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Revamping the NBA Playoffs, Plus Cousin Sal and Rockets GM Daryl Morey (Ep. 328)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons breaks down the reasons why the NBA playoff format needs to be dramatically different (5:00). Then, Cousin Sal hops on the line to give his thoughts on the Winter Olympics (27:00), the NBA All-Star Game (34:00), and early Oscars picks (42:00). Finally, Rockets GM Daryl Morey joins to detail his journey through the NBA ranks and the importance of analytics in his life (56:00).

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seek dot com, don't get to check out the ringer dot com, where I think the entire staff has lost their mind over how great black Panther is we reach. We were just turning the ringer that common o black panther site lots of good pieces up there right now we also have Oscars coming in less than two weeks. We have some really fun stuff plan on the video audio side. For that I would encourage you to check out. The big picture was shot fantasy, we're gonna put out. A big podcast of all the interviews that I did and, more importantly, fantasy dead because he did more with some of the best directors and stars that were involved with the Oscars share, so keep an eye out for that and don't forget the check out all of our park ass on the ringer package. That work is the Ringer dotcom Sash pack ass. I talked on Friday. I said there is a chance we might have covered the rent people sent some great mailbag questions? I have them in a document.
They are ready to be to be executed. When we get me, the dressed in a room which I think will happen in the next two to three weeks. It's gonna happen in Oakland. I thought it might happen in L, a has a little dubious cuz. There's a lot going on here and and we're pushing a couple weeks. But thank you date, don't send any more questions. I have more than enough to pin him down and seems like Frost Nixon, coming up where to talk to cousin Sal and we're also going to run this interview that we did with Daryl Morey that
really get caserne conferences coming up in Boston. First project, I wouldn't call, doesn't sound a second. I want to talk about something that happened this weekend with Adam Silver, opening the door for change in the NBA play ass to a one three. Sixteen seeding situation where you throw the conference's out setting a passion about, I think it was to thousands, Evan, I wrote a piece it might even be free is paying the magazine about the entertaining as hell tournament, which, if you ve Shiva consumer content for the last ten years, you ve probably heard me mention a hundred times, but the idea of the Turner was that
Instead of just letting people throw away the last six weeks of the seas- and the reason I wrote about, I think, was in O seven, everybody was tanking for Doran Odin, so my thought was if you had a turn a man for the two eight seeds in the play ass it would, it would make it almost impossible for team did you shut down players, which is what was happening like that that you're, the Celtics shut down Paul Pierce when he could have come back and all that stuff. So my thought was, if you guaranteed the first fourteen seed so that the one through seven each, but then he said the eight seed was available in each conference for a play, and yet a sixteen team plan that somewhere, you made it a week, long thing and then The winners got the two eight seeds, but then they played final game and they got like you know the fifteenth picking the draft and five million dollars or whatever it. Whatever you made it that that just be more fun than what was going on. So people really like that Adam was not the commissioner,
our plan, but I had talked to him a bunch of times over that over the next five or six years about it and he always sing like he wasn't totally happy with with the way the play off system was so over the last five years has been a little more momentum there. Obviously tanking people talk about every year and that's been The disaster and I've been tweaking this idea over and over again, I put it on twitter yesterday, but I wanted to just put it here see you guys could hear it and in just really talk about just think this is better. Take you be ready over there throw this. Are you so first, my let's start with the one through sixteen. If you did it right now, here's. What I look I give the season ended today, Houston would play the
and the second planting corn state number to cede would pay the top planet plants it. There will be three turann over fourteen Philly Thou, be an awesome Sears for Boston, verse, thirteen Portland, Babby, Weird five Cleveland verse, twelve Denver actually I like Portland Denver in those batch of sped away, six Antonia against eleven Oklahoma City. Seven, Minnesota, verse, ten Milwaukee and then eight washed Inverse nine Indiana. That's just morphine. That whatever the hell we had going on now, if you had the planned tournament cause Wheel, lockdown fourteen seeds. You would have You took the clippers I am E Detroit and in my opinion, the sleeper off in the Lakers cause. I like the way the makers of the plan I didn't you tat- would probably be favoured. This
Stealthily Brad was Dallas, just cause a recur allowed Dennis Psmith like it had Dirk, and they saw stuff that the concept to be you'd have. You'd have basically it's a sweet. Sixteen single elimination, I would have it so that there are I'm games for the higher seed, the first two rounds Sammy. We have over the course of lake I sat, may It starts Saturday and Sunday near for games each day and you just not all the knock. All the games out gets the finally and then on Tuesday and Wednesday you have the next two rounds to get to the final four. But then I would put the final four in a location. Take will be the best location for this. The final four plan for the plant seeds would you go vape, I got him ass. She s what about Sierra, to make up for the people
the Out of Europe in the scientists away from there's a nice. That's a nice gesture, and maybe it would be good to you just put in the back of the first time and it will go from their yeah. See, do the final four and then you go. Back to back days. So you do Saturday, you do the two games and then Sunday you do the title, which is little grueling right, but then you have five days off before the playoffs. First of all, I'd like to meet anybody whose thou watching this? I think this would be fucking awesome. I just Like I can't believe they have done this, yet you being credit, especially when it gets you are, you know, the final for The stakes. Are you get in the playoffs, but I would also have a couple added wrinkles when I thought about this lot. You don't want to have the draft pig be too good because you wouldn't want people taking to get the turn of it, but I think you could give the team that wins. The whole thing could get the topic of the second round so before the second round
Are they get picked? Thirty one and that's a nice. That's a nice pick re nice, cheap, sour thing. The other thing I would do as I would give them a five billion. Our trade exception for the following year, sea have to like real things. There is real reasons to try to win the whole thing now dare more. My friend from Houston coming up a bit later. He was saying ass That's decided and you have to plan teams that the top to cede should be able to pick who they play. So we get it. I you have all the seeds won through. Sixteen, then the one seed says Maxie. We don't play the sixteen seed we'd rather play the thirteen seed, we'll go with them, which is great for a couple reasons. One it sets up a scenario of the thirteen seed being totally disrespected. Wanted ass. They got us all that stuff. The drama of them. Pat, that you mean you could televised that that could be
a special episode of the jump or something where we find out what the actual match observed, so that be cool. The second thing is this is. This is the way for the NBA to dump regular season games because they could make up the money. So it's I mean we are. Now that the regular season should be shorter view got down a seventy four new got that basically, everybody loses for home, gives you could make a bother. With this tournaments, because there's fifteen games total now, I'm not sure if they could sell it- or maybe maybe they convinced the local affiliates in the owners, and maybe they probably lose two years playing games to tee Anti games because they sure in the season you make you make it to them by giving that let light in them split this tournament, and actually you could probably make more money from it. Then you could from those eight games because I think they could sell this. Is fifteen games fifteen nights? What could they sell that for
me, let's fifteen, play I've. Gotta, basically is a lot of money. The entire play ass, I think, is like fifty five games employed, then be pretty good. Who do you think would win you Tom Amy Clippers, yeah things had a jazz where they would eleven straight. The weather play a man. I quit Steiner, guess what I want to find out. I think this is so much more interesting and then when you have the one through sixteen the other make have, as I would go best of five in the first round. I would go back to that because the first France to predictable, and over the course of a seven game series it she's too easy for the slightly better team have the advantage. I would go best of five with the recall that the one seat in the two seed get Forbes Home Games out of the five
so they would have one or two and four or five at all, and if you're gonna beat them, you really have to beat them and the idea that to lower seeds we get game three at home and that's it. But I think this would work. Take Yes, what is your whole? What does your thing? That? What is your thing that you think now Here's the one reason this won't work, I'm onward the the three of it all like not be able to match up. But I guess when you had the five games Is it already? You know it's already change before. So that's that's more. My concern is that we can't match up to two areas or we it like. This is a different era, interesting because I remember when I. When tv really took off with Basque Bonn the nineties when, like everything was on, what's everybody had cable and the broadcasts for better us up in the mid nineties. Those best fives were awesome,
in the early nineties to like Charlotte Boston out an awesome best, a five once when the Alonzo One game forward, thinking that all air was so unpredictable and it was like if you lost one of those who gave you may not come back home. You know at the south said Humphrey Home Court and ninety three and I think they lost game one, but that was it was like. Oh, I hope they come back for game five. The never did I just think it'd be better. I like five games and people seem to go two in the five in serious have their you can't skirt the seven his leg. You can blow the first two and still went up. You know you can make up for it after the fact. So anyway, I am, I really feel it says a chance, I think, they're ready. I think Adams ready to do two things. I think he's ready to to tweet the play of system a little bit, because
They have so much momentum there in the season now, especially with Basque, about twitter and the ratings are up twenty percent and the market beauty the prayers all that stuff. That and then follow that up. Like justice shit round one where it's just go Toulon, too long. You know who's gonna, win every match up the same kind of teams. Playing each other rear. There's gotta know unpredictability. If the asked our game, which warrant by with sound. A second of the austrian aim showed us anything yesterday. It's a kind of, shaken the snow Globe works the reasons you're playing I'd was cause. It was weird because they were playing with guys, never play both before and team we're gawaine against each other, and you see, like the last play the game couriers at three It knows what he's going to do that. There is a level of gamesmanship and compare there's that I haven't seen in it from the Astor game in thirteen years. I thought it worked and I really like seeing the weird combinations I love seen Parian westward. Can the brine and now and then
on the same team was fuckin amazing, and that was the play. The game when in Plato abroad is like a rustle Westbrook DR pass to carry on the baseline, carry bachelor brown for land, deletes, grievous cool and to see like somebody can be just seamlessly fit in there and N Ganis. Now in a thousand percent ready these, like a year away from where they dominate in their game. He didn't he didn't whose funny watching him. You didn't totally know how to play off the bar. He seemed a little nervous too. He seemed nervous and here's the ball time in Malawi and in that situation, he's playing off devise kind of run around like a chicken with his head cut off a little bit, whereas, like you ask somebody Orford, who just knows exactly the sage veteran, whose Bennett I gave knew exactly where to go all the time or like Paul George same thing, Pine George comes any just like that. Did they need the bar? He knew exactly what to do about thence even learn, learn came in love is dead. It's it's
really nicely did the reason that I was so sad that they screwed up the asked again might they did was it was a really nice litmus test for Canada who the best where's, where what their confidence was a superstar stuff and I thought yesterday work are that Lebrun tried hard because who is playing for time that is trying to save face. So what hoping as they fix the asked our game, I'd like to see them its asked our Saturday, which is really still to events. I it's never everyone about this for twelve fifteen years tube. It has never been explained to me they wouldn't do horse and always do like a fire for forests, and I would much rather watch out than the skills instead. The reality asked our Saturday Ash. I didn't job to an hour in because I knew I need to see the first there, but they are trying to make stuff and they are trying to become inventive and the other thing Adam.
