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The Sports Repodders returns as HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Bryan Curtis and WSJ’s Jason Gay to discuss rumors of Al Michaels to ESPN, TV rights deals, Tony Romo’s big CBS contract, the next great sports broadcaster, the newfound legitimacy of ‘First Take,’ ESPN’s decision to cancel ‘High Noon,’ Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on sports, the 2020 election, and more!

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there to help had to Square spaced outcome, slash bs for a free trial. Therein, Oji BS, back ass mozzarella, when you're ready, launch use the Africa, be us to save ten percent off first purchase of a website or domain couple. Ringer things to tell you about our websites really good. We should check that out David Chang our buddy hundred podcast for him. Well, unbelievable annex I remember teaching them how to do an intra which took about four hours. We are we you're very happy to have em an coincidental, I am on season two ugly, delicious- and it's me our friend David, show an Chang. We ate state together at a place. You might not expect so go when it goes live tonight. You can go on and search for the stake. Episode, Anna
the lady will ensue one more programme note. The reaction was is going back to Monday nights because we wrapped up book a basketball for season one and we are coming back on a Monday night and will be on mondays for at least the next couple months. So that's ah happening coming up the sports reporters first, our friends from protein, All right we're taping this at one hundred and thirty on Thursday afternoon, Pacific time the sports reporters are back. Frank Curtis is here in studio, Jason Gay from the Wall Street Journal is in Glenn, wearing a hazmat suit and we're gonna talk about it.
Bunch of media topics relating to sports. Mostly I wanna start here, bronchitis, you love trades. When there's media trades. That really gets your attention. When is We see a revisiting an old media trade that already happened. That gets your attention than now Michael's, the greatest football voice more time might be in play. What can I do? can Ibc embassy to get you think. I realized I was being moved, the would be below exports. Media was gathers little quiet, little corner area, and this is like the NBA trade deadline, yeah yeah This is, as you point out, so that the distorting the opposite Al Michael's might be traded from NBC Espn, yes, and he already traded background, two thousand five from s paean to NBC for some dry banks and Oswald the lucky rabid n. I thinks of draft compensation down the road so obscure Disney.
Actors to be named. Lady yeah. This is an incredible story. Yeah Jason Gay, where we are mediate, thoughts and then I'll give you my word. I really seems to me: isn't a sort of part of this big mating dance that is happening amongst the networks. Now every one of these Networks currently has NFL rights feels it needs the puff out its feathers and pre. Unlike dance around, like some bird, a paradise been CBS with Tony Roma. What is it ten years? One hundred and eighty million dollars yeah all that is That's showing love that is showing feel due to the other found a way of showing that we are very serious about this, in my view, are part of his. I really hope they get the NFL deal at Cps because very weird to give time Romo eighty million dollars a year to do the big three in the pda championships. This aims to be what this is
courtship, I heard that he'd there's like an extra year, maybe even to actual years, that if they lose for bonds, I don't get it he's still getting paid sure. So it's like a five year guarantee, but they might that I'm for three years I will give my alma goes theory and a second and why this is happening. We learn this over and over again, where these networks think they have to do these things to win the league over these were we did this when we have the best it if they want to give us the Superbowl. We got improve our announcing team away. Might not be able to come inside Brian. Isn't this always about he was the highest dollar figure. Is there any other reason that the NFL would do anything other than they offered us more than these people, one million per cent or one billion? so why is it away? Where are these people are falling over themselves? Try to improve their nets in terms of the way, explain to me by people who were let us
Observing the tunny Roma deal closely was ok AL for networks, so that's a b c r s being ABC Nbc, Foxen CBS are coming to and I fell and them to give them a bunch of money in the next couple months and they want at least every three or four years as part of the rain and you're not gonna get, a super bowl because you have our Michael's twenty Roma, but you want to have all your ducks in a row when you walk into that room, you dont want to have the NFL fell. Gonna who's gonna announced the games again, you know what is a guy yeah me back, and I don't know how much the Unifil actually cares about announcing our Lucy Zira? I think it's, I think little above zero, but its close to zero yeah. As on it's just not terrible's eyes does insult the NFL bright war only test case of knowing that somebody care David Stern, with ABC when they move the right stay b, C and Brad. Nessler did the first season when it was a spurs nets, fight us and by all accounts turn was.
What the fuck is as broadcasting, these guys are terrible. Can you get me some real announcers and that led to the dock rivers I'll, make us coming yeah. I would say, though, that may be Sean Mcdonough Jungle bagging on the rests on Monday night football, which they kind of did a lot. I think that got the leaks attention, so maybe that's part of it. Maybe it's not a name. Jason, it's more of a we're, give you this really expertly
Crafted race car we want to make sure the driver doesn't hidden in the was sure, there's also again turn all politics have. That right is like signalling terror company that you were deeply serious about stay in the end, I fell business Amene, Brian's right, there's, not a ton of evidence that a judge individual announcers, like matter to the ETA, fell or even moved the needle. You know you have your favor announcers, but the truth is what moves the needle with ratings is. The match up period saw that with the way they upgraded Thursday football. What a move over the fox and, conversely, you saw what happened when they left crumbs for Monday night football and to me what makes the Michael's Peyton Manning king.
Crazy to talk about this, but but what makes it intriguing is it really clearly signals are Disney wants to upgrade you now they want, but having those left overs for a while Now- and you know whether it's moving games to a b c, which has been talked about or more play off gaze, perhaps superboss something else they want to move up a notch here. You dont get Michael's and paid manner to cod jets. Bengals, you know it. You just don't and with Roma is being it say what they want now, but they were all in I'm trying to get tony Roma absolute end. We have our lives like now. You I think their problem. Is you only get to a certain number before the other stars you have or like hey. What about me? You just did this for me now you get that in there's. A tipping point. I think, whereas with CBS there's no tipping point who had serious is gonna be met.
That's only Roma got that use data rather than in how you know very well. My bob was our second like the guy, the lead in blue blood's. I don't know it. Cbs shoves exists is young Sheldon CBS. Let me text my dad and see what currency the editors I have learned that way. They put a brain. Isn't it true that, The Tony Romo money is effectively the s. He see, I mean there's a fan base that might have reason to be. I ha ha. I guess that's why the s he C4, Pasok, gonna, be on CBS anymore. Were packaging, the ETA felt at a much higher level or the air was because they lost the SSC that there were like, while I dont think they want or lose yes However, I think he is pan very shrewdly stepped out, as one of the better rights deals moves they made yet Saturday. What's what matters? The SSC as it again, Wait now, I think other bills right and you are right Tony Romo to ESPN would have been one of the great talent office, headaches of all time. Yeah me
Stephen aid just signed very explicitly to be the highest paid talent at European and what happens when Romo got one hundred fifty percent of what he made in his enemies, signed it like a day ago ha and what about curb strangers with big college, but you know maybe I'm not the full Roma, but aren't I like Third of a Roma would arrive. Aroma David Jacobi, promoted at four p m. I take area where they get. You go the garrison they just got some, announcers there. Would have been an absolute headache for Jerry better. I do think I battle above laziness.
Don't think it matters to the NFL who the announcers are. Ninety nine percent. I think there is at one percent where, if they had somebody who shiting on the league or sitting on the rafts that they're going to care other than that, I don't think Rodger Goodell care one iota that Joe Tessitore and booger went very good last year, but I do think, the right announcer. It really doesn't have again like I enjoyed Joe backlash here. I'm not a huge apron but when Joe Buck announces a football game, I feel better about watching the game. I really enjoyed Nansen Roma. And then it would go to Monday night and it was like the socks. I wish I had better, not sir, so it is one of those things you Most noticed Mormon, you don't have it. I think this feeling of control isn't an integrated answer. I'm in good hands you feel right now the immediate answers, because you know that mark jones- and you be on a Saturday night? I may be seen for whatever reason we just
don't have enough play by plane, analyse people. Meanwhile, every year somebody's retiring wizened Dwayne weight on the added innate ABC again. What's he doing so? I was gonna bring this up. How is the pool this small people that you want I'll. Michael's was a giant star and television. When I was had stolen television when I was a kid I'm not young. He did they. Do you believe in miracles? Yes, game it wasn't. It is twenty six were bill and I were yeah yeah I'll Michael's was a giant star. Never television, an hour forty years later and in yes, as this is the only possible answer, Jason, how many play by plague eyes.
