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Reviving the Clippers, Saving the Knicks, and Riding the Chiefs With Howard Beck and Robert Mays | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 440)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Bleacher Report's Howard Beck to discuss the Clippers' renaissance, the Knicks' turmoil, the Warriors' dynasty, and the evolution of sports media (3:10). Then Robert Mays joins to talk about Super Bowl contenders and placing NFL wagers for Week 10 (1:03:00).

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Today's observe the president's back ass than the Ringer Pakistan were bred. Theo's always buys zip recruiter. You notes that smart South Fanny, you Laker game. I went last night Brian Minnesota was fun on paper. I just don't like being around Laker fancy. Sorry can apologize for either. It's always like. I just have a little, turn in my stomach. The whole time feel comfortable says it's my job sites around me attends the Rhine. Luck with it The way it's outcome slash be ass, it could find people the right skills for your job, actively invites them to apply right now my listeners can for free at submitted. I come slash, be, as stipulated, a smarter wait a higher. Meanwhile. Ninety
and designs that global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together from logos, adapts to product packaging and books, diamond and science. Is your go to design resource for any budget we recently use empty. Sign. Some customers for the ringer check them out at ninety nine designs, TAT, come forward sash bill and receive a free minded and our great on your first design contest. Ninety nine designs: it's where creativity meets possibility. Ross abroad, by the reactions which made a dramatic come back this week, we have a full set for two thousand and eighteen, but we to a couple during this year with data and all the president's Ben broke down scene like the right. We could do it I'll leave it at that me a fantasy Chris Ryan. What happens when the president has. It is acting in a properly and all we have is the media to help keep them in check.
This is where we were in nineteen. Seventy four mean imagine this happened now. Are the presents and a true classic, it's a good one scheme to do another. One of these packages check that out by the way speaker package. Shea arena we announced today his new package is called villains, is an eight episode, special podcast. It is up his crazy the merely thrust it to number one, an absolute church in Athens, if I ever need anyone to be taken care of I know who I know my one phone call. It shapes, rather you just get say his army of people to do whatever you. What's the next purge should be Just Shea surrender decided that he wants to take control of an entire city or something just as an army behind him, and that's it. That's the entire absurd. Anyway village
We face rather go subscribe right now. Coming up, we have a whole bunch of stuff deference Gambier with her back we're in such nfl with robber, maize. For projects on the line right now reach report is this cup in clippers, Kool aid right, our talk to Manual Howard back, how I do well piling up all the other sectors. God, you there they just they. They took a t, shirt cannon now just shot coup, lady, you, but they pay the bill. Because I believe it. I really do think that we have a chance of covered the red and engender I like what their building in doing and I have no skin
this game other than have you no season tickets that I barely go to the games I do like what their building bombers are very compelling guy, we don't hundred percent evidence. Yet that is a good ambien or but it seems like you believe that there are on the right path. Right, yeah, listen! I mean first of all, the cooler take the great I think they do. They ve got the right method of life
Sugar right in their hats. Can you would? I grew up in the cool. Were the college- and you know it- it there's also a sense room that team bill around that that organization, if you have this, is there's a little bit of this, where, when you reporting on something you just pick up on buying the Borg Innovation, MRS Dispose, although the culture stuff, we always talk about here like Rome around the neck, you up, I was but wait too much time around the natural even to this day, the next there's just at the tension in the garden it just deal, hence with good years bad years. Millions, it just attention in educating paranoid. Every kid got a little bit different feeling the nest organization of much lighter atmosphere there
whether they are going through like a really bad. You, like you, ve, been through the clippers in this, but I do think you think start with ownership. Do you take on a little bit of the personality of your honor embargoes out there every day he still has mostly been Bellevue Washington, but he's this gregarious outgoing personable figure, who cause nobody by their first name, insist on being called by his first name and just where's Paolo should in the office and interest has as this incredible contagious enthusiasm. Now you can get caught up in that and if anybody wants to accuse me of the book of hitting do just soaking up, that atmosphere looks much while I was there that that's fine, but on the fundamental with clippers, are doing right now. For the first time really,
in their history there acting like a smart, modern, progressive, sophisticated and be eighteen, it doesn't mean you're, gonna Land Kevin tyrannical. I learn you can do with bold everything right and still losing the free agent game and we ve seen it many times in the NBA but they're doing the right thing. They hired smart people in the front office. They ve got their books clear for the biggest bridging class and reached memory for next July. Yet they have a really interesting competitive Gloucester that, if your store, you may look at those guys and they are not keeping all of them, but I'll go to war. Tat, Beverly item I haven't the needle gallon area to buy a terrorist is, as my wing men like you need the semblance of that and then on top of all that
and in an enthusiastic committed odor whose willing to spend who has proven already that he will spend and you're in our way. Like think about it. This way you been other long time due to stun you every time you think about it, how long the percent been located in away but have never been able to leverage and and take advantage of L. I, like it it's almost as if they they might as well be in that in some potent town in the middle of the MID West somewhere, they ve never had the advantages that elation bring because their owner was The terrible person who on earth it got you were in India, I've been using another wife who didn't actually care didn't, spend the edges. They squandered squandered all of the advantages they should have had a blessing
It was for decades and are not now either owner is a racist. Some word which, as it turns out, is kind of a turn off is occasionally people don't like. That is much, but I thought it was over for the Coopers when they couldn't seas, advantage that they had with Chris Bomblets, Griffin and being a contender, and on the flip side the Lakers are just the abbess all the sudden, and they had light this three. For your window. There wherefore, is ever going to happen if there ever going to really make an Indra in inroad or whatever, if like it should have had an average is dated four. If anything, the opposite happened like by last year, the people just would run they're watching those young lady in the it's hard to competing. It's a Laker DNA to, but I did A real part of that was that it was such an likeable clippers team. The watch and gone I know what you just said about the vibe in the arena a wishes, the games or ten.
It was and enjoyable to be there just as paying customer, because it didn't seem like the prayers. Like each other, their style was weird. Just everything about it fell off. For now, this team is pretty lovable, so whether that translates to the cabin granting I don't know. I think I think they have a better answered the red think why, personally, because I had to me, it makes much more sense of farmed ran to go to the coopers than the next is. As you pointed out, the owner had cast such a big shadow for better or worse. I rode over the organisation is, wait. You do if you ever many with Steve Bomber and then have a meeting with James Dolen you now. Ultimately, these guys think about this. Have they I'll talk to each other down there with a good organizations and get owners are and who the battle?
and the bad owners are- and I do think that's an advantage for the clips and the other thing which I have said before in the pot adjusted the rant and the brain in the same city feels like a thing. When you compare this clippers organization to what you ve seen living in New York with this next thing, the last fifteen years. What the case to go to the next other than that it would be cool to live in New York yeah. It's a funny thing bill because you're, like obviously I live here right, I'm in I'm in Brooklyn, I'm surrounded everyday by by Nyx and just new Yorkers shoe you d, be New York, exceptionalism agenda and Nick Sectionalism is like a real thing here yet and look I've been living for fourteen years and I lived in a way for seven and, like you, I know the advantages to develop these markets. I love livin in both places personally, but when it comes to an mba store making a decision on weird
spend their career who did tie their career to like you're entrusting your career for five years. However long a contract might be to that organization and ultimately that owner now I had one agent along the way. With this clipper story. Tell me here. I think it after I got look out for my guide and think about the owner, but but but the players dont think about the owner. They should this agent said, but they don't have a choice, not on the list of consideration, so it if, if your cabin to read and maybe you're, not that wise to like that, just how
asters Doin has been an honour for the last twenty years and your agent is risk climate who fancies himself the next G M of the next or some day GM of the neck, and you know those guys will obviously have spent a lot of time with them. You know there. Maybe they talked themselves into it and, among other people, have talked themselves into the idea that I'll be the one to save the next, but look look at the fundamental fear, and then this is where it goes back to what I would like. Both the clippers have done with the rostrum by not doing the chair down. By not doing do you go in the tank in which you see where we end up by taking his middle path, they ve got some semblance of really good role: players that that if Europe superstar, you can go yeah, I can see play with those guys in succeeding it would be as opposed to a rebuilt where's with the Knicks. Look at everything depends on posing as his knee and we ve never seen a seven three guy play the way the pressing is, does much less seven three guy play that way, and then terrorism YO
the commandment and then try to regain all that perimeter, mobility and end athleticism so he's a big wild card and if you're, tyrannical white people, anybody and you're looking why dont know. Therefore things will be himself again and then what else is there a chimera the juniors terrible contracts and a still not quite sure what he's gonna be frightening keener and they might be good, someday Kevin knocked me up there, there's just no certainty there and it might take especially the young, It is time to be competitive. Behaviour in the meantime, would, if you read your selling its Katy like lets us in the world when the tide of the share you just one straight you going down in yesterday's on the best fifteen ever finishes in New York, bringing it bring entitled next? The long game of this is the biggest thing. That's out there for any basketball player.
