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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to recap the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, including the Chiefs putting up 51 points on the Texans in a comeback win, the Titans stunning the Ravens, Seahawks-Packers, and 49ers-Vikings. They also Guess the Lines for the conference championship games, discuss the best and worst Super Bowl matchups, and talk future bets and subplots.

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Cars will be writing about a modest of care, wait to see who gets dominate. One of the few words as that I actually really care about and in the EU to a pretty good job for who should be nominated so was who it happens there to pack has for me coming up the relaunch buzz of quintet, Tino weedy king in New York. That's gonna, be Wednesday night me shall finish in turn Tina. This is one of light that nine or ten best pots of ever been a part of charity. Know it's like film school and we actually broke some news a couple thousand this by. But if you love movies, if you loved her anti no, I implore you to listen this one and then took a basketball gone up late men and ate the pyramid pod cast. Did I say who is with car? You did Reggie Miller.
Me and Shea Serrano breaking down Reggie Miller, career stats me Monday night. I think I'm only doing two bs podcast this week. So keep that in mind as well. Cuz, it's all coming up in one. Second, first are friends: from projects I cousin sounds he I just made it through a topsy turvy rather too hold on. A second comment in Joe Joe is gonna. Jos must introduce visa holder, hers so on behalf of everyone on the bad Gamblers Hall of Fame. We want
tell you, you ve been inducted into our two thousand twenty class. Congratulations. Y know? I know you said you gain weight over the holidays, but that really you with the big blue jacket. Thank you. Thank you for inviting great, sadly incredible congrats mad, I'm so happy for you. This is a great deal is going to happen, I should tear up. I got a clear years that I have been here today. Have so God we could share this together may encourage cower. I can't believe it so day in that car. Cowards the into the Hall of Fame, which we just were roasting damage shack. Our friend is theirs van meal and hedge, just killing him for twenty four straight hours about ah, the coaches, who should be it overcoat coward than twenty four hours later Jimmy Johnson he career so yeah. That's the way to do it, tough one for Dick. For me, other he's gotta be like what the what the hell,
thus did I have to do for a guy who just spent most of his career crying and locker room. I mean, I think, they're afraid of what would happen if they adopted and it would probably never ever stop weeping right. He would see the guy and EVA just immediately events having for three days it, but he worried that they really want a super bowl. He inspired a pretty mediocre Disney football movie with well the role played by greater near so this is a bitter sweet ran to for me, the patriots. When applying the I noticed that too, it was really weird. I gotta say right, who is the first round to in like a decade where no pats- and I just got do I enjoy football and enjoy game away at an enjoy gambling, and I had been murdered The idea I went for no against the spread and laws just a bundle of money. I think you did those same last week right, yeah, yeah. Well, so, what's, let's do I see first and then we'll take a break and duenna do
which came: do you want? Do the Sunday camera the Saturday? Well, Can I get a little more afresh fresh in our minds, wants to achieve some must achieve taxes, so everything goes wrong for the chiefs right away. It feels like the ultimate Andy Red Game We ve been here many times. Anyone who had the chiefs and tease anyone who had so borrow money on them and its. Those moments where you're like oh yeah, Andy Reid, what the hell did I just do and then twenty one nothing seems like the Texans are going in for their fourth touchdown and Fourth, in inches and unite disagreed on this. We are okay, let move I did because I just fine they doing whatever they wanted. They end up. They caught, firstly, cause a time out. Bill Brian seems to think time out, Sir, like toothpicks at the Maitre D station in a restaurant, robbing a just for going for it. I use another one. What that that's good, I like that. Thank you. So he caused the time out too then set up the field goal.
When the alternative? Was you really try to go for the hammer you handicapped for touchdowns where's case nearer their trapped? there are five year by their your ninety. Five guys were seven. They set off for the feel go kick off huge return, all the sudden, its twenty one, seven and within five seconds its attire game, and nobody knows what the hell is going on earth. Almost none of the chiefs took the lead. Was it twenty eight and twenty four? anyone Texans up and then that chiefs eventually the half later they had the lead? But here's well say I billow Briand, probably a bunch of mistakes, but I don't necessarily, think that was one of them not going for it I'm fort than one first, what you say there are four touchdowns their up for scores with the feel go, it's twenty for nothing. Yeah last week in Fort than one not a great play called the Sharm Watson. Ghetto stuffed get stuff, but they don't put him in space. Is a quarter back keeper, so you you're a subject like. What's the play you want there? Could Carlos I'd is then I'm gonna be afraid a call,
side. It's not gonna be play acting in a bid to getting and be happy if it bounces offer fellows his hands or something. So what what's the play? Call I thought so and they get in the second game today ran the absolute perfect forth, the one they exactly when I, while within athletic quarterback, play action, they have to obey that their age. Dive, quarterback rolling out his ability to scramble or throw, and I think it's unstoppable. If you have enough, I quarterback it. That's the point If, on the other team, I don't ever want them you're right, I don't know, I don't know they have respected the tell back dive. There good cause all eyes that all eyes are Watson But- and I again o Brien makes, Trojan call later on. So does it really matter? But at some point you gotta blame the team that twenty four not true and they weren't even close to stopping them after that, like you, said, Hartman's return for gambling purposes, plus three twenty five, the chief four plus three, twenty five. You check them with me, you said but less when are we gonna lie bet the chief says: why have to
I have the equivalent of two cars on the chiefs right now, I'm not gonna be handler cords up and not not unimportant, but still I couldn't buy and implicitly twenty five, but to win the half. To win the half at twenty four. Nothing. There were seven data want odds and they did it. They wanna had and just launched themselves from their sole joke. I text to do after all brand centre for the fuel when you for nothing. I was in the liver and by myself with my dog Willie, and I lived there Willie I looked around I said the chief soon in this game, attacks to you and I thought the be like ten, what Twenty four, nothing I hadn't. Even. I didn't think that I'd like to first downs- and you were like yeah, it's three hundred and twenty five, so even Vegas. Yeah and without were not really by in this, yet my my issue with o Brien, who I think has just perennially bad in all situations, you kid
be aggressive one time or not aggressive one time then super aggressive banana unworthy there. It's a mindset its end. I think what we saw yesterday with the tightens the titans never would have not gone far enough. When their granted their Derek Henry, but their mindset was we're going to Baltimore and we're throwing haymakers and we're are empty, the kitchen sink and we have to actually take the game from these guys in Houston, like would settle for a field. I don't ever want to settle when I'm a huge underdog on the road. I think he believed in his deep they wore stopping the homes dinner, the EU should be. You can believe in your defence, adding up twenty four. The big does anything horribly they stop. Emma homes are worthy chiefs. Just dropping passes like the ladder I saw that had not draw me crazy with the ravens do like these by teams. It really seems like I don't understand it's one thing I know you'd in play the week before, but is everyone vague mentioning in a different spot, there still practising right. Why receivers?
