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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by actor Ralph Macchio to discuss his career, his first break in 'Eight Is Enough,' working with the star-studded cast of 'The Outsiders,' his meteoric rise in the 'The Karate Kid,' and a delightful return to that world in 'Cobra Kai.' They also talk '80s movies, the NHL, MLB, and more (3:39). Then Bill sits down with writer Michael Lewis to talk about 'Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,' how baseball has changed, being a sports parent, the state of the NBA, 'Moneyball,' 'The Blind Side', Michael's new podcast, and more (49:44).

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Today special sweet, the lag edition of the Bell Simmonds pack on the regular pack ass? That work is broadly by the zone. The old way watching sports is over stream over one hundred five nights. Without the pain of paved with their next big fight, Johnny Lawrence VS, Daniel Russo, never actually does answer, I'm so excited. I get confused it's actually Canelo out raspberries, Daniel Jacobs, champion, verse, champions fight alive from Vegas. I can't miss the story. This fight is pretty incredible. What a great come back from Jacobs Battle Cancer beat it now he's back fighting Alvarez, they're, gonna use
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that we put up on our Youtube Channel, Roger Sherman, introducing you to Kyler Mary explaining why he should be the number and pick, but we have a whole bunch of great stuff gone out. If you, Mr Game, a throne, show talk the difference, you can check that out on Twitter as well, but we have. We are up to a whole bunch of stuff check. Our website checked the park ass. They were gay. I can him keep track with other good stuff for giving you hey speaking a good staff. Are Pakistan Luminary lunch today with the little spin off pod the reward one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine ats on luminaire. You can check it out. Right now: go to luminary, podcast dot com. You can download their app it's free. You can listen to the epi. Decide. If you won't do a trial, go all whatever you want it's up to you? Do you think, but we We're going do basically fourteen two hundred and ninety nine movies plus size, a special episode and the 20th anniversary, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine last year.
Bunch of nineteen. Ninety eight movies. We had fun with that, so we decided this time around. How could how could we do the rewatchables and also explain a little bit of what life was like in nineteen? Ninety nine? It is a special spin off series. The first one is up american pie me, Chris Ryan Sean Fennessey check it out just go to luminary podcast dot com. Do your thing check it out very cool, app, very excited to be a part of everything. They are coming up speaking a very excited, Michael Louis and Ralph MACHO. This has to be the only podcast. I would have rough macho make Louis and the same package very proud of myself. First
projects right finally happening birthmark here served with each other for ever podcast wise Bulgaria's thousand nineteen it's. Finally, I was asking yet you and I had by old, wanted to european like ten years now, just can't ever had on allows added. Have yes, because I've had more heat. From my from afraid that event, friends, Friends of yours is a. How have you not die Simmons? it was supposed to happen. Last year you How is abacha then something happened and they are right, but you know it's fun.
But now in our here now here. That's all that matters is today a year. I supported the cobra French. As I really like that show. I was shocked by how good it It could have gone wrong in so many ways. I talk about later, so let's go backwards Ok, let's go all the way back to the outsiders. So that's your generation, basically where the outsiders becomes is iconic, teen movie. That has all these guys, Rome and who go onto hello and diana- and I lay whether Europe is one our shared values everyone that movie goes on to bigger and better things. Basically, could you feel that in the moment,
Did you know that was like out? This is a movie where thou be pointing back to be like that, since the launch of seven careers- basically not, I would say- probably not. I felt that we all you know we all felt we were in the coolest movie ever. Do I Francis Ford, cope alone, a book that I personally red when I was twelve, and so it was. It was a dream. Come true. Job being. Ah, I think that the time probably Dillon, and the couple movies you here he had a little moments. He had over the edge in my bodyguard, my virus diamond and crews just had tabs with Timothy he was allowed. Certain is like a little bit of all is in, and the late Garrett was probably the biggest star on the set at random seven is yet another lebanese as again and teenagers
then again some time to think did we did. We know at the moment that, like all we're all gonna go on and have our day and assign, if you will I'm not so sure. I was feeling that as much as I was feeling, this can be the greatest movie in the greatest hidden biggest box office ever Voyage Arbela. Now it's cobler and its Essie hidden and and Still am so it's still my that movie to me, houses it in a special place, one. It was a great part to I in always the first book. I finished it in Vienna by myself, school re music, great priority, where your character die, that bringing together today to stay galled says I'm in sympathy, the guy still debt. To this day I get and fourteen year old kids who had come up to me with the book and I signed stay golden age, nature, scope, mayors, melt, it's really see a battle in going through the street. Do it every day
Really he as per out at the time? talk to him. He said. That's the one take hello. We say I just! I had other takes in then Francis said: go bigger, and it has also made a louder than that take which The way it works man You know I have a handful of those myself, I'm sure what we hear. What was your big boy Was eight is enough, is enough was defined big, so they all of them. That was a break They first movie ever did. Was a movie go up the academy erected by Robert Downy Senior? and junior was fourteen at the time he was an extra in the movie will, and so it's I always liked, leading with that I just said whatever happens happiness and they turn your kid. You you kid and dumb, and then the it is enough, came after that services, it is enough, was you know, a break goods when the Teen magazine
no your character forget, Jeremy and ready. You are kind of get that that embroidered? Even if I advise like ok, let's get a tough Scott Bio type into this showed his writings are slipping. I didn't save it in. I was nine. Was too many? studied lay scattered. The sky. Bear the imo assume at battle about your exact, led by a way ahead of time. You have wicked plugin play that we could save the show. It won't have to move to salary at eight Never was a really important show em out at me immediately caught him, so their recite. The idea was to make a landed what lies in areas like wine errors in the down over the wound. Up was like my family was who's. The edgy family show me lad tracks, and daughters were good. Looking has crashes on three of exactly you is it is. It is a great place to work Patty's America's dad about me. Steer the mom as in real life, Diana Heil, Diane Island, the suit very happily invariably comes in like now. It was good,
like all over menu, but I was, I was an only child and the seventy aside. Nothing about that. And in retail sports, because sport at no time for everybody's elders, refugee, and banks in the World Series and a lot of ages- and I remember the native eighty olympics- are member lady. Every event that happen there is nothing else I need to do now is a b c to their promoting a lot of they icy shows by air like happy days that learning Shirley or that there are those who say it is enough with the first break in and sort of the the tea magazines in that kind of stuff in the outsiders came right after that. Now that the outsiders I consider my biggest break, because it was everything it was. I want this port. I want this movie. I love this.
This is the inner. Did you read out of air, for their part, was our Leyla highlighted tying crowds really funny every one? If you look at the behind the scenes, the outsiders is a great little feature at on the casting about film and how it was done. We were add tat. It was Zalm, Gonzo, tube studios, which was almost pompous yeah when France has had the studio down nine in Hollywood, and we all went sat on the stage around the perimeter every act or you could imagine them Dennis Quaid too, to make your to Skype Bay, too. You know to everyone in the movie and beyond, work and met their energy sizing. Each other up. Dangers are now rumble, failures can be, doubtless the citizens can be out of us get it s right actually was ye, I think matters, they saw Dylan New York, but I was out here at the time
no way and dumb, and so it was it was an amazing audition process cause you're, watching a real actor read for the role you no doubt unprecedented and and and is brutal Kissinger watching co policy. If his reacting and then you wanna do you know you try to please the year, the decision maker- oh yes, I had the this is only ten years after Godfather one where he basically launches the careers of audio biggest enemy. Apocalypse, and fear was so. This is between one from the heart and which was lying is arguably one from the wallet as yet it was the other, and then it s all. You need to do something to make money quick by France's always that's how we always career always was spectacular. It was sir outsiders is, has just told us
the place for me so karate kid was that your first starring vehicle, I think about Israel's. Yet I came out right now. Is the outsiders hit the theatres in this march, eighty three and accordingly, we started shooting. I was cast that summer and we started shooting hollowing nineteen. Eighty three did you know and have been the most we watch or cable movie may any I try and somewhere every issue and places all this stuff is happening, mid eighties, where everybody gets HBO at the same time, everyone is getting more channels and we didn't have a ton of movies back. And a new kind of the same twenty movies that rights are our democratic. It was just on for a year straight and made the Haiti fires. But it also degrade the movie theater, but shows up a cave ashes. I'd still done, damn really really still- you know I ate was I had no idea news. Apples in our director or or Weintraub producer anyone PAM reader.
