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The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to ask a series of “what-if” questions given the uncertainty surrounding the 2019-20 season. They discuss old games being aired on TV, Tom Brady leaving the Patriots, book, TV, and movie recommendations, and Game 5 of the 1993 Western Conference finals between the SuperSonics and the Suns.

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Today's observable some is passed on. The Ringer podcast network has brought you buy, zip recruiter, the best team star with great town, where we talk about one of the Mai regimes that everyone the title at the end of this charge, Barclays. Ninety three sons can be if a where board we watch was coming up way later. No nosey ports, a town where there are presenting sponsorship currer they deliver cloth. I can it's fast, powerful technology skins, thousands, Erasmus, find people the right experience for your job, so effective. Forty, five
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here is our friends from project taping s Sunday afternoon. We don't need to take this on Sunday night anymore, because there's no sports, it's it's our vintage sports. I've actually were preparing for this moment. My whole life. All games ran resellers here, as he has every Sunday. This was the part of the schedule and will be talking about. March Madness thoughts where the last couple weeks, the NBA would we're going We should be worried about. I M Vp conversations and things like that now now I want to talk about the lateness shock
watch out by son yesterday. He had never seen a hidden knows gonna happen. He was based. I get to relive term to yeah. That was, That was an all time. I mean that that's seriously funny the moment. You're like this is the kind of game that I'm going to think about the rest of my life. I mean not everyday. Certainly, but Laettner comments as a college player and then seeing younger people watch that game now and not like lateness mom and you go. You guys have no idea, you have. You have no, you think you know, but you don't you. What what struck me watching that game? I thought late. There was gonna be a really incredible approach, as he was so good in college, but then you watch him. If you think about it, you translate him as a guy's got slow feet really hard for him. The like put the ball down every shot was almost like a miracle shot by Hamley off balance fling shots. These turn around fifteen footers. I think now a days he would have been an awesome
I think he just would have been shooting a through Z game and it everything he did would have been different, but I was mad at myself twenty eight years ago that I thought later was going to be such a good pro know. Who else knew who knows what else happened when we went to the wrong team? Had some personal issues excetera, you know what the great lesson about later is is that he was you'll know better than I, and I don't want to like it anything where I get this kind of thing wrong. But was he one of the first guys like tested positive for weed like in that era, right or was rumored or something there is always very low, is the rumours he talked about the thirty four thirty. We did that you know he either fire off the court might have had a couple issues, but everything were I love watching these old games had just getting upset about. Some of these issues are making cause. I Greenhill just first saw he was a sophomore coming off the bench which seemed inconceivable.
But it seemed like he could have gone by anybody. He wanted to add that could took a team at all times and yet there like are spread out for Hurley. This is a much better option. Hurling got this thing, maybe Scatterbrain hell the guys who guys could be a first. You might be a guide fibres, yeah Inga was suspended, some games there. I don't do history, but I just want to double check it because I remember later on- and that was you know when I started talking to guys in front offices, and I would be leading up to the draft- and I was like you know how to can you figure sum? stuff out, because what you learn is that no one really figures it out, but when you're out, of the world. You think everybody has this magic. I that that none of us can understand- and it's really not that and somebody GM me. That was really really smart. Again. It was the very beginning of me Talkin into these guys when we are talking about backgrounds, personalities and try to figure things out, and he goes look here, there's plenty of eyes. That are from terrible areas, have a terrible family set up and have bad guys around left right and there the best teammates, they practice Hard
they care, you know they never get any trouble. And then you look at like later, whose, like the poster boy he's, where the best college Basque, all players in history, not just guys that we saw he was that dominate. It was incredible, and it's like here is Duke looks like he's a gap model and deal, and it was like. Oh yeah, you know now. No one cares about ending this stuff, but I just always thought that was really really interesting and kind of talk about lake nurse transition of the pros, because he was it's hard to him and he wasn't better cause. He still was a decent player like he still had a decent career, but he was at all incredibly dominating duke you, you thought, there's there's no way. This isn't gonna, be a special problem. Plus we had familiarity with them because we were able to. You know, watch him in White said: do team of OZ and even like there were shown Cherokee Parks and the bench and ass they like, I remember, and they retreated him music. Number one guy and I already deal he was gonna. Be was gonna, go from fairy too late now to Cherokee Parks, and you know you watch him on the bench and guys. I Thomas
Thomas Hill, who I hadn't thought of him forever, and you know we just watched all those games back then, and I don't know something change with college. Probably the sixteen years ago, when you know maybe there Maybe I start I know everybody is talked about all the possible reasons for it, but it just met more back then like I remember where I a game and who I was with you now and I and there's been gray college basque bugs especially they're like they were showing today, they're shown Carolina vote over to that. Sixteen thousand awesome game that was really fun, but eight. There is a waiting to especially that now the two season. Cosette was also the year you had the at the FAB five and I M just Yeah, I remember everything about that citizens. It was fun to relive it at that. Cbs did a good job, they shouted at sea. I felt like a real game. They didn't try to cut ahead. They would commercial. They would only show one add, so they could go right back. Sewed stayed in the flow of aid and try to edit it didn't cut free throws so
a kind of fat like being a time machine right, yeah that I've gone back and in watching the NBA stuff bomb? You sit there and, like the thing, the jumps out, especially working on the side of it now like. I would they're all these things that I would never think about is just a kid at home, watching these games and now that you work in it, not that you and I have an extensive background of calling games, but you just you, look at it so differently when you mention the college basketball thing, though it is it's a simple answer. The you can't have a brand where your changing the brand every single time like imagine, if you had this hit tv show with all these characters. Are people invested in, and he said, oh by the way, were never bring out his characters. Bankruptcies in two words, gonna bring in all new characters and adjust its hard. It's really simple answer, but the turnover agrees to get weird when guys would leave after their sophomore years like what's what SEC, I think he's do inebriated it's wrong. I think I should be able to go straight at a high school, but there's just
We like things to be easy as fans and really as consumers in any kind of story like really it's. How do you get people like to jump into the next part, the story and were college hoops? how many people can name whose unbailed you know before the season start like I stopped everything the watch paler Kansas and it was a really fun game. This year was again ninety ship out here, but I know that those kind of do games or that Saint John Georgetown STAR for Syracuse that big Monday. I would watch that instead of the NBA grown, up and now it's absurd to think I would ever do that us who had I notice watching that big, but that do team and even Kentucky, and they were talking about how they were on probation for two years I stuck around Bettino Assain. They really mean for us to go the other had on this. Yet at all these seniors that were there for things I loved about college back then, was it merit high school
in the sense like the new guy shows up and he's a freshman he's got to prove himself, but then you got the older kids that have been there for a while, and you know that Duke was like the perfect example there really like a high school team. Cherokee parts was the young freshmen Greenhill was the software is gonna, take it over one later leaves in and that dynamic that just a venture was gone. You watch a game and you thinkin, MASH, burned and great Heller are sophomores and mash fringes I believe that a yet a twenty eight ten just looks like a classic stretch. For now he would have been, I think, a multiple I'll, be a guy there's, no reason he should have even state. I can take you for two years. He should have gotten into the abyss as fast as you pass. We could really really sat back. Then he I got to know mash burn when you serious began one of my favorite living in Bristol stories see and I are going Walmart by an extra controller and I was gonna pay
for it is. I did want to assume anything and I was like a cause. I had the playstations hooked up my hotel room and we were born out of our minds so its medium Osborne Walmart, and I asked him about that team and ill. I always when I'd ask about different coaches. Guys played for. I was always really interested in which coaches told you to stay or told you go because their dies at a really selfish about but then there's other ways down. Now. It's it's out of control like no one staying but back then I was little. What did what did Rick say to you because I'm not letting you come back you're too good, like you're too good you have to get out of here, and I know you know Rick Pitino's rapid, is taken spree briquettes over last couple years, but that was something that I was always really impressed with that you just look like I was a did. You want is he's like I caught a wanted to stake is mash. This whole thing was like using city guy and his mother, wouldn't let him go to a school in New York City He was telling you about some of the recruiting stuff like Saint Johns back
and still have thought they were going Jamal. Mash burn any like my mother was like you're, not you're, not playing ball in the city, and then he goes out in Kentucky after Kentucky went through that that brutal Strachan, that's that the game, if you're thinking of one loss that you had in your fandom bill, I'm trying to think maybe it's two thousand and ten Celtics Lakers, the one that sings the most. I don't know if it's game six hundred and eighty six, the Mets that doesn't feel as bad since they won four titles, but if you're a Kentucky fan, I guess I got stuff comes up every day. It's like Bucky Dent in the 80s just sit in a bar m, F and buggy dent, because a latent shop, where the Kentucky dead end up winning, I think it's probably worse, for mash burn your Kentucky fan. You had to title teams later in the decade, because I
and I were watching- we were right from yesterday we're watching that could talk again and then the major early baseball network or showing the play off game and seventy eight Yankees red Sox and we watch the last. I probably tuna pfennigs and I was explaining how the playoffs work back. Then it was a gay you played. The whole season was to division shapes. It League they tied. So we had to have a playoff game music. How did it said you had it, as I got to remember. I just remember, like everybody from Boston, got to stay home that day we are watching. He had no idea, it was going to happen and I'm living through, like the the Remy hit that shot the Pennell and Pinnell can't see any just jabs has jobs is made out, I'm getting mad at George Scott, all over again at that use. My first lease favour red Sox where just swing for the fences every time never never touched a bar
but yes early on that, he was earlier said about my eyes ahead of it, the arch angle, that was such an agonising loss and they went forward series since at it still really hurt. I got to say it. I don't feel any better from it yeah I I grew up hearing about it. Cuz, you know that's where our gab comes in play, we're still too young to, but it was one of the first things I eighty two is my first game. He gets brewers and I just remember, like the Bucky Dent thing like it was four years later, and people still am I member that we again, I M seeing so the way your brain store. Stuff early when there's nothing else in there, so they eyes, kids. We can always go back and remember something there's no distractions of real life, but I remember being upset after the fact years later, just my father telling me that they do that. Jeanne Game Lead, and you just go. How is that possible like how? How could they have lower like how he's grail they had the best team and always different things and again that stuff used a matter a lot more than eighty six? It all comes up.
In eight years later, so we ve seen over the last few days, and especially ESPN and Anna and be a tv nemo, but are these but other channels, they're they're, going all and understand your programming and even c b. I was really surprised that they were just showing old games that you could see any time on ESPN Classic in treating it like. They were just his new game. It was cool. It makes me wonder I would love to. I can't wait to find out what the ratings were for all the stuff, like we're taping this on a Sunday afternoon under afternoon, Pacific time EST showing wrestle mania. Thirty tonight Sunday night evident ass, to show what happens if the ratings are really good for this stuff. Do you think this could lead to
a re modeling a little bit of how they programme staff. Do you think, will see more marathons. Do you think will see them gravitating toward old content over just like generic new contact? The nobody gives a shit about like satellite. The excess FAO, which I think was appealing to accompany for networks, is a sack of fresh sports during a time when, when this is all kind of dead, like baby You don't need as much fresh ports as we thought. Maybe the rehashed of my work. I don't really think they'll. Do it no you're right, I mean it depends on what the numbers are depend on what the inventory is, but like we both have seen at least on the ESPN side. I think they're going away from a bunch of decision to skipper made at the end of his run, and you know I think skippers decisions are like two prong live right. She by upward every possibly could. And be ideal, I think, in the long run, is gonna turn out to be really big deal that he got ripped for a lot and then I think the insidious stuff that who's paying a lot of money, for I dont think leadership. There
What's it keep doing those things if they start like planning out like what would our schedule lineup look like years from now, I always thought remember one day and Patrick used to do those sit. Downs would like a bill Wong they ve go over like eighty six finals. I live as yeah yeah those and I used to pitch this idea that you'll, let's, let's revamp that where I have a choice, deal for somebody at United always have to be friendly with the person, but it helps, but did you do something where I would hope to show with a trend? Guilford is called your greatest game and deal for sits down with me and we just film he and I watching that Superbowl went against the giants that that he was amazing in the game. But the whole point is like: oh right: here's the at them your bawling like, what's going through your head and then just added into a thirty minute thing. I really think that this No here again, I don't know if anybody cares enough, when the difference to is like one of the numbers,
when there are no options versus the numbers when there is actually live event options. But I do think there is some nostalgic thing there, because the other great part about this guy's a talk about this for a living, a Greek and sit there for the amount of times that we debate arrows and who would do what I'll guarantee you. Ninety percent of people screaming about this having gone back and watched a game it a really long time. Yet even watching the Barkley game that we're gonna talk about later. I have four pages of stuff. Worse, just like oh that's, right or oh, that's what they did their will remember this or while that doesn't happen anymore, so not that this is about being educational, but it really helps it helps you can. Put some put things in perspective and in reminds you of like, while like I was really special forces. Oh that's right like that was kind of easy and probably putting to bed the idea that so many of today's stars couldn't get it done in the nineties.