I believe, in the corner: Baxter gotta What are weaker right? I don't understand why that that out of sync both games, it's a tough on, because you would have thought that the Niners add to add one week but they had a really big weak seventeen game and they are pretty crisp that whole rankings game the ravens died. And played a month and a half an hour. And the Chiefs just kind of Thursday I mean the Delong touched on- is still that made it seven, nothing which is it Ray play and it was clearly their huge player that they figured out. How did this place gonna work this week there oxide a run. It then a stupid turnover ass on its forty, nothing, but I dont know eighty. I really thought that she should come back in yeah and I think the difference in I know Lamar verses moms is gonna, be the though the heartache conversation are weak right right. There was one
major difference the to them, and I think its lack of experience with that with Lamar. But when things were, for the ravens. Yesterday, Lamar looked the largest had the fragile got his face and he wasn't leading it. I wasn't talking need there is never shot. I am talking to his teammates encouraging people seeming like he was super confident he can't. I had a look on his face like what the fuck is going on my homes. The whole time was Jesse like? He was in a sports movie. China rally. Everybody in just seemed super confident. I'd ever felt the chiefs lost their confidence yesterday it seem like the entire ravens, almost immediately lost, their confidence was kind of shock in the watchword. I don't know they live. Their candidates gain confidence order. They just look at last week. Last year's loss against the patrons say: oh no, we're not suffering to terrible navies at home, just different. I think my homes first, while they're. So
faster than everybody era really are and as a game, whereas on eventually catches up to you and speaking catches Kelsey when he wants to catch? The ball is is the best one. Better he's got no space. You ve got create space, it does Do the homes elsewhere to throw the ball. They are just dynamite together, and I don't expect the F C championship to be like either of the games right like I don't think I've only Tennessee could Eiffel the Chiefs for more than a quarter, but I also don't think the chiefs were going to run it up like this is, I am you know when you want to bet the chiefs live? Did you think the Texans were done scoring because they five thousand one hundred and seven run the chiefs? True, I didn't think the Texans are done scoring. I almost I almost texted you about trying to talk through a chiefs tees with the
silver bat, and I was just like it's not my weekend, I'm on I'm on a downward spiral. The last couple weeks I'm just staying away, but I really did think this game once I found that Chris Jones wasn't playing really did see. Might the over was way to lower end up? Where was I was in the fifties right, the over under was what was not sure fifty one, the attendant fifty one that's crazy. Got an alarm forgot them. They met the fifty one alone. I have a couple chiefs fans, my life and they had a complete melt down when the Christians in camera because they relate them. What happened? He was playing bad. He got her play basketball, locker room, I didn't understand, it no idea. He there was even in consideration that he might get hurt. It was such a god entertaining game. Now, I'm in the first half seem like it took two hours. We had the perfect than answers I am always in rare form, you a thief. Is your comments? bowed. He really had a grip of the momentum
age and what the offences were doing and as soon as the chiefs kind of unlocked it Eco just by the way Roma is announcing at that he just valid they're gonna score every Roma also he was on your side about going for non Forthem one, but I was starting to feel bad for him as a he should bear from not only this game, but next week's game I mean honestly, were Texans, tightened run that Anna run out on a against all odds by jester. Their ratings are go down, but the but the book on aware you put that came out of the Dallas. There is like a twelve minutes stretch on twitter. When the it became night at the APOLLO about that Titans taxes, they can quickly say that they should flex it, but he added that senator
then you're home, but I am on the other side. I think the titans are gloriously entertaining an island. I will for the rest of my life, never forgive myself for talking myself out of them in round to after I had been in the front seat of the bandwagon for two months, and we talk about that a second, the d they leaving the Chiefs game. We ve seen the round to blow out many times. We ve seen the offence orgasm and it's always a question of is often actually really awesome, or was their opponents really lousy, and I think it's actually in this case a combo of both. It might be a comparable but doesn't pass the I test that they're just so much faster like whether its call Harmon yet or any any of these guys in the secondary Watkins always has a player to in their entirety, kill. Even though he had the bad fumble manages to get openly. It's really weird how they they manage to just
I think it's demoralising after, while the Texans like I can't. I can't keep up with these guys J a lot like forget that block the pass and lay third quarter but other than that like ineffective. Damien Williams seems I keys. I mean he's hurry up and down, but he's on an up curve right now, but yeah fit the big take from the weekend. We had a lot of them are stuff. I mean just firm from a firmer native, see, standpoint We, the latter Lamar Stuff, as Lamar Celebration Coronation for months and now my homes is kind of taken aback. Mars leg like I was TAT a text in somebody, a cup Where is it go about whether Lamar will go to the pro bowl cuz? He made the pro bowl, but it's like. Well, maybe you should, but it's it's just amazing that Mahomes now is headed for this
whoever they're going to play a soothing to be Rogers and the Niners in the super bowl if they can make it and Lamar, is going to be in a hotel room in Hawaii. Potentially, it is fast, but your patriots screwed everything up. I want to point that out another another hall of Famer Tom Brady screwed that up and I do feel bad for Lamar If you would put up mean just you, don't do it this way, but if you put Lamar's numbers in yesterday's game, against Tana Hills and you found out after the game are. These? Are the statue you wanna bet my? How much will we put on the ravens them and even like. There was a lot of garbage time- big big chunk of yards there. It's that does not understand that titans game? I there we better than ever giving them credit for. Therefore, downhearted defense was but an awful lot ready we're ready to talk about it, just that it was. It was too much to take the last piece on the chiefs and then we'll go to the.
If you had to pick anybody in ITALY to start a team with you'd, probably still pick moms right yeah, I think so. If you had to pick one person to start a two thousand nineteen play off team with right now it would probably be more homes right. Well you're instead of Derek Henry I mean: can you still the scariest right now you're? So that is my question to the way this playhouses played out Amazingly there can, we might be the first picked out yeah, there's a help us this with him that I've and fell in forty years since Earl Campbell, where you're, just like on my God, read these guys like a minimalist boys, it's an unacceptable. You think about him in this chief came next week in pharmacies fan I'm terrified because the ravens there was some good stuff fun on twitter and good pieces last stand in this morning about the ravens were playing a man in the box. They they were doing base when you play mad in any do they
J J. Both teams were doing that. Were you just like you, not running it you're gonna have to throw it. I'm not Lenny run and at the end, he was still running it yo. I don't you find the chiefs and crew. Jones isn't play next week manages the classic scenario of the titans. You know they're just gonna try to keep the chiefs off the field you know Henry's going to have three thousand five hundred and thirty six yards runs again. I just can't believe it because I did this on the pod with me and Mary on Thursday. I done all this research with Henry and there is literally no parallel in the history of football to him. Having those three games in a row- and I was like there's no way you can do that third time- then what at? Why would he do it? A fourth time that this now is gonna like a hundred and twenty carries in a month right he's already I think I will over a hundred for the month needed so I may idea immediately. Drivers know a key could be it like one, thirty, five or forty we'd man, it's backers, bankers and he got ten a hill who didn't clips two hundred yards.
