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Philly’s Disgrace, Buffalo’s Ceiling, and Round 1 Playoff Lines With Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Eagles’ puzzling loss to the Washington Football Team, the Dolphins’ loss to the Bills, the Browns finally making the playoffs after beating the Steelers, Packers-Bears, the Titans’ field-goal win over the Texans, and more (2:00) before guessing the NFL lines for the wild-card round of the playoffs (44:00). They close the show with Parent Corner (1:15:00).

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It's the fourteenth year of Guest Align plan addition. But it's the first year that we have six ram and play games to talk about somebody hose be down. Whereas If you buy the ringer dot com and the Ringer Podcast network, nor Prince Yachting Chemical work, they did a Sunday reaction. Pied live live, they did it on on the twitter. As the kids so you can check out that podcast check out the Ringer NFL show all week. Warren Sharp is going to be on there twice breaking down. The games is also coming on this podcast on Tuesday as well. If you love the rewatchables, the twenty twenty slate is a pain as putting the first one. On Monday night, it's going to be bridesmaids a really good movie, ten year anniversary of it this year, so get ready for the I'm coming up the cousin. I six play games six good God. Almighty first broke
I take this Sunday night. It is eight thirty, pacific time we just witnessed a true abomination on Sunday Lemme see deserves it. The NFL deserves it. They gave us a terrible game and it was even more terrible than ever could imagine. We saw football team tank on National tv sow with with, I would say, the poor giants fans I'm gonna thread, but I hate the giants behind unguided they suffered wonderful. Why am I saw a rationally upset right now about that game that I just saw a Yo Yo cares that the giant Zira and limited up. If I needed, the cowboys need the eagles as a cowboys fan
The cap was at one earlier. I would not be you're doing this part just our attack, one of my kids in none of the walls, would be My house I'd say Archie through this podcast read the parent corners about you, no offense, but ever hear just read these numbers and that'll be that, but God what that you're right, we never see tanking, but that was as close as a Let's get wise words out there as you don't wanna be a whole, I'm an mba who may arise after I'm nuts, I'm use them used to thinking to seeing it amused to other machinations of it when tank in the NBA. Never really affects anything. You know it'll, maybe a fact aforesaid, our five seed, something that it doesn't actually affect, who makes the plants are not in this case this was so agreed. Yes, No, so obvious. That is happening and Alan Chris, I don't know if they were being electro shock than the booth or what was going. There is very low subtle, under their breast avenant, bilaterally to an agreement,
laser mental. I guess I just hate. This is do you guys know those of ours eagles died? There was, I don't know that they should lose a drastic or what but- and it's one thing if you start sod- fell to start now that if he starts the game right, but the Gulf WAR on forth and go from the four and then hurts is incomplete and then you put sod fell. Then, are you trying to win the game there? I gotta Kika filled all the time. What do you need? Son fell. Do you'll find out, if he's your back up until the priest next show because they were in their cars, are they were taking? Here's that they know Peter said has been so bad this year and of other than non fired coaches kings. Barry, who will get to later, has clear envy p of bad coaching. Peters
was a silver medalist, so when they blew that forth in four Maria I wasn't thinking taking it out, I was thinking like oh classic Rice there's only two percent being jackass again, not realizing that maybe they're taking. So you know it's slightly significant, but not really significant, so they lose that game now there in a two way tie with since he for the five pick for the few. Spot and if they had won the game they would have basically, but they would been five hundred and ten and one they would have dropped all the way to the tenth back, so yeah miserably confident in Europe. In your job status, engineer you really, your employer I really do by your good for him if he could do that, but that was a mess I just bought. It left the bad teeth like I said we both aid the giants, but that was really bad and was bad for NBC. They should bury that guy
that James should have been something here that should have known better. Do the bears packers, I don't care if the packers didn't have anything to play for which is the case they did and the bears would have to show Arizona Rams as bad as that was with backups Barry. This game can't take your victory, now and I fell about getting through the season when ending on that disaster and well, it should have Rams cardinals, because there was really no way that that game was again a matter in some form. You now. Well, then, I am patterns zone are needed to win if the bears at one of the bears had lost, which they did right. and if you as a banking on their hackers who have been the best Indiana see that there is going to beat the bears and then you could have an awesome game, rudeness, washed and fill a game. We already knew Philly had nothing to play for so long
the two things didn't care. Then you have the Eagles anyway. Look it was the perfect ending for one of the items should shows of division ever the giants, fans or of Israel at the end Petersen was on brand and NBC deserve that, because I'm guessing they pick the game right. They have their fruit, they have the charter. Yet it does coupled our Porto, but not all three that I mentioned there. They they could have definitely run somethin else there. So your team gone backwards. Your team has a chance to keep their hopes alive so that Philly would then have your destiny. Your hands. You are out on this cab voices, your China cross them off this whole year and then we finally get to them.
And you're totally into it. There was a beautiful prefer. The giants come back as they set you back here at the Heather. Did I can't lose the giants on the last day of the year? On a careful, if it said you know it's an exhibition or what it is, I just doesn't feel right so add that the for the part where we could be division champs to them ass. You know, and I got all caught up in Andy Darmstadt against TAT Prescott, my God, my god they're, virtually their identical for the five games. whatever I bought into it? And then I was like oh yeah z can't take two snaps in a row. We can't be in two places in a row Dalton. I don't know it's thirty, six and then kind of clear and you can't compete a complete, a pass and I just got off to a late start and then they gave him some life in the fourth,
and the giant saw barely want they sought to the new right. A giant zags game was terrible. Nana seized is funny. I was watching the pre game show with that, and they go to Aikman cause he's at the game and is I got tired, There's a lot of teams. I would want to see Dallas. They got in the play out. Something like what are you talking about. Everything would want to see. Dallas IP addresses became oh like when you have like in your cupboard where you keep the potato chips in the natural pretzels on that but then nobody's gonna Grasser shopping for three weeks and there's only half a bag left of Natchez they're, not even that natural chips are not even like really freshly Marla little stale. You keep opening the cupboard, you're hoping other stuff. So there then it's their ships are pretty good right. Gonna talk themselves in the chips. Tat was the end of cease this all year, he ain't completely now and not for three weeks, but for seventeen years
and staring in the cupboard, and there he said with a straight face, like teams will be afraid. Ours is actually talking about the kids up. Anybody I only those eggs I get it. Then I have to prop up the game, especially in pre game. Why would people watch, but I feel, like guys, are good people betting on these games. There fantasy players, we're good people gonna tune it you don't. I say this is the greatest quarter This is the greatest defence. This zero chase young is go into the hall, a fat like all outside its fine, just save it people watching, and then the though the Eagles game I feel like Alan Chris had the carnage, security to have a really honest. What is really doing conversation a half hour, both as America's doing it, instead of a half hour to lay, which is what s happening like they're, not firing if they're like ours in an awesome spot, because if the NFL got mad at him about talking about it, that's great
down a boy's glories like ADA. Anyway, he wasn't gonna the games there. I can read a Collins worthy there. I, like somebody, got it right here. Anything I think they said. Listen guys. I know, I'm sorry were put noon a rough spot here, but please let it go to the two minute warning before you t off at least that give us that we can have a half hour of how this game socks everyone's fail in it, and it's wrong ended with sorry. We had a put you through this, but You got two minutes at the end of the day and that this could about now. Michael's Peter Faint, should network moment Tibet is mad as hell of Latvia there's a reference ziggurat over everybody said whose under of under forty, but this could have been lately Legendary Michael's going on this five minute ran about the integrity of football, and how can they do this and negro should find it would be great what what is Petersen say now. They're gonna ask him about this. What could he possibly say? We're checking to see who are backed up as next year yet are to you?