Are there right now that you go oh cool, this guy's announcing for me there's a handful. I put Michael's in that group and I was Harry's with slightly, and I m me, maybe at the top of the group candidly. I would disagree slightly with something Brion said about, like the dollar's being the ultimate thing, because I do feel like you know we have these. All these rights packages are coming out. There's a collective bargaining agreements, negotiation happy with the ETA, which is all interwoven with all the stuff, but I do feel like you know, and if alone or ship these are older people legacy brand still mean something to them, and it were I dunno Amazon to come with without offer, which was vastly superior to any of those heard of traditional networks. I think they would think long and hard about taking the top top dollar. I really do. I think that they still are traditionalists in that regard, and so, when you tell a bunch of seventy five year old owners are Michael's is coming in there. Look at it saying, like oh residual lake vapours of old out
does legacy know they're like oh AL, Michaels, great huge star, and I think that's what is a salary part of this to which is that the way to look at this is like not media. It's like any movie stars. It's like you know somebody to put above the line. He had asked her except you watch the movie, because the movie star at least, really, I think, Jason Point- is exactly right about the streaming companies, but I would say it's because this they want their shows on network television, because everybody can Watch it on arriving as part of its yeah and perverts at attachments, network, TB, hey C B, the NFL Cbs Ethel's old school, but it's also. We were too when a conversation about how the NBA may be in obscurity, because our on cable Reda, imagine if the game was on Amazon, you know there's a whole generation pupil, the billing. What How? Why do I get that again and I think like if you look at the whole, the tv networks right now. This is an existential problem. We either have the NFL or we don't exist. Yet it is the
That is a thing, so they are going to be absolutely able to squeeze them for so much money and if there's a seventeenth, weak and in there's two extra play games here. Even more money? Well and the other thing is, I just sing it There's way more to the networks in the streaming now you can have, Amazon. Just do the make blubber but I am spending five hundred a month and I don't really care about the consequences, but. When you look at the ratings which I know, but nobody loves ratings by the brand cardiologist, see to it that in exile, hard though the thirteen day, others the overnight there you love it, but look. I wore the top. Fifty raided broadcast a share in its offer in its it's because it's alive sport, a home. You need to watch it at the moment for nine hundred billion difference. And then they can promote other shit there in the game. They have no other way to do that except the unless it's like. I don't know, though
we don't even really have shows that have the apparatus anywhere is dancing with the stars and whether who to be a millionaire now back, in our words, amazing, even there as reliable is just like an old school round to Annex II play a game. Packers cowboys use reaching the most people at that, and I think the other effect that has on the announcers, you and I were kids. The faces of the network on CBS were Dan, rather the guys on sixty minutes MIKE Wallace and then Pats Emerald John men, Nobody cares about network news anymore and must by gravity ok, so throwing Brent. No Here's my network news anymore now who are the faces of CBS Jim Nansen, Tony Roma yeah? That's it so
Even have a bigger and young shall the rights they have enough. Sheldon, if that's in fact on medium, shall the goods that Idiot meet image of them without makes them worth more right and if not in dollars and in some sort of value right, because it faces a network. I still is yet to be explained to me why Amazon or whoever would blow anyone outside of the water for like the game of the weak tat. The thing like would foxes and let them therefore bar or whatever you want my our. Why would they? Why would they would might the higher upside would be these season ticket or the Lena Lee pass in a basis ticket for football? Should the ability to have a lot of content all at once and navigate on some platform, because, as we discussed a million times, that's how people under twenty five, you know, that's how they watch stuff like South Park couple months ago, saw there
Tire Library to HBO Max for like five hundred million dollars is amazing. Deal in an amazing tribute to those guys that eight nine years ago they get the library basically like deciding what they want you my shows calmly, such as I welcome. We offer you, you don't wanna, have a ton of money and those guys were like give us the library comedy centres, I get cool, take it and then eight years later, it's a bidding war for this library there. My point is my Sunday watch self Barker Common, essential he watched than Hulu, and now it's gonna, HBO Max gonna watch on your max and it's all these episodes in a row and that's how he is They consume and he's not going to the network. Football is the last thing that you're actually really had to go to the network's, for I think if it was Monday night football on Amazon, I think to be weird. I don't, I think they would lose people like my
I don't think my dad we're gonna Amazon Watch, but I dont think is as tactile as giving a remote to seventy eight year old owner and ask him to find quit versus ABC, add that makes sense. Obviously it is doing the same old seem away, but the other part of it, I think, for a streaming services at it. Just doesn't have the kind of like HALO impact that it has on network television. Janata me night, you know Amazon, you're, not gonna, stop using Amazon cause they last Monday night football. You know their that that's not gonna, make you more likely to use Netflix. It's true, maybe a make me inside more to use Netflix, but it just it doesn't have the same. It doesn't land the same hit, but I do think that eventually all this stuff becomes available on a fever.
Learned? The value of sports is that it's a rationed entity in these contracts very seldom come up and the people who have them know how valuable they are and often preemptively bid. So I think anybody who is in digital video business has to look seriously at what it comes up, though the other thing with the ratings and the numbers. It's just a fact. Some people die, have some of cable staff, especially in poor neighborhoods or cities or whatever, and there are people they thought the rabbit tv and things like that, and I Do you think the NFL owners, specifically they love the narrative like pages to the top fifty games? She would forty seven of them see we had forty eight, the biggest audiences, so that super bowls of the biggest they still care about that they're, not that to them as a selling point of how well football is doing and the perception that football is not dying.
And it's not in trouble and it's actually still, as donors has ever been, and they need Canada ratings to two point: two and go look at at sea once again, absolutely ended and by the way, why wouldn't you want as many people as only possible watching your games and it is vital sit here in twenty twenty we're talking about CBS, sports yeah we're going about Brent. Must Workers CBS boy, it's the same thing, but it is still alive in that ants and weigh more alive than the rest of the network or an hour, or somebody like our Michael's, who, literally of age under ruin. Our allege when, like I was a completely different era of wild spending and king of the world mentality and sports media, and that the he can see not all that era? With this kind of I don't want to see the pants, but much more nimble. Budget conscious world is kind of amazing and audiences are getting older. People are living
there. I don't know if you guys know there stood right now, we're China, like the president, so far, this raw aside above the three candidates are seventy three. Seventy seven, seventy eight! Now this is what I hope our warm and never today we an aging country yeah I conclude by saying that I share the view that the right here's bow make us very ready Jason year. This is where I think this is really about. Where did you start his career yes but be flourish, enables way way. That is our ABC sport. Nineteen, seventy five! Seventy six with Howard, later little literally When no heed they wonder, you demanded their baseball. Seventy six I think it's forty eight. I want to say it's later than that. Seventy nine yeah alright so forty years ago, and he has the Olympics penny- just hits his wide world of sports. See it's all the checkmarks Sophie's got one last contract left
had made three or four years ago. Who's kind of like hey when I make us retires, is gonna, be your job. That's always weird! Hey Kyle! Three years from now, I've hired your replacement pouch he's going to he's going to go sit over there in that next off. At every time you walk by there be awkward and right now, just kind of haven't stashed in the half time show. But eventually he'll take your job, and I think at some point, look at that near you know at it? Did the symmetry of me finish my career on Monday night for bar, where I became super duper famous and. This is how it should. Then. I understand the nostalgia fact you don't like this day. I thought this theory more. But don't we remember what Al Michael's thinks of ESPN when he was ungraciously almost shoved out the door in two thousand. I've or whenever that was tat, was like three years
and administrations in one squirrel ago, true, but that he has been demonstration looked at their town producers and said what we had this team of Might Patrick Joe. I spent upon Maguire, and we think that team is about as good as our Michael's and John men had war. The creek these decisions- and you know who didn't fit already today- yeah me neither that was one of the least favoured Nazi teams ever Freddy get there. And drew s got way. We think you're. Just gonna say I was one almost insane things ever and it allows book right about breaking the confidence you hours pissed, hurt and so for him to forget.
Ever understand. These are different executives and everything changed I have, but while out back to yes paean would be incorrect. Will you also have he's got Alec Swallow is one of his closest friends. Eiger is a good friend has ultimately in all areas and at his way out at some point two and I'm shared the symmetry of this reading. This whole affair jest or do by that this is somehow going to be a package deal, imagine Frederick, Adele like you ve Canada, in other hidden hand of all their psych there does he made in higher producer Jaurette the have now in an unprecedented feminism. It's not a done deal is something has been theorized and that I think that the other party theory is that you gotta get em both its cohesion. Paul George, like you, gotta, get one to get the to give a seven first impacts in budget. You just Alexander, had almost others, never no army by, but that, but the other pursue of that. That the proper metaphor, but like a either
you not bringing these guys in to have them do crappy Monday night football games. So what are they? What are they haven't store in addition to the horseman ineffable gonna continue any a spirit. Will it may they have easy? I mean there's no question even bad Monday night foot body BC as an upgrade from whatever is on Monday nights on a b c, no offense to whatever is on Monday nationally BC, but I would just assume when you're, just getting that kind of talent grab that you have a bigger plan. I don't know this out that even then you're gonna do a couple years of crappy Monday night for Poland BC, so is Al Gonna, give up the number one show and television was Above all, I wonder yeah, I'm going through this. You know son obscurity, but its, but it's Sir, it's a less approach. I did. That would seem weird what if I was born and everybody abc the same, but the games are going to change for a while. You could argue the gains will get better because obey a network tv verses
when, when they make the schedule, just now will kick it up a little bit air. Maybe I just think I think I made this case and talking to ban Thompson a couple weeks on this package. I think more live sport should be but maybe see you look at what they have an asian Wednesday night. It's like the gold, bergs and others and they were put, but Ba on Wednesday. Nato get simulating. So I am all for that too, and that makes it tell us it's except you want to squeeze. Every dollar this cable model. While you still have it, so you can't take the biggest things off. He asked and put him on a b c right or you're already shrinking cable models. Gonna shrink a lot faster, so where's as he C4 bargain ago. That's a good question. That's probably abc right here, but you gotta begin. That's like a lot you could. You could do multiple games, you could do different places. There was time like their big. Came in a week if it's like Alabama Auburn their shown that enables it. But if you Jimmy Qatar, regulate, don't we yeah, we want
play, is one larger Disney Corporation? I think that's probably happening more now than it did was skipper rights as yet coordination between the two but the same time you like we gotta, keep this business going as long as we can, because we're not ready for ESPN was to be the world right. We're not ready for a b c to be the world we gotta keep this business intact, arise. Villages paper, Vista scenarios fell like a dollar to be made from people who are loyal ass to have means of media communication, and I think that you are right that you can't just say like for a switch and say: ok, we're goin digital. Only these things still do have value. The mistake mistake. My book, I think, is what you start to like things all over the channel, which is like the insanity that baseball As you know what I'm trying to find games in There- and I don't know the TB asked he Ain T There- any number of light places where so and I put pussies baseball game obey even March madness. I find that kind of ridiculous. The baseball
The thing is, I believe, I feel like I'm a relatively smart guy and I, like literally, cannot find a red Sox game at eight o clock at night. Which one of my nine choices of channels Gaban, whereas it NBA. You kind of just you: have the habitats either. Can we are european or t Anti, maybe NBA Tv, but it is one of three places for a year. The original the sailor covers one versus I'd like to get. That said some. On the dial, we're getting really mad one year, whereas on the road travelling for playoffs, and I was in a hotel room and had like sixty channels versus was one of them has like new rule if your leg is showing its files on a channel, I don't get and sixty channels are out there. Today you did a bad job Is it about job, but at least eight figured that out that that at least has to go on gonna now, so, let's take a quick break. We have a lot more dogma.
