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New York Hoops, Food Trends, ESPN's Future, and Nick Saban With Eddie Huang and Jim Miller | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 399)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by chef, author, and TV producer Eddie Huang to talk tortured Knicks fandom, Linsanity, NBA rookies, summer league, the transformation of the L.A. food scene, developing TV shows, and more (3:13). Then Bill talks with author Jim Miller about ESPN's apex, its current state, the future of digital media, and Miller's new podcast episode “Origins of a Champion: Nick Saban & Alabama’s Crimson Tide” (52:50).

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Today's observe of the BS pack ass in the sweltering heat of Santos on the right path network brought to you by zip recruiter where they know that, France between working hard and working smart, zip, recruiters technology and tools make hiring morphine an effective. It's the smartest wait, a higher. That does mean you can't find people a car to zip crew were happy their power for technology skins. Thousands, Erasmus, find people, experience for your job, so effective aid percent of employers postpones the procurator, get aquatic Hannay through just one day. My listeners contrived for free, good, zip code. It outcome, Slash, bs, sedative godaddy com, Slash bs, recruiter the smartest way to hire Ross abruptly by the Ringer pack ass. Their work where we have pack has posted this week on shuffle we have Larry Wilmore, which I went on.
A last minute gas cancellation. I got roped in without by labyrinth of Lakers. We talked about conspiracies both Cosby Trump. It went all over the place. It was kind of insane. I think think I'm in say now about some of the conspiracy. That's fine but I am, and so we have I also went on China, thirty three wishes, fantasy demanded diamonds and we broke down this new Oscars thing about the popular category that their allegedly adding we went from being horrified to then salvaging it and by the end we fix the asker. So congratulations, thus we also have a real watch was that when a Thursday, which about my best friends, wedding, the strangest most successful round come of all time ladder. Julia Roberts breakdown ladder break out about should her care. I'm just gonna jail at some point there in that movie at a whole, bunch other deep paths to have me: Amanda Dobbins, Juliet lemon, so flood the reward. Was that someone for this week
a controversial one coming next week that I think I can't even describe don't get sick at the ringer dot com and it fell coverage movies the staff is very excited about the MEG ladder ready. At the MEG now that we're of succession read about him. Where this is a dead time for pop culture, this is where in the lower right now can't it will allow the Red Sox are on page four, June, twenty whence Anna and that's but the thing exciting and my life right now other than my sons, a lunatic coming up we're inside to anyone who has not put on this package for basketball food. Yet Yet if you listen this the sign, there's no way. You're, not gonna, drive our conversation and then Jim Miller, who wrote the ISP Burke and there s no book way back in the day was new pack has caught origins, he's gonna talk. Body is paean, Nick Saving Sarah alive and how much other things that is are coming up. First bird,
where this hasn't have four eighty wiser excited me big fan, I think you're. My first taiwanese guest excited. Thank you Imagine emulate. Now how they went away a good package. Germans do mellow. Yet we need a third ready for that year. You ring I this is we take this Thursday afternoon. You just have also really guarantee every including assembly, Fanny Pack, your I brought about three hundred and fifty two others have similar league monogrammed things colleagues whose greatest, because if you're Nick fanned and I'm really gives you play ass. You know yeah,
this was theirs actually real sends a hope this year that some colleagues usually poison two years ago is five year. He had met had to match up with oak afraid, embryonic while presenting us, ok and at last was kind of a downer year, and then you know for taiwanese people, somber leagues, epic, because ass when Jeremy Lin, when a John War- and that was like the epic somberly match up the game heard round the world the Taiwanese they do and there's a five hour. United manner coming, we had, we have a group check. It was funny. Yesterday. People like art is clay. Thomson hall of fame. Am, I guess, I'm I'm Clay Thomson all day hall Some people will say what about zero million a mighty jangling was a hall of fame Refer weekend. You Here we have yeah. Ok, this does game Lakers game. There was the best best through extra for the x in fifteen years, healed the greatest every one of the great aged american sports moments of all time. Yes, possibly is at its centre.
One is I've. Actually I wrote a screenplay were actually to discuss this for about five pages of it now number one asian american athletic moment all time it has to be made. Chang Lendal change open, oh yeah now, and I also year during Tiananmen Square. So like that's gonna, be one in which it was at the same match when he had the hamstring issues. He's going to relax yea. I doubt the crimes that amazing sportsmen amazing Yanks was moment. Funny enough. You know, then, I think, feeling. Insanities, probably number two men sanity was often per year and then Third greatest asian athletes, ports more with, doesn't even were acquire dont. Even of athletics is this yeoman carrying the flag on eight. You know Dallas I was pretty whom big ceremony so here, who it no one, is actually doing any the athletic. It was his gal carrying flag there Cried they that intentionally the eighty eight years
to imagine and ride like when I Tipp at a restaurant. The last numbers is always ate like yeah yeah. I never really knew that until I started playing cards at casinos. Yeah. The unusual impact that eight seem to have, unlike what's going on here and then, as I do know you're you understand. I am aware that all the strategic placements of, like lions and dragons a he no one, would bear it. Mgm could yet the walk into the mouth of a lion ever hath respect I play back or out there the other superstitions like. That is why aids huge often sway do you know I mean my way around, like the ballade, like Asians love, the ballade yoke as you go in and it just feels like them, some court could come at it. Where the river, how under the sun is be? mean you know like you just feel I could take the house down there. So I that's excellent Yom ever play cards in the mid nineties and people getting so
because they got to AIDS to sweat, and I just didn't makes so my randomly see there was sixteen or to AIDS like what's yeah great about that, but I really could feel the confidence I hears. It gets Adam southern Beer, where's aids are not changed. Me told me what users, I always split, Athos High, Thank you. Well, you there do that or surrender yeah yeah. You got a spy so when David Chang, who I think you know Pierre, he is man. I play black eyed him too, but he was every hand sat with well he's he's. Surrender involves right, do you love surrendering? He failed like one of the only envisages you have said, Sir said advantage to give way, have your money, but he got a solid too. We were also render all really there's like a surrender frenzy yeah. I can't do it. Surely worse, I never do ensure year, unlike let's fuckin burn the house. Look at some point you there to gamble yet by like. I do think if you have a sixteen against a king or
thing and use locating are at my adds, rain. Our eighteen percent yo- maybe did I get it really feel great about it? The night I kinda funny, I always stay on. Sixteen, I'm just like stay and see what the dealer does, but like surrounding smart. This more money is to surrender I'd some. If I am not that smart, unfair, empty. Yet also it's funny like with Vegas. I never really leave a winner because until like you a wide enough to want to leave, or even if you're, on a hot shriek you're, not like all. I'm gonna leave em up five, I'm a ten year, you're not gonna leave, but then, when you're, like I'm down fifteen, I should leave you know. So this is this. Is David chose big gambling revolution? What what do you do? he was useless back rat, but he go and he would he would have viewed- brings but with them, and then, if you guys, a lot of money in ten minutes you just leave. Oh he try to figure. It was almost a tantric sex, but for gambling- oh, why would it was there
of holding out his views that that's it, I have the advantage of I'm gone. You and I see I Greece Martian. I just I want action. I want to be in there and, unlike I, bring this much money. Unwilling to knock on would lose this much money, but I need three days of summer. League is basically year. Lollapalooza some leaves your personal outlays, secretive, familiar video, Garber, basketball, unproven, better engine Ricky's year and then Gamma Ray, and I just fighting good food. You in and I fight with all the lake refunds, Erica's tons of labour fans drive- and you know he is very Lakers. Yet you could tell their like twenty five year old Armenian due to his parents still bottom all their jerseys. He ninety, like you, have fuckers, don't have jobs where you got opinions on when argue with. You. Are you ready for the lead? The liquor fan frenzy? That's about that, but I can't wait. I've been telling everybody
I can t put me in touch her land Stevenson cause on earth. I want to open, because Brooklyn has amazing, like chicken wing fried hard chinese spots, yeah like jazz, bulletproof chinese food, and there is no good bulletproof chinese food Away unlike lance, I want to open on the outskirts, it's insane Gabriel, YE oh, they don't worry about it. I knew that they don't even like bulletproof like the DC mumbo saw us like fried chicken. You know the like the Erika in Brooklyn, Fried chicken like hello, fried chicken and fried rice, like that's just a gene or of food that doesn't exist in our Well. Why don't? We start at year saw my young restaurant. I want to open a place coldly and Stephen, since that is like a secret tiki by that just serves bulletproof chinese food. The amazing and unfortunately it is probably not could be in the team in about five months yet, but then he could be at the restaurant and yet he could just posts. You could get as many shots. If you want, I do feel a glance
events in helping at a chinese food restaurant on the internet for like thirty six hour here they were better pr. Could you have enjoyed a rest? Imagine a secret tiki born allay with that food called Coney Island deal, I'm a tv bank me I'm just like Lance. If you listening Brom ready to open Coney Island this is a great idea. How does it expect talk shit to a Laker fan, though your leg you're like ten to. I don't count the apple estate us a year, I lose ten titles behind there were terrible. I was basically just yelling at them like did you actually buy your jersey? Did you buy that day? Did you dead by those shoes? Kith deny MAO's more like going at them that they didn't. Have there money you should we? U S, updating seventy nineteen, seventy three ye for yeah, we fuck you up and nineteen seventy well Frazier. I wasn't even born ignited semantics. I no more. I know Clyde more for that. He has Clyde's wine and dine. He ran like ours were therefore that ribbon cutting and his advancing all that shit. Yeah love, I love club, know yet
