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San Francisco’s Treat, Eli's .500 Bowl, KC’s Revenge, and NFL Refs Stink Vol. 252 With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the 49ers-Saints shoot-out, Seahawks-Rams, Buccaneers-Colts, Ravens-Bills, Patriots-Chiefs, playoff contenders, and how Bill’s fantasy season hinges on Eli Manning vs. the Eagles (1:35), before guessing the NFL lines for Week 15 (50:43).

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Tonight's up. So the bs back ass is brought to you by state farm. Just like football life can be unpredictable. That's why stay farm agents are there to help with over nineteen thousand agents and local stay farm agent, but just round the back with you talk in person by phone or through the app state farm. Is there go at the one with coverage and agents? You can count on state farm. Talk to an agent today were also brought to you by the book, a Basque, but to put OPEC ass, where we have another one come up this week about the best game pound for pound of the last, Get in the ambient out relates to Dirk know its key, so that is coming late Monday night. Also, the re watch was this week. I would subscribe for the next couple. Our reward most Bacchus distressed me, but this week we have Happy Gilmore. We did a Bichon fantasy in the Safdie brothers who have uncut gems. Coming out this Friday, actually which I've seen and it is
terrific movie and I we did have Gilmore with them and it was about his fun as you would expect. Come up cousin, sound. I gonna talk about a really bizarre, weak fourteen, but a really fun weak fourteen and a weak fourteen that left the play of picture influx but First, our friends from project. I would call the guy's a Google carcass sound, calling causing sound
It's your old friend bill out front. Our covered up to more or less as far teams you lost out there, Then you are there. You entered ongoing talk but their low bit. I like because my This is now we're like three days removed that happened. Sweet to and in your team, just lost it me before you, our few ourselves clear. I am going to start with either team has witnessed over the past us with the game in the air, the game since the Pats Chiefs Game, which was the previous game in the year, meaning
The one in January, Niners, saints and absolute slugfest topsy turvy on top of it, its weak fourteen, fantasy playoffs and the numbers are just going through the roofs. All these different ways great come back just super exciting Anna and it felt like an embassy title preview. What are your thoughts? Well, I thought this was one at first of all, I will say this was a sharp game. The forty nine were sharp peck, The sharp betters were taken in the past two and a half then went down a plus one half than plus one. So there were all over the forty Niners all week and it made me think what are we missed and what these saints and then the saints come out guns blazon riot yet, and I thought for a second ass, a guide. This is the one get this. Is it San Francisco travels two weeks in a row: tough game, brutal game against them.
Events, and now they have the gold east again to New Orleans. This is this: is the game they take off, not the case at all. They came out there. They looked faster again, they look faster than everyone, and I don't know I just at some thoughts about breeze to I'm kind of impressed with his performance, because you, when I last week that maybe not that he was done, but there was something off of his ball- he's drone against this good defense. He he showed me a lot, but this Jimmy J. I think you are going to have to watch him in the super. We're with Tom Brady on the patriots. I really think it's come to that. Without this United Tom Brady Gonna be my living room watching with make his that, isn't, how can I reasoned Delaware? Did you? Let him in the house, you left out of power Both got hurt in the first half of that game to right, yeah any just just wait just fell. Fell a lot like. Actually the Seahawks Rams that first half a Seahawks hucks ramps tonight were at some pages
probably not their day in the matters, is kept warm backroom back, I'm with you that the bigger the game other than Niners fancy of I've been through a lot of crap Alaska appears the two quarterbacks cause I had quite it's about both of them, I didn't have Jimmy GI, could win a game right that I didn't, I didn't know breeze had that amen, left in him any more now than I'm with you. I thought he was flinging around and It was, I know that I know is in a point in the game, but it was almost a game where I'm not positive. There was an actual loser. I know there's a loser for the record books, but I think both of those teams have to come that going. Ok now we know we can fling it and if Orleans knows there in a dome, at least for one plan game. Possibly too knows they know they can fling. At night. You still and then I fear the Niners. You answer a lot of questions and you are really found out a lot about you receivers. I felt like I thought. Debo is really good. They re
figure outlay bay. It seems that they know how to use him now and then Sanders were also and when you compare what's the new has given to the patriots won. His basically was those two guys on the block nine struck. First, they got sanders passed what next they got. Some news pretty much the same price and Sanders has transformed the latter's offered since anew has done nothing for the past year and like one six, one seventy on the ground. I mean there was a lot of points of the lot, often so just one of those games but, like you, said breeze, their lose the saints and that the problems we have to go to San Francisco. Now, that's not great in January, but you're, right, they're, gonna get a home game, but this crop allow. Mean he's. Not now he's done. Law is one ok, so as against the cardinals, not a big deal, but there were down sixteen nothing, just the fact that he can win a game like that. That was nice threw down. Sixteen points goes to the ravens didn't embarrass himself in the conditions of whether the like, I said hard hitting game, escaped, that's
brought probably in the upper echelons quarterbacks and then wins a huge statement game on the road. I think we ve seen him do at all, which is what you want at your quarterback, especially young people. Back this late in the year and then they have Atlanta next week, so they can be looking at twelve and too aims at home December. Twenty first finishing was at Seattle. The twenty ninth said the very least. There probably that being the thirteen when range which you now pretty impressive, its Alec, they ve had an easy schedule. Ninety scheduled out there that division is bombing. We saw the dogfight. The rams have not given up their right in there would Seattle in cardinals can be frisky that blowing games like I'd like you, wouldn't magic. But yet this is that this was a tough schedule and they did a nice job. I died right now if I had to make a bad I'm looking for odds and not out yet but Niners for an app say. I think, for sure this speed was a
and that they now jumped out- and you couldn't feel it a little bit about my game we gathered the bad weather, really cheated us of whatever the potential that game was. It turned to know different type, a game of fund a watch was physical. The elements are big part of it, but I I think, both of those things that they played an indifferent setting where's the suit this bosom. I am in the chair. I am here. I mean this get damning. There were first while they look so fast and about the judges they passed. The I test is: oh, my god they are flying and then forth, into its like kettles, gettin the ball here, this Balkan three and a half yards in the air. They need two and a half yards and the thinking that that was the plucky the year. I thank you he got face mass for thirty yards in Africa that you scored otherwise, right. If I nominal, it was what a place where we have to figure out if we need to increase the yard penalties for penalties right furs, egg
it should have been more than fifteen yards face basket should have been for as long as he had the face. Bash should have been. The penalty. Yeah faced by spend the ball the thrown in the end zone and they put it at the one for pass. An offence is like an action before the yard county. While this was enough, he may It was an assault for about thirty five yards and maybe put that in wonder. Yeah was instinct is key say was in the next game and I had the couple of reading against him and fantasy and then he's also going it's my team and it just like any time they wanted a further four seven yards. He was gonna, be open and get it and kiddo is still come back from what does he have like a bone? and his ankara, something that is plain through yeah. I didn't see the matter, but you know when you asked the paths today and in the absence of just the postscript cask here, you can really feel on those third and twelve thirty. Seven stuff right, dad,
has doubled the armed over time to pass on that, and I read by the patch I'm sand both of Saint Mandy. It's really nice to have those Kiddo Kelsey, guys sure, and I kiddo Sanders in Debo. Those guys can get open on the third in seven thirty, nine thirteen twelve one of those three guys seems like they can get open and then, with a guy from most who, in our fantasy Lee, is just on the waiver, where nobody ever picked him up in time for the pious and every year you see these, late. Bloomers you now, in fact, to that end. Up in there are usually and shady teams right there, always unlike the foreign team. The three intend to him. You know that
the Miami Arizona type teams initiates the miners, those that are super bowl contender. That put the lay Bloomberg. I speak in a fantasy mentioned Bozo went out day shut down. I get you know you could say Michael Thomas's, their best Blair of Offensive with not Breeze Alvin Camara. Nothing, absolutely nothing! Either that guy forty three yards yeah forty three yards combined, he has fewer yards, and his team had point that forty six, he had forty three yards combined. Well, that was the big question for him right this year, where there ever was Now that anger has gone, you figure he gets too. Percent more involved than you take everything he'd already done and now add twenty percent. Oh, my god is, can be amazing, and maybe he is what he is right Maybe he marries a smudge less talented than Ingram. I guess I don't know. What's so then
the other game. There really stood out that I was there Ramsay out again because I saw some staff mine, which I wish I had seen before. I bet on Seattle, that Seattle had fallen behind in ten and the first twelve games in the season yeah, then the share was eleven out of thirteen, and you know it Hannah written off the Rams mentally and the girly thing. I was really surprised by. I thought he look. I know this stats, probably don't fight that cause worth was ass, a really raving about approach. Too much, but he seemed to me like a guy who is heading in the wrong action and today a really see. Might they made a concerted effort to get em gone back at the play action involved and were in the city? sure the annex II has five clear play off themes. Therefore, teams with double digit Windsor ready right.