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big ideas, your whatever your moon, shots, there's no limits. What you can solve together learn how Was a g that seo slash cloud slash, solving Google Cloud. What are you stopping for? I wanted circle back on Roma for one second sure, do you find it funny? Bronchitis, when people get mad Romo makes money away I get a fair play, occurred in a full places like there's a buzz, and hence I ha MIKE. That's crazy, blah blah blah like what are we care would see He s gives Tony run away with anybody care. I have never been offended by that. No end, think it just means that CBS is gonna, give a ton of money to the NFL yeah Kerala, which is gonna benefit everybody book Z.
As you mentioned earlier, they lost as they see it. Now, if you lose football, NFL Football now. What are you doing your shower Gulf in March badness? Do I think it's a crazy further supports, gassed or for other reasons we Valla ensure, but you know it's time two people are gone at it. Two people just look at any Ebay action too.
Our goal and that it was five minutes ago. That's it right. We go up right. Timing is everything I think part of what made it such a ripple was that you could actually kind of look at it like rubber those old friend salaries. When friends was at its, you know, readings peak, and it was like a million dollars in episode of whenever was like you Romas, making effectively a million bucks again, which you know pops out at you. I think the most interesting reactions have been from players. You saw like Odell back home in a number of L. Players are like that's interesting here. I would like to know more about this, because the presumption has been certainly in the last half generation, that the stars are so well compensated that they're, probably gonna, be less likely to, och into a birth because they don't need it as much anymore, but you know so awfully hard to turn your back on fifteen million bucks, my favorite fact ever and I repeat this is when John MAD side his huge deal, which used to be the highest per season back in Nigeria. Three, she was paid more than every player in the Unifil yeah
Were you ever read player? I was worth it. You'd be borne every court Debbie like Romo Sunday was CBS. Were forty million dollars a year right now. I know you wanna talk about this EPA are enough for nice couple hours, but, please, and whether you will not see is as CBS aid to Tony Roma. Ok, we're getting seventeenth game, so here's two hundred, fifty thousand, others with Ray the favourite tat of the cap there, the two fifty I I thought it was, but that it made a ton of sense for them because the other thing is you look at it. What's: Plan B, he leaves so now promote Browser like their person but Jim Nansen neighbour, and I don't know where they can be good together or you go and you get for rivers. I I just want to go on the record, and I have before have talked about this on. A pike has previously some repeating myself, but I think there were visiting be really get your all in on this year. I study if
if you really get it like who's gonna be getting a game, what are the qualities you need? You gonna, learn all that from the Post game interviews and how can they are whether they're making further porters, whether their quick on their feet? You can see all of it. That is why the Barkley was the no brainer selection of all time, Who is going to be good at being anti vehicle? He was the best thing we leave for fifteen years. I think Phil Rivers has it is to be really really get my question for him as why would he stop playing? I know it. I fear last year, but I certainly feel like he could play five more years, yeah always to more yeah, been I'm just saying, I think, he's I think thirty five in pretty much every quarterback postal for now the thing at her. But you know if it was our Michael's and fill rivers. I think that would be a pretty good outcome to the one The one I don't really get is drew Brees. I don't. I don't see him being. I see him playing it too, safe and being a little flat. What do you think? I am Jason?
who breeze as an answer me as your number one and answer right, he's awfully Palais and says the right things usually, and I can imagine that he would be some sort of like you know, Barkley, ask type of truth: Tell her. I know I don't see it either. I mean that the other part of though there is like, are we certain Peyton Manning's going to be great in the booth we just a hundred there's. This perception is going to be fantastic. Are we sure I don't know we're sure he does have this celebrity, that very few NFL guys have huge. The moment he's on tell you like all that, get Peyton Manning Who hang it on every word? You just you just more interested in him. Here's why it's not gonna happen. I don't think I just don't think he would take less money than Tony Roma. I just don't. He was much better quarterback he's gotta go cowed. Hey. Can I get two thirds Roma guy. You fuck that pay me one hour more than thirty Roma, another route, the plank rear, that's the price! Now I ask all the price seventeen million dollars. So if you want
this common and save your you're with seventy million dollars, some way million dollars on one penny didn't CBS in and we should keep its own auditors reporting is Andrew Marshal of the post Lisbon breaking on these three. By think that CBS went to Manning amid the Roma conversation and said: hey we're has twelve to fifteen or some figure around their sound as a hedge against Roma, going it yes pm and then a manning. You know now evolving into this ESPN discussion. He started this x factor. It's like the Brady conversation in Vienna fell. Playing take wherever Manning Lands is gonna cut. Him sat set the whole track of we who goes where this is like the old there even answers, but Tony Romo had everything to prove and the announcement everything he didn't do as a player. He could do, isn't announcer Phil. Rivers will almost certainly less I'm crazy about the next couple years. At the same thing, he's got this: here's what I can do, Chris Collins,
right, here's what I can do, the other paint Manning is remaining. Did it. It's gonna take a lot to really make him walk in there. I want to be the best announcer I can be well from by all accounts. He does everything full speed Oh, and if you don't even like this stuff is Jeffrey has been placed, has been a definite a male and by him. You know, I think, year after year, in our thoughts have but here's the thing. It's the greatest part time job in the world. What Roma pulled off getting private jet on top? everything else we are flying in on a Saturday morning and your flying on Sunday, night you're working one and a half days and you're done in your back home by Sunday night at at nine o clock and you're, making
credible manner, money at a few paint and he can make fifteen million hours than a man like just a mandate for bus, even better you're, leaving on a Sunday stay Sunday. You could leave right after the game on Monday night at home whenever that's a lot of money. It is, but everybody keeps trying the Anna I've, tried for Thursday night. We forget that giving a species is challenges, manhood, we keep China higher Pay Manning, obviously, he's scared something seizures. Maybe he just nosey, maybe we'll be as good as Roma. They should thought that a lot of ready, rumour, Brady my narrative in advance, as somebody
Listen to a lot of his westward. One interviews reject re up over the years. Brady Brady will be tough were what's which are about to arm. First take as a tv show that used to be derided and n was the number one thing people point to, as this is the worst of sports talk all that stuff too in twenty twenty years, breaker really extremely relevant show. Probably the sports show that breaks the most news, and if you go through like the championship belts of breaking news, you got to like the 70s wide world of sports. The most things happen there. That's where Russell Oh no Russell would go. That's were Ali in Frazier, we're going to shit,
put on wide world of sports and then that kind of shifted do NFL today with Brett and those guys that became kind of a signature thing and all the way through to you know most recently. Now what is it what's the championship belt over there? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think it's first take its once every two to three weeks I'll send its training for three hours, because somebody went on there and should happen. Am I wrong I never would have put in the same sense as wash others by now, but yeah I I I think you might be right and I think that's part of the does them the way. Stephen, a has vaulted over all those people who are inclined to hate Stephen it yet which is, I repeat, a ringer called strange new respect for Stephen Psmith, because
The all kind I think collectively do have that now. Tat part of it was that he still had kind of a guy who knows stuff part of him re. He wasn't just opinion. Guy He had a stake in the Lee agree had a hand in only like players are paying attention to him mad when he had his bizarre resignation from them. Yours. I'm gonna go talk to Stephen it that's the next thing I think that's big part of his Part of his draw right as it is not just a guy, is blowing any bigger who cut no stuff in this kind of plugged in at some level and his body to the hall or not bought into a but he's bought, though I think trust of people in this respect that he calls it like it is, and he doesn't doesn't inquired uncle play the favourite Senate's. This is all just gonna get now. He does have a lot if they were just mentioned MAGIC Johnson, while he, but the thing is, he does have favorites that it does have the magic Johnson Edi any does do as much favour trading is probably a lot of other people. We play the magic Baxter homes, his co workers,
was bad sense from the public, though Had he calls it like, it is, and I think the NBA prayers when he calls them out they take it really seriously you and if he says I Kevin Durrant, he was a coward for nothing. Next. I give you said that I shall Katy would go at him on Twitter immediately, because you think I have to defend myself Stephen. I came at me
the only person in sports media that has that whatever that is Jason I mean I don't know if I would go as far to call like first take news breaking show, but you know it's. I think it's more like it's like sports, like Festivus right, were like high profile. People like Spike Lee can go on and no air their grievances and then watch it ripple through social media for the rest of the afternoon. You know it's sort of like the central nervous system of sports media right now right and then you have Steven a what's ironic about this. Is it sort of Steven a sharing the stage a little bit? It's not just even a going off about a topic. It's him giving a platform to somebody who's a greve to go and talk and when people go on Steve today, they kind of feel like they have to match the agitated energy and I think like if you watch the spike Lee thing, he was doing it with a little bit of a glimmer in his eye because you know he had to know what he was doing was really going to stick in the next crop, and I personally enjoyed all that very, very much and if,
like my c tv, even though I don't watch it on tv and I watched on any number of suicides on social media, but a fierce, In ten years ago, you go on go on making the duck yeah! That's how you do that correct into. Does it twenty you go. First, take an you call up. Whoever, like I want to come out and took bothersome first text has great it also ties into where we are in such meeting It doesn't twenty. Where he's on cooks immediately and on Twitter and wherever else blog posts are being crafted immediately people responding, they changed the trending thing on twitter, spike least trending you're, likewise spike retraining- and it's like and then boom in its an eight and now the other is Pancho your leg earlier today and he has been on first take a piece said: this poem run the clap, here's my taken first, yes, it is goes
My brain has been rotted over the last several weeks by watching way too much cable news. This may be the wrong com, but I think what sports TV has tried to replicate weirdly his morning. Joe yeah for sports. They try to get up and get up is are now, but it still not a show. Were news happens, I don't think you think of it. Quite that way, still it's more entertaining, but Think about morning Joe is like oh somebody's gonna, come on here and endorse Joe Biden on the show yes M, drop out of the race or when a big primary they'll be on our air to mothers. Were things happen, rain and sports his groped around? For that for the last yeah yeah weird, and I know that we would about first. Take would turn into that show. I would say to the odds were a hundred to one eight years ago. Yeah someday this shepherd, Germany no jail. But again it's become more of us all.
