can run it hurt I couldn't believe my eyes the radical thing to see a Washington quarterback hook. Generally, you know since Archie three, if like it was the second coming about energy trade where well maybe I'll, throw a hundred bucks on that house. Hundred thousand of its about afore? I said that I laughed like looking like a drunk maniac. Will you join any about? I hear my you are Jack- any care, my pigs. So I took a law are not doing this. Took a long long, long, lusty, look at the Seahawks plus two and a half at home in a night game. It just seems like wow what a lack of respect class I watch nephew God. I watch the entire manners game as cost fate girlfriend faced time and kept interrupting
my god? Oh my god, carrying out a face time same grow out of the latter was she's back. Back for the holidays, how's doktor bills about our you attacked a later about it. But But here we watch and all game was pouring rain Cm clearly was looking ahead to the chiefs and the Niners paid really well again. It was kind of wireless Ginza, really they're gonna lose s, and then they end up losing o t, and I do If they were looking at a little bit too, that you actually cheese, not a great defence, nodded Defence is not a mediocre aventis. It's a bowler, evidently Randy's, but you can run the bog down their throats the way I Chris Carson's run the bother share and enforce that trade and fantasies. One of the reasons I lost but really
Really really running with some vigour and man. I keep look This guy, doesn't it just seemed like a classic? They the bog down the chiefs throughout my homes barely gets the bar and that crowd gets above and without That said, some and keep him away. Something scares on my only plus one fifteen. I like it and there What's two and one slash two: if it was like three, I would I would be on it, but the two and a half, I don't love anime. Not positive. Seattle is that good does yet thing. I think she has get the playoffs but maybe a level they can't go. Do you know is this case. From a talent standpoint, the top five team. I liked the demon Williams Ready back that was in. There was rather on the charges a little bit last week he's yet guy is better than a pitcher back some stay away, but I just wanted to pay respect to the sea hawks
a home dog and they gave feels like such a rare opportunity. Now six here, What I got going house. I am all in on this thick forest thing. I'm all ears I'm a hundred per cent all in it. Thing, would make me happy. The neck force keeps winning and an aid gnawing obnoxious, eagles, fancy tormented male year are have to come. Given the fact that there are their hero, Carson whence isn't even the best quarterback on his own tape, I want Nixon to keep winning and playing well. I think that the team a little bit life, they really look like the Eagles on Sunday and an idle think Houston's variegated guy against them. At least my pace boys stop bedding at some until this week, I watch that entire jets game last week. I was not impressed and I It felt like a cup of steel
bid plays and all the sudden they somehow win by seven end. They cover jets, Miss two extra plants and they resist the team or even an as yet, I guess, went for it from their own twenty five yard line. They gave that that that the cover came because of yet concern over the just did not have to go for it at that point they could upon. They still had the time out. I thought they. I thought the jets in Texas look, even from TAT stay put, jets pass or save one great receiver who made an increase. The plan than touchdown drive that they needed there quarterbacks get, but they- I just don't think they're that good and fillies stoa high in promoting and isolate the class had the same reaction. When Houston came to Washington, Houston and Washington. What were functional quiver? That's the game, Alex Smith had his light, detached who have bought from ready. So best of luck to Alex
I hope that everything works out. I don't know if he's gonna have enough uprear any further, but he seemed like a good dude. To see him on tv and help life. You know goes great for him. Seven, wherever that contract is out of Arthur, ought to help the contract any Snyder yeah guaranteed for him I'm right there with you. I've been watching Philadelphia, pretty intently. I went out together with some powers over the thanksgiving, they and watch them play Dallas. That was a very enjoyable football game. I was super impressed by Philadelphia and my, Pinioned might take away from the game. Was boy Carson, rent whence relief after them? He had both behind did know. Yet. What does very, ass those guys they felt like I was. You know Trolling, though I like what what what point does does fall, you have to start thinking about folds can't keep doorman receivers and these guys aims where you know it's, it's a it's a hairline difference between winning and losing. While he brings things at com to them.
He got Ashine Jeffrey involved again any brings God You know what I think yet luscious lips have you seen his lip? many lives that policy bunk. I like Somebody is the mud where at one team something weird happens and they get weird momentum or whatever the fuck, and it just feels something's going on here. I can't believe that only laying two points I can't believe it. One of my favorite picture, the of the entire year some pudding one point: one million dollars why to win a million and now here's the other one. The bears are in San Francisco. This goes two games and around they beat Denver fourteen beats me out on over time. A game which I watched in its entirety.
