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The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Peter Schrager of NFL Network and Fox Sports to discuss Brady on the Bucs, the Patriots without Brady, 2020 draft predictions, and more (3:20). Next he talks to film producer Jason Blum about "premium video on demand" and its possible effects on the film industry, as well as horror movies, producing films during quarantine, and more (47:05). Finally Bill is joined by his buddies JackO and Joe House to discuss quarantine pastimes, the 1986 Masters, the 2020 presidential election, and much more (1:20:55).

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we're also brought by the ringer dot com. Where, if care about the interval, draft, and I hope you do cause robots, Doktor Peter Sugar, about it, gained Kelly, the master, the girl, the guy, who does awesome mackerel Jasper ass! He has his own NFL draft guide. Well, he has his life, star blend scattered reports chase Young is still number one on his arm and his big board, but you can go check them You can also check out all the awesome pike ass. We have the Ringer pack ass network, including two. We watch levels that we put up this. We total recall an enemy this day I'm on both of those we base against a common on Monday. If you want to, I watch this weekend ahead of time and then the book, a basketball pie, cast, you heard the two thousand redrafted goals that we did with Brazil. Oh here, on this point,
Zach Lowe and I did the two thousand and one draft- it was super fun. You can find that on the book of basketball, two podcast, which I hope you are subscribed to. We had a lot of a lot of ways that, when doing the two thousand and two and two thousand and three next week- and I think two thousand and three will be on this feed with with my old friend Chad Port, who has a new podcast that actually go check that out coming up. We're doing. I think I think I've been too pessimistic on this pike. Ass ridge, just going to try to have a little more fun today were in talk ETA fellow Peter Schwaiger, we're gonna talk about movies and what happened with the movie industry and what we ve learned from this The main era, with Jason blood from blood ass, yet the one that makes all the horror movies he's gonna enlighten us about where things might be with movies and then at the tail end for the first time ever by buddies. Echo in house, and I we did it
person zoom. Occasionally we never did this before we talked about the eighty six bastards some book, of an all bunch other things, but that superfine and we're gonna, when I try to do more of those in future weeks, but that's how come up first, our friends for projects were taken, as at thirty seven times of any crazy happens. Forgive us like car capron, exciting with the jets, but they're not sided with the jets, because, before the plank internet pranks there, the ass their inquiring, Peter triggers here, it seems a good morning football which apparently here, what are you doing? What's it? What's your tv plan right now, what what's happening orphan?
We ve been doing clips and were filled being we're doing a view. Zoom in also like it's going online for now and we're trying to walk before we run. The truth is, and if our networks based in clover, city, Calthorpe, New Jersey and Mount Laurel, and then we ve studio in New York City and all three those locations like it's, not a cent. Business like we can get into the control. So it's crazy, so doing resume in its online and I were hoping to get on tv soon. You look like you, have a quarantine, hairdo gone right now: it's not What are you I'm there to? I'm I'm like a week away from its just gonna, go murky, Norris and go straight up and I'm through a great reference. If you hadn't Babo had one is a rocket, I feel like there's a chance, for a man, Bonn situation, but are you till now yet all also vanity has been thrown out of work and only the where pants anymore. Mediator a jogging pants for three sowed weeks merits graces. It might have.
I should be hang outside of several Levin doing scratch. Carts actual. I used to get no shame. I used to get manicurist ice. They get pedicure haircuts every two weeks, don't miss it, but done it's gone. You almost came on the pod a couple weeks ago and then just all kinds of crazy shit and not happening, and we are still trying to figure out how to do stuff remotely in all kinds of things. But it was right before Brady jumped to the bucks an you had an inkling. Probably you pretty early in the have an inkling depart. When did you know for sure was happening. I don't know for sure until it was official end, the idea that I knew that the wheels were in motion at the combine, which was the last week of February, my guys around. The league were telling me that it's gonna be chargers, are buccaneers, titans, we're out cultural out, and then you heard these
lorries Hebrides I care, not from Brady, but brazing, courted by eight deems it was one of the stories, and I really think so when it came I'll do it. It was buccaneers or titans, but I could tell you all the news now that it was going to be the buccaneers. That night was gonna, be buccaneers, the guys in hamper work in certain it was gonna be buccaneers until even after all, that news came out as Brady kept it pretty close to the vast and really how they knew he was coming to tamper. Officially was because there weren't a ton of people refuting those Mercer. They were kind of like reading. The tea leaves too, but they made their pitch. They were very aggressive and their pitch and their backs, when I think was right and if Brady GO somewhere else will just resigned JANUS at a cheaper prices. They didn't feel like there out on a limb here on this thing, but Brady to tamper in it's kind of making sense now like a week later, but at the time I think I've always known for a major loop yeah. I didn't listen to the
If, with Howard Stern CERN, I read some other some of the pieces that people wrote about it. I thought it was interesting that he basically news his last patriots here last year and was pretty open about that, because that confirmed a lot of the science, the breadcrumbs that he was leaving that I didn't. I thought as as somebody who fought like he added get Hannah Brady. It seem like he was spreading bread crumbs to build up drama if he did leave, but now- back in our yea precisely the market. He got rid of his sweet actually stadium. He resigned from the best buddies thing. He is the first time is Edward Unrestricted frigid, there's a little bit of a Keyser so say I feel stupid. Jasper commentary drop in the coffee cup. Looking back from like how did I not realize he was leaving, it still feels are to blame and at the same time like when you look back at the science, should we have realised that
the time all the years, but, like I'll, do the counter to you. I know they go in and get that. Says he probably was gonna leave going into the season, but then they go and they get into Brown and he says, is one of the greatest receivers ever played with like how do you say? Maybe things would have been different? Had he stuck around and then I did their weak fifteen to the Saturday Night Game front of network as sideline reporter in brief when dialed, like everyone's gonna, get ever taken against us right Now- and I am frustrated but like we know- we ve gotten house. We could do this at the strange thing is you know, and we talked about it the week before that they do lose to the re antenna who led tennis Italians, but if he knew was leaving. Wasn't that a bizarre press conference and farewell to Fox in and fans into the local media like there was no reflection, there was no law, drawn out. Like you know, is it it was kind
He hurried off the field did is one word press conference, and that was his last time as a patriot in that building, which seem strange if you knew that was gonna, be the end. Yet that's a good point it makes me wonder what happened between the end of that game and MID March and how motivated the Patriots word, economy kind move. And maybe they were maybe they were more motivated. Then there let non they're trying to good thing. The crafts love braid him in his sight, though the loss craft family members. So maybe you know, maybe they just look conclusively that some other some of them die hard football people. You know the nerves out there. The people that study every play like his play did so last year. I think from play to play. Cora, a corridor took it, took him, allowed a heat up in some games and there's a lotta thrown away balls and a lot of like protecting his body and stuff like that, and that was only going to get worse
maybe he needed to be rejuvenated with the new team to, and I think it will be good for him as a full bob where just to the mix up and being in a new situation and everything so fresh but I'll never get over like he even saying he doesn't care about legacy, I still think it matters to retire with one team. I think you'll regret at thirty years from now. Would you there? He might it's. I was at the car mine. I speak the guy's within every organization and The things you hearing a lot of his like the patriots, really love stadium, and am I haven't yet, but they love still on like Tom Brady, no hatred, rule of stadium and here's things go and it was like they were in bed. Down the walls to go resigned. There was no quarter. Of Tom Brady from Bilbil check at this point. There were no roses. I know he had a conversation craft and before which on Howard, he said he cried during an that's fine but like at no point did the
Patriots come in through the whole. Please we love you, we gotta do this again, like I think they were good to leave on those terms as well. And their right to turn the page and I'm not sold it the guy- I still think the NFL draft is coming up and we could see some major swing. I have no idea how that might play out. From what I heard at the combine was that whether the patriots folks were telling media They were telling people around the league they were pump up stems tyres. Pretty pretty I unlike day whether selling them to the fan base. Are there really being honest? They like Jared, did what they did that with grapple too, and I think that was found it so You know it and by an opposite they did not do it right now. If they do not They did not do what you call me preset either. A lot of people are mistaken that, like percent with some beloved patriot, like they training percent like they're, fine with that ever hear any regrets on trading reset but garage below. I still think that one and settled
James Articles, you and Ryan have talked about it. A bunch like they were pretty spike. Bela check, loves guerrilla Mcdaniel loved guerrilla. It's not like it's the one they got awake as they did. We, Super Bowl with Brady over the rams, and I did get to another one against the eagles since the Garoppolo was traded but, like I do think like there's a part of them. That is enough man. If we only had twenty seven year old, Jimmy Garoppolo right now right it's weird times, I'm not going to say this is been a normal spring from an NFL transaction perspective, because nothing is normal at the same time, there's three really average to above average starting quarterbacks available a week before the two weeks before the draft. You got CAM Newton who it's not like. He won the Mvp in two thousand and two
the dawn, whose made multiple Plath teams and who is that, like forty years old and then Jane S who, through for fifty one hundred yards last year, none of them have a team. Are you surprised that were over three with those guys with teams of this point, either guys with teams at this point. Are there so many quarterbacks in the draft people are waiting to see the draft place out? I think it's, the latter. I think, they're going to see, and it's not there so many quarterbacks where there's like functional quarterbacks, I think there's two guys are viewed really high and that's too and borough boroughs being number one to another to a. Steer words like Herbert and love, but those guys can go in the first round and there's a lot of good second third round talent and that's where it's like? Would you rather pay a guy four hundred thousand dollars and grew a jail unheard, sir, a Jacob S? Or do you want to have to spend fifteen to twenty million dollars to bring in came new and with the foot that you don't know what you're getting or James Winston
with whatever he brings with him? The guy I'm surprised as anti dull and because I think, he's really looked highly upon by other NFL teams. Does the bangles and you can win games with Andy Dalton for sure, as a competent put him right now is you ten games are okay with that. There's no health issues is nothing like that, and yet the trade market wasn't was pretty pretty quiet for the bangles on the anti doll in front the the Panthers came. Newton thing is, is really interesting and Mummy think how it can explain it from the Panther Sykes. While people are like pissed how that ended, and they thought it was disrespectful can also like they ve got a field, a team, and when you, don't have the opportunity to have your doctors. Look at a guy data day when you don't have an opportunity. To really have em in the building. With a new coach data day, it's kind of like array we ve got to do something to make. We have a quarter back from, one whenever this thing does start out, and I've spoken to the folks in Carolina Nose like Joe Brady
thirty year old, often of coordinator for the Carolina Panthers had Teddy Bridgewater New Orleans when he was a quality control coach and they have a relationship and they know each other and it's like. If the season to start without training camp and without any chance to be in the building at the very As we know, tat you can run Joe Brady's offensive can complete and we have someone that we trust came new and we don't know could even run right now because of the foot injury and because of what he. How the shoulder there's question marks it, how it ends for camp, but because of everybody being stuck inside and because of the fact that Cancun in the building cause of the fact everything's that over zoom, like there is even a new medical staff and Carolina. The Roma very took their entire medical staff to Washington, like there's so many variables that the Panthers did, I kind of the safe.
