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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to recap the first round of the NFL draft, including Tua Tagovailoa sliding to the fifth, the Packers drafting QB Jordan Love, the Cowboys adding another WR in CeeDee Lamb, Goodell embracing the boos, and much more (2:03). Then Bill talks with author Chuck Klosterman about Episodes 1 and 2 of the ESPN documentary series 'The Last Dance' (55:30).

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Useful clause that helps our hospital earth emerged, workers and local restaurants. Please give it up Can the money goes directed world central kitchen? It's a charitable donations. Once again the ringer outcome com. I stubby see K. If you love the Arafat after a highly encourage you to go to the ringer dot com, where Danny Kelly did his draft a grey swear. Roger Sherman is probably be writing about the funniest moments. There were a lot of them and the Ringer NFL show as well. They break down the draft right traffic resellers podcast! I he! I think he has Chris long on to jinx it, but he ll have a part as well, so we will have plenty of football content. For you. Come up. Cousins Now he's back member that guy then shall close from him on a talk with Michael Jordan Duck so this affront pad first
friends for projects. I wear tape it ass. It is nine. Fifty Thursday night, Frank, cousin, Salazar were staring at each other answer. I'm so excited talked about this trap, a first, let's go to Tom Rinaldi, For a very sad story, Tom Backers, Is that what he's doing I don't know? I was such a happy night and there's just over. Don't forget. It's like Tom Rinaldi is baby daddy cuz. I can't here's another really sad story. What happened to the draft? When did it turn into this human they did you watch the naked eighty nine draft
financing or they will allow that yeah. You don't find about that drafted. Just talked about football. Now, like you had today, you had the Green Bay takes a quarter back out of nowhere. Twenty six. I wanted them to go first. Take for the next twenty minutes. Unless for Rogers is he had a green bay and then instead, there leg: let's go to and soak has something happened to him when he was a kid I dont know who this is for this for my wife, I must have been numb to it because I was just so excited to see football back or some kind of sports or something after six weeks of nothing fell like gum. Do you know what they say like those old people that, like are able to see colours for the first time when they like seventy five years old and they get some like corrective surgeon. And they all that and then they pulling a bouquet of flowers in front of a better life. Oh my god, my god. What am I looking at here? This is great. This is out things use debate and it wasn't bad except for yes, they did they did. I put a lot of the sad stuff
it just was way through human interests. There are so many great football pots. Going on here, and you know as soon as there is this cowboy. Well, I want to go through a one by one but like even little stuff leg. Cd, Following all the cowboy fans again super excited all the Ngos, fans are for buds Slater praying that how boys don't take home and that he drops to the Ngos with a huge chip on his shoulder twice yearly torches, the cowboys energies theirs. The ship on and they were dismissed it left right. I thought it was a basic. They did the telecast with everyone zoom like like kudos them for their technology, but I want a more football talkative had all college football guys doing the draft. There is no full butler, whereas Briski, where was anybody to tell us what you know like real hard core and avail stuff, it's an NFL draft as a college draft.
I didn't have a wall Mcshane had to take back, see rank as he Yang either Corona, so that that heard a little bed for sure but yeah yeah. I didn't. I didn't love a lot at the beginning. I dont, like deck Adele, makes one of em for the Boeing. I know you hated that too, I had no, we come up with. Aim for Harry and we're like texting me into the general trifecta and Harry will throw one in and technology now you don't get to play this with this. Is that so that your game? This is our funds and Israel, the booze. They definitely high either a pr team or a crisis consultant team. The frigate to be like hey Van we gotta, he's got a big Seymour Harrison wow. You know it's a quarantine, you're gonna, be by yourself you, the personality of a shoe. We thought! Beware own! This booing thing: what about a hashtag and where have a zoom board behind in every time. You turn around and show the pick two, the fans who, by the way, I can't see the card, because
there are staring at a camera. That's the back your head, yet probably can't even see him right. Will you take an eye out of them, seeing him and then both sticking up a few along the way and that you would now and then he he changed- outfits Dryad yeah? well now. What is it like? But that right is shit sheets from Mr Rogers taken over in the middle of our telecast fear, but yeah I could have been a little more fun. I was surprised only one tiger reference in came thirty one minutes and you have a guy chill borrowed from the LS you TIGERS, so this Cincinnati Bengal TIGERS. His name is Joe. You got it Arctic, Joe all over the place. Throw it out like like apologetic to use it when they do when they mentioned it, but could have in ten minutes an exotic guy. Well, let's start there with job burrow He seemed dismayed, he was watching and I think, with his parents. Nobody
seemed happy there, the drapes close behind it just everything about it was depressing. He got wrecked. Take a house! video shot? I don't know if it gets taped well, or hand or whatever, like that. I don't think the replace were matching up without a warrant but how many months here that he knew is going to the Bengals like little more excited at don't I don't did that strike you at all. It seemed like a quorum Jeanne version of what that that really looked like what today's draft represented right a quarter he's only there with his parents every subsequent pick we saw had like between five. Fifteen members of an entourage respond so here obeying the social distancing rules, but no one else really is and yeah you're right the fact that it doesn't match up when they shoulda play get drafted and where he actually finds out is drafted, it sounds like the antsy double. I see Does a nice job that if the way like three seconds for the answer
A tournament selection Sunday when the team, all the sun, goes crazy, but this was twenty thirty seconds, behind, and then they get on the phone with their age, and it was just that park had been a lot better for sure they'll be like doing this adzuma zoom that so people can see me, but it would be like I hey. We decided, give you a free blog for the rest, your life and impersonal. Just staring ahead motion it s supposed to be there. Most exciting moment of like the first twenty two to twenty, years of their life courageous staring at a tape them enemy of speed when their looping over the bus shot of Ghana wreathed with airport that staring straight ahead over and over again We can't really speak for a man and when it actually sinks in that he's playing for this since an added bangles, so maybe maybe at all, really caught up to him wonder when the cameras were on their. That was thought about. Favorites of parts of this was people trying to think as if nothing had talk about, there's no sports
and you would hear and sports? I, our friend coward, a couple times cup other shows where their leg, you know what would it take move into that one spot. Could you overwhelm the bangles and it's like now, you're the bankers there that date they never trade down. They don't do anything there, the safest franchise. We have data, they really wanted. They barely one even on the team that trading backwards there I'll do anything like that. Again on this get out with one day, someone asked me like what is it worth bedding borrowed ago? Number one as it's a hundred yet the lay a hundred to win a dollar, and you know me I I love doing stuff like that, but I could not justify that during a pandemic losing their hatred I'm sure investment pretty bad well before we get to address after the high for me. Was you made how starting, think about draft bets a few hours before I know you're on seventeen different tax changes things, but their for one day it felt like we were back.
