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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss some NBA thoughts on the Warriors, Nets, Kings, Suns, Rockets, the 76ers-Timberwolves melee, and more (5:35), before giving out some NFL Million Dollar Picks and discussing the Washington Nationals’ World Series win (31:05). Then, Bill sits down with Mallory Rubin for Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top five story lines of the week, including potential Josh Gordon landing spots, Vikings-Chiefs, the Patriots’ toughest opponent so far this season in the Ravens, and more (1:01:25).

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Started were also brought you by the ringer dot com. Where we published an astonishing pieces Today, I'm taking this unhallowed on Thursday, but may we have bunch of baseball player staff, basketball, Apple tv, you name it! It's all there in check, go check it out over. There was the Ringer Pakistan work, another great stuff that we have there come Joe House Rent, a Basque, Nats and thought gnats were in a milliner, then Meli ribbons back to do her manners most intriguing, first, our friends from prose I shall ask com- and I for one second, wanted to tell you about the book, a Basque, about two point: OPEC Ass, because we had asked it yesterday
ass, I and Twitter Instagram dusted off Facebook. We ve been working on this for a while and am super. Said about it. It was the project I alluded to in a couple times on my back ass. He can subscribe right now and apple on spot. If I were you pack ass, we are launching a bunch of episodes on Tuesday, actually a little bit of a binge mode model for the air, for the first steps are not even a benchmark biologist binge bottle. I've been thinking about my book, which I wrote ten years ago, two thousand nine and how it wanted to update it in redo it, because so many things that happen in basketball over the last ten years that just guys pyramid rankings changing and stuff like that. But you know the decision? The hard and trade player empowerment, curries warriors run down on sterling
The things that happened just in the last ten years, it's a completely different sport and the thing I can't gravity That, too, is by whole book was about the premise of the secret and now over the course of this past decade, with players, jumpin teams, every its basketballs in flux and lot of ways and I realize I probably was never gonna write another book, but what I can do is reinvent it as a pad and take advantage of some different styles like we were gonna have pyramid park ass from every watch was podcast for about four games Pike, ass, concentrating on certain themes and then and then some audio s eyes to that. I'm actually excited about. So this he's gonna, it's gonna feel a little different than this back ass, probably get him the truth
already over the next fifteen weeks, some that positive of the exact schedule yet, but there is a real plan in place. We tape like sixteen and of soup, excited about it. I really want you guys to us to do it. So if you like this package, hey, there's a one hundred percent chance, you're you're, like book Basque, but to point out- and I'm excited see how long keeps got where there is I want to do is because look at what was out there we watch was feed where people find out about it and listen to one of them ever movies or whatever, and then go backwards and they were done. The siren would now like. Ninety we watch was moves at this point. Ninety one I think, and their evergreen and you could listen to the the pact as Chris right I did but heat seven years ago and is basically the same experience. I think, with this pact
which not complaining about it's just a reality with this podcast is a lot of the stuff we do is reacting to things in the moment and I think from the possibility of creating something that could be listen to not just now, but a year from now to years from now, five years from now was the most appealing things for me cuz. I really do think you know it's. It is like a book and unlike a book where I finished my book, I did a paperback and then that's it, and then the book just ends up and bookstores and libraries or whatever. But ultimately you can't really keep working on it. I think of the podcast, it's a living breathing thing and- and I'm excited about
I want that. I want this to be something that goes on for a while, so its logic on Tuesday. I would urge you to subscribe an apple in spite of fire, Google webmaster pots, and I and I look forward to to get these out there. We spend a lot of time on those nephew. Kyle's been working, hard work and already the tired feel tired. You speak, he's good at that at this part of muscle in springhouse it alright Joe House, is on the line, we're not going to start with the Nats, we're saving them. For last. We are talking about the warriors first dead million dollar pics. Then we're going to talk about the Nats, that's going to be the entree. But the warriors first. This is the end of legacy here. This was a really a seven year run. Go back to the two thousand and twelve thirteen season and you could fit fading away this year, thought maybe they'll be able to think of the playoffs, knows now it's over now people talk about them, get in the number and pick I am. I must start here house p,
I have already gravitated into the whole. This is actually good for them. It's good bad news! It's bad for Korea! This is actually. This will allow them that a tank. I am personally in its never good to lose anybody first season and he's probably gonna be out three months, I don't know how many prime staff couriers he has left. I was excited for one I mean great for them that their good, our potentially get a top five pay. But I hate losing guys. I don't think this is a good thing. I do. I don't think there are any so relating to this. What was your reaction? I have a different kind. I'm feeling it. I have to confess I haven't given this whole time thought I've been a little preoccupied, save it. So I must They think I'm I'm exhausted, Larry S, I'm not a hundred percent in my right mine, I'm done
may not in my right basketball mine, but I will say this if you think about the seas in that the warriors and their their best and most important poor player, we're looking at coming into the two thousand nineteen two thousand twenty season, and we as a group me you and Ryan Marcello anticipated extremely high usage year. Staff curry? Yet we realise weird that thirty points a game yeah and unlike potential and BP candidacy, kind of thing there there is it of you at the fifty thousand foot level. Is that the best thing for staff? Curry? Is, the best thing for the warriors at this sort of transition moment that their confronted with an by because it was a pie-
and even back when we had our are over under podcast that Clay Thomson, it is not likely to come back. In fact, that news was announced like the day before the seasons for right over the disappeared from from all disappeared from from all of the gambling sites. But so, if that's, what you're? Looking at as a season, does thirty points out to forty curry to get them to forty four eight and a seven seed potentially or an eight seed is that a good use of a career causes at this stage of his career cause he's over the age of thirty. Now around. There are a lot of prime years left. That'll like you want to use that way. Whatever he has left the tank. Do you want to use it up? On a forty four? Forty? Five, when season,
the ongoing the other way, I feel, like you, have only so many peak years and even resell, and I did a pike asked about curry that would that's gonna launch on the book, a basketball pod when we launched an antique day we're about his whole career. Were even sought or sought or sought all sides of nutrition. The last two years and we're talking about many guy from an eight plus plus plus plus two in a plus, but you know, I think you can make a case physically, and even I test that he was at the peak of his powers, probably, three years ago and then his kind of his is crashed. His apex was about a five year round, and it was either get and this year and next year before he. Moves into that. You know it's still you're still in I'll, be a guy, maybe you're, not atop, six guy in the kind of guy, and now he just This is one of those seasons and I think you know anything about where
historically right now, I think, he's third and made threes and he's almost than the fifty forty ninety clubs stuff like that. He cannot need these prime seasons just for the resume, and I think that's the bummer. Now, if you look at it just competitively, it's it's obviously better to go. We ve learned this over and over again it's better your twenty in sixty two than it is to go. Forty two and forty and that's stand the cruelly out of the area, and let that twenty and sixty to come without high mileage on
Your best player, I mean, I will remind you, it was just June. We watched him in this is this. Is it is a nice compliment to your observation about him being on the other side of his crest? You know he still could determine the outcome of games all by himself. Yet what he could do is do that back to back, because it just was too much physically for him. So every other game in that finals. The warriors were, you now have the opportunity to win because he put them on his back and he single handedly took them to a victory or or to or made them like compel them games that they otherwise had no, no budget shouted being competitive in by, like you,
big ask for an eighty two game season, this season with Klay Thompson entirely out of the mix and asking for him I know, but on the other side, though, it kind of would have been fun to watch him just do the lone Ranger for you, I was. I was weirdly, looking looking forward to it once once they figured out their worth and I think it would have taken twenty games now on the Rhine and they were, you know, obviously experimenting on the fly. I mean you know that the right way to use dream on was still in flux and re minds. Frustration with through these first handful of games that was enjoying I am not, I will call it silver lining, but, like I will harm I could maybe other folks have already done this with you, the nineteen ninety five San Antonio spurs. I guess it was His name was David, Rob yeah. Ninety that act right, yeah, David Robertson, became on well for a year and it all day
had great success with some ping pong balls and TIM Duncan arrived in next thing. You know the two headed monster of David Robinson and TIM Duncan basically set them. For a a twenty five year run, you know the run that there are still in the midst of its not incredible. I mean, I know that that lake of thinks there They are light years ahead in golden state em. It's not out of the realm that they hit been a lottery luck and arrive with a team that has quite Thomson and stuff curry and dream on green and rookie. Yet to be named and who knows what? The actual Russell Turn into over the course of the seas and he's gonna another asset, maybe on the team, these get it he's gettin Turner timber was, you know, I'm glad you brought up Robinson, because this is a good example of what I was talking about with curry. I think
is really hard to miss years. When you had the pick your powers cause Robinson before he got hurt the tat the three years before the three full seasons he played for ninety four. Ninety five. Ninety six here. Age, twenty eight again eleven reboot it's a game and was soon fifty two percent me is one of the best. Seven guys in the leg nearly point six games in the ninety six, ninety seven season and then, after that, next three years was when his body started a breakdown and where- and he just moved to a different state of his career next three years he was nineteen, a game and ten rebounds is. Eighty percent is good, but wasn't the same night. That goes back to my point. I don't like losing guys in their prime for whatever reason, and I do think they could have a cow both the lot of the tanking that I think might have ended up happening anyway, without having curry break it. We have. No idea about. This break is
