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NFL Wagers, Running TV Shows, 'The Good Place,' and 'This Is Us' With Mike Schur and Dan Fogelman | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 417)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons announces a new podcast and gives some NFL picks for Week 3 before sitting down with powerhouse television showrunners Mike Schur and Dan Fogelman to talk about some of their past work, including 'The Office,' 'Parks and Rec,' 'This Is Us,' and 'The Good Place.' They also discuss the NFL, failed TV pilots, the Netflix takeover, shows that run for too long, and more.

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Today's observe the bill, summits, Pakistan, the rigour, thou work brought to you by it required you know it that smart having Joe House on Friday rolling again after he sacked with his pigs for to stray weeks. He was an invite it didn't get the invite this week You know what else is a smart job sites at overwhelm you with tons of the wrong Razumihin likely there's a smart way. It's reputed outcome, Slash, bs, we're right now. If you go to zip recruiter and search the ringer, we have a bunch a ringer jobs available and you can apply if you want to work for the ringer. If you want to be a pike ass producer copy editor there's a aid. I think we have like four five jobs at their check, it out zip code or is the best right now my listers contrive zip code for free had submitted a calm, slash, BS sip grew to this smartest way to hire, were also brought you by seek the best for buying and selling tickets to sporting events, concerts and more were, and there the home stretch of the sea.
Perhaps right now a baseball Basque bound for Bomb College football hockey even Emma S. Twenty two hours after first seeking purchase, I have to do, is use promo code, be ass. Download this e g gap or go right to see gig calm were also brought to back up a new pact, as do throw ran. Priscilla was on that podcast. This week talked about or backs. If you missed it, I us on the reactor was this week would ensure romance was a barrel. Ass had a vague time allotted upsets we renaming a category where the biggest upset in the history of the damned waiters a word. All that happened check it out, Jerome we also announced a new package. There thou be talking about red after the S with projects. Halloween unmasked details to come on that to get there Gerda com for Oliver MBA previous staff. That is still going as well as a really great oral history of rounders, which
we watch was of last week, but our signalled that in our history of we had everybody. Madame in adorn break Appleman David Levine, you name therein. There check it out. People loved that. So on the video side, Kevin clerks, worse peaks ever went up this week. He was one in two last week. Our goal is to go on three every week with that, I, like the batch pixie, had this week, I saw debuted Roger sermons, new video series master sports where he gives you low class about things to understand about sports check it out. It's funny, ah that's dishonor on Youtube and twitter check out the EU to Youtube Dekom Slash. The Ringer Twitter is at Ringer Instagram yeah. We have got come up talk tv with make sure and the environment
who ran to very successful, shows, and I'm in do some NFL picks and talk about our new podcast hollowing unmasked coming up right now, read after this jump. Eureka right, as mentioned following a mass. We NASA yesterday inscribed to a right now and apple pie, CAS or Spotify, where every day, replied cast. This is something that we thought about. Doing initially with another movie and it fell through by now out of our own, and we still like the idea and then cannon gravitated toward Halloween, and here we are in the idea- was blotted. These narrative gas that we hear
are always true. Crime related urge. China breakdown some mystery here. This person nephew child this after he had a tattoo. What happened find out in this do seven episode. Series would happen enough Kyle, so out of that, and we wanted to do something that was more of a deep dive into something that culturally I thought, mattered and something that matter to a lot of us, Halloween came out and ours, nine years old. I was terrified by the commercials don't even think I saw for about a year but its benefits for forty years, literally because the forty year anniversary is coming up and they are releasing the new Halloween movie from Blumhouse, but essentially morality and is completely blew up the model for what a horror movie was. It launched a whole new air of slasher movies and they and over the next forty years as
Certain areas got burned out. New areas came in for better and worse when was can always there presenting whatever the new model, was so what we want to do as we we we found it Nicholson, sin whose terrific always wanted to work for our work with ETA, and we created this pack asked about basically starts with the making of Holloway. Anyway. The movie seems like in this in the late seventies, when this movie was bed. How is made how it hit what happened after it hit what it led to and then all the different incarnations and other areas that came after led into what happened this decade with this another renaissance, with horror, movies of blood ass and eight twenty, four and even Netflix, and Halloween. It was time to bring back and biomass that at this time, they ve had the most success with r movies of anyone.
And forty years later still juggernaut Michael Myers, I saw the movie this week. I mean I'm a bed credit for this cause. I love every Haro Halloween movie, but I loved it The thing that change for me as I now route for buyers over the people that were supposed to be rooting for I'm ready for him to Commit all the murders and pull off and do his magic and work has thing he had some success this time round that I enjoyed forty years later. Thinking visualizing, I really valleys stepped up. His game is killing. Game was great, but it's good people get it's good to have him back. I lay tell them the mask and almost head like a little receding airline that it like aid, like the mast at age with them to get right. So how do a ass subscribe now and if you care about movies- and you like deep dives and learning staff and finding out things- and I think this is gonna- be really get and were proud of it
it's something that we want to get into more more more of caterpillar spots with it. But you know our podcast work has been really successful for us in the natural evolution that is to try to figure out different ways to tell stories that we did that last year with with been with Mallory and Jason, they they figured out a way to cut a dive into that gave us his library in a new way. Sweden keep doing that and, as it this week. We want to keep grown up ass. We are always looking for producers and people her good at this stuff. That goes for the whole website, but especially with Pakistan. Spin You know it's a lot of people got into the meet. At the same time, it has been hard to find fine people but now it seems, like you know, as we have more of a plan as we keep them what the stuff we we know, what we need so I'll check. It out check out the Ziprecruiter app to put out cuz that that I am still hollowing, I'm subscribed, thou wouldst do Samantha, pigs really quick.
Always really really like weak three perennially. I think we three good because couple benefits one as you seen two weeks ago, aims and if actually watch the games. You're going to have opinions. I was able to watch football from start to finish week, one, and we too, and saw lot and learned a lot and feel like. I have a pretty good grasp. What's going on right now, that's one thing! The other thing is the over. Actions are in full swing. We three is really the week when the other actions go off the grid, and I think that thing for me, that I've learned over the years. About what the line should be, and if, though the actual line is two or three points either stay away or jump on it and a good example. I like the chiefs, I bet on them.
First two weeks- I want their money last week, I'm just a fan. Here's problem, Now people enjoy them homes era. So much, and it's just it's been whole week of Mohammed Mania. We did our era service pack asked errands go it's about moms. Now they are for by six and a half at home against the Niners. The problem is their defences terrible and they You know if you really want said steamers game closely. There were guys. When all over the field, the entire game for the Steelers and came down on those things were the cheese, basically just that score them. I never leg to to jump. On a team that sex seven points are higher. They can't finish the game.
Even if there are fourteen against the Niners, you know or third, let's say it Thirteen with against the Niners with two minutes: I've Jimmy could still combating down it, get to get a so what I'm thinking is I liked the Niners a little bit there right now, plus two forty on the money alone I also like the India Annapolis Consular bit. You're getting six and a half in Philly, and if you watch the colts closely I watched the cords bangles game week, one in the Bengals really had to struggle to pull, thou went out and eight hard to tell whether there is more a reflection of the bangles that's good, are the Bengals actually argued in the courts, are little better without attitude. The closer we get to them so he grows around. Everybody loves the Redskins coming off weak link as they killed Arizona well, as it turns out errs on his terrible everybody's, gonna, kill them and then
we kind of over eighty wash in, and we cannot underestimate the app was that line was too high, that line with sex and private nitrous back probably should have been three and a half. So you get an extra two and a half points are the colts look. Pretty good luck looks really good. They're running backs, are not very good but able to move the bar because he's just really get and making do enough fumbled, turn to the bottle of hang around, and he can make a couple plays, their coach might be good Frank, Ray era. We were waiting for for a long time. I was dubious at enough. He was just an offensive coordinator only, but I think he may be good, here is where that's important. He's coach for the eagles he's the coat Sarah offence. I hate going against it sure, just coach for the other team. This is the biggest reason to stay away from the pats this week erratically, so the It's our six and a half in Philly his problem with Philly A guy is already heard.
Their relying allowed on Korea, climate. Their receivers there really like, not explosive, the, U Axemen, it's weird, but they even miss. Where's may have Jeffreys been banged up. I think it's hard. Then move the bar at now. I don't think that's gonna be the case in November by the I'm just about right now in September I I worry about their ability to extend leads about to make plays it's just the lad native whence coming back to and he's can be a rusty, but fine just seems high to me, and I do think there's a chance. The court's could catch him by surprise. Would not be shocked and Solomon Adieu. I'm putting a very small. This is like a one, slash four of a unit I'm going to put on a colts bus, twenty five Niners, two hundred and forty parlay. They both have to win ten to one odds Ten one Colson diners when I so that's my little appetizer there's just like that's a political answer. I have for them
In bats, apologies to couple teams- Cosette damn close to taking you and edges. Just couldn't pull the trigger since and add a plus three carolina. I really liked since it ain t matter utterly, there were the best for teams, but I think they're in the top eight Watch Carolina pretty closely. Last week it gets Atlanta, they were never and other Score of the only lost by seven, I never felt like they were going to win that game, and it did just and up on both sides and ate them I still am not that kind of them out. I don't like them in September. I'd as I think the season goes along. I think they're going to get better and better, but I just don't like spot therein right now. I like this but senses and right now the problem is Joe mixing got her it makes. Some is how the out be Jump and Oliver Cincinnati. I really thought he's difference maker for them as it is they can throw the bar of their advantage, Giovanni Bernard fan, but I'm still
away from now, and I the point, the Ps3 looks enticing those three and a half or maybe even talk me into it, but I'm staying away from now on Another one that I like that Can a bet on his Denver, Baltimore and the rest? as I just online betting, its Baltimore home. They read too much success there This line seems to hire me. I watch both these teams, Danvers plus five and a half in Baltimore, and I just think there same team. I don't think there's much difference between them, stay. Why this line is in three and it is fear you're getting to the tune of extra. Why? It's for no reason at all May, because it's in Baltimore at this In time I just don't like binning its Baltimore discerned, the inn. Baltimore unless they're really in a tailspin, it doesn't seem right, their total Anna tailspin. Yet so that's another one that a check that the third one. God damn the charge, design is too high. Its plus
and for the charges against the Rams, an ally. Chargers, are legit, talented. They could absolutely when this game Gonna be able to move the bar nobody's, move the bog and ceramics and the two in the first two weeks, but it's more because of the teams they play than in and they put the raiders in the car dances or to the fibers teams in the way is huge: overreactions have gone out the ramps they are the best. It provides This has all the makings of chargers either win in LA or come damn close and Anthony Lynn screws it up for a field goal. Kicker misses a field goal, kicker all the terrible things that used to happen to the chargers. With all that said, I am actually dared to go against the rams. Eighty eight, the I do think, there's a chance. He goes down the season. They tenedos So, even though there is an overreaction and its but that the lines this. I am also like TAT,
Five percent me wonders if they actually might be better than the overreaction and then be a juggernaut. I mean they're they're, just killing teams. I basic. I need this then play a good team. My guess is that they're gonna do really well it's my guess. Afraid of the chargers, a live dog ate the rams are just dying to be thrown into teaser their begging. You there come on man. Oh seven were right here, throw us it is You scared they of the charges they have. So many is so many guys who can make big plays. I like that MIKE Glimpse. I think he's actually been like a pretty get, but I'm staying away. No, no offense ramps. Hope you don't pay dollar. Personally, I here we go here, the big ones. First, one is the saints plus three in Atlanta. I like this. One for a couple reasons
first of all saints indoors I like when they way indoors, because some, I just think breeze in his career in the stats back it up as a different guy indoors verses actors. I like that they didn't look good last week, so you have the first week. Fitzpatrick it's and the passing game just completely takes them by surprise. They stopped at forty points. Then you have second week where they barely early, barely squeeze it out again Sab against Cleveland and they terrible, nay and at one point it's like twelve to three in the fourth quarter and then the boy kicker, MRS a keg like it. It's that games in his aster and now we come out of that got out a the saints share. Their get all that stuff. My counters, that I actually think the browns are good and if they had paid Baker in, two, probably wouldn't when their that game, but their defence. You know mascara made
maybe the best offensive by I've seen this year than clear MAC because of the two most dominant guys I've seen this year and I got an idea, You may just the branches have allowed a talent scenario backwards, indigo, while they get to by surprise and weak one by Fitzpatrick. That's fine, they still scored forty points. They just add the rod defence out there they got being by some big players and who is one of those games. It's no away from them. Things to Cleveland Ohio care business. Cleveland cleaving turns out to be better than you and thanks and these we doubt went out and now they're kind of undervalued and a Lana ledge. Jones I utterly I'm a loner that he was the best part in their defence and to lose him, especially when he's the guy's gonna be chasing outcome on the back filled. I don't love this Atlanta team. I don't think they're very well coached. I just
something still seems funky with them that you never watched, emigrants manner run and on our Saunders. I think the saints win this game, but I'm grabbing the plus three just to be safe, saints plus three. It's my first pick a second pick, so the vikings I kings right now, a minus sixteen in half against Josh out in the Buffalo bills. I thought about Throwing this and tease is I've, thought about ten point: teases, seven Twenties is to put them without the paths of the rim, say I thought of every sort of incarnation. And then I realized something. Actually, I'm realizing right now why not? bet the Viking straight up worthy?
