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Part 1: Scary Brooklyn, Trae's Leap, Milwaukee's Moment, and the Smart Conundrum With Ryen Russillo


In Part 1 of the two-part Sunday podcast, The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss Round 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. They talk about the Nets' shellacking of the Celtics in Game 4 as well as some tough decisions Boston may have to make during the offseason (3:00). Then they discuss the Bucks sweeping the Heat, how Milwaukee will match up with their likely Round 2 opponent in the Nets (26:00), the 76ers' 3-0 series lead vs. the Wizards as Philly looks ahead to face the winner of Knicks-Hawks, another Knicks loss to the Hawks bringing the series to 3-1, Trae Young's phenomenal play, how New York should handle Julius Randle's contract, and more (51:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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A mortgage dotcom Slash Bill Simmons, because when you need a mortgage that future life racket can cover cost information conditions equalising lender lessons than all fifty states an M l S, consumer access, dot, org number. Thirty thirty were also ratify the ring it outcome, as was the Ringer I can now. Where were we, they beat a couple. New pack has recently no skips with Jackson, Shea and season two flanks Peter trigger shamming beg you can check both for those out on the Ringer Pakistan work, as was the new we watch was coming Monday night. It's a movie. They came out about. many years ago. It is movie that is directed by somebody who became an even bigger director after the movie and that's all the handsome but its commitment, and I come up part one Marcella. We wait until, after the subjects nets game to break down the plants in the eastern com France and then after maps clips later today were put up part two after we finish taken at once so little to part extravaganza for you, it's on
its first project I arrive associated with this at six thirty, which is why such nets that's killed the subjects they think they're. Trying to score hundred fifty point: zero their starters in until there is, but a minute left in the game they basically just took, turns torturing Tatum. In that statement because he re really have any help out there, but reseller designed for time. We ve seen this team with the three guys now
they're playing a team that is a five hundred team that had no room protection, cause robber whims, those implying that they really have any shooting and could really defend them at all. I dont want to say that this is what the rest of the plants is gonna like, but this is the this. Is the hypothetical awesome version of what the net so thank? It was pretty impressive fight. They made every single shot. They took. God look. I think the only reason I lost came three as Europe. Nineteen for four and a half minutes into the game like he's got stuck and then they just for, like Tatum, played one of the all time games. Any Celtic, as ever, played in a way off game. Marcus was incredible in game three, and even though Campbell was, as you know, is that another bad shooting from him like they're, all these guys, making these big time ever plays. The oddity of this series is that I think, is actually kind of the toughest we ve seen Celtics look like they ve actually cared more. They ve shown more fight. They should a lot more fight game forbidden to stop myself.
this is not even close, I mean, is no robber Williams, we know javelins, but now the no camp for this one there were rotations in this game bill were. I think it was like forty eight laying furred Semi Grant Williams, I mean prayed a second, don't forget about the iconic semi, grant your Bari three out of the five guys of the floor to start the second quarter That was rough right, so Brooklyn can do whatever they want when they want to indicate that job, and I think actually, some of the most impressive stuff is it. The second quarter start were In the rain or out and hardened just goes solo, but he can t. Do you gettin Thomson switches on him? He toasts him every time you get forty and switch. She told him. There's no back line help so
biggest mistake. You can make your celtic spanner anybody like that Goin! Well, if they had done this replayed this guy or all these different things like this is tat even close, like Brooklyn, probably, should have swept, listen, they're gonna, win game, five things you know, they're not even close, and that ensued them, because Tatum played the best game of his life's and I've seen. I think pretty much. Every great Jason Tatum Game. The one on Friday night was different though it was him putting all the p his together him realizing the inside out. Thank God contact when he wanted solving double teams, and just it was fifty hard points. You scored. Fifty relatively easy points against the wizards right. The plan game can go against, Bertha where ya tomorrow and played really well that the Friday night was different. They fell away behind it. They're gonna roll over the nets thought the sweep of happening. There can be added, thereby the weekend and Tatum Cottages didn't
I want to let it happen. I thought tonight same thing. You played really well. He ended up with forty four twenty two, seventeen, seventeen from the free throw line it felt like he could have thirty free throws. They take away for me consider how younger was, but also who he was going against was you know just compare him in the red, because the rain was unbelievable. Today, ETA use fourteen for twenty years, for labour features and got anything. I write it. Forty four twenty the rim on any of his makes either, but you know watching those to go ahead, as the South expand who's, trying to figure out what Tatum ceiling is. It was one of the first themselves, Oh yeah he's I don't know if he's Durrant to point. Oh, but you know, there's a chance he could be the best going forward in the league other. Be LUCA in two three years. I thought that stuff he showed. is really blown away because his teammates weren't open up there is no other threats and for everyone,
both at their Friday night at satellite. The nets rag, oh shit. We can't leave Cumber Mark a smart. They just left wide open this whole series basis, they Fournier is who is who he had no hope whatsoever. It. Ninety points the two games and just think when you accept the Lucas Guard who tabled even higher you for Russia I changed my by the petty at how I have to do the army. I I wanna hit a couple big picture points, questions for you. First off. I think that by market smart size, boss to give While their dinner and I'm not eliminated- bid, the home game. I mean that might have been it. I think, the next time we see him there in the video thanking him for his seven great years at Boston. As he's on whatever uniform he's wearing next year, because they're not gonna bring this team next year, not trading Tatum in their nitrate in jail in it. If you don't know a jailer means to the city in the organization he saw Friday night when Tiree kind of did his. Intimation thing and J, just shut it down with this four and a half minute based,
a monologue. That was incredible. Those too are going anywhere. I think, if, if there's a move to be made, unless there's a combat trade, which we can talk about, a second providing markets, has real trade value. He he looked like himself with care odds, but has been pretty uneven. This season as a tradable contracts got when you're left, and I think that was the last on get way more on this than than I like your definitive about it. Let you produce a second time. He brought it up. This and I mean I don't know- I mean I know- he's been offered because he really is the only tradable peace. I would think there's probably a difference of opinion amongst the team of of what he means to them in the future, and look for the smart fans, the people that that love, em and love all the intensity of stuff that he brings like. I understand right, I'm I'm not trying to like dump on beginning I've had my frustrations with him right because he does care and that's that's important, but I think it's always been
a challenge with him kind of understanding how much better the other two guys are, and I don't I don't that the hard thing it's a hard thing for a young player. You know what it's a hard thing for: a guy who's thinking about the next contract and all that kind of stuff. So you're more definitive about than I always be like? Well, I don't think there's going to wake up and say we have to get him out of here, cuz. That seems harsh. I just think it's like. If you're retooling this thing, you don't have many options. Cuz campus, basically untouchables over seventy million the next two years, I'm not saying definitively out, I'm just saying: they're not going to bring back this team next season, and he is by far, if you just being smart about it, and you're using experience in savvy and reading the tea leaves left and right here he's the most logical gotta get traded. I thank you. the most trade by and, I don't think they're trade entailed in the jail in ink. I think members untreatable, which I want to get too in a second, I ears they when markets. I think he has more value. The teams that haven't