Quarterback actually played pretty well in that game. They I like their defence of coordinator, that the team play hard. Any really seem like they want to avenge. The Seattle beating that they're got a couple weeks ago? Receiver made where they got some luck, Gina Caskey skewed out to get especially was tat, stand a match if they play that game ten times- and good, whether or not pointing rain. I think so probably wins my point is that was probably their superber. They want straight. This does not see is, is a team with whose neck moments? Yes, yes, they have three straight with Dick balance. They can do in both breeder they're. Getting for, like we re, headed the magic number here there there above the magic number of three While he had bought here's. What I got free ass, I get the bears. Gonna seemed Cisco. Talk me into their land for but they're. My one. Ninety and the money line the bears oath,
bears. When this game they lock up the three seed, there's a scenario where Douze could win too in the bears lose too in the three seeds in jeopardy. I talked big cat robber, MACE and Bengal, I kind of big Erasmus for some reason, though offence to a big shouted to the Big can Chicago Chicago's on big cat any minute easy to confuse the bigger the Bengal Bob open if they ve ever hung up brass bob, whose fathers spare seem very closely. He says there. Gas pedal, the foot may be offered. A tiny bit is worried about the eighty Jackson thing, but still feels like its action to be a no show so itself. Like a sweated, our inner, but here's the thing their defence- Fucking, awesome and Nick Mines is a third string quarterback and that should matter they win. Game there die. They can rest everyone a week, seventeen and
wanna. Take that one ninety and I want to put that with the Browns Mine is more sixty there. Ten point: favorites over the bangles in their Driscoll guy who's, terrible Hugh Jackson, revenge game. Ass they're together or revenge banana, get more revenge? You put those too other bears minus one. Ninety brands minus four, sixty that One point one: nine million to win a million that's right and as one on line parlay minus one gotta be hey? Basically, it's a minus one. Twenty gotta pay one twenty to win: minus yeah outcry trays later right, minus one! Ninety here! Ok, I like it. I don't have any reason to dissuade you from from Cleveland Ores, cargo. If I had a million, as I am. I bet a million dollars on that one one one nine million- I just don't- have it so well, you're, not four point: one million dollars
like. I am I the huge yes, it's true I I should mention and where it about the path of my dad in a second took a long, long, look at bills, bus thirteen and their variety cases for it running Catania make up for the son. You don't hear this First of all, in Africa There- and I could be watching this game together- that's always bad. You as like when he shows up on time for pats. Gamer undefeated only shows a blade when his skirt girlfriends face timing. Dominoes goes back, I walked in last weekend. I gotta touch we test years. I will read out seven Othello cause you relate, does it matter where he smells like what, if the mango vague, what are the main thing may go, baby that's going to be the David, his pack ass, Manga Vega, so second game against the division rival. I was like Second time the teams play, I, you know you have a feel for each other that point
Josh out running quarterbacks problem. The bills have a really really get defence they ve had a lot of injuries. That's the reason not to do this, but the bet I was looking at the patter favoured by three. Dean. It's like nobody's, watch them. You know that Ash Gordon's out Croxley shove himself, throwing out from them. The box called out. I just don't it. Secondly, score a lot of points in this game which led me to pats under twenty nine point. Five points The over, under whether I points in this game is twenty nine and a half year so here the over under for the entire game is forty four and a half right the so the question is: can they get to thirty points? And if you look at their offence, they scored the most points, a sheer they're, pretty prolific, but Gordon was involved. And now no Gordon Grog seems really banged up the run game there, judges,