the bills are gonna score. Ten points game when I was in a game of Poker Keziah fell. And I've been here for years and years, and we said this thing called the Oaks game where my buddy Gus his friend John Oaks, he would look at a gaming. How many points are they gonna score and Think of it. That way, that line becomes a lot less daunting. Some sixteen one slash two on my god. That's so many points Jesus. How are they going to cover that? Well, how many Why so the bills gonna score in Minnesota? Ten, seven three Viking just need to get the twenty eight points they come The bills have a band of secondary that sank at this feels like a pilot on, Cousins doing the you like staff they get feeling GO and Stefan digs makes a big play in is run over and I'm not worried about the sixteen and one slash two: that game is seven, nothing three minutes into the game and you're feeling great. So that's my second pick Vikings
sixteen an app action. That land should be like minus twenty. To be honest, third one third and last Watch Pittsburgh very carefully for to stray weeks. There's something really wrong with that in mind- there's some lacquer himself that came out this week in a lot of people are wary of Tom and lost control of the team. The levy belle things, weird back him. Antonio Brown is in sharp practice. You you ve, read about other stuff, I weak its obscuring the fact that their defence stinks there David sticks. That is not a good defects in a lot of people. Every year have been saying. Well, you know the people it's underrated. How big of an impact Ryan Shazier has not being there anymore either since he's been heard there not same defense, I've only ranch easier to save this defence are too slow
they don't have any team speed. She's here was the best part in the defence in back there are obviously, but even if he was I still see past events, they stick so They're gonna have to win this game with offence, but then watch the offence, James Carter's, fine, sowed, backup, brands bank Did they don't really have that third explosive receiver like they used to have the chief? the worst defence in the league of any good team. And were still able to get a couple stops. I think the stores with Firstly, member that scored thirty seven points, or maybe the first human like fifty years of score. Thirty seven points. Turn over the bar and lost at home. There racket point we're going to come to grips with the fact that the Steelers team is actually knock it, it might even be the sweet. The counter them would be well Cleveland, better We thought time required.
Casey is one of the best for teams in the leg and squeezed out by five so act, Pittsburgh is a little underrated. I don't I watch them. I think TAT was good. As every somewhere Fitzpatrick and you have this defence of line, the front seven like they get a lot of pressure and it's a team that re now, as is seating without a running game which I expect to change this week, but I like them. On a Monday night, I felt there's a lot of energy around this time the team right now, it's a team that has. Really been that much fun for a while. They last week been filled Superbowl champs at home, now on a Monday night, the Pittsburgh stuff. It's another day for everybody talks about how, after their team, is an my my and this stuff was sports,
is when there is real for June fragility in place something's wrong the worst you can do, is shattered, giant spotlight on it and put those people in a position to Canada either make it or break it. That's where the Steelers are right now and it runs a little bit of like you need to think about, like Kobe's Laker teams near the near the end, when they go into their doubts, laugh series and they just they just completely far apart, I think the signs are there for Pittsburgh. I'm sure somebody cut the audio, listen and shovel my fate, and have a combat Tommy, but here's the thing they might win. Be wrong. What I don't understand is why tempers an underdog in this game tempers getting appoint the half from our the first two weeks where case near those two teams- are even in your spouse. He had three points or near at home. Now people are so well. The desperation ever Pittsburgh kind has witnessed that. Really there, oh one and one this is,
ago, our seasons screwed. If we don't when this game, I just think the lad should be tempered by three in any time. Something is for more points off Amalia. So that's that's that's my second big pick tat. I got Tampa and I got neurons thou quickly about the patriots The Patsy Dinah be teased Mighta, seven into trade map, Patricia the whole thing. Couple days worry me about. This came one. The dashboard, Gordon thing which had talked about our MRS Pack has just felt desperate to me. It really did a guy who has paid for by five years and a team that was so hopeless with receivers. Any open last week that they just said effort and send a fifth rampage Craven gave Gordon the locker. Next to Tom, Brady and they're, taking hail marriage chance that they can just keep his head out straight fur, even five or six weeks
just to stem the tide until Adam gets back in Sonny Michel is founded and all that stuff, but it you see it wreaked desperation, which scares me another thing that here's, my Patricia work for this team for ten years and if my nephew call you back, the ringer for a year and a half year you know some of our weaknesses at this point. Sure imagine if this for power. Naked compete against us with those weaknesses out yet Now the Yale answer Deva Jim Cunningham, when it Jim Cunningham's weaknesses, you'll, miss em, now hit her Oh yeah, I hear least, will have an idea of how to saw the that's down, especially when they don't have a deep, throw right now, when it's pretty easy to double rock and take me out of the game at this point, and I am
around the bar the way they have a real problem. It left tackle Watergate, got just torched in their Jackson again, so If he has an iq of over eighty which allegedly he has, I don't understand how you would at least be able to slow the pants down. On the other side: great receivers, fantastic group deeds who make plays and that's always perennially been an issue, the pats these teams- I just have a bunch of bunch of receivers. All who can do staff- and you know if you Stare grow last week it sighed the Patsy Deep, a corner backs are age. Worry about this game eight. I fully expect the paths to win I don't want to sweat it out. I don't want to have Stafford up fourteen and nothing in the first quarter and it and it just think it's a stay away. So I'm staying away from that one. It did take a long look at it.
I'm gonna end this. Before I end up doing a Vikings, Ramses Keziah, I just keep staring at that. The rams may be relevant, by Sunday may be doing now and as it is actually scenario, the big picks, saints plus three. Box plus one and a half. A little money, lying parlay for a tiny, little taste on courts, and I- in the Niners tender one and then the things by sixteen in half, so Zermatt picks enjoy them. Have them pretty? Well the ship a man I'm in the I'm in the back so far is a bully either. Believe me come up, make sure, and the fog remember. First turn your dream in a reality with Square Space Square space makes it easier to than ever to launch your passion project you're looking to start a new business showcase. You work, publish contents,
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fan. Obviously we all stick together, especially at here see hat you just like it's. It's like seeing somebody it's like the benevolent version of of again Amber Sing. Another game I reside here in the Red Sox can therefore gum in, search for Jimmy Kimmel show twenty years ago? And it's been friends are Jimmy forever. We went to dinner a couple years ago and just got to know each other a little bit to really interesting guys, You guys that have been super creative in the tv industry, for it for reasons and have had different types, successes, kind of the to pass for success on television, and we take if any of last week After dinner got back from Toronto, where he was very surprised by the criticism for life, of this new movie that he s coming out this week, and actually we check my dad near the end, but for the most part just talked about what is it like to run a tv shop? Here we go MIKE and Dave.
And vulgar manner make here. We are taken this in some time MID September out or know when it's running, but this is a special show, on our part. Both of you, I'm fascinated by your words you run tv shows things are happening, you just kindness you ever expect to actually at that. You did for this by saying that I live there. Did you expected on a tv show us. How do you ran to good place right now? Tat? Was this the art for you, I sort of for everybody whose tv right or at some level I mean I started it s an owl in I was there for six years and when you're at us now all you think about us allow like there's. No did you do what's right in front of you every week and then you collapse, and then you wake up and you do it again. So I dont know that I ever I didn't really start thinking about running a shower until I, wrote on a show? It was the office was my first show yet out here and then is it's like?
it's like anything else like when you see whether you haven't aptitude for something that determines whether you get excited about it or you bail on it, and I felt like I had an aptitude for the production and of things Ah managing people say I would just like leg the the skills of dinner Serbia shall runner, are very different in the skills necessary to be a writer simply bluff none the other. Some people are balsam, people have neither. There are few people who have in general, there are few comedy writers, at least I say you have the skills necessary to be show runner only because their skills related to just management responsibility which don't usually go hand in hand with Ike, especially like it s now like no one, no one it s now as those girls, because our ones like a twenty three year old, idiot rat. So but I I mica, I must sort of I've always been.
And the Alex Smith of of writers, like I'm, always been a good game manager like you good winning percentage yeah like I'll just get the job done. I might not win the Superbowl, but I'll get the job it out, and so, when I like, when I realize that I had those skills that I serve started, thinking like well, I guess this could be in the car to me. If things break my way and then Greg Daniels asked me to develop the show that much was parks and rec in that sort of like that, I just did what he did like he even doing it for her. At that point, I don't know fifteen years or something, and so I If I watched him and copied him how'd, you stumble into them. In a very weird way. For me I mean I was. I had no training and I never been on a television show, so I had written a screenplay that got attention, but I've been working age, either I met you guy I mean I was like Jimmy camels slick productions. And on the man show. I was how he men dulls assistant on when he had a date.
