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NFL Kickoff Chatter With Kyle Brandt and Bill Burr on Tom Brady, College Football, and Comedy | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 410)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by 'Good Morning Football' cohost Kyle Brandt to discuss NFL hot takes (3:18). Then Bill sits down with comedy legend Bill Burr to talk about the eras of comedy, sportscasters, NFL, the pre-Belichick Patriots, Tom Brady, college football stadiums, NHL, and more (41:05).

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Snickers Snickers, you just lost to the guy water drafted screaming at the tv again, because someone who can hear you drop that open pass dropped, Yo R B, one for a kick her thought. Your fancy draft as a good first date idea back at you which is blindsided by hunger. Luckily, snickers is here to pick your sorry, but up off the turf get back on your game with NFL hunger bars from snickers. Were brought to you by the rail package that work were ran, resellers second pie cast for us dual threat is up. His guests was calm coward. We have a bunch of new Ringer Pack s up this weekend. I fell the rain fell showers, New Gm Street, new data, C4 PA last one before the seas and finally kicks and ring. Mba show is kind of trickling back slowly. We had a Monday pod, Joe houses are now and he might be on mine this week. Later on friday- and I If you check out the ringer dot com,
Not only we read a bunch of football previous stuff written by a bunch people, robber maize, did of four partner Kevin cardboard by MILES Garrett. We bunch of stuff there, but we also have a documentary that we did about last year's Ringer Football draft fantasy, which is now remembered. Finally, and not so fine, they as the worst Fantasy Football draft, the water- it is eight fourteen minute documentary about it. It's kind of indescribable check that out check out they. If you look for videos to watch, we did the NFL wins pool. Finally, we taped it on Tuesday afternoon. I the tenth, twelve and twenty fourth packs. I will tell you ended up with its fun. Video make Peters has one of the worst executive performances time wartime surmounted up with three of South aims: I'm almost automatically eliminated himself, which is interesting. So that's our going on. So we want boss. We did taken on Monday and
Rounders is next week just telling you now, 20th anniversary is coming up. Randers happening Sean Finisterre tape that this weekend it is going to run at some point next week coming up, we have Kyle Brandt from good morning football, and then our old friend Bill Burr's going to come in and talk army, but first our friends from project. I will bear coming up in a little bit. First, somebody the morning for power. You have my sincere his young pub in the real world Chicago and now it's been funded, watch and blossom into a intimate talking head cabra anyway, I'm nervous still
in our view, not nervous your anti, because I am here on tv for four hours a day you like barely awakes, though with them you get up every day before him and I get at five p m. Give a girlfriend wave girlfriend then maybe eight years I took it down a family member and you will not get up at four in the morning I have, since I met her I've woken up before the morning for a decade. I don't remember, does nominated Ah that's I don't know, I don't have that sustainable- have to move ahead with this, I didn't show that your lunch and next week, that's that's a night time show the issue. It's kind of like in the mill the day life the tape, as they say in the evening and saw be fine. I just go. They want is coming at what point in this conversation. When can I fan boy out on you? Can I please now down at who did I did the next time when we go backwards?
things to write you and I were used to submit. I wanted you to to post my stuff and I wanted to be there. Yet. These are my readers. I wanted to be those that guys so bad though I'm getting it. That's why I'm nervous! Well, I talk to you. Who were launched in the ringer, actually email you about potentially working for us buddy I'd. I think I missed the boat. I was they two years too late I think it is more like you didn't. Like my responses, I think I brought you some really cheap stuff and none of it. Now it was clear that you are on this path to actually like beyond tv induced them I was thinking you you ask me what you want to do like you. Do like a great employer question what you want to do. What you see is often five years- and I am a member. The answer I gave because I just went for like I'm, I'm talking to them. Lemme take a shot, and I said something like I want to be in radio tv, and I want to be the voice of the thirty something man in America and I have said enough, like all that is the lay missed, cheesy sound bite. He's gonna Molly delete that report spam
absent, I sent it knows it was an honest answer. New is the right answer is in my head. I was thinking, maybe as somebody who could help run, the package work and have a broadcaster, ghana- and you were like- probably two years ahead of that, but The show that is kind of in the sweet spot of people, people just kind of like ETA and that's it. It's dies. You not you'd theirs backlash to your show, yet it should stay there. People like they have no opinion whatsoever. It's perfect issue just write off a man little backlash, which is almost impossible to Bessie and a new show that comes out with like three people who couldn't Gordon who played the game and that you ve never heard of? Like lastly live and like a nice little club med and I will stay there, its eyes. These is America. Were there to a and a a bigger audience, but at the same thing like people just like the show nobody was like Kate watching it. Nobody was mad about it. Nobody was back lashing it. I didn't. When I heard about
The idea for the show that there is a twelve month a year morning show about football. I may immediate reaction was what the after they gonna do in May June. July March. Basically, all the times when there's not the draft of the season. I just didn't understand how sustainable, but you guys have turned it do I don't know you just have all these gimmicks and little tricks and bring, Culture and you figured out a way to sustain it. How long did it take? It took a long time, and I have this conversation all the time I had this morning. You meet someone you and a trainer, a friend of your wife's husband or something what you do and then you like you get it eventually, and it is this. What do you do when it wrathful bosses and unlike were still on, and then inevitably will what you talk about, and I would say, We try to make the owners meeting sexy. We do a million things with the combine will be like. Well, I mean awfully Billy, you get. This body would be like which, which stranger thing
character would grant Kerensky B, which would add, I wouldn't be Bela, check and game a throat and we just go on and on, and so that's how you get through that the grind of yeas owners meeting this new rule changes you to try and make it fun and Emily heavy lifting preserved tonight like we get to actually eat dinner yeah. I definitely noticed on the times the times I've never had put it on a lad, especially the less thumb. Less like four weeks is trying to figure out who somewhat were where things going whatever, but everybody cells for each other, which is the most important thing on tv and does not happen all the time where I live said this before TVS pressing where, when that, when the other guys doing his move, you have to make believe it hurts and if finishing movie after really saw the shit out of it and all of you guys seem to like each other and so the shit out of each of the seven
bit Peter Schwaiger impossible that alike. I don't know how he found three people that sell as moves but now you know, and it even harder, though it like, with poor people at the table, its not just pull Ratlin it sort of feels like royal rumble yeah, knowing when you watch the rumble, especially the old ones like big it. Real floppy radio sloppy with the Italian and it's like you see whoever it is hawk from Legion, doom versus haiku in the corner and are basically just kind of doing those like chests. Things over and over it bad those moments. That's only pick. Ups, rigour lie agreed one of the least likeable people and sports though I do the heavy heavy lifting it's tough when you have a villain and show like that, it's just tat its he's polarizing.
We're getting. His is a nice guy and that I should have been met this morning. When I told him I'd really talking to you, I felt like we were in the end, the barbershop with with bird it I wish. I could have like give face, came human, give Jim I. Why should have done that for you, he was so in other words crestfallen just Finally, what they are almost like, he went monsters. Like doubled over ball, and it was so beautiful. Who is really one of the motivation for this? I was really join, my not of him him finally him listing him just sadly leg in some partner in front of a seven eleven right outages waiting for this standard. Second anchors, about earthly. Peter, like the multiple of course, this guy ever he is like the he's like them. You need him to be your Marty genetic like to help you to be the star like he will do it. He had paid the drop tickled. Do where he's the best. You know the good thing for you as you just on four hours a day with no pressure.
You China build an audience and you again, the sugar wraps and then by the tab, but discover the show you ve had you know you ve had all these basically games merges banking, you now and now I they it's a good way to do the whole thing right now. It's gone. It's a really good sound of Seville. You said I really like you, send a really cool tweet out of nowhere, Noirtier Watchin, you were saying you use the nice things about ITALY. You remember like when you were watching the showing you tweeted that that day, which was great you, member what we were doing could I was trying to think about. It was shredder. I dont know I was in Boston She has done and I was watching and it was a fucking June and the shows entertaining- and I might this is crazy there's this is there's no way that should be entertaining right. Now, there's nothing going on in football. I've done at a football conversation in six weeks, and I dont know how they're doing it. I just I really admire it. What's can without Foma yeah sure so,
have all these people pass through your hair. Lotta takes. You heard a lot of points, what point review most jealous They ve heard over the last four weeks if you wish you could have stolen, like which, like which take care which take. What is your favorite take that you issues is taken yourself, there's a lot of like really big strong. Patrick Mahomet takes right now, like he. Everybody is thinking that this is gonna, be a big thing and I think it's based mostly because he throws early far in my country has cool hair. We return whether the other day I've been using European. Unless there's somebody dazzle and it's cool fund a watch I pose the question: does he maybe have like, like a white chocolate factor? When I mean like? Does he have a Jason Williams thing going
he'll. Do it no look past that will make every highlight and every tweet, but then at the end of it, like I don't necessarily know here, see web pages and often like actually really win like he'll, be remembered more for highlights than wins. I'm worried that that might be him. That's that's that good take I'm a little jealous of that. I think he's got the cannon arm gray, I'm a great name, Patrick my homes is just like a nice core back there may really, so it's really sound strong and then they Andy wreathing Regis had this body of evidence Whoever Andy reads: quarterback, as the guy puts up stats, and now people just convince themselves that he's gonna get. I am one of those people. I think the chiefs have a chance to be Sid I've seen more homes play one game and I barely watched it. The weak seventeen game, where he came in and that really gay and they were no luck, yeah we're living off the fumes of that game, but I do think I do think read it. You gotta see infrastructure
with that in my home city. To enhance does carry himself like a cue b, which sounds stupid, but I do look for that when I'm watching these guys, Icu even Baker, may feel that cages seems like a leader here. There was one take about my homestead. I thought was really off but curious. Someone was saying like a long talk. He hasn't unusual voice. Vain. I dont emigrate thickets it straight. Sort of like heavily nasal and kind of up in his throat, and I don't remember where I was set at someone like you know the committee the huddle you have to have a voice- and this was not talking symbolically- that actually like the amber and pitch of your voice in the hut. All they were, they were questioning his voice, so listen to my homes, talk after the game this week. It is a little weird, not good badges. It's it's different, doesn't sound like your stock
Eli Manning drew breeze voice it off by why I don't buy it, but, as you have made a turn my head to take, If there is backlash for your share right now, you'd be accused of vocal, shaming. The homes happened. Three blank us about our comrades out again now he's vocal, shaming, Pavlov's talk about my own to bill. We didn't, we offer you wit, we're trying to really hard to get him a nickname because someone that cool needs to have one and I just two p m with him in college and we're like we're trying and I think maybe it'll presented itself. I've been trying to really hard to sell the rooster. An illusion either the rest or suchlike time he was a red rate in college, now he's like a red rooster. You ve got hair. That kind of appears to be like a chicken or a rooster up top and my homes and interesting idioms with home, and they come home to roost at its am workshop in it. But when I say it during to highlight the roosters kind of cool,