Yeah and then and then this weird and I see situation where seventy nine may take the revision, yeah aid- you might have You don't have the rams with. Even the rams going ten and six and being three winds ahead of the NFC neither can I offer you get now at that, but I am only engage, but I will I will give you our aims. That was all tat was pretty good. Tat was old, Rams football right now. You know what I jumped on. What do I saw you had Seattle? Could you been hot gambling
did something amazing. You couldn't be higher on the calls and you a bad you jumped off that Bear Unum away for the slow down. I get ya, thought a tiny bit and then used immediately switch to the titans, which ya don't usually do usually just get away from the division, but you went to the titans and then you put them with the sea hawks and again over the sea hawks. They one nine one score game have had nine one possession games issue, they won and yes you're right. They get behind and almost all of them. But the rams looked like the old ramps, like these sweet plays with woods and, unlike you say, girly in fact that much of a difference but his last five games at the averages like seventy five, not including tonight, seventy five yards on the ground where's. This first eight will like forty nine fifty doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it is a step in the right direction. There often clicked and it even gave up six points. I mean they really came together, that that one was on golf, obviously that tough
down so they really gave up six points there not bow, and out of this sum, this clash for the sixty anytime sooner and they got healthier. Think I woods back Hague be as bend. The late bloomer tightened their share, who is probably swing in some fancy. Leagues. Girly looks much much better and you know the defence hard to say are their defence clause dig out annihilated by the rams less than two weeks ago, I made by the by the Ravens right son. I'm like do jumping Jack, but there d at eight to be there Moreover, I see- game where, where we talk about these teams, outlook, when they have a leader when their clothes, but when they really have to play from behind a bit of different story like they just lost control of the pay. Right away and they lived really up pared down our watch now we just and understand what they are doing on defence half the time they just looked like they were a step slow there, the rams or just
running the same place over and over again like that little wide receiver verse think they ran four times. You say that works twice, so they just seem to sleep. I almost felt like Seahawks were acting like Darien totally need the game, which I don't really understand. You know I don't know, but I did think one of these teams tools would limit. That would happen to them the Seattle San Francisco or Baltimore. One of these teams that have been winning a lot go on the road they give up a game that they don't need, they need yeah sure for positioning. Everybody wants to be one seat, but I thought I didn't think you would be Seattle, that's for sure, but used your right. The rams at everything they wanted to again some are fence of weight, but I don't know I don't know if I want to believe in and how this is to gain in a row and they got through for over four hundred against areas. But do we believe that their back to business orphans back at least now? It feels like I still feel fools goldfish with them. That just died to screw. Somebody over Seattle has
Carolina Home, Arizona, home San Francisco, resolute way in that same Cisco game San Francisco potentially could have everything locked up for that game. The rams there at dollar next week, which I want to call it. A loser leaves Talmash, but it's really lack. Is your division? Socially shity, then there at San Francisco nay game, which will actually mean something then home for Arizona. So solar I'm behind Minnesota Bullock, I'm really at the sixty right now their game behind Minnesota. If they catch them right now they get the Tiber, but will weird check it out. I guess the rams are eighty five Minnesota's nine and for their at the chargers, home, Green Bay, home Chicago, and I think the craziest thing about This is that Green Bay as the two seed right up there watch green Bay at all the sharing gone. Oh yeah, that's attacked. You said Now, even today, the Redskins
hang on hang on thirteen point and aid. They sleep walk through the second half year, united in a very excited about yet seems like they throw good sixteen minutes then, after that, they hold out for dear life, we abhor attack to talk about Wiztech. Let's talk about CBS Health as a predictor of how did you know that a person's zip code may matter just as much as their genetic code? That's why CBS Health knows it's important to bring health into neighborhoods patriots, I'm not even sure if it matters if anyone's health right now you know who matters if they're healthy, Lamar Jackson, oh yeah, I think the ravens need to keep them are healthy for the play, more than half of all Americans now live in ten miles of a minute clinic CBS and in health is also bringing health an arms with home care managers and trained nurses who administer I be treatments in patients, living rooms and now at select locations. The rolling out CBS Health hubs with professional cared themes for clinic services and tat
thing, prescriptions and health products under one roof in one trip. I neer schedule at these innovations and more serious health has learnt something important when you put people at the heart of health. People take health to heart, CBS Health, where help is everything that also says available and all states, so right now and the end of sea it would be same Cisco, Green, bowed. The buys we have New Orleans Minnesota as the three sex. Let's go Which would rank among the better around one battle, With that and then down Seattle, I just how many times have you put them in a play off Cambodia play for We beat him last year. I mean, I think so, we're we're at a point where, whether its doors to Philadelphia but especially Dallas Seattle
so it can be either Seattle or San Francisco and its most likely Seattle. At the annex Ii East, they were looking at a touchdown favorite right for the road to I E. If it's DOW as you'll, get respect, You'll get respected the bitter, and I was there in seven would be respect. It should be like twelve, but there at night. I think it's in that big, a sound, probably be foreign had interested that yeah we somehow. We crossed off the bears in the bears on looking at and affirm our CBS sports dot com. They have the plan picture thing and the There are still alive category to believe you were there thou. You went on Thursday, you like that stadium hell. I get it's all, that's that's cavernous. Obviously the fans are up for every game doesn't really matter and- and my team was not up for that game- that's for sure I mean met this talk about mixture biscuit being caught and they make em. Look. I guess.
Restart can you drew eat? They talk about an officer did whatever they wanted against you yeah they settled then, in the cowboys. Of course, teased May in cowboys fans did what they have done in the last few weeks, at least on Thanksgiving last week, opening DR touchdown. They go right down, but am boy they did not look good after that they just they just apart it, she added in a way they don't need that game and they play like they need the game, they have to beat filling and they have to be Washington. The last came a year and I feel like that's all Jason Garrett. I know I've been calling for his head forever, but. Now I'm hearing rumblings at the players, don't even back em. So what do you do now that mean Aikman made? A good point says: none of these coordinators have have deserved the chance to take over for even in the interim for next three weeks or whatever yeah, but is that even the point? No, I d just do it to mix it Maybe Adele Aikman sounds like he's ready to come out of the birth and culture there.
You can't hide is discussed anymore. It's like listening to me. That's a Celtic, last year, when I was so frustrated with carrying over there for a week, barely hold the then is it such as There's that the division that I thought would have the below five hundred division ship. But here we are sad news. Tampa Bay was eliminated. Are they out? Neither am so we have the cook ever team is out. Do we have the cross them? We vote. We already crossed the master we could have our own play offset. The team is out, we get stuck Imre like the Redskins we kept alive, but there are narrow, Redskins her up here. Here's what still alive, though, if some exciting news for you James, has the chance to become the first thirty thirty quarterback of all time, while thirty, tedious, thirty picks right now he's at twenty six touchdowns and twenty three pigs with three games to go
so he would need you. Have to have one three pick game. In a couple more cds, I'd do it. I know it you do it. I just know it: I was stunned, there's only been sixteen teams and sixteen quarterbacks he's the seventeenth while he'll be the seventeen twenty three to twenty fifth pick. There's I've been sixteen quarterbacks ever who have thrown twenty five to these twenty five pick in the same season, wow really since nineteen eighty three a legendary year when Lynn, Dickie and Joe Ferguson did it We had a bible average. Bledsoe, nine thousand four hundred and twenty five td's twenty seven picks Peyton Manning one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight twenty six twenty eight pics, the one. The only J Cutler, two thousand nine twenty seven tedious twenty six packs. And then you know the last one to do at eliminating today the only did it once yet. Two thousand ten thirty one tidies twenty five packs there.