Into games that a one and that's only been done out of the last three times that happened that the quarterback won the Superbowl Terry Bradshaw was one of them is in the seventies. It did seem like seventy stats. All over again, I had a couple devastating bets at Ravens Chiefs. Tease, seven point is, add my homes and Lamar, with her at least to touch dance, the morally through one he had fourteen different chances to throw the second touchdown they were inside, I think they were inside the titans forty nine times you see that's that yeah and somehow he only got the one city so that's out, and then the other one I had was Jimmy G interception within our interception tightened. A big early tat. Anyhow, they take the car keys away from their like we're good day. Just today, all about thirteen fourteen times a game you you cannot get lucky that collect on that interception thing an end.
Havens that that's what I mean like their drives. I want to give the defence credit, even though, even though they ended up, big numbers, the ravens, but they had three drives in a row between the late second quarter, narrowly third quarter that lasted ten or more place. They just couldn't punch at home. Really it was really really frustrated. Watch from China find somebody had a really good tweet, I think we'll prince and had a really good tweed about all the times where the drives ended further ravens in their titans game, and they were on the Thai inside of the field nine times in Somalia, within a but twelve points. Yeah, I agree That is one of those games that, though the web, the different civilizations would be studying thousands of years from now being the k what's up with this box for this one, weird that work. Why did that? I have over three engineers passing over a hundred yards. Rushing avail is called twelve points, but if you watch the games and
More Jackson had his moments, do not great, not good, even but wide receivers way at a saying: yes, need dropping passes penalties points that went into the Enzo when you see that, like the receiving team gets a penalty on punts getting into the Amazon, there was just like some big plays battalion, on the left cheek down. We learned for the first time this year that the left cheek down in the first in the first quarter, like that's that counts as a touch I agree with everything that went against them. Good, nagging big drops, really dumb penalties at the worst possible times. They were always like starting fifteen yards further back than they should have and stuff that it had all the makings, and we have seen this now we're old enough that you kind of know in the first quarter, even even at Texans Chiefs Game, which was absurd and insane everything happened so fast. You just looked at the clock and I come my god there's so much time left. I feel like the chiefs can come back.
Ravens once once they fell away behind and once Henry clearly got going it. It just had that had that ominous filling the crowd checked out the crowd, the sphincters, our tightened Lamar, Thought the thought overwhelmed and not just the whole team, the receivers you start looking at these receivers in your leg, I'd whose whose actually getting over make appraisal Green Bay. Today, the biggest play of the game you knew Davante Adams was going to somehow get open. You got something they don't really have anybody like that, and then the coup de GRAS was the Ingraham thing. If you bet on Baltimore, you put them in he's in your. They may my worst case scenarios they fall behind and then they cut the marking room at the brace on his calf or whenever I, of course they lose within forty minutes. There was with the thing at his gaff.
And ass it, and then it is then land held to his credit, even though you know he only through fourteen times when they were up seven, not then he'd do oh, it took two Raymond. I think it was like a forty five yard. Touchdown thou that's it that you said it doesn't matter really matter, your defences doesn't really matter who you're quarterback is Europe forty nothin with Derek Henry You're gonna, win that game or it's gonna be closed and that's it. That's if you don't even score anymore, they did what we were. Actually, let's take a break them
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You capture crucial evidence for the boys and get the benefits and faster dispatch that is simply saved outcome. Sash, bs, simply safe with two eyes: super Safe Dhaka, sash bs, we're only on this podcast a week ago, and I was telling you the times. I was too I I believe in the Titans, but it's a stupid. I can't believe the disrespect of ESA and then the week of Zion, I start doing Derek Henry Research there's no parallel really other than John Reagan's in eighteen. Eighty, two in the history for body somebody even with the kind of workload such protection thing Henry had done for two games, etc, and then you start looking at the advance metrics for the ravens this year and there like one of the six best teams of all time. According the numbers- and I just talk myself out of it- I was like I'm or in, and it was a classic over think
but now I think about it. The ravens are the Houston Rockets of over four borrell. Awhile awesome, regular seas incredible stats, unstoppable offence quota quote, and then we get to the playoffs in its. I could do it, think changes the elements change the weather's little their friend teams can scout you You have some time off couple things go through he's aren't going in all the sudden there, like oh shit, everybody sphincters tighten and it fell. It felt like a Rockets collapsed, may have felt like one of those game, six game. Seven rackets games, But what are we going to read into this? But with let's just dismiss body was saying: Lamar Jackson's of fraud, and we know what that is downright reward say was saying it would seem a little by little like. This is why I'll go have Vienna Lamar Jackson like could it be one bag. I know he doesn't lighted up in the plans, but you're not
can I go out and draft a ten, a hell type right. Guy can't break two hundred yards into Games Rights, Lamar Jackson, still a nice little prize for the whole regular season end for potentially three to five, years or more. I think they need the risk were, ironically, a bunch of teams need this, including my beloved patriots, the guy who's gonna get wide open a third night yeah, that's the peace that he was missing and It didn't seem like his receivers, were open that whole game and he was forcing it into them too, but you know like basically Andrews, there's a little Hollywood brown behaviour. Brown was thing that this whole season. I think, there's some there's. You have to be at least a little concerned about the durability, their ability with them read, but he just didn't really have the play maker the team I will allow like the rockets they were suited to do, one thing really wow the caviar was, I will what happens if you guys far behind by double digits and the other team is used.
You're not running we're we're not let you do this. What else the ad and you know it. Then it comes down to all these Raina deeds. Banking catches we saw today in the sea our escape the Packers win everyone's gonna. Remember that they came through the guts to first. That back drops the first down past from Wilson at midfield, with three minutes left in that changed again. Because I would have another first down. There have been over Medfield, not second in ten, then I what happens, but all the a sudden, their punting through that Turner right, yet turnover the wide open the middle affair in the ravens had a bunch of those yesterday to so many drops is weak and that's what annoyed me most moderating cold weather so that there can be nothing at what point did you start to give up yesterday on our Ravens Chiefs, tease at what point that it is completely panic. I think here, like a twenty five yard run, or something else I got out said: that's just it they're not even close out, even if they want to
and then one of the Earl Thomas does the farm after all, Thomas's talking yeah all time. Maybe that was it right there. I thought tat. It was pretty good today. Avenue really was it evolved that much, but any time asked of me do anything. He actually did. It look like I said that pass to go up. Forty, not then that was a statement fast all right. I'm gonna take off rules for about two hours. The first touchdown it was an awesome catch by John is bad, but the programmes, are really good cause. I was watching their Daphne, I thought they're gonna throw Dj Brown been. It was definitely the coroner something he smart man he's smart down by the goal line. A tongue was outright for the patriot to go right to his side and from harbour that sets out. If he has to make to place, he makes them in any he seems to be running so slowly but I'll break free for a first time, tiptoe them down the sidelines, though. Well, let's, let's break what we usually do. A little bit quotes to guess the lines AFC right now,
I had three o three or five eastern on Sunday. It's the first game. What did I say? Adrian ass, you said eight. I said seven and it is seven and a half. So we split that chiefs by seven and a half in Kansas City. Now I can't decide, that's too hard to LE we bought was news can be around there, but is that, just if Christians is in playing. What's on his ex refer for scheduled, I like it applying highlight. I can't figure figure out be nice to find out at do you feel like it's one of those games, that titans, either win or they lose by twenty eight yeah. I kind do because what it already. So here's what we learned bright. We learned that the Chiefs Norma
what kind of lead you have on em they're not dead because of their speed, because it a quarter back Mahometan some bit runs to himself, yet they get over fifty yards. Rushing. We learn that and get up on you with Derek Henry. You don't have a prayer, so you know it's it's alien versus predator write. Something has to give, I think, seven, seven and a half, as is right, though only you make a lower than I don't think I'm ever do another tease, I'm I about just vouches retiring completely. From the two year either that a hundred fifty? That is why this is really at the like a magazine, regiments Junior, kept coming back to the box and then eventually he. Finally, stop fighting this really could be up a god. Damn they look taste in it is the chiefs yeah, what I mean, why? Wouldn't you want them to advance their to the Superbowl? If, the red and again I wasn't even blaming the college. I got Andy
did it again like well guys are dropping passes they're, not defending the past. I don't know it's fun to blame. The coach and Bill O'Brien made mistakes to show her butt Andy read now he's gotta get the nod right from making the become back. So one thing about that time and again that made me feel better, though the upset against the ravens. Did you see that stat teams to win a plan came over an opponent with five plus more regular season whence they shouted the in the game? Mystery. It's only happen four times ever until last night right. The nineteen thirty foreign affairs championship or the aid five giants beat the thirteen tuna bears. I remember we laid the points with the bears Elinor Member, that we'd tease the yet though he's the bears or re parlay them at the black box. The baron black arts, we didn't the nineteen thirty four year. That seems like some way with their yeah. I think that the agreed in our imprint her previous lives.
