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Part 2: The Mysterious 49ers, NFL Draft Props, and Washington’s Sleeper-dom With Warren Sharp


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Warren Sharp to discuss quarterback Justin Fields's draft stock seemingly dropping, what the 49ers will do with the third pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Dolphins' win-win situation with the sixth pick, NFL draft prop bets, future bets, the NFL Hall of Fame, and more!

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drink responsibly, Captain Morgan original spice from premium caribbean rum with spice and other natural flavors. Thirty, five percent alcohol by volume, Captain Morgan Rum Company, New York, New York, alright, you're, listening to part two of our special two part podcast that we taped on basically over the course of April fourteen Jackie MAC was part one talking NBA. This is part two with Warren Sharp, which has every kind of nfi angle. You're looking for was great to see,
them again. First, let's bring it to our friends from Pearl jam. One more time Pro Jim come back. Warren Sharp is here he was a crucial addition to our Ringer and FL show last season's coming back this season as well, and also you can find them on sharp football com and he loves, this time here, the drafters were two weeks away: people making trades, there's weird things happen would it what story liner, you minor in the most right now what someone for you? Well, I guess it's what's gonna happen at number. Three, that's the biggest question that still out there, because people still a debate. It I think another one is a tie,
into that is that the fall of just in fields with some rumours that are rumours that are circulating about him. So those are probably the two biggest we wrote about just yesterday Kalen Jones had a really good piece about. Basically, how stupid this whole thing, because one of the narratives that took hold was he's bad. If his. If his first reads he falls apart and then a lot of people started crunching the numbers on this, and I think the consensus is this is just not a real narrative. What is this a hum? What is on here, because I know you had your mock draft guy on wonder of them on sharp football, had the pats trading up to seven getting fields from Detroit Flopping and picks with them. I've been on this pod for a couple weeks, kind of praying that the Pats could lend
and somehow, I think, he's clearly either the second or third best core back. I would have second, but were what's happening in your opinion. I went with him in why wisely dropping it is possible that you know certain analyse, talked a teams that indicated that there were some concerns about one element or the other with him on that that that is possible I can't say that those no team would say that, but there are also going to be other teams that really like him, and I can also tell you that there are teams that have massive questions about some of the other quarterback other potential quarterbacks. In the draft who would be taken by the fourteen hunters in that same position. Mac Jones, Amene, MAC Jones was aided Mendous led by the offensive scheme of Sarkisian Cartesian and all the different read option type
things that they were utilizing in AL Mozilla and the weapons he had the weapons were phenomenal. We also sought to a struggle a little bit in the NFL last season and the same types of things in terms of looks in comfort could end up occur. For MAC Jones, but I will say this in general with regard to the forty Niners in their move up to three, because I I don't know why I haven't talked to the teams who believe that there are issues with feels. So I can't speak to that. But what I can say is that the forty Niners traded a massive draft hall in order to move up to number three. It's very rare that teams will trade three first rounders. Obviously they get a first.
On her back to move up to three, but with even more interesting, is you're, not even getting the first or second best quarterback you're, giving up this massive hall to add a ceiling, get the third best quarterback. So why are you giving up this hall while, for me there's only a couple things that make sense? Your first there's no chance they did. Without knowing exactly who they were taking all these rumors. That came out of it, while they're open to multiple quarterback. That cannot be true whatsoever. The absolutely know who they're taking and they knew that before they gave up this hall. Second, no chance they did this thinking, the guy that they really like is the third best quarterback in this draft class. They have to be doing this because they identified a quarterback who is not Trevor Lawrence. Who is not that Wilson, who they think is better than those guys they think will be their franchise, defining defining quarterback and who they're
after and you know guys like him Shuster. He came out really strongly to suggest that this was going to be the pick that the pic was actually going to be natural. Then backpedal a little bit, but I actually don't really think it was necessarily a strong backpedal. I think, Reading into that too much, I think the reason he so hard on it initially is because there is all this work We are open to anybody, we're not sure who they're gonna take their said. Anne and he's I know it's out is actually going to be MAC, joined them probably or is a little bit a push back like hey. Why are you saying this so strongly so ass? He turned it down a little bit. I would still lean towards them taking MAC Jones at this point sitting here too, Neither is it crazy to you that somebody gave up three first round picks for the chance to take MAC Jones. When there, in Jimmy Garoppolo over twenty million a year. I think it is crazy because I think it's MAC Mac Jones with everything.
He was aided by with the Alabama offense, now not saying Cash in hand does it aid his quarterbacks. He obviously does, but if you go back and you look at who has won for Kyle Shanahan and you look at his laundry list, I mean he's grated, he's had to do with a lotta backup quarterbacks. He had the coach a lot of guys. It dont have as much talent as the third of
I'll pick would have or Jimmy G would have, but there's only a couple guys it she's actually won with. In the end I fell most the quarterback. These coach have not one, so his system is the best in the inner fell. As far as I am concerned, I think he's the most creative mind. Indiana fell on the often decided the football. I love caution here, but to suggest a cow can win with. Anybody is wrong. They absolutely have to nail this pick and a just surprising to me that it would be MAC Jones, giving up all that much because there are certain things that MAC does really well that he benefited from a great often said, Alabama, buddies, really good at a certain select things, but I dont think he has the ceiling nor the width of skill set like some of the other options in the dress. It doesn't pass the spaceship spaceship test to me where, like if I was on a spaceship for four years, and I just landed- and you were updated me on the NFL draft and you were like
as other diners they traded up. There's this guy fields. You know we're thinking he could be the first or second pattern there in the college football season and now he's dropped. There are no real reasons for it. And this other guy who barely played until what the last year in Alabama he's going to end up in the third We don't really have a lot of game experience with him he's not as athletically talented as fields. He doesn't have the ceiling that fields has and he hasn't produced in big games. The way fields did but he's going to be. The third pick. I would just be like what the fuck is going on wait, a second. What why and that's the part I don't get. I don't get the part how MAC Jones is a massive upgrade from Garoppolo who almost won the bowl yeah. I mean if you go back and look at that twenty nine, in season. I think a lot of people, because I was on the opposite side of this entering the Superbowl. I was on.
