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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Patriots’ loss to the Texans, the Ravens toppling the 49ers, Colts-Titans, Eagles-Dolphins, Steelers-Browns, NFC East playoff predictions, Chargers-Broncos, cross-off teams, and more (2:10), before guessing the NFL lines for Week 14 (48:05). Finally, Bill and Sal discuss Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ (1:19:54).

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Tonight's, everyone hates her team on this package to observe the both of its past and the Ringer Pakistan were brought. You buy stay farm just like football life can be unpredictable. That's why stay farm ages are there to help over nineteen thousand agents. Local stay formation could be just around the black in person by phone through the app state. Farmers there go with the one with coverage and agency can count on state farm talk to an agent today. Meanwhile, there is a time when health care made house thanks to CBS half the time has come again. Homecare managers who provide help to those who need it most trained nurses who administer ivy treatments, reigned patients, arms description, delivery to millions of homes each year, CBS Health create the future feather using a simple idea. From the past we saw today, there is a weird play for
ass in the Texans Pats, game, legged, double reverse and then Hopkins, throwing it through Shall Watson. I think, though, I think the nineteen forty bears did that add CBS Health Health is everything. Not all services available in all states were also brought to you by the Ringer Pakistan work. We find the book a basketball two. No pack ass? We put up nine, we have one going up Monday night at midnight, Dirk do whisky, the pyramid, podcast ahead old friend marks. Thank came in and we broke down Turks entire career. That is up Monday night and on the Renewables Wolf Wall Street is going this week. We are an action packed. We watch a schedule, gunned down the stretcher, Wolf Wall Street, Happy Gilmore, the godfather part, to count that Mr Ripley, oh yeah, it's gonna be a good December, Happy Howdahs! That's why
If too, for free for greater watch was pack ass, we have good won't come up with a cousin, so both of us hate our teams. We don't hey project, let's go, on the line, as he is every Sunday right here in the b S back ass cousin, south salads talk about whatever in America's talk about right now, Dave Damaged, extorted, same Donald over to shine. What's in return, data fantasy as Erika is crazier ever happened in fancy ever we'll get to damage at will
my team that last seventy two hours ago, no one ever remembers, but first we met on about the New England, Patriots, yeah, potentially five seat of shit. Why? How could a custom Why are you doing this to me? Don't laugh. Have you decide we you want to root for next week, the ravens or bills, and- and I actually saw the odds today before this pass gain this morning. The bills were like what a fifty into one than when the division, something that was the adjective and higher than that he thought about it. I think ass, twelve or fifteen, I it's away. You are for me from this package one skies falling panic, Diwan, reassuring witty? Why were personality should adopt? Oh man throw em all at me. I think people actually multiple personality Bell, but what what are you truly feeling about this? Well, here's the thing I don't think used in very good. That's the most alarming thing, made added. Today is one Baltimore
kick the shit out of the pats that one I was like? Oh my God, Baltimores really good night. If you play this game ten times, I'm not sure how many times the pathway, this game there was, moreover, give away by the pats early. Then Houston guy ladder, momentum and then the game just slipped away, but I thought really poorly coached really poorly played and the lack of town on the scope position. Prayers, I think God is- is by take away this whole season, and especially tonight, Brady's gonna get bland tomorrow. It's gonna, be this whole is Brady done thing I did everybody watch the game. Who were the open receivers until we know the guards time they just don't have any scary prayers. Do they do do Maui ratios understand who is outside that finally made a reception over them with the same length idle yet, and they talked about that and how he
says that he needs that every two drives at least otherwise its settlement on Job Joseph who like blanketed and when he was on him. He did a great job with them and it's you know. It's swing passes out to James White which, as you know in garbage time, yielded a lot of points, but Not enough was their first regard. They double team Julian element, which is crazy. Its allocation Andrea Hopkins, Retiree Keller something's Julian element. They used a nickel back to Shade James White, the whole time and Collins Worth was praising it. While James Way was really the only reliable gather, Patriots Anthony were really killed. Them were the the receivers Mohammed, since they gave up a second round pick for. I don't remember him, making a big play our game. I do remember him fair catching upon the five yards. I knows why. I do remember him dropping a fourth and one pass which they should a car passenger ferries. They didn't so,
I know he's he's battling the sore Anko, but they try the second round pick for him. He was postponed Pack, I the same way manual Sanders has been for Denver that, as happened you: have the keel Harry there's been a first round pick on last year in a draft that is I'll say, loaded with receivers and Now he got her domestic games. I had the feedback on and even dating back to last spring, was even Brady in his side of things were worried that he was. Help at all seriously caught a raw and and then to call me Meyer, looks like he doesn't. Even practice were Brady where they're off yet a day is basically should our practice. God I mean I like him, but I don't know if that's the guy, that you should be relying on third nights, but then he kill anything. That's won the game today That a high added value through me a lot more fine, you're gonna, say our seasons over our depot hasn't terrible that that was the key. We can't we can't. We can't defend against the top notch receiver. We can have trouble, we lose the chief.
I wanted to hear all that, I'm not here in any of that and well, I think it's a game. The old school pads would have just tried to ads. I use that and I'm not sure that the fire apparently more relate the nickel Harry play. The pic. Turn the game around three. Nothing in Houston had no moment abroad that point and Harry just out muscled by DE back, who just cut in front of him Pfeiffer at all Texans get a huge play then can attach out of it and I don't know if we saw Harry more than like five place after that, I think he got banished to Siberia. But you know what's woods bothersome for me. Is they spend a lot of capital, the last two years and scope position guys? an you watch, a game I tonight and people run, whereas the fire power cycle they spent a first round pick on Sony Michelle, one pig and, furthermore Jackson they spent a first for pickup, Mikhail Harry. They traded Sacra pick for Mohammed anew, where's, the fire power. Those are three pretty juicy picks like of your team, should spend two first and second
go position guys in none them showed up in this game. Wouldn't you be concerned there while imitated fire power. If I'm answer is off, tweeting apologies to rob craft bring Antonio Brown back. If you need em so badly. Eighty eight is it frightening, that I was on multiple pats fan threads today about a b coming back and then he didn't Instagram post today, but you know it all make sense. This is why Brady obviously was finally behind the scenes for them not to give up on the aid, be faintly. Look you look at all. They are the pigs in the capital of there's been an scope such as the fact that they never replace rock the fact that they don't have deep threat of all. How many times have you seen, but this year throw in deep down field neither the guy's completely blanketed, or he just ass. The further bar twenty yards away from whoever he was aiming for. Our lives can get intercepted. Nobody is open down ever so. If people
after my about whether Brady is done or not, you gotta look at their at the supporting CAS sure ended the number you can look at numbers and interceptions and interception the weird Khazars Tipp passes in that it may be. That should be more. Maybe they should be fewer, but the number they brought up is his three point, one seconds before: release, which is way higher than previous years than earlier in the air than everything. So this is not a good game, but but I honestly I thought my eye. I still think that every Miss beneficiary kick is leading to the biggest biggest tampering scandal. We ve ever seen where the patriot just pick him up and he kicks the game winner in Bali, more right through the uprights. Take that Tucker right. They sat that's what I'm worried about. I'm worried about that hatred, same flexing. There might be sad forbear laughing, but you know that can be true. Peel you'd be our fifth kicker. The share that view, The coach in today was so shoddy in so many there
ways on the path I mean he bill, O Brien, Romeo, Cordell, really a coach to pats, but here's an example. This or the touchdown, and they have a chance to go for two points cut at the tanner. Just kick the period to two go to eleven braiding us He just stand there. They d get again Collins worth my they're fine with that cause. He just wanna see were seaward for his adversary like it. It's like. I went up high format kicking a thirty. A yard the good right. I worked with Congo. What the fuck are? We doing he's not going to make this heat it. Now it end. Overland to touch stance and it will the way he did it to eat key approaches. The line he puts his hands on his hips like a leaf. Get up there and bark you know try to granting someone a jump off, I don't know what you can do that, but don't take the path yourselves on your fourth kicker and five yards might make a difference in an extra point I would like it did and then the fourth and one where the Brady Qb Sneak is what twelve or one for twelve or to lie,
then at doing the play action to sue who is that on the same page with yet at all I don't mind, I know he was held a little bit, but only way was interfered with by their eyes onto him. What fifteen times in a game all season at around just run the cuban sticker every time and then the the blessing Watson which work for a little bit and then at some point became ups. Third, and he was just destroying them with it, and why and Hopkins was able to get open when I wanna Gilmore Houston, couldn't about all. I just think that I think the paths defences great for them to give up twenty points to you then, in my opinion, when he's too can run the boss nuts and that's what we're like you want to say. I got Hopkins is best receiver, their face yet decent game. Open when he needed to and only five receptions for sixty four yards. They would be deep, which was the weird you don't see that
maybe at their mercy, tackles Elles, deep uncanny, stills and all those guys that's what was strange them yeah they were met. They miss tackles, like they had that's that one sack Simon could add on watts any many just let some go now gender gap and then the lie backer, who missed the tide, end autos, Chung, MR tied and on the outside, and this was not a game and you know again. I don't like to overreact September October, remember games, but this was a significant because now they have to go to Baltimore unless, unless they get some from Baltimore they're gonna have the go there and win, and we just why said, Niners Ravens gave today where I thought the Niners played really defensive way about as well as you capacity playing at some offers. A way I thought Jimmy GI was pretty sure but they did it have to hang around in their game, and the ravens can still, therefore down team in the
fourth corners. I've never seen anything like it where it's just like. We have to go ten yards, were you all four downs, its third and seven. That's fine! We're we're we're gonna, keep the bodies to dance and there at home, and they had the best feel go kicker on the planet, and you compare that to the pats where the path the special teams is share has really taken a step back like the kicking game, the partners, ok, the vehicle, kicking situation, the disaster. The return situation is really below average. Now they get no boost that off anything, it's a detriment and you look ravens and it's like it's all the little stuff the ravens have done with special teams with going forward on these we'll dance with? Really, knowing what their identity is and they don't beat themselves- and I think there are the best him why they are the best him too, but it didn't
none of this stuff, you talk about really mattered the last five weeks they killed everyone by thirty points, like twenty eight thirty point, thirty eight by the Red Disgorged knew no, you remember, but it's the this is the day they needed talker, and I had set an earlier Uno via the EU, but this is the wanna, be away game and, like I know how to gauge this, but I think neither team shows up, or one of the teams doesn't show up San Francisco West Coast playing early onawandah games early anyway, super mega. It or game that are going to watch and you know the ravens- come off that Monday night dismantling of the rams. Maybe they check out a little early, but now they really played at a high level both of those names for the entire game, and it was great, come Did that I wouldn't mind scene it again in February, I feel, like everybody said that but ghettos or two teams- Jimmy G? I don't know I kind of impressed me I feel like he can go on the road and when that was a tough tough game to a shine
he he was therefore little happy feverish. I feel like I'm just so impressed by Baltimore. I likewise football teams that know exactly who they are, and they know exactly who they are. Every decision they make is logical when you can guess it ahead of time as compared to what we watch with by patriots vat rate and then Lamar did his thing in the large areas leg and let need and let it get on like Dandan up there seem to be in control of second half anyway. I didn't feel like it was greatest Lamar game. I thought he he really badly. Mister, while throws today whether two year wasn't gray weather, but men degrading Lazarus. Those points where they have this Leap in the Niners have a dead too right there, the guy in the red spot in the place of work and then the largest jukes, the guy, and he goes yeah yeah. That team is wrong really really good and it's gonna, be, I would say, near impasse.