I think when I was I to guys yelling back and forth at each other, it was a very different kind of organism and now what you have- and there was like the Stephen Stout that was gotta- was I get up off first take when Stevens thinks that was first. Take first take so here these people come on and there and you get a kind of give credit to the producers to because they're, just kind of letting it rip which you now and television a lotta segments are very, very, very, very produced, and you know you kind of no exact whenever one of us at any given time, and that is clearly not the case when Steve Stout is on the air, and I like that. But I dont think that is the kind of thing where people are just gonna, be you know imitating it goes against, even in his kindness, we generous. It's also a great time slot Yeah armor West customer wake up in the morning they coffee going through emails. I put it on Things are really like about that shows the the celebrity interviews, so full disclosure like I wanted Afflux come on the Pakistan, but the way back, he promised
as PTSD from our HBO Interview with data together happen, Upedes newsmagazine. Now he did not take up the offer. He went at first. Take it. I just happened to be watching and it was kind of riveting because he comes on. He talks about the way back. Why he did it in you stay for days. I tell us about your performance. And they're doing that gas can movie questions. I'm like this is great and then Steven days and then a fax basically like way. I want to talk about Tom Brady cause. You see this celebrities go on and their Mars. Beyond then Stephen, I text, art have them because their like, oh here's, by seven minutes, I get to talk sports or Stephen A, and so he goes. Max about all MAX's Tom Brady stuff, and neither unlike the sports birthday on like this this is working guys, I'm watching every minute that seven join this. So I don't know how they foot described, but they did it and I can't believe, I'm crazy first take here.
Here. We are right, Jason They Jason passed out. Listen, I think that leg. You know, Stephen S, brilliance a sort of being a man for a moment right outside. She has this disposition which he has had for ever, but it is now just so perfectly situated for the moment that we live in now, where its outrage and even performative outrage that moves the needle- and I think, that's part of also the performer if this is what sort of makes Stephen a more like a ball. You know I think I do want to live in a world where I Stephen areas like genuinely pissed off about things five times a day. I want to have a little bit a theatre to it and I'm just curious brand. You think that people when they go on the show like in the same way like everyone kind of sit up straight in the chair when there are like on Sunday morning, television that people feel they have the match. The energy, if you can't go on first taken, be boring, can go first, taken just be like
the middle can have to overtake yeah, having seen Michael Urban appear so several times, which is really I point of. First takes no, my God, Michael Urban versus Stephen, I others be left on the feel of EC superheroes battling on top of the building. The adjacent hit on some really important is the idea that Stephen AIDS in on his own oh yeah, easy and on it just in four had never admit it, but we can a sense that he knows what's going on here. You know that that helps. I think that sports debate should be a little more palatable that you can deal with it every day and not just get turned off by and then I had so high noon. Gets cancer were to Africa and predictable reaction in certain circles and social media, and in one of the common refrains was a great you have used all the car.
Oh barkers get rewarded and here's a show that tried to do smart sport stock in any guide, and they get rid of that one and I'm Thinkin leg. Is this a straw main argument like what is being shows are doing like sports porn? Basically, our sports outrage pointer sports, like I actually feel like that network I mean the seller. Guinea is pan defender, but I think they ve moved away from that alive. They they moved more toward you know games and highlights, and then I certainly don't think pity. Eyes is like people screaming at each other, around the horns, probably the closest, but that's a show- that's been in on its own joke. Long time? Laboratory shows just weird you going out I nonetheless decide. Who are these people point? two saying Why do you? Why do you have carnival bark resign and then this small, so really their talk about first taken, I don't feel like first take is like that again that the sound like a total were first take the finer, but I think
is more going on, then the rep that it had when Bayliss was on years and years ago. Where was just two guys trying to provoke each other and say crazy things? Basically, it's a vibe way past that I think that the need to take that has been around for a really long time and PETE. The fact that people are saying it when Jamila Michael were on the air and all these other people. It has paean whom, whom they lights were on the air, and I I with you, I think, that's become a much smaller part of a european University in the last decade. Yeah. It's basically just first, I get up as nothing like that and to me it's more about the grammar of tv shows that work right there, Certain grammar does MIKE and Tony work on Peter Guy. Nobody says there, you mean a bad sports talk right with a girl, that's funny it's tongue. Sheikh. They kind of get it right that, during a parody of a debate shallow, but but it just the grammar of here's the issue, we discuss negative shoe, we keep it light. We keep it quick. The next issue to me: that's just what
works until it well, and they also have a real, healthy respect for each other and genuine chemistry and make fun of each, there and the feeling of that show in the reason it works and the reason it so hard for people to go into and do it with them is its two bodies. Combat dishes, a Dane busting each other's bars, and that was something I never felt like. High noon was able to achieve. It was high noon. If, if, if you in Aceh, I was the number one reason the showed him work for. You know what rating. They wanted to get there for one thing was just a time site. You know where you have this really smart show targeted for people that probably aren't watching sports tv at that time in their that's an issue, but then debtor thing is it ass? It fell to me a lot of times like they were just trading these monologues verses. What pity I has were well by almost say something crazy and then Tony's not like it's my turn to speak now, I'm just gonna say my
Tony will listen arm and go wait, a second whereby new visa and then no doubt throw the script. When I go for two three minutes off some changes, I wasn't even on the teleprompter, that That's your works and I never felt like high noon. I think the more they did the show they probably would have gotten there, but they never found that rhythm of view of these two people that we like individually. How do we make this a team where they really need each other? I felt when I watch pity I. Anytime, robot or colonizers now disappointed fundamental, unlike our shit and improved by the way Frankly, I think I am disappointed. I am here on that the best possible option, it's a really hard thing they get to. Anyway? I just ideology you're comparing as the standard would Pierre. I of course it at any other thing. Is you I'd like to think of high noon as a huge success? I myself was on a sports television show which lasted about six months.
Oh right at it by kind comparison, high noon as banana. My lady now, seventy weeks two years just feels like an ethic run, but I mean I think that the the challenge for all these shows- and I always wonder when there are these posts boardrooms when a show gets cancelled in any John rose like who exactly is the audience at the given our like who are watching. This shows our people, who are you know, saying it's the end of the world or saying that at some sort of like stable where the culture is right now. Are they in fact, the audience of the show and or idolaters by the ancients did there's a second piece of that is shit that european television cause it. And I had the same thing with my show, which the flower my show is that I can do all of the stuff I wanted, I won't have a smart conversation show but sports others, though it's easier, do our package we're doing. A radio is higher. I have more time
I can go and more directions on that trapped as certain like time restraints her. I don't have the tape things and day and a half in advance. You pack ass her better and I think that's it. With high noon. I think if they had made that as well God behind it. As a five day week, signature pike, ass that also ran on he has been plus or whatever, and really push the Pike S part of it. I would venture to see what happened, because it was a really smart show bill. Let me ask you this year, you like to talk about like ultimate like sliding door moments gather show, had your age be, oh show worked, had it been ahead or even a modest hit, yeah that it had been on the air for not just to season but season after season still in the air today. Do you think that you would have double down in the same way that you had with podcast said? Would you have been in the position that you are in to be able to make them?
the company that you made. No, I think I think you at that point. You have the double down on. I would have laughed, let's make all the stuff work really well. I think the issue for me is the once a week. Parachute in sport show cannot work and I found that out the hard I think the only way that show could have worked and if I had to do it over if I was in a time machine- and I was like how can I get this to work, it would have been once a month. He a big ass. You tape an advance. You tape, the whatever the first part is, may top go. Everything else is banks and its caught me do in our long interview with somebody in the new credit, little icon, do the shop, I guess where they take an advance, the tape for three four hours. They get the best twenty minutes possible, but, like that's, also show that doesn't get ratings. It's it's that the stuff that actually gets ratings. If you get in to people talking about each other about sports is real.
