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Part 1: Kawhi’s Smackdown, Luka’s Next Move, and Trae Torches Philly With Ryen Russillo


In Part 1 of the two-part Sunday podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Mavericks’ Game 7 loss to the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard’s two-way play, some highlights from the series, the Clippers’ Round 2 matchup with the Jazz, the Mavericks’ offseason, and more (2:30). Then they discuss the Hawks’ Game 1 victory over the 76ers, needed adjustments to combat Trae Young, and a look ahead to Game 2 (52:30). Next they discuss the Lakers’ Round 1 exit at the hands of the Suns, the Anthony Davis injury saga, Chris Paul’s impact on Devin Booker, how the Knicks will handle Julius Randle’s upcoming contract negotiations, and more (1:16:30).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Please get everybody on January stance, because the New York New York with J J First part cast on the rigour and Spotify dedicated to you than EU exports. Back, we ve got episode three nights a week was bought satisfies whenever news breaks make sure you file the show on spot of the b S pack. Ass is brought. You buy fantail sports book, the official sports book of the ringer in an authorized gaming operator, the NBA lobbying ambit of been a Basque, plays event of sports bodies. It is safe and secure with fast pay ads in his little twenty four hours, sinking, Parlez so great from by props another bets from the same game to score and even bigger pay up pick the best where, in a team, say, they're gonna go over and points pick that team to win combining you're off the Indo has a bunch of India markets to choose from money line points. Bread, poor points, ports, reporters wherever you want all that counts for same game, partly right now vetoes any new users place. Your first bet risk free of
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Ms Pack asked his bride. You buy hotwire with hotwire staying in hotels. You didn't think you could afford as the whole idea, because why, but could she puts out when you could book an expensive hotel for cheap find hot radios and when download the how I wrap in book beyond your wildest means all bookings. Final we're us about you by the reared outcome, as was the Ringer podcast network. We put up an emergency Ringer NFL show about the Helio Jones Trade. He went the Tennessee, maybe Rousillon. I will talk about it. On this to partner knew we watch was coming Monday night readers and lost 40th anniversary me, Sean Fennessey, Chris Ryan. We did it in person. You still have a day to watch it. If you want to watch it, I think it's on paramount plus for free. If you have that, you can check that out
here's the last back a movie that, by the way, still bang in forty years, doesn't feel like it really doesn't come up. It's a two part extravaganza. We're split this by a couple hours per one: taping, like three fifteen Pacific time rate after clips maps, game, seven, we'll talk about a whole bunch of basque boss, stuff and then we're in a car after the PA may whether paper view- God only knows what's gonna happen that fight, but after that happens, will record part two colonel out a basketball staff in that anything will cover in part one, and that is the plan for today. First, our friends from
Pearl Jim, I arrive or sell us here. Just watch gave seven mats dodge forty six points. Twenty nine in the first staff, not sure what else could it done his team just really wasn't get more importantly, though, the clips are started. Look like a team that can make the final I was impressed by the last two games really really really impressed by
Kawhi Leonard who, as it turns out as well, it's not thirty four years of all time. In case we forgot he fifty five playoff games heading into today. Did you know this is last fifty five from twenty seventeen to today, fifty five playoff games, thirty, nine and four, where his average is shooting fifty one percent. Thirty, nine per cent from three hundred and eighty nine per cent free, throw the two way stop. This all starts for me, Russillo game, six, that too game he played, which ranked among the best to a games we've seen, I think in the last ten years, and then it carried over a little bit to today, but quite amazed, the store. I think you can make a case he's the best part of left of the west. You can make a case the road is going through the clippers, even though they will not have hunkered advantage for at least this next year's impossibly neither next day what he think yard I have no problem. Star was, quite as it was loaded a reminder of like others. While you do everything you can to go ahead and
and even though you never quite sure where you stand with him, because when they're down too well you're like ok, wait a minute, they traded all. These picks for Paul George to be able bring in quite a verdict on the first coach. They have that The game and look: he was terrible and game seven of last year when I lost the Denver I don't really get on him as much because it was always even though, was bad he's built up and faculty and uniting that's worth. Some people have a hard time, or will you say this about this guy, but then he said about this guy illegal. It's usually because somebody else has done something before more likely to give them a bit of a past as opposed to somebody who hasn't done it before. But you write. This was one of those reminder: where he's at moments, even in some of the game last year against ember, where did I know, I've kind was changed whereas a god, maybe I'm the best player own awake, lies the best paternally near. Like ok, wait here, if you like, an idiot has now lebruns best player again, but he had one place. build ninety one. Eighty three, Terence Man,
in the short corner there right and he air ball the three. Why was the furthest player away from the rim? And he read it perfectly ran through everybody? Luca was even think it a box him out Zeus, discern age, guys, it's the NBA, like I'm done with that part, my game boxing, our people and he caught it, put it up, and it was just one of those moments you go he's gonna do whatever he wants right now, both offensively in defensively. So he deserves all credit. I'm glad you bought that up. Cosette was when the game is decided. Third quarter, twenty one too, to run for the air. the clips it looked like it was gonna, be down to the wire game and then look at Miss Couple free throws more said, a three I'll send their up five. The collide offensive, rebound now that you mention happened. Terence man got an offensive, rebound and all of a sudden the maps just like slow and then- cannot came in and he did a couple thanks
So I too have ten minutes. He here he made a couple threes after third quarter. They were sixteen for thirty one from three and it just seemed like you knew where there was it was heading, but it up. So our west aims that are left clips, Phoenix Denver Unita if you're gonna rank, who has the best power left, quite as the best plan prove empire yoke edge, I think, has been the best pyrrha season and is certainly had the biggest kind of impact. Utah does not have a plan that conversation and then, if you're Phoenix your kind of hope Booker can be the offensive to go to tell with anybody. But you don't really have of a poor light that either and Emma. I was gravitate towards the best prayer as they try to figure out what the puzzle is.
as we keep gone in these plants. But this is a scenario we're heading toward here, where you type has the best total team Phoenix, I think, is probably number two for best kind of total team, most valuable. And then you have the choir Yogurt thing. I did the thing the coop stumbled into which we knew they had because we saw especially in the autumn match up, is that I don't know what their small ball lineup is now member how many times we talked about whose their best five, whose their best seven What are they going to do in a game? Seven, I think they ve kind of figures. out now Zoo Badge, barely played Randal barely played an. Just gonna go down with this team. Now. Do you think it a working get outta here a little bit of an experiment, because I mean you ties along with Phoenix. They know exactly who they're gonna be. Despite you know, maybe an adjustment here there and everywhere came seven. It both seem spoke Dallas and the clip or scrambling random blade. Nine minutes, zoo bots played three minutes,
and I think what you learn. There is especially the end game six, which was another coup. Why moment here like? This is absurd. What he's doing there buddy. Is you go? Why do I want Rondeau initiating the offence against is much as everybody just loves Rondeau run around Rondeau and why? right. Why would I add a layer to getting the fuckin basketball back to cool? I Leonard Rail, why? Why would I do the same thing as it was brought up in that Toronto game? And when I had nurse on the podcasting like once he just caught it decides he's gonna take over like everybody else is accepting of it any just making the right like they had a zone that they tried against an they tried. for long stretches tonight, and it didn't really didn't really mean to tan. I mean the other part is clippers. Game is Marcus Morris, who I've never thought of. As a guy that's going to show up in a big spot, we saw and game sixty one thousand four hundred and ten he was unbelievable. Seventy nine from three
We acts in whose great game six man, who I you, know what you're talkin rotations. I would think at this point man is proved especially if you want to go small and exploits India stuff that you're gonna go man before you go Rondeau at this point, a great and it's interesting, Morrison Jackson to classic feast or famine guys and apply series right where you not really expecting that much from them, but if they show up it's a bonus and they get Jackson Game six, they get moors tonight. We have also seen scenarios where the team- that's relying others faced her family guys, none of them all show up same time you're out like that happen to the twenty eighteen Celtics write, all their feast or famine, guys Rochere, more S, Excetera Excetera, none of them could make a shot and then I'll send the piles up. For here it is not mattered. Yet I think the bus accident me about that line, up was how are they moved by the eye ass? She really like the shouts. The coopers got not a row. How much of that was them just cut
figuring out who their guys are and how much of it was doubtless having a play. What are the craziest gimmicks? That's ever almost foot the series, bovine imposing us together for just in game six could have almost father them cause. They did have bovine in the last five minutes in this game there. A guy. I guess we're going down with with these two guys and will just be super and we won't be able to chase and if you swing around corner were document to be there in time, but this is our only chance at the bottom of it. On the clips, I thought was the best I've seen from them. We ve made fun of them alot, especially them in the Lakers too, about it's like whoever gets the ball room cord, it's gonna, that's who's, gonna shoot I feel that way in this game, but I can't tell how much of this was the clippers finding who they are and how much of it was to check in at seven hundred and fifty plus freaks kind of rumbling around in his own. You know you don't move their ball around its criminal, yet look based,
zone. I mean I was looking at. I could amidst maybe obsession here there, but I think Dallas states Ellen, like the first six months of the game, a ghastly teams come out and so on and thence and then in game six. They had moments where it looked like the zone is working and then it wasn't real, quick in and then I reiterate this thing out, I think the other part like you could just look at stats and ok wait a bit guys like the clippers. If you look at indigo, two thousand four hundred and twenty four from the free throw line. They're two thousand and forty three from 3L Marcus Morris gives you seven and nine from three Reggie Jackson has some late buckets cannot had those two parents- man, I mean they had a lot of really unexpected good ballots year made all their free throws terrific from three and on the other side of it, you have the mass make eleven He throws their minus thirteen there and their only ten to thirty six that, like twenty nine percent, twenty percent from three for them. Because of the other part of the story, London was playing ass. It played out through a series of that go crazy in the first quarter. Again we ve seen
or is average in eleven points in the first quarter, ten in the second eight and then coming into this is all coming in his game. Then he's around like four points per quarter in the fourth an issue percentages, thirty one percent, so it became a story line in this one and then it's always kind of like always. He tired, as you know, cause that's what sex when you lose a guy needs a condition. More he's, gonna get opposed camp is doable things, meanwhile, is clearly like one of the best players in the world in only a third season in, but I thought he was far It is right, as they were talking about whether I was tired. He hits a great posts post pivot He has every right after that. I think in this airplane how we talk Landon Philadelphia bill. It's very obvious that even great defensive players there's a man, where they feel like they have to turn it on, and I've talked about. Why defensively, where I still think some of these guys they have the rebel.