You don't throw in the towel next year. This is it can take couple years, but this is the move. Now Kevin therein. I believe that that sounds sounds great, but that I'm not going to the next there mess as you you point out the clippers one, the fascinating things about them, they don't have a single bad contract on the roster. Which is almost impossible. Two thousand and eighteen nineteen, even with the shorter contracts nobody has that one kind of mistake in as a man of shared than that. You know it's like when you are in your fancy dress, have you always have the one guy like me, I wanted I spent thirty seven dollars and that guy the coopers don't have. A guy gallon airy was that guy and now this year he's a great I mean, economy. She wondered makes last errand. He was. He was over way in the little banged up and all that, but this he's been great? They have expiring contracts, guys on contract. You know come jeers motivation,
combined with people with something approve and if the red went there I do think that would be one of the best tents. You know then you're, like one trade away. At that point, views to the next I don't know how many years that takes now scenario trusted the next to figure that out the only way to really make sense to me, and I can't believe more people have measures have have. No, if Russia is if they hired rich, if they made rich like that, Madam President, in part of it was he brought the rat in that and it was a package deal. I could. That would make sense to me. I don't think they should do that, but that that's no one scenario. I could see the rank onto the next. If every really weird, maybe Ribby unprecedented, it
we'll get it I'm your desire, unprecedented because that's Polenka did it what's Punkahs title pulling it it it pulling. It had done it in his prime while taking Obi somewhere with them right or James Hoddan somewhere with them, and he got into the rocket bill. It's me and James together right, but I put blanketed opposed didn't you don't go in tandem with one of his dies with Japan because he didn't think of the idea of having maybe an anonymous and they made. Maybe you know, there's there's all these fine wasted. I draw the line right occur but had been doing. We all do the dollar connect, the dots stop and you know who Katy S, friends worth calling for an extra coaching for them all his other stuff, none of which may matter whatsoever. I mean a guy used to train a Madame Harrington is working for the net, yet you know
we're, not drawing outlined yet being eventually become a thing to I'm sure. But you have no you're right about one thing for sure, and I thought about this too, and I think it's a real thing, because Durrant is different and then it's hard to figure out, but the one thing that we we could kind of some kind of project on to him is. He definitely wants to show people again that he can be than of one guy some work. If you feel like you, didn't get enough credit and it's a weird thing that you got three year: two straight bottles and BP maybe get a bit like you're, getting plenty of credit and understand the crediting, but that's how you feel If you think that you have to go somewhere and prop up another organisation, especially one like the next it I haven't done anything in a very long time. Maybe that is in a lure, maybe the cushion you have already having multiple titles and irregularities and bp and files and BP. Maybe it gives you the floor will do whatever you want. Do not worry about legacy yet, but I also don't like if they also don't think you go into it.
Thinking it's ok to be. I got out a middling team and every one of these guys think they can make a contender just by themselves, but the reality is. You don't get you something he was in that situation. And he, where he had to carry a team that wasn't get that good. He did it for a few years and need didn't like it. He he wanted to be you wanted a higher level of basque bar. I did. I did fire ass, for them now are occurring theme in awe them, and I just this is why I think its a bit and this is why you doubts it's November. There's a million topics going on and somehow we talk about this, but you know I think I have a chance to be adopted In like a real one like where they could win like five or six straight titles, for me, that's that would trump any other possibility if
the work that it be stays with the war yeah debate. They do something just absolutely historian yeah they could winds. I know that think it icing when five or six straight titles suddenly now listen to me. Three and four years is already dynasty and if they went to the third straight, absolutely they are, but to do something that no one's done things with sixty Celtics yeah and for good he's in a meaning that they can put you in a whole other actual on, and indeed think that would be a track. I would at least one for because now Have foreign row Shack encoded in do that Georgians, balls them, it. You and the line. Bad magic was their magic only went to in a row, all that is needed here. Go down in history now in on the short list. That's enough! That's ever have, and the other thing is there getting better, which I think matters I think they're they're playing with a real joy. The share some of the rules swung in their favour. The fourteen secular shock,
think has been the most underrated real change couple years. You know yet these reboot, and the biogas. At a bands and Michael O Brien, I went to the timber wolves Laker game. I say there are two times when he forgot about the fourteen second role. You down there Bob the robber, three bandes Dowling rouse and there's three seconds of the shot clock, but it just there's a more frantic edge to the pace this year, which I think for a team that operates in chaos and people, forgetting that Klay Thompson's over in the corner and it just how they played perfect, and I could them. I don't know I just wouldn't leave that eight there's no track record of anyone, leaving a situation like that. Here's the thing we mean to step back for a minute and then consider like the era that were right. Look I've written about this debate. You ve talked about it. They were at a different time. You two different players in terms of the way that they see their careers and their their mobility. We refer this to the age of player, empowerment,
and the two. I want to go down this rapid, all big, because if it were, they will take it all. They will hijack all conversation, but, as you might recall, last year I wrote a cow about area are being leaving the broad and my father time, which I was not alone in this was your crazy leave. Leubronn, Jane Yadda team, that's going to the final every year and a year later, and if not just because I win did the other story inquiry if you weeks ago as well, but this I think it seeing what happened in Boston talking to him a few weeks back for that story, I think I'm more sympathetic to what he did not like. I get it like. I understand, like you, you're in a certain position, your career and then you go okay. Well, I've done this. What else can I
you and yet they all have huge self image in any need to to have it as much room and began to grow as possible and if you're, in a locker room with Lebron James in any such upon the oxygen. Maybe you feel like you can't do it there, and so he took him did he did go to obviously a really stack felt sixteen, but he still did leave attainable. You almost automatic in the conference finals every year in that always had a shot, and so I bring it up just come back, the keeping which is new to you and me, and when
From a historical vantage point you can, you can be part of a team. That is what we all time great the maybe the warriors already are. But what if you could get a fourth or fifth mystic, title big, my wouldn't want that they play the spent ass, a grant of ball and everybody that the atmosphere there you time watching culture if that's cause they're winning it just the way that the atmosphere they ve all created, all of them, Steve Bob Myers, the players, the ownership like. Why would you ever want to leave that it's a great place to live again, personal, biased and from the barrier, but still like that? I put to you and I can say that, and they would make absolutely no sense but Endureth mind. Maybe if you know what a chapter one was with Oak Le Homer, where I grew up and we made a good run and we got always happens finals, we made one finals, man, I got stuck arrest and I decided to leave employee and then
chapter? Two was winning championships and in chapter three is gonna, be go revive the moribund next franchise, or something and elaborate has done. Chapters do like with Quick Cleveland Miami Cleveland allay yeah one has represent something different and maybe that's the model for these guys This is the sad chapter of the four for the road this is that is the fourth life any kind of married that away like a man. I got married again. What do I do it now? People I got impress cheese. This is that Merryland Stevenson's, so the cash heads in Geneva, the carry they now is different because they lost before he left and the Brian two thousand fourteen lost and then he laughed theirs. Is we ve now I seen a guy win a title and then Sarah guys will see later. Thank you thanks. That was awesome. Thank you for my three titles. In three years I'm going to go play at another team. Now I feel like they have to lose. You know if they have loss were last year even by Meda.