then watching him day in day out, because I don't think he's the same defence, apparently more, you saw tonight, they are inquiry in the red now granted. Those are three incredible guys, but I feel like two thousand eighteen markets would have had a better chance to defend those guys. I dont think he's as athletic as he was three years ago and you there's a dead. There's been some wear and tear, I think, keep he played really really hard and I dont want to turn this into a dumper Marcus thing. I just think next year's conch idea I think he's going to want to get paid, and I think they're going to look at this and go all right. If I best three guys are smart Tatum, and where we go in- and you know I dare not anywhere yet I was gonna. Look at it is- is like every fan base. Everybody can get really selfish about your own we're Cummings gangs that guy what can we do? What you mean you? Usually your options are pretty limited and if they want to bring back Fournier on any kind of deal there,
they may be, have removed some pieces around hoping just have more depth words, not some major move, but the depth is somehow cheaper in order to avoid what could be a huge tax bill tat. All of these guys back, I mean that's. That's where the fortieth incomes in its also or the rest of the trade exception Rio, Ok, but I know everybody get really excited. Read these Beale articles, because the tray exception line up with his souring like yeah. That's not the way it works, like the person you're getting in the trade exception, usually be somebody that people are ready to move on from, so the can be of it at thirty. What what is thirty, six million and, in thirty seven point six million player option, which being probably had report pick out one of two years from now I have used for a right. Gonna have the worst active contracts, writer Jimmy
what they have next year year after Kevin Love, thirty one and a half twenty point: nine. While forty four point three forty seven point: five, that's the worst. Forty seven million were John Russell. Forty four point: two, forty four point: two straight canvas: thirty, six next year, thirty seven points Next year, pausing s thirty one, seven thirty, three eight and then the sneaky thirty six she's got three years left. Wiggans is thirty, one sixth three section is arguably the most productive. China win out of all these guys Russell as thirty and thirty one point, four Orford, twenty seven and twenty six and a half and Heyward answering on here just cause. He gets hurt every twenty. Nine point. Nine! Thirty point one! Thirty one point: five, my point as, if canvas getting traded, I think it's for one of those other guys in the list. and the south exotic about our Wall Kevin love. Maybe I think the calves would have the trade sexton to open up.
The campaign, but then that it like, I don't understand why would they do their that sheep? They want garland to be the future than his leg up his oriented. You have garland play off a camera which I know they try to do with Sexton, but you just your more complaints out of the second part of the combination, you garland right here thing right, weather, those stories about the guys are opposing deem saying he's, not gonna positive reaction at the bar, the rare trash talking where there actually undermining the stoutly pausing s is the most logical. Just on paper like oh yeah problem, for a problem, though especially the way he played, I'm frightened. I doubt right now, Coopers doubts is happening. He might have thirty. Five so that a sound like an idiot, but now it has it had been great and I defended posing ass a lot, but I mean just it's rather great and I think you would agree whenever I make the rounds of calls, you know somethin alone.
ask your hate here to everybody gets mad like was the next mad guy, Ernie, whispers or anything, and right now is required on that front, but is forest like who do you think a big day there like pressing, is available. Well, let me show you taken. You dig in three years back with them, so maybe there's a camera pausing s somethin put no. shooter, tax there I don't know, I actually think about maybe a tradable. I dont know that I will try for pursuing us anymore, because I just I think it's kind of that group of guys that are too tall for their movement. Yeah dictator, so big. There always gonna be her. I don't know that when so there the reason I bring this up as because I think people they are. We should trade, combine, we'll get it and it's like you get it really not get it. back for a guy who two straight years said knee issues and is a small guy who just does not look good against get themes even before him
Her necessary is used in the good he's here we did member that weird website I found. Where was I had tad match. I forgive you still, don't you know what a guy phased out and who, for whatever that site was Kepler was just he destroyed, he was, I put a bazooka joe in those batch up. So I just think this out, there seems gonna. Look different, I think was smarts contract is the most logical guy. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm that reporting they don't aggregate this. I just feel like that might have been his last Sunday. I mom I'm not confident. You know that like. I would seem like that. I just think you look at it this way you go. You still have to great wings and a chance for one of them. paid him to be adopting guy and their young enough. You gonna reset the deck I I know this is like frustrating animal sounds like loser talk, but I just think its reality talk when you look at some of these teams that are coming up short, for the Celtics. It's always weird because you grow. Like all you know they couldn't you pass Easter conference finals, unlike man, you can make an argument all three years I made these recovered finals day. They were kind of.
play some other OECD yeah like it was almost held the first year with Isaiah Thomas fifty wins us on the worst one seeds ever and they were probably trying to rebuild in reset things and then, as a man, the isa so bad were competitive and that's what everybody wanted bread Stevens to be dismissed, used to be named effort. So I don't know I started other air out. I just think you should feel good. You have those two guys, despite the fact that disappointing this is, but as far as like the nets in the match up in all the stuff, I mean it's just are worlds apart. There are worlds apart or talk about three whole Famers on one team does even need to play defence and they could have they can score whenever they want. That's the only reason why I think they just took their foot off the gas from Europe. Nineteen for like that game three or this but sweet. You know I'd that ever think about this at the clippers tat. The south thanks similar, builds right to two awesome winks jail and got hurt, but the league is so deep. Now, from a top heavy standpoint, I made my list of top forty just in case
ran out of of to talk about, and I was kind of stunned by how good the forty is- and I was stunned by you know what I thought like the top tier was, and things like. I just like we're just an account boom right now. So you have jail and Brandon and Jason Tatum on your team that that might just be around run loss unless you add other guys, because all these themes that we get to sixty five teams and twelve of them have a ton of talent. You know washed out beyond Westbrook and really nobody else in there just getting demolished by filling like demolished. The games were closed. Sooner and the Miami who makes the final last year. It seem like it was seven years ago when you watch this year as well I have enough talent is against a team they beat nine months ago. So I just think we're pretty loaded these days. He had the depth is great for the listeners,
to get up a little chuckle out of this, because I know we're gonna do our top thirty a few months ago, and I did it and I you know, had a pretty good. I, like thirty three guys may be, and I was like I could art be argued in and out of a couple of them here as the game started. Their bill sense be taxes occasion much up forty players case. What to do that and I'm like do I noted the gauges arena darling. I know I know, and I appreciate it- and I want a Europe from you, but I go Looking at my no prizes were in the beginning of land in New York, and unlike already taking down other stuff on trade- and I was looking at- and I look at the text- I just go think, lay asking to soccer Macrobian do and I go you knock. The knot of does not refer to the forty. The way I want do right- Now I just needed on how to do it later on. Without a doubt I will you can do it or whatever I just I couldn't. I can put off on top of everything else. Unwatched again have a cup of quick nets. Things can we get a move on to some other spheres and, first of all, the book,
