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Sarah Silverman on "Funny" in 2019, Cancel Culture, 'Big Mouth,' Death Threats, the 2020 Election and 'Big Little Lies'


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by comedian Sarah Silverman to discuss working on 'Saturday Night Live,' internet outrage, stand-up comedy, acting, pickup basketball games, summer TV, legal weed, the Roast of Hugh Hefner, and more!

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cheers ever. I love that we ve had bad years. We ve made bad decisions, it's not about us! It's about! You don't make me play fantasy football. Bad light decision play Yahoo, Fantasy Football guy who offers up free expert advice, best play experience than ever, Your league history, like some of the other apps YO, as all kinds of fantasy games like a new best bar draft your dad trades. Nowhere is no drama. All season Elect editor yeah is the number one read it out by the FDA, make better choice: choose Yahoo Fantasy Football project. So that a pack asked sixty thousand seven really
no new, since two thousand to write, and we ve never done a passage. I saw you in LAS Vegas the summer, and you mentioned that to me, and I said, I'd, never ash command, because. It seems, like everyone wants you to come on, a pike asked and I guess, Imagine you know every committee in their public. We come on Pakistan. I just didn't want to put in the position. That's why I never asked that is cool, but now you're here I got a feeling you relax, I'm kind of mad. I have met on your back. Another might have the feeling that you, man unaided. I know what you did a very clever thing. You don't do Punkahs ago now I do I'm just gonna mandatory hiatus from lungs. I keep getting in trouble and then and then you go. I wasn't asking you on my part ass. I was ass, they didn t know you were and then you really, why would you do you do. Nice ism would happen you're making them. This is listening
your version of this, my what's your Iphone. Her your eyes, had ever that's what I saw as I thought pupil deep down your leg. Why hasn't he asked me what's wrong with me, But what can we lingering? We have done a great way to live life. There wasn't would have prevented that's what I told myself value healthy. Actually I gets really that's a good wait, I like see is that, oh god, everyone wants to do my podcast and then you need to have that attitude because I must see the the I dont have a pod cast, because I would rather die than ask people to be on my pet podcast. Just the show Love soliciting gas. Are you? Might I really hate putting people in that position? I hate being put in that position. I hate those. EL. I it's! I can't let you know even I wrote a book years ago and I they were so, madam, because I would not ask anyone for blurbs o result.
Yeah. I get that I may I made up fake were yeah. That book did well prepared Deborah considering liked was nine years ago carry out or any future I've never seen it at an airport. Here. We ve known each other debating whether workfare fruit Jimmy and I met you- and I was here. I flew in my way out here. If I did it in He flew me in my way cleared away in a while you to see to see away, and it worked, was I thinking about that is only to get here. Today is eighty agrees about this, and I was like well would be great to live here and I was at the sports guy from past. He picked me up and wagons here it the swag in here and as it so no new sense, but then it's been a pleasure to work
your career and other things that have happened thing than jointly like you do well, when I met you, I knew you know you. You had done some stuff They were well known, but then you know as well as after we bad things started happening and things happening And now it's where, at the end of the second decade, because we met you know I was there and I'm nothing for thou eating. That's it a coincidence that I met you and then my career skyrocket. Slowly illegal residence and there was a great I remember seeing you I used to love s now a stone and on them as much as I did, but I used to love it and then you pop up one day and you were young and your female nose like who's. This headed this isn't the normal type, a person whose on us who's now you did like go, we can update,
Was I was like a wedding or bar mitzvah hers, some story right? Oh yeah. I was using my weekend news of the weak, but it was like my news of the week and then you know my sister got married and their hyphen aiding ants in Silverman Abram aware than for forever and assured net to just two thousand. When they used. We cannot. They took. Of its loose. Yes need people in and kind of test them out, yet as they did in modern put them in sketches for some reason, but you're writing to yeah. As a writer slash feature performer lasted a whole season. They must regret that the No, I think that they did the right thing really. Why I mean I I I I I saved those the sketches that I wrote in their terrible. Do? You think they were good when your hand to them in a rational tyres? Well, yeah that that they were again did
like the whole vibrio Earnest you, like the whole, via above everybody, crammed into these different offices and yeah. I mean I you with his eyes in a real scary, but it was. It was really cool. You know I've always like in high school, and this and you know, like I always kind of stay at the periphery, where it's like. No one has a problem with me and I get along with everybody. I won a trouble right for you, you Oh I'm, with you get along with guys, you ve been able to get work. You I get a little girl. You ve been able to work your way into that, like the guy's being I seen you ve been able to fit in with that bus balls in a unique way. I feel like I've seen it here, but that's just me. That's that's also how
women can be like I'm here, I'm a female and that and adjusts I wasn't doing something special to fit in with guys so special about its it sound. It sounds like It's some accomplishment to be able to. I think it was in the main dangerous for us now. Is it like a big boys got unless it was the world is men, the world is white man. So, like you know, I see any woman doesn't just see the world through the lens of a woman. She sees the world through the lens of of them a man because that's the world. We have to live there less and less. So in a nice where the show change and stuck it, the next year is started. Tear you know me, These hired, you know, Tina Face and Molly Shannon and Sherry military. I remember watching that first episode, gleaming. Oh my god! These are stars. I remember.
We'll fairer episode- was like a media that Ike who's, that guy that guy's Jani Famous soon get off the shadow myself. Yet it further remember prefers the seas near there you're there may be the system of forbidden York magazine that big piece. Well, another year, it's Saturday night, I realise that there was a big peer pressure that peace was like the boys culture and the the kind of the Bro staff and the shows heading down this path, where it's not a sketch comedy show anymore. It's like a lot of these. You know monologues are like big people trying to play these recurring doctors are that stuff in their wisdom of welfare season, happened, awesome site out to sketch common, eager and
We are really personality driven for a while remaining to assess that's why certain life is still so relevant. Its constantly changing with the times at the ants tat lay like a reflection of where, were you know, yeah it's better soon as he how it tries to reflect the times down there in the late two thousand ten scares you know they finally had to start changing the cast. To make him a cast way. Murmured diverse would yeah there's a lot of trouble with furlough there, but pop culture has become so much more diverse tonight. Overcast reflects that. I think it took. The boy. Are you, after, like art has to reflect life, but sometimes like are asked to show life what it can be there in almond guy used, because reasonings ample, but like the costs be shelf, was like a hugely that in of lake,
seeing this. You know I love that show yeah I mean it was so huge for, like us, this girl in New Hampshire Nose like how do you feel about cancelled culture where we had these things from us and there were no not allowed, are the minimum. You know, I think it's really scary and it's it's like. Oh it's, a very odd thing. That's invaded bill. Left primarily and then the right will mimic it in and in a kind of like. Oh, this is no good in work and, as it were offended by the is, but I see on the left like this council culture, that too I call it righteousness, porn yeah, you know where it's like. If you not on bore, if you say the wrong thing, if you add a tweet once a view whatever, No, everyone is like throwing
First, stone who had ever eat, I had so odd in its it's really it's a perversion. I see it as a perversion. Really Ernie mean it's, it's really a you know it some Look how I am, and now I'm gonna press refresh all day long to see how many legs I get my righteousness and that's the thing that breaks my heart is ideally and I keep myself I tried a keener, listen, I'm not saying that I am immune to that yeah. I dont like liars, but I do have compassion to further like the lied tooth, yeah and You know like on my old show. I had christian people leaning, whose was a nazi in a skinhead bash, fuckin people's brands and for being black or doing
you're whenever, like he found a home phone love in this hate group, which is why people join hate groups and he's changed in the past thirty years he's been working getting people out of hate groups, but someone had to see the possibility of change and him. You know he said I asked for advice. He said, find someone who does not deserve your compassion and give it to them anyway, because that's what happened to me so all the time, I think, as this a before Christian. Oh, you know like as this just a christian peach future leaning in the making, you know and and not to have some, but I just feel like
I draw a line in the sand and I wish for other people on the left to do this. To you have to ask yourself, would I want this person to be changed, or do I secretly want them to stay? Would I deem as wrong? So I can point to them as fucked up and myself as right. You know he's gonna performance, art, that's what the rich culture Is this guy s? Words like it becomes a performance to some degree to be outraged by whatever you being irish ban in the next two years. I genuinely be outraged by, but are you have to say like is what is the action I'm taking here? Creating change or creating for their division matter now? But you know we're like furthers Vijay's. Some anger does need to be called fuckin. Why would you think of the culture of the people going backwards?