nothing, we can really say two Lakers fans. There is nothing. Can say to any fans. Besides, maybe like hawks fans met fancy tat. You had advanced worse Laguna gear, clippers, yeah, that's the only thing. That's the only team you could have moved to New York index fans were still at nine. Not switching you know right. There that they would have been better off disbanding the team in forming a new expansion team year. Language like our histories gone were now different, yet like we're the Brooklyn bridge. Yet do you go yet the Brooklyn Stevenson's? We would have liked I might have switched if they were like where the Lance Stephenson's, it's kind of when you think about it, it's a spectacular failure. Yeah they going to New York right as the Knicks had this little brief resurgence. Crater completely here they have unlimited money to spend yet there in Brooklyn the entire region, and it is basically ninety two percent of the internet there vices there are these different things. Are there all young new Yorkers are moving there? The state
read the middle of everything. It's like having fuck that up the ass above me. Definitely they should change name and also the mascot was like this weird. It didn't. I mean there is already a knight errant whose it was day day. Definitely bumble flows with dark to the only good thing about going. As the foods really get it sent a gotta, usually good, Veronica yeah. I salute the Buffalo boss, chicken tenders, yeah. Barclays is great for fights like I love gone, for the fights remain like boxing match, ah the buying your abiding class. I am sure I really outbid tell me whether the Barclay Centre that I think they wanna kill poor people, because the upper bull is on such climb like people battle over Campbell over here, I think they're trying to kill poor people there. If you get a full color Brooklyn year there. Let's try to gentrified by killing people per bauble desert. You must then the Yankee Stadium Year back in the old Yankee Stadium. Was the bus herring place to be the United States ass? Yet Dallas
was a meaning out of a skyscraper you're. What you're going down you ve had five beers you're holding drinks in a Europe where there's ninety things. I can go wrong, convinced that was part of Giuliani site Clean up New York, his it could make the deck more treachery agree said: the Stairs dad's is fucked. It make it as dangerous as possible when either a widow when you live the new awkward you live. We Brooklyn I started off on Orchard Street. I used to pay this lady in the air, will first store and I stayed upstairs cause. She like had a broker wrapped the whole the building for her, but, like my parents became friends, are there because my dad was looking to cheap furs, utopia that my dad sees a cheap fur fake first bodies I am going in and it was like a russian chinese business connected with rat and I ll give you ve ever the Beijing. Russians come by our shit and then they bring their shit and we buy it. And it's like it's always a great deal. So my dad starts talk.
And he's like yeah. I like brought my subway like looking for an apartment moving to New York. This is like right after college and she's. Like all you know, you can avoid a broker fee. If you want to stay upstairs. Just have him pay me cash under the table. In the broker comes use as to pretend like he's not there, so I lived on orchard for a year, then I was EAST village and then Chinatown and then for green, the been in Fort Wayne for a minute. Kind of workplace always but before Marquises Barber before before Barclay. Where do you live there? Ah me? Well I yet downtown outlay. I live on like Ethan, I live and China. I still got the place in Brooklyn, but I'm in allow more away, has transformed over these last I've been our fifteen years, it's really interesting know watch it happen here, but from a food standpoint Ben really cool. I really like daylight foods in right now is
better than seeing as its ban gear. The two packages food you dont have is great jewish food with three packages, grape juice, food, the Caribbean, food and a bottle of chinese those who, like the three things I miss from New York. You know. Otherwise we say the great lay you don't feel at the delays are up to power like other kind of Yasser Arafat. The funny thing with the Delhi's here, as you have the greatest Delhi, besides Zimmermann's Ann Arbor, Zimmermann's arbours, like a real monster here, but Langers Langers has better pastrami sandwich than cats. Is there then a second Avenue Delhi? Ah, but it's just like you have one there's not like a bagel spot. The smoke fish game Like italian dude selling you smoke fish locks deny me I'm gonna, like you know, dubious as little dubious, you know, so you don't have the smoke fish game or the beagles. That is good, but beggar sand is bad. Here is bad. Is the beagle scenes by gave us make outside our message, but it was pretty rough. Allow factors.
Beverly houses get the earlier. I heard I heard an article giant daily. They got like really good soups and big same way is a year I like that place. That is the best on somebody. S Delhi's is based cities the basis for our right in any language. You know, but you don't like in two different seed. Ones enlightened. Meanwhile, New York, it's like every five bucks. Every five blocks like city sob, is so good in Brooklyn my city saw by love. That's pod, my favorite What are you about? That is like a grinder style about the created seen the best he eyed. I stay eating Koreatown Tie town Chinese, how you soon as tv and then the taco trucks like people, people from knew of the biggest complaint you first come here is where's my jamaican spot where's, my bodega, but once you get into the taco trucks and used to tee- really find your taco joints. Those are like amazed and the third one is where's. My son, I wear Janshah Walter, my walk in three in the morning, the other three
the three there you loved ass, I sat with John Travolta in Sir no no at Fenway Hook Fit, but it was equally izquierdo. Sitting with the Minnesota is the duty of every Emily was it we were, who first row at devil, rave, red Sox play off game yeah. Vision, the division when poppy hit the walk of homer- and I was I was with them and become backing, he was made, but we lot easier to enforce yeah yeah yeah but George photos, their sipping espresso, just pounding espressos, multiple spress, who is in the front row I'll say, while he's trying to regenerate these areas, I heard about it now that uses tat my foot, It's your interpretation that would you invitation ever allies, sports tat eats a funny sports town, like you know, Ellie I've started to love beside you. Gotta find your taco trucks. You gotta, find your basketball runs. I found my boxing Jim and then
my friends? You know in that already in that order here, like cause, friends is harder than the taco truck was easier refined. I found LEO's and I found a lady not block for me. Then universe, LEO's, torture, LEO's is an echo park right, a crowd and his courts. Aka saw play tat, my buddy Gregg, and then we go to LEO's and then arm, but the disport scene. It's it's a weird sports town, because you know a lot of people like in Hollywood. They do, then they do productions with athletes. Are they ve met an athlete? So then they think they know sports and they are talking about and then very quickly. You realize, like in a lady, just people like to talk about things. They have very minimal knowledge about and act like they have more knowledge about it. So I see through that it's one of my favorite pastimes to just that apart, like a butterfly, it is so easy to tell who actually follow sports. Yet with you you're dressed like that,
who had some really camp were guided rather really forget, love, soberly you hot lard, soberly there's, some other ants thoughts. Miss pronunciations of some names year hum in is sometimes a road people, not understanding the sailor cap will next year will be able to get quite Thompson coin Jimmy my parents. I know you are here, I see it as we might. I cooling of hot takes like yeah, like I listen all the NBA podcast from what you just recycled I take like unless the air, or they do, ten minutes a coward shower leg Parker like though good burger there one spot to still three opinions again, judges go, but you are legendary at the runs cause. I play law, and centre, and you have legendary. I was nearly two years mid range baseline jumper. You heard about scouting report on you really yeah, so that nobody around. So I know you you know I mean if you play, will build just keep him off, keep him off the corner. You know that's when I heard that
ever Jacobus down went for two years and then my body breakdown I'd, stop I am but the again they would play one of those crazy things, but pick up here was they would play eleven by ones, but reporters were two's, yet we thought it was a. There are more about times a billion just yet jacking up threes yeah. So I was like pop of jazz. I click I'm good from Nineteen I'm getting continued, take by nineteen forty one point c: aren't you gonna go. I make the racial stereotypes work for me, a basketball because, unlike all argue with you on a look, I look like you shouldn't pass me. The ball find on pass me the ball, but we should play to increase to fifteen la yet. If you can trust me on something, it's the numbers places in threes fifteen year and the nurse or I will have to pass a debacle. Parliament to increase the leg, seventeen or whatever. Yet when we were gone, there is really interesting. We stay with the car. The first corps was: where are they
where's where there was a major event? You have the international court this across the meadow on it was. It was basically all asian year. There is some we get some international and then the third corps was just the wildcard court Yon Times those good. Sometimes it was bad yeah, but the goal was to get on the first Corey. That's you wanna play the best year and they Atomic get fucked up as if, like the USA left, echo. Was there hey? I want to play for two hours of the full Europe live three hundred. We don't have anyone who can guardian year in somebody always loses a cheekbone, because who I who ever played on a football team, unwanted cardio they can play and use like, do disguise about it, but with more and everybody in here, but that These courts always interesting to me cause it's like, while their running like a five men ocean off, there's notes, big man, so it just like running circles the latter running. It's a lotta running shoes, impatiently unnecessary, because the debate using the chinese court is the best roadwork. If your boxing, like ever ages, caught big Rick
parliament would like Jesus pants, washing hustling me here. There is a very high security. I used to love the dynamics of those fund for me because as pretty started gonna be the second year were going so we recognise Barbara people could were totally cooler. And it was never like one- those things that I got him on the shut him down, they, who is more like worked at our benefit, we'd have like a cup or the best projects. Image call me come with us or six, his leg fine. I had that. I really I get them. I miss. How would you know I'm thirty, six if allotted time still boldly at five years, yet fuck I really miss It was honestly them my favorite thing to do yet. Will you couldn't have time? A lot of my friends is old guy run there's a couple on throughout the problem for me now, as you get hurt you and I and the other problem is You'Ll- understand this someday. You hit like forty three forty four in your brain still works, but your brain can't told so.
