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Part 2: Philly Chokes, Hawks Fever, and a Bucks-Nets Postmortem With Ryen Russillo


In Part 2 of the two-part Sunday podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss another 76ers playoff exit as the Hawks win Game 7 to head to the Eastern Conference Finals. They discuss the fundamental problems Ben Simmons brings to the Sixers, a lackluster (yet confident) Trae Young performance, and more (3:00) before discussing why this may be the strangest postseason in recent memory (50:45). Then they discuss the Nets' Game 7 overtime loss to the Bucks, Kevin Durant’s heroic effort to save the series, Giannis Antetokounmpo's impact, and more (1:08:45).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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whereas abides by the ringer dot com, as well as the Ringer podcast at work, where you can find a great pack has called the ran reseller Pakistan, which is only going up twice a week as we stole him for a special fathers day to partner part. One is already up part too. We were hoping Sixers, hawks game. Seven would be fun our hopes for a correct and where you type, but that we can talk about, that's buck series and a holy shit: Eastern half its fires hawks box. It's our next first broke
The seller is still here, which is why the death of the process, the process was given last writes about twenty minutes ago, were taken ass. It is almost eight o clock sending a pacific time. The process passed away about fifteen minutes ago, as Bend Simmonds with sub doubt with about two minutes left with esteem. Dad four points, one of the most shocking game, seven lost I've ever watched that wasn't shocking at all. You texted me during the game I think early in the third quarter and you were like I'm convinced, Philly is going to lose, or I really genuinely think Billy's going to lose. Something like that, and I completely agree with you:
Atlanta wins. Even though Trae Young comes within one field, goal of matching Kobe's iconic, six, four hundred and twenty four pecos, fifty four thousand two hundred and thirty five would give them nothing. and yet this becomes the Kevin heard her game and, more importantly, the this was bent summonses last game ever for the filled up facility sixers. He will not be on the team next year's my prediction: what your biggest takeaway Two things and I have a million things- some electronics go forever Cinderella space. You realize that would help us go. Rapid fire back and forth will really will step. This is why on earth I don't know I gotta. We got it. forty, eight hours. I've been thinking about these two teams, they run any what is played in a huge game and there's two kinds of people: the people can't the can't wait to get out there and play a game seven and the people that dreaded and there's a lot of people that dreaded and the one guy that I thought was looking
or to the most astray ya like it out of the girls any doubt I read it. He was terrible for most of the gate. He couldn't do it, but when it mattered late, he was incredible and the other part of it is. I'm still cut us sitting here and disbelief yet not remotely surprised its both things, the cash if we put up your loss to the hawks, but yet we ve had for years of evidence that when it comes the plants in those big crunch time often of moments they're, just not good enough and even though I felt like there was a chance, they were better the sheer let's face it. I pick the six because I thought: well, I'm not gonna pick and that's the nets you get her anyway, but I didn't love I didn't really love any the options that we get closer to it, but I'm sitting here kind of in disbelief, but the basketball part of is that of watch these games for decades, trade
was the most confident the toughest the most comfortable player throughout all seven games in her carried him. Offensively don't be wrong, but I don't know that any of us should be surprised, because almost any one that was arguing profoundly olive his years acknowledged great banning jolting play together. It's fine! Fine, it's fine. There are emotionally attached to the argument. I had a buck six, sir. I'm sorry, bucks hawks parlay for around that was sixty one known actually and I could have gone against it on that bragging about that, because the nets knowing now what we know about that nets, boxers retirement or by later he even if Kai, replace the nets. When that, sir- its lack of clarity about a blank real quick. I mean if we learn anything here like if the nets had been healthy alike, it would have been a rap yeah, rap and a half but anyway I had a chance to hedge against the the Hawks Saint today new year you could do Sixers money line could shouted teases.
I'm leaving. I consider hedging cause a generally thought Atlanta could win. If try on point well and then try and doesn't play well and they still win. He was what does he want for thirteen in the first half I just this fairly team just looks broken to me. It's it's been lurking here for years, this isn't beating you and I have discussed ad nauseam and Simmons. Just look scared to me that I kind of play and the play that will be the meme for the entire Ben Simmons process. Sarah is going to be him passing up a dog, so he could pass the thigh bone I think you did dunk ages. Not only did he now on a donkey, anyone gets out and you could hear sixers fans booing, and this is a home game for that. There's three minutes left and then you compared to the other side tray on their up three. I think there's like what two and one slash two minutes left and at that point he's for four hundred and twenty two.
And it takes a thirty two further and makes it and there was bad autonomy. It was four for twenty two thirty. I thought that was the last shot he took. That was it. I think he was four for twenty two, In that made it oh that's right, guy, that's right, five or twenty three, like us, He was nine eleven for the breeds are like as you like. All we ended up with twenty one. I mean he was. he was missing everything I do use oa7 to start the game. He was getting good shots and missing them, and if it was weird cuz, if you're rooting for the hawks at halftime are going, I can't believe we got that half from Trey and we're still in this and if you're a Sixers fan you're like wait a second raise off tonight. We should have What are? They knew to be heard, her gown our endless trig. It's going and train ever really got gone in a dinner really matter. I just five doc had no fear for the steam the whole season. We could talk about some of the fundamental roster stuff, but I even like: where was court mass down the stretch? At least it seemed like you,
afraid too she trees. I just what is surrounded a bead were shooters and the fundamental Shadow over this team in the season in the whole process is similar. Shouldn't waiting in the last six minutes, they should take them out. I am a huge bed. Simmons defender, I thought, Euston should traded die hard and I got Simmonds back in the pact. But I just couldn't be out there in the last six minutes, and I think that was afraid. The bench of honestly, I think, he's too big of a You, don't want to be like all right, I'm going to bench the second best player on my team cuz. This is the only way I can win the game. Anyone do it. Mobile numbers for you and beat sixteen turnovers and back to back play off games. The first time. That's ever happen, a plus turnovers, backed by Uclaf game since nineteen eighty four hoof, but at night, but can I say one thing and that yet they're asking him to be I'm with you know the main creator he's given in the bar twenty feet from the basket and he's supposed to create their entire offence. They were posted em up and I didn't think you
hundred percent healthy either, but it was a bad, no other options. I don't have a problem with envy united either trash and beat it obvious, bring that number it's a big deal, but there's a guess why that happens that regular season play off thing. We ve seen, nobody's gonna want when defensive. Clearly, because benzene is the best example really bear probably all your long. When I think about offices that work, I thought the gun he had a great point. Phoenix Game, because you know what I don't over ready to start up t shirts us the mid range is back, but he goes. This entire defensive concept in the NBA now for four years. check the rim run him off the three point line. Will you actually need somebody that kind of live with those mid range? Jumpers, weathers, Durrant, quite Leonard, a guy like Devon, Booker, obviously
Sport is a few other names in there I mean it's not mandatory, but it it changes things. The other problem for Philadelphia is forget. The mid range thing, as you said with within, beat their primary offensive thing that they do Is they have some sort of pretending the offence and they run some sort of hand off action were ends with the south Korean B to man. Game now set actually shot. The hell out of the ball said a play off record for entire play off season from three, but to have indeed how many, times. Can you have a guy his size facing the basket? Seventeen fifteen feet away and I think, with a double Bigsby, Capellan Colin, to make a little tougher to just go straight deep post, but you're indeed, the basically like hey. We ran all this fake shit. You don't need that song,
about their office, its action into inaction. We ran all this stuff and now indeed it's u with twelve seconds so figured out buddy. Yes, just that's just too much and I dont know look, I think it's a combination of roster structure, but we just spent the first podcast praising the hell, a tie, Lou I defend doc all the time we more than Do but this is kind of indefensible to not at least try some different things here and they run the same thing with Ben Set, and becomes really stagnant and that everybody is waiting around four b to save their ass every possession- and it's just not it's not sustainable against good deeds. Their running the two thousand eleven mavericks events that doubts as running with Tarku was one
the three greatest going forward with a rat in our lives and had completely bastard the top of the foul line and what to do in every single situation being a single mom reared double on whatever he had an answer. I am busy couple drivers, though they still had a couple drivers united me like who actually can put the ball. I mean Phil.
maxi they had that they try to get back back cigarette around out of control, asking like we're sport MOSS and they had maxi. Okay, I just feel like they put in being a tough situation, especially cuz. He obviously wasn't healthy DMV. We watching the first half of the season would have overpowered John Collins. He couldn't, and I mean the Simmons thing again. I think we were two of Simmons Simmons has bigger defenders know I wasn't well. He was two hundred and forty four and one hundred and forty two from the free throw line when he got intentionally fouled. He put thirty six minutes. Do you know how hard it is to play thirty six minutes and take four shots like how irrelevant you have to be offensive and he had where you have thirteen assists it's just like
we see this area in the play out. The plan slowdown is just the way it goes. You knock at and transition anymore, you're not get those coast the coast in February against your Linda Madl you are, and I do not get back on Defect- was what you get. You are if you're playing Philadelphia, but if they didn't get back comedy time, somebody trivial or a basis that you're ready for the place to explode, and I add my love from trade is is like a really used to lay down here celebrating counts back the Amsterdam if it had here so keep Goin, but just the plastic different. They never saw. The half quota other than a beat had to bail them out over and over again and Harris had one of the worst eight thousand four hundred and twenty four is ever seen in my life, because all of those shots were shots. They were written in the late, I'm foot nine for bankers and it was every time
alligator arms. It was front of the room. It was off the backdoor too hard. It was. She was all over the map they needed when a plague again the hawks, nobody data, which I don't think they answers like weren't, focused on that enough. Bogdanov choose their second best player, fireplace ears and a half, and this came down basically Collins heard her young, capella and then who is the fifth I can't get out? Oh god, you know. I had no idea of a big shots. O thou is one of their order had to fill the Baghdad which stats, which he somehow managed to do with miraculous game seven by him, but but just losing that second ball hands or you would have thought- would kill their land did not know, because her can do a lot more than you realize. Like there were times, you thought like either cuz hers not going to close the game. Now that I have these other guys out there, and if you watch nothing, you be like I'll wait like Thursday.
