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Part 2: Guess the Lines Week 1 and Best NFL Futures. Plus, Parent Corner With Cousin Sal.


In Part 2 of a two-part Sunday podcast, The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal for their 15th season of Guess the Lines! First they make some NFL futures picks (1:05), before they guess the lines for NFL Week 1 (18:54), followed by the return of Parent Corner (50:45).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Cousin Sal

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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to buy a banjo and the ringer dot com and the Ringer podcast network coming up the cause is back cousin, sound wearing a guess. I've read your favorite NFL futures, we're gonna, do some millions are picks pre season version and a whole by more! That's on next. First, our friends from project I parted. I guess the lads extravaganza, because the fallacy of indecent military pick teachers guess the lads pack where this really fun to be
can see. Thank you enough. We live like fifteen minutes too far away from each other that it's actually pain in the ass each other. Now I see tonight with two fantasy drafts and around we're back where we are back. I suggested the second vanity I'm seeing each other into year. Some these guys, you like. Let's do it our resume farrago, whether we window restaurant. Mid we out a restaurant in it that we can open the door and everything, over recent days. We have good of german anyone happy no one's happy with this, I'm ready. If you wonder restaurant, I'm ready drill so tat, we can give each other cobra be us. Her are so we're before he gets the lines Would you mind our pigs this year on the? dominated millions are fixed futures fat and If you hate any of these? I want you to video them, I'm just going to give them to you. I have good I just
say this billion dollar partly did like this is even I think that this is not even and I love that vandal embrace a buzz. I ah, oh you give out, ask yours. When I called the million dollar cadmium war, are you assign the ridiculous amount and no one's ever gonna win for these banks and we're gonna win it they're gonna win visionary are thus out. So I have. I have six one hundred K bets why our six fifty K bets that adds up to nine educated. Then am I let you add a hundred k emerging jack and at the end of the air. What this will actually factor, Nord ever let alone a hundred thousand on the pats, plus one twenty six to make the playoffs. I like that. So I don't understand what I just don't understand it. The differences a hundred times better. The quarterbacks gonna be way better, the receivers a better they actually have.
tight adds the only thing I'm worried about his stiff and give more thing Yossi Beilin check. I had a tiger after Brady goes leaves at Windsor Superbowl Bell checks in the Fuckin Jim, like Rocky three in the pool ups, he got back to his roots, I go and what we're going to Levin had six at least remind the plants I think, Then you have gone for your mouse. Are not fallen for the MAC Johnson, he might be great, you really might be, but I'm not I'm not getting to. First of all, let me just remind you of this before you go nuts rookie quarterbacks to start week, one Joe Borrow team went for eleven and one parliamentary to does nineteen when five ten and one sand I'll do thousand eighteen foreign dwell de Keyser source This is, firstly, I don't remember Owens together, so that two thousand seventeen o in sixteen out the differences you have Belgic and they spent two hundred. Eighty eight,
and ours and the off season. You know the old man has some tricks up is bloodless sleeve, whatever it is, it is hoodies, but I just don't I'll take that. I think that's a good bet it it's even better than over nine and a half wines, because I think you can make the playoffs at nine and eight. I really do everyone's like all the agency is infinitely better than the annexes. I still think there's a spot to make the placid nine night and that's why taken the plus monies smart I'll go with. You beg you. Yes, I've heard you Ricky Cuba. Human effort that less about the guys who feel like it. But what is is here's the different real thing yet disguise tapping into a really good race car, and we have a history. In the twenty first century we have seen quarterbacks as Ricky's step into awesome situations and deliver. It happen, the ruthless burger in the stores, two thousand,
I would argue that was both my guy Russell Hustle, bustling Seahawks his first year economy, oh, your guy Dac Whereafter Romo, got hurt and he stepped in any detail, because the team was good. I think if, if the guys in the guys, ready in his little advance, but he's also stepping into like a really machine you know like it is Joe Borough last year, was playing quarterback on this Patriots team heat they would have had a really good yard. He would had a really good years or so they their offensive line, is top five he's. He has a running back. That there really going to be able to run the ball and everything is going to feed into like play action misdirection all this stuff. Every time they actually lying him. I just think he's in an awesome situation, he's even like a b minus it's going to feel like a b. he's, never be like running for his life. Their defences,
the good there can be able to hold leads, and I love the plus one. Twenty six I'm put another hundred K Pats over ten and a half Linz, plus one a fire let's go oh and adjusted lying, just nine plus five unveiled grab and to its is there has been a year. We like them over you're like the self now's, not sensuality, when ideas that have been submitted by the pats Insert years. you get mad at me as a year ago. Hundreds of about it I'm get married, Madame either way the Lamb get mad, but Machel. I just want to know what your basic it all back Jones because view based on the prison. That's foolish. If you're bay, on his Alabama career. While, like I said, you saw what Alabama did the Miami the other day and you saw to to it, like I'm sure, everyone love to over alarms now having our doubts about to it. It might just be a system We are back on a thing, but the best thing I've heard you not tell it owns I'm jealous and that it goes to his preparations faster than anybody like faster than any of the rocky quarterbacks, and that's kind of
The aim of the game, but these guys so down basing it on following this. Basically, since they drafted and reading every stupid Austin, Harold Mass, LIE, Boston, glow, peace now the quotes from the tea maids and other stuff that happen in the inscribed he's every checkpoint. It really reminded me a Wilson nine years Diana dated this. On Thursday, words like at some point you can't know when you have a good guys whose good an unrelated seems like we have a good guy here, so that looking like those teammates like him, that's a rare thing. You'll you'll never hurt. You may come out. Well. If I hit these two bets, death pats go Levin and six a risk in two hundred when three hundred and eleven thousand dollar sir, I mean that next week, chargers plus one twenty six to make the placid put the hundred. Can I like the chargers? There are other reasons we mention. I like that brands plus one fifth
five to when they have seen north. I have them. What do you know what I'm gonna? Can that be there? The best team in a division? I like it, I like their coach. They get a taste of last year there back nor I've to parlor division parlay for you Tampa in Washington, both to win their division plus three twenty five on fender. But an hundred can that's a loser, remain of the cowboys weren't unwashed intervention. I could see. Maybe that's been. I knew I'd like ours, but do you tonight, Thou bills, box. both over eleven. A half winds, plus two thirty four hundred can that article twelve and five but there I mean that's gonna, be a weak eighteen thing. Really, I think they're I had them both. I think an eleven when great I'll go against it I'll hedge it there are as yet so it's fine rose by hunger cat
how do you think I'm a these Jesus Christ was fifty combats in IRAN? Are fifty Cadiz or more flyers bills, plus four, seventy four, the one seat? Fifty? Can that pretty good? Basically like it behoves. Mrs three three weeks, I win Detroit forty one worth record grab in them. MA homes for the one firm bp, you may have ran a text about the summit. This is stupid, This'Ll be plus one fifty after three weeks, I'm just grab and the ants law. My thing with this You bet it every year for the next four years and gonna win. Why, when I think, if you like, if I were an investor I would say yes, this is smart, probably same idea with the chieftain win, the Superbowl at five or six, the one that at every year for the next three years, you gonna can pay dividends and it really seems I bade nailed the offence of wine seem. flimsy heading into the training camp, but then you read all the stories and it's like they found five guys. They like in the guys, have chemistry and it seems like they have enough. That's fun little bit worried about the receiver death, but so far
Perhaps I liked Allen was like eleven. A learning seem thirteen one some places, but I think them a homes. As you say, Fifty k on the rams and the browns both their divisions at plus, six fifty. Reality. That's I'm not! Talk out that I, like both of fourteen one Stafford most passing it I've I have another one. I don't think that's bad shit. I don't know what their attack is. Gonna be, but can I make the case Gallagher? I don't need the running back. Some very good and I think Vague can be so excited to have a cue, be, and I really think deep down Mcveigh doesn't my gosh and it drives and crazy that people are realised how limited offers ought to set records janius it he's like this guy who finally is on the highway. Withdraw some car SAM gonna hundred there I'm driving to Vegas monsieur fast. I can, I think that Stafford, then not to mention their running backs are really.