Where do I did too bad? I split. I lost a little money, but I had to in the top five part with city land to be the first one we're taking his third side now, thou on an ad hoc, any other and add, was the pats not taking Cuba in the first round if I knew they're gonna trade down I don't know why I in bed the paths to trade down it was the most obvious bet on the border was minus one. Thirty seven we talked at it tell them about the funniest better. We back, the hair is special, well hurry from against all odds. Co host, and he loves here single handedly ruin. You're gonna kill Harry's season. Last cherry picking the when rookie the year. He did this they always gonna go very early in the draft and he likes him, for me as you and Harry lives, in Arizona and he stocks. These players is a fifty year old, weird man, stalking these college players and it does help that the guy's last name is Harry. To so he's got the outer jersey and everything else, and so there was a prop on the ball
What did what it house duty here it was a guy that deny has ended up taking right. I, u, the the wide receiver fray ass, you over rigour, the guy who the Eagles ended up. Taking from t, see you and I and the Eagles drafted before the niner. Ed and Harry, went up in flames again or down in flames. As so Harry add the air, the guy diagnostic going ahead of rigour right then, of course rigour. Others, the Ngos and by the way that the other fun part about that without the eagles fans are upset yeah. They hated they that guy yeah they, I think they. If they wanted a receiver, they probably wanted Jefferson from you, but talk about what the cowboys did, but they really screwed up this trap with that. I don't even know if the Eagles take a receiver, if why guess they would take lamb if he had dropped, but maybe wasn't on their minded, take a receiver at all unless the cowboys did so well. You know me I
I don't really get into the NFL draft that much because it's always a playoffs, some guy, I gotta know what's going on, but not really, and this year I was there too and it seemed like it seems. It was sixteen guys and that it dropped off. The cowboys had the seventeenth Peck, is like it. I was laughing ass, a cat says: gonna get screwed. Unless somebody screws up, Finally, the Falcons took the d back, who I don't feel like was in the top. Sixteen, I thought they're gonna take lamb cuz. If they had taken him she is, it just goes. It goes to a different level, and maybe some of those guys are as good as the top sixteen guys, but it really in danish colleague, I drafted for the rain or same thing like here's. The drop up whenever draft has one, and you needed it, somebody to make a mistake and that it finally Then, with that I led out. I guess, even if they did it d back, you would have thought so
What a trade it up, because the Lamb might end up being like of fourteen, opera, especially on your team. What fertile is thought about defensive back for a second, you now Detroit all the talk about them trading, the pic and everything. What are you going to do and then they stay put and they get the corner back from Ohio, high state? So oh good, but I don't like why that is the least exciting position, cornerback or safety for anyone to take, because these guys it's such a different game going from college to pry know you could say that for any position, but the speed is different. To be listened to, the experts say you are really getting lucky and maybe I'm maybe jaded, because the worst cowboys first round pick ever was Mars clay born from unless you and they d, I ended up. They traded up to get em. So we have not. Had any success with de backs, but then, when Atlanta took one, obviously Detroit took one in it and it's gonna like? Oh, my god, we have to
a glamour and I'm freaking out like what is going to go on here is Jerry's yacht gonna hit a wave and his mouth is gonna, go flying and he's gonna malfunction. The computer and something he was on a yacht. It's gonna make the wrong pick, but for God's sake she did it, and now this orphans, maybe they'll, give up forty five wings, but there's no reason they shouldn't score. Fifty I mean really it's really great gallop and Cooper, and see the Lamb and Zeke like there's no excuses anymore for anything, and I do think they did for Dac. Also because it's like hey, we got you back, even though not paying you what we should a page, you mean lay your last year, two years ago we gonna get your back, we're still building around you, so you can't really set out to be so. It is set up person classic cowboys fashion. He got involved in a social media controversy that night when they had the grip of his girlfriend he's wearing a cocktail dress so that when I already get people going,
took one of his two funds and he grabbed it back here and then that became a whole thing so's. I perfect controversy that the cap so ready they there. I advocated I would even given the card think Adele, yet his early at a kind of mercy, while she took to phone that had the contacts of all as other girlfriends and maintaining the other frightened. She took the wrong phone. You gotta ways is Busby. How about that its? did. He lives the feds. If our wives grabbed our phone, we wouldn't rabbit back with, does a vigorous, I hail into somebody grabs by further touch my vote. I would go for around the Ralphie arm by lady thought too much go. Let's talk about to go to. It feels like he by drop earlier in the week, but I think we just have to do this sort of dance and then it becomes clear that by a mere the charges are probably taken up. I was thinking we're gonna trade up to get him at three now the life
sure, just eat out, just more adds to the bitter end they take occurred, owes you know down coroner, I'm sure is awesome, but they they have. The worst defence of the league he's just convene Chase CHE cigarette wide receivers. For twenty second says they have, though pasturage rabbit, but to add five give the giants had four. Why don't you seems like try to pretend they're gonna take em no Miami wanted him the whole time in it comes out, which is what we predicted been resell on Sunday night. They did get a doctor and two as they did give to the fiscal. Course they did the liner yeah. I never was of a believer in the hall. They can't work these guys out. It's like this is easily the bigger decision, they're going to make in ten years, they're sending a doctor and a hazmat suit to go where this guy, but to get him at five. If aid, the people. I know who love college for barges added their mind about how good he can be. That could have been a legendary pick rate
I was wrong about another thing about it. Why not too, of course like if he had played full seasons, he would have thrown close to a hundred pat touchdown passes for Al I also would have the husband trophy either of those years easy enough, but yeah he's as these a specimen in a peace. If he's healthy, you have to take him and I talked about taking corner backs and defensive backs. That's where the lions the giants forget it. There are a whole different volume and they did exactly what you said, on Monday and Tuesday, but has actually they sent smoke screens up on foot twenty, ironically making like air, think we live just in her burns. I got no one fell forward like yeah nice. Try but you're tied to Daniel Jones here a lot of problems and you you'd better protect Daniel Jones and Barkley in his last few good. Years here, but the alliance Amazing Alliance or the team that could it down at the right yet because they got Stafford whether they ever won with them is expensive, is probably that either the talent
his primer after his prime and they could just got in this momentum going like we ve sent our doktor to check out to a wii really love this guy, we're gonna. Take him at three. I just feel like somebody would panicked yeah. I just stopped I take. The word gonna run a league that that Stafford contract is so hard to unload that it would just just taken a lot together, get the matter that spot So you like to Miami out enough. You heard because they only mentioned it. Seventy times there in the draft, but very their guide Alabama faintly just won most popular guys in their campus. I heard I don't know why that would be that they ever go into it. It just just a blanket statement like that, Where is everyone all it does, is talk about God. It just seems like pretty boring. I wonder like what would so magnetic about him. Impersonate is just one of those guys were yet when your act the rumour them like, I like to think our friend Daniel, as somebody who's Baghdad at grand about. How can I get you a drink? I got. I could see how,
would be like a beloved guy. Now Burma Camp has but absolutely to receive them straight error. I don't understand why he'd be that beloved, maybe maybe it's appealing to severe Adam and see how you gonna get injured. Next, maybe that's fine, but I don't know why else, while now. Let me ask you this: what how do you look at it? You look at it like Tom Brady Dodge the bullet. To us in the area of the EAST or Tom. Brady has to compete to be the best quarterback in Florida, so who are those whose the Florida patient to mention yet yeah, but it out so let's say two against Brady Seep: where was where was Jacksonville in this so I was hearing all day. That was the big move. There were trying desperately to trade up what the lions, but it just didn't work, but yet they should have now to believe you if you're the lie you could get seven and nineteen for three, and maybe like second round or Somethin Dino two thousand twenty three or whatever, and neither
a good airy? Take the other cornerback when nine and then you end up with the nineteenth picked you up. Much rather have done that if fund the jagged like today we thought g men shoe. We thought that was adorable. We enjoyed it, he was frisky they don't they don't. I they think he's their next quarterback for next ten years rain? I really think that a play game in the rain. And then it was done like you couldn't even that- and they said, but then they keep saying. I got no he's our guy. We have to build a random. There were twenty six than the league in because I I thought you do. Lamb was go and nine I like the jagged or the first team, could actually take a receiver ear and cd lamp. The jagged fourteen one to the cowboys. He was thirty two want. I mean no one aware he would fall that far, but that the jagged would take misfortune, like, while those good value, and that, if they are being true, their word that the Gonna build around gardener Menchu and what did they take? They took a corner back and then it
the later on when they take your. They took a defence, another defensive player. I hear they took a defensive guy back because it either actually lie. I wonder if the patriots had targeted because I was right, after that they are, they traded added twenty three right which, which The lack of an hour wondering if that was the guy there, a kind of waiting so yeah. They focus on the edge gather. My eye was right, yeah He found a little patriots e jacket, the two they now you know a lot of people made this job including these Davis, but it is finally thy day they got their team last season and it's like tanking for two. The roles off the tongue- it's perfect. This is before Jabbar burrowed turns into like eat out Jesus Christ by Diana getting of anyway, with five in there screwing up their draft back down the stretch, their.
Winning games, they they're coming together the brain Floris thing. I thought it was a great story. They end up really screwed patriots that nominal three seed, the Para lose next ran all these things they do correctly and then they still get to her again. I was just going to say to you whether you believe, what's, which are the Ryan's, ended your dynasty, whether its Fitzpatrick or or tat a hell Fitzpatrick for sure, let em to victory in the regular season. Like you said in a game, they should have been trying to lose if they wanted to and it all kind of worked out, doesn't really make a lot of sense. And the thing is, I talked about this on Sunday night spot, but its ahead or miss pack. It could be a disaster, he could be other ways in two years. He may be brutal. The analogies might be why those things where, in five years we look back and we go a man. There are so many signs that this guy was able to hold up as a football player like we knew at every talk, their subs it to it. Go the other way and you go man. They got that guy fifth,
right here, but I really believe it's driving me not so you and hands they all my god. We better not get too, because I think Peter King sets up like that. The patriots with trade up. I think that was his big move, that there were right up and get to a new alike are no. We can't we don't want like. Are you kidding me? What do you want talk about you're the best quarterback forever. Now, if you have to take a half a year off and get an agenda at the chance of having at once again a once in a lifetime quarterback, are you what? What are you crazy? What are you talking about that? You would want him there. It was in God's planned. So listen, I'm very comfortable with what the patriots are doing there clearly tossing awaited. Thousands worry, I gotta have nine figures, a cab space a year from now and I'm sure they're gonna, just put it together bout go figure out a way to go down and seven it'll be the most garbage roster they ve had enough since the two thousand season and