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It's it's. It's always so surprising to me like the drop off between the top eight players at the top. Eight coaches are the top eight GM cause. After that, I just bombs yeah, you know, there's there's pretty much, eight good deeds or were women and get a whatever it? Is you re a great people at any job. I really feel, and then it tells us and then, when you get to that, the tail end that's the tray on trade habitats eliciting you, that's re young embassy, yet it was like with the Rhine. Dude with E Ryan ran Marcella, you guys were killing him I agree with every word Cosette. That's me feels like it's gonna be as bad as Georgia collide I made my way ass. It could be worse but you're. The best part for trade say that, for me, is when they have the chance to take the franchise guy, but then they they get more assets and rode over for the chances.
Here from that achieved after franchise guys I just year, would you do it in line? Was talking about like how it was a headline thing, and it was. I hey. We want alike, will only be the word idea and it works out. Like you know, what would it got? People excited in Atlanta is LUCA Donkeys is more God she's mom would have been my number one taken. This draft is united with oil. Again, oh, my God relay smoking. So I was feeling like a like that, like a fully mature in a corner cove hours, I holy shit, say yet no disrespect LUCA, don't notice and we need a lot of company law. Maguire little player will if you're here we need a lot of swag, though, because your friends have been joke about how they want to have sex with their mob. Since you were like twelve You have to learn how to defend yourself. Yet First Herodias I'm going out when they get it caused by the drive to the basket. You he's deaf, we got armor near, I mean like I like AIDS, God, I love is playing with all the grown ups overseas. And, of course, the league pick
that apart. While he sailed off near the end. You mean, oh, I'm, sorry, telled often gave eighty five year here is eighteen point, eighty. Ninety eight game regularities. If he can do anything, you want on the floor and in one more starting to talk about explosive Nyssa? My basket boys not of forty, your dash game right. It's it's about angles! It's like more like boxing is: it is worse than speed, anticipating gear, Ardashir, yellow bird, my favorite prayer, wasn't it wasn't. Woodman greatness foot re so, but but are you the steel and as Thomas unease moving even before I say is passing the bar. You, I think, vantage ass, some of that a lot of unexcited for these Ricky's yet and end the one thing I like to see what Don T choose its, which is interesting in this may sound we're, but when he drew both his hands are separate from the respective leg and foot.
Like some guys. It's like you know, they're gonna, like dribble right, it's gonna, come about in the air. Her body goes that way and incite cause. I box is one of those things you try to confuse people by not matching every time. Is that when my right, I'm a throw my right, you know like or if I'm gonna uppercut, it's not always gonna be hook coming back, but the upper cut to the straight left of yourself. Poor is like people just don't see it and gadgets hands, don't always matches and I'm like he's gonna get people man. It was right that James Heart is obviously the greatest yes for that yeah. Maybe hard in his body- is never doing what it seems like it. Should have been doing now and nobody Figure him out and that's why he's course: thirty points a game and users in the western as everyone has some sort of tragedy, I mean I've: u like they could beat the war I mean they were upon the warriors, but it's like I don't know man like who the hell's Already a that yeah. If I'm now buying Lakers stack. Actually, the Lakers beget needs funding. That people think this is gonna, be throw aces and no other,
where the in the league, when he wants to be and great fans and a bunch young guys and they'll, be really are to be wrong, and- and I am a weird I'm in the federalism like it's like all right- you gonna, if not a throw away, you're they're, gonna experiment, unlike try to figure out some sort of different way to play. I think yeah, I think it's kind of Surely genius, you know the leaves out of these games. You like on a Laker games. I gotta clipper games like the phantom or funny clipper game it's like? I'm, more cheap families, again easy frugal, Asians or like at the clipper game. Some into Alex that their back as I got the season tickets, no four and it was getting season tickets to you, just a train yeah? It was also here like a hundred hours, a game in its. I got to watch guys. Think each other in the court and not tried. I get to see the other ports and their teams, and then they became good yeah and it never
really kind of fit in with you? They were now they're kind of back to this weird hodgepodge. I don't know what the fuck there and they were good in a bad way like Blake Griffin, if you like basketball, you dont want to watch bleak Griffin, dribble off his foot with Chris Paul on the team here I am like what are they did? I saw at the top for bleak Griffin like University Earl. First, AIR Blake was amazing, yet Where's your ban first love City year was pretty great yeah. That was really fun ago. Those gave them when he tried to do the Antoine, walking impersonation ass. I do come on, like I haven't seen anyone dribble up their food or through the air abounds like this in Antwerp. It's amazing, the next in trade for classic all by his aunt wander like Stephen eighty four years to a great regard want to throw the board that they have a habit. That's why my? big fans. I know who are already very focused on Cady yeah and I've. I've listened conspiracy parameters which time and loves the next year
bring him there. He knows rich climate knows he grew up here. He knows this is the just think how we can do here, but in classic makes fashion They would get him when he has like fifty thousand men. That is a diameter and is just starting a break out. So this this is a funny one, and I said this last year during a draft cause, I was a huge chastened Tatum fan. Might I want Jason Tatum in college? My boy, yes, I will in the next hour. I would trade K P for Tatum and then, like the two at this, I thought they could have done that I think there was on the table. There was that Phoenix showed that was on the table and the one, because, as I do, I would take Tatum and by two of the Celtics picks for K. Pete. You know, I think, I think what the subjects wonder do was. I think they would have traded that pig for pausing yet, but I think that was offer yet and fill Jackson came in his cigar. I will do it. Furred
jail, embrowned that pick and for number ones, and they are just like a fuckin serious legal ban. Jason Tatum into first rounders would have guided dying when I have Kevin accede. Yet, though, slightly portal. Jason Tatum Holloway yeah, the latest recently somebody's he's got the same kind of the others in the six nine and he's got inside outside gave to really I liked him he's a little? I am assuming that you out there. I love Kevin Knox, he's a little bit more. I think he may end up having the better jumper. He may be better on the girls in the jumpers, but Tatum has that side decide its like when you see a safety like Kevin Knox, if he was a safety more like camp. Chancellor Tatum is more like Earl Thomas, like that dude sideline sideline yeah there's a few good signs are Tatum. One is that, by the way, my staff is so tired of hearing me talk about Tatum, but he has been running joke of the Ringer one thing the biggest criticism for him is: is it see, doesn't seem to realise that he's
as good as he is, which is something you realize overtime and then the second thing is that he went the Duke Ye Smart Dude, the super smart. No, that's! I said so bad that either So now, I'm just it's hard for me to get around that. Oh I hate so. We have J J rhetoric on our Pakistan were keys. Help me a kind of feel better about Duke, but I'm still not totally there. You, I mean I hate Duke but like they produce good players, and I mean this is one of the things in the group Chatillon theirs, couple guys who, like Duke you know for how much pound to have. I don't know she said she makes me better place by. Actually he does. He changes his system every year, caterers and the dudes like it's. If they come to the nba- and I don't do what I like your group in our group, tried with iron people in the groups at there's about like nine people, and it started from all our Vegas summer. Lee trips gavel is girls trip and make a bull furthest, referee good
tat a bunch of the guys unable airlines neurologists on my Iphone Ire nurse. It's it's a good chat. We just every day there some damn assets of I've. Just guy top fifty player, not you know I can. Can Clay Thomson led a team by himself like the clay. Thomson is a most divisive dude in the group chair because I'm I'm like a huge clay. Thompson fan Asia good litmus test for how as you know, about yet cause to find a player that good with all those skills whose completely unselfish yes and by the way. If you ask anywhere in your team, whose your favorite Timothy Mcveigh Thompson you here is across the board, they fucking love Clay Thompson. I think he's like coal. Leonard wood. Less jelly. Do you know I mean, like you, ve made a peanut butter sandwich with syrup. Instead, a jelly like that's quite uncle, I wonder whether I could Dennis I love clay man. I he'd seize him. And like Joe Ingles, might be my to fear it and be a pleasure?