The Boston cried resources rather than twenty five in their acting like they're down to like they're, really into the game. At the there are said to be back in the first quarter. It kind of hadda upset kind of field to it and then are forcing the benches had to play at the end of said, the nets or at night But you know when we were grown up, and I remember it must famously withdraw Samson at the game consisting when he came in and that's that crowd was like a Roma calcium and I did feel like it. Psyched amount at Benda games. Were players got psyched out in twenty twenty one? I don't. I don't feel like crowds, Getting on players, imbuing them works the way you to back in the day. I think our does for somebody like carriers, makes a mad. It makes him try harder and it puts a uh. You know it puts a bird possess. Any
and he is actually more likely to play better. If you do it, I'm not saying the function of than that, but when they were on him, might that, as I got shit, he's gonna play really hard today, any dead. He was like doing tippins with two minutes laughter appointed out. He played half as hard as at the two thousand I can play ass may be something good would have preferred celtics. He was awesome and you re like. I think I think, there's something with him Where I don't, I mean look when you hit a shot like you didn't sixteen wide. You could be facing a Sunday afternoon up to one on the Celtics, who aren't that good raising its payment preacher December. Usually the feds are bid
but like that I had. I have my have linked for the switch, although leg for probably is about some of the other guy's got guns were right, but you had just like either crowds yell at the rat. That's a threat, the best scoring forward, probably of all time his is that could be faced by this is probably just gonna hit through Is that stand out? I guess by put his I don't know what else fans should do almost wonder if we should use little reverse psychology and you just apply, the guys in the other team. Every time that is about ass, brilliant carries bro. what an honour to be here to just kind of sick them out or just silence would be the other thing they work. I don't know I don't. I don't know what the answers you know at the answer is in is cheating for taco fall with four and a half minutes lifted up yet address that so embarrassing desert curtail something, and I mean this is another against talk, oh by the way. I just think that Europe, I'm crowd near the Celtics, and yet you I'm game its I've. Never mind right exactly. I think there is a lot of kids in the gutter. Here's thing
I won't arrives entire on that, just dumped on thousands of gets better. Now I would rather have seen taco in the sector quarter than semi on Land grant lamps. I honestly in all sincerity, Samuel, yes, granite greenhouse these moments, but two faced he's out there at least the nets are going to be able to drive in the basket, it was a lamp landfill, I'm at least if the seven foot six guys in their their thinking first split. Second giddy north are thinking of doing their thinking to sit and five one screens and then now talk thirty feet away greatly even arms I'll do that's fine. but please pay that play its own and if you think there are adjustments to be made because I would like to local radio, one say tomorrow. When the old calling show back in the the zone days do a guy. What can they do We need more minutes from this guy you're like now is now there's no there's no magic does not. This happened here. Things over force her, you know it that would what should have happened is that, as it may
Malaysia blind somebody should have creamed hardened career. One of those guys because it's the playoffs- and they don't have that Morris brother on this team right they don't have like Marquis come- differs from all quarters. The moors brothers for school milk, I can't believe I can't believe there is somebody that, when harden just absolutely form shivers them off, like Fournier ended up in the in the stanchion he's get shot. I can't believe there a guy. That's like I stink. It is a matter of I'm out here and he just shut me to the ground. Again I grant nobody wants the fine. I can't believe nobody's really lost their minds after getting shock to the ground by harden I'd. They just accept it. It's really we're hard Amazon. Today, yeah. thing is is taken. They can run all of that stuff with just him like this started that second quarter Woody's echo camera. Do my Houston Rockets deal again
this self esteem right now we're there. I mean the guys they had out there for the second corps. That was even fair. They should it is alleged, Heyward and start the clock at six minutes and have you guys up ten more? I was when they get up eight. It fills the game's over cause. It's like there, we're gonna screw up enough possessions for you to be able to go on like at twelve, the to run. There's the odds of them scoring is basically fifty import, fifty percent every time he anything yet your minds, like the Rock and Roll Hall of fame or something granted like this is the best thing that they're going to look because next round, they're going to play, Milwaukee Yanis is going to be out there, the Brook Lopez in the middle holiday being fought around like the boxer. Significantly significantly better defensively than Boston is significantly since the best brigades every lead, but the game. Today it felt like the rocker raw fame when they would have those things where it's like right now, Tom Patties gonna play with Prince in AIR Clapton
he's guy kind of steps out its ago shit. That's prince, he's doing a solo. Now then it's like their captains, they can just go from. the guy and it's like three of the most, how that often supporters of this era and two of the most iconic offered suppliers of their generation, so then you see it altogether like fac. This is tough Yanks, your juniors is correct, in life I've been doesn't want to stand near him, we'll just running disturbing that other guy here, I guess they want. They want the nets, and I think this bodes well for them next round. I something the bucks are: gonna beat them, but their their role. Guys are off.
ski rig up around me, Blake S out there now, like Captain Role Guy and he tried to write arches every single possession, Superfast Claxton Super Physical in Claxton, Klaxons, incredible and that he has accepted who he is on this team. So much more like a Georgia was like. I write your huge, but what's with this point, are to guard stuff, yet and then Tyler Johnson, who pick up forecourt, annoy the shit out of you and try to poke check and stability there, like five guys at that. So from an energy standpoint, I I actually think that bodes well for them for the planning stage. Thinking about this was the injured in play. They're gonna need him at some point and that will open the door for teams to. Either do hack the Andrei try to get and switches things like that. They didn't have to play him the, but at some point they will
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tribute to revenge pass. The buck suggests a really good defensive team verses. Maybe that thing was just flunkey last year: where would you if you had the sea saw that? Why don't you agree utterly revenge was was the main factor. I looked at an awful he offence and I mean, if you go over the numbers and gainer really talk about for games that same match up in these. misleading! Remember last year were looking at used in small approach. Net ok see series, whereas seven gamer you, where you looked at juices, defensive numbers after that you're like a look over the defensive numbers, are like. I was gonna Chris Paul, a timid, Shakos Alexander Lou door at stake threes shrewder at his moments. I wasn't like this really tough, often see at a slow down, but if you just go based on what Miami did offensive here, what Milwaukee did defensively to them? Miami was like ninety five points per one hundred possessions in the series. That's almost ten points worse than the next worse offensive team. So far the playoffs war games in
the Knicks. So when I was going through and do my preference series, the emotional sided, he was what, if what, if they're in their head a little bit and every time I kept coming around like another fact about whom I am, he really was as it why anybody pick them. No one in the only reason anybody was picking on which I understood was it like an emotional hang over from the previous match? Up, so I mean yadda shot it awful and he kept shooting rebounding was great defences there they play. I am perfectly- were banned in really ever figure it out. Butler was terrible. You know so this that Syria, I think game. One was I well, you know if some goes here, some goes there. You know you never know what could happen and then, as I now actually like, this is a problem. Miami has a real, often a problem, and I think it had way more to do with the match up than it was just revenge mode. we know that a week ago- and we said that felt like oh a weird game: one must win fur walkie that once they got over the hump of that aim, is