Only ban one, two, three four guys ever who have done thirty plus tedious and twenty five interceptions, so he has just been fit, for there are no. He just did so great because he spots everyone to interceptions. It's like. I don't know one Vegas as this line at, but we are giving it to interceptions out. You could turn into fourteen points. I felt that further call I guess it's because they ve never run game today that sixty six yards rushing or something like that, but J. Mrs daring, you dare you to beat him and he's winning almost half the time. It's it's the most exciting season ticket team in the air, I think one they weren't even today gave will have the one. Pick a game that it seems like he's, throwing the game, but it he has to get it out of system. He had that today was the pic six but you had the long MIKE Evans Touchdown, where he poses hamstring, as is crossing the goal by five, see now
or he's never seen again is walking off in the town and just in general. That was really sir. Any kind of some exciting game between two themes that, unfortunately, for both of them are not going anywhere. Courtiers, doesn't know what to do with the overlanders. Either thing nine in the last ten Tampa Bay Games have gone over. They really just minutes in the sixties. Do you can't do anything about I know you short: should they go? They should go back and check the Tampa, bays eliminated and I'll feel it's right, and it's not good for our part, guess Thirty thirty is still there. Thirty or thirty five is doing is owed thirty, four thirty, Indeed, I bet for the year the offer Seven F wines that their six and seven with three games laugh. We saw it now out man, I don't know, I don't think it's gonna happen, wade over seven, what what it was. Three games with, seven have their add new Orleans. Next week in their last hope,
Carolina at Jacksonville not feeling now feel an awesome about that by others. Last too will be battling for any play off anything. So, let's talk about Ravens Bells Lamar. Last two games. Forty eight passes two hundred and fifty yards total. Yet duration or is or should we be concerned? If, if you're Lamar Fan about I whether Lamar I I know why that what you said last week as this is the truth that they're gonna they're gonna have to face probably in January no long threat. So you want that right. You know one every drive to be sixteen place can all be on the Morrow shoulders squarely, but whether the last week, tough tough bills. The events on the road this week I did the funny thing is, I don't think he's gonna faced face- is like this in the play of state,
I think those may be the two best defenses yeah I am Buffalo swimming. The San Francisco Buffalo rose by ourselves is gonna, look like it today, but the deaths and injuries now came, but just in general, the the events I thought there were awesome against your team at giving they really came up they came along and I really liked what they did today They did a nice job. I know Lamar finished with three touchdown passes right, but I thought they did a good job. I thought they really frustrated. Em, they really try to run to get him going in that game and they have guys, always in the right spots, except for a couple times or they slipped up by he's my number one he's he's just battling. I find f53 hours with a quarterback, I'm watching him over homes,
just that. Just may, I think like where, where was your rooting interest, though, as a Patriots Van like when that pass before it's broken up by Peters bills, are going in the time? Did you were you relieved. I therefore your game, so you're forfeiting the one seat if you're ruining for the raven, I know, but I never. Like the Romans were in a I came here. I never felt like Buffalo. They don't have that sex play maker. Single Terry is seventy percent there, and I think I think there's chance next year or the year after he could then be, unlike in Austin, occur kind of guy. Who can win a game by himself guys that quite year there, yet
their skill position, guys, except for cars, guys cascade job rare, but even he is like it doesn't seem to have that one guy does, I think, of his personal Terry, like this friends go into my pay. The nice thing about six months set about your pop. Your part, yes, oh, said that you could be the asked an actual play cards red eyes. Trackers really good are issues that the patriots oversight we wish our five carries. Pray yards. Did I don't understand that thou is what why does Bela check give up like I was looking at that is accepted. We shall again a hundred twenty yards against the chiefs in January. I run him back and this is where Belgic runs as mad. Do you still want about this guy right and we just gotta keep pushing up. I could I mention Buffalo, dear God, they scored forty points, total against the Patriots Ravens and tightens
is that not a good sign for you know: they're they're around one hopes, I don't around one, is looking to potentially be the music seared city miracle again, which we conduct. We saw this year already right, Yeah right now, Baltimore and somehow the path still have a by the path or ten in three it does does not fill extended. Three, then you have the chiefs with the three seed. Houston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and re now be Casey versus Pittsburgh and then Houston, verses, Buffalo and you know, I know, will be doing that when we do get science but a buffalo at Houston. I think that's a nice buffer buffalo, though using of Tennessee, doesn't want the vision. Your Tennessee, though that's the thing Tennessee places this week, the intimacy, and then they blame in two weeks after that right, but they can really grabbed the division by the balls of terror. Take care business we have set.
Teams, I think everybody else's out the browns Open, called thirty six and seven Danvers five and eight, but their basically up. We address five and eighteen in a long time, Denver earlier yet Fisher. Yeah. That's what are those if you play the season a hundred times there is at least a couple times. There are nine, therefore, right now, but I would say the tops
Baltimore, knowing on Casey, Houston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh Tennessee, and I know they just kick my teams but last week, but I think Houston's the weak link. Other seven. Would you think whether definitely in a way, the least consistent like you're always did their heads gratis like on my God Hopkins, so talented, wise and he open all the time? And you know here, but I wouldn't trust them. I for sure, don't trust them. We don't. We don't have that shaky win yet right now we have a shaky game used in hosting Buffalo, our third Tennessee Hosting Buffalo. So yes, oh, and are really trust, use them. Thirty, eight and five at Tennessee next week at Tampa the week after and it's a Saturday again. It's that weird one o clock we're supposed to be shopping with their spouses right pretending that football is not on, but we know it is Gabriel and then Tennessee at home on December twenty nine.
YO and three that could be one and two to or whether it could be anything betting debt that was the shackles day that Denver score, but a really wasn't. I almost swear. I must tell you that I wanted to bed them today and you ve lost so much and damage the charges I literally held out. For that reason. Why, here I did I got around that because I thought exactly that. I can't keep losing money on damper, but I think this is a hangover game for used and it beat up on your team about them under twenty six and a half points that almost came back to bite me home. I add, as there was a lot of garbage time, lots of garbage time in that game, but they fall short and I was good. I add another game. I had two games on today, both because of the fantasy that were in that I probably watched a little too much of one was Cleveland Cincinnati near which Cincinnati ran. Twenty more placed in Cleveland did Craven at fifty to place. Total mixture was running, ten yards carried barely broke right now out and then the Miami Jets game
His eye was going against. Add the jets running back in Miami kicks seven feel goes, which I know. I've never seen before yeah, you ever everything that now and then it was like six and fourteen minutes of players upland right right. We had that feel, go poor performance and then we have coup Lena, who had eighteen points who was started against you and fancier eighteen fantasy points end recovered fumble, right So coup areas is anything like the charges gave up on him after after one game base They now is one of the more reliable kicked. I can't I can't stand You wouldn't have to bring this fantasy thing up at some point, but you are you're out of your mind what a baby you're that you're gonna win your now, I'm not gonna win my game, Europe, thirty one and he as Carson. Once in the film defence, Deanna looks like it's gonna ran tomorrow. There not both gonna go crazy right. I mean let's try to do this and forty five.
Seconds. So our league does that have player fad, add drops hasn't, had it third as long as we have done this year, so we we voted on us bunch of stuff last year, one of which was, if you basically cannot feel the person at a position you get to add job summit before the game. I I voted no in this role. I thought it was stupid, but it voted past eight. Do you wanna two votes? doing what I was dumb as I got was just have clarified, drops if we're going to do this, so the thinking was, if you had a key. Girl, like you, ve had Adam, been interior today and then also now playing and Chase Maclaughlan in ages, get a zero kicker. You end up losing Plath match up, because this conquered and started the last second. Yet we never for we know Forty four saw us there like what happened with the team ongoing gets today, who five runny bags for whom are hurt: rent inactive, inactive and
yes, now their active running back the Steelers. I don't even know what number here. I don't think they gave him a number. He was get over one point that I ass, though he had no place o Connor and then, levy eyebrow who a diary air or whatever had Friday and he's got the red flag on that that have levy on both sector was sure he was sick or zoonotic, allegedly by understood to get you crazy, but maybe so then, by Saturday it's like our, I well. If he doesn't play they get to pick up a back up, so they pick up, allow power red who has like forty in two minutes, it's out when the game to start and I'm looking at you. Forgive me like five email: ah so mad, so bad. So yet at did it's my last year until
I have referred to, and I don't believe that no I mean you, it's been you last year for the last. Seven are totally unlike Hyman Roth at midday, the same heart attack for twenty years, but I want to know what is what's the solution because I always said member like a decade ago, we had no add drops in the playoffs. We had a guy who had like Rich Canada, quarterback enrich Ghana was questionable and he added in the I have to ask ourselves what we call that Turkey has itself again and they will all we can't do that rosters, locked, weak! Thirteen after gathered, he's like what the hell I'm and take a zero like yegg and take a zero sum game and ends a plain: it's not a big deal and then the M rewrite like a decade later. We vote on this because everyone thinks it's too hard to take a zero. Tat. Actually I dont know what it. What is the answer? Just extend the drop period another week, another to eat. I either think we have planned, add drops or Europe
do you have your roster gonna plants and that's it? You have back up at each position and if he gets through to get screwed, I know my net don't tell me you're crazy. No one doesn't like that. I really don't mind that, but as long as it's rules in place, I thought you went a little overboard because they would have if there was extended, add drop regardless, how many defenses they have. They still would have picked up. Allow Powell you wouldn't not now, but I would have picked up a defence though higher she would have picked up Tennessee defence cause. I had the bears gonna get down, and I had the Niners against the saints and I was like squaring of getting four points out of defence and I would to take somebody different. I just think we should clarify, drops, listen, I should be crying
on the cry baby. Here I was ten in three. I was twenty points away from a by. Instead, I go up against damaging crap bag. Team was five and eight. They ve lost five euro I've one five in a row. I scored a hundred and twenty more points in them. The sheer and he's slaughters may he puts in their dead aunt guy it's idea and put up a big zero last week, instead of dropping out instead Tipp put in the back up and he starts a mini goes crazy and everybody how to shun Watson. Garbage time goes grew. I should be the ways crime you have daddy had coup. Yet eighteen out of a coup yea, like thirty per kilometre, scarred more points, and anyone on your two. I hate it he's going nine times as many points as have a there's. Nothing is unfair and ass. If I may, I guess what we like kids being born blind, that's that's! That's right up there and then fantasy footballs, second to being fair, and I hate it.
