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Part 2: The Panic Battle of LA, Sleeper Memphis, Plus More West Overreactions With Ryen Russillo


In Part two of the Sunday night podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Grizzlies' win over the Jazz in Game 1 (2:00), the Lakers losing their first game to the Suns (24:00), the Mavericks’ Game 1 upset over the Clippers, Trail Blazers-Nuggets (42:30), Game 2 predictions, an impromptu Parent Corner, and more (1:08:30).

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Happened are the nuggets done all that stuff? It's all next first program, all right part two of the Simmons closer extravaganza, I'm glad we waited for the end of Chris's jazz. That turned out to be a really good game. Intriguing game, intriguing, storyline might as well start there. It is now nine eighteen PT so we're past midnight on the EAST coast. You just watch eight basketball games, but the crisis kind of handed it to the jazz now, obviously no Mitchell, but I went into that game thinking. Man,
Emotional, fried in a game over the warriors, they're, not gonna, have a lot left in the tank cross. This of game to the rally. No, they came out, throwing haymakers and lock rate, and do you think they can win the series If Utah is going to let jaw and Dylan Brooks get to wherever they want, then yeah Memphis can win. I mean of all the things like you think of like major themes. Okay, what do you think of this game? The number one that stands out and there's a lot of important stuff here, but jogging as deep as he wanted to every single time and then Brook in the third quarter, Gibbered everyone- and you just keep watching it near like ok when, as is gonna, stop and it would ya it's so tough cause he's gonna get by if you want to get by. and then once she's in the middle, in that kind of like inside the paint to point range, he he got he's got such lift. That's quick you're kind of conscious waiting for him and there's no way you can match his movement. Like one he's
he's going to do what he's going to do do already already late and devastating devastating, when working working and know for Utah team that we've always liked defensively. I thought that was pretty poor effort from them yeah it's funny. I think, like a week ago, just suck to that. Where's gained their left them wide open? He missed a bunch of threes, his Ricky cards plunge that is that true, oh yeah, this is the whole thing in the sports cards: nonsense, Podcast GEO is, he says the overreactions up and down with the playoffs are not surrender. Like tray young and John Miran, or the two hottest cards a week ago. Job was free falling because he sucked, in that words game and in a week he salvaged it and the thing that makes them special you talking about like his floaters and stuff, and he has the two versions of it right. He just has a traditional floater which tray on has as well, but then he has that mover, egos left and then he just as that, quick, crazy, spin and he's just
completely in control and the perfect shooting thing and the defenders like still playing on like he's going to the left and by the time they know all of a sudden he's shooting it. As you said, he got wherever he wanted and Brooks you know, I know Brooks is Verno. We've always talked about him he's definitely a frustrating grizzly. The die hard fans, because when he's good he's really good, but he can also be the guy who's like I got this and meanwhile he's like six for twenty two he's. He's a really unique prayer because he's a guy Laguna plants, Here's a kind of want em out there. It is easy enough ninety ten guy right, the ten percent will take the free. Maybe he should take everyone's Robert. He play so freakin hard, is almost like a hockey player. They say it like a hockey player and a hockey series, whereas you sick, he's darkened deeds over he's just in the middle everything, and I like this team,
I like them after Friday night. I thought that was a really really impressive win to do that angle and stayed against stuff, especially when golden State started hitting them back. They fought it off, they regrouped. This team is good. They're young, but they're really really talented, and I think you thought should be scared. Yeah, the Dylan Brooks thing is pretty fascinating, because if you look at it when it's right, you nailed it because he sees talk right there's, no doubt in his mind the entire time and discovering or trying to figure out exactly like what you want out of every player like. How confident do I want you to be? Well, I want you to be more confident than you should be, but I don't want you so confident you're, taking away from everything else. It's happening Jordan, person, who has been terrific for Utah this year. He saw his moments night words like ok, well, I guess I'm just gonna have to score. Is we're down but now you're not really doing anything like the whole reason. We like Utah's because of this team, that bunch of guys initiating the offense moving the ball around and their seven to thirty five from three.
Is it a bombing away that we will look like the office that we felt well might look fell in love with the strong, but again that had the better best record in the NBA like I know, the reaction is big Utah socks and be like okay, but they didn't suck okay. They didn't suck in to see them struggle like this offensively other than made a late run and then to see a guy like Brooks who's. Just like I don't care who you guys. Are I don't care like? I don't care and every was going it. But if I'm U talk today are going into the moral and look at the like. If you guys want to defend anybody- and I know Rudy failed out, but Rudy was in there for a lot of it too. I think the scariest part for you ties at one point Fourthly, to start at the start of the fourth quarter from Memphis in and they got the lead like nine thousand four hundred and seventy seven. So it was a hair thing to maintain is a ten point lead they almost doubled it so
there's just so much of this where you you're like what are you guys doing, you're not going to shoot it that badly again, I wouldn't expect, but the first thing you have to figure out is: I realized jaw is challenging and he cooked conly on that Miss layup too. That was like Rachel, their swords in an ideal. Conley was all that impactful, but they've got to figure out a way to fix that a little bit more Tilman plays eight minutes and does I think today is the here on Friday night, but they get they get. Some Bain Bain was this guy, who the Celtics basically gave away in the draft Russia there. Thirtieth back, their countrymen want appeared third first round her and there they call take Bain will give us a future. Second, I forgot what else, but it really was a giveaway and Bane hit that three at the end of the third quarter. I think
talked more trash after it than anyone on the Celtics. Has. I think all year how's it go, it would have been nice to have beta on our team. At least he would have barked at somebody, but he they have so many guys on this team. Like Clark and Winsel got DNS again, No they're a deep yeah, they're, sneaky deep and and the great thing about ban is you went okay? How often he's gonna be allowed to do the stuff that he was doing a college because he was running everything, everything kind of went through him, and then he comes to Memphis any place off everybody, but even so there was one possession I think in particular. We did get deepen the paint and like set some up and I was like oh yeah. That's right that the guy that's in college is handing the ball a little bit more. I want to ask you a books question, though, because I forgot it, as we were run through books, yeah. Do you think it a weird way? The Memphis Periods for him has been perfect, though, because if he had been on it, our team people would have told him stop doing any of the stuff he was doing, because if you look at the advanced stuff, this is the best advanced per he's ever had and it's still below average, like his advanced numbers, have been pretty bad for four years,
Yeah. He shoots of thirty four percent from three which is in great but he's physical Then I just wonder if he were on a better team less of an opportunity were clearly throughout these years because of injuries, and you know Memphis Esben great. They needed him to be more of an alpha for this team. Were, I think, his growth a lot. Is because he was allowed to. Can it be. The guy he's been were with another team of them benches probably for a lot of stuff that you did with Memphis, where Memphis needed him to be out there through his mistakes. I think another situation creation. He may have never developed into the guy that, as the conference has now sure they knew he was sky either. Because then, why do you do the justice would so trade last year.
Writers windows, a lottery dined as if we have the foundations are old and I'll over just ones. Look just as one more Justice Windsor yeah, but you do that shape, as you think I've we like births, but I'm not sure this is our starting back her for the next ten years. I I'll say this immediate, really talk about the frightened. I came that much, but he did this. Sunday to I don't know if it's the best I've ever seen anyone defence staff, but it's in the conversation I think that juvenile Georgia, where were dealt with all his died, the the fifteen sign or ratify that I just think steps almost impossible to defend and he did pretty much everything you want to do. A step is still getting his points. Really made him work. If he really gave em issues, Crusoe doesn't ok job get stuff, but I add that Brooks was fantastic. Against him step really worked for every single point he had and he did all right things. Right. He wasn't talking too much trash, but he was always around
he was always in a space. You know he's got hands theirs. Just he leads the legal to play again yeah, but I don't think he cares. I think he's just a really physical to guard. It wasn't even me being negative about it, but because he failed out of the last regular season game when he lost. I believe, can we talk about the hottest topic? That's not a playoff topic right now. Canada is two thousand and twenty four olympic team Wiggins offense, runs through him. Alexander Walker, on the Pelicans Rj Chris Bouche never misses a shot for set on the pacers.