Torture and then my god don't touch him. They demand a nice guy. My wonderful guy just k his petitioning the handiwork and Uganda and then screenplay, and then it got it was one of those ones. I made got attention was a screenplay- was about Bar mitzvah I wrote a wonder years style screenplay, look at a guy back on the craziness of his family was bar mitzvah, I figured. Maybe a jewish agent would identify with an idea age in or something, but I never written screenplay before my buddy brought home final draft from his office as a common. Try and the next thing I knew I was make like I sold a tv pilot and I made a show for the W B network was called like family. They chin. The entire shall I had no idea how to say no to wait here. Is this like two thousand five? I was twenty six years old, like family, like family Holly, Robinson PETE, night? the main aim and friend of MAGIC Johnson friend marriages, and she wants introduced new sugar Ray Leonard. What am I
de pleasures is magic, adsense, twitter, feed the summer when he goes on vacation ITALY, fur, like four weeks, highly rabbits and peace. So our once I'm sorry, I wants playbook ball with MAGIC Johnson. He showed up at the Jim, the old sports club outlay, and I was down there like just shooting, shooting around would like two other kids and he walked into the court, and the cycle has weird guy who like seemed a little off goes up to Missis Hale MAGIC. You wanna play to into an magical no, but I'll run fives and all of a sudden, the gym Hilda MAGIC Magic ran five on five for, like two hours everybody out here that he would do this until I can turn fifty. Why does he? Why did he not want a place you onto? I don't know, I don't like they re like sex or say exercise, and there was one point so now all the guys, like the real players are showing up to the gym people calling people, everybody Sharia and there One guy running down the corridor. Remember so vividly and their magic he's got, yo you always called for the ball and magic just stopped
Dribbling he puts the ball. I guess I see you man, I see reservoirs, I fell into tv and then that show got cancelled pretty quickly and I started writing pilots, none of which got made. All of them were well liked and then eventually the ones started get made and then I was a show runner and I'd never worked on a television sets before, which was the one that having first one that got me was a show called the neighbors on ABC. Was this weird alien family comedy that was like polarizing and weird and lasted for? We did like forty four episodes. Actually, Who is now that the English remember Jamie Girths was in it another land hawks owners she was the main name in. It goes like this absurd. As the family I was funny there was. It was funny out there, that we are experiencing it time before about like going to those approach for the first time, ever done. Any of- and I was I may dislike- really weird
sort of thing. I thought it was really weird and I didn't know what people would make of it, but I thought I didn't know what I was doing and I remember sitting after the first interview in their like what you think about the critical blow back to the show. And I was like there's critical both here and there we gather they made the stupid as chair of our time and they elect all the bad key. You know how God we're done. They're gonna crush this they're, gonna, say stupid and not purposefully, so some can. I fell into that way. Win win the first and parks and wreck, which has now become tat kind of part of Oh argue that fair, where was like you can figure out. The show was how many chinese thirteen six seconds and it was you- couldn't get it. People weren't that now but they also were kind of trusting and understanding and gave kept, giving it more the former than the latter really yeah, because what happened? It's it's a boring story. All condemn
no it's important, but basically like so great and I had come from the office and we date NBC said to Greg like do everyone like thirteen episodes on the air guaranteed, so Can I develop the show together, but we really wanted Amy Poehler to do it and she then got pregnant and she was due to give birth the day that basically literally the day we were going to start shooting. So I was like oh shoot, but we kind of thought about it more, like we'd, rather wait and have Amy Poehler, have some one that we don't think it's a good. So we voluntary gave up. Seven of that is that while it was first, we thirteen and it was gonna, debut efficacy. Verbal Thou is the plan and we gave up the Superbowl slot and seven of the thirteen episodes, because it was like Paul there's the one to make this work and so we started shooting she started, shooting like a hero like two months after she gave birth, not feeling he asked, and we
so she like? It was hard on her, but she was champion but we were, like you know, experimenting like every new show. We are certain like. Maybe it's this, maybe it's maybe it's this. We only had six episodes to experiment. We figured it out by the sixth episode, but the amount of attention, because the office is such a big deal at the time the amount of attention and scrutiny on the first on the pilot and the first five with so intense tat. There is a lot and it also it had been marketed arisen. As a spin off to the office, and but it never really was so. People are confused, there were like and then Rashid Jones was in it and she had been on the office began then why'd. You change. Your name my parents angel ever so dirty way. It was. It was a very intense. I'm not complaining. It all worked out. Everything is fine, but it was just a very weird intent time where we were doing the natural sort of trial and everything that you have to do at the beginning of a show too, like figure out what your show is about and resist a weird confluence of circumstances that
made a kind of strategy must dressed I've ever been in my life. I would do you feel like the network, as it's going starts acting differently, but can you you like train, interpreted, emails and forecasts, yeah I mean you're, always started trying to read tea leaves and stuff. I guess I mean at the time it was so hectic like. No one had any idea what the hell is going on really and like there. There is just a lot of like the wee wee made like several mistakes like I I at least I once before. But I I own a lot of the mistakes that we made as my own, and one of them was weep. Finished and early early early cut of the pilot. It was like twenty nine minutes long and which, as you know, eight minutes longer than it's gonna be, and we were like week. We could. Figure out whether it was good or bad or what which we should cut or whatever. So we decided to test it and at the time
deadlines. Hollywood. Their website was in this huge fight with NBC. They hated me see Nicky think like hated Ben Silverman. Yet, and so someone at NBC leaked the testing results to deadline and they just printed them in its like it's or set about using, gets like someone reading your diary its again, this isn't for public consumption annual. Twenty nine minutes and none none of it- was even color corrected. It was like we were just trying to get a sense of like what audiences lighten didn't and then they literally, printed it and they didn't even call Gregg or mere aim you're anybody for like a comment. These printed it s. Really. Soft, and so it was like, but then also be Well, maybe we shouldn't attested it because that was maybe I was Oh, my god, oh no like it just like a bunch of like crummy things happened and again you have to say that its crummy in the world a blank television. Action, it's not real world crummy yet, but I was
very like weird and intense and free end freaky and by the. But by the time we had finished those six episodes We have done a lot of like thinking and planning and talking and Amy had like helped us in immensely by figuring out she was the first one kind of Leslie Nope, was, and then we adapted and by the time that six that basalt aired becoming did the six that, besides, I would say, wrote it and produced it. We were like ok, this is what the show is and Fort, unlike hung on by a thread and then got to do a new season. By the time we came actually season two and knew what the show was. Everything worked out and Armenia, but such was that second season twenty four nazis, we'd Yea was where we did six and in twenty four and then sixteen, because we got moved midseason and without we're gonna cancelled and then twenty two I think, in a kind of work tat perfectly because you lowered the x-
paid out, I got out and then say: hey, you know it's actually good eyes and then a yard animal words. Audiences and critics love narratives narrative it. It followed exactly the narrative of the office, which was the first six people really down on and then we hung on by a thread- and I got to do new season by then like corral was like a fully formed genius yet and the gray, had figured out the show, and so people love the comeback story. It's like it was a closet MAX written and totally. I certainly for Wholly different reasons, parks and followed the same exact trajectory tat you really out and get up. I think I'll be the next one. Where was this- is ass. When, when, when you making it Wendy do become convinced that this had a chance to be like a monster head.
I did it, I mean I I had I just I had written the pilot on spat click, meaning I just without having set it up and then I had a script and I get centred around town and and wander gonna NBC, and then we made it. We were there, we were making it normally. Pilots get made it a specific time. We made it in a really weird time of year. So after it was made and finished and edited and completed We are. We sat on it for like eight months. Where did you really waiting to hear if it was gonna get picked up in eight months? seven might wonder why the actor? I was wondering. Why do I feel like we finish in January in May, efficiency, azure you didn't like December yeah, like November December January. And then all those actors is half the kind of care fingers cry have to keep their fingers crossed, we kind of suspected. We thought we had something. We knew the network liked it, but we didn't now and then he then you thought fire you find out of it What was the premise in your head? What did you think was that efficient
out there and tv then that you could fail. I wish I was thinking of something I just wrote. This thing I mean I just sat down an outcome that unites, I can accept down, and I wrote something I was originally writing. It is a film I thought it would be a film about all these interconnected characters, seemingly interconnected characters in the revealed the under the film where there are related and then, but I put it away, I wasn't working, it felt weird didn't feel like a movie ticket backup finished it as a show. And we just yet we made it. We sat on it. I remember we started screening for people like I do and I had right had a couple bodies over football. My wife was out of town we watch for bananas because you want to see this thing I made. I think it's kind of cool and a plate of four bunch, my bodies and it ended and, like my buddy,
relax stepping out of the room cry. I remember very vividly like one guy walked into the kitchen. Like none of us, nobody was looking. Anybody in the eyes of three guys is going to happen. That either means it's amazing. Are there like? How do we tell the sky the latest round? By about it, it was was under my buddy, my buddies Josh. I remember by judge like as a deal, you lazy its role is so you started getting that sense in their than it was like. Then it just blew up. It blew up like instantly and quickly, and we never it was I never step aside. I was amazed to making the trailer the trailer got released. They put like to this Jason Rapid Song, it sweet trailer and my phone started going up in there like the trailer has gone completely viral its eighteen gazillion people are watching this trailer and Sazen didn.
Quite sense for the genre, the of the while I read, have Milo event: Emilius Hair, his ass. That allows you to think I ingenuous, so I found out after the fact- and I was convinced cause I had so much failure of like meat size failure like getting shows on television for a season or two and then getting your heart, broken or pilots that you love that didn't get me and then I found out that the boy band Thea the boy bad your boy benches wonder under an orange they have a documentary called. This. Is us about and that's what's going on, I was I was generally commits, like that's what's going on here, but tweens are watching this trailer cuz. I think it has something to do with one direction and that it's a it's a it's a it's a false positive. It's people are really tight. And then did not just blew up. I remember sometimes you just gotta know I remember seeing the trailer and as with my wife, whatever their belonging are still there in my wife
like all the way and as a government, this is gonna, be a monster. The IKEA stay like every three years. There's a show like that, like modern family was like where just they played the entire pilot at the up front for the audience like that's in it radically confident movie. They were here. You don't do that unless it's like ever at every step, everything just click the cask like the direction click the testing is through the roof like every. Like three years, there's a show where it's a hit before it goes on tv and everybody knows it and life my life itself. This is us, was that show that year just everyone knew it was. I go. Get is a big deal this in Ankara. Like I member people at NBC, just saying like they were talking like it, was already the modification- and here I am
there's so many ways I mean, I think, back on it now and I was fiercely protected because I've been through the wringer so many times, and I mean there was a point where I kind of like this title of this. Is us, and I had this idea for it and they kept saying no. That was not going to the title, and so I put it like an opening graphic that descended into this is us to start it. I put it in the cut and I figured if it plays really well they'll start getting used to it. You know, but they were. I mean to the last day there, There are some people are saying like we really like the title. Like things are just getting started, my guy guy that doesn't sound. Well, I don't think that somebody It often bits are there so many things with the casting the thing, so you have to be fiercely protective or like, like one thing goes right, you just one mistaken the tar
see MIKE it's almost like a sport season. You need thy twelve things to go right near the biggest thing other than the show runners you have to get lucky with the town. Yet that's all the cast like Sterling K, Brown, I don't even know who else would be in their part strolling caught him at the perfect in his career. I had really discovered him yeah and then he becomes a monster. Stoical Brown was one that I thought I would have a hard time getting cast away. I was wanting to cast which was just no process whether I wanted my friends who directed the pilot had directed a film that he had a small pardon and they kept so you gotta check out this guy strolling Kate Brown, I think, he's the guy and he read it. He was all somewhat guys. I can't I just get this guy. The part they're not gonna accepted, and I went to the studio Isaac we like to say restoring K, Brian and cast him ass. It were really and they like he has this thing coming out. Where he's playing darted in this odious handed out yeah, oh yeah, I was I really like he's going to blow up another. Oh great, it was. It was just a magical lucky coins you had parlor, which was a lot easier to predict.