When I was a ruined my old they would. They show Bilbao power is a blow up. How is getting started earlier, get thirty yards of like what is happening. There was another team to ours ago, my god, I hate fantasy I was also in or about it. I was add to really gets Travis cows the end. Now on the Steelers and every time no, the girl. I was walking right next toward the little tv, the Steelers game isn't just hoping it wasn't sell it. Why do we care so much? we wouldn't. I leave you in some money in couple. People send you an email and that its over it is weird, is what it's like. What motivates Youtube up on your friends right I mean I was into fantasy legs, not even one we're talking about I'm in the playoffs up, seventy two percent to twenty eight percent heading into the late afternoon, games and I got crushed and why
from the huge league against Clay Travis. I ain't you know anyway, and I lost that to avenge Phil Rivers had like four years worth the games today battle. Why have em up thirty one points in their whence the film defence. So the irony of this Elaeis last start problem you as one more chance to put the red ball in my mouth and the patent bring the game, batter the chest and doing business with me one last time I say you know he's got it at least three interceptions to pick sexes you're done one picture, maybe while that's right, the sweat I'll fuckin Eli, roofer Eli, to light up the eagles? the only thing I have some room for doubt it His Eli is exactly five hundred right out. You know that there are no. The bulgarian ever I forgot about retirement there and now he's back
and now, if he loses the ease one under five hundred for the rest of his life. How many, under five hundred before your yank from the Hall of Fame consideration, I would say one Secondly, does no more than five hundred have we Rick. I haven't told you about state farm in at least a half hour, just like football. Just like this podcast was I get bad each other life can be unpredictable. That's why they are made Are there to help over nineteen thousand agents? A local state farm agent could be just around the block. We might have a state farm super Bowl, Rogers Mahomes, inconceivable. What do you talk in person by phone or through the app state farm? Is there go with the one coverage in agents you can I'd stay farm talk to an agent today and since reared and forget about the the Rewatchables Happy Gilmore come in this week, so subscribe or view subscribe, never listened last couple pads refresh your feet and then you can hear them.
Ok back to Sir, I Woodstock Pats Chiefs really quick. Now, I'm gonna tell you gonna blow by this. Only a very upset my homes looks like he's, played forty five football games issue. That's my first, I just for murder against him. He seems physically compromised motion. Just watching him in that game yeah. I thought I don't think it's been great, looking a beat up on the raiders, but there was some what we talked about. Some backyard Brett Favre is kind of nerve plays there that could have gone either way. Obviously they kill them the week before or the chargers He's gonna defences, the patriots that was a one possession game. I wasn't that impressed with my homes and then higher the same thing today. Obviously Mccall Harbin that that past eight, your team up and you couldn't come back from that, but not a ton. I don't know I'm not it's not as a inspired.
I'm a homes, players much anymore, while their home then were next week, Ashikaga home for the charges, so pretty easy there s the way, their native for everyone's excited about that, but they still have to go to the paths and to the ravens of everything plays out like I was down like my friend Trevor aren't Travers a big chief family. Maybe you want to lose this. One is not being the patriots twice. The problem is, I think the Patsy can have a lot of trouble. It's buffaloes defence, you think about what the paths did today they and they lost partly because they scored twice. In this vein of five minutes in both touchdowns were not dodge, but I feel bad whenever you get bound by the raft submitted in eating tripping calls or anything like that that they exist, but we had. I do feel bad an obvious fumble that toolbars or any back for a touchstone that they blew dead for reserve remain unclear and then they kill Harry play. Every time that happens daily. They scored a touchdown because they know it's an instant review and this is the one
I'm all year where there are the rest or like a fuckin ledges ruling out at the three there challenges, let their fact. Well, what's the conversation to they had a talk about it to waving his hand, above his head. They usually look at us through the yard mine but then put their arms up for the touch them. What's a cat, you did you see it not and say: did you see it on and see it? Ok, what's Markham now that three, but you're right, you're, exactly right, don't bother, was on a fumble and call everything attached because that's an automatic review of its a also Zaga challenges. I couldn't be reviewed and react off, the guy's celebrating he done for the past. When he got it and then went nuts Kazi Newscorp touchdown about that there, some idiots in this Gonna be loud. I dont know it exists. It was touched by me. It's like call it a touchstone because you do. You're in convincing thing is rarely a factor when you're looking at a foot on a sideline right. It's almost definitely he's in or he's out you get you can.
Early we, like ah man, has got as far as the ones that are close. That's not the one so called a touchdown. If you think his foot was borderline out and then we we're out chow is because both check it already challenged the play, were they didn't get the first down. He was a yard short an Kelsey pick them on the way to get the guy open we lose. The challenge that we don't. How am I saw you Berger. At the beginning, the game and in Alsace I go now came in Hock, Julie, you see either. Those guys like are now used. It can be a shit shout both of those guys stop it do you know the pound, the ardour for this game. Now over the one. Thirty six to twenty five chiefs, one thirty six layers Lang complain. Did when I worked with the two touchdowns I got taken away, were that about school one and was touched about about on the last thing. Now. My fourth and three, you run
all the way down the one, and then you snap at one like call the time out, I don't need that time out. We had there just trying to draw off side at that point, which would have been the right thing to do, but now, Did they run it all the way down the one which yes now organ anticipate the snap count. You got to get it off quickly and as an ice play by the fact that the vendor that there is some goofy coaching step date when then kill Harry plague. I called back. The paths completely unprepared then ran away that lost four yards. Now it was. They had no idea there after another play. It was this that second and twelve I talking about doubling Julian adamant and then through a wide receiver screen it five guys out on that. Second and twelve, I didn't love the play. But the irony of it is paid for big plays in this game. I think two or trick plays place that throw by Brady when was a Brady scramble on fourth and six, which was just an electric moment
of that of the sea, the logic and then, and then my line on the before you go on from that are almost feel like he could scored there. You guys are so afraid to touch her quarterback. Oh yeah, the sly d write an especially him. I think he did. Everyone gave up. At the same time, And then he had the pass interference down the middle to Myers Rosa, therefore biggest plays out our game. Which brings me to my point: the offence is just not good. Brady stats today are alarming. This goes back to what we talked about last week. He threw thirty six times four hundred and sixty yards yeah, that's that's less than five yards an attempt at, I don't feel bodies over three percent over the last four games, which, as is worse for game stretch, never I mean you know, may normally I'm betting on the path in this game come enough. Alas, Oh yeah, here regards Pieper, countless out. Let's do it
a cowboy they were right down, scored right, but the day the backfire go was now Plaza. I just think ostensibly there in a lot of trouble and they're gonna play the wrong. Events at some point in one of the rounds in that you know they they try to do today was Baxter. Ok here comes Brady's, gonna, do a thing and guys just aren't open ever you know, I don't think they're going to figure it out, I stopped, I hope, you're right, I'm gonna make a start at a wonder. He's gonna kill Harry. I note that it's hard to say, but you were pretty far last year. I would you, unlike the super bowl or somethin weak fourteen, you lost the Steelers. You score ten points, I think with fifteen you lost the dolphins, which has never good. Well, that's what it's gonna have to be as there is, the defence is gonna be. What's gonna have to win the Superbowl I'd. Think we realise that today, because I think this ceiling of this team I did achieve unhappily defence, would you would you call them above above average that fair the chiefs above average defect?
