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Part 2: NFL Sleepers and Grenades With Warren Sharp and Joe House


It's Part 2 of a two-part Sunday-night podcast. The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House and Warren Sharp for their annual Sleepers and Grenades segment; they run through the teams they think could make an unexpected leap as well as teams that could stumble. They also give out some of their favorite over/under bets for the NFL season.

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Joe House and Warren Sharp

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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a second time here we get our guy warrant. Sharp is here, you'd, be hearing him and the Ringer Pack ass wait skimpy three times a week this year, but they Wednesday Friday household the book up. It is isn't it What are you? What do you my avatar by, but there's still time, to tat kind of a vote by previous? to Hawaii. People thought I was afraid, weirdo eyewitness bug, sharp you need to me an old guy version and the book with a giant print like hell. I actually worked on that. People were complaining that the print was too small. I actually increase the font size by one arm
this addition, but I guess it still not gonna rode out of it. No sudden, I guess it's just me, I'm warehouse largest fucking old. See anymore, it's four hundred and fifty pages the version that we have, but it would mean we needed to be five hundred and fifty we need a nine hundred page with Egypt. With the letters I had four volumes, it's gonna be size of a Merriam Webster were you came our talk about out how soothsaying his hands but like a smuggler crab because he was Jesse crab for six hours in their unleashed might take a dad crab is the single most overrated food, because it just more work? It's too much. For not enough for a result, and it has house hates hysterically, already about its Kiley less serious like exactly what I would expect out of a mass all sharply show your hat show your heart had to the good people. Business Jimmy, see food right out the Baltimore area, they're going to send him a million. Right here. Here's the backstory, not real quick. I got
I went on a Lamar is good rant after the twenty eighteen season, and then he goes and winds and BP and they loved it, and they sent me this huge bushel of crabs before the twenty nineteen season and then for the twenty twenty season. Instead of shipping me the container they actually drove to my house with light plates full of stuff in the back of a van and d Voting for, like twenty people in this adds value to love the pandemic, so I just had to give it to some neighbours. I heard a lot of it, but I disagree bill. I eat it slowly. I take my time on deathly, consuming apple amounts of alcohol and it's really like a once a year thing for me, so I really enjoy at every chance. I get house think crab is Daniel. Jones of seafood has re arrest. It has to be said.
And by the people who like it, and they have to cut corners and branded, go glass, half full or male. Very wanna fuck a pain in the ass. It is its died, its it depends on what kind of person you are Are you a passion I rested? Are you willing to work like hasn't? I've wonderful in your life it says a lot about no speaking the Baltimore area, though scenario that the envy, let's therewith the ravens, because J K Dobbins is out for the year we're bringing sharp on. We want to do a little sleepers and grenades. This is something I threw my calling back in the day, trying to figure out a true sleepers in that jumps at least forward in the previous year and ensure grenade team is the team that drops at least four winds from the year before Baltimore as well. The sounds was one of the things I was looking at as a possible grenades him. They went eleven five last year. I am not. Not a giant fan everything they did the off season, Dobbins to me
was there only above average skill guy, unless you want to count Mark Andrews which she's a tide, and so I guess she can some people They know no. Hollywood brown, as I just haven't, seen it anatomy. It looks like a team that has a really tough schedule that therein, in a conference that think is better than the ETA say. They have a six, a seven. stretch near the end. Their weak, twelve brow, On seven April football at Steelers, at Brown, home packers, easy went against the Bangles home rams Steelers and adapt, and the two guys for that are at the office Thursday night at Bears- and I guess my first question for you: sharp. could the ravens be a grenade? Also, do we relax officially the grenade? Ah standing still, It can be three Windsor less given there's an extra game rights
let's say three Wenzel has just for this year, so it be right. A nine eight nine would make them aggregated could not. They could not win more than eight games and look right. It is a possibility on the thing that would have to happen. For that to be true, in my opinion, is that Lamar Jackson, MRS Time with either injury or covert and he's already missed to different spurts with covert one last year, one this passed off season, so it's not out of the room, a possibility that he couldn't miss it again. but clearly, I guess he's he's not like wait. Just a contacting right like he could be near somebody in and alcinous out for another five day asked what he has to take a longer stretched in a vaccinated person would would take on look. I look bout a month or two ago I was potentially They want to play the ravens win total over. I didn't want to play them to get the policies and what I was thinking of playing them is their maximum upside, potentially them to get to the soup.
bull. It was fourteen to want. I wanted to lease fifteen to one and I've, since you know cooled on that, take and it's not that I want in a surly bet against them, but with the Lamar stuff coming out and we knew that they needed some. Why receiver help they obviously made that a priority, the God get were shod Bateman, they acquire say me, walk ins, and it's like these guys. They ve not at wide receiver all banged up in camp and course lose running back. Jk Dobbins, as you mentioned, Dobbins Dobbins was great. One running out of the spread sets. Actually, if you to get back running out of like the heavier sets to twenty two, the twenty one personnel Gus where does actually better than Dobbins there, and so they made but was immortal, was in some of this stuff coming out of the camp in July and August leg, Dobbins Dobbins DAB break out year that, yes, I like working arise. This guy- and I just seems like it's gonna be way more important for them. This year, the master he was yummy
He obviously was growing last year, was a young year for him this year they were really gonna, try to carve out a role for him, but every single year baltimores had to get new running back to stand up. I went back and look since I think it was twenty fourteen, their rushing yards leader every single season has been somebody differently never had the same, but I repeat so they just churn through these guys. Let me try to pull up the list here, because I just tweeted it out a little bit ago, but every single season there just going through other guys. So I dont know that J K, Dobbins is necessarily the worst thing. Just enforced sat back and twenty fifteen
These are people that run houses, fantasy things, I'm sure Terrance West in twenty. Sixteen two thousand and seventeen was Alex, calling Gus Edwards was two thousand and eighteen Mark Ingram, two thousand and nineteen and two thousand and twenty obviously with Jk Dobbins. I think the defense is going to be better. I think the offense needs to improve if they're going to try to bang with a team like the Kansas City Chiefs and not offense to me has not gotten much better. I think it's laughable to talk about this is the year that everybody's going to figure out the marjac. But that take was pretty terrible, that I heard earlier this off season that I agree with you that I am cooled on the Ravens and if Lamar MRS Time, this absolutely could be a grenade team. But that's what would have happened. It might be tat in my mind, wets asked it
I who lost more money gambling on the more jobs than last year's than anywhere else in maritime areas. Mr Jo, how have you finally codified the rabbits? So look it's it's very ironic. That sharply was talking about looking at the ravens at fourteen, the one in wanting to wait for them to get the fifteen and one for the Superbowl. I saw him at thirteen, one six weeks ago and of course I jumped onto the media LAO my guy hairs. Might my question- and I was not a big amount of money but here's my question for sharp for an organization that is so widely regarded as progressive in forward thinking as Baltimore is, and this is a theme I think we'll talk about throughout that that the conversation with all these teams, as we try and prognosticate a little bit here, quarterback redundancy is one of the phrases that youve introduce this year. That I absolutely believe- and I think it's her-
Harry, especially in a season with seventeen games and especially in a season with covert and the point with quarterback redundancy is having backups that can seamlessly enough comments, step in and not completely the rail, your team, that's not gonna, like mixture bits game, Buffalo, your sound Joshua comes out. Mixture. Biscuit comes in as a poor man's Josh Alan and marriage. With with Baltimore Sharp wrote in his book, they had the worst quarterback back up the in the other file accorded the way the sharply thinks about it, trace mixer and an entire hotly for an organization like Baltimore and by the way we just saw the gardener measure. Was
a bull, an area available, my God now could he have flourished in this Baltimore office, would even been a nice back up to Lamar. So I'm with you on the souring, but my question is: what are they going to do about quarterback in Baltimore sharply? Why think? What they did you know, Tyler Huntley, I believe, is moved up into this can play sky there and there I called if you're exactly, but if you, if you have an office, that totally Taylor tore towards Lamar Jackson, there's two ways to look at a number one. If he goes down and he's out for most of the season, your screwed anyways right, yes, but if he only needs to be replaced for game or two, you want a guy. That's going to do some of the things similar to large action. You don't really want a guy like the gardener Minch you, because he can't do you get your office is geared towards the mobile quarterback. This gonna hit the ball off a lot and and not really throw us many passes. So I dont think argument. You fits in red really well there
on a whole lot of quarterbacks. That actually do, and so I think that you know that's what they're issues they aren't following a lot of money into the quarterback position. They ve got Lamar Jackson there about to have to pay him, make a decision for the time being what they are spending Their caps basin is all the other players around him. They want to make a big run this season and they are willing to a funnel it into the back, a porter back position, so Islam or bust, How is virus? That's? How old fantasy strategy right? like in the old days and our best buy leg. If you took shack at centre like what even want to draft a backup centre and the first eight rounds Jack goes down your desire that it's it's it's a very different proposition in this current era, with the ETA found the particular circumstances of this Annabel season,