Reaching a bit Brandon Clark, apparently Dort counts door does count. Why would he not count Sga Cory? Joseph veteran Jamal Murray, Kelly, Linick, Dwight, Pale, Tristan Thompson, Wiggins, that's a real team and Brandon our guy doing Brooks that's it. That's a real amount is excited. I mean you know you just named want you guys. Requirements are pretty good Where could I be on them for two thousand and twenty four you in it's like a clinic in the line at I don't know this Mitchell thing you want to talk about it. There's all kinds of rumors, don't know. What's true and not true, but all I know is you thought was one thousand three hundred to win this series on Fanduel Memphis was seven hundred underdog doing the series ever thought Mitchell was playing, everyone thought he was fine. There was no word
that he wasn't playing and then two hours for all of a sudden he's not playing and he's saying they make it seem like it was. The team in the whole thing was weird, I'm sure it's gonna blood tomorrow, maybe them by the time people this podcast, but very strange clodagh, no one yeah, I don't know what happened. I know there's three different. I mean because of this because I say like hey, say I don't I don't know what happened. People thought ready to go, and then he wasn't. But the is the one that said that they shut it down. And he will be earning, there's competing fairies about whereby a path that will leave it at that time, the Basque by community? Yes, there's a lot of buzz with different there, since you say it's not as many as the chief case ass station, but there's multiple fears not well. But I don't I don't know it's what's right or not, so I mean you could you could
up? To that I mean if you're Utah, you want to sit here and make excuses be like well, you find out you're not getting Mitchell up. You still should you played with Mitchell, you played without them enough. I still think you you're supposed to win this game. You're at home, be the better basketball team and really, if you had never told anybody what the records were you be like wait there better than them, because it didn't look like it. I mean that's. What's gonna scary thing, I guess you could just say at one point when Utah seven to thirty five from three and they made the number look a little bit better, because Madonna Vich went crazy in the second half. But Connie didn't look that great offensively, I think moment for favors. This is kind of like a bigger Rudi. Go bear thing too. It's like. If you really are one of the fifteen best players in the league and he's getting Mvp votes. I think how Your to them second resemble p. I just go wait. Why should I double check that? Because anyone I get there, I didn't even feel great about putting on thirty March bears my thirteen Obey Centre Beckett got further. As you said, I make my positive. This is one of the best fifteen poison a week
Just in those moments is like you know what, if you're gonna be one of these guys. I need you to be one of these guys again. Like I need you to be somebody who feels like. Ok. Now we can be induced rooting out. We can use rooting out because Mitchell's out, maybe that ride will ride little bit more. We have this top fifteen player and now, on top of the two you're like okay. Well, you guys understand the defensive impact. We've all seen the numbers. If it's going on for years, we know what the on off court stuff is. It's insane it always has been for him and it was. Even better again, you mean after by taking a dip back, but then we.
Watching it happen, you're, going right to a game where he was. I mean we can blame it on file. True, we can do all the different in, but it's just a fact there are Rudy GO, bear playoff games where you go. Wait, I'm supposed to believe he's one of the fifteen best players in the league that doesn't feel like it's accurate and down shooting. This is a weird matchup for him that not necessarily the perfect guy for him to go again. So, what's weird to be about the grizzly thing, is Jackson really hasn't looked that good since he came back and he missed two thirds of season three forces, four whatever was, but they are not even really getting a laugh from him yet and I do feel like the longer they can hang around in the post season. At some point he's gonna eat up. We both think he's good. I just feel- He just seems a little rusty to me and how does he fit in in the teams in a good groove, but if they can get twenty four to twenty? really good minutes out of him. This looks better and better, but don't Brooks took twenty six shots tonight, which I think is hilarious. Do you find out a Hollinger vote, go bear second from VP
That's normally true, there's no way you put him over Yoke and indeed that's crazy. Alright, we looked it up. He did have him second, so he had yoke first in bed. Second, look there's a statistical case for it. I guess, but it's I personally don't see how he's above and beat or curry, but this is why it's fun to have votes. It's fun to argue about them. I don't get it. I don't get that one Memphis every lower seed one this weekend in the west, except for the LOS Angeles Lakers You know that yeah again important six there near the middle of figured out last year, the two one seeds lost their first games, so you have a scenario where Dallas Dallas can upset the clips and we'll talk about that in a second and Memphis can somehow
Donkey punch the jazz that nowhere in and pull off, you're, not quite there, yet I'm just hypothetical. We could have a Dallas Memphis Round two and then, if it's holds Phoenix to be the. Acres again this is our reaction. Sunday, we could have a fire for a Phoenix Portland Dallas in Memphis, tabby fucking, weird didn't play, nothing will happen, but it simply go if God states that game today. What happens Ah, because I am of the theory that if you type isn't hitting threes, anyone can be them not to get him back there so built around at least shooting thirty two to thirty four percent for three. If they just tank from three like that, I think their extremely vulnerable against any decency,
They beat Memphis three times this year and if I look through it, I'm sure they're missing, like one of their guys, either Conley or Mitchell at some point for one of those games. So I I've been on, record throughout all of this run as much fun as been watching a golden state. Get all these role players get going in the defensive number to close the season and step step step. But this is not that great of a basketball team I was eyes. They were back closer, the Lakers, but one game. We all new stuff was capable of anything that game go on into the Memphis second Playin game, and at least I have this on the record, because Cowherd called me and I go. I think Memphis wins this game. I just have some weird thing where I feel like storyline will just remember like. Oh, that's right and Steph ended up not being in the playing game, so I don't want to talk about stuff that much more anyway, but if it's golden state instead Utah probably has a better chance. I just don't think that Golden state team was that good. I just don't it's the seventh. I thought I loved the plane game. I wonder if this seven, a dot m.
If it's too dramatic of an impact for the team that loses, if it's a game where it's like, basically a game, seven in any then, all of a sudden, the nine ten play, the nine ten and the nine c just has an easier game. The ten set is. Can it be their mediocre worst? Seven? Eight! You start talking himself into it. Now I just it was weird I in a weird way goals. They would have been better off finishing nine in plain and Antonio and easing Memphis, the Memphis game think I think they went know I was. I was their size watching their bench and stuff. They really thought they were going to win, that Laker game that whole team did they. They had this game plan there. And executed they were all in on it, and I think they really that they're gonna catch Lakers by surprise, which leads me to me ever for before That, though, is just stay on this, because I do think this is a real results. Based conversation began its like a man got smoked, we'd all
saying. Well, you know the emotional turn around right, because golden State lost a Memphis because the Lakers day that's virus legibly right, nodded, don't say other down. Tat game was physical and they, we played settled guys fired a lot at a courier. Aren't fines of fair. There was some residents, but if we want to everything we always connect things the results. So if Memphis gotten smoke tonight, you'd be like you know what playing games on the road. That's traveling! That's the turnaround. It can't happen like a young team, though no say that now but I know exactly what we have to respect that I get what they lay back, that Friday get that stuffy. This team has the advantage. I think we all do this step is the result of an appointed to games. I sure I think Denver had the quick turn around where they They got smoked by allay right in this in the first game of the second round series, and then why was that cause you're, like oh Denver, display this ridiculous? with Utah
turn around you can't you I mean People are even suggesting, as happens out there with the minutes freaks of just pay, on game, one like the dude, it's a step as the seven. You can't do that. Incidents like a power game want. So then what did Houston have that seven game series- Oklahoma City they on a Wednesday game, one against the Lakers of Friday. Everybody is like you're mortgage on the Lakers because Houston the turn around and they went by fifteen points. So I lost money. We get really caught up. In the connecting results because of all that. But now it's able Memphis the writing this emotional high and then use. I was just sitting around here if it were the other way around we'd be like that's too much to ask of a young Memphis team. So I don't buy a lot of this stuff. Can I give you a better there in this Memphis tug in? I think the Mitchell thing was a really weird story and I'm glad you brought a major distraction. Yeah there's like wait, a second that Mitchell is playing he's, not playing wait. He's saying the team is telling him that play.
