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Playoff Rondo, Tompa Bay, NFL Sleepers, and Guess the Lines Week 1 With Cousin Sal


The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on Lakers-Rockets and Celtics-Raptors (2:53) before he is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Bill’s favorite storylines heading into the NFL season (17:22). Then they kick off their FOURTEENTH season of Guess the Lines and guess the NFL lines for Week 1. Finally, Parent Corner returns (1:05:55).

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Another good con ordering and paying contact free in the awesome, subway app for quick pick up or delivery. It's easy just tap tap boom Delicious foot long. It's that easy check it out on subway. Rather badly by the Ringer pack has network in the ring it outcome. We were with you get you ready for this whole fantasies and we have a review rejuvenated, Ringer Anna Thou shall come in four year. Almost every day, including I think we can announce this now. Warrant. Sharp football expert, more importantly, has a ton of intelligence with analytics all kinds- things which is very useful for gambling he's going to be on the Ringer NFL show twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays Wednesdays, with Chris Burden and Fridays with your house, and if you like, to gamble on football, which I think you do cuz you listen this podcast.
I would check that out. We also have another new show launch and Tuesday. Then I'm not going to tell you about yet, but that's happening to listen all your podcast from the Ringer podcast network. You can listen to the rewatchables. Well, where we put up the usual suspects on a Monday were scaling back after next week. I think to next week and then that's it after that, its once a week so check it out subscribe wherever you get your package, which I hope is spot if I come up, could talk a little bit about the hoops tonight and then cousin south for a season. Fourteen season fourteen seas,
Fourteen of guess, the lads that's outcome in a first, our friends from projects by taken this part right after rocket three letters. We invite him fascinated game in this respect. The rackets endeavours which I think is a minor problem for them as he is actually kind of stuff get for them, but their up by one with ten thirty left with the bar and West bricks plant pretty well Westbrook ends up at this games these three points him and hard and combined Davison, the branded sixty two combined, see figure will for match
Those guys with our top to throw our supporting cast could actually beat the Lakers sporting ass. We have better sporting cast not today, so Lebrun gets a lamp liquors go up. One Gordon bricks and awful three rondeau hits a three I'll send Lakers up for turnaround. Rick from Westbrook Rondo hits another three Rondo gets a steel in a layup also does nine thousand four hundred and eighty five and after that the Lakers had to get him under control. That all happens in two minutes. The Lakers go from down twelve point: nine Rondo is a big part of it. And you know when he got hurt before we had the little bubble season heading into the playoffs, and he the added their Brad. These are there and I thought I was gonna be an important absence for the Lakers, because those guys know play Basque while they know where to go and what to do when you get to the play ass, it so hard to find seven or eight people who know to do that.
With random, maybe not a perfect fit this Lakers team. No inconsistent three points. You you're all that stuff, but the plan, Fraga joke as it is, is a joke fur reason because he somebody who, with a bigger stage in bigger games, over and over again National Televise games played games to avoid that has come through and you could see tonight his hoops iq. And his ability to just kind of cannot see the day or in a way that they don't really have anybody else in their roster. Who can do it? I've got a really help the Lakers today and it was since in the game, because, again fear the rackets and you're gonna be able to back the top two as in the Lakers and used to lose by ten something weird had to have happened in this case. It was run no going twenty one and nine eight eleven shooting, but you know big picture and ran out. I wrote for the guy fray years and he was battening at times he went
a whole stage in the second half of the southern square, where he was really China drive up his assist totals especially in the last two years, and he got to the point. Time the basket teams were playing in the past. They just knew you know who's. Chasing a little bit. That was the bad sat around the ito. Temperamental when he was younger will clash with older teammates. Even I think cagey impairs really liked him and respected her, but you know he was like the annoying little brother them, but the deed was just came through a lot in big games his crowning achievement was the two thousand ten Cleveland Series. When he's the best plan that serious he basically sends leubronn packing those last week, AIDS and, if you vote for an appeal that series the brain is back to back in the pay and the Celtic set packing was a lot like this. My aim is here: is that just tap with market where their walk? He had the best where may made a tougher t very somewhere to those
then but Rondeau you know at that point I think I was in the paper back my book. I was trying to figure out what for pyramid spots. It had left open the current guys who it making the pyramid rondeau is like one of the twelve candidate see was at that point. I think he was he was born in nineteen eighty eight coming out of even the two thousand ten players. Who is your twenty two in I think when you look at how his career played out from that point on a dvd players career a hundred times. This is a bottom ten, most disappointing version of it in their said, some differ reasons for their right. He probably peaks in two thousand and ten through two thousand twelve with the South X, two thousand ten was, is kind of a packs they almost when the title, and I think they would have of purchases get her teeth as eleven. He gets hurt the Miami Series cause of appreciating play from doing wait. Let's be honest, two thousand twelve
They come down close to make in making the files again and bring out the best in the brain and even though their team at cagey appears in rain. All those guys rhino is the best kind that team in the play ass. He was seventeen twelve and seven. Basically, forty seven percent shooting Spain. Almost forty three minutes, a game in which is the beast, and I'm coming out of that series. You would have said like this guy's head into the hall of fame. He heads up, he hurts. He hurts his eye, hurts his knee during the twenty thirteen season, the following seas. I remember I was doing countdown the day. He went down. And I really don't think his career ever honourable SAM recover from it. He you know- and I go Doubtless within a year and A trade does really helpful to the subjects and I've been Sacramento for you adds up in Chicago than others and play off right, no kind of starting to happen again that when you're cargo,
the New Orleans and stumbled into something pretty fun with with Davis and cousins that ends abroad, and then then goes. Here's these last two years, but is a guy I made a lot more sense with way basque bows played at enough ten years ago, and he does now his slightly better three point that used to be, but the hoops I q and the way he can just read situate since in some of the random shady does so, he dig so one of a kind that For me, it's it's. Even though I hate the Lakers with every fiber in my body, it's kind of thrilling to see him become the missing x factor for this Lakers team, because I really thought they were in trouble in this rocket Sears. We can talk about it on Sunday, but you know they needed a real vintage, leubronn performance and game too, and I think I think this is the.
The stage was set for either a potential rockets upset when or at least a seven game bloodbath. That's how I Falco Manette again to I just fell. I get such a weird match up for the Lakers they can. Sixty points again from their top two guys and somehow not be runaway. These games now they're they're up to one. It feels a little better will see what happens with Covington, but the difference three was Rondeau and if he doesn't play like that or fees that back in time, I just don't trust, Caruso and Mark. If Boris Coups Raw, these dudes, you really need the role, guys, etc. No began with play our stuff. You need the random Roger going, a four eleven game. That's that's how you and pay If there is, my aim has a whole team of those guys. You don't eat
Jimmy Butler took six shots and gave five today, egg, its black interior manner, different guys stepped up, and I think the Lakers you know if Rondeau can get back to at least being a poor man's version. Playoff Rondo, put it nicely and get anything out of kuzma to get anything out of drain. Then the next round will be able to play the center's again and they might be able to patch this together. I still think the clippers are the best team. I think the clip Deborah kind. I had their shot last. They had to make it a series, and now I think, that's headed down the wrong way, but gonna, be Lakers clippers. It's gonna be the alive This is La Series every yet here has wanted for a long long time. It's gotta be happy in Orlando, so go figure anyway outside the supply of see playoff, and I And again, like I just think the guy was great and the way his career Hannah played out versus how could a played out it's a what, if to me, I had a section of my book
Whereas talk about the Hall of Fame, how they shed different sections, they should have a comet section and what, if section and injury sections that put that right now to me as a signal would have guy, because I do think, there's A parallel universe where he doesn't get hurt, he doesn't end up on it. That was to rebuild in just his career, doesn't go sideways, therefore, couple years like it, it says one thing. Second thing: Miami knocks out: Milwaukee Rasila not covered all that On Sundays, pilots, we don't need to go into that. I do think the Miami Boston matchup, if that's what ends up happening, is an awesome series with a lot of cryptid at guys that Miami has for Boston Boston. I was really nervous, as you heard, on Sundays POD couple. Things really help them in game
at one there were loose again. They definitely shook off the any again three. I thought the key moment in game fibres when Boston was up by a lot, but his first have jail and Jalen took a heat check. Three that was just abominable. It was like coming out of her Sprague S? Feet were set the air body without a advance, and the camera showed them walking back encumbers, giving him shit about jail and laughing and canvas laughing at as, like we're good. We finally shook after him three cause they're laughing about it. Terrible shot. If that happened game for he would have dared headlights like you know,. Sometimes you get hit with a homemaker like that, and you want to see a team responds. I was on a lot of celtics fan threads the hours leading up to that game and others are kind of like you Know- and this is also a good thing here- you How came you have done Jack shit, yet you get tested down.
In the end were, in that all its dinner at the old, the old crafty, better testing the young upstart that has little my talent and hit by Hey maker, their plane then you. How are you gonna respond, and the thing is You don't respond. Well, you don't deserve to be finals anyway. If you get over this hump, then then that's actually really valuable in there and that's kind of how point out game five hours a week get over the home. We need to lay the smack down, and we need to show that where you are a good team and they did it, they pulled it off and of your Toronto. You know, and I met on Sunday, there their play in vain. We Larry like crazy minutes, and I thought It finally backfired them a game fire, because some those guys, especially in the first half just had trouble in the Energy Boston. Did some cool defensive stuff? To that
I was interesting with the way, their plane, the guards and pick unrolls and stuff, and they basically we're not law, allowing anybody to step out and shoot when they're playing really good defensive. Staff and they were allowed the guards to drive down the middle. They were China Fund, to the outside. Is years of adjustments. They made some awesome lens and then everybody was hidden shot, stealing one who didn't really play that war was Tatum, but I think of your Toronto. You coming out of the game and your thinking or probably to poor short for the serious now backers Banda too. But you know you did Make check with the minutes with envy Larry you really. We need when you do in such a way that its borderline, desperate, but it's smart. You have to do that. That's you have to take a huge swing like that, and I thought and in being any business is enhanced and again being weak gets his third FAO thy ten minutes left in the second quarter and any other time that guy comes out. I don't care.
Culture, the prayer, the team is that I sit down a nurse cat, then read out because he knew like. I can't take this dude out. We here, if I think about the game's over there's, just the level of debt, operation with what the rafters are doing, people because of the team. They have that I think you're. The south exits really gets I like, even when they brought in these names, bad Thomas, the though the three points shooter. You know that that's that's you when you just throwing shade against a while, and it's not something you really want to be doing in game. Five of a plasters be the equivalent of like at the Celtics were like hey bring in Tremont waters. Hopefully, hopefully, awake make a couple shots like you don't stop right there. You don't really know a team. You have, and I think after the first seven I dont think nurse really knows how to play so. The advantage
swung back to the subjects they could still be absolutely blow this because Toronto is just a former champ who is mentally tough. Shit could not respect them anymore, but of your nurse, you can't use your tricks. At this point you you can play the guards huge minutes again. You can try to get the outcome, go in a whole bunch of ways. The celtic sniff thou without really won't gave five and just tried to take him out and they did but other than that. Basically, the AEGIS one you two to three years, and I hope you can make eighteen twenty around zero. Now, but I do think this others have better team, I don't they this really means means everyone the serious, but you think about it. They basically one for those five five games. All right. Let's talk some for Bob before we do that will take quick break and then because, before we get to sour member during this time as social distancing connected with friends over bearded, they might look a little different zero.
