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HBO and The Ringer's BIll Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss how COVID-19 rocked the World and everything in it including sports. They discuss the possibility of a lost NBA season, how the playoffs might work if the league resumes play, NBA players and owners covering arena workers wages, NBA Awards if the season ended right now, and ask "What will sports analysts talk about after a month of no sports?" They also give some TV, movie, and book recommendations, answer mailbag questions and more!

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By the ringer dot com in the Ringer pack ass network, we are not stopping content We know there are a lot of people out there who are stuck in their houses there, apartments wherever in I just can't away in low right now, so we want to give you got something to read and listen tune, whatever our so check out. All the party nor my check out check out the website has were still write about sports and pop culture and everything else I haven't you re watch was come on Monday, night, Godfather, three and then another one. I think we can remove the two we watch was weak starting this week. I also think we're dust off to book a basketball pike s it. I've been saving for season two, but we might just run over at some point of nice cowboy stating for those coming up for sale, and I obviously this one's a little different, we're trying to find the right tone between that completely freaking out about everything. That's going on right now before us,
talking about stupid sport staff giant, entertain even in a couple different ways. So hope will we find that balance he's coming up in a second first, our friends for ambrosia right? So we said last week: where did we do this in person a God seems like it was about. A year ago we were talking about the brine verses yonder. As for the BP and just where the rest in season was going, but so hopeful and now, a week later, we all hunkered down at my house for sale, is at his House Kyle's that a third location, none of us are allowed to even look at each, For too long a google hang out gonna happen. Priscilla you preparing your whole life for this yeah? Ah, the ices
asian thing for me? Is this really has been about training? So this this time by myself. I'll do a month they gonna vices movies when a guy get sent a solitary, unlike, let me know in the punishment, starts by air. My family and I have been together for the last three days. It's getting a little rocky my wife's started. Get frustrated with my site is losing his mind. He's just playing video games an hopping around he's got his foot in a cask dead. It's we just been watching movies in and try to avoid. Peep which I guess it's gonna, be the new reality for next couple weeks. I can't believe: what are we doing a podcast like you? Can you imagine if we were just listen to the first five minutes of this package two months ago, we would be like what happened with their nuclear bomb like a bad. This is kind of what it feels like it.
Is certainly never happen in our lifetimes right now. I'm the only disruption we can think of is nine eleven and how different things were right after that you know sports or delayed, but not not of his undeterred. Not a time that we're gonna get to with all that in, I think dead, like a lot of people in all reads: if one day- and I think- ok- you know- maybe this is what this means and if you're donors podcast on the corona virus, I'm not your guy. I know a lot of other people out there pump in that continent, as new experts hot had put it just go it's it's one of those Are you ok? What am I supposed to do like friends about a meal? Over dinner on Thursday was small group we had dinner in the restaurant was kind of slow and then you thinkin are awaiting it now nobody's gonna get living like every such music stance. I, since I stay inside of you like do I go to the gym: do not go to the gym and now the Jew, Totally out, I dig.
One day when there was nobody there, just because I ain't honestly, I just needed to get my body moving, but I'm have to figure out the jumping jacks in the house and then today you know I live in Manhattan Beach. I live right in town and it's the first time I've seen the sun in like four days in LOS Angeles, and I thought, okay, may go to the beach read I'll, be away from everybody. Manhattan beach was packed, every thing was packed. So if this thing continues on its path. Living like a lot of people were seeing different cities in different states is gonna, start shutting this stuff down whether its businesses or curfews, because they're just people are gonna, listen they're not disrupt their lives at all. Well, do you want. I was going to do this later, but we might as well do it now. Do you want it? Do you want to talk young ourselves. This is your idea. You attacked had twenty five twenty five year old, Marcello and twenty four year old servants. You can go first yeah right. That was, and is the players Tribune thing where you just to solve. You're, like is there any way we can get Pooh Richardson to write a letter to his young herself this month.
I would obviously hinder the salon differently at twenty five. So I would just start by saying: hey, you know what it's it's, not that big of a deal. If you miss a Friday Now I remember the first time after college meeting guys and other equipment you guys stay in on Friday or Saturday, though I can't we just pick one of the knights, like that's weird, but again, our still in my college town, so with TAT essentially be like look, call home more often don't go out as much don't buy it shirts, as you think, you'll need cause. You're, gonna, painting, half of them in about a week and then finally, it would, it would be.
First thing was like in. If you're, creating a Madden franchise play out, the season don't stimulate it. I would tell myself look you're making some poor choices right now, just in life you're smoking cigarettes, you probably shouldn't do in that you're going out way too much here at your question, your belief and who you should be with with the opposite sex. Maybe you've made some mistakes. There. You've got behind the wheel a few times when you probably shouldn't have their what's wasn't the kind of awareness back in the mid nineties that there is now don't do that? Don't do
most of the things you doing actually in one of those things will be, don't feel invincible, don't think it's fine. It's just the older people that are worried about this, because you're right, you're, probably not going to die from the coronavirus. U twenty five you're feeling great, but you could get it and then you could pass it along to your uncle or your dad or somebody in the store. Seventy two is going to be dead in two weeks. So stay. And don't do that stuff, daddy my advice, that's good and in on the dating part of it. I wouldn't have to tell my younger self this by any means, but it there's a lot of guys like don't don't get, engage because of boredom here in the next two weeks, for a hip, don't talk yourself, it's fifty years of our relationship because you just spend a lot. I was somebody read up: yeah yeah. So what's up, let's break down the weirdest sports week of our lifetime because listen, we could talk doomsday stuff. We can talk about
The nation is probably going into a national lack down. We could talk about what our responsibilities are as human beings. I would hope that people know at this point and if they don't, I would encourage people to listen to the package to be glad on Thursday or read any of the twenty five pieces the Atlantic has written about this. The new Yorker or the wash imposed at the New York Times are basically anything everyone saying the same thing. This is gonna, be to get worse this is gonna hit a tipping point where we might have too many sick people and not enough hospital beds enough an equipment and really the only way we can help. This is too flattened the curve, And that the only way we can do that is by social distancing by not spreading into each other, so I dont feeling we need by that for an hour is there? Can I jump in just ask you? Is there one peace that you read or is there a piece of work?
things you read like really stuck out to and you feel good about that. The information felt like its held up more than twenty four hours. I think that stuff- that's happened in South Korea. I think has been encouraging now: that's a country that somehow is way more advanced than we are with he was just testing equipment everything, but there they moved into the social they sing sing. Fairly early enough to to stave off things getting a lot worse. Like everybody saying the same thing, people are going to get this people are going to pass it to other people that the problem is you don't want it that tipping point went into many people. Have it at the same time weather
people understand that I don't know I mean we saw Friday night Post Malone concert in Denver, there's Nathan thousand people there. We saw videos from all over the country. Yesterday of people at bars, crowded bars in big cities. You know kind of let loose letting off steam. Booth. I've heard about quarantine. Part is all the stuff. In again, I'm not one to judge cuz. I made a ton of mistakes in college and in my twenties I get it. You feel like you're invincible and you feel like it's not going to be you, but I think we've never seen anything like this before, and the best thing everybody can do is to just hide indoors for two weeks. Just do that. That's that's the move. There is no other moves, so I don't know if people are getting there slowly, medium style or fast, but the people
life who are more mature. Most of them have kids are r r r unlocked download. I just can't speak for the people there twenties. What are you? What are you hearing? What are you thinking while it was? It was weird for me because you're my father was in the hospital is fine that was gonna, whereas reference in the park aspect. Or an increase in Boston for the weeks that so I went back foreign know some. You guys know our family this vineyard- and he was talking me today- and I'm checking on autumn yoke. You just after this, the some major and, unlike how are you doing what's going on in making sure people or bring them food and stuff and he's equal? Apparently they cut down the boats, and so I waited the boats are done alike, apparently gas and food, or still can be transported over on the fairies by they're. Just the vineyard is set Ok, we don't know of anybody. That's tested positive, so it was just keep this island self contained, but what's happening
which is always any places. A resort area is that people that have second homes, their reciting fly there and now the locals are getting past about ten. Unlike okay, so intimate you're gonna, be flying from the city and allowed people but are these high and areas Gunnar? I am to go to the vineyard house in Brcko hunger down there for a little while, so that just some lucky's isa is in great healthy is good to go, but that's something that just totally different than I think a lot of experience is because your honor Well, that's disconnected from all his stuff, and apparently they just decided. I gotta keep shipping people back and forth, but whether this is it full time flight ban, I heard, Heather about, like interstate travel, that's awaiting a test result that waiting a test result that you now felt terrible for two days feel better now, but he still can be quarantine for twelve more days, and so you know it's. I don't know
We talk about like everybody else in this right now. I don't know if a month we to be going. Oh, my gosh is the worst thing we ve ever seen or for gonna go, you know, look precautions were made and they figured out how to go journalism knocker pretend I'm an expert who should I've read a lot of stuff like you have to, but I'm not gonna get rope. Gee about it either, because now it's a bit like climate change right, a guy Think about. When will climate change me to the point where people like ok, you know what maybe I stop recycling now. You know like to stop her to be in your driver. It had like we just a programme certain way. I don't know if it's this country, because I think different societies operate differently, but when it comes to this country, which we don't seem to really believe something until it's absolutely staring us in the face and for people it will go to nice, James, a nice restaurants and sit outside and see the sunlight like it. Just the me.
You see is not happening in my neighborhood and I think it's you know it's gonna be this thing that may be happens overnight words. A massive wake up call what's been alarming. That. I honestly do not want to make this to political package, but you know you think of the press conference on Friday in the ways that the president and his staff have have basically done when eighty something
they said two days ago and weren't even really honest in the press conference he promised is Google website made. It seem like it was gonna happen, and then it comes out a couple hours later that it was a website that was in development just for people in the Bay area and when you have somebody's bus, being charger of thing is not even being honest and is clearly doing it because he's given this press conference a half hour for the stock markets about the closest training people above that parts really disorienting because think about it. You know we ve seen this happen with sports and we get so mad at the people in charge and then it's happening in real life with a hundred times the stakes and it's almost hard to put it in perspective. But even you see how things were handed on Friday. People are still in their mode of of digesting things in this. You know the day to day life, though we have following sports, a sports fans where we just get mad about these things. That really aren't that important. But now the thing
you better get mad about Thursday and Friday, like how mad people are really go. Bear how mad people were that the players you know were responding fast enough to get money together for the arena, workers and things like that. At one point it was like our right, I get it and, on the other hand, I am, I doing us realise that we have way worse problems, though this is a pandemic that might wiped out. You'd have four per cent of our our country. I just thought it was. It was the strangest thirty six to forty eight hours. I can remember way of doing this, how'd, you feel about it. Why don't you said you'd want to get political, and I don't even think this is like. I think it is. First of all it is but you'd like to think it was everybody just going. Hey, okay, look! We are in the unknown, and I think that's going to play me some of the sports stuff that we talked about cuz. I was calling around different NBA people trying to figure out like a cat. Is there anything I can use that's going to make me sound remotely intelligent about the.