bag. Oh my god, what a coach job by Bela check! How did he do it? How do you get these guys tonight and seven though their third stage? down at thirty seven and seventy three? They have a bunch of thirds filtrate back again, you think they're keep it thirty. Seven, though, probably move back another time and grab more deeds and its use to Larry S thick, and I shall do the story dab This is my son's first draft gap. My son just really gotten a football. The share in he was really excited about to draft and he studied the top fifteen and his egg, but he switched puts on the pastures. Yet like pick thirteen zero began, I am a ban, we're getting trade at the first round of just why we're gonna? Think of that, and it gets said, twenty and they do they serve method
what the hell that's one pink Lily Jesse had never had it, but it sucks or Youtube trades out of the first ray, it's kind of like the reverse of waiting, for Mary duty in your there all day, and they send you home. It's like out. Thank God. I care for nothing. But now- and now you're waiting to three hours for your pages, and usually you pick like thirty first of thirty seconds, so you can nearly as long as the today tomorrow, when they have other pigs, which is flying by right nowadays that their barely even going over what's happening. Meanwhile, today's draft we get in the background of every guide, every terrible thing that ever happened them, but the fact is that they wouldn't take a quarter back in the first round and that that that wins because they traded anyway. The fact that it was on get to technical here- but it was mine- is to twenty before
on goes Tampa Tamper and then it goes down a minus one. Forty I got that was crazy. That wasn't saying that people thought oh now grant is in tat, possibility excrement men take Jordan, mob air, something that's just however, works right. It's definitely not how he works either in the grand thing the coverage of was so bizarre to me the guys I he said in an interview a few months ago is like I've had at least twenty concussions I've blacked out five times that failure surgeries like I mercy. He's my favorite patriot of all time I'd. I dont think he should play football anymore in the air which said that if he came back to the patriots, I just think it was, over he just spent entire year, where he lost all this, wait there and a eat out in for Tampa to keep them on the cap at ten million bucks. I thought bankers in pay him ten million dollars a year and they ought to say what it. What would your over under for games grants plays for the bucks issue? seven and a half year. That's probably about right and the fact
you talk about betting, like the market totally over corrected. They are like Eighteen, the one to win the Superbowl they went down a twelve to one went grant drunk sign there, in favour to one a division and they have better odds to win the Superbowl than the same stewards. It's bizarre and bizarre a guy. We talked about it. He struggled to score three times thirteen games two years ago and twenty pounds, a girl better version of Tom Brady? I don't see how this works out. And he's a whirling champion now, defending what does it twenty four seven title I at least I think he's gonna be PAN Wally's, while we saluting the flag for the anthem, someone's gonna Martin, guy unroll amount from behind hopefully that to happen and weak when everyone, did me a bad one. Brooklyn traded fur. Some guy net from the south and people were leg. Acting, they were getting Pearson Guy net from two thousand eight and they just
the same guys. I still thought it was a good trade because at the time, some might they're giving bladder protected. It's him. I did some of the Eurogroup the top three pick and the draft they were planning team, but they weren't the guys that they use B, I feel that way about Brady, definitely feel that way about rocks. So when you see their tweets and people that they took that tackle, go them at fourteen. Now it was get back here. He was in every draft everywhere gone from forward over fourteen, and I was seen tweets about laying laying out their now have potent it's gonna being Grogan braided site. That's all fine, but Brady's, forty three and crack with two hundred and twenty five pounds like a week ago, leggy she's gonna be people right accurate. I don't know why they feel like this year, is bandwagon teens. Who may we call that last year, with the brands we were all over last year, the bucks feel very bad. Wagon aid. To me. This
we always look at them. I'd love to go back to all of our priorities and pod gas and that I think we have the the box going over and winds, probably seven at the last nine years that their ultimately did that there, the let down team of the annex c. I think Did I ever get your thoughts on Brady and the stern interview talent. Talking about how Giselle wrote him along letter about how he had to be a better husband That really made him rethink everything and it was a comfort, Jesus Bomb and firm and other stuff. This is due hope that our wives don't hear that story, because I just I don't know how the quarantine treat new, but I feel like any any day now there This can be a long letter on my night about how I did to be a better husband. I really have just says that, starting to tread
thou? Why write a letter with the wives can screaming at us any chance that we now agree that where there is an inviting us, we're we're in the same house we're stuck here, but now yadda interview he just to boring for me, I'm sorry serves a great interviewer above all that, but I can't listen Tom Brady it was a time where, if Howard Stern was in viewing Tom Brady, you lost your mind right. If you listen to it forty times, oh yeah, that those days are over first and other big another big ass. Apart from the draft Green Bay, yeah. It was a fun draft. I was having a great time. It was so nice to have football back. Just like I felt normal get into the quarantine draft a little weird Green Bay on the clock, and it's like Manna refunded they took a Cuban geez. I remember thinking that my head, but that you think they'll take Are the receivers than they take Jordan love now, and it's just going to be great, and I daresay they could it just talked about that for the rest,
the draft our had every year, guy who is on car, just brought an ASEAN to just be leg. What is this babe, Iraq, is agreed by its we're going to do to mar Outer no other drafted draft wouldn't like that, but it felt like such a fuck. You now that there are reports that he lost his mind. Rogers he was blindsided that didn't give a heads up and he was but out I don't know who would say that or see that, but and this kind of defies what everyone thought that he did not good relationship with the floor now the whole time out exactly what does he do as you gonNA is going to sit, for two years are, and I also think the report is a little afraid of Aaron Rodgers. I think that's why that in talk about it, I don't know, weird kind of thing would Aaron Rodgers, where you don't I'm not afraid of him you're not I would have taken my wife's been why just ploughing through below deck and Roger reminds me of like just the way. He's acted the last few years he's like one of the people on below deck, who
going out for drinks tonight, and I see that one person avenues. He drank selling man. There's did decide those guys in argument aegis, feel s happening. You know, Rogers. Is gonna, be a deck about this idea? the mortal lack of our time, Brady with the grasp of thing it. Is the bothered in the whole time, but he never made a big deal out of it. I think he just sadly seed Rogers is the other way who is just going to L B openly be a deck about it. You know I can give an interview. What and also in this love? I don't know this is the love for love. Is I don't understand what comes from the guy do like seventeen interceptions last year pleasure percentage went down from like sixty four to sixty one like the fact as it this guy. That was the one the one, but I want to pick them over nineteen and have to be drafted over nineteen and after a while but I didn't think you'd make it the first round bizarre to me. Well, Other thing in this happens this happens in hoops to the homes. As
hot guy right now coming out the super Then there are you know you're, not a bit of mom's got. Same Connemara, homes, ability and, above all, by its like. Stop, though, right down, please now eight remind me of, went dirt started taken off in the early two, thousands and there's that draft with nickel Tis Gaviria, who went like five to Denver, Rayner Leg, you guys a mighty mosey a lot about a dirty whiskey and it's like now. Now he does it isn't right anyway, there to escape by lawyer. That was done, however, is what recommend, because they compare him to my home, is because he has there's tape of him. Completing three passes way it through side arm or something so right if you're in high school you're in college- and you got all your stats align, make sure you have a highlight package of you throw, unlike aside on vat or something behind your back or southern, because it's gonna go a long way. It can be compared to Patrick MA homes, at least by a couple idiot reporters
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We're back, you love the receivers, whereas the avenue receivers. Why what their gather raiders, Sir Henry rugs fastest and the draft this year and they combine last month, fifty two one odds to be the first receiver taken off the board. He was plus three fifty going into today, but how about the robe? about the role that what he's wearing a role, because even set foot in Vegas, yet John Grown, look company? I see him in the robe gotta be a little concerned right now, even in Vegas when People are out yet and his property Megan despite the gold himself and hang overdue Do you think he wore the robe? Has he knew he was heading to Vegas, o interesting I would have somebody would ask him that he looked IKEA. Just had a stand in Vegas and was trying to figure out if he should go down stairs for branch
right- or rather I assured her room service, like you- had the kind of Guy term yeah who, out of all the people that we saw just from leg you know their house their living from all that stuff whose living room they do the most suspicious that they were being paid up at booster cuz. There's a couple where it's like. I thought you were in college. I felt bad because it's some code, you would think we're doing better for themselves, and then there are some points Yours, I was that it was interesting that that I wasn't looked like an economy lodge or something but forfeit. Yet a lot of pills able do. Did you realize that pull tables were the spoke? I want if people just ordering pool tables during the quarantine that they really have. These pull tables like two months ago The only right, yes was the shipping the we'll tables there. Now it the best, was Nick, save and had a pool table.
Like this little pool Roma, like all pictures and sat on like they think Nick Saving Shoot, they're gonna. First, they say hey. What's your substantial best to free the big night report tables for sure tat, their lot of I wanted more. Mason and who is in the room like a lot of times you could tell. The agent was if the residual one white guy, but There was a lot of like right who's that. Why is that person there? I just wanted everybody id'd. If we're going to do this quarantine thing, I just want more information. Let's talk about Goodell, so good that the ends. A light. I'd they decide all right. We can't do a draft. We're gonna have to do, is ever Vizier Mouth Roger came, carry this, he Sate Roger, has the personality and the wherewithal like this
not to say something like Jimmy Kimmel should a hosted they. They should have actually had a real host right near right, yet not not get down by himself in, like a basement, bunker new impacts and try and interact with people. I did I understand why they pointed the way. Why took on a lot right. I mean it's really, it's a bigger risk than normal. Obviously, but I think I bet going his head, he is like this is the biggest event. This is something everyone's looking forward to after this there's nothing. There is really nothing for all. May young couple, galloped, ornaments or whatever, but I'm going to be the star of the show and people going to. Remember me cuz. I brought this back and was MIKE Alton at the way this. So I think he had Much like a lot, a guy who guy who hold the daily press conference in happen reminds us, but that that idea but it was easily could have gotten someone else right. What was hardly anything coasting in this NFL draft drafted at her husband, the Oscars legacy?