seems like homey has to our homes or something with the home has to be in there. You were deployed static. My whole me the clown you can get a little colored doesn't happen. I think he's gonna be given It's like one of the fun games this week where chiefs chargers both get a lot of latter hype and wood, happens, we're gonna overreacted, the loser, they. I knew that chiefs. Defense was engaged in the end that sitting and weak when you can't overreact summoned. I'm China steer the ship carefully this year. I am too, I'm actually made a vow for this weekend. Might my one vow is that I will not overreact, especially to the patriot began. I mean we all remember vividly last year when they just got their asses kick by the chiefs. That was let
pigs were jumping into the boat, so no, I don't care if they lose fifty two not introduced on Watson attacks and I'm not gonna. Do it egg. I will not overreact them. It's been my entire adult life and yet I still know their own people big dynasty over brainwashed up Defence Oxbridge ACT on it will happen, almost hope, let us we can just second see it. Wait that wasn't the overreaction, Lassiter, wasn't it the Panthers week. One was she saw a that's right Two and a half or less time may only have em it. You don't know how you talked about the austrian. How do we do Sonia season in this above bring into football it so hard to talk about the patriot, because
Every conversation inevitably ends with yeah, but they went every year yeah, but like what you know, you're trying to make some things and it's March fourth April, just nothing going on and we have to do- is show where is game five or win three, whatever the final the night before, and we have to come in and talk about what is a picture of Brady throwing footballs off of boat and try to make some sort of conversation about? Does this matter and could it be falling apart? And every conversation inevitably just ends with yeah, but they have Brayden I'll check, so they'll be fine. So it's it's like and such a non starter conversation even with other drama, as they always win, but how many? What happened with Malcolm by their conversations? Did you guys have over the nine months month, I'm at dude month and like try to go really heavy with that, and I tried to say them in I think, a hundred percent. They would have won the game. Mathematics,
ballot check, took them with an immediate. They needed one play one defensive by anyone that game and it could make the Eagles made one play the pages made zero. Don't you think I mean I'd like to talk myself. It's but our friend seven was so bad issues, just so awful I they we never could get a stopper Perthshire anything, and I at a think about it. I refuse to it again, I watched it once like two weeks afterwards and in a really hurts to say this, but Philip belch. I got out coach in again and he did you know it's. We the lead with ten minutes left and then the only thing that can happen because we're moving. My every time we have it the only thing that can happen as the eight been crippling drive that where we get the ball back in theirs, barely any time must end, That's what happened I just wish. I wish we had gone balls out and either forced the fifty yards pass them
We could get the bottleneck sooner or get the blades and fumbled whatever was like. We were no and then with the bamboo, though break in, moving, the bog down in us and no time left time you every watched, even in the report of the Ale Mary, the last play because year it had the lies in another moment, another out there we had in the one against the giants. I was there was an answer now sitting and I felt like that was like inches away. We adds its at least the paths when they lose. You have the leg, really cut their head off: Jason, Voorhees thou. Certainly we get
he's gettin out a neck yeah. I thought of another. Take that I just thought I'd just that just popped in there to take that. So I was looking at we're gonna clip of carcinogens, injuring goes the Colosseum Authority as the Rams seasons over and both comes in everything. If that injury doesn't happen, what say Wednesdays healthy? Do the Eagles wins to win? The Superbowl leg is well as falls played healing perfect. I dont know if whence really is good as he is, I don't know you could have that well against a patriot is forced. It like it went, doesn't get hurt. Do the patriots win that suitable, while the and the game before to use really get it did in particular, it gave them Nobody believes in s factor which, as you know, is the most powerful factor in sports and non card, and he could not have played by. Are in those last two games. That thing is the Falcons game which I really could have lost and they're always when you win a title, there's always liked to moments when you could have blown it, but that that
first and all the falcon said, maybe they're not in that situation, if winces in there, maybe the eagles have already finished EK game offer something I don't know either I can. We keep plainly play magazine other than the kick off game. As the falcons egos and the last play the game is mine, blind, because WWW Jones, head for LEO Jones kind of like a lay up catch the right through the hands tat. He not make that play. I feel like he has not warn that not rivals it I'll. Do we or do we always great and fantasies awesome whatever? It is big time miss by players both to be the best Nellie yeah. It's funny like when the Pats last that second giant Superbowl and worker had a pastime Brady Overthrew and it really would have been a tough catch for a short guy And revive she said here about that for the last seven years in the Holy Jones thing, especially with the fact that deals in appointing the Superbowl I assume that the Rams pun return her coming out of free pass from the play. Everybody got destroyed. Aid
eat a literally ruin their game for them and I think they are taken the rams to win the Superbowl. That's one thing: I promise that I promised today that I would I would give my Superbowl Peck and I am going with the rams in the chiefs, though you are here the rams. The chiefs than the Superbowl. I don't you think the homes is gonna, get a simple like I now to fact, whereas I gotta go, I now it's lunacy. I love it. I dont know if he's gonna have to go through Fox browse the thing I was out what happened why they put cs, but I don't feel like this is a thirteen in three type passed him. This feels like where they were in the O. Nine two thousand ten range the loser. The raven sometimes like ten and sakes eleven five. Maybe they have to go on the road at some point and I added I am very very concerned about, though the receiving situation Brady's age, though
really mediocre running, but Dm Louis was Sony best plan somehow get healthy but and December, and in November and December, and it is not there anymore, and I don't have the second receiver for four weeks and I am not convinced on that's gonna beyond when it comes back, I'm not trying to do this guy's buying stuff, but I just don't think I am. Sure there are slammed dont like they were in years past. I two years ago, as I like this themes, lower at about ready. We really did. I am not sure I see it the same way this year. I'm not! I know I'm not supposed to say this, but does it not feel? Maybe like it might be a Brady Injury Year break my gas. Do we have to do it has to What did we can't play that one after the other
while the thing is, nobody can touch a quarterback anymore and well maybe somebody doesn't get flag and you forget that he's found you know a miraculous waiter recover after the game, thanks to his his spiritual girl, outskirt era That's the man asked where the plan the lessons learned about pliability indicting attack, it heard anywhere, but tat is guilty of creating superheroes. It is ridiculous. Is forty one and we're just pencilling am every year I swore that I was gonna. Take him in my fantasy auction and Tuesday night and I'll send NOS eight bucks in our auction. I was gone. I Brady a box, nobody wants go once gone and assets like this, and I I just couldn't. Go for AIDS, Tom Brady, but at some point it's it's gonna end, because these things end- and this is what happened- her ain't- you got the rest- we gotta get into ressler pro roughly manager at Sea and Guerrero at a package deal. We have drafted him and Mr Fuji or Slicker whoever
a quiver Guerrero is you are to invoke yeah, that's true! I wanted to get a domain cause. I wanted the Guerriere daily double, but, as somebody submitted watching the quarterback like just in fancy but aware it was, is watching the quarterback two. Fancy? What a weird like Rogers is. I was in two drafts. One was like snake draft. The others was Rogers was the number one and he went for twice as much as in either keep it I got Phil Rivers four dollars. I got golf for four dollars. It does seem like there's a lot of quarterbacks people like this year, which maybe like sixteen seventeen. I think that's one of the reasons when I was looking at the weak ones slave and I was at like getting general excited for football. I always get excited for it every year, but this year I was like woah lack of time this year, the core bags, because you look at teams down, you go out the Niners grapple. Oh, oh, I'm! Sorry, Is he homes, Jabez the european Car, maybe any you going down the line and there's just
I don't know- I don't I don't, say we re now. This is like a hot stretch for quarterbacks, but it's an interesting stretch there's a lot of like a thing ass. It like you just where, like this, you think. Why does your so excited? We can mental dogma morning. We love talking NBA and our show like Maiden Peter nice. Does we love talking basketball like this? This idea you just know what team or what to change or three teams are gonna, be there it's deflating for me as a basketball fan but like if you look at the end, I see this year sixteen times I can make a reasonable case, in fact a strong one that ten of them could win the Superbowl. Like I said I have no clue. I mean there's three teams Aloni Empty South, where a great deal, if you there's gonna be huge, this no amateur it such a cool year, because it's not gonna be chalk. We did our pretty. As we know it, wasn't it be in the insuperable whose and when the division- and it was all over the map like it, it is gonna, be. I feel like a little bit like a September madness like bracket busted,
dear dear, I don't know who the hell is going to come at Vienna or in its it does neighborhoods, Talk about a no seven when he was on my fantasy team. That was the best fantasy team. A rat does come up. We talk Nate vanity after you had him two thousand yards seas I had em, I had a mere like we had about Minnesota. There was one year rate had like ninety days used in Seattle, in the same year, when I had the Brady Effie Season and Tom and send Nay Jane Petersen Westward and people are still talking about it's been eleven years. So what was the name of that same added double do side by teams always but the dough, this after the wagon road, Esquire, etc. Ere, we love you, is things that seem funny fifteen years ago, but now it's a double these would set call. You know that This is why I am sorry I doubt if you seen wrote has difficult. Yes, that was the barn ruinous I gotta wear in this area. The liquor in this town is supplied by
with that up I saw. Could They are my twitter feed, wish rigour, picking Rogers for the envy p that felt seventy five jet percent genuine and twenty five percent complete suck up to Rogers. Like you definitely texting, term right after hey man, no pressure like I just felt the suck up juice in it. Do you think just as the everybody this year. Well, I took it. I took a shot with my VP pick. We we do, they think they were like. Ok, who didn't they may be paid me rookie year, and I'm always caught in this thing, where what I really probably think will happen and what I think will make entertaining tv, had walked a line with four of a say no Rogers, Bray, cams, you're, just stock segment, where we all think it's going to be the Patriot Superbowl. So I said Scrooge:
we'll take a shot at the title. I think it's still justifiable, I said their cars and when they VP edges, went for and I'd I'd, I'd justified it by saying this It would probably be terrible. You can apply to put up really big numbers two years ago on twenty sixteen. He within any every be conversation go back. Twenty years there was a middling NFL quarterback named Rich Gannon, who is carving out of living in his little back up little starter and then Gruden came on and turn them into the Mvp of the league. So if the Gruden Car thing hits- and he looks like he didn't two thousand and sixteen or even better I got to- Did you do this before the gloom acrid? Well, about tv work. They want to get your picks early, so they can get their graphics ready and things like that, and for
ass. I did before the kingdom actuated. Then you talked you like your second producer and their well. I D say: will look they just traded MAC. I cant do car for that anything like well. Maybe now it's an even bolder choice, but is a screw it because whose current six month anyway than they got fired up about it. I don't know of borders. The word our views To work towards, I would use reckless, that's a good word. I will say but Peter enrages? Didn't, I didn't think happened recently. I think it's extremely for me. I think Aaron Rodgers. I know he just started following me on Twitter think he read We started following straighter. So there's something that happens. When you see someone so start following little circle in the picture. Ran right, isn't it I got? It must be a fake account there like a fan account and he couldn't my God, the real Aaron Rodgers vows me fast forward the next day and you're, saying like who's gonna come out and have seen nor
air right as the show and amended it does get into your head. It is a little voice did like they like. You are there and what you have to say. So you have to swap rather than their real, just say and rising over eighty touchdowns, because, for example, doesn't follow me on Twitter needed Stafford. You can't do it right. I was in that situation. I'm tat down for those two years, khazar those guys what said yeah they just there in their hotel, Sweetwater basque body in you archive yes of everything I say: I'm One time J, my green got really upset. As I said, he couldn't make threes Usanga Ricky and by the way he could have memories He came Abbe antlers. Like all that's interesting, I always felt that made me want to pussy envelope more with stuff. By Sri Lanka positively or negatively like. If you find out Boogie cousin, follows you and then he like does something's gonna DOM, like you give him a path.