She's just laughable and we'll be even more laughable. Once we start talking about ninety three yeah and we're going to do that much later in the potty made. That was one of the reasons I wanted to book a basketball party, because I felt like the same thing I felt like when I did my book in their late, Since I people just forget shit, you know, and the years pass and things slip through the cracks- and you know like one of the games who data the book. A basketball pod was two thousand three Laker Spurs game: five with the Lakers gone for a Forepeak Duncans best year ever and then Robert Hoary, who everybody bait. Every big shot ever took he actually in and outs the game winning shot of that game in the spurs end up winning the title, for whatever reason that game didn't have a shelf life and there's been a lot of those like that. I think the NBA Games are really rewatchable as we're going to talk about later with Barkley, but I was watching a lot of the Brady stuff today, cuz,
payments? They were the Brady Marathon. They are basically running out the superboss, but they won't run in the games. There are running the really cool and if Thou films shows the where they the interview a lot of the people and I and Ben- and I watched the Rams game when, when they held on at the end and MIKE parts, I don't know when they did the interview back it up. He was pissed about thy different things that was really find. We watched the Baltimore game in two thousand fifteen in Seattle, Superbowl and now you know it's fun to relieve the stuff. Now the question is: if we could actually had stuff to gamble on and keep fantasy sports and all that stuff. Send me the old game, don't matter, and I think that I think it's more of a void. There's just nothing. We've been, and I went on my instagram last night- we're playing Madden, Ko Instagram, live and people in the comments like this is great sport
it have people like thirsty right now for anything, it's sad and media. Nobody said things about right now. Now that suddenly the point- but whatever the numbers are, but I do think tv people will look at numbers ago. Women do we have something here than theirs, usually an overreaction, where, like you're, almost better off its, it was a good draft pick that gets her halfway through his draft eligible year and you go good like why would I come back to school like if I'm supposed to be this, then like the small SAM can be with a mistake is made, but as a programmer, if you see anything its positive from it, my experience has been the decision makers will go, or I will are doing this, but yea right. If you're goin up against NBA games again at the Hague, but I don't want to watch Kenny Anderson George Attack even though you should want to watch any Anderson Georgette it just its This thing were so weird like the first couple days. Didn't really bother me, I mean I don't
when you get in all this stuff product little update on our daily lives, but the ideas we I've had a few times on like ok, let me check the schedule like well. I guess I dont have to check tonight's MBA schedules has there's nothing. I know I do reflexively, it happened at least three or four times or it's like a five thirty, our time, pacific timing of checks. Seven fifty one see with the game is nearly out there. There is no game. Can't can't do that works here when you ve, due to this long having to start the amount of days I've started on. Fifty one and scroll down going. Ok, you know here we go and I'm a relatively optimistic person and I have to admit I definitely was struggling to find any optimism and, frankly unsure how we're finding any optimism
today. I am for some resembled a better man, maybe we're just ten days and you just gotta get set to get used to add a pressing offices. But I was stuck in my dad this morning. My dad is just like crestfallen. He was like really into the Celtic sees in here duck in his house to seventy one years old. My stepmother still workin deliver Is it a hospital in there just scare and every time he comes home again, just sucks and they're gonna have a huge snowstorm back east this week and you know, but we were talking about man of reaches, can get through this
and by like the end of June. It's all clear think about this. Six month run we're about to have with sports. If we can just get through this in everybody's safe and they figure out this out and light by July. First were good and in life will start the hope we get at least some back to normal, and then we would have liked this condensed MBA play off saying we would have this fourg form of baseball thing would have football popping up right away college football would be. There would have offer major tournaments crew turn into like a five month stretch for golf, we have Wimbledon belatedly. I would just be an embarrassment of riches, and I was just saying to my dad like we just got to get the July. We just got to get everybody like make sure this is all good everybody's, safe with minimum damage from all the terrible things that could
to happen here and we had to July in life gets back to normal and then maybe this would be a fun time. Dubious sports fan is where does that sounds the silver lining I was really surprised how negative you were last week, not that this isn't a bummer and in everything up everybody's trying to get through here, but you are just definitive, like I think the seasons dawn and I was thinking. I wonder. If he's just- and I know we talk different people- there's probably some overlap of the people that we talk to, but I just don't think meaning certain that's why I always thought like some of the NFL stuff was weird when they're like. While you know they, why would even start the league year who gives a shit like rats kind I'd agents who do they rap, I mean it really funny when agents were like there's no reason to push back the legal or illegal no kidding. You don't want to push back potential contracts here, because if this were to get really bad of the economy, take even more of a head than would owners, even though they have a salary cap floor, they have to spend two when they look at this a little differently with guaranteed money in all these different things so made
I don't know. What's going to happen is, is we ve all said this entire time, but I don't have a problem of the league year, starting with the NFL. People complain about the optics right now of contracts that we give it out like. I just wouldn't worry about that stuff. You just go ahead and do business, it's not like people stop buying houses or many other things, so I would I know when I look at the NFL for people to go. What what are you gonna? Do it it's July drink? How shall I like? Let's see, let's see how April goes you now sets in that's what I would be doing if I worked one of these leagues and had it, a voice- and I think it's right thing- that's why I looked like last week's pod rousing mantle really thinks, like the embassies is done done. I think this whole thing is terrible's. It is for everybody. Just how awaiting it out a little bit collectively, whether you just I had homer a league gonna make a major decision. I thought the regular caesium has done
I feel like. I still feel like the plan still make that happen. I still feel at the regular seasons done. I don't they are. I think they got it. They're gonna have to play some gainsay ill. I dont think they can just say hey round one. Let's go did you, I don't think they can from what I've heard labour day is kind of this secret looming deadline for this they dated eight John. They basically have to be done by Labour day for a variety of reasons, for a ringer reasons. For now you gone and you're going against football. You have the networks in the different places they just have programming it's a timber that they can't audible away from an I think, allow the contingency plans that their discussing right now labour day is like that that, like games, seven of the finest would have to be like the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
around where Labour day is an then here's the thing and we ve? We were talking about this without ever knowing any. This stuff was even a possibility, but despite really led to a resetting of how they do the schedule, because what say best case scenario knock on. Would this can all go in, and maybe we pay little five game regular season to end it head into the playoffs whatever, and it goes all the way July August. Then they take two and a half months off. They come back mid December and this becomes the new schedule, maybe that this will just be the new schedule So now I'm prepared raising. I think it's a great idea. The arguments against it are how many people are home during the summer when you be having your most important, most valuable product. My argue it would be, even if you had less people at home, the competition would be less and then you and me competing with the NFL for two and a half to see that my glass, I can
that's Andrea, the giant that the desired J. Why d? So what am I e Bay purchases that I love to do as they met they made these? These are real. Ass, is that the debate be made in the mid eighties and there's like a John stud One. There is a general outline, there's one with. Are these guys? There's one with cocoa and by himself, and we have like ten of them in the house- have cleaned up any time their new bag at one. This is what I do and my spare time or sir you don't I did do. I did a deep jive on ready, Motormen savage and that's all eight I did I. I did appreciate the Wikipedia think the fur line is bill. Simon, says ah, which real s yard and are you gonna go check it out with the way in our pre show meetings? Poland I about ten years ago, some of you then the show almost every pressure meeting at some point would say. Well, Simon says in that used it really annoy us a lot
guys on behalf that guy he was one of your young warriors in every time we would be taken around a topic. It is go, oh seven says, and I would lose it me more. The vampire sorry wet what has frightened you, the most that you ve, read over the last five days are listened to our heard about prop, probably our immediate issue. I would say the footage from ITALY did. I saw today from the hospital no beds, people lying in the hallway. And that was a little bit of r l, I mean I was a wake up. Call I'm do what I can do. You know I mean that people jobs in this sector just another Sunday for you I mean by my of a lot the no Jim thing sucks and in the good about me. It had beaches the beaches so massive that you can go there and you can popped down on a chair
can be near anywhere else like. I know that one of the allay stations ran at footage of Manhattan, Venice and adding new poor, where Venice they were set for pickup games, Goin Manhattan Beach, younger due to drinking games going on but like if you just want to show it to you in the beach in our union. Your girl, your whatever ah, but you do it, but I'm afraid they may shut it all down, because the stranded LISA men had beaches like packed with people running and then these idiots. These two girls took down the police tape. For one of the work out areas in started, filming like Instagram videos for their work out or like when somebody to size do step. Ups in it just crowded, you go You know you probably upstairs your house, so it's actually made me dislike some work out. People which I know would with surprise people, so I know that sort of a longer answer, but I dont know if this is passive. Stay at home thing words passive, enforced because I'm really scared of what it could be like if they do so
Ok, we're aggressively enforcing this cause. People still are taking it seriously Orville. Is it just human nature that if it feels like at least here it's another version of the flu which puts elderly at high risk? Will people be selfish enough just say after months through this, like I want to stay inside anymore, and then you get a factor in like which companies are going to keep paying their people. Thirty sixty days out. Don't worry. I see sort where it is a lot of savage baby. We have already seen it. Should we get worse always seen in Florida this spring breakers which is completely oblivious to everything that has gone on energy is given the Koran of ours to each other, that it would you have done it. That's the thing we talked last, I was such a more on a mile in my teens and early twenty inside. I don't know I don't. I don't think I I think, there's a chance I would have been solved.