But a beat them there if there, if they can avoid injuries having Casey would probably have the best chance right now. I think it's gonna be tough, many were, but I would I wouldn't understand this Houston team. I don't think they're in the final. They have seen finals, but you know that I have some good whence they beat up your team that yeah the Chiefs, they're, ok, they're gonna pay out an annoying like tendency to win the division run away with that all day, but. I don't know why. I have not warmed up to this eastern team at even tonight. If they can't run the bar, that seems like a problem. They they, I thought, really scattered the patriots. Well, over and over again rate and cancer. This pointed out able to get do Johnson and those little pass, placing its lie. Backers would shrink, is kind of a secret weakness of this pats defence, the most the themes they play just and have the right person now to exploit it. But I thought they did a great job.
Defensively they they, they threw a whole bunch of weird stuff and Brady, embracing confused a lot of time in the first half, even not score in that touchdown. In that first drive was so important. You know they're they're inside the tenets first down and they had a terrible replace imbalance, backside of random you're gonna feel go. Everyone says: a win win for the tax is right. There is maintaining a seventh really well. That was a doubly became for Houston, because Tennessee come around like a freight train and we are going to talk about that. But let's take a break. Hey there's no need to interrupt your work day or fight traffic to get to the post office anyting you can do at the post office. You can do it at stamps, dot com. Will there a small office sending invoices are even aware house. Any thousands package in the day simply use your computer to printer.
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Serbia's okay. So we have this agency south, where early it looked like Indianapolis grab control of it, then they start again banged up and then Houston Grab, control and then quietly here comes Tennessee, and tat is the text of you and house at the beginning. The fourth quarter was tied and I'd. I watch the whole game. Tenancy was better and it seem like it was gonna, be one of those potential stupid, Indianapolis winds, whereas I, while the ATLAS, pulled out by very how did they do that? They're dead, not nearly as good Tennessee laid this back down and in other aside, their staff circulating on the internet today about Derek Henry his last. Sixteen games he's over seventeen hundred yards of eighteen, tedious. Might actually be the best running back in the league right now, just from a production standpoint, inhales never played this wealth receivers or physical, and it's one of those things. We always talk about this. We see the
I buy everybody's locked in where they make a play in theirs. Twenty guys jump on the field. Fist pottering in the coach is going nuts and I think that I think the titans really think they're good. They believe in the ceiling of the team, and I think there are wildcard comply half time. What do you think? It's so weird because yeah, I guess so, and especially since the raiders like welfare, while they play the raiders, this week's will have to be a big game. It's an open, but I'm sure they're not that I think they could be the six best team on that buying into the Steelers. It's a funding that have done in my time and deserves all credit in the world for being. Seventy five right now, but yet feel as workers technical is you say it's been great but he's having ok gangs where they have a hundred eighty yards passing. You just doesn't really screw up that much. He looks slow when he's running the Balkan think he's doing weird things, but Derek Henry did Derek Henry's. We said that right, he's gonna bust out one or two thirty yard runs or something crazy.
And that's going to be hard to contend with. Then you throw a blocked punt in there or whatever and yeah. They believe they can win there. A fun team to watch, I hate to say it cuz they were clay. Travis team will the game today, Henry fumbled on the first drive then, who had a fumble later in the half, and it sets out the kind of like one of those deep, a games, the good thing for them as vintage Jerry. We talk last week about the concept of the few games, yeah, which was the acronym fur our kicker fucked us. I either No, if this was an official act for game for military, he did have to kick back, but I think in both cases anyone blocks the kick it for some reason. I just couldn't blacker bread, the titans by He must have a one early that I thought changed a momentum a little bit. I just like this takes time. One! That's funny it's funny, too. I have to give you credit because as a gambler- and you pick
cold stolen the division back in August and you had some success banning on them, but you you saw a turn in them. I don't know what you saw, maybe two thirds in a game or without any injures, yeah now, the rack and of all their possessed skill position Blair's their top geyser out, but yeah Tennessee. But then you did the thing where you Texted me and house. I think TAT, a hill with three exclamation points and I take the people came about. I am a ten Mississippi count right after yeah this winter As for me, I have the power to cause these hours. Thirdly, the stats on the guy's next drive after you do I get the three exclamation point after whatever name you the text but shoot out here? You really you item on every parlay. We think that was a good pack and what I think they could be a succeed easily. I thought they scouted the court's while too, because Grisettes that a hundred years I think we're gonna find out after the seas and he's got some injury. We didn't know about but correct. He really move around.
The game, what are they just started boots and how item and forcing him to either have to back pedal our scramble right or left, and it can do at a key? Could move on our feet thick about the guide? The first five six weeks is and he was so sure of himself and now you know I was looking at how this could put. The air sea figure. The ravens in the past would be the by teams right now be stares at chief, six, three and then bills at Texans. Five four and will be fighting the steelers for that six by and we should talk about the stairs because Tomlin Tom to me is the coach of the year. Yeah right. Unless you want to give it the harbor better. To me, that's Morven organise an organ organizational thing. What Tom and son You know he loses wrath Asperger First week they make this make a Fitzpatrick shade that everybody thinks is like the all time, Hale Mary,
but over and over again they pulled wins out of their asses, and you know you look at last week where he, just as I fuckin any benches, rude off and at night after not even at half time after the first drive after half time reads like a man this guy ruined my season and fuck him get out there and then doubles down ass. In the press conference where he was like to hasten the thing they hodges about he's, not gonna, kill us. Like Rudolf was, and I just and then everything they do. Again today. Where are you now Yet the brown were really looking good early in the Steelers is kept, scrap and and scrapping and come back and apparently there are these stories about it. Time Tom and was drawing up like defences, they never use before to try to combat the browser down near by
Will you must have heard about him because you bet the Steelers than the second at union, Charles, I minus two and half all now. It's minus three, you gimme, the three fair alike to steal, was here and yeah you're right about Tom one. If you lose big bad, if you lose Connor, you lose about no joke about Anti Antonia Brahma Jews, not in any of these games- and there still went they're doing it on defence. I think you're right, he said to you. I made him off, did your job, you got the bronze best offender out of the game when we I'm in two weeks out, but I don't want you screw up offence away. That said, they are going to have to do better offensive way against it that this brown scheme is a disaster. So if you look at the Steelers last few games eventually when I have twenty sir stinging seven. Seventeen doesn't really matter was an error. Quarterback, though we seem to be the same number there yeah they got to do better than that. I think- and it's funny because watching the browns today, you see the seeds of this powerhouse when they have that Chubbs create that Chub Kareem Hunt back
Then you don't know other thing in a ranch about the middle or do a real Rau with Cream Honneur. What are you they have Landry and back there there's so much firepower you just like rises. Did that's got thirty five points again, crema lead. We can rushing two years ago think I know how they're not going thirty five points again. Did you see the picture a baker after the game? Right? Oh my god, while he looked like you gain third pounds since the handing it I got the eating the ice that is supposed to be putting office on his rest. What what happened there now the great time, you you mean, has aroused texting China, at the Azores have time I because work of its baker broke his head yet and that also I've. I just play the Steelers renewed anyway, but Baker hurting his hand at like if we place great causes, Hansard Viz out Gilberts the backup that's great there, and then
Third quarter start scenarios he's in the game at that in their like a cease fire. Like all my god. What do we do about the stairs into? regional story, though in speaking, operational: the dolphins, yeah we're in Owen sixteen candidate, and this is what better Those today warehouse- and I had the eagles in upon lay with the with the under which fifty one and a half teased up to the EP just take your leg. While the dolphins can restore ten points, the Eagles differences great gets. What's that great eagles defects, guess who ass it might be great big car cigarettes? Well, I think the dolphins are just going to screw you when I'm not saying you a screw. Anybody screw the bettors at least once a year you're going to have whatever the dolphins are playing on a teaser or something or moneyline. Parlay is something, and it's not going to make any sense in the world? I'm gonna need a wind. Today was the eagles and you're gonna
so you might as well just put money aside like a dolphin's fun like yeah you'd, like yeah. You just have to count that you're going to blow out of tire going to go through a construction site and run over now so put aside money for a tire put aside money for a loss against the dolphins. It's not going to make any sense, but that's how you have to treat it. I think you but haven't the colts have done this the dolphins have done this now a couple times. That's what I'm saying today, whether its lateral to win the game against the patriots or a kick your throwing a touch down to a Panther. It's always somethin asinine, and they do it. They covered that washed and gave a week sex, which was their first cover the season yeah I would, however, no one's bed net, the pit, the Pittsburgh game and weak ay, where they had the fourteen ethic led some last twenty, some fourteen like ok, these guys sack we figured about. Then they beat the jets by eight, beat the colts by four. They get killed by Buffalo, they get killed by Cleveland, and then they come back.
