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NFL Problems, JFK Conspiracies, ESPN, and Announcer Rules (Ep. 285)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by The Ringer's Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker to discuss the glaring problems with 'Thursday Night Football' (7:00), the rise of breaking investigative Hollywood stories (28:00), the JFK conspiracy world (34:00), the much-maligned ESPN layoffs (48:00), and announcer shelf lives (1:04:00).

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I felt ass. She made Working you stuff stuff to do Ricky away from being always actual job. You know this man now there's no, no more our requests and for a day, so we can talk about a bunch of stuff. It's basically sports or partners, but we do want a call back is Jason Gay can do today. Yeah. You ask us to press box on China. Thirty three, which is kind of becoming frequent. It is everywhere coming once a week, talkin about stuff proudly. Both here Sir, I don't like to talk about is the year of stuff to talk about. I went up by Thursday football first, Guy's got her yesterday. I do not see the game at go to dinner party Zheng outward.
In a mess. You see the end of the sea Huxley's. Basically, the German blew out? His Achilles Achilles signed the band saying goodbye to people. Where does this go? We're stairs, therefore, Barbara First, we have it for years from now for side and watch it either, and I just consume Thursday for football. Now, by reading angry cholera, tweets, smart bats My men might address waited digestive, you know it's It's really tough right, because it's them. The money thing is the only hang up right. Seem to like it. Players on seem to like it, owners like the money gamblers, don't like it even sound. I don't gamble, there's an iraqi anything we don't get by now. I feel a little bit listening to see out to sea ox needed no reason to be outspoken right when we have spoken teams like ever here, but I feel this is a little bit post capron EC, where, if you don't like something in it, fell now, you just say it yeah. You know her,
back at all you just like this is criminal. This is bullshit we'll do it fits in with the millennium generation that just people speaking up early Like this, I want this to change, but in this case there right they should like. There's, therefore, but I mean there's, there's nothing like a great pavlovitch tried to some of this to resist like I'm. In a rest, my players rate, if you could give us back to back we're disclaimed right and I just disagree red and see the inefficient, ineffective players are dark. Coaches are put much tougher position cause you're. Sixteen games mean you can't just like you can't sit people out, but I bet they would if they had the opportunity. Now. I don't know that sure I know I was in the car yesterday and it was with the nine for the cardinal they are behind in the answers go. This is the right move right here and I'm thinking like Giusto, the quarterback. Forty nine is never the right move energy, as you sounded so awful. I m glad I missed it or you said I was just because a shift to evaluate that. There's no injury list from this year, yet It is terrible. It's terrible
and what is already a huge injury list anyway, the NFL, yet everybody says they're playing a football game is basically they being in a car crash him so you're having to car crashes in five days are given soccer is careful about this about schedule, games when they have the champions league? There always worried about having the game and then the Champions League game on a Wednesday, and these guys playing just running around like barely having the same Aeroscope COD reason: the thing that shocked me, the most is Richard Germans walking around telling his teammates that he ruptured is Achilles. Where we, this world. That reassurance just like death blow Michaelis. Like no big deal, I'm going to hug my teammates, the S. S got me in shock, re yeah, I guess so but to be that aware. I mean I these he's athletes her, where their bodies but like that's it he's, a mighty jelly rash would happen He knew immediately. We find it even afterwards he was talking just like I. You know I knew it I planted. You know you look like then boom, but they say
is a killer is as bother and the whole year and he was waiting progress in a play. He said that he was waiting for it to go all your long on an interest in seeing a train wreck and he's not the only one I mean the Seahawks are shrewd now ministers doesn't that it's not to think I understand about Thursday in April. Is it so solvable by going to the eighteen weak season and having the two by weeks yeah there's an easy way to fix this other through is add a and construct the Thursday. So that you always have ten days between, like the Sunday in the third them in thanksgivings easier because nobody had thanksgiving forever, which emboldened them to think they could do. There's no football, but sometimes you have the lions playing at. You know four o clock on a Sunday and then they're playing at twelve there, and others- that's probably the most. Saint metabolism is the love it because they felt they got there banning button. The many many by weak You know like lay in the season. It was not ass rate you gotta geared up for Thursday. You beat that
play the lead slot on Thursday and get the little by we, but I was once a year. What's also definitely a definite advantage for the team, that's home, sand Thanksgiving yeah, but you always get the road team whose they planets, They then they have to fly somewhere. It's thanksgiving, the family man at them to set descends, offer you just now Angry phone calls with your wife the whole time the airlines as it was so you think for years from now. This is done. Small, how we gonna get what we can do, the five million dollars, and what are we gonna do with her see that, but that's the thing you can have the five hundred million dollars if you add the extra by weak and eventually any extra weaker football anywhere girls. Do that then the right, because that night, I don't care about it and I loved it and whenever it's talk about it like with the players, are going to have to give up the money you know if that's like, if never the owners are going to have to give up the money to pay the players more money right, that's just never. Within the owner,
all right, that's never considered began. We we do eighteen sure sensibly, sixteen games. Do you think that the I don't know what thread? I must want to see the Harvey Weinstein's stuff, but that's kind of boodles. How far this stuff is got were always has been very difficult for them several weeks, whatever this wave. I guess this horrible wave that's happening in these past few weeks. When is it the trick on sports out a figure that NFL honours were like the runaway favorites for to be involved in some stuff. Like this aggressive, we drunk on power guys who are just used to Boston people. Ravages has not come in the sports yet, but it feels like it's going to at some point: re absolutely absurd, feeling, we where'd, you know it's fine people talking about tweeting someone's two immense morning like why just talking about actresses You know and actors, and why are we not talking about all these other industries in America we're going
where the money is what course you know that's natural, but sports is also where the money is in the air. I mean, I feel anything maybe cannot mean just think about the pay out that can be found the deal's made behind that the edges, but everything here's the difference between this happen in sports, and if it happened in Hollywood, in Hollywood, you there's your career gap and whether you lose it fur five years, like MEL Gibson dead or whether you just loser in an ever comes back here. Losing it for awhile is in sports. You don't you can't lose your team. Would you have your team? You have it the can't force you to get rid of it. When you read down sterling fur forever and then they fight they had their their little window three years ago, but like that window wasted, I mean, is that damage differently whose breaking about, like you know it's that sort of like sexual abuse.
Do now know what it would would exist, but I think he could have kept the team if he really fought for that could have been He could have been in lawsuits first, seven years, trying to keep it right. He just basically him and his family decided knew it Donald. In age, I'm in a cash there's no automatic there's a lot of money, other items, USA, they weren't like shoving amount. They were nudging it, but it was ultimately his choice to get shot down. Sure I do it's really hard to get rid of an honour, and if we see this happen with an owner, I'm gonna be fascinated to see how that puts the EU market. As one of my favorite human beings and I'm not attributing any like imaginary Maoist to him, but he's a good example of somebody who would just he's young he's vital he's writ He sees the value he would see the value of holding onto his team of someone like him were caught up in this, yet they deed fight each side for twenty years. The Georgia, I think it is gathered. I just feel even if it's not specific this kind of stuff we're talking about his
anything we learn about. The owners is always more shocking, then what you could have imagined, I popping there but we have like one shot above manoeuvres, mainly because players in made her head and he go. Ok, here's one go! This is an imagined would like to touch on a cell phone. That's a meeting with a ton of people who can all go to the press and share exactly what you say: you're just like that. Wow, ok, inmates. It's been a lot of confirming what we always thought these people might be. Same behind closed doors, seems to be what's happening, not just in sports, but in all these different industries in politics, and it really started with the Trump Billy Bush stuff. Last year it was like yeah this conversation is what I kind of would have it back to him. The say, if you didn't know you might get yeah and its work is Trump half of its on the record, and Seville, Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones. Half of it is on the record. You know like a like Believe Jerry said that isn't like some overheard view
Deanna thing Right Would you Harry said to the reporters when they were gather, rambles Duffy said above Zeke outstanding. From a journey care, what he said. There's no. He said she said in a z, Jellia thing like, no accusation of domestic violence will We know there is right and you are either lying or willfully misleading or we're into some weird territory with you, where we just can't believe anything that comes out of your mouth and stuffy said this week. Zeke do you know I've? Never, against domestic violence absolute come on. You guys who hire Gregg hardy. Kid that's definitely on the record stuff here- Jonesy the most kind after reservation. While these owners is all over the place, he says. One thing contradicts himself with his later big, making good present lecture down just all over the place Dallas is getting into the do. We need an amusing directly from Georgia. Mothers- that's has, alas, we do. We need to take the keys yeah from Jerry.