Talked about, was the one and done it really seems like he's. Gonna fix that to take its end, it What are you? Are you and Titus Aunt? I wanted then defiling it hurts college vast one and I think it all sorts mba too. I would like to see them go to a baseball system where it see they're gonna go right now or yet the stand college for two years and then there's no between and made them n. I mean my dream would be a committee where we had twelve people and they would decide who is ready to come right in and I think the people too, once they get down there once you get rid of the roll there's gonna be a grace period where we're gonna have some bad situations where guys go straight at a high school that don't work out and then people are gonna say what we need to fix. This is the problem, but you knew she had to let people we themselves out on their own. While we live side add one and situation yet. You know like there's been guys who, if they ve gone right from high school, had been top five packs and then they a year passes,
perfect yeah, I think, would happen about seven Simmons Alice, you is it just a complete waste. We lost to bend seven years, we lost one when you now, as you and clearly was an arrive situation than about her, but I would like to see the baseball says Emma that either coming right, where you can't come in for two years. I would also like to see them boost at the G League, because the g links should be awesome and unlike a college where the players are still getting paid just don't find out about it in the GDP, at least they get paid, they have a contract get better accommodations and then we get off the two way guys now to which is great yeah. So I think I might take way from all this is. I think Adam has done really good job these last five plus years, and I guess it's been five and I think he is ready to start flexing is my take away,
I. My predictions over the next five years would be they're gonna completely blow up the path system. They are going to get rid of one and done, and I think we have two more tapes. I think that's the third thing, because if you have it get rid of all the stuff goes hand in hand if you get rid of if you bring in there, go prayers immediately that takes jobs away from the veterans right and we know it doesn't take jobs away from them to merchant zip, this spot. Thirty worse by thirty more spots so that would allow teams to take a high school guy, just stature, maybe there's all kinds of ways- a twig it, but You know I've been getting louder emails from the Louisville area that were- or I should say, they Louisville. So here s an ass, it does get mad at global level. I would say to do either
but it's never ever yet. The sale I give you drunk Lou but apparently they have a state of the art, NBA Rina and everybody there's jazzed and fired up for an mba him. I need to do more investigating, but that's that's the word in the street. You seem dubious, choose Virginia over level for junior year like air, how much of the squires to spring about the rich, the run, the risk of an area, tat, lousy area beach area somewhere like watching a beach. Yet some of that nature high waterings once one nice little growing area. There is a lot of tech jobs up their very underrated area. You don't take it fire if, if Louisville get said brink, Tina, Bacchus Clergy added do this. May I like it. I, like Chauncey, builds on staff them firmly anyway, I think I'm gonna blow some stuff up and I think it's gonna be awesome and super excited for it. I wouldn't bringing the cuz what's up
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extract again, sir of awe of the pair corners, we did from like weak niner. We can all the way through the playoffs and then that's it. We have abandoned our parents and corner people, miss it. What partly, cause ye. I just why I worry about this is when you get, it gets really dangerous for you. Like light yesterday, I met the asked our game all of a sudden, we're bedding Agnes to win the VP like this is when it gets as for us, there's winter Olympics cod tubes, some red maybe a nature some spring for any baseball were what are you doing? What are you gambling on these days? I was, I was at the genesis, open and pacific palisade. Nay, bending the whole by whole honour on the golf tournament, and luckily I ended up Bubba Watson at the end, but it was there was a long road to get their between that and winter Olympics. It's been tough,
I got excited when it when the phone rang, but I realized that still the off season right, we're not back we're not officially back now in Spain with precision holiday, vaccinated, yeah, I'm still look at my words from the Superbowl. The sounds of the game, and inside the NFL, although shows where they have other people might up. I tried to avoid it. It's gone along. I thought I was gonna be able to shape this one off, but it's not happening so, I was gonna, be able to shape this one off, but it's not happening so they are so. I've talked a few patriots. Vanderdyke stay the same. Sing the day after they're like just like you were alive. While we have our five championships, it's fine. If we could be a lot worse if we didn't have Tom, Brady and Belichick about two years, but yeah that the offseason is a son of a bitch in the highlights, don't hand and it's it's. It's. Can we offer you I'm sorry, I don't want even tell you, it really hurts the pirate Lynn kissing when I realized
then couple days later, maybe as indeed I am about checked everything got out coach in that aim, but like nine and a half minutes left the Eagles get the ball, and at that point the only thing that can happen as the seven and a half minute drive, which is exactly what happened, but during the sands of the game they cut too. The path get the ball back with to twenty one left. Jim shorts goes over it Peterson and it's might then he's like I'm going to I'm going to send everything. Neither will make a player or you'll get the ball back and computer seems like great. So basically you saying pressure, the shit out of Brady and if they score five place great, will get the ball back with a minute. I don't understand what patriots didn't do that, and I am now rooting for mapping should go, and sixteen in the trade a MA am shorting them, I'm betting under for them them gone, Alan screw mathematician costs may Superbowl. Why did the paths to splits in check? that make something to happen?
I do know that when the patriots are playing great defense with no names bill, Belichick gets the credit, and now I'm Matt Patricia is Buddhist against the blitz somebody he's he can go to hell, but What you're saying I thought about it so many times Brady is like this. Guy is just been up, his he's doing whatever he wants to do back there so Somebody know how they want to get beat its words though. Yet you guys should send someone somewhere in the seven half minute. One thing: that's interesting, though, when you got the ball back with two twenty, you will like a minus two, sixty favorite to win seriously downsize GS, everybody that report. Report sick of losing money on the baker that that's how sick bay or tell us about the winner in a big stuff. You been betting on I've. Actually, maybe I should only bad every four years in the winter Olympics cause I'm heading on a lot of things. Have the the gold medals under tend to have for the? U S and what? What do we?
like five, I feel had its egg you'd better under for gold medals, girl country, I don't only one in nine or ten, the way it's a year, we own snowboarding, but we have nothing else. We had so many flounce, but what what else we could have in these winter Olympics why we felt at some of these sports? I don't know we will try to create extra sports so that we'd be better at all this stuff. It apparent, and apparently it did. It really didn't really work. These are available in high school like that that, like track and field, you know you know a bunch of people ran track and failed, and it's nice to add sports. But yet I don't have a programme in high school and the? U S, we're going to fall, immediately rights. I would like to see a start, cheating more. I think the other countries are changing that. I think I think we ve had a lot of success in professional sports with the cheating and
like to see us. I move that more to the Olympics in really start thinking about streamlining some of this stuff put our best site that I heard it gotta get better at some later, but it more more red blood cells in the oxygen. Let's just go for it, air yesterday with the all star game and celebrity out all that stuff. Did you have were you in allow that stuff to her now I had flam donk and I don't have get three point winning contest through forgery contest. I pick that way. Oh, the Booker regularly and Mr Rack. I had died. Booker and Gordon's count that as a half a when that was nice, the flamboyant. I stayed away from my eye. Just a dj col it is. This is deciding where my money goes about this could be a real away to get a refund yeah no kidding out, but I don't want the judges up there, but who did you take should have one at that same Smith got rob what you think
our mental should want, but I was sitting in the stands. I called out Booker as the three point winner before the contest, and I call that Mitchell had the same duck and, of course, never text attuned and talk to see betting on either them. I thought I really liked book out. Sides were, but I dont know if you could see here went to Saturday. I went to Sunday. Dj cowed was sitting next to mark, while bird He was doing this air horn thing DJ cowed, imbibe aforetime. It looked at Wahlberg was just going to get up and start hauling offer just punching him and he was pissed off in general. I think he was furious at his agent a hum I haven't seen people that furious at. Agent since our own age, a baby outbreaks in with that that kind of antipathy confusion in anger, but but
mark. Wahlberg was not happy to be there. I have no idea what they're doing with the dunk contest, where that just keeping it one to ten seems crazy. If the score is up to fifty, why not just have everybody rate the dunks from one? fifty and then that's like you, don't have to either have a fifty year, forty five basic, where the two outcomes every time. I think the problem is that they approached and what the problem is dj I can only count up the ten as I would have us, yet I would add that it had to keep at once. What is it you are? We at the time the end of this decade thing the area corral ago, and I am not a huge fan, but on its fun on take me take this year generation is this. Is this like a year generation? Think deject out he's been famous for like ten years, but now is like popular. You know general
what do you find him humorous are funny in any window is never been. Humans are funny. He bade headache. I think he is presenting himself as humorous and funding he's a year. We global Alla time which was entertaining, but now it's toward its welcome. The DNA thing yesterday. What was yesterday's day to nineteen to eighty two eighteen, it's: it's a borderline, remember the events of two hundred and eighteen because Kevin our came out. It was the way Fourteen minutes, I've ever seen in person. It were not only was it not funny. Is, it was confusing. It was weird, the ADI the everyone in this room was like what the hell's going on it. You wouldn't stop people, therefore basketball it just kept down and then it led to him introducing all the all stars and kind of like roasting them, but that no funny way just when you thought I couldn't get any worse. Fergie Command said the nationally at them and did it like Marilyn Monroe stack up heard. You say she saved.