That's not a way to get ready for plasters yeah. I'm glad you brought it up again, because I think it's important we'll find out what the hell's going on this week see what's up. Well, Memphis is going to win the title coming going to talk about the Lakers, the NBA labs are here. Fanda sports book is celebrating by hooking new users up with one hundred dollars, just one dollar in either team in the HEAT Buck Series. From now until May, thirty, th and sandal will give you one hundred dollars and say credit, even if your bet doesn't win sandal the number one sports book America, there's no better way to bet on sports. I like better in and I the future bets. I love the the props were doing with doing the bird bats now, where we pick two players against each other. Just points rebounds and assess- and I really like this- he Buck Series bet, because I loved the bucks in this series everyone's little too excited by the heat Some of them box watch them in that serious download the vandals sports, but get now turn here
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to beat the Lakers and then kind of lost control of the steering wheel. Then they gained the steering wheel an then they blew it in the last three minutes, Lakers clinch the seven seed, then they sucked again today they basically play one good half out of the last four- and this is something I was arguing with you about a few weeks ago- that I'd rather catch the Lakers early. I watched him today fray. Maybe we can talk about what happened to Davis and a second, because that was weird, but I still don't think they know what the rotation is. I dont think vote on those who his guys are. I don't think he has a feel for the team and I don't think the team has a feel for itself now, the longer the
that's goes there. You know they're gonna get a feel for it, but you could really feel it today. It's like there's like these there's these Drummond minutes and then that there is a certain style with that and then he comes out then there's a sterile thing, which is a completely different style and energy than the german thing and then ultimately they end up with that fuck, both of those guys, let's play Davis Bay, They don't, they haven't really figured out who their reliable guys are in that cruiser, shrewder, Casey, P Kuchma, West Matthies, it's like they catch is set on three of them and I just feel like they have an identity now might not matter if Lebron just flips the not switch from fast and furious and just does Lebron stuff and then Davis runs in the shape,
But this is a really sloppy to me and I expected more from them, especially when they had four days out. The sun seemed like that perfect game plan. They seem really confident Chris gets hurt. Does it matter Booker's torch in them is doing whatever he wants and they a real game plan I Davis and ate, and showed up in that I thought was a really nice one for the such Part of this is incredible, If you look at the regular season in the three games, he was sixteen and like six and a half rebounds per game, and in this one is twenty one. Sixty. So The reason I always liked delay in this match up- and we even saw Davis, go for forty two and twelve a week ago against again and that was a lebron you're like oh. This is why I wanted to pick Phoenix out of the west so badly, but I didn't want to after this match up so yeah and who I think I've been really.
Fair about because you go, I don't know, I don't know, but the effort is there like he does seem to care and the Drummon size, Harold Lebron size thing. I don't understand the drum in minutes. Somebody have to explain them to me. I don't get them. Have we talked about this, yet Meda ones that hot on it, but I know I don't think I'm a pot- I just I don't know if we text than I did a little bit cause when you got those thre possessions against the warriors where they actually got them the ball three times, and I think, did you talk to me or send me a text. I think I was texting you about it because I was like. I don't get you in house. I was like you right, yeah, right, yeah, like I don't get this drummon thing at all. It just seems like a weird fit. Doesn't seem like that, like playing with them, not your ways here tried to get going against Sudan. It didn't work anywhere on earth. Did you get it by ninety minutes? It now and so there's that are fifteen yeah and then I think they're doing
this was Matthews thinks they thought they get some light from him, which now tell in order Tucker is not really part of the rotation. Here, he's only seven minutes. Lebron had eight points, the first four plus minutes of this game. Think about that. Then he had ten the rest of the way so Lebron scoring eighteen, Anthony Davis being awful, and you know for every that's the best like I'm a huge Anthony Davis guy, but no matter who the player is, we can do the take down of them like alright. I love step. Kind. We should in turn over as much as he does as he has a moment's worth. Not just a bad turn over or is it just gonna lazy like steps this is a whole nother problem in league. These screen pocket passes. Were the two You stay with the ball handler on the pick and roll and everybody just wants to throw these slick. Sideways bounce passes that hardens actually great at and down to just really good at, but everybody else wants to do them swear to God as accessories way lower than it should be because they throw these stupid side. Pocket passes
are you even looking at where the defences when somebody drops back off, because that going to go through those guys- and I think I just already, like program like oh here's, the red he's cutting whatever bouts past, What's he would have the warriors had how many forty of them and those to play games that didn't work out unbelievable, it's unbelievable. So I mean the warriors are: are by criminal as, but so, as I mentioned like who. The person is all find a way to go yet I wanna be negative about it like I could focus on some of these things, but he had to do seems to need that kick in the ass I mean he came on. After did all the post game stuff was. This is zombie zombies on me. He's been twenty percent. Three, the last two months now you say: ok, Because he hasn't really been healthy, but then you look at the last week that- had during the regular season. He went thirty six one thousand two hundred and forty two one thousand two hundred and twenty six hundred and twenty eight ten
putting up numbers and he was still rebounding. So if he was hurt, I don't know that I would see like the guy I saw in the Phoenix regular season game was why I was like yeah. This is why LA is going to be fine in this series, but it didn't work out because Davis Lebron and, as you pointed out, Booker got got word every wanted and you got like a fifty percent Chris Paul in this game. If that I'll go further, I wish I hadn't seen that last meaning scheme, because I came away from that game. Thicken I'll, never be Davis, forgetting the part that Davis just now shows Pets Jacobs. This is the first game where you watching legacy awake. They kid five free throw them says, is thirty minutes. Vibrator attempts, seven rebound suppose I q is barely there. He was like a empty vessel and You seem another, nay any look psyches. You know the logical successor to Bill Russell Encrypt, though Jabbar Asia
they frustrating where I allowed. People went down or got hurt in this game and I must wonder, feared, follow Just gonna go down to the ground and hold something just to get in out of the app. Do you think that play was dirty by Paul underneath them? I did not. I thought you under cut him a little, but I didn't think it was like I've seen Paul I've seen others do worse. I died with access at that the brand tried to draw the FAO call and actually, like misjudged his flap on it and ended up. Like really scared. I think he was just stop balance at that. And have I problem. Have the and the entertain? Caruso thing was not carry over from up his possession where they rammed into each other. Nothing was called yet. You would think So would get him more allocations because he's in the at every game- is really feisty in not afraid He checked him and then he
do the ball at him after he got back up it are so. If I found look at this from the sun standpoint, you talk about donor, react again I think this is a good example of don't ever ask again one they had a week to prepare for this. They caught a Davis to sleep eight and was awesome. I'm not sure eight is going to go ten for eleven with sixteen rebounds every playoff game. The system both for, for me is that their swings didn't really the the well ray you think. Camp Johnson, crowded bridges in those guys were four for seventeen from three in usually with that team. If those guys aren't in threes than somebody else has to step up in a big way, and today today was Booker, the Booker thing did seem sustainable to me.