Could he asked one of the best females History of ESA thou yeah must clearly, however, ass members straight outcome, but and then we got lucky you there, but he s a little bit like Nick Offer. Men was alike, I think I may have told us or less and less here, but Nick offer men. I had written an episode the office for years earlier, where Michael went to a meeting in New York of, like the other branch manager, is like the branch manager from Buffalo and Rochester wherever in the point, was specifically that they were more competent, that Michael it was like our attempt to say like how people kept saying like how is Michael. It's got a job as it we're like what have we shouted they ran challenges are dumber than so. We this one big, MIDI role of this truly True idiot and from. In addition- and I was like deck as Maison cast him, and he couldn't we got the word Beckley couldn't do cause is the same week as willing grace you'd only been he had been booked. I guess, but am willing, grace and are part was really media. It was like them. You Jake
antics funny part and we're gonna come on dude. I gotta know em. So in my head of the common man, don't do willing is, do our show our shows cooler, and then I was like a somewhat Go he's married to make that fair. That's where I but I wrote his name down on posted down arrow offer Offerman stuck into my computer, and I all I. If some I write some other episode in the future. I should cast guy anyone. Three years later, when everyone we were audition people for the pilot was like. Oh, that I like as funny, get back I, and so he was like. I mean not just crazy, lock you can't some of it is. Some of it is like timing, which is what sterling was right. It's like you, see a guy, and then everyone just lines up behind him, because he is like their exact right moment, and sometimes it's just blew.
I locked that you just see someone that you remember someone there. Whatever just works out, and that happened I mean that happened so many times with parks and rec. Diving with Pratt Pratt was because my wife had written on the OC and he was on the OC season, four really funny and she was like you. We shall judge- and I now think only I remember that guy, like S Larry's and he just happened to be free like Whenever show, he was all the time it ended in. He wasn't it. Pinning guardians of the galaxy. Yet so he was like reading so likely. We while these additions of, like as ease and actually existed in addition meant Pratt, and often all these people just like reading for the your wife riding on the sea is the single most impressive thing. I've ever had pets, but his ashes are found Moliere getting. She was there. She came in like four episodes in a season want or something like she was at the whole time. Tat a little renaissance right now, as it should It's on the networks through Amazon Circuit, like my daughter, has banned out. I think the first like twelve, but it's
the kind of holds up, yellow lights. It's like a classic teen show like, and everyone should exist. Whatever the show is, it should always be that John Rash should exist every area whether it's like in the OECD or the Hamptons, her yeah, the poor kid in the rich community. Just what is it just horses from Newport Rolling from Rhode, island there and the Newport in the shower originally was in Rhode Island and then when we he signed on. I believe there are like when you went over, that of the amount of work, which is a great idea like, as a guide was more. It was more than a bit over the summer. If I remember correctly and low hammer, and so cow was like that's the perfect, it was like the perfect you ass, I gazed thing for summaries? I was another one of those research, the trailer you like our yeah. It is Well, no, where there is the line right. Welcome to the OECD, wasn't Elsie bitch up here, quick rates and where the Starbucks double shot starts with Bold Starbucks, coffee, blended, with no for a smooth creamy delicious flavour enhance with ginseng guarana, be vitamins available
it's delicious flavors bulk of an hour Hazan out why Chagas coffee, mixing, mocha and energy coffee Jane tonight, I take great because the energy to go from point, a to point done, thank We have these in the office, it's nice to go for point eight appoint done now. Really like point a point, is just sleeping in groggy bill point then like I'm ready to rock star stubble shot energy to do the things you actually do, find it in your local convenience store and since we're here, you heard me talk about at the top the ran resellers. Dual threat PAR Castille threatened, ran Marcella, dual threat with ran reseller dual threat talk about whether people won T shirts for dual threat. I think we might just make one What are the messages or at the Jim, the cut off, or you mean like
The road ran. What's the most Musselshell ran Ray, I dont know fuel with you go as far as the gold Jim like to you just where medium he really go. Just a shared this dish, media as media, yet wish media. We make it right, irish medium door threat, t shirt stating for that, but check it out. Three people like it. It's been really again and again mentioned it that parliament unmasked our new pack has come and next month I back to make it so did you wish your show a smash? It right away there. This is us yeah, yeah, pretty much rigour. Media must arrange the Hungarians, Wiki doesn't matter for some yeah, they big ratings, which doesn't happen usually out of the gate, and then it just kind of kept building and it was like there is just a got Zeit. Guiseppe really quick and I remember violate the eighth episode.
Traveling. I was going to EAST Coast to see my family for Thanksgiving and we hit right around. Then we were hitting like a real crescendo and I remember it was on in the hotel, didn't in Rhode Island in the hotel lobby of the stinky hotel, we're all singing and people are standing around like the tv like kind of lancing up at it cuz it was like it was like building towards like one of our answers or twist or something- and I was like. Oh, this is really getting that's cool I was there is, but I was like you know. I was in the midst of like doing all the management stuff of show running and others, and they I still making shows when the show was taken off you must about. Yeah I was making too. I also to show called pitch on far away our baseball, see this work and every day. But this whole thing said this: whole things happening in a headline cannot had issues like we all do our jobs. I have something to let people go as having to do stuff like when I think back on that period, as the show is blowing up and becoming this once every three year kind of phenomena it was filled with just like regular everyday bullshit,
I just was like making me miserable and stress that atomic ihjel. I have no positive memory of that area at a time at all. What is when you win you staff or show like that. What's the success rate for people you actually keep is a leg. Sixty percent for writers, just the whole thing, let go what's with the accuracy rate of the hires cause, you your hiring people on the fine, just grab and people titles battle. I answer I mean I heard a lot of on mine. I heard I heard a lot of young women on my show, all whom, for the most part, are still with us three seasons in. I have a very hard time waiting anybody go. The problem becomes it's such a hard job and if you don't, if people are working out and like helping in the way that you need them to help you paying people a lot of money it it's just you
you're being a nice guy, you're, putting so much more and you're on your shoulders at a certain point, so we ve had to take a high or salaried cap bid, it's totally suppose fat and its values of about sport. Psych up it's it's the whole thing, sir. I have I mean when I have Let people go in my life, I do it so terribly that by the end of the meeting everyone's confused as to what just happened like I've. Had the like, like a bring in my body, to help me because, like you know, I'm like giving people were walking out it, it's just some not get at it, I'm not good at it. It's a weakness, so radically people you ve, got an apple a couple times but yeah, but at this point also like there's enough people who, like hot more than I would say, two slash three or maybe three quarters of the writing staff for the good places, just people from parks and Rec who came over so it was like it makes it so much easier
that there is a problem there too right, which is like a new person who wasn't part of that team immediately feels like they just transfer to a new high schoolers obviate fit in, and so you have to be a little bit conscious of that too, in but I'm I'm with you, I'm not good at that either. I don't I fortunately haven't had to lead to many people. Yeoman gets. Generally speaking, people worked out, you can get a decent life. I would say, from from our low meeting and personality. Ultimately weirdly, it's I'm more important is just as important as talent cause. I it's like, so you spending. So much time with these people and its entire, and it's like I can be an emotional experienced like being a creative environment like that, and so is just like. No assholes is just the kind of the the main rule We talked about this, the last I'm here. It's disobey Sandler from Greenland to the Ringer yeah yeah. It's like a few around people
they they have to be stupid, you fear ass excited their touted. That is about. It involves very obvious and also very important. I added psycho it sir shouldn't be a, I think it's hard to accomplish, but it can be a tight and be hard to accomplish a new kind of have to work at its very similar to sports. My grandfather were taken as the pages data receiver. And Brian is like hey guys, I'm right here and I'm taking alike, love. We beat there's Brad. I would rather just have a mediocre rattleburghers anymore I'll. Just point out, people said the stadium in aren't. Really Mass was the second. This receiver about TAT S. Bryant is what the eighth It is true that I've been did you watch of last year. Now I did not allow a separation. We. The last thing we need is another receive arrives. The auditor I dont, watchful by more. I think I told you this boy, I'm off Vienna failure. I did you really do that yeah, oh, I thought you'd tat was like no. I cancel my package two years ago like I'd. I I want
some highlights willingly, I'm out I'm straight about. I was out last year in Russia, how do you feel emotionally? I feel so fine, you wouldn't believe it rarely. Yes, I feel completely fine. Do you think you would have done this at the pats hadn't one five? the proposals that you had inclined them out in a bunch times eyes I dont, know obviously buddy. I think I would have because last year I didn't want a single Patriots game last year and they went to the Superbowl and so like I am didn't find myself like freaking out and missing at that. Much like it You had this weird thing with the good place with bore. Those yeah now that allocating color of the best p archived for your show, you could imagine paid more attention to jaguars games austere towards the end of the year than I did. Patriots does not genuinely good for your show, tat yeah. We was a crazy kismet thing, we're like we had a character and the show whose favorite player was the most mediocre quarterback in the league and then that quarterback,
a crazy line, and it is I who couldn't have been better is the best timing possible. So I would like look at Jaguar stats to see what had happened more before me, diving. Usually before I looked like patriots results like I would see. You know, I'd watch baseball through September and October. And then like a November, I think I watch football makes great movies in around as getting laid by. Everybody is completely this if we want so many superboss he's like following Jaguars Box nurse just for fun, if you get excited about for body, where are you out for concussions you out for the kneeling you're out for the candle all that I'm gonna imo platter? It does to honestly it started with the health care issues which I was just like these. These people are just being ground out the other ground, chalk disposed of, and it made me queasy for years in you and I just compartmentalizing overlooked it and then then
both as a double whammy, combo platter of domestic abuse the handling of domestic abuse mixed with the insanity? The of the way the league is run mixed with the then a series of abhorrent decisions and actions by owners like the their Richardson thing that just like got swept under the rare. Like that's like that, does even register on the list of like terrible things about the League data truly like at night, like nineteen on the list like I was a monster, yeah was forced to sell his team and everyone is pretending. Like that's fine, it's he's gone that worry there's. This You? Have him outside the stadium they I rule, has to stay there like these people are monsters, and so I just hit this breaking point of like it was like domestic abuse and the way that they treat them
mayors and the weakness of the union and though terribleness of the owners and gallant deflate gate, and just one thing after Another- and I was just like I am out Now- can take em. I wish I had had the strength to do that. I remember hitting a plain, whereas, like you know, be awesome if edges, if I just went all basketball and I hereby hears it I'm out for her, but I just love to mine. I gotta tell you this though I was I for me. Was baseball number one football number, two basketball, a distant third yeah. I dumbed football and went hard into the NBA Graham granted. I like a coincide Luckily again, Then you already again as it sounds like emerging, but I went to light six or eight clip games of my son last year I took in a golden state to see war two to warriors games like I, I bought the NBA package and I was all in the NBA and had, even though I dont care that the outcome of the final was like predetermined
I had an amazing year. I had this renaissance with the NBA that I had. I informed the NBA like that, since I was a kid and I was at this summit better, these higher transport, it I transferred my enthusiasm, be in Vienna, couldn't be happier, I keep thinking footballs gonna, whereas for me then, like New Sunday, I watched it for ten straight out rights such a good time bright. A gambling and fantasy in the brand Steelers was a disaster. I've. Never I m old or done fantasy, and so my my task- and it was purely entertainment, Ralph was so that make life lies able to drop at prettiest. It's interesting because I've been quietly my holy grail when my holy grounds for tv was always to do a show that I I had in my brain for years called like sixteen Sundays, and it was inside and ineffective franchise West Wing said in an interview, a franchise blue and I've just green. Let the shall go hand. My idea, my ideas was is: was you you know you spend the weak with.