Jimmy. Does the Oscars? He does the monologue yeah and then how many more times is he on tv, like eight times. Coming in at a commercial sees red impacts, he's turning, to the zoom, he's doing when a silence is an there is pretty complicated. I'd though at that, say by the asked it I guess year, then they asked them to do a little too much, but they are doing the Oscars down. The me to era was that was not easy fatty flight, Harvey wind was blowing up. Where did you fear? Had you feel about the Zoom fan board? The twenty five just like ok, so just stare, the camera and then make noise when you're too makes a pic. I added totally understand it, but does anyone else absurd atmosphere? Yet I needed it needed that I mean they're. Coming from what was it was hundreds of thousands of main maniacal fans in the street in Nashville, Last year you got down,
How do I got really shouldn't be anywhere other than national on until they announced that it can be in Vegas outside Caesar's and you're gonna, got rang logical that the players, in to be of the ushered in the biological founds like? What that? What is this last so majestic and now it's over computer, would like a little like buzzing. Knowledge and everything, but I wonder one that was all shot him and they had to have that. I think they had that all and they want to take any chances like. I said with that not what were already advance. What a moon, Joe House, what are hung a moon right, the Redskins! If the Redskins traded that pact there would have been something that they can take any chances with that. Yeah it was lab were over under two and a half Cox there right. This is his absolute So you remind me lab onscreen for sure. I think the only reason
might think it might have been live. At least some of the pigs whose cause packers took Jordan love. There was a guy in the zoom one. The twenty people who, as I who did who liked lean back in this below around here. What I wasn't there others upper air at they live in we really were said there'd Rogers Camp that would have been. That right for sure, Aer Lingus thrown Seltzer. That's it apple yeah. Then that is being go and zappia. I didn't I just I don't get it so did why some of that one thousand nine in our draft cause. I thought that was, I can't believe, how much I enjoyed it again and also how bad some of this debate with a talk ass, where people on camera that you should never better camera boomer. Just obviously guessing picks pretending that no energy
yet to call him out on some of the pic calling in writing love there. I was so into it, but her people They say that thirty years from now and they go back and watch the zoom draught from twenty twenty and see Berger on there, and we like what that. Why was this guy? How did that? What he was the booth also for years before maiden, replace again if they just can never replace them every quarterback, they asked to do it. When do it so ended up doing the european job for fifteen years like how we can accept that's not it, maybe it's all relative it. What's the quarter backdrop offline before they just decide to go back to bigger. Interesting is TAT, I don't know Brian, where the physical. The bring some of the old ones about Ryan Leaf. Maybe they try awry leave when they go aromas. Robust back up, They just went after her Kentna Naval Jenna So my ears and I met you-
there on the last piloted by sons been watching these football life documented and watch the Tony Romo in the end, what she Emmett Smith Line, which we we say you a little text, robots, aroma, one now zags, so where'd you learn about Roma. Would you think, and he is like he was good- never made a super bowl. This might by twelve year outside its free access for power suck. As all bad. That's what that take now, never ever made its appearance, and I was thinking about a Roma turned forty this past week as like, while imagine if he had this crew Fortier Tony Roma, with their what gallop and trooper and see lab and seek out. Why why? Why can we make it work, but now, is come back. That's what I said I said do it is done both job and come back on the gridiron. So now, what do we do so now Is it really? Let me ask you this: what.
Over under two and one slash two of the four major sports comeback by September you're going under. If I give you one hundred and fifty on the over, I think baseball comes back first, okay and then I think basketball quickly follow so there's two for by can't figure out how did a higher for bar, where I just I can't do it with the bubble thing that there really is a basket. You can't put thirty two teams and fifteen hundred players in sixteen stadiums a week in a bubble. Ledges doesn't work, I don't know do it so rat you eat might have to do something where you quarantine, everybody and they just fly from venue venue in bed. I I can't figure
now what we are seeing with America now some of these states are just saying I fuck it were coming back here if, if the virus grow so be, it ass, the girl, but its regional right. All this stuff is regional, like it I'll California, very careful like I'd I'd. Like I said, I saw on tv as I who theirs for family members, maybe not family members. On the couch summer, older than that. Freaked me on a little bit, but also You announced that our she was playing Georgia on Saturday. There would sell seventy five thousand tickets tomorrow. All those people die from by Monday, but I don't know how would go but so yeah. It is regional itself. Michael Irving, on my ipod gas on against the laws. I asked him about this as what about a quarantine would would it. Would it worked for the ninety two cowboys? Would they be able to stay in a hotel and just like live and he's like? Listen, you can keep to play but you can't keep the Ladys out itself. He thinks it could work
what that crazy team, if it could work with them that it could work with anyone, but well, I'm surprised to hear you think that football is one that's, so you would go over two and a half that I'd I'd say I would go under two enough. Can I gave it up? I can't figure out how about work and tried, and I certainly do is that a bunch of rocket scientist running that lay like I have more confidence in the NBA coming to a really Mart safe plan that they put a lot of thought and to write but what about the fact that no league cares about their players less than football So that would be the case for football coming back right. Yet exactly and you can then say it in the draft tonight with it was almost by region some of the sum of the people that had like fifteen people. There has, as I get there in the south like that's. Rather they think the viruses, just like a flu I am
I don't know, I have no fear for football. I think baseball come back first then, bar, and there were some golf majors I'm worried about you. You know like a talk about metal. The last couple years. I worry about your mental health with if we get to like July, there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The full Vijay's generally worry about you. I hear you're should reward you deaf. We should be worried. I need football and the fall if we want to start in October. That's fine, but I definitely I absolutely needed to come back and it's fun. I've heard different things about basketball, honest Lever I've heard they want to shut it down like how do they do it without affecting two seasons? That's what football has gone for them. It still four months away, but do you start ask a born December, which maybe they should do anyway, go December, two July right. Why think if they can do the abbreviated play in July and August. Then you take a break. Then you pick up Christmas all the way through a new just redo, the scheduled that becomes a schedule. I just think a lot of stuff is going to be,
friend am solely reconciling with that in my head. Just like whatever life was like up until six weeks ago, is just not gonna be if any minor, be some different version of it. You now it's depressing, but this is like our version of a world? Were you now? As I wrote, where to everybody's life was different dirt. All right there and then is different after it. Maybe that's what this is gonna be late, and I hate that hate it. I hate your saying it. I hate it. I am indeed just give me some kind of treatment by the fall that I know, I'm not gonna die from this, and but let's just do it come on, we get smart people put it together. Think there would be that one awesome doktor just comes up with the. Comes out something and then their guide as victory torn here or that lady, whoever it is sent out of doctors, and so is on Jimmy come alive. Today it is a hero in their price rises. It just everywhere that person goes is treated like keys beyond, say. Basically,
there's gotta any that guy or that girl out there somewhere. Meantime we have Jerry Jones picking Cd Lamb and then that, no, if there could be football, experiments, goods Chairpeople Airbus impair corner. Ah, let's do it Others did. I have a lot of time to re watch things Anna, I thought as a family. We would sit down on Friday night lights, one of my favorite dramas devil, one of the best dramas ever on network television. If you have the big about right like what he put up their lost not too many others, it tat big here right. Great my Son plays Football, probably won't in the fall now you're, probably going to forgo his sophomore year football. So I was like I let sit down. Let's get some football. This way we sit as a family, we watch it I notice my six year old, time, while a guarantee is on tv. What's your name, cheaters girl
like a galley, maybe Keller yeah, he lights up a little bit and enlarging yeah. He's, like you know, there's the make out scenes with Jason Street for poor Cripple Jason Street in the hospital and there's her cheerleading in everything and she just she's just perfect my six year olds. Look I'm like a hair. So do you like Lilla, don't you- and I know I don't- and it takes a bag of popcorn- throws out me, which is not good, because we're trying to conserve galleries here now I gotta go all but a floor and pick these colonels up, but he's so it throws the popcorn at me, and so I next spend the next forty minutes trying to follow shop, a picture of Harrison looking lovingly at little again certain rigidly Anna. I finally put it together and he sees it and he forgot Those knots- and you know one six year old, just give it give it there I and yet beat the shit out of you and now ass. They spin, like
after right, like you know that what was that owes a dumb thing that MR me Oggie had and in karate kid too that thing you would move back and forth and supposed to inspire, and that's that's what hours and these wave wavebands hit me with a left in a row. And a left and right and really went like twenty five and the whole family turned on me. They're all pissed off and the like. You better not put that picture on grandma like why not what the hell did, what it is for a six year old friends on Instagram gonna make fun of online for free, on a school again for another eighteen months. There are no free and got no instagram account. What do you want? about so that was a good day and a half above the family. Not talking to me or lower Geraghty jokes, I didn't How tall is, but they do hit that sweet spot somewhere between six and seven, where their thrown the punches light that by other Ah, but there are balls like granite
your boss, yet their bows lower legs they hit. This three months stretch were even though there is little crazy, little people that you kind of failure. They can kick your ass because it's right a barrage under testicle other stuff. It there's no way the above it is like pop lie in the cartoons. Is I leaning over just will go into town and start yet is they swing from side to side, and it's like five punches in a second making. This gamma fear tired. I have to have pair corners, one is my son plays me in with some friend that he made somehow who lives in San Francisco them is I was, and they face time too. So it's definitely a little kid that we made sure. But it's
Come this running joke down in our house that miles of forty eight year old ban and since it is about as read so so, child child seduction and are the terrible things like just a barrel laughs at the summits week. Six in the quantity of eggs has lost a mile, so you guys you guys going to get department together like it's. It's really it's really getting dark, but my daughter finally ended up having a quarantine date with with the boyfriend which entailed, I'm wearing masks and my wife driving over to his house, and then spending an hour in the sidewalk they hugged, but had the mass the whole time and then just interacted for an hour, took a picture then he drove off in their counted as like a date and really met. The latter is really good to see. Him was the right one,