The idea of a sound like us and just that if we are the davis- and this will still go on for another eight years before he somebody takes, the kids will have to be one of his sons right. Yeah man digested this. The question is whether or not somebody's already taken the keys of Stephen Jones is already doing everything except promising in power. Is, I think this we proved well, you see with with the sum of the our fishermen we ve already talked about. Is that the most that mean that the best way to take the key? ways to not let them know you ve taken the keys away. It's the only way to keep it going. So you know maybe we'll know when that happens, and maybe we won't your cars in the grass had just taken out the spark floating wherever he goes into a couple times a day that kind with the south. Thanks did with Red our back very carefully in the lady these early nineties share hiring people but it still, he read we still care, and then they let him make the Joe Forte pick
as late as two thousand one day, three first ladders red really like Joe Forte. They were like our area. This is Reds guy and then that was a disaster we miss Tony Parker and after that they take the case. Craig you, there was twelve years realities. Texting Forte right now to emerge report available it'll be tough with Jerry is speaking stylus, so Lupi and they are connected, but he he out Jerry talks like that already Jerry Cyclic that his whole career his whole life. You know when we never thought him and get down would be at odds with this. This is Ben you now the most tumultuous behind the scenes and offences, and probably ever there might the most things going on, but we, the owners is aligned with the commissioner, and now this is
aged, and now you have multiple report this week about Good Dallas. Trying to you know, keep his job and extension, and Jones is form in this cabal to take him down and its basic everything. I've ever dreamed so happy is well we're really assess. Erogenous job performance he's been in absolute train wreck. The entire time within the Galina fell has a magical way of taking of like me having to be no winners. In these situations rate, I mean it's like right. Like watching Fidel and is equal Elliot's we're off it's like I don't night there. There is no good guy in this hour. In this situation as ending it's like now, we're like what we're rooting for Godot to keep his job. He was like he seemingly was sort of on the player side and the kneeling debate in the last diameter hiding a sort of nobody. Nobody like him versus Jerry is not a business to fight with a with like a moral victor, that's what's
tell me: is it? What we're doing is we're getting somebody who's kind of like Adele, but isn't like more acquiescent. Jerry. That around that could be word is basically a but ceiling. Yasser Jerry's probably wants to focus that was arranged conspiracy theory a month ago he was, I guess, it's possibly with Jerry's doing like happen. We signed a baseball, but ceiling ran baseball's an owner. Badges luxuriance, like I don't think, jury want to waste the time wasted tonight when these make him make money em he just like give. Will it be a waste of time here would be a polish, nay what he just wants the bead Jerry. I want to know who they, who think Adele fans are like a doubt that men are the two, not just commissioners but sports figures who its eye coups their base, whose like betterments, my dear mad when he cancelled the UN season. No five that save this league have they pulled Fidel get us there. Eleven percent like a roll out like this, you know like
Up is never gonna get below thirty, whatever yeah it will get I'll, just never get below like eight percent. Then people urges happy totally satisfied now because there's no base observing their constituency as whichever, whichever being open. Of the owners, the he's decided to align themselves. With that day, I M an assessment should be made and that's his job dealing but that will really with homers when he like crackdown on the patriots and he weirdly gap. Before like yeah, you now and then, but that that can ended once you know, people realise that he was completely incompetent that I dont know leg. He would always be better off pulling a trump, They're going. All these points are going to stand for the fly them the first. Have you could get events from the corner of the universe that police person stamped warlike, Roderick Adele? In other words, he can go Roderick Adele. During an idiot. The Trump black like that's Roderick, Adele, any red or or just like you know, make a choice.
Like a rock Perot style chart of how the revenues increases he took over and put that knees a I'll, be in my I'll, be at home by my pool. If you want to call me and offer me a new contract what I'm walking until then, but I don't even know if he can take credit for that. He did. You said more As for the innovation, no, of course not, but like that's, how you I've networks joining in the press, one up like you, I you and I are three of Us- could have probably figure out how to play five networks, each other animals only the last great contract, great a member that might not be a tv deal. That's that amazing, where everybody gets played at the same time, about the way. I start to see that and now just creeping about Rodger Goodell and his dad Charlie, who went down you know to Nixon and his cronies, because he was opposed to Vietnam, war, Us Senate from New York There is no analogy to be drawn here visitors, Zira, whatever, if If and when Roger did elbows dad. It will not be a of conscious like opposing the Vietnam WAR, let's just throw that out. Many keeps that
the poster, honest and start an Enigma. Welcome my group on the ringer today about this is the first time it feels like football made, actually lose stuff that we're heading towards this world. Where there's a cabinet glossy coming. I wrote today that I thought make Mcdermott from renders, after a seventy two hour, poker bench being completely unprepared, could still when the cap collusion loss it later. A show video of olive crappy quarterbacks that applied this year, but that's gonna, to be a big deal, especially if they start asking for emails and tax thing I think this is this- is a two hundred million dollar lawsuit That is a yes have taken my livelihood, so they have that yandah concussions things which had not changed at the poor safety thing. Did the CBS coming up three eggs Jimmy
reported that he is pianists, potentially knock and being the max for the contracted two thousand twenty one, which you know. I don't make sure that matters yet because you get Amazon and these people looming biologists tumultuous times be put it this way. If Ireland, one and thirty two aims I would say right now. This would be my moment to sell their leader, the landscape I go about, maybe like the irish zone, Carlsberg on that millions stadium and get my team or take three billion hours about this when this is when you get the three billion yet, and it won't be three billion in ten years I don't I mean it could concludes uncertain. You could be in nine different lawsuits in ten years and what is for bond ten years Alexander you about owner disco. Harry, that's his Corpora member we found in the railways can, however, Brady's email them. So I imagine Jerry Joneses, like Texan email discovery give if discovery
No, it's too. If we, unless we have a sea of broken cell phones and in compromise mainframes, I think you can win a lot like you could win almost any lawsuit against seventy something Ridgeway Dude, because no matter what discovery, there is going to be insane stuff, you could. It is a and text messages is gonna, be off the charts any of those guys if they broke into my dad cell phone. Who turned seventeen weeks it? We will be a lot of him spelling, whereas and saying I cant open the link. You set me again. Replanting rights above ouch, please call moving about career as a going over there. I think the add the honors ones will be a little mercenary gratified by the way, if results as a patriots fan cowboy fans being the Patriots, Vanier David is at least half a cab was finished, how miserable it is to be in the Anti Get L team, not because I dont believe that he should have power to punish players. I dont at all, but your fan base just turns completely nuts
yet I may like relatives of mine, the things they said about the accuser, the things they talked away. They talk Deca dark, it's very dark, yet it's pretty awful, I hate it. I mean I honestly just I can't I cannot their member of family members. I can't talk to about this issue. I'm just like we just now, when other be able to talk, It can't be quite a thanksgiving for cowboys me is better in politics and z, Jerry Dodgy last year, when Trump one I am from the state of Texas after Trump pointed took the cowboys. In the Steelers scorn. Three touch on the last two minutes or media to open up violence again now the coming together. What this year's is gonna, be This is where this is finally leading to Texas Seceding starting its own country cited mild. I only David, you wait till we get in ammunition. For in a world where, like the do, you know it's your target, relatives and that's true, that's part of fan and that we can get away from, but there's also just like the online trolls or the people. The voices that that would be easy
you ignore. In a previous era I mean you got me half a cowboy fan. Everyone many people may know another half his Carolina Panthers as Roma families, but like when can't when ten had that the press conference moment with the reporter Jordan rodrik me like half of Panthers Twitter was just running her down for today's elements. Just a ass man. It seems like it's never been easier for groups to mobilise for better and worse You know it makes you wonder, use even back eight years ago feels like it was forty five years ago. It really does it's amazing you wouldn't even eight years ago you and even no ninety percent of the stuff on there a friend years stumble across it on a website and forwarded to you there are no other way to see it in the order. Unless up one of the blog word about a b, you would have to go, find it now. You just said Twitter, feed or not, or wherever nutrients see everything shoemaker.