About a black man come I will just go to be fine. Young people don't get it. You saw this done starve, yet avid idea, you no eight Can I complain about the runners for a second yeah. We do so a lot of power walking, especially I'm sure in everything. But I in there's more people walking around and in the act a city that I've ever seen before actually feels almost like New York. I mean inside that many people, but just a lot of people walking you don't normally see this and everybody is keeping a respectful. You know six eight foot difference if you ever come around the corner and there's a sidewalk and pepper come in there on the sidewalk may be walk on the street try and keep the forty six feet. Even if you run into somebody, you know you're talkin them, but you're, not talking. You know right next to them. You knew you give him a space. I think most people understand the rose. Then you have the runners
And the runners are just like: I'm swear I'm in my own world, amateur literally run right by you and I'll come within six inches of you or I'll, be right. Toward you and you they're gonna get out my where when and Clyde I don't know, what's going on the bed there headphones on in there just like bulls and try to shops, just flying down rending going near people not respecting distant. So many to the runners fuck you go, fuck yourselves obey the six. Just cuz you're right it doesn't mean you get to obey the social distance to grow, so I'm jogging. I would stay out of my way who the fuck are you fuck off? That's my rent, yeah! It's like Kevin Bacon and Quicksilver is what you're saying yeah yeah, I thought you'd just because you're delivering stuff I baked as it may. We have to get out of your way. Together. I was excited. I gotta get back capacities, injuries, but I I was on the road
like the other day, just going up screw it I'm going to order enough stuff for a gym in the garage, and I just parked my car outside. Like I don't care and then, as I was contemplating it like everything, started selling out so now I don't know what to do either try to get back at it in some form or fashion in a week or so, but yeah the runners, like I said I don't know, this will be a thing. Were we go? Remember everybody really freaked out And everybody bought toilet paper and hand sanitizer or sell your hands on some disinfected wipes, but I also think there is another version of this where, People are gonna, be like I've suspicious in your city and it was empty in stretches, and I know there's some class At factors here the virus so. Now, just hanging back and in trying to do enough, but I know any time like I touch anything. I'd drop my car. If it's something it, I'm wiping the car down on the inside go unlike our. I guess this is the new normal. At least
right now, but I did hear somebody say like this: you know the world's ever be the same after this and arenas knowledge. Have I don't. I don't believe that I don't. I don't think people are gonna, stop high fighting in two years when their play off team once again yeah, I feel like lay eventually come back, but I'm with you, the ITALY staff and the fact that ITALY it's always gets. There were fourteen seventeen days ahead aware we were basically- and that was the fear when, like wouldn't we shut down our office almost two weeks ago and when people really started back dinner is because of some of this stuff happened in ITALY. Now you see them just running atta, stuff, left and right in what a horrible situation doctors sh in between patients in all these different things. It's I got a sad and get allowed done last week normally are normally when suddenly
This happens are delighted that time I am able to compare the mental eyes and just throw myself into work and be like. I want to do this in memory up and do this this this this I was, pretty this combined related last week? I am start no starting a rally mentally now, where I'm like our right. Now, I'm not letting this site defeat. All the stuff I want to do and all the other plans we have for everything we want to do with our company and all this stuff, like fuck, that's going to try to at least come up with some stuff man last week was really discouraging. Has it really felt like the It's wrong and nobody was on from a government standpoint. There were laid react and everything in it and it started to feel like everything was just happening too late, and even if we got our shit together was still too late. And whether that's the case or not- and I am not sure- but I hope I I hope- that's not the case but whatever
Reed. I still have no idea what to late means. You know like I know what the worst version of it is and then it's like all the shoe late mean. Oh wait, you know. Maybe this thing he's gonna tape around with the weather. I mean I don't. I don't really know what to believe. I'm sorry like I, I cannot let us down and then I would look. I was looking at one guys shore and then a day later, like a real guy, a doctor to weed out discharge a million people retweeted it and then he was. I came to ignore that short, like here's one today oh, you know what we're doing yes, traffic. The South Korea stuff makes you feel like ok, now there's this was. This is a pretty quick turn around and I wanna get it all the politics of the whole thing, but it's that part of it is is the reverse feeling of ITALY like when I look at some of that stuff. I go ok, you know now Malik Filigree come out of this thing. I think it too
I'm just talking hospitals only just equip yeah in resources and there you just said a point where you know I I want to commend the lashed imposed and the New York Times in some of the tv shows and may I think I think the journalism has been really get and if you ever worried about you know the battle we found regional as german newspaper, these resources in, whereas others going and now you see light the last couple weeks where the wash your journals. Another I but places there really done good work and broken stories rebuffed. Public things, that people are saying that turned out not to be true and- and I really admire. Thus, people what's would take a brick, quick break and then out where back a successful com,
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it because it's the best I was Tom. I listeners about two covers these last cobweb such guess. What the boots? The covers uses nets with run their business to net sweet, Is this grows here? I were back. You had one follow up on the last point out. At the end, there I'm good with you cousin, who know somebody who works in the Pentagon tax threads, though, because that is that is out of control. How many people are now connected to somebody inside the EU gone who says Marcia Laws coming yeah like martial law around the corner. I thought it might have been true ten days ago, but I know now I no longer. I need more confirmation on whose Pentagon guy is is he's got a lot of friends or my friend, who has friend, who has a friend who works at any, are that's another Heyward
play a game called Garda NBA whatever this is your idea if the regular season does get cancer and if everything gets cancelled, so we're going worst case scenario. This goes a few months and on top the other horrible outcomes of that and how terrible it be for our economy and in just people conquer you being a home and ninety thousand other things that it should be. DAS and illnesses and everything else. If this season just went away. What. Be some of the what s TAT came out of that said, you want to go for you either You would do one that I do when we go back and forth perfect perfect. The biggest one is the most disappointing team of the season in that's Philadelphia, and I dont know what you were supposed to expect from this team, not only with within beads up and down approach
the game as much as I love when it's great and then Simmons dealing with a significant back injury here and we'd, seeing different then the argument of can they play together. Can they not really just depends like? Are you with six hours fan or super nay analytics or you? Do you think that there may be some long term problems there? and then you add in the Red Brown factor I just how much of this hasn't fit. Orford having a bad season if they had had an early exit, is a three six match up now. I still think they may have got if they were healthy. I would pick them against the Celtics in the first round, but let's say it's a disappointing around exit, which is totally possible, even though I know in a recent pot, I taught myself into another version, but that just damage the total unknown. The point of this would be if this
season is done and they start new next year, I think Philadelphia doesn't have to answer any of those really tough questions about their coach and roster fit, and they were just run it back. Looking at this year's an incomplete grade, instead of a failure, despite the fact it is a massive disappointment, sixty games it one then think about some of the people that Kenny I can say in John Beale, hind leg. If all this had happened three weeks earlier, those they shall be like. Let's say this happened right at the outset hour break he's getting bought out Kenny Atkinson the Nets, probably our doing anything yet nowhere can fire anybody not gonna fire, some Amy below barely gave up money so that ones like well
I don't know, I'm imagined Kenny's get paid the fairly thing who knows site they might have had to do something about wraparound before they even got to the class. I'm with you, I don't think anything get solved, and if anything, this will this a matter time. That's passing here. Will I think force allotted teams to talk themselves into the glass half full part of their situation right at the top left empty part. Gently comedy neutral is a positive right in most teams and of having,
negative result in the playoffs my biggest. What? If and I actually think this is. This is my number one out of all the ones to my list, so they canceled this season and it's just gone it's D day. It's the worst case scenario. Now you have the clippers coming back next year, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard with Opt outs after that year was traded, seven first rounders and Shay just Alexander. Basically, for this near that those guys get out that of potentially that trade becomes the all time sink or swim trade in history, the whig they make their trade, knowing a right which we at least have two years were gone for the title, hair and hopefully more and not one of those years is gone. I mean the army, the biggest one
seriously. I give it's done and you got okay now. This year's try out to see if he's two guys want to stay and then the auxiliary piece of that, if this Coopers franchise that moves from Buffalo eighteen, seventy eight there in sending a San Diego six years. They come to L A nineteen, eighty four- they have never made the finals ever. This was gonna, be like the year. Pretend this is the air for the allay verses ally and all that stuff and then potentially a coopers in the final situation and out of all years. This is the year that is in jeopardy. May talk about like not being able to catch a break. Fear could prevent black sheep to the Lakers ain't.
The time you have the worst owner in the history of sports as your honor for three saw decades, and then, when everything goes right, the first time with Chris Palm Wait thing that never happens for a variety of reasons. Now have this reboot here and now is to seizing the potentially gonna cancelled. Unbelievable. What is I your next? What, if Houston, I will never believed that westward was a player that their morey was enamoured with, but I understood the transaction and it was a James Harden repeated deal right, so you fat, wherein the Darrell's always willing to make moves, but I don't even know what, if what, if they got bound in the first round, there's a chance you she gets back the first round. The small ball approach was terrific. Out of the gate for weeks
the next loss, whatever they are due for about one. The clippers law should like ok wasted with this makes more sense, and then you start looking at their rebounding numbers negating smash on the boards you like. Maybe this is actually tiring everybody out his they don't. Have it rotation. Maybe this thing was really exciting and fine in successful, but it's not a long term ploy and Westbrook, even though is put major numbers in playing better than harden, he was taken a million shots game because everything is white. Inform so like how sustainable was that now they probably just start next year with it. Lesser some big trade waiting for him and there's really no big trade. Unless it's one of those two guys and I can ever imagine their trading heart and in outlook, Westbrook has been so good up into this point. I don't even know police. The market would be better for him, but whatever this version of Houston was you could have seen a coach, a GM, a roster overhaul if they lost in the first round and now with this, if there's no season
it's likely like most of these schemes. We talk about all the changes they should make. Most of all, it is run it back and their there won't be that that and unless you think Houston was gonna, go to the western conference finals, beyond which I didn't think about that. So when they were the season. Officially woman's the go. Bear announcement, those like March tenth, something that March eleven is a Wednesday, so yeah yeah we're like the twenty second now yeah so March, eleventh so they could potentially lost and round one that would have been five weeks later and then everybody is again can't so it is gone. More is gone. The whole thing they're just cleaning how starting over and now I'm with you, I think that'll do they bring back. They probably would look at the off season as a chance to say: hey, this style actually works, let's get better prayers for that Jeff Green Spot and I
worse of the other guys that, like Joe Joe Green Annual Howard and Gordon sounded a rough stretch and then mackerel more, you know whatever they are restrictive, Covington, so don't really know what the pieces could be around to add to whisper pardon. If that's what you wanted to do. Winners, like you would agree that this is an aunt I used to say, there's a version of this where they lose in the first round. Here right, like that's, not yeah, there's not I mean what, if they run into the clippers, forget it Denver who knows, but if it were bad The whole thing would get overhauled, but I don't even know that that would mean a Westbrook harden break up, but if it were noted in tone, there are no mori that I don't think I'd be like all right cool we're going to keep like. I would imagine it there be a difference of approach here by by the staff and offensive locity a little bit. What should I If this is a good one, if the seasons cancelled and they started up say at a later date. Does this mean
no one can write arrest piece about the NBA for three years. It certainly seems like a less pressing issue. These days, right will rest will. Load management still be defended in some quarters. Staunchly has been defended last year's, if there's no more season- and it looks like they have like six months, all I'm going to say it's going to become less of a topic would be my guess. It's a double draft, come in and think two thousand and twenty two, so I don't know if they roll this fit. If they rolled this draft, alright, I think they would, I think, the teams golden State, the next song,
like hey: what's do the draft where we re for we had a shitty season. Where do I have a tiny? What if this was really gonna be a great summer from a lucky? It I'm aware of this because when my college forbids chip, Chip Kane is from lucky after college went back with some lucky raised a family monarchy, and this is like the summer who is a goddess, is gonna, make the fine can be honest, the broad and then the Dnc common right. Milwaukee. Will you be there where the center of everything final seer, all the NBA people are coming and then the next month, the whole political scene? That's going to be here, it's all coming at Milwaukee, and now both things are going to get canceled potential because Milwaukee
it's the 12th or the 16th, I think of July. The only reason I know that is because when I was talking to some Lee guys they were like that's another issue. You know if Milwaukee were in the and we expect them to do all the playoffs. You got to worry about even having a place to play this thing and what you're going to do, having the political convention in your city is that a good thing I get it's good for business is not accepted. You ever hit up and it came to Boston when we were younger right, I think it is. Moreover, I think it's more than their she caught in the shadow of Chicago all the time and here's this one summer aware everything's come up. We hardly the nice yeah, just get it. Agent going like hey, I'm just gonna go, get hammered all week with a bunch of people from DC, but I had I heard it's like nuts, but I just That'S- that's never been the checklist I have another tiny would have so these count as one these crises are too many once hooker Do you realize the so? What's it
regular seasons done it's just go at that: Curried Durrant Clay Inquiry combined for twenty five games, so four of the fifteen, most famous guys in the leg you you could probably go to eleven. If you got rid of Cairo, In that case, outgoing carries, tops and player, but yeah, I'm not even same best, buy up saying like just most famous people in the Lee Hop how little inquiries higher out of the Gatt would have to go all the way to fifteen inquiry. Shoes do great diaries, get a lot of fan span, so that saw the system it. So it's a weird outcome of the seas and korean applying five. The season I dont know much fun to have back even again, ever even ashen, right like that, was a game or go. Oh, my gosh right like enables even great, and it s essentially had a couple moments, but I did get also speaks of the depth of the top of this leak. Yet this legal, so great right now that you cannot have four of those
is playing, and yet we still have a bunch of guys were arguing about, and the uncertainty like. That's the real disappointment is that with the opposed warriors NBA for the first time now here and half a decade- it was this like whose actually gonna really step up. I mean that's the thing that if it ends up being just done that were denied as much as anything, yet you know about love, gonna, Basque, by reference to check out the career, stuff and things. I then people just have these weird blip seasons. Re like M J had the seas in the eighty five.