unbelievable yeah, you don't show Ngos as like thirty nowhere, yeah really doing this is he didn't get to the vetoes I twenty said, First, let him go create a classical. How I got question for you? Would you rather do what did you? Rather, what Gordon Heyward were Joe Ingles that Aussies, unless a gourd Howard yeah, let's not carried away with Joe Ngos. I love you Ingles. I don't I mean I wanted him. Instead, it's him Hardway, Juno's fog. Besides him heartily for seventy hours, a better job out a window while especially the capsules, SAS back so that he may we got some of the worst de joking no contract as bad enjoyed. Things like he has real problems out a year. I mean I love joking and we see eminent in the streets all the time. What he's in the club amber give you really love newer Pham. You will retire like. If you love me work as much as you say, please just with wages. Said part of the problem. We seem
clubs that we shall hear boarded up. Westbrook like trapped in some Highschool Jim right now, working on three heads- The eighty stepped back jumpers here, Hooper joking no is like nursing a hangover. So yet, but airport Joking somebody sits, get wrestler practiced, trespasses dog, I or movie will at the bar here. Try, My favorite supplies this year and we and you basque mercy, get this. You know. They get there. The guys that show up and they're gonna help. The team win, but its outcome be fun to play with them now, and you have to egg, especially if you're waiting in your two games away, three games away and some say: hey may one run and you know who it is any watch to play near like all right. If I put this guy he's going to shoot fifty percent of our shots, this time distributing the other fifty percent and I'm just not good enough
on, but I might stand the court for two hours yet is that good year ever Westbrook has become the Abuja version of that guy we're Powder Gillette's. It is like a get to stay in the court. I get to go around two year I'll make a make the max you I don't think he's that that guy in the NBA, for sure I mean I play with that guy, like at at my basketball, my boy Mitch, whose amazing and we stay on the course like five games but he's like hardened like here, so I shall give everyone and aside to hand over their green, any troubles and rebels and he slow place people. He has a real good like switch speed game, but then he'll kick it you, unlike dude I've, been opened. I play you didn't take it to me now thought to meet many things. I did a guys here, he's think eyes. My family, there are deep left yeah I was like do looks fact they didn't look at me for ten minutes year, if you're, a shooter and your open, your ready in your cotton in you need the bull and if you're not gonna, pass it, then I don't have any rhythm with you.
You know I was. I was amazed to Cleveland Guys, always eventually kind of figured out had no one. The brown was going to pass them yet because the rank of aid every played, don't know what's gonna happen, but corner was always kind of ready for it, and so is J. Are that the ever made him on fourchan? we want to play when my boy, Mr Michael Anti Western, like fuck, I'm clinking like corner threes, have no rhythm. You know maybe commissar image you guys are all atomic my bad image you just through to me when I'm on the wing like through so often give it to me on the wing So you one of those guys professionally, that your hands earn a whole bunch of different things year. It like a hard person to describe in a sentence was aunt Nor will you I think you. Was intentional, like I never like to be tied down to one thing, but I just remember as a kid like in history books, reading about renaissance dudes and all that goes. This is pretty cool and then like.
Oh, ah was the first thing you are good at the first thing I was good at is talking shit about public when kids had jokes at school. I was really good like snapping back and people will allow this. He, like he will like stab you in the heart. Then I'm like my son, you myself insults, are like a little too good cut in Africa can agree. My son's roasting is a good Frage tenos. What hurts yeah yeah! That's right to it. My eye was roasting as there'd be like a bullying class or whatever, and I would just be quiet, but then one day the bullied come for me and, unlike you, actually, you and secure you hate yourself. He by way of a small penis in like in fourth grade, that's explosive, you, know tat in the bullies. My best rank ass, easy ass, don't cut me. No one else can hurt me, but you here so like ours is that kid causes they don't come from Ukraine getting beat it.
The rain and us without my thing, and then writing. Ah, I like scored, really high on the Piazza tee and like seventh eighth grade and I tested into this like tat. On identification program but programme, but I was just and math and my mom was a you should probably like port practice. English so wanted Davidson College took this English course I just got really in writing and now I'm not blown hot air, a brass. I was a big page to fan thanks because you in writing. In a way that I say we I write like this, but my teachers get mad in school there and I was like wait. You're allowed to do this. Shit can even first time I ever got published was on page too, of the Orlando Sentinel wrote about the mouse at the palace. Funny enough when I was selling fresh off the boat. No one believed in me selling fresh off the boat. I wrote this like sixty pay, like everyone wanted a recipe book
It was funny you're Euro Schaeffer, thereby Yet- and this was right after David had put at the moment- Fogel Book so is the very involved to do like the asian cookbook in everyone's. I do like it get you a huge advance and also wanted to the cook book and housing. I want to write the Asian coming of age story, because all we have is a joy luck, Club Tiger Mama's out making us like look terrible. So I know agent believed in me. I went through a couple agents, they were still cookbook and then one agent said to me. If you write like two chapters, show it to me, like all: read it among on time and sell it, but I'll read it so I one weekend rose sixty pages sure to my age and more general than we had. He
he's like aren't. I believe this we had meetings like the five biggest publishing houses. A week later and the last meeting I go to random house. You know when you go in a random house, is all that the amazing books. Yet these are cool books like the books, it they make. You read in school, I go into the conference room before Chris Jackson walks and I'm looking and I see like your big book, a basketball yeah, I'm a guy, they got good books here, our cuckoos, I'm embedded ran of us you I read. Work, and I always liked the chapter on a penny and Weber. There's a penny Weber chapter lie again. I think I could be a random have secondary. Like you read our books, you Like the other West Mormon, I read that big book a Basque. What it was like you know, like you, you the deuce? I saw doing a lot different things. I was always in a like. This sounds nerdy, but, like I like Shakespeare, I, like Jonathan, Swift, I'd mark TWAIN. I like the renaissance man like I always was like. I just want to express myself like,
no wide. I don't know why we're here. Like the central theme, all my work in writing is like who knows if there's an after life, who knows what the purpose of this is. I just know. A lot of fun and with some really be there, some is their assembly similarly after that you see here, is the garden others for mature rabbits. And will you just get a lot about this, so I just was like. I don't need to do. One thing there is not one per I'm just gonna have a great time. So I think that's what got me in all these different things. You got a lot of press when you got mad about what they did to your book. As a tv show, He read some of that are used and by you know, I regret suddenly the emails to the writer show runner personally right, but it was like a power struggle sheet. She, like wasn't that receptive to having me in the room and was kind of like I'm gonna do this and I was an hour I feel like I'm being shot out. Some come for you, but I never cross allied near. I crossed the line near you know, and while there was also
The stakes are pretty hijjus chasm. Does something Chang and shone like those guys always talk about the representation, yeah exposure networks and then we see the movie cities crazier crazy, where we, which a lot of people like you and yet Chang ensure, like they're, like thought that movie when I go see that year- and I don't know it's tough- it's that balance. Our hair, but were not here in the railway. Yet it's really tough cause we're in the like ice age of Asian America, media still, you know, but the thing for me. They gave me a lot of confidence as a kid was like. I started a watch like fifth Wave chinese Cinema song him, oh Jim kinds, are raised the red, Lantern Pharaoh, my concubine Beijing bicycle out. Rotch, like Edward Yang, like taiwanese films, rubble than young got us all recently too
My each man, woman, you know like so I always knew like in Curacao, I'm like even people make fire shit, is never been a question to me that we can make this it's that, like can we make our stuff in our voice and in our skin in America? That's been a challenge has never been a meter. Prove that I could do it or Asians could do. I always knew he could do list of it said in Amerika. You have the kind of do their way and arm. You know. I felt a lot of responsibility when we did fresh off the boat. I did it. I had a lotta hesitation, but I knew we needed to get on base just like. It is very important that crazy rotations is out, but I flamed my own show carousing unwilling
take it. I'm gonna get on base, but I'm telling you like, I shouldn't. I had to go ops if you're on this one I shouldn't I should have had the green light to create this over a father monster. You know: do you wish you had done that? What was I fourteen or fifteen twenty fourteen near his nowadays? That's probably who Who are you have to have more control over the control? More of it yeah I mean aye, sir, where nobody here that I e I'm. Ok, though I had to go first, I think it's meant to be like. I think I had the stomach to go first, I think I'd the stomach to also like get it on, but then kind of like almost like stab myself, so that Asia, Americans they did not see themselves in the show, could have an out and be my hey I'll have to like to show just cause. I call the asian people telling me like the Sharm half the like. You know and I think we're crazy Jason's there's a thing too, because I mean the Asians that are produced
did are very successful. Very small high test scores wealthy at times. You know those are the Asians, the Asians want to see, but there's a lot of poorer regions in the Erika, especially South EAST Asian, that don't get down much representation. You know and arm. I am happy for this film. I'm super happy to see like aquifers star, go crazy, Constance, Ronnie Chang, all these guys but like it is. It is really interesting to be like you have to support this movie and kind of like this type of Asian. You know that that feels very strange. Dad
What is it about the speaker? Next we getting next week, I next we'd like I was excited for Google adjusting Sean made their phone book and then Christine show like acts like for both of those filmmakers eye. When did their q and AIDS like at the theater, I like actually hit them up and was I do I want to do it for you, daring some people cause. I think your work is great site. I suppose I did the cure for Google did to Cuba for like us feel Nancy. They Christine Roland, directed, there's a lot of good asian writer directors. Actors working crazy, patients Donnie my help, it only David's hell. I don't need any, please help days. There really were. Is it's a monsters, sweet, clean and I'm happy for, but like? I just hope that it opens the door to more voices, as opposed to like our eye. We want this voice.