Doesn't just make shots. He had like a paint jump hook. Floater, that was incredible and thybulle I mean the biggest play of the game- was thybulle fouling on the fill yeah they're down. One slash two still plenty of time left until who actually all season long. I thought when the greatest traits of him was one of the few guys who could contest. Shooters yeah have enough body control the contested, not bow overtime, and he hits him. The back I mean he knew it immediately shocking it in complain and an ill heard. Her hidden chair, in front of his entire life drains. All three free throws like it's nothing, it's afforded them came she looked pale. Never did he not only ever looked more pale. Did you guys want to make it work, challenging This is gonna, be too easy. Having then there's enough, play in their as everything's falling apart, like Simmons, in tray of that that almost turnover in the corner in Simmons a second time
is fighting over the loose ball like then, who gives a shit cool you guys, wrapping over the basketball? Again you showing more effort with this Any other thing you do not often go. Do they go to the basket like this? I think he had Cyril feel GO attempts in in the last four fourth quarters, and then there are other issues me. Land is up at their impounding, but it still like forty or thirty five seconds left about, thereby winos of a shock is still in place. And then stilly fowls again in the dark, as on the sidelines, going like what the hell is happening, but I didn't you you pointed at to like the whole thing's messages? go on and on and on the Simmons passing up a donkey? was seeing the other angle of indeed being like what the fuck Reviewing that's one of those all timer moments. S going to be one of those Philadelphia talk. Radio moments, that's gonna live for decades
recently I screen shouted the game with for twenty four left in the third quarter HAWK sixty four fifty sixty three Ben Simmons was too for four at that point, say entails for the last. Sixty minutes means that these four games in a row he's, but it's more than a fourth quarter, was like Embiid. Didn't even pay for part of that, not only was afraid to shoot is just afraid to go to the basket and I felt like he had matchup advantages going to the basket. He's was one of the best athletes on more I'd buy after the game. I was immediately on three different trade lay. I was in a legitimate text, read without expands about. Could we get the instruments for Smarten Thompson? Would you do that? That's how far his trade barriers found. He was a centrepiece which I dont know that it's fallen. That far too affect others. Just ask you to come
Could we pull this off sport? Tabs Indiana, smart solicitor? We needed, we did get tougher, was the text third week gross back and rich path and her? My point is so you you actually think he wondered fetching more than people would think. Now he is a clutch guy clutches get it play road where he goes he's not gonna be going to Cleveland. I guess my rule is this: in the moment, everything is much in the moment minutes after we just saw this as bad as it is. It's real. I still hold out a little bit a hope at him. Away from you know a huge
old. School centre would open things up for him. I think we ve seen it when they ve been split up her when in beads been her, but the wreckers very good for Philadelphia when that happens. But his mental approach to the game right now is gonna, be the guiding confront here about jump. Shooting he's, never gonna take shots, but something is going on upstairs with him. That gets you to pass their so. Yes, I think all of us looking at it right now, it's hard to be positive about any of it, but in the moment, is when we make our mistakes. Things are the best and the worst thing, sir, irreparable people or on tradable all the events at night. In this case, this tat they knew the deepest darkest spheres of fairly fence. This was the way this played out game five and game. Seven, Was the lurking nightmare that they woke up thinking about at three twenty in the morning was like honey? What's wrong, nothing! Nothing! I just! I just had a dream that blue at twenty five point laid at home and Ben Simmons looked like he was shooting in his pants
for the last four minutes in the game. I I'm just gonna, go get a glass of water I'll be right back. This is this. Is it this was what they were worried about. This attire. I'm that when push comes to shove in the game, so down in the spotlight got super bright. These two guys can play together and they cannot that's the verdict. You're, not winning entitled these two guys. I listen but old friend, MIKE Lombardy eat. Doesn't ETA fell back ass, but she's I could die hard. Sixers fan and in his last pack has to be any talked about the six hours and Adnan just let him for three minutes and he was basically like we're going to lose. This team can never won a title and he's like this is about culture. The process is about culture on paraphrasing sorry make any just like when you build something where you treated Bay like assets. You don't try to develop any so
winning identity at all, and then you reward people and they haven't done anything. What are you building he's like the gave and beat a MAX contract when he was couldn't stay on the court? They gave Simmons a giant concha when you can't shoot it, doesnt seem interested in learning how to shew free throws. It's like you're rewarding players. I haven't done anything in it. in this culture, where just everybody's a success when you're not a success, and it's like what is the process we'd ever made rats? He had this great ran anchorage people listen to it, but I agree that site. We celebrate the process, what did it led to that ever got at around two? They had a hundred top five pets. I agreed with a lot right and you get to the contract staff because in beads MAX guy and I might add in Simmons at that point was a MAX guy, but I did it, you have to do the money I get it. The process thing is really we're because I felt like it become like a real. It was cultural war. Wasn't it wasn't a land? Rather it was, you know, I think people there
heavy heavy in the analytics and look edit like. Oh, I you know I used to work in as it managed now, I'm doing this in hanky was was a genius and I think he did a lot of really good things, but then I'd read other hanky comment, with interviews and I'd be like that successive, like, I feel like him. He gave you that quote because he wanted to seem like this really really out their guy. That was impressive and I, like SAM no one that well, we don't have any relationship now, but a couple times I ran into him. He was really cool. Was actually like way more open, and I was colleague many should be talking more negative equity potentially saved him. If he how to play the game a little bit more, but then it just take. It became this kind of divisive deal where, if you didn't trust the process, you were an asshole or you re out now is in you. Were you weren't, smart, yeah, you're smart is We want it will again you're down, I don't get it. You know where the process is was like. I do get it, I just don't think you should lose for forestry. I still thought they had achieved
The EU, because I, like other bigs I've. I thought that they do their job overhauling the roster. I mean they still had. Twenty point leads in for the games. One of was actually eighteen as for games, they had eighteen or more point leads and they lost two of em, so Philadelphia still with their flaws, which is the lesson of this entire play off when we're done with a chap here. So they could Lana, which I want to get to hear some points. I think they have a real chance to win this whole thing, which seems crazy to say, and they deserve more credit. But when you're, Billy in your ear, aided this stuff in tray young in his third year. Just went further than you and eliminated you in your old place. I dont want to be called an idiot. If I'm not buying into the process a hundred per cent- and I think the Ben Joel debate was one of the things that what it was like- the device like you, don't mean Miss Connell, I will wait a bit. Were you and your badge? You know they can play together right. You know they can't you going now, but they could still winsome games that they were one seat.
sure, but I don't know I mean maybe, but maybe maybe they win and they still don't look good together. You know I mean is that we have been the weird thing that we brought up months ago is they could have? you know look about each year. There are they when this one who knows against Milwaukee would fill it If you were to win at all this, he did it work as it has worked for four years. Here's the defence of the process, if they just stay at three and two thousand seventeen and take Jason Tatum the process, to explain this data is exactly right. They need right is like a much much higher levels of buys. There's food somebody at the end of these games night of two guys you could go do and you could probably get away both plants. Him is with those two, but they did, though, all saying that fucked it up the false thing, you're actually right, because you know the process, if you add up all the pixel
what you ended up with to end up with two foundational pieces, actually really good, but now were learning that Simmons isn't that foundational peace, but we, that is to say this, is where I gotta pushed back, not on you. Just in general, on the I haven't given up on Ben Simmons, I just want to seem go to a team with that's his team he's like. Basically, though, the added X5 everything runs through him, he's a center on defense, but he's floating around and just it's his team and if they go thirty, three and forty nine for two years great, but let him learn how to be the guy. Whatever situation they're in here he's been kind of reading, it is like use this defensive ace whose zero or offence in fourth quarters when you actually need it, the other. They have used the focal point in your office and he's drivel around like creating stuff and justice more space like out on a surly, see it happening.
