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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Steelers-Bengals, Ravens-Browns, Bears-Vikings, and Cowboys-Giants, along with some Week 17 losers (2:25). They then guess the NFL lines for Round 1 of the playoffs (37:40).

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Today's episode of the bill summits. Pack ass the last one of two thousand, a teen spread Theo's hours by super critter. You know it's that smart betting against Nick False he's got God behind him. Don't do that! You notices smart job sites that are run me with tens of the Rhine recipes. Luckily, there's smart way, its hypocritical com, slash be a sip codifies people's rights goes for your job actively invites them to apply right now. My listers could treasure pewter for free at supported outcome, Slash Bs Cypriot is the smartest way to hire were also brought by the ringer dot com, the world's greatest website. If go there, now. The rest of our best, the two thousand eighteen stuff, is up there. We also put up a peace that had all the interviews that we did this year. On my back ass David shanks pack, ass, the watch lair, Wilmore, judge a rhetoric, the big picture
air weighing it any celebrity that we interviewed we put of those links on one page. So if you like, when we do these celebrity interviews, go Lepage, maybe you'll find a couple that you like we are so we did and the China thirty three pack ass. We got this Kelly and Kate and Amelia the three of them from the ringer talked about the there. Two thousand eighteen celebrity predictions new pack ass, your kind of testing out but check it out. If you like somebody, gossip in young people talking about young stuff, this is the package for your tita couch. The tea time? Yet? Yes, well ringing endorsement from Africa ringing Endorsement pal, you single you dating right. Now, I'm single donor, a line of daring
This is what I do. Why do you do this? You know that's what you're gonna get from evil people ass. Now I get people see what I know there is: let's go now. I know there s the very there. Many thanks for that by the way is coming up as is clear from Hawaii or in talk round one plan, lions and weak seventeen winners and losers, but first our friends from programme I underline right now Sunday, they colleague from the beautiful island of Hawaii How are you happen a bill of both on the road here right, yeah, we're in Boston where, in in the infinite wisdom. This is something I grew up with sound dating back to the seventies.
Boston, putting on the wrong games and local tv channels. So what do you think of it? programming, facts and C B S in Boston for the late games. What games would you attack just out of curiosity while there were eight played games the late afternoon, games or talk America? Yes,. Baltimore Cleveland, then Chicago Minnesota yeah, I think, we know what that argue over? Seventy probably would have come up with those two here's what we actually had Pittsburgh since daddy, which actually turned out to be a little more exciting that I think anyone affected and then fur for reasons that just remain unclear. Eagles Redskins was the other game. However, overall his bags? So I had read Zone channel and then I had basically the Directv at the Sunday. Take it up
which I had to eat? I was I two minutes behind everything so they shouted the red sounded in two minutes later. I'm just like this has been going on since the seventies. When we used to have, Amber like when you are living in New York? They were before the Directv days before Sunday, ticket you'd. Basically, really you needed that local game to be awesome, and they were, who is pick terrible game so would be like. Oh here's, here's the giants versus the Eagles, their foreign, ten verses, five and nine, and so I am glad to see that still happening. But anyway I was able to see everything I thought we talked about this last week. Got that right Brad should have been the send a naked eye. I just thought I mean what you could have done is or just just to just to tell me you don't you don't have to fall victim, you don't have to be a slave to the network's decision. You could have on your youngest kids, fifth birthday, to a sports bar and Maui
and watched all games and missed the birth that you could have done. That, like I did What are you? Are you tweet it about this you were at a Maoist sports part eight this morning that true yeah I got. I actually took two of my other signs, not the ones having a birthday today and Corolla Son Sunny, and I walked them up at seven fifteen. I said go and fell as let's do this. You have. My son is a crazy to fancy finals that extend to weak seventeen for reason, series I like yeah, I'm in and they went, my wife picked up like after the that games, but we will but yeah lot of football. The funny thing about The games was that they not only were there no stakes whatsoever, but the games were really awful, except for the Dallas Giants, game which was hilarious because the clapper. Was really gone or if he were here you really want that. W gets the giants and we were as you Atwater not to steal your material, but not only did you
win the game, but you made the giants draft pick. Where is there in your division? Do you have to play them twice a year? Yeah yeah, if they, if they don't get off the team bus there for seat, win or lose their for and then so. Ok now you're starting everybody, and, unlike our maybe they're, treating it like the second priests, using game where everybody gets. A couple drives Day ACT Dax, taking every snap, Late and Van the rash, the rookie sensation on differences grabbing. His knee as I was screaming, I was never angrier at Garret it was because I wanted to lose a game. It was really really work. What he has to have the lowest iq ever for anyone accepted into Princeton right. That or of bonus stipulation his contract if he gets to ten I don't understand it, but a lot of these teams we're doing that they're playing all their starters. The whole game when it didn't make any sense what had we had a great bad that almost one those almost eighty one adds. Where was the bears? First half
the Browns money line and then that back came close, but I love the bears, the first half never thought there are going to try the whole game a minute, I'm in those same picks, pull your And where I made the play of safeguarding its house that I had to beat house and one of the one five games that the playoffs for the pixel was bears Vikings and the Vikings were leg at five point: thirty, its and I really want to take the bears them like. I can't take the bears there. The rams are gonna, be up by four touch: stands the first half they're gonna sit every one in the second half How are the bears lose by seven? It's impossible babe day, basically kept everybody in. I was safe for three slash four in the fourth quarter, though, it seemed like the second string defense, or at least the guys were in their data matter. Cousin said the line in the Minnesota Coachee staff. It was a collective turd, the likes of which we have now
That was that they were the losers of weak seventeen, the absent, The bears won the first have from a standpoint. You could have money line parleyed any of the favorites. Really stayed away from my Green Bay, the thing that really matter but Minnesota was the one that would have bit in the ass and I was way off on that, I was praising the new office of Coordinator, unlike our students, and went from diesel at borders to fancy it's been, and day. First in everything, last three games: cousins across the board and the bears aren't gonna, try and it didn't matter He really like the only exciting part of the game was cousins. You thought, like maybe he'd in Finland, a fight on the sidelines which, by the way, I think theme I would like minus one eighty there, but I don't know what happened they just day just folded there I was there. I was. I was way way off on acting. I haven't seen two white people that have said with each other on tv in a long tat they