Patients, amazing, gazing, early, really judge in a reputation, and you can flow too little. Adding all these guys graveyard offensively. Will time find times afloat the effort that the clippers played with trying to get back to the original assignment fighting some of the switching acquire just stay engaged during those big Luke? possessions, I don't think it has much to do with LUCA as Lucas team around him, is abysm mismatch of all these pieces in a lot of them. Aren't that great and it was Kauai's defense, so you know I don't look at like LUCA has been Doucet and watch film and re evaluate who is as a player. I think that's kind of where this gain turned again a game. Seven quite often than also knowing hey it's a game, seven and I've gotta play to another level that I'm not gonna be playing. Consist we every time about here, because it is not sustainable and push him back on one thing, I think that the man lost his ears and game six and what I saw that add enough. I'm right this is just. I still have the scars from when this happened Anton.
or twenty years ago the fascinating thing with LUCA this whole series, was a real issue, and I thought it affected him in game six, and I was amazed the announcers didn't talk about it when he's at his best he's going to the basket he's doing that Herky jerky stuff, you know he's getting what he wants and he's bouncing off dudes and he's drawn contact constantly right, especially if he played it. Sex played games, six like a guy who didn't want, go the free for line. I fell, accused going for a lot of stuff around the key. I thought he was dumping the ball over like trying to draw contacts, the fight that- and I just don't think I don't know why he wasn't comfortable from the free, thorough and its ally keys, who is not because not making me. I mean what is our own heart than it's like you, I'm not saying he stepped curry from the freak airline, but she turned into a fifty percent free thresher. This whole series and I really thought specifically game six- is little better today. It seem like he had those drives.
Right hand where he dives into the guy over and over again. He just didn't want to take him cuz. I don't feel like you want to get fouled. So I don't know if that was the next thing or what was going on, but I really felt like game six was the one to take granted. You might not be able to be the clippers team that has Kawhi play. They might the game he played, but on the other hand, if LUCA, I thought just could have bounced off some more people. It's you talkin about four points, which is what they needed to win that game, and I thought I'd love to know the answer, what happens routes or should watch all mentally? I don't I didn't say like I'm, not sitting her defending the free third thing. So when you say I got a push back like you're right, if there's an evaluation of who uses the guys and Non Samaria, but I am saying you're right, you're right, I'm here, I'm looking back at the Sylla, unlike what the fuck happened, I'm I'm just telling you like ask anybody who's ever started to think about it. Well, when you dont want to be there at the free throw line it like it's career altering, I'm sedate is devastating man, let's find out,
That's why you were there. Remember that all the sudden he didn't want to get found five feet from the basket and he was doing those quick flips or is I shall I do? I am. I remember all this up as you, but most guys you can see it on their face, like Le Braun had a weird turn yet a few years ago, were then all of a sudden heat and monitor the technical anymore, because he wasn't making them another unworried Rossman under heavy agenda item Pierce had a weird stretch where I looked at it and it was funny because I knew no one Else- sought an. I asked one of our mutual Friends- worship Celtics about it. I go some gonna pay the forest quarries, like all my God, because did I've been on this forever and then I went through I mean this is total nerd alert, but I went through like an entire season for pierce and added up all of his three throw attempts. The first requirement. and then did in the fourth quarter was like eighty one to sixty percent, but Pierce fought somehow corrected it, which is rarely rare, you'd hate to see. Look at this
this early in his career has once you go up there with any kind of hesitation is a free through shooter the muscle memory just gets messed with, and you start shaped agent things up. It's really. I don't I'll be right. That part of it is is really disappointing and it's it's probably if perfect from three throw liars and eighty eighty five percent, maybe we're talking about Dallas and warlike clippers gonna blow to whatever a momentum ones too, like near the end of the first quarter, he had a chance to go over thirty four, the quarter, any Miss tuna, and andor that twenty one to run we talked about, he missed those two just to talk about the matters really quick way. First value. You brought this up before we start recording what happened and Josh Richardson, because you see on the team I'm ready to meet coming to Google it just as urgent curries ban crunch time for the six or Zaire last,
curry was crunch time for the mass they flip curry for Richardson, because they wanted a wing who could defend in and hid threes, and we talked about this a few months ago. Richardson had this really fun gold two and a half months in Miami where he was awesome, another, and that has just been kind of Venezuela's guy. This seems like the second Josh that Dallas has just described, completely fallen apart on the map, the first I've being Josh showered. So he how many minutes anyplace six. Yeah, they deployed six minutes and then Brunson who I'm legitimate lie about voting for like third place for six men in the year I felt like he would come in swing games. He was getting crunch time and the speed of the clippers bade him based employable, they went with Tray Burke, who played eight minutes, was over three
it a minus ten. In the eight minutes he was on their from us that stuff. So he is bad. I don't know what happened in MAX Cleaver the share he started out her, but that was a guy who is huge for them. Last year he was terrible toy power only played five minutes and that their big trade was J. J Reddit could never played at all, so they d, add the expiring contract with James Johnson. They were never able to get anybody for it, even Fournier one of the least successful plan, whereas ever would have played minutes, then, basically, anyone on their bench. The bench had six points in this game. It Richard. A couple years ago, scored almost seventeen a game from I am. He played thirty five minutes it. Thirty six percent from three hit: thirty, eight percent from three the year before that your thing and like twenty four twenty five plays defence, one of those wings. You can chew Yannick man, I would love to have this guy and then it didn't happen unfilled.
And he's ok. Well, that'll Philly thing was a mess, and I mean he was basically a demon p. If, like Carlyle just couldn't trust him, I mean the Dallas thing is always so weird should be looking at moments ago, like magic labors. Your first choice here to defend quite but Cleaver actually does it get algae competes, not to say he's gonna be shutting down quite pausing s. Even those numbers are ok tonight. When you really look for him, he just up he's just a level a glitch, even if you didn't like prison, guess he's probably too levels below what he was. It is best, and I don't know if it's a lingering hell thing, but even when he hits a couple shots here air runs the baseline and dunker spot, which they had some moments when they doubled Lou remember going back to game, one! Really! Okay! Well, you know, but it never seems to be in the floor
Really it just as I have taken a shot for five as this is gonna, take Wanna get be for a rebound, he looks lost. So when you look at this roster I mean this would have been a disaster series for the clippers too loose. I watch pausing s in what scared me. The last couple games is actually he is playing hard. You can't use the man he's that into it or they can't get going played really hard. He was he was making. The extra pass like he wasn't a disaster he's just not there did you know that he took that one point three in the fast break March axes like I like that shot if God is equity, Argue that it it. You want full of trees. Yeah. It's ok
they got in a military use his size at all, where the Coopers just said: no respect for a right, they're, putting like Terence Man and Marcus Boris it who ever our state AIDS. I present this is gonna post up and if you look at the advanced stats for presenting this poster like their reprehensible, which is why they don't postmark so man I look at this- roster. I have a really good question for you, but I want to take a break as this is a really really good one where you take a break Then I got afraid have vandals sports book. You get more than one shot the swing offences fan doors Lenny, you place your first bat risk free right. Now, users get up to one thousand hours back inside credit for first bet doesn't win and it only gets better from their check out vandals, new promo alive every Tuesday, five, our dinner tuesdays,
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my real money where you're only for risk free bet, refund bonuses, she does not withdraw but say credit that explains the seven days MAX bonus. Twenty five dollars per game restrictions apply see terms at sports book defender, Deca game. The prom call when an hundred forty to forty seven Colorado, eight hundred bets off Iowa, eight hundred and nine within Indiana, eight hundred and two seven hundred and seven one thousand one hundred and seventy four toppenish of Michigan eight hundred gambling jersey, pencil Virginia fancy red line? Is hundred eight thousand eight hundred and ninety nine seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred gambler net in West Virginia here's my question three relating to the mass we ve never seen a where do this before Lucas three years in Normally, this is where they say: here's this giant extension. You should sign it. This would be great. You should take it in year, five, when you're supposed to be making eighteen million. Instead, you ll be making thirty's.