I mean he miss. You already realised Orlando, like let's say Orlando's. I call would world that I said Ben Timmins, you can have one of our first round picks that we got in the sky Trade and will give you something else who will take on location, are we talking about we're tired about somebody, then, because I mean at one point: you're trying to figure out like is the sky and all NBA like that's the projection for him. Is he gonna be adopted player? That's all that's up. There was happening back then, and I think at this point you be thrilled if you like the second best player and on a decent You know he still dryness glass player. On this team. I mean. Sedentary ended up. South Korea bade the signal when it matter certain
What about right about this? Imagine that they didn't trickery for Richardson, no matter what would the team look like? Well, anyway, I don't think symbols is gonna, be here, there's a devastating devastate less I wanted to. Can we take a break it up by the hawks? Now, just what will I want to talk about the hawks? But I do want to ask you this, because it's a gallant, the you touched on false blowing up going from. Like sure fire number one pick all season long, even though in others and teams were like look, you watch him in some of the international stuff. That's why everybody was so on him and then, by the time you are going in the physical in the pre drafts that there are some concerns, but most teams were taken of one. That's that's devastating! In desire, Psmith, bridges, trade, yet is ridiculous. Media bridges mom or for the six hours and they still treated so it's retroactively worse than it was. I do feel egg a year into bridges career. You probably could have traded foreign pretty easily
about a year and a half into his career. I dont know how high value, as I think here in this part of its kind of the relevant foregoing overdraft me Zira There- the problem is a you: were the one seed, your at home it's year, three which re young. This team is basically like three months old, this version of it. Maybe more now, let's go March April major! yes, a four months old and you lost at home and they looked like they had zero fear and you go. It's like he had that same fear. We ve been seen for years, two thousand eighteen. They lose the south accessories that they had a better time and it they lost massacres indeed wasn't in shape.
that changes had been there before they were ready for in Boston, just kind of out thought a coach said: Anne Conniston Series Right, two thousand nineteen is their best chance cause Jimmy's there and you know quite pleased one of the great games and knocked him out and now look at this year. This was now, I think, probably out of those three teams is therefore not the best. This is their best chance, just the weather. The season had broken, but it wasn't there. There was something wrong with the six or seem you could see it through this flash games at land as that exactly juggernaut, but they'd just didn't look right and some missed opportunity. There is every year to make the final form of the NBA class, which we're gonna talk about red after the break. This was the year Livestock Cox in that right, after the break
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If I were you, don't you down with it Indiana eight hundred to seventy seven one went seven for confidential Michigan it. a gambler in Jersey, Pennsylvania annoy Virginia Tennessee River, as eight hundred eighty nine nine seventy nine or visit eighteen hundred gambler dot net in West Virginia quicker. An ox did that game make you like tray young, more or less, because I actually kind of like him even a little bit more, because he was terrible, but I never felt like he lost his confidence. We ve seen guys in situations that, especially when you get to like to four sixteen two for fifteen for turnovers attacked a goal. We ve seen guys just exit stage right or just change how they play or hot potato at the confidence that he had in the last five. If its was, I just think that two years to me, I learned today,
You can hit trading with the two by foreign he's gonna get up, I'm with you. You know I have to separate the two things, but I've deftly learn through the next series in ten times more than that in this valley series that you do not need Can I get you a magnesium, MRS Shots? Using? It makes him decisions here and there the you don't always love, but that's pretty much everyone it as the basketball. The entire game he was a very good bye. He never showed. He never showed any signs that he doubted himself. Where Phyllis walking around waiting the loose in tray young out. There are expecting the wind, and that made me respect him a lot more. So I I hate the falling. Everybody knows I talk about constantly a committed his way. He did the jump at first it away and almost got I dialed. Why cut a random over on that? One can say it was kind of like it was that it was too annoying guys
chicken annoying. How obvious I thought joy just kind of what we have our Deutz flagrant cause. He gets mad and then it was like a run like the ones. I have twice playing wised weight in this game. What doing doc, Rivers Doc. I noticed what you do. You deny the Harris Bench guys and when it's that Harris tries seek out a small player and then one that action doesn't work. he's gonna last looked at each other, but yeah. I write my respect for trade. The top this part, because I think it always is in the play out. She go man here we are looking to arise that are supposedly stars are supposed to be stars projected be some of these top players in league and then they're, not long term legacy, but their immediate legacy. Their dated a legacy has been trash. So if What are the rules that were doing any, trade shooting night, you got up if we're doing like updates like facebook status here and players, legacies yet up day, trays to being like that's a guy, actually too
ass in a big moment now- and we didn't know until we get to see it and to go into fully and b B, that guy, I have way more respect for us all. I didn't I didn't know you have Siemens and fibre based could take it turns item near them, be protecting the ram the end your shots at going. Then you also seven game, says you implant every other day. And I in something's, going on the shoulder cause every time he comes off their like eating. His shoulder do whatever, but he kept coming to come. It was funny about this. As you think, I'd man well, at least, we don't have to play a team that again and I got a next time. You got your holiday, who, I think is the best offensive you no small garden, the whig at him. They have the same kind of marine protection stuff like that, it's gotten any easier for him, but I just think
and this is why I never thought he was like a great shooter, this is why the curry thing drives me crazy, and this is why keeps he's more NASH. To point out to me, what makes him special is like he's, was shriek shooter, it's the play making. That is what makes him special in those labs in the way the one handed half court passes things like that with his shot. It's like a comes and goes seeking score twenty in a quarter or he could go. You know what for do you have? I dont think he's dead. I shooter like Courier Damer. Those guys is now less now make thirty voters every once in a while, but I think there's this misperception with him, my keys staff and you just not he's not the same shooter he's brings different stuff. I regard the numbers were but like when he first started doing as wisely doing this as it is doing the surely you can do it be like honest and was pre draft camps for our work watch a centre like bring the law of the court and pull up from twenty six feet and click it and then look at the scouts like they took it. That's my girl,
and he makes it he makes that on. All of the numbers are sure I'm out, but it feels a tray makes him enough to keep pianist on it, but it was a body type thing was it: it was a skinny body. Guy looks it is fifteen years old, just like Stephanie like when he first came the league. So it's it's an I test similarity but shooting. I mean look. We should be preparing anybody to stop this entire time. Here's! How should I have for you, though, if it Lana wins. The whole thing. Will that actually look at championships, a championship, But it Lana winning it compared to the clippers, Phoenix or bucks, winning it and I'll feel bad for land on this one is bad as you can for city that wins it and be a title that happens, but that will lead to them. Non Atlanta associated people being like ok. Well, this championships, a total Joe. I mean if what just happened to the heat in some of its carry over like what you do the next year point. If it Lana of the four ends up winning a title, this title b,
or disrespected than any, of the other three teams. I'm not saying that's right, but I think it's what happens. I did all the work on this and I'm glad you brought this up. I do. I also greatly that date, the hawks could win the ability can, you believe or right now, but I well. I need to know what I'm getting from Baghdad image site does suggest that he like tweak as there is it something where he's just napkin, Ross him off for the rest of the fears. We don't twenty one minute's tonight, not much didn't look did in the gray, Are you ready for a quarter than implant, but I just think the way it's worked out where the two thousand twinning pussy, I thought broken in the lakers- were the two best aims the Lakers end up in a seventh. Because it's a shorter season, the brackets heart broken, loses Korean harden during that bug, series and almost wins it anyway. Anything like like what we talked about earlier, like it so clear now, Brooklyn was by far the best it like the fact that there was made,
Who is that, if the clippers, who last July, we don't know he's coming back, you view tat who loses Mitchell, then he comes back. He's hurt playing play well, but still not a hundred percent than currently misses the first five games and is a shared system. You have indeed with a torn ligament. You have the sons who were completely healthy, till sleepy three gets covert. We have no idea what he's coming back. You have the warriors, who have quite Thompson all season and you have Denver who loses Jamal Murray like a month rap for the playoffs and I think could have been a sleeper in this. I went through and I was trying to find if there was ever a weirder policies and in this- and I gave you the answer a little bit, but I just wanted a lay that out for you. This has a chance to go down has the weirdest postseason we've had since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. We shall go through later. Seattle makes the finals Seattle had Dennis Johnson Gus Williams as their back or both young. They had
was there centre had been the league like two years Lahti, Shelton Marvin Webster, whose plan for this huge contract that the next set of giving them it's it's a young team that was five and seventeen and change their coach. Higher fired Bo Russell hard. Lenny Wilkins and then got their shit together and just started taken down really good teams and all the a sudden wherein the finals went to game. Seven almost be washed in my point is this has happened before where we look at it, you might the horse like go though they will make the final stats crazy and then it just like you know what sometimes you have fuckin crazy years, so fancier question. I can see what they could win the title and predicting it. If I had to pick a team I now I would still pick the clippers. Even I asked
Human Quad going to come back at some point. But if you tell me who I might not come back now, I don't know who to pick cuz from what I saw from Milwaukee last round. They've barely made it, I don't trust them either. I don't trust any of these teams. Yet when you were talking about, I will pay you get through Philly, but now Jrue Holiday, to make some shots being a game seven, but I did part of it defensively sucked when you get stuck with the ranks, nobody stopping them, but then, when it's just that much of a size mismatch, even if you hold up in Andrew, strong and Stalin, all that kind of stuff. I don't always love the way drew played harden when Harden came back in I have only one thing was were yet like it's true. Is he oh as the lead, as he used to be defensive where's? He eluded all there now well at guys are governed by him a little bit. I just don't think he had looked, good understanding and how to defend harden, which sounds yet because it just two guys in the park s. I regret saying halfway through the sentence, but you're like look hardens getting
in you. He can't really move so you don't have to worry, when you're playing right up on somebody? That's usually because you don't expect him to go past you. So it's hard to rate that close to harden, though, because she's he so graph you're gonna hit Alzheimer's. Allow trouble here, he's infallible the whole time and you're like. Why are you? Why are you contesting him, like you, somebody that you're trying to contain when you're probably urging it to be able to count like I don't know it was just it would just really weird or because he felt like you still have to worry about him. His is shooting at, but currently sixty that yeah legit, I didn't love it. You ever watch video of when guys, when those guys can they grab a snake.