every there were, there is all kinds of anger. Was it was like watching an episode of e r word, Anthony Edward said no, while your scruby at each other, the or something it will not. Larry David enthusiasm in Riga, has truly happy Does Jesus cheese come on come on I don't have ten seconds to throw here. Man come on. That was great cousins at one point it's until we got into true garbage time. I think he was like fifteen four hundred and twenty eight for ninety two yards and what's funny is this goes back to that says. I don't There were some the vikings, but I never understood why they weren't, moreover, running team. This share their to today, yet again that it run the bother did this against the patriots. I have no idea from a talent standpoint if there were one of the best successive see teams, but I thought there coaching was terrible Zimmer had it renders challenge at one point. It just seemed like
a rudderless team and we ve we ve, already were taken this right. Now it is ten forty seventies custom. We ve seen some coaches get get acts Tebow's got acts their color got acts. I think Adam Gaze made by the time people listen. This he might be out, who knows- but I will make similar to me- is the dark horse, because I thought that team was was really badly this year. I I lose more more respect for him, the talent wise. I don't know what Do they should go further and not enough, but annulled thinking get rid of their were never a few places. For making the Superbowl. I know Philadelphia, probably many eyes beat them up and they and Fc Championship, but that they could have been right there and you gotta get moving
Yeah right, you can't get rid of a month ago. More than my legs can began to write the air, but that listen. I would. I would bring him back to cause. He said success. My point is we ve seen this happen? Like Bruce, Arians was gone. All of a sudden we ve seen successful coaches get Bob. I think if, if Baltimore lost the Cleveland today, I wanna be shocked. If maybe harbour jump to different team or something but from a talent standpoint. There were the one team that did this: is indeed a really add up, maybe cousins. Who the hell knows what that would you rather have if you were washed and would rather cousins around some aspects of the broken leg he had to pick. Wouldn't lose rounds which leg, I think who is rather pay Jabez dollars there just from where it sits, answer when he was arguing with deal in someone's like that, allow the Vikings hired and eighty four million dollar wide receiver coaches is greater fiscal. Before now I don't know who said it on twitter, but yeah, it's but
you know. Last year I was like the charges were really good team do not make the players- I don't feel way about anyone like this, who would not up stores and vikings care that I don't care that either of them. I wouldn't put than all yours, modestly, the Steelers, but. Yeah we're down dude, Tennessee and whose who's the third you're gonna laugh. I think Cleveland the best, if that's the big players. While I didn't sleep, it's legit good. Every dvd decade, today, Lamar Jackson fumbles on the Golan they just with the maid dead. They were why they were so. These Is that what is somebody get hurt, running back a hundred yards touchdowns? Really just let it go and make sure that it was so cause even worse, the landmines. On the Golan. So he knows that it's either close. He knows it's, not a slam. Dunk whistles and attach down the camorra, but they they should add a run back on their plaid velvet thought that would assume the game
but even worse, Gregg Williams. Had there was one too. Is he didn't challenge, but one in particular was a pretty big first down in the fourth quarter. When Dick Cinema back his knee went down he Williams is just oblivious, but you know Cleveland had the bar, they have a catch, they do review. There's eighty seconds left drivers sledge at a really nice when in a catch Cleveland down to turn the thirty nine yard thy with eighty seconds left, and they just had a five minute break. It's like you just need. Ten more yards they come out, they run for frantic pass place like thereon like our own twenty, with ten seconds left instead of just like you know about giving the next job? What about a screen pass? The ravens are sending a guys, like there said in the house, at every play like there had to have been some better way to use the fields and those for placing
I thought the ravens got really lucky and I actually lost a little lustre for them Eddie into the plants. Where do you think I think so too that, but I dont know I don't know if I could separate now, if the browser or good or fun could it be one or the other or those? I think, they're they're more fun, then good, but what they'll be our next year. All these rookies are going to step up and all his second year, players on defence are going to be even better next year. Definitely at aunt Watch dappled shippers which, as somebody who reads verity that does that have allowed a blue shippers. Like you know, Nick Job taken forward. After Sony. Michel has just good reason. Is I don't know if he's a franchise running back, but he's close, I think, he's somebody who can make an opera theme Sunday Baker, that pact, which was controversial. I quickly switch my opinion on it, bakers, legit
You know he had the two picks today. He he had a really bad under throw to Landry on that third down play in the last tribe that I think I was hoping that should have been, but for the most part, like you got some of the throws he makes the moxy. The leadership has, that was a great big and Lamar Jackson. The ravens been able to get him at the end of the first round? The patriots passing him up twice is just rough. I had the large at the large acts that things could have bother me for the next ten years, such swain it out don't worry about it too much, you know a bother me if I had a rookie year the year vote, because I would I would spend days go and add. I don't know that I don't think you need to scream about one of the other. You should lose your vote. If you go with the with with anyone then Baker like? I think it's really really tight. I think these are needed. Changes and they believe
lucky to have both of rump Barkley two thousand scrimmage yards at the guest. Six, fifty plus yard, Touchdowns and Baker sets the record for four rookie quarterbacks touchdowns drowned. That's a lot of fun. It come down In fact, I thought, if Cleveland had one that game that would have sent it, but I think it's that closer really do and they were both in not great situations. Baker goes into this hard backslash, you Jackson, just so Tommy and comes out of it and by the end of the season, is clearly a franchise guy. Not to mention goes to a city that just lost its signature athlete and goes to a city. That's at twenty years old losing- and you know it really took it- took the situation by the balls and seems like the type of personality wine. If you're like kind of change, the culture of a team, and then you look at Barclays, his quarter
The corpse is the corpse easy they I have to do is pressure him from their side for a split. Second, any she's gonna throw the Bob for grabs. Thaw offensive lads offer Becum played what ten games eleven gains, who maybe that probably level is there another above average person, whether afrits, Evan, Ingram Pissy above average and Barkley gets over two thousand yards. And over and over again had this knack, especially in close games of ripping off these fifty our place. He did it again today, but you you can't keep em down for four quarters. He's always gonna make a boy I would vote for may feel just because the team did all of a better, but that's it. I think they're really badly, both them especial there. The virgin and the game needs, and I think now with the elder God, given out Rogers. One thing I noticed today there's that there was a great stats being thrown around. There always are at the India the top six highest paid quarterbacks, not in the playoffs.