Part of this site with bill, but you, I think what happens if, if you're supporter of tromp and trumpet one point is tweeting about the virus, like a teenager, that's pissed off his parents you're making fun of his stats and again, you know me like look. A lot of people are doing that at first. I even was like ok. What is this really like? Are we just reaches renaming the flu, but then I started to think like if the Swine flu happen and twenty twenty would it be soon the exact same way and that numbers will tell you at least wrist again, the most recent thing I read is like none of this is different, and yet how can Yes, it is and how it is going to affect all these different people in all these different approaches to it. But what happens over if you're here are transported, you kind of want your guy to be right. You know it's not that different from us debating all time grades in sports, like any since that I can use that. My guys awesome in your guys in his awesome, is definitely use money after we gonna games, and so when it happens where
No the administration downplays this from the beginning, and then it becomes more and more serious, like the people that didn't take it, sir, the first I'll admit, I still don't know what it was it the inception you may fall yourself kind of like rooting against the alarmists. Now the as yet wait a summarised as they go case. It was the worst thing that we we overreacted and got this thing corrected in thirty days and in the It lost thirty percent and all these you, no financial things happened. There restarted sift through and figure out what what this means and what kind of financial decisions getting him can you make like? I think, that's just our human nature to decide like will initially added to this, that big of a deal swallowed, a cheap hoping for that outcome and yeah like think what social media becomes part of it? It's a twenty minute. Three days ago, your bitching about bar on the bachelor. Now your fuckin virus expert club. Scoured order with some of the sports that that happened, because we went from. A week ago today argument the envy periods to Tuesday way
Did I range wondering if we in a play without fans to Thursday. It become a very clear that we work and have sports at all, but some Some stuff happened along the way. The first thing that I just could not believe as it was happening was, really go barrows villain Ized. When you know yeah, he did the damn thing where he touched. The makes use screwing around any didn't, take it seriously, and that was dumb. But now he's been is being paid painted as like patients year, others, you know that guy in the pistons christian word would became the third guy gotta and he played against Go Baron Saturday night like well. How do you know who gave it to who and how does this help anything like? Obviously he wasn't out their God man. I can't wait to give
corona buyers to people like you didn't take it seriously, which gives them something in common with the simile half of our population right down America, because I still not sure everybody's taking it seriously. But I was just a maze our vilified he was in the media was kind of porn? I thought that it had a dangerous element to it. What did you think, as you were watching them What do you want to use our both texting cause we're watching a game right like that was one of the games, the Marquis Games, your dallas and generally around. But when I look to the sketch ok, jazz, thunder. That's what I want to watch and yet ended up Now and again, we ve already been over this whole thing, but the go. Bear thing is like Julie, gawky warnings. Was that mean like? Where was he examined? jazz t like by the way the go bear thing changed everything which right, which I know will get too but yeah eyes. I saw some people and were so bad with punishment discipline in the moment, where offer with it like just awful like Mouse Garret, suspended rest the season. Ok, you know what that seem to make sense, but then people think you like a should occur
the next year because it when you think about it today, you're like a mouse garret did some bad and you know it who knows powers later. We could debate that want to, but he's getting ready to go week, one when the Unifil season starts against. What's the big deal, if people are asking for go bear to be suspended, and I was like our wait- a minute like these- that does that make sense like two more guys happy to contract. This has more guys are going to first it and go You know like this happened in ITALY. Nobody touch the MIKE's in that video played over and over and over again, look. I guarantee, more than half the people listening. This right now are treating this than think of this differently than they did forty eight hours ago, so yeah go bear. You did something that, after the fact looks immature and stupid and engage Yes? But I don't want you to another. We had any other examples so because he was the first guy people lost our minds, but the irony of the whole thing is that he probably
said: some things in motion that look like are the right decisions now, when, at the time its equating the seasons over the insatiable determinants over like then that everybody has to follow suit, was once a player tested positive for this no way, the NBA could say what age ass sorry your season but you're twenty games are like your teams, quarantine, but we're gonna keep plant yeah, it needs it actually weirdly needed to happen, because I do right they would it kept going fer. A couple more d at least, obviously, by the weekend, what she added last Sunday as cities started to limit how many people could be in one place and all that stuff. I think the schedule of organically gone by the wayside, Belize, Thursday and Friday everybody was playing, would add of these are real
filled with people and stuff. But you know I I I said this on Thursdays pad and I feel even more strongly about an hour. Eight was certainly the craziest day in history, the NBA and whether it goes down as one of the most meaningful days in the history, the NBA, I guess we're gonna find out, but I do think it was the moment that it made whatever was happening, real fur, basically, everybody that follow sports and then crossed over into the main,
came in a really big. When the only thing I can bear it through its totally different circumstances, but I remembered the mid eighties when Rock Hudson tested positive for HIV Aids. I can't remember which one, but he had been on dynasty at the time and he had been hiding his illness, and I just remember that being like that was one of those that you used. The word tipping point again, but that was a tipping point moment for the AIDS virus in America. Where was I vow? Rock Hudson has it. That was the first time I remember as a key going oh, my god. Anybody could get a rock Hudson as Digest Sama Dynasty ever younger thing and by the way, just for younger people that are Solid Rock Hudson's. The guy your parents are like. Are you kidding like think of the the biggest it be like the rock? I may not like use the same name here, but May not the rock, but it we would now be Billig George Clooney Dicaprio.
Clooney lab is this: how did I level right like in just adored, by women everywhere, and you know that the women want to be with men wanna? Be him type a thing I remember my mother, I think, was a national inquire were checking out the grocery store Rock Hudson in your like what and she's a guy like. Oh, my God my god and like as a kid you I gotta, relieving, not a process is your couple years old I am, but it was. It was eight major major thing. It was. It was huge cigarette yeah. That was what the gaubert dig it. This needed some sort, a catalyst and I think all in the NBA have to act quickly, but you know the embers in flax in. In ninety four ways. The biggest one just from a pure competitive standpoint is the season is gonna go away potentially, and I thought there was a world in which have you told me, Thursday, Friday and Saturday? What would you bet on?
I would add that I know my regular seizing play offset. Some point may be June, fifteen July First July. Tenth, I don't know, maybe they they shorten it? Maybe maybe they do it. They did a ninety, ninety nine. When they had they they kind of pact to play games. Maybe they would have shorter series and so on. I think the one thing we can agree on is that the regular season is gone, that that's that's history. I would invite you bet, I would say it's more like good. This isn't gets cancelled. Then What do you think so you're saying everything regular season play off the season is over. We wait to see how next season starts. That's real out right now, the three big money yeah, because I think this is at least a three month thing and possibly a former thing and that's a best case scenario. Mad till it think this again to get where
and I think we're headed for something really really awful and really dramatic with how this plays out, and I don't think that's alarmist- to think that I don't I look at what happened in ITALY and you look at all the states that we have all the hospital beds per person and perhaps Braun it's, that the states are pretty similar and we were just as far behind as they were. So I am. I am definitely are pessimistic. That decision comes back, so from talking to teams. You know whatever optimism there was last week, its dramatically reduced despite You know, I don't know that I've heard anybody be that dire about it. I was taught me somebody with the lead today. And here's Erika look, I mean as of right now it's this
need a mandate for any gathering over one hundred and fifty people. Now I think it would. First it was five hundred people, two hundred and fifty people that would put you to may fifth start date has reported since we started taping this that it's at least three month. Possibly for two. What you're saying ah and then you too, the UK. Will? How far can you push this thing out because Marsh April able to may made a June July? And then you pick it up in MID July and then, if guys haven't played it wouldn't be. Really fair to say, say we haven't lost the season yet. Ah, you you'd have to play a few games, figure this thing out and said: okay, you guys got round want, and but what I think is important here is that, as far as I know, nothing has been decided and that they really are sitting in a room owners the commissioner every advisor that they trust, whether it's tonight into tomorrow and trying to throw every single possible idea against the wall. But the thing is: is that I've been told him. This is just
and says it's hard for any league to come to any kind of conclusion when their dealing in something like there's no map. Here there is nothing, so I think it's it than me and say: ok, fine, like a probably just announced. Ok, it's three months. Knowing that! That's that's that Solution, but it's the only thing they can do, because they can't say: hey no problem. You know where to start games. Sixty two that's going to be June. Third, and do you know everybody get your tickets like? They can't do that. So there's no there's ever gonna, be that kind of an announcement, and I think you know losing a season having a season just end.
Without any record of it other than a just stopped at the game mark between, like sixty four sixty seven games, the penny in the team, which would basically the ninety four baseball thing would be. The only are only other time. That's really happened in our lifetimes, where you know hockey had a whole season cancelled, but an thou and everyone started. I they they're gonna avoid that, even if, if there is any way that it can come back, even if it's a shorter tournament or whatever they would have to do to try to to try to play it,
I think, they're going to do it. The question is from a health and safety standpoint. When can that even start and they're just going to obey how this plays out over the next few weeks, so you know, are we going to get to a place where two months from now? Let's say: let's say this plays out pretty badly and we have a lot of death on a lot of people, sick and, and the numbers aren't as catastrophic as the worst case. There is, but they're they're not good, and this is not a fun next two months for Anybody who lives here it's it's kind of hard to be like hey guys, the NBA's back like so I think they have to wait and see to see what these next six. Eight weeks are like, and then I think there is an end date for how far they can push this, where the guys are going to
how do you make sure your players are shape? How do you make sure that first round, if they came back and just had this kind of instant play off, how do you make sure the quality isn't too bad? I d are their fans in this stands or somebody variables so many moving pieces and then the last piece of be our right. If we do this, but then when with the next season start seed after be shortening the next season two and starting that, like around Christmas and this again, this is our best case scenario, I think the difference with what's happening with the NBA and, I think, to a lesser degree, the ammo b is that at least you have smart, successful people, making these decisions and talking to experts and trying to get real expertise involved.