thirty one million whatever it is because your new contract will have kicked in so obviously nobody turns out twenty million from look on that signing it. Implanted up. Why not we'd? Never, and I think science, the other and you can do we ve never seen so. This would be the logical last chapter of the planned power in error, or it's like plan power about players plus calling the shots. This is the one thing we ve never seen. A player do is say You know what I know. I know I can be making thirty million next year. Whatever there is, I'm going to I'm going to see how you guys do for me, I'm going to roll the dice because pretty sure I'll be able to get a max contract from somebody else. Doubt the question for me: is you got the Nick sitting there two years from now right? I've had a couple next friends asked me about this: do you think LUCA would have Bob I it's like, could look and make more money if he was in New York two years from now. Would this be like when the soccer players,
but I don't know: Mbappe goes to Fc Barcelona or you know these guys, these young talents they just flipped and they go to the biggest possible market because that's where the most Yes, do you see any scenario where LUCA turns down the MAX extension and place it up. I don't believe that anybody ever do it. It's ever happened right so that the first got it. I never heard this is funny because this is kind of like your Tom cruise theory. You no evil. I've. I've come Why did the Tom cruise theory a couple times you re like? He was always a crazy. He gave us the evidence and redress believe it until the whole spread breadcrumbs labour efforts. If you go backwards and look at the evidence, you go awake. Ok, I got it now. They'll make sense, and I think their moments over Tyrese Timeline as a player where you're like oh wait, I got it. Tyree was the first guy that was like there were guys saying I don't know man he's just different like he
actually sacrifice. Oh, I don't know what the numbers are, but it's it's different. Then the vat player looking at an extension somewhere else, so he would be a pioneer if he did it It is interesting how that played out, because I mean the whole point of of the love of having. Ricky Guises, just understood you can have no control for seven years. So I don't matter member when the brine way heading into two thousand ten and I never found out a hunt set up. This is true or not, but there is always this rumour that Nike put in this extra bonus. If you played in New York member that I remember hearing about it. I dont night, I was never knew. There is true because I hate you play in New York. This bonus gets trigger. I guess my questions is so LUCA for his forth.
Here's going to make ten point one million next year, and then, after that it becomes, you know he could base, could not sign the extension and then it becomes that qualifying offer thing where they would have to give him qualifying offer for thirteen point three. If you still icon that signing that signing says be thirteen point three billion and then he could basically become a fridge and after that, so he'd be sacrificing in that thirteen point. Three fine year that's when near what they blow that at the new extension with the maps would start now. It started like thirty, so it say he caught himself. Eighteen by rolling the dice aright taxes, you lose, for that you're at nine million right she's value? Ajax, though no stay tax, so it say what does anybody mentioned at eight point: five billion dollars, let's say he's key
bye, bye, whatever rolling down there? I'm pretty sure you can make that back with. If you were in a bigger market, I guess my point is: I think that dude is super competitive and unless they prove to him, the next year that they can put a competitive, roster aunt em out of these gonna stay now the counter be like the Cuban going did I just put a hundred million a bitcoin in a secret account overseas. It's yours, how would they even monitor Bitcoin? That's called barkeeper criminal, but how monitor any this Indeed, I have not reduced but in a hundred million like breaking out, how do we deal with any owner if they gave somebody a little extra like an empty, because without it we like? Whatever my point is, I think they have to fix this. Stir and I'm looking at it in an alley fix it. Pausing doesn't have trade value, harness reagent. I would always whenever I you know you will like hey, whose available, whose
global prisoners. His name is come up more this season. Anybody else rail, if somebody that's inhibit, then it's just. I sought, even though the mark especially when you look at his extension there he would be. He would be the first to do it. That's a hot. You know a guy that actually is eligible for the extension with his team and that's why people Conakry says the league, where they're going to say in a most rookies come in and all they care about. The first thing they care about is getting that extension get in worry about the rest of it later he's special enough that, I understand why you bring it up it. Just it's like I'm, not saying it's never gonna happen. Until it happens, we all can look like our no one's ever gonna, do that sacrifice the kind of money and extension cause. I do think it's different is forest, the the amount of earnings that you would have the difference, now, as opposed to a guy who's coming off of his first extension and then as you know what I've got an option year here, and I know if I do it this way, I mean like eyes: Anthony Davis cost himself money like dollar for dollar. There is either
somebody with the rat believing a year earlier. You don't anymore guys to enable if I signed the extension on the tenth year, the eighth, your versus dear so I've been guys, have not been ok, sacrificing money, which is the unintended consequence of So much of this salary structure that our goal of you stay here you gotta make all this money is gamble with the sour caps biker. The new tv deal guys are making so much money than early ever care, so I think the different spheres at the rookies only coming off a rookie deal. Even if we talk about the kind of money that because Bennett ah by what it does, and I would say in what would happen if you went to them and said outside the extension but it's gonna be like a one in one seek rip up by last year: S, Albion same spot. I was at anyone I'll make more money. I guess I because first team on Ba and all the other stuff he brings the table. The backs extension they could offer is probably some staggering number. I've thou love hate people out there who
who had a cruncher these numbers. I would love to read a piece explaining exactly how much money LUCA could make with his next contract. What would be the financial risk? Let's have some looking at their salaries for next year they live right now there they have ninety point. Nine and the books they have Lukas. Look and trademark is fifteen combined, Brunson Tyrol, Terry, that's therapy, eighteen, Josh, Richardson forces a flare up, eleven point, six, pretty sure he's exercising that one. So now we're at around thirty Josh Green he's at three hundred and thirty three Finish Smith's for where thirty, seven porzingis thirty one point six next year. So now we're close to seventy Maxi Kleber that basically nine
at eleven, so where basic aid. Ninety now ever our ever high cut at an unless they can somehow dumb pausing assent. Somebody was I dont say I see how they downpours Angus without getting you know like pausing, is Campbell Walker, there's a there's a world that that might happen like the man could talk themselves into it, they're getting out that contracting earlier, the South Ex Kabila posing as these changes scenery, but I don't see how they get pausing s off the team that training for somebody else's issue, Kevin Love, will clearly still fixed ever love is like a key part of our future, so I dont. Ok! No one knows it like the camera thing as bad as it is so deeply million. You could still attach a first and somebody probably do it now Macao space, it's out there, so you might just have to give up an asset and a pick the you don't wanna give up kick for to get off the deal, but even with prisoners I mean. Maybe there's enough
enough alura there for some of the other teams it miss out and they look what Oklahoma City is done by moving around and go on our. I will go ahead and do this and then Others actually like rumours about teams. Looking especially when you look at the real numbers on the fourth year, hoarfrost steel, which are pretty absurd incentives, unlikely meaning that you, I will horrified at a big number and maybe I'm below the cap- and I gotta get the floor anyway, so yeah, maybe I'll, do something there. So you know too often will look at some of these players. It looked like their impossible. The move and they're not impossible, so I don't think it's impossible. It just you're, not gonna, gaining back the makes better. You just gonna have to clear the deck and reset for the LUCA part of it down his dream scenario would probably be Hartford Fur poisonous rife. I don't see why Presty, whatever sign on for the extra years, represents and get the boat when cocoa mentor. That would be fascinating actually if they did
paper view poker, posing as one on one leg. I would watch that poker cocoa in the zone earlier bag. The problem is that just takes away when one takes away from pokers vision and all of us is for skills, so pokers, better final, but the best part of prisoners traded. As you know, who gave an interview where his Ike Look Lukas a grey player, but it's finally time for me to cook likely to happen. As translated another language, they speak pretty good English I own oh, you mean like he'll: do it would like Europe, as it is doing so in year? Ban that com or the lithuanian Daily Harold than some something that's translated leg. The reason my game when South Africa's I never had the bark is LUCA had the ball, the timer. He says something crazy. I don't! I just think you said what he was to levels below
It was pretty injury because there is a time like. Even if you didn't love prisoners, he's a good player he's good player, you look at the way, could shoot it on that and he was perfect, but he was a hell of a lot better than the people who doubted I'm coming in and he had asked arduous career. But I also think he's that weird thing where he's like two inches too tall for his movement and that's, what's lead all these injuries lackeys almost too tall. Yet I have another topic: fire bo bad Best oddity centre of your lifetime, I'll give you the nominees. Me already. Nine is mere aside. Maneuver marking Matt Geiger now my backpack haggard had undoubtedly I'm talkin like seven foot to or higher. and when they're out there, just like, I can't. Secondly, this guy's playing right now and there actually doing stuff they have to be potentially avail. Then, a Bruce Lee Movie potentially there
That's why I got it, never make it yeah right bomber. I just member that we used to have to shoot at each other, pick up, games and delay. Geiger counter? And it was just a recent thing. What we did with trust me were the only ones it did. It didn't didn't catch on minutes. My guy, because Morocco Maneuver transition, when you go, watch Youtube cuts of fraud over reason I followed out a few times: research, just Jack and up three is in Gaza laughing their heads off he's these. My first pick for oddity centres of my lifetime, but I'll tell you. Bobo is not far off. You didn't good value if you get Bobadilla too so near assigning the with in the MID ninety nine days for two years use yours ban thirteen made with almost two blocks a game. Sixty percent state on the four that ninety seven wisdom actually leg got a couple punches any gets the balls they got swept but