and be smooth sailing at it. I didn't they would sweep but pages dominated them in a body hedge diehard, crazy, Boston, Fanny, build be this graphic of the heats feel go percentages. last year their best for guys versus the shared might each guy was ten to fifteen percent lower than the year gone is again fuck you guys they got hot for six games. We should have been in the finals. I couldn't be different ban, but it was a bad match for Boston with the bad thing, but I can't get over there Here again, I can't get over that one. Would you I'm in here, like thirty, eight or forty just sit in that egg, without having five threes in the in the final game, was an awesome either via its? I think, if you look at that, twenty twenty heating now. They become this weird aberration team. They go into this this room with, like the two thousand. Seven calves
and some these other weird final schemes we have or we're gonna look back twenty years from back beg. The fuck happened that, oh, that was the bubble year, be like one of those but the butler legacy. We were talking on this path cast about Butler as like a sea have to be considered. Topshop guy, going gets the bride and a day in these single here they winning to finals games, and you know he was the dominant player in the eastern conference, and what does this mean for him? it's like you is often talk. The talk, the big Hodu. Look, this isn't about shooting on Jimmy Butler. This is just responding everything Jimmy but there's been about because one guys win and it makes and some innocent, but when they had that run last year than it became this kind of like forced storyline. Did he was always one of these real guys knee was proving that he was always a tier one guy to carry it. when a reality. Like he's flirted with being attacked in guiding like one season for the rest of his career Eminem
about the real years of production you ever really seen him is that everybody would watch me butler I'll. Take you me butler, you loved him. Jimmy got, but. it's like war he's in the final? So now? What do we do? You know? Is this guy a top five z, atop sky and then, of course they gonna play our seasick. Don't worry about it like I've got some up. My sleeve I've got all this shit. I know you got, swept and shut it like So any Miami so we're gonna, get in any of that even happening like three days. You know it's not gonna, be some he's, not a big enough, the star for him to actually have to pay like some of the criticism price. The other guys would have to pay for saying all the stuff that he's been saying about him and his team in his game. For months, when rally was like, there are decent team and eight look. They came out of the east. Nobody else did good for them, but I don't know, I think we end up making more mistakes about who players,
in those winning moments. Then we do we kind of step back and look at the bigger picture and realize, like Butler's, really good everybody like Jimmy Butler he's, not a top ten player in the league top ten sprouted anyway. I did second team all NBA for him this year, but it was steward major most is that what he was right this year and he had a really good. Second, after the season yeah, I want read you my top forty, but if forges, if starting with these eleven guys in that this is in no particular order: Leubronn Katy, Janius, LUCA Yoke, edge and bead Currie, quite Dame Davis and hardened. There's not that group here I mean that's really good boys nice, it's like aren't. You voted in seconds, email, India. That means it's ten best. It has to do with missing games like if you redrafted, the entire league for one season Butler would not be one of the first ten bucks an hour ago, the next five,
Tatum Holiday, young, Williamson, Mitchell and then Palm go bear now knives. Seventeen guys I just listed. you have holiday that high I'm just I'd just listing guys, Hooker ire We do have holiday and top twenty now the more you just brought him up. It's like thirteen, so you're, not saying that's an ordinary is God going out of order, because I don't wanna make people think I was reading our fullest, but I do think holiday was the top twenty guy. For me, the stuff he's doing defensively, like you, don't boss, who, as a Bacchus zone, credible on defence, a Jew holidays, incredible on defence, and I hate myself for I voted for him for first team, the events last year, he should be pencilled in Zaire. Seize on this level is first ease the best defence of garden, the wig, and that's it. It's done you ever the guys that out their think, they, one of those lockdown guys you just. Why drew frontier?
especially closer more regrettable watch him and then go. Oh, my god is bit like that, so the heat quickly cause I want to get to the bucks. So this Third thing, they're gonna be make big thing about. We gotta get a second star. They actually do have cap space. The eleven million got they renounce a bunch of Gaza and then no depot. I don't know what they do with that, whether they had an under the table deal with them or not. I do think all Debo would have out them that gets what against the heat, but I don't. I begin the bucks, but I dont think you were made a difference. I dragged sounds like he's: be done. He's done it that number like their darted out rules they have on none in Duncan are really low. Yes, others some stuff that they could do there, but You know. Maybe they do a one year for all the depot. But that's when you got Is it one year and you guys came to some- I mean it just the goal of people can ever get back. Just scared. It's like now, two years, it's allergies, that old set a tuna, hazardous yeah, or do you if your Miami his eye, we always have to prepare ourselves
This is there. Some name were not even thinking about that's really mad in July and August said my enemies in play: well, clippers. Nineteen Dallas sixteen ran down the first quarter, but collapse would be. You know that the most fascinating, we'll talk this important as we know what happened, but the most fascinating, whatever name in this bridge is gonna, be quiet. It ever got bouncing around one. He exists he's gonna be in Miami nets, hoping that all vortex, right now. It would be the other way. I would that's a completely different level in Miami doesn't have any assets for picks. and that's why I never they now Hera, if they wanted to. You know basically upgrade from here. If they follow carers, oases like this autumn, each a guy, but could he be attacked Title team, probably not so well, say they're gonna, be interesting to know archer over free aged and they talk big game. Thorough is the matter of the I love jested terminates tweets about this,
I got. We got to get dressed Saturday on. I love that guy fit one of my favorite sweater accounts, but he he had a great Jimmy Butler Twitter. I think it was something like has anyone ever more and delivered last and Jimmy Butler it as Ike adds that bad a bit other than the final thing. It is a lotta losses. Jimmy does talk, alas, said the media, certainly like some, but here we gotta get him up. Do you think, would you Center Middleton Holiday in USA. Official big three a million when you're a big three standard, sweating woody. Look at when the around my assent here has I'm a little more difficult debate I remember looking up a big three things: mba dot com, ranked, I think the tops sixty big threes ever and I think the results
with Paul Mill, Sap and Joe Johnson? So whatever above? That is that's my standards? That's my cut off! Once you go there, it was. I might have to send you this article. It was one of the funniest things ever and I think it may even been a slideshow and I'm just going through it we're going. You know at this point. You should just stop the exercise at like your thirty fifth best big three. I think there's been probate: nine or ten total big freeze, stag legitimate big trees in our lifetime. Well, ok, what's is Chicago a big three team. the nineties. Now Rodman Cow is a big three. Now now I don't know what about I mean Shack, Coolby, not, rather than at that point in his career. You can argue that the first Redmond Seas with the bulls, maybe because he was still Rodman, but the last two no way.
I know our standards gonna be way beyond it. Really. Basically, a turn in the leg of anybody got a third guide and they'd put him in some teen logo, and they were like all that's the big three when in reality it isn't it isn't that many suddenly Ankara's head well takes the Lakers had willed, paler and west at the same time when bail are still could job and that only patent pretty good one. The Celtic said SAM Johnson have a check and Bill Russell, pretty good. allows those are like top forty all time Hall famers, like that's kind of where I liked it. My big three to land able about really started with the south eggs have perished. Bird Mikhail. That was the first time. People started same big three big three yeah, that's for some people said it I mean. Is that postal? Those three guys was like the first time, even though it was fairly dismissed.