And you go like my job and I dont watches you ve, never seen that a new tab Youtube or they can grab a snake, said you're like wild. I was amazing. How did they have reflexes like that? I can't believe anybody can do that. I feel the same way any with anybody any time somebody trying to guard harden where their close them cause. It just seems like he has seven in trying to get a foul right because they call em. All you put your hand out immediately puts his armor Nathan does the throws his arm up play The big one is only a little wrap your arm and then pull you into him and then he flails backwards, and you think, like I just don't seem weather, The I got you got me out one, but next time you do that same motion. Even if I can see the arm hook, I'm not giving you the call, but they don't even at all. I think you sex data, I think they do. They don't want found then you're chasing him around on a screen and hard as this way of heap. He brings you toward the guy who's screening. So then, when the
screens you he jostled you and you in a hard and who then flails like it. He just never seen a babe more successfully draw more types of vows without one here it was too because you're seeing something that's happening at Ray. Does it mean these are the two culprits, not the only guys but they're they're the headliners? And that's? Why we'll just report that came out last week specifically mentioned trade harden, but there's some of the calls now were. I know this sounds stoop because you're not gonna, stop trying to go over screen it's good shooters, but the way they call it they are sometimes like. What am I supposed to do now, never go over the top of the screen. Because of the ideas that I can't make. Any kind of like contact is I'm fighting over the screen yet and then I give up. So that's up. Look the hard and call for Lopez that are at our immenseness apart one, I'm sorry if I did, but
purse reviewed it and it ended up being the free throws. It made it one of six one of four in the nets game that they won in game was a game five. When hard came back in the walk in the attack on the entire game. Yeah I like that. That call was massive and you're going look. All he did was given to Brook Lopez's body than he fell down, and you gave me two free throws to put them up one hundred and six one hundred and four at the end of the game. I guess it's huge huge moment. I just wish the league would say: have guy start falling down and you don't quite see what happened. It's also may begin to decide. I don't know Fuckin game five yeah, maybe don't waiver that dont given the free throws, isn't then had the The thing with holiday tree young, traditionally, the type a guy that he has been very good at it, down like he's, always bade Dame well people that book a good job here member. So that could be a tough on, but talking about crazy, pose seasons.
I we should mention. Katy wins game seven, but his foot is underlined by what five inches five inches nuff three inches centimetres. Maybe I he were a does the game when shot? Does it doesn't matter the bucks wetted overtime? Did you see the picture Claxton by the way, when the benches going crazy thinking they won the game and klaxons just like totally dead man old enough to finger s executive, like that, makes me think something's wrong with you, like: hey rafts, thousands. That's exactly commercial that never Mandy sense that I thanks to help Glaxo some religion. School rose like a coach, it was off me. So we we as that which, which cough commercial Does this go to? My next point is, I know you her idea of, I kill you. I just did I'd know. Somebody eggs there to get over here, can't leave the said, However, the ad
where no one should understand it. When it was like a place like a high school game- and there is in abounds in the rough like gives it to the team, and the team goes back to the huddled approaches. you know, we're gonna win the game we gotta make sure. What's going on in the player, lives, coaches, a coach- he was off me and coaches like look out of your life. Is Israel lesson lesson years teaching moment in the whole teams. Look at the kid and in the kid goes up to the raft for the first time, the history of fuckin anything whether because That's ok was off me and reflect our balls the other way, and then it's like that's the lesson. I think it had to have been religious thing for banking house or was for towels yeah. It was one of those one of the two things and people than fascinated this out for years, you ve never seen this at. I remember that it was you is what ten fifteen years ago who's to say, Gallagher scholars
are. You did timeless? Well, when you talk of weird policies and Katy wins the series, then you didn't you tat, chokes up twenty five in game sex without why it's going back to game? Seven they're, gonna, win Philly loses gay. The three games at home, including game, five and games, seven, including a game where there are twenty place. With fifty minutes left coach bud was fired. Re Carlyle was the new bucks coach and then they stop with the series. Do you think if Durant's votes behind the line, but is the coach tomorrow no
Think they fire MRS worker of the court, and then you have the sun sewer in it after game, three against the Lakers, the Lakers or minus eight hundred favourites. To win this. Here's my there eight towards favourites to advance over phoenix- and we ve had this a few times in the past, where AIDS good data remember gamblers for down the road like big baby. Don't overreact after two gives us some designs anyway. Here's what happened in eighteen! Seventy eight are are washed, it beats the add. Ons seven games. This is dear Bill, Walton Portland! What's fifty ten bill, what was the best part of the world they'd one that's out of here before he hurts his foot. He goes out there. Fifty and ten without go up and end up doesn't come back. They lose to Seattle and six. Seattle also beat LA back when they did the three game series.
Remember those best two out of three oh yeah. They beat outlay, and that was that Lakers season, where Karim Punch can't Benson and broke his hand, was out for like thirty games and then Kermit washed and gets in the fight with Tom Job of Ich get suspended fur. However long dead to trade karma wash. Did they get nothing back? Give this Lakers team that, in my opinion, the best for teams a yard, the Icy did the research were the Lakers, decimated Portland, walk goes down and then Philly insane Antonia So in the conference finals everyone thinks it's going to be it's going to be filling San Antonio Philly in Denver and it ends up. Denver is in the conference finals against Seattle and everybody's going cool, Julius Erving gets David Thompson. This will be just be amazing. It hasn't been washed in Seattle. You could argue that neither team was a top five team that year. That's not five, so that to me that's
It is one of our time that you have a team that one five and seventeen and made game seven. They emit finals that none of the top five teams are in there, but I think we're going Remember twenty twenty one, the same way as we look back at this Billig, what the fuck, how look at all the stars that are in the play off says we're down to four teams? Fourteen, basically, like, I think, like nine of the best eleven poison a week, aren't in the final vote Yeah me: we knew when it started. It was really what the first new champ since Philly in eighty three, but that was the most recent champ. The team that were still alive go into these rounds while day of go go through the four now Moloch. His last win was fifty years ago. A land has never made the fine us. Nothing in Phoenix has been in the final twice
right you have no title in the last fifty years for any of the four themes and to the teams have never made the NBA files. If Paul is back, which is going to be in Phoenix beats the clippers in beats comes out of the east. There will be a hey. Chris. Paul was always that do love s parade for him and Booker will now be a. Is he adopted player because those the rules, if Milwaukee figures out some of their offensive stuff here and turned it into a funnel in tray and size were size were size, but Donovan is unhealthy and in the walk he beats. Whoever comes out of the west, I think they'll Ba, hey, you guys were too hard on John US and by the way, just in case been Simmons, has a really nice round to game and twenty twenty two can we hold
when that internet Ben Simmons apology form that people already have ready to go ass. I had just just remembered tonight: restart print nose up on the old dot matrix, so I look tell you. I know what you're saying right now, but never underestimate the narrative part of kind of the big hug that we give everybody. ends up at the end where the Atlanta Wanna be we're going to be so new that you're like wait. What else? What just happened? they get Lana winning or the clippers winning without. Why would they people think this was the dumbest that dumb ass the most incomprehensible? Lastly, TAT Phoenix when you could talk yourself in your narrative of well, they maybe you know Chris was hurt those first relator games- maybe they may be, they were the best him along in Milwaukee, wins
Doubts the narrative of willingness is the best part in the leg yeah. I know now we're in we decided on the red you. So I when we did our top forty exercise. Last week, I had these players as the eleven guys had stood up. Kevin thereat out of the playoffs Yoke edge out LUCA out Yon ASEAN, indeed out Leonard, injured, Leubronn out, carry out Dame out Davis out harden out, so we ve won. The top eleven has left and Pasco. Why he's hurt and then the next level was Tatum Mitchell, Tray, Booker, Williamson, two of them we'll someone right. Your house is right. This is the opposite of what we're tolerate superstars when title superstars bringing to the files. This is the opposite of. What's happening, cable by other rule is theirs, because something happened doesn't mean anything so whoever rights. you really want to do after this championship. Is it Lana is the only thing
didn't have any all stars I think the only moreover- and I realize yeah there's it there's a stand here all actually pull it up, because I saved it, but it Lana making the conference finals the second team in the current player format, without in all star syn- saw the papers and ninety ninety four and even that platform at a little different. So you go all the way back to eighty four pieces, the first time ever, do it, but it's you could still argue it's not the exact same platform at because the first round the extent games, but I dont imagine, can imagine being a hoxton as he covered in part, one, not a lot of positive hawks memories. Since they got to Atlanta heed the neat bird shoot out yet couple nineties teams that were frisky
Joshua, dress, night Smith, the joke dry, Harvard document Drat the draft suit undisputed. When championships the horror it there's a sixty, went hawks team. At one point we cover that this is the greatest I think moment in history. The hawks, not counting sailors, Bullet Bob PET. It now I'm with you because their guy, they got dumped on forever. I mean trains perfect for the city. Now, because he's the guy, the gut laughed out of Summer League Dan, every hawks fans becoming for our heads years. Now I mean those geyser amputation. On the bandwagon plus, I have them idiotic. I have there been eighty five to under the title. Every pupil can say that of a God is had started tweeting at us. Yet now rayford one
side buddy, where we love your son, you're someone s over its fine? We was a roller coaster ride, but he loves over love would be stronger respect I'll. Out of I respect, thousands were weirdest post seasons, quickly. Actually, let's take a break. My run through this US today is absent Brad you bad Miller late Summer is in full swing were heading toward August. We had make the most of it now that Basque bows over we're heading for baseball trade deadline. Playoffs football is coming back. While I go grab some cold Miller Lite and enjoy the next couple weeks of summer, you can enjoy the olympic game can enjoy baseball. You can set aside. I would highly recommend doing on the golf course.