I think no one knew the first of all. You can predict. It would be this piece of pop culture and yes, fondness, series, thirty, five years later, that Sir, that's ahead, eminent that that's anyone's said. They knew that lying bread. Anyone who said they saw chemistry between Bat Merida myself would not be lying there. That was evident right away. Ah, less evident the US has experience were Scarborough, maybe by the television cameras, can marinated him up with Africa is happy. The Hague Happy days was, it was the was even Kobay she buried. Were the big came, the success of the crowd again have this? Is all making sense in that's great say what you like more mere bear. He asked me Penumbra drinks than ever. At the chance and I will get a chance. So as you filming it, you know it's gonna, be
where now fail me at we know we have something special between those two characters which, because I just kept hearing that all, the time at the end, there was an ease of working with them. It was just in wages to the two right guys in the report. There is a casting gimmicks two it from major growing up. I was really the guy for happiness is gonna, be No, I was sure of care not that I had a voice or end or experience. Prozac Arnold from happy damsels thing is gonna, be a cheese ham and cheese fast, it is going to be an end in the producer. Jerry want observed is no way. I'm gonna have the Kurds. Schools comic unmowed picture harm, which was the which her honcho hot hotel. He ordered his dinner, but Appleton as it goes into Jonathan director. He saw a pat and is shot video of em. Shall video of me cut it together? You can
see that actual footage on you too bright. Now, our first reading separately me in New York patent, L, a serious and yeah. You could well that up it's a karate kit thing. I would say that, cannot let you guys you can find its motto: audition macho cardio find it somewhere and and it sir, you know he just see just play to take we're Weintraub in the studio and said this is these are the guy's? These are the guy and dumb- and we should mention Here- the Iraqi he did Rocky so he had sportsmen yet has chosen nothing of boxing nor martial arts, but he knew how to tell and the dogs or a thousand weird thing about this movie is, I don't know any about mixed martial arts or karate there. You know what the rules were understood it, but, as I watch a movie three hundred times over next five years to feminist, there's a moral they get you now. You can hit somebody in the face its apparently, but then you kick in the failure they find out? They know better than I owe
you get elbow the guy's knee and inaccurate disqualify it I was after we had ever really innocent of the rural heads, all listen, there's, there's you go through it and many movies you throw you state. Certainly things that make no sense was that our suggestion we do a pack has caught the reactor both in one of these is that we have a when the categories is Nick Pigs, because when you see a movie ten times twenty times fifty times you just start picking up stuff. You know Where would have picked up right? You know like in major league the banning order, get screwed lengthening, I just didn't they never intended. You know in advance. It will now what happens as they do that in real time, I'm does everybody has that many people have a way to. Time yet and the internet and slow motion freeze, frame yeah they get pull out when the stunt double than cause. They just lock and they say that's not his profile. You know we never know you just watch rock ear. You watch her action picture and it's the actor nowadays freeze
freeze every Yasser too good diet. I see better than we do was there was a blurring of, but those are allies in others that there was a year. You have to actually dumbing down to make it have the warmth and stuff but Helen. We film in the corral determined maybe they're not eyes. Ass. The days of this, the final scene we shot whose work is pretty amazing is Billy, and I is that band. I would work that scene was like a ballet. We really had it down. We had plenty of time. Where is with cobra? Can we worst death scene in that fight scene for over the two and a half three months in COBRA, Kai Wit? It just like you put the camera pill case, somebody kick somebody your dad. It's a hot tougher on the lower budget year and more dangerous, but when we did that it was six cameras was apples in who had done rocky. As you said, so you know easier
Conduct, everything's corridor, eyes, Korea, where we fill it up with calcite Northrop. We fill up the the Jim with the extras and we run it for the first time like alive theatre, it was unbelievable, plus I get there, so right here, vanilla dearly guy in the way you do the guy in the left as a product is so black and white. We're a cobra Kai delves into other, just as our even grey area of all these characters. I was very like a member right in their sight. Over twenty years ago, COBRA kind do the similarities. Night, basketball, just like a certain type of players, Slash cobra costs due to its end because you measure before. Like wonder, we know like doing over making a big head movie at the time with with karate. Didn't I didn't, we did not what I will say and I've told a story before, but it's it's a good one. I was with seeing it preview may before it opened a gene in the summer of eighty four and it was it a Coronet theatre in New York on the Upper EAST side, back of the theatre
ACT and everybody was on following every move. This kid- and I played this kid so was his out of body experience to have you know this room, in concert sort of cheering rooting lobbying, and I never experience anything like that. Most people don't and at the end of it and as such, should be at the the pay off saying, show me wax on wax off him when he realizes these chores amount to something the big fight at the end, which was a little literally like being at a fight, not muddle crowd and people jumping up. I don't even see that today, high firing hugging, and then on this peeling pouring out onto the streets in everybody's, doing the crane Ghak on Second avenue. Jerry want judges. Leaned over to me and said I d to doing a couple days,
I did not. I was the first time that I was like that's the moment that I said. Ok, this is something else I had heard. It was testing oil, quantum quote, but that was life changing like realisation. What's happened over the past thirty years, the pop culture, the fact that the internet allows people to say wait a second just. For Johnny he's not really the chronic it he's the bully he hated uses rolling a joint when he's Smee put those ottomans pleasurable water and need deserve to get his aspect, and now it starts this whole get him a body bag catching flies. Chopsticks becomes rarer like a bigger than the movie, and I think that's what's lent itself to it. But you know the cobra kai, versatile compromise well produce well written and across the board. Not you can't have any of it without that, but they ve been in r amp d up and ready to embrace something like as and when you deliver it. Well there which sewage for
Finally, for us we have that's why we have sixty million views of episode, one in people to anathemas, millions and millions, four of them for the trailer first season, two about drop outs, awesome. That was a weird time back then, people would share in the movie theater. I don't they because I remember seeing rocky too and people were fucking lose them, yeah. I remember aims haven't yet as there and there was another crack he was, I bet two or was it was fun so well. Cattle was filmed like again or a sporting event that you felt like you are a fan of its really well executed. Now I still don't think, there's any way gets by Dutch now. They they. In fact, these are really shows arsenal is one kick it really doesn't work better, tell anything for their bad. She gets one point. Opposition. Well yeah, I think that we would have video things movies over two hours we gotta get to get out of here today, because I went out and I live after came up. You know
s going to a law on a Saturday. You know that was sir, but I was busy super busy at the time no, which I can save ten years later was their case, but I always some. You know the second one was being teed right up by and by when they did a movie gold teachers right away They know it and acknowledge our ocean, Joe Beth Williamson Darwin. Every man, no sign of that cable. Now that that move messages, God I know crossroads. Does he get a lot of time either? That was right after rave I'd, so they did two in a row before a court. And then I was on a Broadway would Deniro of Plato. Cubans Teddy Bear where who and Berea and I were that was that was about and ten months time between the public, theater, downtown and long acres eater had crosses in the movie karate could to the Mets in eighteen sake. I was busy thanks for bringing that outcome and I got his her while they had, unless you ve had some success sense.
Had an ok censure. Yes, you ve got it all came. Who sent a very good note of this? we do it for centuries. Begun arises when a twentieth century. That is not as get thirty. I was in a made, you take the wine tastes and other stuff gown, and then you have them, and you just come up as outsiders, forestry cups, a narrow majority last year, while eighty six, in which your other the jail, the jets, would then a lot leather and tougher. A lot till now have with the medicine jets. You have Basically, nobody under the age of thirty eight remembers omits world Syria and then have nobody under the age of at enough fit me right out his frightened me. If a guy born the year regret to me, has no idea yeah, it's funny this that happened in the match, his fur just years. I fell. I bade anytime us answer that you're a taxpayer packages seed in their eyes.
But I was heard every eyes. I was right on the first beside my way. I do. I am sex ninety hours, I went all of em I'd I'd like this, and I had a show on Broadway and Anna hit movie ages of girlish figure and so yeah. Were bound. Nineteen rose up, went on the first bayside in I saw just remember I just member that any freezing It's my my wife. She wasn't my word you dating at the time and we I just remember I, the it's just is crazy magic. The way, if you remember Calvin, surely was at the guy
Unfortunately, at anyway I don't have many dear lady stories dear and the head by God. I remember just seeing the ball behind. Butner is he'll, just seeing white hair and the three guys in front of me, which were like six foot five That's all I remember from the like. I just remembered ass k a sharper down the first base and just Kay I'm proud of you, they didn't leave. I was celebrity get now their early after the seventh and sports fan for rescue. Let your job, I liberties, in a weary. Now that's a nice job. I that's just the way. I am the seven Greenaway Rainbow Relays, all italian and don't forget the Houston series of aid that game Nag game six down and used in medicine. Three nothin, like other great game of that decades is obeyed, remembers the magazine year I was, I was
watching on thirteen and television their dislike just was at sixteen accede, earnings, moose, crazy, and then you know before that need only Islanders Stanley CUP. I was at all those eighty. I was at that you that love that stuff. We data thirty, four thirty about the Islanders, the one about it adds yeah, though, though crazy honour about the time. Indeed, anybody crazy, but with we tried to one of my big no to render the notes process was, we need a little more of Africa credible the forestry consular. They were amazing. I may know that three or others dynasty yet exactly what was empty handed it off and in there you know, sports dna chill I think I'm an alley v. Ger is your opinion NOME, spinning back to you, I think any child as a good This is why a low freshly basketball, because is a handful of teams, and were saying at the end a chill does a decent job right now, anyway, you not be you have
temper Bay lightning gone and in Pittsburgh on their anybody. I mean the islanders actually could potentially, if all goes right, have a shot You know where they once was a get in yet, and I think any given can be competitive for the most part, and then I feel that way in the other, the other three major sports. It's really nets out. Just random hack is now you guys go. We we got. Even from Boston we king season tickets for three years in the Boston Toronto. It's a good game. Citizen Razumihin, oh yeah, yeah above people here this today, but watching watching their king Stanley CUP run just gonna. The games attic my daughter and ass, I can think comes down like a part, somebody shoulder and going. I am ride on totally. I bet ethic
amicable friends say that you need the skill to to make that will guide. You need the skill to put yourself in the position you're absolutely right, but it is a just strategy not doing that one bouncer we another one ricochet river and bad. You have, as you guys, hanging on you and not. If you get a hang EL as you get right who free throws so there's that argue is the gully. The whole Golly thing is just a man. That's why the Bruins one or two thousand out exactly exactly I was gonna and quick was like. The preliminary has, but up with the basketball, yet the one candlelight eyesight of Basque evolves. So that's why I I mean I appreciate it I don't like what the heck is. The regular season is completely divide the deep- and this is why I gave up the two is just doesn't matter like the lightning had one of the best regular seasons of all time and they get swept in the first round but it is still for at a seven, so they like it, Sir
it's? I one game lays play off now. I would tweak it, though I would say if you were the one c d, get five of the seven games at home again, we saw it might be. That might be so. Maybe if thou met, I maybe when the new matter, for though I know that, but take a quick bread to talk about zipper critter. Having high sports IQ very, very point. This is one of the reasons I think the Rockets, going to win the NBA title, regardless of how James I looked in. Those Utah gives James Hard and sports IQ. The team sports IQ she's super report, I think, as smart as they know, they are that's. Why did the roman title hey when it comes
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that four points for live lives, Eureka Goodwill, I love the fence itself. When he gets the guys who write cobra. I, like you yeah and that's. Why, so that they know, and they know way more than I do they do that really emanate. They lived a brick Craig kid You got a little that went off the rails Abed movie here. It didn't go your failure. Yes, yes, allowed us to have nothing at all. Nothing has learned nothing of all the teachings. It was about it. It was a monogram sir. I think their intentions were not just for that yeah, my his apples in came M is the same team there through a script problem. There is there are a lot of things white and it's funny cuz, some of the getting the guys who write COBRA Kai showed two of them. You know they just love nav love doing this to me in season two there's a whole there's, a bunch of call back, stick