Whereas you know what we saw on Friday with with our actual president. I think that maybe a lot more nervous, but I do think I I think it's I would. I would bet on the season getting canceled if I had to bet which is really depressing. If we look at this, though, as well ok, what what could come back? You know like say it's saves the ninety days say. We're starting in June push it at the end of June. Yesterday, your past, originally would be the draft in the end, the finals, the others all sorts of things, because there already. The league is already calling around about arenas through August and then one of the things I was reminded of today's it, the Dnc conventions in Hawaii, he in the middle of July. You'd have to worry about seating rediscover. Ok, the ate sees in the east that mean hey, it's just you ate seeds,
a seat in the west. Is it fair to say sorry, everybody but Memphis is still in you know, that's got to be one of those things. Or for the greater good, despite your competitiveness and owners missing out on money? He can't you know David River. We can't go like this is ridiculous, is totally unfair because it's all unprecedented and then I guess it even best seven's. Would you have all sixteen teams, because let get today were reset looking any possible scenarios, but we honestly don't know anything and then go back to one of the things that unite talked about a couple weeks ago. When I said you know I just If I were the NBA, would I really really consider starting a Christmas and she Mister August and own that two month dead period now that doesn't have a great national television product, baseball's array, local television product, not a great national product, and when I called somebody in in the broadcasts of it with the cheek with the league. I was ok, you know like we did this thing with bill and you always a gay ere. He is the research that delete as always gotten is that people at home? Why Jeanne games like during
summer months, especially when you every travel in the northern hemisphere, its it. Just there's just not enough people at home and that's always been there- or is it? Yes, you may own the time that the time here of that for the summer, but you still dealing, which is less people in front televisions during the holder Monson, that's always been one of the counters devolving which, by the way, I guess was presented by one of the island hawks owners at the Sloan Conference. After we talk about it, but I'm not presenting it as if it's the more original idea that I've ever canal at the IDA may obviously listen to our bad you because he actually, I think, use the quote. It said give let football just on that, and I was like men. That sounds like word for word ass. Yet Ah you and then, if we really wanted to keep doing stuff warrior in the room with League Office, nor Gorky say we can start again in three or four months, because if I I agree with you here that it's like we have nothing to talk about what we have a lot less though I know I know, but I'm just saying like I don't you might be right, I'm not going.
Say that you're wrong, but if you're holding any hope in your constantly coming up plans does, I think, that's the league is doing their coming up. Plants are Lenny teams now in their adjusting and there too Can we go ahead and say hey on Monday, we ve cancel the rest the season, but one of the things I felt really interesting is that you could have a viewer ship that is so excited the basque boss up you get an artificial rating or you can have your ship. That's at this point so excited that they move past the curve has been flattened and all they want to do is get out of their house. That you're rating is destroyed during metal. But again, we know we can do this at the Piazza of yes, we understand the most important issue of this whole thing, but we're just two guys talk and sports in order be depressing for two hours yeah that one other thing to mention.
Just with the NBA? I think you know I've? U so they're trying to save their season and figure out are the different variables and contingency plans at all that, but from the people that I've talked to, I think a lot of what they are talking about is the health of their prayers, the safety of the players in the people who work for the teams and around in the arena stuff like that and how they can help it. I think what you gonna see with the law, next couple weeks is a big initiative with the NBA cares them, because I think you know they know that they have the platform and they have so many heavy hitter players ranging from La Brian, too. You know the fourth basking in the six years, who have audiences and fair,
some people who actually listen to them- and I think you're going to see the NBA specifically use that power for good and try to get the right messages out, you know in and try to convince people, hey man, it's it's! Actually the cool thing for you to do is to stay on cause thing for you to do is that if you're not feeling well here, the symptoms read this thing go to go to this work. Site make sure you don't have this. If you do do this, I could see them over the next three weeks having a real impact, because I think you know for better. Worse. Alot of people in this country follow athletes and they listen to them, and these people me lots of them, and I think I I think we're gonna see, allow those people use that power for good. We have already seen it with the stuff Kevin Love and yadda simply by batter down just by the charitable stuff, but I think they're their voice could be more important, but you made the key point. This is either in the big scheme of things. Certainly
that aboard and you can talk about all the other things that are being compromise right out from the economy to the restaurant industry, which is in absolute crisis and David Chang. I think he's gonna talk on his part cast about that tomorrow. To airplanes travel to people that rely on you know, retail customers or you could be theirs for forty. Two. Fifty different things that are being impact is a force for us as a sports bike. Ass, all the talk about the a lot of the sports related stuff would take out quick break and welcome back pay. Companies around the world are sovereign. The most important challenges with Google Cloud, like paper sobbing from
millions of daily hopes, dreams of financial ambitions. Google clouds help them achieve their mission to transform the prosperity and opportunity millions businesses around the world with massive scale. Processing power. Paypal is connecting main street to every street Google cloud. Would you sovereign for visit G that seo flash cloud? Slash, sobbing? What's and that is g that seo slash cloud. Slash sobbing, I were back. You add one more thing: you wanna talk about related to the last topic: ya wanna fall up on media members that I have a problem with. I know that's a shocking development, but this is it this is now, but this is so off. It is wrong and I mean it
to help people the keener status, Kevin Love, donating Blake, Griffin, donating stuff, Currie, yon us another. Some other names are forgetting awesome man, I mean incredible. Today's NBA player is probably as good as anyone in prose sports when it comes to light kind of paying it, for they really are like these visas, somebody's Dr Glasses, it's amazing rehab, like you know what I keep hearing, how amazing every one of these deeds are like you just don't hear about that. Many bad guys league has so many good guys. So that never really leads to the people that see a donation from Kevin loving within minutes, try to find a way to be negative about in Gratulation, because so many of you have done this and again that's about ownership. I never route for the billionaires. Okay, I dont route for owners in any see ba, You think I'm running for NFL owners during this c b. I think actually not, but the unifil players have almost no chance at negotiation. Gets he's got so when a player donates its immediately followed by what about the owners. Here's a thought process put yourself through this scenario
May I, on one of the thirty and be eighteen months, I have thousands of people that work for me beyond the players or a thousand people that are dependent upon the revenue. Comes in through all of these games, I may share a building with another franchise, like we have here in LOS Angeles, multiple franchises, Is it ok? If I get more than say six fucking hours to satisfy your need for a perfect compensation plant it's so absurd bill. It's absurd and I said to I'm like man: is there any? we can give these guys a day, a guess what almost everybody is stepping up guarantee you there won't be well. I can't guarantee it, but I'm sure blow provide, maybe one only we hear about later on. Did you really think I'm the owners so far it seems like but he's gonna be taken care of eye and because it didn't within hours after a few players cited. Who can then go ahead and do it on their own personal? If the owners had sent immediately hey here's exactly the plan, then you know the same p
would tear the plant apart illegal. What about the party tenants? I wanted to do that and then what said hey. Can we give it a day we give day was eight march, and indeed a day s march even was on tv in the moment, as this whole thing was happening in the season suspended in March, you been who I like like that was marked cuban one What like hey I'm on camera, I'm I'm ready to go and hey we're going to get and come up with a plan just made a statement that you're going to compensate all these people. People are going to be compensated. It didn't happen as fast as twitter needed to happen and another thing for those that work of the SBA, which is everybody's favour topic, the tournament hadn't started yet, and people are asking to be cancelled hours after the NBA suspended their season at the time and guess what the NBA, the essay it ended up, saying, hate this things just straight up cancelled now we're not even suspending this and then the same people that were critical, that they didn't suspend the term. It immediately were then mad that they cancel that instead of suspending these people are out there saying these things. All I'm saying is that, in the face of something that is unprecedented in history,
disruption, unlike anything that we ve ever seen. Is it ok to let some really important people gather the information, that's constantly changing by the way and try to come up with the best plan to take care of the most people? What they come up with will not be perfect, but to spend your time constantly criticised me people before they even know what they were do and how to execute. It seems like a pattern that I am incredibly tired of that. Said I, and you know I agree. I think it's really hard to be in charge of stuff I'm in charge of something that has less than a hundred people that's really complicated. It's hard at these people are in charge of things that are way bigger than that and also have other businesses and are also trying to figure out legalities and nine hundred different things. I can't we were defending
It is for the night isn't about defending owners. It's about just go and hey look. If, in a month we find out some owners didn't step up. Ok, you know, let's go, let's go put him in the crosshairs, but people wanted like all thirty and be a team, they wanted every like everybody, I had to have the perfect solution for compensation. You know days after something were look whatever. We think they know tonight may be completely different. Twenty four hours- and you know back to your point about being a charge, is tough, and Everybody doing it in criticising has never been in charge of anything and much Scott. Smaller scale like I have friends in restaurants and I'm ok the plan and you know, I'm a franchise isa rethinks him a millionaire because I own a franchise of a multi franchise like an old billion dollar company, but it I'm not a billionaire, I'm not even a millionaire. I pay them. And now I've got. You know twenty people that better looking to meet cover this and insurance is getting cover it and the workers, I love you, stop work ethic they're going to deny claims being
say you know this is an under it and I said you know: do you have any ensures to discuss now? Absolutely nicety of water, pipe breaks and floods. Licensure, you know, I have insurance for that. So I know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck it absolutely socks. I did it for a lot longer than I then I probably ever should have. It was up to like thirty, two years old, its brutal its brutal and I'm I'm worried about everybody out those of injected check, but the people in charge distressed about this to man, and I know that seem to be popular to ever. Think that maybe they have problems as well. Yeah to twitter is tough because it especially during a week where people feel completely powerless in ways that they have never felt powerless before, where talk about not being