or adage average. Their second areas is better than their their running defence for sure, but so at you go the average below the average. I mean there are times you can run again like tat is what I mean that John Jacob SAD, like eighty or ninety yards in the first half before the raiders report by force the pass against them last week. I dont know why Johnny Michel James, why I don't know why they didn't figure that into the game plan more will count. I have the answer for Sony. Michel gonna tell you enter service has ever gets up. Why near his neck it? How did you guys here? This is he's really not We can throw time and he's just his its, not good. We also so we didn't have our center, which was the problem cuz. He loves to do the little inside and stuff, but anyway listen the pats. The pats any other great team you
assume they're always going to come back until the bitter end, and you could even feel today that, fourth and sixth thing I had friends that were at the game- and they said like Gillette was like shaking Oh so, fucking fired up that he's, grammars is longer scrambling, awhile and the earth. You know it's reminiscing like the warriors lashed arrogance. The rockets were, it seems that they should have been done and then that the heart of the champ that thing is real and you could feel that game and then nobody could get open when and where they really needed it too. So you can be twelve and for the worst right obedience, and earlier this week. And I think buffaloes can be a huge problem like days. The events will have to win their game because I dont think there. I don't think they can be abrogated twenty points in its buffaloes now and prepare for the chiefs. The next big game is the Chiefs MID January, their company you, and at that you're gonna be fine. You just prepare for that name Hey. Last year Crown Royal launched the first off the field water break, to encourage fans of the game to moderate and hide
to stay? In the game, with your watching, the stadium watching homer in a bar have a great time enjoy some ground. Just don't be that person that ruins it forever make the right call and take a water break so Sal who made the right call this week or not. You know what I'm going to give it to the college Football Playoff Committee. Now they rank. It was obvious. It was fairly obvious who the four teams were going to be after Oklahoma beat Baylor all right, then you got Clemson, you have Ohio State and you have Lsu, and everyone was about to scream that Lsu was not number one and it is the biggest waste of time, and now I'm wasting everyone's time talking about it to decide who she number one or number two: with these teams don't get home failed advantage? They don't get anything any bonus for being number one. You actually get to play number four, who is also a good team, but guess what
and I want to hear about people crying that Alice. You wasn't number one now they are because you have the winter games to be the champion that really matter so good job. I, U College Football, play off committee for saving us all this anguish on all this nonsense, making Alice you number one and Ohio State further down the list. I watched the latter called for by yesterday Can I say this: everybody's only lad for Tom Brady Comparisons, the game Derwin job Burrows play by Campi, every five bennets, because I actually start to get insulted after lower eyed and Joe borrow should be insulted. Whenever we simply plan that really hurt I'd, there can vary the vintage old school turbine, but yeah psychiatry settled that somebody has six super about that us he's as good as it could be right. Now, where were you works a clock rate? His grace is faster than guys.
That much more so get his knees. Terrific, isn't it like a year older than the Marge Access that again and going the same agencies? Is your foot football for less than four migrate call, so We did John. I bet India, who is million million dollar picks on Thursday, was very exciting, plus one. Seventy I couldn't believe go visit underdog. Then we get intelligence. Through through the form of the way in which the various official at that is actually sixteen per, Everyone in the last fight, so we ve been around the black with box and both of us. This is a huge red fire. So naturally, I tell you I want to bet on Anti Ruiz. Scared the weight gained. It can't be that big of death I had to happen for a reason I parlayed him with the Times and that's you did and, and it turned out-
waking was actually a very big deal because he could not move. He was so happy that he could not Chaise Anthony Joshua really two feet to the left much less around the ring and And Joshua GIS did circles and through Jab mixed up two times did what what he had to do to win the fight and I've really never felt dumber ever bearing a boxing fight than that? So it's the opposite, they call the week be actually that being dissuade by the air, the Ruiz, wake my little weight gain or do you think this is going to settling of making a joke, but a fellow he was in Hungary in this fight like he wasn't it is in care, is like I, I hit the lottery. Then he, by like two Maserati, there's something he did. It does a bit with GM on Jimmy him alive with business. Looking like naked photos of himself, not very focused, and just like Amistad my feet and dinner at the with Canada. It went the way you thought. The first fight probably should again before the first five
domination on the cards, and that was that it was the buster Douglas thing all over again sure which is on as the house. I gotta think this guy's gonna be the next bus drivers. I out he. Actually he turned out to be the ex buster dogmas. Just remind organ, know each other, hopefully for a few more decades. The next time this happens, let's on the other guy yoga. When when the long shock I wins the title and then puts on fifteen to twenty pounds for the rematch spent on the other guy. Wouldn't do that, I'm right at a damsel. Did you hear that? Put that down near eternal gambling advice for the rest. Put then your book, you Know- and I think that she's good advice in general for our but on the other guy, what was frustrated part was He really only fights hard for one round and then the interview afternoons enters a dandy. What happened on days, like you know, I think I gain too much weight e says it
Chris man Exe. Whoever has the the guy in the ring you now in retrospect, made putting out this way was a mistake that yeah, I think there was any that, though, is the crowd. Well, not the re called this week crown robots everyone this for policies to take a water break in moderate to stay in the game. So this is the first time doing I swear to God said why wiser sweet fifteen gang browsers again, when we have seventy seven weeks of this left now I know it. Can't think of it. Like that, what do you mean? You think I'm going to like that all the time I think of it is only three more cowboys games. Then I get excited. Is this your last Thursday Fox thing? This? Is it there's no more, but there's a games at that as its which is the Saturday jets ravens. I went out with a bang. I think you should put to give you an extension like a coach I think we should be in limbo, Yankee, together,
that I think you ve earned it, and I think they should do the right thing. Ok You did a home and a whole sketch on the clap her last week you violate having its own old by the ringer. That was that they came up from the Ringer old Ringer days and the now it's gotta lotta good feedback from Thursday night last one night. I would say this one's going out with a bang. Now I know I was joking Ravens Giants Ravens jets, the labels giants remembered the ravens. It gets a team from New York, so bread sat a lot of them are good, solid, Lamar Lamar Lamar. In them the Baltimore fans be fired up. Unfortunately gamma good. I think the ravens will be favoured by thirteen and half points. That's exactly what I said and we were off a porn, its fourteen. That makes sense not trusting the judge who died in how you have that on at an about on. But apparently the dolphins came all the way back more than the jets one,
the end right, yeah and then floor is as bad as they got. Screwed out, o Connell ass many. He came out to yell at the raft and actually was frankly wisdom. I think angriest. I've ever seen a head coach after again boom without actual physical contact. Deanna. What to do at this game like from the fox pursue, what the angle is like. Can you do Well Baltimore and the jets faced often Superbowl three? Can you do that at the same Baltimore at the courts, but it Baltimore reminisced, or make this a stout. We're gonna be You gonna be in Baltimore. Now that on that last week was my last travelling. Let's get
I don't I don't know either. I think you just make fun of judgments when in doubt make fun of the jets he answered. Jets of one fewer game, win them cowboys, bodily son, etc, yeah, five and eight. So if the Son of SAM didn't get sick, you could make a case the jets obeyed, the plaza they could dead, barely six and sat right, yeah Jesus. I can't believe this, the Sunday Marquis game- I I crunched, are the Games at times. I kept saying this can't be true, but it's true it we're going to the agency south for the Sunday back again. Why heightens Texans the divisions breach of game. Potentially, I guess it is your eye. One of these things will be in the playoffs kudos till the titans we ve been praising them week after week care and be ass. I did my stay farm save better the week about the Titans on Thursday. We good job all the way around today had it had the feel of a game where it sort of fellow
crap game ass. The writers have come down and scoring our man. Maybe there are thinking about next week and then they just to care business in Ten hell has been really the really good. There are two kinds of annex v of the Polish ICE Ryan TAT. Now ass. We two weeks removed from our now. What's do it all we have to do now. I appeal just right. You know, I don't know what I said, but I apologize for no, we Bruce Alot dear I apologized onto he's been really get he's been rejuvenated and reborn, I'm happy for a ray of light, and I think that team is better than used it. So one for twenty seven, three. Ninety one, three touchdowns wonder: deception. A J rounds of star right now, Derek Henry goes in a locker room the forever and comes back and stores over a hundred yards six out of seven, hot as any tamer. I guess the ravens there's just as I and two throws thou really great one was.
