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Paul George’s MVP Run, the Kooky West, Odell to L.A., and Baker vs. Belichick With Jonathan Tjarks and Peter Schrager


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Jonathan Tjarks to discuss Paul George and the Clippers, Coach of the Year candidate Ty Lue, the Mavericks’ continued struggles, the impressive Bulls, best NBA rookies, and more (3:30). Then Bill talks with NFL Network’s Peter Schrager about WR Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Rams and upcoming “kitchen-sink games” for the 49ers, Raiders, Chiefs, and Vikings, before making their Million-Dollar Picks for NFL Week 10 (49:32).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Jonathan Tjarks and Peter Schrager

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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about a lioness. More said that we did first five straight Thursdays. The music back series spent three and a half years of my life and ass, he messages seven hours, your life, you could watch. There are excellent, really proud of the series you medicine, the Woodstock man, I'm on that we did that we ran the summer as a snake preview. Fibre common awareness is first now Thursday. We are now weak away in it and if you don't get to see I have on edge, bouts can be read on HBO back so very gas speaking a great music,
I take this past me specifically on Thursdays before the games- Jonathan Sharks, this year from the ringer, we're in a talk, a bunch of stuff restart with Paul George. I think we're both noticed apologizing. That's happened in the shirts, I think games. but if you think it two thousand eighteen when it made. Firstly, my baby twenty eight for forty four percent, thirty nine percent. Eighty six percent- were the percentages he's basically there. This share with the clippers twenty seven eight five router, because percentages with interesting as this is a top six Plath team charts here there. Next for best players.
And yet, despite be debatable I'd. This is what I read them. Reggie Jackson is clearly their number two, but tomb might have the case for number three, because the two to our staff and then fourth places attire between Luke honoured Insurance, man, I would say, and somehow Paul George lifted these guys and has gone to a level that we saw in the plants last year that we ve seen from him in the past to me. He's one of the six guys guys know league right now: Puzzler Brown, when the brown comes back, where what are you watching? What do you see it? I think it's funny. You mention why we about this to it all goes back to its easy to forget, sometimes how hard it is to be. The number two wants him right. It takes a lot of sacrifice when Paul George playing with quite he cannot be the pall George being now he's movies off the ball out more he's playing off some one else. It's just not his team when it's your team is just
you didn't you your stuff. A little easier relay called you right now you can go to his whole bag, didn't get to the post ups pickin role, spot ups pull ups when cries out. There lies the man he's plan off while out of the game and maybe only gets like you know, twelve minutes when Eliza and now ass merchantmen team Harrigan to a rhythm, whereas now Nepal, Georgia's source to the game. He knows. Ok also get my told more shots, but I have time to get back to what I do and I think and you saw last June, the plan was quiet, went off, went down all the sun. Paul George went back up the good reminder of how much role impacts even the best players. It's funny, because it ties into a situation sat by the sudden right now it Tatum Embrowned, where for the first time it's really been the whole season, the south,
they're kind of looking at it shutter going. Does this make sense, is do these two guys bring the best out of each other? Should we trade one of them and it it's not like? We have to trade one, but it's a conversation, and it's not the question of. Do these two guys make sense together to me it's what you just laid up. Does the situation makes sense really for Jaylen Brown? Is he over if I had to be in that Robin Spot- and this is what we ve seen Paul George- had a vacillate were resign Indiana he was carrying them didn't know, feared the personnel it could be anything more than the best guy and like a forty five went in goes to o k c same thing that it's gonna play of success, but it kind of pigeon all them as you little overqualified, be the second banana, but not quite good enough to be the main guy. I found the playoffs last year. He shed that These four may and the only reason that they lost the signs, I think, was just they were so worn down date to to do with it did they were limited roster anyway. I think
just war down a little and they didn't have the horses, but I'm a big picture he's doing stuff as the focal point of an offence and as somebody who's, creating and picking his spots and really does make other guys better in this is like this is what I want from Tatum right as selfishly. This is where I went. I didn't get to where two three years from now he somebody that can feel out again pick his spots. Take good shots, cotton, no one to ease back and take over, and things like that, Paul Georgia's there and add to me his clear first, he might be a guy through thing, gets yet a forest about the other days, because this diversity of his game athletic impacting
in so many ways, and then you go back to the fact that all you six foot, eight and then there's so many games were like against grizzlies blazers. The point six three guys autumn is like oh yeah: can you score of this guy's a well and then I can make the devil team off the pass. A pass. The double theme I mean he's a very versatile game, and I think the celtic thing is a great and the here, difference right when Paul George coasted clippers. He has already been the man somewhere else. She's like I've lived that life. I've had my chance as the guy anymore. Fine as it is I can accept. I can look at the fact that quite letters to time finals, envy Ok, like my child, I can I can respect the reality, the quite better than me, where's in jail and browsers like oh, my God, Jason Tatum is the best. Wherever I've gotta get behind him jail embrowns, a young guy is coming up himself he's like I made no soccer team. We want these current house together.
three years ago like or the same guy, I'm not necessarily gonna stand behind you, because I can assume. I can be of my own personal fire, and I don't think it's like him being selfishly it just kind of he's a young guy if he was like twenty eight, maybe be different, is twenty three right in Paul George, when he was twenty three Joan Bronze age. Now those two things and fourteen the basis that is when the second year, when they went Toto with the brine in those guys and really had established himself as the next up becoming too forward after Leubronn internet, I think, has defences and where it was seven years ago. I don't think there's any question. You is that the big appeal with them seventy years ago, was the athleticism in the text of which is a lot like Jane and when and got thrown in different stuff- and I remember there is the vehicle- why was being Shopton Toronto end up getting him and was a big debate in Boston about while
they give up jail and brown for line. I was against it and I would say on this package saying, if you look at him versus Paul George said, though career is very similar, like the stuff jail in Spain, a balloon, his first two seasons, verses, Paul, George, the differences Paul George, eventually, once Roger, was officially done, which was pretty fast. Tv fell, the team had to run for him and he kind of learning. You got the wraps and that's what jailing hasn't gotten, but it's us, oh, I am so afraid to even think about trading, and now I don't want the measure them because I do feel like what you what you learn TAT were think on eighty eighty, two, eighty five percent of jail and can do and what Paul George less use the Coopers right was. Eighty two eighty five percent right now are seen the hundred percent and it stands out he's got the swagger ass. I feel this happens in here sometimes hear pivotal moment in the play out last year, where it be it's weird to say this, but a few
His career could again either way you know domain where it was like he sat in the bubble. It became a whole thing and now is threatening the kind of become who he was right. I remember this happen, Chris Weber, to some degree in the o, two or three or four range, where he was one of the best where's the lake, but in the play out there is something missing, especially in the big moments, and he had a couple fork in the road moments and he just ass. He was he was. He wasn't like at that cagey Duncan level. Ray blow for George. When cool I went out. It seem like this moment It was either gonna, he use gonna crater or he is gonna eyes up, I felt like you rose up. I thought he was amazing. You don't need. Just gotta ran out a gas by the ito. Eight do don't you feel like sometimes there's like a career gacek become it with some of these guys. What did I think to its debts? chances are always there forever right, youngest, so many chances that this thing when you a guy on a team around you and chance to win in either
Make the best love you down, and I know first bid is Paul. George is if collide comes back in four months and is healthy, Gaslight Paul George had to go back that spot of role or not for my first him on the anymore and that's just the reality of a zero something. Don't you kill if collide does come back, though, ease them into internal weird way, you'll become the one b and obey pine, like five minutes a game and though becoming easing a man in. No kind of mainly would this be the ninety five bulls for Scotty gets the one year and Jordan's come back that right, daddy, I'm your that's kind of like that. I suppose yeah. I think you're right Paul Georgia's careers, way more interesting,
I think I realise that Deep Dover last night- and I am today first law- is made one firstly Mombi in five third teams. I tried to think you're the best twenty first century small forwards, so the cut off would be two thousand on and you make the lesson is like obviously leubronn, then the riot thank Hawaii that has to be top three pierce. First Magritte is eight debate, for I to me it's like a no brainer, its pursues way more durable. He was a better to a point where he had a view that area Acta right more other people. I know my God to MAC, but to me it's pierce and Pierce also came through our big stages. He up how do the broad and a game seven like he had it real moment, see now a demographic six and then George is clearly seventh and shall Marian is eight and then it drops off, but when you think of it in that context, I quit
one years into the century and podge herds is one of the seven best small forwards we ve had this century uttered of people would think that. You don't get so much of it is perception he played on a small market. They were good early ass. She got better the team tanked around him. He went to a case c right, so much of that Paul Georgia's at that level, right below the truly historic, the great players right quietly at making the wrong the brown collider read, those guys would be used for the great regardless. Doesn't it Paul Georgia's right below that where it's all about the situation is put in right, but on the other hand he made back to back eastern conference finals last year he made the western conference finals after they lost their best guy with a team that was really built around those two guys and then a bunch of minimum guys and cross your finger guys so three western files that that's better they didn t matter we're dead enemy in time. Like this
last year, like first rate, is thought of the Mitchell. As you said, looking at skills appall Georgia's seven inches taller and better distributor, he little more. a study in terms of the team, you just a better player and damage the great plan, could it is very, very few guys you can do as many things were poligized do enough. I was going to come back to a skill set off in ITALY. Yes thing, you know situations common gas, ok, how many different things can this guy doing What level m start stacking skills there's just not very many guys were like It's funny when you like dual address stuff, you off talk to young wings,