we don't know how it's gonna factors shooting going forward like yeah, I'm concerned about our important points. The are important points we know about. Ass severe is the injury When refilling, I do the pot, I don't step on it, but you know we did a little bit about just his career numbers right now and you know he's third all time in threes already, he has his two thousand five hundred and three Reggie Miller. Second, with two thousand five hundred and sixteen Ray Allen's. First with two thousand nine hundred and seventy three he's over sixteen thousand points, he has a chance to get the twenty five thousand points in four thousand made three. Which you think Michael Jordan will let him into the Hall of Fame. I think he behaved he's made forges him They play out threes like he's, he was and they become interesting from a historical step, point: a rarity was obviously a back to back and BP three titles all that stuff, but but I think,
every year you lose and come back to haunt you later and whether he is out three months for months. It'll get dicey do you want to bring back of your team seven and forty whenever I think would spend stunning about how bad the worries of Ben is they ve been down by thirty? I think in three of these games already late, they're not losing their getting their asses kicked immediately and they they really might be the worst team league. We thought your team, the wizards was going to be the worst team in the league. The wizards are fun, they're, fun lead past him, they went toe to toe with I could that you were watching us looking back back and forth that nationals in the south, the game, access watch no dot three at the same, but the wizards are fine and I think the worst time in the League Bell is a program indeed the warriors about to take it. Why I was gonna be clean. Women are Charlotte. I didn't think that the wizards we're gonna be the worse, because I think that their I bet the under on them on was a twenty seven. So, like twenty six games, they're gonna win
third, twenty, eight or twenty nine I'm going to lose. That bet because they have a group of young super hosting. This is all by reputation. I've watched eaten slightest eight thirty seconds of em, but early returns from my wits head pals, my almost bullet homes in Washington. They loved this team. They love the hustle, they love the youth, they love, Roy. They love how Timor already so at an annual Schofield. All this energy I've some have seen more wizards than you have- would yet understand. Oriented zones will get to hatch. More is good. I think there is, but there is bus stuff can thrown around with them after the draft and ethically, and that was a heads gradualist of that guy is the classic knows where to go out. The do guy Bryant has carried over. What he showed last year. Bradley bill is the top twenty top twenty two guy
the shock to me, though, last day I say autonomous he's, their sides. There is real signs, a wife here like the human eye. They beg you, ve, really good, yet yeah like legitimate, the nation He had a seventeen and last night, but he looks way more explosive. Benny did the last year sooner. Congratulations on that I actually think I've. I've now watched everybody in the league for at least a half, and I think this worse, they might be the worst Tina they want it's basically dream on its role, so who's all offence, and is you know now the fence a prayer, and then you know this, though there already banned up with their big eyes and then it's just a bunch of.
Forgettable dudes. I gets really bad, and this is a team that they will assess this and if they feel like there's just no hope whatsoever, and if there's going to be not back for tune up but they're going to tank it the other team. That's Was the kings that I also have no explanation for that? They look like David. I quit on loop, one. He just got there like its fifth game and they look like they were, They ve quit Unanswered, Alan's, weird, and then you know the calves. Love is love, looks like love again. I I I hard to believe they're, going to be the worst team in a league. They actually have a couple pressure basque welfare, so it is in place for the words this the ninety seven ah spurs thing I think is, is good call and you know: we ve seen this a couple times the Celtics amidst the eighty nine South X, which snuck in the play ass, but bird miss whole season and- and they were
But a kind of rally and not not have killed them. The ninety nine bulls, I think we're different example of Jordan leaves paper leaves Phil Jackson leaves and they were horrible, ass, a lock out season. So this can a variety of ways, but I think this would be the bad way. This worse thing I and woods crazy, is they have an incredible amount of media there. You know, because you have this The seven year run and you know you ve beggar place like the athletic. As for workers, it is like guess, you'd as we want to read about the warriors. Anyone still the same as that they went from being the most famous team Really we ve had in any sport the last six years to eighteen. Now that is completely irrelevant is gonna, be terrible, so
ass is switched, is crazy or maybe that's the that's. The Oakland put in a little curse autumn, like you know the going away present from Oakland as they move into this. You know gleaming spaceship up of a stadium that everybody loves, but you know there's there's a little bit of work, a class war vibe to the whole thing. Maybe this city awoke and put the stink I honour for the season when you say that jokingly, but you know who you're talking to here. You're talking to one of the all time, karma evil- I am half italian. I totally believin shit like this and it is crazy. They did show good right. Is there on the last legs of the good thing? The rank goes down Clay Thompson, that is a ceo Currie, now break, his hand in the new building they just after Three of those guys are bad, nothing really major happen to them in their careers and then all three,
then go down in the span of what. Fourteen warriors games. Yes camp. I love, I think, there's a nice take we're here, don't fuck with Oakland yeah or the re, maybe the rain, or should we that before they go to Vegas Baby, they should get insurance and other players. We know this is basically this. Is but my theory with neurons basketballs. You know I'd there, They knew what like an exorcism or something day there, it is barely a. There is bad. You do with the neurons basketball, something something off, another some weird chicken on there all right. The the other basketball thing that I wanted to mention is that very happy, very happy self esteem right now, and I don't know, if noticed but they're nice I'll come back. When I went today and came back, it was great chemistry crowd into it. Really like this.
Play everybody just really given that, given that there are at the same time, the net search is going down in flames, Indiana and then Kenny concern as occurred after where he basically says are often said: no movement, we ve kind of that it affects the way just like a pagan shit. I can't lie house, I really am. I really enjoyed this I to tell with that. They're probably is an opportunity to take a look at October, the thirtieth two thousand nineteen. I mean a lot two things happen on the sports calendar across a whole variety of sports. We ve gone sixteen minutes of of basketball, talk the NBA early in the season and have not breathe a word of a fifth fight between well and colleagues, the town yea some big boys with a big level, beef At its end, it's gone on and on the social media. Stop has been terrific Bob
the debate is thrown out. The key word likely ass, deep Tito towns that the I feel like colleague, Anthony TAT. I am not one to slap myself too hard on the back, but but I did in the over under podcast. Basically call him out call out the tea wolves. I took a vicious under. I called the under a lock employer they stick it right in my face. It's the best carlini towns. We ve, seen in his entire career and eddies, he's already turned to show version of himself that he's out there. Picking its which oil obeyed the best seller basketball. It was a really had the makings of a brawl like an old school, seven, but then they can adjust collapsed onto each other, but we didn't have one extra second, where they're just thrown haymakers the shock thing to me was Benson
kind of try to choke towns out. They can say they can say whatever they want about the whole peacemaker thing, but he was on top of towns with other people on top of him, so it sounds. There's no chance of getting out of it. Joking now, like TAT, they towns tab there. And such media's I ha ha. That's so funny this so hilarious. That task had that's like yeah, he does. He was getting choked death pipe and save it's like a Sure this is illegal. This is a way that, though, suspend somebody a game cause, you know they didn't like totally like there wavering foul, and this is like a joke. As kind of by Thou and where would you think of that. I mean you're, absolutely right. That's what the replay that I saw Showed he had him in the crooked billion that elbow spot right on our neither the the windpipe of eating it. Look like a joke out to me waiting highlighting as leverage is. All body was on top of him. There was was that it was not a piece
Baker every night. The actually thought the timber wolves were right to get upset. I thought I and II saying about. I was raised by lions. You, I M, not afraid cats are would ever said was all time low his reaction right after the fight. He was immediately like enjoying it if it was accusing professional wrestling idle we will have a band. I don't agree that a basketball player that is wired more like a Debbie Debbie wrestler than indeed you really they eat here. He is the right time for this moment in the NBA. He showed a lot of at last season. He is, he is enormously thoughtful. He's creative Eddie just has a real sense for the for the moment he's ready. We the league villain. He once said that that villain role well
thing I also enjoy Daisy goes down the total. Did you seek on Anthony towns Adam? Yet it has operated incredible so rich. I think this kid tat might get despite a dark for towns. Now, This is why this reminds me of I don't know like it a tv show, somebody has a dramatic incident and they go kind of dark. You know like in and while we are in any Edwards got beat up in the bathroom and now the sun is characters, walk round a god. Member that the idea, of course, there are other minorities like the. Why or that that back him get in his head parked in the bathroom wise taken. The leakage is been an irrational fear of mine basis. I saw that I never thought about that everybody in risk anywhere and at any time in a public bathroom, they're like once every twenty times, unlike some going to bump me from the back and I said,
my head, yeah, that's hands, it has grown. Dark is going through some crazy facial here, get, have alleged. Maybe the ito third- is still gonna score. Thirty points to get fifteen rebound well A united know early in the season, which means were hearing from the sun's fans about how great they are. We talked to me at that and he came back that that acknowledging it minutes It is three in one we get there about how towns he's finally make em away by that stuff, but all I can do is judge stuff like what prayers jumped up. Eleven for that like see, outcome has gone up a level the dead something that you will be there the whole season. He is what happened him over the summer. Whatever lessons to learn from quite a plan for apps he's got up will have on you, you can watch when you see it, you ought to sell tax. Heyward is much better than it was last year.