It happens with comedians that happens with writers. Like utterly this person, they did this bit in two thousand one, and then it all the sudden becomes a story her. They wrote this peace in two thousand for Meanwhile, like fifteen years, going backwards. That's too fine. I mean look. I I had this this last show. I love you, America. I did a whole episode about it, but like on my show this our sovereign programme, which I loved, there's so much problematic that show how young in its brutal and then there's a whole episode of women black face
we shot it in south Central, it's an opposite about race, yell aid by a character, my character, which is like a ignorant, arrogant, Ito woman trapped in what I wouldn't know how to call it then, but a liberal bubbling over like I believe the racism gonna show that their racism in our like that this episode was Alex Desire- and I swap so he's jewish and I'm black for the day, and I am and we're both the most racist version of that anyway. If that came out say, but on the other, those Tropic thunder same thing rose, the joke was the robber Danny Junior character, restrain when they ask her, but now I'm not sure that movie comes out in two thousand and ten. Yeah. I've been living Jumpsome further retard lie
I am anxious to lie those accommodating advocated there. You have it. It's ok to go, wow, look at this back them that was so fucked up looking at in the light of today of what we know but to hold that person accountable if they ve chain with the times like for me, I'm not saying the Douro mutable. I hope I held myself accountable. I can't make that I can't arrays that idea That is what I can only be changed forever and do it. I can't make it right forever for the rest of my leg veto, but to be to not acknowledge that comedy is ever green and I mean I've always said that, like if I look back on my old stuff and dont cringe, there's something wrong. You know because, if you're putting her about their it's, it's not gonna be timeless. It's just not I mean so I was filigree. It reflects whatever is going on at the time
so I feel like you know, I'm sorry no shitload of columns and I would take back a bunch of jokes bunch of things I did bunch of ideas just in general is that man I wish I had. You know the same way you would with a with some of the I gather that Joe. I would have a much better job that that is having its that's part of what is growing like an artist or whoever words like yeah. Alright, I would do that now, but back then it that jokingly, it was super funny in MID. It reflects more what was that and in whatever you're in there. Just so much I didn't know right. I knew there was racism. I knew that there.
Was. I went into a luminous that in some white wine comedy, but I didn't know, I didn't know that cops were killing black people, plurality, unarmed, black teenagers, like on the regular urine that changed me forever, and I mean this is whatever. As you know, I recently was gonna. Do it movie today's on a movie or really sweet part, Nicole Little Movie and then at eleven p M the night before they fired me, because they saw that pay a picture of me in black face from arab hazard? Really- and you know I I was just you know- I didn't find it- I just I said you know hey. I actually addressed this recent in on a. U last
you're in an episode of my show- and I am it wasn't because anyone saw it. I exposed myself, you know, but listen, I'm not that person anymore, but I was doing it. I didn't go to her Fuckin Halloween Party in the eighties and black face. I was doing an episode about raise here. You know now. I understand Never ok, I'm blah blah blah. You know not a blah blah blah, but you know, but it's just you know, so they hired someone else whose wonderful, but whose we're stuck her neck out early me and like it just very if its was so disheartening, it was just dumb does made me real, real, real sad, because you know really kind of devoted my lifetime to making it ray. You know where you also especially the first like kind. Ten, twelve years, your career, like part of your comedy, was going towards the third rail yeah. That was
What what makes people uncomfortable? That's where I want to go well I'll is you know I will the first two whole part of my stand up through Jesus is MAGIC and, like kind of into this area programme was, I said, the opposite of what I really felt. You know me. India hope is that the absolute power transcends if Europe Mass Nerd, but, like you know so you know that was that I was in character. You know I am. I am getting a fuckin killed like it in in Jesus is magic. I say some line, The far right has made a meme of it as if I said it in a press conference which is Ray, I'm glad the Jews killed Jesus. I do it again. You know something like that and they wrote it as if I said it in a political speech and then people really. You know why, whatever it's it's fuckin sucks, you know, but
Why the aberrant like I can stop, but logarithm comedies in a dangerous place right now, you're a real that there is a path. You're online in Florida. Who said anyone who kills. Sarah Silverman is doing God's work and that he hopes that someone Knox my teeth out and kills me and if they do it'll be God's work Jesus. What was I like? A year ago? Oh my god, yeah steadfast. Church in Florida helps us like. That's telling people to fucking murder me reprimand medium. Like a quarter. That means that was me and character. Earners comedies puzzle. It's like this. Violation of what can be true. You know it's funny leg.
So comedy. Is it unfolded? Seventies eighties night is there's a bunch of it. Ways to do it and one of the ways was somethin. You love to do which was made. Pickup people uncomfortable pushy envelope do that material pupil. Well, I can't believe she's go in there, but then you pull it off and that's the stuff I'm not sure we're gonna see as much of any. Less at somebody like. I saw that to surpass specials reached as giving fuck I don't care if you get mad this here's my comedy, but I think it will go back it will put. This will create that again. We'll think about what we have heard about the sixties, with Lenny Bruce those people who then became idolized decades later aside, those guys he had the seven thirty They were taken in handcuffs off the stage in the use and ads. You know I just think comedies important. Once we start litigating it, and you have a jury fur every.