The is what has happened to them? So I son same same ages, your daughter, ass, a girlfriend same kind of thing really just it was this last night. Are, they were like aright. He gets each other for forty five minutes. And there was a hug when we weren't looking and then my middle kid tat old item They became another kind of war and the house that there was hugging but yeah. It's it's tough It's really dont know I don't know how we would put up with this war younger. We didn't have all this stuff, Well then, they all have. The one friend who said the negligent parents and say was so it so he had just hunger. He slipped over the good, and it's like a right. Well that that's that's who care I will be in control of some other family is being jackasses. You know like so so now now you have to have somebody over like what is that? I think that
he's gonna how, but that is not how it always is, and we have the same kind of kids like therefore in California, the filling the escape parts with sand so these Borders are all over the place and there are some that are right. Was in their friends what might sign in their flap and asses, go by and I got a guy way and do but wasn't this idea what this did, what the Iphone like. We waited as long as we could until our kids had like five and so, and then I get an Iphone is going to be the same thing with social distances in and send an amount in the world- and I now feel your maybe I think we have to create some story- that we heard it's almost ass- that we have to go like apocryphal story of what, mad you hear about that Redondo beings, they let that kid have obviously had. I have a date her boyfriend came over, is a systematic and then now the whole house, as I am in a work on that, and the women
the parliament had tried it I'll try to sketch out some vague story, because that's what needs to happen, some some vague scare stories deck and not other fourteen. It's up to set. Can I get smart except there all smarter their smarter than are so I don't know if it's gonna really are, but this is led to some of the most depressing Netflix teen rom coms we ve had of people separated by the quarantine tried TAT get. So what's gonna, lock it ain't, you got you guys, you do, an internet shows are or were doing some digital starve. That errs on the other shows that our back and yes, Sir, that's tough, because you know that this was this was a special weak, but but I guess at all may not can be a lot going, and hopefully what do you think of it by June Hocking Baseball and I will end by analogy. I think german soccer comes back right. That's what they're
so I am at why, then I may well have golf love german soccer and will have baseball, but still not for another month, so you that fight island that had a Dane away was talking about. Is that a possibility? Is that correct the excited and felt a birthmark. I loom comatose back, at least someone's thinking right, someone's think outside the box, it's good for you there and a white and blue we're gonna go. If we have the walk to that island, maybe we will. You know Sunday, lives gotta, be normal again and will be guests in the lines and this, albeit fisted memory, because this is a pleasures- always gets into catch up your job by your buddy. I will bring an arm chair close to me and one second. First for all, our sakes need to avoid crowds any. We can right now. Well, what have you need to go the post office? What if you need posted
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Oh, that any long term commitment you gotta stamps that calm click on the phone at the top of the homepage and type in bs stamps that can enter bs stay safe. My France are it, let's bring the man, the checklist man. I shall close to remain on the line where taken this before the NFL draft, so, sadly, we Get to hear his thoughts about where people landed, but when he got the record now this tape this Wednesday afternoon, where should to have been drafted? Ah well, where do you think he's gonna end think he's gonna go there getting to the seven wordy. Maybe we'll shoot him then, like a thought: I don't know where he's at. I would say that he is potentially the best player in the draft at worst, the third or fourth best player in the dryer,
So I would say somewhere in job can, but I mean it's hard to understand this idea that they can. They can't see him in the contact. Your name don't fully understand his habits. They'll say about the guy is ill. I probably watched more elbow games than any other came outside of the pact wealth ass. He rarely made bad through whose, but I feel that I can almost remember everyone that he threw. That was portrayed says happens so rarely have burrowed was kind of the same way as a senior, but there was a big job. I just like, like through a seems just so perfect, Tommy, You know I there is a risk that no question. Well, it's all the health thing a minute, it's a hundred per cent. Budgets worried that he said other surgeries and what, if he gets hurt again- and you know I know
some concern about it being left handed, which is surprising. I'm surprised that still something that that people would factor innocent the potential issue. But now I like Good South pause when they become a factor for Balikh. There is always a thing about her Bela check. Love left footed partners like the bar came where they have their foot and then I think I got the opposite way. I guess, but you know that you and I left handed our lefty feel GO pickers was another one where's seem like it just seemed like harder if you were left a, but if there's no reason why I would have been harder. I want to talk to you about we're going to do a much bigger podcast in like two weeks about just the state of everything. You've been preparing quarantine for years you ve gotta, unconsciously, yes, you ve been right
you been ready for this moment for a long time, so you know I do want to see your vindicated, but you just you were prepared programme. Will fate will say that for the next one I just want to talk about the Michael Jordan Part Gas, because two things happen here. One is that this dark comes everyone's excited about it. There's no sports than it happens. Is this whole thing everybody she's at her big, its excited, but then there over the next two or three days some of the worst takes I've ever read my life, a complete, disconnect, we seemingly by age group. Where a lot of People who are in the basque by media, our basque by media, J, saner, twitter people, and it just becomes clear that they are we had no idea basketball existed it a major form before, like two thousand, I was shocked that people were so so
rise by how many things they learned. Just in the first two parts of the Jordan back, I felt like I just now. These things intrinsically as the do, but down wondering, is this just an age say should even blame these people for not knowing the stuff well should you blame them for not knowing it any the things. With learning in this Jordan documentary very good I'll, give you a drop their learning. Anything are a little but ancillary to the games themselves. Something. Maybe things you need to be around for true. Remember I mean I like: are there like the way you ever very deep understanding and say, like you know, we'll Chamberlain, bill, rustled, nay. Turning, but do you know all of the stop about their life, how they were perceived? the people around them? I don't know, I think it's easy
here to learn about someone's basketball career, then someone's sort of Canada, vague character? I dont know why didn't you you bet, I haven't seen what you're talking about none, I M looking, but it's like. I wondered what you're talking about well I'd, so couple basic once people being shocked and surprised by the sixty three point game thanks. Oh my god. That was amazing. I can't believe you did that which to me was always like this essential it. I just assumed everybody knew about sixty three point able our beds and odd thing I do now. That is not something that I guess or Pippin, not even being just badly Wolf Andor, paid for the entire. Ninety is a fight that, with such a crucial part of his entire narrative- and although I tell you this- I had forgotten about, is demanded, betrayed so kind of aggressively like that. I remember that he was the most under a guy inferred them
modern era is hard to find it. The apple of a guy, who was more underpaid at one point considered. Valuable. He was, but I guess recall that he was for all practical purposes gone like at sea like he was gonna, be gone, I'd forgotten well, and they left out that he almost traded that summer to the south tax because they offer them. The third and sixth packs and ninety seven which would have been Chauncey Bill ups and potentially Jason Grady, and then the the eight first and pick, which would have been Paul peers in Boston. They thought we. I was up there. They are without we're getting Scotty Pippen like with that was a done deal, so he was always kind of half way out the door in it and it never really high then, but I always loved him. I was always like a huge Pippen defend. I remember where you stand on this, but I was I was a huge fan. Oh yeah he's the two it declared site
prepared argue here the thing about this. This documentary, though, that there are certain things about they do fine, pretty interesting. Ok, now, the stuff about crops, ok in a way crossed his kind of depicted marginalized and pathetic, lay in right, because you know you used to see how an of noxious Jordan and Pippen were to him, and you know you have to give him some credit for how that team came together. But you know what I feel like: I'm not an underrated thing or
If it's so obvious, it shouldn't even be brought up to. Everyone just concedes this, but don't you think his decision to try to reinvent blow up the team at that point was just in saying: oh yeah, I guess strange decisions, and but here's the deal you talk about cities takes out there. I would assume, judging from the way sports me, it seems now there would be, lives for traders. Sort of defending his motives that they would say, like you, you got here, you gotta get you gonna change things before they start breaking down. It's like you, gotta make the outside that the idea of a of thinking about much you're spending and eyes, and all these things seemed like a very sort of modern way of looking at this. So I wonder, of younger people see this and they see
Chrome was doing alike like what course that makes sense yeah. You know that the tough part of trying to figure out what that seventy Oda looked like, as there is a out. I wrote a piece two years ago about how I do think Jordan, when applied, but eventually it just every door was see what I had to go chase a ring on some other team. That the key part, though, is Rodman, was basically done as a. Optional starter in the NBA and it was borne out the next year he his career is over. You know a couple months: the file years, so I think they were probably looking Add as like, we were paying so much money for Jordan thirty three nine. Whatever it is, we're gonna have to pay Pippin, it's basically just those two guys we're not going to have the rebounds anymore. We're not gonna the title anyway. I get off from a basketball standpoint. The part out understands, Why rainstorm was so ok with just walking away from them.
Is cash cow anyone's ever had here Ba be like. I can't and how much money he made from Jordan Year after year after year, why he would risk that I get the sense that he as the kind of owner who was like, I hired a general manager to make these decisions. I mean a step that something now like with like Jerry Jones and bookmark, human and stuff, like that, we don't really. You used to be like the Mars and stuff like that, the idea of being an owner was, you did not become involved. True yeah, that's kind about! somewhat I feel like modern development. This idea that part of the reason purchase a sports franchise is so you can have some control over. I think in the past it was looked at. Thing like a civic investment you made, and then the people hired made those decisions. I think he drifted grouse well think about so the next year Cuban takes over, I think, based guard within two years. I can remember the exact harbours, ninety ninety thousand somewhere in there.