And their offence is much better than it was last year. Everybody's trying to drive to the rim constantly and chemistry is much better. So I think that by that like when I look at a seem like Phoenix at least At least they look competent now you gotta have a real point. Guard Baines is, surprisingly good and useful, for them they just kind of feel more, like a basketball team on that ruling out them being way better. We thought but but that the ones that the outcome has been the one that's jumped out to me, the most as jest and arrogance judge to already know wasn't get the other night, but just just looking for guys a global but the other thing that really jumped out to me is how bad Houston's defences We were talking about the offence in usage rate and how are they going to share the bottle that nobody seemed to have the wait? A second both of them.
Guys are pretty lousy on defense and now they're going to be two of the five guys in the court at all times, just might be a problem with early. Is it what made me, or maybe it's not a problem what's wrong with who gives a shit defense if you have a reasonable confidence that you were going to score more points than the team you're playing against every single night? If you feel pretty confident that you could score more than Duke What about the defense? It's a like! It's a real throwback strategy. I love it yeah, but you're going to be loving it all year, cuz they're, going to reenact the nineteen eighty four nuggets it looks like we had. We had fairly on air for it. We the Philly over. That's like and good for now, they're plus eleven we had the golden state in Indiana Anders also looking good, I vugui in cash in the goals that, under at this point, we have gone they'd and indeed, amidst the playoffs. Thirty two to one could be one of the great beds. Made in these one in three. I can't figure out who the eighth play off team in the east is
the problem concerning its Philly Toronto, Miami Celtics blocky, I think Atlanta and Orlando probably actually get in there and then that it eight spot is frankly when Charlotte Detroit Indiana washed in Brooklyn next Chicago, and it that way I mean I can get in unless the track- and I think the troika is kind of I mean brooklyn- might be able to write the ship but boy that you, the Cairo, what Cairo Irving does franchises the Kenya concerned He said it yesterday. You talked AIDS already happening like there's already, it's all stuff that I thought was could be happening in February, and it's happening in October were in Singapore. Can then, would you mind our pigs and talk about the nets? Allah islets hung about fan door.
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place a five hour men. I bet on the Indian Apis Pittsburgh game. You get a five hour bonus for every point, your pic scores, download the fender sports, but gap now or visit fanned or that calm slash sports book too today must be twenty more unpleasant physically present in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana. First wager only bonus issued insight credits- They credit expire, seven days after seat terms, apply minimum five. Our money lying wager MAX two hundred our bonus Ganley, prob one, eight hundred gambler or in Indiana call one eight hundred nine with it. I guess I'm just thrown these a you cause. I needed no homework. Is your team just won the world Series pretty good last week by the way, while broke even unfortunate, but are big bat one. But then I lost all the other little bet. So we we lost thirty five Last week, we down 505k for the season.
Now there was one week where we got scared and I'll bet under K. That weeks, I have an extra six hundred to apply to any weak. I want- and maybe this week us right with the key efforts minus one in Pittsburgh. Can we ride the court's again? Can we I'd them during you in theory, two thousand nineteen fresh off the nationals winning or world series without Bryce Brace Arbour do AEGIS climb the courts for you another week like Willie Shoemaker in its twin dance, shoemaker and just right, the courts in weak bad. We ve made so much money from them. The sheer do we do it again. I kick up up with reason, not to any be honest with you. I prefer the court on the road, the court's oh yeah, I'd I'd do as well. I am not a Mason raft guy. I asked
that they could have lost that my aim, a game, I think, he's shaky and I think the courts can get to him. I think the key Scott away with playing a bag game last week and winning and you look at that deviate way stuff with them Cosette We are now at the play with DV away where we have enough sample size and you gonna tell who were the outliers, the fight that India, now on the sixteenth DV away, their ninth offensively in twenty fifth defensively, which I thinks feels about right in their twenty of the special teams? Pittsburgh is twenty third offensively nights. Defence with twenty third special teams, but here Mention that I think the advance metrics are throwing people off the courts and you were getting free points. They should be favoured by three in this game, you did magic say it's actually pretty close gay and then you throw in three maybe three and a half points for Pittsburgh and home stuff, like that with the
have shown over and over again every single week is the ability to in the fourth quarter of the game is close. They take the game and they take it down and they went it And they have done that basically, every week feeling game they lost in suddenly. Was that one there down fourteen and they still crawled back and Anna almost bidding Cinema who their plan, but. When it was great or the raiders. So when its close, when it's a three ones, or a game. I just feel they proven over and over again that they can take it down and I think there are held they were an. And I just some not a Pittsburgh. We re, I just don't think you should have that much trouble with Miami at home on a Monday night. I'm sorry I they have not shown to me tat. There
even a five hundred team? I feel like getting three free points, as somebody who is not thought about above for four days. Does that sound ass, decent, you yeah sure of urban again haven't encountered yet a reason for us to not continued the call, gagging and and until demonstrated otherwise right. They ve earned the route the respect they learn, the benefit of the doubt. The cut the sailors have Three wins a shared: they bid Cincinnati, congratulations, they beat the chargers Congratulations and they and their come from behind winning it's the dolphins at again, congratulations so round with the court's second. Second, one. The raiders arms, it's too at home against the lions and there's some interesting stuff gone out with this raiders them again
NED Dv, they put the third artist schedule in the league, which I think. Kind of bears out where they they played Denver. They beat Amber the Casey lost Minnesota, they, Indy in India, which reaches mention the beach Chicago. In London by weak they lose them Green Bay in a game that they were in that game and then kind of screwed it up. But I thought that game was closer than four thousand two hundred and twenty four and then last week. Cease than they had their game. They really did they get there. Actually, I'm not sure how they Lhasa Game, count our watching their game and I wonder how they lost it. And then Watson makes the play where he gets created in the face. It's about the game winter. So three, for that the worst thing they played all years. Denver
they're in the subtle run now, where they had their home for deteriorate, their home for the chargers, who might be fauna, part completely, then their home for since ie, and then there at the jets, filling all for those games are winnable for them. There's the its conceivable that this team could be. Seventy four I like what they're doing offence violate their problem defensive ways they can't rest surpass passer, And then you look at the lions. The lions had a chance to you know legitimately be a plan damages botched it now There are three three and one in a tough conference, but their three Windsor. They beat the giants, they won in Philadelphia and they beat the chargers by three. I feel like the raiders can take care business against the lads. What are your thoughts?
son that yeah I like that allowed the most surprising a top three surprising thing for me in this two thousand and nineteen NFL season- is the rehabilitation and reduced of their car. Yet we made a lot of fun of John Bruton and he certainly deserves a lot of the big, the comic relief we ve directed at him, but coming up with an end. If this is. Are probably why works. He's basically has an early eighties West Coast offence that he's risk we recreated yet air car at an it out there crazy efficient. You know because he throws the ball forty,
now the field so and edit it get keep guy that they are able to keep teams honest. Because of how good Jacobs is an n. You know he's right there for it, for you no potential offered rookie of the year with good reason. I mean he is the real deal, so I gotta give a little credit to Johnny. And I just like the idea of the raiders. Finally back home after five weeks, on the road yet going on a little run. It starts with this week. I'm with you on this. We I must feel like this is not just this week for going around them. I'm with you. I owe jungle, an apology. I think he's been really good this year. I think he's completely, Debilitated car car is probably been the third best quarterback in the sea is basing its itself can believe that he was just because he's not out. There are costing them games, he's an easy game manager he's like the ultimate gay men
all of a sudden Kyle. Would you rather have their carrots abraded already told you that five I'd, so I think, lots in an Lamar Jackson, embedded better than him Brady Issues but legacy why better than I and my was better than them, but got hurt so in kind of the forest bottom Thelma homes comes back by that? Not only do you say you do these, they Aaron Rodgers, dont, agony of sea. Ah, And then- and I think some of their plays are pretty good- I can't believe of back. It grew did after fifteen years, With them, is their defence stinks? but I had a lot of that Lions Giants game last week. The light have no running backs, they were nice. You can you name the lines running backs up just give their last dams, Carson, Johnson, Perkins MC. That's that go in.