I bear Miller. Lead is always been there to bring people together through no time. I just saw a bunch of My old has gone college friends tonight we did our anyway EAST coast, fancy draft couple, people outer Miller- Miller, Miller Lite, I got it. I got to be honest. I just felt right in the world. We can always be with your people. Miller time might be a moment and your fantasy draft, maybe it's so distant, hang it outside whatever. It is. From my mind, happy hours to socially distance picnics in every five hundred peace puzzle in between were enjoying new ways of spending time with our friends what something new that you and your friends are enjoying when its maritime. I can only imagine Miller Light greatest. Ninety six collars three point: two carbs. However, you
and your friends maybe enjoy maritime during the rest of the summer. You can have the original I bear delivered by going to Miller later come forward such bs and find the delivery options near you celebrate responsibly, marbre and company walk. It was causing any six collars. Three point: two carbs part twelve answers without further Ado season. Fourteen Of guess, thoughts with cousins out here you are. This is the first time we ve ever done this on a Tuesday, but this is curve it. It's too as in twenty, we wanted to get as close to the first game as possible because it sounds are fourteenth year of Clouds Y yeah we're pass bar mitzvah were passed puberty. What happens when you're fourteen, I don't even know it's there, it's kind of yeah, it's guys kind of it as it we kind of an air for me, because I've never had to wrangle you to wrangle during NBA during NBA preseason. There still couple weeks laugh or five weeks now, there's play off.
He was going on in May. I have to get you interested in the Anna fell season. How thou my ball is off. I know ready for ten thousand NBA whole barbs from you wisest. Does to be won by even now, you're looking sideways, you're gonna lie may were taken as during the Mobility Mammy Game, which we assume I am able and appointing, but who the hell knows. This is what we went from no gambling at all the outrage uber leg at Sheeta in the wilderness, ready to just eat your on pops, because there's no food right and then all of a sudden food everywhere dear annulled, herbs, whatever you're just chow and down there's something to gamble on every day. Now it's two monsters, tennis. If you wanted to a become betting. Nascar that you at the? U S open is great yeah, and then I mean how are we gonna do this you're NBA needs Leubronn to advance, it didn't seem like they're they're hip,
the idea that Lebaron has to be around in October for them to compete with the arrival, but he does right we're fine, it's they'll get the l had no matter how their bid to get to the thing It's been really weird about preparing for this package, which I usually like I have all these takes, but we ve had like no precision at all. We there's been we're dead, dropping out on random teams like the vikings got, hit pretty hard. The patriots got hit pretty hard, and then we have behold Covid nineteen, the fuck knows when somebody's quarterback is going to be out for three weeks or somebody's running back or somebody's best linebacker, or something like that trying to think about like these futures, and this guy is going to throw for twenty seven these and other kind of feels feudal read. I know you ve talked yourself into it, but at the same time I am just kind of my head spinning now and we always say I want to watch the first couple weeks right. I wanna watch could get a feel for these teams, but we have no couple days like Vegas has the loop
this lines in the first couple wakes up. They end up now new weak three week for they tied up and they figure out whose good nanny after is scramble for a half a point. That's if enough not knowing, obviously but no practices and pads and stuff like that reality is homes, the advantage. What are we its normally? What are we give teams? Three point for being at home and additions. However, much better. They are than the other team. I don't, after the saints Apple, We field advantage over the box this this week in the Super dome they normally when seven games Argos six into like what do we do with something like plain in front of an empty crowd. I really do fully realise how weird that was gonna, be until I tried to guess the lights, which I mean the early. We both sides as some are avoided the lines until this week, as you say, I dont know what this means that the chief sir home right again, since good they're sleeping in their beds. I guess they're kind of used to being in it.
An empty stadium. I have no idea how to pressing the stadiums gonna, be we ve just seen in the bubble for basketball like Toronto, Boston, decorum court haunting lost the first five Gibbs. Your rights meant nothing, You know, I think, a basketball, it's a little easier in football. There are real advantages to being at home, especially Kansas City, Seattle, stuff, like that, that's out the window and, conversely, a team like Washington or team might the LA chargers who had no home field advantage. Because people are wearing either paper bags over their heads are not going at all rather an empty stadium. It actually might weird be an advantage for them too, so I don't know what to make of it. Some super confused by, but we we both agree, three points for the better tee, at a neutral field that traditionally what it is. But what do you do for like the cowboys you plan on having their staff a third or a quarter failed or even more by the time October. Roles around you know, none of the other end of sea ease teams are doing that. Just because there in the
the region, everything, but I don't know the we'll get five points at home. As a result or or even more, will you the lines. I still don't know the lion somebody minding out a funny at its do we have some storyline. So, yes, I ranked my favorite two thousand twenty storyline someone a further Matt you, ok Now we should mention you, you you're doing like seventeen Pakistan, a tv show. I hope this fierce As for you- and I feel like you're here like the porn star- is just doing three c. The day and I feel like Garcia, special but deep down, I know it's kind of I just can rely on our nowadays Lilla terriers Storylines, I'm sure we should mention your extra points by which launch I am a shack Charlotte, whether yard she stood on that work is done, against all odds with the trifecta When I note what else do you have? Anything else knew little network Spotify offered is millions or any
does that not a single cast it out. So it's your under networking and grow. It absolutely and thank you for your support, ass, your right. It's a little sports gambling thing extra points, like you said, with Dave Damage, actual wilder that, yeah. That's a broader sport show Monday ones a Friday against all odds is brought that over two extra points. If you have the recent subscribe on the blue and purple one right, yeah goddess A fiery subscribed there. We had the agency and I've seen props. We d like a hundred sixty props on, and Jerry Ferrara Jumpy a chant? They are doing a fantasy, called waiver wired twice a week. We got t J, wish Manzanita Rob, Parker, Jeff, Schwartz, they're, doing pod aunt. Rachel banana and I are doing a comedy podcast at all, like a medium sized by gas, thou art, that's like eight podcast were yet there were get there. I there's a lot. This is a lie. You warned me, but it's some, it's a! U really could never leave your computer if you wanted to Marian about dumb shit like merchandising, stuff, yeah,
our something bad could happen. I sum shut up. I'm erect my favorite two thousand twenty funds. Storylines I've got carried through decision. First of all, top a bay has anyway. A goes is is great if there, really good and he and it becomes a bread. Far of Minnesota Vikings that First Vikings year scenario where he's like rejuvenated there could tender and Evans Godwin, love him and there's a little ground pack like that'll, be really fun. If it's like an two thousand and twelve Lakers. Oh, I thought that's what what's going on. I thought this that's going to be great to the only thing it won't be boring, I ate? We win no matter what direction right is their direction. Words where we lose oh I think I wouldn't you say we, I think I'm much different than you are. I'm rooting again see now I have to come by a usual. I just ruled against the one force that was the patriots. Now I rode against tamper
and Bilbil Jack. I know there's no way, that's gonna work out we're both organic par. But what, if You decided, you might change your mind three, four or five times during the year. Which way? Are you on this all top thing? I've that'll than them being good because of looking at the stuff from last year, where it's like wow, if maybe, if they didn't, have a quarter back that turn the bar over thirty. That type of submit this but different? You just like yours. Looking at their season removing twenty two turnovers doubt I do. I have real concerns about putting him in a Bruce areas, France and flinging the ball, and I just I watched unless copier soda Kyle wanna get hit a more is he throws the ball away. The first chance see when he's does see legs which isn't really that offense, but are there God when in Evans you know, are just so much. Better than any one, he had the last copier. So I like that it tenant six seems real
stick and then maybe it swings two games either way affair. I think that Fair. We should point out that we try to look at the box every single year as our sleeper team rights are now that's off the to every year, because everybody loves and their share or whatever one as opinion on them, at least so they can't be our sleeper team. I think TAT but TAT S a little more trouble than people think this is an undisciplined, Bruce Aaron steam. They lay a league and penalties like Tom GonNA, be ok. Having like to false, starts and drive like every six drives, or something like this is I don't know it's not the Bilbil logic, why you're Stepan Annual see them as masses dog, shit everywhere He's gonna have a little trouble. I think wrong. You saw me struggled to score three times and through thousand eighteen, I'm shorting all of his props down and there. Defence wasn't good either. So Tom could only do much. I know you ve surrounded himself, but I want to know, there is a limit that you said if they go through
in three or fourteen into you're gonna be passed right. You have to be, I can't be I realized that was gonna, be passed her that skins tournament, the Gulf tournament, whereas but it really gets Brady FUCK this guy within the forethought Rudy for Harry figured. You were out of you, you allowed to call the skins torment anymore, you may get going and what are we call? Those now? Don't you could say skins and now I thought she could safely say that anyone who does I was confused by I only really DOE been to the futures the last week I did. The document like I always do it never over under for wins was only eight and a half, but it was a hefty price. It was like three hundred and twenty one and in some places you can get nine, but I thought for sure was good, benign and a half, so I think Tampa. I think Vegas is suspicious as well and then for the division there, plus
One hundred and sixty two zevran loves the saints with each thing is conference. Ten to one super bowl, twelve to one usually super bowl is double the conference, but in this case the Strep Superbowl suecos and then no playoffs you're betting they're, not making the playoffs, which is a lot harder this year, the bus, one hundred and seventy yeah, that's what it is to bet they're not going to pass but they're seven spots this year, which brings me to the second thing. I'm super excited about two extra playoff teams, more gambling for us that is true weekend, we're good at what we gonna see if we can, if we can just make it to that weekend, which I would say is fifty slash fifty between the election, Covid nineteen God knows what else is going to happen these last four months, two thousand and twenty. If we can make it there when glorious weekend six games we're gonna better than nothing
nothing in the world. We have to do it. We have to get their like. You said there just said: this, though I don't think tempers locked out what you say, plus one, seventy eight against them making it now is by it was minus one whose plus one seventy against them, make any error minus one, forty four they're making it, but here here's anything with this we talked about are confusing. The lines are theirs extra play of team and I know how did they factor that into Plath bets because the beds, the player five seem pretty. Much like they look every year, but there's one extra team and each conference they factored in The team, like the cardinals or word, would be would like way higher than they are to make the plans but yeah. No, I think but you'd, but you have it a lot of formidable team. You, like the NFC West right at least two teams out against again the division winner. Obviously, obviously there could be to wildcard teams from their probably from the end of the Easter. I, the eagles or cowboys, will add original gets rid of fuckin bottle. I did that luck transfer from the patriots through the cowboy. Let's do