Team and then the game happens like between the weeks and then you go back into the four by action to learn how what happened in the game affected. The next week could play a pleasant structure in time. That way, and we got pretty far along this year with the NFL or last year into this year. Talking with them- and I said we are not able to shy away from stuff Then I wanted to know how of share that were without it was stages, and then we had a point with the NFL yeah. This past year rested. We can't do the show I mean because then you know and its it was a bummer for me, because I thought, if you could really explore the complicated stuff going on inside, not play makers everybody's in shooting up, and it's not all that its. Also like that you couldn't you could have you know it's West Wing, its. Article eight, but also not shy away from the ugly, but I just felt there was just it's empty. And even if they were to allowed to do it exactly as we want to do it, it's a no one situ. It would ring hollow unless they really got dark it, which you have here unless it got. Russia has to be dark at the end of its agenda. Yeah Friday lights
Those kind of high school shows, I think, there's a little more Leah either we're leeway and also more optimism, people having been distracted battling, but it's also it's. You know it's like its romantic when it school right cuz, it's part harder. The romances, these moat, these kids are gone proud. This is like about a moment in their lives where their learning, how to be adults or whatever the NFL just brutal, just a brutal ugly league, were people like every Sunday ass. I was watching Sunday baseball and I saw the tick area was like TAT, titans and to any Walker out for a season and like a guy you're gone you're gone now, you're gonna forfeit eighty percent of your salary. His We're might be over around no what happened to him, but that these move It's like the levy on both thing. That's gonna write, actually a fascinating your mouth and because he's like Are you guys? Gonna run me in the ground the share, and I don't have a contract of this year, so only get a path.
Yeah, but that the Arab League in Vienna half a year and when he plays he probably and they may be- they won't play in which should be great for him but like he guides, and it's like that's what they should all be doing the only way this ends as if they is. If the union does on strike, they have to bring it to agree, what's going to happen in a three year, and they should- and they should just say like their demands- should be outrageous. They should make outright just demands because they have to in order to get anything, they should say like quadrupled salary cap and give us all life health insurance for life and whatever like that, because it is now or never like if they dont. If they keep doing these incremental deals like there the money and the red flag for me is that nobody ever cells their team in the ETA right basketball hit a point in last decade near the end of the decade, when the echo
MAX were often like attendance, was in the same in all set in nine teams were for sale but really like you could get another six to and yeah like day downers or panicking there like today, businesses and work at a just force, the Panthers owner to sell us too and it was immediately bought for two and a half billion immediately note those like seven suitors yeah. These people are too smart to to do that unless it's a guaranteed moneymaker MBA there too, there are no abating foresail yards you could get about? Seven baseball team, it's the biggest concerning these rich guys, who have billions and billions of dollars were they'll, never be able to spend all their money is one. I e go at a line of being a guy in your city that governs the and the limited inventory like one other thing in the world is so rare that there's only Rodya so and there's more then thirty get multiple Zune billion airs and narrow it down. Never they're down. Almost brought at a point where they're gonna be priceless because it's just of its it all it will become like I've noticed that with the words God Joe Lake up, who was so?
minority on our side tat. I have known him for a while. And he's in you no Sampson Slash ogling Silicon Valley and the people that go to those games are like some of the richest piano and most influential people. We have yet, but it's his party maybe he's controlling where everyone said. Yes, it's his thing. It's like out here, you're going to his Barnett Heathrow? Sunlight emits fire brigade. He thrust forty one very expensive dinner party, the air and he gets to invite whoever in ever nest kisses and you don't wanna and it's like any by that. Suddenly, knowing him or even having a casual relationship with anyone who works for him is incredible currency in Silicon Valley, where currencies everything so like the power is overwhelming, like I can't imagine how anyone remains level headed when, like your fourth assistant, is going out to on the weekends and being like if you want warriors taken,
I can get them for he should say that no likely tat guys like a big deal in Silicon Valley, like there are people who are much more powerful and he is ultimately who have to come in and come to heal like that is it's it's like a total Roman glad, emperor gladiator think the guy runs Apple Eddie Q, who runs the content side, who sits court said for the worse Gibbs apples. Trillion dollar company, but he's sitting courts this other guy yet they three years ago I mean another of my leg, unseen failures, but I led to be breaking from Disney ABC, but I made a pilot with the golden statement right as they were rising to dot. Why you really, sir, I may apply. I made a television half hour pilot, I loved it too, and it turned out really well. It was about a early. We shall
entirely in the wars, locker, room and stadium, with their full and complete support. It was ass. Curry was rising to problems like a year before domination started, and it was about like an african centre whose drafted and the one like dorky sweet. All american kid whose only pursue speaks out language in the in the Bay area who becomes history, later. Navigating life in the NBA went to golden state words. It was like a greater threat idea. We in their locker room. We too great cast surrounding it. Bizarre people. Range was in it was it was crazy, but it turned out really wild tested through the roof and the neck, and it was. I could give him it was gonna, be there their new big show on ABC that as the end, and we had the gold? Is it worth? Who now all the sun it as the pilots being made, are becoming this dominant force and this cultural thing, and I got the call the day before that the difference in they said you were not picking it up, and I said what he he taught. I said, I'm begging you please reconsider this and they said yes
We just not sure- and I said guys this- it would be such a missed opportunity. Please don't do this at some may. They didn't pick it up. I did it with my torn and and how I now I remember the rest. The idea- and I just I walked away from the hall because Goober was above Turkey. I wonder- and I remember that I had this very strange experience of exactly what we speak about like being at the games, because we would go up there we shot during oldest. It were games at half time just for the pilot, and you would see like took the green room. The owners,
Green room was like it was such oh yeah. I've been in there you're right, it's crazier, it's like bury bonds is in there with the head of the Oracle. It's like a whoso food like it's where it's like literally like you're at the world's like ours, Clyde's, create crazy and then looked through the glass was the players are coming off the court, these iconic players, its courage, its inadequate Thomson and their walk in by the glass was in their coming off the core and like you're, almost in this weird, it's a very strange like got the collateral, its roman emperor, Roman emperor yeah, like that, the way they sit up and the high biases and like a nay, nay, sort of stand and applaud, and I mean nothing funnier to meet the alto. What I miss the most, but I miss the most of our knowledge in unifil- is shots of Jerry, Looking is the funniest the world yeah, it's the funniest thing. Do you think you,
it channel that just shows pilots that ever got made very great. They denied I was Channel one o Connor was a call that there is something where they have, that data, like trio, had em yeah. There was a show on trio. There was like brilliant but cancel their successors. Look about the audience, the audience channel on Directv the idea, which is a shame they promote, but I never know what's on it other than like rich eyes and yeah. It just seems like they could just headed highlights all day. There's a lot like too I mean my first writing. Job was on the team general where it was the half. The bottom happened. It was the school. What's on television in the top they just had stuff. Yet I would write stuff on the top that, which is. Why was it I dont know? I wrote these things caught, they were called ninety second biographies, and so you would fly through celebrities career with jokes man captures and replaced by a voice at all China's like there's gotta, be route world for all this stuff. That's been made that had famous people,
for they were famous symbols its. I need to bring our that Canada. Brian show. That was only a pilot with JANET Lack yeah, the one now an outer cycle, one that he division and Jagger Sudan Harmon Recorder. One is the moment with Adam West, where he was in. That was on Youtube in that became like a thing it for like two makes an amazing pilot at the funny it's where he was. He like thought he was he was. He was like a fool. Armor. He had play actor at play like a bad man like character, and then he had retired but still far reality. I later this year, but he vision, Jack's great too that's Jack blackened Ellen Wilson was the VS motorcycle that so you can find that. Do that's a great, and did something both of us are actually did a baseball tv show, but that nets rice but his people, people like did people I'm. There is a great great show. I'm gonna get traction with it. The problem is you you need that gets. Point the die, hard audience and you can figure out what that demo
As for that, show everybody liked it by air and the reviews were really get over. It was one of the things tat. We had a really bad time slot on a really bad time, and sometimes it's sometimes that's like literally all that it is, and if we had been on a better time slot and by the nature of got better of these two ratings which are kind of meaningless nowadays, anyway, idiotic been called ahead and that would have self pro propagated it to see ass. I think that we are so streaming thing might help to fit was like three years later today it would examine Phyllite people discover these shows all the time now and the added nature I knew we tried. We didn't have the barge what we found with the show or what I was told why the show was struggling was that men didn't want men, male baseball fence didn't want to watch a show about a woman, a major baseball and women didn't wanna, watch or show about baseball. That was like how was broken. That's tough cause, there's no other genders exactly. I didn't know what else that I didn't know silly agree or by it, but that was what we kept being repeated over and over again. You know if that
came out now, I'd like it would be more of a cultural, yunkers people, but this is an important show, strong female, after this is he now you're a bad person. If you don't, let's say I think there were to be mean. A thing is I, who knows why? Because frightened I lights was an immaculate piece of the asian and no one wants that show either like it hung on, because the critical claim is silver, meaning that they can. I had no choice but, like you came out of the bag, and no one washed. It was in these two who is between these two errors It was like early came out at the worst possible time it s like five years later, wherever it occurs check on it on whatever or five years earlier. The ratings are fine, but yeah yeah knife, the entire industries completely changing every three years now. So it's like. No one knows it's like. We are taught it's like it's all a crap, you When you look back at the writer strike, as has been ten years, I were. I hated the rider strike. I just didn't understand it because I didn't feel like there.
