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Philly's Alive, 'SNL' in Limbo, Childish Gambino vs. Kanye, and the NHL's Strangest Spring With Alison Herman, Katie Baker, and Lindsay Zoladz | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 362)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons weighs in on Game 4 of Celtics-76ers and LeBron James's merciless play against the Raptors (3:15). Then Bill is joined by Ringer TV critic Alison Herman to talk about 'SNL,' its historic run, its recent seasons, and where it could go from here (21:35). Next he connects with staff writer Katie Baker to talk about the NHL playoffs, the Capitals beating the Penguins, the legacy of Alex Ovechkin, and the unlikelihood of a new expansion team taking a shot at the Stanley Cup (54:25). Finally he calls music critic Lindsay Zoladz to discuss Donald Glover's ascension to creative leader, Kanye West's legacy vs. his recent behavior, and more (116:15).

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the really good piece about the raptors Danny likes when teams fail for some reason and that's what he wrote about one of our strangeness and most health and employs he let he loves, who keeps don't research potential It's a very good piece sprang. Curtis also wrote about the weirdest NBA book, that of the nineties. It's called black planet by David Shields. I did not like the book I was glad I read it, but I disliked it and- and it's interesting I respected it. I remembered it and it was interesting to read Brian's Brian's case for how it kind of foreshadowed where internet basketball writing was going to a large degree anyway check that out. I hope you add to the Dave Janshah we ve had to episodes. He has won this week, I'm not on the when this week. Here he did a celebrity interview stating for that subscribed. Now ass subscribe to House Carbs are food show with
expert, Joe House Kiowa, who this house have this week house, has somebody from geek you talkin about ten best new restaurants in America. Somebody from geeky of title Grandma S remind got there Good writer is excellent. That's happening as well come up. We have a bunch of ringer people are coming on. Lindsey, so lads and I are going to talk about Kenya, verses, Donno, Glover and a torch passing that might be in the works. The harmonised and talk about sadder lab and just what are the weirder but more were fascinating, ceases that they have had for better and worse and then Katy bags friend from the Greatland days she's on the ringer as well. She has the most kids of any ringer stand. Other than myself she's
give us at the hockey such data of the most bizarre hockey player that we ve had a long time coming up, wherein he had hit that I'm an attack by the basketball players for a little Erika I made boss the Massachusetts taken this Tuesday afternoon. It is bay. The day when I looked at it and I say, wait a second. It's made that something. That means something that's. Why is that a day and then I realized it was three years ago and I left the SBA and actually
The whole story of it was a little more complicated than that, but we had had a point when No, I wasn't coming back, they know I wasn't. Me back. It was getting increasingly testy behind the scenes and then I will up on the morning of maize and after a few things that happened the night before some of which I don't know of, have ever come out and Dave Jacobus about me and was like what's this and it was a tweet from a meteor reporter that is painted, decided not to renew my contract, which was expiring at the end of September, and that's how I found out that fifteen fourteen years he has been. I can remember on that. Was officially coming to an end that really not really like having to retirement ceremony on the one hand, I was kind of relieved that I could start planning whatever was next
But on the other hand, it was just kind of a shitty a shitty day, and then it became a good day because all these people reach out, and you realize, like oh yeah, there's lots of things that could happen now, but still like you know, the Grantline Office was fifteen minutes. From from my, house and all these people I cared about. Were there and I couldn't go over and say goodbye to them is the fact that so is a complicated. They add, and three years later, a member's than the sun shining, the south. Still alive? We have. Many people here at the ringer. Things are going great and it's just weird. It feels like it was fifteen years ago, but it was actually three or it feels like it was six weeks ago. I don't know located today. May, firstly, the South exert play tonight because I don't know how it happened, but Rehnhjelm embossed Massachusetts. It's beautiful,
Sonny. Here I was in Philadelphia last night game for six or celtics. Crowd was tense, crowd was happy, crowd was raucous, crowd was euphoric at Times crab freaked out in the fourth quarter, what it looked like the sixers by lose their lead, and most of all, the crowd was just celebrated. The heroics of T J Mckenna who they had wanted to play for entire series- wheat- I if you miss that I went on the ringer and be a show and talked about the confetti game on Sunday night and just how crazy that was how Philly sees a basically foot, because is market. Balin Alley was eight inches over the three point line and then the guy she's the confetti thing early, and from that point I knew the Sixers reduce that don't think that's ever worked out. The history of sports would set the dumb might that happens. It there's a delay and momentum switch it in. I was getting emails from Friends that I had who were at the game
who were there, are celebrating hug each other, the knights in slow motion, look at the court and nothing you now, obviously that they it looked like the game is going to continue There are like what pretty dramatic switch and when you consider the south is pretty much store game to two. I was now convince there's gonna, be a sleep last night especially when you looked at the schedule is game to Thursday night late game. Three Saturday afternoon late afternoon and then Monday at six was allowed a basketball for four and a half day span. The south ex looked pretty banged up by the end of this game, I gotta be honest. I I didn't feel like that, like this, takes advancing, was a foregone conclusion. I don't think Vegas did either even with the south excited nothing lead. There are only minus eight hundred favorites
with the serious Philly was plus six fifty two when the series they had not when a gay meadows gave for said, I look at what's happening gave five. I think Philly Slate favorites in game I've, seen lark and maybe out you know that Ethics is in his bed bizarre when you're saying like. Oh, my god, what a regular shade market may be up. That's where we are as south expense long, brown in person did not look good last night. He he definitely is not, I saw him in war against walking game too, and then I saw him again in person last night, now. It estimate he's out like sixty percent, so that was a great and I thought terror regime really looked tired last. They then Mcconnell took advantage of him. Lord, had Savior Dj Mcconnell to take advantage of him burn over again and that game and just had more speed and energy than rosier did so ex hung around in what was weird about their game, because Philly is so strangely coached Had the wrong lineup infer a couple minutes there in the
quarter and then all the sun would like four and a half minutes left. The crowd was TED's. Celtics were down, I think nine and MR of four wide open Greece. I think it was either three or four bah them at that. We're goin in a couple them spun in and went out and fill it with them terrible positions. On the other hand, I do feel like of Boston it just made to those trees that might have actually won the game but it wasn't there night, the rest, so horrible. I was really worried about my dad. Is this favorite raft Scott Foster, took over the gave this The court of the six hours at a twelve toward freezer advantage should as ridiculous and. I don't know I'm nervous gave five tomorrow, in Boston. Eight o clock start, which is get Van be nice and lathered up. Sir six, six, it out on the share that parts good Philly. And seemed to know where their best five guys are. Their part makes me feel optimistic if Larkin is out
you're, really counting on seven guys here. For this, the Celtics need three point in the new erosion other things they ve had our series, but man there's this looming. If they, if they blow this, gave five now we're back and Phil for game six Friday night crowds gonna be barkers, feel is gonna, be more comfortable. Game, and there is a road map where this go seven. So, even though its not a must, must must win for the South Ex tomorrow, in a way it is because the longer this goes the more dangerous it is, I think Vegas raise Philly is, I think, a one point favorite tomorrow there may be one and a half hour friend her about things that make it to two and a half so ago the biggest gambling mess of the entire planet, by the general public was Lebron. James is plus one sixty to beat the Toronto raptors. He was it not when just an underdog, he was like a sizeable underdog and- and they swept them dangerously than they they ripped their hearts out. Lebrun,
rip the heart out and actually held it up. I forget what Indiana Jones Movie, that was a thicker was number two. He just help. Hearts up a just and and displayed it for the entire crowd, and it was that the game, whether he had in game three, was one of them first ever fuck, you game winners that accurate, remember. He really went into a few mode and gave to. In the end. This is you know I do the job Brad thing at anyone. Talk about that argument, but I think the one thing that can a waiting for from the brain and other people who were there for Jordan and Bird and even gone backwards, Ruslan people that is The final level, a basketball, the final level, the video game is way you're so good You just start messing around it's almost like the games that is as challenging as it should be for four years there being any more scenario after challenge or shut yourself.
And this is what a lot of the great labored stories were in eighty five, eighty six, eighty seven, you know you watched like, documentaries suffered Youtube. He go to these games. The famous one in Poland He decided to shoot everything left handed for the entire game, and then actually like made. I think eleven or twelve lefthanded shots just for the fun of it and I felt like Lebron was sitting there pointing game too, and that was you know where we are. By the Jordan. The Brad thing did that, what Jordan was? He was so great that you are she felt sometimes that he could do whatever you want it, even no matter how high the stakes was, how big the stage was, he Stella condiment control anchored mess around how everyone- and I think one of his his famous gives was the Portland game. What
The ninety two fires game when it fer you know a week. It was clad Drexler, Michael Jordan, whose better really stupid stuff in Jordan just came out and took an uncharacteristic number threes and just guided the blazers, and he did it. The sport of it. You know more than anything, it wasn't just to win the game. It was like he was sending a message. He was messing around. He was experimenting with their and that's what made special and I think that's been the quality that Lebrun has that totally had his whole career, what's been great about him as the durability, the consistency and just what an unbelievable, athletic and basketball mind award of unbelievable If we in basque my mind is, there was never. This sense that he was like I'm so great, I'm just gonna destroy you guys, I'm in a mess around now.