They there, the next time jobs they were coming up in the play of that year against the bulls there at all. Games were close one day and then both just oh you out in Euro, like this, this wizards teams can be ass. It tough laughs for mere, citing its above five points. Six three bans the both you'd equitably this, but the bulls rabbits, a kind of play him off the floor with the Smith. Lattices says the crown prince, but he was he was getting there maneuvered had a couple moment. Swift was that there is a Sixers run with them right with bar yeah yeah those years. I looked it up as we're talking and then eaten. I think had the most success just cause. She actually was an anchor he just passed away by the way. was actually an anchor for them. Maneuver man, minister, sir, we were so Jesus, oh here that gone state urinating. Eighty nine, when the average four point three blocks a game in tone, two minutes and then the he was ended up and fear,
in the early nineties. I think his fur comic relief for Berkeley, but while on the eighty six whiz monopoly five games, five point eight blocks a game in class spreading it marking, probably the most successful. I'm look it up some of the rookie extension stuff by the way, garden is arguably a case, for it could not be ended, a trade because they would pay me Eighty per cent of that time, like Harden, started, seven games combined the first three years of his run in Oklahoma City and even though, like that was a disastrous decision, the money wasn't that different. They could have roll out for another year and on them, yet it laughing about Darrow Morey, saying what we have done this deal a year from now. He, like really, you wouldn't have traded at first Jeremy, Lamb like it, you would have done this for James Harden
and the money was like all tax purpose and they could have just run it back and seeing where they were at and see what the trademark it's one of the few times. I think press you missed was also ownership mandate stuff, but harden wasn't going to be offered the full max. I think they were trying to get him They want. Oversight of interception for four fifty four sub died that hard wanted for four sixty four, Yesterday, it was eighty percent of what he could have been offered did. I was an underrated tampering story, though, because I think once they were a little dead back there mother teams that came in like hey man, if hardens leaving. Give him the five four eighty five whatever was because they give is handicapped by the rain had already lockdown the five year. So there are other names iq. Naturally, like our eye you come here. Will you know, will blow it out so once again everybody realise there is significant money on. You know out there for hard, and that was
up, then, by the way, the decision from a basketball building standpoint of going like I will probably rather have a back as the big than the three per ever got, stole her hands and light. Today, you would never do that. You would never You know I look hard and ended up becoming the guy, whatever your limitations, work or any theories he's a guy from a ceiling. Standpoint you're like ok, good, but I dont know if he's gonna be like all that and then you're like actually he's ten times better than whatever you thought a ceiling was, so you don't credit to him for that want, but I've, just I'm going through here in trying to find it because uses a rookie off the rookie numbers goes. Our aid is my first big kick in. Like a woman, I want a mess of security. This is, I can do it earlier. I don't plan the qualifying offer, there's also a story that has a cannot hear. Ironically, the prisoner was threatening to plan the qualifying offer somebody propagated. Do it at some point, though, you write like it's: it's a good topic to bring up, because we can act like no one's ever going to do it, because, if ever done that, with this kind of stuff, you're always gonna be in surprise
I was taken with cool. I forgot to mention this disease is put together such a grey razumihin. Now right now is a chance to win three titles and three teams which LE branded last year, and that's not an extensive list of guys who have been the best were on three different. Then I just jump in, though real quick. Basically in a ten year version of an mba where there is even a possibility that give your good enough to lead a team to a title No, I did I organised seeing it was ever playing on three different teams that is, as a whole. I've heard people bring this up like when cool. I was tempting you know like India, should we say a wise, the second best, but no one Zeb able, because nobody fuckin did it like it, what a bird wasn't as thirteen. I just do bird for you, so I appreciate it. Here's think what say the cookers when the title and then not though be probably a nuclear war red afterwards, because that would be the sign that the world's get it. If you go back to the two thousand thirteen finals leubronn whence it by Amy
Leubronn, then wines three titles and the next eight years. Basically, sixteen with claimant than twenty, the Lakers Hawaiians fourteen would disperse nineteen with the rafters and then in this type of twenty one, be twenty with the coopers, so you'd have to guys winning six of the ten titles. for six different themes. I don't know if that's where Basque Buzz going or whether will just look back at that as one of the weirdest historical flukes, then you would have the rent it Brooklyn when the title be a guy who won with gold staid and with Brooklyn, and they knew it three guys on seven different teams, winning seven of the nine titles. Basically and three different themes, pretty we're here. I'd say my first instinct was hey. This is gonna believe we have right now, but I I think it's a little bit dismissed of how special how hard it is to win
so then have two guys: do it six times, sixteens yeah, it would also be Empowering due to somebody like a why who, when, when he was ASP abroad, lady, when you come here to Lakers Musings, I forget: why do you wonder like the way he played on Friday and Sunday? We maybe three percent a little happened, you step after the Lakers around and now you can sniff the title. We're like holy shit. You watch out later gamut there's a Jesus Christ we can get through this bab says we can. We may really make the finals. We had the most town of any team- that's left here, but I was going to say with. Why do they do they definitively? Have that, because I think it's barely even with the four teams that are left and honestly generous for
but your cages yoke itches, now break out. You know what I want to turn this into, like all. With sudden now we think a wise like in his own level here and yoke, it shows even taste downturn. Alyosha tries educated at orientated baskets yeah. I think Denver has the fourth best team of this group, but even if you're saying hey the cook And there's another version of this man were the maps. It's free throws the clippers it less threes, with role guys, don't always trust or talk about dismantling of the clippers and being like by rivers. Existing was that good. So I want to be too reactionary here, but I think its wide open with these three teams- and no one should ever think that their that. even with late, might avoid the four themes. Re use Deborah had come out of the west? I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about Yoke edge in what he did to Portland, trying to figure out what the right team is to change with that destiny. Was that says report them was in a very good defensive thing, but yoga shit. This point were was right, there
no answers like you single, I mean scores. Uwm somebody gets a wide open three. What are you do? I would say the clippers probably have the best chance just because they can play the lineup blue based we saw today and they could just throw six slash, eight guys and scramble and try to stop it and try to make it a series where these dudes on the nuggets they're just going to basically make or break you and it's not jokic. that's kind of Portland try to do in your kids, just soft it. So the nerve- I don't mean the foul trouble me nor concerning, fell out a half the games and there is also a yoke had studied at every cent. He found out years guarding and they always have three thousand for staff there's another site like nerve catches is like such emotional guy that he still thinks Denver screw them over and that ice t was like amped up against it. I mean here's. What I do know is that the remaining three teams have much better options in Portland did
Yeah then she outrage the having remember you know your heart, Our mellowed doubled look. I gotta go the writer legality, given the post right and then you know porch manner. All right. You bill, I chanters. I gladly setting get destroyed and pick unrolls this time. It was just another big and cannot really offer them when they needed him to his nerve. Catch wasn't healthy. The whole time so, ah like this, I'm gonna love about we're we're out right now, because I'm almost willing to accept any theory, although it may he also be. The nets are gonna, win they antivirals and like five games, we go yeah. Ok, they were that good, like that's, that's the only thing other than its wide open inasmuch as I I've changed my mind on it a few times because I'd like a look of Brooklyn Unzip Roland through Buddy really gonna be shocked, and I still
there's some things I know will get at some point in the walking in the other part, but I can't help it like think of all these different teams. I want to give a chance and have liked there might be this jungle I just waiting for him- and they already are that it doesn't matter, it's funny how many best's we have re now right. I think yoke is the best offensive where in basketball, I even think he's better than LUCA. Just because of you know that the it's almost eight, the football stuff we talk about like with the chief soon they would play Kelsey in Hell and they put them on one side and the image you see the defence of their brain breaks, trying to figure
YO could just some. I figured out to do that with the with the pretty mediocre supporting cast other than Porter see you have him. You have collides, though the best to wear the reds. The best scoring forward hard it's the best creator. Perry is the best he checked guy in either conference rate. Go bears the best defence of fire, like date, their system these dudes that are really good at something, and then you look at Chris Paul. I know you loves. I know you probably fell asleep at night watching the locker and video of Chris Paul going into the Suns Lacrim after you beat the Lakers center. You probably just watch that twenty times you saw that right, yeah yeah, I mean you, know It is my home this, the best leader in the the play offset the Greek say, but it's just that it's a really get play off. Someone's crazies. We lost dame, we lost the a Davis we never had. Currie we lost Tatum who, as a chance to be