Rob Riggle and and Kevin ART, because all the better go on their way and I tweeted that Y know that they ammo for the NBA off the game is than that. Try hard, but this the added sketch take it to a different level with rapid on cabin heart. Who is really bad them in and what's funny is the game itself was really gets really kind of fraud about it, but the first twenty minutes was was shaking my favorite part. Our cousin Jimmy was sitting right next to speckly. Who is that exactly most hilarious guy alive sex. It's extra spike leave before, quarters were frantically trying to set up a trade for their seats, didn't work out of hand This should give it GB near her wits quickly next year. I thought that I thought that was the best also game this decade, then that I know that's not saying that time. People get at me for the baseball lost our game that once a teen endings, but I remember just one
at the end, but that that was a great ending at such that they know down thirteen GMO Braun decide to play the events in it there just able to do that and it pushed for gamblers perspective that fucking game push they were. There were covering for, like twenty two seconds team will Braun favoured by AIR Santa Anna for store. If you got two and a half at one, I have no idea why the new world rules worked and inspired everybody to play harder, but they absolutely did it was. I had stopped going to the all star game because to me the seventh circle of hell is is bad basketball. It justifies man, so many different levels. This time, not only was where people play but even on the benches, you could see young people really locked in and jumping up on play in trying to get cause and all that stuff,
You bet on Europe S at plus five, fifty fer, a couple reasons one I actually thought team staff could have in should have one and it seem like he was on that team- that the guy position to kind of have the biggest impact, and I should think it the right bet and eating play well. If he had played while he would have won the envy pay, because it was kind of sit near had the most minutes. He was garden the bribe here he was kind of their rebounder shop black or long with Mb2 they're protecting with minutes, and he I don't know he wasn't a hundred percent ready for that stage to be like one of the best five poisoned. World, what was funny was indeed was ass. I was really impressed with. Indeed you know I tweeted there and then you look at that. It's in the Philippines, a row work on the club. Oh, your congratulations! You find the relays beads guided cycle and Bates point. Seventy five games in four years. He replied- I looked it up. He's play
twenty one hundred and seventy three minutes or something like that. Lebruns played almost twenty one hundred minutes this year. So I actually think it was incredible that a bead was able to just kind of belong on the court and an do Staying with you know the brand, the rat Currie the basket. The week- and he belonged with those guys- and I don't know it baby Chris the ceiling on him. Now, with that said, he's played seventy five games. You know you did a very bad thing just now. I don't know if you realize even didn't take my want to cut it out, but you admit it to your listeners that you read the tweet replies. You say that in a long time no they're the ones our underneath quick Threed, I put them to try to make sure would go through because the wifi staples was so bad and then I saw like the first two tweets, and these were: how will you will really be it's good? It's like yeah. It's kind of a big deal that he hasn't played eighty games, yet
and he was at some prisoners thoroughly, twenty all busy twenty three it. Twenty three? I guess a farmer rocketing up against the broad, pretty good yeah and if our moroccan span notes ass, their game, but that was yet another coached Antonia special than the stretch their right here, the wrong guy site there what's funny, is it most effective guy he had was our Horford for what the game, cause. Our efforts are good defender doesn't care if he Bay, but it's like, he probably should have horrified and indeed together, has Orford knew what he was doing. But take you at your game. Re did not it a mate Antonia Classic down the stretch about a beat it achieves VP always sit there. For like seconds, I was tax. We're text in the whole game We gave up on the address and VP because it became clear if, if his team
and there was no VP. So whoever had a good fourth quarter is gonna win it and I tweeted, I think, at the end of the period that debt it was sitting there for elaborate cause liver. They were losing button bright, had the stats and it was like ice- is play well for one quarter. They win the game there when they VP, which is exactly what happened- and I was by my take away from last night- is you Sometimes the asked our gamey are. These guys run the court there. Actually, being heard in there's this natural hierarchy that develops and he was the best where he still is all I wanted to say that I jumped on your greek freak envy pay. I try to convince the last second, not think Leubronn encourage. Maybe this is just too easy rank were were over thinking this, whatever leubronn ethic was thirteen to come to an end with it, but I only gave up on a great free winning em they pay.
Once, and that was when he didn't play the entire third fricking quarter. Ragged raid, the and I was probably wasn't in at All- and that makes me think, like that's just another layer of why you shouldn't that the NBA off I gave the baby over under just insane than that route. For those point to the route more yet, but the better game itself, you don't know who's. Trying. You dont know whose you know what a crazy. We get a look like Jimmy Bottler and the great free just went out hard, and then it showed a little bit like you knew the greek frequent gonna get to get to the hoop and dumb for time once again what're, you gonna get your ten there, but yeah Julia Jellyband there never again about Jimmy Butler sounded out yet right, yeah, that's it did with what it remember the story just enough: he just didn't come the practice or why I'd uncle?
it's eventually move? If you know you're not going to play that much to be like my knee hurts, I'm just going to sit on the bench, but it's the alternative was me playing twelve minutes. I thought the way that game shook out. It was kind of impossible for team curry not to win because there there over our team with so much better than the LA brantome cause. The branded just lost like three major guys there, when the bench of the Brons team was in versus the the stabbed him, there was no contest, but staff was terrible hard and looked like he. Hadn't slept for three days and J mine was practically in a coma so that that none of that was up and that's how to play hoffered cause Orford actually seem like he'd gotten reasonable man, asleep the whole weakened by the most other dna thing as dream on during forgive them go, look, look it up and my cousin, our cousins, Jimmy on directly after
for months, cutaway hastened his mouth wide open talk about a coma fergie fer! You didn't help matters. Was but Emily on youth my I later the weekend was. I talk to shun Mcveigh Fer a half hour Friday night and he was around on every bit as great as I wanted to be an he promised he would come on the Bs Pike Ass, so stay tuned for thou, great he's, a year order than Tate yeah like he could hang but they wouldn't. You say there are the same age But he was, I think, she's ETA, the game it produces pod Kazi stars, and you need to get your shit tat. You can. I fell head coach like four month all ba you're still behind emigrated last. And then we're gonna go the Oscars next week on, against all odds with Cousin Sow America's favour. Gamely podcast there In Somalia, I've got you my ass, I tell you I gotta get out. I would try to talk you out of it. Do you think you think it's a winner but again
fifteen or twenty one August that that the fund best here so best picture is really interesting to me because there are nine nominees ends. Shape of water is two hundred and twenty, the favourite three billboards is one hundred and forty ladybird is eleven or one and get out us. Fifty one in Dunkirk is forty one and there's been some industry buzz, even though those are the ads that its get out verses, Dunkirk is how this is going to actually shape out. My argument, Jimmy we you may jimmy- were texting about it this weekend and Jimmy of Course was as dismissive and Aragon is always about it, but he he gimme. The token laugh on that I was. I was I'm trying to figure out what but he was just the racism and gambling on it. Now you don't wanna know he didn't want it I'll. Take your, I think I said I'll. Take your bed on this. Oh, this is a regrettable
this. This is great Eminem, I'm gonna do it, then I'm gonna bet him. I don't know, go after hosted the loudly or bad amid May, carry and states that so we have to back, but but he was adamant that dead get out, that it was be shape. A ladder three billboards and my argument is like with nine I'm unease. What how many votes do you actually need to win the asker it'll. If what I had so much one out of every five, just like that say screw it I like get out the most get out was the poorest. Get out the movie I remembered ten years whatever. Then then it might stick it out.
Almost like our trump won the election words like I have it with the added that and then it acts like all the math can work so exactly like. Try it exactly like properly electric. Now I did you write the one thing like you used to be able say, while this one, the golden Ball, the one Sag award at one is so it's gonna win, that's gonna win best picture, but now that they deluded the poor now that there is like nine or ten, now many is that all goes out. The window is gonna, be entrapped. So that's my argument. So at like best actor based actress, I think would be crazy to bet against. Like Francis May Dormann, I think she's gonna win any if she does in the odds, are really. I don't know it just if she if she gets like forty percent of the vote you whence they don't show us the votes unfortunate, but with get I just think what the nine it makes it so much harder to figure out how a consent this would, when you know somebody could just steal it. Somebody is still not convinced.
By that I don't know if you're not convinced I don't want your arguments, I don't want your courtesy nodding, I'm good. I have somebody I'm going to have some ringer experts on next week and we're going to we're going to tell you how to now, you're, Oscar Bull and when money from your loved ones and friends. I'll tell you a genuine his call me by your name, which is basically a movie two guys cycling around ITALY, yeah come on their land now that people never say. Yes, we're gonna go for another background: hey hey. What about this? A great one right to act, the sheriff dot, if that shot in the streets of Roy get any cause like. I think I doubt ITALY, it's beautiful! Look! What they're doing to the peaches rare warning hating with the fruit is. This is just the greatest arabic if it has any of that. Even talking about rights, a fine movie adjust should should it been an Oscar like one of the two,
movies moves actuated Asker in its funding because its yet its convince me once, for all that any movie said in ITALY is forty seems forty percent better than it actually is could be anywhere. I like in the godfather Goes to ITALY and those are the best scenes in the godfather method, really happens, like AEGIS T stares at Apollonia, they have this terrible wedding, he better like three minutes ago than their car blows up. That's why the ITALY, since those are incredible, ha ha about when they work through you now and then like there's that day and lay movie when she goes to ITALY, that my wife always watches it's terrible. It's like your tip, terrible rob competence in ITALY, so she loves it. So you I think someone should put the theory that attempts at it like, like. I will perish Take the Medea movies till I see what kind of both get anything digging guttering a nomination anything
that's outdoors where they're just kind of walking around and there's a lot of wide shouts of how pretty it away. Is that it's gonna? Do people are just gonna, think it's fantastic yeah. I think if Netflix there, turn all this money around you just say: we are setting up a in ITALY. It's just a job at unjust, happen. People got some cycling trips, people walk Maybe there's a wine tasting episode, then I'll just be great, I get out is fifty no one. Now I still think I still think That's the best deal of any of these things. I could totally sailor and outside it. Gonna beat. I think you're gonna get out your cheque book in and right what about your betting on the right thing, but the outline the shape of water. If that, once the asker I'm going be very upset, is I have to tell you
of all the cat. I would I mean John Weeks John, with too has a better case in the shape of water, a terrible attack, the three billboards in the current climate and strong women and all at matic- that's gonna pick. That's gonna get the most a problem that was his Three billboards backlash, though people are saying it's like this decades crash, not a cop anywhere near their guests will say, differ about ninety percent of it was good that every night that not the killer, cycling scenes that call by your name. Had such a caress ran those bicycles, men roof say, five bicycling scenes breaking away, had less bicycle exceeds income, we burn it think of ass twins. Good, could cycle dead throughout the whole movie, TAT parent corner, we're running
they had enough. You sneak one in I wanna make recycling in a whole, but because it is not great, but we found out my a four year old is the logic of dairy products, and I did not want a kid allergic to anything like this. Just let alone dairy I love ice cream, I want to take them out for ice cream, I want to eat ice cream, and now this little son of a bitch is allergic to dairy and it sucks cuz. We tested it out and he swells up and gets blotchy and I don't know what am I a mile to give him back? What do I do? I just up the love em right, so you're, saying you personally offended that you created a child that is allergic to dairy yeah biggest, where the biggest parental failures of your career gotta, be that's gotta ray and there's no reversing it right. The problem is that the problem with with that there, the dairy allergy, is, you feel bad when
haven't pizza. You feel bad when you having ice cream like it's, it's more, it's more, it's more, the parental gill that it fact in your life. You really care about his life as much as it just affects your life severely. Cuz this This little shit sergeant there yet I am my son s idea, but up by default. I wanna hear. I don't think I don't like you, born and knew you had. The ability to make decisions in is that I, as a deal you get up the EU either can't you have to go without ice cream and pizza for the rest of your life or will take your left. What do you think about it? I heard you make him up a pinky they're taking for sure I there. I made my way through is allergic to shelve gradually.