The groundwork LE the other thing that I think people are missing. Eat. Everyone assumes Katie's gonna leave this year, there's a chance. He does He may wait another year you now you might do another one year the one you're opt out because if I'm him, I want to see what this whole San Francisco things going to feel like right near. Doesn't he be there when they open that arena that it's gonna be the biggest greatest most, unbelievable mba arena ever built right in the city, He lives in this city. I would kind. I want to see what that felt like for a year before I left, but would also, but would also you can. You could then sit back and say: okay with your, what, if I'm intrigue by New York, but I wanna see posing as back person buy yourself a year to the next you're doing and whether they get somebody else. Maybe you wait for somebody else to plan their flag in clipper, clipper, Land Orton or with the now
but you can see whether or not anybody else has or how those things evolve. Give yourself one more year before making that plunge. I could see that, but now I like and who knows the problem with the clippers? Is that they'll never mean even twenty percent with the Lakers manner? You are the year, the black sheep brother, no matter how good you do. It's that you never gonna matter, they can the AIDS Aids Fifty year plan like the stuff bombers, doing that it's actually important and gives them a long term chances this stuff like what you wrote about the piece about you know the public basketball courts with the Cooper Zaga redoing. Hundreds of Basque, while courts in the extended our Erin beat being drenched in the community and enshrine supposition yourself as the ambiguity, That belongs to the real people, is a good move, but that
and take twenty years to execute. I think that's up there, you do in a year yeah it's a terrible equipment, women s book here to Brooklyn and it As you know, they came in guns, blazing and no programme talking about a smack and put in a billboard. Yeah we're gonna steal and expand notice and listen. Brooklyn has a very distinct identity in two and a half million people you're the most populated borough and people say no benefit from New York City from Brooklyn. I got the real thing, and so conceptually was kind of like the right idea. Like you come here, and you should have your own fan base its distinct Brooklyn. It's not man, yes, but it doesn't really work. That way. Like you look at a guy like that, though, the new Google trend, heat maps or whatever else that show like where fans are in Brooklyn still like ninety percent expands or something it it's because it takes time because you do, you have to do to organic. The and, unlike you know,
The kids were growing up here now that I've always known that have always had partly centre there that have always had the net there in their backyard and always have been able to buy a Brooklyn Jersey. Yet when they get older, maybe they're, there live your life, one nets, fancied they raising more expense, but You gonna take generation can in no way it's more complicated, because, if not at some distinct borough or something in the programme don't try to build the arena. Inglewood, I think that'll happen. You open for twenty twenty four, as does the idea, but that's that's. Six years out, yeah and it'll still kind of your there like a territorial, none small part, because they booby literally like down the street from the Lakers building over there and this we had two quick break. Let's talk about Roman, let's face it gathered terrible to gear their house, That is show seventy percent guys experience erected dysfunction, no get treated for it. That's bad thing. Most people on realises that it is like a czech engine life for a man's body
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honor to two other points. I just meant it might be easier to win over twenty and under people, because I think we have entered this generation of sports where fans followed players and that teams. I think the first time I can remember this happening was when the broad and weighed sign with Miami and they're playing in Boston there. All these dudes with heat, jerseys kids with teachers, is like. Where are these? Nobody nobody's a heat fanned? Where are these people coming from and it was basically people just follow the broad and then, when he went back to Cleveland, they Farm ACT. Cleveland now he's in the Lakers in these probably put people there, but idea. I've noticed this with my son and his friends. You now their net there less likely to be like a rams fan and allay than they are to be in order. Becum fan or a Patrick Ma Homes fan, though, pick the player our generation, whereas the same age you just you pick, the team
you're getting married to somebody that was it like. I'm sixers oughta marrying the Steelers there. Now, my dear, I dont think people. Do that anymore. I think people jumper out in his eye. I, like Westbrook, he's by new favourite and you buy Westport Jersey, but a debt kind of all part of the same thing. This off the the influence of fantasy sports daily fantasy. Throw and tender and they're all the same. It's post bates it's just like instant gratification, and you know snare. It's also like you tube and social media and pass all that you don't you dont have to be. You don't have any wedded to the team that that's in your city, you got any of em. That that's the case for the ran on the coopers. If becomes here and there, the rat fans, you now and there or it's new cool thing, and maybe people our of LE and whatever its it. To watch him in person this year
dinner I went that was first Emmett seemed in person this year. You know he's definite attached is also perfectly capable of putting it but trouble double and having twenty seven ten and nine and making two of the three biggest place of the game, as your leg has he really into their or not like. There's that just bet never been a player. A nine centre. Who could do that right where you watching, I gotta see care she care about this. And then his pretty of giants that, but I think it and it takes some time. I I think the Laker fans you could feel in this in the stands, like he's not really thereby now I saw this happen at the south. With cagey and rail and air. When all of a sudden, we had these guys energy and they were really our guys yet, but it's the team herein form a really wasn't until late, two thousand and ten that they re
they started to feel like our guys do, think Le Brian will ever feel, like my guy from a Laker FED. It's a really interesting question, because on some level you think God by giving you got one of the best players, the arguably the greatest of all time. You know, however, people wanted split that that debate, but like an old time great, but you should embrace them immediately if he had gone almost anywhere else. If you, I don't think you and I would have this discussion, but you wouldn't have that, question like a decided. If he had chosen, the map is grossly grisly hit, the greatly to like yeah we're all again on four guy yeah difficulty. The Lakers and later fans are just different, and I thought you know listen, but we don't know who kept the placing of abroad bureau that could have been just some guy is just an asshole of matter whether he was like a global ban or not. It would be like a general knee jerk who, just like the facing graffiti ardor debate in Europe, but the other stuff it the fact that there are
all these like hardcore coolby fans who never want to accept the possibility that the barn was better. It's our media that I think has as trailer brown with a certain amount of like distance. I don't mean it like that at about it not agree that using anybody anything it's I am not sure that, given the media would like all all in, unlike while the Lakers just made the broad, because no one can press there, but an impressive, they had Toby and check the end magic and Karim like it is different, and so some of those weird interactions between the blonde and Ellie media in the first week I just but were fascinating. You're obviously work that market for seven years, and so I understood why they asked certain questions. Wake. How long do you think it will take before Laker fans of verbal embrace you or whatever it were here and the promises they put ethically talking about, because in his career, there's never been any doubt about what
when we feel that a more my any would feel about him and again, if you done anywhere, you know shit somewhere, it would have been autumn attic all in complete investment, the most, only by the by the fan base, while they form part of that is how we handle that, though, because they, the press conference, everything was either intentionally down to show the proper spectre raining cleave anything but everything was so stripped down. You now and and now that his hair same thing, it's weird they give think about. When he went home and weighed and Bosh, I went to Miami what that meant to Miami and how those fans embraced him those guys. Those fans were all in on those three deeds that whole city. It was like the kind of own the city, the lad did. She hasn't happened here with the brain in the Lakers Seas. He is the first guy, that Acta remember coming through the steamer feels like he's is
brand coolby. Oh, you know, was one of the ten best players ever and resorts, certainly when most famous Basque, while pours ever it always like he was intertwined with the Lakers and when Shack left, The Lakers went before and now shack where on the Lakers it never felt like is he was his big it ass when he was on the Lakers you now down the line, every famous guy, that being a Laker was part of what made them so. Rate and memorable famous and the bride, is the first guy. That's does it matter that he's on the Lakers they re, whatever T museum, it's gonna can have that impact, which is really unusual, she's. The weird situation so weird, there's a weird turn that saint, it's a bad vibes, but it's definitely strange and he's play these dudes thou who are a generation I have removed from him ass. She liked their tea I like a lot of the youngest daily gonna, like as called for by the gives awful, but I do like there
guys and it does feel like she could have a dramatic impact on them. And I'm waiting to see how plays out to me it's the most fascinating dated day story. We have, I think, the other one piece of a bill is that that is a significant. It seems obvious, but like he's thirty three gone on thirty four December he's one championships: everything that Leubronn could possibly be he already yeah. It's not like. I confirm the parasol, but even when you get powder stolen away, it's like there's. This guy is put up a lot of numbers and he's been toiling and his team in Memphis Neighbourly this thing and is really really good, but we don't know what is what its ultimate heights could be, and now he now PAL becomes pow in allay there's nothing more from abroad to be calm in a way that he isn't already, and so I think, four fans when their embracing a guy when their investing in a guy emotionally a lot of it is like. I clean you as my guy, because when you do great things now, it's
The I knew I always knew like an aspect of this joint. Like your Jason Tatum right here. You gotta Jason Tatum. Anything I mean on this guy from day one and then when he doesn't like yeah and you haven't from day one and the sword, Kanak kind of deal you do grow together as a spanish and player abroad. Is everything about his own folly your life there's no way to go, but but flat or down and needs to them. I think he's trying to protect he's trying to protect his path. You know I can get back. His poker is stack of poker chips inside someone losing failure right now, but it but also built. Like me, I dont think if he can actually will lose the chips like the pot is in front of him and no matter what happened. The pot still in front of them like if he never win the championship with the Lakers it'll, be considered a disappointment for the Lakers and for their fans. It's not going to change our. I dont think history views the broad like well secure than ever
How is it that I think that's part of why there's that that the building of emotional disconnect, I think, when he's been able to do this year, coming off the broken hand in the fine us has been really amazing through the really Philly, really fire to watch what happened to the possibly broke it had. Nobody nobody's ever mention it again was just for you said that ever happened. I write she's gone, This category is brought it up and of talk about it. He showed up and after game for the huge thing in his hand, he said is possibly broken, Besides, God knows the Kashmir when a straight. You know, you know, are you dad you ve gotten window incited Zack TAT, was pretty persisted. Rumour gone around, but I never know you know. What's with hey you, had something in year your story about the Coopers, which is something I think Ryan Marcello idea ran. Priscilla was the first person who mentioned this to me, and I think we talked about his podcast but
but then I saw near peace and either you been your report in our food few weeks there about how there is a perception now that free agents don't wanna, play the broad James. They don't want to be the tubs to his I get there get be rather their own tape that I want to be in his little little little world. His little leubronn volcano by just forget rather be somewhere else. What did your eye information slash? reporting yield than that. I just understand just still smiling at the top. I agree that just for you, in the wake of the of the Miami, rode up. My uniform topical gets deputy fever. The video they did with the count in the ordinary, unlike that, various like Mammy based the I loved everything I love the scoreboard, the great I thought the uniforms or homerun eyes
knowing all the way around the great near so do. Does anybody wanna be Crockett fits of about or the jobs the crooked Tobacco is a bit with both the alpha packet crackheads alpha. He had Azeri boat airy, not the offer any had beheld the cooler, Do you hear the IE window and drive and those Ferrari and he added speedboat. I give him alpha status is either this I have related Miami vice. Is that when wind. When he had to debate the beer like you, that it was like the two day grow. Beer may ask the shadows double. There was a new thing get at that time. The stubble thing that the constant look that were never gotten anything Maugre. That was a new thing back then, and I specifically remembered some point like ours: the sharper image catalogue or something somebody came out with something called the Miami device, and it was because I think back then they didn't have liked clippers like we have now what you can change your beer do the same.