Six thousand eight hundred and seventeen Games Bird have the year the eighty eight eighty nine years, six games, since that it's done in like eight thousand two hundred and eighty seven thousand nine hundred and eighty six and somehow Koreans are playing five games. So you have curry Klay and Durant. The heart of this three year finals run that the warriors had and they play five games combined and that's another thing we should match for the weather standpoint. If, God forbid, the whole thing gets canceled and we don't even have a playoffs, the warriors finals streak would still be technically alive. I mean it's kind of terrible, but fifteen. Sixteen seventeen eighteen, nineteen, no fires and twenty, and that it keeps it keep weird they would keep going. I dont know that we thought we'd have to like have all discussion about whether this couch, sometimes People say you're losing your fastball and I like I've. Then you just prove that you did you haven't you just do still paint the corners magnetic
you get a couple emails from people asking the strict with cap, Sacchetti credit for that. Ok, but it's really good. I don't! I don't think about that stuff. That's funny! Like those kinds of things I care. What about this and like all that's right, I guess that would be it may be. A gun to be right is revealing guns, HU, I love was you're. Doing the early warriors games going they're gonna win the next seven titles can be defined as the next ten years and whole thing. In my few come on a given transport, your whole life stuff always end sooner that everything and if you have any more, what is one more? Does this put Tatum career envy peace at the under five now, because he would have won the shepherd, and I do think this is a bad break for the South Ex, because I just think odds are fairly is going to be more imposing next year and I do hope Milwaukee with eagerness and a contract year that they scare me too, and then I just start there. A really good position in the east, if they just where big?
everybody together and healthy. At the same time, I really think they could immense damage hobbled, Gordon Heyward, immediately hurt for the season come back this really odd year. We're just isn't clicking, even though everybody saying you're healthy and you just aren't the same. You come back. You look like an all star may have made the all star team this year. Had he not been hurt again comes back, is kind of up kind of down. I know the numbers look a little better, but I think there's some really watching him in person and both of you talking. So he was at SALT Lake. It was like what's going on here and then, if this were to happen, cancel season tv going into the fourth year of this We are all Boston Van still going what it. What is it like? What is this guy, so the only art that would have been where there was Chris sale. Her sails alien. Yes, I young basically runs out a gas, then the next year they win
world series he's runs out. A gas but thank God comes a big and the Dodgers series. Then the next year hurt now Tommy John tension before what or like what. While he was hurt you I'll never will never get the answer for that by the way out of it. You want asylum there. Maybe not, though, that you came in does that it was silent, caliber season. Let's take a break, welcome as the novel grown a virus pandemic escalates in the. U S, public health officials are encouraging those who are experiencing signs or symptoms of covert nineteen such as coughing or fever, to seek medical guidance remotely. If you are a loved one, are feeling sick or just feeling worried, there is a way to get help without leaving home row is offering free, tell our services for people seeking guided information uncovered nineteen, the services available free of charge in awe fifty states, as well as washed in DC row.
Free online assess more help, determine if you're a risk and, if appropriate, role connected with a medical provider for free consultation. The assessment was designed by doctors and infectious disease experts and is based on guidelines from the CDC and W a Joe said, are owed that seo slash corona virus on your phone or laptop to complete a free online assessment or just learn more? If you worried that you may be experiencing symptoms, go to row that seo Slash colonel virus to start your free assessment today, is Ro Co coronavirus. I want to do this son Sonic, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three game, five we're going to do a game every week or on the pod, but before we do that, what's up quickly about the Tom Brady Wickersham piece today,
was on is beyond our com. Wicker sham has been doubt in this whole time. I don't wanna believe some of this stuff from him, but I think he's banner he's done a really good job and it's one of those p Is it doesn't have a lot quotes in it, but he's clearly talk to a lot of people in and in the back, circling around the Brady Circle in, and it echoed a lot of the stuff that I've been hearing. The most interesting thing in there that I really had forgotten about was the White Gate and the figures. I remember this at the time. I remember this from the Brady circle. Damn feeling like Brady got, hung out to dry the ballad check, Kleiner ran from it because he didn't want any sort of you know here if are to deal with the spy gate and the ram supervise everybody, I thought he was a cheater anyway and with the fake eight he made a pretty clear like a man.
Out of this one. I don't know what the fuck happened like you'll have desktop and then craft rolled over and instead of fighting the whole thing. He basically took the penalty into an gave up a first round pick and did the fine and in it made again, and I really genuinely think Brady felt like he got, hung out to dry and it was interesting to see that resurface in the wicker sham peace. I do think that's one thing started to turn with the three of them, for whatever reason amateur say some things about workers him here because No one- and I think some of his football features of the less are many years some of the best football pieces. I've read written by anybody and he's an increase. Likeable guy when you're around him and you could see how people- I don't you
has a personality away about him or I'm like this. Guy gets good stuff from people because he's not out there trying to burn you buddy either I mean some stuff. They ve done in the ownership stuff that gets clear. A bunch of owners. Call him up. Tell him what's goin on Yet there were times when he and I have talked about the Patsy was studied in use and I would never use, but it was clear like he was really Lee plugged in and even though being from the area everytime weaker human rights in pieces. I hey there's some problems of the past year and he would get absolutely torched idea, just pats fans, I'm looking at you, no, but although, like talk, show host the absent there were going like look, I know I know the lineup ye I I know the most. You guys don't have any contacts at me nothin for you. I don't know that that many guys have contacts on the staff and here's wicker sham with real contacts throughout a career of working in the interval and he's telling you stuff the pats and don't want to hear it, because his nationally as being guy again posts by gate with more and all that stuff, like I did understand,
I know it I'm talking yeah deflate gave it. That was right. The more thing was to placate, I'm sorry that was because of the reactor jet source in there. That like gave me bad info and whatever look at turning. This whole thing were bossed advances, Velasco, ESPN, hates wicker shit, telling you stop that. Nobody else is telling you and he was telling you the truth. The whole time and he got shit on by all of those guys for years, so I feel good sat in a way that they all yeah. Maybe everything wasn't always working out and, as has been pointed out by me all the time, there's teams you get along that Socrates teams that have major problems can still win and despite the fact that there was a disconnect between billing
Eighty like they still are winning game. So, honestly, if I'm a phantom like, I don't care like whatever now, should I right away readily stop your absolute right, because here's Bela check who can't be bothered to talk about air, her nand, as is a serial killer, but then, when it came to deflate gate, he's fucking he's thinking it's a guy and ecstasy for the first time just shut away. You know, like hey fibre, look, I got some charts. I talk to this physicists and I watch that balance acting like what is this like? What is this an I thought going up to it. The Tom would go. Look I like the football to be a certain way. You know. Guys? Hitam guys have done different things. I didn't really think this is that big of a deal, but I think them going into a super bowl. There must have been a decision made by the organization was like. Let's go win the super bowl first and then we'll worry about this later. I always thought there was something to it, but the obsession seemed absurd and I totally agree with you of the peace from wicker sham that
Oh yeah, you know what that probably would piss you off if you were Brady that bill, who never talks, decides to teach a science class that day with the sheer motivation being that he's trying to disconnect himself from the entire story. I think it was a series of tiny sites and your gun way back to the bridge when they let him go in the mid to thousands of Brady had to try to win the Superbowl. No sex with you know, reshape hardware of the famous Jabbar ghastly that accrue tiny sites out we're fine, but I think, when you start with the White gate even like Ben, and I watched the Seattle game in the end after the Butler interception they cut to the side by side and Brady's, jumping up and down like just complete, Lucy Man is so happy grapple. Oh, like is also jumpy of down hops overtime. Impropriety. Just like this is a once no part of celebrated grapple. It goes right. The big Daniels and grapple cottages
shrinks away and goes to celebrate somewhere us. So Thou and I think trading China Trade drop to deteriorate, aren't they that were well. She really didn't mean current current came out with me and said that was the one would go water is like who's. This guy and I think trading China Trade drop to deteriorate, aren't they that were well. He wrote I mean current current came out with me and said that was the one when drunk was headed to Detroit. That Brady was like now why you do in us right? It was also after work. As current came out. It was like what brought put a bullet Motor Cross Outfit on valid check was like our right enough for this and then apparently break according to current. What he told me of the park of waste goes it. He went to him. Like now, so glad you ve gone well there Antonio Brad thing seems like was the final straw thing for him, which is so weird cause. Antonio Brown is a lunatic I mean for,
have to be the one that pushed Brady over the edge. I think was really strange, but he also had that thing in there about how they never punted in the Eagles Super Bowl and Brady was you know he didn't have a quote for it because, like Brady did his job, they still didn't win and then the Antonio Brown thing he really wanted this guy. This is his guy and it does seem like Antonio Brad's gotta go to tamper bay. Look, I get it. I get out along relationship these little side start adding up. I know it happen. Imperious began not declare myself to the greatest quarterback about time, but I look back at some of this stuff. I was so at about when I was that he has been in a lot of. It was fixable, but I think you know- and you you ve, probably he about your good personal talked about this site. It's that one thing, it's all the little things that add up and they start snowballing.
And you start to be like with funds may be somewhere else is better baby. I need to get away from this and he clearly for handing out a temper, a place said really has no history, it all. That's, probably the fourth best city in Florida, he's gonna, kill you cities rope whereby Miami one, what's to Winner Haven, Winter Haven, T Fort lottery of how as a separate thing, ok Well, yeah Daytona, westward ironed out West Bi, regional siesta. Key gains fell, Tallahassee Idler tat the table when such a weird place described, but anyway I get it. I just said this whole thing: is it just feels like there should gotten a Roman talked? That's the whole point,
I have a conspiracy thing for you to ram ready to throw it you are, but here, but on the indian thing. I could do that all day with you, but it's gonna make it sound like I, too am comparing myself. I'm Brady and espionage spell check, but I understand like theirs. What I did. What that rate with you when we talked about it before he had left it go here all the reasons why gonna leave, because he wants to feel the satisfaction of telling the people that he Don T doesn't feel like respected him enough. He wants to be able say you know what I dont care. This may not be a great situation for me a Tampa, but I'm done with this, and if you can't actually come back and sit down, Oh shit with me, like somebody, you actually want to keep around then that I'm out of here and now, when I think about Bela check, as I've said, the entire time you can't tell the sky is wrong with the way goes about business. You just can't, but we know that the craft part of this who side note craft, everybody is hooking craft up right now, Brady Absolute
up with craft. Try to get the media to believe the Tom woke up one day and decided. You know, I think I'm just gonna leave and in Bob Cratchit got away. Wanted to keep him. It was Tom's. Choice in for Tom did not do So many other athletes who do a tweet out on Instagram or whatever, to weed out on Twitter poisonous ram about, like that's, not what happened to sets out what happened. It's all the slight adding up to this whole thing, where it wasn't one day Tom. Yes, just stretched out of bed and said: hey, I'm just gonna go check out Tampa for no fucking reason. Ok, all of this was leading up to it, so that craft salesman job right now, if you try
distance himself from being the own of it. Let Brady move on that's very obvious, as some people are falling for and by the way you want to rip through all the Brady Stats, like maybe they're, just like we don't want to do this deal, we don't want to do it to your deal for you in the whole thing, but Bela check as petty. Do you think there's any part of Bela check where when they basically got rid of garage hello, because Brady went to craft about it, that Bela check never forgot that and that also factored in two how he was going to do. Top, because he didn't get to keep the quarterback around that he wanted to be the successor. Although the financial numbers would tell you to have both of on the same team. At the same time would be nearly impossible It just seemed like spell check is just always going to fall to. I don't pay for past performance, sorry and that's it and Brayden Cyclic. I'm worth this on the open market and Belichick's we're not giving your two year deal you're going to be forty five at the end of the day,
we're not doing it we'll do things away her answer. Those fundamental stalemate was a fundamental stalemate and I it, I feel, probably good, probably good, with know if, if you rip through all the numbers of him last year, because it ok he's bad against pressure, I whatever his overthrows under throws, it was a really target, while his action are really been guided super on target because he throws somebody balls aware, he throws purposely low for the incompletion that he wants his Renzo numbers were. Roche's, whatever they were, the the Gb Arthur? Was it like forties for a second worst year ever last year there in the twenties? But then you go keyboard about the weapons, but you can make it statistical argument that over two years, Village act may just be Goin, hey this guy who's in decline, and I'm not gonna give it is. My argument will be ok. Well, who is playing quarterback has now all the Pats media's falling loved shared system based on nothing and I had to say rather tables I there,
lie surgery or not. I certain posts Lasik James, some men on there is one interesting tidbits one of the pieces I read and it definitely came from Make Daniels or ballot Jack or somebody round those guys and it seemed to pointed to be made up. It turned out of. It is basically like their treat by stadium because of his mobility, They feel like the league, is moving in this specific jet direction, where, if you're quarterback can't move and and create plays save, plays, etc. It's too hard to win with the way the league is constructed right now. The way was phrased made me think that this actually came out of the palace, where they are just looking at the league in there looking at who the best quarterback sign. You, like you, know at the days of Brady,
Marino and paid meaning, and even Joe Flack in two thousand and twelve, like that's on anywhere. If your quarterback can't move around and you can't take advantage give of the way the rules are. Now you have to have a guy like that, so either stadium are they go, find somebody s and they advocating fellow Brady. Everything had to be so perfect for Henry succeed unless he had these awesome receivers, but if you're paying him thirty how'd you get us receivers no, you know really. I do, though you can do better than nothing. You can do better than a guy that can't passage ass. You could do better. In your right on the agenda around thing. I can't believe Brady eyes that excited about him. Like still, I understand what he is player, but that guy's is unhinged. Is anyone right now and pro sport, so why you be like cool? We got em and to be fair to bill on one. I don't think the Antonio Brown decision was bills. Call I think that was a craft com is a craft, and so so
If Brady should be upset about Brown up being around honestly, they should just be upset at them, not spending the money on somebody else: who's, good, hey, let's take Gordon's money and Browns money instead of having to get everybody to reduce rate instead of a dented can goods here where we look smart and everybody else. How about we just go pay a freaking receiver like a decent amount so that we have somebody you know for Brady and I don't mean we stop- I made it lets you. Let's say they had done. The Stefan digs trade. Given up on that the blows of now digs unhappy it takes would be this timid celebrating. It did have a parade Minneapolis and he be bitching about knocking off touch right, but it that's where I met when people talk about they didn't get enough. How like I should think they did try it. I don't think it worked out, as was a good of Sunday Michel as a first round peck. Nebuchadnezzar ground pack, you can go to saying? Hey we union you're drafting on need in so many team.