and the guy, they always bring up his pulse words. I remember tat in the cave, Mikhail bridges when it came out for fundamental piece out in these like who? Do you see yourself like the guy was like our guide, Paul George and I did a piece copyright gone Josh Richardson amassing about who does you gonna wanna be like, and it's like, Ireland be Paul George and it made sense to me because I was like ok, no one seemed to themselves liking become direct. Like I'm, a seven foot free. Could you surely no one thing I can be Lebron James, no one say even quiet, the strongest man alive. They simply these guys like Paul Georgia's, like the best version of a bit player unanimously, even every greater concern baby. I can become him one day. That's an actual goes like Mikhail budgets could say: Wanna be shown married. I was watching the two thousand seven sons on and is being classic, and that's that's, who should be on a really good planning. I said George seventy six, so the list again the bronze rank. Why Pierce were Paul, George Marian and then a drops
go in fact page. I would like to ask, for instance, that in terms of current players, the guy think it's pigeon Jimmy Butler those, the kind of guys in that same level, very different kinds of players, they're both right below the superstar elites. I've got those two guys come the comparison. I had Butler eighth, I Jesse needs to bank two more years, see where they doesn't have the resume at other than might that one final thing and he had a couple front plasters, there's an apology. I was trying to think of another player kind of after the Chris Paul abroad generation, the ranch, enriching. Who said more, what s break his thick? You fuckin broke his leg with. That was basically an eighteen. Venturi, and he broke his leg at the worst possible point: the greatest he's about to hit his prime and that's a century that is no different than the Gordon Hayward Injury and stuff like that. So comes back from that it felt like he wasn't ever going to be quite the same. Nanny was so son. He was kind of better than ever was so he has that early
and in the end a thing would have dainty Granger never gets hurt, is a great. What if cause dainty rangers the best kind that team IP average twenty six came citizen and they were supposed to have this kind of double barreled, Calliope George Kind of thing and he's just his knees gave out. That was it. You look out like two does thirteen fourteen, I feel like that. Could a stolen fourteen with a healthy Granger Cosette He team was dying to lose to somebody and but Granger than haven't you have the Celtics. Summers did that seventeen trade were the Celtic think they're getting, and they really do that wasn't a bullshit. They thought there were getting up and then often he's gonna ok see for what turned out to be an awesome trade, o D bonds bonus at the time, a reservoir it out, and I was one of them as I: why did they take our picks up by never turn great great and they Diana up getting to really good guys? But if they go to the Celtics, because the Celtics herein ever happens, you have Paul George, you have Heyward,
you ve Orford jailer like that. Third, that's a whole sliding I've gotta, what a free to also what, if the Lakers Trade Ingram Forum and that summer, he guessed I would urge a garage right. He plans has flag there and, I think, really for Paul George. It's got, it seems to me to say, but if he was playing with the broad, I think him on the broad have more complimentary skill set him. Why? I think they'd be even better together. Well, then, it's the next. What is because the reason didn't trade Brandon Ingram form whose cause I think that there are getting I'm down the road cause. There was all these smoke signals being sat yeah. Why we have to tread branding affordable, keep him we'll get ports later, and then that summer, when it seem like Paul, George was gonna sign with them. When you the one year and o k c o the party and ok see unfinished business to summer two thousand, and I will go to my grave thinking, something fishy happy with that the Lakers thought they're getting him in the broad
something weird happened, I don't know if there was like a tampering thing or something it just never added up to me. He ends up Bri signing out of nowhere and then that becomes of what, if, because he could have gone Lebron day still would have enough to trade France Airbus, because, like IRAN, any Anthony Davis, a thing. Member thing Jason did for us for years, making fun of the decision means that grandma, rather Philip that has always been an autonomous like levers in a room last Paul Georgian Frankie withdrew at everything like Russia, China Convention, to stay in. That's your part of its leg is how to get into. As I wait. There's three more would have what of courageous stays in Toronto, totally conceivable. That could happen right there when the title, if he stays there, so then Paul Georgia's stays in ok, see we Westbrook now Westbrook for Chris Paul never happens now. There's like seven other would have come out that you know, if quite as and get her last summer, because I think they make the files, I think they would have.
In the sons with. Why really do I think that was a bad match up for the sons and then the last one is what if in most right now, what have quite can come back in time. This is because the west is open. The warriors, I think, are the safest pick you up as the best regular season team out nothing. Anyone trust them in the pious phoenix is seems like there in motion and then the Lakers or the wildcard thing, but that it is open of quiet comes back in time. I think that's it! That's. What, if in motion, I'm actually working on a clear risk peace? I think there are two other things. I really makes me kind of sneakily, confident in them number one if the west is fairly even and if these play off series are super tight and it becomes coaches playing chess, affectation, rainy, customer winters, applying chess certifies forward that show the other
hey, the clippers played the walls. The wolf had been, my kind of joint died three and one they beat the box and was really excited about the walls like whenever they ve got a clippers twice highly says: ok, I see you're playing cat and just because you today What I'm gonna do is I'm sticking my centre on Georgia codes because he can't score and I'm devil teeming cat everywhere. He does that the walls is both games. I think they basically haven't want a game sense could rest illegals. I gotta get idea what patent he's dead, like the bulls are done without either Movement pilot wrote a book books out and the boys had done. That's the kind of coastal who, as I keep a man, he might make a mistake in a plaster mule corrected fast. You have got some personal pieces adding to the second smartened clippers had done was kind of hives their value, so they traded for Eric. Bledsoe, obviously has a ton of words. I mean those became an austrian talk about that
then he is he's better when there's he's a small ball situation. Where he's the one not should write like blood, sucking to be like this weird Bruce Brown can a player point centre crazier. Four shooters around him so clippers. Now we have this kind of wild card, but during the regular season, when a place, you botched play hardened and like you feel that on off number, two, like that I'd better way he's been pretty good yeah. Let's face it. Those guys are not very good because two, not shooters, but we know in a play off series we're gonna bench them, but the pension against the jars. All the sun Bledsoe becomes valuable in a five hour situation finally, that those two pieces for me why, unlike the clippers, have shot this even if quiet and himself when he comes back interesting, Tyler Point he deficit method that, to some degree last year, his teeth ass. Sixteen finals performance was just tremendous.
You know that became a battle wills. He had the right guy that data. I really like watching the sum of the games from that serious cause game for from two thirds. Sixteen at them Is a fast anyone cause the worst kind of sob and break the calves and it's over and then a day realize I going to lose Draymond for game five year, but this series is done if saw them, and then the will of that Cavs team to comeback, and then you watch that last game, which is basically a rock fight and a dick measuring contest. And tie just had the wreck eyes out. There were no matter not that last year he did a great job to that. You talkin back, which I went to. I went both that the last two home gives games, I thought he was amazing in those games because they were overmatched that should not have been in a Mitchell was little banged up, but that you tat should have got out of that says it's gotta, not setting. When that says it's. Why can't take them seriously this year, if customers like all at the weekend of small, against
but took up her out of the pain and then there's no word offensive players and walked transplants for forty, even in the first answer is yes MAPS and like pilot
I would say in that certain some ass, he probably state big a little too long, but when he had made the movie made the move and if a crazy, because the minutes from game one against them ass, like game, five Tyler basic changes, entirety, rotation, completely, flips snares, Hooper fastened, the ok. This isn't working amongst the next thing I'm not wasting around and that that's like man there's very few coaches relay now only because they are part of it to make adjustments right. You sacrificed, or so small young stolen. I'm shot the wind up to talk about eight minute samples is purely your instincts and your conviction was right and he's gonna go and he thinks I'm often enough. It's a team that probably has a trade to make it they need to do it to read. They have their Bledsoe at eighty million. They have.
Chris Morissette fifteen point six Connor's at thirteen point three: they had the aback expiring at nine point: seven second package, stuff together and and swing it if there's becomes a guy available. I want to talk about coaches bullets. I take a quick brick, hey, there's a big, ten money they match between division, visuals, rams, forty nine hours, guess Fender Sports book, it's making a bigger fiddle in new customers. Thirty one adds on either team to when are you gonna? Take the forty nine hours ice cold. Forty nine are you take. The rams was Stafford, who looked forty. I I don't even have an answer. I do a lot more research is grapple or heard Staffordshire. Do your research listen to them
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Colorado Highway, Indiana, Elena New Jersey, Pennsylvania Virginia when an underground were in mission. in eight hundred to seventy seven one, one, seven, see one hundred, eighty, nine, nine, seventy nine or West Virginia eighteen hundred gambler died that you mentioned Tyler before it's funny. I I've been thinking about him this week I think, he's a coach of the year candidate. I know it's only ten games that stupid, like this guy's mp3, this guy's coach, the I just I've, been really impressed by him, been really impressed by son side on the wizards because it suggests that is, I think, better than a lot of us out there going to be a but they've added, so many new pieces, and I don't think people realize how hard it is to just throw all these dudes together and then have it have its incoherent just up there doing defensively. I think it's been really smart, like I'd figure out of bounds plays been good. The guy, I think, he's been probably my favorite new coach. Then you have obviously spouse
I think Curs done a great job in gold stay with just the movement they have in their ability to win. If staff does deemed by well any other coaches stand out to you can lose. We was Ripon coach here we are that we have to nice minutes about coaches. I want to look at a list. I think, like what I love about out sick with her hers example. He's found a role for Gary Peyton too, where similar all the air, let's roll, we're talking about where we're gonna have to suppress, let a guy in a small and a small bottle, jewish, nor as lack of a jumbo, becomes esben issue, and what I'll front how'd you like? Can you find rules for players that makes sense to fit their games and I think that's like them? The fundamental part watching along the other stuff, you can get assistance brought the right schemes. You know how you do it, but is identifying rules for players and being endows for so long. Ray Carlyle. We can talk chapter and verse about his off. We handle speed.