Jimmy G is being underrated with season that he had in two thousand and nineteen everybody's thinking that Kyle is going to have to because remember the NFC Championship game where they called a million run plays, and I was like, oh are they just? Are they scared of what the media could do, but the reality is. Jimmy G had some great statistics that season they were the most explosive passing offense in the NFL over the last four years with Jimmy G there I'm talking about, plays that gate percentage of plays that gained twenty plus yards. I'm not suggesting that he's like an upper echelon, great quarterback, his biggest issue is, he can't stay healthy, and that could be. Why Kyle's like look? I got to get a guy, Kyle he's been there four years. I think people because they had the two thousand and nineteen super bowl, The appearance people think that Kyle has done more with this team than what they really done. This is a team has gone four and twelve six and ten six and ten, and then the superbowl season of thirteen and three they have not been bear
Good, but Jimmy G has started more than six games only one of those four years, even though he's been their starting quarterback three of the years started three five and six games, so he has not been able to stay healthy and could be why they're like look. We like Jimmy G when Jimmy G is healthy. We can win, he can run this office, but we need somebody new who maybe has a higher ceiling than Jimmy and who can protect stay stay a little bit healthier us. Maybe they think that MAC jones- I agree with your spaceship theory, though it just seems crazy to me that that would be the guy.
That you've identified, studying the NFL and you're, like, oh, my God, there's a quarterback in this draft. Think about this before last season bill. There's a quarterback in this draft. We are so excited. We're gonna give up three first round picks to go, get this guy and then it's MAC Jones doesn't make any sense before the season started, that that would even be a discussion, and I think, several years from now there's a chance. Kyle could elevate his play, but is he worth this amount of draft capital? I tend to think no. Well, I'm from a durability. Standpoint. Who's a better bed than fields. The guy's built like a brick shit house, always get it wait when he's like twenty six point: seven years old, who probably be even twenty pounds heavier than he is now an he's just got Those bodies, I think, there's like a ruthless burger kind of fiscal element to him that you know your comparing unto the quorum quote athletic quarterback
over the years? I guess Josh Out was another one. That just seem, like other guys, that guy's got I gotta body, that's gonna! Last verses were me. Go with like the RG three Lamar Josh Allen, like those kind of like skinnier guys think like field is going to be there, I'm stupefied by all of this, but did you feel like just in general if they do feel like that's a franchise cb at three just quickly. Was that too much to give up when they do start doing the draft charts and shit like? and you basically giving three first from pigs to move up like really perennially nedda history. You only doing that if it's a guaranteed superstar, it doesn't seem like at three. I don't think there's a guy with the kind of pedigree like that. Unless its fields, I think that they gave up too much to get MAC, but in general, if they ve done a fight like I said, if they ve done, if I did
I and they think this guy is the best in this class and they would take him number one if they had that pick. Giving up three wants to get him and if they think is gonna work. I think I think it's It's ok, it's a lot, but it's over which you have given in formerly leaving. This gave that what? If that I know the seahawks in matters of every change, other Board of Wilson was on the table. The company first renders, as he worth. Is it number three is worth three first rounders? How much is Russell Wilson? How much would Watson have been before all the troubles that he had like? Is that five Yeah, I know I don't know, I don't really know, but those could. Those guys are known. Commodities that are great and, like you said word, projecting net MAC would be great. If that's their choice were projecting. This guy would be great,
I still find it very hard to believe. Is it possible we over eight first runners cause the NBA, has had a great reckoning with this, the the last few years, where they just the value of first renders for trades when you're getting like a top ten top fifteen tat, twenty guys just gone through the roof. Now, teams are willing to give up five or six first rounders and swaps and stuff like that, if they thought they could get an actual bluechip guy in football, we haven't seen that necessarily happen, but you you had some stuff, I'm on your twitter feed. The other day about or maybe gesture yesterday about the raiders and how swings they had in the first and second round verses how badly they did with the pack see now- and you think like I'd, if I'm trading of this draft capital, but I'm getting Russell Wilson verses, I just take on those picks. What is it a fifty percent chance? You're gonna do well in the past. I know it the patriots the last four years, their jobs come.
Lately fell apart. They could shaded every pick big had first average guys and probably done better. So do you think teams the Rams kind of started this, but do you feel like there's a real trend happening now? I think the pigs are worth what the models are severe sting there's a variety of different models now that we're using that are better evaluation tools, then the Jimmy and methodology the old one which tried to value of number one pick would be? facts and yet number to pick would be worthwhile, but in general I think it's just a very difficult job to evaluate kids that are nineteen two thousand and twenty one years old, try to project them into your offense when they played such different caliber of competition in college, with different teams and different strategies and to protect them into an NFL system. And if you just go back like I'll, just wrote a list of names,
I mean this is a crazy list. But probably I don't remember this. Guy didn't Jason Smith from St Louis was two thousand and nine. You got RG three in two thousand and twelve Luke joke in two thousand and thirteen Greg Robinson, two thousand and thirteen Marcus Mariota, two thousand and fifteen Carson went two thousand and sixteen Mitchell Trubisky, two thousand and seventeen and say Juan Barkley You know what that's a list of the number two picks in the NFL draft, so we're not even talking like the thirteen TH or the twenty five th e, the number two picks in the NFL draft. Only two of them got an additional deal with their team that drafted on and both of those guys got shipped out of town is more Yoda was down the raiders Carson whence now went to the call to those are the two guys everybody else sit. We don't know what's going on with sake one, but none of the other guy's got additional deals with the Tina drafted and that's the number to pick this.