the potentially the red to point out on their way as great as now it, but you don't have any good at least filled a void of whose the best, for in a league right now could be of an eye We still have just a few of us guys left. Let me throw a couple things at you, though, because you know how, like a defence is going to tighten up and Now these trees are going to be as open, and we seen three point reliant offices in the regular season, both reverie body and the money to the plan. Should I yet I dont know if this seat like I've ass did a couple times were. Is this effort level and the lack of defensive? consistency. Is this going to become the norm and was guys in and out of the game's over time? Like I'm serious, when I ask, is I don't know if they have an answer to it, but it's at least a theory worth bring it up. There were eight teams In the NBA regular season, it had an offensive rating of a hundred and fifteen points per one hundred possessions or higher. I, but still a staggering number. The most efficient offensive,
league average. We ve never had an mba history this year and for the top five seasons. All time are like in the last four years going into today's play off games, you had a play off. Teams were their office of efficiency average among those eighteen at a hundred and twenty points per one hundred possessions. We had one team forty per cent on three, the clippers I ve known number to the season. Racism from three was actually next believer, not which is probably hard to believe after watching and lose at first seriously, with Lana going into today's games, five teams granted. I know it's a small sampled, only sparse round games and barely some SEC around games, but five
You are over forty percent from three, and so what are you looking at? Lay tree young and a graphic where the start of his offense of outburst of his play off clerk is trailing cracking what sort of a later but like AIDS, its Jordan, its Jerry, whereas this tray young at a graphic. You know, and then LUCA has nineteen points in the first quarter of a game. Seven like it's only happened one other time in twenty five years of plants games were somebody had twenty or nineteen points or more in the first quarter of a game. Seven, and it was Jamal bury last year with twenty points in a game. Seven there's all of these off fence of numbers. I mean fillies, awesome defence, there, one in ten when giving up a hundred eighteen, a more points. This year it Lana scored one twenty eight. If they go down there leg for three minutes to close, game. You know who knows maybe they're like one hundred and thirty or one hundred and forty. If the game was still in the balance, they had to keep playing offense offensive numbers. I don't know which is which
your raise or the new office of numbers in the play offs in office of numbers of the New Europe, because there's just four years now what I've watched baseball. I go there's no way that this is not the greatest pitching we ve ever seen, maybe the biggest arms and in so many options out of the boat pen. But the way people play, often in baseball also a big product of of why you have these absurdly arrays, I just so far to weaken the Klaus man. The offences cranked up it hasn't been slowed down at all. It's almost absurd to compare what we're watching it. Baseball bar Basque, about the things that happened in the past regulated Henry their Toby Luke, and they're like he has a chance at the most points, every game: seven, the guy, how the record was Dominic Wilkins with forty seven and it's like oh yeah, when he had forty seven
The most amazing games came seven, not fine was we ve ever had in eighteen. Eighty eight against the Celtic when he went to this whole other level and had this I kind of game that ten people will have that record, be passing it next ten years and it's the same thing for each for re baseball is came about the three outcomes meagre look at a homeland leaders, its absurd there's you be you know. Fifty guys with thirty home runs is shared out these deeds. With one point five strike out spurred, I refer gaining and shit like that: the football where everybody can throw for four thousand yards out you stay healthy right. Any receiver can get. thousand yards, if she plays fifteen games when we were grown up like quick branch, would go forty catches, fur seven hundred ninety yards, and we would be like talk about him: reverentially Stanley, Morgan. Oh, my God, the steamer had sixty
catches and nine hundred yards a share. It whatever side just think to go backwards and compare this shit through this stuff from the past. It's almost like it's like comparing black and white movies, the Colorado. Silent movies, like every game, will be some graphic that comes up on one of these, a big house. Special Trey was in the first round and then a game. The game against Philly, in what LUCA has done to start his career in these two series and Grandpa, Lucky Plaza flippers two times in a row, and that's that's really what matters but there's all of these out of these offensive AL comes Unlike wait, what is that like? Whose on that graphic, Georgia Shack? It's always
and whether we like it in their eyes and is only end their real well in heat out, Bobbin yeah they cause you're really is its know. If it's any these guys, I think that's again, but we ve talked about consistently. Is that the depth at the top of his leg is better than its ever ban, but that whole, let's see the play off thing slowly down a little bit air. We could just shock it up to the first couple rounds coming off. Another exhausting season with with things therefore different. You know it's almost like when you do the baseball cop yeah, the arms are bigger, more powerful and it's crazy. How many times you watch it. A bull penny like your six thinning guy, throws a hundred one and has now I d like knuckle curve to back it up, and it looks the same because totally understands spin ray and all this stuff like. Ok, I get it it's the same as the shooting, because that's it bothers me. When we compare generations, we go look the shot making alone is so beyond it happen. In such a quick amount of time
what's guys realise, like you know what I believe I work on the shot, I can make it consistently enough in a game or it's a weapon. I could spread everybody. But having said all those things dishes changes at the Games- Ruth it's usually doesn't happen. This quick in such a short amount of time, the years in the same thing with the football thing. If you look at the all time, yardage leaders there all gonna be guys like the last decade, twelve deep, add from Moreno Nassau Effort, yeah right, so it's it's both the early. I'm gets not being this its both its incredibly improve. Pressing, but is also happening more often than he would ever. Everything would take a break. I have one more point on this. Today is absurd. About an hour late summers here that means grab in every opportunity: beers with friends. That means grabbed some cold Miller light and, if you're lucky enough to see some live, tennis or Gough this summer. Just have beer subdue players. I do it the way you want to do it. We ve learned this you're, nothing crazy, Jason,
rate, tasting Miller light that won't fill you up. I am looking forward to a citizen beer plants and actually taken a couple weeks off. I have trouble going on. Vacation his aunt up, continuing to work anyway, but I'm really gonna. Do it meant a hang up the spend time with friends, family the whole thing. what better than having a mirror led along with me everything changes year to year. This year's What happened last time, you can always depend on the great taste of motorized next time we're getting ready to enjoy a cold ones with your crew or Miller Lite that CAM Ford Fiesta find delivery options near you, or you can pick up some Miller Lite pretty much anywhere. They sell beer, it's Miller time, celebrate responsibly Miller, Brewing Company Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six calories in three point: two carbs per twelve oz. One last point: on the heirs thing I had somebody text me.
one was from a different era by Canada branches both on who is just like. How can anyone say the guys from IRA were better than the guys were watching now, like the Faggot Daimler Game zagged, if nobody here who is capable of a game right there? bird had the sixty once in New Orleans. It it was the greatest moment of my life. He made some crazy. Three is right that we watch out routinely now we live in this world tray. Young has twenty five it time and then LUCA has twenty nine at half time. These are things that just weren't happening in the trees, the space and the fact that there's not centres anymore and stuff like that that's just. It can be very hard to put it on a context than I think for basketball. This is turned into what baseball was like from ninety seven other three, when the stare at era basically ruin the stats, it was added What these mean anymore, Louis Gonzalez, had fifty seven onwards the share. What are we supposed to say? Semi Souci, had
hundred and thirty two homers and two seasons like what is this? What are my watching the supposed to compare this to Roger Barras now, in this case, there's no performance, enhancing drugs issues that three point lighten the spacing, but It's a three point. I was definitely lack a defence and I think in other times, even when I watch play off, match up right, go. And I don't I don't know. Do you mean you want to get too Philly Lana at all? Now, as I say, right away, I read out because I think there's a theme there, because as much as to why change game- seven offensively- and defensively, and I know that not everybody can do the delicate Dover, where you have to get a chimney replaced after defending it. tensely as you did. It get stuff Lorraine, but it will. I get these defensive rep guys in the printer like this is a good game. They can start Danny Green again.
Trade is Danny ring. It worked by Dray young for half when you have viable as an option and you have defensive players you're, potentially in Ben Simmons. I understand like size wise. Maybe you can be too big of a guy, but I mean Simmons done some special things defensively and it's like wait. So you have Kawhi, you have George and you have these switchable guys in this stuff and Terrence Mann didn't play a game, like you, you guys are going to figure out a better way to like slowdown. Deluca thing- and I don't know if that's coming off a regular season is I've said throughout, like defensive effort was never worth it's understandable. I get it not knocking the guys empty arena, some more than half the season is just not the same by.
And I feel the same energy, and sometimes you really need that kind of stuff, but it just some. I've been thinking about the last few days, a little bit like these guys with big time defensive resonates were when are you Ruiz saving for right collide? I've just bizarre that it took than that lines from LUCA, but I thought that stuff he did and against look otherwise, two games. Look I've had an incredible offence against it and I still felt like made some crazy shots. It was, it was a hard forty six. It was like a flow in the office like he really made some soldiers. You got quite offer him and look ease. He would tell us your whoever twice had some other nice stretches against lucrative, statistically by it.