play running back by committee media. None of them have been good at They got away from James Way the case for than to score. Points is they're gonna get back to me in the past a lotta James wait allow. Screens lots of things, but the real power for the past six years. It's a pretty easy, often to figure out when there are plain no hot on spreading somebody out there just trying to play traditional. They really, trouble moved by the score ten points in Pittsburgh: ass embarrassing. Ten points in the mirror. They concern. I would have thought that twenty, nine and a half is the best way to turn to beat buffaloes. They keep that defence on them. Yield and do a lot of thinking and Duncan, which has caused the Patriots way and that's what I think you're talkin about in terms of you, no short ball control, often steads run run through the pass yeah, and you know they don't need. Twenty eight points will win the game. It's it's a game that setting up
like twenty eight fourteen up, like that. They might cover that thirteen and a half empty thirteen effort. Now it might cover the thirteen or thirteen them, Thirdly, high points wins the game that at this stage, what they need. They need the w right yeah then a flaw in the other side is gonna China. You know it's, They could be filling in the bar and they have won receiver and his and their practice guide for ratio. The guy. What's his name? asters had three straight hundred your games, who can Buffalo Just tell you everything I have yeah they're, my god, Damn practice guide deeds everywhere. That's a reason not to take that. My question is: can the packet to thirty and I would say no, I'm not gonna bet it, because feel rational about the path right now I don't. I don't trust my own instincts on it yeah, when you're mad at your team are you're upset Zadig attended by themselves? Well, maybe your dad I'll talk you in one way or the other, and my dad is more. Said trap:
I also was looking at the saints minus six, as, moreover, I dont like Pittsburgh Bet, but I You're right at the saints have been they ve shown a ladder Maxie these last few weeks they ve been on the road for a month. They want a couple, fro games and the for them. This game is their home. They get the ship back together, but haven't later I've seen from breezes last few weeks and it seems like I there having trouble thrown the bar just point blank. So I was so upset that I miss the opera, Certainly, the gamble on Philip Rivers as the envy p, guys talk to, but you and we didn t. Let us talk about, then he treated it. You didn't do it no. We say at a party on Wednesday night, we pulled out the odds with twenty two to one is plus twenty. Two hundred, brother browser? We are talking we are agreed, they answer to hide them. As usual, we did nothing and outs plus five out of it.
Those are you. That's three are the biggest by the way, speaking of degenerate gamblers, that it's just an opportunity missed because you didn't have the cow For me, a gambling app on your the LOS Angeles gambling app on your phone yet able to place the bet as it occurred to you. I think that's come in the air to the district of Colombia, Washington D C gambling is legal and my wife is taking the mortgage out of my name, she smiled moving the mortgage out of everything. The bank account out of my name the mortgage data, my name life insurance, none of its gonna, be under my name anymore, Wendy you, when the wind is DC efficient, gambling it's over. The ways away. Yet all the happen is the city council in a basically passed a resolution. I think The app is dangerous humbly about it who died? That's your problem for that's, but that's the thing. If you had Philip
where's that twenty two to one stare new and face gauges. I would add the app I mean that you don't miss that opportunity, while his plus five fifty now, the case for him with their bed is. The Chiefs lose in Seattle. Breeze has like another ugly game against Pittsburgh and River takes care business in its Baltimore in a big way then they win like thirty Tudor ten and he's. Three touchdowns adverts for three. Fifty eight are busy well fill rivers. Can he be the GPA and now some they're, the ones seed? there's a road map for it I just wish ads or better. They were the most of team in the ETA fell the past month. I would say item as they have no home of vantage anyway, and when they're home, like the lines, four and one slash, two their lands, only four and a half because they don't know home field advantage, B. Seven, it's almost like biggest access to that point I had some a millionaire picks fairly.