Time of the Sesar will fly. So we spent the last twelve months at five eastern. We got like crazy mine blowing political news that you would have never believed in your life, and The last month has been replaced by Hollywood NEWS, yeah predator, the alleged predator news, and will we yesterday and the site you noticed theirs is Mamma. I owe my irresolute we're gone. Oh my god. The air was save the Louis stuff you knew has come in for a couple hours for a came people, this kind of waiting, for it was like the can, Netflix Yoke, the Louie Hollywood reporter PE near ties, peace that we are like. What's this, what's can be in the yard when they cancel the premier? That was the big. Yet I gladly does does acted. Dicta gathers like the trailer before the movie is weird had to sit by computers. Until this thing happens, you wrote about this: do you think is there a re entry plan friend in these people? It feels like wine steam I would say now away, but the thing is I gave you pretty much. Anybody could just play the addiction card
rat seems to be the one thing that sadly somewhat forgive him, but I think the advent of what Winston spacey space it can do because outside to Kim yesterday, Kiev great right and air could and reading her, since, as called him said, Jude favours she's like first, while this Temple things one is we're making abolish rules on the fly yet is no rules for this stuff like who gets let back in who does in what you report, which you don't like they're. All these Hollywood poisons tearing cut meta hat. Second part is it's a continuum of behaviour right. There is how revising is alleged to do x and she give game ample she gave me less than is. Leg of somebody makes a really weird phone call, that's kind of Ikey and threatening that gets reported as that person out for ever set personnel for five years now. We knows nobody knows the answer to that people. Nobody ever thought MEL Gibson was coming back her when that the days after
that whole crazy, rant and dry. All that stuff you were, the purgatory is done. It was over. It was never happen again and now he's in big guy. It is all about your daddy. And TAT is why dead parts is placing comedies directed movies. Again, he did yeah couples, might less thorough noted. How even did he pay? I guess he apology but added even repair those relationships. I mean, I think, what so it so hard to tell about a thing. I think that you know the public at large expect some sort of a show of contrition yeah, whatever that would be an, but there I mean, there's governs you gonna, be some people that never get over it. You know the people that were so I mean I'm naming and shaming examples, because I feel I can judge inflamed this conversation even more, but but yet I mean and there's a brain early, restocking out the concept of expectations, which I think is you know I mean if if I think it would be a different situation, if the New York Times reported that leg Harvey
and seen had done the things that Louis did do as are different people with different sets of rumours surrounding them, an expectation surrounding them. It's really hard to imagine how somebody comes comes back in the traditional sense. I think that there is a opera conversation about. Does the traditional since even matter because Louie could release the next season of the effects as Louie on his website, and he would make a ton of money. You know I'm happy who is not like you're, going to not watch it you're going to at least for the thrill for the what you know, what the hell factor you're going to go. Watch it till I mean he's he's a very interesting case. As far as the combat goes, what happens to the art is, the great unknown with other stuff. You know like what happens to all the Louie comedy specials, and this affects show that was probably one of the best shows this decade visages. Is it just vaporized what happens to house of cards? Do what happens if more stuff about the madman creator?
comes out. So we just now, though, shows go, go into their own sort of artistic purgatory and they don't exist anymore either. Yes, I would I'll, be a little bit reg. We saw it cause be alive. I dont the cause be shows gone member when you turn on, but basically on. Korea was on like every night. By the way, the cause be show would have had a whole other run with the streaming air that it did not have good where they give. Friends are not beyond Netflix. If one of us six friends stars had been accused of other monstrosities that cause be. They do just be gone over as so, I think other stuff disappears, which is a very strange thing to think, well I'm a ghastly. There's going to be some it's impossible to foresee. I think Louie again, Louise Substantive place, because it so personal and it it so I mean it's: do you know you can eat? you draw the line, and then you know what someone like Cosby or do you know where the dates are much it's either they, the offenses, such to like yeah, you got to you, got to just sort of like black that outfit.
Wine seems a hundred year. Yet exactly I mean you just can't you mean, it's it's off the table. Wine seems a really interesting case, could use such a power broker, but we're not gonna punish any of his films and his escape we're at that summit. What time does Quicksilver the low hanging fruit portion of all these people? He thought about pretty much When had draft picks, they would have been very high draft backs. What happened? when we get the Holy Shit guys like, and that that will happen. I just don't think there's any way. With all the rumours out their knowledge that that there's not gonna be pupil. There's like oh, my god, what you write about today that you know we ve seen the video, the shared now or same pivot, to breaking reporting in entertainment, which is just not really ever now we ve had it. It's never really gone in the direction of this is now a kind of a business model for lack of a better word cause. It is these people get. Has banned this, not just because they want to break this and in raising
prestige of their say and credibility are that stuff, but also, if you look at the most read stories on any those websites is the most red story and date this has become for lack of a better word, a little bit of a business sure, the tiny genre of entertainment, reporting right? Yes, kindest
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They just had a lot of death in surprise in two thousand and seventeen. The earth that sixty minted assembly has just been dark without done. I remember six weeks is to wake up and look at my Iphone and think I wonder for trade happened today for the winter I hope but he from Vienna, Grantline or the ringer who have whereas working he made me yeah and now look at my phone first like I hope something did happen. So we re awake. I d I used to have mommy. My greatest anxiety was waking up and saying my phone full of messages, because the ultimate warrior died or like Seneca Paraca Ressler died in in my sleep but yeah. Now it's like most every day you wake up like twenty messages about some catastrophe in the world. One thing that has happened, my step for lack of a better word is the d J F K files,
which has which are there they release the bunch. But then they held off a bunch and it seemed like the one Tromp was gonna get right I'll year, and then he can't even get that ray. I want to say this is arguably trumps lay so than his finest moment banana home not dying. Moments like I didn't, stop the release of JFK files right, but then it stopped. But then a bunch yesterday came out and J F K Conspiracies stuff is. What am I time, internet deep, dives early is why we created the internet. Is the last blasts of JFK conspiracy talk to this? This release with this be it now we had, as it did anniversary of our streets the stone movie in our various people dying all its it. Is this really the blast? You think I think this will be so some stuff came out yesterday that that was was fastened, but basically it's like it seems like
see the CIA really did kill, did kill argument. Fairness. Seem that way it certainly seem to have a link. It seems like Harvey Oswald was just undeniably had all kinds of sea air connections in an almost everywhere to them, our, the Dallas Mare, see A key had real soon. Connection genetic, even work for the sea. I was a big thing for master. The parade route was supposed They secret and nobody knew prayed rude, except for a couple people, and yet, if the day as mayor had see a connections and he knew the parade route and you could put people on the red spots. Thing. There came out yesterday that I I don't know whether Emma yesterday and oversight by I'm pretty sure did was the autopsy photos. Some stuff. I hadn't seen, and it really does seem like it's just
escape about that. He got shot from the front its unescapable one of them at least one of their shouts, and I think the Kill shack came from either the front or the front re, there's no way come from, whereas what was its just impossible and it's like any I've ever seen a movie ever when a gag shot in the head size, so graphically ready gagged, The head, the stuff doesn't come out the front, it comes out the basher. That's every time, think of any movie ever see where you better get shot in the head comes flat on the back of the head. That's what happened! A J F k: this is he he jerked to the left and the whole back of his head, basically exploded and all his brains come out of the back of his head again and I apologize for being gross, but that's what happened and he had basically an exit wound, neck, which I think was the Oswald shot. He had entry ruined in his chest, and then he had
an exit wound in the back of his head and its clear that there are at least two people shooting at her with a push you talk about the job, kindly shot at least four bullets at that car, from two different direction: I admit I was gonna- ask a bill. James is trying to end today. Have you been, I think, they'll James is afraid that time This is at a weird. Twitter. Is that a great medium for no James but yeah, it does seem like the CIA stuff is kind over. I don't love you as ever watch the video there's somebody a video. The same, the laid seventies of people think this It came from the grassy nor, but actually there is hope, a spot on the right side of the grassy nor were there was a sewage drop, a brain vaguely member visiting that society There's somebody stood in that, but it's like a, the clear shot in the Angolan, abandoning the perfect shot at four. That last one- and then a lot of people ran up to that spot. After I can