Beat freely and fairly like have at this America. Those in any way from the dolphins don't put them in parlous bad idea. We live made Cincinnati Am Washington all wanted. I rose really tough to make any money failure to fill. Out of their mind- and I say this I tell you I mentally we lost the Superbowl to Foles and Peterson. On a day like today, either staring. Maybe it's like the Michael Corleone sitting outside the Lake Tahoe Compound after frayed husband, couches, deep in thought, and it adjusts thy comprehending evil. That's where I was down like wow falls. It had to be bad He was so bad and this guy's stared, the greatest quarterback a time in the eyes less than two years ago. Yes, Two years ago he
Play Tom, Brady Superbowl, and now he can't make it out of the first half in there Petersen she's, getting his pants pulled down by Brian Flores, ran Fitzpatrick there. Then the game Petersen said suddenly effective, hey. What can I say the dolphins are goods like Amerika. You could say something other than that you that's not true one! Member on the part of last week, I was joking about the white running back from on draft awake I from california- and the answer is I got tat they like this kid, the error that kid did. Really well, they gave to the idea is above that's a big boys, library, bilaterals metallic falls. I agree that I don't know how you explain it to the second think my grandkids you max go talk to your grandmother. I can't. I can't tell you what my fault. I don't know how we want to super bowl. I don't know how I got a starting job or got paid a hundred million dollars Edna. None of it makes sense. So two thousand forty fathoms grandpa so near we tell me what happened. Nick falls did as seventeen screw
though I have no answers, so the energies right now is ten and twenty six and nine division Games c mon. I saw something like two in whatever the terrible number is. Nineteen against winning teams are something well just any game that to end of seas seems playing each other, your ten or twenty six. That's good, the coroner Stuart the record since nineteen. Seventy four words nine division? Winning percentage was the two thousand fourteen Fc South, which eleven thirty and one right for to seventy four winning percentages slightly above that a ten and twenty six, I could see this come from New York. I mean that's a blockbuster division. You plan from Vigo over a decade now so well that by pestered visually ten in four against every Anna seized him say now: Arabs EAST is down. What do you mean
I also like there's a lot of data that the eight the whole myth of the agencies is actually natural where's it. What's that their love to hear the data wearing one of them that's been: go. Daddy, don't go yet the number two three and four in every division every year, since two thousand, they seized his way better than you think, go, look it up. How many times the internet that had the bills made them, I'm flabbergasted and fifteen years. How many times have been to have seized planting? I'm sorry The terms of the cowboys bid, the superbly cowboys and Madame Charlemont just apply after him, cowboys and eagles of both made it or the giants of made it other than they ve been to twenty years like that gave you FED three Superbowl teams and a bunch of losses listen, there's a lighter mess, its feast or famine in the indices laid out in its gonna be phased in Dallas because We don't even need to win the next two games if we beat the Eagles and Philly which why not their bad, where bad and then be the red,
at home and weak seventeen cowboys Anna sees champs. Can you walk me through your emotions on your favorite there the year, thanks to the three things you like the mouse out, I would say yeah gambling one food to football. Three, I'm gonna put family like twenty third air. I as down all that, together into one all day, food football gambling extravaganza you're too he's right- smack tab in the middle of it- nice healthy favorites over the bills, bills, plus two forty money lying near and bills. Don't need the game there! I've, no matter how you look at it. There are five, and now I want a joke with you that they're gonna win the agencies, but there are five seed. Anyway, then cowboys needed humiliated after another loss against the patriots they have that stat thrown in their face all
They haven't beat no winning team. Ok, here's a winning team that maybe not isn't that good. Do it Jason Guard, but here's the thing I feel a little bit the way you do about my everyone's gonna take shots at Brady. I don't Garrett. This game, of course, is terrible and, of course, here but when a game, but one jerry gets mad, Jerry Jones gets I was angry against jets after the jets loss. Then bills. Last, like I knew immediately, we were overmatch like I said it would be nice if Jason Gara could one speed a team that is not supposed to be done. In this case, you was both to beat the bills, but there were clearly better defensibly swarm. They do all the right things I don't I was. I was surprised to see that guy I was gonna, be the d a scapegoat for this one. But yes, of course, I was upset they mocked. They marked as equal Elliot yet a day, but the supra. Did the sitting. I would have more comments on the game, but nephew Kyle showed up and we made bloody
Is that where delicious and then my mom showed up and she had. Ah what was I won't go the way while yet she had they examined a simple way. Monkey way. Why were you drink it? I made myself less good, bloody Mary, and then I went to beer. We allowed a drinks is my point, so the game kind of flew by for me but Buffalo, I thought without faster. I thought they would have trouble, give us their deep guy, but it didn't matter. They just found other deep guys and single tears get yeah he's is. Feisty, invest stuff and Alan played really were Zhao and good to hear his goody. I'd like a franchise got about a deaf went on at the look for quarterback anytime soon That's our guy he's! Fine with weird is cowboys could be out, rams could be out, bears are definitely out. Let those are three division winners. I know there's turn over every year, but you would think one of those three would make an end right. You would think I just can't believe this
CS, I would say, is the crown jewels division from a tv standpoint rain. But you view doing just a dream I've done markets and ratings. Yet. Washed in New York. Philly Dallas is the best you're gonna. Do the Myra and where's situation, our the where the giants of the bad for five years washed and bad for fifteen years, now Dallas it seem. I dare you to make a step up, has really happened he's already on the downsides about rimmed I've had happened and made. This is and the division. Now I don't, I don't feel like this is gonna, be what it looks like next year,
My lad, you write like it doesn't really matter when the Irish Sea, south in terms of markets, is down because Tennessee Jacksonville, then Inapt was that's fine, yet be about the then I fell for Paul needs these teams to be good, yeah that'll. One thing we forgot to mention the MAR, because I saw Tony Don T say before the game was talk about Lamar as pickin apart the diner sound here, a hundred five yards passing today. Seventy one of those hundred five yards were the tides. His receive our was Willie stayed with twelve yards, and I think that I think that's gonna be the recipe if the road to the Superbowl goes through Baltimore, which I think we can say that as we can, we have the right to change your mind before we get in the fact that they are not getting production at their receivers would be the red flag for me, fuss, gonna, point or red flag forgot the red flags for every time. The page
about seven, but I think for Baltimore sat in the annex II right now. Who would you have, as the favourite do did then? and there's when you over as the favourite that gain, I think they kind of did even with this law state they won me over, but I want to see them play the New Orleans next week. That's it that's a gigantic game. That's gonna be fine. I can. I still think you got Rogers. You got breezy Russell Wilson, they're, not gonna, be the top cedar. I just those are tough out, see the way so I'm not, I can't say anything bad about any of those teams, but I am glad that, like on the whole, we have seven good teams between the two conferences yeah. I think, though, the top heaviness of the league gonna make for a really fun laughs, and right now you have.