Good rather you're gonna, have to throw the bar. The only thing I see is that they have good feel position goes at events is so good, so that might work I have another one that I don't think that's bad odds, but I haven't other offering for that. When we get to mind for that sucker Category this, my last one fifty k, its parliament fanned o pussy fifty Herbert two, three four five thousand yards Keenan now and tat. Ten plus functional saw this so the five thousand yards, a jeez, that's bodyguards with there's an extra game. really like you, be throwing for four thousand seven hundred yards normally and then get three hundred in the extra game, plus eight hundred and fifty just saying, hi, I'm grabbing it 50k. That is good, Value, I don't think he gets the five thousand, but Sir, it's fake money right. It's figment the answer that sort I got so I have hundred care pat's one hundred and eighty five. Ten and one slash two Pat's one hundred and twenty six for the playoffs charges, plus one hundred and twenty six to the playoffs bills. Bucks
two thirty over eleven have winds, brands, plus one fifty five to envision Tap and Washington, both when the divisions plus three twenty five and then fifty K bills pause for seventy four one seed, the tripe forty one worse record, Rams Browns when the vision, but six fifty MA homes, forty one and Bp Stafford. Fourteen one most passing Herbert five k passing our down ten plus tidies, that's puss, Fifthly, when you got for me every autumn, having your hundred kind of, I would only try to talk you out of the washed in one and is honestly if it's not washed in his thousands and thousands washed, I really don't see any way the Giants or Philadelphia ones with the cap implications in the office of life for the giant. It's really bad cap for the film. Yet let up just why my case for washed its defence being slightly overrated. Last year there were installed and twice that we never hurts twice hurts blew the get they gave up the game. They too
now in weeks seventeen may gate, went against Danny Dimes ties and went against like Mullins like it when he gets a lousy quarterbacks last year, and I think that that event, jars of its a fair one I have a hundred your our back. His leg was in seven places like nine months ago. for I want to run by you, tell me which one you pick out by while or we could do to have. You have a hundred k to play with. I like this one on fanned all this parlay, this special parlay thing they give yeah. I, like I love this like. If my wife said to me, it's me in the kids or this parliament, like I'm sorry, I'm infatuated with his parlay, and I just take it's gonna, be better. For me, in the long run, I'm sorry I'm not to send you to the merry up warm enough to go taxes and lions, both under foreign when's messages, fifty plus two fifty I saw this one I had this. This was an honourable mention for me. I don't think I mean this. I'm looking at these teams, and are they favoured in. For
mind games, I get it, you ought to be favoured to win James, it's gonna have since I am plus two fifty under Thunderbird under four and a half wins how we that one can up to, and one's gonna have three. My only fair with this is. It seems like a batch of how to do that and when the text, since it beat the Jaguars and weak one and has to be panicking in that heavy against it didn't eat when the bed anyway, but lose so much money aging and I don't have a glass its actions by the jaguars wigwam cause, that's one of the fear that they get wet and at home, and and and that's it, but I really like I let me give you another one. I, like them, Josh out, under four hundred and seventy five and a half russian yards minus one, twelve, this guy went from fifty nine percent to sixty nine percent accuracy from year three to four to the dairy was ours. We ve never seen anything like it. I don't know that there's another quarter, backed in like if Danny Dimes did, that, like we'd, be like polish ship from seas. We here too, to tariff daily that ensued from
when he fumbled to eleven we'd, be like? Oh, my god, what happened? No, but I think it's a foregone conclusion. Like not all Josh. I was always good luck now. He wasn't that good the near yet who wanted to. He went up and guess what happens when you have more accuracy, you're, more confident your passing you're rushing go down down anyway. These guys stop rushing after a certain amount of time right, so he has five hundred and ten. Yes, six hundred and thirty Watt Denny at five hundred and ten and two thousand and nineteen. Yet four hundred and twenty one in twenty twenty figures in the three hundreds at a dinner and a high three hundreds. I think they live three wide where they get a manual sanders gotta, this little are receiving, poured there and he's a kind of his legs out? Much, that's, obviously even odds or minus. Once, while I recommend that you already one of these. I like that Ryan passing yards thirteen. What is it in the last ten or more years. Would four thousand passing yard he's been around forty five? Forty six forty seven some years yet he could get their thirteen one people freaked out of William Jones is now gauge could be just
good, putting up numbers. You know how much I like, I hope I said on the last pod Jes taking get a lot of passing on lot of garbage time, if you believe Atlantis Gimme that, obviously this is it. This is a challenge, you. Don't have to have a great team, to wit, right like garbage time we help so maybe Ryan and staffer dithering is neither those guys can run at all so yeah contributions they have is passing through the at exactly the Right Ass Africa thirteen, when the other one I'll say is that energy West is so hard to figure out they had these bans, they have won call the vandal wind ban, so you get lay a little range from you know. If you want Seattle from nine to eleven games, that's good odds alike, San Francisco nine tool then, when somewhere in their plus one fifty, I think the division, good for them to have twelve or more, I think they're too good in the schedule two weeks, otherwise for them to have fewer than nine wins. I think I'd be very surprised if they weren't right in that range nine to eleven one hundred and fifty