You know- I remember doing Thursday pot at that point I go it doesn't look like Hawaii can even guard the guy, but I thought the important thing with him and game. Seven was as soon as they got Kauai off of him. Luca was like okay taco time and it did feel like it worked every time Sixers. So I did a hawks bucks, parlay, six thousand two hundred and fourteen round to not going to panic about the bus. but but then you all this and indeed was coming back. They broke that were like forty five minutes before. Indeed, my plan game? When I start I've never seen? Was it a torment s case? Was it is a partial chair. So early it was early. The empty I'll I'll admit like you with the injury stuff I'm like it. I assume there not telling the truth and if it's an empty Alice bishops zombie like him like this, has to be pretty significant I thought you look great today, maybe Don T mobile on the defensive rebounding part of it allowed the redounds like I was watching how he rebound.
It felt like somebody rapacious bounced write to him, but if you had not told us anything, we wouldn't start this podcast with the Sixers portion. Go ahead. Bead looked a little office up wrong with him because whatever the mistakes were will get all that kind of stuff. But I thought he looked much better than my expectations that news broke news broke. I was I ah. What what's? What are we gonna see here anymore? I thought it was really good he looked a little more careful. I think, as the word out is, he was an hour. You know when, when he's, really feeling athletically he has plates like haven't, got hurt when he's trying to attack Robin Lopez, basically dunk on him. I thought he was a little more careful with the spins and stuff like that, but I thought he was really effective. Look the hawks have a shitload of talent and guys who can score and if you fall asleep and you do the wrong coaching stuff and whatever they can put up seventy plus in the first half, which is what happened today. I don't know what I don't apparently fill it and watch the last year's. I don't understand this
betray with this is now the third part where we talked about just you have to take him out, let the other guys be especially the hunter, not plan today. Second happen in a much better job. They started russian two guys Animal Mccord, they start trapping. Am I dont know what takes these teams? You know two games into the series? Are half answers whatever just to do? The very basic things they should be doing- I don't know if this day tat it is something I later we'll just whatever, but the big hours about tray who we have already talked about him, pod. They were so happy with what he's watching. I keep seeing him getting compared to curry into me, he's so much more in the NASH Camp Duffy's doing now that he is really figured out who he is and what to do and not to and how he controls the game and that those little things
he's like dribbling into the lane is Papa now, but he's not given up the ball yet and then I'll send you turn around and flipping it. The last second passes people on drives. I dont think he does a remind me of curry at all rethink the has it. I think, he's so much more reminds me NASH using credible today and then the last three minutes, the entirety melted down an eminent choose to just I just said I was a hiccup. The trade thing he continues to do it contrary make the Ass, the NBA Finals Yet- and I feel like I had asked the question here. I don't think it's ridiculous, though I dont at all, because I think there's a couple things going on like we start with the tracing and unite catch, let it should for this, and, unlike will No, I'm not I'm not changing my opinion, who I thought it was a player when he got better yet they had border worthy one and three wars. Teams last year in the league and even this front office that caught a lot of shit for
all of the off season moves, and now we are like weak there's. All of these options like this is a really well bill. It's not just good value, except for the random I wish they still gonna set back, which is shocking, because that Rhonda contract your language You given those guys, but I think it was because they want to bring Rhonda Wind, a kind of like tell tray some of the differences that you have to have like. There's different times. You have to have different approaches in the game is very clear to have somebody he's doing that won't look need Macmillan, even brought up an interview. This weakness by the hawks bar this oysters- you crazy, like like we ve, had reports of teammates being frustrated with him in film room, NEAT Macmillan was like. I had a kind of teach him. The difference between this is how you play first core. Second, third or fourth core: they brought up in the Brok S against a tree young, his fuckin awesome. I he's out this version of him is awesome, sensitive area being honest? He absolutely could now back to the next thing. I think the next not getting train ball defensively is a fair criticism. Could the Knicks had literally zero orphans of options when I give it
shot. I was looking forward to day and they didn't do it either and I just don't think fillies really built there, way and knowing doc. I think the way I do- I don't think Doc is going to go seeking Trae, young and switches with his offense. The way it's set up, it's going to be in be touches it going to kick Isaac, Tobias Harris, one of those weird visible games. Today, Samians hackers omits in Bulgaria hair submit a thin. Both had a regime. Herriston come back until lake is, I think they were trying to figure it out like. I think this is a very expensive mental game for doktor at least the first half was so Danny Greens. I can get an ice so dribbling against him.
Incidentally, we get an ice or so I dont think Philadelphia necessarily built bill offensively where it's gonna be. Let's do the exposed tray young idea that you want to give a shot, try it like a ball for it, but I thought I bet you docks. If you got him in an honest private moment, he would say I think it's gonna take us out of what we actually do seeking that, whereas New York, I think it's a much more fair criticism because it wasn't like you had all these other awesome options, re brother, that it makes sense to gear and brooklands a team that if we really want to talk about exposing trail defence brooklands, a team that would be able to. Let me stay on that, though, because the one doc thing nineteen the twenty five first half points for trade or against any ring, and they ran the same. Fuckin drag screen left side. We get area to the right and the left Do it whenever he wanted and then, when he brought Bible in at the end of the first quarter, Nate up immediately took trail, which is where it does come out and then second
after like let's get Simmons autumn in this is the part of trade where I don't enjoy it, where you are allowed to do this running back, Heisman Off arm thing and then stick beyond the defensive guy and then there's contact and then almost the thousand new and there were two absolute bullshit calls on Ben Timmins in that spot. So now Ben gets hit with the two fowls and everybody sick. What now? What am I supposed to do they trapped and really hard because they had to have that kind of effort just to get back in the game, we're going to see some of that trapping, but you can also get really bird on that the flow of game when you know it because trade shown, I think, the cop that I would use with stuff. because he doesn't do the off the ball stuff step? Does nobody does that's? Why steps the best, but the way trade goes all right. You want to trap you wanna double. Ok, outlet pass an unmitigated somebody else. Tray will eventually burn you on that. But you can't do is let the Dini Green thing happened for entire twenty four minutes like it happened today. Won't you us, at the match, type up against shrank TAT having too
on the court, when trays not on the court, does it make any sense to me? I just don't think they Warner they went back to. You know their office of guys there when they had Cybele in in though spots in some of those moments. So I know somebody ray you made a couple threes. He did I I I don't. You have a thread where people are suggesting, maybe a Duke senior night. Maxie start for you haven't, go out there like Pemberton Huddleston, who is like the coyotes Van, where they have just corporate sixty seconds floors, hopping and then it gets sub doubt Cameron's going crazy than chain him almost make out when he gets some doubt. Nobody goes knots little Duke senior night with Maxie. I don't know I'm not by NATO. Can I do a narrative complaint? Please wins but he blossoms into the point that we wanted them to become, but there were people like I say I think book is another good example right Booker in year, SEC says turned into an awesome guy and at my point, with Booker. The whole time is like yeah, he's talented, but his team doesn't win lakelets. What
talk about it when it streamlines now is teams winning a news was awesome in the game? Six. You can't go retroactive believe you were wrong about Devon. Booker wasn't wrong different Booker's team. I wrote down his first four years. There are eighty seven to injured forty one. Last year there, thirty four and thirty nine. This year. There good and he's proven that if you put a really good team around him, he was able, go up a level, and now, I think, he's better. I don't know top twenty top twenty five guy and somebody who can be the lead scorer on a plant contender. I didn't know if that wasn't true those first five years. My whole point with this stuff is like. I can only judge what I'm watching. I can there's a lot of talented guys in the league
always talked about. We think there's ninety guys who could scored twenty points again in bad, it's more about Yahoo, maybe a hundred. I really did it when you sit like a hundred the first time and then the more I thought about it. If you like it's a much higher number of guys, Bulgaria, one area theirs last level that you have to get to wear when you finally have the right team around you all right. What do you have, and I think Booker is Passed- the test Trae Young has passed the test there. Are there guys that for me, ass. The test you now and I am like if towns had an awesome team around him. would that mean he now becomes top twenty guy like Maybe I don't know he is the talent to do it, but I still have to see it. So I guess maybe my issue some of this stuff is, I think we do this rush to judgment with the the guys, especially this guy's gonna, be early. He's got her on it in its his house, a highlights Tik Tok NBA
UK way of how we judge guys, who you know like in in Booker's case, just saddened. Anything yet and now he's doing stuff and its awesome no watch, but that doesn't change fact that for five years he was on an irrelevant team in that has to be held against you at least a tiny bit give some of it. We can pick pick and choose, but look, I'm I'm not gonna be consistent with at all times like I'm into exile on for a long time, even if they don't win the west has, I think, whoever he is now at. This point is somebody that that impacts the game and positive ways other than the defence which do think improve towards unity, but if I did, it was a toy. That's approving from atrocious at the beginning of a year ago, has a good kid tick, Testa, let's his eye at the first five years of his career, decimate the plants and doesn't finnish above five hundred. Can we still says irons awesome at that point, because at some point, if you're a view,