Seattle wins tomorrow night. If they beat Minnesota, then they would be a bye to him. If that's, if the season ended today, so, let's say they're what their favorite by three: let's just give them the winches for the sake of the sorcerer's saints Seahawks will be your biting. You would have San Francisco as the five sea going to Dallas, and then you would have Minnesota Green Bay. The six three match up, but I'd be dominant. I'm gonna throw a vary in their I'm. An I'd be very surprised. Half San Francisco Minnesota or Seattle, which, however, is the five seed, can't go to failure Dallas and when that game pie no one knows these teams might be one or two point favoured, depending on who travels their Minnesota
I'd be very surprised at this point. Will that's why I brought that up because you down the F c is assuming the Texans. Are the forces in this the Titans consumer pass them either way? That's a pretty strong for seed Unusualness Jackson is maybe a thread and thank the chiefs have for losses, not write. What chiefs our Texans or titans that'll be one of those three all three. Those teams are pretty get negative. Eared your car, France and its failure. Dallas will definitely be hosting plan game there and it could be a gets every cisco who might be the second best, even though leak rat. That's where the but look thing about the next week, your likely now nodded Nina. Far fetched that you have Russell Wilson, drew breeze, Aaron, Rodgers and drop, allow it in the final fourthly and say that I know the pact in Lebanon that game pretty handily in the weather was weird now that, but that was one of those games or oeuvres like a guy's put this gateway
and then I am forever half theirs. I really really the giant through the hang around. Here we go again, you know it's weird, a few times a shared, a team that ninety percent of the public is bet on has, as one as you want and covered, then it's weird: it's like the public is winning some of their guessing right on Sundays Game, the Packers or one of those seems like eighty seven, eighty eight percent those betting on a game laid the six point and added, I was really worried. I am still not sold on Daniel Jones. It sounds like charmers gonna be fired. This is to double digit law seasons in a row yeah eyes. I still don't know that that they have the right corner back in both the public was on the charges. The line swelled to four and a half and ensure lug through through a couple touchdowns at and then classic chargers Game's over all sudden. It's not it's attack
we're gonna overtime. Actually we're not gonna go over time because there's been there's a really weird Ass Interference and now they ve again in the last minute I ate therein chargers fans to talk about this for long enough. But really can you imagine if this was a team that had like a magic just like the bears in the bears Blue eight games in the last minute of it in one season like that would be all we heard about four? danger, but it's the chargers than what we had last week on this by gas, only went over that game than burned charged. We said just stay away from. It gets a two teams added every week as a new way to lose a game fan GEO against when who somehow one twelve games. What this dear, I don't know how, but if you could just do, could it just like tuned in with two and a half minutes left, because a chargers was that two twenty laughed and three time out and they went it was fort than one
and they go for it and there's a time out and is a false start. So false thought, after a time out as aware, is anyway we assets then another one, another fall start forth and eleven. I wanted you plot. Now you still on the other side of two minutes. Now they go for it. That Williams Guy makes it an incredible catch like a crazy for eleven judge down the silent. There are thirty, five yards puts, men feel go range and then they do so your doesn't stop the clock he asked and bleeding to like nineteen or somethin, like he's there clearly kicking feel go fort than one rivers backs out big Day call time out. They kick the feel goal and then I right there's no time left. You left itself no time so why you throwing a bomb if you'd go in for it, you would think you'd want forty five, fifty Hagen's level you could have in the past in affairs, Acacia Heyward liked so so controversial, but good job. I chargers. You did it again, a new way to lose its incredible antidote, fish fanny Pack
Germany at the is really its word for the ages HALO steer clear Round Royal launched the first off filled, Waterbury to encourage fans, the game to moderate hydrate stained the game with your watch in the state in much at home in a bar. Have Jason Crabb, just don't be dumpy- that person that ruins it forever and make the right and take a water break. So who made the re com this week or not, who may do I go home and say Zack Taylor yeah on the bangles, yet they get up the jets come the town turn on the dog there three and a half point underdog. They get up. Seven hundred and thirty. They get up ten three house. If they win in this damn game, aren't they? Why don't we figure this out the jets or bad team one may beat the raiders are excited they're doing some Joe Name Celebrating crown Royal they're down. Ten three has again live bearing the mere minus one. Seventy good job by using
EL or, of course, Andy Doll near not tank in there I mean whatever they may be taking, but there was an attack. This game there, even when one stupor game- and this was the one good moves act- our bangles get there first, when my re cargoes too, all the speakers who are now really experimenting with outside kicks, because the percentages have swayed so much against them because they can't stack it on one side now we're seeing we we saw when today I forget what came it was with the ethical neighbours, the Pats Texans did you get so excited by your game of the window? Ended again? No, no, not that when that was great to know there was one were somebody did this spin? It was almost like it was like a boomerang. It went from right to left added spun through the left. I think that was also the Pat sex and gave it we're seeing we saw coup on Thursday night two on sidekicks recovered, but
aims are now like figuring out we're bounces and ways to make the ball ricochet up and they changed the rules that suck nobody is. Covering them. But now it's led to this whole innovation with kick yet I'd like to give the right call to everybody who is in charge of this whole process. That made us experiment That said, kicks Crown Rome, as ever in this, for buses and tick water, break a moderate to stay in the game cross after himself. Wait I'll excited, though we gotta about that answer, check how excited with you It looked like he had his mates on that it, the right air, the Texan, stop playing with three at its last. Then I didn't know it with new cow, our joint, but it all lead to us getting back into the game and the ants I kick, they showed them play. It wasn't as close as it seem from there. I angle, but yeah these kicks. Now. These weird bats is it's. It's scary. Through the other team,
bizarre. The patriots ran after call time out and making the Texans Pont therein to draw plays Taylor when they got beyond a doubt of it, but it did seem like they were given up to. Then you don't understand it. Cross off teams, I've. Fourteen and were only through thirteen weak Caesar the rule as we try to match it to the weak. So here's everybody, if you wanna uncrossing off somebody's Tommy, bears Bangles Broncos Browns Box cards chargers, dolphins, Falcons giants, jets, lads, Panthers. Redskins. That's right, I mean went through those fast, but pressure that right. Caroline is off right, so we could uncrossing bucks if we feel like nine in seven could get a succeed in the end. I see their fun. I don't think so. I mean. So that I would say that Minnesota's gonna lose tomorrow and NGO, one in three. We could ask
on cross off the reds kids. If we feel it Seventy nine can take the sea ass, a joke about that later, Joan about. What's where's the joke, I have to say now that then I went to one of them while they did have to be Dallas on the roads and onto afraid to look at their schedule. What are they have listened? if the Eagles go to in two and doubtless goes one in three down the stretch. Seventy, that is the energies chip added up. We can cross I've, watched it worthy, I'm sure they point to pay. You have a terrible scourge, easy schedule right. All the time have you play them yet GB, then she we bring making the dog- and here I got I it's over next week. I just realized that way it's over So why don't you show me? The cinema guys gonna gum gas either accurate. I can't get a matter at packers, it's over at packers, home, fairly, calm giants at Dallas there so
are those last resource ups, but very surprised if rainbows is still need to win, who just walk through work through this one with me. This the skins going green day when next week the Eagles beat the giants and they would go to six and seven. And then what would you have? You have you'd have to definitely oh you're you're you're at Chicago. That's a ball. I just told you we could lose the Chicago, we could lose. The rams win. Philly and then, when it home against the Redskins, and then we have the division? You know I'm among crossing the Redskins her eye. Leaving hurling Anko every using the across. Leaving now and open. Can I tell you, I know why you don't wanted JANUS. I think you hinted on it. Are you said something about it? We did. You feel bad crossing tamper, bail, because they're Fonda Watch and died. I bet Jamieson withdraw pick. It hit five of the last six weeks. It just wasn't there.
Twenty five nothing no showed thanks to have real through the pick it up. The ground I know you're, grounded they review date. They gave the interception back to him. Now has a bad beat for me, but I do think, like you said he was the second most exciting player to watch other than Lamar yeah. I have them. Second, I'm trying to round out the five I think Philly Rivers is in there for me. I think Mccaffrey's in there, and I think Henry is. I think he Rivers like a minor league James has accepted all the emotional screaming at everybody, but Rivers Lamar, JANUS Henry Mccaffrey setup as five and seven and they lost that just insane giants game a week. Ray yet and then they lost the the Seahawks game in o t that they'd never should last does it does You never should allow scams and if they went about their seventy five, we do that every. I know them right
everything, they're kind of their than chargers of the air of the annex C. Basically, right, where did you get what's your word: Fighting the perfect give this holiday and are we are where we are worried about finding the perfect give Palatine is the gift the guaranteed to love We have one of my house. I've used it. My wife is used. It doesn't that dozens of times you know why it's just want to go to. You know to the places where you're in this hot hot area, with twenty other people, you're all riding a bike standing like each other. Now she'd rather watch your shows, the Palatine. It's a gift, they'll key by news that, if give it to them endless variety of entertaining live, and I d be classed as motivation from requests. Instructors, efficient high intensity, cardio work out at home and you, my wife, does, is less time for me.
