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Part 2: Logan Paul Survives, Milwaukee Advice, and Dame’s Future in Portland with Ryen Russillo


In Part 2 of the two-part Sunday podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match, as well as their shared interest in other obscure sporting events (3:00). They next discuss the Nets (without James Harden) winning Game 1 against the Bucks; the hero of Game 1, Blake Griffin; why the Bucks still have a chance to win this series; and more (23:00). They touch on the upcoming Jazz-Clippers and Suns-Nuggets Round 2 matchups, the Trail Blazers' offseason, fake trades, Parent Corner, and more (48:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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hot radios and download the how I wrap in book beyond your wife, this means all bookings final for US by the Ringer Dotcom, as was ringer package network, we did part one that went up a couple hours ago. With me and Priscilla wanted to wait for parts in case anything crazy happen with the Logan Paul Mayweather fight, which we just watched where we talked about that as well as a lot of extra basketball stuff. When I covered bucks, that's wanted to cover. They lowered situation, what we would do if the Portland GM, what we would tell they lowered and even a low pare core inherit. The answer and said some really rock solid blink of an eye. I gotta be honest. I like Portugal, a bit more, the parliament, so they go its outcome at first. Our friends from
projects. I type in this part of the package of fighting is eight. Forty. Five civic time was so on. I I foresee do this. I feel bad. I foresee watch the part which made me whether the eight round exhibition option just tell you this. I have never seen my son is in his entire life, more riveted by hand to hand or Emma Mayor any sort of combat mad. She was so it to it. He couldn't believe, look upon last. They roads. It was really a point out like the reverse of drugs creed, which was supposed to be an exhibition. It was supposed to be an exhibition. This
look by actually made it and I really genuinely felt like forbade whether tried to knock him out the fourth round whose darned bombs he's gonna get him. Yeah ban. Sons a combat got so, as you know, he'd. This isn't like you just turn on to tell tape. Floyd forty four Logan a k Jake, they call them Jake about five times during the five. I love this twenty six hundred fifty five thousand hundred ninety, you probably was bigger. After the way- and he looks huge next Floyd q- I've eight six to seven too and reach seventy six inch reach an ill. It's. What deals like when you're our age, we don't have favorite, you tubers, okay, so I think we're all like. I was joke. It for those of us that are in the opinion, business for the most part. I get that a lot of people don't like us, because nobody ever says you know. I, like that guy's an opinion and literally everything, but that's what we do and Oh dear below. That is you tumors,
think, there's even more resent because, if so young and they make all this money, people are like em so going into it. It was they who actually like real for what am I rooting for, and I guess I probably wanted Floyd the win. An I feel guilty of it now that I want to fly to win because look, even though Floyd's older and everything the fact that all these people out there talk. Shit want to do this. Guy walked out of tunnel train is ass off, and whatever like I'm with you. I thought Floyd pop them a bunch of times. It was clear that Logan could take a punch, so whatever this was exhibition, a waste are spent. Fifty bucks worse, I promise you that. I was moderately impress over people like others, the worse is the worst of the worst. I mean we already knew. It was the worst when you hit by right. I mean I can't Yet there be any moment where you would allow yourself to be, like I'm impressed with a guy that has zero boxing background, except for training recently and actually took a bunch of shots again from us, guy but Winnie rounds like you should feel good about himself.
And this is America where there were the they needed they a fourth guy in there just to explain to explain for thirty seconds how impressive it was in the fourth round. It felt like Floyd bet on himself to win by knock out. Fourth, rank is the fourth round the way he foxes for those three minutes were completely different. Then threats to fight he went any through. He threw one bomb that Logan kind of lean back on and it miss them, and I think, for it was like oh shit like that, I thought this would be the round when that punch landed, but I think just when you're fighting somebody who's six inches taller than you and ways. Forty five pounds more than you And your Floyd in your new mid forties, I could he have knocked him out in his twenty five. Probably I would guess he would have, but at there's, really not a lot. You can do because you don't wanna, leave yourself so open that Logan just lands, this crazy upper cutter, something else and he get knocked out by Logan Paul. So he has the kind of you know
do that balance of how far do I want to go to try to get a knockout, but he did try to get the knock out. I was impressed. I also was oppressed from a stamina standpoint, cause it's really hard to fight. four slash eight rounds, even if you're not throwing a shitload of punch. Is it still from an exercise standpoint. It's pretty rough. I thought he was going to be dead. The last two rounds he was. No one. I should I get a little energy there again at the end of December and other there for the jokes, but I mean it's clear there. be India Logan Paul, so they make in front of the whole found, but they're right. There are missing the point. Like I don't know, I don't know what their box, a familiarity as but when they started making Saddam Hussein like all this guy's huggin more than you know whatever whatever yet I was, I was, that was loaded in that year. That's exactly what you do when you outweigh the opponent when you're the bigger man is that you sit there and lean on him. It was funny you because Logan Logan did it once I dig in the first round
where he was leaning on him and then he was kind of like are at their breaking and he was letting himself be broken up before they were broken up and Floyd popped him really good you can see Logan, be like oh okay and that's what boy does that real fights that give me not ready to protect yourself? He's not going to wait for you, that's something you have to understand. So I thought Logan realise ok. Well, I gotta make sure that I stayin gauge even wrapped up and he leaned out of me held them. I mean I know this isn't a real fight, but if Logan's out there and a window thing as much of a joke as it is, and that was tactically. The eggs thing you would do in their other, were Floyd were Floyd was holding his arm in and out, even though the official was catching, he was kind of on Logan again the whole time. So I don't know like I kind know, those guys are therefore jokes. It was so obvious, like didn't, wanna give Logan any credit whatsoever until the very end when they are like oh yeah, good for him, he went around Junior like well yeah like we were hit guys at the other. Had I like that they are just like that.
respect is well grounded in, like I was not surprised. I wear that respected this guy. I will say, though, did begbie wonder, do need to reconceive a boxing is because there is really no match up. That would get my son's interests like this and ask them why you like this so much and he was like cause, I'm really interested in both people. I look. I've enjoyed logo, oz videos for years- and I love floyd- may whether I like live accede. rose, I am- and I just I just like both of them and I wanted to see them fight anything like the whole concept of weight divisions, and I have always said this. I would like to see and also my conjured and forty pounds against, like a half decent two hundred and ten pounder there are these like weird match. You can have that'll be more compelling than just to random midway. It's just you know that are fighting for the box. Diehards Santerno ate like
didn't have judges for this. I'm not sure why, because, on the one hand, boxing super corrupt, though let anyone fight you see, people like these acts champion sewer, clearly punch drunk in there, the fighting in big, as our Atlantic sailed ever insight that kind of pick and choose what they would. They can get precious about I don't. I wouldn't mind judges that where I would have loved to have known how they score that I had at five three may weather, but maybe somebody would it had in fact three book thought about what would have been the bad thing about having judges for that. Maybe I don't know like Floyd said at the beginning, because I can't really win and he made a good point. Cuz he's like if I knock him out too early, then everybody going to be like this is a joke he's like, but then, if I go, the distance you did was carry him norm, but there was also a part of this. Floyd could only win because it goes the distance, and if you have it, just comes annulling what you wanted ahead of time and if your Floyd value
I go k whatever just when he rounds conceding failure. I fancied I wanna get lacked at that stage year, just like you just what orchestra them out any sort of legacy, irrational who could talkative, a guy. Why thinking his prime was the toughest person I've ever seen legacy forest trying to hit him ghetto weird way it sucks. You would be fighting Floyd and when He was right, it was unbelievable. I know people think a fighter boring and I get it, but he was impossible to Hake stand right in. Even turn that shoulder and deflect every punch need even have to move that much, but then on the other, because he never really could not guys out that that might be the perfect guy for somebody like a Logan the fight is a valid you're goin in their against just an older Thyssen who just has to get shrank once and it's over or he's probably left boxing.