an unprecedented gonna noises. I dont want men, choose the right guy, I think just making a joke. I mean, ironically, watching Pats Giants today. I can't believe the giants didn't get Menchu. I can't leave em it people, listen this pact. No, I failed to mention. I would have been totally fine rolling with him and MAC Jones is by quarterbacks this year I dont get the men she thing it and the fact that Jackson I gave em away. I thought was really you're too what he. Why are you giving away somebody had thirty seven tonnes at eleven picks the last two years and some pretty shit teams. I think you gotta go to fill? I think he's gonna win that job at some point it will be in the first a week or so sharp. Why? Why monsieur aware and get that I either the whole thing was totally stupid, early stupid by the Jacksonville Jaguars. You are taking away wraps free. Trevor Lord? I know that urban Meyer is going to come in here and you know I talk to people on various different teams. I know that urban Meyer was all about we're not gonna handle
Think anybody even the number one overall pick you asked to earn it, there's competition. So that's what this whole thing was, but let's be realistic if the guy it is competing with the number one. Overall draft pick, one of the best quarterback prospects in years is then worth trading for only a sixth round pick do you even doing here with what you think about this Ryan is good enough to play with Trevor. Lord you just trading em away for six round pick, that's what everybody else thinks of him and that's what you clearly think he's worth cause. You were willing to give him up. For that. I totally agree. I think that the way that mean shoe was handled last season. If you read the chapter in the book on the Jaguar, yet it was an atrocity by jaw by by Jane rounding up
as you know why you and give you a written cerebral, Torreon Nincompoop, move with what he was doing in terms of how we use handling. Not so I agree, I think Gardner Menchu is better than what most people think garden issues, I'm fully on board with your take bill in that regard, the eagles gotta steel, getting him for six drown pick and I just started dealing for taking away wraps Fromme Trevor Lord. You need him to get right this is a long as hell season. You need him to be prime, you need to say, oh well, actually I've seen him in games. I've seen him in practices with the wants. This is what he's good at this is what he struggles with. Let me try to introduce these other concepts. You know. Also guardroom issue is not the type of running quarterback the tree. Lords is you need to work on? Your cue be runs down inside the Red Zoning Right, the five your line install all these different packages that you aren't gonna have in their if men shoes there I just felt like they were wasting time, and then they dealt him first. Sixth round
maybe this by the way. Where was Indianapolis. That's enough, like another greatly they're gonna, go date, any vandalized, if they dont figure out, you know when, doesn't come back when they think he's when their hoping, back and they have the wrong you be for those first five games. They could take a complete the butter season House who do every year, the grenade. Well, I'm glad you started Indianapolis because I think that there are definitely in the running. I mean this. The saints are kind of like I'd, unnatural grenade, and you know, there's a there's all the factors that point to the limitations that they have their to starting right receivers. Right now are questionable, Thomas's out, for you know, and more indefinite time,
and you, James Winston. Now you look pretty good this brain it s a kind of firmly on the safe side, Thursday. I went back to the calls for a second. They were Levin and via last year. So, for them to be sure grenade. There would have nine the share their even odds. Basically, not to make the playoffs and their over under four winds is eight and a half their plus one, forty four, the division that first five games. I mention higher Seahawks Home Rams at titans at dolphins ravens on a Monday night, and they might have either Jake a basin as as the key be. I think that is a definite grenade candidate sharply think. So let me let me go off on the call for a little bit. The one thing that I love about the court's: that's making me hesitant here
is simply the fact that I think they ve got one of the most underwrite coaches. In the end, I fell Frank Reich. If you look at the different quarterback studies work within consecutive seasons, what he's had to deal with it? The change that has had to deal with not not the same quarterback any one point in time. Even if you go back to twenty seventeen, where a foot from two Carson Whence and obviously Nick Falls who won the Superbowl then takes the job with the cold. he's been a miracle worker, but he really is going to need to be a miracle worker writhed, Carson Wentz in the current form that he was at. But let me just go through like some things that we know about the court's number. One just breaking news that happened today, lot left tackle sand is, is gonna, be out for the season now, saint Heavy, isn't a famous person doesn't ring anybody's bells, but he was gonna, be there starting with tackle, because Eric Fisher, the left, tackle that they got from the Kansas City Chiefs, is dealing with a recovery from an action.
These injury that he suffered late last season. Any wasn't gonna be ready for the start of the sheer air officials, so you Sadler there in the third string left tackle right as they are now to be on my back on Cuba, and I was supposed to be here to make a start so, while eighty year Anthony Constanza retired, so they they got Eric Fisher. Knowing he's not gonna be ready, they also gluttony piracy Entebbe, you know, what's going on with our Fisher he's, got covert right now that just was reported today. So that's gonna delay his I might even further, in addition today comes out the tea. Why Hilton is dealing with disk related issues in his neck? That started flaring up just a few days ago and he's going to miss an indeterminate an amount of time. Obviously there wide receiver one not like the best number one wide receiver in the NFL. It's not like it's a colossal lost for them, but it clearly hurts their death and clearly hurts their upside, as has real
add the two I held an injury happened before your fantasy drafts. I would add a bit act over cause. I really appreciate it personally. I don't touch the court's anymore of Canada, I might. I bet I liked out at the time they don T like it go and sharps like you, you guys mentioned the cold schedule, a kind of talk about that they do play the number one, schedule weeks, one hundred and twenty five in the NFL, but then from week, six onward. It shifts to the number one easiest schedule and if you look back at Frank Reich over his three years as head coach of occult weeks, one hundred and twenty five, they are seven wins and eight losses. That's forty seven percent when percentage weak six onwards, there are twenty one wins it only twelve losses that sixty four percent so he's a slow starting coach to begin with the team as the number one most brutal schedule early. I would not be shocked if they absolutely with their injury situation, start out slow. Now, where's Carson went in this whole thing because
The biggest factors here a few stinking blew about his thinking is: where is that, He isn't hitting a failure. I mean that seriously. I would feel better if Frank Reich was playing quarterback. If you could get Frank right out there and he could coach and workers rights, they are back on the lines here. Don't children's it's over! It's that happening for either those guys absurd. God shall, I think, I think, look Carson whence. If you look back at last year before I said way into what I've heard about him in camp this year is last season you you want to try to evaluate a quarterback when it's easy to pass the football. What are some operative? Opportune time surpass the football, down how about first out without pressure he was the arable and both of those Judge Army loves first and passing. He could not pass the ball at all. A lick with play. Action egos had to abandon play action because he was so abysmal passing
play action. His wind was ass out of the great quality. It was a terrible coy. His line was bad because of all these injuries. Now, to his credit, like it's not his fault, there often of line I had is projected one of the top five often blinds in June of last off season, not a single one of those players. Practice are playing a game, together, those guys were injured. That line did not play any games and they were the number one most injured offensive line, but as a result of the injuries to the line, Carson withdrawing. move a watch. How was he when he was passing on the move abysmal? He was terrible passing on the move,
So you do, I don't you. I noticed that every time we pass the book last year, it was any use to be good. You used to be good and passing on the movie used to be good on third downs. Using play. Action on first sounds like a lot of different situations: Carson Whence was good and if you remembered the twenty nineteen season, when all of his wide receivers got injured, just like they did last year, but yeah was making, he was making chicken salad how to chicken shit, quite frankly without having corny was still being productive for Canada, China after five years. Yet exactly and so look I think that this team vote, though reports I've heard about Parson encamped before his foot, injury ends and subsequent surgery, was she was looking surprisingly good. There was a lot of good feedback inside a courts camp that he was actually looking much better and Frank knew what to do with him in all of that
Here's how I'm playing the call a deep sigh but sharp duping feedback like that like what are they gonna say? Its figures? Are their size Hurstwood such terrible surprisingly good, because I was surprised that a good surprised, always like some really where we didn't have pads, weaken just words. He was so good. I agree I mean look some of the guys that are on different teams when I'm talking to different people, they are more optimistic than they should be because there so close to the situation. And is there squaw that they're going to show you a little bit more exuberant and is difficult to separate themselves and judged things fairly, but on at least we weren't hearing, while he struggling a little at least we weren't sharing y yeah, I'm not so sure about that trade that we may because he's really not looking good like they were raving, but of course any got hurt and has missed a while. So the next couple weeks are going
I wouldn't really very little to do with the courts to start the season. They were a team when the wind total was ten back three weeks ago. Under was absolutely the play. now everybody's got nothin bandwagon. I remember on our group texting as soon as we heard once was down, and then they lost their left guard. It was like ok or we are, is our titans, Why, and I said I mean the titans are fine, but I'm down on the titans to this year. I think this division Hc South is gonna, be kind of a disaster the season. Yes, but that being said, I can't argue colt we're a team that we're on my grenade list as well, so I so that after the first five they still have at forty diners weak, seven nine game. They have a Thursday night Its game would just sat sounds like something goofy happen now and there at bills home for the bucks week. Eleven we twelve home for the past week. Fifteen and ACT odds on a Saturday night weak. Sixteen, so there's someone