Was a conference of all that I never felt like he had totally achieved. Even his boss, famous kind of asking performance, I think, was two thousand to a Boston games. Eggs and is making the shots, but it will it wasn't a perfect I'm at sea was just trying to crush Boston it when there was no performance arm into it. He wasn't connecting with the crowd and kind of alerting people that he was on this higher level and in the Toronto game too. He was, It was a sight of him that we just haven't seen he was taking these crazy followers, our horrible shots and making them no end. He knew he was gonna make them and he was. Doing it. I'm talking a threed I give to you is doing it oh no was game too in Toronto. He was doing it to kill the crowd doing it to send a message and he was doing it he's the best part of the wagon. He wasn't challenged by Toronto everywhere and he just wanted to stick to them in a game three contains and the the bus better. He made, which, as I mentioned earlier, was
the rarely seen a few buzzer reader. He just made an intention They ve out of self seeking to try to get to the line he could have pulled out because there are the usual things you do. I He really wanted to take that specific shot. You are a running start. He wanted to go full speed and then shoot off one legged bank it in All that was was decided before the play app and I really do so this side of the broad that were seeing is just kind of unchecked. The territory for him. You know when or a great peace when our souls on here a couple weeks ago. You were a great piece about how Lebron James, has figured I'd had a rest during games and others that say that he is one of the ten slowest people. Of the of anyone. This mba season now, obviously, is not one of those people. It's just a pace that he's playing. He covers the least demanded distance. It's like
in the top ten and the reason is that it's cuz he's walking all the time he's not running he's, not saving his his little purse and things like that and It's really seems like he's, hitting a higher level of what, when he knows exactly what he wants to do at all times had to spend his energy. His team is still not very good. I don't think, and I really think Indiana could beat them. Love is playing better they're. Finally, getting something out of George Hill Auto dude. He can get her tomorrow. Everyone else from that from the big trade deadline that eventually save their season. None of those guys are playing rightly refused to come in a game yesterday, so they basically one for those guys Corver spying, better J Smith by better they're, getting something from tops again. They have six guys radio and it doesn't really matter because he can smell it, he's at one of the highest levels. That, with this is one of the best peaks we seen from him.
So we got that go in and then the other, the other conference it's gotta, be used and it's gonna be gone state. We ve done that along I tried to get excited about. New Orleans may be giving golden state a seven game. Really interesting story about gerrymandering, green kind of charging, the rear before a game for because I felt the same way from the red. This whole season, he's very hesitant to just lay the smack down. I don't always he's so he's tried so hard to be a team player and to not kind of Dore Westbrook based we had some, I do Westbrook any did. That for he was easily the best partner for they at from the Gatt gone from the entire game has taken shots, and I think he ended up with twenty seven shots he's been selfish. Guess what can it needed to be self? I think there is
especially the last month of the season when the words were starting to come apart a little bit. That would have been a great time for Katie to just be like get on my back, I'm going to score forty points, a game for the next two weeks: every and we just haven't seen that from in the share, and I don't really know what the real that's where I thought he was incredible. The first after months of the year, both hands and then from that point I just seems like he's. Beneke cruise control waiting for the playoffs gave for New Orleans was a smack that we have a lot of guys play while right now, but he got better alibi. Last year it looks like we're headed for Cleveland go state again their share. I would be very surprised if used to be called state. I'd, be very surprised. Cleveland that'd make classless unless they have an injury or something who knows anyway. We're gonna talk quickly about our captain of the weak. For that matter
that just turn farrago. The captain will not rest until he has brought his adventures spirit in delicious round to every corner of America. Original spice, cocoanut pineapple wait black grapefruit when every what the captain loves anyone learns to mix like a cat, then I'm making the cat and the sweet Brad Stephen who got a technical last night. So that's how you do the rest were bad, because Brad's David's every sector was ever but the stuff that he has done. In this very serious. The ceiling of fillies town is just higher. I think they have better options for mismatches and things they and I just did not matter. Those first three gives the ad einstein about adamant ask me out of a timeout the plays that he was doing near the end of game. Three was all time Stevens, not a surprise to anybody. Who's. Watch, though he's just when you have a when you have them as your coach
You know that your team is gonna, be the best prepared You know that you're gonna get performances from people that probably wouldn't succeed, and just about any other thing. You know that he is going to figure out the Miss Barry is that, where four boss than that people might not normally see, I think what it did in the in the first few video games he's basically begging Philly to just pound it. To Abby like please take your twenty two to twenty six shots. Every r us is going to stand around. What he didn't want was slash and kick he didn't want shooters coming off double screens and other stuff that I think makes fiddle, really dangerous. He. Why then the pounded to invade and they fell for it, and they did refer to stray Gibbs Veto ass. They did a lot less yesterday, said they were the long series your they have so many moves. You can make so many little tray. He has more checks than any cut you ve ever seen. I honestly think this is the best basketball. Could you prefer?
I have ever seen in my life, it's really rare to see a coach impact. Assyria and apply acts like this. It I think Brown in the with the four pistons was great On the other hand, that team had bed was summer. She was in their primes Chauncey. Dub city is prime RIP Hamilton to shop Prince that they were a monster defensively, let him at so much town. Looking back, I dont think you can say the same about the celtic stay. I really doubt they method there rely rely on. Ah Jason Tatum is kind of staggering. Yesterday, we're gonna foul trouble. Any color cooled off a little bit. It just seemed, like he was the whole office just rather through Tatum. It that's, not comment that doesn't happen normally, and I really don't think it would have. Four Tatum on any other team. The way it's happened here same thing, for how useless Orford, terror regime is the fourth guide. The team confinement
It's been blown away there by what he has done. Reminds me of what better check was doing. No one I doubted could have the same result with those still in the chamber. Obtained, but just in all one with just watching their team going. How are we doing this? This makes that sets the found. It was pretty somewhere, though, really get defence. A couple. Good players having special teams riding mismatches. Coachee pact who saw the stuff and they were underdogs all away and somehow just kept. That went? The said: they're win the Superbowl again, I do not think basketball works. Safeway in football, you, if you don't have to beat somebody wants him back by yet to beat them for the seven times and usually the right thing when sitting some point, the talent deficiencies going to be overmatched, but,
I defy you to find any other team in the week where you can just take their to best players off the team, and then they would be one way for the conference files. It is inexplicable, Brad Stevens, you probably don't drink. I don't know if you ve ever had a drink but you're my captain of the week, I now stand it. I guess it out a lot more with thy house in Irma: let's go out, urban is here. I don't use the word critic same thing for a drink, the into green while they never column tv credit that column connoisseur Simon, I'm gonna say the same for you. Our tv, connoisseur, ass and Herman is here how I got such a such a fancy title. I know it's good right. A critic critic makes it like somebody just home bitching about what resign. I never like that word. It feels like it's got a negative connotation that I'd appreciate. It may be enthusiastically like that fat. So that's a good went to I like that
I s Adele wrap it up another season. I think this is forty. Three I've already borri yeah really strange season death, I lay have yeah grown up with this, show, seen every variation in incarnation of it. I have learned not to say ass, Adele is dead and all those things you just gotta writer in the show kind of takes you were a culture is in italy- has its flaws in its frustrated sometimes, but ultimately always ends up in the right place The course of a decade this shit these last two years, have been ashamed because they don't have a really the break out star there dominant male CAS member that they ve, always there said that one Alfred Dog, Kate Mccain's, the closest I have enough for dogs is barely unless we show, but what they have done, use celebrities and recurring-
guess, star celebrities, and now it's like gone full blown where you have the last couple weeks. I've had these shows we have been Stiller Jimmy fastened at all. Odd, when basically like in Hollywood, cast pretending to be an s now cast, Is this a trend or is this site just what the show is now I mean they got in a week bad habit by outsourcing for tromp. They obviously cast Baldwin whose in this weird women all like he's half a celebrity buddies. Half a friend of the show he's, unlike the so called five timers club, he is obviously a your star Ben S, an owl, but he makes sense to Poland is irregular and then, for reasons that I dont fully understand, they just decided to double down so like what I couldn't believe is that apparently scarlet Johannsen is just like the canonical of vodka trump. Now, which means you know you can actually go to maybe leg the fifth most important political fact
in the country right now on a regular basis, because she has like seventeen other jobs and lower yeah? I mean these do this weird there this bizarre reliance and stun casting recently were like the the part I thought I was kind of this step over the line was casting Ben Stellar is Michael Cohen, which I like Ben, so but Michael COIN is not a character who is bigger, weird or outstanding enough? The? U desperately need an alias star to rise to the occasion like who at home in America, has like a vision of Michael Cohen in their head that they need someone to embody. He's just like a random got back. Bennet could have done it Kyle Mooney problem. Couldn't done like some Greece Ball version of that comedian character. He does it such a weird choice, to be leg, ok, what we need to get someone big for this wine and I thought was like a real signal of where the show right now we advocate shrubs. Thing. I it's. The first
parts of a one as you're relying on these people. As you said, you might not be available all the time in the second part is those are great prime parts for cast members to play and potentially you know, gain some steam with like really like the eighty Gardiner, I think you're in this year. I think she's, good and she's like us, in blonde ta like years of her face like she could be Vanka. She could be storm either so made me more could be a vodka. She could have been a vodka right away and it would have been awesome and by they're out in there, and she doesn't get even be in this sketch and yet if we add the ringer and Atlanta resign and I said to you: if you don't get to read about Lena back. I've actually outsourced is the Bend Stiller, I bet, she's crazy. I don't know if that's the way to to build your of its a sustainable model, but yet, at the same time the show starts and Ben stores their Deniro in all these years,