The fact that worthy magic and cream, or on the other side, one another was journey. Big three Beale Rui Chimera bill, Burton's westward when it there's been some good force, big trees like they used it had that. Yes, I know why semi washed up Barclay with dread. With some I washed up Drexler in her came. There are big. in its objection can barely move at. This point is greater than the kind of flippin in there that didn't work either Barclays rebounding rape is still terrific now, so I won't. I won't hear it. He was great I'd like I didn't like skinny older Barclay as much. It was like when you have that friend, who is the husky guy in college. saw some and then he's I care when we again and you see how many ways like a hundred and fifty eight pounds you like where's, my friend yeah, I dont like when that happens. I had a body that has a weird blood, just cholesterol scare, granted he drank and smoke in always ate fried food. All
how'd, he wasn't. He was a big guy in he's from Europe anyway, so adding that smoking is bad for you when you're from like Russia, but he decided, like you, get freaked out and He went like crazy using cucumber slices and strawberries in light just went completed. I showed up any act door. The shirt off and I go, I think, I'd rather, you have high cholesterol, Yan lit out, but heroines speaking malarkey, really quick. The Baghdad of each thing is such a fund for this plan swear to those if ever had a murmur of day leak that they thought they had our. I think they definitely have because at the first time found out. Anything about is another team. Texted me said: hey are like numbers, guy said that this doesn't even work where they actually can't do the stuff that's been announced, so it wasn't like hey, because I know that it turned into suppose the teams are telling on them and the ten
bring part, is all grey area any. So I think the league would have allowed it, but I was researching this again today because on both ends, but I bet I researched sensitive Bogdanov, which added to this bucks group is, is pretty scary and it still gets back to Sacramento, where you go. How do you not just match? How do you just let this ass it waters, he's completely changed to land has been which, in order to later we get to that says. Yes, I did the research to make and we ve met. got enough: full here's. What happened story depends on who you read it dated Owen, who you talk to outline my? What I heard is that they thought they had a deal. Point his agents whither above not about diverted if it says that, but for that due to work, as you said, his salary had to be a certain number.
it wasn't as high as what I mean I was gonna pay him more gives like it has to be. There sat in a way it started at fourteen, or thirteen would start that, but it later really to Simonyhuette, as I hate man will, will go to eighteen. So as agents like we're fucked that we're not gonna take fourteen, so he be like the fortitude and maki. Were we want eighty in with this issue, and that was it that's out there, but I really do think balky thought they had em and if they hadn t especially Dante, goes down, they still have gone a thin. They still have Forbes. They have some J tuckered chicanery. They can do. I guess they could play on Jeff Teague if they really wanted to. I never thought that there was a good just another body and six faster by tap at Bagdad image as a whole, other animal, and if they had him, I would die,
I honestly would think this is a layup for them to at least two at least go toe to toe and be Brooklyn. I think they would be broken with bogdanovich. I still think they're going to be Brooklyn, but I don't feel as confident because that the series might just come down to that guy in the corner whose, like Forbes with three minutes left and it's like fuck- that guy's got to make a shot. We have these big trees cut, hits cheddar. It's like it's like Brook Lopez. You know it's going to come down at some weird guy for one thing about damage: yellow trucker is analytics like you're, not gonna like him. When he wanted out a Houston, he handled differently use use quiet about it, but people really wanted out which made sense. He had again. This is defending what he had the single like: worse plus minus, like foreign orange. If the NBA
there's yeah, and yet, when you bring him in, you know: ok, we know there are certain times we want to go small. We can trust him to be out there and in no maybe gets cooked in somebody switches, but I think there's an effort. There's a pride fulness with him were like hey I'll, take a peach tucker. My rotation never know because no walk is probably going to try to figure out what they want to do with the Brook Lopez, lineup verses, going five out and haven't yon us initiated the funny thing about yon us many still shot twenty times again. He shot six percent from three against my he shot six percent and he kept take him. What's that one in four for fifteen to frown six per cent really bad? It's not good bill. One thing I like about Tucker as I do feel I kill fuck with
they ve known each other forever. I think he will, I think, he'll go at those guys in and honestly it seems like the books out with the ran out of you. Ve noticed ass. You watch a lot of basque by your home, some nights, Watchin hoops. You did the ran a mind to read. As now more than on court threat, people sharpen in the same way, they would sharper them on their replies because they think they can get to him. In his his heads on a swivel lackeys, Yelena People court side. He was thanks to the south expanse like three or four different times today, like talking with those guys
three different Celtics made a runner bit him this game. I feel like the word is out. I just start she would the rack, as he ill he's, got rabbit ears. Basically, and it's like he is alive and I felt like that's it. Don't aggregated Sissy, just what I'm saying watch television, I do feel teams Phyllite taken annoy him. I noticed it too, but what I saw was was a positive for during a great Williams, is talking shit to you and your Kevin ran like how far is that conversation gonna go? You can hear the three in his face right like the rents. Look at him go on cool man. You know you. Williams big. What what are you gonna do you, like, I didn't walk by permanent ESPN, be unlike in highlights four little shaky, weak twelve buddy relays at all, but easy
a great player that just randalls seem to go at like that, like great waves in talking shit elaborate. No, but you know I like this is always one of those things that the biggest funny, because we both seen- and I want to turn this- does you'd segment poor, what we're doing but like whatever, I think the tour above me as I believe. Why do you respond? the stuff- I don't really respond too much of it cuz. It is a colossal waste time. Looking at imagine the person, that's arguing with you about something I believe whatever I'm not going to do is maybe like once every few months I'll say something, but they don't think like somebody above me like. Why would you do it? You know and then, when you realise, like the most like the highest level of politicians in this country, can't handle being criticised that it's just for some people, their exercise of getting through is responding to all of it. So the idea that
once you're at this level of success that it's just you don't have it like. All of us are different and forget, like he's just you'll, always be this way, but I saw a guy that people were chirp with where he wasn't affected by at all. Today, like he's gonna, look around being like how dare you even challenged me as he hits another job, nobody's face? Laval, malarkey, am I'm deftly. Do the pigeon, Tucker Janius doesn't talk really any shit. A is like the most benevolent superstar refined awhile. What were Middleton or drew all three of them, really pretty quiet there all kind I mean Brook, will crusher guy and apologize so yeah
become a weird. How that how that plays out was probably why Golly Pga Tucker believed we need. Somebody in here has got a little more attitude for if Gunter had run out, broken verses, mockery taken they all my Brooklyn contents sucks. So I just you know I fixed Philly, because there's some things are really liked about Philly as nothing's users, wizard series, I'm not like watching the series- God man, I love my fully pick their handling the wizards. The debts are horrifying man for horrifying, but it will say will see I'm here the king Milwaukee for the same reason. Why peculiarly Elsie? I imagined right, I really think bark is get. I do to get away. I think there are some moments in this Boston, Sears, Boston, completely undermined as taxi about
is before game for where I was like I'm going to be real instead of stay at Brooklyn response tonight, because they just haven't had enough reps, together with adversity, that look great tonight, but they're playing a team that was trying out low average MBA prayers for half of their roster right. They dealing with South eastern internet is it for me. I had that thirty five or mark a smart was like every avenue for thirteen. From three light. There had to be some variable that was basically import, Pritchard score. Twenty eight career, I lay there had to be some variable for them to match point, and I think that's what a score two hundred and sixty three- maybe they readily, maybe they would have, but I still want to see them with real adversity, because it is weird, it goes against everything that I like about basketball and think works a basketball when it she said your turn, your turn. My turn in that she's, your office, I've never seen it worked for four rounds before.