twenty seven Rebecca. What did if anything like I really farming Eagle stand. Really would have wanted to see what hurts did an a priori type situate right, yeah! That's why not? In its eye like washed was pulling away like Diana. Give way that game, we'll everywhere, did that's very cup or the worst quarterback battles ever with actual stakes today. Yet this was as bad as anything the owl smithing, it's great story. Congratulations is come back where the orbit he's gonna be in a play off came right. That's a disaster he's terrible! Yes, this is gonna. I dont we're gonna play, guess the lions later we have six games to go through, but I dont think they can scored twenty points. It Any play off team. That's in here, Danny Vague down again and damage can sue is gonna. Take it easy on Alex Smith. Aren't you terrified for that match up like just that wasn't toward the rear? Its could get our glee at enough, though
absolutely ugly anyway watch and see stand in the way. I want to say that most competitive, the vision of all time, but I can't get away with that So seventy nine that's as bad as anyone's done right. Nobody spend six and ten and one a division. I don't think I've been united as the lovers, the Panthers word: seventy nine zero! The end there is that Seahawks year the He spoke year, there are eight need. Seven nine supplied there believe a boy they're gonna have to play a game. Other there'll be no fancier, but they're gonna play raw top a bay and lets but that one cookery Bobby vomit before I move on. Could the Eagles had done that if fans were in the crowds we're talking about fans? Oh, what what the hell would have happened? the funds around nice. There would be an act of everyone and overturn all kinds of shit. They, Canada that actually would have the prayers were. There would have been in trouble,
no. It has hitherto game road, so washed and plan Tampa top a bay and the EU man tormented with forty tedious and kill you and hedge on this text aims. But yes, he had forty touchdowns Anna and four thousand yards right now only of four thousand yards ethics up, but there is out of step padding. Let's be honest, he had a thousand yards in the last two weeks against a thousand beyond sixty yards again. tat. What was the Detroit lie? Atlanta yeah, I realised that rolled over and Atlanta team that I don't know what was going on, but that Ryan had to do his classic one more time. I'm just gonna. Do my dick tease come back for you at any event screw up inside the five year like ours. There are also the story, Mahomet trouble, but avoids up against Atlanta.
I know tat you have to just doing so much the wind or whatever doesn't matter, but we discuss dumb to top is gonna get some second place votes. I thing for him BP here or get your get enough votes to put him in the running for second place here assuming Rogers Wednesday riots, organizing gray at last, I mean and when I M J p like a hundred weapon I'm saying he's gonna get votes that people feel bad. Like people fail for top, I would have Rogers homes and Henry Yan. I there no other votes as a day. That's the top three right that is good. They could make it like. This is screw. It is the year of the running back. We can give it Derek Henry top. Two thousand yards owing to give it to jobs and tailor for often to brook you the air cause. He was frickin phenomenal two, yet they, while the world address your favorite team at land, is in a two way time for the forest spot with Houston, but Houston gives their pick to Miami right. So there's some sort of typewriter thing.
but maybe has gets the fourth pig and were in talk about. Let's take a break and a level talk about the two disaster. Are it so the bad NEWS for Miami? They somehow blew a game to a Buffalo team that only put their stars have to give up fifty six points and to whom we took a pirate last week on this package was even worse this week and now, if you're Miami of the fourth taken, the draft its two spots away from being able to get a quarter back in the future trade out for one of those did we go over there and Sue Ann Trevor? Large, celebrate terrific. Those guys are good. Well, wait if you're, the jets d do number two four to the fore lawyers was interesting. Now urban Meyer, how's, Ohio States Obermeyer now works for Fox and was seen in these
atm there when clumps employed Ohio state. Yes, rumours about him taken the Jacksonville job. If he takes a Jacksonville job and gets his guy fields with the first we're not far off from that, and then all the jets taters that you know all the jets fans it hate their team could get a shot of travellers or get just in fields whose looking like a actual quarterback right now, but you imagine urban, Meyer and jamming. That's a huge off season story. If its obermeyer unease, picking just in fields one for Jacksonville were, would if travellers doesn't come out. That's another thing yeah, I would say the most Jesse scenario would be urban Meyer going Jacksonville him saying I'm better, actually take just in fields, relies on income at one or trade down and then more in some, like being like I'm good, navigating about one more year Carthage.
That's great event, and yet there lay jets when for games by accident next year, and it's not enough to get the one that's too to a should be on the jets. The way he's been playing. I think you had better. fix it. Yet I feel like you're, like all my call, my buddies, like college say to a was one of the greatest players like I'm watching a different player, the scant scramble on third too, that a one in the scramble he either set it up with floor whatever, but he's like I'm not gonna run on third short, I know I can make it, but I want to be a pocket quarterback we have got a drafted Bengal, expend beloved Ringer editor, who is to his number one fan his Andy. It's our chain galleys far corner, which I really respect each other just like. Basically, they want that to a cook I feel like we ve seen cook the two makes a dishes and they all broke. They turned about the other t, Bulgaria, that, even like these exceptions, are like mega interceptions so Buffalo
I'll, say that before we get off my army people talk about floor as a day was one to four coach in a year along with the fancy and and bills kosher was vacant floors can't because he can't do it right and I have to be legless another personal, but if you have a chance to quench apply spot mule. Allow fifty six points. Is this policy we can give it to you as not than they were like. You know what we feel about you as a person or some of them, but you you can't win it, there's a bunch of stuff Goin out of that game. So these through seventeen weeks, if I said to you in August, we do things the single biggest Corbett's crash of the season, and I gave you eyes. I put a hundred player.
On the list. Fitzpatrick would not have been one of the hundred wow that was the biggest culprit scratch that the whole season cuz. I think they would have beaten Buffalo, or at least they would have been able to match points. Buffalo was clearly only playing their starters. To is so bad. The game was over with eight minutes left in the second quarter. If it says in there at least, they could have tried to make a comeback. Second, half downtown against the back. They did score first, possession I'm afraid I think I d ass. Did you I'm like dolphins plus for twenty lives? You do it no at four seconds later. Interception, never mind we're out well I don't know man the bills might just be. They might just truck everybody that matter of their they cared aware. They don't care to wine like near us again to see them ass. They like who does matter them if they go on the road or why? But now I'm gonna say something now I think they're the team.
beat and that the chiefs? I really do. I am with you and about five days ago, bet on a box bucks bills. Superboss tat was like twenty five to wine is a fight that many been twenty seven when it kept member, but I'm with you, I think the best of the best him there see now. I wouldn't want to bet against Behoves in Alaska, but We were saying this. I think three four weeks ago, if you're a really good team on the rise, like we thought, Buffalo might be. Do you take care of business in these last couple weeks? You know, and they just like we're demolishing people you could argue: they were better off Lady Miami into the biomass brat because it seem pretty obvious. Pittsburgh was lose other. They certainly made it pretty hairy against Cleveland, but then Buffalo D gotten apply to. and round one or Fitzpatrick coming off covert, either way that so much easier than the courts. The culture like a frisky
haven't said it's tough, because you don't want a lead. Karma buyer depends what kind of what word what can ahead spacer, coaches and right? Sir Mcdermott's, I got out, I believe in that stuff. What does take our business? Let's get in the play off on a right leg. It yeah there in a good spot and by the booth. So what are they play now they play on? They play the colts yet so that I don't know what the bigger the like I'm in one sense, I'm terrified of them and, on the other hand, on like this is deaf. When team, we need to bet against right, woe or the quarterback when its bedding, it's right, yeah, buff
at the irony of them have in this magical season? Well, I'm with you, I think, they're the team to beat in the AFC. I don't care about the wannsee to see if they did the plane. They've been playing the best for the last six weeks and we've learned over the years, like that's really what you have to look at coming down the stretch and yet it's cold over there. They can't have a packed house, they don't get. You know they're getting at least two playoff games. Are they don't they're going to have what five thousand fans six thousand fans for each one? I feel bad for their fans cuz. You can feel it in some. games. Today. I miss the crowds today today, as they were real stakes today and it's like Pittsburgh Cleveland, there's really in a narrow noise, though fans issues. Weird, don't we talk about this last week? The bills friends have never seen stuff on the export right
There have been in the stadiums like this is yet it's it's a strange year. I am shocked. I got through at work on odds. Would you give that they would get through all like when we don't like fantasy drafts, like all right, we're just going through the motions here we know this is gonna, be miserable and then all the all the plague, postponement by two days three days he believed they got through every friggin game. Yet there was a moment. I'm an essay seven, seven days a week when we just assume that it had to expand the plants So why are they gonna? Do we ate plantings? Yeah yeah did happen, so Brown Steer star was the other one from the early games. The Brons were like ten point: favorites everybody in the brother had them in a parlay again
Mason Rudolph, really not that good and yet they're hanging around hanging around hanging around here he'll court, some along pass caught on a sudden they're going to score, and it comes down to a two point: didn't get it, but I was like the last person to self funding will be of masonry off back the brow ass. Yet I am I radar, but you know I look like the brands Washington these It seems that there is no place a year. We may there, but we watch them in his youth, has barely made it and it was an impressive and okay now or in the past, but I dont think that's gonna be Pittsburgh, you I don't either and I think the chiefs locked out, because those are the two teams I'd want to play. The mother of the dolphins were in their I'd, want to play the dolphins more than anyone. But if you have a second round match up winner of the steel was browns is as good as it gets for the chiefs. Barring any up said
the other games right. So what do I don't know? What's dealers team is going to show up next week? Is it the ruthless Berger that you pick up where they left off against the council? You don't you know another. You gonna get that severe Casey you're looking at this, and if the brands can somehow beat the Steelers not inconceivable concerning the stores were exactly lighted up then the stretch right then you're pushing Tennessee Baltimore toward Buffalo and you could argue Tennyson Baltimore are the fourth and third best teams and there in the conference. So your written for the brats, you want your only for the brow job out other docket. We want the brown fellows at three six data, that old scare you as much as any of those other teams, your man, ravens or fly and high every
and John they're mind right, you know bills we already talked about and the Steelers just because a Tom One's got play off experience. You don't match up with them, but the other browsers. That's the ideal second round match up we'll wait. A second go back to the the Ravens fine. I first second you're like that. They haven't played anyone, so they beat your shady team. Ah, they beat the brands. Forty seven forty two in the Lombard might approved his pants came to your game that good, when good, when they beat the jagged to beat the giants bit bangles. I am not nothing. Has impressed me with them real whole season. I think they're, the good bad thing now. Could they get their shit together in the past? Maybe I just think there is now a lot of evidence if you go through their schedule, their best. When was that twenty four ten calls win, which was but two months ago,
yeah or the browns, when I still think that Browns Mega nine hours it serves a pick, em game, they went in there and they want and what they gave up. Forty two points for the browser: it's not bragging about backing, especially when the brown scant, even you know, I get it values other than the bills have been impressive in the last month. Terms like defensively, like the titans or find a watch, there's no way their winning three general right with that. events, but the Ravens Eddie with a chip on their show that, like you, just want your team, the be high right, like you could say I would it Tom Brady Beady beat Detroit in Atlanta. This is the heart. He's been gone into the play down years, right, Lamar as back to back thousand yard rushing seasons and only only through what eighteen arms, but then about you. Want everything clicking these guys are going to be able to practise right what all these quarterbacks do. They can have a good just go home for the whole week to their practice at all. Probably take some.