Having or maybe it's you ran from the front, none Batman pop up in and they saw ice cold, nor lay printed igloo. What changes constant summer, despair for you realize it be can always depend on the greatest tomorrow night when you enjoy the dog days of summer. So next time you getting ready to enjoy called ones with your Krueger Miller, I come for its eyes B s to find your reactions near you or you can pick up similar light much anywhere, they sell beards maritime, sober responsibly or brewing company maki was constant. Ninety six galleries, three point two carbs per twelve ounces. We had ten bucks. That's where does poses two thousand fifteen was pretty weird gold state over the banged up. Calves cagey had our Katy at a broken foot, clippers choked
She went hawks made the fine afford than got an eyelid, the name connected the lack out season. I do feel it when I look at some this stuff for most, like that, the rating win and for the lock out next one is a good one. Because every Miami had the best record, the east they're, the ones seed, but the acid lost Ewing. For some time. European became ass time, Latro Admission time and then you'll get hurt. And, finally, I think the next scored eastern online us again thirdly, the premier, the unitary worse and a reader seven. This long email about this is going to be good for the Knicks. I called the Ewing theory and then I still feel like the right team won. The spurs are really good that you're. So I don't feel like that that crazy of a season, I only think it's weird when You know when you look at like the wrong team, one so like nights in eighty one, the south is for the best team, but the western fires had the forty and forty two rockets against the forty and forty to Kansas City,
It's like what why that happened. The Lakers lost the best two out of three to Houston, and then this goofy Kansas City team just beat Portland in Phoenix and all the sudden way to forty and forty two teams in the west final smells weird and then the nineteen seventy six Boston to get the sun's making the finals was weird, but most of the time the right team wins, we don't leave it going wow. I can't it's not like, like when Leicester City won in soccer. I'm too broke all my god. I can't believe or the NFL. Sometimes Otto happened right. There be some team ripe, wow, the laser rash inventor, winning a grand Prix today, great one, great knowledge I was, I was just about to say that Joe flak are winning superbowl. That's why I can't believe it but remember Aladdin, obey flak I'll, never forget mural Hodge Monday Sport Centre in studio Gimme, your top five quarterbacks Unifil Joe flag.
number one- and I won't see this is my rule of a moment in the moment- were just it's too much too much. We should have elapsed Manning second, I don't know who yet but flack oh was was a different. I, for a month that's another when the two thousand giants, like That'S- that doesn't happen in basketball, but the sheer might happen we might have like. I did the hawks baby. The two thousand giants is where's. That sets three points you do it and I found the events in the sinner password. Even Miami, no six, I mean my pointed always been like. If you gotta pick one of the worst seems when the final less twenty years, like that's him, get swept the next year, but it wasn't like they were bad waiver Wade was one of the three my eyes. I lay dead Riley. They still had shack. They had some that's the warriors fifteen one When you look at me, they want a million games. There was.
They say that they are so there's that and then ok replace really only that one game but Cleveland of a certain, no love or even her, obviously of the series, but that was also your member. Don't stay, went down to want to Memphis and piano work. Like the oriental golden stable, like sees what happened? You hit him in the mouth, it completely ignoring all of golden states, defensive statistics, and now they rolled through them using came back. That weird series against the clippers and then now they completely to care By the way, I was looking at that like harden second scores, that when it was still there trying to figure out the Dwight Harden combo. Unlike who's, gonna win, the locker room and the cavern tail stuff and those two guys like dividing the locker room and how Howard wanted more touches, knock and stuff, but, like it wasn't wrong the golden state, one it was just suck the Cleveland was that her well. That bed then Katy had the broken foot that you're too, like their major guys either missing or their team self combined
for where reserves, usually always one or two, the usually not all top ten players, except for one. This is a surreal poses a box bucks. That's so I it's weird. They think that the story come out of a series. Was guy that did not loss, but I just said the rat with somberly one that there is actually move them up. My item rankings K, which I jumped em over a couple- people gimme your updates than I get it. I got a nice. I got a tenth and move them up the ten I hadn't jump a couple centres. He jumped Moses Moses in Shack, came I couldn't believe us doing it. I just think, like I was looking at I'm look it up my some like how do I only have one guy from the last twenty years in the top twelve, when basketball we agree, is probably harder to play
in his is painted a higher level. These days cause the shooting, I'm gonna put people that played in the Eightys and Ninetys are like the shop making better now, like Eddie. Anybody from my arrow says that its thought is full in themselves and the stuff, the red ego think like what he is doing in two thousand. Nineteen and what who is doing this share and the fact that really he should have, I think, for rags I think they would have won a nineteen and I think they would have easily this year and at the woodcutter showed a thing you can do every player, but he has two ranks and people are going to hang them at the daddy chased them gods. Daddy joined seventy when theme that stuff, but he really should have one this year too, and in two thousand nineteen and he's one of the best tool. Where's I've ever seen so are the best scoring scores period is the best scorn for I've ever seen.
and that shot he hit, which the announcers miss so they're down to she's. Dad cuz he's play forty eight minutes, but forty eight minutes for nights before he knows he has nothing left in the tank they're coming out of a timeout. They call play friend to shoot at three because he's like I don't know if I'm guessing them talk to him take for overtime said we have to win this game now, let's run the play. Where you throw me the lab, and I turn round. I do at twenty five foot fucking turn around any fuckin drained it s the only that even when the game on was cause the Tipp of his time was over the line that was unbelievers when the greatest shots in the history, the league, but its foot was annoyed and I thank you, tell from his body language that he didn't have and overtime time.
Though they guy anymore, not by the way. No one on the core at an over time- and I was worried- yadda was gonna like pass out a goddess- was bad is tired. As I've ever seen superstar, he was like almost killed over some those dead boss when he got sobbed out early Jerry, Green Burgos, reporting on it. He tweeted out immediate he's, ok, lionesses gas like he could see me We saw video come back in the commercial where you could see and by the way, both networks are making up for all the commercial stuff. Yet in a big way like work back Lee, and then somebody sideline reports. Are we get the in screen thing in any missed? who possessions like just but the audio over the game have, as have the car rang the audio over the game, because it just gonna Sucks, You get the smaller box than the major announced. The main announcers can't call the actually like you're, missing possessions, advisory crazy. So we saw video of yon is just gasping and you I I don't know if the ramp land on the turn around. I think
which is kind of like I gotta, create I gotta try to get free. I get any kind of space whatsoever and oh yeah you gotta watch again. That was a set play. They will not, was trying to do that and I think he wanted to get three. I really do I'm not saying that he didn't wanna take a three I'm saying on the turnaround. Part of it was so hard with such a difficult shot ray. I don't think that's what he wanted to do. I go back and look at it again then, but I felt for Durrant because he had no help Joe could make a shot harden. Who was actually okay in a little bit more aggressive? Look the healthiest see it been all week and he in outlook another harden flame out in a big spot, but he's going to get the pass because of the hamstring. But when I said hey, I kind of feel for hard, because I still don't know what to do with me
lucky. I completely underestimated the reaction for the nets hate I feel, like Durrant, didn't, have any help game. So I said you ve covered Durrant, not hard yeah. I fell for Durrant yeah right progression. There, I fell for Durrant because of game set, but then it turned into our will. He picked this theater. I am just em in the moment guy right now. Ok, that's that's all I'm doing an people still like they let their hatred for him going to gold state and then Brooklyn get in the way of appreciating that's very different. It's very different from just street.