but the Joe Harris part of it is incredible. I just think that if you try to help with the only time I thought there was some kind of adjustments I gave harden's in there and this would be something from Milwaukee if they run the hard minutes at the start of the second quarter and you're, not throwing a hard double when Harden's out there without Durant and Kyrie. I think that's a mistake. I think those are the minutes where you kind of look at him in the Houston minutes against the Lakers last year, were Westbrook was gonna shot physically and you go right. Let's just sell out against him off this high screen stuff, you know, and then they kind of stop screening and he soon astronomy Duke of a different things. But that would be something I would look for from Milwaukee that when it's the hardened solo mission I just want to sell out to try to screw him up, and then you never know it still might not work, but it's worth trying, as I think teams are really hesitant to do that. Whereas I mentioned I think with you last week, like we saw the lesson in trying to double people how bad it can go. Whether was dodge
didn't really want to try to do it that much retrain and traded. Give you a couple times today in trade burn em again, but with harden in that situation. I'd like that. We see somebody tribe I would I would like it get what he wants and try to take out the other to guess it just like. If carries taken thirty shots tonight, that's probably, say good because Cairo and stand around watching him hard and can get everybody else above and Katy phasing in I don't even know what you do with them, and I think It is in the running if Euro saying who's the best part in the world right now, it's hard for me to think it's. He has to be in the first couple. Names mentioned any might be number one, Yet I mean the other: is we haven't, as has been suggested, consistency in playing, but when he's played he's even beyond what he Norfolk and also make a stretch, five right could be his defence. It looks like
Do you know, and even though the Tatum got a couple times like the fact that the rent is his size and he's staying in front of Tatum was throwing everything Adam? You know just one of those battle, the two really talented guy, so I don't, I don't feel like Tatum, you know where ya like. I got you gonna couple times, but I mean administrative up on top of everything else. The baskets were so difficult that Tatum was scoring. It wasn't like he was the night. Who have scary about the nets. Another hundred forty one points. I love that basically overshot the Turk. It felt like they could add one. Seventy of data. If the head facts of said threes, its obliged to go in everything they took was a good shadows. Abreast outward take a break and we get sucked sixers with quickly, but then next hawks gazettes bene a really really media. What today's Epps brought about nor late summers. Here. That means grab in every opportunity: beers with friends. That means grabbed some cold Miller light and if you're lucky enough to see some live tennis or golf
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education, their view, the popular now so don't book it cheap hotel book, an expensive hotel for cheap, odd hotwire with hot rate deals you can stay. A nicer does never thought possible like your city, neighbourhood and amenities, then get your heart rate that abuse king size beds, freshly press waffle woven robes of awaits you and also actual waffles download the hotwire add now book beyond your wow. This means all bookings. Final, ok, quickly, Sixers whiz emanate, I'm gonna give each of us thirty seconds shares my thirty second Sixers will take cases. Series is terrible. West Craigslist for playoffs he's two thousand two hundred and ninety eight thirty, nine point: six field goal percentage, thirty point: eight three point field goal: percentage, six and sixteen win loss record, his last thirty playoff games, two hundred and seventy four twenty three. That's all
The only negative I haven't, I was there totally outmatched here. I don't know what you're learning a lot about this, an odyssey grass. There was retrieving getting two year based on where it was. What I don't love is hey. We get, it was broken bill. You guys rob man, dresser teammates. Aren't that good those too love, I Rowan and let everybody no the rest, the team sucks and I think is really lame- is teammates to do that to a bunch of guys. No rest, the guys are so unproven that their notice anything, I think they all can get along in a way. But it's just I know you're frustrated out there, but Beale and whispered make the same mistakes as they go nuclear when their teammates make the same defence of rotation mistakes on the other side of it. The indeed step
facing up gaffer the free through aligning game. Three, I can't believe a human being. I can beat, can move that way. I know this is not breaking news with him in some is just so big against the guards that it doesn't really matter he's by, though, he's missed all of his freeze house sentences over nine ivories, our tents we're after learning from this other than there are there, are some really cool Things are still it off his offense, where you know they decided to double and beat at one point. Then they kicked into curry than they try to play him straight up. and he just swung the ball around George Hill's, the other corner, to Racine Kind of experiment with the defense versus spacing closing lineups, which I think are going to be probably games, we're going to see different different groups of guys. I really think we can see. Different groups are guys from the Sixers out. There is kind of figured out exactly does closing group for each game they play the hawks naturally tend to make socks. This was
I could have a trio he's been awesome, and this is the trail. The you and I both wanted. A super was also. This is the perfect match up foreign, this team. We get the next round the Sixers, assuming the hawks, make it they're gonna have indeed as a ram protector, I assume they would throw Siemens and tidal Adam just like basically those two guys on trade. The whole time and they're gonna. Try to cut the head off for the hawks by just taken out tray is the opposite of how the next had done it, and I have allowed an expanse of my life than thing. Taves is done an incredible job there he's coached a really strange series like to me: I'm gone into this oxides bundle forget about how bad ran been for a second. I have to take out tray on, or at least make him work on defence. I just I can't let him do nothing on defence, and that are often second
do it every watch, those two things together, I'm losing the series, it gets really strange that a whoever trays guarding I'm just let's go to that. I would put more guards on the forest, so he's gotta guards but I M just hang it out on me. Now stand and extra Reggie Bullock, that's play for the hawks and then the other, and they just don't, have the rim protection to stop them. I just think it's going to be night day for him going against Philly Philly has the perfect guys to garden they're, taller, they're, bigger the great defenders plus rim protection, and it's it's going to be completely different than what he has that. I can't believe You are so helpful to trains defensive problems like they were. They don't have any pass. I know I dont get it, you can sit there, civil legible account. Will you can try to get him in a switch? You can at least try something could guess what nothing else is working mean randalls been a mess. He was bettering game for energy. Bear, it's been a mess, he was bettering game for Derek rose
and I think, all of us love that Derek rose has this part of his career because it look like we may never even see this again, but it doesn't really get a lot of guys involved and I wouldn't call rose like an altar creator either as far as getting other people going omits it's on in that part of the office has been terrific. But you know it's like a Will you being in quickly to defend quickly, can't hit a shot to save his life and another anybody really scream shooter? We quickly was out there. They greatly looking for a couple possessions. That's not gonna happen. They they have a really it's an awful set up for the next, so that poorer I dont get like. I know, because I met in Hollingford said some about my tweet, where he was like ay and then there are a few people jumping in on it what I mean for the most part. They don't never mind trying to attack
they run everything away from him, so he has even after like make any decisions he's just with bullock off the ball, almost ninety percent of the possessions- I dont understand that, but it would help of your best. You players actually play better on the defensive side. I don't think there's. This is where I like, I think the first things approachable defending train, the serious decision it just as inside ass in a concealed in the lurch aim. He's too smart against the double to any Dini, burned him on a couple of em here: grain of unity.