And he was the first modern MBA owner we had and he is I got made on everyday. I sit on the bench how ever thing. We do. I'm writing this as a business. Ultimately, the buck stops at me and that's basically became the motto going forward. I'm with you maybe ran serve one to stay out, but at some point we, Madame money at stake. I'm surprised He was so willing to capitulate with crackers crass clearly combination of probably thought the run was over anyway, that they that this was their last chance to really win at. I don't compete, cuz salary cap Weis they couldn't beat him, do any more combined with it seemed like he Only felt like their organization was the red. They won six titles and he's already say that over and over again- and he really did believe that in that looks that looks bad. I mean cheese
can't say things like that and then he said let what was taken out of context and if what he said was what he claims he said Adam. More reasonable thing, argue docilely. If he had said terrible relationship with Jordan now their relationships in totally different. When Jordan went to play baseball but you'll, be they seem pretty tight. It seems If you wanted to completely reorganise that franchised, if he had weight to Jordan privately and said, like look you're the most competitive guy in the world. You understand how this works skip and get a play. Air you know. Basically, at his level, is much younger men get moving. If they would have made Jordan feel as though he was the person sort of controlling the reboot and he's like the one p? join may have agreed to me. I I don't think that Jordan's loyalty to Scotty, Pippin,
was that deep I go. I don't either either gets his loyalty was to fill Jackson. Yet if they're just said, hey, Michael we're, gonna trade sky or hey, Michael we're, just gonna. Let Scotty go we're in and try to rebuild the fly around you and fell. I think you would aside for that I have always been fascinated by the relation in general, between Michael on Scotty, because on the one hand it seems super tight. On the other hand, Jordan, like still seen, like his bad about the migraine in ninety ninety and well educated, and their very telling point I felt in this document anywhere one point: Jordan is complementing Scottie Pippen is getting all these reasons about what chips value was and then at the end he likes and that's sort of why I called Scottie Pippen the best team, a you know of my career,
obviously you ve got no right. Isn't he wasn't the best teenage like it's almost Jordan's, acting like the outer seed? I can see that he was great legitimate. There I'll admit, I'm curious to see how this documentary can last ten hours that a lot of forget, but those first to episodes were great, and there are a little bit in these things that I I just love lights here, for I thought was the most passing
part of the first two hours, the scene where the french tv guy is puddings my gun and asked for an autograph. That's great, then, and then after that game, the guy from the other team that the French or from other team, who asks for his wrists ban when the Might guy is putting out the greenest up on an asked for the autograph and the guy steps in talking about. Actually he made a perfect description. You lights, Jordan, shuts down like a robot, almost looks like he powers down steps to the south, and looks lore, it forgets. But then, when the guy asked for his wrist ban, his behaviour is even stranger. He doesn't seem to even look at the person. Does
seemed even now. What's the transaction is happening, gives it to him, though he immediately does not seem at all surprised. A guy ass for TAT was almost weirder like The thing that I really enjoy about watching something like this is that I've read so making heard with these guys have said but you really do have to get a visual of how they deliver information and how they do things. When there's no one nation to deliver and its iron. I just I love thinking about Michael Jordan's personnel. I just I could just sit here in my house and think about it for this whole pandemic. I just I, love it. I love the two. I remember when I, when without work about my book in fright, get ready, read that pyramid chapter. At him, and I read every Jordan book and there are some really good one. Second, you know he's, even though the sport of covering an athlete
changed over the course of his career from an access damp. Why? That's? Basically it Halberstam book is about the plan for keeps, but grace like I went from birth so the game where I was on the road with these guys had twenty four seven access to any one. I wanted to. I do this book and Michael does demon sit down whenever you had me, I gotta do after the season. Just never does it, but even deadlock is dead books, not critical Jordan. However, the help written a book I almost got there was hope you stand being like it's late, my career sports in part of my career. This is going to be the best athlete I experienced as a journalist. I'm gonna do a book on this. Now But there's a line against definite thou o their own great. It's nothing! It's a great book like that. You know that because filled Jackson, halberstam, as somebody who I really want to charge and I'd be like the Kinnock is respected. You really remembered from Vietnam and all the stuff like email. I think Bill Jackson
him information not just put on the record, but like you should bring this up the paper. You should bring this up to run harbouring starting right. That's it that's a real good books, but wait. There's terrorism The best book I remember reading just for, like what was Michael Lake bought member, that guy Bob Green, He rode. We can limit the Bob greenish cargo com, this he wrote. I think few books about Jordan, but one was like he just ended up having this relationship with Jordan. This friendship- and you know he was the biggest com. This thanks. About at the time he was their equipment of Jimmy Bracelet or whatever, and just wrote a book about his friendship and the things they talked about. And that was the most human kind, a glimpse M J Jordan Rules was thy, cares what his leg. What he's really like this? This? This guy, in the spike commercial, the posters I this is actually what is like as a teammate. So they we are now
and gave programme there is more. The Jordan rules is also like. This is helpful. Basketball is without any right. That's what you feel like that. They did that you felt Smith. Real yogi understands this up. There's a bit like what one thing that I listen before. I saw that the first two episodes just last week lot of its you'd, like every journalist who had seen this documentary advance was making sure people knew that they seem like the August tired people talking about it. You know it's there saying like oh episode, seven This is the one that's real regulatory and then your decision sort of emerged about you know. Is it a problem that you know that we of Lionize Jordan for this behaviour. That is now viewed as toxic and somehow like do. We need to read
I think the way we proceed. Jordan is a basketball player but sort of as a person does this make people the oldest prop people to do so. Think about the world in a way that we tried to move out of the culture. But you know it's like this is one of the interesting problems about sports, which is that would ever the parameters for behavior. Are the individual who is willing to push those parameters. The hardest will almost always succeed. And you can go back to the rabbit, were different for type harbour or whatever Bobby night, and all these people, these people, individuals to basically said what is the most sort of adversarial aggressive pasture. I can take and still be in an acceptable
and in the period Jordan played, he was on the high end of that he was. She was the most competitive and most demanding person and that's never going to be eliminated through sports. Like those parameters will change, and I think some people want the parameters to be different. No continually incrementally. But I just made that that if someone has a problem, a sportsman They think it sort of rewards bad kind of bad A bureau in Ghana rewards at the girl. Like almost a sociopath, a sort of desire for success. Like that's, never gonna disappear, then there's always gonna be part. I always. I was appreciated that with Jordan I do wonder whether it would be like in twenty twenty, and we saw some of it with when Kobe was
waiting. The latter that Georgia behaviour during the height of his Lakers craftspeople, starting to turn that step- and I put it in the two thousand twenty contacts like you know what I like- that Scott Paralysis, guy that, over the course of these ten episodes He really goes after an he's. Pushing pushing him and there's a whole pay. After that arc light would have sky in twenty Twond What a Skype, whereas I got my mental health, is in jeopardy. By my team, it, Michael Jordan. If it becomes like that, you know the biggest story: the weak. I am rather out another plays out. I think that you said like you really appreciate that with your. I think a lot of people did. I do not think it would be appreciated. Now now woods, be seen his behaviour and his mentality. We be seen it going a little beyond what the parameters are. You would you do it be it we edged? I don't
It would be the thing you know, and I think that like one of them, reasons, people being a love nostalgia, they love remembering things. You can look back on things and say that you like something that would be very dangerous to say that you like now like it Is there anybody can say that, like what they love about, Jordan was like sort of its governing juggler, take no prisoners and like only cared about this one thing. When people see that during the present tense, they dare not comfortable with it like it if they feel that legged, particularly if it's a situation where they feel like this person is going further than ever else. Your bet, it's funny you see in the dark he's there followed a bit of a bully, but he's what he's really more of a dick
then a thing like he he's all about like little barbs. They even see it in that one where they win the the trophy in France and he's just kind of like hey guys. I know it's the first title Sammy, but this does not mean we want anything in Asia silly needling I dont know. If that's anything then just somebody being kind of a deck. I don't feel like you in a bully? He wasn't threatening people you now he was just he's trying to men. A condition the guy what he had said. Go to war with them. I me, I suppose, in a sense, though, that he was a bully because he could not be challenged, because it wasn't just that he was the best player he was completely universally understood as the best play whatever live, so you could never come back at night when the
What are the stories of someone being challenged by Jordan and like getting back in his face? You'll hear about clammy brown being like job, my back or whatever? It's like that that never, so like. What's the aviator steep curse, the only one case in who Jordan punching but they're gonna, fight and Steve Curse as in the documentary in a later episode. He's, like you know, like a really respect me after that cause. I stood up for myself. It's like all Michael wanted was people stand up observes, which is worth a good way to leave, but also weird. I remember him talking about that soon after it happened, I think the
Do they had won the title he was like interviewed largest, I distinctly remember this thing. Jordan said he was like he felt real bad about hunting her. He was chewing the pillow that night, but Jordan went to bed shoe, lies below, and I assume that these Michael Jordan issued through the pillow ran over and then I called apologized Kurt But the way was framed. It was almost like Georgia feeling bad about punching him and apologizing needs clear one: the fight, even though there was only one much brighter good. You know well codify like he gave a hard to hand shove in the chest that go he defiling when Adam and then George punched him but yeah. I mean it's weird that he love that, but when he would challenge like Brad, sellers and Brad sellers do not fight back. Basically, they had to that guy within a year here there's something about it