Having read through the moment and that's why first take its coming on and shits happening. It's like MAGIC Johnson, just quit the Lakers he's on right now, about sports versus sports being on television. I'm going again are shooting. I just feel especially like with the HBO thing when me talking about sports versus sports being on television, I'm going against baseball player, Afghans. Why would somebody watch my show, you know and we try to create a show that would last for like two weeks you can watch it any time, but it's like all right: well, that's pretty limited upside. You know. I think the one thing Bill Maher Show is been able to achieve is in the end, I think it's been brilliant, how it's done. It is like Friday, nights
this is the one show you know pot. The politics cycle has the Sunday morning stuff right where it's like. There's those two three hours meet the press. The ABC show cheers where all the big people are going to come. That's what I was watching on Sunday. They had every relevant person was on one of those shows at some point and then Martin Friday, night kind of recap in the week and preview in the weekend and visit with an obviously major real agenda. I think for sports. I dont know what the version that would be, and we certainly seen twenty thousand people try here and in nobody's done it. I knew this. Either way in two thousand the answer. I thought you know you of any learn, but you didn't really answer my question, which is that had the show work had to show it to you, it seems that when the show ended you kind of reevaluated, you did this whole thing differently. Are you yet you really double down on podcasting, unlike what I'm asking is had the show worked with,
You're not be what it is currently depends on, what the show and being if it was monthly. I think we could have done everything we're doing now. I aside restrictions, when I was doing the tv show. How can I do on Pakistan? week. So naturally, with the show any, I was able to move the three which really out the package, but I think it was a man, please show with interviews and I could have kept a semblance of what the pirate with all the other stuff I was doing. I think we are, I think it would have panned out and actually think the show would have been probably good for all this other stuff, but there has octopus arms, so I think it probably would have. Could I say they are, however, money just generally f the hardest to do whether to tv show podcasts translate real relationship. You have with somebody into a show, then it is really hard. You have a shoemaker, but I just even even at the rear here, I think, of like the gold standard me as like you and Sal
you and how soon still owe which I know you were- and Christianity and and all the rest of us a great time we're all working towards that end. If not the word less a word, not real friends or the person, but translating friendship into show is really fucking hard, but the thing that we found the if of show works now for us, it's mostly pike ass, are almost entirely pack. Ass tv show same thing: if the House have the connection it almost as a matter with this, but the show us the host, as I was gonna trump any. Also, my dear you have pressure, we, I can create the greatest idea for you in some random person and if you didn't click together so stuck in a word I agree, but it still, but there still there still. Hell. You have to climb there and just how do we TIM familiarity poem? Why really? Generally friends?
generally had these big conversations way before high noon, but it was just the problem of how do we turn this into a thing? People want to watch, maybe you're right. Maybe it was a pod cast, it was a pod cast, it would have been more natural. That's anywhere they could just go. I have something they could have been more creative in a podcast because they have some topics. You go for an hour and forty minutes and just your flying versus like I take a break coming up. Where is the Lakers? And I don't know if that's what I want from those two guys. I woke me up. Corona virus and forts her forehead, which is say what we knew you last that Jason. Why was curious? Ask you like the other power relationships, as you sort of gas proof issue right, you don't make it reliant on getting the big take a guest, but I was accused. Ask you like when you get like a big name, nihilist her with a big product like how much does that move the needle? If at all- and I imagine their view regulars that you have like you. Of course this will be one of the most highly
listen to parts. I mean this is like the Superbowl for me, but what I mean is it is it you know gas diagnostic, the ratings aniseed, it's it's, it's the reactive stuff that profit as a little bit better sure the gas for them. There is one celebrity potted in the last year that was, I thought was gonna do gray and it was probably the worse one and that the worst listen to one over the last year and as I off, because I should just talked but about the NBA for at the top of this. I can't wait until after the show, when you tell us which, when they have any say after what's, it would take a break and more come back and talk about the virus
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it's hard to imagine getting to that point, we did have that one Orioles game right when It was the violence in Baltimore there played in any way spoken that would be really really weird. I somehow I and imagine it, but every day with this, with the way this being handled, you'd, who knows right near we clearly inter incognita here I think I think, sat by South West will be the first real test case for how many people actually went to this day. Verses were supposed to go. We know it's out by his leg year after year, its absolute jam packed with people They share it, may never did you go to the Superbowl endows I do that through so that did you go Jason? I did yet
where the hell sporting men, I've ever been to cause they're hellenes now and most people couldn't land and it ended up being the suit the parties that everybody went to. There was nobody there and then in was, I think, the most drug I've ever been in my life on the satellite aforehand as saying that the group of People- and they just had all this booze- that give away in every five minutes somebody's bringing us afresh drank in double fisting and shots and Anna, I think, I'd bronchitis, for like three and a half weeks, raw huddled under heat lamps. But there is, Nobody. There was the weirdest weekend. I've ever spent anywhere where it's the Superbowl insight that Ways are emptied, the parties are empty, the hotels or half empty, and I dont know. I'd I'd from I've never seen anything threaten the sports and pop culture counter like this. By the way, this is like the dumbest part,
this whole thing like there's so many more serious things to talk about, but just sing just this random things start to up and things that we're just used to where it's like south by southwest early March March, madness did March NBA, Playoffs Masters MID April, Kentucky Derby may second, usually big. Basketball player seen up any gel play ass now regarding the finals in June- and this is the first- max, remember not knowing how
He's gonna play out, and it is, I think it's been an absolute surreal less couple weeks and twist on it, of course, is that you know typically in tragedy. Sport has been this no sanctuary. It's been totally is for people to turn to when terrible things had been happening in the world, and this is an opposite type, a situation where the events themselves might be part of the problem and an obviously you know the reason to suspect that we might start seeing things here is at its happened in every place where they have had significant outbreaks mean as yet empty stadiums and ITALY, multiple cancellations and China empty state,
games in Japan and now this whole question about not just significant events like March madness and masters and so on and so forth, but so forth, major looming decision with regard to the Tokyo with in July. That's the big one right shouts the one I think. For instance the NBA, the the american team of NBA where's, is supposed to go train in Shanghai, And then go to Tokyo, they go to Shanghai first, they train their get acclimated to the time zone, difference and then fly to Japan. Obviously, I would say the odds of that happening in just that form has probably twenty five to one. You know whether they train here and just fly over and just play. If they do, it will who's going to be the first NBA star who backed out there's, there's so many different subplots that directly affect how
followed this stuff, and then it shows you like all who cares like out Withers way. Bigger things at stake here is where this is what we do for a living where specific, but the stuff all the time and is the first time actor. Remember just everything being on the ball. We may not have been Olympics. We met I'm not of the euros we met at the NBA finals being played an empty buildings. I dont know how much of this do, you think is real, and how much of this is the panic like what I talked about labelling scheme in Dublin Tuesday that this pain, a culture that we have now we're stuff, can just get in flames so fast and social media and people to fall to the worst case scenarios of our time. Case the worst case. Scenarios are actually like, realistic, scary scenarios. I think the scary part is the answers. We don't know right, yeah, it's somewhere between it's somewhere between don't panic and panic, and we don't quite understand yet So then we get into this weird zone were like I don't know and I know would would probably all been dealing with this would just Travelin friend
family and all that stuff you just like we're in were not on ozone right now, yeah and a key thing here, also as that. Ultimately, this is not going to be the call of legs and teams, and things like this, this is going to be. You have governments and health organisations coming forward. Saying please don't do this. You know, let's, like just not have these like mass scale. Events sing in Paris, I think, is banned. Anything over five thousand People- Switzerland, like a thousand ie- and it's not going to be some sort of thing- were leagues preemptively, maybe, but I think that is likely going to be at the recommended
the government has France had like you know, none of us are in the position to make any kind of declarations about. You know whether we'll have it I feel like. This is one of these topics, where we could do this. Seventy two hours from now and have a very different conversation cuz, I think, once things start to happen will happen quickly. You're, like my dad a second this morning, and he was saying I was going to Utah Celtics game tomorrow night and he's like you think I should go, and I was like yeah and he's like why I was thinking about it. You know what are some dude sitting behind. My knee has a cough. We should be thinking about that. Guy's cough you enter, I won't have a good time and I could just stay home a watch it like that. I don't know what to do. You know it's your call. I don't have to tell you that's the thing are very small and privilege scale right. It's all these little decisions we re did take his disneyland last weekend.