destiny, I'm here in LA. I have no idea. If I'm going to see my dad again anytime soon, if either of us are going to be able to get on a plane to seventy, two he's been in pretty good shape at the last couple years. You know: has it been a hundred percent healthy and you know he's our parents are in the demo of this
now a new think, like it's one of the few times where you know you get older. New parents get older and you think you know at some point. I do it's it. You realize I go it's my job to look out for my parents and make sure they're they're in good hands, and this is the first time I remember thinking like oh shit like who have no way to protect my dad here or my stepmother, who are living in Boston and others, though restaurants and no delivery, and there could be cook for themselves in an you know all taxes, the male man, to touch ceremony as the east. I think about this scenario you're, crazy, so the perilous part of this, I think I think then trickles onto twitter and all these weird ways where raw freaking out in any you latch on to something like all my god. Why have? Why hasn't owner act,
besides said what is good about the reader workers. Yet if we first law giving a couple days and it there's a lot of other things going on that there are probably super important, the legally or by the way, the league- and I felt that way I tweeted a diamond tweet much know just cause, I don't really know to say I'm usually lay out guy when it comes to the outer and talking to some of the Lee. Today there are like a recital tweet in this. Wasn't me, like. You really think I want to sit here and stick up for owners. I don't, but I want to stick up for common sense in you know what everything that's going on in the first instance is, let me see if I can fire, because the thing is that is that it its total everybody loves it like yeah. What about those guys? Who do they do it in the legal services like holy shit, are you guys nuts they can? We can? Can we just get through the next like? Can we get through the next called Isaac? We,
I did everyone whether it's the gel NBA the Unifil League year, supposedly starting this week, which there they're, going to which we can do some stuff on that? If you want to baseball traffic spring training or even having a start date? This is constantly changing, and you never used to be able to say, I can't believe they're starting this quarterback or why are they get rid of that coach or how committed like those things that we ve been doing for decades, because it's easy and it makes sense and it's all kind of explainable and were applying some of those debate show applications to stuff that we ve never ever faced before. Yeah speaking in the debate shows, so we have football here for the next two weeks. Basically, you know there was actually football news today was refreshing to be like out the Titan sign right. They now here's here
something I could just my brain could just in this direction for five minutes, and I have to think about all the super depressing stuff they signed to a pretty good contract. They signed him to probably maybe forty percent of what time rain is going to get her sixty percent somewhere in there, but I think we're good at football basically for the next ten to twelve days and all the sports radio podcast TV shows is just to be riding the football news and then wondering if steps going to get cancelled for good at things like that, but what's that done
and we get to the end of this month and all the football stuff is played out. What, if you, if you're running, I don't know first take or get up to the producer of one of those shows what kind of segments are you doing? Okay, I got a few, I'm glad you asked. Ok, pre, show meeting skips mad Cuz Stephen A wasn't there. Three hours before the started out all that I like this, I like that in this fantasy world Skip and Stephen AIR back together. This is get back together and, like Stephen, I would just be like hey when the red It is on Stephen areas on yet and skip it be like well. I've been here for three hours, looking myself in the mirror, you should be here early to like that was always one of the things like fashion you really like each other believer. Not they do, and I just
always here that that, after you know like, one guy works hard in the other guy, the other guys started with it, but it's like if the other guy doesn't need to work harder in I'm San its awesome, like Stephen Age of lake, hey I'll, show up at nine fifty nine. Tell me where my chair is so arrogant. Show producer a kick it around. Some ideas blamed pie. Ok, we saw pick Pat MA homes out Carbo, taken about your pictures, I e g posts. Can you build your team around a core back that goes to carbo during a pandemic. What does that say about his decision making legacy the face your franchise, that's covered up bags. It's coming up. The dispatch ship, the cab. Oh, have you questioning his decision making and that if it was a feelin kenny-
the Superbowl a one one. Ah shit, ok, if somebody pics to submit David, but I can't believe those guys, but this will reduce sorry if this season, is cancelled. Should we count this as another ring for the broad, because he was the fairer and they would have one anyway? Definitely definitely these Somebody'Ll couple guys say that with a straight face and be like. As I mean we can get dressed in Thompson for an interview next week, be up one to with Miami he won one in Cleveland and be honest guys we be counting this one. As the fourth because he was the one we are, though he went to one either three and a half. I believe somebody called in to seven hundred and ten here in LA and said that this suspended play screws Lebron of the Mvp, because John has his knee is going to heal. Oh that's true. I like that. Take that's a good take.
Right. This would be my favour. One moderator sitting there at the desk skipper: Stephen Ay Nba owners stepped up a financial contributions, but was, to slow. How would you have handled at an unprecedented global pandemic as a billionaire? Oh, that's. I would while Wilkins thoughts on now and not a billionaire. That's all get one I had another ship is everybody wanted? Everybody would be so serious in their answers. If you like. Well, you going to start with, you always got to start with the can beard people, because they've worked their way up from cotton, candy and popcorn. This is this is all going to play out this way just fyi These guys, I personally, I can't believe they're gonna have the shows, because, once the full cost of plays out, I guess maybe you throw yourself into
nfl draft like what would you do? What, if you were on would say you're on speak for yourself that you're you're on your five days a week you have to go in for an hour with takes and topics in April, papa football? Is it just draft you just arguing about arrow, I be like look, we need to work, really are and show prep. I always thought that, especially when your national cause, I did local too and if you show up to a national show going there's nothing to talk about today. You should have the job, and this is different: ok around Talkin, like slow July and August, but I'm gum list heavy. Top five point guards right now, like I'm doing all the generic shit, because people still like that stuff, Rankin stuff, like that's what I'm doing, I hate work, putting up together a weekly plan. You know Scott and I used to I'm stuff like just ranking the five positions in the NBA and then we'd have like I mean when people we talk about baseball, we just go like hey: let's do better did every position in everybody's best, pitcher the whole thing, and then you know downwards
It was by our gimme your top five NFL receivers like I would be hammering that stuff. I do think like thing I want to do with you is I want to re watch the Cleveland Boston looked around ten, the Leubronn triple double in the in the loss in two thousand tat, yet the game sex because it is a day it is the class fight of you look back those numbers new go people thought he had a bad game and I am constantly like whose worse the person in the moment that is watch experiencing the build up and then how they feel after the fact or the person it looks at the numbers ten years. Later going now that was actually pretty good gave. The editor will double. It felt like a terribly disappointed game, we'd love to go back and watch a ten years later with you and see how we feel like when we go while he was actually a little bit better than we thought, because in the moment it felt like a man,
The failure- and I don't know if that was just because the expectations and thinking he was going to get the Celtics. Finally, I have a first take segment that would actually be the entire ship, but we're talking like April 28th April 29th. The draft done we've already done all the grades. Actually, maybe it's like May third, can the Brooklyn nets win? The title of the season starts again: cuz, you figure it's a in a couple people, a cup of friends of mine have actually texted me because the nets are like one hundred and fifty two one. When the title and a network there's five of the seven fifty to one. But if they postpone this for three months, the nets are like a seven see right now,
amazing right now, this year, a segment you be a great pleasure. None of this a whole show we're gone two straight hours at the may alot outright perfect. Yet this as we did this in were were rationing this out over the course to ours. Katy comes back. I recall his back. Neither seven seed, we're start with an instant play off. It's a five. Came round one, and now we have Katy carried Dinwiddie Joe Harris chaired Alan Jazz, incredible, etc. Gonna gets Toronto who has in practice neither team is really practice. Now. That's two to seven if they get by that all the said, they're playing the winner, Boston Philly, who knows Simmons a bead Celtics canvas knee, maybe they then I'll send they're gonna get Milwaukee Katy starting around in a shape to time finals repeal than we ever Brooklyn. Lakers final, that's a two hour show
perfect. I ought to know I'm I'm so jealous, and I'm like this is. I don't know if this is a gambling thing. Did you come up with this? Did somebody to Do that said, look at the number on the nets in what were to happen if dot, dot, dot type thing. I've had a couple people text it to me and which, where does the number has not moved That's gonna move out of this August yea. If we gonna get into it? I mean the cap should be The inquiry, whether the Eba, what are the odds, are actually be healthy, but you know the other thing with the playoffs assuming there is there. They would get rid the regular season and go read into it. I dont know how many days you'd have to practice like a farmer player. How do I feel comfortable going from doing nothing to being in a playoff game? How many days do you think you d, like ten, eight in, and what, if you weren't a ladder practice with other people or a vicious like you're in a jam? How do you practice? Who d? Are you just
you're selling, it should start as an aim. We abandon the bar for you would like latex gloves on my cat, like how does that happened? How do you stay in shape? Had you need day ass? You would need some kind of game, and I know nobody wants an exhibition, but you can't ask these guys just turn it on like that, is even if you're putting up a thousand shots and running yourself. It's just not the same movement, there's nothing like being in basketball shape just why remember when you play out I'll play I've someone. Would I back in the day Remember the ninety nine season there allotted I'm injuries that season and you know that winter, fresh ideas and saw her knees and stuff like that and then repercussions afterwards and you look at the guys from the midnight
so what kind of either rounding into their primer whenever and in some of them didn't have the same longevity that you normally have? I was that that season was pretty dangerous. The fifth is, I remember: we data for book, a basketball we broke down that next team that made the files and eight they played somethin like seventy two games in you know, six months or five and a half months, or some crazy number like that in You know that great, let's take out, let's take a break them come back with more haste.