The verdict in Miami dubai- yes, brilliant, and it was great. I didn't need it because I could barely grow a beard back there, but dared to crack interfered with those perfectly today, whatever so mergers have you ever done just tell ears here's the thing I don't. I don't have a definitive answer on that. Their perceptions out there, I'm sure, there's no truth out there, like it if we look like a curry, leaving the broad there were specific circumstances there. If we look at Paul George, not going to join the Broad Yea palm spotters fell in love with Russell Westbrook. You know like that. They see
you're with them. It is stated, above this guy, don't wanna we there and that I dont think that was as much a reflection on the broad as it was a reflection on Paul Georgia's changing priorities and just be the connection felt with with Westbrook and with Opel Homer. But I think we summon were drawing too fast of a conclusion from these things and they make well. It took two or three to make a trend and suddenly that bit like who else could have gone there, that chose not to and in an aside from carry, then it's a pretty big aside from, but anybody else like the active which sought to distance themselves from the broad. I do think that you are, you, are you know, you're buying into a certain set of parameters in terms of like the Bronx, running the show in the taking up a lot oxygen,
Roman and a lot of the offence. So I think that could be a pudding for some guys we are putting for Jimmy Butler. I think that the red, having always seen himself as the bronze equal, but probably want to go, join him quite the weird one like that's the hard won the figure out, because quite impossible you're like a sea collide, joining the broad guy doesn't want. The spot collided might be the one every night out their having to explain what went writer, what what
It isn't gonna talk at all if you can avoid it, so I feel like he's one who could certainly go there. You know the desert is a fully recovered and healthy democracy. Cousins go play with the broad jack. Do that, so I don't know that the banana could I had from the rival GM basically saying like? Could you guys don't wanna be playing psychic calibre like? I think the fact that that not a unique perception? So when will the team exact who's been run, long timescales that I paid heed? I just don't know if we can apply the across the board, There are so many thing where it were regards next summer. I think that they now bids have to deal with, is if the team winds and does while the brackets are the credit, and if does do out everyone us this far, and I do think players noticed that you now where
It's almost like a no win situation unless you actually, when we have so Kevin Love, who you could really do a documentary on his four years in Cleveland. But I saw him. The after they one, probably some whenever they played the next the next year and he was still so happy bad. You know he wouldn T seem like Would it shaded anything, all the hard egg in all the ups and downs and everything that came with pilot the brandy? it was all worth that when they actually one and if a felt so vindicated and fell down by it. But now you don't you think, looking back, I wonder how it shares with Was that one final worth? Ah the other stuff that came with it, I was, I would think he'd say yes, I don't know, but I also think that I also think that over the years there have been many stories or in a written on this subject, I think actually, you guys just had one where
players talking about, would have liked the play of the broad weather or whether your role guy, that there's always it is different. It takes the just thinking it in a way that maybe doesn't with everyone else, but listen. It would take a huge adjusting to go play with Russell Westbrook fur for just about anybody. In the NBA like, like almost every superstar, especially high usage type stores York, it's gonna be an adjustment to go play with them. I don't think this is some reflects, unlike them defect in the broad James just more just like this is different, just what his game is and what. Is capable of and what that means for to structurally you gotta go figure it out and I go there and then you could go somewhere else and have it all be yours like it. If the rent picks the clippers, it is not enough just to anybody there adjusting to him as direct picks up the next to the nets. Frankly it it's all about him, the other scenario than the clippers say they have a pretty clear path to
a fairly easily created path to to MAX slots, yeah, and if they do that, if they do that, then now you can catch the the you know the team up, no concept. You can say you know: I've looked rent come here with quite like any withdrew at that Jimmy and indirect whatever it is there that that's another court they complacently but also occurred, the nest comply, so it back. That's what so fascinating we'd never had this bill language like both away about New York, aims or with at least one max what and into them, that is what you max lots ongoing had ahead, for what will not be enough reasons among them mean that that's gonna be fastening. Well, then, on top of all the teams that aren't in that desirable MAX. I also think there in this, Is I enjoy that to fight the Brooklyn? Look gets Brooklyn aright. What else would I you get your customer Jane, Alan
Ok, what else you like, I just take, I think, got belay. It's gonna be really hard to compete against the clippers who us as an who else can I have kept space? The next will have at least one. I think the ball the boys in order to guarantee the most messed up organizational. My guide of wouldn't want together, but there is, I think, there's like fifteen teams and. I don't know why we are with these shorter contracts now an especially guys willing to bet on themselves of these one year, tooted we're just doing this year after year after year now, but now everybody's getting smarter to have in cap space- and I just think it's going to this- is going to just do this bugs bunny thing where we're just going to do in a circle over and over again. I do wonder, though, if the next, the one thing for me to watch
Next, the red flag is, if they trade hard away over like the next six weeks. They can get rid of that contract which, by the lad I like the way tomorrow is playing. I look at a team. I Gaeta and viewed package's, get him for expiring things. You know it's like out Bergson one other. They have and they could at heart to actually think you play crunch time for them. He has shown the ability to be a he check. I answer and Games buddy. You know it concerns. Before you face down shot. He bring some stuff to the table and I can see a contender talking themselves into him and if that happens then look out cuz. Then the next would have two spots right or very close yeah about eleven numbers in front of me, but I mean
million or so and now, if you give you dump him yeah you, but you write anything party: did they do it in their telegraphic summit have been? Did they think they ve got? Yes, you know, then, again, YO years ago, your daddy was dumped Yo Jamal Crawford and that ran up everybody, and then they know, of course, that was a two year thing that they were dump in those guys. Two years away from unaccountably chased the broad and they think I'm gonna get him. I didn't mean it for Danny nobody ever listening. It was what needs to happen anyway. To be honest thing, it was still the right move like getting the broader, not getting the broad getting getting cap room and washing understood that whole era. The right thing for them. That will you covering. We therefore the whole eyes air yeah, I mean almost all yeah. We were arguing in the Ringer NBA Slack about this, It was getting heated because you know that there's pass. I think people forget and then there's been this review
sister in our work. People go, but you know, as a really was a good drafter here like this. Is he was in that bad? If you remember, he really knew how to Japanese of that year. He actually was that bad. He was the first year of the sea Some of the worst boasted inexplicable moves of this century, and I really hope I really hope, there's no other legacy than that. You are therefore now I was. I was there for Roma all of it. I got here that he was hired unlike December. A few thousand three and I got New York in by the next. The next fall into Of course, I was your for most of it. There is some revisionist history that day goes on with that this business and now you're making me long for your Eiger Europe. Your faith, badger churches, G8 summit, because those were a blast is bad, I needed it seems like there is less a you know used the word like
This is the real in theirs less name's than there used to be. But there still we have over here- and you know, there's probably five. The league has gotten a lot smarter in the last ten years, like a lot smarter, and you know whether its, whether it's not given away draft fixed, whether it's not given out crazy contracts and like every game YO, even the good James, occasionally like make a mistake, but but no one is just like playing with money money. The way to take the next. You steward kindergarten, smarter. Or can or compounding the mistake like the even like, Sacramento like trading the future, pick to get rid of Jack, so they can then sign regime Rondeau I don't even have died. That stuff is gonna really happen anywhere, because the backlash with your fan base, the stuff leaks out
these trades leak out before they happen. Now. The backlash can actually an obsession. A couple of the world's asters, and often by the way credit for the fan base is because, like we ve all gotten, we media and fan everybody's got smarter about the cap, it about picks and the value of things and analytics whether people fully by it or not. It has changed the way that we talk about all this stuff, and so people understand bans value value. The headache they understand value has been is directive, with a value of of that that unused even set round figures that you know some of you ate one of those or have you have a couple of them their currency and you don't just like throw them away ran, and so it is if the fans or that much more intelligent about it, means that the the At last can be that much greater or the pressures that much greater in your invitation to do the right things in the first place, then yeah be funny did to think about like if we look at the rendezvous or the.
Because trade to clear the cap room for Rwanda, which was one of the most heinous your series of moves in recent history, like how long will it take before we get to the next? One of those will be wondering there always gonna, be something probably, but that was a dumb on its face. Yeah as it happens, we knew it in real time and it turned out exactly as bad as we thought it was you. I was talking with somebody astray about the owner in draft when the grizzlies regretted it seem like they're gonna takes the beat. Second, and we know is a bad idea, but twitter was it really social media wasn't what it was yet and it just went down this path than they had taken him. What people? Member from that draft thou is David. Back to back point guard right, somehow not taking staff. Curry everybody really glosses over the part that three picks earlier Minnesota took. I've saved Memphis took the beat second,
over who is in their draft. Was it was hard hard? hard and encourage its a bit over It encourages it somehow. We may find a David cause more than Christmas, a guy. I better get probably your far right. You ve been there Yeah sure I did well. I was it. I was so outraged that those that and by and then the next coming one pick away from carried back any abuses classic they might get only was heartbroken. I without you still governments even to, of course, MIKE Mike Infinite, which are contaminated with Jordan, Ill erratic before demarche arose and like they could add the roses and look like in fairness, erosion wasn't destroy, rose and for many years like it took a long time trip back. You still got there to his credit and, like so you're you're still better up in the team that the draft at him. But
the guy that next fans were most apoplectic about not taking with Brandon Jennings Jennings, like the fifty by point game, the one eyed and you know and big. Where is he now but because within which is? Why, like I always they dont? We shouldn't judge these traffic, never to snap judgments on your one reading your two of these guys, we just don't know like it takes a while, but but you're right. We were the grizzly that I think that was still Criswell as than they should be getting much more eat over ashamed. Then then, even David can't gets bored taking two straight here and I do they were not daiquiri. I didn't years later. I think they that he gets bored in and not doing their pick, because they would have just been a thing on socially, for a week leading up to it. It is this was less the back then, and now there's so much of it there's so much content. So much information and the thickets changed to some degree. You know at such an arms race now near in a year near one of the many people that you ve had a
the good career near competing. It's all these other people for access and sources and story and other? Meanwhile, the players in the teams have got so much smarter about doling out that access, and you know if you get superstar acts, cause their team cause. You like hey outward we'd love. We loved his gave you some time superstar. Excellenza is how is excited? You feel you know get a feature out like it uses this is a medium right, yeah yeah an- and there is no doubt that, if the whole sticky subject, obviously as we all the inside baseball specifically on this about, you know relations. Now they go between media members, an agency,
and all this stuff, but I do think that yeah they're controlling more of it. It used to be that you wanted to get a player. You know pick any all star in the league know if your nose, two thousand and two or something pick any all star in the league- and you want to talk to that guy- you go to the prp for that cheap, like the actual NBA came in saying you know like some time with the weather, and yet we worked it out and now there are guys who make it if you want anything from them at all that the beyond likely be five minutes after practice, something you're, you're, happy go through their agencies, the Adam and then some of them very firmly so and yeah. Those agencies are picking and choosing their spending their dies and when they're gonna dollar access and why is put in more recent and wet? What is the reason for the access, because the avenue shoe coming up? because there's some narrative. They wanted this bow and now you're part of the three pronged thing where we're give word were
putting this guy out there for these three interviews and we're trying to accomplish this and our joint effort it is- and you have to make make judgment- calls new happened aside. Like is the access worth. If there's a trade off, I'm not like. I don't do quid pro quo. I just like I'm not going to go there, and so somebody says: listen. If you he'll give a big part to his new shoe and the third paragraph was explained by getting fifty percent. No like that. No sorry that I would rather not interview anybody than ever greet anything like tat. The display just creeps me out. These guys are, I mean the fact that their much savvy or about what they want from you asked him.