More likely Keziah. Only then do you don't need a fan of years, while he he was any, was on my pie cast, and then I made the case how he should and in the NBA conversation to three years ago, any blacked me and its leader he Black made it still hurts it is something I was in the front seat of the buggy bandwagon ed at least box after those good you get the object I did. The basque biogas in general are more sensitive than the footballers are there. I think so yet aware of. What's going on, I really feel like you could say. But everyone about levy on balance tv today and is probably no chances watching issue right, Funniest Sarah levy about. You said that you started comes a thin in old people. We ve had no backlash but like us, not like us, I think letter
and hates our show is one of the only label of stature. He called me. I want from twitter which, where was exciting, it was very exciting and then here S. The thing then tell me what you come on you have a high profile athlete who calls you out says something about you and takes a shot of you. He said something dumb lying about like I'm, going to come and pop up on you like toast or something like it was pretty lame. So then, I'm in the system like should I fire back at Le'Veon Bell cuz. I got a few good things. I could say to him and quote: win Twitter twitter. Had spoken, a twitter, be tv tuner, be synthetic. You know in an open, thereby Highroad, Yedo and end up in the blog post, where people are debating who, when your twitter beef, that's that macro navigate. The people do not want to be in those blog posts or something like that is made my nightmare that I wouldn't I dont want to be in that ever so I I
A draft folder and not return fire unless I'm completely forced to be. But I know you think those postal, like twelve tweets and like point one for this, one point one for this one and they say who one that makes my skin crawl I'd. Never I'd be enough. We you had last year you who is the guy who came and he was like super dismissive of your trigger get out without Damsel Williams. President IBM is related to that yeah, you is use it. China be addicted, ass. Any was a really weird watch. Actually that you handed a pretty well both last year was. Really surprising, because it like we don't right on our, so we don't call guys out languages. We have on whether the time it's like a little party- and I think it's the angel aims and came on we're having a normal interviewing you just in an odyssey gonna hit the brakes and pointed at me and trigger across the table, and I remember cosy physically pointed like that within the next man, with his inexperience and his pinky
like devil horns. It was really any pointed like that. Any was like that you to have never played the game, and then we were internet like that. Really Bush league, you ve, never play the game conversation. I think personally, I think he was like trying to do some like Kirkland Bran Lover all thing or he comes and makes a splash and then get the job or something I think he was just trying to make an impression, but it was odd man. You have a super awkward. I dreaded the near thanks for that. Why a you gimme, a real Superbowl pact, not China, be bawled the producer pushing pushing you too The observation I am, I think, for the first time in our what twenty five thirty seven years. I think it's gonna be a simple remit and they have made a patriot there's a play, Eagle stuff stayed. They were only two point. One sounded yes, the lines are only two point. Five it's at home in their just seems to be
The people trying to talk themselves into the evils are gonna have a really disappointing season, and now I feel like it's, maybe that's stupid. I do we city suitable times a year at the latest, Dayton of the coordinators leave and all their players leaving to get these terrible contracts with other teams, because they're kind of like you win a Superbowl and your kind of like nouveau famous and people pay you big money. I don't. I can't think of a team in my adult life won the Superbowl and then got better more than the Eagles did like they added so many good players and they still have that deal where Wentz is on his rookie contract. So big for them every day. Added Michael Bennet was one of the best players in football couple years ago. In a lonely not end there, sprawls is back, adjacent Peters is back and I think people are kind of trying to turn the page on them, but they got so much better in the off there. I think they're loaded, still
the core Bacchus. What's your real and the people, not the dare car in it further in your face there must be entered a car was. I was a thing about being drawn up. Jimmy. I can get it in a word I mean. Not even when he entity or not, but we also say that we had to do like Wild upset, take for weak one, and I think that one of the biggest ones that could be than when I take, I think of Niners, go into Minnesota when again I liked I've been looking at thou in as well with no points we gotta it must be huge rights survivor picked for the weak. It's like seven. Now. The survivor pig for the week is in a better one, saints bucks. They died Perceval, Iceland, Yan saints at home. In the saints you know, they're gonna put up points, but wouldn't you feel safer if it was James Boxes Benefits, Patrick Botswana, you'd, better than James is, and I honestly don't feel safe with either them
ebay they make me feel unsafe. Who do you have? Is the real as your real envy, pubic, probably be Rogers? I think right into the display of above I do age at any position. I think he's the guy that I'd love Brady. Nobody does bed like Rogers registers like any wiser something like some sort of like strange football devil in its, whether you're, just like a fanny watches the gain or you're part of that, like the darkroom mafia, really gets into the tape and break the down in her arm trajectory and all that stuff like there's, no one who does it better and I think Jimmy grams in me, a monster and fantasy, and then I could be dealt with without a sexy is did like the backers. Bee line is really good at my Daniels, Mohammed Wilkerson, anecdotal matter when it play minnesota- and I just think it's it's- I don't think it's his best pain, but with some sort of like in basketball like when you just have that crazy, crazy, too three: you can carry the tea all the way and I think he is the guy. I think I d gradually the everyday.
Again, girly running back yard, happen, I'm going off the boiler, but I think the rams are gonna be the best regular seasoned him. I am I on the rams where they are, they did the best chance of any one to put up the old fourteen into can arrange range season, especially with the division therein, and ah I don't know, I just I think, they're loaded, I love their coach. I like the fact that they didn't have too much success, last year they got a taste of it, but not really, and now it will seem to be for the rams. While you know- and it's like- nothing really happened for them last year and now this is the year they move forward. I just think they're loaded and they are loaded- it's funny like to question gas- nobody- nobody really respected in either. Fantasy draft thousand, and yet everybody was taking receivers on that too. They took three receivers. Ah, you know please prettier than I think all them got take.
In the state draft and the argument to them more expensive, and then I stole robber woods for dollar, but if he has what is receivers and he put up stats last year. I think you have like thirty, eight hundred yards, two thousand and eighteen be something like that and really didn't get going until I don't know week for week five I could see him taking aleve to I, just like the team may I never when they got and going up to and they rain and to leave, and I was on twitter and then I said something about like I said here is a look at them between eighty and ran defence, and I did a picture of like all the guys, Jesse, Inter until Duke and sourcing from predator, like in the jungle like this of the defence and the horse. All the people responded said dude every person that picture dies, and it's sort of like a kind of get embarrassed by. But it's you, the only problem with them is like I don't know if it's too much like sometimes you see these dream teen than ever with talking about when we ve been young, wasn't eagles back up and the number of them
they were yes, oh loaded, so many name players. It doesn't always work out. There way like it doesn't give a lot of cooperative doesn't always work, it does and I think the difference in these cases they have a top for coach, and you know What was that that egos team when they had the super team? Who is that's the Landy reader had he moved on yet was red and Mc Nabbs memorable Freaking out as they signed Nandi Awesome, while raiders Corner, who, like I think, never made a play after the areas but but part of the problem was they their Kubi was no good. You now and the end. Then the History was weird and read it kind of Ben there too long in this fit to me this like they have the trajectory of the coach in the queue based are going up and I did I decided to everyone's looking for the Maguire. That's why I don't feel like the super team thing is as somewhere that that one felt like the two thousand twelve Lakers when the eels,
that were there just throwing deeds together, and I also think there in a city that there's good pressure, but not like crazy psycho pressure, they give the bare start out six him one admonish bag is gonna, lose their fucking. Minds brings its own pressure. The rams can Canada's do their thing and take me to eat they have their fans over here. Everybody here is gonna. Be way Mark said about the Dodgers in the broad sense is to ask them. You know that when abroad starts like in October, like in the rams a fiction- oh, isn't it the buzz factor? Gonna go just way down and that weird, like rented stadium, their sleep villages sleeping on a foot on for a few years. It's not trap. Sexy like it should be Jack. Now. That's adds that so I think that's where they for them that I can't be under the rate. I urge is bang our wines. I believe him Mcveigh. I think that the most out I have to go,
Come back and consolidating the Fambly out you have, we had Bilbil coming next outweigh the legend. So next time, why did you have to go backwards and do the at the whole real world there? Let's do it and I want to talk about you and I have been to cure a disability. When I met you and me trying to make programme references, they didn't get in the email. I thank you in two thousand one about temptation. Island, I got all kinds of stuff tat talk real world all day will hit not lead. Then I sat in a good mournful biographer s, good luck with the season, taxis and built extra memory, or at least they could break. Here's what I am a big fan of simply safe home security, simply safe, ready for anything that gets thrown at it. If a storm takes out your power, simply safe is ready. If an intruder cut your phone line, simply safe is ready, say
they destroy your key patter siren simply safe was so gay thou be need. Here's what I love about this? Maybe it's overkill, maybe don't need to be ready for every worse case, narrow, but simply say, is always ready. Just in case. That's what makes a great now simply save could cost an arm and a leg it probably shed, but it doesn't and that's because their good people they charge you it's fair. What's right, fourteen hours, ninety nine cents, a but no contracts, no hidden fees. I recommend that we saved everyone. I know you gotta check it out good, who simply safe dotcom, slash as simply say for two eyes, simply saved our com. Slash bs, here, he's touring, he's touring, NBA arenas and each has far and ass. You have our and, as you know, a basque baroness in each other. This is what the surface area of the ice. It's less seats, Yeah. I know not all I got a couple. I got one and doing the tv Bank North garden at last in October. Fifth, I have the only forum,
ah- and I think that September, twenty eight or something that's the first one and then I'm doing Madison Square Garden on November seventh year, tat to make malay form jokes, but other the sex that happen in their name. Is is that the home gas in America, Red extorted, perform club things we had worn aids that they headed you may get out of here before they re did it yeah. There was a lot of fuckin goin on according to some of the stories that you're hurt, and why, wouldn't you be yet Oda made everybody b The way we all would have behaved if we were given those gifts Very easy to be ugly and out of shape and sit on a couch in the vote and you're not break any the commandments. Funny that they had all these did so again it down and then ACE agreeing the Virgin incur rhombus Korea is kind of like his own version of one of a kind SAM for four guy To friendly, I know, ac greener, he was definitely yeah, but you know I see kept his money, though right he did that's right now
women doing all that crazy stuff with the Ec Turkey based her just started, producing our spectre. No, no, that was accepted on the road like these. These women would bang the guy had where economy and then they would, these being all people that you try to educate these kids come legal flush. The condom right, they'll pick a hole in it. Now, that's another, take like it Turkey based or try to get? You see me out of it and then shoot it into them like there. You see those those red next when they like they shoot the apple cider into like up port, but yeah they do. That was seamen, another move us. If we abuse euro from this is your stories. I've heard I ever see. This has not happened. Ingredients on the rosebud investors, I thought! Then they would do as they would spy the kind and that there be a whole poked in it. At the top slowly, they were those all their monopoly that there's no laws. You know. What's all this progress
stuff going on right now, me too, and all this and all the things that guy's due to women were As always. Looking on the male side of the ledger, you think- and I am looking should be abandoned parking. I think there should be some sort. I have sat here s yeah, whether one night stand now. My dad hashtag me to wear Was the first time you sold out, an arena Ah. I presented color. They re all before crack addiction. Dear then, I just told, then you tell me how great I look when I can about a foot. Their wiser bill. You know and you me how great I look when I can about football stay. Looking at my fake teeth, No, I don't I stated most he could do. Is I twenty third argument? Football stadium, hard sold out the Eagles football stating what,
I ve sold more tickets in the eagle, sat with his hands before they won the Superbowl, no disrespect, I'm just saying: yeah yeah! I guess maybe the key would be the giant video board cause. There's no way he could see Kevin hard for me even like the fifth row, much less yeah. That's the way I worked. You also have to be like that Espeon like the county has and the star power and all that there is a certain level of mentality. You have to have to be able to handle something under even dream to want to do something that big the only real mentally yet at Freddy Mercury think turns out of the Wembley Arena and take a coffee house, so you know their certain people that should be done. It we try to make everything I'm just trying to euro vacuum up a little bit of money before I just retired. Now King MA am