Oh can every routine verses lake allowing people push the lion and if they crossed the line a little bit, you know it's. Ok, doesnt doesn't mean that they should be developed. I'd. How do you know where the lines are you do comedy remember when you're dating Jimmy we're just be hanging out at his house and you black, eyed up I'll, be back in bet and languishing she's gonna do like ten minutes said. The car, I store the near just come back. Areas where you'd been hanging out and then I'll send it's like Germany go do my job for ten minutes. Then you'd go work out whatever routine. You had your head and you just be back like forty five minutes later. If people the lad to work out material and
find out where those lines are, then I really wonder: what's going to happen accommodate that's why I stopped going to the laugh factory because every time a comic con trouble because, like they're working out material and they say something fucked up or whatever, and someone record this yeah it's always there and then the owners on the news like talking about it's like one. I just take people's phones or me, the rule in or near the bed. It's my very protective unopened. I should have given another guy clove of comedians you ll get. The comedy now New York, I so impressed by this. They ever three drink maximum yeah divvied Africa, as is like, that's, so they could make so much more money if they dont have a three during maximum, but they care about the complex,
You conscious of their now in your work outside of somebody recording it. I dont like when I see here in oh, it's just so annoying because I just What're you gonna watch your shitty grainy yeah recall. Oh, that are like people who take pictures of of fireworks like Well, look at those later and remember this day. Google images that he's thing is like having the expire hands were taking pictures of fireworks. Fucking Edi hit like nothing dumber to me how many years are. You know right now. Like talking. I thought you were like a teenager stairway. I was seventeen. So when do you get tired of the ten minutes of going out. There were the routine that deal about twenty minutes, Lambert joining it whenever town, yet twenty minutes, but it went
get tired of that kind of pit in your stomach or whatever feeling you have when you go out there and you're like I'm, going to test off with these complete injures I, how many last item always I was seen vicious then you for the rest of your life. Yeah do you need to do anymore? Is it like playing basketball? Where you need to do it, you don't feel right unless you're doing it. My two favorite things that you're still play yeah I play on Sundays and Thursdays when I can quiet sweetener is your game when value added and then I would say, I'm the one first, but are you out of here him when he man, where justice as people get order? They had things the basketball game, like you out, as I hear the coroner three, I do have you? No luck. When asked playing Sunday, I go I'm because the past for years. I have really been focusing on my inside game, but I think it's just because it's terrifying to me, yeah yeah, but you ve got it always be, were going down.
Though you know picking the lane and like going down inside of someone as the ball outside and it's the right thing to do and be ready to creating spruce, yeah, I'm dumb. I really you know I I get scared doing it sometimes go. Sometimes the guys they throw the past like a bullet in there's like not their problem, to get it and put in the bathroom they do like bone and it's scary, but you know I am obviously not that scared, but listen bill. My faces my fortune and my landside time like. Is it worth it? I don't know, but sometimes I think just because with all the new and everything I need to swear and I need like full body contact like I am. I think there like something about my old injury. Is that just feels like just feels something I feel Some people, like a move when you get older, bigger, basketballs, just don't get outside shot, don't get about Turkey
about your face that site the number of don't get head, Dunkard tripped down Where is my eyesight deteriorated so badly, so lay sick. I am not a candidate for you bet. I say you, I can't see, I can either regarding waited a handsome right now, I'll is eight years Gary Silver AIR, your blue eyes and like them stubble. Thank you something I'm not a candidate I'd like maybe I'm not gonna, let and contact you know one I'll have perfect vision when I have cataracts, because it's like my dad and cataract surgery and now he doesn't need glasses were the first time ever like you just as perfect vision to Mugabe, The comedy thing for second: are you preparing this material? How is your press has changed now that were were so electronically trap to our phones and computers, laws that are used to like grab a notebook and go into now runs.
Fine, most the average time, those other stuff on the phone. We'll know I'm like a guy. I just keep notes of all kinds every. I think everybody does lawyer. I do the to renew it twenty five years ago. Seven hundred of these and then so she just another thing, and then I wanna go instead of lake. We have a little like beautiful mind card with Hubley Therefore, the thesis Russell Crowd is that, like this, you know right now living up of these. Who, when you were like when you wanted to do this, however, the influences cuz you're New Hampshire witches in exactly like the comedy,
Oh my mama, like the Woody Allen, double album and where he's just like in a sort of ease and a small bar, you know it. It doesn't seem in others than intimacy. Is here you getting drinks clinking in. I don't know. We listened to that a lot I was
worship, Steve Martin and I had always albums I loved you know I was groping eightys I loved Robin Williams, like I had a tape of Robin Williams at the met you know, so I did you take different things to different people. Cassettes like what I did ass, a writer I, like seven writers. I like anew, grab like one piece from each person. I don't know who I was like. I love Joan Rivers by mean I wouldn't say I was like her and I like to. I love Dumb Albert, Brooks, like his film still short films Letterman. Every night I mean I I was in love with him yeah you know I don't like take over like Jimmy is love of him. As the fiddler Jim is Cecily yeah yeah, I mean yeah. That was our age group. I mean he was
like everything yeah like the alpha, seltzer tank, Velcro Sue way, there's a thing. It was also make there were less channels time and then for the night Also, we must how thirty eight channel fifty Sir Urea Day had like channels. Durham Channel eleven years so that any bread and butter I did hear hear we had? It was twenty sounding bell for thirty. Eight fifty six yeah yeah we're probably watching the same, shows his fifty six had the the braided, Partridge family just like when you know someone from Boston here. Is it and we're all like trying to like come out here for pilot season. You know like end, and you know, Mark Marin will be the person
it is like riddled with jealousy in areas that guy it out her hand to her. I didn't do a lot of things just to be a deck, but I remember talking doing going like I can you believe hook, Dana Hersey got a pilot for NBC. Never I just knew, because that name from the movie allow you knew you knew he would get the gun. You was. What Let's talk about luminary the new podcast subscription service of some of them. Content around I'm excited because you can listen to the region,
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apply. So when did you move out here? Ninety five after us, Anna for Sanders refer. I came out here the first to do on comic, drip live like it was a stand up. Children far turning around dumb evening at the improv and I M, going to a party for John Stewart MTV Talk Show whether Jacket John through yes, yes and I met this fucking cool girl. You like smoking cigarettes and had like I'm cool Hatton shoes, like I don't know, immediately, was a girl who's this and she was like him. Let's move in a few on her room and I was like ok, I'm back loading, our got mice, and moved in with those is near. Tracy Caskey were partner Hollywood was it West Hollywood Unless the palm between Palm in Lebanon
then you start the comedy clips. While I was there, I was living in Europe city here, but I mean it away. You start doing the same yeah, unlike the alt knows when Largo started and uncabaret, which I was like peripheral in only and the improve and the laugh factory. That was when I read my book a you know, I would Dave. Rath live up the hill from the factory, and I said you know, come down, I'm going to get the laugh factory, we're good friends and he had a goatee and it came down and give me a kiss on the lips like tea was. I was just like readjust going down on her pretty girls yeah, I'm thinking about it was like. I was magic that I would not go watch here. My guy literally is goatee put a goatee vagina. Then you hire them is richer
No, I was my mother had ever us now. He did where I we worked together. Jimmy show me there, rather than ever That story, I primarily for the new chapter and not that you I mean, but in my book the chapter called pussy face, whenever senses nephews column uncle pussy faces. I read that book that years ago the guy like that parliament might bear. No, I mean that's gonna, look at their breath away, Kissimmee, it's a very prominent fischler, thing of Israel has it so, following from afar, the millennium Boston you're on us an hour, then you are not essential, as I guess, there's no internet. At that point, you might as well have been like kid that by aliens unknown happened, Avenue pattern Sanders my favorite chow because I can see hinders the men. You did Germany, you, U path. I like what five six dollars now three episodes, one
abso thereabout run you you're only into other types, one like a story one was like a big story and one was like. I was just kind of in the writers room. Then he became friends of them. No, no! I! I became friends of them before that. Dave wrath the lives of all things. Pussy face brought me to the basketball game and ninety five. Gary's. I played every new efforts, however, to cross the cross, the line you're like the Jackie Robinson is again maybe, but then I played every Sunday depending on where
yes boyfriends, I had ever and I get the data but pretty which for the next twenty one years was he a mentor massive layer? Oh my god, we all miss him so much. He he was just the most generous he'd read your scrapped. He'd get you eat gave you advise. He gave you Hugh. He wanted us to learn from what he had to learn the hard way he like served us on a silver platter. I spent I went to a boxing match of them and I spent a whole night with him with people arguing couple other people. I never really hung out with them and he he's just like I've. Never ever been anybody like that. Guy cuz, he like immediately livestock yeah, you know, ears five minutes ago, and then he just kind of