It was like we're going to take a guy that we know can play football right now and if we need them, I haven't talked about this. Yet I was waiting to talk about all the football signing stuff with you. The dumbest thing that happened and it just got swept under the rug, was the colts contract for Philip Rivers yeah. It was one year when you five million, I thought I thought he was done as the starter, that could, when a plan came, I thought he was bad last year and that that chargers team under achieved. I thought we all kind of left last season go now. It's probably over four Philip. Nurse- and if you give me the choice of rivers, verses Game S, verses, cam, verses, anti down, if it's like, I want just a stable veteran whose better than Jacobus preset I actually liked Jacobi preset. I thought he got hurt last year. I don't think he's noticeably worse then fill rivers and you are paying him
a million for this year. If you're going upside Jamis J, MRS clearly the guy he threw for first shitload yards last year and he's still pretty young- and you could argue, Ecad Refined, said things. Maybe he's not gonna sing it. It is much. I think rivers would have been My fourth choice set out of those guys in the Inn for a four b with percent for fifty million to pay him twenty five. When you can pay Jamie like six, I dont get it won't. What are they doing? What is your and tell him that? I am not sure what the man It was for Philip. So that's where the twenty five million dollars during the last year, the Jaguars pitfalls, like twenty million in one of the things that was said coming out of their, which I thought was the first time ever heard this you kind of had to pay for, money, so he had commanded a locker room and looked at Amazon. Ok, you, the clear number, one he's our guy. I don't think Philip rivers- and this is early there be any question aid, be the guy's a. Why give him twenty five in dollars that front office? And there really good it's a guy named a dad. It's Christmas
like they were able to identify, Darius Leonard as a second round bacteria, but identify quitting Nelson as like, a sure fire all pro guy widely, fact it around the league and yet that move at that money with all the other. And he's going around it did kind of get buried under the there was not much criticism. Other bilbil, I agree with you. I'm not sure what the market was once the buccaneers were getting Brady, I dont know. If there was a line of teams looking to pay Philip Twenty million dollars a year is almost one of those deals. We're like Tom and in the agent for rivers and rivers. I came to an agreement with the call to those like alright. Let's do what's right for Philip Rivers and twenty five million dollars. It wasn't. Let's try to make the best economical, move here,
I wonder if there was one of those things that was agreed on. You know super early in the process and then the process shook out a different way and they kind of had to honour it, because otherwise it makes no sense to me at all. The only other explanation that could have is european desperately looking for a month and a football guy, and I think he was in the mix and if you like, I do but it's you know. I want ten million a year eleven million a year and the courts were actually worried that he was just gonna go duty. Being. They were really really so about him, so they do shit. Term money, they had the money, maybe that but I still don't understand where the twenty five came from. I cannot you we could sit here for five hours. We couldn't come up with a second teen that would have gone to fifteen for him yeah and- and I think the money I football thing. I think that was and you could tell me otherwise you actually rye know better than I do, but would feel like if the football doesn't work out. If he doesn't get like, then he would consider money. I football that's been
the narrative from rivers his camp all along. I think that, like I'm, going to explore football first in a vital so did even get to that where they could. Even like you, as leverage and say well monitored. Fuller, I don't think goes even then you can get that far down the road with rivers on the tv cycling or what, Just my foot, one or other networks would certainly been interested, otherwise also, but the word the rivers his camp was like not all he must leave a bond for twenty five million, not anywhere for tv anyway. I thought his weapons were really good with the chargers they weren't. If you're just ranking the weapons they were in the top eight. You know compared like what Brady had in New England. I thought he had a lot of the same problems that Brady had in New England, with with just lack of mobility, of a lack of athleticism being able to like extend, plays things I'd there, and then he was way more accurate than Brady see that getting worse. I thought that was an odd move right. If you ask me dont, verse, rivers from what I saw the last couple years in his
last year? Is a dark and a hundred times out of a hundred? He can at least give you be. Minus rivers gave my tangible thing is that rivers walks in and we roll but like there is a professionalism there is I've been here. I've done that we're a young team. You pay almost extra few million dollars TAT Philip River say right. Here's what we did in two thousand seven. When we went into Indianapolis I wanna play I hears what we did when we had to go to achieve your game. I know we have another kind of success, but you're almost paying for the Reza may also in your pain, further years and years of scar, tissue of what I've been through and what we ve done, and you can lean on me for experience, which maybe you can tell a dull and but with five play off losses are not our three or four when every ad Much the same respect in the room from the young guys rivers brings. Do you think it's a good idea to pay forty million hours in the two thousand twenty season for Philip Rivers and Kobe reset. It's a lot of money, Tibetans. Really we re about a with. I know I know
they often raided they traded a first round pick and the top fifteen they trade a thirteenth over I'll pick furtive forest buckler who, I know the Niners guys really well, they were really at ends at the combine where there are like we love Eric arm stead who plays de line and had a great your last year we loved a farce Bruckner. We know we can't keep both. We love to somehow find. If we can trade train like they got the thirteenth overall, for one of arms, like the Niners really came, unscathed- and I I love Bognor, I think- is a good player in here. The topic for the Niners, but like they're still paying him crazy amount of money and they paid and traded a first round pick questionable moves by the courts. That is probably by least favoured type of NFL trade, because, especially when it's not a top ten pick as the salaries a little lower, where you're giving up like a cask and
that said for four years, for this other guy, who then you're paying a shitload of money, and now you have all these other cap issues. I would love to see their data on and how many times has actually been a good idea for a team. You know they they we saw with the rams. Did. The brain and cooks trade cure and you could argue that help them get to the Superbowl, but you know that that thirty, first pack or whatever they traded for him, versus. I doubt they can't get out of that brain and cuts contract. It just seems like the risk or word I would so much rather just have the the draft pick on the on the costs controlled number and then make up that difference with free it seemed like a meteor free agent, Yad other at a pick, thirteen thick you're looking at Jerry, you you're. Looking at city Lamb, you looking to Henry Rugs, like top like number one receiver type guy, that's not! This is not the thirty first package like that high one interesting part about the arms it and Butner thing which made the dance so interesting. They were both rubber.
And by the same guy, Joel Siegel, who had an assistant named chafing chappie field. There, both agents like a month before the end of the season, The field leaves Joel Signal and takes with him Eric arm stead and then buccaneers these are just legal in these guys, as agents now have like that in the nineties, to deal with both players and now with agents who were partners and set. I really like delicate released, ship staff that the Niners found a way to navigate, and I think I honestly think they end up like CD, Lamb or Jerry Judy. Next Debo Samuel watch out, like the niner, caution and call it really that's Majid yeah, we'll see. Will there be hang over for Jimmy G from the super bark? Is the weirdest thing about football over the as has been that Superbowl hang over knowing it makes diamond home again- and this was like fifteen years ago, I remember doing
El Bagger, Annetta for pigs com or something just listing all the teams in a row, and that was in the mid two thousand and it seems like we ve had even the Rams last year and you go through, do you think there is any possibility of a mega trade with somebody move up into the top to? Is that realistic or as edges, people board, hoping something fun happens? There's a chance. I talk to tough. I think the Redskins are taken chase young, I mean, I know those guys and overbearing and other defensive staff pretty well that doesn't come from. That is knowing what they want to be and their identity, like. I don't think there. I don't think they're taking too, with a risk of not knowing what they are getting in, not having the chance to me with him doctors with them in the whole thing I think, chase Young, a sure thing. It too, I think boroughs going one where it gets. Interesting is the three pick with the lions, because Bob Quinn is a new England. Guy come to Detroit Matt. Patricia
a new England. Guy comes to Detroit than the four pick Joe judge. Is the New England guy coming to the giant. So if you are to say it, I been rumours of it and they know whatever, but if you are to say the patriot and take some huge swing to move up to get to Herbert at least some familiar names and floors, of course, is the five back like all those guys worked forbearance, and that is a lot easier to make a tray with someone you know and that you can talk to and who look is looks at you as a mentor than it is to call blindly to a
culture, a gm that maybe I don't have the relationship with is their world. Where Cincinnati knows that washed in wants chase young and an aside, we actually might take chase young one and now from wash unlike oh shit, yeah that that that kind of our our plans, how? How do we convince you not to do that? There's there's a little thinkers chase young is, is I barely far called for by backing to pretend annoyed thing? I'd get most of my draft sites for the ringers Dana Kelly. But you can tell when the people are writing about the different players who the absolute unequivocal, there's no fucking way, this guy's missing guys are, and it seems I chase is like a ten out of ten. In that conversation, like you draft him he's gonna, be awesome, end of story. So what? If? What? If, since you play the little bluff game with with washed, and I think it would work.
It would be very interesting if they did they haven't yet and they keep it pretty close to the best to the to explain the bangles a little bit freer listeners em like the right, have like twenty eight scouts in like a forty percent coaching staff industry, the bangles are like a toy person, scouting Department, a Kojak Taylor, who's got his assistants entrusted guys, but like they're, not one giant apparatus. Is there one of these small? Almost, I would say family teams, and brown is the owner and you say what you want, but like they're going to do things there is a store, that I got. I remember here in the Achilles Smith was their pick. Think, a ninety nine and I famous ninety nine draft third overall in the saints offered their tired draft because they wanted Ricky Williams, TIM about them, and there are like no, we don't trade are topics like we stay put like the bangles or not Shaker Mover, let's throughout a crazy You know fireworks displayed a make you bluffing now, if they're gonna take Joe burrow in fact tailors.
The groom, quarterback and he's in Ohio Guy, like I dont see in their character as a franchise to start throwing out false rumours and Duke Tobin, is the front office, getting kind of runs their worm in my dealing with them: never done anything but shoot me straight, but also has never been one These guys are, we might be trading like we're interested. I guess just not the bangles way where you can argue with incredible results. I've had so as to why we criticise them within other other plan whence Sudan that so three would be the pivot spot, and then, if I may now takes his teams, it today just get super fired up for two final, even of its tour, like Stop that I'm here and now is that this and I hate to make it about football like we're. Talking about such a minor priority in the world right now when it comes to like the corona virus, but no player in this dream.
Might have been negatively impact and more than two, because the whole point of the Prodi was to show his hip and how we can throw another. The whole point of these visits at ease has been all of April meeting with teams was wow them on the board and and showed the charisma that he has it ever one speaks about, like I'm talking over Skype and I have no chance to have my doctor look at him and he's left II, which is not so common. Yeah there's a lot of little things that maybe would have been addressed in the pre draft process, whereas just in Herbert who, we could talk about him. A little bit, like looks like looks like you're you're, classic enough quarterback throws the ball. Wells arose, Boleyn, VP, four year player academic, all American like No, it's just an Herbert what your kind of again the upside and what the downside might be. The downside is that he's not the most outspoken leader not actually one of these raw guys. He was kind of just another guy and
players like them and teammates like them, but there never was that Pied Piper thing that maybe Baker Mayfield or in this case too, has you're, really basing it on college film, hope and appeared that the agent is as being on it. His combine medical's and they wouldn't tax havens. Telling you and I dont know teams are willing to put all their eggs and a basket and your basket on your Euro job security yeah cause if you're wrong and to escape, is worse than you thought and you didn't get your you're not working, yet I unabated jim of activity by the counter. That would be all right while the dolphins regret passing Andrew Breeze, because the last second there doktor said his shoulders in a busted other teams would say: ok with this player at an injury in college. What is the quarterback you take on the top five pick you'd like to know what you're getting at yeah. The rumours are that the dolphins might not be in love with two and that their guys borough and they ve got three first, I'm picks and that's where it gets kind of
interesting with a chess match a little bit. Could the dolphins take a big swing and they offer three first round, picks him up to one or is it that the dolphins just sit pretty at five? Take two or even take Justin Herbert at five? Is there a world where that to a foster the patriots at twenty three or no? I don't see that I could see to a falling to like seven, eight nine and that becomes a lot easier to trade for the patriots with the twenty third pickin. Some draft capital then getting up to the top five, which I think is really hard to do with what they ve got in the draft it it might take em, you're in player from the patriots, then I don't know who is even worse than down there. I have like I don't know how to Rosaria heard about Mohammed Zanu we yeah, I pick lad so Mohammed Sanu in twenty three. How how could we go I don't know of any themes. I gotta talk to you that ensue
the dunams have a lot of favors and the patriots could use them to do something less these. I know your father is very well versed in the home. It's a new. My dad thinks sinew as the mall that have devastating Falcon Superbowl loss. He just decided he was going to help us and misplaced. X and jobs dove and he will never go mad. We had said on the morning football like a week after the Superbowl he couldn't have been. Corey was good, but one line, as the old were you get it all the time with the message boards in the NBA, like someone says something under I guess it just goes way viral, but he said like we were we weren't gonna second half because they have time show, was so long like something like that. Like everyone went not you know the half time show as long as BS like have you. A guy like you just got absolutely crushed for that comment, and yet you say Mohammed's a new super bowl. It's what I think of. Do you think that world where the Patriots punt on two thousand twenty and anxious
take their loves for one year, allow the warriors. As you know, I do see that I don't need that from Bela check. I don't see it from Josh Daniels, there's too much pride in that room, like you, don't bring back these later in them. Accordingly, if like you're, just gonna take em all again this year, I think they're in it this year, on a site. I don't a win. You know we're you are doing in season. Previews though I was at the draft like I wouldn't bet against that, during this year and the agencies I did that they play off laws. Are you slam young Buffalo bills are the team to be right. Now, like I don't, I could see just the does. The fact abilities sidelines being enough in the defence, and then you find a quarterback We stood him or somebody else and the drafting of rigid and you compete Matt Castle and eleven five. I certainly think that they can do with this roster. I think big, Daniels and probably better
two are excited to have a different type of quarterback. That date is somebody who can roll out and do stuff and- and I think they just the way football really changed over the last decade and how Brady played the bizarre and where everything had to be perfect, somebody even like Mikhail Harry's such a great athlete he had to kind of fit into this mode of wood. A pitcher receiver is all bets, are off next year. They're gonna get super weird and I'm sure, I'm sure having a mobile quarterbacks, a big thing of that's where the league, let me think like do homes, the biggest play of last season was behoves back. Peddling for fifteen yards and then throwing it is fifty yards in the air to save his season. I'm sure they're excited too to have that, whether it system or somebody else out of a shot gun MA homes goes
additional nine yards and throws the monetary kill who, by the way, the player that the patriots do not have on the roster, a speed receiver who get separation? We down the feel like sure I would also say this There is a bit of a challenge to Mcdonald's umbrella check where those guys, that's all they need like a doubt us like, will make this work, will figure this out last year, when I remember speaking with Brady at the end of the season you like, I don't blame, you called me Myers or not, kill Harry their rookies, like it's just so frustrating for me, sometimes because I expect this standard of x It's like you hear that every day in the building. I wonder if Miss Daniels embellish I like I do like we understand, but we ve got some good things here. You can still win with this team. I would be very curious to see who wins more games and how they go about their football, the buccaneers Brady and then the pay without Brady? I'm not I'm not saying it's a bit the buccaneers and Islam Dunk at all. Well, what they need
we'll be sure and take it from somebody who had Evans and God went on there either. My my fantasy team last year, they they evans a few times during the course of the season, was just utterly dismayed by James like Open, just bombed out at INA, especially around the goal liner he'd be opened on some way. James would see him and you know had receivers, I that over the years, most famously probably MOSS in the MID two thousand when INA, especially now one raider seas and where he was just wide open going and what the fuck am. I don't. I do think if Brady can click with those guys gone from everything they went through a James S, who am I still defend to just like the others? Have Tom Brady, hopefully, can still do at his age idea.