Bother me for twenty years. It just that. Sometimes I just really annoying like I'm. Having a good lobster gray, Clamp Chowdhury can give somebody a bite. Its regular annoying That's why you gotta leave and right yeah. They were there's. This disease is famous story between us, where we went to famous I mean, and our friend circles, cause she's told the exaggerated version of the story. For twenty years we went to a Fenway park. We were we How Pedro this is what I had. No money risk up and tickets for pay joke as it was like. I was like on their this'll, never happening in my lifetime where there were like in the fifth throw behind the Red Sox dug out, and I got clam chowder and it was night. Nine. It was during the ninety nine Pedro season and she's a guy Indeed, that I'm allergic to shellfish than they come on, just try it so she tries it and then she go sure. Like five minutes, I should go to the bathroom. Just go the bathroom showing up back into the bathroom. He doesn't come back for like twenty minutes,
I thought, like she was getting bigger. Food, who knows, but more importantly, Pedro is pitching Ninety nine Pedro, I'm like I'm that right getting up like what am I gonna get a wonderful way. Looking for my wife, I just assume she was in some food line. She comes back Half an hour later. Issues like I was just in the infirmary Benadryl had a reaction, the clam chowder and I'm like that's terrible. Oh my god, I wish I had known, because we don't have cell phones back, then she can't text and their nedda. Might you know Pedro Stone like a to hit her, and I haven't focus our concern for her, but also their pages Pedro. That story is never twisted over the last twenty years to She had an allergic reaction in the seats she went off. I'd go with her, I don't want to leave Pedro. You know any day, just kind of they take the kernel of truth and they just blow it out.
You're married, you know what they're doing better have to be honest. You know what they do. They do so yours. What's your parent or my parent corner, I have a special wrinkle. I have a guest to work into my parent corner Ben servants society there, so it happened and then the other stuff Every parent corner we ve done with one of our kids in the parent liner, so Valentine saying that I'd happened last week and, as you know, young bed, has as a girlfriend, even those in the fourth grade that we ve been monitoring. It's a nice cute, innocent relationship yea, I won't say your name, don't worry we'll oh collar. Will cordially Roberts so
scholar by name what's your name says, there's so Ben decides he's gonna get his girlfriend abound times. They gift and he's with my mom and they buyer something and then in Boston. Is it my stepmom. It decides. Together, another gift, then he gets her third gift, and then he asked my daughter to make slime. He made my daughter made her pink slime, so as all the parent coroner worlds are now colliding in all these different ways, because my daughter's, like you know a cookie added to assign bay species and making it needs that and then brings this gift. It was a bag with four different gifts for vat. As day to his to his true love, in these say, went over great bet, there's a big when it
who ever lived a life without wanting? Well, we have a good one is entitled to about. I know good cookies, Xavier again, so it stronger than ever sat or now then at an alarming rate and turned your shower pictured, a blue meeting, other Ben Simba. Did she not care about that? What yeah yeah ban be met? It was the Benson. The summit this weekend at the I stared at an incredible great cm. Parent corner, is no matter how young your kids are. If, if it's true we just gotta. Let it go you gotta, let let them spread those wings than men, but let me give you some advice it. This is free vice find out. If she has any shellfish allergies and she does get were there, allergies, she's ever their eyes right, they fear the one. That's worth repeating. What do you think our favorite
thing about you is, I don't know you took him to make a because I'm afraid you're athletic havoc is out there What a pity I gotta see people MRS pack on their legs of their kids, and this is out of place here I give sanity, try the archaic honour or any other than that. I think the rest exhibit permanent. Say she didn't see on Saturday when he was watching daddy's home to airplane. With a hundred wrestling figures betrayed me: when I read it for real work it. Is that good you made his by? That is home to elaborate Zoe at least one of yours. We twenty dollars cause that's one of the worst movies its ever happen. It it's a great movie. You can't say that some to next grownups prototypes to look like Godfather to data, because you so now. What is it
What's it what's, the biggest move in your house right now for kids movies, so well out story three out on a wider. Do it again tastes like Allendale, lovely story, his favorite, your favorites, are grown ups. Wanted to daddy sound. I like gonna one more than grown ups to actually the incredible was at one of the basque blessing, but yeah great basketball. Seen in that get Chris RACK really. Powers than the basketball seen it in grown? Ups are real yeah Sacrae for him. As I say I get excited, do you get excited when you you come across? You stumble across the movie thought your kids may have seen, and then they like now, I saw him with my Jon Archer, like yea. Remember that line from aeroplane is like now. I never fireplace God we have to watch our way with the idea that, for you watch airplane, we do we, you said that happened four weeks ago, Happy Gilmore
I just assume that was one of the first ones we'd ever watched, and we never saw it was like all my god and it was like really everything Ben wanted from a movie towards people get hit the ball ass their swearing, some lost their hand, sounds jobs here. South against all odds who do have this week is gonna, be real, degenerate, trifecta, gonna talk, winter Olympics will talk and golf torn America, talker Oscars, and what else happened? Something does a lot like going on battered up we'll talk about above and next week, we're gonna have to ringer experts on to break down the true off your categories, excellent and then pair corner- were running on this website. Thanks for coming up Buddy data good job-
Let's talk about Belvedere wow, a great one produced in one of the world's longest running distilleries Belvedere vodka, the world's finest on natural vodka, create crafted by collective of master. Distillers. Belvedere is made with non GMO Polish Rye p, water, no additives recognised for quality. Bulgaria was named the I s: seaward vodka producer the year, two thousand fifteen to those sixteen two thousand seventeen Belvidera unparalleled quality reminds me of a run random. I favour basque Bob whereby Time had the eighties. That's right, Larry Bird, when the envy
three years in Rome, eighty four, eighty five, eighty six when two finals envy peace and yet somehow has bessys women's eighty seven it in when anything without great run, Panama would happen what's happening above it right now, burden the south is from that air delivered basketball, the utmost body, safer, Belvedere, enjoying Delicious cocktail with Belvedere vodka today, remember always drink responsibly. Ok, come up. My friend era, Morey got to know him with the South Ex way back when the song Conference had even really gonna go, and yet, if it was, it was like in like two classrooms. This year it's happening embossed than this week. It's now Jack Conference Conference Centre play
is oh bomb gonna be there I mean it went from like I was the keynote speaker to Obama, my that's how much this thing is grown, but I put a lot of time and capital and energy into into spread the gospel for this thing at the inelastic. Aid early fire this decade and it's been awesome to watch a blossom as the advance metrics revolution as not having become a revolution anymore. It's just become something that that is a part, where we follow sports every year, they celebrated, thereby these panels. Discussions try to figure out where steps behind the best parts are like the little thought or side panels in the papers and stuff like that, we found Kurt Gold's bury who became a very popular grant them ready for us in our work for the San Antonio spurs. We found him because of the song comments, so
it's really great, I'm really happy for everybody there him and Jessica Gammon who has been running it with since forever that that everything is picking this year, the Obama This is an interview I did with him in July. I fear member. He came on my pack ass last summer and we did a whole thing and after we felt it I realize we had never told the story of their oil and it's a coup. Story for a variety of reasons, as can about here, but I think the big take away. I always get asked from people. You know how to get my break. What do I do to any advice now that and devices that twofold one is like No are your brace gonna be ease, gotta be prepared to your ass off and wrote that end, and once you can open that door, even when an she's got a knock it down
And it s really matter high, do it and it doesn't matter what vocation is like once you get the sliver of a chance. You got a knock down. Tat phrase is a good example tryin to try these to host the two park. Ass now but yet there was a good example of leg. You never know. It's going to play at man. You really don't, but you just got to keep plugging away and and and keep your brain moving the way this is it. This is a really good any real. What's funny about it, as we did this before the racket season started now, they ve been they're the ones seed in the entire NBA right now, and on top of that is whole plan of getting spot or that I would say as well that what are they like? Twenty nine in one with their best for Gaza, so listen to it in the context of that we taped it like late July, but ever odds, congratulations to him and Jessica for the Sun Conference, and here we got here's Durham. I wanted to do
the story of Darrell since you were here. Oh, I don't know, had ever done this. It's a good story it's a U April, I had so starts in our I'm a couple miles from here. We can get the shouted, IRAN and maverick maverick best friends, now you're herbs under cheaper, but super smart in high school. What you want you in North West. None of us are now didn't Lester. Think, sir fills I get it You say you want to get in his words when I was like eight ok, so you like me, here it bill. James abstraction was in a baseball, because the hours of math, nerd and of numbers out again, was like you couldn't dollar nagging at football stands a baseball Zella game in town and size I beg the baseball. Stetson asked our basement
the spinners in the Strata Matic is order without early thoroughly revise ball. Yes, met met eighties, Zander, the eighties Megara they Vespa, anaemic, Relic United Play Micro literally respond account or a sixty four Had I had a league with my friends as nerdy league. Yes, there there wasn't, there as all male or merely as you, my creator, let you get exactly plan fence ass. He based on plan, I was terrible days, went by. Thus That was really under baseball statistics, Sir, What on earth Western got a job that is large Our story that I won't tell you and I found a job nearby and school kids tat- think they'll James's firm with genuine the founder there in Gaza and my life work there too, when by now I Phelan so so this. Mid nineties. You leave the northwestern. You live North Western Europe.