The couple days right- I don't know- I don't know you saw our Rogers is ok. What do you say to your team is like don't get covert knows, is only message That's it room play Santa also message: formatting, the tumor games quickly talk about Packers bears. There is a lot at your biscuit, gambling buzz! Having heard this game, I think you might have even dabbled Diana yet the eminent it bears all over the place, all over the place, two plus ten plus eleven and a half plus five F and Mitch Mitch becomes bench. The bears defence, who was supposed to be their strong point, no Rogers finishes. Thirteen three is gonna win. Another may pay. It's amazing to me that five weeks ago we had given the empty PETE him a homes. We should just took this away next time. Wherever you're I talk about the ETA Vp cause, it is shifted. Three times we first by the ears could be read,
Wilson Vantage shifted to somebody else bags who was it before mobs? Wasn't I mean who asked a busybody right away? I guess it was here that there was one ass Rogers. Well, it's about the bears bed. I have said a way which is aware: yeah they made their scoreboard watching they saw hours on was losing their like. I wouldn't have to go to crazy here and I and all your leg, whose traveller NASA my card. But why do we and, although not that excited the bet against them and against the saints, are you now. I can't wait to talk but thou era we had cards rams I, the rams were the only straight I bet I had today. I was all on Woodford. First, first, throw pick six started off thou. I was my car job, my daughter soccer, going to listen to that almost like bearded too
the other land, but then they kind of settled down and were really helped by a cliff kings bury who I finally may back a lot of the money? I lost a job and I hope this week, where near the end of the first ass, he somehow I get the pic six with his with his backup Kubi. That change gave me. They weren't gonna win after that, Kyler is limping around their body, language, the terrible and and that's it for the cards, a team that was really bad for about two months. There save for the the the hail Mary. so the rams make it well. I already thought: let's talk about the car, we can't we can't gloss over five things barriers accomplished here. Who did you Wars last for losses was a cold Mccoy. Was it hurts? Was it battered and was it Waterford before that I am I right in and barely be to her
you're Scarborough, my god. Oh no, very right, no Jacob Candleton, I'm sorry lost a cam lost, a cam lost a battered lost two Waterford and yeah. That's yet has been lost to stretch lost the tour title to is only good moment of them here now so yeah right, I Alps, but I take you out a little money, sprinkled on calamari to a super baldoni. Now, neither those seems in the plan. I had a little, Come on that and I had a little sprinkled on Kyler VP and as always, I'm an idiot you all about it. This book, Arizona, Arizona, finishes eight Nate. Somehow I don't know what the rams do with wulfric because actually thought he found his sea legs there and you can run a little bit and these that chair got the part. The part that let's go to the party,
right at the parliamentary. Come back for Edward. I said that what I was looking at, what I was looking up, Wolverton Wikipedia all I said, was he's not yard gas, unlike our good enough for me I'll, take them plus three: I would you won't Jerry Golf with a healthy thumb, you're so doubting? I got an injured thumb. He's gonna play, that's terrible yeah. I wanna play him, so I my guess, is offered by it actually start again: Postal Cooper, Cutback David, let's, let's, let's be fair, these court eleven points other than the pic sex right, actually dad the safety tests that safety in a pic sex with a definite gave them nine of the eighty plaza bad game, and yet so much
Elsa head of what we just saw it on and busy with, if you, if you're the ramp, so you just want somebody who's not going to give the body other team which will further did once got you should just twelve. This is another thing you talked about. Envy pay, give defensive player the year was to J. Why eleven sacks and everything else and now it and play today- back. Rooms are Donald, like yeah, broken crazy, crazy, ass game. The numbers won't even safe as as best as great as you played today he may have stolen at that award. Finally, the best player in football can get an award. It's nice yeah you I watched louder football and I watched for some reason: more Ramstein other teams and Donald five times. Again, though, show like he's just being double teens yeah right, the additives offence of line and their running back in their tied ends. Their number and objective is to not let Donald do stuff still getting to know in any idea. Why says that have gone
I did so tired people these by far the best defence appraiser when the last one to talk by really quick, Texans Titans. I was at a sacrifice just enjoying this game through your tax. It was the gave the day Henry went over two thousand yards and finish with twenty twenty seven, seventeen tvs, and yet they almost blew the game and then Tannehill throw post his bomb out of his ass was like the Texans were tank and then have a first round pick sets up this winning field goal some day saw a man who was on the team a week ago and they get it and I don't know what it means for them for next week. This active them a matter. Is it
No it to take away. I don't know either so they lose out there on the road against powerful, also, probably over then rights on, as it is now they're home against ravens who who they beat last year right. I don't have a lot of confidence and his team. Maybe they get past the ravens, but this is a defence. You cannot chat like a secondary. That's not gonna win in the playoffs, etc gypsy terrible events yeah? But Henry's great and they do have gained breakers in its it. Certainly not a team you'd necessarily look forward to seeing if they go up ten, nothing they can do there. Can we think so he once he went to Russia, Darwin Cook was second, can you name who finnish third third rushing for the entire season, wasn't job. I give you three gases: alcohol, I'm only discuss the vision. See said job is a guess
starting now you're giving me, then I know that you played after further behind so no tat lets say. Let me just other twister's at home can play as well is. This is a great answer, you're gonna get it does I never got it shit wait a minute. Why can't I get this? It's not unite in Gaza. Johnny fried right now, Jonathan Taylor out is there. I met the weaker he's not in their daily gave up autumn. Halfway through the year, they were even always carry stood. He my mind. Can you know when the passing etc. I know that because well that that was that was part of why I like the Texans today, Watson need like two eighty. To pass moms who was sitting, and I know we won the passing title and I only paid twenty two one odds.
really, and what did you say Henry paid six to one? Why? Why does is always makes sense when we look at it unrealistic The one you're gonna tell me most touchdowns. Now I was Two fantasy drafts were Clyde whatsoever. Was shaded with more respected. There can refer her, not one to write Brady finished with forty two, Yes, and then can you name it when the receiving Saturday baby notice entirely digs rent dig safely in thirty five member before the year Thomas was the favourite, then I think Hopkins was second, and so she said far away for next year. Those kind of six to twenty two one adds that Adams was ten to one for receiving touchdowns. You want that right, that's a good one!
and writers was twenty two one for passing touchdowns, yet worms numbers all come from we'll take a break in and we're gonna play a really bad that afford by before we do get signs for the further super ran one where new play is there set, but first has, I think, a break. I we're back em we're gonna play a game. Cod is this? It Matt Stafford in the lions. Is this it should I take my shirt off for this gathering dusk me somewhere trade. I do not think is part of it. We're trade like what you mean. I don't eat these guys jump around Sandy no Stafford. You gonna see a bunch of weird stuff go up given silent. Now I can't say: dear visa that how we login had fixed their backs. What the hell was that their native some air command.