Like how tray in that next game, where it was just like. Oh shit, I mean they're really going to have to figure out a strategy because they are not going to be able to stop this bookers. It wasn't just that he scored thirty four. I thought he did a Easley. I thought he got wherever you wanted. I liked all the shots he took. I didn't feel like there was a key check. I just thought I was off flow. The offense really good stuff, and then you know the answer: who's the announcer for that game is at Van Gundy, can't remember whoever the announcer was was saying: Chris Paul, can't shoot they should be dropping off him. Yet I was a march on some large axis Jones covering up how he was driveling lefty. At this point that fade away that I couldn't believe it That was the only good one he made, but they were saying how his guy just should have been dropping off and going to Booker, and I was kind of agreed because it seemed like Paul has played with whatever I actually thought they should take him out, but he said he felt
cracks in. So I know the whole time and what should be? What are you serious like their when in this game there the to see they get a real chance to do? and here in the west and he's gonna be heard again, so he did come back le very good, but I'm with you on the Booker part that cause there's a theirs. Lesson that I think we all were. It was a reinforced lesson for all of us that spend a lot of time watching games, because I think it comes up a lot like when somebody's cooking, you just be like how come they don't double? How come they don't double. Lakers try to double Booker than matter because as soon as they would- and it wasn't always a hard just straight up- were to keep him too with you or to off the screen. It would be like. Ok once you start go on this way, make sure the second defender starts leaning your way a little bit like that assumes MBA players figure out where the devil's coming from your toast and the same thing happen without judge in the cliff. Like if you want to see this sell out double team defense, and then you get it and then, as soon as the code is cracked, it's horrifying so you run a guide in the middle, and these an outlet- and now you have to
renders their way out of the play, defend one guy and that's why we didn't see double teams I, I don't mind a double off like staff inbound down threes catching the backdoor yet run two out of Where's bought his hands live with the liver, the results on something else, but this this idea that you can consistently double team NBA players, especially guy like Booker, who can handle, who can shoot and can pass or dance who has that kind of size? We were reminded again this week and what happens because the Lakers tried a bunch of things Booker and none of it were. Well work in the fourth quarter, eight near the rim, and you can't really leave their shoot. Open, even though they made the trees today said. The next are in the same spout tray on right. They can't do the the staff defence, where they greet him. It made court with You guys cuz that seem that shooters all over the place. So I don't know what their wrinkle is going to be to fix how to stop tray from getting in the paint doing that stuff. But it's not going to be double teaming. The Booker things
because it could be keep like a tag or whoever up and go alright. We get burner loves you get burned laws, but it was clear there are worried about the law more with the next on track think. A lot of us are like what are the adjustments, how we're there's usually not like somebody's awesome? It's not it's not like. Guy who's awesome is going to have twelve points I know, works, I think they're better off gone with the tall guy with him with Trey yeah. I would I would try Rj on them with I put size on them and
some help, and at least he has like a little bit more of a reach. But with the booger thing, it's tough cuz, it's all half court. You know this sunstate the pace that this is the reason we've liked them all your the paste they play in their half court offense is what makes him special like they're, just really good at getting him good shots consistently. All the time I love all the shots he takes. I love. I love money banks it. I just I'm, never like disappointed in a sense possession unless it's the pick and roll were eight and foremost it out of bounds or something, but it was an impressive win. And you know what do we make of of that leubronn performance? I didn't feel any urgency at all from him in that game. He seem totally yeah. It was almost like He thought they were going to lose or something it is like. I'm saving it for game too. I didn't get it at all. There is also another weird element in this game where they had one nineteen free throws before the sunset one.
You go, how do you have seen nothing yeah? Seventeen nothing may have been, and then the Lakers missed a bunch of those free throws I'm going to throw something at you, because it just kept popping up like of all the things you're trying to keep track of. I am and there's just things you if you wanted to watch one thing versus what I wanted to watch a may see the game differently, you notice bridges like holding up pretty well against Lebron one thousand percent. It like who is by the way on Wednesday night Wiggins same thing, Lebron couldn't back, and I was I was with my friend Shannon. I was like his wig get stronger than I realized. He was but that one wasn't as concerning, though, because what ended up happening in the Lebron Lakers deal against gold, he got going right this game. You know he scored, points from the seven minute mark or ten points
Send it seven minute mark on a momentary yeah. I don't. I dont think his wheels are right and I think when he's a hundred percent physically in somebody's on him like that- and he could just power them backwards and do that boy ball thing it's coming from his knees downright ultimately easier in his ass in his knees and how strong his shoulders are. I don't think he eyed noticed that on Wednesday night I didn't feel like he trusted his wheels and then the second half he got going. He was trying to get of steam and stuff like that, but he didn't do a lot of like crazy cuts or anything like that. So I want to remember in the last game it seem like you stepped on somebody's foot. Then I like he's fine, is find what New Orleans game, yeah yeah rostrum only rate the brain can have these injuries. That would sideline other people for three weeks and he just place them any seems fine, but I I don't think he's a hundred percent healthy.
That's my fear. We touched on it so when he said it is the real reason. Why would I do that? And maybe it's because he knows these her, but I in his worried about it, because I felt like ultimately, we got pretty close to elaborate burst and even in the new game he was really good, even though they turn ankle again. His Israel on the court. You can't ever tell how hard he is because you think he may die with the way it plays out in the court and then I'll be right back in the play. But I thought there are a couple of times where, like he got bridges and he want to turn his back on him and work and it didn't really. Really happen and bridges didn't go backwards at all yeah and I was like don't I don't know what I'm supposed to do here, because that is a if that's a real thing and it's still just sit here and Lebron get thirty five in game two and you'd be like okay. I don't want to make that mistake, but if that's a real thing, like that's a real game changer for the series who do you think their best five is out of curiosity, the Lakers yeah I going down sit down, they're down three
do at home. I think it's a war and I don't ever know who this guy is, but if you're guessing they're down three two in the series, they're home for game six they're down eight with six minutes left, is on the floor. We'll stay with the wrong. I think it's shrewder in its saw sure I know he's had some rough rough moments, Brazil sound good moments, a season, and like me, what do you think Pope and Caruso? I think Pope and careers are out there and I'm not sure the fifth is
I don't think it's cool me, even though the charisma fit with them. It stretches better. The season where I thought it was pretty obvious before it can really fit in with video. They don't do coups of any favours. Like even look at that minutes. Today, charisma plays nineteen Horton Tucker Place, seven in matthies place, twelve, like I don't get that they get supplants I'd want one of those guys at least have twenty five and get like a real run at something somebody help in twelve minutes. Just tell me they don't really know what they're get now those guys I personally would not play Horton Tucker. I don't think it's a good eyes thing with Booker. I'd, think that's what the Matthews deal is, because it leaves size wise if you like, you can hold up, because the other guys you two small as just a guess. Well, though, the one thing with this answer is that I thought was can be offered for them is when I didn't play and they survive those minister, another thereof,
center. I can't believe they don't have a backup center. I cannot believe that happened this year where you're like what like what about can birch. They canoe like fucking, got him they even make the playoffs they couldn't have gotten Kim Birch. They just needed like and men Anybody'D has waned dead, twelve minutes, Uller, air or the olympic buyer. Anything rights. Neither of us are worried about the Lakers, but I think you're a little worried, because the the size advantage thing The mean are you gonna sit here, be shocked. Now Phoenix wins the series,
I don't know, I always thought the Lakers that was the worst draw for them, because the size of the front lawn thing I'm not going to deviate from it too much, but we also can figure out. What's going on. Ah Paul too, you know yeah, I'm not with this one, I'm not doing any sort of big conclusions, other than they'll figure out the Booker thing. One of those guys will step up the Chris Paul thing. He just didn't. Look right and I couldn't be like? Oh, I kind of bumped. My shoulder like it really seemed like something was wrong and then he's saying after he felt the crack. Like none of that sounds good he's old. I put a lot of it. The two thousand and five draft know it's like two hundred games. You know Are you in that got happened? Ass thick viewed, made hat. Go now Louis that again. Now run aground. Three people like is in a family member of like almost it feels like it sub tabs.
As I care, even if I never talked to them. I've talked to him a couple of times, so panic meter, I'm going to give you the Lakers, I'm going to give you the jazz and how many give you the clippers, the clippers are so much higher that it's not even worth the baby. I feel that way as well. We're talk about them right after this break This observable summits park as brought you by zip recruiter. Great team started great talent, but finding the right people could be achieved. Orange, especially if you're a business owner whose hiring Lech look the NFL right now. Imagine the patriots trying to rebuild their.