taxes lions on the four and a half you have Josh out on the rushing yards, Matt Ryan, passing yards led, the category or SAM, just gonna, have nine to eleven wins, plus one. Fifty you pick to everyone to do. Those are all wonders I really like those. So am I after them into my fake, while it and pull out the fake money alone, vandals to do an extra fifty k and tax designs plus two fifty easy one or both, I'm gonna do man at Saint friend, but it's a great one. Do it? I'm gonna put a hundred now in Zagreb, nine eleven wins plus one. Fifty that's a group better firepower, good job. I you sound as a winner and then I'm gonna stay away from amateur reversed Stafford over Wrapper, This article had had a when you better. I had
my letter rises, great milliner, picks future. So after week, eighteen will see how we did. I think those are some winners of that had seen friend, but yeah great Jethro go through some of those ban, some other when bands era her easy. Before we go to a break. I have a challenge for fan: do you know They listen to depart from time to time that perhaps we could suggest props. I have other crop branding fanned or should do you and I both like the west. Both the boat divisions right right, there's some sort of total play off teams from the two West divisions should I bet. So what would the under before, while it still because I have six, but I always knew when I bought it- have six rights away, it's a wood odds would fade or give us. If we think six play off, teams will come out of the tuna good. That's got so what like three two one we'd have to get through the one. At a rate of one
I think you're right when you say for the over under you can't go four and one slash. Two can't go three and one slash two: the tickets for and then maybe higher for the over there one hundred and forty or something, but I like six mcafee more than sex I had so when I do the Mai, Tuesday, podcast I'll, have in it from failed or maybe they they should put the bill and sowed that should be a balance out. Prop delegation be able to set that silly outright adventure. Six west play off teams, many that you before one may be plus foreign. Right I might be really higher hydroxides age and a one year, your chicken, a lotta teams out there. If you do that, you chicken you, the Baltimore Pittsburgh guy you're kick in Miami, I can't yet there is more than four it's a good. Sixteen piling challenge to follow when we come back. just once.
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four inner active monitoring service. Just visit super safe that come such bs to customize your system and start protect your home a family. Today, that is simply safe with two eyes super safe Deca, Slash, bs, aren't it's time gaslights every year sound, I guess the lines the winners just dumb It used to be raised the threatened ahead, each other, the sub that never happened notches bragging rights- I wouldn't last couple years, do you remember the last year you one though I don't think I went like people accused me of cheating at that one unlike a decade what he thought? How could I cheat? I dont see these lines Attica. I still can't get a right yeah. I've got one week, one long time either. So so every week on guidelines have never heard this before sound. I try to guess what the line is for the game. Whoever comes closer once it's really that's that's it. I avoided the weak one lines until last week.
I? Finally, when I saw that the rams and the Niners or both point should eating I want to do a cheese and as a guide, Thank you. My guess is lay two days ago, Did you during JANET coming? Could change on? Another lots happen them in that time, but I thought about changing the the bugs cowboys half point cause. You lost your best offsets alignment rising. Seem reasonable, but I'm having a writer I mean I ate levy. Can I change to a crab have point leeway with it with their data shirt gathered out, move that the seminar so he added seven beyond seven ass. This is Thursday night I added at six. And already are cheating that seven have one nothin, so I will do when either way. I don't like that. Are you tired Jesus
that that that's not a thousand art that down that is our first cheese, a candidate that it's so nice to have the Thursday Geezer that you think it to bring the Sunday game. Sicily, present. You re Romany, put this over here and three days later I get on rapid. they were already going to lose that battle the trenches. I think this makes it much worse. The twenty two starters returning, all the you know, Jack hasn't seen any playing time, but I think it looks. This could be a seventeen point when for Tampa I'm not. I join you in that you are, but I definitely see why you don't. I dont, like the bugs de line against year offensive line that is missing one best guys makes me again and Dac there what they could say. No, no he's fine and she's. Alright will solve our guy as Moldova. Guys Zeke is like. I think you just need a hard knocks music accompanying him running through the holes and I think that's.
that's all we really need to get our, but rather there there in trouble for this first game, but I like him afterwards. Why does Zeke Crock, like firm from the gecko grant, became? Might this character and everybody talked about the cod dopey? He was re, Zeke and hard dogs may grant. Look like like ROC had just not like a hundred with its was just being filled, the camphor. What is going on with that guy rebels Zeke be like in an interview you, I don't know I think he he's he's like a sixth grade girl. What happened to that Guy Eddie makers? We- a little bit of the Hollywood magic. So when he's wrapping a present for Dac Prescott, intact Prescott than shows up at the door, while always wrapping out like it's a three company episode like what are they doing here reaches laugh and everything a lower caterpillars Putnam Soup, but I might be, it might be Kyoto, cartridges
you got any got inferred further Fox but live show. He just could abandoned a square just lander everyone's jokes for an hour. Who will be the new firm it now I think, you're right about issues of their seven and a half seems right. Now that I am, I look at it. It is one of those where you did you load up by the way everywhere. The bag Mars will be loading up on thesis that so you should mention, might be just lock, careful, the other big but does the Superbowl Champ ones, is Thursday night came almost all right. Yet it's just one of those things were seedy. Lamb has a seventy five year. Touchdown five that said Roger and you're gonna. What did I do? What I do? I really think this box, like you, can't sleep. I Brady switches teams, during a pandemic basically has to figure out during the season had a mesh with these guys. Now read like the stories or see the interviews like that he has so much confidence with this.