Hatred for different player? It was one of them US heroic game. Seven, they just losing a series and semi games, performances, legged, nine consisted I Jerry West one finals, VP even out his team lost and seventh in south and have a check should have won the envy pay. It's kind of a travesty, but West was so good in that series that they were like I'll give it to Jerry. He can't when the title at least he could have. This is stupid. The rate was, the envy appear the series, and yet I was so impressed by honest because look yacht ass. It goes back to that. Ninety ten thing we talked about, sometimes when I wrote that was broken,
bout everybody's got the ten percent. That kind of is you can pick with and for some guys, it's more glaring than other guys chances. Ten percent as the most glaring right now of any superstar, but I don't know if you can ask for more from your best player in Katyn- did what he did work. It seem like every time they threw the bar on the left side either got shot. South Park rated shop for somebody else, and I think the only reason they weren't doing it. Every time was cuz. He was so dead, I was when they would run like Chris Middleton action. Stuff like that holiday was a no show. Lopez was pretty good for him other than that they had nobody that you trust the biscuit three and a half guys and Giannis was in the mid thirties.
Game? He was an unbelievable. You note athlete stuff quarter after quarter after quarter, and you know that there is that weird sore line about wise and guarded the rent. The fourth quarter, you gotta come our gardens. I guess the other shipyards click the plague, forty postmen! It's a game he's doing everything. We can also ask him to guard the best part. The other team and I address was great and you know I think that that was a career change. Your friend is, I think, if they go outing in round to it, looks a lot like the six hours part of the package that we did at the top or like the process is tat. They re just they were coming in with concrete If Europe is out and game too, I think erect ran to again. I think we would have had to make some conclusions from that and they found it off and now you know they should, when the east, unless they really fuck this up.
If you look at the seven game? Stats. Thirty, two thirteen animal for a cistern, a block, fifty seven percent from the floor overall, the free through a percentage things, a problem. Forty eight percent, but the differences is ill. They go in your if you had the spectrum of apply. There's like he has more than Ben Simmons lacking skill, part of his office in like a dream, when an old the re controversy get started up like you can kind of watching that series why a guy like Durrant would be like. Don't ever compare me to him yet, oh Doreen Did he never said it? I guess I'm still a little worried to even though you like you,
Those numbers back. You like what the hell's the problem with you guys, but I'm tellin you they're display our series that you'll watching you Billy, add, and I like the sky, was in his good sky- was good in a couple years removed. You look back at the seven gain line in your. Like all my guys like I was crazy. Like outcome, everybody beat up on him, you're like all whose right the numbers guy or the guy the remembers watching it going. Maybe you're watching with some surprise lands, which is also another problem, but I love that youngest cares. I love that he fights is ass off You know. I think those parts are real like they're ready when you want to say all his limitations offensive return. Water Simmons at least Simmons Simmons is checked out. We learned that multiple times and never more than game. Seven Yanis would never do that. Right. Yanis would never do that, but I'm I'm still just a little afraid of that left extended. It's not a on the block, but it's on the left side. You know kinda at the angle, one thousand and twelve
it out and it's like, I figure something out in its usually just his physical gifts get him the angle. I felt like a game seven. He he kind of gotta go on from that side, though, but yet either go into the jumper. Are he was just drop stepping into like a leopard don t? You made the key point here He really really really gives a shit and he's really. competitive and we can pick a part flies of a lot of great guys, Shaq Adam. I think Shaq's, 12th or 13th best player of all times the dude had real slots. He couldn't stay in shape, she would disappear. Sometimes I defense martini. Call mountain buck with them when he was on defense and he didn't want to get filed in the last four minutes, which is why Kobe to so important, and yet he was like the 13th best forever. I think would be honest if your foundation is this, guy gives
shit as much as anyone else on the core and this guy's not afraid of this game in any way, shape or form like he, arable to freezers and their game and still made big free, throw down the stretch like he wasn't afraid of. Game and you know he's only twenty six he's been play: basketball. What, since he was twelve, it feels like there's room for him to grow, and I thought that was a huge task. Frahm I'd really felt like he gave every single. since his body to that game, and I don't know how you can criticise that. So he's a huge. When are the reds a huge when and then Lopez I applaud have meant a lot on was yet one of the biggest boys, the gate, lock in their earlier too. But you know the second one was so huge: go had coming off far disastrous in batsman. Add, oh, my god. What would tat was at stake? Lopez's fall down like a home play was bad. That was the right corner of Europe well to remember here. There was like two seconds baby. One
on the shock, clock and we're gonna words. They get the date run a whole twenty four off get a terrible shop, but some get a rebound holiday freezes for like ten seconds for reasons. There remain unclear and then gets a terrible thing. It goes out about now. They ve spent thirty six seconds to get nothing and then they have to throw it into low pay. When did you think they would just gonna have yadda cut in the basket like a tight end game? They try them all and traffic. The announcers were like hey, look, Blake Griffin to his credit. He battles ass off, yet back I holds on every single play and we had a play. The first book at the net scored and overtime. It was an office of rebound. I think an Blake was behind your city, just ripped him difficult hunted and everyone called it yon, as is sitting or this hands up one like the. U serious so
inbound. If you watch it he's on the right free, throw side, not the right side of the lane at the free, throw line and youngest looks like he has an open cut, but Blake is just grabbing em and that's right. Thank God! about ethical was drew freaked out a bit. and they ve got about it right, Brook catches. It. I think I think Brook it's a brutal spot to put him in, but I also think Brook knew that there was still a lesson to set up in the shock of the actual I've thought about making some sort of move throw up new. To say eyes of the Barcelona loses once oh yeah. Sorry like Polaris, similar to their at Ford NET score, come down! U S! Thirty eight seconds, you don't get a shot at all, and that leads to the rant with his foot on the line and if he makes such out with his foot napping online, the bucks lose that goes down in history is one of the worst last minute says. You know where work apparent at the kings, Lakers game, seven, oh two in Blazers Lakers, two thousand, like the Warsaw, has ever its it immediately moves in there
and then drew? If you look at his numbers, thirty, six percent from the floor for the for the SIRI, but what happened is. He was it that when they really really absolute had to have em, he made three shots in a recital. Hey who had slack is due to the fourth quarter was like or if he doesn't do anything, they're they're gonna lose and they just miraculously he made a free and floater and something else, and that was real. all. He did offensive with a whole game, but it was like the only time they really needed hammer therein lies casualness was dead. At that point, your language, He was missing shots and game. Seven, you go case, gonna hit some and it still look fine you know that everything do need decided back board. what it looked like it and nobody wanted to do. I felt like mentally, so that was a great recovery from him, an ugly it's kind of those deal. What have you got? Lucky? You got through an awful series, but even you know you can't,
overlook Atlanta here, but you gotta figure, he's gonna be he's. Gonna revert a little bit back to a guy that keeps honest with a shooting and he did not do that. It gets broken. I take a look at but this gamble at Sagamore bright, bugs Netscape seven, which we ve had said, and game seven's ever went into over time. You know this. Only. I knew that history, the week has been a longtime right, one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven final Celtics beat the hawks three hundred and two Tommy Heinsohn files uprising, the sideline they win anyway, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two finals, Frank Selvy, shot, is going to win for the Lakers. He misses Celtics win in Ot, one thousand nine hundred and ninety semi Finals, Portland San Antonio. That was one where rods
When did the crazy pass through its nobody, Portland ends up winning one thousand nine hundred and ninety three Siamese Seattle beat Houston, beat Seattle, two thousand and two western conference finals. People forget this Lakers kings in Sacramento goes to ot, and the king Wade Band of the fourth and o t with their hands wrapped around their necks. Two thousand six, six Dallas Dallas Antonio. We actually to book a basque ballpark asked about this is games unbelievable! It's the one where doubts is down twenty seconds after three point by ties: it gotta do they win and now at smokey, broken game. I think what was really unique about this game and made it I, in my opinion, any expand class, a game if thou was necessarily It is by game. I've ever seen was. I can't remember, seeing guys more tired on both sides.
