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Rehashing the Jimmy G Trade With Mike Francesa and Bill’s Dad (Ep. 310)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by New York radio legend Mike Francesa to discuss the leaked news regarding the New England Patriots trading away Jimmy Garoppolo (2:10), evaluate Jon Gruden’s imminent return to the NFL (18:45), debate the likelihood of Bill Belichick taking another job (23:30), and give their NFL picks for this weekend (36:33). Then, Bill calls his dad to get a Boston resident’s perspective on the Patriots story (48:10) and the Celtics’ dominant season thus far (61:45).

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France S. I think we're com, my dad first project every Friday throughout the play, ass, the hibernating New York City radiology, like France, ESA planning his next move. We don't know what it is yet right now you can give us picks and talk about Jimmy G with me. How I, fine? Well read the Florida golf courses now open the brutal cold of the naughty just terrible, but will have the player to warm cockles in my heart. So I'm looking forward to that and I'm glad we finish the season on a winning note, plus when I
Emoji Lock came through as we told you, the rams were going to tank and a tank, and it didn't even work for them. It's it shows your. It doesn't work. The taking rams did not get what they wanted, they tanked and it still didn't work out because they did not get what they wanted. They did not want to go. A soda. They did not want to have the play off set up the way they are set up bow, but it just shows it doesnt work out the way you design it, but more than that Jimmy J P did something that has never ever been accomplished before by anybody in this week, and that is, he may finally be the person who took down by every report took down the patriot. But now we are into all kinds of intrigue, all kinds skulduggery about trade and bad though it deals in and whether or not whether we have anything less than the dynasty. So this must be a very tough guy view. I just wonder about the room. We want five superboss and we were in the gravy stretch of this all the sword.
Maggie experience headline was, you know: could this be the beginning of the end of the dynasty in these forty bell checks fifty five and craft. Seventy six, like we kind of news, gonna head this way, the part The part I didn't understand a witch, No sense to anything that has happened in the last seventeen years is: if com I've told belgian, to trade. Jimmy G, which is what this story basically says that As fly with anything, this happened. They need time had been found. The belgic patriots craft is never told Belgic. What to do Do you believe that part of the story? I find it hard to believe I do know that something happened because they loved grapple out. Everything we heard was how much they loved grapple. They had found their future and you knew that Tom thought he would play forever. Danone thinks he's gonna live forever. Tom thinks he's gonna play forever, which is something that Bela checks always board. Quarterback
with their forty, which is the conventional wisdom in the NFL yeah. It's always been. The conventional wisdom Annie hasn't play great this year. You know what is an amazing thing he's done enough in his very weird NFL fees and before the bp, but let's be honest, balanced stretch. He has not been great guy. You know he he's done enough to win these games, but he has not been Brady like a lot of these games, I grant he has shown his age and some of these games. He really has, especially whenever anybody is put any pressure on them, but if that's what you would expect from a quarter His age, you would expect the thing you seeing the thing that is so what is so intriguing here is what you said is that woodcraft imposes Will for Tom with Tom go to craft, yes, but we have to impose its will on Bela check or with our other things at work here like Bela check, moving on or something like that will have to wait and see Was it got very weird? I dont believe that's all
We also believe they ever offered him the amount of money that has been quoted in the story, a backup getting that does. That would have the time that he's the future, which would have driven car tom, crazy. All that stuff about com and grab low is predictable. Just like it was with money, yeah baby? All these guys, don't wanna, see or help their net guy when they saw the real guy show up. My young showed up Montana knew what it was. Oh bullshit, upbraiding. Oh, what a lousy, though, is the guy The guy that get replace me and that's what caused the pension but get between are betraying a trainer quote again, Father seen, the tray is small that painters. Ok, the real crux of the matter is here is that Brady finally saw his replacement in flesh and bone well engineer him being gone. Is another question if thou a crucial part of this once upon a time, Brady was Jimmy grapple. Oh yes!
he learned gone yeah. I think he's never gotten over being replaced by drew. Hence in Michigan ever seen. It phrase never gotten over that scar, his whole life. It's actually driven him. It's actually, whereas you're the Brady phenomena made a war according made, him go from being the worst bodied quarterback the ever come to an end, a pill trick ass. Ever I know guys who did that one of my best friends in a world that is people Brian who is family. He was well worth looking quarterback prospect. I ever gave a physical to any became family because he worked any lifted any did everything added ill and through a thousand passes a day, any became calm. Brady was driven by that failure driven by that pension, and it made him who he was it's it's. What drives him today? Brady is driven, but you know what anyone who accomplishes anything is driven by being driven is what makes to accomplish. Brings red and blue
and having an ego is one of the reasons that you becomes personify. The taught me many many years ago, when I was a young kitty such show me. I want that, doesn't have an ego and I'll show. You bear down limits. A theory that basically a twist of what we read in their peace, because don't believe craft. How Bell check to trade. I just don't believe it. Bela check would do it. I think you'd rather quit over, do some because the owner told me to do that and by the way this is how craft got into trouble twenty five years ago the parcels and learned his lesson, and he was always after that. You know I hire them. People they do. They think here's what I think happened and at the end I do think Belgic realised that he had to trade Jimmy for a variety of reasons. I think we had talked about it before that back in April, when had a chance to trade on he's. Looking the finish line with Brady he's looking at next fifteen years potential with grapple, who everybody thinks he's gonna be really get in, who prove that he was really good and
who is basically took the wait and see approach and give this one more year. I expected it's probably have some nutrition and Eventually, this move towards Jimmy G being the guy here's the problem with that first of all, as you said, Brady New two thousand when he knows what it's like to be the other guy. But then your second, you know Brady's forty years old, He's also has nothing in common with. Basically anybody in the locker anymore he's much older than everyone else on the team, except for maybe two or three guys. Jimmy g learn from him he's in there every day he's first gotta leave first gotta show a blast gotta to leave just like Brady was he's hanging out with the offensive lamb and just like Brady's, due in two thousand to he said on top the receivers all the time just like braided id. Brady's, a mass of Celebrity Brady's. Doing that. He be twelve thing he's in and out he's ease sickly kind of ascended the team. He almost became too famous to hang out with these guys day in day out, and I think,
Apple is really starting to win the lack room over in my theory, is that this was really starting to bother Brady in the rear. Embellish check made this trade was because craft told him too. He saw that there is a real lacquer and problem that was brewing and, as you know, from ballot Jack Time, there's a problem any time he see something that he thinks it can affect the team, the seas. The Superbowl Chase, whatever he cuts it he gets rid of it and he obviously looked at this and thought that he had the trade Jimmy when he did when you think that their
I think this a lot of points that are probably good. I dont know if he would, if he D, try to keep them at all from the already could live with one that Brady couldn't have lived with and whether or not he swore I'll take Brady short term versus grapple a long time. I dont know if Bela checked thinking one term anymore. I dont know what he's thinking about the future, so I can answer that bought it fascinating. What happened here? What we do know is he thought he had a guy who could become a top then player. We all know that, as I heard that long before you ate them meeting, we knew that everyone knows who knew anything about was coming out of their how good they brought the kid was. Then they had passed on many deals because they want to keep them. Then they wound up giving him away. We thought because get turned down a contract which was bigger than we ever thought could ever have been offered to. Never boy was anything like what the rumours are still don't know that accurate seems to be debated and rude Danzig whom, within it where I point out to be extreme- the amount of money but bottom line