Personality that he just had a constantly test and gamble with and compete with everybody. He was around at all times like there's a story, the have or stand book about. When went, Brad Higgins, Biederman Ping Pong once said: some hotel lobby or something Jordan with have bought a ping pong table and they just played ping pong until he was the best where in the tea like that's fucking, weird, but that's what he was like. That's how he ended his life the scenario. Is there a member who tried, but this before those sorry about this with John L Way
John, always to have guys overdue his house to play, pool the at this beautiful pool table and he never lost on it and he lost one game and sold the pool table through which had never heard that he filled the next day. Why is he had never lost on it now will be talking about athletes like this. It does their great stories that simply by it, doesn't it doesnt cross over into any almost any other aspects of life like you. If, if you like a fool,
Bob he able at the Ringer Office and, like I don't know it's like, like fancy beat you on and you'd never lost, and you immediately soul. The fools ball cable. That would be like an oral history about how you're fucking nuts, rightly with no. I wouldn't be like this explains why bill citizens is rich, the empty peppered think quickly, so this burden Mikhail used to have this really weird relationship. Where are Makayla's birds Pippen, but it was this big brother, little brother thing in bird, what I was kind of: stick it to Mikael and you don't like the famous Torrey Mchale scored. Fifty six and bird was like you should have gone for sixty and then he scored sixty and then by the end of birds after retired. He would always talk about how dentistry and was the best team that ever had
Robert Parish was so great and he would even after retirement would not compliment Mikhail the same way as those like waiting Macao is your best he make. Why are you doing this, but I know but birds. Criticism of my case was very specific and a different kind of criticism. His criticism of Mikhail with that didn't work hard enough and didn't care enough and that I think drove Bert Crazy gives birth to the guy, who was two inches taller than had up yell. Basically, almost on part in skill set, I mean equal knows a low programme without I got like lots and I think he could not accept that Mikhail thought what he was was enough You know you met here, look gravely load and his chance in dense jobs did get the absolute most out of his physical ability. I know, but the crazy thing about that. Take on Mikhail, as at Mikhail by all accounts after every practice was working
as the post game for an hour or two hours after that, keep put in the time. I am, I think he he didn't like that Mikhail didn't hate losing as much as bird. You know that and then you look at the eighty seven players Mikhail plays with broken forty just keeps playing spoke breaks at half keeps going it's like he wanted to prove to be he cared and meanwhile it ended up changes. Second, have his credit that superstar second banana thing is always fast to make cream a magic had all their stuff like magic was always afraid to kind of take over the team is whose Kareem's team? cream is aloof. He was the leader didn't say that much them is at once by time and then finally start rob in the steering wheel, little bed, but you know every team, as a one night that the bit Pippin thing is particular unused because after the retirement he's
a couple moments where he's just like that: a bronze better than Jordan and say stuff like that, where it feels like he's not Www Jordan seemed now says: Physic there's some bitterness. But how do I get rid of it? Here I mean it. I bitterness might not be the right way. It does seem as though keeping cabin is right in this he's, like that, you know, Jordan is never going to give Pippin extra compliment. You never get George, nothing to do with most. He made in that situation. You would use occasionally say a positive lie. The guy one time I remember talking about whoever has the backup quarterback for the backup quarterback for the chargers at the time. This is like nineteen. Eighty one are you do I came with the guy's name. Is
crazy now, but but like danfields was saying that that his back up, he believed to be the third best quarterback in the air sea, and I am sure that when you that's not Europe, like Jordan, never said something like captain was the second best player in the league. The whole time I was there. That's the kind of thing teenage usually say in that situation like they give us any. Never does that's more, thank God, Scott is on my team and out. Another team pursued be a bitch to go, gets away with my body here pointed this out. The irony of the nineties for Jordan was that the guy in the league, who is the best equipped to at least try to slim down a little bit was Pippen Florina. If you pick a defender from that era, be like you're, the guy who could do that job on M J not going stop on, but who can at least make him really work? It's Pippin hands down.
There's no other guy in the legal sphere. Close I mean when you look at the guys who guided Jordan abortions career. I think of two people right away, jovial Mars than just forget. Those are the two guys were seen. There was early in his career as well, but those were guys who owe you know, seemingly gave him problems and happens a lot longer than those views and, as you know, more skilled defender you're. So he you know. If you like, designing someone to play defence in basketball it there, look like grip. Yet I dont know what other I'm not sure what other characteristic you would want. You wouldn't even want the guy much bigger, because good in some ways impede the quickness RO movement. I mean like it's very because it becomes quite yeah, those? Let you guys those are the two perfect perimeter defender yet viewer. Just in science lab creating I'm from scratch, you would create.
One of those two or a hybrid of the two. What what do you think Leubronn he's gotta be going nuts He was, he was good as really good as like in the under thirty, the under thirty five people bronze ago. Anyone who hadn T Jordan and now here is tat. Our five weeks, Jordan, extravaganza everybody's, got leave this Jordan back on oh shit. Jordan really was the goat. What is what's the bronze counter? Ok, we'll get two things to say on this. The first is, I think you have now created this kind of structure where I dont think Lebrun can do anything to convince you that he could be as good as Jordan. I think you have made a decision that you just back in his ship from this budget I'll get it now. I think you have to play for like twenty five years forbid, even kids how many years new play now his legs
in seventeen through his gun, he's got play eight more years, Jordan, Jordan ceiling and impact, and everything was just higher. It was while the other points you I'm gonna make, though, is that people have wondered I've seen other people wonder about look Braun watching this. She know what it's like. What does he think it? but you know I think, of the aid that Le Braun was during this time. You know the person Who is your idle when you can kind of your idle forever. So I would guess that Leubronn is watching this and part of him is like he's the great he still the great media. I think it is if you have a certain feeling about someone has a certain age. You know you'll you'll never get over that like every year when
visuals are inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in the Football Hall of Famer the Baseball Hall of Fame. I always find myself being like. I should be enough. Yeah he's. Not the council adopted a lot seen that way, because the guys like they don't Jimmy as good as mine, Schmidt, iraqi Anderson, a river, but that was a product of my age and, I guess similar in the same way of brown graduate by two thousand and one and two thousand three too three years, a chance there's a chance level as this guy I was, I was an accurate from ninety ninety eight to two thousand the tuna. Those for years that he was now you and they glow. Threeg has member his and the two thousand three draft darker and Carmelo others, Gus in ninety seven, that's you'd been what celebrate
yeah would abandon Euro eleven eleven or twelve. So that was the answer, so he had watched Jordan's career up do that period. I would guess that it is even for Leubronn. It is hard for him to think of himself on the same level as Jordan, no matter how many people tell him I think he day I think he thinks are on the same level but night, but I think that you would say I'm a better, certainly was a big, a bigger frame, I'd better passer, but I'm not George, because something different when Europe, I think this is part of the reason that the way that you leave you certain celtic some patriots and stop it from your you is it is not even a criticism, is just it's impossible to see things outside of that world. You you're more accurate, any person.
More accurate, gauging the value of something as an adult or even from before they were born when they're just sort of looking at table, The districts, the only relationship you have with things when you see somebody when you're like seven, eight, nine and eleven its visit, it's a working day I think, but I beg you can get. You can go jog data that the like getting Tiger really started. Peeking when I was like thirty in older and Jack Nicholas was my favor golf iron do it, but it was like clear that tiger was just the best golfer. I was going to say sending if somebody comes in and Brady's like that now I think for a q. Montana was by guy forever outside. I don't care if anyone says I was there for the Montana thing that guy was unbelief mom, never seeing a better quarterback them and then Brady and Anne had probably been better Are you play longer? I mean that the argument for Brady over Montana is almost identical to the argument for Leubronn overjoyed
in other words, more more rings: Thou Jordan, the Brown a lad. The three ranks The brown eyes had that two thousand ten eleven combo, which is it, sets its tougher. His fur veered really talkin, like goat legacy, like though his the two thousand ten celtic series and then the two thousand Levin fires against hours. Those were really rough. You now and Jordan never had anything like that. What he does Jordan. Never did you know that that an end the two years with a year and a half he took off, I mean that's it he's going to bury. It is fascinating to think of what how'd you would perceived differently, maybe not at all, maybe the same. If he had won three titles lasted rockets in fire games not advance the next against the magic anyway and then one three more now we are going to work in the famous will, of course, that wouldn't have happened by keeping
They probably wanted one eight. I think it is a feeling that they would have one eight, but you know like when you look back the rockets and the bulls records during those first rate that at first I run, I mean the Kids were a real problem for Chicago, I dont think winning record again, I don't they there's anyway, he wins a, but I have a different reason. I dont think we're he was doing was sustainable Rochelle and I, on Sunday night we broke down the Knicks Bulls game, four, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, which he scores. Fifty four points: it's like a famous MJ game. And one of the things I was amazing bad it was Jordan and Pippin are basically trapping full court for a lot of the game. Because the next week in their backward that rivers was her and there were like one of the ways we can foot this game is will put to the greater. Athletes ever and we're just gonna make them work. Full court were to create chaos, Jordan's doing that defensively, and then he scoring take it. Thirty two shots growing. Fifty four points: net
and he would do this routinely- I don't I just don't think you can do that free atrium, I really do think that was one of the reasons he got burned out. He played so hard every game, whereas I think Leubronn one thinks he's been really smart about is when kind of turn it on and when not to turn it on. You know he would treat a typical, sharp game in January lack differently than he treated a plan. Came Jordan kind of was able to do that. That was the state of law. I mean. What I would say is the best argument for Jordan is still that's player ever is you know you have to look at the guy compared to everybody else,. And the gap between the broad and the rest, bleak is not as great as the gap between Georgia and everyone else. That's the real keeping enemy is the same thing with like your bar and said the guy between Jabbar in every other player in the league for most of the seventies was extreme right.