There is only a few more weeks should do this. What do you say? You think that I think Stafford needs a change of scenery now which is next? The next? Is this all aware? Wife has gone off on all the locals. If that just but then you are on a team. You would probably more right, I guess, she's arguing with the the convenience store honour three times a week. My shit we're gonna get out of here or something I think. That's kind of. What's Goin out Stafford about Miranda Falcons know what the hell goes on there. What did you say to have a fifth like the fifth backers?
that the third pick he's not that old. I don't know. I don't know it was thirty five, so I mean it's a it's a Phil Rivers than you have Phil Rivers coming up next week. You do a Ryan Stafford who throws going to pick for that who probably Detroit right yeah. I think so, like a third round pick. Yeah, I can't be too much again. This is why the NFL no find cause it's impasse would have turned round ever. Do it feel rivers as they set the I think it is. But he's only thirty one right, my praise.
now. That bears the thing I I was on this package years ago, making the case that Romo could be the next guy. I'm on this package now fill rivers is our Saviour from London for interesting. Ok, because look all due respect, I actually like levy, but the brand greasy Louis Ridder combo wishes. It was just vanilla, was an interesting. Was it was perfectly serviceable. I don't know if I want perfectly serviceable for a moment, and I came, I need somebody, you bring something
I think rivers he just check, saw the boxes. He's always been a great interview. He super candid. There is a just played he's plating. It's all these deeds, and I I I dont know if you'd be as good as Roma, but I think he'd be really get and I hope he does it. I think he's pretty good. I think we asked them to do a thing. He did a thing for us for camel once it is a little reluctant to the two. You don't get involved in all the weird weird stuff: he had written form, but I guess that has not been there were being in a both. You did you get. You can do the play by I'm not or not. We have honoured. Have we heard him like do this? Coverage is fine and enemies, but the other thing I thought as boomers really good at imo is good today and have always that Burma is good on the radio and boomers in this
Do I get it. He has shown the fan all that stuff, but maybe boomer should be the guy. There are few times you could convince me was Roma right if you're not listening at the kind of sound, they sound like Canada, same cadence and he's very thoughtful. yeah he's dead inside his prayers. I think he's direct combats guy behind behind Roma and then out of cars were thir transfer. Actually, a key to lay probably there I was wondering: how did they not finest laffer cheaply? He should have been call not Sunday aging. At my guide us why you should bear the game with Chris buyers. Chris buyers had a team with a winning record for the re. I've said two thousand for that's right. They should exist. They should give him a keep than his contract. Anthony line is this: it yeah they get. Is you think it is there to get? Is I think it's tough to arm so now is two years remove from twelve and for right yet, but the problem is out of date and that that is a problem, it's good for him and I like em.
I don't think he's lost the club was right through the years he has lost the locker of I would keep him did a heap him. I just don't think, there's a unless there's some awesome option, but would you carrier and out of it nobody? It entirely cares, but the team anyway in the team, like some just to her sister curse team, really is Carson. Whence obviously is this said, I would say it set out of the report today. It's a fractured relationship with the it is our right yeah, but is it as easy as go into the colts? I mean if you say that Frank right as a reason he is as good as he was anyway That's a lot of money to national out of your Philly, but if you have heard some rookie contract, maybe even out and if you think hurts is better but one I gotta pay- sod fell like thirty five million dollars to Africa
had settled contract rent to in Miami is this. It did for me from now. They gotta do something different there, though maybe it's four January. Would you trade, the fifth tech and jail and hurts for them? Fourth back into her, who says that we do so all fairly feel it gets too and the fourth pack I could see that working for hurts and the fifth peck and then to inherit surname story together. Gunnar managers length forever. The sunlit darnel than the jet startled was just offer an m sit there. I have to I pads and the hotel room, TV did you buy the jets knew about the jets than I did a bet on the jets. I did. I know in our idea. That's where I saw you had a mirror. I got nervous because it seemed like the pats. We're gonna, try that configured out, but a had shower saint it made sense, could spell check. Keys
yet let S first round picks every year, since that is what would you care for your tenth or fifteen thirty? Whether running trick plays down. Forty seven therefore took place during back to Camp China. it is a good it s doing. It was for a minute work can was gonna have, as many touched our receptions as he had touched and passes on the Europe than it out. Even though I was close darnel, who is really bad there that if that was an audition for next year, he felt came Newton? Is they said yeah is they said for him as an end, a quarterback as the starter, because I would say yes, I, having only if you wanted the batter Arab, adding you will have to be as good as allies. Starter starter, I just don't exist
I remind your back to Caroline. I don't want to get there and I'm gonna. Do the teams in my head that are going to draft the quarterback, and yet I might be it for can. I was on a thread with some pats fence today, trying to figure out if somebody made a Youtube clip of every further I am either badly under through or badly overthrow receiver this year. How many throws would be in the clip and it was that a decision was somewhere between one hundred and twenty, and That's completely unquenchable past. Now, if I have to tell you it's a game, we say a game again. Fifteen starts was eight games. They easily The gay might have been ten. There were some games only through twelve passes, but it might be right. Probably ten of them were bad. They receive we're just this year. They had to teach receivers to dive straight down with their wide open or jump, will jump way up to try to get like a finger,
ass archives eroding our last Monday bet cam to thrown interception and he's like I screwed up, is just to an accurate. The throne interception raised, obey get his throne, the defence off, because that is bizarre anywhere close lassoing bilbil check is this it now you don't see him leaving now not like this sucker. Neither you stay. You stay right, I think so, but it is also one of those things that if it was breaking Bilbil check, retires Bilbil check steps back for a year the average ass Dana began ass. A kid sad be shocked, grab eight than I did. He thinks he could win the division next year. I do not have sixty million cab space, there dams, pigs and the problem is just the last couple drafts, but we're it's time. Where did you get the lines will take one
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download the fender sports buck up, he's promo code bs. So then I sent you vandals sports, but promo code be ass, must be twenty one plus present in Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia Indiana Colorado. I would Tennessee, new users only must wait. Ryan designated boost market deposit required MAX bonus. One hundred and twenty five dollars see full terms at sportsbook, Fanduel, dot, com, gambling problem call, eight hundred and five two thousand two hundred and forty John Colorado, eight hundred better half an hour, eight hundred man with an Indiana it under gambler in Jersey, Benzene, Illinois, eight hundred eight nine, nine, seven, eight, nine and ten see eighteen dammit I met in West Ver Junior mad. Well, we push for this idea for years, the seventh seed in each conference there three playing games.
The conference, the Big Fair, was worded with duty, you psychologically fiscally emotional. Having have had that fifty six game the three day. How are you feeling you're sit year five days away now, it's time, Eagles Washington game that I didn't even care to watch, took a lot enemy just the way it went down. So now I'm excited for three and three a theory, but there's a Sunday night game play off came next next week as tremendous, and I the shaky game, as is better having any parlay? I now the shake his game. We let go what's goods expand further new listeners, the other is now at the shaky gaming But explain it will show you game is every year are out West Coast following that you got kicked out of an quit.