three two one. I call my god. I call the second sequel. They are not speak its name. It's not that I I listen. I have a beach house to show, for it It's a wedge, but its it isn't but I like it three kid three is unintentionally very funny: he ever less what it is. It's it's Campi its cartooning. It's all the relationship between him and me, Oghee goes it's it's a little too close envoys, ridiculous, its way, maybe near right, maybe scale back a back with her seven seventy road yeah. That's right, you don't have to go. Having a flowers. Would you really get our first day baby it over? The first data may open up the magazine, my seven year old friend, hats, I'm with you but there are references and these guys love it. John Georgian aid knock It is they they loved that guy to cash in on it ever need somewhat. In times of. At that point, it was pretty good. Whatever since I love the cobra Kai Show- and I was so impressed by it was- I could Tell- is ruled by people that love the original movies and want to keep the spirit of it but
you know when we see these remakes anymore, they re made the karate kid with jaded Smith, and it was the same modernized with, but not really an attachment to the old movie. I thought- and I said this last year on this package I thought I was gonna groundbreaking, how they reinvented it, but using the old characters and advance in this new version of the story, While also like kind of adding staff to this where did noon my head and I never seen a showed do that before just its switching perspectives in the prism on January. They really are and down it's always end. No matter what angle you're looking at say, something that happened in the crowded get a story point from the perspective of a changes Angela until you're hearing a story, you know, but from a different point of view is very. I guess that I don't know if it's really sliding doors, but it said you know it has in it has a different, totally different perspective and and on top,
you have you, then you bring in the younger generation and how it affects them in the younger storylines, and they could take days how my dog, please, my daughter, how she remembers what her dad told, yes or furthermore, my feet little lines in, and the first season is when I'm talking to. And Heller played, my mom's came back and seizure. And and she's talking about all those cobra Kai, bully, I remember when they pushed down that that hill and then they could have my senses hill but it was a cliff link- is implied rare, my family, that only ass down at any rate it sir I'm like enough at a year ago, and so you could do that On top of that is the young, the ability to go back to Sony for Colombia, pictures, salt mines and literally get the thirty five millimeter footage of acts of comrade. Earthlit were not used in the movie and they D
use them in the show shell digitize them. So when you see Johnny Lars get their train kick in his face, which was always a big low, wide heroic shot. Of Larusso winning the under the match. Now you have three different camera angles that were never cut into the film that were shot back a ninety three that are now weapon into a cobra. I am sure there are signs that in future episodes that were scenes that were shot, they were never in the movie that we are looking at story points where then we can go flash back to that and see us from that in eighty three and that's fuzzy, so this is also the only created the idea was flipping and making. Yet the annual
and of a dagger blade. Let him began success, Johnny Lawrence, I quit I redemption bad for joining our asses Isaac Adjuration later were exactly exert house. Was that Felix for her splendid? It worked, it works and it works because you see them both with good intentions to write their wrongs or finer balancing with Larusso season. Two is very much about opening up. You go and passing on the wisdom, Malvolio of his mentor and showing a better way to all of us, or is it a better way? Well it, or is it a better idea, cars wax in these elections and little child labour There are also the show workers Zachary is really getting surprised is great innovation. Indeed, at a novel works now ivy, he's not good and we're not doing it. When I do more of it and Marty Covin season to his great he really is correct. I teach that the indices in one day you back heart, yeah
twas a ranch in everyone's plateau. Evil now is, we and there's decorators or evil and then Jack resounding that's. It certainly makes Darth Vader. Looking woman fuzzy had their failures like because you don't really get to know. You know, and you know how he was in school. He was, gone now so away dominant start having feelings for him to die. I was talking about Darth Vader Bite, but what about our increase me? Did you fight? You learn stuff about every like accurately, and I don't like it. You don T need only to let you gotta, keep em in certain villains that you love to hate and and I'll still in you know this show is Lawrence by explaining you know was about coming in from a or of Johnny Lawrence and explaining who? What happens to a bully? What a wire they like that? What do you know the human side of it? So you know I think,
They're having him seek redemption us feel for him. No doubt about that, but is also awesome. When he's a dick you now so don't want. Let all I'll have those meetings with the guys them say you know I dont want. I don't want the Johnny learns Teddy Bear. I still want to be a dick, trying to write his wrong. You know it, Oh there's, always a balance that night, you know the same thing with Larusso. It's it's a tough balance in the show, because he, had the great he had a human Yoda. I'm staying in the start, yeah horse thing, but he had this human Yoda that he no longer has she's lost. That he's got a void in his life. Now martial arts for the rooster hopefully refining balance is important going forward, but he still has that EAST Coast kindness slip skins. His knees he's got that knee jerk temper reaction, they loved the writer Are they loved the more Larusso had to be Larusso? That's like guinea.
The school socks it sucks the Roma, unlike sweaty, wearing a soccer. What about some over here? You like over forty five that over a season three, nothing we re, none at all, is a big whatever for what happened. I hear why what happened my? Why didn't you go into a gag when he got kicked off the team, like you know, Nobody lower messy like on the field and practice he was. I made my my saw. Her experience was getting getting the the juggling down to look good and not have finished juggling trainer such hug juggling and he could not get around by we can mention- render our when my favorite movies ever fast brigades gave cabins wire fettes, and she was also in the way shadow. Seventy also ever gets ways. He still is the best aid she's she's, my last pike ass. There were she's gonna, be there she'll, be. I can make that call. I could get her. What happened? What happened after the three
yours had a really good sense of humour about cried kid. You have you in a bunch of movies. I my way it wasn't like. It was the one thing dead, even like when you went on entourage, Russia, you always had a sense of humor, but the whole thing was a hard to keep that just ahead at odds. That's all the time and now we're in a high level with the access of the show, but it sir yeah. I may I would say ten female fifty years ago is certainly was I went to the enough already phase yeah, you know my cousin Veni was a nice. Was a nice thing in the early nineties. You know that I have enough film, but it was me you know he's, got a little dry. The lean years, as I call them and the, and so that was at the point there. You know you're trying to find other roles to balance the Bow for me and balanced other things and career, but I mean at that point for me, my wife and I we had in our kids. We estimate that ninety
Ninety two, ninety five. So a lot of it was that's where my focus was so when I look back and it wasn't Thirdly by design, but I had when I wasn't working as much. I had that time. You know be the Diane, California them all no near as only California, Here's one thousand eight hundred and eighty one is it eight is enough helping to auditioning for the outsiders. Once I get the outsiders back to New York and the eighty six World Series ah, but I saw I I never it's interesting now. Now more than ever in the last five years or so see. I guess when I met your mother did the whole thing about Barney senses theory that their real karate kid is Johnny Lawrence and is not as nerdy, Greece, ball, Italian, Kidnap, Josie. You stole his life, I guess in the last seventy five to seven years and when I see you guys outrage your age
saying, homepage and my category that that state have kids in the Berlin on you're, all kids out ever that that are introduced to the movie harm and what it means to them in seeing dads and sons and mothers and doctors with the outsides or whatever that all of us and to me at wisdom, I'd like to believe its wisdom. It says to me this is a gift that I've been fortunate enough to play a few rules that have been inspirational positive in a world. It isn't always transpiration or positive, and I get shed that time, without sounding lame joy to you now to people that something I embrace and take to say: hey, nominate you, seven city, but we're not talking about karate kid, your eyes, the stupidest thing in the world. We know fish in the streaming generation now not a lot of movies from the eighties hold up for somebody likely my eleven
item fourteen year old, daughter, there's a timeless dares to a couple of them. They crackheads one Whit team offers weirdly trains, and I think that's why I'm to Vienna of doing the team only we show, because for something about that movie, it's kind of timeless than other ones aren't time soon, and they just kind of you know that, for various reasons, like revenge of the heads, some like real issues involved but isn't aren't gray can go there here, but allow the eighty starfishes gone away in only a couple them have lived, but I feel like princess bridegroom kid they all of these things they just gonna live on, and I could hear it s really matter that to happen in the eighties. At this point to find out what the eighties are still gonna, retro cool, yeah arms. Gonna fate at some point, but I think
abide by, maybe not, but the day being a film is defined that time, but also of movie that works on a human level. Yeah, you know it's a kid. China navigate fish out of water, Her father was child single errant moving to a different area. You check and a lot of boxes there, of people it is not a lot of my child Ridgeway. I kind of alien to them is a wish fulfilment, and then there is no Daniel Rousseau. Had no business winning anything right, which is the biggest difference when people talk about the remake, knew no change. Smith remain here, because I felt he was a ninja within five minutes you know, and any there is less of that kid next store element that we all felt that kid and I think la Russa with
parsley partially in the great writing of the script and also the casting for me being the right guy, the right time. We had that a little bit of EAST coast cockiness, but you very vulnerable kidded that needed guidance in that that mental, We can all use that biddle wisdom navigating through that tough time, and I think that's. Why did it works more than just catching flies which opt stakes in and get him a body bag in re? And it is It is. Our aim is high school movie, which was this great era of high school movies from Lady eighty three, eighty seven ride all just a lot of other John. He is once legs, great admirer liners say now without any now is low. This is eager, Myers, great and what's funny now is this. You know networks now, as the algorithm has figured out just make more this year and that my daughter she watches movie this weekend with no said now. It's called the perfect dates avoid that and it steals from like five different modes,
where it's like this guy he's he's making money do be being this mandating service, but now he's not seeing the world right way and he needs a come up ants and that from theirs thoroughly from secret buyer and but she has no idea. Like no other generation, but it's it's nice. When you can connect the two in nice. We, like you, say we watchin COBRA. I what do you care? or you know that that's happening alot, I'm getting a lobby and the other thing is for you to Brad, which outlining the same colleagues pre late an hour now premium, but this is by far the biggest tat yeah my far yet and it was initially this giant here that was our warm up pitch before we go. You know down here over the Netflix, an Amazon, Hulu and all, and we had double bids, on the show. It's easy, you tube Susan,
Daniels's credit her, who was a veteran in television MTV in Tumblr, getting w beer, But she said you can have multiple buyers and tell you why you have to be here and she proceeded to pitch to us why we should. No anyplace else and at the end of the day What they had to do is basically say so, Unseen, not I'd, know scripted, word ages, border in the room and said make ten of where everyone else wanted to see ascribed one to say may be: just six of them wanted and there, Sir It's that they had to play that hand, otherwise it we're not gonna Show- and I would rate about it, as they really are behind the show- use their engine to promote and get it out there it's different than what I grew up with. Unlike some commercials some tell, but you know what people want people watching is commuters.
Phones and outdated. There. You made a culture of their watchin watch one more year. Your foreign debt at savages, Canada goes the next one immediately, so it reaches. I mean honestly who, as more eyeballs than you to nothing, and so it's about you know driving that. And so especially with like under seventeen down now, My mother and my son has wide cable satellite use to you too, because their facing us up and those are the three nosey to first now any goes on dives and that the other to everybody that they, just like click on this what's the next period on the corner and that they do that with you, no sir, you, if you're clicking on something eighties, music, martial arts or boxing or sports, drive you too? They should. They have those algorithm yeah that send you there and then you zones is visiting the wild.
I'm still trying to understand that biogas stood out, and I think it's important that, especially when someone is trying to create like a new version of whatever their doing, and they have that one thing that worked neither movie resource beyond it, you must have had a higher budget procedure. Do none. This leaves for season two, but season three there were talking about which is not locked yet but Japan. Actually, Japan has got organ, our let's go out and I'm thing have: let's do it get about who I let's go to organise. You know it. Let's go to Hawaii to what's to Japan, or this is so There will be a season three, where it's it's all in talks It's nice are the only question for you was asking. If there's can be season three there. I think fans will revolt. If they dont me at his head. The way season two ends.