The ninety one yard, or to a J Brown. Where you know the team, confidence in their offence when they run the play therein. Were there like Phuket you now, you just think either Binkie branding there can re enshrining the first down and they ask looked at it like. Oh, this is actually get advantage for us. Let's go, let's go over the top with Asia and they got it and then that that's down he through new scrambled to the re any through across his body, to the left side of the answer that we are grateful pathway they have Aaron. Rodgers had been that way. Better mother unwilling, our Rogers. Why did it again? tat. I was ass, good ass, any point that any really good quarterback or makes our eye we apologise. What on earth is absolutely right and I remember I said, tightened Titan three and a half over the Texan
I get it. I went low. I stolen birds, much as I powders didn't believe in the titans than think Vegas. Would it's exactly three? I went one and a half, so you get it now. I'm betting that tonight just telling you now you like the tides, are- I do like we said they play in two weeks from Sunday. Sir, You say anything with the titans: have they ever had a quarterback? Who can do the things TAT house, but during the last six weeks I know they had statement. There was great, but he was a different type of quarterback They just sat through what, for years a Marietta other quarterbacks. I can remember. Lotta logic that crap right yeah guys were. The nationals were first names. First names I can't even I think there is gonna bags. You're titans fan you ve gotta, be out of your mind right now,.
Even citing this home game. I can imagine the crowded and be like TAT this is one of those one of them. Were, I think, they're home field were actually really matter in this guidance, young, obviously been young with Jerry Collins, then the hassle back, the Jaguar first fits patio Jake Laughter, I forgot about, have yeah there's a little Fitzpatrick live at a lot about quarterbacks Zack Manton Burger now, three watch a ball games for us. First, one packers bears its in Green bay. Thatcher biscuit colleagues, we had to take their case. There's the night. They there again super frisky just be careful Pierre for match. You can have you can have one drink at the wedding by don't go back to the bar. I would be not optimistic about his chances against Aaron, Rodgers and Green there, but there then again, if green bad as the thing where
They play really well for seventeen minutes and then just hold on the rest of the game of the fuck knows. I have Green Bay by six and one slash two you and high. I won't even higher. I said eight and a half its only five, you get it now. This was the first game of the year. This was September, fifth gathers and add. Opener and Green Bay was a lack lustre affair green, one what tended three or something that everyone all what's wrong with the bears? How does that happened yet now we think we may so much better than the cargo, even better than Vegas thinks stunner, that the bank has not had a sense or angry back. That would be a pretty soft. He said chiefs practicing, in the city I put this in the watch was because I think the breakers averted other five at eight, I think they're an incredibly watchful five and eighteen. They ve been involved in a lot of fun games, TAT, they ve add any these two major guys that seem like that should just ended their season and it did not occur.
And these games her eyes, fine, but I have the Chiefs favour Bananas F, eleven in its twelve o, my god now. This is one of the few games at the Broncos incomplete and there are thirty, two six middle of October to this chieftain, but twelve, yet they're, gonna, wanna, they're they're gonna play tough danver, but I just don't think that core backer he drew an interception. It was gonna, be the editor of the ETA. They had a game in hand and then drew locker unlocked the game. The non detectives almost came back a little, but one thing I found that chiefs really bad badger running back is above the injuries yeah yeah, that's Spencer, where at their expense or whereby waved in training camp, they said, and then I guess has been just home like us. The has threatened by heads Then a sudden was getting major run in this chiefs. Patriots game they there he doesn't seem like either. I know ways been banned out, but it doesn't seem like it totally trust them. They have seventeen.
As their lambs, all of whom were their herd or terrible and TAT, Darwin Lambs. I think there are counting on a little bit this year, the huge drop in the first half, and we really see him again, but I think event aware at the expense of their lives and then and he reads basement or maybe the Roma underneath the basement, yeah Heyward eventually gonna need you at some point, the years that on go too far with a real change down air. Her, I now think is Guest house like Cato Kalen Zone, is in the bag ruggedo, but I think it's hard for them due to extend leads because they can run the bought out was the biggest reason the pattern in early life fine cowboys ramps aid to me. This is watch bow in a train wreck kind of way, but also has the potential to be a good one. You ve, Dallas every game is, do or die now at this point, for you either ran to
I really starting to feel good about themselves again when she sees you a recipe for disaster. If you bet on Jared Goff you've got from the road, I don't know what the fuck to make your team. I don't know how Jason Garrett still the coach. It feels like cowboys by three Oh, you did do that see. You were on you're gonna get it. I said cowboys by one and a half, it's exactly three. You were very surprised that there were favoured over the bears and turn out to be correct that they should have been, but they continue to give the cowboys respect out, and I saw that Ramstein this. This isn't a team of the cowboys could be right now, but maybe maybe they don't get tonight's version of the rams on Sunday. I think the Cowboys and Lamar they just add a feel go. The line is elevators yeah, everyone loves the Meyer and data. They have so many dollars fancied. So many doubts people think they're gonna come back that that she said they do it barely watches so I hope I may ass. You have to do you remember Jerry Jones back in the Jimmy Johnson Switzer days at the date, the word when they were winning.
Remember him. Remember him doing this many press conferences. Did he do it that much or was it? Is it just? We remembered now more because its symbolic happening now and there could you just want to find different ways, see how he defends the coach. Do. Do it it's much back, then I just think people lose their man when they had their midst seventys when their figures, as as we say with the election right now with everybody, is running right, yeah GIS, I just can't everyone's like that's. Why they're losing cause he's doing present our elder ball now, they're, not they used to where they used to do programmes as all the time, but he hears my theory. I think He feels really get about. He got a lot of positive for they might Cooper Trade right because he took a lavish for that, and then they really turned out well in any pulled off the z contracting. It just seems like his chest just as out of them. He's kind of a young man and I think the earlier
he is the man but Jason Garrett, but did he do they have an agreement to Garrett's? I look we're not we're not cooked until we lose to the eagles. Just please give me that chance, please. Will you no matter who is on my part on Thursday issues? Drone Lincoln rallies them out a lot yeah. Would you be excited about the eyes up their armies tat day? They have the same names mentioned, Lincoln Riley Urban mired, all the same, my guys harbours. Up in their yeah? I would do it, but you know he's not a guy. That's gonna bend over to Jerry. You know now you bring in the guys. We talked about Switzerland. Jimmy jobs and who he kind of swore off since then, because they give him too much trouble, but he's gettin up in age, and he might think I write. But I have a half dozen years left. Maybe if I'm lucky maybe more on how we gotta Wenzhou Warburton I would begin because he could never scandal cause you're allowed to pay your players in the pros. Maybe I mean he that's his Achilles heel right here,
run a team without getting a scandal. Listen you cannot escape the cowboys against any fellow fast kid say anything. I'm stuck out of the coach used fell far short of price. We share dresser whether one way- and it is these really good on college game. They would have let it was called boats which are shut. I think that what is the stoner shall they ran in the ratings last week, really good stones on fire. When the tide always knows the popular show, it's crazy. The barely watch was I've for camp a bay is at straight James can never did below barely watch above alliance. However, again so I compromise between the Polar Bear, a heavy bucks by four and a half ago. You can't beat me this week, two and a half its four. I should have gone higher. Forget about the same as LAO guy these but plan that that's all I need than our thirty four thirty JANUS Viking.
At the chargers charges one by third. Five in a game that one person, sir, I have the vikings favoured by four. I get this one. I said three and a half were both heavy here, it's only two and a half, so that's a mistake in his way. There's more viking stands out there than people realize for sure. It's definitely again. Rational team, along the lines of stairs cowboys, etc, and I think this could be a lot of Minnesota fats doesn't even matter with Syria is always more and the charger fans wearing Vikings jerseys. Now this is a figure there's. Twenty thousand Minnesota fats, her problem, Minnesota Fats, Bacon, the trip, because its December near Little West Coast trip, news flash for the Vikings coming air for the game, the weather's, but offer her so enjoy your aided agree trip that words can be exactly.