more brain cells and more money than ever and ever defray the combination to but eat Fer a champion guys been in a bunch of fights. I just feel I keep baby got really hit, probably four times three times. Nobody like really tat then, because his flight, by whether he was even if you hey, got hit toys, as I forget I forget. Where was he got cracked once at the end of Rome and he gets shook up a little bit? But again I don't. I don't. I don't know. I know member I was watching once I mean that the stats on this Floyd, when its forty percent of his punches, as opposed to thirteen percent for Logan Paw, which is only jabs flayed. Only through fourteen jab sedate reds Fourteen shouts the thing that he was doing once I thought he was like. Okay, let me see if I can get him a couple times and he could, but he would put his head. Out front of him and he would take the job that never was gonna get through any would swim. in hit with the left, but look Logan took up a really good shots, the face,
Listening is really good, he's young enough, and I think those guys have that kind of psycho gene in a like those high school kids that you grow. with that are just a little weird and they eat I've animals and I think those guys- I bet that's part of Eu Law like now. You know, though, your frog and you like whatever, like I think, that's what these two kids are about a little bit where there is. I don't know if they were tough in haste, and beat up guys like that, but I do think that their wired in a certain way that very few people ever would be an that's part of that. In a deep down when you're hurting and you think you're tired you out there for me whether I mean I think many guys do. What would Logan Paul did that dont box? There is something to be said of the possibility of like a celebrity backseat champ, despite all the other non boxers, and it could be an exact laid, it could be and act there could be an influence. Sir. Whatever, but you basically Logan PA, hang out of all the non boxers. I can beat anyone else and fight. You know where it's I don't know those tough guy contest. They had went
in eight is David made a movie with Dennis Quaid. bad Jerusalem will be tough enough. It's good good, Sound really good sound like I was out of those tough mankind's ass. It sounded like a bill cinema right, get out you I guarantee you like it. It's really sure yeah, I'm positive, but could you could you do that there be legs celebrity Yazzi basis. Division, because I guarantee this fight that I made Shit load a money with it, but this is the sure like when you said earlier. You know what I actually think that someone should do. This ex ante should sort of promotional arm of the company where They just go Scruggs. If people want to watch it and it should be on I'm. Syria is like that how I feel about up. I want to see Alabama play the jets I want to see in Turkey. I play this at a Yankee Sixers. I want to see you come women play a college bad. You don't owe me like. I will. I would just want to see from entertainment, simple issue. I want to see different sides. I paid a watch Conor Macgregor Fight, somebody else, so
I wouldn't somebody just say: hey look. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the future and you can be a boy sir, whose mad about oh this is bullshit. Guys cutting the line. I mean. That's welcomed a life like their people, the gigs, hideous and that I'd be like Army undisguised enemy, but whatever they had before in their life. Put them in a position to be more draw and I would have to accept it. So is a boxing fan like you are like I'm just past thinking. Oh, it's disrespecting box. It's all these different things boxes that enough stuff the disrespect itself. So I think this is what people want. An edict more and more of this stuff in putting on these events, because clearly peep watch me out. You know many friends I had that were fired up about Roy Jones, Junior and MIKE Tyson, and I I was one of it all data good thing is when you have you have the fight like this, that poles in people to the car in the paper view, but I think the key is to put a couple of the real fights before there, which we had tonight. Areas by was good.
yeah. That was a really really entertaining fight and I think there is some sort of needle you can thread with this. Where you can promote some of them up and coming best people you have in the sport- or you could put you know too, top well towards together to top light habits together, whatever in the under card? and then your main event supply. So it back to you. You can woman's point So you can't women are play. Williams College, the men's team from Williams College tomorrow night. Are you watching? Absolutely? I think I'm absolutely also watching but see. The problem is that whenever I brought this up The people are like. Will they have nothing approval? I? Why did you it has nothing to do with, like? I just have a letter have or match. I would just what I want. I want. abnormal matches. All looked at Billy Jean King rigs deal gray monumental sporting event, and I would like- and I'm not even sure about the gin-
like. I want to see Alabama play in averting, just think about it. I know, what's gonna happen right, the only time ever allowed myself the idea that it would be competitive game between a protein in a college team, because ninety nine point, nine percent of the time is the dumbest question you could ever ask is one of the hanky squads. I legit think would have lost to Kentucky construct had seven prose fry lottery picks. So when you look from talent standpoint that consecutive is actually more talented. Then the Yankee crew they're putting out there, every other time it's not worth listening to, but even if it's not worth asking the questions, you know we're gonna happen, it doesn't mean look Mommy pistons games. I watch this year. You don't think I wouldn't watch an end beat so look I don't it's never gonna happen. Is it c b in in yelled collegiate rules on stuff, but I do think you're onto something that when it comes to combat this is just the beginning, because its profitable, but I want it and was people get over the idea that you're not supposed to do this? Will? Who cares like sign me up?
we should start a company that solely focused just on this, but another promotional companies already, you know, figure out and have yeah sure that, with the amount of money pouring in the gambling space, some sure will see more market you know I was speaking of abnormal stuff. I was that there should be a golf tournaments. That's like the fifth major and its men and women and the woman had from where their teaser and the men had from where their teeth are, and you have like you play the two but it's a man and a woman and they play and incite the best of the best they're playing the same course. I just want to say at once just to see how it unfolded, because I do you suppose I this week. It is good like the guy. It's excited the Goths really really either it's the best. You're gonna get on the woman side, be fun to see that merge and just to see the dynamic events in all that stuff out better, I think, could be good because it would bring in an audience. Maybe it isn't familiar with one side and then
It's really all is learn. Anything from the F one documentary on Netflix is that once you start to learn the care, there is in the story lines then you become invested. I would never as you get at five p m to watch an F one race and I've done it three times this year, you did it today did you. I did, and today was off and the only reason I care about I've watched it before God. Why do I care about this, and I think hockey needs to do Maybe baseball needs, do it The reason why a thing like Logan Paul for maybe the works is that we know the characters. We know the back stories, there's a soap opera Ellen to it, which I think get out is what really people want an ill? You mentioned a golf thing. I had something else for golf. They should have something the beginning of the year. The legs couple skins batch, but God it's a draught of every golfer. and maybe whoever wants to turn him into? Something is a captain and they draft therefore sums and then those for sums are
the bigger standing based on how they do over the course the season. So it's version of the standing that you can keep track of and whoever the top for sums are, then they play. Maybe some day event on the schedule towards the end of the season, where your help Remember how funny would beat his watch guys play baseball is prose and what the scores would be, but that your foursome so basically have the captain B like I want to pick the skier that I like the draft itself for hard core golf people that would be sandwich fund a watch and then you bee keeping track of those teams. Connally keep track Mercedes. Her Yama current irony knows that the well we with the Gulf, the skins batch when Brady more stuff. Like that, I like I like, I guess my point is every time somebody does something like this, I'm more
good. I enjoy the not enjoy any time its super gimmicky, but there's enough substance to it, and the telecast is actually well done and seems like an actual sports talk, ass, I'll, probably watch, and this one was like no brainer today it was. I go. Ok, all right. I want to see it what a floating upon him with a right. Who knows so, I think the one the one spot You really can't do it. I don't think, as Emma may cause, that's like there's just no scenario with them a may where it's like, if you're, not a trained assassin. In that thing, you're you're, just assuring anybody I see, could be like a fifty five year old examined, may champ you're still beating Logan Paul in the act.
Just there's no way he's baby, you ever you have a special set of skills, the boxing's a little bit different bank amir for second now you can go short list. Its fine oversell has got your bet, a shepherd arrogance that was unbelievable. What's up man, we do those traps. My said, Baroness here his shirt, less resell took his shirt off. He was so excited was at the that everyone fight yeah thousand. I can't believe that. Will you thought you thought about? Google actor? I thought it was gonna, be a fourth round knock out, but Logan survived and very
out of him. So do you feel like this would make you watch more boxing events yeah, like one celebrities box, I an unwarranted chaining, see there you go hey Ben. Are you grown out a little Logan Paul right now with horror with you here in the air tat budgets took off that's what he does so yeah celebrities, kids celebrities. There you go we're. Gonna take a break to put on our shared said. They were you come come back and talks, a basketball have vandals sports. get more than one shot to swing for the fences fan doors Lenny you place your first bat risk free right now, users get up to one thousand hours back and say credit for that doesn't win and it only gets better from their check out vandals. New promo live every Tuesday five. Our dinner tuesdays posted twenty five Our plus wage or in any part of a home run on Tuesday get a five hour bonuses. They credit for every home run hit in the game.
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If I were you, don't you down with in Indiana eight hundred to seventy seven one went seven for confidential Michigan aid and Uganda. Josie Pennsylvania annoy Virginia Fallacy Rebel as eight hundred eighty nine nine seven eight nine or visit eighteen hundred gambler dot net in West Virginia. I let's talk bucks, that's As I mentioned PAR Wanna had had the the bucks hawks six one parlay Harding goes out forty three seconds in the game. Just walks off the court and I'm watching them with my son and we're just kind of look at. each other in ivory wound it is China figure We got her and, unlike did he went Why was it ever seen again, and you think, like oh man, this is just what what an unbelievable give for the Box than the Box Lopez's. Looking good yon ass, their their front, fives really lead to book.