adds when we knew there is five more minutes, a basque book, as if alligators tired, the fourth quarter, it started to look like a prize fight like one of my favorite red thirty. As you know, I like to go on Youtube. Sometimes a watch all boxing matches in snake, ravished, yeah and state grabbers homes, Norton late seventies, were their fighting for the vacate title in the last couple round about dead in there just turn haymakers and it looks like the end iraqi. They get nothing left, and sometimes you have those boxing fights where both geyser dead. They sought to fight to more rounds in there, just a peaceful throwed. You know all armed punches. That's what that nets. Buckskin moves, actually like a really poorly played over time. You know, for the most part, has both teams urges daddy. I would point out that the bucks work in a score in the entire overtime and then they finally get seventy Amber. I just I've personally, never seen a basque buggy
I bet you ve seen it like triple o t like. If you watch celtic signs from nineteen, seventy six by the third overtime guys are sitting on the four between free throws. It show at that, but in modern era. Now I can't member, ok but think about this. As you just said, the last book it in regulation was with one fifty four left. Reality makes a jumper. They did not score a field, go again until one twelve left in overtime, so they went almost six minutes without a bucket in Brooklyn score. Two points total in overtime, you're, absolutely right it don't ever dream was done made here and you can't ever know the lad to hang is over for wood everyday over time, because the guy had nothing left and I really ass a bed. That's why they went for the three there because I think he knew, and
what he did. Five six seven. The amount of minutes said he played, haven't also protect the rim, pay the number one rebound on his team and then basically create every scoring chance was nuts so cup other things firmer for owed. I gotta criticise my guy NASH orbit. I love Steve NASH. I just think when your game, seven at home, your biggest advantage is your energy bench guys for little five minutes, spurts cause, I think bench guys feed off that cried. He saw with tears man in the corporate game that that he's a mini is more than a bench guy, but there's there's an energy thing that you can kind of tap into and they have guys who can do that Claxton Tyler Johnson Tee. I see I am throwing those guys out in the second quarter for four minutes to see. If I can get going, a little run, try to choose
the pace. There is. If you look at the matter, freedom, how many feel goes to Brooklyn haven't second leg, just oral because one of things they did was they floated down to the point where the possessions were like a lawnmower. Attempts to ninety eight from Milwaukee. Eighty four attempts in overtime get think about that. So they were like in the seventies for regulation, so a basque buzz played. I usually teams are unlike the hiatus. I just went abroad, an energy guys, and then I saw that they should call a time out with awe and though over time, because their guys we're dead without Levin. Second sight, they got the ball back time out. They had one set up a play. Give two rant: three minutes arrested can actually be five minutes because you get out the tv time out. Normally I am in favour of, like you know, let your best parts decide to gain. This is your practice. But in this case I get the rain arrest and I bet he would do that over again. If he had, I'm surprised,
hear you saying you you'd rather see a bunch of guys out there that you know aren't ever come Poland. That moment before I'm not disagreeing with anything else. You said, and I do not want our energy just give me for a minute- suggests gimme some energy and see if I can get the crowd, you know a ignite the game in a slightly different way, because I know the bucks wrongly point seven guys. So I'm saving my guys for couple minutes and I'm just energy pressure have other Johnson Guard you how they folklore for three minutes. I think you can do that when your home, that's my own case. I'm watching the shot again right now. Yet I still can't believe that was their empower. Two point: one on the shock which, when I it I'm on the Lopez, grew up which the guy was gonna, everybody collectively, yet I think they just through diarrhea
Gonna get turned around as he was driving on future Tucker, so I dont think the turnaround had any to do that. I would agree with you about the three pointer, but I also say that we can have jobs throughout the year that there were some rule pass that when you're down to it doesn't cow unless it's a three Can I give you my body had said this to me: carries last five years, all this is good. I was looking at this because Bobby Marston, incredible contract extension piece of money has been dot com, but I'd like to throw a couple numbers at you where you go ahead. As I know the scar game, five God states up, two thousand seventy files to Thursday teenager two thousand nine team is just a rift in the markets. Is twenty and twenty one injured bout? The injury this year was in his fault, I'm just pointing out that's half a decade and two thousand sixteen. He hits one of the great shots in history, the league, and it goes beyond that is people rose. I got hit the shot. It's actually like.
you're, gonna really talk, but that sixteen team, it's gotta, be game. Five, six and seven cause game; five him in the Bron. They both went over forty, then what those guide I dunno array Mimes Pro GMO, but that was like outrageous game six Saint thing, sir. I feel like the imo its shorted on that series for how unbelievable he was. But you gotta say since then like this cruise kind of a disappointing for what the potential of it seemed to be in two thousand sixteen right now summer. That's bad luck! He change teams he had some injuries, but now. What is why don't? We gotta think it's unfair to go. Hey your last half decade of play off, not ended well here because of your inability, I'll throw this actually pointing it out with his movement and how how great he is and in what, like a great combination of small guys, can just survive in this week that we ve seen in a way that we were never really used to
Think he's so slight. Now, like I wonder what is diet? Is I wonder if he clearly the basketball skill part of it he's one of the most credible specimens. Like he's especial on some of the technical stuff tat we ve ever seen, is put worth a handle gas shock creation- finishing it's big guys but like we saw Steph bulk up this year because he kind of new he had taken I wonder if that's inquiries, training regiment. wonder if there's any part, because he looks really skinny to me. He looks like almost malnourished at times. You think he's I'll make some weird diet. Does it might just Johnny Cakes, you think my son could take about a wrestling match. My son is fuckin jacked right now, I'd like to know how right maybe a good said, we did that
local radio loss it and how many red Sox could you beat up kid? He could you beat by set up. My son is now five seven and a half in his fuckin rip that I think he get officially being a fight. Yet the Cairo thing is just like. While that's half a decade when you look back in there is so much promise coming out of the sixteen finals. We didn't really get there. the Joe Johannes thing I dont know, I bring it back I know they will and I know, there's a whole Joe Harris. Five. Two hundred you go to eat a bad series, but we also saw him do this in the world championships any time there's ever been pressure, basketball, he's sucked and at some point That you got to wonder like is, is, is regular season Joe there for them play out show, because if he plays even decent in the series, I think they win. If Kyrie plays all seven games in this Thursday definitely win and if all three guys play in the series,
It's our close. All donors has to do. Is it one more shop and get evident they wind so carry? Definitely I mean for us, what about game for what was the game and use of old game? Three? He was one for eleven in all eleven shots were wide open. I actually I would argue that you're in all of this, I would apply Jeff Green over him down the stretch. I didn't think Johannes shots were grown in when he's taken him. Vomit Buxton on my great show hairs issued its not going it here, but usually those guys if you keep leave you at world championship on him when you were world games Joe errors. He sought, but he's really bad convicted ever travelled internationally. But where are they
Would you rather had, if you're, better the nets in that game, Jeff, greener, Johannes Game, seven, I've, I've see Jeffrey, do it at least with a minute left. You have here's my last question, for you think it's a big shots. I used to know recently. So maybe I just green is Katy the best part five years? So we all two thousand million in a way. Nineteen, twenty and twenty one. If I did said who is the best for the last five years? Who would you say Leubronn so you'd have Leubronn even with this season in the season and nineteen when he basically took the year off, yeah because Durrant MR for one and then a chunk of this one to play ass was here so his four out of forty five persons Toto, the bran, I'm just asking I allowed arrives at he redoubts counts the sixteen finals right
seven Bonita United Wanting Ionia math if we're just break it down, like you, forgot backward through the best pirate five years so that we finally that's three finals of a title for the broad yes and its seventeen eighteen, it's too titles to finals parquet d, probably too finally cause. He makes it in nineteen its earlier that I ask it ever set. It cause I'm illegal by lot right right, because Durant's miss so much time because you can't sit. There are still a halo, broadbased retook that season off when the most parties he certainly more durable drain is because the funny thing is when you go once you start gone backwards in you just do five years. Five years, five years, twelve to sixteen is definitely the brown no question, seven
There are seven eleven, its cobby, which is where does aim young one one envy Peter in that, and it's better that justified as I have had a cold. Yet when only titles in there that has two thousand o Tudor o six, it's definitely Duncan, if you go nine thousand and ninety eight two hundred and two it's check, Bennetts MJ, basically the rest of the decade to go backwards. Then you start arguing about Badge approach it like that. But it's just weird that the last five years we didn't have but just think the best player cuz. Usually we do usually can point to like. Oh that guy was definitely the best. I think the rant Lebron is neck and neck and maybe Lebron gets the edge. Has the rant misses the season? But Yet is cause it's it's a lot closer and he lay Y gotta when you over here. I mean why it's kind of tough to argue it with,
time. Yes, on I'll get it I'm just trying to figure wow you're on the fly also from a one man show standpoint I thought were directed- was really special, like as I've said, but ninth as my favorite birds never was the eighty seven salts when everybody is hurt and he was just one may show bird whose awesome did that's like the last piece. They do that the guy's, can go. One man show you don't that data something like when we talk about yacht us. That's all. Then he doesn't have he'll, never have that level where he could be like I've gotta guys. I will navigate this entire game for us get on my back. He can carry peep on his back, but he still gonna need the second guy anyway Glitt. Let me ask you this: that guy got to know how much were you
Does that make you still want to do now? Will you ever vote? Rudy go. Bear defence declared the year again now to me. This reminds me of member. There is that year when I was the first year kid made the fine as there is a huge arguments. Kid versed unconfirmed bp, two thousand to hear his back and forth. I that is ludicrous. I was making fun of it. I think, as is happening takeovers who knows was twenty years ago, but then so kid finishes you're in your prime back then I had my fingers worth back then, the year after kid makes the finals again basically has the same season. He had the year before, but finished, ninth and it was like what was different. It was just like people like wow Duncan, really proved he was the best. What were you thinking of doing that kid thing and everybody's just about And I think go Baron Simmons will be the same for defensive, of where the air it would almost like. You'd have to come up with defensive stance that would show that they were so
clearly dominance. Everybody else that there is almost no way to avoid picking them, because I said after Currie they blew the three one. Lee I go? This is the kind of thing will never win the bp again and he hasn't by also didn't expect. this gonna year, like you, I was gonna, say, but no one in five years, though be theirs weird your season words shorten, though be, will become an out of this national and global pandemic. Athens, clay, I'll, be hurt and he's gonna put dislike, run gather relieves, leading scoring at every loves staff again, and it still efficient. So you know that kind of a hard one to predict five years ago, but your Chid Duncan argument is perfect because that's what's going to happen here, like who's gonna vote. Ben Simmons. All NBA is what I'm gonna do that next year, maybe there's a page. A year where he got like first or second theme on paper like oh, what are we just there?
that was then he was that I forgot to tell you this. I thought I heard her today looked a little pay J. A european agency, the page of vortex pager, he's in the page, a kind of the synergy with some of those moves right that the common offscreen trees, the little posted from fifteen feet is music pale pager, I think that's low at the low ceiling, but I'll take it. Patient is really good.