It is in there. I wonder what there are losses. I wanna be betting on this team once everybody gets start hating them. this for your little. He went away. You're lay love upon. Although in the weeds, then I'm gonna come out and let the master an underdog and undervalued when Frank right typically turns things on, but from a win total perspective I'm on the sidelines for them, housebreaking news, danger, lectures. Retired again, he reaches sotto voce everyone, the court's he re, announced his retirement. It's happening, I think, he's happy sharp, who do oh, actually will take. A break will come back with Sharps first grenade, a vandals sports book as a kind of new used, with enhanced thirty one odds for the first Big College football game of the season. That's right pick either Georgia Clemson win. You could turn a five hour, bet into one hundred and fifty dollars has a payday. That sounds great. I know nothing about cod Papa. You should listen herself for the son, I'm showing us is growing, I'm just
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with the saints, no matter how we end up. Slicing it. I know Jamie looked. It looks pretty good, but I believe that the Saint are going to inevitably end up running the football a little bit more because through breezes isn't there and there is a little bit less trust in the quarterback situation without drew breeze, and when that happens, what is going to be the result? Is it's going to be difficult to make? in efficiency, honourably downs when you're passing less often inevitably you're going to be facing more third down attempts and those third down attempts on average are going to be longer yards to go, then they were last season and, as a result, Europe often over all is going to be worse, is going to be faced with these more third down attempts with longer yards to go, which are obvious passing situations which then the defence can pin their ear
back you're, going to get sacked more often and you're going to turn the ball more often throw interceptions orsak bumbos, and this is a recipe for disaster 14th like the saint that was just so good with drew Brees at playing on schedule, eliminating turnover, staying ahead of the sticks and, if fiction, efficiently, moving the football down the field. I simply think that you're gonna have genus and a little sprinkle of tat some, and I just I just don't like the involvement of taste some. I don't think this is anywhere close to the situation you may have in San Francisco. Where Is the Jimmy Geographical or show early in the season, but will insert a little bit a tray lance which some really high upside plays and he can actually throw the football down the field. This is like a totally different version that taste them is Add ok here, but she really you Shan T sums cases a year. Kubi like tray lance now not to
It is a brave thirty years old. I ever got information rises. Thirty years old and look I mean God bless him. You know he's he's, he's probably a really nice guy, but the reality is he. Is not a quarter back in the modern era. Football he's fine for like go line, runs short yardage drawn death. You kind of our very predicts that thing came ring upon the field a little bit like nothin. Yet about that get much worse than a pastor. In my opinion, I know your big on a big MAC and downloading a heavy seed kidding. I have seen came on the huge MAC Jones fear. You talk about matters out. You come on I'll have been analysed. Integrating somewhere, we do. There are break out at all pack of cigarettes for without Bactra subjects, Abso giddy about Bag Jones. I can in fact well. So here is the case for France. Estimate on Thursday the saints for them actually going over
a breeze really held them back last year is breeze was just bad, but he couldn't throw DE passes any view. If your banking, on this, this Marquesan Callaway, who everybody is you know in a circle, jerk a bad as like the sleeper fantasy receiver of all time this year, just becoming Michael Thomas, Then you can somehow right the Michael Thomas ship at some point during the season and Jane S
the ability to fling the ball around you got shot, painting and the whole thing like you, don't think they could still go. Ten and seven will look. I think I think here's the issue with J, Mr Kay, let's take it back to your team, the patriots. How did I know it slightly different situation, not a perfect parallel, but Tom Brady without Rob grown Caskey and twenty nineteen and with shit receivers in twenty nineteen, looked terrible right like let's be honest, he did not look good whatsoever, then he goes down to Bruce Arians offence in Temper Bay and he's got MIKE Evans and he's got Chris Godwin, of course, grew. Caskey comes back much got a lot of good wide receivers that are in temper and he looks like a million bucks, we'll guess where James looked like a million box in the office that all Ambrady look good. Now, what is James is going to in New Orleans, I love champagne and let and if the saints make the posts season and potentially make IRAN he's coach of the year. In my opinion, you ve got
maybe get a little bit down on a future for Sean Payton coach of the years and outside shots. If the saints end up doing something really well, but from a grenade perspective, Jamis Outgoing here Callaway seems to be a stud, but he's completely unproven, who the hell knows when Michael Thomas is going to come back and the rest of that receiving corps is one of the worst in the NFL. They just lost their tight end Troutman for a little while
like, I think this receiving corps is very bad. Clearly, in my opinion, they're number one receiver is going to be the running back. Alvin Kamara he's going to catch the most passes there. That's far from an ideal situation to game plan and offense around we're talking about Jameis like pushing the ball down the field and like giving more of an option, but I think the guy is catching. The most passes is close to the line of scrimmage in Alvin Kamara. So I don't disagree that he's going to be able to do some things that drew Brees couldn't do, but I'm also not convinced that all the sudden, the smart decisions are going to be there. All the negative decisions are going to be gone. He's not going to turn the ball over he's not going to take that Zach's he's not going to fumble the ball. So I think there's a lot of potential for the saints to go under their win, total witches, nine, the grenade they want twelve last year there were total right now is now so basically were already. The odds makers are predicting a grenade out of the saints, and I
undermine myself. So I think there's a good potential. This team is eight, eight wins nine losses. The season has play ass to me, get their minus one tat, no playoffs, plus one thirty, four, the nine numbers, even even money, Let them go down in a new lose nothing here. There's a vague did sharp can. If you are, you go my there with the old sage, France, Sesar and his whole case about if the tide end as drop the past and that buckskin this are actually in the super bowl and that's a borderline soup while team last year with a quarterback who can actually for deep. Now I think princess is right about the potential outcome for the saints last season, but that was last fucking season. The quarterback the season is James Winston. It's not denote you
You can gain manage them around. A gay marriage them enter. You now to twelve winds. Last season, I already bet they're thereunder. You did ok I'll write so to wrap up the grenades. Sharp has the saints over underlined. how says the colts over under eight and a half I am. Mean toward the ravens and they're over under what was at eleven now now to do the Steelers there without by my three either, can it be between the Ravens, the Steelers? and I think the courts are getting there but Raven stores. I think one of those who is going to drop? I don't think we'll get three play games, I gotta say: The stores I was ready to have them that was gonna, be my pick and I did some. I did some recant. As you know, I'm a map I am not opposed to go and on the blogs and message boards for every single thing to try to see what's going on, they might now their draft. Is that just
I know their efforts of land is shake. Is all fuckin. How and I know what we saw from office burger last rather decimating or make it easier for them, but the tight and that they got and then nagging heiress to it really seems like they have two guys who can I come in and be like impact deeds sharp? What have you heard about the Tide Ed farmers he looks great in the precision rightly been eaters having tight and Ben always years ago. Band made a comment that, like I try not to forget things that are of this nature. He said I like tall, receive
version, the Red Zone and Briar move is the type a guy who can be a target for Ben down inside the red zone. So it doesn't surprise me that he's gonna lean on him for some touchdown upside one of the reasons they went after Chase Claypole as well, but rather just tell you bill. I I I like Naga Harris as a player and may be a team should have taken him in the first round because he has that upside. Although I personally disagree that you need do value a running back in the first round, I also disagree with the fact that their often of line with sufficient enough that they could afford to draft a running back. The opportunity cost there and agree. I also will say that precision stats are relatively meaningless. Although gap ready, for me, delight share some stuff on your boy, Jones? However, look at this dealers leading Russia's this pre season behind this line again take take it with the grain of
The leading route, Russia in terms of attempts to jail and Samuel, see average two point: nine yards per carry on thirty nine thirty one, Russia's Anthony Macfarlane with their number two leading russia. He average three point: zero Naga Harris was the number three he average. Three point two and Kalen Ballade was number four. He average four point. One cannot rely solely on their average, a book even average. What the nfl average guards per carry are. I do think the Steelers like I would have liked to bet against then there's a lot of things that are going to redress for a grenade. I could see it for a while, however, the problem for me was the wine total has already been taken into account. The fact that they're gonna spend stepped back. They want it aims last year. It is down to eight and a half the odds makers. You no credit where credit is due. They did a great job of removing all opportunity to bet this team
because I don't see a whole lot of value in bedding them under eight and a half. I really don't see that ridiculously low of a floor that this team twinning four or five games, I think, even in a bad year It is the worst six, probably or likely seven or eight games for the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I just think there's no value in the wind total, but certainly from a grenade prospect. No more than nine winds for the Steelers, I think is certainly a potential brutal scheduled to house at hello, weak wine, which is, alas,. Our own one There have been five team parlay weak for weak five weeks, eggs at packers, home and their home seahawks on a game, and then they feel there's the year home Ravens at vikings on Thursday Titans home home for the time at Chiefs, home browns out ravens. Here's. Why.