Let's do it and then that north will have a couple teamsters. I don't think it's a slimmed down for the box by any means and they pay the saints the first week as well will go over. I'm gonna give you who I have pencilled in his path teams. The in pencil. Not pen thereafter do this third most one storyline I'm really excited about. Is that the fact that the chiefs are actually going to be more explosive? They takes out there quietly why that sailor thing you ever my last year and fantasy. It seem like he was on the french everybody's healthy. Nobody has been able to practise evidence better continuity in Cuba is that can throw their first month. They might put up like thirty five, a game I like demons, lives at that? He is pretty good, but am excited to see the rocky and to see that extra wrinkle of like this Moorish Jones drew type running back with them arms and Hale and calcium all these weapons. They have what's it like what it lets say: it's like
thirty, two thirty and a half for an over under for every chiefs game. You had the better regain lacking in right now for point scored. Would you bet that every game? I say you how you can bet it this week, but you also have the better for the other fifteen. Would you bet it dear. I think I would bet it. I mean I've, twenty of twenty two starters returning. It's it's out absolutely ridiculous and also saw how fast they could school right. Look at those play. Games against Tennessee against used in they'll, put up three scores in court. So there's your twenty one at a thirty right there and, like you said, I think, that's going to be the key. Which quarterback national lotteries quarterbacks gettin acquaint with new receivers on zoom or whatever plus three practices. Its second be enough. I like a guy like Teddy Bridge Water, but I dont think I think he's screwed, regard going over to a new team. At least for the first month, you're not gonna have that with the homes right you re right out of the gate he should be solved,
scoring and all the things it should just be like week, twenty two right starting right there from that fourth Corrigan San Francisco would, if I gave you thirty three, as the over under every guy Tibet, it every game its, but a thousand dollars the thirty three over, but it's locked in. Like when you get a stock when you get a stock locked in a press. I in thirty three over every chiefs game for sixteen get interest confirm my accountant, Tony read, but you'll never get back to you on that. Out of thirty three is probably a good not brought enough. I go any higher than scored thirty four points. Nine times I would say yes, yes, the idea that schedule the deaf was handling. I'm gonna drive that number two thirty five hour I'll take it. I don't know who the hell you're bidding against air, but this is no Bob. I am or more likely do. I bet something like you know, one that those none came out? I think some books at what how many Superbowl,
Will they, when, during the homes contract rights, are that's ten years plus two or somethin bullets, just say For ten years, but why don't we just bet the chiefs? four year to win the Superbowl. It's gonna happen in the next three years rain. What we get out of his two out of the last twenty five have gone back to back, yeah so the team that loses a super bowl with traditional has a tough time getting back or rebounding having a good year. But, yes, your patriot certainly have done a nice job with that trend, but plus six. Fifty four, the chiefs. If you get there Every year you gonna tell me they're not going to be in the conference championship or the soup, at least in the game dinner. Three next five years. I think that's the way to do it. I was going to Britain I'd better, but I've been. This attack is the the next thing I was really excited about was buffaloes kind of big moment here, where you ve had this team that the entire twenty first century,
It's been a shitshow and we all like their fans, and we all think it would be. I'm a patriot fan there in my division. It's still like it's! It's really hard that, like you, know, beat Anti Buffalo with every It's happened them dating back to the northward game and everything else, but it's scary and you should be scared of your buffalo offend our three teams. They see that everybody has just pencilled in Kansas City Baltimore Buffalo, you love and saw him in those three, oh yeah Alice, the Ringer Anna Foul Show, with our friends Kevin Clark and nor Kalen Jones, Dear Kelly, buffaloes egg, who do have a day I'll take the Saint James. You look at any is Peons NFL Page Buffalo, Baltimore, can't city sow we ve been doing this awhile? It never works that way. So, who is the grenade team out of those three adding its buffalo, if I had already well be Buffalo because well did you
The group, this top story with your team Bell, Jack in the patriots right. This is pretty much. The same store. I had them coming next. I have no max I well. I just where to look at the Fc East Odds and nazi patriots, minus two thousand patriots minus sixteen hundred We ve how many times have we taken that over the years parleyed with something crazy correlated with Hillary Clinton as car? He said I That is our pending out of the way my left of laughing like this is some areas we lost by the country's SEC for four years. A vague we lost that yeah, I don't, but Another thing of twenty twenty: I can't even the one thing you count on his look at the AFC East division rankings and the pay trades were alike at at at the blue, always minus six hundred, and now
even odds but you're, not scared. You like that everyone's jumping on Buffalo, I dont, know why they would I don't they Josh Alan gets increasingly better. Doesn't it doesn't seem to happen with quarterbacks like that, he's Ivan going for being from Buffalo. Is it never works this way? So we are? I don't see any scenario that Casey doesn't make the plants in last. Something horrible happens like our huge covert outbreak and the dress like five games, or something like something like really remarkable would have to happen for them not to make it would leave us with Baltimore Buffalo RAP. The Baltimore path is pretty easy. Lamar would have to get hurt you it either, after go eight three with them he gets tackled is sprains is empty out. He misses five games. Are G3 comes in a go one in foreign, those games. They go now seven and say the ravens, but the plan. I can't believe it so that's. The only way that happens. Buffalo has more ways for it not to happen.
They they have a shitload of pressure on them, because every go buffalo. Oh yeah, Buffalo people, some people are picking them to make the Superbowl undergo the next day. I see Tell me what they ve done. Jack shit. I know they're talented their defences loaded, but everyone's I ever Buffalo you know of Josh. Alan can doubt that that it it's like yeah, the Josh Ellen part garbage that and then re brings to find digs. Then, who is unhappy with Kurt causes of shares? Gonna love Josh out I'm saying there's day, I think they're the strongest case to be the discipline, team, you guys for sure, and I think what we spoke about earlier, being fuelled by the home crowd out and I'll. Have you been rebuilt game? You ve been the Belgians right out and, above all I had not been bills game, but I've always been envious of what it would be like too good a phenomenal. I went to school Upstate New York's. I got to get taken a couple bill home game and you know it's even crazier. Now they don't get to witness the bills mafia jumping through tables, which I assume this translate, those
do that in their living rooms. Now rights and says they'll tell gaining but yeah. There is some kind of some magic in the air it hasn't did in the past. And and play off too many play off appearances, even though they made a last year, but I think that's what the teams it gets. Over by the home, failed that no fans and the stance quick break them. We're gonna, keep going story let a Jaguar as one the race to innovate with the twenty twenty or electric I pace. That is just as let's find a drives. It is to watch jaguars taken learning, the tracks of the formula e electric racing series and translate them into its first all lecture. Guess you ve. The I'd pace possesses shockingly good, looks and reaches zero to sixty in only four point. Five seconds o is file. Loco speed limits by the way the eye pace, provide zero emissions and powerful performance with apparent
delivers three. Ninety four horsepower elegant advance, seamlessly integrated technologies, and it makes controlling the features of the pace in your connected devices: SIMPLE Unsurprisingly, the Jaguar I pace is the most awarded electric as you ve ever just thirty. I say Jaguar and the commercial, they say Jaguar Jaguar, I say Jaguar my mom had a Jaguar. When I was growing up in the eighties colleague Jaguar. We got actually kind of the JAG I'll go Jack, check out Jaguar USA that come to make these winning vehicle. Yours said jaguars been awesome for alone check it out our we're back. I'm half way through my fun storylines for twenty twenty and throwing them off Cousin South are fourteenth year. Guess the lines coming up in a second here's? What I love- and this ties into our ABC conversation and who's, going to be the disappointing team, because each conference always has one everybody big, jerk off
go about. This seems like a tenant ended or we just trust somebody in that it doesn't happen. I have good news and bad news. Alot of people love your cowboys and Yemen, but they are my runner up candidate for this spot. The in San Francisco is the winner really poor, pencilling in San Francisco, their wide receivers are banned up. Superbowl hang over there in a really good division. They have you
the worst team is Arizona and we all think they're going to be at least frisky. I really like this Rams team was trying to get to in a second and Seattle Seattle. So I think I would put it like ninety percent chance, San Francisco's, the letdown team, ten percent chance. It's it's your cowboys, but I can't figure out who would take their their NFC spot. I called house today because Greg Whorral back and Danny Kelly O's on a text chain with them from the from the fantasy show. Both of them are like. Hey watch out for Washington to generational, defensive players who wore back. Has this whole case for it like nuke, better coaching staff, easy schedule bad? so I called house I like: is there any possibility that got talent sexiest like no way? Seven hundred and twenty? So I don't know who challenges you in that division? It has to be San Francisco, I'm not county Minnesota cuz. I just assume they're going to be disappointed you said it again, not enough Taiwan's bleep that. But I think that the fact that this is the case here,
additives area, it's gonna, gonna be on my way where fifty we rebuild same washed in last aim in the eye and stop saying in a great landed. Sometimes I stress that we have in a dry we're gonna, try we said that send it. We said Sandy go chargers all year last year I would probably have an item and I have a lot of mistakes. It s departure. I was here anyway, I'm with the ears. But the forty Niners day didn't lose any coordinators lot lotta times it's the Superbowl team, where they win or lose all their assisting just go elsewhere. They gathered their head coach of a college or the head coach of some protein here really get any of that with the forty Niners Some are running game, a weird running scheme and maybe because there's tape on it would Shanahan, but they did. They did that whole priest motion thing over eighty percent of the time. Now. Do you that's gonna work, it's not a germ Mckinnon back yet most or to get. You got a nice little rotation
they're running back so yeah grovel doesn't have to be. Have the gigantic improvements? two thousand nineteen to do thousand twenty. That said that the view There is no sleeping on any teams and add division, lotta people's darling pick as the Arizona car rules and I like em as well. I would be surprised if any team goes worse than seven and nine in that division. I think it's all eight needs an up. That's why San Francisco is gonna, be Ok, I think that the four losing the virus bognor could be big, but honestly that often just rolled away the coaching staff needs it to I don't see, I don't see any answer right now. Banged up receivers darting anyway, there are under. Will ten and a half an hour I minus three hundred and make the playoffs. I just think that that's a team, I dont think it can be. Team, even though your team has a lot of the signs, there's a lot a lot. You pick them. I saw.
Well, I'm in here bedside Instagram, you like ours too, in the most games in league with your bad. You know what I went through every single game and I picked you know who's gonna win what game and am I I have my team at thirteen in three and then at eleven. The want of that. For that to be the best record, I know you shaking her head. I know I'm really really setting As I just said it's you say it's more sad than their number more disappointed. Gonna have fan Simmons we're gonna fans, we're gonna have, survive. Remit coddling bands. Gimme those numbers that you gave all I'll set him up for the cowboys. Thirty three point: thirty one half points I think we're there's this dinner Dac is playing for big direct thirty. One million isn't enough. She D Lamb, where you got Zeke Elliot, who already had called it. If you believe and heard immunity, I'm in this is gonna, be an inert ain't heard a few things in the courts. Consideration of what happens with the ribs beat them in we.