And you look up near the end of the first quarter and brooklands I down to Unlock is bench as a comment and it's one of those of an cages gives it away. Middleton was a complete, no show. Blake Griffin was the hero. I am trying to You know the whole team supposed to win game, one eyed markings on it, put an underdog and game too. I think there's a real feeling that you know there's some line up stuff they could do which we can talk about, but I do feel egg if you're gonna win when you're the ended. I view the winner series, it's so nice to grab game one like the like Thea, the hawks did said now now Zog has agreed to and for the next six, basically against his team that If they don't have hardened still has to incredible off and suppliers, and we don't have a badge.
We're not gonna get random role guys and it's gotta, be these five guys are apt to come through. I'm really worried about my bucks pick I think they might have blown it. I think it's another one of those like game, one might of might have decided a series in a weird way. I'd think the nets are great shape, thou even with Arden. If he down with you, I have some pauses will have for the box here, I really wanted them to get. Came one of they're gonna, win that series so much more fun. You brought up the role guys between Blake. Ah, my James. In Joe Harris the shot Florina they had forty nine points, three of them on the fifty four percent. Shooting you couldn't blockades. Blake was like the third best guy in the game.
he was either like inquiry carried him in the first. You ask about this that Durrant, hard dribble baseline, pull up from like fifteen feet out any is basically perpendicular the rim. Is that is impossible as anything that growth is nobody's over there. Nobody takes that shot. He takes it I bet she has more obviously with limited games this year. You can have the more total, but like I've imagine has the highest percentage of shots like fifteen foot baseline jumpers than any player in the league, and I think it's a really hard, Things defend not only because AIDS Durrant with the size of good shooting done other neighbours used to defending that part of the floor and its filthy. He was awesome, engage one and did some really good staff defensively too, but I'm with you like
is really worried. He wasn't just as a long time to re fan and somebody just enjoys a mouse wordy we work and see what we silently does not implants again, I feel like he has all the same shots. The same level of ease, and you talk about that little baseline, poor guy hopes too great a shot about time. That's a ranch, artisan light, the top seven in the top five, you have your job, seven, which now I have I would have to like, really think about and have it for next week, but holy shit man here, like the Mikhail Sky hooks and their dreams, all those other whence I bet the ranch out does not even have a name. I either you can see anyone come close to blocking it and it seems like it doesn't ever touched. And can get it whenever he wants and if there's been a criticism you know of him, as for years, it's like. Sometimes he doesn't look first shot enough is the best course for river had other, probably within yet defensively. Is that your usual,
thinking oh cables, somebody's initiating from their their driving in then either driving time. Do you think, he's gone for a lamp or he's gonna driving, checked to somebody else ignored and pulls up from over their here's? A slight positive cause: Milwaukee shots six to thirty, four three: yeah Dalton had one of those Middleton Games for the Middleton Haters, like we told you, although, if you really dates Raw Milton's play off stuff, he's been Qana below average die that you like look of urine all star in he's not a one. No one's ever arguing his one he's a classic, You do middle cheer quarterback, depending on the Sunday everybody comes in on Monday, you're going to be right at some point in the season right and that's who Middleton is Middleton's. That quarterback was like you know. Is he, we say: how can we not top ten and then he socks, and he has a great game you so anyway, I'm going facilities out pointing out Smith Chiefs out Smith. I don't like yours, as you know, it's me lines have her watching.
the airlines dapper was better than people thing, but then again, there's some people think is worse than people. Think they're Catana Titans channel I'm not as high and channel I'm no middle, then, although greedy, a green. He doesn't get enough credit for how absurd some of his takes. Our hyperbole button really said this week before the Jones Trade that were singing reported egos. If this ox end up with Russia, Wilson met calf and Polio Jones, I'm saying that might be the best three NFL history and it might not be close Dallas Take your head. I was like whose what now let em like taking back ass, really like the ass good for consumers, rice muscle he holier gents. Thirty, three, like I don't even know. If he's gonna be in an opera team again he kept a trip. antibiotic form there. That's prince up, I think
really it so early in the morning. I think he given suddenly way when somebody I waited not anywhere in the morning yet again, certainly where I need the public I need. The audience is out there to respect. The absurdity of the green checks out of the gay ever gets thrown into the further. The guys like you because kept the track of these more yeah. You be like to various green lets. It fly a he'll get just If you are a fisherman, he just close his eyes and let it to see what happens in the mornings AEGIS get alot more leeway. Maybe curious thing? If I'm a will, there's two scary things in my box fan and I have a couple bucks fans in my life. One is that their bench was atrocious and deep and change whose name I admire my name speech, impediment, think I'll come Dante.
That's the list we need is we need your names again. I have right it's my name, Dyslexia top, my verbal dyslexia gas. It thought that he's awesome, it's just that it him? Not playing now has Jeff Teague playing fourteen minutes and apply Afghan free. Like did you like the Jeff Tee down ten yards running in transition with the angle, Lopez about to seal key areas, rim, Teague sat, let everybody run passed him. Let him ready ketchup defensively, thought about it and brick to three downtown. Did you like that, like I'd, be brought flashbacks than the first part south excision is where it was one of three. Ninety three, whether I have six points from their bench, eight. so it was something that was a number that was less than ten milligrams. Now deepened sends. Oh there's no driving times that I thought was incredibly uncomfortable in the play out. Last year, gas looked had the uncomfortable shirt on war. It well dad you're. Right, though defensively he does some really good things that you just
love to have is an option here, but that's not really what it it's. The ears ears were listening deposit buckskins out the Milton had the bad games and have a good one that a regime like how is he gonna shoot it better. At some point, the things I said about your answer. There, a guy will go out. You he's never going back down and I think that's ITALY, something the honesty to get more credit for, despite ever become turn. What like there's a pianist turn now that's happening or if you lose a display of seriously megaliths goes entropy there, the beginning there bill. Unlike look how big they are looking at the office of rebounds. Look at the second chance points. Look at these short bodies that their screwing up another shot off outside the paint, but there's a size advantage that played out in the first quarter. That's gonna play out again that should at least give you a little hope that the serious and get turned round if your Milwaukee buckskin without Second, frustration thing I was gonna say: first was the bench a second we just had: they did the lineup sea based. They came out of the gate with his best line up right, yeah
and once you withstand that now we go in the second quarter. The nets are just whatever teen they're gonna put together is just gonna, probably be more successful than whatever bucks thing didn't play on us enough minutes. Only thirty five. You know it so is he NASH by his career? Forty five in the Red forty like near dash gets it cause. You know he played the minutes being in place. you're right about the minutes, but I do think a couple get shaved off there because it was a blog there late, but for about one way I'd through right quarters. I think they need to stagger at I actually wooden start Lopez I think they have to play yacht us or Lopez at all times, because they had the non janius down Lopez line about there. Anchored by Portas. Net surges. destroy that lineup and then they're not going to have enough scoring they're never going to have enough scoring. I think they need to time it so that closing those last sex with Lopez and Yadda together, Lopez. F, why?