for to these these. What I do, what I do to make them sort of like not as crazy yeah is, I play drums is a hobby, so I was rent some gear me, my friends, and we get together. We jam, unlike the empty arena just playing? You know, hair metal and all this shit. We grew up on guns and roses and stuff like that, and it just kind of turns into like a clubhouse five and you just don't feel like yeah, and then it just feels like couple hours. Lady got you do the show you ve already made a lot of noise and air so doesn't seem that crazy did you did you do this like you set down the same set that you do each time ready mix it up now on I you know I kind of know. I know what I'm starting with a kind of autumn ending with. I kind of the middle and she's gonna, like all how you doin
say something tat, makes you think of this joke than I do that joke. It's. I like this this. You know this giant puzzle in my head of how goes together this through line of my moronic opinion that can cause Ty any one of the jokes together that you just gonna, listen into an idiot who, hopefully is funny, is basically my formula window. Who is cook? I remember so that arena and it was big deal now they aim. However, before right I know happened, who data before they could. I think, I'm going back in the seventies and Mara Dear stigma. We like them or narrow. That was like behind a big than dice clay. Oh yeah, dice ass run their dice. Did it and then and after Dice dice was. Unlike the last gotta had four hundred. You know why TED Williams and adjust it just stops like it doesn't matter. You was like the last guy to play in arena and
it didn't happen again until Dang Cook basically taught everybody the power of social like he really was a young way ahead of everybody else, and then of course, what was funny once everybody saw Dane, gets the level that he did. You know people just all all the scuttle Butner up. He did was days. Everybody thinks like out that now I'll get a zillion fans on on me, space and then I'll, sell out Madison Square Garden, and it's just like its busy, but you forget you're, not him. You know yes like when Louis put special and he's a psych. I'm just going to put out for five bucks and said he made all his money back. He made a profit and then other people tried to do lost their short, it's cuz its idea, not him, so you have to kind of you have to have an understanding
of where you are in the business. You know DR and then just go like eat. You got us enough, so we have to be like, within. You know, you're running them down like you're within their there we'll house, if you're gonna try to do something that dignity or meat you're on the pavement somebody's in a penthouse, and they just going to do something I'm going to do that and then I'll be in a pen us right now. Do you gonna be still walkin around the block with the sandwich poured you gotta, you gotta. Do some sandwich board shit to try to get you know, to get in the lobby, and then you work your way up the building. At least that's that's how work for me has he been the most resented comic lego of your kind of generation, hookers They cook cuz. I remember when that whole thing went down. No. I was a like. It was like he was gaming, the system because he was reaching out to his fans on mine, which now we does thought you know you got a hit more than his share, but this is one of these things were society you're, not gonna. Do like to do like doing like three of these
Things like he literally had the same road road schedule as Celtics rat you Norman and it was light. Here. You can't do that and be out there. Near the hottest women the World one, a bang. You you make an all this, but you can't do that ended and not have a back. The backlashes is just gonna come so you know it did there was a weird air for comedy. It was kind of between two areas. Yeah this current air feels like a boom. In already a kind of went away. They should now went away their gas like this big voice. It was kind of like you know, and bird magic, retired and Jordan left for those two years, like the envy was weird Is it s analogous like a new cast and you like is ever evidently funny again and take some a couple years and then they have like those characters. Then you, like it's great
in his great again his great again, and then they all leave to go to movies and move on with their careers, and then it like leagues, kind of go through that shit. I guess I guess maybe stand up this on a really looked at it. That way, I did that Fletcher I had also depends on what outside forces are. You know like he had leg the late eighties early nineties yet does HBO on comedian shows in comedy central was giving everybody a special and stuff like that, and then everything kind of splintered out and now I'm the nephew saying the amount of money that they have spent on stand up and the platform now have it seems like its transformed alive. The stuff yeah where you can now. If you get us, echelon on Netflix ended in it hits you can talk globally, Yak Ivan Eastern. You key into account, shut out, makes no sense and Eastern Europe to the recovery, Is there anyway to go there? Norman, there's a lot of people like just speak, English, theirs
patriots, I've I've done like you not done. Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, India, India was where my favorite gigs have ever done, kind of shady get in and out, because we kind of messed with their immigrants. So specifically some senator on the West Coast. Cuz, you got more shit if you trying to get into the country to work, if you from the West So I don't know what happened, but I know is I to send my passport to there's some. In San Francisco and then it came back with his work paper and then, when I got to India, I had to go to like. You know some friggin building and I wouldn't let the promoter going with me so go in there, and I had to get a piece of paper to leave. That said, it was ok. I could leave in there and, like hey, you know, said next woman from Afghanistan and she's trying to get out and out trying it out. My shows that night because I live, was flying in do
the gig and leaving the next day flying back to New York, and I'm ever just sit there. Unlike like an India to let this thing, would you ask him a question They don't shake, they had no and they don't nodded. Yes, it's like a boy. Bill had thing that China read that you now you like. Well, if I have this piece of paper than now this debt, means I'm gonna get out. I was sick and ready that night, I'm deftly gonna get our right and the lady was this kind of doing this. Would they had missus? Can you too, I felt like it was. It was actually a really that really good experts to have being in the majority. My whole life to then feel like I was one of those people the beginning of stripes. You know son, a beach sheet son of a bitch. Like I was a guy, not speaking English, that speaking only speaking English not understand their language and yeah I won't tell us like bill. If you ever, you gonna keep your temper and check. This is the place even though you get in dear vibe, here right now do not act like how you acted. The DMZ out here in California just
So then we have taken a red. I think that's how I got out, because I went there and a hand. The piece of paper in the guise of Chinese do not suffer, gets all their right needs to the bar had thing as a guy. I miss the plane I just sort of kind of guerrilla my way through it, we got on there and I felt that it was at bath like movie. Was it Argo? So was Argo yea I was well I'm going to take out. Yes want the plane to take off, and then we ll in Dubai and then we switched and then it was done. It was fine. Then I felt good. It seems like the eastern european tour could be the platform taken for Could why the platform can for hundred comedian goes to Eastern Europe through comedy, and then something happens and you have to get but back yeah yeah your manager. I don't know can be. This could be a comedy action here. I gave out he's by a bald red headed mail. Is an action star. You care your face to the seas go for Boston, I'm the guy in the Van Workin, the computer, trying
the more time back back, which is fine with major fired me, I'm a cop needed in any time I get any young any parts of movies gravy speaking which yeah I got a small part in this movie called the front runner Jason ripened directed at you. Jackman stories get Oscar Buzz soda Blanco you'll miss me, but I'm actually going to the trial film Festival coming up this weekend. It to a vote is an error It is a rugged, still Gary Heart story and it so fast because I really am old enough to remember it for those youngster listen to this day was nineteen. Eighty eight and I didn't isis, but until then they never delved into your personal life, though yeah, it could one hundred percent know that you abandoned checks on the side with your wife and everything, but they would keep it. So Do you know how you going to get the official responsible to get the economy? They just stay in there, and this was the
sky that day when tabloid, like they had Leah like like newspapers, were all like. We can't do that then we'd be at the level of these guys. You know why the Enquirer stuff and that's the whales- came off, they went, I hadn't dude in, and I remembered it like a six week a month or a six week scandal, but its literally it was a week. Out Monday and the next Monday. He was out of the race and then Dukakis became the guy and that's why you don't you have eight years republican Euro American? This can be a now there. The problem, the outlet use every Democrat. Now the Democrats of the problem, so he was all set. He was gonna, be the guy. He was the front runner and now good lookin guy was younger than George Herbert Walker, which all
plays in an election which it shouldn't, but so it look like he was gonna win it. So then he got kicked out and then Dukakis went and then it became a closer race and then Dukakis. I get stuck his head out of that tank and evidently that was the end of it. But now it's amazing is ninety. Two bill Clinton comes along who not has that scandal has three forum, and yes, yes, I guess maybe just like the out whatever You want to hear song, I'm a saxophone, and then he just- and I always wondered what Gary Hart thought like really, but it just seemed like the way the script was that Gary was too kind of ironic, too much of a family man to put his kid and everything like that through its just like I did it was done, was shut down a member there's at one photo, write him and on represent that arise. That under their online gunboat monkey business was always call here that he never recover from now, and yet the carcass was a tough loss for Maskew. Sits here
He was not a very Massachusetts II type tat. We I gather young guy but allows them rather than all real ethnic site. I thought he was a good man number the jam love it's s, Adele, like impression ever we're here That is now is it. I can't make the big sideburns and the hare swooped across for it I didn't. I can't believe I'm listen, this guy. They have, as do the George Bush, Dr Minutes. I can't we're movements gastric yet do carcass hard to believe he was one vote away. Combat he's like in the top five hard to believe you almost where the President Chirac and shot the three the buzzer and went in, and I think I think you were dead like eighteen in the fourth quarter, yeah that was there too knows knows what would happen happened. That's a good fork in the road though, the Gary Hard thing cause, if read it starts to hold tabloid thing and then, on top of that changes, the coercive of who became the present yeah. Now they tried they try fine stuffing. If you didn't do anything like, I feel like George Herbert
who was the last guy, who is actually able to be president without being attacked by the other ready to a ridiculous level. I mean I've, always you know, yeah gone out each but there was always a level respect, but like Clinton was the whole whiskey thing you light under oath. Let's vote I haven't. Teach you know and then what's his face, George W was, you know you stole the election Allah Crappy did down of Florida Mamma you're, not from here and now trompe l Europe. Had with the Russians, and does that those people were removed from office? And I just I don't start now. If that helps us to be constantly to be like you I'll take a fan base at some point, you know you can criticise with someone you have to support the team or the whole field of and it is kind of gone, isn't dwelling of ashes sports? How much as it sit into your Acta US two years? What the politics stuff that now,
cause. I noted it is a million people doing trumped jokes in its all. Like sort of this and I thought Howard Stern at the best angle on which she was just displaced, basically saying that this guy has a hot wife use. Has all this money nobody's really like fuckin with them and his eight hours? seventy seven. Seventy eight is mid. Seventy days are you got like six good summers left why would you want this job? Every fuckin assholes gonna blame driven. You just kept coming back to you got six good summers left there like, I was I've been so hard, I almost had to pull over, but I didn't sometimes it somebody does some like that. You just like you know, I'm not going to do it better than that. So I can go. Splash around that water with this guy just you know he took it all the water out of the pool and that when I felt so their notice, what your pack ass the Monday morning, they yours have three topics that you tweet out that the pods about
and it's always like football vaseline and whiskeys yeah? I got it. I think I gather that it. Oh, I guess you just kind of turn them I gotta go right. Yeah have generally do I'd like a little set was like I would on stage or dispute. You know Pats Texans. You know chicken, but yogurt store. If I was a story, sunlight that yeah Once I start talking, I dont look at the list again unless it starts slowing down so lot at times I dont get to what's on the list, or sometimes I like I've done everything on the list and I've only done twelve minutes, so it's very much like to, stand up like one? If you're in the zone, you feel like, you did half your eye, you're already dead an hour and a night swear you just Are you not vibrant with the crowded site? You feel it. You done your home, act and you're only been up there for fifteen minutes. You like now the fuck am I gonna do so. Pike ass is the same way
turn in anger. I go. I you do that a most jealous of the people. They are common coward on Fox, so start you know started show, and we just talk for twenty minutes with some angle, like Stephen Ay Psmith can do it nice, I'm first take. Just swap these five minute monologues, always I am always impressed by like Here- I don't love like Stephen ay. He goes from it as first take for two hours. And then, as a radio shown adjust he's doing sports blogs for four hours. I don't. I don't think I could have done much to say about words, the thing about Carmelo he at any you know he's is either out I'm doing too shows. How do you have time to watch the sport? That's it only eyes. I yet! No, that's guys. I know, what's going on, maybe to the commercial seizures fiercely gone through twitter to see now just some of those guys they just their born with that gift and, like he's probably, I know We want those guys gets out of bed running like some people. I just they just can go like that. I love Stevenson.