Anyway, in two thousand eight to figure out any sort of. Revenue motto with anything because nobody could unrest in streaming digital. I can see that is being like. We couldn't even the guy had a read. My pack has downloads so just like. Why do this battle now, when I do two years from now, but now look back, that's how come Streaming was yeah. If I was wrong, but I, but be. I was half an wrong, but you, but that was asked the attitude of the writers Guild was yet we don't know, that's where we have to do. This now began its like. If we don't get a toehold now, it might not be a great deal, but if we don't establish now that streaming is basically the new weighed, the tv is gonna, be watched them we'll just keep getting shunted to the side and one that, though, shows unbecoming to move if we didn't struck off Netflix shows Amazon chosen. Hulu shows wouldn't be Guild, shows right now, like it's amazing, just think about ten years of how much tvs now being made by streaming services. None of
All of that money is doubly J money and if we hadn't gone on strike, none of it would be probably in. I really do you tragic everyone hates everyone hated it at the time and everyone like a year later ever Romas bitching about it. I think it's the best thing, the writer skilled done in like a general, joint because, if really yeah, because if we hadn't done that, imagine if like right now, if you wanted to work for a glow or oranges, the new black or or whatever, and those shows weren't covered by the guilt like there before you that don't you think that would have happened anyway. You noticed or not, or they would have kept pushing us off, and people would have kept saying yeah where it is whatever it still think about, one from having basically to shows a house of cards and urges the new black they had to shows ever with emotion, a really good you blinked and they were making everything on television. The argue there is now a new billboard for a new Netflix shower movie or something every Friday. Every single, fried hours, driving around entirely of Dallas and so like. If we had missed
window, and we but if we ve gotten all the way to like, while there's only two shows so who cares right, if we That window, all of this stuff would have been not covered, would have been non guild, work they'll. Now what is soft and then they would have been like wild precedent. Now they, these aren't gill shows too bad. I ve swear, ended a couple cars and allay staring at those now for export. Words being completely confused like say, Korea? Diets coming back foresees, the pace is completely dumbfounded by here they're just about everyone, someone's cranking, you idiot, Why does what is that? No there's another thing: it's every site that's a monopoly money yeah, it's crazy! I don't do you guys are in the same spot where you you are now like considered to be superfluous. As for show runners than others. There's all this money now these different, things you must get crazy offers or approach
his rider Emma Jamming, normally or under a contract for quite a while. So my I'm under a deal right now and then when that's over on assuming that could happen. They say you can't even just come in you can't even come in and like consult than just get some giant paycheck on I mean I guess you could I mean when at what time do you have to do? Any of that? I mean but I like I've, an employer, and that is what this is such a diplomatic. So it is a developed, but I make my I have like a four year contract and then my contract ends and like a year Is this a season? Three right, you have it
wherefore overall deal for the like you get it do you know you got a deal with the studio. This is gonna, be like the candy free agency had eyes met a year here. I want, it all add its, but it's all complicate. I mean who sits on the world's gun the world's gone mad, and also my, but nobody can. You is just over unfriendly Canberra. She created Blanche aside, one of those mega deals, and then she was just over a couple weeks ago, and it's like it's nice when it happens to the nice people, because crazy and he's now going to be able to not only have a generation of wealth but he'll be able to kind of create a ton of shit, and I came to hire people and spread that until so, you become a business like at that point will make use of as leverage from parks and ready to work with his idle ted dance. That's right! That was, goddamn you re like I have to do this. There, deafness amusing
was at a measured up to everything you thought of yeah he's the world's greatest living human being. Like he's he's, the nicest kindest person he's the hardest working person. He has like ay he's an attitude about work that up that we should all have at all times, but especially where, if you ve had a career like his and you still have the attitude that he has its it's like its shocking because he still he like calls me sometimes on his way home and I'll see. First, I see my father is TED Dancin and I like it. I am this. Is it just being played on me, and then he and I are going to go pick up the phone and see what's wrong, and he just called me to tell me that he had fun at work. A daily. Thank you thank you for writing this great, and then you know he. He in these married marries Dean Virgin and they have like this life. That is so it's like it, if
if you could choose your life in the future with your life partner. This is the life you would choose like they have this beautiful, ass near the near the water. That's like it's not huge! It's not like a mansion. It's like! Oh, it's a small but beautiful home on this little piece of property that has three other structures on it, so that when their kids and grandkids come, they each have little guest houses staying. Oh my beautiful backyard with just they have little dinner parties and they have dogs that run around and they have they go to. The and the summer in Martha's. Vineyards started Cape COD Carter, Nantucket or something I have a great time there were their kids and grandkids in, and they of working, so they just work all the time and they support each other when they work and they help each learn lines is just this: like kind of idyllic life is like these good as life can I think he's one of those guys who, like by after about Caesar six chairs never had to work again yeah and he just likes it. He worked as he likes it and that's like ultimately, this job like
saying earlier, like that. Who has time for this stuff like the job of being a show runners very time consuming emotionally consuming like mentally consuming, and if you don't like There's no reason to do it, I mean them, though it pays. Well, I guess that's one reason it do it, but do so what you know you you work ultimately, because you enjoy the work they enjoy the TED and Mary love working so like they don't have to, but they want to which is like I'd. It's like it. I gotta like an ideal situation. I think for what, in this weird business, what your life could be. Is that that's what you want your life to be? You wanna, be seventy years old and still working all the time, because you want to be working nephew Kyle did you watch chairs? now near her you're fired the twenty. Fourth, not your for the show came out thirty six years ago, the idea you I still feel
to me, it still biology. Yet I still think it's the best crafted come. We ever. I still think it's the best outcome and I still think Samuel about character like I don't think you can be like the it's very like main character. The others is problem, unlike in them in like a superhero movies, where the heroes, often the most boring character like Batman as far as the Joker in that kind of thing, and in the nodded I am shares. The sitcom equivalent is the main character, and the second is often that not the funniest character, like you often have it there's a problem because that person male or female needs to be have a b a romantic interest in it needs to that person needs to be smarten good at her job in order to be likeable. Now that stops was results. You often get the main character being the centre of this, being less funny than some of the peripheral characters. Like the office solve that problem. The british office, all their problem by saying we're just gonna, make the wacky boss is usually the side character, We are making the main character
gonna be hard you're, not gonna, like it like the audiences are going to have to swallow. This. It's gonna be teasing me, the main character, he's gimme, the funniest guy in the show and cheers without having to make it unpleasant by having the best sitcom actor. Ever in America. In my opinion, play the role and also just by designing a character who was had these wonderful qualities. He was good. It is job anyway recovering alcoholic which was like an emotional thing alone to bar it? He was also incredibly vain and he could be alternately They saw the and really stupid and like they just a perverted and super horny, and they just wrapped up all of this stuff, and they put it in this, like perfect actor vessel, that's why it's the best show it's cuz, it's the best main character I was an only child. He was the most flawed likeable person in my life yeah for like five years,
I was so vested in his relationship with diet, chambers, yeah yeah. I didn't I did have by a relationship of my had. This is the one I cavern where I could even the fact that he was able to get you invested in two romantic relationships, saucer, in the course of that you know the average Joe is another like testament tat, back, they're, gonna remake that show at some point, and I am not sure that share I feel hopefully delity well. I just think it has to be you'd. Have the chain the city and change. What did for a living in meaning, not avenant the habit. War, but not being, and I dont really gets a remake. I think it's just differently. I would put in Chicago I'll make them like a former hockey goalie producing a multi, cam sitcom. It starts shooting tonight. At second episode, called Abby's is going to be at the midseason trying to BC it's in a bar and every it's an outdoor bar. Like a woman, riding a illegal barn or backyard without a permanent, and
a single decision, not every single judge, a number of the decisions we made were specifically like. You can't do this, because this is cheers like a cat have you invite you can have. In fact, even the owner being a woman was like tat. We got us like start from their start. Fundamentally, don't make it, and even despite that in the days it backing likeness, echoes of cheers in here, because it so indelible and being I wouldn't know he never saw as I do all, but I'll be fine. Yeah, do you? How do you do an outdoor set in a multi come is where shooting outside no show yeah up on that and the backlog of universal? It's where these two, she desperate housework, so there is real houses, adds one of them had a little backyard. There was big enough for us to like build, sat and put like it's like a ninety percent audiences.
That's calling rationing this year we get people blanket, so they can stay warm. This is echoing Spielberg shed jobs in the Atlantic Ocean had secured a greater risk. That's a great idea, though, because I mean I'm obsessed with- I grew up in I'm. I'm I'm forty two, so I grant you cause be shown family ties, and you know all of those shows as well as was obviously cheers, but I've been obsessed with like how does the Multi camps Comstock Relevant, but also get reinvented just enough that it can like snap, its finger at people to keep people attuned like yeah done it with the single. You know you ve done it with the good place. Now. What is that multi cam form how'd you make a multi camp feel like Malta cannot look outdated and its It's it looks really cool. We shoot at only a night, could doubt a barrier and at least are we have in the pilot and it it's like it's like of warm in, and we said in San Diego, so there can be people unlike no Europe there. You won't have whether problems and who knows, I could
The future is, but it feels like fun and interesting, and a cool part was that every one of us, is shot a million multi camps, and there are like this. The first time we ve ever done to show its I'd like a thing like twenty eight years or whatever So you know who knows what the future will hold buddy was it's like a fun experiment, which is its at a certain point again like you. Do it cause? You find it interesting and IDA the seamen, thanks. So you still dabbling in other projects, were somebody wrote the scrap the New GIS, helping them Kyar steered a little bit yeah, which ensure Danish do its homework. All right the area I may have to go a little breaks out a film in the day, but yeah I mean that's the point that supplant I haven't, imagine I'll be the most fun part of You guys are in life that you could just kind of take something that you could see the potential of it or it's. Eighty eight percent there to give three notes and kind of nut then some us now. It's almost funny goes it when the person that's the creative work.
Behind it, a special, that's the best part, because then you don't have to the bad part becomes I'm sure, Michael is when it's not going well a lot of. It falls on your shoulders. In your idea. I was here to support somebody else's thing, and now this is like, in their time of my family at the weekend that problem, I did a film like four years ago, where I read a book that move to an actual Renee. And it's me do I want to adapt this book as a film, and I I think the writer of the book should adapt its profits really interesting. We read in- and I worked with this kid who had never written screenplay before and they got him final draft and kind of showed him like a form and what the hell do I know, and then it went over me movie called me and around the dying gonna like one, the Sundance film fast. I saw that yeah its eye. It was a first time screenwriter, I kind of went. I helped a little with the script I got higher director.