That's egg and at that time their joint baseball firm. Yet I feel like stats had not taken off it, not really it's that scab out later, but I was gonna be there, even though that's, but just in general law in general. Now it's in the late nineties is an artist stone really come on. Obviously the founding instead think was a big part of that. And in a way, I was there with my kanner. He might really started the basketball part of stats scenarios entering by hand like all the bare basketball statistic. And then I got an opportunity in the nineties to that part of their bass. My book there first basket look. I had that when I, but of calm alone on the cover of the army. I, like those like my first basketball thing, was what was the formula
buildings. Are this formula called pythagorean baseball, furrows OECD your run, scored and get up, and you can forecast humming wins issue. From that and it didn't work and baseball, unknown, utterly sort of solved out of adapts, something like that: the basketball and young, as part of the Northwestern Stats class. I basically adapt. The massive on men made. The book says my is. Actually yours claimed the van. Is it a good theory? nor does it hold out now absolutely has to our citizens. That of some of the square of IRAN's adds to the power of fourteen hours so my by his memories lies tireless to her shirt. History is that was, I was very early with fantasy sports me. My dad we're in a baseball league. I think, starting in eighty one, that law banning average plus homers rockets.
It's amazing like the words that were already there. There was no way to keep track of summary goes. It says I worked ops so that you had, like you know Robin yeah, any three, twenty with twenty homer Sousa three forty, so we drafted somebody for every position. And it was like three outfielders and then you the guy's all year and if you traded them me, it wasn't even like you had the others, the american leg, to both legs. I think it was both by many survive shady robbing me out. For my dismay, but through the air they just we just swap that I believe it can. I worry and compile than from April by June, is like there's no internet calculated the cap. Will you be here in a guy like you switch over there, so they re so like every once in a while. We get this in the mail from somebody be leg. Hear this and re like your ketchup space, are these guys three forward? two. Ninety three ten divide
The number- and that was your team and then the total, so the free Swingers, were greatly Andrade Dawson, like I'm, trying to figure League the guy. What has not yet been authority, no stolen basis. Now that I got it's about a change. Your rules immediately you'd have kicked me. I believe these guarantees are my dad's friend here, like the guys are bark, says I or dad again to against calves there, Sir he's Wading through air the south accede with the act in. I have time when Kasparov. Seventy five to thirty eight document left at that those games he left at half time. You so disguise the greatest performance. I've ever seen my Blair now so so then, in the mid eighties, a basketball externally. And I think there is one other. It was called the Larry Bird leg. Ironically, I wrote about this a million years ago to stamp it these guys. It was something said about how he judged
operators points. Firstly, my voice remains per se as elsewhere, birds right they even Sullivan red- maybe maybe so this league was points rebounds assess and, I think steals and blacks. Adam altogether, labored league in areas where it is amazing that was wave your barriers for higher Zadok. I see no question so them had there, and that was that because, what's, USA today started doing their member, there have the Tuesday stare love that port. Were they need outside my hand, like Adam these are paying a glad first transition. Our sixty borrows, like my greatest they ever there, Sir We didn't have anybody like you. I think we had some. I think I might have been doing so then, for First, one mama's. Ninety ninety, maybe now I was nineteen anyway as if a volcano non saying when them all, I would raise it again, but all this stuff with the same thing was a very primitive info.
They re like late seventies, Cassandra, thirty four thirty and that I will add island and then basketball game like mid 80s and then and then They like, ladies, you a little bit later here. So then stay thank think was real. I remember the first time I knew about the building, stuff. I read the book. Syria, it didn't see July. Am I wanna buy em away from you, you got God, oh I got one on Ebay is desired. Evanna lately Iver you double that way. We could do So you want of yours- and I may so simple Albania was so simplistic, though the first abstract Now I was ignored in Asia. I an airing at air. He attacked a billiard predator, some other people that he is a first wonder, put it on paper and yeah I'm at sea whenever I every year by fair at their the year, almost as I am also
have to got a Lawrence Kansas for a game. They obviously have top prospects and bell goes there. Game and I'll have dinner with a man, and you know it he's he's now: we're gonna like amazing, that here this popular crime, more public, private equity? I'm really want a major eighty bucks, otherwise that we really are the Kennedy thing the attic and got another one coming out. I don't think I can say anything about. If he's got one, that's going to be unbelievable when it comes outside, That's great about him in his just a good lesson. When people is ass leg had I reckon this business would sweep over its eyes. I will just work harder than anybody else and throw yourself into an everyday bill. James is the best example of I have an idea. I'm all the way with it like he does that you now I'm back. That's like it's like five hundred pages and he said ten years as I'm losing a lunatic with it, he he, I think the best thing I I heard him say and it was a non bayswater. They asked him how he can
The thing in his insight was like look. I did poorly and high school because I love baseball. Giving around yet had it was Literally that's what made my career yeah he's hilarious and his writing in his writings, unbelievable Annie lovely so the things they got him in trouble in school. I what made him who is today? So if you have a passenger's chase, I don't care teachers and the NGO I'll indigo. Ninety percent, the bummer for me with Bill James, is that I just did know about him yeah he's on the back of. I was getting sport, a news back then, and that's how he would advertise, but I would never get those right next to the guy in the bees in the air. I say out of that said that I remember, like maybe eighty one singing a bookstore eighty one a timber like. What's that dead by now look! Startle later I sought somewhere. I've lies ahead. The losses Omar Progresso serve those good bookstores, Ohio, there's nothin, where I was facts.
We had. I didn't catch a diet, six, actually the green, the guy had the eighty to one. So somehow I got babbling Odin S Great bookstore, so they probably they might carried. It actually possess. The the Quality of em goes up. I do hope the Walden books would have some. Somebody added another. They started sometime. All so. Stats takes off. Yeah and the internet changes everything here and now all of a sudden loads of statistics. Formation going up and are changing our fine sports at the same time being money by that starting an aspirin living stats, for they can now very low paying job, as I can't make whatever forever such idea. Jobs boards, not a single person,
said. I think this is a ninety six. You re like letters and staff for all right. I sent a letter to every team now. Here's what I hope to do above other no answer, of course, which I will answer my own letter. So s, fine and then just desperate to get into sports side. I Bessy said Have- and I have to be super rich, like, as my only chance activists who so then I went on to do stuff that had no chance to make me supervision. I, like I, was out like a pharmacist. Confirm. I was at you know about a company that called minor that works with the innocents yea, and then I decided. Business school, which is also terrible idea to get rich, but I it's I got lucky Ganda consulting firm and that ended up work on the Red Sox Deal before John Henry and thou. O cat was my my my key because the group that was
by the local honours, carbon o Donnell. I remember who actually out bid yeah Henry, I was the nobody workin on our team, and but they kicked me a part of the project which was egg. They want to buy the red, Sox and Celtics together and then cried hammer yeah and have the great idea. Yes was just doing the same thing death, and so I got that peace, the project first they didn't get the bed. I'm run right, a jump out the building and, one, and there was always shady how they didn't get the bid either have somehow the highest boy and The other reality was my memory was the now the are group wooden promise. They would support their one of their proposals, for I think revenue sharing, and says I might say like yeah here who Greece, I was unaware of the project. Now. This is what I heard yes and then basic,
in our work who I really oh so much too was had had gone to the Celtics and put a bed down. Had like a one or two a due diligence period and then Steve value. Who knew the sea of our firm Parthenon, whereas I was at Yale. Basically Today we need analyzes still fast and I think Steve in our new work untold, like hey, this groups already done really good analysis, and so that's I got on the celtic screw. You know helping work to potentially by the self, And I was really my n- I mean that's a total fluke and a lot of ways and in many ways the agonizing Siena you like to think you're ready for the opportunity cause. I worked its that's and was hit sports fan and endow that, but in I know, amazing Dave. I'm sure you do too, who just have never got that that one little opening chance we re scared to because
just random way, the Red, Sox and south selling? At the same time there are perfect time for you to get involved and if it's five years neither those things are foreseen when people ass. It s our time. I hey. I want to get this words. What I do like I don't know like leg, just just be passionate and then, your brain comes, shall write about I will say, will now working with Wicks team and Steve Pelleas team. On that deal? Like my wife, those crazy, I literally wouldn't come out where we were working twenty hours five hours round the clock and when you see thou crack in the door does ploughed through like don't yet. You cannot lay treated like as ninety five point like you stand out and I still remember this day. Wick like they three Do we are going a presentation and he added turning in his eye. You know you look really getting grain as terms a moment like one of the big moments. Some my life ladder
so you can see that there is some about you that he liked and Ways Agri Average is for this guy in some of the others can be that's actually usually a taboo thing. Are you nuts was to hire people aware, but ours thank locked mire that had a Parthenon, who, you know, gave permission to maybe have me join us. They said that they say like carve out where your dream like, if you can help the South ex how'd. You help us yeah. I mean I don't really care. I back. Think we caused an ironic as I desperately like three. I am sand like early finally son, I'm a reserve and back like a chill right leg. It's gonna be fine. I was acting very like a twenty year old theory that others I was very-
as I know as may I break, and yes I like was- did not act rationally and desperate and again and then end up with just had me like work on different things of the cell tax and then he brought in he wrote in Danny Ainge enriched Gotham, and I you know I was I was pretty young say you know it was appropriate for them to bring in more experience, guys and I just work with both of them for a few years. So when did you become MIKE the advance metric sky for the Celtics, I mean I always like. That was the thing, and then I heard my therein, whose yeah, obviously almost eleven and the industry now he was an active as an intern and he was working, I think, of the twelfth Circuit and Columbus like other of his pride as far as guy now and ease and then he actually ended up, get no work more of us about me because he Tejus was an inter unfolds.
And I was a splitting my time between hope and with the business side and the best while side and yes to that, then and then somehow some way like my next big break was Carol Dawson was retiring in Houston. He you know he Our own or less Alexander was like looking for a new gm me. I've been looking for a while, it's I don't know, and but he was looking for someone different. He is obviously watching the trends of information and Billy bean he had interviewed. I think I mean he's got to say. I think it s a revised six, seven people and, unlike him he just Didn'T- want to fire the old school and the former Blair less Is there a way out of his time for years like on the pace and space and who is hired? And I mean everything- and you know that.