convince us here tell them you walked round there ain't my reply. Like Diana, I kept my wife and I maintain my guy. What anniversary do you think is good to visit was waiting anniversary energy of Ghana Mercer. I got scared they whether he has ever done a detective doctored Zapruder from now who was a hundred percent acted hundred percent, they gave them the gate. Raw copies and it just basically disappeared for when they came back and it was doktor anyway that they didn't realize fifty years ago would have better technology but timeline. The CIA, where its unclear, but even a person who examined it And the interviewed him like fourteen years later in this, as in some of the reactors of the camera yesterday, whereat, he is basically leg yet people seem to agree that the car stopped or came very close to stopping and disapproval. Business film, it's just a series of pictures, great so
phase just remove the frames, and and the guy who inspected it, who is it fourteen users, yet there there's definitely frames missing. I don't know what happened to the frames. I don't. I spent a lot of time on conspiracy, theory, court the internet, so I don't want to sound like an being dismissive, but what would have been the? What? What is the guy remain or the CIA is interest in seeking a film faking and like the exit entrance wounds during the autopsy rather than just like destroy, in all the evidence. Why would they like what? What does it help them to have dislike certain to be like this? fake evidence that can away with it, but what if they mean they could definitely have gotten away with. Burned. Everything like everything was in a car crash and disappeared. Gimme like what ratcheted out there were excited, I mean if they had seventy years does it has got a very worthwhile if all the evidence is gone, unlike what we know is the J F K is dead,
it's it's. It seems like they're just like leaving. I lay a crumb trail out there, the CFO, I think J K. One get rid of this year. We agree that rain, the man I think they got involved with the Cubans. I really believe I am a hundred percent in. I think there is to at least two shooters. You can talk me into three did the Sierras like were taken this guy. Well, I would urge you talk of others before on various powers, but were you on this corner before this narrative? You trove has pushed you under his command. Firmly as as as I now and as I also think it is much easier to do. Acta, yeah for sure. Well, any that are there, The one thing that these releases, these dino these governmentalism have done is make the CIA look like a la varies vicious. You know, conjecture aside, all the CIA memos, the CIA. Any memo that you see he's gonna make you think that there are mean they are up to stuff.
It's, what you need any help looking suspicious but difficulties, but of course the best yet exactly that with the best you know, domestic it's hardly even a conspiracy theory at this point is that we know when they say that they can't there's certainty. Events are not releasing because their city, you know certain people are still alive. Everybody immediately goes to George Bush senior rate if he was father this year. He was there and he and he had a dizzy, and he is probably the most like one of the world's most famous. Like you know, hanging on well past is well past is due date. You know he was at the CIA, not Yet let us now, but he was but he was in a theory that he was an asset and that you are you not Hoover rich originals over the bed at some point, distinct task, just tested asked me and so many things are fishing purpose. This is where people Sesar, their fur- you know fifty per Here's my leg: how about the fact that all these different witness, is and people who are above their new stuff. All these big. It's like thirty people, missed
firstly died within five years of things that make no set Jack Ruby. Just Morocco, they got. Cancer was dead and you know I all these different crazy things is the fact that there is a Chicago Platt. Gotta boarded the fact that somebody called a London newspaper twenty five minutes, but for? This is one of the documents that was about five minutes before was like something's gonna happen in Dallas. They didn't say that the Dallas Texas. They said there can be some big news call the american embassy. It was very pretty we're Texas, wigs though it was pretty it was pretty boy big, in America, just big news was a colony, is Eric Target. I don't, but you ve Obviously, liberality are more sceptical gather. May I ask how do you get five I've been in? I was headed. I had a youthful period of coins JFK conspiracy. We grow thirty miles down the road was going to say at the Lee Harvey Oswald went to schools in Fort worth. That was going to say
yeah, you know I read the case closed book and I mostly was out at that point. That was it. The package proposed only job Posner, he ruined afraid he word for maybe even for the sea. I did love and the neutral. I did love in the new travel. The Castro conspiracy Avenue. Ninety conspiracy, gasser assassination plots the poison diving suit. That was weird and it was the Go Tom Hanks blame bridges spies if they wanted to give the boys and diving suit castra. When this thing is, we were trying to kill Castro and vice versa, and that's like another thing: there came out in irish documents, but here's my question to answer me. This on brand It was just kept going in a german Posner corner. Note your router! I can't answer but go ahead. Why? If, if, if all the stuff wasn't bad, for America and bad for the sea, a bad for others, people. Why did they put out the fire
under embargo for fifty years. That was obviously he'd problem Minnesota. Whether these came out with Hoover said nuances. Ruby kills, Oswald Hoover says this is gonna, be bad because everybody is gonna. Think that Oswald didn't kill him is going to be applied. Is this like Hoover Entry, painted JFK conspiracy mania correctly. But in the files that were released last month, Hoover's base, obsessed with proving that it was only when shooter navies Everything they did in the late sixties was geared toward them, proving That is what was the only shooter and that all this stuff was a coincidence. When a round of was chasing soviet and cuban plots. I mean immediately because of Oswald's Yeah residents, the Soviet Union and then the Mexico City thing, which has been a big great rabbit. All of this new drops his whole strange, Vest Mexico City respecting bad russian. That's apparently at some time they were
that day the CIA was immediately like was isn't businesses Sophia plot. Well, then, the Russians, in some of the files that came out the Russians, were convinced that the sea he killed Kennedy That was why the file Russians were leg so that the since they have a million spies in America that time everyone span and everybody this happens in the russian and tell chance that was sent back to Russia. Was the CIA killed Kennedy? I am that's a problem, so here's my corner, I dont believe there was where's the girl, John F Kennedy, but I love the consumer. Missy World of John F Kennedy, like I love Jeff have you got it exists. Yeah does likewise story. Place went down in New Orleans with my wife, yeah nice couples to my wife was pregnant, very, very pregnant and, I said, hey Christine. I think David Ferries if he is close to where it varies? We drove out of the way
we found the cemetery knowing finally cemetery right and my wife just happened to be in the black that day, so we pull up and there's a little mortuary thing makes clear where the grave as big scimitar in its abuse run in there and ask so she walks into the into the mortuary pregnant and wearing black and we'll just to stand on her like, oh, my gosh. Can we help you, I'm so sorry for your lost, but yeah? I'm looking for the grave of David Ferry and they're like Ok, like thinking she's like this grieving widow break a sector like did he die in nineteen sixty five, but we found it some petty? It was on my twitter profile for a while. So let's say that: try it comes out that tramp, the Russians that this was so much worse than anybody thought miles. Do this again and there chums gonna be impeached weren't take off, files and intelligence. We have for everything we found and we're not going
they them until two thousand sixty eight won't people's reaction, be that the horrifying yeah we're going wait fifty years to release all the information we have, because it's that damaging went away religious pull? Here too, that sixty eight that's. Why you're here find out what happened. That's what they did. Jack S, the emergence insane, there's just no and have the Duff is like just stuff. That's embarrassing right! It's like tapes of Martin Luther king that they acknowledge surveillance of the king, which is extreme. Embarrassing that that happened in american history, but it has nothing to do with this. Why think this stuff that the last wave of stuff that hasn't, amount is going to be about. I don't know about the assassination as much as the cover up of it and about all the things they did with with the Zapruder pictures with The autopsy photos, throwing away witness testimony of this that I think,
anything that helped the case that there wasn't just one shooter. I think they trashed or not read over discounted yeah cam units in that's always no time and time again. History is proven. That's a terrible way to go about things raid. You don't Europe has always worse than the crime unless in this case the crime is a prisoner? Was assassinated? if the guy not worse than the crime and bid it, but if the, but if the answer was just as you know, there was alone. Shooter and a book depository, but they still where they still went well you trying to like make sure the revenant only pointed towards that nothing else, so that conspiracy theories didn't start up like that cover up is, though, is basically the origin story of all. The conspiracy theories brandy feel like Dallas, is kind of this is there, then I feel responsible anymore right as it has a big shadow over dollars for a couple days. I think after J arguing in three men in certain of its key were where we moved on move right. I think I think that's nobody very probably