Before we re accommodated as it a bag neighbours the higher the Canton Bulldogs. We won the money we rolled it already. I did nineteen eighty seven f c round to vikings. Diners vikings rains have managed were thirteen, two, I watched his game with the best man, my wedding Jeff, Gala, huge Viking spin. It was the Anthony Carter game. I think he had what to do. Thirty yards rise Wade was immediately Carter. And it was a monumental upset, because this was the Niners. This was Montana rise. They ended up winning super balls in the next two years and the Viking Sue. You know you'd accurate this but had a tortured history, even back in the eighties pulling off thou and then the Giants Pats Superbowl forty, two thou in Homer six, six when difference, and then the two thousand eleven out of sea divisional, nine seven giants against the fifteen one packers. So until
yesterday Eli had two of the four five plus Windsor more upset games. Maybe that helps Hall of Fame case uttered I'd. Think so I think the fact that as big and the fact that he beat your team twice hidden, be Joe Flacket so This is the case, for us still continue to make teases fora for the Titans to ruin our tease. Yesterday, Two things had to happen that one of them as I happened four times in the history of the NFL, the other end, Eric Henry having the third state game that he had of thirty two prisoners hundred idiots. That's never happen in history, Jennifer right so who never happened? Had the full us beat us not to mention the ravens were like the fifth best team of all time by DV away. I stand by the Jesus I do in this round. First rounds different, this ram, the favorites, the home teams, the by teams sixteen and for the last twenty games, so my third
in seven against spread. But if you wanna take him straight up, there were sixteen and for another three and one after this week. So what is at nineteen? In five? That's pretty substantial Ryan Fitzpatrick sliding Doors pats up four points, four minutes, I've that only if we win were to cede Casey goes to three c. We get Casey Tennessee and ran one. Instead around three were ready, and now he had it is by you assume, Buffalo used the same result the talk through there's a lot. I love going. Why don't know who wins Tennessee Casey Round one. Are we getting round one Tennessee versus Casey near you won the super bowl? I think there the case word, Tennessee wines we get to play Houston, All the men when the ABC title getting its Derek Henry, but please had his three straight games:
and then I'll said when the super bargains Jimmy J. That's our outrage! where's Collier, eight months water cartel is gone how'd. I both feel better about the pats after this tendency. Baltimore get there fuck you. I want tendency to when you can make a point when the whole day, you make your case that the paper to the second best team, yet don't break it up. I was red able things, don't they break this out for still good and Amy lasted future chips. As I have re about rebel, my cut his penis off their Saint John, I love it. Have you the Superbowl you have to have genuine Barbara against I'd start lie right, he's gotta still be alive right. You can't kill a guy like that, can definitely not still around. But I have you had told Bela check a hefty the beat Ryan, Fitzpatrick or tat a hell to get to the conference semifinalist. I think he might have broken a smile at the you might have actually forced him to remedy. You heard here, miss opposite a grimace,
leather, crazy PIG Marriott as there three in one in the plants die? Yes, accounts, yeah, I'm tactically right. The did three and one. Now now we have this chiefs titans game again. Where there's gonna be highlights a barrier two years ago, as we light card the Johannesburg your husband, the Johnny Land, member, that at a nowhere to classic fifty our, it's all throughout the year and then just throw laid a bomb, hey, I ll, Is your crown royal watch the first off the field water break to encourage fans, the game to moderate hydrates in the game of their watching the stadium watching them in a bar have a great time and dress, and Crown just don't be that person that ruined. If or make the rack on, take a water break so who made the right called the speaker, not I'm gonna go with my frabill for not necessarily shutting the door on his. He might cut his penis off if they win the Superbowl,
He hasn't come out here and said: look I'm that actually doing this and now it's me, I must underline that strengthen dwarf end their storyline, the plants. We might have a severed penis after a super bowl in Alsace, to Crown Royal right now forever Jane is dark without a b some cold, you say I'll, walk home Philadelphia if we win the Superbowl, yet it in, and they end up doing it or kind of doing some better whatever this would be. This would be dedication right there, what? If he said, you know our promises, a promise that right like tat, but the box Edward Dowd. I now go by Michel Variable were greeted Joe Taciturn, their at one good, all God by brave all sir. Your grandfather it well. I we touched on in a little bit, but I my great call goes to the hall of Fame and Jimmy Johnson, my cat
boys mastermind behind my cowboys won in fifteen to start one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. I was calling him every name in the book, but then he went thirty, six and twelve. The next three here's to super balls and bid good teams. That's what you forget. A friend damaging talked about branch on how the steel was beat all the best teams in the seventies, buffalo bills. The early ninetys, is the best the ABC heads offer for a long time. He beats D young, sporty Niners would be bred, five, nice job- I you Jimmy Johnson them. When went down my Miami underrated Rio, there, you know instrumental in the draft gets like Jack Thomas Jason, Taylor, Patrick's, Bhutan and not first round picks it may like team propose combined and, of course he pulled off Father, Herschel Walker trend. Asia, just get the hall for that a great deal of all time, good cause
good job by you, a hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson, I'm going to go even further. I was shocked that he wasn't in our Eddie yeah. It was weird really feel like he was one of the most probably the defining coach of the ninety, so he should have instead of trying said well, duh and then just but every gun final aim is business right. Grandma remains everyone this for buses and take a water break in moderate. To stand did you do any googling. The giant free guy who gives people the whole families I didn't know: what's the story, David Baker, yeah he's six foot, nine forty pounds Right Anna, apparently he was at some point. Runnin there fell and was one of that one of the guys went. There fell stopped the fell. How old man is the arena for Bali that the ah yet another phase, nice wiggers,
but but I don't know why he's the guy he's the go to guy for these did you understand that? No, I now, I guess because he's the ceo of the prophet barf, maybe that's. Why don't they The hotel rooms, usually, I feel like something, goes on where they usually are hidden hotels, but I tweeted that this guy could be the greatest practical joke or of all time like before tee o got Nick, you go to his house and deliver pizza and he shows up at the door in the book, big blue jacket and feels like flipping out and they just hand them beats and walks away. I'm up I got to get this guy on my side, could do a lot of damage I'm going to read from his Wikipedia, for you is the presidency of Pro Football Hall of Fame Canton Ohio, his first three years of leadership of the Holly organizations, net assets, four hundred and sixty one percent. He was also a
mental and the inception of Johnson controls. Half a village and nearly eight hundred million mix use developments ran off am on November. Twenty eight to thirty seventeen Baker received the march of down sports leadership, board, hold dramatic pause Baker left as early political career after being convicted of forgery in California and became the fourth commissioner- the arena for public wait. Y yeah he started. The leg is the new order of the inner Anaheim paralysis. It's just this random house, Senate Thirnagoas Wikipedia Acute left, his early political craft being convicted of forgery in California. What the hell? What is that said so,