I was helping ahead Hunter Buffy Philippeville, giving she was like trying to find someone to help fit the job help for like six months in hey kid, I didn't think I was a silly ready said just when the Celtics for three years- and I was I hey what about this? What about that and then? Finally, she has. I hey wants to meet you and I was like Oh ok, yeah! I found out I like a Tuesday and has intervened in two days later and I am in and Anna had the job. I like two o clock that that day let's go backwards, yeah so you're at the south. Eggs like this is your life here, Sir, the yellow bird I for was me you're, like oh four or five ranch their revamping the team. They have A bunch of calves space issues because they had traded for windows your contract that turned out to be a disaster, then why the lot of the work of the air then rape of France?
he comes and he's got it. I can't jack pop here said about contract enough, and requirements, salary cap for five years, the south expands were reside, flew down, that's because Not only was the Tina good enough, and I had been many years since your last when the title they everyone knew they're, just locked in yeah no flexible. The cap and our thanks so gather VIN Baker, thing was one of the big things I worked on and make their work tat an odyssey Danny did. So just trying to figure out, what's figure out is a key. He obviously has gone through some personal troubles at the time. And it was this. How do we create a win win for him and the Celtics at that time? So I hear he's well wended em: when did you start looking at different ways to evaluate players. The desire this others asserted that sank, organic, ninety so I guess I saw things. Could you do
This old go away, thinking and there's this guy, I know he's a good shooter because that's a fixed percentage. I remember one big thing: that was a coach O'Brien was a coach is also very good curtain and yeah. He was He was talking about how the defense was number one in the Lee, and any is again a defence of raw feel go percentage and and ass, I sort of Frank Vogel, Frank, global, yeah good, and he was, I think that the fourth the system may thirty four the system at the time- and I was he in Franco's, really smarten answers such a ban, and I was walking through like hey. You know, that's not like you were really not none one you realize they had an idea and it turned out. They were number one and events vehicle percentage, but we were like actually eleventh in all rail defence budget. The right way, which is really DE, are generating yeah and you know. Actually one of the two meetings as May meeting with Touch o Brien early and sang like ok. Yes, you,
number one in Chicago percentages. That's you know, but you also giving up the most open threes, Emily. So yeah like you, can't we can't be packing the paint this much because, like these three, there are sorted Kenya. He had front the post, so Gag Andy events feel operators locust got any like clause in post ups, but the reality was. We were really low and events are rebounding because people get inside position so are key. Events are remaining percentage was, was really bad there. And we all said sort of a no lapse attitude so anyone got a level just follow settlers, the only shots that actually happen where these like, what you know where it shots shot outside, experience at six. O clock fallen, you an end. You were basically giving up inside position. I rebounding and adjusted for all that? I was basically like you're. Not first were like alive. Yeah and I and touch around now his grey areas like.
Yeah. That's right, the idea that says that good, so abusive, sing, Barrow bright as those southern teams he had when he took from Bettina were kind of a prototype, for A basket was being played out. It was just what terrible three point: shooters bet there. Jack at an early warning, five, twenty six threes a game and get in the late. Ninety Celtic seems while the most unique ever their turn. People over there were playing pressure up temper. And it was really innovative. The problems there given away to a lamp on the other energy as it just in work- and I thank for forty minutes like those superstars, only really can play that kind of basketball. It was really is pry. The lass most innovative team has been put on the floor in a long time. It's it's that quite a thirty four thirty it's a kind of a ass thirty, thirty four areas is when you're into one. I think in the play I shall like, three is game. The average
That was what they're not again undermine November going a new threes. We're good man is way of. There are now three was worth more than two, which is why one of art, as I was yes with Frank Vogel out was egg. If you know it's good, often you gotta know it's bad on D, like ie, you that that whole marriage had happened yet his people are still running like dick harder type, defensive concepts and and and a lot of those and given a more open threes and yeah, like it wasn't until recently now, yet the switching with long range of peace that the office, it is often says, have adjusted faster than the defence. As to the modern name in the early now saying, like the coach has really adjust to how the offences are plan. So could you feel like setting this is how the ragged thing happen when things started ship in money bar comes out. He advanced metrics
It is now becoming like this real touch point in sports journalism. How should we measure prayers? There's this new Eddie do at the old school guards I'm back. This is wrong. Who are the nerd screw these guys? and I remember we were in Houston at asked our weekend? I didn't know you that lacks but I knew you and we Buddy sailing called a museum, my wedding solve in IRAN at the forces hotel tell you and be a GM. And you were like. No, I'm not and I'm like it's going to happen. One of these owners is going to. He's gonna. Let you literally directed honour, reside there. Remember it's listen, I'm wrong a million times. This is one of the answer, as one of these owners is gonna, be like. I want my Billy being an coups around the league whose, like you and there wasn't really want a diary MIKE Zella guys go a job. I've what been offered Jack he's prize and others that nowadays are not on the other
there's a lot, and I like that gas merger base up up exactly exactly six. There was also remember that forces I I had had too many. Moreover, serve our sir. Yes and you save me from my going up to I. Maybe these accurate yeah I made was embarrassed. Myself could see and hear me so I love you. I might have killed my GM chance right thither Lakota hours, the yet I was like the Big power hotel. Everything was Avenant earlier David FARC in Jordan. This planet, I'm blue, Blu River. Yeah, and then they, three months later, other sellers three months later become an in in everybody's leg. Is it right here? Two months later, you blew his However, and I go April six, everybody's, like the racket guy, hidden culture programme.
Fourthly, how is this Carrefour seo now? Lay tat ran all the all the press hit of of the negativity of you know our owner. Less Alexander, hiring me like hid and he's is dealing with, like the radio, guys, commie, deep, blue and like yeah, like their call me crazy and, unlike he had to deal with all that and his eyes, like manna, seems like it wasn't leg right wasn't like I was like nor anything around the leg I was like Mike- was maybe ten years ago riots and sell yet aren't gonna forget the risk that the personal risk they undertook to gimme a shadows amiss see. You come in and you realize that you have to best. Personally, in your team, which is an advantage that was nice, including Tracy who is like. One of the early advance metrics painted M as
better than may malnutrition. Absolute fact, people were debating hammer Goby Gal I rather think his ceiling was higher than corbies racy had tears better than cobia error prone like just on individual. Obviously, I asked, I don't think We could have everyone, twenty two straight games that he's than theme. I still think that they What's the matter with you, man about literally Meda neck, he, seven guys. My the moment, I remember the tragic events running strict more than any is when number seventeen and Karl Andrew goes realise: Ya'Ll game alone,
Carl Andrew Gazelle. Veal are really Carl, as Ricky Year was like just dominating leg. Just killing- and I like this is over. Like frickin Carl me was the key I talked to Tracy and we have just signed my carousel arising game. I'm really really good players to plan in China and unlike Trace minimalist Carlini like what's wrong, as I now he's been gray for us, is like what I'm making great, like my carelessly, just as good door, how back he was right. I guess like this amazing stretcher like that again before a final ass to the eventual champion Celtic,
airs, sumac, YO, YO loss career that decades he make men team agreed. So many real about her. There has people forget his passing was absurd, like James now is like on his level, or maybe you could say better but like both I've been blessed outside superstars, your leg, ridiculous, passers. Sir, do you think I I was a defender for tee. My car pham acts that he was under, aided the global you can't. He lit the meaner than he added superstar. Do you feel like he was as cut throat is needed to be? I think it I think I heard of the people thought he wasn't. I mean Go back and look at all his blouse statistics, error unbeliever he's one of those guys you got better in the class. I respect those guys yeah, you know. Do I how're do people Oh, you know like to beat up now. He look at his plan for I'm with us. He is on barrier, unbelievable sir
Almost every player gets like ten to twenty percent. Worse than the last, the guys are get better or the ones you want on your team and Tracey was that what did you think we're the big? efficiency is when you took over that quickly got closed It seems like I'm in shooting three partners is the may now on thy ones, still coming like out such an easy inefficiency and now runs catch. Those simple one day. I'd say, like obviously the inefficiency of you now pay out pay shots outside the pay not through Yes, I think that one's pretty clothes. What about far like how much success you had in the draft us first copier said: oh yeah well, is using draft models. Yeah I mean we add obviously Brooks Amber, expect blade. Twenties Carl Andrew picked thirty one that year you now even even on the lake guys like even Chandler, Parsons and stuff, but in our draft wardens again yeah
Lee is way more efficient than the draft. Now to you that you really veiled college protection back then more than other times lower than other days. I think teens, like the spurs, were always really smart, spurs rise, aware on international guys. Yet that's caught up that. That was a big advantage, I closed and then then nearly over corrected like skin is really an yeah and arco and stuff like that, and so I actually We may be a little bit of an over correction on using analysis now you'll see us sang guys. You Chris Paul, like one of the best mid range shooters ever like you know him, I am. I am I worried, is getting the right now. Cause he's really get Adam minutes can add a good aspect or often so I would say there might not be in over correction billions in maybe numbers loaded too much hope, and that will help us for a little while that that that
that now overreaction almost like the international players, yea, there's, probably the fly your team last year was you. You abandoned the mid range completely. Then San Antonio said were giving eighteen footers we dare to take them. I would hate to go as far as flaw. I do think you wanna value team as a fly out of court. That's a good point here. I do think you wanna be have multiple threats for as I say, gone against various plans defences. You wanna, have multiple threats all over the floor and multiple aspects year offence and that's it recent works out of a crass, I'm shocked people alive as our leg. He knows the fit there things like that, and they remind me of the articles on when Doran joint guns. They go back and look yeah. You can find all these articles like how they shouldn't have done it and it's there. They were obviously absurd and the articles on us and whether or not James and Chris can work. I think of I think the only thing is the usage re think that was my biggest fair there. Is that its two guys that
succeed, the most when they had the bar Ryan and my ways off the boss so that the sharing the bad thing I was that I was gonna, hurt like Clay Thompson, the most steers while work leg either next to Chris or James. You need you need guys who can who can shoot like the fact bother them shoot at a very high rate is pretty key. Yeah and Chris being a very, very good defenders, also key, so both of them off the ball really? Well, I even other to the best our time on the balls. I work Africa to work, I mean save ass of all. They then we need to the best fifteen. I know that I have asked what these are already knows. Like all, I wonder if it'll work with you no other. Yeah staff, James You know press bark and working hours pretty? Well there s, These are both extremely smart players. They can adapt they're gonna adapt to each other really well. So the gone back to the late to thousands, though