Rogers Hooker, our cousins, Ryan, Stafford and Car Jesus TOP six, that's crazy! I want make it I wanted to give out. I want to play winners and losers for week seventeen cuz we're going to get the guests to the lions. Later, I'm super excited, I somehow have that seen the lines, but I have to say we really against. I thought I'd be a good idea to start this in the fourth quarter. We don't holds with wood would run away with it. We are looking at a thing announced twenty, or seventeen with ten left and the Thai ass have the ball. Steelers could get in. This case means its. I worked. We may have to talk about the Steelers in this, so there's gonna be interesting. We religions yeah. Here we debated and waiting till after the gamblers. Twenty four ten, though only titans such ass, had come on a terrible luck, interception and terrible luck. Interception like it seems safe to start it, but I start
the open, the taking of going in their favour. Right now is the fact that probably everybody by the courts with their allotted time span of anything you think so I don't die or a lot, but when I went to five and became a sharp bed for for the this, the wise guys, but yet I could see them losing by three I'd say about winners and losers, fruit, winners and losers for weeks seventeen- and I just want to go through the losers. We talked about cousins and make summer we talk about these idiot local networks. This brings me back to the concept of a sports. Are earth what's advisory committee like they're, really should be some sort of central force that just advises like the local stations in Boston and what Games right, that's gonna be left in the hands of Wegg Jack Schmidt, the guy who's been in charge of,
and be sees Boston station for the last twenty eight years. It s really followed, wrapper and asked his son what they think. It's the same thing like at the tiger versus will match like you should have been there. You should have been the gambling consultants to thank decide whether You know what what that was the red back to make out over other courts got an interception. So let's get losers, Carson whence feels like a loser. Like this for horse. Think now we don't know healthy is setting its red one, but it does feel like the whence injury completely changed their season and bread and breathing. Life and we're on the ringer fell slack this we talked about possible trades and how many first Should the raiders offer far if you're the Dolphins, Kevin Chemical suggested
Vivian Howard and a first and a second and a couple other things for for Wentz, and you know how to how far does this full sting have to go before it becomes obvious that they should just keep him? quarterback. What you thought about big losers, I think the big losers Nick falls because it's it's no longer other big losers, Patrick doing because is no longer the Ewing fairy it's the yeah. Whence theory is that I would be a wonderful you'll, be the whence theory, because he I what easy six in and games where they have the wind like their backs against I'll play off wise. Yes, unbelievable. Any assault read so play no play this week is already line on that game, so they expecting in the play, but If you pull the fans right Now- and I guess would be easy to do so now- you want
calls for like three more years or whence furred. Seven. More years, what what would you like now spoken like DORA, falls into first round packs and probably something else and door bees just whence by himself? I just think you could win the superbowl force. Why that you really did it and it wasn't a fluke ass. He came back in his justice. Get this year he's got the receivers involved in a way that whence just really wasn't totally but today I just need to have a different life to them, so I'll be relieved to see how they place our day. This you can Listening the trades. If you're the Eagles laughter and offers where you don't have a few weeks ago you probably weren't gonna. Uniting bids that, like somebody called cleave and talk about Baker Mayfair in there just laughing and hang up because the eagles about whence there at least call them. Let me get my assistant GM in Erin, let's at least
beat the shit about this fur. For three minutes. I am a tea. This there's a theory on mine. I saw this not only in the Ringer slack, but I saw on twitter to that falls. The whole thing, was like a wrestling ruse. There was a if it was a work. The thing was a work because they I want to make sure that the bears didn't take. Did it take their foot off the ground? better, like figures are last time. An error that it was like this very perfectly time moment of the bears Vikings gave when all of a sudden falls. His ribs, ray aggravated. If, if even if that's a two percent chance, that's true that I love that idea outside out. There was a lot, a weird thought said: would go through coordinator and coaches hands like I was thinking, and the Seattle can
screwed this up, because they were plain that the add the gaming and see the cardinals a little too close to to make this a legitimate theory. But what, if you're the bears? Did you see added? Vikings often said you wouldn't want to see again in six or seven days right yeah. They like ok, we ve seen enough. Let's take everybody out, let this team beat us and then just white the floor with them at soldier field Saturday night or whenever there we're gonna do Sunday, but I think Seattle, what a screw that our pride, because there were only like up, feel go at the most at that point, but was interesting. It's not the same thing when the giants when the cowboys down by one goal. For the two point it would have been if you'd just doing the right thing in fear the giants. It's a difference of at least four spots in the draft like. I think now that on the top It would be funny if they pulled out all ever defenders after filled his You got, you know why you guys deserve
swear warrior, let you have it where it were that, like the famous patriots too, from the late ideas that covered member that Roma denied. Yes, it's right, big, or lose well, that would rob us, though I will say this about Garrett. I still think he's had his head up asked, starting all everybody all the first tamers, but thank you for providing at what it. What a great catch by Obviously, I am glad I saw that yet I was here in real life on tv. You know the way it played out in those probably felt like walking a tightrope the whole time by the way the courts to score to get so, I think we're the growth of the skin the way point. I was actually pretty good. He had a nice when Prescott for
is made a really clutched throw, but without a fourth and fifteen, our third fifteen Soforth, it was thirty. Fifty the attorney. Thirdly, yeah there's some you know, but in the moment you're, probably not too happy that more losers. Now I feel a great lambs cook could have potentially talk that dumb Ass Brown said to give him the head coach in job. If you want, Ravens gave today, but now they can give it to him because he was huge jacket and I can't believe it was right there for anyone. Who is that? Greg. I think, could have had enough talk, somebody to it make us always bells his name. A to g. So now loser right right off the back of my time in another.
Hey that I've been a team under achieved just point blank. You can't feel like that. Were they ate several one? Nine six in one was a record nine six in one Yes, I mean I had the Steelers, what we are ice money line parlays with the Steelers Chiefs to patriots all the good stuff Clemson Alabama, but I also had the Steelers just to win the first half I might guy they're going to they got to come out like gangbusters. It took them forever to school I don't understand what is and for someone who does so well in the play. Offs are somewhat so well making the plants MIKE Tom, there's no one, I trust less against a bad team yeah it could be the raiders, the browns. Huge Jackson, Browns days, but ever or or since That today, like I immediately felt sector my stomach about I don't know what's so funny. I did that you told me you were in pretty hard on Pittsburgh and then I did a fourteen parlay with the Eagles, the patriots the Steelers in the courts
butchers like glass, one one. Fifty knows my big better the weekend and I really think about the Steelers game. Iraq, as it was like Jeff, like the bankers. Have everybody in the team is basically the injured reserve at this point, it's in Pittsburgh that half the wind like, of course, like way in favour by fourteen and then within three minutes hours, like our shit. Why Well, they think about this, where my time on my tumblr in a home game that sea seemingly easy. Why did aid that see the red flag there because we better millionth ass. They did so yet I wasn't great yeah robot wait. What allowing everyone going all day, who else Blaine Gabert figures, the loser, Blaine Gabby which team is he on again his hands? whether you know it could have been a heroic mama for him ready wins. What was that? Member that time, I lost all that body. The super contest is Charlie
I heard one on Sunday we beat the ribs replied that it acts this credible. Charlie writers moment, but now he's playing out of it. Another loser, Aaron Rodgers, who does the noble thing is, is like I'm, that's it the rest of the year, the leader This team were playing football matter matter. Just have gets another concussion. That's why you set your guys. Were they These games, the matter when you have expensive assets, because you don't let them to get a concussion. I feel like he sat at least three concussions. I haven't. I didn't look this up, but it this is definitely was that his first one and man to be thirty, five get another one of those that was. That rate in this building was landscape, which the latter feels like it and once wants divide, the Adams went out man. This is this. Is a coin toss anyway again. So you know you want you rode game last week, so you you weren't windless on the road, maybe maybe sit out now,
I was all for everybody said now this week I couldn't believe some, these Gung HO coaches and what they were doing like and then tomorrow sat out, drew breeze, obviously was out, but like Michael This was in their Ingram, like all these superstars that that could have gotten hurt and turn their season around and by the way they want to make a case for drew breeze of core envy pay. This might have been the best on when they think I smoke by the Panthers nutrients Teddy brutality gloves, but boy than an avatar since today that's another one. More homes Breeze had given him a homes, but it only slightly like use minus two. Twenty beginning of the week. I only think because fifty touchdowns and fifty five thousand yards for a twenty three year old should get it done, but that really it's a real going full anyway.