But it was a man against this was initially the Sunday night game they flexed it out yet spur Buffalo yeah. You think they factor that in that, is it just weird to show all biking spends in it than a chargers zone game for that first swooping shot, probably yeah cause it. Colleague Pittsburgh Buffaloes. I got the better of again now and you know: you're gonna get us aside from today. You're gonna get a last second melt down from Philip Rivers. What's better tv than that next went forty manners Falcon Matters are home. I now have for the four matters had turned from coming back you're a little it's eleven, that I falcon alone or minimise the moss we're gonna like it, but make it make it three team Geezer, you put the manners and there they were, but the noise and they're gonna put the aforementioned ravens in there and you're scared of. You scared of the chief, but they are laid down in a nutshell. The chiefs last one hawks are at Carolina, Carolina Their coach so long,
about IRAN, woman it evokes they're, gonna clean, has and then some that's. This is us. Lincoln Riley possible destination get killed. Today I have the Seahawks by five and a half, I get this. I said seventy six and have your winning lucky. That could be a decent want to. But do you see the moon to interrupt. From what I saw from the sea, Hochstet amateur be frightened about on them. Again. I know the Carolina, the figure that you hope you hold Mccaffrey to one thirty total your good night. That's it we're taking our summer break hey, let's talk about square. They make that little way. Credit card reader that helps businesses take payments like cows, Barber Fernando My son bed, I'm gonna, get into this later in parent corner, but my son Ben find these Fernando Anna and it went wonderfully and then guess what my wife did at the end of it, she paid for the haircut was square.
There is so much more than just the way card reader. What's a you open, a retail shop going to want a decent looking register. You're, probably want to sell your stuff online Orion to stay on top of your inventory. Maybe if you want to sell custom gift cards to your store square, can help with all that. That's not just retail square can help you no matter. You tape of businesses, whatever it is, they can help cr away square, can take your business from square one to whatever's. Next, that square dotcom, Slash go sash bs can even be like Fernando Squared Outcome, such care Yes right, the poop factors, five deep. We start with the pats. Thank God there, plants Cincinnati today, since Mary looks okay in that Cleveland game. They definitely are able to move the bar offensively and do some stuff, and this this just feels like one of the more depressing passwords games, road games in a while
there's not a lot of people there since that game, I'm sure there's a lot of patents in Cincinnati, and I use the word one. I have the path by ten and a half, and I think this should be thrown the teaser basket. Yes, it is you get it. I went twelve and a half its ten pats, ravens forty nine hours no blow that come on. That's a win isn't week. Fifty in the week that we say every year, we have to be afraid of. I thought I was fourteen. We should look back and say that allow those fifteen well, let me just say So it's all Brady Brady Brady, but if you lose the one in twelve bangles its value check right. So in a way is gonna. Try harder than in these hop tried all year while the railing, active, is, if Cincinnati, they tried to heart and again today. If, if they, when one more game this year, they should fire, everybody Cosette
Israel barrow his disguise a game changer. They can fuck this up there, the inside track on. There came another game right for others ass through a jot. It feels like Tate and mix entered limping off. Every play anyway, so well knows, will make an official throw them in the blue tat men, just duct tape them to rewrite the exact giants. Dolphins. In New York, I have the giants by three near Gonna. Get around a wire went so here I said foreign half its three and a half thousand awful game. Dolphins have thesis. Dolphins are have decent firm. Out of the bad things like data after you like job five of their eleven off and suppliers of decent. Now I mean for the future bad teams, they at least try and their well coached, which is more more that we have a similar ones are about dimension Eagle are in washed. In it. She seems like the eagles,
somebody shitty every week at us, and they should be an incredible number of eagles fancied, this game eyed the Eagles by nine. Now I got this exactly ass. It six aware. Yet unknown trust them anywhere? Not that good they just be lost to the have decent dolphins are now I thought it a weird where the Redskins are actually when their home. It's actually should actually affect the wind for them TIM more than now really inanimate, because it so depressing now games. There fancier sober that absolutely Thirty, two twenty seven at home, the first week of the air ass, could be close. Raiders for the Jaguars raiders, technically, not out of it, but it feels like they. They ve gone just annihilated Lester.
I have the raiders by five there you hit it exactly ass, it three and a half its counties out three four of earth: that's it again, no eight! Six rub eight six mom, I'm propaganda loses next. One there's three left Browns car does in Arizona. Let's see if, let's see of Friday, can keep Nick job undertone carries again, but I have the brow by one and a half in Arizona, and I get this one. I said three, it's two and a half there is a whole baker got in trouble again. He was talking about Odo had a hernia and their training staff kind of messed up I'll, just withdrawn them under the, but many apologize for throwing them under the bus. But it's like you. For Jimmy, came all went the first year on Kimmel Show and if you given a press conference after the shown and said you now that our town Booker's
I've just really screwed the show up, we can't get any guess they. Then you a bad another press conference. Five minutes late apologizing for throw them under the bus? Would they forgive? that right away or are they just gonna, feel like they were still further the bus interesting? Will you remember that Your memory was at the New York Times, did in every department through the other, to advocate the first year. That was If you push someone under the bus and they run over by the bus and then near, like hey man of Cyprus in the bus right, but just got run over by a bus. Am I supposed to feel better that point? I don't know, that's a good question. Maybe the did Carmax give Kyle a bus on a car max, plus Rough year for Baker, I'm not sure the endorsement secretary trickling in the summer. I would love to stop talking about
Let's not talk about. It bears a plausible. What do they have to go like there's, six and ten, which we still have the dynamic that while I'll say there's one more thing but Odell talks like he doesn't have a contract right. He has another years is just how it goes, harry earnings in the older back again, I'm moving on. I am happy to say at the middle, the season two yeah. I think that's how us, when it comes to doing good other Sunday, flax, Steelers bills in Pittsburgh, disobey a really really really fun fascinating glimpse at what we might be in store for anyone. I had the Steelers by two men ass. That's exactly what I said, then it's one. So that mean you when we die not just now. I have a? U have nine, we have one left yet his bill stores. I don't see a lot of points
I don't trust doc. I think they barely one that Jane did you watch that Irish Zone a game? I highly Marie, really screwed up a coupled. I gladly rookie screw up like, but are you? What are you doing? You could run for first down on thirty two from the sex in any throws a pick, a name, corruption is worse than that. It should make a run for the touched idea you definitely going on the first down for sure. But He's a route and Cuba's point blackguards. You gotta be super careful, but it has a lot of them stuff, and I don't know how much of that is coaching or whatever, but D makes a lot of mistakes now and it's a team that it's pretty whiskey, like they're, always kind of hanging around in these games. Right even that came today, was two thousand three hundred and seventeen a really felt like they were going to come back
the good one, that there is an arrogant San Francisco there there were in their game, but there is always a dumb play. It takes them on Monday night saints calls its in New Orleans ground for the Thai here. I think this answer be favoured by seven points I yet it as its seven aphids, eight. Ah, three, four, five, six, nine one, two three, seven, eight nine nice Jesus. I tell me: why is it wait? A minute is this? Is this? Is this a teaser game. Is to operate, depends on to you. I have a wise man. I just think would see why there get in there just wondered what wonder we get back to the same score: thirty at home, the matter. What that over with might and main started threat
as always parent corners brought you by car MAX simply the better way to buy a great use. Car climax makes it easy so easy, so easy, so easy nephew Kyle. Did it yeah he started a car wreck. Stockholm. He explored over fifty thousand Carmack certified because they swayed the search filters made it easy to figure out what is budget was right now. I did this for how many days rather like three yeah yeah I kept shifting around decided. Then you can afford. Mustang is usually a baby. Eight yeah room room. Little convertible, he was you use curious to test. Rabbit was ship for free from Oxnard Car MAX to the more convenient location for him and Burbank for tests. Have I accompanied him actually on Saturday with super easy? How confident, because it was Carmack certified even noticed online, the car came in the new pair tyres,
It's better that pilots, the story he met sales, consulting Kobe Morgan, my guy, who had interest rate awake is the day was Kobe and I myself have you then I turned out yet is pats internet to be greater than bad. You show how the Mustang took my test drive. They discuss the pros and cons like the Mustang. He wanted to learn about the financing options. At that point left covered by combating early hour, where's, the rules, fight Kobe Cow determined, the down payment did the credit application walk through other options, including MAX care and optional service by and the cow could add, four additional coverage after car MAX's ninety day, four thousand Whatever comes first limited, warranty I'll, tell you the rest of the story after parent corned beef and stop by your local Carmax for written details and discover how easy car buying could be at karma.