names are getting. It is a different experience watching it wanted this we're like short term boost long term handicap because lay us during the election. They got a huge bump in the ratings that I actually look. This up and apparently the ratings now are basically on par with where they were last year. Like this, you know on paper and I was doing really well, I'm sure and b C is happy. I'm sure it's making money. What gives working in a way that I understand why they're not in crisis, moan and wider, doubling down on this. But then you know, if you think, like ok leg to three years from now Lake, whose you know Kate me cannons, contract as of next year, who's gonna step up to the plate at such
we would like their creating their own vacuum right and a week. It updates better, but I think the fact that they are not used to be this never ending count poor that they would dip into, and then I think one of the best examples was I basically o six or seven when they found Sandberg, Haider and Sedate S, and it was just as murderers rob people, Kristen Kirsten Wig and then all the way through to em Mckenna joined, which I think was at the end of this decade, anxious twenty twelve twenty twelve. Yes, so maybe it near the tale into that run, and then it's a mega here. They go again and then that's kind of I don't wanna safe, They have a lot of like role Blair's yeah goes a basketball team made have no superstar, but a bunch of like solid re boundaries and passers yeah I've been doing well enough, like obviously colleges and Michael Change has got recruited to host the armies, which is like a weird decision, but understandable one. I also there one of Essen
Weird hiring works in recent years is that they brought on a lot of people who were like really accomplished stand ups, but are necessarily like Sketch Blair's leg. You know your p David's ends Leslie Jones and, like obviously, the waiter spotlight, those peoples to just like give them a spot on the update desk and just let them talk as themselves for five minutes, and it makes for a really good single element of the show, but than those people can't really like. Go back and like perform as well, as they do in that context and sketches and say you of this weird leg, I think how many impact Bennett our kind of like that They have their own sensibility, but at least they they can have like their own digital shorts. It just a very. They have a lot of good solo performers that don't necessarily fit into a good on cast in when you about the history the show the shows, though, is at its best and not talk about it with these people that can play any character like the bill, Haider Types or Kate mechanic. These people that can get thrown into any situation
they can be, though, the waiter- and when seen that one line and the next thing they're carrying an entire scene and that's just how the show Zoe succeeded, usually when the cats are a little bit smaller to this cast is, is pretty big, but the thing that I wanted to talk about, which I didn't even tell you what what this was the topic cuz. I want to just throw say it to fatten. So I said I was always been this barometer fur. Whatever is a going on culturally right leg. You look the seventies it comes out of like this whole Vietnam. Next seen in counter culture in part, smoking and drugs and Just that hole in it just on the show that was the show for the first five years and in the eighties com, it's an age of access and they get caught up in that they finally put the other one dream cast than the eighty five with Billy Crystal really Crystal Mars All these things was almost like they're, putting together a giant baseball team. Then they can and went back to the basics and then as
The show had the second renaissance, unlike the fiftieth anniversary, with them, with the full Hartman MIKE Meyer. Dana carbajal those people, it was also capturing culture which were at that point was very pop culture driven, very ironic. Dennis mowers don't weaken, update it just the kind of though it was little little happier, little more a b and very, like kind of kids grow up. Watching tv now, making a tv show now I look at what's up So you go all the way and it's all these checkpoints and now can at the show in the most interesting things there doing over and over again our stuff like the friend those sketch and allow the stuff with black, celebrity culture and athletes and really more Were black driven stuff now achieving all the stuff. It's been the best stuff on the show a year.
And this is a showed that was taking shit three years ago- that the name and have a female CAS member. How now the show is as its way more diverse than it used to be the best shows. Had they share Sterling K, Brand Donald Glover and, like I love Sterling K branded that thing with them. He did their common thing where he was just making funded that carbon is the doctors who sought Pop Hiphop actresses soared over there was that thou is great. The friend those things a couple these other things and I'm wondering is that the direction this and now she go, because when you think about it, celebrity culture sports all this stuff. They'd, never really had the red cast a parody deal out of the stuff in maybe that's where it needs to go reading of this idea.
I mean that there's something like I've noticed recently, like you noticed over the past few years, like thereupon sketches S. Analysis done that they like physically, could not do in recent years because, like they did not have the cast to populate that many chairs leg, black jeopardy as a sketch franchise, which is like one of the most successful things they ve done. It's time like the Tom Hanks, one was like one of the best pieces of political commentary. They did. That was like there two black Panther, like Donald Glover, doing the whole like window in space, where all the best, people saying like it's really interesting. Watch them. You know me use of their cast. That way it was actually weirdly like. I was just watching Tina Faye. Do the Letterman thing like Letterman Interview Show- and she was talking about it as like- a female writer and the effective like what sketches she was. But to get on the air just like, as there were more women in the room at the table, reads. Who would like a laugh at jokes because they understood the references? Are that's interesting
sure thing she like Doug, Cortex, classic like out of the junk pile, because the guys, like literally, did not understand what the joke was or like how it would be executed, and she was like I had to explain to them like what the visual gag would be because they just like didn't know how tampons worked ran and so I think like it's just a testament to when you people in the room who can like pick up on something and who can pick up on things happening in the larger culture and lake hip. Hop is just me, dominant now. That has ever been, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, like its valuable to cast with them. I towards that end, quote wait! You just said about Tina Faye, that's another good example of the show marrying what was happening, the culture ah said in that it was a real strong female show because it had Tina at Amy Polar admire, rude off and was the other. When there is a Rachel garage, Rachel Dredge in aghast, I was unripe,
for them, but I don't know if they were on the same cast, but but that member that was the first time it was like, hey, women are funny, and there are these stupid things written and set about that. But it was it This kind of seizing a moment where I was oh yeah, women are funny here. We go review to have some good stuff, and now I think like The next incarnation of the show I think has to capture I dont know if they even do that Bigos give five years ago. Oh, they definitely doubt, although we never know the people to have it re exactly like they can't cast it. That way, and I mean like comeback Brok when chance was iron leg. And like one of the most interesting things about black jeopardy as a sketch is like a bad joke is like not written with a white audience in mind which, like the rise of Essen out, absolutely, is like the references in that sketch are so specific and so not explained in a way that
like almost disorienting, like as away viewer, but is really interesting to see like on a show that is like a historically white institution, yea. Think about a crystallized, some things that I didn't realize that I thought, but even something like that never had the right person to play. Obama That's gonna hear easily. The humblest was seen a guy who was like the only not white do that they had. They were like it's fine, I there that is just so wild and retrospect. I mean Layton best. One was the rack. That was the only funny bird Obama, their chief arrow, ok, but I, but when the rock did Barack Obama whenever that was, there was actually pretty funny, yeah that we might actual countervailing period. That is like, I think, ass, an always been a really good lately, when it just hasn't tried to chase the like ice at all like the cold opens, are in great there, like restating the headlines and, like my vote furthermost into
sing person involved in Essen, I'll creatively right now actually is and cast member. It's a writer name, hullo Torres who, like doesn't stand up, and he does these links really weird non topical clearly from his own brain. He did that, like Barbie Sketch the Donald Glover Dead, he did that like Weird pirates thing than Rhine, Gosling, dead and It's just so like clearly the product of someone's brain and not trying to chase like clapped her or a headline, and it's just some of the mostly watch it, and you know who wrote at which is like a really really really hard thing to accomplish and of you know, and I get twenty strong writers room yet I do think like. You know you feel up when they have a great host. It does help to have an awesome alpha dog type person. They're, like one bill, Haider was arrows like oh yeah. The shows really good is bill haters at it either
You give nine things now it, though hater that you would not have been able to do with a normal person. Yeah John Mulvaney has sent a couple weeks ago on those two that almost always cheating now because, like he was a writer and he was a writer during a stronger period of the show. So, like my favorite sketch thy name was probably like the weird switch aroun sick combine, and that was like a direct follow up to rocket which is a Tracy Morgan sketch from like eight years ago. I do think so, Chris. Who is in that friend, o sketch. I think he has a shitload of butter Oh he's great. His lonely impression he if Religio sentences and it just like totally pop out yeah, he's definitely rookie the air. This was his first year he's better allotted. Stuff authority and also is really and for some of this stuff we're talking about because some of the most of this stuff that I want to see parodied cannot be done by, like maybe day you know the Abbe somebody who is gonna web.
A lithuanian prestige should, by holy shit, then a little way to pursue a hub They need more that. I think I think that you know this is just the case for us and but more diversity with the caste and more flexibility. They have to go in a bunch of directions. I think is the key for them. Yeah they demanded that they don't like good. Hiring recently of my younger people, who, I could see developing like most of us in Europe, is like embarrassingly the first Latina CAS member they have with ITALY's ever had yeah we're not a great statistic on paper, but like she's, really gifted impression is he's, also really distinctive and lake idling. The shows quite vigour. How do you use hurry ass? She was in a good good, scheduled Donald Lover this week, but like once, they do. I Her being really good, I've been christened. Heidi are really good.