Where, where I left you lack target, we would do with a banquet, add shaky and that's where we settle the fine as it now shaky dessert dive pizza place and the one Hollywood is as diverse as it gets with all kinds of characters and yeah. You know you say it now. You should see that the bad aerial down there and all that covert era- yeah really it was like Beverly Hills five years ago compared the right now yeah yeah people without a rough tents under the table like its generally, it's it's not that it's messy and, of course we have enough money. Thank God to go anywhere, but will like now we're gonna shakiest? That's where we're eating and we're watching the first play off game, which is that Saturday, what time so like? eleven Delano, it wisely big time yet, pacific time it's one of the best one was the Tebow's dealers game, I think, was the greatest shake his game. Yeah we have to have different data. Yes, it was that was on or people tell us that was a night came now
So I do not know where there are few of another, the Ravens patriots right. There was one with flak ravens Broncos Ravens break. Ravens boxes. That was yet at that the lack of ass does the faster shaky is gay but anyway, so it, but it's typically the worst like it. I Andy Dogmas, appeared in the shake his game match. Job is appeared, the shake his game many times a typically matches the least interesting game of the play off. Well, Ashraf right, there's, a Czech less than its like! Can we get in Fc South team in here right is ended, match, are playing the Barents Sea? There's a cup of coffee things be kind to know. When you see it there, and this year we had a lot of trouble seeing it because you know you think it did. The fall would be the end of seas. would be the obvious shake his team shirt cause they're just awful, but in other plain top obeyed you buried top a ban. The shake his game now
so what was your protection? Not bury him? Probably not potent Ross and there are probably not put breeze in their brown. Steelers is weird, as it is unthinkable that was go in there. and ran in Seattle is on the West Coast was gonna, be that one size although in the ad buffalo and that's what I was there, I thought it was gonna be Pittsburgh Cleveland. You did because for copper is one that games can be awful It'll be entertaining better, just be poorly played. We just saw this week, so it's like a basically this, the sequel seven days later, and I thought they might want to give Buffalo pusher if buffaloes gonna be marketed as the real challenge
right. You know decay sea, like I thought. Maybe they give a little Sunday action or said the banana Buffalo was the shake his game. Lashers buffaloes used it and Buffalo. I, like a fourteen point later, some using came back yet and one that gay but yeah they they like that game bill that Pittsburgh. They make an aching Sunday. So Buffalo Sum for the Indianapolis courts. Guess the lines are forty dear together in the class, but we ve never had six games to re maneuvers been driving off. I was torn between going Buffalo minus Seven and Buffalo minus six and a half an hour back and forth. Now
in force and I went back and forth and I landed at Buffalo minus seven against courts. There you're gonna get mad at me because I had six and a half and that's what fanned the Lazarus LAO Section ass dammit! It's right there. If anything, I think you're climbs a little bit not taken any that's a damn good first round game, good. First rounding tat feels like a team to me their normal. We don't love teasing round one, but we ve never had six games to work with the round
I do not wait. We walk cape keeping close, go, like the add the jagged at the ball down sex and the number one pick in their pocket and were driving in about two just crush every money lying parlay. I've ever made in my life- and I was screaming at the top my lungs and the dolphins had a chance to get in so as good as job tower is as good as rivers is bad and everybody else defence they almost didn't make it. Maybe maybe that maybe that's a nice teaser game star things off the one thing I'll say about Indy positive. I guess is that they are good in the first half in any aid site day. They probably have less adjustments over the course of again than any of these teams that we watch by a maybe I could see them hang in for the first tat, but I can also see Buffalo when, in this game, like forty five to ten design buffalo, maybe that's it. I did that buff
San Francisco game was the game. When there I just looked at them different laughed back, I'm they seem so unstoppable that game its own control through they are now it's really good yet. So there was a minute where you thought the Miami Adam stacked up, and then they, like you just do the Buffalo Green Bay. You can now play them for one quarter. It seems like an that's it right and then they get there. yet their group. I am happy that India is in this game in Miami, is, I think, of my aim is in this game. When you did the line went to bed, I would allow it to satellite buffalo, ten and tat. There are ten times ass as against Cuba. I don't like the division games in the first round if it so happens that they keep winning and they meet in, like we'll talk about it now ram Seattle next that are now arrive would rather not say this again here that it is more fun when it's two teams that would never let me reply each other. I ran Seattle. Let's see that one, so it really seems like Gough.
Might not play, but they have to put a line. Attic is its to play off. They want people to gamble, I'm not sure how much with different scarf makes with the line, but because its Wolfsburg I had to bump at a tiny bit seahawks four and a half over the rents. Oh you did bump it. Are. You get it, I said for, and it is exam. We foreign ass, you get that one! Oh, what.
A wired email do the lines that are giving our that's why I would argue that the reason for its fine buddy, you need the chief. I feel you have allowed life, but if you need to cheat that's what I do for you be the gimme. The four we'll take a Tyler dear that it's funny, because I thought they would give it a day and to see if graph was ready and they pulled up right away. No, no! It's ok, we're good, we'll get we ve seen enough for half the hurt is vague zone near so let's talk yourselves in their answer. The defence would have to win it. They'd have get one special team. One weird special teams play. It would have to be wet. Like a seventeen does one thousand six hundred and nineteen to one thousand seven hundred and fifteen to ten.
Yeah I just into crazy, because Seattle hasn't been line up the scoreboard, except for one they beat the jets and they they them. That was was last great game, but the last couple weeks I have you want to break it down. Ramses, very good and bad cast right. Seattle doesn't have a run running game that will expose the rams, and you know, Donald and then Floyd novels, geyser, exactly where we think they are ever yet. A man have a hard time. Talk myself in this. tax matters for now, because I just don't love how they played. But who does this? I remember your manifesto and Beaufort on the road against Russia was dead with. Where would fail? somewhere by Friday. Here you look at this again. Ok, what am I doing its Russia Wilson? Again, John Welfare? Don't get cute. I felt the same way about the Phil Rivers Game, its fell, rivers on the road down
I don't know, there's the manifesto get thrown out when there's no fans of terror in France, the interesting? How does it go on the road at Seattle, what seventy one on the road at home, so I bought a much, that normally next one is bucks washed. In there we go now we talked about this line for months. We said it was gonna, be ten. When the annex ii winner was two and six and now that they fought back to six and ten whatever the fuck the giants, are they six and the other it over there. What do you think it's either nine and a half for ten by the bucks, an ominous say. I think it has to be bucks by ten as eight and a half and its sovereign ass really
Now let me take materialise, and now I'm embarrassed our friends at vandal how my cat. find out. What are you doing ever gets everybody who who is taking the washing for anything less than ten points. Seven at forty six, I have overrun that that's awful yeah there's there's our ts, Buffalo bucks. I know it seems I should be able to get out a Saturday on stay right, but that visa.