When they had twenty vicarious for fifty nine yards. It's a new are giants, every one of them in their first name is bill. Yeah bill artistic bill raiders, not a great defence, but I'm not sure it can. Matters on is as long as they can just keep Stafford from thirty four forge a guard. Next one I want to mention. I don't know if I want to do anything with this. Its Jacksonville plus one against Houston in London I actually like the wage acts adopted last week and I think you know they're playing the jets. Obviously But I think men shoe has certain son in their defence the last couple weeks there Norway and sincerity in that the jets, obviously, but the way before they went against the Saint Zella, give up thirteen points. They seem their Hitler Stride a little bit. I just Houston Watts
Now they Houston's gonna passed. The point: near where they have too many injuries. They not top that your final London, at the linen game, one of the two teams always sucks right. One team jested didn't even get on the plane in there just playing the game. Zombies,
and I in Jackson Logos there every year and has like a feel for what it's like they're. So talk me out of this cause. I don't really totally wanna. Take actual I'm not gonna talk you out of it the other the reason to be concerned. The reason for caution is just one man. His name is the shot and yeah. You know he has been the one man Savior for this used in team, every single when they have the seas and all other competitive play boils down to him. Now it is true. J J White was having a pretty damn good season. He was being devotee more than any other Lyman, I think in in all of football, and so with with that double team, not on the table any longer, plus the jaguars. I think of
I'm in stating that they have a pretty excellent defence plus, for whatever reason are, how are the jaguars the bubble, London team? How did that happened without bulkhead idea? The owner has some London tat. Susie played its part, listen this than the JAG Stevie away. Eleventh hour fence, fourteenth defence tent special teams, there Levin over our Houston's thirteenth? I am sitting to shine. Fear of just going against the shine swung the sign like six points, and I mean I bet that sound right. I feel like Jack solution the favoured by three in this game. You know that I, like gravitating, tore it up points. I just want to mention quickly your boys, the Redskins they ve sword. Thirty, six points total in the last five games. Meanwhile, Buffalo has been seventeen or under inform their last seven, their offensive turrible washed and twenty I can give you a buffers twenty fifth and Debbie away.
Buffalo seems like just a complete for I I that they're gonna win last week. It gives egos they had the lead and they were just awful leg: aid the it was one of the things by Third, could you go, and God was I think, in this themes, terrible there five into they put the our schedule and the wig and their laying ten. It feels like this. Could keep this close. I don't know if I want to bet on it, but I'm not sure there's a difference between those two teams I can't have. I can. I know you can't speak rationally about about the the dumb desk is, I will say they did Last week I had the honour of events is an awful here. I agree that the event is enough. That's that's the compliment. I'm willing to give the defences it off season with Wash Redskins last one, the patriots are Madison, Buffalo Baltimore and say
given that we haven't been allowed on the pass issue. In fact, I don't think we'd better and more than once I'll give you the case for the past Natur. If Baltimore is the good bad. Then I know they're the wine in Seattle. We were impressed quietly when classy went down when good job by them they paid to really get teams cause Seattle. I had a lot of trouble pudding where lay last week. Seattle may just not be that good day, last night, I that's my view. They lost the Kansas City, Cleveland and back to back weeks. They give up forty points to Friday, soup kitchens. It took them over time to beat Pittsburgh in who the fact that quarterback backwards, where was I can name that their Hodges. They beat simply write debate since he by six
these are very low. Sixteen year they barely be them and then impressive shadow in my thing with them, as s valid check the twenty years of the guide, this He loves nothing more than a team that says we're doing this in Baltimore as a team that goes where do in this imbalance check it coach that says now I say: you're not gonna do that you're gonna have to do something else, we're in and take this away, and I won.
Can't Baltimore do that if they can only do this to make sense, I do I I it does make sense. I understand exactly what you're saying any answer to that proposition could be Lamar. Lamar might be a pivot guy. This is this. Is the year some of the analysis after the jets game, where the the relentless confusion that the patriots are able to muster because of Bela checks, you know acute understanding of what a young quarterback might be thinking in terms of of the defensive fronts that he's observing. That will be the challenge for four Lamar will Lamar be seeing goes now. He has the physical ability to perhaps run away from those goals.
That's really what we're talking about the third. The problem I have with the patch the reason tat, the break with the past. Is that often of line eyes, air win still out Shack Mason might be gone again. I got a great adventure, Mohammed Zanu an end. Is he yelled immediately one ay in terms of receiver talent to join element? he needed. You need a little bit about us about a thread, another sort of possession receiver that might be able to stretch things a bit. I mean, I don't think my mom Mohammed Vi News not stretch into field any longer he has made his career its Mohammed in his senior combine his name the man, is, earned the right to put seen around his jersey. I left out their team. The giants are got in
are playing home on Monday night against hours than the line is seven. I think the giants are awful. I did their defences awful, I think Danny Dimes is getting the shit kicked out of him. And I think Dallas. This is a team that beats. You know they ve. Did they very had their game where they fell asleep against issued in your team? Is that there really odyssey loosed about New York Times so parlay that would basically anybody and its plus one forty seven. If you do that, our money line with whatever seated how is moneylion plus pass three both have to win its plus one hundred and forty seven. What do you think of that? That's pretty good! I like that. I like it note that kind of return on the investment all right. So let's do this We're going we're going back on our on our courts. We're gonna go seven hundred k and the courts this week.
This. Why Pittsburgh yeah yeah? You know I had a respect. That's why I love it. I love it's respect and it's a thank you for a wonderful two months. Every I love Jacobus per Se as much as I love a patriot child, I already mostly coming to grips with. She could be going to pass in the irish sea. Title gained power Unifil about it. Kyle already going the gambler emotions. When we pledge image in the Superbowl you noticed recorder backs and like twenty two altogether yeah, we love others. Gas does our guys are guys house when when will we be, she called me Navy title Game long hug for that guy really, appreciate and respected how he carried the day. She's traditional run in Annapolis. Seventy, the candy and I am going to do.
Few hundred fifty k, each pats minus three with Dallas money line plus one forty seven. And then raiders minus two with Dallas money line, plus one forty seven? So if we win both We want both of those we win. Almost like seven hundred and forty five k and then I, like you, be seven hundred and we could be at what we could be it almost one and a half million for this week, I'll I'll Yet when we prepare menu that just has three blockbuster items on it like why we fuck around with it help us why we haven't ass plates online, tries to switch gear. We're having me we're having made this week us. Are we really going to lose a million dollar picture? In the same week, you team won the world series. You came on the Fucking World Series, I,
I don't know what to do with myself. I really doubt of I'm so exhausted. You know idle. I hate to do the old guy radio thing, but, like you understand it's been at one in the morning or later, every night for YA seven of the past eight nights. Do you know I like it at our our advanced age? Postman's, father feels tat. I am but tents not just like half asleep on the couch No life experience nervous, but this thing is the reason that is past one I am is not that the games go out late. Although the games go to mother, effing lay like see firstly, baseball dad. You learn by us to turn to two to participate in your product. It is with a point you are making, which is, even if the game ends at at midnight. I'm sorry
wired, there's no way. I'm going to sleep idea watch at least to sports centres to calm the f down. I have to watch Neil ever it is the guy myself. You know back back to equilibrium that ie. I think I have some people to. Thank Was started by server for leaving and actively you in theory the best he went there in a while it's always days when the unitary comes back hard strong. I thank you their J J hedge. For now having call up at all and then just a happy realizing greatly needed come out, and I I just assumed it was going to be grand key for five or six innings, then call the rest of the way that was it and you're going to have to go through those two guys doing the World Series Cold, as in pitch, never see him no sign a call some of the big girl dice yeah, he warmed twice he had. He wanted them for a cleaning. The eating one have come in the middle of an ending
in so doing. What are you explain that to me? Have others tell me why you're allowed to nationals fan? Who did you not at the come in for drinking keeping. Me name. What was your last? Who is your number pitcher legacy? It's! It's a war name list. Its gets its co, its Gary CALL autocracy Gary CALL murderers, mass murderer, unbelievable Can you believe I just couldn't believe it? I didn't it? How can you who's gonna hit homer but eight, especially if the Dodger game that he was one of those. I think every world series team needs like a Howie, Kendrick type guy, where there's no rhyme or reason to it. But when he's up you feel weird, the car and you had to feel weird they confident when he was up and that's by right. You know those are. The answer is a ten thousand percent, yes and I felt even better than he had
done anything earlier in the game, the reanimate bats. There were let leverage e kind of at bats where he could have you no gotten a rally, go under continued rally and he didn't do it, so he felt a very, very, very do the thing that I'll love. There are myriad things. I love about this washing nationals team, but I especially love that it's the oldest team, baseball and the adage of euro getting some some old, wise and vets guys in their MID thirty's, guys, like Ryan Zimmermann, guys like how he Kendrick Struble correira, stick it on whatever number team. The nets are those guys matter, Adam eaten. And the young guy having the old. Eyes around that's helpful. Those guys have been through some stuff. They can respond to that that level of of pressure and they create a safe space for the kids for Rob, lace and soda
to just go out their rank. Lay like they did. They don't give a fuck and eight they'd absolutely play that way throughout the entire play off it set the table for them too, and will in this is Tom Boswell. They they pulled off the greatest policies and upset run in the history of baseball and the beat the evidence is, is manifest Just you go start with Milwaukee they. When that that the euro and elimination game there, they win game, five against the daughters, and then you know that, though the cardinals weren't competitive, but this game, seven against Houston, all the elimination games that the nets face and all
the comebacks it they had were the seventh thinning or later a kind of maturity, an institutional maturity, a competence, bread by a group of guys who were all acted like they ve been there before. It was just like such a remarkable thing to say I can believe it. It's the best kind of baseball team that, though the badass team that transcends the stats and when you're down two of three to four to whatever in the last three innings you feel like you can come back. I like those things, the bus, the tooth. Thirdly, we had sacks website that you go and look at the stats that they had no plans say it makes no sense that how the fuck it I have affected this theme.