One and that their own wanted everybody flips the fucker cause. I was almost like that in right now and then Philadelphia bids Washington, and there has been telling him aside a movie ever couple by quick once there. Just another year Lamar, I wholly stays healthy, the history of quarterbacks or on their feet that does not bode well for him and Josh Allen. On playoff games like it's at some point, you're going to have bad luck, but it's nice to have a back, and I still appreciate what he did for me and fan which were attacked when a second. I appreciate in Seoul I saw that. I bet you can get him for envy pay at six between six and eight to one. Why not the incumbent first, when you talk about injuries of my homes, goes down again for a couple games, the homes the two and a half games he miss last year. His that would not have compare, I give him given seven touchdowns give. Yet another seven hundred yards whatever would not have stacked up the Roma,
Jackson who had unanimous vote for em they pay last year is only Tom. Brady had done that before so he's got the vote. There's on his side. We have for sure why not take a flyer on the incumbent. Add like seven to one odds for em. They pick couple more, which old, star Cubey is gonna, be washed up cause. It's gonna be one of them. Your choices. Are Europe a bay? Ben Roethlisberger, Phil Rivers- I don't know if he qualifies cuz, he looked washed up last year, but maybe he'll have a resurgence. Aaron, Rodgers, Matt Stafford coming up back surgery, but I drew Brees. One of those guys is going to go off a cliff and no idea which one who'd you pick at gunpoint. Well, I think New Orleans is counting on it being drew breeze right. Bring Jamieson whose their praying for it is not even the backup. James is its days. The mills, the back up breathed.
Billy can arrowed out down the field, as numbers will show. You know like yards per, their lower and lower every year, while that percentage completion percentage goes up and it's funny I say this because everyone talking about. That's the that's the narrative now of New Orleans and Tampa like we had and these old quarterback stolen added then there's a I. It makes sense. We're gonna we're going to voting for between two seventy seven year old presidential cattle We are aware of all these guys still have it in them. It's gonna be funded Jim, I'm glad topper enough for the Josh account came back now and the GINO Smet's. Finally, he's gonna go up against good quarterbacks. That's gonna, be fine. By that like a dig well I've one of em falls off that. I think it's breeze. Who do you take there. Don't even think about it. This is your game when it now I know I have all the choices are great. I could see a real shady Roger season, real
lying. I think breeze is the best pick, but there's a lot of tea leaves toward the Rogers like a lot of their staff from the last couple years, where ve you do the thing where you put all the numbers than you put, somebody else's numbers the era when they are neither Guys Gardner, MID shoes near there, where our. Why do more things really quick betting against Jacksonville, which we ve already done? Love it The in house bed on them to be the worse than it felt team, I think, are so wise is different than the dolphins last year, which seem like the lock of the century. There tanking for two with a gun, Brian Flores, who, as it turns out, they struck oil with their coats, like that's one of the best young coaching hires designing that young, but best do co, chairs anybody's had in the last five six years in which error four months. He creates a soul culture that some work to like the inadequate.
A Pittsburgh team with veto with, therefore it was a guy's name- duck arduous darkroom doctored often do not regard as they might have really taken. Pats right is the path or dying in the season saw, but still there squander that bet with the jaguars. I dont see a path for them to squander this bet. I think they. Our hands down the worst team, the weak and I dont even know I washed it was. It was mentioned Canada Carolina the jets I enjoy and I dont think its closer I don't think it is either and you know I've been looking all over for stop. Doug own first coached get fired jaguars. The comment has been full of fire sound. I like that. I like that owner to buy their there. Got it all their players, that's what are you gonna do do root in as an offensive coordinator. I don't think that's gonna pick things up, let down. Now, like just laughing my final ever quarterback, but it's it's it's very
strange. What's gonna happen, so what are? They were plus two ten to have the worst record and I even having to take even money there yeah, because I look at their schedule like I had to give them a win somewhere, and I think I gave him a win like home against Detroit. I, what am I doing that Detroit's better than Jacksonville, A vision is all three of those teams could make the play ass. I it's therein. They have ceased and they have no hope and they did the list of all the draft pics they squandered is almost almost unprecedented. Yet I had seven top ten packs Nora, and that Dante Fowler, that although they're all they're all gone- and I have five loaded up for next year, but about oh in sixteen twenty two one jump on that with me. That's on Fanduel! That's a fine one with our luck. It would be
they be own fourteen and then there would be some sort of covert any outbreak and they like forfeit two games. They write own fourteen coverlet. How I just heard too so just sell out. We can history will not at all a covert outbreak and Jacksonville is so. Are you kidding me what you would imagine that I think that is five while we're one more day with Jackson on the last decade they ve covered forty percent of the time, that's standing we law might. I saw that, is that's crazy, consider what was the two thousand seventeen there probably would like. Third, in three against spread that, yes, you throw that year out you're now, like thirty haven't thirty, eight percent- that's that an amazing amazing, but a short time well, but the second rising I'm excited about is whose, by two thousand and twenty sleeper player or due to him team no, who you have, because you had the same team every year, a camera and as I believe they
can either run your two thousand twenty take on how their this neighbour or run. We go in the archives and run from two thousand eighteen it it as they did. It said You're just do the new do the new one the Denver Broncos after you thought about it why doesn't screw around he's gotta get that quarterback finger when he likes through lock. Who are you under the season. They have some fun receivers an you talk about home field, advantage that thing bill is gonna. Be one of the few failed advantages. I doubt you but now what am I as they like? The chief they're gonna win twelve king game. So what does that mean for the second place team? And they say I think they were nine games and make the plants. That's is surprise, as I have. I don't have like a forty nine hours team who went like what are your phone while the than one of the vision. I don't have. Anyone like that jumping up do like it Denver Arizona to make the playoffs.
They're, not having great years outta you, I won't Denver over their seven and a half since it seems a with low fix it with For me, I think, I'd better. Now, that's not happening playoffs, plus one sixty five to make it. For all of which actually wish TAT was a liar, but I have them in the past as well as my seventy two, how you're laughing at me by now. I e- I think it's a right instinct cause you figured job comes, comes back, I'm biller there. They got that combo again There's nothin gourd never owns a guy, don't ever draft them in your. If he's around in the seventh rang his native don't take up like was well. What are we doing here? This could be the dolphins. I was on a text read with somebody today and I think, if lacks a sea plus the ass, they could win nine games if he's lower than a sea plus were in trouble. But I'm with you on that bet, my sleeper. I have Danbury the F C n
just to be too maybe sneak in? I had the lions when in the annex Ii North, I know it's ridiculous. I know also a couple: people have thrown them out: they weren't there bad last year until staff got hurt. Yeah there was a screw job in Green Bay at the Monday night game, and then he got hurt and they're like to one and one or something, and then it all went south and I think they're back up. So I ended up with six touchdown passes and ten interceptions the year they made their defence better, though not its it still. That could be awesome. I more importantly I'd that division. I just think is wide open. The picture cargo first of all, thanks to Chicago for not signing, can Newton really be ashamed at. Second, thanks to Chicago again for a name insure biscuit the starter, wonderful
magnificent great job and then green bad feeling dig out any better than Minnesota is one hundred percent worse. So now that's the thing with that division ray you have to pick between Chicago in Detroit as you sleeper, if you're looking at something like that, and you but I like I'm one of the last through biscuit truth. What about the hall now? Don't do it lawyers a day. It makes sense to start him. The name in the storage is put him on a short leash. You can't do that with Nick Falls, you're probably shouldn't do that would make falls. I could at borrowing it falls. I just read this step Stickley have not even play. The game is a fourth best Chicago Bears, quarterback of all time they ve been playing a game and fragile as numbers or other snuff. That's my point, though the bears. I believe that, for a second bears, never have a good quarterback. They banned Superbowl, whether quarterback, who never through four three hundred yards endemic met. A funny thing is: had they sang cam and can was all this stuff. That's happened with New England with him was happening or Chicago. The bears a villain,
Bears Venza they were gone, the simple sure we have our saviour so do I think nine in seven might win that division and why can it be the Lance and Stafford look come back here. We talked about him for back where the year to which I think was. I have that here, the one or the bright, or rather less Yeah has sixty one. Sixty one combat put the ears great this year, Newton's for fifty big, five to one and I six to one. If noon what's up good numbers he's so far removed he's so much further removed from a good season. Then ruthless Berger is than than can have the kind of when it right read a hundred percent. That's a cloud then add of all like the passing yards and stuff, like that, the only one that seemed off to me was on. Joe datum. As for twenty one and a half touch chance, you love this, which I beg you
in house and I we discussed bedding, but I don't know we ve. Officially better yet, but I just love, their receivers and mix in, I would say, as top six or seven running back in defence sex. All they are, there really doing is either playing for behind or throwing the bar because their defences fucked up another drive like yeah. I would be shocked if he didn't throw tone five touchdowns. If he doesn't get hurt really wow, I mean that out of the four rookie starters last year they only Daniel Jones Head over, like twenty two and you're talking about. I know their defense is bad and maybe I'll get more possessions that way, but that offensive line- and you can flip flop it with Cleveland. Those were the two worst in the league. Last herself. First law is twenty five years old there. Yet these fuckin old, it's not like he's like a babe in the woods. The guy was like lights out. Second, while he's has no blood in his body, kid there's nobody cooler and the planet than him. Why and I like those weapons
think, I believe, and Joe Borough, I'm in the front seat of interested parties, can be better than people thing again. Ragged all right! Well, maybe he will like. I don't know about the team, but if you want to take his futures, that's fine, but they allow like four hundred and four yards a game, a little ass to at the end that sold on that. The events at all three wanes out visas, schedule nap last last but not least our knowing the patriots right. Very desirable that says that sets such an ironic cool sure did so faded. I can't even the low I've had it for a long time. That's why I stated that the worst go position guys we ve had since two thousand sex area, but a rejuvenated came noon. Its metal love s. Him thou check this. Great does love each other. Now I know I know. Kyle's has Google Earth every time, Bobo check. Compliments can learn and
that Google there's been goin off a lot lately named captain feel great physically Scott Josh, Miss Daniels like this do shiny toy. It most poured the fuck you edge over America, not believing in Bilbao check, which every time this has happened over the last twenty years has been available for game. We purpose that we have a whole season of people, not believing the Patriots Bilbil check. Please don't believe in us. Nobody, ass more than Bilbao check out. We don't have any line backers, our skill position, guy SEC, guess what we're still go on eleven five. I like that thought I do, but then, if they lose, if their one in three you're gonna be like whatever I had my years, it's fine like you gotta you have to offer you're gonna be like that. They want we're gonna get were, may we're gonna win the agency's wow, while I go check built, it's been waiting.