said. I knew and then just BBC's really curious. The end was I you're doing a pack aspen obvious keeping then I'll just go for hours and hear, and then he was so. I don't know like is half of all. Is that nearly as high as I would have thought or about for somebody who created they the greatest comedy probably enable history preside. You think I should do that years. It was actually kind of wood. I imagine I heard you would be like that. Use actually like that. Yes, sir, he's get a statue ice. It's funny it's people say Sopranos was the show that kind of got HBO. Guy master was Sanders, of course, and then then Sexton. The city comes that than then the sopranos is called the calamity land in Erin Sorkin said he got the long Holloway shots for the West wing. He stole from Larry's Anders didn't. He says that year that's oppressed, so what happened last night? Is you just do a comedy trend
break in the movies, Don't worry, I never return. I never had a plan never had. I never thought that way. I never go like I'm going to try to do this. I I know I know I feel weird saying that, because in your twenty nine people are so goal oriented but of the ever been goal, just kind of work on stuff for. What are you, member from the first year, Jimmy so exciting I don't know see it was William. The bar. You know that there is less money. Like all the things, all the ways you want to break convention. He had to learn a little bit by bit that there's a reason for those concerned. Yeah. You know that was kind of the legacy that first, I guess, I'm not gonna where a tie and people are gonna drank and I'm not gonna do
on a law again in Afghanistan, be behind the desert over and all those things are perfectly make total sense but for some reason errors there is a reason for those conventions. You know I mean Suf Myers, it works behind it. Us because the audience already knows him, but member he being behind it ass. He. That was the big tweak right, but it is because they already knew him from behind a desk to see his legs like seeing hermits legs yeah, but a home, then an end to that effect like if he's, if Jimmy stuck with those things, they would probably become convention. You know I mean, but there's like
panic, Gov, probably executive, saying like he's working the numbers and the truth is like touches, need an inner was so great because it was Lloyd. Prime yeah who, when he hired, am inoffensively, had the vision of seeing this in Jimmy. You well, and he also said you're gonna suck the first year which he didn't, but you don't Amy and, like you said this, is I'm making a commitment for three years, because that's how long it takes you need those add bats. There are very few executives who understand that I feel like I am. I can't stay
The sound of my waist rate? How does a woman talk like this high? This is my boy laser. Like fairness, lady high, we always Holloway red blood, the documentary yeah. It's such a fastening story, but I was like Sacramento should be better. Why are they using like old timey footage? What is this? The second brand men venture it seem pretty stiff. You know your talk about Gibby Show. I remember they forget. We have focused group here and it was like we hear our results were going to come in and explain two results overall in the room and everything they mention was like a thing that made the show death so we got so. We agree that the focus groups that, unlike the color house, characteristics and God. Why those we call say my Jimmy knows where it I M just they went through and it was like.
The nine things said when he was created. The shows like so this summit to show different, saying no to going. They dont understand why he doesn't where it I do here. The hang us sees not wearing a tie. The thing with the focus group that they are pretty admin about his leg. It's eleven forty five to I was twelve o clock at night. It's like twelve o clock at night. There half asleep, they just want something. After all, all that bad verify. You see they then a z Hey on order every night, even though I've seen it each episode twelve times, it's like I dont want to surprise to fall asleep till I want the authors have their own chaos. They don't want, like you know so, living Jeff for us his car on fire at twelve thirty. So it was just it was
really like sobering? I wish I almost wish there is a video of a cause by the end of it offers a leg. So this is why our tv kind of the assembly he figured out how to take the convention on my guy due to the whole thing with it. When when did you feel you started getting type cast as the girl friend in the wrong com, are worried about going those kind of roles you're just caring for like two three years. Well, you know what I realize or the bitch the school I've been that's when jewish women get there, the friends there the county girlfriend- and here you know- I know jews- run Hollywood supposedly invent the really don't like seeing the went there. Women. It's a linear like mention that as someone once and in an interview in a goose Woody Allen ago, who are you leading women name them. For me. There
There are many other marrow, Diane Keaton, Scarlett Johansson. Oh yeah, Niger is no. I mean I love all of those women. I worked you think by the end of this decade now I feel like that, has really flip. They aren't the glued added flee bag fifteen years ago. She jewish know, but I'm just saying like different types of apple totally, but there also five six hundred now ass. True every they having a letter endeavours to them in Fleet flee black Flee bag is brilliant, so get a cab is actually I was late to it and I can with a few episodes that, whereas, like actually get around you watch, it was the second season was six episodes at twenty five minutes, a piece it was like. The adventures was longer than season two of we back, that's it it's over and then she said I have never do it again to know
kid was smart and left me wanting more, which I don't feel like shows ever happened before killing you. That first season was incredible. We have people here at the ringer, they love the king. The horse is Jody Juridical Maria she's, unbelievable yeah. She had big ringer points. Last year, yeah I mean Sandra Tail, but like the other killer, she's she's, unrelated Phoebe might actually beyond the show this year. For them episode really yeah. I thought I read that they are doing a season three for killing me, but they are yeah. What else are you watching? Handmaid's abs, Just finish big little eyes, yeah louder stared at the ocean, the season man that so beautiful their great it's not even they cheat they make. It seem like it's
on her own, its Malibu filming at her mother. By the holy shit I mean, and if you're Merrill Streep it's like everyone as such high expectations, and then they were blown out of the water. She went. She won't even beyond what you could ever a motorway pushes ministry. Yes, she's Fuckin Merrill Street She's by Father came out in Lhasa, Wegg and I'll make you a character had never seen before a fuckin. Seven year old woman with Asperger's, whose a shit stir, I think, a unique but aggressive I've ever met her. I mean, I think, for two seconds: but now she's one of those people like. I wonder what her normal merest reapers, because somebody who can become thirty different people all right a lot of times like character actors who are always in a day there will. I know a couple who are lost
people yeah they dont there like? Who am? I don't even have their real. I think she has a very defined self. That's my god! She has she's, this whole normal mom life were like kids and our kids are late, the authority. I know what I mean like she had like she raised the family air, but while also, like I'm gonna go be Sophie and selfish I'll be back fucking. How do you do that? You switch said switch said we did you watch, but little lies. Of course they can we talk about it. Is that, like a spoiled, no fuck. This boy verity happened here within the one thing. I drove me crazy during the court sand, like the second last wire when there are,
Getting maquinna culture are the sudden becomes like JANET? Aren't I mean a word food issues. I have to believe her back story. Is that, like one of her parents is australian? Oh, she led the austrian accent slip added here that she is an incredible actor, but the character like when there is sailing were always feel is abusive I didn't you get your kids under their move up. Did she forget that the reason why he was beating her up when he died was because she fucking move, doubt, matters had her suitcases and bought a house to move in with the boys here. How did that come on. Progress should be mentioned. What about the part Why are they all goods all make a pact? Why don't you go down the stairs about like he was beat the shit out of our friend and where China getting more air, and that was it. I guess, can airs. Literally, no crime was committed now because then you can have a season two of their just like you know, it's all just tell them what actually happened
He was the right thing by front of all this yeah, but I guess there knee jerk reaction was they lied and then they had to stick to it because they lie it. My biggest issues is to reach witherspoons character. They just kind of did know what to do with an he wore the dynamic with her and moral stoop was incredible, read it, but then it fight, and I love Adam Scotland. Why why? Why do they want to be together either? He lay other of each other. Now, there's one moment when she's in the wedding dress rear like they like each other, but it's like now she just as total guilt and she has to go with what he likes. Like all other big tat, no will just be us. Ok and that's the happy endings she's gonna, like contort, her joy to his because she fucked a guy was so sheep. It completely betrayed her. This is worrying up, seriously. Less, don't like each other noise. Allow these traveller Hager. How yet Does he do other but
season when she's such a troublemaker and then in season to seize this meek ashamed? I m sorry, I heard our may I thank everyone who Abram Sport and it was too about not everyone could have any story and she's producing at and probably a dislike said. The key should have been. They should have had her got more involved in the school because the schools that voice I that part do have the psycho parents in school. I mean that anything so that their what's your face storyline, Renate Lord Dern was great but, like I wish it well. I wish that had something. Well, I guess it was like she just left us mastership, left them, but Lord during game in the feeling, all season that she at other Marrow street press clippings and was like she's, not she's, not getting the best supporting act or semi at without me saying or doing something about it and she decided she ratcheted have better.