Yeah, and only this face so did when you, when you of feudal, with your own, showed that make it harder for you. The south have gone forward, and I really it was it's interesting. That's a good question because it made it harder for me to sell stuff to the people are probably don't need to be selling stuff too, but it definitely made it better for me to sign up to the people who, like do get me, Jonah Hill running up to mere like Charlie, burned. The Russians. Are you I've never seen anybody do that like did what you did it the TCAS and then also like that article fresh, but when you like fucking drone shows that was like those balls. You do not that I really I respected that like it meant a lot to me and like a lot of other people, that I consider artists who tours were like your man, like, I don't know who you are kid you just gotta allay but like that was bossy and arm. I live
I'll live with it. I'm I'm super. I don't regret any of it. Besides a personal attacks on, like you, know, Nazca Kyle Document ideas, welfare, Myanmar, Podcast, Eurocrats, agenda that adult learning lessons from this. What about strategy, you know, but a restaurant everything I mean you're on trial. Coney island knew I'd really supercilious about this, so they might actually happen year. I'm really. I have a partner, and I thought you were half sir said. I know you're full sir. Oh no. I like have a properly identified ABBA partner. Did my buddy Jim STAR, who owns like the blood cells in Hollywood like oh? No, he he does blood so's Colfax, Prime Pizza, Gordon Stacy he's my partner were like this is like our thing. We want to open Coney Island Where's Koreatown, downtown away, I think just so that he doesn't have to travel. It's like most likely. Cop gonna be fair, fax or something like that, but then also want to do something or sought out like I like saw tat, sought housing, funky, block
Amid all the business is there, you should open another restaurant cub named after, like Kevin acts, yeah well aware, Kevin actual kick your ass. Sir kid can access the Baxter Knox, flavoured already that expands driving ballot Kevin. I decided about here I needed is open, Nick Bars with images bulletproof chinese. Is there an expert, it's, you gotta see sidebar yeah, it's probably just a methadone clinic spyware, they take it easy to get an idea. You know DR yeah by yet at the wheel saying about allay, is the lack of you know, basketball. So big here yeah and just that hold next thing: either people don't admit their next fan or they kind of gets weighed over to an LA team. I hate that I hate it. When people switch, it's like you got to be a masochist like to the end. What is funny that we don't care,
they have. Your body is like I'm getting divorced back. I'm sorry to hear that. But if you had a buddy going, I'm switching from the next election, your mother fucker here here? How do we do that? I was a red Sox fan for years when they were bad name when they got good after the second World Series. On that, can't you for the Red Sox dig two to four: so yeah Devil race for the Devil, s ear, Will you not have to worry about that big a year, their terrible their terrible set foot the devil rays, their health is. This motto is to sack for nine years to be good, the tenth year and then second get for next idea. It's like floated on its good work. It devil raise Marlins, it's like we're good like one year out of every ten. It's amazing you know. So what's the next big thing for you, he's stolen by Sancho. Nor am I mad Iceland, anymore year, we we left device landed, gonna do live when was it may at we'll? Just we finish this,
he's in I left on my years left on good terms. I'm doing a similar show like something in the same vein and were talking to a bunch of networks. Now would decide, will probably have an answer and like a week or two votes where that show and what about about a shower Tommy goes out on Friday night with MBA policies and not to rush is up because women feel Jack's, which is glad capacities would thus be with fiddle Actually the LAPD. What are they were? The cameras the body about Tommy was a body cameras out with the NBA purse. That's happened, every Friday decided at you, I kind of wanted. You see Tommy out with decent Miro it with the body. Can You could be like that would be like you, you'd, be like missile drama, the White guy on purple haze Cameron's. Why? the purple haze album you could be like missile. I was actually in that show in the files for one night, and I owe you
yeah air was who was now filmed, but we were out with them their money, and I miss three hours, and during that I came later and unlike what a mess there are rules echo. Is it fair one at this? The latter are put it that way. Aristotle by the atomic body armor show you a good run. Amorous Tommy, the body can thou wilt thou you pretty good. This restaurant, you luggage Limburg off the record, I'll, tell you what our citizens over so it's gonna, be good. It'll, be good. We found a place with the liquor. Licence is gonna, be crazy, but I note the scriptures might be thing. I've got a basketball movie with like a basketball script. I saw the focus features. That's like my baby. Now, great, hope is that the law insanity story, though it's it's not, but it's it's a good New York, basketball story. My great highschool bascombe offer more basketball movies.
Yeah, I'm saving stuff for the next time you pack has puss it's ninety eight degrees, marvellous Ellie heatwave has been atrocious, screw you Ella for the? U S he added you have me, may ass pleasure, we're gonna get Gmail or in a second, but first don't miss Mart Wahlberg Mile twenty two. Only in theatres on August, seventeen from people director of loan survivor comes the most at action throughout the summer mouth. Twenty two follows Wahlberg Burg as the leader of an elite special abstain called over watched, which has called upon. When the traditional options of the policy military have failed there. The third option Obregon his team that includes round arousing John Malkovich. They embark on an urgent mission to transport of foreign intelligent agent from an american Embassy in South EAST Asia, to an effort for extraction. Ass, he possesses highly classified information work which could prevent terrorist attacks of catastrophic proportions.
Over watched, him must travel ninety minutes for a twenty two mile, gammon enemy territory with a whole city dead, set against letting them leave Twenty two miles of Paul spanning breathless: that's that action I'm all and on the Pieper mark Wahlberg franchise. Just by adding even after read all that stuff. Can you see this anyway? But it sounds great. My twenty two. I think this is their fourth or fifth collaboration together for forests like my opinion, mats twenty two rated it I and I maxim and premium large format- August seventeenth, let's the Jamaica. I'm alone right now. Professional name is James, Andrew Miller. We know Mr Jim Miller he's been on this pack before he has a new origins. Podcast out that drop this week about Nick Sabin Jim. How are you
good then travel, it's nice to have you on a package where we're not just talking about a european that seems like half of your Thou is just going on various podcast and talking about whatever the F is going out with these planets. Like aside job for you, they is. Unpaid pay them to get the keeps getting always to talk about. It is true. There is always something to talk about when a livelier, lively, DEC I was actually taken its the five anniversary of two thousand thirteen which I've I still feel like was the apex of is PAN, where they were just flesh with cash ever these go on their way. Some observers, going up are stable and efforts, and is coming in there just blow it s, one out with offers different people they just then the NBA dear the among, be there there. They things had gone south at the end of failure. It would. You said I was the apex he has been. I I think so in part also, because
but I could list that no one was kind of seeing what was happening around the corner, so it was unbridled enthusiasm as they say, and it wasn't even like somebody waste time ok old. On a moment all this stuff is going on well, but you not going very well, but we got some prompt and the road I don't think you're. How many voices in Burbank or Bristol that were there were raging around and then you don't have a problem. What do you like this new, this new Disney apt that they ve law instead is basically gonna, be Disney movies and there's Hulu involved in the ESPN Ott APP, and this is clearly where the business is going. I'm actually I'm that has passed mistake about body. Peons future is lad. Other people out there are because I think, eventually everything moves to the digital side and all these apps that are going to you know the Ott apps that are based going to transform their businesses.