mix it up, try make feel uncomfortable, it's fine, but when they play him straight up, you know they got him a couple times the hard double in the game. They lost when De Andre Hunter. Mr couple threes to back to back wide open three seats that distinguishes sweep but you're right, like that's the part of Philly, where it's a big, throw some huge, some real size tray betrays so damn good. It still get space and then the floaters like, if you can do this jaw, Ill really tray. Floater thing: it's! It's a whole other level of your office on against fairly. I would assume that give tables out there. They can just hide him. Antiochus he's not often superb any means. I don't know if you can hide a month sentence because I think simmonds
there. I think they would then post him up and then but actually get Simmonds going. So then you you think he can put a month's, had courage as though actually run action for set curry. Don't you get a related problems at that serious and then you could also attack him with South Korea, Coos kind of a sneaky good, often supplier. If he's gotta should defend around. You know it's just off that the next couldn't that, if I were the next, I would not have started their grows. I actually that that was a big mistake in it's the kind of thing you do in your desperate fur game to cause you're gonna lose the game if you dont when the half, but I think one of the best things about the next issue is was this ban should come in and it would kind of it would almost be like a different team. You know, and it was we won t than the bench come in and they would get momentum at all this stuff. I would have started quickly and I I just I would egg there not winning this series unless quickly gave them some
being so the canny aunt em around, I don't think, was move out starting tomorrow, try to get a minute because actually do think he can guard track and he's going to shut down, but only stay in front of him and he's around chance at all. The guards at the other one, I would say, is frankly nicotine who is unplayable really what this is. It's it's figuring out what we saw this regular season now I dont there's a confused. Alonzo Sex, you earlier, for whatever reason, you're never allowed to mention that when Nate Macmillan took over that, but Donovan came back the same time so where they tied it they re going to be. They clearly want to pierce out and not even given the chance about Donovan coming back. They want to fire before it could come back and there is that peace in the Atlantic that filling it was written by train
where they just trashed amend. Look, I'm not saying anything. It's reporters bunch report as I read all the time, but it was very clear like I, we don't like Loi. Pierce were you'll, get him out of here. So that's already a problem, but they made sure once Bogdanov adjust coming back, that there will be a new culture. There can be any like give false hope. Here I looked at some of the traces of his eyes again. What I love about this now is that he trusts guys. I dont think trade trusted his teammates when he first got started, and I would say that crept into last year, a little bit too, but I started doing something like the usage rates in where he's bankers we're talking about something. The league hoo hoo troubles it as much as anybody has the ball in his hands. The most hat is like a top seven guy and touches dribbled possession number two overall in the NBA, and so I went through like some of the usage stuff in the regular she's in this year. The plants wondering if this is actually gone up, so that's it. I know it in shoot a great game for, but it's not like, he's completely adjusted his approach here.
he's been just brute. I mean I mean I mean in a positive way, but there's just nothing. The next seem to be able with the guy and I think to finish the thought here is I don't know this is a huge surprise. This next door stories awesome bill, the effort, tips and was resurgence in apparent taken to another level, but when I would watch him the regular Caesar, what are they doing? What so good and they were just busted there ass with a dandy saving close who was talented, is land? Is and I think that you, when you're, really predictable alot alike Randal, I so far away, and you want to load up on his drive side. I think it's easier to kind of slow these guys down in that's exactly we ve seen through for games I'm not surprised by any this, even though I know Randal killed them in the regular season, but it Lana was missing some players in those games. Well, I'm such a coward at that the hawks are gonna, kill them and then just backed off
and cuz it cuz. It seems like Randall relay on them, but you're right. If you look closer at the three games, when you destroyed them, it wasn't the same Hochstein. That is now it sitting. That would concern me cuz. I know they're neckbands out there like we're going to win game five crowns going to win that for us we're to go down and games. radios gonna show up in their wild game. Seven in chemistry. It's like are at stake here. Is the problem like if the hawks than in Farsi for like ten minutes and game to this Here's. What I'd be over the hawks have dominated and I don't have any answer for J. I would ask any That said, I envy you, your answer is gonna, be we seen plenty a weird happen. Only rarely have we had a team up. Three one were sit near talk about the team. That's down going. I love all these. Does anyone think the Knicks are better than Atlanta? answer, then so much the hawks are definitely away more towns. It, but you'd listen games, Evans in New York,
I can't count it out. I would have bet my life that the hawks two one in the series, but I would I would certainly very very strongly that this is probably over and look. I don't think we we sold the tray out they hard enough, and I think it's interesting to compare this to job, because we were talking about John who, I think, is really talented, who had what forty seven in game two against Utah and it's been incredibly explosive, but I think we both see it the same way with him. She still doesn't totally have that savvy with out of control pace, yet he doesn't totally get it either hasn't had enough reps for have a feel for Lyco. This is when I should take over this. Is I got to get this guy involves
I have a chance to put them away. I'm going to do this, I'm going to slow things up, I'm going to speed it up. He doesn't, he doesn't he's not there yet he's going to be there, I'm a full believer he's probably a year away. I think what struck me with Trey the last two months of Trey versus what we saw the rest of his career. There has been an evolution maturation, you can see it. He he's he's evolved with how he controls the game. He then do dumb shit anymore, like else don't pick a thirty five hour once a half but a few of them today by yet all his decisions sad story when you watching your leg, o this
This is why we were complaining, because we knew he had the cinema now he seems to get it. Remember that hard you capella stuff they used to. Do you decide what am I supposed to do yet my job said Harding defensively and even try to retreat to contest Capella. It's probably a work like a hardened resubmit trace. Smaller any reads it perfectly, and I just liked it. Atlanta has a bunch of different options. I'm not gonna pick em against Philadelphia if they make it against them, but I see something that trust people and that More- and that was always my biggest issue, a trays I just in villages. You know he would he be like out I'd rather me take an awful shot, never pass. If anybody else I mean, I know what the assist numbers and all that stuff, but a big Donovan. It completely changes here. Are- is I think it's another guy. They can not only catch Enshiu but can handle a little bit and
its sheer media completely change like think I'll give while I dunno, maybe they may be. Brooklet still comes out. None of this really matters the but not of its shoreline, which already covered, but even now are you at times bill I'll, be like? Does he ever move? He always looks like as he's moving. It's like okay, this is rightness worry bluer. Does he feel like every time he starts getting in the end, it doesn't look. That's moved me anymore earning like that, but then he is about two shots today to end its size. They d Honneur back so hunters that x factor for them because their down flashes, but I dont you and I both feel like potentially, secondly, Skynet team. If he can keep make baby steps as we get on through the glass I just like their team, I like watching them, they could I'll shoot.