from there it's fascinating. I agree with a lot of stuff need, always always had a relationship with China had he said at the Shan he sent them suddenly. Now I think that approach do. You also did make up with the court's over so that a part of that with Bridget who is like food processors and adviser Brussels is as handle the kids finances which idol of people realize he handles the kids money. He handles everything that kid does so that worked with that. That book error that and then I didn't know which I learned of the story and I did notice- I met it- I did know it but the commissioner. I was not aware that you know the commission, I don't have a relationship, so I wasn't gonna hear it and Belgic I own a relationships. I wasn't gonna hear from either the particularly I didn't know. I knew how bad the rift was. I didn't know they admitted that fence. These were, commissioner, probably got there
You don't have a lot of friends. We finally went out. I found one who had been one of his big enemies and I gather they made up well coyly according to the story they made up. I never heard that before so I didn't know that they had made up, and I know how bad the rift was, but maybe they did. I don't know you know, maybe maybe next in line with the commission, it was gonna make up with all the guy these aids- or I don't know, but the bottom line is beyond that. Listen to me very much be ahead of me on less so maybe you gonna get a call, but I was surprised by that. There were a lot of fascinating things, not all those. Things have to be true, but that that when I read that story, the thing I thought More than any of the information was pulling this because that's an inside leak, The question is this three camps: the belgian camp doesn't usually weak, but businesses, often there that is
really stop that is inside belch, I'd like to get an aircraft, but definitely weak Brady could weak Europe alone. I don't think has a camp yet these problems, so I say Brady, probably not, I'm think I'm Lookin Bela check the crab. I leave goods. The craft camp weaken that story I'm not just leaning there all the way there, because the person who is conspicuously missing from this entire story was Jonathan Craft, who I You know he's been on this past. I like the guy. He just wasn't in the story, and anybody has been around the patriots knows that the moment oh Jack steps down. Jonathan craft is gonna, run this team so I will look at these. Things went when stuff gets leak like this. Who has them? the game and I would the accomplishment of the story. The accomplish inventory took our basic. We took the tool of the three headed
wait craft out at basically cook shots at both of a well bred, but then it also made it seem like the crafts were on the Brady side in Brady's. Only I live in Canada abruptly, I think, was yet the objective. This story was our golden boy. We want him to be around for the next five years and we did what we had to do to protect, that in the coach didn't like it, but we made him do it anyway, which makes me think that too some of the big leaguer the story, but his old and boy doesn't have five years. That's what people an idle! I know he thinks he's gonna live forever. I know you
this guy he's train of who has been banned now by Bela check here. You know they have a network there ready to put forward. We all know that the time is gonna have a fitness wet work with his wife. Everybody knows that already. Ok, everyone already knows that he be twelve, is gonna, be a programme deal from networks the apt to everything else. That's that part of the plan here and that might be even between car more than than football, is Org equally right now we all know that he be twelve thing, is a big part of his life than he had ever make upon a network in an app and everything else. Palm doesn't have five years left. I've seen slippage this year from the great Brady I've seen it. I've seen it on a feel. So as Bela check so is Mcdaniel, it happened. You can't fight I'll, get how many vegetables you eat. You can't fight father time between them. But what do you do if you, the patriots in this situation, because I know it never totally, sat right with me how the manners and of Montana who had thought until the fur
thirty years. My life was the greatest quarterback I ever saw. The greatest quarterback of all time and again now on the page, you say, and so I had to go, but I thought I saw a period patriot bans by voting without Annabelle one. I just think he is because he was perfect in the big game. He really was there, but leave them second, we ve seen slippage doesn't have five years. Where did they go? Try to play com for five more years that are becoming very they'll, do without their coach and they will not win. They will not happen. Is it do you feel some sort of responsibility for the fact that these guys had the greatest groom any quarterback ever in any for Bob wherever anyway? they keep playing any view craft in disguise the number one reason or the note one, a reason why you? What are those superboss and he wants to keep my Alan and Belgium- was to be there
the blame Bob crafted agent, you say, you're saying I just want to point out that you are doing right now is a good thing that you have to learn in football for poor and winning separate when you bring in sentimentality If you talk no one said, I lost the three sees it, because I could not port from the guy's a one for Superbowl yeah. With the biggest mistake, I ever made If you want to do that and be a sentimental, you'll pay the price and paths and Belgium belgian I dont think as many sentimental bones in zero sentimentalize. That problem is reaching the end of the line yeah you know. We lived through this as south advance with with buried Mcdonald, Irish in early nineties, where they had a hung on to end the hardest thing in the world by two when iconic wire. It's the hardest thing to do in any meeting in any sport is to say goodbye to your iconic figures, but they never out. No one wins against me
against the type and Tom only that, despite our many vegetables or how many things ladders trainer whispered in his ear, it's not going to work on your seeing it already Tom listen he's been still can make the big play. He still makes the great dry the bill parents it up and afford or look at the dealer drive as a perfect example the logo, although the tide in really bail them out, o one throw that was in the dark, but other than that, you made some great trouble Dr Com is still great when the games on the line, what day in day play in play out. He thought the show was a little bit now Canadian planted through one more year, but he's like it through five more years, Niagara but a minute offended for one. Second, I think a lot of this patriots regular season was just bout getting Brady in Graphic specifically to round to have it
he took care, is body in ways that I've never totally seen him do it in the regular season I just getting rid of when he was gonna, get hit chicken down as fast as good things, I'd age is never did stuff like that as consistently as issue and groggy sought. They never aunt rock over the marrow, unless they absolutely I do and when they had that boy strategy and May day what we are and they protect the cabman without them cause they came on what they thought. We all know it and the other thing we bring it has been now they came on defence, but the other thing with Brady is this was the first year and like twelve years, whereas that is trusty, sly receiver, united in every man. No tray brown, obviously now know is how God was beneath passing game that he had what he has, but was a running back was become a star, yes, whose the best running back his head, probably since Thou Comest STAR in the last five six games, these become an absolute star, so this double fascinating. The watch will do a lot of, perhaps in the weeks to come to things right now. I'm gonna give you one ear. Group was gonna, be
name. The head coach in Tuesdays, ok, yeah, comic; ok, it's when we all know was coming up. What happened was the rate is that he was. He was talking to the box and the re to step in, and a book said when I get into a bidding, more to finish, second pillar raiders and jumping and underrated jumped in, and you know it was When do the raiders, let me say this very hard to come back and the only coach currently active, and only two of them in his that I would hire whoever ready want Superbowl. They are the worst by sports. No one was ever want to. Superbowl has ever one another one with another theme. Most of the time there were ten years or bad guys come in I can only flop much more than that.