I haven't. I'm gonna wait another week before decide: Raymond Stairs here's! What scares me about the Steelers, because I get the offensive the last year they had the worst runs per attempt that think of any half decent to good team have so many weapons now, if friar methods good right away and we know now, G Harris is going to be a hundred times better than James Carter. I love other stuff. I've read about him. Like he's deafening one of those few ready the p is about him he's one of those they accept the tell him to leave, facility at night guys, recital K were turning off the lights. You have to like he's? One of those guys then savers with Claypole on Schuster, Deity Johnson. They have a shitload of weapons. I think, if brought the spur, unless he completely sucks now, that's it It should God Menchu by the way but ass. Why am I afraid, the Steelers. Why am I afraid of all these weapons, plus all the guys in the defence? Have your brain is
around a version of ruthless Berger that no longer exists. She is in the bottom he's one of the worst quarterbacks. No legal de passing thirty first in this is for straight out of the vicious shoppy Bible here, thirty first incompletion percentage at twenty Eightth and pass a rating last season on anti passes. Those weapons exist. Are there good weapons? Ben Roethlisberger is thirty nine years old and looks and plays like he's thirty, nine years old and their backup quarterback stink. They have no quarterback redundancy and I have a thirty nine year old Guy, everybody has a version of Ben Rafters, Berger that we didn't. We know and have seen that doesn't exist any longer. That's that's the reason for the fade. From my perspective, sharp a day if they traded a fifth, a guard them and shoe today. Would you feel better about them? Look not really because agency.
The ban may be able to stay healthy because of how quickly he's getting rid of the ball. He'd know quarterback newly through a quicker than Ben and no quarter back in the league through a closer to the line of scrimmage. The upside here is that now Canada, the new office, a coordinator who is the quarterbacks coach last year, but was it was unable to infuse all of his ideas in strategies, because you had a another guy cos the plays an actual running the office last year and rainy figure, who I didn't really care for on Canada loves some things that Ben did necessarily do a lot of play. Action, alot of priests, not motion If they do, these things had been actually says. Fine. I know I'm old in this league, but I'll, try it so that we can try to win games. He came back to less money, etc, etc. Then there could be some upside. My big concern is it necessary
we the off and you are right- build they do have some very good skill position. Players in I think they're running back talent with knowledge is, is certainly acceptable. The for me, is this strength of schedule in their defence. I think they ve got. probably the number one or number two best front seven and they went out. They acquired another layer a couple of weeks ago. This is a very good front. Seven, the problem is there? now playing the number two. Most difficult schedule of past often in the leading a season, they were playing basically a bottom five schedule of pass offices last year with the end of Sea Eastern Fc South in the mixed last season. I think this secondary is gonna be challenged in what happens is less pretend the Steelers get a lead and they're playing pretty well diva opposing often says you're gonna have to pass the ball boom, your passing against the weakness of the Steelers, which is that secondary. So you can allow Europe to be to get sacked in those instances, but if you can stand up to the Steelers Pass rush,
I think that secondary distillers gonna be much worse this year than it was last season by sharp it's even worse than that, because, according to my diligent research there are very worried about the lie backers until Devon Bushes, a hundred percent she's being able to cover people. Back, failed and tied ends and stuff like that. So yeah there be some some pressure, It's gonna be an interesting one night. I could distinguish They are the are the all time I could see them going. Five and twelve, and I could see they're going like they have the experience to me. The ravens is more just like I hate when Sir things have haven't even started, yet you ve lost one of your best worse. I always feel like there's a bat use your team, where it's like that's a bad sign to lose, somebody who's, probably one about five or six bad guys just quickly on the scope position, as in the stores, Nadia Harris, Claypole, Schuster, the Anti Johnson and lets
friar mode turns out to be really good, that, like cockpits good, but they settled down, I don't think there's five teams that have scope position, guys like that right for people that will actually get drafted in a fantasy league. All five of those guys I like I would gentlemen over half of the fantasy draft goes well. I don't know about fantasy, but real life football. I could hear you that their top there above average and maybe borderline top ten, but it may even a team that you and even consider necessarily to be great this year, would like the Dallas Cowboys their school position guys are definitely better than the Steelers, while by native city, Lamb is the next year rice. When the fact that happen. Yeah I mean I would, I would even argue, like the Minnesota Vikings pretend I sat down, sharp come on What are you saying? It was ass. Much ass got hurt yeah herbs,
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took a long look don't say the page, you mother, fucker, don't do it. Don't say patriots, don't do it! It's a brand new team. It's now, it's amazing turn around the knowing the patriots. I looked at Washington I urge, and by TAT I thought I looked into such a sharp. I thought about the charges, but look I sent this too sharply. The whole point of this pod cas was to give you twenty plus minutes to twenty point. Luckily, tail rates are gonna gonna. Do that the upcoming season- and you know that the numbers bear it out like an end, and I didn't even need this MAC Jones, Lord Savior, you, whatever that the situation is gonna, be here all I needed was Bilbil check the guy's returning from the opt out last last he's not on defence. The aggressive acquisitions at the skill positions on all offence that had not for me and for the other guys fry savages are at stake?
this will guide. I just like a yet opened a flutter up. My ass lovely part of my mouth and we move on with the new like Dolly seventy nine last year, there still plus one twenty five to make the plants, which obviously feels like stealing plus three sixty four, the revision. I would stay away from that seventeen one for the conference the over. Under his died, there's been a lot of action of the over under an unfeigned. Oh, it's been basically minus one. Forty four that I like the way the season starts for them, where it's basically home dolphins, add jets home saints. You guys tell me the saints my instincts, so that could be three no come in at the gate, but sharp the biggest thing here, we should mention, was sharp. I just gotta be a deck for one second, sharp and all the other guys with cow Shanahan. Is there culture oh look at em rotate. These Cuba's these defence of coordinators are gonna, be shit. Bricks now known
reject tray lads, it's like nobody ever. Nobody ever does the circle jerk for bout check, who has six Hooper balls and who pounded passion had Superbowl where's by two Fred about our great Bilbao check is warrant sharp, out here you got tweeted complete about the king, hail the king, Bilbao check where's that Bilbil I check has gotten it. accolades. I don't think you know why I mean a man like all sharing every everybody knows. Bilbil a check is arguably the best coach in the history of aunt law. I will say that on rising to this lay still higher than is bringing our jeez got a lot, but approve this year, though he clearly was flustered by what happened with Tampa and Tom Brady. Last year we went out and spent on like he has ever done before in free agency. Now
the one thing that I want to talk about with the patriots, because you will have an appreciation. This bill with regard to their history is where he said, a ton of money and got guys during the legal tampering period that I thought should set off some arms for the patriots in their fan base, and that is at the tight and position, because this was a guy that at the height of their dynasty they go out and they, raft a tight and in the first round I dont know. If people remember this, everybody talks about how it's ridiculous that the Falcons drafted a tight end it where they did last year and of course, Belgic wasn't picking it up spot in the draft, but in the first round they drafted Daniel, Graham at the height of their dynasty. Later on
when they needed some help at the receiving position when Daniel, Graham just retired, they spent two picks their first, who picks topic. I think top of the second and top of the fourth on tight ends in the same draft class. Obviously, in Robert Cowskin Erin Hernandez- and we saw this team- try to figure out a way to replace Robert Caskey in the twenty twenty he's in after he after he retired. They were not able to do that in any event to parents tat night, a third naughty forth, they spent picks they had tied in issues. They could not do anything in the quarterback situation. Look terrible and so Belgic was like an remember, Bela Chicks, tenants you go back to like the big 80s when he was writing down what he needs out of a tight end. She wants a guy who's going to catch the football he doesn't need. A guy was going to get involved in blocking. That could be fine.