the model that you had the draft Yes, I was used to make funny you area like the migration as well. We an early version and then my came in and really really took it to the next love. Did you feel like other team? figured out what the motto was he actually yeah. Yeah teams are caught up because I figured it out like three year here we feel is to send you text making this guy your eyes right. It's like an. I try to predict each other's fix areas yet on a yeah night, most semi. We obviously feel like we're farther head, but the other the edges, much smaller, like there's the difference between better model and slightly better model is way different, then better model no all right now, so that Israeli around it and then our having to adapt and our thinking out has adapted as well. Their method. Thousands aid, as his tea guys did a lot of some
stuff you down with like, where guys like, to make shots on the floor and disguise grey, from this spot and he's not good from this, but we're doing that back then re now. Yet I think that's cool two like that. That helps defences a lot more. More than offences, and lotta that it really advanced work on scattered reports. You know, and having coaching seven knows how to use it. That's that's that's still coming as well, but we have a great touching staff now, even though my gotta see his far lying in his career has always been a pioneer yeah and he surrounded himself with the great assistance here also very, very forward thinking, guys the most controversial trade you made earlier that people killed you always barrier for gay here. He could taken root. A gag had drafted was at two thousand sex. They actually are also said: Felicia, not even
anyone, integrity and technically jars kills Carol, docile Mozilla GM. And it you there's gonna, be unbelievable: the iter, as you know, and I think I may, as I don't know, for sure who carols gonna take, but as far as I can see that we are on the path to take taboo to carols credit, he is China move out to get Brandon Roy. He had that really pegged really well and if enough, by weariness Tat were so yeah you're pushing for battle array, the your whole style, savers Shane. We we felt like with YO and Tracy and their prime Shane was I like it was really our doubts about the out. We need a guy who could be a defender next to Tracy and we needed a guy who had height and could shoot the Threeg it under the Volvo, and I say we need a great you, an extra culture guy who's gonna be good, so we were we pushed hard
for that- and I see Anna analytically- that's actually not a good move, but we ve they cause away. I think you do I can get more value that aid spot then you may be, could get, but we felt like has had a long contract of people there but we like that he had lain dollar five years on his deal from Memphis and we value the perfect. I think it a european right. Go back, but I would say if you ass, like this long conference, should you try to fix her shame back then I bet likes Eighty per silence- I dont do it yet I will be the equivalent now it would be like if the next traded, the eighth pack for her dear a private dovetail these current players, but could be like you know, there's a prom China thing of a current, provide, I'm so Peter Attacker, Billig Trade and aid thick very like a perfect right. When the title glue, I, like yeah, we are receiving pages, can do that for us here without weaker
after that, oh six. This is yet at all elders heard here. There was a tough drafted now the pic CM barnyard he went for I think that this was dialogue was too and then there's the poor, so they can the reindeer for pig for Sebastian tell Fair, those rough yeah, the We Are there not only a thousand different you another sex, but we didn't? Do we get tougher? They flip dead for our we re traded, tell vermin. Now we got that Your mixing years, for I was in the draft. That's right now that was the draft and they ended up. They had like, I think, maybe was the Francis contract, which they have chosen. You were gone. I was here yesterday could have happened. I was like now remember that the draft uranium is the great Celtics what it was when Danny. Really wanna Robert Swift and offered the two first round packs
and Sierra said now, and they had the settle for our Jefferson, who ends up being in the cagey trade, which is the two thousand a title. Let me with these things in the rules that are they. I comment on all the whole thing less than others to getting our Jefferson was was huge and I didn't I'll Jefferson many thing. If I had any roll back, then it was just doing workin on the college model and not the high schoolers red leather thou. So for you need to get lucky, sometimes yea idea. I mean yeah your president. Ever now in the back. You know whether or not rather itself was the guy they wanted. He still now the pigs fourteen years ago, you're acting like, but is the age of five That was the story. They wanna Rabbit's, wife maybe because the Boston, maybe his careers, different in Us Robert.
Personally someone that that Danny Angel under that scratches. I learned his lesson now. He knows to go forget, but here's a they gets hindsight. Like progress of pretty worked out no one knew at the time the problem and the draft issue that I have always gone in trouble with guessing with guys high scores foreign guy. There's no way to know. Like frowned ITALY, fragmented links, you can't talk about Zen undertaken, but it's like he an eighth over Malik Mark and I went crazy cause. I love my leg mark and edges. Think he's gonna be a great pro and I don't know what this guy was in France, whose everyone four points again in France. Maybe the ups attire, but if they can eat. I want to make sure I get somebody. You know that When I am you know, never begging,
as a university or no really looks like. Is it out those pig psych six through twelve, I mean so here's the thing is the hard thing. It's really not fair, the James. You pick their like. Let's say you picked five right, yeah the owners don't judge like. Did you get a good picket, five relative to other fifth picks in history, which is now a shockingly low rate make it, I think, like forty percent in a been pretty good, they generally is the fifth it both in the next fifty five picks. You have no chance being next, almost no chance, your odds of at the fifth thick being no better than Ex fifty five or like three percent or for a mega numbers. And analyze about as a really low down percentage so a year, almost screwed picking five six seven year like iron. However, when I did the two thousand thirteen draft very PS. I really threw myself in the draft. Everybody interviewed the guy. I ever did it at any rate. I really had hard carping, less grantline or, as it is
girl in areas both here and in member thinking I examined Chicago interviewing. I was telling you my experience after now Zack I like this guy early. This guy is scared me, but I remember, leaving their draft gown man I don't know who the number and pick from this strategy the best guy from this draft six years, whereas Indra, whose be so yeah services in their draft. I remember we jailing about really likes you James Collar, who had gone tenth, I like interview, I really like, though, thereby whose great enemy beyond where's studying these two clips and jails. Minced. It's like nine foot, rims we're watching these, like hazy, grew Why am I see a videos and he just looks much bigger than anyone else and where leg we're talkin a frame for Salah leg for Shoah were like
How does anyone know a fiasco is going to be good? A basketball like yeah there's, I saw him live twice once and practice in Greece are international scar. Marco did a great job done. If I am an like, you know he was there, there's two rows younger brother and is older brother and I may need they looked amazing but like how? What am I supposed to do it? That way, a practice. Basically, and then I saw mostly Exxon, those Treviso International Camp and you had to die like two hours. You go see him on the national team play a game right around their time in June, and I saw him that was it lives all out. A video real tough I'm in has actually really surprised, Philly didn't taken prisoner. They dented taken over the years. That is fine, but what because he was like the super high hopes for the process. We have made way at that. He might take em because we're lay super. I upside Maso
for it. We didn't know with that shit There is gonna, be the first like Foreign Guy in that region here. I am I'm leavin near mom yeah. I felt like he was gonna go like somewhere, in eighteen and twenty two and in yet kind of felt like somebody might take a swing it in any way fifteen and urge that the things that I have visited Gerda again. So that's in America in that area. In that. That goes actually when really interesting period. Lately that I think the last five or seven dress of actually gotten players outside the lottery. Large just ass guide that have enfranchise guys, which is super rare when you, when you look back prior to that those sat with you now, guys. There was like it was really just like. Maybe one or two ended a ban like even all stars outside of maybe pick twine. So yet, as I
wide fifteen thousand other big one go bear who gets sold the girl that draft no one right by give you you'd like a yoke. It's too now now at or by a view, invert leg. You view invert that draft the hours pick better. If you got thirty two one invert that draft that I go back and look at scale like that. I I talk about this. The Michaelis peace. That draft, I think, was like the one I was off the most likely I think, as our yoke edge was another minute there seem like every year. There is at least one guy outside the top. My fair. It is why we did have a channel parsons than ever the ugly, because I think that other picks- and I think, even by Myers, has been humble about the dream. On pick: the dead
ahead of it, like you, didn't, take action, our honour super, smart, lousy kingdom after Big Channel thirty, eight that Europe is obviously like one of the top five guys in the league Tillier her I mean from drafting of her and he we had two pics ahead of it and I love their owner was like you guys. Really stubborn and then a outside. What is I came like a to pigs. We get a last chance, the we lost them and as egg would you believe I knew he'd make it to thirty. He is like now, as I know, you said Molly Regular now, so you feel you feel I cite the first few years of the GM we'd like to wear the James condescending with you. I had that got the James, I would say the big differences when we compare the like Facebook Zia, the baseball guys.
On the analytics ever come in and leg tell everyone they. They were wrong, everything's, wrong riots, and so that was a tough cell when, when, by the time now law, really, Sir look analytics. A lot of our analysis was like making coaches feel better because, like guys like shame area the average like eight points and five rebounds but coaches loved- and there like, I think this as really helping yeah a lot of the advance, a Linux said like guys like Shanter worth a lot more than you think so you so when you have a message as well. Hey you're right, but here. A few areas where you can improve that's different than like even wrong. Your whole life you idiot like that was baseball, yes the basketball. Integration was a little bit easier because a lot of coaches were yell. They knew that points rebounds and assess wasn't really a great way to evaluate players. I just knew it and, and then now these new things like adjusted, plus minus things like that, we're saying the same thing
may believe, so I'm leaving chemistry more than you did twelve years ago. We are. This has been our biggest argument over the idea, especially I would say our new. So when you haven't seen like we have try no in the title. Chemistry is, really like, I did pry under eight it. I still don't think it's important when your leg now when we are often your Philly yeah. I guess I got here like people worry about you now like when filled I'm not saying in others unfairly when when sand was there like, he was gonna beat up for an hour in chemistry like if you're gonna win. Games like that. Does it really matter how you do it, like I'm sure excel, but I do yeah look It all starts to their best fire and James has been a great leader and I've been blessed. However Yoshi I prayed who, especially where the teams really get, I focus on it a lot.
So when you start again attention notoriety, I nickname do love. They dug out and on conference you become those like your trump nickname. Farming tapping endearing and song conference takes off and you become kind of the face of the ban by analytics movement. Did you light there was resentment from neither jams cause. I always heard I was tired. They p or like our right enough for this territory we ve had it I mean they're right should I downloaded rioted shut up more only lets us through. I didn't say you ve been better. They never my personality as the people like expecting one day every damn different than what anyone expect sunlight. They think I'm gonna be like just the very imperial introvert, again, not yeah and and so yeah. I think I think right yeah.