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entertain. You here we gotta eat, are not the most uplifting, my fair in America. We're just like to add the word. Your attention take your mind. After for low bet, if there be irregular season is done ethic, it is what would the words be, so I think it's I think yon, as is the envy p, and the brown would be. Second, I filled out the rest of my top five and it looks like this quite Leonard Third Yoke, its fourth James Hard and fifth. What did you have for your top five? It's it's not the push by the broad I think he could have caught. Yes, I should think, even though I would have voted John still after we went through
what you are great and pointing out like how this stuff happens. You know how the story line something. I've always believed him with the p, but I still think abroad have had ground to make up, and maybe he would have it may be that we have had enough of the voters. Despite all stuff of IRAN,
Onest one Lebrun two quite season has been unbelievable. He's only played what six less games than yon us, so I dont know I wouldn't put quite third. I plug lies class. Fifty one games at a sixty four so that that you know that I think over fifty with the short season is probably enough. You have yadda displayed fifty seven, I can't say quite can't be eligible for this at fifty one psycho yacht Us La Braun, quite Anthony Davis and trade on fifth, it sure he had no, yet we yoke its fifth yeah yoke is probably fifth because they have the record, and, despite that brutal start by his standards, not that they were terrible raw numbers. What he had done once he caught up here got shape. I mean you, ve had to stretch year, both he and Murray, really impressed,
so yeah we quit Jokic, feel I'm sorry. If that wasn't definitive enough well kind of its kind of a half assed segment by a sub, I wasn't expecting greatness. I just thought it was itching to commemorate that this, the regular season really might be over in this step is probably going to be the top five weather It is they had a hard in or I don't think hard and you get to three because of the way, the last few weeks when France but Yoke edge greener, was pointing up as it is and its anyway, it's gonna be in that order in some way to disappoint you on that site, but I feel like I did. I know the back. I just think that people need to look at hardened differently. I think it's like a twenty five percent bump and he's in a actually Westbrook scheme. That team now for last month, rickety air Maria wins it, who would be second Keziah, barely played enough games to be
in the top three and I have no idea. I don't really care, but I just wanted to flag it s like who who's the second best Ricky. If it's that Zion, who played games, I guess maybe its iron anyway yeah this class has been here. Let's move on, I don't wanna talk about it. Coach of the year I went Nick there's been Hauser. Vulgar is my third as my top three, if you have any opinions and that I do, I would vote Vogel One and I continue To be so kind of secondarily impressed with with nurse like the way he's like when you talk to guys in a league, do you find people consistently going like Nick Nourishment Nick Nurse,
so does not always mean you gonna win it I think spoke. Had they not had this bad stretch in the fourth quarter, and they still are five games under five hundred spoke, might be the best coach Goin. I think he was in the next year, but Vogel think about this. Acres fans were let down what they got Vogel instead of some of the other options and in a loose got the resume, money. Williams has a lot of fans and for vulgar go Look Orlando's a disaster. I need update what I'm doing and then Jason Kid gets name to the staff where everybody How long is to be to Volvo gets fired and kid gets his job and la broadest exactly always ever been somebody, that's like really embrace coaching or authority fake. There's an they're, the ones seed, and I thought they might coast a little bit and there still kind of figuring out the rotation times. I would go Vogel because of circumstance more than me. Just thinking is the best urgently compelling case
also throw in they got the Lakers to play good defence, even though you know it's an older team for the most part in the two way play he got out o Brien this year. You know, Leubronn liver is whether things with Brown, where he gets all the credit. If it's going well and if its actual everyone just instinctively blames the coach and debates, I think Vogel, I they d been a really smart defensive team. You no further first seventy percent of the season I e when they need to get stops, they ve been able to do it, and you know I like how he's I like how he was sparingly using Davis as a five depending on the match ups, but when he really needed at he would do it thinks like that. So I'm with you, I think they're spoke no sir, and involve all in some quarters the top three hour on theirs. So I'll, just I'll go Vogel, algal nurse and I'll go boil and because of the just, he never gives up.
Never gives us a foot. He just never gives up it lose out if they're down ten forty seconds ago is called a time out to set the tone for the rest of the week or the worst thing that happened to them as when they actually we had that crazy come back when Cosette it made him think he could always win. Win is down ten with the second son. First team Ba. This- is where I landed. And I had to do some chicanery, but I'm going to defend it. So I have Jokic as a center. I have Giannis in Kauai is the forwards, and I have Lebron and harden as the guards and their defense for Lebron is he plays point guard for them? He doesn't guard the other team's point guard, but he is their point guard. So if he's
fifty percent of the point, our position on one end and then he's guarding perimeter guys on the other end, he's a guard and a forward which means I can put him a guard, but I think, if you're trying to grab a snapshot of who were the best part, is the lead this year, I think you would say those five and eight than Davis, and then it comes down to Yoke at First Davis and Yokul by Centre Morceau again. First him yoga jihadis. Quite leubronn harden that's my first name. What did you have? So I wait. Eighty over your courage, even though I think there's a trickling of eighty play more as the five by himself out there, but they ve been pretty. They played a more before that Then I think any of us thought unless we were like a really that committed to doing something they probably should be doing in the playoffs
because they want to make sure is happy and re signs, although by all accounts, she's gonna sign like another one in one but Gunnar would see, I mean everything's, nothing, nothing seems predictable now this point, so I have him. Oh Rick is defensively man, having him there to Ankara that defence in what he can do for other people and the way he shows to the perimeter player and goes challenges, shots and then offer that he can get the brake going he's just a Level so I have Davis, I have learned. I have your ass, I have hardened and I went the real came down to dodge or lizard, so I have quite like
am I M Bp, but I have behind the two forwards and really at another one. So I went, I can't believe it, but I'm I'm doing I'm doing Willard over Dodge wow. Why which feel stupid? Well, ok, interesting when you go ahead yet kill it is I expect you to know I did. I thought the guards were tough. I'm just in my case for Dodge the Nuggets or forty three and twenty two he's the only all star in the tea yo. Can you mean that yoga I'm sorry yoke it yet
arbitrary, ordered three and twenty two is the only Austria and the team. They only have a point. Three point differential, so anything like the subjects are forty three and twenty one: there Pacific's Toronto, forty six and eighteen, their plus six and a half the clippers or forty four and twenty there plus six and have Danvers forty three according to their plus three. So you know I can't I they're, not that good and he's the best player in the team. By far I thought he got better as it went as the season went along and I guess the thing I kept coming back to his. If you just flip, that's if you put Anthony Davis on the nuggets and you put Jokic on the Lakers, what would happen to the records of each team? I feel like the Lakers would be around the same. I think the nuggets would go down because of all
a yoke, it does for them, and I'm not I'm that we ve seen Davis in this situation. Where he's the only really good guy in the team, and I never really translated to the kind of record them, whereas so that that's my case, it's a bit, admittedly flimsy, but that's at that it was a coin weapon. That's what Meta Yoke, it does that make any sense are now. Who would you rather have tomorrow. Who would rather have, as by one or star yeah unapplied, team out rather of yoke, it should not involve trying to win the title. I'd rather Davis, Philip. You really answer that I didn't answer either. Ok is where he should be, and I think Davis is where he should be. I have trouble putting two guys from the same team. First team on the when it's not like a completely dominant theme. I guess we'll be my point. Other forty, nine and fourteen they're gonna end up like sixty one in twenty one.
If we had actually had the whole season, I don't I just couldn't totally get there, but again I thought it was a coin for by big either. One is acceptable. I had for second theme. Yea. I add any Davis Jimmy Butler Pascal, see icon judge and lowered. Did you have? I dont know what to do and second to, but I do want to follow up and to think set the point differential for the Nuggets is alarming, their tenth in the NBA, and yet people still want to kind of talk themselves what team did pretentiously comes out of the west. I just look I'm consistent standard thing and I feel good about my position, although if Dallas were well again None of us know, but if Dallas we're like overtake Houston in it and a being like a Houston, Denver first round series talk about the all time. Reseller can't lose first round match up, but you don't know
Two. That's always the counter. Basically point differential tells you what you should expect to happen to your team. The rest of the way out what homers will tell you is that we just gotta when close games. Here I really It's gonna, like football teams, with with turnovers like having a great turnover margin. Rarely patriots always seem to be on the right side of it, but rarely do teams kind of repeat their turnover success, switching college football and if your tent and you think, you're a legitimate title contender, that's a bad number. I would rather have Davis, but I always look at Davis as Davis feels like this guy. That is this movie with incredible cast amazing writer. The best director like everybody, would ever want to put together a moving you go in and you want to move to be nothing you ve never seen before. It still really good, but your like my little let down. I know I'm guilty of that with Davis. He has these little moments from like Asea Little soft
no, the Anti Davis have like I was down there. Nor has it ever did anything while they were never healthy. I dont think was great Organization and what he did and airport with series is still in my favorite kind of like wake up but this is what I am capable of type a series, even those only first, there's begin. The horse was a win that they smash trailblazers. I. I'm almost too hard on him, because I like him so much, but there are little moments where I go see. Is he really up to this mental look Oh yeah, thirty, two in seventeen, ok, I guess he did originate, saw YO. I think There are those that are you with me on that there's like these little moments, a hesitation and yeah you're right, like we haven't, really seem like a joke, a few yoke. It feel like that much more season, Plath guy, because the run that they had last year by now, they should one. That's there's gets Portland, it's actually pretty bad. They did when that series really, and I will see what Davis like we hope. If this everything you know that
am, I say sentence like that. I don't know that's right, maybe we're not proceeding in the sure I had from it you might be a just for the posterity bear mad about Jason Tatum Chris Middleton Calorie Chris Paul and data for emissions were Westbrook. Sir Bonus and Bradley Bill, I just Couldn'T- I couldn't get Westbrook on their couldn't get their mentally. I know if this is, it does get cancel. It they do end up doing it. This way, I think Westbrook will make him he's. Gonna get on their probably over Chris Paul, but I thought were corresponded for Oklahoma City City was was pretty great, so either one is acceptable to me and then by hours, the bonus verses versus bead,
whatever if the regular season doesn't today, this is what the plan batches of look like. If we eventually have a plaster bucks, magic, raptors net, south seventy six hours, heat pacer is now the four five and then the West Lakers Grizzlies Coopers, Dallas Nuggets Houston. You tie ok, see nuggets used. It would be like social experiment with that China Yokels with just overpowering everybody a decent and the one- and then Houston just trying to get him a mismatches on the other, so I really hope you get up laughs. Let's take a break were come back. If you were to guess
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we're in your recommendation corner, but you want to clean up, went there yeah right now, the freezing you mentioned is Denver used in the can't lose first round what I was looking at as Dallas and Bobo smashed the nuggets the night the League announce it was spending play is, I could have had Dallas taking on the nuggets. And who knows, and then that would have moved Houston down cuz only a game and half behind Houston, and I think we both would admit it probably look like Houston was a little with after that amazing stretch. Ah for a few yes, but you had. He sent me to match the Houston through all the stuff and in their seven two against the clippers, especially what we saw in the clippers like hey, you guys, really apply. This way is guess what everyone at the Rockets were brutal, but if, but if the math is always a the Rockets