One thing you was always really good at was defining role as the mid players that made them better than who they are, and that's me is the number one hallmark of grace Stevens was great. I I fathers Instagram account, that's called, I think, I'd Boston Sports Throwback may put out is fun clips up from the past, half of which I don't forget. in your member is a mouth, but they ran a clip from Stevens is first member there last year when it was like Evan Turner, Kelly, a Linux, Jordan Cry for not eyes, they autonomously really was before, as a time is shut up. I was at the island, misfit toys and those are these guys who people kind alike but confined home and then Stevens, just kind of figured Alec Use Evan Turner. This way, and oh Jordan Crawford's this in each is kind of solve five guys careers, He may have maternal love money, that's for sure Gary really dead at Betty right. That's it! That's a good point about coaches that the cartons team
Ty Lucy, something inheritance themes, the guide. This is worth what you are tat: the best players right now list. I talked about this little Jackie. I think right out. Jihadis, Katy Yogurt hurry and then look as kind of knocking at the door, but his team is so weird that I dont even know had a judge, LUCA you're you're right. There he's gonna start an idea. They Lukas definitely in the I play my way into shape school. It's a bummer obviously the buyer away into shape, and it doesn't always the great. I think that in a team itself is really kind of oh gosh, talking about the maps like they're, still figuring out who they are, and I think right now I Dallas we talked about in the pot a few months ago and they are trying. I was hoping you optimistic, okay, p,
got a whole off season to be healthy, etc, etc, and then he comes in the year and guest lower back tightness. Almost immediately abolish right now is trapped in a situation where they don't think they can play cape he at the five full time and keep him healthy, which is a fair thought. The problem is, if a plank happy at the four who is your five and there are other big men- are very, very limited, especially because Maxie clippers out yet I was like you're playing K, paean bright Powell, fully colleague, sign or bovine? And it's like these lineups these two well till the unskilled bags. You don't move very well. Very high when but you're, stop what these lineups, because Cape he can play the five full time and it's kind of depressing adjust its timing, the cape. He thing is, ah god I don't even know anymore. He had feels like
said NED in the last couple apps therapy to whom they were item four inhabit them. At some point, we were like a fucking sum up. The man writers, like John Warlike retract. Its costs java used to basically they they they basically evidence that even gonna play him and we're just gonna. Spend eighty million hours and this guy for one draft act that we got virtue: tat suppliers, brocade peace, trade value right now, unfortunately, so this brings us to the West Coast. feel the same way that the maps I think the league is more towns. It has taken us a bit about that today. Where issues like it's fucking If you look at Marvin Bagley Sacramentos that playing in his unhappy and they clearly have to show them in the old days there were always like four or five teams out Billy, I forget will take our overall. Today's Marvin sounds great, bring me
this year, everybody is kind of got guys. You know nobody has that twenty minutes, the only team that I think would have the twenty minutes for him is OKC, but they're just hell bent on proving that Poco is in a catastrophe that you've known. there's that a lot of evidence is lad but ok, see, as a team we could all the days of the mother and that we have so much talent that people don't even have the twenty twenty five minutes to roll the dice, that may be new Orleans could do it. I don't know why I mean they're steer for tanking teams and era. That's pretty competitive yeah. So when I think about that, and the pausing is peace and like should doubtless start taken flyers on guys like our they at that stage, where you're, just You know awaken a prairie age, you just it can't be worse than what we have, because I look at the West go instead, you turn Phoenix top three limbs dug its lakers.
In some order. Next, three in the Lakers absent when the brown comes back, we'll see what goes away, provide a term that talk about less Ricky. I just think he's a disaster. I don't care. What happened last night- and I agree is mavericks- would be the third tier and then it drops again the Sacramento Portland Minnesota San Antonio. But my question is: should the maps even be the grist. Here they adhere lower even with LUCA there's things they can do they gotta move. Things are the only thing that I think is hard in Dallas, because time for Karla was clearly over, but the the he was really good. Get was trying trying things he wasn't just just gonna. Do the same thing over yonder will see how kid does kids gonna have to make some adjustments. They got a road should come up with a play, Phoenix twice on the road and the clippers twice in the road will see. My guess would be after that road trip adjustments start happening unless
they are playing a heck of a bad they have so far sea have like six in the west and drops in the east. The east is bizarre, because Brooklyn. Who knows what they're gonna look like can may? Who knows you know what what luck is gonna look like when they have other guys back, I get to them winning twenty straight Who knows how La Miami can stay healthy and then who but finally have the seventh think plays out, but you figure that's the top for at least on paper, but then you could argue Chicago is probably a safer better than every team. just mentioned, accept walk in Miami because that team, scored I'd. I got that one wrong at that there could be a fancy team when you watch them. They make sense sometimes,
rosters, makes sense. They did a really nice job like can land, so the murderers in Zack, Levine and boots all makes sense together and who would be the perfect fit guy pathways gets hurt. Crusoe is like the perfect FIFA, perfect sector, literally perfect. So now they have this five min rotation that when I watch basketball on a Wednesday night like last night, I like their five guys as much as anybody watching you see the same thing. I think it might be to look at it with the bulls, as Britain was skills. that's right. It's not finding Rosa in Chicago, I bet Zack Levine primary score throughout arose, and primary play maker lawns on Caruso elite defensively, spot up, guys, vouch, high post passer, secondary score, miss and all batched. It mismatch, destroyer, vouch certain themes or it's like I got this guy's there, the math
a key on him and didn't work very well, but Harry look at his is still I gotta do all five of those guys have their own role if it within those roles. Ok, lawns on Caruso, not the best shooters lawns, actually shouldn't pretty well, but ok, Levine's, a great shooter thousand same thinks us like when skill sets intersect like that at last he allows guy supply bigger than that with their that it's a sum is burden their part trade. I think that's. The biggest thing is all their top. Five players have rules where they can all be good without take with many body else. Right of those top five guys, the only guys were taken a step back his village, basically everyone else is the best version of themselves and his team and other skills that line and that you can kind of magic happening and, as is happening, shattering of yellow things. I love to look at
what kind of shots are you getting in the last six six of have again just you, you get, and that's why I have trouble with with Gaza Gear Fox and Con Sexton, who, ironically, goes out last night, and you actually calves that wizards game, then of losing the talent. Is Christmas through two trees, but clearly their best backward is garland with Rubio together, because those nine yet they Garland gets, could shots from self Rubio can create shots for all kinds, gonna, just a team flows better. When I watch the bulls, They just seem to have real options at the end of games like they're hard to play when you're going against him. You're like damn it like. Alright Levine has the ball. you don't really want to go one. I won with Levine you, you wanna, they shade somebody over, but then, if the rose and has any sort of space at all, it's done. He makes everything from fifteen to twenty feet. You have roots vukovich
the around and then Caruso whose made big shots for three years now and then Lazo is just really fun to play with like there is a play last night that I think are Zack out, attack the Fowler, but You gotta go farther back the other way. They get a stop. It might do you see These are just things like of fifty eight yard line tribe rather we ain't here that I did get sixty it's like lots of fun, What now never understand why neurons didn't want him? A man always be bombed out, Boston, couldn't get him last summer, scenarios call dead but be. I was wrong and the boss, I didn't- I mean, if I I know, for a man like man, lawns and crew, so those are two killers have next to a guy, isn't play defence Levinus, like that's Lucan needs and if there's one thing, flask Mass point, Frank, no, a keener could be one of those guys. That's me is the one thing options for towns like finding these. You gotta find these guys. You can get most of positions and I ve got to that's covering up there.