It means that you are going to have to come through. This is she's, really get a sheer that great, I will not not be rich, when she was like comforting the housekeeper? I knew that the housekeeper factors, but by at that point. Thousand s gonna hire you back, it's not good bye and, unlike our she yeah I have the same. Then I, like these seven episode, data pursued me. It's a dating First, as I having a real relationship with tv shows where you just kind of like you're gonna for drinks. Couple times of the show, and then it's over, I don't like when things just go on forever, because I know that There isn't like a beginning middle and end all thought out for you lost. I was just getting I was the one that time is the well season. Great season two great season, three they're playing golf and be stories that you just treading water knows that fog. Then
they know, then they sign a thing: three more seasons and a map it out in its incredible. But now I think most people do that the recent people who they know within the first two seasons. Like here's, my exit plan, yeah, zero gonna, be on for two days the mentality, though like when we were drawn up as you just try to keep your show for as long as you good yeah get rid of it Durban bring another character in Greece it out of like they. Now that shows a further seventy three Do you have a bachelor? You too, that whole scene or no? I love it. But a couple years ago my dog developed a sound sensitivity to the sun, so crazy, but I'm not kidding I'm so triggered by it now for her, because when, when someone swears- and it goes, it gives her like a like,
again, Syria, like an epileptic seizure like she goes why fucking benevolent Kramer marry her, and I can't yes and I can't soothe her like I it's there's its it sucks. So it's like all. Favorite shows they haven't been able to watch unless I'm in New York and then I'd try to catch up on all of them or I like will listen to our podcast of a recap. So to recap you care much about her more because the beep gives you August, seizure, yeah and now it makes me mad because I go. Why did you have to have it big allowed assaulting beep, and I know it's just because every time it happens, I get scared that my dogs gonna freak outbreak, but why do they? they just drop the audio or have like a or like an adjustment.
Zero finance. He viewed as empty, reaches because silent on this. Well, that's why I do on the age handle in their like sex in the city run they just drop. The audio just dropped. The audio does my wife watches is from time to time the heavily edited age sex in the city yeah. It's really a fascinating reward for a ladder. Isn't it's like Jack, as is like the pouring without the poor? You just have to drag her trial. Just like ready to have sex observed that airlines Donwell Doublet came control ages. They move were new forty year old, just like, I actually actually think it's kind of bad there to Rio yeah, but somehow going reveals the true relationships? Stuff is just as good bye like yeah mean anything. I just got like wow it's so why you know anything from five ten years earlier, like wow
friends, while yeah friendly there like a major Anderson and they're, both New York City stories with all white people read areas. Bizarre funny say where the friends rerun is clearly. Somebody gave the note like around season three and you just see at the central park there be like to buy characters, but not talking just in the background, if they're like hey to get those extra black extras yea either in the subway gonna handle the lazy Pierre, for that, did you take it out now people. I feel like that. Sad as nearly as much of an issue as it used to be new members that they had seen. People are consciously look then like even like Jimmy's writers from their first errors, all deeds, and one for you ready before her as more interest go then were Murphy after the air. But now I think
his days, that's on Abner yeah in our? What's, your first show you ran over. I was writing a tiresome Asea calmly central. Was it a fiber sexes out there somewhere Maybe the menu then too low nine. I think so what would your plan now going forward? What are you gonna do another tore, open and a question here. I don't know because I like well, I'm gonna do pilot for our will to say, like pilots, I don't know- do a pilot, I don't know I don't want. No one tells me the rules and then I fucking in trouble, but everyone with an annual pilot, that's like out another kind of like political, but like also aggressively stupid. You know I like that MAX is important here he added
see it because I am in Tibet, but Emma than all miss acting and it's funny I like unites. I took an acting job actually doing a movie October November, I'm going to New York for three months of September October or November September. I'm doing the word we ve got our last workshop for the bed wetter. The musical that time is now finally happening. Is gonna Broadway off it suddenly Atlantic Theatre Newark Base, and yet these started spring awakening started there. Are you ever some NOS eleven as you hired somebody to be a? No? No! It's it's it's. It's me the year, I'm ten kids, but it's like radar and oh my god that sounds like a mud, the general
friends will house? Oh my god, it's I mean in I, don't I call road it with her. I co wrote the book and the lyrics an atom passenger road, all the music. We covered the lyrics in this great playwright, Josh Herman, and am it's been seven years like all these have been seven years of such a slow that moves so fuckin sloth theatre by that's just how it is it so many schedules and so much to coordinate. So finally, we go into previous at the Atlantic and in April, but I'm so. We have our last workshop in September, we're still doing some rewrites and stuff, and then am I do this movie for a couple months and dumb this movie with LEO and Matt Damon? No sooner or later they now, I'm I'm kind of plan d friend, but it
the New York and it seems really funds. I just figured fuck get I'm making like quality of life choices or like Atlanta, be in New York for the item you know, and then Will you like Adam Sandler, when he's third sake, don't you think, I'm a little while ago, I don't know I mean I looked at it. Does that in light of all is one of the good away arming, let's make when there, but the yellowstone either the stars. I heard the stars are both like on time and delightful and it does not simply give reform and then I'm going back coming back here and do that pilot. I guess and then go fair rehearsals and for the play dinner with the biggest show is right now for my son's eleven. You, like my son, is like legitimately funny but Eric Andrei, no big mouth well, that's because, like a man,
show either you watch it. Are you not allowed whatcha watch anyone any great show for kids this to sneak watch. He saw all of them and we didn't even know he was watching it and he wasn't telling us cuz it's great comedy and it's kind of there's some beauty in it. Like it's ito, have you seen Pen15 They didn't like that when I was surprised had telling me to watch ends at which always makes me not wanna watch stuff, but I kind of happened upon our nets. Old working. My daughter had been sunni reaction that she didn't like that they were grow old, Then the wonder of its fur, our aid. I think it's for a doll, because it's like all good yeah, it's it's so brilliantly out. It's pretty wild. It's funny. They were talk about the birds and the bees of my sons class there, the inefficacy, Ed and his leg is they told us. We could ask a question salmon. Ask a question has like first
like knowing my son in my car now alright. Can you tell me what the question is and he's like yeah? I want to ask: how do you clean up a wet dream and I was like That line and he's like why not it was on big mouth and let us now can you have? Something else is like already know everything I've seen every episode of big mouth. I know everything there is to know about puberty as new crawl Insane amount of power. It, however, it's kind of fifteen. I think that's probably a much better way to learn about puberty that nickel than other kids, my I guess it is better than like learning about it by googling boobs. She did you see what comprising a that s. Joke via my days. It is often try to see a boot. Cloud. Do you see?