Secondary tightened. His number one guy is got to be a guy who could catch the football Johnny Smith? He could catch the football Hunter Henry. He can catch the football to go out and get both of these guys. I think the New England patriots are obviously going to be back on track this year. I think it even if go with CAM Newton, which I think is a mistake? I wonder: is God rattle off a couple of statistics here, for what MAC was doing this precision, but even with, can I think, when you have healthy tied ends, they're gonna be fine enough. You ve got one running back Silicon Valley Harry the load. I do have a question for you about a longshot. Most rushing touchdown prop bill in a second, but with regard to MAC, let me just list off what this young kid did as a rookie in his first pre ever ever ok years you you arrive, including the game today or now. I'm gonna include again today
I guess what he was good today. He was great today drive by drive first drive in his career. Fifty three yard field goal then upon then forty three yard field goal we two hundred and seventy yards, down. Seventy five yards touchdown. Ninety one yards touched on three drives in we to all three drives: seventy plus yards and touched on today. Forty five yards feel go one point: seventy five yards touch on fifty yards touch on. We are talking about. Almost ten drives only two points, every single other, DR scored mostly drives or fifty plus,
large and touchdowns were scored at the end of them. I know you can make all whatever excuses you want about backups playing on the defence it all this other crap. It is absolutely until he had backups too. He was working with backups in some of those games as well, and everything that I have heard out of the beat writers who or at least objective and open minded and not trying to secure this thing from what I can tell him. People that I have to talk to have been more impressed with the way that MAC is able to get through his progressions get the ball to who it needs to go with accuracy and on time, and that is big for quarterback in this office. I hoped they put him in there as soon as you
Lee possible because that will absolutely raise the upside of the patriots. You got all these guys coming back on the defence inside of the football, but here's the long shot I wanna throughout their bill for you, if its MAC and it is not- can and MAC search the majority of the season. What do you think about Damien Harris most rushing touchdowns at over thirty five to one? is that a potential whatsoever you're asking somebody who already bet on Damien Harris to win the rush entitled eighty to one. So that's how I feel that sounds like a great bad. I approve ethic, The only thing that can heard that bet is the is the Ricky running back her magic or magic. Even so you didn't. Let me look really get to like good enough that I actually think either way. Bela check list You saw last year he shut down Harris once it was clear that that famous heading? Nowhere you want to put the miles item Bell checks really good bye, not putty miles on running back said she doesn't have to now be my only fear, but thirty five,
what I think Damon Harris he was awesome last year. Are they advanced status this guy was actually one of the best for any backs in the leg. If you actually look at leg yards yards after the first guy touch them at all these different things house, the big thing for me with back words in you. You can't know when you win in it as a matter of its duchess footballs, any any sport gotta, know when your team as a good one, because you read in their day to day stories and it's like the little stuff it's stuff like like he lit up the giants last week and the other people, years talking about at where they're just APEC as special. It is thing when the celtic sad Tatum, when he was in the end, at some point, you just read the feedback and the court then the other guys relate beggars. Special sea had that. But there is a small where the line gotten a fight with somebody us, as I am last week and be an pats, they got bad the offence of live there the fight, never that you guys got to run
You gotta run around the fair to get, do lapse and MAC Jones, just joy. he's like I'm writing them with you. These guys, that's a kind of shit that when you read that stuff. I remember Russell Wilson that first year in Seattle, in that stuff was coming out in his leg. sky has it there. I've here and I like we have it back Jones. You know you out could feel it failure go out You guys all your messing with your fucking love. This guy he's right up your up, here's my question, and I don't want to derail this by too much, but take a look at the Baltimore roster and think about what you want from Baltimore in Exchange for CAM Newton Cuz WAR just made a great point. We were talking about Baltimore and their lack of quarterback redundancy in there we're nothing with Lamar Candleton runs a football he's got that a bad ability and I honestly don't think it is in New England interest to have him sit on the sidelines you just
emanation of just like the personality in and who he is, thought that he'll detract from the season, but he's just it's not a good match site I feel like can't moving on, could make sense it maybe there's theirs. It Whether you could do a deal with anyway was where we thought you had a good thought. It was weird that they started him today. It accelerates respectful, I mean it's the lad. I guess he's in game again ready for the season. These, the Europe that the starter, the Rockies not gonna, be the starter. Here's the thing with check whose better my life, since two thousand, and even before that when he was our DC sharp. This is the most cut throat person who is better in my life in any capacity sports, not sports, family member. This did the Brady Bledsoe thing: everybody
Dad's like how cut throat that was, but so just got hurt like here must died. He had got this Hetty could play because she was like a critical condition. Practically the hospital comes back. checks like we're good. You don't get your started job back. He traded he could be true. Burma layer, release him. I can you remember right before that season, with normal, I went to Buffalo like he does cutthroat shit. If he feels like, I have a good team, I need, Do this I'm just going to do it now. I don't see this camping drag into the season like if he feels like back Jones. The starter he's going to do it this week. If he Eggs, he was the sea. Can these first couple weeks uncanny ease back into it. That makes sense to me I guess, but I just think started now like started week: one dolphins, let's see what we gotta think he's ready. What do you think sharp? I think he's
given that he knows how to protect himself. He did take a couple sacks tonight, which were an ideal behind a backup, often of line put on, I think is shown. He knows how to move the football protect himself work his way through the progressions. I think he's ready to start now. I've used to carry out their weak one against the dolphins that is probably not going to make, can look very good, and so that's only gonna be more reason to play MAC. But always said before I saw MAC play once they drafted MAC and I knew what MAX skill set was. I knew what the patriots liked to do with Tom Brady that I saw MAC starting no later than weak five, this season, because yet at the saints, brutal defence- and you got the bucks brutal defence weeks, three and four the jets that deepened-
he was past Russia's another just acquired somebody today on Sunday, but shall ass. It passed Russia's, yet they lot bigger check. Lawson back, they D lost guys in the front. Seven there secondaries terrible so whoever's the quarterbacks gonna, probably struggle weak, Wanna gets the dolphins, look pretty good against the jet and then there's two difficult defences. So if its can, I mean that's a short more, offer him those first four weeks. I can't see how he would survive that and then its max time. But to be honest with you, if the best opportunity to win those games, we You need to start winning games, especially if you're trying to find a sleeper element, but you need to win some games not gives you the best chance to do that in my opinion, and if he can protect himself and he's not going to develop any habits that are going to hurt his career, then you got to put them out there week. One. I agree, I think I think they have a genuine chance to go eleven at six, twelve, five and the are you, don't put the best quarterback in there. You jeopardize not ass a love
Those first seven weeks you mentioned, have a couple hard games against each box, but they also play the jets twice. They played at Houston who's going to be a dumpster fire and it Dallas week six. So I don't think it's going to be pissy I gotta defects. Three, we got the patriots go from playing the number eight most difficult schedule of opposing pass defences last year to playing the number twenty seven most difficult schedule of opposing past defences this year. It is the third easiest change in schedule. From last year to this year is deftly gonna help whoever's a quarter, for that ten year and I think it's probably gonna be MAC and we gave a twenty minute markets enough. Yet I would end up with a fucking patriots. We haven't even managed to embody the front seven his exile. The Gilmore thing is the one x factor this team. If he come back in time. If he's out there, they don't have a number one corner back and I think, like you, gonna feel it against you.
what say that Callaway get his good. Let's say MIKE Evans a week for city Lamb, a week sex. You gonna feel the no Gilmore thing, but I think this is a lack pats winning ten games. I mean that's my that's my lack of the who do you have for your biggest non patriots sleeper. sharp. Well, you know early on we're trying to figure out what qualifies we say. Anybody who has a losing record lashed year qualifies asleep for this year and I threw out what about the forty nine hours because they are forecast to win ten and a half games. Have you said they would still qualify? Are you still holding that the forty nine would qualify as a sleeper, or should I go with somebody else and make a for them or there's two kinds of sleepers right: that forty values were six and ten last year and there are no hard division.
And we don't know how much the rookie quarterbacks going to play. I think they qualify as and sleep I'm in the true sleeper is, if you told me, like, I think the lions are going to win the NFC. I don't feel like we have any team. That's like the and could choose sleeper. Unless we're gonna look at Denver in Atlanta, I was gonna that qualify for, like realistically teams that could jump and can, in a real way and potentially go tenants. Ten in seven eleven and six are coupled quick nuggets on Denver. Then I'll break down the forty nine redemptor absolutely was my number two of you said I can choose the forty Niners, but Teddy Bridgewater last year was an carolina. They play d number one most difficult schedule of opposing pass defences this year, he's the starter for the dumper Bronco they play the number one easiest schedule of opposing pass. Defence is based on my prayers since from number one most difficult to number one easiest, the only thing that gives me
consternation about the Denver. Broncos is fucking Pat Shermer, who I think as adults of an offence coordinator, I think he calls far too many runs on first down that why the average eight point two yards to go on second down the worst in the NFL. No other team was worse than seven point. Nine Denver had be number three highest run right on these second and long situations. I only the Baltimore Ravens in New England, Patriots, two teams that have running quarterbacks and try to limit the amount of passing at thither quarterbacks we're doing the Broncos did not have a running quarterback. They did not have a good run game. The average do longest yards to go on third down because those second down plays were so terrible. This offensive coordinator is a disaster. I didn't like him in New York. I don't like him in Denver. I also have concerns about their head coach, VIC Fangio in terms of being too conservative. But if you're telling me what do I say
the Broncos upside. They ve got an incredibly good defence. They ve got a very low. It looks like the Ricky cornerback looks like a stud by all accounts everywhere this guy's a fucking capital as stood, and the thing is it like. I know that some people were like all of you are going to go and start Teddy Bridgewater. Why didn't you just draft just in fields- and I hear you on that, but I also know this- that Denver is basically playing re now to keep Vixen's Yos job end goal is to get air Rogers next season. So what's it is having just in fields in the draft this year, when you can draft the number one corner get era others away from Tom Brady over to the F c. I know patch were homes they're, not anything, easier, longer difficulty, but I think that that is in upside, the Danvers Gonna look at after this year, but if Denmark does it, when this year, VIC has gone decimated, love certain and just felt like wow. We we have a chance to get like a jailer Ramsay Type cornerback.