awesome, basketball, player at some point that should translate into some form of winning. I should be able to see it and I'm the only with you, I love Zion, I'm not worried about it. I think he's one of the lawyer bets. We have. What are you worried about? I'm worried that will be in a deep west fight for a play off spot, the next four years of his career, and then I mean we're very predictable. This right were excited we enjoy. And then once the playoff failure start to happen, we start to go ahead. Hey what's the deal like you're going to hear people give Josh it tomorrow and I think if anything, doctors just proven you know I'm not as quick to anoint as you are, because I think that's where we end up making mistakes, but your love for him. which was you were in the queue ahead of me, and you know, you're you're right about it like I don't want to leave this being like a doncic needs needs to improve. I think the problem with it is this. Is that basically any of the arguments for any
disputes. I was really go where they motivated lit by like more often Hathor motivated by the person. It wants the thing that I'm not that I'm saying is unhappy while their motivated by like selfishly wanting it to be true and more Lana fans, it's like what we want to believe. The tray is all of these things, and you just see it. I think trays proven that I don't think he's the same guy. In the personal TIM, the whole time that was mad at you? I am going to say no tray was the exact same guy the entire time, but that will allow a fallacy. Rights shall not showing that. Doesn't that, as this is not unique to land, is not unique to train young, it's not it's! It's the same stuff over and over again, but what can seem at times inconsistent. As I know there can be some players that I really like that, I think, will impact their teams in positive ways, even though the team isn't that good yeah
I think a lot of times will be guys where I think the numbers are easier to get now. They're gonna put these big numbers, like his Jeremy, grant awesome now or did an awful basketball team. Let him go crazy this year with. shots now, bear me granted it being a better often supplier than I he had in his bag, like his his skill set, was on display this year and better and ended up being one of the worst teams in the Lee, and you know it not even all on grant, because the rest of the roster wasn't all that good. So sometimes the roster around the player, sometimes the player, puts a big numbers in is losing and for a while there I thought Trey was kind of like destiny, be losing player that poor I'm going to being, wrong about, but I also think he got better and clearly the team around him get a lot better. Well, in the end, what they were and sent devising for him
I think was off and I don't know whether you can just now. This is our neighbour milliner of want once Bogdanov, which fell into place and start applying. The team found a place in tray sense. I oh, if I do this, we're just gonna win more. I don't know what the reasons I just know that it's been different, a watch him. I think Booker's gnashing one right because even the first of these, seven weeks in the season: either the sun's were playing well and Chris Paul a great and ate and made a big job. Member Booker. in plain that? Well yet- and it was I'd, wait is he's, gonna go up level ray and he wasn't shoot now well and then fell into place. And you look at the team that now it would have could be worse if he wasn't plain that well, because the team, as where he's got one of the best point guards when the best ten point guards about time, she's got a sinner who, is doubled up overnight, whose athletic, who can finish around the room? You have multiple wings,
can make shots either. J crowd or peace even have a back up point guard and pain. Who can come in and do stuff? It's the perfect team, if you're to guard other asking forum is Hey: do you think makes some shots mandate in? We have shooters are you we have a plank artists can gay this and he went up I'll ever having its awesome here, but he So like is very small Maria though too, because if you go back and look at the course of the season you illegal, how different is book armies? Thirty four percent from three first career- I think he was thirty for this year- is thirty five percent, for for years now is thirty, three percent of lagging a better and its, and it says signature its those Jamal Murray moments where you go out of the guy was wrong about small Murray. But my god look. What he's doing the touch? Hats kill in Donovan Mitchell had a bit of that coming up party where there's more Donovan for that. I, like that. I dont, like I think, there's some moments reinforces the issue had been over these things, but I still rather have
Did it leans towards conference, but not like absurd heroic movie confidence, as poses someday? That's like second guessing even being. There, and so Mitchell's had kind of his break out moment spreading the Booker Murray thing aligns pretty work as it it's these moments. On top everything, Ok, can you close out and granted looked Anthony Davis thing change everything the liquors when that serious, Davis's healthy, I'm fine, I just I'm not gonna, hear the argument. Otherwise I know anything is possible, but I know this is this leakers obituary throughout its gonna funny, because I was gonna sadder labour even better this year that an awesome record everybody was healthy and then everybody was her and then guys get hurt again and said and this Lakers team like what went wrong. You're like it's really easy. This isn't some mystery with. could be another. Forty eight hours on this thing here MA am
another forty eight hours, just the sequel, it's the first. Forty eight is worth thinking about. Never map of catch you but you're like the Booker first quarter and then the three point barrage. It's so much be like it's beyond just the status that that you can carry a team and do that and I quote our game. The way Murray did when we didn't know that before then, you know so jealous hey. We know they can do that. It's it's kind of hard to make that assumption, but that same thing would try re, and I think that the reason I have some press would train. Booker was their best moments happen on the road in those places and pretty iconic places right, Booker goes in game, six, HANS Davis and the beginning of his I give if you're down a hundred percent, he got out right out right now, Riah, anyone right after men from that point on GIS rose through a dozen staples dozen doesn't ever seem like he didn't expect.
Any of this to happen right, which is the same thing, tray added m. Is she where it wasn't just that he was goody? He felt the moment like you, he was This is the movies like I was destined to be here. I was destiny. Beer do Reggie Miller. That was the side. You saw college that I didn't see those First couple years were even when he did it. As I got to fuck you do deers, you just put up fantasy stats, your team's, not winning. Now it's like no other substance behind it and I think it's really lifted both of those guys in a way that you know if we're making where we stopped to drive top forty one point: Booker was down for me in the top forty just cuz it, especially for the first six weeks of the season and stuff like that. Trach defence, but now, if we think, unlike our aid from train, trying to win a title whereby top forty, both of those guys above that- but I think it happened for very last year anyway, with with the Booker situation, I was, I think I like that, I'm not allowed to industry
the players are there. I always feel like I liked him a little bit more than you buddy. I think I read, I think you you had him closer to the towns thing if we look at tat really, I know our skills you are. I know what to do bizarre idea. You hunt any good in your like, but are you maybe the problem cause? I mean that's how I minutes that, since the league is so deep, tat can imagine like the kind of stuff we be. in about why and ball Georgian undeserved, even saying let your eye, but just in general, like all these guys, I mean hell, it's happened, the Lakers a little bit like do there nothing other than her right. Yes, it and if Chris Paul like were to lose in the first round and then all of these things it gets attaches cousin. I know we keep track of winning. I know that's brutes really really important, but there's some just some young guys like look at even yacht as may be honest, is a good example. I've got I've got myself the rails. Your lupus will make a quick but like Janius was still very much a developmental guy like he's a bit
like a. Why you're like a disguise kind of interesting but like were busy and then he was gonna like a house highlights guy, and then you, like you guys watching the full game, though, because we watch into full game and then he does become the centre piece of a team. That's good enough, despite their play off shortcomings, to be eighteen, sixty one seat. I know it's a three see this year, like that's the difference of a guy, even though doesn't have the play off. Razumihin were see what happened here against the nets, or even that accomplishment in itself is actually a big deal as the as the focal point. team that can win like sixty games and be taken seriously than just even getting to like 42in scorned, two thousand five hundred and fourteen is going to get past the first round. I have an important question, for you will take one more break. Here's the question you can think about it. Booker thing happened the same way if he doesn't get to be a crisp, passing Rousseau's gonna answer that, this. This episode has brought you by target, no matter what you come in
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On the twenty five european again puts real thought into where everybody should have. The bar also has some leadership stuff. can also steering the railways when things are on the wrong way. That trade, which they had to do and you had a year ago. We were talking about at some point if they don't start winning what it do, because I can make the playoffs the first six years of his career at some point, he's going to start looking around on what the fuc You know this is having a bay words. What part does for him leading to that? Forty seven point came against the Lakers and game six, like a wonder who for the next generation who we're gonna, be the guys like that that can effect at a young teammate like that who is it because the leubronn Paul generations, on its way out, like I think the rent could affect people and you can see the rents personalities all over that next him he's ease,
figure who he is there. Whatever point of life is at an there, there's an unselfishness with that team that it comes comes from him who, what other, whether the play could impact the you see in the next generation? You basically asking what is the point guard? The the set of everyone else. First point Courtesy he's an endangered species and he might be going instinct is who's. The yet put I've put real When did the other guys on my team guys it's not a long list why? I don't even know what the list is a mean: trays trays better. Looking for his first.