Like the can't miss type prospects, NBA's the same thing with the number to pick up, it's always a bad luck, pick it's so it's so funny with the top five picks out actually secretly unreliable there. But then you see a guy that Kyle, Pitts and you're like that. Guy's got a hundred percent. Chance is going to be a monster and he felt part unless it gets hurt. The only scenario where he's not a monster is if he has some terrible knee injury or like some of the stuff that that play rock, but it's weird that they don't just gravitate towards the shore things that guy's short thing, but he might go like sixth year. I would be surprised if he deftly he definitely could go. I I that that thought that draft a MEL Kiper came up with where some trade backs ridiculous, but I do think that that Atlanta
for they actually give themselves a longer leash new coach New GM. They give themselves a longer leash if they go pips there, because I do think he's a generational talent rather than drafting the fourth best quarterback of this draft class. Even if Matt Ryan is bad next season, you probably are going to get better than the fourth best quarterback of two thousand and twenty two class or two thousand and twenty three class. If you end up being pretty bad and if Matt Ryan is good under Arthur Smith, which I think he will be Arthur Smith's often in his philosophy, is going to be raising that Ryan ceiling this year. I think that often is going to look better pits or no pits if you use a backup quarterback there at all, a sudden marine looks even better What're, you gonna, do not play the guy that you drafted forth over all the next year and twice
Twenty two now you're gonna have to stick Matt Rhine on the bench or Trade Matt Ryan, and I just think that I would much rather Atlanta go with pits at four. It buys their GM more time. To be honest, I think is a better move, but the cool thing that I like about pits that sometimes wide receivers. If you look back at the history of wide receivers drafted in the top ten is a very good is not very pretty list of guys that have had success once they ve been drafted that high but pits because he can line up at a tight and and because he can do enough with blocking this. Is the old Bilbil a check I don't need a great tight end to block. Even though grog became a great blockers, a tight n, I just need somebody who can do enough to get in the way, but I want a guy who concrete mismatches all over the field to line up with guys it aren't used to defending him and that's what pits would deliver and I just
wait to see who he goes to, and I really do hope he gets to work with Arthur Smith and Matt Ryan. Well, if he just gives you the last seven Travis Kelsey years, that's worth the fourth pick in the trap. That's absolutely just athletically, physically talent, wise the whole thing. That seems like a really fair cop. Could he be someday as good as rock? I don't know if he's the blocker, that rock is, but I think those tight and I've been talking about this for a couple of weeks on the pot. I just think if you have a chance to get, you know once in a decade tight end in the top five top ten, wherever it is, that's the hardest thing to find and those are the hardest guys to match up with. You can put speed guys around him. You know Kelsey, assuming he stays healthy, he's going to do this for another six. Seven years he's going to own every tight end receiving record. We have by two thousand and twenty seven the thing with Pitt's that would be really fun
Atlanta. I agree with you. That would be a good one. I still find it hard to believe a quarterback is not going to go there because I think they'll be able to flip that pick and there's so many aspects that you really have to look at and be like is Pittsworth. We move back four five spots to Denver. We move back eleven spots of the path, but we're also getting all southern equity when we can never earned a pseudo rebuild anyway. I think that's what they would have had the big reckoning with, but the fun scenario to be would be if they traded that picture. And then he dropped to Miami at six, and I wonder if this was Miami's playing all along when they went back to twelve and then traded back up to six pit was the guy they wanted. They just didn't want to take them at three, so I think he goes for five or six there's a proper and maybe side, even their enemy, maybe pursues its positions. I think it's the first first
not offensive player tidier under five and a half as his draft proper right now, if you can find it in the air over under yea carpets over under five and a half right now. I think he goes and that I think he goes one through five and by the way. Why wouldn't the bangles take em they're not attached to him there? It's always. I gather that taken to tackle Sewell or they're gonna take an impact receiver. Why would they take pits? Pits? Is the best receiver in this draft right. If you're talking about pure receiver, Dana Jim, I had a great analogies like if you're scared to draft a tight end. This high just right wide receiver, nothing to write, aim he'll, be an excellent wider seeber for you, that's how you choose to utilise him and a lot of the marks that I'm seeing our mocking
later at four, and I do agree with you that the two strongest options for them are take pits or trade down. I really don't think it's going to be take a quarterback for them, like maybe somebody else moves up to take a quarterback and potentially once MAC Jones goes at three. That will be the situation where their phones might start ringing right, like a forgot. Four teams that had had in in any of the other top quarterback candidates out there like Trey Lance like just a feels like that's when their phones might start ringing, and they could work deal at that point in time, but otherwise I think it's it's a stray backward draft draft Kyle pits, but I agree Cincinnati if he falls to the five. He gets where they should be taking him. I would prefer, having Kyle pity, give you more options as a offensive play collar then having to MAR Chase. I know, there's relationship with Cincinnati
boroughs familiarity. In addition, there are, there are people that want off to take an offensive to instead to help protect Joe, the who ended the season on IR, but I think pits would be, excellent candidate to go either four or five. Well, it also depends on how good you think saw is right, because some people think Pencil Memphis, six opera James, I don't feel like He'S- got the kind of buzz that a typical franchise go get, it seems like he's like one level below, but if the Bengals decided we think this guy's a franchise tackle for us and this is what we need even more than you know, a toy for Joe Borough. I could see it that way: Where do you feel on Sewell? You think he's that voters lovable, who I think, he's great, and I think that my what my Amy is looking to do. Is they are looking so for men
many years. Miami and Chris Greer have drafted just outside the top ten right they got to a last year, but most of the other years to trying to make some mood build their fourteen. The drafting just outside the top ten and many of those picks haven't really hit and and I think what they did. People are looking at it as two separate moves. The trade is basically three team tray aid that was organized prior to when it was announced, and that's why the secondary part of that came so close in proximity to being announced. It was like all we just did this trade. Is anybody note It was all done at the same time and the decision for my to move back up. That was part of the original move. So I know people are like separating them out a grating them is separate moves. Miami would not
made the initial trade with San Francisco to just stay where they would have been picking they wanted. The whole part of the move and the whole trade in general was to come back up to this point at six to get a major difference maker for this team, a blue chip prospect who is clear, difference maker, franchise, caliber, not quarterback, but caliber type player. I think it probably would be Sewell or if they felt like it's one of those receivers- those receivers if if base falls to them or if it pitfalls falls to. I could see that too, but they're looking to get somebody who they really think will be able to help define them on offense for several years to come and to me me got to be Sewell, or maybe it's pits. While we talk about what Miami did, they didn't want to take quarterback at three. They figure that if we end up at six we're getting either the best tackle
the best receiver or generational tide? We know we have one of those three things and if somebody goes Kubi at four in a trades out of there now we're going to have two of those three guys left at six right, so exactly I really impressive by heavy. I thought the way they ve handled. Everything has been my kind of the way when guys I Gus Gorman Park ass. We talk about them ever why don't they do this? Why don't they do that? Miami was like one of the few teams where it's like, oh cool, they're, actually operating like like. We always wonder why? Teams don't do it this way, I've been very impressed. Chris Greer that whole front office staff with what they have been doing and how they ve been building this roster, how they finally have solid draft capital. I think we overlook the fact that last year was so difficult for rookies to make an impact. The Mai dolphins had the most draft capital of the twenty twenty season in terms of rockies. That warrant able to contribute
They would have been a normal season, they're going to have a benefit from all those rookies playing in twenty twenty one. And now, if you look at the last two years combined, they have the most overall draft capital over these last couple of years I think they're positioning themselves really to travel with two. Is that good and that whole thing he's holding all the strings together. One guy- and the same is true. With the Philadelphia the Philadelphia Eagles have the number one most capital next year. I think they're, like top three over or this year and next year combined, but it all hinges around the quarterback actually working and I think from their perspective. If the quarter, it's actually not the worst scenario in the world right like you, need your quarterback to work, and so, if two or hertz doesn't end up working, that's a negative, but the positive is you've reinforced your team.