I don't know how many years for this at least TED you think at least ten. I think he's been dying for this day: yeah, what day he thought TAT Newton was gonna, be available. Now how I don't think I've ever, I think. First of all, they knew this day was coming the second of all had no idea, none that they would be able to replace the best quarterback about time. Somebody was Chan be a really really good quarterback right now a drop of any time anyone's ever lost a quarterback? They ve never replace them with came Flocking Newton. Well healthy by all accounts, the real thing at all Kyle, whose ball delusion, what are your bias to about Kyle Kyle that all in Southall in be kidding? What's what do you take a break and then
We get to gaslights a we mentioned earlier that its foot long season at subway. They make it easy to make a good call on food. If we had already had a couple football games, we would add that little segment called bad call, good call or were look at some of the good and bad plays from the previous week. We don't have any game, so here is this week's bag. The pessimism in my voice. I talked about the south, accept game foreign. This back ass. Here is this week's good car. When I told you tat, years ago that Miami was be Malawi, and you didn't listen to me. You didn't Viana do than this to me. I lit out the whole case in unless me this week he's a good guy. You could make like us eating in chicken teriyaki sandwich from subway thou, be nice car. No another good called me a free foot long when you buy two participating subway restaurants. So let's make some good cause this week order pay contact free in the subway for quick, uneasy pick up where delivery, I'm game day or any dates, foot long season it,
We need fresh freshly prepared in front of you are right. We just owes me down at. I think I saw I love Bell. Checks cost you so much money. The last twenty years and it sounds like he's coming for you, while I guess you're gonna be an unbearable. What year between the how high I am on the cowboys and how high you are now on the patriots is high in the patriots. For any other reason, then nobody believes that the patriots which is exactly where we started the Bilbao check that arrive, but exactly why you have to win games. You are all the missing grace, as you have on defence, like to argue word about the defence at all. If you wait, nine, on play off James the start a year and it showed you gave up like nine point. A game that was great. But then you started playing real teams and What have I don't know? I feel, like a game called apple them a little towards yet we have an incredible secondary and everything is gonna be fuelled by that
secondary, and we have thirty four million dollars in cash space, which I fully expect them to do. Something with the first six weeks of the team is get focus, a dagger era, excited before we do get the lines I got voted out of our famous they then I was trying to get out of anyway I know you're behind it I'm behind it. I know you're behind it. Get out of the league, so we could start a keeper league. Which obstructing anyway- and then you go to me now the above all my fine and then a vote it out why, unusual year, the year just laughing, you think it's all hysterical now either get sad. I really do I'm starting to saddle took forty minutes to bring this up to. This should have been number one storyline ahead of Tampa and everything all those on our shit. If it's the proper part of the pack, our friend Dave Damage Jack, had a girlfriend body out our stop at any desire to kick you out. Yes, you had been squawk.
About how you don't want to do the league anyway and you're going to start a keeper league, but he did in such a fantastic way. He got friendly your boyhood idle cameo there was a great I love seeds or lower the cat and the lower the hammer varying. I forgot sixty five but best sixty five bucks Dave ever then- and I now you're out a league but for a year, you spoke about a leg, but then you send an email. I quit. This is my farewell like what does that nonsense? This is that I was a further two years to live for years and that can be had three legs dexterity. Now, I'm gonna be fine vanity and I hate this rule. This rules, your fault, I hated it for ten years. We talk about every it's a shitty, rural, listen, you love there. You would go beyond do you, you were now. I never level you love. For twelve years we see day we see our friend brand get kicked out or or John Hammond. You loved that you took. No, I didn't like me January, actually went out all come on, you love, then, and now and then we went out and the nine drags he would add at the draft, the
It is, though you sit out a year and then you come back, don't make it like a post bag statement like I'm done for good, like now you coming back next year and that's that just like your won't look get it it's embarrassing its insult. I wasn't embarrassed that wasn't embarrassed rod. It literally in the legal get your embarrassed I jumped in my car. When I was checked out, I drove eighty five miles an hour home and joined years Go like this high money league as it say, that'll, stick to these guys, one who the hell cares really, but you're coming back next year. This is nonsense, said I wasn't embarrassed, here's what I did learn their work as I did feel like our life. Was a little like. You know, like survivor, the challenge, We have like your alliance there and you and Sal and damage check I in The damage to the three people never voted out so now. Damage text is dead them he's out of my alliance was a damaging boys out too. This is just circumstance tat. He should have been out for you. I don't know why. Why are we wire any of US friends of them? Why
You go he's a good he's a dear friend, and why should you go twelve years without getting kicked out? That's insane page has been kicked out. It hey! That's really not! That is a better here. There's a pal, then Bela check winning. The vision ten straight out made a shady trade two years ago. He still Emily and by the way this is this is how good should I feel so. You start this cockamamie keeper league right and I get it. I gotta turn text from use like hey. We got one more spot open. Are you in or out of sight? Also I'm here, I'm your twelfth best. Why didn't you want to be in three eggs. You asked hands, they did I keep a spot for you. I don't know. I have a feeling someone has upset. I got kicked out of the week. I think Mallory or somebody quit in you needed to fill that whilst not obey you added. That would happen. Absolutely percent. I would happen, listen the point those spot, you can't be such assessor. You got come back to our early next year with half an inch and everybody else you're coming back. Stop it stop this day,
was there to two weeks ago. The commissioner said a whole. Our friend Jamie said this. Weepy mail about we ve had to bust his function, and neither does it take the league. She could denounce another of your continuing it that this function is good, Franklin only take you out for one year and by what you said I was behind it. I have If you watch me, you watch that tape. I was half expecting for Dwight Couldn T Rob, Redlands Cameo and kick me out. That's I thought that's Elsa bursts of this always but anyway, you'll be back next year, it would have been a twenty. It would have been funnier for him to send out thus cameos from her childhood arrows and each one think aid that yeah we re done, but then They have a lot to have em all set up, but building you'll be back nationals. No good luck, you'll be back that damage, he's my lads
that little. You have. You have said this before you ve called US losers and Sakharov before and still showed up at the draft. So I believe this is going to happen next year, Dave dead to me. Damn shake come on. The last night the guide survivor who the beans were missing every day in he's claim he didn't do it and then, when you're watching the show at home and say, oh, he was the one in the fuckin beans that asshole so I gave you get it he's not idle behind any day by the wise hasty or of lost you year after year after year, and I was invited nicer. Let em just add this. It's as I thought TAT Brady beat his team for seventy strangers. Well, what are we anything aspects covered, forgets the land, I don't know just that. You're gonna be back next year and that's all farce, and yet we can move on from there. I love that I was twelve hours, you're twelve option, you weren't by twelve, you what you said: there's one opening laughed you Eddie, you got level I ever more than one opening left. I was just trying to bid Dick
although they were allowed. You gonna, set my feelings word. I know I was like a violent say. Yes, he's gonna be assisted me he's gonna, write me off he's gonna, say I'm the bean steel or hear report they with that damage check was invited to be in the weeks. I will invite us seminal drop off I next week. Let's take warmer break the way Guess I quit right to talk about Tik Tok, remember, music, begs everything better, which is why at the core of Tik Tok culture each time you the app learn something new with her to new hot song, new recipes, even words of encouragement, your bad find useful bits of information. Every look. He short viral videos and Tiktok cover every of topics and creative and educational ways from household acts, to finance tips and lots and between Tiktok, a learning resource and cultural hub. That brings helpful inspiring content. The right that you will discover new ideas, find and expect skills, trans information on one place, discover more on Tiktok
where this is really happening. Here we go Thursday Night Chiefs Texans. I can't remember what happened last time these guys well. Last, on the hundred years ago, the Texans allowed fifty one stray points to the chiefs and then they got rid of their best receiver de Andrey Hopkins and said. Ok, we got em right where we want em, and here we are how long ago, does that game seem for as it was, what seven and a half months late lay January right seven months ago, and it seems like it honestly happened five years ago. Yet it is it's good we want this chief steamed do do you think they pick up right where they left off? Well, you gotta! Let wallets! Let's go! Let's get the number here: what's a home game for the chief said no
good idea what that means. Oh by the way we should, we should mention, guess the lines year. Fourteen every year we guessed the lines for every game era. I dont check you dont check who ever gets closer wins the weak. You keep track. Nobody can understand. Your scoring. Citizens have points everyone's confused by Thursday night. She looked accents I don't know. Humphrey advantage means I went with chiefs minus six, ok, see you school screwed up, because this game is in London and you didn't check the schedule now it's out among our eye out. Ok, I'm in a beach here I said nine and it actually his name. It's that I hope I by now. You you wanna go to. You want a good number here. Good trend, underdogs, eight ploy,
and weak one. The last twenty are foreign, sixteen straight up, but fifteen in five against the spread, underdogs of aid or more points and weak one. So I'm now confused by covered guess the Lloyd's territory from one game at one regrets at a sponsor for Kova guess I would have said chiefs nine and a half if there was a crowd but there's no crowd in it. Chiefs minus nine, so I'm gonna be off by like three points for every game. Basically, I think I was by two. So can ever
for our money here. So if there was a crowd of they say the chiefs of be favoured by leg eleven, a half hour, they just saying that ships crowd. Does it matter? Well, I guess there saying so neutral feel the chief Sir six or seven point favourite, and then they did give em. Are they given him two points for travelling? I don't get it it feels like they just don't want people to teach the chiefs and put them in a six point. Tease they're, just like were put in this at nine like you. I did their attack since we don't get right. There's that there's the whole thing what they're gonna score. Thirty, four thirty five hour week, like you, said there nine and one seven and two against to spread the last night. As a favourite of five or more so Vegas gets killed on these. These chief spreads, if it's not a higher number of to be nine gotta be tangible around this I was already to teach them would like seventh you'll get it. The next four is my legs are to have point: tease older, just two.