but just as authoritative yeah era is like he's been with them for years and he got rid of covert like a week after the super balls. I I can't do any wrong. Are Sunday Marquis game. The chiefs, her home against the brands little rematch. I think this is the best game of awe the Sunday gates. I had this is in the teaser zone as well, but I will not be choosing them. Add that at the chiefs length six points to the quick brats. I actually got this exactly where I did six and a half as the number Kansas City, and I think they should stop. Chad having an addition scottish automatically, when my girl, now what s the magnetic walk back by Bang added, I get elegant upset here I am picking it so. I was looking at underdog law. Underdog money like bets the brands- let's mark them down there there you have Vegas against
yeah ravens on Monday night at they they have to be marked down right. and then the other one I like is on the Steelers as possible. Landed Iraq. So, let's go to that game where I have for the route in the watches, reforming really can gain Is there a way? Why do we have so many good games? They really did they did it for college football. They did for pro again at the amount, and maybe they say that this is gonna, be a three week season like that just go. I had the bills land six to the Steelers, and I think this dealers are another one that I could do you know they could put up. Thirty eight points of Buffalo knows you're gonna get us stupid. At six and a half I went, I went four and a half. I don't know why they buy yeah you're right. This is the I'm looking at. You know what I saw you you avoided. You say you avoided design. I really believe you, but I would like the lines Jim out a margin. I avoided them until the over
The rentals came out, I'm like all right. So most of these are based on over under win totals. Are there was a little bit of a cheap, didn't help me in this one six and a half you like this as a teaser game or stay No, I like this as an underdog intense. I think I dont think that chief sir, the bills should be thrown in teases Cosette the Browns and stores. There's too much scare potential with. I don't like teasing when the other team can score points, makes me nervous next, one pats home against them. France, I guess three and a half I did. I have seen the lad. I know it's it's three now, but I guess Rina. But are you went down a two and a half? I don't know where all these patriot friend monies go and but that she would this, I think I love had said to an app you get it. I said, for I think it should be.
I thought it was going to be a lot of noise in a lot of support for doing predict that you know how it we overreact to everything in the first week, I'm going to predict that this is the most overreacted game either to is sucks or Matt Jones stocks or to his back or MAC Jones is going to Canton. I think this is going to biggest overreact and people who lose their mind one way or the other, then they'll be no change it again, and we too, but there's the one. So I think you every she's gonna, be. I didn't, realize the Pats front, seven in their running back for this good Varela yet cause, I think, our front seven's, They get they disbar more. They got the second round. He was just destroying people all summer. you gotta get high tower back, who chairs in his second year and he's gonna, be able to respect just all the way across they have size, they adapt their pass. Russia's, the guys who can cover in the back for the Gilmore as the only peace that is worrisome, is
began for six games. We don't have like a number one corner, and this could be like could. What I'll go nuts in this game, maybe wiles looks pretty terrifying, but I'm not worried about game by our lowering. Our words now you're dead, highland urge is going to be found, could be wrong around on each other in the catch. The eye firing in its can be great either you Two, I hate to say, and I hate your back really do. Saxon thanks a ranch. We want this really good to see hawks colts. Yet this this sum we get to see year year. Ten of the rest, bp campaign that we can get all fired up about September. I don't know, what's go round the court's quarterback situation, we getting whence woods
we're not getting whence are we getting whence? I thought I was getting whence at the ethic we are, so they did to me. That is the most captivating new scenery guy, because there's a shirt he could just be flat out often immediately go back this guy socks. Why did we think it changed serious could help, and I think this is a team of twenty three winds for Seattle. Ethic dispense three years were decided by one score. Phenomenal journeys. Isn't this falls right? The same bought folds, either blow it late or or do something already Jonah like this. I had not he hired by three, we both at plus three, so it's plus two and a half past two and ass for the Seattle is favoured Seattle, favor by tuna. I last one. This is a good game to Packers saints. This is gonna, be in awe Jacksonville. I'm really I'm again this year, you impressed, I know I'm a Brian. I, even though I did it, I wasn't in New Orleans up, it's all our guide and others and Jackson. I looked it up now, but
You pick the line wrong because of it. No actually, I figured what I think the lines I figured. They were planning and whirling career friggin, either the I have packers two and a half or with the saints wide for half and its four, and now you get them? I get it, but I just said that they put. This is an under reported storyline here they picked. They purposely pick Jacksonville because it's a tougher place to get to Green Bay fans and then they find out like none, are now there's a pocket of packer fans. Thousands of em right there in central Florida this is gonna, be entered the aside from the whole team, the moralize about the horrible, less its the airlines, but this is interesting play you know, like John Peyton, a cat and mouse game going on it's it's a fucking bummer, but I feel like we. Then this is fifteenth year, guess the lines
There are fears like every year. There is some sort of hurricane game with one of these teams in its just where to talk about I mean this needs us in conversation, I really like oh yeah, this city got ravaged by this hurricane? Now? They gotta go to Jack's voter play a game. I have no idea what the effect is. Gonna be on. Their team can go anyway to me from a gaming standpoint, it's a complete stay away, but the hackers our little banged up on their line. Yeah minutes. This is a good time to catch them, everything, and upset my dear. You never know what the abolish around like this. Could she had a top analyse the ball storylines of New Orleans Lenses and James Winston Saviour and arrange for the city and those everything yeah barely watch a buzz. I have four falcons eagles from entertainment standpoint probably should be in the watch was issues teams that probably are making the plan so that we, both like the Balkans, This is in Atlanta. I have the falcons laying four points to the eagles probable allow its
I actually are and bizarre his eyes what I said. I said foreign ass. I have no confidence in this Eagles team, but the meaning What vandal a girl or hold on this is the falcons. It's three and a half so you were a closer with minus four. This is gonna, be an embarrassment of all embarrassments if I Atlanta when eleven games or whatever habitat, and they lose two cruddy eagles jail. Unhurt stores with three hundred yards and runs for three touchdowns now be thus there. I have a jail in her. If so, what say, fanned all makes you their ads guy in some somebody causing and says. We gotta make gods for men should be the starting quarterback weeks, selling wake yeah, we seven. What would you put the eye Four minutes: weak, seven eagle starting quarterback, because I think this heard thing I'll. Watch your moisture, nay, but he certainly can run the shit out of five, no idea. If it's gonna be a good certain quarterback, you can know me like keys in four gains, are like we gotta get this guy.