We have a huge series, is aid for eleven and it felt like there is he shot symbolic? He could about eleven for eleven. You know about it. I think the operating play at all they played fire, they played fourteen guys, the Andrei. I guess it's just a direct attacks that should that be here. using terrain carry, but you have to take our buddy, it's the doubled or if they are, we actually have to bring her friend to see her and at the comments could be the six of us, but I guess the address is that could apply any more, which leads us to Blake Griffin. So look I have some blind spots. I'm not perfect doing this for eleven as a writer is upon castor, former redder former after I have some blind spots with High school or foreign draft prospects in the NBA people that I can watching the normal conventional game said ass. Some issues that I asked
I've issues, apparently hiding somebody is washed up and they're, not because I missed on a couple guys here that are factors in the past, but to I thought was one of the worst part. The way glass turns career was over and bitter and I was like there's no way this guy's gonna at an important moment in a plasters point, forty two minutes and a game seventh night Mister Allen, Blake. I thought he was bad. I dont think we're wrong that first week of White forty two minutes it in your eyes. Ever he s been incredibly productive for them. In effect, that he's good, really going on a good play off team in a game. Seven is, is a huge globally, not I fancied out two years he doesn't take them shots. I body and really hot is big enough to or switches like as at least yell. In your way I look at it Right now I was wrong opportune to wake up and looked at his career was over and the trade it looked like. He was physically broken that he had no emphatic about. He left he
as now reinvented himself as a kind of the perfect glue guy for tea. They complete small by five of them. He's got toughness. He is first of cheap shots. There's elbows, there's sit guys in the back, Jack, he's diamond for loose boffins avowedly, some is ACL yea. Lurching around it here's a guy who for a thought, was washed. But be has been a lot of play off games. You know, and it's like you had this guy as a quorum, call role, guy glue guy, who is for the moment has been a lot of big game, so probably thinks he's a little better than he is cause. He was you know He might be a guy six years ago, it is still a really really important asset. And I was just dead wrong. He was gonna suck for them, but that he was done. I'll. Look at me. I have a hard time of some of their two, because guys can look John, but then you have to understand like
how much better it is playing with all of these awesome players. Not even when is the three guys wasn't that it's it's two of the three and how much opens it up for you, but we have an important question playing at that. near. Probably I personally took an answer. This correctly is everything but this has really trying to figure out Blake Griffin. What happened here? How though, from being done in December January, words like actually kind of painful that feel bad watching you too being they eyes on their game. One you figure leg, you ve got nothing to play for you're. Making a ton of money evaporate surgeries your physically broken down. There's, a process that you'd probably have to do to get your body ready right to play right now, you're, a guy he's done to live some waits from time to time in Asia, steroids accusations camera it's not a stare at accusations, but there's a process yet you ready right where you have to do certain things for your body. Is it possible,
when you're seasons go in south in Detroit the ground and if I go fuck, I gotta get up at six thirty and work out with my personal train for three hours. Maybe you just kind of start putting on stuff, but I get to Brooklyn in your leg holy shit, the chancel, when the tide already added some us like the person who divorce who is out there. Again and now it's like I'm gettin a trainer, I'm cut out sugar, no more arms. For me, I'm in a second look at cause. I've star dating is that you think that possible would happen awake. Is it that it doesn't add up who the guy from the start? was the guy now given just found it out with the tomb. I think it's the motivation of your surrounding, so it might have been working out. It might have him changing something. I mean look: maybe it's differ with lake. If we're different players would have heard about every single dietary change and adjusted. Every single sideline reporter would bring it up in the like a month straight, like okay, you're on a fucking plant diet, I got it, you know I mean I've heard. Every single person can get up it just
Emily hurting adds that with him, but I think it's a motivating factor being around those guys, as opposed to hear the Detroit think it so bad everytime. You watch the pistons on a league pass game, Every night, I think they played a hundred. Eighty games is sheer sorting out every time every time my routine four o clock, whose on out Detroit on again it was, was like everybody was. It was like broadcasting a game with a dead guy MECCA lake there can be. No. I was dogs as old as maintained, so I think as much as we can have a time for your somebody's done or not we're probably too much of a hurry to say, somebody's completely done and can offer up nothing, and especially at thirty two like I get the injuries part of it. Yet I think that's Eddie, He's a good reminder that is bad, as somebody can look at their still young enough. They passed her physical
and if their motivated and they have a better chance and not really asked to do anything, and they want to accept a completely different role from who their Ben somebody who, as always, play a lotta gains. He had been there for a ton of em summarised supporting clipper exits, but he still play a lot of. games, I would say, was always comfortable super comfortable being the number one another two options. Some of those barriers I'd really hard and I think that's what he's carried over these nets and yet I think it was but really ready, gave it out it. I never saw him like mailing games anything. So I was trying to think like there's different ways. Guarana brain him Roy, who is great player who events they do come role play his knees, urges so fucked up and then eventually he could imply any more weight, never had like that. He had nishni stuff and I thought his niece. so bad at change too? He was, but now we're watching him and obviously has been able to manage it I was wondering like who else would be somewhere. What are the reasons? This is working.
What you said he's only thirty two he's not he's that thirty, eight he's that thirty nine he's got it doesnt have fifty thousand miles out of its outcome alone in two thousand for coming off for major injury, and it made me think maybe somebody maybe Kevin love. Is the next sky Kevin love. Has an attic raise been banged up, but has a career ending injury he's young he's ran the same age as Blakey Skilled and is that somebody that Could you rejuvenate him much like thereby Griffin thing has been reached now think about the maps like if it's like ports guess for love and they throw in something they get Cleveland to take posing. As are, however, that works out anything. I could be wrong. even a love play? Molucca dodge could react. Like really get something out of this guy I think, makes a good test case for never give up on pedigree talent if the ages. I quite young enough: Yeah I mean the other thing would love as you would go already. Thirty. Two thirty three: this fall he play
twenty one games and nineteen eighteen nineteen point. Fifty six games last year play twenty five game. this year. He still shot the ball. Well, he could have paid me I dunno took their time Adam about trying to tackle that yeah does not lie with the south. I think I'm saying it is a deposit. Yes, it is about look. I know. You're doing you scouting prison guests and Kevin love for this combat deal that your open is gonna happen. Three way No, I'm just saying they put three now am I wanna play all three way. We also worked pigs, counted as our last its pausing to Cleveland. If remove camper seventy plus million it starts with a first and then it it made the conversation maps to continue. I think I think Blake has made me re, evaluate whether whether love could be the guy couple people. We have you like my streams, though you like the extremes, you like to be able to say he's, got he's done, he's the best he's dying.
had no other evidence watching by Griffin other than this guy's careers over. We both watches the trick they couldn't move anymore. Sire, I just believe it up, because the guy yesterday was they build. The glue guy was the day tat I could have played and any championed here's the deal we watch last ten years To be more motivated is a thirty two year old glue guide, Livin in Brooklyn plan with the ran harden inquiry than I would be watching. Jeremy grant take twenty fuckin shots tonight, valley at Gillian Haze, be alike. I got this Blake had fourteen rebounds. I thought he did at EDA. Janius was still sixteen for twenty four but he still bitter half decent job. At least he stayed in front of a mere physical. Always that wasn't like over run by honest anything. I was impressed. any more from you day. I think if I, if they ask for my that, that they would, I would say even though holiday had nineteen shots? I love the shots, hotel
like when he's gonna the basket. I like his floater, I'm just kind of happened to him more. and then you know get to the line. Nineteen free thirst for them get the line. They have no reproach I know that emoticons outrages get there. The diva stuff is gonna, be tough because you know what ugh about. Although the harden injury may meet, I think it was really bad since it was the same hamstring any again. He just left the fact that he just left it wasn't like a sit down like all. Let me feel the so called honour. I pick me up. Ok, we'll see what happens here, we're going back when he just was gonna media So I don't know that I don't like you did yeah, but there is a play if you're watching the nets go right to left on tv and second half where you might James was With middleton- and there is clearly a switch ain't Milton got back or somethin, I think Middleton actually mom think about the play, Set it up in a switch much ages, what right around it might James Might James is a nice piece.
And yet a nice career overseas, and We talk about him coming back because he was like, like I'm out of here, but I've also seem get benched in nets games, he's only doing his own thing like he can be so single minded offensively and Middleton at that point, you're, like you just let my changes blow right past you, but you weren't even ready for it. What would you think was gonna happen, so I now maybe that's being down, even though they It actually caught it to ten. There was one of three ninety three again later, but I love him without a moment s. It's really, as somebody loves basketball, it's really out for Meda reared against the debts, but I've I've managed to figure out a way. Stop worrying at some at some point. I'm an attack myself into this is inevitable. I love NASH. This should be so called bash one, the title and Al Qaeda jump on the bandwagon. but I'm not there yet now I think you're gonna do a full tray redemptive arc if they were to be Philadelphia, and you're gonna go. I think tray
Nosey belongs, he sees for players and he thinks he's the best to the fore. I the buildings I segment yeah and you pick companies that our aid, and, in your eyes, ease in four Atlanta thick airline over broken it. Whoever wins broken lackeys areas out depicted dextra. Lana getting to the conference finals would be an incredible achievement for them. I can I add this reminder, though yeah because I said in the first round: everybody- that less than me here are the sum I pod. But the game on freak out is usually always a mistake. You tall ass game on the clippers lost the first two games before or to try to figure out why we end up with my me he yeah then were lost the first game. It looked like they had this amazing game plan for them Phoenix one game, one and I think of Davis's healthy Lakers. When that Sears, you could have had the fourteen it moved on to the second round, all lose their first game. So, despite the
The two and a half hours of evidence that we have about Philadelphia that we have about no walkie others. Also a good chance, this game, a basketball becoming a game too. We see a completely different storyline player. Morocco is a great that The line is only maki plus two because they have moved to make Middleton and how it acted with a bad again and they they can do stuff with their bench and I think, I'm not writing off my bucks, but I think they can win game to. I just think it's really hard to be a team that got off ads for six and avows. Bugs fan out just be furious at that the lineups really weird, and that's also the other things like the office of numbers and ozone relevant earlier this season in this play our seas and may be just about. Can we do we have enough office to keep up and do we have a couple defence of options? We, like our last two or three minutes. There's right, there's been for policies, insight that right here. I think this is one of the seasons where it is I who has the best offer that can be our champ. Maybe
that's what it feels like. I won't take a breakdown for them today, that has brought about nor light summers here. That means grab in every opportunity. Beers with friends, means grab some cold motor light and, if you're lucky enough to see some live, tennis or Gotha Summary just have beer subjects yes, I do it the way you want to do it. We ve learned this you're, nothing, crazy, Jason. Rate tasting Miller, light that would fill you up. I'm lookin or to assume Zambia, laughs and actually taken a couple weeks off, I have trouble I'm on vacation Kazanovitch continuing to work anyway, but I'm really gonna. Do it meant a hang up the spend time with friends and with the whole thing weapon in half an hour late along with me everything changes year to year. This year's, happy unless you can always depend on the greatest more or less
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do right now. The nets are one hundred and sixty two in the title the jazz are three hundred and ten. The clips are five hundred and twenty one bucks, plus six hundred and fifty sons, ten to one hundred and sixty, and I bet them at eighty five. So I'm feeling good. The books are plus one. Seventy two in them in the broken series, Denver Phoenix. when it gets his favoured in Denver, Phoenix yeah. I don't like it. I imagine the way or setting it up now wondering if I'm wrong, but I don't be surprised timber favour, Phoenix is a to unfair, it. Yeah says about it, So they go and now I'm let's talk about you, tar and the coopers really
Well, that line is not up, and then we can talk about damper, Phoenix, really quick gun to your head. Who comes out each aquifers, I'm gonna go Utah Fatality offsets Encore. I just want to pick em. I just want to pick you up the Dallas Series, although not yet every series right, I don't count the Lakers one is a law, some seven own one, but the clippers mass SIRI scared me a little bit it is now is greatest LUCA is, as we talked like, you get done, look at all the different moving pieces, the team isn't that good any needed hall of Fame, LUCA performances and in most it, to close Saxon in a good chunk of seven, and I.