an edifice that calm. He was once a city council later member Vanka, California, a decision in nineteen. Eighty eight cast him out of politics entirely, while attempting to win the republican nomination for rational Seat Baker, forged a forty thousand, our Czech, he stopped payment on Czech. Soon after pretty get the charge of forged check, it was sentenced a community Airbus? Why is my favorite rancor, my favorite, bigger in the inner fell by far everyone? Has a forgery mistake the course it's fine, so now he's dead guy. So this new thing now, where they surprise the the whoever the harvest in his on the show I feel like this is gonna have a lot of legs. We just gotta, keep doing this now, while I get it it's like when they are, when the their little kid comes To throw the pitch at the triple baseball game that is dad runs out the stands it turns out his dad came back from Kuwait or wherever writer emotional. How those always get me! I love those now. It's good! Nobody love! Those nice surprise
Yet no one's gonna turn it down. That's for sure, it's better than forgery out they that much with just sign here and you're, officially inducted or don't sign I'll sign for you with him how are you the early ETA see? So, let's do today's gave first, the other guy was kind of boring Russia, Wilson, the sea Huxley Dead, the gay it looks like it may be a forty two to three thrashing and then Russia wasn't, as is Michael Myers thing, there's a he's just so so much fun when they just kind of the play book out and let him just do as thing and all the Senate seemed really really realistic- that they're gonna win. They get the stop three straight touched ads. They don't get the two point. Four, the cover which art following that was the Jerry Alexander get the word, sack and the two point: thou, and now that's done, but am but then kind of what they needed to do. The packers in the second half their defence of schemes or awful. Yet
everything they wanted pressure this guy sends it send it from the other side anything going. I have guys dropping passes. Why not? Why not do that? So they get the stop crucial first soundtrack by random receiver guy, who I didn't think that was going to come to Bob's even Toronto. Mall game end up having to punt on. Fourth, fifteen? Would you have hunted there yeah? I think you have to. I think you do, because the packers weren't doing a lot and Rogers converted to third and longs like he had to heat. He had a he had to step up to do it. There was nothing saying that they would. They were kind of like running their offense, just a fun anyway, the Packers, so I have its fourth four slash, four, five,
sorry, but for then eleven right was forty. Nine afford them. Let me the way at the Yankees like forth and twelve year, its funding that Packers team it both teams were very true to what their seizing characteristics were. The packers could never play an entire game. It was always like two and a half good quarters to get quarters, and then they would. You know they take a big lead and then, but therefore, at the gas better in the Seahawks were always behind every game. Men would always come roaring back in euros, now and then I'll listen. Now, it's an eleven point gave now it's a four point game everybody Rembrandt Seahawks, like the ok, I like all three favorites, I'm talking about our betting friends and everything like that. I, like all three favourites to win. I have to pick an underdog balance It seems lame I'll. Take Seattle, like that everyone's Seattle, but you know three.
Cigar, they lose at home to Arizona two weeks ago. They play the Sunday night game. There really get beat up for three quarters by the Niners and then end up. Rustled does is Russell, and there you know the right in it Allister's tackled at the goal line. Last week they beat up, they knocked Carson Whence and then beat Mcgown who we, it or find out is playing with a torn acl for those like flop. And does your the whole game. They were by a points there plus minus four. The year was plus seven as it's gotta catch up to them and it seemed like the packers practically the perfect. First half there that like to go up twenty one, three to the point where there even forcing Seattle to take their time out when there about the score inside the five main him use all three time out, Nay attempted along feel, go on and just when the lock room, twenty one, three a well. They have this figure it out and Doesn't air Roger look like he's board playing a game so methodical that laugh at least
They remind me when, when their cookin with gas and air Jones is go and another thing it reminds me of. Does ninety seven ninety eight Broncos teams little bit yet where you have this guy. Who was one of the two our level best Cuba is ever. Who now don't totally need, but when they do need enemies who he is right in was where I love those broadcasting aims? I thought and they probably where the best team and ninety. Soon Bruno and in their just hey maker donor right, but that that three or stretched add where throughout Davis they good receivers. Rats met the Mccaffrey,
Shannon, Sharp and then away, and whenever they needed them, he could get that thirty. Nine allows will Rogers did today. Here I will say, though, Jimmy Grams catch that clinched the game was really nice catch. We saw people drop that exact pass all weekend over that catch, but after the half, Seattle comes out scores its twenty one, ten now and then the Packers get it near thirty five and he catches like a fifteen yard past Those are two giant. Obviously the second one we remember his. I gotta go in the fact that he didn't go down. He kept chugging those legs and and brought a path The yellow stripe was phenomenal. I mean those third dying, conversions, that's the story for the backers. We know edge. Red? Did you know the Niners could have taken him in the draft? Is era yeah people were talking about it. Apparently he thought he was going there.
We had. We had him for dead, I mean maybe stepped up against his old team. Maybe that was maybe that was a big deal. It's eight. You can already feel the storylines that are going to get beaten and they got over there. Six days, Rodger San Francisco Mahomes has taken it back from Lamar, which we did middle abandon this bad is: there can re putting together the best running back, run in the history of football, but that those are all, I think, really fun supports, except for the Rogers Diners thing. That's all I get it then, without one for a while you're dumber that it's just like you rather be Jimmy G Patriots when they passed on Roger It was not a slimmed down by any means, they even as bad as like Lamar drop in a thirty second, I thought that was like more agreed. Yes, but you know been. Nobody like lost their minds when Rogers. It was more a case of everybody at a quarter back and they are certainly just kind of
You understand, he grew up in northern California, have not allowed to pass on a railway compressed air it out Smith that just had like just good enough of a career that it's not like her a great through Gregg Odin Kevin there. I think exactly so also, then the other game, the first game at the weekend, the Minnesota seems to go game just played a really really well that that was the best start to finish. Performance by anybody are weaker, see. You look for the games where I'd so one of these I teams or resolve several them- are going to come out, slow and sloppy and other teams going to have momentum. It was just the opposite. The Vikings look, tired and the 49ers are so physical yeah. They beat him up now they were in for a second, I was seven nothing and then digs a touchdown. You thought they were going. Third there in pick on that guy Witherspoon? The whole time goes on.