The job a little more more difficult it can you I feel like in general, like access, I will ask you have been doing. This is my twenty seconds. Even now, access has gotten new order all the time the data day stop as well as like the more protein over extensive sit down type stuff, because so many more people have their and these guys know buyers and pr people- and you know, image consultant and whatever yeah and they're all hypercard to everything, which is why I, like so glad to see somebody like you will indeed who just doesn't like trust me like it is not something you can do get either. I do like the fact that he's not worried about damage, not worry about what he says
it's taken earnings just himself, then maybe somebody conceivable, that is the image, may be called the beer that maybe that was the whole idea. I don't know, but it felt like for a long time and be a place for being so safely. Think they're just want that many guys who ever see anything interesting, never might ever to be controversial, but just I get one honesty. You'd want candour and prolonged him. It felt like everybody had just gotten so safe than I do feel like it started, to move back in the direction of little bit. But there still there is a lot of guys like we don't really know anything about. Obviously, your quiet one guy James Hardened is another guy you're, certainly, whereas previously, no need for the media whatsoever.
Fact number on right now. What do we really know about the brain? We know what he wants us to know. Yes, but I think that that's always been the case. You could think it's always the case where any any player any politician any musician in the actor the day when they sit down it. A lot of it is only what they want you to know, because they're they're smart enough to know how to choose to frame it. But as long as there is some truth in their avoided feels genuine Yoda, it doesn't have to be people that they leave out. That's fine there. I could tell you everything, but it is whether the step it they do says is true and can steer and resonate, and so it will find in the brunt. Defence on this one is of among guys his level and really there isn't anybody has level, but even for dislike about all all stars. You know, which are the very large range to go from the broad all the way down to the powerful star or the twenty fourth all star. Among all
wars of the last ten years. Whatever I dont know that anybody's been more accessible and approachable enabling the catering, his career treaty was the opposite approach, blowing his career and then something happened in Miami being around Wade, win the championship that kind of freeing into be himself whatever it was like. When you talk to him you we can always be cynical about what he's always framing things are what is holding back the fact that he still ethos a lot in guinea. Any says things that that they do resonating the dupe, you'll, true and that are coming from the heart and whether this the political stuff and been concerns about society at large or whether the basketball
like you, he's pretty approachable, pretty candid and and I think, as a result like that makes them more endearing than a lot of these guys. Like you about I'll. Take him. You know a thousand times over. You know Russell Westbrook or order James Hardiness. Nothing against them is just that. I don't know that. That is that the questions are worth asking. If you know in advance that they have already decided that not an answer anything yet I loved you and those paths with the cause. I do think here. Genuine guy he's just like here my answers. There is now at about at all. We chose the opposite of somebody who is the opposite of over manage like given have this package for people would like But did you really do here like me? Will you do uncover near? Yet? What are you
that why me shit. I was saying that I was in a really, but the great thing bill is that here we are all this time later, wherever there has been any number of those he's, fine, not like even worse for it like it, just shows like people, the PR folks and the aid. And thirdly, they over think this draft directive. No worse off for having done your podcast guest breakin. Why? Now? I actually think I think it really helped them in some ways. You know because it was at this point when people have in our time trying to figure out what his motive were now, I think, he's out of the back of her own. You know that, What I was rose surprise that Cairo was really good. I'm on my ipod, the interview I do with them at that. I, like TAT. Candidate, was even she's, really smart, but the one that surprised me, I think, the most
as I wasn't that surprised, cuz, I had a feeling it was going to play out that way, but just I was I was. I was glad that he was so candid was curry the summer. Curry is just really comfortable in his own skin. You know I just think he really enjoys his life and his career and put a lot of work and time. Energy into it. I think he's a real basketball fan, which makes him a little Katie's a little like the steward. Those guys a Basque by the grub watch again, and they actually have real pins. Add things in it does he might, this generation of players also Hannah grew up as fans, must differ way like they were able to see more basque workers of Lee pass more games on cable. You tube. The stuff. They just had more material to watch. I guess we'll make it also, then they can also feel the guys who predated there there there, I've spent land that you can go to Youtube and you can. You can watch
Labour. You can watch no bill Russell and you can watch any. You can just go back, and so they could be much more in tune with, rules of the game Godwin, as do my back and then almost now that stuff was eyes. They have to get dvds Games from the NBA by like two thousand and thirteen or fourteen everything was on an outside everything's, I mean. There's, you go, you could Google, like Bernard King nineteen, eighty three in there we like in time games against the nuggets or something whose pointing this out to basic. I took out too much of your time, her back. This is great that we are aware that in a while, you have not been to always check out his story on the cliff It's really get. It's really interesting. I learned a lot. I think I know a lot about the quips, but there's couple nuggets there too, like bomber travel for lack of a better phrase through Doc, under the bus. At one point said he was like a middle man was a step there. Try to do there
go there's some gold buried in that story is pretty I enjoyed it But he cannot. He really is he was, I thought it when I did the pod with them too. I you could see the people that he brings with them are. Colleagues boss go and get out, yesterday in this, as this fund plug your pack asked by the way, the full forty eight publishers Usually every Monday one with Richard Jefferson up right now got Grant Hill is on the next one. Coming this Monday, he was a blast so yeah check out great Greenhill by though I saw him a month ago, and he too, he told me about science, I mean I knew I was a desire that a secret, but he was like he said I went to do practice and incredible, and I just can't believe what I just saw was basically scattered here for his eye. I just like the bright. I, like the praise. He told me about die on by just the despite hearing that it sounds like something
even the river Maria, like some new. I hold me about diet, ass, a new company. That's coming out of the new thing together despite this guy's you people have no idea. Disguise is three you're pads and he's late at his feet? Any can jump over. Everybody like people are gonna, be blown away as Ok grandma! I trust you, you will get a basque but anyway, thank you. Our thanks building Yet about I read, I wouldn't call robber bays and talk about and follow them, but first all birds is dedicates, making stylish comfortable where using premium natural Matera designed for lives, everyday adventures, their will runners comfy she is made from well Aubert's, believes that comfort, design and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive. Soft comfortable and look at design simply no unnecessary logos. They come at a bunch of classic Limited Edition, cosy where the worker
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The Microsoft surface, family, oh yeah, it's the new surface pro six, just take the keyboard off and use it like a tablet or step it back on and use it like a laptop with up to thirteen and a half hours battery last in the new eighth gen Hell core processor, its everything you love about the surface pro now even more powerful check it out the new surface pro six, the latest member of the Microsoft surface, family right. Let's talk to our old friend Robert Maize, I robber mazes here from the region. I come from here since great formerly of grassland ip. Sometimes these are happy times there I like these really happy time very happy time. I, like we're heading into very close to the November, really going away from November. That's when I feel for Paul starts to make sense it starts makes sense, but I think the coup part about the season is we haven't
in a game to save the season it they found on the whole way through member two years ago. I was talking about this. When we have the Cowboys Stewart ever was I can't. We knew that game so bad as football sucks re that has not been a sir. This year it's been very fun, but yes, we have learned everything we need to necessarily, and I do think that's what happened over. That's like two weeks. You know I find the share because they basically eliminated defects No, that's not really great for my dear, but for the entertainment sake. I believe it is one what's where it is it still has not translated to success for some of the younger quarterbacks like who, like all the new guys sure I thought you're going to make him miss Trubisky joke and I was going to read you off some stats. So your Mitch Trubisky thing is misguided in hilarious bliss, also admirable. I am, I dont think MR risk he's a good quarterback. I think that he has been as successful as it possibly could be in this wise, so you buy, there's all thing online about whether whose getting better or not
Darrell ass he was reading about. You did a clip. I do think he has not made many of the same mistakes twice by the mistakes that he does make are pretty horrendous, yeah. Only, he missed one, throw that mrs throw all the time it's terror, Gabriel, coming from light right or left over the middle. The field rang airmail bad a couple times the throw against Seattle, worry spot out and through the pile on was terrible. The one way through a backup ass, his body against Miami there just as bad as the last one, but there are different, so I guess you could rationalize it that way like when he has to ad Lib so an hilarity, usually answers. The problem is that his ad living as a runner has been part of his value this year. So you have the courage to take the good bye. I guess when he has to throw out the areas we have. My son's put fight football year seems pretty good
they run these plays. Are we going to agree this aeroplanes? Tears are registered risk even bring this rather absurd. Every play the quarterback runs over the side and get the place. The coaching goes back in and then they run the play exactly? There's no four. Let's ad lib ability at all and if anything goes wrong, a completely false pirate away, which is kind of like Watch Mitchell escape when he d further re. Second and like I'm in a roll out to the right, my Titans be there and I'm gonna throw a term. He can do that, but the titans covered. He has to take a stand. Back and then be like oh shit. Now I should find somebody else. That's what hilarity answers. It's not a good thing when you're quarterback either needs to hear his first read, or nothing happens, that's why? When will he runs? She does where borders exactly so. Typically, that's a bad thing, considering the pig, I think it bears you dismayed because it means he's not a very mentally developed quarterback, but in his case
most rather have implore the ball down and run because then he gets through to the other team right there. The test brave defects in a league by DV away right now in the leak within the main good, as it could be asked to give a super bites? That's why I came I found I wanted one eyed. They wish to put the brakes on that. Maybe next year Rams plus three fifty the Santa in a lot of love, walk into a nice little trap game in Cincinnati. This weekend I brought you wanna do picks, but I did want to talk about their the Superbowl kind of picture, because I think we have to start thinking about it. I don't regret. Is that the Saint Scissahs eight it's weird to say their cause. It's only ten, but I think of yours super bowl. You win this stupid game and sincerity. This week, your banged up, you're coming off a great win
outdoors? It's a must win for Cincinnati. The saints are favoured by five and a half that there's a lot of red flags enough that I would not pick them, but it's a take care, businessmen, I'm with you and if you need a fourteen in to get a one seed or to cedar fight for the whence it to the bitter end, you in this case the two weeks ago, two or three weeks Well, what about one year that I wrote this? We talked about it with cavern, the podcast, that's it I became this. Saints in this Sean Paden dubious areas to lose. You go on the road. Plague answered really tough Deef answer outside that's the game that you you're off, please ugly, and you don't pull it out. They want their game and that's impressive. So what's about it through Cincinnati Lens now you're going on there. You're playing outside your playing, the bangles. You have not a good defence as necessarily and everything that the bangles need to beat this say esteem. They dont have right now, Carlson's offer the season their best outside past Russia. They the teams to knock.