Be really fun. A watch at either end. I J, I think, is ongoing and was unpredictable and Evans and God, when we're good, sometimes with things broke down and you're, trying to extend, plays and Brady can't do that side and adds gonna play, but I think it's a fun somewhat absolutely is. I could take Arians Ambrady, whether it's over resume or whatever, like the communication lines, are open and like from what I've heard from eyes in Tampa like Brady's dialed in right new verbiage, new orphans, new coach am I the aim is this guy's he was James, has biggest bounty equity IRA, like he's pretty transparent, is like it. He was pretty downright like open that, like James, is not working out like last year Yeah you put areas with Brady who is just like it. There's gonna be books and movies in there are. They have been about Brady's. You know sooner the game stuff for Like Brady's, a sick pup with this stuff and wants to be awesome and not just be limber and pliable that, like learning
often and show those guys up in New England that he can do it with a different coach in different players and have success without them to yeah. I watched his Bruce how much Alcott like Dizzy drink more than my mom, you think, has every person says a deck ass, fine man, grip and rip it. Just seems like he's a legendary. If you want to go the hotel barred hang out with some outbursts areas or of what hang out and have one he seems like, most one guy. How is he able to be then evoke coach he's fantastic is one of the cruellest guys in the entire Ligon. Every year there's the owners meetings and, like I always doubling up with Arians in whether it's for a incur it's a coffee whatever it is like. I love the dude, but yes, he is a classic bar Why? But also like one of these guys that
But yet like a cool guy like cool, I don't. I was a grand party thinkers whatever it is like one of those guys you want in your crew at a bar like Raby, a tough thank us whatever days, but like one of those guys you want in your crew at a bar. Like Raby, a top five guy Gimme, your biggest bold prediction for this NFL draft, that's coming to trade, big move! somebody throwing their dick bars on the table and just gone all end like what. One thing I know for sure the near jets are going to address offensive line, there's gonna be a real, interesting fork in the road moment for them, though, at eleven, because I namely their wide receivers. Right now, it's like Jamieson, Crowder, Robbie, Robby gone and there are three wider fevers in this draft, its, Judy whose compared to Chad, Johnson, there's city lamb. Compared to the Andrea Hopkins
Henry Rugs, whose compared to tiree kill and there general manager. I now Joe Douglas, who have known for many years, is a former off so Lyman is one of these guys. You build a team inside out and we have to address offensive line. There's gonna be offensive Lyman on the board, but those three wide receivers might be sitting there. I think savers and jets vans might be outraged. They might go crazy, but I think the jets are going to try to protect SAM over before going from. Wide receivers and jets fans might be outraged. They might go crazy, but I think the jets are going to try to protect them Arnold, before going for one of these probable lied receivers and that might have a very
very big reaction in the New York area. What this this is there to do that there be no fans at the draft. We know jets fence gone gone crazy. They they sign pyramid from the box. Who was my favorite middle class. Frigid us open the patriots. Forget him. He was really good. Last year I thought he was like a legitimate asset for the box, so if they got a fad him, but then they got one of those guys. You mention number eleven in the Big SAM is kind of moving again like who knows? How can we talk about the Rams forego yeah? Are they like a thirty four thirty at this point? I don't think so. Okay, let the Father answers not that gonna beyond the two thousand twenty to thirty thirty schedule. Let me sell the rams for you. Just briefly make vase widely viewed as one of the most innovative coaches in the leg, he has no children. So during
Tire Quarantine, his locked in watching film. He's doing what these football guys do, studying stuff Wade Phillips longer thereon, loves Wade, fills Wid, Philips was, I don't know, and sixty seven is over. They hire guy Brandons daily, as their new defensive we're nadir, who I'm told is very similar to Mcveigh, locked in young hunger comes from VIC fancier system out there in Denver he's studying every like a madman, offensive coordinate, bringing Kevin O Connell, the former patriots quarterback he's now there oh see he's one of these do speak the same language as Mcveigh and they know that they still have Joan Ramsay, who might be the top cornerback and Football Errand Donald over the top defensive tackle in Football Cooper CUP, raining cooks and they quarterback that they like in Jerry Graff. Like They don't think things are as melting as the rest, world in.
I dont know if he'd be I've heard it. I don't know what the details are like the costs of the currently in other stuff, like the Todd Girly, NEWS wasn't delivered in some sit down over like four hours, is one of those deals where, like Mcveigh and early, but it was over maybe face time or a broken cell tower like while it wasn't it clean like target, of your work here, is kind of like this, the guy who want offensive the year two years ago and we ve gotta. Go over Skype like it wasn't how they wanted it, and yet, I think, their Hungary and their one of these teams are opening a new stadia. Like there's a lot of smart people on that coaching staff in the building. I think, with Aaron Donald in jail and Ramsay Injured, golf and all those names they can figure it out and they can winsome football games how's. That makes sense near Phil. I think cap wise there, too much trouble I know it's an uphill battle and then all of a first round pick and they Didn'T- but they got brokers but like that
four girly, the cooks thing it's Aachen. Well, I don't know how many concussion seize up to buy me. Somebody that is one more away from I persuade out. The key should play football anymore, but you know that it's his lifetime but there is one more away from he won't be playing football anymore and I as a tough one or a lad, so yeah, hey man, girl the money and capital they spend on those guys. The first round pick they gave up their own rooms, they gave up for Ramsay and the fact that they have no drafts going forward, and you know it's really weird. I I've heard the theory that day they were really stepping on the gas,
just because they had this new stadium coming and they wanted to have excitement for the stadium. I dont think that mindset is ever worked ever fur team or it's like hey this things happening. We need to get players to get fans excited like fans like winning. They don't know that they want the winds. They don't. The fact that jail in Ramsay in brain and cooks are on the rams or that time early signed up long term. That's that's that hoping you fill a stadium and by the way, are you George. There would fill in that state him either son had already on warmongering embassy licences, the chargers ever it says that you go get cam. They're gonna sell this ticket like again the same argument: are they gonna get to, because I want to sell tickets like it might help fan enthusiasm, but if they start off when ten at doesn't matter
I don't think the rams are as worried about that, but they didn't have fans, throw fans in the microwave and you put them in for five minutes and you pull them out of the gate we got. We found some more fans, like the clippers found the same thing. They had this whole thing with Kawhi and Paul George, and here we go it's a two two basketball team city. Now and it's like guess what it's not it's, a Laker stone you guys are just here and you're, not beating that. So with that with the I am now on top of it, like maybe that stadiums not even ready in time for next season. I don't even know you know they were behind schedule. Anyway, it's rough you're feeling, being their knowing you know, but. Chargers and ram those two organisations. I could tell you when they talk. The other one, it's not all warm and fuzzy their renting the place to like they're charger. Is there even any buzz right now for the ransom charges? I know we in a weird time in the world, but like last year, New stadium coming in any time sportswriter,
eyes over that that stadium they take a photo from their play and my post about it. Is there any juice where no? No, not. I think that chargers cannot long term stay here, because there is no road map to them succeeding or selling out their games, other than the other team stance so whether they go to London in Mexico City, I don't know what our other football locations that have been mentioned, like it's not happening here, will never happen here, the area and their very poorly. Rather, they don't realize that, like they ve needed, they have come to Jesus moment like this is not happening even if they move to Orange County and played in a twenty thousand seed stadium there. At least that something like a be able to draw the Orange County Anaheim people. Maybe people may be here they just there. Never gonna belonged anyone here. I don't see it and both teams are trying their hardest. Like the rams
their uniforms a couple weeks ago. The charges are announcing new Ogoni uniforms April, twenty first, like they're doing we by the book they are supposed to up to me, the rams are a lot further along, but, like the charges have maybe better young tee. So we'll see how plays out it is only in those words I've sent us open, I James for them with their the tyre weapons they have. I just feel like I would watch at the baby affronted They will enable you could happen the thing with the charter did this the stub harbour whenever they were called dignity. Health, like it was ass, a pretty cool environment like it was fun to go to. But like an embryo stadium- and you know who know if, like LU, Lu Bay big Russia was playing afterwards tomorrow in a concert like it's not like an alias at that, then you, but that actual bandbox, if they had their own fans, who would have been a distinct advantage, was really cool, doing a game there
yeah, I wonder Canada to whether that's conceivable there I just feel like oh as our would be not at my top ten choices for chargers locations. There's gotta be in ten cities that they would have a slightly better chance. You know at it's too bad This is fine, I'm glad you're safe. We was, I guess, just volume, twitter and you tell us what good morning football comes back back sooner rather than later, and obviously the draft is in two weeks, but always Texas, you guys are the ringer. You guys are given me a flow right now, a lot of good podcast, and I presume that are doing. Why really excited next time. You come on post draft, hopefully the man but will be like fully in place well I'll, be Roccanera. It's getting your three weeks away. I good to see you the man. Thank you.