More time with the people or their shows? You love better, yet with path as new thirty, they hold true for the big worry free for thirty days, and if they, the person gave gift with the sad as that for them. They can return the bank for a full refund palatable even come pick it up at no cost. This out, I give to give to Palestine for a limited time, get one hundred hours off accessories when you purchase the Palatine Bike, gotta one Palatine that come in use, promo code, men's at check out, o any powder Deca, promo code summits, Thursday night, your team is poor, in Chicago the that your biscuit truth is gaining confidence. There feel good right now
I have the bears favoured by one and a half. This is a weird one. Now bears heroin. I had cowboys by two and a half. It's a cab was by three with first well. Why did you? Why did you make a kind of having no. When I saw the bare should be favoured, allow at the six insects you beat nobody, we marry anybody. We never see Anybody do these teams played a hundred percent, but what if they both pointed? Seventy percent who's. Your money on the cowboys, I'm just going through your winds giants, Redskins dolphins, Egos Jain again and the terrible lions team that you barely be by eight. Though, there are six wins Why are you I owe the bears? Why should you be favoured in Chicago? Why,
cause you, how goes the Redskins they somehow the Vikings Lions giants, lions again The bears are not worse or better than the cowboys. You guys are the same level of videos or die. You know what I'm going there this week for Fox and I'm going to talk to the team and that's why I think I think that'll be just enough to win you going this week. I'm gone. There's an I gave you bring a bread, brats now Brad and deep dish in Chicago now I can't do it. That's too bad. The Sunday Marquis I rarely do this, but we have to move to Marquis games. And you could argue we have three, but I'd narrative. Saint sad home against the forty nine hours, a wonderful game, yeah. I think what you learn a lot about your breeze, one where the another in this game- and I really like
whereas often the matters raised another. When one thinks I liked about them. We can talk about this really went out of their way to punish Lamar Anna were were totally file with after knocking about bans, flags and stuff like that they Atta bans what three times a guy called, but there are like to others they could have been cards. They really were China rough em up, and I don't was. There was a bully mentality that a kind of enjoyed- and I think what the saints I witnessed. They're going to be doing the same thing right, cuz, the saints are a little bit more of a finesse team. I would assume they're going to be trying to bully by them. I have I have the saints by three: That's exactly what I had in Vegas as it three half the other, like a game, pats our own playing the chiefs and heroism? Maybe two more mark. You are a good, that's that
I can't put. I can give Josh out the Marquis spot him. Sorry, that's Anybody out there now Jane. I listen. I love that game, but that's how you can check out. As now as that Marcie statutory other ones, and I came as waste Grady Mahomes arms. The paths come an awful ass. I have the patriots favoured by three and. I had three and a half and then the game. I said this is gonna, be tough everyone their brothers, getting over open against this defence chiefs are gonna, be good. They time of it Sunday I dropped Sunday. I dropped it at three and its three and a half it open to three haven't stated three: half that I came out that I came that it should be three enough, so you get that he saw Pepsi take Oh, and I felt so abrasions next level, whether it's a hail, married, touchdown, a defensive, stop and the girl and her superbowl when, when it's time to celebrate its time to crack open a Pepsi. What is your favorite historical and fell so abrasion after touchdown about them?
Oh, I wasn't prepare guy now. How do I want to be your off? The cuff answer puts Johnson taking you back forty years, but he would do the guns of guns a blaze and after cowboys touchdown member Butch, Jackson, yeah, you do the good. I was like a bit They would like to shoot the pistols up in the air and if you look at his catch against the Steelers at the matter, could they lost, but it is the first you figure. What's what's look? Look back put Johnson touchdown catch and it is not a touch down by any means, but simple prohibit dropped. Like right in the end all right away. They call a Dutch I immediately by name but shouted celebration which would have been a name for one year: kids, tat art and one of the monarchy. Sitting Butch Archie, Jack and Birch gave a fourth kid think about, but Knocker Pepsi the official spots
the NFL fell, provides you'd, always be celebrating. Ok, the watch about we have three. First ones in Buffalo very excited for this every time, buffaloes big home game, you can always count on some announcer due to breathlessly, say it's the biggest Tom game Buffalo and twenty years we do. This buffaloes hosted plan came nearer. They definitely add a lot of big. Over the years like we always make it seem like their this third world our country, who never gets hose again, they ve had good game, stop saying that I had the ravens by three you know and have I had ravens by three and a half it's up to six. Oh now, decreed that I'm never been against the ravens again until after potentially after February, two thousand and twenty. But this is a big big line and a spot that they don't again again, don't necessarily have to win
so I notice, as with the Niners game, I thought that land should have been three or three and a half, probably three and a half. They bid extra half point for grandma. I did not bet on it because I have Lamar every and as a team in an betting in summer it felt like day but waited the land satellite five and a half year. Five and a half it just felt like it was two points because everybody loves Amar. It was. I did the two point. Lamar cushion and I wrote waited for him on Monday night before they, even by the rams near the the spread against a Niners, was four and then jumped up the sex and settle the fire. So now it seems like it's a two and a half point Lamar Cushion, because this h e b, three and one slash two welder circuit losing money where they going to do everyone's been the ravens. What was it the week before? They were favored by three and again against the rams. They rushed out. When I had that game, and then you talk me into hedging it with the reforms are now that's bad,
and then I had another huge parlay today, twelve to one adds the last pieces, the pat's and I didn't. I would like to pass on our work in a less and now you are on a wrong you're, a good week anyways. I doesn't your pic element at less than re why the house, in the patriots, be the tax, and the past asked me DAS, my Flames Tampa well to my favorite teams. I put this in the watch was gazelle. Both these tapes, box home for the courts are what you gonna do man you know courts did they just in their Marilla MAC, two percent on one leg, people trading called seconds: they just in their Marilla MAC and percent. On one leg, like people trading, the court's, like it's the same team from six weeks ago. It is not an until they start any healthier. I think I have the bucks I dont think this is what the line will be, but I have the bucks favoured by two and a half just cause. I couldn't not do that, but I'm probably wrong where you could have said three would have been right. That's what I did so
it's three may, and I thought I was gonna- be lower than three. Now I will say: defence travel selves, and you know that you ve seen the cold tonight. That's why you like them events around you can run on the culture. I got a message interception again. I can't wait to get away. I show up it's a great airborne when it doesn't happen, I'm get very upset like it's like load management is going on or something that's him every player. We know it's really happen, and here I can almost hear the Ringer social team cutting this out and turn this into a fifty second club on Twitter. It's the James contract rent is what really happened in here. Oh yeah, oh yeah, they have a big decision to make heading into the off season is James. The guy he's been really kind of explosive bedtime. Susan interceptions have been well documented but they put up a lot of points. The offence is getting better each week and at some point there
have. The look of the mare decide whether they want to give them more. Money will be more interesting is if they decide that not too, Be some other team talk to themselves into Jamieson, then he goes to a new city at a whole. Do fairly. I love you ride the James Rolling Our moment tonight looked over to me and asked. Is this what the next twenty years ago to be like tat and I did habitat? actually in a very dark moment tonight. Look over to me and asked. Is this what the next twenty years ago to be like tat- and I did have an answer for this look sadly through the God would gave Us- is our cuban next year. Yet the IDA triple up on us bloody marries, guile. We generate any offence, but Brady is Jerry. Is regenerating hair the legs I've never seen in my life and collars to near here. He has his main right now. It is a Michael lead in little house than the prairie level lag right here. Do he's got I don't know what's going on there. We in fact
how to talk about the page offensive and made a pact were inaccurate that what they say it like AIDS, AGA began talking about re, say now: we just went out. We dont John, stable, Salvarsan hat, stick its great free, they say MRS Stables. There should be that it gets all adds. That would be great if one, for drug is using to make his hair latian thick, that that doesn't jive what the nfl standards than that does a man I would be the best and its dark series dark now. What's he doing enough? So what happens when you marry supermodel titans are at Oakland Oakland, a team that has six winds, but I feel, like I've, been blown out nine times. I don't understand how six had sex, so there were six and for going to the jets they could have been seven, for they would have done a lot of these games when the matter there had been seven and for another six insect whether seasons get. Officially and next week as the tens. I think the tides are really
I keep us every day on the rise off your saying near, I didn't write off the bare jet, Now they're they're alive, considered to be your tea in this area, so they don't, but those two or are there there in the Kyoto we cross we crossed off the bears, should either way. I do have two on cross them. Well now they sat unless they get their hair somehow and operate together. The best part is the bears feds antics, giving just flipping out about nagging, ensure risky and ensure Biscay actually made a couple place. They pull out this game. That was the best game of the day. We would like our neighbouring watch out of it was great game. They pull out this game, a guess. This lions team that had like nobody. There is a third strength you be it was, but should rather deeds and defence coaches that refer. That was amazing. I have the trains favoured by two and a half.