Look gnaws lake obligatory like Guy Percy them that isn't quite gonna, make it, but they have a writer named Gary Richardson, whose done a few sketch cameos and like a similar trajectory to a lovely Jones did before she was warmly cast that, I think, could be really good. Why do you think Netflix has attracted shown? It s an empire yet and do a Friday night kind of blown out expensive taped version of a sketch out and try to get a jump on and- and I have never understood why everybody just seated described to us now, even when in living our came in the early nineties. I that shows that show had a significant impact. Culturally, I felt like I felt like in the demo, obviously ass. I watched it, but They launched a lotta careers. The Jamie Fox came from match. Jim carry like that show that the EU look back at that time. That was on their shining, a holy shit that show was loaded with
but- and it was even those that essential shadow is still success, I can't believe nobody's challenge will come. The central had that, like weave of sketch, shows a while back with, like he appeal and Amy Humour that was really strong. Over I'm saying, like I'm saying gone weekend, late night yeah, de I neither ABC Cbs Netflix, I mean all. My young is like an emphatic all to networks and Hulu doesn't want like the the companies that so I don't think Hulu we're gonna go up against NBC, but Netflix actually did like a really interesting comedy experiment, while, while back called the characters where I was sort of way, ok why we have this existing model of a stand up special where we just like gives. And some money and found them in front of a wall in an audience. What have we kind of used our cash and did that fur sketch performers and improvise ers? We're we're just Ok right, a half an hour of stuff. You have to play a certain number of characters and can take ever for me wine and will film it and so Lake Laura laughed yesterday, John Early Cape
went TIM Robinson, and it was like really interesting. Oh, like this whole idea showcasing a single performer can be done with something that is in stand up and it seems like it didn't really pan out. They haven't on a second seas and malignant Tosh O Roswell, who is like the break out of insecure, like I first noticed her through that, and I wish they would do it again sit you can save forecast members for next year for us now you saving of war came again and I actually think needs to graduate. So maybe it on her. What is it he? It's, your seven for her seven years is enough yeah. She's in, like this weird bind were alike. I don't know, There is a better vehicle for hurry now biggest studio. Comedies are in such a bad place, bore away the second there aren't there like five hundred, as a development right now you
I have money from somebody she can get money for like a show. I just don't know if it would be like ass good, for I mean if she is an idea like bury to do what bill haters doing right now, which I think is like maybe the best performance on tv and is just such a good showcase for him. Like it. If she is one of those ideas, that's the best lake. Out but usually leading your own show kind of mean needs means you need to be like the straight person, because you need to be the anchor and she works. So well as these like crazy, big supporting characters which would to me, decades likes you should be more movies, but there aren't all that many movies right now. That would like show hey her in that way, but I I think it's tough, I don't. I don't think she could be the lead of bridesmaid, site that kind of thing it almost seems, like she's gonna, be relegated to these sidekick. Yeah I mean she's like in a perfect world. She,
would have apart, like what Tiffany had a hard or what MRS Mccarthy had, and that would like be her springboard yeah. I just its heart, for her, but in terms of like people on the Katherine. Now I mean we just talk about Christmas, Heidi gardener, Moldavia, Senor and then a man. I really be Davidson leg. That's kind of my hard take as I've been really really enjoying its performance in Ireland that impede Davidson Court has accepted this. I think it might be a little bit of a stray woman bang by he's like really prismatic in this way, where alike I could see him developing into a kind of a leading. I I really enjoy- is kind of like Pankey, smart Aleck, why guy, like you know, little brother of the crew of. On the other hand, I think he needs to graduate- and I think he his destiny is to actually have a really
where'd single camera, a fax or HBO, show that has some weird angle and he's just this: lovable loser guy who's, who knows but I mean I would want to spend a half hour week with them for, like a week's yeah. Weird scenario: yeah I mean. Maybe That's like, Kyle, Mooney, sort of some are actually loved, Briggs be bear. It was like never going to make any money at all, but it was such a good showcase for him. Personally and leg, it used all of his weird comedic text. They give usually see him used to make fun of himself and then like turning into a compelling dramatic care, you're actually think like of the leading guy parts that you mentioned before, like a hate, her ass, maybe the closest thing they have to that right. Now is probably back: Bennet like he is a good he is able to both just like be do and then like turn it on. And be like baby by us if he needs to be so maybe used by more than one year neutral party, who kind of supports everyone quickly
You mentioned how much you love berry, I also low bury. I saw the first two and as its out south by southwest and I was worried, cause I had pike ass of the next day, something I really hope this is good. I don't want to have to like dance around that I did like eight or pretend I like that are less of ours. I won't this is excellent. I really enjoyed this and its actually gotten kind of darker and crazier and better and he's gotten better as the shows got along, which is interesting, because when I did, I'd with them. He was saying how, when they started filming it, and he did the first episode huh wasn't good as an actor because he had forgotten that he actually to act and create a character head than so many other pieces of it, and it does feel like he's, got better, as the shows got along the last. The last time including this one that was on this week was probably his me real. This last one I think he's been amazing. Always felt like he had it in him. Didn't you oh yeah, I mean he's like always,
been phenomenal. I was re watching like I interviewed jumble any while back, and so I was researching, and I was watching like what's wrong with Tanya, which is that, like hilarious, sketch, further making fun of light- lifetime, original movies, any plays the game show host, and he does this like he'll turn where heat and from a generic tv guide to leg the Gatt the joke is that he's like Anna Ferris is abusive, been kind to have, which is really dark, but he plays at length super well, and I just not bury was this: credible, like they really explore both like the pathos? of this situation like this is a guy who really wants to get. Our money is really like. A sensitive Bruce saw, who has been actually hurt and hollowed out by this lifestyle, but he's also lake a terrifying murderer who does not hesitate when the time comes to do what he thinks he has to do. I think it's. Actually.
He will whether he has to do it and the way the show itself like follows through on its own logical premise and his leg: ok, leg! This guy kills people, like what show him really killing people in killing people that we know and lake, and what is I do too We relate to him and it's a really good showcase for him, but I think it's also a very. Generous show lake, it doesn't or if I had it lets other people kind of carry the real sympathy and emotional wait sometimes, and let it such a Wii good idea, it shouldn't work and its such it's like one of those things we are like. Ok, I have to trust us because I like this person and I want to see what they do and it like actually lives up to it. You wrote a piece about the that research on the ringer, and I thought you jump than what I thought was the best part of the whole season, the thirty seconds when he realizes to kill that did out. I mean I I
It's really kind of gripping and end affecting I physically like jumped in my see when you get to the point, because you don't notice it at first, where, like the crest of soldiers having this breakdown, so your attention is on him and how is freaking out about how is killed. Someone you can't live with ESA me has to come. Clean the middle of it, like I hate her just kind of mumbles. Why did you have to say that you don't really understand like what he means, and yet he interrupted Injured screams like why'd. You have to say that end like it is fucking it immediately brings the scene to a hall and he does say anything, but you you just immediately know what is about to happen, and you have to like this thing that you weren't even thinking about it. The possibility fifteen seconds before it's just like occupying your whole brain and just like the expression on his face for like he's simultaneously like torn apart, but like not torn apart enough to not pull the trigger, is just like. I think that that specific thirty seconds is Bambi real
I think he's gonna win best actor. I mean I was looking at the nominees and who they lay a really could use the favourite yeah. I mean like last year, Glover Wine, which, like he's eligible again this year, but I don't know if they want to do a repeat there, like tambos out. Obviously there someone else who their show ended like no one from deep is in the lead category like Anthony Anderson MIKE nominated again, but like e p, was never when anyway, always these Ansari is an eligible anymore, because there is a new season, a master of nine and it's like. Ok, like an S, an alarm that everyone likes whose in like a new edgy HBO, show, I think, he's definitely getting nominated and lake. I think, he's probably more favoured to win like a golden globe because they like being edgier by it. I definitely ho p p like makes it on the stage I think he has a real chance. It's it's funny tv absent flows, we have good reasons. We are bad rads. It feels like we're on a great run
now in my work, I later bury killing aliens and killing heaved those, Others are my buddy Hershey who always bitches about tvs like just so tired of a b plus, I dont I don't want another b plus. Is there any minus out their concern? Ay? Is there anything higher than a b s, and I think our forests? shows, are above a b plus in my opinion, yet in this this year was not off to a good start. Like last year, within like the first month, we had both the young Pope in rhetoric all which are like two of my favorite jos of the last five years and so forth. January and February of this year I was kind of bummed out and it was really slow and I was like and we finally, at the point of Ptb, were like we just ordered too much stuff and no one's to Bing refining any of it and then, like Nada. Nowhere we knew this is coming, but like bury heads like killing Eve like if you are now in killing Eve. It is just extra
ordinary and like exactly the kind of thing we're like tv didn't make this five years ago, and this is why we lino it's a good thing that were kind of expanding the sleigh right now and obviously we both Billy Hurtin, so yeah yeah Zagreb. It's a murderous, her notice, I input homeland in their last last name. Before we go you you, you watch our tv. You know everything. You know everything that's going on now and watches all tv, but I try. I know I'm always astonished by how much you catch. There's a show. You don't know about because you would no about because you're, not in the demo you're, not apparent and you're, not a twelve year old girl, it's called Alexa and Katy. Have you heard about this? Always a thin Netflix multi CAN with fatigue The two girls who are friends among them is can't sir tat yes. I know the log line I haven't watched it, but it's ok. A couple couple things: the girl they actually, the girl has cancer and gets share
shaves her head and the whole thing, but it's like presented as a almost like it. Is the general single mother came whole thing, but it's not it's actually a little bit more serious than that Tiffany embassies and the mob. That now, ok, my daughter, love. This show as much by damages turned thirteen so she's in the Duma. She loved this show and it ended. And she was like. I dont understand where season two, because you have kids, don't have any concept of, when a show premiers when its release they just as soon there's gonna, be a hundred episodes when they start lacking a show- and I said now that said, they it's the first season was there's gotta, be a second sees it go, and I think there it's gonna be a second season, but it she has now. Like the show this much ever