I really don't know Why are you has produced by also that's a favorite first mentioned. I think that's minus one, sixty violet shut up about these. I gotta understand why, like over under starts fur just in field cigar want to see you all. Don't you want to see all these try. I would say for that. Thirteen and half yeah, probably around They were field sands, you're crazy for fuel sulphur lance I would have like. I think that would be like two and a half for me, this era, so Jimmy I'm gonna be d link that says: Superbowl team, pies and they're not gonna. Go round. Reggie Cuba rise in a really good spot work a man though, though banana they're, not gonna, Miss they did not want to see all this road and air fanned or reach out for us we're right here. For God's sake, I liked the Falcons neck it next one is titans cardinals. This is intent to see. I guess like that, though. I must put this in the world
Jabez because it has found a watch, the Titans, because their adventurers and urge fantasy implications every game with them and they should, with Kyler, keeping him. Would you have done? We in our fantasy Keeper League Adam last year, at the add five hours to keep sues twenty three guph, which was high, but then other energy. you, kept Josh out your Josh Alford dowered last year, C of the attic this year that America's kept Stafford, CBS Captain Hill but there were a lot of quarterbacks and Marie MA homes were basically the best two guys and Iraq. I actually think Murray's gonna have better stats this year than it did lashing Zeus Kurt for, like the second half of the year. Last year there, if you don't want to bid forty hours on Rogers and homes and you don't want to get in the bidding war. Furred Marie when you had em at twenty three, it that's up bad. Did you know I just lock down? I do want to work. I didn't want to worry about some sorting beating
for Marine, whose, like the last guy before a dip stand like the Joe Barrow MAC Jones Level, knew they. Brussels goes for that much. I can remember what he went for last year. Like that's about the same right. I know, but have you ever like loved having so well send in December in China. But if you look at their numbers, it's gonna be about. Now I get it, I get it I liked them down. I'm an immense should see what he does this year, though, just if, if I don't, they tat teams gonna be great, but I think he has a chance to be awesome. I have taken by force where's on our high again this respecting the titans vandal and all the books out there. I said six and its only three. Feel go at home. I know it's not like this. Birds, I'm afraid I don't like that, make sense yeah. You know what they're gonna remember. They can remember them.
Where does that life, but that's it you're gonna write what I mean if you're gonna get, if you're, if you're thinking, Derek Henry will eventually breakdown sort out the like, and what first few games? Don't you yeah I like detains in this game, I noted the cardinals enemy again and again, but there it seems too easy, and I ask that you up suspicious what's going on here every citizen burn too many times. Fifteen years I was thinking I actually had an idea for this that I think we should incorporate gaslights. I think this is member and good fellows what are we had subdued course? There's, no matter how you ve ever seen it yet, but Jimmy Jimmy s addresses Fur Henry's wife, like that. The further not another over their heads over there, yet either places there. I think this is the Gibby has suggested gave for this week. say about our allowance over there to the re table free air pollution
My very well how'd it go right. This is the Jimmy Dresses game I'm staying away. Look so obvious to me. I love you my legs, thanks. I was exaggerated. This next came chargers at Washington with a bummer for me because these were to the teams. I wanted a bet on and weak one in their play against each other, which I hate and gonna happen. You're gonna, fantasy players, Rodya as I do the charger, the Plaza charges Paradise. Charges by one see my bet them to do it it exactly. I thought I was too. I thought the charter's I mean they're, the overlanders sir,
What does the chargers? All I get its home failed and everything I don't know it just seemed like the charges Oberon there. I got you. I got you crazy with the overlanders and trying to set these lines and it didn't work out really so you like the charges today, I like the chargers unless something stupid ass. I hated it if its nine saving on the fourth floor, I now have a loser whose where's the bet against sin. Fitzpatrick day I mean the otter against. You have em and it's fuckin terrifying, re bed again fair minutes. I give bet against them one of the three games in the air when he throws for three. Eighty with four touch chance in here like what the fuck is happening, I'm getting killed by ran Fitzpatrick. That's it. Their great I'd, love to know his over under starts right. So what are you? Where does this line end? is this and I wanted it hath rate now. Does it get the three right? So what does the right? Now? It's what we say: one! We got a writer one, I'm trying to fit
how the charges feel go, how they win, but there will trigger the screws you anyway genuine, and I have one and a half by the rules that are being charged by this one and a half and the guy, MRS for feel, girls there's a dry and they end up when and by what right last barely watches brow goes giants. Your nemesis broncos, your black. table all decided back down on bread. I have brought us by two and a half at the giants by the way and then I wished on this boy. You're gonna Frickin beat me again. I had as a pick em cause. I had trouble just thinking about it, I think Teddy, loves is a better core, but I don't know I I probably should have laid points. Yes, I should have because it's three numbers at three point: favorite, then the metal it we did the over under is now saying I loved embers over their skill position. Guys might be really good the share their sons back
I love Judy. I Georgiana quarterback. Last year I like nibbler at that hammer was good down the stretch. Mister Bonteen lambs they took in the sector round there big jerks are gone hand like how good he might be. There were three running back. I know affair I like last year, tiers of Bridgewater even like a be minus. I actually think that move the ball. The sheer, unlike last year, fancy little banged up, but yeah media looked at the guy like down to lock had off one. What was his percentage that is where the worse than the whigs values is not funny. I'm surprised it's probably the better move, but I'm still surprised that they would teddy too was faint. Fancier would be. The are the reason for pause ran yeah. I were to take a break. We got seven, laughed, and there were two particular this absurd specimens back ass is brought you by my old friend Miller light. Everyone knows:
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New Galaxy flip three, five g at same Sunday, com, five g connection availability may vary check with carrier, our back. We gotta for teams in the poop factor category. The share fighting spangles, you could talk to me in a barely watch was, but I really do think there's a chance. Terrible and then, with the vikings who the hell knows they might have eleven Kova guys are the other day I had a games in Cincinnati. I, the vikings by two and a half, answer when it's three and one slash two, I like the bangles, you got to talk me out of the bangles nine one slash two in the teaser. I really like that. How can you please, cheese. The bank come on. It's amazing cereal. You lot is the view of all the fly. What do you want to go back home in a cheese, though you know not to do that about two seven went to live with them with the final one, it's three and a half
when I get nine half on the tumult ten points where we need just do it. That point is, on the one hand, and a right, that's what I'm down course of doing but I have no idea away like the bangles, some so confused by this Gonna win Joe Borrowers comeback come the year. Did you pick that pick that combat cleared? You haven't Joe powerless not back, I was just reading articles about how he still gaining confidence. It is the is that only spoken. That, alas, is good. It is good that you worry about them thing. Next poop fact that this game, get up. Early forded honours lions. This Niners team, I think, is going to be so. I owe low up. What's pick the spread first, either Fernandez by five set too low fat. I get this guy said six. Finally, seven and a half so the little work, your little more than a point I have it is so one thing with this with this game, and I think she remembered the Niners in general. The rainbow, secondly, really get I love most her last year, and then he got her every day.