you have to be what sixty two even remember this happening mid, the exactly but there's a minute. There's a good middle aged corresponds to the group. Rather remembers it happening in his way and you all this. Although story, I'm leaving here in about Reagan, got shut us home scores alone. In the end, the championship was that night. I think it was the essay Thomas Year when he won the title in kite game on their presence been shot. He got wisdom of a car, we don't know if he's going to live or not, and these other people got shot and by the games, played again Caroline last video. As you know it as it is, I think, it's gonna make a moral argument, Tate Sober that's nice tighter, but it is. Can you believe it? played the game, come amazing He was a guy. He was in intensive care upon bullets, Adam of that's pretty insane, yet
that would have not got around to doesn't seventeen. The average community was shot. Outraged may remember that when we hear that happened, nineteen eighty wanders isolated eighty will also deserve the dope play the game takes whereby line and ten seconds yeah you're hurting me. But in nineteen eighty one. What do you do? You just have like three newscast or sitting room talking about the fact that it happened. I mean there's later there are barely yes, yes and suspect no bio and you know Hinkley start having yeah, also Jews lady, was shot relatives stuff to stuff. To talk about hey. We talk about, wished outcome. Yes, like buying stuff on my yes course by would you wanna unleash global marketplace. There's a trick. Good things come to those who wait, wished outcome you go there It's easy. I tried it. I went on just put in Europe.
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Open your wish app I've done. This super easy, find things that you didn't even know you needed enter my code Simmons for twenty percent off your purchase. Remember if you can wish it, you can own it Well, we knew european Lancer are coming. They try to pretend Spain, that there wasn't any more come in the shared think somebody even at a quote this is it. So as to be it? So I closed the process to me because I think we were expecting MID October and usually it's the end of october- is the budget cycle and the source, may that because the german health stuff was going on The narrative was already these You know in a lot of publicity, has been these people don't have our back meaning management, yet that it was like when we just do this next month, when we just do this in November, because
already have enough turmoil here. While I was telling you that that's rabbit Grantline couple years ago, the end of two thousand October, two thousand and fifteen, is when they have to decide on the budget and that's when you put in promotions and all kinds of different things and that's when you need to know how much money department as all that stuff. So yes, they delete it. Somehow firm up so looks like there's going to be about a hundred lay offs, mostly talent, sports enter this time around, I'm not surprised to hear that, but still a bummer, a real bummer. That mean it's just I'm probably some website stuff too, because I think the website has clearly geared toward you know, just make sure you have one or two big pieces to lead with and then the rest as video yeah man when there was a way way too much to read on has been that yeah its flipped like ten years ago. And keep up with everything it's really to find stuff now leg, Zack glow, You could even have an archive. I went to
read the latest Zack low Pisa, you cook on issues like his twitter you'd after leg, most Google's anglo pieces. The guidelines, as our group is we re I don't get it did they almost like it like there willingly tryin to not have people engage with specific writers other than a couple. He's gotta, be like one of the most sustained demoralising periods in their network, history, the last show me how I want it. We want backdated to April when the first, you know those last big layoff was in a between that Jamel liberally s p, whatever nonsense, Deanna found me everything. The ineffective Van talk, I mean firestorm. One episode show who am I? What appeared of just like the part I don't get, is
On the one hand, you're saying you cut back, and these are different economic times you got a backward step plan either in actually spending money. On Wednesday. They, the countdown show went to Boston, on that show its expensive. Yet to set up a sad you get us in travel. Are the talents God First class like it's not cheap, to go on the road like the files, I think when we, on the fires. In the last two rounds of over a million bucks probably more than their so even in Jakarta, Boston. That's a fifty grand Sixty Miranda like you do you're spending money under you bring new people in, but then you're also gutting sports and at the same time like how is it really it's not lapse. It's about their restructuring, what their spending money resource allocation in their building the giant studio in downtown Manhattan had to say about expensive. Yes,
in a real bringing up putting a lot of stuff in New York. That's an old things come expense, but that, but that's my point is like These aren't lay offs. These are resource reallocation in their basically saying, like our business, this change. We don't need these people anymore. We rather spend their money, and these people think it is printing than laughs? Would they will probably make the case Yeah me. They will really make the case that these you know these are separate silos and that these decisions are made separately, but yeah I mean it that certainly the way it looks like there's anyway to really talk around then. What is? He has been five years membrane, therefore, but it's so hard for me to believe that they would unplug evil with the milk. And Miller's Miller, so sore. Stop that I assume that is not written. He echoed of half an hour is not written out of his head is Gmail or for the reporter road about what? If he s
unplug for Monday night, but then gives the NFL a couple hundred million to get highlights and stuff for the all you can eat buffet I mean we talked about. They would never unplug because they wouldn't it make. They just need the highlights to just feed everything right and that's he's. What he's essentially doing is proposing away that you just been able to do that What do you want your pen, for if you don't have the answer, if you don't have NFL game so wouldn't know what are we getting down to now? Get the NBA. This must watch lot of regular season base. And what's the must why another studio shows aren't, must watch anyone. That's apparent understand the regular season. Despite what I would have jumped off of cap for bar and best God for package basketful bombast guards. Who was right? Yes, admissible for most fell out of your entire Saturday and its great cause. You can plug it off all. You have games and only networks, you stuff late at night gray, a big primetime games, but what if you want, but just after its who would be really scared me to unplug from the Unifil,
because in were just getting to like this, is just a cable. You notice, the cable, I would dominate thing. Do you think I'm in a package matters like it did fifteen years ago now. It's just not always the worst games of the week. I ate it weird to me- I guess from a conceptual will they be. Laying people live, we're gonna, put it all in all this. The spending in one one pile than you denounce all these changes to its new platform. Gonna be Caspian, plus the news big streaming Disney's, obviously launching their news trimming, but it seems like there is you there. You can make the argument that there increase revenue potential around the corner, but your Lang, everybody off now: what's? U? They can start with a clean slate networks a little bit weird, but the problem free, as is when you get into the streaming world, you? Can you not competing with other swimming platforms are competing with Sunday ticket you complete competing. You know with the NBA out with a male be aiming those things already exist out there for big fan. So it's hard to imagine what did it with the channels? Can I remember when they are in talking about before they receive
the big deal for NBA rights. I remember hearing some of the higher ups. Like the higher ups talked about, we should get the lid we're going to try to get the league pass. And on that, and I don't know whether didn't offer an offer whatever, but that are We ve been really smile because they could have built their holy european business the, but what's that he has been up can because I think he has been classified as a shade in Anthea What does it mean this Nikolay? Might european presence was something every single and every single you know tv, Channel Network, whatever that's transitioning to the space is making the same mistake that, like in a magazine is it when they are building websites. Fifteen years ago it shouldn't be seen anything it's ESPN. This is the future of your channel right, don't like it gibbeted funny different name, to try to make it seem more vital, or I mean
A bizarre decision did, though I gotta guess they're so worried about the cable fees, there's that by the way, here's the thing was sports rights. We just unity. Our whole lives networks within the big networks were out. We can't can't afford it anymore. This is just these. These fees again crazy, NBC Other was a most recent does go all out. Priests, undeniable Ryan. Is down to the Olympics, basically, those when they did the little NBA and less than a foul yeah. They do the exit found, what she both stuff right and handsome arena and stuff like that, and then all of a sudden around? Look around you, gradual with great anything on. You were back in baby you now in an entirely Sunday night, football greener, those olympic steel at huge money. You know, let's, let's, let's crawled back into this thing and I just think you can have a moment where you pull out, but you always come back. Everybody comes back eventually. It does seem a sports matters. You know this fractured.