There has been so yeah. I think I almost feel like you should check it out. Oh I'll, look at it and networks has done well recently with both, like kids, TAT Lake, thirteen reasons. Why is coming back this month, which last year I have some issues with by Maryville Member are here I mean it ever got its job done and then like they have one day at a time which is this like really sweet Norman Lear produce Multi? Can it's like a reboot of one of his shows, but it's like modernize and it's about a cuban family now away the lake it really like hit that sweet spot. I could also really imagine not being good family show but they seem to be leg, developing their kids ladle. I like Adsense, I that if we have some shows shooting but yeah. No. I now check it out it short too. I think the episodes are like. Maybe twenty minutes I'll make out on networks gathered there. They ve they ve kind of five by, especially because there's no commercials earnestly
and I just outside its honour. The next one, our knowledge of and understands pacing is very rare. That's it itself. Last at least I ploughed through the entire cobra. I show Saturday night, I watched the entire ten episode. My whole family was gone and I was shocked by had these into us, I asked I actually generally enjoyed it. You and I because bureau, chief dining clock or both like wrapping for it, and so also was not previously on my right arm. Most Youtube: bread stuff is not but leg. They have something Adam Polly in the works now like Facebook is making stuff. I really got. I gotta start taking these attack giant seriously. I was shocked by how well it was by how all in they went like a really could have been a network shower Hulu or any this thing. So they definitely spent the money. And if you like that movie, now. I think daddy and I are more in the demo further nineteen eighty four Craddock kid
but it's in homage to the old movies, but it's actually a completely new show. Like my son watchdog, they my tenure outside and really like that I see the movie like twice. I heard they made it like a sad thing about like to do too got hung up on high school, so yeah they re aware yeah yeah they did. It was really smart and we urban I'd have rough macho waves. Abacha coming on the bs package as a whole has now. Ok, I gotta crap ass. They got ass in this is Fine thanks for coming up thanks for having me around, I quit breaks psychological. I've been shaving since college. I still shave because
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She's, my office, we have four kids between us and I think she's, the only one of the Ringer staff is actually watch and manage our perhaps other other, the maybe dining quack bags. What are we missing missing with this plan? I was going to say you can't leave Danny out. That's what your problem. Missing or missing. Finally, though, I should, in capitals, have Slade the dragon of getting to the third round of the playoffs. So her very excited for launching tanned, congratulations, the wizards couldn't do it Alexander, it can is the only one who can so I've lad. I have actually watch by fair share vacuum plants. I just don't tweet, because the hockey people just don't allow any one else than the bubble either you're, all it ad hoc. Here they are not allowed to your basically just relegated to the kid stable. The Bruins gave the the licking firm martian death. I feel I completely change the seas, but we have talked about that
Perhaps thing I just assume vote it was caps. Pants capsule lose their visits to the pants. That's what is what was different this year will first of all. Ok, you very quickly. You know what passed the the the the Boston Bruins, Lech see around the world I didn't I didn't like it. I mean it's not a headshot, at least but then I shall already has problems as diseases like the month, so it's probably not the best if it anyway, I think I am, I think, for the capitals is I mean- in some ways it take the law of like they ve lost so many times to the penguins. They have lost so many games, seven set this year. There are finally able to avoid having to face another game. Seven at home, with saw the baggage that that has, and I mean it- I keep going back to avenge- can because I love him, but he's just really had a great sea.
Then he's had a lot of milestones. Either he's got kuznets I've who escort the the game winner, the other night and they just kind of Ben the players that they ve kind of playing at their best. And you know it This season they just were able to. Finally, you get over the hump against Pittsburgh, so the events The thing reminds me of what happened: Berkowitz, game, basketball where he was this franchise guy. You know everything All that stuff and everybody was kind of waiting for him to have his moment, and then he couldn't get over the hump, and then he became kind of unfairly maligned for years and years and they trade. I am aware that what's gonna happen in edge, just when everybody kind of gave up by Dirk that's on the two thousand Lisbon Plan, Sap and suddenly his beating the brine away in the final fitted.
See my people gave up on him ass somebody that could be the superstar that could actually went up. I think there is any he he went through a period where they went through so many coaches and at one point you know they had a coach that wanted him to be no kind of playing shot blockade hard nosed hockey, instead of letting him letting him sore letting it be over letting it take that shot from from where he shines and yeah. I do think he he's gone through. I mean it's kind of funny when you look back and some of his early years like I know it's almost frustrating to see that people weren't just openly embracing dynamic pirate. Instead, they were kind of Tut tiding him when he would say go. And then you know pretend her laid his hand. Warm. Hands over the light of his stick. Em like I was a fire and you know it that made everyone angry in the end, the oh, so humor
as hockey world. So you know this. He's he's really come back. This is an area he we get married in the off season had an awesome. You no wedding where he was dancing, shirt, lesson invited, we are prudent? Who couldn't come by satellite a tea set as a wedding. Gaston, it's been a you know and then of course probably the one year that in Russia wins the God metal at the Olympics. He can you play on the team and read yeah, I think now someone I think I was just in born, pointed out that you didn't know unexpected, Ovida, suddenly be like the Silver Fox that he is he's all of sudden, like this elder statesmen with his gray hair, and I think people are kind of finally like appreciating him outside Washington in a way that they didn't before. Where does he rank on the big scale? For you from one in ten of messier was a ten lies. That can rag just for your hacking purse. He I mean he's up there at lake when
think about who I wanna. When a cup, it's lake, a dark conquest, number one Evan. Yes, I leave it alone is currently at eleven more so the mess because I just like I have such hopes and dreams for Hank lake yes feel so strongly, but yet That is actually in some of the left in the path of obvious. Probably lake number two for me, please IRAN's another, I'm Joe Thornton, not not his year this year, but those are kind of my top guys that I just would love to see when the cup I think, both ovarian Pique I haven't comment that they know they were just have some fun. That they're kind of not be afraid to shove it in a few people's faces and yeah. I just I mean I'm a Rangers fan and I we play the capitals Leyden, but I still just have such a love for earlier. I kind of fear. I feel that cat either washing fans of really everything in a poor Donny
They really deserve this, that it's like it's only the third round. Haven't you admit to the copyright and tamper, is a really good team standing in the light of former rangers. It's kind of a kind of going to be a strange, serious arena watch yeah they kind of work, the ruins- and fortunately I mean they're, really good canopy look. I have I mean I went to the CUP finals couple years ago and they just have like a pretty stack tee You can have a good just solid organization with a good plan in place, and I think you know I think you ve talked about in football. Sometimes when that team has the big like play off when and in the field of the first shouted the play off than they celebrate like they just won the Superbowl. If it can be tough, I think to play the next game, so that, but I'm a little worried about for Washington just because temper, really as a good team, you miss such a great chance. Say organization there. I think, whether with the west
the fans no Superbowl there when the Zebra ninety one they have not want to title since not allowed a great caps moments. They made that the cup that one year that Weird Adam Oats year, yeah yeah I like them, Ninety, I don't think any of their teams have gone past. Second round of the playoffs like in any sport. I think that's right. Yeah, then they found a ladder, nationals, heartbreak and all this stuff, so the cats being fine also be my number one choice for a sub. Why numbered and then the one b for that would be a virgin. On the other hand,. I think it would be hilarious, a Vegas and Tampa where the fire and I'm kind of ruining for that it would just be its work, Batman deserve sick, as he just keeps additives here. Here's your finals! guess versus tamper luck. Everybody really as Lake Gharib, having got cut, smoking, a cigarette and now, yes to smoke the whole package of anti fraud of his mother
God. It makes me so happy and then the other possibility that could be disasters, tamper Winnipeg. Yet I have outlined that. I think that I mean of Canada is a is a country that enjoys this and of hockey, but may I think to ever who, in a figures like, I think at least Vegas, you kind of got that whole story of vague ass in a kind of does bring in. You know that the current casual, the elusive casual fan either it's it's a crazy. You weird funny story that an expansion team lake- you know literally their first season could, when a cup, when no, canadian team has won a cup. Since I think, since my mantra, silly twenty five years we had a base, that's hilarious! To me, sorry, Canada! the other question, when a peg as lake theirs,
retirement even team does well there's this kind of constant conversation in the media about whether its Canada's team. Weather. Everyone in Canada hate that team, except for to Vancouver, was not Canada steam. Montreal would not be kind of just him, because no one is trying to root for them. So I'm kind of interested to see what the Winnipeg situation would be a start of a begrudging appreciation for them, what they ve gone through, losing the team in getting back but yeah when a peg temper. The tablet- and I love the national predators, I'm I'm reading for them a game. Seven do think: do you think they should have two cups and one is slightly bigger than the other enough. If there is one word there's no original. Sixteen in the final afford that second smaller stay in the car. Tiny, but it's just like a little smaller. It's ok. You have like the there
you ve, that's like bigger versus the smaller recipe, a kind of some kind of principle. I felt that could work that the cross over CUP yeah. I it's funny could like a few years back, I mean that the final forest Like I mean there is a year there is like allay Chicago New York, Montreal LA's. I was in not regional sex, but it's a big market in and then there is the boss. Pittsburgh: Cargo L a year- and now you know that this is the plan there. Where a spreading the wealth dino were getting young boys and I was interested in hockey and far flung places. I may I will say, having bad to tamper Ivan. And in Nashville, fairly CUP finals gamble Therefore, an early path game. It's really fun to see that in those places and how much they love it. Yeah, you know tat I kind of like have this whole set up wherever one brings out on chairs and sits on this lake. We don't ever side law,
and watch the game right outside the arena near like man. Floor does in then goes like a tv afterwards to party in, like this, if we could set up like a fireplace I'd want to plant tampons no tax than I guess. Vegas has the same situation attacks, but but yeah. I haven't been to a Vegas game. I've I've seen it on tv and I love how they're just going you talk about turning it up to eleven. They just in so doing, is a game of thrown style, Pre game, As for the night slaves, the guy with the banner, and then they have these weird lake, daft punk lake. Drummers with weird laid up masks and it's just so over the top and so vague s, any kind of such a matter, Yoda, the league, but just at its total it's a breath of fresh air. When hockey. Really
the sport with so much in history and put it in your Panier dues and all the sudden. You know this expansion team is a serious away from a cup final or you there or what one thing it makes me think that an mba team could work there, because it really does seem like they ve embrace their dna. China real significance, and I did. The vaguest writers are actually gonna work to yeah, but you know I ets it's incredible to me that an expansion team could win the Stanley CUP This happened in the NBA there's a zero percent chances inside even like a one percent chance would be a zero percent chance. If you had every MBA team protect their seven best guys, whatever the expansion eyes would have no chance, and yet in the inner chow, this team looks like any other plants like you watch out the games, I'm I'm cable and they look like a plaything. They don't look at indifferent. I dont really fun.