Throne- and he headaches- and it was tied- but after that nothing seven. Russia's fourteen yards in the first half of the Vikings their destroyed seven or eight three nights, people had been talking all week about out. The banks are a good match for the Niners, because they can never pass rush without actually having to blitz, and then you could feel it in the game and they can get whatever pressure they wanted with that. You have just any for guys, sometimes five and read, and they made cousins uncomfortable the whole thing that was brutal, that they made the Vikings play that game like five and a half days after them. Scam. Well, how do you do it, though, that now I know I just I gave somebody get screwed up at every year and this year was them, but that that was a tough one near like the sadder
get the this week schedule set exactly when the playoffs came out here. We we knew the seating, so you didn't expect the vikings to win that it up yeah, it's it's that they weren't supposed to play them as the problem, but you also would not supposed to say you like that after every win, I think we should talk about you like for a second, because the downside to you like that is you have to win the Superbowl. If you're gonna forget it throws I'm out like that, because air then some line. Men for the forty Niners is going to say it in a locker room after the game to rally the troops and you're. Gonna. Look like a fool. You know what I mean is up major when the Super bowl Kirk cousins. If you're going to throw you like that around, do you feel good about Jimmy G heading into next round yeah, I kind of do I just think that, It is so good. You could hide it now. It through the interception was a bad pack and I don't love when he
play action, doesn't go through the progressions and throws to guide its triple covered most time, it's kittle, but they're, so much trickery and their off and you know they're running their running plays, and then you still have the wide receiver in motion on a jet sweeping outline backers having to worry about so much. I think Jimmy G got the the nervous came out from under him and I think you're gonna be ok. I am I a faint hopes. Fur no heading into the weekend and I really didn't like the site that much is weak and I didn't was dubious that I can do the foreign out, but I had the vikings by seven march in the pre game and they do the whole feature with the Shan hands parents in there. They showed him in the sweet late. The whole Shan had found was, as I got my gathered. Alice's came out. I just had a vibe yeah just had a feeling that feeling
The shown as Anko his colleague the Kurds, shilling stitches. It's, U s a disaster, it just head, it just had the makings, but then, when they hit things in their touch tat, it was seven seven there were signs alive, but then by even by half them they're down foreign, it just didn't feel right. It found my guy, you know it. They fight their headed for rough second half, especially the most complete aimed for Non one, our gender back. That just adds to it. Like they're, going to be as far as it's going to be such a different matchup for the packers. Where is you're not going to worry about Jimmy G down ten in the fourth quarter, making a Russell Wilson type come back on. At least that's not going to be a priority, but they grinder out enough that you're, not even in the get if marriage is not even in the game in the fourth quarter. Well, it's to guess the lads in San Francisco. It's the lake game have no idea what the weather situations can be. I put this in the vague zone. I had simply Cisco by five over Green Bay. There aren't, I said, for we turn on the
game, the actual line San Francisco by seven. So you win the week while which makes it seven weeks to seven weeks and six are tied. So we go the Superbowl, seven, seven, six, that's pretty excite! Only macro may not really exciting, but this is closing. I said before the asking my penis off. If I was able to be you, oh, I didn't know that now I think I didn't say that that would be really know reset after leaving without having to? I know right, even even saying five. You know I really wanted to. I I thought if you, remove the Rogers and their Green Bay being of kind of a public team. All that stuff I thought San Francisco should be favoured by seven, but I thought the Rogers thing would be worth an extra two right. But it wasn't well. I may I guess you go by who impress you more because a Niners wore a seven point favoured over the Viking sulphur to remain:
that way. You basically saying the same team has come into play. You you know before they before the actual game at play. I really like this manners team to the worst thing that guy for them is that I have a huge Superbowl bet on them at plus three. Seventy five that read the biggest detriment of their hopes right now. Maybe they gonna arrogant, maybe it'd take some of that office. Some attic, Minnesota, plus seven. I really have to stop making my pigs on Thursdays just pick: one theme go forwards, finches, that's it just right! Wallets routes on I'm Sammy, let's route for the Niners to all you can you can't really roof for them? Now, that's ever think of that Jimmy Jake well, you're, really talking about Jimmy Chief if, if he wins, that's like a patriot one this about how I get to brag about it, we are giving out. You know, there's a guy now tell you he's right! He's right: Are you crazy, I think you're, the only two patriots fans who feel that way. That's that's stupid. Due to report he's he's one of us he's rumour guys, but the
as one of would have been one of you. If you didn't you, let him go alone, I'm Niners deaf! We would have been one of you who will ever forget, Malcolm Butler, the incredible interception that wins as the Superbowl and they cut the Brady jumping up and down jumps over for the hug and Brady completely spurns. Go hug, Josh materials right as when we know that radio get rid of you and other members who have always been were hug worthy yeah. He was always other women in the marriage, while he's the EU is the new Who was a little too hot? Keep the house prairies we in Europe Danny. I don't know like this is like gum. What do I want to say here that this is like became Well, I feel like lines. It could be crass now it's like Charlie sheen rooting for what what's his name. The me more husband, the one every place pontoon ass men
I got to know is why body under the name, shells acknowledge, etc, etc. What I asked in culture I'd so what's take a break, then I want to do what the most fun Superbowl they we have Clemson now as you facing up to the national championship, vandal sports, but given the chance to get an even bigger win when you bet on this game, sat up with promo code, champ
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be twenty one plus physically present in in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. First wage early bonus issued a non retrial beside credit that expires seven days after seat terms, apply minimum wonder money lying wager MAX. What is your fifty dollar bonus gambling problem call when an hundred gambler or in Indiana COD, eight hundred and nine with it? Okay, we four teams left. We have the chiefs at one hundred and ten, with the 49ers of one hundred and seventy we're the packers at plus six hundred and fifty, and we have the titans at plus. Eight hundred should say United House had a lot of dialogue on the titans at six hundred and thirty one before the playoffs start, and we did. For me, you had a lot of dialogue and I said I'd like that. I, where you guys laughed at me, you talk me out of it. A wireless, the house ever listen the house that the real life life, but a hum, but there were six
First, let's go: what do you think the league would want the most chiefs? I think Fox as the game, and I know for sure they want they want chiefs forty nine hours over chiefs, Packers yeah, not not by a tonne Do you think the league would want the most chiefs, I think Fox as the game, and I know for sure they want. They want chiefs. Forty nine hours over Chiefs, Packard yeah, not not by a ton but she's forty nine hours is, is a better of marketing wise. I think they could do about it. We do well that so she had that's. Obviously, second chiefs backers, so Chiefs Packers Friends it stay farm would be the most excited about baby inside, but you know what the also with the chiefs backers and I fell. One hundred you can make a big deal out of that was the first Superbowl right. Oh yeah, you got all that. They consider that a forgot about that yeah set out by the State Farm Superbowl right chiefs, forty Niners.