And can be a part of that, and that'll eventually be how we watch has paean. Am I being too optimistic No, I don't think so. Certainly here you're in line with what Bob I gotta think thanks. But the question becomes look how many of these different apps and how many checks you we're gonna. Be writing. Different players. Everything or month You know I mean right now we kind of get used to it, we're going to pay Netflix and we're going to pay this one, but I mean it could be that you know under a certain area, here have like eight or nine places like that. I don't believe so. I think they will become Irrigation and not be some sort of funny guinea bundle and things like one who think that he is
doing right now. What did he is making sure that, even if there are three or four they're gonna be one of the three or four rang and done? That's not a bad, that's not a bad situation. The only problem is it taking on spending money like their spending. I understand that dear trying to get people to sign up and everything, but boy, oh boy, they're, going to need a lot of are going to need a lot of stuff's to for break. Even on this stuff, and even think they're trying to break even it seems like this. First year there just spy dang and trying to give all these different packets of sports fans are reason. Talked themselves and again in the app where you have like the Pacquiao fights on their people, the backside gas I got I'll, get the is banned or you have see now you see them getting more into fantasy, gambling I'll be the next frontier they haven't announced or plans on that, but whenever they they do not only are they want to make sure that their part of the conversation and that their
Donor ready, but at some point they have to make money for. Oh, I just think that the real it makes sense what their doing now. I think the real test will be but say which were a year from now and tell me the name. Get out will be pretty clear about whether or not there making money. What seems like debate right now, they're gone for these little pockets, just the kind of poor to try to get a small base is my perception of it like that's. Why they clearly our respect for the USA at that. What they paid for the sea was insane done by the number no barely anything about this stuff, but I was one of those cases of her. Bidding against an also, why are you waiting into the EU of sea at a time probably the worst point of the last ten years a company where they really had trouble establishing stars. You lot his way, cutting issues that they're having p these some beds at them they didn't pay off and now is that
and that they waited on that. I thought thou strange, but I do feel like eventually heading four they're gonna. Over pay. I don't get I'm saying this without inside information there, in after over pay for Sunday ticket or NBA League Pass, which already established properties apple onto those leagues, and they have deals and all that stuff, but I think they're gonna have to we're pay for one of those things where they just like a Marquis, a list. We, this you, you love this product. We are. You're paying x amount for it. You have to get it here. Other than that. I just don't see how they build that audience in a big way. What would you think well remember? We will bypass the biggest for community aid, which is whether or not gonna do anything with what they already own and put it on and whether or not they were even Golly allowed to do so and I think
the things that the EU has video shows is that they are. They feel like they don't have enough right now, In a majority or what they can do or what they are willing to do during the moving from linear young, so they have to go and spent and You have given me about a money that they spent in the past decade or even about five years. Extraordinary realisation on their part, we're gonna have to go out and out to get even more because we don't think we're going to be able to attract enough new customers based on what we If you had to rank the sports properties that the three your prayers right now. Have you have turner? You have fox and you have vs P Ed Wood beer rankings for which sports properties would you want out of those three will be a first play. Second place place, because I think this is a really interesting piece of the of Europeans problem right now. They are not
worldwide leader other play, as ever really caught in with these impact programming, But I've been should what it? What is your one? Two three render well maverick level playing field, though because it can different requirements in the other two. They are those eight thousand seven hundred and hours to take care of every year, so his dating back like delayed eighties, when they did before the autumn very had your crazy, but they need tonnage, and so what that the invaders them, even though they split, if you give em it gave them in those game, they desperately need, they can't survive on having king and evolving. And while it is clear that
under the new regime that you're gonna try and keep the NFL it that just got it off. It used to be really really important term because it changed their subsidies, but now that really not the case I mean it is to a third degree, but not as much as it used to be. So I think that each place is trying to figure out level, profitability and relevant, but I'm not so sure that you don't the next, but failure, starting about a year from now go on a kind of a shop three right: one area can be coming up and I I think that he has been it could have to be more selective given financial equation and the fact that Barbaik adventure- I let them by everything- well don't and collecting anybody for Digital. Now you and I both ain't, the NBA thing in retrospect. Actually I thought the best big rates deal that skipper made
I hereby into danish and others character decided by my guy, there staring at him it they didn't. Have it now they're stupid. They into the league right. The league was taking off, the raiders are going up and the one thing that's really friend from even when I was after. Did the first captain season Cosette Amber being like one way of an afternoon, show wise daily NBA show with talk at all these different people and there I you know that only works for the NFL. The the two reset afternoon. Nba show would not work. There was not an audience that you cannot sustain a year round. There is no model for it. And now not only can use sustain it year round. You can should be an hour, and you can argue that it's actually a more important. Oh for them, then, and I feel I have a lot of the it's it's at least equal surrounding it out we would do away with the culture. I mean look one of the differences between the stern era and Adam sobered areas. I really believe that their that the envy,
became a legitimate eleven months, yet hope property under watch for a variety of reasons, but- and I also feel like there- they cachet or there's other elements through cultural elements of it. Is they just I don't know. The social thing is just wild about the Ba draft like it in a way that it did not used to be and personalities in the trade and everything else you but Jim. That's, that's! Tough was there. This is is so frustrating for me in the moment like when I remember and teeth thirteen me in jail and did the did. The previous. Reach team now inept, just putting on Youtube, and we desperately want put those on sport centre and the people running sports. Right. Now we can do that now or lack of it recorded vote for minutes stretches too eat of breaking down an mba team there before the season? That's gonna? What I think was a game changer what what? What? What became different? If you think it was already there, because I just thought I think you're, not people that
people who are paying due to you in jail, and I think your enough people all the rapporteur who really didn't recognize whirling word willing to go there, I think item. I think I m sober recognize it cause. I remember talking whom I remember being at the files and two thousand thirteen talk, do you know about an afternoon, show in him saying that in our contract, this next year, sharing we're supposed to afternoon show now make real I never heard that they're gonna guarantee. That is a yeah. We may that part of the deal, and I think people who love the NBA saw we saw was happening on Twitter. We saw was happening with the market ability, the guys and a just took her. I think four EU panacea and I at the probably the tipping point I forget what oh two thousand fourteen, when the Brown went back to Cleveland that was the first time. I really remember we we were The fire ass to the draft to free agency
to the bright at all, send it was like MID July and We were getting a grayling getting content on this stuff. Every day we could see it in the traffic was. There is just a noticeable shaft, and I at that point. They probably I realized like this is stupid. We should there's more content to be added, but now I think I would argue for what they do it as important as a twelve month year. Sport, ASEAN affirming the NFL, doesn't have the version of what they had. June thirtieth with the job where there on at midnight with the free age, sightings there's no version of the NFL for that data to draft its moreover machine it's gonna, say six, seven, eight weeks content they can get. An mba draft is to close the season. It's really hard to build that out. Now the NFL, the NBA have managed to avoid the political toxic
kind of qualities of I mean you know, you're not talk about whether people kneeling on coincide and whether owners I carry joins or too close to the White House or anything like that, would have done. Don't they pay as for the NBA than they do, for the innovative yeah and for the NFL they're getting these seventeen games, half of which are bad. They don't any play games except fur. Occasionally they would have the one on arriving at a worldwide back yet at only not forgetting that away and basically the I can eat but fair the footage, but my question in you You know this better than may exploit person how to get rid of all the football games give them to somebody else. They need the footage they have to have the highlights. I have first hand experience with how tough it is to talk about football. If you don't have highlights, but couldn't just cut a deal. Diana found just have the highlights why, when they do that, I wrote it
reporter nuggets January. He ever going to hang it up. I think they should look. They were at that time, they're gonna forthwith at all, and you know you're looking at two billion dollars north and a cost, it was worth it just was worth it. I think that heads acidity of Ben. I mean Eiger would have eventually overruled them, but I don't know, I don't believe it in part a judge giver there was going to try and keep the NFL we'll think about Africa like a salary cap standpoint is if he is it was almost like. An mba team. The money that you're putting toward football you had lose all these other events, and I really feel I feel eggs. Its programme. This is why I want to go back to that. Ranking, though, on two and three, the three properties, Fox Turner and ESPN. I really feel like we ve in this era of impact sports programme, so I give the british open inspiration
for four days and for four days You really rather new matter, and you can. Glad your network were there and especially now that these networks have different cable channels. They can put different events on. You just get your money where it that of it, like whatever Fox pays for the baseball by us, that's That's where the real meat as fur five weeks, they can put First, one they comprise efforts to the world that we want to put it facts they can promote their other shows from it? They are really getting their monies word worth that of it, and you know Look. I look at the assets ESPN as they have baseball its eating up innings great, but they don't Actually have the part, a baseball that really matters at this point is baseball's is turned into a five months of five weak ear sport for casual offence. You now, and then some of them. They just have the wrong part of that deal. I think that was skippers biggest mistake of his entire tenure and I still feel that way, but that they fulfil yeah
I don't care about the idea of banning thing. I just don't think figure matters. I I think it is not irrelevant money at the time it so much wanted to time and they widening they needed they needed a diet and they want to be in sport you haven't you getting a sport. We you don't even have a daily show about the sport and near the rights holder for the support it. Well, that's a whole other that has become a localised sport. I think meet the mystery. Was that baseball's move in this direction where people care about their team and that's it, and I know my dad. He loves the Red Sox, he watches net before the game in which is this an after the game he's not going to base bought an aid to see what happened in the other games, and I don't either so I think that someone one of the things really shifted over the last five years, but gone back to the Fox turn thing like you know, Turner as March badness. They have this,
basketball package that he is piazzas basically set for the final step, one conference every round and all that stuff, they have Champions league. Now They have one other thing that I'm working on but that, but they basically able to just kind of flowed in and on these little weeks, arms then they're out and for the amount of money, their spending compared to what he has been spending egg. I understand the tonnage issue in all that stuff, but they spend spend a pretty big dollars well away again: oh yeah, how was it died for the problems caused by that's, don't they that now cotton boxes couch for Papa would turn as they have. Is it a good thing? one of the Goths. Now I'm like I'm sorry golfing
have a big: can access foxes? U S open college basketball College for bar baseball baseball laughs and then the probably the best football by the footballs us for the NFL Keziah Vienna see they get everything through the embassy championship Game They get the rotating Superbowl which he has been some out and get a pretty it's a lot of assets, My point is that China is pins the worldwide leader. The way these to be, you grew that that's all actually and by the way, if you're, just gonna, go on a proper basis. You never were right to do We have more than enough enough football kill. That happening George eighty seven and that was kind of a blow ran if you wanna say schedule, and then they got the fourth schedule, but even when they get a big deal for Monday night, they got the
So did I cable schedules any Monday broadcast Schedule NBC got that so You know, I don't think I've ever been a time where you would look at. I guess I mean, maybe in terms of college football because they spent every twenty billion dollars now have the championship and eight I mean I would be happy to see the european average. We learn very good shape with college football, but just in terms of spreading The Anti College football tournament and I mean what they got- Kenneth, bring him in a big each topic ever done. I don't think I've ever dominated and in the world leader in the busy as thing it was, They got a real master, starved for them. I think that's where it that's that's been a great thing for them and there goes right to the end the narrative thing economics it paid for, but for those two weeks you know they're in the game.