what did you say that you all that's really through the state or cover they were there? We see, we see, I see him any nowhere so different, but I like to think we we read love each other Europe, but boy. He was on stage at the improv couple months ago and. He saw brilliant, but in many ways he is stuck in a moment. Yeah, I'm sitting next to this young black comedian and an he's just to embrace stuff. That is not. Lie whatever, but it is no use trying to stop just like we're saying you know, but I I turned to the can I go ITALY's from another time. Hurt you referred to a great exists like we re. Making use of Roma does not, but it just the true you know is doing the best he can with what he's been given in these he's got a lot of talent It is the EU like be as many gifts but is
There was only fifty five year old man, but now he or she is a fifty five year had been, but before he was a thirty every man who is a fifty every day. I think it's really good. That is doing a lot of stand up because I think when he just as his podcast, which just have is massive and he's got followers that you know what he says. Is God and he's just doing it from this in a castle upon a hell, it's easy to get out of here head tilted back with his eyes rolling back here, I know I'm unwilling, Magog isn't really come. Do is show you. What are you doing? the weighted Glenville two till watch Adam talk. I can do that for me home. He still doing ok. Lavishly around here, I was interested in the relation between the two of you satisfied. The common ground of just pure love of things that are funny
a year programme for completely different ways, tat we we don't agree on lots of things, but I love him. The Pisa zero in an I'm, always amazed that he loves me- and I am only that that to me that all is if I find that moving. But you know that's. The thing is like when you're comics, your kind of all together, like you might be wildly different by, were all like an island of misfit toys, so I dont like COMECON Comic. Crime, God. I hope what I just said about outer wasn't no bad. I learned the hedges Aramis. I was able to get laid it in em. Maybe in a more living That was a thrilling famagusta, comic crime. I just I don't get. I don't like that stuff. It doesnt then that often, but we're going out the letter in your like. HU, I should weigh in on this and then you go wait a minute. I don't Let me give a lot more than moment. We are like
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funny, but your half aggrieved? No, I it was such a game to me because I posted a picture that was like just of my cabinet. Like my bathroom cabinet, have you look close? You can see, like maybe boobs air like in the reflection, the brethren, and what do I care in here so am I posted it, and then they took it down for obscenity. Meanwhile, if you fuckin have like two big fake tan tits, like Greece, stop we like with the nipple smashed down with this Anders where you're just covering the nipple. That's fine sighing is it you can jerk ecevit someday you jerk off do fine, but if it shows like the party them a corollary of life, you know like what? What is it about women's nipple men of Naples. To then I was doing like pictures of of guys boobs but closer where you can't tell if it's a man or a woman in a bit of it, then it I
now that the man and they keep it going closed. You can't tell you know like there was one they took off and then I widened out. I got I was a duty by Kennedy had ever met it. Just like men am boobs nipples, a sum. I'm full on brass nipples. It's bizarre that one is seen as obscene and one is isn't, but one can be wildly sexual lives as long as you don't show that one tiny part that feeds babies, I mean you, don't think, that's bizarre. I think it was funny that you are challenging accompany that can't do it right anyway. This is that the list of the things that there
remains day as an observer. At all, I mean the lesson that did youths yeah. Facebook is so complicit in what's wrong with this country, and the direction is going in the end of democracy. I can't stand Facebook especially can't stand how they do the whole the hands up thing. How we do now know they they what they saw, what it is, they love money and their well FED Ex, like everyone like the filled, the leaders of the world, all them. You know and the most influential people in the world that you can buy policy because its legal to buy policy there, making choices on behalf of the rest of us based on complete unexamined lives Jerry. These are people that are so damn
and have not looked at their lives at all? And it's why their successful there feeling this unfeelable hall, that's made them the wanton family. Have baisers or you Donald Trump, or whatever their feeling and unfeelable hole that day gives them an immense amount of whatever is sick, monetary success and therefore power, and then they make decisions for the masses that are based on daddy issues. It's really really crazy and really the fact that we take democracy for grant whatever you want to hear about this on the bill summons pack, but nor you care about it. I want to hear about it than you care about me. We have basically democracies, we ve all seen more mongering denouement, only a finger fifteen months here to figure out something
How could I not wildly hopeful and I'd be so happy at similar you're, more hopeful like three years ago, This is where we are in writing de I know I try to stay old full, but what I do is I need to take breaks yeah, I remember one. My mom was alive and I am almost glad she didn't see. There's like she died. Thinking like burning was gonna, be president but or or Hilary yeah and dumb, but she would just watch em MSNBC all day online. All day in my go, fucking bananas and I would say to her like mom, sometimes you gotta just watch like a bones or something and metal ran back yeah. So I just put online order. I watched you know like any kind of procedural dislike. Just forget about it. You know play basketball do whatever, but I definitely need to take,
breaks, I look at twitter and get the news suffer. I get you get the news from every single you can get. Everything has been re, but it I definitely need brags, I mean listen. The reality is it's not unlikely that that was a weird way to put that Trump could vary likely be re elected he's the heavy favoured its cycling, dynamic, salad, we live in my eye. Is them it's? The forestry? Is them it's the it's the first cyber cult. You know it because member watching going clear, I assume you are doing there and oh Paul Haggis Goes- is so embarrassing, but they told us not to lose get anything any news about Scientology, so we didn't there and that's where Trump is doing. You said, don't believe your eyes and ears, don't listen,
to the news? Only get your news from my twitter feed and millions of people are doing just that through either it's just Fox news or him and they're lying to them, and that's. Why have compassion for them? There there being lied to their there. You know some of them are just fully race stem cell excited by summer, just five minutes about people. The women today sixteen after Heller lasted people blame, unlike the bubbles in the celebrities. Names like yours is getting program like Poppied, though the right resented the laughed and the celebrity culture and the bubbles them is the first time ever really thought about the concept of bubbles and yeah that we're here and people think a certain way and if your new Yorker Brooklyn or whatever, but then, if Europe like friggin. Alabama
is made and other raw materials that are rather means like all other world for is. I don't know about two things that I never really thought about the this country is all these different bubbles about foresees. That Trump is a celebrity yeah he's. He's a reality? Show host would end up in a snake oil salesmen I mean he's always been like Trump stakes: Trump College Trump Ino Water. I watched every episode of apprentice by the way I loved? That shown I did too. I was really genuinely exciting. Corolla was on them all up. It's so gay. Remember the one first glimmer of lake Trump meaner, like of, was like I rumbling Gilbert Godfrey Design and they had their first meeting outside of Trump Tower, and everyone is freezing and Gilbert goes. Can we do
meeting in and then Trump good called right who were against the recent global warming like he said something a global warming, only the first area is like without fire. Just hostess showed dummy was that back over Gottfried, the famous roast yeah. That the single most memorable moment of comedy you ve been in the room for earth, something resembling a hearing answer. I'll probably I mean that we knew Sonny. Substantial. It happened even in the moment yeah I was. Crazy and, unlike a mean it day, I really didn't want to come out for it because it was October. Two thousand one. We didn't know right after nine eleven, and I did you comedy not only that. Dared to fly yeah. I didn't wanna fuck.