This too. Over Houston, point: one million to a million. Bears minus one. Ninety Parleyed with Browns biomass for sixty one point, one: nine million to win a million and standards from everything else, John. Luck and that number thank you body go daddy state. I'm trying to get me some assurance on this rating fathah eyelids actor that thanks ass, but I before we get to my my dad Swanton, but the ring and outcome or maritime spread the word for us We awesome yeah, I'm really proud of that. Everybody. I we ve grown as a team. Some of our young ones have gotten a lot better. Has some oh geez, continued, a crank. You look at our side today is just awesome with so much good. Brad Curtis, whereby Jimmy Pitaro Jonathan Chart short about brick Lopez. I my trade via com, David, Shoemaker, wrote about means Jenkins,
I was ranked the NBA one name, all stars, ass in her Murat about Netflix how their turn on Christmas. We have come back from Robert Maize on football. Ragists Sherman rethought the edifice, player format O the fort best movie musicals of the past forty years, that's on which had figure that it goes on and on check it out really great website were only two and a half years in and between them as an hour work. All the videos are doing our grave video team and everything else. It's been fun to wrap up the air from a position of stability and the chance to just keep get better at the stuff. I love it. I really do it's been great, then people- that's that's anyway, check it out the reared account check at the Rear Pike S network on Apple Spotify, where we gave packet oh, that we I we're? Taping ran three thirty percent the time Thursday. I flew back from New York today,
and some tough. These for the Pats, Josh, Gordon kind of Left the team before God announce said he's back in whatever that substance abuse programme is, it was a fitting into a terrible patriots, weak not that America feel bad yes, I know you, don't I'm not expect I'm not asking for sympathy. I know it's been an unbelievable run. It's just. The first time. I think, they're in this entire Belgic Brady ERA, you can kind of The finish line now allowed a different ways. So, of course, I thought I'd call. The one person is more depressed and I am my dad dad why are you do know right and I'm fine, I'm fine belet, I get some depressed inverse said on so many
level. You know you'll, I dont know Josh Gordon. I never met him. A semi newest history watched him play this cheer. You and I talk during the season. Would he be able to get through the season? I mean he's been battling, that's addiction and so many demons for so many years, and we get to the fort we get for the fourteen came in the year and it looks like with only protections the patriots we have put in place and he's got the lock and next the Tom Brady and got a family living with a mere that maybe things of stable. Yeah and then, and then you find out today that they haven't the season is over. But not so bright. Mad surprising there right can't say I was shocked, leaving per se- and I think that was I was
Little shut off. It happened three or four weeks and tourist season, or five or six weeks, but we'll have to gain left. Then I thought I thought he had made it through the year. Baby was getting up here and in about a story about a minute is again like us in his family had moved up here with a man who is living near the stadium and enough. All of that can't work boy. The addiction is so strong that you just you just wonder for him whether he can ever beat it defeated. You know well, this is the reason that asylum and I'd I mean I was on this package before recent. I've done that this is not an. I told you, so it was just a fact of what this was was that when you that the proper, with banking on him really, is. If you get past us first for weeks and then you start to get used to what he can do and then
gets Paul Thou and I, in a ghost bigger conversation about why they the gamble in the first place when it was it was risky. You now is risk it again Ababa somebody, you hadn't, really succeed in football point five years and had alighted demands in his I've Saigon through staff and the reason they were they did the gamble came pretty clears the season when alone? This is a very good team and they don't have a lot of talent and they ve done some drafts. And now we're here, and this was a little bit of I think, a little bit of a hail Mary. Looking back, I don't disagree that I think football was just Talkin football wise, not at all, forgetting that somebody is battling an addiction and and and he's having a serious relapse, but putting that aside for a minute it was a gamble.
Trust you know when they traded Brendan Cook and they didn't. We find him and dollar and they didn't bring back Louis. Their offence was half the office we had a year ago. Yeah ended in replacing the draft, so they took him. Very likely said, and did I remember five or six weeks ago. I think Brady trimmed two and ten times and the game was the main receiver. I think wrong, maybe glad Mr Game or maybe was plan Brady just kept going to Gordon over and over almost too much. It may be that the newspapers the next day said that he should not targeted Garden Gordon so much, but nobody else was getting opening
the biggest think shifted their offensive in there, but and that's the problem with this is data that is a problem was a gamble that it was a gamble that. They actually you started to rely on him. It wasn't label you're quivered like if the something will added burden, this added necessity. If the south eggs added that the ban Cabal, given a Josh, Gordon right in his plane. Fourteen minutes, a game, and then it goes away. You're. Ok, you can survive. It This is a case where, within six weeks. He became our most important receiver and but you did and now as a problem you, you are right. The last two weeks with different and may last week you get targeted two times and drop. One of the two passes rate were waiting his hands and the week before his figure is only target
three times something changed, and you know now you look back and we don't have any information about what changed, except that what we're reading today, but suddenly he wasn't being targeted by Brady, so much worried or he wasn't getting open, and now you start to wonder you know, did he relapsed three or four weeks ago when and where they starting to notice it on the field and dollar dollar, but because the it out for him and his family a terrible situation. For the patriots who, as you said, they started to rely on and too much to the last couple of weeks without dynamic choice. They really in a bind yeah back this week. I'd I'd pay twitter. Before I was saying, is probably the bleakest during the regular season that I can murder in the bow check era. Other than that, though, when Brady
tourism, which may be the Indus stuff was the matter. Then happened during the season there. No, I didn't I'm just saying like during the season. Grand tourism is once that sacked, heard his elbow another time, but the combination of that really discouraging stores game when it was the first time you just can't look at this time in your life, this team stance that the the switch is just not there this year for where we have then the probable that's what's come out to probe hours. Defined Goma has been great this year. Breeding added over Andrew lacking the shower Watson, which was kind of criminal. It was like a ray. Patient thing Brady did not deserve to make proper other than There is nobody that there is even a case for you, any go back, and you think, like that, two thousand fourteen team, the team, beats me on the super bowl and all the time. That was on that team on both sides of the bar, and I think that seven probe hours but just a crime.