World series and your team was, I bet you never had a team like that in my entire life. Like the only analogy to do this, we I mean that the the cat willing Stanley CUP was awesome and they were just an undeniable force through those Stanley CUP Playoffs, but this now that's team with their characters in the identity. They harking back to the Redskins of the eighties yeah skins of AIDS. There. Those are redskins I'll call him by their proper Dame nineteen. Eighty three John Reagan's nineteen. Eighty seven mark rapid, like those teams of Eliza was no. Ninety was ribbon. Ninety one, was dynamism and seven was it was dug Williams, yet that, like those teams had
character? They had a camaraderie. You had the hogs from that era, Joe Thighs, been in in eighty three, like, though those teams were all teams that that had not just you know the talent, but they showed something about themselves that made them lovable to the city and that we do this. The city of Washington loves these Washington Nationals YE. I wouldn't be surprised if a hundred fifty two hundred thousand people depends on the weather. Come out for the parade on Saturday to show is like that. The baby shark thing Stephen in getting hugged and rocked our Kendrick and an atom eaten given in the dugout body when it, whenever one of them hits home, run and doing the race car thing. You know a bunch, Guph balls. You had this with that Boston team from two thou for what were they? What was there they're here that we think he had added a right. The area Conaway me like that.
Will you ass? I had her. You had the Strasbourg thing. He's was fight was five and in the place he was right. He would five own way off. Yes, that was unresented. There was another. Boy you think I'd vernal hinder. I feel It does kind of matter the overlanders O insects, the odds, staffer him its eye glass does Windsor losses, don't matter like where the matter a little, because they do. You know I was learning in Strasbourg that I think it was that losing yet so rank the right. The gnats right now, who are the biggest winners, is in Strasbourg. One. No rend owns one big renders why I think they you better go, get the brings truck and a better had, but have fun hundred million it I mean whatever the may much Otto deal. Was he these twenty percent more valuable than many Machado? I would say I mean maybe
the little irrational right now, I'm not sure I don't know the standards would agree, but I give him four hundred million new cares. What what he wants, give them. Every dollar he's deserved it, who, whose cooler than that guy they showed on on screen last night, his at bats from the seventh getting on in the most recent games- and it was so unbelievable at small site- is- is that right, is that correct is that our are those rights that it was like. You know, double army. I walk Homer. I like this. A string of the most impact will plays at the most impact for moments. And owns one, that's all. I got a really quick guide. I want to be my ass ladys in this. It was very big poppy. Ask it. Was the way it was absolutely it was a similar to a puppy was like in o four. Where are just when he came up in a big spies, is felt like something great was gonna happen and there
then sourdough say bang, like you know, when you think about his age and stuff, I felt like he was I always thought he was gonna, come through those like surprising when he didn't. You know why I'm glad you here mention Poppea was one of the great joys watching these play off was after the games, when Soto and Random played well poppy clearly took so much enjoyment in this Washington team. It felt like you Yang for Washington I've just felt like you, he was on my side the whole way through he, whatever affinity that might come from you know the style of player with or just the sheer Hootspa there's at all of that, the what's the spanish word for balls. Why am I I am an end of coffee, Kahane, drunk Cod is the car puppy love God, I swear. You realize that added spades. We also left the karma? The idiot asteroids assistant, Gm Mouser, Hell out the the karma of the Idiot Asters GMT
And that whole thing that happened at I gotta say I believe in this I really find out like. I think the asteroids are way better, but the whole karma thing of this I do feel like its can be a factor. Now you hate the Red Sox in Boston teams did this steam remind you of those big poppy red Sox kind of that weird thing that starts happening with things like this. You see I'm just Boston censure. I can. I guess I can see. Why in comparison. You know I hate DC sports teams. I know he's on their own merits. A Baltimore fan, though I did find myself rooting for the gnats building. I really did yeah. I really did her eye one of them too. It is a cause. You love us its cause. I log house now that's the primary reason. The secondary reason is that my dad told me that my grandfather, who we lost a couple years ago, always loved me.
Sure, sir, and rooted for him as he mistaken. We thought he was jewish origin of ours. Is the Erika had never known before just search arming that have made my heart fill with joy, retirement shares or passion? I already love shares are and then, as you just alluded to, the Ashraf are incredible baseball team, but the deed. The stories around that team, all of the stuff with branded Tom and the assistant, GM and everything that happened there and has happened, or on that last couple, there's just pretty hard to get behind them. We we gotta take a quick breakin than I have one question then how she can go on pay. According the FBI, burglary happens an average of once every twenty three seconds in the? U S, and yet one in five home says I'm security, maybe because most companies really will make it easy. That's why simply savers top choice? Hands down? They protect
or window in room with twenty four some fresh tomorrow for just fifteen hours, might no contracted in fees or fine print and was simply saves video verification technology which lets them visually, confirm it or break in his hand, Please get to the same three and a half times faster than with other home security companies. Just for me listeners, their as a huge you're gonna, run out good, a submissive that calm such bs get a free, HD scared, a camera. When you order to one hundred our value of eyes on on twenty four seven, a video evidence of someone tries to get em, get your free, HD scared, a camera now at simply saved outcome. Slash bs submissive two eyes simply saved outcome, Slash B S so about yeah. How sad is first World series game? Seven last night K Congrats, he ordered-
Oh, my God, a hundred and twenty dollars of chinese food was that for yourself ass, my goodness, while it was it was proud. I will say it this way. I ordered everything that I know that I would eat, and then it was available to me to my family as well, which is really just my wife and my mother laws is visiting with us, but I knew that they would just pack at a couple things so that the correct it Sir the true answers, yes that was offer make and that it will you eating during the game like worse, but yeah, so the greatest your little, this Sounds like you might have been a top your life. Well, it I got married. Yes, that was the top three nights me. How can you There's bore the day that the other day my eye was born, that's top three and then you know
just imagine the birth of the european ship. That's it it there's only one first, so is it up there for sure can I give it a high will mark? Can I do your top three, I think. So three is number one: scales. Seven is too, the Sunbeam Board three, give the marriage for I'm trying. What does that? What about when you nice us liver together in eighteen? Ninety, three that target and studies How can you bring like everyone to see sliver reassurance down just like an erotic further, but has backed any just went to see whatever movie formative moment in your friendly, like is it's gonna, be weird were like now that it out, we just made jokes thought them. I mean that was a different era. That was yes, I probably shouldn't say this, but like there was Sunday night Mass at Holy Cross, and then there was a group of us who had Sunday night porn,
the cross, but we believe that these two get cut. If you follow implored, I haven't you follow on questions. We had started poor. You remember this Thou art HIV around it did you are. I raise kicked off cape what about fired, what dangers? Allergy man in a room where you have seen the Monday through Saturday, but there was only one night and the weak where everybody would come together into a single place to it too in enjoy the swinging. Everybody would come glad I am that later and who is whereby, like this in one year and improved mailbox, we dared in Irish Catholic Campus thirty degree whence he had to make the time robot has It's never hear now now it so it's dead.
Sad or selling. The Redskins is a new number and sports dream wow. I I will here's the thing. I didn't dare to dream that this wash national team could could win the World Series, Daniel Snyder, somehow losing control of the dead skins. That's my next! dare to dream. I'm I'm I'm I'm their reconfigure this out. What I would we're all together next week, in LOS Angeles yea common next week, has Congratulations we'll see next week, Mallory has an extra long, twenty four second hub for you. I can't wait to see, I enjoy the parade. I promise not to think about and I porn during. The Haug has, Don't forget the by as much world series. Memorabilia is possible
I am I'm a lot and I have every website open right now lies without ought already to safeguard, not for I'm gettin everything here you got eggs body. Just your son, like he's a mannequin in an online Sturgis cover him in that sphere, where we're we're doing that for the parade, we're gonna. Do it right back eyes? I ass. I had now miss last week, because she was travelling back east. Indeed, we I freely I had in in your place, I David Chang, wonderful, frustrated, Redskins, fin tough tough day for their heads Instead, I see you do your most intriguing and which is get it out of the way there is a low bar Jackson, Harry Potter, clip on you to bear. Like it will certainly be aid for you he's talking about works. Well, he isn't argue about the banks are the minor movies, so he dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween, a moment. Her of that there, if you watch
one of the one of the cliffs at the Ravens twitter feed. Put out there is a shot of Lamar dressed up in his girlfriend or fineness in there and its its very special, so I had a whole a whole flew over emotional responses to this? Dare I say spiritual responses? you, know on one hand one of the foremost important things etc, but to me Lamar, Harry Potter, were both for the entire area should have a coming together. More my favorite player, Harry Potter, my favorite story of all time and hearing Lamar talk about Harry Potter was a real, a real gift, real gift to me. Then, as you get a little deeper into the video nor reporter says, are you Harry Potter fan, and he says why wouldn't say that then there are, it hurts a little bit. It still very charming. It's very sweet. He basically goes on to reveal that you know he falls asleep when he watches the movies Gazelle along, and I find myself thinking could gather binge road if he thinks those movies are long,
but I got introduce until I got a try. You know. Maybe if he embraces the books, the source material, a fall in love with the story. The way, So many of us have bill it's a great moment. Will you then get me so now, Lamar's really next on the list who says I couldn't get you first of all, haven't given up on you and I never Ben Seventh got it. I got it all your son you're, they are boys now Harry Potter, fan and that's the real way. I've infiltrated your life. Right there is true. He asked us through the binge road who loves Dhabi. He loves haggard. This is It is still the year were taken this and all the while he was almost born and hollow in your favorite. Eighty are here. I am slowly ways to go to the Myers House in irons over by sunset there you just put the mascot you animal. What are you dressing? A best, I'm dressing up as Why is going to be heading out? One thousand five hundred pieces of candy tonight, as my neighborhood descends on our house nowadays boasted shaken when he got plenty go about wanting.