With a lot of other talent over the last couple of years, and then you can go get another quarterback, not that it's easy to find a franchise quarterback, but you're plugging him into a team. That's built and able to support a quarterback coming in and winning it's like the last one that stands in my mind is like a Ben Roethlisberger where that team went what like fifteen and one, I think his rook. Season with great defence in an office in it was built around the wrong it. They had a lot of good players on that team. They didn't, need them to do very much. That's what either Miami or Philly's got a ways ways to go, but could be in a position to do something like that. If those guys don't work, but I hundred percent agree either of those teams will reach any type, a ceiling over the next two years, if the guy that they right now in the building is QB. One doesn't pan out we'll take a break on a sort of draft props. Hey, a new fan. Do has the greatest sports book about the sports books online. Well, I have some news for you, letting you.
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a couple of fun: draft props fields his over under Fandos, four and a half. So if you're betting he'll be a top four pick minus one, forty six, I think that's how this works. If it's under that means it'll be under four and half, I find it hard to believe he's dropping out of the top four, but. I also would bet it because I think we've learned that the NFL is just ridiculously dumb. Sometimes people do dumb stuff and it feels like this is going to get fucked up and to me this is like the greatest thing that could have ever happened to field some drop in the top four him having a huge chip on his shoulder like this, like everything, you'd want, if you're getting a franchise, QB who's, also mad. He didn't go higher. Sign me me up in on that, but would you go over under friend I kind of,
as far away as possible from somebody like that, because I just don't know and we really don't know somebody in San Francisco knows what they're doing at three and that could trigger what happens at four with the trade down. But if Atlantis there it four, I just don't see them going that direct I could be wrong. I don't, I them see them the room. Jaylin Wado is eleven and a half for his over under, and I don't really see a scenario where he goes in the top eleven. I think that's a guy who conceivably could fall to the patriot, which I was. I was texting meantime Danny Danny today and they're asking me what would be my dream scenario for the paths- and I said my number one dream scenario is fields. That we somehow get him and the prices and prohibitive. My number three scenario would be a jig trade. But my number two scenario is water.
Fine of fifteen and the path signing Menchu in people think I'm like kidding with this menchu thing: either men she is better than decent and I think if they gave him a tunnel, happens. I would rather throw the guard at the board on that and pay a ton of capital to keep my fingers crossed that I'm getting to be unless it's but I certainly wouldn't do it for the other, two guys do Are you in on mid shoe at all, or am I insane tell me if I'm insane, I don't think you're insane. I think he is still a very underdeveloped prospect and I think because he didn't play a ton at Washington state. He obviously had experience prior to that. He had a little bit of spirits in Jacksonville so far, but I still think that there's something to Menchu beyond the allure of his Mollet mustache. That could be interesting in the end
fell as a starting about about thirty or so his almost seventy. These eleven picks career and he's hurt Lasher hit hit his arm and his passing ability is above came noon. Whose what you are working with, I would share highest onion yeah, so I I think he would raise the seal. Of your roster to bring him in at probably a lower cost option, so I would not be. I would be in favor of that see what is going to cause. You are like mine, but I do you like that. I'm happy because I think, with Jimmy G leg, I don't think they're getting on for a second time pick an you raise. The durability concerns Richard the vow. Concerns of them is inexpensive guy, who has not been able to stand the field. So why do we have to change? and pick for that. I would just rather roll the dice with Minchu and, if he's not good, then I'm back. You know next year, I'm back finding.
Anyway, Jaylin Wado is eleven and a half. I think he falls out because of the broken ankle. I think he's pretty much the consensus. Third guy, I just don't see three receivers going on top twelve. Do you I don't I think that there are a couple of teams that need offensive line help. There are obviously a lot of bees that are going to be going and there's a couple of other stud receivers. That would be above him, especially with all the new is tat. We ve been hearing about the giant locking in on Devonshire Smith and you get. A man has not been difficult to read to the last three drafts, the whatever circulating around. What he's interested in has been what he ends up, select young in the rumours now our Devonta Smith to help Daniel Jones and not waddle failed. I would add that cause. I know you have opinions on this, so this is a common
I found the aim, a stake. You make a mistake which in this case its Daniel Jones, you then to try to salvage the mistake. You double down and push more assets toward the mistake to try to save it or it's more commonly known that you bisky. So in this scenario, you the giants in by the way that take a receiver there I mean he might be really good. That might be the right pick, but the reason to take him can't be. We got to get Daniel Jones more weapons because they are then a shitload of money Uncanny Gala Day, and it s not like you can keep like buying incredible appliances for your house. But if the house has like a rapid foundation and there's rats in the attic and the toilet keeps busting like that, just is what it is. You can doesn't matter how nice your tv is. So what what do you think of the concept of giving Daniel Jones more assets?