The board and it was really cause. They had done a bunch of good drafts in a row and then you look at the draft that they had the last couple of years: they just haven't gotten anything out of the last three drafts and if we learned anything over the years is that is that is death and the NFL if military, astray draft amendments, to hear of birth to so many years and bill. We trust and took the belet check before thing than anymore. You know it's not just the draft. You look at the early,
leave athletes who they allowed to move on, and maybe they haven't played great in other places but check. You can't tell me that we could use Jim Jones Rush in the past are right now Jimmy Collins at other. How is well he's playing or not playing, but he's totally played pretty well for us, and I get again, you were amended over the clutch third down receiver, the last five years, and we will have that guy, the Sheer Michel. This is a nightmare get off the ground as opposed to those who always seem to keep bouncing around where you live down and they laughed at the biggest guy? They, like our gimmicks, Dillon The bears, he's been a monster for the bears that I was there about it. I wouldn't we just won't pay people caught up to them in a way that they came to revel in the fact that they have.
Money at the end of every year and meanwhile the type of player. As you said, we had to proper players and Brady should so should number one of them for then you look back at the three I just Then, let's look at this draft data. Two fires and a second they took him before. I say something we remember weren't the masters in August, the Georgia and I'm tweeting about the draft he's gonna, be right after we. We turn on your. Please use one of those. Two first pick the Tec, Lamar Jackson, Leah. I thought what happened now: Cleveland Baltimore running off all these games. You can't tell me that we couldn't have thrown Jackson in there to spill Brady to change up on the off and thin and do some fascinating offensive.
Things that were not capable of doing they just don't make the right tax was scream every time they trade down, so they look. I say when whose attacker pick twenty three unfortunately you got her even before the season they took machine. Add, think they traded backwards Hot spots or their stay, I can remember what happened, but there is one thing I think they: maybe they were at thirty one. Yet they took him with the pic bigger took forever when appear so a I've been shocked. I I had in my head, I don't follow couch for by closely. I thought he was gonna, be this dude are running back. He don't he's not a receiver at all. They found her like seven times any can't catch a bother back field. I, for what, for what there if he's just a run, only running back, making him at the end of the first round as a criminal cause. You look at all these other teams like you know Marla Makin and Indianapolis. He was a fourth round or Philip Lindsey was on draft guide their limbs, the chiefs have who is
like an on Frage into that fourteen is balanced. Around Cleveland Grabs took up, who is Michel, teammates Georgia is better at any better he's much better. He doesn't go down after the first. If you keep running it, get back to your adage. The other thing with Michel doesn't wait for the whole Develop, maybe he's just piling into his own offensive women there yeah, they said I'm not giving up on him. I just assumed, if, if you're going to take that guy he's got to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield you didn't get soldiers, there's gonna be a step back and then, In the second round they took a cornerback whose basically bendy impede and then you go on and on the other guy was badly in the fifth ram and and he got hurt you go through their whole draft, Michel is the only one who's Eamon playing would say, he's ble ourselves to designating two thousand seventeen they traded. Therefore,
for banning cooks, I don't know camera boy than ever. Second, and then it was rivers Antonio Garcia and indeed likewise, whose actually been pretty good he's a fourth rana. Then you got it thousand sixteen. They will. The pic has the freakin, the deflate gate, we lost our from pick his craft caved, so that was why don't we take Cyrus Jones in the second round here Baltimore Joe Joe who plays to copy book that would shaded Vincent tat. I remember it as Malcolm Mitchell's. Already off the team, you gonna, nine. Is three draft or they just whisked, and it's like this is hard to figure out remind me to tell it what you and I watch the draft and we talked during the draft and and we have our even bother doing anymore about is tat my charge and it gets e who but he is saying: is the next player, who really could be good and sitting there on the board? Yeah we go somewhere else