Let's take a bite to talk about Miller Light, which was my official beer dating way back to college, still makes me happy just to hold the bottle we ve seen, especially with adults who miss each other S, love friendships like made house ejaculate her later people getting together just seven haven't drink sons Google hang at or wherever. Well during this time a social distancing connecting with friends overbear. Maybe it looks a little different, guess what, as the original lay Bare Miller light has always been there to bring people together in real life through maritime. Have more time is tough when he can't be with their people? Well, everyone's in the same boat, our favorite local bars or temporary closed. That's a big cancelled social distancing is in full of fear and maybe you can't get together them in real life, but it can still be enjoyed with your people. Just not embarrass her gatherings hop. I might go see your friends,
have one with the family right now. Staying connected super duper important were actually, I think, we're going to do a little wholly cross zoom this week with me in all my friends. Are it's up that later, but look break out the Miller light, Taste, great, less filling won't get in the way of enjoying enjoying your time your catch up time, is the original I bear when you're home enjoyed classic available for delivery today, celebrate responsibly nor brewing Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six calories and three point: two carbs twelve ounces. Otherwise, right now, we're due to low zoom call my friend Jason blood hello, hello. He IRAN's blood ass. You ve seen a lot of their movies, they. They have been doing really well and now they're at the forefront of this weird change in the movie industry that see their temporary or we might be moving toward something that
just a new direction entirely, you add it divisible, man, And you had the hunt one behind I saw. The invisible man in the theatre has. As you know, this sum is family, be harm of family, the hot on demand and all you had these to release is coming out at red. Is everything is changing? What have you learned from the intelligence of the last four weeks? Just from how people bought the movies all that stuff? Ah, what we ve learned, we ve learned. We ve and alive. It's been. You know I mean it's like this. It's a big question there there's a lot going on around it. We had put both movies are now on he d at ninety. Ninety five at the one, at the end of its the actual
and one at the beginning of its the actual one, the one at the end of the theatrical run, which the invisible man was was a very successful, theatrical, run the hunt not so didn't, open, very well and and weekly, you know was at the very beginning, opened by well didn't hold and encourage the theatres, and that was the end of it. So we were looking at two very different cases, but we were all We also had these two movies, which had tens of millions of dollars of advertising behind them available for rental. Right now on television, which is almost. You know, I never really been done. If you think about it in that, and in those terms, that's never been done and there they are great things about it. There sad things about it, but I think it's an ongoing experiment. I guess the big question is the resulting from both buildings were quite good, but what we don T yet know is how many key
bought that movie for twenty dollars. It would have granted. It will no longer rent it. So interesting, if we lose if we lose our are a bunch of. When you from a downstream windows from a rental windows, if the ancillary right become less valuable to pay the price the Taliban rights all that stuff. Then it did. It didn't work out so well, but if that doesn't happen, I tend to not think those when, you're gonna, be that affected by people buying it for twenty bucks for two days? but we really don't know and if any another is a very long answer. Your question but The short answer is we won't Willie? be able to say whether it was a successful experiment or not for about six or eight months. So the important thing just a short term was that people are finding. I demanded and spending twenty hours on it in lieu
Being able to go the movie theater, you do feel like that. I'd is there. The audience was definitely there. The audience was every there, but with the audience be there in the same way when the movie, It was open. You know that's what they were so many other variables that it's not really a. It's not a terrific way to task, because there is no other alternative. There aren't ten movies, they can go see at the theater instead of spending twenty dollars on your movie at home. So it's it's a it's a tough way to test it. You know the big movie coming up trolls, which opens tiara and in our inner the way that test will be slightly more pure because they'll be no theatrical with trolls, so trolls was just going to go. Maybe it's just going to be it's the first time where you had and it says multiple times a million. Campaign, and the movie will only be available at home. It will never had been available, theatre.
Do you have any idea what like, where people are doing there demand is it Amazon is it apple? Is voodoo Who is the leader? Who is the go to place to get it holy great question, and I dont we universal as the important as unemployment I haven't asked the man, but I now that you asked me: I'm gonna has them, because I would say Apple. Does that with the app where, if you use Amazon or voodoo at others, places you can't actually by the movie is because the APS want you to go to their website to buy it you're Roma gap as advantage, but I would love to know how their checks out what so, when this happened, I thought my pack asked about the two thousand eight writers shrank and when things shut down, they kind of stumbled into
oh shit, why are we doing the pilot season this way? Are we making too many of these and then within a year it's like oh yeah, we're going to make one fifth as many pilots and then going forward that just became the new normal. I know I know it's hard to say: is this going to be normally has. Obviously it's not, but do you see a world where there is like a hybrid model where people go the theatres to see the big ass movies movies like the way back or I don't know? Maybe even the hut are just straight on demand for certain price and that's how we do it or am I ever think it No doubt they know everything. I see. I see it slightly differently, although You know it knows. I love the way back by the way. Did you see that yeah? I thought it was excellent, but I was also, I guess. Yeah, I thought it was great incremental athletic. Like was terrific.
That is my favorite. Might your favorite jump up? Two of my favorite genres are addiction and sports and addiction in sports. Together with sight, it was all right, but there was get as I thought, so I think it would be a little different than what you said, but what I would agree with you is that movie going beyond mobile titles and what will be going is gonna be like in host covered is going to be different than it was breach of it for sure how it's going to be different, I'm not sure, but I don't think it's gonna be. I think it might be being movies Temple movies, it might be exclusively in the theater still for three or four months by me. Need a hunch would be in the theatre for two weeks. I think it might be more like that, as opposed to just
their movie stone that dealers for three or four months and the movies in it or there, not only in the night, in a theater at all division would say you're out of your mind, never happening, but we don't know. Do we think there is me the same model we had before, except once a movies added, a theatre mediately goes on demand fur. Maybe forty ninety diner, seventy nine it out or something where you have like two weeks. This the hunt that theater and then, after that, its immediately underbit. Yes, I think that's riding, that's where it possible. I think that one of the ways they're gonna be there studios exhibitors happen. They haven't resolve the conflict here. Right away. Don't know how it's gonna resolve, but that may be a compromise that is its exclusive in theatres shorter time that would allow the studios to save
enormous amount of money because they don't have to do that. The second campaigners never as expensive as the first but studios. How did you multiple campaigns? There are always available indifferent mediums. They have to do that. The ethical campaign and the home entertainment campaign, so they could be debated, save their money on one campaign. Further, two week. The actual Annetta goes to your home. You know that I'll be there be a big advantage to the studio for that and an exhibition would wind up getting nor movies all the time. So your local cinema every week you're the best may have ten new movies every week moving on. I you're, not gonna go movies, these ever weaken it lay your choice of white. You can see in the movie. Theater could become Greater war would seem like yeah God, that thou be a benefit, the moviegoers there's benefits to theirs. Real promotion like for the invisible man was there's a big marketing campaign. Great trail
I memorized it on the trailer made it at my fucking. Did it again. I don't know how you keep doing it and then leading up to it. The movie comes out, but then you still have momentum, it's still in like the Zeitgeist. So if it's in the Feet or two weeks and then immediately. I demand then now now the movie guy gets to choose. I too am I. This excited tax seeing the theatre which, as you know, it- kids third they're, going there not waiting there there What do I just want to wait two weeks and then spend twenty bucks on day fifteen of when this move becomes out. I feel like that could actually be a good model that would work, and our amendment optimistic yet realistic we got it, we got it, we would now. I think it would have begun and we gotta know we have a lot of flak about the price and one of the whigs where covered worked against us is the price you know, even if we could all be seeing each other, you can pay twenty bucks further per the invisible man.
An invite forty friends over to see it. So in that case it would be you now fifty cents, a peace, so young, so so so that I think also wench would also change people now, even if its forty forty is, it is a big we believe in your city run: hey you, wanna split, let each by ten bucks and watch a movie tonight at all, I'm watcher together for people it's five dollars. Apiece in, I think, you'd see a lot of that where we ve talked about this in the past. You have you know, especially looking at the demo, which you say, parents of young kids parents that basically every time they leave ass either their parents have to watch. The kids are that baby sitter and if you just making it easy for just that demo alone, where it's like for twenty bucks, no baby sitter order in have a glass of wine
and it's like your dad at the movies like. I do think that would work. So I feel like we're going to learn some some positive, I'm in the silver linings boat, with the how horrible the last month is Vanna Stygar. It is anything good going to come out of this and you think about stuff like the it has been so much better and allied to grasp for straws, but with how we consume entertainment. I do feel like there's a chance to reset. Some of this stuff and a lot of ways, and maybe some movies, It is better to be in a movie theatre for a week and then immediately go on demand and maybe the whole process should be spent. Why is the process a year from movie theater demand the Blu Ray and then seven months, it or cable HBO like why. Why is it a year? I never understood that. I don't think there's
any chance that the consumers experience to consuming movies is going to improve after cope. It may not be better, for exhibition may not be better for producers. It may not be better for the studios, but the, but the audience which is the most important will be better served after after after this crisis through this goes there? What's it like to try to produce movies, when nobody can see each other being the Samara homage? Incredibly annoying, I'm trying to be your supper line is you're you're liquor, your server landing at its very it's very video conference. Zoom is certainly good for certain kind of this interview. You know it's not it's fun is to do with you in the room, but its managed well, but can a creative, a creative person, theirs
oh much insecurity and so much like, as is good a good idea and an pop my job is making whoever I'm talking to feel that there really is in this context I'm no bad idea, of course, there's that I'd, of course, some of the ideas that come up in the room, bad, but right now we're talking about something really on or something or whatever, that there is the ledges think of any yeah, it's very hard to do in this context. You now, I think, there's so much nuance that you lose with a little delay and down and die, and You know in that way even makes development hard producing. Actually shooting is impossible right. So everything like you did you have any more did you have that were like in there at the early stages of being made or actually being made that just the data? Maybe at where we have one movie and for tv shows in
action and they all sat down. Indeed, you Novak's movie ash shooting in New Mexico. You know forbear, J, it's on its side, It's a dream scenario. He had shot three or four weeks. Several other finally shooter, alright, alright right in there and he gets to go home. I'd together what he has look at it and when we go back up in the last week he gets do. You know addressed anything, that's missing, so you know for the filmmaker its grave for the people on the crew of the people working for him. It's it's not good, and, and obviously it's in it. It has a ripple effect with everything Are our production shut down our these data in question like feels like everyone is going on a pause and what's including our reason, everything else in what what's difficult about that. Is there because movies or take their such a long tail and movies? Like
market wants you to pause like during this of covered all the movies are ready to be released now, but the pause Honesty and movies is gonna, be it a year from now, because for six months we want have made anything but know it. The consumers not gonna feel bad until four signal for six months. Interesting well in Europe, so we can have a glut without these movies that are gaining rolled over and could not move it already designated so they're they're gonna have to really be smart about who they are competing again. One we're you know what we can and stuff like that. I, like you, look who knows when, when things are going to be safer- and I know you know with the two of us- are going to figure it out, but I do feel it's gonna take a while. Even if they're telling us things are safer for people to black o cool, I can't wait to sit in a movie theater with fifty people again so yeah I'm
that there might be a year to come back with me to go back to have one's act with the plight of the book. There actually isn't gonna be a guy. I guess that's what I was saying not inarticulate way, but there's six months of movies now that are being taken off the schedule and jammed into the schedule, but there's six months of production it happily the problem raised the movies and the whole in production dont like so what He has all these movies now will be sprinkled over the next eighteen months. But they'll be this many movies less than arches are going to happen. You know we're going to happen later, got it, but the move would be to maybe hold a couple movies so that you know maybe maybe boobies are come
that were made eighty months earlier. We might be that's right whereby, like I was gonna, be good, weaken fritz, come out. I think we're gonna see that were already time at that with some of our movies like it, he would come out in late twenty one, and I think we're going to see that. I think that I think I'm going to see a lot of that have you talked about when our people like how unrealistic it is for people to go. In a into a movie theater six months from now on. I disagree with you and I think we are preparing a case where my cases we have the memory of Yes, I think I saw it is writing eating I think our habits will go back real. I may be being totally naive about our or wishful thinking Oros wishful thinking, but I do The alike will be on to something else, and I think I think people gonna go back to going out to eat you going
Disneyland, they're going to movies. I just I just don't see. I don't era will help him right, how many many virus movies. Have you been stout imagine near the league leader in pitched virus movies. If this were not doing your virus, maybe I told everyone now it's going to be so many we may till we made the day with very lemons and made it will be called viral there to our blood house. Farmers movies be already made an that's enough. Yeah Gazette, it does feel like you think about some of these ones are given the walking dead which seems like you know this post of politics and air. That will never happen, and then you start thinking like. Oh that's that they did it's their fears, like a small piece of everybody, worse fear of August at an I'm, I'm in a dark place. I've been known as watching tv egg.
I am, I love how they had everyone involved. The contagion has been on one news outlets or another, like all my guy grasping at straws any expert by our utility, you're you're you're, the period contagion. Let's get you, I defend the last twenty minutes of invisible man to be heard by case about the last twenty minutes of invisible man. You, you are mad Cosette. The case like I've. I felt like there was a hole in your like what the hell Yes, I remember- I remember wherever you just gotta might be again remind me again so by case was yeah. If, if I try to do this, a spoiler free rein.