Levine on defence, like that intersection, everybody's fits together its it looks good, so they lost at the next by one in a really good game. They lost two Philly basically afforded. way from each other and other that they be in any doubt inapplicable good whence they beat, you thought you'd be Brooklyn, they beat the Toronto since it Bob Huggins. Ninety ninety three Toronto raptors waiting, they could add to that team. She just full court press seems like that would be the final piece for their pages. They there, like a full core press away for being the single most annoying team for another team to play that we ve had in my twenty years. They ve got a figure
the shocking thing because they are playing well without em the bring about. I am very curious, taken place, the outcome, Oji and barns together. That's me is really interesting front court, but the outcome I think, has played two games, looked up and down and get back and were rhythm. So for any kind. I wait and see how it works and how is it fit him thrust his or if that's a trade, yeah Smith, I was, I watched, a Latin. Oh, it's a wholesale, the game us. I therefore tvs God they were pray. I one plant trying to place the outcome at centre and see your point like just gone with the centre. Less super athletic line up then really work they lost by like sixteen but Barnes his bed. At the light, and I shot out to some of our ringer people, because I guess I couldn't see it follow college nearly the way you guys do, but it certainly seem like it was gonna, be a project that could see like the end result at age. Twenty five
I don't see a world where he was going to come in right away and be a to a guy like this he's got the keys. got it! You can see it at that. I was really telling when Turann, who doesn't usually do this, but when he does, it means it in a battery in that press conference, after played on, where he's here a minute long model of pet Scotty by gas. How good he is like that! You know you're good when European Katy is gonna, do a monologue after the game of value you. I wasn't here Barnes guy I was, I think I was too caught up in the lack of a jumper, but he just so big and fast, and I think that the early- lucky thing is Scotty Barnes Franz Bognor, Josh, giddy less than ever Blue, like really really big, really fast guys were pretty smart and skills and that still set those those three, the first say for sure they ve come unlike gangbusters, innocent
right. The services will nobly was a huge went for us. We're pretty we're pretty adamant about that when I try to get on and one that was given. I am I'm kind of actually shocked by how advances and we talked to better it in the pod, but I just don't see. If there's a redraft, I don't see how he doesn't go first, even what we ve seen in ten gains period. Barricades plain his way back. You look good last night. I think it so much harder to find somebody like Moby, Dick once every five years situation, whereas does a guard every year in the draft and that's what we're tyrant we're doing that pod with us in Thailand heresy for the draft with mostly? I think the thing the thing people that color Globally. What happened? Was he playlist really poorly put together USC team, but no guards
and like all well he's like limber offensively. That say, yes, he's a sound forgotten guard skills, but he needs some guards in college. He didn't have them. He had no guards and no shooting and its true ability are somewhat hidden, but does that we look at the actual trades is like slowly huge, absolutely fat, very, very rare, to have that that size that speed that scale and with globally the thing was truly truly crazy about the sky, as this is a guy who could be a defence, a player the year and also average a triple double that ceiling. He left the elite passing plus the elite defence and you ve never seen a player that size. I think I'll just go, and so I think it will be a chance for the best plan, the NBA one. I think that's the kind of thing we're looking at us,
truly that level that kind of big man was really a guard- is like there had been a guy with his his and speed, and his feel for the game back combined together has allowed him to just do things that are really I mean Fred, nineteen or other plank threesome firsthand, so working as mobile just now I one hundred percent agree, I think, out of if you look at the guys who have come to the last five or six drafts really since Janius allow LUCA, so LUCA Luke will be the last one. who has a chance to be the most impact for guy I'm awake. I read I, instead of best out he's more impact folic who has the best chance. just be unwilling teams and to be an teams that contain for titles and win titles Moebius. I think the safest bed of anybody from these last three and then we're gonna go last. Ten years is on that list, just as we know like if he hits the feeling
the step that we can see already those guys when titles, those geyser in conference finals, those guys year after year, gonna be in as you can so easily built around those skills. Yet I think an hour. I read a piece about this before the start of the season and I think the big trend right now and I think that the next here's the league air sing it also with did the two guys in this year's draft Paolo and shut. Yes, I think, warmest completely turn now, where big men, the best big men, are just guards happened, how the size of big men I beg Bonn Sheriff, I don't you didn't get. It looks ridiculous city watching the duke another night. I didn't see it we found a watch. These basely like what, if a centre play com Anthony and their livelihood, but even be a centre. Just do like face up to drivel pull ups. Oh I'm, six, ten to thirty five! It I'm doing this and see me that's where the games
going. I think the reason kid one above mobilise because people were so caught up in the big wing thing. Ok, it's a big and play point, and yes, TAT was the thing for a while, but the new thing is just seven photos you play like guards and I look like Janius Katy Anthony Davis to meet those the kind of place when championships Mobile can be in that category as he gets older, those kind of guys the top of the draft does the ones. If I have a son footer who can be a guard, I'm gonna beat you. I don't care about your guards. My guard is seven feet tall right. You could find guards there's a million cars that are really get I yes, it embarrassment, riches, I've right, I just just quick Tangier, my yacht ass. I watched the last two buckskin where he was kind of like I'm tired losing I'm just I'm just getting
have to try harder if I'd, try really hard every game and he's basically he's basically centre now he's like a toy two thousand twenty one version of a centre, but the way he protects, the rim and his confidence on both ends in all the stuff you learn from the past. I share it. She's mesmerizing watch I've got out at the peak of his powers, I've gotta take for you. Actually I'm on this matter. King of I'm looking communists and I'm saying. Ok, the same will be true and Chris, this the team for next year to around twenty six. I have a long career ahead of me. I'd ask our thinking like idiom abroad and with what was one of those guys. Do they try to find the other stars it's their game. They recruit them to their team right to me if I'm Janius, the guy I'm tax, the right now is hardly Anthony towns loud in minutes soda is over. You, never gonna win their you come here. I got you on defence. and yet me on offence house.
Anybody ever gonna Guard yacht us at the rim and cat three point: one that's not defensible and then, like your defensive issues, I got you it's cool and if I have those too soon footers together laugh or run. We that's that's my move and ass for now is that I will pass I've just like for three years for about yeah me too is there a long term thing how long Braun talk to Anthony Davis right trip, How are the Heath Katy talked acquiring James hearted? These things, though they take years. It's gonna play along Katy should pick different guys to talk to me like that the game of the highest level right, and I tweeted last that by three favour. Rupees were boldly Barnes and vodka that guy reviews Gray had to sew. It leads to a bummer and the workers are having an awesome season. I wish they had taken Bognor of Cabinda,
heresy like it's actually like a shame, and we were saying that when we did our pre draft special like he was kind of the perfect worse pig, because the hoops I q and just his boat a fit in a play, multiple births, it's a shame that, in taking on top of everything else that they have going, I really think he would have fitted nicely. Well, you know it's crazy, you could look, you couldn't run it back if they are taken. I mean in any obvious behind such twenty twenty, but we did said before into we did the second Le Mellow in France. They could have went right, clay, Le Mellow, fronds green. That five forget about it. It's up here, it's too bad! I don't I, it fills a detour commingled because they go seduced by the upside and really because he's probably they thought a better trade asset you down there if there how to make a move in January February, who has more trade barrier seems like. That was the reason for that back the fact that we have been really nice, I are cup other guys are really like. I bet that I mentioned until her last night.
Hungary has been as advertised. I don't know what he is Betty. Something he's done, and then things are happen with him. It's a shame. He didn't end up on the spurs I wish they'd taken him. I think he would have been a really fun spur with their weird team and Diddy. Obviously the ball. Just I like the way the ball kind of moves when he's involved. He just seems like it'd, be fun to play with those guys always make it and then just random. Deeds Dawson, thus imbue an odd Chicago medicine is best game, but he was impressive as like a possible free. Indeed guy then I, like her Jones, put her hostess. I would like the one bright spot of the most terrible neuro and sees impossible so far, but they got him was in thirty fifth pick. He seems like. actual be acquired a big and then I obviously you know everybody else. I need more time towards looks fine, but we're not not surprising my door, they always toward it this man you're right, you get where nobody surprise about that sucks. Isn't it
in spite of his colleagues with coherent than he. I think it's clearly Kuwait and his team obedience to the sea, but it that five million light up. Somebody posted that yesterday about the barber Carter, Bognor, Suggs and Anthony, is like the man by man, hath, bypassed by this red outside that. That was a good son, but I, like the strap there like David Mitchell, I think we ended up with that. twelve or thirteen good ones right yeah I mean what are really comes down to you. It's all about, like I was saying how these guys are being pon teams unlikely giddy? What makes you really interest and as I feel that you can make a nasty, I get anything work, rest Jays, the primary score, an income guard lot, oppositions giddy can do like a secondary passing thing. Last shag, its buckets, I think that's what excites me is when you get combinations of players I say was Suggs. I think it's possible like my com,
it was like as soon as I drew holiday like we all want yoga, Damien, Miller Type and maybe his best scenario is kind of being the secondary combo guy can't does things and guards I think that my work, nor Linda too, maybe we'll, say yeah, it's a good Jeff. Ethically it everything. sharks. I don T boys want- and I feel in these this Good NEWS, as I finish chemo last week, which is like I can't even I can't even talk about it. So that's good! It's like it's just been such a crazy journey. For me, I was telling my wife so me and my wife. We had our first kid right before the pandemic and then the pandemic hit and then has a starting to ease up. I can sir, and then I'm ones you chemo like six months and for speaking as to your journey, where I'm like an ongoing. like, where the hell even ally like what is it so I think I
things are going well. The one thing is it's really hard for me with my wife. My situation, as is because I have like MIKE Mike cancer is a re, where kind words a lot of very, very small tumors, so the doktor never going to be able to say. Oh, like your cancers gone, which gal your body life goes on. Like you, I'm always that I have to have to deal with this this war. If it comes back, I can do now- is just leave the best life I can in my doctor told me he says he does you know. Ah I dont know if a combat we'll come back. I am not the person who decides these things and I said yeah you're, not there's not much. I can do about it, but trust in God and just leave the best life. I can't watch in Basque.