And opened there you get this. I went. I went the other way. I said out by one, and I was bad this game. It's it's times by three. I was gonna bet that before I get there ray, but our what is with the raiders? What are we? Their pictures offer that status with the raiders? They have a terrible differ. What I have one touchdown India, but they only scored one touch on two weeks against Jetson the Chiefs like they should score against a chief. I think teams have figured out the car service Then they drove us crazy that lend again, though we lost that card, just doesn't throw the body failed. At some point, everybody watching these tapes and Billig earlier that I never throws about more than three yards yeah. Now to do that. What about about handed if they weren't down by twenty one in the first quarter there without seven, nothing- and I think, like Jacob, said close to a hundred yards in the first half like how about that. Your play cheaply
Keep it re. Scientist aggravated aright I'd take overall again DE rages. Just like you know, it's chicken screw, you Chuckie, you can go play for your wildcard. This is our vision when an astronaut beaten us at home- and I will say, like my homes- looks like Some these passes everybody's going crazy about it. It's very breadth. Far Minnesota Vikings, Arab there. You know what I'm getting at like either daisies could go either way a lot. These passes rights. I agree, I think, he's been erratic and now be interested to see how it as against the pat secondary next week, because that will be the first. You know right. First, they ve had some woman last hard hard game. They had. Where he's been it Baltimore I'm trying to they lost their taxes. They reminiscent the first, the Black Windsor ads in September, Sir, the barely whatcha bowls will rid through this cause. I want to talk about the Irishman, Packers home, for the reds
By the way, we do want a three hour and forty men recap of the Irishman, Irishman settlement yeah, yeah that He party lecturing, including shot fantasy lecturing other people about idea those two lotta that will get to second guess what the irish moves to lock we'll talk about it. After I have the packers by eleven over washed it twelve and a half its fourteen and a half that's too high. The Redskins aren't. How do I guess that I really like you, don't care about this college conference chant chip names were willing to make a nice money like parlay whenever the packers in their we're gonna put Clemson all these big favorites Alice, you he'll, say you'll be done. You just need a green bay on Sunday, obey nice thing to wake up. I saw them
Alabama, its found their way defence for some reason, but I was those fun game: the problem of college football, as you have to be its if the pencil, unlike for straight hours there, forty eight forty five had sight the entire Saturday right. I've there stuff. I'd rather be doing like play fortnight watch the Irishman her, what she azured over and over again the jets our home for the dolphins. I have this down. Jets minus three. I know I'm wrong, but I just add a principle could not favour the jets by more If anyone had the right to win the game, the war by your friends, why said five and six? Well, I was happily willing to sacrifice a game. I wanted to make a point Heaven there she started said Bartle over the shouts of this person. Is there were six page on the NFL that work and pretending knows something about football I know, because I ended up tenant ray. Had he not get a by a tenant three on the three c domino
is sorry, as team he's five and eight as the succeed and he's gonna beat me as can be beckons, because I cried about his trade being illegal and his guy that he got back on more James White. You got that best guys and five player deal they're gonna go nuts. Next week and for I'm also allowed card game near your aforesaid right now. I have this whole bucks. Receiver thing is gonna, be the death of my team because I have to start Godwin in Evans every week right. I can't bench either of them, and yet there are weak site this week with age, they had taken early lead in theirs is that from the bar? I get ten point stole out and we need to win. You have Lamar. Lamar has the Jetson two weeks. You need to get that for its its lines are pretty nice for me. Texans Broncos, this games in Houston, and I have the text its favoured by their we're. Gonna split this
said seventy seven and a half. Would you think of the new Broncos quarterback? That's fine eyes, hidden aid in ever Cambodia to touchdowns, but like a hundred fifty yards something right. I love other line moved because he became qb, like our number three was, was a huge losses for the Brok. I think that only when the Steelers won from brood after the Dakar just did that they can get their line. How fast? Not though I got that's fine, we're good woman had button bright, speaking of what the Hell's going on the jaguars, our home, there's thou controversy between poor Nick Falls, who any time the key be as the broken call about, and they bring back. It always seems like they bring back three weeks to really it's probably prelude happier than force now: there's a little menchu mania they're playing the chargers an eye. This normally would be a perfect again, but I had to put this in the barely watch
because there is a one hundred percent chances. Game will come down the final two minutes and something absolutely ludicrous happening right right. So I have the jagged minus It hurt my head to try to think of a line here. I think you're going to be. No! No I'm closer, I said pick, I said a pick them. The chargers are favored by two and one slash two: am I closer yeah, I'm close closer than I had a charge chargers, foreign aid still respect like they're in eleven when Tamers Le Monnier rhythm is it. Is there not really get risk which came? Would you rather watch vikings at chargers or bills, Steelers bills, sailors? Really that's what I see that's a week. They find Dame they flex vikings, chargers out and put bill still is in there really rather see that oh yeah, we love watching rivers the blow up. Why I'm good with rivers
I'm going with him, I'm good with him statute victory out of the jaws of defeat, or vice versa. What does he do? He statues defeat average, the Victoria sunlight. Ever let alone the somebody's Josie pride open by rivers speak of the steward. They are in Arizona and I have them favoured by one and a half over the current. You got that exactly. I said, for I don't know why I just you know. I think I ever saw that rams when today they beat them five times in a row. For thirty point in age, game at least and held them tat. They just own areas, Arizona their Mary being game. Tat decision allows where the fact that the gardener, suddenly a three running backs, is weird right. Really. Need one running back and right right, the poop facto its blow through these Falcons Panthers in Atlanta. I have the falcons covered by one now you get it. I said three there'll be a little higher, really really down on the Panthers. After blown up fourteen three wait: two houses Redskins neglected
vague feeling, you might add money and that game well so excited to fourteen three. And I started Kyle Alan overbreeding Fassig league- am I I'm smart. This team is good and I was dominant theme is bad there is a great moment near the end of that game. They they didn't, show a lot of it on the Red zone and add again thanks. They are ready. Zone for natural showing out of it now, but they get their down and they drive all the way down almost get a touchdown. It's like first and goal from the to stuff and completion stuff. I forgot with the sequence, but now it's fourth and Goal Allen number to goes backward any any goes backwards and then he's going backwards and they d just get sack them that a further details? I gave a minus twenty eight for their last by the basically knock them out of the play. I saw a few start if you take the snap in the Red zone, but you that also father, you must admit field it that the the channel could go blank right, good right,
Yet it is not a large as yet would you rather have bread? Browns home for the bangles, been rejuvenated by ended on ETA did. They were battle die due to its to bear thing when you have somebody is clearly better than the other guy. It you're not play him and well, unless attacking unless you like, six NBA teams right now no offence at attacking, but now it's not burials. Try as we have seen this year, though you can't really tank in football. It's too violent over sport right. You can't half ass a football game. You could put their guy friendly in every week and at that help, but I noticed browns I have. This is the dumbest side of the week I browse favoured by seven half right. I had that too out exactly seven habits: eight and a half, that's an even dumber line. How about the brands. Priscilla had a good tweet today about as other do you do you do that
Pittsburgh Tee shirts into all that stuff, and then you lose to a third string quarterback. I Jazeera nobody. I fear yourselves, like nobody must care for your get. This is it. I totally agree that let's stop covered the brides. Done. I think we're I they were covered covering them. Would chocolate icing, because I really don't know what happened a baker and as a fact I myself, I feel I can say that they really those brother Bryce it he looked at. You had his red bad still on, so you think Baker just gaining wait. I'll know he doesn't about needs. The scramble for first sounds a little bit. That is why do I refer to your guidelines, God now that he's gonna attack us now yesterday's after people attack and I'm not fat. I wear the same. I went before the year. Guys. What is your phone? How much do you have seen you? You look like you lose aware that our big talk about as Baker,
Grim bugger in the same year be too much a man. It bugger just back to his second tab tiger. That data that minded a burger Lamar thing was that was just hilarious. There is that the whole time, Often in the room of of him say two years ago, pretty the adamantly that Lamar should be wide receiver, and that is a man. This guy is unbelievable, is Charlie, gave any good bugger moments awake and test test, because every game that he announces it sounds like he's doing Fraid of its back down when there is an actual real game that is like a The great moment he's announcing the same way, he would announce like a Cardinals Bengals game right. The he needs it is. The shift to shift gears in the car would be well advised to class he'll be here for every game. Right
I beg you surprised when they have a good game. And there's the dawn turns out. They ve got into Chad like them, Martha was five. Today's in its eye guide, this is a moment now it's. This is something I think, so has done a really good job at mastering over. The years is when he gets excited. You know something exciting is here Would you get ass ever and otherwise, when tests gets excited? That is maids human beings were moving right he's trying to wake bugger up around here. That's right, you're, right ass, they got it. And ten is both an eleven costs. Ten you get a touch down and feel go eleven. You needed touchdown to point conversion to feel go to tie thanks, eyes is back to get, vikings, our home, their plane alliance, I dont care vikings by thirteen.
You're going to get this. I think we're tying. I said eleven, it's fourteen thousand three hundred and sixty eight to thirty six thousand two hundred and fifty nine Ray four six nine. You have eight games left. Why hit this when exact Sunday night rams at home, for the Seahawks at the rams by one and a half I had the rams by to their surprise, you get this that Seattle by two and a half the hell is that It's just played each other, they loss caused airline, kicked it over the crossbar they're, all over the upright knows, avoids internet. Yet these division games either Somebody owns the other team or site. Just it's gonna come down to the wire and it seems like there's no, between with the revision gets nip. Whilst I pick this one, exactly rights are better than those it here Monday night. Eagles at home, playing the giants of the eagles
nine you messed up its eight. What did you have an eight? I thought I had. I want exactly like the only way, that's a window, for south, what passed by Daniel Joe, this sterling shepherded the giants of cut it to a region with three. Last June oh and he's out awake, I did sign for American favorite segment pair corner fight in the required for your. My is obviously important in a roof. The kids grocery sports care, wherever else YAP, has to work with their budgets to car max they make it easy to find the right guy, with over fifty thousand climax, certified vehicles available car MAX Dotcom, chick at three hundred. Sixty gray photos ratings reviews, vehicle history, reports book a test traps set up a trade and appraisal start financing, ah from the comfort of home, discovered just how easy car bank be. When you start a car maxed outcome
arm acts the way it should be. Ok, I gotta were under its thanksgiving. I had my parents are there. They are not speak. To each other as a whole, crazy dynamics. You know my thanksgiving, my parents are there, my friend our friend barristers there. He warms up Jimmy him alive. His girlfriend, my friend, can Harry's berries. Cans butler. Where we will have a lot of misfits. We have a lot of family. Then we have my immediate family there. So Kids are run around Archie. My all this is watching for all of us, my young, as is watching for both of us, my middle kid Jack AIDS can be twelve years old. Everywhere. He does really wanna. Do it s so he goes up on his Ipad and gives us exactly as much time as we have for dinner, that that's, how much we're gonna see him so because he knows you to be at the table and when we go around the table say while we're thankful for he barely gets out. Thank of my parents in my family, my friends, that that hurts, and even say that and then
it is, I can I go up. Can I go play my about again like yeah, fine, but ever just stood there would be? No one, you draw benefit. That's fine go plan right, that's so we we deserve and then we're carry o king. My wife has four Oliver and some some more friends combine we're doing karaoke till I get thirty at night, and we haven't you Jack and ours and Jack comes down grabs. The MIKE poor puts in a song ac theses, ten t, knox it out of the park weren't, even though he knew this or not using he's playing to the crowd he's not even using the The words on the screen is turned anti and then that wasn't enough. He files it up with. What's it what's the individual Songbird California, love whites, have love and tea.