If we're thinking. Dorias is what is the road we're going down with this movie and then it flips to door be so conveniently what was the point of of not just being door? I dare say that right. We we footwear. Nor is this evil character. Yes right, then we go down door be and now the evil character from door. Ay he's back to his normal life seven haven't miles in his house vacant. Invite guess over two hours by that was via
exactly well, while my I can't. I can't give you my answer right now, because it complicates my future. Ok, Fair Elizabeth Elizabeth Boss was about as overqualified of an actress who's ever better horror. Movie right, I mean players there. It made me think, like I dont know why great actors haven't picked horror movies more. It's such a good form, if your leg awesome at acting eat out to react, insert ways and to react with your eyes in either- It is a really everything thing you know we had we when I when I I am really good friends with even hawk, and I have always tried to get him to do a movie and he never wanted to do a hormone been the reason he never wanted to do. Him is because she doesn't like them and because he actually get
really scared by the many doesnt. Might that feeling of being scared? So I will I set him up with got Derek Syn on sinister. And he was just shot. You know. Scott was like there's nothing scary about making a scary We like the site is here. Is grass service, like not those scary stuff happens at and even with really surprised by a narrow eyes. Nothing's got any, did the perch. I mean he now do that sheet, even as a total convert in love, scary movies, and they think the the thing also to your point is that scary movies live or die on the performance of the lead. Our if you believe they're scary really hard to do. We want he's right in this ballade works. So well is because Elizabeth Mosses, so good like you, buy you buy it, but it's really hard to sell beings scared of like go, sir. You know a lot of
Please stop work in whatever actors and around and now you know one of the tenets of the coming. We are we gonna turn tailored CAS is cast everyone one of our movie she's action, executive, Plum house, which is very unusual, both producer, dynamic, lasting department and am ranch a big casting department that that's run by Terry and and we put an enormous amount of importance on. You know on the fact that the actors have to be great and I might further cast a great actor that an attribute been enforced, scary movies before studios summit you're, like our, we gotta get his during movie actor, and I actually don't like doing that. I, like getting actors were awesome and it's actually on Sunday, just left bettered have an actual hasn't been staring movie. Why? I think that was why the contrary became one of the. You know best horror movies last fifteen years, a really good lead,
actors near that were kind of it- was surprising therein, horror movie, you know, and I looked back there's a marriage gently aggravates the path. Patrick was an insidious. Remember: yeah, yeah, Thea, still the night with narrow street in Wretcheder right way back like for almost forty years ago, right typical leg, EDA stupid thriller plan and they had this completely overqualified out. It's a marrow Streep Endanger being scared like this is amazing. Inside only time she did that. I wish you d like four or five others. Would you didn't you do a tricky? thrillers hasn't. She near she did like the river wild, the river wild. Definitely yeah soak up. What's it, what's your favorite horror, movie of the last five years that you're the most jealous of that you guys
in the o r t when I'm the most is that I'll tell you my my my my I've never talked about this. It's my deepest its kept me up. What much more than covert we you had the Joe exotic the tiger by what the tiger you a tiger king? We we had tiger king. We I saw that voyage totally by myself. I saw that british Early and Erika was kind enough to show it to us and Anna and I loved it, and I wanted to do it like, but I botched it in some way, which is probably not so interesting. We just blew it every so often
I have you know the conjuring is the language there was ten years ago. The last time I had something that was like it's gonna kill me, and that is that that is the new one. It's it's I am, and I can recover for years over it and I loved that's what I thought I was amazed. I loved that's a tough one. Where will you not? One would see all this horror movie that you would recommend that. How far would you go back that you feel like? is a movie that it's your scary, like life for me, like Halloween, Amityville horror as bad as far as out go back you I I really like. I became never whores, fuckin scary. Now in that movie has. But I went cat. I gadgets, I would go further back than ok go. Maybe I'll never see dial em for murder at super creepy, I mean that's from the authorities.
I don't know. What's at once, you get past seventy five for me, I just feel so dated I can't like totally get into it. I'm thinking about how even the exorcist just feels Such an old to me now so scared things by leg had I don't know, it's air writing it. I haven't seen a very old. I guess I've seen a lot of them for re makes just on a single member that maybe I don't remember that when the changeover is Sony Movie, it's really not stay. But it was staring at the time. It's like a little like a little love, it's that facing lever will it's a little LE animatronic like bog that jingles and I think,
They showed the movie, they said they would jiggle some seeds and it would be, was called counter. The tin learn anyway without scary, but I can- and I don't know I think older movies can be- I guess, more creeping in scary, yeah. It's fair yeah. I think that what John read that my whole family legs, I mean, there's two versions of their son: around the house and I think we ve seen every version of there's something about the has its evil in some way. I like. I think that, when a stranger cause remake is really good, just because the house in that movie is like incredible ass. They bill which it came out. They might as well say reminder that move. Oh, oh, oh tat was the big fancy I was. I was a dream. Works movie that, with some I sought at the premier Camilla Bell was the barely Sir Walter parts. So it's not a real house kiss my kit, my kids love this movie and our say: I'm
google see where this House'S- and it was like- they just is the exterior of half of the house and then they built the rest of it. But I like something scary in a giant like fire, a million dollar mention that has all these different twists and turns, and I'm giving that you cause. You came on my ipod. Ok, go there's something with that. Where that it's just so much property, it becomes scarier. You know that even there you think you think you think I worried it's ours it it's, maybe maybe maybe yeah yeah, there's the guest since a wise, the laid out in the guest house by land was an odd before member tie. West did a mood. Did a scary movie in a big fancy estate eyes set first or second moving. Remember yeah! I doubt whether one thing without with those hat with the house now movie was just like very poor state of the art like not a realistic cows and
Bobby Elinor in the stranger cos right, rising like where is this house's there's a house at this, and it turns out like it was odd, sets some made up. Romania, when are we going to be tired of that? There's something wrong with the house gimmick I feel like never know in all its citizens, just people up that. So there forget out the first House, the House: do we shot get out at Dan Lobe Body House, in Bel AIR and he tore down. Build a new house and the house that he bought before he tore down George. I went to go. Look at we almost shot gun out there would have been very different would have been, would have felt very different, how's, the always a theme parks enough? You now in a per urge the first purge movie. Ah, we had all picked out a house.
There was this super cheap house. I always gave the Andrew and Brad Brad Fuller and reform. For this, and I we me we about issue in this house and they were like TAT Jason. You just can't. We can't make the perch movie in this house, and we went, and found the house. We should move in this big speck house. It was worth in calabash us and down and die every day, us? There's nine million years of discussion before we chose every parent? Alas, I can always got bigger and bigger. We would write to houses. We got to get a house that we get a house next door instead of having trailers, you would just use the house next door is holding office. Everything else that we had a whole system would be. Did the paranormal movies around the house? I still think that nineteen, seventy nine Amityville, ass is the single scariest house to me because they made it almost look like the devil's eyes were the windows at again.
You know that has one on auction right that has was sold. Well, yeah yeah. By that how I want age I wanted to buy the house to make it a blood, has Jerry House and make it a permanent scary attraction. Guys like a ride for everyone, are you know like a haunted house by permanent, but I guess I couldn't get it together with super cheap. It sold for nothing year was. It was It was under a million dollars I was shut up. Is it was again the water? I think the house is so creepy cause people did die in that house amid. There were a shot his own family there, so I don't know yet
the real house, but the two windows on the top of it is amazing. It was amazing we have a ghost at our house, but it's a friendly ghost you do now. If you get half to the ghost, if you can catch the ghost until now would be very valuable. The stairs there is definitely but it's like a benevolent ghost, which I think is cool, but I totally believing that stuff. What is the girl? What is the girls? Do its history, its just chill? It hangs, but I sometimes I therapy like a weird creek or just like things or you're like that's, not a normal noise. There's severally something going on there. I've never heard. I don't have a friend who has had like guide. Malevolent ghost experience. I don't know anybody who said that I do believe in it. We don't have a ghost has currently, but we have a mouse in our house which is true that it set a trap for the last three nights, indifferent different places, different kind, the trap and I can catch this mouse. My wife is
said about what happens with the Halloween sequel remake that done. Yeah finish. What I mean is that come out October, called Halloween kills. Already there were about to shoot the next one for twenty twenty one, the twenty one, the last one in front of Friday. The thirteenth care come back, but Holloway now you're gonna make ten of them. Now three we made one, I got two more, that's it for our women would give it a rest for a wider, no plans beyond the three Friday, the thirteenth. You know, that's my dream, that's my dream. I'm always I'm it's always what's up my mind, who owns a like some Saudi Arabia in a family or something like that, and it will now like five million people on it. It's a real it's a real piece nest, but I'm gonna dig it. I still think second scariest commercial.
Of any horror movie with the right of various one shining, the shining I would like to let you know. I love you too much, because I was so scared of the commercial. It's you saw him. Looking through the snow and the weird noises in Scotland, Carruthers being scared, so great a bum, I'm glad you do Thanks for updating us and they weird save the movie industries Day save thanks for having eye on drugs out an ominous anymore, more scary house pictures from move is just the way sleaze dear. He did that are always beg. You read. Later. I will bring a Jacko in house in one. Second, just wanted to make sure that you will listen to pack has on Spotify hearsay. Do it search for your favorite, Pakistan's butterflies out there, the labour of over seven fifty thousand pounds, This point swissair searching for the reactor search on certain Spotify when you find the Pike S cook, I click on the follow button and that's a subscribe and sad easy then
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wait they on the ringer with some amazing people behind the scenes working on a whole bunch of cool stuff that are gonna, make our Pakistan alot are in, and have a lot more variable so anyway, check out the Spotify up. I will bring it in to my oldest friends have, Jack I hear there. I will make an history ere. I have had this park ass. Its two thousand seven house has been on a million times. Jack has been at a million times it's very hard further. Many of us to be together. That's only happen. A couple times is inroad remote locations. You know you get your interrupting Heather, you don't know what the zoom thing has been transformative for us. What better time for us to do a three way zoom, the last time we do it three ways you might think we had to roofie Jaco. First, then you finally could, did. I have felt afraid now we're here Go. How are you holding up a guaranteed?
You know as well as anybody else. I guess the boredom is definitely set in you. Now, I'm drinking at an astronomical level by our best par for the course really subtle. Coming up as well as anybody? I bet you did it. Did you whether you had a family in two kids in another good, its prey high has stated realize he had no idea. He had a wife and asylum as I work for you I'm just here in the day they avoiding people growing out, face hair and bacon focaccia bread yeah. The nice thing with it with the facial hair is like it. You know my wife was sick of me. After one day, so I had to go out the back. And in trying to measure that I'm somebody else is. There is no possible way. We can coexist otherwise pillows voice back of your marriage, Somethin Jack.
What is the single most board thing you have done during the quarantine God. If you pick, one was actually well couple things: Jews, I was actually a nice day here, no stay here in my wife and I excitedly ordered a bunch of things from to reorganise garage. So as I thought this is exciting staff, and then I had some one hundred do you know what I'm gonna save that one's report tomorrow tomorrow nice treat for myself arose to do everything at once. You put a borrowed, spread it out, so they get that's. Where I met a word, we ve come to pass. That smart person at the best momentarily reorganising the gradual, including garage throwing away million eggs and hang up art and tools. Whenever there is some exciting staff, Fucker feel good lotta garage, a lotta garage reorganising, I think, across the country, let a closet,
as cleaning absolutely get rid of some tee shirts that maybe they realize if you had twenty years ago. The by that, what's the most board thing you ve done there in the quarantine ass. It is What are you guys are describing I jumped into the closet? I have you know, probably at eight to ten suits that I stopped wearing ten years ago. Whatever reason I still have em it's time to give him away so that that's the highlight Did you find anything in your closet that you didn't believe You still had I've found multiple things that I used to love to. Wear that we're just like married right? You know finding some awesome thing really got my God, I love this t shirt? Where was this is gone but you gave a line in the gray only jacket. Finally, oh yeah yeah
a couple good wholly cross tee shirts, nice. Let's talk about the eighty six bastards first, It was on yesterday. Hadn't I'd seen, you know you too, webs or ass me as balanced stuff, they actually went. They showed the whole telecast, they showed the whole fourth round. Bread must Berger and Nancy which was completely bizarre way. I'd Nancy said that job for a hundred years deals three holes were. Basically, I think it was or was it Nance Lung Quest and then who is doing eighteenth so somebody s major closing hurry wasn't, while you can hear it was just saying. Ah, the grown vice cop was like dirt tat weighs CUP was, I became a jury of welcoming juries, not the guy rash either. Fell below two billion dollars was always thought he was a member.