its we're like Brooklyn still may not know who they are, and why not matter, but I'm gonna go with you talk isolated on clippers taken the covers. I saw something, those lasting games that I think is transferable. I think they figured out what their team us and who to play and just what to do it? I was by big concerned with analysis, was edges watching them register They knew they were now. I think dinner. So, whether that's enough to be you tat, I do think like you, tat, can be so susceptible to a team. that covers a team that can go a little smaller in them in use, go barrier against. Some of it will say, Denver Phoenix. It's really hard to take Denver with some of the guys. They played the game, just that, that are involved now Barton might be back right there there talking like he could be back I
it way through this year's coming. That's why you it'll people, the people and their crews I just liked ember, because how big they would be spots in Stoke on Poland's way of nourishes fell out of time, but the bat core part of it, I go rivers and Morris with ok, whatever version Barton against Booker and Paul, it says yeah, it seems far fetched. but who, whose guarding yoke edge balding their only option. There can have a right anal work is ass off, but you could just gonna girls points, the big thing is: can you hold up enough in single coverage against him that he doesn't kill you, what the devils so this is what we saw was seen it without Denver Lakers. I shall write. The Lakers headed size that they could make yoke? It's just a little uncomfortable enough, you know, and they were really fiscal down their throats, waited on Nature Davis, Adam the gay, even Leubronn, would be
there they day just kept drawn muscle, Adam and knock em around and you can do that with eight. But then, after that it falls apart. Then you Talkin about Frank. The tank talking about a charge sergeant and I guess crowded Tory Craig, maybe booth I'd. This fails to me. I think it goes seven and I like that. I, like the unfeigned. Oh there's a phoenix plus three, fifty seven and I like it One day I think it's phoenix and seven and then you Chris Paul Dream is still alive, we're over your planet, but it never western compress files parade Nobody has maybe at least a phoenix treasure against Chris Paul, as as your files. I got a lotta harden. I wanna nets hawks
miles in a weird perverted way, oh say perverted early everything to do with it. They then maybe again this year, but just a watch harden fans complain about trade. Young calls in tray. Fancy complain about Gaza is being gunny had a great line, but the trip are. This is the twenty percent of the trade? Should I can't stand? Is that. size, is penalised and lack of sizes reward in the game. Yet so, if you actually lie, and you fall down. What's that you got marked down just get the call a big and hold your ground a little bit, don't flail on the way down. Then you don't get the car. So I want that next HAWK series to happen to watch both fan base because sense for the eighteen doing rewarded for what you ve been rewarded for the entire year. I never asked you view that Red Carlos can be the man's got. Cincture fret ask you that parliament,
great couch, so if they want to go in a different direction because a voice getting stale, that's fine, but he is in that group of coaches is not a long list, maybe five the that other other gender cudgels is constantly bring up how great he had. So I got like the Brad Stevens thing he moves on. I think he's a good coat. You had a bad year, but there is a real. Your Nick nourishes the gallery seem to get the most love Carlisle, Alfred Ten, years has always been somebody. That's been brought up there like, while your Carlyle that team socks beheld The forty one wins, as I recall, allow I've heard that so many times in the last decade, self his job and that of my plan against the south eggs. One of the single best coach and jobs. I've ever seen where the melee tat he had had six gas she's just somehow Celtics out like the two best players in the series and then they settle yeah I'd have to go back and It was your may, no NEO its with one arm
Alright, alright, gmail or even just the EU, is to complete bessys crochet, I think was I met him anyway. I will talk about the basis I've looked at this. I've studied it because one thing where's either one they just hired a coach and they say, was all terrorist acts as far were that, whatever we do in a voice fresh by a fresh perspective, we really believe in their talent that we have been run this bag. New coach second would be new coach, but we were asked to make a trade. This sea J game thing having your best players be two guards it just has worked in the west. The west is bigger, we We have to shake it up and they trade see J for whenever the third would be, Just isn't gonna work, we heading into two thousand twenty two:
If you just look at the town, we have compared their body ass. We have less talent than either allay team. We have less time than go and state with. If they get that Minnesota pick, we don't have yoke edge, we don't have LUCA, we don't have. As good a team is Phoenix. We don't have as much young town as Memphis or New Orleans what our weight thirty one is, can be making like fifty million in three years. Maybe we should call quits and reboot. and really start the sober outside those three roads? What do you think is the most realistic. The first one irony code, sharing stamp of approval, run it back be competitive, see what happens That's the neither doesn't want to happen is that you think should happen. If I'm Runnin trailblazers and muttering Damien Willard, I know, is thirty one, but I want players like that now, there's always
the street, depending how you aligned you are with ownership. Were you preserve your own job where you go hey, let's tear this thing that wagon another three years of money I don't why dont greater is gonna happen. It's an unbelievable movie, talk ownership and it will rebuilds that way you get to sit around in blots. It works like because your picture the plague. It have you say: hey, let's stay status quo and fired the coach, and then it's no better next year and about the first round the. Maybe you lose your job, but I don't, I don't, think Miller gets traded and the only way we get traded. He would have to also set a precedent which I rather rookie scale stuff in part one. He would, setting a precedent like a four year extension about to kick in words. Save money, but I dont. The ways been described to me is that he is a king. There are I yet- and I know it straining, but you know some of these rumours like what are the Lakers have, first of all you'd want to go there and then be what the second option. The third option- maybe the second option. I don't think so. I mean every
thing is kind of runways. Can I stop you? The Lakers are not in this, and thus Davis is in the treaty. I guess, I'm having given that they have no didn't next. What are the next have nothing that they want so I'd and from what I can gather unless we know that at the next cause, I don't need to do this, but they could do bear it and a hundred pigs for Dame just big have all of our pixel Beckett here of the big it basically do it. You know what while instead verbal Avis, without the We and our J Bear, it becomes the branded anger method there. Yet They want to do that and I think that I didn't want you to have it yet. I think the aim what's the wind, so then it's like he wants to win, but I also think he still wants to be the guy who's, the guy in Portland and the way it's me Skype to me is that it organization. That takes him very seriously with his stature with this team. In that
I was I was hearing stuff that that was really interesting about how you're different things come up trade wise in they run it by day. You don't like. This is his franchise. I think it's important to him and I obviously things can change and were always surprised by stuff saw not saying, like, oh he's, definitely definitely staying in Portland, but I dont think the coaching thing goes wrong needs are making demands blow up. Just telling you from my hey, we're not good. Let's rebooted thing we do that too often with too many franchise. Soon, when you have somebody Especial Willard, I should think is a front office is frustrating. Is all of these these answers from plastic last Ben I dont use Rita Hurricane Truck, tried trade. These guys don't exist you don't have better options. I dont think it's. You should be completely discouraged. the elderly are. Maybe when fifty next year make the plastic and see what happens. Use healthy ensue. Isn't I know it's boring, but I think it's more likely option. You're not can be shocked,
Now that I agree with you, I do not think they should J D blurred because is one of the eleven twelve guys you back I entirely agree that getting anything back from Two trades wilderness, a guy. I love this split or to treat that could actually keep them competitive in some way. The two are fairly in the Lakers: Philly gets Bats Siemens, Maxie in a bunch begs basely what they were going off for four harden at eight, that afterward or offer more because harden was stressed: asset Damer, Lilla, yeah, ok, Simmons back see You tell me how many picks and you get them and if I'm Phil, my I've them being a dim blue report, MA sweetener and there may be court bad said, probably hold out until the last minute really really the dangle. So that's one, the other one is David straight up. I don't think that happens, but its attention thing, why would you consider it with that
No, no, it did make me wonder like which Davis's what three four years younger the day. Is that a potentially like who says no? First in the answers both portly, I think they both Satan fast. But if you think about it they know it's a trade that kind of big sets. I dont think it'll happen. I think it's ridiculous, but it it's like our right now. I'm Portland. I have. I Davis, see J all these other guys and probably in the same spirit as before, but I have Davis under this contract and vague right there whenever and if on the Lakers it saying isn't that movie I keep being right there now you have described the salaries of good. I beg you like David, You say, rambling, what you guys wanna do today, like he's there. Let's go. Let's go get some free stuff, an egg, and then, if you Lakers, you could. Basically you know your basic. solving your issue with the broad Davis playing together as the Bronx
so there is just clearly a powerful down. Dame it'll never happen then, and Ringer Social Team carved this out no sociability fifty years ago, your eyes or is it the Cypriots wonders if they Dave? I'm just saying like. I think those are the only to trade that makes sense, because otherwise you're just like an outlet, our Jay Bird and a hundred pegs, I'm not doing that. If I'm Portland I'm gay, I need to get somewhere really good back to even consider, and I start all want to do it I'm keeping day so that leads to foresee J whose in trade rumors were a hundred years. There is one way to avoid trading seizure, and that would be if you could talk to South Ex Ante Covington and smart being in some sort of trade together. but then that doesn't saw the hiding place. E G, smart, Dame at the same time setting see, J. Is Tobias on the table that ones strong around a lot about right.