In an absolute inability and gained a great thing is, and you ll see a bean I dont know could be able to go for football. Oh, no, because the intervals always storm of broken. And all the things you know is no matter what you might have some hit show now, but three or four years from now may not be working, but the championship game will be Fox, dismissed you're that happened. Peter rise comes in who is really well respected and has run tv and movies, and over these last few years we We ve never been able to figure out who the anger successor was, and we ever been able to even talk ourselves into that stats. Probably you it's gonna, be that one. This feels like the first one where everybody's going yeah. That's Gonna, be the guy replaces agur. What are you hearing on that? Well, ethical,
and a lot of people who believe that cabin mayor given his now operational duties. Various Pierre is at least part of the West have reported a conversation whether or not that ultimately happens remains to be seen, of course, but I do think, but he's got. People have a tendency to think of all the world and in Geneva Cars President began by cabin made those deal for European plus they were never happen without cabins enthusiasm and you don't basically strategic dry for those he's got technology. I've got an frailties. Guy he's he's got a big foot in the door and I think that if there is one of those
if a look at the entire Disney landscape is the end is one of those important things that they gotta get right. They take to another level and if he were to really engineer a terrific success story areas began. I think that it would certainly have a legitimate claims. I were bidden lunch on this, I appear is: oh I'm not saying I met listened, I mean if you're gonna do odd, whatever any Peters our head. I'm just saying, though, that in terms of other people, better part of the conversation, so Peter races the warriors Kevin Mares, the south. I might be made, might have a chance, don't count em out I wouldn't Guatemala put it that way. Who is more? awful areas being gave a marriage, a meter.
Well, I mean it's a kind of a crazy queching blog. I in some way that they gave him no offence against Jimmy Bulgaria, the lottery responsibilities. It got a big job, but I think that in terms of dollars and the operational duties and what you saw with, do you see, I think that you know that that's a lot. That's that's a lot again. Jimmy had bought a control, but in a way I think of it in some way. Thumb is he has a thing on the levers of more ability to influence the future of european and Jimmy tough. We ve never seen a situation before were somebody took over European, but had somebody directly over him, who had legitimate. Oversight over directive
visions body has been like this mean obviously skip Brad. The run, stop igerne Maclise, learn all that stuff. Never seen. I don't think we ve seen a situation quite like this. Ass a took these payments. I think what eight thousand people one point: it took all the details. Are the Tec people and move them under a Disney umbrella? So he as way less reports, then than skipper, did what is it like? Five thousand, since I tat, I thought I knew it You know, I don't think anybody would take technically Jimmy. Over Jimmy, but you were getting weaker but yeah It is the earlier interesting, but there's a lot more operational influence now more than ever before in Burbank and Whoever has been its interest in the Disney stack witches always ban in the hundreds it spends somewhere between like a hundred and one oh nine fur, I would say the last year pretty consistently
and lately it's gone up to like one hundred and sixteen one hundred and seventeen, I think people are starting to wonder: could Disney really put at our real Netflix, better air. They did a thing about it. We can deal tt up. I'm I'm proud this day in the sense that I just think. They belated. They got their shit together on this if they're doing now is really stuff, they could have started doing in two thousand and thirteen and fourteen fifteen, especially with the SBA and when they had all these assets, to do it's better version the watch he has been out now they figured out there that it so they may be lost three years, but the totality of the assets they have now sky. Staggering, especially when you add in the Fox Library and other tv shows- and I don't know- I just think there in a much better position than they were a year ago,
That seems to be the consensus. Are my two at the mystic? No, I think that through what I think also look, I think that while treatise now understanding their strategy- and there were no- there were a couple years. There were on the reasons why we didn't hear from skipper her like over a year. It became more about it after relations than anything else, and there were some times in the year before that disparities between what about your retain a watch on skip over time proved to be quite deleterious to were in the marketplace and they didn t know. As a result, the street didn't understand it. I think Bob Aigrettes been crystal clear about what he wants to do and what he's gotta later, focus on including the bow JP operations and carried out by the people started like say I get it, I get it if that's what you're doing, and they continue to happen
its success in the cell division and so on, your time for them to tell their story and impotent comes in it seems like these two of his first two tasks were repair. This nfl thing asap. While you know you know, when you take a vacation- and you get two hundred point regarding your name here. He had a big gush of wounded, his back only because people have already gone so the edifice skipper so much like a guy. Like you know, we don't know me having giving new than before with his work in the eye when earlier Disney, but I think that he had a lotta winded. His back and danger, but everything's park avenue just because John skipper: do you think that was the number one steady advantage over? I get so, but I think and more importantly, it
understand the new economic of european and other places to be organised, and what you're gonna do I mean there has to be a clear strategy, is not just about content, but about personnel. Are they're gonna, be more lay off how people gonna be used or the priorities, and then of course, a thousand new priorities in advance of this. You know all these accusations, writer can be up starting about a year and a half. Would you think this? Second, the second biggest like micro task. He was given. B and then, if I was like, do you think Do they thought I signed a bigger ask the biggest job. Everyone was make sure that always in line but Burbank, that is that it is our job, never won because I wish it would fractured under skipper, and
as I was alluding to before, they called promptly watery cause problems. In numerous ways, and so I think Jimmy probably going to be more tied to Bob and but Burbank is doing then, Any President ESPN history, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety six to take over and it seems the number two thing was beyond And I found just like me ground what you just mentioned, maybe number three thing was: we do not want people to european leans one where the other politically? And I think that I think that has been a sore spot and you have not seen nearly as much people people wandering off the reservation, shall we say. In these life you gotta get nor behave like the cleaner and welcome the quota you think so
like I've been getting together. You ve got it or did I kind of like Alan pop pop shows up at the door and said: ok, we're gonna do again, I got you go over there, you stand there, I mean he's, got just just let him have it. I think been a weird sport centre. Renaissance. A share of that thing it's taking for whatever, but the familiarity of it. It does seem my guy they ve gone from. Oh my God, sports centres dying, it's gotta turn into something else. We think all these dramatic swings to them. Regarding the other idea, like you know, is aright sport sector. This is she's, play It's the show some highlights that could not make it too complicated. And you can make a case be they never should suited tinkered with. Sports are in the first place, and the ratings were just naturally two year after year and you can't stop and what can you do? Not so you don't have to make
Canada. Each studio said the story about the people. Yet you know I don't. Member food talked about this and the pipe before, but the first hours do contain the first couple months. We're on their side. Just as normal sat in the oil, I bother nothing special. There are excited about this new software building. And then we launched on Christmas Day and they spend like a million bucks on it. There really fired up about his grey. Do this and we did the show and there they make a big deal about the SAT and when we started out we had They talk about our new digs guess why nobody cared now. No he's watching that show who, like I'm on the fence. I was gonna watch said Joe, but the sets that extra have you no other issues, people talking at a set. You don't need go crazy, does feel like they went a little bit bonkers there, how much money they are spent in the sad sounds, like you know, there's two people: they have good care, stay there. You sure some highlights its.