I do think that there is something to compounding the problem when you double down as you're suggesting the giants are an interesting case scenario, because it's not as if the giants last year right and I know Daniel Jones. Wasn't there the whole season, but it's not as if the giants had terrible. Overlooking games and that's how they lost or it's not as if, while they lost all these one score games, they went five in five in one score names they they were plus zero overall in turnover margin on the seas, and these are two things at ten to cause team to lose versus when is because they get too many turn over, they lose too many one core games on variants? That really is the case. This team is being lost, by Daniel Jones- and they will forever be limited, in my opinion- by where Daniel Jones a secondary european. What they're not they're, not going for a quarterback here, the obvious you're going to be going for some other asset and
I agree. They just got Kenny Gala Day, which is it, which is a nice plugged into their offence, but developing another young wide receiver to go with Daniel Johns or whoever potentially follows him is out the worst thing in the world. In my opinion, that's another team that should tread for me. You honestly misuse headway more success. The diligence way more than two years he's has tray. Lance is seven and a half for his over under. He seems to be the wild card of this. I give you told me right now: Atlantis gonna take tray lance, a beggar They bury him for a year, get one more year out of Matt Ryan whatever, but he's also the guy that could easily thought it Amber nine. I think members gonna take a quarterback if one lands there. The question for me is the trade up possibilities of if the Pats really got excited for somebody, could they move up to Dallas at ten
could they move up to Detroit at seven etc. But where do you? Where would you bet on lands, or would you stay away from that one? So we've Two guys that came came in to the website football analysis and and great great at mocking their track record over last for five years has been the best in the industry. With some of the sites that measure it at one of the guys has trailing it's going to the patron at fifteen falling all day- fifteen. Oh, I think that would be a stretch. I think that to me, trade land could be the interesting prospect for Kyle Shanahan at three. That being said, I really think that there's such a wide range of uncertainty with all these great quarterback, that right now I've got, a short list of props that I'm looking at for the draft and none of them are you will? Where will this go, because because it's just so difficult and many he knows you're going to fall based upon one move. Without it he makes her. Does it make
that will then trigger a lot of other things. I think that a team will trade up to get trade lance. I would be surprised if he falls to New England at fifteen without them having to do any. The other thing I'm curious I'm your perspective. Your new England was abnormally aggressive in free agency. Do you see them being abnormally aggressive in the draft in terms of trying to move up and get some impact players, because that's obviously something they they haven't been doing. The NFL tries to make things equitable so that the best teams have the worst picks and worse, teams have the best picks and New England has been one of the best teams for so many years, but they've still managed to to have above average draft capital, almost every single for what they are record was because they trade down so much, humanly alot of roster capital draft capital. But do you see them going? opposite direction. This year after the free agency splurge,
he doesn't trade up, usually now tat I can only remember like two cases of it ever so I'm not expect them to trade up, but it goes back to your trade chart analysis site would say they could move up to nine or ten. I dont think that costs another first round pack, the way the trades have gone once we get out past the top five. Maybe that's a second a third and a swap of for something like that. I don't know if you'd necessarily need a number one. So for me he just loves. Having pick, I think he looks at it as like You know he's almost like a guy playing six spots at a blackjack table just trying to get a black jack. I would be surprised if they trade it up, but I will say with the air with the agreed with the aggressive, rigid thing we should mention to the western, like you did her my feelings I detect shameless.
Ass about now said: Aguilar, you really! You were not a fan, that signing you said we overpaid. I tried to make the point that he was open really for the entire season last season on the raiders. He was open constantly and he's a speed guy who was low risk. It was a two year deal and I really like to trade and you Is you just through cold water I'll ever made an impression yeah, the war that would the other time about when we talk about the other day was annulment. I wanted to say that for the inevitable fame courtesy, but yet Nelson Aguilar, say you're, not offend. You didn't love where the path state outrageously, I didn't love what they I thought that the the tight ends I like, but they by signing the guys when they did, you could tell, like a guy's not going to sign day want a free agency to play with care
Newton or whoever the quarterback was going to be in New England like it's, not Brady right, so you're not taking discounts day one. So if the patriots are signing these guys day for day five, you know okay, some of these guys couldn't get their money elsewhere. They ended up deciding to come and play with the patriots. May they got a good deal, they're out the gate signing all these guys. The first day You know they're giving them top dollar deals. That's what get signed on day. One is teams that are willing to oversee, to ensure that their getting their players and doubling down on the tight end like I can't wait for the patriots to use two tight and sets. I love when the patriots use twenty one personnel or twelve personnel, or these non traditional sets at a very high level compared to the league average, because I think it's a massive edge and more teams need to try to play outside the lines a little bit with some of the different personnel groupings on offense.
To make themselves very unique and difficult for a defence to defend on a given weak, as they rarely see stuff like that as frequently as it often might throw out at so, but they spend a lot on those tight ends in Aguilar Particular mean he showed. I know that last year was is best year. He played for a one million dollar contract has its all he could get for the raiders last year was a veteran I wake up call, and maybe it changed his career. It could be, and I could be wrong, but I just saw a guy who was not very consistent with his performance he played. I think it was ten of sixteen games in a dome, ok with raiders, nay and items there now a dome that, unlike that parliament, again sit down a la la a lot of great weather conditions, New England to totally
print scenario there enough to judge the flight of the ball lot differently. Very few dome game. So I just I didn't love the signing. I thought that they overspent for him. If they could have gotten him for less price, I would be more open to it. I think they just spent little bit to listen, don't piss on my dream of Jalen Wade, Aguilar Speed guys on the sides by two tight ends, gaming Harris the most under it running back in the league and men shoe and and the magic is back just signed me up. I thought that's thirteen and three other now. Would you have there? What you definitely have there is you don't have? I mean you never will without Brady anymore, but the consistency and the level of expectation Michael Kay today's going to be a great day Sunday morning, taste great day, because you've got this level of expectation every single sunday that you wake up with Menchu as your quarterback in the talent that
sounds great the to be an exciting Sunday, I'll be on the edge of my. It would be exciting, but there's a lot of variance. You never know what you have much less confidence. It's just like. What's going to happen today, I hope it's going to be great. It would be exciting, much less consistent, but certainly not does not make that you would lose with that shrouded. Coward was on. His radio shows drive around the other day, saying that the brown savvy top three talent roster heading into the two thousand to anyone says he thinks there in the top three and that if they dont make the Superbowl it will basically be because Mayfield failed them. Do you think the bronze have a top three talent roster heading intonation? with the defence improving as they are and returns of various different players who missed last season, it is hard to find
a starting roster that substantially more talented, because I like the o line- is one of the best in the NFL you ve gotta port system for Baker as the run game. When you need to utilise it, they ve got some very talented running back there. We already know what the widest regime. I love the way that the fancy utilizes his tight ends and therefore they have a higher threshold of not needing to get as much out of the waters could they dont use as much eleven personnel and they ve got talent, appetite and position so it sounds like you're a little bit. I'm I'm No, that I'd go top three, an idle No, that I would say if it's not a super bowl yeah. I think some of the things get said just like set things up so that it could be. I told you so afterwards, but like there's a lot of things that would have to go right for them to win the Superbowl and is
just the baker, couldn't be the guy that delivered. There would be some other quarterbacks who may not be able to deliver a super bowl. Only one of thirty two teams is eventually To win that thing, a lot of things went right for them. Last year I mean on one of the shows before the season I talked about my only longshot prop for the season was Hence it basically to win coach of rare, and I ended up hitting I loved Kevin's to fancy last year. Ice of him this year he provide so much this team. They did go seven in two and one score games. They did Finnish plus five in turn over margin. I should plus twelve inside check they they did lose during during the season, and I projected they will face an easier than average scheduled the seas and one of the easier schedules Indiana fell this year. If you consider that I could Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh really was sort of a facade with their twelve wins last year.