Yeah yeah. I was late to this. You were way ahead of me on the moms saying I do think you're right. I think it's going to be my home, so I think he got to the two numbers that he needed to get to five thousand yards. Fifty touchdowns iconic did ethically technically couldn't one rookie year. Two, if you really do you wanna, go MBA or Major League baseball where they do it don't be. A matter of games were now. It say because he played with even more game last year he would have been an eligible deploys one very rare memory it that way. Had exciting weak seventeen game, and I one chief span of my life, and they were very excited after that game. There, like my did you, in the bahamas- highlights like what the four year meaningless weak. Seventy gave, though I did not just Johnson Nother losers today. Unfortunately, the washing quarterback erratic wake greatcoat for men this week, a reporter ass,
how we spend his Christmas, and he said I was in the year. I was watching film in the film room like you are with their families. I gotta need em with my family all the time I had to watch from sight. That was because I had a lot of vested in the lad invested the Eagles this week, and I, had at the back of my head all weekend, like fact that just Johnson, his watch and film are weak. Certain effect, guess it s, like thirty four yards passing Does it for him, another failure of this family? Just like now rarely. Lady went over this fabulous God, for me, I'm a big loser forgone at a sports Byron and mowing turn kids Bertha I want to hear more about that Sports Byron, a second tumor losers letter for net there's a story after the game, the jaguars had yet another uninspiring laws and for an Anti Julia than where apparently, really really
this interest on the sidelines and just kind of not part of anything to the point that Tom coffin late into them after the game How unprofessional he thought they were so really seems like a letter for net is probably not could Baden yelled indefinitely, but it sounds like for net is probably going to need a change of scenery too so universally he's too. A little bit of trouble at us here too, but yeah a lot of people that was like the thousand. Actually underdog to take the jaguars plus seven. They can be frisky, but then you look at their personnel like foreign, that's not playing yet boredom, who went no hot, alas, Waken said I guys I'm back, then everybody around them like choked on their mouth guy. For carrying out she's back in them. They were really bad. Texans different, stepped up on and off their employer definite next couple weeks next couple weeks or at least next week, but they I pretty good, I was, I was their on so game, so your top for another loser, the giants,
year, even though they did the right thing today, the top for the NFL draft cards, forty diners jets, raiders giant somehow, and that in the top five mean everything was lined up, It's a date. They played Eli every game he's terrible. Yet they got rid of Warner backs the guy ready. You lie apple, the got rid of US attacks, they bench back them for the last few games. The very word, as our hatred he's in ends now. They are the only thing that I won't get yet to get park with that's of rookie year and they didn't even really pound M numbers wise. I think he had twenty. What eight you carries with thirteen for one o, seven or somethin, yet they do somethin. They pointed out. I do think pretty smart. He added.
Put a lot of miles on in these last few days, but it's funny that the next the giants, the jets, the jets, are gonna end up with the idea that the third pack, so they're just stay tank- pretty well, may take Turkey last year to, but it's funny how the New York team can never fully figure out how to attack where they see it with the next year because desire in the next, the Knicks have played this first. Thirty five game stretch really nicely. They have the worst record and the league they are there. They have they. They haven't on their hands the hawks. Her little frisk here that I think people expected the calves that they're gonna throw away the season. But it's all sit there for the next and then New York teams can never totally figured out. How do I had put it together, but the car and you know you drive me crazy with your NBA with it with these teams at tank in the preceding there done that already figured credit, all God, but I will say this
If you have got money line parlay today against the top seven teams, a draft in April, you want one. They all louder and which is interesting because number one team. The team drafts first Arizona actually played hardest Adam any of those, Yeah could only have one eye games, YO, YO, Seattle just doesn't want us to know what to think. You catch him in the red game minutes. I man that simply going to New Orleans and win, and then you I said Eric Zone again today or that game a couple weeks ago in San Francisco, and they just go bad though skull position guys was it s through everything you can run on them, like I just I don't know what they're the neighbour out of other teams, that a word you do, the lads and a second of other teams in the past on the most fused. Whether sir is one more thing for you, so yeah seven play F teams from last year did make it to share the. I was trying to account those up before seven
Pittsburgh Jacksonville Tennessee, Buffalo Minnesota- Carolina later. I remember I did a tweet about this, and then we talked about this when we did our broader package, which we had some hits submits some and some big ass missus, but I remember not being able to get this. Ex always one have six new play off teams, and I was only a free just staring At these other teams trying to figure out who is gonna, get bad, but I think the big thing we were wrong about was that the end of sea south is gonna, be get. And, conversely, if you would have said after week, five when everybody was two and three that too and have seized him, threw him again the playoffs. What more could we ve got? More? Cannot seventy thousand one well ordered him yet we were don't feel added hastily. Believe it your word. Can they should even have a team she Jabba they vacated thick
yeah yeah! I know what you know about the vision and getting that getting vacated or something. I guess we only have five. Returning ETA fell themes. So the lesson as always, is the ETA thousands still globe and you go in time? season- and the only thing you know is that the patriots are gonna win. Air sees no matter how bad the famous other than that who the but knows we we did a pretty good, are too big things? Are we we had three things that we really like. Really like the chiefs. We went out on that in the precision We really like the bears, especially after the MAC Trade, and we had some success with that. Then we were we shorted, Oakland, we'd incredible story without good we were, we to huge bedside opens undertone and an open, not making the class, and I just want to say this is my only winner of weak. Seventy thank you. Downgrading keep
You do what you do my man and Gray said? You're gonna testicles, it's nice! You don't have that right. That's one thing and the worry about now and the new year, Yad I am rarely that confidence. It's gonna get worse to crises, he forced out the GM he's completely a ruined it emasculated David their car? and that now we are vulnerable and David car- both cars a bit of ass good. And that now there have all these draft pigs that he can screw up right, he's ready in today. There are terrible Herod make backs who the fuck those I had an where there take a break and then we're gonna go through the air. The round when lives. When my favorite things to do on this back ass red ass. A video conferencing is changed. The way we do business, fewer long, distance trips more face time at the click of a mouse and two thousand eighteen,
the clear winner, zoom zoom, delivers flowers, video pin drop clear, audio, an instant Charing cross, any device desktop laptop tablet. Mobile share anything with anyone. A word FAO, spreadsheet prestige, deck zoom is, everything. You always wanted. Video communication to be with some amazing features. You didn't think of, but you're wonder: hey lived without em visit. Zoom that? U S to set up your free account today, that is zoom the. U S made happy with zoom video communications and said, Sir here make are you check out the ring, a package that work we had some go up? We had a one shining pack, ass college basketball. Packets went up today. Actually we're still put up contact, Rayner ETA show is gone away, greener and be he's been goin up and then once we hit about Wednesday will back into regular sketch of the big pictures coming up. More importantly, the Whatcha balls is coming back
and you are an eighth of fifty episode season card. You know at the first episodes gonna be now tell me the godfather my oh yeah, I'm actually surprise. It has happened. Array, that's great out. It now he's gonna happen. It's gonna be amazing. They have no idea how many hours it can be very subscribed to do. Watch was now leave the good. The cannoli I backed cousin, sir. I we're gonna hold the the first came out of the four, which is Saturday again that we lovingly called the shaky game for the whole back it would have a line magazine became is not over yet as ridiculous Saturday night Dallas home against the hawks- and I saw this when I make us told us what the schedule was and it gave me what they do
I thought about it and I thought about it and I realized we ve had this game before had it on a Saturday night, we ve had the exact same match up in the exact same place, and it was the game that You belated, they cried for hours later at the screening of diamond, will Yoda Caprio Tony Roma botched, but the air, the PHP And then you went out with your wife after and and you saw that data but diamond when they are dead. Spoiler. Now you well, as I'm into the single alert. Tony Roma are not botched php, they had some ball. They were using some shiny, shiny what they call the cable that they ve never you, since I don't even exist. Like a football and yes to snap, went through his his hands and he got caught from me. But yeah you're right about, though it is very, very sad and I went out,