Mainly understand how they were able to do this. Like I know, I have to say that the high golly who's coming back to haunt the penguins, but it just seems inconceivable to me that you could basically get spare parts from the other thirty and it shall teams have put together a standing it then I don't understand it- I really really as the ultimate. Nobody believed that nasty arena real and they re like someone had You know everyone on that team was was cast off, maybe if you transfer, thereby with out with a chip on the shoulder yeah one, and I you know, I think it's funny cause that there is talk about a potential Seattle, any tell team down the road and people are saying now. Will you know they're gonna have to change the expansion draft rules because, obviously you know this was. This was like unfair that this given the main advantage, and it's like. No. If you look at me, no people
balancing the roster back when they built a cause. They kind of built at with this. They could have gotten like a few more paoli big names here and there, but an but they they prefer to kind of do outward trades and in a kind of accumulate draft text and that sort of thing in. But you know people are like this team- is it's a bunch of its thick violet of misfit toys in India but you know I was I was just looking at lake- am I think, they're leading score the season, William Karlsson, he play for the blue jackets before and he had this his last three seasoned with the blue jackets. He had two points. I think he played for them like three games as he's in cell, but still two point: twenty points twenty five points, and then this year a Vegas his seventy eight point. So I mean, I think so, There is probably a little unsustainable, you may say, bye a glaring even saying that since October, so you now,
then they ve been awesome at home right. Could it makes me wonder I do feel like that would be an advantage. For John and beer to when these visiting teams go to Vegas riot. It had a lay. God only knows canadian deeds, man, a Vegas who knows you, I've kind like having that like noon game in Madison Square Garden on a Sunday Lake right, not that the negative and take advantage of that home court advantage by you know it can't be easy for four players come into Saturday night, so yeah. I think that absolutely I'm sure has, even if that wins You know three games on the margin to games like that that count, so So this is that lay you know year in year in their year without the the hockey cycles, who only want to talk to each other and prevent us from joining the camera, Asian or they'll gaily. This vague as you had wounded I am a little wounded. You now sake hide the hockey fancy both ways it's like yet neither
say God: more people should pay attention to hack it then, when any casual faint comes in, they just shit on them until they leave a real like they have to figure out which path to take. I think it really is like the indian music fan that gets angry when the Van Gogh's bag, I mean, only with more violence. The outward more violence and lake, more obscure references, yeah I mean. I think I think there are plenty that do appreciate the absurdity. Arguments do love absurdity, sometimes by as you know, but like I saw a tweet the other day or someone posted a photo of like there. You know the crowd out the arena, you know one of those at all. You know game day, pre, game crowds or whatever and Elizabeth, a sizeable crowd of it wasn't like nothing in someone goes like this looks like the Trump inauguration,
I don't like the icy literally hundreds of fans. Wow, like you, know that link and who are you trying to upset? I don't know it's like Who are you insulting here, like the fans? Don't care their teams very well, they haven't, you seem like they will have to explain themselves for four liking and expansion, team and they're not badly, yeah, maybe they're bandwagon fans, but like any fan of annex and here is like a from from grounds. A fan, so I just think I'd be hilarious. I hear that said there is kind of some other. The other teams probably have more players that I'm like it would be excited to see when, by like Vegas as an entity, I think would be kind of an appropriately bizarre situation. We'll just imagine being a maple Leafs fan Canadians, fair
I mean. Maybe you ve just been suffering for decades, and then this happened. I mean that the team we left out their effect, but the Edmonton Oilers and and I mean, and even going outside of Canada ever so slightly like the buffalo savers. It remains. Our teams that have good for have had first of all, are like the most hockey mad places in the world, like Buffalo TV, Things are consistently like one in two, even though savers have it, you know been close to a successful franchise and Lake as long as I can remember practically so those who tells him in the bigger number one packs number two packs year after year, Lottery Peck said have been kind of in these rebuild modes forever. Now I mean Edmonton this year, I think was kind of a disaster that, instead of ten it taking advantage of the fact, young guys on entry level contracts which it is so so valuable
How terrible season and kind of you know there's a waste of kind of David one of his. You have so those IRA those are the city's. I think of that must just be lake. So it s not the though I don't, I don't feel bad for admitting or their there. Blessed by the gods. In the eighties, everything they had together was probably the greatest hockey team ever assembled ever and then they, what even after they change Gretzky. There should have been a curse of Gretzky for like a million years, but actually won the cup after they traded and then and then they picked First for how many years ago, I now have legs for number or over back. Then they stupidly traded, one of em, whose awesome now I don't feel bad fragments in LA. I feel bad for Buffalo yeah I feel that for Buffalo I feel like bay. I mean I remember I feel like I wrote stories lake at the beginning of the grail,
dearest kind of, like ok like their turn or an early now that lake except six years ago and seven years ago and yeah and every year is just kind of like the same same old story. I mean, I think they re. Finally, Now, let's I gotta have another great traffic this year at her in a kind of spicy at this general National Defence man. But it's like he's gonna The danger is fed on day one or something like there's the something's gonna go out for them read last question: this is your foot tat, keep laughs after having carried to children and then being in charge of them is physically and emotionally as it is the overtime player fact game rougher for you now or just such shock all the time, it's actually easier to do. Two things. One is that lake time has sort of system
zest for me like I may never know a day. It is what time it is a day or night. You know so like these laws, over time games there, just kind of like a different plain of of existence. I can kind of just along with, but I will say I think I I think I tweeted this latter forget what game it was. I think it was a capitals game now, my my site mailed or sign is at the age where he is just such a parrot ed. He definitely screamed and a farm through mouthful of yogurt, because nothing has his mother had just scream. A farm herself so you know I was pretty happy with this kind of the trajectory he's on, as it and my parenting skills. At that moment I am really happy, here that, as were the mountains in the whole scheme, lifestyle added now I didn't know who is going to affect you and if you weren't still swearing at the tv, but I'm glad there I will say figure the ski lifestyle props too
the number of San Jose Sharks jerseys see on the mountain. It just makes me happy. I love a good I love a good deal and black sharks Josie. You know and the Squire Valley Mountain in Canada, the ultimate in California hockey, so that really does banks. This is fine. Thank you. Thank you for the update. Practicing ironic, Lindsey, so adds to talk about kind of west. Childish can be no more but first introduced. And control G acts. The first great reducing shampoo from just four men. Just four men helps men, look their best
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those kind of west who had the title for years and years as our most kind of creative music, slash other stuff artists, his cronies bit. His crown has been challenged by the one and only down down Glover Lindsays all adds one of our towns, writers at the ringer she's been manner in this very carefully. Has the torch been passed? was this: was this a seminal weaken this weekend the lad went on this weekend ice. I can see why some people would think that you know a lean has been cleared. Kenya has sort of cleared the laying of you know, have political artist and wrapper with anything to say about America and recent America. He just kind of gave that title very least and we're Thea hang, you know, Donald other kind of stepping into that raw.