Like we saw that that team at the end of the year really wasn't that level. Baltimores lost some pieces, since it is gonna, be better, but how much better and then you look at it their teams they're playing their plying Thee Fc West, which were Denver, could be good if they get a quarterback, but I still think there a little ways away from making along his temper bendy could be good team. Now, like try is this year. Live of the of Deborah could be good at it. It is it's at least three. I know that for sure this would be the fourth, but they need Danny consistency at the wide receiver position two way too many drops last year and then obviously they need lock egg. Then you'd get somebody other than lock. In my opinion, a narrative I completely agree yeah. I think they do, but I like Cleveland,
here. I think, moreover, under right, when total is nine and a half right now, I think TAT S, a team that should win double digit, but can I give you a bet that I really liked Browns year as to when they see north is plus one? Seventy cause. Baltimores, though, favoured a plus one. Ten in theirs out of Baltimore Pedigree stuff with gambling every year, just because of they're, basically like the pats, people just have a ton of respect for them. They're always in contention. There is between ten and twelve wins, and I just in Cleveland is more talented to Baltimore. I really do now whether that will translate to more wins. I guess we'll see but I was shocked about Mars, plus one ten in was plus one said I would have thought I, the other. The other way Baltimore yeah Baltimore needs help at the receiver position. They've also lost some at other levels of deep of the roster. Their defenses is obviously been their strength and it's still
probably is their strength. This year, a Lamar needs a guy to throw to Lamar needs to develop himself low, but more Lamar needs to get more consistent, but I think that the browns should be in the driver's seat in this debate. I disagree with you in terms of their talent. Level is the best in the area of sea north for sure To give you a couple longshot division bets we should mention. You ve been known a place, a bet from time to time you were you futures. You ve had a lot of success over the last four years. Now few data on represent a lot of success, but one thing: I tend not to try to jump out in front of the market to early, although I did dabble on one thing I like to get all my ducks in row have a lot of confidence and that's why oh a month like in July I'll start really think and high level of accuracy with those, but it's rare, I'm going there!
early, but I do have one may will see if you hit on it. Well, I I like value- and I think you do too so. I'm lookin at age sees dolphins plus three twenty at brands, plus one seventy we mentioned the word football team is put to seventy two when their division, that that just seems where whack, I don't understand why the favorites in this goes back to the pedigree thing. Dallas just gets way too much respect every year with gambling stuff last year. I think they had the best odds for this team will be, will win the most games in the NFL. I think Dallas was like the number one team for their anyway. Add them and then, who is the other one hour, Atlanta plus eight, fifty to win their division? seems really out of whack if they just take pits and get some guys back in the coaching situations going to be a hundred times better and they had terrible luck and close game.
And meanwhile we have tamper, which is running back, which we ve seen mixed results of that We see a saints team, that's that's their team over to James and kind of was built to go all in last, here. We see Caroline across their fingers with SAM with sand. Arnold Sir, I just like Atlanta plus a fifty that was pretty tasting and the other one was Arizona plus five, fifty which I would not do, because I I have real concerns about Kyle Murray. Watching him all year, bed that maybe he's a better fantasy guy than a real guy. But those are my are the ones that jumped out. Did I hit the one that you liked.
Yeah. You hit you that one that I liked. I thought the value on off on Washington. I really do a lot of people. Think Patrick Fitzpatrick is completely overrated, but I like some of the very delicate they didn't go to over. The top in free agency spend a ton of money, but I think there are concerns on the defensive side. Of the football cannot be as consistent, because we know defense tends to primarily be a factor of what type of offenses are you going to be playing, but I do feel like Washington. They have a slightly difficult schedule this season, but because because they finished first first but but I think that they have the talent there and with Fitzpatrick. If he can his mistake mistakes, he definitely will provide
how many passes what wars the percentage. If you remember just watch it means that the wash your quarterbacks we're just drawn the ball running back, I mean they really did not have a lot of talent at the receiver position at the tight imposition. I think they're going to get some players in this draft that are going to continue to impact that too I'm, so those those you mentioned only the only what I you on the Atlantic, I'm sorry on the Arizona one Eyed and I don't really have much interest there. The allay into one is tough for me because you right, they did do poorly in one score games in that should level off a little bit. But this was not a team that was like the injured. In fact, they were the third most healthy team. In the NFL last year, there actually plus three in turn over margin overall last season. They had terrible luck in one score games but too to win that division. I do think that it's the prime opportunity come in second place in that the vision for them, but to me you
Brady or somebody else critical could get injured, and yes, most teams who end up winning the super. I have a lot of luck with health and they had a lot of luck with health last year as well, but that team looked a lot different than they did the first month of the season and I think having the off season and then having the fresh start for this season plans to run it back much better, hopefully, success for them when Brady does need, dump the ball to running back. He did that a ton in New England. He did that almost none at all in Tampa last year and when he did, it was horribly inefficient. Getting a guy like Giovanni Bernard. It sounds like a small thing, but I think that could benefit them as well and in terms of not having those attempts be so disastrous. I just think that this team is really be Well, to have another nice run, and probably air the NFC South, although I don't see there being value in betting, it right. I just I just don't
no that I would want to bed Atlanta. The odds are, aren't terrible right. The percentage chance could end up paying for them, but the weather written. I do ass, you you barely mansion was every year, there's o this coaches, actually good. We ve had a lot of trouble said the coach imposition just bringing this competent inventive coaches word for whence we saw last year, is the fancy yeah. Now the only concern that I have. I love Arthur Smith. Like you know, I can't get into details, but Arthur Smith is a really good coach. The one thing that scares me a little bit is some of these guys that are around Derek Henry. We saw with Matt Floor early on, he left there just so used to calling plays a certain way with their and when you have at the high level good for five years, every time right and so is he just
Going to shift back to emulate is one of the most eyes pass rates in the NFL. When they got Todd girly they tried to change and it was. It was terrible, and so they shifted back more towards the pass. Is he going to call his office? Is he of the mindset, even though I think no coach in the NFL should be that I have to set up play action by actually running the football, because we know Arthur Smith, likes to use a lot of motion and a lot of play action when he did pass the ball he had a very high run right. His runway can't possibly be that high in Atlanta, so that's going to drop, but will he say I can't use too many play action drawbacks because I have establish the ground game enough yet and when he does try to establish the ground game, it's not going to have much success. I don't know we, how he's going to navigate those waters, but he is no doubt his scheme and his philosophy in general is far superior to what they ve had before. I just don't think he's as big of a slam donkey s defence.