to see blood diamond your IDA, how to get my mind off written- and I cried a little more in the movie- then I might have if it's a cowboys had one day, So this Lila diamond Is that what should the blood diamonds Should it be like a ball game should like sales or someone diamond company. Every kissed begins with K sponsor this ballgame. LEO, was at the mountain. Pouring out of dialogue, Jennifer, currently at the cell phone and Jirsa you're, the Yalu elevator Sab. It does faq what time it is going to happen by sales by the way but a sworn fox was going to take this game instead of the bears eagles, but but they did, I get what gets its two major markets. I figured out One is the cowboys against Russell Wilson and then the in the Sunday game, but thought they'd they passed on and or, however, it works. All the This is the spotlight game for sale,
Night I hated, unlike the spot at all, I have to say I work out. Firefox made the right move. I think Chicago feel is a bigger game because really gets Chicago third biggest american city. Huge Jen I shall fan base. There's a lot of excitement around the team and filling the champs with the deck false thing and another huge city, like I think, that's the best gave at the weekend. I would have taken that. I just think you you know: you're not gonna get a dud in Seattle, Muscle Wilson, who's been there before. And I am sorry to say this, but still America's team. So I thought I would be the big one, but to fix it I got it, so you have all the answers. Gonna be that this is key to set its it Michael hours worth. Yeah. That's it that's the NBC game, right, the Abbe. How and when we see earlier cherokees yeah yeah, it's Michael's groundwork. Well, why
the blood diamond. I have had the cowboys favoured by three. I think it's a filter, I said three also they won't. They won't pull a trigger on three. It's two and a half right. Now, I'm not only over under less the clapper scares me even more Jesus Well, you think the collapse or starts in place all stars require these guys. This week he got confused that, as we said it did near I don't I don't love them at. I was in that. I was in that you want to know about that sports bar, so I'm in I'm in for some reason, everyone's a Seahawks, You really are, as I think, because, like they ve had a lot of polynesian players go through cm Over the years- maybe a few- I don't know what it is, but everybody is a sea Oxfam here and I'm the only one in the bar rooting for Russell Wilson, a break his leg ass, a fifty
the only one within three thousand miles, probably for rooting against the rustle Wilson in the Seahawks, but they went crazy. They like they won the Superbowl when Janni Caskey kicked. That I'd feel go like this, as did doesn't mean anything. You should be happy that none of your players got hurt and rat. An aggravated like I am, would be careful that it's funny how fans really dont get it. So I'm sorry, but will you have even couple things that are concerning for you in this game? They can really run the bar, which yes, it's as Ben and a problem. Intermit live during the season right and then, for you start ready,
fence and then it the key. I feel I tiered these the pass rush, but worse it is so good at you think you have em sacked and then it as some poor or spinner would ever got. Such a game command sets two things there there at their punter, their special teams, the coaching p Karras became experience versus the clapper. There's some real, not afraid we get what I knowed summoned any anyone against the garret we lose for sure. But I don't know he doesn't scare me as much as maybe that seven, years ago I will say: he's been good this year there were signs of real decay last year and I I like this year that team over achieved and I don't know, I don't have no idea, and I don't really care, but I don't know who the coach of the ears, but he's gotta, be in that it in no small, less straight on the shortlist peril yeah.
Wait now. There was definitely one that Andy Reid wait a minute. Now, there's wait a minute: that's got to be one, I what was they furlongs tire Mcveigh, no patent We don't like him anymore, Maggie I think you stay out of the air at Seattle. Go intended sex within what was a rebuilding nearby accounts. I remember I remember if we did it on this path, castor, against all odds. I was fascinated by the case for Seattle as the added nowhere you think they're down, but there actually not team, and then they lost their first two games that jumped off. It but there were. There are a lot of red flags for red. I guess white flags in this case. For lot of the guys. I got rid of actually weren't that important and they did keep the guys who were born in
This is a nobody believes that season and it seems like its played out that way to some degree. They have a desire back. They find that they have a home field advantage by. I think they were they foreign, four or five and three an arm Seattle, but last year, and then they got that part back. So they began the kind of feeling, the team we know and are afraid, and they gave some receivers that can make someplace. I really like the running back, sir. I think they have two guys. You can kind of plan through the lion and spell each other That's the way it what's the over under four points in that, can you traded one further defence for for an hour? thereby wonders riders came by Well, it wasn't enough as the overall, so forty one and a half. Would you take that or the over were Jerry Jones. Showing him in the owners backs during the four and a half quarters of this game,
Pre Game here time for escape. Yet forty one and a half years of a clause saw okay, so that's the That's a Saturday night came near NBC. Like lays on that to me, I'd say it's right now. I would say that I was thinking like twenty, nine and a half, because it's probably seven times a quarter, but maybe it's like six times a quarter, but the last quarter. It's like eleven times so someone that relate to notify. If one of our friends who runs might say, it's wants to set a line for that oh, and I think that we have fun or a monitor, are no speaking to speak. That is good. Do we did have you seen this? Isn't since say, sensation of one cow word slides into the booth and the bar goes crazy. Is that fake? Have you seen this now? What does it look? Look up Collins worth slot and you'll see like multiple things like a bar just going nuts when he saw
in the first time is introduced an embassy in football. Telecast is theirs. It's like it's become a phenomenon. Just look up. Collins word slide see what that it's a sweet carolina it's a shriek airlines by weather also going to win this game. Maybe he goes down air, but they just picked off at the five year lining in its thirty three. Seventeen. So are you going to bed on the cowboys? I don't think so stay right here, I would say: stay away: right, you're gonna, get that your bet in Seattle, Eureka in Seattle entities are, I know, you're I'd like to see that language to three before deciding what to do the two and a half his worrisome, but you know, that I might go down not up the more. I think about it. The clapper can Toronto
The Sunday we know we can have this game. The ravens are home for the alleged chargers. I also have this: what has three Sal ravens by three? I could pull the trigger on, and I thought me, as you know what I think the charge of a slightly better this by what we saw a couple weeks ago when they point each other. I said too, but you got a bill that is in fact three overlanders. Forty two. We saw this game already. I think it's going to be a great game. The question for me: let's say its super called. Would say it's one of those twenty degree games and the Ravens region doing their power running thing, and you can see everybody's breath. I d just feels like stairs being in profiling. But I just don't like a sandy-
slash allay teams, chances in a game right that whether it was the rams only chargers. You know I just like a game with no flow. You look up their streaming. Its left in the first quarter already like what happened. Three. We were twelve minutes and in this game already nothing's happened. All that's that favours the ravens. I feel like an new like cause: it's called you saying or just go the pace of the game, just as cold weather running. Heavy ugly specialty like all that's that favours the raven and the really good at home. That's the other thing the ticket Billy. I look at it the other way. I don't trust the charges at at home and I think they could do this on the road. I think this is a better run. In fact, I like both of these teams. Actually, if you could, if you're, dynamited, improbable that match ups, I would go Baltimore Saints and charger saints and see what happens. Watch it play out, but I do think that able to adjust better than they did when they play. That goes out like a Saturday night game,
sorry. I really is an area couple weeks ago. Sire. I don't think there were up for that. Think they let down at a big, went over the Steelers had beaten. Somebody else, and I think that that was it the let down game, I think they're better, for it first when their home everybody in the stadiums written for the other team anyway? So when the chiefs go there, it's ridiculous its see a red but I don't know like you said you didn't like what the Ravens show did today right. They might not be peeking its right time. Well, the key play for the rays, whereas they needed a first down and the game run. Play run, play weird pitch play that the guy dropped. It was a date entirely trust Le Marta throw in that play when it is love is throwing situation that made me nervous for them in the past, because you know they're all seasons unaware. Basically, if they get a first down the game's over and ages, I know their debts.