Five, the one or one survive: let's go five, who want to build up to what we both know is number one which is ribbons. That's ok, listen, number, five It's gonna be our last chance for a while I mean maybe we'll get some award season talk in maybe we'll get some free agency talking, but last chance for, while probably to talk about baseball, real serious ended last night. Washington nationals are worlds, audience. I watched a lot of the world's ears. It will They proud of my survey. I watched a lot available for aims at it now wants alone. World Series I really I enjoyed the gnats team and cause a house really was really reform, but actually really enjoyed a lot of the nets and I didn't want the asterisk went after the thing yeah. I know I like overwork do, but I was just like fact that franchise retail gave me a villain, meaning a lotta people felt that way. So what's the future for the Gnat, that's what I thought would be, Kind of one to talk about today will render one's gonna make a ton of money right. Well he's you know he,
I mean that those two teams with rend on and run down and Strasbourg if he chooses stopped out. I assume he well given the finances of the next fears of steel and then obviously got a call on the ash rose to crown jewels of the strangest class, we're all playing its role. This has been one brought about fraud, the ringer heading into the world series, and then you today we had peace from Michael Bouwman, about what the future of this nasty May is and how, on the one hand it seems you know you have all of these great young stars. You look at obviously Soto Chief among them rob lace, when we look at our gotta meet shores are still sign. Corbett has to be said
better. But then, if you look at random, may believing Shottsford, maybe leaving the fact that it was the oldest teams in a league this year. Was this actually the end the window instead of the beginning of a kind of interesting to think about, and they ve been able to sustain a remarkable degree of success he now finishing, first or second, and the division since two thousand twelve consistently competitive and in it threat that fresh ourselves? This reputation is kind of being a joke because of how they played for the first time years after relocating from Montreal, but they ve been consistently competitive and the learners have really been in. This is pieces. Crammer for us today really been emblematic of how to spend not only forcefully but sustainably. You know it's not always just not making the splash again. Of course, one of the false narratives set and around the team is well. They let Harper go, but then they reallocated that money they spent elsewhere was there. So if they tried to pass on to you didn't take it while there were they.
I'm a pretty. Have the offer one point three hundred mail, but a lot of it was in the deferred money which has worked for them and other deal. You should work for that, guy's wasn't even unproven commodity. I don't feel like bright Harper Wasn, Britain commodities like he was approved by the major harbour you MIKE Trout, nobody just like he wasn't. He was coming I think that the greatest year there's enough, greater insult for me. You, then you saying He wasn't as good as might try to you consistently city was in his consistently reliable as my child. Do you feel like you us now, of course, not I don't think he was a sure thing for three hundred million to make a lot of money. I think it's all about what the finances of the game are at a given moment in time and that, of course, the the comp for Wyatt Anthony Rangoon may be getting its high Eddie out from a child. You it's the aeronautical deal here, but it goes deeper than that cause Woodhouse just talked about in the part which you heard the tell em, but like this nasty as at the most popular
their vat in DC in thirty years, can maintain, ran down as a big poppy like they can't lose him. They ve been himself an extra hundred billion, probably. It would be he's not walking away from that. Well, hold be unusual, he'll walk to wherever the best deal is- and I say nothing about respect for that decision. The questions will they be able to be the team offering into him think that they have shown her, so I would hope so to evade jack tickets. Admixture go into any words. Is the ride. The popularity of the team also what, if the money a baseball comes from the the Rev sharing in the nationals in Orioles, obviously have a very complicated and specific rapture arrangement, but the regional support networks, the money coming in from that. Every human being for can spare you know this better than any one. This is one of the things about the Red Sox right now right if they choose not to spend if they choose to get rid of Muky, or maybe I hate him,
you never do any number of other costs even moves it's strictly because they want to not because they have to, and we ve seen this with the big spenders and baseball in recent years. The EU aims king over the tax base, not to do you wanna, be on my five hour? I can't believe they fucked up this murky bets. Think I guess I am. I gonna do What are you gonna be in when, unlike the most waken angry or like our four five, when I'm tired and throwing bombs. I want you in your on the back swing view put our money where our form the fatigue here and you you'll, like all refrains off yeah reckless. That's what's gonna happen. That's when I want to commend that's what I want to come. That one year managing the pack ass the same way that book I sacks or managing the rostrum. Oh my god, I will well said that for another tat, the men down, I think you stay, I think so too. I hope so. I think phosphorus and we really interesting
really and truly opting out, as has the very from somebody Might the Yankees have been pretty clear that they are not going to spend a tunnel Marianna started and it seems like the fucking angels yet again a year, the just one more time, the franchise that just cannot seem to us to entice anybody to think their interesting ever well. Guerre cause an interesting one with anyone costume because he's a West Coast guy and I think, there's a real belief that he may be wants to be on the West Coast that sad, the team other than the Yankees. That he's been most heavily linked to us, the Phillies. You know the Phillies not afraid to span, another frontline pitcher. They could go after nine whole, but they could go after Strasbourg to buy one quota leave the extras. I think that made think that what we saw last night indicates that that's pretty
that really heard the American? Then he wore a Boris, Corp hat after the game and said that he was no longer an employee of the team and would speak as a representative of himself. I dont get divide that he's gonna resign there. What's do forty seconds on this desire to get my take ass, I was stunned that their entire game plan was in cranky for five six. However, whatever earnings Nicole comes in and pitches, the rest is nonsense was: where was the nerd based on our community and now, and so we have this- please disbelief yeah. Yes, I think so away and not only in a vacuum, just assessing the decisions within game seven and how the series was unfolding, but by through the Asia Hinge wines and in particular, because he is a really forward. Thinking advanced, analytically, incline manager, who usually makes the right decision. He usually makes a decision that leads to the peace like this is what other manager should be modeling their behave, not their behavior, but there
the tactics off- and you know what the Bouwman road peace on this rush last night right after the game, you hood your way into rationalizing the cranky Harris thing You called because it was fast, is granted went from his Indian into of sudden. Whether he asked out were Hinshaw. Something he didn't like yeah, I mean the thing is like I: how I personally don't feel that it was a defensible disease, I just I don't either action about, but have a baseball community felt about it. You know, I think, he's sitting around eighty pitches there had looked basically on Hit'Ll until giving up
one run in a walk. I seem panicky recital I dont get it and also Harris had pitch the lad had ass, yet every failure like their part of it if the logic for pulling rank. He is like a third time through the order, exposure argument or of fatigue argument in both those thing supplied Harris too. So I think that at all, but not going to cause it is just indefensible me he's been the biggest Hydra baseball is gonna, be famously indefensible. I think there's a chance here, especially because hinge said that he was planning to use them if they were winning. This is one of the things like he's. Ok, I can't believe they didn't go greatly. Call I just assume that was once they to nothing. I was watching on the net. We come back, but may I ask after this is like brood. It was setting up perfectly for the Ashraf perfectly to be able to use their absolute best player and end the best again, the best bitter baseball the season, and it didn't happen like there's no game eight.