I let him cast it and then I kind of backed away and came back. You know four, and it was a beautiful experience. It was like that's exactly how you dream. It would work out. You have your giving some people opportunities in India. There I kind of fly. Sometimes it doesnt work out that when you just want to put the giant headache and something wasn't something that you wrote to begin here just cited here you sucked in an end. The boss is calling the twenty two year old kid who you took a chair. On because you liked the writing they're calling the forty year old producer is made a bunch of stuff. In saying, like we ve got a problem, we invested a lot of money and what are we gonna do and then one more break to tuck by wagering. I did some wagers at the top people. Ask me for advice: usually it's what team to, on this week or what team that cause I'm not sure if bed just may be no at it Can I gonna win who's. Gonna win, Yet you got my buggy, I always tell what about my Bucky the best bet. Now
For this reason, but any season they been in business for years, great reviews online mobile, safe, easy to use that dimension in game. Bedding and Rewarding player breaks in the business plan, for you, fancy guys out there you can eat, Betty over under and how many fantasy points up? Where was score each game later, cash. When big today you and they pay. And by the way their slammed knew better so and give everyone the best service possible, you're willing to deposit after seven p M eastern time. Together, Additional twenty five are free play, underpants It's over a hundred hours joy. Now, my book, your magic deposit, Dar for dollar, used a promo code bill Simmons. When creating an account to claim with thousand hours and free play Emily, be o K. I e my bookie dump Gettys Promo Code Bill Simmons, when creating how to clean the bonus you play you get paid back to me, then what are you for one year looking to help. Somebody here may begin above the project is the voice
his personality or less voice its voice, and then I deal at this point. It someone who isn't yourself like that, like I said as before, but I'm a forty two year old white guy from cannot again- and I feel like there's nothing left to be said about me I experienced on earth like it s like we ve covered. It is good that we are first of all. That is not true, because now that our kids are the same, travel baseball team is true. It is a debt. They can be explained. I want, I stress, the one area left the unless last frontier have. I feel like there's theirs thing left to be said about, though the white male experience in America. Like we ve come, in every in every form we ve covered working class, middle class upper class, extreme upper class. We ve covered like a straight. Even at some level we ve covered a lot of the ground. At this point now it's a come. It's like voice, Original voice origin,
idea and that, ideally someone who just has a different perspective on the world on me, like that's what makes the ideas and thing there's a there's, no shortage of of like people who look like me in right. Like me, in the world, there is a shortage of other kinds of people. The reason there is a shortage of other kinds of people's causes. People haven't gotten the same chances as the people who looked like me and injustice. Again, no brainer, that kind of like hey there's they would. The world is more interesting Monday when the like panoply of ideas, as more diverse and and I think that's why I love and secure there I just going, this world every week, furred ten absent. That I know nothing about this character that I don't have anyone in my life like her, you actually want to spend time with her in her friends in the way but that should not shops, apprentice and print is used to work produced by used to work in Brooklyn. I nine yeah and he's a great guy, and I'm very happy for him and hit that that shit Oh I told this. That's I saw that show
tumbles out of that creative team, so effortlessly you can just tell like I'm sure it's a struggle in the same way that every shows a struggle, but like that show just like it's. It's though they eat The seeming ease with which their telling stories gives you this overwhelming feeling, which is like These stories have been there all along. These stories have been everywhere in every group of people it with it from the diverse ethnic background and engender I got in everything they just gonna be on tv and the it's such a bit. It makes me very happy and very sad at the same time, it's like we ve. Doubt on fifty years. Stories like this, because no one let them be on television and so like that's the at some level that the best thing about this crazy world reliving invalid damask he's gone crazy. It has and there's good parts of that with a good part of it is like there is now
can you, Baroness gonna, make ten dummy shows in the next three years and that's great cause would like there's a dead there's. A deficit of television shows created by people like you, Barras we gotta get out of it, We had an idea, we gotta make em, we got pay people to make a million of those shows just catch up with those stories. Have a young writer on on our show that show obsessed with a young woman she Nigerian first, innovation coming over from Nigeria and in our can a pursuit of the show the season we died heavily into this kind of that she wrote the opposite. It had kind of edgier for this nigerian immigrant story in in North Philly, where she's from and it's a big component of the second episode of Shell and unlocked the cause of my own television show and going while, like I'm, I'm Choosing the southern part of the today is that, like I've, never like, I've never been proven. And seeing and its
I own, like we'd, be an pc like dad you and it's almost within the context of our are own shower almost feeding, people, they're kind of vegetables, and you don't mean inside a jig, giving people perspective without them, even realising. Oh, my god wait till this girl. This has all of her own tv shows and she's gonna have a thought, a thousand of them. It's exciting. What is you you guys are indifferent spots with? shows you shows, like juggernaut, your show has had rise up and now his was on Netflix and all these places it fills a people have either there action the moment or they caught up, and I know like my staff- is just fired up he's in three: all them are kind of caught up now as good and now you're hitting this season. Three that I think, is going to be a big season Well, I don't know if I'm protecting the juggernaut or knowing that this is going there's still time, I've never heard of a juggernaut that I've created, so I dance at it.
This is why I think I M in the grass is always greener. Isn't it because my chose also like it's the cook like in arguably the coolest like show on Edward Television and probably up there with the lantern. A couple of others is like critics love it sure as shit and mine. Is this as this big populist spread too, which is also excited year almost like you're, protecting your lead. Almost where you have you have this year, is massively successful, show but then uses the moment. It's not, as massively success will provide greater now yeah. Here we go. That's an avenue. I mean that's gonna happen at some point, because the weight television is going. It's a! U can't stand this, I gazed for forever, and so you just have to act, So I'm telling everybody has happened yet, but it's going to happen whether happens a season next season, the one you know one after it's gonna happen. He has
Urban copy shows out now for another that ABC shares a yeah ballast million the little familiar anxiety. I am, but you know I don't I mean we're not. I was stressed out in the SEC going into the second season of the show that I want to show to kind of keep going and keep keep trying sporting outward and also remain like something it's equality. Do you like to animal envy yeah? I do I'm not gonna go too long with like five around there. They don't want that. Do. I gotta face possibilities for branches off that are in different ways by this particular story. For this you know, for this cast is got kind of the end game in mind. What do you think the right length shows it. Do you think about this that all Casimir? It's always show specific like the right length for the Big bang theory
It is twelve years before the year. How well that's how long you like it? It's that it depends on the premise like the premise of like the thing about the premises thus now try to imagine what is this? Is us look like in season nine, it's impossible. It's like you can't run the show the way that it was rich There has been written for, a hundred and eighty five episode Devil. I won't work people will like turn on it, because the ultimately Some point you'll be doing, reveals or twists just because you have to because you have to keep going and p get bored of it because it's doesn't isn't designed. Alas, I long lost is the first shouted, this the right way or like Did this show that captivated America and then two years it was like now forever like do forever, because it's a huge hit and its great and I of do it forever and when they got into the mindset of like running in place in like let's do this forever, the show fell apart, and then they went to the network and said we need to end this because
don't ended. If you don't know what we're ending it, we're going to it's stink forever and they said okay, here's the here's, the plan to more seasons, whatever was thirty, eight, more episodes and as soon as they that the show got amazing out at the end. Almost lost their audience, and then they got it back and they got it back because they decided that they had to write an end, and I think about a lot like their theirs, are some shows like graze anatomy. Is in whatever it is season. Fifteen year was, I dare to any. I got broken do that forever, because the central premises so great hospital end to end creative team behind it is so great and they have designed a tone and a vibe in a mood that that matters to people and in that case, they have an actor. Who is the center of the show yet willing to stay on? The show forever bless her heart because she loves the job and loves plainer character and has said times like this. My favorite thing I ever showed that were on the startled. Do this forever and she's great, and so that show could
for thirty years, if it really wanted to hear and the people behind a really wanted to, but some shows are just like you know: there designed to last like what look at breaking bad or look at this apprentice apprenticed like seventy two episodes thing like breaking banded. Sixty eight or I think I'll break in bad did the best job of exactly how many of you and now imagine tat. I would have imagined taking the events of breaking bad and saying you have to insert fifty more episodes middle of this rod. Do? Every one of us would have stopped watching it cuz. It would have gotten like oh yeah, there's a new there's, a new drug kingpin great like what's his deal like, we would have all gotten sick of it and we would have stopped watching it because they didn't have to do that this. It was like a perfect Langston they did it. They ended exactly where they wanted to, and I think now now. Every show should do that, like every show should say in a world where you'd no longer are in a race to a hundred episodes does get sanitation money. All that stop every show should just take a look at its own. Private
in its own vibe in tone and say like this- is how many this should be. I shot the of our series. Last year, already like Hegira Guy shot like some of it already well, I just a kind of you not because its heart, all the stuff. That's not creative gets in the way right, so you ve got. I've now got a cast that can't walk down the street anymore the inner ear. They're gonna United certain point Del start getting paid, and you want everybody to kind of. Do. You know make them I studio now that have invested a lot of money. That shows not cheap, so you want all the other stuff. All the other group of hundreds of people work on the show and love. It is everybody's kind and they don't want it to end right. So I have to balance all that out versus the the creative which I think most shows that have ones you're. Speaking of that have like a set like a kind of energy item! Four seasons is the ideal amount of seasons for a television show. Personally, not that of something that is kind of
driven, and I'm talking about, like a twenty episode of season, show like sixty to eighty episodes to me like you, don't I dont think you ever need to go much pass that, but now bring this back two chairs the greatest common, but I think some good instructions in that show right, because that show lasted ten eleven eleven seas, but it's basically to different studios. Yet again, the last four years were Shelly long, and then they hang out for the fifth year. He wasn't as good and I will obviously just couldn't ended, but instead they blocked the show. Now female lead. They gave see grammar. He gets more shots yesterday. Did they develop more characters and is funny was talkin a curry about this epoch. As Mr Curry last month and we'll talk about how the biggest mistake, where's made last year. Was the cottages broader rollback didn't have like her.