his trace sermon there there we seem to have like five running backs in the next outcomes in their eyes on vat, about it, tat they removed His tray lance Paul Sheldon Bear Debo Samuel Common on the reverse is so this team is up. I don't know seventeen the seven in the second half. I just feel like that. Now it's like here's, your eighteen play, drive or put your way. Then afoot said the lion's share. Gaffin, I think pro the worst receivers, at least in the intimacy right. That's the ruddy hours receivers period right. This alignment, Briggs drafted in our draft for more than A dollar no less gotta get straight back. Yeah Dona Emilia. Like you look like January, Swift, like oh man, I don't want that guy, comes up early in any snake draft like the Adamite sports, seven touchdowns as yet the whole team. So I'm with you, I love that running game. Like forty Niners. They were therefore Niners, like which camper
when are you like China might not be a winner, is only one one in four years right now. Are you in the cap like they had upwards of aid? Million dollars of chap space on the eye are at any point last year, like of course closer and kettle, and all you guys come back and Jimmy Jades. It's gonna make a difference before right, so I think this is one of the easy doubled you can hear it and the motivation hand podcast their included. next generation like the leaders that generation right mind shut up in there that there, like good friends, but there are also a kind of freedom- is in some way and it does feel it. This is the season where they're gonna go model a model and not just the two games, but their potential through the three best aims in the air and sea? Are those that I'll be fine, carries out a flag mark this fuck it down, for it is for sure footed honours lions, so we box cowboy desired afforded adders heads.
in his game could be ugly early next month, Panthers jets love. This might be made. What did I say? The gaze ball, This is my favorite and what was what else could I say was my bed. This is my favorite on Sunday, Lovett Panthers, I have five half over the jet- you dare not bearing on this. I said for now at his watch and enjoy its five. it's right, rare that regular magazine even Vegas, is like stay away from this, Where are they able to bigger along the begun, a runaway here's? Here's what I want to see the jets they do have garbage time potential was that you can fling, yet they have the receivers of decent. a day do seem like a team that could be down? Twenty three did nothing and then I got out of it Carolina words. Twenty three to fourteen sack wasn't see that you know it right. I just would stay where
I like I didn't give it to you. My future is fixed, but I do like Zach. Wilson is not spoken about that at all. For offensive, rookie of the year and fax number went down was like six to one now, its seven or one cuz Matt Jones stepped up their trailer and his favorite Maximos four hundred and fifty Jack Wilson. For the reasons you mentioned, he could just get so much garbage time that he ends up with twenty seven touchdowns and thirteen interceptions in the high amount of yardage right, so that could be enough for guy who's playing every week. So when the offensive rookie of the year, I saw that- and I took a long look at him from most interceptions to ohyeah. That lockdown as the favoured at six to one the history of Fitzpatrick, is just like this. Guy plays a whole season, he's dying at least eighteen interceptions, but waited areas it as it is a jar gossip there he's gotta be up there for the Fitzpatrick had the best that he did you.
And then we have our guy. James is back to thirty four separate re era. Have him as well, so I the interception, think we probably should have. Maybe after we finished guess the lines will do that really quick Fitzpatrick Sixty one of the gulf is right behind plus six. Fifty give us give us other give it Who ass fit vaccine is the one got plus six? Fifty Donald eight, fifty big bang aged fifty whence ten to attend the whence whence a tennis, intriguing hurts and Wilson twelve June. Sixteen Jamieson Travel Lawrence Genus. Sixty in the gathered thirty interceptions, we got a job on some like that. Sixteen yeah as a couple. They don't want to rid against J. Mr Habsburg, stuck out that you can my doing our job as they could have a good year and still sullied interception. Our last poop fact a game is basically the bathrooms.
They blew up and their sewage is overflowing everywhere. This on Texans jaguars. This actually might be the worst batch up. You can had that doesn't about the lions and tourists in twenty one breath I have the Tec. Hence favoured by one, and I kind of like the texts why You do that you're gonna ladder, no more, that they're getting two and a half points of item plus three, so little languages are favoured, jobs, are favoured on our road. That's good! I would not we'd never dies, leave or I don't think in fifteen years, but we have our play off process. Right- and we try to get rid of the line every week. Can we crossed the taxes of we live in an hour later. We can't let no Are we gonna? We have more ways tat. We they re, while you re the weeks that an ad teams a vague on our vision, I think railways are losers, crossed off, yet that is out of that. That's about Sunday night,
I gotta be honest. I want a little more from the Sunday again Game been Rams bears and Chris out talking, how great the away stadium is for an hour and then just a fields just get in a ship kicked out of others. The bare fans have a heart attack. I want you to get a check it out on the sidelines, he'll be and in the second half of the royal come on. Not a lot of mayors bands there. You think yeah yeah, social dialogue has to three nights in a row. Here, the booze somewhere at their feet, wealthy fields in asking what does it Let us get the Rams game, I'm good. Kids, like there's somebody covert, because this is worth why are the rams abated driver aims by eight? I had this exactly as it seven
is there anyway, I can catch up. I have six, including the ties you have five, six nine. Now you have ten the laws of again lost again by lot well. So this is a cheeseburger majestic yes, here's my recommendation. This is, I think, what I'm to do on Thursday unless the lines move too much familiar pecks that the seven point teaser with the g of the box. Either Ramsay Niners, you could bring all them down new, like basically have point they set the wind by appoint you in plus wanted us, plus one programme, Fortier plus one fifty whatever yap. Yet I think estimates it's not bad, though. If, as you get through the bucks game, and then you know you a year the better odds for the other two and I join with they. Those in like that, it's like who's accuse gonna screw me would probably be your team, be my pig dies, I gonna airs, I helped
there are beating the rents. I just did other two schools of thought take care to take advantage of these lines while their weak, then soft early on for the other school others go about who the hell you think you are. We haven't seen any these teams play, you think you're gonna fix regains right, but I'm I'm with the former like I like that. Well, we know we love bearing weak, went away too, because this is when like other Broncos giants, gained brackets giants. Three in three weeks. Time may be Broncos giants by six sure you know once people actually watch the giants and while this team sucks the same thing with that with that Niners Lions, I think I like weak fourteen that Niners landline is like Niners by twelve at Detroit somebody So we're getting extra points I earlier they made. The Rams bears, bears can't walk. There are probably by the bears, Earl Williams
that wasn't as the game we had the guy on the counter, not the contest, but the the right. The odor of sharing yea I did Rams bears, was not down the night, my knights pretty get ravens at readers and for the first time they don't have to gain right, this time. In a long time that used to be too mother dad you feel about that. Well, I think they just take. They don't have the crew anymore, like assistants are re. Our first true has been loves: evil everybody that first Christmas affable, I don't know like. Maybe no one stepped up the offered the do the voice, the game This applies. We were right here they died. Ass can thus thou one gave them under which then Maria turn Rachid Nicholson. That's in the second governor You could again good rain and job they Maria Ray ends raiders. I have the ravens by one and a half, and I know that's too oh, I should have on higher. That is two eyes