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Ball games we've seen in a while, it was shades of Lebron Lebron it at its peak. It just teaches dissected them did some queen on the chessboard shit there. They tried all these things that they thought were going to work and he's like cool and just pay through every time he just picked them apart, like like they use, picking butterfly wings off down. Should seventeen thousand four hundred and thirty six from three so they clearly going to the series thinking they're going to double LUCA, our shooters have to shoot. Take the threes we're not going to be bad. Just do it. They get nothing out of port Zingos who continues to be a borderline sun cost for them in a lot of ways. He was put up. Fourteen and four missed nine to thirteen shots. And even worse, it's like pissed about it the whole time she has the shittiest attitude. I know any guy bumps me out yeah. I don't understand he hears us. Look like
even know. I don't even know what to do with dumb analogy. I could compare to it, but he just it's like the guy who thought he was going to be the star of the senior in high school and then somebody else showed up in that person's though football quarterback, and that is a year ago, I got it. Matt Damon in school ties cigars, Gimme, the football Where the fuck, the Brenner Frazier, come from that are treated like a when it gets dark that an age it gets dark, we will go to the west, I feel like it's a little bit like her, but he has been radio sales function, two thousand, and I walk in some like MIKE Van Patten. and can on the on the poster. When you walk in- and I walk around being like this again fair and nobody like they make sure you show up because none of the other want to show up and I'll all right I'll, be there bright and early and then I'll see the poster and go guys can even fucking could even like
draw had shouted there's been no doubt as to their best seven geyser green imposing this is one of them They know exactly who they are offensively. They have an incredible fire which gives them the ability to beat anybody on the flip side. I dont think the coopers know who the hell they are now if you actually watched him- and I don't know why, but I wish I was gonna hate watch in the last months. The season man was incredibly important for them in the last two months. There is plain like twenty three twenty four minutes, a game. I thought he gave them like an unpredictable athleticism. Quirky nurse, like users, kind of different labour. They have zero minutes. Game what they just punted on him and yet they playing all these Reggie Jackson. All those deeds Beverly they, I just don't think they know what their team is
super confused by them. I don't enjoy watching them and I wouldn't be surprised at the last. This was not a great clippers game in Gaza, saying I mean that's an obvious statement when you lose game one and it looked like I mean the weird thing: that's funny This is everybody making fun of the clippers, and it's like actually do. Didn't wanna play them either get. If you look at how the regular season went down and What do I start? First of all, you're right because they have. I mean this is the downside of having a million moving pieces and never being able to play your guys together. All the time I mean they were far better situation in Brooklyn, that's, but they still have a little bit of that in the words exactly like. How are we doing this? So this I didn't realize you watch so he's out. Beverly starts on Dodge Most weirdly thought they wanted him to foul out. They didn't have to put him in later.
I don't know it's either as a great idea. Coaches bidding hey worry about. Beverly could be so passiveaggressive play. Look, let's get him an invaluable immediately. Then they closed with search place. Thirteen minutes not even a factor, and that it would it why we that baby said say there. We, like the clippers because of hey they can go big XO or they got smaller with a box. Then it's another. Just gonna go smaller, so it's quiet Morris, its George, it's rondeau in its bitumen clothes and there is to play in the first quarter I went out here we go Paul. George gets it out on the left left side wide, open, three point: whips it to the corner: Reggie, Jackson, Clank and I go. Are you fucking kidding, Man like we gotta do this should again now George and over twenty three really good moment sitting in the third quarter. Sorry fine, Marcus Morris had a play where he got the ball almost free throw line in all he had to do was dribble wants. It was a wide open lap. He caught.
Didn't even look and turned him Make sure he got the ball out of his hands says I met this looks familiar so in that first quarter You know it's our well, hey we were in the bubble was hardness. Are we know this? Is it it's? It's always something with this team in like look when cool, I almost think it's a mess and Florida charge what he does to clever it's It's also georgian more standing, Overmatch being like ha. We got you answer but where you guys, gonna be in the fourth quarter. Inquired moments rifle you get annoyed. Where he was like. I guess I to take this thing over and he was terrific in spots, but if you're close Rondo and you're closing with be Tom and here's another question Ass you like, if the by reiterating that that sentence batted itself here's another gun it, but I too am I saying like if you have George Inquiry and the whole thing was how great it was. You have these big switches, wings, wise, but Tomb face guarding Dodge.
You pre. Are you getting ready for the pre switch? So you know I don't know everything defensive possession how it all played out. But as much as I read through other clipper side of it dont, you cheat the threes. The goal was to try to make him Does he hit some? The team had some and then They change their defense. None of that matter because dance tore that all apart two in the fourth quarter, I don't understand and really anything- I watched him now. You could argue there just a team that when a you know like a cup other times, we have in the class if they dont make threes, there's no plan b, their level of forty from three. The season at their over forty percent over forty one percent now. But this is now the third game out of four three regular season and play off games with clippers win, your thirty percent against Dallas. I hate watching their offence
and I don't really like watching their team, which I had a chance to get Plath tickets in the latter. Is a MRS ticket older the tax bill way yeah did he may get him? I dont really Watching their team here's their team either people go one on one or somebody Jack's up a three: that's it there's no movement. I thought Rondeau is gonna, be able to come in at least glue stuff together and it's like even as a longtime Rondo guy. I don't like the look on his face with the same with out of state. You know when Rhonda was like super engaged he's like all. Finally, this team appreciates my genius on this team. He kind of has that look like he's had in a couple other stops or his kind of like Fuck these guys like EE, just you can kind of seed in his eyes. They haven't hidden in the car keys yet and it just doesn't it like it's a
Tina play for, and there are some front runners which I hate you mentioned earlier. That gets the classic. Oh you somebody doctor. We on the other, the two cobra cargo. The comment on the side. We get a body bag psychic. Israel is So you think you're gonna lose a series now. No, I don't think there is a serious, because I think that moves, I think, I think man in a back I have to play were, and I and they just have to realise that understand. Backer has to be at least twenty five minutes, and I think man is an import. I would wouldn't fuck. Man was a borderline some guy for them. I really liked TAT guy S. They needed clipper fan about his. It's like. I was a fuckin study for them. He was to rip but then you gotta, ask a case of what are you doing with how you do in the dock? the OECD Morris, as you know, I'd Morris would be out for me. He's play in ten minutes a game from coaching I've. I've seen his act in the plan. Some good, I'm good with me,
I'm good with Reggie Jackson, Tiff, you you are, who you are those guys are in their thirties, now they're not going to change into bats. It's like this. Just isn't the series for him and if you're going to play him play him off the bench. You know when you have some some possible size advantages. The way with the way doctors ruin them was Was so impressive because it wasn't just a shot, so I was like alright so, but Tom is going to meet me at half court and you got stand. Here. Is your me in my face, and so I don't even know, I think the tomb thing was trying to match. I think they wanted to have size everywhere. So if you go man, does that mean Rondo sitting? Does that mean? Then man they're, not gonna, him run the offensive. That means quite properly run the offence. So is that too much better, I think there is a couple possessions were you'll see it. In doing so, you wait a second wise, but to playing at all because of the size bar to explain this to me, you ve, QUIET, Paul, George and everybody gets, gets a huge. It's a huge jerk off circle,
when they get those guys. It's like, oh, my god, they're going to be unbelievable defensively. Imagine the switching they'll shut down everybody and then Kuwait doesn't regard LUCA like to me. It's like I take out Luke. I win the series. I'm not going to take him out he's one of the best five players in the league. Can I half take him out? Can I have the come out. Why am I not foreign Paul and quiet and perform for forty two minutes, visibility, guys that should Garda muttered, I really care about their assets. Zig take out LUCA away. Do you think you're the best? Look, I'm look, I'm our powers of all time take out LUCA. We take a look away when the series Diaspora regarding him at all. That's why? Whatever will talk about certain guys defensive, like reputation? It frustrates me cause I'll I'll, look and see what it is capable of. I also see their Simon all the time. Because the broader regard Booker. The broad areas still this guy defensively when he Guard Booker's
maybe he's just too slow for Booker, especially now. If we're talking about the injury, look I'm with you. I just said it. I don't know why, because you know it'll happen if they're down to if or down in the second game than their Bravo, be like hey. We got to do some different stuff with LUCA here. The problem for this was they were getting the ball out of his hands and then the second anything off the posing as dont was. I think wait and Hardway had a three, or maybe it's funny Psmith amid the fast approaching us, but they they torch the clippers off of the stuff. They were doing to stop Dodge and that's that's. The part rear light dammit, like you thought we had a plan and then at when a worse two thousand seventeen July, whose Sattler pick two in the end they pay over harden whisper.