My wife and I look at each other like, as is the time to go on. You knew any smugglers run. You know, bakers and we did. And everything's fine. I think, but it was it's just strange. We had three people that were supposed to go to the song Conference in Boston this weekend. We cancel it like that worth it I would rather be safe than sorry. Why not we don't know if this is gonna get worse our next few days? It's very very, very uneasy times in a whole bunch of different ways on top of it of the election and all the stuff. That's going on there and the most homogenous. I would say we blonde stretch. I can ever remember in a democratic anyting dating back to the first one I remember, barely is a t. I don't think I was paying attention and seventy six but- and you have the incredible Joe Biden- come back, but just incredible,
Like talk about back from the dead, so you have all back on a few and adjust. This has been a real strange year. So fine, it just feels like it's gonna get weirder yet and more frightening me. I thought we were headed to a long hot summer before any of the pandemic stuff from an. I thought they added a combination of this big election that is going to be highly pitched. You know it already proven to be divisive within the democratic party. Then you have the whole general, then you have the convention's, then you have the limp eggs and a no is just got it felt like it was going to be exhausting, and now you add this other thing. I hope very much, obviously, that we have some sort of break through here or you know, a climate change that allows the virus that died down, but it just feels like we're not even capable of processing at all. At once of Brian, you do on the press box you're talking immediately after another these primaries, and you can't do all of it at once.
It's just too big assist. You know, you don't see anyone talking about Biden Bernie within the context of corona virus, because it just seems glib to actually context lies at that way. It's just so seismic too much are we doing. Are we doing in the election takes on the spot, guest did you do that? I I want here. Your election, I wanna, take a break, and then I want to talk about that. Let's take a break to talk about some of this stuff. Ringer Pack ass network, which you can find all over the place, but I would recommend the spot fire up. It's the wonderful place, guys legitimate. You know it's great, the spot, a fire in its fun about the spot, a fire Fifteen second fast forward or go behind. You can change the speed. I like one point two speed for your pack ass little pep since it governs our coffee, some of the pack ass. We ve done this week. I don't have you know this, but we love Sir Robert, the ringer we're doing
survivor recap, son, Ringer Dish ran Marcello has been on fire lately, James Coregos Hornets, head coach. Seven MBA had coaches in their so bad Chang did is one hundredth podcast we did a new re watch balls I was not amber, did oceans, twelve, the mass man. He's trying to figure out what the hell is going on a wrestling batch. Party, had a really good episode recently Julia Lemon Emily we admire they did. Screen conspiracies about the bachelor. For now I was riveted, it was really get Ringer NBA shall we get that Ringer Irma be show, came back, has carbs against all odds the press backs. Fair Way, Rowan Ringer falsehood she keeps gonna, go in any mention. The big picture in a couple of check out. The ringer pack has now go to Spotify search for park ass, you like from the ringer just press, follow and then, when you go,
Spotify up check it out? They are pop up. The latest episode. Listen, I'm at whatever speed you want. It's a really get up and its also available teslas few. Unless people they drives Tesla and cares about the environment must, if I will say, and Mustang Mustang, yet in a bunch places, so check all that out. The Ringer podcast network on Spotify and wherever else you get your packets Joe Biden on Saturday night, he wins. South Carolina happen me home, because my son Solomon, my son, has broken foot and I am watching and Joe takes the stage in its No, it's always auto scary. When Joe speaking and publicly Laden has really gone. That smoothly know Joe rallies for what, the best twenty minute speeches. Any politician is given in the last twenty five years and it was like watching the Kirk Gibson home
speaking coherent sentences, he's playing off the crowd, he's hushing his voice at certain points. He's talking about this country is too divided. Two angry. We need somebody that can heal this. We need to move forward, we need to have dignity and does other stuff, and it was the this time in a while I made a million by the jokes were I was actually is I heard a politician for five minutes and then it goes away. You change channels, but I was like yeah he's right The country is diversity, the success we need. Somebody could hear this bow. It's probably that could be Joe bided, but he tapped into something with with his. Words, but I haven't really seen in awhile and it made me you remember, Why were sifting through this crap everyday, so sit in the office like forty eight hours after that speech, and I said if bill wrote about politics and saw Joe Biden speech he would be making dear antlers spray, ran german platelet transfer oaks,
and then Mallory Reuben why she was actually built. Just make a joke and upper deck is Joe. Ass was saying how he wants to send bite in HD h. Instead of campaign money for safe beacon, he might he meditated you ain't. He might have crossed the line of ethics of steroids. The physical another have seen a physical transformation like that in it. Continued under his victory speech on Tuesday night. Do it wasn't quite as yet you're my stammering, and it was a little more about it than jelly and ass creamy the now, but it better, but it still had a lot of Biden. He switched Sly Fox uncle Joe for Angry Biden, Nina forceful by fighting for you, but I didn't. I was not a fan of I'm the only one on this stage, shewed that that that bided the only one that that that right, I like the hour French is divided. Our uncle Joe, I wanna, help. He'll there said did say it did sound like it felt like he found his voice. Would you think
Indeed you action on Saturday, you didn't like Biden like I'm. The only one up here has a prince subscription to tv guy, I'm the only one appeared as they have cable. I mean I mean you know, reporters we're all convinced a week we were. People are convinced that you know we have our biases, but I think I'll two million has been said many times they rule for the story and in abiding incredibly attractive story in the respect that he was truly truly left for dead after I New Hampshire and to win and to win in this sort of like not just you know the narrow escape, but a wildly thumping decisive route in South Carolina really impressive. When on Tuesday it excites the media because it turns out
thing on its head and and and eyed, and I think we live in a time where you know saying you don't know and saying there are you know, shades of grey or it's complicated is not something that registers terribly well gets much attention on social media, so, like people tend to be much more declarative and they say that the world doesn't want this or they don't want that, and that's that- and there is an awful lot of that and the weeks leading up to these primaries and I think for it to be spun upside down. Just you know it was that it was a naturally entertaining story night and I do feel like with regard to like Joe as the candidate. It seems abundantly clear that people at least a significant portion of the Biden vote, is it he will do you? No, I don't have their motivated for Joe, as you know, the pure enow iteration of what they are looking for, an a presidential candidate as much as they are just like. This is the person we need right now, best chance to be true
here today, which is said to stories the media laws to right, not just the political media, but all of us come back story shank. We were waiting for the for the Biden. Come back store to been anybody, but Biden was kind of the biggest comeback story in the table, but did you really think you were even going to Brian, I decided where I didn't think they like closer to senile than getting the democratic. Does. I owe a numbers you looked at them and you and you kind of fell bad did not predicted, storing them to ensure making I loved a joke about this. The old guys still guy yeah, that's one of our favorite. What was the Irishman love? If not the all got it true, cut away too much or guys still gotta for my taste by the way at the ice. We love that stuff Ah you he had one more race left enemy. Add one more great film
one more one, more great game on the hardwood right that he left it all out there. I would say there is a third piece which was people being surprised, that the quorum code, establishment could still have the Jews to reality. Get. I think, one of the reasons everybody was so freak out the last four years as you have. Our political system on both sides inches complete chaos, and you have these debates that are turning into like Jeff, prosperous, rose right, like an warns that their China commend says she's the best choice to be president, and she said packing everyone else on the stage, and it was like this to watch, especially because I think I thought she was good candidate and at that she had some good ideas, and it's almost like boy. This is gonna, be a stretch. This comparison, You know who never once the bachelor the one who is telling the bachelor how terrible the other contestants are? That's never the one who gets pick
it's always the one who's just said I am actually easy to hang out with and not allow the drama of just a nice person. In I didn't weirdly fitted to the battle a bachelor that Saturday night speech, she became the bachelor catastrophes leg. I don't care about the other contestants, I'm here to be about me. I'm just here to hear the bachelors about our relations with that this about said our connection up here for the right reasons, I mean can I loved Warren dissing it out. I found that very refreshing, and and and in many ways she is probably the best pure candidate I've ever seen, and you know I'm ninety seven years old it all- and you know I found that you know her maid MIKE Bloomberg. You turn to
those hours, that's gonna, be heard. Lay our positive legacy of this whole thing was near, took out blubber here, but I kind of like in, and you seem to you think that this is still little open ended with Joe and Bernie. That seems to be what you're implying bill. I don't think it's open ended. I've Z, Joe, is a major front runner in his. If you look at the gambling odds and stuff is assuming in favour, I think the one thing we ve learned in sixteen and twenty is that it takes forty eight hours to flip. The momentum goes so fast. I mean the fact that bite in one minute when our Massachusetts spending Eleventh ass powers there had never setting foot the state and medicine. State? That is the you think about the day. Job bided can come here better than us, and he