Just to whatever wow Texans. I would be put this way not pick it. Then they make the players There were lagging well for, and brain and cooks I wouldn't take. Myfantasyleague and I would not pick the Texans make playoffs Brandin cooks has had at least five concussions. It is hard to believe they still allowed him to play and then we'll for it gets hurt every year deserve, as he played forestry gains in his life. Now those are the two as a relying on and then the ringer fantasy show guys. I think it was Craig, had a really interesting David Johnson theory which enjoyed that bill that trade, if it doesn't work bill, o Brien, is based game. You fired so he's gotta do everything we possibly can to make. It seem like the trade worked said David Johnson's gonna get like four hundred
when he touches our interest. I kind of like that theory that that's pretty strong. It is we're with bill. O Brien raise a very good refugees in coach. They wanted division for the last five years in every year. Will like he's gonna, get fired, that's it for her. I kind of you know if we keep retreat and like Daniel and her son like that, but he's good, regular season that off so you're right. I don't know the shorelines first These guys are going to sharpen, brings trucks right there, just gonna get out between Watson and my, but he's been Sakhalin. A hundred and six times in the last two years, Anna, the Chiefs defence, is pretty Feisty. Obviously you don't have that crowd behind you, but I like the chiefs here definitely money line, and I I would stay where, from the line that the nine is too high a thing. I have for the Marquis game of the week. The servers search, my feelings, I say this is what I mean. You're starting gonNA gets when you actually see him take snaps and that uniform
Marcie Game of the week, has to be saints bucks. They put it in the coveted for twenty five p M Fox spot breeze, verse, Brady TOP Bay later people picking the saints to win the superbowl hour of veal. My super pick on Thursday only because I have immediate and and it's fun to just think of Brady in this division- playing breeze twice a year. Matt ride through icy urges that bad on the intimacy sat down What is it a nice that is no Bryce patties in there and criteria? Are you going to see your guy you're old guy? Do no strapped against? Is the top guy's an elite. For even Bridgewater who's, the worst Cuba in the division, it's impossible not to reaffirm after everything is baron. I really want to do it. I have ass saints minus four over the bucks. I had five in its three and a half, so you get that. I wonder what these lines courtesy offended by the way when thou one so we're one one right now I am for
yeah, I guess I guess three and a half seems right Who is this going to be a game where tapir lays an egg scores? Thirteen point, and likewise just is not as good These receivers are he's just not in sync with them. He has in practice with them. Now china- remember back to previous weak ones and how choppy and disjointed they They are, and there is talk about continuity so hard again, when there is so little of precision, it's gotta be worse now, but from what I heard TB was was probably doing some work out of everybody that maybe working down. I've heard that too, and that would not surprise me. That's the New England cheating way and it with the words, expect him to drop that all the sudden elf course once a cheater, always a cheater words hurt, and I think he's just not afraid of covet his that it yeah he's got tv. We sell cell spoken potions, that's right, but he does it. Meanwhile, you
Bilbil Jack, don't subway commercials talk about a spiteful move right there that does not coincide with the TB. Twelve diet set out at that time, the hissing direct affront to our two tb, twelve is eat. The sandwiches, Tina Twelve is eaten and avocado. We should mention as we're picking these lines and you're doing this to one Your parts we teamed up with fanned oh yeah, we're doing this free ringer Mega contest on fender. All season. Long always want to do this. Pick five games against the spread. Each week, the wrinkle as though the double down pack which we have in the ASEAN fell where a pic is worth too. If he hid it so can see where you go, six known weak
five and oh, he double down yet six points for that week. If you go for one day, you double down a five points. Vandal adds up your score every week, you finish in the top hundred on the season. Long leaderboard in you make the playoffs, and you compete for a share of twenty five k. It's that simple like there should be a separate line for. Will me you or house make the top one hundred? Won't you save three. Two one Oh no, it's gotta be more than anyone. I think they'll be a lot of people and their rights other. If there's a hundred fifty people, we have a chance, but I think now that doesn't mean thousands of this twenty two one. Twenty two want. I beg bright fail to make that make that yeah makes put Samantha me, cell or house. That of a great, maybe the top hundred you should put ads out bet on that to cite sizzling leaderboard the plea for a share of the twenty five thousand. It's as simple play, the Ringer Mega contest for
free every week only on or go to fend outcome, such mega contest to make your picture can down glad we're doing that site. I hope it does really well and that next year the price can be like seven hundred million. There's something different ray. I know you will woman in us, but you you could you could put some money up to go. Maybe not some. There were not enough the wage, but forty fifty nine hours up workers are at the watch impulse. Our next category. I have six games in the watch. Apples which had a view greater disagree that first one c hawks at last. I note know that it means to be in Atlanta. I I just pencil did Seahawks monastery. I had seahawks minus two and a half its one and a half. So I was closed. Yeah. I like it later this year, I Didn'T- do have as a plan for him. We talked about Dan Quinn. I think that's the guy who saves his job. Obviously they ve been crap or mediocre, would just some surprise winds.
Are there since the twenty eight three Superbowl loss, but that's my team, I think offensively. They have a chance to see. I think they are starting. Eleven players on off answer were first round picks up there you have, it can be explosion and yet I am not even the big era. We found that thirty five touchdowns in two years they don't care, That, right now that you have an in quarterbacks, I think he's gonna yo over on all these numbers, but on I like Ireland as a just put, not points team in there. Is that one team at the end of secrets, I gonna shoot out. Well, let's go back tat later, whereby so I don't know whether they'll go eighty, eight, nine and seventy tenant sex, but with the extra clapped him that was who I thought might get that seven spot checks so you have what you have three and if she saw play off teams, are you gonna say let later when we do now I had further see I had the division
as New Orleans the Rams Dallas in Detroit. Well, ok, I have temper, Seattle in Atlanta, as the three wildcard in that order, Georgia, I think I switch Tampa Fur Arizona and I have boring Green Bay, winning the north. And San Francisco in the west, but I had to take one we know every year there is theirs three: how the fact that happened. Teams that make the point where I had better trade. We should probably do that. We say that every year about the colored year, everything else is weird: why don't we take like really land, one of the division, really bat like something like Arizona, let's find a few at six or seven one. I actually like the jets like a couple months ago am like to other three best players, you, the guy, Fraid or opted out cells like screw that that they don't have a choice but I think this is a nice, a good enough here to find long shots and plan it's funny. They
definitely lower the division I'd, so we don't know so you can get it for like Cincinnati or to my dad, but even the lions, or only five to one that when the division rush hour that there can be no twelve to one, but Vegas is very wary of the staff for their sad Casey Pittsburgh, Tennessee New England and then Buffalo Indianapolis in Denver as I'm sorry, Baltimore, Indianapolis Denver as wild carts and in Buffalo getting knocked out. I switched Baldwin Pit work has been as a while Car Baldwin Indonesian. I had tendency out of their Indianapolis winning the division. And we had damned the same. I made Switch Indianapolis in Tennessee before Thursday cause. I did that's a coin foot and we both We had a lot of success early with Indianapolis and then they just had so many injuries, and I really do think that was
why, after last year, they had probably some of the worst injury luck anyone's had so eight word that might thinking is, like you, gotta take some chances with these pigs and buffalo. Oh shockingly, only going nine and seven is enough and missing the playoffs by like a hair, is realistic to me. So next game is Vikings home for the Packers. I just put this vikings by by three had no idea what to do. We both get this revolts at three. It's two and a half. I think green bays better again when I ran into Chris Myers, whose goal is costing is calling this game this way so I'm gonna get me where'd. You know a stadium where there's no fans, I don't think team like Minnesota, probably top three or four team that takes advantage of that crowd. And I think it's a pissed off Aaron Rodgers this year. I really do not think does much digression from there they went. They went thirteen games last year. I think the abbot,
It was like the most picked apart. Thirteen in three with advanced metrics. I think that we ve had puppy say that about Rogers. I think there was six one and one score games, and normally I'm with you like Seattle, six unwarlike our next year, that'll even out but ERA here's how many times have we seen and throw Hell marries in the fourth quarter or big plays like that's that's what they do. They wouldn't close games that when one score games I get the matrix and everything I don't think. I think we may goes from like team to eleven wins, but not much lower than that. I didn't like that. They didn't that they basically spent their first round pick on somebody who could not help them at all. With us for this is that the right they took a leg, they're they're, bringing back to basically a worse version of the, receivers they had last year that are not great. He's got Adams and a bunch of cross your finger guys Lazard, yeah I mean an egg is doing in the second round, but of the fairness of the late first round back
Mine, just like you do, might have been done just a light. A fire on the under erasures ass now at an early hour, will say pats home with cause they're. Here a candid killer can as much in the challenge in theirs is later that cause herself killer can announce thickened like great, nickname. It's too bad. She ticket, we get eight, I guess, came as your camp. He doesn't even need a lasting Patriots I have by four and a half over the Duff, and this is what you like to do. You go alone, no one believes in us, but Vandal Vegas. I do believe in a patriot. I said: seven, it six and a half. So I get that one. I gotta say that's a little too high.
Well are you really think that coach Bela check has any game circle on his counter? Probably methodically goes about him all the same, but people say the Tennessee did. Did the patriots in their dynasty the dolphins dead Fitzpatrick? you knock knock your guys out of a bye. Dude everything out. You should have been playin the following week, hysterical to say he has this circled. I think you have to make it seven. I think if you just do and ah me, how much would you love it just put two out: there are no its not happening there name Fitzpatrick, but I would love from floor to be like this is what you're gettin twice a year. Next five year, however blog you want to hold on old man, Bela Jack. Take it, I guess when a whit inside chosen rose and just for the one week to get get the feeling that the dolphins offsets caught him right planet. That's why I bowed check needs to go back to being. Like I cut through about check. I am, I think, that lines too high, but ass. It is patient
went feels like patriots worn by three under cover, which here your career go and Pat Patch Chiefs money line. So far for sure now I could see in your eyes I gotta say I'm not gonna bet on the past this week. I feel like I have too much at stake. When I see it, I wanna make sure it's the leg. Oh my god, like Kyle's playing middle linebacker. I had no idea right there. Either three more. We radicals Ravens Brands is going to be a great one, excited for that the borderline Sunday Marquis game just for the comedy either ravens by six. In the year out together iron bar tomorrow, technically right eight and a half and seven and a half. So I'm closer right, one y yeah yeah notice house in the new league named is his team. Odell backup roof did he do I did you see that I think you could do. I can t I think, he's planning on going a little more with that the haste I think it's a play.
While their first of thirty, I doubt ACCA doubt they will see how that goes. That's Remember browns beat them. Last year, Baker has probably Baker's best year that, like three hundred and twenty three hundred and forty yards, or something three hundred and forty two sixty seven percent and divisional rivals thirty, eight hundred and sixteen and one against the spread. If you take the underdog so and week in week, one I probably would not be putting this in a tease, parlay anything cuz. I remember those Browns Ravens games, I sure debt- and I don't I I don't know what to make of the browns, because they they under cheap by all accounts. Last year they had one of the worst coaches. We didn't ever that they're going to stop you Jackson, they somehow did and now it seems that have a competent coach that another draft I just I didn't see anything from Baker Mayfield last year. That made me think he's going to be good this,
Well, maybe that's why Kevin's defence is good for them. He came over from Minnesota and they add a third most rushing attempts at any time, so he runs like forty nine percent of the time and how many times that we watch Browns Games last year, like just give it a job, just handed the job who, like missed out on the rushing final by fifty yards, but Jesus just give it a chance. Once again, I got Austin Hooper. They got this issue again. I had all shiny pieces last year just about all control, often so that your union after, but that defence on the field we see. How goes if I had so if but if Baltimore is, is the potential two thousand and twenty shocking disappointment team. You see it would have to start with them losing this game, so I'm staying away but binary very closely. Next one after the watch was I bengals chargers just for the job or apart I'm excited for Jabber. I think he's gonna be great. I have the Bengals favoured by one and a half in this game.