Succeed and I'm telling you right now: Brunetta quarterback, which is a huge plus. You got a good court, but not a great quarterback people jump the gun on him, a great quarterback, but I've gotta go back, but I'm telling you grew those returned to the league will be far more rocky. Think people wrote a. I wrote I for a ringer for the ringer of saying after you super the Superbowl five hundred for the next five years and then did tv for the next night. I have no idea what people think he's gonna be good, come back, tonight. If you look at the time a second time around does not work now, someone said to me Would you hire belgic? I would because Bela check has broken every every exception and reserve the right to go to
all the time, and if I were the team I would hire and because I think he's that good eddies, that single minded of purpose, so I would hire him, but I would not higher any body else right now who is active? Who has won the Superbowl? Who is who is young enough? please parcelled out. Why I myself, but anyone else I would not higher should a one which Seattle we got screwed net Superbowl, the worst initiate a game of all time should want. It would have been the first and the only guy to everyone with two themes puzzles obviously had closed calls. He didn't do it, no one has ever done it and I don't think brood mobility there, I think rudeness day will be very rocky. For male is the only success story. I remember from somebody disappearing and coming back and actual real success.
The only true gets look I'll give came back and games was a great coach and he didn't get at twenty came back. It didn't work goons, but out a long time. I know people think he talked of a call back said he did. This out is tat what he has been out a long time that will absolutely hurt. Now before we get the pigs yeah, I got one movie. I saw this week. Yes, it rained one day and palm Beach, so we went to the movies all alone, in a world. Have you seen it? It is the only one I haven't seen Cosette and get his highness worried, and let me say this first of all what, with my wife, if I may, to let my kids were not yet supposed to see all, but I looked it up and accept. I didn't want him look at the one bad scene in the movie which I'm not gonna, give away. That was all bloody, but other than that. This is a start. Of course, the Getty kidnapping, which is a real, a real story that happened.
We all know that time getting the richest man in the world played by Christopher Plumber, who hands bound when the Academy award this is the man were handed down when you got me working road. Ninety everybody loves you remember. This is a guy who was the wrong trap, patriarch in the sound, the music singing Edelweiss fifty sixty years ago, and was the hot throb of Hollywood I'll be no carnal. Bonn trap. You know in the sound music, which is an icon, it will be every kid grew up on and now here is the years later, playing this role and when it acts loosely when it could not does the role that the atom replay for spacey them out of the movie rights plumber in a will win hands, bowed great, well active We have a lot of levels. Pebble stole the movie boobies. Fifty minutes along like movies, are they don't arable? These wait too long, but solid movie
give it a good be wasn't today, because it was fifty minutes. Go along well acted, improbable when he Academy award Many do to see ladybird insane and thread because those are going to be the two big ask and containers I haven't. I put any and all the movies because I must say, a Baltic Sea after members I get em. So I will. I will try to see those I haven't looked at any of the movie yet I also saw the coming attractions, but the time your Harding I attach here you know nothing. You re Janni is greater. I've always liked her from the West wing will see. They say she's great, that movie. When I have two questions for you, ruins of the pigs. One do, you think, there's any chance in Hell. The belgian goes to the giants. I would be gone. Developed the next go to the giant. I've been asked that five times today, I would be stunned if that happened. I would really be stolen. Thou big I would have stood in the doorway. What about Georgia couldn't stand Bela Jack?