and even go into Massachusetts. Any wins the state at that point. For me, all bets are off from it. All. Bets are off since Trump was plus five hundred two days for the election, and when the presidency, humble and the republican nomination Year, which none of us. Nobody thought. I think it's it's so funny. In sport, There's this whole are the nerves, are against momentum. I disagree. I think momentum exists in sports. Obviously it exists in politics and Nick it can be forty hours. It can be one debate in the thing with Bernie and Biden why, I think Bernie's actually a good bet right now is like five to one hundred and ten or one depending where you are it's one debate. Where Biden looks like a stammer super all guy who can't handle it and Bernd Lange. Burns one one, I think burning could be really good and I think he had put that into our. So that's why I don't think it's over what might happen. My Bloomberg lasted one debate right
tens ten minutes of one debate at and saw the scene was starting to seem to certain people like a good idea. The pulses we're going up, and then it was a stove. So then the what Spielberg did with it. Dark and jaws were its edition. Scary? you're not going to see yet. But it's just me, it's really were in place of music. There's a Finn and speaking a sliding doors. You know he got. It was only on the stage in Nevada because he got worse, pull on the final day eligibility, but that was a mistake. The mistake for him, as he never should have done in debate, I'm not show up now hang you'll, never get it. You'll! Never get! A look at me. Hang around. Have the bloodbath until have nobody get enough delegates and then get to the conventions, but can you of that The way we go now some point you think he asked ass. He asked the girl attack one of the boats. I think you have to appear in public at least one
We await us only Europe though he could awaited Sunday. You are right, I mean the merciless is that, like the others like feels like the end of act, one near their field, theirs is a viable finality here right cause all the other candidates have dropped. I guess toxic Albert Stone the race as well, but it out, we still have a lot of time. Laugh lots and lots, and its order reminds me of you ever go like the rent, a car place and they have like one rental car laughed and they will at around I go here. It is if you, like, I'm gonna drive that the California like, yes, you are like, there's a lot a road to make up here and a lot of sort of he now unforeseen circumstances. It obviously a president who is plagued by a different set of rules, and I just feel like like better is by differences
Sadly, I sit hurdles on Syria, the ass for Red STAR there following young Sheldon, but you know what I'm saying is that I just feel like you know. We are really really in the in the early days here still as much as everyone wants to make their big proclamation by what it means for America. I feel like this. It's gonna get really wacky the two supports life. There does Warren pleasure allegiance to one or the other, because if she pledges Sir lieges to bite in, I think that probably kills Bernie unless he can flip. In a debate in a significant way, because then it's him against the entire democratic starship, then the second one is Obama in, I think he's been, has done a common cause. You know he's got a really rapid fan base and he d you know he's was one of those made about
Personally, I mean you know he's once by the no in but he's not gonna come out, say that when once Biden lacks it down, Obama's gonna come in hard behind him and that's gonna really help it and I think that's the best ass it by an ass. What did we hear the other day that Opel bomber had not come out and see, didn't, come out and say anything, but here given this kind of way to people around him. Yes, it gets. It got a little in ok. Now you can now you can go support by an illegal, but I do think bomber I feel like this is the biggest black mark on his legacy really did for this century. Is him that thinking enough about who is coming after him and had a shape the party and all that stuff, where you know he should have been taken up? on fifteen and sixteen- and I always felt like a lot of that last year- is about how do I leave the office shaping with the perception of what my
years were like and that hey, I got a pass. The baton I'm here to somebody good, it's almost like a sea. Oh, I got backers doing right now, leaving Disney he's put real foreigner, who he's pass the baton to cause. He wants Disney, keep succeeding, idle, like Obama did that he was all on Hilary. Is that might. My memory here, is that he was all in on ITALY and did not want Biden to run against Hilary Yazzi was like, as the democratic couldn't quote, establishment was right. Hilary ill raise the cat. When do you think he was all on that, though, when it became clear, she was gonna win, or sooner than
How, I think senator there's part of this also that there is a long tradition of like sitting president's uneven ex presidents here, they're supposed to keep her a respectful distance, especially from the early primary machinations, and that, like defer Obama to pronounce his support of one candidate for an early days, would just that this was not the way that he wants to do things. I think they made that abundantly clear going it. I think I read, though there is a new Yorker. Peace are somewhere where he does, he has been having audiences will all the candidates at certain points to sort of advising them about. You are asking why they wanted to run in the first place. I think he's enjoying kind of having that distance, but I don't think you're gonna see him
You make a significant physical interaction with the campaign until much later, Pussy had to spend time with people to judge, so he could steal his manners of. That is why you think my I see Lama. I was fascinated by a barber at the all star game and how we know he was all around in obviously wish a cargo, his town, he loves, basketball and so on, but like water o bombers NBA ambitions, it ownership is it could he be, commissioner, do you think he would ever do anything like that in any kind of official capacity with leave? I think honour ship. I I know for a fact. If it was the right ownership group, he would jump at Sandy Chicago. It's not gonna, be the ball. Look as though never sell consider just printing money there yeah, but you know, I think he word. I think
most celebrities. Informer players would jump at the chance to be him over the timid. It's actually really smart. Move for an ownership group, but it's so he is as an owner, though not as a commissioner, something like that, so he doesn't want you don't want to do anything you're donor. Essentially you don't really do much, I don't see how you were Adam Sobers, not the commissioner, twelve fifteen years from now, unless something terrible happens, yeah but disappear, we don't think Obama. But if he's an odour, that's pretty much her, you know nice thing you seem accord side seem in the box and all that stuff. But it's not like that. That to me is kind of like even less of a thing than making Netflix shows yeah Betty. You could say I mean it's cool. Be cool. You could say. If he's an mba honour that lets say he does. I dare cheater model where he puts in fifty million but he is the majority of the teams, but not that part of their jade about aware he kills baseball forward at the bar or their cheater. Put in twenty five million had a bunch of rich guys back on and is the can.
Willing honour the team of the twenty five million. If Obama did that, I would say the bigger question would be: how can what forces of good could come of this beyond? Just being an owner? Would MBA Tiemann having that be it business? Investment like how do I do. I helped shape a league into being like a leading social and cultural Forest snatches further, but for the world and that the railways my time there I disagree slightly in this respect. I think that he is actually quite interested in the granular aspects of end behave like. I think that he is the kind of person who would like to be an trade talks and have less a briefing on that kind of stuff leave. You washed Obama, do that was it some sort of like you know there is the international in Zaire, but he knows everybody he's watching everybody, the guy probably watches as much and be as anybody on the ringer he's pray. Do you know he wants. You learn as other rare it We know there are much accounts great while near,
as is also the rest back, I'm measure I met you. I knew that this well. I have a last question sports media, which is that, where does Brady make the announcement? How my past march. Seventeen come on. Russia's Stephen S, Red come I cast you cowards raining. You know there has to be a player. Madame represent yourself. He's gotta have some like media strategy plan. You know that there is something being but under four with market I talked about the centre and to state the most fun. Version of the story is going in the cowboys right now here, for, content. Airy back stabbing craft stack, Sedley being a free agent, Tom Brady going America's team? Are the cowboys Spencer hate, the Patriots Inane Tom Brady doing an immediate one? Eighty one moment I that's the that's. The all time find most fun
sport story and then also Kyle. We never see him again. I've been using as a project tat. Would we see you again without his drinking binge would happen that they now, the prize. You worry to become a cowboy how much of a honeymoon what you get That's a good question two and four what I'm then, I would say no and why are they all by God, already washed out they re ban aghast at? Will there be a quick panic, but because everything he did would be. Marie ESPN show right first take would be first segment. Second segment probably have the third side when they take a break, had something else it back to the camp. Wasn't Tom Brady. When I think, because to allay it's an outbreak, I could well there's no charges to answer those that wine. Nobody cares.
Be cool for him, our shared a live in a city with subsidies for two years his family would be able to come. Then stand these coast a lower, that's a good thing or a bad thing for him, but Dallas furious talking legacy and you're talking about not spending your entire career in one place and other benefits. I come from that and you're going to another team. This is not emmets will go into the car does. This is now o J ending up on a crappy, Niners team, etc, etc. This is like, I left, the patriots are when six browser and from my last act I went to America's team and I was a Dallas cowboys for two years. In the biggest franchising all of professional sport. There that's the noisiest option, it seems most like sort of sentimental option would be the freaky fridays which, through which a meagre up, allow like having him Gerda the Niners. Then Europe will go back to New England. I find that actually the most absurd Kyle assigned, often that option. Maybe you signed off a marryats, fine spur, don't do it?
I do we feel it would get duped right. We talk about the other day was like, but the opposite of buying loan when I write and re better, but I, like But if Brady left, that's the only acceptable option for you. I know you would you copy per second me back? You wouldn't be a hundred percent against it. Now, the question, which you refer mainly to win another Superbowl in San Francisco Kyle like could you do the re bork thing problem, no problem I would only due to the bathroom didn't Boston. He have a parade for re Bore now that that's what is it one Stanley cousin. We don't talk about the re Bork How we hear that? I know you happened. I was living in, but I was when Jericho him was calling as loser town, and it was just a lot of dark should happen. Parcels laughed led by Reggie Louis Hockey, their owner had ruined the hockey team, a parade acts. We need an avalanche for aid in Boston yeah.