in this spot and we'll worry about Aaron Rodgers year. Now we hire they knew that people Bridgewater. Whoever would be available as stop gap stabs. They don't like your last comment that gives support a couple of beers house. I also don't like your luck, so they d have as their etc. I wondered of sharp issue you're going through some of those numbers. How much you with a tribute, their inefficiency and their disinclination, to throw the Bonn first down to drew lot like they? They know they made a mistake with luck. They were disinclined to compound that mistake by putting them on his hands and entrusting him. That's just Maybe I get that I get that perspective, but the reality is lock is gonna. Look worse. When he's on third and long, then he would be on first intend from a passing perspective. Defences are pinning their ears back on third doubt. That is why I don't care who the quarterback is passed. The ball on first down third and long and if you run the ball and you run off and socks which there's did last year, you're only setting yourself up in
weighing the inevitable we ve seen teams really improve their office of efficiency with the same exact quarterback. By shifting to a heavier pass rate on early downs as exactly what Denver needed to do, this is a flaw with Shermer. It's it's! It's it's a feature not above. This is what this guy does, and I just hope that Teddy's going to be able to maybe showcase himself a little bit better and they will ease away from that a little bit. Perhaps the inefficiency it brought last year will make them change their mind, but I like it, I like Judy at the Judeo, have asterisk all over them says: I make an make an alibi J handler, who I thought was good near the end of the season. these kind of one of those I borderline electric, those risks whereas those guys as little shifty guys that I always wished the patriots would have a more positive.
I love the running backs, but here's what I do love guys their first three games and when you talk about sleepers, the schedule always has to play a big part of Ray- and this is something I read my coms and he has been- I always used to look for the teams try to figure out who can start three know who can start foreigner because sometimes when you start during a season. You get some momentum and confidence from that NATO fell is so flimsy, as it is right. The rosters changed so much. That he's got a little momentum and a little confidence. It can flip first while they put the this year, which is great for them, but their first for weeks at the Giants, Dana Jones, at the jaguars, who you know, went from. Oh, maybe they could steal the ass. He sat there why that team, sacks they can't black and then their home for the jets weak three and then week for ravens. If the ravens in our are potentially not nearly as gives who thought, but I think they could go three, an outcome out of the gate and shared by all
research and all your instincts with this stuff. How important I sound like a sad that reporter important as a good early start, but I really do feel like it is important for trying to figure out these these sleepers if they start three know that without change your thinking here, while I yeah it would it would I already like them, and so I've already bet their win total over than. I think this is a team. I did not bet them to make the playoffs wherever because the F C is loaded and I think there's a chance, nine ten wins they don't make them. I offer my so that I'd lorries weighing that's plus one, fifty five, if I told you they start three now, would you bet under made by us, while their favorite dinner in Gonna be favoured in these games. So I don't know fairly. Think it that changes my mind set at that point in time that they'll make the plants Ike's. We need, then, to win at least two of these games. Three of them is what I am hoping for, but that's not gonna make me think that they ought America you're gonna, make it to the play us here's to things that you up to
points to tag on to what you said. You don't is her love their running back. You know it's really weird about what they did. This pre season, the last two games. They did not pledge of Anti Williams at all. The draft picked at the running back. They got picked number thirty five overall, they apparently absolutely love Javan, Williams and might be carving out a pretty nice role for him him exceeding his rushing yards. Is a nice prop at that? I think hold some water The other thing that is right. Now that bother me nothing that job your methods of the jazz divided at a jerk. Anything that's interesting is I mentioned. You know how Teddy is now going to face the number one easiest schedule. A pass. Defense is when you know last year, this team- and you just mentioned it bill, which is why it brought-
To my mind, they played the number one most difficult scheduled pass offices. Last year this year, Victory Andrews Defence plays the number twenty five most difficult schedule of pass off. Incidents mentioned the F C East. They also get the F C north if we think back not what he has been. You ve also got Baker, we don't know yet about Joe Borough and they and then the non division games. If they ve got, they ve got the judge, the Jackson Alliance. We are talking about a ton of teams that drafted inside the top ten that this Broncos team is going to be going up against a season. A lot of these teams have new quarterbacks this year, some inexperienced quarterbacks this year. When you talk about the jets jogs Amanda Lions with jerk off there now. I just think that There will be opportunities for this defence to really make Teddy not have to do too much and Teddy. You, you mention here, we're like down the field. I don't know how much it
we're going to see I've, I think Teddy, is like more far ball control efficient quarterback. Hopefully, you don't turn the Bolivar too much. Don't get your office. schedule we Leslie knees huge big place. We just need you who gets hammers yet, for that is good for the short stay ass. I agree. I greenhouses email now what happens in weak eighteen for December to before So we are going to have the exactly it. This is the other reason why like them is there is enough a better than zero nine zero chance that they will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs. Weak eighteen, where Kansas City has zero to earn without win. Kansas city is not playing. All of their starters is the last game of the sea,
they're gonna go into the post season. They might want to rest their guys for a couple of weeks if they ve already earned that by so you're talking about a couple team, you talk about backing where you might just be able to walk, get a cake walk as long as you don't fuck it up a little bit and then look at weeks. Fourteen fifteen- and am I don't even sixteen potentially you ve got the lions, the bangles and the four Raiders, those three teams might be vying for the number one overall pick or draft position by time, we're time but week, fourteen and weak fifteen etc. So I definitely think that there's upside in playing those team so late in the season where their focus might be Where has what would you what odds would I have to give you two and John Bruton when we get to that weak. Sixteen raiders Broncos game being in serious trouble at the raiders. Oh. what's it does John
and greeted make it too weak. Sixteen I'll give you twelve to one. Would you take it yeah yeah? I would death. I take that cutting red tape ate one. Yes, I would do it that yes, really sixty one now or starting now See young bananas to launch yes exactly right, yeah yeah, that time wasted years, I'm a sharp I think the raiders they're gonna be bad vicious, haven't eight, he just not good at being a gm. Unfortunately, are the player picker? Can you make human, a case for Atlanta Sharp just like, so they were all started, so the saints would have to be worse, carpets would have to be, awesome, there's some Ewing theory with Julio the Arthur Smith. Coming in, might be worth two wins. What.
an enemy, the luck from last year, which is covered in this package, but they had the worst like in the last year in close games? Is that by that anything else missing for the Falcons case of the other factors case in an you're trying to derail me for not being able to Macao Shanahan our. I hear you get your casino well, was it with caution reference for the Falcons. They played the number one most difficult schedule of orphans last year that sounded number twenty. Two, and now you ve got dean peas in their who MA.
Bring a lot more upside than what the Falcons saw last year with that defensive, coaching staff, which was just all over the map and really terrible a lot of pressure and pressure, tends to create turnovers or big place. So if bearings goes to way and they're able to get some of this pressure and get some takeaways here, that will help his defense a lot. Obviously you mentioned Arthur Smith. I think the interesting note with Arthur Smith is how efficient his offenses were down inside of the Red Zone in Tennessee. The best off In the end, I felt, if you look at this, is a crazy stat. I just haven't memorize but points per minute, a really interesting metric that nobody talks about. Maybe that's a basketball measure to her, while that's right, but but in football, looking at points permitted of possession, since they acquired who Ryan ten hell since they started writing in the first six weeks of twenty nineteen were Marcus. Marianna then
In writing? Ten hill, the number one team in the end I fell with the best orphans- was patch me homes in the cane city chiefs. At point seven points per minute in the interval hours. I point five, points per minute when right area was the quarterback from weak. Seven of twelve nineteen onward the titans were not just above average, work just number one in the Ethel at point: seven, they were point nine nine points per minute of possession of the football. This office was extremely efficient inside the red zone. Last year the Falcons were number twenty. What was the biggest gripe? I don't have any guys Ross. Www. I don't play fantasy. I've focused everything. I do it I'll, join you, your ass, you are who you were the last several years, not gettin touchdowns down inside the reds in this team has no clue what to do inside the wretched. Now you got Arthur Smith and maybe he's gonna walk away with more seven's than threes inside the Red Zone
They are pretty good. I like to throw interceptions in the resolution that whatsoever Ryan has heard of our feelings from gambling standpoint, so we don't need to talk about that, but they play the. seized them Seven home games has deleted the thing where they counted on. the London game as the home get, which is this summer. Over seventy game schedule. I have seven home gave say I cant figure that out, but for effort by the start up strong, because Yemenis scheduled thing. They do pay the bad temper we too, but they go Eagles home at Tampa at Giants Home washed. It and then the jets in London and thereby wickets conceivable that could foreign one coming out of that. I think.