Think is maybe a little premature to fully like give him not tied all because I think he's like you doesn't have the songs they kindly has. I think he kind of may have released his first great song this week, so I don't know but see why people would want it like react to it. That way. I guess the way to think of it would be. Atlanta is such a groundbreaking show in such an incredible shell and one of my favorite chosen the decade that maybe that fills part of the boy like of colonies. Music filled, the was like his A less thing is a plus staggers vast bar has done more in pitch Atlanta. The number and pitch for Glover, but then, on the side now has this music career, what she said: for our fears and it went dormant now it's back their video, he did first one.
So one of the best music videos I've ever seen- and I am probably the hairs- are made in the first one- couple years that I remember watching multiple times just because I wanted to pick up more stuff from her, and you know the statement that it made. The chances that it took and I've just really never seen anything like that is music video and I cant remember the last time that dad format condom inspired me. What did you think? What was your reaction? I think it is incredibly powerful its, a masterful music video, I think, an interesting thing: they're keeping Mine in that conversation is carnies. Videos usually suck like he's pretty bad at music videos and that's kind of one. I'm area where I think there can be no eyes like a visual artists and the aesthetic that he's survived, working on Atlanta feels more fully formed than that kind of thing.
Visual idea of China, which has never really been like think, run away, as maybe his one side, video yeah runaways and I very much yeah- it's very good, bye. And I think that kind you can still has just them. Excels more developed, and he just has more of a catalogue to pull from that I'm kind of more interested in No lover is like a vision. We'll artist and this kind of matter celebrity who's talking about his fame while he's getting more famous and I love that the more famous, especially is like white mainstream spaces, he's getting the more he's making people uncomfortable with the idea of his famine and that's a lot of what this it is about and what made it such appointed statement that he released it while he was hosting us an owl and in some ways
letting you know one of the biggest stages of his career, then putting out probably the most confrontational piece of work has ever done simultaneous if we just thought that, was very cool and very provocative. Well, the music, I think Kendrick has challenged kind and that front the last couple years and if anything has probably taken the title firmness under way. But you know artists are meant to have the title for twelve years of thirteen years of fourteen. It's it's after a while people get picked apart, they run at a ways that kind of key challenge in themselves. They get they get. Chris given the wrong ways, and I think it is hard to keep going like that, but that if anybody was gonna, take the title from him. It had to be a combination of people in a way see I've Kendrick, where they musically has taken the title from home and then Glover just
with with the creativity and just I don't know what this guy's doing next and how does he d? How does he do this? And, oh, my god, I can't believe that deeds in website that those Kennedy Ass, these triggering for me. You know I watch even So now I thought he was eight. The sketch It could have been a little funnier but but he was amazing and I thought the friend I was scared was one. Other tat was one of my favorite things that they have done in a couple years, and it was definitely admirable episode, Dino and their combined with the video, which is now at thirty, seven million at least as I think those seas renders this week and it just like he's, having like a real real real moment here, How do you feel about his music, where you into the performances and half an hour? Not as much? I thought there were compelling. I don't I have to say here that the same position that Chinese, but something about on the way
puts it altogether. You just kind of watch the whole time and it's it's for me was was like think I'm enjoying this, but I'm more like a more enjoying how weird this is percent more than the second sight, but he's deftly unique right here: I really like the second far more than the first so which one which one was which which lay fires. That can't remember, I think, the second was then this is America that yeah ass, thou wilt Thou is the one I like bar yeah you're right, I think he's he can be confrontational provocative in that way, in kind of do it with a creepy smile that just cast. I only over the whole thing and and that's where she's working best, and I think it's she's an interesting part of him that there is the other side of him. That wants to be this very earnest, our and be artist. Interest have lake, you know like a summer jam and
even those songs felt, like I understood, like the visual Conan and vision of like I'd. You experience thought is like the Euro Zone Cravat in the beginning, introducing him sitting down it all fell, really deliberate from there I'll send pray, I'm just not lake totally sold on the music being there yet, but I think I'm ok with that to right now and by the way I'd never get there, because it is the second best thing that he does right: its aim. The first best thing he does is create tv movie staff and then on side is also doing this, but has and his dear out his own territory. Total and within the tv and movies stuff he's doing multiple things too. He's acting. Writing he's directing yes kind of just control. Being a lot of facets, bed alot of people don't in that way, so
Yeah, I'm I'm impressed upon the earth forwards. I do think are absent, go with the kind of thing over the last few weeks it there. I, as a lot of people, have because already met, and I think he means the different, airily, everybody and awe, and to watch it kind unravel we're, not a recent thing with the unravelling. I think it's been maybe a five year thing and his handsome some good some good stretches during that five years, but for the most part, had spent pretty crazy and awe, and then it really fell apart to the point where you now it just seems like it's over an eco label. Back we seen musicians rally back but for the most part, is a kind of his platform has been
tarnished. You know how you get Lang yeah. It seems that the conversation like the tone of their almost physic, you're reading his obituary or something like I just I finally read that China has the courts as say this morning and cup. Other things that had been published in other Ellison, some very good writing about the epic failure of kindness in the past week, bad yeah, it's like there's like an hour quality to the way people are talking about him like there's. No coming back from this unjust that some idea of what we had of him as is over and it sad I it's been really a bummer to watch all this unfold. Will you wrote I meant to say was I forget what point into that? Sixteen, but Europe for us about gonna, has shows about them you were there and
yeah. He was always crazy and he would always got off the rails, but it we're we're always on his side with the end, even in his concerts, you know He would do these ten minutes a little whatever that turned into kind of a thing, but people felt like it was like reasonably adored they are here, goes guiding our boy here we go and it wasn't much different than were Bruce Springsteen with their way back in the day when you go see spring stay in a big got into this eight minutes story about something or even you too, at their heyday bought out. I was at some point, go off the rails with some low monologue and urges part of Party gonna cancer as they now here's the parliament goes off the rails. But it was never never a bad thing and it was kind of amusing and especially the internet era, people carving up and having fun with their running their transcripts law that stuff, but Seeds were also, therefore, what's happened. The last few weeks to happen. I think, especially when you look back me up man
like a year, always teetering on the line of this might hit speeded up going back and then they now we're here, unfortunately, but yeah would would it be like going to act like like he's gonna Torah, Would you want to go to a tour of his? What would be the mindset going in on it? What would that be like. Yeah. I don't know, there's so many question marks had with them. I dont know what this album roll out looks like. I feel exhausted thinking about the fact that we saw like a month before this record comes out and just feels like so many more things happen between now and then yeah. I think it's just a really big question mark about what the music is gonna be like. Is it going to be like these two
songs. If we want to come up that he put out in about a couple weeks, is it going to be just a total left turn like? I have no idea, but I don't feel optimistic about any of it really. I think it's really hard to make rob music for more than eight to ten years. I we saw this with their with timber. In his last album and in a timber like really if you are now, if he is an athlete you would say his apex was like the six or seven range when you may, as it is here that I, a goblin come out. He does the bare give show found on s now and he was just I was kind of his apex, but you're able to extend their, and I remember I was at one of the super balls. I two thousand thirteen when the tab on that had suit tat was coming out, people are fired up like the gaieties back and add two thousand eighteen, and
this album and each eyes this man of the woods staying in fares are these kind of corn quote risky stuff, for that. But the reality is there was no hit song in the autumn and had always comes back. It is their heads on you know the red red, actually peppers, we're dead. And then all aside and add the cow for indication album and then the album after that which had some videos like though those jobs are good signs out. As I hear they are their back and that's why it with I just feel like if he is, great song, I do feel like he could kind of overcome this, because people always forgive anything when there's a good sir, would you think yeah I watched on most of the Charlemagne interview that he did, which
Don't recommend watching as much of it as I take the like two hours long and is yeah and endurance test, but he talks about. I think I didn't realize until watching that how disappointed he was that there was a big radio single awfully of Pablo, which I think that was a record that just one talked about totally divorce from Lake Radio and Grammy's, and the really traditional sign posts of what is a hit that he still pays attention to, and he just seems really tiny hurt and the people didn't play their songs on the radio, even though there is not song on the record. That really stands out of. Like oh yeah. This you can hear this is the hair. Like me, be famous bye. Dad didn't really take off in kind of a means. Your wave- and I still really do like that song. So I think he's there too. He kind of
pays more attention than a lot of people. Do these days to those really like almost old fashioned markers of what is ahead, what does it mean to be? Influential, do you have to win the words and beyond the radio and cannot reach that mass? and so I dont think he's connected. I mean the past to records he's done. Haven't really hard that Radiohead, but they add more buzz and kind of critical a clean, but I think he wants to get back to the populace moment and That's in all of his. You know, however, well in pension. His ideas about bringing people together are and free, thought and stuff. I think he wants that mass appeal again I just don't think he's going about it, the right at all. I got to say famous as one about five or six favour kindness of added, though God
I think that socks, amazing and I address- I think the only reason that sign didn't take off was because of the controversy with it. I really do that I think I think he inadvertently sabotaged and submarine that sign from becoming ahead, because the Taylor Swift Pardon which is harsh every time we listen to it I think I really detracted from the ability that's gonna take off and it's weird, because sometimes I cut mercy really helps asylum, but I believe it is if you like and by the way that signs on my daughter's get fired up for a soccer game lists, I've had the signal that that's eyes really get an adsum differ. It moves a couple, therefore ways and I think it's up there with some as best stuff, but I wonder if that's what makes a man
where he like. He knows that one should have been something and it was in his eye. I can't when he almost you know that bringing its sports again, but it feels like one of those athletes. I just can't get respect, maybe I don't know, but you can therefore like one of the first times too, that the kind of She did not benefit him. You know like in almost every other way even when it's Obama calling him a jack ass or something like he gets there was more attention on him for that and kind of people defending him, no matter why, and I think you're right like something about the famous episode and and tell her, swept reacting the way that she did not just soured alot of people on the whole thing. It felt like a lot and people were, Will I think, and now what he's doing like people just aren't willing to overlook certainty
things in the way that they used to be it's tough. This is a tough here four kindly offence. They really is, and I think that's why so much good right. In so many interesting takes a compromise that the code thing was really fascinating in her and his is take on what fame can do. Two people, I think, is a really important take and I think, there's a reason that We ve seen so many child actors in musicians just get the railed that hit. It may be a little too earlier hid it in a way that was almost impossible to deal at. That's. Why? Even somewhere, they just in timber lake, I think, is more of a rarity. You know when you think like he was famous when he was a kid and they became famous again as a young adult and then was in the most publicized,
relationship of war, whatever the early two thousands and seems like he's rode away Norman stable. I don't, I don't think that's a usual thing. I grew up with a mega like just Michael Jackson, losing his mind, of course, twelve years ago. It's like a clearly was cause of when he became famous and just how weird his life was. You know, I think we forget that Kendrick Kendrick just seems, like he's just kind over here. He does this thing he's not caught up in any that kind of willingly avoids it in a way and maybe that they can be better for him for the lower He hasn't even like publicly bragged about winning a Pulitzer two new imaginative kinabu. What normally had really, I don't think Andrewss said anything publicly, those in which is the ultimate flax like he doesn't even have to talk about a year he's just in his own corner, you re too smart taken at an inn.