Well, you, you bet incredible where growth and credible gotta get to know and inspiration at they, Terry Body, but it's been awesome to deceive handed this last year, saw what I really appreciate that and I think I ought to support everyone's blossom great, to see you charge skidded good some will do this with Kyle dollar? Three, where we can, we could do a redraft or something but get tied up. Hope you get here, Who is the last person at the ringer who believes in poker? Giving k o c has given up Ray Kyle Kyle's fading onto, but will it may be CARE Comcast's, the amateur mob, pokers gonna have second career in some countries that will beginning clips of him five years to debate oh go forty, eight it last night Erika I gotta see. I have a good one. or a guy's. Let's talk tech, specifically the kind that makes your home and family safer homes. Clarity! If you do
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Day Peter triggers here from good morning for bond from Fox sports. We had another kind of lousy week last week, the last three hundred and forty five thousand on million dollar pics, but we're still up five hundred and seventy nine from season this is going to. biggest wiki I'd. Tell you now you met member like are? You won't have to member crazy Eddie Of course you are told you always it off says that bigger sale I that all year- and this is gonna- be the biggest biggest week we ve had I like a tiny games there, some underdog stuff, I like it, is every once in a while. The schedule just comes your way, with a bunch of thanks, a bunch of presence Santa Claus come down the chimney, for we do that. Don't tell us on your desktop. You went through the rams today. I don't wanna spent much time on this because he honestly has not been an impact. Five years an hour. Calm down on it at the same time its, but is better than Josh Reynolds, the Rand Third receiver like this is a good thing for them. It so funny
say Josh right also bill when Josh Reynolds was released. I got from my sources in the Rams organization like, I think, we're gonna make a play for Josh Reynolds into my parents, so signing in the last forty eight hours talk of Odell started coming out, but what I think is interesting is They got Odell over there in a couple years back when though, still with the giants thee. The rams very watching the mix before he was traded too clever. The end of the day, o Dell in Mcveigh, had said each other out and allay like day connected. There was no tampering with just one of those deals: library disguise cause Gaskell someday I'll play for you. Hardly what s up whatever turns out, never got very far because Poland and the giants quivered offer first gonna pay. I ran for could offer that so this then comes around and Mcveigh on the phone himself. he made a call Odell and was basically like what are you looking for because you can come here and be a part of a team and its fur
weeks or maybe more whatever it is. You can a have a great time with a bunch. These veterans B, rehab your image do whatever you want with that and see Gonna get you the rock like. Don't worry this isn't the challenge acts into Sean Jackson is a different, have a play. O Dell back home in what they're looking at is: let's go for wide. Let's get Cooper CUP, let's get Robert Woods get Van Jefferson and let's get o Dell out there and they view Odell as a different, but receiver as the Sean, Jackson or Josh Reynolds end. The pitch was based we like come and join us ride, and Europe, joy. This you're gonna be no delay in about you and me over these guys and then once Mc Vega going, then it became jailing Ramsay its timing, him, it became VON Miller, face of annoyance and by the way he has this, was your basketball prediction uses. Add things ism at the February by out in Brooklyn Nets move this is it going all in this is the
that's going on. Getting remark is outraged when they already just got Blake Griffin like this is what it was and is the last point that I love, and this comes from, someone else other than Mcveigh, but it's it's in jail and Ramses face timing. Him and apparently Odell asks jail in ok, I just want sure do think the rest of the wide receivers are gonna be cool. I wanna, I don't want to upset apple car, like I'm comin in trust me I'm coming to Sir John Ramsay, his phone with Odell on face I'm and brings it into the wide receivers room. It basically faces it at them. They can you guys core, though Dell in there, I think that's got old, Grammont so or Dell's common and like the fact that, like VON Bellers recruiting him and why do we need you like they're, all in and it's one of these deals where we talk that last week with on Miller, but the other veterans feed off it and for this one they're paying him basically what they were. Gonna pay, the Sean Jackson, it's a rental if it works out and they can resign him, that's great. If not it
see where it goes, but they don't view this. As oh, my God here come soda back, he was gonna, throw Matt Stafford under the Boston like it, it's a baker. eli like this. A different deal right here, is a bunch of veterans who all very much acknowledge that this is The best shot I have at winning a super bowl we're all in for this one season, while they can also cut him if it doesn't work out exactly right with there. such a lot of money going on here, and I was wondering what do you think he was holding out for because that that I dont know if it was attention, are he didn't. Find. The re team are seen like he was making a deeply. At one point, I was taken as you waiting until Sundays Games to see who's in the play off picture. I because there are so many things in motion on Sunday Monday for the playoffs. They were really than ever. Tuesday were really can have a feeling for the plant picture was when it was looking at that. What you think I think he's always
The play and allay he's always wanted to play for Mcveigh and ran out of the gates, and you got good NFL reporters but you're the teams Packers Chiefs, Patriots saints, who I can tell you, It's actually tried trading form before the trade deadline like they were ass yet, but it was you want to be the number one on the neurons dancing get thirty. options and may be in a or would you wanna be here and like planets, lay offs and maybe when a super bowl and it still be yourself and do the whole debate at a giant city where you could. She has a fair bit celebrity. He has in Vienna Odell better. New Orleans where It came as it is in a working party. The last point that was made too much. I love was basically the pitch at the rams made relies Ike. Since you went to Alice you you'd, never gotten to choose where you could play like this is the first time ever you can choose these negative free agent is never had em.
do that, so they really put it on like. Would you choose to play anywhere else than here like it up to you when you are and they play too, as I was the one thing without doubt, and I covered in many of the giants. I've got to know a lot of you like teammates love em aside from the situations with Baker. Eli, which are major like he's, never know, How did it go into a corner back to his actually throne is both his quarterbacks under a bus other that the conference is that, like the rest of the team, They all look at him. He works hard he's not! you got any all, unlike whatever down with ASEAN like it at all, I guess I guess. Maybe I'm not gonna both sides, my mouth, because not only do I sit which has seen a Anderson and little way in and say you like it to the ball and weak. Seven, that's actually not great teammate stuff, but they're they're optimistic. This is not about bang. We. We ve seen this with receivers when they feel like the either there supporting castor the two b is into their standards. Yeah, there's a history of of methods with this. I think it's a good rest for
I actually think they needed a third receive when you think of like the Madden quality they have now. It's like just before the Ferrari were bad of way. That just like do have four receivers due at the tree illegally trade for somebody, slackened stack mighty as in China when it's out on matted he's not have had about it. It's ten personnel. It's likely. Let's do it read it out how better running game has now. I think it could be a hard team, the coach would be the wanted. No Mcveigh was your caused once upon a time, but you had these big personalities. It becomes like that it becomes like. I don't know it's eighty, you basically running a movie. set that has twenty big actors on it and everybody's gonna want their moment and we saw a couple weeks ago. I thought they lie. Their composure a little bit or was the last week. I can remember ass, you can one of those names last week it elastic oppose,
Jailer Ramsay, specifically at the the evermore sail? This could be like the dream team egos right? That's it would counter. I think it feels more like the ninety five Niners when it was like fridges, restart Indians, come in and can nortons come in death and Charles Haley's come in and like all, we ve already got right. what is in an Barton Floyd like what's out another guy, let's out, another airline is better in front and this circle on that is days grandfather was a GM that team and it was like talent could be put together. It will not. If these guys are all committed to the cause, we can do it. I a hairdresser I hated those Gary Marshall like Valentine's day movies and new year's day, and all those things are just like your set, my who live in other stars. It's a Gary Marcia Movie. I felt I camp as the team to beat. We have a couple things that science, this Ramstein there's a couple teams this week
and if this is a small segouin, a million dollar picks, but I really was coupled teams this week that are at the fork in the road pointed this. Is its kitchen sink down, Do you like a lighter time? I think the diners our kitchen thanked him. Ok, I think this raiders chief aim. Is the kitchen sink game ghost? I am monster game. I think we should add Viking chargers. I think for the Vikings is and thinking about these are still so you're one is about these three because Raiders Chiefs, justice. Malta Year, history down the raiders getting up for these Gibbs aware using chief said way. My town this time round, the chief do not have more thought rather seventeenth deviate. Vegas is twenty. First, I think I test biggest is probably slightly better but I was trying to look I'll, try and think of other teams. We ve had where we just
wait for the late Bob to go on, and it just never happens right just in recent history. Caprice last year, the box. It did happen right, so there you have. It happened yet so here's a couple, the colts and two thousand ted after they make the Superbowl it's kind of the last remaining area gets hurt the year after culture, two thousand and start sixty six we're waiting were waiting were waiting. What is this they're not covering? What's goin on gone a little for game winning near the end yours when badly is boosted the jets in the wild cats, while card, but it had the whole season had kind of an odour to it in the UK. by weak a week that two thousand twelve saints the the banning eight year when paid suspended. They start around four rally to get a comma. They have so much talent. Where I can't know then happen, they finished seventy nine, two thousand
Fourteen diners after the Superbowl they stuff cap ethnic, start out foreign to doesn't feel right. Finnish, eight, eight, two thousand nineteen point This is the weirdest one. They start out. Eight! No soft scheduled criminal offence, they finished twelve and five warm five over their last time in there is this point during it where people are looking. each other gone is esteemed good wait a second. I, like our wages, doing ass performance and human lives as in that their good, and then that does the hours later, though they rang a Saturday night. Everything item back there back to back. We wanted it. So add, but at last week seventy four, the dolphins oily wind energy afternoon. Obviously in the in the track record was there the stores is the last one. Still There are great lever, no yeah, but then like we hit that fit weak fifteen. Sixteen seventeen mark and when I look at each other again, that's that lot I dangling gas, washes that happening. I feel that ships of that point
I I am, and I wanna bet against them. Accordingly, there five and for their last two games. They should allow the giants. Game. Thou, stupid, and then last week they got Jordan love who they just decided, we're gonna blitz every play they play. They only scored. Thirteen points against the I needed a whole gimmick that they get by so there five and for its real, deceiving, I think the raiders come in this game. It's in Vegas wish. I don't care. Cuz home field advantage has been kind of garbage all over the place this year, but I just used pencil this in and think out, she's easy. I don't not even positive weather favored in this game. I feel like we're getting points. I think they should be a pickup. I think the raiders last week was a real reason for concern you look at that time. They came out flat against the giants. We know it. They ve been through these last few weeks. It look at their inexhausted team was physically and emotionally and Henry run not coming back and Henry I was the one
player that they absolutely went to against Kansas City and arrow. Had last year he had those huge play than he was their speed threat. So he's not coming back, see, say: okay. Well, he shouldn't becoming back. I will we ve gotten. They Jones we ve got Edward is a big body, the hunter and underneath guy they had nothing going on last week and there were no need anything and end some turnovers. So it's like, if this is a out I don't know based on what we saw last week and based on what personnel they haven't that Walter's great and we can get to all these other receivers and to and wherever but I don't know man, I was a big loss and I think the combination of the actual player not being there but then the psychological on the emotional, not just the. Where of this season on this seem at. I find it hard to bet for the robbers raiders. I would bet against a chief, no problem, but the best for the raiders is hard for me right now. I think last week you throw out because of the rugs thing