Haven't, you need it isn t. Actually I get to somewhere else to if anyone who sees three rather than a possible, it's always possible, but I have a feeling I have it on. Good good information that it's looking very, very real and she's, not official. So I can say fair. Do we get Allianz? Isn't Tirana? That's the same thing. You'd, be surprised, but who knows well really high on our list? Is there is a thing big league there, the beauty, Has anyone who existed in the chronic universe, including the Hilary Swank Movie, prodigal bar for next chronic They all existed in this world, like they, the Jackie J Smith, that didn't exist. That said another I mean that exists in Nicaragua yards out, but I'm not even say
I'm just hate has in war, I'm just saying this anxiety and get you said. So it happened. I just don't don't argue about it, I'm just gonna happen, so any of those characters, a cannon to be used if they work organically into the story and there's some real great Easter eggs and season. Two and were discussing others going forward. I'm in our goal is to keep this thing going as long as the stories afresh in regional and the fans come to the party and so far so good tat episode you two premium, you do premium covert die first episode free to everyone all over the world April, twenty four April. Twenty. Fourth! Good luck! Thanks! I'm really excited God. This is back and grass the style and get the site that I can watch this by savage sellers. Great disasters for aid takes four days body,
I will talk to Michael Lewis in one second: let's talk about state Farm state farm agents, dough that in life anything can happen. You might buy your dream car and impulse or come home to a broken in apartment, or maybe you say yes to a proposal from you, if we can other and started growing family or you find yourself an offender better when you least expected whatever happens when it comes to home, narrow insurance, stay farmers here to help between the ups and downs and everything in between your very own age and will always be there for you when you need them and with over nineteen thousand agents and neighbourhoods across the EU. There could be one just around the corner, so contact and agent to day, because no matter what neighbourhood you're from wherever stage laughter and stay farm agents are here to help life go right. Talk to an agent today, eight hundred hundred state farm tuned until the end of the show to harass chat with a state formation first hand once again state farm here to help.
Go ray and since or here don't worry about a couple, ringer things are luminary little special spin off series. The reward was they denied at nine. Today, I gotta luminary pack has stuck on the check that out, don't forget about binge, bowed the best game. At Florence cap on their there's, a million recap. This is really the only one that matters goes up, late Wednesday night Mallory, Rubin Jason Consepcion a really really fun episode with someone. I actually broke it down on Sunday night. We did the dummies version. This is a smart version, so check that out huge huge episode coming up, looks like it's going to be like an hour and a half something like that. So you got to be ready, listen to binge mode. Alright, Michael Lewis's is coming up. We take this two weeks ago. I was supposed to run two weeks ago. What happened Kyle like MAGIC Johnson, there's some magic Johnson stuff write something
happened. I'm sorry I was doing and even if it wasn't a text that was caused the best so but something happened but our running it. So it's fine. It's there interview and you're going to love it. It's part one of he's going to come back in a couple weeks, I'm going to hit part two with a whole bunch of stuff about where things are going in life, but hopefully you enjoy part. One here does my clothes, Michael Louis, is here. This has never happened. Somehow I think we ve sent. As a bad multiple times. We did something on stage once said. The song conference gather on conferences, coal, gas, those years ago, ages, semi wasn't maybe five
ago. I never met him. An admirer blind side movie came out whenever that what has a good? Maybe there was the first time that was the first time I went to that. That conference is an issue. Is one of these things that everybody should know about your they don't go. They should know that that is Darrow more He Houston Rockets. Gm is teaching this little class at MIT and that it makes a deal with the Rockets owner that I'll come run, run your basketball team. So long as I get to keep teaching this class here compromises, no, you get to have this little conference, which becomes, and when I was there, did you go the share of the three thousand. I did. I was there this year and I also went when it was at MIT, the classrooms language like Evan, O eight. There have anybody, know hundred people right, yellowish cramped and it became clear it was right around. You wrote a piece I think it was ten years ago about shame barrier spout fur near
magazines, rock those red around my book came out, and I was doing this book talk about my book and some people ask me about stats and when money. Bargain adrift in the NBA, and I was always leg. It will in a won't like there's ways, do it, but it's still. What makes basketball so great is somebody like that. A bad the stats say he's not that good and yet, when he plays, he is good. There's some way to figure that out math wise, but also you can't figure it out, because there is still something about how five guys connect. They can only go so far with stats for you. That was like the first big piece anybody'd written about this, so this is it's it's! It's really true. That baseball is the ideal place baseball like Gulf. The ideal place for the staff revolution start because it is it's like an individual sport masquerading.
The team, sport and you can isolate credit and blame so much so easy on easily Ben you don't neither teammates, really atta you don't ever and you also, I know they got guys, but and because they are defined by these stats. Even when the team, socks and even with, has no hope making plans, they still try because their paid for the individual stats yet an end they are, but there is it so easy to isolate so it's easy to analyze in basketball. This was the problem right wing Darrell walks into it. I think it's it's one that what their measuring is necessary, which leading to wines you know assist points and rebounds, I mean they're their wages grow on points in hurt. Your team write me take a hundred shots new make twenty of amuse squirrels points because you lost for a few good offence. Apparent you stink, Andy S, right right said it would Darrow was saying in the beginning, when I did that body a piece was we need to measure different
eggs and they were trying to measure, would daddy? I did their crude ways of the first crude that way to measure the effect a player had on the game. Was this plus minus the distress who we know what happens when he's on the court to the teams performance and but but they ve gone way beyond that, and I think Darrow would say if I agree with you, that there are limits to what the whole might, even though he is the embodiment of money ball in the NBA. I think he's probably say We will learn a lot more and it will become ever more and driven, but they'll still be limits, yet I think, I it's funny. I've known him now from us fifteen years and its funding come around on certain things, but yet keep the same principles of what he always believed. Riches like there's ways to measure a lot of this stuff, and if I can merged with the item, and I can learn all this other information, and I can put all this together this, while makes
is, it was never in baseball, you could you could literally have a computer, be the GM of its him run and will probably do I have to send you can't do that? A basketball in heat aid. If he made any mistakes in his at a great run, it was always about not you're standing fully the chemistry part of it, which he eventually realized overtime and this year. This rapid see me as now is like the best version it's like this team. Everybody knows. What's my raw What do I do? Who were the stars? Oh I'm not not James Arden, it's his team. I do this and that's really were basque boys and such EU at some point. Stats can't really capture that capture some capture. Some of it were right by any for any change the game. Right I mean the games played differently, the woman, but partly because it arrow mean just just the the realisation of the efficiency of the three points up, as is open things up
It's over things up some would say it's ruin, basketball, someone say it's completely changed it. I think it will either he's more exciting. Am I don't know how I go back and forth on it all the time I had my fears that everyone's gonna eventually play the same way, which I dont want. I still want weird teams. We saw we're teams that are aware team there built around yokels choose this passing centre. Whose really, unlike any poor in the world. That is why you have weird gives right because you'll have been totally skill set scheduled, build around my skill set, but it's his each think that people were after money. Back came out now, five years after many ball came out, people would ask me, are yet smart but making the game more boring and that if everybody plays the analytically smart way to play in baseball, it's just a board. It's a dollar game and I think TAT S, probably true it that new, shutting down the running game. Blunt, Sarah imminent, and
struck it's. It's the deadly. You end up with pictures it. There are a lot of strike out and guys you lot hormones and otherwise they strike out, and you end up its slower and only really fast, guy steel and nobody else even really has rise. You know he did but come in and the end. Well addition, the in technology is really got it. The role of the umpire baseball he disliked where the Ellen at anymore yeah, you hardly as any power but the answer, but but with the analytics in basketball football. It's not a similar story. It does it the game if you it. So I rather watch a baseball game in eighteen. Seventy five in baseball game. Now there are more fun to watch interesting. I would not rather watch basketball game and made his every five and We ask about spell as exciting, as has ever been here right, and I will certainly when one wants a football game and mighty. Seventy five is, like you know, or Dave Osborne three yards in a cloud of dust them,
You know that kind of stuff is an incredibly tedious gan some ways and the open it up is made it so much more fun to watch, and that is I mean, that's a purely analytically, strategically driven it's like realizing, you use a whole field and you can have a better orphans. I'm by what's happened with baseball. In luck it I'll make. France and it's all large go, and this is the best way to evaluate prayers where we see, but arguments are almost gone. The right way twenty years ago. Cheater verses, no more was is awesome. Argument and net as for really equipped with factors. I answer the Boston, fines and we're like our guys better in the active fans. Renoir guys want clutch and we had stats bananas Give us new? Are the actual stats and now, just say one number war, surgical, yeah yeah, it's like my child is the best personally can argue this. Now, here's the evidence its becomes like
murder trial where you're just presenting the dna evidence as I hated it there, and I feel I that's what baseball has turned into a lot o. You can see it in the public interest right, it's becoming really her best, but really her base began a question. It's it's a curious thing that the smart way to do it, that that knowledge and progress is killed, interested they ought to become an. I would I I used to talk about this ten years ago. My fear was that I was gonna become algebra wages. Amber the formulas and the outcomes, and then it in argument you monogamy just list the outcomes and were The audience is so much more sophisticated now, which is a good thing, but the bad thing as there's no given take, which is why I still love Ask a ball because they re now we have hardened verses yacht US envy p.