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fifty to one or worse, somebody from that group ends up being being a plan contender winning ten games. Where were you to tell the audience cause? I can't remember I've, I forget the stuff To saying that that vein, I wasn't. It fifty to one or worse, somebody always they are, there is it there is exactly there is, is a threshold and there were one of the teams that was in it. So here all if you do have the you get up or worse Carolina, Vegas washed and those are all fifty one Chicago damper. Fifty five one falcon sixty one jet, sixty five bangles. Eighty, I'm sorry giant. Sixty five bengals eighty jets. Eighty eagles, eighty five to inject Texans, the trader on the hundreds anybody jump out to you as a possible eyed him yeah, the to the two closest to me would be Washington and done yet the two closest to me in that range I think, you're, the giants, there's them
patients acute, be Cincinnati, not talented enough. Yet the jets are on the right track. I like what Yoda was his doing there, but I think that there still I mean you gotta rookie quarterback, it's not this season. This is not going to be the season for them on. The eagles are interesting because, if hurt ends up working out for them but they still need a lot of work with that roster. They ve got a lot of weaponry finally, this year in the draft that their run a finally be able to turn to utilise to address some of those needs, but there in total is extremely low, for what we are used to seeing from the Eagles is so much stuff went wrong for them last year, but in terms of like being a longer shot back to actually when it all this year. I think it, I'm still not quite on
with that in the other teams that a further down the less I also don't- love Chicago and- and we ve already discussed at land to so to me, washed in Denver if they get their quarterback are too great thought too great longshot teams from a thought says that this team could make some noise in their division and probably would have a good shot of making the posts season and from that point onwards you can easily hedge out of anything that you ve laid you know so much too too so little to win so much on them is the most enticing with the ads, because they could just jump from nine to for ninety seven. Wherever inches of certain fields is, there could be next year right and either they either of us are locked believers. So you know what you think but how these adds by change after the draft. I think Denver has the biggest barrier swing and maybe Atlanta little bit too, but I
do I do a lot of work on strength of schedule and I'm just getting into it for this season and we'll be talking about it in future. Pods break it down a lot more detail. Denver played the fourth most difficult schedule of overall teams last year I show them playing the number one easiest schedule of teams this year with the opponents that they're going to be facing, including the jets the Jaguars and the Detroit Lions are all out of division games that they get to play that nobody else in the AFC West West gets to play. So that's going get
them an advantage right right there. They also worthy seventh, most injured team in the NFL last lawyer and were minus. Sixteen in turn over margin, so if those things regret a little bit more to the mean plus a much easier schedule, you give me a good quarterback, a respectable quarterback who can at least operate the often at a certain threshold. This is a team that certainly would exceed what their current odds are right now I agree for we go you you? U trashed elements Hall of Fame candidacy and twitter users a dry by shooting of it eight years. My case, And not as a hall of Famer, but just how I thought the reception of when he retired should have been handled, because it immediately turned into this weird Hall of Fame Debate, and I didn't really understand it. He's an unbelievable rags too rigid success story. I dont person, I think, he's a whole family just cause it so hard.
Get in the Hall of Fame Stanley Morgan's on in there I was texting. You he's Stanley Morgan Basic Average, twenty yards a catch for his career during an era when, first of all guys didn't do that. Second of all, every quarterback he played with was average to blow average. The terrible and was really the dominant speed guy for long stretched air, and, if he's not it, I don't see how element is it but the case for element? Is this not even as a hall of Famer, just in general, rags to riches, seven thrown pick he doesn't play for like four or five years. You know he's a converted quarterback an when welcome leaves he comes in and he has one of the best big game plan stretches
any receiver scope position. Guy ever is you can make a case that he's the second best playoff receiver of all time. You really could his five postseason two thousand and fourteen two hundred and seventeen, and then two thousand and eighteen are just unassailable, be unbelievably great and his performance in big games and some of the plays he made the Seattle Super bowl when they're down ten seems like he got concussed at midfield held on it made him stronger. The Baltimore game, when that that they needed to just beat Seattle throws a touchdown he's all over the place. The Atlanta game makes the famous catch the Rams game. I think he had like ten eleven catches like this is one of the big, the best big game athletes in the history of Boston, sports and that's amateur. Remember I'm about to me. It doesn't really matter that he may our family, not because it's an unborn
both Cinderella story, and I can't believe that people miss that piece of it. What other seventh round converted quarterback was gonna have the crazy he had were now. You look at it in its like play off stats, its rice and then it's like him and make our urban and John Stallworth in keys there with those do that. I think to me. That's the case what I dont think to me: it's not the case. What I say That is an anomaly, unbelievable story, and I think he should forever be proud of it. I think the patriots fan should written forever, be able to think back to what he was able to do for that team and house Paramount and instrumental he was in winning those superboss, and there is no doubt about it. He played out stand
for several years. The one thing that I can say is that he plays with the best quarterback of all time on a pass heavy orphans and when you put those two things together, of course, the slot guy is going to have massive upside and how many times is Brady coming to light a scrimmage defences Lately, confuse demons might be expecting run and he or he motioned settlement around gets the match you want. I mean this is Brady at the peak performance of his career. The able to go after the guy. Now I totally agree with you that his retirement day should have been just what a great story this was. I can't believe I mean I went by actually watch part of his documentary? I think, goes on Showtime and watch some of that worthy of our. He came back to be able to play in the Superbowl. It was basically You know the story of that and they talked about how much he overcame. In now close, he was with his father and how his father was helping in the law.