You know I don't know accurately flash back to the one they laugh. I mean obstinately to talk about that. Some, that's one! Buckshot water lost me forever. As you know, I'll never I'll never be able to talk. I hope back those we'll take a quick break, then we're doing the rest of US chicken turn your dream into a reality with Squarespace to make it easier than ever to launch your passion project with you're. Looking to start a new business showcase, your work, published content, sell products and more squarespace the tool for you, beautiful templates created by world class designers, and they build a customized. Just about anything. With a few clicks, you can easily make a beautiful website yourself with their power. E commerce functionality which lead you sell em. Anything on mine, analytics, thou, be gray saint, real time. Everything aftermath
for mobile rather backs nothing patch up great ever find demands is simple. You get the help you need with square spaces. Twenty four seven award winning customer support squares base empowers millions of people from designers, floors, artist, gamers, even restaurants and gems, to turn great ideas into something real had to say where space dotcom such B S for a free trial and when you re launch use of good bs to save ten per cent of first purchase a website or domain square space. Dotcom such Bs Africa be ass number for you, a bad, and I fell slate. Sometimes these NFL slates end up being fond. The ones that you don't expect slighted, don't have a lot of high profile, mash up space. I want to turn the jumped out to me this week so of the. I've only three of our items, this weaker football, but here's one of undertakings at chiefs. Teams that at this moment in the season those those dog
in the middle of the NFL season? Earth is fastening point whether trajectories are going completely opposite directions are happening. There may happen to be meeting in the middle of that, and I like moments like that or you can look at where a path is going and went across somebody else, heading in the opposite direction. So, on the one side Minnesota the first couple weeks, the season, the Vikings for one of the primary punching bags, looking like they were heading for a law season like the cousins contract, was going to be held up as one of the all time debacle in football. History here he's just named FC off a supplier of the month and don't count turn himself in doing a stealth envied p candidate in his last few games. He was wide receiver trade demand fodder a month ago and now he's oh, if they warrant in the Packers division, they'd, be it in the running for potentially that
a top seed in the play off then shocking. A watch him hit guys forty yards than the field and stride that keys Kurt Warner and internet in the accuracy juicy edges, flipped the completion percentage, the confidence that he's throwing with and when you now go back and reassess things like steel ends, comments is, but that's another thing out into the game is sounds like the UN's hamstring as healthy, so get the whole orphans out. Their fields are basically earlier. This is what we get, which has got to be able to throw the ball at some point. How much of that was the cousins was playing well and how much it was that the often just was not was not not now not just clicking but was not operating without functioning, and now there is, we can see what all of these players are capable of doing together. On the other side, you have the chiefs, who looked other than the patriots like the best human football for the first few weeks of the season
now ass through the last four. Obviously Papa homes is injured, had the ankle injuries earlier in the year dislocated kneecap. Now I look at it not from the chiefs are in trouble perspective. What kind of the opposite? The chiefs earn a shitty division in their fine, and it's just about whether they have the patients not to panic and Russia homes you don't even have actually play off teams either How can you be sounded? The? Can you find six point? Five years, five, their camp? we voted, so does the one they can't fuck around every week. Exactly might take eleven winds of city total it
conceivable but do Andy Red and the chiefs have that clarity, because even last week, heading into the Packers game for the best example of a just like concede defeat and be smart impatient here, heading into it scenario that you could imagine you're. So all these reports until a final minute, basically them homes. My play this week he's practicing now is a limited participant, but is practising. Why? Who is this for what? What is this for? Just sit him and let him get completely healthy, you're going to win the division and make the play off, bring him back healthy at full shrank, not as a hobbled mess because rushed like I don't wanna go full Durrant here, but it feels like its there's a risk. If things go a certain waited, it could have that kind of potential, and I just really hope that their there their wise point. So I still like their team. I've fucked could beat Minnesota back put her, I mean it any little many skill guys like bearing printed Pringle D.
Play last week, and he did he take, will be paying for the Patriots any like the receiver. Anybody in and Andy Red Office can produce the anybody. Emmy Mamore looks completely serviceable. There's no reason that he can continue to Kevin work on that rigour. Nfl show a few weeks ago. This was before the homes me cap dislocation. This was when he was dealing with the ankle Kevin before the new cap said just sit him, let him he'll and then subsequently that Muslims got badly heart. So this has been. This has been building this kind of conversation, but it seems like keys. Not really own the staring where that, while the season, while the general sense of watching their games yeah, I'm now action came the sheer gone you know can sometimes regardless of what it has in the past, and the regular season
However one shady game every year. For the most part, that's a team that use a little ahead. Everybody else, I'm not seeing that the share from them, even the Baltimore game. I thought you could beat them out. I mean yeah the Ravens target, deafening coachman. I came yeah. That was the rain. Are the analytical team. We ve been waiting for a game. You now the thing the charitable read here with reading them home situation would be it's it's a in essence, version of gamesmanship, where you want to keep the defence gassing every week that he actually has no enter. Of playing the homes and those who know the way for him to be healthy, but he just wants to wants to have the Vikings to force them to prepare for two different quarterback scenarios, which ok, fine, but that I fully support that. What's number three number: three: where all.
I'm a little, I'm a little nervous to see how Kyle response to this. I'm sorry in advance take a deep breath where will Josh Gordon Land now that he's no longer a patriot, reportedly officially today. Released on waivers he had been, and I are the knee where's you gonna go wears an oil fields. Cowboys fish cowboys are instead, I would throw out eagles eagles cause. I don't like eagles receivers at all see hawks, I think back ass good. They were MECCA. I like MECCA Mcafee, Lava defensive and playing wider seeber, who oh yeah he's around is basically my favorite thing in the world he's a head for he is, he really is a proper means amounts in iranian soon, I think he's uniting the dairy, Bibbers Baldwin I would like the eagles for just the problem with Josh's that
This is what I was worried about last year. We grew to love him, but we said it last year he's ten as you, it's almost not to have him than to have him. Because when you have him it's Oh man, this guy in your mind, starts racism. Possible scenario in the bottom line. Is she just cannot say consistent these he's got a lot of time issues and getting to beatings and measures that a I, unfortunately, I'm really really for him. I think a lot of people are going to Hamley. He chapter how to quote from today be said: he quote: he's hoping to land in a good supportive situation. You know, given all of his All his addiction issues over the year, I think it's just a day-
issues, I think he's just not professional or did you just doesn't show for meetings? Oh, I think that those things, sir, are linked and then he's had a lot of shuttles in his life, and hopefully you can end up in a with a team that is willing to give him a chance, and that has the kind of cold where he is a moment. I think you know Jordan supporters in that to use in that situation, though I think at some point, if you just can't follow. The basic rules of being out of fifty three men, football team which he absent couldn't in New England, is a really needed him and they let him go anyway. It's not gonna happen. Did they need but also then you get to the point. That's what she's kind of gross about this is that you get to the point where it's o the means, the belgian courts. We can carry ten receivers training for sue. Bulgaria is becoming all new cars, a garden Harry's coming off. I are right here, Who knows, though, you may rely on him. I mean it's a high drafted. Going to want to. I just see, yield. I think when you have football team,
Everybody's got me in the same page in its there's always been. Military aspect of football re words like we're all were outlined, know the rules the same for everybody all that stuff and when somebody can't fall in line like that, somebody, like Belichick, looks of that and goes got to cut the cord. It's just that. It's not If our culture to have this one person that we are constantly having to chase, I understand institutionally Indiana foul why that is somewhere between difficult an impossible. I get that. I just think that Josh Gordon is such comparable talent that still not ready to give up on the referendum on him soon and put it all together one more time- and I think it would be a really wonderful story- I'm waiting for him- I hope you land somewhere, where you where he gets one more chance, maybe
Maybe they made the Niners would be another team. You know they obviously acquire couple past catchers, but I still think that I still think that they could be. They could be appearing there. Some oakland grumbling daddy. I thought of as there the OECD, HAWK Sir Fillies is best chance because I think he'd actually play for them. I think they need somebody like him and I went there with him, I'm not a hundred centuries healthy Cosette that he heard his nephew excuse colony last words for flash. I hope and expect tragic touched our passes. Many more. He loved flash yours alone, twinkling Kyle's I right now he's gonna be a little glint. I think the thing with damage You can get a nice three weeks that stand at him. I dont get three months arable. Maybe I was number two number tail gone pop culture here for France, his dark materials,
oh it's time. At long last, we ve arrived at one of the most important moments in my life. Since the arrival of the his dark materials. Television adaptation I'll make this quick by. The show premiers on Monday night November force, which I think is actually really interesting from an HBO scheduling prospect, stretching into Monday nights, notably the deuce two weeks and now we're in this moment were an end. You notice was the said. His art materials, even notes, fantasy, is not the next game with roads is not an attempt to replace thrones. Nothing can replace, runs fine, we have watchmen on Sunday night somewhere and have his dark material on Mondays, that's a fine fantastical Sunday Monday. This is what HBO programming is at this time a moment in time window.
Historic materials? For anyone who is not aware, I is a fantasy trilogy from Philip Pullman one of my all time, favorite stories, like top five, all time, just truly remarkable box Golden Compass called Northern northern lights overseas, the first book. That's what the first season of the show is. The sort of life is the second book Amber Spyglasses, the third. There are few novella endow there's a second trilogy in the world. The book of dust currently being written book to just dropped this month. There was an attempt at adapting it a famously failed adaptation in the era of ip. You know, there's nothing more valuable in culture than a franchise. You can keep building on Y, a story you can turn into a movie or show, and so the Golden Compass Movie, the Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman Movie and Heaven failing with real out a roundabout there, so that that's what this is the real.