He's funny. Have you got on those show? Still do nine over this even over this saga, Stephen, a Smith like when he's making a point when he puts his eyebrows down. It's just something about it. Reminds me this kid. I grew up with at the bus stops or always just makes me laugh to something. It's weird that very somethin like kid like about him when he's making his points are much shit, not everything we say it's like funny. I Eric creating- and I worked with, was like that. It's funny, MRS Dude from Kennedy was like you know, not someone you would mess with but like when you wouldn't get his way. He would like become like this kid who was really funny d feel like as any comedy movies. Tv show completely captured what the world is like of just stand there today day like? giving pieces of it have captured it. I would
PETE Home, show you a lot closer lie that I was actually gonna call him the other day, because I was talking to a comedian in those. I cannot simply be a good thing for peach show that they'd never really caps like they never captured. I have see anybody is the pathetic newness of after you killed and you single and then standing outside as the crowd goes by trying to get laid out, and you have to you have to it's not like musicians are really anybody. If you just went up there and spoke or are performed like there's a level of respect with the something about comedy take they want you to keep. When the joke. So when you not funny every eight sell your kind of quiet they get all. Where did I like one? Who is at guys like that? Guy would be ridiculous to hang out with one and down the street. You get a second me by the Uno, crazy, but they don't know. I bet magicians had the same thing.
But when they try to get laid after their deal like they still have to do like card tricks like where's your bra air. It is oh you I'm beginning to do all those tricks anymore, because it would be like consensual on some level. They get me to eat the Eagles document There's this whole section about how they would hand at this special armbands for the group eyes. Oh yes for their neighbour cod it was basically the third on car. They call it spread ego and just go and get like the fifty basic and girls they go back to some gang communism. And then once you're on the Babo had to work their way through the air Brody's visit by God. It was just here. Yes, like that's death. Fifth round draft pick always has a chip on his shoulder. After that I get some length of pats middle I've. Accurate now ready for seven forty drops scale prove itself
practice year, you're, so that's just a different things to different time. What's what do you feel out of other things, came like shit. Have been better and I just couldn't put the pieces together what he says far as movies tv like member punchline with Tom acts yeah. I thought we have time and I came out. I liked it yeah, but I also wasn't doing stand up yet so any time they make a movie about what you do, No way you know cause just the a time they have to show it and then, like the whole thing, we gotta keep him chasing the care and everything that it's never gonna, be the same thing seek. I have to let go that or you think every movie about what you do sucks, but am I liked, Adam Sandler solve what was it If I was going to mention that the first I favour one was when he was the part of movies when he was lying in bed and going just talk to me until I fall asleep. Yeah is like it was weird COS.
Experience in the loneliness of the road when he was at home. So I found that, like a nice twist, but, like you know, I have to I would be drinking on the road it will seek. You are, stay in our was cause. You just want to go back to that empty hotel, room, anxious face plan and fall asleep a meal, ITALY rather than sitting there in the quiet of it that when I was younger now like going back, stone, sober and getting in bed and just put nano Can a movie is like the greatest thing ever HBO to outsource the greatest thing ever guy, just a second, I I've, always like MRS something until the elevator starts going up and in the excitement of actually eight hours, sleep and not dreading the next morning go into the airport like half in the bag. China gets through security and being all irritable. Ah, you know, I thought the first like our ten of funny people. It's on cable that really get at it, there's a lot of people in it, theirs it it taps into that whole world. I thought they d.
Commerce trying to write the right people, jokes and then yeah the guy. His kind of past his prime, but wants to make one more right. I thought it had some good stuff, yes, Last time I saw you, the Eagles beat the pats insuperable. Yes, they did their fans. Have I I've been loud ever since so what they should advance. They talked a lot of shit. They should be say one word that absolutely I mean I've had set up an I do, but, like I can't member did did in the past. France did that no one We ve progress, it right now, look you and I did didn't do it, but like the might of, if you can only do you go I mean I don't know, that's what's go so happily we want something after fifteen years of just said this year, and I would the Red Sox win the world series before the patriots in that high school football stadium would ever win anything. So I was amazed by that, but now I would like it so
when, when the pain at a loss in own like five years stops hurting, I would like to go back and watch it because such a bizarre game, where the Eagles defence shut down the vikings- and we hope where I thought a defense- was ok throughout the place if she's always just been weak, the less than how many years and to just see like me, that was literally like a high school game when those like two or three points and Ottawa, that will never be broken unless Tom Brady goes back again is you never going to see a quarterback throve over five hundred yards and lose a super better and that's the one when, like that thing I do give Eagle friendship with like Nick falls owned. You guys that dude he had a pedestrian three hundred yards, three plus yard gave yeah pretty tough. Five hundred yards and lost and had cooks was out for the last three quarters, basically yeah that backing yeah. How manner that and then, in any time Bela check decides to go. You no great Santini and sit a player it just now. You know
when he did that with well and welcome unwelcome others. Those feet jokes about Rex, Ryan, yeah, then, like end up losing to the jets at how much it was a bad almond and watching milk about a lily crying like a loved one had died. I was like from the guy just didn't feel right from from the second, and I remember the first pass. I saw false. Throw it reminded me of Jacob alone was another guy that nobody gave any champ like everybody forgets his perillus lost, Jake them out. Do he was a based in that year and I admit false was grey. And I was really I wish that I could watch He, when a super, not beating my team, because I really would have enjoyed it because you know that leaving not I'm fifty. So I know what it's like to wait. You know any under the age of like I dunno twenty eight now is as a Boston fan, has no idea what that feels like but like, so I would have been more enjoyable cause I love scene. I love seen the Cubs when you know I love scene,
capitals when this year it was a lot left does not allow those. I can't believe that team actually won the title teams. The list is: do we really bank some out the last fifteen years, the capitals, I never that capital penguins much like a cop yeah and it was also owes a great thing to see how much of acts in cared because the stereotype, for, while with russian players that the Stanley CUP did mean shit to amend psych, whatever the Stanley CUP is in Russia. If you went over eating grow up, seeing it so just inherently, it did mean as much in the stereotype was at the come over here they get the big contract. Nato fuckin, trying and guys like, like marking of events, can really like. I thought and sometimes do criticism because they were russian or something of the team wasn't going while sector then at the Fuckin GM, you know I mean they're not been at the guide. This still given that there are all the ice, but it was sort of an easy scapegoats. But I would say, maybe the Cleveland, Indians who, for some reason very under the radar with like is coming up.
Eighty years is an eighty years. Data is aware at the Buffalo bills. Obviously, Minnesota Vikings How did the bangles watching them lose? Four in a row like that, there's no point even giving them shitties all the way. I think I did this week only on the potty My husband is this: the year, will you guys? you gave your a championship winning form to go to so why stop short of saying losing it but yeah? I would the the Indians, the brass about that the Sacramento kings would be ludicrous. You know about it. I never wanted to one year: would they are they gonna get up ref busy? Another Lakers banner hang up. There for the past, so that was though TAT was the Boston team that was just the black sheep that nobody ever imagined red actually win. The Superbowl science is inconceivable, Now now think that, just as no plough and now, my god, why, as you said, the stadium was kind of the secret. Us of how bad the pats where that was, they were stadium whose just an armpit everyone as their five stories from
some terrible experience. They had their just offer like how to garage that they'd that they opened up like go like I like a fuckin, I'm trying to get a vegetable avocado is something they just like split. The thing open it wishes, it would sit, it wasn't just. It was an eye sore they put alone. Illumined those aluminum, Spencer's yeah, you had said it be freezing your ass would actually frees up. It end up. You lose your seat on the coal games. You lost your seek as everybody's thick coats back to the end of the north face technology, so is all about the skin and all these geese and shit. That dimension, provided that, where the consistently drug crowds ever oh yeah, I was a part of it. I am the first time I went to a game. I went to see the the patriots with the New York jets right before they became the sack exchange. So is Richard Todd their free in Macneil Marty, Lions Abdul Salaam, joy, like Owen, Mark gas and oil
the guy's, a member or Non Wesley Walker, and that those that version and I'm about was cold like that wet windy. Rain and us freezing my ass off and the Patriots sucked that year, I'm rallies drunk stand. Adrian Falcons sharp screaming, and I'm ever. I couldn't believe it that someone would say something about the home team work. As I said, I was so innocent going there this before the internet. She didn't know what was going on the world and just seeing how drunk they were, and my dad just like was beside him. You, the Midwest guy, just beside himself, looking at the fucking Have you and never took me to another game and then like within God? Three years, that I went from my twelve, maybe four years that twelve sixteen seventeen years old and all of a sudden you were that guy. You know. I wasn't that. Guy till I was twenty one: ok, twenty! What your age? nine had season tickets to
Maybe they were one and where we want in fifteen, that you, whenever you five and eleven hours of ninety was one and fifty I will ride rest year. Yeah, rod rise. Point. Fifteen was the year that got me in the sports gambling. Oh really, yeah cause. I was like we're off I'd. What am I need a timber referred then some resolution gamble. You make a gamble on the teams. That's cool. I remember. I bet against the Patriots one time that year China to try and get my money back. They played Buffalo at home and I believe that was the year. That was, I think that was the game ass. She showed up then came under ass. I could even in I lost the money. I remember we played the dolphins that year and we went three and out my body had buried the patriots against damned marine on the dolphins are was early in the year Keziah before he made the place of leaving eighty eight. So we go three. Now we go to do a fake Pont, it gets blocked.