could I ask the best floater guys liaised eight years away from even when, knowing, if he's gonna be an answer to this question, it is still a baby he's like twenty to twenty one is used that can in order to do that. Yet I just don't know those guys idly. Combo guard used to be a bad word, bat, and now it's like, if you're not a score first point guard than if we want we want you out there, we got a stupid when you think about it, like to fleet used to get Like apprehensive about drafting scoring point guards like I was this guy gonna get aerials involving now it's like how can we put five guys out there and get us a bucket because sucks turn into that Guy Cunningham, one of that one of the guys from my almost said, Cunningham, because, yes, oh good, at play, making but now he shoots it really well sucks does a lobby in between stuff you he really really does like sucks. Does sucks has moments, you know who did it
Skype crazy, but the reason he ended above and Halliburton. So much in college is he he made the in between place him the place. The other nine guys aren't even thinking about just like our, why we sit at the top quite get there, me bout off the man Miss because nobody else was paying attention to what the wake. Why was, and that was a dangerous thing required crash ass, he would have been the one back was supposed to be back, but you just tell you read it: he read it back than every health Stephanie ran in cotton, airborne and everybody's watching him. Halliburton. Has that anymore? He he see stuff, at least a college or other guys, we're doing it, and I see that lot of the same stuff, sucks out the better, the same player but moments where you go. He's the only guy the floor that that read this. That way, I we're gonna richer, substantial. I want to say Portal and I
Dame that whole situation will say that for part, two will say: bucks nets for part two, and maybe some Nuggets Nuggets Shasta fur for party. What's what's close with this, what invited you on game, six with the Anthony Davis and how that are being played out there. Anything not been made public that you ve heard of no, I think everybody is gonna
now here, a little bit, because the day of the guy had talk to somebody that city was gonna Going game five and then it was bad and then day of he wasn't gonna go and then he magically was ready to go outside wait. What and people think it straight up like you got sick of Charles part because of ST close, and not just Charles Barkley, but people thinking that of em. So I saw some people out of happy like the team, can't let him out there and, like you know what man I think the team was. I I find if you wanna go, then I guess you can go. I heard Leubronn told him, don't even bother like don't even bother to try our best out here, and I think Davis is a guy
I'm offended and I feel good about defending him cuz. When he's right, he's special and you know that's why you go out and acquire guys like that. I know. Lakers fans are really frustrating like one to take up all different kinds of exercises now to fix body, because I was part of the problem this year. but I am not a thing with Baker fence there be suggesting pilates programmes, for they do it. Lobbies we'll hot yoga. you know little band work. Why us a bit work is a bad worse of TB. Twelve baby yeah, you know. Look I laughed about liable. I'd like to like to be a little bit more pliable and of breeding. Keep doing this thing than you who's whose Disaze wrong, but I really think Davis his moments were like he can be a like a young kid. Sometimes, I think I just him out, so he was a guy. I'm gonna go out there, so I
I guess we should say hey good for you, for even given it a shot, but it was clear and jumped centre like the second he started. Walking around you go so I don't. I don't know my feeling is he was gonna. Do it no matter watch a show, everybody and everybody's all right, fine, and then we saw what happened. I wonder if he's healthy or semi healthy, what happens with that series, because once Chris was actually I don't know, you look like oh Canada, by percentage for you I thought I'd like eighty seven percent Chris that's high either you have seven gives you saw what happened when he did at the top three. He like didn't trust himself to take the shop. Eighty, two percent, seventy nine. I read out a bunker. Let me look at issue calculating yeah. Now it's the lake
Minus eight hundred after game three, there was the gaming land for their new in this year's. So I beg your instincts are correct to say, if it it's a pretty good fork in the road, whatever for a lot of different things. Right now we look at this Lakers Leubronn situation, the bronze, been there three two they get around one and out they get I'd, know play off than they win the files. So I think you take one title right: it's like the cagey thing goes to win a title. They get to win its idle, but out your nineteen for him. Davis is tied to him. You have no way to make their roster really that better, so it's gonna have to be those two guys and maybe some collaborated. They can stick out, but I did I'd. I was wondering if, if Davis like in there in the most secret moment of his life, where the clever he trust the most like his dad and just like at ten o clock after two glasses of wine, as you say, you think I made a mistake.
That extension with the Lakers and tie myself to Lebron who's going to be in your nineteen next year, and who's already played more minutes than even the history of the week. It should say if I had a do over she would I take it the first of all. Yes, because he's hurt all the time, so he should be psyched that he got the extension cuz. Who knows what's going to happening. The other part of this is odd by knowing Davis personality know him, but knowing enough people down in New Orleans that knows personality that once he was signed up with box. Like I mean that's why this whole thing was so funny about him, potentially like not doing turning down the option exploring free agency, what you think David is going to tell clutch hey. You know what I'm actually not going to sign on for this long term with your guy, I'm not going to help I'm not going to help
anybody that, once you go away you, nor should they have not done the extension or she'd personal everybody should have done it. Then they want a hidell. They want to title, and yet I gave up in retrospect. We don't know like we don't know of what will have given up historically will be looked at as way too much or not enough go as to when a title, the goals to win a title and they won one and it worked, and I what were they? Twenty two Six at one point bill: there wasn't too many people say hey this Lakers team and I like the way the rostovs constructed yet little messy there at the end, the other was of shooting, but I mean even You hate the Lakers. I think you have to look at this and far more rationally, which was air after they were eliminated. In that I know they have a ton of tough decisions, assault season and where there are against the tax like what their tax bill could be. Just bringing everybody back from Eurostat. It annoys seem like it fit when you have those two guys. You have a chance and at some point is you hope to have a chance. Now more teams have a chance because they're not healthy in there
it's pretty big numbers for those two guys they cater for forty next year's they're. Just they combine seventy almost seventy seven nine and that's why the Dame thing ill? What becomes use and what does it? And it's funny could take a look at some of these. These content like and be content pages on it Graham envy, like millions of followers, five thousand followers and like all they do is Parrot Lake Stephen, a seven first take that teams monitoring the Dame lizard situation, will analyse shit well, why it like that, I'm out he likes, and you go. Why? Who the fuck like that? Who like goes? What did you might remain visible use, refreshing, Google? I talk to some people this week about it and I go like Gimme handicap the Dame suggests. I say this for parted. I believe that a dying of east timor- it, let's do more of Caesar stipulated quickly to Chris Paul-
What? What are you hearing about him? When he's gonna want three years? I think you know opt out there. big number. I may be hilarious Sarber they can, they have to do is give whatever he wants. I would think to keep everybody happy, we'll see other us this place out, even if he's her, but I think he's at thirty six years only turn thirty six in May he's gonna want. We approved a birthday party, but they'll want to instead of a one year that massive number, you don't try to get it at three years, and now you probably little or thirty nine and you want to. But that's what's gonna happen. What have you heard about random anything? Yeah yeah? I think there is a part of it were, maybe at the thought of doing the one year and hoping to hit the bigger extension next off season and I have always done all along that the Knicks would gladly give him the floor for what is at one thirty or somethin in and go. You know when? Are you not perfect yet
elevate your last year. We don't know who else are going to spend it on a Db60 plus million and projected cap space. So it's just weird: it's just weird how somebody's value can feel like it. Changes monumentally in just a span of a few playoff games which is not entirely sure, but I think it's also a reminder to like all. This is why I ran was on a bunch of teams, and I like randall- and I mean like I love what he did the season for that team. But it's kind of a weird thing: were the team and the Randal side of it. I wonder how much that series impacted what they think of their position. Each team in a one sided irreversible, I could buy a train bucker right, those guys, Canada on the moment and went up. Eleven Randal went the other way and it's hard not to look at that and have real questions. I mean. Is this second time aunt one's gonna come up in the past. Then, in an hour I didn't expect allotted that in Vegas. But you know
thought it was an all star- was a young guy was a foundation peace with somebody. I think people felt really good about and then got a viscera by Kenyon Martin in two straight playoff series and by the end of it while that guy can't be one of the best three guys and shape it should pay me just uses, knew it after those two series and he got a maxim, this time around. It was you know about him, one, the second MAX great credit Not like hey, I'm, the goat, you guy in the steam up all beers. Nobody said about piracy, be good scoring off the bench yeah. Well that, but that's what happens at the plan. Sometimes it shines a giant spotlight on whatever your files are. Sometimes it sometimes you blossom you just have you noticed there? It looks times its it. Iraq is sometimes it's incredibly revealing in it. In a road map to the truth, the who that player is and sometimes is completely unfair and in this case its fair, because Randal was so bad in that Syria is that I think any rational person ass to think.
wait? A second you would you not do the boar for one thirty? Now I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't I wouldn't do anything more than like four four hundred. So, if he were bouncing is a free agent, you would be like okay, no problem, I'm just playing it out with that deal, I'm on a great contract next year. I need to see more If he does really well, then it's all going to work out. We could offer on the most money anyway, it's not like he's going to leave and just take ten bucks more somewhere else. You know I think you sell it to him like this cap space will be so helpful. we'll make the team better. Will they do this test as a nurse than we can take care of you in a year? You stay that way. I part too. We are going to come back with some some Floyd may weather, which it's it's login paw near locked in thirty five pad difference and would be watching my son I'll be able to give you his takes too.
Oh, come on right after that, and then what this important and stuff- and we will do some- we gotta- do not we'll walk. I wasn't so those three things that are being a party see that I'd. That's ever part one of the bill, Simmonds Podcast, we'll be back late night and I mean reseller cover in the rest of this basque, buster, pus Paul may. Whether this past was produced by a fine gentleman how great for done, since he was nine years old, he was a young back. We ve grown, allow together and now it's all to this end, producing Nigerian six back ass. I see it for parts it
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