We live in now it with content, and you know you look at the tv now that France has done nobody's really watching the same. Shall stranger things may even closer? I wouldn't say it's even close to that France level, but but he just splintered all over the place and then he had the NBA show up, and it's like you now, Houston's blankly them. Last night, people though that games happening, There is a real market, I think, and in an era where you can, at every wherever you have access to everything. At the same time, the real market is for took to be a good curator and he has been cut. Do they know a lot of websites do that by directing you towards certain tv shows to watch like the ringer com or movies or whatever we we pick, our we make choices would have by what we cover yeah european that sort of been there all the highlights of they show or the games that matter. But you know me, I don't I don't I can even round my head around with that would be in ten years. Is that do they had to they just like selectively the rights to the games. You need to be watching right at that moment and show you that, is it like a Red zone channel for all the sport
The world- I don't know, I don't know a bit. It's gotta, be something different. It seems like if data have the league pass of any these leagues. It's really tough. To pull off this idea in Latvia, you know you would have to really develop some digital talent. They don't have the mechanism to do that. Probably the closest to had was actually what we had with grandma and with some of the stuff we're trying with podcast videos we're just trying stuff and seeing what worked and only have the mecca. To do that. Now, civilian, it did show you have to be a little more creative and proactive. Think allow the shit where China ringer these days like I don't really have the mechanism to do that right now. That's what was so worried about the Van talk thing, because I was the whole There was I we cool guys who can work in that digital space, re yeah, we're lower impetus on tv, but we need that. That's the idea, but I dont you have people did, could do that if, given the right tools, you weren't you hire, there are people, but that's it.
Then there's the hired. You know a lot of the people, they have her old school, traditional people who were anchors and sideline reporters and or reporters turned into talking, heads and things like that. It's it's they have not tried to find young kind of talent people dictate the hosting one shining parking. Oh, my god, I'm a replace, reported turned by guess you were you reported, be reporting there's a day. It was reported in everyday I regard the glow farewell the name issue, return amount of biogas gang and my gas? The am, I suggest, the whole, the bar. Something was fascinated me because it was a. We need to be cool again right. We ve seen spasms of this happening as view you bill nods sagely. What is going to be cool? What's what is what is cool on ESPN and what will be cool like what can they point to at this moment? Twenty seventy eight worthwhile
pointing out, since you mention bars tool that they announced today that they acquired a like an appalache in leg, Blake, low ran boxing league called rough and ready. I think what you just said a gag, but it's just dude. Each other in like headgear and boxing barking gloves. You're! Joking rough in reality, then the end it's not and it's the letter in and but its end its excess. Gag, but, like you look at and half way through the teaser trailer you're like oh yeah, makes more sense on twitter. Video than anything ESPN has rights, do yeah other than like dunks gap gotta know what I don't know what that model is going forward. I studied there would be fine. The sports anything was coming out decade here and in its come in dribs and drabs. Come in dribs and drabs, and even even this year they try. Retraining again with sport center. I am morning sport centre, so guy gets its
don't know what this is, and I watched other how at last night, but good luck. I had some time. It's like you If we just one highlights just like the old ESPN, it's like it's a move that somebody there was like look at the ratings when we just to highlight just look at what happens when there's no political, core political content, when there's no, people arguing hostages who do have. Nobody cares. Nobody likes highlights our silence. I stay when I got home from dinner when watched the best bilateral exports. Interim thing you know it is the only I wouldn't I when I do in politics on here when I do this, just Leanna, wonder what would you do it That's what I mean. Why? Let's look for some few doing Let's I it hours ago, I just I just don't I don't get it. I don't get it either. I rather watch people breakfast
this have shafts me they would get just people who even different registers. I think I so we said we talk about this on the press box at some point, but it's almost like lake, you type with the digital Space Idiots may be and is reluctant to move into for whatever, not not just being on digital but hiring these towns, and I was gonna stuff. It's like with I had a re imagine what morning sports and it would be. It would be like a Youtube reaction. Video would be somebody eating their breakfast watching the highlights and you get their reaction to it. I mean that's what the that's where people go like watch on you too right Oh it's funny said a big reorg in this. Norway, whose error and I was there who got phased out there in the last few years. I was there and you know, as sport centre a crater alone. Bear this decade he's one of the few go in charge of any one of the people running their arms and how do we fix Sportscenter noses like you're having meetings about how to fix sport center, but everyone in this room is in a parcel responsible for why we have to export centre
but now he is in charge of other studio protection in a circle back than even outside the company to try to find somebody, and if document. How do you do in trouble and there were within knew who were closer? They has been said willing nor be right. Now is our best hope right. You know because, There are their options that are worse, its Andrea, the back, Jeff Fisher wet yeah, it's a teenager no outside it to my challenge of illegal first- and this is why are we not call the show sports are now? Why don't we just sports in her out of the title canonize it sports enter, they pay the bills because we are worried that sports enter it now is, you know of a live thing, that it is a big nostalgia problem that you put on our heads yeah. When we talk about you know, All it does is made people mad that it's not dantin Keith. Ninety, ninety six, you know I've heard this argument, though you're talking about a whole
duration of people now, who never even sardine, keep well hey. Did you ever even see Dan and keep their Sportscenter yeah? How old are you like three, five, five? Six? It's not like you thinking back mister nuclear accident in the neighborhood is most obvious. Even more. Our strategy, in other words, do sky is, like God, it's like Carson, though right you know, I ask people just like the glory days. That's not showing their word. You know three when there's a dodgy so much more powerful when you weren't even there to watch it. It's I'm a year like and again assyrian. I live efficient out a ripe. It began like if people most the time your people talking about the glory days of S. Another thing, like you know I like packages on Youtube like wild and crazy guy sketches. I don't know they weren't there watching air, all the bad skaters too I mean nostalgia, is about. I mean it. It's it resonates because you have these fine memories, but modern nostalgia is just is a memory for a thing that you were never Maybe that's what they should do. A sports centres make everybody dress up like they did in eighteen. Eighty, eight, just
of my bag. Put him in a false mustache engines have men and like a bad sue, didn't they do that decades, like a fifties, also advocated soil erosion, the bigger the old graphic spring, or bring all that stuff. That's a shelf life's Wanna talk about quickly, one of the great bill theories about time you gave you, written. This I'd buy did a little bit about it today, instead Roma thing was really illuminating. Gas he's really these fresh, but he also just played- He knows when leaving drink lies in from. I played these guys. Last year and they did their seconds he's. Why we're doing? cowboys game and last week that he is doing and He knows the offense cuz. He ran the offence eleven months ago or thirteen months ago, whatever and he's played with does Brian is a guy that to love and as went across the middle light tat. He would way- and you turn back and thank you this is also you weren't. You too,
higher twenty eight years ago and you're still tell me what happened. So? What's? U shelf life? What's the number I think date I take it, you have to be, Collins were to last, like six years after you, ve played. So it's like six years and I was six years. You have to be somebody that steadying tape constantly talking to people and really working hard, because at that point your more fan with expert knowledge than elsewhere, and that's also may be the case for the search for the three men booth, if you're, if you're like setting these, like God, rules about how we do it maybe counts worth gets to after after six years, but they were they rotated. Tony Romo sit next to a him more familiar with the details of what their plan right now read. It's just that there's a laziness. Now I notice it whenever Jerome you know you really noticed the most when somebody's doing the game for your team area, they south takes more than I know just about anything and watched every side. The game does nothing to tell me about the South examiner
and they're doing the game I was in and there they gather Suffix miss our Orford, but there now, explaining why they miss our Harvard. It's not just that he's good and he's fourteen points a game. It's like the whole often runs through the movement that he gives them and the little pickup Absolute Tiree and his ability to pass from the high persons abilities stretched before that unite. Ex allegiances, Gazeta coming. But its airlines are Jackson coached four years ago and explain to me why our four important don't just say they miss them, the way people turn laziness and march. I raise dream example. He stick is sort of laziness, Even when you don T mind was a smart basketball guy. I think it's not that hard at state level, especially I have a real problem with people who coached and want to coach in announcing, because I think they hold back Danny It was like the litmus test for this because when he was