To do that, but when it's a specific need, because if the Gordons massive question mark rounds of massive crush mark, like look thrown the reason you gonna Antonio brows, because he filmed a video post, his raiders disaster, we to see it live as it was happening all through hard, knocks. That's why you ended up with him there, so I just but always Brady going over another tree on receivers thing it's like. I don't know Hopkins I'd say they got Hopkins a first round pick Hopkins is a guy who is a lot like Mikhail Harry Right, is the keel, Harry's best case scenario. Is he turns into a danger Hopkins guy who committed rehash? Not oh I've, saying a guy who can make plays in traffic. You make them over the show, their catches and things like that. He was never like a blow people away got around the field. Beat you d backs he was always like a catch Basel traffic- I I just don't know who is out there that there, if they had spent a hundred and twenty million on Amari Cooper with that better for Brady. Is that a good move like now
I'm not really. I added a hundred and twenty million on a receiver. I'm just saying you don't have to constantly go we're going to find a way to do this. We have no tied ends question marks. On the other hand, a fast allowed guy, a slot guy who play lacrosse again Huggins out of the team anymore of just sort of exaggerating for effect here, but unfortunately you know the path should have is sign girly. When you get release for a ton of money than traded him for Hopkins, then they screwed up last year, the TED anything, but anyway it happened is leaving the like. If you told me, You call me a week from now near they came in, I don't they crystalline, I don't think we can get him for a season amateur waste them of Antonio Brown. We ve got really close. I faced time him a lot I think he's gonna be I think we can get twenty two Monday is at him mean Antonio. Let's make a real commitment Ben, like are you insane with everyone
It's only about one podcast. What are you doing maybe I'm on one now maybe one but Brady Brady seems like it's. Ok, I get twenty five billion four and a half million incentives and we ve got assign Antonia Brown. Like history conditions. I think everyone in these last ass bad. I'm I'm really surprise. I'm of of Brady's run here I d like to praise the guy who can get along with everybody. So that's always really cool when you can do those quarterback, but it's almost, doesn't have internet, but we ve seen his posts Brady's posts. We know he does have internet, but how you would want to sign off on Antonio Brown right now. It surprised me, I'm gonna make a really important point right now, you're gonna be jealous of it. Ok
already caused com. Just get get your finger on the button to get ready to send this to this. Besides, I think. Sometimes you can be too great to popular for too long, and it starts to distort your sense of everything and we ve Brady's that the only person that we ve seen this with, I think the bronze another good example look at Brian, how he's gone from he goes to Miami the way you handled it was wrong. There was nobody in his life that stopped him from doing that. Right, then, all the sudden, four years later ditches Miami goes back to Cleveland comes up with this all on their Brinkley. I'm going to finish my career, here. I would say he they want to do that. He had a bell, and for years and he'll, probably in a plan for the next two years from now. I think when you become that successful and that famous
in that wealthy and you have like this small inner circle around you for Brady. It's like Alex Guerrero, his wife, and it seems like those two people in his life and maybe his agent in that set and there's just adulation. Constantly and you're the greatest you're. The best. Your awesome you any instagram posting who is immediately five hundred thousand likes and at some point I think it's really hard to be normal. I don't blame him for looking at this and going you know what I'm going to go to Tampa Bay, and this is going to be awesome and I'm going to stick at everybody and I'm going to play until I'm forty, seven cuz, I'm Tom Brady and I could do it and then he tells his wife and sounds great time. I think you could do why not who is in his life. That's gonna be like what are you doing? No one, no one! It's on point. It's perfectly stated. I totally agree with you, because I added about college coaches, coach, cake,
normal and are a saint visiting wrong with him. I'm just saying like he is a God in his community, and I see it whenever I go to these college campuses. Receiving Sabin can interact with like people outside of it in a way because it's like shall save a lot that so I don't wanna come off the wrong way here, but, like semen, is more than human, where he lives in his day to day it's like unobtainable level for the majority of us walking around so then, when he runs into somebody outside of that bubble. Like he's probably thinking of like ok, how is this interaction going to go and then a signal- and I just want to say, hi how's it goin. If at all, it's like a reset of that's right like I'm, not I'm, not a guy now when you're, Brady and you're doing it at a national level, and you do it in the most popular sport. I see it all the time with these personalities where you post, something like look like a breeze post or pre cheesy,
Because there's no guy, that's gonna, go hey! The joke. Doesn't land There- man, you know at this. The first person made me think of this and I really respect them. This is a sound like undressing, em and sorting ready now, Chris Berman, so crisp chairman is just living, Middle Connecticut. Were you ve spent a lot of time? He is the most famous purse in that whole area. For what twenty five years he's like he's the rolling stones, a bit of Connecticut any grocery store, he goes to any gas station, any restaurant, any golf course wherever people are incomplete, this belief that crisper Is there? Oh, my god, it's Chris Berman and after a while, you know you, you start thinking, I'm Chris Berman. I could do ever the fuck I want, and there I hayband the Swami it seven minutes like we were thinking of a couple ways. Maybe to make this better. Is how dare you bring that up to him? That thing he did that, but
some point you at this point where nobody can actually have a real conversation with you to try to help. You in any way- and I wonder if that happened, Brady where I don't think this is another, but who is the person is life is like he did. Here's heres a list of all the grades. Ever who, who is M J and the wizards, here's Emmett Psmith than the cardinals abuse could go through his twenty seven examples of Jerry are the raiders that this is not the direction. On a girl, you see the retires stated the patriots at this point. What are you doing in Seattle I don't agree with that part though I like. I agree with the build up in the whole thing, and I am imagining his father for a long time is somebody that's been able to have conversations with them. Just like you could have with your father mean that we, like those conversations cab with anybody else, rag light. I don't blame Brady at all, foregoing, even if this doesn't make the most football sense, you knock it off.
Be here and treat me like a special teamer you're. Just not, I know the way you do business but you're, going to you're going to talk to me a little bit more and if you're not going to talk to me, then I'm going to bounce because of all the little slides that you talk about stuff in the Wickersham piece, all the stuff we've been certain it just all adds up and, like I said a week ago, I bet you there's a there's a part of this work. We're Brady's like this feels good to call this on my terms for the first time in two decades, is it going to feel good to play for the Tampa Bay buccaneers? I think they're going to be another defense is a lot better. I was going through it and their defense faced the most liked. However, it's raised like the most important possessions, like their defense, face the most. They were 29th, I think in yardage, but there a v in Dvoa they have
worst starting field position of any team in a league, because Jane is put him in impossible situations. The entire time, citing my guidance, is actually a little bit better. You want yet ass the great question you want JANUS more than anybody else is available right now. Here's the thing I think there's gonna be real value with one of these quarterbacks, where you could get James for like one year, four million subdivided. If there is there. No, it can't be that, while for listen at some worrying at some point, rather Jobs- and if your Jane yes, and you look at it and you go, I could go to the patriots I can finally see. I could tell who's out by chambers. The other thing I get to be of Bilbao check. I'm only two years older than Joe Borough. Ed,
do when you do do attain held, did in Tennessee last year, a better myself, and if this x out, I got could have a hundred billion our contract. I actually my play I know him better than Jared State o my through for fifty one hundred yards last year be chaired stadium, could throw for fifty one hundred yards in a season like ever. I know he added Evans and Godwin, but I just think he's become undervalued and people got too focused on the pigs, but he had other seasons when his tongue, an interception. Thing was you know, you're the one year he was igniting tidies eleven packs. I don't know man, I think it's you think he's done as the starter. Not only geese, sir, I think he's turnover prone for the rest of his life. I think the eyelike thing is is hysterical. Pay married, all related turnovers had paint manning had some really really really high turn over years early in his career watching you, what would James starts guarantees in the playoffs off than we can circumvent them to the trajectory of Paint Manning Paint manning the first year that everybody
Everybody does that everybody whose favorite quarterback has a ton of pigs early on. They look at Pate meanings first year when he had a million and that he kind of figured some things out. So I had some picks subject: wouldn T lie: wasn't he lies overrated, any far far decided he didn't care like later on in his career and then get mad about it after retire four times, and then, he had a year Minnesota, which I still think is like one of the most impressive seasons, a geyser hack ass. He went to the jets just to get the Vikings. Just we go back a green bay. Abbe There was like a hired you retired four times like we can't keep doing this every single year with you, farm boy James turn of all over the regular questions about boss, curatives floor state It's one of those things that unite us shooter, you can't shoot, I'm not talking about like just a guy becomes good a corner, Thrace and four may be better. Yet vision like guys have passing vision, is basketball players or they don't even think of seeing the game the way the kids, Steve NASH is MAGIC Johnson,
This guy's a guys. I they give. You are a guide. It has a lot of turnovers. Your gently goddess can have lodged an overs and I think he did he fumbled twelve times too. So I don't. I don't even want to put yourselves through that I'd run on sand at him. I'm saying what, therefore, a million. I would just want to bring him in a train a camp. That is why more fine right, it's four million fund, but the guy I want them to get his preset, but it seems like the courts are actually gonna keep em. I still don't understand what the culture then. What's, let's take a break. We added a recommendations that we get it, basque weapon. A cyber crime is on the rise. Tech like the like the cloud and internet of things, makes it hard for minor businesses to see and stop attacks. It sounded the hunter, not the hunted extra pumps. You detect threats in the cloud up to ninety five percent faster and automate response. It's that bad actors in their tracks stop ran somewhere more sophisticated threats up to sixty percent faster expose attackers.
Adding and see my legitimate traffic in real time stop threats up to sixty percent faster extra helps. You secure your hybrid enterprise, wherever it is today and wherever ghost MAR automatically detect new. Rogue and on managed iota devices, see everything in your environment from the clouds of data Centre to the customer, detect threats with advanced machine learning at scale. The home depot uses extra help to manage and secure nearly twenty three and remote sides, because no dataset is more quite an accurate than what extra hopped where's check out the full product. Demo, customers, success stories and more an extra hop that calm, slash bs, that is extra, H, Opie Dhaka, Slash, bs, ok quickly! Every week, where do in recommendations a tv show
a book in older movie and then a new movie. So, what's let's go back and forth on this would do the tv First, I have a feeling. I know what you're gonna pick for the tv show take a guess it that Netflix Zoo Keeper share your title. Yeah burial erratic, Joe Exotic, down with I'm done with three episodes. I'm worried we're finished it power through last night. Amazing story: it is a great dark. The sense that, just when you think you're gonna have figured out you'll want like what like the next level this and then you go to rotation of trying to figure out who you hate the most. Is you really know and of liking? Anybody, and I in some ways they stories are pictures. I will who actually rooting for in this twenty. I d get rooting for the tigers,
because everybody involved is brutal and just you know some one guy ends up having a harem, and I you know I just just it. I just did these animal people are fucking, weird man there's no way around it like I could never date, somebody that was like I'm dedicated the rest of my life to animals, like it's great, that you care about animals that much these people like take it to a whole other level added. It's it's a really good piece of work, really good work by the guys. It took years. Put this thing together, cuz. They had no idea that this is actually gonna happen, doubtless by recommendation as well. But since you just made the case and that out of the air, I watch three last night and was captivated I just wanted. A man should be I know it's pianist. Gonna show OJ made in Amerika. I think this week or next week there. We shall start already. The everything I think it's either tomorrow night or whatever, but I Netflix America American Crime story.