crafted it just happened. It was yet another thing to have to deal with in this season of that, and I think now I like the history of these Raiders Chiefs games. I also like the fact that the Chiefs offensive line is really backed up now injuries, there's injuries all over the place, and you think that's one of the things the raiders can do rushed past. Now, the other side, the Chiefs DE lines get little healthy, but this feels like a pig game. The reason I'm looking at is, I just feel like I'm getting to enact points with the rhetoric: ok, whatever getting a plus one, twenty four what's market down, because this is Is a long term Anti Sheep's play that we have to look at I've been like anything. That's come out again, city as like they're under siege, basically in its their undertakes. It's a take care yes then receive dude. Five did
we'll get about any other stuff. Now he said I know we're fine. We ve got this. I there they're out there trying to get Odell they're, trying to figure out who their sector receiver has had on my Kelsey, one Clyde Edwards Helaire to come back, so they have a better runner game. Is he going to help the running game? Give me a break it's so many things to look at like last week. Hardman drops that third down pass like, if you just casually and then but that's how he is Kelsey, drops that pass it soiling and then and third and ten and everything going like here. It is all the marbles. Mahomet hits tiring for about fifteen. They get the first down, they put the game on eyes, and then you seem a homes likes pumping is fair and like fire, not unlike the I there such a glimmer. Like coming out there, that's the team, those other guys, and yet it so bad to beat that Packer seem by Justice, points at home. Jordan love was so I believe that this is where we are well Mig, yet their bad. When I heard so, let's talk about this was sharp yesterday
when it triggered and I went and I looked at it because he was sent out heeded thickly Kelsey looked the same this year. He doesn't now the stats, don't back that up, but I feel the exact same way I test. Why is she doesn't seem like a lock and lay in the old days? It's like. We need twelve go to Kelsey thirty eight. see any. I went back and I looked at um just targets guys that of ad titans that have had a hundred fifteen plus targets, and you think, like outcasts, he's gonna do this forever. He said I've. Straight years we had a hundred fifteen targets from where I just picked hundred feet. Think as it seems it was, but a widow away or in gas Gonzalez Ten years over his grey area hundred fifteen targets, Thou don't even day. He was really a wide receiver. He was awesome, yeah. He was ass, a beggar, but I, if you think,
Mormon. A wide receiver, contextual, makes more sense, witness seven, calcium, five gb, Graham for Keller, Windsor for gates, three grog, three, all Synod Shockey three, that's it four hundred fifty target seasons. I saw this happened with coats. I saw this happening on the ground where these tied ends, that over and over its eight ten twelve thirteen chances a game. It's a shelf life. It's that different than runny backs. I don't feel like he's a hundred percent there, like with Ben Codes, you kids like overnight. He didn't thank God. That was a first team. All programme is incredible: yeah, amazing and then all of a sudden he was is amazing, because I think that's one of the hardest grog same thing: it a bunch injuries. I don't there yet, but on what I'm really watchword this week, because it's something worth following, because in his heart my homes is amazing, you're waiting for to click, but
doesn't seem like he's. Reading the coverages, as well as somebody other best quarterbacks Indiana fell and he always had Kelsey as that security blanket if Kelly's having drops and fumbled if he's visa, these eighty percent Kelsey, then that than the sum of this makes sense right. If not, I, like you used to be teams, are taken away, tie wreak. can't really run the ball and they none of their other receivers of step. That battle. Thank you I wanted. I we abolished Mccoy uncomplaining football? Who is most legs, a family guy, just the cats I now he was Ray any light. I lock up down. We are we're very positive with wood shavings perform it get in and what he was saying about, that kinda city often sees like never count out, Tiree can calcium. But what, if Kelsey, that he's like Ye Chemical is Hard I'm going to step up all a sudden is, is Robinson suddenly and your five gonna be that guy and showed his cunning
Guineas like does a good deeds, but you know I was there for a year and it's gonna come down to Kelsey and Helen Keller he's not Kelsey. They are not. He's in his thirties and he's got a lot of miles on them. So now it's you know who we've talked over and over again about performance and athletes, and now you can extend it, but the tight end position is pretty unforgiving right. So that's why Niners Rams, I'm on the fence, for whether we should include them. The rams had the toughest schedule, the rest of the way Tipp of as the second easiest schedule. That's the way and I think tempers gonna win that conference their offensive lion. Last week. I thought I'd just an hour. Tennessee jeopardizing demolition Stafford, a z mouth it may seem, keys at the nursing for different injury. That power makes me nervous, kitchen sink aim for the Niners then its way, the Niners, who I don't really like that much, but there now It can t be away somehow the dough, though the nerds like them for some reason they put the fourth largest schedule so far and
This is a referendum game. This is a game now like we ran a peace, so awkward piece of the ringer this week about shit, how Shanahan the personnel guys gonna crippled chin in the coach, which is a great angle. and pretty sure, but this is one of those I give you blown out in this game in your seasons. That's it would you do like you. Do they have to start looking at is- is deeper than just we an ad town. We had some injuries last couple years like does this whole philosophy work. So that's why they get the kitchen sink game for the guy. I the Niners, the craziest stat. I I have in its it's one. I've been adding to every time you do. They have lost their last eight home games. Now three was were played in Arizona look on Elisa. They have not one a home game since the end, if see championship game against the Packers, and that feels like it was prepared,
It was something gotta. Isn't it true? Yes, and its is weird thing words like that crowd who loves their niners, don't want yet, but they turn on that team very quickly, don't go wrong and it's a very heavy see anybody, and I said you went to a wrestling event there once, but anyway, I lay there. It's not necessarily like this candlestick was such a harmful advantage. This thing isn't, and this does not play well there, so they were grilling Shanahan all week like. Is it something about the poor M routine- and he was very Kurt with reporters as he is. I want to be sometimes, but he was like no, we do this they every time. It's not about Brigham thing. We stay at the hotel because that's what we do like he was theirs did the egg. What do you do when you team does cannot perform at home? It's a very odd situation is not like the opposing fans at her in the building it dire niner. Since that is frustrated. Well, I think kettles by in this way
yeah Eliza Mitchell seems like he's and refine healthier, Mclean she's out. Who is a really great his out? That's a ban on this feels like a game or thy Debo Sabre throws a pass and there's a reverse son, the pot and you just then everything you can in this way. You mentioned the personnel and like Brendan, are you not only? Was he a first round? but like Shanahan with a kind of chest. Puffed is like. We have number one on our list that number one way or another draft with just a Jefferson and its half way the obviously I've got all that in our duty and city Lamb, unease like no brain, and I ve tenable one guy Brenda Yoke is barely on the field and when he is seems like he's hurting the team, then there's you go right after this quarterback situation, where every week MAC Jones to be putting more more together and there still in purgatory with Jimmy or It is not ready yet whenever one thought you're gonna be all in the season fields, field
at the moment, singularly second half is I'd like mad turns out, maybe producing on the big stage by batter. Sometimes are the other kitchen thanked him? We have is the Vikings so I like them more before this really ugly David Cook saga, which I'm sure you're to take a few weeks than tango, seems like he's playing. you can run on the chargers can run for the cap, a model, what we thought we lost on them again. Last week we had them an underdog parlay in Europe by fourteen point sighed out ahead of us. They hurt her feelings. I don't know how Charges have been juries. Injuries in the second Erika teams have just figured out how to take out like webs completely happy catches, lesser used and major answered, you say: you're, not beatings, and much of the charges are get his. I didn't think the pats played well and I still feel like they could, a one by twenty four of a couple. Get them in a boat.
Many backtracking cuss turned out. They needed a pic six at some point in that aim, but I just they they one last a world where Sharia went for them now great when it you didn't, my socks off, though I know, but twenty four to twenty four six minutes left in Herbert as the ball they go and convert to different for down convergent. My right. They bleeding like it's cool I'll. Alcidas teams can run all over the chargers one thing that Minnesota can do, whether its cook and its Madison they get they get run, gave game gone. I guess you're right, I kitchen sink game time, two hundred, but last because a kitchen sink game and her cousins this great drive with forty seconds left to tie the game and they they found a way to go over time it all this stuff, they still who say it as such a ban them out over time. They must airline on the Anthony, bore pick and then have the most. I beg you tweet
the dry summer, three, three plainer. When you're I look, the charges were foreign one. They got killed by the Baltimore, thereby weak. They lose the path in a game. Now I didn't feel like was even as close as a score, and then they barely be Philly. Who I just don't think is good. I in we're gonna get to them in a split second, but just I don't think the charges again you go back, they beat our. They lose the down by three. They beat the chief. Some rocks said about that. They would shoot out against the Brown, which is just a weird when yeah, I don't think, I'm just off on them and I diminished beat them? I dont trust Minnesota, rather do the plus three them put them in an underdog faint, but that quickly out fill in I won't take a break. Because there another another that I have have here, the Brok are modest, tune applicants eagles.
completely shut down doses receivers. Last week now certain is out, which is a bummer. It's a bummer, even good, but there are two things I think they're gonna have the ball. This entire, Denver like Low de Giovanni Javan anyway, I'm so they been carefully yeah. I have em out every face, at the same time, they should not be CMS focused as possible on this, but they fight he got a car. Brandt's angry runs yet he got seventeen carries last week, but the history of Ricky Running second after the air, they start a nation, and we saw Jonathan Taylor physically hopeful that Delbert as completed almost seventy percent of their passes less, I guy that's it deems that. But that's what Bridgewater does ready moves. The bar sure sure passes accurate their second in the Lee Justin completion accuracy fillies last defensively. Their teams are seventy five point: five percent completion percentage against Philly Gaza just open the whole gave I just in this game where damper has the ball for forty minutes and that's it,
and whatever I don't think those kids are playing with thirty five billion less than the cap. So I like Broncos two and one slash two a lot and I watch that game. Obviously, you did too and it was from go. It was like every time you turned it on. They had the ball didn't you dominated I'm just pounding the boss. It wasn't knowledge about day. It was Melvin, Gordon and their running behind, cushion berry and queen minors the rookie nose like they were being the crap attitude and they did at the last week against Washington to it's funny, like VON Miller, was having good season for them before the ankle injury, but in almost feel like something collect like once. They try. VON, like that, nobody believes in US card. Suddenly I checked in with the entire locker room, because it foreign row had written them off from like they be terrible deems they lose too good teams. I dont think fillies good either. I think
is really really sound. They don't make mistakes fanned you are the good defence, a matter who's out there and its endeavour, which, in one of the few places we have a heartfelt advantage votes to six their last eight, the two when's where they be Carolina by three no Mccaffrey, and then they killed the trick and gradually since the tray Helen OWN, eight, that's it does of their only website. I dont get why this line is higher, but I'm not gonna make it asked questions and I were to take a break and talk about the other against this website is broadly by Directv stream, introducing directed his dream, the best of live tv- and I demand- which means you can get. I've What sports movies and shows together C4 much new jobs? do you a favor reality shows live or been showed up, sets out the band either way you ready for some drama and the best part through activities.