It washed and show you anything that made you think they can when apply afghan today. Now, where were we were terrified for First Smith, then how a mobile was in everything and thrown on our Nathan? There's some bad birds and tat fairly was taking install almost be while their defences good though washed and rights. Could they be what it seems that gives the top of the happy feet at an up villages in such a group he got Antonio Brown a bonus. Did you see that yeah the shovel at I this? If top Alluz is to wash and that's a disgrace, that's the worst by a loss of his career, while there really is that why their terror
I guess it is the height of the terrible, their terrible out. Smokin, like barely be a quarter back like thou, be just render us. We have a lot of money on again Buffalo Bucks called at ease and now all right Sundays games. This feels right that that early Sunday game, it's usually a bang attitude fiscal game. Baltimore Tennessee derive like this one, its internal sea, and I looked at it and I looked at it and I looked at it and I decided How much should be favored in that Baltimore Vol one and one slash two: are you going to crush me on this one? I said Tennessee's home that can be favored by two and let the betters figure it out from there. Baltimore is a happy three and one slash two point favorite on the road Tat, you have you really it's a repudiation tendencies, defence and, by the way, their special teams to tat
They now there were in the play outside the special Thebes. If you, if you're shaky with fewer go, cares gets a hundred times shaker in that play a footing right right. Here's my case for Tennyson, Lamar, Jackson or first of all, a bit part, would deal with your case, who is Lamar beaten in the last few weeks. Okay, there, the most overhead team, maybe in a way. I get it Tennessee secondaries amongst the worst, but a guy like Lamar may not be able to expose not that it might not be able to, but he may not do it to the tune of fifty points. Forty two, points so we have got, is now you're playing on the road against the best player. On the fair, I know its not again be like you, gotta beat the best player on the court, so why am I take an amber, Derek Henriette? whereas I feel gettin three and a half at home, but think about this for a low, but I also like it and you forgot. The ravens beat them earlier. Their lost an umbrella in the right
and more than last year by yet sorted out there? That is that serve as a motivating factor man? What do you think this can be close? Also Tennessee home dog? I like it when, when somebody's defensive weakness doesn't match up with the other teams, offensive weakness right, you don't mean you have also heard that great Wigan, it Genesee, beat them by wing in it cited that way The defense won the offense weirdly yeah. You could be right. I listen. I think Tennessee loses one of the next two games. Their defense will crush them, one of them. It might not be this one. So if we're going dogs to win outright because the rule in the playoffs is don't pick the team, unless you think they can,
game. Our right in the rams washed in Tennessee Tennessee by far looks like the most logical Tirana gave out. Rather there oh well, I guess washed and saunter, but yet tennis it next one saints bears, which was a stealth possibility for the shake his game. If you really think about it The reason is: Levin Broken, read your best gay like that. Out of a fine to start the weekend with, I am. I went saints by eight year. You get this our very light here. I said six, eight and a half, so you're gonna get their own rights. We above we have three teachers, anythin angling here with the league, the minute they swore. We got to a point where well they play Saturday American play. If they play Sunday, he could probably play and now like under no circumstances are we gonna let the
the scheduled dictate where we put. These guys are now here they aren't a Sunday, but I think for some reason. They like put the saints on Sundays, though that this felt like a Sunday game to me right now. Yes, I mean you said there have been shake used by yeah. I get ready Brady, always by Saturday night. That's right. They locked out, went down and if Buffalo India was the shake, his game then carries out its AIDS bears, are Seahawks rams for that Middle Saturday afternoon. Right now, I'm surprised, They didn't make this the naked. Why not allow game is over. I say I'm surprised. Pittsburgh Cleveland descended can I have your daughter? Was the moors get you those european area? I did think that was no. That was the game as the listing about every other scenario. S here
France and I'm not I'm not sold right now on the Sunday night on the saints, definitely winning that game that you start to talk about teachers, but we know they're gonna screw us these games, whereas what I can ask you Buffalo, minus seven, whatever six now buffaloes minus six and a half six after boxer matter, seven have sensor minus eight one of those three is not covered.
This. Can we just enjoy Saturday and watched the game? Sunday say: hey, look at our teaser Buffalo tab obey. We did it on that better ensure risky. What walk me through, what we fear motions today, as you realize you better, Mr Biscuit like what at what point of the game? Did you start hating yourself now? I was all bad, but right now it's dealers holding a sex like what, if breeze get, has those like you now clear MAX all over him and they just these throw, unlike for yards out for your out small game and Alvin camera. I know that sir, yo and talk about him just yet, but he's not going for four five six touchdowns like what, if it's one of those weird games like the one, you want it, so I thought I think, everything in tragedy, rigour the already able to break it up here by various insider outside twenty tonnes. I think it's like twenty four twenty in the fourth quarter.
That was one of their shows as watching the guy was like TAT. Get her was one of the pre Empt shows Gaza. I don't think shopping itself. Credit I don't know where he's not in the coach you the conversation, wives of ideas they have, I got top five payroll. They moved off their ships into the sea. in their record is red around where they thought it. We should be when they have an old Andrew prone. Quarterback. Hey. Can I ask you something, speak in a pre game, get things that everybody says. When can we say things like it? I like Haskins is caught at it. Replied. Why can we say things like now? I don't know what's going through that young man's mind, one route and for that young man, no, oh, how old? How old do you would? I have to say it now? I think we're close: when do you turn fifty July? I wonder if the big, where would I would say that more about fifty enough at our I got
Young man has a lot to learn and believe me, I'm looking for that young man and what he did was but our young men ass to learn that you put football over your private life, but that's part of being a young man. It really is the kid gloves era, nobody issues they cast what a fuckin bozo re have any would say that show it's always gotta be couched in there. Just gotta, be hope and a second, maybe the guys, just jackass yeah. Well, you know what you said: young man that makes you feel like paternal. Like you looking out for him, then you can say all the bad things you want. I like that last one Pittsburgh Cleveland. I looked at this for a long time to just trying to figure out a way to get this to Pittsburgh. Three and one slash two.
and I just couldn't do it and I went with Pittsburgh three. It is four and I said three and a half, so I get that so I went a mounting a tiny bit of a come back here. What is this nine hundred and seventy two congrats or eighteen weeks? I don't know about that game that might just be I'm exhausted. Let's just watch this game and and try to. Look ahead to the following week. I never feel confident and may fail to ever, even though he put of forty two points against the Raven steer the day that many weeks got three net. I thought that team looks super tight in the second half of that His brows get didn't you well beggar thy young men Alice and you can do all we can walk commercials. You want, but the young man at some point has to focus on football whose who's gonna be next year's Baker, the guy who's. In six,
shows they were trying to wonder how it happened. I dont know I saw test in her back. I saw Baker and Dac back to back, like I don't know, there's a backup rotation for these commercial or something it is weird how these seems to be. The man first saw the sun. Oh, we didn't bucks washed and we can talk about the Evans Injury, I'll, write, yeah down bad when it have in his knee just went the wrong way and it looked. I gotta Belov Dagger, torn Asia, now they're saying: there's no structural damage not enough. That means he was. Was, it is trying to get by which time at this last week, the truck he was in the fourth quarter, when they were just the model, is trying to get it yards idiotic at a thousand here. What nine sixty going into today? So is playing or tat. I got it, he got it
Isabel Cemetery rate, seven straight thousand yards seasons debt. So he got it. But like just unlucky for him, I guess you wanna get those records and economies bad. You gotta hit those milestones and get the bonuses, but at some that no one gets hurt more than him. Thus, records are weird because they seem to me to let people and then it seemed thing would like the ring words get that ring, it mean so much. Then you gone like any sports auction site every week. Everybody selling other rings other us through the thicket. He can. I saw my record of seven straight thousands,
Some of these bonus is aware that we look at chapter on Sunday morning. He's like these guys are out weak. Seventeen is like a list of fifty fancy players right. It's. It makes up most of the first nine rounds if you do a snake draft and fantasy, but then I was looking out like trying to look like Tom Tom Brady. If he's finished in the top five quarterbacks, he gets a bonus. Oh my god, I'm in a bed some of his props over. But then there are some weird ones like Seattle got the on side check and they didn't have to throw right. They won the game. They got the onsite check the Niners at all, They threw the David more so that he could have thirty five catches and get his bonus like dad the game in hand and they threw they just at a kneel down and the owner must wow, Goin on here. Was it an essay What have you got? His eighth pass that he was celebrating like you is rather than they had a genuine quackery so funny. I would like to see like it at a string out of all those hitherto
I should be there at least a twitter feed, or we can. We can see what things are all right. Let's rank the games least excited to most excited, which one are you the least excited for out of this six. Sugar Chicago New Orleans, you're gonna sickly, one pit I mean for me it's bugs washing cause. I really think questions bad luck and I just see it's either a pad the stats game or something horrible would have to happen for the bucks. I do I'm just trying to figure out a scenario where the washing up fourteen, the three or something I don't see it. I did the bugs defence. Is, I just don't see it? I don't see how I should be able to score or how many points in the score to beat this Tom Brady Orphans right now. Also that'll be the third game
the day will be little worn out already thinking ahead to the Sunday Games YAP got it feels like a chase game too, for people. Is this gonna be now at a year of Tom Brady on another team, as is another levels? Is gonna, be another hold your heart like? Oh, no, I have not seen and play a play off game without a page. Josie or you now you're you're on it. I'm just a man of my whole focus right now make it showed the south extent trade for job. That's I care about betrayed if we lost Muky bats in jail and Brown and the calendar year. I would be able. Why do you get? Why? What do you care? I love jail, embrowned level I want. I want to refer jailer Brown and Jason Tatum for the next ten years. It's all I want charity, Mookie Mookie was supposed to be in my life until I was in my mid 60s now is in the fucking dodgers. I want Tatem brown and being the same thing, just keep those guys together and let's compete. TED. I'm so tired of this murky talk about her that young man is a competitive that Jason Data
that young man jail around us better. Just keep us too. We have one rule for those two guys skipper either Europe, so those three games right. So what well? Whatever order you have the men but believe in Pittsburgh, Tampa washed and in Chicago New Orleans or at the bottom three side they most exciting is is Baltimore Altamont sent to say yes, that's a great in yet more excited for saints bears than you are, as I, too busy is fun, no matter what happened, he he's liquor at an a pig pick, your crazy as family member, at thanks giving her. I can just go in any direction. He's icon! We faced time my uncle Ricky like seven at night,
for he said two glasses of wine. Is, I don't know, what's gonna happen, but I'm excited and same thing virtue. Risky, just big area will not entail three Donna too much on the saints. Well, let me give you this game, like scenario that I think we should all be careful. As you know, the name is the chase game. You you ve been saying wherever Fox rushed in the chase, move would be. I gotta went some money back, I'm teasing the box with the saint some day I say, and the saints will just assume all of the Saturday Chase Money plus the residual Sunday. The other thing I would about is ten see too many people being on that as the underdog sleeper services who said he, I think, if I add a Saturday night chase, I would do Tampa and tendency plus nine a half a day,
now. Allow touch neurons last question: this is the most important one before the parent or we now, as we establish year after year. Call you, may you manage to get the video gonna tell the social they may make bad press report for its part. As we know, there's one factor, that's more important than the plan than any other factor, the most dominant force in full It is they. Nobody believes in us factor every round. It rears its ugly head with somebody So who is going to be the nobody believes in esteem and round one because we're gonna have one? Does that mean They went or they're just add, nobody means they win.