If he was all at the edge he gets a man be he gets a maybe peal of that year to our agri day. A couple more will you ever say yeah. This is the best place in the world. I mean not this year. I think the Red clinched the title in another. Alas, I think there's they were. There were stuffed going on with him on the left side and that game, seven, that I think they're gonna look at the tapes. By the way I eight years thing pit of bloggers out there who break down the games. Do the breakdown stuff do a breakdown of when they went the Addis on the left side and they cleared out for him. What the what the points per procession was on that, I guess maybe Do that. Second spectrum look at tonight. I thought it was unstoppable that the net, I wonder if they tapped into something with that, moving all the shooters away and just give him the whole side. Yet they die with him before that
never saw them due to question my dad before ledges they were was that unstoppable five valley could figure something out. I'm not I'm not kidding. Our last one will you ever vote Westbrook. All second team defence again was that weight was that you is that big visit That is fair whereby figure was Wilburn. I'm hoping Wilburn says there was a second vote or theory. That's a tough one night. who is the german guy who voted in third firmly pay. You have. Your kitchen is top five. How does the idea the NBA? today email him go hey they I'd say about Westbrook when you're running Westbrook, third, firmly P, hey Dieter, you lot, data of the seabed is treated respect
can't you be issues unforeseen will be voting for the for the words a sheer yeah Marv was the laboratory, VP voter, but our away with none at all. No, it was are at tat. He was the first I'll, be able even worse, seem all India. That's right! That's tough! That's tough! There is we. We were hoping for a couple of cow badge to be too to feed the actual who had allowed wait, I had another question for you were, whose grew: what's your final split should now, knowing that we know this is the final for
its hawks baby. I'm role with the eighty. I do you really think that can be the violence. Neither can be Phoenix OX now meet. It feels like. I have no problem the Phoenix thing you and I are just seen it differently. That's fine! I kind of to pick the hawks in arms and, like as I do, I didn't leave that Milwaukee Sears gone right here, the dear time, the fact that their benches- just I guess, a zero They feel like they put a lot of miles on their three guys and, as we see, there's been injuries every round, and I just think you'd. Ever now I gotta get Pga talker by the work of jurists like he brings a. He was toast, who I again this is kind of that rule. We talked about guys that have some pedigree than a hunter.
that are in an awful basketball situation. I d une I've learned this year that you, you ve gotta, be a little bit more open minded about where they bring your team is, I think it point Peter, had the single worse plus minus box or of any active player. The qualified in granite used is a mess. all that kind to stop or when you watch your idea is not quite the same. We gave you sit in a corner of all hardens drives, but just who he is a dude out their knowing that they're gonna be complete, doughnuts offensively. Ah, I hope he J Tucker gets paid again. His he's been underpaid through of his career and thank God they have is right. Rotational e, they actually just desperately needs minutes, especially when you talk about the match up there with the rich. Can I on this ok, I actually thought I wish our pleasure Jocker was good in the last few gaps. Gazeta red scored, like fifty a game, MPG Tucker, scored zere. On the other end. there are many amity. What he's got three points again
and they re were important. You did everything you want. I think there is. There is like a jet. I mind trick thing on our Puget. Tucker man, this guy's amazing and then it's like. I look at the rents. The conference box were sharpish. Attacker was amazing. Like? Would you have been better off just plain, Bryn Forbes having the rent, torch, Brent, Forbes and then at least bring Forbes wide open in the corners gonna make fifty percent of the shots. set up, and I added up good Xyz gets act that not to forget that its act as the office of numbers were not very good their awful. But if happen Forbes, torturing Durrant are getting torch by direct, although who knows maybe print Forbes about match of Katy Low Centre gravity, yet we can only will have to wait a lecture, but the fact that PJ's The real work led to his fatigue, oh very out already, was on the core foot is over the line: counters egg and yeah. Just I doubles azure.
and if its orbs he's far more like it's easier catch, isn't expended as much energy point game and were wondering if A Simmons for Middleton Trade makes sense wild nets. I may now be to my for the box right, they were needed. Hang up, would you do the delay in Knee Psmith only end niece meant for summits. Biscuit jokers write anything for days. Well, let's say: what's a filmmaker Sacramento and says, give us the fox for citizens, which is called into the week. I think Sacramento says no.
If that was actually, I don't know who want a tenement starting rumours here that but tat it was. I know right yeah, I would say no. So if we just saying like tat forty guys that studies of rage and by the way I knew that so sorry, three hats off to bed. Yeah. It's like mechanism for citizens, I know from Portland: am I doing that? No from what I'd help watched he's healthy, that b plus report, one brain and Ingram they're, not even that, would be awful resign. Zack Levine, no thank airing Gordon stunned over the traders. Is it like a Memphis where you get lost
guy slow, MO and Dillon Brooks and like a forefront of Memphis fans are getting mad at me. I don't know, I don't know what that everyone's going to try to trade Ben Simmons this summer. I don't know what the trade is. Cuz, you're, not by the way Laker fans you're, not getting them for Kuzma and Talen Horton Tucker stop clutch? I don't know you sure who, by the way, can you imagine Simmons off the ball with John Maria booth. I ought to say it's a team like Orlando. It's a rehabilitation thing. Any talk yourself into a like this guy just needs its own team. Let's build the team around been summoned the same where land about a team rancheria, let's put a team run. All this stuff is good at And give this guy a chance to be the focal point on a team other than this side, peace within hours right hours after the the wake is not want to talk about a straight by his eye. I they burn. It was on our text read and he had a really good point
whenever you guys think it is now, and I completely agree to them. I was just so many trades reared determined to be like order. Now, it's this or this So she could do this guy sucks, there's no market here or just you could get everything for this guy. Then, when the trade goes through your like, oh okay, it was like a little bit more in there than we thought. Doesn't that feel kind of the way they envy market works Simmons for cabin loving garland. I think they'd rather do Sexton. I think you're right, I think cooler heads on prevail by argued, arrows, just gonna, give him away by the way either its Darrell. This is the big question had we can, and on this I think this embassies in his way more fun if hard and got traded freely. I think this season falls into place in a totally better way. We don't have this broken super team that feels like karma just completely submarine, because the basque bodyguards didn't like other teamed up put together, so they fuck that she has her out harder
to fully that team is now much more of a contender and we have more answers for hardened as what he is. As you know top forty autumn guy. What is it now? We put you on a team that, as defence and a centre, what are you would see it? Can you be the best guy on the best thing and then the net its weak. We caught a saw what happened anywhere that hard and they could survive without him with other pieces. I just think it more fun league and then we get Simmons in Houston kind of just putting together his own band, which is going to happen somewhere anyway. I just kind of wish that traded happen. Give me a change that day does it was such a we're dacres early in the day here the West Coast earlier? We do any of that area. Same ever, TAT looks like silly, and then it was. You know, according to others, that do for a living, which is always little dangerous for Gaza caused it.
Information bitten cottages conversational about it, and then it could start a whole shitstorm, some glad we were on until it all happened, but You could just see you could just see again throughout all that somebody they can create something they can space. His honor, we oughta I've joint Zynga decision for four years, you're, just it's gonna how I started the pot like I should Be surprised by any of it I'm kind of not, but I still can't believe it happened. Even though up that's all. seen in our land is by a virtuous. It could be a final years surprise by heard our low but eve benign earners career you're, a little surprised that he turning a page to point out
I know I know. I know this about her when he comes to your town, fight that strap mob and hide your wife fantail ads for the title right now, you're later hawks or twelve to one Ella Coopers, plus eight fifty Phoenix sons plus one thirty five malarkey bucks minus one over that line makes you think. Vegas baby bore lie with your information, then. now that having an out and out it saved me your information if the clips are plus eight fifty other plus, I'm sorry, I but I must say, misunderstood what you're saying my bad. Yes, if you did a buck sons par lads about three two one you're saying that
what I think the philosophy, and that would be, as we discussed last week, the near walk finals. Never did that lets you could better. Yet three one pair were seller. You got to pay come in this week, I have a draft lottery. Sharm Dune Tuesday night knew we watch must come its margin. Stripes I see ice, and then I have a Thursday pot as well is greatest what are we gonna, basketball? This is eight, though, certainly the weirdest policies, in that the ambitious had since I was nine years old or eight years, also feel significant, Priscilla good to see you enjoy the rest of our fathers day. That's the luck to the dad's out their Lee Harvey you Laura MAD mad. Wouldn't you in your buddies over chow, did it with big chow about a party
stripes relax was. I could see reseller, that's it for the pad, we'll see you want to use them.
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