three and its four and a half years is not enough for me to win bill sermons. Ten, seven there was, I think, we're aligned on this at least raiders week one. The random airline yeah. Let's do it with the money limelight plus, plus one eighty five, But when I was appointed I'd, it replied it pretty tasty, they will be down a lot of money by the time, the Monday night James Elles round, but were always so upset so most wanted near upset. Specials, that's one. I think I like the bangles, I'm not assign now, and I think the saints intriguing and then one of those brown steers against the chiefs are bills were something thoroughly space
Air in one of those games with United around arrogance, achieves in bills and weak one fella grounds. I now I don't wanna bet against achieves either, but I do like the Brown to achieve come out. Slow and yeah offensive line is fixed and all that, but play one, gets their revenge. Twenty seven if one at least they go into their game. Knowing we hung with these guys there right, I mean work they fully back or that is there's no chance. They go back to the old browns right where they like foreign thirteen. I don't think so there there actually have a logical vote. One culture, the area, David Skill, Guy's dead, the double barrelled running back thing, which will be a nightmare again, was sound. Have the news three apparent corner has brought you buy Nissan, while they all
New twenty twenty two Nissan Pathfinder, intelligent for by four we'll get you back outdoors, the kayaking or mount begging, or, in south case driving his kids around to travel, baseball, weird football games. You can also brace family journeys exploration. Two things the icon on families begun returned. The rugged in the all needs Two thousand and twenty two Nissan Pathfinder learn more at Nissan USA, Doc We been impair corner for a long time. We have I added at least seven or eight years, and now it's get weird you. They'll have a young one. The young ones are way funnier. My kids are now the Do I actually feel that they would kill me and my sleep somebody bank wanted thing so thereat I'd rather need a Nissan. Both of our kids another door- all this are two months apart right, getting I had ass, yet Well, your son, now it's like it's ridiculous.
I am at your fiftieth birthday party. We took a picture. I should put up the picture being Your son is like he's like six three and a half now thousand six hundred six. One guy and ears at that their lawyer. Maybe I was looking up at him, yeah handsome strapping guy. I'm a football. This year a lovely made attack alloy, he loves football. One loves him also, Let's grab your right like you, you got. I don't know why, but you you you're into the watching the kids sports, even though we have gives the same age. I'd like the. I think your daughter got involved in competitive, competitive ultra competitive sport. before my son did answer you like, there's, not symbolic, why you missing Sunday games and now you realize, like holy shit Friday, football under the lights, watching your Jed. Ah, yes, just nothing at all better. I love it
did you try to figure out how to better than are now? What is it? What's south, faithful Bob Gaelic say, I'm actually too nervous match your generous about what I've seen you nervous and action plan. The guidelines are I. What do you want to hear you wanna hear about my oldest failing is driving test leading to the biggest argument in the family history. One of your life mildest failed her driving test those euro. The water What was the argument related and ensures that chair, like minded like by reminders, liquor right I'll? Just take it again like shit? What the way that I still am, seven the morning in driving to film lessons fervour, whatever your football I this site on a saturday I don't want to, I don't want to do There's a girl. Take it again when I, of course, the envious backed up in its out. He now can't do it again until October. Even
He was eligible, I'm like a week later, so he really blew this. Oh yeah, I guess, is a disaster. Critical error was followed in changing late, but every did Genji rains, but that was a wider added. How did your daughter fell weight? So Why did it led to a five year? Just completely arranged furious Adam arrives at well. Matter knows my wife. She was because it wasn't. Even it was just the owl nonplussed he was about, is a guy I'll, just dunes and we're lookin age or like we're sick, a pick you up at midnight and your friends roots Twentyman right way like what? How does this? Ours is ok, I don't know, but I don't think you're the upper he's just six year that again take a car service is I did you have the same kind of
I got it. I don't know why. So my daughter, my daughter, didn't take her task seriously and failed. We she actually came on this package and we talked about she's very embarrassed about it. Came the weaker the driving test Saturday night. She goes to a party right. Brings your purse. Her purse, as the drivers permanent, leaves the purse at the front somebody takes the purse. Our now soon come she's the whole thing she's crying in the car and my purse is gone. She made it. She's going to miss Party that had like, I don't know, fifteen people in it turns out. There's like a hundred, and so this led to a whole life lesson thing of like cuz. My daughter is this nice trusting person and it's like Hey
You can't like this. Isn't like pollyanna World, like you, leave your person, a house and there's a hundred plus people. The thanks, MRS, can take the purse had cancer credit cards by wave his fears, because the test is in four days. So now they have to go to DVD, like on a Tuesday to try to get the new permanent. They get the new permanent they go to the did test on Wednesday. The perceived the dubious Tuesday forgot to sign the permit, but I'm driving home. My wife is the maddest she's ever been in my daughter. All the time like she was worried. She was just going to steer the car into robotics, So he sat on the card is ironic: thou ART Almah, that's how angry they are, while their driving in their angry foundered, calling ass likely to actually get outta my way, you're driving fortytwo about an hour of so they had to drive the Redondo on a Thursday long story short, my daughter got the license and its allies gathering. She just goes she's cars
Gordo best don't drink, or we never see you anymore. If she s I'm go in here and she's God I'll tell mast off the wait, that's if he passes, but now I don't even know do we want to help me that could be my parent one, but I did have a nice, though I think we could do a double parent corners, aided by the way they gave it the drivers s things you just have to really humiliate them. It's gotta, be just constant jokes were you, you have to let raise their competitiveness about Europe. you gotta, be you gotta catch him up a little. The spigot coaching map you know my middle saw jack. Is the tremendous troll. Much like me like that when I yell I know that's my kid like the size. Does it really matter he route for the Pittsburgh Steelers resorted like the dodgers. Am I like a bite? My I don't say anything, but this new infatuation is the Arizona Rattlers Stephen. what that is soon, or rather I I honestly don't know what that is its arena to write and therein Arizona