And then they go the guy right after the game and he's the fire in his eye. Nobody believed in us, except the guys that lack remedied as all think so it's gonna happen is gonna, be one of these teams and we go process of elimination is actively anybody in Pittsburgh. Cleveland bears maybe Tennessee, maybe Washington, definite candidate. I don't know about the rams. I was Can the court said that nobody believes that as potential, but they have the weird right they'd have to win. We bought the Buffalo bumptious. I'm just pointed out. Nobody is there the bigger the team, the bright we can't get command. They listen why they have nobody believes it has attached who are facing the court's? Who then taken up this week? I'm just gonna be buffaloes across already. This is great. I am just saying whose picket, whose picking the court's this week Travis. You work with clay track whose a lunatic keys that taking the gulls now take on tax,
who say like you know, I love the courts to win our right, maybe a person who say that I don't think so. But let me just put it this way and the fairness of the other, the spread born, indicated but I think the browns for as long as they don't wanna play off game is no one believes in esteem. I don't care that the spreads three and a half before, but if they go to Pittsburgh there listening the idiots. I guess I got the sailors toyed with them, they lead and there were two point: conversion away from one in that game. Knock em out like talk about a chip on her shoulder thickets of grounds of always be the brows until they actually Winwood. You just don't sell yours at actual bakers, bent in five commercials. That's hard to say nobody believes it is, in fact a barrack is number one spokesman. I guess the Rams, if Wulfric was the cubey rat, nobody's actually gonna pick them if its welfare
and their defence could win the game single hair, lady, the Rainbow Bald couple years ago, LE unlike call the culture, the team I still like, Buffalo, just pointing it out. It's the most dominant force every round in the past and their US courts have that kind of shit to them that I moran ones around the brass occur. The good news is you get to have the same guy. Recession over and over again that night, I guess ahead Fox that lives every day get a look at these games over and over, you warned me ass. All that I was spread myself to then you could have warned me. There, you, I did worried you motherfucker It is time prepare going abroad by Car MAX America's number one used car retailer with you buying or selling our friends at car MAX are on side with the seven day money back guarantee a car max you ve gotta for weak to decide if it's the re car for you or simply return of her full refund request.
Das and if it's time to sell stopped by car MAX today, to get a customer for in your car leave with payment in hand or take a week to think it over Carbine Parcelling the way it should be car max check my car max dot com, parent colony of the Forza. All right. I have the floor. I do I want to start this. Ok, so my youngest son Harrison better known his hair, so he as Christmases December, twenty fifth birthday this December thirtieth right. So there's a weird thing: how he loves a loves, it gets gifts and then it gets gifts a few days later and he comes like on the twenty eighth and says all you know sanded and bring me my v are, and I just that's the only thing I want from my birthday and my wife, and I look at you like what that impotency v are on. His many lives
the hell's at what is that in the visa? No, the virus, the virtual reality thing. It's those glasses. You put him on an eerie there and like some kind of field or you're fighting someone or it's all there from life, and you are it's kind of like the we used to be. I think right, but you get your it's very physical and then, at the same time, other people could watch what you're saying on the computers he wants, is we are he's a little young for the visa? Are so my wife's call an hour now we can't deny him the veto right spoiled brat, but there's one- we are within an an hour's drives and she has to go to like to some target in like Hawthorne as are added to what it was like an almost our wherever was, and she gets it, and we have, first as birthday the thirtieth and then on New year's eve, the kids are playing it and their boxing and there celebrating their beaten, a boxer. Whenever I am I gonna, let me try it and ass. I put it on and first of all these things it gets so sweaty, it's ridiculous. You know, and we have, if I put it
an owl box in the sky and then why do you want to go against the thai champion? I'm, I guess sure I don't care, that's the guy. You guys have been fine. I guess so. I go against them and he knocks me down into punches and now they're laughing at me right and it's three three minute rap yeah and I don't like Shitt. I got to get up here, so I get up and I fight and I'm you up to throw punches like you know, every second, every second half you have to throw like combination to like the onslaught of what the Thai Champ is, throwing you away. So after, like around in a half hour like I'm freaking die please and reported tat shape and the kids. Alas, man- I like it's worse. If I quit right, if I just put the game down, I could and I really like a real right,
key moment. I got knocked down four times. I got up every time and that physically getting knocked out, but I'm exhausted from thrown punches an arm and a third round with a minute laugh and like I really felt like I was gonna- have a heart attack Am I got worse if I have a heart attack on New year's Eve and from these kids, but as we are that we tried so hard to get or if I just quit Now- and I talked it out and an eye- and I got it and I made it through the round and I ran and I almost threw up. I was like by the toilet like. I was like that out of it at a shape for nine minutes of boxing, where nobody really throwing any punches back at me, and I didn't get to see any balls drop because I had added, right about afterwards? So they got. That was your new year's Eve thousand yeah Dvr and the new year's eve I don't get. The visa just have kids play kids games and and that's that you dying we're getting a vcr game. They ain't got forty seven year old, tat. They really
Jack Odin had added the poor and then the man then the cowboys blow it for me that would have the Maya honor urban traffic. I spent my new year's Eve, came back you thinking, you're gonna send out the code is where he did the care too every year we have done in the last two years. They just don't I'm busy yet, but we and say Corolla would a wife epithet right. is the while there are correct, but the great this year, God. The dual draws the old man was drunk but rob care paid by Corolla amazed Aaron Rodgers. Nobody thought he could do it in raids that here there lay dead boy. Let this why my friend can married at twenty two year old woman this year and heat Eden, sniff first place because the corral at now in Dixon, whose normally an unbelievable Cody, Canada AIR. He was just hibernation hiding from covert and adapt had his quiet is,
pain I opted out, they basically opted out of the code, is Daniel had a good year, ten of those, so my parent corner, so I began coated points for this. I'm in Arizona cause my daughter's playing in the soccer tournaments. We were, you know, is a big decision further Ms Van, why do we want to be in a sack return with her in the covert era and there's a lot of safety precautions? The parents have mass on the sidelines when the kids commodity and they put mass on anybody who, as a child, who is an athlete has faced this could under Meda I thickets if its basque bonnets indoors. Maybe it's gets hold of day, Sir Volleyball, it's not more germ stuff, like that, the soccer gotta say it. I'm not saying it's safe, but you know at some point by daughters once by soccer. That's what she wants to do
She has played and forever so she's in this tournaments. So we go to Arizona, we drive six hours and Thursday and turn with going guy get their semifinalist tomorrow and that the catch was that we just got this puppy in this puppy is, is basically morally and made a real live dog. This dog is a lunatic. It's three four balls areas: dames barf talked about amicable previous man. Corners eats threefold the food he's chewing. Everything to the dogs have so much disdain for him. The boy about Jesse, his kind of is the only one that's friendly weather, and so I was a little afraid to leave him with my wife caused so wake up at one there than a wake up at three than William five. Neither of us have slept for like two weeks and my wife's Diana lose it. So anyway Friday night, I called xo aid, her team and
in this game, com all excited and my wife's full meltdown. Where member! Oh, you the last kid you address seven years ago, but when they hit that when, when the wife, it's that point with the baby, where it's just like their whole world's crashing down, they haven't got enough sleep. They have no idea. and somehow it's your fault because you decided you want and have the baby with. Her report has hit that you're getting blame. That's a good idea. We decided to have the baby together, yeah, but you're the one who wanted a and there they start having that staff and she's just parading me about this puppy new, this decision now I am that sleeping and you know I am too old Do I your bags under my as others, did you start abolishing the type of thing I'd say about so escape and the dog was just breaking her down immersed in the way