Ay and then they so they said will will pave the way for you to bring a friend. So Lisbon Stead came with me and oh that's the story that I I just heard about later, but were on Jim in Adam, maybe or whoever Jimmy flew with for the roast. He was worried and like let's take a look and see who weakened we get. I could take this guy. I need more like learning the plain and then he fell asleep before they took her. Thank does was about targets. But I didn't. I met Jimmy that eight thousand were summoned. Jimmy and gotta. Remember, Rob Schneider started not doing well and Joe,
broad street up hasn't there hasn't there been enough bombing in New York like it was pretty epic night, because it also was just this massive release and then for Gilbert to clothes. With that lake. You know already say like I am my flight home as a lay over. In the tower to or her you like, it was ray, and nobody knew what to do. It was like everything was too like in the most glorious way, and what's who who were committed in they use changes, do stand up as killed. Unlike the biggest way tat you can remember. You were saying like VON talk about basketball, dyke, Isabel Bascombe operators are best game. You ever saw something like tat and ass. I can understand that you
like all this time bubbles funny there is ever Amity. I'd come in my mind. Are Luis e k and ass ignorant tyro really yeah, for As I was saying that, because they eventually clashed there, whether trying to piece together, I'm just saying that those are the two names that come to man of of people whose murder murder their murderous, any crowd. Do you like the whole Netflix invocation of these common specials and and know what they ve done, fur I dont know I gotta Michael yet because it's funny I and ways ray? We had light that nowhere in the mid nineties, where it was like you get a half hour ants
each pollyanna leaving half hour comedy already whatever was hosted by Mario Joiner and then it would be like maybe get an hour HBO than devoted resources in time to end you get like an hp. Especial was a good thing and it seems like the Netflix special. Is the big thing? Yeah effectiveness? Will they invite? I course they have a lot of money and they love comedy over there. They must offer you money most especially did tears coming two years ago with the process like nine months smile, I dont. Do it like that there were ten years between my first. Second special they're, probably two or three others vessels in there that just like came and went. I never think about it. I just like you just get in Ireland are going to stand up and then eventually someone's like do under special mega, oh yeah. I guess I have spent. I don't know, I never think about it. It
really dumb. Really I it's. I don't think about TAT. I just don't. I don't know Yeah I mean right now. I've got leg. I was surprised that that I had lived many minutes that I loved, but then I did forty five minutes. The other night. I was like a fold good either, but not like racing to do a special and I'm about to stop doing stand up for three months and then I'll just be starting. Over all over again, so view. Stop? Is that legs and auditing playing golf or something where Jack anyway go back out there, stopping with giving work out for three months you're like a big, I'm a second that piece of shit it's hard to even get your sneakers wanting to do it he has yet to start over, but you just after you have to put just put your thinkers and don't think about it. I always think about. I always say what atoms Adam curled up at once was about working out just like just get your son
don't put all thing on it right, just gaiters whether and if so funny how much like writing is so much like that words like you, have to keep doing it too big. Yeah, I mean once you get knocked out of it. It's so hard to just pick it up, having like a million things on a million burners and like whatever comes to fruition gray it you know, but like is that you're writing all the time I another. I remember the one when I was dating Jimmy. He said I couldn't believe it goes I'll, never have writers block. I just thought like how could you even say that, like him, one of the gods arose and because you know those, I write every day, the true and it's a hundred percent. True he's enamored. Now, when you just
I can do in Essen, DNS Montgomery. I read every day, there's unlimited things to write about. If not you know, I had the great everything went home again. I feel like I was so Lake Preachin Annoying, the fellow acquire greater you dear, I did. This is where we live over. Your face is what are they to hang out with even less sense? It is I don't know. I really cause I'm going to get into a mode where I feel like. I know everything, but I dont doing I didn't ask you is what it's like to be a celebrity. It's main sorry so you celebrity pre internet, and then every year in the early internet and then in the internet but now in the social media era, and likewise everybody's celebrity in a brand disintegrating China connected their fans and figure out a way to kind of
in people's lives. How do you like your own instagram you're, doing tweets like how do you think about All that in no way you're going over the years has like me, like, I don't think like will. I should put a tweet out or I haven't instagram or whatever, but Asia, to post something like from bass on instruments more just like basketball uses grandma guy. They were its. I kinda weird picture, my dog yeah, I mean I don't have a business person. It's not like. I never think about it in that way, and yeah like you're right. It's like everyone's a celebrity everybody is so I can see how it would get very frustrated to try to you know like get be seen or feel relevant, but like in a way. Maybe that's good, because it forces you to go. Nothing. Matters were probably fuckin brands and jars. Just
have a good yea fled away. Every ladders like like I'm so lucky I get to do what he gets a pretty won't do. Anything I want to do at all times there. You know I mean I, this is a good life. I can't believe how long I've been its kept going like I had a boyfriend who, when we broke up said. Oh good luck, I'm sure. I'm sure America can't wait to see Sarah Silverman at forty and has financial quote: yeah is such a in was just such as and so mean Albert
it's worked out in I don't know, I'm not really, I'm not drowning in a man like trying to stay irrelevant. I just gonna. Do my own thing in there always seems to be someone into it. I don't know you. Love dogs is very important for the israeli food because you about two dogs, Now we have to have really strange lovable faces. Oh my god. I had to capture the right road somehow you re created the first Doug Unaided. That was that you genetically engineered it. It's so weird because I was like this that doesnt is nothing like dark and then like slowly. I was like. Oh I just like got another small black dog. You be conveyed to me. She so deaf rapid work requires different. They looked the same reasoning
Guinea, with like long legs and he's got a weird under by sheer personalities, completely different, but they both for very cat, like they both lick their paws and wiped there. As we are doing what they have recorded, neither of them ever bark. I've got to ask you the political climate change obscene that railway. But getting swung your way with the law. Illustration of marijuana. I mean unbelievable. It's our coming upstairs Silverman at the end of the decade in Africa, by it anywhere you're by right now, pot people give me so much part. I have a pantry, that's half pot like I just and if you ever want pie, please just go dear yeah I'll, just give it to you.