I want to finish sad story right after we do parent corner, so you have the floor, for this is not going to make me look too good, but none of them do so. Does it really matter so on? My son is wrestling he's a ninth greater every week, or so he s like a novice tournament somewhere different this week I was in Santa Monica now here's the thing there's no buses for the freshmen sophomore, so they have to get to the wherever it is on their own. So luckily my wife ass to drop em off at the school he's carpooling at six, eighteen in the morning and he gets the Santa Monica. He ways in he'd been wrestling for like three weeks. He doesn't have many skills other than what I've taught him and then through a few practices and he's having he's like six foot, one he's a hundred fifty three hundred fifty five pounds and so he's wrestling all sophomores pretty much so it it's. It's been a rough road
And he gets there and the way they do weight classes out here you don't get like when I grabbed was one hundred and thirty two one hundred and thirty eight one hundred and forty five, and I think it's like that here too, when she get the varsity. But here when you get to the tournament, they take all the kids in a pool and a bracket them off like every fifteen lb. So he was in the one hundred and fifty two one hundred and sixty six way class he's one hundred and fifty three cuz he overate on Thanksgiving. So now he's resting older kids, bigger, kids, more skilled, kids. Thirteen pounds felt. I call me when they call the one twenty pounds and I drive over to Santa Monica. So I said tax me so attacks me. I get there and he's about to wrestle any gets, flattened and the second pair, like the kid the obviously had more is a very low centre of gravity was closer to one. Seventy one. Fifty there was even close, so he comes up in his eye. I think that's it
They got shit, you're quitting and he says no known, I think that's it was double elimination already lost her lawyer as equity. Talking tat, you just called me, as would you wrestle ten minutes ago, like yours, like twenty five minutes ago, as if this is the W w e that they give you a robot. Is this is dumb he's like as to what happens now? There's no bus and he's like well, I should stick or as a guy that you should stick around wash the rest their kid, the tournament. So I call on my wife and my aid. Nobody
come out here looks like art is done for the day and she's like all. I wanted pizza in Santa Monica chose pizza. You been there I yet one of the best as great as a guide on care. I'm out here. If you want me to drive, that's fine, we watch a few more matches. The torment ends. We go to Jos, pizza. He's down dumps, we order a pie, half pepperoni, half cheese, it's great and I have one slice about my second slice and a homeless man. Homelessness is is crazy in Santa Monica he walked in and ass his I can have a slice of pizza, and there's three sizes left its one pepperoni to regular, and my son Archie is like. Oh yes, of course, and pans, and the pepper only in my well all I want the pepper owning and now we have earlier this year body not only my family with everyone in places like an outbreak. I want. I want the pepper,
I don't mind parting with slice, but did just the and I like the home. His cap is looking at me like commander gentlemen. I don't even know that he likes pepperoni. It was just offer the bat right if you didn't make a say that at the preferred pepperoni, why are we offering that looked up Rony but heading with Archie, give People were everywhere gives me the luck, I'm a guy, I'm beat now and he walked off with the pepperoni unlike, but I'm very them very charitable giving Tuesday I dead, duck a ton, but- and I could have just bought another slice for another- two two hours and fifty cents, but was wrong to want the pepperoni. In that instance, yeah mean thirdly, you should ask every us at the table if they want the thank you, This guy I'm yeah about almost people's flogged arteries. I The really fun car at home after it's really father's, a lunatic, effective inspection, pepperoni from the homeless, guy,
I'm worried about almost people's flogged arteries. I think I should think is better. So I was on the phone. The other day, and I in my way, but my daughter were downstairs in the kitchen and my Son came down the stairs. He was crying, so we thought it was crying you hold in the back of his head. And we're like all my guy. Like you fell off the bug. Battery fell due to rescue mover. He jumped off the back of the dresser onto his wrestling. There may, like other other useful things he did he get hurt. Now He hasn't got a haircut in a long time in his hair is like cowards its credit. His hair was crazy. You I was gonna, really it was. It was just I can't even describe how long was in inadequate trawler was in and you can get away with this in California. And he decided he was getting a mall it in the back. So he took, he took the scissors
like you. It is to you too, to to cut paper, something any tries to cut them but in the des what he thought was like a melody in the back and then he didn't do it even and then he went to the right and then all the sudden he had basically cut now. It looks like now. He looks like MOE from the three stooges in the back. Ed and he's crying my hair and are leg Betty serious? I friggin Vainer, Eureka is ruled by a super upset Anna and his inconsolable. So that cares and I'll fix it I'll fix it may go upstairs. They come back bad and she's. She comes down first and gives us the look. Means only the look like. Every data stare laughing like that. That looks like okay, so he
dad and where the guy, let's go. Let's get. It looks terrible. Thus modestly looks like he has he's a twelve year old with the to pay her. So about ten minutes, said I just can't take it as they make it fairer may get Super Sadie reds upstairs. So then, the next next two days. He goes to school, where a ski cap so his whole back his head, but the ski calves pulled down. So you can see that like his to pay shelf back of his head, so they carry takes him to somebody. Somebody close to us like somebody so ass to discredit psychologist ravished into bed? A salon? That's like in our neighbourhood, just quickly like fix it up so looks better. She's a knock on effect. Some fix them. So are great. Why think either just cut. It he's had crew cuts, but
for he said, is you don't take cuts whatever just cut it start over she's a nun? Did she can fix it? So he comes back and now it's like a bull haircut I'm tired of car Dorothy have a member Dorothy handles Erika from methods at least six other taxes and urges feelings of the northern Rock as the Kazi actually goodbye buster. So now he's making fun of himself and great uneasiness wearing a cap everyday and weakening Dorothy, the American caught him. Cagney obey seed, Augustine four things: he doesn't get the jokes make myself laugh at and so he has that go in for a couple days and then finally Kyle steps in and takes into Fernanda the barber cows, Barbara, very thing about it, and And better actually ends up this Saturday. Yesterday, with eight with a pretty cool Erika, I thought it was. It was a four day odyssey.
But the important busted here that don't cut your own hair right, for those in earlier years will grow for girl for sure and for a boy yeah. It's it's bad in his defence aid, the boy of his hair was completely mangled. It actually looked like it like a hate crime has been committed, like somebody had jumped on him, sidewalk and cut that out of his hands. So, anyway, Doesn't he's out mohawk before I that's. The thing he's had a mohawk is crooked, sees at all this stuff, but he's just seizures. Last, as my ay I get a finished, the car backstory cause we went, Can I borrow your car max and Saturday to look at this Mustang a car max the prices based on the car? Not your negotiation skills, no haggling pressure by. I was surprised by how easy ass a free, the whole carbine experience a car max turn out to be they cover them seven day money back guarantee, for he is for weak
when a right now to make sure every little thing, but the mustangs just way likes it. Came the limited worthy which comes vehicles, major systems for nowadays efforts as mass, which ever comes first MAX care service. You get that furnished will cover all I got that you got, that is of my past there and the whole thing was really is: have you got on that site? So no, I haven't you go you just put in your budget were kind of car you're looking for, and Cairo is basically like, What kind of convertible can I drive down morose and smoke cigarettes in and that pop up their popped up real, Seven, eight choice, american yeah. I got very weak. Those who could return it and get something else you can keep returning. I don't like the guy have admitted he loves his country, he so happy he drove over there. He made he made a call on the car. Naive rehab is so yeah start the search for your next car Carmack Stock up Sow Kyle's like
me give me one of them and you always is car whenever he bought his first six cars you bought after is big paid, Weena Kyle at a terrible car story when moved at her. He bought a lemon. Yeah, hey, really daddy about eleven, that what are we Connachar Betty Betty Betty Petty, died quickly, Dorothy Hamel Betty was One of those puppies your parents get when you're a kid that you know that they there. What happened or a puppy xii it'll be happy on fire Does Betty. What are we gonna name this car like Maxine? I want a russian anything. What's strangling the third flag, flash out to be a girl right, yeah nineteen out all figured out what was running. I did you had to leave its twenty nine April, solar waiting,
I would ask you to put this week sow yet I will be on Thursday. I follow. You said on the pre game. Jets Ravens is the last one of the year. We do in a bit making a pig locking in I'm king again, I turn a profit of over six hundred hours, starting with a thousand against all odds Tuesday, night download us the gent, degenerate trifecta and Jim Cunning and we were for now with our best bats. Jim Cunningham's, two million dollar packed in always rivalry. You now for now more locks to have two million our big, yet I dont know how high they can get. You know like Mallory does four million, and then keeps gone up an out and out tat are now. How did your crazy? So as always good debate? w belly, ok days to stay vibe Dexter Car MAX thanks to Square rubber squares, more than a little way credit card reader. It's all kinds of tools built to run any kind of business, from payroll to online stores, go to square dot. Com go size, vs to see all the ways you can take your business from square one to whatever is next, don't forget about the book of Esther.
Bring her back ass, though we watch was another very Pakistan. The ringer pack has network, as was the ring attack on the world's greatest website, will see on Tuesday Woodchuck coastline. Ways.
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