They taking it for a touchdown at seven enough and it's my buddy's got at least got all this money has come on the kick off, so we go three and out again we go to punt the punter bobbles. The snap now he's running with the fucking like area, your premier. How have you say the name I use nobody's voice like just highest pitch libraries to benefit anyway to throw it got intercepted they caught the ball and then like who plays later it was fourteen did nothing before your beer was even like you, and even halfway down with your beer and we was gonna fight back aim. Our spare the details, but I almost got a fight, was pretty synonymous with a lady, is why just was passed. I just started spitting air over the crowd now under the area, and these guys it kid you sick, you just have to court, he does. How can I call you just try like Akim Throat how to tell a story, not say the guy's name of it, so
great nickname you trying to calm him down, and I was almost like it was fourteen and nothing so nobody gave a shit. So it was almost patriot on Patriot battles and shit like that I'm about to game in the mid nineties, replayed Denver and I think our wages, members. I will never be done ever beat our from Craig Morton Writer, who John L Way an egg in every town. We fuck it play him. It's always it's always always in mile high its ever get a home. I would love to see maybe just as we always lose so just feels like that, but like the every fuckin time we play that team and with the rulings safe, there's only one way of others that those who, like us paths for all time, yet how many games have been home versus away from, like nineteen, seventy eight on every time who is always snowing? They always gave us little bit of a chance. We just get. This shit kicked out of us either. It finally started a flip with about bread, Belgic AIR, but we want
his game. It was when I was there and they killed us, but, more importantly, the those seventeen year old kid behind us who is absent drinking for the guy. I had one of those exercise throw ups, oh god just five pounds of it, but it was behind us, but game when along it started creeping down, so them by leg. Second court: Wages are feeder, just in it for the UN and the Pats or down like you to twenty eight, two, three or whatever, and we're gonna I bottled water to spray out the pew they see that was added area. Just like standing in pure sitting pew come over preceding gave to our bodies went down to get a beer in your games like a half hour we like, where are they they come back? One of em shirt is ripped opened to his shoulder ozga like a bloody lip, I got into a fight in almost got kicked out, but the vendor stuck up form and said that no, the other guy started it and they let them stay bloody I would never have. I know that I would be like a congressional here.
I remember gone when they open Gillette Stadium, which I don't really like that much lighthouses. What gets me a little on tv theme park each year He looks column person. It feels the party but the first game there they didn't. For some reason they decided to make an equal about of men's and women's bathrobes, and you know what What's the demo of a Pats game like ninety five to five male female nineties, for now, and you said, are these its waiting in these men's rooms, but at other women's rumors, nobody there and you see the opposite when rounds using longer life. Well, guess what happened? You can take a guess. You from ashes itself. Have you think a play Well, how are usually plays out women guys it or do you think I stand here today with its area so ass. He added that now, like garbage other people itself on it, you'd be called a rapist and they would ruin your career
you have a garbage struck again Tom Brady. Thank him again. Weirdo abet lustre engine is forties, subsides. I admire bullet low, a bull, lovely weird. I dont know what you everybody in the media is just going after the guy. I love Tom. It's his career, you wise Tom versus time. He could do no. I dont. Why never watching that shit. I say that because I don't see why you feel that way, yeah! Numerous times I don't mean what the fuck he's like between the games. Yeah, need a knows what he does during the game, which is it better than anybody else. If you can Can you want to hang out with me for twenty four hours? All I'm fucking? I guarantee you I'm weirder than that. Guy is meant to sit here and judge this guy who's like the greatest corner, backup time and married a super bottle area when five, what to aid Superbowl, one five of them. I want to sit on my couch me like a what's up with this guy, got a full had to hear this,
his killing me and every category God bless him. Six five six five on handsome tall and answer the phone but park as true breeze would be a little more love. If you is about four she's taller? Yet I had more square jaw, somebody more well known daylight, key, like the second most yards of all time, people who, even though it that's indoors a little tainted. This is my Peyton Manning arguments here, as I as I a spouse, the Tom Brady Riots, just You mean that DOM just helps Brady's head. All these cold weather games. You now is like in December his plan, either the plant in Massachusetts Aires plan like what I outdoors is a bird combine. Just take a tartar frozen, feel
I never got to grind never at far in my football curtain of hidden your, whether a harbor but like the level of noise indoors two's. Is you sheriff calmness? It's in your favour, their look! If you want to talk about that and I make for Seattle, who deliberately constructed that, is the loudest place, like people talking before the game was deafening. It actually seems a gathering image of Irian Jaya. Here's an index that wasn't because people they just talk loud in Seattle, it's because it's like it goes back to like before the application of sound. Yes, ladies theatres. If you're, not a project, your voice, you would need a microphone. These guys could sing or act to the back of the theatre. They knew what they were doing, so they just it's that technology spent around, so they just built it. That way, I know I'm a good for them good for them, but I know, is if the patriots did that they would figure out where the sound waves were going and they'd make us tear down a section and we'd have to play a fuckin nackerson field and lose a couple.
This round draft. Certainly we did that everybody else is just like a low gamesmanship. I love this Yours got above them, the faded football precision thing and it came and went make five seconds but that's one of the amount that should then that GM or say hiring a guy to do investigation on the team that daddy lost. To play a game. I mean that was like an episode of dukes, a hazard that was specially dimmer, say it about people I anna whatever, who cares, Let's take a breakdown by low gambling. People always asked me for advice within a bet on this week. What's gonna happen, the truth is I don't know he's gonna win, but if you think it now, you gotta check out my buggy just big eyes. Your best bet season. They ve been in business for years. They have great reviews online in their mobile site is easy to use. That's mention in game lie bedding and the most rewarding clerks in the business plus four fancy guys out there. You can either bet the around her and how many fantasy points a score, there were score. Each game lay down some cash when
today, you when they pay joy? Now but you will match your deposit dollar for dollar ease the promo code bill Simmonds when creating air can claim up to one thousand hours and free play. That is my bookie em. Why be o k? he don't forget. You used a promo code bill Simmonds when creating your account to claim the bone. You play you when you pay. Are you following me that's cubey. They bear the jets. Fans are really into a saint Arnold, but he's those guys it's almost like he dropped from one to three, because people like his face it's a bear, their resize EU. I feel I look better with their home in on something about you. Just psyche squashed in there guys is killer. You not sell a pattern that that guy's a killer MAC and he gets better that he's like we're. Those guys like you. I think he Jesse's he's board in September in October Then off Eli. You have to win seven of the last nine games and he's our guide and then that's like took so long in its first year at that guy's not done do he's, not,
but he, where they lay so afraid of him anymore ha Eli, I won't? Let you enter the last shit on by the New York media as whole fuckin career it? That was, I don't know I mean at some point. You do have to get ready a coach but get rid of Tom complement the guy own Patriots, like I don't know why you would do it, but you know people move answer will seek, will see how this new they got back that kid for hence stated running back whatever his name is economically. Oh, my god you're here, I had a message. I first anyone like fifty two bucks. That's all already all in on. He played yet that's the best team for his style to go to like distant school. Like I actually even more pages friend I like the giants cause, I boys, like defensive, minded teams and, and it's funny I, like certain teams, just know how to draft guys for whatever reason the giants, my whole life and I should go.
For the same half, and all this got to just always knew how to do. They just see a linebacker like nobody else, Pittsburgh another good team like that, and then he got other teams that just can't pick up like like the browns in the bears like they just like. They just can't get a quarterback like the amount of times where it's just like all right, buddy has been one pic or two pics. You have the rest of the draft. Pick the guy, that's gonna, be the guy. They just the specially to bear the pairs of net. My whole life of Nevada quarterback. They had wow what what's his face, their color from their brief cut. A packs he's like the modern day, like Jeff George. Now he has all this ability and he just sense a piss in everybody off everywhere. He goes he's funny fan to watch the way he talks to the media and how much he doesn't give a fuck I guess admissible, like We need a new. I love Jeff George and I love J Color and I like the anti hero cube.
You, I'm hoping one of these new guys, maybe you'll be the entire, whose outcome It's always on the brown brows. It went The herd stuck up from self, where the whole shirt on draft apple. Did you see that I was a big idea that phone I liked because the wagon heavier and he's gone into play for the Brown, the brain, by the way, have to go back to their old, uniform Viagra. They is so funny they barely tweet them, but they completely fucked. You go back They were such like Tunisia battling Jim Brown Uniform as like from the sixties at old brought all brown with the white numbers and the white pants with the stripe is one of the cleanest reforms, it is very hard to make Brown look cool and they did it. I think, was the orange helmet that offset it. I've been in Hollywood. How do we get off fashioned east over? I thought big I was gonna, be a bust and I've already recanted and done one. Eighty on my own opinion, because I wasn't ass by him. I thought in hard dogs needs a judge. People just from higher docks, have is really bye,
hey. How we hear of self is personality, the sense of humor. He just seem like a leader. Nobody knows you I've alarmed at all, but some of those guys become bosses. If so, fuckin team you go to wear it, Just like you know? If the league in team infects you, yeah, it's just like if they northern offensive line- and you spend like you, try Aikman was was very close to being- the league in five years, Jimmy Johnson doesn't come in and turn around the motto headset that I took in the beginning there and then Jimmy made that unbelievably shrewd trade, and I was well to convert all of those Emil. What lives the dumbest thing. I should think that you gave them all these players and in it wasn't they they gave em. They gave him like a figure, they gave him, but they had like five of these other players in any one that he caught. He got like the Vikings top. Yeah and after the thing Jimmy psyche Non Gonna cut all these players and their last guy. You, mother, fucker, don't do that just cycle. Of course.
Why? Why would you do that? And but then he also had to pick the right guys and he did so. Are you ready for a Post Tom Brady World? As a patriots fan yeah, I was afterward learned its B. I like I don't want him to play too long where he really gets hurt like I did, but it's up to him when he wants to quit, saw nothing to criticise a guy peace plan. I just want to go out on a high note. I mean is much, is worried about the guy cause, I'm out economic superimpose, how I felt at his age, So this is me, but during his last game he threw over five hundred yards in a super. Bali didn't fuck and wind, but I mean nobody else, is coming back. That's like a career year, so yeah. It gets gonna have to end badly there's no other way
why has hijacked? I know a year debate could be in two thousand twenty five. I couldn't withheld those ivory. I want anybody to last year in this business the thing that that got him. There is also the thing that can screw you over if, if you're not cognizant of it, which I think he is You know, and I began that sure I think he's gone as long as he feels. I can still be good and it does seem like you, which is Kay because of year. It seems like he's really driven to prove that he can completely alter the limits of what both are a guideline, we already know how old is he forty one now following forty one hour now are entering territory of unseemly, seen thirty nine. We seem forty as is already one euro guy, throw from five yards in a suitable work ass. He was who, both through for five hours, that's insane, but I think he wants to go to like forty five. I think he wants it to be the all time might drop or paper like holy shit. What happened? I think lobby why in the same way, to be honest, I think the Brown wants to play until
his kids in the NBA damning. That's all that's why the great there but this is nothing more still there watching a guy, try to do that and then see a bunch of out of shape people who had never even captain Jim Class start picking them apart and ended in the in the joy that they have doing it. The guy's has their own asylum Larry. I never got off the fuckin ground here, like the the containers of sports. It is just in its unparalleled hit other than the average jerk off twitter. You know me yeah day I may we grew up with some, so boxers stead stayed on too long. It seems like a recurring theme boxing.