He's has gone crazy, he's talking like a like. You really like feels the lyrics. They are always talking about us. We in that shine state with a biomass, have been diamond shine and looking like a Rob Liberace, and he knows it in the good old city city of good I'll watch a huge, really looking at us and fill in the music and then he's done. They drop some. Like Chapelle and walks up and adds evidence in the rest of the night. So they again America jackets, he's twelve February athlete testing who know eighty Deasey Aisy these yeah licensing,
it is their video. This, oh yeah. I get my mother poster tomorrow, even at the put down now getting too so my son, who turned twelve earlier this month. He he's just Bennydeck lately today how much of a deck is so bad. It's the truth n n n, but can get away with it with my wife because, as you know, the Mother son bond is just unbreakable right and there could be ninety two straight offences and then, three minutes of hugging are just just affection for them. In oz reaction, if our Judy the system worked like motherhood was sons. Everyone would just get out of prison immediately right. So we we ve come. I think so he came up with this term, but when ban as I just being a deck, we call bench rating
if it isn't heads so there's been a lot of bench rating lately and and and Thursday night he was just such a deck and just the whole day does the huge pain in the ass and then at the end of that, my wife was mad at me and she's like I'm a greedy mad at me. What did I do? She's? Like you know he just he acts like a dick and then you know you, don't you don't step in and then I have to be the bad guy and now I'm getting blamed. So I go talk to Ben I'm like look. You got to stop being a dick to your mom like this. Is your mom be nice. I nowhere in the family were together other time. Other by this is your mom. You you, you have to listen to her. You can't like snap at her
she's. One is always on your site, yeah and you're, a nice kid that you don't get to just be a deck and then think like it's funny. So I talked to him. I go downstairs, come back up and he just lying on the bed with her cuddling and she's, totally forgotten all thing and its I've just or something it's like thirty seconds of him just pouring it I'm an and that's it she's back in the palm of his hand, I don't understand well, he understands his figured it out right and so his figure it out I'll tell you. He hasn't figured out with Kyle they'll, really your cause gonna, throw him through A sofa hysteria is soon I don't. What the rules are for assaulting your kids barometer, google them after we finished back at him, Google, it's good at a Dubai
with over two hundred stores dish wider more than fifty thousand Carmack certified cars to choose from. They make it easy to find the perfect car for your family and maybe even Nephew Kyle Vapour MAX. Has you back with a seven day money back guarantee an every vehicle, no quest? That's no haggling whenever any pressure to buy a car max traveller free for ninety days, a fourth asthma, whichever comes first climax limited worthy had over the climax dotcom today to start the search for your. Car before we talk about the Irishman. Let's talk about zipper, girder sports teams face many challenges we just talked about. Are the challenges the patriots are right now cause their skill positions, guys are gone, but what we seem without check in the past. Sometimes they figured out the fly.
Quotable cofounder, Gretchen, Gretchen Huebner face Round Challenge game artist. What's the zip code to post a job found the right person less than two weeks, four out of five employers who post on could get aquatic, get it through the site within the first day. All of these would be people thou that owe Martin, that the Irishman should not be three hours and twenty minutes on right now. You could can try Ziprecruiter for free at Ziprecruiter, DOT, Slash B ass, zipper, greater these smartest way to hire right. So now we I carved out of five to ten minutes here for the Irishman, Booker its I never it's three hours and twentysomething minutes long It is the I guess you could call it. The trilogy almost the pitch, the heir, Scorsese, petty trilogy
Pino gets added in this feels, like five decades of movies, the natural finish line of all these people together. People were surprised how much it like this movie. I thought I was fine. That's my area! You, those via a daughter, is fine. I could a shaved out forty five minutes. It would have taken me probably one day The error rate is back: hey, maybe that scene when he goes to pick up a, but then they do as I am that it goes to the house that a jazz bout, maybe you can cut like two of those seeds. Babies, flying finally, many lands in the plane. Maybe maybe we could you say he got that a trade in India. We know that people get places if it was a rough cut. That will not take any Irishman. It was a rough cut. I agree, and I think Netflix is to blame because they like a guy course as you do. It
we want. You have no limit. I was in a theater vermin it, but the what will let it let it go. Let a break Let it be as long as you wanted to be, and you can't do that with him. He needs she's, like you know, if you put a ton of food in front of a dog, it's just going to keep eating until it gets sick right. So you have to kind of tell him now, let's get this put chocolates at two hundred and twenty or two hundred and thirty, I don't think easily easily cut a lock off an hour that and it wouldn't have affected The plot points are or storylines. I really do, and I may I would think, like what the hell was caught cause. You know they caught something for any more because the same. What did they caught if they left the head? It turns out there that once it s got, but I felt bad so Patino ass. She, the narrow they're, probably on my mouth Rushmore yeah, admitted right along with the game play connecting in Greece, like that. I'm afraid so it has to be it has to be a sea plus, it least right. That's what were that's the bottom.
I think it only climb to be minus and for those reasons I think like it was too much overkill like you can't you can't pick. You looked a week as the viewer shouldn't have to pick out the movie like yeah. These will my favour parts and that made up a good too. Eventually like going to be too be too long words going to turn you off right, yeah, a few thoughts. You know, I think it's like seeing a band after the bands pray then, if you saw you too, tomorrow and they had a three hour concert. They would is get his Venza due to her, but you know that, but if the cancer was really give a ban, those guys are still bring in it. That was cool, and I think I was but reaction with the Irishman, it was cool at these guys could still bring it right, but one people start throwing around that. This was like a great movie. That's, where am. I
I hate to be the throw the water on everything person cuz they eat. You know I let I try not to do that, but I just watch Godfather II because we're doing rewatchables about than a couple tickets and that's a movie that's three hours and fifty minutes, and that's probably the best movie of all time. If it's not it's one of the best three or four movies of all time. So I was coming off the experience of watching that movie and then watching this and how many wasted minutes and scenes that could have been half the whatever in the performances were well. You know for this stage of of guises, lives and careers. The performances were good. They weren't, like put Chino Godfather to like I think. There's Nancy Irishman by when the asker, and I think it's insane while near and I would like, as a people leg Scorsese in the like, but you know like the near on. They think it's really
that at this point of their lives they could make a really watchful movie, but first of all it didn't need to be three hours. Twenty minutes and for doing it by the Netflix binge watch model. That's fine! It should have been a four part, many serious, then I get it right by nature. The position it like this was a movie and then people have talked themselves into it, and it's too a job back and forth between Patino and the narrow like when he has do, but I guess we could talk I am aware our talks you reduce by yellow from here on arable despoilers, and if people have in senior they can just start solved upper me. He has to explain to patina. Jimmy Hoffa that the big eyes are common after I'm just play ball right, that's basic! That's for an hour and a half. That's the bang, like hey, you're, you're, upsetting the apple card here, just be good. You'll get your job you'll get your position, but just
Who are you not just don't freak out you? You know you you're doing things the wrong way around. That conversation happens, seven top with it it's eleven may we could do to rounds. We don't need that. Eight, you gotta tell you boy got tell him the behave Jeff It is always an anyone. I wasn't a you how many times we have to see that it's great it ended up being, but what you said is like it was good, seeing them together like I like it, was kind of, it was kind of fitting that they released it on tape. Giving weekend because it was like relatives on Thanksgiving. It's like it's good sing them, but then an hour for it's like I the area, but the pecan pie I think an earlier. The in Irish, very that figure overseer it's a year. You have to go. Oh my god, like in the only other thing I'll say is. I think it should have been made. Ten years ago, turn about what, if they What about my name Cacena? So this is after casinos what year,
casinos. Ninety five, which I just watch, which, by the way is far superior. This move is ok sure, of course, if they do it in two thousand five, what's a fourteen years ago, at some point, these guys are too. Oh, like Deniro, seventy six years old and stamping a shopkeeper on the on the curb each curbs time as I am not buying it, I'm just not fill in it and isn't it, stop staring at them in the end, the eyebrows or just to fake at an hour at some point it just you can't do it. I know special effects are great everything. But I just didn't buy a lot of if you shoot this in two thousand five, it's maybe different story. This in the stopping seen invalidates, is they from winning a bessemer. We ask erratic Zack dad is one of the worst seeds I've ever seen. Movie that will get nominated for an Oscar. I can't believe you have all this money see. I can you de I am so he doesn't look like a one hundred and thirty pound man romping, like you can't even barely stand
as like that ears, like he'd beads of Fuckin Walker, the what's going on here and I want to see the takes that didn't make it like that they fall off the curb fuzzy Wuzzy doing they lose balance, and then we didn't talk, but the agents now. I know it's a probably looks better in the theater, but I can only judge by networks would watch it on. I we had a problem with it. I thought it was disorienting I'd. I thought the guy's looked like rats the old guys who had gotten incredibly good botox near, but they said, seemed really all the potatoes hair looked like the job it should have been played out on a Sunday. They were with go along with that. Actually, my eyes and regional office both be buried in giants data. They might have actually been done and preaching is just son of a woman Mau Mau the whole tyre area. We gotta to get out there what the thieves does. Ladies, dial up you know
your last five movies a bit like that, but fine. Well, nobody is less five fifteen, but in this one every cow for gene, oh wow, he's really like really cause. I I just watch godfather to is like a thousand times better. That will be joining us talking about and then you know the whole movie hinges on. I have to like this Deniro character, right distance away. The he's the here of the movie, though, is not a great guy, but I have to talk myself into the you know. At some point I have to feel add is growing all than he has nobody in his lyra near supposed to feel bad form or have some sort of emotion. I was just like her guy was a murderer: Didn't I come you dive alone like I did, that need to be a half hour, you at all You didn't have to end when it ended like that was, though, is the other thing aside from dragging out the meat of the story like it just okay, we need the same in the in the most.