Everyone's bringing out other stats, which is fine and that's part of it in the on off cord stuff. In the end, you know your services, defensive, match, Ericsson were hardened, means offence away to his team and use the data. Are these. Things we can look at or you can just watch out the games or you can merge both those together and it still really for argument. There's no right answer, but leg in baseball sake is match at them Pierre here's Y know, what's in there over there sat or not enough. That's better! I miss the Oda Maybe I know MA. Am he just as and what is less time he saw a manager come out of the dugout, absolutely infuriated and kick in baseball thrown bases around kicking during the umpire. So you miss Tom I miss all of that I mean it was preposterous and so but otherwise it was a lot of fun to watch. It was right- and now you know just go to reply
feel like watching. Knowing the numbers. Thou is an essential part of watching. I still watch a red Sox. I still baseball. I watch red Sox gave saddle much, I don't follow the holy like. I do. The NBA just watch the Red Sox, and I know a lot of the numbers and I feel like I follow certain twitter, bounce that are really smart and will help stuff and be like why Chris sales velocities dynamite. That's ok, is that eighty eight like this stuff, I never cared about twenty years ago right. So in that way, it's more fun The ideal way, I am it says, save baseball, a bid is the randomness there's so much luck in baseball yeah and where the ball lands. Isn't this so much luck about where the ball lands, as it does, stop it from being a pure. It is pure science experiment with a shit. You must take the shaft well, the shift makes it more. Boring and began a move means more out either
your basically preventing somebody from doing with their get at it makes sense, but it also is just so just change the rules. Would you change to make baseball more fun to watch? That would be my first one. You can't do the shift Get that out. Would you draw a little circles on the field and they have to stay in like bikes, softball at a pictures. I just think it would have to be at least three guys on each side of the field to be like yes to be like an illegal defense, yeah exactly a big day. These people hate this. Fine people are really mad at me for some, but I am a big fan of the lie that nobody could take a lead pass. So we never pick up throws pick offers again, I'm good never say another pick up, throw my life. So it's a. U can take a lead up to seven feet. Right and that's it. There's is the line you can't go by and until the Basel released or if you go by have keep gone or whatever it is, but there's no like dancing getting further and further off the bag. I just get rid of that
haven't I feel about moving the pictures mount back. I'm not I'm against that. I would rather get rid of the relievers which they're doing next year you have to. The three battersea down. I want the area balance core I gotta figure while these pictures are just getting hurt now constantly, if you do, if I had to guess it's because of the way there childhoods, I mean that their specialised at such an early age that over uses just a problem. You would think that I mean I mean they're playing not been applying three sports aim, one by one. And there I mean I just watch the way lily works where I, where I am in it's amazing the strain on the kids arms, the ones who RO, the ones who are going to be like professional baseball players and they play in that form at sea or violence ear, but twelve months are nine or ten. Once a year, It's amazing any rotate. Her coffee survived. Then, on the other hand, though, it's amazing
We know of the stuff. We know that some of the skies for the seventies and eighties us arrived in that we did a hundred seventy. They known Rana Games. Very thrilling hundred ninety pitches raise Pritchett three days later. I know so he added were still learning this stop at the pictures thing I think they throw so hard the bought the arms not really equipped with a lot it gets to do is that I watch it with my son now my sons in travelling, where they will really he's eleven and there really carefully you have to play in the wreck league to and they mightier than man invited viral son. So inadequate we're document, but what's weird, is day day, could be like a nod like last year: who's not travel kid, so he's throwing more innings the travel kids, but as a travel kids who is more protected so that whole power was where two bit so is good. These are I hear he's getting good enough to be travelled in? How are you is a dad
I'm great. Now I was bad for well when you were bad, how did it habit so my daughter, my diary of big Sakharov. Where and when she was like eight. I was like two into it. I had to like Take because ranges I'm already over my moment. You realize you were too into it. Very reason, because I went through this too. I always say just like I had the IDA streak. I didn't have to express it. I was stupid if, like yeah on piracy, coaches are even ask like why they weren't you know in the ripening get involved in any way. That way, I like, I did cooks the but coax him on the reckless here, but I do notice is like a brain chemical thing. When I'm watching my kids play sports yeah, it's unlike any other sensation. I experience, What was it like all your favorite teams combined into one yeah? Well, maybe that's expect
It's. What you say is this is this is exactly right. Isn't why, like the trailblazers, fans are crazy, like it's their exports parents May I have the won t you touch ass, they live one day saw their teams are always wanted. This is so this is so what would you one moment? have one moment I, but I had I had. The way I reacted to the way, but I like I couldn't do any, but the brain chemistry I still voted out ye. I wanted to see my play. I love why outlay their great it's terrific, but vague. I dont want them to see my facial it. Russians, or even here when I'm muttering, so I make sure I remove myself like far enough, so I never want to gain from stance I usually is pace in the airfield. It really are absolutely us up against the basketball games, its harder cause, you,
up in the gym yeah, but like trying to find a corner, the gym were nobody's. Noticing me I just I hide. I can't when I can't do, is sit down with you and have a decent conversation. Wire kids play KEDO silica, do it. I can't do that you know the feeling better, very odd feeling, my almost nothing else in my life I do where I couldn't hold decent conversation, while I'm doing it. Why shouldn't I hear he's always sympathise is just about it. So it's a very exciting. Understand. So I'm completely sympathetic to like when it goes off. Else. I know where that's coming from it. Such a such a powerful thing. I I shouldn't you MIKE: it's gonna be professional athletes, yet they get into ecology river. They can't play sports. I dont I don't have any kind of like a natural investment
if he's from purely yeah, that's true, but it doesn't, but I think about it in the calmness of my study afterwards, I think you're in it sane person right to feel the way you felt while you're out there but the area, but they all parents feel that way and they manifested in different ways. The smart learn how to like hide it. Are they said elves, my daughters and National CUP cowboys go in her first game got delayed for like twenty five minutes has two games earlier parents on both sides of whatever then get in this huge. DA the men at the late everything and have a site. This is insane, there is George, you remember when my my oldest is now a freshman college, but when she was playing travel softball when she was ten when I was just starting, we were just into this. Travel is getting serious.
And I was just starting to have the brain chemistry flouting go on and I we ran out, we were playing in Tahoe term it and it was his beautiful feel, with essentially a forest behind the centre feel fence, and so I just thought amidst gonna go stand in the forest. We can see me because I'm so I'm going crazy and I got out there and there are two other dad's who were already there that like this, where you come here, take it like hiding behind a redwood. Doing so we can see you yelling area. Even here there really should be sown a version of eight. My paths of kids. Yeah my mom and my daughter. She was always a really good athlete and when she was like eight, it was the first time she played travel soccer cuz it's first year. You really do it and I was just too into it and I remember she missed a penalty, kick in a game and I was just so mad about it. After cause, she rushed a routine and then at the home we're just like arguing and Anna
and then I somehow randomly read some. I I was like. Am I doing this wrong and I read some stuff online, recurring themes over and over again was like your kids should. Never. The car at home, if young and play while the out they don't want, but the game right after another sign is like is your kid being at you during the game constantly seeking you out to sea, if you prove or disapprove it's going on. I'm like. Oh I'm heading out this check points, but I need to fix this. I fixed it and recently my daughter is talking about. Another parent, the team as little overboard and she was like that was like you. Four years ago before you became a good sports parents. She completely figured it out the engines and she's I'm through but she she knows that where I was doing was wrong, and now I do it. Ok, I guess there, but he adds tough. It's really means
I don't know whether date that you said there's a brain chemistry, part of it that I don't even I explain cause it's like all your favorites, one person you're also related to the person. There is also the dream of maybe someday. This could be the basis of the great what's going on, but it makes people that's it may be about. It makes people that ways I mean I don't know about you, but I will feel anything like that when I'm watching the warriors of the Rockets are the saints at the age of one of these tintype for our love and thereafter, but yeah, they lose their lives and I get over it. Most excited my daughter seemed as well, but I will say when the Pats came back again say land at the kind of feel like that, answer another one of my kids that right real! That's why I was there. That's why you do what you do is denied owed its work so that their kids thing trumps either. I would imagine they got a friend of mine. Add two sons on this team in situate that one state title
and they were so into it and the whole towns guy like once at the night that happens, I don't know how that can compete with, like guys wearing Sub Jersey that you router for in right. So it surprising to me that, given that any given weekend millions of american parents are out there obsessing about this. Whatever the sport is, they cut their real culture, subcultures in every sports in softball, Amelia DV out its huge, but nobody, but there's no one in my social circle outside stop all who who I would intersect, whether they do not understand why I'm off in Modesto California, or write any twenty five knights of last summer in a hotel in Irvine California, with with these travelled this travel in our battle Irvine Great great location for sports. It said
The giant outdoor MA there lay the giant out. I was, I was judged by locations back all we can do this between a sickly, walk from the airport to your hotel gets K an you an end. Their lot feels the death, the lots of fields, but but it surprised me nothing really goods beneath the written or or no tv shows that does not this. This world has not been described. It's been left alone to set for some people. Tried and failed. There's been a bad ones over and it's it's hardly ultimately you need really good kid actors and other stuff, but I think what Interesting about I got my daughter has been in the same team for a while. Now we just get to know the parents and the parents are totally different, a different jobs and they know it or their railway link ever hang out other than resting. And it is kind of cool because you, the other part,
you just watching these kids grow up and they go from. You know the difference in age. Eight, eight thirteen is significant. You know we have kid. My daughter's five eight now like people knew her. When she was a you know, they look like woman now and it's the all of it is just jarring there that to watch it like unfold that fast. It's gotta be hard being bill, summonses kid playing a sport it's fine there doesn't could enter into, I don't. I don't think so. I'm that famous enough, I want everything, will be harder to be like Lebron. James is kit boy. Yes, especially if you have his last name and you place we had my daughter's basketball team was playing the school that lebruns kids go to in the game before her game. The bronze younger kid was in the sixth grade game, the whole Jim was packed in the brain. Was there and it was as I wear this. Is this kid's eleven this in ten minutes here but is just like a weird thing:
You know when eleven or twelve you're still who you are it's it's it's really hard to go in to your parents, business that its it would be nice. We was another sport, but while the bronze, the old Kate is really get. No, it's gotta be LE. No no visible abroad, but you know we we ve seen so the best example Radice Kangaroo. If Junior right, cause Kangaroo for senior is really get stuff curry and I guess that cars for another year. Stuff carries a better example, but it'll happen, but it's usually it hasn't. And yet with somebody who was like really famous right, they give us Del Curry Congress his senior. These were like really good players, but they weren't like come garnet or I don't know Reggie Jackson, her something so it hasn't happened right. A wonderful abroad has the same feeling
you and I have watching his kid play. I could tell just from the one gave yes, I was yea was like definitely intense other. It's all the different as he had a crew of people taking cigarette videos of tests carried out have so what's out would figure break. What's a corporate stock that simple a poem security. One of my favorites, you guys there give me crap, you say a leg, simply save just cause they're from Boston. That's not true, I like simply safe, because they ve been an awesome partner over the years to the BS back ass. They were great security system, awesome protection, very easy to use and their from Boston. They got started after harboured engineers, friends got burglarized when they want to give a security system is a hassle to complicate too expensive terrible contract. So he built something better. He built a cup brands of easy use: protection no contract spare prices, keeps your family home, safe, twenty four slash, seven for only one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month better, yet engineered keep working during power.