Said, changed my destiny via Tobias instead of sea J. I appreciated Tobias this regular season. I think he's been steadying force. I think he's been guided, carried, in more games yeah. Maybe I would expect from him with TAT. and they didn't have the other guys ready to go all the time and look we just realises Simmons Gonna have often of nice. Words is not only the great. Having said all that, I am really fearful of a play off Tobias Harris correction get out a major inside our member allies. When people doubted Schuyler bet you might, happening any hidden. Do I don't know, I don't even know the box score was. If you told me it four points that I would be surprised, and I know it was more than that, but it just felt like he was was such a non factor that I even think with the frustration of hay who is see J. I think I like seizure better than him. Oh, my God device Harris had twenty points came today, is a quiet
what's funny middle, causing me living on the other guy's gonna, throw you with that figure, basically be like give Tobias or Middleton socks and ran to. Could there be? Who you flip see, J for if you're trying to mix it up, my guess, is they're not gonna. Do anything. My guess is that there is going to bring back in a coach, and you know whatever there's another one. I wanted to throw you just for fun, just cause. I'm Amazon, expand and have been making fix out extreme smart Pritchard Thompson, then first procedure, the quick now right. Smart Pritchard towns is Ankara, Thompsons contract. Are they get him four year? Another body and a further would be gray Smurfs petrol to try to move Thompsons contract where it's actually something that is
It would just be so funny to be like hey you guys, we're loved have last year against yoke. Ever know run anew again. Users. spouse, he throws gray parties. He was such a bad sign by age, isn't that terrible sign bizarre way. Rihanna it was awful Was one of the many reasons Ange Code on retired yeah? I couldn't really come up at the Boston. I think smart, I don't know what his value is in the week. Some people love on, but I dont think his value could up to being the centrepiece of the siege, a trade I did come up with a siege. I tried I liked and again psyche J. I really do like you. Ok, it involves an ear tags, Obi Tappan, who super interested so far without sarcasm tonnes, Obi top in both first round at the next. I better I'm picking down so that the meetings for seizure,
here's what you do it or that, if your poor than his way do it's a terrible trade? If you Portland here is wanting of iron because you want to wash and job if you portland his way, think about it, you, you saving twenty five million bucks next year See you rebuilding a little bet. You'd have to really liked happen, which added They were enough to do the trade, so maybe it's quickly instead of to happen with those picks, but basically leg The next can take on a huge salary read so their unique trade partner, and I can therefore quickly procedure in Portland Shape twenty eight million dollars off their salary cap and then has the flexibility to do something out. So I would watch the CJ next thing. I have no inside information. I just think the Knicks have the ability to take a big contract. Like that and give up a couple assets and allow a team to potentially
is that giant trade exception then do something else, which is, as you pointed out many times. Sometimes a trade exception. Does that path? seventy five percent of the time doesn't leave them. seventy, I was gonna say like seventy. Eight percent are european. It could be right, ebony samurai. Seventy seven percent still shook its vice twenty pointed it. I can We then say that shot a man do, but that the Sea Germany I was looking in Indiana, Psycho Indiana likes the bonuses, I think, has just more value. and seizure does, but then why would you take brought them back and cause I've edged flag, India It is true. I can't you wait a minute now. You got me excited evaluates the bonus in some version of this, but regime should be able to make the players in the east see J and Turkish I'd. I'd rather keeps a bonus. It's a bonus is so rare. I rather have guidelines at others about
I'm asking Fixy J trades. I love seizure. I hope they don't trade and I like the dames. He hasn't, he said he was hurt by the way, so that that's gotta factor it didn't. He She call you out and say that body. I e mail me for years I came on my pack ass. We ve made fun of me bad it. Actually. the smarter mobile, becoming too, whose ITALY anything I trained again, you have a big desperately needed to adjust small forward situation defensibly and that's why they they paid what they pay for Covington and maybe little better than people want to give her credit, for. I think people want to trash at me kind of funny like when you look at the Portland transactions and you go well. You know none of that stuff worked out. This guy should have done a better job, which I think you lean towards a little bit more. I would look at the Westin go okay, who they supposed to be before they really supposed to do. You know if people put him in the first round fight against Denver. I can see it. I didn't say one that SIRI,
You know I really don't see here be like I'm so smart. I knew everything I thought was close. I disliked and precise a little bit better. I thought they had the better part of which is crazy, because lizard web Those performances there we're never gonna forget where we were for game five, but ok, fine they get through that. Then what happens like eating? when in the west eating it seems one in the west, so my expectations of them are always a little little tempered and it's kind of funny like The Portland ending is disappointing so that we can retroactively, go back and look at some the transactions to start. Given him all worse grades, we were doing the exam same thing: they Lana Hawks and had a terrible record first half of the season, and then it's like way, loved in yellow. I don't love that money, but I get it they don't even need him all the time. The Bogdanov each thing looks like the haste of of the decade. and even with Rondeau, which I'd like those numbers they turn. This amounts to now you watch land and you go stay the same. The same geyser out there for the most part and when they had a bad record, everybody was making fun of
Irish like saying you guys you get fired and now you're go and what a great shop they did put in his Rossi together. So. I know the winds. Losses are what we keep track of, but I think we can change. Are our criticisms pretty quickly, even though that Transactions are the same. The Baghdad would sing his great guy. Society was a little rough. Rather signing was bad Christians. I was bad crystal highlighting the Baghdad of exciting was so get it made up for the other bad settings and then heard her was a great traffic capella in the trade. Power. Trade was excellent right. you say, hunters a good traffic that we just heard a harder Her heart was heard back there, nor are they know about those they didn't penetrate junkie, last year, it has really smart still, don't think he fits in with them. That's gonna, be so funny like Collins could be part of his team. He's gonna have a couple like twenty three and twelve games and people talk him up and it just never seen. The fit in the flow of what they're doing in the scary thing is it doesn't really matter right
While you with me on that, I like that, he's not scared and these games I do think they have a lot of deeds out there who are just like belong here? I'm really good. He had a big three. They trap, tray why you demand value to close it. I have to add one more Portland thing: pretend you your dames best friend and I'm game. Are we me we ve known each other, since we were kids every. the same girl. Now we never do that were so Doyle you any money now, never now I value raised by recording studio many times we really tight and I you. What should I do? What should I name or do right now, because I just made a list of all the poisoning the team and I'm trying to figure out a path that I could win the Abuja title, I'm not gonna do it. Unless I have, you know
in all NBA teammate and there's no road back for me. What should I do? I would. I would ask him like look are you happy being the number you can be disappointed, but are you still happy being the man. And in this market, because first like him being in a bigger market on a much bigger. It's gonna give form the guy's crushed it off. The core is crushed it and we learned a lot over the years that you don't have to be in New York. You don't have to be in a way that in its negative, but I would just ask merely simple questions. Is your frustration going to be greater than year? Of knowing that this is still your organization. Because you may win somewhere else, but raw are you willing to play and you want to go somewhere else and be the focal point of a team that may be as even worse. That's why? The next thing permitted to. Unless these guys, all team up together about you guys forced away, but that's right frustrate as you are now. Are you gonna be
happier being somewhere else, not being the guy. You are here as he's really special, but our organization- and they know it. I would say that, and it that's a good one, I'm no longer Daimler, I'm gonna be the second friend talking to Denmark. I would suppliers, you guys me, go ahead. We met in Portland. Actually we're is rookie year, so you know I would point to the hawks And I would say, hey look at the hawks, they David chance, the like make the conference fighters and their built. one really good point that they do not have another I'm ape wherein they just have alot orphans and if Gee, I made a mistake. This year was not realizing, he should survive You had more efforts that this is where the It is going and we still have time to do that. You're only thirty one, the cow, some curry, was an aged thirty. Three. We keep a column