That's why I there's some Montana staff Montana would have to go to the Superbowl now be interviewed, who you rooting for no armoured from liners. That's my day moments whether your default, in that game. Right. Yet the word of the forty nine is causes the costs the chiefs now before it has a super boring. It just says the patriots out. You see where work I feel great about next year, where I have to say this. I know you gettin Brady back again break the mould and finally spend money on a free age. I knew I asked in hookers available in the Hunter Henry and got in Amari Coopers along shopping receivers out. There too. I think you ve actually do the right thing and refine with the twenty. Third peck near
you have. The league doesn't take that away from you for cheating miserably again, yet you have a twitter, but will you know the fake aid? Is the hidden secrets ass to why we didn't make ran to the share that what it is you cause if there's no deflate gate? First of all, we get the first rail package, then two thousand fifteen, who would remain in his fourth year and who would have an awesome for us, so we lose that guy then break suspended for games, who start three of them and looks awesome. Jimmy J now we can keep em now Jimmy Jesus at twenty million here because he looked awesome. These three games, because good, does jackass interest here and because guys cheat there. This is basically the fake eight would create the supervisor Cheapside or so I get right. That's the flagship, all it's beautiful, irreligious within
So then the other funding would be the anti red part of it if any red actually made the super boys never made it with. The charging urgently is never one simple and made a once. He, the classic, dynamic, that ten minute Dr Bright gets the pats. I was never nervous and during their game. Just in case you were renewed momentum. Last her allowance look than that game like I just came with a broken leg leg and your yeah right. So what's your worst case scenarios superbly fraud. Are the enemy Titans Niners is the least interesting. Quarterback lies right, that's what you could make the Derek Henry Castel your Blue in the face, but that those quarterback shared out you'd only want to ship afghan, but those that titans actors who just be weird thou, be like the year when the tides and the rams or the Superbowl we rarely new the rams. At that point they just had the audience. Erin was at bucks. Game was eleven dissident Mcnair and at your drawing on a theme Frazier was outweigh the titans dead, but though it was just, there was just to new, too
games that we have a history with either them really. There was a weird ear fell right on the spread, so I don't have the Superbowl match up odds? Well, you could just do a parlay team. Second part the championship. I mean, I mean that the southern Chiefs Niners is a little less than even on its right since about seven point: ferrets Niners, plus one. Seventy still looks like a great back to me. I had to have them three. Seventy five, but. I think that the best it now looks fine in a way that the only team like I noticed TAT say that the chiefs are great against the run. Now, since weeks, eight I'm not confident that they're gonna stop. There can read the Niners, I think, could stifle the stifle me like a hundred twenty five yards. Will then there, the other funny part would be. If the Titans made the Superbowl in the games of my main, it's ten I'll come back to my earlier. I hilarious nuts,
again we gave up on this guy. Anything else we recover, That's it I mean you're looking at it, you know that's that tightened be the ravens other patriots. I mean there was a time like than the first five weeks. I'm saying to you, like I love to see odds on chiefs. Patriots FC championship is no way it's gonna, be anything else and I suppose I was wrong about that too. Before we act, corner. Can you just talk? I don't wanna do give lock into big of a blood but just a terrible turnover For that show at this tendency tides, I don't want to give it any kind of blood. Amid this is awful. I really don't want to go to a one, the chair, the crown, and I still want to go to work because this it's the way case scenario, because you have Clay Travis, who I work with he's from Tennessee is allowed mouth and all we did for weeks and weeks and weeks is talk about how Lamar Jackson's bad and he's not.
Last year, and as you know that this is not a guy, they should be drafting it up. We call could read between the lines and then to beats Lamar Jackson right, the hell's goin on, and he was calling it all. We got your show all week. He called it. Yeah yeah canneries wherein the white. Did you see that White Alfred? is wearing he sent from the heavens all this stuff. That's gonna go for another week in a better, not go for another two weeks after that, I do feel. Like I didn't know, enough about Derrick, Henry's, incredible high school past, he might have been the greatest high school football player of all time. Did you see his there's stats of his where he rushed for like four thousand yards, or something is some crazy number, but his after the quarterback, when it was like four thousand gave. We gave clay shed for bringing up high schools that The girl like that matters and well, it seems to me that woman they showed those old clips. It looked like the fast times Ridge, my high, whereas forest, where the carriages demolishing everybody
those barriers that play they ran? I thought was one of the great goal and plays and recent memory I will do tat. I loved it so much the jump pass I feel like is almost as success. Was the braided Kubi snake, its second most successful about them. I can't remember now working I mean, is the equivalent of a bootleg and if you jump high enough and you don't throw a dock, three yards, that's good right. I, let's outlets
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For the next step by your local car max for details, discover how easy buying a car a climax, can really be solved before you take the force should mention the you son, one, a metal addressing event this weekend in there's also footage on your wife's instagram of of him actually finishing off an opponent of the most exciting Tibetan. It's random quite some time. Well, I that's the be stored and my parent corner. I want me, let me tell you the aged or sell couple weeks ago last week. My son notifies made that my told us that I don't usually talk about him because he listens to parent corner got a lot of downtime is on bus install the add ons wrestling meet any lessons, so I'm careful also the other two such little terms that I don't even have to talk about their soda devious. So I don't usually make a big deal out of the older one, but last week he tells Bay and I watch football with memory weak.