Nursing home? We need to? We need see everyone in nursing home I to like what we get. We get what happens with two human beings that that's it they expire. Well, then we wouldn't get the wheelchair bought. You seen the airlock at I was big may put that at the beginning, there's a wheelchair, but she said at some point: somebody Hey Marty. Are you sure that shouldn't be like two, twenty, five and but Ah, the film birds are going nuts for, and I will say that way. So, let's go positive. What I love about it Was it had these Scorsese? He touches badges made me really Thou. J, too, is other movies pressure. You now and I give it the scene where there it start the first twenty minutes at our excellent I can't remember with so many years ago that there, the for them in the car with the wives in the back, and they all spoke two minutes and and moon a just had all those little Scorsese he things in it. At one assassination scene with the slow,
more while the people in the in the in the crowd, I got into it now. There's twelve thirty moments the climactic scene at the end, when Patino finally gets it I thought that was really well done. It took a twenty minute set up. Their problem could have been done in seven minutes, but give it the other thing with this movie that I thought was bazaar was this. Was this one guys account who claimed to kill Jimmy had to have killed Jimmy Hoffa near, but it's been two bunked like seven different ways that nobody actually believes. This is what happened in Jimmy Hoffa now. So it's like it's like this J K, Oliver Stone situation where this movie now exists that people regard this is actually behalf for that. It's like now. This is this guy on his death bed who claim this is what happened in the right and nobody actually
this happened near. I don't know why. I think I'm just accustomed to like everyone. Batching were making up their own endings or making a story like the bohemian rhapsody. You know you friend, mercury didn't have aids at live aid right, acted aegis. You can take such creative licence. Now it didn't that doesn't really matter anymore. Part of it I loved having a petty back. I really miss them. I thought he was excellent. I thought out of the three thought. He was the best one at that and why? Because he stayed within himself you now here he did the calm version of himself and you know it wasn't much name from from good fallacy. Wasn't stopping guys that Katy, member that scene when he told the area to take care that Jimmy Thing, Wait a minute. Let me think back up a why, because it listen to him right, even though it and listen to him the first six times there will he go upstairs What did it but about in one of the seven times said there that conversation that he has really get right, but look I'm glad the movie existed, I'm glad it was me
I think it was really cool that everybody got back together and did this kind of reunion movie, but if it wants the asker, that's insane. I think it was as as over hype, the movie as we could and is not a knock against. This is maybe why this is a problem, but one that we start here and about this mobility. A year ago, yeah like oh, my god, this is gonna, be the best, but we haven't thought about like. Why should this be? The best is geyser dinner plain out the stranger, but there was there was good to see them together. That's all speck here where I'd just watch Siena like two weeks ago so great come on? I'm! U Tilbury watch roubles honour, watches again right. I don't have time after retired a watch it, but I would watch it again with you. I there's a couple stretches that I liked near. I thought the first twenty minutes really good and I liked the whole stretch leading up to patina getting killed, even though it took forever, but
You know that it was so methodical. It actually was. I don't know why I kind of understood what he was doing, but ultimately, One of the things I didn't get was: why did Anna pack when just kind of instinctively, that her father was a horrid. Yet I was we're too. She had just lay yes p with their dad, like everyone does not become a liking. The Jimmy Hoffa, but not passionate, but why does she loved basically the same kind of guy, but she loves. She loves between a banal pashas care, very strange she's, very so there. Wasn't like this signature incredible scene. Was there no added things up at that pashas, really good, I'm just gonna get to watch. As we play budget, I give it, I give it a beer b plus I ever be b It is but I again a lot of the hype figures into that. I felt like nothing was high more than this movie, so that was left oil. This boy,
this, I don't wanna, be lectured fitting that movies to too, because if you Over two and a half hours. You got ever really good reason in a movie. Yeah people have shifted their. Well, I just think it was of many series and they didn't want admit it was many serious and other. I now it's a movie that second ads for Prime Minister is theirs there is a mean going around about where add a split it up to watch the four parts like it's a four part tv show, and it was at the exact time like after forty nine minutes. That's the end up somewhere Brad it's, but they are absolutely had to release it this weekend because you could do could jumper out like you. That was the smartest thing about it right. There is this. Now, in February like I am no five for hours. Because it was a long weekend. It was groundwork by Russia. I'm sure a ton of people watch I like to have dinner, but you know impassioned Scorsese back my life now and I'm glad the movie exists. But if a Wednesday asker that's ridiculous, ass
he gets book. Ah, what I am, oh against all odds were doing a Tuesday we're going over six games. The conference championship games are gonna hit, em all began. I felt aims as well, and I am in a major cargo, Thursday night too, in a bed for them, game show I'll be lived on the field also for free game show, and I won lock in, and I want to ask you real, quick and bring with me shit. I get a free futures, bad luck, Linz, four, thirty, five, thirty eastern on F S, one Monday to Friday, I get a free futures bet. The mavericks I know you're all over them, everyone's all over them to win that division. Two hundred and fifty with three hundred and twenty before the game tonight before they beat the Lakers. Now they beat the Lakers, I'm getting a Boris part of the number plus two hundred and fifty they're tied with Houston. Now do you like that? I, like the one we talked about this weekend, that I'm not allowed to bet on
Hours it on Ben summits, for defence of where the air, thirty thirty three two one camp wasting my that's a lie. I get a federal euralia. Ah, that's too, like too the large idea I am I may I could go with clippers at three two one when the whole thing I kind of like this Dallas thing, but I think the Dallas thing the problem is used today. Again. He has for sixty a nightmare for a while I've been pretty on this. Damn thing is you in house can attest sure I do think it was so what is it plot, plus two, eighty plus two, fifty to one division, their tied for the visionary? Now yet do it? That's it get that's fair. They they could go Toto with Euston defensively there. The best team in the league by far right now thought I think I'll. Do that a new you do have of your dialogue and with them, because you bet against them through this week. Anyone neither clipper. So why watch? I watch
not offensive way there? The best team in the league by far right now thought I think I'll. Do that a new you do have of you are dialed them with them, because you bet against them through this week. Anyone neither clipper. So why watch? I watched them as much as I watched the Celtic, so I feel like I have a good feel fur right. You know what what's going on with their funder of four Why did the other one? We have that. Finally, we have a bunch of fairly bets in that teams. Just a role. Most readily. I wish I could sell our best friend. I don't have any money at the six months. That gives a vapor p. They're like a football team. They win games of their defence that, with their efforts there half card offences like watching it in a way, I so game or something it's unbelievable. They have indeed twenty eight feet from the basket. Third Orford thirty feet from the basket. They ve no point.
It's weird I very much want to buy bills back their plus their plus six. Fifty to win the championship. There are now waiting to tear down anybody images to twenty five in the east, the organised. Now there have been in the chair, which I would say the upside team right now. What are the celtic sides for these for the east there plus six? Fifty because when Heyward comes back, I think they're going to be really get so took. Tat went away, Heyward comes back and legs
for weeks on my weight on that, but their weight on the south as always good job, a good job. I? U ballot thanks to stay fire banks, the car max thanks to Pepsi, they take all and if Thou salvation said next level, whether it's a home irritation at offensive, stop on the Golan or Superbowl win maroon step. Superbowl, wins cow! Three! Member this when it's time to celebrate, assigned a crack open, a Pepsi Patsy, the official sponsor the uniform idea to always be celebrating don't forget about the book, a Basque by two point out back ass, coming to you Monday at midnight, jerked the whisky and then the reaction was this week as well: Wolf, Wall Street and everything I call on the rail package that work will be back on Tuesday and this back? I either
one way.
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