and let's go get more off at such get. Shooting, watches outscore everybody else in the west. That's how would you know in the west? It's not to be leg, o dared joneses, so switching idea now Covington, it's like we do you guys who can fucking score? What's, let's go, Let's try to be a land of the west. Let's go and I'll get him fired up there. You have the bad defence Bart down. He happy you already you ve crushed. There, the tubes gonna score. It's gonna happen. I think we did so. I saw our verdict is key, so you keep seizure because I am actually keep seizure, I'm a keepsake. I can't even I just made up ten trades form
yeah. I know. That's the amazing I'd have to yeah, but I think top into pics. You think Willard's going to be psyched about that. So it's nobody. I happened to pass, but then I get the trade exception that I try to get somebody else waiting around on that one. she Kevin left in trading fight. You look. If you away throw me something. I can't say that trade exception. We still want some caution at loggerheads exchequer now. They down their fine. Maybe bone running out of time out not knowing how to break press. We decide not stuck by that today. That was inches in following up eight. We listen a minute ago. WWW Jones who people our trading, like it
hullo Johns from seven years ago? I didn't see that last year, but maybe maybe I'm a cynical deck, but I guess he add at the ages as he can be, that much of a difference maker for the Titan sandpaper looks great. I think he is ok. What do you think he's dead? has it, I think, he's still a guy. You treat a second round her, for I mean who am I in a film market on the trade? Stuffed is always It's always amazes me. How often like you go wait? That's all
eggs, and remember that one year, like Bela check, just started trading all of his pigs for guys that were established. There may be a coherent short transaction there, but vote of censure. So I'm I'm I'm with you in that its its diminishing a bit here, but if your Tennessee actually defences Mervyn issue Lasher than it was their offence, if you ve created Corey Davis and a Dupont into Hullo Jones, and it's a second round her uncle whither, I liked to add to that the seller cap peace, I think, was tough. I think that's what scared out the patriots could spell check gloves having that flexible. I think once a year It reads as they never do that stuff. Unless I get free, unless it's free, the grievous sweeter than Tom would do a fifth round.
If we win the Superbowl twenty nine can do pair corner before we got ya. Absolutely Madonna went to a party last week on a party whose a high school She turned sixteen. It was the first one she really went to their friends and my wife driver the party. So this is a new thing. I'm trying to figure out a sixteen says. You never met a party there. She she aubert on and then when I came in, I was defiling. Therefore, I kind of red, and check it out to make shared everything seems ok, which it did is. Like you watch euphoria on HBO as I did How do you for your partner? I should think who's the girls in dire yeah. You know you know I gotta look. This is your oldest is your first time as a new new territory like all the time
I came home, they gonna get away with something. Knowing I wasn't, although I was a really really well behaved. Kid until I came back for like summer break than I was that it was on the go ahead. well. The thing is, you know your kid so well that if any things off, you know right away right. So it's a tough for her, when I imagined mean my wife, just studying it's like you, know, Co. Why collide knowing all Lukas moves after seven gapes especial your wife to legislate about right now, like she's, not falling for anything, look as yet She knows all the tricks yeah. So, Just as instinct is where we were all last night we watched Bo Barnum's, Netflix special waiting They hear from my daughter who, had you know at twelve fifteen curfew: and which is why born of special is really really creative. By the way not a hundred percent shroud watch, it twice, but I really respected it. It was really different in anything so
and then there comes a point where start wandering at around one thousand one hundred and thirty, like. I think I need to the bank where they pretend their phone died, that they let you know, and then they just go off the map for two hours, because you think about things you would have done in this situation, but she hit other checkmark. Some secret responsible proves my first stress that today my daughter to party. Where did she cut it on the twelve fifteen per What time is you roll it cut it Even early little early yeah, she we it was, you can stay at the party till one thousand two hundred and fifteen, but she was in the uber by one thousand two hundred and fifteen since? When did you come back like a girlfriend and then they recap at all night and turn out? There is a lot of bike snap chatting after where she stab chatting with their friends like this step chat world. That's like Morse Code, furred fit as footwear,
it's like we don't know. What's going on in the things disappear immediately and it's all a secret society to how they communicate with each other, and if we can infiltrated, you can't get it won't. Take it the stuff in it's just stay, it's why they're all in there, because they cannot do it and then, in the end we can't racket Instagram, I can crack. I can look at our tax snapchat. It's like package is gone. So I cumber patch you just not you not him workin on proposals down. There is now that, like of repair You show up to your office an umbrella, entrenched coat. You sit down this device like hurry, I'm clause, I'm close I think, Z means H and a photo of your hard drive. Yes, I see she gets her job.
What's that mean she answered driver's license in August Sobs, it won't be letting your drive. The parties in this is that this data driver, but there's an autonomy? That's coming that am definite fearful. just big. Eminently a moment ago, JIVE Round Robin to go to my friend sassin. That's it! Then she got then you just after across your fingers and opens I know it's hard vires this before, but No, what I, whenever I met a kid who grew up in New York City, like grew up in New York City, read out when they got the college. There were thirty You re like socially, unlike how wide? How do you know that, like? How are you wire this way? You know- and you talk to these kids from these more densely populated areas and get the college first by ever get into. I was a freshman colleges for some arrogant in one. in these cases suitably. What do I tell my junior problem? We read it out the w and remove hacking district in and we were out till like and unlike what? No doubt fifteen though a senior asthma, and I'm just like this- is nuts to me. Both my I like you were in a book
there any element of no one. You me from New England, where lay how quick, two kids and allay grow up, or is it old, somewhat sheltered in the school system. Like I don't I don't know what that would be like obviously the non parent, but you know I know where you live in that kind of thing, but also a couple blocks this. Where that way, it feels like a real city. So what what is that, like? I dont think I think from a party stand. point taken get a little ambitious. Sometimes the parts that I don't understand is you have all these uber showing up to this house is right, cousin la going to drive everywhere, so how much fun, how much fun fun would it be for the parents were the part that there has been less they're, not there, and they have no idea it's happening, but which is good half the time about the drop off standpoint. The drop off piece of it just is so so different than if you're in your city adjusting cabs everywhere right
I think the parties are a little more elaborate, probably know I you know I think in in I don't know they Kyle how many like elaborate parties did you go to high school was elaborate like you, gotta somebody's house, there's like a theme, I'll be like the way parliament going underground invited those I was under cover parties. Unlike our shit, you broke my friends. My mother told me lights ass, the parties I want it yeah could see Kyle, though like running out of the w or the portuguese american clover, something charged and people five bucks ahead. Like sixteen right now it is. My party will agree, mean it's your party. No, it's my party arrived about five bucks, red cup. Ego ARPA, in high school, I mean Martha's vineyard, you gonna die, rubbing, sheltered, haven't we
we have. The report is in the woods. There was get broken up one day, member one time, a guy, don't worry bonfire. Yeah me. We just be different settled with the words I yeah site. There's nothing I can happen in the woods. Now is older. Guys you graduate Highschool Shop and beat us up. Is there a miserable there so there then numb. You know the cops. It always break em up because it was pretty. To keep anything a secret. The barriers for ships is a bonfire by lighthouse in January, in the middle of the winter. Remember once I'm a guy loaded up this huge bonfire and any filled it full of poison, ivy, and so everybody that was on that side of the fire or the smoke is blowing off the wind. They got poisoning like all over their faces in school and stuff it was very sheltered and it was always kind of safe and you can always hitchhike on the been your two in case you get stuck in a new right. I mean look kid you're gonna do stuff that we look back.