Into your pressure. Against the same so you know I could spry now can be the factory normally is. If that past, isn't real their secondary breaks down it's not going to be real against illegal torch, bison teams is there. I will really take them and I looked at their. Their results, for the areas of their secondaries knock it. When your path rush isn't controlling games. They were really hard time stopping the pact, but I think they have a chance to be the good bad thing. I don't you Their office is feisty hears from often so, no major green. He was having the best. I've have I'd. Have I've seen him have with anyone I think so? Well, there sort of feed him targets and now he's out for an indeterminate maritime, so the elm, whether you I will take advantage of the other side against the walls which has hit them over the top, because their quarters outside a lot of more trash. Now that's got so just feels, like all the pieces of how this bangles seem could beat the saints at home or there when you need them to me. Yeah, I'm not giving up on the Bengals, but this is the way to back them.
Certainly not finally to have is alike from a very decent at home, but I still feel it. Every single way. There will be other, beat the saints team at a hundred percent. Isn't therein. I think this saints, I feel and the best about right now, if I was in the bet, my life situation for who's gonna win the Superbowl. Any really rams have made me a shitload of money this year. It just seems like you can move the barn them you can buy and I think, as it gets to January, and that Big Magnifier Mass glass starts going. I've got a little bit more a combined with the fact that their defence does it get stops edges would trust were once more Kansas City? Is that Andy red thing I just can't get past? I not only on paper is the best pick, but how many have we been here. They Andy. I know I just can't do it. I was sent to yesterday. It's gonna be weren't you She ran to then be favoured by, like thirteen over the Fuckin Texan, Sir, whoever they're playing an egg
they're, going to have a twenty two six lead and then all the sudden, the other teams going to come back or no back home. I got Andy he's doing it again. I just can't get past. I can't the scars of that healed. It just seems like if they play the pats. It's going to be one of those. That, whereas the ball ass, whence the exact same way, it was when I play the first time, and even if it's an arrow heads, I just don't trust the rebellious stop knowing when, because the one thing that she's defence has right now is deferred is point like a month. Yeah just using back contract era, the youngest Geordie Forward AIR and they get just use back so that past. She's been necessary because their secondary so terrible that kind of force. Fine but the rest there corners are destitute, who has a good secondary added a good team there's a secondary yeah we get secondary levels more as a good, secondary, Baltimore secondaries, pretty good. Other corners of solid and their say. These are good. I mean there's nickel corner with these New England to have a good, secondary, no decent, mediocre, stiffened, always good
the goddamn accord. He's gotta was you I made out of it. Now There are many, but I think that the chiefs are particularly bad and if you don't get, ass rush with a chiefs and chiefs and you're the passer, you're passer. Eureka stop anybody and against the pats, their office of wines extremely well. Dreamily well turn Brown has been one of the biggest moves. The entire sees those great Obviously, when would be there if you didn't get hurt, but that's why you need and when you get it for free for guidance, really tell, did that's a taboo subject as it's not fair, while he almost made their granted, the trade trade would have gone down, and the pantheon moves the return on it I think parliament is in a first armpit back, just not ready, they're gonna, have to resort to watch. Places have a glisan, I'm way older than you to see what happens to ty that I know tight ends in the letters I know
It therefore has a point, and that's it and all the miles just at so how I heard you said this, the cabin and I would love for you to say this me with a straight face. You think this is the worst group of weapons the patriots have had and Tom Brady's tenure, I can rely on and apply of game. I would say it with the link. Caldwell grew nano license. I say: ok last twelve year, so let's be clear about this: I understand ground is not right and all that about getting older and whatever James Way is really fucking good. Here really good past getting running back? He's he's been a huge for that he's, get it Brady has it and say to make a specific type of garlic. But he's been the best version of I think, he's better than chambering ever was right. Now, that's blasphemy, I'm stand by that also, I believe, also also also
Josh, Gordon, as on this to you, I don't wanta guiding, I don't trust our garden gate. That's fine trust! Sunday Michel has been heard twice. I don't get. Contrasts grog shore ardent any these guys. How many guys could have made Josh Gordon on the catch that he made last week, gets green Bay in the history of Brady's tenure, one of traffic David, give cut it out. They will give us credit. That is a very good. That's a good want those easy about check my thing. Yes, any
had to ask, but I think he hates brainy eyes. I really really thrives early deal this. I thought his prayer Retards, Josh, airs idea. Bela check legitimately wishes. His quarterback was shooting, if he just maybe after he loved that's forgave structure, Thou Brady, so so much he loved it s. His favorite thing processes, favorite accomplishment ever I think, was almost making this a broad, Testa VERDI, yes, because their brilliantly anywhere that they were almost made this about. We read it was one of those they. It was a couple years ago. My me, my buddy Ryan were jerking about it. Maroon Walker got suspended dislike votes at the red pages, crossing guy he just loves- Have- is keeping his really good players offer field in order to show people how freezing Smarty as it's his favorite thing. I I think the potential of this team offensively is really good. I just look at its along game and I gotta get all these guys. The mid January JANET
and I found no that's why you don't help us Gordon Cold Weather, harder fields, injuries start to add up a little bit, and I really hope that whole offences, which is dumping The James wait. That's my grandmother had warned them, because this feel stretching thing is matters it matter so much and you want I came here to try. You knock enemy to you, not rope of me with Josh burden. Every week we have em is a pleasure scrape I'll get. You know how the way I really impressed, I think, he's at air be eased the Airbus be wide receivers. Self restraint right now is impressive. You're really wisdom is cut out crept up on you in your old age, you he's were were thing, I'm releasing him he's really good man. He's really really say he's like our swipe right: receiver, swipe re, reenter, Seaver Forward, where we, this is great cool- that play a watching it on the Baltic. My thing was so fascinating for, like ten reasons, every time that happens, I watch it here.