They its risky to throw you in a given that forty more seconds all that stuff but pages they didn't want to put in his hands he'll kill. Anything else the chargers, and I know this because I had a on my fantasy team, but Keenan Allen was like out of his mind hurry, famously, though in the air in the fantasy semi fine us read, then has not seen the same to me. Doesn't I still think he's hurt. He's got some hip thing. She watched him. He doesn't, each doesn't seem like he has the same bounce and I am not positive can be bought tomorrow, if he's not a hundred percent, so I've mad and gardens gotta Gordon got banged up a little too, but he's gonna play. I ask you this couple weeks: gonna ask you again right:
one through four out of the area of sea teams playing this week. Who did the Patriot suit his bill? Simmonds gigantic patriots fan most wanna, see from top to bottom. I'm gonna say you don't want to see the chargers, the colts, the Ravens and then Houston and the same that order. Yeah I'd like to see he's than the most right, whose second with the charter's charger days at Camp Y yeah. I I don't renders a valid and they have to champion ship game now, but there a lot of guys who have been there. I dont know if I trust their coach either. In fact, I know I don't speak herbs. I would say. I am here, then I jest and Garrett, I think, are the two really really shaky round. One coaches that I just don't, I don't have any belief at all in at the team that I don't want to see the most is the re
could you re entering a number one, even though you were ok, I dont like the match. Because I think you can run on us and you know the combination, the passive always had these. Issues with these running round quarterbacks from Blake BAR the barrier, whoever and Lamar Jackson's Abzug it at that I'd ends over the middle as a problem. That's like the number one thing the ravens like to do when there running, I just I worry about it and I don't like that match up While I was, if you go the others a different did you go coach wise and then you don't want it that they lend takes the charges out of that, but core back. Wise. I know you don't want to see a scramble up. I think one Andrew Lock is on.
And of all women is on the most. I think that's the one you want to see the least it's pretty solid. I guess we ve had a lot of success against her gets lack the rate, the ravens, it's weird, it's the what it's been the one team, the pattern, never really had, though, to decade rival. You know that many in the Netherlands for awhile made the it's been different teams that have kind of jumped into that spot. The breakers. There are many when over there, but the ravens kind of the entire time really sets out outside the mid. Two thousands have been a problem in their super conference. For me it was like. I always it was during the year, the run when they beat the came back to beat the Falcons that crazy Ravens game with E with the arrow man, the double pass without a man,
yeah. Well, maybe that led to the Sea ice game. What what are those I kept? My boy here was: it was either fifteen or seventeen, but the ravens weren't even a good that year and all they had, was that they ve had a lot of success against the patriots and all the picture very worried about the game, because it was the ravens so utterly. I think they're pretty good thing. I'd worry about that. Just. What something has to turn around you know like does what's gonna, be the narrative. This words like the rest, The or Philip or fill rivers is hot. This this weekend's, like that's a team, the watch or if one of those teams advance is there going to be a tomb lookout to lookout for or to the colts turn around on the patriots, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. A crown royal is doing something pretty cool this season. They want us to responsible drinking campaign, called the water break. It's all been encouraging people to hydrate between drinks, for a better experience with her at the game. Watching homer in a bar have a great time enjoy some crown royal. Just don't be that person that ruined it for everybody. We've all seen that guy in the game,
make the red car take a water breaks out who made the recall this week or I'm going say our for an atom corolla made the right. Ok, I'm here with the Adams family and our friend Daniel his family Three families, so we all together, we do everything together. You know a rotating bill. So's Adams turned to pay. And he made I call and not going to crazy when are to all the sun's ordered servant all the way on the other, the end of the table. He just where did out three who authorize this is, he moved on from that and then he tapped percent on a dinner bill even though he was here screaming our friend Daniel worse than that, though it a grab the pan he signed. It is again tipping twenty percent. Adam has hold area about where enablers bye by
you know. Why should? Why? Should waiters make two hundred and forty dollars an hour the lawyers and why we put him up there with doctors. Were we're enabling them were rewarding them for not having skills. What have they done they only work there for an hour, but Daniel talks himself, who is this guy has one car you have thirty. So am I sign that's what it twenty percent tip- and you know, even though they charge is why, for three, my ties, even though we had two, he did not make them take, off the bill, although I did bring it to their attention so good. By you, Adam Corolla, in twenty years, Your son ordered the serpent turf. Mine and his yeah. That's incredible. Mark market praised by the way as a guard Jesus, I don't even know, is it. What is market price mean he's asking sounds like it mean
remains. Don't ever tell him that I was market price, that's gonna means even my son. Would it did at my son what do just about anything reprehensible, but I don't even think he would get the serpent turf of somebody else is paying very amazing to create jobs. The sense. My re call the weak, so go back to last spring. The patriots tragedy to things number one: they try to trade Rob grown Caskey in almost into the trade before he got wind of it and threat to retire in that fell through Their salad about as high as you capacity so the other thing we hold in retire. Now and without a bit hysteria to catch their last days, Iraq have been set the other thing they try to do is go all in a baker. Mayfield they're trying to get all these picks and stuff from the trade so that they can make the godfather offer for Baker Mayfield. Those were too
because they bade the right course. Now it worked out where, instead they are, they kept to pigs. They passed through the margin said they took solely Michel in the first round and now he's his doesnt seem really any different than thirty five ready. I watch every week they waved their sent grand pick. None of those were the re cause, but the the instinct of this problem. We ending. Let's blow this up and find the new Savior was the recall so rats to them: RO reminds everyone is for us to take an outbreak of hydrate responsibly like people. I've been here, I don't know of any links, was a right that right instincts and wasn't right call, but it was. It was call the have instincts disarray load up. Let's go, we we need new court about you, gonna sell higher Gregg to recourse to work out
tell her that were eleven and five and headed for a round two game against, probably somebody we don't want to play. What can you do all right? Two more games, Sunday, the lake in Chicago Philly, I'm really excited for this. I love football. I love narratives. I love fan bases that have been through a lot. I think the bears definitely qualify even though they kick. My ass has my teams sat in ninety five superbowl, but you know it's been a topsy turvy thirty three years and they have a lot at stake with this bear steam their walk in the terror gay. They love Clio, MAC too varied likeable team. I really enjoy the bears eleven showed watched them off. Season have waged on the many times now. Net falls in God.