The way- and it was really great family story and, like those are the things I don't think on them when he sat on that chair, a fox whirl, we're thinking like me- and I hope so people are talking about me- go into the hall of Fame. I think he was just really happy with his queer. He pry wished he could play longer, but was satisfied with what was able to do. I felt like that's how we should have remembered but instantly it turned into people suggesting is this guy, a hall of Fame I, for one will Dana it came at last. In you know, the Boston tat could be rational about it, but the reality is that football fame is incredibly picky ask about the other way. Back is not picky enough. The football fame is ridiculously ludicrously picky and he's not going to make it and it's stupid, even arguing, Who is that? Yet again, it's not happening. I wish that I wish we weren't even talking about the hall of Fame in the NFL, because I totally agree with you Not only is it picky like the standard, seem very bizarre guys. It should have been first ballot
all famers don't get in four while they have to like you, sort of like apologized for things in and get into, It is like I want only so don't get that world afraid that, like the worst room to when they got there I'll go in and there are growing- and it's like these forty deeds with this incredible power, basically but leg to me about eighty one I didn't make it. I don't even know visit or not, but there were rig I would I was growing up, was so much better at punting than anyone else. As at anything, special teams why's. He was like honest, they went, and then he was so far ahead of whatever that position was at the time now. I think, there's probably a better grab it like, if he's not going to make it. What's the point of the Hall of Fame that guy's the best pointer I've ever seen, he was twenty five percent better than everybody else, so I don't know what the purpose of it is. I was surprised when Aikman made it so
when it was like Akman, basically had an eight year career, but I was in a lot of playoff games because he was on a monster team and it's like all right, so they're criteria there is, is basically Plath performance, but with they're guys if they don't have the fire performance, but it was their fault, we're going to penalize them, and I just don't get it. I don't know what the Hall of Fame it yeah think we're all better offer just kind of letting them decided them the problems. What fresh? What me a little bit it matters a lot for those play ass right, the guys it felt like they should get in some. These guys are getting older and older, and you know on their death bed like it. Just is just a little bit extreme like because those I care about it because they played the game it and felt like they it matter to them. That's why I think Matters a little bit to me, but, aside from that, you know, I really think, based upon the scene, in everything it's it's a little bit screw? I wait a minute I doing about Heinz word now. Is that, while Heinz word isn't in, I was surprised that that that he wasn't it
But I was like I guess I should worry. Has an even Heinz Ward has Emmy stature up there on toward I'm, not gonna go throne, but Heinz Ward has not even made the final ballot for voting to get into the hall of Fame for five straight. You right he has been like the semi finals, immediate, whatever they called any moves up to semis and he never gets too like the last ballot, which had still has a ton of names like the last so as a lot eyes on it he's not on He hasn't been for the last five years, so it's just a really hot, really really high standard. I did want to leave you with a draft problem. I've got another one or two farewell it out of our float your way closer to the draft, because I want to make sure we can get down every but we can on these first, but one that I like that we ve already dabbled on is over six and a half office of Lyman in the first row. It's it's plus one ten. I think that just looking,
some of the marks and lower listening, some of my guys that we, are going to be seeing more often to players in defence of players taken and, yes, I think, there's going to be their fair share of quarterbacks going, but we saw the Superbowl this past year and what did we see? Not superbowl? We saw a team with did because city chiefs, who lost often Weiman to injury and cannot protect the best quarterback in the game. Right now, the most talented guy you can make all the throws. They couldn't protect him and it cost them. Potentially, the super bowl, where is Tom Brady, had some of the best protection they went up and they got worse if some of the best protection in the NFL. And was able to deliver their allotted teams. The one thing you have to look at is the bottom five b, seven teams in the in the first round, look at those teams and who they are and think what could this team use are? One of those
really gonna go for running back, are one of those teams, but or could they actually go for another? What often sublime in or two and that's what I think a couple who seem to do to put? you over to at least seven offensive. I'm is so that's what I like, but, like I said, ah floated another couple to you close draft and end up and you I would very much either that listeners if you get it does seem like that, makes sense to me that you know it the draft shift with priorities over the last four years were like running back style in industry. Superhuman you're, just not going in the top. Fifty that's never happening quarterbacks bigger predator than ever offensive and bigger priority than ever you brain and being for, awful both really smart, general manager of a really smart organization came out and said we run the ball better next year, but then he also swallowed up by saying we need to be better at run, blocking that's how we're gonna run the ball better. So you know in years past:
guy like brain and be my and who knows what they're going to do he might have gone out just drafted running back, has cortical. We need to run the ball better, but the reality is, if you get better run blocking, you will be able to run the ball better and so, like that's a team who could use running back, but I think that they are definitely more likely to draft often sublime in there and and to improve their overall wrung. Also higher percentage of succeed. Success in love with the blue chip Gus
Versus somebody out, in addition, since pretty it's pretty hard yet like where, for the first round moment, you can do it by there's, actually you you can do it and there is actually a great exercise. Were we don't have to debate it? We can know for certain, and that is whether or not a team gives the fifth year option or extends a first round draft pick, because now that was the rule from the prior see Ba and I've been tracking it and I've been I go through every single year. I update the list I tweeted out will produce podcast on it were. I can come in and talk about which teams are the best at hitting their first round picks, because you can look at the percentages of guy, they extend, or given extra year in the fifth year option to an office of lime and have the highest tit right day of the highest rate of getting the extended of having x. You know and fifth year option or getting their extension. So teams, yet not all of them, will hit right they will hit at a higher rate than running backs. That is for certain
Warren Sharp he'll be a hobby back doing a lot of stuff. For thus this final you miss house, I know age is probably text. Has just detection check. You guys said said the Miller, especially their fridays, but I I don't know what houses do has lost his mind. He was in Mexico for the master theses unravel a home. I am I loved her from here. I will definitely grab that draft, prop good to see you thanks for coming up. Thanks bill, I that's it for our two par podcast, thanks to Jack Mag, thanks to warrant sharp, don't forget to check out the we watch. Both dead man hotter, and I hope you have a good rest the week. I hope the Red Sox keep winning out. The egg is keep losing out. The red Sox keep winning out Yankees continue to this, and I will see you on Sunday mean Marcello we'll be back? I'm sure they'll be plenty to talk about generously.
To see him when we share face. I don't have with him, he was.
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