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So what have we been ride in the patriots? I dont think Harris is gonna play I think we're Madre, will play. I think, we'll see some J J Tower and some brain embolden. Look the browns, it's a team that if they can make a couple big plays if the fierce little different, then if Baker has to go to the field on you and I ballot check, is just going to make sure that Baker slowly Mfa. Italy has to go down the field. He knows he knows what to do. He pit Baker he'd knock em around key China put them at thirty. Five. Thirty six were knocked live job in this game, which I does sound like If there's a chance tomorrow and Saturday or Sunday, he gets a minute I got no job. Ok, I just think they're gonna, be there
Bob I on this, this path statement on the front. Seven, I think it's a good thing and I think, to get to get less than a year ago at home, against the browser bacon. It couple questions Hooty think has more at stake in this game: MAC or Baker. I think the page, that more is at stake in this game because they have to play a land on Thursday night. Sir Buffy lies come here. This is this is the biggest hundred twenty hours in the season for them, because you figure best case there. They split the Buffalo Games, but their five and for they can legitimately be five and six in a hundred twenty hours. He ripe. Sorry, this is careful, growled, the brass. I think they can run on them. I think they can control the bomb. The bar, though the Gara part scares me like there's no question his he's Amerika. Where did you hear Billy Divergence Year, Belgic talking about Bela check was talking about,
Garrett, as if it was L tee. I that's how he was our motto and I think has been honest with that desk. The big x factor and I think Trent Brown might be coming back. That's the yard and the like that helps. there's some decent Isaiah wind stuff ever tsar, who is a good and hearts beat redder was tweeting ads, I say when numbers this a guy with a guy right. Only once allowed by the bed spot a bill good. But I think this is a Baker game. I think this is a baker. Verse belch a game, adding Bela check will figure out how to basically the Fang Baker in this game. Many bakers a limited Rebecca backing. I twenty eighteen and I reported it at four NFL network homage in IRAN. As I gives a big story time like if the day after the Baker went one so whatever, but if bigger had slipped out a one, I know that
creates were very excited in writing off with Brady on the roster to go? Get bakers me had this great feeling of respect for him. I wonder if Baker elevates game on this stage with IRAN wondering about his view, capacity are bigger if they lose their five five, the figure out whenever they are welcome. Ebene, like Lamar Jackson and Baker, may fills me with the two most interesting quarterbacks going into the season because through these looming contracts- and it's like what are you pay? more Jackson, who enough hit the if we don't pay, I'm like What does he? What is thy Lamar's been amazing Baker can Baker Mayfield Man, thirty five million dollars is thousands are happening. So what do you do? If you Cleveland? Did you say we'll go for a fifth year and will let this will ride this out like if he wins these type a game. So he can make a real argument for himself that, like My stats are the best my my physical statures, not Josh, Elinor Lamar, but, like I win those games, I get him done for you go
in New England. I returned to settle down if he gave you that argument. How many times you think he's done for Georgia. Fifty yards decision against the chargers, maybe twice. chargers and cardinals, who I just think, I think, they're certain guys. The league that way The team is up early and they're playing with the lead. It's completely different to have them as the Cupid, then governing falls into place for them. If it's a nail, biter game. If it's a dogfight, if it's over down seven, if they could be actually ass to make some place, I'm cyber bakers plan one arm the path Hit the shit out of their seven's really get in there hit the shit out of Omens Nick Tribes, one of the top ten players in a leak.
I do not imagine he's playing he legitimately. I've cove it. It's not know he had over over Iraq Semi he had covered. So the rule is if he can have two straight negative tests and has no symptoms. He can play now the honor code on the symptoms part, but if he is too strict negative testing and play and he's got a few days for that so but he's that good and to earn his Johnson's been fine as an observer to. But I, like him, he's our. I felt in out because a covert job and loves you hunt. So it's like hurry Baker. You might have to go in this game on your own on offence, Jarvis were Jarvis you're, just not catching anything said about check will take him, people want that people's drugs go deep. You don't get to go deep in this game and then they're going to hit the shit out of Baker, and I think the defense wins this game. I like how
how about the pathway in red hot with everyone crap in all over us? There isn't a great we'll have the lesser last game, the Falcons plus nine against the Cowboys Spain. This went to me cowboy they lose Gregory this week. Here they ve already lost the Marquess Lawrence. They had to pass Russia's at the entire team last week. Part the problem that Broncos game was they had no pass. Russia like Bridgewater had time their run of the ball down their throats, and I think that defence, which was able to get some turnovers in the first four five weeks in season, which always kind of fraud off but the longer we're going with the same defence used his neck. It and I think the damn quince stuff teams, whatever they obviously has a game.
look at now. I really like their efforts, but you know their rights, but pretty good. The last few weeks they could move. The bomb is only right that plus nine I'm looking at the even if it's like our eye is of fourteen last two minutes get it she touched out. I think they can hang around in this game, though, and I like the posts that everything yeah. I did do as you do and kinda defensive injuries in MIKE Parsons had a big aimlessly put a lot of that was too knapsacks. Unlike eleven tackles button again, where you lose my thirty points, it's not eat at its heart and hunger had on the dog S Parsons as theirs, though the right idea that faith repass ashes their data one. I'm sorry, I'm sorry now stands the said the queen peace is interesting because, obviously his defence and coordinator, but what tee knows Dan Quinn better than the Atlanta Falcons right. So in Matt Ryan, whose look at the Damn Quinn, defence, which ok it's. This further
Your players at what I was against it Atlanta saw this every single practice. For years where's, a weird stat, there's, never been a head coach who took a team to the Superbowl play against that team has been a defensive coordinators. They had often of coordinators combat yesterday, but there there have been a defence. If coordinator, I think maybe I'm being pollyanna on this and make it met. Ryan is, but I think there s rubric. Quarterback knows that defence inside and out knows that scheme, and I think he could pick it apart and guest Patterson is really good. It's one of the weirdest lay career resign, says younger than remember it's. It's a little like Julius Randal Ash Fit within it, Europe and even leg. Julie's Randal did this three years from now, not like last year, you know, like your gun, night, I hear the league he's like it is also a little village, be like they interviewed him. James Palmer, Sniffle network interviewed him after the game and he's like who
there's no sweeter feeling and there's no better sound than a silent Superdome like well. There are where'd, you come from nine. years in his there go to. Guy pits is fine gauges. Fine, they own of Ridley for now will see what happens. A reliable, like this team is, can move the Bonn offence and Matt Ryan is a veteran quarter. Who knows that even I like, I might take them out right. I like it and who's cover and pets on the cowboys, and I like I can but I'd like it more. If we can push that, we can judge the opens up to ten and a half come on. Let's go minus one thirty, which means we would have to put them with a big favorite, try to even out the money which we like to do from Sun time. We could do falcons two plus ten and a half with box just to win minus four. Fifty love it that's plus one. Sixteen or we could do falcons, plus ten and a half with cards minus five hundred, that's plus one.
I'm more partial, the bucks. I say that knowing that there's some receiver stuff now this is I give you my fantasy sleeper for this week. It is, I pick you up two legs. I think it's Tyler Johnson Weak the camera. Let's go, it's Tyler Johnson. We carry go. I think I think Brady like some I've- seen a make good play it. He took place last year against AIDS, throwing aside eight they gotta Tyler Johnson yeah. We don't have Chris carbon, I think they're. Ok, I think Tyler Johnson could do Chris Godwin Impersonation, and having Brady sniffs. It he's very aware of what their schedule is. What's goin out the Rams, the Roger stuff and VP possibilities, I think they run this. I don't think they lose again. I think that is it starts this week. They did it last year, and thereby they came out. They beat Minnesota and kind of a slugfest ETA made, never lost a single game after the by this
easy when he gets go into so plus one sixteen for that come up. I also say Washington's defence, it's amazing Lastly, in past events apparently chase, has been not the greatest. You know guided wherein the sea on his jersey this year as five leadership with a defensive unit, there's a disconnect between a defensive ordinary Del Rio and in the players. I I think that this is the perfect game fur Tampa Bay. They come out there and Tyler, Johnson, Surreal Grayson, who had a big touchdown two weeks ago against the saints like there can be some unlikely names, but Brady's got it. I trust Brady there is a world also with the falcons where they could be six. Four hundred twenty hours I devised her weak naked of said, where the cowboys- oh, my god, let's go, let's go to Dallas where it an escort again and also their beat the Pats four days later or I could see them being Florence
exact emanating from where they member without the Falcons, maybe the Hawaiian. How can spill near ok, underdog, parlay, stop ads are pushed through twenty forty dollars, a plus one, sixty two, the raiders are plus one twenty four. Ships and the Seahawks we had not mention too. I think we should stay away from her plus one. Fifty four, I just don't know what Rogers is TAT. I think we cross them off will wipe them out. So we could do falcons raiders plus eight forty and I've got news for you, news for you. Vandals gonna boost that overtime, one for Us Falcons, raiders ten, on both at the wind or the fan dual people happy that we lost at the end with the ravens beating they were. I think there were relieved we came so we're in both cave second up where we had the Falcons and then we're way
the vikings they hit the ball back and it's like just get to feel good yet even give our guy great Joseph, a chance. Raiders Vikings is plus four fifty five, both afterward the two small dogs are mentioned that the throw this area there is here, give me some crazy bill. Falcons yeah, Vikings, yeah raiders, yes plus two thousand two hundred twenty three better hundred better hundred you in twenty two hundred dollars. Basically twenty two to one adds little higher falcons. Vikings. Raiders It's the mega dog parlor that we have an unwanted as we cupola ten K. Flyer on it- and we are m DP the mega dog, parlor, mega, parlay or look Infer vandal ass may have kid figure awaited nickname.