Are coming to town, and the only thing I know is that I want to put the bears in at ease, and I'm just too just freaks me out. This is like the case to trade with what is it about I feel like he's just as live dog that you should just stay away from. I have the bears by six at home against Philly wow call by you. I said for, and I he's gonna little high there, and it is x and I've seen some seven's. I think it opened at seven in the coupled spots and it's down to six, right like what do you do? This is alien versus predator. You know the bear is that one game they played poorly- and this is a month- was against the Niners like a fourteen, the nine game. This defence is the area they they now. They don't get off and then you have Nick falls. It really like any anytime he's in there he's going to throw he's going to throw them has got him. A monster game is going to make big batches of throws,
Aguilar he makes in electing a golden tat was the only one that brilliant and after them right here s a good game, but it didn't is Jeffrey. Jeffrey is revitalize his career Aguilar. I don't know what to make of this D. Put the ball. On a teacher. I wouldn't I'm not even like discount Travis gear anything here, but I think the bears might be the play early on here I would say to the fore games. This has the biggest chanced to be like of thirty one to ten type game and that's a movie, but if There d at home, everyone by all kind of soldier field, has been rocking with this team id and it falls is banged up and no hide it. If he is banned up will never doubt. Jackson comes back, the bears that can have a full defence, and I think they have the best blur potential of all these round. One teams that
Hey you wanna yeah, thirty, eight desire. Well, it's a higher spread, so that would make sense to. But you wanna hear something sad about that Nick falls This is why I think, maybe you're wrong about. I don't know if you're kidding before about them, taking him out so that the bears would, you know, not take their foot off the gas, but he if he had taken thirty three percent of his team of the eagle snaps this year. He would again the million dollar bonus He was a snapshot of thirty three Brian not like baseball, I think, like the Yankees and about the that and I didn't meet the prerequisite for whatever bonus who was supposed to get, but they still gave him the hundred grand there's some weird clause and football that you can't do that. I guess because there's a salary so they have to either renegotiate or just not paying the million crazy, a car, said he was gonna- get twenty percent, thus set that Thou gate
right. I've got as making this big point that has taken this big savvy point about The bears are the best chance for a blow up, but they are the highest favorite so that that would send as well when you see there there is now a line on the energy used in games, so the shaky ball, but I would say I would say that around two I would say, even if you included all the other teams, I got buys around one. I still think they're the first blow out kind of recipe that we ve seen where the defence make employees and their standing aids are everywhere on the bar. The one thing they ve done, the last few games, Jordan looks more like Jordan, Howard and added what was going out with them in September October that the EU is hurt, or you know they were, his favorite now allow electronic guys in September or October, gave z, is that great but am but the balance is right now and then- and I like that they can go ground and pan with him, but think
one could come in and that gives them their from work. Working anymore got hurt there in the game today, which I think is that grave for them, because I'm not a huge tat day your family there might be want possession gas short, but but look it falls is hurt this. This could be a bloodbath, but that's the thing they buy rope you into that and then falls the south in the eagles are fourteen. Three new insurance these are on the battle over the place you go not. So that's why shouldn't is letting I mean no one knows better than Vegas and for them to have a line on this game this early, they could easily said no line Sunday night, but Yeah they want us he's gonna play for Evelyn and game. Yet we do. This is the shape his ball. We call the shake his ball because our Fantasy Football League has the banquet Shaky is every year shaky pizza and its. We all get together to watch the first game of that first Saturday, the wildcard round missile beyond Houston's in at every year. Right any time they make the play officer in the shaky bowl
I feel like the ABC South as those either the ABC South or Cincinnati is always represented There was always used in Syria and IRAN there. It is the end of sea just as more fun teams. You know these there more big market, interesting teams year after year. That's why they're play out there's their tv packages owes more viable. I am. I went three and a half for their setting. Houston is favoured by three and a half. I went three. I wasn't sure about this. One Vegas thing said: Indianapolis a slightly better confused in the two and a half point favourite and usually get a three point advantage just for being home two and a half, so Dallas is two and a half Houston's two and a half Baltimore. They gave a full three,
and cargo affiliates Scoggins sex. That's the big one yea I haven't like you said earlier, and they burn me a few times, but I still don't totally see it does seem like I think in these are fence of line is banned, the strength of what the turnaround spent and that the first pursued made that point that trade they made when they got quite Nelson. They had a whole bunch of shit just to go from three to six and they can black, and you know you can block the Texans and then on the other end, all you have to do is just throw three guys at Hopkins there really low on receivers Hopkins. It's amazing to watch the Texans and people don't forget to cover Hopkins. Like every fifteen play, Don't how your eyes wide open. What happened, I fear, is just big he's never wide open and wit, and let the other guys be you, I think he's the only about it.
Rich guy. They have, but he God that he gets open now and now he's he's really, go getting Hey pushed off a couple times today, but he's gonna get it. He does perception, you should be able to invest in limit him. Let led african hoo hoo, whose left for their receivers for them. Let Alfred Blue run you and lead whoever the fuck. I don't even those lad left. Let those guys beat you let their third string tight end, but guys go nuts dont. Let I like it. I like all these games them. My lady tell right Chicago Phil is the only one we haven't seen before this this year. Everything else is a rematch, but I think this is a good grouping for a first weaker. That's a classic and I'm trying to figure out. What's we're fine falls winning again in the Philippines
and go nuts, but then also really starting to say goodbye to whence mentally. At that point, it falls evolves ones in Chicago. It said that point you gotta start yet least they send him. Some links to some to me. Suitcase sites rate The aim at the activities have to be seven assail applaud luggage. That's that's my fair. When these games are our great, they use Cindy, which I wanted not like, as I really like watching your luck this year, so all ensure that went to so these are good ones who won the sweet. Did we time what's interesting as if in the pauses upset early Saturday early for us, then lock, look spectacular! That's on away! That's not your teeth, so you wouldn't play them right. If the sixteen wins. Yeah yeah, I buy them when I actually had on increasing yeah.