The best Aaron Rodgers without was amazing, as an air Rogers, ten thousand credible, but the these were citing the down a distance, every single point to himself as you like, situational situational situational, there's, a robot that eleven thirty, eight thirty, eight there and every second eight seventeen. I love that, but then the report that they had in that game and that special of the feet that Gordon did to stay in power. The wall. Falling out of bounds is nuts you gonna, build do physically. What about about check that react in any touchdown era? What would you reflect this? robots reactions like the judge guarded, plays pretty excited, Beza budgets a week, nine gaming, it's the pact delighted he does not care. I forgot about check, I hope, coaches and tourists. Hundred there's, he has no age because he's not a human like these doesn't wow would he be in alien years, there's no way to terminate now is bodies, change, she's there fail of thicker sure that's
He's. Do that to throw you off the Santa that's exactly. Why do not very evasive, Brady just refuse to retired and became a staring contest to see who could have one year that the other two hours he belch? I take a tearing dust just to see if actually human being an actor and not a computer? I really there almost deftly him a bank deeply chargers- yes debated them like David, make the Superbowl you believe I bet I pick them to go. This will last week my priests and pick, and as long as it's in play, I feel you stick with. You are the number one fell, rivers, cooler, drinker that and I will not represent him- he's gonna grace quarterbacks of all time. Well I would also like, in the top ten Philip Rivers is incredible, some good quarterbacks had enough is a method that I'll put him. I thought TAT May I ask you to look at this disappear funless for me to make a package you look at the list of I mean. I know raw numbers on thing that determines this piece, the sagoth six or seven than yards are all time six or seven touch them. Our time in a seven
point eight yards for attempt for his entire career made some point five. It's really I am in some of the seasons he's had. Yes. Permit me to I'll send here. He was better one passing often in a league for three or four straight years by DV, away use averaging like a point hearts for eight hours. For a time those teams are really good one of his best seasons. Right now, I love that he played for every having anyone whose talented authority that you're saying like what would these guys have done in that era and the fact that now we need to see them in that area, even in their kind of older diminish state. I condemn these guys are good him breeze. It's amazing, I loved any played on the torn Asia natives, who title gaze a tall man he's. Never MRS thought that that you didn't get enough, publicity and attention, she's, never missed the start, That is one of those things when you have a quarterback. You know this is the fact of the guys there every week for TAT, years matter so much. When Rogers but heard for small stretches, it destroys their franchise. You one season without Brady. That's it pretty
urban heard outside of the one knee, and you can't overstayed on board members captain she talked to forever. Austria is It's great he's also top ten, I'm not sure I wanna be on the same team within quarterback. I honestly think that that's overblown, I think people real I play with him he's also. The thing that most generated by felt ever see me is, he is one of the smartest players are he's? Ok matters, J, colors number one analysis of Cuba's: you wouldn't want to be. Absolutely! Yes, yes did football team you wouldn't want period rivers is no. We took up a brave man in that detail certain very fine. I watch it and he just His brain works under her way, rivers on our he's here quite We have one of the three or four smartest quarterbacks of decent, my entire lifetime, do you wanna do forty five? Second son Rogers would have zero supervisor J Coloring
get hurt. I truly believe that two thousand and Barcelona beaten up. I can't believe it too. I truly believe that a better better than do that they all one I give anyway it was this game and want a blow up a barrage touchdown as would break that thing wide open the end, the patent Paint Manny Superbowl. If the passages converted thirty three doesn't have any superboss leading to that Weird Denver, Superbowl anyone with the noodle arm. I love the two thousand ten bears so much because that was the first year of newspapers and They as I am there was some heavy Hester that you're too. I use a credible data by special teams, though we may, for that was his can come back here, because member on six and seven o six was this boy, you and now seven is when he just went crazy and then they work. Hold down here and there and then two thousand ten. He just came back with a vengeance and that was the year. They say peppers and I was so palms and but the back. Then we two thousand nine you we will watch.
Red zone that much near you watch now the game was in. The game was more violent back there, but it is also made more sense of duty. I didn't see as many guys as you see now, so I knew a joyous peppers was and I was excited the Bare signed him, but then wash in plain and play out. You're like oh, my god. It's this kites ridiculous and that's you must all fine. I literally watched him every single play. It's all. I would watch I've That way, I went to the Lakers game last night and it's not a special for me to go to NBA games anymore waste. We, like my favorite thing alive and I was trying to figure out why, does not have I don't like it don't get me wrong. It's the one of my favorite thing to translate our daily life and other sports two eyes too big. I love this and I think part of it is that the hd, white screen, tvs and in our ability to see any game. I feel like have a really good feel. For these teams now eyes. They used alive, live events to be basically like either is now going to collar and other things are missing and now
I just feel, like I see a lot of this in twitter and information, others, information, but the idea is different when you see me again while against it, when you see the way la Brown Cover space and all that stuff it downloaded lashed. If, yes, though, guys are the ones that translate most differently live in the NBA, just the guys that cover the amount of ground that those Judea. That's what doesn't translated tv and the only other thing as ever, that body language as a dead. The language I think about going to the game Estralla was just said just seen the whole town. This is a random one by its member one, which ground launched and we're gonna Tonga Clipper Games hours. When Christmas, just got there we had and I had never really seen Chris Paul I before and we are setting the court's I'd fruit with proceeds and his ability to kind of the law on a string and control the pace of the game, yeah something I never noticed before. That's a random one but stuff like that. You do get it when you see it in person, the egg My point is like its there's more than
and now a new back where have by far the sum for by all the time now and I dont like its own. I wish they would abolish it. Watch it sort of missing you think, as I have been watching five, I now even his eyes, like you, but I wanted to take its values- are the other games. If I was the NFL I'll get rid of the Red Zone because out loud want people to get the season ticket or I'd, make read some part of the seas it only in that way you have Directv. You have to do that. Time Warner has no excuse me. That's right. I have written a my cable, I'm I watch it. I watched the barge every link on their release late anyway. So if you want People do not see everything. It made me very much and red zone and I feel, like I'm gettin the flow of the games. I type The value of multiple. Do you guys you data around imploring lessen the year of table
huge Kobe Jake. I of course have a horse it outside my totally forgotten the trash rakkeed remarriage other my daughter, coming at age, six, wiping assault member won the game with the Thou art stakes. Gimme your house into goes into our depot, beat the bears the disciple by Europe and walked out. I have stated Shrove around Dorothea closely to our sensitivity about his chest. Aimlessly we love it so much me or so much I just couldn't handle it. I'm ready. The tobacco and it fell document about the ten wasted Tito harder than ever. They don't even actually makes worse. Thank you enter a schedule. Make this happen the advocate of data once they are not sure they do their current. What I would say could break we're about to talk about gaming, so here's an idea whether an expert Iraqis Betty and my Bucky, through the kind of guy
Make the bed a little when I like, better big parlay pick. Three teams to win did all three turn one hundred in the six hundred so much the better college basketball. Today Get cowboys and eagles and what could amount to an and I see a foul see east now, hurry kidding battle just be fund. A watch there can be no plan ramifications, RO the systems we should better anyway, there's called for by be an initial set up this week. My book, you would give you a fifty percent the possibility to jump start your peril, a great way to bank. Even more when you and also make sure to follow up bet. My began twitter, you ll be the first to know, since new ads are posted, they ve given away more than ten thousand hours and promoting their followers, is for buses and don't miss out on one
best stretches debate on sports this year. Log onto my bookie right now use promo code Bill Simmons to get a fifty percent. The posit bonus promo code bill. Simmons, you pay you it you get paid were back inside it. Its Betty time. I did well ass, recommend three and one of my pigs start with a fresh late last week. So let's say I bet a million dollars on each game cause. I but that a clearer, I might add, that I way about any scam night in bed. The algarve- oh, I am, I am up one point: nine million hours mess sandbag yeah thanks, so I didn't like the slate this week is at her for weak. Should we if we do the best three times a week every Thursday morning, having Clark and the regret of I'll Show- and we usually only The Thursday game go. That's a separate segment had to throw it in there. This we again three other games. Yes by the time people, this done, though it happening Carolina Pittsburgh and
she'd like Carolina that game by were not enough to bet, but what's the one, it's Carolina renounce three and a half. So soon, that, but I tried fascinating game using a three point. Eighty things can we really close? I think there should be more points. Then, probably the over under suggests I came, though I think the most interesting thing is that it's a measuring stick football teams. I think they're light on the fringe, each of them, and I think frisky in their respective live. Here's what I dont believe its measures stick. I think Thursday nights are built in crash as for, if you lose by as a Thursday. I understand, I think, both of those teams really similar spots within their conferences. Hierarchy well, we'll find out what's got through quick coupled things I'm not doing, but I just wanted to point out the jets bills over under thirty six. It have actually like the over. Because you put those two quarters to turn over Ladys together, and it is good feel position. Pig six is like are dancing
be like all. That's that's gonna be like ten three, but actually get the opposite. I think it's like more crazy. That's what happened with the bears last week in the ever under that came with thirty seven, the bare Escort forty five on their own and not that in that the because I think you have to have a real gambling problem issue, but there Tampa is favoured by three at home over Washington why do we just think is? Why are the weak against? Oh, my god, this is kind of the the good bad thing the poor man's version, the good bad theme I like them against the other bad teams, which Tampa Bay, is right. But I'm that better that either kids out Psmith, maybe that is this- is the Washington had this formula they were using over like they last month or so where's. Ok, we're square twenty one points, knowing as core seventeen and the problem with that? In this era
against a really good offers. You can't hold them to seventy Ray and that's it up with a little ass. We get an tempers bad, but they can score true. I liked the colts I like this spot Courts hosting the jagged gave revive the watchful about relieving the Sunday There are so bad and I do think that call dark horse and their division, but I'm not Betty and then because with London again, that's calls by three. I do like at difficult can move the bar began. Actually, like the Frank Reich error. I think that often it's been fine near their advance, easing led the times in a really creative way. I think them all and MAC is a real player their offers of wine for the first time and Andrew LUX entire tenure there they figured it out, they re We gave Chris Power there. Gm has done a good job. I don't feel Jackson was hit rock bottom. That is another reason to look at the sun they probably This we gotta talk as though, of course, defect is not very good.