My fit my fourteen you're off the ninth grade and he says: hey I'm not coming to football. The sun does what he would he talking about is a guy go my friends to see frozen. To know your dad. We just watch seventeen which to football. You too, Mr Play offs, are frozen. To is a year. I have plans at set. As what are you talk? Let us create an ape. Like starts get mad at me. I like her. I try and build a frozen to its fine. Go with your friends as I did then make any sense to me than the next a ah Zaka, so that Sunday, suddenly Thursday, I over here I'm telling my wife that he wants to bring a girl that the house on Friday and that he didn't go to frozen to his friends. He went with his this girl and I was like relieved and confused, because we had not heard about any kind of girl or anything. And now it's like, oh, my god, I'm way to immaturity Nonetheless, I have a million jokes going through my head. What am I gonna say
You may ask you don't tell me, you love a whole bunch of terrible terrible advice, and my wife is a you better. Get your shit together. You got at you. I know you can't handle this as what are we gonna? Do we have to leave the house like now? We should leave the house scruples, an only child. The whole thing we got. We have to be in the house, but in the same room is them. So we we do that. I made her she's very nice there, they're, watching what there was largely up on the couch or something and my youngest one Harrison goes down to get water and snuggled up next to them. The now again text from him, ok, K, call Harrison, get him act Harrison comes up. I asked him to stimulate how they were sitting it seemed. A cosy. My wife is getting mad at me. The next day today,
he says: hey, I have a basketball game, but I'm not going to football with you afterwards same thing is, with the sparrow very sad to me very sad me bill Simmons, I lost. I lost my football buddy to a girl, but he going to do. Isn't it if the abruptness that hurts the most yes, yes, I went for the same thing with with Zoe who, every week now, every weekend, the boyfriends over at least one of the days but yeah it's just we eat we basically get dumped. Right. It's like they broke up with us to date. Somebody else, even though we were dating and my wife feels worse cuz. It hurts like hell, no one's good enough for my son. You got that thing going for a I'm. Just like I lost I need to know. I need my body think I have to adopt a fifteen year. I need a new football buddies. I'm going to check my fantasy lineup. So I'm going to check my daily fantasy. Stop someone! I could talk to you, know twenty four hours a day about football, and so, if anyone's available a new football buddy we had to Saturday to Saturday night before this
we're all play a monopoly and nervous like the first found. We'd hung out as a force. Some my daughter just spent like two of the last days of the boyfriend, and was play. Monopoly didn't really want to hang out with ass was I got her phone at the time and I just flew off the handle, I was thought was like out of a movie. I was so manner. I was like you know. What this is. You never want to hang out with us So you're about your phone and your boyfriend and it's in your terrible now. I can't believe out there, but I'm just going off honour and she's upset, but then she's like your you read and write and then she is supervised for like for a while. Yet then, like Sunday say, hey can I watch both you and it was just that appear- gas, neglected us for five minutes, but they ve taken just and also the wrestling being so ok, so he had five matches before met this girl over five get flattened like four times this week. He wins
Dual made against Santa Monica Wednesday then comes in fifty one story matches and ornament than in Santa Anna wow Work Simmonds. It works this testosterone thing unbelievable. Crazy. You do. I have the brows verse, the before host conversation, I we. Your target value. Nobody's got enough for your life with the sun, yet now that we have a window and what it's like, when somebody's dating this child, that you basically You know your weapon there ass for two years in your designing them in every country, and then they they are the sun or tall a net, and then you get up, but can you imagine how terrible it be if they several then somebody that everybody hated gap with Europe, why it destroys families when, when somebody has the wrong pick for sure yeah
get the wrong draft pick times a thousand times better. Yet well for my parent corner. We talked about my son and his Amazon stuff last week, right. Well, it turns out. He had some money left on me after you, ve stiff get so my wife gets upset because there's my it seems like a Michael Jackson. Poster was one of them. He ordered three things. The first one was Michael Jackson Poster and my wife was like. I dont understand we watched at documentary with him. He should know, and it turns out it was. It was Michael, Michael Jackson, vinyl there is that the second.
Seems like STAR spangled banner, sweat pants, but then this is the best one. He ordered a gold cross. That is a baseball bat. The go across a baseball bat which apparently he's now could be wearing all the time because his his wrapper, but also play baseball. So he need to go to Facebook but so does were his last three Amazon purchase. That's pretty inventive I'd say is very good, so they do everything we that is he's been plain matting kayo with this friend he made on mine. And no idea this person's forty five years it off, but he claims is twelve. Any claims is facing the person now and it's a kid, his his age, who's in northern California.
And, and they play Batting Kayo together. And this is the extent of their relationship I was like, so you think you guys would like ever actually meet is like now. Why would we ever meet? We just play Madden? I don't understand this next generation. I have a lot of fear and concern Well, this is what kids do it's know I would we ever meet. Why would I do that? Then? We will want to see because they know that Now they drew the first time in the house. Sir AIR email or text in the house right strange types. It is bizarre Archie Enzo. We both with both with dump both of us. That's it. I know this should be. The season I could say her bare corner. I think this is a sound at their kids back there, two months apart. The dual began work together. Basically-
yeah. Actually I was going through. My wife's birthday is coming up trying to find some photos and I sent some good ones, and I found there's just a slew of photos of all of our kids in the bathtub from I'm going to say, so in archer, probably too, for an envy and then Jack and Banner, like babies, and for some reason we decided to have them on the bathtub. Those goods has taken a taken up, a bath the my last time I get washed her. What would he have to for this week? Ah, what are we able to block it? Monday, through Friday, four hundred and thirty to five hundred and thirty eastern. I am the king, but it's mostly going to be clay, Travis bragging stall odds Wednesday, the general trifecta I break down the to champion games Buzz. I think I'm having Dana White on don't be jealous, but I think I'm having my real on and talking about. Macgregor I've never had a man, you have a really I've, never had a money. You know what I'm gonna put in a good word for you now
we have made that you can. You can have on the table, I ok we're you. Wanna is Macgregor this weekend. The ads as we again Seven hundred and fifty four over a year right, it's been a while, but he still favorite still have a three hundred three hundred and fifty favorite. You know I need to come out against all odds at some point. Cuz there's some NBA gambling stuff to discuss. No, really it's pretty wide open right now. I actually think there's there's some opportunity for some some future bets. Alright people people are pretty confused by just everything. That's happening in basketball right now, and the clippers are starting to look like they might act,
how to make a trade or something else. That's one wildcard. You don't think it's enough that they beat the Lakers twice, that they don't really care that they're. If your games back are the clipper fans, I know, are freaking out, they don't think they're big enough for the playoffs and truly got that yet the twenty slash, twenty the championship, odds they're still, the favorite opposed to fifty Lakers, also, two hundred and fifty bucks plus three hundred and twenty five rocket pub phone Denver, one thousand five hundred and one south one thousand eight hundred and one Philly one hundred and eighty one,
fairly soft I'm sick. I M ready enough Dallas thirty one hears the one, that's actually to you tat. Thirty five to one of my aim is forty one there's a pretty good K. State Utah should not have thirty five to one adds and they should actually be. Like twelve point worth, I think they started at thirty thirty five to one right now than they. Then they got back down as the my kind they trade, but then they want like tonnes in the moonlight night at last year, so they started Pretty rocky kindly was terrible, kindly gets hurt, they find their stride. When he's out of the light up any kind of figure what their identity is and they made a good trade. The trailer for Jordan Clarkson will scoring off the bench, but I think I think it's way more wide open than people think and if you could have a team that could potentially make the finals at thirty thousand five hundred and twenty one they're tough matchup for the
Brazil is, does the glare her son, while the he your heat loss to the next tonight, I'm pressure. So yet I was rough. There are damaging to make my love to talk about the oft I'll check with gonna save there's time. Maybe income of cars are good job, I'm good bio thanks to zip recruiter, thanks to simply safe, comprehensive enterprise level security for your own home. If there's breakin submissive uses real video evidence to give peace, an eyewitness accounts of the crime, a cautious, fifty cents a day go to simply saved dotcom. Such bs. Today,. Get a free simply save security, camera normally hundred hours, voted in its free, be captured, crucial evidence for the police and get three or four percent faster dispatch, simply saved dotcom. Slash bs! Don't worry about book basque by two point: OPEC as regiment were going up
Monday night and don't forget about all the great stuff on the region. I come when pack has now we're thirty later in the week one way.
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