Cabin, yet not that good time, because at one Nicholas's bake in a red and must burgers Egg Tom, what's this lake or maybe its ass, unlike what what's the when you're catch fire light this in times like you, what now Jack's you know japhetic offer that I was here, but we knew everything We shall do as I got thanks thanks for they had said he gave us an inside. The already said the Jack Nicholas does not really have very good. I say when he put it with it like a couple fee. Seventeen, I beg your wise. It is safety out. Went nuts cities like Jack, probably can't see it. Zesty Jackie worries, residency gets here. Tat I can see it I couldn't get about following technical, does have quite pretty good pretty good, yet three surprised that that that Jack Nicholas was apparently blind as a bat, just put it within three feet of the pin. So I think about you know he was forty. Six
time. That's when the eyes go, so it might have been a recent in our phenomena. Nicholas and wise coughs best chance at winning a major was the nineteen seventy five masters that he in and Nicholas had that were tight for the Lee gone into the last few halls, and you know I I He never really got over that. That was that. So we now hit he that's the point say. I don't think I could. I could never be as good as jack. He had a chance and I couldn't do it. It's funny like I think for all of us. That was one of the great sporty moments of earth sporting days of our lives right leg, it's the nineteen! Eighty! U S olympics that still number one for me: yeah Vernon, like Boston tea. I think Jack's probably number two
not counting like things that have happened, my kids in sports and stuff, but he felt so old when we were kids who sang my caddies for sale, and now there are four years offered in writing it. I felt like there's the part that hit me yesterday. I like this was considered like proposed graduate students. Ports is this. Guy was forty six years old spirit than a ray of about to be fifty like. It doesn't seem like you that all the gap to be sold some fighting that my fellow debts to fight with the Dayton barely jacket was as like one footmen re, these workers right it, the old, bad, the bear its eight Tom Rabies. Three years younger than Nicholas, was under whereby they fix it mattered. Anything I was crazy was how now on the radar was for CBS Right has heap, he birdies nine and they barely get it in time they cut,
in the balls like rolling in like out Nicholas gotta birdie in the crowds go nuts, and then we don't see him again fur another another. Like ten twelve minutes, he birdies ten birdies eleven. He makes these two really impressive, long like not cheap pots, and that's when CBS is like oh shit, what's going on here and I totally free he's the kind of flood the drive on the part three twelve, we were re laughed and bogey debt Then there like how he fucked up. He missed his chance. He was out ass when you're watching just the arc of that. What did you want to do Get that you re learned as your oh wow. That's that's! That's great! Why didn't remembered the bogey on twelve because I haven't? in a real live that whole by hall, but you know that I was more struck by the appearance of all of it honestly and just
just watching it with with fresh eyes the guy? These are all out there in clothes. They don't have any logos nobody's where had the clothes are handsome. Why do the clothes look so good now, You know it's style wise, like I wish I'd like to rock a couple, though Thou fish myself right. The second How do you bagging that about Sammy, biased heroes with the ninety visor- and it was just like to Make- labels on top of each other Nike hire a graphic designer baby. Six, like what you labels I better go. Is it that the big has just been switched over to labels are favourable? Nicholas had the yellow shirt with the pants. It was kind of gorgeous opposing arduous hat weird automatic. Yesterday. Has so alarmed by the lack of hats. True, I dont think advisers did three
people have a head on and it was like watching hockey with no help. It's like people, flower, your log as the sun's bake in their faces with no concerns yeah, that's right! We I agree with ass. I kind of like the vintage made eighties golf clubs lemme get. They would show closer to the crowd in the crowd, was wearing like fancy. Gal shoes disappeared, the masters and there like basically dressed up as they were dressed use, doesn't clicks on the bottom, impressive roused from eighty six prepared so Nicholas Sheets Authority and the back nine with the bogey, which is absurd ambling, but it really starts get Syria thirteen and he starts step and it up and then it I'll lead select sixteen when it starts to feel like it. I was caught up in the moment. Just watching like I know, he's gonna wait, I'm so
like really into it, and is that the par three and he goes up there- the crabs fucking going bonkers house? Would you compare eighty six jack vs, two thousand and nineteen tiger I feel like eighty six jack has the slight advantage like how euphoric the crowd was yeah. You know them enough doubt about the leader board. Last year for Tiger as he made his his charge still had so, any guys that could have tied him added, so it wasn't tiger coming from behind. It was folks. Going back to Tiger all the Sun Tiger was in the mixed like if you remember last year, he teed off on ten. He snapped the drive into the trees on their hands. Down the right side, and there was like come on Tiger get it. Rather I was live bedding I wanted lie, LIVE bet Tiger and then he that that drive I come on, but everybody came back.
Him, and so the last final holes last last year were kind of chaotic. Like doesn't Johnson left a pot shore on eighteen that what a tied him for the lead with Tiger it wasn't. You know this this it didn't have the momentum of of Jack and in others, the build really that's the legend of the masters for Our generation wasn't that nineteen eighty six event that where we were people tell you about a part of their the experience at Augusta. That's so profound is when you are hearing the cheers, echoing the bottom of the course up to the top. That really is. I was evident when, in nineteen eighty six yet Jack had he was still kind of living legend, but people thought his time had come and gone for actually winning another masters in when he started to come back. There is a lot of leg.
Comes the here. It comes. You know he did have that Ali type of any its. It think as he wasn't on the same level. I dont think as Ali Jordan from a dominant standpoint, but there is a mistake about him that you could feel wax in that telecast oh shit. Here it comes that was very similar to tiger last year. You know, as I noticed yesterday, was the crowd. The crowd was a huge factor is when he within a couple of tea and sixteen and the roar was so loud there. Any good was Tom was and not a gmo around the whole. Next to me, package, Emacs anyway, Waiting to do anything until the roar subsided to see what was going to bed and then I think, Boston with some makes an eagle eye and he'd mister. You could see he was really quick to hit it and wherever the commentator wasn't like, he rushed it because he was trying to get in between the crowds going again for Nick was tat. The little roar like affected other guys that take were not yet
probably come back, but that was like a factor. Is I'd better get this before the security wall then so he hit. He sticks that shot on sixteen, that it can even see and then he's walking from from the tee to the to the green and the crowd Fuckin reacting like the rolling stones are coming on stage after its three Srebrenica noise. Then it gets quiet again. Then he makes the pot they go backers and then you know I I felt like nor Norman may never hit it. It's a fork in the road moment for his career. If he wins ass, he might have one like Twa. I know you got hurt later and that he might have just ripped off majors. He was so talented, but I did feel egg tat crowd the karma of the fans rooting against him. He makes I totally forgot. He birdie seventeen and then, and then he hits is drive on eighteen right down the middle. It's like per it and then that second shot
He's got everybody on the golf course she's been like fuck up fuck up Bill Newton noted newer and he just like completely shags disconnected shadow. It's a lot of pressure. There s a lot of pressure UP to it, though he had the town to be up to. Eighty just needs just didn't. Have the brain I mean in others here. He is possibly the most talented, most disappointing golfer in history. Like you, you just made the point. He could have easily had out YO conservatively the eight majors he he never want a major and that in the United States, incredible. Handsome guy wasn't heartbreaking. One for me, they're now get out got is no ninety five. Ninety six was horrible yeah and I very much holding out a media handsome offer riggers you're watching him in your leg you oughta scream at the tv, is tackling you ve been going backwards.
Because in the woods her that Mercosur, seventeen with the yes sir. The night. I still great it's a bit, but I actually knew this is I watched a documentary by a couple years ago channel, but poor been right. He did the yes, sir, before very long twisted the yes, sir. He did it on fifteen it. I think it was even easier. Fourteen or fifteen Nicholas, it's a shot, hits the it's a pipe, and it goes it in Ben radios, yes, Sir, the better, this joint, he got robbed the yes, sir. Before luck with yes, sir, I don't they look was ripped it off, but he did that yesterday, before locusts, Thank God waiting I was bitter about it, didn't get more credit for the yes, Sir, thank God we have twitter back. There had been right. What and going I heard, my quest will look closely go. It was a good like I said it. First,
line when it came out of my mouth an hour ago and is joined, is underrated, and that was that was good, like the battle is joy scandal that British, what was the nets nets went fall nansen? Sixteen, for these, like is like the bear, is out of hybrid nation swayed that the sheer Metzger she Gulf Adapter was born. He busting out good feedback for that great hibernation, larger weeding out of it He really was young, didn't as The other thing is you're watching them during that turn him in recalling stuff from the Seventys and you just filling Jim Nets has been it's almost like half a century of him.
Somehow being involved in their knowing something forever government. I also forgot eighteen Jack comes pretty close to the one more birdie which would have given him Eight birdies at the back nine, it would have been a bird is in a bogie and in the crab that must have been one of the all time. But it still see my grey headed to apply. Often Gregg Norman One of the time this moment for me second chats I feel I can win terry- was gonna Rudy gives Nicholas. I don't have those bad blood there. But he eat like almost either created over for Serbia couple different times. It seemed to me, but business in the bag for Soviets all she road is like Nicholas, not a great shipper because got back. In Jack. It's like a legendary blow over many major here that point. Seventy shipper I've been trying to do something I made you pick out blood. She pick up. Some of these.
In a phobia with the foreigners in the front Gaia yeah, it was overt absolute. I dont even really understand what with them The vision of a was a result site. They were saying it. This would be terrible if one of these guys, for what are really weird. I dont know the height of the cold war that Iraqi five had happened. A few months but neither do- I will take it out at seven above stairs. I know somebody was like Wendy was the two ladys like a jack says not so fast to the foreign invasion. Shut down borders. I take it easy catch, however, whether it was something like that so ass to Europe, easy it is different America back there. If there is a first care America, I am. I feel, like the jack eighties,
masters, which I remember when Connor and I were figuring out three thousand four hundred and thirty. It was always in one of the first five it was like this is we have to do this? This will be one of the first ones and then somehow never happening the thing that strikes me watching her Is he was forty six, in the way like normal people are forty six. There is no like tigers, however old he was last year. The masters he's gotta so trainer he's got a chef. He's got all these different things. I know we had some back shoulder stuff, but his body is like a rat guards machine, and even when you get a little order, there's all these things you can do to maximize whatever your bodies potential is Jack was just this forty six year old, guy who's out of shape and couldn't see had a pot benefit. The third, its absurdity when the masters would be like a sixty five year old within the masters now right, going head to head against a young, Gregg Norman. It's it's in conceive
oh really! Well, Jack's. Forty six now he's gonna help, remedy cut down to three packs a day older. Jack was a smoker, but your average girlfriend failures by started so does the capable to his chapter age element jack said a health care keys, steady, potato chips, It is these that Turkey is birch soda under the guise there, the waiter, Ology is now. I wouldn't be surprised if we get an old player somebody over in summary, in their fifties that that comes through an wins, a major and the masters. The british open are the two leading candidates for that. I thank London right yeah. Does it out everything about that era of of growth? America and golf Jack was the quintessential, though Norman was really the fur
sky guy who introduce the idea of fitness end into Gough in one area player Gary play a really first, you not thousand pushups a day But you know Norman in this house what with what we, in a statue of that. You wish then twenty of the way they covered golf back then golf so the thing so like the most that I just that they should bring back in everybody's code. That is the graphics those old school can clunky, but there's a class in is to it. I just really the graphics me just kind of giddy. I don't know I just joined them. Would at what did you notice anything us? I mean it's just a tall Force of the commentators we didn't know at the time
then it was gonna, be this lies in the sledge in this large, and this has led in this leginn and having that array of accomplish. You know television commentary, it was so effing, fashionable. You know what I mean. It was just really soak so classy, I don't know yet today line up with a line of a final date to everybody that was in the hot, like that they showed the final couple hours at a wise. You know you make lists. What's in like Nick we're rising price. It was great at that time Period Tom Kite, who has been around forever legendary occurred? A stranger Crenshaw Tommy, was. I would have I do in here, but this everyone has their nose, but all these other guys like everybody- and there was a legend you know there is no harm in tat. Is like a great Norman right. The sharp there was nobody was just like some random found. His way like to a lucky Sunday, Orson
this happens in these terrorist list. So a major report that happens, stewards, I'm dying barely ever heard, also beside it was like a pantheon half an hour now. I believe, I think, one of the reason we probably watching this yes, rather than that were in a quarantine, their satellites Dune, Anna, just desperate for content. I its masters we can write. This is our first first weekend that I can remember, since I've been alive, were at this specific point of the calendar and murder Can I have the masters and really struck me yesterday? Theirs it there's a time, a sister, the masters in the way it receives everything I felt a little bit with opening day not have enough, but they kind of fucked up open they were opening day was taking place in March in Japan and then I'll send Indiana sat like I don't even know what opening day was and when we were there up. I was always you know that first Monday,
ran within a Monday. I was smaller, was never the weekend and then it would just go a very played in baseball started, but but the combo like wrestle mania and the masters always felt like spring as you know, seem like you had the and see a championship game and then the master it would be like the first warm day radically, Worcester, so that we could be out side and women go inside watch the master. Is you don't want to see a term? It was always like the first scientist. Bring the now nobody really get out the sheer than that what has been as yet bishop has a view granted with Armenia yeah. I mean I very early on MIKE Mike in March started. Just I just turn off. My brain, I say we're gonna- have to just turn everything off for a little bit and it's basically for me that, though, trick the mind trick. I've played is its August. Nothing happens in August.