these long gone. I think these guys would would basically send their debts yet to bring Bela check the a land, but I just don't see it happening. I really don't want to sell a check would have to collect himself for a year if we left there. I don't see him jump right into another job. What is the deadline for them? fifty million a year and one percent of the ten more personal note there. Now other of anybody want descended. They imagine not even allowed to do that. You can give equivalent you not even allowed to give real presented at the time with twenty million a year right back if they I'm twenty. Maybe he would take it. I don't pay the males that job would be a great role for him. I think their job with tug. I think their job would appeal to him. I'm thinking I and he would have trouble connecting it. He is my biggest thought. Both
Patricia an M again, you're gonna be had gorges, there's no question about that: their leave in the nest. I don't think he's that would feel that he will be able to act quickly to put a staff together. He could live with you. Get takes gonna, go with them that they will not leave thought they could have been a goat over this week he's one of the great coaches in the last thirty years of white boy could have been a great head coach in its own right, but also try to bring in places a million times. You would not leave that area believe that area and Belgic brought back multiple times the guy's, a brilliant coach. They all rave about who's got Dantes gonna gear. As a coach, though, we won't have spun again, he won't have Mcdaniel, he won't have Patricia. I don't see him with that case children right into a job. If you didn't have a stepping live with. I am see, first of all. This is my worst fear and it would even if it'd be funny to watch the giants, fans flip on Belichick and all the sudden love him again. It would be terrible for me as a patriot fan, but I just
it's the big play. My thing is: if you gonna make a big play for a coach happy. John Bruton, if you gotta go beg you gonna go get Bilbao check It's got Bela check, it would destroy the doktor. Renewing our call he's gonna make them there's no question, but that way they would do everything in their power to get him. I just bought, no, what he now did you. I think it would be drawn to the giants unless I don't try to fake Bela Jack and I haven't the spoken words and she's Bennett Box where we did not get along. Ok, it's not a secret. We have never got along so that you know it. We ve never had a relationship, so I don't have to tell you. I know what he's gonna do. I don't so I dont know what his feelings lock. I just think that he
is a guy spot it up in, though, that you can't coach the coaches, it's an old adage that I know he grew up on, because I grew up on it and it's an old adage where you have to have the rights they have, because you can't take time to put the quotas and put the Blair's it's an old adage in. I don't think he'd have a staff that he believed it and I think that would throw more. I think you'd like a year to like the vote in the attack. It take it easy and then put together. His is perfect staff and come back after one year after the league that's the way he would attack that that would be my opinion is that he would make a year bad. The entreat build. Could you imagine next year, every week, people talking about where billboards external land what it would be like you, game show that would start the first week of the season. That would be the lead story on those shows at three hundred and ten everyday of the year until he finally took the team, and I think he would go big to if it's Leftwich a real,
be. Doesn't I hope, these days for another twelve years, but if he did leave, I think would be for like LOS Angeles, or are you all right now? I don't think I'll check what ever lived that far from these goals. He loved me about it. I don't think he would live. I only give the West Coast Guy. I could see him in places North EAST. I could see him in the Europe. I could see him up, LISA Seaboard, I couldn't see him all the way they are the geese and are you like me? I, like elephant guy, nor my I don't. I don't see him there now. Let me ask the question here: go Patriot, two thousand twenty- he always the cold. Who's the quarterback, the time, but it is still the quarterback in Bilbil, coach and early Bobo Jack as though the head coach anything. That's it that's a great called did. I do. I really do on this day,
two thousand eighteen. That is a great called that I make another call that a fascinating calls opening day, two thousand twenty. They are still the gather. I genuinely believe, and by the way this is begin. We may second question for you. You know it is money that is being just started, tries to starch it with with the patriots all the time they do now treat the Lakers like this. For example. In this way you will favour. They got a story. They would treat any payments wave instantly. You worry you got, didn't wake, you have beaten at me.
As now be weighed in fighting the Shakespearian in firing that you love me, though, the head coach, the coup de Witt, though great quarterback, the iconic Cogia now who ran through the owner did the owner imposes, will on on the new powers fascinating, and I got the other kid who turns out to be the soil in the story at ease. Jimmy G, who you are in the story. People say the bad spare. No, he was gonna be a great plan or belgian though he was gonna, be a grey player out really was and how proud he was that he went there was on the faded, sent them to a guy that he really wanted their help. I made it perfectly if it's really it's it's really shakespearian and in every way is a classic classic story. It really seems like Jimmy's biggest mistake was having the same age in his Brady. I think we're in
future scenarios. Everything about that was that that made the whole negotiations very hard to fathom, because you couldn't do anything similar point. Really. I didn't know what to say may deploy read that about Michael wait, a second big I got the same age. It doesn't make any sense. Given that all negotiations applaud is very flimsy, would you say I think it's very flimsy, yeah n, there's no way they can approach Jimmy with anything. This story pointed this out without Brady finding out so would he died. I underwent an ad: that's why don't they never made my offer because the other part them dead, you know, they can be overstated. Uk pay Jimmy's as much as you pay Brady, because it goes back to the eager thing behind, as very I fell. That part very unrealistic. I agree. I also agree with you about craft coming down heavy on Bela check after all these years, very very hard to do, but not so
I know where you, if Brady, which idle wipe out the quarterback we felt, was a huge threat. You know you know, and I was around this. I know how rough Montana was on the young, how bad things war would my daughter and young it has still not good and it ruined Montana walls, relationship. There's no question: firebrands yeah, I mean
You know these are very tough and Brady has but those cars that he's carried. We know that he was not the guy who was the number one pick and high school, the newborn player in college, the morn pick, and that Europe is a guy. You gotta come out the hard way who had a fight for everything with scorn. The draft was, you know, basically treated like he was nothing commoner Michigan. So from that standpoint he had a lot to overcome any and a lot of scores. Any carry those unease warn them. Well, they actually turned out to be the biggest attributes they will. They slave led him to such incredible greatness, and I told you I guess you could say who told me the story. The only told me that it was a large night and there was no one there- you want to get on the scene if he taught him again at these drive down the hill,
Boise State, the fieldhouse has the lights on he's, like son of a gun, I'm going to bring one of those kids that goes in there is a March night on a Friday night is running home to see an NCAA regional game, and he goes in the flip, the lights off and in there by himself with rats and balls, throwing the balls is Tom, Brady at nine hundred and thirty at night on a March night, yeah? He doesn't want to be called that ain't that tell you everything you need to be told about downgraded the last thing and then we'll get through the pigs, I think he should be criticized for wanting to he is job and to exploit their I've. Only areas career, I think, like yeah fees. Little threatened by this younger Handsome dude who's gonna take his job some day, it's fuckin, whom major. You can't can't criticized as the guy for that I am still around. Where am I supposed to the ice was greeted the skids. If I
someone should. I teach him everything. I know in my job to help the guy who's gonna replace me thou. I went out on my own, but if I was not the case and there was somebody who was up and coming, you think I would hope that I give my job on a chance. While I was gonna. Do you. I would have thought at a millionaire deviance and twenty four year old, twenty twenty flash guy. Who is rising her only I would basically I would I buy without one one bed, I'm not gonna give up everything. I've learned doesn't load, I get that there's no way and Tom wants to play for ever, but he wants to live forever. He wants to play forever. He wants to be the eternal quarterback were you to learn that the bulls? That's? Why does all at work? That's why he spends all his time with those bans one and all that crazy off, and you know what in short, all worked for him. I respect that. I don't have any criticism of that. I respect that. I respect people who, with single minded of purpose, you know when I was a kid. I don't even
this two years, we want, I went to school, I was in the communications Major Saint John. They started a program called athletic administration. They asked me to go into the programme and have a dual nature. I did and you had a big you're you're internship out of a hat. I picked it up in New York at the world. Think anything Of course I want the giants while the Yankees a word I want the booth world came tenants, but I spent himself. What religion, king, who became very close when I was a kid my first job I ever did for one I was working on average over the airport when I was eighteen years old. The corrupt become play in world theme tennis and on the way- and she made me stay asked me if I would start with a gun and get it with double cheeseburger on away and that's true story. She would like seventeen at the time to start, and I spent three Some ability can t American try to hide my vote. I I don't want to be in touch.