This had to have that. That was too and I can't really her up sport and then they don't have any money. They don't care that they keep gonna, keep down Cuba yeah. So but like Bobby a few people like like that walk away, you know that there have been spot like a football. Ella was the best one. Two to titles leaves leaves values as far as before you have like any sort of like damage, like you know, very centres by the essence and gone like you know. What that's going to do for the future is health. Considering what seems what happens to allow these football players glints one got out after ten years he play ten seasons, get for rings. And had a couple huge head, so murmured a superpower. It like You, though another was he took, one
So you see me wait Samuel. I think that one hit when it seemed like he died in the game. Oh yeah, those old rater highlighted on my God. They just what punching guys in the heavier like this one guy. He lily. I like a cast an you catch the, but he would let you catch the ball as an EU with us, this side of the head and you get knocked down and the act like that was a good hit sector due to suck a punch sector, and that was completely the another up, a touchstone past, Terry Bradshaw through, and he got knocked unconscious against the cowboys you get hit by ethnic, two guys him at once, tat he was completely unconscious and key course cause he's Terry through a strike wince one caught for touchdown, and then Harry played the rest of the game, I believe didn't remember most of it. I mean that was a they dont. Let as do that anymore, so that that that is, that is a good thing. They don't let them do anything close to that Now that I have not prior hair, not yet they care little around my skin Sudan yeah
I would say to my progress there. What they should do is just like make em all sign a waiver kind of like you know. If, if the federal government imprisons you for three, years and they find out you're innocent, big, ok, we'll let you out, but you have to sign this single. You can't Suez yeah whoever lawyer drew that up. The NFL should higher that person and then, when you can, and the NFL you decide that they desire. Here we go this. This is what this is. I had my fantasy papa. Draft I stay and will it we have eleven teams, but only ten could be in the draft and the champ gets the vote. Somebody out darkness, the guy who was the chance they damage check. He drew up this legal document that I won't vote you out, but you can't vote me out for I've years anyway. I sign it too. Getting voted out, and then he added a body out this one person, but I thought what you said about life. They really work as that's what this is. Survivor in its cause the lad attention and in eggs that our group, I hate it.
I'm afraid to yeah: do you guys you fucked up with that one? This is my friend cousin sounds is obsessed with, like the voter In. Writing I righteous you got you just like I did with the USA. Woodrow Wilson when he realized that Federal Reserve was not a good deal of Christianity now we're just stuck with it for the rest of the territory have your letter of regret are used, which would be couch for budget this year I'm gonna Michigan Wisconsin in the Big House and have you done now before the sun, Michigan Ohio State back ninety nine That's one like it was David Boston was planned and I M while she is a long time ago, member how big deck that guy got so Jack than the card was David busted. He was like the first for piracy whereby members I well. I guess you big is that
yeah yeah. That was there was a great error in the big tat was before. Rather, yes, he see in their whole run, but my college for power, like best she said, said so now the thing I moved out here, that's what guy aims came on so early and and shows get common. He's got over so early like you know, you ve used to work that weakens in New York me. Yet, hopefully three in the morning- and you are then falsely too for four thirty, so I missed a lot of sports when I was there and then I came out here- and you know you- you weren't H spots a night. In a weekend, the we could run around the city back in the day, at least in New York, so gave me this free time, and I just a guy while not jumping on the Alabama bandwagon. So I less Meyer with thought Ella issue became and Alice. You, France, so I have there's a bunch of teams that I like historically just good programs and stuff and there's a lot of things
then the SSC that were good when I was seeing dating allotted teams that maritime in Amerika L issue. My it tells you, but you have some mistresses na, I'm just like I'll be if Tennessee gets good again I'll, be happy for them. So you had ballot check and less miles in your life. At the same time, yeah yeah, I did that's really will you man, he was a fine guy where he would he would just he would go forty had tricked plays you see the grass, and this was the big things we never had a quarterback put this year. This new kid I forget his name. I just saw the big pretty much handled. University in Miami the other night until like with like eight minutes, left all of a sudden. We started scoring anywhere like two touchdowns to point: convergence to two point: convergence from tying it
made me nervous and those like this no waiting. I do this a separate. I saw the painters, do they like four times the falcon, so it is doable but yeah. I went to a game there in back rooms when they played Alabama was incredible and they had the game one and they fuck an alligator aimed at the start of play. Marty bar Jason third quarter, our Marty Gimme your top for stadiums, Committeemen Rushmore right now, ok. Well too, I am tired. I only need, like eight more in the professional or for sports, a more home games. I have to go to us. You want in college away what he's talking about I believe that many stadiums- you'll never left me I've been home game of every football baseball every hockey, but like three in every basketball, except like I guess, five, maybe four by italian college and pro no no no just proper college, a my my college that I've been to the best
revenge is so far. It's tough do. That's like I can't do it because college course you could do and I'll tell you why, because in the end, they're all brand new stadiums, the NBA baseball, it's so them. Memories are their yeah like when you go into these old stadiums- and you know Earl Campbell, played here and and and and all these these these amazing player so and do our bit in Rome, all the ALA, Colosseum Rosebuds, really cool. I she was prepared for without was like I go to that. Every girl arose bogeyman. I've been in the last ten in a row and errors day. I gotta that Ella Colosseum of the first two super balls were played every time I go there. I pictured that video of of Vince Lombardy and, although empty seats behind him. When I go there and expertly throwing up in the cellar, the Big House noted-
game Emma Notre Dame was. I welcome the big time college football, this guy over the thing out the swamp last year, I went there not only that. I see LS, u verse, of Florida gaiters. It was right after Tom, petty fortunately died and he was from gainful yeah and eight they played won't back down the whole crowd, sang it. If you'll see You too well, I guess I gave me chills. Ah Alice. You is incredible. I went to the Red River rivalry game in the cotton Bull Texas first, go home about Miss. That's on my back. It was I'm gonna go to that word things but thou they ve all been great. They just did in it went to. I went to a game airplane bowling, Green second sucked, but as an at two years ago ago, school they want and is able to your toilet paper. Some tree wet
Good, though, is around doing that. What is at being way do that I went to Indiana University game. Bobby night was still there when they played out Michigan stay where I've never seen behaviour and he wasn't even getting technicals I've never seen a coach. You like dude. He was so far out on the court, Africa. The aim of uneasy bucket the end point guards bringing up the court and do he was yelling and it was. I thought his head was gonna snap off the way who is like just throwing his head. It isn't I was going up, the court, and now that was one almost and get into I bought a student ticket. I was I thirty two and they look at me. I just- guy just sitting come on get back back. Well, is it list I gotta go, that's the Stan Ba Arena Conseco's field in Indiana because they built it just for a basketball. Most these bats, wherein Isabel for hockey. So they have to be wider said the seats are as close and I was on my anyone. Yes, so the legend.
The games, he sits in the corner. If, if it would be a rain of the re where Basque, Marina, the corner should actually be an awesome, seek, as it should be close the board the hockey they have to bake it super wide for all the guys to walk in so those corners are like too far away so anyway, that was a good one. What's the best hockey Rina Manchuria Well, they have the new one. I went to the old forum, and now the old formed Alice, claiming that was at the place of our neighbours, is as children. He had a respected, may believe guards. I took a tour that, before they tore down, Thou is incorrect bull. I would say, the Boston Garden, the new and the old one. Oh yeah yeah man at that place. Seen celtic games there and not brook games of me. That was literally you know the deal you phallic, you gonna fall down onto the ice. They just justino the cattle
If the cigarette smoke, the alcohol, those you shit, tvs, navigate like that they obstructed. I do. The belarussian tv is of six and screen use, both as like that black line is kept jump and going up both the watch it on that people think those stories are exaggerated. We know a lot and I used to sit in the tunnel has by data tickets. You can hear the rats running around and beneath us. Sometimes his memory. The tunnel like they have the little screens wicked here I never heard that. I just know there was a guy. What does a rat's? How tight it was? There was a guy, we had upper deck and this guy was across the ice upper deck and for some reason, MIKE Melbury wasn't a popular bruin at the time and there were some reasons liar mama, eternal areas, but I just want this. Guy stood up and just clear as day the whole arena heard a disturbing grabbed his dick. He goes Melbury my meet any got this big laugh. And then he just sat down whose all kinds of kids there they all heard it. No, I should
down to say, like hey buddy, could you not grab your junk gear and in spew out vulgar stuff across the entire fucking arena like to place on the bench? I heard it like. That's like that's how tight at work I felt about hockey these days. I love it and the more people size it, the more it warms criticising it, Buddy always this or that you can't see the plug, it doesn't translate to television, let alone the fight and all that shit. It's just like that. It's not for you. Just fuck and move on to another sport, alleys, fuckin asshole. They keep in and I shall listen to. This is why these people, who are going to continue to not watch hockey and then they just ailing a good fans like myself. I desire path myself, but I will say this after you years of picking the wrong cities there on a roll right now with Nashville yeah in Vegas, and I think Seattle is gonna, be huge,
Sal maniac standing at Ozma loudest shit and they know the louder. They screen the better chance they get a get in the sun expect some sort of NBA franchise they own the t, bother the t name, the way the Brown Stansted. I think that's gotta you I going to say I was absolutely flabbergasted instead by how are the biggest thing which I found it. Can I go the complete opposite way? Nice guy- I wouldn't bet against it- brought a brook pretty every rule I would have expected for well make a manage our team work, but then, as you watch it happen and then it makes total senses like other tick, Abrek brokers, bile tickets, they just handed mad too. A group of people, but then you have all these die hard people who don't know, like rate in Vegas Buttered, twenty third minutes away in their those are like the perfect blue collar occupiers much less at speech, the guy get those are rather a movie nowadays. Everyday lives easier goes he You guys around this locker room for one reason and one reason only whoever you just played for didn't. Think you a good enough to get
to be sure tat you away to be protected and if they are all just jump, became one yeah. That was what was once when I was watching those just like I was room for the capital, because, when I buddies Joshua Mars is a huge longtime suffer in capitals fence. I was rooted for him, but I was just like you know. If the capitals don't win, this is just your great story loose to the expansion to No! No! No! I don't I either that or the cap yeah. I finally enough, like within totally within their warehouses. I get that sounds like something we do. I was right, the sports fans in my life but I was the same with you. I was. I got into the wretched thing around me and no whiskey during that time: of Dallas year when people it kind of written him off, and he was over here I mean he's an VP, but you shouldn't a ban as only be Miami right and then they care that the whole it wasn't just Miami like he'd, they upset everything they beaten. The plan was a team people that their elusive. I always
his burial of asking you, because in the lock out happen he was allowed to talk to his place on the second day. One he was I d rather obray with them, is just like that. Red, there's no way he must have been like guard everybody just. I think he was parting for seven weeks and rail anyway. He by the EU, that as bessie after they lost no sex when weighed in the rafts and all that shit. So your final year euro, you fell he's in a good place right now. Cuz, I agree. Do it does seem like he is. A great game is always has driven away all that casual fans and basically like we're here. This is our sport. Stop telling us what to change. God. I hope that is not. That's what they do just behind. Be being multimillionaires, sat looking,
Sports relay why you we'd be billion airs is just like that. It's a fucking disease, like how big did you flat screen tv after be it does seem like the one professionally that has a really exploded. This current decade were sports rights and rip. You know, like the Premier League gone way up, these, freeing Emma lasting by railway. Let's see you have see one glimmer of light soccer that the ILO is that you have see he's gotta be as far as global globally goes. That's gotta be second behind soccer, as far as like, like it doesn't make a difference where they go. This fans people are gonna work, shit, enviers embers above them, but yours is definite and bringing embodies the league past African this different countries. They ve got into its been social media, like you can tell by the social media, so the soccer purse had the biggest you know it. Footprints, twitter footprints stuff, like that in the basque abolish like really gone up, that's it! That's the biggest ever seen basque bomb baseball right now
his device rise by us. How else are we think there are big near that always at posts you have the, which was that saved Pittsburgh efficient, safe pits, piano member, seeing that when I first got cave Fortier anniversary coming up, is it gave Kaplan enamel? We are not now that's gay cabins behind you to the right. That's the most politically incorrect sports Bobby, while timeframe Oh I knew he did a basketball on yeah. That was a golden era of fish that saved Pittsburgh fast break and one on one with Robby Benson, the trifecta. That. Will we want? We want a sportswoman was I am as possible? We now nothing now how did happen, You ve had someone I show me. Where did I believe industry? I just kind of silent or any other requirements. I look like a cop you. Couldn't I don't really look like a line is Basel, I move is a bed you couldn't abandoned.