You could do anything. Gummy bears and aeroplanes its ass to have fewer Annabelle you're a heavier time in a lot of these respects, yeah and aiming at brownies redress country flights from valiant ITALY yeah. I made this this pot chocolate. My wife was not quite like today's. Oh, my god. I've made basically brownie like we'd brownies, but in just not Tela, as I say, not tell her and then put it back in there, and we would just take just like a quarter of a spoonful of not tell and your flying for seven hours. You really like Iver with how to get hurt, Still, I was crying going, your Para guy about we'd you doing what else for you don't you cookies. You D brought you done all that stuff and did would need to any need to be done here. You did the job,
it's like the enchanted anyway, it's interesting because its legal and it's like you got others light of opportunity. It's like knowing about apple before apple like truly, but the gross thing about it is that there still all this red tape around here you know cause not federal and and it's all because the farmer and tobacco and alcohol companies, all those big three- have so much influence on the legislators and instil until they get a stronghold on that fuckin we'd money, they're gonna, make it hard for other people. You know Miss
Many devices now are these different types of one hitters elements incredible thrilling. The glory is this. Is this? Is it the static looking to legalise the happiest? Is ever better than they changed? It would mean the use of alibi, weed and jars, and it was like now not anymore like it used to be like you got it, you have like a bug tender and then they pick the stuff out like you know, three Slash, two grams of k is five grams. Now it's it's got to be like it's got to be pre, sealed there's like a proposition that passed like a year ago. Maybe it's a pack of this will be your pack ass to be ever. Do unpack corner, probably not just she's bang imbibing anyway, I'm not as much as I used to weed near. I remember you ever smoking Weed one when I say used to like the nineties ethic whereby head and then Jimmy show the first year. You know that was like in my Thyssen: either
we keep at it method, Macmurdo marijuana, and you know what that was my boy, I'm the guy, Mr Black, or something, and yet I gotta make offers you we'd smoke. It or he'll, be offenders here that we ended be completely fucked up our entire show for the whole week. He is a mistake. It was the red they get the cancer patients when their dying and that here I got in the we'd, have the writers mean and next day and everybody was like you know, half commenter calamitous so yeah now it's come all the way around. I had now a bud tenders and may God I buy it for my parents, my stepmother loves it at night she eats inedible, goes to bed. She doesn't take sleeping pills anymore. I actually tribe. Try to get my wife to take it every day in some form, because I more when she's got a little,
got a job, you could have just like three milligrams. I'm here to fight you can make reduce that I've noticed some most of my kids went to the queen concert and make my son, whom I am a little worried about with other stuff, but he was like he'd. Somehow was the smell weed and can identify, and was a year these people smoke in skating contact I I'll hang around his eleven, his red. Where we got cancer. He knew about day went to make us cancer. Those another more away by this is fine. I'm glad we finally did this oh shut up. Aim is viewed by the way is a black. This spring I only she gotta yeah she's, the gatekeeper she she's. My everything yours about a smoking you have like a smart, smaller crew and nobody else,
I met a euro I every day, I'm like. I can't believe how lucky I am. I have Amy's XVI people comply in about their managers all the time or s she's fuckin, I'm so lucky Can you give me before we go your number one Jeffrey story ever they could turn back ass. She made her face now. I don't know I mean you now. I love on come on that's, it is like your brother. He is he's literally that your brother, I mean we ve done yoga my apartment before. Where are my Jeff Ross doing yoga? He loves doing yoga what frozen yoga. No, he died. He does love you. You know he dead, he's very lenient with himself on the other,
I guess I didn't like we went to a class one son. I look over and he's just like sitting on his Matt and then instructor came over and he's Magnum resting. Really I mean he's just like you know, but good friend, for being there in doing some of the inner the rose vaster, there rose master general. He does have some of the best jokes. Oh my god. I mean that one about the data. I did a point stir a. She said what I say: you wanna glad she goes well, I'm working Tuesday and Wednesday habit Thursday. I said help on Monday is one of the forest persons people? guide. Why variable through I grows, doesn't San cause. I do feel a comedy has reached a point where some of the people are doing stand up at sight. This intellectuals dinner but they're not actually funny people.
Total. All my reasoning is game is like our. I wouldn't. I dont know that I would be my faith like I don't know. If I wasn't me, if I would be fan of me. I love like Jack you're onto the middle, though how you're bundle met layer but their certain people, Egg Jeff for us, I think a one is an asset that were there just fucking funny they can you just throw them in Sometimes you ass, they have to start making fun of the people around them. It's just innate Jeff for us is that the idea of self he's always like yeah, if you're on a plane with home like Hell, There may well be higher the fight attaining the guy next time it so Gerda do. Did you work with, could do you overlap with Chris Farley order? Yeah cause there is Chris Farley was just like the naturally funniest guy. Now, yes, an end, but also sweet. You know and appreciate. If our amber just sitting, we are both early for rehearsal on a Thursday acres. Can you believe it
I sitting on the stage h our but Lucy was Nino. Armenia was already there were years and a star road, but and I remember once it there's like they used to do a retreat before the season and start in like MO hunk. I think their altars and There is like a bonfire peoples in IRAN and remember just overhearing Chris sat down next to learn any goes learn. Would it help this shows I got even fatter and ignore the press. We want you to be healthy well. I guess I, when you catch a sound right leg, that or you would you
You see Lord when habits, I love seeing Loring it's funny because I, like you know, is really when I was there. I was a kid. I was terrified. I was either I dont know looking back, it's amazing that he saw anything and me they're, like I was twenty two are not what was I I wasn't MIA enow and but you know years pass and it's like I get so Tiggle dizzy amused. He tells the best stories he's such a character. You know I mean just like the things you hear about leg one year when Tracy Morgan said something on stage that got him into trouble area that thirty rock you know put out a statement like apologizing and- and I heard
here Sammy know this, but I heard that Lorn with said to them like. Why did you apologize it's a summer problem, meaning like it's this summer right now, by the time the fall comes in the shows on no in a million years? No one will remember that yeah it a thing is, is like he's such a old pro. You know how long he does that, because now he's like officially, because, like seventy two seventy three, something that you write, barium saying they're gonna have to carry out so vital, but like he does it, though this the show like its grows. It changes are more of like no other show gets. Does that is like still relevant that many years later, it's pretty crazy. Here the ratings are as good as their Ben. I am the lion with his trembling year election years. It's insane my lead. My biggest criticism is like one, and I d democratic debates now, I feel it they need to be involved means are getting
but a come back and all that, but I do feel I know all you do is go like you know. You want the now take on the nice and Kate Mckinnon as Marian Williamson. But then somebody said Kristen Wig and it's like, oh, my god and re grave and wait gums Bagginess Marian Williams, camel hair. Be in saying I wonder how the handle that is. I think he asked me about the way in which an invite and you can well that's fine in the lake us re, but he's kind of becoming personnel character because he's forgetting thing scratch a guy like that and then the guy that everyone thinks is the only one that can get elected like this is the fourth time running for president has never been elected. I don't I don't mean to shit on my whoever it is I'll, be thrilled to support. But it's just I don't think he's the guy. Anyone who things they can predict who the person the right person, as is out of their mind, no one, would have thought
we elect a black guy with the middle name. Hussein for eight years in a row ran no one would have predicted that but We rejected trump, none of knowing your, I would say in trumped the hot nihilism. Nobody was no at this point. He had one percent trump. The week before the election was like five to an underdog. I know. Well, that's also why dont really even trust Paul's. You know you know sound. I we parliament, the patriots too, and they have seized with Hillary Clinton, who won the election, and we could ahead Trapper we decided not to two shadow Adele must have made so much money bedding Andrew because room is lying in the pause. Yeah I'm in England, they call that Britain they call it shy. Tories, you know where they they act like they're, not, and let me vote Tori in the blues.
This is a pleasure I haven't you ever come out. This is a final and back ways.
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