How is it is it? So I like a real you look as Washington's inner week, two and three ok they're out a rest disadvantage in both of those games. They already three day. Rest disadvantage terms of rest and prep rest, not as big a deal early in the season. Prep, absolutely still a factor. So we too there at a restless vengeance of bucks, weak three, their address disadvantage against the giants. Then you ve got the London game at the giants. Defence isn't half bad. They washed in defence is obviously good the buck stephenses good. You Three difficult defensive there in a three games stretch weeks to through four plus this London game. I hate having an early by. I would rather than what the dolphins interests play after you travel the attic your by later in the season. So I don't know, sir. I love that from the falcon standpoint, but so I would beg. Obviously you know it's not saying much. I would bet against four. One, I think they will emerge with a losing record after those first five games enter, lie I'm going to strengthen their over under
Seven have there's been a lot action on that play off their two to one hour. The over for the Vulcans was the first, but I made before we. I'm gonna. Let you have talked about the washed impression football team for three minutes, and then she he's gonna close by having how Shanna guy Shanna Gaza. handed with this ain't? Gonna cameras offer that yet washed in over eight and a half ass. The vote. put your sixty the wait. It's up I had the wrong now: let's innovation, that one is like one, fifty or something like one already wives are yet another outlay right that juice de, I would have already you know the mortgage payment would have been the full sixty days lake. I work with all thing on that. I love this. Why should a football team? I think they are
exactly like a night in a team, and that will be enough for them to compete with Dallas the single best thing about the Washington for putting this off these, and is that they haven't been on hard, knocks and I've been able to watch this. The Dallas cowboys, though, that what had absolute Miranda thought it is by single favorite thing is what it did. Football fans
what's the Dallas cowboys on on hard knocks by the alleged rivals of the end of the east and watched them dump all over each other in and you know who talk about a team culture that had it makes me feel good as a Washington fan. So that's it. I just use of my three minutes- fits magic rules. I like very much the death quarterback. I do believe in high Nicky. I do believe in cow and their competent right, they're not gonna, throw up all over each other fits magic. It oh, he is gonna, be fits magic it, but it is still a market improvement over what Washington this had at the quarterback position, the last three season, so that's it bottle member. This is in your book or not, but washed in quarterbacks last year were were not good. They don't look. His doorway bad Dwayne Haskins, Alex Smith with
forty pounds at his leg, terrified that have to highlight three rid of about one. Second, and I haven't you, here do worse at the court. The has staying was unbelievable. How bad he was, and then he's parting in industry club without his mask and arouse look. Haskins starts the first four aims. Then they go to Kyle Alan and Alex Smith weak five weeks. Six Having a nine is high Alan? Then you mixed Alex Smith in weeks ten through fourteen and you go back to Haskins after Smith, gets her Haskins there for three weeks. Smith is back for weeks. Seventeen weak eighteen as Heineken. This offensive coordinator in terms of Scott Turner just had to try to figure out how to optimize the orphans whatever he could to all these different guys that we're getting thrown at him. I think he did it admiral job, given what he was dealing with. I think we're going to see a team that has a lot more upside from a play calling perspective it can do
lot more with rights, Fitzpatrick quarterback, I think this often absolutely improves. I think dynamic Brown who may not get on the feel quite as often is gonna, be an absolute stud there when he does does to get on the field. But my concern is actually on the defence asylum football. It's not a concern it just like wire. Could problems rise, arise from defensively. This team got it seven wins against some pretty crappy quarterbacks. I think you probably this house, but they do not. They only be one team the how to winning record last year, that was Ben Roth Asperger on that weekday night other than that the only teams they beat were bad teams with terrible offices in backup quarterbacks like Nay said felt Nick Mullins in Anti Dalton twice in Carson whence you could then got. You know benched and Joe Borough who got injured during that game. So this defence is probably not as good as what we saw last year. I, like their talent, they're, just it's unlikely. They produce the same type of defensive result
I'd, but I do think the office can carry them. I got a little bit you hurt. Our society is now has a highly heard, how the sharp I got washing in football. Name early in this off season. A little bit. I took some on washed in S. Four hundred to win the division, so I think that there is certainly upside it in the morning the division- I don't like it at their core, number not whatsoever, but I think that there is definitely value there and I think that there is a good chance they can emerge. Dana John to me did we talk about being a Jones at all, but we do not yet signed by Dana. Can we talk about House has told me last week and he was complete I never said serious that he thought Antonio Gibson was better Then the Damien Tomlinson spread it was it
sure they I sat through about down his credit, be any further, as always it is all about. I would say that you do not know. I told you I said now. I do love him. I also this is, though, but the kind of psychological gymnastics, yet reformers, washed and fan Dwayne Haskins, ultimately, is the price we had to pay to get their Snyder. The fuck away from the football team use the dance Snyder. We paid a prima like after twenty fucking years of this jerk off meddling in putting in yes, man and all that it finally took a guy who is absolutely unfit for the Anna fell
to be put into the starting position and then go to the Strip club after abysmal failure, after abysmal failure to get this dire. The fuck away from the because Rhine Rivera saved me save the franchise and that's the only way that we have a chance to get to the two nine winds. So I'm ok with Haskins, because that's the price that we had to pay to get. To this point, Now the Snyder tax this night or tax. That is exactly right. That's fair! I dont you all right, as you know this house here, how does really like Dana Centre that much I wouldn't be wager to say that that is a strong favorite among most people, who are fans of the Wash EM football team in this area has done a great job, maybe as the as their that that ideal, that it had the thing right in the end it with the Shana Gasm. Let me with I always alone: let me set the table San Francisco last year, six and ten
this year there over under ten and a half, that's a pretty dramatic fur. remember the over under fourteen being that much higher than their Rebecca largest in the NFL this year. Only to the Jacksonville Jaguar shoe only rang Orangeade. I address Gilles shitty team division. Plus one ninety conference plus six fit these Superbowl fourteen one not to make the plants minus two, a five, I'm sorry to make the plants minus two five: that's baked plants plus one sixty five. They are simply the if she sat sharp guy Look Kyle Shanahan! You can say what you want about him when he's had bad quarterbacks he's done poorly and sixty nine percent of his career games is of benefit as a play collar have been with these quarterbacks
seated Better Nick Mullins Brian Hoyer Johnny Man's Connor Shaw, Archie, three Rex Grossman Old, Donovan, Mc Nabbs, very young, inexperienced, her cousins, John Back, Match Aubin Sage, Rosenfeld, absolutely ridiculous. Thirty one percent of his games have come with Matt, Rhine or Jimmy G. Any took both of those teams to winning records into the policies in and into the Superbowl with lead. late in those games with Jimmy G Kyle is twenty four and nine in San Francisco, the average twenty eight points per game. Without Jimmy G there, only seven in twenty seven averaging only twenty its per game. He now has what I think is quite important, and we Joad mentioned this earlier for done in sea at the quarterback position. I do not think that you need tray lance in their early this season. I think this is the Jimmy grapple o show we
in his game plan today its mixing in a little bit a tray lands for some run plays. Although it was very late, you say I am not ready. Yet if you value out yet further for by the sheer, not that writing, I do get aid for quarter quarterback. Yet it is not enough reps! No, but he will be needed, it when you need a high upside that it takes to win in the policies in what you need right now to start the year is a high floor. You need a rack and stack these wines, and I think Jimmy G gives you the best chance do that Kyle Shanahan Scheme has had a quarterback ranked top three in expected completion percentage, the last three years, despite all these multiple quarterbacks that he's gotten in There- and I think it went Ray Lance- is time it's his turn. Kyle's going to make his life easy, there's going to be easy, throws and schemes that he's going to be able to dial up to get high. Please rate for trade lance. But again I agree with you. His time is not now two things: do you think our Shanna could care covered or no? No
now get aids are really tried for like a week. Do you think he could figured out until he's here all day is laying, he knows how to stand is laying that's true. I saw his so good, yes, and so too, being things that I like about this team. Besides, what I've just mention number one cow, Chelonians quarterbacks have gone up against the almost top ten deepened. It is against the past. Every single year he's been there the number one most difficult in twenty seventeen, the number five most difficult last year and about top ten most difficult, the other two years this year, I'm projecting to place the number twenty six most difficult if they do end up playing. That is the first time he's playing a bottom ten schedule of pass defenses, I think you're. The passing attack here is going to look a lot better, and then we know this to be true. This has been the most injured team in the NFL last. And be number one most injured. Twenty nineteen sixty most twenty eighteen, fourth most will lock