He was insulted by simplifying, was them alive, a tenable football baseball. Bat would I I don't want to death, but I internet- and she told me, don't you can tell me the only people who changed the world. I think minded in purpose, so don't everything that's a bad thing and you know what I've always remember that and I believe that an eye there's nothing wrong with people who were that way, and I think people have to sacrifice certain thing if they want to be great if something and they wanted. I have no. I have no problem. What are you that I think he's been others, but should have been brilliant? That there has been great from its birthday? The dna he's been single minded and He has been great. You should see battle. The sexes solid its great sign. Yet I would say that you are right. I know some stuff from her about the like. I said I spent two years later and I love the right. I had a grand she know so much about sport or brother member was about what better way out of it and she
but you shall have better Father was mildly player and was a fanatic baseball van. She grew up a fanatic baseball Oh brother was a major wicked. She knew allowed her best friend was its vital from Philadelphia. She knew everybody and everybody and what I learned a lot from her in two years. I still thinks I say today in sports. I learn from her just to tell you she was fascinated, give it up that yeah, taking a break to talk about simply safe. When you make an investment, you wanna make sure pays off. Investing in the safety of your home is no different region. Purchase from leading universities like Wreckers and see Charlotte have proven security systems, deter burglars, we're talking a deterrent rate almost ninety percent, what systems reverie on our old friend super safe home security there John save you hundreds of dollars by sharing everything that makes the homes the industry such a pay, no heed of is no company. Installations, no middle man. The savings go right: your packets, twenty four seven professional, action. Just fourteen an inanimate, you can start.
Cancel service any time, because there are no contracts? That's a smart investment for them clearly addressed. Go to simply safety. Stockholm today simply safe bs. Durkheim Supersaver two eyes simply safe, Bs Deca, Raoul how many do three or four you do novel foods Look I gotta pick on applied up to now. I know there's one I don't like, but God Regulus. Even you can do what you want. I had a very good regulatory. They got on me for not wanting in weeks weak. Sixteen, I bounced back and gay people a lock it here, as you did you last week with the rams and also one with the falcons. Thank God. It wasn't easy what they think of you feel at long last week, a lot more yours. That game was not as easy as it should have their idea. We go badly in Kansas City I'm worried about the kid city, defence, I sort of person they seem to make some adjustments. I know Bob certain very well he's, usually good these games. I don't think tendency has any right to be an appliance either
the city will make a couple of big players are principally in the passing game. The line is eight and a half Gimme Kansas City. Minus eight may have game number one game number two, and I think this is the hardest game of before a pig land. Nor am I on land all year. I'm gonna stick with them here and take the five and have points. I think this game. Come down to a field. All wait, I'm worried about the ram, stop and run if they don't stop the run early and get some hats on early they're gonna be in big trouble. The rand have the run the ball, the wind, I think Atlantic they have a game if they're lying back is safe. These play a big game. I think we'll Jones can be game breaker here. I liked the land filled all get that he's good any spot. I want to make this a three It gave me the way I'll take the five and a half with Lana for game number to Buffalo and Jane ten,
bodies all over Jacksonville? I dont trust. There are funds here, I'm gonna take Jacksonville the wind Buffeloni, the cover, though I think buffaloes gonna make this a very much defensive game. I think they're, coaches of good, the fence of goat, I think in their first play of Game Jacksonville, will be very tight, offensively and they'll. Let this be a very low scoring Pight game either this game will be Jacksonville blood awaiting the Buffalo of wine and winning forty nothing. If that doesn't happen, this game will be a very, very boring game, low scoring Jacksonville when it tight game. I think it's bad game. I think intractable, be worried about border making mistakes, I won't allow him to Buffalo gang up on the run. I think this game Taylor will make war place than you think with his legs in a game and apply of game the let him run wild eyed them would take Buffalo, plus the eight and a half.