IVO amid a weird situation cause I wanna bet Indianapolis this week, but I really want he's gonna win because then the paths of play he said the patter ate one lifetime, inconsistent, gacha worker. As any other winner, Baltimore Collective Indy Palsy upset. You get the winter of chargers. Raymond you're the best case there for the path is we get Houston I think Casey, who gets the one seed summarised the play. The Baltimore chargers River, which is a disaster, had so much rather way used than that so the Pats man. This is what I ve been telling. You are you're. We stuck in the season Superman Protein you're right rainy. Today, Brady was pretty good. For him today forward his bedded aged forty when he had a couple awful for us today one that was only about the one: let's don't let's talk about the word, the one worse throw you ever see him make in any, level junior high. Whatever it is middle school, he had
hold on hold on, was this wide open? But he had. He had the Middle Set percent of the Amazon wide open. Right in the Middle fight fire into the Amazon area Brady like Throat, the crossbar. I don't know what it was so you're twenty our past who is labelled accurate, wasn't great. I celebrating its limit that some had somehow or some other yet again the seas of pirated, and they have a jest by around two and then hope that the railways are chargers. Can Casey and they might get to play both plants gives a fox at this hour, except it's in place. Are you could be seen us? doubts PAN Ivan, do the anatomy say you had a good run, because I know what the patriots can do these things, why do pair corner where he got from Hawaii? For us?
yeah. Well, actually, I'm apparent corners, its parent corner related, because we we put the best of up of two thousand eighteen right. The best of YAP Erica, sounds like it did well cause I'm getting good feedback from it, except from my third ten year old, who listen to it on the flight out for two hours. I was a little bombed out specifically about when I. He, he did something where he found. There is blamed Basque. Won't he found at the end of the game, thinking they down one, but there were tied and he gave me the load look like he's like will you really that disappointed? I may as well appointed and in the fact that you look into this. I never thought you you're going to lose but what about? Seventy doesn't even feeders daughter when she doesn't play, wound soccer racial way too. And a half hours on the wrong. Why right now? But that didn't matter to him so
yeah. We were bad at this parenting thing we were, a gambling or parenting now we should put it to a twitter Paul. I we did pretty well get this year, I think we're we're superficial extra yeah. Ok, that I privileges Jake's, that we want a plan that now the bomb he was set, so he looked at me with that he was wounded. I was I was an. I exaggerate these things. You know for a fact that Canada, that's why these things work and it was a little wounded but real tough and how big the surf and tariffs, I think, he's all right. He's like. I know you don't exaggerate these things, because you two seven other stories I'd ever for completely factual. Agri. Everything about our other brothers is, is a hundred percent spot on so
my bare corner Maya. You know my daughter's very sweet person really likes Christmas and she wanted a shop shop for my son really put a lot of thought and to the gift she was getting. Ermine got in this gift, with some planking on what you gotta get out of. It was half awake, watching every open the gifts, but really put some effort wrapped it gave a gift My son, I realise that the last minute that you never give her went up into his room and got a hundred twenty dollars in cash which he had had because of have to tell you, as you know, a tiny and send cash forgives. So it had rag, fifty dollar bills and turn the abbess came back down with the cat.
A car gave it to my daughter but kind have through toward her but gave it to her, but I thought she was reaching out, but she wasn't reaching out. So we just kind of the money, it's a kind of seem like you threw it at her, but he didn't, but it didn't definitely wasn't wrapped and it wasn't in a card and wasn't nice anything, and he just said merry. And then and then my wife got really mad and was screaming at em about what a selfish carriers- Merry Christmas: This was their governments gold chain. Yeah, maybe so focused on what gives he's getting? He is the shopping for other people, part of Christmas but that really there last night he did get a gold chain. Here he has been wearing that in these very excited by his gifts, but I by yesterday
The good news is my daughter got a hundred twenty hours so that Zaza Data. I think this is our all we need to re, evaluate our. How are getting worse at this reaction this aid, which some are getting a little better gambling lately anyway, but bid the parenting is now that's what counts. Yet, that's what counts. So we can afford the therapy money You don't have one more Corolla story from away before we go, You know it's my my character. The year comes out tomorrow, gamma right up, so there will be a lot of good stuff on there. Oh yeah! We were on a sofa, Howie Mandela's out here too in the Danube, atam or friends with them an unfriendly with him. So he invites us on this catamaran, this nice boat, our families go out and you know, he's very- is very german phobic. Our mandate was fist, bumps everybody and, and he was held captive on this boat.
And you could tell he wanted to get away as Adam regaled him stores of a how he likes to you. Prefer urinating, the sink to urinating in the toilet ball Just when I I mean I really thought about it, I was gonna jump jump overboard. I key areas What hours we brought his wife and one that's like yeah now- is the worst Disney and then told story about how a friend re used a crap in his hand and then shoved into his Adams ear during school, like during my own room and the internet, and he would chase re around the hall and like how we Mandel was like just losing his mines. I think we're gonna be invited back on the catamaran, he's, probably still wiping it dad causes. So we're done. That's! U thousand. Eighteen is in the books will be
next week after relevant beacon, be you you do and against all odds this week, right Hence the laws will go over, go over our over under and prompt. That's why we did very well in the end, have see with preventing overlanders and very poorly in the absolute. With the over under no, we did. We did go against the raiders, but other just the overlanders, but we're gonna preview, while car weekend with tax lock it in back. New Year's day. Yes, I'm working new year's day to go too far too fast Maui and I posting Monday Ball picks tonight, you're gonna. Do Fox, affiliate and married to do lack of it that is incredible. My wife's courage, she's gonna, kill me right. Maybe we should say the pair corner right now- is that your spouse, Bayer's sons, birthday party and we're doing this back us right that you have to go. Let me out
by a good job. I hear a before we go grab my daughter, so he really quick. What what did you get then? For Christmas me yeah fairly nice gift. You went shop for oh, I got him bubble, Bass yea that my whole bubble, that think, as he loves taken Bess yeah me when you read that I wrapped it, and then he threw a hundred twenty dollars a for your Christmas gift here, heat that does not even like that doesn't even describe what he did to me. I went out
and I bought him a teacher of vintage teacher that was Michael Jordan failure and I bought him a bubble bath because he likes to use my ship you in his ball wealth. But that's besides point yeah. He comes down stairs and hands me ripped up money that was crumbled in his hands was Riverboro Crump. No, it was crumpled bowing to the point where it was like so weak that it could just easily rip enhanced tween he's like merry Christmas, so we're just by the report I haven't spent it yeah, don't even know. I don't think people will take that money like itself its in such bad condition. Falander yeah, I don't think it's. I don't think it's like can be used to buy things with Erika there was the inside story. What actually happened is echoed. Remember, sir, thank you. So that's it. That's refer the final episode of the beers package that the two thousand and eighteen
year. Thank you to the procurator. Don't forget to go to. It could cause such bs thanks to the Ringer past network and the Ringer Dotcom, thanks to date, Frazier, who produced a few of these two thousand eighteen for the first couple months and thanks to Nephew Kyle, you're welcome. We made it, we never met you made it did as an eighteen year old. It is told me not to forget the sentiments of everyday yeah. You know people ass were cannabis and that's it that's the kind of stuff. I sound advice, everyone's largest Kyle, we lack eyes- and I said: don't fuck this up and then he does so they go enjoy, there's eve, don't drink a drive act! Semi responsibly, don't act irresponsibly, I'm worried about young people. There go, have fun, just don't drink. A drive have again be nice to each other and see you on the other end in two thousand and
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