He just feels like no matter what, like the Rockets, are going to have a couple nights in every series where you got to go. Okay, you guys going to shoot twenty one percent from three like this thing's over doesn't matter like it doesn't carry over, does so immediately those things, but on that Some I was looking at is always a game and six and seven there, the west, but again We need a recommendation corner. This is a new We were in a due for as long as you did. They send it ipods, probabilities the next time we do as theirs. Lest I talk about, you recommended tv show a book. An older movie and then a newish movie for people to watch as there they can stream it paper view it get the book. Whatever start the tv show. I can't remember five mentioned mentioned, and a pack as before, but high fidelity is on Hulu and they took the movie. The key sack movie and basically, two thousand twenty did
change the lead character, turn the lead character in the Zoe, Kravitz and kind of modern as a story and foot genders with it. I really liked it. I plowed through it my wife and I watched it in one night. We are not on self quarantined because we know about the coronavirus. Yet we just plowed through the show and watched all been like five and one slash two hours. I've always liked Zoe Kravitz. I thought this was the best thing she's been in. I love the Parker Posey Episode, I think, was like the fifth one, but that's my favorite episode of TV so far this year and I thought it was a good binge. I thought it probably should have been eight episodes. I think it's ten. They could have tossed out. At least one but for the most part, if you're just talking about, I want to hunker down for five and a half hours with something I the show is really good. I thought it was well written. I thought she was really good, so that'll be my first recommendation. What do you have. So you were with the Non quarantine endorsement. That's a high endorsement yeah,
It wasn't even I wasn't even desperate, yet this was just us home one night, just getting sucked in thinking. Other stuff was going to happen and it just did it. We just ended up watching the same thing for five and one slash two hours right. I like that okay mine's been out for a little bit, but I was late to it because it was a little harder to find how to stream it, but that's Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. It allows wiser to that. What are we talking about? I will now react great. Ok, excited. Have you watched it well We have a soft by foreign, the Simmonds family, because one of my sons, friends mom that's her. How shall so we're ready for a yak attempts were made, which was the mom. The mom is gas, a daughter now gets involved with costs are a little bit early like an air carrier. Yes, she's a local official bojean, so if anybody appear when I was out doing a lot of just feet on the ground, search and pork city ring
Do a guy was like actually, they fill Miladi Yellowstone here, even though the storyline takes place in bozeman- and I imagine south of the city of Ghana Gallatin, which is I know real well and it's written by Taylor Sheridan, who is the best it's a caryoe hell or high water and when river- and he in sons of anarchy as kind of the deputy. It wasn't a big part, naturally like really stand out and then all of a sudden you quit acting, but he does have a role in yellow Is like a horse trainer, but he just is like way. The sky was kind of his god. You may he remembers an actor turned out to be this absolutely brilliant writers putting out some of the best stuff in that he's going to do a tv show and when watch it behind the scenes stuff with costume shared unease is incredible because you just go unlike look. What we're doing here is were taken the concept the he sells: it ass You know those old shows that our parents group would like bonanza what you modernized it where it's in
rancher a little on the the grey area of the law And the knave american angle Ultronic get the land back and then all the town politics in a family, no checks. All the different boxes is all the different siblings. Are I, of the wage shot and you know tell Sheridan honestly the guy could do a teller, Toby's episode and I would pay for it. Yeah when he gets that kind of respect from another writer. It's gotta middle, the them. Well, you know we're a very supportive industry bill I'm glad you like that show, because I've always wondered why I was so successful and I didn't know anyone who was watching it. But now I know somebody because the show is it's. Ok, it's I think it's. The biggest new show the last two years and cable from voting against it. Just because, as paramount net,
and whenever I recommended to somebody I mean this is just everybody being like. I can't finer whatever you know they get had. It landed, think somewhere else, it would be part of the consciousness imitates is succession in the woods right like if it was just a new Netflix show people would be eating it with a different level of respect. I get it all right. My book that I'm going to recommend is called meet me in the bathroom it's by Lizzy Goodman. It is about the rise of alternate. Rock in the early 2000s in New York, led by the strokes and the yeah yeah yeahs and Interpol and a bunch of other bands, but just about how rocket kind of died there at the in the late 90s grunge was over. We entered this really weird time of pop music. That just wasn't that good
and solo acts and just nobody was sure what was going to happen rock music. Meanwhile, we had spin magazine, probably and its heyday back then desperately hoping for anything and then here come the strokes and then here come a bunch of bands around the same time being influenced by the strokes and then nine hundred and eleven happens, and there is this artistic boom that is at the real, the early early stages of the the major internet, not just where the internet was the 90s, but the early 2000s internet that led to the whole block scene and all these bands and there's like this five year moment. That's really cool and you know the strokes. The first album was influential and is still an amazing out, but to throw in there and listen to it just feels like an actual album. It's one of one of those rare ones that all the
makes sense. They make sense the year came out and what was going on at the time all that stuff that all the band theme points, but I really like oral histories. Aditya almost like turn your brain half off they're just fun to read it's like you know it's just like a fun romp. There's a lot of stories about drugs or sex, their feuding and you get to find out about Elsa elsie de sound system and kings early on other stuff, and you now is probably the last There we're gonna have words with rock beds, with a real for lack of a letter like a better word revolution, and I don't know if I'm going to see it again, but I enjoyed it. It's it's about six hundred pages, it's not short, but I plowed through and I really enjoyed it so there you go. What's your Is apt to be brand new now by the way, that debt books all that but came out like five years ago,
I'll check that out, although after I will read that punk rock one word starts, Lou read in those dues like Lou Red is the biggest piece of shit ever like you. Just air Story would be hey. Here's another terrible, Louise Story and area had done without one. I was like wow. That's because I don't know a ton about like the birth of punk rock there's a void in my history. When it comes to music bow, I love the strokes efforts. Strokes thing is perfectly was a perfect time in my life Barton in sick Madden. You know zero maturity nice spot downtown, one that came out it just made you feel good was like yeah like this is different, and I go back to that one I made a comment about like looking like a dude who goes to a stroke. Show I had a few people reach out. They were very upset about was making fun of. I have all the respect in the world for the strokes and if you can ever set up a meeting
I don't know I don't have to be a fun hang now. Twenty years later. That's always, you know, don't eat your heroes, kids, sonnino. I wish your book capital in the twenty first century by Thomas Picky, thee and economist where he argues that the rate of wealth distribution is headed to on health level seminar. You worry there and he has some proposals but essentially saying that the developed economic parts of the world are just far it's in French to so enjoy. Well, it's in French. What are you talking about? yeah. You really look. Had you it's quarantine, so you know dig in that How did you read it when you have ruined it's in French? I don't understand what a fresh was excessive deficit exe,
art, buyer, I'm gonna pick a tangible, allow, I'm not gonna. U can get slower times is new We watch this on Friday with my son who immediately declared this is new favorite movie, replacing good boys with Chad. You're, not a nice. A two month run now it out in that got replace too, because initially was good boys, which, added to my friend and then surprisingly, got supplanted by mid nineties. The Jonah hell movie, which my son has been won sing for too much straight he Lion now is, oh yeah, that's a little old for him. He's he's mess around the skateboarding thing. His ie is trying to figure out new ways to break about so so he when for good boys to bid dined is now this new movie, which we watched on Friday
and he was delighted the entire time I gotta say I really enjoyed it. It's on Hulu, it's called big time adolescence, its with PETE Davidson. It came out like a year ago. When are you gonna make now Just it? And I don't know it was Sunday and thing I think two thousand eighteen and got bored- I dont know if it was released or not, but it is about p Davidson places. Guy, who is really cool in high school and adopt a kind of a debt. Take centres when this kid was like nine or ten is the little brother of it of the girl, p Davidson Dating and then that kid is now in high school and fat goes six years forward.
And he's down high school, navigating the whole social scene and PETE Davidson's characters still his big brother, but now he's like the twenty three year old, who stole kind of hasn't hasn't grown up, yet you big time adolescence and it's still high everyday and it's working at a fast food place and he's just a fuck up. I was shocked that PETE Davidson is really good in this movie, and I know he has a big jet avatar movie coming. I think this fall about PETE Davidson, Staten Island, all this stuff, you know I've. I seen Peter on now, never really struck me as an actor and he's really getting this movie. I thought the movie was really really well written. I like the characters, city, We in it is also in euphoria and there's cup other good people, but it just like. I
stoner, hang movie and there has been one of reminded me: it had the same kind of viable at outside Providence, just a bunch of fuck ups, nuthin, incredibly important happens, but it just well done. I really like the character. I liked hang out with them, and I and my son Love P Davidson, so I think he's watch the tumor times during the quarantine weaker, sir. They got big time adolescence on Hulu Hay was, lacquer like a stone or movie. Remember one now and came out nineteen ninety his eye. Yeah, I never loved, thou and ragged singles have come out reality. Bites is ninety four, I just yet this for those I don't know it was Copeland was like one of the first authors. I really really got into any wrote the book generation acts and shampoo planet was the first one. I love Microsoft is awesome and then- and I keep reading in reading amused like the first guy that I just like our man disguise awesome, canadian guy, and he just kind of
observing things around him in and turning them into great stories. But there was this, early nineties, everything was jack, so it has got a nice to have some of the stone or movies around because to romance nails it with with Brad Pitt Character yet which you know, I think you could argues want to guarantee knows. Maybe the most well written script that he's down. I mean look propaganda consumer differently than just lay man lay persons but you like this movie. I'm excited get reaction for what's your new movie? Ok, it just came out call the wild. Now, if you dont know this one It is a movie about a man and a dog, but what you may not know is that its height,
sallow in Yukon, alaskan, eighteen, ninety and he's aged a bit and his sidekick Chewbacca is now a dog named buck and on solo, those looking for Chewbacca, but it's hard recognised. That was a dog and they get in all sorts of mishaps, and what knots and it's a it's a good family thing store where they see gee, I'm the guy from planted the apes yeah and he's like the dog. That's the one. How did they deal with the seizure of the dog computers? But wait, but why did they need a humans play the dog? I don't understand that part yeah biggest mostly computers,. But what is it? What is a human being add fur dog like facial reactions, little more personality. Ok, that's sad super! Where sets?
I gotta it wasn't about my radar, say you're saying I would like it yeah just don't like have an open mind. Ok, my old movie, so that the fourth one we're doing is it's a move that had to have come out at least twenty years ago I picked basically based on the circumstances, were right now, a movie that I think is one of the best tv movies about time. It's cod and the band played on it is a movie about Randy showed his book about how the HIV slash AIDS epidemic spread in the eighties and how it spread when it should have, and it's a tv movie that HBO made, I think early Ninetys, and it was one of the first big tv movies ever made. Scatter huge cast a bunch of people, including I you're, all rival, Massimo D.