That probably you know China is always gonna, be the opposite of that. He can't. He doesn't know when to exit the conversation. I talked on a par cast. I forget who is with maybe like eight nine months ago about you, know other stuff happy in America when was it can really trickle into music in a significant way? You know, and I think In some cases it would like for Kendrick goes bad luck because a lot of what was in his album right before a trump got elected. He could have just released that album and done a couple minor tweaks and it would have had infinitely more impact post trump, but for the most part, like even seventies, Vietnam WAR. Next in all that stuff in the music really reflected the times, and some of the best songs were about. You know, dissatisfied youth and people dying over overseas, and it just
fuelled some great art. Are we starting to see the seeds of that now? Post trump with something like the childish can be nothing this weekend maybe I don't think come from Congo, though, judging by the two things that you put out now just object. They not good thought yeah yeah you properly. Here, though, sucks you properly thus the ringer elastic, but some other artists and me we may we I have some moments here and I think this this music video, that it was been up for two days. It is we're taping this or three days, two and one slash two days got thirty seven million views on Youtube. You know that feels like something yeah and I think to leg like we are saying that hardly he tat. It can be no kind of struggle to find what his voice is and what that project means aside from
The other thing that Donald covered, as he's kind of there's, been diffrent mutations of that project, and he started out just kind of this hashtag wrapper and then morphed into this, for fudge earn big guy and now I think this way of being really politically confrontation, Nor and whatever he's doing right now, it's working and its. I think it has people paying attention to his music more primarily than they had in the past, saw many think. What do you think this day thinks with the solo movie coming up if it they're like head than other key to scale back just like ten per cent, please forgive me. I was there. I call this week I don't know, but I like I said I love what he's doing with just me. Getting the mass audience kind of uncomfortable in a little square me and cause there's, nobody else really doing that. To that extent,
now in the whose early rising to that occasion- and not you know, he's not, is very- brave what he's doing away like he's, not shying away from throwing stuff back people's faces at the moment that he, you know, could really level up. Boys are so here's the critical gravitas support. After from off from all the other choices made, which I think is an important piece of etc- and I think a lot of artists could have pulled out that music, video in and done it at the level, he did it and you know it crosses a couple. Lies there's no question, but he had earned the right across some lines in it
I dont know if there's a lot of people out there that made it. Then there I'm just amaze, like you know what I was a kid pollution accurate. They did. The blues brothers there s an hour which was the biggest shown in seventy eight or wherever seventy nine. They had an album that, I think, was number one at one point in the near the blues, brothers movie or their animal house Blues brothers and Belushi at one point had the number one movie he was a number one tv show any of the number one album off the same time and I don't feel like that's ever happening again, but Glover staring doing right now, so I'll be the number one movie at a manner will never be the top tv show, but it certainly one of the two or three most critically. Acclaim shows that this year and then Ah, you know his music and the video and hosting S. Now I kids really rare to put all that stuff together in the same year. I'd I really admire that it yeah.
Any other who says childish could be no get video potential this year. Anybody I mean, there's a new Drake Album. I guess we have too much yeah! I don't. I don't know I'm curious to see how that unfolds like that feels kind of the south, wait right now. I don't know- and I don't know if it's because were kind of looking to these Local conversations are now, and I don't think drink as an artist that is ever gonna get now he's more out to give people good time and freedom about what's going on in the larger curious to see how he it's in a moment like this and if as in and where he said, yeah. I know, but I am I am pleased with the developments from childish can be now how much of the six or south exercise of you watched all of that yeah,
So I was in that I went to the Sixers game last night in the Ets. A great crowd. And they get super engine. I'm pissed off pretty quickly. Halves, impress the Random ever Boston crap. There lot of tissues are in the building. We don't want to admit their similarities there. I think there are a lot, but yeah Saturday was was a heartbreaking moment. I hear the confetti game, If they can vote. Metaphor was like it felt. Like a metaphor larger than itself. You know the confetti falling which her victory really thought it was the three two I thought he had it and you know the ten minutes where they had to sweep up the confetti is there's a lot to say there I feel safe, predicting that will never see confetti at another philadelphus Emily Sixers get, I think, we're just gonna hurt your my daddy.
In my view, too soon, no matter how a member The right now boy, bad, do not fight the subjects of one the series, yet I feel like there could be more basketball. Your favorite tyrant, low life that act The wheat urine eagles fancy right, yeah, yeah so just were riding high this year, I was so say, yesterday gone and the the game and all the parks are at our near each other and Joe by the Football stadium to get to the basketball stadium, and there is a big eagle, Superbowl champion banner second got punch as that's it wasn't ready. Firstly, I'm starved still coming to grips with the super, but there I did it still so pray like like any time. I've gone to the Philly area, the past couple months, it just like everybody somewhere in the jerseys. I got my super bowl Champs T shirt that I brought at the time
in station yeah, yeah, yeah you're, wearing that unfettered I but didn't work. They could see me Airports. I remember when the pats on their first Superbowl was the same thing Abbas. Then the whole city felt like it transform for like three month. A re. Everybody was the actually tangibly happier like you could feel it The idea that little is still going on there are citing somehow that energy has lake carried the sector's farther than we thought they were the seer so I'll take it. Well, I'm not congratulating you on the eagles and I'll. Give you a mild congratulation, an incredible Sixers, but that's it This is all it's what you read out what's coming up next year. Man. I am working on something that will beyond the ringer by the times, hers I'm prevailing Stephen alchemists from pavement, which was like a true dream, come true. Why pay hang out with him is really fun? That's it yeah, I'm talking my area
this, the other, our excellent Lindsey. Thank you for coming to appreciate thanks having me, I think so, to Katy bags. Thanks to us, and Herman thanks to Enzo, add stacked, zip recruiter are presenting sponsor good, is hypocritical com to check them out thanks to Gillette Gillette offers a variety of shaving products for everyone. Regardless of his personal status, can needs or budget and whether you want three blades or five. The neutral at three Angela, five razors have you covered, are entertained hours, high performance, low priced sketch, let performance delivered to your door, find Gillette, five actual. Let on demand outcome subscribe today, thanks to control G X, the first great, reducing shampoo from just four men, shameful in rinse out, move uneasy most guys get the result they want. In about two weeks, visit control, G extra com use promo code, re growth. Twenty five
I've. Dear twenty five percent of your purchase, thanks to the Ringer Dotcom, don't forget to go there this week, fer a bunch of new staff about the basketball players music. Lindsey so adds pavement pro payment thing. That's coming about it. I can't wait to read that everything we go in there in the ringer package network, which is booming as always, Ringer NBA, Dave, Chang against all odds of cousin, savage, some Ganley picks free. This recast, carbs, the watch binge Bode Shack. Ass, Ringer Anna fell. The mass man act to keep going, go and check that out China. Thirty three press backs Talkin about Peter King live in sports, illustrated, which happened since I did the last Bacchus best elect him. Would love to have him come on sometimes authority at incredible. Twenty nine year run hugely influential and inspiration for this guy manoeuvres
anyway. Congrats can guess internet to the new gate, Peter King and we'll talk to you tomorrow and the best way.
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