The one where Travolta was Robert Shapiro Cuba Gooding, was Oj Ivory wash out a couple months ago and it's fantastic. It's really really really great. I think the combo those if you're, going to do the OJ deep dive. I would fully recommend do the Ezra one first actually do the other one. Second, I would do the Cuba Gooding one first and then I would go to the other one, but I think the combo. Those is really great, really good, deep that all right,
for a book. This is another one, that's tied to any european thing, I'm going with our plane for keeps by David Halberstam, which was his secret. It breaks the game, which is an awesome basketball book, an essential top five top six top seven MBA book ever and is relevant because it looks ideas, pans, gonna, push up this Michael Jordan, doc them my friend Jason hairs. Doing and he's probably listen. This locked
to a bunker right now, but it looks like that's gonna be MID April. Third, we can put something that I would really are in a push up there. I think they're pushing up yeah. That's that's the feeling of get out into the exact date yet, but but I would read this book ahead of it because it gets you in the mood for it and the documentary about that last season, which is also what the books about. So, if you wanna be probably burst, is that the best Jordan Book yeah around you ve, read: I've read already Jordan rules still really good Red Bob Green who I think eventually became a disgrace newspaper com this, but he wrote a really good book about his friendship with Jordan that had a lotta inside stuff that I thought was really good. Those are probably made by three favorites. There is one that somebody wrote when he was on the wizard sat. I was a book that I'd love
that was just the guy, was kind of linger on the locker room, couldn't get access and just in bitter about about them. But anyway that's my book recommendation. You have. If you're, not gonna warm. If you had a project that creative project that you wanted to do your whole life? Maybe writing a book. If you want script. Maybe one of you and not allow guys telling people are gonna, write a play you're here that when a lot, if you can get it done now, you're never gonna do it days. Have you been a toy
for a couple years. Saint aiming to do this and to do that, and you never have like most people dull, and if you don't do anything, then you needed just remove that from your head of it ever being a possibility, because this would be the time we're going to have more- and I know everybody situation is different people, depending on you and all that kind of stuff, so story, Robert Magee, which is the book that in the movie adaptation, which I love that movie when Nicholas Cage where he plays twin brothers and on it that Christs calmly, the actor who plays the orchid thief so basically supernal. Yet Chris Cooper Chris calmly different got Chris. Could it is an awesome actor and narrow streets in it. She's, amazing and they are good things about her?
dispelling narrow strip hit this stretch of the last couple years. What was like all you could only say was it airstrip is amazing, but I just the whole thing. Is it's it's this movie, that's about this book in this screenwriter, that's trying to adapt the orchid thief, and he goes to these Robert Mickey Courses, which is actually a book that is considered one of the better screen running books that are out there. It's been out for really really long time. I admit that I bought it thinking here we go and I bought it. Coolidge corner TAT that Barnes a noble and Brookline. I dont think I opened it for a couple years and then I would highlight a little bit I finally to get through it in and help me unlock some things. I was trying to do, get Luke creative, yet created for the kids out there. I order movie recommendation. Last week I recommended in the band played on, which was is still in its view on the edge bill go so I watch said of a woman last week.
A movie, I hadn't seen a long time and a movie that I think has unfairly been painted, a certain. In the years to follow, because what happened is Patino, one, the best actor It was at the height of of you, have to pay somebody with a disability or somewhere like that whole joke. I going right around there all you got to either pretend you're brain damaged, so you have to pretend your artistic, then you're, blind. That's how to win an Oscar between rain man, Dustin Hoffman, Pacino, a couple other ones and more importantly, Denzel didn't win for Malcolm X and, as the years have passed, that made people really mad. Then they'll end up getting one. Finally, for training day, if you're doing the five year, Oscars Game, that fantasy and Chris Ryan to do even five years later. I think Denzil, probably ones for Malcolm X. I think if you re doing that years later, most people would say: Denzil should one it may be a vehicle.
Made Bello mud, whatever it may be, should have one it's a better performance with all that said, Patino is incredible, instead of who have made it and its look he's basically playing blind Vincent had from heat these again. He offered me set raised Vincent Hannah. We who can see he has some awesome scenes. He look it's all the same. Then he would eventually start doing more of the who had just been Down just for the sake of dialogue, but doing something, but the movie just works, it's really good. I have no idea what happens in the last twenty minutes, which I want spoil for the people listening, but there's this kind of manufactured drama thing that circles around films, More happens it Bob than it's like. How is this? The ending of the movie but potato makes all the works. Crick Chris Adonis, really goodness to end its raw that
Everybody wanted, I think bad Damon has gone after an athletic every every young actor that generation Christina gotta is. He kills in it. The fact of potato in that year. He's awesome and the move is good and it's a good react by. I watched my daughter and she loved it. So there go Denzel should have one, but I don't think it's a bad Oscar. I don't think it should be lumped into like the Roberto, Benigni type of Oscars. If I have the fuck the Pacino in that year, he's awesome and the movie is good and it's a good reward. May I watched my daughter and she loved it. So there go. Saw the theatre that was well. Those go see. I really liked the way, if you think about
like the scent of the woman and how he explains it and how its Distingue, it's actually really cool. It's executed perfectly and O Donnell is great in it, but that is one of my least favorite Patino characters in heat, and I just take it so over the top, and it's kind of annoying that I had those moments where it was the same thing with him in that, but it made more sense. You know it made more sense because he was the guy with his background, but you're right. I sought I've seen in a long time, but I remember in the moment be like how they can end this, how they can end this new, like, oh, that's other good at it. So I've been watching and a lot of great movies from the seventies eighties. That is again. You know I because we're undercurrent in, but it turns out a lot His boobies were really successful and lauded fur. Is it like you? Action who, at one baby, it's like that's a great fucking move its really really great, and nobody would think to watch it now, but my advice of beating
If you really bored instead of watching new terrible movies, to go backwards and watch some of the classics. Anyway. What's your movie zero effect with then Stiller and Bill Pullman? it's early Stiller, it's! I don't know if that's APEX Mountain Pullman, not as far as successes go yeah, just always love this movie. I love the tone of it. I love the music, the sound tractors, incredible. The concept was really cool, we're Stiller! Basically, fine. Bill Pullman, whose consider like the greatest detective ever but really really strange, and there are really great lines that it's not a comedy, but it's funny as Hell and he had a kind of tied all around and it even has this thing at the ending re like ok, that's that's other ending this previous always liked. It was always,
little off the radar and for whatever reason, is not as Georgia. For example, the first time I saw it and how into the soundtrack, I wasn't reminds me like this one apartment that I had where this guy over here to thumbs and not when a damn so tat it was. It was a guitar. Ninety six, ninety seven, let me go check that maybe eighty eight ninety eight is ninety eight I mean ninety six to ninety nine. There is so many good movies that a lot of em just got the fell through the cracks does deftly. One of them did the ivy. Do it's not even remotely like on the radar of successes of some other ones, but if you like Stiller, I'm in this and now that the whole thing pullmans characters are really cool character, its actually unique, and they did a really good job of it I offer my new movie. I did paid twenty bucks to watch the heart because of course I did I really like Betty Gilpin.
Can you explain what the hunt really is, so I dont want to give away too much, but it's it's basically a black or accommodate a black thriller comedy basically and there's a couple twists and it's very clear. What is trying to do fantasy did a good job ready about it with the Ringer fancy didn't think I worked as well as I just thought. It's my daddy's to call these movies. Five o clock curse it's like you'd, be driving home from my dad was superintendent for years and years and on his way home. Sometimes you wouldn't want to know the traffic, so you go see with the five o clock movie was, but he will want anything to intense soda, like our teeth to wear. He'd have to use his brain too. Much should be like Stephen Cigar Mark for death. Great, that's, a five o clock or twenty one bridge is a classic five o clock or like almost little overqualified.
Hunt is the five o clock. I just I turn your brain offer our forty. It's trying to do some stuff with thy Trump America and its trying to be super clever in away. That's kind of unintentionally funny, as was intentionally funny, but I really like Betty Gilpin And- and I guess I think, she's a star tat was why I like it. I d love it, but I liked her I didn't love the movie. You bet I really later are so what was the rule? New movie does have to be brand new. Recital B line are you? Are you could do something for the last two years? First man then with Gosling it's on cable. Now the first seen is in double when he's trying to break. You know these dryness. Shoot up into the atmosphere and come back down the anxiety. You will feel nothing is better
exactly that. You feel secure Yos border crossing seen that's one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever, but the opening of first man we're just put your just right in it and Gosling so good at everything he does and I would say that what is one that got lost in the cracks and in some people just don't like it does it slows down so much at the end. I love the movie, but I love the open and I will be ok. There's a girl. I would take a Mamma break and then we're gonna do we're gonna. Do a quick!
We watch balls of ninety three sunset x number that I want to take a quick break to thank everybody who donated to the little campaign that I ran to feed people back in Boston with greater Boston through bank. We raised over fifty two thousand hours and counting, and if you want to check it out, you can find the link on my twitter feed. We raised between me and the fifty two thousand were over a hundred thousand, but speaking that that is a part of the feeding America site which um The pod save America guys and a bunch of other people have talked about, but if you want to donate, they can help. You find food banks in your area or any any place close to where you live, and you can get people some meals. Lot of people are struggling out there to edit an alarm mention
It's a pretty much clothes, but a lot of them are still didn't take out in delivery. Please eat support your look. Restaurants dont, be afraid. Everybody's taking precautions out there we. We are in a situation now where everybody needs a chip in, and that includes supporting local businesses ran you you're gonna have to eat you, giving it a pizza. The savage whatever you whenever dinner, don't be afraid to support you. Look restaurants, listen to day of change back ass this week as well, because he's gonna talk a lot about that and I and some stuff you may be able to do stay, save out there as well. Is Anna and thanks for the sun. Let's go back to resolve. Ok, we're so we're gonna every podcast, we're going to do a basketball game will try to keep this like twenty twenty five minutes max
yeah right now. We really well we're gonna. Do it. So we did sons, sidekicks game, five Dayton, Andy three to set the tone. Jars Barkley gets traded the summer before in one of the all time, thirty cents for our trade brutal fail. If we get a pick your fill, it gets Horn SEC, Andrew Lang temporarily, there it Temple, we had no internet back. Then it was his people and bars going. Can you fuckin believe what Phoenix gave up Batley like and he goes to the dream team he's the break out star the dream team everybody's? I got my God Charles Barkley didn't rice who's, this guy People were like yeah. If you watch basketball, you need the gas fucking will atop six guy for years, some vague us through the sun's. At the same time, Seattle has this shock camp. They look out with them draft them in high school. They turns out to be a gem Gary paid second pick in the draft. They have all the
get veteran SAM Perkins dared, Marquis, regret, carriers is awesome and that serious and the sons have thundered and Marley really at his apex, Kevin Johnson and then this weird hodgepodge pseudo small ball team Tom Chambers get Vance. Today's Danny Aged beds age there in the western fires in these fine, as is the famous Nix balls bloodbath that leads to the Charles Smith Game, the game before this game game for next balls, MJ puts up the fifty five fees that talk him the media, then this game happens the next game extra me. This is an unbelievable stretch, Basque, but also my favorite. I think them the most entertaining basketball season about time. If you go through all the factors, I think this brought the most the table. The reason I want to do this just a it's a super entertain a game. You could find you
be the J. My thing with Barkley really pissed me off, because Barclays you spend on tv now for twenty plus years, and now there is, is it friend said he was in a grey clerk is eating when a ring, some other rings. Culture thing has taken his career, stage and the reality is. He was an incredible basque web, whereas top twenty on time, in the ninety three year. Mj should have won the Mvp, because I'm just here to win the Mvp every year, but but Berkeley was the most reasonable Mvp pic of anybody who actually took a Jordan, Mvp and he's awesome in this game. He puts up at four thousand two hundred and fifteen to ten. U place all forty eight minutes it's a must win and I really enjoyed it and I love Charles broke. I just really loved him as a basque bob were so there you go a barkley- I know you know this is my favorite athlete of all time why the Sabbath him at a young age, but it probably influenced by my father, where I just
loved people that I knew exactly who they were and how like ok, I've per Barkley Talk for a few minutes. I know exactly who the sky is an wasn't just a game that he was shorter than anybody else and was dominating players bigger than a man had this explosive nest for a body type that didn't make any sense at all. In the jokes I gave. Were six seven. I be illegal, because people think it was like closer six, four things. Actually, six six yet and I loved him, and I love that that idea with him. The sectors that Moses forever and when it was gonna happen soon. A traded this year. For me, my senior in high school, I was like this yet again in the George is waiting for everybody like everybody that had it was, was a fan of one of those other five or six gray players in a league like this is due George, just such a different. I was going to do some stuff today. I just laughing my head off looking at some of Jordans numbers, but knowing that, like okay, that guy's waiting for him, but the sun's go sixty two and twenty Barkley, the Mvp. I looked on by sprite