Who the here on it but reality out in it in Macao, and does it there's literally twenty bonnet and its basically about dead stretch, probably the first three to four years. Late seventies, early eighties when I went, HIV is starting to really happen and a lot of people are in denial. The president want acknowledge it. The CDC is trying to not only get bath has shut down, as they figure out pretty quickly. What are some things causing a barrage of the blood banks with the transfusions and theirs is eighteen months stretch where they're just basically screaming out, and it's going nowhere and people are and listen to them and everybody's thinking. Where
define refine. These guys are crazy and then you know what happens, but it's a really really well that movie, it's really informative and, I would say, timely, considering everything that's going on right now, so that would be my pick. What about you? Wow? That's a that is timely, I'm in a lighted up with a movie. Space in the ocean dead com. Ninety nine yeah, for what reason: dead com has always been My favorite movies three, People are in the entire movie. Nicole kid men SAM Neil who you'll know immediately. Then Billy's aim at I tell you anything about the movie other then you'll enjoy it, and I have always made a joke with up some on the right or by but, with everything being ready made with the worst tv pitch ever be dead calm. The series just thought about
probably got haven't season three there still on the bow to what are you? Why Would you mean what happens in season? Three? Did you see the movie? Do I need it? Do you think they'll be enough there for three seasons? Of course there will be. I think it is. Examples in eighty two unwrought tomatoes, nineteen, eighty nine, I dont know what it is about movie. I love it and whenever I meet somebody that hasn't seen it- and I go look just you know it's not it's not the godfather but you're, going to like it and I'll call back and let you know what that was. That was really. It was cool. It was, it was intense move Why you left at it was then call the commitments break out movie. You know those done better than I do your ear liked and put the car get mad mad cows. Sheep. Is this super hot australian nobody? I united certainly do know she was you also left out apart, they didn't know. I saw that move. In the theater Jacko investor Massachusetts, nineteen, eighty, nine yeah that
I could stuff there and yet, as you know, we went to the movies. Is one thing she did in college Kasredin. You know I didn't have half the things they had now we barely had video games but here we saw that in the theater came out of a gun wound Nicole Kidman been, she is just to be something and then she got hooked up in the crews machine like a year Later at our I remember, there's a thunder was but. With somewhere around that an brokers. So that's it. That's recommendation corner hope you enjoy that. As I respect your house, we're take warmer break tick,
more Millbank, questions Edward? I want to talk about something and puts me in a good mood, takeovers cowboy boots. I can't help but feel like I'm TIM hole when I'm wearing these things is common man with no name or maybe men with amazing shoes fun to break out. Although I gotta say I warn them a few times. I do not have the same. Look on my face that nephew Kyle has when he's wearing his, where he just looks like just more put together, just just more thought something bad he's got a special swagger bottomed cove as cowboy boots or handmade with high quality for grain leathers by world class boom Eggers built becomes Loretta. The box for every occasion at home in the office out in the town with tons of time was styles. Takeovers are destined to be his fashion of fifty years now there are today and that they so do you direct an amazing price for this level. Quality push shipping turns exchanges offering easy. They make leather duffel men's genes belts billfolds carcases more ever they made with the same.
Standards in everything they do so do it. I did do it nephew carded gear self appeared to covers cowboy boots today it covers that come such bs, that is T c, o vs duck, I'm Slash bs. I will do this fast Trevor. Out of your question. I like this one: do you think, whenever basketball spy, it's in general returns, it will be one of those unify moments that we all collectively remember when we look back on this ten years from now somewhere to the two thousand and one world series after nine slash eleven thanks and stay safe from Trevor. I was thinking about this. You know we getting this cycle with sport, the sports calendars, just so perfectly honed at this point right where you have you know we're heading into this MID march, section where it's like all right. I know the beast now: we're going to NFL free agency basketball have to start figuring out the playoff pic
march. Madness is coming, masters is around the corner and you just and then once a cat's going. Then it's like right now in the NBA playoffs stretch and then Kentucky Derby is coming up and we just kind of move from one thing to the next and we take all them for granted. We just assume it's like meals on a table cigar at what is it tonight? You get disappointed. There were nights when bitching cause, there's only three Tuesday night MBA against what the fuck, where are my games? There's only three where it or you think about like son, Anna fell. When there's like only two to four o clock ebbs when, like Dallas verse, green Bears national game that violate the Arizona, verses Jacksonville Game on some random channel. That's annually on ITALY, two games. I do think I do think we got a little entitled with the sports counter and I do think when sports does come back. Hopefully, sooner than we ve sat on this pad
in life gets back to normal and we cannot work our way through this and sports are back in her life. I do think there's gonna be a real, healthy appreciation, not just for the games being back for it for having these people back in our lives. These athletes. Are we care about these teams who care about and sports is like an escape cuz right now we don't have any escape, so I'm with Trevor. I do think. There's I think it's going to be weird the emotional whenever we had that point. What do you think? One percent agree it will be why you know I'm not consider pretended to know what it's going to be like, but we are going to appreciate it all. I mean we always your thinks. You be so greatness country that it was a sort of we're like AIDS and was I bring up kids right? If you, if you brought up way, even if you try to shield your kids for money, there's gonna be a certain level of entitlement, that's almost impossible to prevent and
despite the criticisms and things if we all probably wish or better, even if we disagree about whom we have a pre get here and to be fair whatever facing here, and a kind of reminder of how good we had it been. Things are really good, ah Yeah, I don't know, but I don't know like how long is this gonna go, how long is going to happen? So I do think when it comes back. Ah ITALY, different, the nine eleven as nine eleven was this stretch of like full blown patriotism on eleven an believer out. I actually kind of felt good to be like hey. Let's we're all gonna rally around the same thing here, because the people attacked us, but this is dead and because the enemy isn't is identifiable. And depending on how long this goes. So I didn't think it can be like all men just like this was awesome, but we had all these games to watch and then it'll be like I'm trying to figure out what degree
period will be before, like day, five of basketball being back and somebody goin The is not a one off. I can't believe James donate to the arena workers. Right or left you guys gonna those kind of thanks in irish driver in Boston the day after they blew the thunder game, and you have you the talk, radio boss, you think Brad Stephenses, worse coach in a league, and so You know how long legged Brad Stevens is back, and then they close game like six games back in August. Call him hey it all. I know about this virus in whatever way you know you you're really going to wonder about his question play call, and I in a tight one, so I'll be back, What's going to happen, I mean you'll everybody. I feel good everybody if you're gonna be like a big group hog and eventually will just sort of revert back the way we work.
In Sacramento. Wants us to know. Can you talk about how terrible it is that the kings had when national tv game all year and they didn't even get the plague. It was cancelled at the last minute feels like just the kings. The last twenty years says: Rhine in Sacramento. That's pretty tough, I realized I that was early national tv game. Could you're not about it now know no one supposed now that a supper, Sacramento fan and I guarantee most Sacramento fenced in, even though that what the more people needed to know about Sacramento we were early on. This is that they were only three and a half games out of that aid spot they yeah were a game. Under five hundred, and we did this in the pot I'd make? Did I do it? I think I did it solo. Where are you going to do my tears, the couch I say by the way you rise like whose actually a lot better, because it what happened was we're playing better since he'll to come off the bench. This other factors that go into a to some nice Giles moments, but it was right after the athletic have come out. With this thing,
the Greek saying like the kings or mass in adheres, think like you, can be a mess and still be good. You can be an awesome. Locker room instil suck ok. We only think that those things are exclusive sometime. It's not the case, but it was this very like. Oh here go the kings again. The foreign office is terrible and they pass and oxygen all these things. Now. Look it up going here. You know there are fifteen and forty there eight below one hundred and three and a half out of the a spot still with Portland in New Orleans in front of them. Will they actually all three of them are three and a half back, but they had There are one back in the loss, column she'll, be there. There are behind in the winning percentage, I'm rambling here a bit, but there all right there, those next three teams bottled up really fourteenth. The spurs have combined them so there. Actually they ve been better this year than I think
people realize which I don't really blame anybody for overlooking the ten seater 11c right now, Billy Murphy wants us to know that Dr Anthony Falchi is that a stage name? I hope so. Holy Cross crusader Nobody knew where he You know where he rags amongst the Clarence, Thomas and Bob Cozy, and also wants of Chris Matthies, now drops out the top five who I'm too close to it. Yeah I'm just I'm just excited to be a hundreds by tired and danger. Who else we Riyadh across. I think, if I think, give Doktor Anthony Fancy first about the fact that I can't remember had pronounced his name pro
means is that the top five, let's get eye on that swift, good idea on this, as in the moment real time I have one I'm in a red you in Cairo might have to edit this out, but we're gonna keep your reaction. John Farmer? I do an email about it aside afterwards, if were added in the email, but I'm keeping your reaction, I'm just looking up wholly cross people right now, Neil Hata Guys, just P, Kirwin astronaut, Timothy Leary, Oh no wonder I mean Clarence Thomas Supreme Court. Justice is pretty get that is pretty good. Louis, fairly, play basketball Michael check out no Kidding TED Wells. Tim Bishop. Anybody ring at disk description. Higgins ring a bell. Khalifa re ever Javert Tata, Ruggedo Near ready. This we're only keep here
actually met at the end of the email. Kyle get ready, get ready to have to edit this a bill. That's great! That's really good! We probably can't run that way, though right. I don't know what to do. I mean other people like this Monday. I warn our argument that I was really just that when there was good, but we have a gym corner for you, it's about Jim speak. This is from Josh Rogers Arkansas. Russillo. What's your favorite bitter Jim speak thing, you only hear people say to each other at the Jim. Would you go two's, even really understand what that means. I was a budget. Is a bunch of things on
you know. What are you gonna, be all time go Tuesday's, Assize guy in now he liked to work with a spot. Although I started doing less of that later on cuz, I started just forcing myself to get the bar off of my chest, but I know it's perfect timing for me, too cuz. I thought this would be shut down and maybe we have some injuries, but I realized I just couldn't not do anything, but if you're benching, you ask for a spot two hundred and seventy five three hundred and fifteen on it- and If you get the guy says how many you know, you're better off just said: hey, I'm just gonna keep going, don't worry about it, I'll, let you know, but guys really bad with spots, all you have to do is if you end up kind of sucking, like you only get three hundred and fifty in a couple times, you got to go You gonna do like a little bit of an arm rotation like a dangerfield. Like all my arm. I think it's broken you get it just due little bit like man in battle and some stuff shake your head, even if your by yourself, like a rat,