That dude is guarding LUCA and the Sears? Well, that's why I mentioned at times when we were doing the all NBA stuff, and I said I know what kawaii reputation is, but I feel like he floats and that's why I didn't vote for him for first to OMB and that's why I rigged it. So I made LUCA forward because I was like I was one of the best five players others share not putting him first Sima Beata reputation. I think their best five comic crazy is quiet. George Rondeau man, a backup, and I don't think there, though they probably won't play that line up the entire series, but against this douse team that Sir best sign up have quite handle LUCA and have em not shut down. But this thing
he's supposed to be one of the best defensive players of all time at that position, so either is not anymore or you're using a rock. I don't get it one other thing, man, after the all star break. He was twenty two point, three minutes a game. His splits were fifty three forty, four eighty, five, an average, almost ten points, a game, and if you watch the clippers, he really gave them energy and athleticism that nobody else in the roster gives them other than their best two guys. So in canard we have port canard. So then, from a panic button blow it up standpoint. There are three losses away from earthquake happening transactionally, because everyone at the front office is out.
and I am not reported that I'm just saying they can't brunette front office back when all these moves are made. They they kind of struck out, could Ard sixty four million for Morris, etc, etc, brutal and then, on top of it, they lockdown Paul George to that. In the end. If I'm, why- and even though it's been widely reported that he's going to resign. We haven't officially got word that he's definitely hundred percent resigning with the clippers. And if I am quite like we're, gonna run this back again, like eight one one, perhaps there's two years, we ve no first from pigs for a hundred years. Like can? What are we doing what's happening? So you know at the inn lurking in the background of all. This is the fact that
Why hasn't signed the extension yet and could opt out in the next half a million gazillion dollars in cap space? I'm not saying you go there, but it's not like he doesn't have options. Pretending no, what's gonna, look, why usually mistakes, so I dont think there was some making that mistake right now, it's off Scot Free, but I mean this is. This is why no don't be thing happen in the league and you'll team like. Why did you do that? Like I don't know It was like the Anthony Davis. One was always want till he sign is not sign. So always try to maybe maneuver. You know what then he gave his once a Lakers hated, it didn't like and then even everything em in plenty of things have been predicted, contractually the didn't happen for ever I carry in Boston. I don't think he was ever staying. I think he faded all the Boston and convince the foreign office that he was staying when he never was gonna stay.
But you're right, everybody thought he was going to say. Yes, everyone yeah, I don't think he ever was going to stay. The only case for Kauai staying with the clips is just that he loves it here. Any one or two live in California that stuff just so maybe he stays. Maybe it's fine. So I, when you say like earthquake, I've heard I'm not gonna tell you're wrong because it be incredibly disappointing, but Then you go okay. What are the real moves? what are the real, like everyone, yeah I've learned this of your game as you guys, but no to come up with a fixed rate from time to time. Who arson and words in two seconds who says no to apologize branding, object. Yeah yeah, it's the good one. Normally I was the clippers would say no, I would have to say no, but they might be sick of them again,
Flippers could be in the western conference finals in a couple of weeks to absolute game. I've already got to pay a trade, but that was a trade. I thought made a ton of sets for both sides, that solves a lot of issues each way gives the clips a little extra scoring kind of breaks. The anyway can't react yet I will say this, though, can't can't react, even though I just traded, copper, sick of US part. I will say this: I love watching LUCA and he has a change, to be an all time, guy and the history of these all time guys is, it usually happens earlier than you think, there's usually a run before you expect it. It happened with Lebron in seven, all of a sudden, he was in the finals. We were like he's in the finals of that team, one of the greatest accomplishments of we career
with. Who is Eric Snow and Dolante West? I can't even remember that thing was Pavlovich. The team was a disaster. They beat the pistons, he beat all of favor Ben Wallace Ben Wallace has gone by that point. He'd be Rashid, Billups Hamilton, the Antonio Mdis, was on there, but anyway Lebron creeped in there, and we were all completely stunned. I don't think it's far fetched. I think LUCA could creep into the finals with this team just because values and it's a weird year. You know same thing for the blazers who are about to talk about
they look like they were dead, three Asia. Now they they have. This incredible match up with the nuggets. They just you watch one game, you're the holy shit. How are the fucker? The boys is, gonna, beat them having to her she's me how the Knook it's gonna beat them when the backward match up is such a profound disadvantage. It almost seems insurmountable said: blazers beat the nuggets, then the sun's beat the Lakers all of a sudden for the blazers anyway, he's just never know what the shit we got to give the blazer some love here, we can end on that.
Here's what would alarm me if I was a Nuggets fan Yoke age importer put up a combined, fifty nine and twenty five they shot twenty six for forty eight and that game wasn't close and I don't know what plan b is it's not like? Those guys can score more, I mean yeah. Could they get to sixty five combined? Maybe, but when you have a back court match up like that, it's just like I was getting Matt Malone flashbacks to MBA Deep cut. Remember that serious, you have to remind me, Stockton, I looked it up. Stockton was twenty one in ten matrimony with seven in three ninety ninety seven West fires, O Houston, met Maloney, Houston, metal and here
So advantage Utah Lily compose composite nice. I mean he's like a good tense man. I guess, but dames, she's gonna, destroy the whole series, the near my column next time, and I just don't see here a map for Denver. It was weird cause. I can't Then we're heading into the spheres as our yoke itself figure it out, and then you watch you like yoke. It could go forty and twenty every game and out of it there the serious, that's used to be the goal he had. One assess yoga had one assist in a play: a game replayed. Thirty five minutes: that's that's ridiculous, and so that's gonna what they set out back like we're gonna, let him score not let him scoreboard and single cover him, so that we will- helping off and it he's gonna beat us with all of his passing and so Porter
twenty five, but he went one at ten from three with zero free throw attempts. You had four free, throw attempts, I think yeah the nuggets made four free throws in a playoff game. Four, four there's. Definitely you know Nurkic, who I don't think look right for most of the season, but he definitely does seem like some are comfortable Fanny Yokel, because they have that all history together, eight were they any. If it is late in December. This is if you're gonna get like a consistently efficient, active Turkish, making a tough on everybody for thirty plus minute, Then a kind of changes, everything words when I watched him closer wriggle she's like if you go all star break, Denver number eight an offence, so postal STAR Break where you rankings Denver thirteenth on defence. I guess
Shocker Denver once again like it's kind of middle of the pack. Offensively Portland was the best offense in the NBA after the all star break, but they were atrocious defensively and their record was bad against teams. Over five hundred So I look at the defence, and there are certain knights were felt like when it was wings that they had to deal with, that it was a problem or closed I'd be like oh, this team, just better than the important, is going to be you're just going to be what you want important. We you can go ahead and do that, but for one game, the approach with Yoke eject. Remind me like it. If it ends up being Brooklyn and Philly, will we see some version of this with broken and failure like art and bigger, get forty five like we all care agree, don't care, but we're not gonna collapse. Defence Lee and I think for a night, Portland played a perfectly on top of. Moving. The ball ball, a lot of guys guys
their engaged, and the other thing to is that of the teams who do they know they are? They know they are. They played a guys and Simons gave him good minutes out the benches well same thing with Anthony enchanters, at least a nice big body that can beat up on Yoke it's a little bit where the quickness part of chanters game isn't it such as it is actually expose the same way. It would begin some other guys. So for a night it worked out perfectly. I guess just like for the series Portland and beat good teams and they were terrible defensively. So, let's see what happens and they are outside nineteen thousand four hundred and forty from three in this game, so perfect game for them. It's interesting that of all their big move this off season, whenever we talk about the boys, is when the off Season Covington help them. Obviously, Cancer played a little and none of the other guys even played Giles their Jones Giles is not you bring up Giles like you, Islam, just like that,
signed all these dudes and give them like a million bucks. The thing they, we need, it was, was back, appoint guard! So now it's on Simons, but Simons was actually good game on if he can give them twenty decent minutes. There really helps him his Lilliput forty MC com by thirty six, so they need. They basically need somebody to play twenty minutes for them as a third guard, because back toy talked about in part one, or they could add Derek rose right or something like that for nothing. They brought in Norman PAL, so there's three gardens to death with Simon the fourth, I'm talking like a ball handling guard. So Simon has to be the third kind of person who can handle the ball with those other two anyway, good start for them. I feel bad for Yokich.