That's him. He just destroyed Anton Walker and then became the Celtics Jim and had the trade Anton walking at tomorrow's. Like fuck, this guy and I think all these guys. This way you watch grew to now grins notwithstanding about anybody, he's not gonna criticise any culture and a quarter must never going back. It's been so long. Let's just I don't think he might come now. Mighty grins hurts analogy March. Action is actually the reverse is is weirdly. Reverse example, because he's after the last year Coaching cycles Reese clearly never going to get a job again outside of like the Jill Eager, something I think he will just. I think he gets a job each I think you're has given. I don't think he cares, impress anybody any more of these is unwilling to. I think someone will talk themselves are not. Somebody He was a pregnancy and being the bicycle, you're a faint- maybe maybe I think, of your marriage acts and fan. There were so many perfectly ending spots form that have come and gone. The great except, of course, man ready You wanna go back their job almost killed me we'll be at an answer I'm all in, and he was great. He was great way beyond sixty. I think Romo is this generations manner
the Roma, will do the work, I think, as he gets further and further the game. I think he's just a football fan and he loves it. Any once did he's curious, you have to be curious as in that's why I don't That hearing with most of these guys. On that hearing, a curiosity like I just don T trick when secure guy, I think he shows. He knows who the quarterbacks our for each t generally what they do and needless says enough, goodbye and it isn't what actually say anything else where this curious cards with this. Once you understand the moment using. Oh, my god, look at this car curbs three calls for biodiversity that another was clad in culture, while those guys really cares like I want our esteemed what these team to doing like. I want to know the state of the art starts. I was saying I thought Paul Pierce, who, I think who I thought was going to be really good on the studio, and I think it might be the wrong format for him. Cuz he's he's kind of too hot a key he strode shit out and then Chauncey billows has now when the position of being late, the disapproving school teacher of common policy,
and say that which you can't do that, eventually going to undermine the credibility, but I think confusing games and he did the work and is behind attaining in his sit right on the core get into it. You know see web site. Like eighty percent there, but there's a twenty percent. That's missing and I can't figure out what's missing with him and edges. Maybe you read southern merging. Obviously, he sent his appointed as a combination color guys, rape, it's what they are, what they bring to the table The latter would then there's a production element and sometimes a production element conflicts the twenty percent, and I think it sometimes it's just the guy. I guess what he is we eliminate. Let me just ask guess so slight Slade Sidebar here what were we were just talking? How ESPN is no part of their failure is not being able to find like explore the new digital space yeah. Why are we talking?
These guys is traditional color guys or play my play. Guys. Wouldn't you rather just here has like an audio feed of the area. Twenty one set with cagey in bonds, wells and pulp you're talking shits, but that's that's where this stuff should be going. They should be that it is put in place and it should be like we're. GonNA does a Sunday Quaker again tonight. Here are regular and answers and then on has been pushing pompiers yeah it he's over here and he's gonna. Do the game with Kevin Garnett and Re Alan and Le Belvedere Rock. Just like it's, it's a great point out that the sports The newscast been pre similar figures in our culture, news gases going away down in the play by play guys still, this huge guy makes tons of money and it's like Jim Nance Joe, but goes down Michael's right. Those guys are on a giant pedestal. I do if you ve ever, Watch college financial, national championship? There's a lot round table stuff round table gets a little while the eyes nine arise room, it's interesting for
certainly never be more than three, but even then, like you want somebody who's locked in a play just happened. I can explain yeah exactly what happened producers in my ear. He show me reap like guys, pot, I'm looking at the reply already. I may get me tell us greater pan out we're gonna go like there is something lost when you don't Why wouldn't we are more? In answer to her sister, I told you- that's cause he's just did you more common learning tracks to designate income, This is something I wish tat I think today, Debbie never could do this and we should talk about them because they they ve, been the smartest with seeing a lot of where this stuff's going and you and I wrote a book- is that Greenland, two thousand fourteen a long time ago here about- retention of that website with the app with all the old matches and where's is going. But, like you know you do this, you beat five different unanswered teams in their recent d, Une Rosenberg should be one of the five announcing The job accepted yeah Normandy
certainly when they launch the network in they use a lot of the infrastructure from memory lobbies over the top channel. But yet, when they launch it, it was a big mean. It was a big deal. Is a bit was a big step forward. I think they were. There was talk. The Disney was looking to buying them for a while, and I think a lot of that interest was solely based on the existence of the W B network. Is We see Disney wanted to build one of their own and aid. They could have had that big. There's. So there is still a lot of their sole out of just like easy opportunities are multiplying answers thing that that I mean she's trash it just try stuff that yeah. Why not have Jim Ross back for every paper view, unlike let people just like pay him the Patrie on and see how much money you makes. You know when I put the same game on European one in his paean to and just do what they do in that one college for body just do that red frightened at an mba and by the like in fort worth doing? Don't we in Simmonds term limits on wrestling announcers committing the king had six great years, and then there were like
twenty more, whether primarily array, Jesse winter I mean like Jack, have they have sick. They probably have five or six great years. I e the brain, the brain except I agree, but that's not as it does not exactly the same argument, because it's not like being immediately removed from a wrestling career gives you more insight to what's going on in the ring. It's just a matter of complacency. After after five or six Yours you're just not fun, but I think that's what Billy's bills time about right like would by the way that your term, though thing I like butter, molluscs, we forget or good member have. British sims was good. Seems category relatives in the booth, as I guess, carvers, another one. He brought more than six great years, but he like he had a good run. You know locally and even nationally, and then by the any was just we're tired of mad at him and all the stuff. The best happen is smarts and Roma have been so good that I think it's gonna push people too. To be railway. Yeah just like these are two guys that enhance the game in
not only enhance again, but they ve invigorated their play by plague eyes. Buck was never better than he was in that last policies. I thought he had been too ass thick engineered soon. Completely, given up on as a play by play. Guy Roma's kind pulled it out. It's almost like watching somebody with a second way for something like. Are you you're great shape? Some way you seem so happy, just one would think of what he was doing was seems at the end of his reign. Shut off was checked out by this I drive back here. They re just lifted up the six year. Pat somewhere else should have retired in eighteen, sixty eight we can compare him. The normal human beings live eighteen, sixty eight, he started sixty do with CBS yeah play by play. Guys are getting smarter to release the role that they're playing is getting smarter, Joe Buck Joy, I've always loved blocking Aikman because they because they sound right like it, I'm not. If that is it with my primary attention is not listening to the play by play, I would lose out
choose them is might have seem over because it feels like a football game which your dream Debbie Debating- out I'm Miata, I mean really hard to go against. I, I think that peak J, R and D. Paul. Heymann were only good, I mean all were only too gather at their peak for vat and the opposition there only together at all for a very brief window in debutante you have, but that, but I think there is perfect, announced team there, but also Guerrilla embodied were Jemmy Bobby heavenward, isolate Jesse graduated ass easily before he bestowed become Llosa parity like about eighteen great months, a gorilla girl, you Jesse was also real racist. So we
My time, my girlfriend about that's just not even sure, as an even elected as a novelty, could never get elected mayor of any stay right now, because this will be an endless real of him search Tito Santana everything he said during the many only referred M is Chico Santana mean that he referred to in eighteen. Eighty we're not kind differ, but rustling that's Reza wrestling in general, you can. You can put together a little light rail and allow the union to the entire macho man. Storyline is having problems, missiles, but the girl don't litter, doubtless a vibe of their character. Is it get somebody Sabre ominous it Second, a fly down to that seventeen year that would not have, but when he got when he was back stay after he and Hogan had their when that when the mega powers had to break up, holding a rating earn, they carried Elizabeth Backstage and one of the overlooked moments of that is like he shoves Miss Elizabeth off camera when they're in the locker room, oh yeah- and there is no prep for this. That doesn't mean that makes any better. He just looking.