This: was your Waterloo right here view its charges by three and a half? I said charges by two cincinnati, it what are they to wins. Last year, like I'd, doubled their winced afore charge, are favoured by three and a half. Well, since what are the charter's good, when I missing fate, they probably have the worst starting quarterback in the Lee Great Bottom, three I guess it's tie Tower Balistas experienced and Darwin James experience experience to be a backup. Restarting they lost her with James who was their best player yeah. I don't know they're playing it. Somebody else's area they brought back Anthony, lay knew all the star was India fired after last year, who I've really joiner, hard, docks and glad that in fire abandoning their rarely been impressed by him as a co, cheesy, envy p of hard knocks and it looks like we're- one Obama started getting gray hair like Anthony Lunatic is aged fifteen years in the three weeks of hard knocks like it, it's really only as but I can listen
in time for the full hours so powerful and everything, and so makes me think. Maybe the team can, as their shit together, bio? I hold. I wait a second Bobby. I believe that our diet ever two decades, you know better, not to be decided by a coach and hard ducks the only time it's it's ok to have it oppression and from our docks was the Dave Campo Year, whereas, like this guy's terrible right there Our coach he was in a fat suited, see world was at that year. I can remember he music- I I just remember having so many jokes about had been my card. That year is that he was so bad, but the charge is playing a different state him every week, so they don't care about that. Aside from the travel office, this feels like it up, For me, I live in LA three and a half guide, Joey B, The man now would be a great story idle jumped to your top three storylines. If he pulls off the wind in the week, were the Abbe man if he could get by this immortal chargers style come on last ray last, I watch balls forty
there's car does add the forty nine its in Arizona side, the forty diners by two now probably Lois. As out from the analysis. Now I see what you did here. I'm almost positive games in San Francisco, but let me check I'll take the last. This could be. By Giles, I got the location raw and yet a railway line, Arizona, San Francisco yeah, I thought alike you're taken along. I said a seven. What would you have said? I probably would have said six nurture now: they take. The last give me an automatic taken away nor about, and they only the women take it uses her. He curve it gets the wise a book ass. I think it's up to get over, it As regards my seven, I'm up seventy two right now, the again This is another trial of envy pay. If he wins s right, they'll be the screaming at the down below. I knew I was far from the moment. I was off three points in that
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once again zip code. It I can't such be assimilated. Is this modest way to hire idea? The barely watches were still downcast eyes. Act of Amerika come back, which is probably not going to happen. The barely watch was bills jets, the jets just the staple of the barely watches or the poop factor, the bills minus six, over the jets you get this it six and a half. I went his highest seven and a half I know where you can be ruining this time yet jets or up sixteen. Against the bills and weak one last year remembered. Then they just blow they just could not score. That was really as for the whole year, you dont there's a notary, universe where this jet skis and could have been really fine, ran out, and then they lose a couple stars for their deep when they trade one ops out their best defence of Blair's, both Lena and atoms, and then they ve had some injuries ET receiver ready and then on top of it. This levy on Bell thing is just so clear
leading to him getting released or traded in like MID October, like it is the most passive aggressive. You just know where it's heading so that it just feels like the jets have distinct on them. Now yeah, where is like four months ago, I'd have been like hey the jets man look out for I like them, Donald Civil. Seventy six last year IBM crazy year. We had motto and was saying, goes and all that stuff. They can't get it together. If you don't believe in item gaze thou, maybe you just doubly this team could get like nine when's or better, so they feel like that, should be a first coach fired at the absolute for us. We should look at as the I've disagreed with. Basically every decision has been next barely watches lions, theirs. I ever it's in the try to have the lions favoured by too, and this is could be myself felt double that went on. I got you,
on this, and that is why I like Chicago so much I dont Chicago, be favoured by one you're right. The lines are favoured by three. I you said to so it's right. Therefore, that could be my fancy double down. If it ends it kid, two and a half before we do the contest, or is it locked and I don't know what do they have? They should make all the lines have. Can it make them half? Is it too late say something now make a call I'll be half lines, raiders Panther is our last barely watch, but the only reason really is the biggest thing that this did not end up in the poop factor right. You know Excited they already regulates, the Panthers are not a team. I planned are watching a lot of this year out it over there. Now, so there's nine there's nine early games- and this is this- is on the outside. Looking to right. This is the one where they should have launched a season the Saturday night, sadder, Abt one of the shit Games and JANET
Hey Regis covered verges like throwing. Should I get some while here's the Saturday a game to eat Omar, as they had Sunday, everybody would be happy. For them to do that. There is still time to do that is as much as it does just that it's an avalanche of sport. Right now, like Van Der, if college basketball as a comeback, we're not gonna, have anything during the week is demanding better in the week like aside from Monday and Thursday, football spread these out a little totally agree. Hoop factor to game labor it. I don't know if I guess that one day we get a lad absurd, had Vegas by one Panthers Carolina by one and have you get that its actual Vegas by three. It might come back here. It's free and around seven five now yet holy Shit, China, whose factor eagles against the washed in professional football team what's funny is when I did the grantline com and I went, I stop calling them the Redskins. I used to put that in my thing. Why
some fresh off about them is a joke. And now is that with their call them. The profound real you actually add, yet it's my archives. You go look at it is that, in our view that that Daniel Snyder of you to everybody is that what that is feels like it. I mean it's hard hit, was to make sure that we know we in a way that the like him right- I guess that's it So I found it can do this if he had made them this nighters. Could he have done that over the league have to vote on it like? How far can you go with this kind of that? That's an interesting one. The league has any say over the Tsar right. I think we'll wait. You loses the sponsors. I say, Radice bothers combating we're out your continuity, Steiner's were there? I could add a little more fond whether there now before us, the sponsors that he should call the monuments there. That's good strong name. Could cool
cool logo that he cannot looks a little phallic intimidating, get big monument on the helmet looks again decks coming. I is China, while China Escape attack work, they go towards Father mother. I have the Eagles favoured by five over the football to hear you. At that its five and a half. I thought it would be four and a half wow. What a come back. This is. Jesus you're learns I'd want to access the lines in six, how many games like one two, three four games left for I'm probably too low, and this one courts at jaguars are picked for worse thing, there's only as we ve learned. You have the experience here there's two weeks we can get an early on these super duper. Shady team right for Vegas is like, oh, my god, and they just the lions, and this is one of the two weeks I have courts by six.
So this is it. I don't know why I gave Jacksonville such a home field advantage, but I said four and one slash two you're right: it's seven and a half seven and a half? That's This is a game. This is the one board on the game. I look at it. I say out the jaguars when this all my research in the last two months that goes to shit No, I feel, like I don't know anything. Maybe Phil Rivers just too old. I don't so they fill reverie, Phil Rivers, the sailors, that's gotta, be how you tell us taxing each other, because we have the courts and five bets and rail rivers throws a pic sex and another pair any looks like it's. Two hundred years old emerges swearing at each other right that we everything fell. Rivers. We knew his washed up you're, a good man is back and he's got no one knows morning. Mitchell was getting like fantasy buzz yeah, it wasn't there not the where he give someone a free but six back a beer if they? It took him number one in their league. Did you see that holding
look. I didn't say that, but I think you think like who's, this year's James C back she's gotta be the Lambro and candidate. Could you have four three hundred yards a game and lose by twenty regain its possible. I think we should have our agent James Baby Doll, Dixon dip into the bag. Luck for garner mention four? Had she do hardy? Seven seven with dignity does look for quibble. He data like another man, you. Fourthly, one lactose was so much luck for good. They know their Sunday day what a game this is. God. I can't wait for sending AIDS either way cowboys when you could be riding high wages bad will? What basketball and Sunday to play off of two? That's gonna, be an amazing part or in early version of the completely this binding it coming off a night. They gave her the cowboys, though
the disaster aid already I hated already. This is usually cowboys giants right like to first Sunday night game so one day down on they wanted to highlight the new state him and they stadiums, fuzzy fast field could be good, for you could be great for the Rams yeah yeah Admiral number. I have your cowboys good by one and a half I had a by one and it was one and was packed last month or so it is shot up. The three so you're going and you're going to take the freaking Lidia. I think I was one in seven hundred and twenty two, what they did back, And this is the best covered. Come back. I don't like this. I should just be lying on these. I don't know why, but I think tat is I like him for this guy really do you don't have Philips, there's not that that a few coaching thing we wait, Philips and defence on the rams. They killed him last year and talk it myself into it. Sixty seven percent
start, one is a favorite he throws is that this is a win win, how you feel about c d Ah, my dear my reports that he's the best receive around the field for the cowboys, so that's what I mean everything is grand, sits insane yet Cooper Gallop fantasy, die. You slash. Potential thing is gonna, be really interesting when, if, if cities, the basque fact, the heck they arrive for sure, yet there isn't really either has group where, but there's a really fun version of this cowboy is and where there is lighten up in their basically the annex ii version of the chiefs as room there's room on the bandwagon. If you are I'm an impasse, we won't kick you off Monday night, just classic like half decent schedule,
yeah. They do this. The EU has been on the Monday nights. I can't you give them like the US again. They can't get saints Box, it mean games that are like. Are that so K right first, one steers at giants, yet I will get there were big market Right, that's the idea, shore, together rejuvenated stores, we talked about earlier giants team that has every offensive weapon back and Endanger Jones Thou, getting fantasy buzz and a lot of people have mentioned these five guys haven't played one step together, stat all that stuff. I have the Steelers by three and I like stores were split. This I have to take the last one from here to tie its five and a half really against the giants issued by Fowler heard three doing this game. Oh wow, that's one that'd be great alike: Stairs fears? I put the Steelers in a money line with a couple of their teams and feel pretty good about
where's patriots. There was a lady, I see beds, it's not like I'm pretty. Didn't they waved their first round pick from a year ago. The quarterback less than a year they cut out all right. I've got arrested right It's not a good luck, wait hold ILO, maybe they're thing roadway, em, they're, almost a lot for third place. I think Joe, no you're, not you're, not a judge. Guy, I mean I was stunned by the hiring and I can't believe lake. I did know high end up with him and, like Airbnb doesn't get, does it get hired? I thought it was so we're there the enemy to get hired. You start to think, like the steep that thing was, I thought crazy. Leslie there be anything, just feels flat out races to me. I don't understand out and get a job. Well, that's ban, especially if Jason Garage,
of coordinator and I'd I'd- think I'm right when I say Freddy Kitchens, as part of their staff right Jesus hold on yeah giants. Dotcom, Freddy Kitchen, is a giant tightened ouch yeah this is that this could be a tank to that events, not good. Third worse than the league, assign Blake Martinez, that's what they did from the backers. It gave him too much money, but I was asked if, if you're giants fanned at least you feel like you didn't blow, the Daimio Jones Pick, which seemed like a like Strictly disasters pick and now it seems I got a guy. Access can be pretty get a good in fact, thou another Jackie quantities. Amazing will not to think, and you can use say one: can you save one of his best years for when the team is decent, because right now we're getting in that area? Where you know they D was injured. Over the last year, took my what If his legs modem
since I could well grown up and Walter Pate mistrust and shady bursting, like terriers member, that rare they had it I don't even remember watching him in a plan came his journey, Finally, when he made it with the eighty five bears, he was like in that Julie serving eighty three six or state ass they'll get, but he wasn't like dominant, like you ass. They made it up to the game, attach down run from the one you are lined the Superbowl away. They give a revolutionary referenda, are comes down this great game by the way Titans Broncos. We can talk about the Titans alot, but they sank cloudy, I thought there really good last year. I I definitely have them in my who could make the Superbowl less. If something weird happens, the chiefs at the Titans by three over the. I guess I can't room for them, because I work with play. Travis on the most of my energies, focus against a team and should be yours. Do they they knocked your patriots outlets, you're, gonna win.