And then I dont like Carolina. I don't like what I've seen from their offence. I think they deepens is good, but I think Caroline, I think the wall and has beat him twice. They export over thirty. Both times make it three straight times: painful swirled authority, saints will come of big, their backs will have been gained bill make some special teams plays, and I think a bill score thirty and cover so my poor pigs or as a city minus eight and a half falcons, plus five and a half buffalo eight and a half which ethical, surprise, people and minus six. Have you got what you got? I have two of the four so we have addressing through the first one. We agree on his new Orleans. I actually. I don't understand the case for Carolina. They have no receivers left
I think they ve got thirty on him twice with me. They figured out the only hope these games here. They pick it up now at his defence twice the figure it out again. I think they route that Vienna problem and Caroline at a dinner may be plays as it is in our function. As a bad shoulder their saddles since healthy, but he has not healthy since it came, I had thought and then their reserves are level. So I also plays a beat him twice and put up thirty four times so to me on big on saint to own. The saints needs. May they make bit like five. Six big plays a game and they dead. Eighty nine twenty puss place this year, good coach home in a dome. I think it's can better for Carolina play for bananas are actually neurons buzz mats. We agree on that. The other, when we agree on is the game I hate is. I don't know what to do the chiefs. Titans game. Edges, hey, I hate, lay a nine points with Andy read, but arrowhead, I don't care about early. I think they are seeking a compromise. Well, that's the thing tendencies, offences, horrible horrible Montgomery's out, I'm not offend their country. I dont
they can throw the bar merited thirteen, tedious and fifteen pigs when they get from behind that not convinced they can do anything Annie to see what's up early get yeah early and then when it gets a couple of better than when the game go away. I would not bet on this game, though, because you can never ever get mean allay nine points of any real. That's out the to disagree on love the rams. I think that I actually really like the fact that so many people are taken the Falcons. I think the rams have another level ago do what they They showed in Seattle couple against Seattle couple weeks ago. Just have ass. They were the big Players- Canada Killer instinct, for the jagged they're, all that stuff girlies fantastic. I meet there events is fast and age. Dont like Atlanta. I really wanted to buy into them over again. This year, the team. I've seen against any good team cannot get to twenty points were, if they do feel going over the top five at your age and they can't score. They scan in the red zone over again that for colonels role year on year,
If we look at me philosophic it right with an eye, I would have taken the rams again. Any other team, I think the falcons match up well against them, but I can see really I really I've been on a land all year ban with them, and they might make me look silly here, so I dont think your answers of billions in wide eyed right. I think rammed gonna play really well. I think it will with their game. Indeed, anybody
in this way. I did say that alone that their again I dont know if they have an egg in this year. I think you might think I do, but I don't think they do not. Sunday might be right. The French ran I well. I ve been on them a lot this year, so I admit I'm going down with them again. He get five and a half on going down with him again, and I, like the french eminence Ryan, who I just feeling Ryan. I wrote it today, just bees le jittery all year and as the reins can really come after him and make a make couple mistakes body. What's gonna hurt is their left, God be it out, and he got that then that Hypnotizer expended in an arbitrary you got that their flexor muscle hurt and you ve got one out early at a game, but don't want all over him, and that will be a very many of the end of the backup doesn't play well in that match up your right. They're gonna give him a lot of trouble. I think tat it landed once this year has really shown me where they played the anywhere near what
the last year and read it decided to invest in all year. Sadly I admit: that's a risky pick up my boy. I've just been on them. A lot of things with them, as it comes thickened with them taken the point, but I can understand your ran back and you go which activism but here's the one lesson with Ramses their kicker stinks in that could by what it actually recovery you. Yes, I am aware that I guessed right. Ten counselling with that take a Jacksonville, I'm actually surprise. Then he was taken buffaloes. If Mccoy was healthy, I could maybe talk myself into it being an ugly game that they keep close, but buffaloes offence can do anything in this game. Any Jackson was defences, gonna ask outscore their offence. I see something like twenty two six please some day- I think this game is where they we'll coach around their quarterback. I think that they will be scared. Buffaloes defence, if you look on the
It has come up with some surprising performance. Is this year on the road and has played some really really good Games Ban has shut down some pretty aimed at surprisingly done, a good job, and I agree with you that everyone's offer. Its went a little because I'm a boy I think Jacksonville will play this game. Ultraconservative, worried about bottles and We would be, as you said, Bell obliterate him with the past rush, which actually got a great one bell obliterated with ass was early and that's why I think is. Mobility is enormously important. The game, though obliterate him with the past rush- and that's maybe thirty, two three- if not, I think, Jackson Bill will let this be a very, very national close to the best. We just want a window game and get to the next week a game, and I think they ll be a little with in this kind of game, where I think buffaloes plan what else money they they didn't think they'd be here.
The first year, and I think they ll play fast and loose, and that's why I could see them get maybe a big play somewhere early, and of a sudden, now catapult plant very tight, and it turns out to be a very tight gay. I can see that kind of game them worried about the quarterback, especially if he makes it only mistake, I think that could be the case. They try to what it just what the running game and that's why I'm taking the eight I have. For that reason, for now might have another level on him. Too, is another reason. I Jackson, I think he can go up. Another chargeable got everything except the quarterback. The courtiers does the quarterback ready to windows. Gotta game Prize, though, as as the long time gave or you are, that year, afraid of the bills the week after they basically just won the Superbowl by making the playoffs he never went to town after I had last week at a later date, all speak. I think sometimes aims that haven't been appointed a very long time, get very, are we on the committee on this case is a game. This came, this game means, but there
How is very different with their coach? Moreover, this game means a lot to him. He has real anger towards Buffalo and you really wants to beat them badly and he'll run up the score with anyone win the playoffs anyway, but so I understand the whole idea of that. But to me I just thought the line was too high. I just think Jacksonville landing but their office boy. That's a lot of points, especially in a play of gay work, is deemed. I can see that the Indian Giorgio Lisi begging zero zero this earlier, the thank God, I'm gonna feel very calm. He soon and buried type it about came here. I am, I think, once six, nothing the game's over from Buffalo bill. He read it. I get up early if there were only the game. I think that that I totally agree an ram. The falcon aim is again: You'll know right away if they are not. If you're not saying. Oh man
in total Jones all day, if they're not saying that right from the good go, then I'm not gonna champion I can't wait to find out what happens. Make France s pleasure as always. Thank you for what you built era. Good, bye, Gillette I've been shaving since college. I think everybody were Gillette from from way back way back when I remember when they just had the one type of shaving cream. Maybe they had to one of em favoured? Now I have it. Lead fusion, ultra sensitive skin shaving cream, because I get does this work exits any doubt. I like the Gillette Jim Pro Shield Razor actually ordered it online and got for renewable razors in free shipping and then every fourth order, free, because I said bribed to Gillette on demand. I come now you can get you performance deliver to your door, no more get mad at yourself because you just got back from the grocery store the pharmacy and you realize
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Bela check and murmured craft and Jimmy go out below so talk to make France S about it, and we need better answer. There is how much of this story did. You believe, on a scale of one to ten four, for where that slow lower than expected. Ok yeah. What did I believe what I read in a couple? I'm not no sources in other nobody's named feel about stories. Work: There's no name sources, the tall, innuendo rumor an information. So that worries me a little bit, but I will say it: I took three years ago when they had the plate get coming down. It was just about this, I'm here, maybe a couple weeks, and we both
very strongly that fella check through brilliant the bus and then Nothing really came of it and we want on. We want to super balls. I'm gonna get worse than the shuffle, but maybe for brain didn't get lost in the shovel. That's the only thing that the kind of game me some sense of this more. There might be something to the story of my troubling all thing now we'll say one other thing really pissed me off illegal backs, the ship of all. We want to and away, and we get there and all of a sudden all week is ruined by spike it free, three years ago. Superbowl. The whole thing is: overshadowed by the White Gate and now suddenly When the throne,
be a play off season and the ship to the surface I feel like though Poland is is behind it. The pudding up until plainly, sitting retired so this is highlighted everyone, because the seventy a Boston fan is gonna, have the most an imbalance take of basically anyone on the story. I will say, though- and I said this to France s earlier as somebody who watched his team for two decades pretty closely and read everything and digested everything and consumed everything I just find it hard to believe that craft told I'll check to make a trade Our objective is: did it does job with anything we saw this entire century. Where was your reaction to that? Well, I agree, I I think a public checked want to make the trade would have done upon ourselves. He would have said I'm not making their trade a few
want to make that trade that I'm gone so it point in the face of the law, long term relationship better at that better craft. Bela trick of had I find it incomprehensible that though a Czech didn't sign off in the trade. Beg the issue, though, why that true, we have made and in the old history, everybody's revisiting and now but tickly after the fixed game. That Jimmy three out of five Ganz whatever was but now and that's the whole story. A period around talk, radio or watch tv, and it's all about when the terrible That was how the patriots didn't get enough or even if they had a better offer. They never should have made the trade.