I just you know we have vacation to look forward to that's gonna, be whenever it's gonna be, but it's it's quite Otherwise, as some golf going on, I don't really care about it. I'm not gonna watch it. There's baseball, I don't care about baseball till September. The really isn't anything going on in a daily way right now. I just feel like we're in suspended August. I was thinking that golf was probably the ones for we still could ahead. Even even though, but then I was thinking how the social distancing on a golf course with the guys play. With each other would have led to so many like fun like Brooks captcha she's ploughing within everyone's supposed stay within seven feet of each other. He just briskly walking by people separate them that subsidies or who's the guy who's. This slogan, Together we ate house maybe homes as one my arms, I feel like Social he'd? He can't handles playing it
reasonable speed up a guarantee. He can't handle social. This did say he would have factor about, but at their of it how many variables Stata think they could have done it even without fans. I think it would have been too weird, but it's asking to be November, which a couple people pointed out to me. It gets dark at like probably what five hundred and thirty dear boy, so when do they start, though they'll start early, maybe less people, while no, they have not field is ninety six player source. I'm a normal size, masters field and they'll. Have not now be in a sixty guys, but last year they put the groups in in in three, they had three man groupings and started. It did not in the morning because there are some fallacious whether coming Tiger wanted like one thirty mile, he I dont say they have the ability to have to move
things around, I haven't heard the plan yet for what time they start, but those who have to start early enough to get it in and have had wrapped up by like five o clock. Five. Thirty see us. This goes back to your thing of an old guy. Could it be there are used to getting up early in the morning a thing all the time I like a dinner for thirty and be a bed by it's perfect personal data with it there you have it on the schedule. What's up the measured bedding separate there, but the old guys the blue played special gas. What's, let's audible, politics Johnny. I know I know you ve been a huge fan of everything. Trump spent doing what it would have been. Your favorite omits you know my wife has been like it. I would even say that happen here. What's it was gonna, would you think he's gonna happen and as well? You know it's. A tough is really talk, because, obviously we have this
and you don't want people to get sick it all people die, but you also don't want people you don't want. The country in the world to go into another great depression. So I said you know it's really tough to thread that no, but luckily we had the steady hand to each seller to guide us through these two to risk it out so home, because I've been home in bridging early death and watching summit was pressed happen Eddie, it's just astounding to me were all he brings up. Is that he had this check no ban from travel from China, and he goes on this thing about ice. Did I stopped different from China that, like the only thing they did is literally like a guy. That's like forty years old that talks about when he wasn't. He had the winning touchdown. I swore linkages but lives this moment as the only thing that it brings up
goes on and when he gets a problem is like petty fuse with deep reporters that asked him when he's got your questions at this time. It is just like a breathtaking to me that the skies are present at these times and then he brings them it's about, like the wall, believe all this claim that, like you know, he came in, there was no ventilators and was no mass. Just like the art, had no ammunition you just as these things and he gave it up The army had no ammunition, isn't sailor furthermore, indignation is, I did know ammunition. People just accept that really, your noble, no all absolute hired active military, really really gonna go it. Now we just go with that, so it's just it's just the stoning to me and his view. He has built up to this point like the luckiest time, because he became prison
you can't tell me was in good shape. Now I got better, he let you know Peter probably feel they got to run against Hillary Clinton. It seemed like a good deal. Everything he did came across his basically like accidentally stumble back ass words in it. Eggs, didn't he gets it with this big ears like suddenly, we realise that we have like a reality tv up stairs our president, and we did you deal with a pandemic and a possible oppression, and it's not re times not write a great They are. It's funny that he's, though pretending some of this stuff didn't happen. It be like a house, and I did a pike ass after a draft where we got or before draft or after a draft where every single analysis we have was completely wrong. But there are like two things in there that we got right and then we just Dantes, damn zangwill ivy. We tried it
By Danville Mitchell House, you were on that first, the ito we're better if it were percent they the cliffs. You know why I just wish this was Democrats, Verses Republic ends with somebody else is this should be an american thing. What is the thing like that? It should be like all war war footing where we're like you know everyone's gonna hunger down enough to make sacrifices, You know doctors and nurses. Obviously people on the front lines are making more sacrifices than the rest of us that we slept the sacrifice. Think like you do things they do booby nice biblical politics aside, but in our daily age. Now country never put politics aside. And everybody is always gonna like throw stones and an end. I don't know why president. I could have dealt with this. The other some presents a good deal with this better than him. Certainly, there is no precedent that would have kept this night our shores? Presumably at them like you were prepared, everybody ass? He wants. You know that
the mayor of New York was saying as late as, like you say, Patrick's day, basically keep going, We still have the same Patrick's day parade. They cancel at the last minute, gonna restaurants. Deal. You know there was a lot like, maybe people and other say not a big deal so the Sunday rest everybody. You know guard, but I'm in trouble just come out and say, like USA, strong and like really not having the ability to a worldly things might be a leader in like inspire people. You know I'm no offense if the are being a conservative, but after fireside chats impressionable work to do then Churchill, you know, can you like rally p show them like some empathy would have something just comes out. Does this like western pounds chest and talks about the that their fair air travel air? China and it's like what are you doing now, like the guidance will move a better on this number? Who spent visitors is tense ITALY's pencil
no was governor, has some understanding of administration and like love, like leadership, the degree of why you know being a leader politically is it the alien demonstrate Lee and poor things need to be we things around. What have you trump is completely out of his element is completely out of its own. It is just like your chest in and threatening the virus is fake. News is not really gonna get us through this or that the coverage is being used to discredit his prey. In its answer but who cares? Can you just save some people and it always maybe opinions will be reversed? Their right always is just a flu. It's not a big deal with suggested the harm him and then went the severity of it was really puts them. Never like well he's always been I'll bet. You know before anybody else.
Joe gets its ridiculous, but any would hope that you say it all exercise after we just went him is passing it. What are you talking about politics aside in this during this time of crisis and everybody come together, but an unfortunate like those times their past and where does to rise as a country, it would probably not have anything The aliens to come. You don't have to listen and before you don't need you to fight against the aliens are something in the island. That's gonna happen either. Has anything to add. The single thing That I care about that, I'm focused on gotta watch him. I can't watch any of those things there useless. Thirty they're, not helpful info. Asian. The only thing that matters to me is the status of testing. We can't,
do anything until we have mass testing we're out of this until we have mass testing and it has to be the fifteen minute test it has to be you know, any person that want to test can go get a test, and until we get to that, Why were we have to keep doing what we're doing we're gonna have to keep zoom in like this, I'm not gonna be able to come out to California in an age in Korea, because we have to stay behind closed closed doors. The if every their wake up to see. If there's no news about the testing and every day, I am disappointed so far now. You know there are incremental positive signs around like Abbot labs, coming up with the fifteen that tests, but like the governor of Washington. So why continues on the backside now of the curve and is wanting to protect itself from a real
surgeons from the resurgence that they know. Our is is coming and they have a great number of tests. They have accumulated them now, lay dead, there's a supply, in problem. They don't have swabs so like and that that's because of the awkwardness, coordination at the federal level and the state level, but you know I think singularly I would my. There are many many things that need addressing the on me ventilators all of it poses you know enormous logistical challenges, but we can't take one half of a step until we have testing and so that that's the thing that that's my interest in focus right now, I realize, I believe, will judge Joe houses. Luke Doktor Anthony, Funky, wholly cross grab your house's right. There is number two, a Catholic.
Polygraph you're. Just a thousand solving this he's fast, you might be the most popular lacrosse grad we ve had since Bob Cosy oh yeah coups in him. There's no question people that way ahead of Clarence Thomas increase Matthews apparently had occurred. Matthews has think about that all we all of the the casualties of the last euro through two or three months old like we don't even get. They enjoy Chris Matthews abruptly quitted greatly about this right houses in the most danger of the three of us could seize. The closest to Florida are those dumb ass is who were parent. They didn't have the news or anything we're just out beaches in spring break and just live their daily lives like that that the bad could happen, and
God only knows where of them of God, but I think it a day from the farmers marked out in a way that was, I packed. It was like from last weekend at the weekend before it had to sleep people are really worried. What are we doing here? You know, I know it's nice one day, but you can't be like created in places just can't believe so. There's I don't know how much power walking is in your neighborhoods bet there has been a lot of our power. Walking away is suddenly a city where, when you're, you knows usually your trapped in your caused everybody's walking and there's the eight psychic Kirby enthusiasm season gist of the walks. The though rules that people are breaking you're on a sidewalk walking fast, there's somebody
take. It is slow straw with their on their phone. They don't hear anybody behind them because they got their fuckin air pads on and to walk around them. You gonna walk on the street as cars are coming and keep her six feet, they don't give a shit. Then there is the fuckin joggers who they're just in their own zone. They have no problem like sweat and as they walk by, then you have the people that are dry. Like they're they're on their unscrewing the Chernobyl reactor. Thank why wavered walk outside. If you were here, twenty seven pounds of clause ed here, your entire everything is covered, like maybe just Maybe just walk in place around your rumour said they begged the dynamics of it have been pretty pretty crazy I went to her. We water dogs, so many times is like please, is the least she like Remsen hides now he loves to provide still like no more, please I'm tired and I went to the package.
Had ever limited. Like five people in the store I observed waited people came out and they gave me the signal become in. I was the only guy the place not will bring us is, as you know, the barest those I go. My darling Will we get out of here? It deserved my mother in law made us all face now, so I will wear that now. The teacher such a different world. We go out everybody's laboring surgical, face master. Dennis Fashionable based master, it's crazy! It's it's just it's crazy! It's not how I would see Dramatic seconds you guys are wash your hands there. Let us was like there, two thousand solid twenty to twenty five and then like probably legs. Six, my hands are so raw, so dry that, like the skin it burns now that are so like Gerald and why so? It's like you know- and I left the house so
it's just me and the kids in the dog, my wife, so you know I'm not as diligent I probably should be has How is being at home other time with your wife and kid affected, all the different porn cams and differ Other russian mottoes you ve been in contact with thy. Does that just slow down or to stop completely? Not not not one thing that you do. Said, has any resemblance to the truth hours your trunk moment right. There lies with the fire to drop press press conference, and I say my office downtown I'm sitting right now. Space that I'm in there's. Nobody also my whole floor and I drive into the garage and I'm in my office. I don't see any body size, been coming down town for a few hours a day, Mainly tattoo
It sure that my wife and I don't kill each other near. I it's it's funny like this. It's been a lot of family time so that decisions family we're looking at it like we're. Never gonna spend ass much time with my daughter again in my entire life back EAST is now the age where they don't want to be their parents. So it's like well now, you're trapped, you have three other human beings. You can interact with. That's it the earth. So from that standpoint, it's it's in a weird way from a fatherly where, like man, I'm kind of can a kind of enjoying this specific piece of it cause. I know it's gonna. Have the ship's gonna sell Jacko use delay you're, all their daughters, younger the minds a year, you're not at that age. Yet who had our teams of sheep and rights and social justice these authorities of the ego yeah how'd you get here.