You'd shoves or energy flies thirty feet through the air across the screen and say I was scared. The entire night tinnitus yeah, that's you should have been that's the net is for I guess I'm in the junk yard dog, I think, has not age well. It was just here our data like dancing in the rain. I am I gonna, come now. The dark, eyed Adam does a lot of business with their some value jack. The ripper Where was your hundred? Who HI resisted, giving it a letter grade. I may I thought it was good. I thought that they just I mean it I feel the way like. I feel after Dino Wrestle Mania card, I'm really excited for its just like it was. There was too much and they set their sights too high and they, but for what they you know for what they were kind of tasked with it was. It was really gotten funneled, I'm sure we watch twenty times. I thought it had thirty pretty excellent minutes, and then I thought the last part drag, because I think there's no there there to flare yeah he's a he was a great character, no listen, I'm but keep loved him as a ressler.
But as a personally he doesn't have any regrets, isn't really having deep thoughts about any of this. You just kind of guy had a great time and drank a ton and horns. Around that's my life and made too much space, and when we talked about this and on the mass man show on Press box yesterday that me they just, but they they just had too much to cover. These literally started his adoption as a baby and went through more or less the present day. Interesting things like to me. The interesting things plane crash, always his moment of like great late, they kind of said Dumont of Self doubt when he was clearly like massively depressed before he made his deputy, come back and joined evolution. The those are cool they. I'd? Like to see more, that said, let alone- I love to see an hour on Rick's levers, dusty roads done, but you know done a really good way There are those that are much staff. There's so much have left on the table today
which I haven't seen here, but I know what the contract was. I think I don't know if I have been involved in trying to help shape it. I think. Do you tell the story? Rick flare through the history of wegg, those types of guys and wrestling and those does blonde varied- have gone back nigger, always George Bush and like you is the legacy of that, and it was this that those guys, gone now, but for whatever reason, that was the troop that carried wrestling for forty years and then he became the best at it and made it aid is right with the private plain, and yet we made it more. The flamboyant to the need to rebuild but I have of that was also like the best I ever did it go into that how he was just like that gotta have a match with the best guide censure. Labelling of those are really that most instead things by referenda and never really cared about what his life was like yeah, I mean I think, yeah. I think him I think I said very citizen I guess yesterday dislike to me. The angle is like the best ressler in the eye mean,
generation. Did it didn't matter that he was ever inevitably we sort of? In I mean he was just wrestle in anonymity to half the country, and he was the best in the world. By any estimation, was an hour and a half years. I once of data commercials we were asked by the just a certain sameness, creeping into all sports activities, but also critically thirty. Four. Violins Sailor is, what have you been realisation empty arena with spare coming up, and I'm just I just feel I've seen. This vote there is an area we know much as it as a rustling sound. It was nice to see a shift from the double. Have you evil, cabbie Larry of em, you like that they have, hundred a great documentaries and the network that are that I've worked enjoy them all. But it's all it's all, just like more of a low five version of that decision. Studios not as good, instead of like the violent strains, it's like
old, west, piano, music behind everything I say this is it. This was nice for a change, I think, is a wrestling fan. Just its existence is like a. Feels like a wonderful victory. The dock- it's been twenty years since my dress grew job and there's been docks made about that. But not at the highest level. They could. That could be like the much ask. Your job could be incorrect, very large sums working on something else. I don't know what it is, but he's back and wrestling ran Coppersmith. I fell ass brown when you were clear next allow me to wish unfair since everyone snacks would you workin out shoemaker. I mean what am I work in. Writing next, probably be something to do with the survivors areas, which is right around the corner and is is absolutely stability is just everything at the wall right now that he's the treatment of paper views it's twelve years ago
their train staff to their to their great credit David. They, the triad stuff there they're they're, trying to like there were there at the direct you know we're not saving anything for Romania phase right now, we're just gonna make, as they appear the edge of the Jeddak. He's been the heathen literally the images model glue guy he's modest, but when he tells me about you know just stuff he's doing I get that's where he would never say that I'm worried his it's gonna change him exactly, which is a human right. Five. Our aim of dodge the jagged, who noticed with a final cut. This documentary is gonna, look like, but the last one there was a faint. There is a point where ICE the sense and end Jerry, the king Lawlor finished the sentinel, who is just like I'm done like that said, I can retire. That's great! That is amazing. That is amazing. It's pretty get to get one
as far as simply safe, they protect your home. A fan within each day scared. His camera motion glass break entry, sensors. They have everything, order, unlighted minutes, get it that week, so Lebanon or an hour, no tools, no hard wearing you'll be protected. Twenty four seven for just fourteen and month right now they have us special priority sail for all. My listeners visit simply save bs that come right. Now to check it out simply safer to us hurry this offers and soon Duffy about seek Bs Mba, the Africa you on twenty dollars off the first time we buy and be a tickets, don't forget about their Pratt, their pack as the press box on China. Thirty three and also takes due pie, cast one shining pack ass tat He wasn't really he's gonna checked out there in the sun, if, like the you workin another step for the year and Ebay by North Carolina stuff would mean an failure engaged as you like, going on about wearing ages like bananas was girlfriend souvenir now collect on though, restore editing by gas people, people holding. I do that. I added, I guess
it was my day so yeah once pack ass check that out in my com and the ring it. I've come old, school mailbag put, but a whole bunch of fun stuff. There goes My back next week we have cousin sound Monday. Ten hussy coats on Wednesday, who he was in studio here, is fantastic, so that looking forward to run in that one another one on Friday ways.
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