We should mention they every time you and I have talked on the violence. Instead, trade, you brought the trade just terrible trade in of it every year. The patriots, sit on this tremendous amount of money at the end of the year. I don't know what it is. The sheer of crystal don't put it out of public fifteen million Bab guy not going to resign next year. They certainly the franchised grapple Owen end of the year to see what was going to happen with Brady. I mean you and I have talked about how concerned we are with the last six weeks in the season. Ironically, since the trade was made, Well, just doesn't look good, maybe he's hurt in other talk. That is the case this is a strange bruised, but he just doesn't look here the forty year old quarterback all of a sudden. I would go into the players and we have no backup quarterback for the future
I don't know whether their plan is to use suddenly Second round picked, that's like the night, the tenth pick in the second round that is so Bible anymore, to pick up a quarter back for the future, but you know how long it took to prepare, grew up alone is a special power, and you have no Aren't you gonna get the same kind of special power. The trade just made no sense say you owe quarterback made through them. Gave to make which I'll rip through, because the listeners already heard it was that it was big. A problem for Brady background below, obviously was so good and so talented, but also is much younger and is it out in the locker room is friends. While these guys gonna, like were Brady, was like fifteen years ago, and he was there now Brady's this forty zero guy who's much older than anybody else. Who has it on business and he's such a famous person in a big celebrity, its business
to the guys in that same level it is becoming a problem for Brady and they went that One thing I will say that it jobs with everything we ve seen Belgic do over the years is when he senses a problem that he feels I could derail the season. He moves, you knowledge Amy Collins. Last year he didn't like than about how Jamie Collins was gone about his business. Even the trade didn't really make sense it sends to happen because it removes the problem in ballot checks case. Maybe he just like this and said this. This is he's going to become a worse and worse problem and there's no resolution and we're probably going to have to lose garoppo anyway, because Brady's not going anywhere in the craft, don't want to go anywhere, so I don't have any doubts and then it raises. I would by any of that Would tell me that, though, check as I wanted to your window before retires and then
looking long term for the future, the franchise it wasn't worried about, what would the franchise luck? Three to seven years from now, it was looking for this year and next year well, then you sitting down because I'm something anyway to pass out. Ok, what? If it? one or two year window for him to be the coach of the patriots. Can I just say, no use and retired o o either one I love, they either way the second it's much better for us if he retires than if it leaves and goes to another team there be terrible don't worry I'll! Tell you got another theme. I love about Jack. I can't see it happening, but You know he had a true each had a obviously hall of Fame career sets all kinds of records. Can't seem going anywhere else. Well, I don't like the parallels, make an ETA about this. Before of what we saw with bird in Paris
Mikhail twenty five years ago about feeling in. Added to these guys. There were legends and not to move on, and then flip side of it would Danny Ainge Dish with ASEAN autonomous region, shank them Keziah Jessica career. You- and I am in that way- is felt leg. If to do it over again, I'm glad they handled bird parish Mikhail Outweigh, I would not have wanted them to do. The cut throat will now, time for us to move on and keep the franchise going thing, even though the next ten years were miserable. I still feel like that was the right way to play it and I feel like it's the right way to play with Brady. The guy won five super bowls and he should be a colleague shot. So many lives. That's right back, the Arab Disagreeable knew that its wires toward a franchise Jimmy Juba the board of Jimmy. You wanted to play if using that Aaron Rodgers. That he was in book has already wanna. Do you have a right to franchise, the guy richer? Almost every player gets franchises unhappy about it
and if it franchise them and then move em it is trade by is different. If we talk on came about I don't want to see Brady go anywhere, but is forty years old? They were really I think he's gonna play employee forty five. He as he does, but I just can't see it happening at the first telltale sign- is being if he's, got a bad left shoulder I became a random. This is I love of this. This is where we have the story that distracts everybody. We have braid everybody's count at the past. This is great. This issue we are were backbone. This is what we are next by gate, the White gate at the time. The timing of it is those again I just think in point of distress and thumb
he's a nursing home. Listen, listen, there's room, they re women, women, yours. Please pissing me off that will allow a kid we can't. We just enjoy football and then do we have to have this story written by a guy. No one ever heard of the females the Annan plan is easily jeer. Writer is good, for them said workers as a good writer. Ok, do not ever resources were mainly good at less than one source and that's correct should meet should we be worried that maybe his main source was what the crafts like the sun that was. My inclination after I read it. Three times is Jonathan Crap, as that in that story, well done its job
it never ending story. Minutes. Always Robert again, if there's a four or even a five level of truth to some disk, TAT were discord. I just can't see trade being made without Bela check signing off, I agree with, and if it fell, objected not that trade happening, I think he would have an ultimatum to the crash or or If he thinks he's leaving after the earned it doesn't give a shit which is even more worrisome than their wares and airways. Then there let it won't. We there was before dope herself, yet sacked this terrible that it certain they probably cause does that Lil Wayne we next year I the next year. I really that we would have won were one and ninety seven thousand ass Patsy wow, this is really depressing everyday. Magda, its taste
appear and of course it is the people there that one of the radio stations will say in lombardy was the legal embody was like more stern when they traded Jimmy grapple with everybody. He talked about the geometry would take today, nay, they talked about the register. It was not a case against the trade he was. He was flabbergasted when they did it. Jimmy was gonna, be he thought bill had this succession plan that it was basically by thirty five years of core of good quarterbacks salad I go back to bill as the term Plan This future encroaching, I cant, seem coaching anywhere else which, which means I probably see him in the two years, probably two years retiring. You guys can be enhanced hunger to get outta. The patriots is not a problem. You guys
that Chatham BAR in grill, whatever their places soon belgic talking about even Ba, have come Apple Mercedes asked Athos, Nantucket much there listen This is this issue, the patriots are, we have distractions we have around one by. Brady bow check. We ve been in this scenario every winter and an that's this is it than I do that I think it's a pretty good past him, the defences and get a Dion Louis, has been great grog crack is gonna, be awesome and they're. Gonna have a really easy ran to game again somebody. So we good news today it will motivate Gronk. It was name first team Oprah Opera, which means it is too. Two and a half million dollar bonus get into effect that's gonna, be a happy camper dead it hasn't, spend it. The greatest sounds we're at the halfway mark. I think they have When's, in the way they are killed by the schedule
in December at a golden state. One last night levels both aims have thirty one once yeah Tatum starting to blossom or a the eye that the blasphemy through its really blast him he's been terrific from today, one now. I know that, but I'm saying like he started TAT, we were worried. We within their stand, weight and get more shots, and, and now it's like they're starting to work, a mid term or world in its way, in the german ground last year as well as we work criticized brown last year, because he seemed to be standing in the corner, waiting for the ball and in very seldom went to the hope, and Indeed, at a little bit take just settling for three point shot which fortunately was making. Now, let's go to the matter under the bear S, God he's got. That Euro move there. It s, got a terrific moved, the basket, it almost tickets- and you- and I have talked about this and we want we don't over Europe, but he's got there.