we go there way and they not be as injured or do they just have players that are extremely injury reproach. I guess we'll find out this season, but I'm betting on the fact that they are going to be healthier. This they're their gonna play defenses that are easier to move the ball against through the air. They ve got the quarterback redundancy that I like, and so when Jimmy G, if he enforcing, does go down boom. Now you ve got a quarterback that I think Kyle has trust in faith. In that he's hand picked and we're gonna see records and results in those gain from a windlass perspective that are akin to what Jimmy G was producing. I think this team everybody wants to talk in the end of sea west, about
lay Ramsden, Matthew Stafford in the upside of those guys. Have, I think, the forty nine, although I didn't bet this, have a great shot to win this division. I actually think they have a chance to go to the place. I think that they are going to exceed their when total. This is a team that I think should be feared in terms of going through the playoffs winning some games, and you know potential going up against the packers or that but they buccaneers, so at lions add Eagles first two Games house that soda tasty till it. Oh, let's give them to know we three For the pact is on a Sunday night that that's me, though there it will mean more so the Niners well to the backers. I want every hour augurs remember Aaron, Rodgers out not California couple years ago and all those ridiculous games now. I think he cured that like last year, but yet I don't think there's much to put that's gonna, be an interesting story, line that Sunday night home Seahawks weak for at
zone a week, five ominous say: foreign one for them coming out of those first five by weak home for the colts at Chicago. home Arizona conceivable. That could be. That could be a seven and what. We ten rams Monday night, but that's home at jaguars, home vikings. then that stretched down there. They got at seahawks on a Sunday night at Bengals Home Falcons at titans on a Thursday home Texans at rams, weak eighteen. I actually think European House there's a best record in the end. It there's a one seat there. Don't they have won seed bets yeah, they d RAM pressure federal has actually I think there, I think, they're an intriguing one seat belts, and I want to say that that was like,
be ten to one another? Look it up right now, but witty sharp. If we're again super super crazy here what is the one seed potential for them, just as if as a throwaway Phuket were ruined the dice. Oh here it is so best season record their twelve twelve twelve to one adds to be the one said, their plus five
the third best ads in the air and sea according to fend off. What do you think of that sharply? I kind of like it. I hate the fact that, with the game that could decide, it would be this Thursday night game in Tennessee that you have to go on the road for on a short weak, that's absolutely brutal, just from a travel perspective, but most of their difficult games. If you look at the most difficult games that they play Non division, which obviously have to play the rams in allay at one point in that happens to be weak. Eighteen, the most difficult opponents based on priest projected precision record are the Packers, the Sea Hawks you there in your deficiency split with them, the courts and the Vikings in every single one of those games is at home. With the exception of right, you have done me the rams in L A and you have to play the Sea oxen Seattle, some point so a very front. A very loaded schedule favourable to their home field, not that they have a great home filled advantage, but I think it's
problem without bet like I as throw away money eyes. I definitely go argue with you on that road house is all about dear, but but I think we have is that money guy, the edifice, those are big enough odds for me in in a a year like this, with covered and with injury potential. I agree such along Susan, coupled with the fact that the end, if see his fucking loaded, there are so many really top upper echelons teams in that conference that thinking that they are going to just make this wrong, and you know that those just art juicy enough odds for me personally. The best adds further one seat, I think, is Buffalo plus four. Seventy cause Casey is two to one above plus plus four seven. I think buffaloes better bad to be a one seed. Then cases. I just think that If at gunpoint divides pick between those, two teams house out pick Buffalo any once you bet you like us, the trouble I have
buffaloes, like the tiny bit of cognitive dissonance, which is New England, greatly improved. And you know it they haven't in conference. Miami, I think, is, is improved. We have talked about yeah me, but I I know shine be loves to us sure I'll come over bethinks as a real bounced back now you can. I not everybody. I dont know what they're going to do with the Sean Watson, but let me just tell you this: everybody hated the MAR Jackson after his twenty eighteen seize him. They saw a guy who didn't get first team wraps in training, can't because Joe flak or took em all didn't get inserted until mid way through the season. Look terrible, late lost the play off game and didn't look that great I jumped on them the bar bandwagon there. I do see parallels with what his first year. In the end a fellow is like, and what to as first year in the interval was like to a payment rehabilitating from this
How does traffic hip injury did not get a normal Aussies knew of the cove it off season, coupled with that they have ripe its Patrick as their quarterback, whose working in an office that was designed by chance gaily who was handpicked to come out of retirement for multiple years. This the grandfather to dial up and often that is going to work for rife, its Patrick, because they work together with the jets. After the season gaily admitted they changed nothing to work for two or to a when he got inserted into that system was in an office that was crafted.
Everything that she wasn't good at doing and they never changed any of it. I just think with an offense this season, who knows what there's going to happen with the Sean Watson, but if to a is there with an offense that cater to him and the other thing with dolphins, real quick as they were the worst team in the NFL at wide receiver separation? Why should they had nobody who could gain separation this year? They go off the draft wattle the go ahead and acquire will fuller. Two guys who are great at getting separation is definitely going to help to, there I think we're going to see a much different quarterback this year than what everybody thinks of him from last year. When you say will force good at separation. You mean like his shoulder separating or his new measure out again is so what we re talking about. You place six gave a year. He needs last year the dolphins out, I got the record say: I've got scared, the baby Duff, its other. I do they. What else could we get house here? The typewriter I'm gonna, I'm shorten the dolphins sharply seems optimistic son
I like that. I'm gonna bet on Brian Floriszoon, coach of the air. I, like, I love the case that sharply made like if you're I, like the odds for Sean Peyton better than I, like the odds messing with Orleans over under I'm just gonna bet champagne coach of the year a tiny amount to protect against that, but I really like rye florists would coach of the year. I, if I had the better and a proper, would be house and I'd be mad- that we'd, better Danvers, Overrun house, convict, fanned Jove faint impacts. Anzio audits how they can have the baby. You're gonna get the Broncos bet, but I stand it. I lock I'd sharp, so we're gonna be three times a week during the season people should also follow. I just sharp for Bob. Do all your plugs yeah on twitter at sharp football and sharp upon Alice Stock COM? That
I'd, give out all my Betty recommendations each week and actually gave you a couple that we already took. You know we already took the forty nine years over. We already took the Broncos over. I took the saints under others number futures that I that I really do love. Actually, if you want to you, can search out and find there are sports worked out there that are dealing the lines week too, you can get Denver minus two and a half against the Jaguars week to its in Jackson Bill, obviously, but I think that line is bound to go up on. I just think that there's a lot of upside with with some props this year that not necessarily when told us tat. I do think the books did a pretty good job with the pure win totals, but some of us ahead of you are discussing was who is there some value there did. The books are getting better. It's really bothers me day. There is such a day such a nice run in the two thousand when we get sick and well, this is really fun. I look forward to our committee to listen to you on the ringer into listen, you guys together. How do you think? Can you get your shit
together and actually went to bed this year. Now I have about a dozen when total that's out there right now? My favorite so far is that I bet the patriots under back in May, and then I bet there over Both sides are those you gotta worry about it. I think I think the juice who's gonna play out that I'm gonna win twenty bucks. If they go over that time, bomb right and in midseason form I have, five way: parlay for weak one, all money line that I'm ready to drop on sharply and weak one for us an end. You know he taught us out of trying to try to come up with like bad teams that can serve as anchors for our parlors yeah and last year. I asked him. Why can't I just bet against the Jacksonville money line every week and then in the very first week we bet against the Jacksonville Jaguars
because the Annapolis causing they beat the courts and and fuck me first several hundred hours right out of the box, and that was why then we got some good lessons out a sharply Romania have of our sharp angles. We got the whole thing come up again: twenty twenty one days it back when I I'm jack. For that part with your house, I think the lineup bills put together for the rest this week to schedule is gonna. Be awesome really looking for? this year before we go and we're gonna go Kyle come on for a split second nephew, Kyle one of the biggest patent. No did your MAC Jones Boner did more was more blood able to go into it after this park. Ass or was are. We already have form ass? It was mass unemployment. I may have missed at it with house, because I was watching the MAC jobs that will see what happens I bet I hope, has to get gets a sharp pleasure to see you
pleasure. She see thanks for other time. This is produced by became a k cooperate and I will see you on Tuesday.
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