I can't I and I audition for celtic pride early in my chair there we got HOLLAND Quinn, now Fever Pitch written movie fever pitch. Now I just wasn't. No. I was never the guy so. Which sucks when you're young, but it's great when you're old, so you have a nice sort of gradual assent, yeah and nobody bugs and yet perfect. So then I've if my descent, just as gradual. It should take me to the end of my life, one more its Agua squares base. Our old friends turn your dream into reality, with squares base that make it easier than ever to launch your passion project, whether you're looking to start a new business showcase. You were published, content, sell products or whatever you want to do square space. The tool for you, beautiful templates, world class designers, the ability to customize just better than with a few clicks, making beautiful website,
yourself their power for E commerce, functionality, legislating on mine, analytics, happy gray, saint, real time. Everything demise for mobile read out a box, nothing a patch of great ever find em AIDS is simple. You get the help you need with square spaces. Twenty four seven award winning customer support square space empowers millions of people from designers, tellers artist, gamers restaurants, agenda to turn great ideas into something real adduced space dotcom, sash bs for a free trial. When you ready lunch, is the Africa be asked to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website domain square space that Cobb slash BS offer code bs can I ask you about the lit the Louis stuff recently sure What was your reaction to it here? as varied as Germany. Nobody gets pissed off. I don't think was,
body, while out of people tat, some people get pissed off in a lot of people. Thought, like you know, he's had enough. Let em up off the map I was equated to like you know, I'd watch a body might get do I want him the wind, but after a while I was like all right all right. It's over you, gotta, like let em up, I mean they took everything from home and like if he wants to go on goose, do stand up. I mean it's a free country, you don't ask like it. You don't have to go to this goal. The shows or anything like that, but am I just wish we could get out of this by GOSH? We get back to our offer. That appeared ever existed, but I wish we could get to a period where you could discuss things and not Just now. I just have to pick a wire beside anyway, I'm looking at you and then try to destroy your career it just because you have a difference of opinion where, if you're on Same page, don't hate, you know. This behaviour is not correct and should be dealt with
and your disagreeing on type of punishes length of punishment worth like that, and then it just becomes like this single were. Then we live in a world that we have to be afraid to say that stuff, you know to people who were allegedly progressive. It's like how you progressive, if I have a difference of opinion, and so then you're gonna trotted, does drawing me is is is, is the irony of that? I don't have a problem of somebody disagrees with me. I would never try to go out. You know it in like ruin them to the point that there are out on the street. You know, and then I also advocate there's a lot of shit words just like this sounds like a job for the authorities and people who went to law school,
is opposed to me, who should study fine, twitter, yen and me like what the fuck do. I know about the legal system- I you know, I don't know any any of this stuff, but like most people, I do have an opinion, and you know I don't have a problem with somebody disagrees with me. I would never go after them like the especially if they haven't done anything other than way and on a topic? It's bizarre everybody on and the internet they just such good people like without it. The demonstrate. That's what I look like there we'll get hashtag I saw one. It was this things I dont tolerate. In adults were literally way again on this, and then they were just saying all this obvious laws, break shit like racism B tree method want me people say where you from five mean people, just like like what did you have to demonstrate that you don't do that
now is a video of you being somewhere with a bunch of white people, some Dropsy Edward and then you dont, tolerate it is there We have that evidence, or did you just fuckin just right? bunch of shit and it becomes like this self serving fucking thing, that's allegedly for the better good of society when it really isn't it. Psychology jerk off on Instagram, and like they're, trying to inspire you and they just trying to show your the cool shit they have and there's six pack ebbs. You know I'm so fuckin sick. People- need telling me how hard their working. Yet we you glide didn't how'd you trying to get this paper. Get your everybody is have to work hard in life. I didn't realize that it's just like my favorite I love the one to you, bring all your cars out around the private jet issues Did you drive all those out their yourself and you sobered back to your garage that take all day or did you did you have the garden drive over the hummer? I like that?
a broad debate here and there and you can not be looking at the camera. You gotta be looking. You gotta be looking with his yeah and you gotta have a look on your faces is again how we do it man this is our. Was that how you do it I didn't know you could do it like that, I would have done it that way. Had I known how to do it, how do you do it? we work hard at you, so you psych. None of this means anything it's just it's just somebody's trying to access like just just be an arrogant, ass, stop actually get trying to help me the Le Breton Screw Nguyen Van, and he was gonna, come out of somehow his value for our just the library the groundwork of videos. I can't imagine bird magic doing that thirty years ago, through various common defence. A him, though, that didn't exist. They would have, and the people did that shit burn em over to have it bird was I tiring his driveway bird, the suburbs they Bert heard his back, tiring is fuckin. Try now cause they gave you that one standard brush
I remember that I want to pay somebody's seven dollars there, that is driving regulate a billion you're way out cheaper. My larry would easily Olympic village yeah paint eight dollars for a beard, his six foot, nine self, just walk down the street. You is to a bar to go, get a beer. You talk about. Great athletes who fuck their careers open. So in some way nobody ever tax by labour has been cheap feeder. If that tarring his own driveway he may be placed seven more years like Bobby, are Healy. Nine years, but it is because multiple What made runs at his knees, in fact his knees up to the point where you also played reckless like that, and I mean this in a good way like he s a young aegis played on ten there's some great great great Barbier Youtube videos. I know you like him him defending the goal. Without a mask cause, the gully was out there just like taking slap shots to the neck.
Fighting. People use its advice in Amerika, great Gretzky story with some years gone language you the grace of all time in those Bobby your video on the back, and it goes now that guy that guy's the grace of all time. So when the great ones cities raised, he took her to a whole. Whole lot we data may be. I show you in the great one like a little kidney candy store today happy and he was he was he was laughing. Belatedly at you, he I think he was so excited that somebody hundreds at no with you. He was The key was so delighted that there is a hockey fed with a sense of humor is included. Guy who's. Got hockey jokes gazebo that why you got the cannon, got a rare. I was just so. I couldn't believe was made him, and then he was such a nice guy and just like your hockey player is in general, are very down to earth. I don't know if it's it's, if it's because of the game or whatever, it's a Canadian, the canadian
Dna, I think, is a big party ever there's somebody like Europeans. It is still just in general. They dislike like self deprecating like nice, guys yet not on a wife. It's funny. Can you see the game and urged beat the shit out of each other? through a bunch of animals than you hang out with them all. You know. How are you going to see if all was a good fight have its beers? Sometimes you win. Sometimes you loose soap Agatha is your family still needs to promote some stuff efforts. Yet analyses in three we're done flicks he's gonna, give us thoroughly state, hopefully by October, and its should become an up before the end of the year. That's all last time we did where these I told you, I wouldn't let my son watch. It start heretic. I started watch it. He's chase lobby yeah, it's love our show that share the crazy Netflix algorithm is that's. Gonna control live Sunday is reported back and the kids
I know how to designing and on their parents account or whatever, but neither do in that they're sending it to U conflicts over from, like the kids account, The dad account and that's other getting it Bob it spent benefits and the men s for some reason. You scheduled tv Bank north. I saw I've October Fair it's almost defiling could be red Sox, Plath game. You like you, oughta guess, Sophie's choice, lamas, I'm afraid I'm gonna go, but I want to go back for like a week why everybody liked you they'll have, by the probably be watching a game life. I don't know. Else. Maybe it's a road game, but still they want to watch it yeah. I didn't think about that. As you are winning like a thousand games issue plain five. Nepal now, which I think is a great thing- I they Dave and they had their little swerve at a time when you'd want at which they are resident October. Exactly exactly Yankees haven't been one is so they're still eight halfback, who they Pinocchio J D. Oh that's, tough
I think what are you saying, sale or concealed man and seek that? We need better prevents us from having any lower Willis deal with their rested on four October. I like that. You know what they're doing ocean than that with climate it is x is price, are unaware that come back or hit him on the river. I'd never know with price present my daughter, the two most fragile people. My lady, I expect he's gonna make it so big tour and then in the past, bigger than the other guy. I guess in efforts for family and then front runner. Those are the things I have gone on. Road runner front. Runner will lose your character forever. I bits if you go on the website, it says they made up a fake name for you now they for somebody says me, I'm playing George Mcgovern, so I keep getting all these why should you paint George Mcgovern nine? Exactly I'm not, but everybody just like holy shit, this guy? What is this guy Deasey thy Daniel day?
is how the fuck this up, I don't know who put it up there. I think it's hilarious and I'm not going to correct it to somebody else does, but they have me their pay. George. We shall just start doing when you do irresistibly governed by George Mcgovern Jane. I watched thought a tape. You know, and I wrote a bunch of notes night. A guy who works for the Miami Harold O the who, curiously enough, has a Boston accent. So are you mother from Boston created for my characters? Internship yeah yeah, I know what am I I did. A sickening fail pilot that took place in Wisconsin and how they explained away. My accent was he won't? Do you want to be you for four years, a summit that is to say only has completely lost it is a king in any goes back to a concept that he should get is midwives tax so that I could do it now. I think I could do amid was more. Women was accent but billboard pleasure
Louis thank you add me, but I think so much to bill bird thanks to zip recruited and get the check them out. Zip recruited outcome, Slash, bs, thanks to simply safe. Remember some safe obscurity prepared for anything for storm takes a repair, the ready she Foma gets caught. The ready, if keypad gets destroyed, simply say forget the help you need. Maybe don't needs be ready for every, whereas K snare, but that's what makes it we save great, it's always ready just in case. I recommend it ever and I know go today, simply saved that calm, slash, be ass, Don't forget about the rural was taken. Some add to that. One now ran resell. Those new package against all odds heading into the new NFL season, the your NFL show the watch Gina thirty, three, all of our fantastic. Gas. There are happen Irena when China back Ass, Jeff, bigger regard yeah gearing up get mad
patina book is out one shining black ass is ready, we're back with the bs later this week until then, ways.
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