Julia serving to stepped from the foul line through the basket move swiftly to the to go and left which go left right here. There's nobody does. Nobody than actually goes either way. A fund, a white, she seemed like a great teammate: they do it a story, Joe Joe and Brown talking about, just today that he had been called before the draft Tatum by Stephen just like us with age and age. Wanted is taken Tatum because who played a? U altogether, and he said a glowing things about Tatum Is- is because Look like they might be buying from the same position right though, obviously there not the throughout their together in Stevens, kind of position must cut off and soon and that driving they they play great together and they kept as such
a chemistry you see when you look at the bench, The lesson is its Ivan grade. The carry chain was arson, detaining shared work. It's gonna deftly contender. I don T taken when the tide of supervisory there's one more port bone really do the real story. There story. The real thing that's got out right now is the Lakers pick we're obsessed with this? Well, it happened to look this morning and payment of wages. Ten wins lake is ever here, so I'd like to see them to stop right now. None that written up now we would get the second pick and it's only first pick lottery protected. So I like We were standing and by the way I did watch the paper that Trig Point Guard trade barrier, we don't really need a point guard, but why is it good he's incredible? You're the Lakers
Give the sees them today had been. Eighty percent chance. The sad things will get it, but TAT overnight there's the fear Lakers, as they have no reason the tank and they should try to keep one in these games and try to get to like the six or seven or eight spot, theirs their teams that Orlando. Memphis at Lana CUP, others that Ed Sacramento at some point there. Instead, he's gonna, be to lose and try to get as low as they possibly can, and indeed the world than had ever theory in other. Current events to create enough cap room, so they can find to me creating jobs with some I'm hoping that day in order to do that They have to make a trade, were they The combined dang with I guess yeah or or Randall Secondly, never dank day it together, then that after the charisma Ingram than ever, I don't know if they would do that. I think I don't know, I don't like it
you're throwing Randal in an clocks, and I think that both patients via the point, like a somewhat somebody might be some spare ribs thirty five million in the two years after this year. I just don't think teams in I'm on. Pass for years. You when I have had somebody else's drafted, I don T wait about to end. It's actually as much fun, is having this Celtics in the Lakers out even better his I hate the Lakers so watching them like when they left at double overtime, came to the rackets. It was nears Eve and I'm sorry, to go out my family for dinner and I'm holding them off for this stupid Lakers gave making sure they're gonna be allowed. If we have a trailer I'm difference. Obviously up at twelve thirty had made watching the US help them. They can only be a NBA tv. It may help
is that it's the last year football games of it What we do in this matter, It really does seem like they have some real issues and that the lybrand shadow has kind of ruin. The team and geyser plan for themselves. You have Caldwell poems, can be a fridge and am Rand brain at eight there are in Clarkson knows he's gonna get traded. Everybody thinks there the team next year, if Leubronn comes, and I think there was reared and yet that are agreed yesterday. That's all it's from customer about their poverty. You just mentioned and the it isn't working. You probably shouldn't even be quoted right now. I know he's the one up there being quoted church. I love it it's funny that guy back I'd turn a teddy. The germ of there are these top five lottery picks and he turned out to be the best one is the gun and twenty said he's really, and he likes the white. So I love that.
Just one wish I wish Mr Ball would be a little more vocal about what maybe when the sun comes back and the team keeps illusion it can be taken, kerosene on the fire and make it a worse yeah made at that. I would have been avoiding having a Mamma package, but I might have to do it just to see if I can stoke some some volcanoes think issue, because it could get some good quotes irritated all the other major players here dad please don't shovel pay somebody do the chevalier I'll give you the money. We did somebody anger. Fortunately, aviation into the gun debt, guy dear that, try to weather the storm attacked as we get your five days ago. Yep recruiter, don't forget there. The smartest wait, a higher my list as Kinshasa, procurator for free, add, zip, accomplish, b s thanks to Gillette Kitchenette Performance
liver to your door, be like me, no more getting any matter yourself, because you just got back from the grossest formulas you ve got the by blades. Subscribe now subscribed today pick your favorite razor gate, fourthly, to free visit Gillette online at Gillette. De Banda thanks to simply safe studies show security systems deter burglars at a rate of and he said, simply saves twenty four seven award winning protection issues. Fourteen inanimate, though contracts, no hidden fees, start cancel the service, when it works for you now, that's a smart investment for the home security address to recommend gotTA, simply Simplisafe bs dot with to us right now, back on Monday with the Kurds, breaking down the ran. One games, don't forget to read my come from the Ringer Dotcom, the plan gaily manifesto five point: I spent a lot of time on it, read it
joy, the weaker party ways.
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