Yeah and you go eggs made some better decisions, but I guess the the l a part of it like. I would just your weird if your daughter came home of Machine Gun Kelly and he's like look, I you know, I lay Elaine's we're old and you know stopped judging daddy's a huge fan of the porch ass, those basketball, like he's different dad that that would be illegal catches. Only sixty oh right, ok, well, a younger version of avoided earns I just I don't know how fast I'm not trying to freak you out here. My man, I've just say like idle. I dont know how? grow up and allay? Because I know that New York City, kids, I they always they always intimidated the hell out of me just their worldliness and how advanced they weren't all the stuff. They showed a campus already wired regulate all colleges, a little slow, its true, the dear city, kids, that's like gossip girl, which is I got euphoria whereas I go.
clear, a glimpse of the world, but on steroids, gossip girl would have these elaborate. The first season, like these elaborate parties with big seventeen year olds, insight there's a glimmer of real. This in this did not know what I did recently and this is. This is a whole another, the whole another other deal. Is this a pandemic thing now now, but that that movie, kids? Oh god, I'm not gonna ruin once the bright rights, but I had were gone into the the harmony Korean rabbit, hole with Letterman, so army career. this movie eyes a teenager, yet now clearly got hooked up with somebody in the movie industry, but he wrote this ripped and then they turn it in this horrifying movie for anyone but I'm a jump. Turning parent corner and horror movie story here, but
night. You drag your I've, it's completely like super graphic. It's off the rails, intense and usually euphoria generic and ninety ninety five, but this is kid who then went on to make some other films he made gum all. Have you ever seen his run on Letterman and then to millions of being banned from Letterman forever and James Franco, talks with Letterman about is able harmonies afraid he's like the story is. Ban for Life Letterman's. I get so there's this youtube of every one of the kids appearances. Yes, three up, Princes and he goes on with Letterman any the last one- is clearly completely fucked up. he just messes with Letterman the whole time? It's it's. It's actually incredible to see somebody city and like hang with Letterman, going out it. Nevertheless, like other I'll watch it tonight. That's why growth and with so great on someone growth and dad are a people on the ground.
They were showing leg. Somebody analysed the bike. Bikers thirteen best Carson appearances cause he would go and just fucked with Carson. I think Carson liked it There is growing by it in a way where you didn't think he was doing it. It has probably what Carson respected out or maybe just liked him when he didn't like a lot of people so I remember when share when I'm Letterman Intimidate, is in fact itself if so, when they try to flip, but on the whole site that sometimes it goes bad thing. You never see them again. Other times's get so hard, it was done after three years. So I'll tell the story here lets. You want to keep it as the spoiler alert to watch the archives of the link that I'll send you. You just gave what was the finale so Franco? Somehow, harmony comes up and Letterman I think he says it in a third appearance when he's looking at harm, he just gonna lose any also sack as a young. He clearly was using some stuff and let him
the camera does that's why they make em child proof bottles. Folks, hum I guy says it. Ok, his harmonies, like really yeah freak in a bit, but he's out there and is on Letterman, and so Franco goes he's a friend, he told me you band him for life and Letterman's like yes, I did I band him and he's like. What's the story You guys were what's the story, you hurts a frank as like I heard he may push marrow Streep and whole crowds like oh my of all the people you could before astray industry, but it will be the the West approval rating of anyone ever being pushed. It would be pushing narrow street and Letterman's like no, that's not what happened, but your clothes and let her missus I've never told the story before but he has. I went to the dressing room because I was
What's going on and in harmony was in their going through merrill Strips purse- oh my god, because he was supposed to come out and I get them out and now because he kicked him out a studio. I think you're gonna cabin cabinet was it wire frank on. Fishermen tat is the second part Castro is this on its own in appearance, so I'd? Oh, I ended up in some wormhole says ground you to wear I bet you probably do some of do like I'll look at know, Carson stuff. I look for Ireland you say you don't. I did as I did. When you guys did the Big Chevy Chace did the flesh reward. People and you address it was was it with Chris Ryan Chris was on one right yeah, I think so you got started doing this Chevy Chace part of it. It was really good discussion because you you were so locked in
this stuff, at a very early age that you have like this, almost historic. If you were less successful, you be awesome on those kind of each one things. We re fifteen bucks to this to say wow rum in and give horse historical perspective on it, you're talking about shabby, so I then started going back a watching us, Chevy, Chace interviews and then one with Dick have it. I think, there's one in its it's like cherries, who's gonna, like he'd. Have this attitude were, if you didn't bring it the right way, he was gonna, let you have it, and sometimes it was justified and other times it wasn't so, then I ended up on this Letterman thing and then I started thinking about that guide. Never really knew much about the kid that had rope. Kids, even though I knew about it back then was in college, and then I watched all of these interviews, somebody Adam altogether. And it's gonna woes deals. You like a mega, watches twenty minutes and then it twenty minutes later. You like, I didn't move sausage, ITALY, you ve done the either
The deep diver nor Mcdonald said greatest talk, show appearances right all the time. That's a great one right, cosy accorded Thorn Smithkline as the funniest one about them. Is he also has the one it's completely uncomfortable, especially with the time today, where he has the other comedians come on in red. Is bad jokes. Have you seen at mash up yeah that stuff, it's it's it's daily, riveting yeah I mean there's some winners in there, but you can also see why right people or like now. That's actually not cruel anymore. Where you know five years ago, we probably would get away with some of these jokes yeah norms, a good deed that its I saw. The I told you about when I saw the Cisco neighbour, which Chevy Chace on a Carson episode where Chevy was on the cap,
and then the Carson ass. What was your most disappointing moment movie of Christmas and he said it was three. If Ebert set of his three may go suggesting is right. There yeah yeah at six, a M get somebody's gotta prerogative, it's great! No I've seen it I've seen that one. You know it goes back to the normal you'd member many tears up when you talk about Letterman yeah and he tells a story about like the family fallen behind the dumptruck or somethin. And it's like a really simple joke. I don't- I really enjoys. I enjoy great comedians when they have this. human appreciation for other comedians because it so hard to do, and it's gonna be a pretty cool club. To be in when your comedian that everybody else can allows and Solid Letterman's necessarily comedian, but for norm, did you start a cry, because that's what Letterman meant to him It was, it was a rare and cool moment, so I love millet norms to you know it's a good one as the old Eddie Murphy
eighty two, eighty five when he goes on Carson Letterman and I in both of them are just there go to think Is what are you gonna do with all this money? Are you what are you doing like it's like theirs weird element to it, that you could tell Eddie by like the fourth time as they would fuck that these guys, like like a making it see my that could be able to handle that are making a million dollars a year, but they always go to it. It's the same, I mean aid like that, like they're, almost worried about him and you could tell he's kind of pissed off By like naked eighty six, because its I heard thanks right cause, I mean Eddie Murphy part from the oral history of personnel book that you recommended to me? That was incredible, which is all but be brought up in that Chevy Chace Fletcher illogical. Eddie Murphy showed onto the scene at the equivalent rod, James Sarah Alive, but wasn't they were putting in star wars. getting any shots in here Lebron James be lighter. Yes serious like this, what you want to do- and they
your daddy being like hey, it's great you're, funny in your eighteen and very than stand up, but let you get away attorneys like nope, and then I don't know biggest by the internet for a season. I don't remember every episode in sequence, but he was just such a powerful force. He was that funny any basically save the show Post Chevy he had started and we cannot day you can watch em there. I'm Peacock and he had on one of them and then they just you're bringing back in every week. You come on weekend update and then within five there like out Jesus and Thou Z. I like what are we doing here? We ended at the sky, more shots yeah. He knew he was but he's so young he saw young Kazi, rigidly like he wasn't regional cast, but he was like this Suddenly I live players from wherever they com is nineteen yeah, that's some say it yeah, media and other people. I just it'll never happen again.
Nobody know nineteen year old will ever go on a show like that done it all right. We took way too long, russillo fun to partner, as always, by the next time, we're on this I don't know. Probably another two part round son and I will say, will see, there's enough to talk about but will know more about HAWK Sixers will know. If my work ever fix. Their old thing will have some idea in the west and maybe some traits tat- do you have to pack ass common this week as well, yeah Luke Wilson, talking bottle rocket he's got a new movie as gal twelve mighty orphans. Tat scared for thirty. We got a solid eighteen years. Solid eighteen minutes was, he was a great. He was very it yet he was great. My press, junkets tough press jacket, was tough and then now
couple other surprises up my sleeve, maybe even writers, life advice from a real writer twenty seven years in the business credited cut. It is He next Sunday are at that same fur. Part. Two of you miss Part one. Forget the check it out and archives I'll be back on the speed on Tuesday, see them. This website is broadly by simply safe, whether it's a fire burglar and medical merge say burst paper. Even a prob ly you set up the system simply safe has up
Some of the expertise. You need ready to help twenty four seven. When you know there is always someone there to help her. That's a feeling you just don't get with any old security system to find out how simply safe can help make you feel safe. It scared visit simply say that perhaps I shall be ass, the customize your system and get a free security. Camera once get supersaver two eyes simply say back. I'm Slash, bs,.
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