Liar and so on, faceted from that perspective too, can they get it right? The second time around? They have the star power behind it, when no all Miranda's Annette James MAC Voice and that a good thing. But my main rumour. Well, it's dead. That's a matter of personal taste. When are we sure he's got your girl. I do I find him, for these great Heavens eyes, awesome, many of us I maybe I'm able later this month, Elsie your girl, Ruth Wilson, Acre Alison from the affair. She'd, like the villain, I spent three years of her. Get ready to spend three more by its I want to say too much spoils who's got a good soldier,
We move further work, it's not really about them now. I did not realise that it is not really about. It is about the kids. The protagonists is a twelve year old girl names wire and I'm hesitant to say too much because I don't want to. I just got rid of a twelve year old girl and therefore to have another twelve years under four. It's about its about its coming of age or,
it's about a week after going through this umbrella, it's it's one of those one of those brilliant things where a fantasy story can unlock something that your own life because use you say, okay, this is this is my experience, my rob adjust you change it by a matter of degree and they ve been felt woman. Does this quite literally because it is not our world it's in taking place when it starts in Oxford, but thing you certain noticed. Things are different in one of the main differences is that people have every person s and I called a demon, spelled like demons demon. It is an animal that is the manifestation. Your soul and when you're young its constantly changing, if you're in a bad mood and takes a new form, and then it sets basically at the moment of your coming of age or sexual awakening, among other things, there's a
your dear, and would remain on facts for all time. There's a substance, mysterious substance called: does there are questions of consciousness? it is. It has been hacked as an anti religious story. I would contend that that is of a reductive misunderstanding, and that is really. It is not anti religion, it is anti institutional control and conformity and that it is, in fact, quite a spiritual story about love and connection and I would ever em they're watching the bottlenecks, somewhere Ruth Wilson Illiberal wherever it. The books are greater launch. While I watch one, as my wife descends, Ai Weiwei, full of the show I just
next week, the couch and look up my phone all time and then I'll tell you what I think after I should just be clear. I dont know if the show is God I'm saying I hope it is because the books are so important to me and to so many people the really beautiful would you rather the show be awful say, could stop watching it now or mediocre. Oh now, worse case, there's mediocre right now, because I if it's mediocre there already foaming the second season. I need to go long enough that I can see well Perry, my favorite character of the story and he comes in and the second season. The second book he's the the bearer of the subtle knife, not sure if you remember, but a few weeks ago in this package, I brought up the subtle knife: when talking about payment, arms. I remember that I didn't know you talk about what I think, IRAN's HBO says issues get in. He doesn't like it shuts such especial story. It's this battle made or that speaking especially stories
his pats. I've already made the pats. A million dollar pay cash minus three; ok, I they Belgic, picks Lamar picks up. The tapes looks at it for Is it out figures, while there some things Adam? What's your item them the young guy he's a young, talented, awesome, qb that I love having my fantasy names. This is a big stage in theirs, incur boss them in this game, yet obviously Zionism here LE quarterbacks the patriots and play the share. Oh, I love this that Ben were like it's there. It's not their fault, So now Lamar Jack's its Bob Van Raffles, Burger Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Luke, Falk, Josh, howling, coal, Mccoy, Danny Dimes Sand, Arnold an acre myth of mercury. Ruined we live on a man cover were ruined me. Three, those guys, I was
this cause. I read a lot of patriots defence pieces this week, alot of people wrote them, including who run it at the rear. Somebody wrote something about it. The ringer we ve had a few sure its defects earlier this year we have here, is on their fantasy defence being the top score. The evidence is on their actual rid of them. Here's what people are missing. Because they have seen all these variations and peep some people. Picking apart other people trying to explain it must seventy four ways there secondary fucking awesome. That's why they're differences good man, they're good, the other parts of the Bonn there. It's nice to have Collins back again at their athletic, but their secondary is awesome. They have the best secondary, and I think in the NFL these days, if you can just put six defensive backs on the field at all times are five or for whatever it takes in all those guys are good its biggest advantage. You can have. I will say: I'm nervous you now. I dont want to run
too much. I am I'm excited about the game. I'm excited to see how Lamar and the team rise to this test and the challenge, of course, daunting and scary. I think fit what you just cited about the secondary. You know that the the weight of the patriots defence has generated take ways. Turnovers is particularly notable and the combination of the plan a secondary and the ability to generate a pass rush can disrupt alot. Now more he's round is practising. I think whether Hollywood is healthy enough to go and be effective in this game is a huge, huge question The gear receivers are good enough. That's why I wrote this game. That's why races health? I think it has been used mismatch having the just the sheer number of bodies and options to not have to rely fully on the Titans is going to be really important here, but hearsay. You win you you
found the bar new control. It you run. The ball read at us, sailin defensively our office eliza. Get in that. That's how you win the game is with defence so and then keep them on a and then on defence. You have the attack ready so very much on the same picture I just don't have you could do it? Aren't you hitters is on the team now moral Humphrey playing Well Jimmy Jimmy Smith. Crucially, practicing get the defensive back field healthy, give yourself a flexibility to attack on defence, have to turn Massa Brady's timing, essential then on office. If Lamar Jackson can't have successful, they throwing the ball in this game. The thing about Lamar Jackson is that that might not matter, because he can run he's the best runner in football right now, and even that can be the thing
that's take away the if they can. If he could be see, there's not a way so far to take that away. It's you can t he giving way Ingram he can take with you. Listen S. Marriage is charging now. I Engineer there I have in my notes how Bilbil excuse for Lamar Belch had always has a way to figure it out. I have let the maroon yoga give them anything else is not given him the offence, the cue the offences that you have the option, and so I M excited to see it's a huge ass, your ears. What else Therefore, I say, on the one hand, I dont like how many people simply be picking the ravens. I don't want that. I want to just fly
slightly lower rate, our God. How many times have we been yet another? No game people think we could win the bare here's. Here's what I say thanks America useless, I I think fit, and I dont want to change things again. I'm nervous, hesitant to say this out loud and have come back to buy me in the ass. I think it's a bit of a narrative proof game for the Ravens and I feel good about that. Here's what I mean if they loops and if Lamar Jackson has a bad game and if Bela check, does stop visibility to run and dull shut down the path and they can't move the ball and often a Brady shreds them than guess what it's Tom Brady and it's the patriots. That's what everyone IX read write world turns out. They were great much like when they didn't have the best game against the chiefs. It was there not quite ready but nobody's giving up on them. It'll just be that again, except to a further degree, because its patriots Brady about check.
I dont really see and I'll come here, barring something astonishingly, Diesel winning where everybody rights off the ravens after the scheme. However, if coming off by and the wine on the road against the sea hawks before the by with players healing an injection of health into the roster, don't freer, the harbor Belgic History Harbour Ballot, Shack, Lamar common off his Hogwarts e and Halloween. If everything's going you steal and the magic and they win. Then you start to get. This is a team of the season kind of stuff going on and I love you walk away this road, I I can't believe allowing myself to doing a late dinner and good Fellows Yacu Guy Right, another third. There are so all in our Eddie, I'm starting to worry about myself, I'm starting to worry about my safety and my health Can I say I would do it again,
Pass Rash, Lamar doesn't make mistakes. Your special teams is better than our special teams issue, which is a typical for the pets. Definitely negotiations is not good enough and we have look upon her who, as has been good so far, but this is the biggest game, he's punted and so far and then another new feel go kicker rain I don't trust Gunnar at all. Do you trust Gunnar now at any point? Rather one thousand? Yet I still don't trust anyone or touchdown and the raven, I think, have the number one special teams and DVD plus Tucker its that's need. It feels like a game where, if they, when you're gonna, actually see as many just and took her highlights, is anything else at the end of it. I feel really good. Having just intoxicating into the scheme read you have to fruit that for our Brady when there's passes or sale and all over the place you take advantage of guy get. If gotta get a pic early gotta, you lose weight level. You'll lose by ten, better, be noble, Mallory as always
I should have you on and don't forget binge about star wars. Somebody up so do we have to set in motion episode, six drops tomorrow morning or overnight heading into tomorrow and we're cranking from their combat Monday. Listen to the male back to me, I'll come back Monday for revenge of the sis. Up to now have behaved with happy Halloween I'd thanks to House Mallory. Thanks to state farm thanks to simply safe, don't forget, They protect every door and window and room, but twenty four, some fresh tomorrow for just fifteen hours, might know contracted in fees or fine print just four miles there's a perceived as a huge deal. Gonna right now, simply save that calm, slash be ass. Here free edged, whose care to care more new order. So one hundred our value will make sure that you take advantage of their video verification technology, get your free, hd security camera. Now, supersaver too, I simply say that cop such be, es, don't forget to subscribe to the new book, a Basque, but to point out that gas and then said
I mean the cause come around right after the Pats Ravens game. Hopefully, we, coherent? Can wait for that? One enjoy Halloween, enjoy one way.
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