Wait what happened? I had minus two four Denver, my favorite FC team and its Tennessee. And as one so you get it you want this week. You came all the way back, who'd you have favoured. I had and were favor by two o away you win TAT. Evil tend to eight. If you count the ties as a win for both of Us Scottish said suck it to you. I don't come back here that getting all bragi and start to feel good about yourself and then the fucken drug came out. Tat came starts, ten, twenty Easter. I can't wait to gamble on all these? I will be doing million dollar pics on the Thursday pad. So after putting some more thought into this stuff, How do I do I feel, like you came prepared? I was a god and I was Simmonds is so
and be a whole issue. I know what he's gonna know. I wonder if even those about Tampa getting Tom Brady, but now you you knew all that stuff. That's great! You know you knew as prepared. Why? Because it's a pandemic, Nothing. You have no office to go to a boy. You whips. That new fantasy league and mean that allows like changing a baby's diaper speed like does it was like a contest gotta there you you, gonna, like twenty five minutes, The dried already figured it out. I had a feeling that I was gonna voted out. You know I really did They did. I ran from the text. Shades
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when a car, so one is Archie, get his license. I its common upward taken around the church, parking, lots and dramatic it still six months out, though, what about you? What is what with my daughter's a month shorter than your son She do as you dry. Maybe now, maybe we do car max when we get them cars marrow we die if they come back for a third year while we are really tempting fade here would far max by yet with a lot of I urge the fire at that. We should try you can with payment in hand or take a week to think it over its carbine car sign, which should be a car max check method. A car max dotcom I'd sow spent awhile pair Are you the floor? This one happen a couple weeks ago, and I probably I was I told our was in Jimmy about any was hysterically laughing and he was skittish about making this Blake and I've been told. My mother would go absolute knots if she heard the story, but I'm letting go its weak. One let me say that I was studying,
it will allow. It is around your house the day before school, the day before virtual school, but that NEA my wife is downstairs with care AIDS, and it is a mad scramble people screaming at each other. I wasn't invited to the zoom class, yet I don't have this log in what am I gonna do with seven thirty in the morning I don't know, I guess that's one and then my middle and we found out that he did not do any of his require Sunday summer reading, and so my wife was furious about she screaming and now she's trying to get it all together in a matter of minutes and I'm upstairs in the bedroom. This is where maturity level. Is I'm online trying to figure out back for the next day that I'm gonna place on Fox Butler so all that I'm making in the room. Maybe I had stopped guess you gets a little nauseating here, but I will stomach issues, my wife locks and finally, to complain about the kids downstairs Actually, I'm it'll get it into the summer. Reading in check
you, believe, like energy, like my god, it smells like Evan Diarrhoea form in here, and I just started laughing hard. I said I'd stomach problems and I was laughing at solve rigging hard, any gas related you Numa, I'm out of it anyway. So I get up and you better get it together and she runs out of the room and I gotta chase after her and unlocked so like I can't catch my brain yo and, like you, have to stop yourself from laughing and bright bala you're in church or something so like. I was in a church, but I still could not stop. I was gasping for air struggling to catch. Brad struggling so much that I passed out. And hit my head on the floor on the ottoman right by the bed and knock shoulder into the floor and had- and I won't- probably ten or fifteen Mississippi later? With my? life in my son, who had not done is required on summer reading over me
data you ok, you're. Ok, I actually daughter like the next day as like is like being in labour hauled, but I basically children self out for laughing about how well I farther up the room and an arm once my wife saw TAT. She was like you better, you have to get your shit together and she walked out of the room, but that's based, go to the store. I not so seldom get agency to get a concussion like what happened. I think I just cut off my own air supply by not being able to read of not being able to breathe and easily prohibited yours, I sleep or myself, and my wife heard the collapse and what the hell's that- and they were though, ran over to me. I don't know what they did because I was unconscious and then about ten or fifteen. Seconds later. I came to an end I'm ok, I don't know if I had a mini stronger. Why, but I mean I can't give a better way to have gone right. If I had to die like if I die. From Calvin in three weeks, and we really pissed by got nice,
what better way to die with kids. But over me and everything else. If we too should bragging about afar ragged about a flight of my wife probably want to be able to tell anyone, because it was, it was her fault She scolded may right into a breakthrough, which you have already know, that's exactly right, though she so nobody probably would have known this story out. I died, except maybe my middle child. What has said some of the butter yeah? That's my parent orders early parent related, but I thought people should now. I've just got a forest of fighting freely in your freely batboy It's great. We have no air conditioning, I'm falling on. My wife, via an end footballs coming up. I wouldn't be surprised if she wears myths did many parent corner on Sunday night with Russillo about my son's. First, Fantasy league, which he did with the eighth graters, the euro, then we ve never been in one before we went through it. Meta. They hurt. He had his first moment. Where he's try it
a load up on the chiefs third round. He thinks he's getting Travis Kelsey. Somebody takes Kelsey read before Army thrust Tantrum end users by the atavism. That's great! I want to be more this. Well now he started. Another they hake with his friends from school, those seventh graders. So that what's happening and then apparently he's in a thirdly, tat, his in with some other people that he knows from pain to Kay. And we were there and I was like Benny. You can really be- more than two legs, like its tired. You start having guys indifferent team. She came member who rooting for, and he said well, if, if I dont like my team, I just I just I don't care about that leg. I just want just quit may not do anything. Either. This is it this. Isn't he Lydia Fenet. Are they keeping? Your word is a wow. If I just leave
What are they going to do? And I'm at now know that some now to make me feel like the ethics of like Fantasy League? It's a commitment got to do it so we're trying to talk. But my point is like my son has like this addictive personality. Sat with wrestling at the direct legal acts in mad in four days to Kay he kind of candid gravitates from thing to another weapon has honoured on Amazon. I M o Hamilton was another one for you. I got my kids like dressed up as Hamilton characters. All things from thing I think fantasy footballs becoming as new obsession good. He is good, he's a good year. I just I would add that you gave the wrong advice. I'd be like you're being released as one of your better friends. My kick you out of one of them, so TAT is good. Their rights should, if you're Felix, who get hurt, you ve betrayed by somebody thought you're afraid to sustain more.
I- I think I see him becoming obsessed- and I think this is a huge win, not just for me not just for parents corner but for all of us, because he said, can it be watching football with me now and Sundays, landfilling really like sitting down and going nuts on the ticket all that stuff and I get to live fantasy football. I get to live through vicarious a year, if your son was into it. How old is he wandered, probably about twelve? He was a bananas in like four legs and yet right so their debts- and I remember cause you were talking- that I'm parent corner like yes, I'm! Finally, got into it, and now he want it now he every Sunday he's with you watching the games looking at phone all that stuff. So now that seems like where this is going to go with my son, delighted it's great and you get how to turn your things like you're watching like do you you surprise yourself? how much you have to change your kid like if he has a receiver, that their needs. Three points all of the fourth quarter laughed, but the teams up twenty four like
You're, not gonna, win and act in a pass. The ball much here, like you, know like why you need the crazy we're going to thoroughly familiar. Have twenty four to better. I have read so I'm excited for you. I really am that's why it's stalemate in that sucks is two thousand twenty like. You know, part of when we were drawn up in doing this I'm gonna buy fanciful by it inappropriate names like AIDS Shits. Why and left them ray, and now it's like this safer world with fantasy football. Or even like your like, be careful there, fantasy, nay mixture does in crossing Yet I don't like the walking on eggshells fanciful by. Well then, will be respectful that I think so we have a clear its unclear so he's really to it. But anyway, that I receive a postscript another victim and you know I just think that he bears gonna be able to keep doing this until There were he's ninety yeah, I think so, they'll be proper him up like Larry King
and then I thought about it because they would do is banned, would do that marathon right was a twenty four hours and even more like now is our age. I guess it makes sense to not not even attempt that on and on zoom out ways he's doing the marathon buddies our age worthy age. Now, our year path, oh yeah, after far yeah exactly I guess this is but a stand up for total. Straight. You know mothers gonna, show me, remember pare core, bracky by car max experience, shopping your way, a car max thanks to our friends, a car max more ways to shop test drive by a great used car there before you can buy online Carmack stuck up how regime car delivered or start online picked up with car MAX curbside an if union person can a person, the friendly folks, folksy local, MAX are ready to help you shot test drive and by the perfect car few scars in your way a climax, buy online or at a climax near you today. Aren't you have forty five zero
the plugs that view so many things to be re, IRA, I'll, go to actual point star charm you'll find out all our pod jazz extra points with Dave and Charlotte. We get a fantasy podcast with dumb Jerry for jumpy, a jedi against all odds with the fellows subscribed to the Blue red one on Spotify and now a teacher, was from Jeff Schwartz as a podcast. And I think I'm forget one regrettable that and I have a comedy pike ass. An fox bent live two p M Pacific time on F ass, one: what's Harry's crazy is bet, you notes were at the six month, anniversary of the of the reading a bare game. Basically, it is a real it yeah, William. A single crazy is bad air is made in the last six months so Harry. We talk about these better that we combat aches and its basic basically bad, be Terry. Had I think this is gonna, be tough debate. I think his name was sits bs something is a tennis player you s open. The guy is up two sets. The one five games
one, thirty love and losers, and I laughed What is it is it's even funnier hearing him tell it, and I laughed at me like what are odds like that to two sets to one five games to one hundred and thirty love answer. He was serving what what are the odds I really cannot imagine yeah. So that's it! That's what areas? By the way, we have yet again a number and seed getting knocked out early in? U S open, I mean I was a little Why don't you do it, I'm cajole edge, but right now that every year, how these older number one seeds or want to couple titles, that's like the greatest gambling in energy Had there always like minus a million as favorites and oh, my god so and so lost in the third round it and and the number one seat of female last to death and knowing aligned, judge in the throat with a ball was like sixty five, the one. If you got that of how he is going to exit the torment
Think you should have owned. It alone stood I that come on get up. It wasn't that bad come there's a picture of him with his hand on her shoulder and our looking back like you, don't you even for you. Me right now get get off. Try to dig that up. It's insane like he knew immediately after daddy was was but yeah. That's a! I believe there is a better replant at that. They are decided to bury oh really so go ahead of them had ever replay of him in the hidden this late in the neck. There's a reply that I mean it's a little wider angle, but you can find it you didn't see it not like. I just feel like they. Better shot. I could have been really bad form that they, just like yeah, thanks uprooted from staff, were seen in three years after its ban led by life magazine so sort of like the Tennyson story like when they challenge. I call on you see it exactly where it it's the hair on line and see what we're on the thirty do. You think she wasn't looking so fast it was really so fast like the basically they said, like
she got hurt. That's all that matters. It doesn't matter if you headed towards her bites of to me like this again sound insensitive. But what she's trying to get out of the way of his shot and she tears their acl, is he out then too? It's all. I thought it should have been a set penalty yeah the matches a little excessive yeah it's over actually. So the really so, as always good job a job. I, u buy our thanks to use by defied thanks to Cousin Sal thanks the subway we made some bad cause and some good cause on their guest lights back as sweeper member its furlongs season. It subway so as try to keep em mainly good, ok for the good cause start by grabbing a delicious freshly prepared for long with all your favorite toppings order head in the subway for contact free ordering and payment.
To make pickup or delivery. Quick uneasy forget about that frank. Greasy food grab a tasty foot, long and game they or in any day, because its foot long season at subway, one more pack has come in for you on thursday- will include million dollar packs. The premier check it out and don't forget about our federal contest. Vanderdyke, I'm Slash mega contest, it's free, pick five days a week with double down come at us come head to head with us see you on Thursday ways.
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