Yeah I mean they were kept in a logical things that they got a duty to by digging up, has been thirty million dollars and totally transformed centre to combat all that. You know. I think that that would be a big mistake, but it looked very Dave. I believe we found it quite quite nicely on that and you're starting to. I think the sport centre echoes themselves thing that their insured more now a couple years ago I mean tat, you would come up on them and eleven o clock God, no particular Parker something like everybody Farouk. Now, yes- and I think I just I just something that just a little later now to its work, fine- and I think people are engaged Marjorie, though, why ass, I think, when you have lay offs in people's jobs are endangered things I'd that he had some people who felt like I've outgrown sports Sportscenter? It's is I've agitated from this? What's next? For me,
An hour there, as you know, has been, could be an export centre being on tv in good at this, because this is an important show for us in the definite seems to have been a mine. Shift really. I also feel like two or three years ago. There are people who thought that they come out if they found something that they play, something to they're gonna kick up now and it turned out there were guilty of this too. We just create more space than like a game. I cannot therefore needs to grim which are going out and have a look at this, and we looked at best. They were looking at what it's like budget, which is to have increased in our bandwidth, yeah, that we like the boat You feeling like a binary like a well, I'm it then I guess in October that might be interested in that, instead, which the war would you would you Jim for the biggest risk ESPN takes into two thousand and nineteen next year, this company, and what's that
What's the biggest gamble they make with the biggest risk they take next year, I would say, for this year would be the you have seen and the amount of money they spent to try to get the idea tat guy. Don't without a doubt, that's it that's a lot of mine, but I think the next year it's gonna, be what they want. They decide to do in terms of may look, there's a big question altogether and I'll be right of India. You know obviously giving a girl and- and he had a fell, but are they gonna? Do I'm gonna? ABC see any. I think the biggest risk is the package that they put together. The biggest gambled can be the pack it put together for both those twenty four months Do you think, there's a is there a world where they just have sounded a baseball that set and they just make Sunday a baseball, then throw away the rest of the week or you're thinking that big,
pulled it off. Just asking your base by that may make sense billing. I pay a little more for Sunday, baseball and most of the rest of the rights elsewhere right, but I'm about to say, though, that assuming that they can help generate elsewhere, because it on somebody else and I'm by baseball one Sunday night right. You know I mean the wife, it's not a great. I would not be buying Ozma. If I was any, these leaks out be trying to buy the rss feeds and combine them into some sort of monster, biz switch. You wouldn't be able to take as other teams on Africa. Having my pretty it is. I don't have one eyed it's too early. I need to read the to his mind. I want to go on the record of there being a quickly. This Starbucks double shot starts with Bold Starbucks coffee, its splendid for milk with smooth creamy delicious flavour, its enhanced, which ensued,
Guarana, be vitamins double shop available. It's delicious flavors mocha for our hazelnut White chocolate, coffee, mexican mocha, it's an end. Coffee drink that not only take great but gives you the energy to go from point a to point done ice. The latter late afternoon I just said these Starbucks double shots of my fridge. Don't after Starbucks don't have to bother. I have it already my Starbucks toward duty there. My fridge starboard double shat, its energy to do things you actually do find it in your local convenience store put in the fridge, and you are to roll back to GMO. What's about origins with next Ayman. How long did you spend on this Did you get a sense for why? you cover this, does the average?
it's about how Ozanna Feldstein went because I'm a ruined. He came into the agencies that we see as a massive pats Van. I was well it because he will be seen to be one of the few coaches bell. Jack really respected the Mai we thing didn't work out, fer a couple: bad luck reasons and then maybe you know, as I forget why his way Could we re trying to abandon back? I mean look drew worries and his daughter cleared, grew red and they couldn't get clear. If you know it is one it is worth talking for a moment. Excitement it add through Miami. What would have happened well that's why I say with the bad but thing I guess I think it's funny, but I have written this if drew breeze, goes to Miami, I don't God it happens. I think Sabin Stairs. I think entire landscape of the of football. For the night,
Six seven years is different in so many different ways, including the saints don't when a title. The patriot Sir We don't have the agency's dynasty. They have. There is the potential for a ride about check, Sabin rivalry, biologics really never had a coach rival and maybe would have been at pats. Often games will be massive, it really is a great nfl. What if it's one of my favorite sat on it? I bring it up in part because I think it so important I didn't like it, just as I did at so many different repercussions, and it really would have been fine, let those too That is why, in the genuine were pretty good under wreck yeah, that was, you know there was there a lot of driver with their Ryan Bell ejecting, and can you imagine I mean particularly given the fact that both our Czech had hired saving their history together? I think out have been really really cool. So, yes, I mean I talked with payment about it,
causes other eighteen year old, engaging open, you can control them more. I think if he had the right, if you had a brief, I think he would have. It would have been a different story, Gunnar Miami- and I completely agree you wouldn't. Without about that, you had well knew and have had maybe the same patriots are also like sneaky fact about check and Saving Sabin sneaks guys to Balch Every year, it's always like, usually in the first round, but they over and over again, the passive ended up with these Alabama guys in their team, and yet what have I am fascinated by their relationship. I always felt like guy Some point, I'm sure they'll do somethin, though, some sort of infomercial documentary air, something where they kind of Alma Little Aqua Belgic there with ourselves, but I'm sure there's gonna be some moment where they join forces for something because they abandoned to most influential coaches of this century, and it's funny that their free
since you now and that better in that saving owns, owes real gratitude about Jack What was the day how he is measurable in clay went on my MAC working. There seems like everybody's men. Were there no miserable the biggest surprise. You you on earth, as you're reporting in working on this topic Well, I mean blame link if it is to get the kids giving a review is just fascinating, because I mean look: it's like you got this guy, who really wants to be a good guy and say the right things, and then it's just like every every step in every sense is so multi dimensional and I kept on pushing to refer to the point where ok, yeah yeah we wouldn't want. If I was offensive coordinator,
and then he blew it and yes, I was right. We should have flowed down with practices for a play off any final with three years later in that, but one the championship I mean, if, like he starts off in the nicest way then you know just where the little begging and it's just down here. I thought it to be fascinating and they're all relationship in a given told me that when he was being considered for the album a job like be ass, he said this was really upset. Of course, remember your article, given what I got on a canopy and when people started saying oh, my god saving. It can bring this guy back. We don't want to hear we don't I'm here now. He said to friends because well I got a job. I go. You talkin about look at all the protest against yet well. Payments can make sure that he proves that nobody can influence them and they will do whatever you want, and so now that the guy I know you can deftly figure, has said he got the jobs
just it's just so it interesting in any good. In this big thing worry, comparing like denoted paper, mentor, be careful to haven and the programmes how their different and try if they have not met in one is better than the other, but you know There is one where you want to go to work as opposed to you have to go work pianos one starts to go through it, and it's just I mean it it pretty interesting. I also interviewed, showed you are you? Ah, you know he's a big favor fan and he had he had saved in em up and speak to the Yankees and talked about that allowed and turned out signals from what you're junior but he's a big. It had grown up but you know really know that some people were at work next big project. I gotta know live coming out in September and then set from the city in October.
Suddenly I live origins. I think that the new season I've been going back out talk with everybody and wet Toto varies. In writing it. I got up there, it up area when you read out there what it will do. I e g Miller, Google alerts, I dont know things unless you told me, I bill, I'm Doin on September, taught them doing. Their origins He even forty forever, as an l amazing thought about how the seed and it's gonna be out again. If it is, he then and trumpet no tromp and new gas members and what what's the strategy going in giving it ass. A first are their new Casper's or you can reveal yet so early. I am hoping in I'm hoping and praying no alibi than this year be. My number one draft takes my not my top to jam
say no more about when used the cast its your best chance to actually breaking ass member in and help their career, and the number to Chris Red was break out star year, one was somehow buried at the same time like rag Chris, Chris Reds, goodies funny, just to be and what the fuck he was there. Last year, where they were barely use them Chris ready. The key did that the web. This upcoming season, as they have to figure out, is incorrectly. I think, like caning catering to be back ok? It's bad idea came in here no cannons back now. That's a mistake. Stamina, big obey big star. What is Africa? Kristen came back at a bridesmaid, yeah Remo, mistake when sending out it's time to go. It's
It's gonna be MBA when you're in the college is like sometimes it's time to go and then are you? Are you bring any. Is PAN Booker gathered up? Another computer yeah something on the computer. Ok, When did the last one come out? I was the last and combated as living is on average outermost reading into my inner in office reading it you're, apologise in tackling and then getting angry at me and then really more and cackling and then getting upset at people who, I think, we're dead. Some red he some error. The entire a good five hours and it was two inches from his face. Any plan red and was taking notes and was just an attack was hilarious. I were sad, put hidden cameras and there would have been have. Ours are new to him.
Lucy. I thank our dished out to you that it would bring with me with five hours. Well, then, He called me. Man is ok. We're gonna have to handle some of the stuff. You said right away, be that as it adds at the call people an email people for the next there, the next few days anyway, well, look aforethought stuff decided live thing. Well, I guess you know come back on before that comes out. I wanna get went to get some of the details of the militant they ve been fine already under a great origins make savings that the title saving it of a champion a cave in the Netherlands, Crimson died. I check that out available where we get your pack ass, Jim, our thank you thanks the polluter don't forget to get as it could attack slash. Bs thanks to Casper, asleep ran that continues to revolutionize sign of products to create an
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Where did do it? Just put your fridge, bugs double shot, energy, To do things you actually do available on demand. Energy demand find it in your local being in store. That's it for this week. Go round Facts keep pointing makes me proud. Red sacks, keep do your thing, we'll be back next week, this back to them ways.
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