then go that great, just racket in a kind of get up. Little defeated, like Lebron James, would be granted this just kind of like dramatic, like don't have today, man first usually way better. So that's that's a go to bloom bride, giving itself it's over. The albert I mean slow, broad. The actual person in every moment that he's on the court, he knows he's on a theater and he he plays it out. That way I mean he's he's entertainer and would be an amazing. Jim Guy to be like. Ah, you know utterly Arab, like I'm just doing quads. They like I'm, I'm not going deeper, is heavy cause. I've just really trying to blast that teardrops. So you could do that. On the squat rack. If you don't want to go to heavy, just put your feet together, it is really cap cannot focus and arrange more today what else? What else? What else yeah. It's not my heavy day is a good one. If you're worried about people, look at you,
has any with me. I always have you will look at me. I guess we will videotaping me and if I'm not crushed and trust me, I'm not crushing at all in anything right now I already have all these I'm actually telling you what I say to people pretty much every week, so they go. Can you go back to the power? People I'll tell you what it would not always I'm I've had. It happened a few times. People just videotape. Do what to think Who did the video we shouldn't, even like one of their friends yeah sure to their body? Is this? Is this like a poor have as their lack of reseller search for you lifting you dont know, if there's a doubt, there's the I just like one time a guy saw guy doing it. I was doing my try, so a very serious, and they are that it was funny whenever just like going eo see was, was complaining about being a picture taken up
Would you have amazing that a famous person was a dinner and semitic picture over and she breathed out tweeted about? It was like, oh out like what? What did you think? How did you think it worked, because that's what happens whenever he can't you have your own documentary about you and then be surprised. When that happens, a lot of people have emailed wondering, what's going to happen to you. If nobody can go to Jim'S- and I know we talked about this earlier, but I just assumed it would be like in prison movies. Like the Denzel movie about Hurricane, the boxer was just doing pull ups in the cell everyday and you just where the where the prisoners figure out how to stay in shape and work on different things. Even though they're inside I figured that's what it's going to have with you right, yeah I'll, do I'll figure something out
some stuff I can, I a private, throw them the the the gloves on. Maybe I saw your freak out my neighbors I'll hang a bag from the middle garage and part, my car in the street and just put in the work that way and then there's a little. There's a little like, I don't know, there's a thing on the strand over by Bruce's Beach Manhattan Beach, whereas, like some poles- and you can do this fate, Cross Fit pull up said, are really pull up some people oh I'll, send you a hundred military means swing forward, aren't trams, ah,. I don't know I don't know I've figured out out. Like you know, it's odyssey made is just about the movement I know already makes me to be. This meat had always different different things just star, you get out here. I had some time so I more worried about that part than having jacked arms see some sort of new look for you like when Leubronn got skinny strong that time couple years ago. Member that we are here
he just completely changed what his look was very rackets. It out with you said: new look different I don't know. I mean I already like a fool. Manchu lay unlikely twenty five now, like I come back on two hundred and ten, this thing is everybody's going to say like oh, my god, you look great like now. I don't I don't feel great, was it was, as you know, an odyssey, though I figured out a figure up there we're wrap up. You're gonna do at least one package this week on your feet. We did have a lot of people ass For what our opinion was aware, Brady was going, but it really seems like it's either. The patriots are the box at this point. That seems to be all the intel as we take this on a Sunday cause Tennessee as a Kubi Tampa Zyobite team. That's all
Fort Lee Lee stop saying they really wanted them and that they're ready to spend money on them. And then I don't know that's a pretty instant decision for him because they have two awesome receivers. You know and an offensive coach offensive minded coach, I should say- and they want to put themselves on the map that allowed empty seats, Excetera Excetera, so I wouldn't be like shocked. If you went to Tampa Bay, would you know- because I think this thing is- is way worse than we realized? And you know for all the Boston for like this is about our you advance sick. It man like, I would be the same way you are. If I didn't work in this didn't know, anybody in just was like look. I don't want you Talkin about my team, but for all the shit Seth wicker sham took forever being about was blatantly true that there was a divide here, that there were things that were happening but, like we said before, like you can have some cracks and still we,
and so, when you wait, it's a fact which a sham whatever dinner you suck dude. You know he was right about this stuff. I've got to know, sat these incredible writer and he was pointing out problems and if it were led to believe in what the pages you don't know, really what you can believe. But, like think about some of the stuff, it's happened, break doing that Hulu add is kind of messed up, but he did it because you want to mess with people and not mess with a fan base that loves him for twenty years, but mess with God. Eyes that clearly aren't treating him, but the lover respect he feels that he deserves, and you can see. It is hard to argue, go against the bellicose tenure individualistic of his decisions, but you'd think at least there was one guy that you would talk with. It does even seem. Like that's happened. I feel data used to work for the patriots. Ok, Dad ESPN, basically tells us that they made an offer in August last year. Brady didn't like it took the year. Had the clause in there that
enfranchise him that he be a straight up free agent for this off season, and Brady's like where we are and they go. Where's your counter and he's like what are you talking about in there while the offer we made in two thousand nineteen in August, and it's like you're, really going Do that to break and by the way, when the cap goes up basically ten million every year and you get like a five percent, get at a jail free and you can move the numbers run as much as you want like cap space is almost it always there You want to make it happen and the fact that they ve got him at this massive discount for these. Years, which doesn't really make any sense, and let's face it, is he older, he needs a little bit more help and they haven't wanted to do that with the weapons, because Della bad with receiver she's a terrible at it. So, It's hard to ever are you gets bills thing, but I cannot emphasise enough. If you are somebody who is great but yet there somebody that loud, you like brought you in an and maybe was was the origin of your greatness
person. That kind of found you and made you too, who you are, is always gonna. Think of you from that entry point, and there comes a time for the next person, a guy like Brady Radioset. Look thanks for everything, but Jesus Christ. Man, like I'm, awesome, think about what I have just done and they outgrow the way you think about them and when it comes to athletes, in an alpha and all that stuff. This feels more and more, like Brady, leading up to going yeah fine like if you sure you're gonna do this like Ahmed about and it may be a temporary satisfaction, but it might be something that Tom's never fear. Before, but I still can't believe you'd want to start all over again somewhere else.
That was really well put, that I actually agree with all that except you left out. One piece doubt check for twenty years has not paid for past performance and- and I think this does feel like a game- a chicken now setting Brady, he let he wanted to create the drama of this whole thing. I do feel like he's filming documentary or something his capturing this in some way. Out of the gives a coincidence that last weekend ass his new production company, that's a little later, this absolute leading the week before we find our lands, and I do think he's enjoy in this hall. I might go like this now. My suitcases are packed up. My has other under an opt out, and I do think. There's gonna come a point where, if tamper camper can kind of steel, this now
If that's the team, we're taking be like, we got MIKE Evans Rec Chris Godwin, decent coach, and you know, divisions too overwhelming and we're going to overpay you where to pay you seventy million for two years. All cash will guarantee the entire contract. Here it is, and I just don't think I'll checks going to match that that would that would defy every single decision he's made over the last twenty years. He's always walked away once years earlier than he should over the poor. Every time- and I know I was reminded of Brady, so why was with a group of thing like that's the one time? Will you go did craft step in here? I've been told- and I know you have to write like been told us- that craft gonna stepped in and was like look this discourse. Popolo transition is unhappy right now and entrust you like. I think you feel the same way on this one. This is not an anti Bela check thing it's
really hard to go hey bill. You know that, like your whole philosophy leave, executed a perfection here for two decades and done something that just isn't supposed to happen. I, like you, did not follow that like right How do you opposite? Do the thing that everybody else does the Eve preach consisted yard, but I just and unless he's in the film room Goin Bread more shot. Then we want to believe, but I, don't understand the nickel and dining with him, but I also will admit. Any of us did assumes we know every piece of the inner workings of a belgian Brady in Patriots deal that we remember making a mistake there too, but I know Tom Current is pretty good on this stuff seem to Tipp. Not tip is here but it was basically leading in the direction of like hey disguise, probably out here, and here I turn on
pod here with the ringer not that long ago? And you will see what happens but trying to read this from the outside. It is probably a mistake, but I mean Just was saying all this stuff online it out there like. You cannot underestimate ego and go on our. It may be aiming to do something is engraved fuck this. If these guys in a mess with me. I would say it's already that the EU is a couple years. My feelings out of Anglo Grana pay for past performance, like I do feel like about Jack I'll bet. Check really really really really really cares about his principles, and why would you right? Will this year Bree
you always it always seem like they could nudge and push him and get whatever they needed at hand to help them with the cap cause. They were always waving over him. The Superbowl ranks, but if you do, that still gives us a better chance to win and derby get better for your legacy and do that whole thing and- and it doesn't seem like that's working anymore, I think Brady's good. Now. I think he's good with his legacy now he's just like you know what this is about. Respect out for me and this documentary on film so it's can be hilarious when it goes back to the pages of egg wow that work teeth. He wrote this in for two months. We ve talked about it in eight different Bacchus, but I guess we'll find out reviled next hours I legitimate believe he's bothered by all of the stuff, and rightly so, because every shorter I mean imagine, for the cowboys Jerry, give him a hundred million Yom agree.
And for those that wondering where Dax money as Dac as urban offered a ton, a million a deck is betting on himself he's gonna reset the average annual sour, and I think I ll be able to get it now. The tuna million dollars our cap. Can I say this before we leave yeah. You really have this time to yourself. Learnin instrument, maybe even the trumpet your neighbors, won't be upset about it. When they they go, but you can there's John kids out there that you can. You can figure out a play that all sound proof now where my favorite lines ever from the sopranos when Chris Scarcer about society, talk about like maybe get out of the racket, because Adrian he's like maybe now I could start by Fuckin memoirs you have, if you, if you're somebody who's always wanted to be creative
the face of this tragedy. Your begin, your given like right now in just an impressive amount of time to explore that in figure that part out- and I would I would urge you if you ve- been thinking about doing any of that kind of two were to try to, even though I know with families in everything it's gonna be tough. None all of you guys, but some of you out there try to try to turn into a positive if you can stay healthy and stay safe, Mozilla talked in next week, we can hear in your back ass I'll, be back at least on Tuesday and with a couple we watch was as well. Listen for had thanks so much the Zapruder thanks to car Creighton who engineered in produced as Pakistan. We are not in the same place was kind of sad. We decided to do a little social dissonant. Distancing was we're through a part of that kind. The hearing his little giggle from time to time, but these in the times were living in right now stay safer.
Everybody seriously, and I will have some more Pakistan, this feed and on the reward those feed this week, not to mention the ringer that can ringer a pack has now work resellers feed everything else listener pads watch tv watch movies, its unfrozen Pisa, relax, hang out with strata get through studies.
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