It is downright fire for burglar smashes. Your keyboard, it's really thoughtfully designs, has never knew. I even protects, gets fires, carbon monoxide, water, damage, freezing pipes go with the only homes, clarity. I trust by going to simply saved outcome, slash bs that simply safe with two eyes, simply saved outcome, slash b s back to make Louis I were backward assain, our we are that we are on the subject of our children. Yet It is the last thing about being a sports parent is demanded time you get with your kids, is the best part of it for me, oh it's a having your kids trapped in a car or a hotel room and a crappy tat yeah just dead those to me as light that's the biggest whenever I still feel it. That's the the time? I know I have my daughter trapped fur driving an hour and a half somewhere, and I that's when I can find that are the real information about what's going on. When I love is my now just turn. Seventeen year old daughter is a soft ballplayer, even
now? She wants me to driver to her practice. She can draw yourself well, but It's ok! I get up at six in the morning to arrive at a practised it because it's it's in our drive to get her a travel team and it's an hour we just in the car together and she would, if Hamish in theory, she would rather do anything then spent an hour with me right a but but there is this like little space we have where she just accepts. That's art. We spend time together and- and I know my kids so much better because of it, I mean there's a lot of ways to do this other than sports, but but sport, it really has been very handy. The out of the great thing about kit sports is: it does keep them what they are doing, because they're playing sports is a great thing I mean it is like fills this
Lloyd that would otherwise be filled by horrible stuff by social media and driver and all that stuff yeah. I would add a third thing. I think it's really important for kids to fail. In the society that we ve created, where nobody ever wants her kid to fail or expand, any sort of trauma Norway with his Right gazette, where we ve just, better better being parents in protecting our kids, but it's also ok do too be the kid who made them. The FAO and the basketball game in July? You know it's ok to, You can have your magic moment, no life you're not going to avoid. If you play competitive sport, you not can avoid that bulgarian amiss upon a keg ass monsieur, I drove universe free. Tell you in a committee found the worst possible time. In my view, that is gonna help shape your life, and I think that's what I like that make it this is sometimes and as tough losses and
that it's ok, neither than that Timor part of it is also underrated, just like, especially as our society becomes more narcissistic and it's the selfie culture. The up it's nice have teammates and to rely on other people constantly and like you cannot succeed without the help how you interact at these people, which is why I still of sports yeah. I like that that still exists in some for me to agree era. Whole book about my high school baseball coach, the hollow the serial number, the sole point of it was- I mean it was many pointed this out, but in the sole point, but the big one of the big things in the middle of it was people didn't love. Parents did understand what he was doing, but would you when he was putting kids through a difficult experience, but the whole point was for them to expire.
Its failure and recover from yeah and its. It is a big thing. You get out a sports that that ability to come about and that you don't you're, not encourage really to get anywhere else it. But you can, you can exist if so woven into sports the you can avoid it, and I agree with you. I love that about it. After you, the first Ports book Euro is money by ah first Sports book, I wrote my ball than right. After that are at that level it was a magazine article yet turn it book a coach yet of money. Ball was amiss, two thousand and then landside. So when money the sports family, Dentistry, Moneyball coach in the blind side in that order, so the Moneyball was pieces and other things, but never that you could have written a basketball book. He chose not to yes because you had basically forty percent of had done it with you. It had the change after you did it they're right after for one year, thereby rise the front of the undoing pray you could have done. You could have for my chapters. You have book hidden good at that
kind of book yeah, but that will not us, but it wasn't a single narrative book and you could have straight out like six or seven people in the world the NBA and done some big picture, something you I didn't think you didn't know It's never I've! Never! Really they all idea. I add for a basketball book which I abandoned, but I did flirt with, as I thought this was like a decade ago, more than a little more than a year when I was hanging out with the with the two we family and in Memphis for the blind side, yeah, so Sean too, who is them Mcgraw character in the movie, the dad and of in the family China grown up together. He was the catch her on the baseball team. Now a picture on the baseball team rat, we were being from kindergarten to twelve great. We were in the same class. He was, he was wonderful, ass lady was it he still hold
records at all. This was a basketball player, but he was the announcer Memphis grizzlies, whilst working just the color guy. Why just do it for fun here? Is he had a business on this? You know really successful career as an entrepreneur, but was watching I get they watched the grizzlies up close and I thought it was first. I really get to see a coach have to manage the NBA players and I thought that was a really either. That might be an interim management book just spend a year on a bench with an mba coach who has so little leverage over the player yeah at it there people in the world of management who had that problem that kid they don't really can't really can control their employees and university dean's or guys go emanate. Amy. The text- like your poison these engineers, who can leave the next day for a better job somewhere else. I mean it how you manage that situation where they have to voluntarily by into which you're doing we are sexually you, Europe, notably the boss, but you're gonna, sell them on the idea,
you're, the boss will now make way more money than they all make more money than you. They know, and they all figured out what you you know me just it's so hard did, who acquire authority in advising Papa. It is really the only one who is able to sustain it for more than four years. Yes, so he's, he would have been that I thought that he never was reared its head never heard of talk to or he would have loved. The idea said like: let's do it, but you can't releasing until retired. Somebody like you waited, but that That was the idea. I thought I wanted you to sit on the bench next to him and that I did then I thought basher rather wash MIKE, They suffer so so it was this. There was certainly the coach was it was Pavlovitch also Papa Day that I was gonna, be the Memphis coach net. Is washing the problem with the Memphis coach limb, you gotta be with you. I gotcha was clear even then that pop of which was the guy who had somehow out of an amazing book. It might still be anything as he's
he's just such an interesting guy. I think I told the store in the package before us. Forgive me audience, but I did tv once they Avery Johnson and the spurs were in town and he was gonna go out to dinner with us. Afterwards he was long retired. It hadn't been on the spurs for ten years, Gets this text from pop Zack I gotta go, we have a team dinner and it was the spurs were. They're. Having dinner, then eight and pops like you're coming and it was like he was still in the team, is like. I can't turned out pop ongoing going. It was just became so clear why that culture has been sustainable just by this one moment. Yet there's something about him and the way he goes about his job as clear cut People are raising about, will emulates him right, right. I'm much did one, the boy out, it's a d, a deal more air, but that's his role model
The thing is now with that with two thousand, and nineteen in this is a problem is thou plaguing the league is just so impossible to keep her very happy and there's somebody outside forces now not that there weren't before you now, go back to the sixties. 50S fifties. He hurried real racism and those different forces that probably affected attained by the way is now it's just it so tough to get people to fall in line to their roles, which is why I like Houston this year. Cuz it's one of the few teams that is it out, but next year could flip in the three guys who were the world players, something blade now. What about me, but I look outward curs facing with the words had into these play ass with Durant'S- got one foot out the door, clay, thompsons a fridge and dream adds a ticking time bomb. They ve already one twice in its activities.
Manage all or nothing, alas, will all die, not getting lies yeah, but it's, but it's nice, it's weird, but forget that, but back away from it that sport feel so healthy to me, it's the one american sport that might actually be a global sport. Why doktor? I missed the end for bunch a reason: This is why no teams are foresail resolve these got other rich guys, see what you just said, which is that like? Why would I so? Why would you sell it? I think it's gonna get very may be in China and Japan in Aragon. Greece should legally past four hundred places you you know you might still I ended the NFL, my still by an too to manually baseball, but neither one of them are anything like is healthier business for back me, both of them have it the business has there been healthier and the league from a competitive stay. Point, has never been in a weirder place, because the does hours now all GIS.
Deciding a minute for me now which they shed. I guess but this should they I don't know what you're gonna, like you see this week with their can waiter retiring and dirt, spend twenty one years of the seventeen that she's never happen again right any in this situation, our geyser just gonna bounce around, while you occur been with the warriors for Amy as you may be, the last guy get so cake. Could he Plato When years are now yeah you're right, curry may be the one guy. Who does that? I still think it matters belong to a city and have that connection, but other people made that you know Lebron. Obviously he came back to Cleveland five years ago and I was a big part of it like I'm coming home right and then left again. So I don't know I don't. I don't want that connection is gonna, be at the players really more than the teams of fans thou were Your son is like I'm at the right guy. I just followed the rate wherever he goes verses like I'm a warriors guy, his warriors guy
but what, if the lives? So these words here- yes, oh yeah, he warriors its Tello torn when the worries and rockets because he's got to know Darrow, that's other than the habit of sports bigger me? Yes, we will have less over three zero. This is fine. Darrell more came out or our warriors Rockets game for maybe four years ago, so my son was maybe eight and he came wherein all his warriors stuff it to sit with there'll whose mete out the own. Only fan and Oracle arena here. The outcome is passed around his neck, let him go anywhere included. A guy could go in the locker rooms. Proud of you want to right, so we went back. The towel Sendero want him over and there was at the moment yes, but he Yes, Mr Elles warrior stuff and we walked. In the tunnel many wonders off on his own. In the end, he kind of collides with the entire Rockets team coming out of the coming. Out of their lock room to go under the court in their state of their kind upon the shore,
they're waiting around the court, and they looked at this little kid and- and it was like he was capella because it was but but it was did I mean there are two like seven foot guys and my son's looking up at him and they go. They can ups are picking at his warriors stuff. So what is this say? Who you for any goes because I'm for both and and ever since then when he goes to warriors, were rockets game. He, whereas ran on the top and war, is on the ground, the bottom and Ben Blue and then and yellow on the top. But yes, sports bigger me. That's right that people of people at us, speaking as the other peoples harm area has like twenty times. You know that he's got over three thousand portfolio approach right. You really your managing your emotions. If you enough of your kind of for some of us of them will be left in the playoffs that summoned a route for in the play off its net. It's not a bad way to manage your sports emotional life. So do you like the player movement this set. I keep tat. I d
Clearly fascinated by Yon Ass may be another guy who stays in the same city for the entire time. By the way we should mention it is, I don't think he cares about. It step, but in general, do you like this everything it stupid? I dont mind the player movement. I like I dislike, keep an interesting and and would certainly is kept in any except it interesting. I you know I've stopped watching baseball games, I just don't watch it any more, and that was a sport. I played layer growing up, I mean and but basketball I find I still find endlessly fascinating and its hey that they move around it and bother me that much certainly figured out how to turn into a trauma theorist where I know just from the ringer standpoint and Spin from where we were a green light to the stars decade.