forget about it. Can I say clay theorize one thing about checkers, my buddy, I was talking about this we're emailing about it and obviously freaking out in the issues again, you can see the finnish site and I know America's happy. I am that asking for sympathy. But we are talking about how old bout check is. I think your leg for years older than Thou Jack. I don't of it sustainable, for whatever he was doing last decade in his ability over and over again to build the roster coach of these. Thanks now he's in, like his mid sixties, heading into his late sixties, I'll. Think about myself. I have heard I too feel like five years ago verses now, I feel like from my ability to do stuff has slipped and now I think, like seventeen years from now to me, like I'm, not gonna, have the same energy or mental capacity that stuff and I just wonder like at that and shit. Maybe maybe did this
I wonder if he is a great example of mines with doc. Rivers papers are, though, maybe it s not. A great example: But the figure in addressing an issue is drafting. Maybe shouldn't be the person's coaches. But I think it has everything by consensus any as that guy. I think it was a guy's name, Nick Cassettes area, something that who they are there. Actors, scouting he's the one that let her came scale. And his own whether they do those things that the direction about check, yeah. But I think it's a, I think it's I think he has his little team is little in the inner circle and obviously being a circle needs to need some help, but I think they traded a couple guys away any forget the combination that with the drafts and then Brady who's, that the same anymore, I mean nobody, I submit it and then
get out debate about check, made his reputation as a defensive girl and that kind of got exposed greatly got exposed the last year super bowl and we should have predicted that they didn't make any major changes in the That's for sure, though I was gonna be different. It seems that very thing, though, is I think the defences been pretty good cause. I secondaries good. We can set the Rhine, they can't stop the run. When our secondary get this year. I think the defence is better than it was last year, so my bad secondary it is better, except we rarely get near the quarterback, which means that it was evident last Sunday rest, a burger rough with rough burger. Had all data through yeah, maybe remember him being like weighty ones around. It looks like he's: gonna fall down every time because they give skittish. I don't remember
that's berquin about getting skittish now debating and british authorities when getting Maurice forty one. So now I think it's change how we play it is not yet neither was, and then and then crack is. It said this kind of a bummer now is not the same guy. In the end by this, I stared. Well, I gonna ecosystem or others full circle to they put so much dependence on Josh Gordon ran out of necessity because the other weapons weren't there you know as soon as they were again the most clutch receiver, the last two years with lemon dollar yeah even elements, not the same guy nicer, seven dropped. The sheer looks a little. It is going in the Middle EAST, which makes sense, have created major injury. Any older knows the euro, We left out one other thing that we can talk about
hence pointed this out They try to trade Grech last Spring Anna and Grant found out reported day. This story, the name and come out until a few weeks ago. Forget of his Adam chapter is one of those guys, basically that they had a deal to trade. Act to deteriorate and it fell through. His grasp heard about and was like all retired. He showed me that that is the beginning of the end when their thinking that way get they trade, Cogs cooks and it feels like a kind of a rebuilding thing right. Go back to your point. Why not take Lamar Jackson? Thirty first back, so it's a bummer, let me I was screaming for women Jack fine. I know he doesn't put their passing outage up there, but boy he would have been exciting. Coming in four different series, the weather used to bring other tamed bringin checking quarterback. Can you give
Can you give ninety seconds on the stated celtic surrender? It is depressing to go from this team, the patriot to the topic last night. What might have been the worst of the season you Talkin about the worst came in with a wise phoenix coming in here. I know corporate didn't play and I know Baines broke this happen now in the first quarter, but our first court last night was terrific and if we had the most assists with had one quarter in a long time,
given the ball they weren't just thrown up his report shops in the men were we were really moving it well and getting good shot. What happens if you look at a tape at the third and fourth quarter? There was one stretching the beginning in the fourth quarter, cheapskate times they came down. The court made one past or no path, Antwerp, a three point shut and sixty times they missed the point shut, it can happen, but they stop in the ball and Europe called hero basketball, but I call it lazy, basketball, yeah Haven, they don't drive ass Larry, stated just come down and throw up along jump shut instead of moving the war can we go through a frustrating jpg, One sentence: you can, I say one sentence about each of these guys: jail in Brown extremely disappointing.