That called game. It was a shoot out three December with scorn anyone else, your bed is minus six and a half after I should risky just flat. Phoned me he Miami my enemy, justified. At our boning cost me money. I do not for a moment, visas and parlours and also. The inner ends on interceptions brutal they were about my life that doesn't need to happen. There is an offer to pass interference in the previous boy. They should only be able to play everywhere, Amaryllis control. I saw again I'm we they scared of the science team. For some reason this looks like so the bears. Are giving six at home, as are the viands they'd they packed in him for the air, and I'm just abstained, I've seen so many ugly buryin schemes are the other here's the division rival, as I either state aid. The reason that I feel good about is watching the lions orphans of wine and watching their offence against Minnesota's defence last week who, under their good but MAC, comes back this week, the barest past Russia's
really good, I feel like they absolutely get to him, but I wouldn't do that either there, okay, so here's here's! What I'm doing! I have two bets: throw these off you and if you don't talk me out of them and they do this, here's my first one mass went away the adjusted line. For chiefs cards. Can you can bring it down a Casey minus five and a half by shifting of ten points still have combined with the chargers minus five hundred against the operators are they have? That is when the ads for this are minus two fifteen Africa, I am putting it. Point one five million dollars to a million on that bet that all that has happened is the charges have to win. And the chiefs have to win by six or more against the ran his cardinals, let's its waters for a second, the raiders
done yes, so when one more game that share better, be like it'll, be like a Thursday night in December will be some stupid fluke, they'll be somebody that just stick with Broncos one more time an idea there or they'll be somebody that just was looking ahead: the next week and sent the demo happen and look at a special teams. They were in one more time, the Syrian, that's it their train wreck and then and then see verses. Arizona is like the dvd, always Superbowl. It's like cases like the third, best, Libya, eighteen and thirty years, guy gets Arizona whose, like thirty first issue there really, then I don't know if you, make the sun high enough. I just don't know bedding aims of Thailand so bringing a dance and make them when by touched. I do understand that the I just don't feel like that cardinals one, I feel precept
I may add, is not getting chiefs have to him by six either really is being charged writing. It argues Lang, an excuse you, but I don't think they will. I think if one of those teams ruins it for you, I would take the chargers, but I still don't eat they're gonna you'd activate this, but the charger said. The thirty second ring special teams, Debbie we hear that they brought back Michael Bachelor, though he made all the care to believe here's, my son. I was in their locker room today, yeah this is so that might go badly just sitting there alone, like the kicker that Israel it's in and out every week for them it's a new guy. No one was talking to a mere just sit over there. It's just a dark dark spot. It would be like if we had a pack ass producer spot. They like here, the Ringer NFL Chopin. In every way. I screwed up. Somebody in- and I was just sad didn't know what lies at the heart of the guy. Again oh he's gonna be going three days are now here's my other had sat the falcons. Lange Four and a half they're playing in Cleveland. My attitude is
every week. I can bet against Gregg the bounty Hunter as long as the lines reasonable. I'm gonna do it. That is one of them this franchise them everything. I've ever heard. You say great. The baby hurting her our air. Its leverage eleven ready job offers. My gaze, just did you guys had always wears say, had in a meeting address blurs even basic aim of the straight. I honestly have no idea it. We watch stuff. Now let me know about ass, hard ass, but shall Mcveigh. How it is Craig, this culture of accountability and courageous, its back and forth. But it's a dialogue and other shit and Gregg a grave Williams is calling guys bitches every single second of every single day. I have no, I don't understand it so now. She has to bear on them. I start a hundred percent trust the Falcons outdoor, someone amino them in a tease, tease them down. Six point: tease teach them down the plus one and a half and clever
which take it somehow, the weekly were words- could probably equivalent winds by what I could still cover. I feel good. I've heard much about the falcons out. There is now than I did a week ago because they want the road they beat back out of Washington and the poor when they are applying. This didn't play many road games period. This year they played homes so much when they play the Pittsburgh, they can block anybody grab the stewardess dominated that ends didn't happening in Washington last week. So this the game a month ago, where I would have said Myles Garrick its blow it up, but I dont think that can happening more. Those guys are asked they have not rotated defensive at all. They are out a gas I just feel like Atlantic and roll over. I do like their job to he's a good pillar. That's that but I like it, then he, the Falcons rendezvous, has been pretty bad formosa season, but it's getting a little bit better. So there's some signs, that there are one of the second half make a run win the Superbowl by two by all. Look at that allows you to do is going about figures. Preserving. I I don't love preserving, but he's better than would be
he's. Given that I want to know What I mean he's a nice guy is dropping but she's that the he's not guy typical you does use tree? Flowers is what Bilbil check wants out Russia has not, while preserving travellers very highly reg than the piazza forever the Heather she's up he's a perfect, but about her we're talking about this earlier. Did you talk to Clark about their pdf? Take that James Way. We have a better than tat early. I do not agree with that. Take I loved it. I'm sure I'll take it. I am sure you do as I get cheaper to exonerate falcons than a one and a half so for my other team. Eagles minus seven against our second teach them down to one or saints and Cincinnati, ignore other red flags and just he's down two plus zero point. Five. I need somebody throughout the Falcon assiduities. I will try to vehicles So here's the case for the Eagles, the clapper, is an abomination.
They're, not gonna Papa. I think they eat This is right around. I was waiting for them to kind of foot the switch little bit. I'd want that, and I will Superbowl hang over sound. I would talk about it for two months I wore away when I read them. I feared that they're gonna have a run at some point. They look at each other. Eureka gone tits in there. They are engines and back this week, when there is a lack of their home, feels like a potential I got thirty seven ten, while the eagles here there. I love the often budget was unabated, adamant about one point, one million to win a million and the falcons at the Eagles six point is: I got I like that. But let me home with Billy I like it I would do those I am. I cannot argue out of those. I really think this when the eagle start to come on, I'm excited to watch you office would take. I just really gets. Much different, legos tape taken, ignored, kind of similar they overlap.
Skill set setting their office go, look, look different, yet less too tight ends, but there you get the bar quick eye. They can be really fun over the second half, I be afraid of them. If our negotiating does it bad. I would have done if I didn't want to subconsciously really route for it. I think the Titans pat sign is way too. What is it it seven its intent to see the times, have been able to really markup game. So far this year, it's a kind of a team that gives the paths trouble a little like what we saw a performer fanatics above, whereas avatar offence they have Marianna scramble are things breakdown. It takes off the back breaking thirty nine for first down the Dm Louis, the Malcolm Butler. Able method was hanging in orbit Joe. I know he is, but if there is ever we for it to come back I'll see, I'm go the other way. I think the loading just Tarzan and left and right well, that's allowed be fun. I don't wanna route for teens past seven, but this game, I think, is a red flag aim, because the pats kind of
haven't played that, while the last couple of weeks, like their packers thing, they did, they did some gimmicks to create points in The game was one thousand seven hundred and seventeen, and it looks like the packers had momentum and then a couple of good things happen, while some past rent in- but I don't where the patriots are by an known. Africa. Does it's hard for me? I find join it. Fine joy in rewarding we're waiting yeah, but it's It's one of the uglier pastimes yeah when I'm in pick against the patriots, especially this season. It's gonna be against the team that has tons of fire power that can arise, that ships heightened do not have that offers is objectively about. So that's I wouldn't that afraid. I think they can. I went up and it could be less than seven, but I We were losing so out of these just for a further year for the gaming attics out there. At least One of these three teams covers and wins a money lie back. I'm gonna give you three choices: lions plus six and a half
They are close to fifty five titans post to fifty two went out right and then the other one. What's go at the Buffalo bills, post to fifty I take the bills. That's how I shall tell you why not David the bills have the best chance to have one of their units dominated game against the team is better than their defence can control that gave the bills of all who games this year? we stand that it's a punchline with Peter me at this point, but may I guess, Mcgowan's playing. So that's! more different bog cast by for the guy thinks. So why? Because Donald Hurt His feelings are hurt or is actually here. I'm almost certain of account is playing that, but we're going to get bad information after I agreed that did that bills jets may's everything else? That's all I got that's it! That's all! gotta get cadet. Let's get a little bit called judge Josh. Macao will start on Sunday for the Gens word that,
it will be a good thing or bad. That's a bad thing. If your betting on the bills, I really do think that there has been great. I love this time here in Chicago right. The Ricky corrects room right now. It's Rosen Baker. One day one beat you, may you get interchange them and then I'm probably going with America Donald and then Josh Alan's way way way to allow if he's heritage, ash ass, terrible jotted, having Donald has a chance to be good, I think that team the weapons they have now everyone's hurt, which other Lamar Jackson her gesture, the migration of labour, I made listen, the rare and if thou shall raise round, remains on the ringer come. I was pleasure, but I so much to our back and Robert May states to Shea Seraglio his new podcast ass villains common soon subscribe now thanks, we watch was you can hear all the president's men pack has listened to it over the weekend, thanks to hypocritical get good as a good outcome. Slash bs
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enjoy the weekend can be a fun when I'm excited. I, like this November, these two November sports weekends are always really fun Go Celtics tried, turn around for God's sakes and check out the ringer and the good stuff we have up to you on Sunday with because to me ways.
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