I would have loved to have seen this series with Marie. We did not get that what's Murray's deal by the way in game, one active active, so I think he saw what clay was doing in those two playing games and felt like he needed to step it up. A notch was my guess, because clay was like a caged animal. Those I don't know if they're showing it on Wednesday night, but he was like pacing behind the bench back and forth. But Murray was going to the center court line in the coaches box yeah. That was a little weird Denver three through nine rotation, three three ten Aaron, Gordon Austin Rivers, compose Milsap, J, Michael Green Morris and Howard. That's of their play rotation. It's pretty rough. I think you could argue
that's the worst thief through ten in the playoffs. Unless you want to make a case for washing and it we gotta find. It is the other Gordon thing plays out here. Sixteen shots law for him in his offense. He was fine, but the size is supposed to be the fact here. So you know it look. I think that your courage is smart enough that he's Going to the second game, with a different approach. There's plenty of stuff sign game, one where you go okay, you could have to figure this out bam, they're, dropping against Bam in the approach like what they're doing with him. So it's like okay, next time you get the ball, be a little bit more ready. I mean there's a few other things. I've just noticed from games where you're going to see guys go okay. This is what they're doing alright. Now we're going to adjust, and I would expect Yokich and this team to figure out some thing to. Maybe they started with the ball, not his hands for a quarter. Try some different stuff. There
we'll see this episode of bill? Simmons podcast is brought to you by Mccain, Quick Cook, fries, try not to flip out but New Mccain, quick Cook, fries, cooking, half the flippin time at traditional, Mccain, fries, half and guess what else there's no flipping. You can cook an entire flipping bag of these delicious crispy, real potatoes and half the flip in timers, their traditional fries, making meal time less flip and difficult, it's unflip and believable. So please do yourself a favor, had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself. The bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share, and you fuckin deserve that. Do not talk about the salute the broad not getting suspended thing. Yeah I'm confused, I don't know, I read the article and I remember being like oh my gosh and then immediately the article was like it was deemed that this wasn't a thing. So if it wasn't a thing, that's fine. I can't help but ask the question: if it's
If it's on a is he's missing the first round, it's weird because the MBA one hand has been pretty fanatical about sticking a product on a matter, what allows right must famously with the hoary shove. For the Miami next fight in the late nineties. Stuff like that this time around, I don't even know what the excuse was, and it just seems like that kind of swept under the rug. There was a big sports, It has played out over a weekend. So you know if this was a Monday, Tuesday situation. I think it leads first take. Maybe it takes a different life, but I thought it was bizarre when I saw the pictures of him at the party cuz. I was like wait a second or they is he supposed to be around people like this, that they lift the restrictions. Then I've said they didn't, but I think they're just like we are just not going to suspend the best part of the week or not suspend but not prevent him from playing for a week.
Whatever it is, but they changed the rules, that's what it seem like it did. I'm not confident saying I know cuz, I haven't talked anybody about, but it, but I had one person, but it seems like they change the rules. In this case there were just, it was very that when I clicked on the articles for it within a paragraph, it was telling you why this wasn't a big deal. So I was like oh okay, all right and I don't want to he's better either so it was like. I was saying I need to be suspended, that's the thing I was that I suspect, but the history of the league is that they don't we protocol just the protocol. Guys? I don't know what happened was ACT Levine this year. The protocol out still out more days, the protocol, and so there would be tides failure like ours and what what's going on and then legs not letting them come back and then the player would even hit it like. I don't even know what the is going on didn't even test positive for covid. Sure what's up so early
was like we're going to be a little loose at the rules on this one because of Lebron James. That's fine! I think what gets frustrating at times is when you here the the rationale for, whereas I will only do what I need to do for my fee, am I like now you went to a fuckin cool to kill a party with with Draken Michael, be Jordan like that's a cool. To do, and you clearly wanted to go ahead and do that. But if it were someone that we think is all about winning. You could also argue like it feels a bit selfish, but I don't know I don't: maybe they everybody in their had a vaccination card. Maybe it was sort of thing where everything was cool. Maybe they had asked about it had a time I dont know So I'm not going to criticize the guy me neither I thought the whole story was weird. I didn't understand it. I still
and I wonder what would have happened if it had been. I don't know Evan Fournier deported. Do you have any prediction for these game is before we go? I'd expect the Lakers, to have things figured out. I don't know what the clippers are going to do. I expect to be a better game from Denver. I think Boston is going to be even worse, washing to be wars I think Milwaukee gets game. Two. I don't want anyone, I don't see it scenario where the nets don't sweep the South Celtics. Unless one of those three like, I could see those guys get one game just because that's the nets, I say it. I could see the nets going like. I don't feel I playing tonight, but that's what it would have to happen. That's be like they. They only would suit up
yeah, I can see those guys be like areas maintenance resting we'll be always want to miss one first round her wait. What I dont see them I see them getting this series over as fast as they can and trying to think about, like no teams ever gone. Sixteen or like one of those type of things, I think that's more realistic. I think Denver is in a shit load of trouble and it's an amazing test of Yokich. I agree with you Washington, so long Laker sons will be the most fascinating adjustments series I think of all of them and then clips Dallas will be the most fascinating from just like. Could the clips just crater, if you're going to be like who is your most likely team to just completely crater and get swept?
what was that year when the pelicans beat the Blazers, when all a sudden the pelicans were sweeping the blazers what's happening there getting swept, I would say, the clippers are by most likely team to just completely crater, There's no real great evidence of a real fortitude from that group. So I'm not take the other side of that but if we're one one here and the clippers hits some threes and they're a little bit more keyed into dance and dance doesn't start off on fire in the first quarter and the clippers. Even the series, I'm not going to be surprised by that either his doubts could win that came to it. Then it goes back to Dallas, which will be a full house right of the seller. Taxes right, Then it s getting very poison. Gas is decided The text has been open for a year. I think so. Poor Zeus is questionable with a shitty look at his face. It's not an injury he's got a grimes that actually froze on his red shake
Question about the gave that decision, GNP attitude say procedures kid they take. The smiling Kip he's still a heck of a child, a player, but he seems to be miserable in this current. Can I do a quick parent corner with you before we go yeah, please, it seems like Ben Simmons is getting into girls again He was all of them. Well, you know late that grade they become the guy growl and all of a sudden it comes back. You know that seventh, it gets dice for like half a year, it's back and yesterday he asked to
above all his friends, Jackson says, and it turns out as because they want to go to a more so tomorrow. There just kind of crews around him off a couple hours trying to run in a girl's thence emits food corps that guy, as you so member the days were it's like work. Where do we go. Just go to a well. I kind of do because I remember what it was like when it first started happening and you would just see a girl from another town and it was like discovering a new country right because he would just go like. Oh, my god. She got it right. Like oh wow, you know anyone! No you don't know anyone you're young! None of you have licenses. Some older brother dropped you off and he's miserable that he had to do it and then he picks you up and you're, not ready and all that kind of stuff. But it was all ripped from me very quickly because that was when you moved to Martha's vineyard, there's no one from another town right, there's, no here you are you from the mainland. Can you take me away from this place? You have highways here. There's nothing
thus a man there's a whole on line scene or they doing with the different schools and face time and friends of face time group face time, and oh may God all these different sites where they just kind of meat, people and cross. Fasten Kyle: do you understand when Ben talks about it? Do you totally understand this we're world? That's going on here I thought omega was strangers, so, I think I probably don't understand exactly what it is. I thought it was sort of like you, you just get a random person shows your screen that might have been something else. That's what I thought it was so I wouldn't want either Back to the city and then there's like they'll have I got Netflix Watch party will, though, Such a movie together not just be a whole bunch of people like crack and jokes. One textbook. It might be a couple. No, it's like you actually can see each other. It's like facetime crossed with watching a movie together because it started with a pandemic. So it's a lot of stuff I'll. Keep you posted, though, because I feel like I feel, like
summers can be break out for him. Ok, what's he like, though, around his ease these honestly, one of the most confident people I've ever seen, so I don't think he's going to, but I don't like you ve hover around dude. You know pretty confident yeah, I'm not gonna Kyle. Do you have a better scattered, then the the dad doesn't this discussion, Kyle Kyle just had dinner with them, so he got to in it in action. He's killing it all aspects. That's all! I have he's my guy, I'm not going to say anything. Kyle did I say too much. No, I don't get I just like that. He's going to a mall and they're just doing the circles like it's like a nineteen eighties movie like super bed. I thought it was cool when Kyle was like I'm not gonna, be cigarettes, blockages and dip tango deal pads and then last time my daughter was just bored
and holding it against us is like I'm just bored. It's just boring to be here. It's like alright. Well, you don't have a driver's license. Yet what do you want from us? And it brought me back to the days when you would just be sixteen and angry, because nothing was going on in your port she's, going to be pretty close to get her license, though right yeah in a couple of months, yeah the fights are going to be on with my wife and daughter. At that point it could be some incredible. Cause she's such an amazing shit, she's like I'll just get in my car and just drive around just to drive like I'll, just go drive down the beach and and my wife's like you're, not doing that you're not using a car. Unless we know why you're using it, why you don't trust and then they're just yelling at each other and I'm just like hey. Can you guys keep it down? The clippers are blowing a leader, So what are you gonna do about? The car situation will ever
a family hates me because between the Bruins and the other playoff games, all I've done is watch tv really since Wednesday night and everyone said it this is a big. This is a big weekend between this. The golf f one, the mix sin was Molly's, I gotta say say the Bruins, like handed it to the I watched every game. They they fuck and gave it to them. Their caps. They stuck out came one bees rally back into in by game. For was ages. The bruise urge is clearly better their top to lead. This might be the best to lie at top two lads. I've ever had a licence. I've been watching and both the either line can score on any shift. It's unbelievable. Put so much pressure on on the cap's the capture like you could tell they ridges spent a Maghreb pretend I know everything has gone on blow. I had all five games on on another tv.