This year, Frazier on the shelf Frazier and my book, because its Frazier yeah, as I was this guy, what guidelines? Yes and it cannot gives you a new juice, think: cheers was the best at that, whereas I one of my favorites has ever is Mammy vice they never added any went to the shows that the same thing same premise: they would change jobs, Janshah Sayer Ed, but they never. They never figured out like. We need urgent, Carlo Esposito, Season, they will kill him. Often they just do it. I think there's a mean think about cheers like In addition to, yes, Shelly like there's a shall about a like vain former ballplayer who falls in love with a like snooty academic, and he s not a camera that I shall ask in four or five seasons and there's a new shall about a fifth now man whose whose vanity is totally not in keeping with his fate,
physical can Loggia and whose who is like trying desperately to get a woman, a professional woman to sleep with them and who can't because she's uninterested because he's I passed his prime and I shall ask, did like seven fears and they're, both great shows, but also think about the fact that, like they had Woody Harrelson Kelsey, M are new worth and and pearl men like they had p. They had a. Sure people on the joke, who could have easily laughed and been the centre of their own show, did a veto become movie stars or you know the centres of their own shows like that at some level? Is it's the same thing with the warriors like if the warriors Bro, tomorrow. There five best players at all because number ones or maybe number two's, I guess on NBA teams and they be decent teens like a member onward. He was I. Why, then can jump me inside
that, would it got a movie, that's cool, and then it's like what is moving moves. Are you? Ok, yeah didn't so like a fully realising about, like is think about that the power of that cast, if you think about the power of the this, is us gas or the parks and wreck cast, or that these costs of these shows at her that where those on sound was are truly good Like this, the way that you know their great as you could, if parks in record, ended after season five any one of those, the main eight people on the show would have gone off and had their own showed of l for them. The same is true of this is us. The same is true of you know. Play master of like modern family, probably in the you know at some point in the middle of that run like that's, that's how cats are great is the great because you have a bunch of. Number ones on call sheets playing. The role I'd like the number six on a call sheet, and it just adds its incredible depth and richness to the show social media. We didn't talk about it sucked, but quickly, cuz. This is the last ten years. This is kind of changed,
people consume, shows how people write them to their pay too much attention. What is your process for socially comparable in between a little bit. I mean I again because I've never had done it before our show. The show hit, as I guests kind of thing, where I was kind of when we have a big moment in the show, I would go on and I'd put in like on twitter at the hashtag. This is us and see what people are writing about it, just to see how people respond and jelly I I probably don't read, is as much as some people, because it just Duke you can't win. I mean the internet is salvaged. Bialik now and it's so you can't win by looking at stuff anymore. I try and get a sense, especially we're doing a big moment, but then I try and turn it off my writers. I think riddle and actors read a little bit more manage Zara yeah you I hate you dont want to happen. Is you know what we have a very will shine? Characters have to do sometimes make mistakes and be flawed, and you don't of your actor starting to say, like hey everybody.
He did when I did that yes, they're supposed to hate when you do that, and so, but not cast, isn't like that, but you just it. No good, has come from reading people writing stuff about your stuff on into. I just don't think that there is, in my opinion that any good has ever come out of it. My wholeheartedly agree: if I I stopped looking, internet at internet reviews of my shows a long time ago, like light late seasons of parts Iraq and I haven't- I will read sometimes clips if they get sent to me by people at NBC. Or something there like. Hey read this you'll like it I'll go like Mary may, give hits a pre if it's free, approved and not I know it's not like a weird negative screen or something, but I also this danger- and I like you- don't want to read too much good press in the same you'll want to read too much bad press. I much
the NFL. A couple weeks ago, I decided to take a extended twitter break. Do I looked? I walked away because of the way that the people who run twitter seems to be kowtowing to Nazis and Alex Jones, and I was and am fabs fed up with this. I want to participate in this anymore. I like this this weird way that, like your bending over awkward for these terrible people and then, like a week later, Alex John said: one mean thing to Jack Darcy in Washington DC and he was a man they ban from Twitter prepare. So there are no I'm not I'm gone back yet, but am but I I I think twitter is like fourteen percent getting Eighty six percent terrible- and I like I indulged way too much in the good I read- I'd on the good part of it too much in may be overlooked. The part of its terrible and the good part of it is like You get instant news and you can follow comedians that you like, and people tell good jokes, and if you are inclined to
how people are reacting, something you can check it out, but I idle right now: I am sure my feeling of change. I've done this before I took like a six month break once a three month break ones like I, don't I'm not making like a giant so boxy proclamation, out the overall value of this thing, but I think it's important every once in a while, they just walk away and unlike get your new from other sources. I really J Instagram. Everyone does Instagram is like a young is just as we have all the young people and on our running staff. The only thing they do, Instagram they all like their baby like twitter. Who cares this goes out? Who cares in grand they're all, unlike they'll constantly I dont understand how to do it, but they'll be like. Did you see the thing that, like Cardy B sister hosted a where they all of it seemingly are fatal, and I have heard you, however, but see everything. That's crazy. Have you thought how old euro this kid tat so you been monitoring how he is.
Conducted. Our sons are the same age, totally uninterested in like he loves he liked watching you tube. She watches like basketball, you tumors there there's a guess Lostnunbound do not like Isaac, the Oklahoma City Thunder fan who's. A youtuber is a vlogger. My son is obsessed with a man just watched every he like somehow gets like there's videos of this kid was like twenty three or something sitting course I'll every in every stadium and my laying one on one within rant and like it's crazy, like eight years there's those guys you do the trick, shouts whose names on that, like do perfect. New programme has limited perfect. My I took my son, who was theirs gamma dodged stated earlier, do perfectly, I remember there and he was I e the biggest advent world things like that, perfect but Mandl himself. I do wonder if we're headed toward a world where, when that generation grows up there are no judicial tv shows its chissano playing pranks at each end. While we talk about that, I feel good ideas last I may be, but there is served
down like a year ago when they asked, I think, a thousand kids when the ages of nine and fourteen who is the most? I was too to go, it was read the interval bombers presidency there in the question was simply who is the most famous person in the world and a guarantee would not recognise any of the answers The top ten was Obama was like Logan Papaya. Living with you all know, is all Youtube celebrities, unlike bloggers and stuff, and I saw that I was like this this is the death knell of the thing that we but isn't, as is the screen on the wall, going to remain a thing like no matter what? Even if they're, watching something that we don't understand. That isn't the committee. I should I mean, maybe I just can't fathom The different, so is that I had so when you return your watch and cheers and family tree ass. Our kids are ten. They're watching do perfect, yeah. So Like a lot of the lessons learned about what structure a tv show. He added about characters is cause you're, watching those great chosen, your Castro,
Then I worry about seeking an update on your guess. I dont kids, your kids, don't sit and watch like the equipment of Lake America's get town or the voice running their shows; no, they were site they. My kids, I really like Jesse showed, though yeah my granddaughter love without any type targeted. Just she's now moved on our shall now watch like my daughter's eight. She watches like let she watches like grown up, shows, the show the medal? She loves. The middle aged like round like repeats and sheet there now old enough to wear their semi said and what I do and what my wife does cause. My wife is right or, to my dad, His big and pop culture she's come on. Despite a couple times, I do like her pop culture watch on it says the Netflix movies, big rush, Irena Rise, Netflix, it's a couple years, but they whatever algorithm spat out in their digital, hey. This is efficiency twelve to eighteen, zero, girls, another just making movie after movie for them and it smart? That's what your friends but we should not like him a very ill equipped for rigour, life itself September,
twenty first Oscar Isaac and that banning Mandeb tank in it. You, ve, been there s levy, wild will be allowed a Lydia cook the terrible cast big, has diseases. I will just promoted Toronto. We really, I was told you before we had. We had such an unusual the genuinely the most unusual weekend of my career, which was the moon. I think the movie right, it's my favorite, like my favorite thing, or one of them had ever worked on. I've been screening it for a year for like really heavy duty, filmmakers in people and in our industry and at movie theater barbarous, try sent one. Eighty, like all of you- and I feel like we have you know when you feel like you have it. We premier in Toronto, reality five minutes standing ovation, those things and, unlike the seven critics who were there, just came out and just like our coming after it hard now, I coming after this is us of it in the sentimentality and in the amount of tragedy and laughter, I don't I don't they like didn't get it fixed,
noone Adam? Is it like similar in town to this? Is us like it it's much darker, but but it has that something of that it plays. It does a lot of things. I think that the critics come after plays in structure it plays in it. Narrative structure with unreliable narrative consciously and it's got a lot of darkness in it and then, ultimately, in the lot of like uplift and hope and people are really crying and so they're coming. To the crying, and I I don't think it's gonna balance out, but the movies really good. I think people I've been screening every year. People love it so excited about it makes, for his move against the grain? To not be pigeonhole does that this is a sky words just like he raking bad multiplied. By maintaining that I ask that it be crook, and I find the idea of God knows I don't do movies always can found me a little bit but crooked fell on a cricket energy of a lot of latter detail and fourthly, a pro concussion, and if so, you can read the Good Place Day and the ringer said to them.
Really here Death is pretty pretty obsessed getting more attention for the show. I just saw thing online that I shouldn't be reading, but tv Guide called could place than the number one show all shows. I think that we all have our our long cable drama. They called it number yeah we're number nine. I was lucky yeah that was cool They d the marketing, the pr peopled semi arid prejudice, cool or is a good press release. Would it adds we could get me a dance in our good by three to where you want to stand for to play basketball. That was his that he went. The eye and then he'd still didn't play. You gotta get injured or maybe a camera. What are you he was like a small forward? Thank you too small forward here, and I mean the member. This is like the fifty is, or something like that you know sixties glue, bromide yeah, but here he went to Stanford Guiana, baskets caution so
maybe that's all I'm saying up at never agile Obregon. We will pigeon Our second about our travel baseball team to check I get a little. They dont movie uncomfortably metal benches for double how to do it near you, guys coach, you let you now. I am an adjunct coach. I would say I right, I'm the official score keeper guide. I run the ear, the varying the lead, the way he's the commissioner entire I'm the commissioner rightly awhile yeah. He took over from ECHO Mally out that, like an awful awful thing to it, its there's a lot. It's evolve directly gets apart directly, so there's a lot of parents during a lot around I'm only the crucial for our age group Mo Molly was like the main guy. I'm the commission like our age division, which it will be eleven God at next year, makes the wreck Do this, because if the
it's got a little snip ear would ever like. They know deep down, he's taking notes for less and less to end up on a shared just getting Zambia, and I let it or some pilot yeah. It's don't worry! I should bring like a little moleskin notebook red made that we address every time. Someone, Mozart, just read some down, but I'll keep my mind gotta be sad, rumour city on these mental benches and October watching red x. Have games and urge other Iphone pretending to care about our kids. You said you said Larry chairing in a broad really and cursing really gave a guy's thanks for do this great man I'd thanks so much to make Dan thanks to your house, for not showing that this week involving a terrible picks. We met Amber Next week I don't know his, then for a week for talk me into had thrown the Redskins activities. I sake. The one gape suspect, He served that maybe he's back next, we gotta think
Starbucks double shall starts of bold Starbucks coffee, but with both for a smooth criminal issues, flavour, its enhanced with ginseng guarana, be vitamins. It's a kind of thing around four o clock in the afternoon me little bump, like I do. Every four o clock as I'm about to forty nine years old, to shoot me, Starbucks double Shut, its energy to do the things you actually do find it in your local convenience stores forget to check out the ringer dot com. Don't forget to subscribe to hollow. In unmasked Duff. The cheer on nephew, Kyle Tom, shady three hundred how many twitter followers you at the public eleven or twelve, I saw a week ago, your fifteen hundred enable how to get a tattoo talked about that on Monday and a bunch of single air you ve got. Another tat is now no longer play you. An italian media to our young people are united earlier than crazy. This guy I get now now it's not a pay weak sites, I'm not gonna. Do anything done until next week
Some person who pursue is going to do said. The dam is, my wife is a Boston this weekend. If you see my wife, don't buyer shot stout she's with a bunch of reform, just stay away, you see a bunch of like good. Looking la moms, moms, don't buy drinks drinks, please Joe. The weekend, seamen one way.
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