Like the villain part of this too. I do I do I like that trick, announce it the keys, gallows, ass, you like writing on now know. Now I d, I actually really do a judge. I really enjoyed watching in the last couple months this it just the playoffs, like I'd, he's restarted my main ash. I think, there's some NASH to point out that go in. I don't think he's as great about Passers NASH was but the stuff he's doing it? Yes, he is so easily getting where he wants to go and the court has been really gotta. Watch tray has the shots election we wish NASH had yeah he's, like NASH, would like a ship implanted in his head to be slightly more selfish. What do you do if you nick What's what's, let's say they lose game five and you have. This ran a situation where you could just
you say call were running back for you for twenty point, some five next year, no extension, what's with play by air with sea high, do or you get roped into your pain and thirty, five million a year. You just watched him, get solve really easily by Atlanta. Where they were just saying how you like to do other separated and take off it away and all the shots. You take her off balance. They seem to seem bad. It's just that he has ensured the bar? Well, he is he even the shattered taking is not right that imbalances there's a hand his face. I d really concerned a pay him. A hundred and four for four years is my point. I know that's an overreaction, I'm just saying like as the Celtics are prevented Campbell, locker leg if you do, you miss on one of these contracts. It's a catastrophe, unless that surprised player who I don't know who is demands to be traded there,
Probably resign Randal, you probably don't love the number, but at least you have the asset, because you have all this cab space and there's a lot of cap he's out there, so you can be paying more than whatever projections are for these players, but what sand? I tell me the number. Is it a hundred and twenty for years. I don't know, I don't know. I start my head. What is eligible for off this work, as is his thing is, is thing is different. Cause he's been on multiple teams her, but couldn't they declined the decline? The twenty point, seven five and then GIS a new contract basically is their way. The cap you ever when you rather him. What is at stake is twenty points. Have five next year I haven't was partially guaranteed he's not is they can pay him off a permanent right order, side him up and I would love- and I would love him back at one year for that number, but that's probably know where he's gonna want, so it so weird. I voted for him. I think fit firmly pay. Him he's been horrible.
We have that historically horrible in the village or don't know Georg aims. You know what, though here's the link is perfect. No is exposed a little bit sure, but think about where you were out is Nick they have the Gore yours as an organization six, seven months ago, your act, respect? Is that this is the next issue for fifty years is overpaying. These alleged Superstar forwards. That was not yet everyone placid. We know we had a great season he's, not a superstar. Ok, fine! You dont want him where you come here: let's are Heyward Barbacued doing, ok, but how we get us never areas. How are you getting the ninety percent floor like how are you getting to the sour Kepler number? They have to get too. If you let him go like you, producers can assign him just go like hey. Maybe we can treat him if we you, don't have a three you? I would have to keep it between twenty seven and thirty. If you ongoing in the thirties, I'm just not doing it.
Not paying and thirty five million a year when it's all the hawks or the eighty nine pistons they have completely shut down. That's a huge concern There really is I'll, be really nervous about it right, but he is better than having nothing. Unless you know what those options are, that may be. None of us know what they are right now did the next God it's man wants to be traded, there's some like that, but the fact that their even a respectable franchise for. This time in what twenty years? But here's thing you can have him next year: twenty points and five billion you just have to say, were run in this back. Let's see what the outlets we'll get you some help. We have this really cool salary cap opportunity As your sailors on what they carry in here are enough, his ages we'll go for that year. I wouldn't go. Take care of me the year that rose rose turns thirty three next season. He made like seven and one slash two, and I had to me he's perfect as your twenty five minutes of game off the bench guy. If he's
the bank way I should get forty four to or whenever then that guy's a liar. I would, I would find out what the offers our come back to us tappin you are, you are you feel top and momentum cause on Ireland at low, but not at all now did you forget Kevin actors on the team I did get as tougher than the knacks nicolinka back to back is. Is there Threats that great too much spike layer, not enough speckly for you for the crowd shots, you know what it felt good is. It was return, a normal see him. I'm not gonna Daggett take too much snoop dot right now I got it. I got it too much. There's been like three or four commercials. We ve seen way too May times. If you like us in your watching every game for small, it's not his fault of jeering, like I'm, seeing him because it goes back to last year's play off, so it all run in this battle.
What's so, what's the one where it's like a fast food in the guys who chairs de it's a car Junior one of those yeah issue is better in the guy like kind of doing sex talk with the Berger, let's go out with that. Would then there's the one they were they took. Madness? Is our house in their legs bet it up and made it super whereby our house said that all its again essays berwin they had their Balin, I know what I'm sorry arrogant apple, that usually crushes, would you say, branding wise apple does as well as anybody. You know the last few years. Yes, by the way, when I said the next person,
respectable twenty years. That's that's excessive. We I'd say Diana as thirteen right right when mellow and the pacer series that was a respectable through there, so I just want to clean it up with the Willy Walk, a theme song making by phone. Now I felt like that was amiss with apple. I go where people go ahead, Wonka Purple phone in let's get line of camp out for this, but I'm probably not the demo I'm probably at the target on our. Would a heavy breather make you wanna buy fastfood, all bacon, cheeseburger I'd say it's like they had to hire Joe House to just think what It could be in the car with house. Only has the lid seven hours I Arby's sages. I so weird, I don't understand how no better or making commercials. I see the thing is, I think there, but you know how radio stuff you would go. Why is it this second,
script and then you realize that part of the radio stuff is to be annoying to have some say or some Frazier trainer, somebody's Ryan right like I'll. Never forget big these. These these timeshare once apparently havin a time, shares a death sentence of this guy, like the the boys boys. Every time I heard any broadcast I'll be like a double double my pockets like do. I have a at times ouch good, I don't. I don't have one, they certainties timeshare stats, it's gonna get scared to death. I ve been have one just the ad works it's in my head. Who did your notes? I just saw that page come up. Do you haven't artists will decide to my knowledge, saying I write I by these by these artists. Sketchbooks Cosette, like writing. Them cause Can yes, I get paid a lot on a page and then I can like really think it out. I've been writing
Ah, my notes are really helps forces the Ipad catch up the abbot, so that Clips are beating the maps, I thought a blow out, but it looks right there in Hamburg. new we're gonna leave part one year when wrap it up, we're gonna come on after we're in a tape right after clips baths and do the West which became very intriguing with the entity Davis thinks it will save that for part two. This is Anna part. One rosillo I'll, see you in a couple hours. that's good! That's it for part, one of these special tube. Water with me and Marcello wait for aftermath clips about, I would say an hour and a half, or so after that game will be putting up part two on the breakdown that came as well as v. West stay tuned for that scene.
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