Found myself and I knew something happen happened. I watching my oilers. These guys misgiving, but my eyes kept drifting and I was like look, on pay the bills, the other one dozen so stop watching hockey even though I had this kind of epiphany between all the that was goin on this week. It's a real thing, but hockey in soccer are better television products than basketball football, the pretty the lads gains in the aid. She has been unbelievable for hacking, but it's also that ok here we go. Let's play twenty minutes. Are a soccer uninterrupted like, but I dont like soccer better than basketball or football, but when you talk about the stoppages,
the reviews, all the stuff about the regular season. Basketball would be complained about, and I know when I throw the NFL in there. People push back because I actually still like college it better than the NFL. I don't expect many people to agree with me, but I'm telling you like, if you're starting to think of your league and going twenty thirty years out, I don't know that hockey is ever going to be mainstream enough to kind of always We had a lot of momentum in the nineties because the video game was so prevalent, like everybody played there game? So everybody knew who all the players were, and then you start paying attention because you were kind of invest in that's all you need to do then the event everything yeah tells ruin everybody with their there's their zone, but when I, when I spent it is only six. I said and watch basketball season and three those where I went out of the country concerned or tv in my room. I should have known about it at the time, but I probably needed guys guys, like others, there's no television unlike zero, there's, not any tvs into loom, unlike others. Probably a couple place, Deaf Davies, so
but the point is, as I'm peaking to the other stuff I'm like, so they just keep playing like it's uninterrupted, Unlike you, belong to sit around complain every single every thirty seconds. I don't know, I don't look, I'm u in our basketball guys, but I think to be fair about it. Watched I watch these other sports ago. I think this is a more enjoyable watch for two hours. I think the thing that hurts Saki with this stuff and I sat behind the net for kings games for three years. Really trying to figure out what was going on, I really enjoyed it. I used to take my daughter all the time I had a great time and a lot of times. It was just like one team skated slightly harder than the other. These two teams were dead even and then this wrist shot hit a defenseman shoulder and you know squeak through and that's how we lost the series
and I was it just seemed so so random and such a frustrating way. Sometimes that's why this Bruins staying there was just like there's better than the cap. She could tell. I don't know what will happen for the next series, but well. That is definitely hurry. He had just that. I find the talk about because, like in basketball, we can even talk about something like the rose, the widow Do a tray young. What are the next do? Well, if you take out rows to put them quickly for defense, you lose. We have all these variables with hockey. It's like there's this next level of conversation. The hockey people can do it, but I think it's hard for the casual fans, or maybe there's not a lot there to do with. I don't know
I don't think we know that an hour to do about Bruins caps, it as just the Bruins are better they're. Two lines are better: we can't do it. Other people can do it. We can't. I know I can't do it, but I'll agree with you. How frustrating the ends are to some of these overtimes, where you can be in control your deep you're getting shots, not Then somebody fucking flick it off. Somebody else's skate, it's like being shot from behind in a movie. It's like that's how we won game three. It was like the dumbest goal. Yeah so that horror we weren't. Ok, you don't really have that basketball. Like the reason I've always liked basketball. The most is hey who's, the best guy I right this guy has to do something and it's kind of on him to do it, and then you get to see who the best guys arisen, because basketballs like out there, there's no hiding in basketball and football is a million moving pieces yeah I mean. Have you found one thing, because I would just feel like there's tee that losing hockey, I can't believe we lost net stupid goal, but
to know. Is why aware to watch twenty minutes erupted, though of action is really great. Considering that is now a basketball is the biggest moments anymore. It's also in saying how fast these deeds are like passed her neck. He hit this call at the first called again today, think of it. Did you see it? It was like a video game go he. I watched him rather less I had the guy came out of the Pope check. He brought the put behind them. Then did a bit like between the legs, almost like a basketball move. And then slid across cheek the gully maneuvers, like if its anybody than that like nineteen eighty, I would add a stroke, like, if terror rally done that I just would have been like my head- would have come off my body by the way. Bruin Islanders is very it's in play. That was one of the great random tough losses of my childhood. What
La Fontaine now, the earlier than when the islanders were ripped off cups. We we We went against them in Gilles and O'Reilly. I think they fought four times in six games. Gill is kind of you're going to score. It was like nine, ten, nine. Maybe ten. Ten then like a ten eight. I I don't know if O'Reilly beat him once and then they shook hands after be edge to my mind, but I will begin at low Bruins Islanders would be fun. I need the brain really good like I really do think they have a chance to win to stay in the cup yeah, but it's always just the sports just so much more open, but you know the one to stop myself her because I just started watching like a couple weeks ago, because I don't have time for anything else, and it just happened to be that they would be, an early enough that I was like. Ok now that you're we got to the regular season, part of it. I let's end this worrying and every Sunday night gun to your head.
Who's in the finals and who wins. I just want to see if we have the same pick every week. I'll stay I'll stay, Philly, Lakers. I'm staying Milwaukee Lakers, but I don't feel great about it. I don't either. I think we should probably just get it over with a big Brooklyn. But no we both don't want to I mean I felt terrible, because I tweeted out when it was thirty. Six thirty three in the Celtic had made a bunch of trees and Brooklyn missed all of them, and I was like this game is over. I was like this game is over and then I spent rest the game Khilakku wanting Brooklyn winds. My tweet was wrong and I go. This is even works. Don't do this again, like at least least pretend you
reading for somebody you care about it, but I'm not gonna have much emotionally invested in these plants already. Can I still think in game too? Can I see for five minutes? Smart D Smith, Tatum Fournier Rob Williams, those five guys. I can't believe we're an hour and five minutes. No, that's it! That's what I'm leaving you with okay, five minutes. I just want to see that line up for five minutes. Once the series you save the best content for the last. Thank you hold on Rocio. You have podcasts coming Tuesday and Thursday, congratulations to my fellow old Guy, Phil Mickelson and we'll be back here on Sunday at that who knows
they will be swept thereby at least one or two sweeps, but we'll see you next Sunday, I see here on Tuesday new rewards was coming tomorrow. Night, we did the rack decades shock country, so be ready for that. One nephew, Kiley cake operating prices package and that's it apartment it see. You anticipate.
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