he all the sudden he's like he got some money on the Like Amazon Gift card that I have for coming in in the Arizona and you can't even watch his games except for on Youtube and he's watching them and they're in the playoffs and their obvious we in our zone and my friend Harry you know Harry. He lives in Arizona and now Jack's like want to go to one of these games. One is playing games like found not going not going it's too hot. I have too much shit. Do I take you? Saturday Sunday whenever they plays a R. U rattlers game wiring like one hundred and ten degrees, he that's it. You want to go and he's now side texting and having conversation with Harry we're in areas like look I'll, flyin, south, last and I'll take a leg. Harry came here. Watch the kids a few weeks ago. He was coughing up a storm. There were sick for weeks, afterwards. We all thought that told me they took a covid test like every eleven minutes and, like thankfully didn't have it, but they were sicker than any kid who had told it around the neighborhood like
I'm not letting them fly with is so like Jack is very upset by this. The rattlers, as where'd go do as we recording. I'm look in the rattling are in the final. They want fifty seven, fifty five jack tis, yellow that let out a scream. They beat the Duke suited city gladiators, rattlers, fifty seven Duke City gladiators, fifty five, sorry jack you're not going to finals than ours on about my wife, forbids. It does not happen. You could have made up of those two aims that our story and I would have no idea- you know- maybe he's making up to. I don't even know the Arizona rattlers that this could be. This could be a joke. I mean Jesus where the hats like the nice now they're, not that nice like their origins, that not not nice about. My son, who
nine inches during the pandemic, five foot, nine and as fancies himself now as like he's out and about and decides, comes back he's an escape war zones. On his eye. Just out he's like basically like what we were like in the seventies and eighties wearing York. You don't basically nobody. There this anymore, except my kids, I'm just out I'm going out when you do this view. That threat has been gone, this down town where these kids from us, who will I won't name and I'm going after school and he's been skating around because his goal was to just try to Cora bits of people in the neighborhood, but maybe meet whoever and some are made friends allow these different people and now, as as it seems like somebody, his everything out with, but he's thirteen like he's, gonna kill you. I was here
If I had to talk to any girl when I was thirteen words you're, my credit that what is called yeah yeah like how to finance with girls already- I don't- I don't get it so we we don't know what's going on. Anyway. It is it's like he's. Like ninety I don't know what happened. I know he was born in two thousand seven, because I was there but bring on. Let's find out what the hell happened. I don't get it. You might have been involved in a love triangle the summer and the threat of bitten. I tell you matter had again about somebody getting. Gray, like it's it's I just don't! what's in store for me on the eighth Grade Siberia. The signal now boys school, oh really, yeah, There is not going to do. I look like go ahead school. You could do it But he won't go right. Well, you must know for passengers of a boy as for by we might that? Might some girls like yeah that'll, be good? We we
You know how to moderate. Has we don't have any other friends who are asked Croatia Mobility. So what do you guys do? Is I quit the everybody's equate? Isn't he ease that even eighth grade yet re in Israel? Does he have a social life? I liked what he was just playing video games of broken foot banalities out thousand- say our genes are very different. Almost the same age, and yet by my son, sole goal is to make your Arizona rattlers play after what happened in that state. Is it my sidewise by suddenly coming adventure the reader kept these? How honestly, we're trying to meet. You know tenth greater sir. Well, I don't get it there or to come on paragraph five villages by get in trouble with some of it. But I know There is a saying that we had this segment this as we talk about our kids, we get it. You may have to have another kid. The other two were too dangerous. Now for you to shoot a beach spinning the yards. Now we have to figure out. Who is the VP apparent corner the share because
I think I think bends get have a really stronger, but also young Harrison now says no set is good. To hear turns eight December yeah, that's a great pair cornering spend. Was Ben was up to a lot of stuff. He's got a lotta good ones. You smashed his Ipad were not Europe on purpose or not with a gun love the other day, which was only my backpack storybook save Africa time, please parent corners brightly by Nissan Her get back outdoors. Whatever rugged train you take on the Nissan Pathfinder can handle it returned regarding the new twenty twenty two Nissan Pathfinder learn more at Nissan. Usa. Dotcom available, intelligent for by four cannot prevent collisions or provide enhance traction. Now, conditions always monitor. Traffic and weather conditions are right. So you can, you can hear south. On the extra points. Pod he's doing against all odds with our friends, the air
we'll go our leg had and Harry and brought her eye. We break down all divisions. Ceuta, much like we did with citizens, are just now, but it's hours and hours long go check it out extra points. Dotcom these give guys give out losing picks every single day. Their free. So I follow up right there and yes ox but live kind on this week in Rome, on the herd on Tuesday Channel DE, I ran into reality, setting out a very nice time with you that benzene bans Simmons know so much about abreast lie. He Jude by ear off about all the acrobatics and, what's going on here, he loved so Ben, sat next time. And resist town coward for three hours. What was happening coward, it was like an alien had dropped that if, in the arena, who just had no concept of anything, so Ben would be leg. Yes,
When they go out, the guys can go through the announcers table. They don't happen and coward thought sight of that. They could see that soon, jolly you don't understand how bad new other things out. We're gonna happen by doesn't understand wrestling, so they like this. What do you care about I'll come back or not only its foreign buyers, of our power, and I know you Michael Mally, on Stephen amounts. Impact was on his heels on stars that work on it, He has Ricky Rabies you had so I had about when you add Stephen, a male yeah yeah. They were, but apparently he has escaped renewed. So we are within our job a lot of great. Shall I can't wait to what I saw again tonight after dinner, re watching succession as well get ready. You are oh yeah I gotta say is that I can accept that. next month deadline, so that one is way. The first four besides a better than I thought they were because watching it in them, maybe there's somebody new characters met member people are like
I really got go and inept sunrise. Gaucho is good episode, one. It was now. You know the characters and you are. The real watch was great. Such a good really are cited for a lotta get shows coming. Billions has come back. We gotta was the other and then come back this far, the third one Is it I want it to I remember what the upside down. What's a colander. ranging upside down the strangers Yes, I did you weren't did you, we watch out our banks or no. No, it's good. I'm surprised that our banks in Siberia kind of the ocean crossed with fast and furious about rubens words. So we'll be back good job. I you next week
yeah. I'd thanks to causes our thanks: cow, create new, produces podcast thanks to everybody, for the support forgets the lines for the last fifteen years. I can't believe it a decade and a half gaslight, so we will be back on a Tuesday in this space. Another package and then the re watch buzz we're not going to sleep on labour day. We have a real animals, is the first he be showing every Miami vice called the runs, return the greatest to partner, I think in network tv history, but also on and eightys movie, that should count as natives move, even though Zante he stopped at the watch in its bail bond Amazon or embassies at by. Thank so if you want to watch the Miami less pilot and they called runs with their near three hours to kill their stuff about. This is our last weekend with football. Why not knock yourself out? That is, as can be, an awesome thought
you take that on Friday is, unless everyone's Erika see aunties density.
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