That review. Heavy you have a year were walking was, arguably is good, and you know you could have argued that and is very kind of. Eighty eight peak in Irving was ass, good, a small ports, but for the most part it was like them. There would not have been an if you get openly draft any player in Lee Drought from nineteen, seventeen and eighteen, eighty Jabbar would, even than ever when every time ok, yeah, Jordan, Will Jordan would have been the number one pick out. The nineties, including, Here he play baseball, like Timor is a light touch Diana whatever right, Leubronn not had there been years where people are like. I think it would take stiff carrying our eyes. Like all what we got. You know it's like Jack is deliverables. It's so does the difference I mean like like Leubronn. I think that if you keep your measuring, why their bodies, Skills and all these things and in their it
It is hard to argue against the Brown now, but he is closer to a spear groupings. While the lunch every thing makes it so hard to figure out, because you don't even look at the stuff. I did a thing with Mikhail. We watched game seven of the bucks out this thing, and aid to be or just shoot the shit there in the game we're talking about just how difficult it was. Were there either he's playing with this broken foot that deadline knows incorrectly, then they just send it back out. There you know is wearing, figures from the mid eighties there's no No sort of vat die like all the stuff. We talked about those advantages before that stability Brian. As now. I do wonder if you'd just take Jordan from the eighty. Five to ninety eight Jordan. Any just gave, ah the advantages people had now
long he would have played like. Would it have been twenty years instead of thirteen? I think it's pretty reasonable. The thank yeah he would have paid two decades, it's just easier to do that now, Leubronn at age. Thirty five was arguably physically ninety five percent, when he was at his absolute PETE, because of other ways you can stay in shape. He I'm not easier, might be the wrong word, but definitely passed like you can definitely do it like it. It seems like guys now is there if their whole life is making sure, thereby these days together. They can play a real long time really is another matter. I it's is like who in this dark. I care member who days but like they danced a great thing where they say certain alike, maybe he was the only guy who could turn in turn off huh
never turned it off yeah! That's an that! That's that's an interesting way of looking at because assumptions of a player of youth, a player who so great that you turn it off up. That's gonna be party or bench that you're gonna to be able to flip the switch down, take, plays off and then come back at. I guess he did. You know it's like like people in your wallet, stupid game against, like the french team, is like he's played pretty hard. Like you know, I really need to ya. He was just a maniac, I mean Goldberg had a piece ass. We can about, they have other shot, charts Jordan's last two years, the only two years It's the last two balls years how leave about his mid range. Shooting was hailed locate. It basically mastered it. He was shooting fifty five percent on jump shots from twelve feet, her nineteen feet. Any aid,
Austria, in a way that people thought Coolby was disaster. Madrid shooter Jordan's at this whole their level in and then you, get the shot charts of all the other guys league time, there's no comparison. He owed like three times better than us. It was surprising on that shot chart. How is shooting percentage in the paint with lower than you would have At the weekend realized his legs his last, where he was tired, I think, and it may have been a difference in the game with officiated. You d like to do degree of difficulty. Lay up there used to be an assumption. Guy about it. You're at the rim, there's probably going to be a project that is not true, anymore yeah. I just think there's a war, we he wouldn't have shot three thy. He would have done whatever was gonna win and if he was here, two thousand one a huge spike, oh so threes are important. Needs would have become the best reappoint sugar like he was the best of everything There is no no thing that he wasn't awesome at. If it was I gotta do this is Gimme the best that it would
looking forward before we go and look forward to the most. The next day, parts. I'm not I'm, I'm not, I'm not sure I mean I don't know it's gonna, be the big going. Have ten kind of back stories like this is gonna, be Jordan, Pippin Rodman feel Jackson, speaker, backstory, twenty twenty Google, twenty twenty two ghost can be a cross back story like like we ve seen her right. I've seen the first nine yeah I let it definitely goes more into the footage from that season, as the dark goes along Because they have this mother lode of of great behind the scenes, so as once they set up everybody. It moves more into that yeah. I you know it's just it, it's a little odd that she would because of the conditions of the world. Now it's like there's so much interest in this summer get your state interestin, like tie your king note, but there's just be the limit these things at all It's too limited opportunities now deserted
hearings, anything new that like it was. It was weird to me that I was spending Sunday looking for or to watching something. That's a limited. Engagement ran unlimited like you wanted. I want in all, but I was so I just I don't know. I guess it's just that I am also interested in see if there's anything in here that is gonna dramatically changed the way I think about any involve people, because when Ill Jordan Captain Bill Jackson driving all these guys, it feels like. I have kind of a calcified you. Of how I think of those people you know, I'm attic have had the opinion I've heard about them and when years or whatever. So I am curious to see something actually ships there. Yet,
that was what was so surprising to me after the dark came out with these people that looking at your end, just completely freshly like I had no idea, I do know is that I feel are you and I guess, and probably anybody else who is there? We just had a new this stuff, but then you realize there you know we're getting older and ever You get other there's another year of people that just have oil I believe it is a bit like some people are just more fascinating and others. I get attacks from a friend of mine said how many athletes, didn't murder. Anyone could you make Garda IQ memory about like it's, a pretty small list we are talking about. I look like a cabinet. You like ass six episodes like six hours of being up like, but your lives like this. This thing was just about your I wouldn t as interested as I am about the
Did I do want, as one would think you before you leave? I was a single one of your other by gas with Priscilla, and you mentioned the youth secretly find your way up pressure by yeah. Ok, question: did you tell me you get it then, or would it be like honey? I gotta do you can be an survivor if you watch. I told her. I did it after you. Although it was reacted. She was like why you do that. I set out an I've always wanted you beyond and she's like I would get voted out and three days you know I'd go nuts. If I could need, as you be great, that's exact why you should go out. The fact that that is very action makes He thinks he will go on selected like that. The normal, but if someone get me I'd, be like I'm not doing out of your how much money you are up for me, but when she like up, I think I'd lose. It needs
party burdening she when what we ve always joke about it, because she be amazing in the challenges, and I do think I think she could navigate alot of, I think, should be really interesting contested. I know she won't get picked, but if it's you spend ever since they created the show, boys joked about thought. I'd have air and then why why won't you could pick? I think that maybe Jeff problem would go. I would love to have beloved one, be you taking it out. I can see that situation opening. We were joking about when the love tat, love doing episode that it would just be our dogs cause. She likes the dogs more than mere the kids right now cause we're trapped they're, so just by cares, here's your dog will end like she'd, be the happiest to see Willie. I did feel we watched a loved one episode. Last week I was
I don't understand. The families fly out there in some weird location right there. I don't know where they are. Gee rather thou there, it's always speed. You not right. That's the way. They can agree that there is less about sort of the mystery of the area. Now it's like here, we are so flat. Cross country Sea can be tried it out for their loved ones. Episode might get the spent an hour Maybe two, maybe maybe, if you win a challenge, you get to stick around for like five hours and then that's it like back to the Fiji Ritz Carlton or whatever they put you up if you're flying back. I don't know if it's worth It would be a long life, although it would be top like not to do it. Like of your wife, got selected for this and, like you re like I'm guessing, you called me or something like that again and again in the area of shock, you download things. They ve had years where you know it's like somebody's friend decades,
query there. They did have great leisure with their parents are not married or do you want? Someone gives survivor, be they lay aspect? Would you like your love? One should be. They have you here. So for me, I'm not going I have time to fly across country. Just see my for an hour like I, I would just send like one of our kids and I get By that I shall be happy to see you anyway. I got work to do. I can't fight Cross cross country do the sober should jog fur at our time on that doing that, although it was one of the situations where that the love one compete in the challenge, They have now been good for my family will, but wouldn't you feel some desire to be involved with that no cause out my daughter do thou be amazing, I figured it was right to have my daughter would kill. It should be great they'll, be big when I hope I she makes it it'll, be the funniest thing,
do they have survivor anywhere survivors cancel bad weather of how do they do it, then? The next shoes seasons, I think our cancer there were, there was good, it was gonna, be one never can be won right after it, and I think that I read that somewhere. Those are definitely Joe you now you know it's getting serious when their cancelling survivor show that was gonna be on for the rest of our lives that in a challenge in the back, you know he wouldn't survive be the rare example of a situation where, if every participant was tested and the crew was tested, do it. They were talking about playing the NBA in a bubble in Like LAS Vegas. Like that's impossible, you can't do that, but your honor islands, like I think that time about, but I think that a big things can happen the bubble side. I would be surprised,
I would be real surprised. They tried that how you gonna be able to do that. You just do it, you, may you test everybody bring him in nobody Lears, but then you also have the training staff families you have all these damianus the families out how long it gonna be like seven, eight weeks. I don't know I mean like. I I think they're like from guys look drawn might be. One of these guys would be like need, be with my family guy lay all they want to make money. Hey you real, might want to act when there's money at stake. I always assume things are gonna happen. There's too many people that get paid. If this happens, players owners works three ever if three people getting paid is
pandemic, showing the limitations of that, though, when there's a lot of weight, somebody could make a lot of my during this. With a vaccine without testing device lodged a complaint, it you just can't make up. Some things can be made to happen. I'd say you're coming back in a couple weeks and what do the bigger one about quarantine other stuff, but I had to get a job that's right, you for coming on at short notice, appreciate I'd thanks to sow thanks to check thanks to the Neff, didn't get to watch his draft together. That was said that Simplisafe simply say for thou. The uncertainty in the world. Now is the time to check your was simply save no technician or sales person is come to your house just order set it set it up yourself. You don't need Spaniards. But the fees or sanity, your contact, your home, where there's a house apartment where we live, is protected, when you for several emerged, dispatch offer just fifty cents a day had to simply say that comes Ashby get a free hd camera for my listeners is simply said. That comes
we have to make sure they know. Our show say if you miss three watch buzz this week we did Ferris Bueller Enron Ronan and we have beautiful girls coming up the sick of Audrey Watchman's, but as a cable class joy that can stay safe it was the answer.
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