I think I'd talk too much, but I think you may then too much in the past there. I think you have the right bowed his eyes on the bill. Semon show its fine. Now it's even this. How many big interviews return you ever than them any more money, so I think Kyle, almost This is like BS podcast, where they had enough. I want, this. The ringer ambitious measures have saved us for, like three weeks from now Vernon's young man. Yes, it is true that I thank you for this. For myself, the tat I do think there is a balance. I think that, like SAM, who, I know you friends who have been alone. While I thought he became to kind of museum, and I think it hurt him. I think he could have been added. A tiny bit more and massage the media lab better. One of you knows I was going to end. He would say for sure I think he felt like he had ownership support there to execute on the plan and part of the plan was to you,
not be as out there, especially during the downtime. Yes, and you know they, the obvious it I was the same- can be more communicative. It's just. He thinks it's better for the team, especially that point fascinated defend Emmy Comma, especially at that point when he was there, he didn't make sense. To be that committee I and that said like if he knew that he didn't have the support that he thought he had. I'm sure you ve been out there more right and lake is he's pretty get in No, he is my dad think you could have handled it actually could have, and you know, hopefully, someone will give him a shot. He could obviously help, I think, a lot of tea
sir, do you see more teams imitating that a hundred percent like us we're gonna stay inside juggernaut like heavy? If you don't have a man like we're trying to close that gap, and we got James Harden and Chris Paul and we're hoping it is, sixty maintain that's a huge bar and the worst thing we assume a strong normally if you could get a fifty five sixty nineteen, I guess you're real shot to end the title here now, like everyone, sixty we're still going to be like in six, at best, probably at Vegas user, that's like almost forty percent of fifty new and ads are now yeah. That's the pressing man was yes, so are we really fifty? No one right as we sit here and now we might get illegally staying for dinner? Would you never gonna watch? people believe in the warriors. I understand I mean they have second best put in the way, who may even be the first best personally in twelve months and they have
One of the best shooters of highly irregular migrants will again, and they ran around back in average. Aids are probably got James, Ardors Prime, you know we're going for its law. As I said before, I look you ve been in sports. There have been away bigger upsets than you now and in fact the obviously Cleveland Begone say two years ago. So he knows possible without injury. Lack in the NBA is, is the most dramatic of any sport right yeah, it's like it overnight. You can lose a guy and I would say almost with the exaggerated, but I would say at least every other year an injury has swung its title in some way Many of you could say that others, where the wars or the vast, even look at the first title. They one like they didn't face the starting point out, as I think any team, the entire players remembers. Biogas pat bedrooms, Harry was re calmly, was out yes I'd now and again,
like an idle to last year. You know they the wires or not getting a hundred percent and add other guys in the foreground. Think the whole team Arbogast was gone. Curry was on You know you watch me your lady realize I heard he wasn't sixteen, but tough injuries. You never know Nobody believes that as factors always draw hey, where I learnt now from your words, get that guy, No one believes in Nashville, knowing that there is one more thing on Macao does the last part about just doing your job and things you ve learned, dealing with the media. Twitter leaks just whole culture. Now of people are just so desperate, for information all the time. Twenty four seven, which is not what is thy ten years ago and stuff adding add that may not be true or interest or interests that maybe
had they you're, hoping wasn't get out now that gets out has at changing its that's, been like a boiling other frog like, like you, don't really noticed any key shifter would ever so its eyes when somethin. I don't have a key moment where I'm like this is where things this is. Where things changed, I would say a lot of really also see if your destination city, like Houston, one of the reasons I'm out front with the media, and- and you know we- you know we- you know- there's a lot of stuff written about the rockets that helps us recruit free agents. It really doesn't like even meeting with the guys we met with we met with one prominent guy in the last couple days went back to his team, like even a lot of his comments were around. You know how forward thinking the owner is, how forward thinking
innovation has been for years how? How forward thinking magazine Tony's Ban- and I love there on the BS podcast. I was important yet oh yeah, how they are denied their rights and that, as I say now that I know the fact that we, have a stable and our and our own urges just re up all the key people at our team. I think really does help us and for agency, and so that's where the media think I really help your team recruit, fridge and so for the players. You drank it dead there looking at city, Just where the is our number one is what star they pairing with among the problem, Interesting star, First STAR, First STAR one: two: three: ok then owner slash culture for is city, less organization. Ok, it's like you now, just there there
pleasure, getting smarter there looking lasted thick coach and more like the owner because it you look like emeralds, likewise the west, on top all these years there, the owners are better. I mean, like those exceptions, obviously celtics have amazing honoured. I forget some others and these have great owners and are now you data, you look. You look one through at least eleven yeah no worse than these are like owners that have been really good yeah. That's it ever so that I think so far as like honour and organisation and in five is probably and city sort of like up I'd, say tied on organization and city and then and then on coaches, I'd, say coach on our accusation: city like tied and superstars, like one to put about income tax. Ha, that's a good one, for you tell us is unfair that if I may, that is not a fact. I guess that we had a brown of rigid itself two years guy like was asleep the whole meeting and then woke up when we shut on the taxi
set up our idea. Yeah Aladdin Org adds that salaries barbecues up there a grape argue. Zella number, eight atheists push hard humming is it. I had a. They always have. Gentlemen, aids ahead our guns out of jail time, champagne if they have been a little bit higher up that in our view, think again in his. Then you can live right. Outside the city and have a house that's like, but fifty thousand square feet yeah You have a giant ranch now ways to each other play like some of you I, like so ay ay, but say five to ten million? our house and like say the barriers and thing it is like a higher ground. Many gifts that route they get an ice areas sees you like. Twenty thousand square feet: houses like trace migrating styles and share your land for now, like a half or something like that. We add one. Last last question
like the NBA owners, are smarter than the NFL owners. Annabel honours the shirt collar inheres way, The inner foreigners, lotta old school money, other guys built at the old way- and if you these NBA owners that are common in now, and I almost half the leap forward. These guys that made money like through Taggart some sort of new wave industry, the younger they think differently. They take chances Do you feel that in the league like since you yeah that matters as your and their hiring better people- and I do think I do think that changes is really happening? Absolutely am. I Adam wants great owners. I want terrible honours, so I want more bad Would you really you need at nearly six teams? They don't know what they're doing is your dream more like you dream would be twenty things other than Ladys. Why they do you see in the poker?
now it's yes. I like it here one shark and it's all minnows at the table, you clean up, but if you just add one more shark, like all the provinces divided by two, basically so even adding, one marginal good honour like hurts like our ability to compete like in a big way, Sir there well, it doesn't seem like just seems like the role of the NBA. There's always can be a couple. You haven't at your words your bed, honor summit cameos I'm about. I am sorry, but you could do for our debate on our summit would be allowing our higher viruses that our since early that would be a long s own or something. I do know that like when I make fun of the owners they'd they down early Billy doesn't like that there I don't buy. Them casino runs the lawyer higher ass, your heart clippers and that article little bits to me yeah. I think so I like
Five years dignity. I really liked bomber. He came in and I I think he's a smart guy think, but I think He started to realize that he is heading that I think a lot of envy owners hit at somewhere where they're like ion team. I should be making all these decisions and then delegating to somebody you now, I think the ones that Turn things over to other people tend to regret for the most one they honours involved in every way. Although in theory I talk about people, don't realize it's really important to have an active involved honour. Yet the the whole thing where you don't honour involve, I think, was created by coaches like thirty years ago lay, because the owners or dumber back then there were guys that just were watching envy, like hey, what's trade for Bob back issue, I can count on that, but this is a couple days as look one: the owners are, the only people have the the fans interest perfect
airlines they're, going on the team a long time. The fans are gonna, be a fan along time. G come in and you ve seen it like. They're like there were two more years on their deal in their last trading. Like seven draft eggs, fur like that, kills the team yen. That's where you want your honour to step in and and yours we want the honors even to hire smart guys with and ask a lot of questions because hopeful am decent. My job there's a bunch rather like, but he is always ask me questions like what about this. What about that? What about this in its in its? He is the reason the Rockets have been like second best internally for the last twenty years like we ve got a good run. Well, I've been there, but really look at it's gonna. Take ninety two yeah he's back to where I think the other. Ninety three two titles and you have your back to that The fourth must record and two titles in Rio and summarily bad luck with yeah. Oh yeah actually
I mean, yeah is somebody that could have been one of the best forty points of our time, and I think I run it the ground by his country, its action, my things I remember with our owner when yeah- I heard in the second round of applause against the Lakers ear. I thought we can beat him took him to seven games you without Yo Yo and down a we were worried. This might be it by hatred. He came back and play a far more games were yeah. He was, as I was pretty much it, and yet I was talking to Mr Alexander. I said: hey you know Porto where there is like yeah really feel that every hour, but what about the fans like who? What about lake it's not just yet
Obviously that's who are thinking about the time limits. It saw the fans who put so much and never thing like that. So it was you I hadn't thought allows us whereby YO and his foot, nursing and dear and and he he again owners- are the only ones who tonic coaches yo if they make it for years, are lucky should get longer ten years, probably, but and jams make it like six to ten years, usually It's all the honors. You care that year given away. I have drafted Exeter Riverlike ACT, smart honours beats beats out, involved, any data weak thereof, This is again of years of the racket, so so common weapons, while their eyes are also then you never really added dalliance with another team right now. I would
I have heard how narrowly very Leslie gave me my shot. You made the first girl overcast year. You stated, secondly, MBA, sadly not the first kiss furs might the first. So I went out and lesser now here, our dear little guy, I'm very save your best package performances from our package, which I appreciate the eye Yet I am a better China, as does the moors. That's not close. Actually, the ILO. Jeez greater money? Does gas like it was about about every storing the eyes like little the king of Asthma Yard. I am here greater progress. In writing his greater Bregenz thorazine as well. Yeah, now worse, can get as her venture means can destroy. I likewise I get along with words, yes peons age or more drastic. I now the verdict of the unbelievable came to them.
She is dead. Sometimes they just target people and they go grab them. Dare more thanks d Thank you. Good luck at an owner run in this book. Good luck with the rest! Good luck, funnier minimum guys appreciate her eggs. First, thanks cousin South acts to take thanks to dare Morey thanks to the other Ben Simmons thanks zipper quota, the smartest, where hire my listeners contrived for free at Ziprecruiter, DOT, com, vs BS, thanks to the ringer dot com check us this week as we dive headfirst. Than to black Panther Oscars and be a second after the season, and if a free agency has come in spring training all that stuff and thanks to Gillette
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