It was way. We're at trust me is way worse than that. Every sports bar in Boston was filled with people watching avalanche games like they were Bruins games. It was really sad. That's like, if Dallas had raise Bertone, Romas, new contract. Recently, There was even worse than that. He lay he left a year and a half earlier, but we'd we were just down in the dumps, that's what made them this century erotic, whereas like we can when anything anymore. What's route for Re Board, like that sad and ready for re Bork, We have this, you don't like someone, you don't think somebody in Austin is gonna open. I got Niners bar if Brady goes to San Francisco. He now try to capitalize on this, and I think so, beloved Brady here. I think that when we look at all afraid, vacating pushed it to another level and
really made it like an US against them thing with Brady and if he laughed- and I think that part of the reason he's been doing this all dramatic thing for so long. I saw these days but for the reasons put up the dramas cause, it seems like he's preparing people for the chance that he might leave in his leaking. I gladly and I've been underway for a long time in Burma, but he's such a bizarre construct compared like people want to have their say. It's like ranten. His decision are the bronze decision, but like he's forty three, the so wish compared to those situations. You does not somebody at the peak of their powers of mean, but if you think about him like a celebrity holding on to his last vestige of his prime, like almost like he's an actor, You know you think, I'm anywhere decisions actors make like what may Johnny Depp wanna do the fourth pirates of the
dance movie ever hear of the earlier I have ever seen, EVA Palanquin, better. I became Batman why'd you do that things were going so well. Are you trying to be bad man, but I guess I got fuck it I'll. Do it maybe Brady's, just like I fuck it to me been underpaid and knows that it be like if Johnny Carson, you no ninety one already retired anyone I too had gone to like CBS You know I'm into one more contract. Or letter men you never gone or cobia gone to the next for the last two years of his career, like with that of wood, whatever happened the last six weeks with it Would it be a hundred per cent of what happens if you just can't ended his career in the fucking next, for no reason, having remembered image through the cardinals and tony door said to the Broncos RE hours, but I think people would forget. I think people forget about the little guy huh and not like that
Copyright is, I was talking to somebody who is talking about starting a die, hard pats friend, fan friend of mine, who still mad at a voluntary left in waiting Annapolis, and we're talking my Brady in the Brady legacy and he was saying Adam involuntary if stayed fuse the kicker from ninety ninety six till now, twenty five Pierce sees the kicker he's actually, in the conversation with Brady Bela check and weird way, we're about the Brady, the Brady Belichick paths, and it was, I never would have paid for drink at Boston again, he would on twenty five sports bars called Adams, Adam Smith, bar and grill? He just would have been this colonel hero, any fucking, went through the courts. Any gave that up I know we made a little more money and he's had a great career Fame first ballot, but had he stayed this whole time. His whole career is different in the lead.
See of it, and so I don't, I do think the stuff matters for Brady's. You know it's hard to bear and anything, but Belgic totally would occur. Vanity aerial idea. Hours ago I visited voice Irene somebody's mad sentimental, beheld belgian military left, but you know I do think him. It is to be in there. I remember when yeah retired in we had yet day. Yes, it's like you have ploughed through Marlborough, let barber reds and the bad shit twenty three, but it was easy. Now he was our guy he paid for the rest. I wore his entire career announced of matters. I don't, I don't think it matters to Brady as much did the legacy part. I think to this really does seem like there's some sort of justice at play here with him. Yeah I've. I've been a bullet for this long and I'm not doing anymore. You're gonna pay me when I'm worth and you're getting me weapons sideways.
No, I mean I did the one part of this I find funny is this suggestion that he has so many options he knew, but if you really look at them and sharp relief they're, not that great options, the than the one that makes the most sense logically is staying in New England and and so when you start from that standpoint, I are their people out there who are making the argument that the Titans is actually marginally a better destination for footballs temper. I guess you could do but they have free agency concerns. Are there out? I just I find it like kind of funny that we're all gonna hanging in the balance. If Tom Brady goes to the l a charge. There's this is a very wise raiders. I know you want said he. He crazed, act, transitory, podcast. I've talked about it that this is what he wanted. A deck Brian ready and the cab loudly. I just I regard as they would is that I really did what's the first twenty minutes late,
after braided the cowboys app. I just can't imagine it while the cowboys it's, who cares if they were the cowboys or just such a. Content machine? Let us have no! Next week Redcat would like that even more. You know. There they number. I dare number one content mission. Absolutely right, really have no plans have noticed, As for the last thirty five years there treated like at the sixth, abject yeah, why? I think the first thing that happens is that Eric Shanks caused Vienna balance has I'll have all Sixteen of those please thank you at the hall. I don't care about. Their authors have just gimme. Sixteen camera gains. Thank you could fox. Could they pay Brady under the table, like twenty million bucks, to come to the cowboys one at a time? in your mailbox tomorrow, there's gonna be a change just cash. It may
facts that would be through some of the highest raided football games rigorously forgets about bows deaf. When I go into money that football is of major significance, Sunday night Joe backwards was about Aikman aprons and a weird place- an eternal cowboy defender doubt to defend Tom Brady, heeds Oh and I use the he's. Gonna kill the cowboys last year, which party defender. You know that none of the front office and he's been grip on the front office Amelia he bought a wooden criticise, a deck Prescott heat is dead, isn't criticise the players Egmont Brady's that be fascinating because at the gate was quick on the quick on the draw on the flight gate. If I remember correctly heads amino critical coffee without be fast, and I M a wee wee radiologist. There also remember Chris Gansworth bringing it up there
seven minutes I do see at a Patsy, can't see this Jason both get. He just brought bird brought on a list timescale mad about the fake it, while the good thing about the floodgates for patriots fans that you have asked us have just kind of like broken the world record that I fear minute so like it's a whole. The notion of like deflating of football by you know a half, a gram of pressure that doesn't really feel like a scandal when its matched up against someone pounding on a garbage can t learn about a fastball, just the daily asters thereby be made so they re Asters General ever YE broken yeah yeah. I was the outdated yeah. We won't be broken and a kind of puts everything it I mean look you're getting a whole run of, like you know, put PETE rose in the Hall of Fame and the trail of their. So you know it's just its it set a new standard heartache The thing that could happen a baseball. I kind of feel that way to that without went about baseball in spring training. I believe that I really do
I say only war was the last spring training conversation you ve had with anyone about either one and the other. It is that, like there is a little Bevan insincerity when people get so upset about the asterisk, like sort of bungling, the apology has had the asterisk come out and I've just been completely contrite and really mail. The apology and go into great detail about how sad and embarrassed and mortified unapologetic. They were, we all kind of what a sad around, but I heard fine, but the fact that they were defiant and clutched see at all that that just kicks the story into a whole different gear than you add, so I feel There's undeniably you no good press bad press. Part of this career was my favorite the wholesale to they did nothing. He was. Part of this he's a good man but Alex pragmatism. I'm back Davy Lego singling out this one guy who's dates back to forget it You bet I died of it.
It was a key measure, verifiable story. I assume an attitude that, oh, my god, I love that Houston is Thou America's villain between that the racket o everywhere. Just as bad at the Rockets out that nor Texan I'm delighted air there were via the rare old understands little. While you did not bring up the fact that the NBA media pics on the NBA and ruins the NBA. It was our last topic. I was performed quickly and Houston. They talked about this were there in the election a little bit and ass. The coroner there's a lot of fastest growing stay in Texas. Therefore, Houston tough tough be for died. And it's it's a rivalry that the world does not appreciate enough. Yeah Dallas has to step up I don't know what you need, but you need sub region acquire. Don't let go my Houston just like you know.
You're lucky are allowed, I'm not on my watch. Should you take my word rolled over for these few people know, but I'm referring to Darrell's comments again IDA. What was that I say I'd texted you, but there s so much hope so who the tv announcer who's running down the Rockets Caravan Gandhi. Maybe I wish he had said just started like I'm right here right. I know that a part of it yeah he's he takes it very personally are winning and succeeding with this goofy style movie formula on whatever strategy they done, and he doesn't understand why people take it personally. He really like is genuinely confused, but my attitude is Way, sheep, fifty three the game and that everybody injuries that sorry yeah and if you
when an mba title, that's a great way to shut everybody we'll go to the NBA files. Mabel also isn't part of the fun of being a heretic like that people, don't get you a nay yell at you and they get mad, and then you get your revenge me like that. You should welcome that kind of her anger. That's how I feel dear Morrison had I'll get written of respect from the media to pretty red. He said I will now but The implication that now to you know the answer like me, a delight to style of play, analyse the minute this Darrow worried, dork, Elvis doesn't love well yeah. Extra through this parallel ye. I think my love said there's that, like you, would not find a conflict situation than the NFL where, like you know, somebody would be playing. You know, I think three yards in a cloud of dust football and that you wouldn't hear Tony Roma running down a team for their.
Dial of play. I think the equivalent in the NFL would be if Liquid Tennessee was doing with their country, where just a ball control, but that was created no no I'm saying if there is some way to do even o crazier version that we're almost like stalling. Just try to shorten the game in half and do all these tracks, and you doing was that trick variable dead, where he just kept taking a penalty to at the pump earlier if you had some strategy where it's like we're not going to throw in a sixty minute can, but if we make it a thirty two minute game are odds of increased, so we're going to all these ways to ruin the games. We play. People get mad at that or the high school thing like sandals high schools do what you always go for it on every four, down, shaven, if your job five yard liner, whatever I think I would make me.
Oh man, I think announces- would get mad yeah. They they were too. I think I was. I think that this is done. This is gonna work in L, Aquila Rockets are a generation gap. I really do. I feel like there's a in an age of a person. I think a horror, forty or can I have, and I think there is a whole generation younger NBA fans who, in our fire about it and then there's the three guys running for prisoners basket. I can't believe this three point line Is this a new? We can view Jason. I was in the Wall Street Journal battery. We can re bronchitis and the Ringer com. You have something it made me think so he read here's how european islands decks them back and forth. My come out of the oven reminder might think. Cupcake and you can hear at the press box, an excellent pike ass, you David you and you and they all shoemaker the sports operators, we're done for winter. Two thousand twenty thanks for coming. I guess
Thank you thanks thanks disappeared. Thanks to the Neff thanks to brand courtesan, Jason Gay key. We have a son and I mean really our back yet again, and then a couple of- of some new ringer pack, ass, common ethic, Monday or Tuesday, so stating for that as well, so that we can one way.
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