And how we regarded basketball just for content verses where we are now, it's like its three hundred six five days a year for us right and people want to read at dead it there's a voracious appetite for basque boycott it right and it's great, I love it. I wish you'd written the but though I guess the closest thing, Jack Maccallum wrote a book about the sons in the mid two thousand seven seconds. Ass, an there's a lotta Dan Tony stuff. On there it's out of full book about the Antonia, read its deals with some of the same stuff, you're talkin about right, but deep tat were Banco the either one of the things I changed. My interest in sports- and this is just growin up- has also become a function of the books books ever written, but I think it's just it's all
Change for a lot of people is at your. You now entered the sport, not just through the eyes of the players or even the coach, but also through the gems everybody's. A gm yeah where's befitting rapidity. You know when I was a kid who pay. I was even aware of the existence of a GM. There were these players. There was the coach and an even spent the whole talent evaluation acquisition. It was it was. I mean the gems were paid like their pay. Now they worth's Edward superstars. I most of them are really terrible in there. I wish in former players in here. I left like this guy who's, a jack address. Right there wasn't there wasn't there wasn't a science of being a Jew say what it wasn't us. It was a wasn't recognize me, there wasn't ask you the same skills right so now, you're entering it through the the sport through the eyes of the GM. The player movement is just kind of part of the entertainment right as one of the reasons I really loved. I really money by the movie
you had to be like delighted him in it. That was, I thought that was That was in love for what five six years, seven bob we that, once again the USA was theirs. I seen early hour, Brad Pitt goes in and the old art is just like get this a guy at hairless. We do it our way and he has done gets, kicked out of the meeting in its this symbolic old school vs new school moment, which I just really like cause. That's really what was happening in sports in real time. Nearly to that Cynthia was, as I was, a war between front office and feel manage behind. It was Sandy Alderson who was a bad, a Billy being at the appraisal. Sir said in what other industry does middle management boss around the upper management for at the end? And what happened was that the front office sees control the process now it because this spending, the owners money and the owners of kind of figured out that they are
the owners faced a choice that they didn't really own up to fathom to facing back in ninety. Ninety nine. The choice was: do you hire really smart people to manage your money, your assets really well or you r, a kind of before in chummy with the players. In the end, a coaches, you become one of the one of the boys. Are you buying this thing? So you can go in the locker room and sniffed jobs. Yeah, or are you buying this thing, because you gonna write, you gonna build a champion and run it right, like you and your business in a smart way and at the owners have drifted towards the latter right that a lot of them are come out of the way they make their billions of dollars, is changed in a water like all manufacturing, guys there there you're inherited all right. It, the jack arbiter, guys in finding its guises data, guys who could actually
who actually here that argument about how you know that how we manage the the data of the business isn't funny way the business and that the price they pay for it is they are quite, as you know that their there they are one with the team is called. This, too, is a coldness to it. That's right, it's funny the eyes. Read about a new owner syndrome, especially in basque bond. A new guy would take over a team and a juicy somebody, especially in the NBA Susie newer owners. People who didn't make money the way the NFL guys make it like that, whether they made an attacker whenever they came Why here, I'm in a sixty years can be great. I have some ideas when they have that to your stretch where it she's goes terribly and then they eventually realize, like even STI Bomber, had this right for couple years, he's like I'll make Doktor GM in the press, the the coach and same time rife and eye, and then
Three years he sat right on the couch in his no idea what I was doing it's completely different here, but they all got through it, and the stubbornness of rich people thinking I'm super get at this. I know it s you and that's one sort of zeal area, that's one source of their problems in it, Actually, the other. Is you don't buy a sports team to be invisible? You sports team, because you want everybody to loving you. Yes, I like a yacht for everybody. It's a yes and you can look up my an end when your sports team, even if its being really well run if it isn't performing in the short term. Well and people are saying nasty things about you in the newspaper that the opposite of the reason you bought the sporting and they react to that. But James talents, an example that is endless, that they gave us everything, except for stubborn, like Sarber site, that to the science, some of the people. You think I care that can't be fun for them, the team there just getting shit right, but their attitudes like fucking
you're, not going I'm not going to. Could you guys think I should so watch this on for forty years, and you know it becomes very they get so petted about it, I'm Pham owners. Ass. They made no end like it, especially if the next ever actually became for sale, which I think there still secretly for sale, but I've been be so fast and see who wanted to buy that team, because that's like the biggest toy, you can have a new your court side during control, while the seats hoagie Fun you're, the guy you so much for what should happen. We kit and this only up side, because I ve been bad for so long. You see because you're near golden State, the guy who owns golden State, Joe Lacob, nobody knew who he was eight years ago. It was just another rich guy right now he's like tired of all these good seo. A q and all these people that these heavy hitters in Silicon Valley, but there are common in his arena there, so Camper Press. On that. That's why the pressure we keep going up.
No, if I were a billionaire, that's what I did that's, but I'd like to justify the indulgence of buying a sports team by spinning all the rest of my time. Good works re giving money away, but the fun thing to do would be to buy as outlined by the next would I an MBA, indict intimidated by a soccer team that seems like there very little excited giant downside is their fans are frequent. That's the idea you screw up their team like a really your life's a living l, but not been met. People who care about soccer here in the same way they care about basketball and baseball. Now they down. I do wonder, though, at point. The rich guys are gonna. Look at the Emma lesson. Wonder what would happen if they threw some real money into it seeing this already that they're doing it in in Europe, yet rich american owners of european Soccer right we ve known a couple of Socrates, it be pieces of them all. So we d money by movie. Yes, money Bobby, so nicely was gonna. Be was its soda work? Yes, no story,
so the stir them Obama is begin of the money movie story is Billy being calling me a month after the book came out inside let you know that I got calls about selling my life rights for a movie and he said there's no way I'm going to let anybody make a movie this I didn't know you you didn't know I can use can be the centre of the book. I mean that he didn't until he read the book. He didn't know what I was oh sir, is very serious, Gavi time lots, but he knew that. I was also spending a lot of time with other franchises yeah and I was doing that, to make sure that he was as different as I thought he was yet from his point of view like what is one around I'll be part of this book, there was the center of the book in the way was it will in the end the shit he got on the back end of it amuse willing to fight the fight, but it's like I am. I wasn't looking for this. Yeah. So he said it went out when I do movie is just one example- and I said I said to him: I said, and I really mean it. I said you know they never gonna make the movie. I met her and had he movies made that point
I say that the I've had people yet a one in a hundred shot dignity. I even think that I'd I'd died. So twenty magazine pieces in books and to the movies, and They said they're gonna make em when they bottom and then never got mad. I said no just sell it and you have free money, they decided not gonna, make it Vienna Game a list of all the kind of the things that I had done that never got made because that's interesting any end, so he in the annexes. I will do this in a for seven years it was either every twelve months are raging, when they had to renew the option call any laugh. He said this is fantastic. It's like free. My another check, you gotta check, Ed, there are some points, soda burger was his area, but that was seven years later in one day. He calls me up, and he says Billy calls me up and he says you bastard, he said Brad Pitch is called and he was to come to my house, and this is my wife. But not make up in the babysitters where an address in hand- and he said this things get ahead
Can I say I bet, I said I believe it when I see it and then it got screwed Solberg starting to make something that the studio decided they didn't want to make any kind of a kind of started and then fell apart in me. Once and then Venezuela picked it up and the truth, is the reason the movie guy made his bad Brit Pit had a obsession with it and he an obsession with it. I think for a curious reason: building was this great good. Looking he looked exactly like a policy in baseball player, should look in ever does look here and as it and he was cast as as superstar future baseball when he was in high school and screwed up his life. You know it's all worked out, but he really was bus, go to stand for football scholarship and replace John L away quarterback,
and he would have been. I think in his mind, that was something he'll always regret, not having done that. Instead, when the Mets drafted him in the first round said I you gonna, be a famous baseball by internal. Wasn't could be a famous based Bob. What right, I think, Brad Pitt read the story. Billy being said, I feel a bit in this because I looked like a leading man. Everybody keeps Cassimeres leading man and what I really am his character act yeah and that's the great irony of his career is. It is like one of the best character actors we have, but he is an idealistic, but he gets put yes and he has put in this situation because the world miss procedures and just because of how he looks there, and I think he had a sense of Vigo play that park as he felt that part of it he fell the movie and my spirits with movies is that they're handful of people in Hollywood, who can say, I really really want to do this and eventually gets done, and he was one of them he's incredible in that movie. I actually think that's his
movie, we did it, we do this pact, Esther caught the Rwanda. Bosnia was one of the first ones we dead and one of these I like, whether movies issues Brad Pitt being a star. I like sir. I have that those movies where the guys, just like, say, Tommy, as german guy. It's like I'm a star come with me for two hours. I'm just can be a star in on top of the other stuff, gonna movie, it's really a Brad Pitt Movie, Pitt movie actors. Everybody's cast really well, is Philip Seymour happen. You must have been delighted, cause you're, probably thinking worst case scenario like the whole time. Right making this movie there in a fuck it up. Well, yes, you know limited the movies at his. What I think is up to that point
no. What happened? I guess it's two years, if I guess I came after by inside, did imply that I was really gets advice. I was sure how did you do this to the blind side? That was would, if that was the other thing, I think they're probably loosen the purse strings a bit for money, ball, yeah blindsided cost like twenty million dollars to make the same and the gross half a billion dollars and same thing of big star in an awesome performers and awesome rural budget. But the way that happened was Johnny, Hancock, the the writer and director whose terrific and did a terrific job and had a script. That is the movie that I read it. I said my God, you done it. You crack the code. It's gonna be fed to laugh or cry Airbus in love. This he trundle that thing all over. I would and nobody wanted to make it, and the only reason I got made was it Freds Smith, who is the fount of federal, express their fedex? His son was dating the Tutsis families daughter in Memphis throughout this hot they got married
since then, but watch the whole Michael or story unfold before his eyes, and he said: that's a great story, I'll pay for it I'll make it, but nobody's gonna get paid. It will ever can have a stake in the movie Sandra Bullock. Gonna have a piece of the profits. The director Mps, the profits Do this, like five million dollars up front to be it in a movie, and so he made it. I shoestring and it just exploded and that that made it easier to get money ball need, I think, and save your book winds in that there is a move in May the gaff minors billion billion dollars. Maybe you know, I think I think, probably had act, a little less, I met you could put a bit, but I ve I've been so lucky in the people who been attracted to the books. I ever that says that
scale for you to their cause. You pick really get topics, but I dont you ve been there aren't already offer a good books. It became bad movies right bad books, it became the movies, but there the in these cases, there's so much accident and the extent if I want to give myself credit for any thing it would be. Having nothing to do with them. That saying to the people who come along, I interest and you get a break it and remake it, and it's a different thing that can be said you shoulder, but- and I heard you the advice either. I know you ve my script now or my nurse now you just go. Do what you're gonna do and God bless you and give them ownership of it, but there's no! The luck in having Adam Mackay follow up with big short I mean it's a summit that so lucky right at a good point in his career to is perfect, like he was to get serious, but also keep
the humour that are made him away as as a perfect moonfleet, better Miller did with money balls magical you when I saw it, I thought he'd Edith Bunch a clever things like so one of the things is. Rather that story is away. People miss, perceive the world around them, based on appearances and the way took the Colosseum, which is gonna, be the nastiest arena This programme was right and made a beautiful yeah cite the shadows to favour some necessary servant. Ah, you saw You saw that give away in the same way like the Oakland, I saw players in a different way. Tat was was weeding through his story. That's the big theme. In a way he shot at it was, I was brilliant, so I've been lucky did they would money bar it so funny ages becomes the go to phrase now fur penny tab Anna. Let anybody do adding or apply there's if there's any sort of innovation at all that includes so as for the other money by this money, but that is just like thrown around costly, yeah how'd. You come up with a title
I remember exactly what happened. I came back from the draft rooms where I was watching the Oakland a's plan, their draft for that two thousand and two and I was filled with energy for the story. I had a. I realized it was a book up at that point. I didn't know what it was. I thought was a magazine piece. Maybe- and it's been at that point couple of months, mainly with the a's and I got back to my computer and I
am I tell my editor and break the news to him that I'm gonna write a sports book, but at that point I was so excited by what they were doing with the kids in the draft. I thought this isn't one book. It's two books. The first book is this book about the with the AIDS or doing now, and the second book is going to follow these kids through their careers and write a sequel about what happens to these lab rat and scientists, say: Adams, the first ending a draft them just on data rather than with the scouts think and that they their perceiving the kids differ Even then they perceive themselves so much so that, like their first round draft choice it when they call them to stay there and make our first found draft was he thought was a crank call. He thought his free tv he heard those either was teammates at the embassy. Alabama were made fun of it. So, I wrote my editor a note. I said I'm really sorry about this. Just being a brace yourself, I'm not going to write just a sports book for my Nextbook, all right
It could be the next two books in and I'm only rang the first one. So I can write the second one and I said had ever title I at that moment, I thought I knew I thought the second was can recall underdogs about these guys and I threw money both down on the page and I thought it sounds right. I live with that inside and he s got on the following the next morning and said you now it is a great idea. You need to do something different, and this is a go for it, and I wrote the first. Whenever Sakhalin in the email said, I'm only writing the first one. So I can write the second one, but first we ate the second I'm your money ball. It got had as there was no way to think it turned out there. I think turn at the right way. I did a lot of work on rate ahead of the tide us you know, but about a big. I was people make fun of me around here about I love title in things in coming up with title to we spent months China
come up at the ringer really and even in the in the last. Second, we weren't honour censure, but I think it was the right title, but we we had a White board which is constantly saying it in putting indifference does titles are really important. They really important, but also the thing itself ends up affecting how people perceive the title. And I would add, is the man makes the close a bit? we had grantline was one of the people really hate and then it became a good title became like a robot. I remember it right in a. I add a lot more to talk to. You will have our, though, would cycle by your pack. S really quick next time come on we'll talk about where the what's going on here and our airlines are all right. I've got a tv, show more courage now and I'm gonna be done. Your lot I make this environmentally happy to come back. I want
about other stuffy written about. I know I loved you come back, though the package's once a week for the next seven weeks I get at towards end of it, because I want to talk about the stuff you ruined about different economies in different countries and to the moved her politics and also how pick your topics, because I think that was always Gladwell pointed this out early with you he's evaluate Michael Louis Band, even though, as I jellies and on our pixies topic, I'm just like it so jealous Papa. How does he know thou? How did you know that was? How did he know to write about this until a man? He was always a puppet competitive with you better tell me about this back ass. You do, I guess, call against the rules and its first two, I think more than one season of it, seven episodes and it's about referees and american life and its making an argument.