because also part of the story line there that he shows up this being seen still is pretty good for he got there and they go. This right. Now they started their play off run. They lost the first two games at best, a five Lakers, so in the first round, here's this team that maybe has the best chance of the three, including delay in Portland that are gonna face Michael and the finals, And they're down to older workers and given Johnson, missed one of those games, and he had some real up and down Struthers Entire play off run that I know you want to get too they come back. They beat them and thereby now as it now is a running on fumes, Lakers team. That really you know it's it's worthy! It's easy, green, its Byron, Scott, it's the tail end, but they have so much shape. Chip DNA at that point was really honourable how they are, how they battled the sun's. I they almost beat the sons they really edit. They almost beat him sons get through San Antonio, and then you have. This idle series where Barclays you'll look at camp was was differently. Cap was ever
dirty because he was destroyed of a high school kid, but he was also a community college there for a little bit with 17th pick and when you watch this game, are we ready to go to the game? Cuz I'm not going to go. I know you're kind of lead dog on this thing, so I want to hear you're doing you're. The only thing I would say which is partly beats Robinson, the previous round. With that shot, yeah the became rod at that point. People are wondering, is he gonna be the next great centres? Are gonna, be him a shack than barquey takes it down and then other series. The rockets inside eggs have a bloodbath and that's how came ninety three, ninety four. Ninety five is arguably the best barring the league for four that three years stretch you know people live an m J laughed. He left us as I had came, was like way way up there. I had him in the top the cat em like twelve or thirteen than Maya and my pyramid, but Seattle takes down her came in a game. Seven,
to think of my book about the envy puree Sayer cause, I thought it was really one of the best and BP races we ve ever had Barkley wins it. He had fifty nine first place. Boats She came with second, he had twenty two first place: boats votes a keen that years, twenty six thirteen and for first him all day the Rockets when fifty five one- It was the only Austria, the team he had. A hundred fifty steals a three hundred forty two blacks, so combining Mamma said five hundreds
black stocks icon and then Jordan. He just casually puts up a thirty three. Seventy six, fifty percent sure did they when fifty seven games he's first him out the fancy of three guys at like the pinnacle of their careers and Jordan ends up finishing third, and now it seems dumb, but it wasn't as them at the time. No, it wasn't because that's not me, it's hard to retroactively, live in the story or I would say no to actually it's hard to go twenty thirty years removed. Remember what the feeling was at that time. The feeling was a partnership of the Phoenix in and they have a real chance in the best. It was the best narrative too, where its idea he was trapped on these bad Philly tames. He finally gets better teammates. He changes conferences, he's in the best shape of his career and was awesome, and people like this is great. This is somebody that his friends with short in his that could be afraid of I'm he'll, go to tell them any did in the files
the rest of his deep didn't shop as well. Sir said she quickly, so we had that feed I just wanna, hit a couple things from this game. I think a fiend says like an early small ball team, but you access game and it was really like market Oliver Miller, they played a centre most of the time. I think if you took the team that they had now, you took that team then, and put it into now, basketball they just what a guy plainly small right? They would have their would have at every point, shooting so is still on the roster and then chambers is still on. Despite you know- and he put up some massive numbers in previous years, but he was on the decline a little bit and it was so we're the he subs in like half way through the third quarter, this game and he hadn't played at all last game. Even those some of the other ones, but you're right of his mark western starter. And then Oliver Miller, who's this rookie, who you can see. I don't know
What people remember Wilder Miller, ravages being overweight, but you could see. Who's is incredibly frustrating player because he was a great passer. He was Great instincts, but they need also had these meant the lapses. Where you believe what are you, doing, and you can see we watching his game, he's kind of like the sun's Mario Chalmers, where, partly is killing everybody on the post. No matter who they throw them, they're sitting triple teams apart, we sometimes they double, and sometimes they don't always get there. The double and Miller would go to post up behind in Barkley were Barclays. Already on the block in Miller's John opposed behind Bartley yeah towards the rim. Barclays, like what are you doing in that's like one, a one get out of the way and Miller: does it twice? The Miller has a bad defensive thing where he makes the wrong call. An aim starts getting on him and you could nettle than Miller would have this amazing pass that you wouldn't think any centre can make so they west files out of this
they had to bring Miller back in, but you could see. Miller was somebody to like if this guy ever figures it out and unfortunately conditioning me, a big part of that, no one ever really did, and I think, if you His team now chambers issued threes the aunt em, yeah and or you just go super smile at Berkeley and you just put another shoot out there. I think they would try to create way more space for cabin ass, an existing one of the Seattle is doing in this game. They were doubled, thereby doubled double team trapping em at MID court to try to get the ball out of his hands and the sense and not Hannah Kevin Johnson is on the series with and it carried over next to her is because is first ten playoff games this year is two thousand nine hundred and fifty three for Socio Seattle starts. Buckler them and you look at this dying game stretches
the adversaries goes go seven Danube of winning and seven the famous game where they shoot like seventy free throws spade the Sierra feds are still pissed about it in the first two final scans when he gets benched and game too for Frank Johnson, those than games he's fourteen in six. Forty two percent field almost four turnovers. This is a guy who, through the plants in ninety two thousand one hundred and eleven. Ninety two playoffs twenty four and one thousand two hundred and ninety three was down to eighteen and eight for the whole playoffs. Ninety four is twenty seven one thousand and ninety five is twenty five. Nine. He was kind of that I would compare him to day. I think he was the Cairo that generation. This guy, who was just there, is nobody like on. He was incredibly talented. It was unclear how anybody could even garden and yet will was really straining for whatever reason. Eddie, I heard a lot yeah. He was
So why don't? You know, there's always go back and we did this morning as he missed the first game there against Lakers, I'm Goin oil was ass, his lingering thing, but he was really good insane. Antonio hell, he played in a triple overtime game in Chicago, and the final she played sixty two minutes but he had really bad games against the bulls, four hundred and thirteen to eight and then in this game in particular, even though he ends up with ten assists thirteen point, that's not the game. He had cuz that trap break the point that out kind of like what some teams do like when and we got tray young in one of those games months ago now the regular season where they sold out bill. Ok, let's just screw this up at the top in and see what happens around it. Phoenix did a bad job, they just they just war. They didn't ever really kind of adjust to it and Kevin Johnson kept dribbling into it the whole time. Yes, so it would Currie they re in a trap. Curries first residents Cleveland. They ran this double. Him and then once curry kind of figured out what to do like. Let me get the ball out of my hands quicker than they can defend me and then I'll just run through some stuff and get the ball back and its allies
Kay, like AEGIS, double again. Well, that's just gonna the way it works like it's easier to double. We see you about across half court. We know exactly where it go at you as a whole losing you would all the traffic of a half court set and in this case, like Kevin, would just kind of get bottled up and I'd always be looking for, like that. Third guided also speaks to judge how different this game is. Is that now you be so afraid to trap like that the time because there's more shooting everywhere gave rise above corners. Just begging do that you could adapt back, then Also, Seattle, I had a really long athletic frustrated team to plague is Marquis. You know was one of the best offenders that position Perkins in ninety three, at least still was pretty. I fled Egg Peyton was a fantastic defender. Camp was outlet. I click it with aid, doubted up in the second half of this game and turned it into a trap me you would have thought out of it,
play for the Suns and it was the opposite. It was all like really bad for them and it kept is so electric is my favorite thing about this game. I don't need to be sold on Berkeley like Barclays done this dozens of times where you just like. Oh my god, this guy plays all forty eight minutes. He does. Everything is in the first half it twenty four points in like a tree, bad six. This up like that, but camp. He bought a ban. I still think their common was probably the most talented power forward ever saw just for like who had the total array of gifts cause. He could shoot three seek a post up, he's a great passer he really had everything other than my good tunnel a drive. I would say she'd Wallace yeah he's, and otherwise these guys that emerges tantalize
but had I guess you watch camp in the end, it's kind of hard to believe camp didn't become an all time. Guy in this game. He doesn't. He gets two thousand like a minute to start the game. He doesn't score until the second quarter finishes. Like thirty three is unstoppable he's he has a huge turn around and would like two minutes left. That is like just an adult professional hall of Fame kind of shot, not to mention all the stuff around the rim, and I what a tragedy that that I I know he had a lot of personal problems and the money stuff was initially firm and things like that. But what a tragedy that has created turn up better pretty good, think about what camp was, though, so you have. This run its ninety three big it to the finals in ninety six. Now they were down. I forgot executive MJ, stop. It adds renown, idols thirty, three nuthin, so people can have done. This thing was again at Seattle where they go together illegal, but there also down three. Nothing so like that series is over.
Get one more year was Seattle. He was a Cleveland at twenty eight. If that's, that was like. Oh that's right, I remember being on Cleveland and he put up his second year- put some really big numbers, but he's in Cleveland, but he was a year after that team was in the NBA finals, who's in the Jordan, like everybody else, did he had one more year in Seattle that he was out of there? His run was basically nine thousand two hundred and ninety seven AZ. Ninety two is is coming out party. They made the playoffs, they had some fun. Ninety three was when it was like. Oh, this guy is going to be a Malone Barclays type. This is you'll, be able to build your franchise around him for the next fifteen years, if peaks in the ninety six finals, when he was really a problem in that final psyche I'll. The second best buy that series, and then they did all thing they page Macklewain. They gave him macklewain, like I forget the number, but it was absurd, like thirty, hours or something and camp was underpaid and it just sent camping through this spiral and is Greer Risen.
The save- and they were never- you know that this this Malone stacked and type partnership. He was gonna, have Gary Pate niches kind of kind of fell apart, but is he's asked? No, I share their guide, the other big winner. This game is dead. Marley, Doo, doo Doo amended at their Marley, so Molly was somebody that played a smaller school and would fit in perfectly in today's game, but he is absolutely on fire in this game ends up with eight threes, which is at that point, the record for most threes in a came the I could now is still only eleven, so Morleys, having like a two thousand eight teen kind of game would yet up didn't happen. So this this was landing on the moon to see a guy shoot this many threes any didn't miss. I mean I think he only ended up Missy one. Maybe there's a second mission there, a little bit later on in the game. Dick and bird was on fire with the singer this one. I guess I don't know what they serve Morleys restaurant, but I hope they come in threes. Any just magic, laughed so hard is end virgin magic or on the call this one we gotta get.
At some point yeah then and bird, was I hated. The three joke was, Let me use out to getting as whatever their servant or morleys. I hope they served on trays. Sl, Marley Barley saved them in this gay because as much it was, it was all Bartley, ok and whether its Barkley in transition, which is kind of Did you bring up the dream on thing because Barkley and transition was a lot like dream up like the great part about dream on? Is that of the guinea? Defend everybody's, better offender than Barkley, as in our multiple is but dream on git the board in going and then finding you and setting you up? That's what Barkley did it partly to score like he would sit nobody else up and so he's left block and whenever the double would come like they were, trying to run as much they could do Berkeley and there's a stretch of the third quarter were Barkley wasn't getting it, and then they were just bad at like Kevin Johnson. Couldn't throw an entry pass to him, they couldn't figure it out. They had a couple turnovers or forcing it so then they go away from it and Marley carried them
that third quarter, and then he had a dagger one. At the end of this thing and morleys, this big, like well condition, could run all day caught a guy. That's pull up from three in a way that no one really did I mean there's only a few guys. It would never do that for him to do it and game five. That was the kind of thing like you be talking about the next day, going how many three pointer city make and if you look at the most threes ever made in a play, a game, the records eleven. But his is it a. I think, he's gonna like two or three guys that have done it before two thousand and ten and that was a ninety three yeah- he led the league and in three that year in it was it a laboratories? It was like a hundred and fifty seven and we did he die with regimental our but yeah. I was looking at his statues. Probably taken close to five. A game turned his head, a ninety three and ninety four, and now that would be twelve. And yet he's an hour one, it was another one, often Sinhalese too often sufficiency, like the run a gun thing you're right, but they would be way too big today, but my
whose bar that's I interrupted. You see how many threes they made in the entire spheres, that ear is thirty six, so he made a twenty five percent of them in one day air and it would swear it is in the moment felt like that was the three point shooting t because they have an age of add those guys they fired him up. They have to white guys yet in it. And it was another hour with ready. India had Reggie Beller persons, a ban. These guys are bombers, and then you look at the stats and they were average legs before three sick, so different barley was definitely at a head of his time. Guy. I think if you leave you just time ashamed him and put him into the league in two thousand thirteen. He would be a twenty million. Are your guy and he added ready to get died. Isn T rejuvenate, stop loading on some those Miami teams that never quite got over the hump, but I see that was cool and then Ricky Pierce was another,
the waste. I forgot how much I joined his game. Just a classic old school is free for three and three from this chamber is a guy. Now thou be taking eight or nine trees, but back then their running play is for him to get him. These nineteen footers plays that don't exist anywhere is like there's one playing crunch eimer that that, coming out of a time out thoroughly really run Ricky Pierce play. We get a been open, eighty further would be great. We'll get two points out of it. Now nobody thinks outweigh right, nor a morally here's. Morally, who makes eighth reason. This game sets a record. He had a three he up faked, stepped in twice and took along too in his rank. Look at it now doin. What is he doing and that's what everybody did back then, but there still.