might have to get rid of it. I can't do this and, unlike you, get the stocks like the best thing that happened in two thousand and twenty four you're, not getting rid of the dogs were fighting. call an hour later. She's fine, really moves asleep, he's great here's, a picture of a secular it. It's all states like having a kid again. All the same beads of having the baby in your house when there's no sleep and help, and it is completely unravelling so anyway, united with because you're calling with good news but you're with the other care right. It's not like your ETA J Bugs Bachelor Party are rare. Rights like I know what I mean where there have been scenario, will you stay home of the dog and she went to Arizona or That could happen I owed by fire with. I think I enjoyed the soccer, probably right, more rapid. For me, it's been so much fun, just to watch them
games and feel normal, but let me tell you some that young lady has a lot of hard, but hope I mean the parents are based on the sidelines like it's that not weird right- you now and it's a hey that we barely she's out any teams. Are, we barely know like anybody in the team in a what's happening in the gist of it's weird They come out and they put a mask on when they're out, and you know it's all safe and there's hand. Sanitize earns its in the car and his hand. Sanitizing bed said time, His plans out there but they're fucking weird, is where I have sounds like you're like Getting less and less but the numbers are worse, but memo like a motley march, the first time you got your car since the end. You like terrified to touch your steering wheel, but you yes, the chart. and our kind of going back to that a little bit of the men and then
moral, Argo all around us too, when you look so it's really two different worlds: I feel like inadequate as apparent. I don't even know how to give advice anymore, the kids on any of it. The biggest thing we did in Arizona was we went to raising campaigns which I had done before Raising Keynes is considered yeah, it's kind of like the sleeper it's a camp of paper. I owe you think cheerfully good. You ve never had raising Keynes all right. I saw their that thing, for that is a good. So half our line, no matter where it is, you can only order for thanks dig like a sandwich than three different boxing, so it's one of those places that it's like the old back, Lombardy joke. Out the offensive coordinator that has the diner menu in there's too many plays first Zeta, though often equators sank. It we do these five things All right, that's really one eats raising Keynes is like we do. These things well.
You're going to get chicken fingers. I, like that, there's going to be Texas, toast the fries were bad, but the Texas toast is really good. You can take the toast and put it with the chicken fingers that was really good. That was, that though, the food highlight other. Secondly day you can do anything when you are on a trip. He can't you go into a graphic one around this week that had state by state everyone's favorite chicken I am raising Keynes one like thirty five states, and I then made a mock up warm with, because it became apparent to me their raised Keynes was, behind this whole thing, putting their name on thirty five but the states always asking I made one for a favorite sports sites and I put extra points there in the Ringer One Arabs zone. At my tat, I, like nice, job Ringer lady competitive,
one California, raising kings and I've been all over California. I technically live here and I'm not seen one of you seen one out here. It's at least in our firm from us a day. There are that, once you get to relate the palm springs area there, some real, so I thought the chicken was actually better than cheerfully wily yet like bye, bye, bye, hair, it's like by a last minute hyogo. The sauce was better and I like the Texas Toes, but the chick flay way better than fries no contest and then darling for milkshakes and stuff like that year. So chick fillet has almost like all the side stuff in the chicken. It's that really a difference. I still have checked for I had an eye logic fillet the families turned on as an NGO Popeye's. Now really when I open up our not just like the last month or so Popeye's overture, that's his board, that's like when people were boy
of the American M J too, in the empty pair. Something jacobean Chick way took place, though I think chick fly across the board is, is Private rocks. I, when I stone like that they're not open on Sundays, like every Sunday, unlike I still got a door dazzling of shit. I forget that I can order it to bomber slap, get shit Chick fillet is not open on sundays and have offended large Schwartz USA areas. Thanks idiot, I stuck up a guide. Our really guided by a razor cages get is worth going. So do I day, Father daughter chip and you I'll. Be there in another. Two days is an hour driver jiving back tomorrow. let me finally went out tomorrow. A minus yeah could be semi finals and finest, where I'm minus one, fifty first speeding taken on the way home area and if they make the finals and then it's like a drive after that I could be,
minus three hundred you're crazy cause you're gonna. These driver give these two hours stretches words just straight right and there's no car worse, but there I look and hide in their little thriller areas. We were. She had a game at nine o clock, One of the days we had to get there at like eight hundred and fifteen and we're driving down this long road- and you know it's not really action packed on a Saturday at nine, whatever it was either these two people on one of the corners. Trump signs and their just wave in the Trump signs like you know how you would do it when you're trying to pull somebody interest or something right and they're just waving. That's signs at all the cars are going by. I was like seven thirty eight in the morning a leg of an Arizona live it up, live it up those reputation as just paid work,
as she does she get mad when you spirit as she is achieving had died down on the phone watching. You don't worry, I dont speak up. That is crazy if she's in the car review was dry. If it was me by myself, I don't know what would happen. Marty Mcfly, but all that young lady, I stay he's got a lotta character as a separate those parent going abroad by car MAX Max number one used car retailer Carbine car selling. The way it should be check him out today at car MAX Deca our rights. How would he have to plug your forty five show yeah you earlier exactly the same thing I said tonight on extra points. Tomorrow, Dave Damage ACT and Charlotte Wilder. We got the lemon, a point, your advice on earth, the ashes to mix it up because it's the next day yet is just be the hail with the Steelers, the Algeria. Then, let's just say the whole show doing their work ethic of it. That way, you know what they were there. Don't you think? That's all we end up doing
forty minutes showed big bang, but the outlets about this. There were forty minutes and then you go. the waiver wire were Jerry and Jan and, against all odds, drew on Tuesday lots of football lots gambling. We headed. We hit the fun time here right, Let us begin again when we have noticed that seemingly every day in the NBA. I think it has been every day this week. Yeah. Why? Big underdog has one outright trying to figure out today was wizards, that's all wizards, that's yet. Answers were like plus nine there, like plus three fifty we're trying to figure out the reasons for this, and I think I think Marcella thinks it's empty arenas, which is the theory I've heard. I don't think he's wrong on that a really weird energy in these arenas with no fancy? It was different. The bulk as they made the bubble. This confined like a new type of thing right
but other playing and real Iberian isn't there's nobody there and they could try to address that power. They want, but it's a fucking at the eighteen thousand seed stadium, and I think it's really screwing up these lives. And so we look today- and there is a bunch of big underdogs and I'd kiss- you and House and Hanson. I was like yeah. One of these are going to hit and one of them had, but it's just something to watch. Every day, day after day, we should watch for it in balmy out that the new year's day game aid at a nine went under was hung over and ensure my god. I got that we have to remember that for next year hung over and what you can't go anywhere that allows staying Roman open privacy out another one drinks, anymore, listen. I don't want to judge these young men ethic that I don't know what do that young man said get away from July. We get to say it on. Ironically refund
I should mention nobody offered through that caused bunnies this past week. Thou really here so that didn't work. I heard some extra stories about Kyle's bodies that he may have purposely left out. I will mention a mob today, but that was Moreover, the stories well Jim cunning entirely dead. What was it? I think I can obviously cup as but I think, one of the bodies- eight, the other deficit- bunny. Cannibalism now he's wrong lads, a weird specific thing to make up nice at me about this year was weird mile. He must have misunderstood me. Are you sure I promise I promise had bunnies each other? I think they're dead. They do. I think that's what I've been told him like if you leave a dead one in there, maybe, but it didn't happen.
Did, I feel better now when I made the business by gas, give him that's, who you Jim gonna talk about. Bunny cannibalism like once a weaker areas like that's, because everybody talks arising about my right over They complain about us and once in a while over into Bunny talk and that's what the power, how dare you complain about it? I don't complain about US cheeses, right, that's our pleasures always can't wait to take a thousand times next week, a good job job. I hereby ways.
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