Jason Tatum extremely disappointing? Ok, carry Irving playing is hard up. How. That's it! That's a bonus. Robert Williams salmon, the court but he has a long way to go in terms of defence markets. My second about blocking, yeah just lying position that Marcus Morris Excellent Probably the all the envy appeared, the teams of agrees that yeah. What happened to jail around this year. Beginnings, sport, psychologists or something he went from. I thought he was going to be like Paul George, to point out two I'd. Even wasn't sheriff. I should put him in the trade vacant. Well, you know
as you know, our sheets renewed. We can see this topic bench. His body language is horrible, yeah he's shooting. I think twenty eight percent and prepare shock open wounds open one job here here. It totally lost his confidence, sir. I don't you think game We need to do some cut some kind of package move. I would shale on top of this year have its very sad and and maybe in three months it will be different, but hey what does the shell of its former? So there is terrified to going underneath the basket and go up. Resettling for these jumped shots can take a while. I would trade rosier fur fur. Russian homes and something else right now, I think I would personally oh shut up jobs, I feel the game away. The guy who played a similar back of some left. They fulfil yeah, he's good. There is goodwill, whip
He was going to represent here very stupid. Damn asses and then Phoenix is even dumber than failures. So let's get him would give you rosier give us will do like some sort of secondary pick swap thing we're ready to go or whatever needs to do Before we go first of all, I know send depressed by bus and sports, but within win the World Series two months ago, Nathan avowed these in American here on me brought him back those great like one comment than that, because I remember you had me in the past been August. Yeah I mentioned before we had been. The pact has been August September and you asked which Boston team did, I think would be the next champion. Yet in you you very strongly said it would be the subjects yeah. I just this wrong. We said it would be the Red Sox and I don't see a topic were appeared
bitch upon the new horizon, but at least we did get that. What did you say that before after you couldn't even press? I never credit Are you my quit on David price? You know I was you know your curious notice, any cleaned out your lacquer new laughed. You left the popular you gave up her space. I wasn't sure about David pray I gotta say I'm still recovering from the world series where I tell em recovery from the eighteen any game. It was so that with such a devastating look, and then we won the world Series to two days later at Amsterdam, like China, bad around the whole wicked Is there really like it- and I was there with my son- when I was just there eighteen any game, I just don't have seven our life or death sporting events, I can't do it anymore. It's it's just a ruined me. Regards senses, the holidays and at the end of the year
You always wanted to tell the story about when we had the masters. When I was driving us, my god, Where can I find out about public? Do not tell the story So what I heard a guest here, gave a give fresh water embarrassed. Millions of fair rules, Can I tell the story, You can do whatever you want, but I met on the younger man. Your dream Can I tell the spent nine months before becoming now. But if you give me my own podcast us up, so wherein Augusta wear it. I can tell you now. That is if, if TAT
bill gates at the fifty k, twitter heat. When are you? Like thirty nine k, I think a misfortune, I fear for it. If you get a fifty Kay, by the end of by the end of the weekend. I will read the story, yeah it not an hour, will come you'll, come back animal, tell the story, by this I mean have you attend as a more followers to tell the story that some of you suddenly avows will switch over to me and I get to fifty thousand absolutely considered telling there you have it is it's! Fifty thousand, you have to tell the story period, ten thousand by the weekend, ok, to deal tat I guess I'd better get back thanks. His lip curled up, get to get his imputed outcome. Slash bs, thanks to state farm for getting with the NBA trade via com, thanks to fend off Not a fantasy expert found was clearly the place to play a family. You dig similar researching bedding team each week, regardless of their
come play with me offended I come such BS get a five hour bonus when you make first posit vandal decker, such bs new users only bonus that of but for withdrawal, state needs restrictions, apply for fudge, ability, rules in terms of munitions, go defender, calm enjoy the holiday weekend. China. Often anybody in the airplane, if you're sick be nice to people, joy it. It's been a really weird year in America, but that doesn't mean you can't add their failing. A drunken too We need to do the hard, as Carl, I'm so ready ready how you must examine Grammy on Sundays and they will reject faced amateur in the past me at once. I get fired. Save Travis out there, but we will see in the bs pad next week.
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