So much of this game, its play below the free throw light. Now I have one match up its extended beyond the perimeter, but there's just a mass of bodies down. There is everybody's figuring like how can we kindly kept that's? What made capitally good is kept, could get it kind of like five feet out like five feet, up from the baseline five feet from the centre, the pain and he would just cut so hard won two power jewels in and get up over everybody and finish up at the rim, and it wasn't like any play to. It was just that I'm going to be more physical and I'm going to be able to finish some of these things off. But in this game the transition stuff is where you thought Seattle was going to win it. They were so good in transition. They were beating him up on the glass there's no offense of boards for Phoenix. It felt like for long stretches and whether the turnover promises Calvin Johnson was turning over. They had that stress, like I said, they're trying to get to Berkeley was a total mess, and so
We had this law that big first half then turn it on later. But that's where see I would just get out go and they made they made phoenix, look bad like they were running them and finish can do anything with them in transition. They were bad addresses, yeah, you're, gonna watch this game at home. I would you can jump and basically half true in the second quarter and the sun's go on this really great run and Barclays. Just out of his mind and think camp starts battling back and you can skip the first. I would say quarter and a half of this Barclays for the series was twenty six fourteen and four for the season. Twenty five five only will Caribbean Yacht us ever did that with fifty percent shooting I mean you talking. This really was like a great great great season. That unfortunately coincided with
is unbelievable. I m J season. We gotta talk about Dick Hamburger, MAGIC Johnson, so there's two fields there I mean, I'm sorry, there's too far, all versions of this game and you to one of them ends abruptly, would like five minutes left. The other one runs entirely. The one that ends abruptly has all the pre game staff and the entire half time show, which is Bob Cost, is Peter Bessie and quit Bucker. I have no idea how current buck their gotta, the national show but Bessie no hair peace for Bessie by the way and he's dropping bombs about poaching searches and how magic was in within the running for the clippers coaching search. But then it fell through and died and then they just go right to magic have tab in past us as a magic. What happened here and magic say? You know, I guess it was said that I would have done unless I had a piece of the team on that and should in coaching and unless I
also get a piece of the team in a match in the singular magic went on to become a terrible coverage that could imagine that somebody had given him a piece of the team, the code she lasted like sixteen It is it's an incredible, originally jailed airport. I just one how much would have altered the Lakers part of his his timeline? If all of a sudden, this guy- that's like Mr Showtime, Mr Laker, owns a part of the clippers. I don't think I think he's such a smart people guy. He probably spent an hour with Donald Sterling Inn in was like there's no way. I'm touching my butt to the sky, but emburgh and magic are doing the game announcing and. It's it's rough Hamburg, I'm not sure how he ended up doing MBA games. I think by was this when Marv got sent away, urges outlay.
I remember Mars timeline. Ah Hedberg or not, I am trying to be generally nicer. Is I just know like Hamburg, so beloved icon he's a football gather, but its it just like the guys I have thousand like just is that its fifth was that who the thousand just any stuff it real who's, the Fowler like what was going on here. You know it out, we would earn up in a late seventies, him in Maguire Packer were like the first that conic announcing team, but that was in the weight. Seven and had made an error. That number could still do this and, as I now that really now that happens, it habit definitely happens a play by play guys forever. You just have a name, and you should have this voice, that you remember something and then you're doing it. So if he is thrown in it, he had really done basketball. That's fine, but it's really really choppy this here's. What I want to bring up you once row after Tom Cruise did the Oprah couch thing, and it was like that
this time or everybody just kind of looked at each other with egg is Tom Cruise knots. Remember that and you wrote hey, you know what now that we ve seen this: let's go back and examine what we ve known about Tom and what Tom is really told us is that he's been the sky. The whole time like it was really smart. The way you did this thing about Tom Bang, it away wrote this. I don't remember that. Thank you, this watching this game and have magic do color like there's one part: where was fathers and call a time out thirty seconds left their up and magic, says West farmers really Noah's players to not call a time out here. Oh court heat they ve been as players the whole year like at the end of the year, air, I'm not getting about making that point to be like. Oh, he said something wrong as s entirely fair, retarded twenty twenty seven years ago. Here but the magic tweets. This was alive, audio version of the magic tweets.
In a very large area. Right is that magic has been the sky the whole time. It's just that the tweets solidified it it was in writing. They hit send on a member, like always ease just making some kind of generic points here and that's what it was going back listening to magic. Do this game, where I laid out this is the ORD like this is, I the tweets did there is no difference in everybody. Loves him everybody, this error, Mademoiselle like honest us, like I don't wanna, make this like sound nasty, but it just was up in MAGIC Bobby, had done a tunnel games and even a honey games. He had done at that point cause he had. He had just left to really they. They start the game and and Dick Amber GSM. Magic. What word would you say is the key to today's game. A magic goes aggressive. This, whatever team is gonna, be more aggressive. Is the team that's gonna win today like that
that really how this is gonna play out. Whenever team is worth aggressive- and it just goes from there- it is I gotta say age: I used to enjoy it I am as somebody who, like water, to be calm this and make jokes about the announcers and stuff magic was a godsend back then I would rather here magic and adds games than they Kubi Brown and allows anxiety popular. I Otto care, but this stuff about words when in time and Charles is a winner, an admitted tat winners win an added, though I had a kick ass. If with but here's like take about this, did you ever spent any time back then ever thinking wow in Bergen magic aren't really that great right now. Never it never even crossed my mind. I would even ask about it. I got to say I I did the I did used to think magic is pretty bad.
The other one was doktor. J was a studio analysed, maybe two years earlier, and he was ass allegedly, but the bottom line is most of the legendary prayers are terrible as tv Gus. Ok, so here's my point, though, like you think one and I football gets ripped it S. Magic wouldn't had trouble here sooner. This would have been if this game happened tonight, people Home would have been losing their minds that this is what was happening and maybe ember you know not being run basketballs much, and that makes a tougher magic or whatever, but it was I'm I'm just sit here. You know watching a game again and gone well. These guys would be getting lit up if this is so, happy today. I just never remember being younger and spending the whole night freaking out about whose doing the game, the and I think this was an effective segment and a good and a good place to end. You do and you do not have one more thing. I'll have one more thing. This game, almost
the world. I really enjoyed the game, I'm glad we watch it, and I think this is an effective segment and a good place the end. You do you do in Europe. I have one more dramatic I'll, have one more thing at this game: almost no complaining the entire time of game, five, a western conversationalist game- and you know what I know can a shock everybody its awesome to not watch guys complained the entire again. There was a
what times that, though, with the coaches Carl was fog it into a little bit. There was a moment later. The game were chambers gets called for. I thought was kind of a bad fought foul by joy, Crawford and it was the Larry's because Crawford then stop chambers like jumped and swung his arms, and then he walked away. It was over and Crawford still stocking him and Barkley goes to like cut joy, Crawford off to be like hold on. We ve got it and their telling chambers to calm down because they even magic on the cause. Like you never know Joe Crawford like he would t somebody up right now, ass much like if you are called technical after that. In this massive moment, like it had been such an all time, jury Crawford TAT. They jammies on this game too, as well. There's no complaining from the players, except for a couple, little things here there and it was great and then one final thing one charge was called and I think there are only two times at anybody even try to get a charge. It was beautiful now, the rest, the basketball,
the defences are they're losing people all over the place, the myth about how the guy's today can play back then the warriors be teams by fifty fuckin points if they played in this kind of game. I'm Tellin you right now, because defensive lapses happen way more back then than they do now. I'm serious so as much as we see these clips from these in secure Jordan Twitter feeds about how like every foul somebody got to capital, it's just not true hand checking nowhere. You people were not grabbed the entire forty eight minutes. People were hard value, the entire forty eight minutes. The defences had slower people less at letting people you had bigs, they couldn't show on stuff. There's guys they get open, looks all the time in this game that I dont think you see that number of open looks just by guys forgetting about people held Barkley got forgotten about just because everybody turned ball side and he ran behind people like that. That's ridiculous! So the myth of today's guys, not being in my back then watch more these games in the nineties and I'm tellin. You right now
you going to rethink all that stuff and the fact that nobody's complaining and there no charges that part of it. I left and you left out there losing people, and meanwhile there's Spacek is terrible and everybody is five feet away from everybody else. Is there still losing people? You left out one thing with how much better was to watch this game from app a sixteen point, no fucking instant, replay Did you really miss it? They had a play were kept crashing Barkley in Berkeley, better gone back core and I was watching them in the Middle about five thousand, but they do want to allow the valor right, but they want to come The foul on a market went back cordially. Just let it play out So now we would be challenged the game with staff for five minutes, but this game as a real flow and it keeps going go in and go and move in and you write, the people. Prayers were afraid of the Reps day. This was the seventies eighties, nineties. The rest were characters aid,
huge egos and you saw Joey Crawford you're like I'm, not gonna, fuckin, yellow jellies, gonna toss me version ivy or a or I will get a call for the next two years of my career from him. If I bear so right now and the guy's Thou Jesse's automated robots tat the prayers Phyllite, they could, run over and do the whole thing and that I don't know I kind of miss the old days that Sun Sonics Game five, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three shadow sonic fans. By the way, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Seattle Supersonics don't exist yet still owe asked is one or two this week and indeed other festival draught. She knows we have other draft. I don't know what we're gonna do another festival draft. Maybe we will come up with something my wife saw. The files are that the final list of food who
What and she said I am I'm with Priscilla yeah added a three so that those guilty, I suppose, like each other, so that that was us with those of yet another car get your relationship. I feel I knew that the MILES Davis Pick would really room a lot of people, but I'm telling you right now you throw on in a silent way and tell me you're not having a good time I'll refund your money in two thousand and eight slash, two thousand and nine. We used to do fantasy draft about the stupid things and end up putting a couple them and columns, including, I think in two thousand and nine we did a draft of celebrity kids who who in twenty twenty five, would be the grew up so as like MIKE Tyson kid Britney spears and covered with set asides Diana com. It's I think it's like a two thousand bad at the whole thing, and then we did another
Did a media, a media think of media police. Our draft. We do have the whole thing and Jacobus picked me and like the frown, he picked me for the draft like something bad happened, I'll wait a minute. So guy have get arrested, algae. He has some sort of whatever, but we around is too high for you now lives. I was younger. I was a bit late thirties, but but the celebrity fucked up celebrity draft kid. I can't I can't. I can't believe I ran that I feel I can culture. We get mad at me. Now. I'm surprised you reminded everybody the who exist, because let band that's a long time ago the people change people grow her wrist. I'll see you on Sunday or one more thing. We have Parada kid. We watch about common eye on Wednesday night. That's right, end Shot out to you for raising over a hundred grand for thee is basic food bank greater possibilities food
yeah, they reminded you. My visit was Gittha is giddiest my time I plan on doing where that stuff reseller stay safe, talk, he said thanks to Zip girded thanks to resell out thanks to everybody who donated help me with the greater Boston Food Bank. We raised four hundred thousand dollars, including my contribution. If you want to donate to that, go, find the link on my twitter thanks to make sure who started the whole thing a little better, than I did because I saw it on Twitter. I saw that he was raising money for the l, a region of food bank and he D incredible job. He raised, I think close. The two hundred thousand hours may be more for them, so hopefully more people follow suit with that and please remember, to stay safe at their practice. All the social distant accept distant. Sixty
and listen to the experts we back with two more passed this week and that we crack it. It ways.
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