Rob parlay the week is on that on their little Bruce. I wanted they love. The booze buckle called like the mega, Or whatever, so, if anybody has any suggestions, Senator Tisch Riggers last autumn. I love her Then you could yet I'm fur I'm SAM. Let's go too much to see anything other you come back here. This is your lowest. go right? You ve had a well known and all I don't kiss your ass on the patriots. I turned it down. Let's just go, meanwhile, we're taking the Patriots yet by the way to things on the patriots, tenth Davy away. Last five weeks, aka plus Sixty point, the French offered the season. evil MAC Jones, I know what's taking the evil Mercosur, would you believe it wrestling he'll MAC Jones. I think he needed identity use like just a guy who is the vote is that he himself to you guys like to pick out, and I love it. I love it. I looked up. Prime
and learn: apology, you're fucking for Papa you knocked out two of our running backs. The do you, Nepal, jester them burns is egg. Is it's crazy. I look at the NBA like the jokes, I read that like jerks his brother, am I going to our young people going to buy ever? Do you think I thought I just didn't want burns? Get the fund also grabbed his leg no his intentions. I know it only adds to the myth of the London fire. Oh god love it, learning through it the heel back Jones. I when we come back, going to give you a million dollar picks for weeks. this absurd. Those summons pack ass, his bride. You buy Hennessy in partnership with the NBA Heresies new film depicts the journey Basque, but reveal the places they aim to take us and shine a light on communities that are moving. The culture forward, see how
Tat time ask our Russell Westbrook designs fashion with purpose Lou. really bawling aren't as Victor Solomon, he crossed the game beyond the court and Alex Taylor founder of hoop, your city create space on the court, for women make moves that movements Hennessy the Spirit of the NBA tap the banner or click on this absurd page to learn more, please drink responsibly, imported cognac, Hennessy Forty percent alga by volume. Eighty, prove copyright. Twenty twenty one imported by Manuel Embassy, you're, saying York, New York Hennessy is registered. Betrayed me. I guess let's talk, tech, specifically the kind that makes your home and family safer homes. Clarity, if you know end up in your own version of one of those scary, Netflix movies, there's, no, better time, then now, that's because rain, our friends and simply say forgiving bill summons park as listeners. Forty percent off Their word winning homes, clarity, we left it.
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because when I was growing up, the haunting would win like seventy percent of types of develops. In the time it was the lack of it. It there was a real home for revenge, start a shift in the mid two thousand and eight I spent three days were again that if you love secular records and coming up allow these steer, he's like whether it was people just like being her home with their tvs. Are they do want be out and had all these theories and home field shift a little bit and then a cottage stabilize. Now it's even right they are the underdog roadways where then home it's unbelievable. Last year, two thousand twenties a road themes on more than home teams on that talk about covering the spread and think about winning. It's crazy, it's starting to happen in two thousand de the home teams were one thirty two and one twenty three and one so there nine game's over five hundred. This is pre covered by far the worst record, with that this year after Sundays Games, home teams were sixty. Five
in seven days and then Winberg wanted arms. There are six set out sixty six and seventy were taken as before. We see that we as a binding, often so hauntings just to win our under five hundred or so we. and what's happening. I did some research on it, the the old whirl of yet three points. If your home, this is basically thrown that out and I think that's kind of thrown off my internal calibration now one one and a half points for being on thrilling into so Rocco's in the old days, just like out there Brok, Austrian Heine Outsmart, was too and have cause they don't really feel like it does, even matter where the games being played. So I tried a factor that in some of these picks this week, but Erica The million dollar picks oh wait before we do this. We didn't talk about Tennessee and the saints tendencies favoured by three against the saints I wanted to take. The titans
Camera, but might not play who knows Trevor Simeon, looks too easy. It's fishy fishing is to that line. Titans playing great kicked, kicked the Rams ass last week; defence, look it awesome. They figured out how to play their country. Something scares me I'm staying away, I don't know I need this- is Michael Conrad, let's be careful at their game abstain. You mentioned that you easy you mention it alike. Is it fish you in your defence issues? Awesome? Because that's the one thing I would say, Jeffrey Siemens and unequal artery and Kevin by our playing. Like a further point. Like the often you could say that the defect is really good. Don't you think they're deepens catches dominate that saints too. He did off no bared hassebu abstain away. I dont know why. The lines that three and a half for four- I can't figure it out, because this is true-
some injured camara, Michael Thomas, is never coming back, barely and, I just think seems like the titans. They seem so easy anyway Steinway here we got the million dollar picks for week. Ten, we are up five hundred seventy thousand for the season we ve had to losing two around sugar around almost a million dollars eyes. Three weeks to her, we're gonna went off back this week were open up a little bit. Let's go, treats minus one and a half against the Brad's Bilbil check, unlocking baker. Mayfield put him in a body bag in sending back to Cleveland. we're pretty for under care. This four hundred Kay the Atlanta Falcons. We are nudging that their plus now
in Dallas, where, in a over the ten mark, plus ten and a half minus one, thirty. Well, we need something to put within a little little chaser. I remember like a nice martini box matters for fifty bucks just had to beat wash them. washed in disarray. Mathematical, you put those two together plus one. Sixteen I like that Falcons post at an app box just to win grabbing, that What makes you nervous out of that between those two, the falcons Do you know about it is getting about. Amid the limit I see, I've seen met Ryan when a lotta games big in the next week, not when a big game They call Maddy ICE, he's really mad garbage dump somebody. You are more when your dad thirteen third one a possible one of the last of the air for me, broncos at home. Let's let go pick on this work out
to forge a where they were put that with the other two broncos foreign and UK, my two and a half against this crappy fillets him that's two and six in their last eight. That is desperately wants to be. one of the worst ten teams in the way, because they have three first ram hex there so excited to see the draft board. With all by God. The Eagles three separated by jihad solely bad girl. They don't care about this game. They cared they deployment Menchu, not Bernard Reymond, hurts again Katy the latter raining all over them. Just completions completion wasted settled by Giovanni Day, webs com, Brandt angry Run special two weeks at around, so that's it. Broncos for educate tuna vowed to two more well bill. Two hundred k, Vikings plus three over the charges, you want your k, raiders, plus two and a half or behaves Kay
they entered our parlay boosted up by fanned or friends. Offender can we burn once we constitute half million dollars two weeks ago. It almost happen again. We must cost them like Formulate our last again now In a dude again Falcons raiders, boosted from plus eight forded, attend to one of whether it be putting thirty three k on that and just fun just for ships and giggles slowly, this tanker little sprinkle, the flashed upon your favorite number is thirty. Three hours my favorite number, I'm a what Frazier Guide you know what Frazier, what day? Is it twelve? most Fraser, ten or twelve TED, but who is twelve, Ro term Jeremiah Roadstead at twelve. Who is what number was? What fear We have to look it's a million dollar Pittsburgh Ridge, while Frazier Superman These images come up number ten now and I thought TAT
was rowing diedre right around fifty. There are ten case. Splash went out falcons vikings raiders, the mega dog parlay can k plus two. Two thousand I two hundred twenty two thousand dollars. If we were this ugly Frazier to do a camera. For you. If we had this, let's go well. What would say this was an audacious parlay stupendous are a what's what What are you most excited about of others? Behind our backs, the bat love it all up the big one, and I think that the Falcons beaten, the Cowboys Dan Queen come in their marine looking at it laughing and sang. I know this defence No, it's gonna be hilarious about that falcons. Game. They're gonna be up twenty two seven, the third quarter invariably facing each other. in their body. Ice is gonna start doing stuff. He does we know.
This going it. We know he might hurt her feelings. I don't. I dont know if what you say genes are like with Head Chin with mean at times Danny Kelly, but all bill, and I take this just name of the team in an exclamation work like we'll go Falcons but the entire text, doing just team excavation Margo think also may happen in their game, its toss it on. Those were the millionaire picks for we can simply when we ten already. We could see Peter Sugar Good Morning football with how brat cologne I Adams and left out Mccoy the Nude America's new treaty, we hope Kyle, our dear little lost routers action on Friday morning. So if your lessening wake up, it's gonna, hopefully be the best one. Yet we play, Wall Street Idiots and we have a blast with it backs on uneasy outfox as well. Thanks for coming autism, even if I that's over the pack ass thanks to Jonathan Sharks, thanks to Peter Shrink. Her, though
forget about the music box here coming on HBO beyond HBO Max November ember, that's a week away, don't forget to follow on Spotify the new plain english podcast with their Thomson dumping and if you love Taylor, Swift, we spun out every single our moment, Nathan, arbored, Honora principality. They're gonna, be when red tellers version comes out thank late night tonight they ve never pod ready to go on Friday as one so That's a good stuff happens. Where package our joy, the rest of the week. I will see you here: ways.
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