In a room alive. You know on your phone and doing whatever, but we ve had moments of like she's. I wanna go sheets and baskets and the drive bad stuff like that, and I might even though I may not necessarily feel like I'm making. Our society is one a real chance do this again six month, she's not going to want to know me. You know that you going to go off to college eventually, so why shouldn't? I should embrace these moments while I can. Done a lot of that. We watch movies you now we watch that we wife, both Jumanji, since, as we say in Iraq, is a national treasures. So here we have a lot of family binding it ain't gonna, walk slowly, how'd you get those everything's like the sand. Six to nine months from now we're back to being chauffeurs fur daughters. That's it we're build Buber drivers that are unpaid, absolutely just where, regarding point, eighty point
How do I sanitize enjoyed nothing having to drop like get up early on saturdays and drive to soccer games? I must admit, like that. I'm happy about that. If part of me is like this is awful terrible for the world and everything else granted, but I don't miss driving the soccer games in, like the forty five degree weather, I'm going to be honest with you, I'm okay with that. Houses in a different situation persists say is like my son, where they're just cite this is great. Give me home out there you guys you d, better food. It I've watched you ve, put video games. How luck in this last Yeah, I'm a short order, occur cook coming. He has it I'll get. My please, some more water. May I please have, whereas these have get up and go get yourself, but I will say, though, the opera, today that you're describing of of some unexpected bonding, we did watch our first Russell man. Together all the way through, and this
that's a highlight, and we already have circled on the counter allay next year March, the twenty Eightth. I think it is we I mean we really love to Mina that to mean a shock wave that there is a five way female wrestling event that was part of it and this this good good, healthy sized and she's tongue, and I dont know what her background as samoan but again up on her and I couldn't believe it and then she came out. She basically flung them all off of her, so that to mean a shock wave is in a lot of play at our house right now
yeah. We were, never I've never been wrestling driver. You had me at five way female. I watched all the rest of any of my son. I just can't get past the no fancy in enjoy it as much as I wanted to you realize how much of wrestling is geared towards just people emerging from the back, their music playing in the crowd going nuts or the crowd booing them. When you remove that now, it's just people kind of. Fix, have major German around with each other, yeah and grunting. They said did we cover anything anything else. You want to think about a Bernie Sanders. Jacko, Well yeah. It's amazing. Like the last time we did a part, as I think it was late middle February. You- and I and adapt pointed look. We were likewise Joe Biden still this raised before gather life, and we were like
his job, I'm stillness raised very basically one. I was tied one. You answer we know about were like this things over Christmas, Easter fired, partly because he was I when the Germans invaded friends and over ninety forty was over by the fire. It was saying that about ready centres in about it would like he was. Iraq's I'd like to be the nominee, and now here we are late in real time. Since I was a hundred years ago that in real time it's only two months ago list, two months ago and end birdies God everybody's got in and binds will give guy whether they really did. I guess we were likewise body stillness raised once again. How did you get. The iron killed in Nevada arousing. What's he doing in this phrase? It's a joke. He's an it's incredible, really incredible turn around, and He seemed senile JANUS no data. We like barely speak in the end, the debate since it was like this guy. What's he doing, it was like watching an old athlete on on exactly
note this could be setting up to be like the perfect dynamic for for him, his best chance to win, because the opportunities for him face to face with other people, and have to be articulate and speaking as he can read from a teleprompter at the you know at the zoom version of a democratic national convention. He just read what what's in front of he doesn't have to be up doing the thing. So in that respect, that might be helpful to him. I actually have. I have a better idea than that. You know they had that deep, fake technology for, like the hour, men where they could make no younger brother. So I just say they should have somebody else doing all the politics with and just like put to sea judges face on the person but halves. Buddy hire some actor or something to several bother due to speeches, but we have to remember It has been said, screen pilots face
above all, though, in everything and that is despite and deeply divided, The time for him is like in these amazing things that I've seen like snippets urban. Admittedly, there probably offer the editor. Whatever is not being done. Even like in the zoom from his basement, like reading from the queue card so earth, he seemed a little confused things are the technology. What have you so? Your truck on one side by side does not related firelight minutes I'll. Let you know you know the economy taking a global and everything else knows really. I was watching the night when he won South Carolina. Anyone I sat was texting. You guys he gave that speech. It was a little like the eighty six bastards for Nicholas, like he led the way back machine he's. Fucking awesome, you are, if you
text that nay you'd be like that. Guy that guy's gonna win the presidency, and then you watch him zoom now, and it's like out he's seventy eight, so yeah, don't I dont know it's it's quite a battle. I know his house that I missed an incredible gaming opportunity with binding heading into South Carolina because we are absolutely at it. It was all lined up the next. The next couple states, frahm and bird, couldn't win Florida anyway, there there was real gambling upside, but just seem so in camp in those debates of his tough to even think about it, who's, the vice president gonna be Johnny. Did. He wants you, people it's either gonna be eighty closure or PAMELA Harris. I thought I was putting all my money and unclear Bashar, but then I saw this thing on Twitter yesterday Kamala Harris did something where she like has a joint fund raising thing with Dnc, as that's rarely done.
Play songs like I wonder. If that's like an inside scoop, Kamala Harris might be too much of a like a you know, maybe a little risky for Joe. Where is Klobuchar, probably a state but it's still you don't think the Michigan Lady can do it. I don't think so, because I think everything with true like she already public able shaggy, I mean I think, like obviously wants to have a female I think it would help him to. Let me have a governor would be helpful. She's younger she's Michigan, which is in the MID West, which is huge, but everything was where she had this thing, we're like trunk was like withholding stuff from her because she wasn't regulatory enough of trust, which is even believe, but then like her story, how to follow up the next day at about eight. She was getting what she asked for, and it was just
like governments, National recently ended the trunk, so I'm sure, like her first for an international stage when tat great, I think, like closure Harris had been tested in the basin background checks everything. I think the Ngos we better for him closure, I think, would be good, picked men, westerner Harrison bring some things to him to be like young dynamic, asked an american outbreaks of their party wanted areas We have to win the female make pensive. Maybe he should pick her well I mean it. You know you're the peasant put Nicky Hayley and there she was such a minor or maybe passes Do I need to put on a wig and claim his name is Mikayla. I was just trying to think of who could be the female MIKE Pence just from a personality standpoint, you'd probably start with somebody who they met a Marianne Williamson Saturday
Today. This, though There is one on one against pants in the VP debate would be pretty good. Now she likes you should be faced. Is our how you don't think there's any Elizabeth Warrant chance right now? I'm no! No way to render way it would turn out more people than it will attract and then what is Bernie do go forward. Well, interesting, like if you're burgeoning you know journeys by eighty only Bernie has not feature in politics. The interesting if you're like a Bernie supporter, your kind of for trunk to win, because if Trump wins then, for years from now on, the Democrats you be heavily favorites. When the White House, it would probably be to Elsie S time As you know, for that wing of the parties to be Elizabeth warring or ever see, take up the mantle say see we ve nominated an establishment, with Hilary, and we lost me nominated and establish reversal of five May lost now is
turn this is where the party, even the ideas in the party are. This is our time to take charge if binding wines you know you're Bernie you're not going to burn he's not going to run in a twenty twenty four, presumably, if it wasn't biting it would be his vice presidential candidate. Vice president, it'll, be Harris or be closure. Bernie shut out, then I'll see you shut out and then, if like they got an email from sue me, what they buy that doesn't run again for years. Well is any, does actually save twenty twenty eight. Burma is not gonna run when he's ninety six, I hope or whatever age. Eighty six. What every day now I'll see you gonna have likely that have a democratic, followed. You term Democrats were so really if you're like a burning, Tiber, ABC type, your hoping trump wines, because then for years
now you're gonna, take the mantle, no question say you're, saying if you like, the all time, burning, cooler, drinker deep down, it's actually better, yet I do not, for my perspective, is it you know of the wilderness. Conservative Republican who doesn't like tribe is therefore needed for binding inviting you couldn't be a cabinet for four years he hoped for years from now. You know trumpet The wilderness in either maybe Donald Trump Junior, like at least thinking, is like the discharge is on out, live from, or its trump is another of the Green Party. Right. Is it just a cold, a personality around Donald Trump once he's gone? Does the party go back and say in our eliminate, like Nicky earlier somebody who's seen another druggist? to be our nominee really go back to the way we were.
I don't you realize you never say in your role is crazy, said save me the trouble to quarantine only better need, but let's just assume for argument site like this orders or does the parties they will now it's Donald Trump Juniors type of August. Who knows caution with job, was to lose. I like eighty five, eighty six year old, Bernie Sanders making another run any might He might maybe your primary two thousand Zodiac delete fibres binding for years, but he wasn't socialist or not, but now I did have a seat at the table, the other eighty five year olds, I mean the thought abided being the president for Here's what were worried about him just getting through like this election psycho right now, this next for buses- I mean there is that there is some speculation but he would say earlier one for one term: her lover of my vice president, that you don't want to go in his present, it being the biggest rattleborough you and sailor,
Do you want him for forty years? Nobody spoke gone, so you don't care, so you wouldn't do that officially, but maybe sort of like a weakened and now that we're gonna be denominated twenty twenty four, but even figure like, whereas vice president is as Monday slang up over a burning eighty six year old, don't worry I'll see! You were like that, you know the glossy or whether the socialism, the moment there is, no God the Plaza has which sports commissioner, would you vote for over either of the candidates that we're gonna doesn't have, silver immediately. He Adam silver singularly saved our country. He shut down basket and read. That really was the public moment when it occurred to everybody. Mass scale that we needed something Rudy Go Bear saved America ridicule Baron Tom straight through that was, age. Are you shut down atoms over the weekend? China he's been here.
Even weaker China. China last week, that will be a documentary. That'll, be somebody with a document or about those four days now over it. For me outside examples like how big a deal is prone viruses, I too would like to shut down the NBA. Then Tom Hanks here It was like all within a matter of hours that happen, as is exactly right. There really was enormous the notion of shutting down sports league like Shit just got real. You know. Well, thank thankfully firm everybody out there. A wholly cross grad was able to provide some sanity and some intelligence, and it wasn't the three of us, the tray, hey, you know what else I also learned to Sweden be numerous times and all possible nice association. Apparently there was like a joy. Late night show was deeply Colbert, no Brian last night, and I do this even call bears Father was a wholly cross graduate
but it turns out that call O Brien Father also went to Holy crossly placid, forty, so one of our kids, it's gonna be a late night hosts. Given the outer space lab, so here I leave and it has been Simmons will someday. Be the king await my money, that's package, as Fatima whatever, where possible, the President had James House Ass and stop helping his pants. Many can bear. They were trying to get better pants everyday thou be a beggar was dress of house. I'm gonna see you on the two thousand to redraft Abbas tomorrow, yeah do and were taken for next week. Jacko, this worked out great. I just Phillip, we should do it. It had, I They both their space of time. We didn't talk baseball, but I guess we could save that for next time. Before the talk about, we did have there were to corrupt,
silver linings for us from a baseball standpoint. One is the murky bets. Trade is no longer the worst trade, a red Sox history cause there's been no based by yet in many other areas. Other you didn't have to Google earth Aaron judge his. He took a couple swings today. He started to fill your ear that whole vortex for three months, because it was our daily bring training at me. You, sir, actually, I'm waiting for Jean Charles. They can be the first girl with carbon twenty. So what I m in terms of building up Because I'm sure the way is it really has done, there will be a yankee I'll, be the first person to cope with twenty. That's it Baby girl then keep up alive jack, outhouse great to see you guys, thanks for their deserves, thicker I love you. I thanks to World Central Kitchin. We have another podcast coming this weekend.
Mean reseller. We have some fun stuff plan for that when an couple we watch was next to a couple book basque while life- hopefully I know it's a normal, but we can at least Pretendedst Roma Homer do impasse but stay safe at their listened to doctors. Listen to this. This, don't trust anybody other than the smartest people and energetic can touch it. Ways.
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