Men around about wave and me doesn't more than is making an argument within the series of stories that may human beings, any human beings put in a position of being the honest ref in situations is basically under attack or on the run in various ways, a subject to new kinds of hostilities. Therefore- MRS gathering that are not friendly to the wrath and there are really equivalent forces to defend the rough and the first episodes about NBA rafts just, but just because it because it is cutting sport that first ups, as only one about sports the NBA such an interesting lab for this, because the rest feeling on the receiving end of a greater fury than ever before. You put in some replay centre time yeah day the Evian the yes, you ve, been. I it's it's. It's a really odd, interesting place that place there. Funny? How much money they spend on this? For any all, they want to spend money in the G Lake yeah yeah, fifteen million dollars to get to calls a game changed eyes. Would it
that big. Yes, you laid out my favorite fact about my favorite thing to happen in the in the replay centre. That sort of spoke to the whole thing was Joe Borgia, who runs it as nothing stuck in their without, like a madman with a hundred ten screens that do nothing, but where the angles on the basketball courts in NBA arenas whether anyways plan there, not you can't watch. You know you can't watch tv, it's a hydrogen screens that are attached to anything but those cameras in the arena and so he was watching whatever is going on on the court, and he says that, like sometimes your watch, the magicians during half time, this sum tat some areas have magicians, come out and slow Dan and foe and zero in on it. So he can see how the magician does his tricks and and that sort of like what it is, Sir, like trying to enable the them to see what's going on a court in such a different way, he had so differ from sing it real time to get the thing more accurate because the caught it it's just hard in this world to suffer an accurate Gauls, because everybody can see them now in how there
there on the jumbotron and demanding on twitter. Bigots furious rafts in the rats. Now need Twitter was the biggest game changer that any cut those clips and people are watching them in five. Second, that's right in anything other than a fuck up. It feels twenty times by twenty times worse and often gained everything. The game. The outcome was caused by the wreck and nothing else like my hometown in New Orleans ya think any doesn't help with this. No, he does now he's the one. It led analyze, further deaths on the roads. That's so, if you think we're gonna jump on the raft, he jumps into say, jumps on the raft and You notice, when announces jump on their us that when they jump on the call very often the analysis turn out to be wrong right first instinct, and they don't say, oh the ref- that was really great call. I thought I thought I was wrong. It said they just move on.
They have a thirty two. No six, though khazar member, I wrote about a couple there four times, because it was a real crisis where the twin wade, finals, no sayings shed. Ninety seven free throws really costs down the title. There's some bad cause. As is happening. Dantes in motion, will realize yet and the combo of that they had to fix this cuz. It was a legitimate. This could affect our business. Christ set right! That's right now! I'm silver really took it on again and when you look at everything they ve done to bring in better people to be the raft to train them better, take near like teach them about the social size of how their brains work so that they don't it, they don't make the normal
as people make, when they're making snap judgments that they feeding them their mistakes, making them watched their mistakes, there's no way that RAF is like a worse ref than the rest from thirty years ago. There's no way that guy's, making more making more mistakes in his calls, just not possible right that they are. There are like a crap. Their train work worse these to be a bunch used me club of guys were cut out of shape, and we know is a problem, because the gamblers, like my friend, her elbows, come Spock ask bunch real is that all these biases and trends in things with officials? I could be studied officials You actually had a gaming advantage that certain guys on the road rectum right, we're just gonna. I returned guys. We favour the haunting embraces teams and the road certain guys. We're gonna call to many vows verses that Anna Lindh, so they ve tried to systematically fix all that make every I have the same right was so we wanted an impossible which is impossible, but
but let me nevertheless one but is also, but is the heroin It makes it more unjust it out of your mouth a more accurate and yet the stars especially, are gone batshit. Why don't wanna step pod too much cause. I want people to do it, but that was the point you had in their that, really thought of but made. I was like our shit. Stars are the ones argue with the reps: this isn't it so, like the ninth man on the Rockets and the backup guard at the pace is getting into it. This is covered the red staff, curry hey, my green James hardened James hired, is watching the original stars anytime. Every call and back in the
was Iverson and it was Kobe, those were the guys that control the reps right, it's it's privilege being assaulted by I mean if you make the rest more objective, who's gonna pay, a price. The people who are benefiting from the bad calls are the. Whenever the mistakes in the first place- and I think the stars probably got the calls disliked home court own team got the calls in this lesson, lesson that when Europe emphasising accuracy and there's more. At the same time, the stars are ever more starlike right there richer than work, their global franchises, and they just you know, people in positions of privilege, don't like being refereed fairly, that's not less than they used to being refereed fair they used to a lot of unfairness. Come in their way- and I think that's are the sort of Nazism NASA.
In parallel between that and the rest of the world, and if there s any islands that, let me elaborate is like go Miss acts. Now that you did, you can see the same dynamic it work in lots of spheres of american life, and that's it it's a cleanest example. And so we lead with that. Then we move on to lots of other things. I'd say you're this Darwin Tommy. You are in charge I'll, be back six weeks and we can talk about salute way are the other, and I know it back in May I Maslen took my vanity fair and how their bags and change of there's a new progress, that I will do this again gave rise. Parliament make Louis list in the back ass. They got against the rules. If someone is up right now, thanks criminal, thank you, thanks to make Lewis and thanks to Ralph Macchio, hey, what's up with the NFL draft or at the NFL draft coming up, we have two very special guest, Patrick J, Gabriel. They can talk about the NFL draft
ass when a jewish yourself high everyone on Patrick AIR, Roger State Farming, o o o o o o the little fast and loose with the term agent there that gay, Gabriel is errands. Only agent palaces isn't shirts geike as thou. If I look at it, ass. Coming up, we don't know how things are gonna shake out. Specific Arizona was gonna, take rather merry, then both cigar Bob, a little bit then it then maybe they trade, the pic, keep Josh rose and instead, who knows was gonna have to get me thinking now if Aaron Rodgers is picking first in this draft- and you guys were the two topics. Gouty take that's pretty easy. I'm pretty sure I be earns number one pig, because I'm here to protect his most valuable possessions, you you protect his possessions. Yet how did you get those positions? This deals buddy and that's why I am was, and always will be, is number one agent and his number one pick boom drop
metaphor heavily my I need you know. People can't see on the radio not nobody's other. Ah yeah, that's. Why said it was metaphorical, their invisible and by the way that this is about gas. What are you gonna? Do? Listen to it back on your wax cartridges, Victrola troll on. I dont know why you're this confidence. I also understand where you so sure that air with definitely a hundred percent pigtail. So why don't you just cause? You know what let's collar boy right now and let him make his back paper I really coming now: it's com, air, let's find this out. What's our manage your favorite agent, Gabe Quick Queue for you, We were distorted discussing here, who's, your favorite age and unclear on the phone with what yeah. He didn't really an ogre didn't even dial, not even close. That's irrelevant, the point is here: look I have his number in my phone,
and it's you only format it I'll at the latter there. I think what we ve learned is that of Erin had the first back. You definitely go Patrick, don't forget about why. Thank you bill. I appreciate more they don't forget about stay farm in the upcoming NFL draft Regard So when Arizona does- and I think we know it Aaron rodgers- yet he would call his agent gap. Something absolutely not sure that would have I'd thanks to disown don't forget to to sign up before the big Canelo fight next week, thanks to simply safe, remember I dont like simply just because there from Boston there. Many other reasons, including easy tease, protection in those contracts of fair prices engineered to keep working during Para. Judges are down wifi and also their from Boston. Go with you only hopes carried address, simply say by going to simply say that calm, slash, bs, simply safe. The two. I simply say that such be asked,
later in the week more waste.
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